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Sexual Sovereignty and Relationship Anarchism with Vin Armani TPP163


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In this episode I’m joined again by the illustrious Vin Armani for a discussion on sexual sovereignty and relationship anarchism. We start with an exploration of modern masculinity and our efforts to step into the archetypes of the role models we studied in heroic high-tech science fiction stories. We then explore a wide array of liberatory concepts, strategies, and configurations for ethical sexual freedom.

Vin shares a plethora of deep and profound personal insights from his experience as a white-hat panty-hacking pick-up artist, as a professional gigolo, as a psychedelic journeyer, as a software programmer, a spiritual seeker, and more. We mutually conclude that the intention to love abundantly can truly facilitate exquisitely pleasurable social harmony, though it requires a big and open heart and the skills and ethics of a shamanic healer.

Here is the spoken word psytrance track I produced to help transmit some of Vin’s core wisdom to the dance floor:

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About Vin:
Vin Armani is a philosopher, serial tech entrepreneur, and CryptoSavage. He is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post. In addition to being an author and speaker, he has made his living as a television star, film producer, high-end male escort, software developer, art gallerist, pirate radio station operator, DJ, music producer, and motorcycle courier. He studied Philosophy at Howard University.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 163 I’m being joined Again by the illustrious Vin Armani of the VIN Armani show and he’s been on this podcast a couple times before we talked about crypto we talked about Tantra and sex work and being a professional Gigolo on TV and all that amazing stuff so please go back in and catch up on those previous episodes to get more of a personal background this time we’re really going to jump into a topic that we kind of thumb began to explore on the last episode which is just shifting gender Dynamics and just really wet decentralisation means on a deeper archetypal and philosophical spiritual level for human consciousness Evolution and a piece of that which you might not care about on crypto Twitter is something that Ben and I have a background in that we share is being in different sectors kind of sexual Shaman professional sexual Shaman doing this deep work which involves things like panty hacking but also involves really highly developed deeply compassionate and conscious sort of spiritual surgery and karmic and charcoal energetic work and all the stuff so because we share that background because we both have sort of embarrassed different ways come to a point where we can engage with our love of the feminine in the embodied form of what I call lowercase G goddesses and we can serve them we can be served by then we can develop and design very harmonious beneficial symbiotic sexual emotional and even Financial Dynamics and that that is a level of graduation for the evolution of Mexico and Consciousness that doesn’t get shared a lot of places and they’re there for there’s a lot of people who are extremely sexually frustrated who are in relationships that are either dead ends or just have died sexually or energetically and so what what we’re trying to what we both represent and we’re not the only ones in the world but it’s just it’s a small percentage I think we’re actually really able to make a beautiful canvas out of their sexuality in the world and in really be hopefully ethical role models for ways to open up relationships and to decentralize what else I would I would like to say is this is were talking about we’re going to talk about sexual relationship anarchism sexual sovereignty and decolonizing and decentralized in your bedroom and that is that’s where I think you know what your book helps to understand so there’s a lot of stuff I want a I want a dress from Dallas a gigolo at your very important very seminal work on this stuff and yeah with that long and show out of the way then how are you doing man what’s been going on you’ve been doing a lot of amazing stuff and let’s get get caught up a great intro and what a great topic to delve into I’ve I’ve actually been if it’s funny because I’m still at in on in a couple of days I’m going to be giving a talk at porcfest that is about these topics of decentralization and really liked you know you and I have had conversations about this move from the the patriarchy but we’re talking about I mean we’re talking about this the masculine dominant energy of centralized hierarchical authority authority based structures that have sort of at least for the last five thousand years than the. means of human organization on a large scale in and we’re moving whether we like it or not into a decentralized model it’s one of the reasons why I why I am so heavily involved with with crypto and why it’s so attractive to me but a lot of people of course I am a Tech head but it really is because I do see this decentralisation as a move toward if it’s the shift right into them it’s the it’s the emergent mother it’s the emergent matriarchy that always comes just as the patriarchy emerge from out of but when we were in a in a much different situation and you know you had the mother goddess cold since there was the positive and the negative and I think starting to talk about this starting to go back in and to try to embrace those Traditions that have lasted for that long is really really important it’s I think people not understanding that we’re in the middle of it gift is really creating a lot of angst it’s it’s creating a lot of fear in people and that fear is turning very very toxic as we’re seeing especially around sexuality and so it’s I’m trying to introduce these concept but I have to tell you that our culture is so not ready to have like to sit down and have a mature discussion about sexuality and about relationships that when it comes to sexuality I’m glad that you’re presenting this for him because I almost feel like that’s got to be the starting point in some ways because that’s the place that we can actually as you say that we can actually Manifest this shift in our own lives and to sort of a tune ourselves to that shift and in that way it’s going to make it much easier as this shift happens on a on a grand scale so those people were ready to evolve in that way that it’s really going to be much easier for them so I don’t you know I’m putting together these talks and I’m trying to present these things but I’m really grateful to to be here because it helps me ever so much it’s there’s not a lot of people that are able to to have this conversation that we’re about to have so I’m I’m really honored thank you for having me absolutely man it is a total Mutual honor and pleasure and yeah we got it we’re going to have a lot of fun this is going to be we’re going to break some taboos and gets into some really fun and really deep material and I just can’t wait I’ve been I’ve been looking forward to this for so long in the synchronicities have been piling up and just sort of yeah little little hints and little arrows and little insights coming through to try to join this conversation and to get a little bit of mimetic juice if you will too kind of gets you know it’s the hatchlings if some some the medical material that’s got Wings you know and some some it’s got some teeth and got some talents to know so yeah so this is where I want to get a little bit with you on the the science that philosophy to sort of taxes of medic engineering and applying this term to rather than being sort of a keyboard Warrior or engaging in memetic Warfare on the front lines of really well now the internet but just the head unit used to be and I know you’ve sure this about your past is it a peace rally participant if not priests protester but before the internet gave us the power to to actually in a much more rapid in and free an almost infinite Manor give us the ability to express ourselves and to cultivate and share and propagate memes through that Vector of changing culture which is the internet and all of its rapidly evolving forms before that you know you would be shouting and mega phones at cars that were fucking like trying to run you over absolutely so we have so much at her fingertips literally and so the mature sort of Jedi Ninja mimetic Warrior I think what you’re doing is moving into more of a higher leverage position and being an engineer from a laboratory as opposed to a street protesting occupying just right in the meat grinder within Arm’s Reach of the law at all times just ready to be thrown into by the indirect cups of whatever it’s like no we can have a little bit more leverage and mature nuanced approach to the memetic Warfare from a higher point of Leverage and so yeah do you want you definitely are hacking the attic space in really really amazing ways and I like to give some some time for you to just to bring us up to speed with coin text and the coingeek conference and so people can understand the level that you’re operating on because it is a rarefied and in very in a good way I think Elite highly earn Elite Serta position to be talking the fighting the good fight so much of the gigolo is the about the concept of value you know the metaphysics of value and that was something that working as an escort but myself but also being around that community of people especially at the high-end you you are playing with the Notions of value constantly and they are at the most bass and raw levels there’s not a lot of games on top of of anything right everything strip the way clearly at literally and figuratively right it’s a very intimate scenario and so you see what it is that people Truly find valuable and you know in that exchanges of course you have the financial exchange there and having having the state as an intermediary always for me there if there was an energetic drain in that way that this is something this exchange of value on on that intimate level is something that the state should not be involved in and how do we grow and how did things change if the state is not involved in that and every other voluntary interaction and so you know Bitcoin from the beginning has been important to me it was it was as an escort and being in an all-cash business that that became that Bitcoin you know came onto my radar and then became something that I was fascinated by it first and then absolutely obsessed with as the years went on and so you know now we are actually just this week finishing up a the adventure Capital seed round of funding for coin tax which we had only launched our public beta in March and you know we’ve at while it has caught on and while we’ve been approached by a lot of people in the crypto space we we really you know we are entrepreneurs ourselves and we’re certainly Anarchist the three founders and so you know we were we had been approached by a lot of people and it was a very interesting process to go through of navigating the people who wanted to be involved and navigating that sort of capitalist Maze and really going into it with Open Hearts we ended up being able to find actually a group of individuals who were totally ideologically aligned with us and who also happen to have the capital but who’s who their truest desire was to see the vision that we have moving forward and that is to be able to affect the most amount of people to remove State violence from people’s lives to empower people with the people’s money and to allow value all kinds of value to travel all over the world because you know I do believe that there is so much value locked within certain populations that you know of it maybe if you’re an anthropologist you can go out and and you know find these individuals but I mean my experiences with Ayahuasca told me that and you know that even asking her asking Ayahuasca like what is it that you want and she zoomed me into the Amazon and was like I’m here and and I want out like this is I’m the reason why these people stop here in this dangerous place in like I’m the reason why they stayed in and I nurtured them and and now I want out to the world and it’s the same with iboga and it’s like I was like I know that there is so much more of that but until we’re able to move value until I’m able to move the value that I have to you know a shipibo Indian without without the imposition of the state which is so far behind then we’re not truly going to be able to unlock everything so so this is what we’re trying to to Move Along on this is what I’m dedicated toward but it’s so much more than just like you know being a techie for me this is really all about that question of value and it’s a very you know this this whole thing is it’s a trip for me as a very spiritual experience for me and it’s very you know cryptocurrency when he really sit down and start to understand it is incredibly psychedelic it’s super psychedelic like it’s it’s definitely coming from out of another dimension and so I’m I’m trying to bring these things these things that I’ve learned in the past decade I’m trying to bring them into this this entire experience in this entire Adventure but yeah that’s so so that’s what it is for me it’s about trying to find a way that we can exchange value much much more easily and that we can go get off this planet hopefully as a as a peaceful and Cooperative at least a more peaceful and more Cooperative species rather than having to make a mad dash off because we messed things up well I get I have had to take some chilling deep breaths and almost tear-jerking response to the beauty of the way you just described the will of the essence of Gaia Gaia mama I all these beautiful ways of attributing person head to the to the mystery of the goddess and creation and all this wonderful energy and n and really think of it is that this is exactly what turns McKenna said is that the internet the internet is the guy mine is very stubborn and it’s it’s the guys who were programming stuff have hair down to their ass and they’re all acids and this it’s no it’s really it’s an immune response these things epigenetic immune response to it to an alien invasion of the soul of human beings on Earth because we’ve been locked in their egos and patriarchy is sort of locked out that that energy and so she is back and she’s mad and she’s coming back with a vengeance but it’s like so I’d like you said in a recent episode this is a peaceful this is a bloodless coup of patriarchy and it is really a chopping the head off of the patriarchy with graceful tools that that really are going to I mean I didn’t believe it would be possible to have this this peaceful of a shift of power and a redistribution of wealth that wasn’t through it a sort of what you call crypto crypto fascist Communist dictatorship like this is happening with just the just the right it’s the light side of the force man absolutely 100% And I love it I love the way you express that and I love that this is that it’s the Practical applications that are going to enable people to express their value and began Cinepolis says you know the everyone can use cryptocurrency is it like basically a form of expression a form of of language oh yes so everybody said this is it just so great so please everybody listen to this check out Queen text. Io if that’s correct right now and start using SMS based cryptocurrency Bitcoin cash in probably others to be added is that part of your world map to or you disclose that or do you have five minutes? Or yeah it’s it’s it’s an interesting space to navigate and I’m it’s it’s so close to religion this space and I myself found myself even and you know the queen key conference in Hong Kong it’s it’s very alluring it’s a very alluring 2 to to start circling around to Totem if you will as and we can get into that place you know we can get into that place but I’m I’m esoteric by nature and I’m self-conscious by nature and I don’t want to be limited in what I can explore and so you know working with these tools and working with really each one of these blockchains as their own as their own entity almost like a god that rhyme with the godhead for sure and so I don’t this isn’t what an opportunity to explore and for me I just don’t think that I’m let’s just say I’ve already written some stuff and it’s an experiment it and there are some prototypes out there that are not just on bitcoin cash I do believe that a variant of Bitcoin is is how this is going to happen just because Bitcoin the soul of Satoshi Nakamoto and that’s a very very important it’s regardless of who it is the fact that this individual I mean this individual is going to be remembered in of a mark my words in very much of vein of a Jesus in very much of vein of a Muhammad or a Buddha this is somebody who really brought something down from out of somewhere else and left this beautiful gift for us to to all start to explore and so now they’re so there’s a lot to explore you know I just got to throw in my theory is that Satoshi is the dolphin cyborg from the Johnny Mnemonic film as he thought for a while that and it is it is very obviously it’s the McKenna influence but I thought to myself that if there was to go to another William Gibson there was a wintermute and AI that had already evolved the Consciousness and was hiding out in the internet it most certainly would not reveal itself out right and risk you know being shut down or having people pull off of the internet because it’s using all of us to learn and to gain more Consciousness but I could see it in 2009 of having done the math and said well you know I bet I could create this what could I create that would get them to throw endless amounts of will hash power endless amounts of processing power and all of this and connect all of them and give me all of the information about how they’re moving things around and really really plug and pull everybody in who’s to say that Satoshi Nakamoto isn’t the AI you know who’s to say I think if there was a winter me that that’s exact the type of thing that it would have done is right the Bitcoin whitepaper throw up Bitcoin talk.com and and maybe even start you know doing some of the mining itself you know it’s at I think if we never find out who’s Satoshi Nakamoto is I think that’s as good of a theory is everything because if anything is going to bring the full blast AI it’s going to be cryptocurrency absolutely absofuckinglutly in that is interesting Theory I’ve never heard that proposed then actually makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons and honestly for me I’m I’m game for anything because how in the fucking hell in the modern world can there be literally no trace and no footprint that the NSA that none of the intelligence agencies in the world don’t that’s that just to me it it it breaks reality it’s almost like when you’re watching a Sci-Fi and it’s like a man they had to get all they threw in a pot to his that is not congruent with our reality and there it’s like less believable but this is fucking real stained they are not a bribe nobody could bribe every person qualified in the world to follow these steps and even do things I could have caused style Ugg Style style ography or something is that guy about the writing the right exactly I mean there’s going to be an AI bot that creates a list of contestants for The Satoshi title in everything you do something but I looked at the white paper and it a number of times it says we an hour or so that already gives away there’s a collectivities going on and then there’s a Australian and English variation of the spelling of the word I believe favorite one of those words where it has only has an extra you if you’re writing from that from that and he and he also used the term in not in the white paper but in several Communications on the forums and an emails he use the term Max plural which only Australian and British do as opposed to Matt which is what you know there’s another another confirmation if everything is up for grabs this is the most mimetically malleable time it’s like the sun is melting all the means and letting us to completely shave them however we so desire and so that’s yes so cool getting getting now we’re sort of just going with the flow and and Anna and I want to I want to bring up another archetype almost like a guided meditation here but about the to put into context this is really a a everything that you’re doing is a call to action to bring people up to their highest most heroic potential in whatever field and spear there in You Know Jack spearco is very good at that bringing out the absolute most authentic and truest Divine masculine Gardner Warrior developer all the above but really this is the point it’s like what does it take to get to motivate people to really Seize the Day Carpe Diem and so you know the putting the stuff in that context of a of a thriller of the sci-fi thriller that is actually happening and so please please get involved and be a part of making history right now anybody can do is and take to help put in contacts into invigorate things I want to bring up that archetype it that is that of the the running Victor limited view of the scientific or the Sci-Fi future that we saw in that movie running man with Arnold Schwarzenegger and that it’s a corporate fascist media dictatorship in the future and there’s this game shows where people are used as fodder to die with all these professional basically Gladiator type killers that goes sport sport of manner that go in the hunt down based on a Stephen King short story and the thing was called the Bachman books he had like a side pain mean when he wrote The Running Man yeah and it’s really good is totally different and it’s it’s very Eco dystopic they get into a lot of ecological things and are the same similar storyline of it being a sort of corporate fashion future and where they’re basically taking criminals and using them as fodder for for these murderous sportive TV game shows so it’s it’s a real deeper take if anybody is not watch that and to me it was one of the things I was probably once a week almost you know growing up it was so so instrumental in my development of a critique of Empire critique of no media monopolies and and just to prepare and the train for a future of centralization hyper-sexualization the point I want to make about that to frame you know who are the starting point for more more discourse is that be the the passionate sort of real deep punchline of the whole story was where it’s revealed that the tech nerd amongst the three sort of Psych band of escapee prisoner escape he’s a tall frame by the government basically the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jessica Soto and I don’t know the name of the did actor named a guy twice but basically they together or in this game show they’re running for their lives and ostensibly if they survive all these Gladiator attacks and they will be exonerated and get to live in Paradise in half women in bikinis all over them but that’s a whole lie and basic either going to get killed one way or another so they’re just trying to hack their way out to save their lives and to escape again from the tyranny of the state and but the deeper subjects is at Arnold Schwarzenegger is this sort of he is a c wants to be a survival as he does want to be involved in politics and and he’s he’s the skeptic basically of the Revolutionary cabal that’s trying to liberate Humanity through hacking and this is the cool punchline that bit the thing that is so relevant here is that in their version of the future in a centralized future the hacker would have to hack the Uplink code so they could Jam the network and broadcast the truth and Dweezil Zappa on that revolutionary cabal and they had to sort of Elder guy who wrote hippie folk songs and they Vape they put together all these archetypes like the the modern futuristic insurrectionary people and the sort of Elder psychedelic class of Engineers and stuff and so we’re really there now I’m in the sixties people raging and but they’re in eldership class and then we have new fucking Ninja Warrior hackers who were fighting for The Liberation and so now that jamming up the attacking Upland code jamming the network is broadcasting the truth that’s what I’ve been Armani show is without all of the gun violence and we’re there and we’re doing that and so with that in mind how do you feel about this opportunity is the opportunities that are available to us having that desire to liberate Humanity pretty much open the door to that with with your whole thesis before but I just want to see if you what your thoughts are on that those archetypes and how when we fast forward to the present moment we’re playing out those rolls what is so interesting about it as I look at it you know I I started doing the show will basically I just started doing some rants on YouTube kind of and that was when the the guys that activist post reached out to me and and had said he listening this Mutual following I’ve been following the stories that they have been doing and reposting them and I guess I got on the radar that way and then there were like listening to these Rance like non-stop just on a loop that you’ve been doing it like would you do a do a podcast and we talked about like what could the shell look like in all of this in the interesting part about it was that all of us it was never about this whole thing has never been about like getting views or likes or that it would the wonderful thing about it is that of all the of the people involved it’s only ever been about like let’s just broadcast the signal just broadcast a signal and whatever we do just every week keep broadcasting the signal and who cares the interesting thing about it is that it’s like the equality of people checking out the content is so high the people who reach out to me and I’m like wow you listen if it’s been very very interesting and for me that’s exactly where I want it to be because I I don’t think that the Revolutionary message that’s out there people who are wanting to put out a message you’re you’re doing the exact same thing it’s not going to be anything that at least for up a portion of. Of time that anybody is going to dust it’s going to blow up into the cultural Consciousness because quite honestly like the culture is just not ready and in many ways you start to sacrifice and change I mean I saw that with with being on Gigolos for all those years you know which was a cult classic and really it. It’s just got a cult following to the point where they still just play reruns in the normal slot on every Thursday on Showtime still at people are obsessed with it and it’s the reason why is because they still don’t get it watch an episode the same episode 10 15 20 times and still know that even in the show that there are all of these layers like okay first it’s a buddy comedy and it’s a scintillating and exciting and there’s nudity and then it’s like you go down the road hole in your like wait know there’s another layer there’s another layer there’s another layer to this narrative and and that’s so important what I see so many people doing though is like they people want to be hurt right that’s a natural human instinct and it’s a good human instincts but the question is like do you want to be heard or do you want you to be heard they’re two different two different concepts two different concepts because there are a lot of things that you can do to get attention in the world in which we live and it goes straight to that running man thing straight to this idea of yeah you can take it to the next level of spectacle you can you can put yourself on display and take it to the next level of spectacle and you will get attention but in due in so doing you will also be destroyed because that’s the next story of that’s the next part of that narrative it’s you’re going to be lifted up and then you’re going to necessarily have to be destroyed because it’s not you it’s not you like once you have exhausted that rule that you’re playing it’s time for that role to be recycled just like the Running Man like they’re going to send the goons in metaphorically it’s not a person doing it it’s just the Zeitgeist doing it but it’s like okay we’re bored with you we’re bored we’ve seen everything that this one-dimensional character has an end then you have to take it up to a level where it’s like no you took it to a level 2 far time to destroy you time to throw you into the garbage bin and started but that won’t happen if you are on a quest and you’re on your own personal journey of Enlightenment and you’re truly trying to expand your Consciousness and what you’re doing is kind of a travel diary and that’s how that’s how I view my show I see you when I listen to your show like that’s what you’re doing as well is that it’s it’s your on a journey here’s the travel diary here’s the sort of path that I’ve taken and if people want want to start walking down that path they can but there’s no end to that there’s no reason for you to ever be recycled and so it’s it’s it’s stays and it remains fresh and you know sometimes something Peaks his head above the parapet and you don’t like Jordan Peterson’s a great example right now somebody that you know I support caught onto pretty early on had him on my show at a time when he wasn’t this gigantic selling out stadiums and what not your message necessarily changes when you got to play to the the a lower common denominator and you can’t just stay at the at the the the peak and the edge and never have to necessarily repeat yourself to always be striving to do something new it’s hard to do when you’re when you’re you know when you’re trying to play to to an audience in and get them caught up to speed but you know so that’s that’s really that’s really what I think that’s the signal signal as a signal is who are you who are you like asked a question and then try to articulate it like embody really embody it and try to articulate it in a way that it’s a search in and of itself and I think that the the people who do that are giving so much value to the world and there are so many people doing it you know not as many people as the people who are just out there looking for attention but I think that’s just the overall communication is trying to evolve you know that the the parts of us that are doing that have to move forward as an example to others absolutely. I totally agree and I’m seeing this kind of visually the third eye perspective that the way to be I mean I’m I’ve made a shift in my Consciousness in the last few years to where I said I would love to remain underground underground relative to the mainstream level of exposure for anything is The Sweet Spot to be in you know if you could be financially successful and do your magic and be a wizard and be be like a ninja that disappears and proves in a cloud of smoke and have that leverage and be able to walk amongst the masses and not tempt that seductive power to want to you know it’s it’s if it’s a trap and it’s it’s it’s actually I mean you’ve been you know you’ve been an in those environments where ego is reign supreme and the sort of backbiting and the one-upmanship and all the stuff like I have no really I think that this budic that’s beautiful architect that you’re playing out is to actually create technology that is grows it’s only medic wings and flies and is like very stealthily moving through and you were out there and your public in your ear in your extreme and true presentation of yourself but you’re not trying to be the leader you’re not trying to be the one who is going to be judged for all of your actions and to have to hold that sort of character position which is it like you said you could destroy it and it’s the downfall of a lot of people in crypto press even I mean it’s like you say one thing wrong on Twitter or you know you could lose half your following or you could have a major backlash and everybody’s fired from the hit man I mean what happened to speech writers what happened to teleprompters man if you’re doing your thing live so even that is like a to me I I salute you and Emma bow down to that but yeah this is a and I know you know you’ve been you’ve been having friction online to Summit in some spheres that we don’t need to get into but it is such a delicate dance of IQ psychic you do the keto with all the controls and all that stuff so I applaud you for doing that in for also reforming that that would this is so much about what we’re going to get into the real deep subject here which is how to not be consumed with narcissism and jealousy and greed and power hunger and to be able to really distribute yourself across a network of lovers Distributors cough across the network of Technology developers and I liked it will move forward into some of these topics the sexy reduce your stuff I really appreciate this is this this is the stuff that I was made of these every time I was a kid and over all of the time of my childhood before puberty I wanted to be a Commando Warriors all the predator and fight evil aliens and having Brotherhood and camaraderie and and having cyber and sci-fi all that stuff to do to be able to dork out on that level with you is a real treasure and it really thinks we’re going to get into the grown up space and put on her all that stuff and yeah so there’s a there’s a few a few sort of one-liners that kind of want to share and have you riff off like we’re jamming you know on these ideas and we talkin about what kind of ships have to happen in Consciousness to not be a tool of a paradigm that you did not design and that you did not develop right and to get some steps and leverage out of there so I just today I was outside gardening and Lisa few lines came to me that I think you will resonate with and kind of help us to break free from being in in what we’re going to talk about which is a very closed closed Source proprietary monopolistic centralized marriage dyad of sex and relating that serves the state first and foremost and God if you want to be religious about it but we got God and the state in that collusion of religion and we’ll get there but I just want to say that to to get us going and say these words came to me be a power user or be used by power be a program or be programmed to develop or be developed and ya know that’s what I mean this is a this is in everything in everything because we are a tool and a symbol making we’re to making species right symbols are tools but they live inside of us as well right so we manifest these symbols at as as tools and then we there’s this feedback loop of new symbols being created by the tools that we create and then this is how we move forward so you’re either part of the willingly part of the creative process or you are you might say you’re a cog in the wheel and we’re all a little bit of both but it’s it’s that’s really where awareness comes in so that’s really where the the self self-consciousness and self-awareness self-consciousness in a good way right not like the type of self-consciousness that that that paralyzes you self-awareness to say oh I am manifesting regardless regardless of whether I’m aware or not regardless of whether I’m taking action or not I am participating in this creative process and so many people are you never a spectator but so many people are are content to wait for something to to come toward them and so many people are unhappy with what it is that comes at them and so then all they can do is have a level of angst and certainly really an amazing amazing invigorating conversation and I just I just want to thank you again so much and you know we’ve got a little bit of time left I think we covered most of what I was super excited and looking forward to discussing I guess I would like to ask if you want to talk about the kind of support that you need from people in the area from people abroad people anywhere in the world listening to this but what what do you need to help your chapter really get to the to the point where were you have all your dreams are coming true and you know you have a people power and the skill sets and what were you what are your pain points and what do you need so that that can just be put out there and it is a prayer absolutely absolutely awesome and I’m sex worker Outreach project is a nonprofit we do accept donations we accept recurring donations donations I mean just to be an ally to a sex worker to be supportive and you know aware that their work is real work and emotionally laboring work to know the sex work as a form of emotional and physical labor and that nobody story is is representative of all sex where you know and I think that the presence of sex workers in social movement come together and try to fight this and you have to fight what gone but it is a tubal refuse up sex workers bank accounts and it’s happened the money seems suspicious that’s unacceptable yeah yeah that’s you that’s the way to to bypass So Many Factors whether it’s the pimp violence or the banks or the state or even Amazon not wanting your wishlist to be you know used for compensation whatever it is the terms that you have to been in bed will I have to say that the my biggest public service announcement for anybody that might be in your network who listens to this is that I really hope that anyone listening who is a sex worker who has the u.s. exposed to these Financial choke point issues invest time in studying the whole cryptocurrency movement starting with Bitcoin and in aetherium but but you can accelerate that process if you start to look into joining the platform of spankchain which is bringing together all of the activism all of the the really Advanced cryptocurrency solutions for being your own bank literally being your own bank where you have peer-to-peer Financial transactions you can sell they will be yeah they will be providing a lot of solutions for the industry and for the producers and performers to be empowered independently and off the rails of the money system we don’t need to do our dirty work without your dirty Fiat is how I feel McGregor’s Outreach project we have like a meme donation thing you can donate cooked difference NFL Karma Dakshin and and how how sex workers are the difference between trafficking educate yourself some people have been looking for what seems like an ideal future to me or all of the the glory and the beauty of the healing in the transformation that is possible and also the the sort of in the streets marches and the activism going to take to get there and a couple of I guess you’re silly but up at the memes have come to me and one is it you know people I remember chanting in the streets protesting Wars and logging and you all kinds of pollution would not the people we would always chant whose streets are our streets and I can hear this echoing Cruise sheets are seeds coming out with our seats and then you can also got allies and civilians involved right thing that ever since I started looking into it swapped but I’ve ever felt like we’ll all of the the Financial Funding necessary to do real political work lobbying in legislation and all that stuff I feel like there’s got to be a way to solicit the the buyers of sex work the purchasers of the material that the funeral of the client’s right of the clients are you so mean maybe PornHub can put a donate button to swap you know somewhere I mean set stuff like that I would love to see the financing for all of the stuff that you have in your bucket list of dreams to make come true for this industry and for this movement that that the money if the people who can afford to pay for their further their fetish or for their experience or for their media everybody and you know what I mean I come from the the green business Eco business startup kind of seen in in LA and it was a no-brainer that you would want to launch your startup having a dollar of every purchase or a percentage of your purpose so that you could have the the pr potential of putting out press releases were you talk about how you give back as a social impact or I mean even PornHub has done a lot of cool stuff like that and I don’t mean to keep harping on them but because they’re the biggest conglomerate really that the industry absolutely and you know that they’re behind them right that I was either going to let my contact continue to be over there in cream to the channel myself because it because you know we can continue and have more follow-ups to this conversation but I certainly would love to explore some of your insights in the industry and I have some yes yeah I wanted to add you know how that Whole Foods you know if you have to you have to be a squeaky wheel gets the grease and House of weird that you were is this is thrilling to me I know that there’s a there’s worse things in the world than having pornstars solicit you on your doorstep like door-to-door canvassing for help me on Monday to take your singing telegrams you know what the my name is you could use the conservative rhetoric against him and say we’re here to clean up the adult industry sign here and give us a check what do you mean well I know where else next workers never would never when they used to pack meat and the muckrakers had to blow the whistle and that’s how we have ratio any conservative how do I I subscribed to say the r word regulation but I will say any sort of public outcry about working conditions that’s all we need you know and Industry within the industry of people like you who know what performers need what the issues are and can represent that and it’s not coming top down it’s not coming from you know sideswiping from weird organizations with too much money trying to push agendas where they don’t belong and some people know what I’m talking about there and some people don’t but it’s what they did with the keywords you know trafficking of course people wanted to sign off on that piece of aeon I support you know anti-trafficking laws of course I do and so what we could do is we could eat give them a dose of their own medicine like you said hi we’re going to clean up your industry and fine hair like that cuz that’s how they do so many things when they say you know that people don’t read the fine print when they when they sign initiatives to get on the ballot you know they read the sort of sensationalist headline that skews the facts to some moral kind of you get boxed in Morley by the by the by the headline of whatever it is and so that it’s it’s like appealing to logical fallacies for anyone to want to do that but yeah I mean this is really it’s actually truly the holiest and most most sort of medic there’s there’s a way for all of the people to I mean excellent performers have the legal space to do this right then then the medical aspect will I think it’s going to naturally organically become a safer environment if you’re not having to be underground in the hide from you know the the filming commission and fucking cops and at the neighbors and you could actually have facilities that work up Captain staff and you know and fungus were like just clean to the places I mean that’s what people say about the all of those secondary crime things that go along with Vice and things being underground and the black market economy you know if when you when you legalize drugs all of those secondary cramps go away and so this is a war on sex and we need to end the war on drugs and the war on sex and these problems will sell themselves in the free market so it’s going to happen New Hampshire you know get ready full medical benefits of cannabis right and I’m actually is for you I think what will happen is that is that is that the Cheeto person will get a reverse gangbang by a bunch of Tantra see the goddess and he will want to transform United States into one giant orgiastic goddess Temple to heal the planet from all the patriarchy that’s my that’s my vote I’m going to put that are you trying to turn me on now I try I try not to but sometimes I can’t help it it just happens thank you for that well yeah so we it’s been one of the most delightful hours of my life at sharing this time with you and I’d like to ask you now to give us the links to everything that you want to share and that you’re involved with and close this out with some final words calls-to-action slogans from the front lines whatever you like to share please take your time. Thank you it’s been an honor and I’m I’m I’m pretty sure my cheeks are going to hurt from smiling too so that’s as wot USA. O r g basically you where you can find me I just would like to do everything I can and vegetation Security building in Albuquerque beautiful thank you awesome alright I see well yeah let’s let’s call it a podcast and let’s be in touch and I will I will be in touch again very soon thank you so much and have a wonderful evening. Smiley and you’re coming over here thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Thomas Day