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The How and Why of Semen Retention with Courtney Garner TPP104

In this episode I’m joined by Courtney Garner, she’s a certified tantrika with training in the Tibetan 5 Element Healing  system taught by one of my heroines and previous podcast guests Devi Ward. She shares her story of transcendence from an unsatisfactory relationship and talks about her professional integration of East and West, having a background as a nurse practitioner before becoming a sexual and spiritual healer and educator.

She shares some heart warming success stories of working with clients who have been able to radically improve their love, sex, and spiritual lives with her help.

We discuss the how and why of semen retention and get into some edgy territory around female empowerment, spiritual sisterhood, and the ways men will need to “man up” on a new level to catch up with the rapid rate of sexual consciousness evolution among independent women who are claiming their power.

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About Courtney:
I’m a fun-loving Practitioner who’s great at laying it out so you get it! Helping clients find practical ways to integrate the practice and make it work, is my priority. I frequently work with men on issues like porn addiction, sexual dysfunction, and disconnection. I’m also a huge meditation advocate, teaching kids and adults the foundation of a spiritual practice.

As a nurse, fitness advocate, and Tibetan 5 Element Healing Practitioner, I have a holistic view of health and an expanded approach to healing. Using my Western medical training and Eastern healing practices, I provide a fresh voice, for ancient practices that give results now. My mission is to support the growth of free minds; free from fear, judgment, pain… I work everyday to change the world, one mind at a time.

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Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township hunt podcast episode number 1 0 4 I’m on Skype with Courtney Gardner who is an authentic Tantra practitioner she studied with Devi Ward who’s been on the country Punk podcast in the past is definitely one of my superhero Inns in the township movement I really recommend checking out all of her YouTube videos and podcasts and yeah really it’s a blessing to to be alive in a time with Davey doing her thing and so it’s exciting to be able to speak with one of her students who completed her training program and is now sent a country practitioner through that live in the age that that baby holds and so also she’s now set up her own brand and business in Southern California which is absolute Entre which you can check out at Absolute and yeah Courtney if you’d be so kind to just tell us a bit about your your past I know that you were a nurse in that you discovered Tantra and now done all these training senior have great offering so please tell us all about it be invited to talk with you and share my path and my practice I started my first one and is leaking filling for me but I always knew that there was something more that I’m used to doing that was in a relationship that was busy and so I wanted to know if you leave from that I was looking online for a punta practice in my area and there wasn’t anybody that was local there really far away is delivered exactly what happened but baby popped out to me and all through the website and whatever I read with you I go to school and so my motivation seems to be getting my package was my relationship and mental freedom from enough stress and just busy mind. Certified it opened up so much more is it just blossoms my spirit I can just drive it or now her being a part of my life and be able to work with her at authentic Tantra that’s just I can ask for anything more let’s do so my practice my practice is I like to call and make sure of Keith Meets West because I’m using a Eastern modality the Tibetan Tantra that is if I don’t practice so that’s actually what that’s what I feel make our practice in our special that made it big packages that have been done for thousands of years and people have been living their lives on the top of thousands of years and getting the results of getting the healing that they need it is parked the Mason he’s so excited yeah we have this so I really appreciate that we have very ancient practices that part of my mission is to make it relatable because when I was going through some of the things I read I was just like what are they mean by that what is awareness those are things that you have to feel you don’t learn them just by reading the definition you have to experience it and that’s for me I had to leave that and go see that kind of struggle that growth growth process so much and I learned a lot of the how how is kind of like the the jewels that I get to give to a friend feel like that is going to help our a world like that’s that’s the big the big sister is really to heal the world we have a lot of pain we have a lot of drama connected with the Smiths on the earth and we need to discuss it feels really good I do it because I love it it’s a feeling and just making a difference in people’s lives oh fransson few days ago I have a client with him so he has to support him in his healing process and part of that is getting a great connection with yourself and awareness of your energy Body and Soul on the 12-week course he says his then he is already experiencing a writing part of my job is to teach people how to have intimacy and how to reconnect because it’s all I need and everything that we need to be if we already are that and is fearful path is the unveiling of whatever so I I really am honored to be honest app because I I have to I live it every day and it’s and it’s awesome that’s wonderful so do you want to talk about more some sort of kind of give us a tour of what you were offering his are currently I have the money for that program is definitely for for them and it will work for anybody that you can if you don’t have the flu and she was just taking care of yourself and your help is vital to your overall house so that is my I have that same thing it’s all about feeling it’s all about Awakening your sexual sensual and it’s and it’s also learning to use your sexual energy to heal your body is there a pop artist when it gets the most energy have to actually is about using that new another page on my website and they’re on selling Nation it comes with everything you need to get started and I also have any pot up a very important part of my creative creativity as part of my feeling a lot of different ones and and a and so I can have another thing that you know you can find out about on my website but that is that’s what I’m doing these days and the other thing if you guys was on the site already have died in that where you should go for the focus program whatever is reasonable or or within your agreements to share I’m curious if you could kind of your people and overview what you would probably have is as an overview and I are in a workshop to introduce people and get them excited about Tibetan Tantra and how it’s more more specific ways does change your life and and how it can help people with therapist functions and all of the other dimensions of transformation at that they can blossom into with it what preventing tonsil with such a two-part special is the five elements healing system and write five elements are everything that we are made out of it’s so pleased that you heal our body through meditation so when I have my workshop but there’s an intro to Tantra for the things that we will go over is the concept of the energy body cuz a lot of people don’t know about it it’s not really talked about in Western science so that’s definitely something that we make sure that we work with that energy body and are negative energy in your body that can be hindering you from pleasure it could be making you feel pain make you feel nice and so what I’m feeling is about is about clearing we are conscious connection and that’s what the goal is right that we are all heading for the big idea the orgasm so what that means is we use that that moment of orgasm if you are practicing in your sleep for more than you know to Second what size 5 Seconds 10 seconds 30 minute people do it for several minutes so just maybe these potential is beyond what we think it is beyond what we can imagine and the practice that we have in place is to exercise to bring it to full fruition that is a what could be a better outcome than extending the pleasure of orgasm as a spiritual practice for a night meant nothing that feels better than that is mental Bliss physical Bliss you’re just clear and happy and everything is great with the world and if you think about how you feel after you have sex this is our just you all the time I can give you all the time to feel that good all the time and that is our potential that we must embrace it’s it’s kind of like we have some kind of guilt around being too happy play no part of arguing is accepting and acknowledging that yeah we have that potential to be happy and be having pleasure all the time and that’s that’s that’s our Birthright so I really I really push that I really tried to educate people and advocating for themselves when it comes to relationships or Army our bodies so that’s definitely part of the message that I was trying to spread awesome thank you will have a similar path also seeking to empower folks to discover their infinite orgasmic potential and there’s there’s a lot of debate and I guess I wouldn’t call it controversy maybe you could call it controversy actually but the the there’s different approaches to the reasons for and the intervals and Adoration of and the techniques for the this ever-elusive yet so simple and practical and and beneficial semen retention lifestyle so that was actually how I discovered your work is that I was I’m signed up to Davies mailing list and I watched a recent video that she had done about that subject we talked about it in the interview I did with her and on the side YouTube your recent video came up and I watched out of Mike right on more voices out there yeah putting in yen in different words so do you want to kind of give a your rap about that why the how to in the benefits and all that good stuff to incentivize people physical practice it’s a thing that you can do for your physical Improvement but it’s also transformative at something that they might not getting that connection with yourself is what project out the other one out that’s when you can approach people with a different energy with a different confidence but if I open this posting retention is it’s a good remedy for not helpful for men with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction I’m part of that is because ejaculation is the reason that a lot of men have issues relationship and the other culprit of that would be so you have corn out there it’s everybody’s watching it and you have men masturbating to porn all the time that creeps is very big gap in this connection with their body and also which translates to just their partners and they’re trying to be intimate with them and that just as growing when they continue to do this even if you feel like you are you’re fine you know you’re fine but if you happen to have it someplace where you exactly doing beyond the frequency that your body can recuperate what is that then you are defending yourself and it shows right when you guys are done and that’s all that because you’re you’re discharging your sexuality your energy as well as he Jacqueline which is just packed with nutrients semen is just like you know all the baby better if you think about what is your body going to get all those music from to make more better it gets it from your body until you have your your body is pulling in some other part that just make more semen because it keeps getting you know and why does your body want to do that survival our instincts are so divided and part of that is for creation right yeah it’s a sacrifice so use it wisely use it or lose the nutrients until 6 weeks is on your overall health your current habits your sexual function for men to ejaculate right on yes so I guess I’ll all kind of play if you don’t mind a little bit of role-playing as client you know to give other guys who are may be new to this or or I know you don’t have a lot of people who I know her I’m approaching this as a Jedi Knight initiate and it’s something that they you know they want they want to figure out how to harness the force you know and use their their want of light literally to exactly yes so some of the questions that I get or or just this this unknown Journey having faith that there’s there’s these powers on the other side of the the discipline guys have this preconceived notion that that blue balls is is just a force of nature that can’t be overcome but as you would know that circulating energy and doing breathwork a massage and actually applying some of these principles and practices you you effectively bus that myth you know don’t bust a myth I mean don’t bust a nut by the group Asia is that something that you’ve encountered where we’re guys are like but I’m going to go crazy or I’m going to have blue balls or something out all they’re going to still up and it’s like if you think about it like dude you’re jaculating too frequently for your body to catch up so no you’re not going to fill up a Pop berry likes going to take forever if that wasn’t so yeah so what I called is like the sensation of maybe like a stuck orgasm because it’s so it has nothing to do with your fluid that’s been retained that’s your the energy flow thank you for collated and you can literally believe you ate that you know through breathing breathing in public for exercise so do you want to text me some about that it’s there’s more than just what you might find from sort of Western sexology around doing Kegel exercises there’s actually more there’s more visualization and there’s more meditation there’s more of an esoteric component to it that it’s mystical but it’s also a scientific it is as much as it’s magical mystical experience very methodical and practical so you know this everyday I’m teaching I’m doing the same thing teaching men how to hold back and it gets easier and I’m just wondering if you have some basic pointers for four guys that are interested in the past h&c how long do you want to be happy healthy and having sex is that that relates to everybody no matter what path you on everybody has a general idea that yeah I want to be happy and healthy for a long time so in order to do that you need to maintain your help you need to pay attention to that part of your body needs to feed it love compassion need to exercise it energetically and physically so it’s it’s like guys aren’t they can get obsessed with working out and going to the gym but you are complacent with you know if you’re okay with having the penis that doesn’t work and it makes you feel bad all the time so it’s a six pack of my PC muscles that’s what she want to have it’s more important really but it’s true and that’s what you got to take care of but you can feel it too I mean if you if you know that it’s a big difference you can tell if someone’s doing that work I’m male and female but certainly it’s it’s ya will be great to for there to be Fitness competitions that to measure that level of Fitness for sure this is wonderful that this paradigm shift is is yeah that you know you’re like you said in your approach East-West in East coming together and no pun intended yes I like the the part of our practice that’s so practical and it makes sense to us based on what we what we know you know what are our little fact that we have it makes sense but it also makes sense energetically and we just feel that energy is not fat but not things that you can read it’s all about feeling with intuition and that’s that’s what you have to fight for yourself hey so get another another key Point here at like to get your perspective on this the it’s if you were a man who listens to all the pop music about women wanting to be made love to you all night long and I think Davy word one point I heard her say you know like something like man we want your penises in our vaginas forever there is this Market business mythology around having the sexual powers to last all night but that doesn’t really mean having sex and ejaculating multiple times and being able to start over again although if you’re younger is he younger man that’s it’s easier to do than if you’re you know if an older man but are are are you finding that women or Amir feel like this the potential of Tantra is it a can raise the standard for what women actually pre-qualify dating partners by based on do you have skill or not because why would I waste my time if you can’t if you’re sexually incontinent why would I how do I have a puppy already I don’t need another puppy in the you know so do you want to speak with me Stillwater women saying about this and how are men you know Manning up in words for that one we’re talking about our last vacation retreat how it’s it’s hard it’s difficult for women who are conscious and who want that connection was just want to feel emotionally vulnerable that are open that can talk about their feelings that are in touch with their emotions and it’s hard to find and it’s frustrating sometimes part of my men is more and more loving compassionate emotionally available men for women that’s what we need a r t i feel like women in our place right now in society we are strong we are independent and so we have different needs from a man we can take care of herself financially weekend you know everything for us so we can go to school and take care of her kids so what we are looking for in a man is I need that connection with somebody to make her feel like they’re inside our soul you want us to make love to you to read watch videos and really go after that makes be motivated to do that for yourself because otherwise you’re going to keep doing things at Cabot and that’s making the disconnection even greater right I’m so glad you you put it that way because I consider myself under the radical feminist spectrum of all this stuff and I’ve gone to Great Lengths to try to get perspectives on this podcast where it is really it’s really a critical time for fermented wake up and in and understand exactly everything you’re saying it’s about how in the old Paradigm you could just be a tyrant and an oppressor and just treat a woman has your fuck doll and never even care about what her what’s going on with her and it is just getting off and wham bam thank you ma’am and the political economic shifts that you just laid out very clearly with your lingo but that’s what you want to make love to a woman and like just make love to her fucker great her he can get away with a lot of shit but don’t don’t take that too far gentleman if there was one thing yeah so what it what I hear you saying then is you know figure out this stuff first and you don’t get your everything else can be this is the main deal breaker it sounds like and you can kind of gives a little bit of a patient about certain other things but this is as women are getting more empowered men of God so now you like it’s limited like hey I deserve just as much pleasure out of there just as much orgasms actually I’m getting more than you and like so why should I short myself like why don’t I deserve it and receive any quality in Bruno longer accepting it up otherwise I don’t know now we really this is really exciting because this is I mean I wasn’t going to go there necessarily but since you brought it up feel free to speak about this but I feel that the you know it is a male Tantra practitioner it’s sort of like you become it’s like you I don’t know if I feel like I’ve been trained by the CIA or something and I just can’t relate to people in the general population because if you can blow people’s minds you you better choose wisely because you don’t want to take someone on a journey they’re not ready for a spiritually that they haven’t trained for themselves and so does it’s a totally different Dynamic and I kind of feel like it’s a it’s a there’s a lot of scoundrel males who just take this new power they have and they use it to hypnotize and mine fuck and abused and manipulated and you know now I’m now I’m feeling your daddy issue rolls and just all the stuff so it’s like a black hole Vortec of a real black magic really in and so my strategy and now that you can share it with you and get some feedback from you since you brought up that that key factor that I I’m trying to work on his basically that I’m more interested in having female Seekers get initiated by other females discover their orgasmic potential and to achieve their sexual spiritual enlightenment internally in their solo Tantra practice but being held in the community of Sisterhood so that this so that that sort of priest is class can involve the sexual consciousness of women and then they can have a higher standard and they’re not coming to me as a wounded child and I’m being projected on from all of their issues and then I’m going to be tempted to manipulate that psychological weakness for my own gain and that’s what makes give Tantra a bad name throughout the world is that Dynamic so are you how what I have I’ve been working on my sort of strategy to empower the sexual autonomy of of women in in sort of witch covens if you will and you know I think people are afraid to own up their afraid to but if I had if I had to choose one word to describe Tantra I will call it feminist sexual Witchcraft and if that doesn’t scare somebody away then they’ve come to the right school but if that does scare away then you know go back to yoga go back to you or the kids yoga class I want to hear it definitely what experiences you’re having things to do for the women listening can we just amplify that that incentive to to seek Sisterhood in this path new newer for me than it was before I learned Pancho Villa part of my opening up was to open up to other women and to do that you have to open up to yourself and you have to release yourself of that that competition that jealousy and was like I can’t even tell you there’s no work for it but you you need that meet at 4 because you also have people to have bounced off of as you tumble through this pass is not something that you scroll down movie create after I ever got certified I went to school and you leave you leave Elite certification was song of the group of people that are on the same server Pat and a friend’s family but the safest place you could ever think of what these people and so when you get back home and get that you know now because you’re not a people talking to you like you should be talked to you in people treating me like I should be treated so what you should do is create your own sphere Sisterhood your own Tsonga at home do it from whoever does your best friend if you have to go on a meet up if you have to you know go online and find somebody that’s interested in the same thing you are just do it because you the spiritual path alone it’s hard it’s really hard and it doesn’t have to be the same people that you are going to adopt into your Sisterhood there are going to be just as grateful to have you as you are to have them so yeah I definitely encourage that I’ve seen people who come into a retreat before we go throughout the training and have them and they sent their closed off and maybe they only like girls that much like I don’t have a lot of girl friends best friends with all the girls you love them that your sister has your Chapstick so if you’re finding it hard to open up open up in in find The Sisterhood you have to really look at look and see what you’re scared of what are you afraid of inside of yourself that you might experience with that and realize that they’re just reflections of you especially if they’re on the same path yeah everybody needs some support and I feel like you should not short yourself of that right and based on everything that led up to this point in the conversation why would you be competing over subpar men anyway is that right what were you fighting for so that is an interesting there’s a few a few more Dimensions that I love to explore with you if you’re willing out on this which is that it’s the benefits that I’m witnessing women in their Sisterhood of Tantra together with the benefits that I’m seeing is it there I guess this is an over-simplification but I feel like it’s been useful when I tight when I’m encouraging women friends of mine in specially ones that are wanting to in interacting engage with me an intimate manner I’m wondering how you feel about just the idea that when when women are getting along they can so much more effectively satisfy and nourish each other’s needs for emotional intimacy to a point where they stop trying to get squeeze blood from a stone cuz sometimes men’s heart chakras and must have really been working on it long time you’re not going to get them to listen or pay attention or be empathetic or be sensitive cuz they’re too busy watching ESPN or barbecuing or whatever like just watching guys punch the shit out of each other and maybe they’re good for things like hey honey could you go lift that heavy thing or grab that thing that’s really high up and like fuck the shit out of me when I feel like it and tell them I’m going to be having ammo Joe Anthony Missy with my sister girlfriends who I don’t fight over because we see our natural biological and emotional Darius a superiority am I am I going too far strong women is really is kind of like you don’t feel like you need a man it just happened because that nourishment is there and you like yeah I have everything I need but if that’s all you need that you can just get that did not from the women that are in my life until the last couple years it’s just the women there are in your life will support you more than any man that’s in your life just being together and that’s yeah awesome well that’s the that is the glory that I’m I’m hoping that we can achieve because yeah it’s people are afraid of matriarchy very afraid to let go of that sense of what they’re used to patriarchy so it’s closed off emotionally and so and this is why people who did they look at Tantra and they say oh it’s all woohoo it’s it’s not just some fluffy I mean this is very important practical from people who have like they have an idea already of what do you think they know and what you think is true and so the idea that you have an energy body like that’s not in my books I don’t know that in school so that’s magic that you made that up. Got out of your head and into your body and start to feel and a weekend that since it’s already there you’re not going to go find anything new with your ability to be aware of it right well and that brings me you know back to something I ate I want to touch on if we can your you were a trained skeptic as a Western Scientific nurse practitioner so you were even more credible as a believer in the time should I because you have done methodical training and you’ve had to really tune into the physical body and and the anatomy of the physical body and all of the the measurable aspects of physiology that would be required to be a successful nurse practitioner so you want to talk a bit about how that training has reinforced and sore complimented your Township training and how it feels physically oh my word how people behave how we in Western science we cure we three elements with your disease so I have that knowledge to help me find of bounce off my Eastern king without you and floor pattern help me relax and understanding the big picture and so instead of just having the Taj review I have the U of people that what usually go against photography and I feel like that gives me kind of the upper hand against the Skeptics to you in a way that you can understand that you learn your way but I’m telling you how it works on the other side so I feel like I am able to be the middleman in in a way that’s awesome yeah there this is this is kind of my dream is to continue the the work of medical research around specially sexual healing and what the before-and-after looks like when that those procedures are done and you can see the literally I think we’ll get to a point where you can weigh somebody in before a tantric sexual healing and weigh them out and actually yeah measurable difference is that something that you have dealt with I know that your baby is very outspoken and and about her and I kind of went into depth about that and I’ve heard Jack drouin story very moving story is a male Survivor and just wow I mean just if anybody is interested in Tantra and they haven’t listened to every episode of Davy words podcast I think you’re a lot wow right on well that’s amazing so then yeah do you want to talk about what what’s up what’s been notable for you as a practitioner around healing women’s sexual trauma and Men sexual trauma and all of the various forms if it can take if you have thoughts on that is certainly, I feel like there’s a Common Thread and that is a lack of lack of present and it’s the lack of presidents has the reason that you have like a peasant it could be from from trauma and you don’t want to be in your body that sometimes you know until you you’re not there making you not have orgasm so that’s how it kind of the big picture with with men especially with t e I’ve noticed a lot of stress so you have a lot of stress in the way that you would like to see you and that’s because you’re not you know you’re not into you’re not present with the sexual situation your penis is going to tell on you and it’s going to go down or if it’s a yes dress and that emotional trauma those are affected the way that our bodies function sexually and not sexually when we were when we have, we hold it in our body you can hold it in our Yoni and that’s all that happened with your system awesome well here’s this is another it we got a few minutes left and and I feel like another thing another area that I’m not sure I guess I I’m I’m more from I’m very interested in what your training is in and what Davies doing because I have more of a Hindu is that is that the crude term to use but I would I’d rather say I have more of the the time trick South Asian goddess worship template for for this stuff which is its really and there’s a whole sort of Forgotten and suppress Cult of the tantric yogini which was like the The Witch covens of the tantric did they weren’t just yoga practitioners just doing the body postures but they were actually even call and feminist revolutionary couples that we’re living on the outskirts so forth to Doc’s Hinduism and sort of outside of marriages and outside of the the dominant culture and they were doing really intense powerful goddess worship rituals in becoming channels and mediums and conduits of the Shakti energy and creating art and music and dance and ritual around that and really there’s there’s Scholars alive on the planet today who are trying to piece together the archaeology and the you know that the geography of of those Traditions spread time what is really starting to congeal more for me at as as one who sort of initiated in that sort of path is just the the power of not sloppy drunk in orgies or BDSM play parties per se but the power of the sacred geometry of group synchronized breathing exercises and sexual ritual that’s actually very well-managed and curated for maximum healing potential and sort of you know more logs on the fire equals a bigger flame but it’s also can be dangerous in a lot of ways and I’m wondering if you know a lot of people who are teaching Tantra now it’s about have a better relationship with your man or your guy or gal and it’s I ended the frontier of it is is to catch up to the swingers and the the king stirs and actually have more more sacred compositions or orchestras of group energy exchange I’m wondering if that’s something that you were at all working on or wherever for yeah I have ideas about a huge power I we did something similar to that Last Retreat as a group as a big group I don’t know if 1418 people and we did actually a series of Tibetan prayers or whatever you want to call the medication over one of our practitioner she was dealing with some thickness and we wanted to give her an energy healing and so yeah so that was something that I want to see you again it’s not easy to do all the time unless you have an organized group of people doing the same thing in your area that’s the way that I’m hoping that it’s just like teaching my friends the ones that are closest to me the speaker group right on I guess I have us question I have for you is have you ever seen the movie The Golden Child which was Eddie Murphy made a movie all about Tibetan Buddhist Tantra and it was an 80s movie that to you got to see it again because it is absolutely everything we’re talking about and Beyond and they even have well I’m not even I don’t want to spoil it but anybody who is interested in Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhist Tantra and they have happy to have these flashbacks from Seeing Eddie Murphy go to bed and practiced all these esoteric arts and there’s even symbolism around semen retention yeah there’s a scene where I guess I’ll spoil this one scene in order to get the Ashanti dagger to use to slay the demon that’s come to Earth do to Kill The Golden Child who brings compassion to humanity in order for Eddie Murphy the chosen one to be able to go to The Crucible test to get this knife the sacred knife to slay the demon he has got to hold a cup of water without spilling one drop and go through this obstacle course and then he has to question himself what to do with this cup of water because he can’t get through this flame to take to grab the knife and then it Dawns on him that he should ingest thus the water himself only at the right time and that that gives him the power to take it so it’s a very deep teaching about injaculation and semen retention and the powers of activation to happen when you don’t just frivolous frivolous they spill your seed so I don’t know what channel it’s amazing so yeah that’ll be on your 101 prerequisites absolute Township training for sure or your extracurricular activities yeah cool what do you want to talk a bit about what you have coming up and just again plug the website and let people know how to get in touch so I do have Bible on the 29th of April and it’s going to be in Costa Mesa California for you local people and it will be on your own yoga so I’ll have some have any but you can also get them online or bring your own but this Workshop is going to be just wonderful for women such as you if you have issues with your knee if you have numbness not having orgasms feel the same after childbirth you need to come this Workshop because it also gives you everything you need the tools and hopefully you leave with a new a new pack for Yoni and transformation beautiful and I will say I’ll say I’ll add to that and say that it is such a big difference from a male’s perspective to be making love to a woman who’s the only is is ripped you know because it is yeah it’s in this thing about o being tight but it’s really of dexterity and it’s like you know this is something I’ve been working on lately and I’m happy to be at the next level will they never even have probably heard about a dreamed about that that there’s a I’m very happy I have more Sensation that I’ve ever had in my life vaginal orgasms where I can have them before and it just feels amazing yeah yeah I just F I had to make an analogy I would say men you want to support your your beloved’s on this path because imagine that your lingam is is if it has the experience of being like a saxophone and her Yoni is like a professional saxophone player playing a saxophone with that much dexterity so it’s not it’s not ya the this it is a big it’s a big important Frontier of shift in Consciousness in to thank you for doing housework and benefits on on all for all genders with his so yeah well on that note I think we’ll call it a night and just thank you again so much for your time and I look forward to hopefully when there’s a coed or men’s Focus Workshop allow try to check it out or have you been to the year I know you’re close to the the goddess Temple of Orange County have you been to that that Temple but I don’t know where it is it’s in Irvine you be adored there and cherish tonight I definitely hope that a yeah you you kind of bring your nose area definitely cuz it’s probably some really close so there’s also a Kali Temple Hindu goddess Kali temple in Laguna Beach it’s been there for quite a while and they’re very much what you would call left hand or the right hand path or you know it’s not the sexual term sure that it’s it’s very yeah it that’s really the deepest roots of of Tantra there’s going to be no there is some evidence that goes back to ancient Egypt that it’s a man has shamanic roots in Southern India going back just so many thousands of years and and a beautiful truth about the history of it is that there was a time when the when there was Major conquest and colonization and repression and luckily the wisdom of Millenia were copied by scribes in Tibet and the captain on Brooklyn Asia thank you for being a part of that important work to keep the knowledge alive and yeah you’re blessed to be in in between I think you’re in between two of these deep rich Temple so hopefully you’ll be able to buy with them too right on it was okay thank you for bearing with all my Antics to is fun to be able to talk shop with somebody who’s on the Levelland hang out with you so cool alright then we’ll take care and have a good night. 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