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DIY Erotic Empowerment from Massage Therapy to Female Ejaculation with Alexis Lane TPP243


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In this episode I’m joined by podcast listener Alexis Lane for an exploration of her journey of do-it-yourself erotic empowerment from massage therapy to female ejaculation and beyond!

About Alexis:

Alexis currently lives in southern Virginia. Call center representative by day, Yoni Goddess by night, Alexis is passionate about exploring and awakening her own sacred sexuality. She firmly believes that more women realizing their own Sacred Sexuality and the Divine Feminine within will change the face of this world in a powerful way. She looks forward to sharing the knowledge she’s gained through her own research and explorations for the Collective growth and well being of our species and our planet.

My Non-Verbatim Show Notes:

AL: a little bit about me, 30 years old southern virginia, all kinds of jobs, call center rep day job, in my own personal life my own free time I’ve really been for the past 2 or 3 years called to really dive deep into my own personal growth, issues of self love, developing self love and self respect, manifested through getting in touch with own sexuality, past 2 or 3 years, really hands on with myself, getting into all of my issues on a sexual level, I really just experienced a lot of growth and changes that I’m really excited, see how those things are gonna take shape in the world, right now definitely got a lot of female or authorities on the feminine side, Grace Diaz, Kim Anami, so many more, did find your podcast through Grace Diaz’ channel, that’s how I came to hear your podcast, episode on squirting, really excited to share a lot of practical application hacks, excited to see what I can offer

ted talk, unleashing the female orgasm, she did that ted talk has wonderful channel great website, an authority, or mentor in female sacred sexuality, another one I do listen to a bit of layla martin, amber leitz, sharing her own experiences and coming from a lot of personal experiences

TP: massage therapy process?

AL: started out straight out of high school, wasn’t very hands on, my mother found a great school for me, different than traditional massage therapy school, most are up to a year, very condensed, found me a 2 year associates, at an actual college, did go and get associates in applied science along with massage therapy licensure, courses, did have anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, science of how the body moves, how different parts move in relationship to each other, neurology, physiology, practical application of massage portion as well, a large part of our day and classroom time, half of time we spent in class alone was hands on massage portion

wide variety of different modalities, introduced to different types and techniques, intro to energetic fields, reiki, zero point balancing, shiatsu, intro to tai chi, broad spectrum intro to all different components, that you could branch out into from massage therapy, probably got a wider, broader range of training, of course normal classes like english, math, statistics, electives, art, really got a wide range education there

at the time I went to school, I’m sure it’s changed now, it was required for you to have at least a 1000 hours of clinical or volunteer times, did have clinic on site, instructors ran, people from community, staff members, students, would come in

offered reduced priced massages for the sake of us getting practice, also traveled within the local area and we did marathons, chair massage for seniors, a lot of hands on, encouraged to trade with other therapists, did a lot of that with energy workers, a lot of hands on training, worked on and off as a massage therapist

TP: path towards sacred sexuality adventure?

AL: hadn’t always been outwardly sexual, been very reserved, any experiences or enjoyment kept very much to myself, probably about 2 or 3 years ago, getting on to this path, coming out of a really dry period, personal events, 2013-14 really cataclysmic, broke me down, didn’t destroy but came pretty damn close, shut down completely sexually, even for myself, for a good 3 or 4 years, there was nothing, didn’t self pleasure, nothing, didn’t watch porn, anyone even mentioned sex it made me extremely uncomfortable, then one day, I was on a porn site and was watching, it was a tutorial, more than a porn film, tutorial of how to make a woman ejaculate, it was called squirting, this guy broke it down in detail step by step, technique that you use, hands on demonstration, she definitely appeared to not just be ejaculating, you can do it with or without orgasm, she was doing with orgasms, her whole body got into it, almost seemed that she went into a trance or another world, spasming, glow on her face, light in her eyes, so much joy, looked like she was on another level of existence at that point, thinking to myself, what am I doing wrong, I want that, that was the turning point, can’t tell you how many times I rewatched that video, its been a journey from there

everything I’ve done since, a lot of things I’ve done

tips hacks, advice, for me its become a life style, do feel it’s gonna be a lifelong journey for me, some body starting out, have to start where you are, goes back to porn, there’s a wide variety of information that’s available to us at the touch of our finger tips, that ranges from good to more darker perspective, its really important first and foremost going into this type of work, spiritual work, my advice, to know you’re gonna have to user discernment with the information you find, barometer, compass, has been my own intuition, my own inner guidance, having to be able to go within yourself and check in to know whether something feels right for you, have to be able to feel, whether it’s gonna be expansive, or something that’s gonna cause you to contract and close down more, have to know own limits

lot of authorities on female sexuality that I listen to on the regular, not always everything they say resonates with me, try to pick and choose, sift and sort, simple as that

need to have respect for ourselves, not always easy, conditioned it so important to please that other person, when you’re going into this work, going hands on and intimate with yourself and another, have courage, enforce this for myself, make sure you have smooth ride, trust and respect yourself, in what you choose to do

advice geared towards women: a lot of the obstacles that I as a woman experienced to being able to have those deeper vaginal g-spot, orgasms, cervical, barrier to ejaculate, masculinly actively do, more about relaxing into, something that will just come out of you, kinda have to get out of your own way, learn how to relax into it, its innate, something you were born to do, remembering how to do it, reactivating your bodies ability to do it, if you’re not real good at relaxing, it’s a skill

really just to have fun with it, you don’t have to take anything too seriously, its supposed to be fun that’s what I’ve got as far as advice

TP: moisture resistant blanket?

AL: very organized, very type a, plans my life out to a T, I actually didn’t really do too much experimenting with squirting before I actually found a blanket, I had first really gotten introduced to the concept of female ejaculation through Grace Diaz channel, then the work, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, Debrah, I had always known of squirting, always known it was possible for some women, based on information I had gotten, only certain women could do, most women not capable, I found out no, something all women can do, unless had surgery or injury, innately all women able to do, more research, heard about this company, reading an article about celebrity, paparazzi, carrying up sex furniture, checked out their site, sex furniture, checked out the site, happened across this blanket, I had immediately I thought if I really get going, really open my waters, gush, squirt profusely, I want to protect myself, I have an expensive mattress, and don’t want to do lots of laundry, the exploration I did have wasn’t really too messy because I had starting out, had trouble getting my waters flowing

I would produce liquid, but not very much, kind of blessing, never had experience of ruining a mattress,

TP: has it proved sea worthy?

AL: potential this blanket has to improve lives, other things it could be used for, it is marketed as a sexual enhancing item actually there’s other things I use it for, I’ll get into that, since I’ve started I have been exploring my bodies own ability to ejaculate for about the last year an a half, big part, not having the muscular development to push the fluid out, regular use of yoni egg, I’m a huge fan of yoni eggs, they do come with their own guide book on contraindications and things you want to watch out for if you’re gonna use them as tools, probably the most integral tool I’ve used on my own journey, reactivating my ability to squirt or ejaculate, regular daily ongoing use of them, really just in my self pleasuring settings working with other tools, several g-spot tools, some work better than others, I’ve been able to steadily get to the point where I can produce more and more liquid, and to the point where its not so hard for me to relax into it, it cums easier, I can ejaculate quite profusely, another part of it is, I have to be in the right emotional state, can’t be tense or anxious, in the right state I can produce quite a bit

when I released, it was so forceful, just about hit my knees, quite a lot of liquid, I drenched this blanket, the outer layer is really nice micro fiber, one side feels more fleecy, long or soft, not sure what core is made of, nice heavy quality, almost feels like a really thick, aluminum foil, that’s what’s in the core, of thick micro fiber, I kinda ran a test, ejaculated very profusely, could literally feel seem from liquid on the other side, could feel the heat rising up and no leaks

also, another thing I’ve used it for successfully is with menstruation, a lot of women, I can not have a period without leaking through and ruining sheets, no matter how I try to prevent it, I’m forever leaking, worked so well absorbing fluid from squirting, do have heavy periods, never had a leak through with that, mine is black so never shows any stains

TP: reconcile massage therapy and erotic/sensual body work

AL: conventional massage, faces challenges, sex trafficking we do have massage parlors, people go in and pay to essentially have a hand job, we do have a lot of legitimate medical therapeutic pockets of massage as well, I might get some flack for saying this, I feel like the massage field, massage industry is kind of like the porn industry, range is so wide and diverse, really ranges from light to dark, because of the world that we live in and the way that that works right now, right now we are in a situation within the industry where it is more restricted, more regulated, sometimes makes it harder for things that really need to be integrated as therapies and modalities, it does present a barrier to those things developing, situation where a few bad apples can ruin the bunch, I think that I’m sure there are some reputable therapeutic professional body workers in the world, who are addressing the issue of storing trauma within the sexual organs, because of the state of the world and restrictions within the massage industry, more on the individual level, not rely on industry to be guiding force, really take it grass roots, take matters into our own hands, start to explore our own bodies, we need connect with our own bodies and own abilities, innate inner wisdom that you wake up when you explore these inner realms, realizations and states of being that we come to naturally

as I’ve gone on this journey, I’m not having to force or dictate, as I peel back each later, with each layer of trauma, and stuckness that I peel away, I deepen in to my more authentic self, the more I go with this the more that it comes out, my own intuition, if something is right for me or if not, we’re in an information overload, not just at the tip of fingers, but its being thrown at us, so important to be in touch with your own inner voice, to know if something is right for you or its not

deeper impact if it’s coming from the grassroots, inner knowing that then grows outwards, we’re gonna find the most powerful transformation and improvement and growth when it comes to sensual and erotic body work, hoping to come from too, how do we take our knowledge as professionals within different niches, being a sex coach or relationship coach, any of these different titles and hats, sexual awakening, how do we bring the practical application of that to your average laymen who might not have the training, they can start to connect with deep wisdom they do have within themselves its just dormant, wake up to their own master, and that’s kind of what I’m hoping to bring in from my perspective, and from my own personal experience, I want to help people start from where they are, and connect and ground in from their own power and own personal voice, so it’s not something they have to go do, a licensed body worker, they feel

really just getting started, so many things ready to pop, can’t keep my mouth shut about these things, finding ways to talk about it, one way or another, can’t keep it inside anymore, next time I come on, this has been a lot of fun, hope there is a next time, will have my own links, more of my own thing going by then, on my path and expression, last words or thoughts

I’m directing this to everybody in general, women who are listening, encourage you to love yourself unconditionally, touch yourself as an extension of that love that you have for yourself, with the utmost respect and regard, get in there, re-establish your connection with you body, whether you’re in a relationship or not, my sexuality is for me, that’s independent of what somebody else gets from it, for my own self growth, and pleasure and enjoyment, encourage women to get in there, connect with your own body, love yourself, touch yourself, see how that open’s your life up in ways you can’t imagine, so many ways the work I’ve done has touched and impacted other areas of my life


Lab Report: Shaktification as Non-Invasive Demonectomy TPP232


sexual-healing-with-psychedelic-goddess-worship In this episode I share a lab report from mid 2019 which documents an important break through in my sexual healing with psychedelic goddess worship research. The mixed and mastered version of the Psychedelic Goddess Worship track on the Sexorcism the Tantric Opera album proved to have powerful potentials to induce what I’m calling “shaktification as non-invasive demonectomy. My (non-verbatim) show notes are below.

Non invasive is used for surgeries, the body is not penetrated

Man cave, goddess temple lave, unclinical lab, produced an album to create the vibrational landscape for a non-invasive demonectomy on my self

multiple sessions, increasing doses’

could solve the problem of how do you induce a non-invasive demonectomy, that’s effective, unlike the techniques of the dominant paradigm of exorcism, the catholic church and their protocols

with an understanding, time does not heal, if untreated the infections only get worse and in the case of men, there’s a higher potential of survivor-perpetrators

for women, less likely to harm others, but will often harm themselves, that’s the handy work of the demons that were inserted into them in acts of abuse and molestation

demons express themselves in female survivors much less as sexual offense

in males, less divine feminine grace, cults of gang rape, women don’t usually form thug cults of rape

don’t know of any witches who are known to have done that

but men, gang up and bully runts on football team, and geeks in the classroom, they gang up and rape the cheerleaders, their so susceptible and when you get survivors in that mix, its that much more of a cascading effect

it should be axiomatic, if that infection doesn’t get disinfected immediately, than you are harboring, just like Geiger shows us, is the “face huggers”, that’s what he’s talking about, it’s all demons, their parasites, inject themselves into human host, sexual aliens, if there was a xxx Giger, that’s me, showing what’s going on

gotta figure out how to interrupt the larval cycle, to interrupt the propagation

some times sexual penetration is appropriate, however there are times when it’s not

there’s a magical power that flows through, the goddess kali shaki, and the magic mushroom, what I can demonstrate and have footage of, is capturing the rapid seizure like convulsions that occur with the shakti is invoked, not just shivers, not just normal kriyas, a controlled seizer

a presence of mind, it’s possible to surrender, but be prepared, yoga, martial arts, dancing, landscaping, know my body and have agility to phase in and out of possession states

not faking, not faking, not a parlor trick, not a magic trick, not putting on a show

I have the ability to shut it off, goddess has been earning trust from me so I can surrender more
use elbows to brace neck, stay ahead of the sense of more intense movements

set and setting for combat training, you could use padding, or train on the beach

design consciousness of low impact, the sand absorbs impact, avoiding pavement

expecting to trash around, expecting to be taken for a ride, do due diligence to be warmed up enough

not be in a contortion to snap their neck, people doing jiu jitsu, they’re aware of when they’re in danger, and maneuver out of it

gotta be bad ass ninja warriors

it’s possible, I’ve proven to myself, that adding more people is beneficial, but in the dilemma of when you can’t add anybody, what do you do, well this seems to be it, maybe not the only thing, but could be more effective than calling the local priest exorcist

they did the deeds themselves and now they’re gonna do the exorcism, you brought the demons you’re not taking them out

sexorcism that doesn’t involve any inappropriate touch or any touch at all

it happened to me to a degree never before experienced

it’s happened before, but not to this extent

she’s like an infinite array of octopoid, insectoid, she has the ability to move you in a lot of different ways

she’s going in and doing a demonic abortion

what she’s doing is what an abortion doctor would do

as sad and heartbreaking as it can be, that’s what goddess kali is doing the demons in the chakras, she’s sucking and pulling them out

these are fully formed, although I do see often that there are multiple life stages, there are hatchlings, old ones, etc. we don’t know how long they live

shamans probably have a clue, but we’re grasping in the dark, but that’s what’s happening

if you watch sexorcism the tantric opera where there’s a lot of hand laying on people, sometimes just the aura, it’s a lot of handy work, but what has been achieved to an extreme with me, is that with the track “psychedelic goddess worship” singing the mantras along with it, its raiding the demon nest, allowing kali to do the demonectomy, extracting these violent creatures, shifts in the amount of demonic load, measurable, this is like colonics

I think I made an important discovery, a hands off, solo, non-invasive demonectomy, you may want to try this yourself and go from no medicine, to cannabis low to high dose, then mushrooms low to high dose, and experiment with the music, looping the track psychedelic goddess worship in setting where you have people watching over you, and you’re surrounded by cushions, and you have martial arts/yoga background, be agile like a cat to prevent injury, if that’s you and you’re suffering and you’ve not found healing in toxic relationships, in psychiatric drugs, or yoga postures, or vipasan, or being saved by Jesus, or getting an exorcism, or singing hare krisna, or doing a detox, I say try everything else , this is a last resort

these are things that I”ve seen that will turn you white, like Winston from Ghost Busters

old school orthodox sri rama krisna order kali worshipers say things like think about it, people go to kali when they’re crushed, when they’re hating life because “it least there will be peace”, they’re harangued by demons, you go to the kali temple and there is peace, hopefully not a patriarchal priesthood

I emphasis female kali priestesses in my work, trying to get back the secret mantras, and decode the art,

the braminization of the goddess, “she was a tribal deity who was absorbed into vedic pantheon”

she was/is a village goddess

decolonize your tantra

get back to psychedelic village level goddess worship

occupying armies, languages, soma, occupying, absorb goddesses take them away from the people then feed it back to them and it’s all corrupted, bastardization by priest craft, put in empire of ego, male ego

I bow down to women who are priestesses, sorting it out, pagan villager medicine woman shamanism craft, that’s what we want to get all the way back down to

the pure hearted matriarchs of the village, witch craft

I’ve said it enough times now, how to translate this, we need to give a voice to the witches and let them do it laboratory conditions

I’m just the messenger, the source is the dakinis and yoginis, who are in state of grace simply because they dont’ have a penis that can be weapons

I don’t have a clue about what was really going on with the cult of the 64 yoginis but there seems to have been a ratio of men to women where women are quite obliged to run the show, quite obliged to minimize and intelligently design with the shiva energy, operating within their coven

I will only get better and better at doing the scholarship on these claims

women are blessed and women are cursed and we need to address this without the backlash

we can be brothers in prostration to the goddess, and experience our masculinity in its most potent form

we’ll get hardest erections when we worship the goddess

ritualized sexual matriarch, that’s probably a useful simplified term

a more rapid depiction

high dose mushrooms, safe-ish setting

looping the track psychedelic goddess worship, mixed and mastered version

never before got as far

turned into an astral battlefield, astral combat, very much like scene in big trouble in little china, when Lo Pan fights Eg Shen, astral avatars battle on their behalf

I got into contortions, spontaneous mudras, like speaking in tongues with your hands, never been trained to do, never done before, seeing my fingers become like black widow spider legs, beautiful sacred geometric formations, like weaving a spider web, as I invoke her more and sing her in more, I become what looks like a mix of black soldier fly and cobra, slithering sounds, autonomically happening the more I surrender, seeing myself as sort of dragon fly mixed with black widow, seeing now how you can allow yourself to be, in a benevolent manner, but possessed, so she can devour demons through you

co-presence between dimensions, I had to think omg this is the fly, I’m Jeff Goldbloom, but that was so gruesome and hideous, but this was beautiful, how could that be re-imagined so it was totally beautiful…so the triumphantness of the incredible hulk, still shocking and bizarre, but whats’ the more beautiful transformation where you see it as totally beautiful and elegant, nothing horrific about it, what would that be, there’s a shape shifting character.

it’s like super mario brothers when you get the tanuki suit, you jump on the mushroom and then basically you become big, you go fast, you have super powers you jump high, game play is enhanced, and with the tanuki suit you get this magic item, this feather, if you get it you can jump and almost fly, you get lift off like a helicopter, its been a long time but the thing I’m pointing to is, imagine you have the power to shape shift, as powerful as incredible hulk but not as nasty and freakish as the fly, it’s not like a horror movie like Freddie Kreuger, nightmare on elm street part two where he comes out of the guy and just sheds him, that’s the ugly version, that’s not what I’m talking about, she’s elegantly sharing my space, I am her she is me, queen bee, cobra snake, transitioning to that with the beauty and elegance of the tanuki suit. Maybe in the Star Trek movie where Kirk ends up getting it on with a shape shifter, she was totally hot, she was actually a beast that can shape shift, imagine that you could totally shape shift into a creature and have it be seamless

it’s possible to invoke the goddess and for her to embody you, and not just putting on make up and pretending to be her iconic formation
I normally see her outside of me, this time more than ever, she enveloped me, I’ve been enveloped by her, clamped down on me, fucking me to purify my chakras, but still being outside of me, penetrating, workign through me, she can swim through me, but like being enveloped by a jellyfish, about to get teeth into my chakras

but this way, she is in my like thundercats

another bad version is like the Edgar suit from Men in Black, demons wear me like the Edgar suit, but Kali wears me to extract the demons from the Edgar suit so I can just be Edgar again, then she’s in the suit, but not possessing to do harm

Sufiana didn’t report becoming the insectoid being, but she described herself rolling out her tongue and hissing, the deity possession trance state, the shamanic healing state

I documented that process later, being very limited financially, very limited with legal sanctioning if at all, having some blessing and bold outlaws to join forces with me, not me manipulated a cult, but me offering educational tools, not involving my dick

I keep my pants on for people who are not my lovers, is that fair, that’s probably a fair way to say it, if you’re my client my pants are on, if you’re my lover, that’s negotiable

back to the non-invasive…able to move massive chunks, being rattled like a freight train, by her, squeezing and working with her to do the contracts, she’s doing the work of the abortion doctor, while I’ll in contracts and pushing out at the same time, it’s so harsh, but you know there have to have been abortions throughout time in crude conditions, certainly not modern legally sanctioned conditions, where the intent was to kill the fetus during the contractions of labor

she’s an insectoid alien goddess, with blackskin, and bejeweled eyes, like the tantric scriptures say, read the 1008 names of Kali and you’ll see the depictions

I need artists to help me with this, graphic novelists, visionary artists

if you could see a woman in labor, shaking convulsing, contracting, seizures and convulsion and simultaneously a female abortion doctor reaching in so as not to leave pieces inside trying to get everything out in one whole piece and eating that thing, but it’s not a baby it’s not in the womb, it’s demons in the chakras

an interplay between goddess kali as the hungry abortion doctor, it’s her doing what she’s evolved to do which is eat demons, I’m serving my demons to the goddess,

an interplay of surrender, and the embodying of the goddess through allow her energy and body to enter your body in a way that is non invasive, she is invasive but in a good way and in a welcomed way,

but no instruments, no cutting devices, no fingers, hands, sexual contact by humans, that’s the best way to describe what’s happening
been in this state many many times, what was different this time was the force

this was the first time I was able to do what I wanted to do all these years, was able to carry it out, to a potent degree, get a massive chunk of demonic biomass, with love and power and strength and courage of the goddess inside of me, her power to purge me, with her mandibles, ready to feast, and it being a much much bigger portion, to the degree that I got the sense that her stomach was full, it had only been oderves up to this point, they were just taking out small grains of rice with chopsticks, she was going in their with her salad tongs to get massive platefuls at once, she got so full, I felt like okay I’m exhausted, she’s full, but after these big chunks got out, hadn’t happened before

very light, blinding to the 3rd eye, sheaths my vision, no more seeing the demonic monsters coming out of me, that make alien look like bambi, all of it, once this massive chunk was taken out gets replaced by this beautiful white light, scaring me, did I damage my optic nerve, I’m just seeing pure white, fuck, there’s some kind of damage…no this is the loving light, dont’ freak out and panic now, go with it, enjoy

instructed to use my own hands, placed fingers against root chakra at the perineum, while the white light was there, use the power to seal the chakra, using massage, using this light healing energy, to use mudras, palm chakras, finger chakras, to do this healing work, like cauterizing a wound, the shakti through palm chakra and finger chakras whill the white light is there, wow, fuck yeah, anatomical surgical orthodoxy, what we think about when we talk about a chakra tune up

these analogies to auto mechanics and surgeons are very apt

you’re doing the work with her, auto-non invasive demonectomy

I had the power and free will to move my body, re-adjust for comfort, drink some water, get up and just make sure the door was locked, again, not ideal conditions

there you have it, what I’ve been working on for years, one of the most glorious since 5.5 year ago initiation with Sufiana

I would like to just be living in the world that we created, to never have been separated by financial duress, within the realm of reasonable periodicity, with medical staff, scientists, medical researchers, the Bangladesh UN security force, that’s what I fantasize about, having the support to do it right

this is like version 0.0001 of the technology, this is not ready, I don’t know what it’s ready for, if you’re suicidal right now and it’s a question of you killing yourself and you dabbling into what I’m talking about, I’m willing to take that risk, this isn’t medical advice, this isn’t therapeutic/psychiatric advise, I’ll make all the disclaimers, in the spirt of YOLO, (actually its not yolo because you live many times) don’t do this in the spirit that everybody wants to see the machine elves that Terence Mckenna talks about, this is a little more extreme than that, do this because it’s life and death for you right until we get the point with research to where so mild version exists, like salsa there will be mild, medium, hot, warning label, extreme hot

if you want to dabble because you’re an extreme case of demon infection, they’re in those hard to reach spots, there’s that song where my demons hide, you want to know, It’s possible to find out, I’m not gonna tell everyone to follow my path

Kali Mandir satsang, a lot of these scriptures, don’t think that they’re all agreed upon by all the priests and priestesses, there are things that are written in stone, but a lot of the scriptures were people exploring and taking notes, like a yogi could be saying “when I said this mantra, at this place and this time in this way, I got reversed gang banged by hot astral dakinis, and I don’t know if this will happen to you, this is me I’m doing me, you do you, I don’t want to implant thought forms and skew it, and contaminated the control group, I’m just trying to build on my own research, I love what the yogis say, talking about female astral non human entities, coming down purifying his soul and doing all this healing work, sounds like what I’m talking about and if he were on mushrooms he’d be able to describe in greater detail, or maybe he was a yogi that attained an endogenous psychedelic state

nothing new here, I’m saying things that have been suppressed for by patriarchy demonic war lords for 1000s of years, but were open source tech as sexual shamanic witchcraft, held by cultures of the world, just business as usually to maintain a shamanic community

when its a matter of infestation of lower chakras, there’s some modality that’s not creepy, predatory or abusive, to somehow empower people to have auto-non-invasive demonectomy sexorcism, auto invasive demonectomy sexorcism, I’ve milked my own prostate, kali possessing me, shards of light coming in, healing, demons coming out, most stunning gorgeous arrays, beauty is subjective, every woman and aspiring woman who ever put on make up with the intent to beautify herself, what every single one strives for is what can be seen when you invoke the goddess with these mantras, and with 3rd eye open with mushrooms

me doing me, phenomenologically, in my own bubble, the most beautiful feminine facial features, and graceful sensual movement, and just every woman or aspiring woman aspires to be, that’s what I’m given, that’s what I’m seeing and if it wasn’t for seeing that I would have ended me life a long time ago on this journey, the brutal beautiful truth is that you gotta go through hell to get to heaven, for the sake of what I’m saying now, I’ve seen the most grotesque creatures I could ever possibly imagine, and take all the monsters ever made in art and film and multiply that by a hundred, and you maybe will get close to how freakish and grotesque and disturbing and mortifying, miracle you’re not catatonic seeing this, the antidote to that hideousness, that makes it tolerable, to look at it as you’re pulling it out, the unpleasantness of removing a tape-worm, the unpleasantness of disinfecting that wound with that pus in it, and all of that, I know there are places in the world where there are blood parasite or urinary tract parasites, pulling a barbed fish parasite out of your urethra, that should feel pretty hideous and I bet that what I see in these ceremonies induces a similar level of mortification, disgust that you would have if you had to do that, while I’ve had to endure that hideousness, if you ever see the electron microscope of blood parasites, imagine if they were just, if you were in a realm where you were shrunken down to be in a massively dense cluster of all kinds of different blood parasites the ones with the circular mouths, and the ravor sharp thorny looking teeth, and weird suckers and pincers, the most alien, bizarre, monstrous, aquatic looking, arthropod looking blood parasites, imagine you were shrunken down a million times and being eaten alive but what, in scale wise becomes these giant giant monsters, then that’s what it feels like and looks like in there, I’m afraid to teach anyone to do what I have done because I fear that they would ever come back from that state of visual disturbance to where they wouldn’t just immediately slit there own wrists and literally rip there own eyes out,not knowing that they can’t reach far enough in to pull their pineal gland out, are you gonna crack open your head and pull your fuckin 3rd eye out and stomp on it, that’s what you’re gonna wanna do if you fuckin see the shit I’ve seen, omg, its nothing the shamans of the amazon don’t see every fucking day, it’s business as usual to have to confront these grotesque forms of life, if you know that you are bigger than them and you step back and you go no I’m not the shrunken millionth of a size me inside of of their world, their inside of my world and I can step up to them like standing up to a bully and I can exorcism them and I can purge them with the medicine, of course you have icaros in south America , and you have mantras in India, how to have syncretic shamanism, sacred sexuality and healing work, lets bring the best of the cultures and not be left with the patriarchal douche-baggery of suppressing the feminine

seeking the path of the goddess here we are, here I am

I get to see the antidote to that hideousness which is the extreme beauty

what makes it all worth it is the sweet beautiful blessed honor of beholding and being imbued with and making love with and being possessed by and suited up by, I have been suited up by the most loving most beautiful, most exquisitely constructed bioarchitecture deity, I don’t know maybe you gotta be the kind of person that things ants and bees are cute

this is the way to look at it, if you’ve ever thought of how in cartoons they’ve made ants and bees look pretty and feminine, and then sexualize that and m ake it into a super hot, goth, metal, sort of like, matrixy club, goth industrial club, shining latex, everything we think about the dark erotic, she is the dark erotic cartoon bee spider, just a cuteness and sexiness and a otherworldliness and an alienness, how many sexy beautiful loving aliens have we seen in sci fi, someone tell me, some show me some, I’m sure they’re in different comics and things, some of the arists they’re doing it, they’re bringing it, astral ecology with Tom Denney, his artwork is the cover of my book, you only have to wait until my book is released to see what I’m talking about, the beautiful feminine alien insectoid goddess who will turn you on, turn you inside out, but but you right back together, surgically restore the soul parts, tuck your chakras back in to your astral body, kiss you goodnight, tuck you in, all the works, the motherly maternal aspect, the sexual healing dakini wild, again, I’m saying nothing new, because you go to an orthodox kali puja and they are saying kali we love you you are the mother, you are the lover you are the friend, and not at all invoking, you hear the word mofo all the time in this culture, all over the world, I don’t know what’s going on there, this is not a Fredian Oedeple kink or neurosis, this is very different and it’s it’s own thing, I kind of went through my messiah complex already, at first I wanted everybody to fuckin know this, because it defeats the tyranny of all patriarchal world religions, more powerful more profound, more radical, more anarchistic, more revolutionary than any prophet, any christ, any saint, in buddha, any yogi,none of them delivery this unless they’re deep into the worship of kali or the tantric goddesses, of which kali is often considered to be the mother matriarchy, the queen bee of the many goddesses of the tantric pantheon, which is influenced with the vedic pantheon but has interplay ultimately with the village goddesses

the beauty is out there, the truth is out there, the beauty is in her, the truth is in there, you’ll see her the way I see her in Tom Denney’s book and on the cover of my book and I didn’t commission him to do that, he did that because he is tuned in as an artist, the way Terence Mckenna describes it to be an artist who sees the future, who can tap into the astral plane, or have the astral plane tap into them, wish me luck

pray for my protection, I’ll be doing my best to sheriff the perimeter of our reality and clean up the infection sites and to fortify the souls of the next generation and to really hospice the souls of this generation, where I am feeding and nourishing many goddesses and keeping myself as humble as possible with as small as a physical footprint of property ownership as possible, with as few possession as possible, and if surrender my money and wealth as it comes through as I have been doing to my beloved priestesses and trust that as long as they hold the sword above my hands and my head and they chose not to let the sword fall on to my arms and onto my neck than I will be continuing to do my work in a good way, and they will be the beneficiaries, they will be my sexecutioners if the time comes, each with their sharpened swords, ready to take a whack, so be it

Shamanic Pornography and the Ethics of Consent TPP230


Consent Panel Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the 2019 Xbiz Show Consent Round Table session where I respectfully introduced a question for the panel on the ethics of consent for psychedelic shamanic pornography. Not knowing how I’d be received it took a bit of bravery to speak up but I was met with gracious insight and advisement from industry veterans. They were on point with their concerns and dissuasive remarks, all of which I take to heart and value like gold. I feel that whether you’re a sex work, porn performer or producer, or so called “civilian” with no involvement in the sex industry, this panel is very enlightening, and I thank them all very much for briefly holding space for my niche question.

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera 01 Post-Ceremony Interview TPP228


Post Ceremony Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the post-ceremony interview from Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 01 “Erotic Ghostbusting”.  It’s a trip to re-listen 3 years later and compassionately judge myself for how I walked a narrow path to sustain integrity to my bold claims. Life has not been a beach since then, in some ways I’ve flourished, in some ways I’ve floundered, but I’ve made progress, and as any aspiring scientific explorer knows, the process of proving out theories can be painfully slow. All in all, every breakthrough big and small will always be sweeter the fewer and further between that they are.  The wisdom of the shakti energy of transformation can be fast, but it can also be slow. Trusting, keeping the faith, and holding on for dear life to the integrity of scientific methods and medical study ethics is the name of the long game…

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera 01 Pre-Ceremony Interview TPP227


STO Interview Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the pre-ceremony interview from Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 01 “Erotic Ghostbusting”. The episode included a beautiful and powerful selection of clips from the full interview and I’ve been holding on to the whole interview for a while with the intent to eventually publish. After re-listening I feel that I’ve held true to the values and principles spoken over 3 years ago now. While I’ve told my story many times, each context brings different energy, passion, purpose, and insight to the transpersonal and universal themes contained within. The moment in my personal evolution that this interview documents is, in a classical tantric sense, as timeless and permanent as an ancient stone, yet as fleeting and transitory as a rain drop over the ocean. I was blessed to be held and heard in this interview and I will return to this moment if I ever feel led astray from my core. It’s impossible to resist change of all kinds, but the spirit of resistance will always adapt to survive.

Gender, Sacred Sexuality and Spirit Work with Lee Harrington TPP215


Lee Harrington Pic

In this episode I’m very pleased and honored to be joined by the highly accomplished Lee Harrington, he is one of those very precious “where have you been all my life” kind of sapiosexual soul mates that you feel like you could talk with forever and ever.

I knew this was going to be a deep, profound, enlightening, and transformative journey. His  perspectives on sexual healing, liberation, and empowerment are vast, multi-dimensional, and infinitely thought provoking. I’m looking forward to many ongoing explorations, it felt like we barely massaged the surface.

He shares his personal background of transitioning from being born assigned female to becoming a man,  developing personal practices and group opportunities to experience sacred kink, working as an adult performer, becoming an international sacred sexuality educator and advocate, and so much more.

Our dialog felt like a free-style jam where we riffed off each other’s musings, laments, and future-positive affirmations and visioneerings. It felt like a bit of collaborative improvisational spell craft; all intended to expand love, acceptance, compassion, and co-operation.

We dance with language and he provides insight into ways to evolve the terminologies we use to define “us and them” and when appropriate, transcend to more of a continuum than a dichotomy. I’m hopeful with the application of Lee’s wisdom teachings, we’ll move towards an unprecedented global village where a new “us with them” paradigm will replace the “us and them” and “us vs them” binaries.

About Lee:

Lee Harrington is an internationally known spiritual and erotic authenticity educator, gender explorer, eclectic artist, and award-winning author and editor on sexual and sacred experience. He is a nice guy with a disarmingly down to earth approach to the fact that we are each beautifully complex ecosystems, and we deserve to examine the human experience from that lens. He has been an academic and female adult film performer, a world class sexual adventurer, an outspoken philosopher, is a kink/bondage expert, and has been blogging about sex and spirituality since 1998. His books include “Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond,” “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities,”“Playing Well With Others: Your Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Negotiating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities”(with Mollena Williams), “Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé,” and others.  You can find Lee’s podcast, tour schedule, free essays, videos, and more over at www.PassionAndSoul.com

The Path of Sacred Sexuality Leadership with Erikaa Briones TPP189


Erikaa Briones PicIn this episode I’m joined by the exalted fellow sacred sexuality educator Erikaa Briones for an enlightening adventure of personal transformation and empowerment.  She shares deep personal accounts of overcoming trauma and transmuting pain into power.  Along the path of her hero’s journey she was blessed with great allies.  She received transmissions of spiritual wisdom and truths that helped to accelerate the rediscovering of her inner and ancient divine sexual priestess.  Her cinematic narrative is the stuff of best sellers.

She provides an overview of her qualifications, services, and offerings and provides a warm invitation to reach out to her for guidance and support no matter where a seeker is at in their journey. She’s developed a wide variety of gifts that serve the diverse needs and desires of her clients.

We discuss goddess archetypes, business development for sexual healers and educators, the intersection of traditional and modern methods of goddess worship and much more.

Please visit her online at:

Collective. Her mission is to spread stories of love and sexuality by collecting different views around the world starting with her Mexican heritage . She also aims to collaborate with other ethical and conscious brands like PMSbox. Erikaa’s passion is empowering heart-centered men looking to unlock sexual confidence at a level they never thought possible.

Erikaa has been featured on Kaleidoscope radio, and interviewed social media icons like Adina Rivers, Adam Roa, and Stef Stifanos. A few of her guest have over 200 million views on YouTube. Erika’s personal crucible story is of the “return of the joyful little girl” A typical story most women can relate too where they were victimized by incest. In Erikaa’s experience she was the joyful little girl til 1993 where the actual storm and metaphorical storm hit her life. That was the year she learned to become a woman. She was also put into a cult by a Freemason, and overcame severe trauma that affected her health and sexual confidence. In her late mid 20’s she was searching for an awakening. Little did she know Tantra, and BDSM lead her down the path of transformation. Now she motivates other to discover sexuality through a place of inspired-action and love. She is now living her dream life and healing others that they can also transform their crucible story into sexual liberation.

In the show we discuss:

  • occult sexual initiation and the conditioning she had to overcome
  • double life as a sex worker
  • dominatrix work in Beverly Hills
  • 1 in 3 live a sexual double life
  • the hero’s journey
  • how the character leaves the village, leaving the good girl for the family identity, then going on adventures
  • the discovery of bdsm, escort work, tantra initiation
  • going into the belly of the beast
  • fighting inner and outer battles
  • the experience of opening up and coming out the world about her path and mission
  • the path to becoming a sexuality coach
  • coaching men in sacred sexuality
  • how being yourself in the context of sexuality is pretty scary
  • you may not know who you are in the moment
  • your family might disown you
  • you may feel alone
  • starting out working in bad conditions in a dark hole in the wall
  • finding salvation at a local book store
  • finding friendship there
  • the Pretty Woman movie plot as a fantasy for many sex workers
  • the dream of being rescued by a white knight
  • owning slutness
  • finding a client who was a prominent actor
  • Cinderella meets the Prince, with a plot twist
  • her tantric initiation by a her client
  • discovering tantric prayer, sex magic, devotion to nature, mindfullness, meditation
  • feeling honored
  • her inspiration from a motivational seminar and her path to leadership
  • how we start out seeking a guru and eventually we become one
  • becoming her own guru
  • discovering yab yum and kundalini energy work
  • discovering breathwork and chanting
  • remember past lives, reawakening her inner ancient priestess
  • the power of the left eye
  • downloading info from your tantric lover to your hard drive, your soul drive
  • feeling that we’re all one, feeling union in the present moment
  • evolving past the archetype of the needy lover, seeking external validation through sex
  • growing into the mission to change the ancestor codes, change family patterns
  • the social purpose to end abuses, violence, etc.
  • the need to be congruent with what your speaking about
  • doing your own inner work
  • the role of journally
  • personal meditation practice
  • going to tantra festivals
  • not about being better, more about being different
  • becoming your own muse
  • doing your modality on yourself
  • overcoming the fear of speaking
  • fine tuning your messaging
  • coming from heart centered values
  • mature love, spirituality, how deep can we go down the rabbit hole
  • you must really do the inner work
  • recoding messages to your younger self and your future self
  • how to coach oneself
  • starting out on Facebook live, going from one viewer to 5, to a whole community
  • how can you help your clients more than just yourself
  • pop culture figures like Beyonce speak from the heart and turn people on
  • knowing your weaknesses and seeking help in those areas of your business
  • her 3 month sexual self mastery coaching container
  • positive feedback from her clients having lost weight, skin cleared, overcoming limitations
  • the king, warrior, and magician archetypes
  • discovering and developing your ideal future self
  • the importance of drawing upon ancient traditions of goddess worship to inform and empower modern goddess worship methods and practices
  • coming to know tantric goddesses such as Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Kali
  • embodying the essence and wisdom of goddesses at different points in your life journey
  • the more you awaken a woman’s imagination, the more her pussy will awaken
  • the experience of worshiping at a tantric temple in Venice
  • how men can worship archetypal goddesses with and through their beloveds
  • the role of prayer and self purification as prerequisites for worshiping ones beloveds
  • and more!

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin welcome to touch your Punk podcast episode number 189 I’m being joined by Erica Briones and she is a coach from the evolved masculine and founder of the sexy Soul Collective and she is got so much exciting stuff to tell us about today I’m really excited we met a while back now but we made it a really amazing event that was being facilitated and discussions about healing Sexual Healing sexual trauma and and different modalities that people are using two to really Empower themselves and each other and so that was sort of the context where I got to see and hear about some of her work and it’s very exciting the work she’s doing with men and helping to raise the Consciousness in that Arena and so we’re all about that here so I can’t wait to hear lots more about what you do Erica thank you for being on and please go take your time going in detail introducing yourself and telling us about to what makes all the beautiful and Magic happen thank you so much for inviting me I’m really excited I have been coaching sexual self-mastery practices and you’ve been part of the video series so it’s really amazing to connect the the body and video to your voice and really getting to know your philosophy and just really connect with what what lessons I can serve to your audience and I really believe that these lessons are to weaken our inner-spirit and really connect with our sexuality and embrace both the Shadow and the lights absolutely absolutely well thank you that is a blessing and honor to know I’m yeah definitely a giggly and curious I always feel that you know I was blushing I hear stuff like that cuz I you know sometimes put stuff out there that’s like a voice in the wilderness but then you know you hear back people that are having positive effects and whatnot so I appreciate that thank you and yeah I want to ask about your personal Journey where would you say this path began for you and your life this past weekend since I was a little girl so I always share the story and I feel like I’m at a point where I’m Shifting the intention of the story so I was initiated into sex through a Freemason who taught me how to be a woman and use different modalities from you know putting me in a white rest in a call call the Rainbow girls and he is some black magic sand pendulum some hypnosis and down the line I feared sucks I sawed sex is dangerous and deadly he told me if you tell anyone you will be a prostitute or you will be living in the dumpster so I started taking that on and kind of becoming the archetype that he created where I was jostle I was shutdown I was naive I did not speak my truth and I was not happy and that story followed me till even after college I got into the movie the secretary the secretary is the film about this woman who is a cutter and eventually she becomes a secretary and transmits her pain from cutting to being spanked and being a submissive in a BDSM contacts so that story got me into BDSM and I moved to Beverly Hills and I became of dominatrix except I was living a double life telling people I was a secretary and I believe that one in three people are living a double life and as the story continues you know my hero’s journey and I’d call this the hero’s journey because every hero’s journey according to Joseph Campbell’s work you know the character leaves the village right the character leaves the village and for me it was leaving my identity of being the good girl you know being everything I can for the family and then the next part of the movie is the part where the character you know goes on an adventure and for me that was discovering BDSM and getting into Tantra doing escort type work and coaching men and you know I’ve been looking and looking and looking for these guys or this a weakening and when they discovered going into the belly of the Beast so there’s another part 2 movie where according to the hero’s journey there is the rebirth part where the character finally go through the battle scene they’re doing everything to do the inner work because there’s two stories and every film there’s an inner story and there is an otter story the inner story of the interest the inner script is who am I am I good enough am I sexy enough I buy dressing sexy and really confronting our our ego so we’re really battling the in Rico and then there’s the outer seen that the outer movie which is like the actual physical components that relates to it for me that was starting to share on Facebook hey guys I’m coming out to the world and this is what I’ve done and sharing with my friends publicly and I’ve always been envious of gay men for you know opening up and I will say that it is a scary thing so that’s a minor movie was the belly of the Beast and eventually one side overcame the threshold then the next part is coaching and you know now it’s like hey I’m making this my lifestyle I’m traveling the world it just came back from was on this beautiful island for like a week and you know been featured on podcast now I’m on iHeartRadio and coaching like some amazing Man comic book writers lawyers doctors not doctors lawyers police officers you know screenwriters and being able to be me and being yourself and the context of sexuality is it spring spray because you get to leave the village and yeah there will be times when your family may disown you there may be times where you may not know who you are in that moment but if I can share this to that person who needs to hear it and they’re in their car crying like who am I like what am I supposed to do you’re not alone because I’m talking to the woman who was me back in 2013 1314 where I was at Barnes and Nobles and I just left the I was actually doing happy endings in La is like the dark like hole in the wall and it was like this office and just smell like cinnamon and my church was Barnes and Nobles actually in and go to Barnes and Nobles and I’m praying and like I need to talk to someone there was only one person and he ended up always yelling at me if I was like awesome you yelling at me this is so cool and he was the only person I talk to at the time but if this reaches that one person who needs to hear it may be there at Barnes and Nobles or maybe they’re sitting at home crying thinking like maybe I’m alone no you’re not alone so that’s a story for that person and that’s why I do it well that was an intense right and I also many of these these archetypes are coming to play for me and I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about just the other the value of understanding these these storylines Anis archetypes for personal development and sounds like you have really gone to hell and back and have a lot of fun experience and the end I can hear it in your voice that you you come from a lesson power place to a much more Empower place and I’m curious if you could talk about was there a specific Catalyst for you that got you to rise into creating a brand and doing kind of getting into a leadership role and speaking out was there was there like a a if that was a scene in that in that that script you know if you will was there a certain kind of pivotal aha moment or wake up call or something where you had enough and you just shifted dramatically or was it more gradual I’m just curious if maybe still stuck you know it’s watching Pretty Woman and thinking maybe I’ll be saved by the white Knights and I’ll be doing these like I’ll be like this sexy escort sacred sexuality prostitute or you know like I’ve never said that before but by the time I was just I didn’t know who I was and I thought I was just you know us a slide and now I own my spot for me it was when I didn’t mean to like the wine and I’m still single I met a client who I was actually a very public figure actor Golden Globe winner and I can’t really say his name due to confidentiality reasons but it was that moment when Cinderella meets the Prince dancing and then she has to go but there’s a Twist to my stories like the clutch with the plot twist wasn’t hey he finds a shoe and then we you know when we get married and like everything is awesome like don’t we wish that we are always happy at the end no for me was like oh my God I had this amazing Tantra experience I fell in love with Tantra because of him we were in this amazing bubble of safety really talking about agreements boundaries desires I help my boundaries despite who his name was and I said this is who I am and you have to meet me here and he completely respected every boundary he made me feel intelligent he did not make me feel like a the sexual person he made me feel like I was honored by my mind set my my Heritage and my spirit and I was able to learn about his culture and I thought wow this is a very intellectual King archetype this is the type of archetype that girl’s dream of meeting right the new going to a red carpet or meeting someone who has a name but for me it was him marrying the woman that I am supposed to rise in to write this is the scene that every woman wants to get into that that makeover story that how I lost weight and now I’m here and now I’m you know traveling the world like we all want to live that life for me it was not as easy as I am at this amazing guy I this happened next which the next thing that happened was I went to a tailopez seminar and I’m laughing because like I don’t resonate with his work as much as I used to back then but that’s gross right like you grow from one thing and it pivots you to the next Mentor I didn’t give it to to the next mentor and we’re all looking at that that grew at the top of the mountain but eventually we become That Grew at the top of the mountain and eventually we start to continue our journey to other lessons so he basically does pivoted me to get my lesson of I can be my own brand I can also teach what my teachers teach to others so it was it was a it was kind of the Cinderella story needs Like A Knight’s Tale type story where you know they just like conquer the the dragon and they they make it and they win their victory for me that victory was firing a client who was actually actually my client she was a stripper she found me on Yelp and apparently I was just teaching her what I learn and she says oh my God you’re so amazing you’re changing my life meditating now I am leaving this work I am so much happier because of that and I thought that was the best the best gift I’ve ever received his hearing someone say you changed my life like no one can ever take that away as when someone says like you made my life better you make me have a reason to live and it’s all about validation is about you really want people to succeed as you really want people to feel like overcome their challenges and struggles question cuz what what a ride that was taped to hear about my imagination is is spinning and all this is I hope you are writing a manuscript right now if you haven’t already published your memory so you know however whenever you feel comfortable doing that it sounds very Redemptive and very a very amazing so that’s so if I understand correctly one of your as as a as an escort you were sort of them at a lower point you are not as thrilled about what you’re doing but you were able to through just perseverance get to that that sort of the point of of great Fortune where you were not just meeting the the shadow Prince Cena or the knight in shining armor but actually a man who is skilled in Tantra which is rare and then he was able to sort of do a tundra makeover on you while giving you full dignity and full empowerment to take ownership of the process and not being whatever made into a trophy arm candy kind of a whatever you know that that you because there are people who certainly would just be content just oh yeah look I made it to the dino to the big time but I’m still being demeaned or I’m still there still a sort of them a lack of growth happening but you have like sort of The Best of Both Worlds you got you did have that that man come in so could you if I if I’m if I’m understanding correctly could you talk a little bit more about the sort of without disclosing anything confidential course I’m super curious how Tantra is is sort of this functioning in in the minds of men in in in those Realms of society and in how they how they practice it and what they’re you know they’re their way of approaching the the Siddharth and Sciences if you could talk a little bit more about that like what was your first did you do you have your man have a Kundalini Awakening or what was the this week as I’m the gym and nut chapter back to that time where I can actually remember the yab-yum so before I got into the yab-yum I said hey this is my boundaries is my desires I mean it I had a desire to kiss them and they just want to be like straight up and we all and say like hey I also have feelings except there was an Integris that I said hey this is the ground rules except if you do have a request please let me know to see if I am open to doing that so that was something that taught me about humility so before we go into yab-yum we do this meditation that was actually inspired by Deepak Chopra we talked about water and the Alchemy of water in a meditation was incredibly catharsis and it was about really connecting to humanity like how can we connect with our sexuality to raise the vibration here in the planet for the environment for the animals and it sounds It is Well except I love what that can do for the environment you know being more aware of how you are mindful of plastic or you’re mindful of how you throw away your trash so we start to do this this very simple meditation that we bring her hands and center and we start to like slowly move that that energy and water is a sacral energy right like sex sexual energy is like that water energy that’s like moving up the spine of the heart do the throat and then up the crown and finally to the heavens so we start with that and then after that we just start doing we going to Yad diamandis we’re doing a lot of rest and breathing and chanting and somehow we just get into the Transcendence of like magic where I start to like remember password I have some Druid priestesses and it was really interesting because there was something in his energy that brought up a memory of a past life you know as if I was he was there to teach me about my Priestess years because the thing is with the with the left eye and this is something I’ve learned from another country guys the last died in Tantra brings in a lot of ancient wisdom and everyone has their own wisdom right everyone listens or their own contact their own you know their own subscriptions are on magazines are on newspapers like everyone has their own wisdom and die with them gets passed on to you energetically whether you know it or not on a soul level that person is transferring energetic memories into your hard drive into your soul Drive and so once you start to get that download then you start to understand like who you are like and we’re all one we’re all aligned and. Switch Hunter teaches is expansion to liberate expanding Consciousness by liberating but the past and future to be in Union to be in the present moment and when I was doing that that ceremony that’s when I started to really get Tantra and it was really connecting to his inner child to his past lives to his pain to his his dreams and I also was also feeling that that sense of inspiration that raw awareness that lit up my inner archetype this inner archetype that went from the weakling lover so the weekly in the lover archetype you know the shadow aspect of it is the weakling or the needy child like I want more I want this you know what I like I’m not good enough I’m not Central enough like so I need to start you know getting validation through sex for me it was like okay I started to come from that point in my journey except once I started being aware I said oh no my next step is to change the change the ancestor codes change the the way that my mother spoke to me and share this new medicine this new codes to my sister’s to my brothers are the people that need to hear this because they’re still domestic violence there still sexual abuse there still slavery there so sex trafficking and it’s not going to stop until more more voice is like like a collection of voices start speaking this truth cinematic everything you’re describing and you’re so beautiful I’m so glad that there was a connection with it the meditation bring into elements and seeing I’ve had experiences with train very highly trained meditators who do this I gave open eye meditation eye gazing kind of Pooja where it’s pretty much guarantee that sort of like a parlor trick but it’s real and they will get you know you could go around and rotate within a room and then the train meditator is is able to pierce you basically energetically very gently but basically first you go through these clouds of different colors in Mondelez and then boom you’re seeing into their past lives like snapshots of their past lives and then you’re sort of morphing and melting into so it’s this very the Continuum of both of past lives it’s it’s very palpable when you get into these these very intentional state so I’m glad you brought that up and and that’s certainly one of the more mystical mystical properties in and certainly this year released you really making a great case for why people should embrace this is spiritual technology of Tantra because if it does help you is very explicit how it’s helping you help you understand your your higher self and your higher purposes into not. You’re not to not take shit from life or even from yourself for what you think of yourself and that’s what I like that’s what I like to what’s the weather going to Skype with So yeah thank you for sharing all that and it’s really it’s really beautiful and and humbling and something that we were talking about downloading to the to the the the hard drive of of the Soul you know actually I could almost heard you say heart heart Drive which will give you a good one too I think that they will fit to so yeah I guess if we can I get fast forward a bit from that was your sort of tantric initiation Awakening and so you from from that moment you’ve really started to build this Maven type career out of sharing this wisdom and in switching people on to this this level of Consciousness do you want to talk a bit about what the on the more professional sort of more back to the physical plane part of it what is it what has it look like for you to establish a Brandon and get your all of your ducks in a row so to speak on on that the physical playing notes of Business Development people think marketing brand is what people say when you leave the room so it really comes down to thalia’s like before you know using canva.com before using Graphics logos Flyers like SoundCloud what you doing it all comes down to making sure that you are in alignment like in line with what you are preaching you have to be congruent so if you’re speaking about you know you’re the sex goddess are you doing this type of work on yourself are you doing the inner work are you journaling are you meditating are you you know going to Tantra festivals are you having deep conversations with people yes okay then the next step is like what makes you different it’s not about being better it’s about what makes you different how are you saying things that are different for me I like pop culture okay so I like films I like media and something that has helped me is a passion test this is like something you like one of my psychics basically before I got before we get into The Branding answer I I told you I was like I really want to see if I can meet my muse and she says well first of all you’re going to be you’re going to be amazed yourself you’re going to be speaking to so many people you know you’re going to be talking and I said oh no that’s just not going to happen I’m not going to public speak I’m not going to talk and before you know it I feel that go to seminars I do my own modality on myself and then it happens and then the next piece is like once you overcome your fear of speaking then the next piece is really fine-tune your messaging so right now I don’t have a script for you I’m literally just coming from values coming from my heart what are my values integrity mature love spirituality really getting into a waking consciousness how deep can we go to the rabbit hole right like if you think about people like Alan Watts or wrong. They do to her marketing are you been laying the the teachers before it’s like ascending Masters they just literally spoke a truth spoke it was spoken word and people said oh my God I really like what this guy is saying I’m just I’m like feeling so energized by the message I’m getting high off of that message right that’s that’s branding and it but before you get to that you must really go into the inner work whether whether you’re listening to ROM Dass on their way home or you’re listening to all and you’re having a cry for me it was talking to myself like recording messages to my my younger self For My Future Self and then listening to it over over and seeing hey how can I how can I overcome some of my limiting beliefs how can I coach myself how can I actually coach myself so once you get into that then then then you can think about like you know branding weather doing like getting on Facebook Facebook live and for me once I started that like I started doing Facebook live talk to one person from Australia and then became 5 and then I’ll have like my own like community and that takes time like it’s building relationships making sure that your relationships it’s coming from hard how can you help them more than yourself how can you be up service how can you how can you mirror them in a way that they get their the last in a lot faster it’s like you know every artist has their own way of doing things like when you look at Beyonce she sings from her heart she has her own politics and her own philosophy with matter is she empowering People Are People feeling Unleashed are people playing the music and they’re like oh my God I want I feel so turned on by this right like that’s the type of branding that you really does come down to the soul the soul is like about the values and professionally you know like yeah you can do I can I can definitely tell your audience like what to do is besides like getting to the soul of the matter the next piece is like making sure when you write have an editor like have someone edit your stuff in your writing make sure your grammar is on point I something that I know is my point is grammar communicating in a way that it lands for people like making sure you understand public speaking I-44 one have never taken a public speaking class except I know that it’s super super critical to make sure that you have an attention-getter that you know how to really like know how to write know how to speak know how to like really get a person to that to feel that the message cuz that’s what we want is to really push the pivot the person to empowerment inspiration to feel sexually aware my my heart drives is catching up to a lot of that to this is it sounds like you’re really you’re really positioning yourself to be as significant with the spiritual and personal development and sexual development relieved to be I mean they say they say Destin Garrick is the is the Tony Robbins of Tantra will maybe it to me I’m hearing that you you you seem to me like the female Tony Robbins of Tantra and I appreciate that because yeah sometimes people have door to woo woo or two business and I like the way that you’re talking about really this is fundamentals this to me it sounds like if you were talking to it as an athlete and in people ask what their secret is it and they said you know I do the fundamentals thousand times to know and that’s why I’m the best sport or that’s how I’m different if it’s not about being better so I think this is really good stuff this is really good empowering material for people who are who are out there now trying to to make develop themselves and then also have an offering so maybe it’s probably a good time now to talk about more in detail what it is that you offer what are some of the programs and packages and you know you don’t have to go into specifics if you don’t want to but just going to really what anyone listen to this would be signing up for if they join your newsletter or join your live stream or did private sessions or or group Retreats or or what not just get into the offering so we great yeah well first your audience gets free meditations on Soundcloud I offer a lot of content already there’s a I have my YouTube channel Attica Brianna’s official and I haven’t been developing much content and that’s going to change soon again I’m doing these amazing amazing meditations and that the other thing that I’m offering is the Freak podcast so if your community has some BDSM lovers out there then I have the the podcast project lock is on Soundcloud and basically I’ve interviewed a lot of experts can collagist sexologist there’s also a discount or free code so if anyone’s into BDSM and you’re free code is sexy soul and you get House of a success and it’s a luxurious leather company with a bucket of design and elements that’s very stimulating to the eye and it’s really great on the table has the cops if so awesome I love it. It’s amazing amazing Exquisite like top of the line design that your followers can have and ask for coaching I do have a three-month container for the sexual self Mastery course or do I have to stay like you’re part of that the whole video series so if you want to watch Ben Daniels naked and beautiful doing his Mastery you’ll learn how to kind of become this amazing sexual master and really know what that means for you how to really get into your body how to really be present how to really be an amazing lover so that’s one of my favorite courses I love it so much I’ve had clients that have said that they lost way their skin clear their sex Got a Way deeper than before and again that’s the sexual self Mastery course and of course my other favorite course is the evolved masculine path course to really get into your archetype based on king warrior magician so we get to play the game of really getting into you playing your your archetype so as a little kid if you remember having an imaginary friend do you remember having an imaginary friend well when you have friends but that’s another story and then as as an adult this is pretty much sure your archetype which is not not an imaginary friend it’s a completely different thing that really pivots you into the direction of your path whether you want to be an amazing comic book writer are you you have this Vision to be the best at what so I can I get you there so that’s what I do is if it’s a three-month container and I’m like so excited and if you want to connect with me just go to edika be honest I’ll come that is e r i k a k as in kinky a b r i o n e s.com awesome that was a great story audio brochure that you just shared and I would say this is something yeah we got about a good 20 minutes or so left so depending on how is she holding up as we get close to an hour but I would say it’s kind of open it if you’re willing if you’re okay to have me open it up to a little bit of of dialogue here what I’m very curious about is the how goddess worship from a tantric perspective differs from an and maybe in forms or is is that the the interplay between the standard sort of Orthodox femdom goddess mistress archetype and then the sort of more more ancient tantric goddess as as Divine deity Giver of blessings shamanic healer Mother’s Day of the universe and all that kind of stuff I’m curious if you what in your what would be some of your words about how and you’re mine and your heart and soul and all your chakras how you how you transmute and how you play with with these different archetypes cuz they are they are at the top of the Pyramid of all creation and everything is one but in the differentiated forms that we live in now there’s certainly some I was just calling diversity then how people approach goddess worship so I’m curious what you would what you would say from your experience of integrating those archetypes of the goddess it’s a really good question so for me the goddess archetype goddess worship really comes down to really knowing the goddesses so for me and Tantra I learned about Lakshmi kolli set of swathi Lakshmi is this beautiful goddess no bathing water and a lot of these essential goddess Venus goddess were just like you know last week was Valentine’s Day so this is like perfect timing so Venus was sensual and all of her glory in a lot of these goddesses there’s this one Goddess that I remember she like this empowered bitch goddess but all of them have a theme of like in pictures and portraits in art and literature you see them like emerging from water right so having them celebrating them in water so for me goddess worship should always start in water right I think about it when you heard like taking a shower don’t you get your best ideas and water like when you’re taking a shower like oh my God I have such a great idea or I’m taking a shower well that water is nourishing you that water is a listening all of your all of your ideas having babies some babies when mothers have a paper the baby they do it in water ceremony it’s right like so it’s like a way more easy for the for the pelvic and massaging the the pelvis in water so for me like Lakshmi represents that goddess archetype of Love sensuality play also she frames the way that she frames it is I own my sensuality I know that I’m a goddess I am this powerful amazing person I am receiving I don’t need you to go to your platform I don’t need to rise to anyone if anything she has a really strong connection to God to source to her ascending Masters you know she celebrates dancing she celebrates through playing your sensuality but she really tunes into the higher majesties the higher mystery and then there’s that a sweat bee that is swappi is the goddess of creativity and she’s all about like getting into wisdom you know like sulfur to really anchor into the goddess worship you must really anchor her into her intellect to her Psychic Eye to what is she curious about understanding in terms of spirituality like what is it like you have to listen to Alan Watts do you have to like ask her questions about her childhood talk about lucid dreaming the more you activate Her Imagination her her pussy willow weekend it’s been awhile since I’ve chanting mantras but it when I was working in the tundra temple in Venice actually California surrounded by this beautiful Lush bed with peacocks all around amethyst crystals you know having sunlight opening up I was already in my Lakshmi but for me when I was in my set of Swampy my positioning was the study version of me right the studying version getting into my creativity journaling talking about manifesting my dreams and then the other the other goddess is Kali Kali Ma he’s my one of my favorites when I’m feeling fear so if you can for the men out there if you can really respect her calling Mom and you can respect her and her soft know when you can respect her body language if you’re noticing that she’s looking down if you’re noticing that there’s some weird energy if you’re noticing weird energy immediately she’s trying to tell you that she wants to waken her collie law Sky Kalima energies at Fierce mother Warrior protector she’s like that BDSM Queens like okay I want you on your knees bow down to the creek and you just listen there’s no ands buts or you simply listened because she’s teaching you with your body and when you learned how to be how to submit to Kali then you learn more about Mercy you learn more about judgment you learn more about immortality of Greece Kalamata is the teacher of the Shadow she’s at she’s the elixir of poison she’s the Snake Charmer she knows how to charm the snake so when you start to like embody the philosophy of Kali Saraswati Lakshmi and um you understand that philosophy than when you’re with her in a tantra session you can you can add the water you know like bathe her and water Sarge all of her beautiful curves that you know really start with the really asking permission you know praying before the Yoni is it okay like if you can pray before the Yoni OMG if you can pray before the Yoni you are giving honor to her Lakshmi you’re giving honor to her locked me you’re saying Queen may I enter your temple may I honor like and you have the prayer pose to my favorite my favorite personal prayer is the Balinese way the Balinese pray with an empty hand near the forehead so yeah prayer is a big one in goddess worship and then you know adding flowers but before you even pray you have to really absolve yourself of your own Karma absolve yourself of your own physical stuff that has happened before you enter into her energy field and then you of course have a dialogue which is the combination of the fattest glossy and the caller and then you can choose to do whatever whether you do breast you know you cover her and Roses you play on some sweet music and you simply know how to really adore her and it really just comes to adoring her inner child really like honoring her Queen and and holding space for all parts of her it’s a lot of work also thank you you definitely have impressed me because I feel like there is a real lack of connection with the sacred sexuality and there’s almost like a a bias within King sometimes about how sacred sexuality is almost vanilla because it’s not brutal and a half or something. I would counter that that census of just people honestly I’ve heard Dom’s some Pro Dom say say that they were repulsed by even the word hearing the word Yanni made them a Denver Post because it just it just seems so well I would I can I would have to use my own words to say that there is this sort of some sort of a backlash against this more prayerful material but I would say in my estimation it’s the if the most powerful this you’re talking about the most powerful what I believe to be what I’ve experienced has to be the most powerful kind of ritual procedure ceremony you know session work you can you can imagine is is putting yourself invoking these these these Essences and his energies sand and speaking with them and communicating and being in service and that it’s almost like if if I can do a little bit of a sidebar here and just say my gripe that I have with some of the Kink world in the BDSM world is that it can get very egotistical very fast and and I’ve seen you know even put a proton women who I do I want to worship but that I see you know I’m I’m here I want to I want to worship the Divine and I feel like I’m looking at just a really over bloated ego and I want to I want to get a bug that and beyond that and what you’re talking about for me is like the the big yes send the big the nurturing you know we’re all just fingers pointing to the Moon here we’re all just hoping to Aspire to be in communion with the Divine energies and and this is what it takes what you’re saying in my in my in my estimation is that you know this this sort of humility and the sort of procedure and the offerings and that is going back to the Town Creek methods of worship that are are are not so much not so much about the the torture chambers and in the market aside and the leather although I’m not demonizing those things I will say that they’re all part of everything is mama you know I sound level if you want to put it that way if you know but I just want to really really take a moment to from from my framework and not to project anything I’m saying on to you or anyone you work with her or anyone from that scene but I will say it is such a breath of fresh air to find women who are doing Dom work who are working with these practices it’s a real breath of fresh air so that was my that was my public service announcement and my sword editorializing there but yeah the more the merrier with that so thank you think one of my intentions is do events this year where I teach my own way of fusing Tantra and BDSM maybe you could be a devil model yes for sure I’m I’m open to anything and I feel like I live my life like that scene in Fight Club where it where Tyler Durden is getting bludgeon by the the mobster you know in the basement when they’re they’re trying to basically trying to break up their their underground boxing ring and I think they’re doing it for profit but really they’re doing it for Spirit and the way for for Brad Pitt to communicate that really to the world cuz that the whole movie was it was a ton trick Buddhist Treatise that was like a whole country scripture if people don’t don’t get that really go back and watch Fight Club and see this is like the the Divine masculine trying to break free from from the poison of patriarchy and that’s how I see it I’m like that I can I will take on the the pain of the feminine and I will you know D A I can be a masochist in and work with the energy and then let it flow in the in the fact you know you can see footage online on YouTube a lot of the Kali temples around the world the way that the that the computer is the priests and priestesses will and unfortunately in these days because of patriarchy it’s it’s it’s been skewed towards a priest class so there’s a lot of Kali temples in a world where it is a male-dominated profession to be a shamanic healer at the Kali Temple invoking the Shakti of collie and the Whippet the way that they will I have my own issues with that of course but it is interesting that something some of the things that they would do and you would appreciate this as a Dino from doing down work is that in order for the crowd of beleaguered glasses to come in and really believe that the priest is actually holding the power of the goddess and actually is invoking her left fully he will endure these these ordeals of getting whipped on an in and basically being flogged and whipped to prove that you can be kind of slashed with these whips on the on the on the forearm and have there be no marks and and show no pain and so that is sort of the the guarantee or the proof in the pudding that that that priest is doing the work to be imbued with her energy and so if she can take this abuse and not be crying or or cowering in the face that abused and then he’s qualified to to go in and hunt your demons you know and pull them out and unless you go about your way is it he did it’s fascinating to watch the footage of the stuff it’s no joke I mean it looks it looks like a dungeon in a Weird Al seeking I think the same the Same Love in the same healing at some level so that was that was enough for me but yeah we’re wrapping up here at are about about an hour or so would you like to take the floor and share anything else really make a call to action how can people connect with you how come people Debra Lee directly to get in contact with you and any words you like to share anything else you’d like to yatted to talk about before we before we get to call today the type of audience you have but I do want to say that a book that has really healed my my journey has been the book Urban Tantra by Barbara Corrales and I know that there’s like my intention like what my my vision is to help as many girls as possible to go from the Dark Side of the industry you know like working at massage parlors in because of focus esta this lot that’s really really an entrapment to teaching women to be sacred sexuality Educators to go from living to start double life where you’re you’re feeling on the edge you’re feeling like there’s going to be a risk involved maybe you’re going to have to see a client because you have to pay the rent and your trade in your like this is the only thing I have and you have to like you know basically fight and you don’t have to fight you have to really invite you to soften the Cena and so I’m like I guess like right now I’m speaking to the women that have had that shame and so my call to action is for women to really really awesome sells how how long am I going to be sick and tired of this story how long am I going to be living in the shadow of my life or am I willing to you know grab a flashlight and go to the other side and actually see that there is Beauty on the other side of the dark and you know if you have to call me and I or message me you know you could have easily go to sexy Soul Collective on Instagram or you could go on my website any guy, and we can have a chat really just like really connect virtually over coffee or tea and really see like how can we really support each other and if it means that you sign up for 3 months I’ll be great like my dream is to really Empower women to really overcome their you know overcome this and I love seeing women empowered but mostly the men that I have work with like I also see that they’re starting to like rise up against their masculine going from the broken Soul lost soul to empowered King owning their magician knowing their lover and having a really balance within all their archetypes by putting down your sink whether if your a guy who wants the last pain you’re like I just want to hustle my way out of the intimacy then that’s my client but mostly it’s because I want people to like wake up to their dreams that’s beautiful wake up to your dream that is that’s it has M Cohan right there you can forget about one sound one the sound of one hand clapping or does it visit tree falling make a sound that is that is a beautiful meditation right there to the end within and I will say if I could add a couple of sites here would just be that there has been an Exquisite pleasure and I feel like I feel like we’ve known each other a lot longer than then then we technically have known each other in this lifetime and and hopefully you have beautiful things will come forth from this conversation and just a big a big thank you again for this opportunity to just show your work and I look forward to the next time I’m sure just it’s always an open channel of communication if you have stuff you want to promote or talk about or anything in the future you want to share with your audience then by all means do that so yeah thank you so much again for your time and Namaste thank you blessings BWW. Township Park. Calm and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Township Park. Com Thomas Day



Psychedelic Goddess Worship: Behind the Book with Wilhelm Cortez TPP187


Wilhelm Cortez Pic

In this episode I’m joined again by my dear beloved soul bro of more than two decades, Wilhelm Cortez.  (Listen to our first episode here) We’ve both been working hard in collaboration on overhauling and editing the manuscript for my forthcoming first book entitled: “Psychedelic Goddess Worship: Erotic Memoirs from the Astral Battlefield”.

I thought it would be fun and engaging to give a bit of a “behind the book” commentary so we could both compare notes and commiserate on the arduous process of co-creating hopefully a potential modern epic.

We discuss the backstory of how our personal life journeys have intertwined throughout the years going back to the old days in the Portland Gutter Punx scene and the forest defense encampments, then we give an overview of the events leading up to his encouragement and editorial role for my articles on the Good Men Project website, then we cover the events leading up to the formation of the Connection Victory publishing company. This leads to our dialog about the inner-workings of the book editing process, discovering emergent properties hidden between the lines, getting stuck and unstuck, converting an otherwise dry pseudo-scientific pseudo-academic tome, into a sci-fi-esque romance novel, and much more.

It has and will continue to be a great honor to have his expertise and wisdom informing and guiding the project in ways I could never have imagined. It’s a trip how the book is a sort of living creature filled with its own paradoxical angels and demons. We discuss how since Wilhelm has been involved, he has in different ways become both entangled and liberated through the process.

We’re looking forward to an official release later this year, stay tuned!!!

Please connect with Wilhelm via email at: globalnomadway (at) gmail (dot) com

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved smoke Natasha Punk podcast episode number 187 I am here again with Wilhelm Cortez and we’re going to talk about the evolution of our unique and beautiful co-creative relationship through various are writing initiatives that he got me on board with writing for the good men project a number of years ago now and we have a personal back story that we discussed more in previous episode that we did so we had originally done a podcast together episode number 81 the good men project with exact editor Wilhelm Cortez and in that episode you can hear more about our background meeting up in Portland in the days of the Portland gutter punks and and also hanging out in the forest and just being a part of Northwest good old American Street Punk Eco Punk activism in the Northwest and and his journeys in travels and how we we kind of read and we’ve together in various the very Point sometime just kind of a soul Brotherhood that has really blossomed now in the present moment as he’s not only be at me he has become my my dream copyright editor you know of that had not had anyone in my life be supported of my work in that way and it’s always just been me kind of winging it and I have I wouldn’t say I’m a prolific writer but I wrote a column for the profane existence anarcho-punk magazine and you know I’ve always just wrote zeins and Roll lyrics and wrote pretty profusely just in my own my own life I guess I would say that I I do this prior to eventually be an author but the impetus to really do that didn’t come together for me until just the last I guess the last few years that I’ve been in in the zone of actually producing a manuscript that is a I buy a biographical almost science fiction sort of Epic that is titled now psychedelic goddess worship erotic Memoirs from the astral Battlefield and so it really encapsulates and depicts a lot of the journey that I’ve been on that various podcast previous podcast have brought on characters from my life story that are in the book by fictitious names it’s it’s it’s it’s it is really the the text formatting of of all the videos I’ve been doing and in Black post and what not and who better to actually be the one to help me organize and make sense of all of this material than the man my dear friend here it’s already been editing articles that I have been writing for the good men project website so there there’s just been a again this this interweaving of synchronicity that’s brought us together in various contexts and couldn’t ask for a better and more blessed experience of having the help and support I need to do it every crazy maniac creative artist author type person writer whatever they need somebody to actually bring things down to earth on occasion and sort things out and really be a soundboard and so this is my first experience of having that level of care and concern for my life story and it’s pretty much just been me trying to make sense of things on my own and sometimes having the state intervene or like the mental health system intervene and trying to help me sort things out you know little bit of families and lovers here and there but this is a real gift to have somebody to help me with the cat all this madness and all this material and and make it into something that hopefully will will touch the soul of humanity and heal the soul of humanity to especially for those who can commiserate and have been to various you know similar forms of them no trauma and whatnot so that is just sort of to orient this conversation what I love to do when we get into the sort of body of this is to First bring have Wilhelm bring us up to speed on on his sort of perspective his narrative on what it’s been like to interact with me and get to this point in this process and then we’re going to get into really the bitter the behind the pages if you will on where we’re at in the editing process of this manuscript and and some of the I would call it these beautiful emergent properties of of two heads being better than one on trying to understand how to frame this material and get into some of the bloopers probably and it’s just some of the everything you did you’d come to love about it like a movie director producer commentary bonus feature that’s my that’s my goal is to have that that affect your even though the book is is not yet out when it is when it comes out this will be a nice can into to enjoy it with so with all that said well I’m thank you for being with my intro and thank you for being here and how are you doing what’s new with what’s happening was a very gracious introduction and I thank you for that and also as you mentioned since the book still isn’t out and we’re still really kind of in the middle of the chaos storm of editing this thing it’s also I see it as a challenge to continue on with it because it is been quite a bit of a journey and it all kind of started with the seats Mew no looking back at the first article that you published with the good men project these little things are more valuable than oil where to go and talk to you about the environment and and basically seeds and keeping not and how that all works together really that’s where we started off and it was kind of funny I was scanning through the articles that you did for championship and the way but we really go up to where I think you really wanted to be talkin about the whole time which was you know how to how to survive and how does she feel and how to give back and that’s really what we see and you know we had our little you know not really problems or anything along the way but you know if you’re familiar with the good men project you trying to cross the border but we also we have a very very PG-13 rating and the first draft of how to make love like a god editorial staff at the time but you know working through it we we discovered a lot we discovered a lot more about the the emotive core beyond the physical and how to really talk about in a dress. And I really feel like the work on that article kind of kicked off the creative literary relationship between us this really you know putting it back for those of you go back and listen to the previous podcast in the Back store is really the mature Asian of this journey we’ve been on through various different weird intersections in our lives that kind of brought it together so that brings it up to that day when you asked me you know hey I was putting together all this stuff for a storage at the science fiction and about this Tantra and scalene inbox as you said in about an about more and I was just like what is this Beastie is creative Sprouts sourcing editing for it and I’m like oh you’ve got like getting now we’re getting entered like dimensional in the complex that he’s here that’s when I was just kind of like will send me what you got and you did and when I started to go through it it was like oh okay deep breath this is the story this is the one that you’ve been alluding to you been talkin about and caulking around and then all your other work was working towards you know and actually get in getting it all laid out but the first presentation basically that you gave me was really readable and interesting for an archivist doing research on recovery and healing from trauma but for an audience that is a lot more than that and that actually need that healing process support cuz we know like within the society that has been constructed based off of the oppression and abuse of so many different demographics you know this is what I’ll try not to get too distracted talking about like ecofeminism and all of the connections that we have. But I think it to put it in a really lame in an easier one package has one of the phrase I used with you when we were talking about what we were going to do with all this material that you would collect it together all this material that you had compiled all of these notebooks that he would process all of these transcripts all of this words what are we going to do with it and it was like I saw the power in the story as being a power and that you know it’s like the popularity of something like Fifty Shades of Grey which is like really problematic on so many levels like you know like relationship-wise socialize abuse wise oppression wise and for me is an editor like you know how to get the story across indicative through and that what we actually had the potential for was the type of story that the kind of as interest it’s like people like and watch and he read about and participate in sexual intercourse and this is a good healthy and presenting it in a good healthy way is that Rod wood to dry in. Kind of leadership wants to have that in their literature or in their imagination to deliver it in a way that is healing and uplifting that was kind of worried you know I watched off and it was like another one of those happy you know synchronicities coincidences designs plans people just randomly having things happen things had worked out through another executive editor at the good men project Lisa blocker who I worked with quite closely for about 2 or 3 years and in that time we started developing this idea of a publishing company and to get out ideas about social justice ethics gender and sexuality spirituality mental health to get exposure for writers who don’t necessarily have the resources to put it all together because it’s doing publishing it’s like you may have the best but how are you going to deliver to your readers if you have so many more steps so what we have with connection Victory publishing is promote these ideas as well as these writers that we have a connection with the are part of our you know our society are social family part of our community wise man so that’s when I pitched the idea to you that I’m about like a you know how about if we do this book and we take the Sun and I was stoked because what could be more what could be a bigger honor than to be under the wings of to Powerhouse editors from the good men project that means more to me on a personal and spiritual level let alone a professional and resume sore level than if I was to go with or seek out or just send the manuscript out and just have whoever was the highest bidder or something you know be for me to be just in that Machinery I like your saying too if I was at going up going about the route I’m just saying I’m have my friend my friend who flips houses gave me this great little bit of wisdom very kind of Dallas kind of things do they say they said that because it will be out there they’re flipping houses this is little bit of side note but it’ll it ties him in a good way it says they were after flipping houses which means they’re out there and they’re already very wealthy but they want to hang onto as much Capital as they can so they they will actually do a lot of the manual labor themselves you know scraping off paint pouring concrete and doing the tiles and tearing out carpets and all that stuff they would just as a family they would get together and it would sort of swap out rules to to flip houses and do all that and but they didn’t have to they could have paid someone to do it but they kind of wanted to just keep it in-house a bit but they said they had this bit of wisdom amongst them that they share with me what she said they said if you start to get the fuckits it’s expecting you you had enough doing some tasks in your about to start your feeling the temptation to cut corners and just get it over with I say stop stop when you get the fuckits and go do something else and come back another day when you’re refreshed and ready to do it right and I had I had gotten to the point where I didn’t I was not integrating that was them and I had had the fuckits with this process and that’s why I said I wanted to just crowdsource the editing and just say alright I’m letting the I’m letting the community steer this ship and it like it could be a Wikipedia have its own website which is a Wiki and people could do a fact checking and correcting and grammatical stuff and I’m just going to like going to go meditate in the mountains or something but it was a sweet deal to have you and have all this come together and for me to say okay this is I was like I guess I wasn’t probably going to go after some other Publishers and go through that process or tonight and I wasn’t going to raise do it I wasn’t going to do I get a Kickstarter or something for it cuz I just don’t have that that Network to leverage your Liam pretty much an itch with an itch so so it’s been a huge gift to have the the the gamble the business Gamble and the professional Gambler love that hoodie that you I feel like you are betting on me and I want to do my best to be a winning bet for for the Enterprise and for the reputation and everything so it is it’s also like a reason for me to be at an upright Citizen and M2 now we’re sort of in a reputational report as well and end with the good men project that’s a huge I don’t want to say burden for me to self remaining you know in the light of the light be reputable and and make sure that my path is is impeccable to certain standards and so it’s it’s a hopefully I am I can I will sustain that and and yeah it’s it’s an I guess I just want to make that point that there’s something beautiful about there being a friendship involved in this editing process that deep friendship and Anna and that ability to go through the sort of push back and the pull back and all of that which gets into the the the compromise of the actual and in the process I couldn’t imagine going I couldn’t imagine being in some cold sterile lifeless Dynamic with under a contract where you just want to let you know I’m sure I know a lot of authors go through that or a lot of creative people just go through as well and someone else has some Authority there the process like what’s the title going to be with the cover are going to be and it’s going to be it’s just been a very very nice homey welcoming process working together so far and and yeah I think that that that’s a good a good rap on the sort of the form of this of this process now if you want to get into the content and I am really I love for you to start to start us off with that and I’m I will come in with them with some thoughts about how really you saved my life in this process you’ll probably count you’ll probably introduce it for us but if not I will all follow up with it so it’s oh yeah what would you say now about the your perspective on after we ain’t the deal in in in your Yugioh you’re you’re now incentivized with with the under your under under your relationship with the company you know you’re incentivized to do this as and now we’re now we’re Partners right we’re now and now we’re Partners more so than before and so so you’ve got it you’re digging in and was being of the socket and capricci not too late and you know throwing that causing you to throw it out to this idea of when you presented it to me I was like this Echo back to the forest it was like she’s going to try to do editing by consensus in a group and it’s like you remember how that would usually turn out it would usually the people saying fucking walking away from the meeting story it’s like we’ve got to figure something else out with it and this will you know you remember when I read through and was looking at it we were trying to figure out what is really the story we have here because as it was presented a common thing that you know any writer does especially when they’re drafting something is we have this tendency to fall back on the front of logical trying to be autobiographical it’s like you’ve got the order of events in the order they happened to your head because you lift and so when you start to write on your right or that way and especially for the Contemporary audience it’s like it just really isn’t compelling to read send you out in the layer that you know there’s a lot of the chronology of this story before you get to anything that is kind of a feel-good moment and so thinking about the reader in my it’s like I was like all right we need to do something from the story a beginning part that is compelling the makes sense that has a vehicle to tell the story through maybe so that we don’t have to like try to Drudge through all of this really heavy dark demonic schitt’s until we get to the end of the book when everything’s resolved because contemporary readers aren’t going to do that so that was really the first layer yes and then so you can see how you can you use skillfully set this up so I can introduce that what it was that that evolved into the solution to that conundrum and and it was the way that you were able to really get me woke about the situation I didn’t put up much of a fight at that moment cuz I knew you’re a hundred percent right and it wasn’t hard to convince me at that point because literally in the manuscript I gave you the sort of prologue or the sort of preface was that it was actually a warning to say you’re you’re going to you really have to be I don’t remember exactly exact words it was totally there the least inviting yeah I like abandon all hope ye who enter something kind of think so and it and really I would have to have I would have to be a rockstar or some other form of established sensation for four people to to actually break that seal and go through it on her own but if there’s a given where it where I’m at right now you know I don’t have and I had thought about that too unlike you know this is probably something I will publish for a lot of reasons I’ll wait until my dying day whenever that is to sign some authorization for this to be released and I had thought about how well there’s people who were alive who are referencing the story and it’s not going to take you no more than putting two and two together you know to match people and places and what not and of course you have to have for legal reasons keep it a fictitious Encompass the ticket fictitious names but you know but I’ve I’ve lost a bit of sleep wondering how certain people will will react to how they’re involved in in the in the story I feel like I’ve done my best to try to make everyone involved have some sort of some sort of a dental qualities or what not but but that I guess it’s another story but getting getting into that that that critical moment of every frame at at the beginning and end what you told me about making it you know accessible to read making it actually it has to be enjoyable even if it’s disgusting and it has to be so otherwise like you said and I got that immediately as well as if you want to create something that people if you want to create a material that can be published in a peer-reviewed journal of academics who want to study sexology or paranormal psychology for a second science or whatever then I’m sure you could present I could presented a conference and say that this is my research and here’s my crazy manuscript that’s 400 pages and transcription and all of his chronology but for it to be a novel or have that that scalability in the culture it certainly there’s enough love there’s enough ice to I think I remember hearing recently somewhere that I think on IMDb or something like that a Shawshank Redemption is still one of the most on something by some Metric Shawshank Redemption is considered still the most worshipped movie ever and I can’t say that’s box office sales of some other metric but that is not a particularly there’s no wet there’s almost no women in the movie there’s almost no romance in that movie it’s a bunch of guys in prison raping each other beating each other and try and in trying to escape from the most heinous abusive abusive Authority but it is the Redemption of hacking the system and figuring out how to find your soul and find what matters in and I even believe in from antonchak sense there’s a moment where the Shakti energy is comes through the speakers when he had when he breaks that he gets the record and he locks himself in that they’re the PA room and he plays the opera singers out you know that that’s the goddess right there so if that story can do what it did and that was a Stephen King story and then made into a movie and all that thing but it has to have that a certain Cadence in a certain flow and in in a certain mystery for people to have to put in meat meat meat the story Halfway by having a Kinect dots and not having its food Fenton spoon-fed over the course of a chronology with all of this dance academic material so so the thing that I guess before I get or nah I’ll let you a personal say okay from now on when I say when we say the words we receive the letters mfp we are referring to Magic fucking pussy who is who was my Divine tantric dakini consort who really takes most of the credit for giving giving me the most blessed in the most Redemptive outcome that would that was that wasn’t suicide and it wasn’t deeper addiction and depression and just melt melt down and it really the the hero of the story that didn’t exist in the manuscript because a manuscript was just a telling of events up until right before I actually got involved with mfp in real life it was all just painful dark negative and then some some spiritual Revelations and some some spiritual insights about how these things all work and how trauma works and how abuse works or is how it functions I should say but but there was no payoff and there was no really beautiful romantic Redemption and that but but but that did actually in the manuscript I was I had not included the the what would have just been the next chapter in the chronology was like oh yeah and then I met this woman who totally like loved on me the way I needed to be loved on and vice versa and now you have that element of a beautiful enjoyable school and you were the Catalyst Wilhelm in this process of making me have an aha moment to say wait I do have a device and it’s not a contrived device it’s actually the most beautiful lakes in the pearl it is she has been and is and is in the story The did the did the Highlight the Pearl the trade however you want to do when a call is so I’m kind of fumbling now trying to put in contacts but I’d love to have for you to talk about how how we navigated that that sort of question mark of how to make it a story a really difficult rhinology Indian Redemption you’ve got that and what better way to make it more palatable than to make it a love story you know and that’s kind of where it’s funny because you are you and your listeners know of mfp me in my mind it’s j because that’s the character named you used to develop the love story that we needed to really tell this story and it was really like you going fast-forwarding through all of that story and realizing there was this anchor moment of the healing Journey where there was it was Mutual it was like Drew The Mentor in Bohemian came and it was like house flipping the whole thing around it’s instead of leaving Las Vegas word entry in Las Vegas right from the get-go we should never put her clothes back on I whispered after catching my breath you know and it’s like once that was there it was like okay now we have a way to really tell the story but it stopped perfect way that was already in coded in the story to begin with it was just a matter of writing it in it has been missed in the first few passes but it makes sense in the the process of compiling the story because going through and transcript going through court records going through Protective Services records going through cancer only through your old journals remembering the stories and writing them out and through all of that as well as having the emotional distance of the writer in transcribing all of this stuff in also once we unlock that box and discovered this the perfect element that was already there that’s when it’s like hey okay we just start not from the beginning of this life story of this drama we begin with the mentoring of the one who gave the healing that’s where my real story is and that’s where it’s funny because it’s like you know it’s it’s your life story but it’s her story right amazing yesterday at sunshine remember that I have a moment because you’re asking me the conversation was it would I we just have to come up with something to make the NIT really at night how could I have I guess the way the only logic that I could I could imagine I’m sure I was going to send you the time is it will but that’s that would be the second volume because right in that they can go to the vet that just that that that krinock chronological bias there’s not going to be a second volume to put it in so there’s another Cosmic giggle at work here which is at I just I’ve been binge-watching a lot of them making of movies behind the scenes could type of movies because of the the the dabbling and in film that I’m doing and and I just really are so many movies that have built me in that are in my heart and so I get almost the most pleasurable experiences that I have fully clothes I should stay or come from watching these behind the scenes and making-of documentaries and I just recently watched the movie Casino one of the one of the making of or behind the scenes documentaries on casino and and it’s totally timely to this conversation because Nicholas Pileggi who was the author producer screenwriter researcher and he he was the one who who mapped out all of the the historical chronological timeline of events that that are depicted in the film casino but in in the actual documentary he said it was he said you know I had all these if he had the history the history and there cannot chronology of events all laid out on paper but it was the magic of Scorsese who was able to make it into an entertaining film because he was able to mash it up and create all of these different constantly I mean this is this is just now I’m not trying to quote him anymore but this it was perfect timing that I saw that because that was exactly the crossroads that we were at really wrote where we’re at right now is because we still editorial past of you getting Jade written in to the story and then I know through that it unlocked other things that was like okay well they stop going to be in that in this needs to be and it’s like getting that all in but there was will be suctioned swear it was these long pieces of transcript these long pieces of fight notes from sessions and it was just like you know I would hit it going through Reading it was just like all four wheels in the butt smell like the story just comes to you know it’s like nobody’s nobody’s going to look down and they’re going to get distracted they’re going to check their like Twitter what I started to do is I was going through and I was like okay this opening part that we have this opening scene is really good but then it’s like it’s still was continuing on with that way kind of chronology for that whole scene and it’s like well this is our open like it really doesn’t fit well because it’s too much of the scene and it’s the beginning of the book and the reader doesn’t know why the hell they’re reading the book at all it’s like now yeah it sounds good it’s great but it’s like there’s no there’s no conflict there’s no nothing so we need to start generating that and then it was like okay so now I have to start looking at this as like four sections at a time you know because you sent me what is it about 50 sections that we’ve got and then I started to look at them four to five sections that are and it’s like what’s going on with this chunk of the story and how can we play around with it and rearrange it so that it’s more interesting more to tell him because we’ve got a few challenges going on here you know we’ve got what we talked about already about like the difficulty of the story in itself then creating the character which was there all the time in the story but realizing that it was actually her story that we needed to tell because that made it really interesting and then trying to cut and piece it together and then you know way back at the beginning you mentioned that it was kind of sci-fi kind of this kind of that and it’s like the reason it’s that kind of sci-fi is because the subject matter that we’re getting into we don’t really have the vocabulary or terminology to talk about accurately so that had to be created and borrow she had to be borrowed a little bit from it had to be borrowed a little bit from biology had to be borrowed from together and kind of breaking that story line up and kind of letting it just sort of fall into place and I don’t like that bouncing ball you know because what we started with what you experience with the reality of this story is in the two stories yours and hers that were telling within it is it was fucking chaotic as all hell the way the stories being told needs to be told that way I know on the street you experience in these orders but in the healing and the deconstruction and the analysis and the free packaging and the use of it it didn’t happen that way bread and for the 4th for it to be this is something that when I did my first feature film acting role very independent very low budget and but I have high hopes for it and it is also in the editing process now and that’s going to be who knows it could have it could be a non-event it could be a major event there certain the elements of it that I I’m I’m sworn to secrecy about it because it has a very novel plot architecture that it’s almost like a trade secret kind of NBA kind of thing right now so I can’t say much about it but I will say that I have I have been in a legitimate independent as as Bonafide as it gets an independent film and I have performed in that and in that in that process I was gleaning from the producer director of the film everything I possibly could about lighting about camera angles about setting up shots about everything that you know this cuz he’s a very accomplished very respected filmmaker and and of course I was taking all kinds of notes in the process and one of the things that I remember and I can say this you know what kind of big lie but when we were when when we were doing scenes where there was dialogue and I was supposed to not tell my story per se but basically create the story of the character for the for the introduction of the character to the people and I was I was instantly just buy my nature by my training I was basically giving in academic lecture mode trying to trying to give the the 101 the one or two there were two o one that and so in the way that I’ve always been trained to to deliver information and academically and it in a sequential sequential matter that everything goes on a self that you wouldn’t go to a college course and expect that okay everybody we’re going to just completely discombobulated the structure of the of the history of this field and I’m going to teach you all about what’s happening now and then throw in a little mysterious bits of the history of it so that you can be confused for like half the class and I just keep you confused the hope for half the class and then you’re going to get to the enjoyment and the pleasure and the glory of stitching it together in your own subconscious in your unconscious mind and your part of the time you’re going to be in your own Narrative of trying to sort things out but that’s the difference between between an academic narrative and entertainment narrative is that you were wanting in a neat so he would tell me when I was doing his like nose stopped you look you need to be more cryptic you need to give them leading sort of mysterious sort of my little bits and M and there and let them Stitch it all together from from I guess if you take that to the extreme you have keep the quintessential Pulp Fiction or Tarantino thing where there’s all these different fragments that are totally disconnected yeah yeah yeah not postmodernist deconstructed storyline which is definitely you know. Not only is an influence within the work they were working on but it needs to be there to be able to tell that good story and that’s kind of something that you know especially with my editorial work with connection Victory is when I go into edit I need to like major reconstructive surgery on this thing but the actual Aberdeen of the story in the word from the grammar the mechanics of How It’s put together is really light because I don’t want to change the author’s voice at all I want to find a way to cut it down so that it amplifies that voice and the best way to do that really has to do is send it like the author Reed’s through it after you’ve done in there like I don’t even know where you at changed anything unless they’re holding him up side-by-side now of course from what you originally handed me to what we’re going to end up with my wife dropped you know I eventually delivered to you when we’re done you’re definitely going to know that it’s my hope that you know as we work through it and get it up to you you know copy ready you’re still hearing your voice all through it and that is it kind of need this back to the fukkit which definitely is something I’ve had to watch and working on this piece because it is so in-depth and working five sections at a time you know and like when you start off with like you know entering Las Vegas Queen of the duck the gummies a goddess among Lenin corpse work event rape culture that’s my first five sections and so by the time you work through that it’s like you’re kind of feeling just a little tiny – a fuck it employs step away and you take a break and you go out and like you stick your hands in the soil especially when I reach the five sections that start with Lady Ayahuasca move through other sections and end with masturbating on acid and an ambulance that was definitely a moment I need to stop and take a break because in true that it’s like bees is distractions that writers will right themselves into to avoid from having to address realities with a story where we talked around the word we talk around it and so editorial it’s like all of that is it’s like on Menaul and this and that and that we use in hedging invoice to like trying to think and prepare we do that in writing especially when you’re writing like that so when we start to take that out and it starts there’s also I’m discovering within the story and put the potential for what you’re working on the kind of like kind of come out and it’s like when I was working on Section entitled fighting Ness Monsters it’s like and I’m working across five sections together and stitching fit trying to make people in all this and everything in it it’s time-consuming okay and there was a point when I’m going along and if you just put that idea in itself I’m not going to say anymore it gave me a really good idea for a story I’d like to develop itself so the things that come out from the lines I could have made a total Twilight Zone well I’m glad I’m actually I was going to ask you if you would be daring enough to out yourself for having had that the moment that that that you share with me about that cuz it is so telling and that in itself is that is is just takes and takes off on another tangent of another another story of like what and actually I had I did anchors me into want to say and I don’t know if I would have mentioned this but I definitely think it’s critical that I do is that I don’t wish I don’t think that was it when it when I had that that disclaimer in the beginning of this it was really sort of like what we would call in the modern parlance of of more conscious more evolved discourse that the whole notion of a trigger warning so it’s it’s almost like this the the haven’t you see sometimes on posts online no trigger warning all caps bold trigger for sale for me the the the scale of trigger warning that would have to be put on this like if there was a trigger warning security alert scale than this book would be off that scale because of how triggering it could be in so many ways and and and I can’t even account for the VA the notion that let’s say this is red a kind of feel like like I have the retention for having such a severe warning the beginning is that the way that I just feel like if you were not extreme Survivor on the edge of an existential crisis meltdown suicidal ideations this probably shouldn’t be on your shelf next to Catcher in the Rye and Of Mice and Men and wakesetter this this is an extreme piece of work that that I want to I want it to be because I am somewhat afraid about the what what the side effects could be from even being exposed to this if it’s not necessary know you would rather in the words of Terence McKenna just whistle past the graveyard in life if you can possibly avoid going to these territories and so there’s that tension and needs to be I don’t know what the effect will be in the fact that you had that experience is Testament testimony shift for myself in it is the first it’s like yeah yeah that’s why I need to be told and yeah as far as you know trigger warning this time everything you know there’s that little back blur that goes on the back of the book you know that gives you the brief rundown or it’s on the inside flaps of the Dust jacket if it’s hard bound with the cover and everything like that it’s like that’s where that’s really what the trigger warning is it’s like if you look at any book it gives you that basic breakdown of the story you’re going to be reading so you know that’s where we put the trigger warning without having a trigger warning the other aspect of it is kind of a little bit of the story itself is the by editing we are banishing the demons that were in coded into a true writing so that’s another perspective on it but this whole idea of like hearing that voice behind me saying you know a week and just didn’t you get this. All right now that’s really it’s coming from when I’m editing I’m editing and free Minds the first mind is the mind of the editor and I’m looking at compelling story proper grammar all of that artifice mechanics structure then I’m also looking and thinking and reading it from the mind of the reader you know the reader has no idea about the story and what’s to come or what’s gone into it or where it’s come from they’re just taking it at face value then I’m reading from the mind of the writer the author in their voice where they’re coming from so I think that’s really like you know what the the depth in the intensity of the story and then reading with all three of those mines through all of this it’s not really surprised you know I was having. Like you know at that point in the story The Mention Of going and you know doing some speed to get the story done it wasn’t no wonder that you know it’s like I’m I’ll be 50 this year I’m not getting on any skateboard but I’m cut that itch to get back on the board and steel. fastest around me and everything and it’s it’s due to be a versus nature of the editing and it’s also a testament to the quality of the writing storytelling well well I have to say that the character situation I think that if that wasn’t that the moment that I that I have the epiphany of what I had to do I mean it’s been my intention to be like okay if I wouldn’t wish I always say I don’t wish reading this book on my worst enemy but I have to I have to impose it upon Humanity because if I don’t impose this then everything that’s in there that is the evil dark side of the force is going to impose itself without resistance so it’s kind of like you know when it goes back to something I said when I was first starting to just come out about any of this stuff to anybody I I said I said dissemble a friend at one point is if you know what I don’t think I want to tell my story because I feel like I’m I’m the turd in the punch bowl and I am and they said no dude don’t worry about it you’re the punch in the turbo that’s perfect so on that note that the punching that your balls the hearing about you got your experience with this I said okay I’m going to break off break out some of my Bitcoin Holdings and sell it off and get you booked on a session with my one of my Tantra can the initiate Rick’s is Rhoda Jordan for a personal contract counseling session to sort of massage your shoulders a bit while you’re in the ring fighting with this material and you don’t know no no pressure to to to give her a call it like a you mean like her compassion bleeding through that was so embracing that I could just float away on I don’t have to say anything full disclosure we are not being a we’re not we’re not an infomercial but anything you know you like to say that is just factual from experience about that just so people know hey look I want I want I want Wilhelm to be very very supported this process because and I should say before you before you do share we like to share I will put this in context to my own my own journey of actually writing this and I say this a lot I say I make this and make this point to people when I give them advice when they’re having a Dark Night of the soul and they feel like they’re being attacked by everything inside of them everything outside of them is a look when you when you I said make this analogy to let’s say if you were in that you know a Nazi concentration camp right and you figured I would say you were going to not sit just bear with me for a moment here but if you were in a Nazi concentration camp and you were able to discover some weakness in the facility so that you could actually start to carve your way out or start to have an escape plan or start to somehow get Leverage get an upper hand the moment that you become the moment that you set off that that alarm or set off that awareness in your captors in the guards who are keeping him holding you captive as soon as they know that you have an upper hand that you have some form of intelligence or some form of power that could be that could be used to organize other people or two could be used to create a a Revolt or somehow Break Free that’s when at that moment of their discovery of your upper hand or your potential power that’s when they go after you and they’ve date they they gang up on you and they start to put their more sophisticated officers on you to watch you or to surveil you are too for you or to destroy you so there is this what I would call a joint with this term like that the shamans dilemma I guess if you will was like if you if you start with z sting these entities these forces demons Paris the trans-dimensional parasitic organisms whatever you want to call them after this the purpose of the Sci-Fi that we’re dealing with there is this sort of effect that is if you were to just remain silent and go through the motions and keep your head down and in and make no no obvious claims that you have the way the means to defeat them then they won’t they won’t really attack you that much they will just slowly mind you and slowly extract from you and slowly destroy you but it’s when you stand up and you speak out and you come out and you start to organize and you become a threat to their their order and that’s when all hell breaks loose and they start coming after you even even more so that that all of that is to say that this story as an act of resistance against evil it is going to as gets exposure on any level as I shared on any level it’s going there they are over there in their realm and their Dimension and they are like the Goblin King in Labyrinth are there creating their tactical strategies to mitigate this risk and that is a real a real tangible real if you dare to to believe that that there is an intelligent force of evil working against forces of good then then it’s then it’s reasonable not just to assume that but actually and I can say for my experience like when I was writing this the bulk of it when I was given a grant basically I should say kind of going jumping back in time going at a at a chronology here going back to the year 2014 I spent pretty much the whole year spending of a small but life-changing Grant so that I could focus on actually writing out and doing all of that that book material transcript thing in NM and then going into the events in the past and and writing like what what resulted in four to five hundred Pages at the end of the year was time that I spent and and I was her rained during that process there was resistance against my Tervis counter-intelligence counter resistance against my prices are doing that and luckily in my my seeking of the pranic healing modality as which weaves into the story in a deep way the pranic healing modality I went to a a meet-up presentation and I got this pamphlet this little brochure that talked about the that what they call this therapeutic Clint aura-cleansing saltwater bath formula and they talked about using 4 cups of if you can get the Hamlet of a Himalayan salt more natural full source of the cell material and 4 cups of salt per bath and go into a bath and basically be in this the saline solution and according to their that the science of that modality you are doing the work of many healing sessions of many human healers doing energy healing work on you and purification work you can sort of replicate that effect by just being in salt water and having em so I made me think about what’s white Surfers orso’s in these entities are dissolved and they are inhibited and they are sort of blocked in in that when you were sick when your aura is immersed in a sit in a saltwater solution you have this this freedom and peace of mind and this this sort of votes like a barricade and I’m in and that was precious to me when I discovered that my immediately started doing it and as the Press during resistance of be trying to write this the scum he’s kind of like all over the keyboard all over my hands like pulling me out of the process I actually literally wrote the majority of this book in a bathtub with it with a nightstand that I was when I was in Lotus position in the bathtub leaning over to a nightstand obviously you want to take extreme precautions not to put any Electronics near water so I was in there steaming up the screen typing and and listen to psychedelic trance to keep me in this Cadence of flow and I was barreling through it but with as much of my body as I could submerged in saltwater and that actually like what would you say shit is short-circuited their connection if there was no ability for them to break through into me so if I knowing that I lived through that and I was like okay here editor take this with no disclosure no cabin in Torino Italy I I do I have worried and invented concerned about your well-being and where I was staying at it was at my sister’s and I was working on a stump out for and I’m so I had my hands in the dirt like every day for that would work on work on editing the book and then I would go get my fingers in the dirt and I’ll get my fingers to the church and then I would go and I got to caution you you want to wash your hands and dry them before working in electronic devices after doing the butt that was a big part and I’m not it was a very simple very basic session but it was getting that connection with somebody else who wasn’t directly involved in the story but knew the story and was part of the healing journey of that story and it was so like in the story but you know in in other ways and so to have the and also to to make that connection so the moving for removing through the rest of the word moving through all of these things that you had to short-circuit them take him through knowing that if if there’s any any oddness that starts to pop up you know I’ve got that person who is not connected to the story that I could reach out to and that was I really thought it belonged my canker safety-net Lifeline to have that knowledge into no okay if things start spiral I know this is where to go and that that once. Compassion Cloud will be there without having to really go into you know the specific details of the book in the afternoon cool well yeah and then end goddess blessed Rhoda and it brings a tear to my eye thinking about where where we have arrived at because in this conversation is really that the heroes are these goddess and bodied women who just seem to be so far beyond susceptibility to some of the other things that have brought down men in the picture and not from a place of love really I mean the empowered feminine in the form of Rhoda in the form of mfp and Jade and the it’s just so that’s the ultimate Redemption is is the the path of seeking the divine feminine and that’s in even even the even this gummies themselves like that’s all they really want to have they want the Gremlins want to be Maguey again you know they intended they’re just going to rip through everything until they find the means to be to be restored in tomorrow and let you know I’ve said it a few times without these women there would be no story for this book it wouldn’t eat I mean without intervention like with Rhoda without works like with Jade without development. Relationship without the understanding and. Desire to gain the knowledge in the openness to accept it and to go into the extreme this of it sure nothing other than like you no experience and to heal without all of that I mean not really sure like how old is story would have liked ended up coming out or if it would have ever came out you know so it really without that piece of the puzzle being unlocked and being not just put into the story but becoming the story we really wouldn’t have anything to work with and there’s a lot in that I am not just for you know your story getting out your book getting time me and like it in the oven in time connection Victory publishing the but all of that kind of secondary to the main reason which is getting this information out to people to not only kill those who have been too abused also to give the opportunity to heal the abusers that are out there as well so that we can finally move on to the next level of social amen totally agreed on that and I I I could only imagine how yeah how how beautiful or Dent if it would be for those who are abusers and who I could just imagine that this work it seems totally appropriate that this work be part of curricula that are used in psychiatric prisons in places that rehab centers in diversion programs where I know that they know really the when I was well I was doing the research for this book I had I had to purchase the stack of books that that I was using to help help me help inform my ability to frame the stuff and and of course I read the Dharma punx and Dharma punx to me felt like the the Noah Levine is the author and and he his past and his trajectory of coming from being a street Punk getting into having relationship dramas and and police story dramas and getting into spirituality and then betrayals within spirituality and then hitting bottom and getting into recovery and then becoming a mentor and teaching meditation in prisons and working with youth and that that Arc of a story as I read that book a nice and I really thought okay well this is the the model the president and if I did have to pitch the story to anybody and say how will you know Siri say where is this work before why should we gamble on this story well if we can make something as compelling and as as accessible as Dharma punx then it can be this recovery manual and it can be this introduction in men what are things that I would say that was was I don’t want to sale a king or left to be desired but I will say that to you know I’d love to meet Noah someday I have a an invitation to do a podcast that haven’t heard back I don’t know if the fetish if that’ll be in the cards hopefully it will but something that I think would be a beautiful healing thing for both of us as punks who came from the street and got into drugs and told her story and are now in service that that the anguish that he experienced in his love-life I believe this is the piece that I have I can I can be complementary to his work in the world and in through this hopefully we bring that we we we we really we take that uncooked that sort of festering uncooked sexuality piece that’s missing from a lot of spiritual paths or sort of confused and distorted and week we cook it and we marinate it and we have a feast and that Feast is a fully embodied fulshaw craeg here’s how we bring it all together and we really heal everybody soul and we make it acceptable to to talk about our desires and acceptable to talk about what we got to do to heal each other and to think out-of-the-box and decolonize the bedroom and figure out how to talk to really intelligently use the sexual energy to to heal ourselves and each other and integrate that in the spiritual practice so that’s just another another little tension Theory but I would say that I dare say that the success of the Dharma punx movement could lend itself as a sort of president to a tantra Punk movement and I don’t want to be the leader of that movement I just want to be the messenger and so the real leader is to me or Jade and Rhoda and the other and of course sufiyana who you will you read about and we didn’t even go there but I’ll let that be part of their the Cliffhanger for this conversation and we’ll wrap up where we’re bit over time so well I’m thank you thank you thank you so much this really it was even a million times more revelatory and Injustice and Redemptive for me to have this call with you now in this process and it really is is invigorating and hopefully we will get through all of the fuckits as they continue to come up and we will take plenty of saltwater baths and not take any meds spend our math money on Rodeo sessions so anything would you like to talk to wrap this up and how could people connect with you and hire you to do take their entire back an avocado to make it into something ya Lili ya thanks for having having me on the show and putting up with me rambling about the weirdness of the editing process because it does get kind of weird but it’s that’s part of the fun of it and yeah I navigating all this little buckets and people are interested can get a hold of me via email Global Nomad way at gmail.com is pretty easiest one I’m also like if you look at the Masthead the front page of the good men project. Com you’ll find my email it’s a man email address there as well and are working on a book on if an author is interested in that keep in mind it is not a short process to be done right and you know from really delivery of manuscript to final products you’re looking realistically about 3-4 years and you know the smoothest case scenario which rarely have outside of God Mom I also do work with helping to cultivate and develop individuals creativity and that’s it was a lot more fun for me and everyone else involved it’s not as much but it’s also can I throw a curveball to your Consciousness to unlock your creativity a little bit deeper so I have to add one thing of that which is that if it’s not me it’s somebody is going to make you a voice acting star and a narration star because damn if anyone listen to this and we’ll get better out of your quality but I think you have an amazing voice and it’s always just a pleasure to hear you speak I just on the sound wave vibrational level and the wisdom and the care in the thoughtfulness I know it’s it’s coming out in this process and I’m excited to enjoy the other works that you’ve done and through connection Victory and Beyond and please by all means go to the good men project support the project do you want to just maybe say one more thing about how we really need to support independent media journalism the real the real mess up that is disappearing day-by-day you know we know of print media is especially journalism newspapers it’s rare to find any more websites same thing it’s a very difficult unless you are Facebook or Google there’s money isn’t there to support it and keep it out there it’s like everybody’s always complain you know for a medium sized Media Company especially trying to grow it’s almost impossible to keep afloat and that is a precarious situation in the current socio-political climate and if you have a media company it doesn’t matter if it’s the good men project ravishly or your Tango or anything’s that is supported independent journalism especially things that are working and advocating the end of these oppressive systems that are making all these problems for us support them with your words share on social media like comment subscribe join register membership if you have lots of surplus cash laying around that you just don’t know what to do with it you were going to just throw it away out of just sheer frustration send it to these media companies they were the writers with it yeah and I also know that the more blessed I become and my finances the more I will be able to take care of you and and sponsored more or you going to need a lifetime supply you already earned a gold card from me as afforded insist going to be at me because this honestly and I guess this will be that this will be the last thing right now for me to say to close this is that from the time that that you received this manuscript to this very moment if this becomes successful there will be multiple sequels and follow-ups already so hopefully if there is a benefactor benefactors out there listen to this and you would like to facilitate this process being celebrated then by all means let’s talk because we could even structure some form of you know Angel investment type of strategy if you believe that there is that there’s Merit here because there’s more forthcoming and hopefully we can just let the hits keep on coming if if if they’re if it’s meant to be so thank you again I can’t thank you enough and hopefully I’d say the next time we do this it’ll probably be as a part of a campaign to lunch this much this book so yeah yeah we’ll see what happens next to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Empowering Sex Workers in East Los Angeles with Alejandra Aguilar Avelino TPP184


Alejandra Aguilar Avelino Pic

In this episode I’m honored to be joined by Alejandra Aguilar Avelino, an advocate, educator and service provider at the East Los Angeles Women Center. We met there recently at a Sex Workers Outreach Project event and she gave a moving speech to explain a piece of art she created in solidarity with the victims of sexual violence.  Her extensive experience in community support work is truly profound and she shares some very deep and intense insights on the intersections of religion, sexuality, economics, and politics.

We explore the efforts and potential to organize male clients of sex workers  to show more solidarity and do more to support the health and well being of sex workers, and she shares some of her hopes and dreams for expanding the scope of services and outreach in the future.

I was very grateful to learn from her and to share a passion for improving the outcomes and quality of lives for sex workers through their whole life cycle. I’m hoping that her work and that of her peers and colleagues will be well financed so they can carry on doing such important work!

Please visit:



Alejandra Aguilar Avelino immigrated to the United States from her native Michoacán Mexico when she was eight years old. Alejandra has more than 16 years of experience in the field of Community Education. Alejandra’s beginnings were with Planned Parenthood Los Angeles as a Promotora Comunitaria. Alejandra had the honor to serve as Secretary and Chair of ALIANZA, the Los Angeles Caucus on HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County.Currently Alejandra is the lead health educator, HIV counselor and support group facilitator at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center where she does HIV Navigation services. . Alejandra also provides support services to HIV-positive women and is an active member of several community planning bodies dedicated to the empowerment, health and well being of people. Alejandra has presented in several conferences at local and state level. Some of Alejandra’s passions are continuous learning, the empowerment of Latina Women, and she fights tirelessly against Gender Violence and Reproductive Justice. In her spare ?me Alejandra enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, reading and expanding her own small online business which she also uses as a tool to help other women reach economic independency.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 184 I’m being joined by Alejandra Aguilar and she is the health educator an HIV counselor at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center and we sort of met at a recent sex workers Outreach project event on December 17th which was the international day to end violence against sex workers and there was a beautiful creative artistic kind of community building event that was held there and that was the first time I had visited the East last night Women’s Center and I was very thrilled to know that that the place exists and of the great work they’re doing there and Alejandra was hosting the event through the space and has some really powerful and moving things to say about the work that she does in support of women’s health in and sexuality health and education and so I was very moved and thought I’d reach out and see if she like to tell us a bit more about her personal background and about what the great works that are offered at the center there so I’ll a hundred thank you so much for joining me looking forward to hearing more about your story thank you thank you Ben and thank you for inviting me to be part of this podcast so as you mention my name is HIV counselor at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center and yeah I recalled that for a little over 42 years and one of the things that we always want to let people know is that this is a place where women silence is hurt for the community has their silence and so we decided to open up our space so that sex workers and their allies and come in and and have a safe place to meet and so I have been working in the field of HIV for in reproductive health for a little over 14 years and you know when I arrive to this country when I was 8 years old and one of the reasons why I’m very passionate about advocating for Women Health is because specially for the health and well-being and the needs of let me know is because many times Latinas specially Latinos who are aware of the services that might be out there to support them and so one of my one of my reasons for being an ally in in the the support of sex workers is to be able to avoid the needs of women especially one of the things that I did was I was a child care provider even though I was a child myself I used to babysit that the children of many sex workers women who were immigrants who worked up at sex workers and so I got to see a lot of the needs that a lot of the new show of the women and definitely a lot of them are children and so you know as I was getting older I decided to to look into this route of being of service to to the community by advocating for the needs of your penis growing up I got to see how special immigrant women for sexual abuse that shows fault interpersonal violence and definitely sexual explotation and when I started working at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center I thought this is perfect I get to work for an organization that is aligned with my beliefs and here I am 14 years into providing Services Organization advocating for the woman’s name well that is so powerful and thank you so much for sharing that and specially about your personal background ATS really moving to me I know that there that there is a lot of really strong feminist history and in feminist movement history around women sexual health and and support services and also and sort of sort of vaguely aware of different tensions that there have been within the feminist movement around 7 is sewer or not as supportive of sex workers or of women who were involved in the adult industry and some some who maybe are more supportive some curious if you have had to navigate any of those those politics within the women within the women’s movement about the sort of taboo subjective of the sex industry not necessarily you know I am very fortunate to be in this organization I’m very fortunate to have a strong network of providers that believe in advocating for everyone and when we say everyone it means every single person regardless of what they’re definitely here at the women’s center we do not see people for what they do we see them for who they are and so when we see when we see you know a sex worker we see them for who they are first and foremost a human being have to keep for them or what you would like and definitely no I haven’t encountered any of that it does not mean that it’s not the doesn’t accept them pretty sure there’s so many people that have encounter with you but I myself have not I’m really glad to hear that because I got that Vibe definitely that there was no judgment and no no sort of distance or or or judgment you about about that because it is so it is so much a part of life and people want to ignore it or people want to just hiding from it but it’s it’s a real serious issues I appreciate it very much that that you hold that space and and I want to thank you for doing that so if you could help us understand a bit about what the the most vital needs are of those those women who are doing work in the sex industry what are some of the things that people should know about as far as what they face on a daily basis and even ways that that people who are maybe just wanting to support them where are they they want to be allies how they can also be supportive but would definitely I cannot speak for everyone but I can’t I am able to speak for those who I have been fortunate and humble enough to provide services doing these are the Immigrant Latinos who work in the bars on the country has most of the time you asked about their needs what their needs are definitely there’s a lot of me to to provide them with resources resources and when I say resources what kinds of resources and support that they need to let them know about the right and to let them know that if they have been abused molested in any way that there is are places that can help them if they need just a space where they can just feel safe that there’s such a space about what we hope to who provides many of the women that we service the well-being overall well-being we are always concerned about their health their physical health or emotional health because we know that it can take a toll on their health specially those who work at night all we know that is if it can be difficult for them to to take care of that their help because the majority of them are also mothers and because they are mothers you know many times Latinas put the needs of their own meat how can I say it they put their needs before the needs of anyone else and they last one but they’re nice and so I want to advocate for them we also want to let them know that they have rights we hope to educate them about the right within the women that we service some of them are hiv-positive and so will support them we support them by providing resources for their help for them so that they can receive the services well thank you very much again for doing that work in something that I that I have been made very much aware of by my association with women who who would be considered those very strong feminist critique of the patriarchal economic structures and just the way capitalism works and how how this Empire is really built on on its own built on the backs of immigrant labor and and and from what you’re saying it’s also built on the bodies of the sex workers who who serve a lot of different types of male laborers and I’m wondering what if you care to share from your personal perspective what are some observations are inside sore or strong feelings you may have around what the what the role of men who may be there maybe they are sex buyers or maybe they are temps or maybe they are you know what and then you can any level of that economy do you ever have the opportunity to to Enlighten them or two to help them become more active in doing the support work for the for the women or what what is your feeling about the men who are just kind of you don’t hear a lot about the John’s or the Pimp C male a male and get you component we are thinking by myself a big advocate for making change in our communities mobilizing one of the one of the things that I do is when I am able to speak to groups of men and provide them with information writing with resources to do is to let them would like for them specially if they are consumers of the services of the women who are sex workers Michael is for them not to think of the women as object to know that there’s a story behind them that there that these women might have gone through many struggles am I making sense yes this is amazing I love to hear it to hear more about it cuz I feel like it’s so lacking it’s so lacking in that people actually try to educate them and whether it’s about using condoms or or being just mine. I’m being respectful this is Range Community and to use their voice to Advocate from them as well to use whatever privilege they have as meant to protect them to advocate for them that’s definitely one one of our pools and one of the things that we hope to accomplish is for for men to go beyond those gender roles that they are putting the moment they are born we want them to understand that they can break out of that box I agree with you yes wow so if that that thank you so much for sharing those insights that they’re really really touches my my heart and soul because I feel like I’m as myself as a sex worker myself I’ve been mistreated and abused and certainly I would have loved for the very wealthy the wealth of the wealthier of my clients to to be giving back and supporting nonprofit organizations that actually create a better life and more resources 400 why wouldn’t you why wouldn’t you give back to to like a trade Association it was helping you have a good experience in helping you get your needs met so hopefully yeah I’m excited to hear about what you’re doing over the other people will do that kind of Outreach as well so if we could talk a bit about the I feel like it’s it would be important to give some context for people listening to this what what the scope of sexual assault really looks like from your perspective you’re really seeing and I again am I feel very honored to speak with you knowing that you’re you’ve chosen to be putting yourself in a position to have so much exposure and really be very empathetic and very compassionate towards people who are in times of Crisis and some of the the most extreme trauma and current crisis so you could help to sensitize the listeners of this podcast to do some what it what is sort of typical cycle is when you have someone to say come in for services who is in trauma or crisis and in kind of what whatever is appropriate you know for you to share but that I think would be good for us to understand that means we started in 1976 and actually disorganization begin you know it was first bilingual confidential 24 hour 7 days a week crisis hotline to be able to service and provide support to survivors of sexual assault what we do is we have a hotline and call if they have just been assaulted molested or phrase taking cold even if it happened many years ago in another country we provide supporting the support looks something like this we we do Hospital accompany me to go to the hospital to provide support to the Survivor of rape and we’re able to see people all ages for survivors from a baby to someone well over the age of 90 we see that again we see them for who they are we see them as human beings Survivor and we are basically there to support them we allow them to have a safe safe space to come in and speak support when and if they’re ready mix someone is ready and they would like to come in and receive support we can provide them with counseling therapy and again we never tell them what to do we are there in their healing journey in the journey to heal I said we’re walking hand-in-hand with them so where’s that the healing path and soul Moana singing about in 2016 I remember in 2016 we provided services to over 10,000 women and children on the hotline movie about 2,200 called so we’re pretty busy if ever since that Open Door hotline has never closed and twice a year would provide training for people to become sexual assault advocate so that they can help survivors they can do hospital but also so that they get the keys for the needs of survivors important so after all of this exposure that you and your colleagues and peers with organization in and near the community of people that you’re connected with her your allies in Von forcement in the justice system and that the hospital system and the the sword I guess there’s also the social services and Family Services sectors of thumb of the county and in local local governments I’m curious if you could talk about some of the powder and some of the insides whatever you’ve been able to kind of a phone some conclusions you may have arrived at just about to the patterns of abuse and where you feel like the most effective interventions can occur on the preventative side of this issue how to do there’s definitely a lot to do but we definitely one of our one of them nothing’s that needs to happen to be able to to end sexual assault and domestic violence definitely HIV we need to end violence against women and homophobia swell we definitely know that if we end violence against women we end homophobia we are very well and then into the HIV epidemic we are definitely going to see Alright by very much agree with that and tell me what comes to mind from me for my personal experience in for my studies and I love to hear what you had what you would have to stay from your perspective Which is far more I would say far from a highly developed than mine because of the position that you that you’ve taken up and and I would say with what are your thoughts on the you mentioned machismo that’s something that I’m interested to hear more about what what that where that comes from and what you would how you would advise people to deconstruct that that sort of some aspect of violence in and then also alcohol and Andrew role that you feel that plays or substance abuse and how that feeds into the violence well it’s definitely a collaborative effort of everyone social service providers to law enforcement to every single every single person has a responsibility to an hour in one of the things we have are you aware of basically the women from targeted community wengage and Outreach and education and what they do is they increase awareness of sexual assault and resources and domestic violence victims and their families but they also bring awareness and so one of the things that that we have here in our organization in mind you all women that can be women that are actively working a sex workers women for HIV positive Housewives just about anyone and they go through this training where they learn about their culture how their cultural experiences shape their identity with a lot of focus on the Latino cultures and Value Inn in the experiences that they might have had growing up and still one of the things that we encourage them don’t is to look at what what are the values of culture that contribute in a positive way to to have better communities to to make them feel safe right it in to make a change in the world and to keep those we encourage them to look at the one that can be toxic that can be done that perpetuate and we encourage them to to look at both and decide which ones they want to keep which ones they want to transmit to other generation so we start with that beautiful well thank you for doing that as well in I’m curious if we could go to the next question which is the just to the prevalence of alcohol and domestic violence I think is pretty well well known that a lot of sexual assault and violence happened in in circumstances that are sort of fueled by drunkenness and I’m curious if you have thoughts on to substance abuse and alcoholism and how that how that affects the work that you do and the the the women that you support but we do know that it art again you know what we need people were there as we don’t we do not follow up a model of trauma-informed that means we are not going to shame people if they have issues with substance abuse know we can help them try to get to the root of why they’re they’re using or why they’re drinking rice I can tell you definitely my perspective from what I saw growing now I can tell you that issues with alcoholism are very prevalent with the with the women who work in the bar and the emptiness sex workers because that is part of their work in order to make a living they have to drink with the client and so many women that start working in the barn and the emptiness when they start working in the bar on the time peanut they have never you know in their life they have never had a drink but once they start working out of their job it’s how they make that living and some many of them develop alcoholism that’s one of the things that I saw and so you know if you if you asked to do it that many have a history of abuse or trauma that it don’t even know that they have this history of abuser, they don’t even know what to name those feeling you know very bad idea that depression you have a very difficult situation for for the person you know when one of these again that I hate that I was able to see I was able to see because of the lack of support and empowerment and resources available to this woman I saw in a bunch of this day I still seen any of them Works who no longer work in the calendar because there was no support there was no one to assist them teach them how to how to make a budget how to save the money or even how to invest some of them and not only that but a lot of them ended up with issues of alcohol yeah I hear you and that actually comes at least to my next question really which is about what you see as some of the the positive outcomes and the I would say to be clear I don’t believe that it’s wrong to be a sex worker ever see for myself fight I am the part of the six work industry so there are some people would say well you just need to go to church and you need to quit the lifestyle and and and you need to leave it all behind you which I’m not I’m not here to say is this is right or wrong but but I will I will say that I’m very interested in what what six I think about the concept of a success story or someone who has overcome substance abuse or alcoholism and if they choose to remain active in the sex industry but I from a healthier place or if they choose to move beyond that I’m curious what you what are some of the pathways that you have facilitated or witnessed of of women who have become really empowered either is former sex workers or or or sort of sex workers in recovery what are some of the success stories that you would say that you’ve been a part of each other’s privacy and confidentiality if I can tell you that there’s this particular woman who is what after she became involved and after she was able to gather with other women saw other women like herself all about the right person for most of the human bean learn that there is nothing to be ashamed of learn to speak remind learn to Advocate Parker cell I was able to see an amazing transformation this is a person who now is able to speak up for herself this is someone who is able to negotiate pay for sex which I think it’s amazing to see this is someone who if she feels that someone is making her feel ashamed because of what she does she’s able to speak up she doesn’t know her head as she used to be for not just that but her priority priority priority herself above anything else in that include making better decisions when it comes to drinking that our decisions for her mean eating what you drink tea not not drinking as much as she used to before that you will forget to take her medication doesn’t make sense that is In N safety she she has been able to say she now has a savings account which is tremendous you know because now she’s planning or for the years I had to fight absolutely well I’ll take you out to other women beautiful well that’s that’s very good to hear and thank you again for doing that and just maybe a couple few more questions one will be going back to the the other half of the equation which is the the male role in and all of this into client role so I sounds like you’re yeah you have a lot of experience working with women who were in that that culture of the bar and cantina world and so like you said that there will be drinking is just part of the job and I’m curious if you if you could reach into the heart and soul of the the male clients and understand where they’re coming from and if they would maybe intergenerational trauma or or personal issues that they may be dealing with in and if we were to make if we were to all be working together to create more empowered and more conscious and then we’re healthy men and male clients and then maybe they would maybe this sounds ridiculous I guess but but I would love to see a world where where sex work is is legal and where people clients and and and service providers could meet up at a healthy juice bar or something or like a farmers market or something you know where it’s it’s not always in the context of of alcohol and that kind of sort of sector and so I’m just curious if when you think about this and when you work in this in this world if you do you have any advice for four men who are just maybe this sort of their kind of being set up or something I don’t know why I don’t know what you how you feel about just the whole the nature of that in of that that world of the the bar scene in the all that wouldn’t be able to provide education you know when I go out and we have those messages that week we share with with menopause sensitive to have healthy relationships with all the people in their life okay and do would you say while we’re on the topic of the Mennonite and I appreciate it and it sounds like what needs to happen is that more more men need to step up and organize and do Outreach it’s you already sounds like you’re already very your hands are full working with women and it sounds like that would be good for more men to anybody listening who has that the resources or the means to to do more Outreach Two Men and hopefully that will that will happen and I would say I just want another question just while we’re on the topic is if you if you feel like there is do you feel like a lot of the men who are of War buying the sexual services at women are they are they not really functional in their in their their own marriages that are on family life and are they I guess I don’t know like I said the other is there anything you can say about about the profile or the sort of in the attitude or the State of Mind of the mail client server or are they just a lot of single man to hoodoo don’t have a wife and that therefore they had they feel like they have to get through the day but with a beer you know with getting some drinks and inviting some sex and again there is so much so much change that needs to happen in one of them against the things that I be all that needs to happen from what I saw you know growing up in a very traditional community at 8 I was born in Mexico and I grew up in the town I was very religious it was okay for men to go to a bar in to go to La Cantina to look to spend some time with women right because many of them felt have to ask for certain things from their wives or their girlfriends was disrespectful and so they grew up thinking that the women that worked in the bar in the Campina where it was okay to have certain things of them right certain sexual things or even just to drink with them right again that idea that the women that worked in the casino or less than the women that are at home but that should not be the case that we can community that there’s this idea that yeah I’m going to go to the bar I’m going to go to the one with her right or she will be willing to deliver for a Spur to do and I cannot ask my wife to do that because she’s a good wife or she’s a good woman or she’s going to get offended if I ask her to do certain things when it might be very well that her wife at home or at home is wishing he will do those things with her because of how she grew up in this box that she was playing through gender role that don’t ask for something sexual well your violence violence that that if you are a good wife you would not dare ask for any of that and so that’s one of the things that I’m very passionate about teaching women again we let you know when it’s okay to to look for pleasure it’s okay to have conversations with your partner about certain things it’s okay to explore as long as you are both okay in the end it’s okay to look for a relationship with someone who is not going to feel threatened if you ask for certain things for your own pleasure well that is really powerful and I appreciate you saying that that really means a lot that really helps me understand a lot better and I hope I hope we can move towards that and and I appreciate the work you’re doing to create that space to explore and understand and and change the is paradigm so you’re so another question I have for you which is kind of this kind of extraordinary but I like to I like to do you know what some people call a thought experiment where you just think about what obviously you have you have some budgetary constraints and you have people power constraints but if you and your team or your colleagues the people you work within your organization if you somehow we’re blessed with the resources and the even just to say you won the lottery or something absurd like that but it was just say you had you had really almost Limitless potential or and Empower even politically to say okay this is all of this is all of the wisdom that we have and these are the proposals that we have and and if you just had what what you need to talk about investment and whatnot so if there was a if there was a venture capital firm that says we really think what you’re doing is important and we feel like that there is a benefit to society to have you you all have more resources and really if you if you had almost Limitless budget what are some of the things that you would do to to accelerate and grow and expand you know your services in certainly how I mean I would love to see since having been to the place you know your location I would love to see myself I would love to see you have more more acreage you no more land and something like the weirdest El Centro Farm was there some place where you can have Community Gardens in actual herbal Gardens in and healing natural areas and places for meeting that we’re outside and there were also safe and also had security so that’s just kind of what comes to my mind but I’m curious what you would do or what you would sort of dream up if you had almost no limits to what you can imagine wow there’s so much that we will definitely do love I can tell you that with a bigger budget we will definitely be able to since we will not have waiting list for four clients to to enrolled into into a program but definitely one thing will be to to increase to provide more support for the women that are hiv-positive because of budget I’m talking about financial support very limited women are always left behind and yet they’re the ones that love to see more help women’s health programs that are more sex-positive that are inclusive of sexual trauma Empower women to advocate for their sexual health definitely expand more men’s healing talking circles where they can wear the men pink and strengthen the relationship that we would love to see that but definitely if there was no monetary restrictions more more a healing circles or for women where they can talk about their health advocate for the health including their sexual health awesome thank you so much for sharing and I’m hoping that all of your dreams will come true you’re suddenly during such important and if I don’t work in the community and so yeah I wish you absolutely the best moving forward and hopefully yeah we’ll see each other again and then more more collaboration will happen that will be mutually supportive within our communities do you have any closing words you’d like to share and then also do you want to share the website URLs and any other links or any other ways to connect that would be great bilingual 24-hour hotline anyone can reach this hotline 24/7 the number is 800 5856 231 once again is 800-585-6231 and our website is www.ladwp.com org once again is so absolutely yes sir I appreciate it’s been an honor and do you have any last closing words you like to say is just a call to action or or things that you feel like if if people knew in NC could hear this voice than they would they would they would want to step up and and I guess it was before we say that you are a 501 c 3 charitable non-profit so donations are tax-deductible am I correct that we are especially in need of support because we have the only shelter in the mission where people can can go if they have just been sexually assaulted or if they have just landed on the hospital and they’re afraid to go back home or back to where the perpetrator or abuser is and we definitely need a lot of support for that our women’s HIV program a lot of sports comidas up with some sort of supporting in the dollar if you can share our website with others or even our Facebook page elawc please go ahead and do so we will be very grateful thank you so much Alejandro I think that was a really good introduction to all of the the work you’re doing and I hope that’s a lots of good things come from this and hopefully we will have meet again and and maybe we can follow up again and have you back on sometime in the future talk about some new developments and hopefully there’s there will be a lot more a lot more great things happening in the future so thank you again for your time and we’ll be in touch okay bye bye thank you for listening to the touch of Honey Pot www.entrepreneur.com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temple in every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Sexual Healing for Sexual Healers with Reverend Goddess Charmaine TPP118


In this episode I have the pleasure and honor of exploring the deep and profound insights and experience of Reverend Goddess Charmaine of http://thesensuousmystic.com/. I was turned on to her work several years ago by a dear friend and while catching up on her online radio show archives I discovered that she boldly and bravely confronts the shadow of sexuality. It was a breath of fresh air to hear her empowered voice of sexual trauma survival and healing. I’m very grateful that she blessed my podcast by telling her personal story and sharing strength and solidarity with me as wounded healers who are ceaselessly healing.

Here are links mentioned in the show:

Spirits Entities and Demons ~ The Evil Side of SEX!

Parasites: Sexual & Spiritual

The Butterfly Goddess (Laurie Handlers) shares erotic enlightenment and more!

Please visit her website at: http://thesensuousmystic.com/

About Reverend Goddess Charmaine:

Reverend Goddess Charmaine was ordained by the New Seminary, a school of interfaith theology in New York City. She is a trained Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, certified hypnotherapist, trained aromatherapist, and tantric energy specialist. She primarily focuses her energy work through Shamanism, trained by Kenneth Ray Stubbs through the Path of the Sexual Shaman all levels.

She has led workshops in the tri-state area since 1992, and is continually increasing her work as a facilitator of personal empowerment through her workshops such as chakra intensives, Goddess Initiations, Second Sunday and Clothing Optional (Naked Church) Services, energetic Merge Ceremonies, and Tarot Readings online, Spirit and Erotic Spirit Circles and various others that continue to support empowerment and erotic enlightenment for all. Online and In Person.

Rev. Goddess has written two books, The Sensuous Mystic ~ Uniting Sex and Spirit and The Goddess Scrolls ~ Sacred Erotic Tales that inspire and enlighten along with her ongoing radio blogtalk show The Sensuous Mystic airing live most Wednesday nights at 8pm EST.

In July, 2000, in a primitive and intense ritual, she was initiated into Goddess-hood. From this ceremony, she realized that she’d been called to bring forth the unification of Sex and Spirit.

Her unique methods center on our natural ability to evolve by healing ourselves and others. With her guidance and assistance, one is lead through a series of letting-go processes. These experiences enable one to work through and leave behind a lifetime of fears and paralyzing self-doubt, to attain the position of strength and power that is rightfully their own within their Holy Bodies.

Goddess Blessings

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin I love your beloved’s welcome to Township on podcast episode number 118 I’m with Reverend goddess Charmaine the sensuous Mystic and I have been a fan of her radio show podcast offerings which are really outstanding in the the whole movement and field and Industry of sacred sexuality and spirituality and all this without their I really feel the most outstanding gift is is the way that you have really brought the the experience of a passionate oration you know the the passion of a minister or preacher freeze Priestess that that power of transmission and and really using very erotic language and very very empowered erotic language very graphic heretic language in the spirit and with the passion and intensity and tonality of the Sacred oration tradition so it’s it’s such a treat and such a blessing and a gift and and so invigorating and in nice just to let people catches you know we’re still we’re still kind of embarrassed and shy to talk about genitalia and so you really taking it to a high level of Mastery and I super appreciate that and that’s just the tip of the iceberg because there’s so much depth and wisdom that you have to share from shamanic trainings and traditions and yeah I can’t even begin to to really give you a proper introduction so with that said fleas Reverend goddess Charmaine would you like to tell us about your personal life path and what you’re offering and and what it is that you do hahaha thank you everyone here and you know why you doing this work and I like you know ordained since 96 and initiated in 2000 and was you know walking this path long before then and all kinds of demonic and healthy ways it so my mom said Mimi silly people love you in and I don’t even know what does a blessing to get that kind of respecting your mother if you know about my work I said to her I said mom was so fat that back in the day of course I’d become the hill of course going on in my life and sexually as a young person I thought God didn’t love me that people didn’t like me why and as you step into that kind of place somewhere in there you know that voice or will inside that is always coming inside of me I am goddess of this land I am telling you it really really was speaking when I was very young I mean 16 years old I was telling me you know goddess goddess goddess this is what’s going to happen on my spiritual energy was always open to trying to just survive and drive through life but that’s the way I can because I was desperately in need of healing growth and I knew that I didn’t deserve the bad things like that wasn’t my past because it made everything worse and when I started to learn how to pray for myself and to bring goddess alive inside of me everything I always gets better keep it up until this moment is sharing myself with you so you know it was very important for me to heal and grow and I told my mom that I had to be combined to know that I matter and see the blessings that we can have get back into the world is to be there for The Temper sent and whoever it is my name is my message and the impact in the way that I share it got His blessings because that’s what I’m here for and also have to be every day to be able to stay or sometimes I don’t want to be there for myself when I need to when I teach her the one about self-love but if I know I’m going to be here with you then I’m going to be there with others it makes me responsible for myself and then sometimes I’m doing myself love practice for myself most of the time that’s really at you know that when I was doing it so do I love I love your language I think it’s my favorite of all articulations of species I mean it’s like I said these people just tiptoeing around certain words and and you could so liberating cuz you push you push the envelope forward in such a way that you know it’s it’s I’m almost I’m almost I feel like I’m a lightweight her I’m a teetotaler something but I got to step up you know I got to step up and speak with more on this test oh yeah your inspiration for sure and so do you want to talk a bit about some maybe some of the the highlights of your your career path and the there’s a sort of Meandering senior you know the different trainings you’ve done in the different kind of scientist Milestones on the journey cuz that that was a beautiful kind of priming I’m so grateful for and it may be some way to bring everyone into really connecting with me and connected to call life is I have a way of interpreting scripture and I called it to be to be a universal lover and I’ve always been drawn to a spiritual path and I’ve been invited to different types of ceremonies Oh sushi around in my own body and then like this like baby this pussy Power of Words language prayers that I used to hear my prayers merge with other people were at ceremony and to know that those prayers at the way the king as if they were channel 3 me is something something from being a smoking person’s ceremony of some of the face or just being out in nature of just sitting in front of my own altar so many so many people live in by the prayers that I stay over and over again and this is this is happened ever since I was initiated 2005 been able to write these prayers and I mean my books are written about Star Wars full moon sex Magik ceremonies I’ve done and I have prayers if it’s okay can I guy. Everyone likes on YouTube the creative spark of life Monopoly Bonnie I always say that to really go into the high fibration is like a pussy March without heart or that hard words with your heart in that space. and be one with all life and so I’m going to say this holy body prayer the tension that I wrote in 2000 and this one of the prayers that’s always said and my services Second Sunday services and clothing optional services I am beautiful and healthy my body has a glow that shines in my face is Angeles I smile on my face even more in my eyes sparkle to whatever and whomever I choose to see miss my Sofia playlist so they keep me able to go out to eat thank you give me chills and I have several prayers that I’ve written in my stories that have written that it really supported me and believe help develop me to teach me about my life as a wife as a mother’s friend and then and all of that since I work you know the way that I share my cell phone that’s really like my tithing you know and you know we are to also given without any shops in Beatrice with people and to write my books and people pay for it and that’s amazing thing to really be in your passion into Live Your Life Style the way you want me to the Nexus of a part of speech of because when you get healing from it is really so we’re expecting always beautiful TV show my real self so I think most benefit beautiful I love that destiny enjoying the ability to distribute energy and transmission across these networks I think it’s definitely a by design that there’s a assembling Spirit behind this wave of connecting to the to the web so if I can zoom into some earlier chapters new weirdest sex surrogate right in a very prominent role in the history of that that field is that correct can you tell ya that’s very interesting can you can you go into that that’s a fair bit and mixed can help us understand what that was like Jersey you know what’s the news New York City and I was explaining why don’t you just come in for an interview and you don’t have any what do you say that I don’t know what am I going to have a reception I need a receptionist job has already been studying in my feeling so I wasn’t thinking about this job as a contra opportunity looking for a job out of New Jersey but she hired me as a receptionist so you don’t start working within the first week I told my boyfriend because she’s but still you know okay did someone walk to the office that needs help to therapy and Pharmacy and then she comes out and she says she threw me into this room she told me how to conduct a 30-minute session completely changed everything from this first session I was off the desk within a month and had a full schedule every day and it was amazing because the two women that was so they gave me their charts is a read-through or try to catch up with you know when to do this when the husband and I have to go to the gym Sex Therapy and doing surrogacy work other than touching his whole body relationship relationship and after that I couldn’t go back I had to continue learning more and more about being a legacy to action Community counselor for the people because I start you really lost so much that I was more valuable outside of the surrogacy room and counseling with the client right there as we became alternative we started studying Tantra as a mode other than therapy and then the outside so really being asserted in a crime away a straight for a way to bring it to Alternative therapy and healing in this way really was the best thing that could happen for a woman that is stuck in speaker. Because I maybe that’s why I’m so so relaxed thinking about pussy you’ll need to know so I can just go to get real about what’s going on in our bodies and what’s going on in Las Cruces to the frequency that we’re dealing with because sometimes we let that chili that its first interstate transfer back to the old program you know that’s when you really have long-term into the way that we were also way I grew as being a surrogate to becoming a counselor to become a Healer that was all so amazing to me cuz it showed me my ongoing curls because of the ability I have to interpret scripture is I figure out my Universal way to apply it into the relationship is going on with you with the center for six and a half years and then it transported to my Ministry that is so cool yeah that is a very very experienced and you also had some some run-ins with the law by one point right 2007 ion you know I didn’t realize that this is something on and I didn’t think when I move into this neighborhood that was predominantly white and I was renting this house on the Block single woman in this house and in the neighbors started paying attention to me how can she afford to live here and it turned out that I was being really stopped by the next door neighbor and he was watching people come in and out of my house please and they follow the Personnel at my house and then and the prostitution and the City please please the goddess God is probably arrested I want to make it out to be but God is it is here now so yeah and I did my best there you know having as my son was seventeen at the time I thought it was about so I had to work with that system and I live in the house and continue growing and evolving so I could stay safe and just became you know if that hadn’t happened how to how to keep yourself safe and how does how to give your message and teach in a way that everyone should feel good about what’s going on here and now I have all kinds of feelings be supported and how we are treated by write thank you for sharing that yet it’s it’s it’s interesting there was some legislation I believe recently in New Hampshire that didn’t make it through but it was it was to legalize sex worker various how do you feel about the current state of the struggles to dignify and to provide services for an end create legal space for safer more protected sex work on all levels if you have sense since that time you know do you have to wear your where you at with the whole issue you know I think about it in various ways because I owe you know what you talk about drugs do you know you had decide comes this week and we know the government involved in all this criminal activity how do you want to try to control as many as they can keep you illegal they can keep their money working as far as you know attacking you or text you or their hands are directly involved in about as far as environment I just what I believe in I have known because I was a counselor for women that became because of different reasons to heal and not be to have a safe environment with people can choose how they are strict rules about getting the stuff checked by the GYN STDs and what is it that you feel you are good at I don’t believe that your value you don’t feel like you matter because there are all kinds of people taking advantage of people we have to bring our soul into a body in mind so that we can heal I just think there’s all kinds of hands involved and Kohls friends and Beauty support my Ministry so I can continue to use the sexual abuse Spirit religion religion and spirituality is makes the most money how much money is coming at at all and then we can support around that and I’m going to try to slow down now I know I totally agree with you that was a beautiful Highway because on the The Shadow side yet that is really looking at taking a clear and sober look at the you know the underground economy that really runs the world on and really it’s the statistics wants that I don’t know if I get the exact order properly but it’s basically guns drugs and sex are the biggest industries and they’re all interlock because the pants you need The Pimps need to drug the prostitutes and have guns to fight each other and shoot back at the cops when they get rated so ultimately what it comes down to is the commodity is the vagina and more than anything and her friend yeah I got a fellow goddess you might nor actually but that she she is a very powerful woman and she said you know she pointed this out to me she so you can go down anywhere in and you have the the constitutional right to buy a firearm if you can kill someone with but you cannot buy my pussy that’s how powerful my pussy is that’s how dangerous my pussy is you can kill someone with a gun but you cannot buy this cuz it’s that much more powerful and that’s a profound statement and now you know what you’re saying about yeah these the industry of going and buying your tickets to Heaven that whole industry in the industry of buying your ticket to sexual access and who’s profiting it’s it’s that that pyramid you know skeme at the top so you know breaking that free and liberating all that I feel like you were testimony of Deliverance let’s say from surviving childhood sexual trauma I feel like I’m kind of gas The Narrative of folks who have fans who have lived through those experiences and found that sacred sexuality and in Tantra and various modalities of healing and Shamanism really is the I think it’s the most potent way to open people’s eyes and sort of wake people out and hopefully with enough of a critical massive that awareness so you know we eventually I pray you know that we will we see Manatee will drop everything and come to the rescue of the children who who are being abused and you have been abused and Andrea Lee Gifford all of our energy and efforts towards understanding fully and then re-engineering redesigning all of our culture has to be attended to I Really empowering you know single mothers or independent mothers to work together to have the support that they need financially and you know ecologically to to just do nothing but with her instincts the wet all women I believe love to do and are stinks you decided to be on on on life guard Duty for their child sexual development I mean is that is that too much to ask it seems like it’s really our Birthright but then you have all of these all of these commercial and ego-based narcissistic distractions that keep people on a hamster wheel of success and all that stuff so I know I’m just reaching the converted on the soapbox but I just wanted to kind of have that kind of set the set the table event for you two to talk about a couple of things that start you know stood out for me as I’ve started your work and one is that you were personal story of having hands on sacred spot healing massage work like pelvic release work done and what that was like for you and then also your I feel very much alive and with your way of describing that there’s more than meets more than meets the eye and these acts of human conduct of abuse is actually other actors who are non-human who are involved in this this sort of deformation of of human sexual character development and and the sort of plague like infestation or infection that there’s a lot that we need to understand from astral perspective and if you would please if you’re willing you know to go into some of that you again really help people understand what we’re up against cuz it’s not just it’s it’s not what we think it is that’s a lot more complicated so you know I’m a succubus being molested being raped and why is this happening this to me I’m a little girl you know I was that we’re all related to family DNA genetic programming a lot of people been molested what I learned over the years about being attacked in my sleep by Spirits was because of the the Target that was on me from the fact that I had people in my family that were doing and what I suffered in my sleep I will be attacked and my sleep I was being choked and if any was in bed with me they would wake up to me I didn’t even have to try to help me through this and then all the times I would be screaming and held down my son was in another room and when she get up he and I could see him coming out of my body above and floating over with my bed and see myself fighting with the spirit I can’t make out who it is the different colors like a black or gray kind of smoky crushing on me pressing down trying to choke me and I will see my son waking up in the other room slowly kind of sneakily walk into the room first time he was really questions and coming to me but all you had to do was touch me or kiss me understand what was happening to me was because of the healing that I was going through my wedding ceremony and I are meeting about 6 check coming over like I said I had to do this because of the it would be sex because was it because he think that happened to me and as I was knowing that was a true but still walking my past it was still going on inside of me so people will be coming to me for counseling so I’m having night tremors what the hell is going on. What the fuck is happening oh my goodness so finally I went therapy to get this help Translate but it was kind of like telling my text about this is that you know and he said well we need to you know go inside the video me and I need some massage directions and it began you know and I had this massage that was go into my home and it just I’m heading out of my pussy every time I want yogurt I was so hard for me to have orgasm because I was so angry in order for me to have an orgasm squeeze my nipples so hard that it was lead girl I start to recognize the anger that was in my heart because I still knew that I was supposed to be killing it and I’m still having night tremors so when I started to receive these not massages is far too late to empty out the heaviest that was in my pussy that was in my middle you know and it was just one of my development my teacher he was teaching us about each part of the shop was and it spoke about the root chakra and then be able to just looking at that photograph my wife and keep on looking up to do with it has everything to do with it prepare me to be able to become an initiate was very very true, had something to happen to be right when I was 9 years old and it came out, had never done any work around I do with my husband and we’re engaged and things are going on in all this happiness and joy and then someone exposes this person that hurt me and I’m just shocked that this person was around me again and I had a big phone it was an amazing show on my cameras healing of being massage Leone and in the end it in the ass if I had to be able to hold space to read to see me going through this message and massage and spirits that come into us because they attack us physically first people around are at 7-Eleven because some people that have sexual abuse and their genetic programming and that’s why it happens to a lot of people ways we can start to break this by cleansing ourselves because we were extended to our spiritual Warrior cut it off right where it where is try to go to sleep. Is not happening anymore but this is really why would be so that would not be we can be targeted in the spirit realm and physical round and this Dimension movie with Erin Stokes that was deeply moved when I heard the episodes that you mention that there was one specifically that stood out do you remember the title so that I can be sure to put the Lincoln and direct people there because it’s really feel the most complimentary pistou to a lot of my work so far that I found I could tell you in the title you look at episodes is the one that Lori hammers them in the show we did not know we were going to go yeah sexual demons or something grab my laptop you want me to try to go get to five seconds okay so I’m going to look it up my episodes right now while I’m with you so this is the most important what I want to leave this life having accomplished one of the few things is to consolidate these This research and and really ultimately have there be a very clear understanding within Humanity that sexual abusers are being puppeteered by spirits that are non-human and those spirits that are not human that are puppeteering mostly men because they’re more easy to fracture and kurupt on and the other astral body they see the male astral body I say myself hostages is that the penis becoming an instrument of harm demonic weaponized male human penis is is a a more effective tool for the Demonic puppeteers to create the traumatic event is it the it’s it’s actually Landed It lends itself sadly very unfortunately to being an instrument of puncturing Astral bodies so that the larvae of the Demonic entities can be injected just like parasitic wasps and parasitic wasps have a natural life cycle in number of parasites in the wild have been studied to where they they feed their young by injecting their larvae into the bodies of other species who are helpless to pull them out of themselves and their hence the need for Hands-On Sexual Healing because that is the extraction work the surgical work on the Astro Boy body where wherever people are being raped there if there are still ways that are jacking into the nervous system and they’re not time doesn’t heal that time actually makes it worse because it just continues to Fester it’s like having an infested gangrenous wound and putting a Band-Aid over it called going to church or called going to a talk therapist but when you do the Deep you know revealing of that infested wound and you kind of take that that superficial bandage off of you know our personality personality really just like a Band-Aid on our childhood trauma even if it’s not sexual it could be anything so whatever personality you put if you don’t do that spiritual deep cleansing will work and extraction work and you’re still being possessed by and run by those entities in for a lot of women that results in cutting themselves you know drug and alcohol addiction sex and love addiction all those pathologies good for men there’s a amorsa tistical a higher statistical danger that they become fully possessed to complete the life cycle and then become rapist and abuses and sell so it’s about stopping an intervening in this with a medical terminology and a medical discourse around it so with that with all that said if you found that if you you view validated that yeah so pleased with that said please continue and Demon the evil side effects with parasites sex and spirit on June 29th 2016 those two probably relate with parasite that’s exactly what you’re talking about and so those two shows that they are the butterfly goddess Laurie handlers Sheriff help me finish what I needed to do so yeah so that’s there to for 2015 Spirit entities and demons parasites Texas. Is June 2016 well okay awesome I’ve been waiting for this moment I’m actually I’m actually at this moment in the same place where I was first yeah I do I do let you know gardening landscaping and I’m having the flashbacks of being on a ladder you know he’s getting when you got into this and I was like this is the other I mean this is the most validating discourse so far that I found on what I’m saying and it’s so it says it’s interesting because as a as a spell most My Life as a skeptic core Lexia scientific rationalism materialist atheist whatever and the and when I when I had to start getting into my own Sexual Healing Journey you know the more discovering more hidden, very true, and what not and it became it was revealed to me that demon possessed rapist did you know did the acts of harm Jimmy and the demons possess the rapist have have to be hunted out of every person that they have been made that hosted humans are made host of these that diffuse so it then becomes a mission to free yourself and to purge and to extract and and that’s when I said I said what kind of our how well there are people on Earth who talk about these things than actually they’re called Christian Center called Hindus in there, it’s and it’s it’s it it was to come full circle and say wow there’s actually value in some of the the more I sent a candy per teachings of these wisdom traditions of mysticism but somehow they’ve lost the power to actually perform the fundamental task of exorcism yet they have the time they have copyright practically they are the the the Monopoly of Exorcist and yet they have either lost the ability to perform that this technique accurately or they have conspired to water it down so much that they’re actually able to propagate it and that’s the whole thing with the pedophile priests is it they’re actually I mean what could be more of a betrayal than to not only you know why this and cover it up and to have a cold a giant conspiracy going all the way to the Vatican you know about facilitating these acts of of rape and violence and violation molestation of children but they’re actually simultaneously representing that they are the highest most qualified Exorcist So it’s like you said I made this joke is like if the if you had the pest exterminator to come and kill all the Cockroaches or termites in your house and instead they actually pumps your walls full of cockroach eggs or termite exits that’s the that’s this tragic irony so we’re how do we fight back I’ve got my ideas but I want to know you know what do we do to end this plague and give people their strength and power and courage and understanding to really fight back to the spiritual World demonic energy merger in DC and vibration to bring out the strength of the way that we pray and we pray to the pussy you have to get for the for the I always say on my husband he wakes up I put my clock now I go to wherever he is and I kiss someone is listening he knows why I’m doing it we have to get to raise the vibration of sex in a wholly body Consciousness in a way that we know that no one can tell us our Sexual Energy in the Life Force energy the new program to dissolve it once and for good that’s my boy yes and holy group sex and holy homosexual sex if that’s the you know I might and my Explorations and ceremonial work with this city is it really the most some of the most poignant moments was just realizing that we just we just busted a massive nest of old gnarly demons that have been corrupting DNA for generations and you know that that did The Shield patient or client you know or or you know initiate really is is going through consciously the experiences multiple Generations in lifetime’s all the center woven sort of knotted mess of victimhood over over intergenerational trauma and and the you know it was so when we were doing you don’t let me know when these ceremonies occur where you have multiple polarities of Shiva Shakti energy if you will you have you know every type of gender every type of orientation and everyone is bringing their A-game of of purified heart loving energy and and it’s such it’s such a curse you know that the that the church denies us the freedom and the permission to configure ourselves and train ourselves to become ultimate Exorcist using group Sexual Energy that involves all gender so if there’s a specific if the if the program is that you can only have sex with one human being in your entire life they have to be the opposite sex and you cannot Explorer experiment with anyone including yourself ever before being with them and not only has to be in the dark it has to be for the man’s pleasure and all these other things like what all of those programs actually result in the is that they create a gif magenic environment that if you do only that you will be guaranteed to be riddled with Steve and then you will be guaranteed to be frustrated and you won’t be able to explore your natural desire to be a homo erotic and to experience it so it’s it’s it’s when you pull that Veil off you see everything is designed to make children and easy easy prey by the Demonic realm so yeah I could go ahead book The Goddess scroll sacred body tail no but it sounds lovely I just wrote them all out I have experience and then weather is by myself or with another or I witnessed it is it for the full moon I would write it out and just really really blow it up with the sexual fantasy you know it’s just amazing that was my offering to the goddess and to all of us and then I just realized that should be in book form so I did it all types of group one of my biggest biggest fantasy that hopes and prayers to be able to have a we can be able to have that note that the union between everyone anyway my book is like starting actual stories true stories of multiple individuals just like what you talking about yeah yeah we have to release ourselves really kind of programme and monogamy there’s a new monogamy now you know I mean cuz we talked about that it’s always been about control yes yes onward and upward this is so beautiful and so grateful that we get to have this talk I know it’s just the beginning yeah so we’re getting close to about a good time to wrap up if you want to share any other website links and and upcoming programs offerings anything to help direct people your way and get some more love and attention on all of your kids to work yeah if you go to the the sensuous Mystic sensuous Mystics my website and then you can explore my website check out my calendar and see events do I have coming up I do I have holy body bacon Church Also if anyone wants to contact me contact me at gmail.com tell me that you heard me on Contra park right yeah tell me that you say can I please have your whole body download I was just you everybody with my holey body self-love meditation is a chakra balancing meditation chakras with your Sexual Energy cuz you know and I am goddess at gmail.com yes please. no but I wish I had asked me about sexual sexual questions I guess it wasn’t on the are you say good things about me though yeah we had a pretty positive message I haven’t done that but that’s a good idea I wish I had the time to do more of that I would probably have a lot of fun with that concept Greek goddess please receive us and continue to bless us with our Define Birthright of clarity and understanding in the courage to make the changes needed for the highest good of a angel awesome thank you so much will rev goddess Charmaine this has been a long time coming and I appreciate that we had the time to do this and we’ll do it again sometime all right you take care and keep your listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favor if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Thomas Day

Building Therapeutic Community for Male Survivors with Jim Struve TTP116


Jim Struve Pic

In this episode I am joined by one of my new personal heroes, Jim Struve of MaleSurvivor.org.  He provides an overview of his life’s work in service to the male survivor community.  As a pioneer in the field he shares deep and profound insights into the scope and severity of this issue. I’m very grateful that he graciously held supportive space for me to vent my frustrations and share my concerns. Ultimately we agree that hopeful and encouraging progress is being made within the survivor community of all genders worldwide and that with better sexuality education, we may be able to effectively overcome this crisis.

Please visit http://www.MaleSurvivor.org to learn more about his great works.

About Jim:
Jim Struve, LCSW has been a practicing social worker since 1976. He is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Salt Lake City, providing psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and groups. With special attention to mindful presence in the healing relationship, Jim works with a wide range of client issues: trauma (including male and female survivors of sexual victimization), relationship enhancement (including issues such as intimacy, assertiveness, identity, gender, self-esteem, and sexuality), healthy life choices, fostering resilience, conflict resolution, parenting, addiction recovery, and dissociative disorders (including Dissociative Identity Disorder). Jim is a founding member of MaleSurvivor.org and is Manager of the Weekends of Recovery retreat program. He was the recipient of the Richard Gartner Outstanding Clinical Services Award at the 2010 International MaleSurvivor Conference in New York City.

Jim regularly conducts workshops and trainings for professionals. He has been an Adjunct Professor for Westminster College in Salt Lake City (teaching a seminar in “Trauma, Grief, & Loss”) and he is frequently invited for in-services programs for agencies and college classes for clinical mental health students.

Publications for Jim include: “Dancing With the Patriarchy: The Politics of Sexual Abuse” (1990); The Ethical Use of Touch in Psychotherapy (1997) – co-author with Mic Hunter; “Beyond the Gay/Straight Binary: Gender and/or Sexually Diverse Male Survivors” (2018) – co-author with Howard Fradkin & Lee Beckstead; and “Empowering Male Survivors to Heal Through Community and Peer Connections” (2017) – co-author with Howard Fradkin, 2018.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township on podcast episode number 116 I am with Jim struzzi and he is a founding member of the male Survivor organization which I had the blessing to attend to a kind of mini conference in Los Angeles a few years ago and it was just really heartwarming and really nurturing tube to feel supported in in the space of being a male Survivor myself and to just Network and really important profound shifts and subsequent events happened from from the attending that and I’ve always over the years have the intention to reach out and get someone from the organization to speak in the podcast about wood what it is that they do and I got a notification from a Facebook group one of my one of my many email list that there’s going to be a week in recovery Retreat happening and so I was able to get gym Who is the the manager of that event and also to be on the show to talk about what that offering is and I also just give us some background and history about the male Survivor organization and how this movement of exposing this issue is is really starting to to move forward more more rapidly and effectively so with that said Jim thank you so much for being here and if you could just yet helped a little bit a little bit about your your personal life path and what brings you into a leadership role okay thanks and thanks for having me and welcome to all your your listeners glad to be part of this discussion kind of concise summary version of this is that I first got into the steel back in 1976 when I began to work for Child Protective Services Agency in Atlanta Georgia I was part of the Emergency Services Unit we investigated situations of child abuse in the black them because there wasn’t a lot of males have time, staff I ended up being a sign lots of the cases of boys who were being discovered for sexual trauma work to that job for about four and a half years doing in chicken emergency working then my journey has kind of taken me into becoming a licensed clinical social worker because of that it when I left that job at 1 residential facility working with primarily boys most all of them is sexual trauma been working a couple of psychiatric hospitals were a lot of the patients were sexual trauma survivors and along the way realize that there were very few limited services for males are the emerging back then for rape recovery centers in female survivors but not much for men’s so began to figure out what we could do to help some services and was fortunate enough to bump into a couple of other clinicians and singer who was up in New Jersey in. Jamaica was up in the Twin Cities at the time and we all were struggling with the same thing of Finding Dory she resources to work with this issue and we all pleasure going to try to see if we could pull together some conference to dress that issue and we were successful in 1988 to get there was a good to be a conference in Minnesota to work with sexual offenders and they agree to the date of their conference let us organize something around male Survivor so that in the fall of 1988 in St Paul was the first Gathering that we know of anywhere it was addressing this issue and one of the concerns was it’s a stereotype about the that males are more at risk for becoming a fender so we wanted to change that perception we decide an extra to do a conference in Atlanta get its focus solely on male survivors who were not offenders and effort into 450 people from 14 countries attended added that alarm system to the formation of the organization that eventually became male Survivor. Org we all kept doing conferences every year and then finally legally Incorporated in 1995 and he organizations exist it ever since in 2001 we added the weekend to recovery Retreat program 3-day Retreat for men who have experienced sexual trauma either as children or adults in the one we doing now in August of this year in Utah will be our 69th weekend we’ve done so we’ve been around for a while I put a lot of men who come to the program gotten her resources in so I can talk a little bit about the program as we go in but that’s kind of the vice versa of our history and evolution well thank you so much for sharing that I I I did not know it went back that far and that’s really exciting to hear so you must have so much inside now and so many positive outcomes to share do you want to talk about some of the some of the the program Services other types of resources that have evolved as you’ve been doing the conferences and the Retreats and the if somebody was just getting into Discovery Miss what would what would you recommend for them what was the main thing that we run into still to this day is most men who have experienced sexual trauma at some point during the lights still really feel like they’re the only one it’s very rare that a lot of people have met anybody else where that experience is limited exposure that she will head of the media or other places so one of the biggest things that happens with the organization with the weekend is just breaking the isolation and if nothing else happens that’s life-changing and of itself since we’ve been successful through near the internet is now around so that allows people to connect to network. Rooms discussion boards that are available to website so people no longer have to remain in isolation and the other thing that’s been helpful that way especially with cell phones technology the internet people can meet each other over a huge Geographic expands to send can begin to actually Chad and talk and learn from others who had the experience there’s also been a proliferation of literature books that have been written videos YouTube not have lots of materials available some major films that have come out that address the topic so I think it’s a little bit of a chicken or the egg kind of thing that I think we and other organizations like I was heavy into was that the discussion and have been able to help Foster much more public awareness at the same time and lots more people more and more people are finding someone in their life has been touched and probably already know this but the current research has that one of every for females experience the sexual trauma in their lifetime and what’s less known as it once every 6 male experienced sexual trauma sometimes I like and I think that’s because of Reporting Act much much closer to it being just as much an issue for males as it is for females and one thing we’ve been very clear about all the way along is we don’t want it to work with mail to take away or distract from the reality of sexual trauma with females gender-inclusive we don’t want to be stealing resources competitive we want to address the matter as it relates to both issues not for one to get some more attention than the other so we’ve been collaborating where we can with organization great recovery centers to really have gender inclusive spa services available awesome also well there’s so many questions I have for someone in your position really around will recently in Utah of all places I just buy synchronicity I guess you might have heard about how there was a declaration of pornography as a Public Health crisis the the public for what would be more restrictive laws to come out and I’m just I’m in that world and in certain ways and so I’m aware of those those developments but I feel that is as much as there is a desire to address the issue of corn which is an issue no matter what side is that you’re on it is it is the Pro or con it’s an issue but I feel like the the they’re starting to do more rigorous research around the effects of corn on the brain and I I just feel like it’s starting to kind of become a more sophisticated anti-pornography movement where eventually it’s going to be a scientific and medical research question where the policy will be decided by the research and I feel like that’s what I would love to see more proactively from the Survivor movement and I’m curious if you would have inside says to know other people working on really bringing this issue and the research about the prevalence of it and trying to kind of sound an alarm and get us into more of a Alert state where were I believe it’s the state of an emergency personally because of my experience and what I’ve observed just anecdotally but you would be in probably position to say hey are we what what are the the trends with being taken very seriously and having there be more of like a a bigger scale public Service Announcement kind of curriculum upgrade excetera excetera my my chicken this is the corn debate is one of those distracting issues that has become very politicized in his stealing attention away from things are rages over attention it seems to me they were under current issue is it weed we do not provide sex education sex awareness to anybody in our culture is very hit-and-miss weather people get to itself just like to be an emergency responder where we’re going to work with accident people have to be exposed to the issues I have to be alert to what happens so you can know what to do if you get into a situation where your emergency skills are needed we do not train are you do not train or culture to be alert to the emergency of being sexually assaulted is very little attention given that sofa so many people if it happens during childhood they don’t have a reference point maybe even know if what’s occurring to them is good battery neutral that’s just happening to them they’re being what is an overwhelmed by the experience and then because we are talk about sex we don’t talk about those things people know intuitively are instinctively don’t tell anybody about it or in this happens for man so often when they when they do discloses something happen there either blamed for a why didn’t you stop it why didn’t you protect yourself in it soon then should be able to do that or there may be some when why did you go back again why did you let it happen but we get into this really cauldron for lack of better words Cesspool for probably more accurate language in where we just don’t have the resources or the capacity to understand. Even process sexual trauma we don’t talk about it we get all of our discussion into things that we can vilify like pornography and it distracts the discussion over onto that pornography is a very real issue is very important but it doesn’t allow us to keep her attention that we need basic education about sexuality we need basic awareness of sexual and gender diversity we need people to understand their own bodies we need to understand the Dynamics when were invaded when founders are violated so the people have the resources to send to deal with sexual trauma in a very different way than we currently are and it just happens for women we debate whether the skirt was too short for the men why didn’t you leave a shadow is better if we spent all her time on that and then when it becomes legal instead of mental health it’s proving who’s telling the truth who’s right even when we know someone has the dick to my house we argue over who was right through his Ron rather than how do we help someone recover from their trauma right so we there is a lot of work to be done a lot of dimensions a lot of front lines and yeah you know what I don’t know when it was not too long ago I was looking at some application for a government related job and I don’t know form online but I just could not believe there was it seemed like there were pages and pages of graphic descriptions of forms of sexual abuse that you could not have been convicted for in order to have that job and you don’t do any but I guess to the average just tell him I say zombie or sheep with this is the average person uses walking to go to the Matrix urges if they’re desensitized and numbed out it’s like oh yeah well you know their sickos and creepy stranger danger so of course they’ve got to put the stuff in there but to me when I saw that I might well have we don’t think that were in the middle of a plague right right right you had to if this was an epidemiological issue it mean if the CDC were involved and they would be doing things to lock down populations in quarantine ready and they would be proposed putting up tents and they will be flying in with hazmat suits on tube to try to understand it at this level in spurts of just be well you know it’s kind of a slap on the wrist and then you have to be registered and you go to knock on the doors and there’s just this sort of what do you call even in The Big Lebowski they made a big joke about it they made a big joke about the John Turturro being the child molester in and it was, I’ve seen other really really despicable pop-culture mockeries of this issue that just made it made it really apparent to me that people are so so autopilot cognitive dissonance completely just so it’s so disturbing and disgusting and traumatic that it it just has to have these almost a caricature release valves in popular culture but it obviously doesn’t feedback do anything really constructive and I mean even remember there was that that music video complete and total really deeply disturbing creepy depiction of the sky who was all in his thirties maybe late thirties or totally dirty and nasty and find me and he’s in this skin suit dancing in this really perverted erotic dance with this little girl and it was supposed to be this art piece and it was total crisis within your organization and and what’s what’s happening with it as you move forward if your I guess where does the rubber meets the road with with with lobbying and an advising you know the Surgeon General committees on this I mean when will the when will there be a national federal task force and when will they be Consulting with you guys or how do we push that forward I guess in question policy you know what I think I think things are changing you’ll get a focusing particular ride on male sexual trauma for this discussion here rape recovery centers are now have grown and almost every Community has some resource recovery center that’s addressing services and most of them now as a mention that the beginning here are being becoming gender-inclusive so that there is much more service awareness with that child protective service agency is there are much more aware of this happening across the gender Spectrum there’s a lot more education campaigns that are beginning to happen and it’s slow but we are getting lots of Outreach organizations that are doing a Richburg food is getting to be more and more visibility now a Survivor and over the years we’ve been doing lots of public education we will going to community show movie have a panel discussion afterwards get good attendance I with those and then there are more and more men who are beginning to find the courage because they’re getting help the treatment where they can speak out about their own experience and when you think about one in every six man has been sexually assaulted at some point in their in their lifetime if everybody begins to disclose that somewhere Somebody almost everybody’s going to know I survived her and so therefore it’s beginning to be more in the couch it is not those people over there it’s someone close in our lives that really she people uncomfortable or discomfort in to talk about it on these issues in one very clear meth is it people are sexually traumatized by strangers true it almost most of the time people know the perpetrator is someone the perpetrator was someone in their life and so therefore it’s a stranger danger of being alert to people who are already in your lives in for boys for men a lot of the assault may happen from say for example is scout leader a minister a coach someone who’s who’s in who’s in the system and some people who made the gender non-conforming the presentation may be attacked Boyd has some kind of a hate crime that involve sexual assault by people who know the person being targeted because they’re not presenting is traditionally masculine that’s one of the bigger miss that we have to begin to confront it it’s the people in our lives that we need to be alert to not not as much for getting that at folkestone just done strangers but I can talk to about the video and the other they all promote that myth that if someone is lurking in the darkness and someone going to drive by a car and kick someone out for right I’ve heard that. I’ve heard some staggering statistics it’s the places where they were trusted usually typically men who are of whatever condition that inhibits the ability to have empathy I said I would say that’s the coming out there with your skin or drug addiction or alcoholism or other I mean that’s in it but you know how I feel like there could be a some sort of threat assessment infographic that shows people very clearly Here RV overlapping Circles of you know or the concentric circles of danger and then really the private residence is the most dangerous place to be a child and you’ll be safer running away and sleeping at the park then you would be potentially where you were drunk uncle or Neighbor comes over while your parents are checking out and parents are checking out now more than ever with their phones I can’t even imagine being a nation was it she had to work as a single mother to put food on the table she had to be gone long hours and that’s just you know who opened up for dangerous in the areas that we turn our backs into have trusted so-called adults there but I’m so do you have off the top of your head just to kind of breakdown of where the you mentioned some of the service providers or trusted you know people in the community that would have access private access to children when their parents aren’t there where there’s not a group of people watching and those obviously would be the you know the sort of like if we could map math at this out culturally you know to really know where to focus efforts is at can you speak more on that I think the reality is that we start from the point where a sexual trauma can happen when someone has access to a child or another adult and the risk factors increase with some predictable trajectory when you have a child or an adult who it was it was in some degree of vulnerability like for example a young child who is in daycare has stricken baby sitters Etc there’s nothing to say that a babysitter or daycare worker is inherently in a fender but it’s a place where you need to be alert to excuse or what’s happening with a child HughesNet setting and so often let me just jump ahead it’s when children or adults have access with someone who could be in a sander and they have some pretty obvious characteristic sometimes like sudden behavioral changes to their academic performance begins to fall they want to drop out of some extracurricular activity whatever and then lot of times as parents or the child mood either going through state Missouri Southern do people say did something happen is something wrong can you tell me more about what’s going on we chant it too often because we’re busy we got other things we just thought I passed out and Dylan are being but and then you may have an adult a coach to scout leader someone else who just takes a little too much interest in being alone with the children and we should pay attention to is something actress Sarah when we have a child or an adult who has a disability who has some kind of physical mental learning disability that makes them vulnerable to need to be in share with people who have undue access to them are we paying attention and accuse if something changes that something might have happened of paying attention to the people in our lives and noticing things that might change the alert us if something happened but also go back to sex education and relationship educating people about Good Touch Bad Touch shop appropriate boundaries and appropriate boundaries and helping the people our lives pay attention to them while we pay attention to the people in our lives that’s why we’re guess we’re going to get our ourselves around this and then we need to where we can change the culture where we going we don’t excuse we don’t charm and allow mistreating people to go on the show off of the sexual jokes that happened to kind of behaviors and fraternities the go on we trying to return look the other way and see what is just kids being kids and don’t realize the risk factors that people might be being exposed to alcohol and drugs can be part of the formula but a lot of times you don’t need alcohol or drugs the culture is permissive enough to allow Congress to be crossed bright I feel like if there was a sober kind of come to Jesus meeting as a culture every night I dream of the day where we will cancel Christmas in order to have a fireside chat with some leader or group of leaders who are willing to sit there and say everybody our religions are failing us are medications are failing us are so like how everything is failing as we cannot stop this we need to call for international state of emergency and we need to get it almost like I mean I would be I would be favorable to Ace a form of sexual martial law almost don’t leave your sorry but it might be okay I mean I guess you don’t want to get too too far off the deep end with this but I I feel like a welded the sober way to frame this conversation if I if I had the chance I would ask America Odessa world the question how many instances of sexual abuse is it okay for your child to have is it like you know they’re going to experiment with drugs and alcohol so we’ll let him you know have a have a beer here and there and if you know don’t go they’ll know what the world is like I mean this people who would say that yeah you should go get beat up and bullied because then you’ll know how to be a good employee when you have a boss who who’s the president and it’s almost blase okay yeah it’s just going to happen or if you’re going to learn the hard way probably how the real world is but I think it’s really thought about that they would say actually know there’s not it’s not okay for one instance to happen ever ever okay and I think we we we sort of we act appalled after the fact driving the preventative you know infrastructure building than cultural transformation that that it would take so then the question is and maybe it’s a fair question for you I’d say there was this level of people take me seriously and they were willing to drop everything and address this issue faced on full-on it’s like the question would be how how where where could there be like experimental Community where where things like masturbation are actually applauded and there’s space for people to relieve themselves sexually as needed that don’t involve using other people as experience for they’re getting off you know if you’re there for their entertainment I mean understanding that Sexual Energy has the flow and we have to give it places the flow otherwise it’s going to get it’s going to get backed up and cause problems I mean there I have a million ideas for what a progressive you know I guess like I would like to call to rape free zone you know where it’s not just that their behavior laws but it’s it we figured out how to never let there be one moment of opportunity for you if there was really like that and experimental safe space yeah I don’t I don’t think we’re going to move ourselves Beyond this current issue through loss I don’t think this is something that we can legislate it’ll take it something that we can change through your legal interventions where I come from as a social worker as a social justice Advocate is if we can find a way into in as many settings as possible whether it’s through schools to church through parenting more and more attention helping people to learn about respectful relationships where people know what it means to be respectful and where we pay attention to our own sense of authentic needs and our own awareness of other people’s authentic needs it would seem to me that it would be hard to be abusive if people had that mindset of that training of respected authenticity and what that is going to require is first of all finding way to increase people’s tolerance to talk about sex make it so that it’s not so we talk about when we were in the Rated-R when were joking but something we could literally talk about healthy sexuality healthy needs our bodies and the reality that sexuality is part of a healthy relationship to get that in secondly just talked about and begin to have a way where people can have sexuality across the Spectrum and it’s there’s not a right way and a wrong way to be so that we can factor in all the multiplicity and diversity of how people have sexual expression to begin to teach people the communication skills to talk and non-verbally I in ways that are fancy in ways we don’t have to censor in ways that we don’t have to chew and that’s going to really help us to know when things are consenting and when they’re not when we’re really able to listen and talk openly so for my vantage point that could really be something that the intervention could start at home with parents are School teachers churches in youth groups in an adult education begin to do some of that could make a difference to do it and would make would make a job somewhere I’m sorry I hope we can continue to find ways right now the legal matters are in so many places teachers are restricted from talking about these kinds of things parents don’t want to deal with these kind of things churches have value judgments to preclude you from addressing these issues we have the legal right to back off and those restrictions and there was Prohibition and opening up and it really encouraging people I’m shocked it justifiable think if we can build relationships with those in our lives are close to and it’s safe to text more likely this someone is the victim of some kind of sexual trauma they might actually feel safe enough to step forward and say something happened to me where is right now too many people are afraid to approach somebody and even open that disclosure chili people realize something’s going on in there afraid to ask what happened you tell me what’s going on right now with these numbers being so prevalent it really it just begs the question are we is there some either deeply Insidious kind of conspiracy or maybe just threw Folly and we’re just really negligent and really ignorant or we are succumbing to really highly sophisticated intelligent mechanisms of of brainwashing or propaganda whatever it is but this but it’s like they’re the numbers don’t lie and in the numbers are only getting more staggering and worse meet you to always indicating that there’s a large percentage of people who are not reporting incidents but if the reporting of incidents has been the high-level then you know that leave so many in the shadow and it’s like we are again to go with that sort of public health model it is if we were creating conditions conducive to Mastiff rat populations you know we would and then we were having oh yeah you know that one in four one and six people have the Bubonic plague still because the snake population is down because there’s so many factors in in in the cultural design and what not and I totally agree with you it could be easily precluded by just solving solving the problem of people not knowing what to do with their sexual energy and a consensual and helping out of so-so under under the I mean I guess it’s not really useful to call him Predators it doesn’t really help it’s not I mean it can be I don’t know how we’re going to involve the approach a radical approach to really the Redemption of the perpetrators but I know there’s an organization called The Virtuous pedophiles have you heard about me today’s one about the perpetrators America still is a culture that’s dealing with issues from legal legal perspective other places so I can be in one serving of being another they are dealing with the offenders the perpetrators in ways that are trying to help them heal and overcome we do it through punishment with do for dinner and sex register for the rest of your life so we’re really not addressing the change or the process and I hope we can move more towards the models at some other countries are doing are you actually are trying to treat sexual offenders and change the issue so that those people can turn their lives around as well that’s going to make a huge difference the other thing I think it’s important to realize in this it’s hard right now because we’re being better at identifying sexual trauma so more people are stuck in storage so it may appear that the issue is getting worse we’re in some regards it may just be at the reporting is getting more accurate and what I can say optimism working with this issue for as many years as I have almost all the clients that I worked with over the years to come for help you come for a weekend they are the most incredible advocates for stopping the cycle and there was too many of them are wonderful parents are wonderful adults and they are out there soldiers trying to change the world and protect children and turn this around when you think about all the people coming in for therapy for mental health services all the people coming to rape recovery centers all the people come in Shore weekend each one of them is out there the Army is getting bigger and bigger of people who are so invested in wanting to turn this around one by one there too so I don’t know if the public sees that in the same way but there sure are a lot of feet on the ground of people who with their own children their own families their own partner they’re making a huge difference because they are aware these issues they are aware of the Dynamics they’re very alert to do it and they speak up when they see it in their lives without there is so many people who are survivors become helpers who is it helping professions and are using their time and energy to change the world an extra card show eye stye I’m an option is survey feel like a lot is happening a lot is changing I don’t know if it’s showing up yet because the reporting is becoming more and more open so it’s up here is that it’s spreading where it may I see in some ways we’re returning the return the ship around and really changing a I just don’t know if it’s showing up as much and even some of the movies in video presentations are now we’re talking about people who chew and changing our lives becoming successful in their efforts to recover from the trauma that even is a message of Hope and inspiration for dealing with this issue yeah I’m glad I’m glad you mentioned that it is a very important kind of statistical sociological phenomenon to two to go over which is at yeah it may be that we’re just getting better at the reporting becoming more aware and then actually has the more the more aware of it we we become a staggering but also give me know where once we have these like you said kind of what you know maybe the word would be early early onset triggers or or just a disproportionate well if you are a remorseless empathetic perpetrator it’s going to get harder and harder to get away with it cuz people are becoming more educated in literate and aware so that’s a good thing and then don’t work people who feel like they have a compulsion that they can get help for there will be more space for compassionate acceptance of the thing at this order and there will be more I mean right now there’s this sort of need your posturing oh yeah we would just what we eat we should just kill them all and you know that’s that’s cuz they don’t have a real solution will going to be somehow we are permitted which I don’t see that happening soon in this reality then there’s going to have to be more more proactive research and solution on that note where are you at personally or and within you know that the more than a seasoned veteran colleagues of yours at with really that what you could call in a word that fancy word pathogenesis where we know the cycle has been perpetuated cascading through generations especially in families with a full-on incest and where it’s just straight-up you’re going to be you know impregnated by somebody of your can and that’s just how this town works I mean that’s very deeply Doug in very almost at the DNA level of replicating down Athleta bloodline but there’s also the epigenetic sort of cultural what’s the word I mean I guess you could say it’s the way it’s just that it’s just taking for granted that we see it as a cycle almost like a biological parasite life cycle where it is propagates you know if you have if you have lice and in the in the in the Linens you know it’s going to continue to propagate as long as the conditions are conducive to the that lights being able to to to repopulate going down the lines but you know to break that cycle in to intervene we’re going to have to have a deeper understanding of its mechanism so with a proactive approach to the perpetrators what would you say are some are there any new ground-breaking research are there any new teams of researchers and Scholars who are who are volunteer perpetrators who are willing to be studied like pedophiles I’m sure they would be happy volunteer this in some some you know in a think tank or research facility is dedicated to why is this happening where is it coming from I think I think you’re gay the best way I can answer kind of what you were just saying I think we have to Canada and Germany get are two places that I feel like we’re doing a better job list we have 2 as we’re working with people who are offenders begin to take more time to stop and listen and stop and ask them if they’re in there too so that we can understand their dynamics of how of how boundaries. Cross how much should I charge was intentional how much it was kind of sexual preference victim was etcetera etcetera because I think we jumped in our culture does is so often we begin to form stereotypes of who people are and then we begin to put people into these boxes that we can begin to get these pictures but they may not always be true in terms of being the profile of the people where the offenders and so we need to understand the circumstances didn’t read it happened I think two examples where I see that beginning to happen is that I think colleges are beginning to and some places to look at how it is the campus sexual assault is happening in campus cultures in fraternities and sororities in campus what is it about those cultures that are allowing inbreeding people to have sexual assault be such a prominent feature so then we can know how to intervene and how to do this stuff to turn that around and throw them just jumping in and again criminalizing or bouncing on the people the offenders backing up and send what is the contextual what is the cultural what is the Environmental features that are allowing that. environment you existed for to get past dinosaur editable the military is another place military culture is really taking very seriously the issue of sexual assault and beginning to take on what are the circumstances that allow on people in the military to be sexually assaulted so that can be turned around and changed and do we have so it’s kind of finding a balance between attending to the people who are victimized beginning to work on how to protect them how to help them heal at the same time working at how does that even occur what is it what are the environmental features that she perpetuating so that can be turned around and I think the military and some of the college campus were going to have some success with that way of looking at it could be extended I wish you looked at as a whole culture I would have the breeding grounds and what are the features allowed to continue right yes very very well said and I agree with that said you were a bit more about Canada and Progressive in their approaches to harm reduction probably and I don’t mean to lump them together but just for purposes of this to talk about it one of the things that they’re both doing is taking your approach to whoever is an offender needs help to and then where in Canada specifically it should be possible to work your way off your offender registry and become a functional citizen of the culture again rather than saying now you’ve had this offense that you’re cooked and there’s no hope for you and beginning to go through Visual and written and spoken ways you can to educate the culture about what are the queues is something may someone may be getting a danger or something maybe your baby happening so we should we could be doing more of those kinds of things here you’re Classic example that we kind of have missed for example with a with a Catholic priest abuse that happened is how often an adult priest would become overly involved with a young child and him say they’ve even come to the parents house for dinner go up be the shooter up in the bedroom with the child ER take the kids camping all the timer to 7:01 would be asking why is this still hanging out all the time with children where are there adult relationships and someone might be coming in and out of the house and we don’t even ask what strength is trip charges for example when you realize that there’s somebody who you actually probably seeing the inappropriately sexual with somebody and you don’t say anything to them to stop at so it doesn’t happen again that’s just part of what happens in the fraternity about we try our backs and ignore those kind of things in a different than how we need to do with a lot of social justice issues it how often do we hear a racist comment anything which send check for the whole context were some of the things that are playing on their culture on racism how many times do people witness homophobic, your behavior is not say anything or not do anything which where where does his cross the line without contributing to bullying and harming someone we have a way that we turn our backs and don’t listen to those things that other people on the receiving end of it are acculturated if you like what I deserve that were yeah that’s just what happens because of my my status as what you whatever it is that puts me on the receiving end did you see how many times when I’m working with them with men who have been sexually traumatized and whenever there is an it happened whether it was as a child or as an adult at the time they may have said well I just deserve this or this is just what happens and where they don’t initially even say to something that was catarang they could do everything about what that’s what happens you and it’s really amazing that people can be acculturated to believe that being assaulted is something that you deserved it what is just what happens yeah it’s it’s scary and sad how the compounding trauma of being to preserve the Integrity of the family ego there’s a conspiracy among Stephen the mother is in the siblings and whoever else just to keep somebody silence and tell him they’re crazy or a liar they made it up or that they pour that they deserved it or I mean I heard recently A friend of mine who went to heinous abuse as a child and just the way the cognitive dissonance of the the culture of the family in the church group whatever I mean Aiden said something it was her grandfather who had molested a whole batch of children across multiple families all interesting do you know this guy in In-N-Out and I heard that or she said that’s what her mother said to her about what I guess with the restorative what would you call it the the Paradigm relief of birth of the mothers who would be responsible for their own children was that they would scold they would tell the children oh well you were jumping and playing on his lap you were turning him on you and or oh you know how he is you shouldn’t have been playing in his lap because you were teasing and basically say he impugned for easing the crotch of a adult man if you were a Chinese child I mean that’s but that’s how they and then they just in the interest it was interesting and I won’t even say the demographic it was a pattern that you could have zerve which is that old men are just considered kind of like it’s it’s just kind of their nature to be predatory so it’s kind of goes without saying that that well you better you better keep your guard up all the time but we’re not really going to police them we’re just going to just sort of cope with I don’t know just sort of them adapt adapting to this fact of life that that then there are just or just Scoundrels and especially if they get drunk they’re going to just so just better you better watch out and if you get it and it happens to you then you know we warned you or some someone should have warned you but now you know and you learned your lesson so don’t complain anymore if you know crazy but we have we have we have a tendency to do a lot of victim-blaming the classic thing that we’ve heard so often with females wear if you wouldn’t have been wearing that short skirt that wouldn’t have happened so the person’s short skirt is more the issue than the person who advantage of the person another victim blaming is gay people have been kind of lame because while you if you should’ve been provoking people you shouldn’t have been coming on that way you kind of responsible for being bullied because if you don’t behave yourself or you don’t suck it up and how often we’ve gay people are grown up thank you that’s just what happens if you’re gay you’re going to get hurt you’re going to get bullied on a rather than holding people accountable who are the boys we have never called you that I can’t do that that’s what I see so so wonderfully with the clients who I have worked with over the years in the manner comes our weekend is it so many most of them almost all them go away so committed that they want to find ways to work on their own issues so that they don’t forget switch how to beat a person how many of them become better Partners in their relationships how many of them become better fathers if they have children how many of them become more committed to doing things that are going to promote sound goodness and compassion the culture in it’s so neat to see people who come in one way and turn that around as they get help and go out really transformed to be able to be different people put out different energy and contribute to me that’s why I work at the end of the continue I do with the victim offenders could I see so much hope and promise and all those people that are being different in the world and changing the places where they circulate where they live awesome yeah well yeah it was probably good to say thank you for allowing me to kind of vent a little bit so box in MN to get some good feedback and be a sounding board and I’m very just this is it’s just the beginning for me to kind of reach out into the more into you or the space that you’re and I’ve been very much in the esoteric very friends kind of Realms of alternative approaches to this but I want to I’m going to need to kind of network and Bridge build and Coalition build with folks who are really holding up a more general you know open kind of framework for this so I really appreciate this this for me very pivotal moments at to start this dialogue personally and give it a few more minutes if some more of the hopeful I had a I guess that we could be good to give you time to the extent of elaborate on what you feel is no more to positive outcomes and that the Horizon 4 for the organization and also maybe some of the outline is the retreat in case folks want to start to engage in connect with that and just listen to podcast down if you are a Survivor if you have a loved one so many Network for Wiz to check out our weekends recovery and just really briefly here for purpose I were open to anyone 18 or older who has experienced any kind of sexual trauma either his child or an adult and we have people we’ve had people as old as 60 70 80 here come the door just first addressing the issue they haven’t addressed to before and the night sweats never too late it’s okay to get help at any point we have people coming in her early twenties and when is this nice about the weekends is when we have a spectrum of Ages and diversity in terms of Lifestyle issues of people bring they really learn from each other and they really ISO wrist have to put this different points in the younger people are inspired by the older people all the older people are inspired by the younger people in these kinds of ways to give people the reason the resilience to keep going on and what we do in the weekend is we work on everybody being involved in helping to set the safety guidelines for a weekend together and then threw a mixture of small group and large group activities we wave through learning mindfulness skills we work on helping people deal with grief which other Narrative of what happened to them and be heard we talked about building relationships where the people can trust and be with man we build in Civ physical activity for people to begin to maybe discover some things about nature in their own body we do some play time together cuz so many people who have head trauma have learned that life so seriously can’t find enjoy it would really help to build some networking between people they can take with them be on the weekends and a lot of people go through the weekend maintain contact with others from the weekend and they go back to their home community and even start a support group thing of extends the networking there we do a lot of attention on mindfulness happy cheap will learn skills for self-awareness and managing aspects of their life and lots of good feedback about how it’s is a powerful healing experiencing our weekend are small enough 28 man at the maximum and what is like if you’re a male Survivor to walk into a room and everybody else in their room share something about your experience that is life-changing for a lot of people cuz they may never have seen another man who openly said this happened to meet you so it’s very rewarding work to do it’s incredibly powerful to see that she was going to turn around as soon as the men have just in 3 days wow that’s that sounds amazing and so that’s how often does it happen this year were only doing the one weekend and outside in August it’s August 11th to 13th and Sunday we are program we generally do more we just doing one this year. We we usually do 3 to 4 level ones and then one Advanced every year and our Advanced is open to anybody who’s come to a level one before and what’s interesting about our advanced level which is always also done in Utah it’s a little bit longer than 2 hours longer and we usually build in some kind of a steam we grab it or we rotate between empowerment where do a lot of body work and every other year with your relationship Focus were people can come a single or they can bring a partner through the relationship and just focus on how to be in a relationship work on relationship Dynamics we have a similar weekend retreat for female survivors and we have partnered in done that where we do mixed-gender against several weekends and I’m experiment with that someone’s level ones as we go forward into future of having men and women who have been survivors share the space into healing together awesome great well yeah do you have any final words or thoughts or do you want to share the website thanks again and in just any other contact info for this year the website link is just go to mail Survivor. Org we are going to be changing some things about our program moving and try next year is correct but if you do a web search for weekends recovery is still real to find us will have a new website set up by sometime later this summer and if anyone needs to just my name Jim strube Jim struve you can look for my website and find me through that it’s just Ruby. Com not have a lot of resources at my website as well I’m a Survivor has a lot of resources there and linkages to other organizations that are doing work as a number of the groups around the country somewhere programming in survivors so anyone who’s out there it’s never too late change is possible and taglines theme we have for a weekends is dare to dream awesome you know I just I realize that you probably have one little last question for you if you don’t mind and it’s kind of a I don’t know I said maybe someday it’ll be sort of his the survivors dilemma or some of something typically men are in the closet the dirtiest ee in the closet if they feel that they’re coming out as a Survivor I think it is right when I came out as the Survivor it was a it’s it’s a real burden it’s a real burden because it’s a do you want to always be given that that what do you call it a I will for one I don’t like to put the imagery of what happened to me in anyone else’s mind feeling or shame feeling that you know she is coming out then you you do and I think that’s why families try to shame it so much as they just ate it’s it’s impolite if you know and if they at the Garden Party to talk about any of these things are sort of the atmosphere with the truth of what’s happening so we just let it happen but we covered all that but I guess the question some men do not want to come out as survivors because they fear that people will think that they work that they are now they’re gay and so does homophobia it’s more difficult for men to come out because of that stigma of the fear of being homophobic and there’s other year of being now that don’t they will be suspicion that you will be able to know what the clinical term is but a Survivor offender or what would you call it if you were the in these unfortunate cases and then you’re not healed you’re not getting support and you would become a a perpetrator yourself that if you don’t lose that Bergen and anxiety and then there’s also a third factor that I feel like his kept me from coming out fully even to the to the to this community to this mail to Everett Community ice you’ll still afraid of men I don’t want other men who are having this way been hacked and compromise to know about me p.m. to you know I still I still fear the the jokes about the you know that you don’t want to know if it’s not going to go to a few AA ttsd retreat in Vietnam it’s to me it’s it’s a it’s a threshold to feel comfortable around it’s it’s a it’s a weird inverted kind of thing words you should feel all we were all we all suffered the same thing and therefore we can have solidarity and and sort of them Fellowship run that but then I also feel that because I kind of have my own suspicions about other people who may be aren’t doing the however far along they are in their path it’s it’s it’s a it’s a pesos do you know anything has to be everyone’s in a different state of dealing with it and and I guess you know the question is is there are there mechanisms in place within your organization specifically or within the sort of Coalition of it where they say there’s a Survivor who’s really creepy or really kind of maybe they’re not all there maybe they could be still harmful big day could already be Survivor offenders obviously there needs to be spaced held for them to they were to say that they need help or that they don’t know what to do with the same way if there’s a lot of overlap so in order for me to feel safe in those environments and even to post on Facebook groups and stuff I I don’t know I don’t want to become an object of affection for someone who’s really kind of become the gremlin you know what I mean so I don’t know if that makes any sense at all but it’s sort of a come completion of these factors to be I don’t want to go with all the other survivors are known as what if there’s a bunch of perpetrators there and I guess that’s right that’s why I think it’s so valuable to seek how to ask for help start with a therapist word saved and then we can be honest about our fear as we could be honest about her biases would be honest about the issues that were having and then be able to find a reputable organization like our weekends recovery we have a good track record where we are being transparent about protecting the safety of the people that come so that we can then put ourselves in settings where we can share share share our biases and then the ultimate goal is to be able to expand our capacity to be able to be authentic and be open and being open and authentic it’s talking to protect us from other people’s Prejudice not going to protect us from some of those things in the world but if we can find her on solid Nest then we don’t have to hide we can we can deal with those issues as they come up and we can even deal with somebody who made for sure but they are triggers and we can either go week we have to realize first of all that something was done to us we didn’t do something something was done to us if we’ve been sexually assaulted and that by coming out of being transparent we don’t have to share any of the details it’s more we can just say I am a survivor it’s our business whether we want to say anything more about what that means some people shower stories some people just say I’m a Survivor but that needs to be a very individual decision to do it where I really it’s hard to look at secret so I think there’s some Freedom if we are a sexual assault Survivor to be able to say that out loud and to have it there without searing without secrets in I know I’m a Survivor myself I realized it by just being able to say that and in the context of all the work I am doing here how much it makes a difference to see I’m a Survivor and look at how functional my life isn’t how much I’m doing it doesn’t have to be a detriment it doesn’t have to be a star it we can find our own way to contribute whatever way we want it makes a difference when we have to keep it a secret we have to be in fear verses when we can be authentic and honest that is a great note fiance and I know I’m here I’m feeling the sense that you know positive role modeling of survivors for survivors will be the way that the survivors who are maybe I mean like you’re in an allergy would be in 12-step group way they’re not sure they still may feel completely possessed and they have no agency what is happening to them and through them and so I guess I guess I guess you have a solution as you’re saying very clearly create a real-life role modeling kind of 69 weekends we have a very large community of people who are learning how to be compassionate are learning how to overcome their fears of the stereotypes and are demonstrating that being a Survivor doesn’t have to be a permanent noose around your neck that you can live a thriving compassion Wonderful Life and sometimes even more compassionate because you know I hear from the women in my life who I have relations with that I’ve never even with the man who so open-hearted and compassionate and present and careful and ask me about my boundaries and my history and it said it does you know yeah there’s a there’s that that that that irony of of of having is having more sensitive if you are thank you for having me and thank you to all the listeners I hope this is been valuable than welcome any feedback or inquiries from anyone who’s listening Austin well thank you so much Jen I really appreciate you taking the time for this and yeah I will definitely be in touch and I’ll let you know as soon as that this is published and hopefully we can keep in touch tank sticker I buy thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com

Honoring Psalm Isadora & Sharing Suicide Prevention Strategies with Ayanna Mojica TPP111


Ayanna Mojica pic
In this episode I am joined by Ayanna Mojica, a powerful priestess who has stepped up to hold space for dialog within the spiritual community about the tragic suicide of world-renown tantra teacher Psalm Isadora. I discovered her via a conference call she set up. I wasn’t able to join the call but I had a lot of emotion and concern about this incident and decided to invite Ayanna on the podcast to explore suicide prevention strategies and get deeper into this issue from a more tantric perspective. We honor Psalm by sharing our knowledge and experience of her works and her influence, and discuss ways we can all be more supportive of ourselves and each other as we continue our light works.

About Ayanna Mojica, Priestess of Power & Wealth:
Ayanna Mojica helps women master wealth and feminine power. A rising new Thought Leader and Premier Wealth Mentor, she boldly proclaims women’s divine birthright to wealth. A Priestess of Mary Magdalen, Ayanna’s unique coaching formula includes money mastery, mental mastery, sacred sexual alchemy, and the release of shame that keeps women from their money and feminine power.

For more than 30 years, Ms. Mojica has served humanity with her money, time and talents and a heart for service in the USA, Mexico, Cuba and Jamaica. A bilingual credentialed teacher and ordained minister, Mojica has taught thousands in colleges, public school, churches, temples, prisons, shelters and metaphysical centers.

Ayanna is a multi-degreed, multi-talented businesswoman with advanced degrees in fine arts. A renaissance entrepreneur, Mojica is an inspirational speaker, sex and money expert, founder of Path of the Magdalene, global sacred tour leader, and sought after spiritual adviser.

Ms. Mojica is now inspired to create a “conscious” trust and bank in the name of Mary Magdalen and leave a legacy of sustainable wealth.


For complete Spiritual Biography go to: http://ayannamojica.com/my_spiritual_biography

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 111 I am on Zoom actually with Ayana Mojica a priestess of power and wealth and we have been acquainted online because of a tragic event that has rocked a lot of the world is Tantra sacred sexuality spiritual personal development trauma recovery all of these intersecting healing modalities and in spiritual practices because of the death of Psalm Isadora who I had the pleasure of meeting one time at a at a conference and wasn’t able to who’s a busy Booth so we weren’t able to really drop that much but I got to experience or workshop and was very impressed and so like I feel like she has been doing important work at a very high level at a very high stakes game you know running this energy running this technology at the at the the Hollywood level really in the in the figurative sense if not too literal sense but certainly in the in the LA culture and the higher levels of that media culture which as we all know is a shark tank in a lot of ways so having to survive that having to navigate that I can see there being a lot of pressure and unfortunately I don’t know what all the circumstances were I don’t know what to say if there’s any you know so-called note left or or any inside information from people close to her but you know how it feels to me that we lost a powerful healer a powerful educator a powerful leader and that is really disturbing in a lot of ways and the dialogue has has been kind of thumb I feel compared to what I was expecting it feels like it’s been crickets online I’ve been looking for people speaking out and getting some sort of online sacred Temple space of Swords to at least grieve together and build understanding and certainly buffer ourselves from feelings of Despair that comes from this so I found a Jana mojica’s conference call this she died when I was Googling around as long as she was hosting a conference call to create that kind of a space for people to come together and in debrief and and financial support and that led to my inviting her to be on this podcast to talk about her feelings and emotions and understandings of things from this point and it’s going to be an ongoing processes of grief and understanding and in recovery for all of us in in these fields and we spoke we we attempted to do is a an episode like this and there was a lot coming from me mainly that I feel is Ayana made a great editorial decision to say let’s do this again and and I’m going to withhold some of my more extreme feeling well maybe that maybe I hope she held the space for me to express them and now I don’t have to express in this format exactly the same way and that’s probably a good thing because I have some extreme views and opinions that may take some more time and we were just fishing at a level FM that that maybe it made it may take some time for folks to I don’t want to say that you know I don’t want to be elitist at all but it is so there’s that there’s a different way to look at certain things from different perspectives and to be acknowledging to everyone this is more of a general talk on the subject and not a more advanced esoteric esoteric talk about Karma and all kinds of other things maybe we’ll get to that but enough said for me I just wanted to excuse myself a little bit explain a little bit and thank Adriana for holding that space for me for the first round and then give her plenty of space now to really be more of a guide for us to to work see this so with that said please be on if you want to introduce yourself a bit and then talk about what what compelled you to it to start to open the space I will be lovely thank you thank you so much pain for the honor of being on your podcast Tantra pop punk I totally honor all of us who are holding up space in the area of sacred sexuality and transformation and healing we are all running right now and helping others to wake up and he’ll so thank you so much for the honor I am Ayanna Mojica Priestess of power and wealth and it is a title that was given to me by Mary Magdalene when she brought me into this mission of helping women Master well finish Eminem power and how I know about Psalm Isadora and why I’m so interested in this topic is because of her story her actual story not just a suicide but her actual story so it will when she did take her life it did affect many of us including myself affected Us in the world second sexuality world transformational world that Shilling world and wait in the spiritual growth world because she was able to cure stat world as well and like you said she was on that level of the Hollywood level and international global international airports beautiful woman and to see this beautiful soul I think she was 41 years old when she took alive and would seem to be at the Peak at the height of cortical making it and being of great importance to see that you’re taken a life really stunned me and it stung many people and I still have people contacting me about the open dialog I had called for online and the dialogue with Psalm Isadora was call Saul mecedora suicide inspiration an open Dialogue on suicide inspiration and hope and we had women from around the world I have two of the three other women speaker who spoke as well and we have women from around the world who on that call who shared very deep and personal very vulnerable things history is and I decided that that recording would stay private because the stories were so profound and some of them quite painful and from that time I still have people contacting me about the recording and so I have to keep the recording private and at the same time I want to say thank you Ben for opening up the dialogue again because this one will be made available to others so I still have people calling me I still have not calling emailing me contacting me about this topic about what happened they impact and it’s made on their lives and how they’re grieving still some of them are stock and shocked that one of the one of the stages of grief shock denial some are very few were angry and confused and some and deep sorrow and grief and Jess even today I a woman reached out and this was interesting been she reached out and said and in her email that she just found out that her Mentor online Mentor Aslam is Doria commit suicide and she have been working on exposing an orgasmic life she had come in contact with her she came from a fundamental Christian background and now that she is has discovered the shocking and she’s married and in a relationship she’s afraid to go on because if Psalm Isadora was so in touch with her she could have these mind-blowing orgasms and commit suicide what does that mean for her I’m going to pause there and it allows you to comment ask questions guide because when I got that email it like holy Toledo this is a serious concern for this beautiful she’s wondering if the power of old powerful divine right to orgasm can beat her to commit suicide that’s what the church would like women to believe unfortunately what they’re trained young boys to believe about masturbation in sexy thank you for what you shared and and that is the it’s a painful extremely painful and upsetting reality and and there’s a certain burden that transformational healers who have found powerful life-transforming Transcendence Transcendence techniques and practices and skill-sets resurrected or revived from cultural context totally different and totally different times and spaces and we’re trying to fit this Kundalini dragon serpent energy Shakti goddess into these Fabrications this house of cards of modern patriarchal civilization in there’s a lot of resistance and so I’m not from personal experience I feel I’m not surprised and I I feel that this The Cult of the guru that super humanizes leaders because of the financial Dynamic of paying someone for their mentorship were it’s if it’s a dangerous Dynamic and I just want to I mean I shed tears in the moments after finding out because I feel her pain when I feel the pain of Somme as a Survivor and the Paradox that I think will save lives at this point more than result in more suicides and more distraught Despair and confusion is understanding that if you were kiss maybe I can put it in a simple metaphor or analogy if you were as let’s say you were in a Nazi concentration camp and you figured out a way out and you started to organize people to escape what would happen when you were discovered as a ringleader of an escape plan from a concentration camp they would make an example out of you and I feel like the forces that we are trying to defeat with her pleasure with her Bliss and with goddess worship and healing modalities that honor the feminine we are leading a Revolt that is visible to our unfortunately Saturday I like to befriend all beings but there are uncompassionate beings that cohabitate in our mind space that drive people to these decisions to use their their bought their hands to betray their soul into kill themselves those things are like the Nazis and I would say the Nazis were possessed by those being so to comfort myself and others who are shedding tears and we’re confused it’s like the saying if you’re not pissing in one or anyone else you’re not doing things right you know she is being successful and that made her a Target and that means that if you rock the boat and you were Bell and you lead rebellions against what we’re really up against we’re going to need to buffer and protect and care for each other in a way that we probably haven’t conceived of since there were functioning goddess temples and I’m just going to leave it at that I mean where where to go next build goddess temples for each other to be buffered from these these enemies of our liberation that’s all I can say right now I’m going to just breathe into that cuz I can hear I can feel you and hear that he is a little behind a dinosaur as well as the compassion and passion behind your words and your vision for coming back to the goddess Temple and I just wanted to share with your audience a little bit about my background and why this hit me so hard and I called for them dialogue may I have hard on psychosexuality for many years and the very conservative County of Orange County I lived there for about 30 years and in the last 10 years of my residents there by decided to create a community where people can come together and have they started logs about sexuality and specifically sacred sexuality and you don’t begin to actually use the practice and so I can get this for about 10 years and I also want to say that my background my history my own acting natural history of having a history of childhood sexual abuse as having died in common with some Isadora and and many of us something many women and men who have experienced that and at the same time with her experience her that she should was very very very very dramatic and it came at the hands of the Church of the hands of someone close to her but it was her father and she was in a religious cult and so she experienced this horrendous childhood sexual abuse from an early age for many years so even though I didn’t Express to agree I’m not going to minimize my experience because I know how it has affected me that affected my life and so happened that piece in common and realizing that comes along way of healing that and a long way in my own transformation and evolution and I’m bringing healing and transformation to others men and women I was like shocking like holy toledo what so the questions that came up in my mind were how much of the Early Childhood experience still was affecting her how how much of her how much of her watch so shattered the degree of the effect of that on her current life how much is that was the result was the cause of her coming to the point of taking a whole life and I know that she didn’t want for healing and I know that she you know she went to India and went and studied with a contract master and then she also went to India and partner yoga two women who were in the sex and sexual trafficking so she brought these practices to mainstream and yet The Wing game that was in wounding was still there the fracture from what I see was still there to the point where this happened and so I started thinking about another not to say that I would you know I don’t believe that because of what happened in my childhood was going to commit suicide now cuz I’m not but I wasn’t suicidal great for 2 and 1/2 years after transition of my fiance and how how how old is this happen and for those of you and listening and where her students or just finding her or even purchased her classes or what her teacher trainers or even clients for those of you who are still stunned or were stunned by that act I know that those questions up like what and then we question ourselves and that’s a good thing I believe it’s a good thing because they’re for there but for the grace of God go I cuz I wasn’t two and a half years of suicidal grapes and you know who knows what would have actually tipped it for me to actually take my life that’s there’s this expectation of perfection that is the problem it’s the root of so many problems I mean there would be no religious cults if people didn’t expect perfection in the eyes of whatever deity they were attempting to be living by the scriptures of the true gospel song to to try to reverse the polarity maybe of this discourse around this I mean if we really kind of I’m a permaculture designer and I was trained to not just think out-of-the-box but really really Shuffle presumptions around and look at systems words were talking about belief systems and we’re talking about economic systems and its spiritual systems and if I put that look at this issue with that lens and now this is the first time I’ve really ever well I’ve had this kind of forces the hand I mean this is this is the time to really have these conversations and and bring some Shadow material into the light you know for everybody’s behalf because it is such a taboo to talk about you can be there people who lets it sit there under a mandate to report anyone who has any expressive thoughts or implies even that they may be considering taking her life there is serious consequences and we don’t really have much I would say there’s much to be desired in the infrastructure that existed maybe hotlines and what not but I feel like we can and we must do better and if it’s going to I think start with it being okay to admit imperfection and and something I mentioned that was you know redeeming from the last conversation with the hope that we could establish for each other as friends as colleagues as service providers just in general fractal opportunities for people to when they’re having a bad day when they’re having a crisis for people to kind of Camp around them and help to keep their spirits up and but also grieve and not be alone or in silence you know it’s so to be surrounded by people who are there two at at someone else’s time of need knowing that they they will at one point at a time of need the economics that would have to shift for people to be able to drop everything when someone is having a moment you know going to take a list going to take a shift in this idea that wow just run in the rat race and getting a hamster wheel until you’re successful and you didn’t die trying and then everything’s perfect but look at Robin Williams so you know the the tantric practice of Shadow work and dancing with the shadow that’s where I want to go with the spinner with this conversation in this moment and & Beyond is I have my own ideas down there just raging after this about what we’re not doing what we should be doing for each other and I’m curious if you know if you what are some advisements you would have or some brainstorming is that you’re having around intervention tactics for people if they have the space to come out and say hey everybody loves me I’m in crisis going to have an emergency birthday party or else yeah yeah that’s a good question and I before I comment on that I wanted to comment on Twitter things you need and when you would talk that you talked about and it’s an inspired me to share looking towards the guru as though they have all the answers or a teacher that has all the answers is very unhealthy I was speaking to a beautiful woman tea today and here I am guiding her and I said to her right from the beginning I said I trust your auntie your sovereignty is the most important I’m always going to grind you back to yourself your own power on knowledge on wisdom own understanding I’m here to help you to just kind of remove the veils from what has kept you from seeing acknowledging respecting your own disability your own sovereignty a person who is putting all the eggs into the basket of the GoNoodle is how we have coats and what is the pastor of the rabbi or you know whoever it is coach they Mentor teacher it is it is just out of order with with the laws of the universe really and directing also back to us so back to our Divinity back to us store back to us Center coming in alignment their back to the Beloved with them and knowing your true source of who you really are and I’m not saying negating mentors and coaches and Taylor is a transformational leaders and all that I am saying that they are their hair too many midwives their hair to we are here to perhaps even teach and coach you know how to help with certain practices but to totally depend on that and just turn off the mind and go into a space where everything and that is so now I can go into what practices can we put in place when we are feeling out of sorts and there are still several and one of them is please have your own your own practice where are you you know your Source you know your Divinity you know your I am that I am that you did you can go into your own secret garden and be there with you with the Divine and and create a practice of daily quiet practice where are you coming to touch you get to touch that part of yourself that is so important and in the true quote on quote true Tantra it’s just about sexuality and it’s not the true Tundra Clint in the Masters you you master the different meditation to master the different practices that have to do with quieting the mind and dealing with the body and dealing with the different parts of ourselves before you can get to the sexuality years and so I encourage us to deepen our daily practice deep in our daily practice 2 it’s a fine whatever you want to call it the I am done and the Divine goddess goddess you know the universe nature but getting in that place we were so quiet that we go with in touch on solving self know I saw himself and then when you think you know that empty your cup and go deeper go deeper and deeper and deeper and come into that place where you your truth is your truth it’s not based on what someone else has taught us even though there’s some good great teachers out there it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s so connected to life and to the source and we can’t get there was so busy and we’re looking for outside no validation having our own plumbline and getting in a consistent discipline and I want to say disappointed cuz the laws of some discipline laws a lot of freedom practice that’s one thing and then when was feeling out of sorts when we feeling out of source is actually a great indication that when not in alignment with scares me with sourcing with the Divine I am and that whatever that is that is causing us to be out of alignment because of all Humanity what is queef what’s wrong, or who knows how to Bad Day that part can put when we recognize that we’re out of alignment we can come back to our practice we can use the tools and so many different tools we can use to clear we can pick up the phone and call and say hey I’m having a bad day we can take off the masks and say hey this is who I am this is the real me I need help I need help to get back to my Divinity I need help to get back to my innocence I need help to get back to who I really am. That’s that’s what I am in encouraging and if someone is quote-unquote suicidal of course reach out not only to your friend but you know hotline. and it’s like we need to just reach out and the community to embrace there are Traditions their cultures that actually do not see mental health and mental illness the way we do in the Western World they actually see it as they’re not in their right self they’re not they’re not in there to sell the true nature the true God so that’s the way they said they don’t see it as mental illness that has been diagnosed and all the suicide and what they do is no need a shaman in the medicine man in the prominent member who they are that’s the I feel there’s this false Independence that needs to be replaced with a more ancient true interdependence where your import to your garden plants to you’re not just your pets but that helps with animals and plants and the spirits of the land of water the ancestors everybody is on your team and your nurturing life and you’re being nurtured by a web of Wildlife and we’re very far from that in a lot of our modern context in I’m more shocked that more people I mean I I feel every birthday to me when I really feel about it is a I can’t believe we all didn’t kill ourselves anniversary you know that’s how dire to me I would like caged animals in a zoo and you can just see the suffering and we’re we have all kinds of stories and games that we play in our Advanced neocortex about how we’re not caged zoo animals being poisoned to death with every influence mentally physically spiritually dietary and otherwise and to hold on as long as we do I think it’s miraculous that we get as far as we do in it and let you know as I’m screwing up this conversation and I really appreciate everything you said and that is one of the words that came out of my mouth when I was telling one of my friends always happening and said you know to Tantra is the pr the public relations disaster that that is to be presumed after a situation like this for the Tantra industry which it has become just like when someone dies in ayahuasca ceremony because somebody did something wrong or because the you know the so-called Shaman put in some other psychedelic that was going to give you more firework displays and that was actually poisonous unless two agree far beyond the potential of the natural ancient prepared substance and M concoction and so whenever New Age misadventure results in death it’s a backlash and it’s a public relations disaster at 1 to one degree or another it doesn’t seem like this incident so far has been tabloid eyes yet and I really pray that it doesn’t it’s it’s I would like it to be well-managed them but not swept under the rug you know by people like us having this conversation but you know one of the things that I said to kind of resonate with what you were saying about the internal work in the practice of being connected to your Divinity is a as the most authentic asparagus before you eat your ice cream in that is the self-loving township practices that are in all right hand path white Tantra with whatever you want to call it but that self-cultivation is what’s going to keep you more protected from other people’s drama and other people’s contagious spiritual entities and whatever else and projection specially if your rising up and people are hating on you and they’re masturbating to you and fantasize I mean there’s all kinds of soul ties being shot out into celebrities and Honest Company scale so again I resonate with the urging of people to be certain that they have a solid in practice and that’s maybe the biggest ? under the earthquake people go to in may want to buy supplies you know but they hadn’t thought about it the day before but if there’s one thing to do you know check what you’re saying check your internal practice because you don’t know what could push you push your buttons tomorrow you have you know what do what do any of us do I have what it takes and I don’t know I don’t know if we can all make it through every circumstance so there’s certainly everybody’s different but I’m in the goal either the hope would be that are Continuum of group supportive mechanisms for for healing and for intervention but also this more important internal killer maybe people can’t drop everything and really give you what you need so then what had you built that core before X got them before the Dark Night of the soul and end that is a problem I don’t believe that I’m not going to say that she is I’m not going to implicate her in this phenomenon but I will say that yet when people jump into the tantric sex experience without really doing more work to do what you’re talking about building an internet connection to your Divinity and Kenna purify your chakras using practices mantras and yantras and dance and movement in developing a relationship for sure and also doing the sexual rituals was held usually in a more facilitated container more like a ceremony a guided shamanic sword ceremony and not something to do on Tantra night with your boyfriend or something so much it’s great that it’s becoming somewhat understood or re accessed through the second chakra of the West would say but there’s a lot of missing and it is that yeah but I did the word that came to me and said you know this is people or Tantra is supposed to be the technology par exsalonce for controlling your own mind having your own ability to control your mind space and it’s because we they knew they were all scriptures about it they knew that we were going to be in the worst of darkest of dark times when we would be inundated with the darkest of dark his demons from drought the Galaxy and Beyond and the time trees were written as a tactical prescription for hell on Earth to survive it and to have the tools to survive it which I should add we re the tantric toolkit of the sounds great Indian scriptures that were written in these are so much more than we just descriptions but if we just look at some of the scriptures and what they were pointing to it’s kind of a narrative like hello earthlings the goddess and the Divine beings are sort of a little bit out of touch Out Of Reach for this cycle of the cosmic season so you’re going to be on your own for a while here for the bare minimum tools are going to need to stay sane and survive the Locust storm if infesting creatures that are going to tear you apart until we get back hopefully you make it good luck and that’s Ma you got to climb the ladder internally to get in direct communication with some of those beings that are no longer as easily available and sort of making it had a good analogy from a friend who said that you know the as the device the divine feminine returns to the Earth and returns to care for her children as humans versus real humans who are just trying to figure it out one lifetime in one lifetime at a time at this point usually in fragmented from our Traditions you know her point was that we a lot of people to come in this world with very hacked and and freed sort of DNA and we’re kind of from a lot of us are more susceptible to attack because of the this just degenerative curses coming down cascading from Bloodlines of 5,000 years of patriarchy and chorus ethnic intergenerational trauma we’re coming out of the womb now it just even more at at risk of attack and so the good news is if we’re paying attention and we’re connecting then we’re going to sense that that rescue team of the Divine forces coming back the divine feminine returning finding new vessels in people opening up new cultural spaces for this protective energy to come in we’re actually patching those cracks were patching those holes in the script of the human DNA and people are coming out into the world now beautifully resilient and more buffered and more capable and able to unite ice that’s the hopeful message for me is that some of us from this last few Generations you know that I’m I’m near Sam’s age and I was again I was a Survivor I came born into a world where I was victimized as a child so you know I would love to see people from going back to this specific event understand that no some of us were like the ones who stormed the beach at Normandy I mean some of us have been kind of puts you crucibles and in some weave had to struggle really hard to make it one day at a time and I just don’t I really feel like the the there’s nothing to be cynical about here this is a time to look Beyond and see look into the future and see the beauty that the symbols the signs the the indicators of a more like coming in more Darkness being dissolved by more beautiful design light and that’s a current that can be tapped into more easily now I believe then I don’t know if you know what to compare to certainly the Dark Ages certainly the the Nazi era mean there is knowledge is information we have this Global interconnected information feminine way of accessing information and all of the limitations of patriarchal Dominator culture are starting to be dissolves and yeah I just I just feel the Beauty and the grace of the future and opportunity that this is to really connect and so I mean when you when you were saying that it sounded hard to me and maybe those people were going to hear that oh you got to connect yourself to people that feel there’s nothing in there it’s just the voices that tell me to harm myself and others there’s nothing else in there what so maybe the next question is practic the Practical aspect some of the tool kits that you have some of the time trick teachings that you have that are the first aid kit if you will have time to practice is for emergency psychological you know situations where okay I mean Nam myoho renge killed you could say that’s influenced certainly by various strands of Tantra and I know people who bet is they’re saving grace in traffic in grief and breakups in Job Lots getting 5 and whatever and so that’s one example so what would be some some helpful stuff that you would recommend as far as well what about the person who you know I’m saying or going thin connect with that Source but would have been in there in that space is voices telling you to kill yourself that’s a good question and that’s where that’s the time to reach out that’s that’s not the time to try to do a contract specially if they don’t know what time practice that’s the time to reach out that’s the time to reach out for the medicine man The Medicine Woman there that the the Heat or the therapist or a psychiatrist that’s the time to 2 to really reach out and get help right as I know of a master incredilag I will ask to have to call my grand master teacher in the area spirituality who is master quite a few areas including the mental Mastery the cuz I believe that’s the three areas of Mastery is the mental Mastery money Mastery in the section psychosexual messed it all just being able to take him to Reliance son just really and I’m not going to say his name right now but he is here on planet Earth and he is here and before he shifted into doing predominately spiritual helping people to evolve spiritually he was a well-known iatrist and now they’re well-known psychiatrist but a very successful in a steam psychiatrist and he said when he when people walk into the door and sometimes it’s office and especially the children bring their children doing horrific things are experiencing horrific terrorist we could see he could see the spiritual negative entities that were affecting them whether they were children or teens by teens and adults but most of the people most of the adults most of the parents prefer to Medicaid the child or the team or take the medication rather than to deal with what was going on spiritually and so the spirits said to him with you you know him is his guys if you can do this the easy way or the hard way which you rather help people you know the easy way or the hard way so you said what is he when he said where the hard way will be during Cycle Therapy not took me a psychiatrist easy way would be helping their souls to evolve and creating tools that will help them and and showing them their Divinity and helping them to get there so he’s been pretty successful at that never did start with Tantra is Tantra I mean when we talkin about * 4 that’s 3 secret one in here in the west most people don’t understand it’s a place to start because that energy for Life Force energy if it’s if it’s if it’s not monitored and diet it or Master correctly it actually can negatively affect someone so someone’s having in our society we call a mental illness or challenges with suicidal ideation I would never give them a tantra practice I just wouldn’t stop there I wouldn’t if I like when I have clients and those on mentoring actually do a diet whole diagnostic where are you know what I want to know how they’re doing in their mental medication are they seeing the therapist and the energy coming through the life force energy does coming through with these practices that is responsible for insulin over to the other end of the side to create something negative I want to be able to bring them into a balanced force falls under a psychiatrist out of my sphere of influence how do I say in stool when I come about 2 or so a person who there’s a meditation that I highly recommend or those two want to real does all the energy on the truck, cuz we have a lots of them that we’ve experienced in a lifetime whether we were sexually abusing that we’ve experienced a lot of trauma just like living on planet Earth, this person actually the psychiatrist actually created a meditation calm and it is a very powerful tool that I have used to get through that suicidal grief and and to clear layers and layers and layers, layers and layers last trauma to come out to the place where oh my gosh it doesn’t affect me anymore I’m not triggered by it I can go on I don’t need to tell us that story and it works on the the the level of a mental emotional physical energy so the energetic the Mets won the most wanted physical energetics subconscious energetic State and and it guides you through for about an hour and I’m just so impressed with it that I I actually recommend it to those are working with and so is it so if Brooks on different levels because the energy of trauma we know is epigenetic it comes through the genes you alluded to that earlier it’s genetics just like physical has brown eyes and brown and and it comes through and through genetics, the energy of the programming of it in our DNA and then we have the programming that we receive in a lifetime early on from anything that may have, ties this is how we have all these layers that need to be cleared and we’re not aware that that is what’s affecting us in this lifetime and guiding us the release meditation is Sakura and so that’s where I start people because I also have a gift on on a type of gift to go in holographically and clear the energy of the Hologram of trauma and summer package I help people. We’re so those are some tools that I use and then if a person is balanced so maybe not found was full of say a person is at that place where okay I’m I need a little extra help no I’m not suicidal and yet something’s not working maybe I still have an addiction like a porn addiction or ill this pattern to Howard relationships this way of thinking that so then I give them if they’re ready for us I give them a practice that actually activate for the women the clitoris the energy in the clitoris and it and it actually connects to Pine meal plans and there’s this powerful practice of where the energy goes up the spine to the pineal gland and it actually is acting in her and Rita we know about the Emory to that shoots out but there’s actually an inner Amrita that actually begins to clear and dissolve the patterns of limitations list Fox and rabbit step that practice is very very very effective but actually cleared me from horn the picture I had a phone addiction of trial and and it wasn’t like flaring all the time it’s just that it was there I am I going to do what is this and when I Mary Magdalene gave me this practice is gone I mean literally gone because my own internet in a sacred sexual alchemy that I that I have engaged and that I practice and I noticed that as I was doing that I no longer felixson I no longer have the thoughts in the imagination that is very effective is gone so there’s a Alchemy and four men or women is from the clitoris connecting for the Clippers to Pioneer for the men of course is connecting to the energy at the base of the and connecting that energy to the Pioneer is a whole practice that goes with it I’m talking a lot here riveted cell crisis well that’s got me going back to the very beginning of is an orgasmic lifestyle going to make me commit suicide yeah it I mean to I just say a few things that I suppose then this it’s all of our birth rights to explore our private personal sexuality and to find age-appropriate consenting sane human beings to explore and share the energy with and if it wasn’t demonized by established religions and Cults really there would be no hindrance to it and it would be just a an Ambiance of orgasmia. And that’s something I like one of my attacks treatment towards said basically there’s if you look at it sort of like archaeology and anthropology and eras you could say that before the for patriarchal civilization emerged around 5,000 years ago every culture was tantric in the sense that if you look at it is living in celebration of the gifts of the body and experiencing pleasure to the body without repression or or denial is that gift then every culture was by that definition tantric and only a few anti pleasure cultures have developed an enveloped all of the naturally country coaches that were living orgasm so the The Narrative around does this mean that Tantra doesn’t work or because you know it’s it’s a I would say country got her this far and that is a lot farther than most people with that level of trauma make it and we need to applaud her and take care of her daughter and I believe her son and be there for her close friends and family and where is her father is he alive I don’t know anything about that another so everybody wears her father where is the accountability and the Tribunal for perpetrators and predators around the world you know for me this is fuel to the fire because I want to see the people who believe in Tantra as a practice in a past 2 to cure pedophilia 2D possess human sexual predators of entities that have come to Earth to harm children because their mothers are at work forced to not breastfeed for up to five years on demand forced to turn their back on their children in a time where that is not a wise decision for a mother to make and I can tell you all about it I mean some before I get back on a soapbox to call to action for me at this point you know to wrap up my thoughts for this for this discussion of talking is really that to you know she’s she’s a hero she still a hero what can we do to mitigate the pain and suffering of her immediate family what can we do to the you know it’s it’s a what is the word it’s a it’s murder I believe she was murdered by her father let’s put it that way can we just say it like that I mean I’m going to say it like that it was a curse a long-term slow-acting murder curse that he was not even really truly consciously aware of there are men on this planet who are conducting black tantric ritual sexual abuse ceremonies that really intentionally know what they’re doing psychologically and they have that mental insight and there are people who are just totally possessed and have no clue and I don’t know where her father wasn’t at Spectrum but it’s a slippery slope when you give the male EGO power and authority to make rules about sex it’s just a bad idea and cultures who knew that and figured that out made people called priestesses kind of Elder council’s of women be the adjudicators in the designers of human sexual energy flow it’s not a big mystery so I’m going to and weather in a wrap of my thoughts on this is you know what I think about Entre into to the person who is wondering if their orgasm is going to lead to suicide Chris Paul most likely not however there’s a lot of where’s your mental state know it’s going to lead you to that place so great Bliss connecting you deeper to the divine in my experience Heavens open and Angels come we get to dissolve the masks that were wearing and see god and goddess within one another we have greater Financial abundance moral alignment greater alignment to the universal laws which are beautiful and Powerful and we can say that the the gardens become Greener and the land is happier families become one Harmony there’s an end the healing that is actually happens to the person within her own body that the beautiful healing that happens in a person’s body a woman’s body a man’s body energy flow that happens between a better-informed trick Union and able to move this beautiful life force energy back so far from heart to genitals from genitals to heart and all the flow of energy does sweeping up to the Piney land and activating all the spells in the DNA antibody and how dare we cut that off and suppress it and and because the society we have we have done that too many degrees and still no most likely you have an orgasmic experience and greater orgasms is not clinic cause you to commit suicide explain to amplify your life and looks great oh my gosh. I know that I like to just share that if anyone doesn’t want to reach out to me you know I have a website is www.mohela.com that’s a y a n n a m o j i see, I’m also very active on Facebook and so I have a personal page of a fan page and I have a group called Priestess of power and wealth so you can invite her to join us for the women and I do honor and love and respect and deeply loved my brothers and salute them and celebrate them thank you so much I really appreciate everything that you said and again holding space for some I feel like I was able to refine and and and do a better a better job of making some of my more extreme feelings more accessible and in in a better language way so your instinct to give it a second time by second chance if it was a good call and I feel very very blessed and in this moment and I think we will save lives and more safe and see if more and more lives discussion and always honoring in in in cherishing the heroism Psalm Isadora yeah song I wasn’t Dora and you know she’s a seed that fell to the ground and that seed fell on good soil and is now taking route is germinating and there are many many others who will come after her and and people are awake even more awake because of it even though there’s a shock there more awake and then wondering about what this is all about and even today I was like saying to Psalm Isadora I did it all cuz I communicate with the other side all the time 2000 schedule an appointment and in that moment I said Thank you so miss adoro thank you for the work that you have done thank you for being a Pioneer thank you for sure as far as you could heal thank you for taking this to the next level thank you for the many many lives that you have touched and will continue to touch and I want to say to you thank you been cuz I don’t know much about you but just a little bit that you’re sharing I am absolutely sure that you hold a safe container for people to heal and I do the same thing and so here we are you know having gone through what we’ve gone through and we’re in this position now humbly in the humble cuz I gave it humbles like humbly holding a space for men and women to heal and to grow it’s not just to heal is not just the surviving and healing it’s like thriving and creating this most magnificent expression of the Design Memphis that lies that we can create your own planet Earth because you been because you cuz you’re taking y’all in that container in your taking them through and now they get to to Blossom and now they get to purposely create what they’re called to do and this what I do beautiful but thank you for that acknowledgement is totally mutual and I just see I want to say have a great day and we will be in touch. You take care by the way thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Rancho Park. Com

Understanding Sexological Bodywork with Dr. Victoria Reuveni TPP106



In this episode I’m joined by Dr. Victoria Reuveni, a highly experienced and accomplished sexuality educator and healer. We explore the ins and outs of sexological bodywork, some of the bottle-necks of the practice, and compare notes on how we would like the field of hands-on sexual healing grow and evolve as it reaches and helps more and more people and gains more momentum and recognition in all of it’s diverse modalities.

Please visit her website at:

Dr. Victoria Reuveni, DHS, CSB, ACSI, is a Los Angeles-based sexological bodyworker, sex educator, and coach working with individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate going deeper in erotic embodiment and self-acceptance through mindfulness, breath work, and touch. She blogs about sex, kink, gender, and body image and reviews sex toys.

Victoria is a board member and educator with the Center for Positive Sexuality, speaking on panels to university students and professionals about kink/BDSM, nonmonogamy, and sex work.

She has facilitated over thirty Orgasmic Yoga circles, including a six-week series and monthly circles in Los Angeles, a three-evening mini-series in 2016 in Sacramento which will be reprised in June 2017.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved’s welcome to Township hunting podcast episode number 106 I am here with Victoria the sexologist Vixen and she’s got an amazing array of qualifications as a sex. One of the most comprehensive personalities I’ve yet discovered and then she’s really skilled in a number of modalities sexual healing and Bodywork modalities that have been touched on before I say briefly in the past and past episodes and so this is going to be a real treat to be able to go and deeply explore some of you some very cutting-edge sexuality and sexual therapeutic modalities out there so give us an introduction tell us about how you achieved all these great things and what your life has been like and what you’re offering now and what’s what’s next to chat so I wouldn’t say that when I started on this past that I knew I’d be touching people and helping them for pleasure and things like that but I guess growing up I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household upbringing I went to Orthodox Jewish schools through 12th grade but also I was raised living in West Hollywood California open this happening around me but also not so much opportunity around sex positivity and things like that so that was super interested and then fast forward to my undergrad I found out that I was a Psychology major and I noticed I was taking a few classes that were we call it part of the requirement to meet for human sexuality minor so I was like okay I’m actually super interested in this I think at the time I’ve been listening to a couple podcasts and my appetite you know was was like open and ready as hungry for kind of anything and so yeah I went sort of down that human sexuality minor and start of by the time maybe like what he called like within like a semester or two before I was graduating of the kindest abandoned this whole psychology side of things is like too much and I at that point I knew I did not want to go into practice or like having to diagnose people or pathologize people in it’s a it’s kind of a mess but anywho after I graduated I didn’t really know where my path is going to take me knowing that I didn’t want to become a psychologist and so I was looking into programs that had human sexuality like doctorates or or Master’s programs things like that and through whole series of events and searching and being rejected from universities which happens and turn out to be blessings in Disguise I went to The Institute in San Francisco and was working on my doctorate in human sexuality was just I was qualified not if you did see but more it’s a DHS sexuality which was very much more about experiential learning and challenging by season and preconceived notions and things like that rather than necessarily academically rigorous which suited me just fine like all of them work with masturbation but there was a chunk of that but definitely a lot more like reading and dust exposure to some amazing amazing resources to be videotaped all their lectures like from like the 70s so even though I didn’t get to see people in person but I got to feel like Weird Al Pomeroy who is Kenzie’s right hand person so there’s a really phenomenal much has to be exposed to and and also coming into things eBay stuff so around the time I was working through my doctorate they had an offering for psychological Bodywork training which at the time I intended to take because I was thinking well I’m kind of leaning towards going until like coaching kinds of things and and you know hoping to work we know one-on-one or maybe with couples are groups or various configurations like that but how dare I someone who’s hoping to teach or work with folks around pleasure or overcoming sexual concerns how do how do I even touch that or you know work with that if I have no understanding of of the body and the body can do so I just took that as sort of adding to my toolbox I was kind of no intention to to use it and I even going through the at home training in the first portion of of of the training I have a bit of resistance and I was like I don’t want to find peoples buttholes and massage buttholes so difficult you know if you like critical dragged my feet even though I was very like conscious of the fact that I paid to do this and then we had our in-person intensive part of the training real work done each other and some kind of lightbulb rice which kind of turn on for me and I’ll actually complimented on my touch which was like kind of huge and revelatory and so kind of from there I’ve my focus has been more on sex logical Body Works and trying to delve more until like expanding pleasure sides of things a little bit more than overcoming concerns per say although that is no the other side of the coin and then the orgasmic yoga portion of my recent stuff that I’ve been doing is that when we were going to the training for sexological Bodywork we did we were exposed to through some of the videos and things we had to watch and some of the end part of it was that when we were we will start our days each day during orgasm and so it was like there’s there’s nothing that will compare to being in a room with 20 something people of all different ages and genders and presentations and orientation Court being a note constantly and Body in touch as happening like 10 hours a day for 2 weeks but I I love the practice and I want to try to encapsulate at least a little tiny nugget I can share with folks and I found through somewhat consistent practice of this all so that I’m able to tap into my own like authentic glasses and nose and it’s been really really amazing to like BB and ion process and hold other people’s process used process used throughout and so those are kind of the two things I do I also sporadically blog really bad about consistency and I review sex toys sometimes yes consistency is a thing but yeah that’s kind of me in a nutshell okay so great so how did people or what what do you mean offerings then in your your location and, if you were doing a promo piece what was you what would you like people to to know about what you have to offer so I am based out of Los Angeles and I have been holding orgasmic yoga circles between one and two. Like one or two a month for the past few months said love for folks to know check that out through my website and find out more it’s not for everybody but super edgy so Mike I got it but there’s a form their questions and I kind of like four people through that I don’t have a current date yet on my calendar yet for that but possibly another one at the end of April I just had one this Tuesday so I still haven’t attacked that down yet to see and yeah just one-on-one or or partnered or couple’s sort of Hands-On work if that feels right or just coaching some people just don’t have a space and Sara Lee to talk about sexuality or like what’s going on with them and so I feel like I’m kind of you know I’m a dork I feel like I’m pretty approachable and I’m goofy and I don’t claim to like have all the answers that will solve all things but I think a big part of what I do is in permission giving and giving people options who’s who doesn’t love option Hawaii have or when you can head and right on well that’s that’s wonderful so Yaz mentioning before that 6 logical body work has been near and dear to me through various friends and colleagues and I feel like this would be a great opportunity if you were if you’re interested to kind of give an overview of what the training is what you know about the background and and how it really stands out is a very unique opportunity for people in the sex industry for people who are in the therapeutic industry and in feels it’s a really amazing sort of under under what would it be I would like you to have to have more people to have way more understanding awareness that this is that this option exists and it’s really it’s been it’s kind of underground as a practice compared to many other modalities that are getting a lot of press in a lot of you know just people that are hip to a lot of other offerings but this is something that is could be the most pivotal and impactful for anyone and everyone is certainly people who are doing with drama and survivors so yeah with that said if you could just introduced that years ago like around this time so like in the spring so but my recollection of it is correct it came kind of from I stink like Body Electric sorts of a community I don’t know if you know about them but they’re very much like a rhotic embodiment practice and I think the focus is more on on men but they might be bringing more women stuff now I’m a little fuzzy on that and I don’t want to speak totally I’m incorrectly but I think it’s kind of weird that started I’m Joseph Kramer was one of the biggest I think people behind that and yeah we still have some of his old videos or just pretty fun and so the the whole thing behind it is that you know talk sorts of therapy can kind of only go so far the super valuable and I know I couldn’t you just that which is obviously, I I I chose not to go down that path but there’s so much learning and wisdom that can be found sabbatical you know in the body and because of you know various laws and all these other sorts of red tape and things a lot of talk therapists can’t do touch so I think it would be valuable and this is actually one of the things I’m kind of envious about intern like in comparison to surrogate partner therapy wishes that they work in a triadic model with you know the practitioner and a therapist and the client where the start of sex logical body workers are kind of on their own kind of would be nice to have some folks like me that way but you been on that for just a second cuz I I like that word yet so if I’m if I’m assuming an understanding correctly a triadic model so that’s where four if if you were a sex surrogate it’s allowed legally and I don’t know how many states are jurisdictions but it exists as a as a legal serve certification or role that you can have so that you can actually have full on sexual intercourse if you were referred by a by a state licensed psychotherapist to have that experience as part of your treatment plan and so is that what you mean by the Triad there’s like a kind of a free-floating and sex prescription 6 a.m. constant check in with the person who is also working through whatever it is you know Siri talk to or talk modality and then having sort of accountability system happening all things are being communicated but also I mean sex doesn’t always necessarily happen in that space and if it does it’s usually the last thing and a lot of cases I’m totally going off on a tangent but it is different from a good point to make is that a lot of times in Insurgent work it’s more fun working like with intimacy and so being able to feel like a real late with another person and kind of creating sort of our world kinship for this. Of time with you know a beginning middle and an end and it’s kind of structured in a certain way and yes you know sex whatever penetration might happen but that’s way way down below and I think that’s not that’s not something but usually known or is not understood you’re saying that the the The Stereotype from the outside is that you’re illegal sex worker who has sex for money that’s legal but what you’re saying is actually that’s either a small part of it or maybe not even necessarily has to happen but it’s it’s it’s allowed to happen legally for late cuz for some people maybe they they have trouble you no talking to the the gender person that they are attracted to their have trouble you know like holding hands or making whatever the moves are or or I gave thing or any of these things and I could be a huge sources of anxiety and so having this sort of very structured safe space to practice these things is super valuable like no one teaches anyone to be sexually literate we just hope you know hey you turn 18 in magical you’re supposed to know how to do all these things that we haven’t ever talked about them right cuz you know teenagers turn on it or not you know they’re not sexually a conversation or able to do things actually happen before we before we go for it this is really just really exactly what I was hoping to find out so I appreciate it yet by all means take your time with it with everything so what is would so crucial to me in in in this these understandings is how the logic of the patriarchal institutions of government and morality and I’m Center he actually what precedents there are to build new policy on in and what does I know you’re not actually a lawyer you’re operating in in in territories that lawyers have been fighting on the front lines of and there’s been a lot of it we’re all standing on the backs of giants from all of the precedent setting cases that have happened so that we want we want it I’m not I’m not expecting you to go into all that stuff but I have one question which you may or may not have any reason to to have an answer to but it’s I’m super curious now as we’re going into the surrogate discussion a little bit is are there health insurance programs that cover the the therapy that there that the truck that that triadic model of accessing services for mental health or is it totally not covered yet and I don’t know currently but my my understanding or like my recollection is that no there I don’t think there is much support a connection with like you know mental health jobs at least not in the US I would think and probably I could be totally wrong and I hope people will correct me because I’m open to learning and you know knowing but and that’s also becomes a thing that’s a huge problem in terms of just you know health and mental health in all these things that is it’s the services that maybe are available or difficult for folks who don’t have resources and can you know if you don’t have you know if you can’t pay for the services cuz it’s one thing to maybe go to a therapist or maybe one thing to go to a body worker but then you’re paying for two Services if it’s can be costly and you know I don’t want to put any of my fellow folks out of out of work but it’s it’s this whole I don’t know like House of Cards in a way we’re like we don’t we don’t have these conversations or we shut sexuality down like four entire lives and then it just becomes whole other thing where you need to find services to have outlets in and learn and explore in at least four things well thank you. That was that was kind of what I feel like this is where this is an edge for growth where people who are you know coming in to do with fresh energy and resources and you know will power and who can actually say wow well there’s got to be a way to to make the make these healing modalities more accessible because it’s some point I think we’ll be able to prove that if you sell people’s sexual issues than every other mental illness just instantly evaporates for is at least a lot easier to manage it could be that means there’s a lot and we totally will get sidetracked on this but I think there’s definitely the other issue of mainstream mental health maybe is not so sex positive so you might happen to be like kinky and you’re going in to see you know what therapist for depression they’re like well obviously you’re depressed because you’re doing the you know wacky things are you want to go to dungeons but meanwhile I was like no no like I’m actually just depressed and it’s a problem I don’t even know how to begin this early to unravel but yeah I like the way he called the boundary sort of are around meaning and what is cuz it’s addressing all these things were talking about so yeah but yeah so the training was over several months and there was an at-home abortion where we had videos and various readings we had to do and we were we had a check in you know you know through a forum and all that kind of stuff so we were kept on task and so we had to like work on ourselves or work fine folks to work on and then later we had a man in in person intensive training where we basically went through all of it we had just done but together in a group and I totally like I’m not doing it justice because we were super embodying like we were consoling touching each other in these various you know with basically within the same containers we would do so sex logical body work is done it is 1 way touch so practitioner touch his client client does not touch the practitioner the practitioner is closed and we use gloves for any genital work so that’s not the same like the work isn’t super intimate because hey you might be naked and guy in touch and also working through concerns are discovering new things about yourself and your pleasure and Regina Simmons and all these different things as compared to like something like a surrogate work it’s it’s less intimate because we’re there as petitioner sort of to be like the vehicle I would say help sort of reframe and reflect and give permission to the folks who come to see us yeah so we would we did this sort of you know several Hands-On sessions every day for like about 2 weeks like super and body like wow and then following that we had to go in fine folks to work on and I think like the main purpose of that and it might have may have changed in the four years since I went through the training I think the structure is basically the same is mainly we want to try to work with clients and also like create like a structure where it’s like multiple sessions over time cuz certainly can get a lot of learning from one session but as much as we want to be like in some gratification like cool I’m fixed or you know the shift might not be after the Quinn sessions so you might need a minimum of three to start seeing different things moving shifting and learning from your body Okay so what were some of the I mean with this sounds it’s funny cuz it sounds like this training is it would be for a lot of people the first time that they’ve engaged in any kind of group sexual activity and Maybe not maybe that’s wrong maybe most people have already come from pretty liberated background but it’s very interesting to me Imagining the what kind of what kind of Transformations were happening just in that that classroom environment I have I can just imagine that some people would be experiencing their own hulings and having explosive Transformations happening just right there and probably what was it what was it like to be in at the Academy of sexual healing with yeah I can I can only really speak to my own experience in that but to see like all the different sorts of bodies definitely ask someone who is fat and has been fat their entire life it’s it was super empowering to see if they’re all different shapes and sizes and you know levels of firmness or not in all these different bodies and guess what they all can experience you know yummy feelings so yeah I might not be maybe like in love with or accepting of the fact that my belly is not you know whatever but hey it’s soft and it feels it is ticklish and all these different like other things I like Jeremih. Myself in any way interested in this washboard abs for all gen I’m not going to wait till like Beavis someone’s arbitrary ideal you know I can be in my body now and I think that was probably the biggest takeaway and that’s not to say that like I don’t have dark days sometimes we’re just like but nothing fits and clothes don’t lay right or just my body is it may be selling the way I’d like it to or pain or whatever but the more I work on this in the more I practice in the more I try to at least be accepting if not loving of my body is a whole then like those dark moments they they become easier to overcome and there’s kind of a shorter shorter up moments and time rather than just constantly spiraling so that’s probably my biggest takeaway cool so then I know it’s a very strict protocol for a lot of these boundaries and a lot of the accountability and the sort of mindset that you want to be approaching a client with do you want to talk a bit about those those boundaries for you keeping projections encounter projections and transference and all these sort of catchphrases of classical therapeutic modalities how how you how that was addressed and also the the Aftercare which is so I think neglected in a lot of just it’s just I feel after care is in across many different modalities it’s it’s neglected in an underemphasized so I’m curious to see how you all doing with that really on top of your game as as a sex illogical bodyworker you’ll call it out from the get-go on particular should know that you’ll have I think many multiple sessions with a client you might call it out and be like hey there might be a little bit of transference and know that this is because we’re in the space but on this is very much about you and your your processing and you’re learning so if I think I should really on your game you’ll just call it out I don’t think I’ve really seen a lot of that in my in my practice and also like I’m I I mean I explain like what what goes on in the boundaries of you know gloves and 1 way touch and bean clothes that’s like always out there and I always talk about consent I always have a consent exercise that is a little more in-depth like it for our first our first Hands-On session but I make sure to point out that yes even though we know you’re here to do this thing and we want to do Hands-On work together you are at twice the entire time I don’t want you to sit there and take it and if something’s I’m comfortable if for whatever reason you need to stop to find the language that works for you if it’s like get your hands off me or you know please can you remove your hands or if you know can you like press harder here or later there or whatever like I want that open communication and I do also do check-in look as we go and I I don’t want this early to be like constantly chattering on the table because then they’re not necessarily sinking in and focusing on what’s going on for them somatically so there’s a this fine balance of checking and seeing like how’s it going so far in like what’s going on for you and you thought or any modifications you might need but also like I really want them to check in on them breathing I want them to be focusing in as being as present as possible also don’t want them to like not being the space I was like Hey Oh I have to do what my laundry later for her it’s a lot of stuff so the way I build it is I will have like a chat before hand and make sure you check in on things you want to work on her different sorts of things we want to do or things a week near totally are off the table for that day and we do the session it’s not always Hands-On by the way like my my stuff is very flexible in that way and folks can also choose to be like fully undressed or or not I had arranged as well cuz I want to meet people where they’re at I don’t want them to come to me like oh wow I’m supposed to be fully nude relaxed okay like we can meet you where you are cuz I don’t want to like traumatize our reach home at has anyone again the whole thing of consent so we do that session and then we have time at the end part 1 is savoring so we let the person just kind of be their hands and I kind of like you know they are like my sweet like holding space for them to marinate for like 5 minutes or so without judgment and hopefully like maybe you think sinking in a different way then when hands are directly on them and then after that we know if we were undressed or whatever we going we chat for when I don’t see how that was how I’m like what what what they may have wanted more or less maybe like the headlight bulb moments you know throughout the about the process yeah so that’s kind of how how my sessions tend to go and it’s it’s kind of difficult to say like all I always do this for always do that I think because every person is different and everything they come to see me with might be different mainly it’s about like definitely like about breasts and and checking on your breathing because so often we don’t we don’t consciously breathe everybody knows I say that on my friend phone down and yeah just like this like practice of noticing also is is super interesting to me and like noticing and not necessarily having to do anything about if it’s like oh hey like what’s going on in your pinky toe okay it’s kind of goofy but it’s right on so then when a person has a session and they get sent on their merry way are there is there like a Aftercare list of things to be aware of family and you instruct them to take B have a journal so they can take notes if things come up if they want to remember afterwards or or any any kind of instructions like what you call it a discharge sheet or whatever they would do at a hospital or something I haven’t had that yet maybe I need to but I kind of just depends on the person maybe they just need more resources because maybe the work we did was fine but maybe they need something else I’m in addition to that so I would give them resources for example if they needed more like what do you call it more of a reciprocal touch or something maybe I prefer them to like a cuddle event because like I’m touching you but you’re just kind of being there and it might not it’s just not exactly the same sort of experience so of classes play we have so many so many resources that we shouldn’t take for granted or they might naturally gravitate towards that but I I I also sometimes they like homework lowercase age cuz I don’t want people to be like for those kind of things so I want people to connect in a way that works for them can ice I would say also that my practice even though I’ve been kind of at this for 4 years is still really new and I haven’t had enough of an experience really to like how to complete exact formula so I’m like super flexible I’m depending on on the person I always leave it open-ended of like you know please reach out to me if you have you no questions or like concerns your freaking out or I’ll try to be as supportive as I can I say that also with my students as well I don’t want people to think like a cool we did this thing for a few hours and now what but so if people take me up on it I’m totally there but I can do Yeah OK Google will another another question would be sweet I think you we touched upon earlier that you wouldn’t necessarily expect that a sex let’s go bodyworker would have a someone in the role not necessarily a nurse practitioner who is officially trained but someone who is there to just be a witness to hold space in a more kind of new-age sense or or receiving her practical sense of making sure there’s water making sure the temperature is you know you don’t have to get up and change the room temperature if the person’s not comfortable or something so is that something that is built into the program or not so much for something that you would hope that you would have eventually and it’s just not it’s cost-prohibitive or that would be super cool. Like teams of people but now it’s all just me and hopefully I don’t have to like get a lien on it with like coconut oil drenched hands or something like still with stuff I try my best in the Hands-On sort those scenarios to have everything within you know I like a quick trip around the table kind of walking distance you know and I think we’ve had to have like a blanket or like a sheet that’s long enough so that we can drape over if someone needs that I recommend wearing socks sometimes that helps with body temperature I mean I think most people are so sadly unfortunately embarrassed and ashamed about being just naked let alone naked and being stimulated so there’s so many barriers to being fully just relaxed and comfortable just being naked let alone like I said being to having everything and it’s been happening but I think in a perfect world it would be more conducive to I guess best medical practices in in in general looking at that model to have there be support staff who you if you have to press an emergency button they come running in you know or if you have to you know if there’s if there’s a Medicus I’ve seen things in the in my non-certified sexological Bodywork practice that can sometimes make you want to push a panic button of some kind so that’s I guess the question would be what if someone said hey can I you know you can even recommend but we’re just explore this save this this notion that if if there were more money if there were more money in the practice or let’s say in your bank account then you could hire staff as part of your practice or you can say something like if you have a trusted friend who you could bring or a partner or somebody who can be there and sign a release form or some some sort of paperwork that you know gives them a bit of an orientation but then they could be the emergent like the live emergency contact in the session with them I mean that seems like maybe a perfect world scenario and like it’s hard because most people they don’t want anyone else to see what they’re about to go through they don’t know what it’s going to be like 2 so there’s that too so just thoughts on on these because we are sometimes we don’t even like if it’s a partner person they might not even the partner may not even know that they’re coming to see me which is the whole sandwich like you know I can’t I don’t want to judge but also it’s like I like and also like that that’s not quite related but this time John told that like if you can’t if your partner in your coming to see me and you can’t really talked about the fact that you’re coming to see me and then suggestions I give you my dear Aliyah till I bringing this up with your partner and they can’t sell seems like I so limited like how I can help you if you can’t no breach that like that divides like I can’t unless I’m going to come home with you and Mike have an intervention and I think people are going to do but I think it would be kind of cool to be able to have like I don’t know even like a like a resource or something where I could be like hey if you’re having this reaction that I could you know I don’t know call in the sex positive whatever EMT I don’t know that is not a thing that any of his every need guy so I don’t really have a good answer for that yeah I was just curious if you if you have fuel that paying you know that that it would be in a perfect world it wouldn’t be so taboo it wouldn’t be so we wouldn’t be so legally limited and so financially limited to do what feels right and I’ll be nice as much as hey why this is important work how do you do it right well you know you really are serious let me let me list everything that could be optimized about it because I think the time will come when people look up to people such as yourself and they want to change the policy and change the you know everything from the laws to the health insurance programs and and all of that and diversion program certainly for perpetrators to get this work done and other types of sexual healing modalities there a lot of victims of trauma and abuse and misuse it’s important to include people who just have never had orgasm especially women during sex or no said I would consider that not necessarily directly a form of abuse that cause that and in all cases but really miss you soooo is another term that kind of expands the the range of what people are dysfunctional sexually about are the causes of it so I just wanted to put that in the sidebar but the question I have is it for the inquiry here is that a lot of this work is being done for victims of abuse and misuse and I don’t know if yet there is a a real massive campaign to Market this work for perpetrators to get treatment and I don’t know if the let me know would like to see a world where people who are doing this work or so disgusted and fed up by the Mount of sexual violation that’s happening in the caseloads that we all have that we actually want to go after the root source and it end and deal with the predators in the perpetrators of all kinds and so proactively Market to them and Market to the criminal psychiatrist in Market to the Social Service nonprofits that are working to rehabilitate and all of those even the even the that the the religious what do you call in The Minister’s that work in the prison so you know I mean it it’s there so many different people who are trying to address the issue of Rehabilitation perpetrators and they don’t even know this kind of work exists I have no idea about it so there’s that potential for people in the field to 22 / actively seek clients you know in that sense as a business strategy of all things if not just out of the compassion for their victims that they work on it is also the potential of there being political pressure to say you don’t get to go back into the general population as a citizen as a sex offender unless you have gone through this type of purging and this is the closest form of a medical sexual sort of exorcism if you will that currently exist and everything else is way out there on the fringes so this could be a real powerful piece and so I’m just wondering now you know having laid out that you know this this sort of this inquiry if have yourself worked on anyone who would self-identify as having harmful parafilias or being a sex offender if whatever kind and if if so with what you have to say about that and if not if you know any colleagues and have that cuz I think that’s really where the research should be done you know so we can go after the root of the problem and not just be you know putting Band-Aids on it one person at a time so that’s my PSA right there if I have I’ve nuts never been something that was disclosed to me by a client so that’d be difficult to stay I do think that this is a valuable segment of where some of this work could go and definitely more needs to be looked into seeing how we could reframe this in a more yeah more of a rehabilitation sort of sort of a context I’m also not familiar with people who are doing this work and not particularly not in looks like a logical Bodywork although that definitely sounds like a valuable thing something in like a corner of my mind that I can’t fully recall is maybe there’s a little bit of research on it and I want to say a friend and colleague of mine doctor DJ WIlliams who is a research director at the center for positive sexuality where I’m a board member and educator has done a bit of a little bit of research at least around totally going to ruin this around like Galaxy Prime something to do with like sexual crimes or something like that I’m not I’m going to try because I’ll totally mess it up but yeah I would definitely encourage folks to look into the Journal of positive sexuality where there’s original research being done around that and that way you can find DJ and his work he’s also an amazing researcher and general I am definitely a little bit out of the loop when it comes to this particular segment of of the broader like sexual healing umbrella but definitely I’d be open to learning more cool thank you for that yeah I’m here just looking for whatever leads and support and yeah broadening the discourse as much as I can and so did for me this this whole podcasts is a ongoing research project so I really value and appreciate everything that you’re sharing and your willingness to open up about these things in it sounds like you’re having a blast and having fun and you’re not but do you have what would be some advice that you have as a practitioner to avoid burnout in to do self-care into just make sure that you’re doing your own spiritual energetic hygiene so that you you can continue to be blasting through this stuff and I’m not sure that I have the answer to that cuz I definitely had been feeling a little bit of burnout particularly we didn’t talk about it but that’s totally fine around like the blogging stuff and like sex for a year if you make them just like I don’t want cuz just bodies and thinking critically about things sometimes I’d rather not but definitely like even acknowledging that you know what we might be sometimes the face of these you know how edgy you know sexuality is this like a g thing and we’re supposed to know this word expert actually really gets under my skin I don’t claim to be an expert cuz like I barely know myself I don’t want to claim to know about other people but I would hope that we could recognize that it’s okay to want to not do this for a little while in like that’s why it’s important to have like other interests and hobbies whatever those are and and not necessarily neglect those along the way you know whether it’s like you know going to the theater or getting your manicure pedicure sort of thing or taking a yoga classes are you no cooking or anything like that it’s important to to stay connected to those other things and you know we also so much in the social media world where everything you know we don’t really take photographs or posts things about the difficult the difficult nest and the rough patches and how tired or how much energy your how much work we know we have or don’t have that goes into the other side of the best of everyone just like happy smiling and body face or whatever is lovely more of that but also there are two sides at least two sides probably way more to all of this is that you know yet is a struggle and it is difficult and I mean just for people in this feel that goes really anything which is you know we get so surrounded by these like you know Stepford Wives clink robot you know everything so happy and perky for a lot of people the world is falling apart and sometimes literally so it’s okay to take a breath and take take a break from social media that something I have not yet done as a millennial true to my you know Millennial nature I need to like be tapped in all the time but yeah I think it’s important it’s like take a step back and like look into the other interests you have in your life and not just be like constantly trying to kill ourselves fruit for this so this is all the things that the industrial capitalist imagine that we would be doing with these well with was with however many more than 40 hours a work week it was when there was no child labor laws and when there is no weekend and when it says they had enriching in it sometimes that you know exhilarating it’s very energy-intensive and so these things and other people’s process and it’s it’s a lot and then you have to go and go with your own like whatever you’re going through possibly it’s just it’s so much and practically because Quality Inn Lake Buena conversations around sexuality and gender and everything are at least at least for me I don’t know it’s like I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by this in one way or another that like I can’t I almost can’t let go down the street and like there’s a billboard that I’m just like a rolling my eyes are you know just like why would you choose to do this and this way again who are the people that you’re not targeting we’re having this thing aren’t you know what how how is this Frame do you know Marketing in like what does it say about ideal bodies are ideal sexuality is very stinky and all that is just it’s just marketing and all bodies are amazing and you know just be where you’re at it makes me just realized we live in a trauma soup you know you can’t open your eyelids you can’t wake up and not be traumatized by million things in one day if you’re having to make a living in this world and you don’t have the the freedom and luxury and privilege to go meditate in the caves in the Himalayas do you know you no longer treats and stuff so yeah we certainly salute you in the work that you’re doing and the leadership that you’re you’re taking on and I really appreciate that we’ve gotten to explore some of these issues and feel like this just opens the door for more people who want to step up and you know you could have interns interns could be the ones who come in and don’t ask for money in her willing to just be apprentices and they could do things like change the temperature in the room for you or for the client and so interns you know get on board let’s do this it’s it’s it’s a worthy cause your website and talk about to again just what you have to offer and how people can connect in any any final closing words that you like to share Vixen. V i x e n n e.com I am at Doctor Vixen on pretty much most of social media I’m happy happy to you know how potential clients I don’t sell take everyone but I’m open to at least find enough people reach out to me and I can refer people out is if it’s not too good to say I’m totally okay with doing that for a sex logical Body Works like one-on-one stuff if you want other I’d rather talk about together but like I have done on classes on squirting no demo so it’s not super edgy but Turnigy which is fine and the focus is not so much on gender but about bodies and how how that can happen I also have I will have planned will plan circles in Los Angeles I’m also bringing a little mini series up to Sacramento again at the end of June so Sacramento peeps get in touch no I’m just happy to connect with folks find me on social media and you know I take pictures of my lattes true and any words I guess maybe people who were inspired by what you’re saying and want to get involved you recommend that they save up and and get him or with the trainings that you did and how would you know or donate to different organizations or just you know believes your tax burden we do Outreach education education and we have a research we have our I think it’s now on our third volume of are peer-reviewed real access journal the journal positive sexuality so we definitely we reach people both locally and globally so it’s just it’s so amazing I love the work that we do what else can I would definitely suggest the people at least look into the psychological Body Work Association cuz I mean I’m just in La I know that there are other workers here but they are all over the world their training is all over the world and then also legalities will vary depending on location so I mean the training a super super valuable even if you plan on never using it in your practice like if you just want to know if you are talk therapist and you know there’s all that those boundary things that you have to be mindful of it could be super valuable to just take it not for the certification but just to add your toolbox yeah so yeah that would be really helpful I think also will thank you so much for your time and just have a wonderful day and we’ll definitely be in touch podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at our trip songs. 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Flower Essences for Healing Sexual Trauma with Jane Innmon TPP67


In this episode I am blessed to be joined by Jane Innmon who shares all about healing sexual trauma with flower essences. I’m so grateful to learn about this all natural, down-to-earth healing modality.

Please connect with Jane via here website at: http://www.sweetwaterhealingarts.com

About Jane:
For over twenty five years I have been studying and working with Flower Essences and Vibrational healing and have been fascinated by how effective the Essences are.

Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow ~ has been one of my teachers since 2002. His teachings have helped me as I’ve guided the sweat lodges that were held at my home in Pennsylvania, as well as the lodge just completed at my new home in Tucson, Arizona.

My training also includes a year long bio-dynamic gardening Intensive at Chestnut Ridge NY and training for a year at Sound School in the Peace Chamber at Three Rivers Michigan, with Kay Ferry and Ruth Eichler.

Intuition and deep listening skills are honed by the Sun/Moon Dances I’ve attended since 2003 and the practice of meditation and Chanting in the newly created Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber. I’ve also had the privilege of attending a Ten Moon Initiation facilitated by Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming (2008) and advanced Diva Mentor Training (2010) as well as completing a Shʼti Mer Immersion with Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming in 2011. These experiences and trainings prepare and guide me as I work with women to gently reclaim their power.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 67 I am here talking with Jane Inman and we’re going to learn all about Flower Essences and how they can help with survivors of sexual trauma and Howard Huber’s can can work with that modalities so Jane if you would please tell us a bit about your background how you came to be in the field that you are now gosh I think that the first thing to say that I’m a Survivor as well of sexual abuse and so in my own pasta to reclaim myself I think it’s a good way to put. I looked at lots of different things lots of different spiritual has and I eventually got into it while I I’ve been looking at and working with flower essences for probably 30 years they always fascinated me the flower essences dead and at the potential for healing with them but I also looked at things like meditation lots of different spiritual bodies of work and then of course I think a lot of people who experienced that kind of trauma go through a lot of different things and sometimes it can end up in physical physical stuff to physical problems so it’s a whole wide-ranging body of work or you know what to look at in terms of your own healing especially when that’s what you’re trying to accomplish so vibration fascinates me and so I studied a lot of different things I studied and they don’t seem related in a lot of ways but they are I studied Rudolph Steiner’s work and biodynamic gardening I studied I did sound schools for a year I have a Native American teacher that teaches about sound in sound and vibration and and really how sound can heal and of course the flower essences and lots of other physical things to you no physical ways to heal so I think probably 10-15 years ago I guess I came up on my teacher Joseph right now is work and and as I said he he talks a lot about sound and vibration so I started really studying his teachings and doing the ceremonies which have been instrumental in my own healing so in 2010 we actually moved from the Philadelphia area to Tucson Arizona in order to build something called a piece Sound Chamber which comes from Joseph’s visions of these Chambers being places for people to chant for peace and our chamber in particular I think is a portal for healing they’re all portals all the chambers and there’s many chambers all over the world but I feel like ours particularly is I got the energy of healing and so we moved here in 2012 and we do lots of Ceremonies here that are really really transformational on many levels but in terms of the flower essences the way they work and you didn’t interrupt me at any time if you have a question or you want clarification about something but The Flower Essences are vibrational in nature as well and where do you have sexual abuse or any kind of abuse really disturbs you on many levels and I would say on the emotional mental and spiritual levels particularly and left alone or under unattended you know eventually those disturbances will move into the physical so the flower essences work vibrationally on those levels so each each flower essence has its own kind of signature or healing I guess you could call it as a healing signature if you would or if you want to think about it that way and when you combine them so so let’s back so I can say sometimes when you have abused some people don’t even remember it but it’s in the body right your body remembers in your cells remember and all this kind of things but your conscious mind might not remember so there’s Flower Essences that can help to bring some of that to the conscious mind because if you if you can’t bring it to the conscious mind and can’t really heal it so the flower essences might work that way and restoring restoring the sanctity of the process of your soul in a lot of ways because you’ve had huge violations that kind of abuse and assault Levelland on a spiritual level pretty fractured so the flower essences help with those kinds of issues and they bring a sense of ease and healing when when used well I I use them I usually put them together in combinations absences and I think about it kind of like a like a symphony or piece of music and each Essence works with the other Essences just form a pretty powerful formula that makes sense that imagery in them certainly that flows with the musical serve vibrational theme of it as well so if you were to have like a Astro x-ray glasses or say a third eye Clairvoyant sort of capacity how would you visually sorted describe the the mechanical process of what is it dissolving sort of like stuck or congested negative energy or or oh, the flower we can figure something in the in the astral body in some way like restoring it to its proper symmetry or proper sort of harmonious and times depending on their particular person it might I have in that scene was late at my I have been with the first go-round you know the first set of Essences because depending on the person and how much they remember how much they work through up until then do you know I mean is all kinds of factors involved the first set of Essences might bring it’s like peeling an onion in a way I guess you could think of it that way you might you might we might work with some of the issues that are up at that moment those absences can help to clear those things but then there might be other things that come up underneath of that so for instance couple a month or two ago I worked with a woman who has had really was quite distraught and I put it in s together for her she’s been taking for the last month or so and and recently we just booked an appointment because she said you know all those initial things that she talked about are presented with to me we’re better but now that those things kind of got healed underneath she’s seeing other things that are coming up so it’s a it’s a process healing is a process I mean and it died I would say that you know it’s entirely possible to reclaim your life after something like that and have and have a really good life and have a really fulfilled life but healing doesn’t happen I guess sometimes it does but you know it in my experience anyway it’s it’s a little bit by little bit so is there a kind of like a a scale or Continuum of the intensity of the formulas that you create so it’s kind of like you know as it does its work it gets you make it more potent or is it start out really potent and then taper down or is there any good and I try and give people a heads-up that it might you know be intense you know like I’ll give you an example I have a friend who’s a therapist and she works a lot with people women who have been sexually abused and I made three formulas for her that were you know it meant to be used in order so like you’re saying you know what I mean the first one was really potent than the next ones worked on different issues in the next one after that works on different issues so I was going through something this is couple years ago and I talked to my friend and she said she called The Essence the Roto-Rooter Athens but she’s like I think you need to take the Roto-Rooter license and I said well that’s an interesting thought so I did I started to take that acids and I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried because a lot of old grief is coming out for me and I think God for my husband he had to scrape me off the pavement a few times so it can be like that it can be really intense and then as things kind of resolved you know and maybe you need another Essence for other things that are coming up it could be it could be a little lighter I mean all of the Essences have both qualities if you will because it if you so the stuff might come up but in the essence itself there’s also the flip side the positive side of bringing that person into balance but when we’re going to that process it can be very very intense I always tell people that you know I mean and some people it doesn’t happen like that but it can be very very intense yeah yeah I’m in the in the field of love and healing as well and I feel like it’s really under sometimes it’s really under emphasize that to sort of on Earth or you dig up this material it can be really debilitating for a little while especially you know you may discover things about you maybe it’s kind of like forensics to because if you maybe knew that something might happen and then and then you have to go through like you said kind of purging and processing consciously through what happened I discover that someone that you never would have guessed is the culprit and so you’ve got to deal with that on top of that this really like I feel like it’s some point we’re going to have to get to a point where we’re like insurance companies or the laws allow for some leave of absence from duties at work and in what not this kind of really intense processing yes if you have do you have any recommendations for The Cannery integrating into one’s life after they kind of have to be opened up and then obviously gets you know you can encourage him and gets better over time or it should you know they should get some balance afterwards but what are you going to be in contact with the ground with the Earth than enough you’ve ever heard of our thing but I really believe that’s true biker thing that’s in order to even heal our bodies to sleep well and all that stuff that is the electromagnetic energy of the Earth planet so when you’re in cubicles are in offices or in cars are in front of screens all the time you know we lose contact with that so I would say if somebody is you know going through a really intense time like that at 8 I could be working with a good therapist and that being said there are good ones out there and it’s it’s tough to find a really good one the other thing I will tell people is to work with something called EMDR I don’t know if you know what that is EMDR is a and I don’t know them that detect what does initials mean but EMDR is is a rapid eye movement therapy so you work with a therapist and it’s a very simple technique where the therapist you use sit straight up in the circus is moving their hands like right to last for either left or right as you’re contacting some sort of really traumatic you know something that happened and my therapist explain to me is like a tree can start anywhere on the tree you’re always going to get to the root with EMDR so you can start with any kind of memory that you have and as the therapist is moving their hands back and forth your brain actually gets reprogrammed so you were talking about is there a way to come back to so-so what I think happens when we get abused is all kinds of things get all kinds of Connections in our brains get wired in the wrong way so for instance a lot of times women have been abused become promiscuous because you get the message that your only value for that lets say so when you doing I’m Dr and you working a good therapist they are contacting that emotional trauma but you’re also sing for me the experience was kind of like gears that were a little bit off clicked into place and an overtime you know it can really help to reprogram the brain so depending on what is going on with a person I would I would say you know trying to find a good PR practitioner is is a mirror is miraculous for PTSD and Trauma be outside do simple rituals and do simple ceremonies as much as you can you know maybe maybe maybe make an altar or you create a way for fruit for yourself to come back to Center as much as possible even while you’re going through something that’s really starting things up because you know really and truly we all have that connection to God right we all that’s my belief anyway we all that connection to God and week we can heal from this Josh right so we have to remember and remind ourselves you know in every way that we can he not go out and watch the sunrise or watch the sunset you know drum or rattle or chant you know chanting is is really powerful so there’s a lot of different ways and depending on the person I would make recommendations based on where they were. You know what I mean but those are some of the some of the things that I would suggest and if the person severely traumatized friends Denson hasn’t done any any work at all on recovering from that I would really strongly suggest working with a good therapist now that you know I would like it also work with them with flower essences and other things that I do but I think it’s invaluable to have a good therapist especially if they do an EMDR yes very all these modalities there seem to be very complimentary and and I’m wondering if you have sort of different variable advice for let’s say a person who is very much alone or very much maybe it’s that that wounding that has kept them from intimacy or from being able to receive and then so a person who’s processing this without you know it intimately free shipping and then versus people who are like steak couples or you don’t have access to to that to intimacy of various kinds like you you know it’s wonderful if you have a partner that can be there supportive you know as you’re going through that it’s very very hard for partners to deal with the aftermath of sexual abuse and Trauma because they may not have any clue what’s going on and so it in some instances that might even be detrimental you know if they’re not getting the support they need from their intimate partner so I don’t you know it if somebody really doesn’t have any kind of support system then I would be talking to them about getting one you know it just you you there are obviously support groups and things like that for people who have survived abuse and if they don’t have any intimate friends or friends that they can lean on as they’re going through something like that then I would probably recommend developing doing their best to develop but you’re talking are you talking about like when somebody really isolate it’s hard to that there’s so many different scenarios but there’s ample there’s like they’re just like best practices and considerations that I’ve kind of studied about if you are in a couple partnership you got to be really careful about not forget me not being projected on or projecting so that you cannot contaminate the the relationship and actually if you don’t process that and really you know what wise in conscious way you can end up with like a some of that that the stuff that was buried below the conscious mind that that didn’t really have a clearing yeah it’s it can be too can be pretty devastating when there’s not so there’s a level of training that that is supportive partner would have to go through it and then and then again you could be blessed with somebody who who is just there for you and able able to be present for it you know what I mean but that’s an individual case-by-case thing but in the terms of isolation like if you’re talkin about somebody who has really isolated themselves because of the abuse that’s where the Essences could really come in like you know cuz then you can and I don’t just throw people asking to abandon them I work with them in an ongoing way I work with them pretty intimately when we’re figuring out the first set of Essences and I’m available for follow-up and console you know if they’re going through something really intense but again the Essences could be instrumental in helping a person to come out of a really isolated space yeah this meetup.com exies get a good resource if anybody that is feel isolated to find you know Survivor support groups and also places in nature to go hiking and you know there’s lots of ways to he had to get out there and I like this approach you’re talking about so if I could ask you a bit about the actual process. What what do you do or deserve a person who produces the flower essences what is that process like there’s a lot of Essences that you can buy you know through people like flower essence Society or the bach station now but you can usually find Flower Essences in your house food store so they’re made by those by those companies and by those people but if you want to make your own as just like I would say the flower essence repertoire from the flower essence Society it’s a really good book it’s a really good reference and I think I think there might even be instructions on how to make Essences in in the beginning of that book but that that is a great book for like looking for instance fear let’s say you got a lot of here so you can go to the reception and really identify where that’s with at Sears all about and then you can look up the Essences so somebody could take that kind of book you’d have to have something like that in order to even work with Essences on your own but if you want to make your own absences you would take the flowers you go out in the early early morning when the sun first comes up you have to have a clean clear crystals better but if you don’t have Crystal a glass bowl that is unmarked it’s not got any kind of patterning on it and you would still that with spring water or well being a good good clear water distilled water is fine too and go out to where the flowers are and you might sit for a while with the flowers asking for permission to make the S’s so you want to sit in a respectful quiet way in a meditative space and ask for permission to make the essence then you want to handle the flower as little as possible which can be tricky there’s some some things that I’ve read you know have a little piece pair of silver scissors so that you can snip the flower with a little sour since I’ve never had those I just use my fingers but try to handle the flower as little as possible and you floated onto the Clearwater then you want to put it somewhere where it’s going to be in the direct sunlight and you said it out in the sun you so you still the whole surface of the ball with the flower and you set it out in the sun and you’re going to leave it out there for I don’t know anywhere from two to four hours and when you go back to collect the the actions you would done take the flowers off and that the water has now become infused with the vibration of that flower so then you take that water and you preserve it with brandy and that becomes your mother tincture and I’ll from there you can just use you know let’s say you wanted to make an Essence and he were putting a couple of different Essences together you use a bottle and you would just take I don’t know if 327 drops of the mother tincture into the the stock bottle and that becomes the medicine that you would give to somebody okay well there’s also wait for Woody or plants you know there’s a way to make Essences where you actually do them on them in a pot on the stove okay so boiling in boiling doesn’t destroy the and an NRA and also you could do you can do some in the Moonlight you know you know that you have a different flowers that bloom in the night do you know where any of those are well for instance here and where I live there’s night-blooming cereus that’s a that’s a cactus flower that only blooms at night but there’s other flowers and I can’t get them off the top of my head but that just Bloom at night so in that case you’d want to make it during the night yeah I’m too kind of I guess I guess if you were going to match him up to which one’s Boomin nights and then it wouldn’t really be comfortable but I’m wondering if just in general you’ve had two different different contrast of experiences from the the day of the day time ones in the night time ones are there with the Moonlight and and Essences that you making the Moonlight I mean I love the idea of it and I’m sure there’s a different energy you know I’m not that well versed in the in the Moonlight essences okay it’s so do you want to talk about some of you or your flowers of choice and and how your account for the formulas obviously anything that said you know your secret secret magic I wouldn’t ask you for anything that you’re you’re open to share and I’m curious if there’s any you know kind of concept or theory that you can apply if you’re just doing this you know I’m on the Fly you know me I send them kind of like an intake for an intake form asks lots of questions that seem probably to some people irrelevant I asked him to usually write it out by hand because for me it’s helpful for some others there’s a couple things that are helpful it’s helpful to see what they choose to say okay cuz it has questions about childhood or family of origin there’s questions about what kinds of things are doing currently there’s questions about you know maybe their work or their spiritual practices but then so I asked people to fill that out and then I usually look at that in a lot of detail and really into it that was it and feel into like if they use certain words over and over and over again I’ll pick those words out like they might say the in different parts of the intake that they feel ashamed where they feel you know what’s another way that you might feel if you were sexually abused ashamed fearful afraid of Crye-Leike kind of try to zero in on the primary as you can imagine there can be a lot going on so I try and pull out the things that seem to be the most prevalent in the most up for that person at that moment and it could be different of months from now so and then I work with those primary things that they’re identifying and then I start doing some research but sometimes people can’t I had somebody that just could not she kept trying to fill the form out and she just couldn’t get it together she just couldn’t get it together to write about it and so I just talked to her do you know I mean we did we did an email we talked for 45 minutes or however long about what was going on and I just took my own notes from there so it’s so but it’s helpful to me if people can write because they they have to really think about it and they have to really identify kind of what’s up for them so there are some remedies that I use a lot Missy if I can pull us you the mouth the Pink Monkey flower that’s a flat flower that grows in California pink monkeyflower I use a lot because pattern of imbalance is feelings of Shame guilt unworthiness fear of exposure and rejection hiding the essential cell from others and masking lens feelings and then the positive qualities are emotional openness and honesty and the courage to take emotional risks with others so that’s a remedy that I use a lot see what else is when I really love you see if I can find it. Is one of the if you’re heading like obsessive thoughts and your mind just is running like a like a squirrel in a cage that’s a great remedy for that so depending on what the person presenting with you know I might use that your basanta is one of my favorite one of my favorite favorite remedy is and that the pattern of inbound Stow is constricted feelings particularly in the chest internalized grief and Melancholy deeply repressed emotions well so your Vistana this is what year was sons of gradually restores the temple space of the heart they can’t more spacious and light-filled through this blessed flower that establishes is sanctuary freeing the human heart to experience the world with renewed emotional presents so there’s some that I that I end up going to a lot but it can be that can be and frequently is very very individual so you’re really give drawing from the intuitive and the the books in the research and your experience and so everyone’s a personalized case it’s pretty it’s pretty personal because you know it just depends I mean there are some Universal things I think that happened when when you’re dealing with abuse like feelings of Shame and you know and all that like isolation and all the things that you mentioned but depending depending on the person and you know it can it can also they can also have another issue that’s really up for them that comes from that so for me it’s always really personal I don’t I don’t like I said I have a couple of formulas that I developed for this friend of mine that works a lot with women who has been abused I have like a set of remedies that I developed for the chakra system so there’s a couple things like that that I have but mostly I work pretty much individually one-on-one with somebody to really see like what it is that they need okay so and then what are some of the different applications of the the estimate the flash so you you see if it seemed like maybe be nice to take a bath with some of these flowers that the recommended way to use them is to take you know for drops 4 times a day because her vibration on nature it’s not how many drops you take its how often you do it so you can also put them on the crown of your head like your crown chakra you can you can in fact bathing them what I would say about those things is that you might get a bigger reaction or result so it kind of depends what what what I tell people about those options and I tell them they can do those things but if they start to really have a huge reaction and there’s really struggling then I will tell I would tell them to back down to maybe taking it just twice a day so you you can can you can work with the intensity through how you use them or how often you take them all this is really I’m so excited because I feel like you know anyting natural natural holistic and close to the Earth and you know just hand processable if it’s a weird but you know anything that actually brings it you know these things close Earth obviously the farthest away from that would be pharmaceutical psychiatric drugs that and you know I’m not going to get out and get on a rant about it but like that’s I can sit at the be the farthest off course from being actually you know accessible and down-to-earth so I mean this is something that is pretty new to me hearing about learning about and I and I’m like I can’t wait to to be you know trying this and in and working with this so do you have training programs or do you haven’t mentorship or any kind of thing like that where people learn your really do anything like that but not in terms of the essences I might work with somebody or Mentor with somebody a little more around the things like this are Millennial aspects of what I do but I’m always up for conversation and I’m you know certainly willing to talk about this stuff I like I like talking about it and I’m working with people so I don’t have a formal program to do that but there are formal programs out there in terms of working with us has his phone the particular calling to kind of develop formulas for 4 person for your personal clients who have you’re dealing with abuse and you kind of yeah that sounds like it me or is that is that a well-developed like a subfield within the healing to go on friends and sunflowers and society’s web page they have they actually have lots of practitioners listed just like like if you put in if you Google EMDR you’ll go to their web page and they have therapists that have been trained in that jail so you can put your town in or where you live and find people that have trained in that sealed similarly with Essences you’re you’re going to be able to find practitioners that that maybe specialize in that you know I mean I obviously have a personal interest in how that helps people and I really love to help people that have suffered from that kind of abuse you know how to get better so if I could maybe ask you I think that’s a really good introduction to this subject and I’m going to definitely like I said I’m going to be looking into it and following up on the resources you shared and definitely stay in touch and something may be in a more political or sort of sort of philosophical level if I see a lot of work being done more and more you know and I’m a male Survivor I consider it coming out you know as it is a Survivor as special as a male it’s it’s it’s not quite as it is understood and supported yet and the fellowship and the sort of support for male survivors is not quite as far along yet but you know I feel like it’s I’m very hopeful to know that there is more dialogue about this issues and and certainly more access to two different you know complementary healing modalities I’m wondering if from your perspective as a Survivor and as a Healer how we how do we solve this problem and how do we eliminate it in his this is what you’re doing part of you know breaking the cycle and in helping to eventually hopefully Empower people to maybe confront their abusers and get them to be on a holistic path but they kind of shed whatever was possessing them to pretty well-known and that’s a big question that’s a big question and a big undertaking I don’t think we have any control over anybody but ourselves so sometimes part of the healing process could be to confront the abuser but you have to do it I would say that it would be important to be in a place where you have nice vacations is if you go into that kind of Confrontation wanting a certain outcome like you want that person to apologize you want them to say they’re sorry you want them to show remorse you could be really really disappointed in that maybe you got a lot of rage anger at people who didn’t protect you for instance so many facets to it I don’t know that there is a way he know and because look at the world it’s pretty crazy sometimes I think that the best thing we can do is work on our own healing so that we can bring ourselves out of cycle of that and that we don’t perpetuate it on anybody else and we can work towards like you’re doing you know towards understanding and as he say you know it’s I think boys are I don’t know what the statistics are you know it’s like one and three girls but it might be one and eight boys you know are abused and I think for men this shame and the silence around something like that is just horrific it is for women to but it’s much more talked about for women than it is for men you know you asked a question like what can we do you know and my best advice would be do everything in your power to heal because when you heal other people can heal to yeah there’s there’s some interesting I mean I’m I’m I’m very interested in finding the would say Survivor abusers who have somehow come to a level of Consciousness and insight to where they want to actually be a part of the holistic healing movement and I know I mean I’ve personally interacted with at least one man who was abused as a child by his father and then he was told us under into that those dark Tendencies and ended up perpetrating against a young child in his family and then was convicted and went to jail and did rehab of some kind which I don’t know what that entailed but he was released and then he became a advocate for survivors and and he really has a sincere desire to understand what happened to him and what possessed him later and how it was such a horrible you know confusing process to be to have the those compulsions and then so I think it’s you know there’s a lot of there’s a lot of purpose who were hopefully you know in in psychiatric prison is in her well locked away but then when you go to buy a house or rent a house and you look at the real estate Maps it’s like there’s registered sex offenders literally everywhere and the heinous crimes are sometimes listed on those websites was just like so I think I’m hoping that people will you know what happened suggestion in bringing you know what the least a compassionate the compassionate comes from healing yourself and understanding that you know if you can look into the inner child of all of everyone and you can know that every who is everyone struggling whatever side they’re on of it even the mother who is like going catatonic when the father takes advantage you know when she’s a he or she becomes the enabler and she becomes to the betrayer of the protection of the child and there’s that shame and guilt and processing has to happen so I think this is a you know hearing me when you were talking about this is this is the perversion of the Sexual Energy so the Sexual Energy gets kind of corrupted and perverted it’s probably I hate to say it but it’s probably been happening for eons but you know reclaiming the your own stop the power the beauty of your own sexuality in a healthy in a good way and it can be a lifelong process you know when he’s gone through a piece but those are things to work on and look at and reclaiming your own health and healing and like you’re doing have a mission about this and you’re working out in the world to alleviate some of the suffering that has happened so I think it depends on each person and what they’re really called to do I have a mission to and I do a lot of a lot of work with with ceremony and the acid is in many many other healing modalities that I felt pretty passionate about cuz it’s gotten it’s gotten me it’s if it has healed me to to you know as much as I am at this point my life m words are of any kind of you know I always I basically see myself as like a person just like everybody else and I think I’ve been to some really extraordinary things and in my class for my own healing I’ve explored so many so many things and I have done what I’ve done lots of writing about different things but it’s not ever been put into any kind of a book but I’ve got a letter that I put out and I think your website and how people get ahold of you and if you have any funny people can reach me by going to my website which is Sweetwater Healing Arts. Com so sweet with all one word Sweetwater Healing Hearts. Calm and my contact information my email I can sign up for my newsletter all that has dots on their the great somebody wants to reach me they can do it that way and I’m happy to talk to anybody that needs help I travel a lot for Ceremony you know the guy Travelodge to go to a different ceremonies at where to see my teacher or things like that but I I don’t I try to stay out of all I don’t know how to whistle sound but it’s like my Michael is to work on my connection with God and to get that connection as clear and unpolluted as a candy so I do I go down and his his chamber and I chant and I drawn and maybe I read some of Joseph’s box or whatever but that channel clear at because there’s so much information out in the world and so many people that have so many different opinions about things that I don’t know you know I have a tendency to stay away from her because you know what we have we have all the answers we need we just have to establish our connection to great spirit are cracked out on screen screenager behavior and it’s and it’s hard to find balance than in that in this reality with I applaud you for having that discernment and dash that we can in fact have our direct communication with with great spirit and and that that can guide us to wherever we need to be guided to to take our next steps towards healing so that’s why I always tell people you know do ceremony establish systems every single day because those things are going to are going to open that China Lobster that when you get that intuitive hit oh you know what I need to like you did right you listen to that interview I did with Lori and you like to talk to her intuition that that little voice inside of us can I see really evolve strong and and very clear and if we listen to it and take put one foot in front of the other cuz that’s what I did when I started doing this Joseph’s work and wanted to build this piece chamber you know I got that Vision in 2005 and it took until 2010 to move and 2012 to get the chamber built and we just built the dance over last year so it’s holding that Vision but it’s listening to that voice inside of me that kept saying okay this is what you need to be an asking what do I need to do next and similarly when we’re on our healing path what do I need to do next God I really want to heal what do I need to do next and then listen to State what what God has his tag because you will get answers that’s so you know my teacher says a true human is a listener is somebody who listens and I can be a pretty fast and powerful thing when you put it into practice all right and I really like you’re adding that to adequate or asking questions and listening for the answers in this is going to come say that’s the key yeah I’ve been surprised definitely in that process of the more I do it the more I realized I got to keep up with his I really appreciate everything all these practical tips that are still accessible and still organic you know and just really empowering so I feel I feel really great that we got to talk and I’m surprised it has gone by and do you have any final words you want to hear something that helps them along the way that’s that’s that would be my My Hope in My Wish awesome alright well I will be in touch soon definitely be Consulting with you cuz I want to get to and I working with this with this flower essence magic it sounds wonderful so you too bye bye thank you for listening to the Tantra Punk podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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