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Permaculture, Futurism, Techno-Optimism, Pessimism, and Realism Part 2 TPP254


In this episode I share part one of a commentary I did on the Ray Kurzweil documentary Transcendent Man

My Non Verbatim Show Notes:

What mollison said in the beginning of in grave danger of falling food, basically that some of us have the dream of colonizing space, I don’t think we’d be very welcome guests if we defoul our own planet

if that is the final frontier, that hasn’t been destroyed or polluted and colonized, male ego oriented curiosity

if we go out into the intergalactic ecology, seek out new life and civilizations will we have skeletons in our closet, if we can responsibly redirect the momentum of the tech, and apply them to our defouled nest, after a few generations maybe a few millennia, proving we can responsibly our apply our gifts and genius to enhance our home native garden planet

I wish someone would come down, classic alien ufo archetype, we’ve got all your solutions right here, but we’ve got some stipulations first, first repair the damage, redistribute wealth, you have a blue print called permaculture

when we come back in 1000 years, you’ve cleaned up your mess, then we’ll give you what some of you desire so feverishly, that would be supreme cosmic justice, if that carrot can be dangled from a higher technological force

maybe a civilization that had come to maturity, reconciliation of masculine and feminine energy, habitat of their own planet

shamanic accounts of encounters with extradimensional entities that have succeeded in all these ways

similar growing pains in consciousness and tech, became ethical and utopian

overcome patriarchy

it’s taken for granted, so embedded, patriarchy in the course of tech evolution in the language of mankind, even transcendent man, male dominant technological trajectory

take for granted that it’s human destiny to leave the planet, even that tendency is gender bound, if you acknowledge that the majority of mechanization, last few thousands years, male centered,

less scientific, more philosophical, terence mckenna’s novelty theory, 16 billion years evolution of known universe, first types of matter, complexifying into more complex forms, the building blocks of life, spiral of transformation, does seem to have a constant mathematical laws governing it in some way

it became epigenetic in the hands of human consciousness, considering the human neocortex to be the most complex and interconnected, dense artifact in the known world, evolution of consciousness into form

breaking the genetic biological evolution, from our imagination into our tools and machines

both mckenna and kurzweil saying it’s a natural law, acceleration is happening, dropping down from the genetic matrix into human hands

all accept that, we have been gifted with the power, and the responsibility to carry forth that accelerating curve of evolution, don’t think it was handed to the male, but the patriarchal power structure, social structures have been the dominant force that have been in place since that last few 1000 years

thought experiment, are we destined to explore outer space, if you look at eco feminist perspective

male dominant patriarchal society, some of critiques I’ve heard, why would we want to leave, this is our home, the urge to leave it would be a absurd

if you’re living in a totally nourishing edenic state of abundance, consciousness all of desires being met with immediate ecology, look out in distance, past a desert, would you really want to risk it, why would we want to go to mars, why go suffer and be there just to say that we did it, to put the flag down

different kinds of eco feminist, I’m more of an essentialist, inherent biological connection to earth from human female perspective, some arguments, males are disconnected from the life cycle, they don’t carry a child, don’t menstruate, aren’t affected by moon as much, not as intuitive, separated estranged male ego to build vast enterprises of machine technology, alien to the program of life on earth

ability for that trajectory to be directed by the estranged half of the species, leads to desire to colonize mars because we defouled our own planet

let’s say all of that acceleration of returns, I like the way kurzweil said it, not quoting, platform of tools and tech at one stage, become the means to develop the next stage, that law holds true for building blocks of life, of matter, and so on to human designed technologies, if we look at all those accelerated returns from 16 billion years ago, big bang, all of those returns up until 100k years ago when humans really started to take on that curve of accelerated returns if we just look at that last segment where humans started, the last few 1000s years, the returns that have happened are totally rooted in patriarchal agendas of controlling matter, territory, warfare all these very alienated from nature types of agendas, thought experiment what would it look like, not suggesting matriarchal, just a partnership, partnership vs dominator societies, more elegant way of confronting patriarchy, there are partnership modes and dominator modes

shamanically guided hunter gather bands, foraging societies, in most ways equal, did not have dominating power dynamics, resources, sexuality

only in the last few thousands years since dominator culture emerged,

we’d still have the same amount of change, and develop if we had the partnership way

the permaculture dream, end point on earth, super hyper advanced rate in next few years/decades, I consider that to be the more feminine possible utopian future, we direct all that will, curiosity, to making a good home for ourselves on earth, really master that, from that foundation that platform, if there is that will to go live on a desert planet for no reason, so be it, but you’ll have to do it through astral projection, but to destroy your home planet, captain of space ship earth, misogynist prick sacrifice all of nature for these totally corrupt conquests of dimension

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Permaculture, Futurism, Techno-Optimism, Pessimism, and Realism Part 1 TPP253


In this episode I share part one of a commentary I did on the Ray Kurzweil documentary Transcendent Man

My Non Verbatim Show Notes:

innocense of getting into science

geniuses that could be reached, extremely high level stuff

hip to environmental technologies

nano solar technology

once you get the download of the permaculture conceptual framework it becomes a lens you can apply to all different aspects of reality

social, personal, ecological, all these different landscapes

exciting when can share that skill set, that tool kit with other people who have different backgrounds, apply to their core competency

if kurzweil, had that imprint of permaculture

imagine how his algorithmic thinking about exponentiality and the potential of hyperspeed implementation of these technologies on the horizon

if that level of awareness and direction, genetics, nanotech, and robotics, leading to singularity, I was thinking about diy, there’s potential

kurzweil’s law of accelerating returns, anything is possible at this point, when I was watching beyond sustainability on youtube with david holmgren, inevitability of peak oil, unless a sci fiction outcome happens, energy source to power current and growing demands, that would be the only way we wouldn’t have to experience involuntary simplicity

immediately I thought, that is a factor, if anybody is going to ask is that possible or what would that look like, it would be someone like kurzweil, who’s crunching the data

making logical predictions, conclusions not widely accepted, anything is possible state of mind

getting that introduction to his data and his outlook, gave me a lot of hope, a good medicine, not a full antedote, but a medicine for the people getting depressed by the grim prospects

even the people doing the great work to install permaculture landscapes, its the most invigorating medicine you can have

the odds aren’t against us if you look at kurweil’s perspective, anything really is possible, the nano-solar implementation, a big problem of course is that even if there really was a major new energy source unveiled,

it would require the re-engineering of all the infrastructure people have, always will be haves and have nots even if there’s a new wave of technology

because of the socio-economics of the way the world is structured under patriarchal industrial capitalism,

distribution is not gonna be equal, the other 90%

futuristic sci fi perspective, feel 3 different variants, 1 being mad max version, 1 be blade runner, 1 would be star trek version

in mad max, you have the failure of the singularity delivering us from all of our problems, perfecting all of our weaknesses,

techno-pessimistic perspective, we’re not gonna make it

in the star trek world, that is the scenario where, I don’t know how much they deal with what actually happened on earth, but you get the idea from the star trek legacy, they were able to solve problems with technological innovation

techno utopian future, battles with different interests throughout the universe, but earths’ evolution of technology led in a positive, utopian direction

then in the middle, I’m more in sync with, the blade runner, cyber punk techno dystopia, corporate fascist,

all owned, proprietary, owned , locked down, corporate controlled, suffer in toxic hell on earth, if you can’t afford, implants, filters, get on board escape pods, haves vs have nots

meeting in the middle of kurzweil techno optimism, I don’t think it’s totally likely that we’ll have across the board complete decimation of modern society, and return to a barbaric mode, iron age, bronze age, chiefdom societies

what mad max portrays is what did exist for 1000s of years of early civilization, settled societies, food producers, ransacked by hordes, unable to maintain national boundaries with air strikes and massive military, order of law, international commerce

total collapse, partial collapse,

digitized food, digitized clean area, nano everything, robotic everything

I was really impressed with the time lines, it came to my mind, if you could do a time lapse on human implements, watch them shrink from giant medieval, carriages, cuneiform, glyphs, the scale of computation, transportation, all kinds of different devices and machines and time lapse that so that at a certain point it gets smaller and smaller until it disappears and become invisible

tightening spiral of evolution and change, totally makes sense, the frontier of nano machines

I’m pretty convinced, if that trajectory of exponential shrinking of machines is upheld then we can expect to have this nano frontier to be working with

if the political will was there to be doing things like soil remediation and soil building and all that kinda good stuff, way more interested in that than creating nano blood cells, and expanding human life span to be immortal

my critique of kurzweil on that level is that, he would do well to study shamanism, an earth bound orientation to being an organism, shamanic traditions, its okay to die, what’s after death isn’t that scary, there’s ways to encounter the after life while you’re alive so you’re not afraid of it

I feel free grotesque aspirations about messing with human life span, the way we fight disease, understanding that there are precedents in human history, living in ways appropriate for the ecosystem, humble the male ego, that just can’t be a peace

he talked a lot about the suboptimality of the human organismic design and programming from a dna perspective, not my area of interest

I’d much rather solve the issues that affect life on earth period, not extending the human life span, not buy our way out of the natural consequences of being out of balance on a personal level, why you have disease

all for using tech to help people, but giving someone the ability to cheat the consequences of lack of exercise, poor diet, out of balance with local ecology, distribution of wealth and opportunity throughout the world

those are my ethical boundaries

if he of all people had permaculture principle, ethical framework installed

something else I really get, gram bell, permaculture way, the spiral of intervention, a few ethical procedural, methodological points to it

having to do with problems on the landscape, predators, disease, the largest part of the spiral the base of it, would be to do nothing, wait and see if problem solves itself, next stage would be mechanical intervention, biological, intervention, last of all chemical, if you’re looking at solving problems in a food production landscape, example of predators eating your life stock, you could do nothing and see if it balances out

happened upon a documentary called collapse, based on Jared Diamond’s work, how societies choose to succeed or fail, focusing on the ones that collapsed and one’s that were facing collapse but were able to turn it around

sentiment I thought of for a while, when all these high civilization’s we’re at there peak, moments away from total collapse, hyper extension throughout the landscape, everything coming down to deforestation, water supply issues, all rooted in misuse of the landscape, creating surplus not returning to the landscape, or the people, all funneled to the ruling elite, work on the collapse of societies

they would not have dared imagined that they were so close to the edge

the ruling elite acknowledges the threats but not taking it seriously enough

we have this faith in science and technology to rescue us, depending on how much you bury your head into the data

so I’m all on board with the potential, techno optimistic positive singularity potential

as some one who studies survivalism, looks at barriers to those infinite possibilities, let’s say without serious friction the rate of change will continue to increase, all those frontiers of genetics, nano tech, and robotics will flower and unfold, feel sick to even use that metaphor, but if this truly is to be the flowering of human consciousness, I feel very alienated from earth, very dangerous, extreme forms of violence, warfare, I would much rather this would not unfold, but I don’t think it’s possible, save by divine intervention, a massive plauge, we were so close, so close, if there would have just been another couple years of cheap energy and water, these institutions developing these technologies and these frontiers, we would have gotten to that point of technological salvation, or infinite possibilities in those spheres

we pushed the limits so far, its not assured, it’s not guaranteed, that trajectory is not gonna be clothes lined and immediately fall because of how far stretched

if only we’d learned from the mistakes of previous civilizations that have collapsed at the peak of their technological prowess

the fact is, the thing that’s most pressing to me is we are so abundantly aware of how previous civilizations have collapsed, total hubris towards natural limits, breaking laws of nature to build these empires, then getting smacked down immediately and losing huge chunks of information to illiteracy in the dark ages, and entropy and erosion, the decay of texts and whatnot

in life after people the history channel series, they showed how the information technology that we have built up will have the least longevity in the face of natural entropy, we can’t control the climate of our documents, can’t keep the sunlight out, the buildings start cracking, all the digital information storage, almost immediately dissolved, it was the civilizations that used stone media to tell there stories and to keep their histories, that will actually be what lasts, a big part of me thinks that, as arrogant as previous collapsed society was and to think of what was on their technological horizon at the point that they got smacked down, it was probably just as grandiose, they could have achieved their hopes and dreams if they hadn’t outstripped their resources, warfare over resources, social psychological question, more than a mechanical technological one, will the population of the earth have a paradigm shift

the paradigm shift is the wild card factor, is that paradigm shift possible, we know its possible to have power and control, but whether or not people rise up to create that paradigm shift in ethics and principles, permaculture will be the most powerful intervention to that trajectory and help really give us a chance at a positive future

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Introduction to Warrior Tantra and Sexual Self-Defense TPP250


In this episode I share the original Warrior Tantra introduction lecture from early 2017

My Non Verbatim Show Notes

Our relationship to violence is highly distorted, very unrealistic, we have the horrors of the battlefield in military conflicts throughout the world

secret hidden violence of fathers abuse children and spouses

violence in cartoon, video games

is a such a thing as healthy or sacred violence, expressed in martial arts around the world,

principles and ethics of defensive fighting, to defend self, land, family, way of life, community, is tempered with a feminine wisdom

the ideal for all militarys nation states, who have at least paid lip service to the idea that we’re not trying to be barbaric, colonize, conquer, might is right, warlord organized violence to build empires, supposedly in the modern world we’ve evolved past that ideology

beautiful martial arts systems, at their core essence pushing forward that ethic, appropriate violence, sacred violence, not be abused for one’s own self gain

most spiritual traditions, discipline, being a warrior is different from being a soldier, being a defender of a culture, of your people, hoping will evolve to all people and all life

to be a spiritual warrior is to overcome racism, sexism, homophobia, borders and boxes, unnecessary antagony between lifestyles, regions, histories

many of the would be warriors, who have been trained to be soldiers now are fighting battles that are rooted in old paradigms of thinking where there was much less expansion of consciousness around love and acceptance and compassion, this is all the great spiritual battle that’s taking place all over the globe, for 1000s of years, impulse to create peaceful harmonious regenerative communities that are not expansionist, striving to maintain ecological balance, and the cultures using violence to conquer, colonize, take land by force, rape and pillage

the call to action for this brand, a lifestyle, an upgrade to both being a martial artists and being a tantrika to be practicing warrior tantra,

I’m hear to open up a discourse to merge sacred sexuality with sacred violence, I’m not a guru, I’m not going to have all the answers for everyone on their individual path

but what I will do with my training and my knowledge is to create a space where we acknowledge that the dimensions of combat and warfare are beyond our physical bodies

it goes into our emotional space, our intellectual space, our sexual space, many dimensions where we can be attacked so it is only reasonable, logical, sensible, to develop defensive tactics in all areas of our life

violation is very complex, and we can be violated through sound waves going into our ears, from light beams going into our eyes, wounds from physical violence that heal faster and more complete than wounds from sexual violence, it’s a continuum, and there’s multi dimensions

what you may or may not find in a martial arts studio or training system would be some of the more spiritual components that you would find in tantra or sacred sexuality where you’re creating boundaries and owning your space, on multi dimensional levels and mastering arts for self preservation and protection, in multiple dimensions of your being

there are places where you can go and learn how to be a better lover, be a master of your inner emotional state, spiritual trainings and traditions, sexual mastery wisdom traditions, and there are places where you can study the arts of defending the body, using weapons, blades, sticks, firearms, your own bodies natural weapons, in the original what I would say is the roots of tantra, these two, now polarized, are you a lover or a fighter, in the early days you were both, people were less dependent on military, state, government, police force, systems, people had to defend themselves and their community on a daily basis and it was really all down to earth

the arts of loving, the arts of fighting, all very deeply intertwined, every person was included in some of the earliest forms of martial arts training, this is what I believe we can restore is a very localized systems for teaching sacred sexuality and teaching self defense and martial arts, bringing it all together

self love self esteem, really the core of it all

it’s a positive feedback loop, a positive upward spiral of self love, conditioning your connection to the divine loving yourself more and more, having the physical confidence of training so that you can defend yourself in all kinds of battlefields, seen and unseen

defend your sacred self love and your integrity, bodily integrity, sexual integrity

the sanctity of the boundaries of your body image itself, we’re being attacked in so many ways, always attempting from billboards to boyfriends, to girlfriends to all the kinds of porn, you can develop a sense that these negative assaults on your divine self loving sense of perfection as you are, they’re attacking and corroding that inner essence of self acceptance and love and beauty

you could be a really good mma fighter or boxer or combat soldier and still have a brokenness inside that makes you susceptible to false leaders and fighting for the wrong reasons, its really an opportunity to balance those aspects and build a foundation of deep powerful, timeless eternal self love that will radiate a defensive field around you

through physical combative training and physical conditioning, combined with the spiritual, emotional, sexual defensive training and conditioning I can speak from experience I’ve had to defend myself in mortal combat scenarios, I had to fight for my life when I lived on the street, there were times, other compromised circumstance, I can speak from that experience of being a warrior on the street, and also as a survivor of abuse I’ve had to

escape kidnappings, escape from arrests when I was sometimes an outlaw, I’m here to help people avert those catastrophes

you should never have to defend your body from a lethal attack, and you should never have to defend your body from a sexual attack, I’ve done both, I’ve survived both and sometimes in the same context

we live in threatening world

if we have system of self defense that evolves and understands that new threats are emerging everyday, the martial arts systems that were developed 100s if not 1000s of years ago

in some of the tantric scriptures it was very explicitly warned that we were approaching a time where the threats of sexual violation by men are going to increase, by horrific, on a mass scale

the corruptibility of male sexuality by in very clear terms, its a state of possession

whatever scientific faith you wna tto have about whether or not the demonic realm and demonic entities and species are real or not real, that’s optional

I’m not going to impose any belief system around where these forms of sexual violence are coming from, but it’s just a matter of doing a bit of research on the data, that we are in a world that is more threatening to women and children than ever, on a mass scale

the most intrusive vector of these patterns of violence, it was television, now its the internet, its the effect of high speed internet pornography, is the bleeding edge of what in the hindu tantric scriptures, the sort of prophecies about this time, they didn’t predict the internet, the development of photography, cameras, films, but I dare say they would not be surprised that the intentions of the entities that they had been in combat with spiritually, that they wrote great epic scriptures and mythologies about, the need to have a spiritual warrior practice to defend against the entities that are hell bent on making hell on earth mainly through every form of violation imaginable

they are understood to be very creative, and merciless

and you see that in the porn that people are addicted to, that young boys are being initiated into as their default sexual education

it’s a very horrific, systematic, fracturing corruption of male sexuality, and the stats on abuse are just staggering

its propagating and spreading like a virus

the need for women and children to be trained in practical self defense and I say more importantly in practical self defense than in martial arts systems that were designed for a different era

they came from a different place and different time where the the threats were different

so my point is to say that, new adaptations of the martial sciences have got to be designed to meet the threats of the modern era

the idea that we were gonna be inundated with demons, hell on earth, infecting men, women have to take up arms to defend themselves and their children against these men, I call them rape zombies

the horror stories I hear from just people in the dating world, something is off, the men seem to be glazed over, hollowed out, and the shit that comes out of their mouth

and the acts they attempt to conduct in the bedroom, the psychology of date rape

that’s where we’re dealing with, these hollowed out shells of young men, and old men, who, in the tantric terminology, their heart chakras have been shut down in encrusted, not just blocked, but actually strategically infested and debilitated, by real trans-dimensional biological entities that are not necessarily transmitting through the tv set, this the great leap, until we have the science to prove it

you can compare my statements to your own personal experience, talk to women who’ve been abused, anyone who’s a survivor, who’s had to stare down that hollow, unloving, uncompassionate, manipulative, psychopathic, sociopathic, gaze of a predator

anyone who’s had that experience will most likely help people who haven’t had that experience, and help the perpetrators of these crimes understand that they have been hacked

whether from watching porn, or watching violent movies, or watching violence going on around them, its not that the demons jump through the television set, or through the screen from porn, it’s that we’re all vibration, we’re all frequency and vibration, in the unseen surrounds of our physical environment, physical body, potentially infinite overlapping dimensions where non human intelligent entities are always attempting to take up space in our energy field, thereby become parasites, and extract our energy in order to feed themselves and their families, live in their parellel dimension, sucking our energy from us, and I don’t like to use the words holy and unholy, but in order to be a defender of your body temple, and effectively protect those who are most at risk of sexual violation

there are skills and art forms designed by the tantrics 1000s of years ago to buffer those influences from the underworld, if you want to use a classic shamanic term

although its not technically below us, its not below the floor, it’s not down there per se, we’re in a soup of beings all around us at all times

if we engage in practices of self purification then we become less susceptible to the penetration and influence of all different types of being that are just swimming around us on or in the astral plane

the tactics of self defense, if in order to defend yourself you had to understand at all times there are intelligent parasitic entities floating around all of us, there are places where their ability to perforate and puncture our auric field our energetic shield, that’s around our body, it can be trained and conditioned and developed to be less penetrable

obviously if you just do an experiment and go down to the local dive singles bar, and you do some practices of meditation to attune yourself to your own energy field, you can start to sense attacks from people’s eyes, from people’s words, from billboards, messages all around you, its more than meets the eye

what’s happening is when you react to people places and things around you you consciously or unconsciously shift your vibration in that shifting of vibration you are then potentially susceptible to these attacks

they always say, dress warm in winter because you’ll catch a cold, it’s not actually that your temperature will give you the cold, its that the cold viruses are all over you and all over the place everywhere and your immune system, when it’s not compromised by your body being cold, it has the power to just continually fight off all those attacks, and you don’t even know it you’re just happy and healthy and you’re not sick you don’t have a cold, but the cold viruses are all over you, and what it is that protects you is the health of your immune system

if you drink alcohol, your immune system is being debilitated by your drunkenness

the point is that to walk through this world as a spiritual sexual warrior you have got to own and love your space and develop that fine tuned awareness of what causes you to compromise your sexual spiritual auric immune system

if you have a strong sense of purpose and you have a strong connection to the earth and to the divine, however you structure that from whatever tradition, you will become practically immune to all forms of attack, most forms of attack occur when your energy is skewed

a lot of women who get repeatedly raped and end up in repeated abusive relationships, when they’re questioned and speak honestly about these patterns, there’s a really sort of self destructive, self sabotaging urge to just be put out of the misery of existence, and so just falling into every trap, falling into ever more cascading emotional, physical, sexual violence its heart break to watch those patterns unfold for people

you can’t just put a gun in their hands, or even just teaching them physical combatives, although when a woman shoots a fire arm, something magical happens, that’s goddesses’ honest truth, there is a beauty in that experience of for the first time and I speak as a survivor, the first time being able to feel like, wow, there is a range of defensiblity of my body temple that doesn’t depend on my physical size, it’s the great equalizer

this program of training, is going to address all of these ranges of attack, classically in martial arts you have close range, mid range, far range different words in different systems, for example if someone’s approaching you, a side kick to the knee is what Bruce Lee would say, the longest weapon to the nearest target, you wouldn’t wait to elbow them, appropriate distance would be throwing out that kick

a billboard is one form of attack, a billboard presents a body image that is an unrealistic ideal that would require plastic surgery, enhancements, or reduction or whatever, hyper representation of physiques, just not representative of average people, that’s a form of an attack

on all genders, all genders are kept in this constant inner battle of whether they’re going to be loved based on how their body looks, and whether they’re going to be successful in world of power and money and wealth based on how symmetrical their facial features are, what their voice sounds like, things that are superficial, its difficult for most people to measure up to those so called standards

to be a warrior against being punched in the gut by the site of somebody you think is more attractive than you, to be set off course and out of balance, its an attack that will leave you open and then susceptible

that feeling can lead to you going to the bar, having a drink because you don’t feel good about yourself, and then you wake up the next day in a hospital because your drink got rufeed, or whatever, stories of compromise they all cascade and get worse, the more abuse anyone experiences, the less power they have to stand up and rebuild that protective auric shield around all these negative influences

worst of all, there’s all these ranges, all these avenues of attack coming at us from the external world, but the real curse is when they get internalized, and they become voices in our own heads, and we start to listen to what we think is our own, multifaceted self

you see someone walking down the street talking to themselves and their crazy, meanwhile whether or not you move your lips or make sounds, if you’re having a dialog with yourself when you look at the mirror, or you do something that makes you feel stupid, that you should be embarrassed about, instantly their comes the voice which not always is the most friendly voice and is sometimes your worse enemy

the world I want to live in is world of rape free zones

conditions that are conducive to rape are studied and analyzed and designed against

I would love to see a feminist revolution that takes all the weapons, power, land education systems, everything back from the patriarchal power structure with a swiftness, an abrupt insurrectionary uprising of women who organize together in sex strikes, and build new nations with new boundaries and reclaim the maternal birthright of really meticulously designing male egos that are in service to the earth and the elder councils of women who they adore and fear as all boys feared the wrath of their mother, doesn’t get much simpler than that

the distorted relationship we have with organized male violence, from street gangs to the mafia, every single cult of violence that men have organized and lead, only exist because mothers have been prohibited from sustaining a nature prehistoric tendency to collectively design how they want male aggressive energy to flow through their designed social ecosystem

its a horrible perversion of force on this earth for their to be male violence of any kind that is not guided by the wisdom of priestesses and elder women who are sustaining traditions of goddess worship that connect every bodies mind body spirit and sexuality to the divine wisdom that is feminine, is compassionate and nurturing

it is possible that every act of sexual conduct that a male engages in in his entire life time could be absolutely a blissful meditation

imagine that boys and young men and young adults and elder men, all lived with the same fear and humility towards all women and the divine feminine, never having been allowed to develop a self serving ego, and being kept in a constant state of bowing and being in prostration to that feminine power, as the superior and highest supreme power that’s what the schools of tantra that we’re drawing from in this warrior tantra program are all about and its my pretty well studied opinion is that every problem we’re facing in the history of the planet is the result of the perversion of that power dynamic

I don’t know a lot of female rapists or child abusers

I don’t know a lot of women who are designing weapons of mass destruction or cutting down trees on a mass scale, these are all symptoms of a power structure that has been hijacked not by the sacred masculine but by the toxic masculine

that if not kept in prostration to the divine feminine, will become a horrific evil menace to all life on earth

its the stories the mythologies, the cursing of women through religions that have feared women in the wrong way, there is a good way to fear women and the divine feminine, fearing that you won’t have the stamina to please them fully, that should be the primary fear

the way to solve that fear is to train your nervous system to be able to hold and embrace ever more powerful waves of divine feminine sexual energy, the kundalini shakti energy

that is the task of men, to be in prostration and in fear of the goddess in a manner that makes them want to put down axe, put down sword, grab your cock, with guidance of elders from long standing traditions, how to become a god, a peaceful loving, compassionate, gentle, caring earth worshiping, goddess worshiping powerful warrior who is capable of conducting defensive violence among many other things, but at the beginning and end of the day you’re there to kiss the feet of the mother goddess in all her forms, we’re a long way from there being positive peer pressure between men to be a better love, a more dutiful lover, a more prostrate lover

there was a time when all the cool people we’re doing it, the in crowd was doing it, goddess worship, prostration to the divine feminine, the glory to be accessed by ritual love making, where the impulse to harm and to rape and abuse was so well buffered so that a woman could trust that while making love to a man she was making love to the divine masculine aspect, that he has ritual invoked and through his practice of goddess worship he is essentially earning the access to be able to be possessed by the divine feminine energy so a woman can feel safe because she’s in the vibration of the goddess that has been invoked ritually by her lover

don’t have to believe any of this spirituality, any of these esoteric principles, we could all be starting from scratch

if every spiritual book instantly disappeared from the planet and we all just had the world we’re living in now, the technology systems, the political systems, erased all the mythology, if we had to start from scratch its a very simple reboot

the men who are careless recklessly unconsciously taking and not giving with their primordial sexual drives, if their in the reptilian brain with the remorselessness of that lower level of animal instinct, there are other animals that are compassionate, that are loving, it’s not just to say that humans are compassionate and all animals are below us

within all of our neuro anatomy, there’s a potential to devolved into an uncompassionate, self serving, sociopathic mode,

we have to acknowledge that in this modern world, it’s gotten worse, this tendency for males to conduct themselves in an uncompassionate way, it’s being rewarded, by media, by male peers, by the law in lot of places still, women as property and rape toy,

some places in the world where it’s safer to not be married because if you’re unmarried and you’re raped you can press charges but if you’re married you’ve joined a rape contract and you’ve signed up for it, so most likely you’ll be prosecuted

the world is extremely warped and the violence that’s being done on every level is all coming back to that fundamental distortion of the relationship to the human mother and the divine mother, circumcision

lack of breast feeding you so the hostility of men against women, nature, and animals, it’s very systematically built into most of the males walking the earth today, those who’ve been circumcised, those who have been deprived of on demand breast feeding, they are the enemies of life on earth, and for a reason, if you were an intelligent demon lord who wanted to come to earth and figure out how to make the most pain and suffering for all of life and really make a game show or a casino out of watching the misery unfold, the debauchery and hellish extreme violence, the raping of infants in places in Africa where there’s a mythology that they are less likely to have HIV/AIDs so they’re preyed upon in horrific cults of infant rape

female genital mutilation, all of these sores, all of the abuse happening on native american reservations, extremely high rate of alcoholism and these clusters of child sexual abuse where public officials come into work in government office job, and complain about how their child bit their penis while they were engaged in routine servicing

it is a very designed hell on earth that we live in and the forces that we’re up against, they don’t, in my experience they don’t respond to treatment with pharmaceutical drugs, with bibles, with exorcists, in my experience, my personal experience and in my studies, what we’re up against, what we’re doing with is such a merciless insidious force from the darkest pits of creation, its should be no surprise that in tantra the supreme goddess deities are the warrior goddesses the one’s who’ve adapted to address the ever evolving strategies of the demonic realm

mythology of kali and durga main warrior goddesses par excellence, there’s a lot of symbology there, a lot to read between the lines

and if none of this spiritual language works for you, watching this, there’s an even simpler frame of reference which is bonobos and chimpanzees, that’s a whole new mythology where if we had to scrap every spiritual text, every wisdom tradition, go observe behavior of chimps and bonobos, very close primate cousins, we happen to have more in common with bonobos than chimps, on dna level

however more exposure and contact and study was done with the chimps so they became the model to justify patriarchal violence and rape

I speak with boldness and confidence about my personal revelations about who and what is running the show of sexual patriarchal violence on earth, and who really owns this casino, who really owns this rape culture, it’s not the best attempt humans have made to figure out how to get along, and to share resources and to love each other and make love to each other, this is not the pinnacle of our consciousness around power and gender and sexuality,we’re living in the mass global entertainment driven patriarchal paradigm, it’s not progressive

you could say there’s more empowered roles for women in cinema, more queer roles, all that is a step in the right direction, towards our primal mode of loving, acceptance, equality, egalitarianism

Punk, Survivalism, and Masculinity with James Burnette TPP26


tp-survival-punkIn this episode we discuss the punk movement, philosophy, and ethics and their relevance to survivalism. We explore a range of subtopics from rebuilding masculinity, permaculture, homesteading, homelessness, street justice, anarchy and more.

Survival Punk is a blog created by James Burnette. James takes a rational, creative approach to self-reliance, applying a punk DIY ethic to survivalism without any of the fear mongering or “tinfoil hattery” found in some other areas of the survivalist movement.

The Survival Punk blog covers a huge range of his projects, both success and failures along with a healthy bit of myth busting. He also provides a ton of dirt cheap creative solutions to common prepping needs and does a great job of integrating the paleo lifestyle with the prepping lifestyle.

Check out his blog and podcast at:

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin all right welcome to Township on podcast episode number 26 I am talking with James Burnett of survival punch out, he’s got an excellent blog bringing the DIY Punk attitude to survival movement and vice versa and thanks for so much for for being here James you want to talk a bit about your journey that involves Awakening to survivalism in and how that enter played with your punk rock but I guess what drove me to do being interested in survivalism is is sort of a two-fold process when does the first part of it that really woke me up was in my teens I spent a couple months on and off being homeless and then maybe a year or two we are doing the couch surfing thing self-sustaining Union to carry stuff like I didn’t you unlock survivalist MGK I will be called Bug Out bags with his heel backpack with everything you need to Sorvino go on foot to survive you don’t know how to add my high school backpack in there with little Trinkets and stuff you know spare change the clothes extra socks you know supplies used for everyday life then not thinking that you know really that survival but that’s just that’s really what I was doing that and I was surviving and during that time I saw it was when your homeless people a lot of free time you know your your time is basically you try to eat and then you kill the rest of your day so me and my buddy Mike we are homeless together and we would sorcerer method was with Rigo sell plasma and then we would take that fifty bucks a week or whatever we eat nothing but like all you can eat buffets you know once a day until like 19 2000 the year 2000 prices you know like five bucks a day and food and then you hang out in malls and surf the Internet the rest of the day and then that’s where we got me in to speak to the beginnings of McDonald’s in through the man now it’s not a little bit more Define where you and I just kind of want the government to not be there in to leave me alone but yeah that’s me being homeless kind of broke my eyes and taught me a few things like you just realized that you can survive and you learn you a lot of good lessons on how to survive but when I was not home at the intended it lasted for a couple years and then I got a bit more successful you know got a full-time job and all that and I forgot some of that stuff you know I moved away from it and I just play around Monday on the internet and I was searching I was like nope always been a really big zombie fan so I was kind of looking for my wallet cuz zombie survival kit or something you know it you know Apartments layer and a Survivalist Forum where they are making real zombie you know preparedness kit that you know a metaphor for things that can go wrong in our society so what I found that for him it was like that it was the rabbit hole for me like I just I got sucked and I spent like four hours at night just reading everything you know and realizing it my stupid survival apocalypse ideas then we’re retarded you don’t like everyone is like the apocalypse happen to meet you there by opening experience and I went down that path pretty hard and it just makes my common sense you know no I’m not technically you know preparing for the zombie apocalypse but you know for things like a job loss you know that works in the building self reliance stuff they bill you my life where I was able to this past month walk away from corporate world and I could be more true to myself and you know I work for myself and then make that move to you know my own Homestead and you’ll be a punk rock Homesteader congratulations yeah and so had it so that was you been how long you been doing the block for I kicked the block off back in March of 2012 so I’ve been doing it for a while and last year I kind of stuff going on so I didn’t put the effort into it like that but I had been and it’s it really suffered for it so I got past you know All the Troubles I’ve gone through and I came back with a vengeance this probably in June July yeah so a couple years and still get bigger and have you have you been since you’ve been publishing content and building your tribe you know to the internet have you what kind of responses have you gotten from both sides of the punk rock movement and the survival move and I’m sure both would be finding your truth searches and whatever marketing you’re doing I’m just curious what what kind of reaction you’re getting right at that use that word tribe love that word I’m definitely I’ve made some I’ve made the best friends in the best Connections in my life through survival Punk just a lot of other light blocking friends and then you know just people that come across the block any other right me and you know what you’re doing this is this is awesome. I’m not I’m not a big-shot you know I I respond every one of those emails that’s really why do this you know the information and get that out there so I left when I get those emails I’ve had which is which is funny cuz I had had one guy when people unsubscribe from the email list it sends me an email saying you know Joe Blow unsubscribe from an email list and it has the option where you could you put in a comment while you did it and this guy wrote the longest unsubscribe email is like he’s like you were terrible person like punk rock is Barbara stick and he went on and on and on I don’t think he even read anything on the Block like it was just such craziness on that but I’ve had more positive reactions from people and surprisingly demographic I mean most of it was older sort of Christian conservative white men Rocky no soda that kind of thing I didn’t see any of that at the time you knows I was sort of the felt that if I put this out there from my perspective that you know there’s there’s got to be other people like me out there and put it on there their stuff with their of their Mohawks you know in their Doc Martens in so I think it’s sort of it rings true like a the punk sort of see you know that what I’m saying makes sense right so freaking response that I can get fans actually have a similar background it’s of being a runaway and Lynn ending up on the streets and then later becoming a forest activists and so I got urban survival immersion training by being homeless on the streets and you know doing that thing and then Wilderness survival emerging by being later at Forest activist we’re pretty much Bush hippies who knows saving the trees but but also it was mostly punks in the forest that were doing the tree sitting and stuff and punks and ex-cons are not expensive maybe I can ask Rusty Travelers gutter punks and ex-military Earth firsters and stuff so there was a lot of like a good drugs good tactics and good times and also the enerco DIY ethic instead of stove and then but I didn’t know you know much at the time about more conventional or traditional survivalism as a as a you know what prepping is a lifestyle you know right and then put I always had secretly had these fantasies about being a badass like Rambo or something you know and seeing Soldier Fortune Magazine to me like he wouldn’t even be so much cooler if we actually knew what you’re doing or just like drunk and hungover all the time and I think Punk has it has a aesthetic romantic fantasy about being organized and in those kind of ways and so that’s eventually it was a 2008 economic downturn to put it lightly that made me find the survival Podcast and that’s how I found you I think a lot of people got got switched on her on that time yeah so do you want to talk about like different the different messages in the punk rock music and the lyrics that that have a common ground with the libertarian and the just at Animas and sovereignty famous that letter within the the survivalist movement like when you’re if you’re at a bar talking to a more more typical should I listen you’re trying to convey to them that hey were all you know we may have different spiritual beliefs who may have different ideas in different areas but there is a common ground that we both are saying fuck this if we both want freedom Liberty autonomy and you know small skill communities stuff like that you have any do you have any thoughts about that 10 things that we can learn from the Lions preparedness industry these are common points did you look at me look at survivalist base are the number one rule I came across that want you know the government to do that you know that’s still here from what I’ve learned to my story of all preparation survivalist into how I’ve done a fire starter and a dog building in there that’s my album here I don’t need a big Corporation another one that’s definitely bigger than the punk world is steel wall image that you don’t have to fit in that you can be yourself and that’s okay shoshito Peppers obviously are mostly classified as crazy nutjobs would be having a mortgage and being in debt up to your eyeballs not nothing with that is fine with me and then say I agree with them on 90% of their views I’m not going to because they tend to stay at if we speak like a 90% of the issues and how many people do that though they’re like I can’t tolerate you now I have heard from all walks of life and it’s just through the fire that common ground and then just stay in that sphere you know if if you too strong a community community that needs to be improved on a bit more than survival Community I mean there’s there’s fragments really tight communities within the industry alone Will Survive think they can do everything on their own Define a goal for this is a build a strong tribe have a good life Great Plains family and I think it’s just it’s becoming a bit more if anybody else would think a switch for men just the movie Fight Club in the book speaks volumes to what were lacking as far as just wholeness and holistic you no more deeply meaningful lives of somewhere magical energy the warrior energy get to be expressed and used properly and feeling like yeah we’ve been stripped of how our relationship to Nature and totally compartmentalizing these cubicles are these few no blowing jobs and totally lacking at the tribal Brotherhood and Conquer I definitely put that together there’s just basically smashing without the music in the movie I don’t see how you could definitely watch the book last night Seinfeld trying to reconnect with a strong male energy and loose have more male friends I feel ya you don’t and I’m I read one of your blood post recently was it was about I think it’s about like them you think you were out of the store or maybe you were talking to someone who’s been a store and there was somebody a customer who wouldn’t we wouldn’t lift a box by themselves they called I’m in the similar how do you know if you want to talk a bit about that and what that signal for you and cuz I’m going through a similar sort of reclamation of the you know the mass sacred Warrior masculine power that is going down to a trickle in this what happened was before I left my job at work retail and he had a customer asking me to help him pick up a refrigerator and we don’t have you don’t need some help with that you know more likely songs like what do you mean I need help others of the fridge and the co-worker just take it up there and put it in there is like where you go I even remember thinking oh he’s just joking I guess I didn’t really happened I tried to the fridge is probably under a hundred a little less and less as a man a full grown adult man should have been a good health is no reason that they could not pick these things up unless they had a severe injury that they didn’t show from you know they’re missing a burger or something portal reclaiming your masculinity you tell me you can’t be trying to get stronger should be here like I can’t pick up everything what I’m going to try I’m going to be okay I can’t I can’t do that so that’s that that’s one point. To the bigger concept of the bigger the bigger issue that you know American the world we are leaving our masculinity I mean I mean I was mostly raised by my mom and you know why didn’t you know that’s a lot of people a lot of friends I know you know I look at to my father and I know a lot of women you know my age did you not have a father for their kids you know they’re being 32 you don’t have a lot of a lot of married and or real friends with kids is point and it’s just like not disrespecting women but I think we need a strong military life to be men yeah the village reclaim what I wasn’t born with basically yeah I think yeah then I’m totally there with you and it’s for my my I guess intellectual training in the punk rock movement I was very has always been buried in alignment with Erica feminism and critiques of the toxic masculinity that is destroying the planet it certainly it certainly can’t be argued that there’s too many women in the leadership of global politics and too many women in declaring war in too many women cutting down trees that’s it is I think it’s undeniable crisis in the imbalance of decision-making at every level and then when you have yeah I would say that the if it is weakness on the part of the men in power and not strength and not Duty and not honor that’s causing a problem so it’s it’s a confused State I think that were in where it’s like becoming less powerful or weaker physically and trying that’s not that that’s not the answer to rebalance the power it’s to bring deeper true soul level empowerment to everybody and I see it kind of went likes women’s sexual Liberation when they’re given for allowed the space in the freedom to really to really develop and grow their own their sexual power and freedom then they’re going to get men strong tough Warrior men to be sensitive poets on their knees begging for the nectar that they have to offer when they’re not totally suppressed and totally cut off from that power and that’s like if you like and you know female-fronted punk bands you can feel that that energy and that power and it’s humbling and it’s beautiful and do you have any thoughts about that the gender politics in punk rock and and moving towards reclaiming that all kinds of power and getting away from this phone the Dominator culture I don’t think that you know we need to embracing one putting down the other movement you know for finding a feminist as men take offense to because that means you’re for one you’re promoting one thing over the other I mean there’s a difference between being a feminist and being crazy extremes that aren’t healthy at all you know instead of saying you know I’m I’m I’m putting females first and I mean it’s really it’s bad for them because you’re you’re weakening yourself and this is not a feminist as a man you know make sure be embracing their own power you know if it’s a if it’s a female and she’s a feminist and that just makes sense but how did this kind of bothers me yeah it’s the same thing about that doesn’t if if if if women are politically disempowered and it’s empowerment it’s not about everybody being disempowered it’s about rebalancing power and I think I seen I seen what you’re talking about and that’s in really just dysfunctional self-hatred and and debilitating Behavior where it’s just it’s it’s just The Chronic sensitive being yeah just not not Rising into into that power and Ivan passed I was at a gathering recently where where am I was pointed out he know I’m probably a leader of men’s groups just sort of figured Warrior men’s group leader and he was saying that you know there’s that he applied to the women’s movement obviously it’s needed but there isn’t a really really conscious men’s movement that fight Club is really really you know unrefined like crude form of reclaiming Brotherhood and men Space to be organized in in and be strong and all that stuff and do you want to talk about what if you what kind of waves do you recommend for for males in this culture to reclaim their masculinity and to I mean obviously everything in the survival movement touches that place of learning things like hunting and fishing and fixing things and Building Things those all excited that energy and you’re not just playing video games or shopping or watching you know movies when you’re out doing Special how do you know if you want to share any thoughts on on how do we rebuild this strong men’s movement men’s empowerment High School beers what I found to be the most important thing to reclaim your masculinity is to get more male friends to spend more time with them so many men like if you’re asking me know like how do you have more men you no more guy friends are more female friends and most of the time because it just go out there to like you know make men for it is kind of soap making time for male friends and doing male activities you know I’m going to go hunting for the first time in a couple weeks with my stepdad be awesome best Festival one you you have to be to be a better man that’s that’s work well for me not not trying to the people please you know if you don’t you don’t like what I have to say and you just go off and then I’m working on it better on the website I just always not people-pleasing if you spend your time trying to make someone else happy than you never be happy yourself so that’s that’s another big one you know you can only you can make yourself Happy Hollow big one make male friends and then do manly things what is the what are some of your favorite manly things going in the woods like a doing doing woodwork stuff I cut down some dead trees recently on the on the future Homestead you’re trying to clear it out to make the other trees you know happier that trees try to open it up so I can come back later and give you some permaculture put in some productive trees for the first time and even know I’m a lefty and it kind of scares the hell out of me or are you in the ground and then splitting wood with an axe yeah that’s very like Mel traditional I just really always feel better after I spend some time and they sure you know I don’t hate hippies as much as I used to and it was fun to take a walk barefoot you’ll go hiking Barefoot that’s also reconnected that way hello go ahead go ahead did you see the Dual Survival series with Cody Lundin and every time I watch the first and second season to add Dave and Cody and David should I quit watching and Dave digs basically a ship in the skies I mean that was medicine for my soul you know that was see if the fight Club is Project Mayhem would have started with a lot of what they’re doing it probably would have been more sustainable but I bet that Union of opposites are really you know some that that’s it I mean that’s felt like a balanced sense of masculinity and of course big fight like a married couple yeah that’s interesting you bring up Dual Survival doing a project with a friend of mine and we’ve nicknamed Homestead High time we just working out at the man lifting weights is important to build your strength weight not help service healthy eating you know Christian family man and how we approach the problems of the homestead you know our different ways and then probably you know drama it up for the YouTube family with everybody but you can’t do that that’s going to happen Montana policeman the album was is YouTube videos amazing the amount of content being produced in a laboratory has to be amazing if they got tracked those lyrics I’m The Graduate following it I think it’s going to have to be a somehow I’m going to have to see if I can make it out there and actually having listen to all the podcast know what their names are with the people that come in and I end up being more of a drag but yeah I’m pretty stoked about that seems like contact them and see if I can just come shoot some YouTube videos me I’m not I mean his sister-in-law’s to Second long video clips and they’re spaced out there not more so I just want to keep in touch with you about that and I feel like man but the punk rock I mean I toured the country many times and then I felt like yeah she hits the fan concert going to survive you know you’ll have to start growing their own grapes and berries and apples and stuff to make to make wines and ciders and needs to keep from getting the shakes a lot of them but they’ll figure it out if you’re not already doing it enough of them already home brewing but it’s really the fabric of the trust and the the solidarity and the network of where you can go anywhere especially in vantuno that was a great privilege of being able to see so many places I’ve been in the you could be you know there’s a there’s an honor it’s almost like that what was it that you know the idea that you’re boarding soldiers or something like that you know your ass is from sick of patriotism to the nation of punk could wear it to town you know that and you need help or you need a place to stay or whatever you’ve got that you’ve got the intrinsic hand outstretched and it’s not obligatory it’s actually have more about not selling the idea but but kind of wax poetic on on how the punk movement is disempowering is it as a subculture underground survival kind of the sun Network I noticed its function to be some of the most giving pleasing and non-judgmental people ever she didn’t want to be asking you need to make money to make money as a statue statue in Dallas and then yes you would choose for her and she would like to be in Denver tomorrow so yeah just that like a like a million lights on it they want to Homestead they want the survival mindset and they’re a strong community and they are I got some good friends that I met your lady Jose today do you have chickens in Michigan you stop by and hang out some fun when I met the most people that do tend to email me for some Auto Parts I got some old people there like you back in the punk scene back in the day they are there like you know I used to have the best Doc Martens in you shapes it totally shapes your identity at an early age for life and whatever it was however you’re wearing on your sleeve or not it’s still it’s still down there deep end I wanted to talk a little bit more about the training that is being homeless and has kids from a pumpkin a survival perspective Gazette that really take me early on in and I see that movie was it called the morning after the day after about about the spontaneous climate at 1 yeah yeah yeah yeah he’s that movie is one thing that was great about it though but this is like it’s just so healthy and bad I was all right there is one particular thing that I thought was bad ass though and that was how the homeless guy knew all of the ways to survive and he totally save people’s asses and if you didn’t listen to him you definitely were going and I and he was doing things like stressing his clothing with with newspaper for insulation and just had all this wisdom and it in that that just came out for me right now thinking about you know the always all the I see the the homeless homeless camps you know and the different unlike all the Innovation and stuff and it’s like they’re already training for the zombie apocalypse they’re probably you know password in terms you know that in a lot of ways just so there was a documentary on this whole subculture this underground city almost two people I think it was in somewhere in the east coast but it’s like yeah it is that that’s cool but I have cool memories about just different kind of spell stealthy maneuvering and you know you like it yeah you know it I did I did some like a few last things like a dollar a gallon sure. I got one thing to do and I go into the customer service desk and like a little hatchback we were riding around in was so that means we’re doesn’t care that I took a dollar from them but you are like Lavo tips and tricks you know like layers with a lot of clothes layers work I did the obligatory you’re homeless you guys sleeping to park at least one night and I found the the gym equipment little plastic tube thing finding ways to to keep warm you know Heather’s dad such a bathroom one time the gas station. Are on me thousand miles per hour late but I’m here today. So he said with the bums giving out tips to the homeless people I haven’t done it yet I keep meaning to I have a YouTube series plan to my head were with this thing where people can go buy a newspaper is for $0.50 and then I mean but when you see them I quality like a backpacking first time Trinkets and stuff like that so what should I eat when corned beef corned beef they’ve got their systems down pat know what they’re doing they can stay warm they stay alive yeah man you know there’s another dimension I’m not sure exactly you know we may have been repaid have been rolling right past each other at different times and places that you know if you don’t know if you traveled much for the that was a big thing for a while train-hopping traveling and then there was you pissed different a very dense and interesting anthropology of of different types of Saint Stephen’s response like this if you know there was a lyric a sponge gutter punks Street punks crusty pumps at all these different you know they have different ethics and one time this was back in the I think it was 9797 there is there is a resistant exist Gathering and an asylum Gathering that happened in the Northwest and they were just big Mecca Funk Fest out in the woods there wasn’t one of them was in the woods room is in the city and it just brought down this article said it is it became ended up becoming a cross between Braveheart and Lord of the Flies cuz the the peace punks were getting we’re getting raided by the marauding you know we’re just hardened from Street battles in and so was just returning to Total it stereotypical morbid visions of Anarchy and Chaos in there this whole Intelligentsia that I could say call we’re all crying and eating and talking about oh no we’re not going to be able to save the planet because we can’t even get along in our own Gathering I got some horror stories from some of the crazy stuff is happening just like this is the Dark Side of Anarchy of you know without rule of law kind of behavior Chrissy with his lots of drugs and alcohol in Intercourse all end up on the street you know you had something some deep childhood trauma happen you know usually are you getting thrown away or you running away and so I remember it was you know that s life not only just the elements you know surviving the elements but the but the the story of some of them whether it’s sexual predators you know being young and being a male or female being at risk of that or he’s different tribes of punks that were more warlike or more kind of like Pirates than than the peace Punk’s or whatever do you have any any Horror Story’s or stories about that kind of stuff I have I have a app to really I’ve got one that’s what led me to being homeless God not even the first time but the biggest one was a high school dropout and then I paid rent but it was like just a step above squatting in this house to be honest we ain’t nothing but like cereal it was there people I never knew it was terrible and I it was it was bound to go bad that’s just don’t like the way that it had to work out you know one of the roommates group home living in before I went there he he didn’t tell her you really need to pay your rent man what are the random people that hung out in the house and stealing his drugs that was on loan from the drug dealer to sell to pay back to the drug dealer so then he got in trouble for then him the drug dealer thought they knew who stole the drugs and the whole time I’m like WTF. We moving in in like the next day or two days later Ford hatchback stop at night cuz you a dollar dollar gallons of gas we could do the freaking would we found to be about the safest place generally there’s a lot of people screwing with you at the rest stop we tried we tried sleeping in the cops is on his way out which is always annoying and I never went to the National homeless shelter like once and I’m not going to stay here has a funny short story just for homeless to let me know obviously I didn’t look like I was not on the stove Seattle or the cops or any like near misses and we had to escape crazy stuff I mean not I’m sure there is I can’t know nothing’s popping out me right now I’m just being such a sketchy time back then everyone’s carrying around these smiley faces and everyone have these different there is an interesting weaponology is the street so culture cuz everybody was so you know ya me nervous is just so many the drug dealers and the yeah interesting like the Warriors did you know that yeah it’s that remind me that I do have a little violent story that they selling drugs so I went and pawned it because he owes me back rent money and you don’t got me kicked out of my apartment housing in today I want to take a shower cuz it’s been weeks while taking a shower and apparently that got source told me and Mike out and there I was like what yeah he was like getting crazy I like how I don’t want to be right back and like he was his mind around it he got me kicked out of my apartment stole the cell phone then lost it or something your bass guitar buddy I know I got that money and bought a bunch of Chinese buffet with it you stupid yeah there’s a lot of lessons from I guess kind of Summer take a laboratory the Turkish that try to solve their own problems even when they get really ugly and and there’s like a code of ethics that you don’t you never call them and you know he got to deal with me and then you got to live with the consequences of things things can go on you know a few days but that’s when negotiations and such a good skill in pesos and then why you have to have you can’t really be alone or you got to have people that you are you know cuz one it’s like one incident and you got to grow eyes in the back your head for the rest your life you know so you better those eyes in the back your head or your crew you know you’re trying have you got to then an alert yeah there’s this one guy actually in a spawning a lot of stuff like I was with a friend of mine at this National you see these free concerts downtown on the riverfront bigger bands you know nothing nothing nothing like the holidays truck method you can they broke up years ago but you can still find some and I didn’t pass into a fight but it got dark lotion sorry about yelling and talking trash and they bite I would like to listen to music like this is sketchy sketchy bad vibes anyway it was homeless when you know being a good person and you know not screwing yourself over you know I didn’t want to take yourself out like that one of the survival Podcast that can really gets me is one of the Tactical training guys and it’s like don’t go just don’t go to stupid places that stupid people on these stupid things there’s some order of that list of places with stupid people do stupid things in this is stupid cellmeter stupid stupid things sometimes evolve to a state where instead of this really Slappy dangerous sometimes cute man slaughtering Punk drunk Punk violence it could finish itself into more of a you know our style of Kung-Fu versus yourself Kung Fu and have a kind of orderly too old even like Drunken Monkey Style but we’re not going to just stab each other and bleed out cuz their blood thin cuz they’re all drunk which happens a lot or throw cinder blocks at each other’s heads ritual violence happens and Encino tribal societies and stuff they’re there is there’s a sacred violence pattern that can be restored where it’s like okay transgressions can get resolved through ritual combat and it’s not Mortal Kombat and it’s not sloppy either in my life so pissed and I was like History of Violence Tracy be knowing each other through Palm strikes what time is it at the Mass Appeal for the mosh pit right there you know it to get that violence out in this world space control matter you know you yeah yeah and I’ve seen Miracles and Feats of physics that I was talking about this and it was someone else not too long ago about how there’s a magical kind of cauldron of things that defy physics in the mosh pit you know I’ve had the acrobatic things happen that you just met major injuries avoided because there’s so much positive energy and I was like I read the article and I was like this is probably going to be spiritual elements in by throughout history of like you know physical exertion between between people and causing a song from Beauty and then they took it to a whole different level and it’s been done throughout history and they gave examples of totally man and then I just wish that it it seems like once you get past 25 you’re not made out of rubber anymore when you fall it actually hurts and some kind of like in the the geriatric Mosh Pit area now in better shape than I was it I like a maybe through just a good eating good living things I can Marshal the best of mouth yeah man music business group called Tierra Viva I believe they’re called in Mexico and I got the door down there a little bit and I met some of them and there’s videos of them smashing to mix I don’t think it wasn’t called that they’re making but they were mixing a person plaster kind of to help with respiratory problems from the particles of concrete structures and and they had a whole permaculture punk punk permaculture Collective down there doing gardening and stuff and they were marching to mix the stuff and I was totally and you see people mixing kava on YouTube and they’re always like something you know it’s fake conducive to is any any Musical dance style but definitely there so you can see that’s also Punk faster something you know no be awesome at would get some get some bad to come out there and play and then sometimes I’ll be there scrap man will do you have any we’ve covered a lot of good stuff and I’m glad I’m really feel to meet you now and to this meeting I’m sure we’ll cross paths and he have any do you want to talk more about what people can get I know you have a I’m going to join soon as I can to keep at the punk Army Trail point guard people can be in touch with you and me is how I make my money to live so few posts in my podcast in July carry on I’m on Facebook if you are pretty much like it if you send me a friend request on Facebook accepting all days you can find me all of this place yeah then yeah you like what you hear that question I mean my all-time favorite I love rancid and anything that your mom Jean does it sound by The Bangles real good on that Molly I seen I seen both of them every time they came to Nashville to told you earlier the band is my favorite instrument and one one light out there band was it Thomas Jefferson Jihad they’re pretty good so for Bluegrass Punk folk Punk awesome James well thank you so much man this is like really stirred up some good memories and emotions in me and I’m definitely going to keep spreading the survival Punk message out to Soul Man but I do like I will talk to you again hopefully soon was keep each other posted anything you want to share with me I mean you know this so I don’t I don’t know how many punks necessarily or are finding the work that I’m doing at this point I’m kind of in deep in the New Age seen bringing the bringing the fire of the punk ethics to the you know it’s kind of that meditate and Destroy kind of thing mixing the creative constructive powerful transformational energy but kind of enlightening the enlightened with motive that raged out stuff so yeah well I’m sure we both got cool stuff to talk about anything you know any anything comes up you want to talk about again let me know thanks for having me on man. Talk to you later took on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 at Township Park. Com Thomas gay

Awaken the Kali Within TPP12


awaken-the-kali-slideThis episode is an audio recording from a Kali invocation workshop in Los Angeles in January 2014

KALI- The Goddess of self Empowerment, of time, change, death/rebirth, fierce rage, annihilator of evil forces, the redeemer of the universe as well as the benevolent mother goddess…

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to the touch of Punk podcast episode number 12 this is a collie invocation Workshop called Awakening The Colony within that a different Sufjan it did in Los Angeles in mid January 2014 hope you enjoy it take care of Namaste is kombucha gastrica it is unfair to the Mount you breathe in through the nose and you breathe out through the mouth and wants traded to you keep your hands in the fridge so you could come inside and two fingers on top yet you take a deep breath driving up to breed everybody can join if you hadn’t breathing in every chapter has a sound attached to it a beach sound to awaken Equity project affects the 3rd so then we are chanting on think about you know that you are Awakening these to check on the 6th and 7th to Paris we can keep your hands comfortably like this or you can put it in the money whenever you can come do the OM chanting nine times breathing in read too much ego energy energy of manipulation of superficiality Lego it’s too superficial guarantee to get the hell out of here but you know it’s happening at such a large mass Consciousness that you’re moving away from truth of our inner soul and moving away from Soul itself all the manipulation and the superficiality and so we need goddess Kali the fears God is she gone to the sword of truth and she / is now all the infusions and I’ll get it to her story afterwards but before I share a story about her share another story so this separation comes from this Duality consciousness disqualifies that kind of the kind of selfishness and Eagle base behavior is causing this kind of Separation to the separation that we see in the outside world is also the separation within within us so first we’ll start with looking at the separation that is there within us to split that is there and then I’ll go on to tell the story about goddess Kali so this is a very short story and it is about a boy going to kill you Houston hundreds of years ago in a monastery in Japan in the village in the mountains very beautiful and his job in the ministry was to go and get the water so he would put a stick on his on his shoulders and Obi One for 2 and one for sure you would go down the mountain and Phillip water and he would go like you know singing his Mantra chanting and doing walking meditation or something like that so once was a sitting by the water and suddenly start tearing sound of crying one of the fox was crying so one of the fox was a crackpot in can cracks in it and the other part was home so the Crock-Pot was crying was really looking very depressed and miserable and you asked me why are you crying and the fox said I do feel guilty that because of because it mean you have to go up and down the hill extra because I cannot hold the water that you put in so I lose half of the water on the way and I feel like I feel so ashamed about myself for being so broken start smiling and laughing he said my dear you must be paying attention when you go back home I want you to pay attention and Libras and see what is around then it starts working again singing and then the crackpot notices that on the left side when the craft where the crock pot was entire body is green and filled with flowers and the other side was dry what is math the crockpot realises that my Brokenness you can’t do so many flowers so I would like to do an exercise have a short exercise if you all can you have your paper and then otherwise I’ll give you I want you to write down make a list of the whole part and the crackpot the positive qualities you think you have and the negative qualities so-called negative qualities that you think you have just a few and then I’ll tell you what to do around guys they just throw acid on their face and lose the entire face during hospital for sometimes traveling for months is when I saw she’s barely Fourteen and she can hardly breathe chest drawers in her nose and her mouth is mostly closed now so she has to only take liquor through straw in her mom her whole life is gone is that but still of course she’s alive and when I see something like that my black just wants to buy it and I feel like how is it possible that there are so many people in this country and such a small handful are being able to do what they are able to do so I personally feel that there isn’t enough rich in this world and the kind of Rage that is going to bring more like medicine in the world kind of races going to stand up and see that is enough these are our boundaries you cannot abuses like this Monsanto feeding people like crappy food and I’m sure he has a lot of many many people on his hands how is it possible that a little girl from Pakistan 14 years old where the girls are not even allowed in that Village to come outside their house she’s able to stay at gunpoint with Taliban and still say I am going to get myself education I support education for women she’s 14 she’s living in the country or at least in a village that they have no freedom and where is here in America we have like a million times more freedom than them and I’m sure it has its dark side and maybe Beyond on hundred percent free but we have so much freedom and why is it that in spite of the freedom that we have to go out and create an appropriate evaluation that this is not okay why is it that you’re still so complacent and that I feel is because there isn’t enough arranged so I would like to share the story of goddess Kali and she’s probably the word Golly means dark black so she is considered to be the dark goddess and ironically enough she is also considered to be the most compassionate goddess she’s really really fierce if the weapons and her hands were not in a she also has a tongue sticking out she has a Garland of head around her neck she’s wearing a skirt made with hands these are all of course symbolic of something so primarily she is the goddess a fridge she’s Fierce she stands up for justice she does not put up with bulshit she’s a lover of Truth and she wants to with her sword she has a sword in her left hand with her sword she wants to slash a weight cut off anything that is creating that is coming from the eagle that is created the separation and usion in us and that is going to violate the boundaries of her children that is going to abuse her children she’s going to say this is not okay don’t you dare come close to my little girl you’ll be so freakishly sorry so the mythological story behind the archetype of goddess Kali is very interesting so how’s it been millions of years ago and they were gone and there were demons and there was often fights Wars happening between gods and the demons and of course God would always with God’s word more powerful but there was this one demon his name was he was more powerful than any other demons he was infinitely more powerful and then on the God and all the demons saw the gods get really worried oh my goodness we’re going to be destroyed and then they decide oh my goodness will have to go to the most most most powerful one and that is goddess Durga goddess Durga is also one of the forms of goddess Kali and she’s very strong she’s a warrior she rides on a tiger and a she’s the warrior goddess but even she knew that truck to Beecher is very very very powerful so even I need a words in of me that is even more powerful than door. So from her eyebrow comes Carly and she is like this blood sucking blood hungry thirsty and she’s ready to slash down all the demons and her tongue sticking out so what happens with enough to BJ’s if you attack him he’s a demon to cut him when his blood clots and it falls on the ground every drop of blood is going to create even more of the pictures so he’s kind of he feels like he’s infinitely powerful and Lucas Bengali is even more powerful than him what college does is not only does she slay off all the demons she also brings up all the blood to the blood that drops she drinks up all the blocks are there are no more of the beaches and she destroys him but she gets so possessed so possessed by this mad rage but she’s becoming Unstoppable she just keeps on destroying so even after all the demons I destroyed she keeps on destroying so what happened is Lord Shiva who is her husband he goes down and lies down on the ground Belen chili kind of way and she was about to step on him and her mad friends and then suddenly she wakes up all of her state of possession and she realizes oh my goodness I need to stop so she stops so message is that why is it called me and she will always go hand-in-hand. Husband and wife Carly is this raw Untamed emotional power of the Senate is that all of us have and sheba is the masculine aspect also within all of us whether you’re a man or woman she buys the Consciousness she buys the truth when she was with self-awareness what’s the message here is when you let your rage Unleashed your Ridge to fight for justice to find the demons whether they are the internal or external demons but in combination with to do it in combination with Shiva means to do it consciously when anger comes I become present to that anger I don’t repress it I don’t go around killing someone from it of course this is more better for wrinkles what should I do instead anger consciously I use that anger with love like Foundation she was lying down she buys Consciousness true love compassion so the foundation on which I’m going to express my emotions to give me that far is truth I’m going to channel my anger in a way that serves the truth that serves Justice that serves and that is why this Fierce goddess the so-called fears angry goddess is actually one of the most compassionate mothers of autistic in Indian mythology so that is the Paradox that I find really powerful she buys the Consciousness she buys the light so you’re going into that dark space you’re going to the Shadow with this light by your side and you showing your throwing this light on these dark areas and you realized oh my goodness look there is that Billy from my childhood that says oh that is why I’ve been attracting all these terrible relationships oh my goodness and Scotty comes out during the full moon but very often during full moons I get very emotional and I heard from a lot of people they also get very emotional and then the veil between the unconscious world in the conscious world steripen search on the unconscious mind you’re able to enter into your unconscious but you know what is one of the most healing and Powerful things that you can do surrendering to that pain because when you’re crying it out maybe I’m crying out I don’t even know why I’m crying make him crying on the child with pain that when I still like oh my goodness I was rejected by my father by my by my mother or I was abused by this person so maybe I deserve to be abused so I’m dropping all these relationships but I’m getting abused so in that sense and the colony awakens within and when you do that journey into the deep deep dark with the presence of Sheba and is true and it’s love you put light in these dark parks and she’s / is a w with the swords the inner demons the inner dragons the inner Shadow so Liberation supports his powers second is Liberation towards the penta City fiercely honest and fiercely attending that I don’t be angry person I have a friend who has a line here has been angry since China he has a line cure and I see anger in his eyes but she never gets angry and he tells me I never get angry but do you know what I’m saying a joke to him sometimes love this is the very little laughter because his energy stuck in Anger which is not willing to feel and then anger comes from another child with abusive experience but instead he was willing to on this anger and feed it and process it he would not go around being angry all the time and he doesn’t even realize you know people can see it so when you own your anger when you own your fear when you own every emotion you grow in your attempt to sit in you can show up more as this you would like me to be and so nice wholeness the gift of wholeness is the same thing I think in some ways you know hold this is the marriage of the unconscious with the conscious the dark with light the Sheba which ft it’s the marriage so I’m boarding the Kali because bellettini patriarchal world and a lot of us have been so deeply condition by patriarchy that we don’t even know most of us a lot of things are running just masculine and feminine energy has to be depressed and like oh my goodness that’s not good enough you have to hide Your Shadow for the marriage of the Shadow and the lights that’s bringing us more into her holness afrezza creativity trust me when you do good in our journey into the shadow World you’ll need to find some of the most beautiful treasure is there your creative artist known as a creative artist and we all know that sometimes we create some of the most phenomenal art when we dive into those dark places and come back with the treasures that are there in in Hawaii like perfectly trained dancer but has never been through too much pain or suffering or this kind of you know as not Mendes Shadow sometimes you might find their dance to be like beautiful to your eyes but it does not touch you very deep inside your soul or when someone asks that depart within themselves the darkness and the suffering in the plane and the Brokenness and then me and you are comes from there within oh my goodness you might not have your PhD but your art is going to touch people’s Souls the deepest part of their souls so and fearlessness of course Carly McCauley for this is you your your rage brings so much courage and finally unconditional love because she cuts of the eagle because she cuts up the illusion that we are separate we start realizing our Oneness and right on the bush it has been released a funeral home the childhood you know the healing the the messages that come from the childhood trauma like I’m not good enough cutting out all those that shoot what’s Reigns is love you know so you’re growing and conditional love when you act when you’re willing to embody every every emotion how do I access the stating that the divine feminine has been suffering since a long time and she’s being depressed you don’t feel something from your personalized calling to directly you can think of Designing Women in Africa for being raped at 5 or 6 years ago is it happened in Delhi we should be together the second part worship worshipped as a god mother that is why I only change change change change. William Howard Holly energy but not loud as you can okay worship me a new life creation and yeah and cheese changed, it is. worshipped as a god I want to be a mother Osborn from me New Creation Jaden can also be forward assault I never have done this done I’m going through a few months of depression and like where the hell is my life going I do this done it’s a longer performance my bad my life just changes overnight everything looks so different but that is something about the metaphor of Breaking Chains open there’s something about Awakening or invoking the power of the archetype which is so infinite and that reminds me how infinite I am from inside why do I go around walking the Earth walking all over the Earth like feeling so limited Phoenix Artisan power just right so far as to get in touch with my nephew had to get in touch with this kind of animal is powered everyday in the morning how differently would we live our life you know somebody who was really depressed this would be if I was in boarding got a star. I’ll be the soft-spoken version of me Altoona right but I don’t want to stay stuck in this archetype on the timer like this all the time somebody wants to come in abused messages no somebody come shopping with me I do this what I do with my body becomes me because my psychology right so you change how you holding your body is going to change your psychology it’s going to shift your Consciousness it’s going to shift how you show up in the world whether it’s your work your personal relationships everywhere Sears Auto in the city if people Define people sometimes somebody stuck only in the victim archetype somebody step only in the Savior archetype want to see the word saving and I’m getting chronic fatigue syndrome because I’m like not taking care of myself so inviting all the different archetypes is also important sometimes we don’t know that we are running mostly like meet you know masculine energies or following masculine principles and there’s that kind of you know imbalance so how do you rehabilitate that balance between the masculine and The Feminine so how do you embody more in your day-to-day life collie Veronica shepsky so why don’t you must be more familiar with this name sexy because you know Shiva Shakti but these are all names of the same goddess the goddess of empowerment this is her even more Fierce part which gives debts and reboots and because she’s able to give death that is why you’re able to be reborn and that is why you become more free and become more creative there is nature the philosopher he shared very something very interesting about the Journey of human beings he called the three Metamorphoses of the spirit so he said that when the human being is born in the beginning as a child of course you have a creative and free and then of course the social conditioning starts but you have to do this job to live like this or like that so the first stage is you are a camel you know doing things that you’re supposed to be doing a lot to carry this way then walk okay and you know you’re working like the camel then the scammer gets an opportunity to fight these dragons and in order to fight these dragons this camel has to become the lion or the lioness so you need to find that Carly within or whatever so basically the Dragon City presents the shadow lot of people will just go on living this normal superficial life everything is fine in my life and all of a sudden one day cancer heart attack you know whatever in the hospital for a few years or the journey into the shadow is inevitable lot of people who resisted fighted deny it If you deny it and it probably wouldn’t be with you in some other way and it’s going to take you there it’s like if you’re going willingly with a smile with love then you’re going to be dragged there because everybody has shadow shadow is a part of life so sorry if I awakened the Lioness Within Myself and I bravely fight this Dragon which means I am willing to meet my shadow and dance with it and learn from it and grow from it I’m willing to meet my own death I’m willing to meet aspects of myself that need to be given death in order for me to be reborn which means the example that I gave that as a child if I was abused and if I’m constantly attracting abusive relationships as an adult and not looked at my shadow and I’m not try to him Buddyfight if polygons and possesses me and she has me going to the Deep darkness and he’ll that shadow of being wounded or abused as a child and I become free from it I become free from this dragon and lo and behold I can attract a new relationship that comes more from a place of empowerment that makes me feel more free that makes me feel more loved than Irish so if the Lioness or the line is able to fight this dragon and Tom’s Victorious then this lioness once again is turned into a child by a child transform ya and a child is creative child knows how to play you know a lot of times when you have too much trauma kind of makes you heavy Olympic stain the unconscious it makes you happy you cannot play you cannot love I’ve dated an american guy who is like emotionally Sonam down because of whatever he went through childhood that he could not laugh I could not laugh and I was like he’s such an awesome person but I cannot be with him because I’m not able to love with him you know cuz once you if you freeze one emotion if you freeze anger you freeze fear like you’re talking about the fear of facing the fear that was amazing what have you just shared with me so if you keep your anger Frozen and Hayden and say the photo I don’t have any anger it’s like only wish the garbage under the rug what happens is all the emotions come from the same space they’re all energy when during your fear you’re also going to repress your joy it also going to depress your creativity and you’re going to depress your ability to love freely so that is why the child is innocent child has free child can be creative but from my personal experience I can say that when I was a little girl I was of course infinitely creative you could just play a radio and I’ll just start dancing after song had been doing the last couple of years sometimes when people ask me to perform to a new song so that creativity is a treasure but I like a child that you become an even more because when this child or the Scandal goes to the process of facing his or her Brokenness you’re taken down deep into the dark you know and dad is where you meet your deepest treasure and then when you come and you share your heart with the world your art will have soul stories you aren’t will have messages that you channel from the Divine just because you became so broken open that Divine wisdom and Divine Light and Define creativity started flowing through you then the songs that you will right after going through your journey of Brokenness that will bring so much more healing and empowerment to the woods so that is why I appreciated my creativity is a child was really amazing but now I feel having gone to the journey of Brokenness and health issues and whatever now I feel that I am able to still share much more do persol Treasures through my heart now I’m able to stand up and say like you know what if my art is not going to elevate. consciousness of the society or leave the society this world a better place that I would rather not do it if it’s going to bring down the consciousness of the woods and I don’t want to do it not just for the sake of your entertainment she looks like a Demon Slayer she looks like she has this sword in her hand or left hand has been the sword and all of their things to destroy a lot of pictures that say that her right and is actually getting Boons and it is getting blessing and she’s telling people with this hand do not fear so she’s very paradoxical she comes in, so a lot of things out of your life you know what are you doing the past burden you’re carrying a social conditioning you’re carrying this, sounds very cold and heartless because she’s distracted because she comes to give that to you that is why she’s able to give you life I need to take a picture behind What is love Power Rangers happy birthday. Verizon nomura infinite power thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and if you want a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

If Tyler Durden was Feminist Woman

What if tyler durden was a feminist woman?

Instead of space monkeys would she train an army of ocean mermaids?

Would they dance and massage instead of fight?

Would they be guerilla gardeners instead of sabotuers?

Would the project mayhem envelopes contain seed packets?

Would they all be loved and cherished as beautiful and unique snowflakes?

if their fathers left them, would they get revenge against patriarchy by building goddess temples where men could be trained to worship the feminine divine?

If tyler was a woman would she say to her hallucenating subalterego self “i want you to caress me as softly as you can” instead of “i want you to hit me as hard as you can”?

If tyler was a woman, would she have created sacred space for marla to cry on her shoulder?

Would they have been able to attend all the support groups together, especially testicular cancer since technically they both would be without balls?

If tyler was a woman, would she embrace her sacred masculine aspect in a creative instead of destructive manner?

Instead of picking fights with strangers, would she assign her army to pick flowers to give them?

Come on brad lets see you in drag

You can be just as mad

but drop the macho act

More testosterone is not the answer

healing starts with surrendering into compassion

fighting for justice is an act of love

so have some ovaries and woman up to grace

Your rage need not be displaced

integrate the god/goddess within and cosmic bliss will wash away all sin

With rhytmic waves of medicine

pouring from the union of both masculine and feminine.