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Ashley Manta Smoking Cannabis

Best Practices for Sexual Healing Using Cannabis with Ashley Manta TPP283


In this episode I’m joined by the world’s foremost expert on the use of cannabis for sexual pleasure, exploration, and healing

About Ashley:

Ashley Manta is an award-winning sex educator and coach and has become a leading authority on mindfully combining sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual® brand. She recently completed her certification as a Bodysex® Facilitator after studying with legendary pleasure pioneer Betty Dodson. Ashley was named Sexpert of the Year at the January 2020 XBiz Awards. Her work has received recognition in Forbes, The London Times, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and more. She is a brand ambassador for Sybian and Foria. Her book, The CBD Solution: Sex will be published by Chronicle Books and Merry Jane in September 2020.
Podcast: www.elevatedintimacypodcast.com (Also available on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play)
Online courses: www.elevatedintimacy.com

My Non Verbatim Show Notes:


buffet of me

am sex and relationship coach

sex ed 13 years

start out of college, sexual violence prevention education

rape crisis counseling, victim advocacy

sexual assault awareness prevention

high schools and colleges

women’s center on campus

well rounded approach in trauma

such powerful work

healing for me as survivor, helping other survivors

high burn out

pivot, sex ed on health and wellness

planned parenthood,

in PA

moved to CA

ceiling on how high I could rise on east coast, sex negative attitudes

CA, openness around cannabis, alternative forms of sexuality, holistic wellness

2013, access to medical cannabis

changed game for me, dispensery, want to feel this or that

watershed moment

pain with penetration as result of trauma

product, thc infused oil for vulvas/yonis

decrease discomfort, increase pleasure

product changed my life

penetrative sex without pain first time as adult, game changer

started writing, speaking at events

one of leading experts on sex and cannabis in the world


amazing, feel you on all that stuff, listening and appreciating you have taken up that roll, surprising for me, and others

earth’s best kept secret, topicals, more herbal alchemy to get some of the places where its needed most, different kind of experience psychologically, different strains, stereotype around edibles making you crazy, body highs, different textures, how do you speak/present, what you should expect, absorb through tissues, nerve endings through those pathways


botanical ambassador, speak for the plants

one of most pervasive myths, sex and cannabis, you have to be stoned, stoned sex,

if you apply to body, it’s not gonna get you high, really useful, some folks don’t want to be high

flexibility, interact with plant medicine without intoxicating effects

things that will get you high, inhalation, ingesting, sublinguals, be mindful of smoking

effects rapidly 5-15 minutes, edibles, up to 2 full hours to feel effects

digestive track

thc goes through digestive system turns into 11 hydroxy, sedate, body focused version of thc, edible high different

edibles aren’t gonna make you crazy, however very very easy to overdo

guestimating, story dispensary, start too high

10mg take you on quite a ride

be very mindful about ways in which they interact with any kind of plant medicine

feel in, be present with experience, always add more later, impossible to subtract

TP: edibles face, I’m thinking everything at once, had some doozies, myself, took long time to realize, shouldn’t be potent, in something you’re gonna wanna take whole bites of and scarf down, cookies and brownies, should stuff a chili

how you describe effect of sensations apply to very sensitive genital tissues, how does it alter sensitivity of areas

AM: multifacited approach, everybody experiences differently, depends on how your body interacts, tolerance body chemistry, hormone levels

anything I’m gonna tell you, effects to look out for, grain of salt, mileage may very

broadly speaking thc is vasodialator, blood vessels capillaries to expand

more blood flow to area, mimicking arousal

swelling, in a good way, erections, notice tissue, blushing, thc when applied, kind of an important thing

more blood flow, more responsive tissue, hightened sensitivity

cbd, all the rage, cool, useful, not quite panacea, placebo, marketing, is helpful, manage expectation

cbd good for anti inflammatory, helpful if you have swelling that’s not good

inflammed tissues from trauma

if you’re playing with body chemistry do talk to doctor

due diligence

for me been to dozens of doctors, pain with penetration, no one could help me

thc reduction of discomfort

thc/cbd work well together

absence of discomfort, diminished discomfort

hightened sensitivity,

stamina, multiple orgasms

increased production of vaginal fluids, wetness from topicals

vasodialation, top reason

kick off lube centers

I’m a fan

TP: thanks so much, first time I thought about how it seems like the more holistic approach to erectile dysfunction, people might try this before they try something more big pharma-ish

something you’ve researched with clients

ED issue folks?

AM: I take a very holistic approach to ED, in my work with clients, really like to decentralize the phallus, sex can occur at different levels, less of I’m not hard so we can have sex, mouths, hands, toys, …

cock rings, reach for help create harder more sustained erections

with cannabis and erections very much, be very careful, threshold helpful, increase blood flow, very easily cross into “stoner boner” you can’t

erections more active process, if really distracted, really stoned, may not be able to focus enough on erection

try small small doses, see how works for you, holistic approach, dick doesn’t have to be hard to have a good time sexually, all these other things I can do,

TP: to your point, you’ve mentioned this before, decentralize the phallus hashtag,

from my experience I could see that decentralizing the phallus process, a lot of other folks like myself, working with other men, teach to have more mastery, awareness, stages of arousal, more in control of premature ejaculation, maintaining erections, arch of testosterone

can definitely bring attention, through self pleasure, more of a tantric lingam massage experience, wouldn’t want to have to maintain an erection to get someone else off, if just doing you or someone else just doing you

on that note, don’t know if something you administer, knowledge/experience

sexological body workers

pelvic massage work

AM: haven’t interfaced directly in formal sense, I do some hands on work in my practice

oils to play parties, tends to go really well

these oils are meant to be a marinade, don’t work in real time, actually much more effective for vulva/yoni more so than penises, unless you stick dick in jar for 20 minutes, don’t have some absorption as vulva

TP: enter the mangina

AM: certainly do anal absorption, suppositories, rectal absorption, very effective great for prostate, anal play,

penises, inhalation, ingestion, method more effective with regard to sexuality and pleasure, topicals for penises not super effective, a few folks works awesome, others, makes it terrible

TP: eventually formal studies, I am myself uncut, uncircumcized, can’t really compare in one life time to either, a plus for my absorption, this makes me also wonder if you have advice for strains for either smokable or edible that would be more exciting, stimulating for maintain erections, fun to have a stoner boner that works

AM: nice when that works out, not able to give specific, how going to work for you and body, everybody’s different strain that works for you and your body not work for someone else

strains can be different

things that make a different, even indica sativa

have to put on science hat, read lab results

turpines end up shaping experience

completely subjective

not exact science, not as easy as oh yeah smoke this and that will work for you

TP: emotional labor of doing trauma advocacy work, curious if you have adapted the cannasexual practices/teachings/offerings, for people who, physical pain, pathways advise people on to integrate different forms of cannabis in more psychospiritual healing tool kit for sexual trauma

AM: examine what’s getting in the way, pain, stress, stuck in head, flashbacks, disconnected from body, try different cannabis products see what’s useful in that area

random strain, gambling, don’t know how it’s gonna hit you, intention

more effective to get clear on what it is that you’re going for

for me, pain with penetration, topical really useful

injury from accident or trauma, knee, wrist

mental block, getting triggered, feeling disconnected from body, things you can inhale, different strains, which one is helpful to quite down voice in head

feel sensations in body

no one thing is gonna heal your trauma

not gonna be cannabis, or session with healer

awareness around body needs, communicate in real time

therapeutic professional

trauma healing journey, not just one shot, did this now I’m fixed

never want someone to say ashley said I can help my trauma with cannabis

it can help, it’s a tool

diagnosed ptsd


I’ve had to go through this initiation with cannabis over the years, life hacker, bio hacker thing, figuring out how to mitigate and minimize episodes of paranoia, don’t want to say overdose

gardening, green thumb/brown thumb

start with mint, rosemary, vs tomato, dries out, get triggered traumatized, brown thumb, a lot of times cannabis, negative formative experiences, sets them up for continue failure,

general advice around mitigating bad trip for smoking or eating weed

AM: overconsumption issue, thc has biphasic effect, opposite effect at high and low doses, subjective, broadly appropriate doses for you body, chemistry, likely to feel euphoria, relaxation, pain relief, hungry, social, spacey overall pleasant

when crosses over level, transitions into paranoia, nausea, dizziness, panick attacks, rapid heart rate, threw up once after a dab, more than system could handle

avoid that, low and slow

if somebody’s handing you something you’ve never had before, what do I need to know about this

cannabis events, last few years, stations set up people walk up and do a dab, vaporizing cannabis concentrate, 50-90% thc, average flower strain smoking, between 10 and 30 % thc, way more than would normally get in just a breath

way too much, have a bad time

or take an edible wait 30 minutes, don’t feel anything, take more, then 1.5 hours later, regretting all life choices in order

on that ride for 4-6 hours with edibles, can’t over stress importance of low and slow, think microdosing

TP: so useful, pivotal bit of insight

overdosing it’s that simple

you overdosed, if you drank too much alcohol the first time…

AM: usually don’t say overdose, OD means you’re gonna die, you’re not, even if you consumed shit tons of thc, you may wish you were dead, but you will not die, you cannot toxically overdose on thc, you can over consume

TP: overconsume, psychological stomach ache

AM: or actual stomach ache, small dab take me into next year

TP: kids these days, ok boomer, I filled in for somebody at a booth, trade show conference, everyone smokin themselves silly, all the people half my age, dabbing like it was going out of style, I didn’t take anything, just sitting there, worst splitting headache, chemical, felt like inhaling burnt tires

studies, is there any other words of caution around dabbing, vaping,

AM: dabbing and vaping, both vaporizing, vaping referring to vap pens, typically people seem to not get as, potency scale, flower not as potent as vape pens, not as potent as dabs, potency spectrum

very limited studies, require money, people not putting money into any of those things

lot of fears last year, vape pens issues with lungs, vap cartridges not idea method

problematic companies, putting bad products on market, cutting with vitamin e oil, counterfit products,

buying vape cartridge from gas station, think about what you’re buying

5 star restaurant or fast food, pay for quality, price point

do research on companies that are reputable

lab results, show they don’t have pesticides, microbials, savvy consumer, go low, less processed the better, organic lifestyle, closer it is to coming out of the ground, pesticides, molds, read lab results, be a savvy consumer

vaping flower is arguably the best way to inhale cannabis, because you are getting the cannabanoids at lower temperature, more effective, opposed to 1000 degree lighter, smoke in lungs, not great, be easier on lungs, may be better choice to consider

vaping flower

dabs be mindful of extraction method, butane, c02, heat and pressure, called rosin, my fav, very holistic, very nature, flower squish between 2 hot pieces of metal, organic, yummy, preserve turpines, broad spectrum flavor profile, do research

internet is vast resource a lot of shit out there, good stuff too

sex and cannabis professional alliance

articles all about sex and cannabis, one member is harvard md, two members, colleague sex educator, product formulator, robust group of experts, tips and insights

TP: awesome, in general from horticulture, eating utensils, moving away from heating up plastic in all sectors of life

old fashioned, I know about water pipes and chillums, one hitters, roaches, blunts, don’t know about high tech stuff millenials running around with, do like the notion of vaporizing, old giant magic ball looking things

opportunities to say, glass and metal only, very few plastic parts, for burning mechanism, imagine people are heating up a lot of plastic, I’m a wrong

AM: don’t see a lot of plastic in materials, in terms of the was in which you would consume, don’t see a ton of plastic, doesn’t stand up to heat, metal, glass, ceramic,

fav vap, vap exhale, desktop vaporizer, outside is plastic, never gets heated, everything that gets heated is either metal or glass, convection vaporizer, set temperature, lot of those on the market

ghost vaps, dozens, possibly hundreds

find the ones that are most inline with your values

TP: that’s a great introduction to cannasexual expertise, want to spend time talking about general sex coaching

certain modality traditions, how would you introduce that sector of the buffet of you

AM: not like most people, a little different, trauma informed, queer, body positive, inclusive coach, intend to be as thoughtful about things like trauma, body dysmorphia, gender, …as possible

masters program, philosophy, existentialism, western philosophy, inform the way I approach issues, question assumptions, reframing limiting beliefs

recommend folks have therapist and a sex coach

coaching if future oriented, solutions focus, where are you and where do you want to be and what’s getting in the way

opposed to how did you get this way, how do you want to integrate that into your narrative

TP: interesting, rebel, alternative, do you have advice for people who, its interesting when you have a client who is walking between worlds of orthodox therapeutic offerings and then having to reconcile 2 different voices and influences, do you feel like you ever clash with the mainstream therapeutic modalites, or stay in a lane where there’s no friction, is that possible

AM: so many varieties of mainstream, not all align with my values, from tantra, sex education, things I don’t agree with

I diverge, very inclusive don’t rely on gender binary, people with vulvas and people with penises, to not gender

hippie woo-woo witch, lot of focus on crystal healing, egg crystals in pussy

dangerous to be putting porous materials

toxic shock

TP: I don’t know enough about, I refer people out, to zoom in on that a bit, do you feel like, I’m sold, reports of women, as a penis having person, the experience of making love to a vulvaed person who has a yoni egg of some variety of material, their dexterity with pc muscles sense of awareness of themselves, nothing comes close and I never want to go back, the egg thing is something I’m sold on, still confused around what is safe or unsafe, to what degree, could we zoom in on that

AM: its a materials issue, there have been kegel balls, yoni egg is fancy hippie woo woo word for kegel balls, putting circular shaped item into vagina, using it to focus on clenching and releasing pelvic muscles, nothing wrong with that, that’s great, mindful in development, really great, no issue

it’s a material issue, crystals are not things you should put into vagina, however if you want a kegel ball made of silicone, of which there are many, or glass or metal or any other nonporous material, you’re golden

against idea, new age, rose quartz, heal me from inside, if we’re talking about energy, doesn’t have to be touching, it’s all magic, put on pubic mound…should have same effect

crystal healing, I use…i’m a fan…i don’t put them inside, porous material, can get bacteria embedded you cannot cleanse away, even soak with alcohol, soap and water, can’t completely sterilize them

bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, reinfect yourself,

not supposed to leave it in for 6 hours a day

not good, to keep pc muscles clenched all day long

you have to relax, and contract, important to be able to both

most people with vulvas have too much tension

missing from yoni egg conversation, I’m gonna put this rose quartz in my pussy and it’s gonna heal all my shit…no no no, let’s not get carried away

TP: happy medium, just be mindful about mitigating risks, not going all in or all out, interesting

AM: you could put in condom, crystal core in middle of metal or silicon toy, but just throw a condom on it, that’s fine

TP: keep it simple stupid

AM: don’t over think it, rectally, don’t want to put anything in your ass that doesn’t have a bass

TP: sidebar, I’m good to go, coming close to good hour, feeling like, plenty for people to take notes on, give you some time to get back on track with exploration of your general sex coaching offerings, tell people how they can find you

AM: sex coaching primary work with women identified folks and couples, client based presently, all my sessions via zoom, don’t have to worry about vicinity, every once in awhile, in person, vip clients,

clients all over the place

coaching is definitely premium for good reason, really work hard with clients, give all tools at my disposal, resources, books I’ve read, things I’ve gathered into professional tool kit, offerings if coaching is not in your financial purview

podcast, free, access to my brain, not able to work with me

elevated intimacy, everywhere podcasts are available, really really great opportunity to get access

destin gerek on a few episodes ago, his new book, great opportunity for folks to get free knowledge


hand sex master class

dirty talk quick start guide, email list

first to hear when dirty talk course is available for purchase, excited to offer online courses, privacy, own time, exciting offering

couples retreat in Jamaica, plan, end of october, over halloween weekend, sex and cannabis couples retreat, at cannabis friendly resort


phone sex operator for a year, very much my wheel house, teaching dirty talk, easy for me, want to make it easy for other people

TP: I’ve been phone sex operator myself, should be general requirement for any sales, marketing, college track to be able to speak with confidence

phoriawellness.com coupon code cannasexual, save 10%

Alexis Lane

DIY Erotic Empowerment from Massage Therapy to Female Ejaculation with Alexis Lane TPP243


In this episode I’m joined by podcast listener Alexis Lane for an exploration of her journey of do-it-yourself erotic empowerment from massage therapy to female ejaculation and beyond!

About Alexis:

Alexis currently lives in southern Virginia. Call center representative by day, Yoni Goddess by night, Alexis is passionate about exploring and awakening her own sacred sexuality. She firmly believes that more women realizing their own Sacred Sexuality and the Divine Feminine within will change the face of this world in a powerful way. She looks forward to sharing the knowledge she’s gained through her own research and explorations for the Collective growth and well being of our species and our planet.

My Non-Verbatim Show Notes:

AL: a little bit about me, 30 years old southern virginia, all kinds of jobs, call center rep day job, in my own personal life my own free time I’ve really been for the past 2 or 3 years called to really dive deep into my own personal growth, issues of self love, developing self love and self respect, manifested through getting in touch with own sexuality, past 2 or 3 years, really hands on with myself, getting into all of my issues on a sexual level, I really just experienced a lot of growth and changes that I’m really excited, see how those things are gonna take shape in the world, right now definitely got a lot of female or authorities on the feminine side, Grace Diaz, Kim Anami, so many more, did find your podcast through Grace Diaz’ channel, that’s how I came to hear your podcast, episode on squirting, really excited to share a lot of practical application hacks, excited to see what I can offer

ted talk, unleashing the female orgasm, she did that ted talk has wonderful channel great website, an authority, or mentor in female sacred sexuality, another one I do listen to a bit of layla martin, amber leitz, sharing her own experiences and coming from a lot of personal experiences

TP: massage therapy process?

AL: started out straight out of high school, wasn’t very hands on, my mother found a great school for me, different than traditional massage therapy school, most are up to a year, very condensed, found me a 2 year associates, at an actual college, did go and get associates in applied science along with massage therapy licensure, courses, did have anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, science of how the body moves, how different parts move in relationship to each other, neurology, physiology, practical application of massage portion as well, a large part of our day and classroom time, half of time we spent in class alone was hands on massage portion

wide variety of different modalities, introduced to different types and techniques, intro to energetic fields, reiki, zero point balancing, shiatsu, intro to tai chi, broad spectrum intro to all different components, that you could branch out into from massage therapy, probably got a wider, broader range of training, of course normal classes like english, math, statistics, electives, art, really got a wide range education there

at the time I went to school, I’m sure it’s changed now, it was required for you to have at least a 1000 hours of clinical or volunteer times, did have clinic on site, instructors ran, people from community, staff members, students, would come in

offered reduced priced massages for the sake of us getting practice, also traveled within the local area and we did marathons, chair massage for seniors, a lot of hands on, encouraged to trade with other therapists, did a lot of that with energy workers, a lot of hands on training, worked on and off as a massage therapist

TP: path towards sacred sexuality adventure?

AL: hadn’t always been outwardly sexual, been very reserved, any experiences or enjoyment kept very much to myself, probably about 2 or 3 years ago, getting on to this path, coming out of a really dry period, personal events, 2013-14 really cataclysmic, broke me down, didn’t destroy but came pretty damn close, shut down completely sexually, even for myself, for a good 3 or 4 years, there was nothing, didn’t self pleasure, nothing, didn’t watch porn, anyone even mentioned sex it made me extremely uncomfortable, then one day, I was on a porn site and was watching, it was a tutorial, more than a porn film, tutorial of how to make a woman ejaculate, it was called squirting, this guy broke it down in detail step by step, technique that you use, hands on demonstration, she definitely appeared to not just be ejaculating, you can do it with or without orgasm, she was doing with orgasms, her whole body got into it, almost seemed that she went into a trance or another world, spasming, glow on her face, light in her eyes, so much joy, looked like she was on another level of existence at that point, thinking to myself, what am I doing wrong, I want that, that was the turning point, can’t tell you how many times I rewatched that video, its been a journey from there

everything I’ve done since, a lot of things I’ve done

tips hacks, advice, for me its become a life style, do feel it’s gonna be a lifelong journey for me, some body starting out, have to start where you are, goes back to porn, there’s a wide variety of information that’s available to us at the touch of our finger tips, that ranges from good to more darker perspective, its really important first and foremost going into this type of work, spiritual work, my advice, to know you’re gonna have to user discernment with the information you find, barometer, compass, has been my own intuition, my own inner guidance, having to be able to go within yourself and check in to know whether something feels right for you, have to be able to feel, whether it’s gonna be expansive, or something that’s gonna cause you to contract and close down more, have to know own limits

lot of authorities on female sexuality that I listen to on the regular, not always everything they say resonates with me, try to pick and choose, sift and sort, simple as that

need to have respect for ourselves, not always easy, conditioned it so important to please that other person, when you’re going into this work, going hands on and intimate with yourself and another, have courage, enforce this for myself, make sure you have smooth ride, trust and respect yourself, in what you choose to do

advice geared towards women: a lot of the obstacles that I as a woman experienced to being able to have those deeper vaginal g-spot, orgasms, cervical, barrier to ejaculate, masculinly actively do, more about relaxing into, something that will just come out of you, kinda have to get out of your own way, learn how to relax into it, its innate, something you were born to do, remembering how to do it, reactivating your bodies ability to do it, if you’re not real good at relaxing, it’s a skill

really just to have fun with it, you don’t have to take anything too seriously, its supposed to be fun that’s what I’ve got as far as advice

TP: moisture resistant blanket?

AL: very organized, very type a, plans my life out to a T, I actually didn’t really do too much experimenting with squirting before I actually found a blanket, I had first really gotten introduced to the concept of female ejaculation through Grace Diaz channel, then the work, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, Debrah, I had always known of squirting, always known it was possible for some women, based on information I had gotten, only certain women could do, most women not capable, I found out no, something all women can do, unless had surgery or injury, innately all women able to do, more research, heard about this company, reading an article about celebrity, paparazzi, carrying up sex furniture, checked out their site, sex furniture, checked out the site, happened across this blanket, I had immediately I thought if I really get going, really open my waters, gush, squirt profusely, I want to protect myself, I have an expensive mattress, and don’t want to do lots of laundry, the exploration I did have wasn’t really too messy because I had starting out, had trouble getting my waters flowing

I would produce liquid, but not very much, kind of blessing, never had experience of ruining a mattress,

TP: has it proved sea worthy?

AL: potential this blanket has to improve lives, other things it could be used for, it is marketed as a sexual enhancing item actually there’s other things I use it for, I’ll get into that, since I’ve started I have been exploring my bodies own ability to ejaculate for about the last year an a half, big part, not having the muscular development to push the fluid out, regular use of yoni egg, I’m a huge fan of yoni eggs, they do come with their own guide book on contraindications and things you want to watch out for if you’re gonna use them as tools, probably the most integral tool I’ve used on my own journey, reactivating my ability to squirt or ejaculate, regular daily ongoing use of them, really just in my self pleasuring settings working with other tools, several g-spot tools, some work better than others, I’ve been able to steadily get to the point where I can produce more and more liquid, and to the point where its not so hard for me to relax into it, it cums easier, I can ejaculate quite profusely, another part of it is, I have to be in the right emotional state, can’t be tense or anxious, in the right state I can produce quite a bit

when I released, it was so forceful, just about hit my knees, quite a lot of liquid, I drenched this blanket, the outer layer is really nice micro fiber, one side feels more fleecy, long or soft, not sure what core is made of, nice heavy quality, almost feels like a really thick, aluminum foil, that’s what’s in the core, of thick micro fiber, I kinda ran a test, ejaculated very profusely, could literally feel seem from liquid on the other side, could feel the heat rising up and no leaks

also, another thing I’ve used it for successfully is with menstruation, a lot of women, I can not have a period without leaking through and ruining sheets, no matter how I try to prevent it, I’m forever leaking, worked so well absorbing fluid from squirting, do have heavy periods, never had a leak through with that, mine is black so never shows any stains

TP: reconcile massage therapy and erotic/sensual body work

AL: conventional massage, faces challenges, sex trafficking we do have massage parlors, people go in and pay to essentially have a hand job, we do have a lot of legitimate medical therapeutic pockets of massage as well, I might get some flack for saying this, I feel like the massage field, massage industry is kind of like the porn industry, range is so wide and diverse, really ranges from light to dark, because of the world that we live in and the way that that works right now, right now we are in a situation within the industry where it is more restricted, more regulated, sometimes makes it harder for things that really need to be integrated as therapies and modalities, it does present a barrier to those things developing, situation where a few bad apples can ruin the bunch, I think that I’m sure there are some reputable therapeutic professional body workers in the world, who are addressing the issue of storing trauma within the sexual organs, because of the state of the world and restrictions within the massage industry, more on the individual level, not rely on industry to be guiding force, really take it grass roots, take matters into our own hands, start to explore our own bodies, we need connect with our own bodies and own abilities, innate inner wisdom that you wake up when you explore these inner realms, realizations and states of being that we come to naturally

as I’ve gone on this journey, I’m not having to force or dictate, as I peel back each later, with each layer of trauma, and stuckness that I peel away, I deepen in to my more authentic self, the more I go with this the more that it comes out, my own intuition, if something is right for me or if not, we’re in an information overload, not just at the tip of fingers, but its being thrown at us, so important to be in touch with your own inner voice, to know if something is right for you or its not

deeper impact if it’s coming from the grassroots, inner knowing that then grows outwards, we’re gonna find the most powerful transformation and improvement and growth when it comes to sensual and erotic body work, hoping to come from too, how do we take our knowledge as professionals within different niches, being a sex coach or relationship coach, any of these different titles and hats, sexual awakening, how do we bring the practical application of that to your average laymen who might not have the training, they can start to connect with deep wisdom they do have within themselves its just dormant, wake up to their own master, and that’s kind of what I’m hoping to bring in from my perspective, and from my own personal experience, I want to help people start from where they are, and connect and ground in from their own power and own personal voice, so it’s not something they have to go do, a licensed body worker, they feel

really just getting started, so many things ready to pop, can’t keep my mouth shut about these things, finding ways to talk about it, one way or another, can’t keep it inside anymore, next time I come on, this has been a lot of fun, hope there is a next time, will have my own links, more of my own thing going by then, on my path and expression, last words or thoughts

I’m directing this to everybody in general, women who are listening, encourage you to love yourself unconditionally, touch yourself as an extension of that love that you have for yourself, with the utmost respect and regard, get in there, re-establish your connection with you body, whether you’re in a relationship or not, my sexuality is for me, that’s independent of what somebody else gets from it, for my own self growth, and pleasure and enjoyment, encourage women to get in there, connect with your own body, love yourself, touch yourself, see how that open’s your life up in ways you can’t imagine, so many ways the work I’ve done has touched and impacted other areas of my life


Grace Diaz Yoni Squirting Class

Yoni Squirting for Sexual-Spiritual Health and Wellness with Grace Diaz TPP237


In this episode I’m joined again by Grace Diaz to learn all about yoni squirting!

About Grace:

My passion of healing began at the age of ten, when my father, a Reiki Master of 20 years initiated me as a Reiki Master in Medellin, Colombia. For years after arriving back to the United States, I began teaching Usui Reiki all over the east coast.

Reiki lead me to Tantra. I was initiated and certified into Shakti-Pakti-Tantric-Yoga by my mentor Tafari Sudra, in 2011, and it allowed me to heal my 10-year eating disorder through what I believe was a neuroplastic effect.

My organizations, Yoni Grace, LLC and The Vaginal Voice Foundation along with my book, “How to Use the Yoni Egg for Sensual Healing” were created to share the wisdom I experienced with Vaginal Yoga and Yoni Eggs.

In 2011 I began distributing Yoni Eggs to women worldwide while educating them through what I was taught through interviewing over 5,000 women in Yoni Egg focus groups.

I host Vaginal Yoni Egg Yoga events in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, New York, Denver, Bogota and Medellin, Colombia and even in Istanbul, Turkey.

I also certify women in Vaginal Yoni Egg Yoga training for their at-home businesses.

My Vaginal Yoni Egg Yoga events are one of a kind and focus on helping women embrace their sensual wisdom for spiritual and physical wellbeing.

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Grace Diaz is Too Hot for Vegas and Too Hot for Y00T00B TPP205


Grace Diaz Pic
In this episode I’m joined again by the illustrious Grace Diaz for an exploration of her adventures and battles online and in Las Vegas as she brings the glory and wildness of the Goddess where she’s needed the most. She shares her frustrations with being betrayed by fellow exotic dancers who sabotage her rise to glory, and her unexplained unexpected deplatforming by Y00T00B.

She’s working hard to raise consciousness and intends to form a union of empowered exotic dancers in Las Vegas. We discuss some different governance and business models exemplified by various women led sex worker organizations and brainstorm on how best to move forward in a good way. It’s definitely a revolution that’s time has come, and we deeply resonate on the value of the healing magic of tantra and the need for it to be accessible in modernized legit goddess temples. The patriarchal bullying that Vegas is based on will be subverted by conscious yoni and heart centered activism.  We cover all of these topics and many more!

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About Grace:

My passion of healing began at the age of ten, when my father, a Reiki Master of 20 years initiated me as a Reiki Master in Medellin, Colombia. For years after arriving back to the United States, I began teaching Usui Reiki all over the east coast.

Reiki lead me to Tantra. I was introduced to Shakti-Pakti-Tantric-Yoga by my Guru Tafari Sudra, in 2011, and it allowed me to heal my 10-year eating disorder. Our organization, YONI GRACE, LLC was birthed in 2012 when I felt the burning need to share the wisdom I was experiencing through Yoni Breathing.

In 2012 Grace began distributing Yoni Eggs wholesale worldwide and teaching thousands of women how to run a Yoni Egg business from home!

Grace hosts Yoni events in the Las Vegas area and internationally. In 2016, she was privileged to be hosted in Istanbul, Turkey. There, Grace and 35 Muslim women participated in a weekend workshop of the Yoni Egg practice with Yoni Yoga. Her classes are one of a kind and focus on helping women embrace their innate sensual wisdom for spiritual and physical wellness.

Women’s Nude Yoga for Group Healing and Empowerment with Rosie Rees TPP147


In this episode I’m blessed to be joined by one of my new heroines in the women’s sexual-spiritual empowerment field. I discovered Rosie Rees on Instagram where she bravely and proudly posts some of the most beautiful and glorious images of women in true sisterhood and solidarity engaged in ritualized nude yoga. The intensity of the bliss and ecstasy exuded through these pictures compelled me to learn more and invite Rosie to be a guest. We have a lot of fun exploring the power of these practices and dig deeply into the cultural blockages that keep us hiding in our clothes most of the time.

Please forgive a bit of crackling noise due to technical difficulties in my signal. The issue has been resolved now so we’ll have a better quality audio file next time.

About Rosie

Rosie Rees is the founder of Women’s Nude Yoga, which she has been facilitating for over 3 years, guiding women into a beautiful state of self acceptance and an appreciation for their naked body. Rosie is also a Tony Robbins trained Relationship Coach, and has helped thousands of women transform their relationship & intimacy with themselves and their partner. In 2014, Rosie created an online crystal sex toy boutique ‘Yoni Pleasure Palace’, sharing the power of Yoni Eggs for pelvic floor strength and Crystal Pleasure Wands to inspire women to become more sensually awake and empowered in their sexuality. Rosie lives in Perth in far Western Australia and travels the world sharing a modern, yogic twist on nudism and empowering women to take control of their sexual pelvic health!

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Calm and our journey together would you apologize for the crackling sound on my end of the audio there was a technical difficulty that has since been solved so please bear with me and you may just want to use lower volume and bear with it if you can I know you’ll enjoy the episode and I will definitely have Rosy back again so we can have it a clean signal next time but please do enjoy this and no mistake of its welcome to talk to pack podcast episode number 147 I’m being joined by Rosie Ruiz and that she is a women’s naked yoga founder and facilitator a crystal set straight entrepreneur and a relationship in singles coach for women and then I discovered her work beautiful amazing glorious work by Instagram and so shout out to Instagram helping connect us all of us lightworkers throughout the world and that is a her account that I discovered was Rosie. Ruiz that’s r o s i e. R e e s and on that Instagram I’ll just say you know how we arrived in this moment is that I was just stunned and struck and Enchanted by the the the energy that was being transmitted through these beautiful pictures of sacred geometric altars and beautiful yoginis laughing and being playful and loving themselves and being totally free and embodied and getting along and Viv these are just Vistas to be holding this is the kind of stuff I want to see murals of all of them world because it’s been destroyed and suppress for so long and the fear of women being empowered in their bodies and being on really having strong sister and sell dirty together it’s it’s been almost eaten pretty thoroughly Stamped Out so wherever I see that I want to apply at it and I want to be facilitating sharing that the the methods and the stories of how these you know tantric witch covens if you will that’s my projected word on to it but I know women in the movement who really feel like Tantra in its original form was feminist sexual Witchcraft and if you really reclaim that and you let it actually flourish then you have I believe really beautiful landscapes really beautiful family is really beautiful vacations systems and all kinds of things so I salute you and your work and now I just want to ask you today will say thank you for doing me and asked you to tell us all about how you were able to arrive at this point that we can talk about exactly what it is you’re doing now sorry like a month I had just thought I was doing my training in Bali in creative beautiful Bait Shack and he just sent me one. He’s like she ground rules for living with me a sexual connection with credible ideas comes for of what I needed to do in the world it was a practice that I’ve never had time I was having such profound realization of how I was talking to my own body which I didn’t even know I was that critical until I got to I had a safe space to be physically and emotionally and sexually I realized I didn’t have Eating Disorders I haven’t had or but I still had a lot of body image issues that I discovered settings the cultural context that you’re in and how people have responded and reacted to this offering and you know that I’ve I guess I should say that you’re in Australia and that seems to be a New Mecca of Tantra of enlightened country schools in retreats in practitioner and I’m just curious if you could talk about the the cultural context of you making these offerings and what what it what kind of from Journey to the journey like just to be honest with you know how was it received by launch is very conservative would you believe I think yes we are on our way completely closed minded as well and have not much growing to do as a as a culture I think when I first approached kitchen closed pretty much just said he’s not ready for that. Completely I just realized oh my God I actually specialty in what I was doing and creating incredible sleep they had and they had message Trace that fact you is we are all women and it’s symbolic school out of stuff that we should look whether that sexual trauma nervous about what’s to come and it makes me think what has this world come to are the women in a really safe Honore loving spice and you can really something initially I got a lot of media attention it just decided to take it on to roll around what’s the words kind of like going against actual data for the country comes in to transgress the this isn’t what you doing is wrong but I’m not yeah well well I just I’ve got to take a couple of Brett’s cuz I’m just really dropping into what you said and how how real that is in one of my one of my favorite jokes you know existed in some I heard somebody said I don’t know who I don’t know who the quote for this but it’s like something you would say on asked if you know how to party in your 20s or something like that why are you why is everybody hiding in their clothes and you just you just described it absolutely that all of this stuff it just evaporates and you know something I would buy one or two of them and I’ll ask you about this is it the I really feel like that the reason that a lot of people are going into extreme and even arguably harmful fetish territory is mostly because they do not have sex outdoors and if they do not connect with the orgasmic sensuality of natural flows of energy including life-forms but even something as simple as just a breeze and what degrees does to purify the aura and to let energy flow and so if you think about I just think about all the people who are struggling to achieve orgasm who who resort to you know extremely Extreme Measures to get aroused in to get off males and females and everything in between I just think if you were just to be doing having more of a ecosexual lifestyle than you you would come naturally you would basically be multi-orgasmic and full-body orgasm very much for free with very very little effort do with a partner who has been knighted in the bush great so that my question is do you have any at every opportunity or any opportunity do you integrate outdoor naked yoga for women options or which is surprising cuz you think that’s from the traffic because it’s a group of women and we did the most beautiful morning yoga practice is Crystal Blue beautiful thing that comes forth is his innocence and the joyfulness and child that comes through last time was being knighted 506 years old why don’t you it wasn’t safe space for the women and that’s my main priority is creating a space experience myself not not being as bold as to organize a yoga Workshop but just being in those environments and really yeah I’m having my heart broken by how those mostly men really need help them and it says yeah it’s a whole nother it’s a whole nother topic for a whole nother episode for sure to just get into the analyzing how we’ve arrived at this point where you know that someone who out of town chica friend of mine I spoke to recently who had traveled to Europe in places where nudity was far more accepted just culturally and they just don’t have that problem you know people. They get their fill is like unless you’re deprived of nudity you don’t become obsessed with it exactly and messaging me how do I know what your intentions are don’t respect that my don’t understand yeah I agree with you don’t make me eat since this is this we’re going with the flow hear it probably is it probably is appropriate to ask about you know why this is so rare because men are such creditors right now and you know and so it’s it’s really I mean just how heartbreaking it is now we’re talkin about the limits of them need to win when I ask a question and you started to answer and I really thought it was like wait a minute where it where could you possibly do this and feel safe doing it it have to be deep in some private property with like no disability for women to about being improved upon with prying eyes and so that’s a whole well hopefully there will someday be real estate agents who specialize in accommodating people like us are going to do this stuff yeah. Women’s Nike adrift Cespedes definitely I think I can just imagine how my ex-boyfriend the magma just incredible incredible situation well that’s that’s exciting that that really beautiful partnership you know what that’s that’s probably the answer to Is it for men to get trained and you know sort of Clans to eventuate it to be safe space holders they’re going to admit me to train man and they’re not going to be able to just always cut straight to the did ice cream and Heather desert without eating asparagus you know yeah I need to see this beautiful spirits and assistant beautiful yeah. That actually now we’re kind of moving the direction that that was most compelling for me to want to reach out and speak to you about which is the I’m very very interested and we were speaking you’re speaking about this a bit before we got officially started just to kind of give you some background on my my interest in in your success with this work it really comes down to myself and my experience of Tantra and yoga and the sort of the different empires of ego and welson just sort of the Hollywood meme happening at a lot of ways it’s hard to get away from cult of personality and and and when there is a sort of a hierarchy of power and wealth and influence and status then it kind of always skews and sets up these Dynamics where people are vying for power and you know just a lot of Shadow a lot of Shadow Behavior behind the surface of everyone being humble and doing the practice system everything’s fine and so you know my negative experiences with those unfortunate realities that were going to kind of Christ within the modern world anytime I see people like yourself really successfully harmonizing people’s personality conflicts and creating space for people to feel safe and vulnerable they don’t have to be defensive it don’t have to be involved in that sort of there or they can let go by that it sounds like from what you said and it just curious about how do you make that work at what is your secret because we all need to know it cuz it’s so we are words were suffering so much but it sounds like what you’re what you’re describing is that really a lot of it once you take the clothes off I just magically evaporates to some degree and that’s so that should be so encouraging for us who you haven’t gone in that direction but I’m curious if you could you know elaborate on the sort of the inner workings of that process and and the communication and know anything that would get more folks interested in in if you experiencing what you have to offer and also attempting to replicate based on you or your wisdom and guidance I guess first and foremost I would have thought about what what is that look like and so when I really dropped into, and how am I going to get people to the first things first I was like well by candlelight and must be a Divine yoga music mantra creating a physical size women walk in and instantly feel site and held the way into what I want to create every single time because it’s not just the one there’s no blockages from you your potential difference so I’m heading to Melbourne and Sydney we do certain things leading up to the women feel comfortable super comfortable I decide when and how they want one dumb people running around to help other women I got them cry is so awesome yes that this is exquisite so what I’m what I’m hearing you say you want two things that strikes me the most know you said it’s is it you know I would apply the word that you’ve ritualised the disrobing process and billing said and it is that risk is so it is so crucial I think about the process of the gradient and the the foreplay to removing your clothes is social for play that has to happen to feel relaxed and I remember now I’ve actually I’ve actually done this by facilitated a group of people disrobing I think I only one time and then and it was a little bit cramped on time that the sort of philosophical discourse section cat got a little bit out of hand and so we were squeezed at the end to get to that point and I realizing that it really I realize from that it really you need to soak this is another question what what is the could you walk us through sort of the timeline of the process so that you kind of know that the Cadence or the choreography of it so people can account for that cuz I was way under estimating how much time I would need to get comfortable and to get people up to speed enough to where we were going to get into that that’s also real stories and from real women authentic rainbow nerds when it sets the Tarn and it actually sets The Benchmark for the woman next week as well yes. 3035 McKinley Dr. And sometimes I feel I need to be to watch a piece of grass and then going at the end yeah thank you for saying that in as you speak in a couple things that stand out for me one is said I really want a key into what you said about the vulnerability as soon as being contagious in and I’ve certainly I know exactly what you’re talking about that moment where if you’re still today in group of people and someone you know someone really get so deep and sincere and sheds tears and then everybody feels permitted to go to that level and so yeah absolutely it’s such a magical profound and just apathy Embassy opens the heart and it’s it’s like a second yeah this is like a cacao ceremony juice with them have the spirit and The Vibes are they really were a really works in you know another thing that that came up for me as you were speaking was it a there’s people have more formal Township training would be familiar with the term Puja in the meaning of you know more of a more of a multi-phased ritual usually a form of devotion usually involving mantras and or yantras and Sacred Movement and dance and moo dress and basic leaders if you go to any Hindu temple and certainly any Hindu temple you’ll see people going through quite a number of very elaborate and very time-consuming procedure is in order to sort of earn the attention and the hopefully the prayer answering capacity of their divorced that whoever they devoted themselves to and then in the tantric tradition where you’re devoting to each other in the crate that proved his face it’s really so much more vast than just what we have compartmentalised is a yoga class where you go when do this sort of thing you know routine that I Rely realized you know what you’re saying is that you’re really bringing making yoga into a Puja again and that is very very profound in and I’m glad that you’re it’s not just showing up and doing the pot of the asanas it’s it’s showing up and having a real Pooja together for hours and then that Austin is just we’ve probably in and out as needed and people can sometimes do you see people really getting in fraud in the pastures and really kind of like going deeper in that process than they probably had it as well. I’ve actually never is absolutely a devotional practice and it’s usually because they look around the circle and I just say the variety of absolute oh my God you know she’s beautiful she’s beautiful, beautiful we just have this incredible experience yoga in India and dumb and in Coeur d’Alene yarger is Bali it’s yoga and I can be very very sound. Sexually a really crucial catch unlocking the divine feminine and then I get them in these past years in the making the sound okay I like to know more about that because I’ll just say briefly that go for the men out there listening it’s a night-and-day experience to have the privilege and joy and pleasure of being sexually with the woman who has a dedicated Yoni egg practice you will never want to go back and you will insist that the standard be raised to that level with you if you can if you can ask for that so you know please pay attention to it to 2 if you’re willing to share with this you know what that is like and what you learn whatever you tell you’re comfortable not to be luxurious but because it’s such a new paradigm for four people in the modern world needed to really to ReDiscover & Order Paradigm but I would love to hear about your house that has some woven into your practicing and then what what what stands out from that experience I mean highly sexual beings since I was very little girl but I know God Thermo to have sex so to give a man pleasure and it wasn’t until I went to this journey egg what shopping Bollywood CrossFit Lionel on the Grapevine about the workshop by around the same time is that when I moved into the fridge. I just started dating an older man who is cut quite tantric and them to insert infusing it was more in a while high I wasn’t getting anything to anyone else I wasn’t eating to have an orgasm feeling exercise and then I was given permission by the guy that I liked it to be really expressive during sex and I need to buy haven’t heard you want much sound and then I realized programs and conditioning around how I should be quiet in bed with my mission to make using my janiak consistently for about a month and then being able to make sound during sex. It’s being able to ejaculate I started to be able to decide how to share it from there my my that’s amazing I’m just all these words are going to meet on leash and wildness and Primal and Josiah just kind of see when you said that connecting the dots with being able to be vocal that’s another dimension that is completely suppressed in the Water World in most places where you just feel you have to Silence Yourself and and how inhibiting that is to the flow of energy and when you have the experience to let that go yeah Miracles could definitely start to happen in wow so if I could ask you what is a word what are the basics of your of the daily practice that you do and that you recommend it’s for those who you know might be a mystery I’ve heard different practices from different people but I’m just curious what you were recommended daily practice looks like best breast massage massage my breasts every day in the shower or when I get out of the shower I really believe in the person see any importance of the heartworm fiction I am really feel that we need to be connected not just giving them lots of love I don’t think women touch them enough to make a body physically women sexualized objectified and I really want to know analyze it just really normalize it the egg and some breast massage oil as welcome to Womanhood this is what a beautiful way to to Really narshe and I love yourself but unfortunately one not guided no one told us then I wasn’t told her that around 6 or even there any other woman who was around my age rewiring a connection to our hot and are your enemies in November connected to our hot it’s it is no surprises for example. Breast cancer in women at the moment and shouldn’t be happening when a woman is connected and I guess stealing a space they were in this is a crucial not just for pleasure and sexual connection well yeah I’m getting chills they’re at me I really love it when some of my colleagues refer to it as the Yoni Temple and to be a steward of that Temple You’ve got to clear out the cobwebs and keep you know a lot of sacred practice is happening and have you a few Explorer explored the Yoni steam best practices by chance Korean blend well but something I wanted to say quickly before before I asked you that it just to respond to what you just been saying is that I think you just put together what might be the most important product line that I’ve ever heard of that maybe the ruling Racine I don’t know if this has been done before but this is the first time I’ve even conceived of it and there are the buffets you can think of it and it and it is reflected from to me and I’m always thinking about ways to accelerate and help facilitate more holistic sexuality education age appropriate staged out at the office so but what people are so we struggle sex Educators 10 speakers we all struggle with with the the Paradigm limitations and the the school lies and all of the things that they move the stuff forward but what would it struck me just now but what you said is so profound and I thought about it people with people are really good at shopping and really good at going to the mall that really good at gift-buying and and I love that there is this sort of the Yoni eggs in the crystal wands and like the T beef products and services in and things are there they’re starting to enter more of that market place where poor people are buying them for themselves and buying gifts but what I just quit just came to me based on what you were saying is that you could you Rosie have really put together in your own practice this complete kit of resources and if you were to write the manuals and have the accompanying instructions and guidance that you could actually be bundling these things into puberty kit or it more beautifully said words that are observed the introduction to two women to fly sitting at the woman hadn’t actually have that be something you can give to somebody in like a little basket Edible Arrangements or something and she say chi here’s your you know here it is your decision not imagine a time when you get your. When you’re just so scary what happens and if we had more comfortable mom’s talking about the stuff and educating them on on on the Metro cops on the Yoni eggs because you know when a woman is more and more I guess he knows more about the spice of her body she’s going to be connected to her glasses and her nose because I think a lot of kids now I having sex a relaxer imagine if we actually know more about consent and the more about and it’s raining and then boundaries and it feels like the right calling and you know the right timing that that you if if it’s ya mean if you’re not if you if you don’t feel it’s your calling to actually physically put together some sort of some sort of kick it like this then then by all means anybody listening who wants to sort of consult in and collaborate in to get something like this really I mean it could be as simple as an Amazon wishlist honestly that’s could be an Amazon recommended gift list page that anybody can look at and you know that that would just be great I would love to to see mother’s doing that and Father’s doing that insert you know just because it’s a joke hey you I have so many mothers on their buying for themselves because of us but if I see if I think that’s the best present you could give her a 14 year old that would be so fabulous and I’d like to see men also step up and let’s get this together and was really I mean I just think about what what I wish I would have had and what I didn’t know that I didn’t know and it’s it’s just mortifying the navigating sexuality pretty much alone as the latchkey kid you know the father listen and just really kind of sneaking porn and an R-rated movies and literally oh I know this is the first time that I’ll probably have said this publicly but my first orgasms were masturbating to rape movies because that was the only those were the only seems that I had in my VHS collection that I you know where there was anything sexual happening and it just so happened that and it wasn’t my preference it wasn’t my ho / desire it just was a de facto oh this is what is happening in that and I realized as I’ve done more work that luckily that hasn’t really warmed it an aggressive template for my sexuality but it just really scarred me and it really disturb me because I knew from the storyline of the movies that this was evil and wrong interested in sick yet it was arousing to a child so where were my where were my saviors like yourself tax do you know set up the real foundation and really build that that you know where the circuitry has got to be very carefully carefully built it’s so critical first experiences are so formative an image is like a deep gashes in in the psyche so you’re probably at 100% And I was watching a documentary on Netflix and the Quan I ain’t that bruestle commonly downloaded to basically be crying Frenching to that level and Mikey said yeah I totally agree thank you for sharing that sentiment invalidating that and yeah it’s it’s timely that you brought that up because there’s actually a huge adult industry csgo that happened recently where is exactly the kind of abusive violent porn I had a major disruption we’re finally two women came out and in really committed a form of of career suicide to a degree by outing and the men involved in what was so far foul and out of line even for the most his seven-year you could say it’s a slippery slope in a gray area but the people that that that work with pain very intelligently and end with wisdom and and you know sobriety and consent and all these things and they’re not doing it to make a buck but they’re doing it to practice an art form I know those people are operating with extreme care and measured Force and and every the real the real high that people get from it I is Finn my understanding and let you know it’s not my cup of tea so much myself but I have experienced that I have scars to prove it but you know when it’s not when it is done right by people that are highly trained and skilled it is that the Nuance of consent that is the real payoff is that you know that you’re safe and you can explore that if you know the boundaries of that safety and that but we’re talking about what you’re talking about and what selling as is this abusive porn it’s all its all about violation and humiliation and just absolute fracturing of the soul and really creating the sort of crushing the soul and they’ll do this Twisted thing which is very black tantric if you ask me if they will have them after a session of extreme brutalization leaving blood and and and vomit in saliva and tears and smeared makeup and everything that every dimension of a violation of they can imagine filming it coercively getting consent in the form of a paycheck I call that Financial coercion Financial rape you know they’re being very submitting to it because of course if they were to say no I’m actually just no stop if it is if you’re a performer and you your cut you can forget about working in that town ever again that’s how that works and you will not be hired back and everyone will text you about you and you know so they endure you know these extremes out of Financial necessity old rents coming up I guess I got to go do one of those scenes of those guys and you know sometimes you know when it goes too far finally in a couple when it stood up and put out a whole testimony on YouTube and described everything and gory detail and created a massive you know uproar thankfully people can better defense but they were death threats email against them and let you know I kind of just I’m just kind of venting on this but I want to say that the thing that is most Twisted about it at the end of these things they have is tradition of forcing them or you know coercing them to stare into the camera like their eye gazing with the clever you know having her way with this experience on the other end of the camera and they’re doing this so it’s like we’re taking it a snapshot of the shattered state of your soul and your innocence and you know they’re really ritualizing this abuse to the point where they’re having him sit downstair for 5 minutes with cum dripping in tears and blood and everything and that’s that’s their there’s no their money shot is this black Township ritualized evil Onyx thing so that’s the guy that’s that’s what people need for a little powerful there’s other ways to feel powerful my dear brothers out there and if this is what young boys are getting immediately sucked into by the design of the computer algorithms that project more and more extreme stuff based on your preferences that gets cute I mean I’m getting I’m going to reel it in because I will just go on with this Crusade forever but back to the beautiful and bite me like that is available at United States it is such a shame that that is the most downloaded song on the key of a lot of unconscious how society and the role of the feminine sexual Consciousness know maybe two to bring us to a close here if you would please kind of counterbalance that with what really enrages you if you don’t mind some righteous rage to talk about really in the invigorating reason to you know take this work very seriously and then kind of you know if some words of Hope and inspiration and when what what you what you would really asked you know if you could imagine if there’s that there are men listening to this who are really distraught and disturbing trying to get over that heal their own trauma and really step up and be be one of the the very few lucky band who gets it be anywhere near the Beauty and the vibration that you’re creating what do we need to do and how do we get active and how do we be supportive and amps and help each other you know I’ve done a lot to tell me to have a lot of a lot of my own answers to those questions but I would love to hear what your answers to those questions are you nosey as a female what you doing how can men I would not be where I am right now had I not had the love and support of a beautiful conscious man who was my ex-boyfriend and we’re still good friends of confidence increase having someone who saw my potential really believed in me that should makes me when I cry a little bit really sore what I could I would I could bring his admission support just energetic level he was he was just beside me the whole way just knowing that I had that healthy masculine behind me some new drug of husband when I needed it during this whole creation we need the mask of the feminine needs the masculine or feminine male feminists because we need we need you and amazing incredible boyfriend at the moment and you’re not even today cuz I need you right now and it felt so nice to just because I think so many of us women besides you encouraging I feel you I feel you and I’m visualizing it in and seeing it in if if we want to men be blessed to be anywhere near this Exquisite gift of what you’re the kind of the kind of space that yoginis are creating again on Earth build build the goddess temples United Partners more successful than one anacondas number in for that competitiveness or that comparison because what he bring the business and that Financial Security is going to be in marshmallow your support and loyalty and we still need TuneIn yeah we need that support right that’s what that is an exciting and yeah we could we could continue we’ll have to continue again and just did I break some of these things that I really like this what you just you just hoping there is a whole a whole new episode seemed really about the Dynamics and how how people can assist each other and growth phases of careers and really yeah bring out the best in each other and and even in communities as well and really kind of dissolve the the separateness between bank accounts and and are just our our compartmentalize than that of mice lives if we can really ask someone if someone’s doing well I guess I guess I really believe in that way over Rising tide floats all boats so the more you can do to facilitate co-facilitate success and abundance it’s always going to help everybody who is who is showing up with the right attitude with sweetness and not bitterness of the different tangents that was being on the phone cause but I have a dream ending with men actually questioning that you likewise all right well if you want to please do share your websites and any promotional stuff you want to share to get people on board for the next the next offerings then please do so and you can find me at work. Com and Yony Yony Palace I don’t think Facebook have worked out yet what Johnny means so that’s great what people are going to get upset about sorry I have to run around and I’ll be making yeah yeah I’ll do my best to let all of my my dear female friends know about about your la la trip for sure and thank you been I will have a wonderful rest of your afternoon evening and I will definitely be in touch and hopefully we’ll talk again soon. Take care of but why podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the shop in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Park. Com Thomas gay

Training for Better Love and Sex with Yoni Egg Athlete Grace Diaz TPP142


Grace Diaz Pic
In this episode I’m joined again by Grace Diaz for an enlightening and invigorating conversation about her new book How to Use the Yoni Egg for Sensual Healing and the broader implications of sexual training and athleticism.

She helps us understand the wide array of beneficial effects of a dedicated yoni egg practice and we compare notes on our efforts to bring more consciousness and skill to the arts of love. We discuss how men need to transcend porn addiction and show up in the bedroom with an attitude of worship and devotion towards the orgasmic potential of their beloveds.

Grace also shares some of her teaching methods and offerings for seekers to be coached and trained. She’s currently helping to bring the light of love to Las Vegas and will be organizing more classes and trainings soon.

Please visit her website at:

About Grace:

My passion of healing began at the age of ten, when my father, a Reiki Master of 20 years initiated me as a Reiki Master in Medellin, Colombia. For years after arriving back to the United States, I began teaching Usui Reiki all over the east coast.

Reiki lead me to Tantra. I was introduced to Shakti-Pakti-Tantric-Yoga by my Guru Tafari Sudra, in 2011, and it allowed me to heal my 10-year eating disorder. Our organization, YONI GRACE, LLC was birthed in 2012 when I felt the burning need to share the wisdom I was experiencing through Yoni Breathing.

In 2012 Grace began distributing Yoni Eggs wholesale worldwide and teaching thousands of women how to run a Yoni Egg business from home!

Grace hosts Yoni events in the Las Vegas area and internationally. In 2016, she was privileged to be hosted in Istanbul, Turkey. There, Grace and 35 Muslim women participated in a weekend workshop of the Yoni Egg practice with Yoni Yoga. Her classes are one of a kind and focus on helping women embrace their innate sensual wisdom for spiritual and physical wellness.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 142 I’m joined by Grace Diaz who recently released the book called How to use the Yoni egg for sensual healing and she’s been a guest in the podcast before I would do that episode all about healing Eating Disorders with Yoni breathing and I’m glad to have her back she did something very cool which who is broadcasting live on her Instagram when we’re having this conversation and actually I lost the first few minutes of it so we’re going to just get right into Where We Are 30 in motion with the conversation and I hope you enjoy it and please do check out her work she’s an amazing country Kia and healer and distributor of all these wonderful healing Tools in in toys for your personal Sexual Healing Revolution alright with that said please enjoy completely cuz I can feel you can physically feel your muscles more contrasting gripping squeezing one of the one of the things that has really helped clear my energy as well like if I’m if I’m trying to energetically with detox if I’m actually trying to implode or plant like an idea using Yoni breathing is be like okay so I’m doing this why I’m so I’m going to just also show you guys so there is literally like the vaginal Canal is literally a suction tube you know and when you strengthen I don’t want to like minimize it by calling it at tube but just realistically like that that’s like just to let get the idea okay so you’re basically strengthening this cord that connects you to the universe and you’re learning to actually like suction and grip and pull the energy upward and Beyond you know so for me when I started doing his practice it just it just completely healed me like a completely healed me I can say that hundred percent it completely healed me now my my thing has been managing it like managing the energy like being having that conscious moment to moment to moment you using what I’ve learned consciously regularly like that’s been my thing you know what I mean and one of the things that I tell women when I do like these interviews is that being a goddess being like a young like a conscious woman all of that is really challenging like that’s not easy that’s probably the hardest path I’ve ever walked like it’s if you start feeling more you start knowing more you’re getting one touch with your body more you you can feel with off you can feel it’s on you know and being conscious of your own well-being and your objective and your goal in and using your energy to directed accordingly towards your intentions like that has been like the biggest issue you know like being really conscious and aware with your Sexual Energy that’s where we are you know you know that’s that I mean I talked about this before on my on my Instagram as well you know you know male impotence want one of the things that a couple men have shared with me they volunteer this information I’m like wow where did this come from is there life so intimidated by what you do I am like what I’m like why am I just hearing this for the first time you know and then and then another guy said it to me and then someone else that it’s me and I was like me working on myself as a woman has been like what I want is a woman is to be seen as an hour out I want a strong woman to be seen as like an ally as opposed to being a threat you know like it shouldn’t be threatening you know like I’m working on myself so I can share that and she and I can you know attract the right the mic the right men to me even like the right relationships. Like women but yeah I’ve had it I’d had you know I mean I don’t really know what I’m going with sharing this but pretty much like I’m just highlighting how working on my energy so much I guess has really emphasized you know people who aren’t you know you’re initiating yourself into your own body temple in the path of that is there still Power and Light and healing energy starts to build up and some people that’s like you’re attracting flies you know it’s like a light that attracts flies and I can understand that in fact I was actually thinking about that exact sort of thing recently just about how a woman who’s really in her power sexually and is doing his practices and developing mentally the Consciousness but the the sort of strength and the athleticism of tantric sexuality and healing practices it is intimidating and it is it something to bow down to but it’s something also to be compelled to rise up to and to create a quality that you’re talkin about if men are used to a paradigm where women are just kind of infant alized I’ll put it in so many different ways and it’s kind of like well if a man is like infantilized like the way they would do foot binding in China to limit a woman so it’s like if you’re a man and you your performance sexually isn’t judged because a woman either isn’t allowed to talk back or because she isn’t allowed to discover and to know better that she could actually be having sex with herself or her female friends or with men who can last longer cuz they do the work but if you keep women in the closet under the patriarchal Paradigm then then they they can’t really rise up and Rebelle sexually with their there you know what they went with your true power coming into being that forces men to actually not be lazy about their practices as well so I think that’s kind of a challenge it’s like being lazy paninis with being actually comfortable and old men to approach me like with their whatever their their cat calling like whatever like I feel really comfortable just saying Hey brother I’m not really busy right now thank you you know like I said offended like some of these women are like oh my God likes me to ncat calling. Me to end you know like socializing men and women you know sexually like being comfortable having these conversations you know and I’m so I’ve just noticed that you know the men that I extract you know I’m just I’m just really it’s really easy for me to just kind of Durex where I want to take that conversation maybe I do want to talk to them that I want to see who they are you know you know it or internet but I just like okay who are you you know that’s you know you’re coming up to me and so who are you you know sexual capital and if you if you can if if someone is approaching you with interest of any kind you can always direct them to somehow enhance and and help them in their path of self-development you know that’s a real gift it’s a blessing or something you know start the conversation so maybe I’m not you know that the match for you but here’s what you can do to go and hear you give him some advice if they’re coming up to you and it’s it’s like not working I love a man that you know works his mission or whatever you know even if I’m not pursuing this gentleman that I just said now that seed has been planted in his Consciousness a woman who is comfortable you know with her energy and now he knows and hopefully now he goes and maybe Works cuz he was properly stimulated yeah it’s always an opportunity and I appreciate you saying that cuz I know that there are women who I’ve known and enjoy my life who will get really jaded and cynical about the energy coming towards them but the ones who really at the end of the day feel more blessed and feel more light and free or the ones who actually just kind of play with that incoming mail energy and can kind of trick them and kind of it would not you I’m not not in a bad way but I’m will just work with that energy and actually instead of just trying to be hostile towards it actually Master it and actually just do a little bit of psychic Aikido or Jiu-Jitsu and kind of turn the energy around and make it productive and useful in some way ya ya talkin about Jiu-Jitsu I’m actually taking jiu-jitsu classes Bolivar not very beginner but the concept of Jiu Jitsu of basically deflecting energy back till your opponents that you’re sparring with or whatever so that you don’t use your own energy to drain yourself and you can last longer and everything not only applies to like lingam breeding lingam practices and everything but for like removing your Yoni egg believe it or not so basically just to ship to hear is to talk about the Yoni egg really quick that I literally hear about almost on a daily basis is how am I going to take my Yoni egg out how am I going to remove my Yoni egg has been inside for like 3 days worst case scenario like a couple days you know and it always comes back to relaxing like the vaginal muscles I just being relaxed being you know not Contracting in a state of fear or flight on my God my eggs not coming out which is really reflecting some usually some some Trauma from sexual trauma was some like inability maybe they were you know sexually violated and they thought you know taken you know I don’t think we actually talked about this my last podcast but kind of relaxing and letting that go is the number one thing that helps to release the egg when they feel like it stopped so it shows how how the energy flows you know if we just kind of give a real step-by-step overview of what let’s see if a woman for the first time is hearing about or his started here about this Yoni egg phenomenon work if you were to kind of give us an outline for essay a workshop where she gives a star with the elevator pitch yes can initiate us into the the mystery and wonder of the Yoni egg practice have buffet in the shape of an egg that is used internally in the vaginal Canal women insert it preferably nice and warm after they cleaned it exists they just infected it they have built a certain relationship with it where they are consciously infusing their intentions into it and once they’ve done all that which I can expand on this well they inserted and two things happen the weight of the stone strengthens the vaginal Canal but also energetic play the stone is amplifying all function of of the of the Yoni I should have a vagina so usually have expressed is women start feeling more women start learning what I call vaginal muscle memory where they’re able to like what I described earlier consciously manipulate their vaginal muscles because you know typically for a healthy which I guess I can Define but like you know a healthy vaginal Canal it will come out every time you go to the bathroom like every time you have a bowel movement without but what I was describing earlier regarding in opting out is usually when there’s like some pain tension vaginal tension vaginal pain and you know usually they feel this even before they’re using their eggs so they’re kind of like aware like this is something that has to come into the practice because I was already there and do Yoni egg is really expecting that it’s kind of highlighting that so that she can work on that and I said yeah every single time I’m on the phone with with someone who calls me like oh I can’t take my reading practices with them and assure them that it will come out I relax them and on the phone it comes out every time every time I get these calls the able actually come out on the phone but but yeah that the young egg is a really powerful practice for enhancing a woman’s sexual Consciousness she starts feeling the energy flow in her you anymore an example of that from me is I can actually feel my like which ovary is menstrating cuz it’s either one over here the other most women don’t know that but it’s usually one or the other on the left or the right one so I know which side of my body I need to kind of relax you know like a freaking was driving I’m not going to put tension on like my right leg like I can feel my menstration happening on that side if that makes sense into that area so much more she probably took the signals are probably suddenly being sent but if you’re not really tuned in just like any other you know practice if you were to do meditation on an area that’s for any you know anyone any sex if you were to have us a knee injury and you needed to put energy there and you started to focus on it then you will start to develop that fine that fine perception of sensation so it’s that’s amazing it’s great sure that you’re able to tune in that way and just probably do way better at self care and maintenance inspire me the most and make me the most passionate about this practice is the orgasmic Enlightenment part of it like literally feeling the pleasure you know like like the innocent pleasure of of what’s naturally received in in your genitals you know like on a physical level you know like just feeling that sensation or I could be the wind blowing it could be you know like not to get too personal but you know I feel like it’s kind of appropriate but like for example I’m a big fan of hair like you know like pubic hair like I think it’s healthy I think it’s healthier or Castor oils and it to keep the skin youthful you know it can actually keep skin like younger like smoother like more moisture I like all of that you know it’s like a barrier and so I’m like an avid you know like hay like don’t like sushi don’t laser like a whole thing off like that’s just like crazy right but anyway long story short and it up doing a photoshoot and like I deduct shaving my Yoni it was like the first time like I said I could feel like I could feel everything like it was like it was like tender tender skin that was newly exposed and it was like I was literally like I felt like I was like generating like orgasmic energy like from walking you know you know pretty much like that’s the level or two that’s that’s the extent to which you can be sensitive you know like in in your room and so that’s what I was going back to what I was saying earlier like walking this walk is is really challenging like it’s very beautiful it’s very Awakening it’s very inspiring is very motivating but is it also called you to really be responsible with your Sexual Energy cuz you just feel it that much more you know that you’re just more aware of the world around you at large you know let alone your intimate with someone and they’re actually inside of you and and you can put one woman said to me be more of a participant than a recipient you know I mean what exit is actually I should say that I guess throughout my years in Tantra I feel like I’ve been with women who now I know we’re kind of just dabbling because I was with a woman recently who was a serious Yoni egg athlete and she would keep it in you know she would cycle through it being in and hold it in you know for just as she’s walking around and just to find muscle tone that she created with that it really gave her a sort of dexterity that was like having several hands worth of strength and grip and it’s dirty and it was said that to me was it that that was intimidating but it actually gave me a real just a new experience of how powerful a woman can be and also what it really actually for the first time is so interesting it to me it was such a it was so it’s like so obvious but what was so interesting about it is that I could really feel the Primal essence of her body really just beyond any language Beyond any culture beyond anything you know cerebro it was just a really Primal Instinct rule carnal effort to extract a seed extract sperm from me you know that and I have got a vasectomy so we wouldn’t have to worry about that happening but it was just I was like for this is so beautiful she is going so hard with so much intensity with all of this power and all the strength to just for me to surrender and release and to give her body with what is needed for the species to continue and that level of enthusiasm sogc my biggest issue and I like that you call that Yoni egg athlete I’m going to go with that as a young athlete pleasure it’s really it comes down to you know the men not lasting long enough you know like coming really fast and pretends not being able to really connect with me and them coming to the table with their intentions which is jacking off coming and I am left high and dry and I am a mountain and a bigger picture and you know when you feed the fire and it keeps the world you know what I mean so it takes two to tango and so I feel like you know is a man who who considers himself a sexual athlete in that I do the work I’m going to consider to be like I’m in my I mean it was funny people it’s like it’s like having a six pack in your in your PC muscles you know what I mean you’re doing a kegels and you’re doing the Celtic birth multi-orgasmic you know long cycles of in jaculation and edging and drawing energy are okay well actually I have a video that is on my website and it’s free but it is marked explicit so you have to check a box as it you’re 18 or older to watch it but it’s like an hour-long of injaculating orgasms up into each chakra and explaining what the chakras are about and how the energy can you adjust the activation of actually sending directing explosive orgasmic energy harvesting and cultivating and drying it up sippin it up through the you know some people called the Cobra breath but you know there is a way to sustain the waves of orgasm as a man that goes more from that sharp you know quick sharp peak of the genitals these two actually smoothing that out into a stroke of energy is Tantra Punk. Com and what’s the general sneeze that’s that’s like an affectionate term that I think about it at 6 ologist in country cuz used to talk about just I mean you can make that analogy also with the disc clitoral orgasm so that like if you’re training a woman to have more of a deeper full-body longer-lasting Arc of a new no vaginal orgasmic experience then you want to put a separate and put in the context it just rubbing the clit what’s a even with those the sex toys that women are kind of use over using and making themselves numb just kind of burn it burning out the clip with rubbing with friction it causes that really easy relatively he’s into it to induce quote General sneeze works just like a reflex and for a man if all he’s doing is rubbing one out he’s just inducing that reflux and not actually spreading it out and harvesting it and you don’t like you say breathing it up to the heart if you think of the heart as a magnet for the sexual energy and your connecting that high voltage sexual energy into that you create like an electromagnet and that’s when you get into the Magic in the sex magic so you know if you’re not if you’re not actually applying this energy towards manifesting your Visions for your future than your kind of just spilling it into the cause Into The Ether and there’s there’s a there’s a lot of wasted Prana that’s just goes and it just gets that Prana gets get consumed by the lower aspects of ourselves and that’s why you have all these pornaddict universo pictures of women in Golden Consciousness please tell me what your help or in his kind of affected your your past and your clients and their works I guess the the main variable or like you know like it’s basically a guy and then the girl doesn’t really feel it still feels cheated on feels like he’s indulging in for not her feel sexually shame she feels bad about it she like she’s not good enough she’s not pretty enough and her either wasn’t affected like as a woman and she does know and that’s a lot of women actually believe it or not I believe it I believe it is yeah neologism trying to create memes that will actually compete with the you know what we’re up against but hey I think Kundalini is the new money shot in the township born Revolution so you know stay tuned so yummy Yoni eggs how to use Yoni eggs for Central healing right for Central wound healing but I thought that was just too many people wanted me to put them in there somehow but I decided that I need a suggest simplify it reduce Siri find it and so that’s still what it is still Sexual Healing using and yeah my practice is I suggest daily use like like your goddess friend and I really believe in the progress that women make when they use the Yoni egg on a regular basis and they are Yoni breathing in addition or a conjunction rather with that usage without foxes really enhances their connection to their body so their bra to their pleasure to do they are as a woman as a person as a spirit as a as a feeling Source an expression Consciousness and she’s able to to learn to direct your energy so that helps women do that also describe the book is it what kind of format is it in and and what can people expect if they pick it up just called how do you say on 8% real healing I’m holding it right now it’s a it’s a square book and it has the rose quartz On It featuring The Rose Chords it’s on Amazon it’s on Amazon is also my website Yoni grace.com and it was number one new release of the new age division is what all congratulations that’s awesome a whole one stop shopping center for all things sacred sexual healing and training practices and I’m just thrilled that you’re holding us face and gorgeous pictures by the way everything is lovely in thank you so much I hate you I work really hard but I’m actually hiring right now like I’ve been trying to bring on women I just moved to the area I’m trying to bring on women who like one because I already doing their own business and they have questions and they don’t know I really do this like a successful example I do actually have a certification for his for women who want to sell you two guys and they want to educate the women you like is actually mainly about educating them and you know here this is compliments. You know take this information to this so I’m teaching them how to do that chorus I’m really sorry about that it’s called Yoni egg mid white you know what the age of Jeff’s water so you can you share it just any of the stories of the top of your head if people who have women who have just had total Transformations and just knew yeah I knew Chattanooga leases on life with his practice wow which way do I go with that the first time I came to mind is I think the most powerful wine women who like I just started my business like seven years ago so this problem 6 years ago like I was still like beginning right and so was the first time like I ordered eggs I go getting AIDS manufactured feel like the first time and you know that it takes so long I can take months and months before you are what you know what you ordered so anyway she was waiting on some weight first month second month like anything after that like maybe you know you do want to talk to your doctor and say hey you know I want to strengthen my vaginal muscles I’m going to have an easier time being let me do this you know to let you know leave it up to them but hypothetically you know if you’re doing we miss it will help you I’ll just say that like it will help you but anyway so she basically had was pregnant with twins her package was you know delayed to a certain time where she could really do her Yoni breathing first I guess like for her like she started running breathing like her entire pregnancy and eggs came a couple months later and they really helped her to catheter muscle City spent that when she actually went into labor she was like literally 30 minutes never thought about that never thought about how it would absolutely help with recovery and help with preparation and that’s great I want everybody in the world to know about how beautiful this is cuz I like I said I was I was just a fan of it I believe it was like oh that’s great yeah I know people used toys and there’s all kinds of toys and that’s great and then it’s got you know healing properties in the stones and the crystals that’s all great but literally having someone absolutely just completely rock my world and just like give me a real you know really it made it into into such a a match of willpower in a match of stamina and just the the the force the beautiful powerful forcefulness that she was able to express in so many different ways it was just like really so beautiful to behold and yes it makes a man want to figure out how to really rise to the occasion in some curious if you have stories are you know of women who have just kid off totally changed the game under the sheets with and then it’s like they they’re their man maybe they just was too much of a too much of a struggle to keep up or the man was like wow I need to actually become a master of my own equipment so that we can actually have this professional level excite me of activity happening are there a view of stories at all if men who said like you saved my marriage kind of thing here thank you so much kind of stuff like that solutely so there are a lot of women just from the break that were telling me that they were wetter like the first time in years I think we really try and make sure they have a lot of pain during sex to the really dry on the Yoni egg witness for them and from the beginning you don’t like the first week or something like you know they’re feeling this and so that really help with their with their relationships you know what their sexual relationships I had one girl she calls me from New York periodically just helps her feel so much more juicier much more she’s just like driving you know how every time I talk to her so and then there’s the women and I’m still trying to track this but there’s a lot of women who say that they have a they have an easier menstrual cycle as well like it’s just I’m not necessarily painful but they’re more aware of like the cramping like they’re able to like relax with the contraction logo instead of like tracking holding it being in pain pills you’re not wrong. Like that’s why I like you need to relax relax with it with it it it it is hard like a massage like the cock if you were as if you were kind of on some kind of massage roller or just like what it what a massage would feel like on the outside of the skin is it kind of feel like that as it’s moving and azure is it moving your kind of playing with gravity imagine your you know using gravity and using just musculature and just kind of playing with a right and then that does that feel kind of like a massage on internal massager how does it feel oh yeah it’s an internal massage that’s a beautiful way to put it I had one woman say it was an internal hog attack so yeah it’s not like it was a bear hug you know that I basically enhances like I have some women he’ll joke around when I talk to him about it and I’m good with that you can always be better even if it actually especially if you’re celibate hey I have been I have been for you know seasons in my in my life you know awesome so what else would tell me more about your overall experience all of your offerings and services as a business and what you have kind of on the horizon what’s going to be continuing to develop so that’s an interesting question when you see okay okay I’m going to be talked about for the first time I think I may have mentioned it in a few videos that I’ve done but I’ve been working with men for the first time recently and that has been really fulfilling for me I really have to pee like opening up my channels while I’m opening up their channels like it’s been really beautiful like that’s actually been something that I really wanted to do and I feel safe doing it like I don’t like saying this is not ideal but you know I do feel like safe through a computer with them because I have had bad experiences you know unfortunately and that’s why this work is so sacred and that’s why I work so hard because there’s all that. I hate to say it but you know when people don’t understand but I am happy to do it actually that is good to know yet because you know there’s there’s I work with a lot of gay and bisexual men and I’m someone you know I’m somewhere on the Spectrum and I got many spirits going on I can appreciate all aspects of the human form in the many forms it takes but I know that there’s there’s only I straighten straight men who are pretty vanilla or pretty kind of just meet me at 8 o s guys you know they’re not they’re not so enthusiastic about working directly with me or watching my videos because they might feel like they might they might catch queer if they watch my videos or something hands are kind of afraid more women who are there to facilitate and entice that Journey for men and make it you know really an easy sell for them I appreciate that the women were doing that because it’s really really important to stop raping to stop abuse and to stop misuse and you know if it’s not abuse its misuse if you know the way really straight guys you know so thank you for doing that work it’s a pleasure and you know that you’re improving their love lives and potentially against saving marriages if that’s the thing in stepping up so is that something people can just go to your website and booked a session or how do you how does that work but there is a screening process you know if I engage with you and I have any mail us a check she does all my emails support canceling and rescheduling and wanting to be fine and then again and then telling me all this problems in divulging and I was like well you know and then you know I have a I do at this one actually do have a cancellation policy where I I’ll keep a sound like you know there’s a lot a lot to deal with him before we work together you know that there are situations like that and so I will not work with you I love to see a world where we have temples where there’s a lot you know if a man is a secret of sexual initiation add a new level hands on hands off you know what section is everyone you know how long has Spectrum but you show up you be a warrior you help clean up trash you help grow you know the garden and plant trees and actually be of service and then you will get spoiled with the love of the takhini sue you know have the the different levels of interest in in-service and education so I’m hoping that eventually will move out of that points are you in Vegas now is that right for on and off for a couple of years and I actually co-founded the Las Vegas Tantra meetup group that there’s there’s it’s it’s stop it I want to go yeah well it’s I haven’t you know I did before I kicked it off I did the first few the first few classes at the pole fitness studio and it was great to just sort of Emergency the world’s there and and and Luna together but it’s been taken over since I left them back in LA but I would definitely yeah be so thrilled if you were to come in here and do some yoga you should totally get connect with some with the current organized person and just yeah I guess I can imagine we have please tell me what what brought you to Vegas and are you on a mission to bring your healing energy to the belly of the Beast or what what’s your angle well you know the I guess exactly was having this conversation with another another Las Vegas resident who’s doing tantric healing work and it’s like it’s interesting Paradox because it’s a place where women are really empowered sexually yet they’re still sort of a very shallow form of of male attention that’s coming through and it’s not really it’s not really as is spiritually Advanced as it could be so yet there’s a lot of spiritual lightworkers there so the people who can bridge the gap between the worlds of sacred sexuality and the sort of you know just kind of excessive party Indulgence you know the archetype of Mystique of it there’s so much potential there there’s so much Financial potential and so much spiritual enrichment that can happen so I’m always curious to find more people who are sexual lightworkers who or you know are there medicine really to to this that will work with my former lover called a adult Disneyland right so you’re at please tell me what what is your if you don’t mind if it’s not too personal what what what is what brought you today to send City so there’s no state income tax here so I just saved money having a business that was the main reason the quality of life is cheaper than where I want you know that is why I did notice that things are way cheaper and has so many incentives in the industry to to keep people around and that’s it that’s great that’s amazing so are you are you finding clientele there are you reaching out and teaching them hoping to teach classes and Lee seeking control I just run my online business if I happen to meet somebody around then I will work with them well that is very very interesting because I can just imagine that synchronicity and Serendipity will the right people at the right time will will show up and there’s so many I mean could you imagine if all the strippers and lap dancers and you know they were all what do I distribute to this population yeah meditate yeah we will all the all the listeners will be praying for you to succeed because that’s a beautiful I’m the others I know that other country cuz who have really done well you know they’re bringing the light so you’re in good company and with a good president so I was actually when it well she is she goes by the podcast pseudonym magic fucking pussy and for reasons of privacy she likes to stay Anonymous but she’s been on the podcast number of times she’s been in you know some of the we did our thing we made a lot of magic and made a lot of love and brought the Tsar are sort of alchemic one of our All chemical tantric children is the Las Vegas Tantra Meetup that was kind of birth for that so I’m glad to see it’s still going and I would love to see you just more more people connect to that but yeah so I will definitely do that so what else it’s so if you you’re starting or you’re you’ve just realized how long how long you been there for I have any I think it’s going to be a year in June okay so yeah you could kind of going to stablish so what is the if there were local what’s a women you know to start with local women who wanted to connect with you and actually would say do you know what are you going to want to do workshops and actually you know get spaces organized so you could do obviously for that meet up where you can start your own meet up or you could do you know your own marketing to get people kind of connected to to what you have to teach but I mean I would love to see yeah you you feeding back from that online business into the local the local market there you have a do you have a timeline for when you want to start branching out more you know what my books now that’s published I can actually feel comfortable sharing the unions are more broad-scale because there’s an actual manual now with it before I just started selling them even though they also a lot of the women so you need to get their eggs for me that is so cool to be a proprietor of Yoni eggs thank you so much you were going to be so blessed I can’t imagine how good you know your life is going to continue to be and how good you’re just sort of facilitating so much pleasure and so much healing I really applaud that thank you a lot actually yeah I saw that easy pass this is Bernard I really need support here I need to hire somebody so far it hasn’t worked out with the last few women because it needs to be packaging is a skill you know and I really need to build a team that’s really good the game well it’s will call that in and hopefully yeah that you find the right person who is just a total believer and totally shows up and in the right way and thought about any insurance cuz you can can be more trouble than they’re worth sometimes and not all of them have the best intentions but you might find that’s a good way to kind of lower-risk get somebody kind of trained and skilled with your business and if they work out keep them on long-term you know internship is a feeling something that I need you I didn’t worked out with some of the University’s here because this is like I’m in my home so they they don’t want to send insurance yeah it’s a restaurant that’s what I was told I’m actually still looking into it I asked one of my girlfriend she’s she does are yummy art like in my book like half if not almost all of the New York is her drawing and I’m sure she’s just like amazing she does like my brochures she just all the yummy aren’t for my brochures my boss said please come do Yoni art and was packaged and she was like I just signed an apartment New York we’re also your YouTube channel is totally blowing up I see you have amazing a list of videos on there so we’re getting tons of use and just amazing making it look really good what you doing in the next it’s yeah thank you for being a spokesmodel for this form of wellness and fitness it’s just beautiful yeah I do maybe one YouTube video awesome is that is it been a lot of good feedback you feel like you made the loyal fan I don’t like I’m directing more videos to men you know just kind of feeding their Consciousness giving them some ideas you know so I’ve been kind of branching into that direction for the first time I’ve been working with women like doing Yoni egg practices like 3 years for like 5 plus years and now I’m starting to really Branch off from work with women more so if you’re good with what you’re going to come back and get this is a lot more a lot lighter and more you know just more playful than the last one a little heavier but I’m glad we got to kind of follow up on and connect on a on a motor on a lighter note as it were and give some a little bit of more exposure to the beautiful things you’re doing and certainly where where should people go to connect you want to give that that URLs and all that good stuff yeah so they can go to Jonnie graze.com 9 degrees. Org they can go to YouTube and they can look up Gracie asked myself that he’s putting Yoni breathing the find me will be the first person that comes out by the Yoni egg or even all of those three tears are how you can find me Instagram graceful empowerment you know and then on Amazon it’s only $2 I really even if you don’t get ever get an egg and even from men as well if they want to understand like just vaginal vaginal like energetic like physiology my book how do you like it’s a simple read they do it with their practice step by step but it’s also very like Literature Like and poetic and intended to really honor like I don’t really use the word like vagina and it’s too much I don’t you know you certain vocabulary so it’s it’s a much lighter read like you said so yeah that is so awesome that is exactly what I’m looking for and I will after that you know when the standard was set as high as it was for me and this was not too long ago I really am going to insist and this is what I was looking for I just want to be able to insist it’s like hey you know we owe it to each other whoever you know Partners lovers maybe it’s actually not only just this is part of the inner work it’s part of Fitness part of Sexual Health and Wellness Center why why not deliver your A-game and in just sort of have done the homework in the home play to be a real powerful energized and skillful lover that goes for everybody so no excuses anymore we got this book out it’s ready as two bucks come on I want to give do you know what it would have Valentine’s Day gives a birthday gift you know and if you’re a man and you feel like oh I mean I don’t want to be crude but hey some people say all this goes both ways your quote dead lay if you’re a dead lay on either side get with it get with the program yeah that’s why I wrote it and it took me six years to write cuz I was trying to perfect it I mean although that’s an illusion obviously we can talk about that all day but you know I was really generally trying to honor the sacred texts you know of sacred scripture and teaching and sharing so I really worked on it for a very long time and I did a lot of like surveys with the women who are using the eggs and just got you know a poll of information so and it really supported a lot of my original theories are hypotheses I should say of the oniac when you use it regularly for women doesn’t matter how old you are you know where you are if you’re sexually on it’s it’s an it’s a beautiful living breathing you know conscious stone that works with you and harmony with you so awesome awesome I’m not no thank you again so much grace I guess we’ll call tonight and blessings and best wishes and prayers and good luck with everything and hopefully we’ll be in touch and you take very good care of a good night. 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