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Introduction to Warrior Tantra and Sexual Self-Defense TPP250


Warrior Tantra PicIn this episode I share the original Warrior Tantra introduction lecture from early 2017

My Non Verbatim Show Notes

Our relationship to violence is highly distorted, very unrealistic, we have the horrors of the battlefield in military conflicts throughout the world

secret hidden violence of fathers abuse children and spouses

violence in cartoon, video games

is a such a thing as healthy or sacred violence, expressed in martial arts around the world,

principles and ethics of defensive fighting, to defend self, land, family, way of life, community, is tempered with a feminine wisdom

the ideal for all militarys nation states, who have at least paid lip service to the idea that we’re not trying to be barbaric, colonize, conquer, might is right, warlord organized violence to build empires, supposedly in the modern world we’ve evolved past that ideology

beautiful martial arts systems, at their core essence pushing forward that ethic, appropriate violence, sacred violence, not be abused for one’s own self gain

most spiritual traditions, discipline, being a warrior is different from being a soldier, being a defender of a culture, of your people, hoping will evolve to all people and all life

to be a spiritual warrior is to overcome racism, sexism, homophobia, borders and boxes, unnecessary antagony between lifestyles, regions, histories

many of the would be warriors, who have been trained to be soldiers now are fighting battles that are rooted in old paradigms of thinking where there was much less expansion of consciousness around love and acceptance and compassion, this is all the great spiritual battle that’s taking place all over the globe, for 1000s of years, impulse to create peaceful harmonious regenerative communities that are not expansionist, striving to maintain ecological balance, and the cultures using violence to conquer, colonize, take land by force, rape and pillage

the call to action for this brand, a lifestyle, an upgrade to both being a martial artists and being a tantrika to be practicing warrior tantra,

I’m hear to open up a discourse to merge sacred sexuality with sacred violence, I’m not a guru, I’m not going to have all the answers for everyone on their individual path

but what I will do with my training and my knowledge is to create a space where we acknowledge that the dimensions of combat and warfare are beyond our physical bodies

it goes into our emotional space, our intellectual space, our sexual space, many dimensions where we can be attacked so it is only reasonable, logical, sensible, to develop defensive tactics in all areas of our life

violation is very complex, and we can be violated through sound waves going into our ears, from light beams going into our eyes, wounds from physical violence that heal faster and more complete than wounds from sexual violence, it’s a continuum, and there’s multi dimensions

what you may or may not find in a martial arts studio or training system would be some of the more spiritual components that you would find in tantra or sacred sexuality where you’re creating boundaries and owning your space, on multi dimensional levels and mastering arts for self preservation and protection, in multiple dimensions of your being

there are places where you can go and learn how to be a better lover, be a master of your inner emotional state, spiritual trainings and traditions, sexual mastery wisdom traditions, and there are places where you can study the arts of defending the body, using weapons, blades, sticks, firearms, your own bodies natural weapons, in the original what I would say is the roots of tantra, these two, now polarized, are you a lover or a fighter, in the early days you were both, people were less dependent on military, state, government, police force, systems, people had to defend themselves and their community on a daily basis and it was really all down to earth

the arts of loving, the arts of fighting, all very deeply intertwined, every person was included in some of the earliest forms of martial arts training, this is what I believe we can restore is a very localized systems for teaching sacred sexuality and teaching self defense and martial arts, bringing it all together

self love self esteem, really the core of it all

it’s a positive feedback loop, a positive upward spiral of self love, conditioning your connection to the divine loving yourself more and more, having the physical confidence of training so that you can defend yourself in all kinds of battlefields, seen and unseen

defend your sacred self love and your integrity, bodily integrity, sexual integrity

the sanctity of the boundaries of your body image itself, we’re being attacked in so many ways, always attempting from billboards to boyfriends, to girlfriends to all the kinds of porn, you can develop a sense that these negative assaults on your divine self loving sense of perfection as you are, they’re attacking and corroding that inner essence of self acceptance and love and beauty

you could be a really good mma fighter or boxer or combat soldier and still have a brokenness inside that makes you susceptible to false leaders and fighting for the wrong reasons, its really an opportunity to balance those aspects and build a foundation of deep powerful, timeless eternal self love that will radiate a defensive field around you

through physical combative training and physical conditioning, combined with the spiritual, emotional, sexual defensive training and conditioning I can speak from experience I’ve had to defend myself in mortal combat scenarios, I had to fight for my life when I lived on the street, there were times, other compromised circumstance, I can speak from that experience of being a warrior on the street, and also as a survivor of abuse I’ve had to

escape kidnappings, escape from arrests when I was sometimes an outlaw, I’m here to help people avert those catastrophes

you should never have to defend your body from a lethal attack, and you should never have to defend your body from a sexual attack, I’ve done both, I’ve survived both and sometimes in the same context

we live in threatening world

if we have system of self defense that evolves and understands that new threats are emerging everyday, the martial arts systems that were developed 100s if not 1000s of years ago

in some of the tantric scriptures it was very explicitly warned that we were approaching a time where the threats of sexual violation by men are going to increase, by horrific, on a mass scale

the corruptibility of male sexuality by in very clear terms, its a state of possession

whatever scientific faith you wna tto have about whether or not the demonic realm and demonic entities and species are real or not real, that’s optional

I’m not going to impose any belief system around where these forms of sexual violence are coming from, but it’s just a matter of doing a bit of research on the data, that we are in a world that is more threatening to women and children than ever, on a mass scale

the most intrusive vector of these patterns of violence, it was television, now its the internet, its the effect of high speed internet pornography, is the bleeding edge of what in the hindu tantric scriptures, the sort of prophecies about this time, they didn’t predict the internet, the development of photography, cameras, films, but I dare say they would not be surprised that the intentions of the entities that they had been in combat with spiritually, that they wrote great epic scriptures and mythologies about, the need to have a spiritual warrior practice to defend against the entities that are hell bent on making hell on earth mainly through every form of violation imaginable

they are understood to be very creative, and merciless

and you see that in the porn that people are addicted to, that young boys are being initiated into as their default sexual education

it’s a very horrific, systematic, fracturing corruption of male sexuality, and the stats on abuse are just staggering

its propagating and spreading like a virus

the need for women and children to be trained in practical self defense and I say more importantly in practical self defense than in martial arts systems that were designed for a different era

they came from a different place and different time where the the threats were different

so my point is to say that, new adaptations of the martial sciences have got to be designed to meet the threats of the modern era

the idea that we were gonna be inundated with demons, hell on earth, infecting men, women have to take up arms to defend themselves and their children against these men, I call them rape zombies

the horror stories I hear from just people in the dating world, something is off, the men seem to be glazed over, hollowed out, and the shit that comes out of their mouth

and the acts they attempt to conduct in the bedroom, the psychology of date rape

that’s where we’re dealing with, these hollowed out shells of young men, and old men, who, in the tantric terminology, their heart chakras have been shut down in encrusted, not just blocked, but actually strategically infested and debilitated, by real trans-dimensional biological entities that are not necessarily transmitting through the tv set, this the great leap, until we have the science to prove it

you can compare my statements to your own personal experience, talk to women who’ve been abused, anyone who’s a survivor, who’s had to stare down that hollow, unloving, uncompassionate, manipulative, psychopathic, sociopathic, gaze of a predator

anyone who’s had that experience will most likely help people who haven’t had that experience, and help the perpetrators of these crimes understand that they have been hacked

whether from watching porn, or watching violent movies, or watching violence going on around them, its not that the demons jump through the television set, or through the screen from porn, it’s that we’re all vibration, we’re all frequency and vibration, in the unseen surrounds of our physical environment, physical body, potentially infinite overlapping dimensions where non human intelligent entities are always attempting to take up space in our energy field, thereby become parasites, and extract our energy in order to feed themselves and their families, live in their parellel dimension, sucking our energy from us, and I don’t like to use the words holy and unholy, but in order to be a defender of your body temple, and effectively protect those who are most at risk of sexual violation

there are skills and art forms designed by the tantrics 1000s of years ago to buffer those influences from the underworld, if you want to use a classic shamanic term

although its not technically below us, its not below the floor, it’s not down there per se, we’re in a soup of beings all around us at all times

if we engage in practices of self purification then we become less susceptible to the penetration and influence of all different types of being that are just swimming around us on or in the astral plane

the tactics of self defense, if in order to defend yourself you had to understand at all times there are intelligent parasitic entities floating around all of us, there are places where their ability to perforate and puncture our auric field our energetic shield, that’s around our body, it can be trained and conditioned and developed to be less penetrable

obviously if you just do an experiment and go down to the local dive singles bar, and you do some practices of meditation to attune yourself to your own energy field, you can start to sense attacks from people’s eyes, from people’s words, from billboards, messages all around you, its more than meets the eye

what’s happening is when you react to people places and things around you you consciously or unconsciously shift your vibration in that shifting of vibration you are then potentially susceptible to these attacks

they always say, dress warm in winter because you’ll catch a cold, it’s not actually that your temperature will give you the cold, its that the cold viruses are all over you and all over the place everywhere and your immune system, when it’s not compromised by your body being cold, it has the power to just continually fight off all those attacks, and you don’t even know it you’re just happy and healthy and you’re not sick you don’t have a cold, but the cold viruses are all over you, and what it is that protects you is the health of your immune system

if you drink alcohol, your immune system is being debilitated by your drunkenness

the point is that to walk through this world as a spiritual sexual warrior you have got to own and love your space and develop that fine tuned awareness of what causes you to compromise your sexual spiritual auric immune system

if you have a strong sense of purpose and you have a strong connection to the earth and to the divine, however you structure that from whatever tradition, you will become practically immune to all forms of attack, most forms of attack occur when your energy is skewed

a lot of women who get repeatedly raped and end up in repeated abusive relationships, when they’re questioned and speak honestly about these patterns, there’s a really sort of self destructive, self sabotaging urge to just be put out of the misery of existence, and so just falling into every trap, falling into ever more cascading emotional, physical, sexual violence its heart break to watch those patterns unfold for people

you can’t just put a gun in their hands, or even just teaching them physical combatives, although when a woman shoots a fire arm, something magical happens, that’s goddesses’ honest truth, there is a beauty in that experience of for the first time and I speak as a survivor, the first time being able to feel like, wow, there is a range of defensiblity of my body temple that doesn’t depend on my physical size, it’s the great equalizer

this program of training, is going to address all of these ranges of attack, classically in martial arts you have close range, mid range, far range different words in different systems, for example if someone’s approaching you, a side kick to the knee is what Bruce Lee would say, the longest weapon to the nearest target, you wouldn’t wait to elbow them, appropriate distance would be throwing out that kick

a billboard is one form of attack, a billboard presents a body image that is an unrealistic ideal that would require plastic surgery, enhancements, or reduction or whatever, hyper representation of physiques, just not representative of average people, that’s a form of an attack

on all genders, all genders are kept in this constant inner battle of whether they’re going to be loved based on how their body looks, and whether they’re going to be successful in world of power and money and wealth based on how symmetrical their facial features are, what their voice sounds like, things that are superficial, its difficult for most people to measure up to those so called standards

to be a warrior against being punched in the gut by the site of somebody you think is more attractive than you, to be set off course and out of balance, its an attack that will leave you open and then susceptible

that feeling can lead to you going to the bar, having a drink because you don’t feel good about yourself, and then you wake up the next day in a hospital because your drink got rufeed, or whatever, stories of compromise they all cascade and get worse, the more abuse anyone experiences, the less power they have to stand up and rebuild that protective auric shield around all these negative influences

worst of all, there’s all these ranges, all these avenues of attack coming at us from the external world, but the real curse is when they get internalized, and they become voices in our own heads, and we start to listen to what we think is our own, multifaceted self

you see someone walking down the street talking to themselves and their crazy, meanwhile whether or not you move your lips or make sounds, if you’re having a dialog with yourself when you look at the mirror, or you do something that makes you feel stupid, that you should be embarrassed about, instantly their comes the voice which not always is the most friendly voice and is sometimes your worse enemy

the world I want to live in is world of rape free zones

conditions that are conducive to rape are studied and analyzed and designed against

I would love to see a feminist revolution that takes all the weapons, power, land education systems, everything back from the patriarchal power structure with a swiftness, an abrupt insurrectionary uprising of women who organize together in sex strikes, and build new nations with new boundaries and reclaim the maternal birthright of really meticulously designing male egos that are in service to the earth and the elder councils of women who they adore and fear as all boys feared the wrath of their mother, doesn’t get much simpler than that

the distorted relationship we have with organized male violence, from street gangs to the mafia, every single cult of violence that men have organized and lead, only exist because mothers have been prohibited from sustaining a nature prehistoric tendency to collectively design how they want male aggressive energy to flow through their designed social ecosystem

its a horrible perversion of force on this earth for their to be male violence of any kind that is not guided by the wisdom of priestesses and elder women who are sustaining traditions of goddess worship that connect every bodies mind body spirit and sexuality to the divine wisdom that is feminine, is compassionate and nurturing

it is possible that every act of sexual conduct that a male engages in in his entire life time could be absolutely a blissful meditation

imagine that boys and young men and young adults and elder men, all lived with the same fear and humility towards all women and the divine feminine, never having been allowed to develop a self serving ego, and being kept in a constant state of bowing and being in prostration to that feminine power, as the superior and highest supreme power that’s what the schools of tantra that we’re drawing from in this warrior tantra program are all about and its my pretty well studied opinion is that every problem we’re facing in the history of the planet is the result of the perversion of that power dynamic

I don’t know a lot of female rapists or child abusers

I don’t know a lot of women who are designing weapons of mass destruction or cutting down trees on a mass scale, these are all symptoms of a power structure that has been hijacked not by the sacred masculine but by the toxic masculine

that if not kept in prostration to the divine feminine, will become a horrific evil menace to all life on earth

its the stories the mythologies, the cursing of women through religions that have feared women in the wrong way, there is a good way to fear women and the divine feminine, fearing that you won’t have the stamina to please them fully, that should be the primary fear

the way to solve that fear is to train your nervous system to be able to hold and embrace ever more powerful waves of divine feminine sexual energy, the kundalini shakti energy

that is the task of men, to be in prostration and in fear of the goddess in a manner that makes them want to put down axe, put down sword, grab your cock, with guidance of elders from long standing traditions, how to become a god, a peaceful loving, compassionate, gentle, caring earth worshiping, goddess worshiping powerful warrior who is capable of conducting defensive violence among many other things, but at the beginning and end of the day you’re there to kiss the feet of the mother goddess in all her forms, we’re a long way from there being positive peer pressure between men to be a better love, a more dutiful lover, a more prostrate lover

there was a time when all the cool people we’re doing it, the in crowd was doing it, goddess worship, prostration to the divine feminine, the glory to be accessed by ritual love making, where the impulse to harm and to rape and abuse was so well buffered so that a woman could trust that while making love to a man she was making love to the divine masculine aspect, that he has ritual invoked and through his practice of goddess worship he is essentially earning the access to be able to be possessed by the divine feminine energy so a woman can feel safe because she’s in the vibration of the goddess that has been invoked ritually by her lover

don’t have to believe any of this spirituality, any of these esoteric principles, we could all be starting from scratch

if every spiritual book instantly disappeared from the planet and we all just had the world we’re living in now, the technology systems, the political systems, erased all the mythology, if we had to start from scratch its a very simple reboot

the men who are careless recklessly unconsciously taking and not giving with their primordial sexual drives, if their in the reptilian brain with the remorselessness of that lower level of animal instinct, there are other animals that are compassionate, that are loving, it’s not just to say that humans are compassionate and all animals are below us

within all of our neuro anatomy, there’s a potential to devolved into an uncompassionate, self serving, sociopathic mode,

we have to acknowledge that in this modern world, it’s gotten worse, this tendency for males to conduct themselves in an uncompassionate way, it’s being rewarded, by media, by male peers, by the law in lot of places still, women as property and rape toy,

some places in the world where it’s safer to not be married because if you’re unmarried and you’re raped you can press charges but if you’re married you’ve joined a rape contract and you’ve signed up for it, so most likely you’ll be prosecuted

the world is extremely warped and the violence that’s being done on every level is all coming back to that fundamental distortion of the relationship to the human mother and the divine mother, circumcision

lack of breast feeding you so the hostility of men against women, nature, and animals, it’s very systematically built into most of the males walking the earth today, those who’ve been circumcised, those who have been deprived of on demand breast feeding, they are the enemies of life on earth, and for a reason, if you were an intelligent demon lord who wanted to come to earth and figure out how to make the most pain and suffering for all of life and really make a game show or a casino out of watching the misery unfold, the debauchery and hellish extreme violence, the raping of infants in places in Africa where there’s a mythology that they are less likely to have HIV/AIDs so they’re preyed upon in horrific cults of infant rape

female genital mutilation, all of these sores, all of the abuse happening on native american reservations, extremely high rate of alcoholism and these clusters of child sexual abuse where public officials come into work in government office job, and complain about how their child bit their penis while they were engaged in routine servicing

it is a very designed hell on earth that we live in and the forces that we’re up against, they don’t, in my experience they don’t respond to treatment with pharmaceutical drugs, with bibles, with exorcists, in my experience, my personal experience and in my studies, what we’re up against, what we’re doing with is such a merciless insidious force from the darkest pits of creation, its should be no surprise that in tantra the supreme goddess deities are the warrior goddesses the one’s who’ve adapted to address the ever evolving strategies of the demonic realm

mythology of kali and durga main warrior goddesses par excellence, there’s a lot of symbology there, a lot to read between the lines

and if none of this spiritual language works for you, watching this, there’s an even simpler frame of reference which is bonobos and chimpanzees, that’s a whole new mythology where if we had to scrap every spiritual text, every wisdom tradition, go observe behavior of chimps and bonobos, very close primate cousins, we happen to have more in common with bonobos than chimps, on dna level

however more exposure and contact and study was done with the chimps so they became the model to justify patriarchal violence and rape

I speak with boldness and confidence about my personal revelations about who and what is running the show of sexual patriarchal violence on earth, and who really owns this casino, who really owns this rape culture, it’s not the best attempt humans have made to figure out how to get along, and to share resources and to love each other and make love to each other, this is not the pinnacle of our consciousness around power and gender and sexuality,we’re living in the mass global entertainment driven patriarchal paradigm, it’s not progressive

you could say there’s more empowered roles for women in cinema, more queer roles, all that is a step in the right direction, towards our primal mode of loving, acceptance, equality, egalitarianism

Shamanic Pornography and the Ethics of Consent TPP230


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In this episode I’m sharing the pre-ceremony interview from Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 01 “Erotic Ghostbusting”. The episode included a beautiful and powerful selection of clips from the full interview and I’ve been holding on to the whole interview for a while with the intent to eventually publish. After re-listening I feel that I’ve held true to the values and principles spoken over 3 years ago now. While I’ve told my story many times, each context brings different energy, passion, purpose, and insight to the transpersonal and universal themes contained within. The moment in my personal evolution that this interview documents is, in a classical tantric sense, as timeless and permanent as an ancient stone, yet as fleeting and transitory as a rain drop over the ocean. I was blessed to be held and heard in this interview and I will return to this moment if I ever feel led astray from my core. It’s impossible to resist change of all kinds, but the spirit of resistance will always adapt to survive.

Empowering Sex Workers in East Los Angeles with Alejandra Aguilar Avelino TPP184


Alejandra Aguilar Avelino Pic

In this episode I’m honored to be joined by Alejandra Aguilar Avelino, an advocate, educator and service provider at the East Los Angeles Women Center. We met there recently at a Sex Workers Outreach Project event and she gave a moving speech to explain a piece of art she created in solidarity with the victims of sexual violence.  Her extensive experience in community support work is truly profound and she shares some very deep and intense insights on the intersections of religion, sexuality, economics, and politics.

We explore the efforts and potential to organize male clients of sex workers  to show more solidarity and do more to support the health and well being of sex workers, and she shares some of her hopes and dreams for expanding the scope of services and outreach in the future.

I was very grateful to learn from her and to share a passion for improving the outcomes and quality of lives for sex workers through their whole life cycle. I’m hoping that her work and that of her peers and colleagues will be well financed so they can carry on doing such important work!

Please visit:



Alejandra Aguilar Avelino immigrated to the United States from her native Michoacán Mexico when she was eight years old. Alejandra has more than 16 years of experience in the field of Community Education. Alejandra’s beginnings were with Planned Parenthood Los Angeles as a Promotora Comunitaria. Alejandra had the honor to serve as Secretary and Chair of ALIANZA, the Los Angeles Caucus on HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County.Currently Alejandra is the lead health educator, HIV counselor and support group facilitator at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center where she does HIV Navigation services. . Alejandra also provides support services to HIV-positive women and is an active member of several community planning bodies dedicated to the empowerment, health and well being of people. Alejandra has presented in several conferences at local and state level. Some of Alejandra’s passions are continuous learning, the empowerment of Latina Women, and she fights tirelessly against Gender Violence and Reproductive Justice. In her spare ?me Alejandra enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, reading and expanding her own small online business which she also uses as a tool to help other women reach economic independency.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 184 I’m being joined by Alejandra Aguilar and she is the health educator an HIV counselor at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center and we sort of met at a recent sex workers Outreach project event on December 17th which was the international day to end violence against sex workers and there was a beautiful creative artistic kind of community building event that was held there and that was the first time I had visited the East last night Women’s Center and I was very thrilled to know that that the place exists and of the great work they’re doing there and Alejandra was hosting the event through the space and has some really powerful and moving things to say about the work that she does in support of women’s health in and sexuality health and education and so I was very moved and thought I’d reach out and see if she like to tell us a bit more about her personal background and about what the great works that are offered at the center there so I’ll a hundred thank you so much for joining me looking forward to hearing more about your story thank you thank you Ben and thank you for inviting me to be part of this podcast so as you mention my name is HIV counselor at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center and yeah I recalled that for a little over 42 years and one of the things that we always want to let people know is that this is a place where women silence is hurt for the community has their silence and so we decided to open up our space so that sex workers and their allies and come in and and have a safe place to meet and so I have been working in the field of HIV for in reproductive health for a little over 14 years and you know when I arrive to this country when I was 8 years old and one of the reasons why I’m very passionate about advocating for Women Health is because specially for the health and well-being and the needs of let me know is because many times Latinas specially Latinos who are aware of the services that might be out there to support them and so one of my one of my reasons for being an ally in in the the support of sex workers is to be able to avoid the needs of women especially one of the things that I did was I was a child care provider even though I was a child myself I used to babysit that the children of many sex workers women who were immigrants who worked up at sex workers and so I got to see a lot of the needs that a lot of the new show of the women and definitely a lot of them are children and so you know as I was getting older I decided to to look into this route of being of service to to the community by advocating for the needs of your penis growing up I got to see how special immigrant women for sexual abuse that shows fault interpersonal violence and definitely sexual explotation and when I started working at the East Los Angeles Women’s Center I thought this is perfect I get to work for an organization that is aligned with my beliefs and here I am 14 years into providing Services Organization advocating for the woman’s name well that is so powerful and thank you so much for sharing that and specially about your personal background ATS really moving to me I know that there that there is a lot of really strong feminist history and in feminist movement history around women sexual health and and support services and also and sort of sort of vaguely aware of different tensions that there have been within the feminist movement around 7 is sewer or not as supportive of sex workers or of women who were involved in the adult industry and some some who maybe are more supportive some curious if you have had to navigate any of those those politics within the women within the women’s movement about the sort of taboo subjective of the sex industry not necessarily you know I am very fortunate to be in this organization I’m very fortunate to have a strong network of providers that believe in advocating for everyone and when we say everyone it means every single person regardless of what they’re definitely here at the women’s center we do not see people for what they do we see them for who they are and so when we see when we see you know a sex worker we see them for who they are first and foremost a human being have to keep for them or what you would like and definitely no I haven’t encountered any of that it does not mean that it’s not the doesn’t accept them pretty sure there’s so many people that have encounter with you but I myself have not I’m really glad to hear that because I got that Vibe definitely that there was no judgment and no no sort of distance or or or judgment you about about that because it is so it is so much a part of life and people want to ignore it or people want to just hiding from it but it’s it’s a real serious issues I appreciate it very much that that you hold that space and and I want to thank you for doing that so if you could help us understand a bit about what the the most vital needs are of those those women who are doing work in the sex industry what are some of the things that people should know about as far as what they face on a daily basis and even ways that that people who are maybe just wanting to support them where are they they want to be allies how they can also be supportive but would definitely I cannot speak for everyone but I can’t I am able to speak for those who I have been fortunate and humble enough to provide services doing these are the Immigrant Latinos who work in the bars on the country has most of the time you asked about their needs what their needs are definitely there’s a lot of me to to provide them with resources resources and when I say resources what kinds of resources and support that they need to let them know about the right and to let them know that if they have been abused molested in any way that there is are places that can help them if they need just a space where they can just feel safe that there’s such a space about what we hope to who provides many of the women that we service the well-being overall well-being we are always concerned about their health their physical health or emotional health because we know that it can take a toll on their health specially those who work at night all we know that is if it can be difficult for them to to take care of that their help because the majority of them are also mothers and because they are mothers you know many times Latinas put the needs of their own meat how can I say it they put their needs before the needs of anyone else and they last one but they’re nice and so I want to advocate for them we also want to let them know that they have rights we hope to educate them about the right within the women that we service some of them are hiv-positive and so will support them we support them by providing resources for their help for them so that they can receive the services well thank you very much again for doing that work in something that I that I have been made very much aware of by my association with women who who would be considered those very strong feminist critique of the patriarchal economic structures and just the way capitalism works and how how this Empire is really built on on its own built on the backs of immigrant labor and and and from what you’re saying it’s also built on the bodies of the sex workers who who serve a lot of different types of male laborers and I’m wondering what if you care to share from your personal perspective what are some observations are inside sore or strong feelings you may have around what the what the role of men who may be there maybe they are sex buyers or maybe they are temps or maybe they are you know what and then you can any level of that economy do you ever have the opportunity to to Enlighten them or two to help them become more active in doing the support work for the for the women or what what is your feeling about the men who are just kind of you don’t hear a lot about the John’s or the Pimp C male a male and get you component we are thinking by myself a big advocate for making change in our communities mobilizing one of the one of the things that I do is when I am able to speak to groups of men and provide them with information writing with resources to do is to let them would like for them specially if they are consumers of the services of the women who are sex workers Michael is for them not to think of the women as object to know that there’s a story behind them that there that these women might have gone through many struggles am I making sense yes this is amazing I love to hear it to hear more about it cuz I feel like it’s so lacking it’s so lacking in that people actually try to educate them and whether it’s about using condoms or or being just mine. I’m being respectful this is Range Community and to use their voice to Advocate from them as well to use whatever privilege they have as meant to protect them to advocate for them that’s definitely one one of our pools and one of the things that we hope to accomplish is for for men to go beyond those gender roles that they are putting the moment they are born we want them to understand that they can break out of that box I agree with you yes wow so if that that thank you so much for sharing those insights that they’re really really touches my my heart and soul because I feel like I’m as myself as a sex worker myself I’ve been mistreated and abused and certainly I would have loved for the very wealthy the wealth of the wealthier of my clients to to be giving back and supporting nonprofit organizations that actually create a better life and more resources 400 why wouldn’t you why wouldn’t you give back to to like a trade Association it was helping you have a good experience in helping you get your needs met so hopefully yeah I’m excited to hear about what you’re doing over the other people will do that kind of Outreach as well so if we could talk a bit about the I feel like it’s it would be important to give some context for people listening to this what what the scope of sexual assault really looks like from your perspective you’re really seeing and I again am I feel very honored to speak with you knowing that you’re you’ve chosen to be putting yourself in a position to have so much exposure and really be very empathetic and very compassionate towards people who are in times of Crisis and some of the the most extreme trauma and current crisis so you could help to sensitize the listeners of this podcast to do some what it what is sort of typical cycle is when you have someone to say come in for services who is in trauma or crisis and in kind of what whatever is appropriate you know for you to share but that I think would be good for us to understand that means we started in 1976 and actually disorganization begin you know it was first bilingual confidential 24 hour 7 days a week crisis hotline to be able to service and provide support to survivors of sexual assault what we do is we have a hotline and call if they have just been assaulted molested or phrase taking cold even if it happened many years ago in another country we provide supporting the support looks something like this we we do Hospital accompany me to go to the hospital to provide support to the Survivor of rape and we’re able to see people all ages for survivors from a baby to someone well over the age of 90 we see that again we see them for who they are we see them as human beings Survivor and we are basically there to support them we allow them to have a safe safe space to come in and speak support when and if they’re ready mix someone is ready and they would like to come in and receive support we can provide them with counseling therapy and again we never tell them what to do we are there in their healing journey in the journey to heal I said we’re walking hand-in-hand with them so where’s that the healing path and soul Moana singing about in 2016 I remember in 2016 we provided services to over 10,000 women and children on the hotline movie about 2,200 called so we’re pretty busy if ever since that Open Door hotline has never closed and twice a year would provide training for people to become sexual assault advocate so that they can help survivors they can do hospital but also so that they get the keys for the needs of survivors important so after all of this exposure that you and your colleagues and peers with organization in and near the community of people that you’re connected with her your allies in Von forcement in the justice system and that the hospital system and the the sword I guess there’s also the social services and Family Services sectors of thumb of the county and in local local governments I’m curious if you could talk about some of the powder and some of the insides whatever you’ve been able to kind of a phone some conclusions you may have arrived at just about to the patterns of abuse and where you feel like the most effective interventions can occur on the preventative side of this issue how to do there’s definitely a lot to do but we definitely one of our one of them nothing’s that needs to happen to be able to to end sexual assault and domestic violence definitely HIV we need to end violence against women and homophobia swell we definitely know that if we end violence against women we end homophobia we are very well and then into the HIV epidemic we are definitely going to see Alright by very much agree with that and tell me what comes to mind from me for my personal experience in for my studies and I love to hear what you had what you would have to stay from your perspective Which is far more I would say far from a highly developed than mine because of the position that you that you’ve taken up and and I would say with what are your thoughts on the you mentioned machismo that’s something that I’m interested to hear more about what what that where that comes from and what you would how you would advise people to deconstruct that that sort of some aspect of violence in and then also alcohol and Andrew role that you feel that plays or substance abuse and how that feeds into the violence well it’s definitely a collaborative effort of everyone social service providers to law enforcement to every single every single person has a responsibility to an hour in one of the things we have are you aware of basically the women from targeted community wengage and Outreach and education and what they do is they increase awareness of sexual assault and resources and domestic violence victims and their families but they also bring awareness and so one of the things that that we have here in our organization in mind you all women that can be women that are actively working a sex workers women for HIV positive Housewives just about anyone and they go through this training where they learn about their culture how their cultural experiences shape their identity with a lot of focus on the Latino cultures and Value Inn in the experiences that they might have had growing up and still one of the things that we encourage them don’t is to look at what what are the values of culture that contribute in a positive way to to have better communities to to make them feel safe right it in to make a change in the world and to keep those we encourage them to look at the one that can be toxic that can be done that perpetuate and we encourage them to to look at both and decide which ones they want to keep which ones they want to transmit to other generation so we start with that beautiful well thank you for doing that as well in I’m curious if we could go to the next question which is the just to the prevalence of alcohol and domestic violence I think is pretty well well known that a lot of sexual assault and violence happened in in circumstances that are sort of fueled by drunkenness and I’m curious if you have thoughts on to substance abuse and alcoholism and how that how that affects the work that you do and the the the women that you support but we do know that it art again you know what we need people were there as we don’t we do not follow up a model of trauma-informed that means we are not going to shame people if they have issues with substance abuse know we can help them try to get to the root of why they’re they’re using or why they’re drinking rice I can tell you definitely my perspective from what I saw growing now I can tell you that issues with alcoholism are very prevalent with the with the women who work in the bar and the emptiness sex workers because that is part of their work in order to make a living they have to drink with the client and so many women that start working in the barn and the emptiness when they start working in the bar on the time peanut they have never you know in their life they have never had a drink but once they start working out of their job it’s how they make that living and some many of them develop alcoholism that’s one of the things that I saw and so you know if you if you asked to do it that many have a history of abuse or trauma that it don’t even know that they have this history of abuser, they don’t even know what to name those feeling you know very bad idea that depression you have a very difficult situation for for the person you know when one of these again that I hate that I was able to see I was able to see because of the lack of support and empowerment and resources available to this woman I saw in a bunch of this day I still seen any of them Works who no longer work in the calendar because there was no support there was no one to assist them teach them how to how to make a budget how to save the money or even how to invest some of them and not only that but a lot of them ended up with issues of alcohol yeah I hear you and that actually comes at least to my next question really which is about what you see as some of the the positive outcomes and the I would say to be clear I don’t believe that it’s wrong to be a sex worker ever see for myself fight I am the part of the six work industry so there are some people would say well you just need to go to church and you need to quit the lifestyle and and and you need to leave it all behind you which I’m not I’m not here to say is this is right or wrong but but I will I will say that I’m very interested in what what six I think about the concept of a success story or someone who has overcome substance abuse or alcoholism and if they choose to remain active in the sex industry but I from a healthier place or if they choose to move beyond that I’m curious what you what are some of the pathways that you have facilitated or witnessed of of women who have become really empowered either is former sex workers or or or sort of sex workers in recovery what are some of the success stories that you would say that you’ve been a part of each other’s privacy and confidentiality if I can tell you that there’s this particular woman who is what after she became involved and after she was able to gather with other women saw other women like herself all about the right person for most of the human bean learn that there is nothing to be ashamed of learn to speak remind learn to Advocate Parker cell I was able to see an amazing transformation this is a person who now is able to speak up for herself this is someone who is able to negotiate pay for sex which I think it’s amazing to see this is someone who if she feels that someone is making her feel ashamed because of what she does she’s able to speak up she doesn’t know her head as she used to be for not just that but her priority priority priority herself above anything else in that include making better decisions when it comes to drinking that our decisions for her mean eating what you drink tea not not drinking as much as she used to before that you will forget to take her medication doesn’t make sense that is In N safety she she has been able to say she now has a savings account which is tremendous you know because now she’s planning or for the years I had to fight absolutely well I’ll take you out to other women beautiful well that’s that’s very good to hear and thank you again for doing that and just maybe a couple few more questions one will be going back to the the other half of the equation which is the the male role in and all of this into client role so I sounds like you’re yeah you have a lot of experience working with women who were in that that culture of the bar and cantina world and so like you said that there will be drinking is just part of the job and I’m curious if you if you could reach into the heart and soul of the the male clients and understand where they’re coming from and if they would maybe intergenerational trauma or or personal issues that they may be dealing with in and if we were to make if we were to all be working together to create more empowered and more conscious and then we’re healthy men and male clients and then maybe they would maybe this sounds ridiculous I guess but but I would love to see a world where where sex work is is legal and where people clients and and and service providers could meet up at a healthy juice bar or something or like a farmers market or something you know where it’s it’s not always in the context of of alcohol and that kind of sort of sector and so I’m just curious if when you think about this and when you work in this in this world if you do you have any advice for four men who are just maybe this sort of their kind of being set up or something I don’t know why I don’t know what you how you feel about just the whole the nature of that in of that that world of the the bar scene in the all that wouldn’t be able to provide education you know when I go out and we have those messages that week we share with with menopause sensitive to have healthy relationships with all the people in their life okay and do would you say while we’re on the topic of the Mennonite and I appreciate it and it sounds like what needs to happen is that more more men need to step up and organize and do Outreach it’s you already sounds like you’re already very your hands are full working with women and it sounds like that would be good for more men to anybody listening who has that the resources or the means to to do more Outreach Two Men and hopefully that will that will happen and I would say I just want another question just while we’re on the topic is if you if you feel like there is do you feel like a lot of the men who are of War buying the sexual services at women are they are they not really functional in their in their their own marriages that are on family life and are they I guess I don’t know like I said the other is there anything you can say about about the profile or the sort of in the attitude or the State of Mind of the mail client server or are they just a lot of single man to hoodoo don’t have a wife and that therefore they had they feel like they have to get through the day but with a beer you know with getting some drinks and inviting some sex and again there is so much so much change that needs to happen in one of them against the things that I be all that needs to happen from what I saw you know growing up in a very traditional community at 8 I was born in Mexico and I grew up in the town I was very religious it was okay for men to go to a bar in to go to La Cantina to look to spend some time with women right because many of them felt have to ask for certain things from their wives or their girlfriends was disrespectful and so they grew up thinking that the women that worked in the bar in the Campina where it was okay to have certain things of them right certain sexual things or even just to drink with them right again that idea that the women that worked in the casino or less than the women that are at home but that should not be the case that we can community that there’s this idea that yeah I’m going to go to the bar I’m going to go to the one with her right or she will be willing to deliver for a Spur to do and I cannot ask my wife to do that because she’s a good wife or she’s a good woman or she’s going to get offended if I ask her to do certain things when it might be very well that her wife at home or at home is wishing he will do those things with her because of how she grew up in this box that she was playing through gender role that don’t ask for something sexual well your violence violence that that if you are a good wife you would not dare ask for any of that and so that’s one of the things that I’m very passionate about teaching women again we let you know when it’s okay to to look for pleasure it’s okay to have conversations with your partner about certain things it’s okay to explore as long as you are both okay in the end it’s okay to look for a relationship with someone who is not going to feel threatened if you ask for certain things for your own pleasure well that is really powerful and I appreciate you saying that that really means a lot that really helps me understand a lot better and I hope I hope we can move towards that and and I appreciate the work you’re doing to create that space to explore and understand and and change the is paradigm so you’re so another question I have for you which is kind of this kind of extraordinary but I like to I like to do you know what some people call a thought experiment where you just think about what obviously you have you have some budgetary constraints and you have people power constraints but if you and your team or your colleagues the people you work within your organization if you somehow we’re blessed with the resources and the even just to say you won the lottery or something absurd like that but it was just say you had you had really almost Limitless potential or and Empower even politically to say okay this is all of this is all of the wisdom that we have and these are the proposals that we have and and if you just had what what you need to talk about investment and whatnot so if there was a if there was a venture capital firm that says we really think what you’re doing is important and we feel like that there is a benefit to society to have you you all have more resources and really if you if you had almost Limitless budget what are some of the things that you would do to to accelerate and grow and expand you know your services in certainly how I mean I would love to see since having been to the place you know your location I would love to see myself I would love to see you have more more acreage you no more land and something like the weirdest El Centro Farm was there some place where you can have Community Gardens in actual herbal Gardens in and healing natural areas and places for meeting that we’re outside and there were also safe and also had security so that’s just kind of what comes to my mind but I’m curious what you would do or what you would sort of dream up if you had almost no limits to what you can imagine wow there’s so much that we will definitely do love I can tell you that with a bigger budget we will definitely be able to since we will not have waiting list for four clients to to enrolled into into a program but definitely one thing will be to to increase to provide more support for the women that are hiv-positive because of budget I’m talking about financial support very limited women are always left behind and yet they’re the ones that love to see more help women’s health programs that are more sex-positive that are inclusive of sexual trauma Empower women to advocate for their sexual health definitely expand more men’s healing talking circles where they can wear the men pink and strengthen the relationship that we would love to see that but definitely if there was no monetary restrictions more more a healing circles or for women where they can talk about their health advocate for the health including their sexual health awesome thank you so much for sharing and I’m hoping that all of your dreams will come true you’re suddenly during such important and if I don’t work in the community and so yeah I wish you absolutely the best moving forward and hopefully yeah we’ll see each other again and then more more collaboration will happen that will be mutually supportive within our communities do you have any closing words you’d like to share and then also do you want to share the website URLs and any other links or any other ways to connect that would be great bilingual 24-hour hotline anyone can reach this hotline 24/7 the number is 800 5856 231 once again is 800-585-6231 and our website is www.ladwp.com org once again is so absolutely yes sir I appreciate it’s been an honor and do you have any last closing words you like to say is just a call to action or or things that you feel like if if people knew in NC could hear this voice than they would they would they would want to step up and and I guess it was before we say that you are a 501 c 3 charitable non-profit so donations are tax-deductible am I correct that we are especially in need of support because we have the only shelter in the mission where people can can go if they have just been sexually assaulted or if they have just landed on the hospital and they’re afraid to go back home or back to where the perpetrator or abuser is and we definitely need a lot of support for that our women’s HIV program a lot of sports comidas up with some sort of supporting in the dollar if you can share our website with others or even our Facebook page elawc please go ahead and do so we will be very grateful thank you so much Alejandro I think that was a really good introduction to all of the the work you’re doing and I hope that’s a lots of good things come from this and hopefully we will have meet again and and maybe we can follow up again and have you back on sometime in the future talk about some new developments and hopefully there’s there will be a lot more a lot more great things happening in the future so thank you again for your time and we’ll be in touch okay bye bye thank you for listening to the touch of Honey Pot www.entrepreneur.com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temple in every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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Tantra Massage for Healing from Sexual Abuse Trauma with Tiffany Tanner TPP158


Tiffany Tanner Pic

In this episode I have the blessing of speaking with Tiffany Tanner, a certified therapist and tantra massage teacher. I found her powerful article on  Mind Body Green about how tantra massage helped her heal from sexual trauma.

She bravely shares her story of healing from trauma that provides a very compelling and inspiring case study in transmuting a tragedy into a gift that serves the greater good and shifts disempowering victim role into a victor role.

We discuss how tantra massage techniques can effectively move trapped and negative energies from the past into the surface of the mind, body, and present moment. We also talk about how much care before and after is required to better ensure a positive outcomes.

About Tiffany:

Tiffany’s personal healing journey propelled her to become a certified therapist and teacher of Tantra Massage through her beloved school, Somananda Tantra School. She finds great joy in sharing and spreading these spiritually based, life-changing teachings in a pure and authentic way in group retreats and private courses for couples around the world. To learn more about Tiffany, Tantra Massage offerings and upcoming events, visit www.energyalchemy.me.
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast I’m joined by Tiffany Tanner today a certified yoga teacher certified tantra massage teacher and certified meditation teacher and I came across her work through one of my Tantra Google Alerts we’re pretty much scouring the web every week for anything new and interesting about the whole Global Tantra movement and that’s how we discovered a lot of great people doing a lot of great work and this really resonates with me the article that I found on mindbodygreen which all linked to in the show notes and it’s about how tantra massage Hercule from sexual trauma and the story that that she shares in that article is really nice really moving so I was I reached out to see if she’ll be want to talk about her journey and what she offers and definitely give us some good contacts for people who are interested in what is tantra massage and how can it be use to heal trauma and so with that said Tiffany would you like to tell us about your background give us kind of the more detailed story about how you overcame that trauma and if so become a service provider in all these beautiful areas when we were talking strictly about sort of the the the trauma itself at happens when I was quite young actually I was 7 or 8 years old it was by a dear friend of mine her father who was obviously a trusted fatherly figure for me I spent a lot of time with her she was my best friend so we were inseparable at that age and yeah it was you know just kind of one of those random days I was over there playing with her and she happened to to go inside for something and I was on the on their property that has like a swing set or playground and I was there just kind of playing and yeah he had invited me into the his Workshop area and of course I didn’t think anything of it he was going to show me something I don’t know what that was now but at the time it sounded very interesting and intriguing so as a child of course joint him that’s how what happened next was obviously very traumatic at that age he did sexually abused me and rape me and yeah and I walked away from that experience clearly confused and I didn’t really tell anybody it was it was very I just remember being very Dazed and Confused after the experience not quite sure what to make of it’s not sure if it was right or wrong because it was my friend’s father you know so you kind of question whether it’s okay or not okay when it’s someone that you trust but yeah I didn’t go through a whole lot of processing I didn’t tell anyone about it I was very worried about my friend getting in trouble and I didn’t want to rock any boats so to speak so that the next memory I had after the the incident was actually I was at my own home and my mom had said that it was seeing we had a scheduled play date with my girlfriend and I just literally went into chaos I I was very uncomfortable I was crying and I said no you have to cancel I locked myself in the bathroom that was a very very clear memory of mine that I locked myself in my bathroom and of course my mom was very confused you know this is my best friend and someone that I was always loving to spend time with so she wasn’t quite sure what had happened she of course questioned me as to whether or not that was you know if anything has happened that she should know about and by that time it was kind of I had suppressed the memory almost rather quickly I I consider it a great blessing and probably a protection mechanism of my Maya I don’t know my my mind my my body and my spirit who’s to say where the protection mechanism comes from but nevertheless I didn’t have a clear recollection as to why don’t want to go play I just knew that there was danger and I needed to stay away no matter what so that was kind of what was at the Forefront of my mind so yeah so I kind of cruise to realize of course it was a bit turbulent for many years but again being so young and didn’t really understand why it was so turbulent I struggled with many things emotionally as a child you know I got into my teenage years and and was less troubled at that time but I also fully engrossed myself in school and boys and work and school work and you know the things that you kind of focus on when you’re a teenager so it’s not really start flooding back to me memories until I was in my 20s I would say and mid-twenties and I just started having memories and feelings and Recollections and I couldn’t really make sense of them obvious they recognized my friend I recognized the father in these memories and these dreams but the idea that something like that could have happened and I wouldn’t have remembered was beyond me I didn’t know that the subconscious mind could do such a thing I thought for sure I would remember it if it really happened so when I started having these dreams these memories these Recollections I kind of dismissed them and thought they were rather ridiculous cuz what girl could possibly forget such a thing and then they it started to become more forthright it started to become more frequent and it came to a point where I was my boyfriend at the time when we were making love the he became the perpetrator he became the father that had raped me and I decided at that point Out Of Reach critical mass that this was definitely something that I needed to explore and look more deeply into so I thought help and that kind of propelled me and began my healing journey and an exploration Journey as well call thank you for sharing that and it’s so I have I can I can commiserate with a lot of that as a Survivor myself and I know it’s a it’s like a very that processive of Discovery is really difficult to reconcile and so I appreciate you just surviving as we always will have to do in and so if you don’t mind could you zoom in a little bit to what the experience was of your partner becoming the perpetrator would that mean that he was exhibiting kind of like hostel or predatory kind of Tendencies or was it just that your mind was kind of swapping the files for the experience that you you couldn’t differentiate or you were kind of having like a flashbacks they were kind of like blurring between the past and the present or how would you describe that so maybe people can start two people maybe who haven’t questioned what some similar experiences might have been and they may be in the same state of kind of denial you can say spray tan because by the way that I said it could leave so it’s good so good to clarify it it more became like a blurry line as to whether I was making love with my boyfriend who was a very sweet heart and soul so there is you know no perpetrator Tendencies on his part and there was nothing difference in our lovemaking or our relationship we have been together for I think three or four years at the time so it’s just the act of love making some sort of stimulated the memories of being raped as a child and so my lover became sort of it there was like this blurry line we’re at moments he looks like my friend’s father and so and obviously why when you see such a thing it definitely throws you off to say the least and and and it was quite shocking at the time, to think what I was thinking of have you ever seen that film Bliss it came out I think in the late nineties and it was like a Hollywood production with some pretty well-known actors and actresses in it pretty much details the whole Arc of recovery from sexual abuse with tantric healing cinematographers it has a very Cinema graphic way of showing in describing exactly what you’re talking about where it’s at one point you not to be not to give the spoiler alert but it’s a married couple and she’s struggling with a lot of internal issues in their kind of in therapy together and she’s inorgasmic and they’re just trying to work through it and then they kind of threw sacred spot massage State end up rupturing this sort of suppressed energy of all of his memories of, and then it just she just becomes flooded by if she has to she has to basically temporary set separate with a partner so she can go into some more Focus human work so how did you were you able to transcend that August now we get into how you were able to to move beyond that into did you regret your relationship survive also that that chapter chapter on my partner at the time was very supportive but the relationship kind of expired not long after that, it was just more of a amicable parting of ways and kind of growing in different directions so I wouldn’t say that it didn’t survive because of the incident because he was very supportive and actually very instrumental in the process and the healing but yeah you know we all grow and evolve in the sometimes that means party way so that we can continue on with life in different directions I’m glad to hear that the that he was supportive when it mattered the most I’m just do you have any tips or from that recollection of time specially for people who were who were supporters of survivors in these these relationship Dynamics any sort of good feedback you could share about what was working for him playing a role in just being present and supportive than studying and learning with you about the whole issue yeah for sure you know when partners are sort of on the the other ends of the spectrum and trying to support other partners that have gone through such experiences men or women I I think number one is to not take anything personally he was very good about that we had a very close to motional energetic and psychic Connection in some ways where he could really see that if there were issues that were stemming or popping up in our relationship that often times they were because of the healing process and the recollection process that I was having to go through so he was really patience and very sweet in that sense and that he could really step back or to take himself out of it not take it personally and realize that there was something much more Global going on and what was happening perhaps between him and I if there is a challenge or a disagreement of some sort that a lot of it was as a result of me having to go through the psychological psychotherapeutic process so I would say number ones not take it personally which is obviously easier easier said than done number 2 is supposed kind of holding the space which I hesitate to use a little bit cuz it’s kind of this new age term that doesn’t have a whole lot of substance unless you really Define what that means but as much as possible just kind of allowing the person to go through the process because there are so many different levels and stages of the healing process from anger to paint to outrage to sadness to having to relive it was awful moment that you just want to forget forget about to forgiveness to love to so many different levels and stages so it’s it’s quite an ask for a partner to support Survivor as you had mentioned or called it before so if you can just hold the space and allow those emotions to come out allow those stages in those levels to evolve in progress there is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel tunnel and there is sort of this shining ending most of the time to the story so I think that’s probably where the two most fundamental and memorable actions or inactions in some cases that my partner took that really supported my healing Journey that is so grateful to hear that and I’ll just add by saying that the statistics of reported sexual abuse cases of boys and girls men and women it’s so high it’s so off-the-charts and that’s under estimating you know not factoring all the people who don’t actually come out and in either respond to a survey or file a police report or no however those studies measure this so I think it’s important that we all kind of probably expect that we’re going to at some point be in a position where if we’re not survivors ourselves we’re going to be carrying closely for someone intimately who has had some level of trauma so yeah it’s going to be making more critical that the work that you’re doing and they were all doing to raise awareness is going to have her clay through through the culture until we get this problem solved so do you want to talk now about how where you started to discover Tantra and kind of what what the steps forward you took to to kind of grow and get into those more the stages you word your mentioning we are getting you know kind of just not not getting over it not not putting it behind you but integrating that the bigger picture and just becoming degree like realizing you become a wounded healer so when I initially started to explore the memories are flooding back and sit to heal this suppressed memory I started with conventional means you know this is the only thing that I really knew about so I started with a psychology and Psychotherapy and I went to life coaching I did a number of different modalities to try to cuz I there’s a part of me somehow even though I don’t know what I know now there is a part of me that subconsciously knew that this was more than just something psychological this is more than just something you know at the Forefront of my subconscious mind this is something that had somehow embedded deeply into my life on many different levels spiritually emotionally mentally sexually physically so there’s a part of me that knew I needed to do more than just talk about it on a couch so to speak I knew that I needed much more than just hypnotherapy for example to really confirm whether the memories I was seeing where real and true and really happens I knew that there was an energetic healing that needed to take place in emotional healing that needed to take place a mental a spiritual a sexual so many different different thing I really over the course of the the healing process and that over many years I did many different Therapies and I have to pay for me personally sure that there were there were certainly times that it was it was hard to handle it was hard to see the truth it was hard to swallow what was coming through but I have to say I’m so grateful and thankful that that memory was depressed for 20-something years because when it’s so fresh and when you’re a child and you don’t have the coping mechanisms for the understanding to get through such an ordeal then you can really carry a much bigger load of baggage for your life then what I probably did so it was a really a God sent that I had suppressed memories for 20 years by the time you’re in your twenties you’re obviously much more mentally aware and emotionally aware and you have a lot more control over what comes through cheer being an end so I the healing process was was quite therapeutic it was quite harmonious I can’t say that there was really a time where I felt overwhelmed by the healing process or felt like I couldn’t do it or it was too much it was step-by-step it was it was a unique experience in something I would never sort of take away from myself because I really feel like it attributed to who I am today and the path that I’m on today so that I find some gratitude and I find an immense amount of forgiveness as well but yeah I began with these conventional means and by the end of the the process which is probably over the course of eight or ten years I really felt like I was in a good place I really felt like I could easily talked about this experience I wasn’t cheering up I didn’t feel like this emotional hang of hurt or pain inside of my being I I was rather relaxed about the topic about the memory about having discussions openly with people so in my mind I had healed it in my mind it was a done deal and I had Unearthed everything that could possibly be on earth and then of course fast forward gosh I don’t know exactly how I found myself in kind of this a relatively good place in my life I have owned I was only my own business I was very successful at what I was doing I was passionate about what I was doing I was loving what I was doing but I always felt like there was something more that I was missing something in the end that there was a purpose that I was really craving and I found myself in a bit of a a spiritual crisis I would call it kind of that who am I and why am I here question it became it kind of consumes me it was it became something that I can no longer just miss or speed I suppose are quiet down with just simple things are with material things or with them you know a bit of yoga this or bit of meditation that or hanging out with friends it be a really deep calling and I found myself at the place where this was non-negotiable now and I had to do something about it and but it didn’t know where to turn I didn’t know what was next and I found myself praying for the first time down on my knees praying and asking something a higher power or God or something for guidance on what was next how to move forward how do I discover the answers to these very broad big life changing questions and I prayed for about 2 weeks and then I found myself on my computer looking on something on YouTube so you know random unrelated YouTube search and on YouTube if you were call there’s like a side panel that gives you suggested videos the subjects suggested videos are in relation to what you’re searching for but in this case it was completely unrelated and I saw this video that was called tantra massage energetic orgasm using tantra massage techniques and it just for some reason really stood out and in again intrigues me and peaked my curiosity and I decided to click on it and yeah that that led me to someone on the Tantra School that’s who this video I checked out his website and I just said you know what I don’t know why but I really need to explore this more I’d never heard of Tantra really I’d never been involved with you and so for me this was it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense but for some reason it felt like it was the answer to my prayers so I did check out his website and there was a course that was coming up in 5 days and Argentina and put attending such a course would be at the time with seemingly impossible I had booked at like a complete my schedule at work was completely booked out for 2 weeks ahead I had eight hours a day clients booked in so the idea of being able to drop all those clients cancel them book a ticket to Argentina take the 10-day course was a bit hard to Fathom at the time but that’s a little voice inside my head said that I must go and I did actually key to that calling I did listen to that voice my ended up there and that’s where I started I took the 10-day tantra massage therapist course so what I experienced there was completely unexpected because again in my mind I had completely healed the sexual Trauma from the past and there was nothing left to discover there is nothing left but as I was going through the tantra massage and working with many different partners and for so many days we were doing you no 3 for massages a day by day6 I had an amazing release an amazing unexpected a healing I guess took place and it was and I knew exactly where it had come from he knew exactly what it had stemmed from I knew that it was related to the sexual trauma and what surprises me is that it was so harmonious it was so peaceful it was as though you kind of said something earlier you said it really beautifully he had like pop to this bubble and it had somehow you’ve been released do you remember what you said done earlier rupturing a sort of feel like there’s so many I have to hold back on how graphic I’ve seen it from my I guess for like a third eye perspective if you would if you think of it from my biomedical perspective you really you really extracting something that is almost like a sister almost like I’m just at the unnatural or invasive growth that is really consuming resources and taking up space and you know stealing energy really so yeah that that care that’s needed to actually explore and find the location of these energetic not sis is another way but it’s not a metaphors but I think the reality is just that it said it’s very Surgical and away is very energetic surgical operation that says that’s nice way of putting it was it was like this you know this growth that had an energetic it wasn’t me August anything physical or tangible by any means but it was embedded deep in the tissues and in the aura and yeah so it it was an energetic manifestation and therefore had to be released energetically and the Tantrum massage course that I was taking was a highly focused and rooted in the principles the original principles the authentic principles of Tantra which is energy so for me that’s all that it took it took just an intense amount of energy work and eventually the same was dislodged but I truly believe I know you’ve probably seen such manifestations be released in a more violent and dramatic way and I have seen that as well but the the school that I studied under was very specific about the the healing and the releases needed to be in a harmonious and peaceful way a lot of dislodging which I know we can’t always control but a lot of these sort of erratic or violence dislodging of these energetic man manifestations can actually in bed the memory Keeper in the tissues in the aura and so it doesn’t fully leave the body in fact it kind of multiplies that right because now you got this traumatic experience from years ago that is coupled by this very violent reaction in the two almost couple with each other and create a new memory alright it’s a very sticky process and certainly I mean there’s there’s times when I feel like it’s ill-advised to for some people you need to have the financial and social support system setup to be able to take time out of your life to process more and more memories start to come up and like you said linger cuz they’re not going to hit it it creates a whole new Trainwreck energetic wiring and a high blood people who are who are doing the work to to create the Sacred Space in containers for that to be actually a beautiful a very beautiful viewing experience is the pike the positive beautiful transformative regenerative trentino transformative experience is actually so beautiful that that it’s easier to let everything just sort of go away in a lot of people that would maybe just do really limited kind of clinical session work with this kind of stuff and then just leave people to their own devices walking back onto the Subway or back to the cubicle and it just isn’t it isn’t advisable so appreciate what you’re saying about that approach that approach in that style honoring that needs help thank you so much for that I’ve seen it to your rights like people that go in and for single sessions and went on and get on the subway it’s quite something and and there’s also you know courses are a tantra massage teachers that teach that actually encourage this like outbursts this screaming in this you know Barry outwardly release of certain memories are traumas and well I see I see the reason like the reasoning behind it I understand the logic behind it but I also don’t think that people really understand as you said this energetic networking that takes place that you know by by doing such acts such hourly ask such kind of violent acts that sits like I said you are coupling a traumatic experience with another traumatic experience kind of a thing and so it kind of a the more Whimsical and then you got to have a head I’ve had to learn to have some humor about this stuff from a greater sort of I guess like I asked for the ecology is is is when it’s kind of a a nerdy term that I like to use but to kind of make bring a little more lightness to it I actually just a thought about it a lot of people who are suffering and I certainly have been suffering for many years of just feeling very alone and you know what I did know about what happened to me which is only kind of scratching the surface was was so grotesque that I didn’t want to even talk about it cuz I feared alienation and you know being vs. Whole shame that that comes from being a Survivor and wanting to you know concealed the truth from yourself and others and even you know Psalm Isadora bless her heart do you know she is alleged to have taken her own life and she was one of the shining stars of the the Neo Tantra Sexual Healing movement and you know I read test Counts from her saying that she was afraid to open up about her history of abuse because who would love me you know and that curse is so profound him to feel like you have to be silent about it cuz you don’t you know if you would even be loved if people would be repulsed by that truth and just with that line of thinking no to wrap up this this and that I have is just that I think it’s a simple connect energetic economic question of if you want to use the word demons which is kind of mythological archetypal thing but but if you we all kind of have some reference point for that but I kind of feel like if it if these are so-called energetic parasites are demons and they’re just they’re feasting on you and a very depleted state where you don’t have the ability to you know to fight them off or release them or move them out of your field then it’s I could see them thinking from their perspective while it’s like there’s no competition here no one’s coming into love you more than we would just like to devour you so you know what you going to do about it and they’re just they’re doing their thing or that this is happening but when you bring in enough I like Amor a counterbalance their act pretty inside of your field with other human beings with the sort of angelic loving energy than their displaced by that love vibration and then the healing experience doesn’t have to be a deeper trauma but it requires like a higher amount and frequency of the love vibration so if that if I can you know the some guiding a guiding Point that’s that’s kind of my one of my conclusions about this and what you’re saying I’m glad that you know you brought that up because it’s such a it’s such a delicate thing not to make it worse than it already is cuz maybe it maybe you’re just let me know so I know there’s people out there who just could not they would probably melt down and probably become almost catatonic or maybe even just they would lose it and and they would have less of a grip on reality and on their you know just trudging through life trying to make it make a living and get by so hard work you know when you have someone guiding you through the process that says really skilled in such a thing then it can be a beautiful experience you know and a very lethargic experienced and almost Blissful and many ways to be able to transform something and transcend something that is you know horrible in the eyes of most and even in our eyes and to make it to come to a point where you could appreciate the experience understand the implications where it comes from why and how it propelled you forward in life and you know where it can lead you I feel is there’s nothing greater than and that it’s truly a gift at least it was for me about just even later instances in life of let’s save the very typical sort of Campus sexual assault and rape and all of it all of the different sexual assault perpetration Zone that Spectrum Austin if it leads someone into their power to become a crisis counselor or a self-defense instructor then it’s a new kind of well if I think it forces people psychologically to to make lemonade out of lemons you know and it fits it it’s certainly I mean I would there were other things I would rather be doing with my life and focusing you know 100% on this on this dimension of healing and and and helping people but we need more Sofia the First Responders to this issue so you know yeah it’s if I see what you’re saying about the just getting you into purpose and you know it’s it’s a scary thought but some people who were who were kind of in that I guess you like you’re saying about holding space being a little bit kind new age and kind of lacking definition it’s a lot of people will say Isabel will you chose to enter this family structure and you chose well in advance you know while you were in spirit form to come into this life and have these experiences so that you could be catalyzed share your gift we should be to kill people and I think there’s got to be some some truth to that that some of us if we can survive it and you know build the strength to become teachers and healers ourselves then we can really fight back in it in a healthy way so do you want to talk about more specifically what you were training entail building what you’re doing now and just how the sort of more than the mechanics of the procedures that you’ve been trained to do and that you’ve experienced then what people can understand about how tantra massage differs from other modalities of healing Bodywork as I mentioned that the very first course I took was this tantra massage therapist coursed through someone on to Tantra school so that really serves two purposes I actually didn’t go because I wanted to become a tantra massage therapist but it was the soonest course I could take and it was regarding tantra massage so for me I went and joined and I’m so glad I did so first and foremost it helps me to heal the last shred of what existed from my sexual trauma my previous sexual trauma which is amazing and of course it created a lot of clarity and realizations as well but secondly I walked away with a tantra massage therapist certificate as well and though I had not intended to really use it or offer it because it’s not something that is widely accepted or even legal in the United States unfortunately I did after sometime after the course I decided that this was something that I wanted to offer to others as well in addition to sports just changed my whole life changed everything changed everything I knew I knew to be true it changed everything I believed it’s opened my eyes to a whole new universe really and so for that reason and because in my mind it was an answer to a prayer I really felt that I needed to stay the course and stick stick on this path that I really needed to dive into these teachings and and continue with the learning so after this tension massage therapist course I actually came back and I closed my business which was quite a dramatic action on my part really really yeah you do. It was not an easy decision of course I I I did actually trying to sell it because it was a thriving business it was very busy and it offered a unique service it was actually in the in the realm of Rehabilitation and healing chronic pain naturally so that is my original backgrounds of speak so it there was a high need for it you know and I I was initially thought you know I’ll just put it up for sale but these things don’t happen so quickly there’s quite a process that you have to go through and you know the longer I held out for the perfect fire so long I was prolonging my my path the next out the Future these teachings and these things that I wanted to learn more and more about so for me after a couple of months of trying to sell it I just said you know it’s not going to be fun it’s not going to be pleasant it’s scary as heck but I’m just going to close it oh I liquidated everything closed it and ever since then I have been taking course after course after course and really focusing on my spiritual life and my spiritual practice after the therapist course after closing my business and tying up all the Loose Ends I then went on to to become a yoga teacher certified yoga teacher a certified tantra massage teacher because I wanted to offer Retreat two people to couple two singles similar to The Retreat that I had experienced I’m and I also became a meditation teacher as well so that’s been my last few years well that’s amazing yeah that’s these are the kind of success stories that really do a lot to ask but she you know sometimes country gets a weird smell media kind of thumb presentation and they’re certainly if there’s actually a lot of surprised that people might be surprised but in in India there’s a lot of extreme legislation even against what’s become a prolific so it is no pattern of of what we what we would call Black Magic and you know the more sort of evil quote spectrum of of from which doctors and just you know really actually anti-black magic supplies that criminalized Tantra in a very real way and I think it’s sad because it’s been both in the West End in the East the the patriarchal forces have driven the goddess worship aspect and they only worship aspect very underground and very you know out of accessibility and so the more patriarchal and more serious just people using the mantras for Trident love spells and even political candidates getting busted for Consulting with these quote God men the word using Tantra Mantra to get them elected into you know shamanic Lee poison their other competitors and stuff so the more we have these really beautiful Redemptive stories of people like you actually having massive profound transformation and bringing back the glory of of a more. You know you could say goddess sent to your door Shakti centered approach to this that that the global PR campaigns it really is you know at least I know before I jumped into this course of my initial course I thought about it like everybody thinks about it you know it’s cuddle parties it’s sexual it’s all about sex it’s it’s similar to Kama Sutra you know it’s unfortunately gotten away from its original authentic spiritual roots and been modernized and adopted so much today and then even gone in the direction of black magic you know it’s it’s just it’s so distorted and too many people don’t realize it initially Tantra was you know this whole and complete comprehensive spiritual system that touched on many things so it touched on astronomy and astrology and energy and Universal forces and purification and living a clean and healthy and Pure Life and meditation and yoga and relationships tantric relationships and what that meant marriage Life Death first pregnancy and complete system where there are authentic and original text that reference all of these things that make up our universe with explicit and expressive teachings on how to manage your life in a spiritual way and unfortunately I don’t know how but over the years over the centuries it’s got introduced to being something sexual so I think it’s important to note that Contra is so much more it’s a system of evolution it can literally take a person from A to Z regardless of what a looks like for you whether you’re you know like me and you who are trying to heal who are survivors of sexual trauma or traumatic experience generally or someone who know just looking for something more in Life or someone who’s looking to have a better relationship or marriage like it could literally just take you from A to Z regardless of where the starting wages yeah you doing it and then I think the the way that that we can have our cake and eat it too as far as the the sexuality piece which I like someone said this to me once you know it’s a kind of absurd that over representation of a sexuality part in the west you know I says westerners have encountered eastern time show where sexuality was more integrated into a whole system like you said a more holistic macro perspective and micro perspective on just a fractal energetic nature of the universe and life and creative forces and just balancing masculine and feminine energy that sexuality is not excluded it’s not over in the size and it’s sort of just imbalance with everything so there wouldn’t be distorted and sort of bloated in a in a healthy kosher but in a culture like we know that the dominant Western Paradigm of sex negativity in the sort of post Victorian repressive even puritanical attitude of sex phobia negativity then it’s the first the second chakra of the West is the one that’s most how to balance the most wounded so that’s kind of where the vacuum brushes to the energy of country Russia’s there and that can be a good thing or bad thing but but the simplest way is good to me was just said hey you know the second the sex chakra is one slice 1/7 of the of the pie of the chakra system so you can’t you have to treat every chakra in the country system of learning about our energetic Anatomy that you have to give equal attention and purification and activation to all of those parts and then you will find that the lower chakras really energized the higher chakras in the higher chakras really inform the activities that you know that we’re driven to do so it’s a it’s a good it’s a tune-up you know it’s a good tune-up when you get it off blowing right it is so true so true cool this is something that I don’t I don’t see being addressed as often as I like and I would just love to get your thoughts on this what I feel is going to be the future of once once we get enough of our survivor you know Ken more up and running with this material and more you know I’m powered then eventually I can kind of see that we’re going to be called to apply these modalities in various ways to address the problem in in prevention and treatment of the actual perpetrators in that could I could see that involving you know people that go in and do prison chaplain work and bring yogurt you know into psychiatric prisons and juvenile sexual perpetrator programs in there you know so many places where there are social workers in criminal justice officials and you know think tanks and ngos and operating all over the world special in places where there’s war-torn extreme violation happening of you know it’s just there’s so many places where if there were a ton of bricks or a task force that we would be deployed to actually on both sides he will the survivors in keep survivors to heal each other and then get the perpetrators working on clearing them each other out and and everybody can then we can weak as a species we can move Beyond this sort of infection of the soul in I’m just going to throw to find people who who have a forward-thinking attitude about this and I’m curious if you’ve given much thought to that sort of dimension of you know this the applications for treatment and prevention of perpetrators and we can just demonize them forever and just pretend they don’t exist and put them in the shadows cuz that just makes it worse right perpetrators by demonizing them you know so there’s certainly a healing that needs to take place and I think that we need to have a bigger broader perspective about our soul contracts in our soul purposes you know is you mentioned earlier that we all whether you believe in reincarnation or not we all come to this particular human life in this particular human body with karmic baggage you know we all come here to live out our previous or current Karma so it’s it’s much bigger than just you know this human being is a bad human being and therefore he’s done something bad or she’s done something bad and you know they need to be demonized and punished it’s it if we could sort of educate Humanity on the principles of Tantra which is energy which is karma which is you know Universal forces which is reincarnation imagine what a different world it would be we would have an entirely different understanding as to why things happen and how people become who they become or why they’ve taken certain actions so in terms of healing perpetrators or offering a long-term solution to rectify this ongoing and kind of issue that keeps it seems to be getting worse more than it seems to be getting better I think for one we need to start from the ground up we need to start with children need to start with our young are use my my teacher is coming on. He has actually a vlog on his YouTube channel and he talks about you know should we bring Tantra into schools when you tell that to the most the the common the modern person they’re going to say absolutely not where I’m going to teach our children about sex but if we can come to a different realization that understanding about what answer truly is an absolutely imagine as a child understanding such things and and also having tools to manage our human existence are human life tools to manage our chakras tools to manage our emotions tool to imagine her to manager and control are mine and that’s really what Tantra can bring so for me it’s it’s let’s start their number one and number two to heal or to hell perpetrators or you know the the mentally ill I don’t you know it’s hard to say where the issue stems from butt certainly you could bring Tantra modalities such as yoga or meditation to the prison system or to the psychological realm or the mental treatments definitely it could help for sure nobody has to be doomed whether you’re a Survivor or perpetrator there’s always time and tools to change so as a Survivor you feel like who’s going to love me and it’s a perpetrator you’re feeling who’s going to love me I’ve done terrific thing right who’s going to love me and so the idea of being able to transform yourself and become a good PR person is almost Beyond your realm and as a Survivor it’s like who’s going to love me this has happened to me you know I’m kind of going into a little bit of this wounded sort of mentality we’ve we’ve got kind of a similar issue but at two ends of the spectrum exactly exactly and then who wins at the end of the day it is like the word I mean some people don’t like the word demons and I had to you know I love her and she was like can we just call him scomi’s or something less aggressive grotesque and yummy I think Gremlins are at 1 am? A tantric Ayahuasca Shaman friend of mine would he would just like to call Don V call somebody on Friendly’s so we’re not loving ourselves not loving each other not figuring out how to bring love to where it’s needed most to the you know that the deepest wounds then then there’s no competition and you know really we have no we almost have no right to lament this crisis if we’re not willing to step up and bring the sun where you know literally where it does the light where the sun don’t shine is what it usually comes down to an important call to action for people who are her doing this work I’ve met you on social worker two are integrating this and then you know what you’re saying about the child development and the schooling at I know Laurie handlers is one of my heroes in his face and she comes from a she’s got a podcast and use one of the most prominent features I believe in that the modern movement and she had to interview with her a while back and cheese it has a background with like really high-level business organization doing the working at one really high level of public policy projects and corporate kind of don’t you call it just management Administration and management of social organization and so she when we were talking it was very no-brainer to her about how you could roll this stuff out where you know the sexuality education doesn’t have to start with the sexual anatomy and the reproductive organs in the act of sex it really when she’s she’s had guest on talking about Teen Tantra in school workshops and people who do like a preschool level approach which is just all about sensation and energetics and consent and sharing in becoming a real master of your emotional landscape in your body and that’s really the prerequisites to be a conscious caring compassionate sensitive a human being that win at the appropriate time of sexual development later in life you’ve actually laid that Foundation to be very conscious and aware of yourself and then you won’t rely on alcohol with say to a to have to be inebriated to open up sexually and that’s you know the cause of so much abuse and Trauma so I think that any of this this the people who are are going to step up and in an adapt used to be called 264 of love where you would as a man or a woman to be really considered you know socially Adept you would be learning to do flower arrangement and working with you know archery and Metallurgy and poetry and so many different balancing of masculine and feminine energy so that by the time you actually we’re getting aroused and turned on and wanted to get it on you would be such a beautiful multi-talented just Renaissance person not so yeah that’s amazing kit will I’m so glad that they were able to cover a lot of the stuff and just extend the conversation and you know we’re about an hour or so if you want it feel free to share any extra thoughts and words of wisdom and then certainly all of the ways that people can be in touch with you and and connect with you so I guess I’d like to maybe just briefly describe tantra massage cuz again it’s one of those things that’s sort of lot of misconceptions regarding tantra massage again it kind of goes more towards the erotic sexual sensual side of things and went and her massages is done properly and with full integration of energy meaning is an energetically based massage then that it’s you’ll soon discover it’s actually not a sexually based or erratically based massage it’s actually built and renowned to provide deep intrinsic healing healing at the energetic level healing at an unprecedented level healing those embryos or the seeds does energetic seeds that have been implanted in our Aura from a lifetime of experiences and situations so it’s really quite a powerful form of Bodywork and healing should be at the Forefront of the the goal I guess I think it’s important to just kind of describes that’s that the purpose tantra massage should be rooted in the foundations and the fundamental components of Tantra which is energy-based and it it needs to abide by certain laws of Tantra so energetic laws for sure but continents right so sexual continents are preserving the Sexual Energy should be at the Forefront of a authentic tantra massage and yeah it’s so for people that are perhaps listening to this podcast in and may be seeking out tantra massage as a healing modality for themselves just some things to keep in mind when you’re searching for a practitioner or therapist to assist you along your healing Journey you want to make sure all they say that the person is skilled and well-trained and that they’re incorporating fundamental principles of Tantra into the tantra massage session so I think that’s as far as how to maybe touch bases with me if it’s something you have questions you’re interested more in learning about tantra massage and what it can bring to you or if it’s the modality that is right for you then I can be reached at energy Alchemy. Me so energy energy Alchemy Alchemy. Me is my website and you can read some description is an articles and whatnot about what exactly is tantra massage and how I personally conducted course that can vary from practitioner to practitioner and I guess last words really bad would just be that there’s there’s always light there’s always a way there’s always something on the other end where you are there you know no clothes Road no one is doomed whether you’re a victim a Survivor a wounded warrior whether you’re a predator or someone who has perhaps puts a person in a situation where sexual abuse was taking place if it doesn’t matter like you there are solutions and there are ways to transform your life and to move forward and a productively healthy successful spiritual loving way so in my mind it’s some no one’s doomed there’s always a way and you just have to be willing to take those next steps there is obviously you do need to be diligent you do need to be dedicated you need to understand it’s going to be challenging it’s not just you know this lovely seamless no way past but I can stay from personal experience and maybe you can to that it’s well worth it what’s on the other side is beyond anything we can buy them and truly amazing truly blissful absolutely yes will beautifully said in great words of wisdom and dime I’m super motivated to coming to this world again unrecognizable as it to it’s enough for my former life I still I believe that anyone is listening to this who is a Survivor even if you know there’s a sort of paradox which is that you know I realized it’s many years ago and it still be kind of my my final response to no to this to wrap this up as yesterday at one point I realized it was really disheartening I realize you don’t even if I could heal and from the trauma and overcome this and and not have it bother me so much or feel like such a dream I was I would still probably never forget it like you can’t put press a button that deletes these files from memory forever you’re going to always have to be shaped by the memory of it but that the more you eat the more of this work that you do tantra massage is it just a great way of looking at it mean if you are doing giving those and receiving those that you know as many days and hours of the week as you can then there is so much light at the end of that tunnel tunnel it’s ongoing Discovery more and more like but you will never actually forget that any of the stuff ever happened you just have a different way of engaging with the energetically and it won’t feel like this black hole every time you have to get sucked into it a trigger of the trauma and put the flip Beauty the thing that motivates me you know I’m beyond that seems like I can never really Escape it escape the knowledge of it but you can’t have the hope and I believe that if we really correct this and we really feel this on it on a world a global level in a general you know with it within the next few hopefully Generations then we will come back if we choose to and reincarnate and then we’ll get a fresh start and we will I think it’s so important to do this work now so that we can be more statistically assured that when we come back into another womb it will be through a nun raped and unmolested body and it when we will be born and live lives there free from that fear and that that trauma so let’s do it no better reason to stay happy and healthy as long as we can to do this work and and be given I don’t know I don’t know what’s in the afterlife but I know that if we come back to earth we can directly affect how the net out our next life actually hands out if we do this karmic clearing work now so yeah that’s that’s the spiritual call to action and thank you so much Tiffany has been great chatting with you and I wish you all the best with all your endeavors and hopefully you know anyting that you have to inform myself in the future please let me know I’ll be happy to have you back to share any new offerings or if you have any creative works that you want to promote then fell means love to hear about it so yeah have a wonderful wonderful rest of your Sunday and will hopefully be in touch again soon thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been a tantra Punk. Com Thomas Day

Building Therapeutic Community for Male Survivors with Jim Struve TTP116


Jim Struve Pic

In this episode I am joined by one of my new personal heroes, Jim Struve of MaleSurvivor.org.  He provides an overview of his life’s work in service to the male survivor community.  As a pioneer in the field he shares deep and profound insights into the scope and severity of this issue. I’m very grateful that he graciously held supportive space for me to vent my frustrations and share my concerns. Ultimately we agree that hopeful and encouraging progress is being made within the survivor community of all genders worldwide and that with better sexuality education, we may be able to effectively overcome this crisis.

Please visit http://www.MaleSurvivor.org to learn more about his great works.

About Jim:
Jim Struve, LCSW has been a practicing social worker since 1976. He is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Salt Lake City, providing psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and groups. With special attention to mindful presence in the healing relationship, Jim works with a wide range of client issues: trauma (including male and female survivors of sexual victimization), relationship enhancement (including issues such as intimacy, assertiveness, identity, gender, self-esteem, and sexuality), healthy life choices, fostering resilience, conflict resolution, parenting, addiction recovery, and dissociative disorders (including Dissociative Identity Disorder). Jim is a founding member of MaleSurvivor.org and is Manager of the Weekends of Recovery retreat program. He was the recipient of the Richard Gartner Outstanding Clinical Services Award at the 2010 International MaleSurvivor Conference in New York City.

Jim regularly conducts workshops and trainings for professionals. He has been an Adjunct Professor for Westminster College in Salt Lake City (teaching a seminar in “Trauma, Grief, & Loss”) and he is frequently invited for in-services programs for agencies and college classes for clinical mental health students.

Publications for Jim include: “Dancing With the Patriarchy: The Politics of Sexual Abuse” (1990); The Ethical Use of Touch in Psychotherapy (1997) – co-author with Mic Hunter; “Beyond the Gay/Straight Binary: Gender and/or Sexually Diverse Male Survivors” (2018) – co-author with Howard Fradkin & Lee Beckstead; and “Empowering Male Survivors to Heal Through Community and Peer Connections” (2017) – co-author with Howard Fradkin, 2018.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township on podcast episode number 116 I am with Jim struzzi and he is a founding member of the male Survivor organization which I had the blessing to attend to a kind of mini conference in Los Angeles a few years ago and it was just really heartwarming and really nurturing tube to feel supported in in the space of being a male Survivor myself and to just Network and really important profound shifts and subsequent events happened from from the attending that and I’ve always over the years have the intention to reach out and get someone from the organization to speak in the podcast about wood what it is that they do and I got a notification from a Facebook group one of my one of my many email list that there’s going to be a week in recovery Retreat happening and so I was able to get gym Who is the the manager of that event and also to be on the show to talk about what that offering is and I also just give us some background and history about the male Survivor organization and how this movement of exposing this issue is is really starting to to move forward more more rapidly and effectively so with that said Jim thank you so much for being here and if you could just yet helped a little bit a little bit about your your personal life path and what brings you into a leadership role okay thanks and thanks for having me and welcome to all your your listeners glad to be part of this discussion kind of concise summary version of this is that I first got into the steel back in 1976 when I began to work for Child Protective Services Agency in Atlanta Georgia I was part of the Emergency Services Unit we investigated situations of child abuse in the black them because there wasn’t a lot of males have time, staff I ended up being a sign lots of the cases of boys who were being discovered for sexual trauma work to that job for about four and a half years doing in chicken emergency working then my journey has kind of taken me into becoming a licensed clinical social worker because of that it when I left that job at 1 residential facility working with primarily boys most all of them is sexual trauma been working a couple of psychiatric hospitals were a lot of the patients were sexual trauma survivors and along the way realize that there were very few limited services for males are the emerging back then for rape recovery centers in female survivors but not much for men’s so began to figure out what we could do to help some services and was fortunate enough to bump into a couple of other clinicians and singer who was up in New Jersey in. Jamaica was up in the Twin Cities at the time and we all were struggling with the same thing of Finding Dory she resources to work with this issue and we all pleasure going to try to see if we could pull together some conference to dress that issue and we were successful in 1988 to get there was a good to be a conference in Minnesota to work with sexual offenders and they agree to the date of their conference let us organize something around male Survivor so that in the fall of 1988 in St Paul was the first Gathering that we know of anywhere it was addressing this issue and one of the concerns was it’s a stereotype about the that males are more at risk for becoming a fender so we wanted to change that perception we decide an extra to do a conference in Atlanta get its focus solely on male survivors who were not offenders and effort into 450 people from 14 countries attended added that alarm system to the formation of the organization that eventually became male Survivor. Org we all kept doing conferences every year and then finally legally Incorporated in 1995 and he organizations exist it ever since in 2001 we added the weekend to recovery Retreat program 3-day Retreat for men who have experienced sexual trauma either as children or adults in the one we doing now in August of this year in Utah will be our 69th weekend we’ve done so we’ve been around for a while I put a lot of men who come to the program gotten her resources in so I can talk a little bit about the program as we go in but that’s kind of the vice versa of our history and evolution well thank you so much for sharing that I I I did not know it went back that far and that’s really exciting to hear so you must have so much inside now and so many positive outcomes to share do you want to talk about some of the some of the the program Services other types of resources that have evolved as you’ve been doing the conferences and the Retreats and the if somebody was just getting into Discovery Miss what would what would you recommend for them what was the main thing that we run into still to this day is most men who have experienced sexual trauma at some point during the lights still really feel like they’re the only one it’s very rare that a lot of people have met anybody else where that experience is limited exposure that she will head of the media or other places so one of the biggest things that happens with the organization with the weekend is just breaking the isolation and if nothing else happens that’s life-changing and of itself since we’ve been successful through near the internet is now around so that allows people to connect to network. Rooms discussion boards that are available to website so people no longer have to remain in isolation and the other thing that’s been helpful that way especially with cell phones technology the internet people can meet each other over a huge Geographic expands to send can begin to actually Chad and talk and learn from others who had the experience there’s also been a proliferation of literature books that have been written videos YouTube not have lots of materials available some major films that have come out that address the topic so I think it’s a little bit of a chicken or the egg kind of thing that I think we and other organizations like I was heavy into was that the discussion and have been able to help Foster much more public awareness at the same time and lots more people more and more people are finding someone in their life has been touched and probably already know this but the current research has that one of every for females experience the sexual trauma in their lifetime and what’s less known as it once every 6 male experienced sexual trauma sometimes I like and I think that’s because of Reporting Act much much closer to it being just as much an issue for males as it is for females and one thing we’ve been very clear about all the way along is we don’t want it to work with mail to take away or distract from the reality of sexual trauma with females gender-inclusive we don’t want to be stealing resources competitive we want to address the matter as it relates to both issues not for one to get some more attention than the other so we’ve been collaborating where we can with organization great recovery centers to really have gender inclusive spa services available awesome also well there’s so many questions I have for someone in your position really around will recently in Utah of all places I just buy synchronicity I guess you might have heard about how there was a declaration of pornography as a Public Health crisis the the public for what would be more restrictive laws to come out and I’m just I’m in that world and in certain ways and so I’m aware of those those developments but I feel that is as much as there is a desire to address the issue of corn which is an issue no matter what side is that you’re on it is it is the Pro or con it’s an issue but I feel like the the they’re starting to do more rigorous research around the effects of corn on the brain and I I just feel like it’s starting to kind of become a more sophisticated anti-pornography movement where eventually it’s going to be a scientific and medical research question where the policy will be decided by the research and I feel like that’s what I would love to see more proactively from the Survivor movement and I’m curious if you would have inside says to know other people working on really bringing this issue and the research about the prevalence of it and trying to kind of sound an alarm and get us into more of a Alert state where were I believe it’s the state of an emergency personally because of my experience and what I’ve observed just anecdotally but you would be in probably position to say hey are we what what are the the trends with being taken very seriously and having there be more of like a a bigger scale public Service Announcement kind of curriculum upgrade excetera excetera my my chicken this is the corn debate is one of those distracting issues that has become very politicized in his stealing attention away from things are rages over attention it seems to me they were under current issue is it weed we do not provide sex education sex awareness to anybody in our culture is very hit-and-miss weather people get to itself just like to be an emergency responder where we’re going to work with accident people have to be exposed to the issues I have to be alert to what happens so you can know what to do if you get into a situation where your emergency skills are needed we do not train are you do not train or culture to be alert to the emergency of being sexually assaulted is very little attention given that sofa so many people if it happens during childhood they don’t have a reference point maybe even know if what’s occurring to them is good battery neutral that’s just happening to them they’re being what is an overwhelmed by the experience and then because we are talk about sex we don’t talk about those things people know intuitively are instinctively don’t tell anybody about it or in this happens for man so often when they when they do discloses something happen there either blamed for a why didn’t you stop it why didn’t you protect yourself in it soon then should be able to do that or there may be some when why did you go back again why did you let it happen but we get into this really cauldron for lack of better words Cesspool for probably more accurate language in where we just don’t have the resources or the capacity to understand. Even process sexual trauma we don’t talk about it we get all of our discussion into things that we can vilify like pornography and it distracts the discussion over onto that pornography is a very real issue is very important but it doesn’t allow us to keep her attention that we need basic education about sexuality we need basic awareness of sexual and gender diversity we need people to understand their own bodies we need to understand the Dynamics when were invaded when founders are violated so the people have the resources to send to deal with sexual trauma in a very different way than we currently are and it just happens for women we debate whether the skirt was too short for the men why didn’t you leave a shadow is better if we spent all her time on that and then when it becomes legal instead of mental health it’s proving who’s telling the truth who’s right even when we know someone has the dick to my house we argue over who was right through his Ron rather than how do we help someone recover from their trauma right so we there is a lot of work to be done a lot of dimensions a lot of front lines and yeah you know what I don’t know when it was not too long ago I was looking at some application for a government related job and I don’t know form online but I just could not believe there was it seemed like there were pages and pages of graphic descriptions of forms of sexual abuse that you could not have been convicted for in order to have that job and you don’t do any but I guess to the average just tell him I say zombie or sheep with this is the average person uses walking to go to the Matrix urges if they’re desensitized and numbed out it’s like oh yeah well you know their sickos and creepy stranger danger so of course they’ve got to put the stuff in there but to me when I saw that I might well have we don’t think that were in the middle of a plague right right right you had to if this was an epidemiological issue it mean if the CDC were involved and they would be doing things to lock down populations in quarantine ready and they would be proposed putting up tents and they will be flying in with hazmat suits on tube to try to understand it at this level in spurts of just be well you know it’s kind of a slap on the wrist and then you have to be registered and you go to knock on the doors and there’s just this sort of what do you call even in The Big Lebowski they made a big joke about it they made a big joke about the John Turturro being the child molester in and it was, I’ve seen other really really despicable pop-culture mockeries of this issue that just made it made it really apparent to me that people are so so autopilot cognitive dissonance completely just so it’s so disturbing and disgusting and traumatic that it it just has to have these almost a caricature release valves in popular culture but it obviously doesn’t feedback do anything really constructive and I mean even remember there was that that music video complete and total really deeply disturbing creepy depiction of the sky who was all in his thirties maybe late thirties or totally dirty and nasty and find me and he’s in this skin suit dancing in this really perverted erotic dance with this little girl and it was supposed to be this art piece and it was total crisis within your organization and and what’s what’s happening with it as you move forward if your I guess where does the rubber meets the road with with with lobbying and an advising you know the Surgeon General committees on this I mean when will the when will there be a national federal task force and when will they be Consulting with you guys or how do we push that forward I guess in question policy you know what I think I think things are changing you’ll get a focusing particular ride on male sexual trauma for this discussion here rape recovery centers are now have grown and almost every Community has some resource recovery center that’s addressing services and most of them now as a mention that the beginning here are being becoming gender-inclusive so that there is much more service awareness with that child protective service agency is there are much more aware of this happening across the gender Spectrum there’s a lot more education campaigns that are beginning to happen and it’s slow but we are getting lots of Outreach organizations that are doing a Richburg food is getting to be more and more visibility now a Survivor and over the years we’ve been doing lots of public education we will going to community show movie have a panel discussion afterwards get good attendance I with those and then there are more and more men who are beginning to find the courage because they’re getting help the treatment where they can speak out about their own experience and when you think about one in every six man has been sexually assaulted at some point in their in their lifetime if everybody begins to disclose that somewhere Somebody almost everybody’s going to know I survived her and so therefore it’s beginning to be more in the couch it is not those people over there it’s someone close in our lives that really she people uncomfortable or discomfort in to talk about it on these issues in one very clear meth is it people are sexually traumatized by strangers true it almost most of the time people know the perpetrator is someone the perpetrator was someone in their life and so therefore it’s a stranger danger of being alert to people who are already in your lives in for boys for men a lot of the assault may happen from say for example is scout leader a minister a coach someone who’s who’s in who’s in the system and some people who made the gender non-conforming the presentation may be attacked Boyd has some kind of a hate crime that involve sexual assault by people who know the person being targeted because they’re not presenting is traditionally masculine that’s one of the bigger miss that we have to begin to confront it it’s the people in our lives that we need to be alert to not not as much for getting that at folkestone just done strangers but I can talk to about the video and the other they all promote that myth that if someone is lurking in the darkness and someone going to drive by a car and kick someone out for right I’ve heard that. I’ve heard some staggering statistics it’s the places where they were trusted usually typically men who are of whatever condition that inhibits the ability to have empathy I said I would say that’s the coming out there with your skin or drug addiction or alcoholism or other I mean that’s in it but you know how I feel like there could be a some sort of threat assessment infographic that shows people very clearly Here RV overlapping Circles of you know or the concentric circles of danger and then really the private residence is the most dangerous place to be a child and you’ll be safer running away and sleeping at the park then you would be potentially where you were drunk uncle or Neighbor comes over while your parents are checking out and parents are checking out now more than ever with their phones I can’t even imagine being a nation was it she had to work as a single mother to put food on the table she had to be gone long hours and that’s just you know who opened up for dangerous in the areas that we turn our backs into have trusted so-called adults there but I’m so do you have off the top of your head just to kind of breakdown of where the you mentioned some of the service providers or trusted you know people in the community that would have access private access to children when their parents aren’t there where there’s not a group of people watching and those obviously would be the you know the sort of like if we could map math at this out culturally you know to really know where to focus efforts is at can you speak more on that I think the reality is that we start from the point where a sexual trauma can happen when someone has access to a child or another adult and the risk factors increase with some predictable trajectory when you have a child or an adult who it was it was in some degree of vulnerability like for example a young child who is in daycare has stricken baby sitters Etc there’s nothing to say that a babysitter or daycare worker is inherently in a fender but it’s a place where you need to be alert to excuse or what’s happening with a child HughesNet setting and so often let me just jump ahead it’s when children or adults have access with someone who could be in a sander and they have some pretty obvious characteristic sometimes like sudden behavioral changes to their academic performance begins to fall they want to drop out of some extracurricular activity whatever and then lot of times as parents or the child mood either going through state Missouri Southern do people say did something happen is something wrong can you tell me more about what’s going on we chant it too often because we’re busy we got other things we just thought I passed out and Dylan are being but and then you may have an adult a coach to scout leader someone else who just takes a little too much interest in being alone with the children and we should pay attention to is something actress Sarah when we have a child or an adult who has a disability who has some kind of physical mental learning disability that makes them vulnerable to need to be in share with people who have undue access to them are we paying attention and accuse if something changes that something might have happened of paying attention to the people in our lives and noticing things that might change the alert us if something happened but also go back to sex education and relationship educating people about Good Touch Bad Touch shop appropriate boundaries and appropriate boundaries and helping the people our lives pay attention to them while we pay attention to the people in our lives that’s why we’re guess we’re going to get our ourselves around this and then we need to where we can change the culture where we going we don’t excuse we don’t charm and allow mistreating people to go on the show off of the sexual jokes that happened to kind of behaviors and fraternities the go on we trying to return look the other way and see what is just kids being kids and don’t realize the risk factors that people might be being exposed to alcohol and drugs can be part of the formula but a lot of times you don’t need alcohol or drugs the culture is permissive enough to allow Congress to be crossed bright I feel like if there was a sober kind of come to Jesus meeting as a culture every night I dream of the day where we will cancel Christmas in order to have a fireside chat with some leader or group of leaders who are willing to sit there and say everybody our religions are failing us are medications are failing us are so like how everything is failing as we cannot stop this we need to call for international state of emergency and we need to get it almost like I mean I would be I would be favorable to Ace a form of sexual martial law almost don’t leave your sorry but it might be okay I mean I guess you don’t want to get too too far off the deep end with this but I I feel like a welded the sober way to frame this conversation if I if I had the chance I would ask America Odessa world the question how many instances of sexual abuse is it okay for your child to have is it like you know they’re going to experiment with drugs and alcohol so we’ll let him you know have a have a beer here and there and if you know don’t go they’ll know what the world is like I mean this people who would say that yeah you should go get beat up and bullied because then you’ll know how to be a good employee when you have a boss who who’s the president and it’s almost blase okay yeah it’s just going to happen or if you’re going to learn the hard way probably how the real world is but I think it’s really thought about that they would say actually know there’s not it’s not okay for one instance to happen ever ever okay and I think we we we sort of we act appalled after the fact driving the preventative you know infrastructure building than cultural transformation that that it would take so then the question is and maybe it’s a fair question for you I’d say there was this level of people take me seriously and they were willing to drop everything and address this issue faced on full-on it’s like the question would be how how where where could there be like experimental Community where where things like masturbation are actually applauded and there’s space for people to relieve themselves sexually as needed that don’t involve using other people as experience for they’re getting off you know if you’re there for their entertainment I mean understanding that Sexual Energy has the flow and we have to give it places the flow otherwise it’s going to get it’s going to get backed up and cause problems I mean there I have a million ideas for what a progressive you know I guess like I would like to call to rape free zone you know where it’s not just that their behavior laws but it’s it we figured out how to never let there be one moment of opportunity for you if there was really like that and experimental safe space yeah I don’t I don’t think we’re going to move ourselves Beyond this current issue through loss I don’t think this is something that we can legislate it’ll take it something that we can change through your legal interventions where I come from as a social worker as a social justice Advocate is if we can find a way into in as many settings as possible whether it’s through schools to church through parenting more and more attention helping people to learn about respectful relationships where people know what it means to be respectful and where we pay attention to our own sense of authentic needs and our own awareness of other people’s authentic needs it would seem to me that it would be hard to be abusive if people had that mindset of that training of respected authenticity and what that is going to require is first of all finding way to increase people’s tolerance to talk about sex make it so that it’s not so we talk about when we were in the Rated-R when were joking but something we could literally talk about healthy sexuality healthy needs our bodies and the reality that sexuality is part of a healthy relationship to get that in secondly just talked about and begin to have a way where people can have sexuality across the Spectrum and it’s there’s not a right way and a wrong way to be so that we can factor in all the multiplicity and diversity of how people have sexual expression to begin to teach people the communication skills to talk and non-verbally I in ways that are fancy in ways we don’t have to censor in ways that we don’t have to chew and that’s going to really help us to know when things are consenting and when they’re not when we’re really able to listen and talk openly so for my vantage point that could really be something that the intervention could start at home with parents are School teachers churches in youth groups in an adult education begin to do some of that could make a difference to do it and would make would make a job somewhere I’m sorry I hope we can continue to find ways right now the legal matters are in so many places teachers are restricted from talking about these kinds of things parents don’t want to deal with these kind of things churches have value judgments to preclude you from addressing these issues we have the legal right to back off and those restrictions and there was Prohibition and opening up and it really encouraging people I’m shocked it justifiable think if we can build relationships with those in our lives are close to and it’s safe to text more likely this someone is the victim of some kind of sexual trauma they might actually feel safe enough to step forward and say something happened to me where is right now too many people are afraid to approach somebody and even open that disclosure chili people realize something’s going on in there afraid to ask what happened you tell me what’s going on right now with these numbers being so prevalent it really it just begs the question are we is there some either deeply Insidious kind of conspiracy or maybe just threw Folly and we’re just really negligent and really ignorant or we are succumbing to really highly sophisticated intelligent mechanisms of of brainwashing or propaganda whatever it is but this but it’s like they’re the numbers don’t lie and in the numbers are only getting more staggering and worse meet you to always indicating that there’s a large percentage of people who are not reporting incidents but if the reporting of incidents has been the high-level then you know that leave so many in the shadow and it’s like we are again to go with that sort of public health model it is if we were creating conditions conducive to Mastiff rat populations you know we would and then we were having oh yeah you know that one in four one and six people have the Bubonic plague still because the snake population is down because there’s so many factors in in in the cultural design and what not and I totally agree with you it could be easily precluded by just solving solving the problem of people not knowing what to do with their sexual energy and a consensual and helping out of so-so under under the I mean I guess it’s not really useful to call him Predators it doesn’t really help it’s not I mean it can be I don’t know how we’re going to involve the approach a radical approach to really the Redemption of the perpetrators but I know there’s an organization called The Virtuous pedophiles have you heard about me today’s one about the perpetrators America still is a culture that’s dealing with issues from legal legal perspective other places so I can be in one serving of being another they are dealing with the offenders the perpetrators in ways that are trying to help them heal and overcome we do it through punishment with do for dinner and sex register for the rest of your life so we’re really not addressing the change or the process and I hope we can move more towards the models at some other countries are doing are you actually are trying to treat sexual offenders and change the issue so that those people can turn their lives around as well that’s going to make a huge difference the other thing I think it’s important to realize in this it’s hard right now because we’re being better at identifying sexual trauma so more people are stuck in storage so it may appear that the issue is getting worse we’re in some regards it may just be at the reporting is getting more accurate and what I can say optimism working with this issue for as many years as I have almost all the clients that I worked with over the years to come for help you come for a weekend they are the most incredible advocates for stopping the cycle and there was too many of them are wonderful parents are wonderful adults and they are out there soldiers trying to change the world and protect children and turn this around when you think about all the people coming in for therapy for mental health services all the people coming to rape recovery centers all the people come in Shore weekend each one of them is out there the Army is getting bigger and bigger of people who are so invested in wanting to turn this around one by one there too so I don’t know if the public sees that in the same way but there sure are a lot of feet on the ground of people who with their own children their own families their own partner they’re making a huge difference because they are aware these issues they are aware of the Dynamics they’re very alert to do it and they speak up when they see it in their lives without there is so many people who are survivors become helpers who is it helping professions and are using their time and energy to change the world an extra card show eye stye I’m an option is survey feel like a lot is happening a lot is changing I don’t know if it’s showing up yet because the reporting is becoming more and more open so it’s up here is that it’s spreading where it may I see in some ways we’re returning the return the ship around and really changing a I just don’t know if it’s showing up as much and even some of the movies in video presentations are now we’re talking about people who chew and changing our lives becoming successful in their efforts to recover from the trauma that even is a message of Hope and inspiration for dealing with this issue yeah I’m glad I’m glad you mentioned that it is a very important kind of statistical sociological phenomenon to two to go over which is at yeah it may be that we’re just getting better at the reporting becoming more aware and then actually has the more the more aware of it we we become a staggering but also give me know where once we have these like you said kind of what you know maybe the word would be early early onset triggers or or just a disproportionate well if you are a remorseless empathetic perpetrator it’s going to get harder and harder to get away with it cuz people are becoming more educated in literate and aware so that’s a good thing and then don’t work people who feel like they have a compulsion that they can get help for there will be more space for compassionate acceptance of the thing at this order and there will be more I mean right now there’s this sort of need your posturing oh yeah we would just what we eat we should just kill them all and you know that’s that’s cuz they don’t have a real solution will going to be somehow we are permitted which I don’t see that happening soon in this reality then there’s going to have to be more more proactive research and solution on that note where are you at personally or and within you know that the more than a seasoned veteran colleagues of yours at with really that what you could call in a word that fancy word pathogenesis where we know the cycle has been perpetuated cascading through generations especially in families with a full-on incest and where it’s just straight-up you’re going to be you know impregnated by somebody of your can and that’s just how this town works I mean that’s very deeply Doug in very almost at the DNA level of replicating down Athleta bloodline but there’s also the epigenetic sort of cultural what’s the word I mean I guess you could say it’s the way it’s just that it’s just taking for granted that we see it as a cycle almost like a biological parasite life cycle where it is propagates you know if you have if you have lice and in the in the in the Linens you know it’s going to continue to propagate as long as the conditions are conducive to the that lights being able to to to repopulate going down the lines but you know to break that cycle in to intervene we’re going to have to have a deeper understanding of its mechanism so with a proactive approach to the perpetrators what would you say are some are there any new ground-breaking research are there any new teams of researchers and Scholars who are who are volunteer perpetrators who are willing to be studied like pedophiles I’m sure they would be happy volunteer this in some some you know in a think tank or research facility is dedicated to why is this happening where is it coming from I think I think you’re gay the best way I can answer kind of what you were just saying I think we have to Canada and Germany get are two places that I feel like we’re doing a better job list we have 2 as we’re working with people who are offenders begin to take more time to stop and listen and stop and ask them if they’re in there too so that we can understand their dynamics of how of how boundaries. Cross how much should I charge was intentional how much it was kind of sexual preference victim was etcetera etcetera because I think we jumped in our culture does is so often we begin to form stereotypes of who people are and then we begin to put people into these boxes that we can begin to get these pictures but they may not always be true in terms of being the profile of the people where the offenders and so we need to understand the circumstances didn’t read it happened I think two examples where I see that beginning to happen is that I think colleges are beginning to and some places to look at how it is the campus sexual assault is happening in campus cultures in fraternities and sororities in campus what is it about those cultures that are allowing inbreeding people to have sexual assault be such a prominent feature so then we can know how to intervene and how to do this stuff to turn that around and throw them just jumping in and again criminalizing or bouncing on the people the offenders backing up and send what is the contextual what is the cultural what is the Environmental features that are allowing that. environment you existed for to get past dinosaur editable the military is another place military culture is really taking very seriously the issue of sexual assault and beginning to take on what are the circumstances that allow on people in the military to be sexually assaulted so that can be turned around and changed and do we have so it’s kind of finding a balance between attending to the people who are victimized beginning to work on how to protect them how to help them heal at the same time working at how does that even occur what is it what are the environmental features that she perpetuating so that can be turned around and I think the military and some of the college campus were going to have some success with that way of looking at it could be extended I wish you looked at as a whole culture I would have the breeding grounds and what are the features allowed to continue right yes very very well said and I agree with that said you were a bit more about Canada and Progressive in their approaches to harm reduction probably and I don’t mean to lump them together but just for purposes of this to talk about it one of the things that they’re both doing is taking your approach to whoever is an offender needs help to and then where in Canada specifically it should be possible to work your way off your offender registry and become a functional citizen of the culture again rather than saying now you’ve had this offense that you’re cooked and there’s no hope for you and beginning to go through Visual and written and spoken ways you can to educate the culture about what are the queues is something may someone may be getting a danger or something maybe your baby happening so we should we could be doing more of those kinds of things here you’re Classic example that we kind of have missed for example with a with a Catholic priest abuse that happened is how often an adult priest would become overly involved with a young child and him say they’ve even come to the parents house for dinner go up be the shooter up in the bedroom with the child ER take the kids camping all the timer to 7:01 would be asking why is this still hanging out all the time with children where are there adult relationships and someone might be coming in and out of the house and we don’t even ask what strength is trip charges for example when you realize that there’s somebody who you actually probably seeing the inappropriately sexual with somebody and you don’t say anything to them to stop at so it doesn’t happen again that’s just part of what happens in the fraternity about we try our backs and ignore those kind of things in a different than how we need to do with a lot of social justice issues it how often do we hear a racist comment anything which send check for the whole context were some of the things that are playing on their culture on racism how many times do people witness homophobic, your behavior is not say anything or not do anything which where where does his cross the line without contributing to bullying and harming someone we have a way that we turn our backs and don’t listen to those things that other people on the receiving end of it are acculturated if you like what I deserve that were yeah that’s just what happens because of my my status as what you whatever it is that puts me on the receiving end did you see how many times when I’m working with them with men who have been sexually traumatized and whenever there is an it happened whether it was as a child or as an adult at the time they may have said well I just deserve this or this is just what happens and where they don’t initially even say to something that was catarang they could do everything about what that’s what happens you and it’s really amazing that people can be acculturated to believe that being assaulted is something that you deserved it what is just what happens yeah it’s it’s scary and sad how the compounding trauma of being to preserve the Integrity of the family ego there’s a conspiracy among Stephen the mother is in the siblings and whoever else just to keep somebody silence and tell him they’re crazy or a liar they made it up or that they pour that they deserved it or I mean I heard recently A friend of mine who went to heinous abuse as a child and just the way the cognitive dissonance of the the culture of the family in the church group whatever I mean Aiden said something it was her grandfather who had molested a whole batch of children across multiple families all interesting do you know this guy in In-N-Out and I heard that or she said that’s what her mother said to her about what I guess with the restorative what would you call it the the Paradigm relief of birth of the mothers who would be responsible for their own children was that they would scold they would tell the children oh well you were jumping and playing on his lap you were turning him on you and or oh you know how he is you shouldn’t have been playing in his lap because you were teasing and basically say he impugned for easing the crotch of a adult man if you were a Chinese child I mean that’s but that’s how they and then they just in the interest it was interesting and I won’t even say the demographic it was a pattern that you could have zerve which is that old men are just considered kind of like it’s it’s just kind of their nature to be predatory so it’s kind of goes without saying that that well you better you better keep your guard up all the time but we’re not really going to police them we’re just going to just sort of cope with I don’t know just sort of them adapt adapting to this fact of life that that then there are just or just Scoundrels and especially if they get drunk they’re going to just so just better you better watch out and if you get it and it happens to you then you know we warned you or some someone should have warned you but now you know and you learned your lesson so don’t complain anymore if you know crazy but we have we have we have a tendency to do a lot of victim-blaming the classic thing that we’ve heard so often with females wear if you wouldn’t have been wearing that short skirt that wouldn’t have happened so the person’s short skirt is more the issue than the person who advantage of the person another victim blaming is gay people have been kind of lame because while you if you should’ve been provoking people you shouldn’t have been coming on that way you kind of responsible for being bullied because if you don’t behave yourself or you don’t suck it up and how often we’ve gay people are grown up thank you that’s just what happens if you’re gay you’re going to get hurt you’re going to get bullied on a rather than holding people accountable who are the boys we have never called you that I can’t do that that’s what I see so so wonderfully with the clients who I have worked with over the years in the manner comes our weekend is it so many most of them almost all them go away so committed that they want to find ways to work on their own issues so that they don’t forget switch how to beat a person how many of them become better Partners in their relationships how many of them become better fathers if they have children how many of them become more committed to doing things that are going to promote sound goodness and compassion the culture in it’s so neat to see people who come in one way and turn that around as they get help and go out really transformed to be able to be different people put out different energy and contribute to me that’s why I work at the end of the continue I do with the victim offenders could I see so much hope and promise and all those people that are being different in the world and changing the places where they circulate where they live awesome yeah well yeah it was probably good to say thank you for allowing me to kind of vent a little bit so box in MN to get some good feedback and be a sounding board and I’m very just this is it’s just the beginning for me to kind of reach out into the more into you or the space that you’re and I’ve been very much in the esoteric very friends kind of Realms of alternative approaches to this but I want to I’m going to need to kind of network and Bridge build and Coalition build with folks who are really holding up a more general you know open kind of framework for this so I really appreciate this this for me very pivotal moments at to start this dialogue personally and give it a few more minutes if some more of the hopeful I had a I guess that we could be good to give you time to the extent of elaborate on what you feel is no more to positive outcomes and that the Horizon 4 for the organization and also maybe some of the outline is the retreat in case folks want to start to engage in connect with that and just listen to podcast down if you are a Survivor if you have a loved one so many Network for Wiz to check out our weekends recovery and just really briefly here for purpose I were open to anyone 18 or older who has experienced any kind of sexual trauma either his child or an adult and we have people we’ve had people as old as 60 70 80 here come the door just first addressing the issue they haven’t addressed to before and the night sweats never too late it’s okay to get help at any point we have people coming in her early twenties and when is this nice about the weekends is when we have a spectrum of Ages and diversity in terms of Lifestyle issues of people bring they really learn from each other and they really ISO wrist have to put this different points in the younger people are inspired by the older people all the older people are inspired by the younger people in these kinds of ways to give people the reason the resilience to keep going on and what we do in the weekend is we work on everybody being involved in helping to set the safety guidelines for a weekend together and then threw a mixture of small group and large group activities we wave through learning mindfulness skills we work on helping people deal with grief which other Narrative of what happened to them and be heard we talked about building relationships where the people can trust and be with man we build in Civ physical activity for people to begin to maybe discover some things about nature in their own body we do some play time together cuz so many people who have head trauma have learned that life so seriously can’t find enjoy it would really help to build some networking between people they can take with them be on the weekends and a lot of people go through the weekend maintain contact with others from the weekend and they go back to their home community and even start a support group thing of extends the networking there we do a lot of attention on mindfulness happy cheap will learn skills for self-awareness and managing aspects of their life and lots of good feedback about how it’s is a powerful healing experiencing our weekend are small enough 28 man at the maximum and what is like if you’re a male Survivor to walk into a room and everybody else in their room share something about your experience that is life-changing for a lot of people cuz they may never have seen another man who openly said this happened to meet you so it’s very rewarding work to do it’s incredibly powerful to see that she was going to turn around as soon as the men have just in 3 days wow that’s that sounds amazing and so that’s how often does it happen this year were only doing the one weekend and outside in August it’s August 11th to 13th and Sunday we are program we generally do more we just doing one this year. We we usually do 3 to 4 level ones and then one Advanced every year and our Advanced is open to anybody who’s come to a level one before and what’s interesting about our advanced level which is always also done in Utah it’s a little bit longer than 2 hours longer and we usually build in some kind of a steam we grab it or we rotate between empowerment where do a lot of body work and every other year with your relationship Focus were people can come a single or they can bring a partner through the relationship and just focus on how to be in a relationship work on relationship Dynamics we have a similar weekend retreat for female survivors and we have partnered in done that where we do mixed-gender against several weekends and I’m experiment with that someone’s level ones as we go forward into future of having men and women who have been survivors share the space into healing together awesome great well yeah do you have any final words or thoughts or do you want to share the website thanks again and in just any other contact info for this year the website link is just go to mail Survivor. Org we are going to be changing some things about our program moving and try next year is correct but if you do a web search for weekends recovery is still real to find us will have a new website set up by sometime later this summer and if anyone needs to just my name Jim strube Jim struve you can look for my website and find me through that it’s just Ruby. Com not have a lot of resources at my website as well I’m a Survivor has a lot of resources there and linkages to other organizations that are doing work as a number of the groups around the country somewhere programming in survivors so anyone who’s out there it’s never too late change is possible and taglines theme we have for a weekends is dare to dream awesome you know I just I realize that you probably have one little last question for you if you don’t mind and it’s kind of a I don’t know I said maybe someday it’ll be sort of his the survivors dilemma or some of something typically men are in the closet the dirtiest ee in the closet if they feel that they’re coming out as a Survivor I think it is right when I came out as the Survivor it was a it’s it’s a real burden it’s a real burden because it’s a do you want to always be given that that what do you call it a I will for one I don’t like to put the imagery of what happened to me in anyone else’s mind feeling or shame feeling that you know she is coming out then you you do and I think that’s why families try to shame it so much as they just ate it’s it’s impolite if you know and if they at the Garden Party to talk about any of these things are sort of the atmosphere with the truth of what’s happening so we just let it happen but we covered all that but I guess the question some men do not want to come out as survivors because they fear that people will think that they work that they are now they’re gay and so does homophobia it’s more difficult for men to come out because of that stigma of the fear of being homophobic and there’s other year of being now that don’t they will be suspicion that you will be able to know what the clinical term is but a Survivor offender or what would you call it if you were the in these unfortunate cases and then you’re not healed you’re not getting support and you would become a a perpetrator yourself that if you don’t lose that Bergen and anxiety and then there’s also a third factor that I feel like his kept me from coming out fully even to the to the to this community to this mail to Everett Community ice you’ll still afraid of men I don’t want other men who are having this way been hacked and compromise to know about me p.m. to you know I still I still fear the the jokes about the you know that you don’t want to know if it’s not going to go to a few AA ttsd retreat in Vietnam it’s to me it’s it’s a it’s a threshold to feel comfortable around it’s it’s a it’s a weird inverted kind of thing words you should feel all we were all we all suffered the same thing and therefore we can have solidarity and and sort of them Fellowship run that but then I also feel that because I kind of have my own suspicions about other people who may be aren’t doing the however far along they are in their path it’s it’s it’s a it’s a pesos do you know anything has to be everyone’s in a different state of dealing with it and and I guess you know the question is is there are there mechanisms in place within your organization specifically or within the sort of Coalition of it where they say there’s a Survivor who’s really creepy or really kind of maybe they’re not all there maybe they could be still harmful big day could already be Survivor offenders obviously there needs to be spaced held for them to they were to say that they need help or that they don’t know what to do with the same way if there’s a lot of overlap so in order for me to feel safe in those environments and even to post on Facebook groups and stuff I I don’t know I don’t want to become an object of affection for someone who’s really kind of become the gremlin you know what I mean so I don’t know if that makes any sense at all but it’s sort of a come completion of these factors to be I don’t want to go with all the other survivors are known as what if there’s a bunch of perpetrators there and I guess that’s right that’s why I think it’s so valuable to seek how to ask for help start with a therapist word saved and then we can be honest about our fear as we could be honest about her biases would be honest about the issues that were having and then be able to find a reputable organization like our weekends recovery we have a good track record where we are being transparent about protecting the safety of the people that come so that we can then put ourselves in settings where we can share share share our biases and then the ultimate goal is to be able to expand our capacity to be able to be authentic and be open and being open and authentic it’s talking to protect us from other people’s Prejudice not going to protect us from some of those things in the world but if we can find her on solid Nest then we don’t have to hide we can we can deal with those issues as they come up and we can even deal with somebody who made for sure but they are triggers and we can either go week we have to realize first of all that something was done to us we didn’t do something something was done to us if we’ve been sexually assaulted and that by coming out of being transparent we don’t have to share any of the details it’s more we can just say I am a survivor it’s our business whether we want to say anything more about what that means some people shower stories some people just say I’m a Survivor but that needs to be a very individual decision to do it where I really it’s hard to look at secret so I think there’s some Freedom if we are a sexual assault Survivor to be able to say that out loud and to have it there without searing without secrets in I know I’m a Survivor myself I realized it by just being able to say that and in the context of all the work I am doing here how much it makes a difference to see I’m a Survivor and look at how functional my life isn’t how much I’m doing it doesn’t have to be a detriment it doesn’t have to be a star it we can find our own way to contribute whatever way we want it makes a difference when we have to keep it a secret we have to be in fear verses when we can be authentic and honest that is a great note fiance and I know I’m here I’m feeling the sense that you know positive role modeling of survivors for survivors will be the way that the survivors who are maybe I mean like you’re in an allergy would be in 12-step group way they’re not sure they still may feel completely possessed and they have no agency what is happening to them and through them and so I guess I guess I guess you have a solution as you’re saying very clearly create a real-life role modeling kind of 69 weekends we have a very large community of people who are learning how to be compassionate are learning how to overcome their fears of the stereotypes and are demonstrating that being a Survivor doesn’t have to be a permanent noose around your neck that you can live a thriving compassion Wonderful Life and sometimes even more compassionate because you know I hear from the women in my life who I have relations with that I’ve never even with the man who so open-hearted and compassionate and present and careful and ask me about my boundaries and my history and it said it does you know yeah there’s a there’s that that that that irony of of of having is having more sensitive if you are thank you for having me and thank you to all the listeners I hope this is been valuable than welcome any feedback or inquiries from anyone who’s listening Austin well thank you so much Jen I really appreciate you taking the time for this and yeah I will definitely be in touch and I’ll let you know as soon as that this is published and hopefully we can keep in touch tank sticker I buy thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Behind the Scenes TPP97


Sexorcism the Tantric Opera behind the scenes pic
This episode is a post-ceremony recap with Angelica, the shamanic nurse at my top in the Sexorcism the Tantric Opera documentary. We sequentially discuss the behind the scenes and compare notes on what we experienced internally and externally from beginning to end.

We also discuss the implications for sexology, sexual healing, and criminal justice as this experimental research continues to rock the boat of orthodox everything.

Please go to https://tantrapunk.com/sexorcism/ to watch the film

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 97 in this episode I’m doing a recap from the sexorcism the tantric Opera the documentary with Angelica one of the shamanic nurses who you see in the film and then I’m also going to include the audio from the 5 minutes trailer for the documentary so if you haven’t gone over to Tantra Punk. Com sexorcism to see the film it’s free to watch online so please go ahead and do that and hopefully this episode will will get you excited for that again please as with anything I put out there’s a implicit trigger warning but I will double emphasize it because we’re talking about some of the the most extreme forms of abuse and violation that were taking a stand and rising up as shamanic Sexual Healing Wounded Warriors to make a difference in the world so if if it all you feel squeamish about going any further this would be the time to stop because obviously is going to get into some dramatic material but it’s also very empowering Inglorious to see the work unfold and evolve so please enjoy namaste Contra secret spot Sexual Healing work and the different modalities of psychedelic Shamanism not bringing sacred sacraments and the invocation of the divine feminine and use of psychedelic trance music which has the adrenal lising effect and a shamanic journeying Sonic driving affect this is kind of like Ghostbusters needs the Playboy channel is cirrhotic ghostbusting There’s real tangible medically measurable physiological effects of Tantra psychedelic sexual exorcism just calling for me I feel as very authentic because I am a survivor and because I absolutely had to walk this path out of absolute necessity your nervous system is always waiting for that moment when am I going to be held by the tribe when is the tribe going to do my soul retrieval when is everyone going to circle up and shout down these possessing spirits that are making me slit my wrists or you know cut myself or have an eating disorder or be a sexual predator or whatever it is all of the deformations of character and personality disorders and neuroses they’re all intrusions that would have been quickly and easily dealt with by a shamanic culture but because we’re lacking that we have to kind of hack it together. without inviting my parents I’ll just say it was a latchkey kid because we live in a patriarchy and it was a broken home and my mother was doing her best to put food on the table and provide for us but so much was lacking for me it was very attractive to find drugs in tribal Street culture my friends and Drug buddy initiators Brothers you know we shared needles saying you know Three Musketeers if we ain’t one of us gets AIDS we’re all going to share it so we all go down together they were the same ones that put me up to prostitution and said come on man we’re doing it you got to pull your weight around here I was 13 to be crippled in this way as a survivor in really negatively affects your ability to function it’s PTSD its shell shocked it’s flashbacks has you know everything is a trigger smells site sounds colors a person who is in the middle who is the receiver of the healing there hopefully being held in a manner that haven’t been held in since infancy really so there’s a level of returning to that total surrender to Total vulnerability where you can feel safe enough to go into the places that your psyche has kept you from for however many decades the medical and psychotherapeutic Sciences are missing is the shamanic and psychedelic epistemological perspective the hippies have been laughed at and marginalized and made fun of by the straight Square people child rape is not a laughing matter and adult rape is not a laughing matter to exaltation of the Priestess class that we are attempting to email beautify through song and dance and ritual and now all these beautiful festivals and Devotion to the Divine it’s not just a bunch of hippies you know being freaks how do you know this is a matter of life and death I didn’t expect to make it this far in life my sense of being all here Consolidated and purified and present my intactness can’t wait to figure out a way to really measure the before and after of how much more energetic Integrity do you have after this kind of privilege I feel like Heather will be a time when when I’m free ultimate leave totally free and get to start living my life the way most people take for granted Angelica what the fuck was going on in there from your perspective well give me like a okay so how about just the same thing we did last time which is like that so I’m curious cuz I was running around getting prepped and then and then and then I asked you and you decided you were going to go all the way here I can go all the way and play a starring role and I was so stoked I don’t think I’ve ever I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited more not excited but you know when spinal tap got back together that was the feeling I had like you reconciliation and you know because you were you had really been having second thoughts and feeling doubtful and I wanted to validate that and under that and not for sure push you or pressure or anything but by some miracle we could change your mind and it was like if I could have one fucking wish in this lifetime I think I would have spent it to have that happen but I swear I wasn’t using any black cat Magic tactics in mind what made me change my mind beautiful I had told you on the phone like yeah I’ll just be there cuz I already told I already gave you my word and so but I think the sentiments of the other females here and like realizing that my concerns were were also their concerns and I think we’re just socialized into I mean even pornography I think the way that we’ve been like I mean even that’s been stigmatized you know to like I know like it’s something that’s taboo and so the fact that this was going to be recorded and I identity and all this kind of like it’s a lot to ask and yeah but then I realized knows like what do I have to lose and then just being here and and wanting to like step up to the plate and hold space in the in a new way or maybe you’re in a deeper way than what I had before and is one for it I think despite you know my gut feelings of the beginning of things kind of changed and the incubator that we created with some yeah I just it was it was nice and even I mean we all kind of just like showed up not knowing what was going to happen like what it that even looks like in the filmmaker didn’t even know how the set was going to look like so we kind of all is just did our part and put it all together and it came out really amazing and magical you know not knowing what’s next but just going with it and it just Aegis blossoms in is amazing I’m really curious what what stands are for you is for is the timeline of I mean oh oh probably ask you you know for a little bit and clarification what not but just if you were to go ahead and tell the story from starting from when you decided that you were going to be involved and then it became a lot of a lot of just technical stuff like just okay. You to head this is like being on set this is like any other production just lighting and positioning in rehearsal and props and running through things and trying to yeah I mean people will have seen the the edited footage so isn’t there’s not much behind the scenes that’s that exciting I guess just whatever comes to mind I think for me it was like just insecurities that I was projecting you know like what am I going to look like a camera or like is my face, show am I doing this right blah blah blah but then like once you’re there is just like at some point I think we’ve been like took our masks but um yeah I arrive and you know we have we have our meal and we’re just talking and getting to know each other. the other people involved and 12 setting up I think I took a nap waiting around and I don’t know I think even even the timeline was because we did not stick to the timeline of what it is that was going to happen in the ceremony but it was beautiful I mean we started off as usual you know with intention and prayer and just like a group huddle of like what was the explicit was to be expected and I mean once to take the medicine the medicine is basically with takes over and and Collies called in and everything else is just the richest following a going with it and so the way that played out with no we have the opening prayer chanting and locations of are guides in the Mighty Beanz and opening up the portal and there downloading or starting to starting to feel like spensive and then I mean this time I was I was at the at the head and holding space and being the archetype of the mother do you want to back up to the where we were it was kind of like a I was kind of doing like a a drumming a bit and we’re curious to for me the dancing thing was was that was my first and Most Blessed opportunity and in life so far less far to be trusted with two female dakini yogini dancers trusting my grace in my my sort of thumb are we were all have we were headed that way this is this is the thing this is the thing that that I hope is clear and conveyed is that sexual politics and relationship Dynamics and personality in Eagle all these things were ostensibly taking her shoes off and I’m leaving them and hanging up or jackets and you know sort of showing up as pure energetic Essence with an intention to create a maximum healing synergistic effect that doesn’t involve negative mind chatter and one-upmanship and politics and and all that stuff so in order for this really surrender and have into feel trusted my anxiety was was like well leading up to let’s say was say oh I really hope they both feel and know and trust not just been but Kali enough to be guiding been fully to the point where if he moves Us in whatever ways you know he sees fit and he is like in quotes because who is he now it is he just himself as is you know or is he now a conduit a vessel of this invoked Shakti Kali wisdom I mean so for you two to be willing to boldly go into this dance where I had taken my tracks and in this is my opportunity to create some sort of some sort of symmetry of movement you know a sacred geometrical compounding of dimensionality with the whole nother circuit system circuitry and interface the three of us in a way that manifest a hyperdimensional potential for this the track to be played out in the Shakti the flow and always think so that was you both surrendered to be my Canvas OR the canvas of this dancing Artistry and I am dying to know what your thought process was going to be forced to do the moonwalk or something I’m going to have to do the written Rodger rabbit nervous about I think also I mean along with like already knowing okay this is a commitment and like already taken the medicine so the spaceship is taken off. No other choice I think it’s part of the process of like trusting you know just like I have a deep respect for you and and I trust you and so I’m like trusting the process and and yeah I also like trusting the goddess and so I also felt the way she came pretty much into all of us into all of our beings as vessels and so it’s kind of like became this like braids or this it wasn’t a choreograph it was just you know I was feeling out energy and it has a different kind of getting felt up energy and and how do I also just because we’ve already we’ve we’ve practiced this before so you know there was a deeper level of trust and like the first time but I guess it’s always nerve-wracking but letting go I think it’s another lesson there and yeah did you ever again for me to it was I had to think did the how do I be absolutely equal in my worshipful where worshiping devotion I’ve got a quote for me I had to cook a what how am I going to not leave anyone in the cold did you feel like I did a good job of balancing the attention and not leaving anyone else I feeling like a third wheel in the dancing fisa it was in life it was it was not about me you know what I mean so I didn’t have that like attention like you know and even when that was diverges like I’m in spirit so I’m dancing with spirit I am still part of it but not you know they’re not then I go in word and I’m like my own dancing partner has his my partner but it’s not like this isn’t about me or is this isn’t about me feeling like victimized and left until now not not at all like me and her coming together was actually really beautiful to Healing session that needed to be I kind of a kind of anticipated that I felt like there was going to be vicarious but that’s the whole point is that condition I knew I was going to get the cherry on top at the end so I wasn’t worried about no I was cool because I felt like we were me and her were able to do the sort of EMT shamanic you know paramedic deal for you you know just to some of the work it wasn’t as just kind of like some fine-tuning to be done before that’s what I’m most excited to see the footage of is like what that look like and how cuz you could really see there’s some other higher-dimensional intelligence that’s really putting all these Advanced Aikido moves in this sequence that where everything is just so much so much electrical engineering of the flow of energy in a so anyway yeah that’s cool we’re all going to be moved in different ways you know it says downloading either a different like downloading a different either I mean it’s the same entities the same the same Spirit in the same intention except because we’re all different than people you know we’re going to going to be different and so it was really beautiful to see and witness Missy her her downloads you know one end the way that she was moving even away from like the timeline that we had written you know and and and you know I wasn’t supposed to be a patient in this you know until like that Divergence was was unforeseen but it was within the flow of the tracks and it actually work the way that you know there are built up and even as far as timing goes and the rhythm of the next is kind of like graduating or your life the gradual deepening of the next stage in the next process in the next Tuesday for healing so I was really not expecting to be so completely hammered by that dosage I was fucked up and I could barely stand and barely speak and the lights were so bright and so obnoxious to me I mean it wasn’t it wasn’t I shouldn’t say obnoxious it was just it was just it was intense the lighting and I am in in it I’ve never I’ve had beautiful experiences in the daylight like looking at the sun through my eyelids and seeing beautiful cathedral sort of refractions and stained glass kind of beautiful so it’s it’s not like light and mushrooms don’t mix because it can be super beautiful during the day in the forest to the sun shining right on you and you just bathing in that for some reason though with all these bright Film Production artificial lights he was just I felt like I was in the Netherworld limbo some some like a like a space-age airlock or something it just felt I couldn’t really see and feel the texture of the Goddess the way I normally do it felt more like it was inside of a gas inside of a light bulb and all of the mystical things that I normally able to see with my third eye I could barely see anything even with my eyes closed it was it took away a lot of the visual Dimension which was kind of kind of from what’s the word on just disorienting and I wasn’t used to have it so but by the time we get to the Kali provocation fairly I’m feeling which was the most the most deep rich chocolate intense powerful thing we I felt like I was most curious to see how how we were all going to respond to mutually being in that track together and it’s and it’s and I often feel like like a collapsed to my knees were just faceplant to the goddess and I’ve just surrender all my ego all my power I mean things that don’t even think about in my college-age students like you want to be very very careful about this because it’s within it’s the state of California guidelines as it’s within 3 years if you are 17 and under but that don’t that starts at like 12 so you know like between an 8 year old and 11 year old or 12 year old knots that’s not going to hold like that’s not going to be acceptable and have to start with the age of 12 and going up you can’t backtrack it so if the person younger than 12 it’s still really really illegal and and not going to work in your favor but 12 and up their kind of looking okay so if you’re 12 in the person you’re interested in is a little bit older than maybe but you need to be careful with that and I think the big problem comes in is when we have people around the cussed so you have somebody’s 15 16 17 to date someone and then they turn 18 you know the other partner turns 18 and now what so now you’re not supposed to be in this relationship any longer and now all of a sudden you cannot consent to this relationship I don’t know I feel like there’s a I understand the laws and I understand the reasons for it I think it’s great to protect people but I also think we don’t give teens credit for being actual sexual persons who could make choices for themselves yeah I was certainly with a lot of older women when I was under 18 so that would have I would have been upset and sad if anyone tried to step in and on that but it’s gendered announcer complicated certainly you I don’t know I guess in my area would have been that just as a rule of thumb male sexual energy was just kind of demonised is being Territorial. And now it’s headed lesbian couple it’s a female identified female body young women who were yeah it’s a different just tell me a different Dynamic so who knows where it’ll lead at this point but at least the center for positive sexuality is here to have these conversations and do you have do you have do you want to talk about a bit about what your your passion is as an educator in the professor like what are you do you have any research that you’re doing your Department’s or you kind of thumb yeah like kind of locking into a specific topics that interest you amongst all these things I mean most of my work still centers around sexuality and I usually teach introductory an advanced human sexuality courses I also teach other classes so I teach mainly in sociology departments so you know I teach about society and culture and people but I really like teaching about deviance and we research on deviance and identity and and all that kind of stuff so a lot of my research is about BDSM is about sex work is about feminist pornography is a kinds of fun stuff I’m presenting at a conference next month on a paper that came out about a year ago and the Journal of sex medicine my colleagues and I did a study on looking at BDSM as a Leisure activity so if we can say fine it’s not pathology let’s stop talking about it that way so okay then what is it and we thought well maybe it’s fits Leisure and if we look at leisure as not just a Pastime but as something that you identify with something that makes you feel whole makes you feel fulfilled is something that you choose to do then then I think it can fit into that category so that’s one of the big one of the big research projects I worked on very recently that’s awesome you have to make it makes me think that if I were to have to explain anthropologically or take that sort of the view of being an alien trying to understand what people are doing her I would kind of say well when when kids are pre-pubescent they make believe and they create epic worlds of Adventure and fantasy role-play and then when people come of age you become adults and they realize that they have these new toys that develop then they want to use them and actually be imaginative and creative in and use their whole potential of their erogenous imagination and their new toys and then they can actually play freely with each other where you know when when kids are playing playing games that you would consider to be somewhat violent and nature they don’t usually actually harm or kill each other you know so it’s not that hard it’s not that great of a leap of logic right to imagine that adults would reaxis some of that imaginary fun making instincts or hate American culture as we really look down on Leisure we would look down on play and we look down on make-believe and so we decide that’s just for children and it’s not for grown ups and I think that that’s a really horrible horrible perspectives of the world cuz you’re only a child for a very very brief point of your life and you’re an adult for a really really long part of your life and wouldn’t I don’t want to stop playing. Why would you want to grow up ever and so yeah I think of BDSM I think erotic play I feel like yeah it’s just this extension of your creativity and artistic and Tristan and your means of expressing yourself and now you get to have sex so why wouldn’t you add that and everything else thank you for helping to frame it that way cuz that it’s it’s so it’s easier to digest when you when I just have never heard that what that phrase before but it just erotic play being obviously it means that you could incorporate more than just your one monogamous married partner that’s just still only allowed that culturally they by the mainstream the idea of being sexually playful with a group of people in the community of people as a social activity like a cocktail party or a mixer or I mean why can’t you believe make break into play make-believe you know the okay fine I just I’m this is my partner this is the only person I’m going to have sex with her I’m going to be in love with or however you’re defining that but I can pretend for the next hour or two that there’s someone I’ve never met before or that there a superhero or that a magical being or whatever and that can really shift your erotic interest in your erotic pleasure I think you probably would be able to say that it will make a lot of relationships last longer and be more Pap more healthier happier for sustainable resilient cuz you’re not getting bored and giving up and going you know stoic that’s great so do you have a key tell it tell me more about the center and how it how it runs and functions is it kind of like a drop-in center or do you have only certain events at certain times or how does the facility time work out we don’t actually have a physical location most of it exists inside my laptop and out of and that means we don’t have to pay for rent so that’s why we go to where we need to go so you know we have regular meetings happen in my house or one of the other board members houses we do have some events here and there are a lot of our fundraisers or just online to make it easier to reach as many people as possible and of course we’re trying to reach a broader audience than just Los Angeles so we Skype workshops we Skype things we’ve talked to classes in New York and classes in Idaho and you know all over the place so you know we do a lot of different things we also have an academic Journal that you’re positive sexuality it’s free it’s open access anyone is welcome to use it and read it and submit work to it and you know that’s been going we’re now in our third year of publication of that and that is hitting a worldwide audience some of the countries that are accessing this are it’s all over in Australia and in Belgium and in various parts of the UK and it’s hitting parts of Asia Japan so it’s really really great so we have a very wide reach and what we do we have approximately 50 to 60 volunteers who work with us we also have an internship program so we get college students who want internship credits or what the work experience and so they volunteer for a specific. Of time and work on specific projects for us at different times of the year we get most of our interns during the summer but we get interns year-round and we have in our volunteers so we have Educators we have people who are research Affiliates and who published research and use the center is one of their professional affiliations we have research assistants who helped them we do you work with events so we do some Outreach events I think on Wednesday we’re going to UCLA sextravaganza which is been happening for several years on UCLA’s campus that we usually set up a booth are we do that with other things around town we’ve also have members some of our volunteers go to conferences all over the world and represent us at different places and in different areas where they were very popular in Melbourne just found out from a friend who’s been living in Australia for past couple years so I can’t I guess we’ll have to go there at some point cool it’s a new cloud-based model it’s elegant and overhead in the neighborhood drama and that there’s a lot of reasons to transcend that six location and you can if you can be a mobile you know unit then you can just take your your your laptop and projector and some you know what your handouts or whatever you have in this b a and again because true using Skype and using other types of internet programs you know we can get into a classroom you know that might not be able to bring us there physically but we can still do it will set it up on our end and and just stream live stream wherever we need to be and and it’s very helpful to cuz we so we have volunteers I think are farthest away volunteer that we’ve had so far was in Trinidad so we can have volunteers from anywhere in the world who can work with us medication programs and so they help us Creator update or education resources in our reference materials and putting together things to help teachers facilitate this in their classes they might actually be one of our Educators we train people to go out to those classes and to give presentations to places we have research assistants to make come in with a certain amount of background knowledge and how to do academic research and some come in just wanted to learn it and so we trained them and they work with people who are doing research in various aspects of positive sexuality and so some of them get to co-author papers and some of them get to work on the ground floor of research happening and get to really get into what that is and have a voice and have an influence in what’s being done in the academic world and this is course then starts to affect policy when we’re putting scientific research in front of people and saying here this is what the says that’s not the correct or let them besides these aspects and that can be very very helpful we work with other organizations so and CSF the National Coalition for sexual freedom is one of our sort of co-working his nation’s the community academic Consortium for research on alternative sexualities we work with them as well yeah I’m getting chills yeah I’m getting chills cuz this is a lot more than I bargained for and actually seeking a lot of what you’re describing and to have yeah we hope we have a good bit of time last time feeling compelled to ask you a little bit about I guess hey if you’re into taboos right blowing them there is all I ever believed starting this week there’s going to be the biggest psychedelic science conference in the history of humanity happening in the Bay Area it’s put together by that multidisciplinary Association for psychedelic studies and the there’s a lot of really important cutting-edge legal for the first time in decades studies happening all over the world with psilocybin you know I gave magic mushrooms and MDMA and Ayahuasca and marijuana and peyote and I will gain a number of other synthetic and natural organic you could say psychedelic compounds in a lot of it is at this point in this stage of the Renaissance of research it’s really about proving the safety the relative safety of different compounds getting the dosage to be sort of understood better at also having some really important clinical trials around ending ending addiction to harmful drugs ending cigarette addiction end-of-life anxiety sexual abuse and Trauma and PTSD from War veterans there’s all these different the demographics that are starting to have really groundbreaking results and they’re doing you know they’re putting in the millions of dollars to do the the research for all this and so I bring that up just to say that this is an interesting juncture for me because the a cultural cliche about sex drugs and rock and roll and you know the way that the culture of inebrians is starting to move a large part due to Raves and festivals it’s moving more towards entheogens than just Coke and heroin and meth and booze there’s more opportunities for people who are coming into their sexuality to have access to psychedelic experiences and so there’s the new Alchemy of innocent in these Generations between sex drugs and rock and roll and if it’s it’s it’s it’s a lot more sophisticated and advanced and and and just more diverse in many ways than it was in the 60s when it was you know Acid Rock and LSD and other birth of the the hippie movement in the 60s but I’m wondering if you have in your position they’re come across any any any people who are interested in in rigorous academic study of what this new sex and drugs and rock and roll Paradigm it is shaping up to become if there’s anyone interested in that that you know of he’s been there are definitely people who are starting who are doing research on these topics and very often the connection that ends up happening in the academic research is you know if we’re looking at the sex drugs and rock and roll that of course is going to look at the outcomes and too often I think the the outcome that gets stressed is okay so what’s the what’s the public health issue so is it possible or is it likely that people are might be transmitting STIs because they might be under the influence of something or maybe they can’t we do we have to worry about consent if someone is under the influence of something that then means that they cannot now consent to what happens at that point so what happens if everybody who’s involved have done that so where does that line get drawn so I think a lot of the issues that have come up in recent research has been either on public health topics around STI transmission or on consent topics recognizing that at least by law if someone is inebriated for example they can now no longer consent to sexual activity okay so what happens if everybody involved. That’s so interesting yet that’s exactly what I’ve been actually encountering and in just by life experiences it’s there’s there’s a lot of people now who were you can say you were having expanded Consciousness through empty agentic use meaning it’s kind of a nice way of saying psychedelic no drugs but but that’s an important consideration because just because you feel like you’re enlightened than that one with God doesn’t mean that you’re immune from being the perpetrator with that Enlightenment that you don’t think you have a potential for abuse and even if it’s not that sort of shady you know where that sort of Insidious there’s also just the issue you’re not in your body if you’re having an out-of-body ecstatic psychedelic experience how how do you get even if you can send it to the idea of something earlier in the evening that has to be held through somehow and if you lose the if you become somebody else or part of your higher self or whatever it could be theirs that’s some chicky territory for sure yeah so that’s I guess there’s you know that I’ve seen like at electronic dance music events you can call him Rave but that’s kind of more you know probably more accurate term these days cuz there’s within that whole world there’s different camps and it’s more no more more bride to just called electronic dance music these days but you know there is there’s sort of harm reduction education Outreach groups that put out one sheet kind of look like glass CD mailer cards you know about business matters and they have kind of a profile of what the different substances how did how to test and make sure that they’re real or are what you’re getting it like that there’s that whole harm reduction education Outreach approach that is kind of like what you’re talking about but it’s for the party scene in just for best and better practices around that but I could see that they’re being a sum interest group of people where they would want to see things the way you’re talking about it cuz I actually no way you’re framing it it it feels like there’s a lot more due diligence for people that want to be credible and respectable and using best practices to actually think with some of these analytical tools so I’m hoping you’ll be great if there was some overlap or or or Synergy with all this stuff I think more and more what is happening as we’re seeing the people who are actually involved in all of these different spaces you know the people were actually doing whatever it is we’re talking about having more influence on the research that’s being conducted so that it creates a more authentic overall experience and I think it adds a level of legitimacy to the research so rather than a researcher sort of from on high saying well I’m going to study this group and I think what they’re doing may not be safe and so we know the perspective that I’m going to come about with this is that well this is already inherently unsafe and now I’m going to show you why it’s in safe and I think more and more we have researchers who are in these communities who are in these faces or doing all of these things and you say you know maybe we need to do is talk to the people who were actually doing this and not talk to them with a preconceived notion of what’s going on or what they’re experiencing or what may be happening but go in just as a hey could give us some information to tell us about what’s happening and I think we’re seeing more of that so there has been research on for example like barebacking and there’s been research on sex workers experiences and there’s been research on sort of the the spiritual some of the spiritual Connections in the spiritual extremes that can be experienced through extreme SM activities light hookah coals and those kinds of things so we’re seeing more and more of that happening where people who are actually in these groups are part of the subcultures are also crossovers into the academic life and we’re just seeing an amazing amount of research that starting to Bubble to the surface and get a little bit of space. I think this research has been getting done for quite a while but it can be really hard to get it published because some of the academic Publishers don’t want to hear about it and I want you to my is any of these things so if they publish something on it they want to be really careful so with our journal and with some of the other journals out there we’ve been able to bridge. Cap and actually be able to show some I feel like more authentic stories well absolutely will now in this world have so many The Gatekeepers being dissolved by the power of the internet I feel like you know there’s a lot of bad journalism or untrained journalism so there’s got to be a lot of bad or untrained or Incredible or uncredible research but maybe it’s the methodology that can be what’s the word sort of feel like I could imagine what as you were speaking I was imagining will wouldn’t it be great to train the you know that like the anthropological participation observation ethnography kind of model but if you were to train if you were coming from that subculture and you wanted to sort of document your tribe and produce your own ethnography kind of amongst your friends kind of tabulate experiences and collect notes insured compare notes is there was you recommend any kind of Crash Course doing data collection for different types of research paper I’m doing ethnography in the field and sort of how that works and how you can sort of pull everything together there’s a really good little guidebooks you know a quick online search for for some of these guys are out there and ask her if she is amazing stuff I love doing a photography by the way I think it’s an incredible tool that doesn’t get use nearly enough and and it got a lot of researchers a colleague of mine she recently did a photographic ethnographic working with lgbtq Foster Youth and homeless Youth and kind of went out gave them all cameras and said take photographs of Your World of your life of who you are, and they did a whole art show you know like found a gallery in Downtown LA and just played everyone’s photographs and and you know really got people connected to them and seeing them as people who have life experiences and they’re not just sort of a category of disadvantaged kids so yeah I think there’s there’s an easy guide books out there just like a quick you can find some quick little things of how to do ethnography and how to do that and but I think a lot of that to starts with her own storytelling so things that you do and things that others do and and all the bloggers out there and everything of these are all forms of ethnography relay yeah that’s cool it’s just that it’s exciting and hopeful cuz I feel that I’m at a point where I’m doing kind of pseudo-scientific Rogue radical research that’s way too far out for any government agency or any academic institution to touch with a ten-foot pole so it’s it’s kind of on me and my colleagues and friends 2 do this sort of underground research but then hope that it it’s done in a way that it can be respectable or it can be legitimated later you know but it is probably good to do what you’re suggesting and actually have some some templates for collecting the data that mean okay here’s what would our experiment yielded and here’s the methodology in the procedure and you can test it on your own Hardy or lab or whatever replicate what you’ve done and so can you give enough information that would allow somebody else to replicate and get similar results in their own place or find totally different results which is also fascinating injured and interesting and yeah and I think that’s really I mean that’s science that is science Sciences pushing boundaries and science is you now let’s try a new thing and see what happens and science is telling a new story or New Perspective of a story and you know I think that that’s been lost over the past many years Society The Sciences inquiry science is asking questions and wondering why thing happens and how something happens and trying to figure that out and I think that we’ve sort of collectively as a larger society have sort of lost that Focus write the word crowdsourced crowd-source funding crowdsourced ideas and editing and an art I mean you were talking about that at that photo gallery exhibit and that’s a great example if you would call that a crowd-sourced ethnographic oh yeah photojournalism nice oh yeah that’s cool that’s that’s exciting time so I’m also wondering now do you have do you do you or your organization the Center provide any kind of consulting services or any kind of where you could be hired or you could be sort of commissioned to do research or to consult on Research I don’t know that we’re I don’t know that anybody is really hired to do research cuz wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone will pay for that but that doesn’t happen if we do get hired as consultants for a variety of things so either individuals within the organization or the collective organization May consult on certain projects or consult on like creative curriculum for a particular thing and we have individuals who are consulted on court cases and I’m legal issues so so there’s a lot of that we also get hired by professionals like to teach professional workshops on various topics so that happens as well because we’re a nonprofit although those things are often we you know ask for fee cuz usually the people who were asking for these services are people who can pay for it but what going out to the schools we’re going to colleges in touch or we have a student group asked us to come and do something with them or like what you know we go to somebody’s community of answer something we may ask for an honorarium but we’re going to do this stuff for free so we really depend on our donors and our contributors and the people who support us to kind of give us the funding that we need in order to do what we want to do and and to publishing and all the other stuff so our journals available for free most of our Outreach staff and education program is all for free so yeah a lot of what we do depends on donations as opposed to people actually hiring us officially to do something right on that sounds like a healthy well-rounded multi Revenue stream nonprofit you’re definitely fulfilling your mission in so many beautiful dimensions and I’m just really happy to know that we’ve connected to some really feel better about living in the world with you more offline 2 just to explore some of these Consulting opportunities that you have and see what we’re about and all of that stuff were completely volunteer so none of us are paid for what we do I don’t run a paycheck nobody wants a paycheck that’s completely volunteer and yeah we’re just we’re just trying to let you know we just try to bring it enough funds to keep going and to keep doing what we’re doing and to expand so we’re actually going to be expanding our face-to-face education program out to Chicago over the next few months so Craig can you do that that’s well thank you so much that’s great I feel like it’s it’s really refreshing to to hear that there are people out there who are so dedicated to the cause that it’s that you did not just going to slam the door in your face if you don’t write a check if you know the first five minutes if you’re not going to bill me for this podcast interview right now about an hour into it is do you have a sort of committee or task force or team or just even a person who is either because they are a trauma Survivor or because it’s just near and dear to their hearts whatever reason is there you do consent workshops in self-defense or rape and assault prevention and any any more of the or any any of the sort of preventative and treatment kind of education unpreparedness we do have programs around consent we don’t really specifically talk about self defense or or right prevention in the standard sense so we don’t really talk about here’s what you can do to prevent being raped we talked about here’s what you can do to not rape someone because really this is not on the victim this is on the perpetrator but we also talked about you know here’s other ways that you might think about your sexual self and your identity in the power dynamics that you may interact with and find consensual outlets for some of your interests and behaviors and the citiz and you know we talked about a wide range of those things so it would be great if the people who are doing the Rape Crisis counseling and who are just in the trenches of dealing with battered women and in and going in and and doing you know investigations to catch meant to prosecute the perpetrators of all ages if they were I would let it would be great if in it you know in a perfect world they were seeking you all to educate themselves on better prevention and better version or diversion from the criminal whole that the response like they’re coming as the First Responders two incidents that would have been prevented by a proper education on all sides right and we do have we do have information so some of our researchers and and because we have people who are social workers who have conducted research through us who have published on how to do how to have a sex positive approach to handling victims how to have a sex positive approach to handling offenders and that these approaches can really help reduce crime can reduce negative stigma can reduce it comes cool is that would that be on your website or at some if I if I can follow up with you later cool okay well alright I feel like it’s this is yes. A real blessing and I just want to thank you again for your time and generous sharing of great info so with that said do you want to give the website and any other maybe upcoming events or anything else you’d like to promote and the website is positive sexuality. Org journal and that’s Journal of positive sexuality. Org we have our anniversary party coming up this July so if you want to be invited and want to be a part of that anniversary party will be a fundraiser you can contact me at Emily Emily at positive sexuality. Org or you can go to our website and put in your email address and then you’re on our newsletter list and you’ll get information through our newsletter about our party and we’re hoping we’re putting together an academic conference for next year so look on our website check things out if you go to sex pause khan.com so s e x p o s c o n. Com there’s going to be updated information they’re probably starting in the next couple of weeks for our positive sexuality conference coming up in 2018 in Burbank all right that’s very exciting thank you again yeah that’s me alright thank you so much again and I will hopefully I’ll be in touch soon thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite sex if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at kontrapunkt. Com Thomas gay

Political Economy of Sexploitation with Ex-Porn Star Vikki Dark TPP82


Vikki Dark PicIn this episode I’m blessed to converse with former porn star Vikki Dark about the political economy of sexploitation in the adult industry. We hear heart breaking horror stories of her descent into the industry and invigorating stories of courageous escape. We address an array of ancient, recent, present and future paradigms from radical and eco-feminist perspectives. Ultimately our conclusion is hopeful as we find ways to share strength and explore synergy in our efforts to transcend this pit of capitalist sexploitation.

About Vikki:
Vikki Dark is a writer and academic whose work spans erotica, feminist thought, biography and transgressive fiction. She’s a radical feminist and a sex industry survivor who now campaigns against the injustices rife in the sex industry namely the use of comprising imagery by producers for the lifetimes of women.

Please visit her website at:

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 82 I am on Skype with Vicky dark a former adult performer who has become an advocate for I’d say a better more Ideal World where people have evolved past this industry with a lot of this harmful Tendencies and this is really very well-informed and has a lot of insight and wisdom that you probably aren’t going to hear in many other places so I’m very proud to have her to share her perspective and to be able to feel very honored to be able to have a discussion that’s going to honor the sacred feminine in a way that a rare rare opportunity so with that said Vicky would you please tell us a bit about to your your history and where you came from with all of your eye with your works okay so I started young in me I don’t need to stray I literally was terribly chain bad relationship with my mother problematic bloodline theme my mom have problems when she was young and young boyfriend needed money and basically is so adverts in kind of papers you know. I wanted to be an actress and it was for that dances and that and then there was some stuff like that and so I explore these effing used and what got me into the the stuff that was most life-changing okay I’m at woman who was an agent and as she basically I said do you want to be model You Got What It Takes I thought it would be compliment and it ended in me doing hardcore pornography very young age so yeah but then I pedal back it was really I don’t know if I could say tree affect me at that age I kind of like buried it was like it was I was told he was going to do monthly and then I turned up this place and and then then in the next minute I was told I was sleeping with you having sex with a man when I was very young. 27 and I kind of like I was one of these young people who didn’t have much I had low self-esteem I guess I kind of like you know if I could be pushed into things quiet until they got me a few drinks and stuff like that and I wasn’t even legal was not the actual American strength what I used to call it back then you know what I mean America’s it so you’re saying it was beyond like Xtreme guns or what I don’t know exactly what the other on light 2000 late night is was when you actually see the penis entering the vagina so that’s nothing now now now compared to what’s going on what we go out there an American strength was considered like strong and so that’s when you actually see the penis into the vagina film I have watched the film I don’t want to do it in such rhetoric I believe you didn’t see the actual you know that the American strength Paul which was a penis enter in the vagina you just throw these Shack in the actual sex scenario so that was that was actually one of my first experiences with the Auto industry but I said I didn’t want to do it at first and then I said oh okay well you know okay then leave whatever but I didn’t have the money so just call me that the paperwork quite nice by the end of the day I was lied to about where I was going to do I was young I did it I needed the money had no money to get home so just go off so that it led to a series of me me kind of think he would have done that so it’s good money you know who cares and I was taking ecstasy and stuff like that in the time of taking a hard hard drugs but I was definitely probably a generation and in England it was like a kind of rape scene in America to Global Goods in Rave for the guy that was a big thing right side quest retrievable the Heyday and it’s definitely been a hyper regulated in isn’t is pristine the underground is been kind of co-opted into more of a corporate new rule as it was you know that was years ago and I remember you like to take my phone saying things like that I mean there was some it was a good times about my younger life but definitely gonna Seattle industry was was was something that suddenly became was something new at first and then very quickly became something the buy me very depressed and something that raps that you like them because of the money and it becomes your kind of perspective of Your World becomes you yeah yeah you know it’s 10 fish if you’re young it’s like, to see the the wood for the trees and in times of Morrow was in everything I don’t believe in the religion of the parents and Friends religions and spell projection of morals at all wrong if it feels right you know to the person sound sensibility then I believe that you’re gone and you know what it felt wrong I needed the money young age I know you didn’t want to lose your money with a few hundred quid but it was not very quick work for a few hundred pound and and you know what kind of didn’t really look too much in the future. This is you know this is wrong so I head out over here and everything like that cuz I was kind of like in this mentality that was like a regular jobs but I was doing regular jobs and stuff like that I had my first boy when I was 9:18 and then they had him at 19 pregnant your first you say your first boy your first child and that yes. So then I saw it becomes you have to get the bread and stuff like that. Yeah we have fine he didn’t get you wasn’t bothered hit it like you don’t care whatever he scraped my knee so it’s always been bringing 500 press if it’s a question about women are objects thingies the money was very good you know 502000 lbs some nights at least think that I was the cream of lap dancing club in London is the best one you can get that was lucky enough to get in there at that time I felt pretty lucky yeah. That for the next few years, that fell into the Esco inside of things because what happened cuz I had a nervous breakdown come out if it had my second baby and then and then fell into the high school inside of things and yeah you do something for me so you’re getting the money and the money is gone. You have a good holidays you’re having like you know who these great things the capitalist system office but it comes and goes it comes and goes and you kind of left a different nose person you kind of don’t look mad the same anymore you’ve developed and also and I hate to admit this but you kind of become rather sexual as well I mean it’s a big is a mess around in the Auto industry that women have really really highly sexualized and really like an eye out for it as they say in England but I mean the biggest faux pas if you are a sex worker is to make you hate sex love sex so much I really really love sex and you said you don’t have to fucking say that you know you don’t have to keep saying it because that’s what’s expected of you why don’t you just say you just want to know you want a night off and I hate that about the women actually now the new kind of the new object is the subject so it’s like they but they kind of the women are currently I see on social media you know I’m telling the truth and the monster manga I don’t have this kind of thing but they are not kind to tell me that they own their sexuality on film because they don’t let you know I’m that sexuality says they say right so you absolutely awful experience I’m not negating the fact that we can have adventurous animalistic sex wild sex and everything. That what I’m saying though we become a collection of signs and signifiers which is nothing to do with a list of gender and sexuality sorry if they are saying that they only sexually inside the more important basically is the woman is the focal point the timber I guzan arranged in such a way that the man the man appear to be subsequent reaction I mean the dicks there and everything and it’s lent to the the woman and taking place in everything. That guy’s a party not the partying up with him indoors and I know sorry the actors the cameraman these are old guys it’s a party it’s a boys club and she’s in the middle I mean you know I think actually I would go so far as to say it’s not even about the woman I mean the woman could be even you could have an animal sidekick yeah it’s the locker room teamsportsinfo Conquest Rodeo really the woman has led to believe that she is some kind of star probably because she paid more and because they get these big following in our accounts on Twitter and everything like that and I guess in the head by saying I’m some kind of stuff I need an 81 why I guess they are well-known and they’ve got some kind of cute also attached to this to this identity this cast list these capitalists oriented identity by the porn industry but it’s not a thing you know they pay I would do double anal gangbang everything you want me to be you know the motherfuking the mud likes you’re going to get in the most fun as you’re going to get and the more you look like you know the least real you look for example the more plastic you look the more like a sex doll cost you all from who you are the more likes you’re going to get the more followers because you know you are becoming more because they are becoming the product tomorrow more so a product of this capitalist of this agenda this whole thing it’s like I know is that some some Theory or some the Inn of the three physical material body and the fact the oldest religion is visual vernacular every bubble industry we fix polymorphous party. It is doesn’t exist sheep you know she’s a hoe you know it is a patriarchal lens they can’t tell me it’s not a negative patriarchal lens that we’re seeing this is construct Define construct I agree with you and anybody who anyone who is a question with question anything you said so far at is that let’s put you in that position and then after you experience it you can talk about how you felt you know you’re assuming I call you when I have you and have anal sex while you’re going to get it from me first buddy you know what I mean you’re going to have to understand if you want to have any sensitivity you know if I’m going to trust you to be at all sensitive towards my body then you’re going to have to you know it’s going to be 50/50 and that’s a relationship you know so it’s it’s interesting to I would love to to do a social experiment on MythBusters for all the guys who think that this is just such an empowering you know deliberating in the position of the woman to see how I feel what is the other space printing if there’s plenty of protons who will strap-on and Peg guys senseless so you know it’s not like it’s not like they even have to be gay to do it to have the experience but it’s just putting it out there so but I dare I would dare the and then that you don’t have to say yeah actually this is horrific you know it’s his horrific painful psychotic evil and I love it or I hate it but they’re not going to they won’t have the app they won’t be a steward ignorant about what it would it really is you know you have to own that only that it is extremely harmful and would you show this to your child would this be in the stocking stuffers at the 13th birthday Christmas you don’t I mean if I don’t think so I mean there’s a lot of Shadow there that’s the question isn’t it I mean what you want your child car into this happy birthday on social media you know it’s kind of everyone’s like yeah sure and you know their parents in the I can do you see the parents stand the ancestors standing behind that meat puppet you’ve got their front of you or you just see the dollar signs in the Benjamin unit while you got a different different how your what’s your pounds right absolutely right yeah they’re seeing they’re seeing this this stack of money and they’re not honoring the ancestors and they’re not seeing their children you know the impact is going to have on their children do they want their children to be trying to perform these acts on each other example of a moral checklist that is is missing and So you you’re pretty well steeped in the in the arguments for I’m sure you’ve spoken to actresses who were sort of bought into it and are defending that that you know the Enterprise as it is and I’m sure you’ve spoken with and communicated with directors and producers who are defending all the stuff profusely and are you ready to talk about about how that’s that dialogue has been shaping for you the more kind of a couple of my friends actually kind of Frenemies guy on here is very active on social media and always willing to converse and I appreciate that because you know a lot of people shut things down but I don’t want to hear Echo Chambers me and he and he’s a producer over in England and he basically August with me quite a lot about the Emancipation the freedom of women and they supposed sexual Liberty that subscribe to women and pornography and how you know who do I think I am to stand there and end challenge that you know that’s his bicycle race in which he argues from I’m not that’s fine but you know if he wants that opinion and I’ve realized you know free might kind of experimentation if you like through my research for a social media which is a kind of spoke to all the women and the ones who like I get the M the law in a private message the law and I’m young goes to be honest with you and I’m really happy to speak to them and if I kind of say things like that wants me to go here you know this producer and this is his name and he does extremely sore neck strain that I’ve heard bad things about him should I go that kind of question is absolutely know if you heard anything about a different stuff you know what we’re talking about here I mean in the dialogue so what’s not addressed and what is actually the elephant in the room is is the Moto the system of the system of the Auto industry women get paid a lot more now this is why I defend it that day this is why I basically on social media in the public domain women argue with me and they kind of come at me with an attitude of who the hell do you think you are you know what you think you are and I’m like you know because I’ve got voice because I’m trying to make something with trying to rebuild my life until they rebuilding my life is being an academic that to me is my passion so I’m going to take that wife from me I don’t know these women know but you know that produces no I don’t care you know that ain’t going to take that away from me because that’s the one thing in my life for my kids so I can say you know all the crap talking further and stuff like that are so bright because I’ve been achieving but what do you think you are you know cuz I’m kind of like fully my passion and I’m having a voice about the industry so not only do I argue with produces with the women in the industry you don’t even want to open dialogue so yeah I mean it’s really it’s the reaction but generally employed and I understand the diner you know the dynamic of being in the industry the harbor certain amount of anger women not surprising you know you know that making a choice for the money I want mo money for the quicker time spent I don’t want to do the full week working a job and the hard work that kind of appreciation to come later that night that she was in the money I meant that they are full go in the ceilings and the destruction of intimacy that’s occurring within them through selling their bodies to let you know that anyone who comes along with enough cash to sexual violation and they got some great things never shops know that nice for nice houses might be in over their spot they both keep this going to go kick this cabin and so the cops see a while because the money and so everything I’m saying or suggesting even if it’s positive for example what the new suggestion it was not really know I’ve been going on for a while this alone it’s because I’m a very English Oblivion I tried to a few official people about this and it takes a lot of dedication and devotion and get this up and running but it was and if I can buy back their images from the internet you know of any other industry and what that does that allows the women after 10 years or 15 years even know how to transition into the public university college whatever just normal life opening up that children without being recognized and you eat it should be really easy it should be a simple program that you push a button and it just sucks everything away massive chasm in the Auto industry in eight states states is women are getting paid 500 quid in our new goes in the industry that there is a tie go what can be max hardcore at the moment and I take it she’s like a chain and she just used her real name and I was talking to her on the day and and and I said to her without you know it’s never too late to change your name you know because County Concrete Elementary back you can use it forever and it’s really extreme stuff at them your whole life ahead of you and she kind of like of the day I’m so I couldn’t see any tears or anything like that by felly on the voice of his coming through likes me now what can I do to sign bad for her because I’m so anyway so with the Auto industry about lease buyback proposal Isla is the women come with me and they say it’s not going to work it’s not going to work because because you know is I like how I know I don’t show it to eat it’s not you know you sometimes what about films we never thought the paper I said he’s not perfect but allows you to erase profiles and eventually the images images I’m sure you could have private investigator bounty hunters they could get you a huge settlements if you know I mean there’s already people for music and all other forms of media for copyright violations there’s a whole third-party industry cuz if the government’s not going to the government is not going to proactively enforce a lot of that stuff but there’s agencies out there that are private agencies that make money off of this bounty hunting of them content so you know reputation band what’s up, do the reputation real well it’s just it’s as if like for example if you’re a musical recording artist and somebody you know uploads your music to YouTube or some other place on the internet the government isn’t going to necessarily be tracking down all of those copyright infringement cases but there are now in the dussehra where you try to keep computer program that can scan and scour the internet and look for the the wave file or or the video you know would end the end of this match it and then a lot of Kellogg times now with they’ll do is actually figure out how instead of a lot of punitive damages or lettuce and you know trying to drag him into court they’ll just make it make it so they run ads you know so you’re what you have my content somewhere well we’re going to have to run ads on it and you know give the give a percentage of the money in the revenue to the artist and it’s all kind of being sorted out there’s big cases but you know I’m in the music industry that’s that’s there so obviously if you wanted to erase all that you would have for you know what’s the word a takedown policy enforcement you know so if you were to say yeah I’m I’m I’m declaring that I no longer want my likeness that it’s not that I no longer give anyone permission to put my likeness on the internet No Matter What by the problem with signing all those contracts as a model is that you sign your letting you know you’re selling your soul to the devil pretty much have to form a union for models and actresses that says we don’t ever signed more than the five-year you know term or something I mean but these these contracts are just in blood they’re just signing everything in Bledsoe I just blessed blessed to hear these these words be spoken and by you and and I’m curious if you would like to guide us through what your creative Works have been I know you’ve you’ve you’ve got too many directions since the book was released I’m curious what do you recommend people start to discover beyond the book that that you feel most proud of and and thank you yes well you know I do see the whole thing as a vagina you know I I I I came in at the bikini but I didn’t really know myself and spent the first part of my life and I think it’s natural for beings to do that to spend the first part of their lives the same who am I you know and trying to know oneself and in that way you differentiate you’ll pass from what has been necessarily conventionally and you you you choose especially if you’re a person just naturally go to the beat of everybody else and you know I know. Kini is now have been their name is being taken the for a specific kind of embodiment within the tantric but you know what they represent in essence is in at the embodiment of a feminine wisdom principal they are archetypes of wisdom wisdom which comes at you naked because it is naked it butt naked truth it’s not it’s naked it’s radiating blessed through every pore and it’s disruptive because it passed away all the things that you because I think you relied on and all those artifices and all that eager dramas she just Trampled Under Foot and lost and she’s drunk on the Blessed of share spontaneous being yeah in the other part of my life is full I discovered Tantra and the reflection that I came in just trying to see who am I and in that I said who am I and how do I fit into the culture that I find myself in and it’s my own self and what are the projections of others and how am I seeing and how do I see myself and all these things I was bringing into my experience of aunt and my aunt was I found the technique of collage and that was when I was doing my thesis of the surrealist artists map sons did a number of college books using old engraving and in those books he put together the Engravings to create seamless new world but they were very Fantastical you know people had wings and snake came out between the Pavements and the real encounters happen but now look like they were meant to be like that all the time but he’s instructed them and you couldn’t see where they looked. Together they were a new world and I said I thought you could kind of see make it look like it’s not. But it’s actually fuse into a new reality and you can also really joke people’s perceptions by bringing together the things they wouldn’t normally associate together but by the juxtaposition you to create this what they call it in there so am I use those those tools of collage and use the loss of images of myself had my own photo taken and put myself in that so that I could be both see the Muse and the one I mean the object of somebody else’s view but with photographic and then I also made three dimensional objects and I use those cool things in a lot of pieces life cost of myself my own head button and then like us about the people that was similar to using photographic call out your photos Honda back in 73 I had an exhibition code opening which was all about food and the roster so I’m bringing together you know that the body of woman with the whole idea of the table together in that and it was very shocking to people dressed up I had a whole wedding cake constructed I’m prevented myself as with a van everything adds the wedding cakes at the invitation for the exhibition it was in a being fully engaged in in in the eye and after that I forgot I started it went through for 7 years which was a major I guess you’ll call now to send what was that word wasn’t used at the time but it was me looking at all the skeletons in the cupboard I had a relationship with this filmmaker and we were meant to be doing all these projects together and it never really asked you fully manifest and then we broke up and it was my whole drama with woman’s theater group and my what with them kind of ripping apart their relationship and then I just had to process all this cuz I would say I’m sorry can I ask you something really quick I don’t want to cry or be a gossipmonger anything but I feel that the the Dynamics between creative creative relationships romantic relationships and those the way those play out the Ender play especially if there is I don’t know what that was in your case but I’m I’m really curious to see what wisdom you would have to share about you about using tantric skill sets and tools to harmonize human personality conflicts that’s a big big question a lot to to explore but if you were able if you were confronting these sort of issues were you able to at least somehow raise the vibration you know even if there are deal breakers and things had to be you know closed off but I’m just curious if you were successful at all and applying principles or by Christopher Hills my you know the person who built this property here he did a book called creative conflict which was all about heart-to-heart communication and about people needing to be hard I’m so it’s at whole dynamic between having an exchange with someone else but that person letting you know after you’ve spoken from your heart but they have understood it reflecting it back in their own words to you and that you do that back and forth and it actually creates a whole different kind of feedback loop the misunderstandings that often have a good exercise based on you know Christopher understanding of those principles a yogi eyes pop from being a western scientist animal and he was all these things wrapped together but that was a very good example of principles into the relationship Dynamic but for myself you know that it’s been so many different relationships and even oceans and you know how many dimensions the last to it and each one I’ve had a few major relationships in my life apart from many other relationship but as a few major ones you know that had bad that even a beauty and then Gloria and the agony and you know all of that and I always say there’s no such thing as my student so I like to think we’re all students protection is setting in the area relationship dynamic especially going to the mat the male-female dynamic at this particular time on the planet is in such a challenge in at the rest so many areas that go across because she knows you think of just love and attraction and vibration if you like you know that conventional I’m just you know that Dynamic the spice of life and energy vibrations which you know I make everything so complex and setting it this time the whole sexual identity is something that so you know I’m in the midst for what it’s going to be the next evolutionary stage of how we’re going to be able to manage male-female dynamic in a new way and of course you know the true Keys the Contra do do hold those keys because it is a true and which ones have it if you are able to hold that Crucible and a gaining and it didn’t. Do you have the real chance to be able to see the Divine in each other and bring the Divine fully into that invaded relationship and that you know it’s just the the Beauty and the glory and the end of the immortal France and get moving into our discontent touched any magical ways but at the moment I’m playing a lot of challenging in our relationship not only to each other but to a whole The Crucible of plant it up and down with her that you know that the interpersonal has to also be expanded I believe attitude tantrica to include the whole interaction with all of our natural world at this point and really bringing that into every meditation and interaction really because we can’t afford to lie if that helps eco-warrior and was all about planting gardens and saving trees and I still am now but I feel like what I’ve added to that with Tantra is just a ever-deepening reverence for creation and for the Divine the astral the Earthly Plains all the things we often take for granted I just want to be in that state of reverence and awe that I think most people achieve that when they go into the Great Outdoors and then go hiking or skiing they they have a tantric sort of shocked if acacian of there at least their parts of their system get woken up an activated unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be enough to make them into real hardcore activists a lot of the times but I feel like the there is an ecological agenda that is very transparent and very intrinsic to the path that that romance with with the life-giving fertility of this divine feminine and if you know a lot of people experience very direct communion with the wisdom intelligence and directives of Gaia through this practice so do you want to talk a bit about that kind of revelatory ecological revolution of Tantra if you will be glory after the sexual Revolution and I would save the kind of a cool resonance that I’ve I’ve told condemned presentation to some of her because I really believe especially in the cold vibration that she said we’ve got to start treating the Earth like a lover not like a mother and it when you treat her like a mother it’s you expect the mother to get unconditionally do everything for you and you don’t have to give anything back but if you treat it like a lover than you you know show that you have to give love to that lava and it says to a slow and so that’s an important shift and I think that’s a good thing to bear in mind and I had one time when I was in my twenties and experience with some strange object did Johnny and in that time I had what I still feel program the most orgasmic experience that I had when I had it I was just lying back on this massage table I wasn’t touching myself but I was having these orgasm just passed through my whole body and what I was feeling at the time I felt like I was body of the Earth has style and the every single every single of an insect’s wing and the slithering of the body of a snake and the rustling of leaves everyone going through my whole being beautifully spoken and who could not want to experience that who doesn’t anybody out there not enjoy orgasm it’s a very small number and to the to think that it can become such a flow state of being that level of Sensitivity I kind of almost feel like what most people are striving for when it when they’re trying to get off you know whatever gender or sex they may be is there their they’re basically trying to use friction sex or some sort of high-intensity friction contact in order to kind of chisel or sandblast or break through all this plaque that separating their nervous system and their chakra system from the cosmic Bliss that is a constant wave of orgasmic energy so the more you dissolve that plaque through right action through dharmik practice and purification of all kinds that are very well enumerated in the tatras you know an in yogic texts and Vedic texts there’s a path way to clean your stylus and get more of that orgasmic slow going and it’s definitely so abundant and not so scarce like everything else that we’ve been tricked about as far as the scarcity mindset vs. the abundance mindset so that’s just a follow-up that’s from me and and now that we’re coming to a close on time do you want to talk about some of the anymore highlights from your creative works that people should be looking for then about what’s what’s the current and future of an exorcism it was called and said some the book that I put out and that was trying to look at all these psychological States and and who am I and is that I could dance we both kind of psycho and then I come out at the house and then I have discovered time trip by this point and then I meet Nick Douglas as I say and then we went on to do another College book called man the next to see which was just a celebration of coming out of the confines of this black and white house and all the Western Heritage Inn in the Himalayas and just everything is one century psycho-spiritual play of of everything the profaned the sacred oil mixed together and it was a it was just we were enjoying and I wish I knew how to do, what a wonderful tool it was expecting this and that was that serious and then at the same time we did the secret dakini Oracle which was the 64 card Oracle system in systems put that out and that’s being around working since then then I went to to the Caribbean I was there for 15 years at I-10 and time got a long story short I realized I was there because of the embedded energy of the Arawak Indians whooping for alcohol Caribbean free Columbus and the Magical and pure kind of society who had been swept under the carpet of history and speaking to me and so I firmly believe that the indigenous way of life is the way of creating sustainability for the planet if we can start to embrace him understand that engage instead of in a friend that to the side as the Civilization V how to be in tune with the spirit and all things so that was my home to that way of life but I did for my portraits and they are like Indians in my time that and then I came back to America in 94 after I was I was here before that New York I was working on my phone from about the Arawaks and I finish that and then it was then that I met Christopher Hills and came here and then for the time here I am held a lot of events dr. Christopher past but she did the 97 to bring in the goddess energy and I still would like you to describe them when we talk to them right to coming on on on the car that you were interested in the way of using the energy that is that in these events and we’re all these awful waves so all that happening and I still while we can offer them to the goddess and then she can give her grace to us and doing for several years he has many people from the whole graveyard from performance thoughts and in the area bringing them in and having people get their offerings to Spotify and then one. I made the 64 that key Miracle which isn’t Eeveelution of the nlra but this time each of the energy that he needs and I have 64 Oracle and I hope to do a nap cuz if it can meet chat father and that is like a temple for the goddess and an Oracle phone just working on more three-dimensional pieces the game and coming back into a focus of customizing they oughta game having reached out to all the Divine archetypes imma come back into a more personal expression and now that I’m done now I just want to see you on tour with the museum installation with all this I’m not the biggest art Aficionado in the world but of course I’ve I’ve been a fan of Alex Grey and H R Giger and what I after this conversation I feel like I got a lot of catching up to do on on what you put out that I wasn’t aware of and I’m really going to enjoy it so it is a sort of a sumtur got some guidance that you could provide to say hey go and you know you can go to your website and in and just order purchase what you have or their YouTube videos or any other ways to access your go to website since I mean Menards.com has a broad spectrum of the word that I’ve been talking about and then 64 the numbers that Kenny. Org is where you can go to consult the Oracle and but also that the gallery of the images of the Thai King is there and then the Blue Lotus pod. Com which is rstudio site which has some videos and Son photography so those are few things that you can look at to start with and I haven’t all page on Facebook too with how about Instagram of you if you got on that platform say it took me a while because I just have so many projects and engagements of all kinds I didn’t want to be distracted by something that was another no platform of that nature however I am totally convinced now that it is one of the most strategic leverage points for anybody with the message or Consciousness that can create visual content it’s amazing I just thought of something I wanted to say and it was about relationship and resolution from a perspective that we were talking about mentioning my exorcism though that thing about The Break-Up and processing of the relationship and that’s what spurred our conversation about relationship with my partner at the time and next month or beginning of next month I’m going over to the UK to go to a conference and speak that that’s about this film makeup Peter Whitehead and over the last few years we can get back together in the sensitive film that we did at the time which type of being shown all those years and I was able to show that the Hayward Gallery in London and oh so I’m speaking at the conference about him because it’s a whole retrospect if they take him to the archives at this University and son a solution of some quite powerful can you describe it at all or just footage that we shot at the same time I did all these photographs that became the basis of the footage of myself and my girlfriend and Peter Shaw hit in this old derelict mansion house could love and it’s all just showing it Roar has it came out to the time off to all these years after 1969 that was shot and I guess this unit many takes but it’s like in this time the space that it’s like a magical experience that’s amazing so is there any hope that we will get this that’ll get to see a bigger audience or what do you have his first plants with that now is scheduled to reach a larger audience is a documentary that just being made of me he was young filmmaker Cove it started walking on it in 2012 when I was over in the UK I’m getting a tour at the gallery about my work and he was excited and said, I shouldn’t interfere with you and that interview grew into the documentary what she’s dressed now completed and it’s all of my early walk treat antra I’m in London and a relationship with a woman that hole. And it’s called Penny Slinger Out of the Shadows quite a good release coming up shortly support and Discovery and in the promotion and I’m definitely want to continue to explore in and talk with you about how to support the mission that that was laid out and and I feel like someday I will somebody will be calling me and asking me what was the story behind what brought me to interview and people like you if this is my contribution to the world and there’s just an ongoing interest and it’s so interesting to see to get this background and to have to really just go on a sort of a Time a Time trip into these you know these different points in in your creative history and really if I could just ask you a couple more questions before we before we call it a night do you have a couple more minutes being this kind of bridge through these was one of the things to me that’s very important in the manifestation of my life’s Mission if you like is to be able to be active and relevant at this time in my life when I am old and that the wisdom of the wise woman knows he didn’t pack anything back into society and that’s what he need so much to be able to swear I act now I’m not wanting to be Destin historical figure but I am for the active right now I love that thank you so much yeah that’s I’m so thrilled again that we’re having this conversation and I feel like the the need is is greater than ever to access the wisdom of the elders going back yuno thousands of years and the question I actually want to ask you who really is like the what the let’s see the shocked it country code is the goddess worshiping country cuz whether they would be considered on the left hand path of the right hand path or generally I think more realistically it was a it was a sort of he was ambidextrous it was an ambidextrous way to be in in in the shock to Tantra schools where you were dabbling we’re not doubling but really actually working consciously with Desire with with Will with your will and also with the Divine elements but hopefully with Integrity to Lenny’s trainings you would be in service to add a v or in the process so that you would be sort of putting yourself to work for the Divine will and getting your commission of the small things that your small mind actually wants in this small slice of the universe or the universe and if I if I simplify what the essence of the positive empowered healing Reverend Liberatore nature of of the more feminist Tantra is about purification of those parasites of the heart that you mention you know earlier and if if that was the intention back then against the forces that Humanity was up against at that time that they warned us the forces are going to get worse it’s the Kali Yuga World age and we’re going to be inundated with these negative entities once again the technology that you were exploring and has continued to explore and her still as you said ready to bring to the present moment at this time of absolute sexual Madness more than ever through porn the the question is it took me awhile to get to it but how do you advise the world now about the need for Tantra what are your what are your words of wisdom and take as much time as is you have pleased to give us some guidance now Where Do We Begin what do we focus on and prioritize if we have limited attention spans you know yeah please and that was about a left hand or right hand Tantra and as far as I’m concerned they only real difference in a kind of pacification is that the right hand is to do with meditative Union with say the daikini and the right left hand is to do with actually taking an inverted Shakti to realize that Union but it’s both to do with the inner Union with the Divine being and then the interesting cuz I had it seems so simple but I had a revelation between like tantric meditation and the meditation of other religious forms is you’re not sublimating that energy that section energy you actually using that but what the right hand while you’re using it but with this entire no. Can you actually making love with the internal. Kini so it’s it’s using everything rather than denying everything so I just really wanted to address that because when you say to balancing photos of course you know the play is at the Contra dealer is that Tina between the outer and inner and other call BNI it within the soccer not the gross body that’s why it’s called the second body the energy body where that is you know that that in a erotic channel of energy where in at the Statue of Santa up to the crown and it’s all one energy and I said that they that the blessed is when you envision and experience the union of Shiva and Shakti in the crown chakra meaning like completely in their territory around but fillet in the cellular matrix honey and milk into the Lotus at the hot and got us that and that is The Crucible and that’s if the dentist thing to focus on in the inner plane that’s it because it’s about the dog and dangerous about the dog that hot ass between me and have a claim and it’s true that you know list for meditation that you can stop with the chief Zach time does all the time male body vibrates but we’re actually wonderful wave energy that you are manifesting it’s that I want it that you’re tuning into it with the gift-giving wow so the right-hand and left-hand path are not antagonistic that’s an illusion make the pads Chrysler make an ex or something in a beautiful dress right as bad as it spirals as it should beautiful thank you for that clarification I think that’s going to help a lot of people yeah so so I’m dressing and red and white snake spider and around but you know the contract principle is to get that energy than going into the central Channel which just you know is this I’m at wave of infinity no bottomless and topless photos of spiraling into that Central Channel yes yes thank you so much it’s as beautiful as it’s no wonder that your visual artist because you’re you creating a beautiful art form in the Maginot just through the word so and yeah thank you for that I am very excited to see what you continue to develop and and I definitely feel like his you’re saying it’s if it’s if the wisdom that you’ve been carrying is not percolating through the generations the way that it it we would hope for it to then I want to be stepping up as somebody who who really makes effort to connect people who are interested in erotica and neurotic media and the wisdom teachings that that you you share to be able to access them so hopefully this is one small step in that direction with doing this podcast and I’m going to definitely look forward to just catching up in schooling myself in your work yeah any other things you want to share before we go tonight you are sending out many good powerful vibrations to everyone who possibly tunes into this that they fix that part of being that country Quiva of the own Destinies and put themselves in the center of that own mandalas so that they a defect not just cause at the same time of cost aligning to the Divine headlights in the sky but your fulcrum and your guide so that you are at course but your turkey day at effect of the goddesses well, all right good night thank you so much pain he will text you and take care, and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818 to 7515 3 or emo band at Country Park. Com Damas de

Flower Essences for Healing Sexual Trauma with Jane Innmon TPP67


In this episode I am blessed to be joined by Jane Innmon who shares all about healing sexual trauma with flower essences. I’m so grateful to learn about this all natural, down-to-earth healing modality.

Please connect with Jane via here website at: http://www.sweetwaterhealingarts.com

About Jane:
For over twenty five years I have been studying and working with Flower Essences and Vibrational healing and have been fascinated by how effective the Essences are.

Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow ~ has been one of my teachers since 2002. His teachings have helped me as I’ve guided the sweat lodges that were held at my home in Pennsylvania, as well as the lodge just completed at my new home in Tucson, Arizona.

My training also includes a year long bio-dynamic gardening Intensive at Chestnut Ridge NY and training for a year at Sound School in the Peace Chamber at Three Rivers Michigan, with Kay Ferry and Ruth Eichler.

Intuition and deep listening skills are honed by the Sun/Moon Dances I’ve attended since 2003 and the practice of meditation and Chanting in the newly created Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber. I’ve also had the privilege of attending a Ten Moon Initiation facilitated by Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming (2008) and advanced Diva Mentor Training (2010) as well as completing a Shʼti Mer Immersion with Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming in 2011. These experiences and trainings prepare and guide me as I work with women to gently reclaim their power.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 67 I am here talking with Jane Inman and we’re going to learn all about Flower Essences and how they can help with survivors of sexual trauma and Howard Huber’s can can work with that modalities so Jane if you would please tell us a bit about your background how you came to be in the field that you are now gosh I think that the first thing to say that I’m a Survivor as well of sexual abuse and so in my own pasta to reclaim myself I think it’s a good way to put. I looked at lots of different things lots of different spiritual has and I eventually got into it while I I’ve been looking at and working with flower essences for probably 30 years they always fascinated me the flower essences dead and at the potential for healing with them but I also looked at things like meditation lots of different spiritual bodies of work and then of course I think a lot of people who experienced that kind of trauma go through a lot of different things and sometimes it can end up in physical physical stuff to physical problems so it’s a whole wide-ranging body of work or you know what to look at in terms of your own healing especially when that’s what you’re trying to accomplish so vibration fascinates me and so I studied a lot of different things I studied and they don’t seem related in a lot of ways but they are I studied Rudolph Steiner’s work and biodynamic gardening I studied I did sound schools for a year I have a Native American teacher that teaches about sound in sound and vibration and and really how sound can heal and of course the flower essences and lots of other physical things to you no physical ways to heal so I think probably 10-15 years ago I guess I came up on my teacher Joseph right now is work and and as I said he he talks a lot about sound and vibration so I started really studying his teachings and doing the ceremonies which have been instrumental in my own healing so in 2010 we actually moved from the Philadelphia area to Tucson Arizona in order to build something called a piece Sound Chamber which comes from Joseph’s visions of these Chambers being places for people to chant for peace and our chamber in particular I think is a portal for healing they’re all portals all the chambers and there’s many chambers all over the world but I feel like ours particularly is I got the energy of healing and so we moved here in 2012 and we do lots of Ceremonies here that are really really transformational on many levels but in terms of the flower essences the way they work and you didn’t interrupt me at any time if you have a question or you want clarification about something but The Flower Essences are vibrational in nature as well and where do you have sexual abuse or any kind of abuse really disturbs you on many levels and I would say on the emotional mental and spiritual levels particularly and left alone or under unattended you know eventually those disturbances will move into the physical so the flower essences work vibrationally on those levels so each each flower essence has its own kind of signature or healing I guess you could call it as a healing signature if you would or if you want to think about it that way and when you combine them so so let’s back so I can say sometimes when you have abused some people don’t even remember it but it’s in the body right your body remembers in your cells remember and all this kind of things but your conscious mind might not remember so there’s Flower Essences that can help to bring some of that to the conscious mind because if you if you can’t bring it to the conscious mind and can’t really heal it so the flower essences might work that way and restoring restoring the sanctity of the process of your soul in a lot of ways because you’ve had huge violations that kind of abuse and assault Levelland on a spiritual level pretty fractured so the flower essences help with those kinds of issues and they bring a sense of ease and healing when when used well I I use them I usually put them together in combinations absences and I think about it kind of like a like a symphony or piece of music and each Essence works with the other Essences just form a pretty powerful formula that makes sense that imagery in them certainly that flows with the musical serve vibrational theme of it as well so if you were to have like a Astro x-ray glasses or say a third eye Clairvoyant sort of capacity how would you visually sorted describe the the mechanical process of what is it dissolving sort of like stuck or congested negative energy or or oh, the flower we can figure something in the in the astral body in some way like restoring it to its proper symmetry or proper sort of harmonious and times depending on their particular person it might I have in that scene was late at my I have been with the first go-round you know the first set of Essences because depending on the person and how much they remember how much they work through up until then do you know I mean is all kinds of factors involved the first set of Essences might bring it’s like peeling an onion in a way I guess you could think of it that way you might you might we might work with some of the issues that are up at that moment those absences can help to clear those things but then there might be other things that come up underneath of that so for instance couple a month or two ago I worked with a woman who has had really was quite distraught and I put it in s together for her she’s been taking for the last month or so and and recently we just booked an appointment because she said you know all those initial things that she talked about are presented with to me we’re better but now that those things kind of got healed underneath she’s seeing other things that are coming up so it’s a it’s a process healing is a process I mean and it died I would say that you know it’s entirely possible to reclaim your life after something like that and have and have a really good life and have a really fulfilled life but healing doesn’t happen I guess sometimes it does but you know it in my experience anyway it’s it’s a little bit by little bit so is there a kind of like a a scale or Continuum of the intensity of the formulas that you create so it’s kind of like you know as it does its work it gets you make it more potent or is it start out really potent and then taper down or is there any good and I try and give people a heads-up that it might you know be intense you know like I’ll give you an example I have a friend who’s a therapist and she works a lot with people women who have been sexually abused and I made three formulas for her that were you know it meant to be used in order so like you’re saying you know what I mean the first one was really potent than the next ones worked on different issues in the next one after that works on different issues so I was going through something this is couple years ago and I talked to my friend and she said she called The Essence the Roto-Rooter Athens but she’s like I think you need to take the Roto-Rooter license and I said well that’s an interesting thought so I did I started to take that acids and I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried because a lot of old grief is coming out for me and I think God for my husband he had to scrape me off the pavement a few times so it can be like that it can be really intense and then as things kind of resolved you know and maybe you need another Essence for other things that are coming up it could be it could be a little lighter I mean all of the Essences have both qualities if you will because it if you so the stuff might come up but in the essence itself there’s also the flip side the positive side of bringing that person into balance but when we’re going to that process it can be very very intense I always tell people that you know I mean and some people it doesn’t happen like that but it can be very very intense yeah yeah I’m in the in the field of love and healing as well and I feel like it’s really under sometimes it’s really under emphasize that to sort of on Earth or you dig up this material it can be really debilitating for a little while especially you know you may discover things about you maybe it’s kind of like forensics to because if you maybe knew that something might happen and then and then you have to go through like you said kind of purging and processing consciously through what happened I discover that someone that you never would have guessed is the culprit and so you’ve got to deal with that on top of that this really like I feel like it’s some point we’re going to have to get to a point where we’re like insurance companies or the laws allow for some leave of absence from duties at work and in what not this kind of really intense processing yes if you have do you have any recommendations for The Cannery integrating into one’s life after they kind of have to be opened up and then obviously gets you know you can encourage him and gets better over time or it should you know they should get some balance afterwards but what are you going to be in contact with the ground with the Earth than enough you’ve ever heard of our thing but I really believe that’s true biker thing that’s in order to even heal our bodies to sleep well and all that stuff that is the electromagnetic energy of the Earth planet so when you’re in cubicles are in offices or in cars are in front of screens all the time you know we lose contact with that so I would say if somebody is you know going through a really intense time like that at 8 I could be working with a good therapist and that being said there are good ones out there and it’s it’s tough to find a really good one the other thing I will tell people is to work with something called EMDR I don’t know if you know what that is EMDR is a and I don’t know them that detect what does initials mean but EMDR is is a rapid eye movement therapy so you work with a therapist and it’s a very simple technique where the therapist you use sit straight up in the circus is moving their hands like right to last for either left or right as you’re contacting some sort of really traumatic you know something that happened and my therapist explain to me is like a tree can start anywhere on the tree you’re always going to get to the root with EMDR so you can start with any kind of memory that you have and as the therapist is moving their hands back and forth your brain actually gets reprogrammed so you were talking about is there a way to come back to so-so what I think happens when we get abused is all kinds of things get all kinds of Connections in our brains get wired in the wrong way so for instance a lot of times women have been abused become promiscuous because you get the message that your only value for that lets say so when you doing I’m Dr and you working a good therapist they are contacting that emotional trauma but you’re also sing for me the experience was kind of like gears that were a little bit off clicked into place and an overtime you know it can really help to reprogram the brain so depending on what is going on with a person I would I would say you know trying to find a good PR practitioner is is a mirror is miraculous for PTSD and Trauma be outside do simple rituals and do simple ceremonies as much as you can you know maybe maybe maybe make an altar or you create a way for fruit for yourself to come back to Center as much as possible even while you’re going through something that’s really starting things up because you know really and truly we all have that connection to God right we all that’s my belief anyway we all that connection to God and week we can heal from this Josh right so we have to remember and remind ourselves you know in every way that we can he not go out and watch the sunrise or watch the sunset you know drum or rattle or chant you know chanting is is really powerful so there’s a lot of different ways and depending on the person I would make recommendations based on where they were. You know what I mean but those are some of the some of the things that I would suggest and if the person severely traumatized friends Denson hasn’t done any any work at all on recovering from that I would really strongly suggest working with a good therapist now that you know I would like it also work with them with flower essences and other things that I do but I think it’s invaluable to have a good therapist especially if they do an EMDR yes very all these modalities there seem to be very complimentary and and I’m wondering if you have sort of different variable advice for let’s say a person who is very much alone or very much maybe it’s that that wounding that has kept them from intimacy or from being able to receive and then so a person who’s processing this without you know it intimately free shipping and then versus people who are like steak couples or you don’t have access to to that to intimacy of various kinds like you you know it’s wonderful if you have a partner that can be there supportive you know as you’re going through that it’s very very hard for partners to deal with the aftermath of sexual abuse and Trauma because they may not have any clue what’s going on and so it in some instances that might even be detrimental you know if they’re not getting the support they need from their intimate partner so I don’t you know it if somebody really doesn’t have any kind of support system then I would be talking to them about getting one you know it just you you there are obviously support groups and things like that for people who have survived abuse and if they don’t have any intimate friends or friends that they can lean on as they’re going through something like that then I would probably recommend developing doing their best to develop but you’re talking are you talking about like when somebody really isolate it’s hard to that there’s so many different scenarios but there’s ample there’s like they’re just like best practices and considerations that I’ve kind of studied about if you are in a couple partnership you got to be really careful about not forget me not being projected on or projecting so that you cannot contaminate the the relationship and actually if you don’t process that and really you know what wise in conscious way you can end up with like a some of that that the stuff that was buried below the conscious mind that that didn’t really have a clearing yeah it’s it can be too can be pretty devastating when there’s not so there’s a level of training that that is supportive partner would have to go through it and then and then again you could be blessed with somebody who who is just there for you and able able to be present for it you know what I mean but that’s an individual case-by-case thing but in the terms of isolation like if you’re talkin about somebody who has really isolated themselves because of the abuse that’s where the Essences could really come in like you know cuz then you can and I don’t just throw people asking to abandon them I work with them in an ongoing way I work with them pretty intimately when we’re figuring out the first set of Essences and I’m available for follow-up and console you know if they’re going through something really intense but again the Essences could be instrumental in helping a person to come out of a really isolated space yeah this meetup.com exies get a good resource if anybody that is feel isolated to find you know Survivor support groups and also places in nature to go hiking and you know there’s lots of ways to he had to get out there and I like this approach you’re talking about so if I could ask you a bit about the actual process. What what do you do or deserve a person who produces the flower essences what is that process like there’s a lot of Essences that you can buy you know through people like flower essence Society or the bach station now but you can usually find Flower Essences in your house food store so they’re made by those by those companies and by those people but if you want to make your own as just like I would say the flower essence repertoire from the flower essence Society it’s a really good book it’s a really good reference and I think I think there might even be instructions on how to make Essences in in the beginning of that book but that that is a great book for like looking for instance fear let’s say you got a lot of here so you can go to the reception and really identify where that’s with at Sears all about and then you can look up the Essences so somebody could take that kind of book you’d have to have something like that in order to even work with Essences on your own but if you want to make your own absences you would take the flowers you go out in the early early morning when the sun first comes up you have to have a clean clear crystals better but if you don’t have Crystal a glass bowl that is unmarked it’s not got any kind of patterning on it and you would still that with spring water or well being a good good clear water distilled water is fine too and go out to where the flowers are and you might sit for a while with the flowers asking for permission to make the S’s so you want to sit in a respectful quiet way in a meditative space and ask for permission to make the essence then you want to handle the flower as little as possible which can be tricky there’s some some things that I’ve read you know have a little piece pair of silver scissors so that you can snip the flower with a little sour since I’ve never had those I just use my fingers but try to handle the flower as little as possible and you floated onto the Clearwater then you want to put it somewhere where it’s going to be in the direct sunlight and you said it out in the sun you so you still the whole surface of the ball with the flower and you set it out in the sun and you’re going to leave it out there for I don’t know anywhere from two to four hours and when you go back to collect the the actions you would done take the flowers off and that the water has now become infused with the vibration of that flower so then you take that water and you preserve it with brandy and that becomes your mother tincture and I’ll from there you can just use you know let’s say you wanted to make an Essence and he were putting a couple of different Essences together you use a bottle and you would just take I don’t know if 327 drops of the mother tincture into the the stock bottle and that becomes the medicine that you would give to somebody okay well there’s also wait for Woody or plants you know there’s a way to make Essences where you actually do them on them in a pot on the stove okay so boiling in boiling doesn’t destroy the and an NRA and also you could do you can do some in the Moonlight you know you know that you have a different flowers that bloom in the night do you know where any of those are well for instance here and where I live there’s night-blooming cereus that’s a that’s a cactus flower that only blooms at night but there’s other flowers and I can’t get them off the top of my head but that just Bloom at night so in that case you’d want to make it during the night yeah I’m too kind of I guess I guess if you were going to match him up to which one’s Boomin nights and then it wouldn’t really be comfortable but I’m wondering if just in general you’ve had two different different contrast of experiences from the the day of the day time ones in the night time ones are there with the Moonlight and and Essences that you making the Moonlight I mean I love the idea of it and I’m sure there’s a different energy you know I’m not that well versed in the in the Moonlight essences okay it’s so do you want to talk about some of you or your flowers of choice and and how your account for the formulas obviously anything that said you know your secret secret magic I wouldn’t ask you for anything that you’re you’re open to share and I’m curious if there’s any you know kind of concept or theory that you can apply if you’re just doing this you know I’m on the Fly you know me I send them kind of like an intake for an intake form asks lots of questions that seem probably to some people irrelevant I asked him to usually write it out by hand because for me it’s helpful for some others there’s a couple things that are helpful it’s helpful to see what they choose to say okay cuz it has questions about childhood or family of origin there’s questions about what kinds of things are doing currently there’s questions about you know maybe their work or their spiritual practices but then so I asked people to fill that out and then I usually look at that in a lot of detail and really into it that was it and feel into like if they use certain words over and over and over again I’ll pick those words out like they might say the in different parts of the intake that they feel ashamed where they feel you know what’s another way that you might feel if you were sexually abused ashamed fearful afraid of Crye-Leike kind of try to zero in on the primary as you can imagine there can be a lot going on so I try and pull out the things that seem to be the most prevalent in the most up for that person at that moment and it could be different of months from now so and then I work with those primary things that they’re identifying and then I start doing some research but sometimes people can’t I had somebody that just could not she kept trying to fill the form out and she just couldn’t get it together she just couldn’t get it together to write about it and so I just talked to her do you know I mean we did we did an email we talked for 45 minutes or however long about what was going on and I just took my own notes from there so it’s so but it’s helpful to me if people can write because they they have to really think about it and they have to really identify kind of what’s up for them so there are some remedies that I use a lot Missy if I can pull us you the mouth the Pink Monkey flower that’s a flat flower that grows in California pink monkeyflower I use a lot because pattern of imbalance is feelings of Shame guilt unworthiness fear of exposure and rejection hiding the essential cell from others and masking lens feelings and then the positive qualities are emotional openness and honesty and the courage to take emotional risks with others so that’s a remedy that I use a lot see what else is when I really love you see if I can find it. Is one of the if you’re heading like obsessive thoughts and your mind just is running like a like a squirrel in a cage that’s a great remedy for that so depending on what the person presenting with you know I might use that your basanta is one of my favorite one of my favorite favorite remedy is and that the pattern of inbound Stow is constricted feelings particularly in the chest internalized grief and Melancholy deeply repressed emotions well so your Vistana this is what year was sons of gradually restores the temple space of the heart they can’t more spacious and light-filled through this blessed flower that establishes is sanctuary freeing the human heart to experience the world with renewed emotional presents so there’s some that I that I end up going to a lot but it can be that can be and frequently is very very individual so you’re really give drawing from the intuitive and the the books in the research and your experience and so everyone’s a personalized case it’s pretty it’s pretty personal because you know it just depends I mean there are some Universal things I think that happened when when you’re dealing with abuse like feelings of Shame and you know and all that like isolation and all the things that you mentioned but depending depending on the person and you know it can it can also they can also have another issue that’s really up for them that comes from that so for me it’s always really personal I don’t I don’t like I said I have a couple of formulas that I developed for this friend of mine that works a lot with women who has been abused I have like a set of remedies that I developed for the chakra system so there’s a couple things like that that I have but mostly I work pretty much individually one-on-one with somebody to really see like what it is that they need okay so and then what are some of the different applications of the the estimate the flash so you you see if it seemed like maybe be nice to take a bath with some of these flowers that the recommended way to use them is to take you know for drops 4 times a day because her vibration on nature it’s not how many drops you take its how often you do it so you can also put them on the crown of your head like your crown chakra you can you can in fact bathing them what I would say about those things is that you might get a bigger reaction or result so it kind of depends what what what I tell people about those options and I tell them they can do those things but if they start to really have a huge reaction and there’s really struggling then I will tell I would tell them to back down to maybe taking it just twice a day so you you can can you can work with the intensity through how you use them or how often you take them all this is really I’m so excited because I feel like you know anyting natural natural holistic and close to the Earth and you know just hand processable if it’s a weird but you know anything that actually brings it you know these things close Earth obviously the farthest away from that would be pharmaceutical psychiatric drugs that and you know I’m not going to get out and get on a rant about it but like that’s I can sit at the be the farthest off course from being actually you know accessible and down-to-earth so I mean this is something that is pretty new to me hearing about learning about and I and I’m like I can’t wait to to be you know trying this and in and working with this so do you have training programs or do you haven’t mentorship or any kind of thing like that where people learn your really do anything like that but not in terms of the essences I might work with somebody or Mentor with somebody a little more around the things like this are Millennial aspects of what I do but I’m always up for conversation and I’m you know certainly willing to talk about this stuff I like I like talking about it and I’m working with people so I don’t have a formal program to do that but there are formal programs out there in terms of working with us has his phone the particular calling to kind of develop formulas for 4 person for your personal clients who have you’re dealing with abuse and you kind of yeah that sounds like it me or is that is that a well-developed like a subfield within the healing to go on friends and sunflowers and society’s web page they have they actually have lots of practitioners listed just like like if you put in if you Google EMDR you’ll go to their web page and they have therapists that have been trained in that jail so you can put your town in or where you live and find people that have trained in that sealed similarly with Essences you’re you’re going to be able to find practitioners that that maybe specialize in that you know I mean I obviously have a personal interest in how that helps people and I really love to help people that have suffered from that kind of abuse you know how to get better so if I could maybe ask you I think that’s a really good introduction to this subject and I’m going to definitely like I said I’m going to be looking into it and following up on the resources you shared and definitely stay in touch and something may be in a more political or sort of sort of philosophical level if I see a lot of work being done more and more you know and I’m a male Survivor I consider it coming out you know as it is a Survivor as special as a male it’s it’s it’s not quite as it is understood and supported yet and the fellowship and the sort of support for male survivors is not quite as far along yet but you know I feel like it’s I’m very hopeful to know that there is more dialogue about this issues and and certainly more access to two different you know complementary healing modalities I’m wondering if from your perspective as a Survivor and as a Healer how we how do we solve this problem and how do we eliminate it in his this is what you’re doing part of you know breaking the cycle and in helping to eventually hopefully Empower people to maybe confront their abusers and get them to be on a holistic path but they kind of shed whatever was possessing them to pretty well-known and that’s a big question that’s a big question and a big undertaking I don’t think we have any control over anybody but ourselves so sometimes part of the healing process could be to confront the abuser but you have to do it I would say that it would be important to be in a place where you have nice vacations is if you go into that kind of Confrontation wanting a certain outcome like you want that person to apologize you want them to say they’re sorry you want them to show remorse you could be really really disappointed in that maybe you got a lot of rage anger at people who didn’t protect you for instance so many facets to it I don’t know that there is a way he know and because look at the world it’s pretty crazy sometimes I think that the best thing we can do is work on our own healing so that we can bring ourselves out of cycle of that and that we don’t perpetuate it on anybody else and we can work towards like you’re doing you know towards understanding and as he say you know it’s I think boys are I don’t know what the statistics are you know it’s like one and three girls but it might be one and eight boys you know are abused and I think for men this shame and the silence around something like that is just horrific it is for women to but it’s much more talked about for women than it is for men you know you asked a question like what can we do you know and my best advice would be do everything in your power to heal because when you heal other people can heal to yeah there’s there’s some interesting I mean I’m I’m I’m very interested in finding the would say Survivor abusers who have somehow come to a level of Consciousness and insight to where they want to actually be a part of the holistic healing movement and I know I mean I’ve personally interacted with at least one man who was abused as a child by his father and then he was told us under into that those dark Tendencies and ended up perpetrating against a young child in his family and then was convicted and went to jail and did rehab of some kind which I don’t know what that entailed but he was released and then he became a advocate for survivors and and he really has a sincere desire to understand what happened to him and what possessed him later and how it was such a horrible you know confusing process to be to have the those compulsions and then so I think it’s you know there’s a lot of there’s a lot of purpose who were hopefully you know in in psychiatric prison is in her well locked away but then when you go to buy a house or rent a house and you look at the real estate Maps it’s like there’s registered sex offenders literally everywhere and the heinous crimes are sometimes listed on those websites was just like so I think I’m hoping that people will you know what happened suggestion in bringing you know what the least a compassionate the compassionate comes from healing yourself and understanding that you know if you can look into the inner child of all of everyone and you can know that every who is everyone struggling whatever side they’re on of it even the mother who is like going catatonic when the father takes advantage you know when she’s a he or she becomes the enabler and she becomes to the betrayer of the protection of the child and there’s that shame and guilt and processing has to happen so I think this is a you know hearing me when you were talking about this is this is the perversion of the Sexual Energy so the Sexual Energy gets kind of corrupted and perverted it’s probably I hate to say it but it’s probably been happening for eons but you know reclaiming the your own stop the power the beauty of your own sexuality in a healthy in a good way and it can be a lifelong process you know when he’s gone through a piece but those are things to work on and look at and reclaiming your own health and healing and like you’re doing have a mission about this and you’re working out in the world to alleviate some of the suffering that has happened so I think it depends on each person and what they’re really called to do I have a mission to and I do a lot of a lot of work with with ceremony and the acid is in many many other healing modalities that I felt pretty passionate about cuz it’s gotten it’s gotten me it’s if it has healed me to to you know as much as I am at this point my life m words are of any kind of you know I always I basically see myself as like a person just like everybody else and I think I’ve been to some really extraordinary things and in my class for my own healing I’ve explored so many so many things and I have done what I’ve done lots of writing about different things but it’s not ever been put into any kind of a book but I’ve got a letter that I put out and I think your website and how people get ahold of you and if you have any funny people can reach me by going to my website which is Sweetwater Healing Arts. Com so sweet with all one word Sweetwater Healing Hearts. Calm and my contact information my email I can sign up for my newsletter all that has dots on their the great somebody wants to reach me they can do it that way and I’m happy to talk to anybody that needs help I travel a lot for Ceremony you know the guy Travelodge to go to a different ceremonies at where to see my teacher or things like that but I I don’t I try to stay out of all I don’t know how to whistle sound but it’s like my Michael is to work on my connection with God and to get that connection as clear and unpolluted as a candy so I do I go down and his his chamber and I chant and I drawn and maybe I read some of Joseph’s box or whatever but that channel clear at because there’s so much information out in the world and so many people that have so many different opinions about things that I don’t know you know I have a tendency to stay away from her because you know what we have we have all the answers we need we just have to establish our connection to great spirit are cracked out on screen screenager behavior and it’s and it’s hard to find balance than in that in this reality with I applaud you for having that discernment and dash that we can in fact have our direct communication with with great spirit and and that that can guide us to wherever we need to be guided to to take our next steps towards healing so that’s why I always tell people you know do ceremony establish systems every single day because those things are going to are going to open that China Lobster that when you get that intuitive hit oh you know what I need to like you did right you listen to that interview I did with Lori and you like to talk to her intuition that that little voice inside of us can I see really evolve strong and and very clear and if we listen to it and take put one foot in front of the other cuz that’s what I did when I started doing this Joseph’s work and wanted to build this piece chamber you know I got that Vision in 2005 and it took until 2010 to move and 2012 to get the chamber built and we just built the dance over last year so it’s holding that Vision but it’s listening to that voice inside of me that kept saying okay this is what you need to be an asking what do I need to do next and similarly when we’re on our healing path what do I need to do next God I really want to heal what do I need to do next and then listen to State what what God has his tag because you will get answers that’s so you know my teacher says a true human is a listener is somebody who listens and I can be a pretty fast and powerful thing when you put it into practice all right and I really like you’re adding that to adequate or asking questions and listening for the answers in this is going to come say that’s the key yeah I’ve been surprised definitely in that process of the more I do it the more I realized I got to keep up with his I really appreciate everything all these practical tips that are still accessible and still organic you know and just really empowering so I feel I feel really great that we got to talk and I’m surprised it has gone by and do you have any final words you want to hear something that helps them along the way that’s that’s that would be my My Hope in My Wish awesome alright well I will be in touch soon definitely be Consulting with you cuz I want to get to and I working with this with this flower essence magic it sounds wonderful so you too bye bye thank you for listening to the Tantra Punk podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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A Declaration of Sexual Human Rights with Lawrence Lanoff TPP65


lawrence-lanoff-picIn this episode I’m joined by world renown tantric master and instructor Lawrence Lanoff. He shares his story of initiation into the loving arts at an early age and his life’s work to help unfuck the minds of individuals, couples, and modern western culture at large.

We weave a tapestry of glory and tragedy as we explore the light and shadow of sexuality education, religion, pornography, and neo-tantra. He helps distill the core values and truths humanity will need to agree on to one day establish a universal declaration of sexual human rights.
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Com and our journey together will begin welcome to time for fun podcast episode number 66 I am going to be interviewing Zane who is a Nashville male stripper and we’re going to learn a lot about the sacred bad boy archetype here and so how you got to become a male stripper in your life boy that is a long long story the very short version of that story is I was just the right man for the job and I was in the right place at the right time and should just kind of fell together and next thing you know I was on stage in front of large groups of people getting naked and making money in ways that I never imagined possible that is the short that’s the short version if you want the long version we can get into that yeah yeah cuz you and all that you probably didn’t some people did actually you know that Spire to be in that role but where did she go out how did life unfold leading you into that that moment of being at the right place at the right time well for starters we can rewind about a year or two before I started dancing and at that point I was 19 going out to 20 years old living in The Boondocks the mountains of Carthage Tennessee and I was playing in a death metal band as a bass player the whole band and I were living together in a run-down creepy-ass house in the Backwoods of the fucking Countryside way up in the mountains you got to go like 5 miles or so through this like one lane Gravel Road that finally leads up to my house my house look like something straight out of a Rob Zombie movie and my whole family dinner at the cops never came on our road ever so we did whatever we wanted we just partied all day shoot guns out there since nobody gives a fuck and we would throw bonfire parties my drummer Aaron at the time was native to that sound so everybody out there knew him there big ass party everybody comes out there and comes to check us out of our neighbors made moonshine a few people grow mushrooms and shit and just go out there and play metal songs and that was our whole life that lasted a good while and then I moved back to Middle Tennessee and heard through the grapevine about a club in downtown Nashville that was hiring male dancers and you know the band had split up I needed money and I did not think cuz cuz they were auditioning people I figured I would show up ask around and just see what comes out of it I couldn’t dance where the shit I was playing in the death metal band I’m used to getting it to Moss pets and she said you know so like so when somebody says hey there’s a nude male strip club I had long black hair that I’m usually pulled back in a ponytail I mean not exactly I mean I was in shape I mean I look good but like I was not Magic Mike by any stretch of the imagination but I showed up for whatever reason and the manager said okay you’ve got to get on stage and dance for one song by the end of the song you’ve got to get completely naked and that’s going to be your audition I said word went back to the DJ booth you guys got any Nine Inch Nails any Rob Zombie or corn or something and we pulled up the song it was probably the most awkward five minutes of my life and I thought I really really believe that I was going to get laughed out of the club like I didn’t know what I was doing there I never at that point in my life like I was just barely 20 years old at that point I never been to a strip club in my life ever I’ve never seen anybody do a pole trick I’ve never seen a lap dance actually take place I didn’t I couldn’t dance I didn’t know what the hell I was doing I was just I was there I really thought I was I was getting ready to apologize like I’m sorry this fucking suck time I’m Gone by the end of the song manager gets up on the microphone like okay when can you start I’m like so you got to get your SOB license sob stand for sexually oriented business so I had to go get my sexually-oriented business license and I could start dancing and pay out the club about 40 to $50 a day make cash everyday and what I make is mine to keep I said I fucking made the audition M-66 it’s going on to about six and a half years later this point I’m 26 years old now I was barely twenty years old at the at the time and here I am talking about it now I thought I was about to get laughed out of the room go back to working at some fucking Factory or Warehouse like all the other jobs that I’ve worked previously but it worked out and it’s been a hell of a ride man that’s the that’s the introduction to that and so is that with the same club or if you bounced around what’s changed over the 60 at everything that was that was the beginning that was the beginning that was a club that is not around anymore it was called Club Arrow or some people refer to it as Arrow Nashville in downtown Nashville male strip club right in the heart of downtown and I worked there for about a year and after that apparently the mayor Governor whoever of our town the Senators and all that could not handle the idea of having a male strip club so close to our convention center and right in the heart of downtown where all the tourists like to go and I read some of the news tabloids about it like our politicians right here in Tennessee where saying it’s one thing if a lady takes her clothes off on stage for men but when a man does it it’s repulsive or he said something to that effect and it made me nauseous man like I worked there for about a year I got a real taste of the game and really got passionate about what I did and then I started hearing this and I forgot that oh yeah we’re in the middle of so-called conservative Buckle of the Bible Belt Middle Tennessee and here we are doing what is completely against the grain of what mainstream Society considers to be decent or chivalrous in any way throw money at us come on and apparently apparently the the people running the show that is Tennessee could not handle the fact and so the club got bought out from underneath us without any of the dancers knowing it apparently all the club Owners and managers were in on it and just didn’t even tell us until one day I woke up to a phone call and it was my manager at the time Bo who just said hey man there’s no more Arrow we’re locking the doors tomorrow you got till the end of today to come over here get your stuff out of the Walker and it’s over and that was about five five five and a half years ago it was right around Christmas I think of 2010 I believe and we didn’t we were devastated me and all the other dancers you know we didn’t know what to do because of that point we had fallen in love with the game the show the entertainment just everything about what we did was like just such a fucking Rush that you know once it ended we’re like now what where do we where do we go from here and a shortly after that there was a club owner from a place pretty close by to their calls me up apparently I had given him my number at some point at that club arrow and I don’t remember doing that but he had called me up out of the blue and said hey I heard are is closing down why don’t you want to bring your boys down to my club in bold put on a show for you guys had word and we put on a show just in the middle of his club and that turned into a big thing you know like the this was on New Years going into 2011 amazing party amazing crowd like everybody had of last we all made money and it’s like we’re taking that and it work we we took that energy from that club that we worked at together and started spreading it so in a way you could say that Arrow closing down on us was actually for our benefit like that’s where it was birthed but from there it’s spreaded and it started with me and Nightclub owner talkin we put on the New Year’s big and it became a hit next thing you know we bought ourselves a portable pole we became a traveling pole dancing group started traveling all over the southeast United States and we would roll up into a club and we would just set up a pole right there where ever was convenient to us and it was amazing we could just do pole tricks in the middle of any club and put on a show and travel and would become a big thing that went South that lasted a couple of years I just banded from that group for other raisins and perfect timing with that because this and that happened and the whole thing fell apart but God damn it that was a good fucking ride that we gave it for myself like right at the same time that I had helped start that pole dancing group starting with that New Year’s gig and then other gigs after that that I had set up and started booking and we started traveling and Performing and all that at the same time I started creating a network for myself which is the best move for me to make at the time and that’s I think what really saved my ass like a kept myself afloat in the industry after this pole dancing group head collapse okay not to sound arrogant but I at the time I was worth more as an Entertainer then the group was as a traveling unit and at the time that I disbanded you should started going south and at the time like by that point I had already created a network for myself other people that I’m connected with that are going to book with me where I can perform wherever I want and I started doing like a lot of bachelorette parties private parties birthday parties party bus party boats and you fucking name it and by the time that that group had disbanded and sort of crumbled collapsed on us I was already in an independent entity making money on my own as an entrepreneur and I’m still doing it to this day and still keep in touch with all the guys most of them you know you know still perform the occasional Club gig here and there and it’s always fun and still doing bow and here I am like I said talking about it and in the meantime it’s good to hear from me to Tanger problem this is exciting I’m totally totally getting in this trance listen to tell me about how what’s the mechanics of that that’s very interesting I never heard that they did that so how does what does that look like and how does it how do you set that up a little tiny bit can you repeat that how does that work well it was a pole that you can take apart and put together it’s it’s a portable pole it doesn’t it doesn’t connect to the ceiling of a club like it you would set up the bass on ground level and in the middle is like a ball bearing like swivel type thing were then you assemble the pole itself and put it inside the base the foundation and from there it’s spins and everything and it’s pretty sturdy so we had one guy that was like well over 200 lb of big white boy country boy and everything totally fucking crunk I would do backflips and all kinds of crazy pole tricks and everything on the Poland and I think it only fell apart on him one time aside from that it’s been pretty sturdy over the years but like I said that’s way in the past and lots of good times that have happened as a result is it kind of like one of those like kicking post like that martial arts studio kicking post or like a basketball hoop that has like it has some sort of thing it’s weighted bottom or is it the UPS okay so you don’t know the name of the brand I’m not the one that bought it but I mean ok it’s the sound ation that you build on ground-level its circular at the bottom ways a good bit there’s a metal frame that goes inside of it then there’s the circular platform that you can actually walk and dance and twerk on in the center would be the whole with like a ball bearing like open hole type of thing where then you assemble the pole separately in three different pieces stick it in the center in the thing spins and you can jump on it go upside down and it fits in the back of any regular cars trunk so we can grab a lot of steak of all over the place we went as far south as Panama City Beach Florida and I think I believe it’s for North as Evansville Indiana and pretty much it all the states in-between weird head at various clubs in many many stories many different things that have happened and people and shit that’s gone on in the middle of all that good stuff in well that’s so tell me about if you will what your internal experiences in these in these dances that mean are you feeling now you said you’re getting a rush imagine I mean I’ve been into clubs where the others just like a like gay clubs where there’s actually mostly I’ve heard it’s like a lot of straight guys like just College you know college guys straight guys that are just trying to make a little extra bucks on the side but it was kind of like you know stomping a little bit on the on the bars standing up and just having people come up and stuff terminal like this the dance of stopping you just kind of like moving your cat down but you’re not getting real real crazy like pole dance I haven’t seen you know that yet so it sounds like you’re getting pretty wild like you’re getting in people’s faces you’re like doing the lap dances and you just a wild man right at them at a concert might be something different but as a male dancer I mean we’ve pretty much done everything if that’s what you mean well so I saw I saw you do a little lap dance recently and what how tell me about a male stripper lap dance what is that what is that like what is he mean what do we do yeah yeah if you were to describe it you know if you would like writing your Memoirs you know and you were like you know these are some of the moves like oh yeah like what what typically happens during a lap dance pole oh boy I guess it it really boils down to the aspect of being a good Entertainer is all about filling out the Vibes and not only so to speak surf The Vibes the the the waves that are the women’s emotions and that are the vibe that I’m creating within the room like as I’m owning the room like as the sole Entertainer like 90% of my games right now it is like you know private parties Bachelorette birthday party stuff like that itches like that’s that’s mostly what I do and then we’re sitting here talking about pole dancing and stuff that was years and years ago that was like five years ago I was doing that but as a doing doing bachelorette parties during a lap dance it’s all about filling out the Vibes and that would apply to being in a club to it’s all about feeling Out The Vibes and going going with that I can read the woman’s body energy their posture just how much they’re getting into it I can tell if she’s so high or reserved like nervous because it’s the first time she’s doing something like this or if she’s completely just into it and wild and everything and anything else that that’s in between during a regular lap dance I can feel out the vibes from her body and just what is what is happening in the way that her friends are like responding to what I do and from there I usually start with some kind of teas where I’m not completely physically touching the girl that I’m about to dance for and just kind of Escalade from there it can go into like grinding a lot of times I fish out dollar bills with my teeth a lot of her friends will stick dollar bills like in her cleavage and you know very you know parts of her body were all fish out the dollar bills with my teeth and stuff like that in the girls get all into it and everything a lot of different tricks and things that I do sometimes depending on what outfit that I’m wearing at the time like let’s say I’m wearing my cop outfit should I wear the cop outfit all the time and that’s a huge hit like all the girls will take that a lot sometimes sometimes the girls request whipped cream so I like to keep my refrigerator stocked with whipped cream this time of year because you never know when that might come in handy right and then during if I’m not going to be a cop or like a pizza delivery guy or something like that like I’m just in my regular Cowboy outfit or if they haven’t requested anything specific where they just want me to show up looking sharp or whatever like a business suit or something like that usually my intro is going to be like most often when I show up the bride does not know that I’m coming like it’s going to be a surprise to her oftentimes like it’s only the girl that both me and her friends like all the other girls in the room that are actually in on it and in cases like that in fact most other cases to be honest what I like to do as my intro is I’ll bring a blindfold and I’ll tell the girls that book to me you know they always meet me outside the room before I start dancing you know I’m bringing my Boombox and everything for me and I told him to blindfold the bride-to-be or the birthday girl whoever you know the star of the night so is going to be and get her to sit down in the seat blindfold her and balls he’s blindfolded I might walk inside while she doesn’t see me and you know plug in my Boombox in my party light and all that plug in my iPod my playlist everything and then whenever I’m ready all the girls in the room will start changing the bride’s name in La Brittany Brittany Way what’s going on what’s going on for the blindfold off how you doing Brittany and then all the girls are going crazy and it it’s always a blast man it’s always a blast is there footage of a demo reel for this I got to see this man this is too if you’re talking about that little 10-second video clip that I posted in the Forum I haven’t seen a couple days ago right I haven’t seen that yet but I’m really I would love to see this like as a music video or something I mean it’s it’s this is like so a demo reel that that documents all this I would love to see a male stripper performance during a bachelorette party filmed and edited by The Format of the music video that would be amazing I’ve never seen or done that before I do that and if it happens because I’m going to top Magic Mike but that’s it let’s let’s do it there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the what all males aspire to be able to accomplish you know in their own private lives like being a really juicy dancer you know that’s what’s missing and debts you know that I mean either so so many guys did you say I can’t dance or I don’t dance and no that’s that’s write any anybody you should never say that you cannot dance because anybody can dance fucking half-ass nod your head to some music that is fucking dancing so nobody should say if they cannot dance that is a fucking lie and don’t ever believe it you can dance for this because you know I can’t I mean from the metal scene I wasn’t metal everything and yeah I think head-banging moshpit Circle pits in pitted sink head swell with all that stuff is a form of movement but you know the but despite permitted to do that you know if you were to start getting kind of smooth and sensual and graceful moving your head beat you up as a fagg that’s what you know what I mean a lot of that world but you know that there is that homophobic through that pain world you know but I mean shit like that I mean I’ve never really seen anything homophobic but I’ve never I mean metal metal is one of those genres where you don’t see a whole lot of openly gay people with the exception of the lead singer for Judas Priest and that’s I mean forgetting that’s I mean if I certainly haven’t seen or experienced anything like that at the same time I mean you know meet me personally I went from heavy metal and death metal and being a bass player which which I still answer this day don’t get me wrong from that to like you said actually having it in the hips having the Mojo being able to to move with the music and from there I started to evolve from heavy metal and stuff like that wear nowadays I’m more like industrial music and stuff but I’m also moved into like rave music and stuff like that he’ll at my party so that I’m performing at I don’t play that kind of music at all I mean like at my parties I’ve got my own playlist that I’ve made myself as customers shit it’s like you know Ludacris Lil Jon you know Rihanna 50 Cent I got this one remix from Nine Inch Nails and 50 Cent words like the Beat from Nine Inch Nails closer but it’s put to 50 Cent you know I go Shawty It’s Your Birthday we gonna party like it’s your birthday the girls love that song love it because the the beginning is just that Yeah Yeah Yeahs Nine Inch Nails closer all the kinky girls in the room instantly as soon as I beat drops they all perk up I’ll look at them and then all the girls that are just there to party and aren’t as kinky are going to recognize 50 Cent as soon as he comes in go Shawty It’s Your Birthday they start singing along to it and then just insert the bride’s name or whoever you’re giving a lap dance to go Britney and so I got so I’m wondering how do you end up with a lot of these if it’s not the birthday girl or I probably Hopewell you would hope not The Bachelorette but I’m sure you must get so many phone numbers and people throwing panties that you how do you manage all of all of the solicitation since you had skit you know as far as that goes I mean of course what I do what we do as male entertainers is meet me offer the ladies this new experience that many of them have not experienced before most of the women that I have never had any kind of male stripper experience aside from what they’ve seen from Magic Mike you know so when they have the full one experience of okay we’re from out of town we’re getting a hotel here in Nashville and they’re hiring a male stripper that never done this before and they’re kind of expecting like a Magic Mike type of thing and I show up and I’m doing the cop thing or the cowboy thing or being a doctor or you notate the delivery guy at fireman military hotel security bang on the door say something about a noise complaint and sit cream the blindfold the handcuffs body shots of fishing dollar bills about of their cleavage isn’t set they they haven’t experienced anything like that so I think that the experience for them is very opening and freeing and a very not only a new experience but it it opens them up in such a way sexually where it can be considered a sort of evolution for them and for the people that I dance for like I believe that evolution is spawned by having a variety of experiences and that includes sexually so like when they when they had this new experience that is it’s certainly got a sexual element to it with the stripping performance and all that that creates Evolution it creates change within them and I think that that experience can be such a positive thing for them that yes I mean they they definitely like to talk to me afterwards but what happens from that point forward like after I’m done performing is my own discretion like you know I typically just choose to be a professional I told him if they want to book me again you know go to the to my booking agent website they can request me again for the next party and everything so I don’t usually I mean I might have to take their phone number but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to call them necessarily at that point forward whatever I do is my decision and it’s entirely up to me what happens with any of them well so I like to be a choice is what I’m saying only man that’s cool you have obviously you’re not well this is this is so I just didn’t because you know I’ll put it in a couple of my thoughts than in size which is that like we’re in totally opposite ends of a spectrum of providing new like you said like evolutionary erotic sensual experiences for women and kind of activating a deeper energetic sort of Pathways that they haven’t had no access to and in that bringing that presents which you’re not going to find you know right now in a man who is not really moving that she’s so you know in the words of the you know that I am the fuel I’m in is a timeshare thing that you’re doing and you’re actually having this like deep energetic Awakening affect and your butt without without calling it that without saying you have to do some spiritual you know refinement or paths really just direct experience of it so that’s very fascinating that’s absolutely man I agree with you on that like as far as it being like an opening an extensive kind of experience although of course I’m not going to be sitting there doing man Charles and meditation and breathing and shit with them like you like you would mention like the way that the way that I feel is that it’s up to me to do things like that you refer to it as being kind of like a tantric kind of experience which I wouldn’t disagree with that I wouldn’t I probably agree with that to an extent yeah I mean like but as far as it being an Awakening kind of experience for the women that experience made it’s up to me to do the work within myself to bring myself to my eyes potential so that I can create space for the women to have an experience like that which would not be possible if I myself was not in tune and in touch with what I’m doing and that it’s it’s from that place within my soul that I create experiences for the thousands of women that I’ve danced for for them to have that and in that sense you could say that it’s like a piece of me goes out with that if you know what I mean that’s beautiful what this another ironic thing is it since I have been sort’ve called to have a presence in Las Vegas I started teaching contract like the mantras and meditation and the Serta sacred dancing at a at a pole Fitness Studio to try to experiment with that Alchemy of the you know the energies and and it’s been really cool and I feel like you know the the way that I can see I just got to say man you got to have brass balls to be able to go out the world and bring that you know just as a one-man unit but I guess you built it up with with your crew for while he starred in the club so by the time you did that you know on your own you were pretty confident but are you have you thought about like opening some sort of maybe not you know maybe not a full-on Academy but just starting having a like a a training program for men to get on this cuz I would love to see more guys like you you know out there I’m sure there’s a lot there’s a lot doing it but you got a perspective on it but I’d love to see you know the sort of franchise if you will if you’re into that is a sunny thought about like training yeah I haven’t I haven’t there’s an old pimp saying the game is to be sold not told this is one of the first times that I’ve really opened up and talked about the male stripper industry-wide candidly the only other time would be the closest thing to what you’re talking about I was interviewed for a book that came out a thing two years ago it’s called behind the G string Dion’s Guide to Becoming a male stripper by D on the tarvis I believe that it’s out on Amazon right now my head like I think it’s seven or eight page interview in that book or I was talking about you know my history and a little bit about the industry and stuff like that but that’s about the closest I’ve come simply because the right people have not approached me granted a lot of the dancers that I used to work with libero and pole dancing together with and stuff like that has contacted me asking me for this and that but you know it’s it’s all about how do I put this it’s all about what seems right at the time I guess you know when and I’ve done a whole hell of a lot to help the dancers that I’ve come up with and many others that I’ve met along the way you know you guys got in a lot of dancer is going to different websites hook him up with different people I broke one guy into the porn industry years ago five six years ago and he’s still thriving in the porn industry today started a after-hours male stripper show at a Female Strip Club hear it downtown that used to be open it’s closed since then it was called Gabrielle’s VIP Club and I started in after I wear show their of course that’s not around anymore cuz they’re not around all the things like that you know if behind people and posters Flyers hook him up with photographers and things like that but I’ve never actually trained anybody and especially not in the realm of Consciousness and creating a very evolutionary conscious impact on the women and the city’s there for that we danced for just the right opportunity hasn’t really presented itself to me well yeah I mean I think this conversation is going to be a disorder of the something that I’m putting together you know with with some pretty some of my most respected elders and mentors of all genders really is like a a kind of a very diverse educational training system that’s going to essentially license male lovers to start with licensing male lovers where they will have had to complete a number of your assignments and in training modules and whatnot in order to be considered presentable to women in it and is safe and sacred lovers so now that we’re having this conversation I realize that they need more than just the sexual health you know medical sort of training about how to have safe sex you know how to you know practice the ancient loving Arts of pleasing a woman you know sexually in bed and emotional intelligence but this aspect of like you need to be able to bring out your tiger and be able to actually run this this this energy and N B A Dancer I mean it’s I believe that it’s a beautiful day man I really do what you were just talking about I Believe That We’re Men the populist of mainstream male population 21st century United States where we are consciously as men in relation to our love lives and how we relate to women is so backwards it is sickening we’ve been taught this false and twisted Paradigm through the mainstream media through billionaires that are out there I don’t give a fuk about any of us man through the the rappers in the rock stars in the excess that you see on on MTV and bet and VH1 and the list goes on man nobody’s been taught exactly what you’re talkin about how to not only truly understand women how to feel into them and feel with them and to guide that experience into something very opening and and for everybody’s Grove something that is practically non-existent and I’m so thankful that you and I are golf on this path and that we’re having this conversation because God dammit this needs to spread you know we’re going to collaborate and so tell us a bit about your your DJ your DJ stuff to oh yeah mean as a DJ I mean I’ve never it’s not exactly related to my stripping career as of yet but yeah I mean I do DJ I’ve spent a couple of years just doing my own thing as a solo artist in the studio doing mostly on electronic and Industrial Music and then I crossed over from being a purely Studio entity into focusing on a live show being a DJ and I’ve been doing quite well with that I got my DJ setup believe it or not as a birthday present my last birthday when I turn 26 thankfully Maya I was kind of low on cash at the time and I just brought it up with my mother and I said you know I’d really like to be a DJ and if you’re thinking of something to get me for my birthday intense I would really like some money to put toward the DJ setup and I’m so thankful that they were able to support me in that way because I use the money that they’ve given me and bought myself a bad ass setup and I had a producer here in Nashville Robinson he’s a fucking man you know like I’m not good with computers but he is and he installed all my DJ Sid and my software and all that tractor and tried to Pro in all that machine and so yeah like right now the place that I most often perform at as a DJ would be at this BDSM dungeon that we have just outside of downtown Nashville called The Mark it’s a members-only BDSM dungeon I’m currently a member there so it was not hard at all to get a gig there lyrics like I already know the owner of the place so I just have to say hey Mercury dude I’m starting to spend electronic and Industrial Music and I’m getting pretty good can I can we have a night where I just set my shit up in spin ball everybody starts fucking and getting freaky in the dungeon. Doing all sorts like S&M torture and shit like that and he said hell yeah and I said hell yeah and he said hell yeah back and you know who also said hell yeah was everybody else who showed up for that submissive at the time was there she got to see it in that was the first time that I’ve ever performed in front of people as a DJ was actually at the dungeon the only person who knew at the time that that was like I didn’t actually tell the owner or anybody there that this is my first time performing in front of anybody and I did it for our set while they were getting yeah well they were getting freaky and lots of S&M type of stuff people getting locked up into cages and being tortured with electric cross people being strapped down in the surgical tables and dentist chairs and Gynecology cherries and people getting tied up to the big ass X another cross that we’ve got in the in the dungeon and getting whipped and flogged with that you know girls beating guys guys beating on girls girls getting gangbanged lesbians going at it and he’s sitting there for four fucking hours this I mean I’m already used to seeing that since like I said like I’m a member at that place but then there is a new level of Rush that that gives me and that I tend to channel through myself through my set through the mix through the speakers where I take that Rush that I feel and I spread it through the dungeon so that all the people there can feel as I feel through the music and that is such a blessing and a rush to me because I see everything they’re doing I can hear their screams of orgasm of pain from the masochist and sadist that are there just everybody like partying people getting all over each other at the mark and a really getting into it and then I’m I feel like a maestro like I feel like an orchestrator like I’m orchestrating the soundtrack to what’s happening so I play this you know heavy like all remix you know by Combichrist all remix a lot of like you know sitrans kind of music and stuff like that you know Nine Inch Nails a lot of you know random as you know stuff that I’ll also throw in there too remix and stuff like that while the people are really getting into it and having their own sexual experiences that’s you know but maybe someday I’ll integrate being a DJ into being an exotic dancer which I haven’t done like I’ll be honest like I’ve only been DJing since my birthday which is August 25th it’s now the day after Memorial Day 2016 so like but I’m on my way man like I’m doing remixes of old songs that have done before I started crossing over into being a DJ like I did all that stuff anyway let’s that’s that’s being that’s being a DJ like it it’s it’s it’s a mind-expanding and very opening and sexual experience for the people to get to experience me as a DJ in that dungeon setting now I’m taking that energy and spreading it in two different clubs that I’m starting to get booked for as a DJ things like that are in the works right now but it’s taking that same energy that sexuality that Rush that that I’m learning how to channel Within Myself and to push it like out of myself and into the mix so that the people feel it like you can get down you can you know like I’m starting to talk now about performing at some of the regional Burning Man festivals near where I live you know there’s lots of regional festivals we’ve got Serendipity here in Tennessee we’ve got Euphoria and Alchemy in Georgia we’ve got Transformers in North Carolina all sanctioned by burning man and so like I’m getting to the point where I’m I’d like to take that same energy and spread it into the Burning Man community so that they can have the same kind of experience themselves while while they’re in that place and that’s who is a gift that I like all for everybody and I considered a real blessing and an honor to do that wow this is examining your there’s techno shamans isn’t is it worth neo-pagan techno Shaman sexual Shawn Mendes like I never heard that yeah it’s it’s it’s been around for awhile you know that the people who followed Terence McKenna are often like in this romance with the potential of Technology Timothy Leary was big into VR you know stuff so it’s like this idea of being able to walk for one like map The Invisible landscape with digital technology and you know virtual reality be able to actually be talking about some of the same things were encountering in the astral you know planes and put this in the Sonic engineering that’s helping with psytrance and the 432 music kind of Revolution it’s like there’s so many like you’re in a real powerful really rich like powerful you know Wizardry sorcery position and everything isn’t yeah because it that you know that this interesting Alchemy I’m seeing what you’re doing because the the burner let’s say like the Neo techno Shaman Pagan burner world that super you know evolve in Consciousness about diet Health well-being spiritual hygiene purification chakras yoga Tantra psychedelics there’s all that knowledge and wisdom is being cultured in that in that container and then and I’ve been I’ve been walking between the worlds for many years to so I can you know as you’re talking like I know those vibes in the mic and then I go to play parties like Dungeons and I’m like wow they’re accessing this psych Exorcism of the Shadow they’re like really getting into their their hidden parts and their their shamed parts and their childhood wounds and their there they’re creating a safe space to explore you know they’re there a new all of the energy but then you go over to the food tray and it’s like Oreos and Chips Ahoy in your lap I need to go to you know one of these other types of meetups to to absorb some of that like the Aftercare aspect it’s like I love to see the shamanatrix recently on the podcast and that you don’t call yourself a professional dominatrix she’s bringing in wisdom of shamanism and assertive you know that these other holistic modalities of healing and the Kink aspects so it’s like okay let’s dig up all of this you know a gnarly sort of demonic like in Crested painful wounding from the culture in from Child sick to be the only person that actually uses that word I’ve never called gnarly ass pasta tonight you want something like that and then you know own whatever is that you really want to keep and then actually courage and solve and send you know cast into the abyss what you don’t want but it’s like see if you imagine bringing the Burning Man like crystal grid sacred geometry dance for alter back into least like in the middle of a dungeon it could be a room within the dungeon that’s kind of like the Aftercare like you know chill out how they got the all-night Dark Side just like masculine pounding alien and you know Madness and then you get the Comedown of the morning sets and the Trancy Prague experience so this is all deep in some of these Nashville I mean I’m in Sin City and you’re in Nashville what are we going to bring some some serious Rick and you’re in Sin City now we’re into yeah yeah I’m going to have to figure out we got to have this experience that mean I think since you’re producer and your DJ everything like you should at start channeling like some archetypal track that you’re going to sing on and make the beach for and like tell the story of like how you going to replicate yourself like this is tell your story might make it attractive that will make a music video and during a bachelorette party giving lap dances and working the crowd and everything getting all the ladies you know crazy and everything and then film it an amazing idea I’ve never done that before but I fucking love no guarantees whether or not I’ll do it or not but it’s a great idea and who knows man on my fucking run with it volunteers if you know this I want to I need to get in that world my man you’re in the middle of goddamn since it if you take your energy and bring tear into the middle of buckle of the Bible Belt Middle Tennessee I mean I love where I live I love Nashville this is my hometown but God damn it this whole thing about being conservative and everything is in my opinion it’s it’s a real it’s not true the whole thing that you spend some time in the underbelly of buckle of the Bible Belt Nashville Tennessee no find out just how you know so called Pure and conservative the people here really are that is a whole different story of the saying that you’re talking about being from Sin City nowadays I go by Zane my original stage name was actually Vegas dancing right there in Sin City and call yourself you can call yourself in Vegas Boyson City but you’re also naming yourself after you might have to work on that one that is working progress but you know what if you’re going to do what you got to be the contrast was like what I’m doing here in Nashville dance right yeah I put it on it yeah I I I have a interesting sort of likeness to let’s say let’s call him mr. Magdalene mr. Magdalene is my slippers you know tantric way of flipping the script on on the Bible so we’re talking about we’re talking about the the Gospel of Thomas and the Mary Magdalene you know gospels in the Dead Sea Scrolls where there’s more information about the Hanky Panky that was going on you know but damn straight in a sentence grandma gave me a little bit of that old Hanky Panky when I went to give her a lap dance she would be the one to use that word Hanky Panky but did you pull it off very very bold about 2 where to go or is L Word of Mouth or how do we how do the listeners that gets you a you know oh boy I mean I’m all over the Internet I’d rather not use this podcast as a platform for me to self promote with myself I would do this what it’s all about don’t be shy there’s no reason not the way that things are going right now like I’ve got to work where I’m doing just fine right now I’m practically over boat but you can find me look let’s let’s just be very simple about it if ladies want to book me and they are in or near Tennessee we’re talkin Alabama Kentucky I think the last time that I performed a long ways away was about 6 weeks ago in Cape Girardeau Missouri to the little Club gig out there if you’re anywhere in the Southeast near Tennessee just about every website that books melster excuse me that books male strippers for bachelorette parties in private parties and even Club gigs on already connected with they would find you in on ya like Z8 yeah like that’s my stage name is Zane just about every website that books male strippers in and near the Nashville area weather my pictures are on the website or not chances are I’m connected with them and chances are most of them I’ve been with for years at this point some of the companies I’ve actually help build up before they got big at this point it’s if you want Zayn and you’re anywhere near Nashville or Tennessee just go on the internet hit up any you know who I had just just ask for Zayn you’re going to have to work for it that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to make you work for it ladies at work right now I don’t know if this makes me think like as far as you know my my entrepreneurial you know mine says how do you scale yourself beyond your locality is like well what about Skype and webcams I mean is that is there any kind of market for that or the you know I mean for Skype and webcam I mean I do webcamming you know of a lot of guys just do it a lot of guys and gal everybody does is it’s real you know you know I was in that market for a short while we’re talkin years like five six years ago I was in that market pretty part time but you know I know that industry fairly well. Pretty well-connected what I will say as far as what you’re talking about webcam and using the internet as a platform to hustle and work and make money you know if you’re talkin about working as a male dancer and you want to make some extra money while you’re not dancing through the internet I say the best thing to do is Market with other dancers and ask them what other websites they know like website administrators that do webcam interactive websites I didn’t hear that sexy jobs.com on nowhere on the internet that does anything pornographic like that a whole a whole range of things actually in the end. Anymore at least you know adult films but yeah I’m interested cuz I think you know if you can if you’re not being able to grow you know or able to get on assignments like you might it be if if if you have like a a training program than you could you know just facilitate people to to get into this cuz it seems like he’s a lot more a lot more sustainable than 4 in any way for lottery reasons like I like I like this direction you know nothing about what you just said sustainability no stripping unless if you work at a strip club weight were okay like let’s say if you live in a major city Nashville California Atlanta and you get hired to work at a strip club okay you can come back tomorrow next week next month and you are guaranteed that that strip club were will still be there so if you get higher you can keep coming back as long as you’re still in good standing and you can rest assured that your job is not going anywhere know if you get booked doing what I do this industry is not stable like I said I can tell you a whole hell of a lot about the the pornographic industry I was only there very very briefly like I can’t tell you very much about it I did get connected it didn’t last it it’s just not my cup of tea but I mean like it is no doubt like if you put your mind and body to it there is money to be made no doubt I would not be the one to ask about advice about that but what I say is that as far as being a dancer goes unless you work at a strip club it’s not a stable income I mean like I work when I get booked yeah okay so my my income depends entirely on being in demand which I’ve worked very hard towards being in demand and cultivating exactly what it is that they want being a good Entertainer and I’ve done very very well to very deeply route myself in this industry so that at this point I’m solid like at this point I’ve been with a lot of these different people for years and years you know built up their companies like they they know me I’ve given their companies many many five-star reviews like so at this point I’m not going anywhere I’m doing just fine but for anybody who’s up-and-coming like if you’re switching over from born into dancing it may not be that easy don’t do not quit your day job is what I’m saying like I don’t fucking listen to me having a drink with you and just talk in about this and that and just be like oh I think I’m just going to get into that and just dive headfirst into it no no no no no no and I do not want to be responsible for that don’t quit your day job unless there is a strip club in your city like if you live in a major city and there’s a major traffic going through that club you’re not guaranteed shit you know like the the websites were I’m on the girls see my pictures they see my name is Zane and they specifically request me okay now if you’re not in demand you’re not going to be requested so I get requested for my dig the girls look at my pictures and they read my bio and they say we want Zane and I make a very good I’ve done very well for myself in in that area but it wasn’t don’t I don’t want to mislead you or listeners into thinking that it’s an easy road to the top or that you can become sustainable at this overnight this is pure entrepreneurship it’s about it’s about being an entrepreneur it’s about being a sole proprietor of yourself being responsible for yourself and being confident in what you do not only as a dancer not only with your your body in your physique and your your son but also your your charm in talking to whoever you got to be able to walk into a room like literally I’m used to on a regular basis walking into hotel rooms filled with you know 10 some old lady’s maybe 20 or more women from out of town who I’ve never met in my life a lot of them request full nudity you know when you have to be confident that you can walk in there and you don’t know any of them you don’t know who they are you don’t know what they like you don’t know if they’re kinky or not you don’t know if they’re vanilla or if they’re conservative and walk in there and own yet is easier said than done and so I don’t want to I don’t want to mislead people into thinking that I just quit your day job become a dancer and it’s all hunky-dory from there it’s not like breakdown more details about my journey up to the top of mean we’ve talked about it for a few minutes and I’ll be working at a strip club and all that in from their gaining what it takes to really own a crowd but like if you go from working at a post office to working bachelorette parties where your job is to keep large groups of drunk girls entertained you may or may not be any good at it I don’t know why is it that you’re going to have to tell me anything is possible if anything is what am I going to do postal routine show up and be like a package for mr. Simpson what kind of boner in sticker shit right through that hole you put the bow tie man you got to like you know they got it a package to deliver at the music video be a post office worker and let you know bang on the on the fucking house party door and then like you know ladies answer the door and you say like package for mr. Smith and you’re holding you know I can post office thing with like a hole cut out at the bottom where you stick like your shaft through it my God that’s kind of like texted and then but the thing the thing about that is like with any with any costume whether it’s if you want to do like what you’re talkin about be a post office worker if you want to be you know I’ve got my doctor’s outfit I got my pizza delivery guy I’ve got Cowboy have gotten military I’ve got Police SWAT team fucking you name it man you know this isn’t over the years but you always want to make sure that whatever outfit that you’re wearing rips off very easily especially pants especially pans got to get you some custom-made a wreck away pants where make custom will custom full outfits for me but especially the other Breakaway pants are a crucial denominator in any male stripper outfit like okay you’ve you know you could go online and check out you know Magic Mike or or her or Chippendales ripping their pants off where you can be dancing whatever just be shirtless and then rip your pants off in the ladies go crazy if you work that ship well you know but it’s like there’s always a right and a wrong way of doing things and then when it comes to ripping your pants off like I’ve got an it it’s like it’s like being a good comedian and the punchline is that what counts when you rip your pants off that is a punchline and a punch is look what is in your fucking face baby cakes and I don’t know but I’ve been very tempted to wear my Breakaway pants in public some vanilla fucking lazy no-good like a pole or something and be like oh it’s so hot out here I should change into my Speedo velcro going all the way down the scenes of your pants man I’ve had some drag queens they are very very good at making outfits by the way drag queens I can’t say everything good about drag queens because I’ve had some bad stories by God damn it they know how to make a good fucking outfit especially anything that rips off those benches have some elaborate fucking dresses and outfits in leather pants and you know drag queens that you know like all the attitude and character and everything but it rips off in the clubs during their performances now you can hire a drag queen to make a pair of breakaway jeans or cop pants or in my case multiple pairs any any male dancer has to do this so you want to get like multiple pairs of brakeway Pansino different colors I’ve got a pair of you know white pants black pants cop pants Jeans you name it and but it’s got to have velcro going all the way down the side so you can just grab them and a rip and then the ladies go crazy but then afterwards you can be hanging out like after your performance be hanging outside in them up they want to give you a shot or whatever and then you got to Vino RI velcro your pants but them back together and then have to work the ladies Bowl invite me out if I’m not booked for another gig you know we might go bar hopping and I’m still wearing I’m still wearing my rip away pants and I still wear my velcro pants they’re well enough put together that nobody at the bar knows that I’m wearing rip away pants like they look like normal ass jeans and I go bar hopping I just partied up with the lady like partying with the bride in the Bridesmaids and we go to a bar and they all buy me a shot and everything and nobody would suspect it might jeans are literally held together by velcro they’re very well put together so you can tug on then we’ll talk about it section and they won’t fall apart but if you grab from the top adult yeah those work right off you going to have to talk to Dustin about adding that to the erotic superpowers package that the super is super Power Ranger that the superhero a stripper uniform that just rips off you can go in a phone booth you don’t have to go on the phone with and change you just rip it off right there and there you are a man you got your own never I’ve never I’ve never changed a new phone but it before and I had to make like Clark Kent going into Superman or some shit is conveniently at right here on the sidewalk I’m just going to walk in spin around and walk out haha look at me I’m the bad girls in the group has been naughty but that’s how you do that they got to love that that’s amazing wow man review your God damn you’re fucking Tanger pump man we’re going to we’re going to have some good times I can feel it right now so let’s listen to That’s it man I swear to God I’m going to make a good fucking remix for you yes you are larger than life my man and so were all of two people that are listening to this speaking of which hey are we are we live right now where is this is this is this is getting a little bump in your ear but if you don’t work they’ll find you man hopefully they will for listening we’re having a good fucking time just kick back we’re just going to serve some you know raunchy humor random drunk girl debauchery stories and oh boy I don’t know if you if you feel like asking random ass questions like it I can sit here talking about stories and Miguel on for fucking hours and hours this could turn into a 4-Hour fucking podcast and I wouldn’t even scratch the surface of all the shit that’s going on at my performances like he wouldn’t even believe all men so I you know I had since we’re about an hour I think let’s let’s call this one that you know the intro the intro session and then we’ll we’ll get into something to buy tree and a future episode I think this one stands alone to kind of give people a hit of like what they’re missing man seriously everybody’s like missing out I mean this is some seriously this sector of society that that that we don’t we don’t often really honor the seriousness they sort of well I’m giggling about it but then I realized how powerful this is in just a couple days like this should be mad I do plenty and I’ve been giggling myself this whole time I’ve been giggling my ass off talking about this and that not even answering any stories about brides and all the way we should pump stories crazy stories drunk story sexy stories bite stories drug stories whatever okay you don’t want to give him some I don’t want I want I think if we created such a positive image of it I’d like hesitant to want to you know go into it I guess as long as it’s funny you know no one gets hurt or killed then like how about some bloopers Antics debauchery like you no no I mean I don’t I don’t really have any depressing stories when I can sit here and think about it and remember like one is not a depressing job at the fucking rush like it’s hard to give somebody a lap dance and be depressed at the same time or conversely to receive a lap dance and be you know Interiors of her home so fucking said oh look at you sad Mike N B stripping at the same time it’s just like the lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying I come right in that country song but that has not been my life experience I didn’t see no or female stripper crying during a fucking lap dancer pole dancing it’s it ain’t like that and if you’re going to cry then do it in your own time I mean like she falls in love with you and leaves her bride you know like you’re home you end up being a homewrecker and then he comes after you or something like that as far as this goes like there is I haven’t really experienced that but at the same time I’ve heard plenty of stories that are very similar but at the same time you know we’re talkin about being conscious and being a spawn for the evolution of humanity in society and for women and for men within ourselves for that matter so you know I’ve never had any stories were a woman wants to leave her man for me or wants to do anything that Betsy with this you would otherwise feel guilty about not that I haven’t had offers but like I mentioned earlier like it’s it’s all about feeling into her and then for that matter and being like okay look is certain sexual offers can happen certain things like that can happen things I could otherwise be devastating she might not tell me that she’s got a boyfriend or she’s married but you’ve got to be conscious and awake while you do something like this in unfortunately most exotic dancers I’m not going to say that they’re not awake but they’re not they’re not being at the door at the end of the day instead hundreds hundreds of bachelorette parties look she’s got a fiance she’s about to get married so many so many of my parties where there’s her mom might be right there in the crowd in the room with me her and her grandma like her sister often times like so many times I get booked in like it’s the bride sister that books me and you know she’s there always so cool they’re always super generous and nice and accepting like I’ve never really had any like bad stories with mothers or anything like that but other guys have and other female dancers I’m sure it had some horror stories that are that are along those lines but exactly you have to I guess the ceremony what you do exactly like I can’t just do what I do confidently I have to pull it off with the certain charm that makes everything that is happening at the time okay for everybody who’s in the room words look I mean and I’m sure that men who hire a female dancer can say the same thing to an extent but I think female dancers are less inclined to traumatize a male audience member as a male stripper great power comes great responsibility and there truly is a lot of responsibility that goes into this that you’ve got to be ethical man like a lot of times you know the women are you know they might be doing certain things that might be groping you or me or whatever I mean I’m not really strict about what happens during my show but at the same time I’m still very much in control of what happens especially as far as I’m concerned like you’re not having your way with them or taking advantage of their opportunity like any guy who gets into this industry because he wants to have his way with the women that he dances for will very very quickly and easily be sniffed out and will be eradicated from the industry women or not stupid like women are very very perceptive women can tell if you’re coming from a place of generosity with what you do or if you’re truly just there to to quote scores and pussy or something like when you come in with with with an attitude I’m here because I live to to give these women in Unforgettable experience then that’s what’s going to happen but when you come in like on the prowl so to speak. It’s going to be snipped out pretty quickly and you’re not going to get any good reviews you’re not going to get booked again probably and you may very well get blacklisted you know like I’ve heard plenty of horror stories not to name names of guys who have crossed the line and have raped a lot of women out where look at you can’t last in this industry and be that guy so to speak your natural teacher leader Mentor up in this is like you know I think I could say I honestly right now I’m seeing you like like the Dare program like you are speaking at every high school every High School like in America has you booked on a tour to like do sex ed for teenage boys about K you know you’re coming of age now I’m going to tell you how to be generous and not creepy and don’t be that guy mean easy lessons that everyone needs to learn about the art of partying it’s just like you know people getting tired already and I think it’s their one of the thrash metal part that sounds like a guide to being an exotic dancer the guide to professional partying you’re doing okay I love it that you know as as far as what we started tonight with this conversation I mean this is being recorded and y’all are going to hear this and this is planting the seeds for what could become something like what you’re talkin about like I said earlier like I’ve never gone to the lengths of actually training guys to to be gratifying to women and to give them these crazy experiences which we haven’t even gotten started on in this podcast but who knows but but to be able to do it in such way worth the women not only feel comfortable with it but find it enjoyable exhilarating and and for those that are listening especially the men if you take anything away from this conversation tonight remember this I’m sitting here talking about the male exotic dance industry and being that guy who’s creating those experiences for the women that I dance for and I’m speaking for my own experiences here but hear me out for a second you don’t have to be a professional exotic dancer to create experiences like that for women and conversely for women you know you you can be a free spirit you can create these exhilarating in free and expanding kind of experiences for all the people that you come in contact with you don’t have to be a pro you don’t have to have a network you don’t have to be working with club Owners and promoters and booking agents and photographers to to be that person this something that I was not always sexy I was not always confident I was you know for most of my life I was born and raised in a Christian very conservative very depressed environment that really choked out a lot of what I have to offer the world and it was up to me to awaken that within myself but not to be too cliche with the same but if I can do it anybody can do it but it’s true like in this case like you know not everybody nobody nobody is born in a sex icon or an erotic Rockstar or or a sexual Liberator or anything to that extent what do you want to talk about like this is something that starts within yourself before you think about giving these experiences to anybody you have to start by finding that Liberation within yourself and then from there you can spread that shit yeah to everybody that you interact with mother it’s a goddamn a crowd full of ladies that you dance for or a fucking somebody pick up a stranger today in fucking free their mind in a way that they you know because what what what I do as a professional is I create experiences for women 2 I mean I I create experiences that women have never had before and you don’t have to be a professional exotic dancer to be an experience that men or women have not had before you just have to find it within yourself it’s always been there we all have the power we are all connected We’re All Sons & Daughters of the most high and it’s up to us to to find that within ourselves tonight was a great seed that we planted and it’s only going to germinate from here and spread in you know maybe maybe we’ll do another podcast that gets into all the juicy stories and all that that are connected with this but like for tonight just take this way you don’t have to get into the industry or be a pornstar nothing to be that person like I had to I was forced to grow this energy Within Myself where I was in more of the Doggy Dogg sink or swim get your ass on stage and get naked for everybody and force yourself to learn how to pole dance to entertain everybody and make money otherwise you go broke and you can’t pay your bills but you don’t have to throw yourself into the the Wolfpack so to speak like I did and exotic dancer the porn industry to be that way you can you can like you said work at the post office you can work a goddamn Pizza Hut liberating Force for all the people in the the humanity that you come in contact with everyday you can it all starts within yourself man and from there it just grows and like I said man like beginning of this podcast I didn’t think that I was even going to make the audition dance at a male strip club for some fucking reason whatever possessed the manager to think that I could dance in that I had to tencel apparently I had potential because six and a half years later here I am talking about it yeah like I don’t have to go that route you can do your thing you can be married you can have a girlfriend and be that Force for your partner or not if you’re single like do your thing but you can you can develop at energy that I did within yourself and it just it’ll rock your world and everybody else is you know what is it is it take home thing I’m like okay women have Victoria’s Secret and they you know and we eat there’s this expectation that they’re going to take initiative to you know doll themselves up and get sexy once in awhile and everything but like there’s not really a paradigm or a store or live permission unless you go to Cancun that’s a totally different subculture but just for the average person who is like doesn’t feel like that erotic Rockstar or that erotic superpowers you know having person the new paradigm shifts that are starting to come along I think they like if you’d figure out music that you like to dance to Just Dance and then buy something that you feel sexy and and dance in front of the mirror in the clothes that you feel sexy and and then you don’t bring that to your beloved or you know just cultivate that like I would sit in front of me actually I would just fucking sing and dance to Depeche Mode fucking you know , and he’s like to see this man couple weeks ago and then you gave me those two CDs of yours okay as soon as I got back to my hometown in Nashville and I got back from San Diego I put one of your CDs I believe it was cancer delic X orgasm dude before Depeche Mode Man start with pan torque on dude I listen to your CD and I swear to God like your music you can fucking you can fuck to that you can you can get to answer to that like I could I could listen to that and I could like it’s not the kind of music that I would rock out at a bachelorette party but I could and I could rock out on stage and pole dance to that kind of music and spitfire like I did in my early days of your kind of music I could we haven’t we haven’t gotten started on any of my stories you have done S&M sets onstage I was a Spitfire I’ve done this the fucking pains while I’m spinning around upside down on the pole with the fucking pains and shit going everywhere at the goddamn strobe lights in the Smoke machines and everything and try try doing that less than sober and you know why I’m up to the top of the pole where you can literally touch the ceiling like 30 feet up in the air you know flip upside down and you know he’s going everywhere in front of butt ass naked in front of you know 100 some-odd people and go from being her that I was you know that I started off as to that a week for those kind words and I think we’re both kind of like you know I’ve come a long way and let you know what it was what I’m saying about the Depeche Mode thing is like I built the confidence to develop my own singing voice and learn how to produce tracks and just do it all on my own because I would stance in front of the mirror naked rub fucking sesame oil on myself and like you know get really Central and basically take yourself on a date in like rock your own fucking body and your own scism to your own music that you like and then unlike worse to be reckoned with and if you if you drop on you know what a lot of gas you know like like I said before that’s the that’s something that you started yourself that’s something that anybody could start whether it’s Depeche Mode it’s goddamn you know I started off dancing to two Nine Inch Nails in a Rob Zombie and stuff like that you know Korn Freak on a Leash and lots of remixes to that and then since then created my own very professional series of different playlist that I dance to but yeah I mean look at it starts whether it’s whatever you feel sexiest in the most comfortable in and from there like considered a gift man like so many guys in so many girls have such low self-esteem that y’all y’all need to start reviewing yourself as a gift like what you have to offer is your fucking shit man like you got you got to learn how to cultivate that whether it’s erotic movement and motion to the music or whether it’s just a Persona or a presence like this can be a gift that you give to your next partner not even a partner just your next door neighbor like just by your presence just by the way that you make eye contact and say Hi how are you it’s so good to see you today you can carry that same presents that you cultivate through the naked dancing like you were talking about in front of the mirror and carry that energy within yourself that’s a whole nother topic on ways to get into that that’s all getting into the esoteric tantric and of course you and I could go on and on for hours and we’re both on students as far as being an exotic dancer goes absolutely yeah I mean like it’s all about and like I was mentioning before being a DJ I’ve learned as a DJ within that short. Of time that I’ve been doing this how to how to cultivate that energy and spread it whether it’s being a dancer whether it’s being a DJ and just consider it a gift man whether you go to The Burning Man festivals and give of yourself there whether you go to a party whether you Just Dance for your wife or girlfriend boyfriend and if you don’t even dance in front of somebody if you just learn how to cultivate that that energy just said orgasmic juicy delicious just give that you can work you could be a cashier and just welcome to Goodburger home of the Goodburger can I take your order God damn you got them tasty energy your you’re beautiful and it just ends right there you know you’re in love with life and love with yourself and absolutely amazing conversation I’m very glad that you won’t get to listen to this I don’t know if I don’t know if fucking two people are going to listen to this thing tonight or if we’re going to have a million 10 times the world’s population over goddamn Dick Cheney’s going to listen to this is going to be some bride that I dance for like 10 years ago and some random ass old dude that’s all I got a crush on me like that’s all thank you all for listening I hope that you will take this with you fucking listen listen to the shit that I was talking about man like you don’t have to be a professional to to offer what I have to offer just cultivated and give it man like it’s just going to evolve Man worth spreading Evolution right now these are the seeds of change this is the beginning of the paradigm shift and we are the fucking 99% the fucking hundred monkey finger whatever works were just making motherfukers grow and that’s a beautiful thing and thank you so much pain we will be in touch very soon blessings and California thank you all for listening Time Podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episode if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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Com and our journey together will begin hello Jay beloved’s welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 55 I’m here with a mirror Sankofa Kweli and we’re going to talk about sex magic and Amira thanks for joining me welcome to the show and you want to start by giving us some of your background how you got on a passive becoming a spiritual counselor I don’t know what thank you first of all thank you so much for having me on your show so I’m humbled to be on here and I’m excited is basically I had to go to my website if I do so much okay practitioner I’m a Reiki Grand Master and I studied many also forms I study so many different forms of brachii just call me tonight I won’t do that today reading killings and things like that I also have a Reiki School of training and certification I’m a reader I do tarot card reading I do we need I also do what they call Elrod readings I also do like pendulum readings and I also just whatever I can just try to talk to you and tell you what it is that you need to hear also have life experiences I’m 42 years old before T3 coming I don’t know May 3rd 1 and I also have grown children who I cannot wait for them to get everything together but that’s another story I so I’m taking classes on how to resolve conflict with music and I’m also I’m also a spiritual advisor a person who helps to remove psychic attacks I’m off so I’ll so and my hip is the neural Logistics program I have my bachelor’s and Master’s and that says it’s also wrong with therapist and I’m also sound therapist and I told you about the holistic astronomist abundance codes energy transference coach in a zodiac specialist I do dream interpretation of a dream interpretation post Healthy Living coach advocate in mental health advocate speaker and I am also a suicide prevention activist and Flash and also help people with dietary mostly helping them to get you know to get milk reparations and things like that and I’m also didn’t mention Suicide Prevention Advocate as well I didn’t mention that swell and of course the list grows because I’m a person who likes to study study many different things are not just a good person how about that when I want to be that’s amazing thank you so much for sharing that list so I’m curious since a lot of the stuff you have to really be a Seeker yourself to get on this path so do you want to talk a bit about you know how how you grew up and what life events kind of shaped your your interests to discover these healing modalities and kind of what you had to go through to become a shaman that’s going to be funny Yes actually you did ask me if I asked me that earlier but it died Ellis was so long as well I’m glad you brought it back up for me ever since I was little I was raising the two-parent households I had a great beautiful wonderful parents are and I they adopted me actually when I was about six months and my father is very very strong gentleman went through a struggle of addiction through alcohol until I watched him go to addiction I watched many things that I watch the strength of my mother to stand beside him she wanted you know to help him to go to the next level and just be there he was ready and then once he conquered that and he did conquered it actually years later and once he conquered it because you know but all-in-all he still has a father he still had a good spirit I’m so to be honest with you I’m most parents who have addiction with with some parents I’ve seen it specially if I’ve seen a lot of parents not really at all with her children 2 years later when I was 10 my father told me like literally he actually watching at the heart attack so he went cold turkey and stopped and butts continue or do I have to struggle they still put me first and I saw that so you know how could you not forgive somebody like that by the alcohol aspect of wanting to help people with addiction in to help come up with remedies to get them off and different things like that but I had this Aunt who was really into she’s kind of a Healer and also had a great grandmother I don’t know like what size she was doing but she always was into liking someone guy said he didn’t really talk much know she really did but she was always tell somebody to go get this car by Ministry go get this cuz they ain’t your grandparents had a farm so she’s not go get there Southern aspect of my upbringing because I went from St Louis Missouri originally from Mississippi so a lot of feelings and everything because they growing up with poor you know they was raised on the farm they were sharecroppers and they were farmers okay so they didn’t have time to go and how old is The Killers back then okay so my great-grandmother was somewhere in The Shield’s come back with some stuff give it to you and you will see it was broken or something like that. Put something on you and in three weeks not a cash I don’t know what she put but she did better things to do so again here I’m watching this doing my stomach * New York Spring brakes and Thomas summertime’s anytime they get rid of me and I will watch all this and I will watch and then you know I got older call insurance and things like that but then that’s so I began to start trying to find daughter had gotten cancer at the age of three young mothers single mother for a while and then I got married later on 6 Ram Aries I should have more children I started trying to change her dietary I became a vegetarian myself I’m still struggling and I’m kind of half-and-half vegetarian and have vegan hair sometimes been know how I feel right now to eat whatever they want you now but I’m talking about whenever young so you know I began to start trying to do that and helping her to heal and just doing different things so that time to begin my playing and then I had a friend years later of course years later being now a certain energy about me I always felt certain things I can tell you things I would dream things I would have atopic pregnancy so my heart and never since then I really began so I coming to me like clear up that and there was some years ago so I really started I had to heal from then I got really depressed for a whole year and then from that begin to get out the house I started really trying to heal myself mentally and then I started the life coaching thing the universe so you know online and of course I had this one of my friends she was already auntie again so from that for my friend already going in and she was trying to Crystal Clear me and things like that she doing so of course and then once I begin to call my grandmother asked her something she was doing anyway Brad so my friend gave me $100 to put down on this this school and all the sudden oh my God my life on your back line store seeing all these different healers and you want to coerce make yourself stand out more than this next person and then once you once I started that I’m like wow that I started really feeling it and then I really began to remember how when I change gas. He got shot like years ago and before any of this and I was kind of not touching him and just do energy healing but didn’t understand I was doing energy healing with this doing it I can’t explain it but I just know he was feeling better on certain pathway then I was cooking for my change his diet and you know we got more to kill here again to start healing so you know once you understand that and let me go back fast forward like I said this friend of mine she pay this $100 and then message history I just started getting more to our story study anymore started getting more to think Sex Magic has always been a situation what I’ve always understood it always knew about it and I’ve used it however let me be honest with you use it in understanding it you know this evening cuz most of these things already had knowledge of I already knew how to do it but again what people coming to you as a client and then there’s Health Care extra Edge right hope you already understand something already knew it already been doing it didn’t know you was doing it and then once you get that that certification or degree or what it what have you and it’s then that makes you you no more employable but in my case it would be natural employable but it will be more so people would want to come to me to get my socks you know point but I’m not perfect yet it says great and thank you for sharing I really appreciate and it is I’m marveling at how much family was involved in how traditional folk medicine folklore folk science to mean more and more were losing that connection to have an Elders that have you know local herbal knowledge and stuff so that’s really beautiful to hear if you had that experience access yeah so yeah so that the main topic that I wanted to explore with you is this idea of what I’m calling ethical Sex Magic which would put a some parameters and limitations on what what you would advise people to do with magic you know with obviously charging up your magical powers with the sexual ritual it can it can go really good or go really bad depending on the intention is behind it and and and how aware like you’re saying as you mature you’re going to correct your mistakes and you’re going to look back on things in and probably not teach them the way that you did them when she started off right yeah so yeah and then of course you know I’m no pressure to give any real personal details but just speaking broadly and generally I feel like you know there is it fair to say that you were a that you avoid and deceit and dishonesty and manipulation and in your magical workings is it safe to say we all do not practice in anything unethical life like for example essay that I do a reading on someone I’m going to if I don’t feel a certain thing or I feel like I can’t help them I’m not going to take that money I’m going to come look at this next person etc etc that I know but I do have other colleagues that I can you don’t work with that I know it really is good as well earlier that was young and dumb as they say but on the charms of practicing because that that can be made out of that with the wrong intentions because of a man putting his Temple into another woman’s Temple whatever could cause some damage you know on the spiritual level Next Level physical level and different things so yeah I really would have eyes people to really watch you they do sex magic group with it cuz I thought you said manuals that are that are out there that I’ve got no hole too because why I teach the class I couldn’t even use because I didn’t want to stereo group sex manual a group message and it’s somebody else want to come and talk about group text message to that’s not what I’m about to go ahead I’m sorry same page we’re synchronized on being lightworkers and having you know everyone has to go through a process to get to a point of wisdom where they realize that the the the karmic debt that you can rack up if you start to you know put curses and spells on people you know very intentionally and consciously cuz most people are putting curses and spells on people all the time and they’re just unconscious and they don’t even think of it as violating spiritual principles or anything like that they’re just like well King on people or you know trying to seduce people and maybe let me some people call it cock blocking and all kinds of behaviors to kind of manipulate right and so if you get to a level that you’re at where you do your like cleaning off your we know I think that as healers what we’re doing is worth we’re like plumbers for the solo we’re like janitors you know and we got to clean up these messages and then you get to a point where you just like damn I’m not going to make these messes myself you know if you get that perspective so evil spells I think that for example like I have a spell that I helped him to do to a letting go stale letting go of paint or more spells you know when did you put it out into the universe because that’s money we will stay out so I told they’re more for affirmations because you’re saying it out to the universe so if I say I want to let go of something I want to hear this why I want to work if I’m trying to attract abundance meaning even my abundance things talk about not causing heel will to somebody else to get what I what I’m asking for these are things that you have to mention into the universe because we’re talkin about cleansing energy in removing ourselves out of this Paradigm of negativity so yes I do do spells I do like spells Felder Goods provided it’s a difference between a spell as a difference between a hex no that’s great so that’s this is kind of what I want to for people who are not very educated or or experienced these are important key words to know so you would Define a hex as a like negatively-charged spell that has ill intent behind it is that okay so evil horn Etc acting out acting ugly and still in your training. What would be the difference between a hex and a curse racional it’s something that like maybe happened way back when let’s say for example someone got upset with someone and said well I’m going to curse you and then your generation is Generation generation generation am I skipped a couple Generations this generation than what your next none of them but it’s still like a family thing that is ongoing somewhat okay which can be won the Fresno State is something that like a free examples I don’t like you or you did something to me as a friend but keep in mind can be one of the same it all just depends on the operation of it because some of it example maybe you are unable to this particular family member of all the females and family are unable to get married to you don’t have a long-lasting marriage pics of something like I’m just not only I wish you like you you might die like to for you to die kind of think like I want you to die from serious harm to you so it’s more of a vendetta of maybe a generational thing and in some cases or just you know hoping that this doesn’t happen for you and every time you try to do something that this what happened then this will happen but a hex is like MI you know I’m a very good drawers and I think about the world we live in today where there’s are all kinds of different that because you don’t think because of the internet that I guess you could say as a blessing we have the internet so we can study different wisdom Traditions mystical traditions and obviously scriptures and what not and we can kind of synthesize and merge a lot of the ancient wisdom and we can look around at the world we live in today and it’s like there’s if you just want to look at it’s like negativity and physical violence and sexual violence and manipulation and everything sinful right like that there’s a lot more negative influences you know harmful drugs all the things that we can the human astral body and an aura there’s so many more negative influences and so you know some people would just say we’re all now most people alive on Earth that aren’t living in in real deep in an indigenous cultures real deep in nature following their traditions in with like a unbroken lineage of their traditions of shamanic healing everybody else in the Civilized world in the modern world where like under so much attack and so you probably see like in your caseload and I could you want to talk about what kinds of issues people are having what are the patterns that you’re

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Devashi bio:
Dévashi Shakti is an international leader in feminine psycho-sexual development and practical Sacred Feminine wisdom. She has 18yrs experience as a practitioner, confidante and teacher. In her private practise, Dévashi has assisted thousands of women & men to experience awakening of their internal energy, in connection with their heart and spirit. She’s passionate about providing sanctuary spaces for women to learn about their sensuality and sexuality in safe environments, without the ambiguous dynamics often found in the tantric world. Tigress Yoga is the first in the world to offer a tantric based yoga practise designed specifically for woman’s body. Currently Dévashi is doing a PhD in Somatic Psychology, documenting the effectiveness of Tigress Yoga.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township on podcast I’m here with Shiva rajaya who has recently become one of my top personal heroes in the tundra world because I’ve been following his work and I’m just feeling like we’re all blessed to have him in the world and see what would you be so kind as to give us a bit of a background your journey into Tantra and and how you’re expressing your gift to the world now it says that everything you know if every sexualized is quite a different definition in the way I approach it for me country is a complete path of Life Mastery I go up to the Himalayas to high mountains there to the very source of the Ganges send the route of Tantra yoga and so I give a tantra are really kind of infinite sphere potential and include a whole lot of things that would not appear as tantric to the average person so what we are going to focus on in this discussion which has to do with relationships and sex problem is a small fraction of what I what I focus on in my teaching okay I want you to make that clear so that if they are at least three said they are who are wondering what is my Approach that is the sticky notes only focus on sex you know what I could share he said if I can sex and tantric sex but there is video Fostoria of other topics that we could be covering if there was a need for that I started my journey you know when I was twelve if I came across from school ribando Journey you know I’m getting my own yoga practice joining different Mystery Schools learning about secret languages and I used to be a journalist a long time ago and after to yourself and go Fredonia to stretch or training and I did that for 20 years for truce ahead of fuel mixture of gurus in my life and after that. We share and it around 2,000 2,000 to launch my own coaching practice and start exploring more about personal development tend to different techniques to to upgrade to optimize your mind and are you functioning knife so of course sex is part of us it’s so true an essential aspect of her life Sexual Energy the way we have sex the way we engage it is at the very core of the very root of relationships you know romantic relationships at the very root of marriages so depending on how you play with sexual energy in the qualities that you bring in there is going to have a massive impact in your life so when you look at sex you have you no different approach so different ways of looking at it one of them is through the traditional romantic dream in your phone in love you meet your soulmate you get married you have a family and so on this is the word Lee kind of interpretation of of sex family and relationships the way I look at it it’s is positions sex on a different frequency and I look at sex and the sexual practices engaging with the country club her as an expansion of consciousness so it’s no longer fundamentally about creating story with somebody and building a relationship it’s much more about a spiritual practice that aims at opening your mind in opening of Life two realities that you would not touch otherwise so we use the sexual energy to open your chakras to circulate energy eventually to enter into mystical into orgasmic states that last for you know sometimes days or even weeks depending on how good you are at standing this these practices so those two parallel approaches of having the Romantic dream in the traditional worldly life and the traffic approaching the tantric sex approach I have been in prayer live my life for you know for a long time and now I you know I go to time I record videos I teach a broadcast in my whole life static 82 helping p you know master that lives and again the sexual aspects is a fraction of what I teach you know you have life Mastery the complete life Mastery system contains you know lots of lots of things that have to do with building houses tunable relationships mastering your mind muscle in your body muscle in your relationship to money and the mess your world material yeah I’m at your wealth and ended mastering your relationship to the spirit which is everything that is in invisible everything that has to do with meditation magic with chest with spinach and salmon and Swan religious practices so yeah this is a little bit to contacts I mean and yeah thank you so much says it’s beautiful I really appreciate what you laid out there is so important for people to understand and I really like the way you articulated it in the past about how the spirit of Tantra you could say is coming to the west to work on the second chakra issues cuz that’s where it’s needed the most but it’s only a 1/7 of the shackle diagram you know really so there is some as so much healing is needed there and I’m just so thankful that you’re out there bringing all of those aspects together and helping people progressed to the full holistic picture of self-mastery so something that I was really moved by as I was listening to all of your audio podcast is said you’ve really got a beautiful way of empowering men to understand this dance with their own shadow and with the shadow aspects that can really be alchemize and transmuted into power and and passion and inside and growth potential when dealing with issues that come up in all types of romantic relationships so I know you have some outlines of different sort of characteristics and aspects of the fire of Collie as its Express through your beloved when she’s in a rage. how to hold space for that so do you have a sort of wrap you want to share to give people a bit of that to incite you know what you’re describing they’re dealing with the feminine Shadow Center to the Shadows inside of you when confronted with that this has been happy in the major growth moments in my life of course you know the traditional spiritual practices of sitting down and meditating and practicing yoga and singing mattress and the lights you develop the light body but when it comes to taming you know your demon sent Tim into the deep inside of you the emotional emotional energies that are inside of you when it comes to taming that very often there isn’t much out there that teaches you how to do that so the way very often the Shadows come up or form of Shadows emerging in romantic relationships so imagine that you are a man and you meet this woman and you love her and you start having sex and you start engaging and dance Sunday you start being exposed to aspects of her being that you cannot really comprehend and that’s all going to be either hurtful she might be manipulative she might be lying to you she might be cheating on you she might be you know misleading you giving you false information you might be doing things that you know sometimes piss you off to bring you out of the center and the reason why she’s doing that on a transcendental level or within the country called next to where the fun it is because she becomes Your Shadow trainer it means that she is being used by your spirits by your life by the four that I got in your solution to help you become the full expression of what you can be so imagine that you live close to this Forest right to this tropical jungle and you don’t dare to do going to the Jungle because you have some tigers there you have some dangerous animals and that every time you want to go into this jungle you hesitate to go so this is a metaphor for what’s happening in your life there are certain aspects of your life that you try to suppress because you’re not really comfortable with the powers and the Shadows that are hidden in there so what’s a shadow training what’s a woman that you meet is going to do she’s going to take you by the hand and say come on let’s go and explore the Shadows let’s go and give it a try let’s go and see what we can find and the most women who are your Shadow trainers are not even aware of the rule that you’re playing in your life they will do things out of your instincts in offering their own needs but by doing that they are going to confront you with emotions that might be very challenging you know they can be Immortals of jealousy emotions of neediness emotions of frustration or extreme anger even raged you know and then when you’re confronted with thought you would like what’s what’s really going on and what is going on is that you need to perform your Evolution into complete your solution as a human being you need to be exposed to your shadows and find ways of mastering the Shadows so instead of taking all these romantic challenges seriously you can look at them as an experiment you can say to yourself this is just a training grounds nothing more I’m just training here to become a better person and so the moment your perspective and you see all that has an experiment a zoo life experiments you radically you know where we position yourself and stop looking at it from an interesting perspective on when you have negative emotions Rising instead of trying to run away from them you start witnessing them you start observing them start seeing how they impact on your level of power how they hurt or how to make you feel good then you allow yourself to release them your lawyer stuff to bring in sometimes new techniques in your practices to Yahoo activates the shadows and start reading mastering them the overall goal of food that is for you to become Shadow Master be a master of your Shadow rather than a slave of your shadows and see for most people go through life and every time you’re with the Shadow with you try to run away from from from it while you try to put a lid on it because Society doesn’t value to Shadows you know any motion like sadness or anger I mean if you do sound Psychotherapy maybe you you might be exposed to somebody who gives you the space to be safely exploring this this emotions but when you have a partner and you are certainly extremely sad normally tell your friends are going to sell you should not be sad you say why not why not I can be sad I can I can express the same music as I can feel them and learn from them and see where they take me where does the Sunday’s tequila where does this anger take you because it’s an interesting inspiration so you going to list in a jungle of emotions and energies and by being exposed to certain routes in those challenging Spears you are going to expand your being and what he does is is that fence your emotions potential your energetic potential instead of working with only the light side of your being you start engaging the other aspects and that’s that’s a whole new dimension to your existence traffic sense absolutely yes definitely so as you’re speaking I’m remembering through my life timeline how I use the tantric practices like you say the stuff you do in the Archer armor in your bedroom or whatever you do your personal sort of discipline of mastering your inner space and then when you go out with that conditioning into the real world and then to the the stormy world of relationships they come to your rescue with like I’ve just been able to snap right into some deep pranayama right when I need it and it’s like gives you these cushion or this buffering on reactivity so do you have some some pointers are tips there on what types of practical skills in your solo Tantra practice or or when you’re doing well with a couple like training exercises specifically to give individuals and couples tools to create that that dance space with the shadow material as it comes up unexpectedly if you know what the worst time is it so happens is that if you listen to this with you and you have been exposed to decide your shadows you might be the only wanted in your relationship who is interested in actually working on these things may be your partner are your girlfriend and a wife she might be like you know what I have no idea what you’re talking about. You cannot with you relate to that and every time you start explaining a little bit about it it’s like you lose her in some libraries that are not pretty interesting to her so very often this is going to be the situation you are going to be with the shadow trainer with the woman who doesn’t even know she said she doesn’t know the road that is playing in your life she’s just following her own thing it’s true by Fort Wayne that she’s going to to challenge you so what happens in that situation is that you will need to find techniques that you can apply to yourself only first you have to master your shadows and then try to master the Shadows that are protected within the couple the first is the wrapping techniques for yourself once you master goes techniques for yourself and eventually you can teach them to to your girlfriend to your wife but first is really in her Mastery okay so the technique that uses lots are Dynamic treating you know fire breath they are shaking their using mantras from Victoria to Cali and repeat that mantra for 5 minutes or sometimes half an hour it goes on and on and on like a psycho and I use also martial art techniques you know like punching and kicking like if you do some kickboxing is going to give enough news for these Aesthetics and some of the things that the mentioning right now they think us as being a Spiritual Development technique but you know what it is it is because you’re using something maybe the context is not sacred you know that it’s not good with when you’re at the gym and practicing that you go like well I’m just releasing I just training my body but you can really give it to certain lights vibration and the strain energy where you realize that what you’re doing is secret because it’s circulating energies and giving a channel for your Shadow Expressions so something is that I do I go about training outdoor you know I’m chugging outdoor and doing an energetic emotional release outdoor today it’s you know what’s 5 degrees Celsius outside I’m in Switzerland I just went to the lake and John brzenk Lake why do I do that because the the impact of the cold water has on your body create some form of energetic reset it’s almost like I see if your electromagnetic field just gets hit by electric shock that brings you back to a position of neutrality and it’s you know all this I think they have invoking the power of renewal in the center of them it’s what about releasing what you no longer need so if you have any motion that is trapped in your system how are you going to release it by giving that emotion channels and allowing this energy to circulate rather than being stacked in one of your check was over in some part of your body fits what about moving with Grace you know it’s it has a lot to do with was so emotional intelligence and intelligence so use that the 3D iPhone is really helpful is I sure nobody will take notes on the Dynamics of what’s Happening inside of me so I will try to explain rationalize you know have models that explain a little bit emotions that are going through so I can have some Metal Frames that give me an architecture of the Dynamics that are happening yeah yeah there is you know there is more sometimes he’s going to be in a creative floor Francis if I just discovered something and I’m super charge the battery. I might record a video and share that with with my Origins by martin-gay she will. Into into kitchen together yeah you know you can also take a pillow and Sheet pillows and ice cream like in or you go to a beach to someplace where nobody can see you and you just you just voice it you express it your voice if you scream to release the whatever anger attached is inside of you and all those techniques worksheet it’ll work or are you at with me and they are all very Dynamic techniques you know if you have been exposed to the teachings of Osho you know it’s a lot about this kind of energetic or emotional releases rather than sitting down and meditating yeah this is something something important to understand is that if you sit down and meditate to relieve intense emotions you should eat this for me it doesn’t really work because you’re trying to put a lid on it you like no one fine I’m cool know you’re not cool down and say no it’s cool I’m not feeling anything I’m not this raging you know when you’re trying to suppress it but usually that’s not with Factory because it’s like it’s as if you have a reserve of Pi are there and you’re trying to turn down to fire no call go ahead and use the fire going to learn how to play with it how to master it it’s a source of energy those are not all straight lines they’re in their winding paths and we have to follow the path if we are going to understand the person that were talking to if I’m going to understand the person I’m talking to you no hear my office is in Beverly Hills but I see people from all over there some people who were from next door there are other people who drive an hour in 2 hours to get to me so there’s no there’s no quick and simple answer about the people that I’m seeing and being a select group it’s really a Melting Pot of people and I can’t make the assumptions about who people are or unless I talk to them and that’s where I start is help me to understand you my my focus says I’m working with people is not trying to teach them though I know there are psychologist and psychotherapist who to focus on teaching people my focus is more on helping people to understand them and helping people to sort out what’s going on in their mind and how that connects to their life experience their understandings of themselves in the world of their relationships with other people and who they can be when they can’t be what to expect in the world so that’s where where I start with people is helping them to to let me know who they are and and that certainly applies with all issues about sex and sexuality and images of sex and sexuality okay well yeah thank you for that I’m feeling your your approaches it feels like if we all had that level of care and concern in and space to really create our own narratives that would be a way to solve a lot of our own problems with the bit of help so I appreciate that approach and that was kind of the sort of statistical archetypal stereotype of what’s of what how how you know several of the factors of how young men and boys are being harmed by something that they’re not that they actually end up being very uncomfortable with and want to seek help for inner creating their own sources for that there’s the nofap movement I’m not sure if you’ve heard of that but through set of what it’s coming down to is the extreme you know negative outcome of excessive use according to their own you know their own gauge of it and then if we look at I’ll just give you another kind of case study type example but the other equation for consumio young consumers of pornography young consumers erotic media getting there to leave the pornography tournament the door thank you email to talk about sexual images andronic images but that doesn’t mean that they are pouring and then it’s a question of what are the images the people are looking at you know there are there’s a lot of stereotype of those images are being filled with violence and leading to violence but that’s only a very small segment of what’s out there in the world of sexual imagery whether it’s videos or Stills and and the same thing with with rose there’s a whole world of sexual images that are all about love and are about sex being shown in very loving tender and unsatisfying ways but often that doesn’t get into the dialogue around porn was looking at the let’s say the Straight female certified sexual initiation process which happens to everyone and so a complaint that’s heard often is that you know I’m a teenage girl and all the boys are essentially behaving like they’re possessed and all they want to do is you know penetrate my anus in a way that has no real train skill or care concern or lubrication or all of the things that would be considered best practice is to explore that area and then they’re like this is a porndemic because I can’t find a young male to you know deflower me who I don’t feel really terrified by what’s going on in erotic imagination so is that something that you have had to answer questions about or deal with or confront cuz that’s the other sort of end of the spectrum of harm that’s certainly there and that then raises the question where do people get their sex education from where they get their sex education from about what’s normal and what if what they see on the internet is the only place that they are are learning about sex and that’s a very skewed you about what sex is what sex should be and there’s something about that that needs to be changed not from birth on the internet but to bring other people to to those kids education and part of part of that has to do with most of the sexual imagery that’s online is there for males and there’s not that of sexual imagery without fear for females so it certainly there but people do have to be looking for it more and for many of the boys growing up who who see sex on the internet that’s what they often might see but that doesn’t mean that that’s what’s normal and they’re also places on the internet where they can get more loving for Trails how that can be done and whatever sex acts someone might be looking for or inquiring but another part of this which I don’t want to just let Slide by under dress has to do with your talkin about the girls responses to to the boys I efforts to have sex and what they’re wanting and that has to do with what boys and girls and what adolescents grow up with about their own sexuality and what’s normal and what’s not normal and what’s okay and what’s not okay we’re still in a time when adolescents have the mindset that that boys should be the ones to initiate girl should not initiate and that puts all of the burden on on the boys and it sets up a dynamic between the boys and the girls wear and what kind of like you said the girls are saying well all he wants is to have sex and he wants to have it this way well let’s start with you all he wants is to have sex part and so why isn’t there more of an equality between boys and girls where they’re both wanting to have sex and they’re both seeing sex as something positive from an early age because the alternative is that is too kind of demon eyes the boys for wanting to have sex and the girls aren’t really wanting sex they’re just wanting to be loved and that is a whole dynamic between boys and girls between men and women that I think is really important part of all of these relationships that we need to take another look at it I mean it was addressed many years ago in certainly in the psychological literature one of the people that was looking at that was Wilhelm right back in the 30s about the sex negative view that was in society and there’s your dad still there we haven’t really gone all that far from that especially compared to how we think we’ve come miles and miles but it’s really only a few feet right like you’re saying there’s so many unspoken hidden Frameworks that are not being addressed like you know how to speak from experience when I was when I was a boy coming-of-age into my hormonal sexual self I was afraid to go up and write something on the chalkboard or point something out in the map because I had a tent pole in my pants cuz I was very turned on by the teacher or somebody else in the class and there was no masturbation room to go take care of myself at home or at school so we’re just not designing for this energy to flow through our cultures and you were living with the fear of being exposed as being a sexual / and being ridiculed for it in ways that girls never work but that’s the typical experience of growing up mail right and having as a dynamic between males and females in that very tender. Of age right so we’ve got a few minutes left I really appreciate your insights and I think I’m at a point where I feel like the way to frame this discourse is that it’s pouring is not a Public Health crisis or public health hazard sexual holistic sexuality education is in the lack thereof is the Public Health crisis and exactly more of the Public Health crisis is about sexual repression sexual oppression about teaching teaching people generally but especially teaching girls that sex is dirty and teaching girls that boys are bad for wanting to have sex that if everyone kind of grew up on an even playing field of seeing sex as positive seeing love is positive and being able to talk together about about those things to talk together about love to talk together about sex to talk together about what you want and what you don’t want and that’s okay we will be in a very different environment than we are today there is to be a new political office of a quote horns are not to be confused with torrent star that person was to be open-minded enough to take some direction and possibly offer to hire you to consult what kinds of programs designs no just outlines you know big picture thinking you know if you were to be able to be respected for what you’re saying and it is a we want to address the issue of institutionalized sexual repression in so where do we begin to unravel that not this is just that you know food for thought and I think one of the places is to redefine the title and take pouring out of the picture but it’s not about pouring it’s about sexuality and sexual acceptance and how can we how can we bring sexual acceptance into the public dialogue and into into the educational system and into into the kind of dialogue that parents have with your kids that that seems to me to be a big part of that role of Tsar do I don’t know that that’s the right term but to to change the language that we talked about these things so we’re not talking about about about it with sex negative sex by a sex pejorative kind of language that skews things from the gecko and set and sets us up to lose from the very start right to the simple statement sexual aggression is the product of sexual repression so it’s going to come out in pouring it’s going to come out on prom night all of that pent-up frustrated aggressive certified you want to call it Satanic call it Satanic whatever you want to call but you can have to bring the light to the darkness and and get some help with that so I think the case is closed and I really appreciate what we’ve accomplished in this call setting some new terms for discourse and really putting the the family and the family therapist in the community and the school teachers more in a position of of leadership than political Lake litigation legislation and political offices so what I would add to that is in terms of where you started is to encourage parents know themselves to be honest with themselves to be honest with their own prejudices and biases to be honest with their own fears to be honest with their own misconceptions so they don’t pass them along to kids and to be able to listen to kids more than they talk to kids and to be able to have a dialogue rather than a lecture with their kids and that changes the relationship between parents and kids and helps kids to grow and to feel accepted beautiful beautiful all right thank you dr. schub so much and if you want to give your contact information so people can start to seek your help sure you can find me at actor Karl subs.com that d r c a r l s h u b s or one string calm and phone number is 310-772-0520 that’s local here in Beverly Hills great thank you so much have a wonderful day take care you to thanks very much. Please go to www. R2park.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Tantra to the People with Devi Ward TPP32


Devi Ward TantraIn this episode, Devi and I discuss the need for more grass roots activism within the modern tantra movement. We explore our complimentary visions for more publicly accessible resources that will bring tantra to the people!

Devi’s Bio:
Devi Ward is an internationally recognized Tantra Expert, Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Tibetan Tantric Dakini of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage, and one of the first Westerners qualified to teach the Secret Tibetan Five Element Sexual Tantras, which stem from a 2,600 year old lineage of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. She is an Author and Radio Host of Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward, airing live Thursdays at 7pm PST, on Contact Talk Radio.

Her personal journey from Stripper, to Monk, to Tantrika enables her to call upon her own experience of profound life transformation through Tantra and sexual healing. As a survivor of sexual abuse, Devi provides down-to-earth, experience-based insight into using sacred sexuality, Tantra, and “pleasure as medicine” for healing. She has had extensive training in Non-Violent Communication and has been facilitating Meditation and personal growth workshops since 2000.

Devi has been featured as a Tantra and Female Sexuality Expert in countless articles, and over 30 different radio and television networks world-wide including; Playboy Radio, Men’s Health Magazine, CBS, NBC and Rogers TV.

She has been a featured presenter at; Prana Yoga College and Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, BC. The 2013 Taboo, Naughty but Nice Show, The 2013 Living Extraordinary Conference, The 2013 Live and Be Well Conference in Vancouver, BC. The 2014 California Women’s Conference, The 2014 Detroit Women’s Conference, and The 2014 GDay Goddess Event in Vancouver, BC.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin baby word welcome to the township Punk podcast this is episode number 32 and I’m so thrilled to have you on and I would love to have you do a little opening ceremony for us if you would invite you and everybody listening to had with your chin tilted slightly downward this aligns the chakras along your central Channel hands and a comfortable position tongue on the roof of your mouth and for this were going to meditate with her eyes open so eyes open in a soft gaze bringing your attention to your breath inhaling and exhaling through your nose and as you inhale feeling the air fill your belly feeling your belly expand as you inhale and feeling it relaxes you exhale now with your next inhalation breathing all the way into your genitals feeling your pelvic floor feeling your roots feeling your genitals your labia your lingam your scrotum your anus your whole bottom and bringing all of your attention and all of your awareness to your route letting it fill with life and as you exhale inviting that area of your body to relax to release and to let go I’m continuing to consciously breathe into your route into your pelvic floor I’m going to invite you to count 10 Bratz the count is at the end of each exhalation When You Reach 10 breaths just continue watching her breath and feeling your genitals and a way that we don’t normally have an opportunity and then when you’ve completed your 10 deep breaths just gently bringing your awareness back and noticing how you feel how your body feels and how you feel in your body and that’s all 50 siblings so I want to say first of all I grew up in Bellingham Washington and so are you is that where you’re located now or that I know you were there in the past it won’t be happy to have made the decision to stay here I wasn’t I wasn’t sure I was going to stay but I decided to stay so here I am I’m loving it so I have a few items and I listen to all of your podcasts and I hope also listen to all of the Francesca Gentilly 6 * 4 Kamasutra podcast from a few years back and I’ve also been following all of Laurie handlers podcast and so I feel like I have a lot of good sense of a lot of what’s going on in the tundra field and I particularly wanted to address a few topics with you that I haven’t heard that you’ve touched on but I’d like to explore a little bit further and one of them is the kind of response that X speakers can be making as activist to mitigate sexual violation and also to apply some of what we know towards the prevention side and the treatment side of the perpetrators and the Predators who if you look at the Staggering statistics there’s a lot come out there and I’m curious what your thoughts are on that issue if you care to share well show perpetrators like rape and that kind of thing just like you know nor like we’re living a rape culture you talking about like people who have actual what I would consider to be like a type of illness like that like to molest little children so what are you talkin about everything or just certain things well yeah it’s it’s a spectrum right and I remember one of the interviews you did with that person who’s doing the research on making the porn addiction recovery kits and do you remember she mentioned at one point that the new statistics are showing that it’s not actually textbook clinical pedophilia pedophiles who are starting to engage in child sexual abuse there actually people who are addicted to the extreme porn and they’re starting to go out and act out these extreme fantasies are getting from the poor and so it’s kind of like you know to reframe the question based on you said I’m curious on your thoughts across the Spectrum everything from just horny teenagers and date rape to you know creepy old man The Stranger Danger the in the home danger of friends of the family relatives and even father’s you know whatever comes to mind I’m curious to know what you have to say yeah so so for me what comes to mind is always identifying the cause or the need that’s attempting to be met through that action so you know I really don’t think that there is one succinct answer to the question truly because when you we talked about you know child molestation will keeping in mind that so many people have been molested themselves and that’s the trauma that continues to perpetuate itself right so my experience of the little bit of experience I’ve had in in encountering you know they have a history of sexual abuse and Trauma like passing down that lineage so can Contra help with that will of course I mean in a help with pretty much anything in my opinion but again it’s identifying the car so somebody like that who has a severe trauma that’s motivating their behavior is going to be different than somebody who’s just desensitize because I grew up in porn culture that make sense absolutely yeah yeah yeah go ahead the the lying need that the behavior or the strategy is attempting to meet so you know we’re just talking about generally living in porn culture and rape culture well God I mean wow there is so multifaceted like I on my wrist Show recently I had dr. Ron Goldman and we were talking about so you know circumcision trauma I honestly I truly believe you no impact man haven’t ever raped or can ever rape but I really believe that infant male circumcision contributes to a tremendous amount of our the propensity of sexual violence in in men and you know he spoke at length about severing the mother-infant bonding birth and just the way we do birth in the burning process in Western culture like we are a culture of people walking around who have suffered trauma you know it did to one degree or another some of us more so than others and so I think a lot of our society culture is a reflection of trauma and so again it’s about going to the route going to the source understanding what trauma is how it impacts the nervous system how it destabilizes and creates and causes dysfunction and what are these causes what are the sources of @ramen if we remove those causes and we remove those sources I think we have a very different expression of life we be seeing very very different things in our culture at if everything from you know suffering of the mother and pain pain male circumcision to you know living in it and a sex negative and completely ignorant culture I mean that’s traumatizing to us so yeah I mean I just think there’s so many layers to him that I that I don’t think there’s one solution other than identifying the cause and looking to remove it is that make sense yeah definitely and this is kind of become my passion I’m a Survivor and yeah this is this is kind of it become my life study and I just want to say again I’m so grateful that you were out there in all of the country cuz you’re out there a dressing that whole spectrum of issues that you were mentioning from the trauma to the shaming and the sex negativity and just the whole Shadow Miss of sexuality it’s going to breed Shadow behavior and you know I’ve experienced some extreme forms of victimization and and that’s why it matters so much to me to connect with people like you on this and I am curious what your thoughts are on framing this issue Laurie handlers at one point said in one of her podcast that she views this sort of times for sexual healing work as a form of modern-day exorcism and that when you’re removing blockages and this is my paraphrasing but removing of blockages energetically actually something a lot more tangibly biological on an aspen and Astro perspective I don’t know Buddhist Tantra Hindu Tantra is very Adept at understanding that there are entities that are opportunistic and that are going to try to you know create harm in our Dimension and that’s a lot for some people to swallow Western clinical Medical Science they don’t want to acknowledge the spirit world they want to look at chemistry and Physiology and not phenomenology some wondering how does that strike you the idea that when we’re we’re dealing with the form of exorcism when we’re doing this Sexual Healing work with Tantra is that variety different levels like you know who you think about Carl Jung and and confronting our shadows and kind of like feeding our demons that sort of thing so our internal demons and whether or whether those demons are separate entities you don’t work or not is is Up For Debate even in Tantra Buddhism I mean on one level yeah I mean I’m very much believe in the spirit realm I have direct experience of it many of the people that are closest to me see spirits in other psychics and I just that’s what that’s part of your world so it’s so it’s a Consciousness in a culture that I’m very comfortable with and and and pretty much live and breathe in exist within and as far as doing art untoward Sexual Healing work are we exercising while perhaps some external entities but also their internal demons as well you know so it’s kind of like you get to a certain level of where inside outside same so is this demon showing up outside of me just a reflection of a demon inside of me or vice versa is right I don’t really think it matters to a large degree other than the fact that we that we are in fact doing the healing work and we are re stabilizing and recalibrating our ability to function as whole healthy human being so what whatever that means wherever the trauma comes from is it you know my father gave me a spirit when I was 15 or is it just that you know I have a low self-esteem you know what is it what is the cause and then what is it what is the what is a symptom of it it doesn’t doesn’t really matter to a degree to me it’s more about making sure that we have the tools that we need to remove those blocks to blister to heal and to become fully functional does that make sense if you can feel where I’m trying to go with this it said there’s this ancient spirit world taxonomy and then there’s this modern denial of the spirit world and Tantra and psychedelics and psychedelic Tantra together are really revealing the truth of what we’re both talking about in ways that I think you know are starting to be clinically tested and you don’t discovered in the modern sense and I really I guess this makes me want to move on to the next question which is let’s say Davey that you and I were a part of a team that was given pretty much an infinite Blue Sky budget to solve these problems and to create sex-positive holistic sexual Enterprise zones that are maybe not in the middle of the downtown shopping district but maybe somewhere in like a permaculture Farm environment or some kind of tropical island where we can do legal work on sir drivers and do harm reduction Rehabilitation for perpetrators in different areas let’s say and actually have Resort Hotel sexual spas and combined these things in a permaculture design where all of the different service providers are working in harmony Inn in concert and there’s also just all kinds of ecological Dimensions to it I have that Vision I feel like you’re the kind of person I believe you have a gardening background to if I remember correctly what kind of Visions come to mine if you were imagining you had no legal limitations and no Financial limitations to create view of the paradise for Heelers season 4 Taurus and everything you know orientation right now is really if I had unlimited resources I would bring it to the people like I would go to Detroit and I would create a Healing Center in Detroit for people to continuously access on everyday level because this is a thing that I’ve discovered we need support everyday for our healing process it isn’t just something that we get to take a vacation you know once a year and work on it for a couple weeks and then we’re back and we’re all good and then we’re back in life no it’s an everyday thing and we need the support if we’re talkin about creating Community healing Community we need that support on an everyday basis we need it you know 24/7 and especially when we’re talking about doing things like healing trauma people need access to resources now and they need access to resources in their communities and can’t be something that you know they’ve got to go fly away too quiet and the thing is is most of the people that I’ve encountered that have them need for these resources they don’t have a freaking money to go on the healing vacation and go to a Healing Spa like that’s for people who have the privilege of having enough money and that’s a great wonderful thing and may we all be blessed but some of the people that need the healing the most don’t have two pennies to rub together right so that’s where I want to go if I have unlimited resources I want to use those resources to build things for the people who don’t have the resources to do it for themselves that make sense I’m so glad to hear you say that the next level for me too cuz I feel like I’ve had to get a lot of access to the healing that I needed my whole life by you know blessings and miracles it wasn’t easy to find the people I found in to get connected and and I I do I struggle financially so it’s it’s not it didn’t come easy but yeah hearing you say that is actually the model that I really want to see happen I’d like to see The for-profit Intercept Enterprise country cousin six you know Industries pornographers and Moguls of all that actually kick down to create goddess clinics if we could use a term if so let’s talk about that because I feel like they’re there will come a time when the the the highly lucrative sector sector of the sexual healing world will will be so kind as to help set up these nonprofit kind of charitable Community Healing Centers in in in in like a clinic kind of model so if you would develop that further and just talk about what’s a date what it what what is a normal day look like for a Community Access kind of Clinic model we’re in the process of creating here in Bellingham Bella Vino the two to the degree that we can but we’re actually that’s what we’re reorienting our business model to to include a non-profit Branch to bring these instructions out into the community so that people can have access to them right so you know if I could have anything I wanted quite frankly I would buy a building in Detroit have it read renovated and I would have I obviously would have to certified Tibetan Tantra practitioners teaching the four pillars of Tibetan Tantra on an everyday basis and there would be meditation classes Dharma classes are there the movement classes there would perhaps be in a once-a-week discussion grooves Tantra classes that sort of thing and then I also really wanted to open it up and bringing other modalities of healing and other Educators another excellent practitioners in their field and and create a community where were supporting each other in healing ring and personal growth and also supporting each other through our break down so that we can have breakthrough so the breakdowns become breakthroughs nonviolent communication is a huge part of my lifestyle I believe in it absolutely passionately it something I I aspire to live and breathe in every moment so having daily classes in that perhaps you know and just totally knew concepts of this is all just like flying by the seat of my pants for the most part in into the absolute structure what it would look like but more for me it’s actually having a tangible physical place where people can come to access resources and then there would obviously be some food growing too because my dog the amount of food we can grow on like such a position of land is in sand there’s no reason people should be starving in the cities you can grow food that was one of my aspirations many years ago is the setup Gardens in inner cities cuz there was all this on you land and it’s like it’s and it’s such a joyful experience to participate in the cycle of life to like I love honestly I love composting my poop yes posting my Campos in my room and then putting it on the fruit trees and then growing fruit trees and then eating the fruit and then pooping and then pooping in the compost pile of that whole cycle right I love it and I love like when I lived on a farm in like clean mucking out the chicken in the hen house and then taking the poop and whatever to the Garden have been growing my food in that and I just I love that I love that whole cycle of of life and I think it’s healing and it’s healthy for us as human beings to have our hands in the dirt absolutely yeah actually is a little thing on the side I can’t wear this recently but someone is talking about all the C-section births it’s limiting the exposure to healthy beneficial bacteria is through the vaginal Canal that would be used to build you know the baby’s immune system and I’m so this is so music to my ears hearing you say this bringing us all together the ecological gardening and the on the sun site facility permaculture stuff it’s this is my dream absolutely and so I’m already just so thrilled you’re here you’re missing this together and I don’t feel so alone in this Vision cuz yeah I mean I see you know that I think the chances that a victim of any kind of sexual violation is going to discover the healing path of Tantra is bait there’s just no educational marketing budget like a dare program but I see being you know that the Surgeon General just declare is Tantra 8 in the medical eyes form tonsil it’s a or clinical form of of it as part of what you get and your health care package because it’s it’s so debilitating to be suffering from the after-effects of sexual abuse it’s it’s just you know I want allies in this Mission time and yet on the other hand that doesn’t have to stop us from bringing it to the people who needed the most I think some of the confusion those there are so many different styles of Tantra out there but it can be confusing that’s why I’m really clear that what I practice and teaches Tibetan Tantra so it’s not the same so when people come to me looking for Tom’s riney have to let them know it it’s not the same as what you saw on TV it’s not even going to be the same as like a practitioner in Seattle same city that I live in let’s be there’s different lineages there’s different styles of practices and they do overlap in some cases but not in every case and one of the primary differences and in my practice in those people I associate with his chakras medicine and that’s what I hear you saying that it said that it’s a pop of profound healing not everybody uses or talk to her that way right so that create some confusion definitely definitely well I feel like you know the check is already in the mail these prayers are being heard and listen to and we’ll get the help we need and I’m just thrilled about that so I will if there’s another another side that I love to get your your your feelings and thoughts about which is I consider myself a pretty hardcore eco-feminist the scholar and I I feel it’s a man’s Duty and in a patriarchal world if he has any connection to his heart to really develop compassion around 5,000 years of patriarchal domination and Dominator culture and because I I I have that like I guess pretty academic overview of the history of patriarchy would say I feel like something that could be an extension of of what we’re talking about would be to actually acknowledge how threatening the world is and actually put together funding and infrastructure to create sexual refugee camps as a term for all of the victims of throughout the world in war-torn zones and just poverty-stricken nation’s course southeast Asia and all these sex tourism hot spots and actually be like okay some people from the first world can shave off a tiny bit of their extravagant incomes to support developing centers where they’re actually full I’m like a like a regular refugee camp but of course with permaculture and of course with there’s actually I believe it’s Bangladesh that has a completely female police keeping our peacekeeping police unit that’s all you know kid it up from head to toe and they they’re their able to secure territory so wondering how is that something that you could ride with the idea of a sexual refugee camp model that could be established in different places throughout the world and I think there’s I think there’s a lot of us out there who are doing a lot of victim support what I am really starting to feel turned on by as looking again at the perpetrators like what is the motivating behavior of the perpetrators is it can we get to the core underlying need can we find out there why why are they doing this is it because they’re disconnected is it because they’re ignorant is because they’re in pain like what is the why I want to I want to address Wyatt’s why it’s happening to begin with as opposed to you know the aftermath dealing with the aftermath yes we do need to address the aftermath for sure absolutely and I just kind of feel like you know looking at my career in the world it’s like there’s a lot of really amazing stunts Rica’s and sexual healers and sex educator is out there that are that are providing that that are doing that better leaders in my and what what’s really interesting and motivating to me is looking at the depth of pain that causes someone to cause that degree of harm to another human being. That’s what I’m curious about awesome I will do so if you had let’s say another sub project of your infinite budget if you were to let’s say it was talk about in Africa the soldiers who rape infants because of a belief system that it’s safer to protect themselves from HIV infection as one example of extreme almost institutionalized you child sexual abuse and rape what what kind of infrastructure would you put in place or how would you approach something like that with your team in your budget inn but I I don’t do em like I don’t do em but I don’t I’m and I’m an idea person I like the how to like that’s what I hire other people to do cuz I don’t know how to do that wasn’t what I would do is say okay so here’s the situation so let’s get a room together the perpetrators and let’s start doing some NDC work or something you don’t like I’m a person that they would call in to teach specific modalities I’m not the person who can figure out how to put it all together to make it work that’s not me okay going to say sorry sorry to shoot you down there I just yeah that makes sense though this was the question was going to ask so too these war-torn regions I just think about I think about I asked why I asked the higher self the spirits the guy you know what are the deepest wounds on Earth in terms of where demons are getting a free lunch the easiest and it’s a Native American reservations war-torn regions in Africa and the sex trade zones in throughout the world where there’s this extreme brothels and whatnot and and I wonder how do you put those those operations out of business and I’m very hopeful about this concept that is called The Sex Drake is that something you’ve studied at all or that you have any thoughts on as far as how to how to get these guys attention you know you want to go have a you know a training with to get themselves healed and figure it out if they if women are basically United in this some sex strike movement then they get to have some bargaining power and get to put these young boys through some initiations to get them straightened out like bat in North looks to North America as a role model for Behavior right you know we got Hollywood in media and and people watch our stuff all over the world in model their lives and their you know they’re their modes in their morals and ethics and codes of conduct after what they think hours are from watching our media and let’s also acknowledge the fact that in Africa you know there are millions of men being circumcised because the American Center for Disease Control decided that that’s a good fucking idea so there’s all these men better now having you know suffering the trauma of having the most sensitive part of their penis cut off because Americans think that’s a good idea right and then oh wow look at all the violence nor that’s happening to him is that a coincidence I really don’t think so so I really think you’re talkin about like yes these are all these war-torn countries and whatever like there is to know they’re their father for these end do you stew that’s what’s a good food there but I also think like my really motivated by think globally and act locally and I think that like as a country is a western Nation the United States is pretty effed up I mean just again talking with Ron Goldman about the birthing practices and the trauma that’s perpetuated and the first world nation just by the way women give birth in this culture just buy that all you have to do is change a few things about the birthing process and you were around ocated a tremendous amount of trauma and keeping in mind that trauma perpetuates, so if we as a first world nation as leaders in many ways as role models are consistently perpetuating a a society a culture of trauma what impact does it have on the rest of the world huge impact so I really motivated to act like to act locally like let’s get our shit cleaned up let’s be like we living the ideal that we all truly want to live let’s be in integrity and being Harmony and being balanced mind body and spirit and then from there we can bring that message to other countries instead of bringing these screwed up effed-up methods that are just cause dysfunction and disease and bombs and whatever else we brought the other countries the last few hundred years let’s create a model of sustainability of Health and Wellness of compassion of love let’s let’s create a functioning healthy society and then and then support other communities in building a pond that that makes sense me to that the reason that those places are embroiled in Warfare is because they’re trying to serve first world markets for whatever it is diamonds or other mining operations minerals it’s all funneling into the the same system of colonialism that’s been the reason that everything got torn apart hundreds or thousands years ago so you’re absolutely right when in I’m so bad I don’t have a television and I don’t watch cable and so I’m totally ignorant when it comes to current event news because I just I had literally do not pay attention to it but it’s so the last Wars we had with a bushy no and office and all that like those countries are still freaking devastated devastated because of us because of us so it’s kind of like you know like we need to get her own shit together before we start going out preaching to people about how they need to get their shit together and if we as world leaders are actually healthy and functional that is going to send a tone for the rest of the world it absolutely will but we’re pretty dysfunctional as individuals that make up a very dysfunctional culture so let’s let’s go to the source let’s go to the route absolutely wonderful well I’m going to take another deep breath cuz I appreciate you bearing your soul and working through some of this very fiery material and I think since we have a few minutes left shift gears into something a little softer and more playful if you don’t mind ya and I just got to say I’m so happy that we’re talking and it has been something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time and it gives me a lot of power and passion to move forward and I feel like I really do also resonate with that circumcision episode you just did my mother had the had the graciousness to not have mutilated and she kept me uncut and I I did suffer in childhood a bit if I’m feeling of different nests or awkwardness but I believe me it’s been over over by the the blessing of having it there and and I can relate and I know I know it’s it is extremely damaging and I believe that you’re so right and he was so right saying that this is a trauma at that stage is just going to Cascade so so the my my Direction I want to go for those few minutes in s you some thoughts on the idea of your thoughts about the how how are we going to I mean I know your prescription for 6 weeks of semen retention and I’m I’m I’m going to be honest I’m it’s my ideal to work out to that and as it as an uncut person it’s I think it’s a lot harder to I mean that’s what anywhere between every up to 70% more watching the statue that you have to have that you have to transmute at 2 to retain your semen in and I feel like there’s an interesting Spectrum I’ve studied this white tigers phenomenon in China where the women know that the Jing and the end of the minerals in the essence that is coming from the semen they actually have a a culture of consuming that every day and they have older guys that practice the longer term semen retention and they get one of his one of his offerings on a longer-term cycle and then the your guys they’re essentially sucking them off on daily basis and absorbing all that and developing themselves and titties you know living goddesses based on that so that’s one interesting cultural example and then I know there’s there’s tantric rituals hinder tantric rituals where the ejaculate is part of the ritual but there’s transmutation in between and then I’ve heard things like as long as you transmute the energy than you sort of them absorb the essence up the chakras and if you spill your seed at that point it’s not as big of a deal and then another extreme there’s these sex Magik gnostics who believe that any ejaculation at all in your life is opening up this portal to hell and there such a thing as in their view a inverted Kundalini snakes that are sort of demonic in nature and better really running the world because of extreme over ejaculation and I I’m somewhere in there in an alignment with that feeling like these these all this corn is a form of Satanic ritual abuse where they’re using ejaculation as a I really like sort of demonic or satanic kind of a function so is there a practical strategy I know you have your teachings that would you know train a man to be able to last for six weeks before release could you provide some practical outlines for how you get a man who’s used to probably just used to ejaculating everyday to some training wheels and what not to get him on that path towards the longer-term retention strategy like what do you think about that is there any Marriott intermediary path well the first thing to recognize is that orgasm and ejaculation or two separate functions of the nervous system so you just need the correct methods to begin separating them and to me that’s part of becoming a sexually mature mad I mean if you was a man or not able to choose when you ejaculate to a large degree end if you haven’t experienced non ejaculatory orgasm is moving into multiple orgasms in here till you’re still sexually immature same for women women who have an experienced multiple multiple orgasms are sexually immature as well and we’re stuck to their sexual maturity stunt in because we don’t receive education of us culture so what I say six weeks when we say six weeks between ejaculation we don’t mean six weeks between orgasim we mean specifically ejaculation ejaculation has one tiny little type of orgasm men are capable of over eight different kinds of orgasm and the men that I work with his students and clients in the men who I take to be my lover’s they will tell you that that after they go through that initial. Of separating orgasm from ejaculation which is really really simple with the methods that we teach when they get to about week 4 5 6 they don’t want to ejaculate they feel so amazing their orgasms there non ejaculatory orgasms becomes so much more satisfying that they rarely ever want to ejaculate and when they do it’s like there is a planet be like okay we’re going to have a party we’re going to Steve already had 10 other non ejaculatory full-body orgasms event and one of my lovers who I was playing with just this weekend have the most end pain in my entire life it was like his whole body was like contorted for like over a minute it was over admitted it was just like he was amazing for the drop of a jackulate I mean it was toe curling it we were so amazing we were laughing it was so intense right not a drop of a jackulate so you know it’s kind of like from my perspective and I’ve heard the man again the mineko this it’s like you take your the best ballbuster you’ve ever had where you like it was the best fucking orgasm you’ve ever had and literally multiply that by a hundred and that is what your potential is when you learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation so the trick is just is learning the correct methods and that’s what I make a living doing so there’s a variety of ways you can access those whether it’s through me or online program but once you have the instructions it’s really simple it’s not rocket science it’s so simple it’s ridiculous that more people don’t know it awesome so where I’m at is it is it sounds like what you’re saying is it when I try to explain this to people because I have mastered the art of separating and having multiple full body and then just you’re just in an orgasm forever kind of a feeling or you’re in this the field of orgasm as opposed to the sneeze response of ejaculation and and that just last and and and I honestly feel when I dance with somebody I feel like I’m seriously having full full body multiple chakra orgasm and something just uncorks I think and you get to that that spot and it becomes easier not to ejaculate the thing the thing I want to ask you is it because this is such an event horizon 4 people to you just can’t imagine it like you’re saying x Hunter is my mucus can’t even pay you can’t conceptualize that you have to do the work to get there and but that’s a good fits a huge payoff so what I’m curious to ask you right now than is I guess maybe I’m still in development because what all what I’ll do is I’ll just do like the Cobra breath kind of a thing shipping or the big draw you know sipping up the energy so I’m kind of cycling almost like playing a didgeridoo or something like that it’s like it’s like it’s like playing it like you watch somebody play didgeridoo that’s what you got to do when that energy builds up and then you don’t have to have the mechanical intervention that’s more dangerous that million dollar spot thing where it’s like you’re actually interrupting the flow after it’s gone past the prostate and you know that’s kind of dangerous so when you were with a man who at one of these 6-week guys which I got to say it’s Way Beyond where I’ve you know been able to get so I’m excited to get there but the my question for you is when you were with the man who is being seized upon by the urge to ejaculate what does it look like what does he look like in your arms is he will wrestling a wild boar is he whistling Dixie what is the physiology of a man who’s at that level when he’s trying to Let It Go there’s two different questions they’re so so for the that I’m playing with and then I make it as soon as I do not have sex with my student so I’ve been there’s a distinction between my students who I teach these things and then they go home and do them and then my lover so I’m actually playing with so so my current lover there is no fighting if there’s no he’s there he’s there’s no fighting ejaculation like it’s just he’s just his body just retains its just what it does and we do make good use of the million-dollar point we use the million-dollar Point like that’s the introductory method that we used to begin the process of separating orgasm from ejaculation and once that’s happened in the body takes over in and of itself and then you very rarely need use the million-dollar point print and the research that I’ve done and then also living with doctor in his who’s am Natural Health Specialists in tibetan holistic healing Specialists never had any readings or results that the million-dollar point is dangerous and anyway if it’s being used properly and correctly so I don’t necessarily agree that that’s a dangerous practice to use I think it’s extremely useful for retraining the nervous system to separate those two and then what I found in both my lovers in my students is once you hit that 6-week Mark and this is what they report they say that there’s a shift between four to six weeks when they naturally move into multiple orgasms they just naturally start their bodies just need dozen of its own volition and then they rarely need to use the Block it’s more a matter of you know what I usually they will usually they will but it’s not yeah it’s it’s never a case that I have an experienced wrestling with an advanced what I would call an advanced practitioner of semen retention that he’s never been wrestling it’s more a case of if he gets too close we just relax and breathe I know there’s a few different semen retention holds that we use I’ll be on the million-dollar point that can support a man in learning to relax with sensation without going over the edge so I’ll do some of those with her you know it’s it’s it’s it’s never like a big crisis or anything it’s just they know there’s they they by the time they moved into multiple orgasms they know their point of no return so that you know if they’re getting close to the point of no return that we just like relax and breathe for a few moments until he’s harnessed is downward-pointing wins and then we can proceed so there’s a there’s a whole bunch of other things that you can do to strengthen your what we call your downward-pointing winds which is going to strengthen and enhance your ability to control direct and maintain your semen you know so that’s why we say it’s a holistic practice it isn’t just your breath isn’t just using his holds it isn’t just doing certain movements it’s all of it together it’s a yo got so life practice and when you use all of these tools together it’s like dancing you mentioned dancing you’re a dancer so you know it’s like when you’re first learning a new style of dads it’s very cerebral and very intellectual but once you integrate the the the practice into your nervous system in your body that’s what you actually that’s that’s when you’re creating art so it’s just it’s it’s just a simple practice of diligence to go from just starting using the methods consistently over a. Of time as instructed and then you’ll get to a certain point where it just comes is easily and naturally as breathing like the men that I’m making love with it’s it’s it’s one so I shouldn’t keep saying that no one man that I’m making love with currently it’s it’s a yeah it’s I mean it’s just it’s easily and naturally as breathing in his orgasm remind me every time he has an orgasm it’s it’s new he’s like I’m having a orgasm as I’ve never thought I can have before it’s like a completely new sensation in almost every time so it’s it’s truly we haven’t even scratched the surface of our of our human sexual potentials really phenomenal beautiful awesome exactly all I wanted to hear and I should be a clarified based on what you said there’s I’ve heard of Potential danger with the mechanical interruptions but you’re saying that’s an intermediary step and you were lying it less and less over time and really it’s the energetic movement that you’ve developed first very cognitively and then it takes over on its own so there is lots of Hope and lots of potential for people to get beyond the heads to the event horizon and just be in the zone and in a flow State dancing with the multiple orgasm says it’s like it’s infinite there is there truly is no end goal like there isn’t it we will continue and that’s cuz, like to me what God is God is infinite Consciousness and ever-expanding forever and that’s what we are as humans we are God incarnate so our experiences ever-evolving and our sexual experiences infinite and that’s that but I don’t know how anyone could ever get bored with sex it’s like there’s there’s so much more to explore so awesome will it it’s I know it’s time for you to head out so I’m going to say thank you thank you thank you so much and my final thought prayer is that we leave the foreskin and tax and that we value the sexual Spiritual Development of men as much if not more than we currently value or top boxers and football players in other contact Sports always say I leave the world in in having mixed Healing Arts competitions as much as mixed martial arts competition that’s my prayer and if you want to say a beautiful prayer to close I would so appreciate it for ultimate Limitless expansion and growth for all of us as individuals and as a planet and as a Yazoo society and the culture and I ain’t know when I really I feel so blessed that there are so many of us on this planet Awakening to female sexual Armon and I’m really turned on and and invested in male sexual empowerment as much as I am female sexual Carbonite all right I’ll see you in the future Hunter Park. 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Sacred Yes Sacred No with David Bruce Leonard TPP31


tp-david-bruce-leonard-picIn this episode we discuss David’s work at the Earth Medicine Institute where he provides healing programs that incorporate both the loving arts and the martial arts. We then discuss some of the ethics and dangers of sexual healing work followed by an overview of some of the  benefits of and precautions  for the practice of semen retention.

David’s Bio:
David Bruce Leonard is a deep ecologist, body-worker, Qigong practitioner, acupuncturist, martial artist, and plant lover. He has studied medicine with teachers in Asia, North and South America, and Hawai’i. David believes that our health and the meaning of our lives are inseparable from our interactions with the natural world. He has worked in a bank, done marine whale research, and has been seen in public attempting to dance Argentine tango.

David is available for workshops and consultations in the creation of men’s groups and support circles. Private coaching sessions for men or couples are available. He can be reached via his website www.EarthMedicineInstitute.com.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin okay so David Bruce Leonard at the Earth medicine Institute how are you doing today welcome to the tundra Punk podcast well I’m baby myself pretty well all right all right well I was introduced to your work by a dear friend of mine and I I’ve been looking at your website and excited about all the books that you’ve done and I’m very new to you and all of your great works in the world but I’m very excited I think you’re doing a lot of the stuff that I aspire to be doing in my my pets so if you don’t mind give us a kind of some background how did you get to where you’re at now and spend as much time as feels natural and then we’ll go from there and talk about some of the specifics I mean like you I’m very interested and sacred sexuality and also self-defense I think a lot of those pieces were War because I was beating up a lot of the kid so ocean traumatized as a young man and well later on when I’ve always been sort of sexually precocious when I ended up in high school I I just part of my shadow and part of whatever you want to call that there’s a part of me that really wanted to be loved and accepted by girls when I started dating so I kind of fell into that and then became very interested and sacred sexuality and eventually that became clear that was a piece of piece of shadow in the shadows the parts of ourselves you don’t want to look at it so I started doing some work with that part of myself and began writing and it’s been an ongoing process awesome so you’re in what you’re not one of the Hawaiian Islands right now so and then do you have a dwelling at that Institute site is it that works no actually I take care of my mom so I’m in on Maui and my mom is elderly and I lived with her and take care of her I’m just here for her so I want us to be as good as I can make them awesome awesome it’s so that the facility is you have like a like a Healing Center and Training Center kind of Temple Sacred Space or no we do not miss is here depending on which island them on cuz I teach on on Kauai and Maui and the big island and Oahu so this place is I use on Maui as different facilities and places on the big island and on Kauai and Oahu also but no I’m kind of medicine Institute we have been different instructors on different islands and and then when I travel I also you know I teach another places also oh that’s cool yeah I’m actually I’m really looking into and considering that kind of more of a flexible kind of gypsy model for instruction and holding in creating space for especially the darker kind of Shadow work I don’t know if this is something that you’ve encountered or that you’ve considered but there is I guess I would say for my personal experience there’s there’s a lot of potential liability when you’re opening up these deep wounds and people and you just never know what kind of support they’re going to need you can try to be very supportive but I feel like a lot of drama and personality conflicts and issues and liabilities can accumulate in one fix location I don’t know if that’s something that’s like a factor that you consider or or do not the sacred sexuality week each is erotic body work but it’s talk to couples so I don’t actually do erotic body work on clients that’s not part of what I do I train couples to work on each other I’m so in some ways that’s what it mitigates a lot of the liability because I don’t do I don’t do any erotic touching people I know people do when I think it’s fine work is just not what I choose to do Andy self-defense work is is it is an already existing system called Fast offense which I I began to learn about the roots of that back in the mid-80s and I’ve been tracking it ever since and I become certified in that a few years ago and said that work is already very established and is actually very little liability with a self-defense piece huh yeah so mostly I like right now I’m working on a series of of instructional video tapes for couples so they can learn to do a rouse work on each other so the work itself code can be therapeutic I mean theoretically it’s therapeutic if it’s done with couples but I don’t work as a therapist with people who been traumatized sexually that not with the erotic Body Works and ends with the self-defense would you work with that Banda legal issues with a picture right it’s a very tricky work and we have to be extremely squeaky-clean specialist men doing this work so right right will this is against is so exciting for me to hear that you’re bringing these two worlds together because I feel like every time I start to open my mouth as myself a sexual abuse Survivor and you know a victim of different forms of non-sexual physical emotional violence building the sacred Warrior Peaceful Warrior masculine archetype within myself as a as a response to buy wounding every time I start talking about that with people who are more on the the new age sort of trip they get sort of shut down to order they get very hostile to it because it’s it’s bringing in you know the notion of fighting in combat in and that’s something that they would just rather iick neglect or ignore as part of the reality that were in and and I think that’s not really holistic good for trail in the world you know the wonderful and beautiful and peaceful place and it can be a very violent dangerous place and we ignore either one of those possibilities that are parallel that created the work that fast was originally part of service model mugging which was created by a man than that Thomas he created fast because he was sexually assaulted as a repeatedly in an orphanage and that was how all of this work came about so I think it and I think it would take somebody like that who’s been through hell and back and come out the other side to really create something as brilliant as well as what we the now in the past offense so I can totally see why you’re doing the work and you know why I do the work and one that created the the self-defense work right eye I was exposed to his material when I listen to something it was called the self-defense Show podcast and I don’t know it’s been defunct for years I don’t even know if it’s still available online but they interviewed him and I heard that years ago and I was totally stoked on it and I picked up his book defend yourself I think it still hurts very good yeah it’s filled with those you know the powerful statistics and yet his story would just bring you to tears and and I have always since I have known about the adrenal stress response training in the model mugging and all this revolutionary scientific street self-defense combat kind of restructuring martial arts to a more practical indirect kind of format I was very have been very excited about it I haven’t myself been able to access the certification training but you want to talk a little bit about exact or actually go into detail going to death why is the fast combatives different than going to a a karate in a dojo years and there’s nothing like this work that I’ve ever seen it’s a it’s a combination of it’s in some ways it’s a huge it’s a it’s a ceiling in Sacred Space ritual disguised as a self-defense class let me back up a little bit because I have a belief or an observation that trauma is created in a hide rental in state and pretty much all that I can imagine is created and that that state is imprinted on a body in that biochemical response in adrenal response I believe there are two ways to address or two more than two ways for the two ways that I can think of off the top of my head that might be effective in addressing trauma one is to recreate the adrenalized state in Sacred Space and give them give the body a different physical outcome which is what we doing fast wee wee is scenario-based so we will recover after a lot of work a lot of preparation we will recreate a situation that was originally very traumatic we recreate the state in the person going through it and then we allow we train them to move their body in a way that I believe rewires the limbic system if it takes on a new imprint around that it basically because of trauma is like a tape Loop like a record that skips for those of us that are old enough to remember records that keeps repeating and if it’s as it is playing in the background in our bodies and it often creates a kind of hyper-vigilance it really kind of drives the bus of Our Lives when we recreate the original trauma and give the body a different outcome it’s I believe it is changes the set point of the trauma and let’s the trauma take a backseat is still there you know but it no longer drives the bus are you familiar with Peter Levine’s work no he was a book called waking the tiger and he does the exact same kind of work only cycle more psychological song about self-defense the same thing with people have been traumatized in a sacred container and then gives the body a different physical outcome to the trauma that we do the same thing in mankind project which is a men’s initiation project group I’ve been involved with will take again a traumatic situation we we recreate a scenario and then with allowing the full physical force in the body to give a different outcome to that to that trauma I believe it changes the set point in the nervous system and allows people to integrate what happened better right right well yeah so kind of even though it’s not therapy it’s a form of therapeutic work that it’s disguised as a self-defense class and then the other way I think that one can do that his can treat trauma is again in the Sacred Space but in a very parasympathetic relax space a meditation space which would be sacred sexuality and I find you no different people gravitate towards different forms of that I also see what kinds of amazing things you can do if we are willing to step back through our our integrity work as man and create a container or space that other people which other people can heal I think it’s incredibly powerful Rite Aid instructor for 18 years he created fast because he he’s so well he left he left model mugging his do some political issues that he decided he would rather not deal with which I think was a good move on his part and he really Innovative so he took model mugging which is originally for solid days of tranny they turned it into a 4-Hour class and honestly Bill him as well as being a very dedicated Warrior genius he took the the model mugging work any concentrated concentrated it added men to the mix of men can also in this work and added weapons and really kind of brought model mugging and Matt’s work into the 21st century and said what we do is we you know I have a suit I have people I work with female instructors and then the female instructor is just as important as the male instructor because she is the the voice that she is not the healthy voice the voice of the healthy healthy feminine in the woman so when the scenario is going on she’s always behind the woman she’s always giving her information feedback guiding her when when women after they’ve taken the class when they have been assaulted and their body goes into autopilot in the statistics are incredible like the statistics of it’s like 99.5% of the people to go to the class when faced with a physical violent altercation when he’s women against rape powerful men they win they say they can hear the woman’s voice in their head going through it so yeah so we do so the female structure is just as important as the mailing is the guy you know people think it’s about the suit and it’s not really about the students about the teaching modalities in the pedagogy that is involved in rear I believe rewiring people’s limbic systems awesome yes this is a conversation ever wanted to have for a long time and I’ve I’ve actually kind of on a low budget adapted what I know of these principles certainly not using the name or selling it but just with my own no dating partners and friends you know whoever I meet I’m going to give him a can of pepper spray and explain to him how to properly deployed and how to how to hold it and when to have it ready for deployment in and if we you know hit the pads and do some some striking techniques on the pads and then I’ve just got myself a motorcycle helmet and some knee pads and actually found it with that where where are you where are you normally in the LA area Los Angeles I’m do some training would be fun it’s really good just really awesome you know that when is martial artist you know we like to think you know where NC techniques and stuff and then I’m not talented but I’ve been training a long time and like a three-year-old you know everybody know how talented they are kind of comes unglued around adrenal stress cuz we’re not used to yeah do you want to talk a little bit about that or what you want first if I’m going to say for all of the things were talking about regarding the fast combatives to me at it I’m seeing it in my mind’s eye because I’ve watched the videos and night and I’m an Enthusiast of it but to put the picture together for people who haven’t seen that do you want to come to describe what a minute or two of the of the takedowns and the we bring people into a container of salt container depends on this is just women sometimes it’s women and men and we teach them body language in queuing how to deescalate situations 90% of the fast work is about D escalating a situation so that it doesn’t go to a violent confrontation and they don’t have a lot of statistics and techniques and not but it is reasonably simple once you learn how to avoid a violent confrontation and get home safe and Alive you know once that so we do that we teach body language cueing what creditors look for in situations how to see violence situations when they’re on the way and avoid them and if there is a verbal confrontation how did the Escalade that confrontation I think the stats that bill gives is that I think seventy or eighty percent of assaults on women are done with only verbal intimidation no physical intimidation no exit by intimidation but 90% of verbal confrontation scan BD escalated or maybe higher with just words alone and it’s a matter of body language and what were putting out to the world that’s what we teach first cuz obviously you know if we can avoid violence that’s the best option I was just watching a video the other day and he said he said the speaker said violence is a last resort but when it raised our Resort is the only Resorts the only choice violence is always the last choice but when it is our choices becomes the only choice and that I believe that’s what we do in fast so once it’s clear there is absolutely no way to avoid a violent confrontation then we train peoples on large muscle groups to go into action and when were adrenalized when we’re a high adrenaline state which is basically in any confrontation we lose peripheral vision we get tunnel vision we get we lose fine motor control you know car keys and things like that and and we and we also get time to scotian and auditory exclusion we can’t hear so what that means is that we don’t have all our Resources with us what we do have continued to have is large muscle groups and so we teach people these large muscle movements big movements that are extremely effective that they don’t even have to remember because they won’t remember be able to remember the fine motor skill techniques that they will be able to remember these big muscle groups on my training partner here was about six months ago she was down and the beach here and she was attacked by a guy to come out of nowhere and punched her in the stomach or not and she’s not are the female instructor Sabrina that I work with and she she Palm healed in the face and broke his nose she kneed him in the groin she kneed him in the face and then she stomped on his head and then called the police and this is a very traumatic thing but her body did it automatically think about it you just did it you know and that’s that’s what we’re looking for so we we basically take a student and we teach them to deescalate a violent situation once it’s really obvious there’s there’s no way out of the violence if no way around it we teach them to cut loose with very very powerful techniques that basically finish the confrontation very quickly and because we do it in the hydranal and stayed the the the student it goes directly into the limbic system it becomes on autopilot goes right into muscle memory and so and we have to actually part of the training is when they’re in the adrenal stay when they’re done with the quote on quote we have them put your hands up and look around and we should call nine-one-one or go get help because they might forget to do that as a maybe other people in the situation you know so for me this is like I said it’s genius and Peyton Quinn and Bill kept are geniuses in my in my in my mind because they have that they’re not afraid of bucking the the martial arts system they just want to go for what’s true and what really works rather than going with tradition and you know people playing tag in their pajamas. I’ve been and what Bruce Lee said was you know Kung Fu is is is like a beautiful form of feather dusting when it comes time for I’m glad you I like to two point that that kind of stuff out and I think the the one of those things so I’ll try to say to people as you know those you see those Aikido Masters that have all that fine motor control and a state where most people would be very adrenalized but the thing is they are Masters and they come from a cultural tradition where you don’t just go one or two nights a week for a couple hours after work to have your hobby or these are everyday all-day training other people and not everybody makes it there an issue it’s not a they don’t I’ll make it they have to weed weed people out the students so the what you see in the movies with all this finessed technique of like a lot of time in indigenous healing Traditions or however we want to call it you know how to be sewn underground and so I I say that’s kind of reflected in how we how I approached this kind of thing even though you know today will will it will post the events publicly on Facebook and things like that there is still a ring to it that is about you’re not waiting for us to be given our our approval by by Society you know we just know that it’s important so we do this and and so like I’ve been doing this constantly one of my goals that I set out of certain point was that at least you know once a year there would be a community gathering around love sex intelligence and the rest of the time you know we haven’t online for him but very important for that hole project has been and which we’ve stepped it up in the recent months to make sure that hopefully like every month we can do something is to to say that the community around learning about how to how to harmonise our relationships how to defend our sexuality into something that is you know how uplifting our spiritual path is something that needs to be done you know with with with more support and so that’s why it’s it can’t just functioning online capacity so that’s something I’ve committed to we have we have been actually our next events is focusing squarely on sexual initiation I’m pink resented by someone named y’all Lila Espinosa is looking at how to tweeze mower practices that she learned in Peru you know have informed her own healing and and then creating her own initiation but yeah I also you know as an astrologer I work with people and often it is around relating I’ve done a little bit of like you know support for people I think what happens is you know when when you become a central figure in any given Community people will come to you when they’re in crisis and this is what has informed my my the work that I do around you know Rites of Passage is responding to crisis from a place that seeks to get to the root of what is causing the crisis which in so many cases is that there is a lack of of support and people therefore will resort to self initiation just something I’ve had to do in my own life and and see it so much the case for some of the other people and there’s another psychological shifts that occur when people an emotional shift that occur when people feel a sense that they’re being held that they are being that they can fit they can let go and have a safe space to go into those wounds and begin working on them and of course it would help if we had a little more guidance and how to do that but thought comes over over time you know we have to work from where we’re at and so that’s something that I’ve been in in the my own process of of my own work around here figuring what those things are with those tools are and Tom yeah like I said I’m not an expert but I can at least Point people in some directions I guess what we’re looking at here is that there’s an underground space very intentional underground space that is more conducive to kind of freestyling or rolling your own ceremony and just holding the light and and letting those who it call who are called to it you know it would become integrated into keep it at the gala Therrien and flowing so that you don’t have cult of personality and politics and all of the scenester Hipster things coming in and that’s always up in it and he has to be on guard against and whatnot so I see there’s that unfoldment in that development and then there’s people who are also working like stay in the social work field who are informing their peers and colleagues in those sectors with these Neo shamanic techniques or nonviolent communication or your where it’s legal and accessible and permissible you know legally again to be able to put people on amor I guess like prisons prison you Lila has a very and I’ve done some I interviewed her in the past and I’m a big fan of what she’s doing and I know she has a strong background in clinical social work and is feeding back into that sector the wisdom of of the Amazon and and Beyond and so is that something that you have I just thought I remember reading somewhere you know or talk to you at some point about how this is this is like you could be hired by the more formal above ground and sectors of social work or Community work with where you can be brought in to bring some of the stuff that would normally be or I guess it’s just that it’s a very interesting Cutting Edge of an intersection and I if I’m not mistaken that’s that you you are like sort of partially in that world 2 of of social work or is that something I understand correctly yeah I’ll I will string this conversation back and see where where I where I am placed social work as well as all the modalities of counseling and healing you know like they are all part and parcel to supporting and upholding status quo capitalist system so I’m going to like you know like you know also haven’t been in the punk scene also had a big enough impact on my my party now 13 m in terms of healing these wounds we have to look at that and I we can’t we can’t say like that are healing is going to be independent of the world that is reeling and suffering from the continuation of this system as it is and so that’s where for me like bringing capitalism into the equation is is something that’s real tricky it’s something that I feel needs to be kind of understood. You know we we can’t just rely on having sting services that we can pay for because that creates a gap you know where some people are going to have accessible abilities to to the healing and others won’t and that’s that’s not healthy for anyone and and also that it doesn’t address the root cause of why we need social workers to begin with and why we need counseling and all of that so I really like the notion of cultural healing that’s where more where I would be comfortable in any way kind of looking at myself as any kind of healer I don’t think we we can really heal individuals that’s really something that you know a person will need to and it’s not like they can be facilitated to do their own healing work but nobody can fix us we have to fix ourselves that’s that’s more I think a more powerful Paradigm to be apart of but you know I I I have worked in the realm of I focused therapy and you know I have spent quite a bit of time around the spirit plant medicines and seeing how the plant medicines have assisted and I do I do continue continuously work to increase my knowledge and wisdom around working with us plants and and that also brings us back into that hole realm of discussion around you know ancestors and working with them or perhaps that’s something we haven’t really touched upon but maybe she said it’s just that in any form of healing that we do I guess for me the important thing that I really try to bring into whatever I do connecting back with her ancestors and healing the trauma of how we were disconnected from those ancestors and how that plays out in any kind of sexual wounds or emotional wounds that we carry and so that’s something that I I I feel like the role of initiation and ritual can can really do and that’s that’s been its Province ever since people began doing patrols I think it’s to build upon the legacy of their ancestors and to draw and their their help and support cool said that yeah thank you for helping me understand the other parameters a little better and and 100% there with you I have I have been because I live in the United States where there’s different laws around no prostitution in in how that affects the healing with sexual touch and pleasure as medicine and stuff like that is a lot more yes I understand in in Canada there’s there’s a lot more interesting legal space in order to do Hands-On Sexual Healing work relative to the US where it’s completely off limits in so I because of that adapting to that reality and also is a permaculture designer myself I have to think very deeply about how to navigate this issue of for-profit healing work that kind of in most sectors is about like you said I’ll put in my own words it’s like they want to know if if the if you’re at a time of time robot that supposed to be producing a set amount to be a productive member of the of the GDP then then if you’re not functioning properly than the the goal of the mainstream social work or psychotherapeutic or psychiatric Fields they’re trying to get you back into the rat race as soon as possible and they’ll do that with drugs with talk therapy or whatever that is about avoiding through tissue which is the disconnection from urethane from a healthy holistic wild habitat you know a night as a primitivist I see that you know the solution to your Neurosis is to retry belies and Get Growing your own food again in and rebuild that fabric so you know there with you on that tension about right livelihood in and taking money for healing and what is he doing so I really like what you said and that just is going to it’s going to help me a lot looking at healing the cultural level and healing the if I’m understanding right and I’ll put a couple my own words on it but I feel like we’re trying to build the scaffolding or were trying to design the context for people to take the responsibility of a personal healing and gone to that journey and so if you if what would you say are some practical skills are tools from all of your things that you would teaching and training and a things that you discovered in your own journey to where you’re in power tools for empowerment that you suggest or are resources that you suggest people Explorer to if they’re called to do the cultural healing work weather for profit or non-profit. Some dance between the two or it and then what what are some recommendations for people who are on their own path and aren’t necessarily called to do the the cultural healing yeah I mean it’s it’s a pretty vast subject that one but I think that a few points that I could think about and talk about our that I’m going to this idea of bringing you back in the station rights and recognizing that in the absence of them what do we have you know we are we are sadly in there without initiated Elders so many of us and if there are any of Elders that hold that ability to to guide those those ones are those are worth their weight in gold you know there really is people that we should try to lift up and and give them their recognition and see you know and then in the absence of that it’s like we kind of by default Our Generations people that will have to hopefully fulfill that and reach a place where we can actually help upcoming generations to go in a way that they don’t have to completely go it alone and and figure it out on them on their own the way that so many of us have had to and so there is a movement around Rites of Passage I sit on the board if you passageways which is a network that focus is squarely on you no Rites of Passage for you coming of age from all different walks and and and modalities you know some of them are our Boys to Men oriented some of them are girls to women some of them are starting to incorporate non gender binary kind of approaches as well which is good and and this whole focus on bringing back the ancestors into looking at Rites of Passage is is starting to happen and something that I focused on and so that’s that’s a resource you know people can go to youth passageways. Oregon and look at what programs are out there and they can also think about how they can add to that list and bring in things that are needed around especially around sexuality and relationship which is often I noticed kind of a big gap in a lot of programs out there you know because they’re confined confined or constrained by the conservative values where they take place and you know what school system is you know this is one of those places lagging for that kind of thing so it’s a role that I think that many people who understand the need can step into and cultivate as career paths you know and some people are pig figuring out how they can weave their credentials says on Sexual Health Educators or sexual therapist or sexual trauma or no trauma-based therapists you know into this realm of initiation and that’s that needs to happen on a on an increased level the other I see a lot of because of what I was saying around looks really don’t how many Avenues to learn other than through you know what the books in the workshops and offerings around sexuality thoughts unfortunately are not rooted in in people’s only need two lineages generally speaking you know so the whole Tantra movement is pretty much so you know a cultural appropriator of New Age fight version of those Traditions that would have been squashed by Christianity especially and so I think there’s work to be done there and as much as possible Retreat retrieving reconstructing are reconnecting with our own ancestral Traditions which I’m sure you know had their own knowledge wisdom around how to how to raise healthy harmonious individuals with healthy sexualities from from the vantage point of how what little I do know has been has been done in indigenous cultures and without wanting to appropriate for them from them I’ll just give way of examples out of that you know in and certain cultures that are studied like the Mayan culture and I think to some degree on certain places within Creek culture there’s examples of how as societies you know that the children are raised from an early age 2 reach a point where they understand how to how to harmonize with the other sex and how to to look after each other and that’s just a very basic principle that I feel like you know that’s that’s worth kind of learning how to integrate into our family structures if we have children that were raising just to keep in mind that you know there is a need for them to learn skills around things like consent and around being responsible with with one’s sexual energies and and I needs to start before they reach that age of adolescence where they’re just harder to connect with if you haven’t built up that Foundation so that’s something that I think about will do you so if I if if we check out that the organization that you mention is it would that be good place to find and something like a more enlightened or more conscious like sexual education curriculum or guidebook do you know if people were working on something like that so if I know if you know parents who were going through the puberty of their child that they have something that’s not just this cold clinical Western and even though that sort of evolving a little bit you know with things like a sack didn’t and whatnot I see a lot but the The ancestral wisdom and you know the ceremonial Rites of Passage you know how does it how does the Modern Family say okay well you’re about to start feeling you know hormonal Energy’s how do we give you know create even if it’s just within their family or their Community yoga or whatever is something more than what’s being offered in the normal sex ed or what they’re listening in gangster rap music and watching on sitcoms obviously you know it’s enough for lack of lot of alternative options it’s one one place to look and we’re always looking for others so whenever we discover something then we will see to auditory resources and we are trying to vet those resources and those organizations to make sure that they really are you know at least there’s some some level of you know safe recommendation that we can give for those those organizations we’re not we’re not in the position to really kind of completely you know set standards but we are trying to we have a code of what we call it a cross-cultural protocol so we do look at that aspect that you have for what we’re talking about that’s you know if that’s another layer that we will hopefully get to eventually and I do know that there are people within our Network who are really strongly focused on this particularly around girls to women kind of education and and Rites of Passage and some of the Boys to Men once but I think it’s also something we need to to enhance as well oh that’s great yeah that’s that’s that’s what I wanted to hear so that I can just refer people to this ongoing and so and then the LSI is kind of its there’s a Facebook I’ve been interacting with the the Facebook group for a while so is that something you recommend people plug-in I mean that’s the goal of that is to feature blogs and generate discussions from those blogs and also to establish a resource of services as well as information and so that’s you know running on in a very limited volunteer capacity and so you know it’s something that I hope will eventually become a very powerful resource but already it’s you know it’s been feedback that I’ve received that you know even just the the group that we have on Facebook somebody posted recently. You know it’s really help them in their in their path which is nice to hear and I’ve heard that a few times and I try to curate that group in such a way where it’s like you know it’s trying to generate discussion and it’s it’s trying to be a safe space where where people can get into some of those I’m intimate revealing is of what what’s going on in their lives one of the things that kind of came out of love sex intelligence local as a connection with Tamara and the love school that they have which is a very congruence philosophy to love sex intelligence and they’re their work to try to create or with to create safe spaces for people to to share stories of what’s going on in their intimate lover sexual lives and and B witnessed in a way that is non-judgemental where they’re not being flooded with advice but more just being witnessed which is kind of connected to that whole framework for Rites of Passage itm witnessing each other and so it’s it’s trying to also look at how you know communities can succeed in their in their goals which might include you know like being more sustainable or being an alternative to the systems around us and also being a part of a more peaceful kind of culture through filling this hole that is often where things go wrong where people are are are not feeling safe to talk about these these human experiences around wounding around are our hearts and our sexuality so I’ve been part of a Practice Group here that has been circulating also to other parts of BC and I think it’s a really it’s a really powerful movement to be a part of yeah we’re getting close to an hour or so I have to take a few more minutes and I’m get a couple thoughts and feelings some responsible for 1 something that his is coming up for me that I think it’s really empowering is this like idea that wouldn’t it be nice if some of us started to think of ourselves as aspiring Elders I’ve never thought of it that way until this conversation and there’s a little spark of joy and me that that says you know puts in context the the punk rock lifestyle that I had of live fast Die Young and just you know if it’s not throwing yourself into the meat grinder of insurrectionary activism you know with this sort of Death Wish you know this martyr complex or whatever it’s like those are really unsustainable archetypes to follow and they leave a lot of people when they get to my age in about 35 like in a sort of existential crisis that will the revolution didn’t happen and I didn’t get killed I didn’t die in the gutter you know I mean what am I going to do now and it’s like well maybe it’s time to become an aspiring Elder and you know clean up your act and and then start to think about how you’re going to make it easier cuz I there’s a lot of things that I had to go through that I would seriously love to have no one else ever have to go through and if you know if we can live in that. you know that is what you’re supposed to think that I think of you say you know you can you can learn from the wisdom of Elders who have gone through and made the mistakes that you’re probably going to go through or you can just be hard-headed and learn all your lessons the hard way but I mean we’ve had to learn a lot of hard lessons in the absence of the eldership but I think if we take on that there’s a yeah me too. It seems obvious but really the way you put it his medicine for me to think you know it’s a dignified path to be an aspiring Elder and then it makes you not be so how do I can help you defeat that that that grinding pressure that oh my I’m going to lose my looks and I’m going to lose my energy and I’m going to be in the state of deprecation towards death and that’s very much the greatest fear of the western manicured Uno photoshopped airbrushed identity like you’re not really giving any hope that aging will be of any benefit in here just marginalized further and further so I thank you for that serve very much still give that time sacred eldership dignity not a light title to hold I think the true Elder wouldn’t really feel comfortable in it cuz it’s defining attributes of an elder that is really one that can help that role be the best it can be is one that is is really accountable is really present isn’t so on the move that if you can’t you know be relied upon to be there for the people that it serves now needs to ideally be in the in the fellowship of other Elders to kind of keep it in in in check in a way like we have to watch for the Cole group kind of phenomenon where people you know place a lot of weight on that person and in a way that can privilege them in certain ways and also lead to potential like power distortions and things like that you know it’s it’s only human that people will make mistakes and so having that kind of accountability of other people and also that time yeah you have people heart or a different there’s always like in every phase of life with the lifecycle there’s there’s like the maturing phases and so there’s like you know there’s a baby elder there’s enough adult Elder and then Senior Elder and so it’s just we have to learn at each stage of Life how to become the mature version of what that stage is and says just something to think about as well and it’s good to to get your feet wet early on in life so that you know we can have deep roots and and the and those are the kinds of people to like in the Tamara situation out of the black community they have a circle of Elders who are basically people who have grown with a community enough that they know the people in their community and then they serve a role as potential kind of like the Matchmaker but you know in a way where people can approach them in and ask them like you know I’m interested in this person and they can help you assess whether this is the right time or what is a good or bad idea and you know they can kind of that. Whole courtship in a way that you know really I think I wish there were more of those people around here don’t you let me relax you know learn the hard way what does that we’re just not compatible certain people in The Matrix the I mean yeah I’m not I’m not a political scientist of the Matrix but I will say that what got me peaked on the ecstatic trance dance group ritual ceremony festival thing was it really when I saw I think it was maybe the second movie or maybe it was the second or the third but there was a scene where they’re just getting down to like Juno Reactor I think was a soundtrack of a butt there is something beautiful about seeing the different the warrior culture Guided by elders and of course there’s different the archetypes playing out in Conflict split that to me was took it further than then the Star Trek Federation is a futuristic Elder guided Council guided kind of reality so that was kind of fun but yeah so that’s what came to mind when you’re at we’re talking about that be so cool if you’re early sexual oracle’s who you go to you know if we’re going to give you insights and maybe even have name your child for you or something cool like that you know be so cool but right on then will I worry about at the hours so do you have any closing touch you want to share or any other resources or should we just I’ll post the the links that you mention and I’ll definitely encourage people to stay informed and keep an eye out for your anything coming up you have any appearances or anything exciting like that coming up you want to mention I think yeah I think I covered a lot of it and I just wanted to maybe plant a seed while I have the airwaves here about something that I’d I’d eventually like to work on presenting which is around insert Intercultural relationships and also decolonizing our relationships as well and just thinking about how how we can heal some of these ancestral traumas and use that has as as a means to strengthen our relationships and also our society right on I’ll be looking forward to everything that you’re you’re expressing in the world and I hopefully yeah maybe sometime in the future we can talk about skill sets for Beyond Christian monogamy that would be a great topic so yeah how would you feel about that maybe we can sometime in the next few months follow up with something like that. Maybe by the by the time I’ll have more of a personal lived experience to a base conversation around that I think you know in terms of people who are already I don’t know how many listeners here are on a Christian spiritual path without that many but if the energy and gnosticism and sacred marriage not going to the alchemical top in the in the Gnostic tradition but I I wouldn’t make any claims to be an expert in that area but it’s definitely something to look at cool alright then we will be in touch and will follow up sometime in the future and thank you so much so be I really enjoyed it and I know it’s taking us a while to get this to get this done but I think it was perfect and I couldn’t ask for anything more so you have a wonderful day. Take care and keep for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and if you want a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Contra Punk. Com Thomas Day

Shamanic Revolution with Shonagh Home TPP21


tp-shonIn this episode I talk with Shonagh Home about strategies for a shamanic revolution to the heal psychological, sexual, and ecological wounds caused by 5,000 years of patriarchal violence.

From her website:

I am a practicing shaman, author and sacred beekeeper. I teach in the Pacific Northwest and the Yucatan. I consider myself to be a spiritual warrior and a spiritual warrior seeks to know. I take my students beyond the watered-down, westernized versions of shamanism to plumb the mysteries with curiosity and courage. My aim is to lead participants out of the cultural mass-trance and into the territory of the sacred. I work for Terra, Mother Earth, who is my benevolent guide and teacher…. Please visit her website to read more and access her wonderful array of offerings.


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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin welcome to the township on podcast doing an interview today with Shona home who is done a very inspiring chamonix author and women’s spirituality leader amongst many other things and my love for you so if you would like to introduce yourself a bit and then we’ll talk about how we’re going to break some spells and lift them purses off the planet and be a lot of healing in my name is and I am sure of a love and spirit medicine which Chronicles my Monica mergens into the sacred mushroom medicine and prior to that I wrote wisdom and these are of rituals that one can do in honor of your self and it’s this is very simple and it’s like a little book that could like every week Amazon order is a small bunch of these books for me and so I always Marvel at its wisdom it’s really nice and I am an IT classes kind of thing I’m going to be dedicated enough for racist voracious and Shamanism for me with Like Coming Home and cremations house as well and I have myself is off my mind and I feel that world is so blessed to have you Among Us right now and leaving with his medicine and creating a new a new opportunity for people to get introduced to the power and its beauty and Magic through your writing and speaking and I’m on a parallel sacred masculine Mission recovery and soul retrieval and empowerment through that the mushroom medicine passed since it’s kind of elected me or if it’s been a mutual courtship I’d say and and it stands out for me is personally some a message ology for a lot of different types of healing that has it had some some unique advantages when compared to various other medicine cats today that I’ve experienced them and so I was really impressed when I first her to talk but you did where you said that you had done quite a bit of book read you devoured all the literature that you can find basically on that puns unless your medicine and I’m curious if you have any just off the top of your head highlights of things from that research do you think are the most important discoveries that you made that you could share her folks well you know I I I I really love Thomas Roberts who is a different street Northern State University and he and I love how he speaks to the fact that we like we basically use our mind if you think of it like a computer and we’re just in the conscious mind and let me know to go to sleep and that they’d most likely if we don’t sleep waking State as well call it the consciousness of the deep cycle where you can explore and and wisdom between answers to complex situations that you are endeavouring to resolve and and bring that back and and and so there are other Altered States that do not require the use of psychedelics medications hypnotic state is it not martial arts that kind of thing and I got in my studies just because it really impressed on me how incredibly profound the expanded state is and in that we know for real that plant medicine and I would have to count LSD in there as well that you cannot resolve your problems with and through engraved in this culture we have the pudding to a box a mental construct and when you graduate from school which is indoctrination is what it is it’s not an actual education you wear that square hot so you have to we have got you got out of that mental got box at mental constructs and everything is a construct so we need to First you never understand so we’ve got to get get out of that contract so that we can free up the mind and accept these other doors of awareness that we have a greater understanding of what’s going on so Shadow there’s a lot of people interested in Shadow so that we can kind of grow up and mature and see our hi Carrie. As well okay well then other people right and then that way when I go out to do some good. I’m not going where I’m going to easily be triggered how much better help to the group and and there is a personal Shadow while there’s also collected evidence by the Avalanche of truth that is coming forward now what we’re in an M&M has been kind of running the show very irresponsibly and on and on and on so you cannot heal something you can’t see you have to see it and I also know that on numerous different cultures of the Maya the Hopi and and others we are in a time of great light and it might is nothing more than information right you turn on the light you see everything in the room so terrible and it’s beautiful making a comeback I’ve always been around I would say tool for that someone who practices stands York State of Mind so you have a greater awareness so if you’re lucky you can form a relationship and Josh and and we have to make ourselves I think very humble and ordered you to do that humble and open our hearts and realized that our rap doesn’t work in the spirit world and that has been my experience and I know for you as well and I know we both would like to see that more available to greater numbers of people because we both know the profound healing potentials of these prints that will take you not always into such a joyous they will often take you thank you so much drinking at in and and slowing down the shots dream and feeling into the heart with this end I feel that the organic Psychiatry I’ve is kind of what I’m referring to call psychedelic Shamanism now because it would I think go it’s kind of like controversy sacred sexuality country or anarchy versus the autonomy or something I would probably know all these words that are that are loaded or has been bastardized in some way and I feel like what the medicine has been it’s it’s seeking I feel like she it they the The Wonder of the wonder if all is this spirits that are in that world that are the benevolent ones that that are seeking to do good through US state they are looking for the initiates and every time you know somebody pops into that space if they’re scanning and I says we go in and pain and Whispering entire sometimes you know yelling and whatever it takes but I feel like the agenda is for the this Awakening through the medicines that’s going to get the archetypal or the proverbial standing up to the bully effect where the human civilization human culture Worldwide having been raped by a demonic alien infestation going back except houses of years since really the the disruption of the harmonious relationship within human ecology you know the the destruct the disruption of the natural order of balance in and that the weakening of sedentary in all the all the effects of in post mono crop Agriculture and civilization in building cities in Warrior Colton all that stuff is opened up this for the universe demonic entities throughout the Universe to smell and to see and to come and feast upon so he’s like made this planet into this demonic snack bar in disinfection of the world-soul is the mission I believe of the mushroom wants to find initiates to help to stand up to these bullies and get them packing their bags in back on their way back to hell or wherever they came from and if they refuse to leave us alone peacefully quietly they’re going to they’re going to come up against the power of people who were training and these esoteric Traditions to become spiritual Warriors that are going to be this Exorcist surgeons with a perspective Vats enhanced by a third eye integration of vision that the medicines provide and that was a big mouthful in that it’s just coming it’s just flowing through me right now to establish that is the deeper invisible hidden reality of 5,000 years of patriarchy and the fact that there were South American priests raping children an altar Boys in their Catholic priest doing the same and so this the phenomenon of destroying and displacing nature and building patriarchal empires of ego and having those potentially become sex Cults of extreme forms of ritualized sexual abuse said that’s kind of like what the Demonic agenda that’s happening here is and do you peel back the curtains of a lot of the homes in America a lot of the boys can send religious organizations and you will see this men are being possessed to conduct these acts that are quite a grotesque and file form of funds have possession by entities that are that have been bowling the planet for a long time and that’s with this Renaissance Inn in psychedelic research I think that there’s there’s an ear open to talk about things like how how we could treat and cure various types of mental illness whether it’s depressive Tendencies or different forms of including the compulsion to to be towards sexual pathology that all of these neurotic Tendencies are actually the work of these Gremlins that you can’t really see it unless you practice some form of esoteric art or you were opening the third eye with with his medicine so I think the my personal spiritual Warrior Journey pass as a sexual abuse Survivor is to sound the alarms if the pope just recently made the first attempt to publicly meet with victims of sexual abuse at the hands of his crease and and he’s begging for their forgiveness and throwing his hands up to the god asking for what is you know why is this quote sacrilegious cult status amongst his his supposed to be celibate monastic Kris what’s going on so he’s curious so he’s about to find out and we’ll spend the medicine working through people who have who are suffering as the victim’s you know who want Justice I think that’s what that’s my calling I guess what this medicine to just kind reduce my specific relationship with it and I’m curious you as The High Priestess of his medicine I’d say how you feel about what what I’m saying and how how this could be a leverage point for the medicines agenda to liberate the planet from these bullies that are just ruining our lives and ruining our planet it’s not be fooled by the very head of the Catholic church he knows damn well what’s going on and that guy to work criminal in his own right and. Whole entire operation is infested and as being what you are talking about as like a virus on this planet and they are clearly under some kind of healthy human beings don’t think that way you don’t make that kind of decision coming up now for us to be most unpleasant and Incredibly disturbing and if you like at night and yes if we do not to once and for all and I think it’s no accident but credibly diverted their all the good word sucked into the military industrial complex and I fighting for corporations and are largely experimented upon and on and on show us where words for a cure and continues to work with me Siri respond and ultimately we forgot what we are we are we forgotten you think of humanity as an organism is composed we are an organism and we are revealing symptoms of great sickness and no symptoms are depression after violence abuse in every form and incredible physical health and she’ll clearly and we can see that in animals held in the I hate even the term factory farm cuz it’s a contradiction in terms because those are not Farm that’s not how I would farmers raise they are there animals we are looking for and and the corporations are in charge and hierarchy and that hierarchy is God or creator God God is greater whatever you want with your creator Creator man and man is not sexual certificate status so it’s a Human Being Human kind and then corporations but what we are in a mirror is everything split Corporation government man and then creators sloppy last on the very bottom or goddess with Mother Nature however you want to think of that and abide way well and I’m in my credible at the time on this planet where we didn’t even communicate through language because we could not wait and and Emma was no even just because we are nature there is clearly a friend lies come back to that not true skate and so you are exploring her I also say that I’m currently skyner and so permaculture in the earth to heal the Earth to call back the life forces to that area and then you must keep an area of nature with no whatever plants grow in our area and enter that will also maintain the life force of God a single organism to heal this planet and also bring us return of Nature and I know that the dealer I’m actually not so interested in you know just like I appear to psychotherapy and I work with like a psilocybin mushrooms are starting to know a life-threatening disease PSD it’s just simply an orwellian anyway and then also the MDMA strappy from I called her mama and fill out play work with that’s that’s my medicine fans of turn Terence McKenna’s work and what are those things that he mention if I’m remembering the terminology correctly with something a proposal as something like the plant Drug Act which would create a new legal category for minimally adulterated preparations of plant medicines that would distinguish them obviously from harmful addictive drugs of abuse and if that could be pay illegal territory that’s created that could possibly buy past the very strict pharmaceutical game and just say well you can’t make anything illegal that’s being used in a manner that doesn’t involve X number of degrees is chemical adulteration to get it to be summer find state or something like that so have you and your legal musings and Studies have is that something that you like strategy of how to liberate the excesses to mushroom medicine do you have any kind of time directions discovering that this is this it’s a system that were in antenna system is an overlay and turn that you never hear anymore is public servant and these agents these government agents and whatnot they are public servants they work for us we are in charge not them and so they have forgotten that term and most importantly we have forgotten that we have entirely forgotten what we are and there is in the revised codes and every state has them I don’t know the one in California the number to the agencies which serve them so in other words we if you identify yourself and understand what it is I’m not interested in identifying myself as a body politic. The concept and we have never not being I hate even using the word aloud so we said we can do we can create a small is Do no harm in other words you are not breaking the law by working with us and have your mind or have even better if you are not harming you are doing nothing wrong you are breaking no law so what we have in this ecosystem because we are in a civil system if we have statute whether or not the same thing as lost their greed upon you those statutes are coffee with their made up and copy written by the law deals are you there and I really want people to start opening themselves breaking out of this contract and am getting a bit of a clue as to what this what is really going on here tells you something we are in a system of Commerce so all these crimes so to speak our commercial commercial steps why you are hard to crime and the court think that’s called human trafficking until all these drug laws per se are simply designed to generate income for the system okay so I am much more it rather than hating ourselves would you like the Random House dictionary definition of bureaucrat I’ll be happy to give it to you can look it up a bureaucrat is a person who works at 6 routine without exercising are completely ingrained in the system revolve being programmed to outside Authority we are programmed in school to shut down the imagination to shut down the Creator not questions and not make waves that’s what we’ve been programmed to do so that we will be obedient citizens go back to the statutes are copy written and you can only use copyrighted material if you have permission or if you are in the law Gill so how how did they get those copy written statutes to apply to us well we have to contract into it so they do that through the legal fiction so if you identify yourself none of this stuff is conspiracy theory all of this I’m speaking truth here I am done sounds like you know I don’t know I don’t know why does she know he’s just got to do some research and also citizen it means you are federal personnel and federal Personnel is defined as anyone who received any kind of government program we’re getting contracted sent you a sister without even realizing you know what we’re really here and and not understanding that whiskey benefits of that system you must you also get to receive the great aspects which means they can arrest you they can storm your house at any time and on and on and on and on so I mean I I didn’t know any of this stuff a year ago and they would know and they would remember what it was like back when the Romans were running the show you know because we were all culturally Romans got to us faster than they did you know Central South America you know any case and I know this is also part of the cop you know to take the Baton and run with it and Anna and learn as much as you possibly can and then numbers for that is predatory no no this system destroys and has destroyed people and continued to destroy people I am and we have two concurrent running in this country by the way what to have for dinner that’s what is democracy is it is Mob Rule and always the government is fascist if a guy is there for all to see you know on either side of the and I think you know what that is more mental constructs its Dogma ultimately absolute Chiclets and there’s so much deceit and trickery afoot in our culture right now and so many Divergent and we have to hear the pied Pipers of allusion in a leading people down Tony is hardly the wrong track that people are gullible and they don’t question so I’m bringing them into a vicious Harris set up on the other side of that I’m going to be in the real the real is the world but not the world that are not part of my planet and in my body and until we can stay for the record you’re just labeled and so you know what I am in the process of doing that is smokers the other two separate myself from this and so then are taken so that that system does not have jurisdiction over you that is how they get you that there are very nice people like you and me sitting in jail cells today why because they were smoking a joint or or God forbid they were selling it interfering, I can assure you so people are put in trying to get a system that is grievously corrupt to accept these nurses because I’m not realistically they will not and they will corrupt them and nnn you know if they give you a snake bite on the other side of the civil rights on a privilege rights are rights of always being intact but never not been in touch obviously self is so cute it’s just people have forgotten their disturbance in other words we are you can look at the arcade Stoke those people are servants and they think they’re in charge so they need to talk about casting out demons and this is what I do these guys are demons all of that important let’s pull that vets the elimination process that’s Enlightenment to realize that I mean in the co-founder permaculture design super permaculture Design Systems of the cities are like a big prison where everyone has a key to their own selves and it’s all designed feedlot operation and the thing that makes it all work is another term of art but this thing that this the system can continue and roll over nature and just keep all of human organisms human being trapped under its control obviously because of the land ownership and the inability for anyone to be a sovereign say I’m going to have my own relationship with with the with the sun and all the photons that are falling within my reach I’m going to put leaf leaf organic solar panels out in the form of natural leaves and I’m going to produce all of the food medicine and beneficial and father and fuel everything I need to to feed myself and and kill myself and my family and the Revolutionary practice a permaculture design is the empowerment to if we can Wrangle any land any sites or work just within the existing structure on top of it or between it the harmony with nature and and aligning with with nature will we can make the whole that whole system over we can overgrow it as opposed to overthrow it this isn’t goes away when we withdraw our support of that system now you talk about the importance of taking back then I’ll check this out we register our property that comes from old maritime law when it and that Captain is on his way somewhere and he’s going to Shop and Save on his way okay and and maybe he’d like to go drinking or whoring or something right insults to register to stick with the dog master and so the dockmaster now is like responsible for that you know and he’s given to winning the title of that chick with the doctor at the Harbor Master rather than the Harbor Master will ensure you get it over you gift over authority to someone else it’s so cute escape the state jurisdiction over your property and then you get an address and a mailbox so that means now you’re accepting. That is how we’re the guys called SWAT teams and whatnot and raid your farm or Raid your house and have their way with you that’s why because you gave him your your house which is why they can come out there you’ll never hear of them but I know a couple of them don’t have home if I’m registered their homes I know all these people personally there’s no address and no mailbox you can by the way get general delivery at the actual post office so that’s what state has no jurisdiction over their land and revealing oh my God that’s how you do it that’s how they do it to them listen to it for so long no one knows and of course you’re taught not to question in school is how it is and then you’re also you know I also I mean I’m giving a lot of hawks call and talk our land and and what we can do to stay for Megadeth so anyway and you can do it it’s in the are again back to the RCW registration and then there’s there’s a look it up and then course Community figuring stuff out and this is the very thing that is going to put a big pickle real life it’s very very profound and empowering peace and that you know we have become very seductively so over the past decades completely dependent on government for every Friday as your edges as you’re speaking about this predatory and parasitic and I feel like it’s people are are obviously blinded and ignorant to it and they don’t see it or not repulsed by it for what it is because it doesn’t appear it’s as it’s beside but when it when you actually remove the facade it’s like this is the parallel that I’m having with the sexual abuse and just the Demonic the alien demonic rape of planet Earth by organisms that are reproducing themselves here and they’re molesting everything so it’s like the government is the biggest molester is molesting the land it’s one less thing fits giving you it’s it’s grooming you with the idea of Rights it’s saying I’ll give you right and you give me your soul and you give me the belief that I have the authority to even give you write sending this is the sickest most twisted form of manipulation of human innocent and it is absolutely the mind of a molester that is that could conceive of this monstrosity I mean it could be this monstrosity and if that’s why I feel like with this mushroom medicine is is empowering me to do is to become a leader amongst the survivors of sexual abuse who who really are are struggling for answers they want to understand you know why why this happened and what why is it why is there this feeling inside of of survivors it’s really didn’t stop it when it was initiated by a human being something bigger than human organisms is involved in this process and that is the Demonic realm working its way into removing the barriers that are Village shamanic Lee protected Village communities in Pagan ritual and all the protective mechanisms that culture has evolved over Millennia to protect themselves from demonic infestation these things are just mowing through all then like you said just have to be in this earth I mean to be living in Ennis it is subdivided units dwellings live in so-called nuclear family it’s you’re basically being bent over you’re just being every single one of us is being born and bent over and if you’re not physically sexually molested at the hands of a demented hollowed-out predatory male or female then your exterior of your lucky but the reality is the template for that to be it’s like that this whole design system of civilization is to been people over in to make them susceptible to all these things it’s going to be a roof that sees how revolting the biological nature of this demonic Force an entity is it’s not just a few minutes it’s it’s it’s supernatural and it’s the violin the mushrooms will show you you know if the pope really wants to know like I said it’s it’s it’s all PR but it but everybody who is a Survivor that’s why I feel like I’ve been in the business of promoting ideological answers to this problem anarchism I was never socialist or communist but I was influenced by Marcus and I guess that I was molested and reformist the times and then it said times more extremists kind of interaction Airy anarchists and and a primitivist and went through all these different phases of have everyone has the the the desire to tell the truth in such a way as to capture the hearts and minds of the masses so that the overthrow takes place and that’s the whatever flag everybody has their flag everyone has their logo everyone has their brand and they’re all in their camps and they’ll think they’re right in there hating each other in their divided and there they can’t pay idea right there just so the same to me that the unifying theory is the Psychedelic experience which just dissolved every contract and puts you into the dark to being and then what you’re going to see and this is why I okay I don’t have to preach anything about I don’t have to convince people to read these tomes of dead white and male intellectual talking about the system and in all this stuff you can just be immediately brought into the guy in mind and have your compass reset and this medicine has that power in doing the the counter propaganda all the stuff that I was pretty well trained in and as an activist where you’re you are trying to compete for memes it’s like a me more and you want to get to know people on board and unfortunately ideas are are very real and they’re very they mutate all the time they’re just it’s a million reasons why why it’s difficult and people grow out of them and whatnot so if there’s pads and just whatever it’s just it’s not sustainable cuz it’s not really deep rooted and but I understand that that approach and and what I’m feeling like personally in my journey and I I suppress my own trauma sexual trauma for 20 years then and it was the medicine that brought me back to where these wounds happened to show me that you are not that that that a physical act of sexual abuse trauma wounding is it has Dimensions that are alive like when people harm each other they’re they’re creating that just recording you know the chords but they’re they’re creating habitat bleeding someone that blood that happened to wanting something is going to eat that blood and son is going to want to keep that wound wide open and bleeding into it to feed these things and that is the real Veil coming off with the medicines can show and what’s it’s like that you want people to Rebelle and resist and overthrow The Establishment then let the third eye open with his medicine then you will see what an infested demonic hellhole this planet has become and he’s going to go into the school look at the prison’s you’re going to let people come out of prison and move next to you via sex offenders you going to let them come out of prison mmm moving right next to you and and you’re not going to have any idea what the spiritual dimension of beef stick people really looks like and that’s where it’s the survivors can me now at coming full circle as a Survivor I say to myself the way to win the constituency as a revolutionary is to say here is the way the truth that’s not going to be found in a book and you don’t have to listen to anything I have to say about it if you’re in pain and you have suffered at the hands of some Twisted fuck who some predatory male who has been Infested by this creature and they they came and they stole your innocence and they be abused your Authority they’re abused their trust and that’s where this responsibility to use these medicines to kind of the organic Psychiatry kind of turn on playing with you know Loosely it is his to some point like if I thought I could make a press release saying dear survivors of sexual abuse guess what there is a way to scream people DMV on your community is your church groups whatever we’re going to actually have a come-to-jesus and we’re going to discover where this particular type of demonic parasitic organism who and where it had it is been surviving and in subsisting and living and that is how we’re going we’re going to take action Swiss action to discover okay there it is face-to-face we’re looking at it and it is a vile creature that we’re looking at and we’re going to now quarantine it and remove it and that’s going to be taking out a huge chunks that’s the Achilles heel of this whole American Dream thing because you know what happened why why would you why would you convince people why would you create coeliac disease and disgusting PSI division of the nuclear family into hey you know your parents and Elders they they just get in your way and they want to know your business and you don’t really need to take care of your kids and parent them because you can just put them and give them a new video game system the agenda to completely like you said distract people and get them further and further away from the Integrity of nature in the Integrity of holy collection Barry and if I want to put it in clinical language the pineal gland it can be activated chemically and then it can perform functions that integrate into the visual cortex you know the physical body is just this sort of framerate print out that’s just like a certain frame rate that snaps and pops into this Quantum level of reality but there is a deeper more real and more ecologically dense fact of everyone’s psyche and it’s the thing that the word the shadow I want to I want to invite all you know all of the Shadow to sort of people were being with green light to the shadow let’s do that and let’s let’s also think the young and think that thank him for helping us understand things in these terms that there is is dimension of the collective you know spiky in the place that we hide and spin and that place though needs we need to evolve this is my Soap Box thing or just as soon as this is my collie rage my anger in my ferocious need for justice we’re not going to tolerate him you know that the lies anymore and in the end of the bullshit and not going to be Medicated by Pharmaceuticals that are not going to be you know so I’m not going to be silenced and I’m going to find the constituencies of people who are still so raw and their wounds that they’re going to listen and they’re going to help to push you know rock the boat and and that this if we can start one of those things to say yellow the shadow is it’s like your colon It’s like the undigested fragments of meat that you know you from years ago and all of the acidic I like negative effects of disease-causing pathogenic organisms better so that are living in your gut and when when when they get to critical mass if you’re too weakened by depression or any other disease company colon of the mining that is what the shadow is and it’s a living place and you don’t and you don’t want that place I mean you want to do this it what the trend of dancing in the ritual and then they’re going to do is like okay let’s let’s do the peristalsis and gets a pet psychic colon cleaned out can have let that stuff go back to the Earth and let all of those negative thought-forms creating entities Vitter vile creatures that you look at him face-to-face and that’s the that is confronting a shadow and dancing with a shadow in the next spelling it you know through the shaking it off into the into nature dancing and spring into love the appropriate kinds of love in touch and healing with trained healers you know if that’s what’s needed and we think we all deserve that and we all need that to be to be loved by people who are trained to Love Revolution to have the people’s buying into the system this this this Roman commercial system of of essentially white-washed and Kandi koated ecological and psychological rape of the earth and the human soul venison we just need to face that about the truth of what we are and even the truth is like a physical body is for all it’s diabolical everything with you and I can go on at nauseam about that piece to understand here is asphalt contractor what are we doing kowtowing to Falls contract with Shorty it’s King true or false, what are we doing answering true or false contract so does the key piece I see here in terms of healing to post it show is coming becoming self-realized a re numbering and also a readout numbering of a crew and what we are we have forgotten and we become so sucked into the drama of this mess that were in Ireland completely forgotten I think also for as really detestable as these people are there is something we must also add to the ceiling mix here and that is forgiveness and forgiveness doesn’t mean that we let ourselves be a doormat forgiveness doesn’t mean that we let them carry on as usual forgiveness doesn’t mean no no no no but there is a necessity of establishing peace within and that keep within comes from the ability of being able to forgive our oppressor and then of course they must be cast out because then you can write but yeah sure but yeah so what I also realize is that we have nothing but Solutions we have not had Solutions we are allowing the corporate control which doesn’t want any of those because safety what interfere with Commerce so I really really understand that term knowledge is power course if if you don’t have the knowledge you’re an ignorant ignorant and snickered and everything else so we’ve got to seek knowledge as as well and is not going to come from the school district will not come from the media you know. and law and distinct play Coco on way way way way way way back you know what it is to create a community that… Hold certain morals and standards that people adhere to you know you do no harm that’s why natural law so easy to understand and it’s designed to be cure the end we’re good to go you know I’m Community is essential it mean to finish this conversation beautiful and you know the more you are able to establish communities of people who have the will to heal and to help others heal you know what we are then doing is if you could lend of that new Torino with a grandfather talked to his grandson and he says I have two wolves and neither always battling you know Walks in Beauty and minutes about No Love in This until we start feeding this this piece of community of us sharing knowledge of sharing Technologies of healing right and and he talks about the system hangs out at that one house but the guy runs that house is a tyrant and he’s disgusting to people but they still go that’s the only place I’m pretty soon people realize hey you know what makes more sense over here I’mma start doing this I’m a start hanging with you guys I mean I am all about pulling out of the system you know I tried taking back your power no longer giving them jurisdiction and creating those Healthy Communities that we want to see creators so you know anyway this is dinner really well then this is kind of like what I really like something I heard you say before which is it we’re not lightworkers were the clean up crew of an animation medicine that I’ve met met up with and then I communicate with regularly I asked him about that you know I don’t like no one’s going to be a descendants clean up your own reality I see I don’t get to like this load away from all this mess no I don’t help clean up cuz I’m a part of it so you know that’s what we’re doing and you got clean up crew on your end and the whole cast members getting me a British writer it’ll come to me in your heart the most and make that until I mean I I see I see other people like us you know if there’s a lot a lot of problems and fortunately there’s also a ton of people out there you know and start no actively working to create healing and and that were in all at once and you know it’s our beyond the 11th hour and if it were a book I would say I’d just be like just I have my nails but the same time I know the power of I just think of it as Beauty and people who walked out there in droves I mean people are beautiful and unlock another trick that were made to think that humanity is trick trick because this is all about Eugenics and they want to reduce the population they can do it if you know if we agree to it you know I think you had a human race we’re just stuck parasite another. No no there is a mind virus pressure medicine in bed so we can all start with the planetary parasite at the virus definition out if you were a virus when you do everything in your power to ensure your survival you know especially by in imprinting in our minds oh there’s no cure for a virus or another they said they wouldn’t wouldn’t you really be stepping up your game if you need is right around the corner deceit Stokes that the other piece to I mean it is a mess and it looks terrible and everything but I have a sneaking suspicion foot here and that as much as default work without Clay on this planet so is that beauty is growing and there are more and more people who are just shaking their heads and saying you know what this war thing this war is it I think we have a game-changer that is developing and I’m looking forward to it because I am looking forward to a new game for cells into the Earth and I’m bored I’m bored and I’m disgusted game changers the tables in the temple so you know and get back to the it is encoded the entire thing was never ever meant to be taken literally only the food or the uninitiated take those books and dinner cruise those guys know what it’s really saying and it’s a lava by the way but yeah it’s all metaphor and I’m very pertinent to what we’re in now and we are in the right now and for the lamps as we read the book to the law book the last of the Lamb shall be known so I’m sick and I’m like you know what I think we are think possibly we might and I do think I think that you know the control system some of these guys and sorry if it sounds so you know what is the word not parallel by the polarized and it’s out again so without so you know it’s if it’s a question of you know can we can we can we balance the two out and I will say that Endicott we have bacteria hopefully 80% that’s a healthy balance so that if you invest a little E coli or something you might have a little upset stomach but you’re not going to the hospital because establish real estate in your gut in people’s Cuts or they’re just overgrown by bad bacteria because of the taken all those antibiotics with blowout so anyway I just like I just always Marvel when I look at the metaphor of what’s going on here as well and so then do we are realizing ourselves again and we’re strengthening our self finding each other again yeah that’s his saluting to the to the intelligence of healing intelligence system of the medicine and ideologies and you know people and leaders of world leaders and ends with a lowercase L wake the fuck up in whatever way we are called to do I’m not saying everyone has to be an accident there people out there who are you know whatever they’re doing whatever they’re called to do but do it I took a Plan teacher just do it with integrity and with heart and really mean it and don’t be a fool and remember who you are we will do this again and I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to focus and stuff again in future and I I cherish you and I appreciate you and I’m so glad that you’re out there and yes so blessed is he that you take a chair write thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.hunterfan.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episode if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Tantra Punk. 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Sexual Pathology: Demonic Possession or Parasitic Infection TPP04


Yalila1This is a discussion with Yalila Espinoza a PHD scholar and spiritual counselor who has been studying psychedelic shamanism and sexual healing.

“I am a spiritual health practitioner who integrates art, music, dreaming, movement, ancestral rituals & sacred plant teachings into dynamic embodied explorations.  I received a PhD in Consciousness and Transformation and Spiritual Counseling training at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. My studies focused on indigenous shamanistic practices, sexual and reproductive health, and dreaming.

Academic studies, Amazonian shamanism using plant teachers, and many other trainings, such as the ISIS wheel approach with Gina Ogden, have nurtured my own spiritual-erotic awakening.  All of these transformative experiences have inspired my forthcoming book titled: ‘In The Belly of the Serpent: Sensual Wholeness with Plant Consciousness’ focused on how the purification and guidance of plant teachers are vital for sexual/spiritual health and liberation.”

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Calm and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved is welcome to Township on podcast episode number for I am interviewing alila Espinoza at the California Institute of integral studies in San Francisco she has a PHD and Consciousness and transformation and spiritual counseling and she integrates art music Dreaming movement and social rituals in the sacred plant teachings into Dynamic and body Explorations and the reason that we connected is that she is doing some groundbreaking work in the field of psychedelic Shamanism and Sexual Healing which is my personal life path at this point and so I consider her to be an authority in this field and someone that all survivors really hopefully can start to look too as soon as someone who’s leading this this this Research into understanding what’s going on in the spirit world when it comes to the pathogenesis of sexual predation so hopefully you learned something from this and we can all be working together to further the knowledge and understanding and do more research and really support his efforts so thank you very much and enjoy and hope you learned something to cure okay so in your talk you Lila at the horizons who is a conference right in New York in the video I saw or I heard a reference to it was also reference Pablo amaringo book Ayahuasca Visions I was intrigued by the phenomenon that you that you touched on which is this potential for entities otherworldly entities that appear in the Ayahuasca state that have the potential for Legend has it but they have the potential to use the human body or subtle energy field or however whatever level maybe have more insight to actually implant their own species as like a it’s a way to to grow their eggs or something like do you have any more detail on that kind of phenomenon that you can share their Pablo amaringo reference is just one of many so so from what I’ve read that there are many ways that that the transmission of of information from Alien beings that that can actually be penetrated into a zsar settle field and so you know obviously there’s no research on his precise and eat some people call it folk lore and the the beauty of the ayahuasca ceremony is that our site and perception is opened up in a way that we can actually get a glimpse into what I believe is actually going on it is the truth and that really in the Waking Life we have so many blinders on and we never saw a thousand so many ways to actually just survive and so we do not want to be aware of what’s going on and and if we did then for some people it’s very difficult to walk between the worlds so I do believe the phenomena that does happen and yet I’m not able to say scientifically like here is the person that I met his mean I’ve heard experiences from other people I’ve had my own experiences I don’t know in particular if you mean by the actual implantation of make a bean in ones that actually is reproduced to labor it’s so here’s an example I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Pleiades talk about the Anunnaki yeah and so if if we use that as an analogy in terms of these other beings that are implanting information into us and it could be a lot of the time and saw patterns and so we wonder why we’re doing certain things and thinking certain things that are not congruent with her what we consider to be our own Consciousness and so the specific a situation that I’m thinking of is around the Greek mythology and how they were actual ritual practices where groups of priestesses were actually welcoming in the trend these impregnations of other beans and the gods and that they were they were actually wanting to be impregnated and to be host for these other energies and so something important frases humans to learn about Anne and really focus our skill building is Discerning when is it harmful implantation and when is it actually a benefit and when are we welcome mean in these energies and I think a lot of the focus so far has been on the dangers and that the shadow side of it and it actually makes sense because as humans we are not actually remembering our wholeness in our integrity as conscious beings we are very unconscious and so it makes sense because our alignment is very skewed and turns over energetic bodies and an awareness of her settled body that then we have these areas of wounding the weaknesses where beans like the Anunnaki some Shadow and some light that they can be either at that you are able to penetrate and certain areas of the body and because we’re skewed then we’re we’re going to experience more of the Shadow side of this transmission and and it’s unfortunate because I believe that we are so ignorant at this point and so much fear is perpetrated in our culture that we don’t even yet want to learn how to actually be in harmonic a relationship with all these other beings and so we’re were walking around in this weekend State most of the time and then people call it attacks you know the black magic which I do believe is real yeah I’ve been I’ve been studying a lot about how like the Luminous energy field or the egg or the disk protective shielding around us that is like built by appropriate familial love and connected connectedness with a flourishing wild natural habitat and appropriate people logic relationships and all the things that go into building what like a hunter gatherer Shaman would be working on to preserve this orb of like of them energetic shielding around every individual and then around the village of the tribe of the camp maintenance of that field of protection is valued position in society understand that they need for that and fractures in that through trauma I agree that it’s like that’s those are the entry points for dark energies parasitic organisms alien races to have the more negative types of predator-prey or parasitic parasite-host type relationships to swear it’s not consensual or it’s not erotic like in a pleasurable way it’s not like inviting in like I was just reading Fiona Holmes book about she put it she put a slug on her neck during a 6 gram mushroom trip and had full-body slug as in it that’s like one way to invite in Gmail of the strategically open and expand that field and you know beer on Diplomat of what’s out there but we’re definitely yeah like I think very by Design very kind of strategically and tactically technically put into these I mean just architecture civilization to me is like to be in prison in a state where you’re going to be bewildered in an aqueous acceptable and it’s as if to me this whole thing is like actually I think I think it is the Romans were messing around like this is all Urban Design template that came from them and they were the ones who were like the most hell-bent on rape culture and it’s like higher intelligent entities organisms on some plain or multiple planes that have as much of that where is dumb to them as we think you know feedlot cows are to us in his manipulable and it is his you know what we poke and prod them and you know a factory farm animals and milk them and inseminate them and do all this traffic in on all the vivisection. Stephanie say it’s interesting when people have these spontaneous cycling abduction sequences that also match like a 50% rate of the Rick Strassman DMT study subjects who reported like flashing into this like operating table with insectoid aliens poking and prodding them and then matching that with the UFO Abduction stuff with me is actually they’re actually having random spontaneous DMT releases in their sleep and they feel like they’ve been taken through the tunnel that’s the light is you know how it is I was just paralyzed but from the permaculture design perspective for me it’s like you can’t torture has this Integrity about not teaching mystical things but teaching scientific things in and it has to be scientifically provable to be like considered within the design from system of human culture and for me I see that as much as I want to do biological Pest Control in the garden and protect my beautiful you know livelihood of plant ecology and animal called you that I’m designing I’m going to have to understand the Predators and the parasites and the ecological world of what causes disease and weakens the plants if if it’s like I’m planning something in wrong place and it gets weekend by lack of sunlight or moisture poor soil conditions then all the Predators and pests come in to devour it because I’ve been weak and if there’s this pressure coming from whatever order of predatory or parasitic specifically of the sexual nature that’s family assigning ruining life on the reservation delete ruining people’s potential to enjoy the most beautiful gift that we as human animals have in the planet enjoy their sexuality this erotic gift in and so if I’m designing with permaculture communities are going to be sustainable and there’s already a 50% divorce rate and then there’s this invisible sector of energy which is this pressure of sexual pathology that’s ruining families like how am I going to build I could build the most beautiful Garden of Eden and not have protected that Garden of Eden from these invisible entities that are causing possession to the in the form of sexual abuse by family members against other family members and obviously alcohol is a huge factor and just a fragmentation of will the lack of shamanism if you take away the shaman you put in alcohol and you really want to study incest on the reservations is where it’s like I don’t know what the percentage is but it’s extremely high and I think that we probably share the opinion that a tool set of clinical application of the Ayahuasca magic is that it can bring that sort of Shadowmere up for creditors to see themselves and we know that all the kinds of healing is happening and people are approaching the memories of the abuse since it is all this victims or or are seeking a medicine and finding great healing through it but there doesn’t seem that I know of or I guess I shouldn’t say but I guess my dreamer my goal would be to as a permaculture designer know that I can design safe communities because we’ve we have this magical medicine that we can apply in a clinical way that will screen disinfect purify you know give us this ability to have to protect our communities from this invisible alien pressure this like that that seems to be everywhere in the world all skills of a concentrates obviously in the more and the more and less educated the more drug and alcohol abuse among populations in the lower socio-economic conditions but it also will be no rich and Powerful lawyers and doctors are artist raping your children any thoughts you have in your experience of working with the medicine and of the potential for it to be used in that way to like purifier to disinfect and purify and I release these things so this is basically what I research for my PhD he is interviewing women around North America about their sexual healing in Ayahuasca ceremonies and with the other Master plants and so that’s exactly what I’ve experienced and what these women have reported in that the first step in their healing was a purification who says not just as Ayahuasca with tobacco with Sasha Rosa cook it like other plants Valeska is really important for the reproductive organs and so that the purification began on a physical cellular level actually purging the trauma held in their cells and then being shown how it was causing emotional disturbances and purging that out and then you know the next levels seem like how it change their perception of reality and that they were looking through many Legend lenses of trauma so they that their lens was Fuzzy and they asked it was distorted and they actually couldn’t see what was what and so there was that level of her genes which then connected them to the spiritual trauma and that disconnection and really the fear that has been program indoctrinated into us and so purging that fear and then having a reconnection with their the spirit allies that are actually and plants me one of them are allies that are actually looking out for us and wanting the best for our soul journey and so it sounds really simple and it’s time for some people very challenging and also takes time that there are these layers of here if acacian and literal extraction of the demons and other parasitic entities that have been in them and also passed through generations is there DNA so there is a mean for us living in this time right now it’s a really big role that we’re playing in our own families in our ancestral lineage is that we are clear cleaning house for thousands of years and for the collective for our society in general which is shocking to me but as I started to know on this path if I can personal healing and researching it was like okay I thought women were so Divine and so Sanctified and that they could never be pushed by any any impulse inside of them to do that behavior and then it turns out that it does happen this keeps me thinking more and more than like what’s happening is that humans are basically being made into these shells like your hollowed out your if you become a sociopathic sexual abuser than you have been hollowed out of your moral compass your social accountability know we don’t you think no one’s looking and we’ve someone designed human settlement design pattern where everyone’s private little individual fi films are locked and no one really tears in to see what’s going on unless there’s like pawriffic screams the Demon World sexual abuse is something that they want to push any Wii console to the point of doing that and interesting like so in that under that is a family close to me with it where there’s a pattern of abuse I’m kind of studying the way it reverberates and how this monster is like jumping generations and kind of jumping around the different opportunities it has to operate in the shadow and like where the children are vulnerable when the parents are at work or whatever and if I go there happens to be schizophrenic man who is like sort of being care taken by the family over all he gets bounced around so wherever he ends up because he’s like with his children around 4 then report start coming out so I think the week of the more we can do the person is play drugs alcohol and lack of authentic religious community and othentic spiritual community and disappear fication and dancing and transit to all the things that any traditional culture would be doing too but for themselves against the pressure of all kinds of disease just regular infection and I like their level of vigilance against any inter-penetration of unwanted entities on any level of their physiology or spirituality was like an art and science of shamanism and you take that away you put people under these horrible living conditions I like what you said about the process that a victim goes through to purchase things and also connecting with the Vista generational entered multi-generational patterns that you know these things I think of any I am my own these things I’ve seen that the family molecule DNA thread kind of thing as we live or a little short lifetimes but the DNA continues as an unbroken biological entity of form going back to the beginning of life on Earth and you know who knows what happened before that but at least that’s if you’re let’s say an immortal or at least your urine in an organism identity that creepy calls the underside of power under the hood who believes human consciousness they’re crawling through the generations bone this murky kind of almost like aquatic I don’t see isn’t either I see the the hyperspace is sort of like a deep-sea kind of environment with all kinds of different organisms and all kinds of food webs interacting and so like it from their perspective where are this our families are like these these threads that they’re kind of crawling along and just what one person pops up into it from their perspective they’re just like doing a little poking and prodding and manipulating and sucking and you know with whatever means they have to check into a nervous system and create impulses and and like I sound accounts we’re through hypnosis demons were speaking about how they function in the human biological system the kinds of Highly articulated anatomical tools they have to do the things that they do like pincers and pokers and thing here had things you had mine is seeing so and I and I think you know when somebody proves is I heard someone say that this person was not a I don’t think there was sexual pathology in the family or anything but just you know for example somebody who had suffered maybe as an emotional psychological abuse casually says I think I just I’ve had the experience of vomiting out an alien fetus you know like something that looks very much like a Giger painting and someday I hope there’s like a National Geographic devoted to of the taxonomy of the spirit world and so we can understand these things like okay that’s how you would identify it and that’s how you would get denied work as a school bus driver if you were scanned and you miss things were seen inside of you know you’d have to go to the island and om Spinderella and unfortunately this there would be unnecessary would be necessary do this and it’s hard though for families cuz if it is somebody that everybody to family does authentically love but he has been infected and he has done these Deeds then what are you do you know once he becomes out into the open and I think that you know they’re there would have to be some sort of place where they go and have dinner with this not prison Chino that’s like a prison camp but is like a more enlightened sort of place where and I think that bill find that authentic remorse and they will they take the the potential for what you would call a cure is this application is medicine which would actually rid you of this Parasect let’s say let’s say if you had a grant you know a blue sky budget and it was just like all of your Survivor respondents you know had had your back in like you do you have the ability to say okay I’m creating a task force now to go to the other side of this and now I know you’ve had such a disgusting repulsive revolting look into the victim side of this that your unshakable and not afraid to like take this medicine in the people qualified to administer it into psychiatric prisons and replace the chaplain of the prisons with the Psychedelic Simon said there were actually rebuild hitting people for real with a strict you know honestly so if I had a grant with Limitless potential and I could create a team what I would Envision is a place where people could go Fort Pierre fication and realignment and then fortification so they can actually step out into the world as a new person I would build a team with as you say psychedelic shamans and I had to leave that all the sacred plants have their place I particularly love Ayahuasca and then that’s just my focus for this lifetime and and so I would build a team with the V I was scared of adjective Lisa along with body workers like acupuncturist the people who can lead Body Talk sessions I believe that the body is the way to Healing as opposed to talk therapy I believe talk therapy has a little bit of helpfulness in terms of cognitive behavioral changes so really billina integrative tea and then there is just a equal amount of focus on the integration piece of prepping people for ceremonies and then post-ceremony invited exercises and then giving people tools to actually and purify themselves and protect because even when people go through an intense healing process which could be anywhere from one week intensive the plant diets to one-year Rehabilitation that it takes time for us to build ourselves up so you know what we can have a one-level healing and then we’re still vulnerable woman like me one baby so we need to be taken care of and being shown taught tools had had to be in this world in and be between worlds and and so also the importance of integrating in a reconnection with the elements and with the learning how to be in harmonic relations with all beans including other dimensions so as you mentioned permaculture so really I’m back to land like what are the beans here what are the plants I’m in our Gardens like that reintroduce introduction and just like emphasizing that nurturing that relationship and and then really focusing on community so as a community what can we build together what are these different paradigms you different structures that needs to come into being for us to collectively evolved and part of this of retreat program you know including the the educational component the ceremonies the integration support and the permaculture that would be some kind of initiation process cuz I feel that that’s a huge piece that we’re missing I’ll talk about it later tonight but that there is a way traditionally where perpetrators have been brought into Community where they are initiated sometimes it’s life-or-death kind of scenarios and they go through this process of their own purification and coming out Reborn only Alive by the blessing of their allies keep me on keeping them going to the arduous test really and so that there is a sense that the community is tending the nurturing the survivors and then also allowing for perpetrators to go through their healing process where if they if they do get through and they are alive then they’re considered pay their dues so instead of executing them or having them spend 5-10 years in jail maybe it is a year program where they go through and if they are committed to it and they actually do what is required and which means a lot of ritual ceremonies gardening whatever you know whatever that may be that there is a forgiveness and forgiveness is a strange word but there is a rate out of how they were carrying that they parasite you know the half of their family and then we’re weekend to estate of acting unethically and and harmful and that if they get through the rehabilitation that they’re eat the community sees the big picture and is willing to let that person be reborn and go into a new phase of your life is supposed to always having this attach a label of perpetrator and evil which I don’t believe is true and we all carry something to different degrees and we’re all responsible for the collective and that’s a really hard one to swallow and this is like you asked me big vision and this would be something that I believe is possible it and there were aspects of it that existed in the end our past and that we will be at a turning point based on are the ecological changes and shifts that are happening that are out of the human control that will actually promote that the urgency of this change and end this Paradigm is possible and will come into place because it it’s going to be necessary for the survival of whoever is still existing on this Earthly plane thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me a podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Tantra Punk. 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Sexual Healing with Psychedelic Goddess Worship TPP02


tantra-punk-kaliThis podcast is a lab report documenting an experimental Goddess Kali worship ritual conducted in January 2014.   It was co-designed and advised on by clinical sexologists, tantrikas,  shamans, and spirit guides to help me overcome PTSD symptoms resulting from sexual trauma in my adolescence.

Beyond my personal sexual healing, the objective was to collect data that would help build an explanatory model of the “ecology of the soul”.


Awaken the Kali Within Workshop

Awaken the Kali Within

KALI- The Goddess of self Empowerment, of time, change, death/rebirth, fierce rage, annihilator of evil forces, the redeemer of the universe as well as the benevolent mother goddess……

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
― Arundhati Roy, War Talk

The time to come into your authentic power as an individual with personal dreams and goals as well as your vision to change the world and live your deepest soul purpose to serve the universe, is not somewhere in the future, it is in the here and NOW.


It is time:

– to not just worship the idol, but become HER

– to stop complaining about whats going on in the world; to stop walking around the earth feeling so little, so limited, so disempowered and helpless when we have this dormant forces of raw limitless inner power in the form of Kali residing within each of us

– to stand up for your own being, for your own body, mind and soul that are being polluted, manipulated, abused and devoured by corrupt agencies of power as well as meeting the inner shadow

– to tap into that rage, that has been repressed into our unconscious, because that rage is going to be the key/the doorway to your Divine Infinite untamed inner power and wisdom!

-to stand up and scream and use the power of our voices to prevent our Mother earth from being further abused and polluted

Imagine every so-called ‘ordinary’ person walking the face of the earth becoming a true embodiment of KALI,

Can a handful of corrupt people continue to dominate these empowered embodiments of THE FIERCE GODDESS WITHIN?