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Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 12 “Chakral Thrusts: A Non-Invasive Demonectomy”

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO FOR FREE! This video documents an assisted kundalini shakti activation whereby the upward spiraling energy effectively dislodges and squeezes demonic chakral parasites up and out through the central channel nadi without the need for penetration.

Tantra Punk with Yogini Angel

Sharing Kundalini Virginity TPP01

This is the first podcast episode, I thought it would be nice to share a recap discussion I had with the woman with whom I shared my kundalini virginity several years ago. We talk about experiencing the chakras, multiple orgasms, ecstatic trance dance, kundalini energy and more. AI Generated Transcription: (Want to help with corrections? … Continue reading Sharing Kundalini Virginity TPP01