Male Stripper with Zane

Weekend in the Life of a Male Stripper with Zane TPP91

In this episode I’m joined again by Zane the professional male stripper. We explore his erotic adventures and discover parallels between his role as a party entertainer and the role of a sacred sexual shamanic initiator. We all have a lot to learn from this God among men!


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Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Township Funk podcast episode number 91 I am here with Zane the professional male stripper from Nashville Tennessee who’s done hundreds and hundreds of parties and has lots of stories to tell we originally did a podcast in June of 2016 episode 66 we talked a lot about Zane’s pass up to that point and we were hoping to follow up and get more into detail about some of the stories and if so if you want to get some of the background and more than overview that’s that’s the episode I’m off the man how are you very good very good it’s good to hear your voice awesome so yeah I mean like we did the last episode it went awesome we just didn’t have time to go into all the juicy stuff man like all the stories and all the debauchery and all the adventures in the evolution and everything that’s taking place all throughout man it’s been a seven-year Journey still going strong and you’re into talk about it man I couldn’t believe I can believe that I made the audition whenever I started stripping man and the journey and everything that’s happened in between it’s just it’s been such an unexpected right it’s been a complete thrill and it’s been an absolute honor to give this Russian this feeling and and that experience to the ladies that I dance for and all the people that have come in contact with and it’s been really really awesome so it’s good to be back man it is good to hear back from you, so what’s new what’s what’s been happening in your career you were last time you had said that you just hustling and it’s not as easy as people might think you got to really work it and you just established a pretty solid foundation for you after years of working it and I’m just curious how everything’s going and well you know I’m still doing shows I’m still doing party still doing bachelorette parties I’ve done a couple of Life Club gigs since the last time we spoke in let’s see what else is new I mean I’ve also been focusing a lot of my DJ sets lately and doing a lot with that I did a sorority party of this past weekend that was a lot of fun was like 50 60 semi girls there in Knoxville Tennessee it was a Alpha Kappa Delta or some three letters I don’t even remember and then I did a biker biker bar gig this past weekend and a birthday party at 21st birthday party actually well that’s so any highlights from those experiences at that definitely sounds like that’s why I’m here man dates a fucking service Dory man cuz I mean like cuz you know male stripping is is one of those one of those industries that receives very little spot light I mean like okay Magic Mike came out you know we’ve seen videos here and there is like Chippendales and some other male reviews here and there and that’s about all the real like knowledge or education that people get about this industry like everything else is mostly Miss and things like that the people don’t really understand and so when a real male stripper like myself comes out and over this past week I mean I just destroyed gigs that I just talked about and then those are real stories and so so few people actually know how it is and what actually goes on that exactly like it is a hell of a story it is a fucking Hollywood I love it and I’m so if you’re able to talk about it I mean this this past weekend was a trip man who made it always is it’s always a rush in the ladies always have a great time I think this this this last thing that I did at that biker bar man I don’t usually dancing bars not very often in this biker bar things that is some unexpected shit happened but with a total first for me and given the political landscape of our country at this current point in American history that happened that day my last gig it was a two-man party right so it’s supposed to be me and one other guy from the agency that is supposed to go and entertain the ladies and everything right so I didn’t know that it was a biker bar until I showed up some of the agencies are more specific and develop more information than other as of the nature of the party and where exactly is going to be they never told me that it was a bar they never told me that it was a biker bar I’d like this particular booking agent just texted me the address and so you know I’m texting the person to book me the customer that is not the agent and you know they were talking this match when I show up the guy that I’m supposed to be performing with is a black dude right and now this is a biker bar in Springfield Tennessee Springfield is the fucking country and dude got turned away at the door man he got turned away because he was black and I didn’t think that was going to happen I invited him to the show I mean like I was supposed to pick my second answer and he was the first guy that I had thought to pick you know so I invited to the show you know he’s a great guy with a ton of gigs together mean I work with him on and off for the past several years and yeah that was it was an interesting experience like it kind of reminds me firsthand like jam Prejudice in this country like you see it on the news you see it on TV and stuff like that and like let’s just be honest I’ve experienced just as much as prejudiced as a lot of black people have as male dancer mean I had doors slammed in my face because I’m white you know so mean it goes both ways it’s just one of those things where it like when it happens it’s it’s just kind of like an eye-opener it’s like it is I’m on the one hand it it made me upset and I felt really really bad for the guy I mean I swear like man. I put money in his hands anyway just because I invited them out and you know I showed up on time you know like like a professional and sound like dude. Some fucking money just just for showing up I’m going to give you your cut you know because I invited you and you know what happened happened I mean he took it like not personal though which is what really really stood out to me like the fact that he was so positive like when I’ve had prejudiced like don’t my way I got upset like me and I I really you know it was just a horrible night for me and I just I didn’t take it though he was still smiling by the time that he left he shook my hand he’s like man it happens to the best of us it happens to all of us man it ain’t nothing real professionals stay humble stay thankful for this and thank you so much for inviting me out here and he left with his head held high man and I got it I got to give it to him for that you know I really do that I don’t want to start the whole podcasting on that note I mean it conversation kind of went there I mean we can talk about the 21st birthday party or the fucking sorority party in Knoxville Tennessee that was like 50 fucking ladies all you know 18 19 year old drunk girls packed into a one of those College Apartments you know one near near the UT UT campus and know that party was that party was that party was so cramped I didn’t even have any room to move man like I had like five feet in diameter to move around and 2 birthday girls to dance for in 50-60 girls screaming to the point like so loud that I can barely even hear my own music girls up flipping them upside down they loved him and they ate it up and it was a black so I’d rather start the start the interview off on that note then the whole racial Prejudice and all that so yeah man light and Shadow swirling in this University of dualities that we’re trying to dissolve with love so you know who tows to you for stepping up and being a diverse honoring beautiful representative of the Divine masculine that’s really and you’re going into this is this is some serious Deep Cover spiritual operation Mission work you’re doing in the Deep South you know to be holding that level of Integrity to the purity of love and the diversity of us oh yeah cheers and let you know I just will just take that as a reminder that this is not too it’s it’s not it’s not a joke you know it’s not silly it’s serious and it’s fine but sounds like there’s moments like that we’re where you got a really yeah confront some shadow of stuff so I’m definitely interested to hear more about the the antics of the sorority so what was the context for that it was was at somebody’s it did it do that regularly or this was the first time they did it or what did you who was the the the the organizer or the sort of fun many many times I mean like clubs parties I think this would be my first sorority in Knoxville but it wouldn’t be my first sorority party in the context you know it was a it was a birthday party I mean it was booked pretty much like just about any other gig you know where where I get to the booking information and I pretty much take it from there you know I’ve got several several different booking agents from different companies different websites and everything in and so I have an entire network of different people that request and so this one particular company like they all do well text me the information along with the phone numbers and address that I’m supposed to go to and so from there I just kind of take a phone number text to him and I pretty much take over from there the entire interaction and me showing up to putting on a show that’s all on me so I mean that I’m pretty much like the fact that it’s 50 in a sorority house or apartment or whatever that was unique as for that one show but I mean every show is going to be unique in another cells right so it was it was it somebody’s birthday or was it just they have a budget and they wanted to try something new I’m just curious if if this could become like a residency for you you know show a residency as for people who are local I mean like most of the people most of the girls that I dance for are from all over the country and they all travel to Nashville because Nashville is like bachelorette party capital of America pretty much so me based in Nashville means you know a lot of a lot of shows in a lot of income for me these are Nashville girls which means I mean not not Nashville from Knoxville okay so that’s about 3 hours give or take two and a half hours outside of Nashville yeah I mean I gave the girls who book me my card actually gave her a whole stack of cards because she’s like okay there is like 200 fucking girls in this in the sorority we have a 21st birthday pretty much every week from one of our girls always like well fuck it here take and if my business card tells him she gave him out and hopefully I’ll hear back from them again and hopefully that will become a residency for me it’s funny that you mention that actually a residency because I biker bar as soon as I pulled in as soon as I pulled in there like I didn’t recognize the address or the roads leading up to it as soon as I pulled in I was like oh my god I’ve been here before I’ve actually been to that biker bar before man and it was I think about 2 years ago it was snowing like we had like I think 12 inches of snow are six inches or some shit like we had so much fucking snow I can’t believe that I didn’t that that that I made it to that bar about two years ago during the winter the first time that I performed there I mean I damn near got stuck in the snow on the way up there I mean all the back roads and everything that he got to go on to get to the to the bar and everything and you know to took my hand and you know the bikers out there there’s biker girls get wild man they fucking love me so you let you know dude was like Hey you know we we know the agency that you’re with and you know when we try to put this on next year we’re definitely going to ask for you again you know when they gave me a Sharpie and told me to write my name up there on the wall when everything else with their pictures with me so so it was good man was really good and it’s really cool like as an Entertainer that that I’m that that that I’m able to to bring that positivity the way that you phrased it was a bit more elegant when he said something like you know bringing that light into the D cells are in to Nashville or another country here Tennessee but but but being able to to to get on people’s good side whether it’s a biker bar whether it’s a sorority but there’s a bunch of you know crazy crazy drunk girls from Atlanta to Chicago New York Texas wherever and you know that they always have a good time and it’s always awesome and I’m just really really grateful just completely stoked to still be doing this like I said man 7 years ago whenever I first started stripping I couldn’t believe I even made the audition I’m constantly working at it constantly improving everything you know so so so I’m still working hard still staying humble and just learning from ever experienced man including that that that racial Prejudice thing including the experiences I’ve had with that in the past including the ups and the Downs Goods in the bags and that’s like man that’s life but you know that that’s where that’s where the most Evolution comes from a man at the contrast of all of that and you know that’s that’s like the heart of wisdom you know you don’t you don’t become why are you sitting comfortably on your ass every single day and just you know not not not not doing anything it’s it’s it’s on the front lines it’s it’s when you’re in the fucking trenches it’s when you’re at that show when you’re getting that door slammed in your face because you’re right and you’re out of black show and but let’s let’s not focus on the negativity man like it’s it’s once in a blue moon that we go through something like that it’s like I think there was like one or two times every that I’ve had racial discrimination there’s been a couple of times and other black dudes are Hispanic is gone through it that that’s all negativity I mean like for for every one of those situations there’s a thousand five star review super positive experiences You Know It’s Just Smiles all around the ladies had a great time and that’s that’s really what I live for really asked you about the envisioning now I have a 21st birthday party for a sorority members the sorority what do they call her like to do the queen bee the fucking top top of authority food chain I can’t remember if they called her the fucking team captain whatever it was but she was also there so it was two of them in the living room at this house until I showed up in my cop outfit right I love the cops when they don’t know that I’m coming you know like there’s only a small handful of girls another girl who took me two and a couple of other girls were in on it that I actually know that I’m coming to the birthday girl to the bride-to-be or whoever it’s a complete surprise like they don’t know that I’m coming and you know it’s all bang on the door and I’ll say something about a noise complaint you know like the neighbors called and said that you guys have been entirely too loud if y’all been drinking oh my God is this is this a party where’s the birthday girl that oh my God she’s got to be intoxicated Nemo ball I’m saying all this play my boom box and everything is plugged up and everything like it’s all Bluetooths I mean I got the fucking MP3 in my pocket you know some ready to start the music at just the push of a button right so I look at them and I look at the crotch lady has she been bad tonight they always go crazy start screaming and everything and I get to start changing your name put the birthday girl in handcuffs and then start the music and then the beach comes in and it’s just good times from their man you know so I just kind of work the crowd make that money so if there were people who were underage and obviously that was her 21st birthday where they know you can choose how to answer this not to expose anybody’s or incriminating buddy but I’m curious I mean when I was almost parties they’re not check if it’s a private party people aren’t checking IDs and you know I’m just curious where they serving alcohol while they were pissed drunk if that’s what you’re asking me Mike by underage it’s not your problem this is why I asked cuz I feel like what I have not been all the times we’ve talked about this and even after the whole first interview I didn’t realize I was just so out for if of laughter and and just being your cheering you on for what you’re doing a lot of ways but I don’t really think about there’s another dimension when you talked about the or you mentioned that it was a sorority 21st birthday party you were actually in a role that is filling the vacuum of sacred & Co genic initiation sexual rights that all of our ancestors most male strippers do not think of it at all that way but that’s one hell of a way to put a man that I really appreciate that it’s Alex yeah yeah that’s thank you notes out of the Anthropologie near this is what I like. Brown the city looks at the Enchantment of the Sea dancing calls at the rhythmic ceremonial ritual you know and I say the an archetype that I could imagine developing from this is that you’re actually a religious sort of spiritual figure that’s going to revivify a more sex drugs and rock and roll type of spiritual path to Enlightenment more toxic past involves wine and the old ceremonies the old rituals they were you know doing this ritual passing around of of wine and they were getting lit up man and they were holding a Sacred Space though or at least that was the let’s say the stated intention in most of the scriptures however you know their battery always unfolds when excess when things are so everything in moderation including moderation maybe that’s the time she you know she was in but if if you kind of against it a question for you is you have you have you thought about making some sort of theatrical sort of connection with okay now you are given the right by Society to engage with alcohol like why not have it be really high quality you really are sacred brewed something that is is not just a well I’m not going to name any names but not just some cheap beer that’s going to give you a Crazy Hangover you know I mean teach somebody how to have a sexual relationship with alcohol that’s that sacred and and sustainable and there’s a hole wisdom tradition around you know what you got to do to prepare yourself you could be a severe alcoholic stop the 21st birthday girls not goddamn Ayahuasca we’re not talking about I’m giving them I’m giving them a fucking shamanic experience in the form of body shots and whipped cream shots and funnel stuff like that man you know it’s all the girls can see her dancing with with me for down Swift song and everything and I’ll pick her up and flip it upside down hopefully she’s not too drunk I’ve never had any girls throw up on me when I flipped the most that’s a good sign okay so take us through it and now it’s not even something now you’ve convinced me it’s not something that can happen or or should happen it’s something that is happening so bring us into these moments start to finish I want to I want to know I want to just go on at a journey with this especially this this whole cop bust steam with 21st party important like after after I get the initial text booking the confirmation for my booking agent from whichever company or website that the girls book me through which there are several in several several booking agent you know text me the information you know the the address to time that I’m supposed to be there at the the cost you more specific outfit that the girls are requested and the phone number of the girl who both me and any other pertinent information anyway so it all begins when I first text the girl who book me that’s that’s when the interaction and that’s when the first impression begins aside from the pictures of a sea of me online like the real interaction begins when I first text that girl that is when the Mets win the first impression starts and that first impression is so crucial like a lot of nuba guys messed this up in that cause them to be turned away at the door because the girls the ladies will not feel very good about a rookie who doesn’t say the right things initially at the very first text conversation so by the time that he shows up he’s already soured that group you know so so that’s when that’s when the real first impression begins has been actually first texting the girl who gives me the books made it is and and so I mean I pretty much got that entire thing down to a science you know it’s just you know the saying the right thing saying what you got to say you know including certain rules that we have to go over a certain things like that where you know okay so I told him ahead of time can you meet me outside of your house or your hotel room or whatever with the amount of money that I’m supposed to collect in front which is about 100 to $150 that I would collect up front before chips okay so whenever I first meet the girl who puts me I might meet them out in front of the house or in the hallway at their hotel room you know out outside the room I collect that money up front and then I give the girl my boom box and my PartyLite and I instruct them and you plug in my Boombox in my party like somewhere in the room and then if I’m not a cop like let’s say if I’m doing my cowboy outfit or my doctor outfit or military or something like that something that’s not going to involve me banging on the door and saying so in about a noise complaint usually the intro that I would do that and would be my blindfold intro I really really like the blindfold intro so I’ll collect that money and I’ll give the ladies my Boombox to my PartyLite I’ll tell them to plug it in for me and I’ll give one of them a blindfold no say okay now I want you to want you guys to go to the guest of honor you know whether it’s a birthday girl Bachelorette whoever and tell her okay we’re going to play dirty party game with you and you get the you get her to stand up and you put the blindfold on her and you lead her her over to a chair or couch or wherever wherever would be the best location like you know usually in the living room or something of that nature chair in the center of the room or something and you blindfold her and at this point they may or may not catch on that there’s about to be a male stripper walk into the room some of them are honestly completely clear blister like what’s going on you guys what’s going on just just just go with this baby just go with this we’re going to play dirty party and if you were going to play dirty party games when they put the blindfold on her while she’s blindfolded all come in you know I’m so my Boombox my PartyLite will be plugged in all ready sent to start the music and I start Alfred like this blindfold tees and and if that point it becomes pretty obvious and I mean I might come up close and she can you know smelling body spray and I was like I remember like 2 weeks ago I walked into the room and before I even came up close to the girl this girl is blindfolded and she said I smell testosterone and the girls to the music starts and cheese blindfolded she usually catches on pretty quick some of them don’t some of them don’t hand and put it on my abs and pick up or she’s like is this is this a man oh my God that’s a six-pack oh my God there’s r o and then then I told he’s still blindfolded it just becomes a purely kinesthetic to where you going to eliminate that whole essence of eyesight and then at some point of a blindfold off if one of her friends don’t first like you are a if you’re cop I want to hear the police report man I want to hear the police report about the cop outfit is that you have to be realistic likes you you can’t really pull out the cop Persona if your cop outfit is not convincing right so you it it it it can also become a big gray area like from a legal standpoint because you also don’t want to get cited has happened but that isn’t how would you convince me like officer really you don’t want to know what’s actually going on but if I if you want me to explain it I will explain enough to plug in my Boombox in party light so that I can see any professional wood would know how to how to do and you know a lot of the representatives from different agency people trained us this way is that you have to be inconspicuous okay now if I’m driving down the road I’m not going to be wearing my cop outfit I keep it in my car but I’m wearing a separate shirt or like at the very least like if I’m in a hurry I might wear my cop outfit with a jacket over it so in the event that Lord forbid ever get pulled over for whatever reason it’s not obvious mean I’m wearing a jacket if I’m walking through a hotel room where a different shirt wear a jacket over it so that it’s not obvious so you don’t look like a cop you look like Joe Schmo walking through the hotel lobby you can’t make it obvious so that’s pretty much the answer to that question but to get into the whole copper teeth everything with okay so so what’s the story that night the police report and your spawn the best thing to get with is going to be a noise complaint because the girls have already been drinking most of the time they’re already getting rowdy and you know really vocal and they usually got music blasting so if they’re in a hotel room there already pretty loud like I can already hear them as I’m walking down the hallway to the room I can already hear them so it’s like oh well I know which room I’m going to I don’t even have to look at the text information you know whatever I can already hear them so it’s like the noise complaint would be the best thing to go with just because they’re already loud they’re already drunk so usually that’s that’s what I would go with know if there completely you know like really just Wyatt and really conservative and just really polite you know it’s kind of hard to go to noise complaint if they’re being quiet so at this but just Destiny this just this night you know what exactly two step by step just the facts just like any other party except the fact that it was 50 girls when most of my parties and you know that event just the facts start the phone and there’s you know so that there’s like another three or four girls who meet me outside the apartment you know so I park in front of the apartment they go downstairs to meet me and everything and you know put on my cop outfit and I can hear one of them say to her friends I’ve got a really good feeling about this and that’s good that’s good as a professional it’s up to you to create that good feeling a little side note they’re so she’s like I got a really good feeling about this on my top outfits granted my cop badges says Nashville Metro Police but that aside if we were in Knoxville not Nashville but whatever so I’ve got my handcuffs to my security badge your office has just a security guard. Police are the bugs that would be in first nation by the way and I’ve got my flashlight you know so they put a plug in my Boombox and my party lights and so I’m standing outside this apartment dorm standing like right outside the door and as soon as they walk in with the Boombox you know I can hear some of them say where did you get the pin box where you get the boombox and once once I’m standing outside the door like there’s this moment where you can always tell that exact moment when somebody plugs in my party light and turns it on because as soon as it turns on you can already hear the girl starts squealing and getting old giggly and everything like as soon as that light turns on his you know it’s all pretty and everything is like bam and like it takes them off guard it’s like you know so you can still hear that you you sure that first Rush of excitement you know and you know she plugs in my Boombox thing I told him I’m going to wait for you know like 2 minutes or so I guess you plug in my shake cuz I don’t want it to be immediately after you. Don’t don’t make it at least let the lights go for like a minute give the birthday girl an extra shot or whatever and then warmed up at this point that particular party they pretty much already had an idea as to what’s going on you know I can hear the girl who booked me saying really really loud to all 50 or 60 of these drunk sorority girls can hear it no pictures he said no picture please that’s my one and only role as a male stripper no pictures during the performance afterwards after I put my clothes on we can take all the pictures you want all fine and dandy just not when I’m down to its eastern covered in whipped cream right just because if if I didn’t have that roll of I didn’t have no pictures rule I would be like a Facebook meme like a million times over because there be thousands and thousands and thousands of pictures of me floating all over the Internet because of all these drunk girls who would think that it’s funny they’re not really thinking in the moment so they take a picture and think that is funny in the moment posted up on Facebook next thing you know half the girls that I dance for professional jobs they might be teachers nurses pay my parking office job they might I don’t know you know they might have boyfriends or jealous husbands or whatever at waiting for them at home last thing anybody needs is pictures like that surfacing especially on the internet I mean it’s the age of Facebook and you know facial recognition and things like that that these me no internet things can pretty much pull up any picture of you that exists on the internet so mean like let’s say not to mention blow your cover for future engagements where they like hey he’s not a real copy the stripper look okay like I’ve on strip for an entire School faculty ones I want strip for a school principal during her during her birthday party okay know what would happen if I had a no pictures roll and somebody takes a picture of me stripping for the school principal and the next day that picture services on Facebook now like the the the embarrassment and it would probably ruin her job I mean that that would ruin her career and everything is as a school principal or as a teacher like those are real stories like not a people take the pictures but I mean those those are people that have dance for I mean whether they’re nurses whether you know whatever the case may be so that’s that’s why you keep that one and only role of no pictures it’s best for everybody in the room if there’s no pictures until afterwards after I put my clothes back on and that’s best for me I mean like I don’t need to become a Facebook name a man that I could be on Facebook and it’s like that moment when and then there’s a picture of me my butt whipped cream you know giving a girl the lab dance company and dollar bills I just don’t need that you know so nobody does but going back to that store tea party I mean like the thing the thing about large groups of girls is that it’s really really hard to govern them because unless you’ve got a microphone which I’ve been looking into it may be getting some kind of late wireless sound system that can run my music that has like a microphone plugged into it specifically for that reason especially if they’re Mexican oh my God there’s latina chicks are crazy loud you know it’s like 50 girls in a room everybody screaming you know everybody shouting there’s no way that there’s no way that anybody could hear anything that I say except for the people who were like immediately within my vicinity I mean like anybody is on the other side of the room if I say no pictures please they won’t be able to hear it why because it’s worth I got to see it sounds like what you need is a wireless transmitter that Eclipse you know into your back Pop I guess if you’re going to strip you can figure that out have some way to strap a speaker setup microphone input on the microphone and I can say something and I’ll make some kind of like hot seat announcement or full go back to to letting you do the full report on on that one party I mean like I mean I could go on and on and on I mean like there’s look I mean like every every party is different and it’s owned by that particular party what was unique about it aside from it being in Knoxville is just the fact that it was a sorority party and its do you know 50 60 girls like entertainers perspective it’s not even the fact that it’s a sorority is the fact that is 50 or 60 girls which candy good for tips or cannot in this case it wouldn’t be good for us because there’s so many girls if there’s no way that the girl from the back of the room would be able to make it all the way to the front because just the room was so packed I mean it’s not even a big room that we were in it was like a small College apartment and everybody was crampton’s like the living room sexy and so it’s like you know there is like hardly any space for me to even move but they’re screaming and just completely into it anyway and so it’s actually a lot harder I think in any situation like that usually to make more money like it’s actually like the best money making situations I think our part may be like in like 10 girls that are all on board with what’s happening and most of them usually are but then there’s usually a couple of shy girls in the group but you know as an Entertainer it’s up to you to be able to kind of warm them up and get them in the mood so that they’re not so shy but I bet that’s a whole different thing I mean when you got 50 fucking girls it doesn’t matter if you’re shy or not if you’re somewhere in the crowd is going to be screaming her head off that’s all there is to it if you know you’ve shared as much as if you want about that you know we should I would like to talk some more about these business details and business mechanics and things so I was thinking you know you remember the the eye gazing kind of touch adapted Tantra Puja experience that we had you know where you’re rotating so I’m wondering if if have you ever tried bringing in I should say try have you ever have you ever brought in the element of a rotational spiral or circleware let’s say if it was a smaller group or there is enough room to do this comfortably that you would have an invitation opportunity to interact with even even if it’s not in per se but of course you’re up you’re locking eyes with them because you’re trying to be seductive so that’s a part of being seductive is deep eye contacts YouTube you probably going from one of them but I’m just wondering if like you’re saying there’s something might hang back or you know if you had a systematic way to rotate through all of them so no one excluded or you know that if you ever done that or thought about that or is that is that just sort of happened that shimmers wondering if if you could you know wrap them into that projects. Sun actually start blowing your mind spiritually that way but in the same way that I bring about the shamanic experience not in the form of Ayahuasca but in the form of body shops and whipped cream shops in all that of course I do bring them into the Pooja experience of deep gazing and eye contact and everything but I don’t do it systematically in the form if I can I contact rotation where you just take turns DIY gazing with me know I just keep eye contact with them anyway when I first woke up to you and I say hi to you I’m locking eyes with you when I’m talking to you it’s just a natural kind of eye contact and yes that does carry over into doing lap dances are working the room I mean I might be dancing for somebody but then I glanced over my shoulder and I kind of lock eyes with one other person while I’m doing my thing Bowlin move did the room but that split-second of eye contact can be very very powerful I don’t do it systematically like with you asked and wouldn’t really plan on it like that that starts crossing over into the Border being like a little bit to new age for most of these girls chase because at the end of the day like they’re going to want that cuz it anyway just need the debauchery and we’re at it right now right now I mean like I’m incorporating elements like that is what I’m saying but I don’t call it Pooja I don’t call it I Geisinger I just call it being a good conversationalist this Woody talk to somebody block fucking eyes with them you know so you can be seductive about it or you could just have natural eye contact you know you don’t have to call a chance or you don’t have to call it anything else but the effects of it are still real remind me to take you on to her I’m taking you onto her right now in a server book in your tour Malibu as Santa Monica I would like to kind of document what you’re doing with video you know an inn in Ennis if erotic interactions occur it doesn’t have to be a minute to say it doesn’t have to be close-ups of genitals fucking right let you know the crossroads of what you’re talking about something that it would be really really really down for like you know cuz it’s one thing to do a video where your fucking on camera something aside from just you know regular home movie I mean ammo for home movies in the mall for fucking on camera but as far as something commercial goes I think I think you just kind of hit the nail on the head a second ago there when you said that you and idea of documenting what I do so I’m not on a fucking podcast trying to tell you guys about what happened at the sorority party if there was a camera guy there who is filming what I did and then turn them into like the form of the music video or something something like really really like a g and kind of artistic and cool I think they actually talked about this in the last in the previous podcast episode the one issue with that however is that I do have no cameras rule while I perform as just about any professional male stripper would have and so there would have to be like some kind of release form that the lady sign or some kind of some kind of agreement that would have been between myself and the ladies I’m not just going to walk into a regular bachelorette party with the camera guy behind me in the ladies are like spell yeah I think it’d be better to Stage it yeah right like snot mean like you. If you see anything like okay if I were to do anything along those lines would be you know like maybe text the ladies have to be something that I that I personally don’t like I wouldn’t do this with any of the companies that I’m with like and if I’d personally book something to put up an ad on Craigslist like all strip for you for like a discounted price if you would allow the cameras and assign some kind of like an agreement form that says that you know we’re going to turn this into a music video and you allow cameras being in the room while I’m working the crowd and then we’re documenting it that would be one thing and that I would probably be down for that. So probably that might turn out really really well I mean it would definitely be an inexperienced and you know me next thing you know we’ll be on another podcast episode talking about that yeah man well I think you know that there’s a lot has happened on my end that I haven’t really brought you up to speed with and it’s it’s the things are just rolling so fast it’s hard to even break it down and I don’t want to take up too much time you know bring up to speed but but really the Beyond just the stories of debauchery there is I think I hired a higher calling that that we have to sort of in fantasizing about a man like the fucking biker bar thing in the 21st birthday not fucking that’s not the boss Rayman that ain’t Duvall trade that ain’t that ain’t nothing that’s all G-rated that’s 50/50 girls in a fucking room or whatever me know they’re all screaming and that’s fun that’s cool it’s boiled it’s a crazy you know emotional rollercoaster ride for the ladies which is a total total rush for me that’s not the Vault Reno we haven’t even talked about debauchery yet run it is fun well let me out so yeah it sounds like we can we’re in a good place with just having set those intentions and then probably the right the right circumstances will unfold the right timing and all that but I feel like the you know if whoever issue the people who are listening to this sitter titillated by what you’re describing would probably be also very excited to see some footage and there’s just a lot we could do with your skill-set I’ve I really feel like you have a lot to teach men about being able to be comfortable in their own skin about being running the Shakti energy being able to dance being able to be seductive and move and that’s I mean every every boyfriend should be a yeah I can say they should be a fan of you why not but really they should be a fan of the the the skills they should be they should be aspiring to as much as the if you know if they want to be gangsters you know I have my thoughts and feelings about that they want to be race car drivers you have my thoughts and feelings about that they want to be lovers that are memorable then there would be nice if there were more authentic role models for that who are in who aren’t as porn you weren’t just pouring pot Meat Puppets in porn you know but who are really conscious erotic Artisans performers and you’re one of the few people that seems to be outspoken about this and also connected with the temperature at world so there’s a lot of fun a lot of interesting opportunities and overlap so we’ll just we’ll just see what happens with that and if you want to get back to be I know you had a burning desire to just vent some of these stories the nature I think of the Divine masculine like essence of being able to not not specifically to do what I do all though being a male stripper would definitely be incorporated into the elements of being Adam DeVine masculinity right VV the essence of that and the Shakti energy that you were talking about I mean I can spend an entire podcast episode just talking about that alone the work that I’ve done within myself and becoming more energetically we’re becoming more socially aware becoming more intuitive with the women that I dance for even emotionally aware if you will because let’s face it a lot of the women that that book me they’ve never booked a male stripper before they’ve never even seen a male stripper aside from what they’ve seen from Magic Mike so I’m the first real interaction that they’ve had with like their first true mail server experience is not on a TV screen in real life and so like you said I’m not just a meat puppet I’m not a male pornstar that you just you know jerk off to on a computer screen know I’m a real flesh-and-blood human being that would show up at your party and actually give you an authentic interaction and where you go with that is something like you said that I think a lot of the men could learn from and God now it now I’m kind of wasn’t going to steal whole episode talking about that it’s like overcoming social anxiety overcoming nervousness I mean cultivating that that that sex presents and that energy and also it it carries over I guess like once you once you cultivate a certain level of Sexual Energy it cultivates and accumulates to become confident we’re confidence my not existed before and I can speak from experience on that I think you should write a book because this is what corporate I mean there’s the guy who’s like the corporate Shaman who teaches shamanic principles to corporate Executives there’s there’s an exact level yoga there’s exact level martial artists and all of these spiritual New Age guys who are doing the Neo men’s empowerment personal development kind of glue thing I think you are so cute hey B stripper in the board you bring that energy into your how you’re going to deliver your presentation on the new innovation for your department of your business or whatever that you work in somewhat of a paradigm shift within the industry and once again I can’t be over here talking shit because I’m doing business with a lot of these companies but like the way I’m not I can’t talk bad about the company’s but the way that some not just male strippers but female strippers as well like the entire industry tends to not necessarily be coming from a place of Consciousness and Awakening and evolution let’s be honest it’s coming from a place Morrow capitalism and that is also the capitalism of Flesh you know where where we can take that and turn it into a form of entertainment at a time I mean like you know heater here in there I would say like some of my raunchier shows it almost feels like being a male gigolo with Showmanship added on top of it so it’s so I mean like okay I could put my own spiritual mumbo-jumbo spin on it whatever cool I mean that’s that’s cool but if we talk about the industry as a whole most guys don’t walk into a situation like that with their Spiritual armor on so to speak with with that light about them that they’re bringing into a situation to give these women a very empowering and Awakening in freeing experience like I do okay some and it’s not to say that other male strippers are not great guys they are I know a lot of these guys personally some of them are fucking Pedrad seen some of them were shady as hell and I can also speak from experience on that you know but guess what guys like that don’t listen to the in this industry it’s the guys who work ethic Lee and work well with others and are able to network and communicate and work in a professional manner who really make it in this business using Scarface right you seem to make it in this business or the ones who flies straight my God does that stand for the male stripping industry I’m going to have to wrap it up here in a couple minutes but I wanted to ask one last thing and we can we can I think we’re going to end up falling up more with the good direction the debauchery is being transmuted that energy is coming through and and it’s a yeah it’s it’s it’s just it’s a heartwarming feeling what you’re putting out there and I just wanted to ask if you know if we’ll get you there was there was there were clubs you know that well I guess have you ever done have you ever done gay nightclub stripping gigs of your bad cold today in the day back we will talk about that a little bit in the previous podcast episode you know during my early days OK Club Arrow was where I first started in Nashville Tennessee that doesn’t exist anymore so I work there for about a year before the club closed Club Arrow cater to men and women so mean that was a mix crowd and then after Club Arrow closed and then I co-founded a male male pole dance group we started traveling in most of the places that booked us for gay clubs although the people who came out to the shows we’re still a mix crowd him in there be tons of straight women who would go to the milk to the male stripper show at these gay clubs and you know they would come out there with her gay friends and everything that they would still be groups of ladies in the crowd so I mean like yeah mean I’ve danced for gay audiences even though I’m straight I mean like Love Money Talks. In and at the end of the day I’m an entertainer of you know it’s not like I’m hooking up with any of these guys or anything so I mean like I mean I’ve gone that direction is not really my cup of tea I mean like primarily especially these days mean if a guy was in the crowd and if he’s tipping cool but I mean like I really hate her what I do to women and that’s I mean that’s what I like anyway you want to use the last time you don’t even have it you don’t want to you don’t have a website but is there a z I just want people to search you for the region that you work in and just look up look up Zane Music City male stripper Music City male stripper. Com Omen strippers Strikers sorry excuse me entertainment hero Entertainment Group call to USA striptease USA exotic moments to you why not bad I’m actually is I don’t have been even heard from this I don’t know what’s going on with them I don’t know there’s a lot of people some of my favorites would probably be sensible Music City male stripper. Com Omen strippers and breadth takers entertainment those would probably be my favorites and then hero Entertainment Group of my favorites but the truth is I’m connected with over 30 different companies that those are probably be some of my talk text and I mean a couple Pages my bio page isn’t even on half those websites I just mentioned I mean like cuz that’s you know like it’s not like my bio page is on every single one of these website but I’m still connected with them my bio page is on sensual Music City male strippers oh yeah HP that’s files on their my bio is on hot bodz I’ll let you go then and thank you again so much for sharing your insights and I’m sure next time we do this will probably have some interesting developments to share and I’m definitely like I think we should do another one but like if we do cuz I mean like this one was cool but we were talking about going to store tea parties and biker bars and whatnot I mean that’s cool I think the next one like instead of talking about the total debauchery me to get into any of the good story here like it was talking about like what you were talking about like owning a room using that that Divine masculine Shakti energy like that can really go into being a male stripper but it can be applied to somebody who works at a post office I mean like the presence of somebody who’s able to cultivate that is priceless I mean it it’s invaluable in and it makes you it makes the ladies remember remember you mean like so much more me just just by having presents and I have in that I contacted by having that energy about you as opposed to somebody who doesn’t have that okay no male stripper has to have that pretty much by necessity I mean like you know cuz it’s it’s our job to have that but okay now how do we apply that in a real and practical sense in the sense of you know you could be a cashier somewhere and still have the same kind of prizes that would be a really good topic to talk about in a future episode but I think this one stands out until like some of the realities of being a male stripper license things that people you know that that that you haven’t seen on Magic Mike single weakening several times a week you know thanks again for the Glimpse and we will be back we’ll be back for more soon man thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Township Park. Com namaste