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Lucia Gabriela.

Walking the Path of Fire with Tantrika and Intimacy Coach Lucia Gabriela TPP285


In this episode I’m joined by Lucia Gabriela for a deep exploration of her personal tantric transformation and healing by walking a path of fire

About Lucia:

Lucia Gabriela helps individuals and couples to master their life, relationships and intimacy with themselves and others.

Her passion is to create a safe and sacred space for women and men to deeply explore many aspects of themselves, purge emotional and/or sexual traumas that are holding them back from manifesting what they desire, heal their inner child, embrace their shadows, connect with their higher self, reconnect with their own body’s wisdom, align with their true essence, live their higher potential, and master their sexual life in all realms. They can then create their life with awareness, maturity, self responsibility, radical self-love, and full commitment to explore their sexual and spiritual evolution.

Lucia Gabriela specializes and works with individuals whose journey is to free themselves from emotional and sexual traumas, and helps them to reclaim their creative power, body, voice, sensuality and sexuality plus to welcome pleasure into their lives, creations and relationships.

Media Links

Site: http://luciagabriela.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/luciagabrielacoach

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LuciaGabrielaCoach

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nunaholisticretreatcenter

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luciagabrielacoach

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LuciaGabrielaHC

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/luciagabrielahc

My Non Verbatim Show Notes:


relationship and intimacy coach

help individuals struggling in relationship

go through different toxic relationships, marry multiple times, don’t know why they keep attracting same toxicity in life, help to break free from toxic patterns, behaviors, mindsets, energies

create relationship truly desire

deep level of intimacy, not carrying baggage in relationship

tantra facilitator

explore energy, consciousness, awareness, true self, deeper level

destroying what’s not serving us

path of fire, journey of fire

tantric principles, beautiful journey

reclaim power, voice, who they are here right now,

embrace, learn to love self at deeper level

work I do, I will say really excited, integrative somatic therapist

working with the mind, mindset, body, emotions, energy heart soul

multi dimensional part of self

release traumas, stories that are stuck in our body

blocking our energies

creative self, kundalini system, sometimes block root chakra, sacral, naval, power is,

power also in heart, power to be in body of humanity, grounded rooted, moving forward, safe secure, so many blockages we have in those areas

somatic work, releasing energy blocking you

releasing emotions blocking you

so passionate about work I do, why I help individuals and couples

younger age myself, able to explore different realms of shamanism, energy, grew up in ecuador, home country

exposed to different aspects of life, of healing

same time, integrative holistic homeopathic home, that was my medicine, doctors holistic

fascinating, developed cancer at age of 15, family in shock, how did this happen

I knew reason, as a child, age of 5, didn’t fit in on this planet, called myself alien, not from this planet, couldn’t understand why people were so violent, abuse

family was holistic, spiritual, catholic, good food, natural food,

aspect of irony, very emotionally abusive environment

everything looking good, even sexuality, very open, about sexuality, nudity, about men walking naked in house

very interesting, great elements placed in my life, emotional part, missing out

became suicidal for 10 years, used to pray for the bad for me, pray for I don’t want to live, I want god to take me away

look at stars, when are you guys coming to pick me up, I can’t be on this planet any longer, in this body

feeling pain and suffering from other people

cancer, knew it was because I was asking that for myself

when it happened, discovered through appendix, pain in appendix in middle of night

heard voice, you asked to die, this is a taste of it, in shock

I asked this my whole life, now facing death, unknown pain, healthy girl, sports, competitive sports, eating healthy, doctor says I’m good

so good, camo emotional pain

facing death

this cannot be, I have my mom, my sister to take care of, at that age, I became the protector of my mom and sister from dad abuse

tough girl, stand up to dad, put him in place

shocking to be like, what’s gonna happen to my family if I leave this planet

wake up call, where is this going

I have to live, I have a purpose to live now

through that journey, went into deeper levels of spiritualism

shamanic realm,

candles, energy, homeopathic, still wasn’t integrated, still wasn’t there for me at my core

journey for 2 years, exploring and learning gnosis

science of knowledge, through journey, explore tantra, kama sutra, buddhism, hinduism, languages, golden languages, meditation, breath work, kundalini

beautiful healing process

didn’t go through kemo, radiation, any protocols, blessed at age of 15, recommended surgery, wanted to remove organs, live rest of life with feeding tube, probably wouldn’t be a live,

no I’m not doing that

path of holistic medicine

gonna heal it

I know why I did it, I know what’s going on, I’m gonna heal it

doctor looked at me like somebody possessed me

knew at that moment, my emotions that need to change, change perspective of life

must come to agreement with my body, be in harmony with myself

live in integrity with feeling

be able to be myself and love myself

love nature

love why I’m here

have a purpose in life

purpose to be on this planet

not waiting for alien friend to come pick me up

I’m hear on earth for a purpose, here to create something amazing, I’m gonna get there

that was the first awakening, catalyst during my life

we can study everything

all these books, watch all these videos, all these podcasts, and everything, information is great, but is not all of it

always excited to share with people, its important for us to take what we’re learning

look for message

integrate in life


takes time for us to really truly integrate what we have learned, experienced, discovered about ourselves

owners of our life

own knowledge we’ve been exposed to

what happened is that I moved to the us

knowledge of relationships


met ex-husband

another wake up call

discovered self to go into insecure self, being loved

wanted to be chose, seen, got infatuated

seeing this person as my prince on white horse, rescue me of something

new in country didn’t speak english that well, husband was prince

used my own knowledge about energy

magic rituals, law of attraction, candles, crystals, influence energy, do moon rituals to make this person want me and chose me and love me, send gifts, messages

ended up with this person, had child, being married

7 years together, one of most toxic relationships of my life,

younger said I would never marry someone like my father

learning about boundaries, awareness, psyche, attracted so one who was very nice on the surface, deeper level anger issues, shadows

we all have shadows

integrate shadows to be able to heal

very toxic abusive relationship, after separation, process of divorce, domestic violence, custody

I was so infatuated, own power of influence, rituals, white magic, bring somebody in my life, happened to be I was actually doing dark magic against myself

karma got back to me really bad

not just toxicity we create being our selves, toxicity we allow other people to vomit on us when they have own issues own struggles

been working past 35 years of my life, turn 40 this year, awareness of emotions energy,

how we relating, what we’re creating, taking full responsibility for everything

embracing victim

get out of victimhood, step into empowered self

to be integrity, responsible, accountable

now in beautiful relationship, partnership

very blessed to have partner that is aware and conscious

past 5 years, explore things about myself, shadows, holding space

a person who has learned with me, together, hold space for our struggles

our shadows, darkness, weakness, strength

be there for each other, hold each other accountable, if we fuck it up

coming from place of love, seeing other person as amazing incredible being that they are

everything I create is based on what I have gone through in my own life

do share and teach and coach from what I have learned in my own life, 90% of my work, the remain from amazing mentors in my life

that’s my story

I am in this beautiful space, even though covid-19, beautiful space, grateful I have the tools to hold space for my emotions and feelings and allow myself to get upset, frustrated, tools for going from one energetic field to the next one, not suppress anything in my body

one of biggest issues, society, suppress everything, numb ourselves, alcohol, drugs

may not be prepared to face what must be faced

that is who I am,

here to answer any questions that you may have, conversation can be juicy

TP: archetypal, what humanity’s been going through

where do you feel the word patriarchy, critique of toxic masculine, be interested to hear about,

sophisticated analysis of the paradox of all these blessings, cursings, slight imbalance can take hold, skew path

antedote is in poison, wounded healer, personal insight, move people with your story, help them move beyond

meta narrative, story of how this world became as toxic as it is, environment, businesses, government, businesses collude, macro force, part of your story?

Tantric story of goddess, shiva shakti, demons in tantra, goddesses have to fight them with their powers, very symbolic of this imbalance of those energies

thoughts, how did we get here to this point of hell on earth

LG: I would say, we are actually living, hell is the most amazing place to purge what is not actually us, hell as the place where we can really learn so much about our self, blessing in there, really learn to know, what are we really made of, what are not made of

when it comes to working with masculine, feminine, patriarchy, matriarchy,

earth level, aspect of separation and division, polarized so many things, separation, division, see somebody that does not look like us, a lot of conditioning, programming happening, masculine, feminine, woman man, patriarchy, matriarchy, put ourselves in boxes, can’t really see the greater picture

I address aspect, not much of masculine feminine, see it from a more cosmic universal perspective, permission to feel energy, feel space, feels and vibration as they are without giving them any definition, naming, title

I have run close to 300 live events, at the beginning of running tantric events, working with masculine/feminine, many books, backgrounds tell us masculine is this way, feminine is this way

females crazy, chaotic, masculine more grounded

when we go from that perspective, we’re really conditioning everyone to act in a certain way, put people in boxes, even spirit in box, spirit can not be contained in a box

experiment, guide amazing people at events, festival, clearing statements, destroying all beliefs, everything we have learned, read, knowledge about masculine feminine, female male,

clear the energetic field in our space, to feel without description

very fascinating, okay invite you tap into your masculine, switch to feminine

honoring both aspects of self

feedback from people

when they got into the essence of space of just feeling the energy of masculine, totally opposite of what the book said, had this energy, that would be recognized as feminine, many times concept of feminine, feeling this energy supposed to be energies of masculine

the more we did this, did with myself, feeling in own body, recognizing masculine/feminine within myself

energies would flow, same and equal

on thing I got one of my meditation practices, degree of difference, related to the mind,

mind was the one that created the degree of difference, put in boxes

fascinating to explore that for years

honor concept of masculine and feminine, great beginning to start, but it’s not all this, so much more than that

invite individuals to come to source

come out of that separation of divinity as god/goddess, come higher than that

helping individuals to start recognizing energies

recognize energies

one of greatest things I experienced in life

less judgement, less tension, less disagreement, more acceptance, more compassion

talking about energy

not saying you’re the man, you’re supposed to this, do that

because I’m not seeing my partner of a title, box, see my partner as a free being

master of his energetic field

partner be able to hold space, container, instead of saying be more of man, more of masculine, I would say I need support, hold a container

I hold huge containers, working with trauma, must hold strong container

talk about aspect of energy, alignment with energies vs. what they’re supposed to do because of title

broader way of relating to somebody, do still address the aspect of conditioning about man and woman

thousands of years, patriarchy

we see dynamic, pretty much all about conflict of power,

programmed for thousands of years

getting out of programming

difference in gender, controlled in specific way, coming to this era of recognizing who we are more as a being, than gender

being itself

cosmic universal energies

no gender feelings. No polarization

energetic realms, really important for us to understand, yes we run into all these energies, universal energies, up to us which muscle we build

understand the psychological consequences of programming, who’s in power, who’s in control, who’s gonna dominate what

I would say more domineering, times

who feels that is lacking power, decides to control a population of society, vs their own struggles

I’m struggling and I don’t know my own power, I’m gonna be so domineering and toxic, control the one that’s weaker

the one that are strong I’m gonna make them weaker

fulfill own need of feeling important, significant, because I’m so disconnected from myself

what we’re seeing in society, a blessing in disguise

opportunity to see how much are we really disconnected from ourselves

TP: transcend gender binary, makes people defensive, partnership societies, now dominator societies, thousands of years, before there was more of a balance

first peoples, paleolithic peoples, hunter gatherers, different ways to look out how societies have evolved

when I discovered tantra, it worked for me compared to spiritual paths about austerity

tantra about passion, pleasure, full body experience

anthropology, return to balance of power

notion, idea that the simplist way I could explain tantra, dualistic dancing energies, can also be warring energies, within ourselves, inner marriage, inner alchemy, shiva, shakti, practice of tantra, kundalini rising, create triangle

two poles, meet at the apex of top of center of triangle, transcending the gender binary, merging into oneness with the god head/goddess

diagonal path, meet in the middle, be united, empowering narrative for transcending gender binaries, and so called war of the sexes

love that you’ve said the path of fire, first time of heard, beautiful way to do that inner work

do that shadow work

from your perspective what kind of paths of tantra have you explored, do you feel the promise is we can transcend duality

LG: fire is one of my favorite elements, my partner sometimes argue with me, really want to , there’s other path for alchemy

tantra, alchemical path, radical transformation of individual self, explore amazing awakening of sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, comes because we have to earn it, aspect of alchemy, we must earn it, element of fire

when you can look at the elements, water, destroy, wind destroy, hurricane, tornado, leave debris, chaos behind, earthquake using earth, leave chaos behind, fire, ashes left behind,

if you decide to destroy something that is not serving, the fire will destroy it

even biblical times, bible, the humans ourselves, created from ashes, go back to ashes, created from the dust, go back to dust, created from powder, go back to it

beautiful cycle, transform, must destroy, purity fire can offer to us

path of tantra, path of fire and alchemy and transformation, evolution, what we must destroy is everything we know, think we are, everything we are

allow ourselves to be reborn, into another aspect of ourself

TP: so honest, a lot of people in new age, want to sell some path, its usually they’re not forth right about the challenge of it, conflict, struggle, unpleasantness,

with tantra I appreciate the authenticity of it

marketing for people to want to clean up what they’ve been shoving under carpet to have incentive

combust toxic material, have greater love, warmth, the idea of composting, from gardening, turning your mind weeds into fertile soil for what you want to have their

emotions, thought forms

people running each other ragged in toxic relationships, that’s a lot of energy, could be used for magic, creativity, design, optimizing that

not all bliss bunnies

my friend said it best once, yeah people just want the “yums”

you won’t appreciate them unless you have the yucks too

LG: invite people to recognize, path of tantra, path of destruction, must embrace a destroyer, kali, a destroyer, for us to be able to plant a seed we must nurture the soil, but we have to destroy what was behind that, if you have weed on that soil, other things that doesn’t work, rock, you have to prepare it, that’s called destruction, destroy what was there to be able to prepare for what is coming,

we have to embrace the dark part of ourselves as destroyers, the shadow part of ourselves, really come to aspect of integration, tantra, shiva shakti, aspect of fusion, coming to oneness, cosmic universal unity that is so authentic, so connected with everything

beyond the matrix, beyond the cosmic, feel the heart beat of another planet, of orion, of another cosmos

connected to that realm, integration, fusion

same aspect must happen with dark and light

learning to love ourselves and our darkness, our shadow, learning to appreciate power of shadow, power of light

not about being a pleasure seeker, tantra about being an alchemical seeker

being of integrative evolution

not just about g-spot, orgasm, teach sex magic, yeah we can do that

but I have an awareness, I can teach you have to have great sex, kama sutra, how to touch the body, how to, techniques

TP: great introduction, riveted, a lot more to explore in future episodes,anything you want to share,

LG: luciagabriela.com, webinars, love after toxic relationship, online classes around how to create boundaries, manage and go from triggered to bliss, how to go from that experience to feeling more blissful, creating sensual alchemist training program

learning to embody sensuality, different aspect of archetype, also with shadows, powerful deep journey, decide to go deeper, go to core of what holding you back, stopping you from being who you are, intake form fill out, discovery call, complementary, see how I can help you, invitation is there

TP: blessed way to start my day, glad we’ve been about to connect, moving forward through time of crisis, take this time to start to do that work, reach out to folks doing this great work


How the Plantrika Dr. Yalila Espinoza is Healing the Soul of Crypto TPP192


Yalila PicIn this episode I’m joined again by Dr. Yalila Espinoza for an exploration of her medicine journeys into the heart of the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement.

I first hired Yalila to advise on an experimental healing ceremony design back in 2013 after discovering her great works online. Now over 5 years later, we’ve remained colleagues and friends in the shamanic space, and have done two previous podcast episodes, it turns out we’ve also been deeply immersed in crypto-psychedelia.

It was an exquisite gift to be able to have her on the show this time to talk about this aspect of our life journeys that we hadn’t yet connected on, and see the many emergent properties of mutual understanding and shared analysis.

She’s been doing some amazing work to bring sacred wisdom teachings, ceremony, ritual, and other shamanic modalities into the the heart and soul of the crypto movement. Knowing she has stepped up in this way feels like a new multi-dimensional super heroine has arisen to build bridges from the amazon jungle to silicon valley, wall street, and beyond.

Please visit her website at:

About Yalila:
With this unique moment of cultural evolution, Espinoza finds herself at the center of an ecosystem where powerful business and technology influencers are asking for healing and wholeness.  While working in hospitals within a medical model and then conducting her PhD research on wellness and healing, she noticed the gap in the delivery of health services and the chasm between her own esoteric spiritual offerings and the specific needs of thought leaders. Espinoza found that her clients, while pioneering new businesses and technologies tended to suffer from burnout, depression, and disease. She realized transforming the human and machine networks of the world, like the Internet, must begin with physical, emotional, and mental transformation of the self. So in 2017, Espinoza founded InnerNet, an integrated wellness advisory offering online programs, one-on-one coaching, and retreats designed to optimize leaders’ potential to realize their missions with creativity, clarity, and compassion. 

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 192 I am being blessed today with Doctor you Lila Espinoza founder of internet and a wellness consultant and she’s been on the show a couple of times before please go to my website and look up you’ll be the Espinoza you will find some very deep it’s a very deep Rabbit Hole added to the things we’ve gotten into in the past with Shamanism and healing work and now we’re going to be talking about healing and Shamanism through technology and through blockchain and all really new and exciting developments that to have have cut the world taking the World by storm and we are Kindred Spirits in our approach to I would say the the promise of of a decentralized more mycelial type of networking architecture for governance and for autonomy in for communities in in having that deep lens of shamanic practitioner work and in Journey work we can I would say really resonating really commiserate on the need for a a bottom-up approach to solving the world’s problems in in and starting with the financial problems in the capital distribution problems startup funding problem venture capital for women Founders for people who are doing philanthropic work there’s a huge need for this and also there’s a lot of people who are outspoken psychedelic Warriors within the crypto space I know that the anarchapulco conference has a a sort of there their opportunities for for for ceremonial work that that I’ve heard about and there’s also a crypt of psychedelic conference that’s happened at least once already if I don’t know if it will win next one is being planned but I had to have some some conversations with folks around that already so I’m looking forward to catching up with you you Lila and please tell us all about what you been up to and I love to just hear that they love story of you you’re you’re recording of the blockchain tech I love hearing about how people you know get seduced and then become Believers yes thank you so much for having me and saw the listeners I look forward to connecting and whatever way is in the cosmic alignment so it’s interesting because I’ve reflected in the past week about my journey with in Shamanism psychedelics and now technology because I’m giving a talk actually later today in San Francisco and I I looked at how you know focusing on the Life Energy centers of our body and how I started off an academic world in the medical model working in hospitals really focused on health and wellness and what does that mean for humans in in this part of our Evolution and became dissatisfied and then went into you could say that the third Energy Center of power and when it is Shamanism and in terms of you know how energy is used in in healing and really the base of a believe in Shamanism is around at the power to tap into these energies to know them to work with them and be in service to our community and so the power of the light in the dark and shamans choosing which way they want to search time is it really the the key difference so I went into a long journey in Shamanism personally 3 Anjali and going down into the previant jungle and having my first three months at Journey with Ayahuasca and tobacco and it’ll in isolation very intense journey and that really well 13 years ago was the start of my connection with technology and Consciousness I realize that now reflecting back because in that dream journey and isolation I came out of that we call them deetta’s I called him so much Journeys and out of that three months you know one might expect you and I are I love myself and I found God or if you know found my purpose in life what I asked that came out of that Journey with was the importance of finding a way to bridge traditional Shamanism with contemporary technology and that for me to be in the world and actually thrive in the simplest way what I needed was my iPhone in one hand and my pipe into back one another and with those two technologies I would be able to to learn how to reconnect with the soul of technology so so then I didn’t think much of it at the time but really then it led me to the second Energy Center and all-around sexuality and sensuality I did my PhD research on that and when it’s my own Journey around that piece of of my healing that needed to happen and then was serving as a counselor and a Healer around sexuality and psychedelics which maybe cuz I was speaking at Horizons in New York on the on my research study and that’s what I met in 2013 the sum of the blockchain folks and one of them in particular who is hosting me we became good friends and he led me into the folks who actually work Hill from the co-founders of aetherium in the start-up projects that were happening in your cat at that time is pretty early 2013-2014 and I can’t I didn’t think much of think much of the technology I just didn’t have that background so I couldn’t understand it but was fascinating is through my serving in an offering psychedelic Journeys Inn in South America to these folks in the blockchain world I was actually able to see how the mechanism of this technology in ceremony so my first taste of it was actually seen it you know hallucinating or altered state and seeing the connection somehow the minds of these blockchain folks are so strong I think it generally in the tech world that it was such a was so invigorating and an exciting because that I could actually asked him to show me you know quantum physics and mathematical equation I could see it and so then okay that I went to you no more of the written information and actually learning about the code and and seeing how and if practical way they would this information was being ground within the blockchain technology and then all the incredible positives that came out of this technology could be the foundation of a whole new like paradigm shift in the way that values is exchanged so that was really exciting to me and you know this this took me a good for years to learn I’m a slow learner and one way but I also like to learn deeply so I was learning it experientially and then your written material talking to a lot of the blockchain founders of Neo various companies and then he knows Tina and action and actually you know getting some of these apps and in learning me know what they can actually do and going to a lot of conferences watching Converses and and that just got really caught up in just the excitement you know this is a space that is just draws a lot of innovative minded future thinkers and innovators and you know just a sense of camaraderie and supporting each other and I couldn’t believe how welcomed I was as coming from academics in healing they they respected me and I respected them and I was able to learn how to you no make that bridge from my world to their worlds and really getting excited about the exchange of our information and so I just was seduced by I not only they technology but the people that were drawn to it and the dedication to changing our our economic Paradigm & in the way that we set up all kinds of you know housing and you know land and food and it is just so incredible so you know here we are 5 years later and I’m still right in the mix of it and you’re really excited now about virtual reality and Ai and how that can be bridged into the ceremonial space that’s that’s my journey so far in NFL well that was so amazing and I just was having chills and I could just cinematically follow along and when you got to the point of when you said you were able to see how the technology Works in ceremony that was so deeply moving and so beautiful because it’s such a multi-dimensional phenomenon and if in it’s so multi-layered into to appreciate I think I I made this comment to a friend is all it was a very very high level developer in his face and he and I I just made a joke in a recent podcast with him I said the Bitcoin makes Bitcoin makes crop circles looks like look like a play school set you know in terms of the degree of multidimensionality that goes into it and it is it is such a I mean and Andreas Antonopoulos recently and in one of his podcast video presentations and interviews he he said that when he read the Bitcoin first year of the Bitcoin white paper but then when you actually read the code it was for him basically like a symphony and he was brought to tears when he could understand the genius of it and it’s so apt for a for psychedelic journey to be able to ask for this for this field of of wisdom and information and Math and Science and Technology and code for it to just presented itself and dance in your mind for you in that place of ceremony where anything’s possible anything can be visualized and so I just think that is so beautiful on the inside knowing that you also this is really mind-blowing for me to knowing that you have this I wasn’t aware so much so basically we had already been talking and both of us had had this sort of like part of our subconscious basically beginning to be initiated into the space but we weren’t really because it wasn’t of our direct backgrounds it wasn’t an instant sort of I guess it didn’t click instantly for me I was explain how work and I thought it was cool and I was like yeah that’s internet money for anarchists that’s awesome you know but I wasn’t an investor I wasn’t a coder and it took a while once I went through you know the second Energy Center sexuality and and it was beat the psychedelics it actually showed me the importance of myself dropping my energy down into the first root Center where you no money safety you know security that whole place at a lot of healers you know maybe feel uncomfortable in or don’t have the opportunity to be in that often that I was able to really staying in this Center and part of it was that I was getting paid in crypto you know years ago from some of my clients who are you know the pioneers and in blockchain and I didn’t understand what that meant at the time I was like okay I guess they’re very kind and helping me open up my first Bitcoin wallet etcetera and I didn’t even understand it at the time and effort to understand it because you know what that meant for me and how to do the exchanges and things like that so I started off and makes it more The Surreal level of the fit if you say mathematics and physics and seeing how matters to me is a version of God of that Godlike energy and seeing how it comes down into the code it is beautiful really need and you see it yeah I totally agree and you know that I don’t know if you how big of a Terrence McKenna fan you are thinking of becoming more of a Dennis McKenna fan over the years but something that I loved about so endearing to me about about a lot of his talks was when he talked about the feminine Spirit of internet technology and how excited he was that we would be able to eventually use things like VR to give people immersive training or sort of it be able to create a visual language like the Ayahuasca experience where we could start to really understand each other better through through a universal language that is symbolic but also based on objects and colors in math and it to me this is such a fulfillment of that feminine Force coming through a lot of people who are you know he would always say that you go to a Silicon Valley startup office and it’s all these microdosing you know acid heads with hair down to their ass and I’d like to hear I know there was a time when you were when you were when you were starting to talk about Silicon Valley and bringing the medicine the same to you go and bring the medicine to those who are really reshaping reality from that level of of power of Technology do you want to just talk more about maybe without disclosing anything confidential of course just some of the some of the before and afters you’ve had the makeovers that you’ve had with some of the tech Geeks and how they’ve how they’ve been able to be massaged by that the medicine Spirits have become to Adorn one of them did gently say to me if they feel it’s not a lie to myself that is that a techie kid learning to love that part in myself and and and also honoring that you know every person is different in their enemies that divers field and that there are some common patterns that I have seen and the fact that I was given the directions psychedelics to serve a particular Community around the you know very influential and Powerful leaders in the text field that I’ve been able to track and and see how they actually lead differently in and really the the number one thing is the realization that the transformation is starts with the inner transformational journey and so even having the giving themselves that time you know few days it’s you sink into a different space in their mind right so it’s not like I have a container and say okay everyone thinking about your project Source. You know you know this go back to your family history and I want you to cry or something not at all what I was seeing is that the synthesis the stamina in the dedication in the Brilliance of these of these folks and that it really good-hearted people and that they were passionate about what they were doing and giving their mind that’s almost like the ceremonial space giving their mind a space to allow other information that may not be in their Consciousness you know at the time she come through and that’s where you hear about folks you know even the microdosing folks if they go to Peru and sit with Anna Ayahuasca Circle and I you know ask a question of it a problem that they’ve had you know mathematical equation or some something on their project they can’t quite figure out and that giving up space to have the different kind of intelligence guide them in in discovering a piece of the puzzle and so I find that you know when in general folks being very compassionate and curious and how these intelligence come together the other thing is in terms of their leadership is that once they are hard intelligence because that’s really a lot of the psychedelics the sacred psychedelics are helping us to tap into that heart energy into once they are in love energy seeing that the influence that makes and how they engage with their team member so you know more of a knowledgement that is it you know they’re all together in this project and higher level and it really honoring people for where they’re at in the heart of leadership is is learning how to inspire people to grow within the company within their teams within the project until having more patients and you know seeing the bigger picture so it’s not all about profit and yes of course I’m surprised and seeing that if if there’s a dedication to the why of their company and of the people that are there then that why and the purpose of the collective purpose actually creating more success and inflow with within the within the company so that’s one pattern also that I’ve seen Etsy the other that the third one is is around these texts Psychonauts of the learning how to bridge technology and spirituality which is always been one of my big passions and I didn’t really know how it so they’ve taught me a lot and in how this connection can unveil itself and in many ways and then coming from their religious background or spiritual background and then how they think of of math and in quantum physics in relation to a fascist like it blows my mind you know when they’re talking to me about this cell this Ray this field of the interplay between the Divine and the and form and structure and yeah I didn’t mean to cut you out there to say I wanted to make that mention so please continue the inner transformation and their their passion and purpose and then the second with the love more love and compassion for all the teams and and then that the more philosophical connection here that those those really stand out for me folks that were with me five years ago are still with me so I actually am able to track you know connect with the Divine or connect with the love Center I mean it cuz it’s not that simple everyone is sort of you’re learning a different piece and and so really what I love to do is trade space that people can share these pieces with each other and in how that actually informs that transition for their next step you know when whatever fits a personal life or professional life but it is still fascinating to me and I’m so very you know intimately woven in with with the baseballs beautiful well knowing now even more haven’t you said all of this which is so beautiful and invigorating and exciting and I just I’m so I’m so glad we’re just In This Moment having this conversation because it has been I feel like I’m it’s been extremely painful and in in triggering for me to to look at the shadow of what’s happening in this in this space which is you know I’m going to ask you to bear with me for a minute while I kind of organize my thoughts on how to how to bring this Dimension to the conversation in a in a good way I’m going to Omit using that the names of any individuals that I will not going to call anybody out or or put any putting it in the spotlight to anyone but but it’s it’s what would what I can see if we step back from from a more shamanic perspective is that there is a in absolute crisis of hyper toxic masculine Behavior that’s creating these extremely almost mythical an archetypal Wars of the Gods and end DIYs always think it’s a play on words to think about how Davis and Davies in in the in and they can talk about the devil’s right so there is it’s almost like The Vedic battles in the sky to me these genius mathematicians cryptographers programmers and them their armies of now the Speculator there’s all these high frequency trading robot armies that are trolling the warring factions and so it’s kind of like if you were to open The Vedas and you see them describing these battles of cities in Disguise and all of his alien foreign hyper advanced technology and the sort of drama playing out and the people on Earth are watching this drama and just trying to trying to create some record of it and most of it is just completely unintelligible to them cuz it’s so far out and so Advanced and almost seems like there’s just this war of the AstroWorld coming down and and duking it right above Earth dropping debris from that that Astro Battlefield and things just like falling on people’s heads and then people just scratching their heads trying to make sense of it so you have the bestest what’s coming to my mind when I think about these these programmers and their projects and their their Venture funding and all of these different puppeteers of technology in this battle between open source and closed source and regulated and unregulated in public and private blockchain Jaden and if it would it would it all is sort of sort of this rhyme of history is just these patriarchal warlord and we would calm just really do she really kind of integrated uninvolved masculine guys who are who are gorgeous and I’m just they’re just getting more and more narcissistic and sociopathic and they’re tweeting and and the technology of social media creates this really kind of Twisted Echo chamber and when I when I bring this up sometimes people will say of you know you’re trying to use psychedelics in ceremony and Shamanism as a Panacea and you know it’s not a magic pill and you know but I just keep saying like I think I need to hear these men do that family work and be brought into a ceremony where do certainly the ones that are that are just creating like threatening to just nuclear meltdown of all the cryptos in the opposing camps and just using their stashes of Mega you know stashes of of Bitcoin to flood the market and to manipulate as tactical that what they call the hash worse but that just happened in probably the hash words just knocked bitcoin price and 1/2 they’re just waving around these lightsabers and in in digging into the charts and and I one waiting for the sort of like trumpeting angels to come in and bring in the Davies you know the akalis in a Durga is going to come in and start grabbing these These are is Zeno by the by the Scruff of their neck and in and actually intervene so I’m wondering I know that’s a lot but anybody who is his familiar with yoga Tantra me all the scriptures that the talk about these epic battles or even from the Western perspective that the mythical Gods fighting you know this is not new and what seems to be the promise of the Shakti movement of Tantra and the Psychedelic feminist movements coming out of their group that you’re involved with there’s got to be some maternal wisdom brought to these boys and their toys you know so that she take it from there I totally resonate with this the Epic War analogy because it is real is that I’ve been to blockchain conferences and meetups in cities all over the states and and you’re up and and what really carries me through and I feel so fortunate somehow I have this eternal optimism and I certainly see the shadow I see the darkness 10 gauge with it and I’m still very optimistic and I think it’s really in my own connection with the sacred psychedelics in that they’re continually I feel like they got my back and they’re continually raising me up and and encouraging me and motivating me a stay steady with in the turmoil and I feel like for a lot of us and probably folks listening that this is part of our role is to learn how and these These are at War like an energy battle that we are centered and we emanate that that love and not always loving everyone per se you know that’s around us and in this these toys with our boys with toys and I do feel I can honestly say neutral when I meet them and I and I just said luck and I just what I’m doing is I’m like an anthropologist and I’m watching am seeing how they’re engaging with the but that the people around them and I start where people are at right so when I’m speaking to some of these folk is not like I think he would be good for you to do family systems work and come to this you know come to Peru like I would never say that I start or people are at I’m like what motivates you right now and you know once the trust his is built by and continually is is building and there’s a softening that happened so you know for me in 5 years in and I I do believe that there is a beautiful sense of respect for each other and trust this building and I’m watching where this energy takes us play so I what I can get really involves is the patience and perseverance and faith and that this is you know way bigger than me I’m being in service and being directed by these other intelligences along with my own you don’t be Discerning and where to actually Channel my energy and then I’m patient and it’s been tough you know I really wanted to get into some of these blockchain meetings and and I have actually is sometimes I’m like okay let’s talk about the let’s talk about how you know the technology is actually had of our human consciousness level as well as our laws right so you know how can we catch those pieces up to the level that technology to actually maximize the benefit of it and then you know how can we actually expire is that Founders and CEOs and and developers to to build that projects that are noble that have elevated intentions that that is a sense of good for all I do feel it’s possible yeah I totally agree I Kevin this is the most thrilling and exciting development in my entire life for sure if not in the history of the battle of Good and Evil on Earth that’s I really feel like it and you can see it it brings out the best and can sometimes bring out the worst but but really even those who would be considered more more super villains now in the space the lot of them started out as Jedis training humbly with Yoda it you know so they all have that imprint of that desire to do good eyebrows really very few people who I think are are fundamentally irredeemable I mean I don’t know if I feel better that way about anybody in the darker the shadow is the more potential there is to bring that medicine from those places so I agree with you and then I fly it’s I guess it’s easy for me to say or easier for me to say in some senses because I am a white mostly cis-male and so I don’t experience some of the author of out of the exclusion and in sometimes bigotry but at least at least Prejudice and you know it was through the women in crypto track at the crypto invest Summit in La last year that I discovered things like there’s only four percent of female CEOs in the US at least and then only 2% of venture funding goes to women Founders and that studies have proven that female executives are more profitable so whether you’re a feminist or not you’re leaving money on the table if you’re in any kind of a position of power in the business world in the investment world to not be creating more balance in in that in that space so I guess I’d like to ask psychedelic feminism Financial feminism women in crypto women in blockchain do you find yourself a building strong Sisterhood networks in circles amidst all of the other boys with toys as he said to align myself with very brilliant women in the field and be there and so we’re learning with each other and what’s just so inspiring is that some of these clients who are in their late 20s early 30s forging ahead and they sell I don’t know how they do it but they just have this determination and and also feminine ways of going through these hurdles in their in their workplace and them in the company’s and let me know some of them Founders and dealing with the hiring of a lot of that males and and and how that that plays out in the power struggles and they just they have such Grace and I just witness them you know managing it all in a way that’s it really inspiring and stay and then when they’re also going through these psychedelic Journeys I see that they just become more and somebody’s determined and focused and incompetent and and you know they’re also patients over time I see them gain their respective of their colleagues and you take a couple years of storming and and then there’s this is kind of settling that happens and so I I am extremely inspired by the women in blockchain in particular and just wants to be in service to them in any way I can so that they can continue to forge ahead also well on that note I would say we should definitely spend the rest of this our here just having you tell us all about more in detail what it is that you provide and what you’re offering and what your projects are now we got I think this was a good sort of philosophical overview and Andre connection for you and me to to get to get caught up in the space but I really would like to hear more and maybe we can also I guess we can go for as long as you are available at today and in this timeframe to talk about your projects and introduce what you’re doing with your hair with your new your new Ventures and and really make this more of a of a promotional pitch for the remainder promotional pitch for me that’s it really exciting right now is I would love to connect with folks who are working in the VR AI space and are interested in psychedelics not only interested but wanting to create platforms where people can engage in these different fields at virtually and so I know it’s happening I am in San Francisco right now I’m going to meet some some folks in the field tonight and for anyone who’s listening that I would just appreciate a shout out and I’m please connect with me that info info a 10.1 i n n e r o n e because I I really interested in collaborating I would love to work on a team whether it’s already clean a project that’s happening right now or someone wants start one I just have so many ideas about how this could coming to that material in the world and I know a lot of folks in the you know blockchain developers as well as healing practitioners and really wanting to be a bridge between these worlds in and connect folks who can contribute to a project like this so that’s my first pitch in terms of concrete offerings right now I think my two favorite people in the world now that had I met through the blockchain space are this Penelope and America they are the Cyber code Twins and their East LA born and raised Latina women in Tech who have taken the World by storm they’ve got TED Talks they have been winning hackathons and they have I think one of the things they developed together with second virtual reality drug and alcohol rehabilitation immersive experience for people who can’t afford to go to like Celebrity Rehab and that’s one application I don’t know what their personal interest is necessarily in psychedelic Shamanism however they seem to be very open-minded and they are 8 leaving One Like a White House award or something like that they’re just absolutely storming the charts of the women in crypto and I’ll send you a link to one of their TED talks but yeah I know that there it would probably be really good allies in that and not space I just wanted to mention them and then yeah go on please continue practical way the internet is offering three different project and the 1st is out there called dinner one Retreats and so these are live 225 day Retreats held in beautiful places for folks to get back to their vital bodies and be rejuvenated by nature to these are wellness retreats and you know cluding Mayo massage and Sound by sand yoga and meditation life coaching and team-building exercises and then some of the in South America do include Ayahuasca and someone Mexico include psilocybin so those are those Retreats and then there is an online program it’s called zero to one building blocks to Wellness and it is I was here I consider it more of like a integration platform for people so that they can continue harvesting the the fruit of what comes out of these lab Retreats or vice a versa can be a good preparation for Allegra tree and it’s focusing on daily Wellness practices and it’s interesting after how many years in the Psychedelic world I’ve actually gone back to the basics and I feel that you know it’s wonderful to be in a journey and see all kinds of amazing things and we still are in bodies in this lifetime in this earth and that I’m going back to you what we are drinking and eating our sleeping near so many books speakers that focus on this and a night it’s because it’s so essential it’s in so really the program going back to the basics and I just reminding us to be but I guess being mindful of our daily practices so that’s the 0 to 1 and then there’s another piece that is it’s actually new and it’s it’s pretty exciting I’m working with a group in Europe and it’s called Legacy Ventures and we’re going to be offering Retreats that actually is facilitated by many different facilitators and shamans from around the world and and so I’m just one of them one of many and offering Retreats on the difference element so have a 1 focus on fire and having fire ritual what does that mean in our lives and in her a lot of these folks are in our Business Leaders CEOs and and then another Retreat focus on the water and the Earth in the air and then that sacred Center so that’s just starting this year and it’s it’s really exciting for me to be cooperative with other leaders and also I just opening up to the European folk sand and feeling so what is that like and what are they wanting these days and then see the parallels in the differences between the United States and Canada and Mexico so that. In a nutshell is what I’m up to you for this year that is so amazing what we do a push-up real needs everything you’re doing now more than ever and I’m just so thrilled I feel like I’m reading a comic book or something in your just the new Marvel comic book superhero in this of swords and in just adding these new new levels of armor and magic and Empower I can just see I see the the sort of thing I get a better sense of the multi-dimensional warrior Goddess that you have just become an indigenous is so exciting to me to tell me more folks who I don’t have to run into a brick wall trying to explain the the seriousness the timeliness the importance the relevance the you know it’s really really demoralizing and sometimes heartbreaking for me when I get stonewalled it’s not about it’s not about losing out on the opportunity 4000 X Games it’s about losing out on the under this will be some I see it is one of the most rare opportunities in the history of political discourse certainly political economic discourse where the radical libertarian and some people would like to use the word left anymore but definitely from the the libertarian to the anarchist perspective this is one of the first time ever that anything from these camps actually became not just mainstream but was so Superior that it was subversive as a side effect of its superiority to the to the to the disorder let me know Malcolm and Malcolm X I believe said something like if you want it over to the system you have to create a better one system but make the old system obsolete is really what it comes down to so I love it when people talk about the Legacy banking system and the Legacy voting system and it’s like we’re already in this Ann turkel crypto Anarchist future where people from Wall Street are defecting enjoying the Occupy Wall Street movement and bringing their bags of capital with them and you know I love people like I will say the name of Joe Lubin I think he is one of my most beloved and endear real shining examples of coming from a feminine place of problem solving and team building in and you see how his Vibe is really impenetrable to all of the pickings and and browbeating is of the progressive alt masc so cheers to him and into the others and Andria’s and other people who keep out of the drama so yeah before I go too far off into the weeds I want to thank you so much again in to see if you would like to share your your website links and maybe if you would if you have time to just give us a bit of a closing meditation that that brings us all together those who were cryptophobia can those who are crypto douchiest and everything in between let’s let’s all make space for each other around this fire. One i n n e r o n e and email is info at in and either myself or my members will respond as soon as we can definitely look forward to connecting with some of you listening now I know that there’s Brilliance all around us and it’s a matter of coming together and matching are our gifts together okay so in terms of thinking of our energies I invite everyone to receive a deep breath then I’ll land here together and reflecting on all this information that has been shared and inviting you to feel in your body where does this information land for you how are you feeling is there an a butterfly’s is your mind buzzing butterflies in the belly butterflies in the heart what’s with activated for you and breathing in is energy and I asked if you’re willing to commit 21 action step spell connecting with you know how you’re feeling right now are you feeling at your best at your most joyful place in this moment in this conversation and then are you committed to an action step that will actually Manifest this feeling and you are unique Vision in the world is taking a minute be very simple drinking more water and it could be very big like asking the sacred psychedelic that you next connect with is it for you anything in between what’s one action step you’re willing to commit to you within the next seven days that will feed nurture your essential contribution in this world then yourself and externally with in the world mache beautiful Williston I just want to say Dad don’t be a stranger please please keep me posted and in the anything that’s coming up any new developments that you want to share even if it’s just a little Clipper Sound by three segments you always feel always free to a to send me anything or to Anna to take to come back on the show I think you were definitely in good company with the other folks who have to drive me on this journey if I explain this material and yeah it’s it’s it’s a real joy to to have met and you know I’m just thinking back into the feeling back into the origin story of how you and I connected in the place that I was in in the what would I resonated with you and the sort of healing journey in the wounded healer journey and now and it’s like look at us now you know we have survived and we’re driving and that’s great so I acted with and also the listeners and one thing anyone who’s still listening if you’ve made it this far. I guess you were the ones that were meant to share this because I forgot to say that one of the newer Evolutions in terms of offerings for those that are in sit-in microdosing sacred psychedelics or plants and trees in your backyard and I also please reach out to me because there is a a new wave of a Soma Journey ask I’m going to be available for folks in Indy pinning into the microdosing practice that’s become so popular these days so that’s awesome alright well you’ll either thank you so much again this is a beautiful experience as usual and I look forward to the next time and you have a wonderful talk tonight and wonderful rest of your weekend and we’ll be in touch, and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological and play single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or emo band at contrabands. Com Thomas Day

Rearchitecting Sacred Space with Be Hive Founder Tamara Edwards TPP99


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In this episode I have the honor of speaking with the founder of my new favorite urban sacred wellness, lodging, and event space, the Be Hive in the heart of Hollywood. After attending several events at the space I felt compelled to share the important vision she’s been bringing to life. We learn about her personal journey into the wellness space, discuss the mechanics of social and sustainable business development and future visions for growth and expansion of the project.

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About Tamara:
Tamara grew up in a meditating household. Her father, an M.D and a practicing Ayurvedic physician, learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1970’s, which allowed Tamara to witness first-hand the transformational power of meditation from a very young age. Later, in her early 20’s, she established her own practice out of a desire to bring more grounding and authenticity to her life. This daily practice has deepened over the past 10 years through her studies with many practitioners around the globe, including a two month pilgrimage to India. Over two years ago she founded The BE Society in New York City, a nomadic meditation group which gathers in myriad locations, and she is currently building The BE Hive, an urban sanctuary Now, alongside her career as a film producer, Tamara travels internationally sharing meditation with private individuals, companies and even her film crews.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 99 I am interviewing Tamara Edwards and she’s the founder and creative director at the Beehive and she’s also meditation teacher and I’m really excited to have this conversation I have been deeply honored and blessed to participate in several beautiful events at the Beehive which she will be telling you all about and it’s probably one of the most heartwarming projects on the horizon I really feel that have all of the dimensions of paradigm-shifting in the right direction this is just a real gem nugget sort of node of every bit of another world I want to live in just fractally condensed into one space it’s like origami folding so many beautiful things together and I I just in the urban environment it’s just an absolute Oasis and really yeah some very interesting new business model aspects and just social entrepreneurship elements and a lot of great stuff that I want to help to replicate and extend into drive tension towards so yeah with that said tomorrow would you please tell us a bit about your background leading up to your roll there and then obviously I’m going to be thrilled to to hear you go into detail about just the story of this project which is amazing thank you been that was a really generous and sweet introduction and the nice reflection hello everybody I’m Tamara and I would say that I founded the Beehive the idea came to me I would say I don’t know for years ago or something like that my background was as a high fashion runway model and actress and in a world and that world that although I was doing well and too many it seems like a Wonderful Life there was something inside of me that knew I wasn’t fulfilling a potential but I had within and it was through the beginning of a meditation practice and yoga practice that I started to uncover my desires and dreams and also realize that I had a limited belief feeling that I had all these wonderful ideas but didn’t have the courage or belief that I could actually manifest them until a bit later on in life when I just in transformational where I can through medicine through my meditation practice I started listening to that kind of like in our small voice that had these like really kind of Big Ideas I’m sorry I was in New York about 4-5 years ago I’m producing independent feature films and I was very nomadic living in a thousand different departments like I would literally move every month and I miss one month somebody let me stay in there be no beautiful lost in SoHo is like Prince and Lafayette and my only the only thing I had to do in return to stay there was to do good work is in his words and the minute I got into the space I had this incredible Vision that was inspired from the space button like literally an hour this whole vision for what’s called The Beehive came through and it was it’s basically this vision of a place that you can step off the street in an Arbonne environment and drop into a sanctuary and they are received all the tools for expanding your Consciousness so whether it’s yoga meditation plant therapy you know food that cooking workshops there would be meditation stations in the space you know all these a podcast I envisioned like different kinds of neuroscientist and thought leaders coming in and I’m sitting in the window and having a podcast almost like Tiara back in the day but thanks for consciousness and to the whole Vision came through and then I didn’t really pay attention to it again I’d I picked the vision to the guy who owns the last but it didn’t work for that building and then I kind of forgot about it and then through various events synchronistic events I ended up in San Francisco one night a few years later and it’s in my best friend who lived in La happened to be there for one night and we got to talking and somehow this vision of the Beehive like came back to my memory and I shared it with him and he basically long story short was just like I have the space for you let’s do it you that this phase has more potential than what he was using it for an incubator for startups and he knew that there was something that I needed to be used for around house as he was getting really into Health himself in that time but then when I shared with him this Vision he was like that’s it that’s what I’ve been looking for a set of space so it within a couple months I moved back to LA to build it so I’m that was every two years in July that I moved back out here to build it so should the Beehive nobody listening probably knows what it is but The Beehive is a it’s basically essentially that Vision it’s an urban Sanctuary right in the heart of Hollywood and our building is the oldest building in Hollywood it was built in 1910 and it was the first hotel in Hollywood call The Covered Wagon hotel and it was sad some Sanchez been a brothel at one point and a bank in many many many iterations is Dennis Billings got like Rich incredible history I’m like we one time had this guy up the stairs and he’s like does Jenny Lee Roth still live here and we were like David Lee Roth girlfriend or wife live there like it’s got a lot of history that that’s kind I mean I basically cut out you know it many many parts of the story of us to give me an overview of where the vision came had a vision came here and then how we are in the space now awesome yet so do you want to kind of give us an audio tour of where what the I guess there’s more stuff unfolding just probably every day but it seems like I’m your yeah if you could if you could help people understand what the the experiences of entering the space and what like if I were just to walk in there at the street now and I’ll be greeted and you’d kind of just say hey this is what snow tonight there’s this or is it a day in the life of your hair so meaning you know doesn’t have round edges and in the center of where know is we actually have an outdoor atrium so the 17 rims kind of go around as though and and there’s at the moment 8 bedrooms that we are B&B out is two showers and two bathrooms men and women list all and then there is practitioner rooms so you can come in and get Wellness treatments and things like that and then there is Elijah remember we have all kinds of events so if you were coming if you were in the area or if you were coming from out of town you can book a bedroom on Airbnb if your local you can come by and you would you come up you can get around this treatment you said take a workshop we also have a retail store that we carry a lot of local artists no products and also I seen that we’re really focused on is plant therapy so we carry microdose’s of different Power sacred power plants like Ayahuasca San Pedro iboga and a legal form where they’re not psychoactive and resell like different forms of kava and different you know plant modalities some people might be coming into to come buy some products or take a look at our store some people you might come in for a treatment and then stay for a workshop on my workshops that sometimes out of microdosing or we have kava ceremony has their money as we have you know it guitar sound bath yoga all kinds of the Innovative stop cuz all the workshops I think this is Timmy was a novel Concept in in something that is so such a memorable and and notable kind of new dimension that that’s really I hadn’t it’s just genius and in this the idea of it being at 8 actually factually was a hotel and now it’s being sort of having a Renaissance as a place where you know theoretically random people who find it I don’t know how your advertising you know exactly but people are not only are you having just guessed two are attracted to a wellness in sort of experience like I am in kind of experience and they’re their there to just be in that vibration but then there also value-add it’s not just a continental breakfast tour the country in bands for almost to a decade-and-a-half and the abysmal state of dining after midnight you’ll die late late night dining throughout the country and you know any intended what’s the food that serves even the coffee that served in hotels it’s just it’s just antithetical to Wellness so I really have the contrast to be if I was to know if I was a traveler but whether it’s a book tour or a musician or you know a Healer yourself to be able to stay at a place like this and actually both participate in the event that you’re running in the communal areas and to actually render services and actually you know teacher workshop for facilitate or Jam have have a show you know what this is such a brilliant intersection and it was that part of your vision from the beginning and then you found the right space to be able to just what was the word it is called a mash-up right you can do mashed up these see the bedrooms from the beginning the space is a amazing like you need space to 7000 square feet so there’s a lot of room to work with so the veterans just it was like even more brilliant because there’s plenty of yoga meditation Studios were very clever you’re not that we don’t offer at the moment we are yoga meditation classes we’re not just a hotel obviously and then we’re also not just like a wellness clinic but we’re like the combination of all these things and you know the original version of Urban Oasis that you can step off the street like cities are kind of harsh environments so to be able to like use these concrete or in our case brick buildings and turn them into kind of soften them and make them into the sanctuary so that you can just like Hollywood intense so you can just get off of that street every person who comes to the door is like oh my God like they can just feel the energy shifts so as far as the original Vision I would say you know it’s it’s almost like he said that intention and you have the vision and then it’s like letting go of all of that completely and allowing what wants to be Birth come through and his face is really like we kind of just feel like stewards of the space is like really fine tuning with the space wants with the community wants around it but also like I said like I’m a major Nomads and I’ve traveled the world a lot and still have lots of desire to keep telling the world and I feel like one of the biggest things that happens for people when they travel is that they like lose all their healthy habits so hard because I try to stick this regiment and then I travel and I lose it or like you know whatever it is and so this one of The Inspirations was like to create this egg nourishing driving environment so that when you’re traveling you actually like return home like healthier than when you left for that and it’s cool like how people have come through because all we do is put it we could just put up a few rules and Airbnb of like no smoking no alcoholic no hanging out in the atrium after 10 like no unannounced guests overnight so it’s just like no one’s going to want to stay there who’s like not that bad so he’s really attracted like every person is coming through pretty much has been like super aligned and even if they weren’t that into Wellness like they’ve really appreciated you know being mad at the time that like some kind of cool sound bath is going on at the meeting I get open their eyes something they have any experience before that is the coolest thinks I’m just imagining that there’s a there’s like a commingling of folks who are there very intentionally to be a part of the the wellness activities in the trainings at 1. And then just people who show that looks cute I’ll go and you know and then they’re just filled with so much whatever they’re coming in from there they could have never encountered any of this stuff but then just threw a conversation completely transform the course of someone’s life but like not fix dent of like you know the vision of how often they would be but what’s happened inside a group of you know people will be renting different bedrooms at this at the same time who will happen to a line and they’ll end up like cooking breakfast together at ueno cooking dinner together and like sitting around the table and having meals together so that’s just kind of happened naturally to re kind of a dorm a dorm hostel kind of environment because I feel like also has a certain like energy to that word some nice hostels around the world but I don’t know I don’t want to feel like a hostile I wanted to feel more like if it’s going to feel like something I was wanting to feel more like a home than a hostile anyway I could see it just kind of you know maybe you’ll get lice and maybe they’ll be making of drug dealers nice toxic paints and fumes and people it’s it’s it’s not organic keetsa mattresses and organic sheets Vision that we we haven’t really so like basically we stopping open in July and it’s been kind of an experiment like how can how can we like what’s going to work with not like my I don’t have experience in starting a company might my investor does but this is been kind of like he’s kind of given us to me as I go away to start my company he just really believes in me and so this past year has been more of just like okay let’s just try stuff out and now we’ve really seen what works and what doesn’t and we’ve also attracted some really incredible people who know when I work with us cuz they like the vision so we’re bringing in a partner and right now we’re working on the expansion plan which will include really high designed Wellness treatment program so if you come you can come stay and do like a whole parasite cleanse which nobody does like you would going to have open gravity colonics looks like you really only find in places like why we’re going to have you know infrared sauna beds cryotherapy and will be designing his whole kind of programs where you come and you you do like several of these treatments together to Target specific health issues so we’re taking that the wellness treatments major level and then we’re also going to be developing a line of products but the go along with this and and then when I’m really excited about is is the the focus on eco-friendly and sustainability and so there’s a few Visions I’ve had one is the urban bee hives on the roof and solar panels and then creating that Central Atrium to be a vertical garden that we take food from and makes me have like a smoothie bar or something like that and really just increasing the quality of the treatment programs and also the workshops and really being like this Central International hubs of these kinds of things and I will take this model and we’re going to expand to a West Side location in LA and then two other specific cities and actually real areas that were choosing as well so that’s all coming up and we’re working on that plan this month and will hopefully be doing round 2 of Renovations in over the summer and probably reopen like what kind of want these these new initiatives in the fall well I mean it feels like that the benevolent alien Mothership has sent down these pots to kind of filled the solutions for us as feeble-minded polluted human sewage totally clueless I mean where did you come from is this great I’ve been to all the I’ve experienced all of these things that you’ve mentioned will not not some of the healing modalities per se but yeah I’ve done colonics and and I couldn’t spend the night if I felt like I needed to you know if that’s the coolest thing is you just like it it’s really the Wood Hospital maybe it’s it’s what hospital should be you know if not impatient and then instead of just the you know let me know so many unicorn and cold clinical environment Sturgis blasting Jerry Springer drama Madness poison hell out of TV sets and then there’s just toxic food and yeah that they would think that a more enlightened integrative experience would would happen somewhere and I feel definitely that of course just The Vibes but just also this some justice this very scalable very kind of modular adaptable model where yeah you can experiment and if something doesn’t work out you just put something different on the calendar the next month and you got the rooms too kind of shifted all around and so cool it’s it’s Healthcare is obviously an issue in our country and I’m not going to go into anything clitical at all but just it’s very obvious that preventive Health Care is really important but that’s the tag number one like we got to catch all this stuff before we even see symptoms of it so even if somebody’s Aiko I don’t I’m not sick like why do I need infrared sauna or something like that it’s like this keep this they’re doing the stuff now so that we can prevent you know this is preventive medicine on this always amazing alternative therapies are really powerful now and can help you know prevent so when our generation is 80 where we’re not all not always like in the homes meeting all sorts of treatments for like healthy and with our grandkids yeah well that’s so cool so how have your guests responded and what kind of feedback have you been getting from I guess you know across the Spectrum you know people who were kind of Wellness gurus or are they getting a big you know sort of hit of the significance of this model Community I would stay like this this really hasn’t there’s nothing like this yet so I think like we’re still pretty underground we haven’t done like an official launch and what was their only by why did Matthew know we’ve had some interviews and stuff like that doesn’t come naturally but I would say that you know what I what I love about this is that the other kind of leaders in this community of Wellness Weatherby place like Wanderlust are the Springs downtown like they don’t feel competition with us because we’re not any of them completely different we have we have a blend of all these different things in so they sell a lot of the people in the community are like oh wow this is still like we can collaborate like I don’t see you as a competitor which is really cool and I think that I’ve heard about other people doing cool stuff like in land like a lot of people are looking to build kind of like compounds and stuff like that which is cool and I I think that like if we can get you know as we get this working and this kind of Urban Oasis this is going to be kind of like the gateway to people’s like Rural Retreat and stuff like that there’s a lot of people aren’t ready to take Retreats I like go to Costa Rica for a month on some transformational Wellness programmer go drink medicine in Peru or they don’t even know what that is still so I feel like these Urban this Urban kind of Oasis is going to be like the Gateway take the gateway drug so I feel like that the people who have come through so far I really into it very excited to see everyone wants to be involved how they can and you know it’s cool it’s still scratch we’re still welcoming people’s feedback and idea and trying to make it and I said collaborative community what’s the word Nike present to the to LA right I guess it’s the only gift I guess a few things that I’m I’m just drifting into my Consciousness as I’m kind of projecting myself into the space and imagining what would some ideas that seem like they can be facilitated there if you I guess so if you have all if you were at maximum capacity would that be a lot to put of people’s private you know foodstuffs to be putting in the fridge or how do you sort out at Preston really interesting this we only have two showers we have eight rent but we’ve had six rooms really seven including Tiffany who kind of like runs of space and lives there and so at times I could be up to 15 people there and there has never once been accused for the shower most people are like they’re really surprised because they actually don’t really see other people a lot it’s like the spaces massive so like is somehow it just his explode perfectly where there’s never liked complaints about shower lines or even Messi’s showers or nothing like that and it with the fridge what we’ve done is we’ve like labeled every room is labeled after flower and herb that bees love eventually going to paint the flowers and make a really dope art on the doors but we haven’t gotten there yet but for now we like have a label maker and then we we labeled the shells in the fridge and in the cabinets like for dry food storage the name of the room so who’s ever staying just puts their food on that on the part of the shelf that has the name of the room on it and then there’s like a rule that like you know whatever if anything’s in his fridge longer than 3 days you know like food to go at least likely clean the fridge out every Sunday so it’s like you better write your name on what it is and the date so that it’s not throwing out so things just kind of like they seem to flow it’s strange I would think that they would have been some kind of backup at least with the shower line but yeah this is exemplary of the concept that you’re angry and the Beehive concept everything is can be just chaos but it’s so organized at a meta-level you just you don’t even know what the patterns are that are forming to facilitate his flow it’s okay go to put like a GoPro like out like a bee in the hallways in like see how like people move within the hive like bees well yeah mean are you what’s your relationship with permaculture design is that something you’ve encountered or steady tour in Peru and that’s like they invented permaculture right every society that lived on earth before industrial agriculture was a permanent kosher soap and then the permaculture system is just kind of a sampling a salad bar of what worked in every climate so yeah absolutely if it if it’s survive the test of time and it didn’t involve enslaving animals are machines in an unsustainable way then it’s part of the package yet so super I mean that’s kind of what I was talking about with the atrium was like how can we look at vertical garden vertical garden that you spam and we even have like a back patio that we could do some kind of cool Garden on and we are going to start a compost and collected with our Corner in Hollywood cuz we have groundworks below us a nice word organic and sweat Theory and we all have you know that we can compost for this is not really set up for that and highlights were talking with the farm cuz we have the Green Market you know the Farmers Market on Sunday is right there so we’re talkin there was any local farmers about them taking our compost and setting up the bins up on our roof definitely includes permaculture yeah and education with that there’s a really cool group called kiss the ground there a local Venice they start in Venice they’re really dedicated to education and life getting our soil good again for lack of better words and so actually intention is to reach out to them and see how we could collaborate yeah I would if you if you were to invite permaculture you know community members to do workshops and lectures are you in up with the free design I’m sure it mean if the yeah cuz if that’s the way that the and you know permaculture design system your pretty much trained to put on this kind of you know like augmented reality goggles on everything so you can’t not you can’t help yourself but designed everything to its maximum you know productive potential through Design Systems so a lot of places they’ll be like yeah we know we want to have some installment of some system and it could actually be paid for by the students who want to learn how to in how to have a system works and you have a you know what designer who is proficient in that element of a system and then the the students end up paying for the materials paying the instructor and giving you a free system and all those people then become you know a part of the your tribe you know so very interesting way of getting things done like work parties and staying so definitely am yeah I say I know it you know it it seems it seems like there’s you know you’re limited by the space I know you don’t feel Limited in in the capacity already seeing and developing beyond that that scope but he had me worried if you were doing sprouting and you had seeds and you know obviously composting and just you know all kinds of herbs that just grow like mad in this climate you know we could totally be she said pumping out a lot of them goodness on the ecological level yeah it’s cool so do you want to talk a bit about you or I guess I’m going to take us more about the ongoing vision for how they can how you want to interconnect these nodes in and just sort of like would there be sort of a membership or subscription plan where you could be you no have the access badge or a card or something so we’re still working out the details of that but we are thinking membership and one thing I didn’t mention was what the Beehive Vision was born from was something that I started about five years ago called The V Society b e antibody Society was his nomadic meditation group them at the same time in a different location each week and it spread to four cities New York London San Francisco and La I started a New York and the purpose of it was too you know build community into the kind of bridge a lot of the community was an art so kind of bridge meditation in the Arts and and things like that so The Bee Society was kind of the foundation of of the audience that we’ve kind of built The Hive on and it was the hot The Beehive was born that Vision was born from the Beast Society so one of the thoughts is coming up with some kind of membership system almost like a Soho House for wellness of some sort but when but it will tie into the V Society in some way and we’re still we’re still working on finding out with that exactly looks like but there will be some different kinds of options whether you could just drop in for the day or whether you have some kind of membership that gives you a discount on the rooms and treatments and things like that and also that kind of ties you into the beehives that will be you know and other locations and also like-minded communities that exist we can tie in with them as well have you thought about I was just thinking that if you’re if you have the the more intensive Wellness programs there you know I’m wondering if you would if you could have a sort of a and take her to take it to a level where you have like a nurse practitioner or someone on staff who’s able to just provide another layer of those more having the different levels of practitioners for sure don’t be so cool because I have certain level you know I mean could you add me I could just imagine that what you’re doing actually with with if it was studied by sociologists and medical researchers and just and they could all be interns they could all be just college-entrance who are doing thesis projects or whatever but I mean imagine if this model revolutionized old folks homes could you imagine that really beautiful idea I mean I guess the challenge of those places is that those people a lot of the people in those homes I don’t know if you’re talking about the ones who are like who already have disease and lung cancer stuff like that are you talking about the ones that are kind of in a nursing home before they really sick or it could be it could be everything you know along is Spectrum a matter of now it’s looking at like getting insurance to cover these kinds of treatments which at the moment they don’t sell for a lot of those people in homes you know I’m not sure what their financial situation is but I think that it’s going to get there I think that eventually colonics and infrared saunas in yoga and meditation will all be covered under insurance I think it’s only a matter of time yeah I agree we’ll hopefully you know what you’re doing there will just be part of that data collection for the studies that happen in the palace do is just if there’s not funding for it to be approvable by the powers-that-be and the FDA and this you know are all that stuff you know it’s just the all the different acronyms for the medical association’s in them in all that stuff it’s got to be it’s not that I mean there’s obviously the bad guys who were you know repressing but we’re not going to go to back to the politics units turn it off the name that they kept the corporations or the politicians but just that luckily we’re in a time where we can you can get away with it it’s just a matter of can you do it for long enough and on a scale that it’s actually you can publish scientific reports about it and have it be considered valid research and then you know so this is great and I’m just yeah yeah yeah I’m definitely so I’m bored and I’m excited to continue to stay on board and and check out more events we think so how can people help you at this point what what are some things that your pain points of you needing a different you know I mean should people be sending you applications for things how do people volunteer or somehow about especially you know entering to want to see how our company is built in the sea level like this is a great time again in and see you know the nitty-gritty of how to build a company from the very ground bottom-up and a very Innovative company so interns we’re always looking for volunteers for to help out with the workshops and stuff is always great and what we do normally do is betrayed so somebody comes and helps out with the workshop then you can take a worse type of their choice for free which is you know pretty a good value and then other ways people can help us by spreading the word really like one is where you know we have these rooms are at the moment that practitioners can rent in work out of so if there’s any Wellness practitioners out there who are looking for a space to work out of we’ve got that and then you know if a man is always helpful in the city and I guess and guess at this moment is that come in and check out what we’re doing if you like it I’ll spread the word and and then if anybody out there is interested in Encino learning we have a couple of spots left open for interns and we can always use more volunteers did you have a a process for people who want to sign up to teach or they want to apply to be able to do a works up there or so at the Beehive. Us so-and-so at the beehive bees in a beehive. Us cool and do you have any are you scouting locations for the Westside already one to really look for places I feel like we put the word out and we’ll see if somebody will hear something but we’re thinking like Pacific Palisades area is Santa Monica Mountains like somewhere on Rock I’m not like Venice cir you know I’m not down in sea level but more under a rock somewhere so if anybody out there ever hears of a space what we’ve love is a place with some land on it to that we could and a place that died cuz right now to beehive the our main event space Can Only Hold about like 50 people sitting down so we’d like the West Coast the West Side location to have something that could hold more like a hundred fifty people so you know we can do a large events in the Westside in the smaller events in Hollywood something like that and maybe some land so we can do more work experimentation with permaculture and you know some outdoor like yours and stuff like that the people that stay in right on what is your intention to find a place that has a similar established kind of setup with the with a number of rooms like that or you would you be visioneering having just even a blank slate where you could just totally design the entire infrastructure to be I mean the permaculture architecture is all about replicating you know amazing architectural setup that is like a hive is completely functional and integrative ecologically and socially and and all of the logistics of of the business unit workflow being facilitated by that harmonious design I mean is that something you thought about you are you wanting an existing structure that can be adapted into this are you thinking of you could probably get you know what it takes to build from the ground up with natural buildings in and what not psych what you know right now we’re open I don’t have a clear vision of what it’s going to look like so I’m kind of open and listening for signs and signals of which direction to go so you know we kind of have the basic of it would you know we’re also open to it being a plate like at the Hollywood location has the last word organic can sweat. Groundworks underneath which is great door opens at finding a place that has kind of like an infrastructure already around it but we’re also really open to finding a blank slate in creating a lot of those things ourselves so answer your question we’re open we’re just we’re just looking in tuning in so what was going to come up that is so cool you know it’s an interesting thing I’ll just put this out there cuz I was having this conversation recently which was that you know a lot of what permaculturist want to do is in violation of a number of zoning laws and so to find the sweet spot where you can actually do a lot of what people want to do which is not single family homes on a bird trying to destroy the nucleus you know deep my colleagues in the more radical permaculture scene we want to actually make social infrastructure that’s conducive to do open relationships to communal child care to food growing into you know having one appliance that serves 50 people and not you know two people and you know too and that whatever the the the consumer Society is driven by every nuclear family owning one of each thing that you know 30 feet away in the next neighbor’s garage there’s a bunch of unused tools and a bunch of unused everything where they could be sharing and you know that’s that’s just the sort of conundrum of sustainable minded hive-minded Folks at one kind of collective eyes on all levels and then there’s just not the right Zoning for in 1 and 1/2 things are friends a reason is like we’re actually seems like we’re starting to look at a trailer parks zoning you know if if is zoning ffifa zoning designation or whatever the word is a Zone you know says that you could build a trailer park then that probably would be the model for having multi you know units dwellings and you know so that’s it’s hard because you probably not going to well actually it may be that I think there is one there’s one in Topanga have you been up to things seem like it could be a fine you could find a home in that possible I was you know I love Topanga so much so I’m not close to it but I do feel like somewhere more like Palisades to Santa Monica Mountains would be more convenient for like Venice Santa Monica Peeps and Topanga peeps like they could meet in the middle maybe near the Palisades but but you know if this miraculous like amazing thing comes up into pain. That’s like can’t turn down so we would just have to do it right on yeah well this is really exciting because I think you know you probably been have you heard I guess I’ll ask you a question have you heard a lot of people kind of lamenting that the Airbnb kind of bubble was that it seemed it seemed I mean I don’t know all the numbers but it seems like it it was such an attractive way to facilitate more revenue for people in their homes and what not but then it’s been cracked down on in certain ways and it’s not you know it’s kind of got a cap to it but you’re sort of circumventing that by Design and it’s amazing you know to what you’re doing if you if you felt like you had you know people see that this is like to Airbnb 2.0 I guess is what I feel about it I want it we had some people they like heard about us actually I said I think he’s heard of us and I think one of the one of the people who works there when the Sounders was going to come stay and Hollywood one check it out LOL yeah like new Airbnb section for them you know like an Airbnb like you can only listings by room so like our place is listed as separate rooms it’s not so people traveling during the holidays we were actually pretty slow during the holidays but I think people didn’t understand that they could like come and stay together you know cuz I know how it is you travel with friends or family and it looks like all you can only booked one room it didn’t look like you could book multiple rooms and stay together so they need new it like algorithm or whatever it whatever it is on airbnb’s it so hopefully we will start that with them that’s truly exciting that that really feels like the metamorphosis of the old proprietary structure means just like this is like the Uber of yeah I mean everything is just moving in that direction so I am just thrilled and the fact that you’re going to be in a growing in in relief to just having proved the concept you know now you can just build build out or you know renovator whatever it takes but yeah metamorphosize and you know just make beautiful new experiences for people of Yahweh I think we’ve covered quite a bit I think that’s a good a good kind of promo to whoever is listening to this there’s people all over the world so please next time you’re in La come and visit make it a Mecca pilgrimage to this Mecca of the new Wellness Paradigm integrative all these different modalities in also impart your gifts in you know I have this sort of secret slumber party experience much better thanks for all your support and Chase everyone listening to promote or anything coming up that stands out or just have people sign up for the newsletter and the Beehive. Us c h e b e h i v e. Us and I can sign up for newsletter we send them out about I think twice a month and you’ll get all the downloads of what’s going on and again if anybody out there wants to volunteer intern you can email us the info at the Beehive. Us awesome alright well thank you so much again just DiPaolo’s and phrases into can’t wait for ya that this this to continue to grow and flourish so I will hopefully see you again soon and take care of podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email said I talked to the park. Com Thomas Day