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Introduction to Warrior Tantra and Sexual Self-Defense TPP250


Warrior Tantra PicIn this episode I share the original Warrior Tantra introduction lecture from early 2017

My Non Verbatim Show Notes

Our relationship to violence is highly distorted, very unrealistic, we have the horrors of the battlefield in military conflicts throughout the world

secret hidden violence of fathers abuse children and spouses

violence in cartoon, video games

is a such a thing as healthy or sacred violence, expressed in martial arts around the world,

principles and ethics of defensive fighting, to defend self, land, family, way of life, community, is tempered with a feminine wisdom

the ideal for all militarys nation states, who have at least paid lip service to the idea that we’re not trying to be barbaric, colonize, conquer, might is right, warlord organized violence to build empires, supposedly in the modern world we’ve evolved past that ideology

beautiful martial arts systems, at their core essence pushing forward that ethic, appropriate violence, sacred violence, not be abused for one’s own self gain

most spiritual traditions, discipline, being a warrior is different from being a soldier, being a defender of a culture, of your people, hoping will evolve to all people and all life

to be a spiritual warrior is to overcome racism, sexism, homophobia, borders and boxes, unnecessary antagony between lifestyles, regions, histories

many of the would be warriors, who have been trained to be soldiers now are fighting battles that are rooted in old paradigms of thinking where there was much less expansion of consciousness around love and acceptance and compassion, this is all the great spiritual battle that’s taking place all over the globe, for 1000s of years, impulse to create peaceful harmonious regenerative communities that are not expansionist, striving to maintain ecological balance, and the cultures using violence to conquer, colonize, take land by force, rape and pillage

the call to action for this brand, a lifestyle, an upgrade to both being a martial artists and being a tantrika to be practicing warrior tantra,

I’m hear to open up a discourse to merge sacred sexuality with sacred violence, I’m not a guru, I’m not going to have all the answers for everyone on their individual path

but what I will do with my training and my knowledge is to create a space where we acknowledge that the dimensions of combat and warfare are beyond our physical bodies

it goes into our emotional space, our intellectual space, our sexual space, many dimensions where we can be attacked so it is only reasonable, logical, sensible, to develop defensive tactics in all areas of our life

violation is very complex, and we can be violated through sound waves going into our ears, from light beams going into our eyes, wounds from physical violence that heal faster and more complete than wounds from sexual violence, it’s a continuum, and there’s multi dimensions

what you may or may not find in a martial arts studio or training system would be some of the more spiritual components that you would find in tantra or sacred sexuality where you’re creating boundaries and owning your space, on multi dimensional levels and mastering arts for self preservation and protection, in multiple dimensions of your being

there are places where you can go and learn how to be a better lover, be a master of your inner emotional state, spiritual trainings and traditions, sexual mastery wisdom traditions, and there are places where you can study the arts of defending the body, using weapons, blades, sticks, firearms, your own bodies natural weapons, in the original what I would say is the roots of tantra, these two, now polarized, are you a lover or a fighter, in the early days you were both, people were less dependent on military, state, government, police force, systems, people had to defend themselves and their community on a daily basis and it was really all down to earth

the arts of loving, the arts of fighting, all very deeply intertwined, every person was included in some of the earliest forms of martial arts training, this is what I believe we can restore is a very localized systems for teaching sacred sexuality and teaching self defense and martial arts, bringing it all together

self love self esteem, really the core of it all

it’s a positive feedback loop, a positive upward spiral of self love, conditioning your connection to the divine loving yourself more and more, having the physical confidence of training so that you can defend yourself in all kinds of battlefields, seen and unseen

defend your sacred self love and your integrity, bodily integrity, sexual integrity

the sanctity of the boundaries of your body image itself, we’re being attacked in so many ways, always attempting from billboards to boyfriends, to girlfriends to all the kinds of porn, you can develop a sense that these negative assaults on your divine self loving sense of perfection as you are, they’re attacking and corroding that inner essence of self acceptance and love and beauty

you could be a really good mma fighter or boxer or combat soldier and still have a brokenness inside that makes you susceptible to false leaders and fighting for the wrong reasons, its really an opportunity to balance those aspects and build a foundation of deep powerful, timeless eternal self love that will radiate a defensive field around you

through physical combative training and physical conditioning, combined with the spiritual, emotional, sexual defensive training and conditioning I can speak from experience I’ve had to defend myself in mortal combat scenarios, I had to fight for my life when I lived on the street, there were times, other compromised circumstance, I can speak from that experience of being a warrior on the street, and also as a survivor of abuse I’ve had to

escape kidnappings, escape from arrests when I was sometimes an outlaw, I’m here to help people avert those catastrophes

you should never have to defend your body from a lethal attack, and you should never have to defend your body from a sexual attack, I’ve done both, I’ve survived both and sometimes in the same context

we live in threatening world

if we have system of self defense that evolves and understands that new threats are emerging everyday, the martial arts systems that were developed 100s if not 1000s of years ago

in some of the tantric scriptures it was very explicitly warned that we were approaching a time where the threats of sexual violation by men are going to increase, by horrific, on a mass scale

the corruptibility of male sexuality by in very clear terms, its a state of possession

whatever scientific faith you wna tto have about whether or not the demonic realm and demonic entities and species are real or not real, that’s optional

I’m not going to impose any belief system around where these forms of sexual violence are coming from, but it’s just a matter of doing a bit of research on the data, that we are in a world that is more threatening to women and children than ever, on a mass scale

the most intrusive vector of these patterns of violence, it was television, now its the internet, its the effect of high speed internet pornography, is the bleeding edge of what in the hindu tantric scriptures, the sort of prophecies about this time, they didn’t predict the internet, the development of photography, cameras, films, but I dare say they would not be surprised that the intentions of the entities that they had been in combat with spiritually, that they wrote great epic scriptures and mythologies about, the need to have a spiritual warrior practice to defend against the entities that are hell bent on making hell on earth mainly through every form of violation imaginable

they are understood to be very creative, and merciless

and you see that in the porn that people are addicted to, that young boys are being initiated into as their default sexual education

it’s a very horrific, systematic, fracturing corruption of male sexuality, and the stats on abuse are just staggering

its propagating and spreading like a virus

the need for women and children to be trained in practical self defense and I say more importantly in practical self defense than in martial arts systems that were designed for a different era

they came from a different place and different time where the the threats were different

so my point is to say that, new adaptations of the martial sciences have got to be designed to meet the threats of the modern era

the idea that we were gonna be inundated with demons, hell on earth, infecting men, women have to take up arms to defend themselves and their children against these men, I call them rape zombies

the horror stories I hear from just people in the dating world, something is off, the men seem to be glazed over, hollowed out, and the shit that comes out of their mouth

and the acts they attempt to conduct in the bedroom, the psychology of date rape

that’s where we’re dealing with, these hollowed out shells of young men, and old men, who, in the tantric terminology, their heart chakras have been shut down in encrusted, not just blocked, but actually strategically infested and debilitated, by real trans-dimensional biological entities that are not necessarily transmitting through the tv set, this the great leap, until we have the science to prove it

you can compare my statements to your own personal experience, talk to women who’ve been abused, anyone who’s a survivor, who’s had to stare down that hollow, unloving, uncompassionate, manipulative, psychopathic, sociopathic, gaze of a predator

anyone who’s had that experience will most likely help people who haven’t had that experience, and help the perpetrators of these crimes understand that they have been hacked

whether from watching porn, or watching violent movies, or watching violence going on around them, its not that the demons jump through the television set, or through the screen from porn, it’s that we’re all vibration, we’re all frequency and vibration, in the unseen surrounds of our physical environment, physical body, potentially infinite overlapping dimensions where non human intelligent entities are always attempting to take up space in our energy field, thereby become parasites, and extract our energy in order to feed themselves and their families, live in their parellel dimension, sucking our energy from us, and I don’t like to use the words holy and unholy, but in order to be a defender of your body temple, and effectively protect those who are most at risk of sexual violation

there are skills and art forms designed by the tantrics 1000s of years ago to buffer those influences from the underworld, if you want to use a classic shamanic term

although its not technically below us, its not below the floor, it’s not down there per se, we’re in a soup of beings all around us at all times

if we engage in practices of self purification then we become less susceptible to the penetration and influence of all different types of being that are just swimming around us on or in the astral plane

the tactics of self defense, if in order to defend yourself you had to understand at all times there are intelligent parasitic entities floating around all of us, there are places where their ability to perforate and puncture our auric field our energetic shield, that’s around our body, it can be trained and conditioned and developed to be less penetrable

obviously if you just do an experiment and go down to the local dive singles bar, and you do some practices of meditation to attune yourself to your own energy field, you can start to sense attacks from people’s eyes, from people’s words, from billboards, messages all around you, its more than meets the eye

what’s happening is when you react to people places and things around you you consciously or unconsciously shift your vibration in that shifting of vibration you are then potentially susceptible to these attacks

they always say, dress warm in winter because you’ll catch a cold, it’s not actually that your temperature will give you the cold, its that the cold viruses are all over you and all over the place everywhere and your immune system, when it’s not compromised by your body being cold, it has the power to just continually fight off all those attacks, and you don’t even know it you’re just happy and healthy and you’re not sick you don’t have a cold, but the cold viruses are all over you, and what it is that protects you is the health of your immune system

if you drink alcohol, your immune system is being debilitated by your drunkenness

the point is that to walk through this world as a spiritual sexual warrior you have got to own and love your space and develop that fine tuned awareness of what causes you to compromise your sexual spiritual auric immune system

if you have a strong sense of purpose and you have a strong connection to the earth and to the divine, however you structure that from whatever tradition, you will become practically immune to all forms of attack, most forms of attack occur when your energy is skewed

a lot of women who get repeatedly raped and end up in repeated abusive relationships, when they’re questioned and speak honestly about these patterns, there’s a really sort of self destructive, self sabotaging urge to just be put out of the misery of existence, and so just falling into every trap, falling into ever more cascading emotional, physical, sexual violence its heart break to watch those patterns unfold for people

you can’t just put a gun in their hands, or even just teaching them physical combatives, although when a woman shoots a fire arm, something magical happens, that’s goddesses’ honest truth, there is a beauty in that experience of for the first time and I speak as a survivor, the first time being able to feel like, wow, there is a range of defensiblity of my body temple that doesn’t depend on my physical size, it’s the great equalizer

this program of training, is going to address all of these ranges of attack, classically in martial arts you have close range, mid range, far range different words in different systems, for example if someone’s approaching you, a side kick to the knee is what Bruce Lee would say, the longest weapon to the nearest target, you wouldn’t wait to elbow them, appropriate distance would be throwing out that kick

a billboard is one form of attack, a billboard presents a body image that is an unrealistic ideal that would require plastic surgery, enhancements, or reduction or whatever, hyper representation of physiques, just not representative of average people, that’s a form of an attack

on all genders, all genders are kept in this constant inner battle of whether they’re going to be loved based on how their body looks, and whether they’re going to be successful in world of power and money and wealth based on how symmetrical their facial features are, what their voice sounds like, things that are superficial, its difficult for most people to measure up to those so called standards

to be a warrior against being punched in the gut by the site of somebody you think is more attractive than you, to be set off course and out of balance, its an attack that will leave you open and then susceptible

that feeling can lead to you going to the bar, having a drink because you don’t feel good about yourself, and then you wake up the next day in a hospital because your drink got rufeed, or whatever, stories of compromise they all cascade and get worse, the more abuse anyone experiences, the less power they have to stand up and rebuild that protective auric shield around all these negative influences

worst of all, there’s all these ranges, all these avenues of attack coming at us from the external world, but the real curse is when they get internalized, and they become voices in our own heads, and we start to listen to what we think is our own, multifaceted self

you see someone walking down the street talking to themselves and their crazy, meanwhile whether or not you move your lips or make sounds, if you’re having a dialog with yourself when you look at the mirror, or you do something that makes you feel stupid, that you should be embarrassed about, instantly their comes the voice which not always is the most friendly voice and is sometimes your worse enemy

the world I want to live in is world of rape free zones

conditions that are conducive to rape are studied and analyzed and designed against

I would love to see a feminist revolution that takes all the weapons, power, land education systems, everything back from the patriarchal power structure with a swiftness, an abrupt insurrectionary uprising of women who organize together in sex strikes, and build new nations with new boundaries and reclaim the maternal birthright of really meticulously designing male egos that are in service to the earth and the elder councils of women who they adore and fear as all boys feared the wrath of their mother, doesn’t get much simpler than that

the distorted relationship we have with organized male violence, from street gangs to the mafia, every single cult of violence that men have organized and lead, only exist because mothers have been prohibited from sustaining a nature prehistoric tendency to collectively design how they want male aggressive energy to flow through their designed social ecosystem

its a horrible perversion of force on this earth for their to be male violence of any kind that is not guided by the wisdom of priestesses and elder women who are sustaining traditions of goddess worship that connect every bodies mind body spirit and sexuality to the divine wisdom that is feminine, is compassionate and nurturing

it is possible that every act of sexual conduct that a male engages in in his entire life time could be absolutely a blissful meditation

imagine that boys and young men and young adults and elder men, all lived with the same fear and humility towards all women and the divine feminine, never having been allowed to develop a self serving ego, and being kept in a constant state of bowing and being in prostration to that feminine power, as the superior and highest supreme power that’s what the schools of tantra that we’re drawing from in this warrior tantra program are all about and its my pretty well studied opinion is that every problem we’re facing in the history of the planet is the result of the perversion of that power dynamic

I don’t know a lot of female rapists or child abusers

I don’t know a lot of women who are designing weapons of mass destruction or cutting down trees on a mass scale, these are all symptoms of a power structure that has been hijacked not by the sacred masculine but by the toxic masculine

that if not kept in prostration to the divine feminine, will become a horrific evil menace to all life on earth

its the stories the mythologies, the cursing of women through religions that have feared women in the wrong way, there is a good way to fear women and the divine feminine, fearing that you won’t have the stamina to please them fully, that should be the primary fear

the way to solve that fear is to train your nervous system to be able to hold and embrace ever more powerful waves of divine feminine sexual energy, the kundalini shakti energy

that is the task of men, to be in prostration and in fear of the goddess in a manner that makes them want to put down axe, put down sword, grab your cock, with guidance of elders from long standing traditions, how to become a god, a peaceful loving, compassionate, gentle, caring earth worshiping, goddess worshiping powerful warrior who is capable of conducting defensive violence among many other things, but at the beginning and end of the day you’re there to kiss the feet of the mother goddess in all her forms, we’re a long way from there being positive peer pressure between men to be a better love, a more dutiful lover, a more prostrate lover

there was a time when all the cool people we’re doing it, the in crowd was doing it, goddess worship, prostration to the divine feminine, the glory to be accessed by ritual love making, where the impulse to harm and to rape and abuse was so well buffered so that a woman could trust that while making love to a man she was making love to the divine masculine aspect, that he has ritual invoked and through his practice of goddess worship he is essentially earning the access to be able to be possessed by the divine feminine energy so a woman can feel safe because she’s in the vibration of the goddess that has been invoked ritually by her lover

don’t have to believe any of this spirituality, any of these esoteric principles, we could all be starting from scratch

if every spiritual book instantly disappeared from the planet and we all just had the world we’re living in now, the technology systems, the political systems, erased all the mythology, if we had to start from scratch its a very simple reboot

the men who are careless recklessly unconsciously taking and not giving with their primordial sexual drives, if their in the reptilian brain with the remorselessness of that lower level of animal instinct, there are other animals that are compassionate, that are loving, it’s not just to say that humans are compassionate and all animals are below us

within all of our neuro anatomy, there’s a potential to devolved into an uncompassionate, self serving, sociopathic mode,

we have to acknowledge that in this modern world, it’s gotten worse, this tendency for males to conduct themselves in an uncompassionate way, it’s being rewarded, by media, by male peers, by the law in lot of places still, women as property and rape toy,

some places in the world where it’s safer to not be married because if you’re unmarried and you’re raped you can press charges but if you’re married you’ve joined a rape contract and you’ve signed up for it, so most likely you’ll be prosecuted

the world is extremely warped and the violence that’s being done on every level is all coming back to that fundamental distortion of the relationship to the human mother and the divine mother, circumcision

lack of breast feeding you so the hostility of men against women, nature, and animals, it’s very systematically built into most of the males walking the earth today, those who’ve been circumcised, those who have been deprived of on demand breast feeding, they are the enemies of life on earth, and for a reason, if you were an intelligent demon lord who wanted to come to earth and figure out how to make the most pain and suffering for all of life and really make a game show or a casino out of watching the misery unfold, the debauchery and hellish extreme violence, the raping of infants in places in Africa where there’s a mythology that they are less likely to have HIV/AIDs so they’re preyed upon in horrific cults of infant rape

female genital mutilation, all of these sores, all of the abuse happening on native american reservations, extremely high rate of alcoholism and these clusters of child sexual abuse where public officials come into work in government office job, and complain about how their child bit their penis while they were engaged in routine servicing

it is a very designed hell on earth that we live in and the forces that we’re up against, they don’t, in my experience they don’t respond to treatment with pharmaceutical drugs, with bibles, with exorcists, in my experience, my personal experience and in my studies, what we’re up against, what we’re doing with is such a merciless insidious force from the darkest pits of creation, its should be no surprise that in tantra the supreme goddess deities are the warrior goddesses the one’s who’ve adapted to address the ever evolving strategies of the demonic realm

mythology of kali and durga main warrior goddesses par excellence, there’s a lot of symbology there, a lot to read between the lines

and if none of this spiritual language works for you, watching this, there’s an even simpler frame of reference which is bonobos and chimpanzees, that’s a whole new mythology where if we had to scrap every spiritual text, every wisdom tradition, go observe behavior of chimps and bonobos, very close primate cousins, we happen to have more in common with bonobos than chimps, on dna level

however more exposure and contact and study was done with the chimps so they became the model to justify patriarchal violence and rape

I speak with boldness and confidence about my personal revelations about who and what is running the show of sexual patriarchal violence on earth, and who really owns this casino, who really owns this rape culture, it’s not the best attempt humans have made to figure out how to get along, and to share resources and to love each other and make love to each other, this is not the pinnacle of our consciousness around power and gender and sexuality,we’re living in the mass global entertainment driven patriarchal paradigm, it’s not progressive

you could say there’s more empowered roles for women in cinema, more queer roles, all that is a step in the right direction, towards our primal mode of loving, acceptance, equality, egalitarianism

Mixing Healing, Loving, and Martial Arts with Miriam Elyse TPP144


Miriam Elyse Pic

In this episode I’m joined by the deeply powerful and empowering Miriam Elyse for a conversation about the intersections of healing, loving, and martial arts. She shares her personal journey into her studies and practices of acupuncture, tantra, and Kalari an ancient Indian martial arts form. 

We discuss the need for training the body to be strong and defensible and our hope that modern spirituality movements will reclaim and embrace sacred warrior archetypes. 

About Miriam:
Miriam Elyse is a licensed Acupuncturist, certified Tantra Yoga practitioner and founder of Pleasure as Medicine. She has her Master’s degree in Science and Chinese Medicine, and has been practicing acupuncture for 11 years. Miriam began studying Tantra Yoga for her personal healing during Acupuncture school and she noticed how both traditions emphasize the healing effects of sexual energy. 

When she was a young woman she experienced sexual harassment that made her feel unsafe and ashamed of her body. Through intensive yoga training at the age of 18 she was able to experience power and sensuality own her body which reconnected her to her inner strength. She took on a meditation practice at a young age and began studying with healers from Native American and Tantric traditions, which now strongly influences her work.

Today Miriam has a private practice in southern California specializing in women’s sexual health, teaches monthly Tantra workshops and leads group retreats helping people reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies and remove barriers to love and pleasure.

You can find her at:
@pleasureasmedicine on instagram
Pleasure as Medicine group on Facebook.
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved swapna Township Punk podcast episode number 144 I’m being joined by Miriam Elise who is a Healer and lover and martial arts student and I’m very excited to have her on the show to talk about her personal journey and the weaving together and mixing of these art forms mainly in the area of calliope at 2 which is arguably the world’s oldest organized martial arts form out of Kerala India and there’s a beautiful tradition of goddess Temple worship and massage and just holistic health and body work and all kinds of deep spiritual wisdom connected with the the martial art form which am I actually after having been a martial artist student and scholar and of sorts of combative arts for most of my life I had not encountered Heart by name directly although its influence so many martial arts throughout the world I hadn’t really discovered it vary directly until just this last couple of years so I’m very interested to find other folks out there especially in the tundra world who are seeking these roots and really emerging the handle of the Divine with feather need to have a lower chakras dialed in and having some physical security and situational awareness and also just the beauty that comes with them martial arts training isn’t just always about violence it’s also about just self-discipline and really developing one’s self and being able to avoid Violence by mastering it so I would that said please enjoy a mistake Marion please tell us about how you became the beautiful educator and a practitioner of all things loving and healing and self thank you so much I started it at a very young age and it came from my wanting to kill myself when I was young middle school experience lot of sexual harassment and I went home every day to an emotionally abusive family situation and I learn meditation at the age of 13 help me find another way to another way besides this world that’s in front of my eyes every day at 6:15 in 5 minute grace and Power in my body and my Sensual Body for the first time as a developing 15 year old yoga with something that really help me connect myself and went on to get my certification to teach school at the age of 22 then just knew that I wanted to be a Healer I wanted to help people facilitate healing for themselves and sure was what I chose because it it combines the body the mind and the spirit and doesn’t leave any out which I loved about the system of acupuncture and you know I’ve always had a lot of Sexual Energy my whole life I’ve had a lot of Sexual Energy running through me and it was 25 or so and the only thing that was really different between another yoga class that I could tell is that they mention Sexual Energy using the classes I would just start glowing more and more people would come to me asking about sexual health libido their relationships and it just so happens that my practice to pay more more focused around helping people heal intimacy issues on sexual issues lack of being able to orgasm and so I jumped into studying Tantra. so you know my background feels like it was this organic progression where I I started off searching for something to make me feel better in my body and my daily experience that I was really struggling and I really didn’t feel names of kids make fun of me and you know developing the power in my body is feeling this is the world about me and then bringing my sexuality into that country yoga and and recognized and there’s there’s a place for me to Channel all of this Sexual Energy channeling it into my body through my breast it’s going in every direction when you can focus it and channel it if it sounds very intentional power which is really me to study Tantra yoga so have you have you been able to mix or find the sort of parallels between acupuncture and Tantra yoga and any other modalities that you’ve you’ve come across like I’m curious how those intersect ever it’s beautiful to see just people kind of making her developing their own Styles everyone’s finding their own path and merging different things to to find what works best and so if you can talk about that and maybe how you’re able to apply that in your services with Pleasures medicine yeah that’s a great question and for a long time that was my self in Creed at was the thing that I was racking my brain trying to understand the crossover and immediately it’s it was obvious to me because I’m Chinese medicine and Tundra both both of those kind of philosophies and systems of understanding the body and believe that your sexual energy is root of your life force energy comes from the kidneys is also a newborn and it has little bit some change throughout your life from you know poor poor sleep schedule too much you know for men accusation has all kinds of an experience while sitting Tantra yoga sexual cultivation practices building Sexual Energy and then holding it or moving it to different parts body and something else that I love about about acupuncture that was based in Dallas to philosophy we believe that you know generated by so for some reason the woman is seen as this kind of pleasure machine this Honeypot The Source the source of energy of creation is this feminine the seven enforce that births all of life and it’s believed in acupuncture where is a man is sexually pleasing a woman he is actually building his own energy sources by giving her pleasure mean goddess worship here giving a woman the one in ten even medical as acupuncture Honors that you know it’s on her something that seems to be more I don’t know what it’s all it’s all esoteric but it just I just love that it actually talks about sexual pleasure and Sexual Energy is being something that’s healthy which is how I got to my business name medicine Tina for a lot of us in the last missing link between a lease or a pressure release to being something that can actually heal us and heal the people that were with is so many of us have these negative beliefs and around sexuality or anything that sets pleasure Aces hedonistic and Hedonism in fat and he miss him is something that is going to make you selfish and make you want to take everything for yourself and not can I sync starting to reframe your your relationship to pleasure just like things that normally so the substance of things they determined take people away from God or can cause addiction and causes Extinction one of them being masturbation another one being sex and alcohol use them in small amounts in your Puja in your worship so the idea is that you know if I can be intimate with this substance and use it as way to get closer to what I truly want which is an India that’s Enlightenment closer to God part of my life and I just I love how there’s there’s medicine even in what some people think is a poison and so you know pleasure as medicine what what do you have in your life that gives you pleasure that you can use in the right way in order to heal you in order to get you what you want being close to God or just more self-love right so that you know this to be an interesting question for you I’ve joked about this with other friends to be kind of try to reverse-engineer those those five elements you’re talking about and really try to understand the the logic behind it or at least Wonder but the logic behind it cuz there’s you know there’s some different schools of thought but it seems like it could be boiled down essentially to Trent basically ritualized transgression of cultural conditioning that limits your your free experience of the senses and not feeling Bound by it or being neurotic about social rules that sometimes they’re serving the interests that that maybe aren’t your own and they. Just give me the kind of break free from that and I don’t know if you would agree you know word for word with that that approached her that thesis but friends of mine We’ve joked about how in the modern world so it was fishing to Modern Western world breaking those five addictive or those transgressive things are probably things like having a day without a cell phone or not checking your email your Facebook or or having open relationships or something where you’re being challenged to look at something that you really phobic about her that you really addicted to I’m wondering if you if you’ve ever kind of had that thought experiment about what if there is a way to extrapolate since you know some of those things the grain officiants not so much unless you’re you know straight vegan is not necessarily as much of a taboo right so as I give you kind of ever wondered about how you might extrapolate that to Maps out onto the modern lifestyle and then in the West I like that you know I like that idea, I think that’s definitely a spiritual practice on its own is yourself of things that normally take you away from presents I think something different about in order to get you to where you want to go instead of instead of them being forced to block you is that all of these things has power to that like no alcohol for example has has the power to numb you and release your inhibitions right but when he says that the alcohol you infuse it with Mantra See you first Infuse the Montreal you let the the molecules of this this liquid Viagra West with the ceiling mancha and then the alcoholics else increases your circulation and opens you up open opens your body opens your mind opens your eyes with this Mantra movie ideas that you’re using a lot of power and meech meet you know eating meat is your eating another animal you’re eating like a living animal and you get more like potentially more energy from eating a bite of meat and you do from eating a vegetable I guess that’s controversial and open to discussion also between. Quarries in India want to be reborn as one one of the ones that get to smoke all day and masturbate and just eat without any of the strictures of yeah it’s like that that’s the kind of renunciation that drives with my punk rock I like I’m actually faster to buy them because it is said it said that they each and copulate with the dead bodies and disgusting oh my God what I understand is when they’re doing a say they’re even sitting on top of the dead body they’re eating it or having sex with it or whatever and they’re chanting a mantra at the same time so I can be with God here then I’m free if I can beat you with God if I can still feel God’s presence the Divine in my body when I’m doing the most horrible disgusting thing then nothing has the power to take me away from my God awareness well that’s well she definitely need to have some consent forms for that to happen in the modern world it somehow makes it beautiful for me oh yeah I can understand the poetry and honestly I think we’ll have all the things that we donate our organs in our bodies to in the name of science you know how can we how could we judge Wright how can the West judge with all of the you know that practices that we vivisection and you know all the stuff so it’s definitely always a mind-expanding experience to have these conversations in wow so I coming back into your journey and your practice I would love to hear about your how calorie has entered your life how you discovered that and integrated it and just so I understand you you took a trip and you’ve done some study directly in India with actual Masters and so it’s very heavy of a very unique perspective that I want to hear bow India trip was two years ago and it was when I was really really introduced to kalaria is living at a place and they had three classes every day one at Sunrise mosquitoes so you know I experienced getting up going across the highway to get some chili running backs to Calera practice before I was even awake and Drew Ali watching the Masters craft a beautiful balance between call masking fluid graceful tree I really just had this this deep understanding washing a class one day that I wasn’t how it seems like it seems like a lot of the movements are designed to move cooling energy throughout your body movements when your spine is moving all around here normally would make me feel very high and disembodied and bringing it straight down in jumping on the ground on the earth and I just fell in love with it as a way to move move energy for your body my my understanding of of Martial Arts kalari yoga any physical practice that requires you to sweat in your body and steal your pain and feel what happens in your muscles when they’re shaking and you have to push forward anyways is the warrior mindset something really sitting there and she has that balance between being a war art and Art of War and an art of healing and it’s interesting cuz those two things right Warren healing seem to be such a dichotomy but in reality I think of what I’ve been through to get through your deepest pain that you experience the greatest feeling I’ve struggled the most should I’ve had to be in my own life after I killed myself so somehow warn healing do go together right and this this practice of kalari weather Atlantic I know there’s other martial arts that have this beautiful dance to them that like half of metaphor example is both a dance and an art of fighting and it feels like being able to keep your focus being able to keep your mind still while your body is doing these really extreme movements is part of just training yourself to be a warrior in daily life and it’s incredibly important to have that grounding and that’s pierced focus and determination especially if you’re doing sexual practices you know practices that strong really strong energy if you don’t know how to hold that the container energy in your body and your nervous system it’s likely that you’re going to experience negative side effects of negative effects of what can happen to one’s ego if they do suck their sexual energy without really you know clear self-awareness yeah I totally agree in and I would say that this is a pretty much lifelong martial artist that I consider just the doing the combative movements in dance formats really keeps you rejuvenated and keeps you flexible keeps you strong and agile and graceful and I’m careful of like you said aware of yourself and it has just flowed very naturally for me and so it’s just been delightful and exhilarating to know that really the the roots of pretty much all of the Eastern martial arts can be attributed to these roots of kalari and so you know the goddess Worship in the temple is in the secret Temple design and knowing that some people were using you know they were worshipping the goddess and celebrating Divine femininity and Earthly and divine forms and when people came to threaten their way of life they had the means to defend and fight off and and not always successfully because you know it’s a stairs ruined temples many temples and ruin still today but and the suppression of the the more matriarchal aspects of it but it hasn’t been totally concur until he destroyed so I’m just thrilled to know that that we’re hopefully there will be as much I mean my my prayer is that there will be as much adoption and embracing of the these defensive strategies and if the health value in the combative value of them as we have absorbed in the west all of the yoga and now well not all of it but we’re Seekers are discovering a vast array of scriptural knowledge and yogurt practices that have just only really recently begun to accelerate in the sexual Dimensions with with the more left-hand passage path yoga or Tantra yoga and read Township so this seems like it’s the next wave of integration from you know we’ve already got all these karate Studios already got all this Kung Fu and we don’t have the sacred sexuality practices but we’re we love yoga and we love meditation and we love dancing so hopefully yeah this can be a new a new sort of path forward so do you have a you have thoughts about just Visions for how your involvement with Clary may I understand you’re just bring students through Retreats two different teachers in your kind of facilitating more engagement right with this system yeah yeah and just as you’re talking to eena to come in and what you’re saying something about say kalari you mentioning that Clary is a strength for protection rights protects a Continuum from one extreme to the scale be needed protecting something you love any other extreme would be something that you hate feel like a lot of the way inside a better perspective about anger beautiful it is to use that anger the power in the healing potential and using something you love him against fighting cuz it’s saying I’m against fighting that’s about the heart and Clary has the potential to change the way that are our Warriors are martial artists in our culture coming up I have this Retreat and Kawaii why I’m collaborating with two other incredible amazing yoga teacher and then one more Central aspect of it so necessary strength along with surrender the two opposite Parts together and so having a more sensual sex positive practices about worshiping Beauty worshipping the sacred feminine flower rituals are actually vegetables and then having those strong practices we are confronting your own in the physical body you know and it seems like such a whole way to heal a sexual body actually a year from now next year I’m planning on taking a group on a pilgrimage that unchecked pilgrimage in India studying with Larry Master every day and is the benefit of having a strong physical practice with some sensual opening expensive practices beautiful yeah thank you so this is the dimension of really healing and bridging and reconnecting the this Continuum of calling sacred violence when a when a mud mama bear has to defend her Cubs that’s righteous Rage that’s where we have the capacity to Anchor access and direct our nervous systems for defending others in defending ourselves like you said out of love and protection and I feel like it’s a real it’s been a real kind of cognitive dissonance I guess or just a disconnect for people in the The New Age kind of Dino gets a lot of biggest stereotyped a lot but but really there’s there certain aspects of the so-called New Age movement that have lost that groundedness and sort of them I mean there’s like if I could get personal for a second I’ll say now I’m as it as a survivor of sexual abuse and his one who has had almost all of the women and all of the partners in my life be survivors of rape and abuse I don’t share some of the the more kind of Airy fairy ideas a tow if you just vibrates that you were Invincible as you walk down the street with no situational awareness and no tactical training and no skills or even pepper spray or any awareness of your surroundings and you’ll just be immune to attack in and I don’t want to be paranoid or so you don’t have so much PTSD that that I can’t that I start to have no delusions of threats that aren’t there but the statistics and the just the you know the people who do the the work of addressing chronic issues of violence against women sexual assault they I don’t think that they consider themselves to be super and lighting their spiritual but I respect their Spiritual Development when it comes to this stuff more than I would say people who could just kind of Vape they pray but they don’t move their feet you know they say tie up your horse before you kneel down and pray you know so it’s kind of like having that physical realm dialed in and I’m just curious if you have encountered that a backlash or sort of shining of the solstices you can’t talk about fighting in war and we’re supposed to be beyond that right we’re supposed to be just floating in the clouds in the sky it does actually and it really does resume I mean you know my first like I was saying my first practice my first spiritual meditation session age to learn how to just live in this world of light that I created my own head right but it was also I was also escaping it was like I was seeing and my mother I mean bless her to my mom’s amazing she she’s going to take me to yoga and I have a very close relationship with her and she ain’t no more comes from the school of thought that you may think positive and positive things will happen and is less comfortable with less she doesn’t she looks quiles as comfortable with really getting down into the shadow work in the nitty-gritty band that might be hurt her path that’s different from mine but what I’ve found for my own life is I spent so long you know trying to run from what I didn’t feel good sugar coat it spiritually bypass it by just thinking that I could change my reality with my mind but there was a couple korfez there’s there’s a couple trama beliefs pains you know of course are RNs from you know early childhood most people have something is like an anchor in their Spiritual Development keeping them from getting until I touched my rage you know it wasn’t until I touched my pain met face-to-face you know I had a vision one time of screaming at the top of my lungs as a lion is staring me in the eyes roaring at me meeting you face to face and I’m not going to I’m not going to pretend you’re not there I’m not going to let you know just try to dance around you I’m just going to meet you with all that I am show up for that with all my power and there’s so much power that’s locked in the body at slots in your ability to really stand strong and protect yourself you know and if you’re kind of lost in the mind and daydreaming around situations trying to keep yourself safe by thinking positive I do believe in some situations in a lot of situations that’s helpful on the street thinking oh my God I’m going to get so they’re going to look at me they’re going to take advantage of me or they’re going to want to start a fight I’ll be driving that to you I definitely believe that that’s true but what’s more powerful I believe is is walking in a walking with the speaking sauce but carrying a big stick like you have the tools with the necessary in case anything’s going to happen because you want to cause fighting not because you want to bring conflict to you but that actually adds to your confidence of saying okay you know what I am I hope I never have to use this but I have this in my tool-kit and I’m protecting something I love you know and there’s a lot of spiritual bypassing that’s going on in in our community and I recently a few months ago maybe a year ago I Rossini recognized is that I have been spiritual bypassing and wasn’t even aware of it to not feel my pain I was really uncomfortable with actually experiencing anger and so all of my where would show up as disconnecting I would just disconnect I would go silent I would shut down my relationships can only go so far and Smit of human civilization must be controlled fire all of a sudden we can control so much and that’s what works with anger is a beautiful thing about these martial arts and it’s killing us power and learning to control it in a way that actually is healing beautiful I was so amazing so have you Clary is I guess in my I have not formally studied her I’m just kind of academically and athletically studying it and I actually what I what I have what has it come to me sort of as a I guess you know how certain teachers will come to your life and come into your life through certain kind of indicating that there’s there’s more maybe some form of cosmic guidance it’s happening that it wasn’t just you going out and seeking something and thinking that you like having in your your your Serta small egoic mind having a good idea or vision and not knowing how blessed it is or how to find it is but just going for it but then something that comes from a very serendipitous kind of entry point your life gives you more pause and reason to think hey this is may be a sign or maybe you’re saying with that kind of having that kind of experience will this is an interesting something to to just put out there to think about time is it what what a form of martial arts that came to me a combative form very tactical very strategic and very efficient and streamlined as far as the movements and not not so much about the the Beauty and the dancing but more just about like extremely direct and extremely Just Close Quarter is what it’s called pekiti tirsia Kali and it’s a meditation of the the more Artful more sort of Dancy performance art kind of tradition in the Philippines of stick fighting and knife fighting and they have a specific kind of short sword that’s used but the the pekiti tirsia Kali Wing or branch of it was kind of honed for very extreme close quarter combat in a big chain with the V on military uses it and it’s actually one of the few militaries in the world that still uses a legacy traditional martial art with knives as well and sword so it’s just it’s at it was a fascinating martial art when I enter my life through through my instructor and he was bringing up in class talking about the Naga and the snake and we were using the sort of Yoni triangle is the pattern for the footwork and it just I knew he was also studying Tantra and so I wasn’t sure he was kind of blending and kind of mixing with his own sword Earth on what work for him as far as medicine metaphors you know but actually when I started looking into it more it turns out that there’s a hole. Of time where there was peaceful trading going on between India and the islands of the Philippines and so they were basically delegates of what probably was a some car a permutation and then to resist cultural exchange so they’ve got the snake iconography built into it there are the yantra type figures built into it and it’s just an interesting Rabbit Hole to to to look at how the fighting Arts from India and some of the Sanskrit language is well some of the mantras and whatnot are actually embedded and now the Filipino Marines are essentially whether they’re paying exact tribute to at their they’re walking breathing embodiments of the fierce Goddess from India and it’s amazing and so you know when I am in its it should be no surprise that the Filipinos and using their combative Arts they’ve with the indigenous tactics that were embedded previously and with the merging of these principles they fought off almost more successfully than almost any other indigenous population the world their history of success against the Spanish the Japanese and the Americans it’s pretty there like The Undefeated Champs of the world I feel like that and then I discovered that there is an Indian military officer who went to the Philippines to train with their top pekiti tirsia Kali Master the military I believe you would say he’s a high ranking military officer who is like the the Grand Master of that system of Pookie Trisha and so there was a guy like a members name of key went from India the Indian military to go train with the bikini Trisha military in the Philippines and now he does women self defense in India for women in girls who are just them obviously in India at some of the most highly most grotesque victims of sexual and and political social and marital violence and whatnot so yeah I just wanted to kind of see that out there in the conscious too or just sort of feedback loop and I’m just I’m really excited and curious to find again anybody out there whose Creuset mixing these arts and I’m studying these is lineages and whatnot so kind of with that said my question for you is do you feel that it’s your calling or maybe something that you could kind of advise or facilitating some way just a sort of merging of the the whatever color you or any other self defense strategies and actually integrating really practical self-defense seminars and training so that really you know young women can be essentially raping reproofing their lifestyle with you know what some of the more creative and some of the more the more Artful aspects of Glory but also some of the more street fighting tactical self-defense Maneuvers that you know you can’t really always carry around a sword and shield and do acrobatics it’s a different time you know different laws in different you know enemy so just curious if you if you think about that help you can start really giving people the tools to do to the Practical self-defense to see no friends my life who have been actual we Thai kickboxing instructors woman whose off it’s so important to learn those things especially you know for young woman in that it may be putting in the dangerous area something that that I am capable of helping people that have been teaching people women and men as you begin to move differently when you begin to have a new relationship with your body and strengthen your core strength in your stomach open your chest you stand differently every day from more of a stable Centerpoint and the way that that affects your mind the way that having that strong stable Center at strong core begins to affect your mind waiting think about yourself and also the way that people perceive you when you walk up to them that alone is a self defense tactic it’s also a demanding Respect by the way that you move by the way you hold yourself example you know there were studies done of people interviewing for this high-powered job and the people interviewing for the position and they had no five of them stand in the bathroom before hands in Warrior one with your arms up in the air your chest lifted your legs spread out wide and big smile on your face next Sammy like this for five minutes in the bathroom right and they had the control group and then the group I don’t know what I’m trying to say is the people who had done that practice of standing with their arms we are with their chest open with their legs spread while we’re all to be more confident more likeable and more fit for the job yeah just sending that way for 5 minutes and so that that makes you wonder really like the way that were sitting the way that we’re holding our power really does affect a lot more than were conscious power is not understand what they’re with their blockages are there mental blockages let me bring this into the body where does that live in your body and then doing breast and exercises and you know different yoga distance taxi change the physiology that story that belief that Spirits have locked in your physiology scientific physiological ways to heal and wasted to defend yourselves how to kickbox somebody in the head after 6 I’m sure also studies that would that would support the idea that the more self-respect that you have through self-defense training of whatever kind whether it’s more of a performance art or a sportive or Tactical but the reality is if you have a weariness of your intuition and you’re listening to your body in your avoiding really I am and I think that this is this is definitely not me saying that sort of typical really demeaning adage about how we know what was you were asking for it based on what you were wearing or you were kind of that whole that whole really sort of sad and demoralizing really misogynist view is it’s it’s not that I’m certainly not wanting to step into that territory it all but you know Point like to make adjust it as a scrubber myself as someone who has fought off Violet actress I’ve been in I’ve survived Mortal Kombat on numerous occasions just being on the street and you know I can say that the if you don’t love yourself if you don’t have a strong core like you’re saying a really you know really built up strong sense of self and purpose and your role in the world value for yourself then it’s easy to be seduced into the traps that Predator set you know and there’s always like a there’s always an intuition that can be heard before an incident happens in and it’s often reported that if you you had some nine sense that something bad was going to happen but if you desire attention or desire love that you’re not getting or just let your guard down and there are so many sharks out there in all situations whether it’s business or sex or just bars any words yeah it’s important to build that build up that strengthen in your eye feel like to avoid like what you’re saying that the conditioning a psychological spiritual and physical conditioning can make you avoid really bad situations that leave you exposed and so that’s you may never have to I mean like even Bruce Lee after he after he became a world famous martial arts instructor he was only ever reported to have been in one incident of physical combat where he was walking down the street with some of his friends in and some somebody Camp to him and he used his classic blade kick to the to the me to to make the longest weapon hit the nearest Target he sorted the mugging and the guy probably lamps off if you were going to do but just this the more you train the less you’re going to fight cuz you’re going to avoid stupid situations and stupid people and not do so many stupid things and then you know you have so much more respect for yourself and martial art training must have seen this type of training seems like it’s it’s more for us than it is against anyone you know it’s more for you than your attacker yeah you’re the most people yeah we aren’t we can be our own worst enemies and we conquering our own inner demons with the rigor of the will of them self development you know it really was photos well on yeah I’m so glad again thank you again so much for for being hoping to have this conversation it’s it feels like it feels like this is going to really help add value to what is what has been you know that that very kind of a wet noodle spirituality I love it yeah has so yeah I want to respect your time and just see if you have any additional thought certainly tell us about how folks can get connected with you and you know any offerings that you have people should know about any final words that you like to share that be great I really appreciate this opportunity just to talk and you know open up open up our minds together and then you know share share passions like this is really good experience and she know for those you this evening if you want more information on me or who I admire you know working with me my website is Miriam at least Stockholm but Sam i r i a n e l y s e. Calm and I have like my personal story and then I also some running this Retreat and Kawaii like I was mentioning let’s go to the first week of August and really really excited that the three of us coming together we we’re just all really deeply passionate about what were what were creating and what we’re offering and it’s going to be unlike any other any other retreat so really excited about that and that’s a tantra yoga immersion. Com check out our website and then upcoming it has really been announced yet but I’m probably too excited to not announced it so India next year 2019 in March going to be cold facilitating a two-week a ton truck journey through India with the Clarion structures and really deepening into emerging and actually are more sexual Tantra practices with the more traditional left hand pass at India Indian touch with everything I have going on right now thank you so much for doing all that and hopefully yeah when whenever you have time certainly after these smiles Johnson please I hope it will be in touch and you can continue to share your journey with us I really appreciate it and this is so needed and yeah so do you have any last words of wisdom you want to share before we wrap up thank you again for having me all right man will thank you again and we will definitely be in touch soon so have a great wonderful rest of your evening the township Time Podcast please go to www.crunch.com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples up here by Tycho logical employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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