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DIY Erotic Empowerment from Massage Therapy to Female Ejaculation with Alexis Lane TPP243


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In this episode I’m joined by podcast listener Alexis Lane for an exploration of her journey of do-it-yourself erotic empowerment from massage therapy to female ejaculation and beyond!

About Alexis:

Alexis currently lives in southern Virginia. Call center representative by day, Yoni Goddess by night, Alexis is passionate about exploring and awakening her own sacred sexuality. She firmly believes that more women realizing their own Sacred Sexuality and the Divine Feminine within will change the face of this world in a powerful way. She looks forward to sharing the knowledge she’s gained through her own research and explorations for the Collective growth and well being of our species and our planet.

My Non-Verbatim Show Notes:

AL: a little bit about me, 30 years old southern virginia, all kinds of jobs, call center rep day job, in my own personal life my own free time I’ve really been for the past 2 or 3 years called to really dive deep into my own personal growth, issues of self love, developing self love and self respect, manifested through getting in touch with own sexuality, past 2 or 3 years, really hands on with myself, getting into all of my issues on a sexual level, I really just experienced a lot of growth and changes that I’m really excited, see how those things are gonna take shape in the world, right now definitely got a lot of female or authorities on the feminine side, Grace Diaz, Kim Anami, so many more, did find your podcast through Grace Diaz’ channel, that’s how I came to hear your podcast, episode on squirting, really excited to share a lot of practical application hacks, excited to see what I can offer

ted talk, unleashing the female orgasm, she did that ted talk has wonderful channel great website, an authority, or mentor in female sacred sexuality, another one I do listen to a bit of layla martin, amber leitz, sharing her own experiences and coming from a lot of personal experiences

TP: massage therapy process?

AL: started out straight out of high school, wasn’t very hands on, my mother found a great school for me, different than traditional massage therapy school, most are up to a year, very condensed, found me a 2 year associates, at an actual college, did go and get associates in applied science along with massage therapy licensure, courses, did have anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, science of how the body moves, how different parts move in relationship to each other, neurology, physiology, practical application of massage portion as well, a large part of our day and classroom time, half of time we spent in class alone was hands on massage portion

wide variety of different modalities, introduced to different types and techniques, intro to energetic fields, reiki, zero point balancing, shiatsu, intro to tai chi, broad spectrum intro to all different components, that you could branch out into from massage therapy, probably got a wider, broader range of training, of course normal classes like english, math, statistics, electives, art, really got a wide range education there

at the time I went to school, I’m sure it’s changed now, it was required for you to have at least a 1000 hours of clinical or volunteer times, did have clinic on site, instructors ran, people from community, staff members, students, would come in

offered reduced priced massages for the sake of us getting practice, also traveled within the local area and we did marathons, chair massage for seniors, a lot of hands on, encouraged to trade with other therapists, did a lot of that with energy workers, a lot of hands on training, worked on and off as a massage therapist

TP: path towards sacred sexuality adventure?

AL: hadn’t always been outwardly sexual, been very reserved, any experiences or enjoyment kept very much to myself, probably about 2 or 3 years ago, getting on to this path, coming out of a really dry period, personal events, 2013-14 really cataclysmic, broke me down, didn’t destroy but came pretty damn close, shut down completely sexually, even for myself, for a good 3 or 4 years, there was nothing, didn’t self pleasure, nothing, didn’t watch porn, anyone even mentioned sex it made me extremely uncomfortable, then one day, I was on a porn site and was watching, it was a tutorial, more than a porn film, tutorial of how to make a woman ejaculate, it was called squirting, this guy broke it down in detail step by step, technique that you use, hands on demonstration, she definitely appeared to not just be ejaculating, you can do it with or without orgasm, she was doing with orgasms, her whole body got into it, almost seemed that she went into a trance or another world, spasming, glow on her face, light in her eyes, so much joy, looked like she was on another level of existence at that point, thinking to myself, what am I doing wrong, I want that, that was the turning point, can’t tell you how many times I rewatched that video, its been a journey from there

everything I’ve done since, a lot of things I’ve done

tips hacks, advice, for me its become a life style, do feel it’s gonna be a lifelong journey for me, some body starting out, have to start where you are, goes back to porn, there’s a wide variety of information that’s available to us at the touch of our finger tips, that ranges from good to more darker perspective, its really important first and foremost going into this type of work, spiritual work, my advice, to know you’re gonna have to user discernment with the information you find, barometer, compass, has been my own intuition, my own inner guidance, having to be able to go within yourself and check in to know whether something feels right for you, have to be able to feel, whether it’s gonna be expansive, or something that’s gonna cause you to contract and close down more, have to know own limits

lot of authorities on female sexuality that I listen to on the regular, not always everything they say resonates with me, try to pick and choose, sift and sort, simple as that

need to have respect for ourselves, not always easy, conditioned it so important to please that other person, when you’re going into this work, going hands on and intimate with yourself and another, have courage, enforce this for myself, make sure you have smooth ride, trust and respect yourself, in what you choose to do

advice geared towards women: a lot of the obstacles that I as a woman experienced to being able to have those deeper vaginal g-spot, orgasms, cervical, barrier to ejaculate, masculinly actively do, more about relaxing into, something that will just come out of you, kinda have to get out of your own way, learn how to relax into it, its innate, something you were born to do, remembering how to do it, reactivating your bodies ability to do it, if you’re not real good at relaxing, it’s a skill

really just to have fun with it, you don’t have to take anything too seriously, its supposed to be fun that’s what I’ve got as far as advice

TP: moisture resistant blanket?

AL: very organized, very type a, plans my life out to a T, I actually didn’t really do too much experimenting with squirting before I actually found a blanket, I had first really gotten introduced to the concept of female ejaculation through Grace Diaz channel, then the work, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, Debrah, I had always known of squirting, always known it was possible for some women, based on information I had gotten, only certain women could do, most women not capable, I found out no, something all women can do, unless had surgery or injury, innately all women able to do, more research, heard about this company, reading an article about celebrity, paparazzi, carrying up sex furniture, checked out their site, sex furniture, checked out the site, happened across this blanket, I had immediately I thought if I really get going, really open my waters, gush, squirt profusely, I want to protect myself, I have an expensive mattress, and don’t want to do lots of laundry, the exploration I did have wasn’t really too messy because I had starting out, had trouble getting my waters flowing

I would produce liquid, but not very much, kind of blessing, never had experience of ruining a mattress,

TP: has it proved sea worthy?

AL: potential this blanket has to improve lives, other things it could be used for, it is marketed as a sexual enhancing item actually there’s other things I use it for, I’ll get into that, since I’ve started I have been exploring my bodies own ability to ejaculate for about the last year an a half, big part, not having the muscular development to push the fluid out, regular use of yoni egg, I’m a huge fan of yoni eggs, they do come with their own guide book on contraindications and things you want to watch out for if you’re gonna use them as tools, probably the most integral tool I’ve used on my own journey, reactivating my ability to squirt or ejaculate, regular daily ongoing use of them, really just in my self pleasuring settings working with other tools, several g-spot tools, some work better than others, I’ve been able to steadily get to the point where I can produce more and more liquid, and to the point where its not so hard for me to relax into it, it cums easier, I can ejaculate quite profusely, another part of it is, I have to be in the right emotional state, can’t be tense or anxious, in the right state I can produce quite a bit

when I released, it was so forceful, just about hit my knees, quite a lot of liquid, I drenched this blanket, the outer layer is really nice micro fiber, one side feels more fleecy, long or soft, not sure what core is made of, nice heavy quality, almost feels like a really thick, aluminum foil, that’s what’s in the core, of thick micro fiber, I kinda ran a test, ejaculated very profusely, could literally feel seem from liquid on the other side, could feel the heat rising up and no leaks

also, another thing I’ve used it for successfully is with menstruation, a lot of women, I can not have a period without leaking through and ruining sheets, no matter how I try to prevent it, I’m forever leaking, worked so well absorbing fluid from squirting, do have heavy periods, never had a leak through with that, mine is black so never shows any stains

TP: reconcile massage therapy and erotic/sensual body work

AL: conventional massage, faces challenges, sex trafficking we do have massage parlors, people go in and pay to essentially have a hand job, we do have a lot of legitimate medical therapeutic pockets of massage as well, I might get some flack for saying this, I feel like the massage field, massage industry is kind of like the porn industry, range is so wide and diverse, really ranges from light to dark, because of the world that we live in and the way that that works right now, right now we are in a situation within the industry where it is more restricted, more regulated, sometimes makes it harder for things that really need to be integrated as therapies and modalities, it does present a barrier to those things developing, situation where a few bad apples can ruin the bunch, I think that I’m sure there are some reputable therapeutic professional body workers in the world, who are addressing the issue of storing trauma within the sexual organs, because of the state of the world and restrictions within the massage industry, more on the individual level, not rely on industry to be guiding force, really take it grass roots, take matters into our own hands, start to explore our own bodies, we need connect with our own bodies and own abilities, innate inner wisdom that you wake up when you explore these inner realms, realizations and states of being that we come to naturally

as I’ve gone on this journey, I’m not having to force or dictate, as I peel back each later, with each layer of trauma, and stuckness that I peel away, I deepen in to my more authentic self, the more I go with this the more that it comes out, my own intuition, if something is right for me or if not, we’re in an information overload, not just at the tip of fingers, but its being thrown at us, so important to be in touch with your own inner voice, to know if something is right for you or its not

deeper impact if it’s coming from the grassroots, inner knowing that then grows outwards, we’re gonna find the most powerful transformation and improvement and growth when it comes to sensual and erotic body work, hoping to come from too, how do we take our knowledge as professionals within different niches, being a sex coach or relationship coach, any of these different titles and hats, sexual awakening, how do we bring the practical application of that to your average laymen who might not have the training, they can start to connect with deep wisdom they do have within themselves its just dormant, wake up to their own master, and that’s kind of what I’m hoping to bring in from my perspective, and from my own personal experience, I want to help people start from where they are, and connect and ground in from their own power and own personal voice, so it’s not something they have to go do, a licensed body worker, they feel

really just getting started, so many things ready to pop, can’t keep my mouth shut about these things, finding ways to talk about it, one way or another, can’t keep it inside anymore, next time I come on, this has been a lot of fun, hope there is a next time, will have my own links, more of my own thing going by then, on my path and expression, last words or thoughts

I’m directing this to everybody in general, women who are listening, encourage you to love yourself unconditionally, touch yourself as an extension of that love that you have for yourself, with the utmost respect and regard, get in there, re-establish your connection with you body, whether you’re in a relationship or not, my sexuality is for me, that’s independent of what somebody else gets from it, for my own self growth, and pleasure and enjoyment, encourage women to get in there, connect with your own body, love yourself, touch yourself, see how that open’s your life up in ways you can’t imagine, so many ways the work I’ve done has touched and impacted other areas of my life


Confronting Monsters in the Bedroom with Courtney Cleman TPP113


Courtney Cleman picIn this episode I’m joined by prominent sex blogger Courtney Cleman who has co-developed a compelling approach to confronting monsters in the bedroom. She goes over a list of negative self-limiting attitudes, behaviors, and habits that overshadow many love lives in the modern world. We have a great time comparing notes and connecting dots to reveal how a lot of the sexual insecurities and vulnerabilities of women actually apply to men as well.

About Courtney:

Courtney Cleman is a co-founder of Kate & Courtney, a NYC-based concept dedicated to empowering men, women, and couples with the knowledge to create fulfilling and lasting romantic bonds.
The two women behind the concept are experienced relationship and sex coaches who believe that through support, education, empowerment, and a little laughter, you can find the love and passion you deserve and hold onto it for a lifetime. They view sex and true intimacy as the cornerstones of a supportive, playful, and sexy bond between two people who deeply love each other. When you have a strong foundation in your relationship, then you will be happier, more confident, and feel more powerful – and when you feel that way, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish in your personal and professional life.
Kate & Courtney’s unique program has helped over 100,000 women in Europe understand their partners and themselves, solve sexual health and psychological issues, attract the ‘one’, and build deeply satisfying, lasting relationships. Kate & Courtney are opening their new NYC-based location in September 2017. You can also find their real-world, practical advice on sex and intimacy on kateandcourtney.com.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin I want their beloveds welcome to Township on podcast episode number 113 I’m here with Courtney kleeman the co-founder of Kate and Courtney it’s a Blog all about sexual empowerment for women and three much for everybody to explore sexuality education in a new and modern way and they’re also going to be starting up some in person and built such a sex education coaching work in New York soon and so we’re going to hear all about the story of how they blast them together into this form into the media space and also was planning for the future so if you would Courtney please said give us a bit of background and how you what led you to this pass Highland thanks so much I’m Courtney and I’m very excited to participate in the founder of Kate and Courtney and where in New York City law say at this point and I’m late summer this year and started because my business partner and your friends cheat and I looked around and we thought women Dorothy Day have a lot of issues going on a long time and you know it’s just not very very sad and we think there’s a real job in sex education for adults and personally decayed and me we believe that the foundation of happiness is really not typically good at having intimacy with strong and long-lasting so how about them with signs Bay practical real-world advice on how to enjoy sex enjoy intimacy parlay that into a long-lasting happy relationship if that’s what you want and if you want something and be free with yourself because you know about an orgasm it’s pretty much the big the best medicine you can buy for so many reasons thank you so much for doing that important work I’m definitely more finding myself in the alternative on the alternate spectrum and there’s kind of a tenancy amongst people who are more biggest poly or or her open to sort of get build a really positional kind of space where it’s it’s it is almost over or projection on the people who want to sustain long-term monogamous pair-bonded relationships and it’s it’s kind of a false dichotomy you don’t have to be in Warren camps of the transit the old Paradigm in the new paradigm where it’s just there’s a lot of binary thinking still that I’ve come across so I’m I’m I’m very interested to hear more about how you’re helping more I don’t want to see traditional but we could just call it just couples. You know couples that’s two people and they’re making a living together to sharing space usually coconut levitating and possibly building families and there’s a lot of challenges for that so what are some skill sets that you have found most useful in in helping equip couples move is to sexually and with their communication and in other other intimacy type of skills is a long-lasting relationship it doesn’t have to be monogamous actually it’s really what you’ll flavor of happiness in a relationship is their own set of issues but whether you are in a polyamorous relationship relationship to talk about we have the same key Concepts and then issues with intimacy you are article monsters in the bed and the most intriguing what I want to take Explorer with you you yeah definitely is that how we can resolve deeper wounds and traumas and conflicts in a conscious manner through sexual play and release and all that energy work exactly you know everybody has past experiences and all of us have some negative experiences does ideas and beliefs and and so we will we all have our flavor of issues with the article actually talked about and what you were just asked me about it common problems people have a common problem is with all his stuff orgasm people have a lot of issues about how do they work at they feel like it takes too long maybe maybe they only can orgasm I’m in 30 passes on to the partner so that the entire experience gets so that’s that’s something we talked to a lot of people about and really our message is there is no right way to orgasm and of course we can show you a lot of picnics how to great so do you want to come out line that article a bit or are we just going to mention the title but I would love to to have you you know share some of that and definitely get people excited about reading the whole thing but just kind of some some highlights from it will be great to talk to a lot of people on Cade has the first one is the orgasm images of a lot of women are and you really have to be in the moment and Body Image definition of small detail same way in fact I mean if you bring your energy bill if you just said and done to stay that way but that it’s important and get over the body and then I think it impact men and women equally and you know there’s a lot of research on that but ultimately you just have to be confident that you’re confident shut the bleep terrible insect I mean I’m not even sure that it said but we can definitely talk a lot more that’s hardest year for the little lighter there from past experiences with a lot of people have trust issues I’m in a very difficult to enjoy sexual experience if you don’t trust another person because is all about your vulnerable and being able to be letting call if you don’t trust it not possible that you guys are important creature creature is the bag I don’t want to go down on you and then you think everyone is going to but it is being out in the moment And1 hang up and ask negatively impact your ability stop in Tennessee weather yeah me too it seems it seems like they are all vying for power in in the moment sort of rotating between each other or they’re fighting each other to get the key to get in the cockpit of a consciousness of of the person you know if you have body image issues and will be very difficult to orgasm because you’re you’re thinking about your butt or something like that right so what are some of what what is some of the facts that you can come up with in a year is come from and I really do some cell therapy and convince yourself that it it doesn’t matter if it’s okay if you are perfect unless something hurt unless you really have physical pain on motion of pain you are perfect so I think it’s about doing the talking to people absolutely learn how to do this thing. If you have questions about passed on trying to conquer called what layer is it kind of getting in the way of us being happy and address it appropriately and you know Jerry Rice stats well you know something is coming to me is that the body is the body image issues usually it’s at 6 I guess it’s expected that a woman is going to be self-conscious about her body type shape color except for a visa fee whatever is in Vogue in the trans of modeling in music videos of what I’ve seen critiques and studies of the the time sort of a time lapse or a flipbook kind of experience what was considered x-rated almost going back to the earliest forms of Photography and it really started with the ankle and they were using ankles to advertise products in Richard Eight is Enough thank you for pretty well aware that in let’s say if I’m getting this right medieval times or in in previous errors with in Western culture it was sexualized to be voluptuous because that was a symbol of wealth and abundance financially where is if you were too thick thin that meant that you were emaciated and starving and therefore where have the lower class so it was completely inverted and then now I would say recently the rise of non-white new music artist let’s say to keep it pretty bride has his a new hourglass Renaissance that isn’t about course it’s actually about genetics and in only certain people women have The Hourglass genetics so there’s a market for butt implants and it’s just such a moving car and so much money is being made but I bet that’s all kind of say that you would have to be living under a rock not to see these the how you list leads to all kinds of body dysmorphic disorder is and you know the classic eating disorders and then now where where to put the implants and measuring yourself against all these things so that’s that’s pretty well-established for women but doesn’t get talked about probably as much as hell if you’re if you’re a man and you were tall and lanky or short and stocky and you don’t have a certain range of proportionality of your rib cage to your neckline to your the symmetry of your facial bones and all the ways things that would make you a Ken doll or whatever one of the action heroes or also a whole other obviously Marketplace for that but you how do you deal with men who have forms of real story about whether or not they have washboard abs or whether or not you know they’re there was light you know can you bring up a grade point because body image issues actually in popular men and women almost equally I just think that women are more likely there’s just more it’s more, maybe we’ll talk about how it impacts women and you know women are more likely to talk about it and it’s very Troublesome and actually they’re absolutely a lot of men taking a lot of a certain way and it’s you know it’s a vicious cycle right it’s really vicious cycle because you’ll all you will always be chasing the certain body type I’m trying to talk it out I’ll try to read about it and really realizing that it is not something you can never chase and it’s really by you energy and confident that’s what makes you sexy and that’s what that’s What Makes You popular and that’s what makes people gravitate towards you at all the time right with you having a pretty unsuccessful love life and it just tells you that it’s not about Judy but you know where is magazine some pictures and of course otherwise we’re just going to be chasing you know chasing something unattainable I need to see a lot of people do that relationship there in Tennessee and you know it and you know what you help that but it takes a little bit of time it’s not it’s not just one conversation usually well yeah this is deep study I definitely want to spend the time on this end and was something that came to mind for me was just this I think it was in the early 90s hit we came out it was a film called singles and it was based in the East remember that it wasn’t it was like the Seattle music scene kind of think of the grass area in and they had all these different people who were living in the same apartment building and some of them were sort of hooking up and phasing in and out of things and always different character archetypes for love and relationship said and it was genius I I feel and there was there was one line that comes to mind is app for this conversation which is when there’s a whole story there’s a hoe separate 7 storyline of one of the one of the women feeling like she had two smaller breasts and so she went to go and see around house the doctor said no you’re perfect the way you are and you know this guy is he mr. Ryder mr. maybe and maybe you know you should accept yourself as you are and and I was feeling any soccer transform one of the things that happened that was revealing was it to her Rock rocker boyfriend and his name I think it was Matt Dillon bachelor’s Nigella that’s right she said she asked him when he had all these hourglass Amazon Women posters all over his walls and she would just see them feel dwarfed and insecure in an inadequate and so she actually asked him on my breast too small for you and he gave her an honest answer and said sometimes and yeah it was comedic moment cuz he was kind of built that he was meant to be, no fish. Not not so much a douchebag and his own world and not turned into seeing check for sensitive but if I I could say that I’ve experienced the same bias from the other direction but you said are my muscles big enough for you and the answer is sometimes you know so it’s interesting how that you’re working on it makes me feel that if there is too if there is a dynamic that was spoken about but it’s it’s somewhat it could be equal then what was the harm in okay you get to have a Chippendale stripper for your birthday and I get to have a Playboy bunny stripper for my birthday and that outlet is that something that you could have come across this allowing couples to you know fill in the gaps in ways that are healthy and not don’t involve dishonesty or cheating absolutely absolutely people should have a safe and honest relationship now absolutely to them some couples having an orgasm there’s no right way to do it as long as it stays and I believe it’s actually becoming more and more common to have a more open relationship make it easier to meet people enjoy coming back to stay together for a long time because you are absolutely true and honest and we tend to be very embarrassed about it and this is one of the reasons why because we make people happy or whatever your Flavor of Love infection so yes if you want to enjoy things yesterday I definitely Korean so this is would be a paradigm shift for most people to the unspoken assumption is that once you make a commitment to be in a relationship then fruit for most people the way we were literally programmed is that what that commitment means is that I will no longer fantasize pursue think about desire anyone other than you and if I do it’s just it’s breaking our commitment it’s being it’s it’s the form of infidelity even if you’re not married but that’s sort of the standard narrative about it but what what it could be in sin still actually support in a firm couples I think the swingers have been research about how swingers swinging for example as you live longer and your relationships your primary last longer because a year or more if you’re going out and meeting new people and being sexually adventurous with new people you’re going to stay fit you’re going to not just let yourself grow you know and text so I’m taking I’m just let myself go cuz they’re stuck with me and nuts bad habits that can happen when you give up when you stop trying to impress people so that that’s one dimension of it and then I couldn’t agree with you more I couldn’t agree with you more and you know they’ve been numerous studies done about having a support having Social Circle having a support system having a big part of something highly correlated to how long you live so this is your group if you were part of this group and absolutely asked to your house because you are you know what pack animals with I couldn’t agree more right on well yeah this is this is good so it’s whatever is hearing this and is feeling stuck or limited it doesn’t that you don’t have to make the most extreme your shifts right away but just to be able to say no here’s what I feel inadequate about I mean there’s women who I wish I could say to them is it really because you want me to be more muscular cuz I can go do that or week I’ll find a wingman who’s more muscular but we have such an important part connection white white white give that up and then you’re going to complain to me later about how you’re you’re you’re in the cycle of dating bad boy douchebags who fuck you over and he likes it or not so nice guy problems department and I’m trying to sell this while we’re at locate and I are huge fans of nice of nice guys that when people say I want this. Of the other and it has to do with something something superficial it’s an ultimately communication actually resolve everything so I told me think about it shut up I’m in everybody fantasizes everyone has their personal desires every single person in the world if you need with respect to their sexuality what time is the mine which one is the law how hard they wanted everyone is unique and thinking that he fantasizing about someone else it’s just get around that it’s very sexy Beyond somebody really muscular turns you on and sharing this experience and think about what turns you on the most important thing is actually setting up ground rules you really want to discuss everything I everything that comes to mind frequency what would be your relationship with those people where do you meet them how do you meet them everything should be in the open and of course you may not be able to chill you know you can create your own that you’ve all but if it’s really about communication is open and you can explore meeting new people together Again Sports and you can share experiences because you really have you know you are a team that has the life that would be my best advice okay and some experience with them when talking to people about this topic you know I totally different wavelengths with all this said I feel that at the individuals are so deeply fractured and wounded by modern society and all of its ways of penetrating our self-image with media it’s it’s whether you’ve been sexually abused or sexually missed you use whatever degrees along the life pastors there’s just a I feel like there’s a need to create Sexual Healing Fellowship amongst groups of people will wear where we really really give size kind of eccentric waves of thinking where you know I see that when two people are alone together trying to get each other off it’s kind of like pressing the gas in a break at the same time and worship worship rotating alternating pattern that is kind of a energetic circuitry if you will select electrical engineering if you want to if you want to have maximum energy purifying the chakra system than one person or the receiver fully relaxes and The Giver or givers preferably in my opinion Focus all their energy on on bathing in hydraulic Lee pressurizing and helping to for her person to purge out all of that baggage sold those bedroom monsters and then begin to know themselves at a level of their Essence in their higher self that doesn’t really usually get Explorer to receive when people are in orgasm race just the two of them and neglecting so many erogenous zones that you would need 12 hands to cover just the most basic human or not to mention the ones that are very idiosyncratic where it could be a tone of voice tone or word or a song I mean or something if you were to design a sensual erotic healing empowering ritual for a person you need more than one other person to do it to maximum capacity so I’m sort of becoming a marketing engine or this public service living breathing public service announcement that we’ve got to socialize sexual sex sex care like healthcare butt sex care and it’s got to be a team sport and that the results is my experimentations with with this approach have been so profound that I just never want to go back to that what feels like a really kind of simple ways to get a bigger flame and but there’s also more drama and it’s more personalities so if it’s that the interesting thing about the time designing a sacred ceremonial ritual you know procedure is that people kind of other roles to play and it’s and if you’re if you’re making a cedar of orgasmic pleasure for somebody who is the receiver of the devotional energy then there’s not a lot of sloppiness and there’s not a lot of oh my this is like that third wheel or the Unicorn as a lot of those issues when you just have sex parties that aren’t really there not really pretty according to a rotational principles over or like a is a certain Symmetry and clock we’re in and just a beauty of a de Mando way of doing things energetically so it’s kind of a mouthful but I would say it’s I think it’ll be an ideal to strive for more than just how to please your man you know and yeah that’s the way to do that but what if what if a woman comes the hardest watching her man gets fucked by three guys to see how do you say okay then ask them what your wildest fantasy is and helps them and Safeway HR classes in late summer we’re going to have that as part of our classes because I feeling all your senses and most to the north of us. list of all the Santas an important that it just gets deeper and for people who are bored so that’s something that you mentioned early on was said that there’s just a you know a couple of state do they have children that get bogged down in daily life and just multitasking and there’s less time and there’s less space if you’re so this expensive virtual experience specially when you’re applying energy towards your goals and you have a bigger Mission then it never gets boring because you’re always you’re always a directing it towards your goals and your your personal development do you want to talk about how some of what you were what are you doing to help people get over the the the boredom and the just a routine miss that comes with knowing each other and just sort of stopping it at a shallow level of physicality and boredom sucks and it’s just it’s just natural and then I’ll have a gold shield sex position and when he will have sex with one person only you typically go to the you just go to those people eating food with having sex and figuring out how to tell if this is what I wanted to bring you things then that’s it could be sex toys that could be sex position from places to have sex at that you want but it’s really just an open mind and doing your thing otherwise it’s like everything else thank Estelle and we talked to a lot of people enjoy successfully it’s amazing how easy to get people are much more open-minded and accepting when it comes to feel each other’s hands when they come to class when you talk to someone who just like a long long long time we’re just young people oh and I was going to say and I’m sure you see that when people explore whatever Lifestyle the Explorer it’s just one day for it when they get to do what they really fantasize about what makes it sound wonderful I’m so glad you’re doing if you want to talk about your offerings more and exactly you know how how you would like people to connect with you and will you have coming up and then any other words of advice that it’s really been a pleasure to get synapse formation into to compare notes yeah I know we are New York City based on the website is Cade and courtney.com and we have Janelle we’re have articles and all sorts of traffic you could would love to hear from you and will we can. We can talk to you privately or we can run out and we’ll open up open up around midnight and we’re going to have classes for for people who are dating for trying to establish a relationship established just to learn how to orgasm how do you how what are the different ways how you can orgasm because there’s so much more than one if it is so much more than just a clitoral orgasm about male orgasm and pleasured and will need that you should you should absolutely hair and try to catch your partner but also enjoy yourself and so are classified balance and you know this is what you could do for filling experience beautiful thank you so much yeah well, I’m looking forward to continuing to catch up on your block and we will be in touch again weather for Texan Ranch Brandon Boyd over here to help people and answer questions then to you know wishing everyone a wonderful love whatever whatever you want to do beautiful all right thank you so much you have a great night. Calm and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite illogical employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email bad by Tasha Punk. Com Thomas gay

The Secret Life of Sex Blogging with Ann St. Vincent TPP112


Ann St Vincent picIn this episode I am taken on an exclusive journey behind the posts of high-end sex blogger who has been living double lives as a powerful executive by day, and a sexual adventuress by night. She helps us understand the glories and difficulties of her path of uncompromising sexual exploration, empowerment and expression.

About Ann:

My name is Ann St. Vincent. I am an executive businesswoman in my early 40s.  I am a divorced woman and a Mom; my son Liam lives with me half the time.

This blog is my journal.

The last several years of turbulence in my life – involving a sexless-then-open marriage and taking advantage of it, divorce, sexual reawakening, online dating – all while navigating equal custody of my son and trying to maintain a good relationship with my ex – inspired me to get back to writing.

Unlike many divorced women, I am not bitter or angry at my ex for the breakdown of our marriage.  We both agreed we should go our separate ways.  I don’t regret my choices.  I’m pretty happy.  I’m not using a dating coach (yet).  I’m not looking to replace my husband and get re-married.  What I am, after a 15-year almost totally sexless relationship, is very keen on coming back to life, fulfilling every physical and emotional desire I have. At this point, I’d also like a boyfriend.

So far, so good. Life is fun and quite messy and I’m just figuring it out as I go along.

Everything here is true and my first hand, un-embellished experience, but the names of those I mention are disguised to protect the guilty. Enjoy.


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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin I love your beloved’s welcome to Township Park podcast episode number 112 I am doing a call with N St Vincent a prominent sex blogger and it’s become a sort of a series now I’ve reached out to the number of sex bloggers to expand their Horizons of the type of guests on the show and I’ve been learning a lot and there’s so much diversity and so much just candid life stories especially from the more traditional blogs where people are sharing life journaling basically journaling life events and being vulnerable and opening up so it’s a real gift to be able to speak to a a blogger of that nature so and would you please definitely tell us about your background and what led you to become the prominent sex bloggers that you are well I didn’t have a lot of experience with bugs at all when I started writing of the few years ago now when I was getting right after separating from my now ex-husband and girlfriend of mine after hearing stories had asked whether I had written it down and suggested I should and she’s the one that recommended that I write writing to me at least journaling is something that I have always done I stopped doing it actually after a long time ago with my ex-husband and so it’s actually quite natural for me to write I think of what I do is my journal except I share it with a lot of strangers that’s how I started running right on so what are you have a beautiful layout of your website it’s it’s what over 800 post now it sounds like you’re down by category so do you want to kind of give us a preview of some of the themes of the categories combination of two things I was writing the dating stories or the the Misadventures I was having or Adventure there was having after becoming single I was in a marriage or relationship for 15 years and I was also trying to start to process what happened in that relationship and cuz I just started to think about her what would be the categories really is as I’m thinking about my my life and so some of it has to do with my marriage although more and more or less and less about that as it progresses in time and I know that some people are interested really and just reading about the sex stuff so I try to make that easy for them if they want to just get to I think what I call I think I have a section called quick and dirty and then more about relationship because it really is a Blog about really is all the things that have been happening to me for my relationship perspective and a sex perspective since becoming single a few years ago and so do I have to I have had some relationships but good and bad and then I have had a lot of sexual adventures and so that’s really how I think about it and then sometimes I write about family or friends but usually that is more rare or being a mom that’s not the predominant stuff but it is you know it’s all parts of me so you can find that kind of stuff as well so it’s kind of like it was coming to me and say a reality Blog the way we think of reality TV where you get these candid insights into all these Dimensions if of life and get the kind of learning grow along with somebody is a kind of like that yeah I think so it really is my turtle and I like I said I started writing to process it never occurred to me that anyone would want to read really what I was writing I mean I know that sex is titillating but I was writing about some of the injury and in a marriage and my marriage ended up being sexless and and it was open for a while and then I kind of got into online dating and I was insane and just really I didn’t think there was anything particularly compelling other than the fact that girlfriend seemed like my stories we were stories are good for over drinks and I write the only way I know how it is if I’m actually sitting and telling you a story and so it is it is really like that it is my journey it is my inner thoughts and of course that’s a bold overtime in that I am now aware that I have an audience I have people that will call me out on my crap if but it is it hasn’t really changed fundamentally what the purposes of the blog which is to help me sort through the things that I’m doing and thinking about him seeing and experiencing so the transition that you’ve made is it’s it’s very well it’s just it’s refreshing and in beautiful empowering to know that more women are stepping up into Independence and opening up and you talk about that some of the glory and the challenges with with that process going to specifically of transcending in Elk Grove and the container of what were told is the only way to love and relating to child-raising call Vesta why was I was fairly I’m told him not to use the term promiscuous because that’s a judgment statement so positive whatever we want to use but I like sex alot before I met my now ex-husband and had a lot of sex and started yelling and I’m sure there are lots of reasons for that that we can get into there was a lot of judgment around that know when your 20 and choosing to have casual sex or multiple several partners and being a pretty free about it at least at the time now in my early forties scene in the same way that it is when you come out of the marriage and you’re 40 and I’m free to do what you want and I had some experiences near the Tail part of my marriage once it was open that helped me realize that I really did miss that that aspect of my marriage and it was something that it wasn’t the only reason that our marriage ended in fact it was by the least reason that our marriage ended but ultimately I knew that I needed to I guess find that part of me again it was something that was completely turned off for very long. Of time is Italy I mean and I knew that I just wanted to find it I wanted to find my sexual self and that was a very deliberate thing that I set out to do as soon as I became single and it’s something I’m still doing although it’s maybe with the frenetic Pace now but I’ve also realized over time that it is is it is sometimes difficult to bring your whole self to bear in situations and so I remember going from one day I think I was at a sex club in the afternoon with someone and then of course when to pick up my son and had this moment of how weird that felt being being a mom I mean I’m a corporate executive you know I wear a suit most days I’m a mom to a young child and but yet I sometimes go and do things that are definitely on the fringes actually and that’s all me all the same package but yet starting to embrace that a little bit more and being more open about pieces of that certainly with friends is pretty liberating feels great just find that and to not really have to answer to anybody in the same way any part of that is just because as you get older you have a little bit of soda if I may can I swear you know I also have to recognize that it’s not exactly something I bring to the Forefront all the time because again is just one component of who I am it’s not the most important one and it’s are some people a bit off-putting cuz they don’t expect it but it’s really great to have that option yeah I can pick and choose and I’m certainly pretty open with most of my girlfriend’s as an example many of them know that I write and read the blog stories it actually becomes a short form cuz they’ll have read a post and then I don’t have to explain in text all the stuff that’s happened to the good stuff awesome Clark Kent Superman kind of soup there been times where I’m in the office and working and I need large team and Senior executive and look around but it’s still I don’t think it’s Unique to women like quite frankly I don’t really want to know about my colleagues sexual Adventures necessarily either like I wouldn’t find that distracting at the office I was surprised I’ll say you know coming back into the dating world after 15 years I was pretty if you’d asked me before I would have said that I expected the judgment to have changed and there to have been less of a double standard between women and men in if men do one thing and women do the same thing you know that it would be judged more similarly and I I was actually rather horrified to learn that that’s not true at all that the same behavior for a woman and a man is still and fortunately does quite there for me well you know like it’s funny that as you were as you’re speaking about this work the work-life play sort of balance and the finalization everything and then I felt like we’ve come a long way since as what in western civilization at least when I say we from the Roman bath houses where they wouldn’t be sexual harassment claims cuz everybody after work would go and have sex together in the bathhouses to talk about work at the network that was networking Meetup to go see that you know sometimes people just call you need to have a really good orgasm with a relaxed a little bit but yes that has changed I think one of the most powerful things and for me has been finding the occasional person our man in my life has it been who knows all of the factors and still is okay with all those facets and that’s something that I know from a couple of a very close friend who also blogger and she and I are challenge with that same thing which is there are men who are certainly coming out of these kinds of communities and you know if you meet them out of your blog Persona and they’re okay with the rest of you like that becomes very powerful but it’s very difficult to meet somebody in a more alcohol save vanilla wedding and then how do you explain to them what how do I say oh by the way I’ve actually been exploring my sexuality in a in a significant way and I’ve done these in some cases kind of wild things and I still want you to see me exactly the way you did before when you just kind of assumed that was maybe not like that and that doesn’t happen very often unfortunately in it if it’s you all to have to make a call and went to even share any of that even sharing a Blog is fraught with challenges it’s not ended well for me yet but anytime I’ve done it close calls are times you tried to backpedal there I’m just curious if if this is to be it’s yeah it’s just interesting maybe do you have tips or from from hard lessons hard to learn what is because I talked about my the break out of my marriage and what happened when it was open but it was open in a don’t ask don’t tell kind of way which I’m sure some will table that’s not open but you know there was an awareness that things could happen outside the marriage I wrote a lot about that and let’s just say my ex-husband would not at all be pleased for to the gross understatement to discover that I am not only doing the kinds of things that I’m doing but I’m writing about them including the breakdown of our marriage and he would be and so I’ve had to I Really at first didn’t tell anyone about the writing except this one girlfriend who had a grudge me to write in the first place but then no overtime I’ve become especially as time has gone away like I don’t write so much for my marriage anymore time is progressing to become more comfortable with my whole self I have started to tell more people but I’m still quite cautious right of not telling people that would be in a circle that make sure that with him but then when it comes to dating it it is something that it is a very tricky thing you’ll find people and some bloggers who say it’s absolutely not okay to write anyone about anyone if they don’t know that you’re writing about them I think that’s quite frankly easier said than done but I’m not sure that I am very careful about not disclosing anything that would indicate anybody’s identities but then two then you have to make a call I got at some point if you do want to let someone in on on that knowledge of how you do that again It’s Tricky and I was dating someone so his name on my blog is fox and he was mature guy seems like he’d be pretty chill about it a bit kinky, knew about some of the stuff that I got enough to and was fine and I decided that because we seem to be on pretty good relationship trajectory I said okay to myself like I’m going to tell because I didn’t I don’t want to have this as a secret from some of the time in a serious relationship with his fine he said he was cool I didn’t tell him the Blog name I just told him that I log out there and he was fine with it until he wasn’t thought it out a couple of the stories that I use those stories I’m pretty hi Google something to do with gangbangs other things blog and so hard for him to find it and then he started reading and as I would be the same for sure he I was writing openly about the relationship I’m kind of lost his mind at that point we understand I would never want to know if the tables were turned far into a relationship with someone I would never want to know I will write when I have doubts and I will write when I’ve had Scrappy sacks you know what I don’t get it from that perspective would be difficult for me to give anyone any advice other than be really careful but it all the advice and I’ve written about this on my blog actually and I can find the link for you if you want which was I was dating somebody after that and month later and Eli after I ate the first experience I’m never going to tell anyone really really serious and down the road and there’s nothing bad decided to look kind of obsessively to all of my like my real life I know I’m logged life social media account and I had one connection between my real life Instagram account on my blog Instagram account and he found it he found that link and having to be good friends blog and I’m on her blog roll and there was not to get into it but there was a reference that she had made on her Instagram account that he knew that it was me and then found me through that my blog through that and that relationship ended very very badly blog but the lesson I learned from that was around you know that you start writing and I think most people especially in the Hexbug and community community so you tend to make friends through the blog you connect with people that are like-minded and it becomes tempting as it was for me at some point to say oh well there now like I can connect with them through my personal like my real account and you have to be very very rigorous and not do that not so much because that somehow wrong that you want to connect with people but it does leave you vulnerable am I issue for me was that I made my friend vulnerable to because he knew that her real life identity because she’s one of my closest friends and I have been talking about her and he was able to make that connection so I put her at risk as well and that’s the kind of stuff that you think about when you’re just excited cuz you’ve met these people who you think are wonderful and you want to reach out then maybe you don’t have a Blog Twitter account to use your real Twitter to you know you don’t think about it you don’t think about it and you just do it and it feels great cuz your meeting with wonderful supportive Community but you know most people in the world I think are trustworthy but occasionally if something happens and you’ve got these connections it actually kept me very bad things like I sent my ex-husband email using my email address private and I cannot complete freak out that I was referring to you about even things like making sure you have never email if you are the kind of bloggers that I am in and you’re you need to be careful like some people are out fully in the open but the kind of job I have the fact that I’m am all the fact that I have an ex-husband like all these things are make it really important for me to to be careful and so yeah there’s there’s things like even emails email accounts and not using certain accounts that are very very good at consolidating your information like a Google email is logged into my blog and I sent a YouTube link to somebody again using I didn’t even know ya the Google Plus thing you have no idea if you I believe all these things so I’m having flashbacks yeah I actually I had a Google Plus account and I I I I deleted it because it was just far too hard to control that integration and Integrations great something it’s not the great when you’re writing a sex blog you don’t want people to know that wow very enlightening I can not think I ever thought of it before either so that’s why I also wrote a couple posts about it for my readers because I wanted people to be aware of these things just you know just keep him in mind and pay peoples make her own decisions but just the vulnerabilities that are there at that while you’re there and I didn’t want anyone else or bad and I figured I could do but least I could do nothing but what I wanted to do for people with and hopefully not have them look at each other the same mistakes I made so thank you for sharing that with tell him yeah it’s in the comment on this obviously but it’s interesting that there is this the sort of a parallel opening up of dialogue and kind of a a Renaissance around psychedelic research and Shamanism and plant medicines a different kinds and ceremonies and it’s it’s been it’s been a struggle for mothers to talk about their experiences in the in the world is using entheogens for healing and for Transcendence you know and because there’s a threat that well at anything as a parent can be used against you in the family court of law basically you know so do you have any tips or experience with that hopefully you know you haven’t seen the worst of kind of dynamic but I know it’s something that a lot of women don’t speak out and don’t don’t build community using the internet because of these types of you know you’re just building a case against yourself in certain instances and if you don’t if I don’t know if there’s a right way or how you would just offer you know to tips for support but calculated risks I guess it time so yeah I think that’s what it is I have a fairly amicable relationship I would say if we didn’t if there was any kind of custody argument or fight or those kinds of things I would probably not shake the rest I do think a lot of people moving a lot I started logging not because I had an end in mind in terms of a book or a movie deal of those kinds of things I know a lot of money or they want to turn it into something a writers and so this is a another vehicle to get that kind of famous but that’s ultimately they want to make money off a Blog and I actually live in fear a little bit of of that because then suddenly becomes more likely that someone who’s heard my stories in real life is going to make a connection right so I think I think I definitely would not be so open about it if I was in a different situation with my ex I think people are not always so not as cautious as they should be frankly in or around writing some of these things in terms of Facebook group come out of group for divorced people I read some of the people right you don’t know who the other four thousand people be careful. I think at the end of the day like it for me it’s it is really about expressing what I’m going through and processing what I’m going through and I’m willing to take the rest I did my due diligence and thinking through from a professional perspective what the impact would be if it was found out if my professional life and my blog life but connected and I decided that if that were to happen Okay number one executive has a lot of facts is not exactly going to be some hell but I did I did decide that in the very unlikely scenario but that was to happen and that’s something negative was to happen to me as a result to my employer finding out that I would be the first one to show it from the rooftops that there’s no justification for that you know if that was the case I would absolutely fight for the fact that what I choose to do between consenting adults none of its illegal to have any bearing on my ability to do my job call me. I need that calculator husband now I can shut the block down pretty quickly I’m really careful about who knows I just hope he’s too busy and disinterested ever even think that it would be out there all right well it’s a reminds me I was at the adult industry door entertainment industry panel discussion about how this Administration is going to affect prosecution’s around insanity and you know with pouring and all that and what it was the lawyers from the panel or saying you know just make stuff that you’re proud of and it you’re willing to fight for and if it’s you know something that the community is people within the industry feel is worthy and recency amongst extreme pornographers believe it or not you know what you’re doing you’re not harming children or animals you’re having a great time living it up as a human being being creative and playful with your adult toys to do you know it’s only people who are jealous that would you don’t get too upset and want to shame anyone for that so I would agree and that I am willing to take the rest gate it it has become the blog and yeah you mentioned that I was writing every single day thousand words a day and it was super important to me and just being able to actually think it helps me think through things and help me make decisions the feedback also became important to me that the comments and I’m always saying to people don’t sugarcoat it I don’t want to just have a course of people that they owe you go girl and it’s nice to hear but that’s not actually really but the end of the day if I’m struggling with something I want to hear people’s perspectives even if I don’t like that I think about it as having a whole bunch of additional therapist are people who you’re could share their opinion on what I’m doing and and I don’t want to give that up and that’s important to me and so I’m willing to take the risk for that it’s it’s less it’s become at least more recently important but I’ve had I settled ever-so-slightly more Partners than people do in a lifetime one night yeah I think I went to a sex club one night and I had probably think five or six man and then I have this moment I think I’ll make a note of that for someone in their entire life and sexual partners I’m getting a little bit too yeah I wanted to know so there is this Mystique around corporate execs and the obviously the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and I’m kind of getting a little bit of what’s the word curious I suppose about that the inter workings of the power dynamics if that say you heard if your if you have power a lot of people say that kind of stereotype around what what the male CEO executive is doing at a femdom dungeon temple temple of sorts is to release and surrender and let go of all that power and authority that’s being wielded with so much stress and responsibility during the corporate office workday or work weekend and I’m curious to have some of your cycle analysis of what’s going on in your what you found to be the what do you cook the your your release from the tension of the work place and into the realm of sexuality and how that is expressed for you I guess I could read all your blog posts or some of them and get a sense but it for this moment I’m just curious if you have a and you’re right it is so I had a his name is Andrew on the blog and he was the first person to talk to me about submission in a you know I have big shots of it but actively thing to me he said am I think you should go read go join at life website and look into Alpha subs and and he said I think you might be able to get into Subspace right which is a submissive can get into as a result of the pain or the body creates endorphins shut off that goes into this play he had suggested that and I kind of got down the rabbit hole at life of learning about submission and talking to some Dom and leading a lot about that and then decided I’d experiment a little bit with that and I’m not I am absolutely the leader at work a leader at work and have power I would say your and it’s interesting to me that it is not something that I particularly want to have quite happy to submit and I prefer it and it was only when I started reading about all of this that I liked you say you look correlation between professional strong women and a man in submission I don’t I don’t want to comment because I don’t know that true but maybe if you took 10 senior professional women would more be submissive and dominant yeah I guess that’s what I’m saying that’s from what I’ve done and yeah I don’t know if it’s so much for me to release stress I love what I do and it is a stressful job but I actually derive pleasure from from what I do I love my job other people is not stressful in the same way for me but I guess I enjoy not making decisions it’s nice to have that it’s certainly nice the kind of man that I find ultimately you’re going to think about the best partners for me would certainly be mad men who have the right balance of aggression and respect and for that is true in the bedroom I am not the kind of person and I met someone who is actually kind of funny Siri is he just called the dog trainer cuz that’s what he did he what he fancied himself a dog but he was really bossy and he tried to boss me around outside the bed early show up and say go do that dive your submissive and Michael number one I’m not I wouldn’t call myself a job and you have to earn it number to order something entirely different between in a physical act and taking charge and he wanting somebody to take charge and yes at time getting into a farmer submit some kind of exploring that’s different than someone just saying go get me a drink it’s a story about please say please and I think it is I don’t know all the reasons but that turns me on but I do know that sometimes I just I like to not have to make a decision like Joy having a male partner who’s going to be taking charge that way cool bro that’s a good could you see and say and guys who have it figured out at least four women like me it’s fantastic but more often than not I find men who are just not that you don’t quite have that balance they either think everything is directive or they asked permission to everything that some kind of my car please stop after which maybe go against those attempts to walk on eggshells and then that leaves the woman saying where’s the beef you know and I’ve been in the opposite situations where you it’s just always think the solution for it I heard someone say recently that the I guess the take home from what was being said it wasn’t the exact point don’t want to take it out of context but basically was the reason one of the key reasons for there to be for sex to be a social activity is it it helps keep people in check in how to keep you safe boundary and container and check if other people are kind of refereeing what’s going on because there’s a tendency and private if you just want you to one person might be bending their boundaries without even knowing it and regretting it later another person is in the moment could be bending their own agreement it’s just the the tendency to get into the trouble on either side of a a dyad is upset when you have more people around who are going to say Hey you know I don’t know what’s going to happen but if I make this one facial expression that I don’t even know I’m making that’s probably time to tap the guy out you know I’ve never heard that before but I love it there’s so much to learn once we start actually being open and talking about stuff Wilkes we’ve covered a lot of material and I’m so I guess they are so grateful to have received this Insight from vinevale and has been this it is kind of a alluring this double life and the challenges that we have in the modern social media era to deal with the stuff and so I’m sending my best prayers and wishes that that you’re continually safe and protected and and honor and cherish and respected in people’s you know see what you’re doing when they have a they see that you’re I did it’s a good ending in well-intentioned and purposeful mission that you have and and have no interest in outing you or any other if you know that I’m just not too sure if they understand the value that you’re bringing to other people who may be could be in the middle of nowhere and have no access to the culture that you have access to and this could be what gives them permission to even start to masturbate or something you know me that’s a big deal so yeah yeah it’s name is Leo on the Block I do have tags you know for all the names well so far what I would write would help anybody because it really is no my own Journey but it has been probably probably but it is been a real amazing side benefit and completely unexpected honor that people reach out and read and some in some cases say that yes I have open their eyes to things or has really helped them or the aspire to the same amount of a kind of Freedom that I have or write about Ben incredible if you’d asked me three and a half years ago I started writing in a whether I thought that would ever happen I would have last course not like nobody do you have any do you want to promote anything coming up on the website or just give the URL and direct people there in any closing words you might have a new maybe he’s going to end up just being one time lover will see and feathers for 800 Coast but hopefully decently easy for people to navigate to they know the sections are the stories might be of interest I know a lot of people just start at the beginning and just read so that’s always an option to although I can’t imagine doing that but I’m always up to something every day and then that time if there’s something going on I post everyday for two days and I know okay thanks again so much and you have a great evening thank you it was so delightful to meet you I love you. Tantra Park. Com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Aphrodite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Tasha Punk. Com Thomas gay

Sexual Progress Beyond the Church and State with August McLaughlin TPP101


August McLaughlin PIc

In this episode I’m joined by sex blogger and podcaster August McLaughlin. She’s doing ground breaking work to advance knowledge of and access to longer lasting, more satisfying, and more divine states of female arousal. We discuss the spirituality and politics of female pleasure and how to progress beyond the standard narratives and curricula of the church and state.

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About August:
August McLaughlin is a health and sexuality writer and host and creator of Girl Boner®. Her work appears in Cosmopolitan, DAME Magazine, the Huffington Post, LIVESTRONG.com and more. Kirkus Reviews called her first novel, In Her Shadow, “an engaging story with an inventive structure and an intriguing focus on body-image issues.” Each week on Girl Boner® Radio, she interviews relationship experts, celebrity entertainers and more, exploring women’s lives and sexuality “like no one else.” Known for melding personal passion, artistry and activism, August uses her skills as a public speaker and journalist to inspire women to embrace their bodies and selves, making way for fuller, more authentic lives.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 101 I’m doing interview with August McLaughlin who is a blogger and podcaster at girl boner and I am very excited to explore a lot of empowerment tools and tips and information educational resources for women’s arousal and that seems to be your Forte and I discovered your work through searching just in the wider sex positive sexuality education world and you came up as one of the top hundred sex bloggers in the world and so I thought we could do an expiration of your work and help to enrich my audience and hopefully connect them with some of your great work so I’ll gets thank you so much for being here and if you would just kind of tell us the story of how you discovered your gifts in this fate in the space in this field it’s really always exciting in to see to hear about people’s pets to a sexual empowerment and Beyond so by all means to share with your audience my path has been like many people is very diverse it wasn’t one that I set out you know to seeking to become somebody in the sex industry but growing up I was a very very curious kid and I grew up in Minnesota and had a really lovely upbringing a but like many people didn’t learn much about sex or sexual send me the messages that I learned we’re very negative and I wondered about women’s pleasure from the time we had sex that is cool I still remember the slideshow with actually might in my first episode you hear me tell the story of sitting in class and the teacher is talking about sex and it ruined all nervous and giggling and she showing flies and she talked about men’s arousal a little bit and there was like a medical drawing of an erection and mentioned something about it being potentially positive or pleasurable and so something you know kind of lit a fire in my mind cuz I oh my gosh there must be something really positive for women to it for girls and this is as great as I sat there waiting and waiting and waiting and then cramps and a bunch of other things that I wasn’t too enthused about so then when I learned what Boehner meant you know probably during recess Monday I immediately wondered what about girl boners so grub owner was a joke phrase for me for a very long time and kind of the inside joke and a curiosity and you know I learned about women’s pleasure by experiencing it like many people not by being taught anything about it and then passwords after after I graduated high school I end up taking a modeling contract and lived in New York and then went to Europe and during that time long-held body image issues that I’d had grew and exacerbated and became a very serious eating disorder to the point that I very nearly lost my life to it when I was living in Paris and when I was in treatment back in Minnesota I was bored cuz I had this like traveling lifestyle and now I have a pet therapy and I’m living in like the middle of the country doing nothing so I thought I’ll take just College course on psychology of women sexuality is called I believe and for the professor saying we’re going to talk in front of the class and again one of those light bulbs I’ve never had sex but I never talked about it and all these questions in these and kind of puzzle pieces started to come out and see us together and it changed my life forever and it was a turning point in my recovery I was able to realize how much shame I had a realize I had around my my sexuality that it affected me in so many ways and so the road from there on as I took a few no time to heal as it does from those illnesses and I got back into modeling and back into acting for film and TV which led me to eventually Los Angeles and that led me into writing and I’ve always had a sense of purpose and wanting to do you know something creative work for me has to have meaning Beyond just entertainment and I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just entertainment I love it I love movie The Love books I love stories but I just had this kind of desire to to do something I don’t know to maybe contribute to the world in some way and girl boner have just been on my mind for the longest time and the more that I wrote I was writing for different Health Publications I realize that I needed to use that platform to talk about women’s sexuality in particular and it’s become more broad than that but that was kind of the beginning and then my blog series started with girl boner and about a year and are so it had started to become a lot more popular than my blog had been and it lets you appearances and other people podcast and radio shows and after one of them the producer called me and said hey have you thought about having your own show and I thought why hadn’t I so now I’m probably doing the show for 3 years now I think and I love it I do it every week well that’s awesome so glad to hear that you’ve lost him in that way and more yeah closer to home for me they were members of my family who who have been to that cycle of eating disorder and Body Image issues in coming out and surviving and yeah it’s been a deep study to see how you know these sexual empowerment practices can really help overcome a lot of that so could you talk about more about how maybe you’re just going to zoom into how this Awakening in internally and intellectually did it have a spiritual Dimension or were there other even religious factors or there’s just so many things going on you know in that Japanese think Tim is very complex and there’s so many layers and it’s so nuanced and certainly you know when you go into treatment for something a lot of times you have this desire unless it’s obvious already like why why did this happen and I don’t think that there is just one answer but the is sexual Awakening and me that the realizing that I hadn’t cultivated sexual empowerment and that I’d actually been quite repressed was a big Epiphany but bigger than that was then following that into kind of society and all the different missed that we here and his messages are so negative and confusing about her sexuality and I started to realize that the things that I was dealing with we’re not unique and not really special you know that we all that so many of us deal with this in different kinds of ways and certainly there a very big spiritual peace to that I don’t think that we can separate our sexuality for my spirituality it’s are connected us with our self and with others and with the universe and and I really believe that our sexuality is in every cell of our body is in the air we breathe it’s ended the words we speak and when we do not let that flourish and when we do have shame we are somehow stifled and I don’t think we can live these fully authentic lies and that’s really my biggest mission is is for people to embrace themselves and their sexuality fully and all parts of themselves and I think that that is as we’re real Awakening kind of begins and it’s a journey you know it’s not something that we make the decision so it may be awareness is big but I think that the journey itself is huge and it’s something that we have to commit to you in and keep learning about so yeah it’s it’s been incredible I think I think that all of us have so many different you know again layers to our sexuality and also our personal development and that’s what life is all about is this discovery and then ideally you know taking what we learn and and contributing it helping make the world a better place whether that’s in our own you know personalized door or in work or in our creativity it’s a really powerful force absolutely yeah so do um I’m curious if you’ve noticed a shift or any transformation in Trends around the school curriculum and just the all of the internet developments of the last decade you know really transforming and accelerating alternate access to Alternative sexuality education that younger people are finding in the really able to have a more empowered sort of intellectual initiation at least through their own Explorations online and then how that is like if you’re if you’re witnessing in your your work the sort of these shifts and Transformations that that hopefully will feedback to a more holistic sexuality education you know proper a great question it’s interesting because you know I was in sex ed in like the late 90s early 2000 and even though it’s been almost two decades still so much of what people learn has not changed and that’s partly because the manuals and the guidelines that are you you know Across the Nation really prize still abstinence and STDs and pregnancy avoidance don’t get these diseases don’t have sex if you have to have it unfortunately you know here are some ways to potentially stay safe don’t sit on toilet seats that still haunts me I think you know but there has been progress to have spoken to a lot of Educators who said they would love to talk a lot more in a public or private school setting about sexuality and start from the ground up cuz that’s what needs to happen we need to have sex ed from early on where sexual beings from birth and we shouldn’t have our first conversation be not only during puberty only but it shouldn’t be one conversation it shouldn’t be that talk I should have be one class and age-appropriate of course I think people get confused and I think that teach sex ed to little kids means you’re going to teach them how to have sex and that’s not what it is it’s an awareness and understanding and respecting your body but certainly the internet and we have two more alternative information is is a wonderful thing is also challenges around it but I think that you know people who are really conscientious about this kind of thing are creating wonderful content and are making you know those questions that we have like if I were a little kid and I could have just Googled about boners I would have you know that I would have figured things out and I think I think there is a real benefit there but it shouldn’t be the only place that that we learn and then I also think that one of the complexities we have now is and there’s been no numerous expert and there’s this great New York Times article that it that porn has become kind of the mainstream sex education for kids and most kids have seen porn like by the time they’re 11 you know so it’s it’s complicated because on one hand you know it’s graded have the access and on the other porn sex is not the same thing as intimate sex with a bit of partner it’s made for a camera it’s it’s made for entertainment depending on what they’re watching some of it is violence you know so it’s if we need education around that we need to teach kids what the difference is between pornography and and intimacy we need to teach them about stuff self pleasure and and solo play masturbation and what their body parts are I mean there’s over two hundred common terms for women’s genitalia from vajayjay you know I’ll be different the tingly bits down there all these different right and we don’t do that with other body parts right like we don’t say it would be great if it really does is underlying message if you tell somebody don’t talk about your private parts ever you know it’s a lot of kids here you’re you’re suggesting Shane & Shane is not innate unfortunately right so this is such an interesting generation because there’s if it seems like there’s enough of a critical mass of people who are waking up and who are would say benevolent kind-hearted pure-hearted Angelic even if you if you want to call it that but I mean people who want to actually just advance and evolve the the discourse around I think really life is human life is sexuality education that’s kind of what we’re here to figure out you know my family time and so of course there’s got to be well it is just a beautiful time to critical mass is there and I don’t think the let’s save the the forces of repression and denial I don’t think they can succeed at keeping the the lid on sexuality the way that they were before the internet even before the printing press you know erotica there’s a whole history and her story the feminist her story of you know of empowerment so the thing that I’m curious in your your work if you encountered the you know the backlash from the I don’t want to name them by I don’t want to indict any religions by name or any you know heads or relations by name but I think we all in in the sex positive movement kind of know what what force is we’re up against and and if it’s it’s just so interesting to me to have this discussion about you know now that there is the sort of the spiritual sexual Battlefield is exposed in real time on the internet you know the force is trying to keep it a sinful and negative and in the dark and the forces that are coming out as the byproduct that repression that are like you were saying not you know the unrealistic pouring into the harm. You know an abusive acts that that can be seen in porn so is there any kind of you or you grappling with this you trying to find solutions that that can please everybody no pun intended please everyone but I do think that yes there is this movement the sex positive movement is is hugely important critical and I see so much good out there and you’re right religion is one of the biggest contributors to to sexual shame and you know it is religion a bad name to because they’re certainly denominations and many people within all denominations of all religions who are sex positive and it’s sad because again our spirituality and sexuality are intertwined so it would be great to see more progress movement there but I do I do see it and I I think it’s you know that the lions are there like where there’s I think especially now in our political climb you know we have a secretary of education who wants to do away with sex ed and I think that we are seeing the positive backlash hugely I think we’re seeing a lot more people speaking up it’s becoming much more it necessary where it’s always been important I feel like now it’s even more essential and I’m hoping that a lot of good comes out of it read what did you hear the story about the the Surgeon General who was fired for promoting masturbation as a prevention to that soweth so you’re saying that they actually want it now get rid of sex sex education because it’s bad or because they want to replace it with something better now I’m really curious being a before she was officially in the position but I just read her her take and as that what I recall reading was that you know she’s basically anti sex education that it should be I believe that it supposed to be in the home was the impression that I got but you know that’s not really but really wasn’t anti-sex at texting which we know if we Belleza we educate and empower sexualy the more sexual problems we have the more STDs and more unwanted pregnancies and so many other problems so yeah it’s it’s crazy so it really does more than ever we have to end it ends up putting it into our own hands I’ve had no pun intended because he knows I think masturbation does need to be taught like that that should not even be a it’s crazy to me that that’s not even mention it’s the most natural and common form of sexuality and it’s the form that most people engage in first and so it’s it’s really interesting I think you know I think we have to start in our own lives of individuals and it takes a lot of self-awareness and and picking apart what we learned and how we what we believe in what we are taught and what we actually believe about what we were taught cuz again I think shame is off and hiding sometimes it’s very obvious but sometimes we don’t even really realize that it’s there because it’s so commonplace and I would like to think that we are making progress for sure but we still have like the sweat-proof mentality for example and the Beast by shaming and it’s it’s really sad and at the same time we see all this progress right that you know gay marriage and more transgender awareness and the things that we definitely need but there’s two which is why I conversations like this in your shell is so important because the more we do this you just never know who you’re going to read she might be reaching somebody who has no access to any information you know it’s it’s really powerful I think the audio you know audiences webtv articles are so much out there and so many ways to get the information out and access it which is huge all right well again yeah just said joy to be alive this is the Dark Ages or are becoming far more illuminated with the yeah all of our good works out there and I appreciate you being willing to get into some of the edginess of the politics around this and I’m curious if you know I feel like maybe what a few things could could start to be more like a second to the Revolutionary and the sort of marginalized otherwise might sexual my Violent Femmes just don’t like the term sexual minorities because I believe it actually is the majority being honest with itself the majority would if they were honest would be somewhere on the spectrum of not binary and not you know even mono normative yeah but the way it’s been a war it’s been a real battle for I like the term queerdos which I consider myself one of you know to to fight for civil rights in for recognition and for all kinds of no basic safety and an egg knowledge meant on so many levels and it’s been an adversarial battle for so long and I I feel like I’m wanting to brainstorm a bit around ways to proactively go back into the the system or the religions The Establishment and find those who are already sort of you know working from within the Insiders in the military the Insiders of you know people in the church who are who are out and nms feel like that this masturbation piece having sex before marriage that’s a big you know that’s a big battle but the masturbation it’s kind of like each one of these these debates I guess you know maybe they will become very prominent political debates masturbation education is you know in the platform of a party that would be countries but I have this this funny question for you now that I’ve kind of laid that out of it is at if you were to be drafting a masterbation public education campaign that may or may not actually be adopted by the federal standards for school curriculum but it’s just sort of a you know within the legality of billboards and bumper stickers and mailers and what not a public education sort of campaign how would you sell it cuz I have a couple ideas but I love to hear what you have what you would are working on possibly in that department is actually but not everybody should you know I think we need South recognized serve people who are asexual I’m just have no interest in and you know it well there are also asexual people who masturbate so there’s a lot of missing missing information are but that’s a tough question I do think that it would be amazing to Simply encourage for one thing for you know people involve us kids did to take a mirror and and look what the down there and learn the different parts and and you know tutorial would be great and end there so many beautiful ways to do it and even just giving permission I think permission to the freedom you noted to experience pleasure and to encourage it is huge and I think one way politically that you know it should be helpful is knowing that it’s a very safe form of sex and it’s amazing to me that people who are against birth control are also against masturbation so it’s it’s really confusing but I’d love to hear what you have to say it sounds like you’ve put some thought and I feel like I need to keep thinking well yeah this is so exciting exciting conversation for sure you speaking to your mission and purpose of educating women about their pleasure and their pleasure potential really which is so underestimated so many people so now it’s getting its full glory and sometimes thanks to pouring really here and there but as people desire to reverse-engineer the pleasure that they’re seeing him at least in queer porn and certainly lesbian porn and porn feminist Forum you know how do you get to that level of ecstasy do to the body and so it’s you I just did now I just want to buy land and knowledge that that that there is hope here the idea that if the canonize rhetoric of the church around this the whole sexual Narrative of what it means to be in holy matrimony and in service to God by reproducing through the sex act of course in the dark missionary position only for male pleasure and probably not going to last more than 30 seconds to a few minutes with untrained participants right is that is the standard narrative that we’ve all been well exposed to in some level at some level is not drilled down by it imagine if it was understood that the most holy thing on earth is really the female multi-orgasmic experience if that is the biggest dilation of the valve to heaven where we can hear the angels singing and jumping and you know see that it’s just like the most Divine experience possible and just start there as our The Stairway to Heaven eunos is the orgasms that women have so if that was an overnight it if that was the position of becoming a having a discipline path of strict this & do’s and don’ts so that she could experience that then you would be an obligation for specifically males to train themselves by masturbating to be able to control their ejaculation and sustain themselves and have sexual continence is as acute as a keyword so that they could help induce that experience in their beloved one and only sexual partner for the rest of your life in a close relationship in service to God to reproduce more God worshippers or whatever else is going to stay in the program but I just don’t see why they demonized masturbation and don’t value I mean do you have any sense of what obviously it’s a patriarchal religion and they’re wanting to they’re wanting to deny female empowerment on every level but do you encounter any any of that I guess that the religious Dogma around it from you know any of these perspectives or if you been able to get you two people you’re right about the patriarchal aspect of it I think it’s about control and so the more pleasure a woman has you know you’re not controlling her anymore as kind of visits to take the date they seem to be taught and I think they don’t you know people who practice many of these religions aren’t realizing all of this again there’s layers so they just are taught a certain thing and one thing we know about sexuality is that it’s very selfish feeling what we believe is very helpful feeling so if if a woman believes that she can have multiple orgasms she’s far far far more likely to experience them that if she believed she cannot orgasm at all and so I I think it’s really yeah it’s really interesting I don’t know that Hello Kitty has broken through per se but I I have had a lot of really interesting conversations and I think it’s important to have those talks to people who do things differently and you know one time I was sitting on a plane next to a woman whose daughter had come out as gay and she was really struggling as a very religious person and it was so beautiful as we were able to have a real Soul connection kind of talk I think partly because I was a stranger right it came up because she was asking what I do when I shared about girl boner little bit and so it was for me having a religious background me I was born in a religious family and my grandfather was a pastor at a church where there was a lot of repressive behavior and teachings that’s been a benefit for me now because I do understand where a lot of it comes from it and I understand where it comes from with good intentions and I think it’s important to respect people’s Journeys and go you know they’re trying to do what they believe is right but there are ways to to you know be religious and embrace all of this and you’re so right about the divine nature of all that pleasure me it’s so powerful and I think that’s where a lot of here comes from you know it’s it’s really strange yeah it’s it’s very strange it’s very backward and improver some you know I will not to be I guess the thing is to sort out and kind of help figure out the commonality and see where we all want we all want to be D possessed of demonic influences and forces I think that’s agreed agreed upon. And whether it’s modern diagnosis of disorders and you know all the things in the DSM manual however you frame it you know they would have just call it demonic possession or being Bewitched to have an eating disorder you know but if pleasure cures that than we should make the math and say that we need to develop Technic technology to see to cure diseases and isn’t that what Christ did of all things you know also the pressure on on especially women at but all genders face pressured it to look a certain way and a lot of ass about control too so we can turn it all around and I think it also helps you know what to tell people like you can have your morals and your beliefs and you don’t because I think sometimes we talk about sexual empowerment people assume that what that mean positive means is try to have as much sex as possible and that to me is not the goal I do think that if we if women were more empowered sexually from a physical standpoint of gendered button and men were were taught to delve into their emotions and embrace intimacy and didn’t weren’t taught that that is not manly you know then everyone would benefit so much and women as a whole would want more sex they would have more desire they didn’t enjoy the physical parts more men would have been emotional parts more you know so it’s but I also think that it’s important to know that in my opinion sexual positivity and embracement is all about identifying and exploring and learning what that means for you and what authentic sexuality is and so that maybe that you’re a guy who doesn’t desire sex very much and that’s okay like you. You don’t have to want sex everyday to be a man and it may be that as a woman you want to masturbate everyday or you want to have River Partners consistently you don’t like whatever that means so you know I don’t know that answer your question but I do think it’s it’s it’s really fascinating and I think you know it can get really complex and we try to think of like all these big issues and what I often find is the most powerful is Hugo okay well where am I at and where do I want to be and an even think it’s okay that I have shame because I think we can beat ourselves up for that too cuz they’re so mixed messages out there but just say you know what can I do to just know myself more I think there’s power in that right yeah you can be shamed by certain groups by not being liberated enough fast enough to ya will ya appreciate that definitely honoring everyone where they’re at across the Spectrum and yeah we we’ve covered some good religious stuff and some education stuff so I’m curious I always like to ask if you you know given your knowledge and experience you pretty well-versed in where there be key leverage points to make the greatest shifts and and really suffering by empowering people with tools and techniques in new ways of thinking and even old ways of thinking that my predate some of the issues that we’ve been stuck in here but if you had let’s say not necessarily a position of in office as political Authority but let’s just say the power and influence of a rockstar or you know more as somebody who’s at the top of the the culture making factory you know in and it sounds like you’ve had plenty of experience in those in that Machinery of culture you know maybe we could talk about just some of what you dreamed of what your dreams would be if you were to really be just infinite influence in infant infinite resources to not necessarily rule the world or like I said be the most powerful dictator of course but someone who people would wear that respect and looked up to an end and I’m just being empowered leader you kind of have out-of-the-box Big Dreams that that we could just sort of hopefully subscribe to energetically you know you know I think the biggest help for me would be to to help people really see their own worth and I live very very authentically and I I know I stay authenticity quite often if I said it 10 times as interview and it has become a little bit of a catchphrase but to me that has been lost quite a lot and I think in some ways again we we have moved forward but our sexuality needs to be normalized we need to feel okay about it I can’t tell you how many messages I got from namely women every single message since I started girl boner has almost had the exact same question at the heart which is is my OK like is this a wrong thing about me how do I fix this thing like what is this problem I am and I really think that even though I’m on the the past my Gateway is sexuality because sexual empowerment I think it’s still a very lacking thing in there so much misinformation and misunderstanding and gross to do but at the heart of it it’s that it’s being okay with ourselves like I’d love to see a time where we didn’t need anybody to teach you about sexual empowerment like it should just be this normal thing like we are all just Who We R I I heard a Michael Pollan that the food and nutrition writer is say before that he wishes there was no need for nutritionist. Because I totally already saying like it’s become this this this pressurized you know machine where there’s all these numbers and we have to do it perfectly and we have to be a certain way and this is bad for you and good for you it and we can lose ourselves in that mix and so I’d love to help people just really embraced their uniqueness it and who they are so that they can live a full life is where we you know begin to to not only have a wonderful life that we can enjoy certainly not without challenges but it would be with the challenges we want you know like the challenges that are worth it because we’re able to be ourselves and so that’s it that’s the biggest thing I would love for people to to not have to stress so much about being perfect and being sexual in the right kind of way. It’s just to say this is me and and now what cuz one thing I learned from my own journey is when you go through something like an eating disorder or depression or addiction you really learn how much energy it takes to to be destructive toward yourself and when you are able to move past it or through it or for some people that’s continual recovery you have so much energy and brainpower and time to do so much with it’s so precious to me now because wait again no pun intended was listed and now I don’t have to be so stressed out over it if you can if you could spend that much time being self-destructive and having negative self-talk it’s incredible you’re born again in NFL not creepy house you’re talking because I feel like if you even with you know where ever any of us out there as blockers and podcasters and Educators there is a lot of power and leverage just in being able to ask for help from fans and from listeners and to kind of crowd Source content and crowdsource just answer you know could be topics for sure it could be really anything but now I’m feeling like did these messages you have about being your authentic self you know that that could be some powerful pop chorus hook you know where you’re the these gems of that you know the essence of your insights could be made into poetry and then made into tracks in and it would be something to say have a contest you know a listener contest you note to hear his money like if you wrote a poem or you wrote some lyrics or you said take the girl boner lexicon of resources that you’ve been creating and Give Them Wings into the culture give them the ability to know that just came up for me right now thinking about that we thinking on that thank you well thank you cuz now it’s like we both creative space for the unimaginable to be called called for thinned yeah I just I definitely want to see these these insights I mean it I feel like there’s so many songs about both sick with a free sample them one of my one of my tonsils sort of mentors said I’m just she’s very into just open kind of free-flowing you know designer relationship kind of sexuality and Ness think it’s not for everybody but but she was just pointing out that she could not the radio anymore I guess Spotify or whatever it is whatever it is that you’re scrolling through for your musical entertainment and it’s going to be I’m either in love with somebody and I’m going to kill myself if they leave me or I’m attempting suicide because they just left me or something very extreme I mean I kind of I added those that paraphrases words but I think the words that she was worried it was the hardest the heartache that sells and there’s this sort of cursing of everyone into these boxes of relationship all funneling into these political economic units of the nuclear family and marriage were still in that and that Paradigm and I’m not going to say it’s bad but I will say that it’s it’s bad if it imposes that on people who were interested in other things but if you don’t even know that exists how are you going to have re-imagined so if you have these very radical things that you’re developing and they were made into a an anthology of empowering Tunes you could really I’m sort of a closet musician so that’s yeah that’s so interesting wow yeah I just think there is such Power Inn in the Arts in general to I think it’s one of the most magical ways to reach people in it there’s so much influence and honesty there when people accept it more I think when it’s how is dead as art were much more likely like we will look at you know nude paintings and stuff like that it’s it’s interesting cuz I have a a book close all that Publishers are beginning to consider again and my agent has been sending it around and it’s non-fiction but it’s about sexuality and she sent it to one of the biggest erotica Publishers and they thought it was too risque which was so surprising to me and that I realized it’s when when sexuality is real it’s scarier two people right now like they’re still a little there still some of that going on where people are weak we can accept it in fiction and we can accept it in and you know these other kind of mediums but when it’s when it’s actual real in your face it out fact it is harder and I I do think that there’s something to as you said there’s been erotica forever and I think it’s some of those those Avenues are some of the most powerful Jimmy bring it into you know music is is so powerful if you as your as you’re helping women achieve these more advanced states of arousal and fulfillment are they are they leaving their boyfriends in the dust and are they starting to I mean if I feel like the the way that the the spell that you know guys are sort of keeping over women it really only works I mean it’s just that I don’t know I’m sick of 1950s having sex in the bluff in the back of a car I’m just sort of imagining what where what that that sort of archetype around sex sex is a 3-minute act. And a woman should only ever expect to get that much out of a man and maybe he’ll sweet-talk you and give you a little bit of foreplay and convince you that he loves you or maybe he won’t or maybe he won’t even ask your permission and it will be raped and but it’s really like this tiny box of what sex is he even is and then you know what I mean so many women as you know never orgasm mini I think more the majority of women only orgasm with toys by themselves or with other women who know what they’re doing and give a fuck about orgasm for females in so I know a lot of guys are behind the curve scratching your head going you know why why can’t when they’re getting lonely and it women are having a more empowered language around this and more empowered experience in just this huge Awakening since let’s say that was all there was allowed to be thought of you in the shaming and masturbation maybe you would never know even in private alone her potential but I’m curious if you’re seeing the the sort of Exodus of women out of toxic relationships with from men who don’t care to become masters of their own bodies and their beloveds bodies in an interesting way when I was beginning my road to sexual empowerment was taking a college course that was the beginning of the end with the partner had at the time and terrifying anybody who’s listening to listen to myself going to break up but I do think that the first of all here with a toxic partner than if I would be able to honored if I couldn’t read it to you being away from a toxic person but but there is a challenge that’s very real when one person is is growing in themselves and end on this journey to authenticity and empowerment in understanding their sexuality and if their partner is not and is not because especially as you just mentioned it maybe does that maybe you’re with a guy who is quite happy with the way things are because his pleasure was erased he’s getting what he want you know and so yeah that that can be at that can create a really difficult spot but I think what’s important is to recognize how powerful it is to be with a woman who is on that journey and speak in that Journey with her is like the most beautiful thing like my chills have chills right now thinking about it it’s so and and to be a partner to that person first of all We Will Cherish use toll you know you will benefit so much like I had one comment from a guy on my block who was morning my other readers saying she’s ruining men for she’s ruining women for men and I just got mad that I was teaching encouraging women to be more independent and not to be that 1950s archetype and and I just it’s sad to me because that that person maybe he will meet somebody who doesn’t want to change and that’s who she is and you know great for them if they’re happy with it but but it’s very sad to me that that he will never know and guys like that will never know what it is like to to grow in that way with somebody it is sacred it is beautiful and the pleasure you know because the pleasure from one partner is can’t help it radiates and an effect the other person and there’s like this Cosmic thing so I I just would encourage anybody who is feeling stock yeah it’s really hard especially if you’re with somebody who you really care about and you love them and but you’re growing in different directions I mean not that happens and but it doesn’t have to be the end of it can be a huge growth opportunity to get to work together and to Define that place and I think having conversations is hugely important than talking about the stuff especially the stuff that’s that’s really difficult call Ed vulnerable because the more vulnerable that we allow ourselves to be the better and I think there is ways to prevent it and say hey I’m discovering things about myself and it’s scary and it’s vulnerable and it’s crazy but it’s amazing and I want you to be part of it you want to join this with me you know that they’re really loving ways to go about it and and the loving person even if they’re not hopefully I’m bored and I feel super uncomfortable they’re going to want what’s best for you so and that’s always the case and it just may be that this is the thing that shows you their true colors 2008 so it’s yeah it’s interesting I should take a poll have I have I made you break up with your partner and I really don’t know well it’s it’s it’s a new conversation template red you could do a blog post about the tips for the ultimatum when you say you either going to learn to be at Choice with your ejaculation which is a nice way to say grow up and be a man and I mean I’m a man and I’ve had to go through this process but I made it to the other side There’s Hope and glory and exactly what you’re saying you know when you live when you’re a man who lives to witness the Ecstasy of a woman and to actually experience the the sort of positive feedback loop of multi orgasm then you really it’s a game-changer and it’s it’s you don’t have to think about dirty socks and your grandma to hold back to ejaculation if you know how to breathe and that’s a whole nother that’s kind of weird you know a lot of me and my fellow male educators are we’re trying to create more dutiful lovers for women in your camp for accelerating and evolving in but that’s an important thing the whole lot of women I interviewed they talked about so what did your journey begin well I was in a relationship that wasn’t fulfilling and I discovered that I’m capable of La Porte I said by but it was also a process where they kind of had to choose do you want to support me and do you want to admit that you don’t know everything and that you might need to learn a few new things and we can enjoy it certainly the most enjoyable thing practicing sex I mean come on exactly exactly so yeah do you deep so do you have you what kind of responses have you had I guess from women who are on this path of empowerment dr. Megan Fleming clinical psychologist and therapist in New York City and a broad range and the only for women but predominantly and you know there’s a big range certainly there’s that theme of their shame and they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with them and usually well always answer is there’s nothing wrong with you and then helping them to see you know that that they are fine and wonderful and beautiful and and give them send some guidance but I hear a whole lot of different responses I have heard from women who are struggling to you know get their partner or two to be more on on the same page with them and I’ve also you know heard from a lot of of women who say thank you because I thought I was the only one because the way I started with girl boners I just I just opened up my life and started talking about my own experiences because I realized that once I started people started to respond they they weren’t likely to start the conversation themselves especially publicly but when I shared about me they all my gosh and example one of the topics that still very popular is having a higher sex drive than your partner and so many women right to me and say I thought I was the only one I thought my partner just didn’t really you know I thought I was I was not attractive or whatever where I thought it was some anomaly and or one of my most popular series actually that I’m going to be jumping into again next month is on dating a sociopath because I was in a relationship with one and and thank you I learned a lot and I am super grateful now it because of what is giving me but I think I partly started the series because of a friend of mine was going through something similar and I realize that you know she wasn’t a place where she could tell her story but I can tell mine and and so I still here almost every week I would say and I did this year is over a year ago from somebody to share the story and so yeah the questions are all over the place but there’s definitely a sensitive you know there’s a huge desire for pleasure a lot of the questions are about getting more pleasure how do I know whether it’s with a partner or you know from a partner and and I see a real desire for that and I think that’s huge I think that’s a huge change that I’ve seen and even in the last you know five six years since I start a girl boner is that there is much more embracement of women’s pleasure and there’s there’s still a lot of you know confusing messages out there but I think that they’re really hungry for that and also I have to say I have a lot of guys who listen and they’re wonderful and they are conscientious and they care about women and they care about women’s pleasure and I got multiple questions about you know they’re concerned that they’re not pleasuring their partner enough and I just really appreciate I think it takes all of us and to have these conversations and again there are a lot of damaging method affect guys too so it’s the conversations are huge I would say that the the most common thing I hear is they want more pleasure they they’re struggling with something that usually has to do with accepting themselves or they want their partner to be happier and I hear that from all all across the gender spectrum is people really care about each other and that list me up every time ye that selfless thing and you know as you’re saying this I’m remembering that if I was a teenager or in my early twenties and I found your podcast I will be glued to it and it would be the same would be like I don’t know why I’m having these old I’m having these old like a pop culture references yeah but it’s like the idea of Imagine imagine Boys in it in their Treehouse Clubhouse with like a tin can wire to try to hear what the girls were saying so that they could actually have a clue and it’s like this there should be and I think that’s just something to activate an issue this this kind of I don’t know I feel like the masculine sort of socialization since really violent video games and pouring of come about that there’s really like a hardening of the heart and just sort of a even more callous kind of like pimp culture II you know you don’t even if if you’re supposed to just treat women like disposable fast food then you’re not really an enchanted by The Mystery of the feminine you’re not really exploring your own Fantasy Realm when you imagine what it feels like to just think of someone you have a crush on I mean it’s just like a flattening of that you know some glad to hear you say that there are Seekers out there of the Mysteries of the family and I feel like yeah I hopefully this is there more women will say you got a really educate yourself these these podcasts are out there what you’re doing is is available and and it just seems like such a mischievous Street to be able to listen to women talk about what pleases them if you’re a man and you want to get the girl you know I mean they’re sitting in a tree houses listening but it’s not so it’s it’s very against you what that really is like the rawness and the the intimacy and I yeah I would love to see more you know especially the younger guys really treasuring that cuz I really do think they care a whole lot yeah deeply and authentically for sure but beneath all of the fronting and even though the posturing and fronting to be homophobic I mean if that when that gets dissolved you know then there’s so much more openness to all kinds of expiration and pleasure so well well I’m glad I’ve got a heart boner right now just listening to all this good stuff I think we’re definitely here at the right time and I’m so excited to 2 to get into I just binged listen to podcast so I’ll probably will start at the first one and go all the way to the last I just have this huge download and yeah hopefully I will be in touch again in and definitely just want to send lots of positive prayers and blessings your way and definitely will be ya sharing your great works with my listeners and 20 people your way so do you have any do you want to talk about your websites and you know what you have to offer and what people should be looking out for in the future and any last words for now sorry yeah and thank you so much I so appreciate that support and this has been really really fun and very insightful I have a lot going on tonight my website is August McLaughlin. Com you can also find it by going to grow a boner. Org and I blog there you can find extras articles that I write link to the two books that I’ve written and I hope to have a nonfiction book out sometime in the near future so and it’s being marketed Publishers right now and she’ll comes out every week and I love hearing from people so if anybody does listen and they want to let me know what they think or if they have a question I am I seriously protect people’s privacy so you can always reach out to me through my website and I’m everywhere on social media please reach out I I love to hear from you and I just hope that everybody out there will you know take a breath and a moment to look within and just start taking steps to be more authentic and to embrace yourself exactly where you are knowing that everything of that especially those little baby ones are impactful beautiful all right August thank you so much have a wonderful night and I look forward to next time all right I’ll see you so much for listening to the podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or team event at Orchard Park. Com, CA

Sexual-Spiritual Fitness with Natrishka Love TPP79


Natrishka PicIn this episode I’m joined by Natrishka a yoga instructor, sacred sexuality instructor, personal fitness trainer and much more. I discovered her videos on You Tube and appreciated the down to earth no non-sense approach she has to empowering us to explore, train, and condition our whole beings for better love, sex, and spiritual development. We discuss best practices and she offers guidance and insights to inform some of my work-in-progress templates for sacred love making protocols and procedures.

About Natrishka:

Natrishka is a Spirited Sex guide for singles, couples and those without a label.
Her mission is to create positive sex culture and language one orgasm at a time.

Erotic Literature with a Lesson or Jack off and Learn something is a playful collection
of stories she is composing directed to her male youtube audience.

The re education of Men’s sexuality is the key to the empowerment and safety of women and children. The amount of sexual abuse and trauma that touches us all needs a new approach. Instead of healing what has been done, can we be proactive and make changes so the patterns do not continue? Can we brake down the walls of shame, guilt and suffering when we think of the word sex? Natrishka teaches workshops on spirited sexuality, yoni yoga for optimizing orgasm and private session.

You can find her on NatrishkaTV on YouTube or email her directly for more information oh her audio series launching January 2017
natrishkanatrishka [at] gmail [dot] com

Her work Bio:
Natrishka is a wellness professional providing a full spectrum experience for those seeking impactful change in their daily lives.

She is a superb listener as she takes your core needs to heart.Natrishka has worked with executives, top dog entrepreneurs, yoga enthusiasts, athletes, busy moms and seekers.

Some of her greatest accomplishments are working with the local women of Nosara concerning nutrition, fitness, sex and self love. Also, sharing an aerobic’s dance class with over 50 sex trafficking survivors at sunrise in Cambodia.

NYI Restorative Yoga Teacher
BCRPA Personal Trainer and Aerobic Instructor
Prema Method Indian Crown Massage teacher and practitioner
Advanced Reiki Teacher and practitioner
Spirited Sex Consultant, Tao Tantric arts
Vipassana Lover
Mother of 1
Soul Surfer

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 80 I am doing interview here with Felicity feline who is one of the world’s only perhaps only but one of the world’s foremost holistic pornstars which anybody who’s listen to The Show for a while is going to know that this is a very exciting moment for me because I have been working so tirelessly to bridge these gaps between sacred sexuality XXX and holistic living and ecological Consciousness so when I found Felicity feline on sexy jobs.com I kind of my jaw just dropped because the list of her accomplishments and what she’s up to is like I want to I want to I want to Crown you as Miss Universe 2016 based on what I’ve read in one paragraph so yeah if there was a pageant where we were really valuing the accomplishments in the types of character that XXX actresses really can and can develop and I am in do have but it’s kind of ignored Austin you really yeah have stepped up and in some big ways so if that’s not too much of a bill that I love for you to talk about your life story how you found this pass and and then we’ll go into some dialogue about what you’re up to and your future and how we can become fan so without further Ado Felicity please take away thank you for having me I appreciate you reaching out just start I mean I really just want to say my journey I can assist early say it’s been the easiest path but it’s my past you know and it’s a very unique for me and it’s been difficult but I ultimately feel really blessed because I’ve been able to basically find a way to do what I want and monetize and just become successful from it but I mean to start I would say I’ll start with just kind of my background I’m originally from Long Island I grew up there spend my childhood there and I had a really great upbringing I have a wonderful family and really close with them I was a really athletic child’s I spend a lot of time Outdoors I live very close to a nature preserve and the beach in the river and I was always outside playing I’m very connected with nature and my dad he especially is also very in tune with nature and he definitely made it a priority and in all of our lives so you know I have that basically that kind of fuel of my childhood and my parents put me into music at an early age so I started playing the drums since elementary school and I’ve always just been a very high-energy person and I need Outlets I kind of go crazy if I can’t get my energy out somehow so Sports drawing that was really my my main thing growing up as I got older I really started getting heavily more into music and art and I continue with sports but I I kind of mentioned to you before I have the mild case of scoliosis so an early age I kind of wanted to strengthen my spine and make it so much straight so I can continue to play certain Sports and do gymnastics and I really got into yoga and I found that it was really censoring for me because like I said I was extremely high-energy so it was one of those things that helped calm me down and just help me focus and in a way it was like meditation from it you know cuz it was hard for me to just sit still you know I always wanted to be doing something so you know I stay like I got into yoga and an element Elementary School more like middle school high school and you know I just kind of stuck with it so that was sort of my introduction with that and I’ve always been somewhat of an exhibitionist you can say you know I’m I’m very outgoing and outspoken and I was pretty comfortable with my sexuality growing up in the beginning I was kind of a tomboy and I was very skinny and gawky as a kid I didn’t really have curves I was very just flat and bony so I wasn’t really like confident in that realm like I didn’t I didn’t really like look at myself as a feminine goddess or anything you know I kind of I looked at myself more as like does nerdy little Band Geek or something I struggle to gain weight when I was younger and I didn’t get my menstrual cycle so I was team so kind of got it pretty late and I’m kind of against artificial hormones are really want to go on birth control but this is isshin recommended that I do cuz my I just for some reason my body and have enough fat to produce hormones and I was really into nutrition to him and I was trying everything to just regulate my hormones but finally I went on birth control kind of like jumpstart my body and got my. I I got boobs you know like I started to even out and my metabolism slow down a little bit I quit Sports 2 in high school I just like it was too much for me I was starting to burn out from from doing so much and I was just focusing more on drumming and music and art so once I got my menstrual cycle and I started to become more of a woman I really was starting to get a lot of attention you know and I was getting more in touch with my sexuality I started experimenting more and I’ve always been more of a monogamous person like I I like to just date someone and and just give them all my love but you know I had my times were when I was single I was definitely you know China just see who was my type and having fun and I was flirtatious you know what I mean but in college then I kind of started settling down a house with one or two people for a while and it was about I was 20 or 19 or 20 when I was working in San Diego and I was what I was working at a car show and this man approached me about doing an amateur film for porn at the time I had been modeling a lot and doing a lot of like risque things and I’m what I say risque I mean like nude modeling and erotic stuff you know what I mean but I had no horn iwebcam to little bit but I was a little shy about it but I was so curious and you know I couldn’t really deny the fact that I wanted to try it and I’ve always been pretty comfortable you know like I said with myself and I thought about it for a few months and I also wanted to buy this new motorcycle so I kind of put two and two together and that is a reason to fucking break your porn virginity to get a motorcycle that is fucking you’re going to laugh when you when you hear what happened with his motorcycle anyway I did it you know why I decided after few months I had a had the card and I contacted them and I’m like you know what I think I want to try this my only regret is that I was kind of stating someone I mean it was really in the early stages of the relationship but I I kind of lied about it and that’s just the one thing I really regret you know if I were to say do I regret anything just wish I would have been honest you know it was stupid for me to not just say the truth but I was kind of nervous about you know just the fact that I was doing what I was doing and I really wasn’t thinking about the consequences I guess well you can write a song about that huh you know why I went and I did my first film in San Diego and it was really easy and the only thing that’s slightly intimidated me was there was so many lights it was so bright you know I can see like every flaw like this like a rotisserie chicken no I felt like I was like in a stadium in these just bright lights were glaring on me but anyway it went fine and I forgot about it you know after I did it for a while and then a few months later it came out and everyone started finding out my small town on Long Island and it just was a shitshow you know I mean everyone was just making comments and this Synod and the person I was seeing obviously was really hurt by it and what not but that was the hardest part you know in when I always tell people that are curious about doing porn I tell them that doing the porn isn’t necessarily the hardest part it’s the aftermath especially in the beginning you know it’s once it’s out just knowing that it’s out forever and anyone can see it you have to be able to deal with that and stomach it you know what I mean you can’t take it back so once I did that essentially my life was kind of changed forever you know it as dramatic as it sounds it’s true it’s the most dramatic thing you can do on Scream so if you went to college for nutrition and I have a pretty good academic background 2 and my parents at first cuz they found out you know I didn’t tell them right away they were a little bit hurt in the beginning they just didn’t understand why I would do that you know they said you have so many so many talents you know why it why would you do that and I just said honestly mom I was curious like I couldn’t help it like I just wanted to see what it was like cuz I’m just the type of person that I really want to try to experience everything right so you’re going to have to try everything once at least is it will kill me you know it will that will be the death of me I just I just enjoy experiencing things whether or not I am truly passionate about it sometimes I just like to try it just to know what it’s like you know what I mean is you’re into a strategy to write so what is your sign if if you will cuz I’m just now I’m like really curious if it’s his astrological determinism and I should be a Leo but my mom got a C-section so I came out a few days early cuz I was born July 21st I was supposed to be like July 27th or something so my rising sign is Aquarius my moon is Aries my Mercury is in Venus my I mean that my Mercury is in Leo my Venus is in Leo my Mars is in Taurus so I have a lot of fire in my chart then I have kind of a mix of all the elements I guess that I’m really into astrology cuz my grandma was an astrologist and I was like the only grandchild that expressed interest in that I would just I swallowed everything she told me you know I was fascinated by it but anyways so after that I bought that motorcycle and I kind of just shifted gears literally in my life you know I was trying to make sense of of the direction I was going and I was trying to make it work with the person I was dating and gain his trust back and I was really unsure about continuing porn after I did it and it was a while before I did another one it was almost an entire year and I had tried to make it work with that person for about a year just didn’t work out and with that motorcycle I bought this is my first spike it was a Ninja 250 I had racked so many speeding tickets like I got in a lot of trouble and then I got to CBR 500 and I kind of got in this like racing incident in New York with one of my friends and he surrendered in and pulled over and I thought there was only one cop so I kept going and I got off at my exit and I get into the service road and there’s three cops waiting their lights go on I just I was fucked. Actors for your next phone when you throw if you produce your own you got to reenact the scene seduce the cop and get off the list of the ticket play helmet off and they were shocked I was a female but I was crying literally this thousands of sexual whip beg them not to take my yeah so I got my license suspended for about two and a half years and I was really kind of in a hole after that I was doing a lot of sales jobs for these nutritional companies and I was making good money doing that and I used to drive everywhere you know I was driving was so important to me and I suddenly got everything taken away so I sold my bike so I sold my truck I sold my dirt bike I sold my surfboard I sold so much shit just packed up I went to Arizona for a while and I was just doing a lot of contemplating out there in the desert trying to Center myself and figure out what I wanted to do and you know I also was playing the drums still and I want to do something with music and anyway when I was out there I had another opportunity to do another amateur film so I did that helps me a little bit with the bills I had to pay then when I was out there I had opportunity to be on Ink Master so I flew back to New York I went on that show and oh actually excuse me the timeline is fuzzy that company II company I worked with they they liked me so much that they actually paid for my trip to the AVN Awards and I went there and you know I was kind of a nobody at that point but this is really important because at that time when I went to the AVN Awards and granted like I was still pretty new to the industry that really changed my perspective towards porn because I had never really been that much into form to be honest like I never really watched it that much and like I’m a sexual person but I’m very like I guess you could say I’m kind of like a hopeless romantic you know I like to be in love and I really enjoy building a connection with someone but I don’t know I was very just on the fence about whether or not I wanted to really be in the adult industry but when I went to the AVN Awards I was surrounded by all these pornstars and everyone was just so exuberant they were they were so like audacious and full of life and happy and I started to realize that why am I questioning my identity like I made the decision to do porn and I’m surrounded by all these people who are embracing who they are and I need to do this like I need to embrace myself and stop being insecure about what I did because I was getting harassed pretty badly to buy it by people and you know people were linking my real name to my stage name and my reputation essentially was tainted ever you know I could never get rid of that decision I made so I realized at that point like I should just embrace it so when I was at the AVN Awards Ink Master called me asked if I want to be on the show and I’m like okay yeah so they be in top and then I went on Ink Master and what I was filming I’m at my ex on that show and he had won season 3 of Ink Master and we started seeing each other after the show we were working tattoo Expos together and I told him that what I had done you know that I had done foreign and he said that if I wanted to be with him he couldn’t he would want me to stop so I said okay I will you know so I stopped for a while and I actually had done one more film before I went on the show and I shot for I don’t want to say regrettably but I shot for facial abuse and that was probably the most questionable decision I ever made in porn cuz it kind of pigeon-holed me a little bit you know like it was fine working with them you know in during the scene everything was fine they were really respectful and treated me well despite how brutal it looks but if it’s just the aftermath owners of that company don’t really care about the girls and they just kind of want to latch onto their career and anyway so I told him I had done one more Scene that hadn’t come out yet so it will come out eventually and I just hope that you can deal with it so he said oh yeah that’s fine you know blah blah and about you know for five months later we were dating and things are going well I did kind of discover he had some alcohol issues and it was progressively getting a little bit worse but the scene came out and he did not cope with it well you know it was really difficult cuz I had warned him about it and this was before I even knew him so feeling nothing’s going to prepare you for that you just kept saying I can’t believe you did this you know you have no respect for yourself this and that and that was really hard to deal with and then a relationship and like I kind of realized that it was probably always going to be an issue so we tried to make it work for about another four five six months but it just stop it just was going downhill and his drinking was getting worse and so the week of my birthday he was like in these binges and of alcohol and drugs and I don’t even drink alcohol and I live like a really pretty much sober life except for cannabis so I had to leave you know why I realized it was so unhealthy and he was always going to make me try to regret what I did and I can’t live like that so I left and when I got out of that relationship it was kind of like the final straw for me I realized that I need to stop just dealing with this bullshit you know questioning myself I I was going to this late identity crisis I realized I needed to just take advantage of the fact that I did porn and use it to my advantage use it as a promotional tool you know help me build a brand so I asked her like going back and forth to Los Angeles and San Diego for about a year I just moved out to LA permanently and before I did that I worked for some couple of other companies and I got out to LA and I started working for bigger companies and I had an agent and I was starting to take porn seriously going with Fox models but yeah so I just I decided to fully embrace it you know and in the past years I like I said I was kind of getting harassed about it and people are trying to make me feel bad and talk shit about me and that people are posting threads all over the Internet about me and it’s just that one side completely embraced it and came out with it and just said yeah I do porn and you know what I’m a musician I’m a Rockstar if you have a problem with how I fucking live like go fuck yourself you know what I mean I just stopped caring at all and I realized I need to just fall Embrace who I am and everything stops the harassment stops you know I I started to get a lot of support and attention and end my brand trademarked my stage name I made a logo I just started taking advantage of everything and I’m building you know I wonder if that you know we’ll talk more in a bit about the spirituality aspect but it’s I was just having a flashback from the secret where it’s like some of the negativity that you may have been attracting could have been sort of coming through a dress like a like a draft of cold wind in it and with it with his a hole in the wall where your self-doubt was actually partially generating some of that negative energy but then when you Rose to total confidence in ownership then that draft got shut off and babe fucked off right like you stood up to the bullies or something is that is that sound accurate absolutely you know I I realized to anyone that was attacking me these are people that are just insecure with their own lives and their need to attack others and you know I’ve always known this but it’s just I of course I like to be liked you know who doesn’t like I’ve always been somewhat of a loner and an outcast but at the same time like I I feel better when people support me and like me you know but I’ve always kind of felt like an underdog and I just told myself yeah laugh now I was like but you guys just wait just wait and I used all that negative energy as fuel to just push myself as an incentive as an impetus to prove everyone wrong including myself you know I wanted to prove to myself that I can work with these big companies I can do anything I want if I set my mind to it and that’s what I really started doing I mean I I set some goals for myself and I told myself you know and however long I’m going to have my own place in La I’m going to get my driver’s license back I’m going to have my medical card I’m going to do all these things and I fucking did you know and I just literally I manifested My Reality by just focusing my energy enough you know and I sometimes like I Amaze even myself you know like I’ll I’ll dream of things are all Focus so much on certain things that I want and I will get it you know and absolutely well yeah do you have any more to add to the timeliners or can we start to explore a bit some of these dimensions of your your lifestyle I mean to go on a ramp ramp in about a the my background I just know please that was perfect that was you know you could write a book seriously you know start start writing chapters outlining the chapters this is very interesting unique story and you know yes please it was a blessing in and I’ll say that what what I’m so excited about is that you are standing in some ways probably very I don’t to see you standing alone but you know there’s a lot of stereotypes about how all porn actresses were sexually abused as children and their damaged goods and they’re on drugs and they’re just totally broken and it’s just their being chewed up and spit out by the industry and then they have no future and that’s a stereotype and it’s people like you who are standing out as examples of really empowered healthy balance and even spiritually aware even Yogi so you can’t use the argument against poor and that it’s exploiting disempowered performers if there’s a narrative about how you found this is a way to quit your day job and get your life moving in a direction you wanted and also shed a lot of haters and shaved you know jealousy and other inhibitions to your total sexual freedom and Liberation and empowerment so that’s my new no overview of of what I’m hearing and so too kind of I have some very specific questions one would be since you have a background in holistic health and plant-based diet and all these things there’s there’s a number of issues that affect specifically female adult performers and one is let’s say a very Unholy stick habit of excessive douching that leads to Chronic you know problems with the onias is is one thing do you have any practice or have any advice for performers about proper holistic care of their pelvic region for all of this activity that becomes your are you at your at your body is your your sort of vehicle for your career so I got to take care of it the body Temple before I live a really pure lifestyle and you know I don’t do drugs I don’t drink alcohol except cannabis but I eat a manly raw food diet you know I don’t like to label myself I’m not a complete vegan cuz I take a lot of supplements that aren’t vegan like krill oil and fish oil but having like a high alkaline diet will automatically balance your pH just set you up for overall a healthier Foundation but there are certain things that I do I mean like I take a lot of supplements when I know I’m shooting a lot of Zane can just turn herbs like oregano oil and to strengthen my immune system you know because I’m kind of a germophobe and because porn you are essentially exposed to more germs especially in certain situations so you know I do like to kind of make sure my body is is strengthened in that way but as far as keeping my vaginal area safe I immediately like I do take probiotics and I’ll take some things to prevent any UTIs like cranberry extract and mannose powder things like that but also I do a douche lmtv the contents out and I’ll put half apple cider vinegar raw apple cider vinegar jobs apply clove Bud oil and whatever essential oils I have you know and the oregano oil is great just you know I don’t overdo it cuz then I can burn myself but yeah so I make a really powerful do she know and I use that after I make sure that if I’m using any lube that it’s it’s good it’s it’s not like I like coconut oil but sometimes it does get kind of messy onset so I have this like organic Lube that I got its me Liam it’s mainly just aloe and it has a lavender oil in it and vanilla oils whatever two different things in it but make sure I have kind of a really really good smoothie with different green powders in there and like spirulina and chlorella and I just really make sure I cleanse myself you know when I do shoot a lot of anal so that’s kind of another thing cuz I don’t really do anal in my private life that much why don’t really have a sex life out of horn right now but I’m not really into anal put it that way but when I do shoot it I prepped really well you know what I’ll I’ll fast for a day so there’s nothing in my tubes or I’ll just have all liquids you know and then the same as with the douches I make sort of my own concoctions I’ll make enemas with concoctions to like I put activated charcoal in a lot of my enemas and that actually kind of soaks up any excess liquid or or diarrhea or anything like that and yeah so I don’t really have any problems on Sat as far as that goes and I’ve never gotten add STD or infection porn yet knock on wood you know I just did not realm it’s all about prepping you know what I mean and just making sure you clean yourself while after and you know definitely taking supplements right on ya I have some that I mean this is music to my ear is because I am feeling like I’m sort of applying these principles to my own Sexual Health as a performer and and I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve consulted with people and really are so many of the infections that we take for granted all of viral and bacterial infections really are just facilitated by poor diet and poor overall health and wellness and we could really actually be exposed to so many things including STIs on a routine basis and just have the robot the robot stay city of of immune system to fight them off and it’s like candida is a huge factor that I’ve if there’s if there’s excessive candida systemic candida of all things than really your immune system is compromised chronically at the week or points of scan the mucous membrane so I can just imagine you really packaging your system as a training program as a consultancy have you experienced other actresses on set who have been asking you what your secrets are if you’ve sort of coach started coaching anyone I just see you as being so such a beam of light for so many people who are just being really obviously in a mini ways abused and for their ignorance and naivety and just the STIs that are for a lot of people taking as a given his occupational hazard that they’re not about to wear condoms and put goggles on to try to prevent with rubber and plastic but if you prevent it with what you’re talking about it’s a whole new story so any experience with just with that with being kind of taking on a leadership role there I really try you know I’m not a pushy person like I don’t like to push things on people unless they’re genuinely interested I definitely give as much advice as possible you know two other performers like I’ve a lot of performers have asked me things and I’ll recommend supplements to them especially things because herpes is definitely an issue in I don’t want to say an issue but it is a common thing that some performers deal with and certain supplements like lysine and which is the amino acid and caprylic acid which is in from coconut. Those two supplements alone are known to cure or prevent herpes stronger than prescription medicine so you know I tell performers to get these supplements you know oregano oil this that and to douche with apple cider vinegar and they usually follow my instructions you know where they are I’ll help them make something or or give them some of my stuff you know but it just depends someone’s willingness you know I’d I know some people like think it’s weird what I do and I know I I I don’t want to say you’re ignorant but like I said I don’t like to push something on someone unless they’re they’re open-minded about let you know but I’ve definitely thought about incorporating my nutritional background into the adult world I I really would like to make my own line of enemas are douches douches and supplements Tucanos specifically Target performers are people working in the adult industry now kind of my next move right on yeah dude I think they’re called let me see if I can find this I’m looking at this company called fine ass marketing and here we go offering comfortable rates and incomparable Services Finance marketing caters to an array of clients in the sexual health wellness and entertainment Fields providing marketing branding and public relations expertise in addition to talent management the company also provides a lucrative platform for industry networking creative synergistic relationships between new and established businesses yeah it goes on I’ll say I spoke with these folks and they were very positive about my sort of thumb conceived trajectory as a holistic adult performer and I think that I’m not connected with them through any affiliate marketing but I just feel like wow there needs to be a team wrapped around you yesterday because you could be preventing so much suffering with the wisdom and knowledge you have so I’m just going to like sit here with my Goosebumps right now and just yeah I hope you pull in that Vision I don’t know if this is the right Lisa this is just what’s out there mean yeah I just can’t I thought about them immediately you do have a publicist or you don’t besides just to you know booking agent but do you have a publicist that is going to help you developed all this potential branding you know in product development stuff I’ve been looking for someone to really help me with PR you know and I almost worked with this management team or for music but the thing that’s difficult is that I need I need someone in NPR that is able to work with me and all my directions you know because it’s like I the pouring is one thing the music’s one thing and then the nutritional stuff is is one thing too and I just need someone I can kind of fit in exactly you don’t I mean that’s flexible I’m just you know so I’ll figure it out eventually you know but as far as your own all the things that you can do yourself DIY style do you have a have you or would you consider putting out YouTube videos that are kind of what you can actually I don’t want to say get away with but if you have the option to check a box on YouTube it says this is adult you know we’re mature content so it filters out users who are underage and if they don’t have if they’re not login they can’t watch it and what being logged in as their certification that they are of legal age so given that I think a lot of people don’t know that if you’re not doing things that are extremely a gratuitous on YouTube and they have a ranking system where they have a way where if you get flagged and you stuff to get taken down you get I think three strikes within a. Of time so you can kind of you know filled out the right Zone but I mean if you were to make your it’s just some free advice and I guess but I would love to see you become a YouTube star with your Mystic everything including the adult stuff is not just born stars in the everybody’s having sex everybody’s having sex most of it is really unsafe and you could be even before you have your your products if you did something like put out a YouTube video and put links to Amazon products that you know be able to buy seafood if people watch your video they want the ingredients for your concoction and they go to Amazon and buy it you can get kick back to affiliate marketing revenue from from that it can be big so I say don’t wait for someone to you know if you if you are if you don’t keep what are keep waiting and do as much as you can but anything I can do to get you to help facilitate this consciousness-raising and what video blogging and what not it would just be fabulous and or maybe I’ll wait till you have a really amazing like production team to do to put out a series or or training but I think there’s people be on the adult industry who were who would really appreciate the wisdom that you have from the the miles that you’re you’re putting on your your body so to speak no I mean I agree with you but I do have a YouTube account and I upload a lot of videos not so much I’m a dumb like a cop and a couple of Health Focus things I guess I could sort of focus more on doing that I mean I have a Blog I have multiple blogs actually I started writing actually a book that’s kind of each chapter is on kind of like a chute and I go into details of the background and everything’s in the process he know I have a lot of projects that I’m always working on and my issue are no issue my qualms might my one struggle that I always have to deal with his focus and time management that’s really my Strife cuz it’s just I do a lot of different things and I have to just make sure I balance everything you know and AT-AT that’s why I spend so much time alone because I’m able to just get all my creative projects done and you know it’s also just hard to find the right partner that kind of balance is out of my life that’s kind of a whole different top it’s definitely it being a creative person who’s it’s the one we’re looking at a thing I’ve heard is Yuri captivating people with your art or you’re being captivated by other people’s art and so if you are content producer and not so much a consumer then you’re going to be yeah you’re going to be in the zone cranking out material that you love and you know people who aren’t sort of on that path of manifesting and creating they can become you know a distraction if they’re not up to speed with their own outlets and I feel like it’s kind of in the pre-show discussion was about whether how if you have how and in what ways you have encountered Tantra and sacred sexuality in as a yogi and as it adult film actress have you encountered any of the Sexual Healing Arts the sacred sexuality are either through Contra or Taoist sexual Kung Fu or all of the international sacred sexuality Traditions anything like that I’d be curious if you’ve encountered any of that in your journey send to me and I haven’t study per se Tantra very specifically but just having donporn now to this point I’ve really gotten so comfortable with my sexuality to the point where I’m not essentially even attracted to the Physical Realm like of course people’s bodies that that plays a role in my attraction to them but it’s gotten so much I don’t want to say I’ve become desensitized but I’ve become so much more focused on on the energy that I’m giving out and I’m giving to people and what I’m seeing and I’ve always been more of a giver I like to please that’s what really gets me off like I don’t even care half the time if I orgasm mean it’s great when I get to share one with someone but I just find pleasure when I’m able to make people feel good and with porn you know being that I’ve been single for over a year-and-a-half almost 2 years now it’s a good way for me to just share my body and my sexuality with not only the world I mean cuz they can watch me but just the fact that you know these other performers I’m I’m making them feel good like I’m bringing them to a point of ecstasy of pleasure and they Climax and you know I’m so just comfortable with who I am there’s no awkwardness like when I eat when I do a shoot I get on Sat you know I’m I’m really respectful and nice to everyone I have positive energy we do a good shoot it’s just performing it’s just a rata cart you know and that’s it you know we get paid and then leaving within the actual Act of Performing I get almost lost not lost but I’m I get into almost this like tramps you know I’ve just become so into the moment I’m not thinking about you know what what my my hair looks like or if I have a pimple on my butt or something back and forth and the only thing that I do crave intimacy you know and I I kind of touch base on this before but like I’m actually a very monogamous person in a sense where like I do love to fall in love with someone in and build a connection and you know how that intimacy with a person and you know I haven’t had that in a long time but porn still allows me to give an it’s a release so I’m happy that I’m able to do that you know so while I’m single it’s a good way to have somewhat of a sex safe life a safe sex life of a lot of people don’t realize that adult performers Austin have a safe for sex protocol that’s very strict because it’s their job they have to take care of their things that they have to take care of their bodies and not be Reckless because if they are Reckless they will lose their job and put people in Harm’s so yeah that was you know he pointed that out it’s it’s a it’s not often presumed or breaks The Stereotype but I’m it’s beautiful to hear you talk about your blossoming and transformation house sexuality has become a spiritual practice of transcendence ecstasy and Bliss through being fully financially empowered and totally honored and facilitated to reach those places and the people who are ironically the people who are not adult performers who are tantric practitioners who are struggling through a lot of neurosis and baggage and relationship issues and all of these there’s all these obstacles in the non-adult world let’s say for people to get to the point that you’re at and people could be doing meditation Zen mantras and pooches and all of these ritualised activities that are supposed to give us these experiences with or without our clothes on with or without touching ourselves or touching others are having intercourse I hope whatever crying but I feel like a lot of the adult performers are light years ahead of a lot of the spiritual sexual practitioners just because you shed a lot of the shame and baggage and guilt around your body and you’re just able to just show up energetically in the now in a way that most people who are trying to be spiritual or still fighting a million demons trying to get to the Residence Inn so if you can just plug in energetically with anybody and run the energy you’re obviously having a positive impact on them have you felt that male performers have felt like a major just your vibration is is is really transformative for them or very much a difference compared to if they’re having sex with women who have poor diets and poor health and mental issues that aren’t being resolved in or just sort of you know funky inside and out really are you standing out to your with your performance is being more ballistica option they I don’t want to sound them up trying to toot my own horn but I know I stand out you know if everyone that I work with is they always say I love your energy and all they they feel good around me that cuz I’m just kind of trying to radiate this positivity and not even that I’m doing it purposely it just happens you know when you take care of yourself from the inside out and I’m a very level-headed person you know I don’t really let my emotions get the best of me ever and I just I want to say that I’m very sorry rule too and I’m very just confident and comfortable with who I am and my skin and and that shows so I definitely noticed that people fate kind of absorb everything that I’m putting out and that sometimes though not I don’t want to say it poses an issue but a lot of times people are so attracted to my energy that they they want it and to be honest I could never date a male performer so a lot of the times you know when I’m done shooting not all the time but sometimes you know the male performer are they want to continue talking and they want to hang out but I have friends in the industry you know I have a few close friends but I’m pretty selective you know of who I am I get close to you and it’s not often that I continue my relationship you know her for friendship with someone outside of shooting you know I have to really Vibe with them you know I like to keep my work life pretty separate but yeah I mean I would definitely stay stand out because I look I mean porn music industry any entertainment industry you’re going to have all different types of people but there are a lot of low I don’t want to say I don’t like low-frequency people that. in the porn industry just because they a lot of people that if they don’t have that much depth to them you know like they if they don’t have that much going on it’s kind of just say they fuck for money and then like they they like it because it’s quick money and it’s kind of easy for them and they’re they they kind of live on a superficial realm you know what I mean and so when I work with people they sense that I have so much other things going on and you know I’m I’m very strong and and just this like you said kind of a beam of light so I can curse and a blessing sometime you don’t mean you got to bring that candle into the darkness you know that’s that’s the hope that’s the whole point right so part of my journey and you know I’m I’m very comfortable being in the dark I guess you could say I I have no demons because I have embraced them all you know and in a sentence with me and my demons work together you know what I mean like they’re they’re my comrades and the demon Whisperer yeah you know that cuz it it’s pretty apparent when someone has demons that they haven’t worked out yet and a lot of girls in porn you know seriously the younger girls that come in there lost you know what I mean like they don’t really know where they’re going and I love when I see women that are empowered and and sure of themselves and there are women in porn that are like that but it’s just not as common you know what I mean sense that absolutely yeah well so a couple just a few more questions here and then we’ll get into how how you prefer people find you how can they support you and not be supporting pirated whatever is out there but before that I just want to say yeah thanks for that section there it was great and something I saw also on your list of qualifications here in in New York certified resume CV list that you are an advocate of outdoor Fitness which is awesome cuz I’m a gardener and I want people to get fit and get healthy and get medicine from their own backyard garden and the you know shortening the the footprint or shortening that the food distance for their food from Farm to Plate if it can be from the backyard and get Fitness being outdoors gardening and stuff so please tell me more about you know how you stay fit in and out on your advocacy for outdoor non gym fitness spend a lot of time in the gym at times when I was younger and it just I never really liked it like I don’t like the gym it’s very artificial to me and I don’t really like being around all these people that it’s just like I don’t like the vibe there you know I’m very very seldom go to the gym like maybe if I’m in a hotel or somewhere where it’s not as packed but anyway I just like to be outdoors cuz then I got to be in nature and and then I’m I’m working out and I don’t like Fitness to feel like a chore you know what I mean I like to utilize my body naturally and I’m not even thinking about working out I don’t count calories I don’t I don’t like to think like that you know so I like to just walk everywhere I can I mean I walk probably four to five miles a day running errands and doing things like that try to walk everywhere if I can I go hiking a lot you know I might live like a mile from the mountain so I go there all the time that’s a very just very centering thing for me to do I get to the top of the mountain and it’s just super might like meditative you know I very peaceful for me I do a lot of yoga I love to dance and I Stage dance to I like when I go out and when I work at Club sometimes doing that and you know I used to dirt bike and ride motorcycles lot I don’t I don’t do that as much anymore just because I can’t risk getting hurt as much but you know anything outdoors like I like to snowboard when I can I used to Surf lot volleyball so it went at the beginning of this episode when I said I before we even got to this point it was bass and just you know the profile that you we are going to hear from Miss Universe 2016 I mean I hope that this is that you’re going to be just really facilitating a revolution in Consciousness and definitely I think your lifestyle is something people would be glued to no pun intended to understanding I mean of all the people that have all the like you said kind of shallow people that that are being followed through social media that are really not putting out anything of value as far as okay here’s me twerking I mean how many times can I see a twerking video of the same person before I get bored and maybe there’s people out there who just don’t get bored as far as I’m concerned I would love to see the women that I worship sexually and put all of my literally I mean one of the things that you would discover if Tantra enters your life more would be that the responsibilities as a conductor of male sexual energy there is if you were to measure the kilocalories of energy that are expended through masturbation to porn goddesses this is a form of goddess worship it’s a form of devotion a form of of surrender and a form of sacrifice so when a man jerks off to a porn actress he’s actually breaking off a piece of his soul and sending a chunk of light energy into this this into her sort of domain of power and if that domain and power is not purposeful and ecological and design consciously than it can just be in Abyss that feeds demons and grows hell on Earth and is just part of the problem not the solution but if people like yourself understand and work with these principles you could really be an architect and engineer and conductor of a symphony of appropriate energy use so please I’m going to be working on grant funding or or private funding I don’t know about getting grabbed but I would love to get a production team wrapped around you that really eroticize has all of these ecological values that you have and all of these empowering wisdoms that you’ve cultivated so that’s my prayer and I promise you that if I relieve myself I sexually to your likeness it will be for a beautiful cuz so if you want to in this day with the giving your links and then how about a prayer what would you ask your fans to help you manifest as if it was your a verbal vision boards of sorts you know so that we can all contribute to your best and highest purposes for the benefit of all life will you say it’s hard for me to say to ask one thing for my uniform every one night I am really thankful for my fan just because essentially I couldn’t I wouldn’t be where I am today without them you know and I just would like my fans to keep supporting my my true passions which is beyond porn you know I’m I’m doing porn and giving my body for others to enjoy and you know I I I look at it as an expression it’s just another form of art but you know that the music the nutritional goals that I’m I’m trying to do just might my brand and general that I’m building I just would love for people to continue to support that you know when I when I have shows come come out and see me when I try to do different events you know things like that and just keep spreading positivity that’s that’s really all I want just stopped for everyone to feel good you know and kind of wake up to open their eyes and open your eyes and just to see that there’s so much more to life than your TV and what’s going on in social media and crap like that you know what I mean absolutely absolutely well I’m sure that if she wants if you want to give linkston and whatnot will all be your following your lead here and definitely keeping in touch with all of your work so what’s the what are the best ways for people to to find you now you know expecially porn related in things like that just full of cityx feline my Twitter my Instagram is full of CDX feline to I do a lot of more photography like stuff on Instagram it’s not really that much porn related things on there and my Facebook is just full of City feline I have a couple of blogs Felicity feline music.com I have full City feline porn.com and then I’m starting another one which is Felicity feline talk.com which is going to be more like interviews of people and I was actually thinking of starting a podcast myself and please do you know just connect with people and bring other people to light you know what I mean feel free to drop a line just be respectful that’s all I ask cool will thank you so much again for your time we covered a lot and I’m really invigorated and motivated and feel like this is a great very helpful because it’s it’s taken a lot of hard work for me to get into this moment of this conversation because very I’ve I’ve been dealing with a lot of performers who are not all there in a lot of ways and I really have compassion for them and I feel like we one of the things I do in order to train actresses to be in my energy field I have to put them through training I have to pay for them to you know study materials and from now on the first thing they’re going to have haven’t you know it’s not punitive it but you know I’m not being a drill sergeant but the first thing that I would love and be so happy and so thankful to share with them is this interview that we just accomplished right now. So thank you for that you’re going to have an instant effect on a lot of people’s lives because and then you’re going to have customers so please roll the stuff out like yesterday help me oh keep me safe all right cool then and then we’ll call tonight what really enjoy talking to you and everyone out there listening thanks for listening and just continue to follow on your own path and don’t ever be disheartened you know your path to live no one else can walk your footsteps but you so make the most of your life all right then you have a great night we’ll talk soon please go to www. R2park.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com, CA

The Modern Day Sexual Man with Hypnotica TPP78


Hypnotica Pic In this episode I’m proud to explore the raw depths of modern masculinity with mind scientist and men’s lifestyle guru Eric Von Sydow, a.k.a. Hypnotica.

He shares his experience navigating the sexual politics of polyamory in the sexually charged environment of gentlemen’s clubs and beyond. He’s lived the life that most men dream of and fantasize about and he’s developed training programs and resources to help others along in their paths towards sexual mastery.

About Hypnotica:
For 23 years now, mind scientist / men’s lifestyle guru, Eric Von Sydow, aka Hypnotica, has been inciting men to enhance their sexual well being. Recognized as the “Inner Game Guru” he has pioneered the field of male sexuality. As one of the “founding fathers” of the men’s movement in masculinity and lifestyle, he was an early mentor to now-famous figures like Neil Strauss (“The Game”) and David DeAngelo (“Double Your Dating”). Thousands of men boast success not only in their personal love relationships but also in their overall lives under his tutelage.

Hypnotica has recently released, “Modern Day Sexual Man,” a new mastery program for men. With ““Modern Day Sexual Man,” Hypnotica is laying claim to unleashing “the most advanced sexual techniques for men that the world has ever seen.” The components of the project are a culmination of decades of scientific research, relationship coaching, intuition and personal experience, designed to upgrade the modern man into a genuine “superbeing.”

Please visit Hypnotica’s website at

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 78 I’m doing an interview with Eric Von Saito and we’re going to be talking about the modern-day Sexual Man program he also is known as hypnotika and has a very amazing and very rich background and in many different modalities involving healing sexuality in the arch of the mind so I can’t wait to have you Eric tell us as much as you can about your background and we’ll talk about the modern-day Sexual Man program cool well I hope that we have a great conversation we’ve already talked a great deal already so there’s some really cool things to talk about my story is I was a young kid, growing up fast but we just get them back in the day before the internet it was just kind of maybe play boys here and there and I was always interested in sex and we’re looking at it at least and I was not the best looking kid in the world I didn’t have a lot of social skills and I remember consciously just making a decision that this is something that I want to master that I want to really get good with and it was kind of my own journey and I Journey took me into various experiences in my lifetime that where I force myself to be in the presence of women in the feminine energy and twos to absorb it to be around all the time to really understand what it’s about and then bring it even to a deeper level of connecting more intimately with women and that goes all the way back to you know in high school started join the choir Kokosing my understanding is 80 girls and there was no that’s a good place to start and then I went to a show choir and then after that physical guy and after that I went up to Santa Barbara junior college and studied a little bit and I remember there was a girl who was a dancer and she used to ask if I could come along and just protect her and parties and stuff like this and that became one thing and that’s when you know I had some experience with the dancers I got into a strip club and for the last 23 years have been running strip clubs security as far as general manager of a little bit more extreme sexual nature and in that environment I was absolutely just to have so many different varieties of women and mindsets and sexuality and their energies and mindsets just to learn about and fireman you can’t not be sexually for tacious and I think sign 8 or so I was given a very cool or a created to agree a very cool half way to learn about what most guys don’t understand or get to experience so by me taking all this experience I was giving back and that’s where the hypnotika name come from his back with the internet was just the game it was a lot of places to learn about this and there was a couple group two that were there in that tire place near it my super name was subnautica if you wanted to teach guys or help guys learn what I was learning because I was learning in a rapid Pace that most guys don’t do when you have 3250 dancers exotic dancers if you please send you got testosterone you got different menstrual periods going on with women it’s a very intense learning situation and from that with what I was arrested in because you don’t back that I was a member I had a tantra book and I was going through it in high school and and learning about it this whole thing was to discover more of who I was at the time it’s been a very cool process that way because when I first started I have no sexual experience and I was plagued up until I was by I don’t know him in twenty one years old with premature ejaculation and it was just as frustrating as a man so the more I learn the more that I was able to give back into really going to go into these extreme areas to help man in and say hey you know I’ve walked into pathway I can understand it a little bit so that you can understand the territory or I can help bring out what I’ve learned to give to you so that’s been the path that I’m on and have it on and now I’m at the phase where I pretty much seen it done it all and it’s now it’s more of a time of reflection way I feel like I’ve kind of pass the Baton a little bit until I can more of the Elder stage and kind of looking back it’s like this is what my testosterone is like right now and just the ability as kind of an elder to give back and not be so inundated and just that raw testosterone while you’re not seeing the bigger picture now I can like look back in and really kind of key from my Amor experiential we’re being so it’s a very cool thing that I’m doing so that’s pretty much where I’m at and I’ve developed a lot of programs really specialize in men’s confidence and sexual confidence and giving them techniques and idealistic ways to think of how to be with a woman and new ways to think about how intimate and also just how to be more masculine I’m more conscious masculine man and step out of the old Paradigm and really brings the picture of more well-rounded Renaissance type of man which I think is very needed at the time especially where we’re at in this phase of evolution on our planet wow that is so I said I just D Palace to hear this really really deep I feel like the first thing that comes to mind is it pure spiritual person you’re supposed to be acetic in a lot of I don’t even call and traditions but a lot of authoritarian kind of anti pleasure anti-flash spiritual paths that there’s this taboo around being fully embodied in so that you have this throughout recent history this extreme segregation knows very sexually successful men and very special called spiritually evolved during night and then and so whenever there is a man walking the Earth today who can speak from having experienced abundant sexual adoration and worship and make an art form out of it and also keep his balls and be able to function on the physical material playing in and actually get shit done and it’s a beautiful alchemy that really hard to achieve so if if can I can we go back a bit into some of the chapters of your story so I can kind of get a better sense yeah I like I said I’m I’m just so interesting to me to know that this is possible cuz I don’t want to feel like that there’s like a Chasm between the exploitation of women in the adult entertainment industry and Tantra or sacred sexuality but that there’s there can be an Alchemy of honoring the feminine so it’s a very complex get simple idealistic way of thinking about that and a lot of people and maybe this is a gift that I was given to be in that environment of the gentlemen’s clubs in things like this I really got to be it was just that like intimate where there is a certain trust level annual bringing girls on no private parties in and looking after like I really had to be there bodyguard very intimate Avalon and the conversations that I was able to get into with women and and I’ve always have to build women up in that because there’s a lot of guys that are just ignorant and you walk around your tits are too small to Razor’s Edge easily overstep your bounds and a lot of guys once they learn a little bit of power of influence can become manipulative but it it’s walking that bounce where you’re coming across get your being open enough where they can do what they want to do and you’re not trying to hook up and what I mean by that is you’re not trying to get them submitting to you on that level where it’s lot of guys are with jealousy and things like this they want to control the woman and very interesting to have gone through that and to be in intimate places where you harbor freight shipping be intimate and what you were talking about earlier and about the sexuality and the purity of it believer absolutely made from pleasure and we were made for pleasure I mean that’s it that’s it’s built Within walkthrough The Root chakra and the solar plexus chakra you can’t avoid that at the most powerful ones that connect us to the Earth and to our nature and to be able to find that balance of giving love and any guy who goes through this and explores this is going to get beat up a little bit that’s the crazy thing like you think about cakes that is important you guys are supposed to talk about this is that I’m a man beautiful and tan trick dog in the world like that so if that full balance and it’s not going too much to the laughter too much to the right because I know there’s guys that are very on trick and they’re very feminine stick and agree but you know it’s like they don’t have that flexibility to go into the fiery masculine and so you know they stay there because there’s no polarity polarity and there’s no flexibility self the ability to keep a woman guessing as far as your own Sexual Energy on one level of the great that you could do that but you’re just in the tundra you’re doing the southside of that if you don’t have that Rod western-style to you don’t have that balance so it’s very complex that has kind of come through and it’s it’s been the last 20 years about this machine that a lot of guys you really step into the sexual well there’s maybe I don’t maybe 5-6 that I’ve studied personally rajneesh back in the day or show that was kind of the first start of it but it’s something that’s just so needed and especially the balance now because so many people watch no PornHub reporting so in their minds so that we don’t just think that it’s too far east side and that Rod dominant we’re being if you know you have the ability to be sexual you have the ability to be loving you have the ability to be dominant you have the ability to Be Frisky whatever it is hopefully this new man coming through is able to be okay with it in and not be shameful about it and we’re at about right now to degree because if you’ve seen a lot of what’s going on a man have to be the guy who goes out there and says you know hey how you doing that’s just the way it is a nature and be proud of it and we got to figure out a balance with the women that are like okay I don’t want to be bothered with every guy just stopped doing and and you guys got what you wanted you to be bothered you guys to get bored very quickly so where does very weird stage in and I’m kind of past that phase I’m going to marry still sexual but I’m not like in the face would like 21 or that’s just brought these younger kids if they can get this information and intent to figure it out because it’s with apps like Tinder and all these things there’s a lot of stuff moving on and even though the development of power a kid proceed like when I was growing up I had play boys I was okay how to play Boyce okay now you got a six-year-old kid on the computer going to the mines that so the best that I could do with my stuff is just lay down a super strong basic Foundation that I think it’s healthy and so they have a at least a century point to get to so these are kind of some of the things that I hope to help develop and pass on so that they have stuff to go from because we did it I’m so glad to hear you say that I feel like my heart is just a swelling because it’s unimaginable High terrific what’s happening to the neural physiology of with porn addiction note prepubescent humans on this planet I mean if it’s mortifying and I feel like if I were a parent which I’ve in this life I’ve chosen very young like I got a vasectomy and I don’t have any progeny and I’m not planning on it because I feel like some of us have got to dedicate Our Lives to do in the cultural healing so that the world is suitable to innocence again in developing sexual Rites of Passage and having like you’re saying and I healthy template for development that integrates 6 Rowdy spirituality and The Feminine principles and masculine fiery principles but we’re so lost and really but so many people are in denial about exactly what you just said so I just got to thank you for saying that I mean it’s a crisis and I feel like we’re in a science fiction John Carpenter film right now with was coming through with pouring and everything fake who’s going to stop the thing that we got to stop this from spreading and I don’t like the guy part of torn because the women have been brainwashed to believe that women in their photos like that’s their Worth or worse comes in their external looks and and it’s all about you no sex and you know what can I get an end and that is a scary thing in itself so hopefully you like said that we can live there can be some kind of balance because I’d say right now a lot of the women are out of balance to where it’s at in the middle out of bounds to 2 degree it’s weird to say this because I’ve been doing it for like 23 years it’s still in the infancy stage and hopefully the young women of this day can’t understand like they’re not just subjected to being a a sex object even though the sex is wonderful and and then no matter what are going to visually you look at a woman and she’s mathematically proportional and be attracted to that it’s just a very strange thing in Warren this is just kind of my mind Toronto is actually use it sometimes when I’m going out and I’ll put on PornHub for 5 minutes before I’m going out because I want my sexual pheromones to be activated so this is just a tip that I do is y’all watch 5 minutes as soon as I feel my body become activated like it’s like I feel like my energy are activated in and then I go out and do my thing and I feel like I have that energy so there’s good parts of it and there’s no unusual parts of it so it’s just a matter of I guess how you utilize it as long as you don’t deplete your energy is sit there and jerk off five times a day should a state that also for the record that I think erotica conscious erotica and pornography really even like the sound of the word it did I don’t know if it’s because what it’s been through but I think erotic Cinema and being aroused by it using it to expand your horizons and I can say is in a couple relationship again here are reinforcing if one person has a desire that they like to have met that could involve you know one or more additional people doing you know or it could just be I’d like to explore something will here is a visual reference to something and there’s there’s it’s a fraction of the total amount of points out there but there is at a holy see if you will like a light there is a light at the end of the tunnel which is not just educational boring you know instructional doesn’t have to be boring but it can be a way to Blossom Consciousness and to give people access and certainly for people who have non mainstream sexual preferences in orientation and gender identities than to be able to identify with role models who are doing something beautiful with a wholesome and loving and at least consensual you know and hopefully real then there is a beautiful I guess post porn opportunity for now that the it’s easy to produce something relatively compared to the 70s when it was more expensive sake then there will be a Consciousness revolution in pornography and hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot of the stuff that you’re teaching about so on that more hopeful note I have just a couple more questions about to gentlemen’s club chapters and then we can talk more about specifically what it is that you’re helping men do with your program so I was just living in Vegas for a while and I got kind of an inside scoop on a lot of into workings of that world and it’s been really fascinating to me and I’m really excited to get some insight also from you about how the politics and personalities and even astrology and like you said the menstrual cycles it’s such as an ecosystem of Egos and Flash and drooling men who don’t know what they’re missing out on having a really reduced flattened perception of what a woman is potential is was just shaking her ass or whatever it’s like you were being in that world I’m curious what some maybe some stories you know what were some stories they were really touching to your heart when you saw Andy women instead of a cat fighting competing they actually were building alliances and supporting each other or you know doing something positive and create or just some success stories or anything that can kind of give us some Redemptive juice from that world cuz I think it’s about to pour or repulsed by at 7 ish to Repose quite a lot of ways are they feel like they’ve got a really fight tooth-and-nail to carve out some piece of it to be empowered but maybe you have some insights it sounds like you’ve had the right mentality I don’t know you know for how deep you have these philosophies going back to that time but I love to hear some Redemptive stories or anything interesting she’s got her own opinion about what I do bring it down back of the women coming to how can it be a misogynistic Factor perverted they were called Temple dancers thank you you okay they end up becoming strippers through the the Puritans in the end the people that we were afraid of that Sexual Energy that women have it the beauty that they have that only I really can put out on that level so with the women so I have always noticed over the years and it’s one of these things that he personally notice at first is there’s not a lot of women in my 23 years of working strip clubs I’ve only really come across seven women that were just fire just pure fire that had that raw sensual Marilyn Monroe which type of energy of Seduction that were just able to ever full-bodied able to just to get into it and to spread that bit a lot of women that I was with intimately take them down in the bedroom and get them okay with a lot of their own sexuality and to break out of a box of what they were used to sexually as far as for the way that they are the way that are able to be vulnerable the way that they’re able to express themselves if they’re doing oral or physical or speaking up so a lot of it it has to be to the man being so confident in his masculine nature that he can direct God and really help a woman Express who she is in a very safe environment so that she can expressive and not feel shame about doing whatever she’s doing and at the same time be okay to have a intimate sex partner that you can come over when you want twice three times a week and everything’s okay there’s no limit to the interaction and the the more you can do that in the more that you can be open about it and that was one thing that’s challenge me over the years you have a wife but I also have a few women that were intimate that lives with me and I even lived across the street I have like a Airbnb house and I had some of the girlfriends that were there so finding that balance and how that works and it always goes smooth guaranteed but finding out how women interact with door the women and their own trust issues sometimes they have at their selves or steam at maybe I get along with one girl and maybe she doesn’t know she’s been very sabotage in all that so big you able to overcome that in or to somehow facilitating hold space and kind of manage personality conflicts and politics I’m very curious education that needs to take place with a lot of communicating that needs to take place there is a lot of really understanding that has to happen because when you’re in environments like this there’s a lot of old school or factors that can come up where it’s person feels like she’s not being loved enough or makes you feeling jealous over here and my belief is that love is only additive love is finite in nature like if a person says they love one person has a son and then a dog does only that amount of love that you had also to have to be taken call Matt so now instead of a percent that person was loved you have to give y’all 25% to the to the child and another 10% to the dog and so now he’s only being loved 75% to give players that were involved in the people that were my life it wasn’t easy for them as well but you know was one of these things that you have a free place to explore it and sometimes it can get Fiery and sometimes it’s beautiful and you find out what your balance is for the first you know there was a point where was like five women and I was lucky enough to be in my mind you know being a young kid that’s like all this is what I want you don’t realize what am I doing I found out in as any man to find out what my personal balance for what very close ones that I can be trusted with an intimate with if I go to one I feel a little claustrophobic and so it really comes down to knowing yourself and being okay to explore it and you have to be open enough I’m going to partake in this if they want to do whatever they want to do to I have to I can’t be a hypocrite so I have to because if you’re going to play the game what a lot of people say it’s a sting on a person you got to be able to take that sting back and be able to say okay you know if I have to experience what they’re experiencing and so he learned a lot and you think you learned a lot of a lot of different levels put the nice thing is is once you go through any kind of figure out and you get through the crashing waves I stay up on the sand you know when you get a little bit deeper you understand who you are and you got to find your own balance and from there. A very peaceful way of being because it just comes down to this is what who I am this is what I like and it’s become very clear and definiteness of purpose comes to mind and then if you find people that are on the same team it becomes even cooler like when they’re really cool things that I enjoyed about living, polyamorous and I like so you know I grow my own food. I’m extremely healthy green drinks well I like to do three green drinks a day if I can. I’m usually not you know I’m usually may be good for one but the drink three times a day is a pain in the ass but you know when you got to clean it got to put away it takes a lot of time but if I wake up and I’m committed to everyone and I want everyone to be happy your I easily can make one green drink okay so the middle person the most days I can make one and the last person didn’t take the entire blunt if you know you’re living together and something goes wrong with something hey you know what had you tip in and get the person’s car fixed or whatever or if a person needs a little bit of love or their feelings I’m very big in the community and exploring that is what my house is kind of crazy cuz I have a woman’s had girls dad trying to get away from crazy boyfriends and biker boyfriend and I believe you know women trying to get them off meth and drugs and then come here and right now I have a woman who is here with trying to get away from her husband and it’s a very big community of women and I’m kind of like that guy in the middle who’s that stability for them and it’s very empowering to which also use healing for them is I’m not hitting on you a lot of these women aren’t you I believe at this point if it’s there and it mixes cool if not you don’t have to force anything yet I just I guess that I’m at and so it’s just very refreshing to see how women can also be healed by being in a situation where a guy is just letting them be safe and it’s part of my past is to explore this in to see how it works but you got to put yourself in the fire and you got you got to be willing to get bumped and bruised and people questioning you who you are and and having a lot of bad. Talk about how people sometimes my neighbors and they think that they like that’s the dumbest thing like I’ma throw parties and I’m up here but I’m like 3 minutes so they’re like they have to put what they think is on it because they can’t imagine one guy having four five six girls living with him and not knowing what to call it because they’ve never experienced it so they can think by releasing questions like I get phone calls from everyone thank you a lot of it has to do with their own wanting to explore that and they don’t have anyone to go by so if you put yourself in there probably what you’re going to run into and just start the map is rudimentary as a map is so that the generations coming up have something to start with instead of having to revamp and reset the tire you know what I hear it’s beautiful or you’re not hitting on it because it’s coming abundantly and flowing to the conversation I guess is really looking at I-5 had a similar experience if when you stop running a predator energy of need and Des creation and unfulfilled desire and and you exude confidence and you make your intentions clear from the beginning you allow women or whoever you prefer to feel that it’s the ball’s in their court if they want to pursue you know they don’t have to bear them to be a big game of chasing around and being dishonest or just put it out there and you’ll be surprised I can speak from experience that it’s not like you’re being passive in you’re not I mean if your intentions are set very clear and salt from the beginning and you don’t manipulate like you’re saying you don’t play games you don’t play people against each other or like most people would be in some Jerry Springer nightmare under these conditions but if you trashed I feel like that’s is that for you while you’re filming comes from just in abundance and trust me and creating a safe space and you don’t have to be using all these tactics to mine fukin control people because you letting them just be free really is what it comes down to is that it is a very weak point of view and it’s not going to last it just built on Sand is what that is it takes a lot more diligence it takes a lot more come for who you are to be able to be in that environment and it because you know it could go left and right you could come back and grab the girls at all yet on which I’ve experienced a few times has a lot of women were interested in exploring the polyamorous relationship but as they go on which is good to explore because they’re like you know what I prefer one-on-one so one of the things that you have to experience and you can get hurt along the way but you know hurting something that is like a bruise it’s just a bruise that’s all it is it doesn’t break and you may even say you love her someone this isn’t really for me which is okay but then when a person leaves you know you’re so you have to be masculine and vulnerable to be able to take that hit to a degree and not cower away from it and not closed down but be more open and understanding that softness and that vulnerability what we talked about because a lot of people think it’s a little bit too feminist chords to fluffy there’s nothing fluffy about being able to deal with a person you know maybe leaving your life if you’re interested or you have feelings for him it says it’s just raw experiential and in being ballsy enough and brave enough to experience at and to know that hit a person could leave this is very brave so it’s a very very masculine thing and I don’t want to do it like all we have is you know that’s raw intimate loving really knows it’s just it’s wrong it’s just no bulshit by Fitz really rise it get so there’s only like I said there’s only Dynamics what a person is going to be a master there’s so many years is 24 and I noticed okay I’m still kind of very attracted to die still very much wanted it but it’s a little bit different and that 20 is a 28 finger a little bit more settled down you’re going to tell you if you’re still going to nightclubs whatever you look at the younger girls he was like top hits just so you know it’s a little strange or or or that maybe you can tell the difference between a younger woman who’s still into her adolescent mindset or younger woman who is very sexual and then 28 + 29 + 24 + every once in awhile like a younger one comes in and so the interesting whole thing about this is life cycle stuff is killing my orgasm in and work through your semen retention and do this and a lot of times I could just stop and get free. If I do decide to come others that I got to work with an immature so it’s not like we were before you got to choose your battles wisely analogies to the World of Sports and other areas that we have these archetypes for masculine power and power is sin it’s interesting because I don’t remember there was a top adult performer male performer with got in trouble for breaking the condom laws and record-keeping laws and got slapped with tens of thousands of dollars of fines bike out I think it’s cal-osha for producing foreign in violation of regulations and his kind of response to his kind of political statement was filing a complaint against one of the the MMA outfits to make the point that we condoning all this violence and all of these pathogen transfer events in contact Sports in in obviously box in MMA there’s they’re not hyper regulating and they’re trying to put the point in if you had a business using this tactic I meant I’m not saying hello ship but it’s like the political commentary of that whole situation is it it strikes to a deeper truth I think we’re at we’re training are athletes and conditioning are athletes in creating a culture of celebrating violence and making professional violence practitioners but the practice of the Living Arts have been driven underground so far and where it’s happening in pouring its being hyper regulated and it’s it’s so weird today if you’re watching traditional TV or something like this very interesting I’d say in the next 10 years especially since you know what these younger kids were grew up on we’re going to see the effects of gangbangs that you know when you’re watching them at 7 years old on your tits it’s going to be fascinating and women you know that I was involved with any dancers so I’ve seen many dancers absolutely ruin their the beautiful feminine that they had was in the came in they were just very soft and loving and and beautiful and after you know a couple months of people to give you the money or just dubbed that coldness when I get where they and very beautiful and I’m just turned dark and cold and ugly and so you don’t have to deal with that too because that’s that darker side of the feminine nature if they start thinking that it’s and that their sexual nature or that part of them is meant to do that they’ll never tap into the true essence of their own 782 and they’re going to be a big part of who they are never a team that beautiful status which is glowing compared to that kind of just that raw cold-hearted maybe sexy looking chick with close friends who I knew and they’re very beautiful blossoming into Womanhood in but still very innocent and then getting into the adult world and just becoming the most bitter really almost like a shell of a person you look in their eyes and they’re just gone this is so sad I mean everything in this that were talking about reveals a person you know you liked was that person really that person that beautiful who they were I have a firm belief that no matter what if your key or solid on the inside and you know who you are then that’s who you really are and you may have a little bumps and bruises along the way if your sit on that that’s all it’s going to release psycho so when I see these girls like Ben and like both who was the real you you know it was this or is that so it may have been hollowed out and child could be a very strange very strange talk about to see in jaculation and being able to cultivate the Sexual Energy so I’m curious since you are probably one of the few men alive who has been in the shed in the adult World in that way but also develop to the semen retention practices and the awareness of the chakras and in all this I imagine that you have been really opening the hearts and really healing and really expanding consciousness of your lovers and giving them experiences that they wouldn’t be getting as escorts or dominatrixes necessarily or any other type of sex worker or with what I don’t know how you and your Club so you know but I know that there’s a lot of lap dancing and then whatever else happens in the booth that doesn’t get asked about it told about it man it’s your duty to bring more love and light to whoever is your consort in the moment and so I just imagine that it’s just that was natural for you to have that effect on women and can you talk about any of those Glory of transformation and healing to those practices in love making you have to take the teacher at what I found is you have to take the just a teacher position where I consider like I’m a tour guide you know I’m here as you’re going to get to go somewhere going to take a ride you’re going to have fun you’re probably going to get wet and then you going to be able to go back to your normal life that’s kind of how you have to position in there because you’re dealing with people on that level you have to give them the out like you can’t let them completely commit to loving you on some level and and I and I don’t mean this in a bad way it’s a very positive but you don’t let them get attached and do you know where you’re supposed to just laying there and there are you know what after sex or even before sex with his laying on your chest is a masculine man you’re letting them know that it’s okay I’ve had women want to be around me is because I really hope ground them to the Greek intimate experience with them it’s a wonderful and then they got to go so you don’t let them get too attached and so they know that they have a spot where they can do this and I’m going to take care about it someone that they tend to fall in love with on unlevel but they protect themselves a lot of them what they want to hear let that happen. I am very upfront about it I’ll sleep know where they standing so they can go as deep as they want to go or give as much as they want to go and the nice thing about being like that is as you can develop relationships I have some women that I’ve been like this for almost 15 years and then setup without trying to hook him in and get them dependent on them like a like a lot of guys want to get that girl dick down so to speak to men need that because that’s their own security of of your hands like I don’t want that not a big deal as well either way it’s going to be a positive thing and that person don’t have to worry and I don’t have to worry about them either you know I’m a care about them but I know that there are a big girl making you know do whatever they want to do how do you know that something is just I’m getting chills right now just thinking about how like you said it’s complex and yet it simple mean this Simplicity and I’m singing all this is that it’s like the words monogamy non monogamy polyamory whatever it’s there all tongue twisters and they don’t they’re all inadequate in some way or shape or another but really what it comes down to is these words of control and freedom and what and are you a controlling lover or you a free lover and do you give freedom and you demand freedom and that this is kind of really the binary if if there had to be your talk about transparency thing about it the peaceful harmonious thing about it is when you’re open and you’re not running off of fear or worried about the other person there’s a certain contentment in life than just a man you’re here you’ve you’ve made it and these people choose to be in your life because they want to not because they’re forced to or they need to or they have some here the motion it’s cuz they genuinely truly want you and that’s a beautiful thing when you have that level of commitment of knowledge of knowing this that ever get to experience what that feeling is and to have attained that level and the nice thing about this whole thing of understanding this is what I love intimacy I love sex and I have also felt to the point where I can talk about all this when I put this kind of weird for me as if I’m even need to be physical anymore because I’ve explored it all throughout my body that it’s a component of it but I’ve reached this level of an elevation of okay yeah I don’t even need to be sexually morayfield like to be sexual but there’s a different energy so you has a more mature man it’s very interesting to you get to this point because you feel like you kind of mastered it and you understand the physical pleasures and you’ve explored the physical pleasures and in that and never developed that in my own Neurology in my own body and so it’s just another layer of wow that’s beautiful and deeply I used to say to myself I want to know myself after I have some Peak erotic experiences that I desire and feel frustrated about not having experienced and they are all very healthy and very empowering mutually empowering and just creative and wild as it should be but living in that state of it takes more than one person to achieve these goals or the person or the people that I’ve had opportunities with her only on board for a part of this shit at its really being a sexual Explorer adventure with ethics and a big heart and a big creative mind if it’s nice to start to feel that you get to that point and you feel like a man see for myself I value intimacy like a woman like I want from a woman what a woman wants from a man and it is a congruence there’s a congruent agenda of deep intimacy finally I didn’t have that vocabulary or that energy and I feel like that comes from really shipping on the nectar of the goddess and really knowing feeding yourself not like Jackhammer porn but feeding yourself dance meditation tantric energy work massage nature gardening let’s talk about it that the modern Sexual Man program like this new sexual Playboy Spirit you know conscious evolved kind of spiritual template for being a modern Sexual Man three you know Neil Strauss came in with the book the game but it helped mainstream everything of what we did but the unfortunate thing about what they did is they labeled it like Pick Up Artist and this is always been to me about men reconnecting with their own nature and exploring that and you know a lot of people that you don’t got thrown off by they want to be a pick-up artists and put a label on it into that this is something that is cool when it’s not cool it’s just natural and a lot of Industry educating guys on this so I did a lot of teaching with guys at on early level stuff and what I noticed that cat is you know I would take a lot of time in study something that put it out there and let you know other people would be using it and I have a lot of material you know I don’t think about you no respect given about her this is what we’ve developed in a thing like yourself for 20 years I just kind of sat on the sexual stuff and a lot of people didn’t even know that I was but to me this is really about opening up your mind maps cuz I studied in the road and doing good for programming hypnosis General semantics psychology I study all kinds of stuff you know I really try to figure out how I could utilize all this knowledge and put it into a program that got men educated on certain levels and so there’s about twenty three techniques that I developed that you’re not going anywhere else that I think she brought to the table and I just laid down this very strong very positive psychology where I thought a person could start from when I came out of the sexual man’s because this is a person who is like I said we were talking about being spiritual as much but I can go to a bar tonight and have a conversation with a girl let’s go fuck out by the garbage can about how woman’s body work how to help women that he would never have orgasms through hypnosis or what they call anchor language patterns and how to get them open and and just how to work with a woman’s body so you’re more like a teacher and you can have a woman Explorer like one here’s one technique that a lot of people interested in it was like anal sex a lot of women are very skeptical of anal sex cause a lot of guys don’t know what they’re talking about how things work so I was thinking through being a trainer your push your leg back if you resist for seven seconds because it’s further so what are the techniques that I thought about the stinkers basically a muscle so you know what I did is I was like and so I should have to look so if you’re in your starting now that you say you going to put your two fingers crossed over a little bit and put it into the point where you ask a girl can’t tell me when it’s uncomfortably never say painful or break if you say the word uncomfortable in a little bit uncomfortable and so he slept in a little bit and she’s pushing for seven seconds and then what you do is say okay and I’ll relax when the relax the muscle relaxants little bit more you can slightly push it in all said and she’s like okay if it’s uncomfortable so you say squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze again for relaxing stop to think how do you say basic sound like this is your toolbox like if you have these toolbox down lights going to be good for you because it takes you from one bad sexual experience, for everyone to be with you again and so it’s kind of utilizing that talk about stacking orgasms like there’s a great technique that I also talked about is your performing oral on a woman you have on your bed you have her head off the side of the bed you can you have a pillow Stack Up underneath her ass so the blood is actually going downward into her brain so in her head hanging off so it’s really pulling the blood there so when you stack an orgasm different ways of talked about it and you and you were to feel like a good orgasm stop and you can’t breathe through their bodies they’re packing all that Sexual Energy in there and then on what you say 345 or whatever you choose to pick as your stats they decide to have a orgasm as soon as I start that orgasm you grab their hand and the pull them up so they’re having an orgasm at the same time at the blood is Flushing out of their head in a lot of women can go unconscious with that which is perfect timing so if they do go unconscious and they’re absolutely in this unconscious phase and they’re they’re having orgasm they’re fighting compulsing it’s a beautiful time to be able to program things in their their head work you know they’re flopping around or they’re laying there and they’re just like that to your so sexy and so you can do the programming part of beautiful you know you’re an amazing lover your if you can really really cool things when they’re at that level of depth and when they come through there just get a lot of them cry because they do you know you can tap into something extremely extremely safe place to do and they are and you actually gave him a directions so it’s a lot of cool techniques like that to really get to know who you are lover and your inexperience lover so when you do come to the table she knows that hey you know what you’re talking about cuz you can be the greatest guy in the world but if you suck in bed or if you don’t have any gas or you may not get that second date and so why not you don’t be an experience or at least educated lover I think every man should be educated lover because women talk as well yeah it’s just really I think comes down to there’s no excuse if you have a skill doing anything you should be skilled at the most pleasurable aspects of life you know you can only eat so many times today you put the desire to be intimate and to have sexual contact is is pretty infinite so I this is great this is beautiful and I know there’s a lot of stuff out there but I really like the way you’re presenting it because it’s kind of a I can feel in your voice that real man up coach energy that if only young men as they were becoming only there was sexual initiation rites in the modern world that acknowledge that people are going to explore the birds and the bees when the energy comes when the hormones flowing all the stuff is happening and then to have this form of a resource out there for guidance I think it really will be that you know this will be one of many beautiful antidotes to the the negative conditioning and do you want to be a Jedi do you want to be a hero do you want to be a Toyota Zone and just live that way and I’m really kind of like moving into this just text level of the day like helping people with their you know what their health and I think I’m going to move into another area as far as I go I don’t want to be there at the guru and I never did really want to be the guru I just want to be a guy who’s going to give unique perspective on things and it kind of gives like that like even when it was big in the pool or phase night I never really put myself out there too much cuz I don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of guys in reality I prefer the company of women and so I was just like you don’t take what I am going to offer I’m going to run over here and I’m going to be transparent about this and I hope you will learn to some degree in and really and in at the same time though help men not get caught into the misogynistic aspect of it because that coldness so can men wear maybe they’ve been the nice guy of the good guy and they’ve been taking advantage of it all time to get this like fuck you bitch where you like it and that’s a negative aspect of it to sew Vengeance in baggage in LA Obi-Wan Kenobi becomes more mainstream and who knows maybe I’ll become even more popular more mainstream but I’ve always been pretty cool with you being on in the underground I hear you and I will you know what’s what I feel like that would be so redeeming for me is during the way you speak in hearing this very fully develop masculine I feel like you if you are like a sports coach that you could be the sports coach of male Talent pornstars you could be directing porn or at least transforming and doing makeovers on the male performers and giving them cuz obviously I mean I went to the the AVN Expo for the first time this year early this year and I went to the male performers panel because I’ve been doing some of my own performing and some kind of avant-garde start recording project and what’s not topping the charts yet but I hope to build alliances with people men and women & Beyond who want to bring these techniques and Technologies into erotic Cinema in and I feel like I don’t think a lot of them even know I think I asked the panel I said do any of you guys consciously practice tantric breathing techniques to be able to last as long as you have to be on set all day they didn’t really have an awareness of the technology of time for like it wasn’t the delegation from the contract movement has not into the mainstream for him to be so we can’t blame that originally like when I was growing up I wanted to be a pornstar and the only reason I didn’t really become a pornstar in my way was because at that point I was like you know my dad’s a Navy captain of my mom said nurse I don’t think that they’re going to really appreciate that at the young age not shameful about it like yeah I think fucking is is great I got to get some normal I guess I don’t look at it as poor another cat it’s like you know this is me being vulnerable in and that’s a cool thing so it’s funny when you said that you were taking that because I thought about partaking in things like that to just agree to us. But it’s supposed to be scheduled for next month where I’m in a very unique position was like okay that’s weird cuz people think a motivational speaker porn fuck yeah let’s do it right now and I don’t know where the line is any more like is this normal cuz I don’t care but at the same time dick in her mouth shut so it’s it’s definitely a fine line to figure out where you’re at on it because it’s weird this going to be a post porn reality very soon I think people it’s like this sort of feeding frenzy on the visual depiction of naked flesh and of all these different types of fucking it’s it’s kind of a Fascination the obsession with everything and all of the really I would say harmful and grotesque transgression stuff it’s kind of like it’s I think it’s going to burn itself out part of me is like I got to go in there and I’ve got to save everybody soul and I’ve got to bring him the light and also I think that just the more ubiquitous erotic entertainment becomes the more sophisticated and people are going to develop taste you know it’s like they just have no taste because there they’ve been so deprived if you’ve been starving someone don’t eat shit if you put in front of them if they get to sort of eat that shit for a while and they somehow survived it they’re going to develop a taste for gourmet meals and they’re going to want to put in the effort and put their money behind it and support the people who are doing more interesting and sophisticated stuff so mean ideas of live sex education performance and art and that being a mean at what if there was a big show in Vegas that was the tantric opera or the tantric Musical and it was live sex with all your favorite adult performers and they’re actually doing something sophisticated artistically and with energy movement and soul and the Shiva Shakti that could light up the whole Coliseum Detroit whatever I mean that would be the future you know where they wanted to develop how they want to do it that’s that’s very interesting Pioneers just bringing it so that they have this pool of knowledge to go from him and that can be a blessing and one way but it’s also because of a curse on another one because they know people tend to sometimes get lazy when it’s just presented Aaron the explorations gone so maybe we’re just all the performers in the Pioneers they’re doing this what it was that I read in your email is ground-and-pound like an MMA fighter on your own you know Langham as is the typical very aggressive non loving knots in the future where the sexual Arts are celebrated at least as much as the combative arts and the sportive Arts of say and imagine that the the sport would be if they keep okay we’re going to put him out of going to ring with these Stuckey country code your guinea women and they’re all going to try to make him come and steal is a jackulate like the white tigers are going to come in there as well as a jackulate he’s always make you know he’s holding on he’s absolutely blacks out I had to discover that with a lover when she would wake up and go and be mad that we didn’t have sex in like yeah we did well control IR that over your own ability I’ve been I’ve been pretty funny with a lot of the other forensic scientist and hamburger McIntosh broke like that I will give you a ride so it kind of got her motivated to the point where I am coming over all right so I was like you know who won 0 and then one second layer on your loss and I would just because you had that control to be able to do that right after it’s accepted in 5 minutes into seconds. The bet you if you don’t get the computer so we had but it’s not sexual ability to have fun like that where we know they’re trying to get your she’s really trying here what’s going on I keep going straight so you know it’s got to have that. Even if it was pouring skit of some kind that just might a picture of as if the poor and actresses doing the Macho Man Randy Savage all that drama because it kind of you know it’s like there is something Charming about the the masculine the urge for conquest and you know but it if it could be in a playful loving a healing mass you know I mean I I have fantasies of women conspiring to just spoil me with sexual love and making you know entry out of how they’re going to surprise me by pulling pranks on me or something to keep it exciting and fun and interesting and dynamic and I like the idea of contest in this whole sport of thing we were just Shuckers for gaming we’re suckers for keeping score and points I mean like if you look at a karate match they look at all the different point they issue they they give you all these points to give you the rating so imagine a sort of I mean they already call it sexual come true in there the Chinese Dallas tradition but imagine matches you don’t like porn matches that are not just like a stick of the Thompson Twins or whoever they do whatever they want to be I think it’s I think that’s a classic hilarious idea. And fun the secret is it is you can’t touch anything to it and they’re both okay I do feel like this begs the question or makes me feel want to explore this a little bit of this kind of the darker side of this obsession with this conversation sheds light on from a country perspective or sacred sexuality kind of perspective or Taoist sexual Kung Fu perspective is that there is this really compulsive ejaculation skewing of section and just about guys getting off but I think there’s if the coolest toughest hard disk or baddest ass man you could be with a man who didn’t come in that way and wasn’t spilling the seed then a whole new machismo cuz there’s always going to be with us about what is the thing that people are competing over in fighting to be the best at it’s going to always be that way and if it’s to be the longest lasting least seeds building Tantra master the porn ring or whatever it is immediately I think that’s really one of the antidotes for for the rape culture is it if it’s been really understand it my heart turned on I want you to really like I want to last long enough so that my heart explodes you know that is unconditional love and Shakti and goddess and God Shiva is flowing through me they’ve never experienced that if they’re just hunched over like an imbecile spilling out load after load on the keyboard on a Polaris I’m glad that you’re leaving with with that, it just needs to be a family value save your seed as you age you with Grace and it took a long time for me like it go to the bathroom three four five six times a day that a duck into bill. You know breathing and even have the self-confidence to the muscle that’s weird I like it a lot of experimenting I mean I would go and I’m very extreme and and nature so I’m on one month I would go okay you know what I’m going to do is I’m going to just you know I’m going to party I’m going to drink smoke drugs experiment for this kind of Dark Realm in the next month I would say okay buy food completely healthy because I really want to see the Dynamics of the energy back and forth back and forth I want to explore this and get to the point where I can have a full understanding that this lifestyle leads to this this lifestyle leads to that and what are the real interesting things about doing this whole process was that exploring that you really get to find with your own Sexual Energy that you have to be able to save it for yourself to a degree and any time that I felt Beatdown a rundown of things like this is like I have a whole little ritual in one would be to channel to Sexual Energy and save and heal my own body up so I know when I want to get back on point if I was off center from 3 Day green juice fast it’ll couple sessions of channeling that Sexual Energy to myself with a massage in and at least one acupuncture thing and I’m back on point so if you can utilize that Sexual Energy and healing way as well so you know that’s a really cool thing to be able to explore in okay been there done that it I got it I get it right I think we have definitely given listeners a lot to want to dig into Explorer so do you want to talk a bit more about how people can connect with your work and get to sign up for everything that you talked about that goes out and there and if you want to go on YouTube I have a channel called hypnotika and phenotype and ask if not a lot of guys send me questions on I respond very well to question so am I send me questions and there is a way to get ahold of it I think it’s a scam Nautica gmail.com send me a question and I get you to help people through the internet on YouTube so don’t like too many places or I think modern-day Sexual Man. Com is another place but I think hypnotic has is a very good generalized Center to meet there I do have a lot of stuff on YouTube in a lot of seminars that I’ve done over the years and that’s that’s a good place well thank God for you to do what I want to see is this Alchemy of the Sacred bad boy nurture master of himself and his love and his hard and every part of his being in this is I think people should definitely watch your videos and get a sense of the intensity flowing through and he wanted to give people a gift for mentioning the show if they contact you anyway would be cool in a group on Facebook if they want do it there it’s it’s called The Master Circle there’s almost like 800 guys there and it’s such a strong powerful group of guys that really helped it’s it’s no spamming should it snow in a misogynist of these are really really good guys that I filtered through and so if you go there and you just stopped me to join to say hey I heard your lecture I’ll just release it to the whole group that one free thing from the 7-Day sexual Mastery that’s all I got it took a trance hypnotic program that helps reprogram and help design a sexual States within a dream state so you can eat a lot of guys can work out their stuffing in a dream state so when they wake up they’ve been able to rehearse sexual States and Central mindset listen to it on your show group in wall to put the link in the show notes that people can go there and find the master Circle the words you want to share your doing as well and it is very interesting because you said you earlier I was listening to some of your stuff you know very Jim Morrison type of spoken word and you don’t I appreciate that self into the Zone Creative Energy Tucson love of life is on passion for life are the ones that are better lovers because of the fact that they’re transmuting it into creativity and two aren’t into creative exploration and expressions and so I found it interesting that because we both kind of do the same thing that we’re both in the spoken word were bolted audio and I appreciate what you do to cuz it’s not just me and it’s not just you it’s it’s just we’re leaving a legacy for for the men that will be up and coming that’s healthy and hopefully by then they can say hey if you really want to study. The guys that are ethical that you’re both sides to degree can understand go yeah that’s this is quality control over the web and trying to figure out who’s who you know by then it’s well-established these are the the longevity to coaches that have the reputation that are are balanced in their thinking and they’re very just raw and manly absolutely you can’t you can’t sell it it doesn’t work if you’re too being out and you know your lover will be cheating on you with the biker or the football player or whatever they get need to get that flirty from so it’s really powerful potent reconciliation of this sort of the splitting and so yeah we we’ve come very much for Circle in the last thing I want to say is just said that I just cannot wait for your values and ethics and techniques and training strategies to kind of percolate through the pants and the porn directors and all the guys who are high-fiving telling lies about girls at ball games and barbecues and jerking themselves into imbecility over pouring eventually it’ll get to critical mass and and I feel like the greatest gift of mixing the tantric wisdom is that if you become a Yoni worshiper good things are going to happen really good things are going to happen and miracles are going to happen and you never know which Yoni you’re going to come through in the next life so treat them all like it’s going to be the one you might be coming through UNIF hoping you might get excused from this body in some way and so it’s I feel that from you man I can tell the difference you know you can tell if a man really really ships the Divine nectar of the Goddess through the Earth through the cosmos in through his beloved and I think I feel that has John residents with you on that level so keep being a blessing and we’ll start busting his curses and raise the vibration and I appreciate you for what you do and much more right on that all right with you have a wonderful night will be entitled thank you. 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