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Subversion through Perversion with Manny Festation of Porno Plague TPP210


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About Porno Plague:

“Greetings, foolish masturbators. Please allow me to introduce you to; Porno Plague! I’ll be your host… Your Ghost Host, Mr. Manny Festation. I am the coordinator of this rag tag group of renegade smut enthusiasts. The title of owner and operator however, goes to our Lord, God, on high. Blessed be his name.

We are a group of 13 prophets (myself included) sent by the powers that be to reign down a smut epidemic the likes of which the world has never known! Each of us, representing a different region of the world and categorical taboo.”


More about Manny:

I’m also a former Christian youth pastor, had a small but successful stint as a professional wrestler in the indie circuits. I studied religious philosophy and social psychology before dropping out to pursue my own path. I’ve help produce and direct several Renegade Disney projects and am an Occult enthusiast. Other than Porno Plague I am launching a myriad of other projects under my company name; “Obscaena co” which specializes in purposely obscene content. I’ve dubbed it, “social experimental entertainment”. (Porno Plague being a branch of this endeavor).

“Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis.”

-The Ghost Host

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township on podcast episode number 210 I’m being joined by manifestation and he is also known as the ghost host and is that main project we’re going to talk about today is poor no plague which I am a member of the XPS. Net professional community of people all throughout different sectors of the adult industry come together find work share resources share knowledge and insights and the great forum and had good luck just reaching out and in asking for folks to they like to come on my podcast and talk about the work they’re doing in the space I’m definitely like an independent DIY level producer performer and always interested in more networking opportunities so many is one of the folks who who stepped up and took a look at some of my work and some shirts and blinks and I was a really turned on by a lot of what I was seeing at the porno flick sites and also very interested in the edgy taboo religious and spirituality themes that were coming up and though we may we may represent the movie working on behalf of different different entities and duties but stay as far as I’m concerned I’m interested in the art and creativity and the expression also the sort of just non-traditional and more which is more DIY artistic expression and interested in in just different cultures in different ways of people coming out now in and making their own telling their own story through pornography is very interesting and very fascinating from anthropological syrup refectocil with all that said many thank you so much for reaching out and I’m excited to hear all about the work that you’re doing and what brought you up to this this point of taking this role is that the ghost host and thank you for the invitation really I was a great introduction and you’re good at this a manifestation I am the coordinator for the plague just to get started God came down from heaven and told me to go out into the world and find 12 prophets to rain down a smile like the likes of which the world has never known so that’s pretty much where we’re at we’re introducing profit by profit and non-profit represents a different region of the world and Tabu category of pornography that is very exciting and so then that that excites me about this is that a lot of the religious right backlash against also called smut Peddlers is it they they seem to think that the narrative that you just explained in very plain English is like the the secret conspiracy of all of the smut Peddlers out there and I really think that most smut Peddlers are not that sophisticated in their permission in their their operation and didn’t yet you stand out with this Mission as a very purposeful very formidable adversary to to their agenda so please let’s unpack all this like I’d love to get into the Gory details like what was this experience like of this with this Revelation and and tell us obviously about the the prophets in the taboos can you just throw to unpack all this and go down the the table of contents absolutely I can give you a little run-down Prophet by Prophet the first one comes from Nazca Peru what does Masada mean she represents South America and routine of corn on the second one I came across was Herod or he goes by the username meet the creeper and you represent your lawyer in your hidden cameras things of that nature we have I see we have a c k e r r r Asian Ali Jihad from the Middle East Bernie Lomax nice little throwback there he’s our vintage porn bus Blackmagic representing Africa course whole gang men that is so cool mean it with this / I’m getting is more of like a graffiti crew or like a hacker team or something like a crew of people probably in somewhere in the 20s 30s ish I would imagine but who are like at the peak of having so much passion to express themselves and to be really out there in the world and not not afraid of like the future consequences of who you know that the things as you get older you get more conservative you get more cheerful about Grand Vacations but at a certain stage do you know when I think weed collectives of younger folks coming together in the same like we’re going to fucking do our thing I die Digger this Ensemble the sensible thing so how did you go about finding all these folks I’m basically all your big internet websites to find a landform for amateur models meet the creeper comes from the infamous and and websites and the darknet has traveled around and I found all these guys and we all sort of agreed we had this unique perspective on porn especially with the age of the internet and don’t you know on the front page of corn and you see all the starter box inside the videos and he’s definitely a darker nature in human beings and it seems like the manicure World wants to sort of ignore its we want to exploit The Fetish culture II deeper level and actually I think the progressive conservative religious right forces have basically they’re reaping what they sowed right because now if they would have let people just be free and be themselves and not be afraid and ashamed of all the stuff and it wouldn’t things wouldn’t wouldn’t have to to be we have the way they are now which is like people have to really put their lives at risk to to experience pleasure they want to have with her it’s just kind of vanilla almost sexuality or more extreme BDSM whatnot so just give us sort of the elevator pitch or or even more if you’d like half of what they’re their back story is like I feel like we’re playing a video game is like Street Fighter and you get to little bio on you see like they’re you know where they’re from and you see that that’s a great way of putting a man especially that first that yet the court has been very depressed for a long time and it’s exploding everybody’s face which is why we use the hashtag of leg is coming actually what we do is sort of satirical in a way so we can work characters especially with the category that the rent in the reading the world to represent they sort of them backlash against their own culture for example of our first model of the Latin model tourism sodomy she comes from here in Peru South America near there’s a very Macho culture but behind the scenes there’s a a lot of transvestites were example I’m not sure what the politically correct term is anymore so she sort of going against let the Macho culture here and being the dominatrix or middle eastern model Ali Jihad she’s been an arranged marriage and she wears her her facial mask and sort of expressing strong she’s a lesbian and she can express yourself more freely and I’m that’s that’s really the jest of it is I’m work splitting the taboos for all these different cultures where these people live like a man that is so exciting so now I want to go I want to be able to go and see you like where would I cuz I I looked at a couple of the the tube sites and I’m just kind of surf the bit on the different the different videos but is there a place online where you have sort of like a perfect profile Pages for each one of these characters that’s a great question actually I’m right now we have four notes like that, which is being built up and yeah it’s it’s sort of anybody’s guess right now through the tube sites we don’t have an individual profile for every character right now but we’ve only really introduced our first two prophets Tortas and sodomy and meet the creeper through the tube sites of that you’re going to see the majority of their material right now and every month we’re going to be releasing a good bulk of the next Prophet character represents a different month of the year they all ironically have different zodiac sign things of that nature well actress is so cool man I just feel like this is this is going to be the next Comic-Con sensation because there’s like a cosplay element going on there’s there’s this so much is this it just feels like it it it it hits the spot in so many ways to be able to I am just realized I wish that I was I wish that this was part of of my my younger years and I guess I still I myself I still have like a a character Persona and what not but are you so are you imagining this is going to scale to a point where I mean you said the prophecy was for the pick up the commandments so to speak that you got was for 12 but you’ve do you expect that this will kind of spark of movement and people will want to join and want to fit in somehow to this Mondelez affair so I’m never anybody who’s not one of the main prophets in joining and as soon as they’re material or fan photos but yeah it’s definitely sparked an interest in a lot of people and in the coming months websites going to have a ton of material in content that we haven’t been able to Sean to do besides yet cool man well that’s exciting and it’s good to know that this is disgusted look forward to and in the sub Center development on how it how have you been getting attention in marketing is just been I’m like super curious how how the high be able to stand out I mean this is so unique I can see it it’s super compelling and I’m just curious of all of the strategies and Pathways now with the internet that you could you know that you could explore like what has been working well for you as first marketing promotion strategies right right a little bit and marketing has been pretty easy you know through tags and just being completely different people are interested whether they like it or not so I’m getting to where we’re at now we’ve been building audience through the tube sites before the actual main Hub websites open up and it’s been an easy man to Cakewalk building up her audience that way we definitely have a big punk rock element to it it’s been fun mended the comment section under videos are like YouTube everybody’s arguing about our philosophy and people are confused and keep some questioning I think that’s really keeps on coming back to you you know what else this reminds me of that is so near and dear to my curly you know very extremely fucking rebellious in earlier years was the band Gwar your did you ever get into them where you found of Gore I love war actually yes. Man I was watching some interviews on the Sally show just this morning before they embody that that I’m just remembering the lyrics and just this hilarity and discussed and satire and revulsion that they embody but it was also like so compelling and so I might think the first time I saw I was exposed to them was in that movie with Ethan Hawke called Mystery Date were they actually were at a club in the movie Theses you see that and now I think this is like the second coming so you guys should start a band 2 sped up like Punk background music almost like a noise like a handjob music video and and I love that and I love this idea of like just the spirit of DIY men porn now being something that we couldn’t really we certainly couldn’t publicize we could make it back in my you know de I guess you could say but now it’s like a you want to like make a statement you just get a camera get on a tube site and Bam like do your thing and throw some music on there so how does punk rock play into your personal life and is it part of the 1st fabric of the collected that you’re building one. oh yeah for sure man I’m a during my youth punk rock was a very inspirational and I saw the same in your videos talking about your background and growing up I’m punk rock’s been very important to me what are some of that what are some of the styles that you were gravitated towards in the in the punk movement back in the day man up Hed PE Randstad the transplants no bands like that big Marilyn Manson fan Blink-182 actually coincidence are prophets that were found throughout the internet like tortoise inside of me is actually meet the creeper by Rob Zombie Blackmagic Hed PE all the usernames actually I’m sync up to sort of 90s nu-metal punk rock band song then also I’m somewhere I’m somewhat scared to even invoked the name but it reminds me of the Juggalos in the Insane Clown Posse and like the the cultures that spin off of bands and the sort of the yeah man like it really is the glue of generations coming up together and getting into extreme music of whatever genres in I really appreciate the people who can appreciate appreciate the people who can appreciate multiple genres and be into the goth industrial Punk metal and you don’t have all of that be influences in and what not so yeah me hopefully you all will be those of you musically inclined will will start to produce tracks of your own to go with them is that something that anyone’s doing or you just talked about doing oh yeah we got to talk to her a couple bands I’m here locally in Peru and back in the states that we’re going to start getting music from and no make it more than just born doll some music videos with slower videos been equated to already right now this is what is this is what is also a very interesting layer of legal protection for us pornographers is that if there is political educational or artistic value I believe those are verbatim words that protect you from sanity laws you know then don’t quote me on it but but I’ve looked into some of this President and I know that like there’s certain things Scott blood you know there’s a list of there’s like a black list of of things that will definitely get easy obscenity prosecution happened but but a buffer I don’t know so much about exactly protect me from you no liability with those things would just in general like if you can prove that it’s has artistic value and instantly if there is a music video element and certainly there is a a message that’s coming out with with the the statements that you’re making is that the backlash against the repression of each culture I think this is a hugely I mean who for all we know they’ll be a you know Museum a traveling Museum Roadshow to like demonstrate to the world that says he’s beautiful acts of political art that you’re making I certainly feel that way about it and I know there are places you know around the within the sort of dungeon gsm network and in the even the sex positive sort of network where they would you know I would love to like see people organize a film screening like a film fest and have your videos be be like a whole night you know the phone says they’ll be great right actually obscenity laws of something that incorporate we try to walk that fine line does he know if the majority is offended then you’re in trouble that’s basically with the obscenity laws boil down to which is also why I like to call the social experiment to entertain so there is some kind of scientific value there or artistic for example in press that you knew that much about it then it’s it will get me what something is cool about what we’re both doing is like exploring these religious themes and that is usually what will get you the most backlash because people are so so neurotic about it and you know they just can’t it can’t enjoy you know even though the humorous or satirical aspect of it at all and there’s certainly people who don’t want to see anything interracial you know for fundamentalist reasons are simple you don’t want to see depictions of religious figures of course defamed and that I mean altimate sacrilege me weird then the territory of ultimate sack religion but I also feels like the Most Blessed place to be so I don’t know you go figure yeah yeah for sure man in the dangerous me about your work to I’m a big spiritual into it while I feel like I’m exploring more of those Fat Tire you take it very seriously I saw through your videos and I’m interested in that man at the beginning of this during the introduction you said that we might be coming from two different entities I was wondering if you could touch on that a little bit cuz I’m interested well well thank you I mean you’re turning your back on me a little bit I’ll try to I’ll keep it short so we can keep the focus on you and overall but but I do appreciate the conversation last back then and I’ll say that this is an interesting a very interesting juncture for what were you and I are talking about now because I would say we we live in a world where and a time where we Revenge either directly or indirectly like horribly victimized by the corrupt pedophile Empire of the Catholic church that owns more property than any other single entity on the planet in this basically mine fucked and spiritually abused everybody who’s been forced to speak English and Spanish for like centuries in that space of like spiritual violation in trauma it’s very difficult and I think the punk rock movement in an even Marxism and communism the there has been a major rebellion and backlash against all things religious all things spiritual and then and then we sort of Miss this this important more indigenous deeper element which is a Shamanism a shamanistic approach to having right relationship with the spirit world which contains parasitic entities synergistic enter the entities and sometimes neutral entities but you know having an appropriate and spiritually intelligent shamanic relationship with energies and entities that are unseen and then interacting you know socially and sexually with other human beings knowing that there’s this greater invisible landscape that’s that’s where you know the the science and mysticism really has value and end I would say like the lake will freeze apples not all demons are bad like if you just start there and so you know some of them can be trained to be your lapdogs some of them can be trained to be your assassin some of them can be trained to or contracted with and bargain to be bounty hunters or others all kinds of relationships that can be cultivated so that’s why I say it’s like you know we maybe we may be dabbling or playing with different different archetypes and energies in and you know I come I played a bunch of Death Metal I I used to carve myself up and paint pentagrams and six six six with my blood and you know that was me just sort of dabbling in the realm of Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath Slayer level consciousness of evil forces and then getting more into Shamanism understanding yeah you know that’s kind of a child’s play the really more sophisticated mean is going to understand the Continuum and the taxonomy of the spirit will a little more and then actually be more of a designer and not just kind of like be spoon-fed Satanism or something kind of kind of false in in fake so like I got that vibe from you on like I didn’t see this what you doing oh man this is like really cartoony want to be like poser Satanism something that I could see that there’s a deeper message in a deeper sophistication so so back back to you I guess what what how would you describe your the way you reconcile the dark and the light and you know the Divine and the hell is she there all bunch of assholes I agree and we will expose them those kind of people that sounds like the route you were going with sounds like you’ve been reading on a solemn in a little bit like the Lesser key in the ground wires you know some deeper reading material there be I know exactly where talk about those are Satanism and yeah we’re not about that mean we like cartoony and satire don’t get me wrong definitely smells better than anybody like you it’s not all that simple indeed and actually I should say to to clarify actually love the cartoon aesthetic I love anime I love graphic novels I think it’s by the best way to teach a more punk rock spirituality is through a more fun in approach in with art and so I’ve definitely made Might my logo is a cartoon as well so I should say I don’t want to put down the cartoon that’s not an insult it is it is you say like you know what what is what is the angle but I could just tell you no Tortas and sodomy there is a vibe that is being exuded where’s like I don’t think I’ve seen a happier person in my life Glee and pleasure total debaucherous Hedonism that is making this woman seemed so fucking thrilled and I think a lot of the Sexes negativity just comes down to jealousy that other people are having more fun than you are and so we’re proving to the world that did that there’s this is just more fun to be more open and more experimental Yeah man so what are some you have more kind of future plans things to do that are you rolling out today have also coming up on the horizon and we should Nova other than the corn world when do you plan on getting forming like a an LLC or Corporation or somehow in like starting to set up booths at the different porn conferences and actually having more of like a what’s your brand strategy overall or is it you’re going to keep him or kind of just DIY and oh yeah we’re definitely going to start a cult and set the world on fire there might be The Thrill Kill Kult now they say that another one people have so much fun playing with his stuff so yeah that my grandfather was a tour bus driver and he toured with the Lords of acid umbilical call back in the mid-nineties well well that explains a lot doesn’t it scare my grandfather was awesome. Manuel fucken table volume down and tipping hats to all of the the shoulders that we stand on the people who like really yes if you are there other other like industrial band influences that you like or got there in like that Nine Inch Nails all the way men there definitely awesome yeah yeah I hear you man and so have you thought about doing with say like a like a lot of a lot of strip clubs and dance clubs night clubs and stuff they will feature adult performers as feature dancers and they make tons of money doing that one if you thought about doing like a burlesque or like a cabaret show what kind of thing with if this getting some of these folks together in and actually kind of doing like a dance troupe or something very interesting I can play with that so that kind of gives you more like a I feel like this is what I’m seeing a lot of a lot of independent adult performer personalities do with their brands that don’t have like a the safe for work personas online and then a not-safe-for-work personas online and they will just wear a bunch of different hats and be like Jack’s and Jill’s of all trades in Renaissance men and women and just developed a huge you know YouTube type of following and also could be like having little teasers for pornhub or whatever and so yeah hopefully that you all can can scale up and just kind of like you said be a fucking play again infect every fucking stuff yeah for sure man and you said it best to I’m we have actually been doubling on YouTube on Wii with Channel called Trigger Happy I got to get you into Fun trouble well so is there a do you have it I would I would love to if each of you all had a Manifesto on your journey to the profile so that you know people could that’s kind of like how they did the Gwar thing right they said they had an origin story and they kind of had like they’re just rude and crude fucking coming days relatively new but yeah you definitely have the right idea everybody comes from a very unique background to wait to post this until you have the website up and running and then I can link to it and it can be a seamless experience and go and check it out that’s going to be awesome yeah yeah man I don’t think I’ll be longer than I’ll maybe Saturday we’ll have it all posted up on the website Cool all right, it’ll be on the main page Okay cool so tell us about your mysterious many what how did you evolve personally to get to to get to this point of fat that’s a hell of a story where do I start guess I was but I was bullied a lot in school and one thing led to another and I got into professional wrestling just to kind of stand up for myself and professional wrestling lead to getting into stomach work quite a bit and I was inspired a lot when I was a kid by like the Indiana Jones stunt show at Disney World and the crazy story of how it all came together but one thing led to another I got like a big following in the professional wrestling circuit and that’s what led me to want to start my own kind of parity quote and would that part of leg was born through the call aspect of it all like trying to build a following in that sell up the tube sites and all this girl into it so fucking cool man I miss something that just died just resonate with which is it everybody out there is in denial that they are trying to build the cult of personality around an idea that they have that they think is worthy of other people you know giving a time of day to and the the level of transparency that she have about like that I just thought it was Dirty parody cold and just be real enough to put words in your mouth but I really respect that and I really think we should just if we were more honest about the really you if you if you have a creative idea and your wealth with for one there’s a difference of two types of people almost in this world I think it’s like you have producers and consumers you know and if you’re not making a movie out of your life Urban going to be an extra in someone else’s life movie and that’ll be all she wrote you know so so you can stand up yeah you have your idea you birth your EBT you have your brainchild and your you create a monster and if you want people to participate in the in the cult of your band or the cult of your your graffiti art or the cold or whatever it is there’s no shame in that and the only shame is when everybody isn’t their own coat here you know the only shame as if you were you’re not also doing your own thing and rotating that the attention that power so I thought I’d like this ensemble cast that you created and you may be the founder but doesn’t sound like you’re the o’mighty overlord is going to be hypnotized and manipulate people of sounds like people have a lot of autonomy and it’s more of a saturated cold if you will Geico life worth writing about with right somebody else’s life story well that’s a good one yeah and then Jim Morrison said did you have a good world when you died Jim Morrison and get stuff and get stuff for me about if you don’t want to tell the story of how you expatriate it and is that appropriate to share or what was that you want to tell the story of cuz you’re no longer in that did you expatriate from the US or you can you tell that story of where you’re you got relocated oh yeah yeah yeah I can do that no problem I’m currently living down in arequipa Peru and I got married back in 2015 and sleep I was taking care of my grandparents to lay passed away and decided to just move here with my wife instead not a very interesting story okay so now it’s I’m frustrated because you’re there you get to observe is like so you’re deep cover operative Tortas and sodomy doing this very taboo and in in Latin America you don’t fuck around and break with the Catholic Church you know there’s serious fucking mobster mafia-style death squads all connected to that shit and I will be I will be scared shittless fbe rocking that boat yet you all are doing a very blessed me and I’m sending my prayers to you to have all the protection that you need but I’m just curious if you have a sense of operational security around you know the there being any kind of backlash that isn’t just you know what backlash from people who are like real extreme haters that they might want to you know that you might want to be Detroit wheel and consider a threat I’m just curious if you have like a if you guys are fucking training with weapons and your bad ass isn’t going to be able to fucking slice-and-dice anybody that steps in your path or what right you had to take that shit very seriously and no I wouldn’t say there’s any training or protection needed men we like the open about it we’re not really scared we like being in people’s faces so you want them to know standing there with bells on that’s cool you know I also it’s a notice something interesting doing a lot of webcamming myself is that there seems to be a huge underground industry of webcamming Studios all throughout Latin America because I would assume that I’m not to be classes store a racist but I would assume that just a car like the it not everybody is going to have a super-fast Wi-Fi you know in their home not everybody’s going to have that all of the equipment needed so there’s more of like a of a camping Studio industry that I see where it looks like there’s groups of friends and couples you know it won’t show up and and basically give the house they’re cut but then they will have their show and I’ll do the county show and they’re just more just more of a studio based business model than like a home-based business model that you have in quote-unquote more developed countries and I could be totally projecting I could be totally wrong Lion Inn in misinformed and in presumptions about that but if that is the case where that makes me very interested to explore and discover is like what I witnessed on these webcamming sites is literally these collectives and teams there is like one called the best friends team or something and I think they were competing against each other for the most tips in a session whatever witnessing this new team sport of young people expressing themselves sexually in figuring out the most beautiful and elegant yogic configurations of mutual pleasure and orgies and just watching them add more logs for the fire and is a we haven’t seen this on Earth for thousands of years and it’s all coming out because of the financial incentive of webcamming where people who are rich basically and developed country term so-called are able to shower money onto the impoverished young people and hopefully not minors that’s you know knock on wood that they’re doing appropriate age verification but is it but what’s happening is that there’s a financial incentive to break every fucking Christian taboo of homosexuality and I’m watching beautiful friends doing all kinds of freaky by sexual stuff with no shame whatsoever and they’re just laughing and smiling and carrying on like you’ve never seen anybody and four Americans are on antidepressants it’s because they’re not they’re not having team sport webcamming sessions with all the male and female and trans friends like these blessed souls in South America near you’re not wrong you’re actually very very correct somebody puts their house up basically and they have a good internet connection and computer Hino capable of me know doing the camping and dumb they they kind of just like ask around for like models and couples and they come over and they do their thing for a few hours and the next couple comes in and I’m letting something that happens a lot here in South America Peru is kind of a conservative country although it’s some getting a lot more open lately but I noticed the profiles from Colombia Argentina and Brazil but a lot of those are actually Venezuelans and I’m sure you’ve heard about the political problems and oppression there right now so a lot of them are coming from Venezuela and masking their eye peas and make it look like they’re from his other countries that helps a lot but you’re totally correct about them the house internet sharing with friends I would love to make a good net fix the Netflix documentary about this phenomenon cuz I was on that I will be on camming and I would just be in order to keep myself aroused you know I would just be like thumbing through other people camping at the same time and sometimes you even be looking at each other at the same time from across the world like like working working yourself into a frenzy just like looking in the first night I just I’m on there like they’re with their on my stream and I’m on there seem like we’re actually fucking like don’t even know but we’re like beating up to each other. It’s just it’s so interesting man it’s like so social diesel Viagra and bring it back to you and then for no plague is that have you thought about creating a dedicated stream where you have different models come on under that title or maybe they have their own James but they going to represent the brand and so there’s like a a sort of aggregate Network effect true prophets and play games on whenever you watch a video on the tube sites we have the promotional links and advertising and if applicable it’ll take you to that models a webcam channeling opiate ChatterBait or jam.for wherever they come from most of our models are webcam models cool man that now I’m going to eat that’s going to cost me a few a few hundred hours in my life catching up on what I’m missing out on this because this is and it’s so cool and so interesting and fun and I guess I get bored easily with the typical whatever porn whatever camming and so if there’s this sort of cult conspiracy cabal thing happening it’s growing in in kind of fun taking over and eventually you know could be some sort of a revolution and then that’s very exciting hell yeah it’s happening man for sure cool and well I would yeah I’d say I’m like this is now something I’m extremely thrilled about almost more than anything else I’m aware of going on I’m pretty pretty bored with a lot of the things that I’ve been involved in for a long time so it says it’s especially exciting as a as things continue to grow and develop feel free to hit me up and would love to have you back on or if you have other other prophets that would like to come on but it’s an open invitation or anyone else Affiliated I think this is really something I would like to to keep stay aware of into to help promote and certainly they had the spirit of punk and a spirit of Gwar you know I love to just go in there is the notion of poetic terrorism you know when you can take that to be artistic you can just take that it’s like we don’t you know the pain is mine oh you know what I realized if you if you heard the expression the pen is mightier than mightier than the sword what happens if you take the space out between 10 and is between pain and Ms I can see if you was at there’s a typo if it was a typo and you forgot to add the space between those two words how would that read the pen mightier than the sword but don’t take out is just take out the space between pain and is penis the penis muscle that’s my new motto that’s awesome in every book of the Bible to pee so like the first one is Genesis and exodus Gods coming then well yeah again let’s let’s follow up in the future and and I’m glad to be a vector of this this plague transmission and hopefully whoever is listening to this and your blood’s been boiling and you know your ear your hair is turning white and you’re just mortified that I would be so so loose in my my spiritual correctness well this is this is something for you too to meditate on deeply into really appreciate that this is the this is the The Reaping of what was selling by by the sex negativity so we’re going to we’re going to come at you and it’s going to be raw and fun no I had a blast man I think we have a lot in common and you just bringing me back to some of the The Glory Days of when I had even when I had more brass balls you know my balls are getting a little bit jaded a little bit tarnished to it over the years we could polish them off make shiny brass balls again I am here man cool man all right will any other things you want to share again once again give the websites and and then we’ll call the show oh yeah I know that about do it man I just want to say I really appreciate you inviting me on to spend fun talking to somebody who’s similar minded and that about do anything cool and so that’s porno play calm and all of your all of the other sites are just link from there so people should just start there and go down the rabbit hole that’ll work well I appreciate looking forward to the updates and we’ll be in touch soon and take care and have a good one Township Park. Calm and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite Tikka logical employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Country Park. Com Thomas Day


Queer Poly Group Eco Sex Magic Ritual Design with Reverend Teri Ciacchi MSW TPP150


In this episode I’m blessed to be joined by Revered Teri Ciacchi MSW a leader in the eco-sexuality and sacred sexual healing movements. Teri takes us on an adventure through a colorful playful personal narrative that weaves together a beautiful tapestry of initiations and revelations. Teri’s deep, rich, and diverse array of offerings are a great pleasure to explore and I have to say that Teri’s work in the area of facilitating safer/sacred group sexual healing ritual with best practices in mind is the most comprehensive and thorough I’ve yet discovered, I salute and bow down to Teri’s great works. To learn more about the Aphrodite Temple, please listen to this extremely empowering and invigorating podcast:


About Teri:

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, MSW  Ecosex Celebrating Lover Earth, an event being held on Orcas Island Summer Solstice 2018 is taking up most of the Reverend’s time right now. Being Teri includes being the relational matrix of the Living Love Revolution, being a holistic sex educator, a Priestess of Aphrodite, a leader of the EcoSexuality movement, and an EcoMagicks practitioner. We have been generating CascadiaHolistic Peer Counseling system since 1997, holding Aphrodite Temples since 2000 and co-created Surrender:The EcoSex Convergence from 2013-2017. In July 2017 she started Interdependence and Autonomy LLC, a for profit business that builds consent culture by healing conflict through education and legal advocacy, creating consent-centric events. Reverend Ciacchi looks to Nature for guidance and wisdom. She translates the teachings she receives from mycelium (mushrooms), bees and stardust into useable social skills for human beings. They lead collaborative workshops and events that honor the innate connections between humans and the Living Earth. Recent publications include essays in the books: Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love  and Queer Magic. You can find her works at the following websites:www.LivingLoveRevolution.org www.ianda.space   www.AphroditeTemple.com  and  www.ecosexorcasisland.org.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 150 I am being joined by Reverend Terry Diane we is a matrix of the living Love Revolution and the Eco 6 movement in Cascadia also the hierophant of the Aphrodite Temple and we will be unpacking all of those lovely titles momentarily I just want to give a personal introduction I got to meet Terry several years ago at a lovely kind of green tantric Magic Ritual where we made these blessed seed balls and really mixing the spirit and the technology of permaculture with the spirit technology of timeshare which is what this show is absolutely all about so obviously I was thrilled to meet back then and then over since I move back to LA that was in Portland I have been prompted by one of my dear friends to reconnect and invite Terry to be on the show and in that process I discovered what I think is one of the most important and vital fundamental groundwork laying interviews to talking about the perils and the promise and the the glory and the the horse really if I’m trying to organize successful well vetted Sexual Healing rituals that are I say very well curate did not overly hierarchical or cultish you know Sex Magic healing ritual groups and just the Practical nuts and bolts if you’ve ever wanted to understand you know best practices for that kind of stuff which is you know what I am really guided to to assemble this like best practices medically spiritually sexually politically all of these economically all these factors come into play so someone is really got a lot of experience with that and we’ll get into that later is Terry so I’m so thrilled to just be able to In This Moment I’ve really been praying for this for for quite a while so I’m really thrilled and with all those things said Terry please share with us your personal background your story will also get into the Eco sex movement and the and the the other good stuff first of all let me just start by saying that it’s an honor to be interviewed and to speak to someone who clearly understands the breadth of what I’m doing and I was really moved by your sharing your personal history of recovering from your childhood most of us don’t most of us do not have a chance to actually fully heal or I mean most people in what I call the feeling we were cultural deconstruct at the minute we never get to fully self we don’t I have a whole theory about sexual self development you know people talk a lot about psychological development but because our culture is so fearful and so specifically body phobic sex phobic we don’t really have very much opportunity to unwind the deeply traumatised the sexual initiation experiences most of its have had and you know we know just some statistics in social work and psychology that the majority of adults have deep unhealed traumas around sexuality but for me myself knowing that both that sex is a sacred thing and that that it is opportunity there are not many many many opportunities to explore Bliss and ecstasy in these physical bodies and I think that we have an obligation just because we’re born and we have these bodies to come to a place and create social experiences where that Bliss and see can unravel its potential and fully bloom in our lives and so I I feel personally charged by the goddess Aphrodite and by Guy other and the beauty of the Planet of the natural world to insist that I create spaces and places and opportunities for people to actually have sexual sovereignty and actually enjoy their bodies as fully as they can during the span of this short mortal coil you know so it’s wonderful to be able to speak to somebody that I believe has a capacity to understand what it is that I’m doing our culture is so I should say our country but were born into is so toxic that it’s a miracle that any of us ever find each other or have the opportunity to be in a loving kind peaceful consent Pacific space together and so that’s all just to say again that I’m honored to have stopped to speak to you and to speak to your community so thank you very welcome thank you so I’m going to be just the first two paragraphs from my essay golden waves and Priestess bodies establishing a queer Centric poly normative Aphrodite cultist in Cascadia and a lot of the language and addresses in here I’ve had to invent a lot of language I mean why do I say queer Center in poly normative because there aren’t words that I could just say one word and you would get what that means right away right it’s only because we’re living in a really impressive culture that we have to invent new words for our experiences because our experiences are outside the cultural norm so very important acts of magic that I learned from reading books by Bell hook Bell hooks is to from margin to Center and specifically records in her book from margin to Center is to put our own experiences in the center of our worlds and to speak from that Center as if it’s totally fine for clear poly animist witchy people to exist and to be generating their own culture you understand yes so the culture we were born into and grew up with in USA neoliberal capitalist racist sexist hegemonic oligarchic culture can be referred to as be fading Uber culture this feeding agriculture is not for me and resisting The Fading agriculture is exhausting and does not provide enough pleasure as pleasure activists we want to focus on creating more of what we desire which is an intimate community of gender varied friends and lovers who are magical practitioners focused on creating new ways of being loving humans insect we find ourselves at war or odds with the culture we were born into because that culture does not have a place for us over culture does not even have words that we would choose to describe or accurately convey our own internal experiences of divinity love and sex and so we must invent new words we must use different pronouns in search of ourselves and our culture we have gone through a series of the comings and ongoing unfolding of self that have inspired us to invent and send her our own understandings language and definitions of what the central mysteries of divinity love and sex are and can be the use of the pronoun we throughout this essay in my speaking is an intentional and admittedly unique usage the intention is to express my internal experience of being a collective of beings a Multiverse of personas an individual embedded in an ecologically web of relatedness it is impossible for me to separate myself and that’s in quotes from a complex interweaving and histories of one the sex positive and queer ancestors of choice to biological blood ancestors of DNA Family Heritage three the internal environment of my body that include biotta neural networks and assimilation of animals and plants is food for the fluidity of ideas conversation and activities shared within and between the many people in my community S5 the fluids and bodies I exchanged when being sexual with others and six the lived environment of my physical existence taken in by my body sensory precepts it is also incredibly important for me as an ecosexual animist to approach the non-human persons around me as an integral part of myself so while the use of the pronoun we for self-reference is Clumsy it is also for me the most truthful and authentic so that’s just kind of an introduction of why would use we which is plural as a pronoun and this essay which I’m not good anymore of for you is from a book called queer magic power beyond boundaries it was edited by Lee Harrington anti Phoenix police tend to amazing powerful gender Blended beings who I admire very much and I’m grateful to know and be close to we get another I have so much privilege and Grace in my life that all of these amazing magical beings are connected to me and my silly don’t matter what I call the mycelium at the rise Ematic polycule set we all send our lives around tie is a person what is a personal assistant genius incredible human being who knows a lot about alchemy and who went through my Aphrodite Temple Priestess system and evolved in Hyde off and got a new shade in and became hierophant and they do something called T which is a temple of erotic Alchemy and it’s such a thrill to be able to Mentor people into their own power and then get to stand next to that I work with them hopefully for the rest of my life there are amazing and I just wanted to not do that do you not think it is awesome please continue another person that I work closely with is Christian Thomas and her website I think it’s called the rewilding still but she’s about to debut an amazing project called the one woman podcast where she has put together a series of wonderful intimate Dynamic powerful stories and what she did was use the quote from Muriel rukeyser from a poem that was in part of second-wave feminism in the early 80s where they quote what would happen if what if one woman spoke the truth about her life the world would split open and then she interviewed me and a lot of other women and said what would you if you could make one sentence out of the truth of your life what would it be and I said my trees right now is that we are the midwives of the new aeon and this time of transformation it is our time and so she put that sentence as the opening background music for the opening of her podcast and that’s coming out on Mother’s day which is wonderful also look for that because I think it’s not only just inspiring the same power a lot of people I’m saying all that because I believe it is true that I’m a midwife or the new am I think that were in a spectacular time in which for me the word apocalypse means the removing of the veil I think that the current presidency is a very clear example of a an increasingly Stark division between classes and increasingly star division between people who want to drag us back words to try to preserve their culture which is dying which is again I call the fatty liver culture and those of us who have been intent our entire lives on creating new worlds focused on love consent in peace an S at you know we’re here in this beautiful setting on Orcas Island were at the place where we’re going to be having an event called ecosex celebrating leather Earth which is June 20th through 24th and part of the way that I worked is at wherever the new venue for my work is which I arrived at through magical practice and meditation and speaking with my gods and ancestors whatever that place is that I get the calling to go I go into velop a relationship with the land and with the venue house and with the land comes information about beings that died there with the land comes connections from my own ancestry here on Orcas Island there obviously were Native indigenous peoples the Lummi people specifically lived here for a long time and we’re driven out in the 1890s pushed to Lummi Island they were before that in their own small Tribal wars with the macaw who live in the North and then there was a whole huge Colonial division between the French and the British and the American as they continue to colonize this place there was a lime mine here that was used to build bricks and he thinks and they cut down the forests in 1896 so I’m on this piece of land that has amazing immense trees that have been growing here since they clear-cut it in 1896 there are several cedar trees that must be older than that because they’re towering but they have snagged three of them have snags at the top and that’s why they’re still here and one of them has a 13-foot black cleft down the middle of the trunk and so we’ve decided that’s the lowest I will bring the Altar and one of those wonderful features of my event which prior to this year was called surrender the ecosex convergence and which I held an intentional Community with Lindsay Hageman when she live there she stopped living there and we have to find a new venue but in those times so from 2013 until last year 2017 we have a part of the venue space marked off and we call it lillis Forest and we call it that because what we’re doing is creating a temporary autonomous Zone and we’re making a Sacred Space for people to have consensual sex Magik experiences in the woods they can be auto-erotic self-pleasuring or they can be negotiated consensually created co-created group or dyadic experiences whatever people want and in order to make it safe to do that we talk about consent all the time are very specific definition of consent is on the website when you register you have to read it and say that you’ve read it we have a 90-minute embodied consent training as part of it that’s mandatory everyone has to attended they get a wristband and I ended up learning how to create an entire culture where people could be strangers when they arrive at the festival but by Thursday night the festival goes from Wednesday to Sunday to buy Thursday night everyone is resonant with the definition of consent and how to embody it I did all of this because as a deeply Pagan person I decided I was from a point point of rebellion at the age of 18 never going to worship a male God because of the oppression that I experienced as a young female child and the early date rape experience and things like that I didn’t trust male body people enough to want to worship them as or defy them at all so from a point of rebellion I went to a private women’s school called Stephens College in Columbia Missouri and they had a library in one of the first things I did when I got there was go to the union section and found this book about inanna The Descent you’re not a way of initiation for women by Sylvia prior Brenton and I read that book and realize that it was possible that there were female deities position of rebellion at first I was like what I’m going to worship goddesses then it was a conceptual thing for me in the beginning and then I went through a thing where Alders archetypes this is a psychological thing and then As I Grew in 9:55 I’ll be 56 is here somewhere between 18 and 30 I had enough actual experiences with ritual and invoking deities and you know I met somebody in 1980 Melanie Henry who told me I’m a witch and gave me the copy of star hot to spiral dance with every year at that point and we started doing rituals together and getting our friends together and going out in the woods and calling ourselves which is again mostly out of rebellion but then the gods kind of found us we didn’t ritual that we started to have these amazing surreal and extraordinary experiences that we could not explain so I went through all these different Transformations but by the time I was leading an organization called called changes and doing public full moon rituals in parks and being a leader in the Pagan and Wiccan humidity at also got many many different kinds of initiation and the first degree that I got in college back then but I was 20 I got a degree from Siemens College in interdisciplinary ecology or human ecology I believe that now will be called something like whole system’s design right or something like one of the scholars and not feel right yeah I said that as well right grateful that made it possible for me to have a very deep understanding of ecology and that has been essential Paradigm in my life since my lovely private school that was a very excellent educational experience I had classes with like 11 people where we studied existentialism or Gandhi and non-violence we set it intentional communities we had a house called the beta house where we solarized create a greenhouse sunken hot tub in it made a zen garden learned to think about alternative energies and this was in from 1982-1983 I got a degree in 3 years and then I went back to school and got a master’s degree in psychiatric social work in Social Work Administration so I also worked with a very unwell chronically mentally ill believe in that now we’re going to talk about neurodivergent so you know where to find a new language all the time that seems more accurate Bunny Case by the timer 28 hours managing a group home I was the executive director of a group home for adults with chronic mental illness and I got married and moved to Eugene Oregon but all of these things were all about me having wonder and Delight in the world deeply loving human beings and knowing that the way that I was brought up and the things that have happened to me we’re not healthy and well and I wanted to understand psychology to figure out how do we get to this loving culture that I want and I’m again very aware of my own privilege and Power but I get to spend a lot of my time and Christian has called me a thot Vision I spend a lot of my time thinking about how could we have a new culture that would Center Lovington sense right so the living Love Revolution is the name of the cultural experiment that I’m in charge of I say that I’m in charge with I made it up and we all get to make up the meaning of our lives and we all get to and we will weather doing it consciously or not we are responsible for assigning the meaning of the things that have happened to us right so a good short example of that is at ecosex celebrating lover Earth the solstice event that we’re doing here on this beautiful land that I look at wish you could see the trees here there towering the sky is blue a bald eagle is flying overhead right now not making it up there’s a gorgeous Aphrodite statue that I get to the land next to a very ancient beautifully sinuous madrone tree the green and brown of its bark enticing it’s gorgeous here so one of the things that really do here is people have password so the events five day long and on Thursday Friday and Saturday for 2 hours everyone has chosen when they come to the registration Booth they got a necklace that goes with the small little tribal experience of password and I create relationships all year round and have people submit proposals for path working this year for the first time at midnight and the deadline is January 15th I have 15 workshops and seven of the eight password submitted on time so that’s how I know that this movement is growing and it’s going well and the first password submitted to me a woman named V Carhart and another woman named Michele rain are going to be leaving something called sexual initiation reframing trauma as a magical Act and the people that are on that package path I have about 20 people on it will get a chance to talk about their early sexual trauma histories and do an initiation Rite to reframe themselves as magical people so more than being a survivor of a trauma they’re going to Grapple with it they’re going to sit in the trouble together and tell their stories and listen to their stories and write to empower themselves to see themselves as amazing magicians and divinity’s in the center of their experience and they’re going to make up a positive sealing hole eyes not without grease but definitely without shame conclusion to that story for themselves doesn’t that sound cool those sounds great just so you know what side note is it’s really I feel like the the Redemptive quality in that kind of really the Alchemy of that traumas is to say to you about it myself which was it at those with the most empowering way I could make sense of the horror flick acts that were perpetrated on me and that on so many others is just to say some of us Souls did what they do in war when when you know the person with the most loving her heart sits on a grenade for the platoon and takes all the shrapnel so that it’s but then reveals if it were also reviewing the issue and if we if we can survive and thrive then we can bring it to the light and we can actually get to solve this issue and I kind of feel like we become like karmic sponges or something you know the process play more about the crime expunged what do you mean by that phrase so I can understand it’s a beautiful chamonix mushroom Shaman name Sean at home and you know she has her communion with the spirits of the Northwest nature spirits and we were one of the things that she heard and one of her Journeys was just that this disorder discourse of Ascension and in being lightworkers and there’s a lot of kind of highfalutin aggrandizement around some of the stuff and and that she was kind of put put in her place in a way by saying just clean up your reality you know it’s you got it we have to take the responsibility and have that if that’s the case then some of us who have been you know how to put on his Crucible we’ve we’ve had to become sort of like karmic sponges and we’re scrubbing off these scraping off these Barnacles off of the world-soul you know that the parasitic and don’t belong here so the more I mean if I can just swallow up like a giant whale just all of this Gunk and just get it stuck in my teeth and take it with me to the behind him clean his place and so yeah I get it thank you for explaining that cuz I was a little confusing I’ve also again had the great privilege of working with Daniel for have you heard of him no it’s a new name to me it’s really hilarious because he is actually from North Ridgeville Ohio which is where I grew up and I before meeting Dental really there wasn’t anybody outside of my family of origin that I would care to spend time with him or fertile because I I kind of feel like I escaped from there when I was 17 to go to college no and I worked very hard to come back into a relationship of love with the Lambs there in North Ridgeville and a big part of what’s me that possible is that I worked through a series of synchronicities I met General 4 and he has a system called ancestral medicine where those of us who if maybe bad weird and mysterious psychic things happen most of our Lives again I think there’s a connection between having survived a buttload of trauma and the hyper-vigilance that is set up in our nervous systems where we you know what does not want us to experience more trauma so we’re hyper-vigilant right and we were potentially things that are really going to be tragic but we anticipated we try to have foresight about avoiding it and all of that makes us take in a lot more sensory information and be more sensitive to proceeding it rape said it’s a lonely day I’ve always been super alert mainly because I’m so committed to nonviolence I don’t want to perpetuate the traumatic things that were done to me right I don’t know the unpurposed I really really want could be loving and kind to any small younger being so out of my commitment to not to participate in the city lubricant show as little as possible right I met Daniel and heard about descent system which is the idea that we all have bright and well ancestors and that especially those of us that have white skin privilege is that makes sense that translate that phrase and who are of northern European descent whose ancestors slaughtered and destroyed the indigenous cultures that were here on this continent before they arrived that we actually a month my friends we talked about it in the shorthand term called way to go right size a fading agriculture for the culture that’s happening and let it go is a place that I didn’t invent Paul’s last name as a book called where to go it’s basically saying that the defendant over culture itself is a virus and that people that are unconsciously Dominator haven’t deconstructed their privilege around race and class that their behavior is destroying the planet right and that all of us that have white privilege and all of us of European ancestry need to clean up our own bloodline so this is me referring back to your psychic sponge, so I have come to believe that is my responsibility to heal the Hungry Ghost in my own blood lines do that I have to know my own history my own DNA where did my people come from what God did they worship What lands did they inhabit and most of us don’t really have any related this to that so by taking a 9-month ancestral medicine training with Daniel and then being supervised by him now so that I can be a practitioner of his system I’ve had to do the prison work of looking up my DNA I took a DNA blood test and found out where everything I could about that I found out I have Eastern European Jewish roots and I didn’t know about I found out that I have more than African blood that I didn’t know about I found out that has Saudi Arabian blood didn’t know about which makes sense cuz my dark skinned Italian father who had a lot of trouble with racism growing up in the 50s and 60s right that was an impact there was a lot of race and religious intolerance in my family board and growing up with a big division me to my father’s Italian Catholic background and my grandmother’s and my mother a Protestant White English and Irish and French background in the process of working with Daniel identified the bright and well dead people in my bloodline and now I have an ancestor altar I talk to them daily I pray to them daily and I’ve used the connection with those bright and well ancestors to clean up the hungry ghosts in all four of my primary Bloodlines and in the process of doing that I carry them with me and their integrated with me and I really feel strongly as most of those of us who study with Daniel to that it is our job to clean up our own Bloodlines first and to not do that is a spiritual bypass right so I can’t walk around and tell and be judgy about other people and their shit unless I’ve cleaned up my own first this will that make sense to you yeah that’s a great that’s a great point and if I if I could I’d like to ask you if we could get into the house that this path is it says express through the effort. E Temple specifically that that Retreat that I was hearing about where that that seems like that’s all people are coming together to get those hard-to-reach spots you know so the living Love Revolution has like a whole system you have personal what I call Zone zero the inside of your head work Zone one would be like the two of us talking to each other is a Zone 1 Zone 2 saga plaid permaculture write down for would be different cultures merging and clashing and cross-pollinating zone 5 would be the guy at the body itself the whole planet and I have created remediation systems for all of those zones and you can read about that on the Eco sex Orcas Island. Org website there’s a page that discusses the zone so that we could talk about in a holistic way down zero and someone I teach Cascadia holistic peer counseling the peer counseling system that prepares people to learn how to clean up his own Zero by getting loving witnessing attention from other people and treating even though you know some of us still need to go to trained therapist psychiatrist that’s important limited. But our lives would be so much easier if we all have your belly say hey I’m upset can I get a mini and some would just stop and for 10 minutes give you their full loving attention and you could clear the emotional distress her in and then go back to whatever consensually agree upon activity or in the middle of before you have the most mobs that gives this is so important and I feel like a lot of people in the eye mean I just don’t want to call the self-help movement I want to call it Mutual Cooperative no one is alone at me you know what’s better than cleaning up our toxic Gunk so we can attend to the Ecstasy and pleasure of being a body was designed for the bus is it seems like yeah you can take care of it after hours after you clock out and then you know if you can feel really happy about things up in the morning when you have to be there small groups we want to have deep resources because we are pleasure activist we want all of our relationship at whatever level to be loving and satisfying and pleasurable so I had to invent something called the Aphrodite Temple because you know I taught for 12 years at the Center for Sex positive culture short names that wet spot by those of us that taught there and hung out and made it happen. I think last year or the year before it was in Seattle that whole time and a great privilege again of being around only Natchitoches but executive director a lot and I’ve learned so much from her and she encouraged me to teach there but I wanted to do things that were about sacred sexuality and mostly it was BDSM Kink which is not I’m not disparaging that at all I needed a Social container for me to work out my trauma and to work out different positions of power and to role-play all kinds of different things and in the process of teaching and socializing at the Center for Sex positive culture for a decade really I learned all kind of by that method well my thing I really like is sacred sexuality I like to have sex while there’s an altar with Siri that can vote and I started to understand that for me my primary relationship before using polyamory language was with the deity Aphrodite and that I didn’t want to have sexual interactions with other people that interrupted the flow of deep love and devotion the kind of bhakti practice that I had with that goddess I didn’t want any of my other relationships with humans to interrupt that flow inside a figure out a way to do that and in the process bring out a way to do that and not wanting to get into heteronormative dyads because no matter how many times and how much work and effort how much therapy I got and how much talking we did that dyadic pairing always had a power-up and power-down position and it was too painful for me to continue it interrupted the flow of my relationship with Aphrodite cuz all that translate because every time I get close to being intimate anyone I have to explain to them there’s more than meets the eye going on here of cultivating a connection with no some DVD that you would have to have informed consent to encountering and I don’t want to have you be freaked out so you got to study that I am a what-do-you-call-it and it’s I’m a package deal with the device some of you and have you understand that piece from my personal spiritual Devotion to the goddess Aphrodite that I ended up creating entire system that I now call a therapeutic education and ecstatic education weekend so after desirable education and it really was out of my frustration and trying to translate what I was doing just individual I just wanted Playmate I just want to peers I just want to have an awesome mother love and time for cheers and I think about all of this text to sort of millennial Tech culture and co-working spaces it sounds like you’re great at you were creating cold Living Spaces the way we were working spaces now got it that’s right and that’s why I say queer Centric and poly normative because I’m saying for the. Of time that this weekend is an Aphrodite Temple weekend starts at 1 on one day and ends at 1 two days later right to from 1 on Friday or the next Temple that we’re having is May 26th to 28th so over Memorial Day weekend it’s in Portland we charge 352 $500 sliding scale for it you can read about it Aphrodite temple.com and the essay that I was reading from from queer magic is the first time I’ve ever tried to actually articulate what I’m doing which was really a weird feeling I kind of felt like I was showing people my genitals it was like the most awkward I’m shy all my friends are like how come you’re not writing about the second thing because it’s private it’s like my biggest Joy and I’m at some level Terror terrified that if people really find out what I’m doing the come and kill me right because the cultures so but because they put up this book and they’re my good friends and there’s like we really want you as a woman magician whose you know we love your work. Please write about it and it took me almost nine months to write this essay start someone on Friday usually the same will be Saturday in Atlanta Monday and the first day and a half of it is are all exercises to make sure that were actually in our bodies as present as we can be and not disassociated that we’re moving away from being performative insects because most sex for most adults is a Performance Based on their programming they received for what it means to be a man or what it means to be a woman or what it means to choose not to be either and we’re still super focused on the impact of the performance and what we’re trying to do is move you from that place of performance to being a space that’s an intact field of sensory information and aesthetic Delight where you know that you are part of a we Consciousness that is singing with bliss and ecstasy we want to move people into their experience in their body and away from their concept of what sex is it’s the berry Big magical trick and we have to create a temporary autonomous Zone which is a word that Hakim Bey came up with are you familiar with that word yes very much very poetic terrorism full of therapy sensory information and Sex Magic where you get to be with usually between 20 and 30 people max out the most we’ve ever had in temples 33 and that was a little clunky and on Saturday night there’s a cone of powers with a spell it’s an act of magic and we get into groups of five each person gets 20 to 40 minutes depending on how the time how it’s gone to articulate what they want and then receive it from for other people we do it it’s designed really carefully as a culture Jam against heteronormativity a culture gym against sexual oppression or capitulation or coercion and it’s ecstatic and its Democratic and its egalitarian and sometimes people say what I really want with my body is asking for right now is to be crabs like a little baby and have lullaby sung to me and have my hair petted and sometimes people say I need all four of my orifices dramatically and then thoroughly stimulate is simultaneously and I needed from all of you right now and there’s absolutely no judgment about what people request and it’s our honor and our sacred duty to deliver what is requested of us and so the the Priestess training system that I have I say is training in becoming a transpersonal resource of love and lust and desire for your community what the work is does that make sense all that and orgasmic Gardener is a happy Gardener we have been holding for Aphrodite Temple a year since about 2009 and we have a priestess body right now that’s composed of 13 people and like ecosex celebrating Mother Earth I’m the Matrix the architect of the social permaculture design of these activities well I just want to take that input if that’s so beautiful just that has the potential of making permaculture sexy is that sexy my friend it is right and it’s it’s missing that piece the 9th form of capital it’s a sexual capital of sexual energy flow I mean I really hope I realize I fantasize about a nude PDC actually informed is another book that will come out before the end of this year called sex positive now Co edited by Alina kibosh and I forgotten the man that she’s doing with so I forgive forgive me Alina but he’s I believe Australian and I have an essay and they’re called from Roots to shoots the sex positive origins of ecosexuality movement in which an articulating all the queers through the blue laws of armed services that deposited large numbers of queer people in New York and Chicago and San Francisco by when they kick them of the military and again when I go back home how that turned into gay leather culture and gay leather bar culture how that turned into the radical faeries contingencies the dike separatist lesbian things up eco-feminist women artists like on a man Giada and Mary Beth Edelson we’re doing things in the seventies and eighties the Guerrilla girls how that all moved through a cup how it turned into queer performance art how that queer prefer was something that Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens found United partnership in and how their ecosexual weddings and their early artlab performances of getting married before it was legal to be married as a clear of them doing this public works of art and that performance turn into the Eco sexuality movement and how I’m a part of that movement cuz all of that so well this is the kind of stuff I want to be having campfire smores ecosex Orcas Island. Org is the website with these awesome stickers if you send me your snap name and I’ll send you a packet of fun stuff yes animist right you know you hit the trees and the birds and the bees and the mycelium and the Stardust that those things are also is. As we are at those things have a right to exist as we do and that we should be learning from these nuts on human natural beings that designs for a culture that we should be building culture more like a beehive or like a mycelial mat or like a cluster of stars then like the idea is that the same Uber culture turned out and sells to us. It’s our honor and our responsibility to listen deeply to our own songs to the land to the nonhuman beings and live in concert in Harmony and peace and loving consensual relationship with those beings and that now is the time for us to turn those of us who would like to turn this culture and move with quickness with alacrity through this tiny little portal that’s open right now to get through to these other dimensions and change the nature of the universe the nature of our experience in these body I don’t know how long the portal will be open I know that is open now and everything in me is sounding a call to find the other beings who want to do this work to press forward and make it happen beautiful beautiful that was a great rabble rousing speech and yeah I feel like we’ve this is a cat feels like we’re in some time or Bermuda Triangle or something because I feel like we’ve only been talking for 5 minutes and time is just flying and I feel like I definitely want to I feel like this is a great foundation for you as a guest and I want to unpack and going to so many of these Dimensions that you played out as we have as you have time in the future if I could ask Chicana just there’s a few points that I would like to to address with you from the interview and I don’t have golf dig up the link and maybe you have it off the top of your head but there was an episode of a podcast where you were interviewed specifically all about kind of inter workings of the Aphrodite Temple experience yet . org which is my website there are links to most of my podcast there also there’s a website called Aphrodite temple.com that podcast is embedded on the website there if you forget you can write to me at ecos x 22 at gmail.com and I’ll send it to you personally it is having all of my media cuz I’d like to because I’m mostly busy in the world if your not generating more media than you’re consuming you’re in trouble and I right yeah I understand questions you want to ask me I’ll try to slow down and thank you so much you have wasted this is just been a spellbinding literally spellbinding roller coaster ride of just getting a bit Taste of everything has been an absolute drill and I appreciate it I know this is exactly the rabbit hole this is it this is a plural this is a rabbit holes multiples of rabbit holes in this conversation that are all delightful so some of the things I feel like I want with most thrilled about when you express them in and I’m not you know we don’t have to match the Glory of Love Will Find the link to that and people can check it out but there were two specific really empowered empowering and for me very transformative insights that you shared about having this experience in these groups and you’re going to be places so so bravely greatest lie and in one of them was at it was really we’re leaving for me when you talked about how you know you’ve worked with you you’ve gone deep with with the lifelong meditators who say that you’ll never conquer your you know anxiety disorder you just need to literally find a way to have some peace about it and go put your life and we can help each other with coping with these things but don’t put this Purity like this is an Empire realm and we’re going to swap fluids or going to swap Karma’s and all these things going to happen the best we can do centrally is to just be be honest about it and surrender and share and healing in Penn Valley now I’m kind of paraphrasing but you don’t scare me as a Survivor I’ll just say that you know this is what we’re still using that terminology it’s at, I feel contaminated and I feel it sometimes contagious and I feel like there’s a new Psalm Isadora who is it you know very well respected very very well-established casualty of the war against these parasitic entities I would say you know sheet she was quoted saying that she never wanted to talk about what she had been through you know that for a long time because in her words who would love me and to me that’s the biggest the tragedy of how these things fuck with your mind is it is if they would tips if you can find a way to love yourself and be loved and to share love then you can win but if you were if you were you feel so in pure that you that you don’t want to touch anybody or be touched or be opened up then they win yeah and then you die in the next life so can be a solace if you will is realizing that we actually live in a non-dual Multiverse and any kind of concept that splits the world into then becomes problematic so because the fading agriculture is dominated by dualistic religions it’s easy to fall into the spell of Duality where things are sinful or good as if anything could be that simplistic it’s actually not the truth is not the truth of her experience and I’m again great privilege and blessing to work with Reginald Ray and do a month-long. TuneIn 2011 to 2012 and sit and doing many many hours of what he cheats a practice where he tells us through experience and leads us through the experienced that the body is living in a non dual experienced the body doesn’t have an understanding of sin it is the mind that assigns the idea of impurity at all it is the mind and its judgments and It’s Tricky fucking fading Uber culture enforced programming that would ever have the idea that the body was in Pure or damaged or diseased or sinful or tragically you know broken it’s not true just from a science perspective that I can talk to you through this media that were communicating that our souls are touching and we understand each other is a freaking miracle that the body is functioning with all this biotta and nervous systems and it’s a freaking Miracle the body existing is a miracle and there’s not anything ugly or computer or dirty those are all thought forms from fragile human understanding from The Limited confined space of a dualistic imposed concept that is not the truth about our bodies that’s not the truth about our actual experience we are vast and immense we are at this moment full of Dark Matter Where our ancestors and the gods lie that is the truth about my experience and I offer it as an opportunity for an alternative Paradigm that could be Liberatore and cause you to see your own magnificence and experience your own eminence and the power of Aphrodite is the ability to experience yourself as God and deity and understand that you’re holy and to perceive that Golden Light of eminence in other beings and that’s our work to live in that space and a generator culture that honors that space and they give us that experience of bliss and ecstasy that is our Birthright yeah I’m going to have it at Francis Senior Life and adding more logs to the fire you know in the right way that’s going to increase the temperature for disinfecting the unhygienic parts you know that that we need help with and it just burn it off thank you yeah we’re totally deep vows for all the stuff that you’re working out and it’s been a huge inspiration I feel like it’s a prerequisite for anybody to come anywhere near my body Temple to have this level of discourse about stuff so there’s another factor that you brought up and it will just the units will be the last thing I want to I want to touch on for an hour from you know what what I was so moved by but another another very functional very practical protocol procedure you know for say that you had in place was a very just a very succinct precise bit of wisdom around with the way you language how it’s in a while probably do you know how was going to paraphrase it to the best my memory but if it’s that a man in my from my memory to my words it’s it’s really that there is this what the truth that you’re expressing was it there is a pretty much inevitable inevitability of a wonky kind of power Dynamic of either either in it if you’re only having died attic you know want to people in a couple’s private sexual encounter you really not seeing each other’s blind spots and there’s a tendency to either to either be transgressed upon or to transgress upon another and if you don’t have the referee or witness or third-party to observe the Dynamics from a high level of skill and and consent training then pretty much you’re always setting yourself up to in some way violate consent or ground beef traumatized and so even if it’s not this sloppy it’s really not about it being a sloppy orgy where people aren’t paying attention it’s about having at least one person be very Vigilant present and facilitate and move energy and to make sounds of and that’s what was work for me and what I would kind of add to it unless you’re sure that’s what’s happening for you you just started liking train to a collective hive mind of a fueling together but it does indict that heteronormative dyadic sort of Paradigm that is just a nuclear family curse and I always looking for new ways to burst that bubble of the Disney World going to Disneyland for you to share that in your own words if they if your if I’m if you remember what I’m referring to and I know what you’re talking about and I think it’s even more clearly articulated I’ll read the last paragraph of the essay that I started with and it has a great concise capitulation of what you’re referring to okay if the goal of sex is not to procreate then we are liberated from biological imperatives of mating attraction based on biological determinism the hormonal drives and Fairmount releases in our DNA is continual and statement towards intercourse and procreation are no longer the reason is why we are having sex as we move away from gender essentialism binary Notions that can modify men as purely Financial resource providers and women as purely social sexual providers we then expand the opportunities for negotiating sexual in economics sharing and recognizing the multitude of abilities interest possibilities identities and so on that every individual can embody we move steadily away from heterocysts normativity and towards queerness is Duality no longer dominates our understanding of gender there are more than 2 genders they are not them ethically opposed to each other and there is no opposite sex to be at war with instead there an infinite number of gendered displays each one a unique experience each one and ephemeral Epiphany specific to the relational context in which it co arises gender itself is now a liminal State a Mercurial expression that shifts and Glides across the reflective surface of the body’s before us the relational perspectives in context provided for sex and living Love Revolution Aphrodite temples are all about Recreation and community and Ecstasy of auto-erotic autonomy inside our consent-based Taz of democratic sexual loving meritocracy every single celebrant becomes a sacred and holy fractal of divinity we are each of us then a shimmering note in a harmonious CarGurus resounding with her name Aphrodite Bravo perfect beautiful thank you so much I wish I could but I just a round of applause stretching through the galaxies to hear that this is let’s make this planet a beautiful luxury resort for the divine feminine to want to come back here and hang out for being such a halogen open an expansive being am deeply listening to me it feels great. So let’s carry on hopefully after we can follow up and I love to hear some Beautiful recaps of the convergence coming up and I will go further into somebody’s topics and hopefully this will start doing a lot of good and please people listening access the resources that aphrodite Temple. Calm and again if you just want to stop your websites and will call tonight org Aphrodite temple.com and ecosex Orcas Island. Org and there many other links on there that’ll lead you to internet portals to these other worlds please come join us awesome alright then Terry we will be in touch soon and have a wonderful rest of every moment please go to www.crunch.com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donation will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email fan at Township Park. Com Thomas Day