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Hacking the Sex Industry with Pro Gigolo Vin Armani TPP95


Vin Armani PicIn this episode I’m joined by Vin Armani a new personal hero of mine, a veteran in the entertainment and sex industries, and an empowering role model for the new sacred masculine paradigm.

We explore his background as a computer hacker, his spiritual initiations, political philosophies, and adventurous career as a professional gigolo and reality tv star.

We discuss the role of sexual-spiritual healers in Las Vegas and beyond. Ultimately, we share hope that personal pathways of consciousness evolution, healing, growth and transformation can be developed by anyone anywhere through the embodiment of divine feminine energy.

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About Vin:

Vin Armani is an author and entrepreneur, best known as the star of the long running Showtime reality series, “Gigolos.” The show focuses on the lives of straight male escorts in Las Vegas. Armani has been en elite escort for close to a decade and has detailed his personal philosophy on love, sex and relationships in his book, Tao Of The Gigolo. Vin is also the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post, a live, weekly streaming video program focused on exploring ideas of personal liberty.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 95 I am here on Skype with vin Armani who I recently discovered through the survival Podcast of which I’m a devotee I’ve been listening for years almost every episode and was really pleasantly surprised to hear some of the topics for probably the first time go into what I call sexual Capital One of the forms of capital and how it can be used to do really amazing ethical things with the right the right mindset and so I really appreciate hearing Jack and then talked about a lot of them kind of hacker mentality around sexuality in an economics and we also have some similar spiritual history as a matter of fact so we’ll probably get into that later but for now Vin if you would just give us a bit of your background let us know what led you to be coming now a world famous reality TV show start of the smash-hit series Gigolos which I can’t wait to check out as well I just found out about it so please take it away that you should definitely check out Gigolos you will love it no doubt it’s a it’s a very fun show it’s been now seven seven years six seasons of doing the show and it’s it’s basically is what it’s turned into now is a buddy comedy about five of us who work for the agency that I work for all straight male escorts working for cowboys4angels which is the agency that I work for and yeah it’s a high chance that we get into as far as I know in terms of reality TV I think we were the first show that ever showed and maybe the only reality show at this point it’s on Showtime and the first one to show full frontal male nudity which for the first three seasons was pretty much every episode you were guaranteed to see that so it’s a it’s been a cool experience and very egalitarian show I think it shows a different side of sexuality and that’s definitely a show for this time. Something out I’m I’m really actually proud to have been a part of and it’s through that show that obviously as my profession I’ve become more well-known along with my co-stars our agency is now very very popular but and now you know I was you caught me on podcast are the survival Podcast so now it’s been about 6 months that I would say I’ve been out of the closet more politically in terms of really wanting to take a stand and put forward and help to push forward some more libertarian voluntaryist views views about freedom in general you know I’ve been a big proponent of sexual freedom for my entire life and explored it quite a bit and that’s been important to me but you know we are whole creatures and sex is just one aspect that was a huge aspect obviously but it’s one aspect of its it could be a vehicle for Learning and it’s it’s been a vehicle for my own expression and so you know being a six-figure and in helping people to express themselves more fully sexually I wanted to push that forward as well so I mean my we can talk about how far back my background goes in terms of this exploration like I say it’s been pretty much my entire adult life and and I would say really at the start of adolescence that I’ve been trying to better understand myself every aspect of myself and not shying away from certain subjects and I mean if you shy away from sexier you’re really shying away from I would say probably 80% of your waking consciousness so until you have that under control it’s hard to get anything else really managed so you know I guess we can talk about that further as we move on but that’s the that’s the nuts-and-bolts I guess ten thousand foot view of who I am to me if next next level renaissance man in so many ways and I’m totally thrilled I think the you know the topic that I was kind of playing with this I was catching up on some of your previous podcast earlier today was was that the concept of hacking the sex industry I mean really taking a sophisticated approach to having a more spiritual kind of bigger picture worldview Consciousness agenda and and really bringing more Consciousness to sexuality and doing it through the exit actually transforming the industry from the inside out so I would love to hear you know since you’re on that path where what was some of your early initiations and trainings and what were you reading about will you I know you were mentioning that you had studied in spiritual modalities in the East so could you talk a bit about that definitely how you evolved before you got to this point of being a professional Gigolo from about the age of 15 I was Hardcore into hacking so being a hacker is computer hacker is my background and you know when I first met my agent and Garren James and sort of took this on as a part-time gig that I certainly didn’t think would go anywhere but just thought it might be cool adventure I was software developer and even throughout the first couple seasons of the show I was still doing software development and I still do software development now I’ve been working on a actually a blockchain project as recently as a few hours ago so the hacking aspect is still a huge huge part of my life and what are the what are the things about being in the mid-nineties about being a young guy in the early days of the internet was that there was such a high percentage of what I would say a spiritual or occult esoteric information online I mean this was a time when you know there was no Google when I first started getting onto the the web there was just Yahoo and as I recall the first time I type sex in to Yahoo the word sex it return 27 entries so that tells you just how early on early on I was in that sphere but what there was a lot of is if you type in Magic if you typed in Hindu if you type in God if you typed in touch with there was there was quite a bit of information and so early on I got very interested in sort of spiritual finding out these more esoteric and occult to some degree spiritual practices so I found stuff about meditation and I learned that an astral projection and I started to get pretty good at being able to lucid dream and help myself leave my body and so these were things that in my teens I felt very very comfortable and then when I went off to college in DC or Washington DC is a very Multicultural town this is again in like in the late in the late nineties Multicultural town and so I was seeking things out it was in that time that I started learning more about the sexual side of Tantra and at least reading about it I got a tuned to several levels as a Reiki practitioner something that I probably should have kept up over the years but I was I think I was maybe a little too young to really appreciate everything that that practice had to offer it was very for me at that point it was very very intellectual and I didn’t have a big Community when I when I left College of one of the first gigs that I took was as an assistant to a Indian by ethnicity a businessman from Hong Kong and his his wife’s mother was the first female devotee of Tantra Guru India’s traditional when I say x Rod not talking about tantric sex necessarily I’m talking about Tantra as the sort of sect of Hinduism or the reception of Hinduism which means the flight path of bliss and so there were dada’s and DD’s the the monks and Priests of this organization moving sort of in and out around this guy who was a big benefactor for the organization who was my boss and early business mentor of mine so I had a very interesting experience this is when I’m basically like 19 and 20 years old got initiated into Ananda Marga got a chance at majorly study the work of PR sarkar he’s he’s really kind of a unique figure in India that a lot of people don’t know about was actually in prison by Indira Gandhi first several years it was on a hunger strike for extended periods of time so it very very interesting spiritual organization and I got a chance to sort of have my mind flips and two get a different metaphor for interpreting the world while at the same time learning to do business in a very ethical way influenced by this this teacher and disorganization and these these teaching and so that influence my that influence my life greatly and then as I move forward it just left me much more open to to learning and different experiences and it was just a few years after that that I discovered the pickup artist community in Los Angeles and I just drove in head-first but I don’t live in with a very spiritual bent to it and the idea was for me very much cuz I have seen the relationships that I was having as not being very healthy and so it was for me to figure out what is it underneath all of this who do I need to be how do I need to a manifest the best aspect of me so that I am someone that truly a woman being around that I truly make her a better person and that she makes me a better person and what can I do and that set me on a years-long path of exploration and it was really at the end of that path or sort of you might say at the beginning of that path after after I had trained it is sufficient level that low and behold Here Comes this opportunity to see if the market will actually Bear out the things that I held to be true wow almost speechless but actually I have a lot to say to you have a lot of questions cuz if you have if you have a hacker background you probably have a very keen sense of how Tantra is a spiritual technology that’s a lot like electrical engineering so do you want to talk about then whatever extent you know you like how the these elements of the chakra system and activating Kundalini and understanding car make loops and dharmic spiritual purpose send these sort of things are all woven together in the loom of tantric practice how did your Western sort of rational scientific computer programming mind jive with that ancient spiritual technology sort of scriptural a script and scripture if you put the battery in series seven or so yeah just rif on that if you would Wilshire I mean as I said I think in this regard I was very lucky in that like I said being a hacker and being exposed to sort of hidden information and knowing things certainly when I was hacking understanding things about the world and seeing things just in terms of the technology first is understanding how to you know have to pay phone or do all of these different things that that we’re basically manipulating these every day that we think are static things beginning to see that there is a certain dynamism in even the most static thing that was always in school biology and Physiology and psychology were always my favorite subject I was lucky to have really really great teachers and the one thing that kept sticking out to me is that there is always a deeper level there is always a deeper level and so I think when I first discovered and I was probably about 15 16 first discovered practices of lucid dreaming and astral projection it was in those that I that I was first even before being initiated it into a tie into a tantric organization that that’s what I was first exposed to the idea that okay there is an energy system that is at play in our body and at that same time it was it’s not just I mean it’s a metaphor right so if we’re talking about the chakra system if we’re talking about Kundalini these are words but they aren’t description and this is a very important thing that concept that scary through for me in my own life These are descriptions they are they are not and their descriptions of something that is very hard to describe in words because it’s Concepts that are beyond words but they are not the only places where the same thing has been described so for instance you’ve got in in the ancient Jewish tradition in the Kabbalah you’ve got the merkabah and the spirit body and the tree of life and if you lay the the drawings of the ancient Jewish which is Western Mystics again the drawings of the chakra system of the mer-ka-ba of the Tree of Life against the chakra system and you don’t mind by Journeys with Ayahuasca now that’s been just in the past four or five years here we have the Amazon and you know there’s know anybody who’s done Ayahuasca there’s no question that you’re talking about this snake you know what time it’s a Vine and it’s the snake so it’s to say that these metaphors these descriptions of something that is definitely inherent in human nature and that is a technology for increasing our our perception of the world and also increasing our ability to manifest the things that we want in the world through getting better in line with all of these things these metaphors are repeated over and over and over in every culture now it just so happens that the Indian culture is has been surviving Unbroken these metaphors have been surviving and have been worked on for longer out in the open than any other so that’s why it’s the strongest however as a Westerner it’s I found that it’s not necessary at as particularly as a Westerner it’s not necessarily that that metaphor is going to be the one that resonates the strongest with you because there are other metaphors out there but again they’re describing the same thing all of the practices if they if they’re legitimate and if they they’re time-tested they’re all going to take you to basically the same place which is getting back in getting your mind body soul back in tune with one another so that you can manifest what you want in the world so you can get back in tune with the greater vibration of of the world and that spirituality right on that so now I’m actually I’m getting chills because I feel like the empowerment aspect of mastering and turn your internal mastering your internal thoughts KP remind stream your energy and tapping into these ambient energies and really harnessing them and directing them and like you said you know you could choose any system and do the composite and you’ll see how they line up and it’s a universal spiritual technology so what I am so thrilled about another dimension if you’re being that you’re bringing showing up with in the world is the the political aspects and I got to tell you man I came from a and anarchists background you know as the street protester anarcho-punk black black going off the streets and we were all totally post Marxist materialistic totally atheistic rationalist sight of so it’s like the baby out with the holy water missing out on how much spiritual power we could have had an especially the types of bickering that happened in activist organizations that have no perception of the consequences the karmic consequences of just just unnecessary emotional verbal violence within groups and not having ritual purification not having the kind of solidarity that comes from chanting together if you know what I mean you probably get that in a lot of people don’t and they’re in the system their masters of black tan chair that’s why you have eyes wide shut and the swastika the Third Reich they Master Township but we’ve lost it the people of us it’s so you know how do you drive with spiritual sort of anarchism and in autonomy and anti Sora tarianism from you know from having that background it is my spirituality that influences my anarchism so you know I I came from a definitely left I would say not full blast Marxist but definitely leaning on to the Socialist side in my youth I think that’s I think that’s fair for someone with high trait openness that I think as you see pretty much go towards collectivism before you know what’s good for you or what’s bad for you you know I was heavily involved in the green party anti-war protester for sure Big Time involved in that and that was in you know that the early 2000s huge part of my life but then I realize that and and this is what informs me now you know I say I’m in I’m an anarchist, voluntaryist what I what I believe is that the use of coercive Force someone to do something anything it doesn’t matter what it is is it is not the ethical or moral passants and really all of our sages that’s been the rule right that’s the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have done unto you like that’s the rule so if you don’t want somebody telling you what to do or using violent Force to tell you what to do if you don’t want somebody else stopping you from speaking if you don’t want somebody else shutting down your your mode of being if you’re not hurting someone else then don’t then don’t do that to others and so when does the State the definition of the state is a group of individuals who claimed a monopoly on violent course of what’s the geographic area which to me is immoral and so that’s that’s where my eyes it’s not political write this for me it’s not it’s not a political stand for me it’s an ethical and moral stand yes it looks like politics but I know I don’t take a left side or right side or either one of that either one of those in terms of how I think somebody else should live their life live your life as you choose so long as you’re not hurting other people which is that goes to the black Tantra side you know and that’s where the problem is you know what what I would hope to do what I would like to do and what I feel is my mission to do because I feel like I have gained a lot from the knowledge that I have is that if anyone else wants to share in that knowledge I would love to share it it almost feels like a waste if I don’t so that’s you know and serve the meat coming out of the closet as it were cuz usually most people say that a religion and politics are the third rail of the the escort industry right it’s the one thing you’re never supposed to talk about when you’re out on a date and I really you know Anna and for the most part I don’t but I do have some longtime regular clients who they very much like discussing these things with me and when you have a deep relationship with someone of course these are deep issues right it’s not necessarily something for a first date for anybody but I I get a good sense for people very quickly as if I’m going to drive with them and even if they don’t know much about my politics from seeing me on TV and and I think just put on my general by they get that I’m kind of a laissez-faire Live and Let Live peace and love type of guy and so long as they’re like that it usually over time it’ll end up there we’ll talk about these topics that is so cool yes sir that I thank you for all of that coverage there I think that really sums it up and now you know what is listening to you to your podcast earlier today and was kind of I would like my biggest question was how is he subverting with this undercover Insider job but he’s got to be hacking mines in ethical way just you know helping offer you don’t you want to install some new plug-ins in your Paradigm well as you would know from all your training I mean erotic energy is the ultimate educational ad for Jeezy acts so you’re able to unite erotic hypnotic suggestion you know helping people get through their emotional issues but also opening their their Consciousness to new ideas and learning I mean you’ve got to be just all over the map with that stuff so now we can get into that hacking the sex industry bit where you really are a deep-cover double O7 I left yeah how do you how have you been able to subtly and maybe not so subtly Express that I haven’t seen all the episodes but now I’m going to be glued to it so certainly among the men that I’ve I’ve met the Strait of the straight male escorts I think that I’m a bit of an anomaly there’s not that many of us for the most part the guys get into this now they’re there are a few others who and particularly my one of the costars on my shows also in the works for the same agency Ash Armand has a very strong background in eastern practices and if he’s actually born in India said he’s half Indian raised in Japan a study Tantra quite a bit although I think his for me this is this is what I’ll say this is the first thing that I’ll say is I don’t so much approach I approach what I do as a healing modality but I definitely don’t approach it with a framework that someone might approach if they said oh I’m a tantric sex worker or I’m a tantric this or they said I you know I am a massage I’m a lightworker I do body work I do all of these things I don’t necessarily approach it in that way because for me what the experience and what I’m approaching is what’s the sexual experience is the metaphor I’m approaching it from that that contract metaphor it’s that yes there are these specific practices there are specific says that you can do but we have to understand is that these are derived from a much larger and older esoteric tradition that really like a ritual like chanting as you described like real all of these things are symbol they’re not signs in other words it’s not a prescription for a follow this direction ABCDEFG and you will arrive at something I think anybody who tries to do things that way is going to come off sorely disappointed what these are is they are at and they are a symbol of natural patterns of behavior and actions that allow us to create connections between one another and connections within ourselves so that is to say for instance if you’re talking about meditation and you’re talking about Asia Kundalini meditation you know what the chakras are again you can draw them you know the end people have do depictions of them in various different colors but yes this this is in the imagination this is a spiritual system that’s beyond that so the way that I approach it is what are really going for as I’m going for a connection connection with this person on and I’ll use the metaphor of on a heart chakra level to where we steadily over the time that I’m with them this is what I’m trying to pursue and it’s a practice that I’ve done for so long that I’m not even trying to pursue it anymore it’s just something that I do it’s almost muscle memory if you will like what Bruce Lee said about you become the technique you doing longer think about it it’s just what you are so so what I’m trying to do is to make a truly deep connection and what has to happen in order for that connection to happen is first I have to be open I have to spend a lot I have to do a lot of work within myself to make sure that I don’t have blockages that prevent me from being completely open to share myself that’s the first thing and I think that’s one thing that sometimes adhering to a particular set of I’m going to do this this this this this sometimes you get locked behind that and now you’re not open cuz you’re worried over am I following the directions when the directions were are just a metaphor anyway right the various steps is just a metaphor so what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to open up and then in me opening up its steadily and surely as noticing their blockages in opening those blockages up and then noticing the next in opening that up and it’s funny because as I’ve had conversations with the Ayahuasca shamans that I’ve worked for they said that this is your Shaman this is the same thing that we’re do it and at end this is the role of a shaman the role of a shaman is to embody that open spirituality to leave your ego behind completely at the door and then the individual or individuals or groups that you’re working with your whole job is there is a block let’s take it away and that may be in the form of the conversation that lady digging in I mean it’s it’s part psychoanalysis and then you know it’s part body work it’s all of these things combined and so I have my own system I don’t think that’s something that I could teach but it’s something that certainly works and when interesting thing that is that my clients have consistently consistently use the same term in that is like this is like a drug this experience being around you you are like a drug they will tell me because you get that Euphoria like it’s a real shot like you’re getting a real shot of these actual euphoric hormones that goes through when we are in line the same way that we get with all of our chakras are open and so like I said like I said in the beginning this is just one practice and I’ve met many women in the industry as well who approached it in the same way and have their own sort of metaphor for describing it but it is a healing modality I mean when your open we have so much negativity around sex in our culture and you know people people who we have an obesity epidemic and you know the cure for having eating bad food and what bad people do this to eat good food and we really have a bad sexualitt toxic sexuality issue in our society and we are Society create has created it for hundreds of years Western society and the way to get away from toxic sexuality is she got it there’s got to be good sexuality to take the place of it and there’s just not enough of that but I think that if people will put aside some of the some of the stigma associated with escort work they would see very very quickly that there are a lot of escorts out there that do look at it as a healing modality exactly having a lot of feels like there’s a many more female tantricas off and going by the term ducky knees or the nurse mail. Goes but there’s far less male sexual healing service providers then there are females generally because there’s a huge market for a glorified rub and tug and people who are not necessarily fully initiated into some Growers lineage they can go to a weekend workshop and then actually bring some of that that chakra loving goodness into their practice that’s great you know this is all pushing forward or dissolving the sex phobia can naked sex negative culture that really made Las Vegas what it is I mean that you’re there in fact I was living there and I was doing a pretty kind of deep-cover operation spiritual love life coaching Tantra makeover on a woman there with a woman there and she kind of adopted me into her queendom in and it was I wouldn’t I guess I don’t know how I feel about the word Gigolo in general but I like the terms that you’re using around just being a guy if you know you’re being an erotic guide and you’re bringing in so much fresh Prana into a person’s ecosystem energetically that they can blow off diseases they can blow out neuroses and they can start to experience themselves in a new way and I’m just so pleased to know that this is happening at the end of all places the city of sin this is the most Angelic salvation that there’s ever been a concept that I was trying to I have been initiated into the lineage of of a tantra Guru I have met in in doing this so many in particular women who would have no clue of you know of anything about the any jargon certainly of tatra but who are doing this work and that is to say that this is a universal practice and someone who’s opening up your spirit can show you the way to it yes a guru can take you there quicker but we have to understand that there were there were first people who figured this out of the the the Indians who use Ayahuasca say that the plants showed them so nature itself is there to teach you and there are women in particular who go into this practice and this line of work whose hearts and intentions are pure who are healers by Nature because they’re are people who are healers by nature and therefore who take to take this practice and do the same things that I do with me having been educated with me having my background and they do it as well if not better I mean it’s the same thing as you can go to Juilliard and be trained as a musician your whole life or you can learn to play by ear and be an amazing musician or dancer or wider or Surfer or anything and so what I’m saying is that it is wonderful to be initiated into a lineage that the true power is to say I am a Healer if you are what if you if that is what you if that is who you feel to your core you’re honest with yourself is to say I am a Healer this is the path that feels right and when you start walking down that path you will you will turn into that great healer overtime if you allow yourself absolutely and then not to mention a lot of people have spent multiple lifetimes and probably actually projected themselves into the areas of greatest need sort of Astral triage you know it’s very cool yeah I see people just out of the box they’re already connected they’ve got all the cities I mean the cities are the tantric superpowers that archetypal superheroes are made out of really in pain Au some people just are born with them and not to say that they didn’t work on that for multiple lifetimes and yeah this is so fascinating so if I could I guess if I could ask you you know to talk more about the friction you might have had I know you said you kind of felt so I don’t know exact words you use but just your ability to express your esoteric wisdom and your political philosophies worst have been sort of had to bite your lip in a way to be I don’t know if it’s by contract or just because you’re dealing with other chefs in the kitchen with the editing process but I’m just wondering where did you have to negotiate that was there ever a time when I said hey man no way we’re not letting people know that they can do this stuff on a mass scale you will not do that and we decided part of my learning if there’s one thing that I am at this point it’s pretty socially Adept right like that’s that’s what I do my job is to make people comfortable first and foremost my my clients they this is a strange man and it’s a woman and here comes the strain man clearly usually generally much larger and stronger than she is right and she’s going to be alone with me I’ve got to make her feel comfortable and not and you know if I start out with if it’s a 2-hour appointment which is my my minimum and that’s kind of an intro you know I want her to be so comfortable that she’s like hey you want to go away for a weekend together alone and so making people comfortable and understanding that I need to be where people are at and a reality TV show is not a place for the conversation that you and I are having write a reality TV show called Gigolos now it’s a place to start introducing when it can happen little inklings right just just like I didn’t have the Converses did conversation we’re having I didn’t have that on Jack spearco show but it was a place to introduce a little bit and then introducing that little bit you and I end up meeting and so there’s a there’s a it’s understanding that while we maybe these these Giants spiritual entities and just ready to sort all of that energy and power and heat off of us at any minute that sometimes that’s too hot for the moment right sometimes it’s about turning down the thermostat and making it a nice comfortable situation till everybody wants to stay in the room we don’t want to we don’t want to have none of it so it gets too cold that people leave but we don’t want to turn It Up full blast of that people like this is way beyond me and and the people who want it to get a little hotter so we’ll stick around a little longer and they’ll say hey man can you turn that thermostat up a little bit and then you turn it up but it’s about being patient is about being comfortable in your own skin it’s about enjoying your spirituality for the sake of your spirituality is yours right yes of course it belongs to everybody else but let them come to you and ask you for it because those are the people who cannot appreciate it in the first place when we get it Ray yeah you know any of the word is the quintessential the word transmutation I mean you’re taking the energy and you’re finding it’s very Jedi it’s very ninja yeah it’s so you know the subtleties and the symbolism in in nuances when I was in Vegas I felt it the ability to transmute Vegas sexual energy into spiritual energy it really could be absolutely despite the even being called Sin City it’s actually the place where women have make more money than men wear a jacket if it’s a financial matriarchy the men are showing up to worship the goddess which is very tired and almost the only thing that I would change is maybe to tune the frequency of the club music from 4:40 to 4:32 you know that’s one thing with would you be totally settled and no one would even know they would just feel better and start to heal magically and not know why it is an interesting City I mean it is a it is a city of polarity for sure and it is a city that Demands a great deal with discipline I mean it is a city for discipline that evolves people because if you have if you are unable and if you are undisciplined in terms of your own your own mind set and your own spirituality this city will destroy you and it will destroy you quickly it’s every Vice is available for you but for those people who are evolve and who have a great level of self-discipline I mean this allows you a great deal of freedom and it’s a very non-judgmental City but you figure it really has right cuz it survives on making a a a fantasy experience for people who come from every country and speak every language and have every political persuasion and every background I mean when you think about what the type of environment that you have to create to create a comfortable space for literally everyone then the ability to operate within that space so long as you don’t get caught up in the things that are bent to to empty the wallets of those people when they get comfortable so long so long as you are are disciplined in that regard I mean as you say the energy level here is just it’s on it’s unbelievable and it it can very well be transmuted into incredibly positive and Incredibly healing energy and it has for me and I probably won’t leave I mean I’ll probably be here for the rest of my life well well I’m not no actually while I was there I was surprised to find out that there is a very strong permaculture Community there and there’s some really amazing sights and there’s a meetup group and you would be shocked that mean is also a lot of people you know there’s just so many kind of new age is kind of new age has been demonized away but there’s a lot of spiritual so-called spiritual people coming out of the woodwork there’s Tantra instructors that have very strict kind of more of the yoga lineage I guess you could say but I know some yoga instructors out there and any other people would just assume that it’s the most degrading and most sort of spiritually bankrupt City but actually it’s very wealthy spiritually in a lot of ways about in terms of an a in terms of there’s about a million people in this Valley right but the number of working artists and Singers answers I mean you’ve got what eight or nine Cirque du Soleil shows here I mean there’s live singers who make their living singing in this town by the thousands dancers I mean there’s probably more professional dancers in this town per capita certainly than there is in a place like New York which has Broadway right and so all of those people and then you have all the ancillary things around them so there are dance schools and music schools there’s I mean The Burning Man Community hear the community of people who are hardcore burner is huge I mean all of you go through downtown there’s beautiful murals all over the walls and then you think about you know all of the people who are at these hotels who are doing these gigantic floor all Arrangements in who are changing interior designers and decorators and all of its an artist ladentown and so all of this you know artists are naturally attracted to expanding their spirituality because as you say it’s that Prada that provides the fuel for their Artistic Endeavors so yes this that that is a need that here and so you have this community of people who who has just a part of their life who needs to be constantly engaged in spiritual practice so unlike many something that you wouldn’t think about because it’s it’s not when you come here as a tourist it’s not what you see on the outside but when you stop and think about how many different types of people and what the types of people are that it takes to make that fantasy happen and the Artistry that’s involved in the number of people who are in that artistic Pursuit then it starts to really make a lot of sense of why they just would have that energy right on man we’re definitely speaking a lot of the same language so so tell me what is on the horizon for you mean it sounds like you’re you’re moving beyond that the series and you’re sticking to your guns with the programming that’s really exciting cuz I can only imagine what kind of apps you could be developing you looking forward to as you progress into the you know the next chapters television show we broadcast on YouTube and Twitter and Periscope and Facebook that’s at the dinner money shows that been armani.com so that’s getting more into like the the political sphere of working on a book philosophy book I read a book called out of the gigolo several years ago when I was first got into the industry sort of discussing My Philosophy a lot of things that we’ve discussed today classified ads how I approach the work that I do in that vein but now is I’ve got to sort of more into the the libertarian thinking and boobs and more into that scene in terms of trying to push sort of on a broader scale afford voluntaryism anarchism libertarianism in general I’m so now I’m working on a book about basically the philosophy of self ownership that should be out in a couple of months yeah programming that’s something that will that will never leave at SCI I’ve been a DJ for many years and I had a I had opened the venue hear an art gallery in music venue Hearing in downtown Las Vegas that I recently shut down so music has been out of my life but I kind of feel it coming back in a little bit more of that sort of happens in waves for me so I’m starting to feel more inspired with the with music as well as it’s just I don’t know what song who the hell knows I’ve a few years ago I couldn’t have predicted any of the things that I’ve doing now so I mean what’s on the rising is I’m just going to keep walking down this path and expanding as much as I can and hopefully hopefully in the process of that and doing it a little bit in public that I’ll create some things about you that some other people can can take with them and move the whole journey forward right on well I got to say it mean it is so so shocking and exhilarating to me that the Serendipity of me discovering you of all people through the survival Podcast where you know I’m I consider myself one of the biggest personal fans of the survival Podcast and Jack spearco I mean it’s just so many people out there have lives have been so radically transformed it’s just a complete I just staggering astounding 184 a lot of people to get really on board with with the military mindset of you know really being procedural and having protocols and understanding threats and so many things that spiritual people are so fucking full of shit in their ass and their head is both in the class selector they cannot defend themselves they can’t probably feed themselves some of them may be doing gardening but I mean the synthesis it’s the material Mastery that so many spiritual esoteric people check out of and then they become spineless jellyfish worms that are have to be defended by the people who who they’ve who derided for so long it’s a synthesis is bringing together and I Know Jack is very spiritually Advanced and only just drops little nuggets your friends are probably too just like you’re saying he doesn’t want to blow people’s minds powerful because you know the if the Practical tactical guns to Gardens Mild to Wild kind of that whole if if you know the spiritual people can integrate that and are you bringing if you were able to bring all the stuff together in and really role model a new masculine Paradigm where men are trained skilled lovers and Fighters that’s kind of my I’m putting my chips so to speak you know is the guys the brothers who are you know pushing those boundaries in and weaving all together so well I mean I will say I mean is that is one advantage that I think certainly Eastern spirituality has in the regard of I mean like if we go back to The Vedic literature and we’re talking about the varnas you know so you’ve got your four varna’s of your shoe dresser be present to shatri is a zebras or or or brahmas and fascist that it’s this idea that yes we need the labor the The Thinker the the merchant and the warrior and that these sort of manifest within all of us in different degrees and it’s not that one is better than the other that’s what we miss in Western culture I think a lot is that look in order for society to function correctly we need a balance of all of these energies so it’s like yes that and it’s something that if we truly want to grow if we truly want to expand our Consciousness is expanding our Consciousness is not into the places that we feel comfortable no no it’s expanding our into the places that we feel least comfortable because those are the places where the most gross will happen and the gross will be instant when we confront it and so it’s about because if we want to become a whole person then we need to be the warrior and the priest and the labor and the the merchant as well we need to be all of those things and I think Jack and body that very very well and I think that that’s what you’re that’s fundamentally what what we’re getting at here is that look there’s a lot of think those things that you’re looking at that you’re saying oh I don’t like that I don’t like that that Warrior aspect will that’s your jungian Shadow right there that’s exactly what you need to start exploring why don’t you like it embrace it as a part of you it’s inside of you go after it figure it out and tame it right on man right on well yeah we got a few minutes left do you want to talk about obviously your websites and any last words and then I’ll see if I can take a few breaths you might you might call them purple breaths I don’t know if she take to get to come to my senses now and now I’m kind of StarStruck but I got to think of his anything I want to close with your final questions but while I do that if you can kind of give your your URLs and like all that good stuff live on social media so if you if you have any questions or you want to hit me up its on Twitter I’m just been Armani no spaces and on Facebook saved facebook.com been Armani and Instagram I’m actually been under store Armani but if you if you have questions or you or comments I am I’m there I will answer so I think that’s I think that’s all of them cool and all right well I think I was coming to me is my last question or let’s I think we’ve I think the the culturally we’re pretty well whether you watch Taxi Driver what if there’s did the mail angst of sexual deprivation from access that creates child molesters rapist and John’s and porn addicts you know and Priests who do all those things in my about it and pretend that they’re not involved in some sort of Shadow sexuality and we have a long way to go to actually solve and heal the wounded masculine and to end the duck how many females are the ones who are coming in doctoring the chakras of the men who are you know where they have small penises or their service are typically not attractive or they have some paraphilia or fetish and then the Doms come in but there’s a there’s a big industry for male sexual Shadow workers you know to come in and and doctor them in Shamanism and you’re representing a very different or a very assertive under-represented demographic of the male sexual shadow dancer lightworkers but say and I’m just curious so the question would be since we know we have a good we know that men are sexually pretty fucked and need a lot of help you know but women are as well because they’re not being well fucked by men for certainly their husbands and what advice do you have two women who may make the maybe they’ve got the budget to take a trip to Vegas and now they’re not just going to go to the you know go get wasted and you know kind of just put money in somebody’s mule leopard g-string or whatever it is that they do to kind of have a superficial taste of that but you’re providing Divine sacred masculine healing services in the belly of the Beast and you’ve got to have some insight so for the women who were listening this who were like wow I didn’t know that this Paradigm even existed you know what he would have eyes do you have for the the wounded feminine and what what can how can you Enlighten us to say you know what we really need to be more compassionate for what women are going through we need men to learn how to retain their semen in master multiple orgasms so they can go further with their beloveds and you know just some advice for to honor the feminine here you know before we close out but I will say that that this is this is the I will give this is actually advice for for both sexes because it it truly is the same but it is the manifestation of the divine feminine is that what you have to ask yourself do you want to remain as you are or do you want to grow do you want to become someone new and someone that you can be proud of and grow in your spirituality or do you want to massage your ego so that you can fool yourself into believing that you are already everything that you could possibly be because that’s the second one that massaging of the ego if that’s what you’re after then what you’re going with if that’s your true intent then what you’re going to pursue is you’re fundamentally going to pursue control that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to pursue dominance you may very well pursue being submissive but it’s being submissive under your control under your terms whereas if you want to grow if you want to grow spiritually this isn’t any spiritual practice and and that control that is that is masculine energy and its toxic masculinity to control if you really want to grow in your spirituality and I think it’s the place that our culture is lacking we have plenty of that push for control in our culture plenty of it where we’re lacking is in is is basically in surrender that you’ve got to say look I’m willing to put myself in a situation that is going to help me grow and I’m willing to surrender to that situation now what you’re able to do beforehand if you’re able to figure out where what that situation is you don’t want to just put yourself into any Old Situation you want to be informed about what’s going to happen but then you’ve got to be willing to surrender to it and no matter what the spiritual practice is whether it’s you know whether it’s finding you know a lightworker to work on you it’s not going to be on your terms it’s not going to be on your terms and if they’re good it’s not happening on their terms either it’s happening on the terms of the truth of that interaction so whether that’s you know you’re doing Ayahuasca ceremonies or or other shamanic a plant medicine practices weather that’s Bodywork whether that’s music whether that’s you know you’re expressing yourself artistically you’re going to have to surrender and it’s in that surrender that the growth happen and so that’s what’s missing is that it’s it’s not unmasculine to surrender to an experience that is going to help you grow as a matter of fact that is the most Brave and the most courageous thing you’ll ever do in your life you jump into the mouth of Kundalini Shakti goddess in you were going to be ya to take him places that to require a lot of courage and absolutely man well that’s that’s beautiful and I like the way you tied it together you know beyond gender we’re just talking about the polarities of archetypal energies and you got to you got to be a master of both Shiva Shakti so right on man will thank you so much I just feel totally and enliven and enrich stand Enlighten after this and the world I’m going to probably get a few more hours of sleep at night knowing that you’re already light years ahead of where I thought things were going okay you know I really want to thank you for for reaching out and for allowing me to have this conversation as you could imagine as I enter you should be aware that there are not a lot of forums and not a lot of people who are prepared to have a conversation on this level so I appreciate the work that you’re doing it’s it’s it’s Unique in its needed and and thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself absolutely I’m sure our paths will cross somewhere out here yeah we will be in touch very much all right bye-bye you care if I buy thank you for listening to the podcast please go to www.crunch.com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Thomas Day

The Future of Masculinity and Erotic Media with Destin Gerek TPP53


tp-destin-gerek-picIn this episode I’m joined by Destin Gerek for a discussion about the future of sacred masculinity and conscious erotic media. He shares an overview of his background and path to become a tantric sexual healer and erotic empowerment coach, then offers a beautiful and powerful intentional meditation. We end by opening an ongoing discussion about sexual health best practices and bringing tantric ethics and techniques to the adult entertainment industry.

Destin’s Bio:

Destin Gerek is a transformational empowerment coach who specializes in helping you awaken your sexual energy, while harnessing this newfound power to passionately manifest your biggest visions, and create the life of your dreams. A globally recognized thought leader in the realms of sexuality, consciousness, and personal transformation. Destin has been working in the field of human sexuality for over 17 years.

In 2004, Destin experienced a massive spiritual reawakening while hitchhiking through southern Mexico. Since that time, Destin has made it his life’s purpose to help catalyze an elevation in global sexual consciousness.


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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved’s welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 53 I’m going to be interviewing one of my heroes in the Tundra fuel Destin Garrick and he’s going to give us a little bit of safe intro and tell us a bit about his background and then we’re going to talk about best practices for being part of the new masculine sacred masculine Paradigm so Destin thank you for being on the show and then Karen can I make you for having me at as request why don’t we all just take a moment to drop in together who knows what you were doing before you hit play on this podcast but just invite you to take a moment to stock everything else at the moment to close your eyes and just bring your attention Within feel the Earth beneath you gravity drawing you down towards the Earth weather at supporting bring your attention to those subtle Sensations like the feeling of your clothes on your body and how as you breathe your clothing shifts around your body and as you do that allowing your breath simply slow down and bacon allow each breath to get slower in each breath to get deeper than the one before. To the point where these could even be the slowest breaths on the deepest breaths that you’ve ever taken in your entire life and you may notice that with each of your exhalations your body becomes a little bit more relaxed a little bit more calm which of these equations your mind becomes a little more quiet a little more Style there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go slowing down and open to receive or we have to offer you if you’re able to and buy you to stay with your breath throughout this podcast how’s your ready where we going from here thanks so much that’s enough Exquisite I feel great and I am ready to receive your story a bit your pathway leading up to becoming a I thought leader and trainer in the new sacred masculine men’s movement I’m going to need some of your help here cuz my path has been very long and winding into our time here used on that each time I share my story comes up differently and they’re all true well let me see if I can let me see how much of your story I remember then you can track me how about that at the end of it all right so you are a you were traveling you were traveling at think in the in the south southern hemisphere and you are kind of finding yourself and you were in a relationship that was a relationship that you were not fully empowered in and something kind of snapped and you started to get heavily into empowerment through Contra sacred sexuality and then you’ve developed erotic Rockstar archetype two step two more empowered role and then you sort of worked with that for a while I became that to various degrees and then evolved more into you can say less will just be more of service to training men to become well I guess a little more grounded than a rockstar and now you only Robbins of Tantra and it’s not a bad summation to fill in some of those details okay so in 2004 after what I’m just going to refer to as hitting rock bottom in my life I’m having a psychological and emotional breakdown I went hitchhiking through southern Mexico with a backpack on my back and like no money to my name and figuring out how he’s going to get the next meal and how is going to get so wherever I was going next and as much as I thought that I’d hit rock bottom actually further bottomed out during this job and then there was a point where I just gave up I just gave up I wouldn’t have said that I was surrendering to the Divine or God or anything at the time because I didn’t believe in such things I just all I knew anymore was I didn’t know anyting and that was a very powerful moment because before then I swear I think I thought I knew everything I had it all figured out and there’s so much I was clinging to and I struggling with the when I Let Go when I gave up it just opened up the space and like a light switch being turned on suddenly everything check 18.2 a single day where weather moments who I was before I knew I was after we’re completely different or suddenly every person I was meeting every conversation I was having seems designed for this shift in my Consciousness and awareness to take place now I’m at a point 12 years later we’re at the Spaniards like that happens to me all the time but by the time it was it was brand new experience it was completely off life-altering and I relate to it as my Spiritual Awakening and and it before then my life was on this downward spiral every year altimate Leaf find myself feeling more disempowered ever since it’s been an upward spiral it. The say that every moment has been absolutely amazing that was certainly not my life has had many struggles and challenges in the time since many of the announcer if you look at it over time for each year is just just keeps getting better. Was it just keeps getting better at through every painting hardships still just getting better my connection to my own self my own spirituality my own power my own possibility my own impact on an influence on the world all this just keeps expanding as I have septeber and deeper into living my purpose thanks so do you do you want to talk a bit about the erotic Rockstar for people who haven’t figured that on this podcast with you I would I probably would not be here if it wasn’t for you and your promotion of that that archetype to tell you the truth it really Set Me In Motion I had what I I refer to as about 6 and 1/2 year erotic Rockstar journey and it’s not to say that he has completely wiped out for my life today but definitely two different chapter in my life and I spent my late teens to late twenties completely disconnected from my masculine I had developed a distrust of other men and a and with that I distrust of of my own masculine rooted in my high school sweetheart being raped on her 15th birthday right before we met and then us getting together for about three years and just feeling the impact of a trait throughout our entire relationship and then through whatever opened inside of me during that I became the go-to person for women that seem to share about their experiences and so I just being inundated with women sharing about their experiences to Imola call non-consensual sexual experiences I just developed a deep distrust of man and the masculine and I ended up spending the night at that decade really with no male friends certainly no hetero male friends everybody in my life for women wear their girlfriends or friends or roommates are bosses they are all women and I got very in touch with my fat with my inner feminine which carry many blessings by by the time I was in my late twenties I also realized something was horribly out of balance I was in a relationship with a woman that way I love dearly but I put her on a pedestal way above me I didn’t understand why she would even be with somebody like me and and guess what the relationship wasn’t working and simultaneously I had such a deep feeling inside of me that I had something but I wasn’t really do much of anything and I just got this sense of these two things were interconnected and ultimately I I I realize there’s something going on regarding my masculine feminine balance and I set out to make 2007 the year that I actively explored my messy alinity and what it means to me to be a man in the world and so I I had no idea when I said out on that Journey that it was going to be so powerfully transformative on all levels and that who I who I was was was going to just practically overnight in new me before and who I see now still can’t stop saying to me oh my God I did you like it you change so much the transformation was so potent that it ended become the foundation of the work that I do in the world and where I can reverse-engineer something that I did and the process that created and have improved people do it more effectively so anyway I it was then that the erratic rock star was born playing with this question of this idea of so what what is my what is my ideal of like masculine expression in the world now is already doing what you say is, but very academic like my sex Pizza I thought I knew the sexuality had something to do with it but I also got the sense that was to be expressed differently than how I was previously expressing it and she can you how do I say this so I start playing with the creation of an archetype I was limited by my ideas of who I was and who I wasn’t what I’m capable of what I’m what I’m not capable of but he has archetype there’s no limitation there he’s a figment of my imagination could be anything and you started writing about it a lot dreaming about it thinking about talking about it and it’s flushing out to this imaginary creature Cisco Burning Man Community where it’s very normal to kind of like play with character and costume and Craig costumes and things like that so DJ culture where is Sea Hunt as well as of 2007 which is filtering the rising and peaking of the whole pick up industry so while I was coming out of the Township community I was seeing this guy is happening and I was really confused cuz I was like I’ve been part of this time for a year already and pure suddenly this things happening in his dwarf the impact that we’re having a community where is most people don’t seem to be have that much of an interest in what’s going on at pick up Community has ballooned so rapidly all over the world what the fuck is going on especially when I look at it and I find so much of it so questionable so much of it can flying in the face of my ethics and so part of it for me as well was I wanted to prove whether to the world or to myself that it was possible to be spiritually oriented Heart Center. And still what will call extremely successful with the ladies and so all of these different flavors were put into this archetype that I was creating at as well as I just everything he was the opposite of everything so where is I may have been more reserves and certain spaces he was fully expressed the center of attention nothing yet his sexuality was not oppressor held back in anyway he was in full expression but it’s the one to make sure that wasn’t a light at that grasping needy through his body and end the out of his fights did it part of an expression of his being

Why Men Should Worship Goddesses TPP50


politics-picIn this episode I read an article I wrote for the Good Men Project all about why men should worship goddesses.

It is my belief that the greatest tragedy in the religious history of the world has been the hatred, fear, and suppression of the divine aspect of divinity.

I believe that modern patriarchal societies have been violently cut off from the divine mother goddess. I hope that a paradigm shift is coming soon, I hope to be instrumental in this feminine redemption of the world soul.


Permaculture Goddess Temples Vision TPP05


Gateway_to_the_Emerald_Kingdom_by_asageThis is an interview I did with Evolver Planet Radio a couple years back. It gives some personal as well as academic background on the permaculture goddess temples vision.



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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Calm and our journey together will begin welcome to the township Punk podcast episode number 5 this is an interview I did a couple years ago on a Volvo Planet radio talking about the concept of what it would take to build permaculture goddess temples and some of the anthropology and Eco feminists thinking behind it so hope you enjoy it take care bye Rolex I’d jump into the giant MIND Institute on what is the idea of the brain behind it where that stem from and where you guys at looking to do in 2012 well it goes back officially to the founding in 2005 myself and a fellow Eco Punk survivalist Gardener and eco-feminist Emily a different environments and she grew up in Southern California and we both ended up finding a new tribal family in the punk rock subculture and there is a lot of transformative energy and ecological Consciousness that eventually LED both of us to become tree sitters at the Northwest and we in the tri-states we we basically experienced the kind of Primal eco-energy and living in these kind of Ewok Villages and having to work out a lot of different issues among genders and luckily you know that the legacy of the Eugene area in the University of Oregon and all of the the post 60s do activists that had that kind of live in that region there is a lot of oysters and there was a lot of Consciousness and there was a really amazing symphysis eco-feminist Siri and politics and the practice of wilderness survival going on out in the easy walk Teresa Villages so we ended up crashing past their years later found each other again in Southern California where I moved in 2002 and started playing music and weary line in Southern California and wanted to bring a little bit of that conch City especially because he’s in Southern California are coming to my shows you know and they’re also playing in bands and so I was just in a lot of environmentally conscious use work reading music in a punk bands and we felt that it was important to facilitate their their good work some recognition for their parents in the school dropouts and not recognizing you know all of the contributions that they’re making artistically and you know Visionaries that I’m pretty glad you called sanity and community center Art Space Art Gallery preschool and kind of brought a lot of that stuff you know from the Northwest that we experience to into the inner city and had a community center space in Long Beach for about a year-and-a-half and then kind of depressed City pressure in zone violations worstest out of there and we’ve had several different to a project basis around Southern California since then right now we’re actually really trying to Anchor a vision in for 2012 for building a permaculture goddess temples with the we were both really be influenced by a documentary film call the goddess remembered and if not if it really goes into the history and a patriarchy and the prehistory of what riane Eisler in chalice and the blade refers to as partnership societies versus the later you know Dominator societies that we’re currently living in the in the legacy of so that’s really gave us directions as far as what kind of especially when it comes to sustainability and survival and food production we want to create sacred spaces that are functionally practically robe has been resilient you know on the material physical security just really having a more secure email exploring Ascend to the higher chakras Safeway where we have our physical security in our basic survival needs you know Food Water Energy security taking care of shelter as well the emerging that the goddess Temple archetype which goes back thousands of years like I think the oldest one the oldest is in malta and there’s tons of goddess figurines is Monumental architecture and stonework which actually in terms of transferring your ear message to the Future Stone Engravings are the longest and preserve medium so all the stuff the closest create really if you don’t like it into stone is not going to be part of the future so yeah 2012 potential for catastrophic Earth changes to happen will there’s kind of I don’t know I guess we’re thinking love of averages are probability that if we spring up enough permaculture goddess temples around the world that actually have you know perennial food system built-in will not just see the ruins of you know Stone cities that that have no fees goddess figurines which tells us the potential of using this is before permaculture even existed as a word but it’s definitely one of the one of the pillars of the inspiration for the potential of creating regenerative food production systems that actually are you plugged in you know the variables in a seven-layer you know Forest ecology system where you have all the different you know dynamics of the species working together so they provide their own hydration their own fertile fertilization and they received themselves so I just encourage people to have to look into permaculture and she understand the concept of the craving food forests that will pretty much perpetuate themselves and only after several you know months or years of intensive she couldn’t have her to get them once they established you know they will last for a long time and I really just kind of feel like whatever you know what answer is that you know this year if it is validated activity and modern ideas about what can happen you know around this time could be next year, who knows when but but the idea that you know it’s possible that the lights may go out on our modern civilization in at the information age may end that really compels me to try to spread the meme of permaculture goddess temples worldwide so that whatever happens you know deserts maybe oceans and valleys maybe Peaks and all of that kind of stuff but you know properly dispersed throughout the globe at least a few of them will last and and the whole book would be they will stand as symbols to 22 really promote all and reverence for the sacred feminine and I’ve been doing a lot of timeshare work recently there’s a couple of folks in town Reena Desai in Rota Jordan to do amazing work to help people connect with Earth energy into understand the power of of integrating goddess energy or divine feminine energy into our lives as males and females there’s an amazing healing effect of that of those practices and and I just cannot tell you how much through the work that I’ve done with them and I really think that yeah that’s the kind of guidance that I’m looking for in that there were looking for as far as I know getting the energy that we need to do this kind of work and have some counterbalancing on the imbalance of masculine energy which has been really corrupting and destroying life on Earth last five thousand years and I really both you know Emily and myself you know we had very similar Paths of encountering eco-feminist scholarship in our Career College experiences Anthropologie students there’s an essay by one of her professors Novotny very very short and concise way for people to learn about the egalitarians gather Hunter societies that for 99% of human history you know actively maintain a horizontal axis of power between genders and there was respect and reverence of all types of animistic spirits and and and and a real understanding of the life-giving and nurturing power of the of the female and that was you know obviously transposon to a cosmology of nature that where it where the female principle was honored and it was considered sacred and if you study how exactly that if you study how exactly that got perverted and destroyed you will really understand the importance of reclaiming the Monumental architecture because that’s what was destroyed in that was what was changed from you know the the the life-giving mother goddess to the warrior code of the the you know the Conquering lands and all that kind of stuff you know there’s there’s really a lot of people you know even radical people and spiritual I think don’t really get into as far as their study of the history of patriarchy and I I really don’t think without that understanding there’s going to be a way out of this or you know whatever system whatever name is call Reno feudalism to capitalism are symptoms of a deeper crisis which is that loss of the reverence of the feminine Divine that’s in legacies of Priestess classes in in just a passing down generation to generation the culture the coastal tools to be able to access that stuff I think you know for us today now you know getting into what what is probably one of the fastest tracks to understand that because if you can see what these people can do with the room of of willing and there’s an all we know people have you know maybe a misconception that it’s all about sexual work but it really it transcends that it’s about all areas of life and understanding you know our our ability to draw from both masculine and feminine energy and to really refine and cultivate and balance them internally within our relationships you know our intimate relationships and with their relationships with the and the way that we make a living in the world and all that kind of stuff so I think it’s just a lot of solutions a lot of things that were excited to work on and you know Emily’s is working on this this kind of creating this kind of goddess worshiping Sacred Space with permaculture the Northwest and I’m I’m always doing projects here and we have you know just various ways to plug in for anybody who’s interested and go to our website. Dash mine. Org and contact us if this is something that you’re interested in and contributing to at the physical energy or with any kind of other resources were always looking for help to interview what you have going on with the guy MIND Institute currently what is a permaculture goddess word for something that has like a two thousand-year-old or down by an archaeologist today don’t have no permaculture and what not but the real conscious you know design implementation of of permaculture regenerative Design Systems has not to my knowledge been done in in this in association with with goddess temples and I really think that I’m a few look at Amanda stages artwork she’s really pulling down that futuristic vision of reaffirming the divine feminine energy in the goddess and sculpting land the land and sculpting are human settlement design and RNR don’t work too actually to be conducive to permaculture you know regenerative design installation and Monumental architecture and that’s really why I love her stuff so much as it’s all there you know the artist in like Terence McKenna said it’s the responsibility of the to the tap into the sort of future slowest of energy and information coming in kind of feeding back get feeling back to us from the future in the artist of the ones who are tuned into that and able to see that and yes man credit for the antenna of the race yeah very cool actually yeah we just picked up some feed and must be all these solar flares today we’ve been having crazy feedback today at the station are all really as well let me see if I can yeah it is going to be at the urban permaculture house on Saturday February 4th from 1 to 3:30 p.m. I’m not looking at the the address in front of me right now definitely go to our website guy mind. Org for that and basically something that we’ve been working on with the guy MIND Institute for many years and it is I think one of the most important ways that we can Bridge the chasm some really dark times food shortages you know skyrocketing prices inflation economic collapse dollar store all that stuff you know there’s quite a bit of it that isn’t you know speculation or prediction requite a bit of like a crunch that people are feeling feeling now just financially there’s a lot of facts about sprouting the people I don’t think they’re aware of one being for example that buy sprouting grains and seeds and legumes before cooking them you’re actually increasing the bioavailable nutrients to 225 hundred times the vitamins and minerals divided availability of them I’ve experienced an amazing feat like super powers of clarity and energy and insight and and just physical robusticity that just from like you know the half a cup of that you are a cup or two of a Sprouts in sand some you can eat raw some you can you know you can you want to cook special are legumes but really and it’s dirt-cheap so you can get 25 bags for 50 pound bags inside of the seed stalks from you know if you want to go organic there are some options but I really recommend a place called Torn & Glasser for people in Los Angeles where you can get a bulk health food store for you know half the price you know half to two-thirds the price and you’re getting him in bulk quantities which will actually force you to to do what I think is appropriate language is to have a reserve of this stuff on site do you know what your house you don’t get 5 gallon buckets mylar bags and oxygen absorber packets and you can create you know food Security in an insurance policy for your own survival with sprout sprout seeds and Dandy’s kit with the buckets this is a big thing in the survivalist movement studying very very experienced I’m a culture and also with this server Consciousness Evolution movement which I find is is is very very healing and very empowering but often times it’s focused on higher chakra work and not as considerate as giving as much consideration to the nuts and bolts as physically surviving in the physical plane which is going to become harder and harder as we move forward from this point preparedness and I know it’s a more of destructive process where you have to fend for yourself we’re going to check out guy and dash mine. Org resources there it’s an awesome sight yeah. I just want to say bend that I I love what you’ve been saying that the whole time that I decide right loving and stuff like that is not going to do the water supplies and stuff like that when something to happen so you know preparing for the physical is just as important as preparing for the spiritual and I’ve always been a big player on that grounding yourself because we do have graduation day is coming in a bit definitely definitely I like the same tie up your horse before you pray that kind of says it all right thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me a podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

If Tyler Durden was Feminist Woman

What if tyler durden was a feminist woman?

Instead of space monkeys would she train an army of ocean mermaids?

Would they dance and massage instead of fight?

Would they be guerilla gardeners instead of sabotuers?

Would the project mayhem envelopes contain seed packets?

Would they all be loved and cherished as beautiful and unique snowflakes?

if their fathers left them, would they get revenge against patriarchy by building goddess temples where men could be trained to worship the feminine divine?

If tyler was a woman would she say to her hallucenating subalterego self “i want you to caress me as softly as you can” instead of “i want you to hit me as hard as you can”?

If tyler was a woman, would she have created sacred space for marla to cry on her shoulder?

Would they have been able to attend all the support groups together, especially testicular cancer since technically they both would be without balls?

If tyler was a woman, would she embrace her sacred masculine aspect in a creative instead of destructive manner?

Instead of picking fights with strangers, would she assign her army to pick flowers to give them?

Come on brad lets see you in drag

You can be just as mad

but drop the macho act

More testosterone is not the answer

healing starts with surrendering into compassion

fighting for justice is an act of love

so have some ovaries and woman up to grace

Your rage need not be displaced

integrate the god/goddess within and cosmic bliss will wash away all sin

With rhytmic waves of medicine

pouring from the union of both masculine and feminine.