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Reverend Goddess Charmaine

Sexual Healing for Sexual Healers with Reverend Goddess Charmaine TPP118


In this episode I have the pleasure and honor of exploring the deep and profound insights and experience of Reverend Goddess Charmaine of http://thesensuousmystic.com/. I was turned on to her work several years ago by a dear friend and while catching up on her online radio show archives I discovered that she boldly and bravely confronts the shadow of sexuality. It was a breath of fresh air to hear her empowered voice of sexual trauma survival and healing. I’m very grateful that she blessed my podcast by telling her personal story and sharing strength and solidarity with me as wounded healers who are ceaselessly healing.

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Please visit her website at: http://thesensuousmystic.com/

About Reverend Goddess Charmaine:

Reverend Goddess Charmaine was ordained by the New Seminary, a school of interfaith theology in New York City. She is a trained Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, certified hypnotherapist, trained aromatherapist, and tantric energy specialist. She primarily focuses her energy work through Shamanism, trained by Kenneth Ray Stubbs through the Path of the Sexual Shaman all levels.

She has led workshops in the tri-state area since 1992, and is continually increasing her work as a facilitator of personal empowerment through her workshops such as chakra intensives, Goddess Initiations, Second Sunday and Clothing Optional (Naked Church) Services, energetic Merge Ceremonies, and Tarot Readings online, Spirit and Erotic Spirit Circles and various others that continue to support empowerment and erotic enlightenment for all. Online and In Person.

Rev. Goddess has written two books, The Sensuous Mystic ~ Uniting Sex and Spirit and The Goddess Scrolls ~ Sacred Erotic Tales that inspire and enlighten along with her ongoing radio blogtalk show The Sensuous Mystic airing live most Wednesday nights at 8pm EST.

In July, 2000, in a primitive and intense ritual, she was initiated into Goddess-hood. From this ceremony, she realized that she’d been called to bring forth the unification of Sex and Spirit.

Her unique methods center on our natural ability to evolve by healing ourselves and others. With her guidance and assistance, one is lead through a series of letting-go processes. These experiences enable one to work through and leave behind a lifetime of fears and paralyzing self-doubt, to attain the position of strength and power that is rightfully their own within their Holy Bodies.

Goddess Blessings

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin I love your beloved’s welcome to Township on podcast episode number 118 I’m with Reverend goddess Charmaine the sensuous Mystic and I have been a fan of her radio show podcast offerings which are really outstanding in the the whole movement and field and Industry of sacred sexuality and spirituality and all this without their I really feel the most outstanding gift is is the way that you have really brought the the experience of a passionate oration you know the the passion of a minister or preacher freeze Priestess that that power of transmission and and really using very erotic language and very very empowered erotic language very graphic heretic language in the spirit and with the passion and intensity and tonality of the Sacred oration tradition so it’s it’s such a treat and such a blessing and a gift and and so invigorating and in nice just to let people catches you know we’re still we’re still kind of embarrassed and shy to talk about genitalia and so you really taking it to a high level of Mastery and I super appreciate that and that’s just the tip of the iceberg because there’s so much depth and wisdom that you have to share from shamanic trainings and traditions and yeah I can’t even begin to to really give you a proper introduction so with that said fleas Reverend goddess Charmaine would you like to tell us about your personal life path and what you’re offering and and what it is that you do hahaha thank you everyone here and you know why you doing this work and I like you know ordained since 96 and initiated in 2000 and was you know walking this path long before then and all kinds of demonic and healthy ways it so my mom said Mimi silly people love you in and I don’t even know what does a blessing to get that kind of respecting your mother if you know about my work I said to her I said mom was so fat that back in the day of course I’d become the hill of course going on in my life and sexually as a young person I thought God didn’t love me that people didn’t like me why and as you step into that kind of place somewhere in there you know that voice or will inside that is always coming inside of me I am goddess of this land I am telling you it really really was speaking when I was very young I mean 16 years old I was telling me you know goddess goddess goddess this is what’s going to happen on my spiritual energy was always open to trying to just survive and drive through life but that’s the way I can because I was desperately in need of healing growth and I knew that I didn’t deserve the bad things like that wasn’t my past because it made everything worse and when I started to learn how to pray for myself and to bring goddess alive inside of me everything I always gets better keep it up until this moment is sharing myself with you so you know it was very important for me to heal and grow and I told my mom that I had to be combined to know that I matter and see the blessings that we can have get back into the world is to be there for The Temper sent and whoever it is my name is my message and the impact in the way that I share it got His blessings because that’s what I’m here for and also have to be every day to be able to stay or sometimes I don’t want to be there for myself when I need to when I teach her the one about self-love but if I know I’m going to be here with you then I’m going to be there with others it makes me responsible for myself and then sometimes I’m doing myself love practice for myself most of the time that’s really at you know that when I was doing it so do I love I love your language I think it’s my favorite of all articulations of species I mean it’s like I said these people just tiptoeing around certain words and and you could so liberating cuz you push you push the envelope forward in such a way that you know it’s it’s I’m almost I’m almost I feel like I’m a lightweight her I’m a teetotaler something but I got to step up you know I got to step up and speak with more on this test oh yeah your inspiration for sure and so do you want to talk a bit about some maybe some of the the highlights of your your career path and the there’s a sort of Meandering senior you know the different trainings you’ve done in the different kind of scientist Milestones on the journey cuz that that was a beautiful kind of priming I’m so grateful for and it may be some way to bring everyone into really connecting with me and connected to call life is I have a way of interpreting scripture and I called it to be to be a universal lover and I’ve always been drawn to a spiritual path and I’ve been invited to different types of ceremonies Oh sushi around in my own body and then like this like baby this pussy Power of Words language prayers that I used to hear my prayers merge with other people were at ceremony and to know that those prayers at the way the king as if they were channel 3 me is something something from being a smoking person’s ceremony of some of the face or just being out in nature of just sitting in front of my own altar so many so many people live in by the prayers that I stay over and over again and this is this is happened ever since I was initiated 2005 been able to write these prayers and I mean my books are written about Star Wars full moon sex Magik ceremonies I’ve done and I have prayers if it’s okay can I guy. Everyone likes on YouTube the creative spark of life Monopoly Bonnie I always say that to really go into the high fibration is like a pussy March without heart or that hard words with your heart in that space. and be one with all life and so I’m going to say this holy body prayer the tension that I wrote in 2000 and this one of the prayers that’s always said and my services Second Sunday services and clothing optional services I am beautiful and healthy my body has a glow that shines in my face is Angeles I smile on my face even more in my eyes sparkle to whatever and whomever I choose to see miss my Sofia playlist so they keep me able to go out to eat thank you give me chills and I have several prayers that I’ve written in my stories that have written that it really supported me and believe help develop me to teach me about my life as a wife as a mother’s friend and then and all of that since I work you know the way that I share my cell phone that’s really like my tithing you know and you know we are to also given without any shops in Beatrice with people and to write my books and people pay for it and that’s amazing thing to really be in your passion into Live Your Life Style the way you want me to the Nexus of a part of speech of because when you get healing from it is really so we’re expecting always beautiful TV show my real self so I think most benefit beautiful I love that destiny enjoying the ability to distribute energy and transmission across these networks I think it’s definitely a by design that there’s a assembling Spirit behind this wave of connecting to the to the web so if I can zoom into some earlier chapters new weirdest sex surrogate right in a very prominent role in the history of that that field is that correct can you tell ya that’s very interesting can you can you go into that that’s a fair bit and mixed can help us understand what that was like Jersey you know what’s the news New York City and I was explaining why don’t you just come in for an interview and you don’t have any what do you say that I don’t know what am I going to have a reception I need a receptionist job has already been studying in my feeling so I wasn’t thinking about this job as a contra opportunity looking for a job out of New Jersey but she hired me as a receptionist so you don’t start working within the first week I told my boyfriend because she’s but still you know okay did someone walk to the office that needs help to therapy and Pharmacy and then she comes out and she says she threw me into this room she told me how to conduct a 30-minute session completely changed everything from this first session I was off the desk within a month and had a full schedule every day and it was amazing because the two women that was so they gave me their charts is a read-through or try to catch up with you know when to do this when the husband and I have to go to the gym Sex Therapy and doing surrogacy work other than touching his whole body relationship relationship and after that I couldn’t go back I had to continue learning more and more about being a legacy to action Community counselor for the people because I start you really lost so much that I was more valuable outside of the surrogacy room and counseling with the client right there as we became alternative we started studying Tantra as a mode other than therapy and then the outside so really being asserted in a crime away a straight for a way to bring it to Alternative therapy and healing in this way really was the best thing that could happen for a woman that is stuck in speaker. Because I maybe that’s why I’m so so relaxed thinking about pussy you’ll need to know so I can just go to get real about what’s going on in our bodies and what’s going on in Las Cruces to the frequency that we’re dealing with because sometimes we let that chili that its first interstate transfer back to the old program you know that’s when you really have long-term into the way that we were also way I grew as being a surrogate to becoming a counselor to become a Healer that was all so amazing to me cuz it showed me my ongoing curls because of the ability I have to interpret scripture is I figure out my Universal way to apply it into the relationship is going on with you with the center for six and a half years and then it transported to my Ministry that is so cool yeah that is a very very experienced and you also had some some run-ins with the law by one point right 2007 ion you know I didn’t realize that this is something on and I didn’t think when I move into this neighborhood that was predominantly white and I was renting this house on the Block single woman in this house and in the neighbors started paying attention to me how can she afford to live here and it turned out that I was being really stopped by the next door neighbor and he was watching people come in and out of my house please and they follow the Personnel at my house and then and the prostitution and the City please please the goddess God is probably arrested I want to make it out to be but God is it is here now so yeah and I did my best there you know having as my son was seventeen at the time I thought it was about so I had to work with that system and I live in the house and continue growing and evolving so I could stay safe and just became you know if that hadn’t happened how to how to keep yourself safe and how does how to give your message and teach in a way that everyone should feel good about what’s going on here and now I have all kinds of feelings be supported and how we are treated by write thank you for sharing that yet it’s it’s it’s interesting there was some legislation I believe recently in New Hampshire that didn’t make it through but it was it was to legalize sex worker various how do you feel about the current state of the struggles to dignify and to provide services for an end create legal space for safer more protected sex work on all levels if you have sense since that time you know do you have to wear your where you at with the whole issue you know I think about it in various ways because I owe you know what you talk about drugs do you know you had decide comes this week and we know the government involved in all this criminal activity how do you want to try to control as many as they can keep you illegal they can keep their money working as far as you know attacking you or text you or their hands are directly involved in about as far as environment I just what I believe in I have known because I was a counselor for women that became because of different reasons to heal and not be to have a safe environment with people can choose how they are strict rules about getting the stuff checked by the GYN STDs and what is it that you feel you are good at I don’t believe that your value you don’t feel like you matter because there are all kinds of people taking advantage of people we have to bring our soul into a body in mind so that we can heal I just think there’s all kinds of hands involved and Kohls friends and Beauty support my Ministry so I can continue to use the sexual abuse Spirit religion religion and spirituality is makes the most money how much money is coming at at all and then we can support around that and I’m going to try to slow down now I know I totally agree with you that was a beautiful Highway because on the The Shadow side yet that is really looking at taking a clear and sober look at the you know the underground economy that really runs the world on and really it’s the statistics wants that I don’t know if I get the exact order properly but it’s basically guns drugs and sex are the biggest industries and they’re all interlock because the pants you need The Pimps need to drug the prostitutes and have guns to fight each other and shoot back at the cops when they get rated so ultimately what it comes down to is the commodity is the vagina and more than anything and her friend yeah I got a fellow goddess you might nor actually but that she she is a very powerful woman and she said you know she pointed this out to me she so you can go down anywhere in and you have the the constitutional right to buy a firearm if you can kill someone with but you cannot buy my pussy that’s how powerful my pussy is that’s how dangerous my pussy is you can kill someone with a gun but you cannot buy this cuz it’s that much more powerful and that’s a profound statement and now you know what you’re saying about yeah these the industry of going and buying your tickets to Heaven that whole industry in the industry of buying your ticket to sexual access and who’s profiting it’s it’s that that pyramid you know skeme at the top so you know breaking that free and liberating all that I feel like you were testimony of Deliverance let’s say from surviving childhood sexual trauma I feel like I’m kind of gas The Narrative of folks who have fans who have lived through those experiences and found that sacred sexuality and in Tantra and various modalities of healing and Shamanism really is the I think it’s the most potent way to open people’s eyes and sort of wake people out and hopefully with enough of a critical massive that awareness so you know we eventually I pray you know that we will we see Manatee will drop everything and come to the rescue of the children who who are being abused and you have been abused and Andrea Lee Gifford all of our energy and efforts towards understanding fully and then re-engineering redesigning all of our culture has to be attended to I Really empowering you know single mothers or independent mothers to work together to have the support that they need financially and you know ecologically to to just do nothing but with her instincts the wet all women I believe love to do and are stinks you decided to be on on on life guard Duty for their child sexual development I mean is that is that too much to ask it seems like it’s really our Birthright but then you have all of these all of these commercial and ego-based narcissistic distractions that keep people on a hamster wheel of success and all that stuff so I know I’m just reaching the converted on the soapbox but I just wanted to kind of have that kind of set the set the table event for you two to talk about a couple of things that start you know stood out for me as I’ve started your work and one is that you were personal story of having hands on sacred spot healing massage work like pelvic release work done and what that was like for you and then also your I feel very much alive and with your way of describing that there’s more than meets more than meets the eye and these acts of human conduct of abuse is actually other actors who are non-human who are involved in this this sort of deformation of of human sexual character development and and the sort of plague like infestation or infection that there’s a lot that we need to understand from astral perspective and if you would please if you’re willing you know to go into some of that you again really help people understand what we’re up against cuz it’s not just it’s it’s not what we think it is that’s a lot more complicated so you know I’m a succubus being molested being raped and why is this happening this to me I’m a little girl you know I was that we’re all related to family DNA genetic programming a lot of people been molested what I learned over the years about being attacked in my sleep by Spirits was because of the the Target that was on me from the fact that I had people in my family that were doing and what I suffered in my sleep I will be attacked and my sleep I was being choked and if any was in bed with me they would wake up to me I didn’t even have to try to help me through this and then all the times I would be screaming and held down my son was in another room and when she get up he and I could see him coming out of my body above and floating over with my bed and see myself fighting with the spirit I can’t make out who it is the different colors like a black or gray kind of smoky crushing on me pressing down trying to choke me and I will see my son waking up in the other room slowly kind of sneakily walk into the room first time he was really questions and coming to me but all you had to do was touch me or kiss me understand what was happening to me was because of the healing that I was going through my wedding ceremony and I are meeting about 6 check coming over like I said I had to do this because of the it would be sex because was it because he think that happened to me and as I was knowing that was a true but still walking my past it was still going on inside of me so people will be coming to me for counseling so I’m having night tremors what the hell is going on. What the fuck is happening oh my goodness so finally I went therapy to get this help Translate but it was kind of like telling my text about this is that you know and he said well we need to you know go inside the video me and I need some massage directions and it began you know and I had this massage that was go into my home and it just I’m heading out of my pussy every time I want yogurt I was so hard for me to have orgasm because I was so angry in order for me to have an orgasm squeeze my nipples so hard that it was lead girl I start to recognize the anger that was in my heart because I still knew that I was supposed to be killing it and I’m still having night tremors so when I started to receive these not massages is far too late to empty out the heaviest that was in my pussy that was in my middle you know and it was just one of my development my teacher he was teaching us about each part of the shop was and it spoke about the root chakra and then be able to just looking at that photograph my wife and keep on looking up to do with it has everything to do with it prepare me to be able to become an initiate was very very true, had something to happen to be right when I was 9 years old and it came out, had never done any work around I do with my husband and we’re engaged and things are going on in all this happiness and joy and then someone exposes this person that hurt me and I’m just shocked that this person was around me again and I had a big phone it was an amazing show on my cameras healing of being massage Leone and in the end it in the ass if I had to be able to hold space to read to see me going through this message and massage and spirits that come into us because they attack us physically first people around are at 7-Eleven because some people that have sexual abuse and their genetic programming and that’s why it happens to a lot of people ways we can start to break this by cleansing ourselves because we were extended to our spiritual Warrior cut it off right where it where is try to go to sleep. Is not happening anymore but this is really why would be so that would not be we can be targeted in the spirit realm and physical round and this Dimension movie with Erin Stokes that was deeply moved when I heard the episodes that you mention that there was one specifically that stood out do you remember the title so that I can be sure to put the Lincoln and direct people there because it’s really feel the most complimentary pistou to a lot of my work so far that I found I could tell you in the title you look at episodes is the one that Lori hammers them in the show we did not know we were going to go yeah sexual demons or something grab my laptop you want me to try to go get to five seconds okay so I’m going to look it up my episodes right now while I’m with you so this is the most important what I want to leave this life having accomplished one of the few things is to consolidate these This research and and really ultimately have there be a very clear understanding within Humanity that sexual abusers are being puppeteered by spirits that are non-human and those spirits that are not human that are puppeteering mostly men because they’re more easy to fracture and kurupt on and the other astral body they see the male astral body I say myself hostages is that the penis becoming an instrument of harm demonic weaponized male human penis is is a a more effective tool for the Demonic puppeteers to create the traumatic event is it the it’s it’s actually Landed It lends itself sadly very unfortunately to being an instrument of puncturing Astral bodies so that the larvae of the Demonic entities can be injected just like parasitic wasps and parasitic wasps have a natural life cycle in number of parasites in the wild have been studied to where they they feed their young by injecting their larvae into the bodies of other species who are helpless to pull them out of themselves and their hence the need for Hands-On Sexual Healing because that is the extraction work the surgical work on the Astro Boy body where wherever people are being raped there if there are still ways that are jacking into the nervous system and they’re not time doesn’t heal that time actually makes it worse because it just continues to Fester it’s like having an infested gangrenous wound and putting a Band-Aid over it called going to church or called going to a talk therapist but when you do the Deep you know revealing of that infested wound and you kind of take that that superficial bandage off of you know our personality personality really just like a Band-Aid on our childhood trauma even if it’s not sexual it could be anything so whatever personality you put if you don’t do that spiritual deep cleansing will work and extraction work and you’re still being possessed by and run by those entities in for a lot of women that results in cutting themselves you know drug and alcohol addiction sex and love addiction all those pathologies good for men there’s a amorsa tistical a higher statistical danger that they become fully possessed to complete the life cycle and then become rapist and abuses and sell so it’s about stopping an intervening in this with a medical terminology and a medical discourse around it so with that with all that said if you found that if you you view validated that yeah so pleased with that said please continue and Demon the evil side effects with parasites sex and spirit on June 29th 2016 those two probably relate with parasite that’s exactly what you’re talking about and so those two shows that they are the butterfly goddess Laurie handlers Sheriff help me finish what I needed to do so yeah so that’s there to for 2015 Spirit entities and demons parasites Texas. Is June 2016 well okay awesome I’ve been waiting for this moment I’m actually I’m actually at this moment in the same place where I was first yeah I do I do let you know gardening landscaping and I’m having the flashbacks of being on a ladder you know he’s getting when you got into this and I was like this is the other I mean this is the most validating discourse so far that I found on what I’m saying and it’s so it says it’s interesting because as a as a spell most My Life as a skeptic core Lexia scientific rationalism materialist atheist whatever and the and when I when I had to start getting into my own Sexual Healing Journey you know the more discovering more hidden, very true, and what not and it became it was revealed to me that demon possessed rapist did you know did the acts of harm Jimmy and the demons possess the rapist have have to be hunted out of every person that they have been made that hosted humans are made host of these that diffuse so it then becomes a mission to free yourself and to purge and to extract and and that’s when I said I said what kind of our how well there are people on Earth who talk about these things than actually they’re called Christian Center called Hindus in there, it’s and it’s it’s it it was to come full circle and say wow there’s actually value in some of the the more I sent a candy per teachings of these wisdom traditions of mysticism but somehow they’ve lost the power to actually perform the fundamental task of exorcism yet they have the time they have copyright practically they are the the the Monopoly of Exorcist and yet they have either lost the ability to perform that this technique accurately or they have conspired to water it down so much that they’re actually able to propagate it and that’s the whole thing with the pedophile priests is it they’re actually I mean what could be more of a betrayal than to not only you know why this and cover it up and to have a cold a giant conspiracy going all the way to the Vatican you know about facilitating these acts of of rape and violence and violation molestation of children but they’re actually simultaneously representing that they are the highest most qualified Exorcist So it’s like you said I made this joke is like if the if you had the pest exterminator to come and kill all the Cockroaches or termites in your house and instead they actually pumps your walls full of cockroach eggs or termite exits that’s the that’s this tragic irony so we’re how do we fight back I’ve got my ideas but I want to know you know what do we do to end this plague and give people their strength and power and courage and understanding to really fight back to the spiritual World demonic energy merger in DC and vibration to bring out the strength of the way that we pray and we pray to the pussy you have to get for the for the I always say on my husband he wakes up I put my clock now I go to wherever he is and I kiss someone is listening he knows why I’m doing it we have to get to raise the vibration of sex in a wholly body Consciousness in a way that we know that no one can tell us our Sexual Energy in the Life Force energy the new program to dissolve it once and for good that’s my boy yes and holy group sex and holy homosexual sex if that’s the you know I might and my Explorations and ceremonial work with this city is it really the most some of the most poignant moments was just realizing that we just we just busted a massive nest of old gnarly demons that have been corrupting DNA for generations and you know that that did The Shield patient or client you know or or you know initiate really is is going through consciously the experiences multiple Generations in lifetime’s all the center woven sort of knotted mess of victimhood over over intergenerational trauma and and the you know it was so when we were doing you don’t let me know when these ceremonies occur where you have multiple polarities of Shiva Shakti energy if you will you have you know every type of gender every type of orientation and everyone is bringing their A-game of of purified heart loving energy and and it’s such it’s such a curse you know that the that the church denies us the freedom and the permission to configure ourselves and train ourselves to become ultimate Exorcist using group Sexual Energy that involves all gender so if there’s a specific if the if the program is that you can only have sex with one human being in your entire life they have to be the opposite sex and you cannot Explorer experiment with anyone including yourself ever before being with them and not only has to be in the dark it has to be for the man’s pleasure and all these other things like what all of those programs actually result in the is that they create a gif magenic environment that if you do only that you will be guaranteed to be riddled with Steve and then you will be guaranteed to be frustrated and you won’t be able to explore your natural desire to be a homo erotic and to experience it so it’s it’s it’s when you pull that Veil off you see everything is designed to make children and easy easy prey by the Demonic realm so yeah I could go ahead book The Goddess scroll sacred body tail no but it sounds lovely I just wrote them all out I have experience and then weather is by myself or with another or I witnessed it is it for the full moon I would write it out and just really really blow it up with the sexual fantasy you know it’s just amazing that was my offering to the goddess and to all of us and then I just realized that should be in book form so I did it all types of group one of my biggest biggest fantasy that hopes and prayers to be able to have a we can be able to have that note that the union between everyone anyway my book is like starting actual stories true stories of multiple individuals just like what you talking about yeah yeah we have to release ourselves really kind of programme and monogamy there’s a new monogamy now you know I mean cuz we talked about that it’s always been about control yes yes onward and upward this is so beautiful and so grateful that we get to have this talk I know it’s just the beginning yeah so we’re getting close to about a good time to wrap up if you want to share any other website links and and upcoming programs offerings anything to help direct people your way and get some more love and attention on all of your kids to work yeah if you go to the the sensuous Mystic sensuous Mystics my website and then you can explore my website check out my calendar and see events do I have coming up I do I have holy body bacon Church Also if anyone wants to contact me contact me at gmail.com tell me that you heard me on Contra park right yeah tell me that you say can I please have your whole body download I was just you everybody with my holey body self-love meditation is a chakra balancing meditation chakras with your Sexual Energy cuz you know and I am goddess at gmail.com yes please. no but I wish I had asked me about sexual sexual questions I guess it wasn’t on the are you say good things about me though yeah we had a pretty positive message I haven’t done that but that’s a good idea I wish I had the time to do more of that I would probably have a lot of fun with that concept Greek goddess please receive us and continue to bless us with our Define Birthright of clarity and understanding in the courage to make the changes needed for the highest good of a angel awesome thank you so much will rev goddess Charmaine this has been a long time coming and I appreciate that we had the time to do this and we’ll do it again sometime all right you take care and keep your listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favor if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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