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Independent Motherhood and Empowered Birth Work TPP179


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In this episode I’m humbled and blessed to be able to explore the raw realness of a wombyn of color struggling to navigate and resist patriarchy, white male privilege, and mono-normative love and relationship styles. My new heroine  sheds light on many of the shadows of injustice that she has faced and fought throughout her life and her journey as an independent mother.

She shares about the beauty and magnificence of her natural home birth and the incredible role her doula played in the process. She makes a call out for support of her efforts to study the birth working arts so that she can be of service and give back to the community.

She holds sacred space for me to open up about my ethnic impoverishment and we celebrate the enriched experience of culture that she has as a Mexican-American East Los Angelino.

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About Laura:
Laura was born in East LA, raised in Sur El Monte –UCLA matriculated, educated by her people only, from the classrooms to the streets. She studied Xicanx Studies and Spanish at UCLA, and within undergraduate studies she began to unfold her art of poetry and went on to perform original pieces.

Professionally trained as a legal assistant, Laura took a break from capitalism beginning of 2017 to both create and nurture a newborn, born July of 2017, and felt completely underwhelmed with returning to life in an office. Having had a beautiful, calm and empowering home birth, she is now on the path to joining other mamas on the journey and educating them as a friend and a doula.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 179 I am being joined by at Laura cermeno and she is a sovereign independent mother who I recently have kind of bumps elbows with on social media and she like the kind of stuff I’m doing I like the kind of stuff she’s doing and just synchronistically around her run over recent posts you know I I got a sense of the purposeful mission of being an independent and Sovereign mother that she’s working on also to be a birth worker in to get sort of a community supported or our crowd Source funding of contributions so that she can step up in that role and being serviced in a good way and that is really impressive to me that’s those these are the kind of empowered women that I’m working to build the technical infrastructure in the financial infrastructure to support in in ways that allow for more freedom and and indignity really so that there’s just not this constant compromise and sort of pressure to find a man or a v hitch to a man or the family pressure of where is the this all the psychic external Authority from the toxic masculinity that that is just an economic privilege that shouldn’t really exist so I had them or the community comes in to support women you are doing this kind of work in my opinion the better the world is going to be the better it will be making the world a better place so I’m I’m putting my money where my mouth is I don’t know about anybody else but with that said that’s my soapbox speech for the moment and I will say Lord thank you so much for your kind of being a stranger to me but but being willing to come in until your story and share and hopefully we can get some some good promotion for you as well so please go ahead and tell us about how you’ve evolved awesome I just turned 26 my little Hometown is kind of bug predominantly Mexican neighborhood I grew up I am also from independent mom most of my memories of my childhood was just being with her though we know a stepfather just coming to play when I was about eight years old and still currently still in our lives but for the most part I did see myself as a child of a single mom or independent mom who is very strong and I’m really a lot different from her own background from basically a traditional Mexican home from from a Pueblo from a really small area and you still can’t just a carry on these very men Center traditions and some typical gender roles and very kind of backwards Catholic beliefs so I did grow up with with those beliefs and them at least it’s a tempting of Swing. Urinating me with those beliefs although I do consider myself is to be honest, I didn’t know what the word was but I did know that if things are unfair I wasn’t very interested in heaven as much as my family tried to teach me to cook and clean for Imaginary future partner that would have a pretty much rejected those things when I was around my extended family so my mom never protected those things onto me so I think that kind of help bringing sing both sides really I love you supposedly was your car is no my mom was a struggling mom she had wanted to drop most of the time and despite all those things I did Destiny have a harsh of bringing my mom was also flawed herself but I made it to UCLA wanted to study to become an environmental lawyer didn’t really know how to get around to that but ended up sending check on the city so you feel like although I did still have the tendency to want to go into the legal field which actually did end up going into and despite all that I’m an artist and a poet and a creative at that point in my life who did my baby’s father for years out of college be going out like I spent the day blush and all those things and I very much as interested in kind of The Next Step specialist inside after someone like me to kind of accomplish something like a dream from school like that I thought was pretty much bet I could you know do other things I guess and one of them was very much you know starting family so I’ll save you a lot of activism work at UCLA with an organization called occupy UCLA I was also part of the Bruins I’m going to spray quality there so when I was kind of a practicing their two sisters are there Mexican Oaxaca and they just talked about big mothers and so on one episode that they did speak about home birth and I want to listen in on that and they say they spoke to her mother her name is Lauren boy she still practices as a midwife in Los Angeles Pacific Lane Redondo Beach and she’s recently had moved back to Los Angeles from maybe around ten years of experience and work with communities in Oaxaca although she’s American she has good credentials to me because she was taught by my people if that makes sense so that made me feel like Asian is a language patient was a culture might be more than a lot of others who have just lost touch with their culture and so that definitely empowered me to continue on and I believe I did reach out to her before I even was pregnant so that I can make sure that you know I was able to lock her down because I figured you’d be pretty popular after that podcast so that’s why I landed speaking with her and she ended up being my Midwife who delivered my son I’m so mean I don’t know how to fast forward to now but the home birth was spectacular there was a point where I thought I’m not going to make it in the sense that I’m ready to go to the hospital maybe to make things easier but once my dual arrived I would say she was the most instrumental in getting me to finish with my goal of having a natural number is amazing so her name is Jenny solo it’s been a year and 4 months since my son was born for the first year I was full-time being a mom stay-at-home parent and the past 4 months have been attempting to become more independent been 4 months since I left my partner and I just had to revert back to the LegalShield because that’s what I had experienced in so I did not enjoy it anymore so that’s where we are today I’m just floored and humbled and I’m kind of in shock that I’m that I’m witnessing in myself hearing all of this in feeling like Sperry I’m just Gathering my thoughts right now because so much of what you said or are considerations and concerns that a lot of a lot of men don’t turn into when they’re just doing ball games and barbecues and video games and when I dropped out of that world a stint was very in my formative years in college was very much transform bye-bye feminist lovers who really put me in check and it made me think about and try to grow sensitivity to a lot of these issues till is it just a little bit just to kind of help if you will accompany you to kind of put my contacts in in this mix cuz it’s it feels like from from from one perspective this is really awkward because what is a what is a white dude know about any of this stuff unless unless you really cared and why would he even care and I do care because you know my I have you know since I’ve had I’ve been a victim of patriarchy and various ways that makes me very sensitive to other victims of patriarchy and the the healing the thesaurus cultural healing the the gender ceiling that needs to happen it’s is very near and dear to my heart is so it’s it’s kind of made me care and be concerned and actually want to I mean of all the superhero archetypes and all the vet like violet masculine heroic bulshit if there’s a way to be a hero that is not always sexy and not always is glamorous and not always has violin it’s really like how do you how do you get humbled by the stories and understand the need to flip the script and really start to take whatever privilege you have and put it where it’s needed the most and that’s kind of what you’re talking about that’s what I hear you know this is trying to to make it against so if you don’t mind Alaska this journey that you have taken I don’t want to I don’t want it to be gossipy or dramatic or anything or but feel free to go off if you want to but I am I am curious what and whatever way you want to express it that the breaking apart breaking up Breaking Free however you want to describe it what is that look like for you having can you walk us through kind of your the psychology of the happy-ever-after kind of Disney thing was that going on or where you you know I just just whatever you could say about how you how you discovered you had to come part ways and there’s a fork in the road it with the relationship and now you have I don’t know if you have child support coming in I don’t know if you have like what level of estrangement or or or sort of like a financial duress you might be in so we can get a sense of how best to support your super heroic efforts if you if I dare say basically I don’t think that we ever really were in the happily-ever-after although we were super connected by the idea of really like my miss both of us really wanted to start a family and we met during active this time it was funny how you see yourself as Waco White Privilege Connections in certain like moral things and kind of political things but our communication never built back up our trust never built back up I guess I reach some normalcy but I think what really set me off towards the end all the way I believe we’ve been breaking up for like a long time probably even during the pregnancy there was still like some issues just basically getting along then maybe just things that weren’t fulfilling and if she know we were to be honest with one another it was it lasted even longer than it than it had to but towards the end actually on my son’s first birthday party when are joined together mind being the bigger 35 + people his relatives came by we had just gotten the house you know he actually is a lawyer law field and so I was a stay-at-home mom at the point at that point trying to break free also it was like a great especially our son but things kind of devolved I can’t believe it really was his mom trying to start shit and you know wondering asking one of these people leaving you know in my home and instead of Nino I don’t know that being squash for like maybe my partner kind of getting a little bit better he felt like you know he needed to give his response or whatever because we’ve been celebrating him drinking for a while and you don’t even smoke was being funny and I believe literally every person was enjoying themselves operate on her problem not a problem that’s why I like sarcasm but you know my partner’s response was after I was nothing helpful I wouldn’t say I was being helpful but that’s right my response he decided to kick out my family and that was a breaking point for sure I believe I talked about breaking up that night will you continue to go to couples counseling which was something that we’ve already started alright believe he started much too late couple weeks past actually I will not go back the very next day my grandmother from my grandmother who wasn’t present at the party from My Father’s Side passed away from cirrhosis and you know I dealt with being embarrassed by my partner in front of my family and then you know another relative dying you know still trying to go to couples counseling and all that and really getting no type of support One account for themselves my grandmother’s Memorial came and I wanted to celebrate go out you got a babysitter so we can go baby dancing and relieve some stress my partner were not by being we’re not getting along with and despite you know me really being in need we did not seem to go on that Alsace you know decided to go for a drive alone and got donuts with a friend and came back or came back going towards my house now calling my partner again and ask them what his plans were and he said that he was going to go to a strip club instead of either spend time with me or do nothing really but he really needed to make a statement about you know me leaving him and saying that he wasn’t a pleasant person or support that that night so you know me leaving and be independent memes like I a deserved I guess for him to go ahead and go and do something as disrespectful as it was possible for him to do something like that and he did it so because I asked me and I also think this is going to be good for a relationship to it she responded what relationship and so I kind of like where’s my hand I would say there was definite self-sabotage there and it was all so liberating you know maybe in a way he know scapegoating him for his actions and me for you needing to leave but yeah that was a definite and it was just like indicative of like a huge problem that we already had had him something that I wanted to get away from him not showed it to normalize. To my son I mean I just yep that’s how that ended thank you so much for sharing that and there’s so much going on there and it’s honestly there’s a bear up there are a number of parallel situations that I’m somehow in the crossfire or in the middle Evan in some way or another where I get it and I will I’m starting to starting to get it starting to understand that that these fractures that happen in just the whole notion that we have of the nuclear family and that whole white American picket fence line two and a half kids and dog and a cat and two cars in the garage and in that hole Mystique it time it’s problematic for a lot of reasons and what you just feel like I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong right now by opening in holding the space for you to share this story in a way that will reach people all over the world who are going to have a vibratory emotional resonance with just the crisis here in because you you I’m sure you will write a book you will have your Memoirs whether you whether we’re kind of taking notes now and putting out a little bit of it now or if it comes out all later but this is some it’s it’s it’s a sadly tragic typical pattern and I feel like the the word that and I have this this it is I have this fantasy this utopian fantasy that we can somehow as an entire species returned to a dynamic where women are really super into into each other’s emotional needs and it in each other’s physical needs and in and even a Time sexual needs I’m not afraid to say it I will say that it’s not it’s not it’s not a big secret that lesbian lovers take care of each other longer and better than most straight male lovers and it’s just one one dimension here but but overall I’m just seeing that the the vulnerability and the susceptibility to these douchey patterns that can just be catastrophic if it’s just that I have been trained by my feminist friends and lovers who are female body and in that they’ve been taught me that it’s like so many women are trapped in in these fucked-up Dynamics with men because they don’t have solidarity and Sisterhood amongst each other to the point where where men are just think if they come and go it doesn’t even fucking matter because they don’t have any property rights they don’t have you know your bank account password they don’t have there’s not at this whole mythology around you know my you need to view need to impress my family and my family needs to get babies from you to put their name on so that we can give her so I mean whatever the race I mean dinosaurs say whatever but but that’s not even getting started with the racial politics of course just the patriarchal patrilineal you know we named We pre-stamped the mail the mail server name on the children and we we want to control the sexuality of all of all females because they’re either going to be cranking out babies that we don’t own or they’re going to be cheating on are you know prodigal son you know we don’t want the Princess Luna with a princess running off with the family jewels in shacking up and falling in love with some poor man if some other race or something and then there’s so many that are going on I don’t know if any I’m just kind of going off because these are the bigger patterns in a bigger size but like what you talk what you’re saying like this is very well I just want to say I guess in a in a supportive way as best I can that what you just described about your particular Journey with these macro Dynamics is I just want to applaud you for for you know stepping up and taking a stand and taking a risk in and going out on a limb for your own dignity and sovereignty and I hope that the dudes in the doghouse and he’s going to try to like not are you know I’m not going to be projecting my my couples counseling services on TV right now I don’t know what is the destiny is that I was supposed to have them but certainly some growth and learning on on his part and I hope that his heart is open to that and I will say you know if you ever hears this if you ever meet Smith at like you know he can spit in my face but I will still give him a hug because we can go and have her men’s group or whatever to bring it back to the world again just I applied you I’m I’m seeing a bestseller here already so take good notes and and when I will just put best best wishes after he comes you know falls into the 2 to the matriarchy and in whatever way you’ll make sense but from this point of what you shared now I’m wondering so the the leap of faith into Independence and being single and what is that look like for you financially and legally and an emotionally didn’t like what have you kind of designed for yourself is the strategy to move forward without move forward with a cup with a new paradigm for yourself of what community is going to be like and what a family is going to be like in maybe yeah I mean I can only imagine I have a few other folks I said who are in similar circumstances that that I hear from a lot but it sounds like you know you stepped up and said hey hook it up I’m doing something good I’m going to take care of everybody’s going to be cuz you remove by that so so definitely luckily for now I’m not going through any court system to try to get any reciprocation from baby’s father he’s pretty open pretty good he is providing child support although we have some reason talks about cutting back on that at my like probably most vulnerable time right now so when things aren’t perfect but I enjoy you know the 50/50 split that we do have I think that’s healthy for my son that’s healthy for me to have some much-needed time to recoup and kind of like clean up my space and have me time luckily I found a place leasing out of 4 bedroom house with some friends some really good like-minded friends that I am having you know that Community with and that’s 5 minutes from the daycare by mention the baby father not my favorite place but you know I’m glad that it’s going to work out that way I’ll east of the Prime Meridian Community me and my partner are going to have to be in a family no matter what here and physical demands are so far not really though you know I would definitely recommend for those who do have those issues like you need to go to court my cell phone for that system but particularly what’s going on meeting child support is crucial to start as soon as you can. I’m I’m kind of make sure that things are fair you know things can be fingernail that clear you don’t know people’s Financial anything until you really get them down in a way not the same situation for everyone but luckily I’m having luck with that I never had my own place you don’t like my own place but you know I’m on the lease or where me and responsibility is a double edged sword but being cool with that and being able to do it even just excited about that I definitely am now the opinion that monogamy doesn’t work I’m opening you know myself up and I’m starting to date a little bit but for the most part I want to maintain like not a typical kind of unhealthy ways where you know because you decided to like someone now they have a say in your top of me and things like that I don’t I don’t Vibe with that and I’m just trying to meet people were kind of the same way as far as Community I mean like food sharing meeting other mothers connecting online especially now since I’m one reason Kratom has probably for myself and I do see myself hanging out with my friends and kind of wanting that energy around my son as well so for now it’s it’s that way I don’t I don’t I don’t leave men out are you not going to go the same type of again yeah that’s what I am well I’m glad to hear it pretty much all of that that’s it could be so much worse and probably not that that much better and some of the stuff I’m actually hearing it’s it’s there is it’s it’s funny because or I should say it’s funny but I’ll say that the tragic comedy is that a lot of what what a conventional or conservative certainly white bread kind of patriarchal mortified to hear most of what you’re saying cuz it would just be the end of the American dream and to me it’s like the end of the American Nightmare so I’m actually happy to hear that I honestly believe everyone can find most likely find a little something a little bit better for them scary part is leaving I guess well that’s a deep study and and I think about that Austin and I I’m just trying to build up the most elegant toolkit of intellectual and emotional resources to help people kind of feel supported in these kind of decisions one of the things that I found was a great resources there’s a polyamory weekly podcast and I don’t know it’s been awhile since I’ve been away from them but they were gone for quite a while and they interview the woman who called herself a relationship Anarchy and non-hierarchical relationship Anarchist which was and she just broke it down so hard core in and that cuz you could be relationship anarchists and be rebelling against a store Terry and lovers of course but but she was even taking it to a level of like I’m not going to have a primary partner does not going to be a sort of you know a favoritism kind of dimension of a hierarchy at the way that you get with people who do the primary partner thing which I’m not saying it’s good or bad but I’m just saying wow this is the potential is Limitless for how free you can actually be used at the Quizlet see citizen in that system essential and and so so yeah I feel like a lot of the toxic Behavior happens in this sort of void or vacuum where couples are in this secret hell realm called privacy where people shut their doors and close your blinds and they don’t want they feel like it’s inappropriate for them to to kind of do like a sit-in strike and say no until you all resolve this issue I’m not going to go to work I’m not going to leave the room I’m not going to give you your privacy to tear each other apart I’m going to ask you present and and so call me utopian call me an idealist but I feel like that Sisterhood and Brotherhood and everything in between hood is all good in the more the merrier to have people holding each other socially accountable for for misconduct and for just micro micro oppression and abuse and everything so yeah glad to hear that you’re are more Collective household and I certainly can commiserate with the that next leveling of responsibility to be to be on the lease because then you actually have to be kind of like a a job site manager 2 or something you have to take on these others wish that we would just like it was just the land and the people that children got my anything–but so so yeah now that we didn’t answer we’ve kind of mentioned a couple times the campaign that you’re doing so now will probably be a great time to give you full space to just talk about what you’re hoping to get from what the support you’re looking to to access from from those who can shave off a bit of their of their means to help you get something blue strapless with your all about it jobs Aliso maybe a little bit over a week now I was terminated from pretty terrible workplace I’m I’m pretty blessed I’m leaving and you know now just thinking about the perfect opportunity to try to switch to something more meaningful more creative less to do with the government and substantiating pretty must have systems I don’t actually mamaw really believe in so and I did I I mean I’ve been kind of thinking about some sort of spiritual work with other spiritual guides in other folks and they’ve always going to tell me you know you have this play healing thing like soda spiritual work and what they were doing I mean psychic reading room but then I was like I don’t think so you know so yeah for the most part and I’ve always been a writer. I also staying so try to do those things you know somebody is coming not much but and then just speaking to my Doula I also met with her and she kind of walk me through the process and I looked up some specific trainings that I really thought would really help some of them are for certification someone is not although certification I hear this not also not required I feel like you know parents definitely wanted to have some sort of certification so why not I’m so yeah for now I mean the main when I like the workshop that I like is not a certification one but it has so much it’s called sumi’s touch it’s a workshop at his family’s touch it still see only do it raining Crown cost $750 and all of the resources are online so I mean you study but he get the resources online so I should be able to you know keypad and potential clients another big part of the training is actually going in on where it’s which you know middle Midwest most likely kind of mitigate that you know there can’t be like 10 people on the room besides you know family members or whatever so you know it has to be kind of specific and you know birth work to do with all of this and so I shared that those costs for apprenticeships just for one birth of roughly 500 each so you know that they’ll send me back a little right now so she right now because if not I’m still trying to get email part-time job to maintain education and kind of community work that’s what that’s why I have approximate around $6,000 like kind of a beginning him out but I think you know once I get into it’ll be a lot more feasible you know no longer asking the community but if not you know give I want to give give my work to two families I would completely need to know a free Doula like that’s my gift back after I completed some training and yeah I do want both birth Doula and postpartum doula certification so that I could help free during birth and then postpartum healing looks pretty much my spiel about the GoFundMe I pray that you get all of the abundance that is coming to you and I really appreciate the way your structuring the the perks you know to be able to be in service in and it’s really like a Pay It Forward kind of thing of people can help you out they will know that they have you to have their backs and I’ve known a couple of doulas in my life and certainly known women who have worked in the women’s sexual health field in the reproductive Health shield and pardon my French but a lot of what what they’ve been up against is a real shitshow and I just watch and watch the the mainstream institutions just chew them up and spit them out in the pharmaceutical corruption and just there’s so much real evil going on once you get into that medicalized anything. I am so we don’t know most of us what we don’t know about what we’re missing out on about home birth and having really wise which is an herbalist and and Medicine women who have dedicated themselves to these pads and if you want to talk about taking a power back from patriarchy this is such a one of the deepest wounds are one of the most I guess I would say for my perspective which is a really I really twisted for most of intervention from the the way that they put you in the stirrups to the others are so many things that I think it was just a total medieval torture horse or something else so can you teach for the people listening and I don’t know if you will get you know a ton of support just you know from from the audience I’ll try to get this out as soon as possible but I’m certainly going to put in what I can to help you move forward with your goals but I would like to just have you just kind of share with us for the record kind of what what is the what Define a doula and independent provide more of a definition and and talk about really how how relevant is that we have a doula on every block or whatever is the goal you know what I mean I really like its etymology like it means a woman of service or something like that would she really really wrong with that but you know obviously in the picture I get at 11 and someone wants to be there for you and not not just a service but more like emotional like support I believe that’s one of the most beautiful things, I didn’t think about needing a doula until it was probably 6 months into my pregnancy and you know what the things are and who could help me in the prices in time became very anxious do you know why but I just realized maybe because of my issues with my ex and I needed a more emotionally attentive person that just knew it wasn’t was going on and I will you not shave my ex still he was very much present and helpful I’m I did too heavily rely on just my Doula process so because she is entrenched in me a Mexican traditional practices of Reno labor and then she’ll sit does placenta encapsulation and she does feeling ceremonies at the end which are traditional Tim and Janice Mexican communities because they’re in the traditional to some indigenous communities definitely she’s very in touch with those types of things and for the most part I believe it was mainly her touch some of her words that are touched during spring surgeons contractions that kind of made them my mind go away station was about like 50% reduced and just having that constantly every now every 5 3 2 5 minutes like that touch that reassurance it was brief but it was powerful and I wasn’t seeking anyone else out other than her and I don’t think that if she was not present but I would have done you know the full natural hunger I don’t know if the goal is to have one on every block but at least four people to know what I do want is what to do what does do those are not the ones license to help bring out the baby anything medical although they do Monitor 40 days postpartum ceremony maybe their knowledge is that are carried out through very many generations through a special spiritual people spiritual healers family-to-family it’s not about a social-media thing although it is becoming one I am particularly wanted that because I don’t believe in science is not created by women about women I don’t think more people can know about our bodies than ourselves and our intuition far beyond what the cerebal can tell us far beyond what we can read about in nail science textbooks or something like that especially her mother is healthy with no complications. Things will be fine you know that science of fear is stronger than the actual evidence based science dualism cells can produce for you regarding you know labor and delivery just in the home so that’s why I want to do what I want to do awesome I feel the warmth in my heart. Nice and kind of my mind playing out to the cinematography of of what you’re talking about and if you are you good to go at 5. This is been a fast almost hours are you good to go a little further or something that is because you mentioned social media it’s it’s kind of I guess ties in with this kind of fun well I will see the you’re also talking about science and technology and and how might how feminism has inform my attitudes towards technology and whatnot so just kind of say briefly that I I think there’s a lot of Now new space for ethical hackers of all colored hats to look at the the big data conglomerates and monopolies that are sucking our private information out into the corrupt backdoor deals and just makes Orwell look like Bambi or something you know it’s like it’s worse it’s worse than I ever imagined it’s more Insidious and more Twisted in in sadistic never imagining and yet it also this whole moment we’re in with with some the internet with social media I’m I’m old enough to know what it was like to have to read a book or go out and socialize to not be bored a lot has changed I see this blessing and a curse and then obviously the curse of aspects are pretty obvious certainly anybody listen to this anybody is addicted to refreshing a need an app for anyting guilty of certain degrees of that we can if we have a hack your mindset to this situation than we can we can use a little bit of digital Alchemy in in in figure out how to make these systems work in in the benefit of the people in the benefit of people of color in the benefit of the oppressed of all varieties in and really it’s it’s the potential I think to reclaim and redefine Beauty on a lot of levels so something that you were very I would say there is a bold and beautiful about is the you or I seen your Instagram and you’re doing herbal baths with your child you know you’ve you’re doing breastfeeding you were flying your stretch marks and I believe there is a lot of room and a lot of potential to reclaim the the beauty of mothers and Andrea Lee break the beauty myth molding and smash the patriarchy in that sense so I’m just curious if it’s not out of my you know appropriate balance to to open these topics if you want to talk about how you how you want to or how you were thinking about and strategizing about kind of re beautifying motherhood in in the whole kind of plastic Barbie Perfection kind of thing I feel like my probably never fit the mold and you know what Barbie stuff that’s hot issues with my image and and what I want to see I guess then in a pregnancy in a major key for while I from Los Angeles I feel like I was especially at that point because I had been breastfeeding and things have been going so well and I was producing a lot of milk is losing a lot of calories I feel like I was like my body what did have a hard time with it actually was a stretch marks because they’re so dark for so long and maybe they’ve been fighting this year but at the end of the day because I’ve been mice like who I am who I hopefully have portrayed myself to be it myself you know throughout this talk I like what’s in the mirror like I can’t deny a picture for the most part those images they came about kind of want to win all those thousands upon thousands of pictures of other pictures are affected my culture I’m not just my culture it was actually an article about Latinos and changing the United States predominately do think Mexican and not the problem itself my Mexican culture I mean how could I let you know how can I kind of like I wasn’t cheerleading I wasn’t picky I was just listening to kind of like creative directors and and also one of them being my Village any Silva. Imo’s pictures I couldn’t deny that for myself a friend of mine. For my son and you know it at the time I’m pretty sure I was very self-conscious but I’ve ever gotten of me and my son and regardless I don’t think that you can even think about Barbie that have skated my son and there’s no way that you can deny that kind of love what I write in my diary and actually feel about myself sometimes I mean everyone has those monsters and it’s not it’s settled in the other thing is like I’m making him a photo with my son and it’s not sexual at all and so those types of conversations we were blessed and that my picture came to fruition through National Geographic so they actually were able to okay that photo and have it in place of the name of an article which I particularly make sense with the rest of the words in the article so captivating in a way it captures kind of like innocence in like kind of like giving like specially because yeah that’s what it that’s what the whole process is giving your body an alarm for a time and then all the time after that where you’re breastfeeding you’re also very much giving your body and your energy but yeah I’m super lucky that my Doula Jenny silver had previously worked with a National Geographic photographer and they were interested in cultivating raised images for a specific article about kind of power which was reshaped to talk about Trump’s America basically I’m so yeah I mean it away my photo resurface there and it is in the magazine July 2017 you’re after my son was born so that was pretty powerful yeah that’s pretty much a part of me wishes that you would just keep talking forever so I don’t have to help myself for like being choked up with tears right now and we like that yeah this is this is really powerful and I said I want to be too Starstruck that that you’re a Nat Geo and Neji was so near and dear to my heart I feel like doing the Wayne’s World I’m not worthy thing is that just a little bit more about my do love if you know like something with her in there because Stephanie like know that power and you know all that staging and ran to actual herbal bath like those images and like that sacredness of hours but you know that’s something from her and I think that comes out of the picture yeah I like I always the picture like National Geographic a lot of like animals but just being in touch with all types of Nature and like you know that type of stuff like being in arima super powerful and I think that again it’s like a lost tradition in my car trying to reclaim that now. It’s been around you know these things are not scary but just letting you know we have more power right on well I will say I have it is not been challenging for me to be. Don’t take this the wrong way or anything but I would say there is a man in this world I’ve always felt like it was not a chore but else but a privilege to a good refers to be meditating on the the beauty of stretch marks and just feeling the texture and not is a sort of like oh oh pity party you know you don’t get to be in Miss Universe it now or whatever it’s like such a bullshit but it’s a Well there should be a Miss Universe for for that and if you actually cared you know you would appreciate that so I feel like that if you haven’t anyone listening if you haven’t worshipped stretch mark belly before then you’re missing out the music sits it’s a mystery and something to to meditate on in into yeah it’s 11 so I appreciate that and I guess maybe your last sort of from save me hear them thinking of would just be 2 maybe I’m kind of a this is this is a big kind of klusterfuk of questions I guess you could say that I that I have I’m a white man to grow up in the Northwest and one of the whitest states in the union and I was always drawn to the Mystique of LA to all of the Hollywood movies that I watched his latchkey kid and all that stuff and now I’ve been down here for almost maybe more than 15 years trying to just connecting and you know you’re going to laugh but it’s like things like I really connected as a young child with movies like La Bamba and later got into Blood In Blood Out which is also made by the same the same dude who was who is his kind of enamored with being I don’t I wouldn’t forget to send him but I’d say certainly my case that has he said he grew up grew up around and experienced a lot of Latino culture for me there were bits and pieces growing up but but just being a fight dude totally disgusted with the emptiness of my own non-kosher at 8 just felt like I want to just be the ugly ducking duckling and check up to whatever other intact kind of familial or sort of tribal structure as I can find so I’m kind of like a Joy’s the the parties and I’ve always kind of like exactly I haven’t tried to Vienna. The Mexican because I’m in LA and I’ve Had My Moments in there to see if you would know that I just that there’s been some funny like West Side Story type moments and funny like that is pretty funny but it it it it does speak to this bigger kind of picture thing what I want to say about it being the klusterfuk of a question is like to bring it back for you is like you know I see indigeny small and sort of thumb Anarchy feminism in just at the tour to Mexico with punk bands and I’ve gotten to really for myself see the the this just the fact that 49 1492 is every day somewhere in the world and there’s places where that that that Battlefield this is like the battlefield of indigenous language is dying against Spanish to English in seeing punk bands play punk in steampunk in and totally indigenous tongue that may or may not be fully documented by anthropologists but it’s a the and also the fact that like a lot of the Latin American punk rock seems that I got to experience were not everybody was all pumped out a lot of people were just like regular working class citizens and they were all participating in that because it was like the a way to celebrate I got more of that more deeply connected fabric of culture and what not but I guess you know what I worried where this is going and I appreciate you being very with me versus myself I feel like I could ask you this question and I can’t I can’t always ask people this question cuz it’s too controversial into explosive you know but the question really is you know how do you in your you’ve broken free from a lot of the shackles of thinking that Catholicism in patriarchy and the state and and all these other institutions that that try to turn indigenous people against their own skin color against their own Traditions you know you were fighting that fight right now and I just I’m curious what you would say and what your thoughts are what you would share for the the occupied and the occupiers the colonized in the colonizers wherever you might be in the world like what what is what words would you have to say for to empower people to break free from these religious controls and spiritual and sexual all that stuff and so I don’t know you know what comes to mind but how can people be of service that are not you know my condition is some people who are indigenous how can they kind of stand up and break free and not sell out and whatever you know conform or whatever that is definitely a huge question I don’t consider myself like any kind of Representatives regardless of my identity. You know like like similar to you I think I don’t necessarily write people off because they’re white although have a lot of comrades and friends I do but I do think that there’s be home folks or not a business that you know there’s a void there’s there’s a feeling there’s a there’s a reason why we’re all kind of going through a shift and realizing like this is not a certain different types of things for ourselves and having kind of like technological kind of looks like talking but not enough kind of like doorways to like get through to like the type of world that we will be one of those kind of far out two different things I mean it sucks but now the main way you can contribute to the world you want to live in right now is funds his fundraising is bleeding charity work but more like you know who needs to be uplifted that’s maybe you know if you can think about it the current structure for the current capitalistic structure are not valued in the same monetary way but they’re doing more for the community and the types of work and the type of world that you want to live in in the future like that type of stuff right so like less kind of thing people eyes like a disadvantage or whatever it’s more like kind of like Goods what can you give when then what can you what can you go back to people who have donated to me just like that other people who again or more just that I want to see what’s up to so you know like you know anyone that’s looking for a doula you know how I am in that position where I think I do need to attend for free things like that so for people who are indigenous of course just again where the mouth speaking to people speaking to people about birth rethinking births or I’ll be home for a worm anything that deviant from you you know but not necessarily kind of like reinforcing those structures on each other that type of thing but that judgment what became an entrepreneur for yourself so you know it’s just being you not being imaginative enough and you may be wanting that for yourself in your life right like that’s why people come out here with negativity or or should I just be mindful of your energy where you place it in and why you’re giving off something that’s not super ideal my world’s just blind optimism but you know I think we definitely need more optimism and I am definitely like a punk I really like happy Punk right now from a world where you know I’m from the same world as y’all but I definitely think for the revolution what I want to bring is this breath work and what I want to bring is more positivity and it has to be blind sometimes why not you know we just need that when you believe in God but definitely line ourselves up to receive those changes by way of saying all the the mess ups we have in our own brain like deconstructing kind of like the actually try to make a difference I think that’s pretty much it is to you for decolonizing your bedroom and decona is in your mind and decide to colonizing these dimensions of bed sometimes overlooked and I appreciate everything you have been saying in will be taking good notes in and I can also commiserate about punk rock and I’ll say that I like I said happy Punk I’ve actually kind of put the thought experiment out there what if what if in some bizarre sci-fi future the punk the punk rock an Arco Punk Revolution actually succeeds and we are living in tribal Neo tribal Utopia and there’s nothing to complain about what kind of music are we going to read me and are we going to be playing these like death metal Melodies about Doom and Gloom or we going to be free country weaving the musical fabric that used to be just ceremonial songs and and ways to get through seasons and get through life cycles and things so so I’m I’m there with you and I if I am looking forward to hearing the chi music that you hopefully will create an account of lyrics and poetry that you were right and hopefully that will be part of that transition towards post-apocalyptic Punk kind of phone oh yeah well. Cool will definitely have more time again I think will be great to have you back to even come in and talk about some of the as you do your trainings and as you have more experience has to come in and share and just get more people kind of Switched on and activated around in this and amazing well thank you so much for your platform I appreciate it so much more than you know but I definitely would love to come and reconnect it somewhere cool so I guess I would say that I just want to help put in my final words and then leave it open to you to say whatever you like to close out with and certainly will put a link to your campaign in the show notes and anything else you like to have shared their yeah and so I would say it’s interesting residents that I have with with your story and that I actually I went to the University of Oregon and that was where is it premieres environmental law conference happen every year and it was just an orgy of environmental lawyers and I got to expose to all of these campaigns in all of these struggles and all of this super high level but it was great cuz it was like you had all these super Elite privileged white intellectual academic Scholars and then they were using the budget of the university in this this this conference annual conference to to bring in indigenous environmental Warriors from all over the world to tell me the story so you know that was it a very beautiful thing and I feel like something that is the I want to see a buzzword but like a key term from from that world is well everything is is our environment and the environmental justice in this order from the cultural ecological issues that you’re talking about it’s like yeah you talking about the legality around the environment of the womb and how they how to clean clean that up so I feel like you were definitely I mean I can see the the parallels there and in whatever dimension environmental law Shield work you want to explore I’m sure that the the grant funding and the interns and that you no tapping into all of those those hungry Minds in the people that want to study things and you know you just have to spend it right and you can have a PhD thesis if I can see it so you review right yeah but now I I just actually study that I actually did research on mental racism in low-income communities I’m in certain communities but I think my closing thoughts for sure are just that Albert’s that’s the beginning of our culture and if we are experiencing experiencing or like that I meant to me if you know I’ve been through this process and make sense to me but if you think about it you know I think about it logically and all the beginning of society begins with Creative Kids of this cage think of work like this is like the first step for a new Society right like and even in your own interpersonal lives where can we drive power and how come we Empower women to have empowered birth and not just you know that one day but you know checking in having Community being accountable to them you know I’m kind of Usher as Elders that experience them but also have some advice for independent mother and said I would say and I’ll start with self-care is your number one goal that’s super difficult and over myself a camera that usually ask for my son because I know I could feel depleted if I wasn’t so caring I definitely was a different kind of mom and that’s something I didn’t want to pass on I would say start creating that works around you find other end of town mothers like you share resources like food would sharing and child caring if that’s feasible of my ruin us to Burnt out from work for when you need it I said I would say don’t have too much of a pride issue personally but when you ask for help then people will know that you need it and regardless of of that Party Factory think that because we have a little little people to attend to you know it doesn’t really have a place all the time when numbers are my final words alright well thank you so much I’m looking forward to next steps and we will talk more about the survival women project soon and and hopefully that can be another another connection point two more networking and more resources to help you move all this stuff for so thank you for being being willing to come on the show and hopefully a lot of people will get a lot from this and I really do want to bring it all the way back down to the thirst with a lot of the stuff and I appreciate that so yeah I have a wonderful rest of your evening and we will be in touch very soon thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and if you want a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Divine Crypto Feminisms for Unblocking Shakti with Nanu Berks TPP175


Nanu Berks Pic

In this podcast I’m joined again by Nanu Berks for a deep and insightful exploration of the power dynamics, gender politics, and social psychology of philanthropy, decentralized movement building, and business development in the crypto-currency and blockchain space. I appreciated her mentioning the Survival Wombyn project and that she held space for me to explain it, and shed some fear and embarrassment about soliciting women to join it. We share values of radical responsibility and agree to help keep each other in check.

It was refreshing and invigorating to commiserate and share strength and resolve to keep fighting the good fight with art, tech, and love.

Please connect with her at:

About Nanu

Nanu Berks loves “connecting humans to each other in creative ways

Originally from Argentina, she currently works as a full-time artist & crypto cultural arts ambassador in the city of Austin, traveling often for global collaborations.

Nanu has a writing background in Tech/AI/Communication, and enjoys “sharing information about the blockchain evolution through experiential art”

Ask her about Crypto Murals, and 5 senses social experiments.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 175 I am so thrilled today to have nanu Berks again on as a guest to talk about all of her Wild Adventures in crypto land and being a cultural Ambassador bringing bridging art and holistic lifestyle and wellness and all kinds of social Consciousness anybody who Consciousness into the blockchain space and last conversation we had I don’t know what the what big were the spot price of Bitcoin was at that moment but I was it’s been we’ve we’ve endured some some white water rapids you know in the market and it’s definitely shaking out a lot of weak hands and shaking out a lot but thankfully a lot of fraudsters and people that were just chasing the hype so it’s kind of a sweet spot actually it ironically paradoxically to be in a so-called bear Market because then you’re hanging out with the build the build the build the building or however you say it’s like the spin-off of holidays but it’s the people who are saying we’re not just speculating we’re building that technology for financial Liberation for the future and you know the less customer support tickets that have to be dealt with the less fraudsters and scamsters have to deal with that the more we can focus on a technology and agriculture building so that’s that’s kind of where I’m at with this I’d love to hear it now know if you could bring us up to speed on just since we last talked however long ago that was how have you been strategizing in and growing and evolving with this set industry in this m cultural revolution because this is such a such a beautiful space to talk in a in a Wholesome Way about crypto I think that you you make it a nice platform for people to be real and talk about anything and everything that’s going on in their life and how it relates to it as well I’m so I don’t usually get this opportunity another podcast to become so yeah I really appreciate you having me on again I think if you hit it right on the head and now it’s the the situations when the market flows so in such extreme waves makes a lot of people want to leave a lot of people lose faith and the people that have been here since the beginning you know by some new coins or come up with Creative Solutions to how to stay connected and so I think it’s the people who are still in it through all of these Ebbs and flows are the people that like you said that really believe and the technology and that for me personally I weather cryptos so drive or not whether blockchain in general becomes massively adopted right now or in the future I I believe in this technology I have seen it be useful and so many ways already in so many proofs of concept and I am very hopeful for it and not in the in-house going to shift in a line or future so I just want to continue using it and trying it out and even through the frustrations I just can’t seem to stay away from the technology you know you’re too kind of commiserate with you on and I’m sure tips and stuff is just the interesting the psychological shifts that happen when when it is if it’s a stop sell when it’s when it’s a bull market right when the prices are going up even if you’re just going up slowly which I prefer because then people don’t lose their minds but you know when it’s going up you feel it’s impossible not to get a Christ complex about wanting to evangelize and then and then you can send for the price drops and then you have people who believed in you and relied on you and they’re going to All Point your fingers package you to get really hesitant about wanting to onboard people after you know people have been traumatized by losing money I mean literally actually clinically traumatized steak no joke completely like on the books, ties in that’s what happened to basically everybody in the world you had a bank account that can connect to coinbase and bought at the top earlier this year and now they’re actually started and it’s like the people who have been like you you know really doing a great job to bring the deeper message to people not about the price not about the get-rich-quick scams and schemes and all that stuff or you or even houghtaling it’s more about Liberation and all that so I’m wondering how you and your mind how you kind of shifted your narrative if you had to or what kind of the kind of dance that you’ve been on to continue the the passion in the momentum even though it’s not a good way to get rich quick thing anymore at this point at least it’s a it’s a get rich slow probably if you’re patient enough but but what do you know what is now it’s as an ambassador you know I’m yes I love this question I mean the first thing that the original white paper with a bow in the first thing that keeps coming back to me is that this is about radical responsibility and so if you’re a baby and you need somebody to feed you and take care of you you don’t get to be free by you have a symbiotic relationship right you’re fed and taken care of then you don’t get to to walk around by yourself but when you grow up in your a teenager and you don’t want your you know your parents to be over your shoulder all times you get to be free and be Reckless and fight your own battles doing get in trouble you know and then sometimes you’re still happy when your parents save you and then you become an adult and then you’re really on your own and you have to rely on your friends and to me is the same thing like where the teenager side of crypto if you look like in sometimes it goes back to the toddler space because it is such a new technology so to me if you’re in it to get rich quick and then you lose all your money and then you’re highest we have to look at the original intention that we got into crypto West and that’s like anything else you know if I get into selling art because I want to be rich and famous and then I I get a couple good swings and I’m become known and then my career crashes then maybe my intention wasn’t sustainable either right because I do believe that were deeply connected and that everything we do inter interferes and intervenes and connect stand and changes what everybody else is doing and so when I take pride and go to Stones ability for my own actions whatever it is they will impact interact with the environment so if I get into crypto because I love the technology and I see hopes in it Shifting the future even if it’s not my generation you know even if it’s a couple Generations after me then it’s the same thing as recycling now or taking care of the water now I’ll to give the generations I had a better future and so it is you know we’re all guilty of this I’m not ashamed I’m not a person who doesn’t make mistakes I make a lot of mistakes and I feel very often you know and so I get to get buck up and and try again and recalibrate my so so we’re all guilty of this and it even it’s not even about Guild is about Lee just a human the human thing and how we’ve weepo created our society is up to this point so with art for example you know it has been with are within crypto actually has been pretty frustrating and pretty magical all interweaved and so to answer your question about how I stay motivated I do go through three times where what I want to say you know screw this like I’ve gotten screwed over so many times people promise you job source close to our gigs and people don’t come through and coins and and all the stuff right and so what I’ve figured is to take us a couple steps back and take care of myself and regenerate and then come back to the space when I feel like I’m strong enough to continue fighting or striking forward for the actual details that I got into it for and so of course I Vino enjoyed the Peaks and making some good income when they was happening and then when it’s not happening is of course very soon because I have put a lot of my eggs in that basket as an artist it’s mostly crypto are interesting that Celtic art but but but yeah I get to you know I took three months off the circuit I stopped going to events for 3 months and as soon as I got just to take care of myself to balance my health and I had a couple minor surgeries and just do to Brown after such a crazy you know 27 countries in like three months or something wild and and it’s been really beneficial and so I was able to come back in and in a recharge and realign and do things that feel true to myself you know like I’m back to give this this technology exposure to bring it to Macedon option to continue to explain any benefits to get how we can be useful for us to the centralize power in the centralized opportunities and so it’s it’s been it’s been great it’s been really difficult but it’s been great to keep me in line and I think the most important thing is that I believe my higher self steers my ship in the best direction for me long term and so if I if I have to take two steps forward and a six-pack just to see the truth and to make sure that I’m powering through with something that’s aligned with my overall mission then I’m grateful for that because and I wasn’t in the past you know like I just get frustrated it would understand but now I’m grateful because I’m really glad that I didn’t become more known when I was 18 or 21 and I was a prick you know like I was not not this aware of my surroundings you know and so then you can go on the record saying pretty stupid shit and then basically creating a Persona that you are yours later in the heavens with Brands and that happens with companies in the happens with you appraise Satoshi for ghosting himself and not sticking his foot in his mouth before people would just like Lynch Mob let me know that someone said that in the podcast reason are like this is so elegant really what he did because you know what would happen if you were to be that prominent of a leader you would be getting roasted by the Senate commission meeting hearings in uni you would be the single point of failure for so much and so too it to remove yourself into it was just I was just thinking about that how long could you last in this world of crypto Twitter and be anybody you know Rodger ver Craig Wright all of these you know people who are as a brother to all masculinity I would say that and let you know there needs to be some seriously deep deep healing men’s groups happening at the top of the upper echelons of crypto to to sort some of the stuff out but I totally feel what you said in there I mean I guess that I heard it was not too long ago that I totally cherish now on is to your point about not blowing up when you were younger when you really wanted to you felt like you deserved it in the world owed you everything that was my story to like I want to be successful as a music you know as soon as a musician at that age and I look back now I’m like oh thank God is that never happened because it happened the successes are cumulative in smaller amounts that you don’t appreciate unless you’re talking my way you’re talking which is it you do appreciate even the failures the way things build up but at this ain’t it meme I know you probably don’t peak in high school you know it meaning if your if the top of your social and political and economic powerhouses to be the prom king or the prom queen and it’s all downhill from there then a lot of that is the story of a lot of people who really front-loaded there best life story with how they did in high school and they didn’t you know so now we’re living in the Revenge of the Nerds wear the people who who or where discipline and booked up and studied now they’re getting the glory and they’re changing the world so do you have any you want to I guess continue to elaborate on this perseverance and and what it means to to have a longer-term vision I’d I’ve been in that situation many times before where I wanted to get there faster and then the whole Journey part is what it’s supposed to be fun right and so still I going to a lot of these thought Loops that I’m sure many of us experienced where I’m trying to build my career with my mind you know I I I have the intentions that are my heart and I trust my intuition and I trust the flow but I’m also a businesswoman and I also studied this rational thinking methods that do work and so it’s been very interesting to learn to think less and make things happen with my mind less in and it’s it’s hard to explain I know I know you get it for sure and I know that a lot of people get it but it’s kind of abstract is this idea that you can really feel in your heart what you want and then Envision it and air conditioning the feeling of how you feel when you’re at the top you know how you feel and what that’s doing for you and your community and how that’s coming back to you too memes about that and where was it you know before it was about it was I was building my career out of fear or almost in a and I didn’t even know it like I was I was trying to get to Financial Freedom so I could help other artists and I even remember saying this on the first podcast we did together so I was saying you know the reason that I want to become free the the reasons that I want to become monetarily free financially abundant it so that I’m free so might I have more of my time to get back to other people and to get back to artists and all of this is true however now I’m starting to see it from a point off of really being in service through all of my actions and it sounds it’s so different because for the last year I’ve been saying you know I’ve been re-reading the artist way and it’s such a magical book to just have on Deck when you lose Faith or when you forget what the process is like to step forward kind of like six back and falling on your face and getting back up in the whole thing and but I really do feel like I’ve been saying for like 6 months or for a year that I want to be in service through my creativity and that I want to bring these transcendental Technologies forward and make them digestible for people who don’t care about the tech and in all of this and all of that was true however I wasn’t ready to really be in service through every single one of my actions I still had all these wishes and wants like wanting to control what kind of car they make whether it is useful in graphic design or not whether it is for high roller collectors or not and so it’s a really delicate thing to to say okay I am in service please use me up to your brush and you know paint through me whatever is needed to be seen that’s a very different experience than making art with My Soul but being controlled by my mind and creating things. Myself you know and so it is very different and and it’s the other wise is long-term doing it this way and it feels way better and so I think I’ll go to a point where I was so burnt out trying to keep up with the speed of blockchain in the speed of the market in the artist in the space that I just almost thought about giving up you know and I wasn’t going to give up on being an artist but I was I was almost going to to continue to advocate for the tech and just like post about it here and there but really remove myself as a blocked an artist because it’s been really interesting people reaching out to use my art really Austin which makes me feel very flattered do you know and I’m thankful that I have a voice in this space but but it was it became this this concept negotiation and constantly explaining to people why I I can’t do all art for free or for exposure and it’s in it’s like a systematic oh sing so traditionally we’ve never really valued art in the same way we balling engineering or or you know if doctors or lawyers and so everybody wants to use the art but very few people are willing to really light since it for what it’s worth so the artist can do is full-time and so so but it’s growing pains again you know so at the end of the day I’m not I’m not stuck on blockchain or stuck on being a crypto artist I’m here to do good through my creativity which I believe is everyone’s purpose 2 weeks to explore the president get back to our community through our own lands and and see where that takes me so I’m still within you know very much within the crypto space I love it I keep advocating for it and then I’m also open to to wherever else I need so what I must focus on right now is donating pieces for to raise money for charity because if I can paint something that I can donate and we can raise funds and crypto to donate to a non-profit that might not get government money that they need their nose feels really great you know and I still get to pay my bills with some cut from the auction and it feels better than the selling to private collectors so some of the private collectors I have are awesome people and we have great relationships and I enjoy creating pretty pieces for them or the fact that I just launched a really enjoyed doing that but I am really only motivated recently by the crypto projects that are actually doing good and so the tour the crypto is is the Department of shape that has recently starts where where are you know donating some of my pieces under auctioning them to raise funds for the the women organization Houston to help Foundation to two kind of support people with wood at home violence and ends and get them feeling better and rehabilitated healing and so that makes me extremely happy to be able to somehow through painting race a bunch of funds together what it what other organizations like the blockchain our Collective and pay book track Financial transparency in Krypton Fiat just all of these projects that are about transparency about trust about giving back about using Krypton Real Time about helping real humans right now and then I’ll have collateral I get to pay my bills you know. Feels a lot better well you’re this is so much to to digest it is such a beautiful and Rich tapestry of of work that you’re doing and it’s it’s humbling and in I’m so thrilled to tip just be alive and in sharing this this moment with you and in the work you’re doing seriously I’m I’m I’m about to take a minute to especially what you just said just this last that the so much of my heart through my life has been wanting to sound the alarms and wake people up and get the capital to float or just the people who need it in for the haves to have something you know the Have Nots to have something from The Haves and just rebalancing wealth and power and I never imagined in a million years when I was deep in an anarcho primitivism and I thought that the way it is to win was to just like shut down the power grid and then everything would go back to the Primitive that was the fantasy that we had and some people still have and now what’s really happening is it is higher-level nuances of technology or actually creating this massive shift of wealth and power and in the division earring artists like yourself or the ones really making it a beautiful process and and sorting it out from all of all of the you know if you feel into dual bevel that you’re operating on in the people that you’re working with who are actually using this technology for social impact and that’s just even kind of a buzzword it’s a deeper thing it’s like we’re talking about fulfilling the dreams of all of the Revolutionary anti-colonial Warriors for hundreds if not thousands of years in this moment of opportunity to seize power that never existed before this global scale at the rate of wireless networks and you can shift millions and millions of dollars of power and put it into the hands of the people who need it most who have been oppressed for millennia and it’s so invigorating and then I see my question for you is since you’re operating in this very purposeful very heart and I’m not project I don’t want to project my you know these be some sort of ideological fragments on to you but I will say that’s like my lenses to see this moment of opportunity for transformation for social political ecological transformation in in just tracking the people who really are the instrument of that like you’re saying being that brush the will of the people that we love the Earth you know being in service and some Curious for you if you will whatever level we were vibing on that we have that residents on like when you look at what The Regulators are doing and what all these ico’s you’re doing and just to fight for really shallow and superficial glory and Grandeur and and the the puffing up and these ego sex so male-dominated and it’s so it’s an insult to chimpanzees to say that what a lot of these these men are doing in these places if of power and privilege and wealth is like so embarrassing if it if she or he is still alive is going to come out and fucking call bullshit on so much shit I just I would love for that to happen but I don’t know I just I’m curious how you feel about the this the grinding of the government and the the Wall Street and all of these people who are not in it for the same reasons the very first thing that comes to mind this I really believe that we operate either from Ciara from love I really think that yin and yang like Basics you know and so when I’m confused in my ethos I or when I’m doing something and it doesn’t feel quite right I always check back to let you know I’m acting out of fear because I feel like I might not be able to pay my bills if I do this or that or am I asking out of love because I absolutely know that this feels right to do and so with with the feminine in the masculine balance in blockchain and then in general it has been really interesting because we are at it feels like we’re at the very beginning of Shifting this into another the female is the future is female in this whole this whole movement it’s we’re doing the again like the one step forward three steps backward kind of thing I was first very motivated with all the the women blockchain groups on Telegram and all these places and I slowly started removing myself from them because it turned into such a male directional system but just a bunch of women saying that they were standing for each other’s rights and supporting each other’s projects but I’ve gotten screwed over by women in the way more than by now so it’s the whole thing about competition and women being catty and all of that that’s ingrained in our society is going to take a minute to shift you know and it’s going to take us the women trusting in each other and prioritizing each other and not in trying not to Cave into the one male directional kind of faster better stronger now step on people to get ahead kind of thing and so it’s been really interesting to see the beautiful initiative of women supporting each other and then again like I just got screwed over by groups of women so much more than by. So friendships and Partnerships that I have with some of the guys working in blockchain and so it’s like almost like the new masculine some of the new masculine dudes in the space are so much more clear on what it means to support women the right way and this has been very surprising and refreshing inside and happy all that wants to know because I wish that women were more my eyes but in there are some you know I’m working with us some people Josie bellini is one of the group the artist that I’m starting to partner up with and she’s super legit and we have the same vision and so that’s a strong female partnership that I found or the Bluffs in our Collective Jackie that I work with very closely she’s incredible and she really gets it you know the whole let’s let’s be centralized opportunities and exposure and pay the artist for what they’re doing and really listen to what artist need for their platform and they help artists you know time to work on to the blockchain with NFC chips near field communication that makes it really easy and so there’s a lot of great stuff happening but a lot of the the dudes are the ones who say Hey you know I want to send me a proposal and let’s get this through and and they don’t ever care to talk with you as a as a flirtatious manner or or look at you in a video chat or anything like this they almost a lot of these men have almost wanted to make it just about enough so much just about the proposal are just about the job to make sure that they’re empowering women forward for their ideas and other sexuality so it’s been really really amazing when a lot of the women end up stepping on each others footsteps or end up you know spending out of pocket and exhausting themselves to be speakers on another conference just to kind of make their brand and and and you know the whole to your point of all these the small coins and people competing and it’s it’s just a natural way by feel like the compassion side of me because of that the angry side of me would just really sadness wants to to leave the space and say you know like fuck their sights on my on my part and it’s been it’s been like 4 years for me really like full-time advocating for this stuff and and I’ve taken a lot of shit and Nei but I’ve offered a lot and now it’s time for me to take a break and then the inside of me says damn I really understand living out of fear vs. living out of love and wanting to recalibrate on your own us us on our own as we’re waiting up and so I can see how if you have you know if you’re excited about the technology and you have all these energy and you launch a coin and then things get difficult than you want to pay your team or you want to not fail so badly then you’ll do anything to get up there and fortunately those are really great proof of Concepts in all things. That pop up and become crazy and and and fail and then how people feel and how people come back you working with others that are that are creating useful systems like like the term for the crypto is basically sitting up wallets for the heart foundation in Houston and in basically told that if any small coins want to be a part of it they have to donate $1,000 in crypto and that goes straight to Hawk you know and so their ideas to raise I think 1 million into an in crypto funds in their receiving tryptophan from all over the world from India from Australia from everywhere for Houston directly to them and so you know there’s a lot of really wonderful projects like that and that’s clearly done out of love you know they weren’t even meaning to take a cut in the beginning like there it just end up working out because it’s such a wonderful cost but it’s such a such a twister storm off of fear and love and a sweet compassionately awaken in this process all the demons come out like all the Shadows come out and that’s the only way that we can really hold each other accountable and that’s why it’s so important so I know this is a Long Branch but I guess my whole point of this too is that I don’t think we should be afraid of really standing for what we believe and you know I’m I’m sure that it burns Bridges and I said some stuff about different teams that I feel disappointed in but if I was on their side and Music Resort is over here like I hope you will call me out of my shit I hope people say you know that wasn’t cool that you did this or this is even if she thought it was cool and even if it did good this is how we also impacted your community like please tell me you know and that’s what the best gift that we have is that we are reflections of each other and so I still believe in the ethos of of this movement but I’m glad that that a lot of things are failing very fast you know I’m not a lot of fear it’s kind of just disappearing out of the out of a space once again you are extremely moving in all of your discourse and there’s so many I wish we had years to to unpack all of these things are so much that I can relate to and that I that I care deeply about and just some some highlights from from what you said really the the gender politics that are playing out in this face it gets it goes to a point someone I heard saying a podcast recently suggested you know if anything even if even if cryptos go to zero and everything fails and it doesn’t change anything if the experiment of Bitcoin did nothing else it will be to have revealed like you said all the shadows in the demons that come out so now we know how the rich get richer it’s through the SEC mandating that if you don’t have $1000000 net worth or 200 $200,000 coming in a year you don’t get to play in the big leagues with all of the other accredited investors not because you’re not smart enough or you’re not capable enough is because you’re not in their boys club and we didn’t know that before how many people knew about the laws of the SEC that we’re being ruled by they were the same and you know by revolving door industry and government Smoke Filled Room back door. Cabal’s that have been running the show running the 2008 collapse and profiting from it and it’s all thanks to bitcoin Satoshi in this all these things are there being revealed and what you’re talking about being revealed is that a sort of hyper-masculinity and the the competition happening amongst women and it’s it it reminds me like Anna Tantra world were talking about Sisterhood and witch covens and women coming together with their Shakti and proclaiming the power and M you just send in my experience I see a lot of these some really humble and kind hearted attempts to reweave women together with nature in to have solidarity with each other with red tents and all kinds of herbalist practices and Moon Lodge is all that kind of stuff and then still this baggage from the patriarchy of fighting over the prom queen mystique and all this stuff in or fighting into a masculine. I move of being knowledge and power and I I know a lot of them would say to me you know all these men who are trying to be allies to women and pro-feminist men make their really romanticizing this this concept of Sisterhood because a lot of times even in relationships women will feel that manner that I mean this is a little bit crude but if you don’t mind I’m going to put out they were basically staying in a manner easy it’s like they just want to say just want to fucking get off and pass out and they’re not going to you’re not going to start for the most part they’re not going to expand Access Energy being conniving and Engineering your demise you know but women or are tell tell me like you you’re so in fantasy dream world thinking about Sisterhood and coo by Otto s that’s because the shadow Sisterhood is really that women are not simple like men and they will go to Great Lengths to make your life hell if it benefits them in so I don’t know if you you know resonate with that on that level of intimacy but but I know that I’ve heard the same sort of parallel is at a bisexual bisexual women’s female lovers can be more more abusive even then some of the male lovers on different levels and levels of persistence and I’m wondering if you know that that is a parallel Hill are here if just think what is it take to heal Sisterhood in this context I don’t know if the if you could go anywhere with that or what you feel would be the weight the way out of that that maze that Labyrinth of a patriarchal Dynamics is really it’s really a true and it has a bunch of levels like everything I I relate to a lot of that you know women women have this we just have the capacity to see web Sand Gnats and all that right in a very different way and I do leave the male directional forceful cuts through in in a line or help that the line to see where to direct the energy right before a long time women have had to be the female and the male write the feminine to masculine balance like me running my own business and so many women intrapreneurs driving in a in a male German World we have to be both and so I think that’s what’s actually made when it’s so conniving and so itchy and and and have in created the opportunity 744 us to become obsessive about whatever and wanting to win in that way because I don’t think women naturally like you usually we use that energy to protect their crops to protect our our communities you know what we’re using it that way based on all this and all of this competitive stuff that we’ve had to that we’ve had to Surf you know in order to get ahead because there’s only one spot versus a hundred spots for do so that’s one part of the other part that I’ve been struggling with and really enjoying learning about is that I’m dating a person who’s a new masculine you know and that’s another thing and I wonder how you feel about this the pendulum for women husband swinging you know from hyper masculine to have your feminine in from extreme and now Olivia Lane into the softness again and they’re super the blend of femininity and masculinity within the woman I think for men this has been happening a lot in a very extreme way and so now you know what dating app a new masculine male has been really interesting because he has been understanding and supportive and we said I don’t think I’ve ever experienced he’s been more honest and transparent in ways I don’t think I’ve ever experienced in at the same time sometimes we struggle with the femininity and masculinity balance you know because I am at the new feminine also doing the pendulum saying when I’m still trying when I’m still having to be very direct and having to take charge of my life and having to be very extreme and disciplined and ended almost in this masculine way for my business and then he’s having to explore his femininity in order to be a compassionate open-hearted mail and so I don’t know if that’s come up any in your life or in this new new shift but I think that a lot of dudes are super confused and they don’t know how to be than in the masculine or how it how to get the old school male and so I look forward start a conversation stupid because in this is also why I like I mean on this podcast because talking about intro and energy imbalance and all that does influence how we relate to each other in the business world or how we co-create these energies that then. Then affect everything wow yeah we we really it’s fine it’s funny I’ve been I’ve been hiding for myself I’ve been sort of them as I’ve been entering the crypto space more I want to dim the lights on the the Tantra aspect of myself and I want to hear I feel like a people ask me what that means I would like you don’t want to know just let’s talk business it was just talk with them that rabbit-hole your deep enough into the Satoshi Redbubble don’t go there but the truth because when you send me the website to be a part of you know one of the models on your site I knew. Based on my brand I I don’t really it isn’t like I can’t but I choose not to based on my brain and it was a hard thing for me to say to you because I believe in what you do and I think it’s important to merge these two world and so I I think you were in your providing a really epic opportunity for us to have these discussions and talk about some of the difficult things and the sexuality and all the stuff I think what you’re doing is really empowering for a lot of people that perfectly fit fit that needs right now and then and then it challenge me honestly to be real with you and I was scared that you might be upset or that you might think that I’m not supportive of what you’re doing but there’s all these new ones this and we need to be able to exactly speaker boundaries and exactly how we support each other in to piss people off you know and then and then be able to grow from there hopefully so I think that and I guess I challenge you do seem to really think about this stuff when it does come up and to educate people on it take you so much for saying that there really is a booster shot of I really really powerful encouragement and dad to tell you the truth when I have been very selective and very careful about how I because you know I’m people that’s cliche now to say in the in the age of the me-too movement how does a man even look at a woman even how how many seconds of a glance or a gaze is it appropriate before you might receive a a Twitter storm and stuff like that so I’m walking on eggshells hoping to dance on eggshells and to be perfectly honest when I sent this out to you I sent out the the the invitation to you immediately afterwards before many days have gone by wondering I was already wanted to bury myself one of the deepest rock on Earth I could find you know but I totally understand I’m totally appreciate it and I’m interesting brush to be painting with it if you will be coming from the soundtrack perspective which is that I believe will everybody is sexiness is a state of mind that is the state of energy in that no matter what your your meat space bio bodysuit is shaped like whatever your DNA is you know I would say you know Stephen Hawking could be the sexiest man on Earth if you felt if you felt like if he was in the mood you know what I mean there’s no there’s no physical limitations on on that aspect of sexual energy flow and in transmission and so I see definitely beyond that in part of the you know this is we haven’t decided it by name here but what we’re talking about right now and it’s conversation is it my my I guess transmutation of my Sexual Energy and of my tongue trick energy into the crypto space has been this building a platform that is based on aetherium Smart contracts that will enable women who are working to heal the earth into Empower each other and to raise healthy children and to have good boundaries into really be militant in defending their sacred spaces building temples that that’s kind of the nutshell white paper of what I’m calling the survival women project where people can go and just like he is really all inspired by spankchain and it’s all animoj to ameen soleimani who created it a business model where he asked for you know him and the team of spankchain they’re taking 5% of the tips that comes through the webcamming platform they built to rival the the big incumbent Legacy webcamming platforms for the adult industry where they take upwards of fifty percent from the model so the the beauty of blockchain crypto for spankchain is that you gave him so much power with the Rays that they did with an Ico I would say to be very radical and very experimental with with charging very small taking a very small cut of the margins to empower the model so I’ve been making the best money in my life myself as a performer in spankchain so I’m I’m just riffing off of their approach to things can I say okay I’m going to build a website where cuz it be billed cryptotitties. Com cities was a very ballsy very Cavalier tongue-in-cheek spoof on cryptokitties and all the really is a leaderboard of women who bear their breasts in pictures and they have a nice address send you can tip them with ease and so I don’t know how many tens of thousands of dollars of Youth as of this moment have gone through of just horny Millennial millionaire toddlers in Tech engineers in each world you were just like Yelp tip some titties on cryptokitties. Caso I need to hit the books I need to let you know hire some solidity developers and actually make a website that transmits that Spirit of giving that East Contra holders have an allow people to to bestow their eat upon the kind of women who I look up to and respect and facilitate not just random tipping for being sexy you’re looking good but actually do more of like what giveth. IO is doing and what they’re doing is facilitating peer-to-peer basically giving p go with wealthy ability to directly impact the lives of those who they believe in who’s projects that they believe in and give a platform for people to say hey this is me this is what I do if you help me with this much I will accomplish this goal if you help me at once I accomplish that goal if you help me with this much I will accomplish the next Bowl so it’s between giveth and spankchain I said I’m going to put the two together and add my spice into cents and make my little humble very very technically humble version but synthesizes both of them which is sexy Miss on the blockchain and empowered Nissim black chain and and giving and just wearing it all up so that’s what that’s what I have attempted to do as my way of fun giving back and being being myself being a part of the blockchain space and so I just wanted to put that note in there for anybody is listening who hasn’t heard previous episodes wife that talked about it but you know this is yeah but that was it that way to catch people up on that and I thank you for bringing that into it to get back to your question and point and this dialogue about gender politics and in the just the future in general which it is a blockchain future there’s no doubt about that so when we say the future we can just leave the but we don’t even have to specify block Jamie redundant the future is blockchain the future is now we’re living in it and and so is beautiful I would say that you’re experiencing these new dimensions of of care and concern and compassion from your beloved and and um to to get to the the point of I guess the opportunity and the I mean a lot of it is one of my dear friends and space is actually very seriously outspoken about being a feminist crypto entrepreneur who who feels that we are in this deep shift of a return to the to the feminine way of of discourse in politics and of course the blockchain decentralization is a feminine feminizing for us and that it’s going to flip a lot of paradigms on her head and even said once really that day he would even say that Donald Trump is in certain ways and embodiment of them of the feminine compared to certain other I mean it’s it’s you have to you have to stretch your definitions a bit the stuff that you said as well with the whole you know technology has extreme technology and extreme systems have very often been adopted by the port Industries Superstar by the adult industry first you know coming from sex robots in Japan and China and to anything you can think about I think this is because you know the super controversial topic I don’t get to talk about it off then and I want to be totally candid about it sometimes when I go to websites like cryptotitties or you know spankchain when I first heard about it and I didn’t know anything about 30 mother Mission or anything I was I was a little surprised and I didn’t know which side I was going to take I didn’t know how I was going to talk about these things I think these movements and when talking about sexuality in general the challenge people to to look at their own boundaries with insects and and and their own definition of what sexuality is what power where is what what what sex is what the weather sex and sexuality are connected or not at all all of these things and so it is a part of the educational movement to for us to move forward together so I think the human curiosity and the life force that is sexual energy is makes makes a lot of sense that a lot of Technology would go for their first there’s also a lot more flexibility within what to do in those space that’s right because it is Extreme just just us an arm and so when talking about sexuality and anything is just like kind of accepted that you can be more extreme and that you can you can stretch the boundaries tomorrow be more elastic about it and so it’s it’s been challenging for me to talk about this publicly and 2 in to see some of my really good friends I agree with a lot on Twitter kind of posting the more extreme content like you know a clip of a cam girl in explaining their thoughts about it so it’s to me so deep I mean like we have to talk about self-empowerment and all the stuff we’ve all had some experience I think of seeing a sexualized woman in a way that is or a man in a way that is empowering and then also seen that same situation anyway that’s really sad right like I’ve been to some strip clubs where it’s just sad and I want to cry and eat a bucket of ice cream and call my boyfriend afterwards and I’ve been to some strip clubs where the girls or the boys are super empowered love what they’re doing and it’s like a burlesque show and it feels like like a very exhilarating experience and and I still don’t know exactly where I stand in that so I feel like for me it’s has been really shocking to see to see both of the both of beyond the conversations going so people are horrified about it you know or just think it’s women exploitation some people think it’s completely empowering at the end of the day it’s like you choose the industries that you care about in that you agree you know if there’s anything in the adult industry with anything in Tantra world if is anything in or or totally different moms like if it’s in steampunk art or low broil or Grill Saint photography or there’s just you know so many ROMs that are very contradicting or very specific and you have to admit I do think that all of that challenges our views of society and ends and I think the most the most important thing is if we continue to be super truthful about it and if we are willing to take the role of the educator which is tricky you know and in before you were willing to be the scapegoat and to make mistakes into to have all of us learn in the process then we’re in the right spot you know but it is definitely a is definitely a challenging role to take and some of us don’t choose to be in it we’re just kind of thrown in it or that’s part of her purpose and so I think you’re one of those people I think I’m going people and I think if anybody has something to say that is controversial or that disagrees with you or me or anyone in in the kind of a similar position we get to say you know step step into the ring like if you if I get hate comments from people that have fake accounts and I don’t even know who they actually are I don’t get to have a conversation with that I have people commenting negative stuff sometimes you know about are like oh I really hate that you’re making or whatever you know angry comments and I get to have conversations with them and then we actually both grow so so it’s it’s it’s really interesting time I think in blockchain in in the world in general as we’re shifting to his feminine power thing and I think we need to be open and respectful and understanding the word we’re headed for a lot of mistakes you know we’re very early on we’re supposed to make on the mistakes now so that we can learn from them in the future I love that that you know what comes to mind is this I have this this sick joke that I I play in my mind every time I’m at a crypto Conference & Order or even just listen to podcasts wear in advertisements where everyone’s tagline in their crypto project practically is like the world’s first such-and-such the world’s first like Oh you mean the world’s most statistically guaranteed to fail why would she say the world’s second or your you don’t want to be the first one because the people who are they they scavenge from the failures in the mistakes and the looking at what went wrong in these in these first round and first attempts and that it’s it’s funny it is it’s his comical and certainly there’s a lot a lot to be sorted out something that I really appreciate about what you mentioned in the last episode was just talking about bringing more wellness and more holistic kind of activity zones to to blockchain conferences from what you’ve experienced in your wisdom and what your protein and navigating do you want to provide some words of wisdom and advice for males in General Mills particularly and in a crypto space in how they can be really solid allies to two women who are coming into a the more the empowerment that is this new age of of a rebalancing of the feminine and also then advice for women who were sorting out these different Tendencies of hyper-masculinity and in trying to reweave Sisterhood and stuff so just to kind of open-ended questions I need trust that a lot of our audience is composed of people who can read fairly in between the lines I feel like you and I touch on so many different topics and we get we only get to see if you think about it but the hole in between the lines will complete the conversation so I think you know what I mean like when something with some people you talkin and you just get to say enough about it that is spent every once we used to thinking and feeling into that and I feel constructive I’ll make a Shameless plug you know because I think one of the ways in which I would like to help out more is on my website if you go to 90 Brooks. Com magic you can see the portals of creativity that I share some of them are just to get into the flow it like learn how to freestyle rap in 15 minutes you know anybody can learn how to freestyle rap by brain hacking yourself into your creative flow and some of them are some type of channeling experience call it what you will to me it’s just intuition and being able to be sensitive to the subtleties in the space but I do and you know a lot of them are Healing Arts and collaborative Community murals in all these things so I hope that I said Community the crypto community community whoever is listening to this we can start really using art as Healing Arts in a healing therapies and I don’t know how many artists are interested in having these clothes shops but one of my first one of my main missions has always been to empower each other and in to help each other remember that we are all created and how to hack into a creative flow and I think that’s in general very healing for everyone because it does help females and males get back in touch with both of their sides and so for male advice and of course is the super person also take and take what is he’s falling in and lie but it’s not but I do feel like it’s also applies to a good amount of people that I’ve seen a deal with this recently I think women I think men can really work on receiving sending an emotion and so that doesn’t mean that that you have to as a male sit and listen to a woman complaining or talk or whatever for hours on end it just means reflective listening and saying things like saying things like I hear you that must hurt or I assure you that must be difficult so reflective listening and really simple receiving of emotion is what feels like it’s missing very often because men are very usually tend to deliver Solutions and I know this because I have a really strong masculine side and I tend to do this and piss people off that are more feminine and so I’m speaking from both kind of from both sides I know that when I try to help out some of my girlfriends you know I’ll start delivering Solutions and they’ll say hey I’m not a solution Modine I’m still in Emotion mode so like this is not helpful and I know that I felt very disrespected and unsupported by my muscle in Partners when this has happened this also advised for men is or for hyper masculine any type of body that you’re inviting would be how to receive feminine Emotion by reflective listening and saying things like I hear you that must be difficult or I hear you that must be interesting to be feeling maybe a couple follow-up question and then even though it sounds counterintuitive with receiving the emotion being able to cut through it as a do it because that’s the stuff that’s really helpful for me as a woman like I don’t want to get stuck in a cycle of talking and talking and talking sometimes and in continuing to perpetuate a vibration that might not be my highest I want to say what I’m saying feel heard and then I want to be snapped out of it and so I got my best masculine moments I can do that for other people some people call it circling shifting you know radical honesty reflective whatever there’s so many different ways but I noticed that sometimes in my mail Partnerships I need more of that I need somebody who’s going to stay cool I hear you and I myself but like can we move into can we shift the energy and so for women on the other side it would be it would be so I understand that men tend to provide solutions for the masculine energy tends to provide solution and for women to be compassionate and to know that a lot of times hyper-masculine people are receiving a motion to the best of their abilities and what they need from us is sometimes to teach them the tools to say hey reflective listening will make me feel more hurt because a lot of times I know that very sensitive man will receive the emotions and will feel kinship and it will feel all of this but they don’t have the right tools sometimes to stay you know to do the reflective listening really receive the emotion how women do like women are very good at holding space that receiving or feminine people are very good at receiving the energy receiving the space and holding space for somebody to cry without having to say anything for example right and so I think those are the things we can help each other with to balance more you know the masculine people that can absolutely be male female or anywhere in between the hyper masculine energy to receive emotion better and reflective listening and to cut people to shift people out of their vibration when it’s no longer useful when it’s been too long end the hyper-feminine people to be kind to man and to give them the tools to receive a motion to hold space for a motion is that is that kind of what you were going to so beautiful and in with the crown jewel of this moment that they just came to mind just right now is that you know I have been any dating myself with pretty much all of the major crypto YouTube channels and podcasts for over a year-and-a-half now I have binge Listen to In binge-watched And subscribe and have been just processing all of this you can pretty much that the major streams of of of influencers in the space and I certainly I thought the ones I gravitate to I want to shut them out my favorite my favorite male heads in the crypto influencers space are Omar bam of cryptos news and crypto Bobby no crypto happy how her usually is that on YouTube or kept us at our depending on the market and Carter Thomas brings it down to understanding how well she works how old is systems work how the game is rigged how it’s played and how to have how to survive crypto without the whales eating your lunch I just wanted to plug those those three men you know from my diet of crypto news but I’m on the female side I guess I would say Lori sessions podcast I’m confirmed and Unchained and she’s really working through a navigating and digesting some of the most absurd and ridiculous by toxic masculinity Tendencies as a female performer Forbes Financial writer and just one of the highest-ranking women in the space I follow her work and and she so I’ll just bring a couple of the name is the crypto God is Chelsea Penner I’m a fan of her work and also Alex and burger of women crypto I’ve seen her speak a couple times now and I feel like this really good real I mean one of the things she talks about is organizing face-to-face groups for women in crypto to come together and just like you please take it off of this crypto Twitter Insanity because half of it is like corporate role spam robot algorithms just character assassinating people and you know to be in that game and to play that game I just want to say that you know to my final thoughts will be on this whole like in contrast to what you’re saying you’re talking about really intelligent are looking at conflict and looking at a motion in the just the Beauty and the ugliness of human communication and understanding and actually and actually until figuring out ways to optimize our relationships you know with communication and with the brains and his hearts and you know what I would say the chakras that we all have and it’s like we’re always super Advanced technical Engineers are they can program and write a million lines of code to make any robot to go to the Mars and back or whatever and they can’t figure out how to have a balanced heart mind soul Spirit conversation with their family members with people that they disagree with and you go and I just wanted to say what came to mind was with me when you’re talking was like this this Joe Joe Lubin Jimmy song ethereum dapps vs. Bitcoin maximalism hyper debate that Laura Shin tried to facilitate if you listen to the podcast you’re going to get you’re going to love it because she is there like trying to Wrangle in these dudes trying to like is it all about it’s just so much I would say you know you put this on record I feel like Jimmy song is the more toxic of the two and I really feel like Joe Lubin is a huge hero to me and in the space I feel like you just come from a more feminine place but if you if you just listen to the three of them try to shoehorn this feminine technology and freedom into the box of of really verbally violent kind of debate and positional I just aggression and flows like right through the cracks and Jimmy’s like trying to play whack-a-mole with Joe and he’s just like floating what are the terms what are the chances going to be how much money in this is it and is it safe Felicia making and the other one’s more in like the emotion face it’s I mean it’s it’s interesting I think in general one one painful in that I’ve been feeling and that I think is important to say I don’t want to get out get out of this podcast without saying it is that we we have a lot of badass women in the space that really really want to facilitate and hold the circles and hold the spaces and create the space for us to shift but in a I’m one of these people about we do get burned out you know and sometimes our sometimes I feel like this it’s too soon it’s too soon for crypto it’s too soon for all these things and it’s not it’s perfect timing that’s why we’re here but I I just hope that we can all be a more compassionate and just in respect the people wherever they are that are really really here for the right reasons I really care about the space and hopefully we can listen to each other more because I would hate to see so many of these people you know like I took a three-month Hiatus basically from the space just to recalibrate and be able to come back and be strong after feeling totally depleted after being in the in the in the space and and feeling like I left three projects you know that I was the only woman in and that I couldn’t shift the balance of the male dominance by myself and I ended up leaving and so in the projects I loved projects and people I loved and I just couldn’t do it because every time I gave a suggestion that was feminine it was trampled over by the masculine away and then months later they had these realizations and they did change assistants and they Implement in my original feedback but it was just crushing to be there in advocating for I would all of my spirit into just get completely denied and trampled over and I just feel like so many women are feeling that ran out into space in a lot of people are going to say fuck it you know like I’m here trying to Wrangle these men in like these women too and in the level they masculine and feminine G space and sometimes it’s it’s you know it’s not happening and people get burned out and leaving so let’s not lose the people that are epic and that are working on these things from a heart center place they’re so so so many of us and there’s a lot a lot of room to grow from here so I would love to connect with these women that you mention more some of them I know I also love all crypto news Omar the body like I also really enjoy some of these people’s podcasts and information but yeah this is a you know if you are hearing this and you you’re one of these crypto women who want to meet up face-to-face or just resonates with you please reach out to me cuz I’m always looking for collaboration also I can’t thank you enough I owe this is way more than I bargained for and I feel like yeah this is a huge huge sigh of relief and hopefully this will be some guiding lights for folks and let’s do it more often and feel free to anytime reach out and and give me some updates and just yeah I bet you’re back and I bless you with all my you know magical powers as well as they just keep doing the great work that you’re doing and hell you want to share your iPod care of your your elbows and ways to connect again just so people can Meadowbrook Sun Twitter of course I just launched the fashion line that is there’s one that’s crypto Centric and it’s a lot of you know symbols from the crypto space and the other one is sweet and so they’re still sort of leggings and tops and stuff like that and I hope to grow this business to the fashion line to a place where I can always have a non-profit component like all the rest of my heart and all of my options I always have one I donate you know 50 60% to some call stuff that makes cents inso so yeah just wear the message are you believe in is basically why I created this line because we we where we wear Nike and all these weird and I’ll brands that what are they doing for us and so if you have something that you would want to create a t-shirt for or something like that I’m also open to collaborations not space and it’s saying thank you so much for it for you are one of the new masculine to creating the space right creating the container for these conversations to happen so I’m super super appreciative of you and I would love to do this again soon thank you again and now that you do Natasha Lyonne stuff I will definitely be talking with you soon about about exploring some of those those kind of opportunities to to get some of those your product lines available through the project I’m doing so very exciting stuff stay strong stay pure hearted and kind hearted and I will do my best to do the same and feel free to call me out I guess playing with fire I’m playing with fire right now with where I’m going with what I’m doing and so you know I always feel free to like rain I might Rain on My Parade if it’s necessary I would appreciate any feedback on each other I really appreciate that I will hopefully see you around and you take care and have a great day thank you for listening to the Tantra Punk please go to www. R2park.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple up here by Tycho logical employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de


Healing the Shadow of Sisterhood with Grace Diaz TPP148


Grace Diaz Pic
In this episode I’m joined again by Grace Diaz for a conversation about healing the shadow of sisterhood. I noticed a heart breaking social media post where she disclosed a recent story of betrayal within her inner circle of trusted women and since I’ve been caught in the crossfire of so many catastrophic falling outs among spiritually empowered women I felt the need to reach out and invite her to discuss these issues at length. I hope our efforts to raise awareness and provide idealistic solutions are of service to the greater good.

Please visit her website at:

About Grace:

My passion of healing began at the age of ten, when my father, a Reiki Master of 20 years initiated me as a Reiki Master in Medellin, Colombia. For years after arriving back to the United States, I began teaching Usui Reiki all over the east coast.

Reiki lead me to Tantra. I was introduced to Shakti-Pakti-Tantric-Yoga by my Guru Tafari Sudra, in 2011, and it allowed me to heal my 10-year eating disorder. Our organization, YONI GRACE, LLC was birthed in 2012 when I felt the burning need to share the wisdom I was experiencing through Yoni Breathing.

In 2012 Grace began distributing Yoni Eggs wholesale worldwide and teaching thousands of women how to run a Yoni Egg business from home!

Grace hosts Yoni events in the Las Vegas area and internationally. In 2016, she was privileged to be hosted in Istanbul, Turkey. There, Grace and 35 Muslim women participated in a weekend workshop of the Yoni Egg practice with Yoni Yoga. Her classes are one of a kind and focus on helping women embrace their innate sensual wisdom for spiritual and physical wellness.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello Jay beloved’s welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 148 I’m being joined Again by Grace Diaz for it what I would consider to be a sort of emergency follow up Podcast of she was just on the show very recently and I happened to notice an Instagram post where she was calling out for support and an understanding and compassion dealing with the situation that I will I will leave relatively vague but I’d just say that a pattern that is emerging as pretty Insidious and I’ve noticed it more and more recently and so I felt like I wanted to address this but basically we get into it a whole discussion about just the shadow of Sisterhood and how there’s a real fault lines in in a lot of different Dynamics between women in the patriarchy this is just such a recurring issue and I feel like a lot of I guess just speaking from a male’s perspective a lot of men would just dismiss the so-called cattiness or cat fighting of women and just attributed to menstruation or whatever you know whatever means of just not taking it seriously and it’s a lot of people just end up in the warring factions and + communities and there’s not a lot of real people not really having each other’s backs and having a lot of empathy and so just people get in the game camp and schisms and happens and you know politics and and you know Ford offices in a non-profit organizations whatever it’s it’s all across the board and I feel like I’ve gotten to Tantra because I believe it I can harmonize people in and just said that you go and get people really working in Harmony and creating beautiful Mondelez is Corporation and I have discovered that it can also be a breeding ground for a lot of Shadow behavior and certainly some some people would say that men are the the Lesser species and in the sense of the amount of the amount of really meticulous meanest and conniving and cunning around just controlling and manipulating social dynamics and really they’re kind of big just want to figure out who the alpha is and then follow orders and instead get shit time and that’s that makes it a lot simpler so you know that’s kind of the kind of funny that way but more and more I have just covered these incidences where women who are arising in two forms of benevolent leadership and trying to get you know build brands or build movements or build organizations there is just as some this competition in the sort of you know prom queen pageant really vitriol that happens and I just feel like there’s a way for everybody to win and to rotate positions of being in the Limelight and that everyone can be brought up together and that the only true hierarchy that I believe in is like one of Merit and an elder ship and you should be able to salute your elders if they’ve gone further down a path in you and the people that want to just cheat and cut in line and take what they have an urn it’s it’s important to I don’t know how to reconfigure some of the stuff and then just bring it to the light and so you know when you see when you made that that post you know I wouldn’t I wouldn’t necessarily want to get too specific about places and things that you know are I really would would expose anybody’s weaknesses or or what not but it’s just a general Trends in and how we react to it and what the solution can be and just being aware of it because a lot of people I think just to see everything is isolated instances and made her take a side or they don’t but the patterns are the bigger patterns are really corrosive to the harmony that were really trying to create an end what you’re doing I believe is extremely important it’s so pivotal so the people that was specially the women who are doing Really Brave and paradigm-shifting in and really threatening to The Establishment in the status quo. The women are doing those kind of tasks and that kind of work I feel like deserve extra support and extra humility when people are working and in service to just really understand that you know hey if you were some how to say it like a Logging Company Executives and you know you were Shady poisoning rivers and stuff then by all means you should be you should be treated accordingly by disgruntled employees but you know if you’re trying to fight the good fight and do something good I would hope that people would have a different approach to knowing that that also goes for single mothers by sea men and relationships with single mothers and they just put themselves first and I just can’t I can’t believe stuff like that happening just absence of awareness at work how how difficult it is to be a woman in this patriarchy and entrepreneur or mother or mother an entrepreneur and it’s like where where are the Warriors going up to understand this disorder from the needs of stuff so that’s that’s my kind of long intro perspective on why I wanted to reach out again cuz we had just talked to him recently but I saw that and it was I was in a place where I had just been in in the depths of being aware of a of a a really corrosive kind of meltdown in a community and I seems like it happens every day so we just got to talk about it and get some awareness out and I’m very grateful for you even allowing me to have a platform to speak on this because I’ve been dealing it with it my whole life starting with my mother and it’s it’s it I think that’s actually the roots of women’s insecurities women do with the way that that I’ve seen the whole female and jealousy turning into trying to hurt this person who’s usually oblivious to it it’s you know it sounds from from the mall you know and like I talk about this openly with my eating disorder that that I’ve had actually I think you know in an interview and you know I just never felt good enough I just never felt like you know I was enough for her I always felt like you know she was just like Ultra perfectionist with me and I had to really like always try to be like as good as I can and it was never enough you know and like I just wasn’t a valued person because I didn’t you know clean the floor while or I didn’t you know it like 4 years old you know clean the bathroom while like literally any better and there is actually a lot of like good that came in it because I work really hard but at the same time like just that subconscious psychology you know like that’s their you know and that’s something that I’ve had to work with at least between me and me and not messing with my mom but just my own internal relationship that I have with women you know and that’s kind of where I believe this starts from and a lot of the women that I have been encounters with in regards to this have had similar stories and you know it’s really sad because what I see what happens is that there’s a lot of unconscious projecting of this unhealed wounds and it doesn’t have to just be with the mother it could if it may not be at all but that’s usually what I seen it could it could be you know another really deep seeded world if it could be you know sexual molestation you know we talked about that it could be it could be so many different range of things where the woman just didn’t feel adequate enough and now she feels like you know what she sees another woman striving it’s almost like it brings up that insecurity in her that she hasn’t resolved yet and she actually sees her as like a Target as like an enemy of someone who’s trying to put her down she is really really unconscious and the most fascinating part about this is that is usually happens between women who admire each other you know that’s usually how it starts and that’s something that I’ve seen in just like my own friendship so I just talked to my friends being like hey like this happen to me and showing while that happened to me too and it was usually with someone who admire them and then you know like things get really sensitive and you can feel it you know like as women like everything is so like detail and so specific to the body language and to the energy being projected and the smallest little thing a woman will pick up as as being you know and sometimes she’s not trying to hurt you but the woman who’s being is not necessarily trying to hurt her friend she’s for example maybe saying hey you know I think blah blah blah or not to give to any specific examples but you know it could be seen like her opinion of something very likely feel like when it has nothing to do with with the woman’s insecurities can actually threatened her you know can actually you know if she feels like you know hey I think I’m going to win this competition I think I’m going to do this I think I’m going to be able to write this book I think I’m going to be able to you don’t have this project I think I’m going to be able to something that’s just like it can trigger that insecurity that she hasn’t met yet and now she can become a Target unfortunately and it’s usually you know both of them are usually on especially the woman who is really just trying to do her thing you know and she thinks she has the support her friend and it’s just so sad you know one of the things I really wanted to emphasize when talking to you was my experience in turkey that I had with 30 women I was doing a Yoni egg Retreat it was one of the best experiences of my life and it was one of the best examples that I’ve seen of Sisterhood in my life it was in it was in the Middle East and it was a women who are Muslim and you know you would you would think that women who are sexually repressed it was it was so fascinating to me you know cuz this culture is is is genuinely sexually repressed you know women are sexy and you know even like female genital mutilation is like ramp it over there and you know there’s so many issues revolving not just sexual empowerment but just female empowerment. You know but what’s what was so fascinating was it was the first Workshop or an in this case it was a weekend you know Sacred Circle and it was the first time that they all wanted to put their Yoni eggs together you know holding hands being together 30 women I’ve never had that experience in my life every single time and just to give you know everybody I guess the history on what I do I’ve been obsessed with with Yoni egg you know wisdom and in the practice because of how is really need to bring healing into my life and going back to my eating disorder using Yoni breathing so that’s usually what I do you know I’m in my circles that I’ll post a Yoni breathing meditation a Yoni egg you know like educational you know you know few hours of it depending on how long the workshop is and then we’ll go into actually putting the egg in and doing yoga with it you know so I was going to do the same thing in the circle and everybody has their egg and I was like okay one of the time we’re going to go to the bathroom and they were like no no no that doesn’t feel right there were like we need to put this in together and you know there was probably like three or four women in the group who really were not comfortable with that and they all paid a lot of money like to be there I mean I flew out there you know so it was it was like women were really really serious about doing this they came forward pay for the weekend event and and now they’re sitting the circle and a few of them a handful or like I don’t really feel comfortable doing this all the women like literally like stood up like they sat down with them they looked at them in their faces how are you going to come here and and not take advantage of this opportunity to really confront your fear which is now being you know manifest after you not wanting to put in your a was like they were so direct and they were so like in their face but with so much love and I was like I wouldn’t even have done that I have I have not felt that level of Sisterhood in person at least it was just so profound I just felt so grateful to witness. And you know they peer pressure them in and they did it and they were they all at the end we’re happy that they did it together that brings tears to my eyes cuz I’m I’m watching the mental movie of this unites your speaking word by word and and that every every detail you just share. It just breaks off my heart because what I what I hear and feel and sense from that is that the confidence they had to confront that was the confidence you would have to remove a parasite from your flesh like as if it was part of you as if they were one being and they were identifying what was not working about their Collective unified sense of health and wellness and it’s just like you wouldn’t hesitate to intervene if something was out of whack with your personal body and and it’s a different it’s not like they were trying to get them get her to do drugs or to do something that would put her you know of that different kind of but this kind of peer pressure where it’s kind of like a symbiotic unified sense of Consciousness that’s another level so thank you for sharing I really and really hit me in the woman… Women that were opposed to it initially they mentioned being raped they mentioned having you know vaginal pain on a regular thing they’ve mentioned miscarriages they’ve mentioned on healthy you know Intimate Relationships I mean an end to have that bravery and love to sit down with their sister and almost almost kind of force them to do it you know there were like we’re doing this and you’re going to do it with us and we love you and it’s just going to happen and you’re going to have to step up and you know do it nnn because it just seems so culturally acceptable to to already have that stamps like that’s what I get this when I saw it was already like such a mugshot like matriarchal hype energy like already slick so present the women just yelled it and and they didn’t even really argue they didn’t even say well you’re not respect no it was like they didn’t even really say anything they just didn’t it you know and and at the end you know I was I was so perplexed by this at the end I obviously you know I was like hey how does everybody feel you know where where where is everybody right now you know we did have a prayer circle literally holding hands as we were putting the egg in believe it or not like this is the first time you know I was I was really able to take it to this level and it was transformational even for me you know as someone who’s been doing this at that time it was already like 6 years in volume 100. You know and it was it was it was profound I have never really experienced that end in I yearn for that other woman I actually urine for that level of Sisterhood as a woman who who believe that this is you know I think that’s some of the issues that that are coming up with this and I do think that this is more of like a contemporary like American thing cuz like I said the only time I’ve seen different was in the Middle East and even when I go back home to South America rice when I go back home to Columbia The Hit The Sisterhood there is very strong as well I’ve never actually let a Yoni egg Circle in Columbia cuz I’m usually there with my family and you know during Christmas and and I just haven’t had that opportunity yet but but I do think that this is more of like a present-day you know independent woman you know I want my own opinions on things which is which is totally valid and and and we’re fighting the good fight like you’d like you opened up you know saying you don’t like where and it’s unfortunate that we even see it as a fight but I think that that is part of the issue I think that you know we just feel so entitled to our own and we’re really forgetting that we need to munity and I was actually just listening this morning I was soaking in the tub and I was listening to dr. Northrup dr. Christiane Northrup audiobook she’s actually running the forward to the second edition of my book how to use the unit for central healing which I’m like super honors reservations thank you thank you so much she mentioned basically that’s what heals addiction is community you know like any any addiction she was mentioning countless examples of of different you know experiments and surveys and and their word is all leading to the same thing both experiments and in you know what people and even animals and how call basically like you can give heroin to like a rabbit and you know like the only thing that’s going to win it off of it is if they actually get touch and affection and that stimulation as opposed to just being stimulated you know and so I think it’s that is similar that’s similar to what you know what we’re talking about right now is that the wound that inspires female animosity and in jealousy and you know hopefully hopefully we won’t need to let you know hurting them but that it does happen a lot I really do think it’s it’s it is the community you know and the best example that I can give was the one that I had in Istanbul and you know really accepting women’s like really accepting your sisters were you know because at least for me that would Inspire that post that that inspired now this interview was that I actually was trying to hold one of my friends accountable for something in a similar fashion you know I was really just trying to say hey I love you but it has to be this way or no way you know like this is this is how I do things and I can’t change that and if you don’t want to do that that’s fine but I just can’t continue forward you know in this relationship and that transpired targeting I mean I don’t want to give examples but unfortunately I do think that that is necessary like it can get so you can you can you can try to like the woman in survival you know she’s really trying to protect this wound that hurts so much and it and I really do think that it’s worse than patriarchy is worse than than even male oppression you know even though I I I think that historically that women have these wounds because we have been oppressed in general in the power and I do that I do think it’s related but you know when when you don’t have anybody you know when you don’t even have it for example going back to patriarchy and and female animosity when you don’t have anybody you at least your sister you know and if you don’t even have that you know it’s it’s it’s it’s a really sad world and women really need each other like there’s no other way for women to actually get into Power you know even if it’s just self-empowerment it doesn’t have to be running the company could just having self-esteem you know self-esteem and having self-confidence you know you really do need the blessing of a woman even the even you know even if it’s just saying hey you know I see you you know something like that and you can still make your choices and Go in different ways but with respect and that’s something that that a lot of women that I have been talking to I talked to him I talked to a lot of women on a daily basis since many years ago I get calls daily at least sometimes up to 10:15 calls a day usually on average it’s like one or two you know maybe three and it’s usually around the Yoni egg that usually leads into a conversation about why she’s getting it that’ll lead into the top two reasons that I’ve heard why women get you any accidents to heal sexual trauma you know and usually women don’t have anyone to talk to about it with so this is this is going really deep and yeah I almost like I’m going to cry because it’s I hear your voice yeah please and take take a few breaths so I’ll chime in a bit and just kind of add what I can to this from my perspective for for a minute yeah it’s really demoralizing when people who you allow Into Your Inner Circle who are able to know so much about all your weaknesses and all of your vulnerabilities and your passwords and you are everything in a business it’s it’s the words it’s the worst case scenario one of the worst case scenario is to to extend trust and acceptance in and faith and take a risk and gamble with just integrating new people and trying to be open and receptive than and then not being able to always Comfort people at the level needed to keep them feeling very secure about their role in organization about their future about you know they’re there their they’re good standing and what not and I know it’s just a pattern inside of all of us the Wii Wii character caricature eyes them with the cartoon idea of demons but if you just want to think about fine negative thought-forms if I realize I feel like that it’s like a formula bit the the more time a person spends like you’re saying untouched or uncared-for in a communal kind of ceremonial affirming of all the relationships like refreshing and rebooting all of the Dynamics of relationships and some kind of beautiful ceremony that’s really bonding and unifying like every second from the end of one of those like in your Workshop or you could be a psychedelic ceremony or someone in ceremony as like as soon as walks away from that moment of unity immediately those mind we’d start to grow and those everybody is starting to be possessed and and and deceived by thoughts of their own betrayal or just to sort of General paranoia that comes from you know really like you said childhood being never being we never condition to receive an adequate amount of of affection in group sort of community ritualistic bonding initiations excetera excetera you can compare to other cultures but it’s it’s such a it is time to me I see the solution is being well if we’re so depleted and we’re so prone to become so shadowy when we don’t feel really connected with each other then we just have to accelerate the frequency of those bonding experiences to offset that that pattern and if so if you let people just sort of fade into their own mindscape they’re susceptible to attack and you don’t know who they are the next day they could have had a million thoughts of insecure and it just builds and builds a compounding interest and snowballs and then it blows up and if somebody is I mean I’ll say it in my case I experienced that I think we all experienced that sensitive like who who deserves to be the I mean I don’t want to be at the top of anything I don’t want to be the necessary the best anything I would just like to really be financially free and independent and just in my zone kind of like gardening and talking and hanging out with cool people that I enjoy but I don’t I’m not trying to be really to the alpha or the the King of the Hill or that you know whatever but but even just in the field and I see different you know you any Bits & bytes impossible to resist the urge to compare yourself to anyone else is trajectory and say you know whose work harder to earn this or that title or or not end up minutes normal but and I feel like it’s it’s I’m aware of that myself and there’s but there’s a difference between acting out those thoughts and feelings and then actually having a really self critical analysis for you’re like yeah this thing the stuff like I do not want this to to actually transmit through my mouth or through my words are on social media I don’t want to become a troll online I don’t want to poison the community I want to deal with this stuff you know in with with a real confidential counselor or you know I’m totally private or just between me and giving it up to the goddess and some sort of purging ceremony but know how fragile all of these Dynamics are and really trusting you know that we can all come up together so I don’t know if that any of that stuff you know resonates with you if you want to respond to any of those thoughts conversation is very delicate because to some extent both sides are valid you know they’re there are wounds that have not been healed or SEALS or even acknowledged but we have to be very aware as as we become more conscious about why we feel the way we feel and then why we may be projecting those feelings that way that we are and why we may be projecting them to certain people I think that that’s where the introspection comes in what one of the best ways to deal with these situations is really not to take it personally in to see that the woman has a bloom and for it to for you to have complete compassion for her I mean that’s been the only thing that’s ever really helps me you know even with the women that I felt that have betrayed me you know in the past close personal friends close personal girlfriend you know that I open up my heart my home 2 and the only thing that I can really tell women that has helped me is basically saying that hey this woman obviously has she don’t wanna wear how she’s projecting it and you know how he meant compassion for her because she really needs it that’s really the only thing that’s going to actually help both people you know one of the things that happened to me recently that I also talked about in social media that relates to this a lot that I think would be very helpful for women is I was actually out of I don’t I don’t know if you like Tony Robbins I I know he’s going through a lot of stuff right now with the song me too movement and everything yes I agree I agree I think he’s a wonderful person I think he has a lot to learn in that regard but I could do still think he’s a wonderful person and I do admire him so I found a couple months ago and I you know why I got like there was like sixteen sixteen thousand people there you know what I save money and everything I went and I saw him and I sat in the first row right so I fly out to like La I’m in Vegas lights go out from Vegas to LA and it was like the whole thing for me I went to lie by myself it was like like my own personal like like business vacation thing I was just so excited and you know I’m going there and I am in the first row he’s about to step out there all these leading up people you know for like two days leading up to Tony Robbins and you know so it’s it’s finally time that he comes out on stage and they have fire they have like all these things like in anticipation of her coming out so as as I’m sure you can imagine your people get out of their seats and it was almost like a concert like people like stand up against the stage you know and you know so I got up and I was and the woman next to me blonde woman probably middle-aged you’re so tall beautiful woman she says to me she said don’t stand so close to my husband so mind you this was extraordinary crowded I shouldn’t even notice that she was sick but but she or her husband were even right there you know I wasn’t interested in looking at her husband but you know again she was projecting her insecurity and fear that I was standing close proximity to him I’m totally oblivious to the whole thing I see instantly what’s going on because I was out because I was so oblivious and she was so passionate about it I was like well it’s obvious and I was so excited but I had really know like I almost Chuckles you know what I mean like I was I was kind of like like wow this is so silly you know so I just looked at her and I said I said listen you are so beautiful and you have nothing to worry about like it was something like I was just so like last two days ago about it you know and she literally like it was like she wasn’t expecting that at all I’m 29 she was she was middle-aged I understand like that and that’s that’s usually that’s the classic typical scenario you know when it comes to this female animosity thing you know and so really I what I what I said a woman is you have to really have that level of it just going right over you you know that was like you know it and I was so grateful that happened the way it did because it was such a great example now you know and I have to admit you know if I was in a sour mood or something I would have probably gotten said I would have you know it would have been different but because like I mean I invested so much to go to I was so excited to see him to see Tony Robbins it was like it was like I was just so grateful that I was able to actually like how that experience actually you know and she actually sat down like she actually ended up sitting down and she was totally you know it was diffused so yeah that’s a real example for women if it’s if you’re ever caught in a situation which like I said is very popular unfortunately maybe that’s something we can talk about as well I don’t know if this had you know that I’m sure you’ve experienced in various degrees I don’t know how recently necessarily but just in general it seems like I mean if you could if you could make a just off the top of your head up your head a sort of General list of most sort of thumb most damaging to least damaging like sort of a handful of the issues that come up and I’m just wondering like for me I would imagine I’m just Ramon experience tears I may have seen them I’ve seen the most literally psychotic behavior violent psychotic behavior they could get people in prison for felony assault and things like that is spitting me all the Jerry Springer stuff not to be crude about it but really it’s like the the fighting over the modern patriarchal construct of a man as the the only legally bound entity that is responsible after becoming a baby daddy to pay child support and whatnot so they’re fighting over the scarcity of the economic security of a having a man is seems to be a huge culprit and then runnin down the list in my mind is is just things like who is the most influential women amongst Tech circle of friends or within it some sort of organization and then you know how women are constantly comparing each other and throwing throwing each other under the bus routes of to whatever the beauty standards does your are and then I don’t know if so what would you say a man just to kind of for people to especially man who maybe aren’t clued into this and they just play whatever they’re doing they’re playing video games and not and not paying attention but how do we in my spiritual practice is that we are when we are at our best we are when we really like really deal with those ones that we can actually radiates we are like the beauty of who we are resources come come to us like almost almost you know without effort like we don’t we’re actually like pushing some away cuz it’s like okay there’s so much coming at you you know like when you’re really radiating it doesn’t matter how old you are it doesn’t matter your ethnicity or anything like that like when you are really vibrating a high-level you attract people to you you know you attract resources and those are resources you’re attracting friendships you’re attracting you know all of this energy to you and what’s interesting in the example that you were talking about like in peace Sharky and you know men wanting to take the lead and and all of that is that usually women are the proxy to a man’s power like where the symbol of a man’s power you know it is is that you should listen and that essence you know we’ve been really giving our power to manage by putting other women down through this female enema putting other women down through through these scenarios that we talked about we actually still are feeding the Beast you know like we’re actually you know Sisterhood is probably the best way of healing this whole female oppression you know like that that’s that’s been what I’ve seen that’s like an in and I’m I’m really kind of having like a piffany with all of these experiences that I’ve had with women in in this topic you know because like for example going back to the woman at the swing Robbins event you know without me really knowing she may not have that she you know she she may think twice again about you know what a woman stands close to her her husband trying to be like oh you know what you know I don’t have anything to lose I’m good you know your life forever and that’s how how Robbins ask of you to insert that neuro associative conditioning hack unplanned and I didn’t even like really know I didn’t even really think about it and then once I really thought about it I was like Wow and then I saw her when I see when I saw his text sit down I was like okay while like I think that this was a lot bigger than what I thought because it was almost like there was no no no defensiveness anymore it was completely I mean she got really close to me surrender I mean she actually stopped at that point you know probably was her insecurities the whole time is that she was out of her feminine you know and not knowing it you know like not really knowing that she was out of her feminine cuz she was in this defensive you know fight fight or flight mode and responsiveness and reaction in all of that so so yeah I mean women women really when you stepping into your family than you really know who you are and you can really be honest about your wounds and actually would like an open heart and have compassion for the people that have really betrayed you because it’s happened so many times and I can’t even even with you let you know this is happened I have a lot of women the reason why I was so inspired to talk about this is because I have so many women say to me and sometimes I don’t I’m not even talking about this mention that they just don’t trust women they don’t trust the intentions and they are scared of even having female friendships because of this pattern I mean it’s real it’s an all of us you know like if it’s one person it’s the tribe you know and it’s really a societal issue that I think needs more attention I think patriarchy is obviously a big thing but I actually don’t think that this gets talked about enough in regards to how this is actually causing some of the problem you know some of the problem with what we’re trying to really resolve which is you know women being finally in a place of respect . You know and so yeah like like this this conversation right here is for us for women who really have put up that front you know they want Sisterhood they want they want connection they want to feel safe they want to feel secure in a circle in a group and they’re having problems with it because it says this has happened to them so many times and it’s almost like a trauma will you say another effectors is it a when would say I love you talking about the radiance because it’s it’s really not you can’t really fake that you know me it’s pretty it’s pretty transparent when you try to fake it but when when you’re in the zone and you are radiating and you have spiritual practices and sexual cultivation practices then then you’re absolutely right here at your high vibrating bright magnet for all things sometimes. Sometimes you can bad things in people’s people who were wanting to Nestle up today energy who haven’t kick-started it in themselves or boots to have to hit rather but I feel like something maybe a pattern is also that when people who have been in that survival mode and that defensive mode their whole Lives who won to be empowered in community and Sisterhood or Brotherhood when they have access to the authentic energy the first time they met know there’s voices inside I’m going to last the bubbles going to burst this isn’t real I can’t trust this this is a scam I’m being manipulated and then those voices take over and say you just you just sabotage the golden opportunity and if you would have just done some of the maybe the practices you know the grounding practices and the are so many ways that we can set that is precisely what starts female animosity is actually getting that opportunity believe it or not actually getting that opportunity and and it actually measuring up and it actually being authentic the more authentic it is the more painful it is it’s it’s it’s so complex wow it’s so complex and if so in what did Jesus say he said by the end of the night one of you is going to betray me and he I mean you have to have that level of I mean it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s really that historical I mean it really really is I mean even Jesus like I said if Jesus crucified by one of his beloved mean it’s it’s really up for it I mean anybody can go through this do you know speaking about yeah in the in Mary magdalene’s gospels are there per se at one of the one of the Dead Sea Scrolls that revealed evidence in multiple fragments but evidence that that they were lovers the Jesus and Mary were lovers and that she was not a prostitute though I don’t have any problem with that myself but I know there was this bitter and broiled bitterness amongst the mail disciples who that they were lamenting that they would Jesus preferred her and he loves to kiss her on the and then they blank that out but we have to assume it wasn’t the hand John Lennon sing and her for the Beatles breaking up you know she was totally responsible which gives her a lot of power you know nnn in many people’s eyes she is responsible and that is again that’s like that negative like you’re giving her you’re giving her that power that you know she really liked even if she was the reason you know that is that is that so much power you know right there and you’re actually not looking at the man and saying you know you had any power at all I mean you’re actually disempowering him completely and giving her all the power and you don’t even know you’re doing that you know by like blaming her and like you know you know Jesus leaving or whatever that the story was you know so it was like like we have to heal our wounds or else we’re actually really going to be first really pushing away we really what we really want which is Union you want connection I mean that’s how are telomeres Grohl I can epigenetics like it’s even study that you have longer life span based on the length of the telomeres which are at the end of your chromosomes and you know it’s it’s through really feeling this like full expression of who you are you know in connection to basically your environment you know and so that’s like that’s that’s what this is about and by pushing it away we’re actually again we’re feeding that that that monster that is actually creating the illusion just Connection in the first place you know we’re actually getting into that without install unconscious and it’s so like I really don’t think it’s talked about enough so you know and at least for me like where I see the most is that we could be because I’m a woman but it’s in my email relationships you know that’s where I’ve seen it the most played and it happens really fast and see it happened really quickly you know a woman gets The Other Woman sees her a friend a close friends another good thing in this whole really hit home for a lot of my Latino sisters or know anyone who admired Selena best friend and she was like her one of her she was she was a co-worker but she was like leaving like her fans like this fans Department you know for like years and years and years of Janet up literally because of jealousy chilling her you know and now has like a martyr you know so it’s like you can’t really kill the spirit of the person anyway like that at the end of the day you can’t the jealousy isn’t going to sabotage them it’s not going to I mean it may it may be painful for the for the person but it’s not you’re not actually doing anything with this you’re actually just again feeding its really self-sabotage are really hurting yourself cuz he’s in jail for life you know and she still holds true to her story that you know it was because Selena did blah blah blah you know so she’s still holding on to that that Peter patter you know what I mean it’s it’s it’s a root chakra a juvenile thing you know and hopefully with this conversation absolutely yeah you know something comes up as you’re saying that to for me is I’m really glad I was really powerfully imprinted by the movie La Bamba when I was really young kid and it puts into perspective that sibling rivalry over success and opportunity and and as I watch that movie again as I’ve grown and I see the threads about Shamanism and just the fracturing of culture through enslavement to the agricultural system and I know the Bob the brother becomes a biker drug dealer and and he wasn’t given as much attention by the father cuz he was a step sign and you see Richie being such a authentic pure-hearted loving soul gentleman and in the end he was rewarded karmically it seems by all of his virtue and all of his righteousness and nobody would just sink further and further into the Vicious Cycle of resentment and self-destruction inverse almost proportionally to the success of his brother and wow what a what a lot I can say. You know if anybody anybody is a male wants to watch that to get it a real good sense of the male side of this girl recommended and you know something else I’m thinking as you’re speaking is it if I had all the time in the world I wouldn’t hurt your everybody into you know just just tickle them with words and affection until there’s just nothing but absurd Bliss coming out of them and unfortunately the biggest problem is we have no time to pay attention to really drop in to address people so everybody expects that oh yeah we’re all supposed to get up by an alarm clock and rush to get ready to go and be somewhere at work or do whatever and it’s there’s not enough time for even almost not enough time for personal hygiene let alone hygienic romantic relationships let alone that multiple Dynamics amongst people who are all struggling a different stages of wealth in call Cyn Love & Eric’s it’s this is not have time so how do we create more time out of buffer that those the time scarcity you know working from home is a good way to start directions I mean that’s a whole nother conversation I feel like I have a lot to say that I could say about it but does topic it’s it’s really close and dear to my heart I’m hosting I will say this I am hosting a sister Circle in honor of Union in Sisterhood on the summer solstice of this year is going to be I’m actually hosting a retreat is going to be June 22nd through the 24th here in Las Vegas and you can get more information on my website Union grace.com but it’s going to be actually hell’s specifically on June 23rd which was or which is my grandmother’s birthday and she’s like the highest example that I’ve ever had in my life and female you know reads like Angelic like Grace you know like a woman like just always Serene in the midst of a storm like just complete like I mean I owe you know so I’m so grateful that I’m going to be able to actually commemorate her on this special day really like hosting a prayer circle during this retreat in Las Vegas again June 22nd to the 24th of this year 2018 so awesome awesome yeah if you and we got another few minutes to go and be great to just say some words of prayer as you know for all the men lie women who have wandered away from the campfire of Sisterhood and community and are just I mean once you kind of burn Bridges and then you’re left alone it can only get worse from there so I will just pray that reconciliation occurs really as fast as humanly possible and then don’t just you know tear up a whole community and then sneak off into a new location where your unknown and just repeat the patterns and really try to find the people who were who are willing to provide the empathy and compassion has to be my formative words you have any other everything just want to share advice and share for people on both sides you don’t people being victimized by a sort of saboteurs he’s unconscious territories and then the saboteurs themselves what do they do next after they burn Bridges what about the male role when it comes to female animosity like like men don’t usually pick up on those little things because it’s such a it can happen so fast women and I think really the best thing to do is always acknowledge both parties always what you said you know reconciliation compassion you’re really kind of being someone who can hold like a safe container as a neutral party but by both like acknowledging both and holding accountable both parties I think that that would be like if that’s if that’s if any man feels lead to actually do that between two women I mean you would really be doing a huge you know so I suppose I feel like maybe it dates me to say this but but back in my day everybody especially women kept a private Journal where they processed their emotions and then they would look back on stuff and they will be like oh my God I can’t believe I was thinking that I was so wrong it was only like a day later that the truth was actually revealed I’m so glad I didn’t flip out because I would have lost everything but now people spew their first reaction to things online which lasts forever and creates massive multi cascading black magic effects and then you can’t undo that damage you can’t say oops I was wrong I’m so sorry and because you have to defend yourself and you just constantly become more fortified and defensive about positions that you took when you could have just you know put it into your private journal and do the exercise of writing something out so you can make sense of it and connect the dots and go while I’m actually really a reading and pack I’m actually completely irrational about this and maybe I’ll just like ripped a page shot in Burnet or just I didn’t really well and so I don’t know I hope that that that can be a thing of great. oh yeah I’m so grateful then thank you for allowing me to come on and talk about this and hopefully you know you to continue to do what you’re doing a good way and shift the Paradigm and bring more more beautiful I think just you know postage posting pictures of what works and then letting that that vibration radiates through I’m really moved by that seeing a lot of his nude yoga action throughout the world and just seeing a bunch of women creating Mondelez together all smiling and laughing and you know honoring their teacher in really yeah I’m just the harmony is it possible in and I’ve seen you know through timeshare through yoga and sacred sexuality and you swim in circles and there’s a lot of it I am thrilled to be in this time I mean rock on thank you so much I was so awesome so you only grace.com any other places that people should go or just go there and get connected with everything craze it was recently recently I ain’t it was my name Grace Diaz but I actually just changed it to Yummy Grace so you can do a lot of the Yoni egg practices and you breathing practices so how to use the Yoni egg for Central healing everyone check it out and men are never going to go back this sets the standard this these practices so please you know don’t wait till about don’t wait till Valentine’s Day make everyday Valentine’s Day and get yourself on board with this definitely still talk to you soon you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Rancho Park. Com

Women’s Nude Yoga for Group Healing and Empowerment with Rosie Rees TPP147


In this episode I’m blessed to be joined by one of my new heroines in the women’s sexual-spiritual empowerment field. I discovered Rosie Rees on Instagram where she bravely and proudly posts some of the most beautiful and glorious images of women in true sisterhood and solidarity engaged in ritualized nude yoga. The intensity of the bliss and ecstasy exuded through these pictures compelled me to learn more and invite Rosie to be a guest. We have a lot of fun exploring the power of these practices and dig deeply into the cultural blockages that keep us hiding in our clothes most of the time.

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About Rosie

Rosie Rees is the founder of Women’s Nude Yoga, which she has been facilitating for over 3 years, guiding women into a beautiful state of self acceptance and an appreciation for their naked body. Rosie is also a Tony Robbins trained Relationship Coach, and has helped thousands of women transform their relationship & intimacy with themselves and their partner. In 2014, Rosie created an online crystal sex toy boutique ‘Yoni Pleasure Palace’, sharing the power of Yoni Eggs for pelvic floor strength and Crystal Pleasure Wands to inspire women to become more sensually awake and empowered in their sexuality. Rosie lives in Perth in far Western Australia and travels the world sharing a modern, yogic twist on nudism and empowering women to take control of their sexual pelvic health!

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Calm and our journey together would you apologize for the crackling sound on my end of the audio there was a technical difficulty that has since been solved so please bear with me and you may just want to use lower volume and bear with it if you can I know you’ll enjoy the episode and I will definitely have Rosy back again so we can have it a clean signal next time but please do enjoy this and no mistake of its welcome to talk to pack podcast episode number 147 I’m being joined by Rosie Ruiz and that she is a women’s naked yoga founder and facilitator a crystal set straight entrepreneur and a relationship in singles coach for women and then I discovered her work beautiful amazing glorious work by Instagram and so shout out to Instagram helping connect us all of us lightworkers throughout the world and that is a her account that I discovered was Rosie. Ruiz that’s r o s i e. R e e s and on that Instagram I’ll just say you know how we arrived in this moment is that I was just stunned and struck and Enchanted by the the the energy that was being transmitted through these beautiful pictures of sacred geometric altars and beautiful yoginis laughing and being playful and loving themselves and being totally free and embodied and getting along and Viv these are just Vistas to be holding this is the kind of stuff I want to see murals of all of them world because it’s been destroyed and suppress for so long and the fear of women being empowered in their bodies and being on really having strong sister and sell dirty together it’s it’s been almost eaten pretty thoroughly Stamped Out so wherever I see that I want to apply at it and I want to be facilitating sharing that the the methods and the stories of how these you know tantric witch covens if you will that’s my projected word on to it but I know women in the movement who really feel like Tantra in its original form was feminist sexual Witchcraft and if you really reclaim that and you let it actually flourish then you have I believe really beautiful landscapes really beautiful family is really beautiful vacations systems and all kinds of things so I salute you and your work and now I just want to ask you today will say thank you for doing me and asked you to tell us all about how you were able to arrive at this point that we can talk about exactly what it is you’re doing now sorry like a month I had just thought I was doing my training in Bali in creative beautiful Bait Shack and he just sent me one. He’s like she ground rules for living with me a sexual connection with credible ideas comes for of what I needed to do in the world it was a practice that I’ve never had time I was having such profound realization of how I was talking to my own body which I didn’t even know I was that critical until I got to I had a safe space to be physically and emotionally and sexually I realized I didn’t have Eating Disorders I haven’t had or but I still had a lot of body image issues that I discovered settings the cultural context that you’re in and how people have responded and reacted to this offering and you know that I’ve I guess I should say that you’re in Australia and that seems to be a New Mecca of Tantra of enlightened country schools in retreats in practitioner and I’m just curious if you could talk about the the cultural context of you making these offerings and what what it what kind of from Journey to the journey like just to be honest with you know how was it received by launch is very conservative would you believe I think yes we are on our way completely closed minded as well and have not much growing to do as a as a culture I think when I first approached kitchen closed pretty much just said he’s not ready for that. Completely I just realized oh my God I actually specialty in what I was doing and creating incredible sleep they had and they had message Trace that fact you is we are all women and it’s symbolic school out of stuff that we should look whether that sexual trauma nervous about what’s to come and it makes me think what has this world come to are the women in a really safe Honore loving spice and you can really something initially I got a lot of media attention it just decided to take it on to roll around what’s the words kind of like going against actual data for the country comes in to transgress the this isn’t what you doing is wrong but I’m not yeah well well I just I’ve got to take a couple of Brett’s cuz I’m just really dropping into what you said and how how real that is in one of my one of my favorite jokes you know existed in some I heard somebody said I don’t know who I don’t know who the quote for this but it’s like something you would say on asked if you know how to party in your 20s or something like that why are you why is everybody hiding in their clothes and you just you just described it absolutely that all of this stuff it just evaporates and you know something I would buy one or two of them and I’ll ask you about this is it the I really feel like that the reason that a lot of people are going into extreme and even arguably harmful fetish territory is mostly because they do not have sex outdoors and if they do not connect with the orgasmic sensuality of natural flows of energy including life-forms but even something as simple as just a breeze and what degrees does to purify the aura and to let energy flow and so if you think about I just think about all the people who are struggling to achieve orgasm who who resort to you know extremely Extreme Measures to get aroused in to get off males and females and everything in between I just think if you were just to be doing having more of a ecosexual lifestyle than you you would come naturally you would basically be multi-orgasmic and full-body orgasm very much for free with very very little effort do with a partner who has been knighted in the bush great so that my question is do you have any at every opportunity or any opportunity do you integrate outdoor naked yoga for women options or which is surprising cuz you think that’s from the traffic because it’s a group of women and we did the most beautiful morning yoga practice is Crystal Blue beautiful thing that comes forth is his innocence and the joyfulness and child that comes through last time was being knighted 506 years old why don’t you it wasn’t safe space for the women and that’s my main priority is creating a space experience myself not not being as bold as to organize a yoga Workshop but just being in those environments and really yeah I’m having my heart broken by how those mostly men really need help them and it says yeah it’s a whole nother it’s a whole nother topic for a whole nother episode for sure to just get into the analyzing how we’ve arrived at this point where you know that someone who out of town chica friend of mine I spoke to recently who had traveled to Europe in places where nudity was far more accepted just culturally and they just don’t have that problem you know people. They get their fill is like unless you’re deprived of nudity you don’t become obsessed with it exactly and messaging me how do I know what your intentions are don’t respect that my don’t understand yeah I agree with you don’t make me eat since this is this we’re going with the flow hear it probably is it probably is appropriate to ask about you know why this is so rare because men are such creditors right now and you know and so it’s it’s really I mean just how heartbreaking it is now we’re talkin about the limits of them need to win when I ask a question and you started to answer and I really thought it was like wait a minute where it where could you possibly do this and feel safe doing it it have to be deep in some private property with like no disability for women to about being improved upon with prying eyes and so that’s a whole well hopefully there will someday be real estate agents who specialize in accommodating people like us are going to do this stuff yeah. Women’s Nike adrift Cespedes definitely I think I can just imagine how my ex-boyfriend the magma just incredible incredible situation well that’s that’s exciting that that really beautiful partnership you know what that’s that’s probably the answer to Is it for men to get trained and you know sort of Clans to eventuate it to be safe space holders they’re going to admit me to train man and they’re not going to be able to just always cut straight to the did ice cream and Heather desert without eating asparagus you know yeah I need to see this beautiful spirits and assistant beautiful yeah. That actually now we’re kind of moving the direction that that was most compelling for me to want to reach out and speak to you about which is the I’m very very interested and we were speaking you’re speaking about this a bit before we got officially started just to kind of give you some background on my my interest in in your success with this work it really comes down to myself and my experience of Tantra and yoga and the sort of the different empires of ego and welson just sort of the Hollywood meme happening at a lot of ways it’s hard to get away from cult of personality and and and when there is a sort of a hierarchy of power and wealth and influence and status then it kind of always skews and sets up these Dynamics where people are vying for power and you know just a lot of Shadow a lot of Shadow Behavior behind the surface of everyone being humble and doing the practice system everything’s fine and so you know my negative experiences with those unfortunate realities that were going to kind of Christ within the modern world anytime I see people like yourself really successfully harmonizing people’s personality conflicts and creating space for people to feel safe and vulnerable they don’t have to be defensive it don’t have to be involved in that sort of there or they can let go by that it sounds like from what you said and it just curious about how do you make that work at what is your secret because we all need to know it cuz it’s so we are words were suffering so much but it sounds like what you’re what you’re describing is that really a lot of it once you take the clothes off I just magically evaporates to some degree and that’s so that should be so encouraging for us who you haven’t gone in that direction but I’m curious if you could you know elaborate on the sort of the inner workings of that process and and the communication and know anything that would get more folks interested in in if you experiencing what you have to offer and also attempting to replicate based on you or your wisdom and guidance I guess first and foremost I would have thought about what what is that look like and so when I really dropped into, and how am I going to get people to the first things first I was like well by candlelight and must be a Divine yoga music mantra creating a physical size women walk in and instantly feel site and held the way into what I want to create every single time because it’s not just the one there’s no blockages from you your potential difference so I’m heading to Melbourne and Sydney we do certain things leading up to the women feel comfortable super comfortable I decide when and how they want one dumb people running around to help other women I got them cry is so awesome yes that this is exquisite so what I’m what I’m hearing you say you want two things that strikes me the most know you said it’s is it you know I would apply the word that you’ve ritualised the disrobing process and billing said and it is that risk is so it is so crucial I think about the process of the gradient and the the foreplay to removing your clothes is social for play that has to happen to feel relaxed and I remember now I’ve actually I’ve actually done this by facilitated a group of people disrobing I think I only one time and then and it was a little bit cramped on time that the sort of philosophical discourse section cat got a little bit out of hand and so we were squeezed at the end to get to that point and I realizing that it really I realize from that it really you need to soak this is another question what what is the could you walk us through sort of the timeline of the process so that you kind of know that the Cadence or the choreography of it so people can account for that cuz I was way under estimating how much time I would need to get comfortable and to get people up to speed enough to where we were going to get into that that’s also real stories and from real women authentic rainbow nerds when it sets the Tarn and it actually sets The Benchmark for the woman next week as well yes. 3035 McKinley Dr. And sometimes I feel I need to be to watch a piece of grass and then going at the end yeah thank you for saying that in as you speak in a couple things that stand out for me one is said I really want a key into what you said about the vulnerability as soon as being contagious in and I’ve certainly I know exactly what you’re talking about that moment where if you’re still today in group of people and someone you know someone really get so deep and sincere and sheds tears and then everybody feels permitted to go to that level and so yeah absolutely it’s such a magical profound and just apathy Embassy opens the heart and it’s it’s like a second yeah this is like a cacao ceremony juice with them have the spirit and The Vibes are they really were a really works in you know another thing that that came up for me as you were speaking was it a there’s people have more formal Township training would be familiar with the term Puja in the meaning of you know more of a more of a multi-phased ritual usually a form of devotion usually involving mantras and or yantras and Sacred Movement and dance and moo dress and basic leaders if you go to any Hindu temple and certainly any Hindu temple you’ll see people going through quite a number of very elaborate and very time-consuming procedure is in order to sort of earn the attention and the hopefully the prayer answering capacity of their divorced that whoever they devoted themselves to and then in the tantric tradition where you’re devoting to each other in the crate that proved his face it’s really so much more vast than just what we have compartmentalised is a yoga class where you go when do this sort of thing you know routine that I Rely realized you know what you’re saying is that you’re really bringing making yoga into a Puja again and that is very very profound in and I’m glad that you’re it’s not just showing up and doing the pot of the asanas it’s it’s showing up and having a real Pooja together for hours and then that Austin is just we’ve probably in and out as needed and people can sometimes do you see people really getting in fraud in the pastures and really kind of like going deeper in that process than they probably had it as well. I’ve actually never is absolutely a devotional practice and it’s usually because they look around the circle and I just say the variety of absolute oh my God you know she’s beautiful she’s beautiful, beautiful we just have this incredible experience yoga in India and dumb and in Coeur d’Alene yarger is Bali it’s yoga and I can be very very sound. Sexually a really crucial catch unlocking the divine feminine and then I get them in these past years in the making the sound okay I like to know more about that because I’ll just say briefly that go for the men out there listening it’s a night-and-day experience to have the privilege and joy and pleasure of being sexually with the woman who has a dedicated Yoni egg practice you will never want to go back and you will insist that the standard be raised to that level with you if you can if you can ask for that so you know please pay attention to it to 2 if you’re willing to share with this you know what that is like and what you learn whatever you tell you’re comfortable not to be luxurious but because it’s such a new paradigm for four people in the modern world needed to really to ReDiscover & Order Paradigm but I would love to hear about your house that has some woven into your practicing and then what what what stands out from that experience I mean highly sexual beings since I was very little girl but I know God Thermo to have sex so to give a man pleasure and it wasn’t until I went to this journey egg what shopping Bollywood CrossFit Lionel on the Grapevine about the workshop by around the same time is that when I moved into the fridge. I just started dating an older man who is cut quite tantric and them to insert infusing it was more in a while high I wasn’t getting anything to anyone else I wasn’t eating to have an orgasm feeling exercise and then I was given permission by the guy that I liked it to be really expressive during sex and I need to buy haven’t heard you want much sound and then I realized programs and conditioning around how I should be quiet in bed with my mission to make using my janiak consistently for about a month and then being able to make sound during sex. It’s being able to ejaculate I started to be able to decide how to share it from there my my that’s amazing I’m just all these words are going to meet on leash and wildness and Primal and Josiah just kind of see when you said that connecting the dots with being able to be vocal that’s another dimension that is completely suppressed in the Water World in most places where you just feel you have to Silence Yourself and and how inhibiting that is to the flow of energy and when you have the experience to let that go yeah Miracles could definitely start to happen in wow so if I could ask you what is a word what are the basics of your of the daily practice that you do and that you recommend it’s for those who you know might be a mystery I’ve heard different practices from different people but I’m just curious what you were recommended daily practice looks like best breast massage massage my breasts every day in the shower or when I get out of the shower I really believe in the person see any importance of the heartworm fiction I am really feel that we need to be connected not just giving them lots of love I don’t think women touch them enough to make a body physically women sexualized objectified and I really want to know analyze it just really normalize it the egg and some breast massage oil as welcome to Womanhood this is what a beautiful way to to Really narshe and I love yourself but unfortunately one not guided no one told us then I wasn’t told her that around 6 or even there any other woman who was around my age rewiring a connection to our hot and are your enemies in November connected to our hot it’s it is no surprises for example. Breast cancer in women at the moment and shouldn’t be happening when a woman is connected and I guess stealing a space they were in this is a crucial not just for pleasure and sexual connection well yeah I’m getting chills they’re at me I really love it when some of my colleagues refer to it as the Yoni Temple and to be a steward of that Temple You’ve got to clear out the cobwebs and keep you know a lot of sacred practice is happening and have you a few Explorer explored the Yoni steam best practices by chance Korean blend well but something I wanted to say quickly before before I asked you that it just to respond to what you just been saying is that I think you just put together what might be the most important product line that I’ve ever heard of that maybe the ruling Racine I don’t know if this has been done before but this is the first time I’ve even conceived of it and there are the buffets you can think of it and it and it is reflected from to me and I’m always thinking about ways to accelerate and help facilitate more holistic sexuality education age appropriate staged out at the office so but what people are so we struggle sex Educators 10 speakers we all struggle with with the the Paradigm limitations and the the school lies and all of the things that they move the stuff forward but what would it struck me just now but what you said is so profound and I thought about it people with people are really good at shopping and really good at going to the mall that really good at gift-buying and and I love that there is this sort of the Yoni eggs in the crystal wands and like the T beef products and services in and things are there they’re starting to enter more of that market place where poor people are buying them for themselves and buying gifts but what I just quit just came to me based on what you were saying is that you could you Rosie have really put together in your own practice this complete kit of resources and if you were to write the manuals and have the accompanying instructions and guidance that you could actually be bundling these things into puberty kit or it more beautifully said words that are observed the introduction to two women to fly sitting at the woman hadn’t actually have that be something you can give to somebody in like a little basket Edible Arrangements or something and she say chi here’s your you know here it is your decision not imagine a time when you get your. When you’re just so scary what happens and if we had more comfortable mom’s talking about the stuff and educating them on on on the Metro cops on the Yoni eggs because you know when a woman is more and more I guess he knows more about the spice of her body she’s going to be connected to her glasses and her nose because I think a lot of kids now I having sex a relaxer imagine if we actually know more about consent and the more about and it’s raining and then boundaries and it feels like the right calling and you know the right timing that that you if if it’s ya mean if you’re not if you if you don’t feel it’s your calling to actually physically put together some sort of some sort of kick it like this then then by all means anybody listening who wants to sort of consult in and collaborate in to get something like this really I mean it could be as simple as an Amazon wishlist honestly that’s could be an Amazon recommended gift list page that anybody can look at and you know that that would just be great I would love to to see mother’s doing that and Father’s doing that insert you know just because it’s a joke hey you I have so many mothers on their buying for themselves because of us but if I see if I think that’s the best present you could give her a 14 year old that would be so fabulous and I’d like to see men also step up and let’s get this together and was really I mean I just think about what what I wish I would have had and what I didn’t know that I didn’t know and it’s it’s just mortifying the navigating sexuality pretty much alone as the latchkey kid you know the father listen and just really kind of sneaking porn and an R-rated movies and literally oh I know this is the first time that I’ll probably have said this publicly but my first orgasms were masturbating to rape movies because that was the only those were the only seems that I had in my VHS collection that I you know where there was anything sexual happening and it just so happened that and it wasn’t my preference it wasn’t my ho / desire it just was a de facto oh this is what is happening in that and I realized as I’ve done more work that luckily that hasn’t really warmed it an aggressive template for my sexuality but it just really scarred me and it really disturb me because I knew from the storyline of the movies that this was evil and wrong interested in sick yet it was arousing to a child so where were my where were my saviors like yourself tax do you know set up the real foundation and really build that that you know where the circuitry has got to be very carefully carefully built it’s so critical first experiences are so formative an image is like a deep gashes in in the psyche so you’re probably at 100% And I was watching a documentary on Netflix and the Quan I ain’t that bruestle commonly downloaded to basically be crying Frenching to that level and Mikey said yeah I totally agree thank you for sharing that sentiment invalidating that and yeah it’s it’s timely that you brought that up because there’s actually a huge adult industry csgo that happened recently where is exactly the kind of abusive violent porn I had a major disruption we’re finally two women came out and in really committed a form of of career suicide to a degree by outing and the men involved in what was so far foul and out of line even for the most his seven-year you could say it’s a slippery slope in a gray area but the people that that that work with pain very intelligently and end with wisdom and and you know sobriety and consent and all these things and they’re not doing it to make a buck but they’re doing it to practice an art form I know those people are operating with extreme care and measured Force and and every the real the real high that people get from it I is Finn my understanding and let you know it’s not my cup of tea so much myself but I have experienced that I have scars to prove it but you know when it’s not when it is done right by people that are highly trained and skilled it is that the Nuance of consent that is the real payoff is that you know that you’re safe and you can explore that if you know the boundaries of that safety and that but we’re talking about what you’re talking about and what selling as is this abusive porn it’s all its all about violation and humiliation and just absolute fracturing of the soul and really creating the sort of crushing the soul and they’ll do this Twisted thing which is very black tantric if you ask me if they will have them after a session of extreme brutalization leaving blood and and and vomit in saliva and tears and smeared makeup and everything that every dimension of a violation of they can imagine filming it coercively getting consent in the form of a paycheck I call that Financial coercion Financial rape you know they’re being very submitting to it because of course if they were to say no I’m actually just no stop if it is if you’re a performer and you your cut you can forget about working in that town ever again that’s how that works and you will not be hired back and everyone will text you about you and you know so they endure you know these extremes out of Financial necessity old rents coming up I guess I got to go do one of those scenes of those guys and you know sometimes you know when it goes too far finally in a couple when it stood up and put out a whole testimony on YouTube and described everything and gory detail and created a massive you know uproar thankfully people can better defense but they were death threats email against them and let you know I kind of just I’m just kind of venting on this but I want to say that the thing that is most Twisted about it at the end of these things they have is tradition of forcing them or you know coercing them to stare into the camera like their eye gazing with the clever you know having her way with this experience on the other end of the camera and they’re doing this so it’s like we’re taking it a snapshot of the shattered state of your soul and your innocence and you know they’re really ritualizing this abuse to the point where they’re having him sit downstair for 5 minutes with cum dripping in tears and blood and everything and that’s that’s their there’s no their money shot is this black Township ritualized evil Onyx thing so that’s the guy that’s that’s what people need for a little powerful there’s other ways to feel powerful my dear brothers out there and if this is what young boys are getting immediately sucked into by the design of the computer algorithms that project more and more extreme stuff based on your preferences that gets cute I mean I’m getting I’m going to reel it in because I will just go on with this Crusade forever but back to the beautiful and bite me like that is available at United States it is such a shame that that is the most downloaded song on the key of a lot of unconscious how society and the role of the feminine sexual Consciousness know maybe two to bring us to a close here if you would please kind of counterbalance that with what really enrages you if you don’t mind some righteous rage to talk about really in the invigorating reason to you know take this work very seriously and then kind of you know if some words of Hope and inspiration and when what what you what you would really asked you know if you could imagine if there’s that there are men listening to this who are really distraught and disturbing trying to get over that heal their own trauma and really step up and be be one of the the very few lucky band who gets it be anywhere near the Beauty and the vibration that you’re creating what do we need to do and how do we get active and how do we be supportive and amps and help each other you know I’ve done a lot to tell me to have a lot of a lot of my own answers to those questions but I would love to hear what your answers to those questions are you nosey as a female what you doing how can men I would not be where I am right now had I not had the love and support of a beautiful conscious man who was my ex-boyfriend and we’re still good friends of confidence increase having someone who saw my potential really believed in me that should makes me when I cry a little bit really sore what I could I would I could bring his admission support just energetic level he was he was just beside me the whole way just knowing that I had that healthy masculine behind me some new drug of husband when I needed it during this whole creation we need the mask of the feminine needs the masculine or feminine male feminists because we need we need you and amazing incredible boyfriend at the moment and you’re not even today cuz I need you right now and it felt so nice to just because I think so many of us women besides you encouraging I feel you I feel you and I’m visualizing it in and seeing it in if if we want to men be blessed to be anywhere near this Exquisite gift of what you’re the kind of the kind of space that yoginis are creating again on Earth build build the goddess temples United Partners more successful than one anacondas number in for that competitiveness or that comparison because what he bring the business and that Financial Security is going to be in marshmallow your support and loyalty and we still need TuneIn yeah we need that support right that’s what that is an exciting and yeah we could we could continue we’ll have to continue again and just did I break some of these things that I really like this what you just you just hoping there is a whole a whole new episode seemed really about the Dynamics and how how people can assist each other and growth phases of careers and really yeah bring out the best in each other and and even in communities as well and really kind of dissolve the the separateness between bank accounts and and are just our our compartmentalize than that of mice lives if we can really ask someone if someone’s doing well I guess I guess I really believe in that way over Rising tide floats all boats so the more you can do to facilitate co-facilitate success and abundance it’s always going to help everybody who is who is showing up with the right attitude with sweetness and not bitterness of the different tangents that was being on the phone cause but I have a dream ending with men actually questioning that you likewise all right well if you want to please do share your websites and any promotional stuff you want to share to get people on board for the next the next offerings then please do so and you can find me at work. Com and Yony Yony Palace I don’t think Facebook have worked out yet what Johnny means so that’s great what people are going to get upset about sorry I have to run around and I’ll be making yeah yeah I’ll do my best to let all of my my dear female friends know about about your la la trip for sure and thank you been I will have a wonderful rest of your afternoon evening and I will definitely be in touch and hopefully we’ll talk again soon. Take care of but why podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the shop in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Park. Com Thomas gay