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Santa Cruz Decriminalizes Plant and Fungi Entheogens TPP236


Santa Cruz Entheogens Approved

In this episode I share the audio recording from the Santa Cruz city council vote that decriminalized entheogens:

Resolution declaring that the investigation and arrest of individuals twenty-one (21) years of age and older involved with the adult personal use and personal possession of entheogenic psychoactive plants and fungi listed on the Federal Schedule 1 list be amongst the lowest priorities for the City of Santa Cruz.

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Shamanic Pornography and the Ethics of Consent TPP230


Consent Panel Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the 2019 Xbiz Show Consent Round Table session where I respectfully introduced a question for the panel on the ethics of consent for psychedelic shamanic pornography. Not knowing how I’d be received it took a bit of bravery to speak up but I was met with gracious insight and advisement from industry veterans. They were on point with their concerns and dissuasive remarks, all of which I take to heart and value like gold. I feel that whether you’re a sex work, porn performer or producer, or so called “civilian” with no involvement in the sex industry, this panel is very enlightening, and I thank them all very much for briefly holding space for my niche question.

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera 01 Post-Ceremony Interview TPP228


Post Ceremony Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the post-ceremony interview from Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 01 “Erotic Ghostbusting”.  It’s a trip to re-listen 3 years later and compassionately judge myself for how I walked a narrow path to sustain integrity to my bold claims. Life has not been a beach since then, in some ways I’ve flourished, in some ways I’ve floundered, but I’ve made progress, and as any aspiring scientific explorer knows, the process of proving out theories can be painfully slow. All in all, every breakthrough big and small will always be sweeter the fewer and further between that they are.  The wisdom of the shakti energy of transformation can be fast, but it can also be slow. Trusting, keeping the faith, and holding on for dear life to the integrity of scientific methods and medical study ethics is the name of the long game…

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera 01 Pre-Ceremony Interview TPP227


STO Interview Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the pre-ceremony interview from Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 01 “Erotic Ghostbusting”. The episode included a beautiful and powerful selection of clips from the full interview and I’ve been holding on to the whole interview for a while with the intent to eventually publish. After re-listening I feel that I’ve held true to the values and principles spoken over 3 years ago now. While I’ve told my story many times, each context brings different energy, passion, purpose, and insight to the transpersonal and universal themes contained within. The moment in my personal evolution that this interview documents is, in a classical tantric sense, as timeless and permanent as an ancient stone, yet as fleeting and transitory as a rain drop over the ocean. I was blessed to be held and heard in this interview and I will return to this moment if I ever feel led astray from my core. It’s impossible to resist change of all kinds, but the spirit of resistance will always adapt to survive.

How the Plantrika Dr. Yalila Espinoza is Healing the Soul of Crypto TPP192


Yalila PicIn this episode I’m joined again by Dr. Yalila Espinoza for an exploration of her medicine journeys into the heart of the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement.

I first hired Yalila to advise on an experimental healing ceremony design back in 2013 after discovering her great works online. Now over 5 years later, we’ve remained colleagues and friends in the shamanic space, and have done two previous podcast episodes, it turns out we’ve also been deeply immersed in crypto-psychedelia.

It was an exquisite gift to be able to have her on the show this time to talk about this aspect of our life journeys that we hadn’t yet connected on, and see the many emergent properties of mutual understanding and shared analysis.

She’s been doing some amazing work to bring sacred wisdom teachings, ceremony, ritual, and other shamanic modalities into the the heart and soul of the crypto movement. Knowing she has stepped up in this way feels like a new multi-dimensional super heroine has arisen to build bridges from the amazon jungle to silicon valley, wall street, and beyond.

Please visit her website at:

About Yalila:
With this unique moment of cultural evolution, Espinoza finds herself at the center of an ecosystem where powerful business and technology influencers are asking for healing and wholeness.  While working in hospitals within a medical model and then conducting her PhD research on wellness and healing, she noticed the gap in the delivery of health services and the chasm between her own esoteric spiritual offerings and the specific needs of thought leaders. Espinoza found that her clients, while pioneering new businesses and technologies tended to suffer from burnout, depression, and disease. She realized transforming the human and machine networks of the world, like the Internet, must begin with physical, emotional, and mental transformation of the self. So in 2017, Espinoza founded InnerNet, an integrated wellness advisory offering online programs, one-on-one coaching, and retreats designed to optimize leaders’ potential to realize their missions with creativity, clarity, and compassion. 

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 192 I am being blessed today with Doctor you Lila Espinoza founder of internet and a wellness consultant and she’s been on the show a couple of times before please go to my website and look up you’ll be the Espinoza you will find some very deep it’s a very deep Rabbit Hole added to the things we’ve gotten into in the past with Shamanism and healing work and now we’re going to be talking about healing and Shamanism through technology and through blockchain and all really new and exciting developments that to have have cut the world taking the World by storm and we are Kindred Spirits in our approach to I would say the the promise of of a decentralized more mycelial type of networking architecture for governance and for autonomy in for communities in in having that deep lens of shamanic practitioner work and in Journey work we can I would say really resonating really commiserate on the need for a a bottom-up approach to solving the world’s problems in in and starting with the financial problems in the capital distribution problems startup funding problem venture capital for women Founders for people who are doing philanthropic work there’s a huge need for this and also there’s a lot of people who are outspoken psychedelic Warriors within the crypto space I know that the anarchapulco conference has a a sort of there their opportunities for for for ceremonial work that that I’ve heard about and there’s also a crypt of psychedelic conference that’s happened at least once already if I don’t know if it will win next one is being planned but I had to have some some conversations with folks around that already so I’m looking forward to catching up with you you Lila and please tell us all about what you been up to and I love to just hear that they love story of you you’re you’re recording of the blockchain tech I love hearing about how people you know get seduced and then become Believers yes thank you so much for having me and saw the listeners I look forward to connecting and whatever way is in the cosmic alignment so it’s interesting because I’ve reflected in the past week about my journey with in Shamanism psychedelics and now technology because I’m giving a talk actually later today in San Francisco and I I looked at how you know focusing on the Life Energy centers of our body and how I started off an academic world in the medical model working in hospitals really focused on health and wellness and what does that mean for humans in in this part of our Evolution and became dissatisfied and then went into you could say that the third Energy Center of power and when it is Shamanism and in terms of you know how energy is used in in healing and really the base of a believe in Shamanism is around at the power to tap into these energies to know them to work with them and be in service to our community and so the power of the light in the dark and shamans choosing which way they want to search time is it really the the key difference so I went into a long journey in Shamanism personally 3 Anjali and going down into the previant jungle and having my first three months at Journey with Ayahuasca and tobacco and it’ll in isolation very intense journey and that really well 13 years ago was the start of my connection with technology and Consciousness I realize that now reflecting back because in that dream journey and isolation I came out of that we call them deetta’s I called him so much Journeys and out of that three months you know one might expect you and I are I love myself and I found God or if you know found my purpose in life what I asked that came out of that Journey with was the importance of finding a way to bridge traditional Shamanism with contemporary technology and that for me to be in the world and actually thrive in the simplest way what I needed was my iPhone in one hand and my pipe into back one another and with those two technologies I would be able to to learn how to reconnect with the soul of technology so so then I didn’t think much of it at the time but really then it led me to the second Energy Center and all-around sexuality and sensuality I did my PhD research on that and when it’s my own Journey around that piece of of my healing that needed to happen and then was serving as a counselor and a Healer around sexuality and psychedelics which maybe cuz I was speaking at Horizons in New York on the on my research study and that’s what I met in 2013 the sum of the blockchain folks and one of them in particular who is hosting me we became good friends and he led me into the folks who actually work Hill from the co-founders of aetherium in the start-up projects that were happening in your cat at that time is pretty early 2013-2014 and I can’t I didn’t think much of think much of the technology I just didn’t have that background so I couldn’t understand it but was fascinating is through my serving in an offering psychedelic Journeys Inn in South America to these folks in the blockchain world I was actually able to see how the mechanism of this technology in ceremony so my first taste of it was actually seen it you know hallucinating or altered state and seeing the connection somehow the minds of these blockchain folks are so strong I think it generally in the tech world that it was such a was so invigorating and an exciting because that I could actually asked him to show me you know quantum physics and mathematical equation I could see it and so then okay that I went to you no more of the written information and actually learning about the code and and seeing how and if practical way they would this information was being ground within the blockchain technology and then all the incredible positives that came out of this technology could be the foundation of a whole new like paradigm shift in the way that values is exchanged so that was really exciting to me and you know this this took me a good for years to learn I’m a slow learner and one way but I also like to learn deeply so I was learning it experientially and then your written material talking to a lot of the blockchain founders of Neo various companies and then he knows Tina and action and actually you know getting some of these apps and in learning me know what they can actually do and going to a lot of conferences watching Converses and and that just got really caught up in just the excitement you know this is a space that is just draws a lot of innovative minded future thinkers and innovators and you know just a sense of camaraderie and supporting each other and I couldn’t believe how welcomed I was as coming from academics in healing they they respected me and I respected them and I was able to learn how to you no make that bridge from my world to their worlds and really getting excited about the exchange of our information and so I just was seduced by I not only they technology but the people that were drawn to it and the dedication to changing our our economic Paradigm & in the way that we set up all kinds of you know housing and you know land and food and it is just so incredible so you know here we are 5 years later and I’m still right in the mix of it and you’re really excited now about virtual reality and Ai and how that can be bridged into the ceremonial space that’s that’s my journey so far in NFL well that was so amazing and I just was having chills and I could just cinematically follow along and when you got to the point of when you said you were able to see how the technology Works in ceremony that was so deeply moving and so beautiful because it’s such a multi-dimensional phenomenon and if in it’s so multi-layered into to appreciate I think I I made this comment to a friend is all it was a very very high level developer in his face and he and I I just made a joke in a recent podcast with him I said the Bitcoin makes Bitcoin makes crop circles looks like look like a play school set you know in terms of the degree of multidimensionality that goes into it and it is it is such a I mean and Andreas Antonopoulos recently and in one of his podcast video presentations and interviews he he said that when he read the Bitcoin first year of the Bitcoin white paper but then when you actually read the code it was for him basically like a symphony and he was brought to tears when he could understand the genius of it and it’s so apt for a for psychedelic journey to be able to ask for this for this field of of wisdom and information and Math and Science and Technology and code for it to just presented itself and dance in your mind for you in that place of ceremony where anything’s possible anything can be visualized and so I just think that is so beautiful on the inside knowing that you also this is really mind-blowing for me to knowing that you have this I wasn’t aware so much so basically we had already been talking and both of us had had this sort of like part of our subconscious basically beginning to be initiated into the space but we weren’t really because it wasn’t of our direct backgrounds it wasn’t an instant sort of I guess it didn’t click instantly for me I was explain how work and I thought it was cool and I was like yeah that’s internet money for anarchists that’s awesome you know but I wasn’t an investor I wasn’t a coder and it took a while once I went through you know the second Energy Center sexuality and and it was beat the psychedelics it actually showed me the importance of myself dropping my energy down into the first root Center where you no money safety you know security that whole place at a lot of healers you know maybe feel uncomfortable in or don’t have the opportunity to be in that often that I was able to really staying in this Center and part of it was that I was getting paid in crypto you know years ago from some of my clients who are you know the pioneers and in blockchain and I didn’t understand what that meant at the time I was like okay I guess they’re very kind and helping me open up my first Bitcoin wallet etcetera and I didn’t even understand it at the time and effort to understand it because you know what that meant for me and how to do the exchanges and things like that so I started off and makes it more The Surreal level of the fit if you say mathematics and physics and seeing how matters to me is a version of God of that Godlike energy and seeing how it comes down into the code it is beautiful really need and you see it yeah I totally agree and you know that I don’t know if you how big of a Terrence McKenna fan you are thinking of becoming more of a Dennis McKenna fan over the years but something that I loved about so endearing to me about about a lot of his talks was when he talked about the feminine Spirit of internet technology and how excited he was that we would be able to eventually use things like VR to give people immersive training or sort of it be able to create a visual language like the Ayahuasca experience where we could start to really understand each other better through through a universal language that is symbolic but also based on objects and colors in math and it to me this is such a fulfillment of that feminine Force coming through a lot of people who are you know he would always say that you go to a Silicon Valley startup office and it’s all these microdosing you know acid heads with hair down to their ass and I’d like to hear I know there was a time when you were when you were when you were starting to talk about Silicon Valley and bringing the medicine the same to you go and bring the medicine to those who are really reshaping reality from that level of of power of Technology do you want to just talk more about maybe without disclosing anything confidential of course just some of the some of the before and afters you’ve had the makeovers that you’ve had with some of the tech Geeks and how they’ve how they’ve been able to be massaged by that the medicine Spirits have become to Adorn one of them did gently say to me if they feel it’s not a lie to myself that is that a techie kid learning to love that part in myself and and and also honoring that you know every person is different in their enemies that divers field and that there are some common patterns that I have seen and the fact that I was given the directions psychedelics to serve a particular Community around the you know very influential and Powerful leaders in the text field that I’ve been able to track and and see how they actually lead differently in and really the the number one thing is the realization that the transformation is starts with the inner transformational journey and so even having the giving themselves that time you know few days it’s you sink into a different space in their mind right so it’s not like I have a container and say okay everyone thinking about your project Source. You know you know this go back to your family history and I want you to cry or something not at all what I was seeing is that the synthesis the stamina in the dedication in the Brilliance of these of these folks and that it really good-hearted people and that they were passionate about what they were doing and giving their mind that’s almost like the ceremonial space giving their mind a space to allow other information that may not be in their Consciousness you know at the time she come through and that’s where you hear about folks you know even the microdosing folks if they go to Peru and sit with Anna Ayahuasca Circle and I you know ask a question of it a problem that they’ve had you know mathematical equation or some something on their project they can’t quite figure out and that giving up space to have the different kind of intelligence guide them in in discovering a piece of the puzzle and so I find that you know when in general folks being very compassionate and curious and how these intelligence come together the other thing is in terms of their leadership is that once they are hard intelligence because that’s really a lot of the psychedelics the sacred psychedelics are helping us to tap into that heart energy into once they are in love energy seeing that the influence that makes and how they engage with their team member so you know more of a knowledgement that is it you know they’re all together in this project and higher level and it really honoring people for where they’re at in the heart of leadership is is learning how to inspire people to grow within the company within their teams within the project until having more patients and you know seeing the bigger picture so it’s not all about profit and yes of course I’m surprised and seeing that if if there’s a dedication to the why of their company and of the people that are there then that why and the purpose of the collective purpose actually creating more success and inflow with within the within the company so that’s one pattern also that I’ve seen Etsy the other that the third one is is around these texts Psychonauts of the learning how to bridge technology and spirituality which is always been one of my big passions and I didn’t really know how it so they’ve taught me a lot and in how this connection can unveil itself and in many ways and then coming from their religious background or spiritual background and then how they think of of math and in quantum physics in relation to a fascist like it blows my mind you know when they’re talking to me about this cell this Ray this field of the interplay between the Divine and the and form and structure and yeah I didn’t mean to cut you out there to say I wanted to make that mention so please continue the inner transformation and their their passion and purpose and then the second with the love more love and compassion for all the teams and and then that the more philosophical connection here that those those really stand out for me folks that were with me five years ago are still with me so I actually am able to track you know connect with the Divine or connect with the love Center I mean it cuz it’s not that simple everyone is sort of you’re learning a different piece and and so really what I love to do is trade space that people can share these pieces with each other and in how that actually informs that transition for their next step you know when whatever fits a personal life or professional life but it is still fascinating to me and I’m so very you know intimately woven in with with the baseballs beautiful well knowing now even more haven’t you said all of this which is so beautiful and invigorating and exciting and I just I’m so I’m so glad we’re just In This Moment having this conversation because it has been I feel like I’m it’s been extremely painful and in in triggering for me to to look at the shadow of what’s happening in this in this space which is you know I’m going to ask you to bear with me for a minute while I kind of organize my thoughts on how to how to bring this Dimension to the conversation in a in a good way I’m going to Omit using that the names of any individuals that I will not going to call anybody out or or put any putting it in the spotlight to anyone but but it’s it’s what would what I can see if we step back from from a more shamanic perspective is that there is a in absolute crisis of hyper toxic masculine Behavior that’s creating these extremely almost mythical an archetypal Wars of the Gods and end DIYs always think it’s a play on words to think about how Davis and Davies in in the in and they can talk about the devil’s right so there is it’s almost like The Vedic battles in the sky to me these genius mathematicians cryptographers programmers and them their armies of now the Speculator there’s all these high frequency trading robot armies that are trolling the warring factions and so it’s kind of like if you were to open The Vedas and you see them describing these battles of cities in Disguise and all of his alien foreign hyper advanced technology and the sort of drama playing out and the people on Earth are watching this drama and just trying to trying to create some record of it and most of it is just completely unintelligible to them cuz it’s so far out and so Advanced and almost seems like there’s just this war of the AstroWorld coming down and and duking it right above Earth dropping debris from that that Astro Battlefield and things just like falling on people’s heads and then people just scratching their heads trying to make sense of it so you have the bestest what’s coming to my mind when I think about these these programmers and their projects and their their Venture funding and all of these different puppeteers of technology in this battle between open source and closed source and regulated and unregulated in public and private blockchain Jaden and if it would it would it all is sort of sort of this rhyme of history is just these patriarchal warlord and we would calm just really do she really kind of integrated uninvolved masculine guys who are who are gorgeous and I’m just they’re just getting more and more narcissistic and sociopathic and they’re tweeting and and the technology of social media creates this really kind of Twisted Echo chamber and when I when I bring this up sometimes people will say of you know you’re trying to use psychedelics in ceremony and Shamanism as a Panacea and you know it’s not a magic pill and you know but I just keep saying like I think I need to hear these men do that family work and be brought into a ceremony where do certainly the ones that are that are just creating like threatening to just nuclear meltdown of all the cryptos in the opposing camps and just using their stashes of Mega you know stashes of of Bitcoin to flood the market and to manipulate as tactical that what they call the hash worse but that just happened in probably the hash words just knocked bitcoin price and 1/2 they’re just waving around these lightsabers and in in digging into the charts and and I one waiting for the sort of like trumpeting angels to come in and bring in the Davies you know the akalis in a Durga is going to come in and start grabbing these These are is Zeno by the by the Scruff of their neck and in and actually intervene so I’m wondering I know that’s a lot but anybody who is his familiar with yoga Tantra me all the scriptures that the talk about these epic battles or even from the Western perspective that the mythical Gods fighting you know this is not new and what seems to be the promise of the Shakti movement of Tantra and the Psychedelic feminist movements coming out of their group that you’re involved with there’s got to be some maternal wisdom brought to these boys and their toys you know so that she take it from there I totally resonate with this the Epic War analogy because it is real is that I’ve been to blockchain conferences and meetups in cities all over the states and and you’re up and and what really carries me through and I feel so fortunate somehow I have this eternal optimism and I certainly see the shadow I see the darkness 10 gauge with it and I’m still very optimistic and I think it’s really in my own connection with the sacred psychedelics in that they’re continually I feel like they got my back and they’re continually raising me up and and encouraging me and motivating me a stay steady with in the turmoil and I feel like for a lot of us and probably folks listening that this is part of our role is to learn how and these These are at War like an energy battle that we are centered and we emanate that that love and not always loving everyone per se you know that’s around us and in this these toys with our boys with toys and I do feel I can honestly say neutral when I meet them and I and I just said luck and I just what I’m doing is I’m like an anthropologist and I’m watching am seeing how they’re engaging with the but that the people around them and I start where people are at right so when I’m speaking to some of these folk is not like I think he would be good for you to do family systems work and come to this you know come to Peru like I would never say that I start or people are at I’m like what motivates you right now and you know once the trust his is built by and continually is is building and there’s a softening that happened so you know for me in 5 years in and I I do believe that there is a beautiful sense of respect for each other and trust this building and I’m watching where this energy takes us play so I what I can get really involves is the patience and perseverance and faith and that this is you know way bigger than me I’m being in service and being directed by these other intelligences along with my own you don’t be Discerning and where to actually Channel my energy and then I’m patient and it’s been tough you know I really wanted to get into some of these blockchain meetings and and I have actually is sometimes I’m like okay let’s talk about the let’s talk about how you know the technology is actually had of our human consciousness level as well as our laws right so you know how can we catch those pieces up to the level that technology to actually maximize the benefit of it and then you know how can we actually expire is that Founders and CEOs and and developers to to build that projects that are noble that have elevated intentions that that is a sense of good for all I do feel it’s possible yeah I totally agree I Kevin this is the most thrilling and exciting development in my entire life for sure if not in the history of the battle of Good and Evil on Earth that’s I really feel like it and you can see it it brings out the best and can sometimes bring out the worst but but really even those who would be considered more more super villains now in the space the lot of them started out as Jedis training humbly with Yoda it you know so they all have that imprint of that desire to do good eyebrows really very few people who I think are are fundamentally irredeemable I mean I don’t know if I feel better that way about anybody in the darker the shadow is the more potential there is to bring that medicine from those places so I agree with you and then I fly it’s I guess it’s easy for me to say or easier for me to say in some senses because I am a white mostly cis-male and so I don’t experience some of the author of out of the exclusion and in sometimes bigotry but at least at least Prejudice and you know it was through the women in crypto track at the crypto invest Summit in La last year that I discovered things like there’s only four percent of female CEOs in the US at least and then only 2% of venture funding goes to women Founders and that studies have proven that female executives are more profitable so whether you’re a feminist or not you’re leaving money on the table if you’re in any kind of a position of power in the business world in the investment world to not be creating more balance in in that in that space so I guess I’d like to ask psychedelic feminism Financial feminism women in crypto women in blockchain do you find yourself a building strong Sisterhood networks in circles amidst all of the other boys with toys as he said to align myself with very brilliant women in the field and be there and so we’re learning with each other and what’s just so inspiring is that some of these clients who are in their late 20s early 30s forging ahead and they sell I don’t know how they do it but they just have this determination and and also feminine ways of going through these hurdles in their in their workplace and them in the company’s and let me know some of them Founders and dealing with the hiring of a lot of that males and and and how that that plays out in the power struggles and they just they have such Grace and I just witness them you know managing it all in a way that’s it really inspiring and stay and then when they’re also going through these psychedelic Journeys I see that they just become more and somebody’s determined and focused and incompetent and and you know they’re also patients over time I see them gain their respective of their colleagues and you take a couple years of storming and and then there’s this is kind of settling that happens and so I I am extremely inspired by the women in blockchain in particular and just wants to be in service to them in any way I can so that they can continue to forge ahead also well on that note I would say we should definitely spend the rest of this our here just having you tell us all about more in detail what it is that you provide and what you’re offering and what your projects are now we got I think this was a good sort of philosophical overview and Andre connection for you and me to to get to get caught up in the space but I really would like to hear more and maybe we can also I guess we can go for as long as you are available at today and in this timeframe to talk about your projects and introduce what you’re doing with your hair with your new your new Ventures and and really make this more of a of a promotional pitch for the remainder promotional pitch for me that’s it really exciting right now is I would love to connect with folks who are working in the VR AI space and are interested in psychedelics not only interested but wanting to create platforms where people can engage in these different fields at virtually and so I know it’s happening I am in San Francisco right now I’m going to meet some some folks in the field tonight and for anyone who’s listening that I would just appreciate a shout out and I’m please connect with me that info info a 10.1 i n n e r o n e because I I really interested in collaborating I would love to work on a team whether it’s already clean a project that’s happening right now or someone wants start one I just have so many ideas about how this could coming to that material in the world and I know a lot of folks in the you know blockchain developers as well as healing practitioners and really wanting to be a bridge between these worlds in and connect folks who can contribute to a project like this so that’s my first pitch in terms of concrete offerings right now I think my two favorite people in the world now that had I met through the blockchain space are this Penelope and America they are the Cyber code Twins and their East LA born and raised Latina women in Tech who have taken the World by storm they’ve got TED Talks they have been winning hackathons and they have I think one of the things they developed together with second virtual reality drug and alcohol rehabilitation immersive experience for people who can’t afford to go to like Celebrity Rehab and that’s one application I don’t know what their personal interest is necessarily in psychedelic Shamanism however they seem to be very open-minded and they are 8 leaving One Like a White House award or something like that they’re just absolutely storming the charts of the women in crypto and I’ll send you a link to one of their TED talks but yeah I know that there it would probably be really good allies in that and not space I just wanted to mention them and then yeah go on please continue practical way the internet is offering three different project and the 1st is out there called dinner one Retreats and so these are live 225 day Retreats held in beautiful places for folks to get back to their vital bodies and be rejuvenated by nature to these are wellness retreats and you know cluding Mayo massage and Sound by sand yoga and meditation life coaching and team-building exercises and then some of the in South America do include Ayahuasca and someone Mexico include psilocybin so those are those Retreats and then there is an online program it’s called zero to one building blocks to Wellness and it is I was here I consider it more of like a integration platform for people so that they can continue harvesting the the fruit of what comes out of these lab Retreats or vice a versa can be a good preparation for Allegra tree and it’s focusing on daily Wellness practices and it’s interesting after how many years in the Psychedelic world I’ve actually gone back to the basics and I feel that you know it’s wonderful to be in a journey and see all kinds of amazing things and we still are in bodies in this lifetime in this earth and that I’m going back to you what we are drinking and eating our sleeping near so many books speakers that focus on this and a night it’s because it’s so essential it’s in so really the program going back to the basics and I just reminding us to be but I guess being mindful of our daily practices so that’s the 0 to 1 and then there’s another piece that is it’s actually new and it’s it’s pretty exciting I’m working with a group in Europe and it’s called Legacy Ventures and we’re going to be offering Retreats that actually is facilitated by many different facilitators and shamans from around the world and and so I’m just one of them one of many and offering Retreats on the difference element so have a 1 focus on fire and having fire ritual what does that mean in our lives and in her a lot of these folks are in our Business Leaders CEOs and and then another Retreat focus on the water and the Earth in the air and then that sacred Center so that’s just starting this year and it’s it’s really exciting for me to be cooperative with other leaders and also I just opening up to the European folk sand and feeling so what is that like and what are they wanting these days and then see the parallels in the differences between the United States and Canada and Mexico so that. In a nutshell is what I’m up to you for this year that is so amazing what we do a push-up real needs everything you’re doing now more than ever and I’m just so thrilled I feel like I’m reading a comic book or something in your just the new Marvel comic book superhero in this of swords and in just adding these new new levels of armor and magic and Empower I can just see I see the the sort of thing I get a better sense of the multi-dimensional warrior Goddess that you have just become an indigenous is so exciting to me to tell me more folks who I don’t have to run into a brick wall trying to explain the the seriousness the timeliness the importance the relevance the you know it’s really really demoralizing and sometimes heartbreaking for me when I get stonewalled it’s not about it’s not about losing out on the opportunity 4000 X Games it’s about losing out on the under this will be some I see it is one of the most rare opportunities in the history of political discourse certainly political economic discourse where the radical libertarian and some people would like to use the word left anymore but definitely from the the libertarian to the anarchist perspective this is one of the first time ever that anything from these camps actually became not just mainstream but was so Superior that it was subversive as a side effect of its superiority to the to the to the disorder let me know Malcolm and Malcolm X I believe said something like if you want it over to the system you have to create a better one system but make the old system obsolete is really what it comes down to so I love it when people talk about the Legacy banking system and the Legacy voting system and it’s like we’re already in this Ann turkel crypto Anarchist future where people from Wall Street are defecting enjoying the Occupy Wall Street movement and bringing their bags of capital with them and you know I love people like I will say the name of Joe Lubin I think he is one of my most beloved and endear real shining examples of coming from a feminine place of problem solving and team building in and you see how his Vibe is really impenetrable to all of the pickings and and browbeating is of the progressive alt masc so cheers to him and into the others and Andria’s and other people who keep out of the drama so yeah before I go too far off into the weeds I want to thank you so much again in to see if you would like to share your your website links and maybe if you would if you have time to just give us a bit of a closing meditation that that brings us all together those who were cryptophobia can those who are crypto douchiest and everything in between let’s let’s all make space for each other around this fire. One i n n e r o n e and email is info at in and either myself or my members will respond as soon as we can definitely look forward to connecting with some of you listening now I know that there’s Brilliance all around us and it’s a matter of coming together and matching are our gifts together okay so in terms of thinking of our energies I invite everyone to receive a deep breath then I’ll land here together and reflecting on all this information that has been shared and inviting you to feel in your body where does this information land for you how are you feeling is there an a butterfly’s is your mind buzzing butterflies in the belly butterflies in the heart what’s with activated for you and breathing in is energy and I asked if you’re willing to commit 21 action step spell connecting with you know how you’re feeling right now are you feeling at your best at your most joyful place in this moment in this conversation and then are you committed to an action step that will actually Manifest this feeling and you are unique Vision in the world is taking a minute be very simple drinking more water and it could be very big like asking the sacred psychedelic that you next connect with is it for you anything in between what’s one action step you’re willing to commit to you within the next seven days that will feed nurture your essential contribution in this world then yourself and externally with in the world mache beautiful Williston I just want to say Dad don’t be a stranger please please keep me posted and in the anything that’s coming up any new developments that you want to share even if it’s just a little Clipper Sound by three segments you always feel always free to a to send me anything or to Anna to take to come back on the show I think you were definitely in good company with the other folks who have to drive me on this journey if I explain this material and yeah it’s it’s it’s a real joy to to have met and you know I’m just thinking back into the feeling back into the origin story of how you and I connected in the place that I was in in the what would I resonated with you and the sort of healing journey in the wounded healer journey and now and it’s like look at us now you know we have survived and we’re driving and that’s great so I acted with and also the listeners and one thing anyone who’s still listening if you’ve made it this far. I guess you were the ones that were meant to share this because I forgot to say that one of the newer Evolutions in terms of offerings for those that are in sit-in microdosing sacred psychedelics or plants and trees in your backyard and I also please reach out to me because there is a a new wave of a Soma Journey ask I’m going to be available for folks in Indy pinning into the microdosing practice that’s become so popular these days so that’s awesome alright well you’ll either thank you so much again this is a beautiful experience as usual and I look forward to the next time and you have a wonderful talk tonight and wonderful rest of your weekend and we’ll be in touch, and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological and play single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or emo band at contrabands. Com Thomas Day

Partimony the Tantric Re-Birthday TPP121


In this episode I feature a recent spoken word piece I recorded to document a peak erotic experience in the form of a tantradelic birthday party/ceremony that was organized for a dear beloved priestess. I introduce the piece with commentary that provides some background and offers a greater context for its political-ideological significance.

What a Tantric Shaman Sees on a Porn Set – with Rak Razam TPP69


tp-te-album-track-bg copy In this episode I am joined again by legendary journalist, shamanologist, and in my humble opinion the most important male voice in the global neo-shamanic revolution: Rak Razam! It was an exquisite joy and honor to have him hold space for me to lay out my thesis on tantra, shamanism, and the future of the adult entertainment industry. As a probing journalist and seasoned shamanic guide he facilitates a sapio-sexually charged journey that truly satisfies my desire to make a memorable episode “69”.

Here is the Psychedelic Sexual Exorcism Educational Music Video (Tantra Make-Over Part 1)
Here is the Guided Green Tantric Love Magic Ritual spoken word program

Please visit his website to connect with him, support his projects and subscribe to his podcast: http://rakrazam.com/

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design a never more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved podcast episode number 69 I am talking with rack resume again we’re going to address the issues of adult entertainment and Shamanism and Tantra and how we can use our best wisdom to provide some leadership as these you don’t know potentially empowered roles of women and men can start to you know shape sexual attitudes and really provide some holistic sexuality education from The Fringe in the alternative signs of it all the way to the heart and belly of the Beast so rack thank you so much as his episode number 69 I had to do something you know very memorable with it and you you and I did your episode number 100 so I thought I was through this awesome so Ave yeah I guess if you want to just catch up a little bit you know I’m since we last talked to you know you were talking about the you know that the star of the top of the Christmas tree the 5 Meo Kundalini orgasm of the crown and all that stuff where it where you at with your study for every pic that’s at Ross you know there’s enough and there’s a down and I guess you know it was a little planets in retrograde for the last couple of months and everybody’s Grand Crossing and all this opposition I don’t know if you believe in astrology novice Emmaus is like psychic whether I like to know what the weather is going to be energies out there to know you know anyway so it’s basically I think of it I must tell you I didn’t you know what happened to Universe basically Stripped Away it’s stripped away is essentially a lot of my ongoing work and then there’s money Financial Security issues is Stripped Away my relationships end for me I work are entitled specially you know it during the show many traits which you know and then the riding in the meteor about These Cuffs in my spirituality my sense of identity xoco top sodas in you know I’m not in my might get my sense of ego in the sense of who I am and what I do and even if that part of that is trying to sidestep my ego or understand why you don’t understand how that connects to the Great Hall and I think I’m going to go what the universe is actually did everything a fucking white Explorer some Doc shut up what do I do and what do I do when I can’t do what I usually do and I got some juicy stuff to shed yeah I’ll tell me what you know it is too shorthanded it’s what I I often talked about the experiences and so I guess what I’d love to share in this has disappeared experiences but it’s it’s the same set every freaking moment is sacred and special even if you can’t feel that you know I know that it is and I know that it said sometimes to take experience has helped me see those mundane moments as sacred and that everything is God isn’t everything is full you know to make a bit of me in to make room in to make me face stings and so I honor this very chaotic Dr NE I’ve been on the lights and now yeah we can talk a bit more about that thank you for that and you know to put a few things on my end and contacts to bring up to speed it’s like well damn I’m on this rollercoaster ride of being guided to attempt to establish myself as a is a tantric Rockstar meaning bringing teaching Tantra in creating Puja ritual through live music performance so it becomes you know the lyrics are mantras and the dance is a guided Pooja Shiva Shakti invocation ritual and that is a a sort of bundle package that can in the proper environment really be nurtured and actually create you know an interesting new application so I’ve been down that path for a while and then I don’t know how much of it is me I don’t know how much of it is divine forces certainly trying to be keep the Demonic forces at Bay in the process but the I guess it’s a simple bit of logic here it’s like if I have a you know important message I feel his like the the Deep shock to Tantra scripture teachings and I want to transmit them to the highest level of culture then I want to climb up that you know entertainment industry Pagoda and like sporulate from the top of it that makes sense so it’s not so easy just competing in the music industry with all the other yukino cultural poisonous like temp culture stuff going on and it’s not the ride and it’s paved with good intentions is how you get it like in the Jenny use the destination of naked Miley Cyrus wearing homes in Viking a pentagram in a demonic ritual to enslave that the chi and the vi Sao energy of everyone watching into the Illuminati has faced. I mean I got you just said the whole fucking curse right there that is like show me the here-and-now Andrei deiu you are and what you’re doing let it magnetized that future everything you need to you A lot of that logic and I’ve kind of learned that myself with a I’m not going to go and try to Lake elbow my way onto the setlist on to the bill at the party and then have people drunk not get it and kind of heckle me for trying to you know bring the goddess into their drunken conversation that’s not going to work I failed at that I gave up and I said it’ll be a workshop you know you want to let you know experienced this brand of shocked if acacian sacred dance here it is and that’s that that is kind of that humble stepping down from that attempt to climb but the thing is so bring it back to the point thing it’s like I realize you can buy your way for a very low low price into pornstar time but you can’t buy your way for that lower price into topping the charts of the musician or being a movie star or any other entertained Farm Entertainer so I just got to thinking well you know the way it’s hard to break in as a male performer excuse that language I’m going to it’s it’s hard to get established in the in that way you’re wanting to be a male pornstar a spiritual mail. Is that it I already am technically because if you are the lead role in a film of only two people you your ass your co-star you know you don’t have to be like a rich porn adult male performer to be a pornstar but now I did I’ve done times reported you know I did it years ago and now I’m coming back to it because I’ve been kind of called to it but the thing is the bring the shamanic teachings an element and even the the ceremonial and sexual shamanic you know practices into that medium and actually hiring established porn actresses who already are at the top of that game and bring them into the ceremony and video demonstrating this form of sexual exorcism and psychedelic Shamanism looks like for the world to see and for them to them become evangelist of a new paradigm that’s the right way it’s a hard life but essentially so it did to continue what was I’m just before that you open shooing an ancient spiritual which involves the body as well as the intangible spirits and you used to using even terminology like pornstar now I would take issue with that I think obviously what you want to do is you know get into the medium and into the genre and you know it have you you’re nice and be who you are but you going to be careful you know I’m not as marketing but energetically because essentially we’ll talk about climbing the ladder in the hierarchy and find whatever I’m sort of in the same boat in a sense of I really passionately connect to as many people as I can because I feel like a good message and it’s not even my messaging her to some degree I don’t even care if it’s me you know I just want to help assist in The Awakening Consciousness raising an x on a fucking guy out you know I like we’ve all got to pull out the finger in an input find what I call a thing we can do in the world is whether that’s tantric phone or in other countries committed Media or you know you don’t exactly remember the enemy which that phrase if it needs to be unpacked and retroceded in Rain by Enya because there is no enemy this is. But I bet it’s like so even going within the boundaries of going into an existing meeting on the side like I can pay to do podcast and you know we’re launching this Chalmers and Global religion with that is incredibly fucking hot one hour documentary with 5 Meo DMT toad medicine or have you already did Mexico cinematography age of a species activation you’ve ever seen in your life like he eats a spontaneous orgasm watching this. That was to convey that to the audience in a way which company appropriated and we’ve been trying to sell alcohol content to mainstream Distributors Wilton mainstream Network so things like that and it’s like the idea but advice would want to do it and then they want to do real tax reform the others and to hold space for yourself to fully flush out your idea when it sounds like you’ve got a real calling with this it’s really enjoying the pain your existing lineage and all these streams of sync X it is sacred what you were doing is sacred and your marketing the sacred to a profane Marketplace and so they never going to run with it maybe you’ve got something that can but I can get him there more so than any other type of 4200 media yourself to let the full expression of that spiritual sacredness comes through it’s obviously at least this know you better but I’m coming to this a bit late as well and it’s like so what is tantric pain and what is your background with it and what is it you’re doing okay so you know that this is a this is kind of like my birthday podcast so please bear with yonomi taking it a more assertive role in the in the time here you know we so I just I’m thanking you that you’re doing me a huge favor and I feel like this is a gift from you to even you know to be asking me the host questions but this is kind of more of an a different an amicus is more of a Consulting in which I was just going to let the pun fly all right yeah the hard job and the the topping so okay so well you know I had to sort of Step Up because I discovered I have a doppelganger in this guy James Dean who was considered he’s the world’s top one of the world’s top male performer pornstars in in the world now and he was considered the quote feminist pornstar by his fancy establish this entire inadvertent like new Marketplace of young teenage women who were able to identify with him because he didn’t have this Blockhead physique he was like the boy next door physique and he did have some elements of connection and sweetness I wouldn’t call it feminist or tantric but definitely a little bit more appealing to the feminine arousal cycle of connection connected missing communication then like just Jackhammer you know all these other seems so that it’s so he stood out with school so I discovered him through serendipitous process that when I found out what he had done which is he has been accused by at least eight former either get some of them lovers some of them co-stars but basically 8 women have come out to say that he violently raped them on and off set in different conditions and circumstances of of just horrific violation and some of it within the context of so-called BDSM we’re safe words were used and not respecting just kind of like that slippery slope is happening anyway he denies the charges check news about it lapse it off in interviews and his gun on to be just a flippant remorseless sort of pissed and and so that kind of an environmental activism like a light green watch. Here I get on wash it’s been my fantasy to invite him with the positive pressure have his accusers to do a sort of diversion program into Shamanism and Tantra and get him to become like you said it doesn’t have to be me with the voice I would much rather him be the voice of time trick shamanic sexual redemption in porn where he goes and is a blessing to the world in a blessing to the in him to hold that space so there’s a whole nother skill-based and being a performer on camera and then the phone industry what you’re saying you are the person to do this work I reached out to him I reached out to public relations firms I sent press release to every porn PR firm I got positive responses from several of them who said wow you’re onto something you’ve got a bundle package coaching podcasting videos educational porn music someone’s going to get behind this and you know take you where you need to go and butt offended some of them pretty pretty pretty quickly I couldn’t hold back I said you know I’m on a mission here this isn’t you know we’re going to have to correct some shit about what’s going on in this industry and I’m the one who’s going to exist in United streams like that they might like it if it sounds like a cool Next Level demographic thing right did something to it I can say it’s got some Creedence but it when it goes deeper cuz what you’re actually saying he’s doing the hard work of transforming their industry and transforming their practice and transforming the presentation of sexuality to the masses right what it is it’s not just another another genre to put up there like tantric you know it’s actually it’s a big calling and so you going to eat you going to find this is like I would really suggest I mean you know what a treat into all this do that is a next-level saying once you really anchored the the modality in the Paradigm has it been able to explain and grow it yourself and then let let them magnetize them to you once I see it taking off bringing you know for a minute when I was fired up and now I’m kind of chill out and I’ve got the network do I feel confident that it’s just going to be made obsolete people are going to really get a taste of something Gourmet and they’re going to stop going to mix porn.com you know what I mean so I don’t know the backtrack of lean out all the stuff you made what he called this is perfect but you know I mean what what is Leona what are you considered to be born when is pornography well I would say the words become the dominant you know 88% of mainstream pouring depicts abuse against women in psychological physical sexual or all the above so I’d say that the dominant you know mainstream porn Paradigm is one of servicing jack off fodder for men and their fat boy fantasies of look at what we can get these dumb bitch has to do high five high 10 go get her hoorah fucking bullshit and it’s like that’s been what’s made money and I mean if you watch The Big Lebowski which I just watched you know the other day and if you watch if you watch Big Lebowski and you watch Boogie Nights you will hear the lamentation of the Exquisite Artisan producers of yesteryear lamenting that video and then the internet came and allowed amateurs to come in and steal the marketplace and essentially take over with low-quality low intelligence sort of lowest common denominator frat porn you know I’m stuff into a serious yeah so you know so that to me that is what you know if you listen to porn directors podcast episode these guys as much as I would love to hate them they have hearts and they’re talking about how to have how to initiate a woman into safe anal sex with a chi is in control the thought the throttle and it doesn’t traumatize her and she’s some a lot of women say the some Kundalini is is accessible through that you know pathway and then I’ll say that they’ve had some of the best you know anal orgasms in that I was just all kinds of testimonials it is a beautiful place to be in most of the traditional tattoo extremes like I know what sort of annoyed because it’s not the maybe the Kundalini energy or the woman is well you know I am in this thing’s which our culture is going to be honest yeah I mean it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s kind of like would be no fixed gospel there should be no adherence to some fantasy of classical perfect I’m sure you know if you’re you know I’m trying to have ethics then it’s about being fully present in the moment with whatever is happening in for most people if you’re never going to get anywhere near the Golden Age of time to practice because you got freaking thousands of years of corrupt DNA bloodline lineage of repressed abuse you’re not going to get anywhere near the you know the Purity that they were starting from and that was the call of Hugo is just starting our so deep into it will be lucky if we can even look each other in the eye for a second while we’re making love let alone hours you got any so you think I mean show me people copulating and it’s within a sacred so the sitting sitting in my pee in Temple spices or it might be you know it’s not a bad it’s not so loud in public it in the proper container like a proper way to sacralize and transmit showing images of people making love that modern 21st century internet digital Pawn on your phone you know it is a completely different bowl game do you think it’s appropriate or what is the appropriate medium or small container to watch other people making love in this is the most probably interesting and edgy part of this whole discussion because really the reason that the visual experience of particularly women’s naked bodies is so taboo and so controlled obviously it’s been about you know if if a man who is yuno identified how is able to worship the female form and all of its Glory than he’s not going to pick up the sword in the axe and go cut down trees and kill people to grow the mail Empire he’s going to be making sweet love and spending most of his life horizontal and in frustration to the Divine nectar the goddess would she just you know exudes with her for her radiant Beauty so cover that up and get your people on the factory line and then you can sell them and none of their revenue stream is to sell them clips of it was used to be ankles and there was a time Terence McKenna said in one of the Psychedelic Salon podcast recently that there was a time during the Victorian era where they had to put stockings on the legs of pianos Les young men might abuse themselves about it so that repression and satisfaction and so is modern globalization of culture controlled by this is interest in the money invested interest had created a niche for every desire and the a way to make money off that used to repress the natural urges of Being Human including sexuality and package them up as a place that’s why I asked how do you delete the replies for pornography that isn’t profane yeah I know I just did an interview with a Beverly Hills very well-respected family counselor therapist who specializes in sexuality education and beat you know queer issues and what not and so we talked at length about the role of erotic media sexual imagery in sexuality education in modern in the modern world and his advice was that your parents need to first of all alone and understand and work through their own sexual Shadow so they’re not projecting them on to their children and they need to listen to their children more and we all need to accept the fact that you know evil fill the vacuum of love and Consciousness so if you and me to my words now but if you fail to initiate or obviously initiating a hands-off and any respectable of privacy and personal development matter I’m not talking about the sick twisted child sexual abusing fathers who when going on record being investigated in and interrogated say that they were just trying to love all of the women in their family equally in that they were taking on an important role in initiating her daughters like that’s not the kind of initiation I’m talking about I’m talking about creating the kind of initiation rituals and opportunities for people of appropriate age and development meant to explore their natural sexuality and to facilitate that in a hands-off Manor where there is a graceful and respectable honoring that it’s not just boys who is not his boys will be boys and they want to fuck women in the ass you know like crazy now that they’re watching all this pouring and they’re just possessed it’s like no women want to not just be loved they want to have sex do they want to experience it and what he’s saying you know back to you know I’m saying a lot of crazy stuff here but what he’s saying is very you know but buttontown stuff is like we’re going to have to really redesign Coulter to facilitate the equality of sexual interest between the Sexes and that’s going to start when they get into you know adulthood in when they come of age into through puberty and they become hormonal and they become fertile and that’s when they need to be given the opportunity to both have access to healthy information and have the shamed undammed uncontrolled you know ability to express that energy in a healthy Manner and right now to answer your question me I kind of went on a tangent But to answer your question it’s like if we don’t as conscious adults make the sacred containers for young people to experience their own energy and share that with each other then we’re damned to letting the pornographer pimp you know pandering profit propagators of Satanic ritual abuse they’re going to set the standard and it’s a horrible Menace I mean in in the in Utah will there’s a sort of anti porn think-tank lobbying group in Washington DC who strategically I guess you would say they hired or they funded it’s some sort of maneuvering to incentivize a Utah senator to put into their legislation the proposal or the proposition that foreign is a Public Health crisis in the past and it doesn’t really that I know of is only have teeth but it’s sort of sets the tone for the language in the president for probably a big backlash and prosecution of long-overdue obscenity legislation that’s been overlooked since since the clinton-era you know but horn lime and what not but it’s like there’s going to be a big come-to-jesus Casino in this in this on this issue and it’s I guess I got a few my repression and it’s almost like one of those education videos videos because that’s an appropriate time you do need to be treated and told at as he coming to maturity and sexual maturity and fertility know that you need to know what the whole thing is you know what’s going on and to have a tantric approach to sexuality at that point wow that’ll be a both to turn on and it would be an appropriate time to roll it up but I wonder I mean maybe it’s part of the recycle ization from people across the world and you know clearing all that dark energy that sexualities become not just a commodity reinforcing patriarchy reinforcing the powers-that-be in and all the system that is and you know it the whole thing with the pathway in itself but this obsession with it as he say it reinforces within the demographic that watches over and over and there’s been so many reports in the media now is like anal intercourse the bicycle he’s having a huge effects to the women and the guys as well and I can’t even say that sexy selfies wrong but you know the reasons why they’re doing and what they speeding the desires of the mainstream pouring water is being fed to in creating a feedback loop between forces itself and there’s a like there’s a healthy way to chew coca leaves and make coca tea if you’re living in that ecology there’s a healthy way to incorporate anal sex into you know a relationship of consenting appropriate people but when you Freebase you know coca leaves and get cracked and you and you Freebase anal sex and porn and you basically wire the Train by his anal sex this is Greg The Gourmet versus you know the kind of cruelty free porn is my you know headline it’s like you know what time trick that’s behind the scenes demonic that’s fine it seems like whenever you stressing negative like cruelties and negative replace it with a positive psyche joyful you know what it is where it could be used what is tantric pornography sorry I was jumping back and forth and a philosopher and practitioner Stewart said that speak who lives in San Francisco and this is really bringing the Shamanism angle cuz this is essentially what he’s belief of study of ancient tantric Advanced stages of Kundalini Awakening spiritual intimacy and orgasmic Pinedo maturity that activate Indulgence psychoactivity Cosmic olvido whatever and keep the end he coming and it has his vitalizing effect on all the organs in the body and all the spirit know the vibration and it actually helps kick into action this next level which basically Western culture the last few thousand years has never reach don’t know very rarely of Kundalini neuro transmitting of sexual fluids into sexual in theater switch then help activate the pineal glands and Beyond genital Awakening this. I mean the right way and it said that Spain that’s being so those atrophied and lost because we are sex has become you know stigmatized in this becomes for productized really what’s the definition of tantrum how do you understand that has my skin because I’ve found a bit of his work and I believe he is the one who has has either coin door promoter the term of spinal puberty and we’re both on the same level and we’re talking about the same thing I can’t stay fully progress there but I will say that this is a joke a few months ago before this started all kind of you know I mean I’m like pretty deep into this now I mean before it was kind of a prank and now it’s like my God I got to get lawyers I got to get doctors I got to get you on the phone when we learn that semen retention is the sort of from the thing to be desired and then that puts into context all of this what I and I am not working with Christians to Mana it’s like deep because when the Christians be admitted to 50% of the church is addicted to Satanic ritual abuse porn in a queen of them everything is Satanic ritual abuse having sex with a person of the same sex is considered satanic you know ritual so whatever but they they need role models to make spiritually hygienic adult sexual education and erotica and entertainment because you’re already using it so it’s like harm reduction to produce something that use for them but if I see now what is what is Tantra portal it looks lit let me take a breath and say it is tantric porn would be the acknowledgement I guess that will know I know this is this is this is a fact and I’ll tell you no to get to get real deep and gory here and then I’m going to go into details but I’m going to leave it this I would say that for me timeshare at now to explain it it’s not about just weaving energy or the the Shiva Shakti unifying in the store send a sending through the flashing through pleasure pleasure to transformation those are all definition of belay doubt I’m going to say the most important definition I would say I’m going for like this yoga equals Tantra Tantra equals Kali worship and if you’re lost and any of those Dimensions you don’t know what you’re talkin about or what you’re dealing with and you’re going to be raped by a satanic is a DACA if you don’t understand if you don’t understand the true yeah yeah oh my God if there were at least Twenty Thousand Years four premises Prive decree scriptural Primal wild goddess worship Traditions before there was written language before there were all of these Brahmin appropriations of indigenous spiritual technology and sexuality and psychedelic Shamanism I mean that’s like Windows registry getting cluttered all the whole so-called Hindu religion is basically a christianized cult of personality around Krishna and it has been like a sort of collapsed down and reduced sort of okay they come and they say what’s your religion where’s your Bible okay it’s your who’s your Messiah and where’s your Bible and it’s like well the closest and loser patriarchal empire built sort of deeply corrupted Registries on that on that operating system when you when you wipe out all of that clutter and you defrag the hard drive and you install the fresh original you know the material it’s the shock tatin tradition which is about the Davies in the Maha Davies and having a sodding to practice where the mail in order to overcome his beast real nature his his you know and it is demonic is it that the baboons are is possessed by demons as human rapists are they are not having their nervous system chill the fuck out by the real tangible energy of Shakti and the female Priestess initiators of the ancient Rock temples before there were even temples manicuring these bonsai trees of male egos by being matriarchal vulnerable priestesses that’s that’s the the real deep truth is so like you’re a menace if you are not being manicured by a priest is class of sexual initiators are going to really like mr. Miyagi really discipline you to be graceful with your Sexual Energy so Township Warren would be understanding a few things that were deeper into this ancient you know tradition that has now become you know Neil yoga and it’s like guessing that’s exactly brother yoga equals Tantra Tantra equals Kali worship and sexual cultivation and facilitation of matriarchy women priests live crawfish tantric is who a modulating Sexual Energy to the this is my personal romance with her in her Timeless you know very tangible present intelligent form it’s my my sexual relationship with Kali is a can be described kind of translate as this should this is her narrative to me then Steve me your demons and your curses those are the appetizers the main course is your orgasm in your come and there is an appropriate place for ejaculation but it is into me and it is in ritual contacts in if you don’t feed me or come the demons will be there to parasitize your lower chakras and they’re going to be there lapping it up and laughing as if you go with the poor no way that you’re being taught you’re going to basically basically assembling snack bars for demons when you ejaculate in a woman’s face in it totally disrespectful derogatory manner the way it’s done. That’s what it is coming down too and if yours is so interesting right shamanic what a shaman sees in a mental hospital article right that pretty well. title this in because now we’re getting into the real you know toppik hair is like what a shaman sees on a porn set episode number is Paul so I get it I really didn’t we told you this. About you know how to really get it so you have to believe that there’s discount identities mr. if you have to believe in the show many cosmology and Adam is cosmology with his energy into the spirits and everything and it’s an ecosystem it’s an ecosystem in which everything Fades and he’s fed and cosmic rays we didn’t say all the energetic on the Spectrum this thing is very small band with the electromagnetic spectrum and then repeatedly entities which live on different levels of and so these what you’re saying things ancient cultures is part of the evolution of the culture itself and tensioner and religion and and I guess you know tax real key and the price car leases in bed within it are you saying that they’re entities which feet off our energies officially base base energies like sexuality and then they getting empowered and presumably maybe even with the collusion of someone in the modern Industries for like ever since my first so I could get psychedelic initiation Edison’s then basically she came to me then as well I don’t have a wise to have control of the blue skin multiple heads and tongue out and and heads cease will you know some people that don’t know, mother of Destruction but she’s she’s more Wild and the Christians right that’s just like a feminine devil so to who is Kylie to you and how. Do you think she takes on board this energy in a way which is safe how do we know that this is safe for us to be feeding our Sexual Energy to call Eve this is just another demon how do we know that that’s very good okay so if we if we look at the impact the mythology right we’ve got its trip through layers of Christian and Muslim conquest and the sort of people called the domestication of Kali the deeper Kali worship you know I think mainly going back to Southern India there’s a whole cultural historical geography of Conquest colonization christianization and you can be very quickly you know some. the domestication of Kali cuz she was wild she was free and the deepest you know adepts and devotees took great effort to depict her sexually dominating Shiva by fucking his brains out cowgirl position so that the The Original Scriptures and sculptures and prayers were very explicit about her being the liberated free Wild Primal on shamed uncontrolled Untamed feminine sexual voracious appetite and energy to just take men and get them on their back and fuck their brains out and make them docile drunk and intoxicated on the Divine nectar the Goddess that was the cult of Kali worship and it was from from spending the fade from taking the effects of taking this Sexual Energy you know as well you know let’s let me be careful about that I mean there’s a I like the way that one of my Tantra instructor said he’s there when he ejaculates it is a sacrifice and he does it in a ritual context to serve a magical purpose and there’s all kinds of ritual for combining the fluids there’s ritual to be done with are with combining the camera to the female fluids in the male semen and and even menstrual blood and you know that the third eye red. There’s arguments that that was part of the tantric sexual ritual of anointing of anointment of the third eye with the blood so you know a lot of priestesses are reclaiming the power of the moon cycle of the blood of sexual ritual and it’s like knowing about how you need to protect the fetus with the goddess you need to invoke goddesses as as protectors is during copulation and childbirth because if you don’t provide a an astro protective barrier beneficial entities you’re going to get you no stowaways on the soul and the chakras of your fetus if your child so it’s good practice to like not just you know seeing and pray and hope but actually do ritual invocation that be isn’t that better protection so how do we know it’s safe and how do we know she’s not just another demon who is masquerading and you know what whatever form to try to steal our life force and juices I think the proof is in the pudding when a real devotee has ritual Kali invocation sexual practice and feels nourishment Bliss and somebody that was the intend to develop the city start to develop has powers but in frustration to an under the guidance of a real authentic communication with the wheel of the Divine mother and you know I do it I got it this way to just need to give big Dino dig up some props to the collie and her role in my life I’ve been in a Turkish revolutionary Street battling rioting you know Insurgent for most of my life now and the thing was I was always shy about being another white male voice of either a messiah or a revolutionary leader it’s like a no know-it-all white boy who thinks he can be a leader so I’ve I’ve always been shy about you know that that that energy and I’ve always wanted to see if I can be giving a mic to women and being in frustration letting them run the show and leave and when I discovered the sort of well when I started studying collie by the scriptures and by the female Hindu initiate goddesses go synchronistically come into my life and waves and taught me new things I realize that there is a righteous proper form of Spiritual Authority I don’t want to call authoritarianism but I think about it’s like this me all these unparented and it needs a Divine mother archetype speaking through empowered women to say okay no more nuclear energy. Done your this shit now or you’re going to be seriously sorry if you don’t then a man coming in saying you know very Authority you know very paternalistic Commandments about eco lodge restoration about women’s Liberation or revolution or whatever if we don’t need another you know marks we don’t need another any of those leader patriarchal leader archetype so the collective Messiah not the individual and invite her into a trance possession State she will enter you advise you speak to you work through you heal you heal through you and then you become a Believer you don’t have to drink the Kool-Aid you know what I mean do you make the mushroom tea and then and then do the mantras and do the implications and it’s like a $5 Friday night to get a handful of mushrooms some chocolate and sing and dance to the music that me and her have created with the help of some beautiful vocalists and dancers have been sort of dialing in this offering and it’s going to hopefully find you know the appropriate audience but that’s why she’s kind of said to me like okay you know Ben and I’ll get in the dark stuff my porn career started when I was 13 I was a meth shooting up drug addict Street kid punk rocker doing turning tricks for for meth money and being used in child pronography when I was 13 so you know I’m pretty much already. I’m pretty much already dead like I’m already there’s I’m not having kids I had a vasectomy no one’s going to milk should know I’m not going to have children that are going to have to be ashamed of me for doing this this is not the kind of chosen one I ever thought I was going to be you know what I mean but it’s like hey you’re already your potential to have a healthy natural family or potential to have a you know any sense of normalcy after that the more you own that the more you have to reconcile that but I may as well take this love and this heart and this pain and this tragedy and go and make something out of adult media because you know I’ve got I’m willing to go and do the heavy lifting Dirty Work exorcism on porn actresses and making or inviting pornstars into Kali ceremony where they’re going to feel what I felt which is that you don’t just drop to your knees you are pushed down to your knees and your face is pushing to the dirt and if you accept that form of submission to the goddess then you will be blessed and you will be given the opportunity to prove yourself and earn units of blessings and unrighteous power it’s an Exquisite gift I’ll tell you what man I I have been on such a path of austerity in order to maintain the Integrity to be able to represent her because I know if I fuk up you know she’ll have my head you know what I mean it one way or another you know so and so how long have you been doing well I had my first round of it about almost 10 years ago just to pay some bills and rent and I thought I felt it was very beautiful woman for me like I I don’t it wasn’t dirty it was kind of like feeling like you were figure skating cuz it was with a true lover and we were doing Gonzo reality real couple real sex real love tantric feminist you know and unfortunately we had to do the money shot because that was the Paradigm but we made it into a sacred money shot with you know if she’s like come on my third I know and I’m like okay dear you know of hey its effects remade lemons and lemonade but it’s a good fries to tell him I said I would run Christian you know the second coming I got the whole language man so that’s that man I had to put it but it was only a brief. Of just trying to get some bills paid and stuff it was not going to be a career move it was just like don’t tell anybody that I’m at level of entry-level pain will males get paid quite a bit less than females in general but we were a couple so we were in splitting the bills and everything but it worked out and we had to you know does it pay well I guess here’s the thing the people who do this professionally who take on multiple gigs in a day you know they’re putting a lot of mileage and their soul and believe me they’re picking up a lot of these on Friendly’s do you know on the astral plane the thing is if you were to be a part-time Moonlighting for fun only taking jobs that you really like because you want to experience group sex but you want to have you know it’s here somewhere damn thing right here did you know that more straight women watch gay men fucking and gay porn than gay men watch gay men fucking gay porn that’s and then the next thing is that let’s all take a sigh of relief everybody the world is not as bad and thick as it seems lesbian porn is the number one searched form of porn in the world so we don’t get involved with anal porn really because you see all these fat boys and you know they’re getting off on that but really over all that the general averages if I’m remembering you know perfectly correctly really the overwhelming majority in many places is that we love to watch when we make love to each other because it is so sentimental say it’s because it’s so sensual and divine and there’s no you know real call Lee brother I mean that just broke my heart like nothing else and I said I got to get in this game and start swinging you know with the truth because they’re me if there’s going to be a disconnect debase all of reality like everything else and I’m just going to do my permaculture gardening and you know watch fish eat each other in my pond and try to heal from PTSD but then it’s like okay I’m going to let you know I’d hang up my spurs you know I put sound like I went to retirement but oh no this can’t be with this can’t be happening I mean if they’re going to create a title of feminist pornstar and they’re going to give it to the rapist violent rapist and when interviewed he’s like breaking the heart of the woman who interviewed him as much as I thought I was interviewing a goddamn what is the world coming to you know there’s maybe a right way to do it so that some there there are some some higher-level producers in my life that are already sort of have already been sort of them I will be standing on the backs of giants I should say to to bring it to the next level so I’ve got like you know the the production crew support aspect dialed in and now it is really I’m at a point where I’m doing the Recruitment and I’m going on sexy jobs.com I’m going on backpage.com I’m going on I’m contacting all of the you know the agencies trying to find you know that there’s a couple of prongs here it’s fine you know other sex positive initiated you know dakini women who are who are matched or above my level of training and self-mastery sexually and they’ve done thousands of hours if you only eggs and thousands of hours of lingam massage in there you know in their Zone they’re in their goddess energy and their invoking the that the female deities that can metabolize and digest the demons off of the soldiers in the Warriors and the gangsters that they service and you know you know call out to those women you know if you want to like talk let’s do so you know whose lives lives lives start talking about you know about that so there’s obviously depicting the glory of the Arctic with two you know people who are on the path and then there is the take finding the the women who are deep in the sky me end of the industry and actually doing ritual ceremonies with them so what I’m trying to do now is actually like assemble a team of sexual shamanic tantric angels of all Sexes and genders who are going to be the sort of Care Bears to to to restore and rehabilitate the porn actresses themselves specially as their spiraling out they called shout out the other timeline you have like a burning fuse it when you hear that 18 year old stripper that world-famous porn actress right now whose mom told her to go get a job stripping and then from that of course all the freaking predators are there and come on in and jump into this industry and and now she’s see no getting into the thing but she’s got like a timeline when is your first anal scene when is her first anal scene we don’t want you until you’re ready to do your double penetration OC and then you shot out and you’re done and you make less money and next and that’s how it runs right now to do that work of finding you know being there like an ambulance Chaser and I’m not kidding man there’s no James Dean put women in the hospital by ripping I’m not going to just blood everywhere you no tears everywhere and total silence and secrecy about it finally stuff coming out but it’s like you know we got to be there like a freaking shamanic ambulance on his pornstats to rescue some souls and get some and then guiding them and end in training them into the tentree vibration and then by doing so getting the natural responses to all my gut would say so this is different and that could be a good find the negative brought into this is well and all leading up to without the tentree kids and having that example of the unification of shiver and Chuck the energy and all that you know yummy 10 traits of wholesomeness already got the pitch you know the stuff you got to get the picture together it’s just time trick makeover you know and I’ve done several already but obviously they could only show you know it’s like the making of the the making of the pawn stuff and I would love that my God that would take off shortly that will be on every freaking across the world Pantry makeover and I have you know the case studies already sort of under my belt where I’ve got some very interesting testimonials from the work I’ve already done the Rogue I call it back alley exorcism and that’s where we’re at with the science and the laws and everything it’s like you have so good I together I love you this is amazing meme generator out here so I keep pulling Kylie devotee. Patrick meme generator I love you I love you too and I will I live to serve you and Terrance who we prayed under you know in Venice that day and that you know whose intentions are I’m standing on the back of giants hopefully dancing you know on the back of Trance resume okay so now I got to we’re going to wrap this up in a few minutes but my God is Fifi’s covered some ground here so I want to the reason I called you first out first is like dude I don’t I don’t know who knows this I don’t think you’re ashamed of it cuz you mentioned on your podcast but brother you were a pornographer at one point where you already working for Penthouse yeah I went to PennDOT because those are the only magazine I can find a decade ago you know it when I was doing freelance work on Shamanism and Consciousness and psychedelic stuff they wanted you know is salacious type of material like that and I had to spray them to rot in my sconzo style you know and I’m really good stuff because it was the source material which became my book are Awakenings and then the film had these professional photographer my dear friend Bank Gallatin who I’m to call the photo sample copy of it and then he was like these adorable he said he talked to the spirits needs like what do you guys think of will I get a great throw that we are in Penthouse Magazine getting good information that I had my time and after this I don’t know anything you know I just all I know is it hey he did it before me so I’m going to just take it and next thing of the next obviously know if it’s the time of being filmed told me through blow-by-blow give me my God I’m so glad you just said that because I already audio recorded this the the the the script narration for a follow along where you get like it’s it’s basically she was shocked the original tantric scriptural kind of thumb Cadence of poetry where I say in a devotional language in a flower to Goshen language oh my dear beloved I will now Bayview and then we shall dance together and then I will provide you a Yoni massage and then it will be your turn and she says oh my dear beloved I will be massaging your lingam and he’s in this way so it’s like a it’s like an instructional verbal guided meditation tantric meditation ritual so that would be I already did one video that is the sexual psychedelic sexual exorcism music video where they at lyrics and the images depicted all give the viewer the toolkit they need to you know invoke the right energies and use the medicine wisely and do the book study to be able to have your home sexual exorcism kit you know for you and your lover to delouse yourselves of sexual trauma you know festering wounds and an access the Kundalini and all that stuff so that was like timesheet makeover part 1 the next one that will happen when I find a suitable India South Asian women who have been in negotiating with I’ve been negotiating with Indian porn actresses and models about how much they want to start a religious war with me because that’s what this is going to come down to man you know it’s becoming that device and it’s like it was because it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s been censored it doesn’t really exist in the public landscaping that’s that’s the plan man that’s really the plan of restoring the True Glory you know of this tradition which everybody like I said if you practice yoga you need to get on your knees and learn authentic shock shock the Tantra and be practicing a low-level divorcing and worship Bugatti goddess Kali because you would not be in these asanas if it was not for that lineage and this step was to prepare your physical body for the sexual spinal puberty that was going to come when you developed into being able to run the Sexual Energy the Kundalini energy and you wanted to not break your neck that’s why you would be flexible so you could be in these postures of meditation for long enough the hijacking of this beautiful feminist revolutionary tradition by male patriarchal Aristocrats that that was that was a real perversion in and so the people who are doing the O yoga are doing like the kids version of Tantra and that’s very nice but we need you you know we need you to join the Revolution and to fight back you know there is quite a bit of Glory to be rediscovered within the deeper roots of yoga and Tantra going back to the the wild Primal sexually empowered archetype of of Kali that really was the foundation to Route it’s funny to hear myself say this but I guess you could say I’ve become a fundamentalist country code of the divine feminine Warrior goddess par exsalonce and tib to you know she saying is like this 10 headed goddess a tongue hanging out and seven heads in battle that she’s wearing is a necklace around her and she’s often this incredibly chaotic so the Primal powerful figure but it’s sort of Destruction isn’t it I did this design Fade Into the hands maybe if I didn’t know if Christian fundamentalists of someone who might see that as a real negative so why would we want to be free a sexual tantric energy back to Cali who did who is she to you that’s a very good point because actually the the domestication at taming and that defanging declawing and desexualizing of ecology is really been the handiwork of the of the monotheistic patriarchal skyguide colonizers that said you cannot have a sexually empowered female archetype that’s really demonstrating the Wrath and fury of a mama bear who you don’t fuk with you know so like that the male ego has met a superior force that is humbling and that mythology an archetypal iconography has got to be demonized so you have you know Indiana Jones where she’s a giant demoness and people are there in slaving children to mine for some you know black magic powers as opposed to the real traditional archetypal mythological iconography that she is the Slayer demons in the protector of children and she’s also simultaneously and that’s kind of evolved over time that the container that is if we are all within her womb and that’s Infuse a giant Uno boundless multi-dimensional organismic being that is capable of having intercourse with us of purifying our souls of devouring demons internally and externally from our lives in from our chakras and rock her world and give us the the all the the remembrance that wild nature is unbridled feminine Fury and you need to be designing culture and sexuality and male ego improper proportionality to the power of that theory and that’s what we obviously need because men are acting like boys that are playing with matches and making nuclear you no energy and they’re creating massive suffering and massive destruction because of a lack of fear of a divine feminine Authority you know giving what I feel initiated to do myself is to be like okay well I’m not just you know doing this on this sort of I call myself a motion area instead of a missionary mercenary in the name of Khali and under strict you know ethical guidelines to replicate My Success of being able to take a skeptic Western and be made into believer through the In the Flesh invocation of four of her body being a body than in carton in incarnated and invoked into my flesh thought-forms arising from her dimension of intelligence and really being sort of an Angelic that’s the wrong word but consensual voluntary repossession trans states that are conducive to healing and empowerment and overcoming and standing up to your own inner demons that are holy you down and making you want to hurt yourself or make you want to harm others there’s a there’s a accessible saviors like in there be more than one archetype of a savior and can it not be a man for once you know so she’s a pretty powerful worship by the thuggees it was like the Assassins you know that which I shave and there was like a collie worship thing I know she’s going to sex and drugs and rock and roll back on that the the Hessians and the history that was more of a middle eastern regional phenomenon but you’re right about the thuggee connection at least the that you know what I think of that I think about there’s the LDS church that is essentially the the one of the most twisted evil violating exploited to sexually corrupt sex Cults of the entire you know judeo Christian Enterprise basically wanted one of the fat one of the cult leaders was on the FBI’s most wanted list for I don’t know how many years because of all the the you know multiple wives and child sexual abuse and just institutionalize Mega sexual predator Vortex to hell that was what that had become so if there are people who have sacrificed in the name of Khali in order to gain spiritual powers are people that have criminals and the oppressed who would sort of pervert the deeper prepay charcoal pre civilized goddess worship tradition and say we’re going to use the power harness the power of the dark goddess to you know be better criminals or whatever and the interview I recently called seeking the heart of Tantra where we talked about the corruption and perversion an abuse of the tradition of Kali worship for people to sort of think that they can hit the sack yeah you’re going to be able to pick up that hot coal and use it for your own Black Magic game you’re probably going to get burned you know so there’s that warning if it’s she is benevolent good the Savior the mother the lover everything a boy a man wants and needs and can connect with and then therefore not be a menace to women on the horizontal plane it’s a real blessing to be like how you know what I’m I don’t think I’m going to really make a bunch of sloppy mistakes and out of less because I can just go home and pray to my beloved Divine consort who keeps me out of trouble and it’s just so I think you know if I can save some for my experience I don’t feel compelled to sacrifice people in her name I never should never ask me to do that you know and I think that if I did corrupt the teachings then I would have hell to pay for it and I believe believe me what I have experienced is things where you don’t just get you know instructed to get down on your knees and bury your face in the ground it’s a forceful sort of being put under arrest as what I’ve experienced with her before for her to you know show herself and her power to me and be like yeah you want to get men to put down their swords and axes and stop killing each other and cutting down trees introduce them to me through the mushroom I’ll give them a little bit of love if they’re worthy and they will forever be Believers and they will they will they will fall in you know they were so that’s what they’re destroying all the illusion and destroying all the corrupt stuff and is bringing it back to this Primal feminine power which is the perfect archetype I guess to be working least when you’re trying to redeem the sacred sexuality in intent Rick pornography and making it sacred again like returning the sacred and the profane modern media so the transmission so should be a really good at the top to work but I can say that exactly any other thing that needs to be destroyed isn’t humble villagers who are treating women with respect what needs to be destroyed his ego Empires and the demonic possession that’s built into all of that that greed lust and the all the things that you know if that’s what the destructive what’s what would we do what needs to be feared and when you fear that Rath you think twice about being harmful you think twice about exploiting you know nature women animals children because there is that you know when you ever email every warlord every pimp you know every politician drug dealer you know Army General they were all little boys once and they all fear the wrath of their mother coming to with that cross face ready to you know what them you know in a world of hurt you know our world of disappointment in and said everyone had the arms that are making the the skirt of arms their representative but it’s basically if the negative Karma’s of men is like she’s not killing any women on that battlefield of slaying demon possessed people she’s killing men she’s cutting off the head which is the male ego is the real Menace In you know there’s obviously they’re all just yeah it’s a whole new medium was it’s like it’s like a live-action role-playing Cruiser out in the woods of the world painted blue like an Eva Toth I’m just thinking of you wanting with collie and I was like she’s only blue you know how it’s going to look awesome video where I had a beautiful centek Warrior goddess martial artist yoga instructor and she was willing to do the whole outfit and the makeup and and weary weary enacted the my initiation ceremony where she puts her hand on her Yoni and starts rattling up some transmissions and sending it through her hands into my third eye and rocking and shaking my head play some mushrooms that was the true that was the only one to say now I’m collecting the sort of Kali molinoff monologues of people who have experienced the very Universal a very patterned visual third eye you no experience of what her flesh looks like what her facial features look like the sort of kaleidoscopic red and black field of eyes that go on into infinity and then the loving feelings in the sexual anatomy and the ability to envelop you like you were literally being sucked into look like you become a jade egg and you go into the cosmic Yoni and you get on spin cycle and that you only until you were feeling like a million bucks I mean not going to go and get a cheap date I’m not going to go go go to the pick up bar after that I’m going to be like nevermind I don’t know you know so Cosmo UND spin cycle of the best phrases it’s like you know like in a sense of like it sounds so good right that’s how you eat with your tantric goddess partner who’s in body in college in any other masculine let me shoot Bloom and she’s not in love you but I realize whatever but essentially with the time’s right sort of combination in may not be heavy frosting and might be more passive and maybe there’s a lot of stuff happening on the inside energetic play but is it going to fit the same expectations and queues of a you know the 25th Century pornography trained audience at once this type of shot in that type of shot and they’re running out of extreme Gonzo genres there honey what are you going to do next there’s nothing left but when I say okay here’s the shamanic pornography genre that I’m launching I sent the press release still all of the you know if your agency is I talk to I talked to the top porn industry PR agencies and got really good feedback about my whole what I’m trying to do you know this is a new is like you want extreme how about sexual exorcism that’s extreme you know for real it’s not make believe we’re not doing some fake thing this is real you know ceremony and it stands to reason that if just the Rapture is business of the experience of it of being possessed and having demons come out of you and doing dry purges and having seizures and stuff you want wild action it’s all there it’s physically give me there’s the subtlety of what’s ages you know rocking back and forth and yeah p.m. and then there’s the Kundalini spinning your neck like you are in The Exorcist are your Beetlejuice is something I mean this is real effects medically measure bolt pattern repeatable threw up threw a a procedure to to invoke these effects of the Kundalini activation almost on command you know what I’m saying but there has to be great reverence and respect and proper procedure in order to play with this energy is not it’s not to be toyed with it’s it’s there or it’s not recreational as much as is therapeutic in ceremonial and believe me there’s a lot of fun and I mean when I did my first experience of being you know initiated by a female Priestess who was able to invoke Kali into her own flesh you know she said and I have a recording of her in a channeled state so when you were in a in a rapturous state of ecstasy with a beautiful oh woman who is invoking this energy and she’s giving you the gospel giving in the commandant saying things like worship my Yoni or perish the male ego will will be destroyed in flames you know I’m sending out snakes to destroy the abusers and really it’s like this effective if you ever had it a garden where you have Gophers eating your your plants from from from below you know you can think like a permaculture designer and invite a beneficial Predator to come and do the heavy lifting for you some guys sit there with a BB gun on the porch and try to shoot every gopher they see coming up no trying to pull the turnips down but if you and you drop that gopher snake in the Gopher hole what does it do it spends all day everyday eating those pests and it’s a beneficial I can see you yeah play it was like for ability to invoke and pull in and send the Kundalini snakes through my nadi’s and chakras to do the pest control then then you know it’s night and day oh my God my fears are gone my paranoia is argan my traumatic PTSD flashbacks are gone all of those nests of disease do you know demonic entities that enter through trauma and her and her basically gestating us from the inside out as they continue to warp our perception and you know that’s what the cascading growing affect is of people who are suffering from trauma so whatever that might be fracturing Network egg infectious material coming in nesting in the chakras noughties and the Kundalini is a biological living entity we perceive it without the third eye open as just a a current of energy or a symbolic serpent but what I experienced is it is not a symbolic Serpent and that feeling of having nothing really move through you like a dragon is like doing a corkscrew through you you know it’s a real biological pest control affect exactly like what I did when I put that gopher snake into the gopher holes and so if she has the ability to bring that down when you call and sing to her invoke her and she’s able to enter into Amy sounds like real chippy you know chippy dippy you know psychedelic big wave psychonaut stuff but really you go to any well there are many Kali temples in the world where this is just business as usual once a week it’s like Community healing you know the time and the people will the priests and priestesses will enter into a collie worshipping trance invocation State and in order to prove to the masses that Kali has arrived the doctor is has arrived they will whip them with leather whips on their forearms and have them have to show that they don’t have marks and that gives you the proof that he has been involved in the flesh and the healings can then commence with confidence you know Masons and what you doing brother must must Creed Odyssey is fantastic people can stay abreast thank you for sharing so much I think you’re doing some amazing work here knows we are not going into depth in this chat it has the potential to really reclaim you know a lot of the second sexuality and anchor rose gold Foams and be assertive Mind Body Spirit cleansing realignment sort of agent and get outfits online it’s like for the psychic cultural jiu jitsu in a big pot of this episode number 69 and I do appreciate you very gentle with me people can find people can find me a www.wrex.com that’s alright k r a z I am home. Which is still under development of the hapes of BAC content discussion is like they’s about multifaceted Shamanism in Consciousness and spirituality in x 12 and she’s getting there and what am I calling you projects is Shaman to the global village. Come with shaves probably launching in October which is going to be really exciting and a 6 to 12 online TV show about global Shamanism in the global shamanic Resurgence so that’s why you find me thank you so much I really appreciate you for you know being my wing man for this so I could fly shoot ideas out and have somebody who is just totally able to hold space you know be here for me so we will have some exciting updates stay around for sure and I really love your integrity and the fact that you talking about a subject like this to a lot of paper which is it politically correct Iron Age to go deeper with these call material and then go deeper and deeper and deeper this is a really Progressive stuff you’re doing amazing work so I really applaud you make so much Tannerite much love all right calm music on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Township Park. Com Thomas Day




The Path of a Shamanatrix with Kristen Boyer TPP56


Kristen Boyer picIn this episode I’m am joined by Kristen Boyer. She caught my attention in a you tube video of a panel discussion on eros and entheogens. She described a recent chapter of her life as a profesional shamanatrix. I had dreamt of  such an archetype several years ago as I began to be intiated into the mysteries of sexual healing with psychedelic goddess worship

She has graciously blessed the podcast by sharing a bit from her memoires and engaging in a visioneering session with me on a more holistic and empowered future for dommes and their clients.

About Kristen

I have always been a natural counselor and teacher by design, and have been interested in motivating and supporting others in achieving their highest levels of happiness, wholeness and success. Shortly after earning my MA in Creative Arts Therapy at Pratt Institute in New York, I fell ill with chronic illness followed by abandonment of my spouse (which were undoubtedly connected to my health problems and had to be addressed on a physical, emotional and spiritual level). I felt my life crumble before me. In desperation to stay in New York City, I took up a job as a professional dominatrix as an attempt to reclaim my power and supplement the high costs of city living. I applied my psychotherapy training and facilitated a glorified version of drama therapy that allowed my clients an outlet for their shadow sides to be vulnerable, acknowledged and accepted without judgment. I found that deeply wounded clients were magnetically drawn to my empathic intuitive ‘girl next door’ persona. I found I was naturally gifted at holding space for some of the darkest, and most concealed wounds to be seen and healed. My dungeon time was not long-lived yet these experiences have inspired me to transmute and integrate some of the darker, shadow sides of my clients while balancing spiritual and psychological health.

Shamanism and soul retrieval work began to magnetically draw me in and I quickly realized that this was my life’s work. I was trained in many shamanic healing modalities, the most powerful of these techniques being soul retrieval. Learning how to facilitate soul retrieval was the missing piece of my healing practice…click here to read more

Please connect with Kristen and access her services by visiting her website:

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear love his welcome to Township on podcast episode number 56 I’m here with Kristin Boyer and she is a shamanic healer and a very interesting lie to me also has a history of doing work as a Dominatrix and when you put the two together you have a shamanatrix and I think that’s a real endearing term I actually envisioned the need for that myself a few years ago and I thought that was a beautiful archetype in you’re actually the first person who I’ve discovered that has use that title so I’m very interested if you if you like to Chris and tell us a bit about your background and then we can talk about how you Blended those two modalities and I’m so excited to be on your show they said thank you for having me so to explain a little bit about how I got into this work there’s a little bit of a backstory that I find is became a very strong story my life that helps me to get to where I am doing this demonic Soul retrieval and it’s Soul empowerment work that I do now that I grew up with a very tight lace fundamentalist Christian family in in the suburbs of Pennsylvania and I found that there was just this very controlling very sexually submissive as Ben also repressive energy that was in my household and so as I was growing up I felt like I wanted to rebell against. But I also felt a little bit controlled by those forces so there’s always this theme of submissiveness control feeling disempowered in that way that I grew up and when I was 24 years old I got married to this man who I thought was the man of my dreams right he was as wonderful man from Scotland I had met when I was 16 years old on the family vacation and we became pen pals we stayed in touch and it was during the time that I was in graduate school studying creative arts therapy at Pratt Institute in New York City that I reconnected with this man and at that time he came to visit me we fell so deeply in love all over again just like when we were 16 17 years old and we decided to be crazy young kids and start a path towards getting married and getting a green card for my my partner so we got married and soon after we were hitched he just completely changed and I began to see his true colors and I felt truly that I had been tricked by a sociopath he quickly went through my lifesaving which wasn’t too much of the time but was all that I had to my name and as soon as all of our rent money was gone he got on a plane to Scotland without me knowing so I came back from work I had been working as a nanny working with children who had deep emotional disturbance we’re on a lot of medications because of course then the nanny agency I work for I had this extensive training in Psychotherapy psychology create our therapies and they put me with these very challenging children so I came back from work and I found that he and all of his belongings had completely vanished and I went to the store with trying to figure out how to stay in New York trying to figure out what had happened and I was able to become a little bit of a sleuth and you connect via Facebook and interwebs to find out where he was and what had happened and his his best friend reached out to me and said I’m really sorry and I offer my condolences I didn’t realize things weren’t working out but Tommy’s on the plane to Scotland right now and you know I’m really sorry about that and so at that moment I realized that he was completely gone and I was in this really tight situation so at that time I was going through the shedding of ight I thought this was going to be my life getting married having a family you know the white picket fence and all that stuff that I don’t necessarily believe and I’m really happy that Bishop’s in my life happened so that I could let go of that old dream to make space for this new one and what ended up happening was was working as this nanny with these is really highly stressful cases and some of the nannies that I had play dates with pulled me aside and they said Kristen you are a hot mess and you can’t be with these kids right now you’re about to crack and I said absolutely I was excusing myself to cry in the bathroom when there are other nannies around that gets rid of look after the kids for me and I came back and said this is this is not a good situation for me to be and I’m not quite sure what to do cuz I want to stay in New York the issue was that my parents were very rigid and they didn’t agree with me marrying outside of my Christian religion and I knew that if I went back home that they would just crush the rest of my soul and I realize that I have had this was what I Now understand is it was almost like I was losing parts of myself losing parts of my soul as I know understand it to the lens of the work I do but at that time I thought you know my soul has been compromised I feel like I’ve lost parts of myself in this marriage and the destruction of this marriage and even with the work I was doing with these kids I was just it felt like parts of me were just checking out or leaving my body because the situation I was in was just a sera and I thought if I went back to my parents house in Pennsylvania that it was just going to ravage and rape the rest of my soul so I knew that that was not the solution and I was trying to find a way to stay in New York and that’s when these nannies that I had these pleaded with pulled me aside and said Kristen you’re falling apart you need to think about doing something else and hey you know I don’t want to make you feel weird I don’t want to embarrass you or anything but maybe you should think about becoming a professional Dominatrix and at that point I just need to know I picture it in my mind myself in this black leather outfit with a whip and it’s like a dominatrix I think that’s what I think that’s what that is before I could even respond to the other nanny said you know what I had a friend who did that and she went through a really hard breakup and she processed her feelings through the work she made a lot of money doing it I think you should give it a shot and I looked out of myself and I will only be 25 and look this good with lines and so I thought you know what have I got to lose already lost everything what else have I got to lose and so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get in touch with someone who had already done that work and one of the nannies put me on the phone with one of their friends she wouldn’t give me her real name and she was very secretive about it she said you know this work is not for the faint of heart but if you’re good and if you can really connect with these people then you can really hit the jackpot and so I went into this work not being very educated about it so I decided to read some books on how to do BDSM in a very safe way what people are looking for Understanding Psychology behind because I was always very excited about the psychology and I had worked with a lot of drug addicts I’d work with a lot of sex addicts at Bellevue Hospital and the chemical dependency and mental health clinic for one of my internship so it already had this background with working with really intense stories and also working with people who have had sexual addiction so I thought you know I think I’m pretty much grounded and what I need to know to be able to handle most situations and I went to the dungeon I found the dungeon that one that has been highly recommended I went in there and they said you know I gave them my resume and they said that it dropped it on the floor and said just pick a name when do you want to start and it rolled off of my lips Karma my name is Miss just Karma so when I got into the dungeon I realized that people were coming in with these really interesting stories and it took me a few sessions to realize that a lot of the stories that my clients were bringing to me were stories of this empowerment that had actually happened to them so for example I had this one individual who is this really tall very good looking older man may be in his early 50s salt and pepper hair and he had a very deep voice but then he would go into this character he always wanted to play the same scenario out where I would be his babysitter and I would be his babysitter who would force him to touch himself and I would switch narrate this whole scene where I wouldn’t be directly of using him but I would be creating these situations that were very very sexy were very erotic but we’re also triggering something and I know this this because he had this really big strong voice book he would talk about it you would talk like as a little boy years old there was something that just wasn’t bridging together as far as young as a little baby with the way that we were doing this role play and it was interesting because I have a password I was sexually abused by a neighbor by babysitter so it was almost like whenever he saw me he would pick me because he knew and it was interesting because most of the other jobs were really intimidated by this particular situation I felt very uncomfortable around taking on clients who had these really interesting story than maybe it’s something that I attractive because I needed to play out my own stories but I was Finding with a lot of the client’s house working with they had very similar stories that they wanted to play out every single time another example is there was this older gentleman who wanted us which scenario and a switch scenario is where one person plays the dominant one and then they also play the submissive why then you either changed the role within the story or you have different stories that you play out and there were certain to be able to ship those roles and there was one particular gentleman who always has the same idea of what he wanted to do first you wanted to do a role-play where I was an indentured servant and my husband had passed away and I had to take on his hours of Labor before I would be able to be set free and that was one of the roles in the second one he wanted to play which was I was either mrs. Schmidt or Mrs Smith’s mother and he went on to say that he had these foster parents and his foster mother in the spa your mother’s mother was were the ones that he was primarily being raised by and that he described it so that our characters they were very very harsh very hard and punishing on him especially his foster mother’s mother who had this energy of being very sexual would be naked all the time great provocative it was for the back to Lori and then would punish him for almost nothing and so I was I was chose to embody that character because you could feel the essence of this person exists and it’s almost like just tapping into this frequency of becoming that character and I’ve experienced that when I’ve done family constellations there is therapies where you can take a role for someone else to play a family member and it’s like you don’t have to know much of the backs or you just need to tap into the vibration of that character is and then you express that in a way that you are playing out an old roll or giving a person a opportunity to break that role and so it was Finding was these clients as commercial dungeon we’re coming in with these stories that were truly truly in a sense disempowering and I found it a lot of them are trying to find ways to make this consensual either by playing it out but this time it’s okay because permission decided okay I’m playing with an adult who I find attractive who knows the rules and I can communicate with and I was finding these scenarios where the people didn’t actually know how to change the stories some of them tried and some of them wanted to switch the roles and change the dialogue but most of the time my clients would come in with the same script literally our had people who were coming in with a script and if I went one line two lines off of that script they would break down and we have to start over again from the top, and of course I’ve done all this work and you know the creative arts therapy is Rob doing movement therapy art therapy talk therapy and in this sense to me this was imma therapy and we were playing out stories and I found it not only were my clients stuck in this Loop of an old traveler an old story that they were playing and still I was too I was looking at my store in my lens of feeling unwanted feeling like I had been abandoned feeling like I couldn’t be myself from my family and I was revolted against all of those stories and I was creating a Persona it through mistress Karma to reshape how I felt by feeling powerful feeling like I was in control feeling like I was wanted and desired and what was interesting was when I tapped into those vibrations are I played out those rolls I felt like a superhero but I would still go home at the end of the night and I was by myself cry myself to sleep because my life was falling apart at the seams and all of the other areas but when I could play and tap into a character that was truly empowered I felt empowered but I character wasn’t able to permeate my entire life and I found that I was still stock and instead I was so they’re dividing into the sub character that was empowering me and giving me strength and then this other more honest South seeing where I was at and feeling hopeless and feeling like my heart was blocked and that this play was helping me to put his dance around where I was hurt and make connections with people in a fun way but I was still protecting something and not being truly authentic because I was afraid of being hurt so long story short I’m working in the dungeon and this is around 2012 and there were a lot of planetary shifts if you say I’m not really too sure what the blame it on the all the sudden my intuition became sharper than it ever has been before and I guess in retrospect of always have had this additional sense to send spirits and all the sudden I was seeing ghosts in the dungeon literally full-body apparitions and I saw these fragments of people who have been coming into the number being punished or hurt and I began to see this fragmentation of these you know now I understand is so parts that there was some trauma happening and people are separating the parts of their souls and I was seeing if I was having the lights turned on and off on me is it a comical way during sessions that we worked into the session but realizes this is a ghost and they were jiggling the door knobs and you know trying to get my attention in every which way and at that point I just almost as if I could hear them whispering to me get out of here go leave you it’s not safe as if the ghosts were telling me that it’s not safe and I wasn’t sure if it was because of them or if it was because there were some illegal operations going on in this particular dungeon and there was a lot of close calls with the cops and all sorts of things unitedness tell me when I get wrapped up in that energy but at that point I just decided okay I don’t know why but I think it’s time to go and so I left the dungeon and during that time I had been putting myself through school as a holistic nutritionist and housecoat and so at that point I had already taken on some new clients and was working in the health and coaching fields and I was also taking a bunch of classes at this holistic Learning Center in New York City where I was doing for the work-study program so I was able to assist as an assistant with classes so I could take them for free and at that time all of my clients were talking about Shamanism shamanism really know that much about Shamanism it just sounded like something I was told to stay away from as a kid because no demon is armor you know who it is of her all these things that my parents would have shamed and the church shamed is there different these are not okay and there was something that was attractive about this word and all my clients kept telling me about something called Soul retrieval and I I didn’t know what that was but it sounded really powerful and it kept showing up everywhere for someone who’s never heard about Shamanism someone who’s never heard about store to will it was literally everywhere I looked I would walk into the place where I was interning and they had a booger and it was literally jump off at the Shelf at me every time I walked into the room is all I could see and I knew that there was something to it and so at that point I began to read Sandra ingerman book on Soul retrieval mending the fragmented self and she’s a psycho therapist you have the same training as me looking at the soul as having these different parts of ourselves that if we become traumatize we go through a situation that is truly not ideal it could be a really hard partnership we’re fighting with that partner a lot it could be having some kind of sexual or physical abuse from her child in a car accident where the situation is really hard on us on our souls in that part of our soul actually say I don’t want to be here anymore and we’ll innocence check out or disassociate if we’re looking through the lens of psychology and I was looking at this and say oh I disassociate here and here and here looking for my childhood looking to different parts of my life looking through this horrific experience I have with my marriage and realizing that part of my soul my soul laugh and realizing that I had so much so lost and I needed to learn more and it was at that time that I saw that there was a training for soul retrieval and it was like I haven’t had it yet I knew I have I have to go and you know me while I’m taking these classes on Shamanism and I’m connecting through the beat of the drums going into the state of brain waves state to through meet with my power animal is my spirit guide something I had never thought about doing before so that went to this class and began to learn it and all of my Spirit guides came to me and finally you’re here to quit your job this is your life to me like I was the teacher asking me and I you know they had more training than I did in many cases and here they were coming to me for the answers night I just like I knew that it was it was really wacky experience and what ended up happening was I saw the training for soul retrieval and it was you know about $3,000 to get the tickets to New Mexico and to pay for the program in the housing and my flight cost and I said well I need $3,000 and within 3 days I had $3,000 because I had been introduced to another client I was still doing the dominatrix work I was doing independently now and I have one client just couldn’t get enough of me for that particular week and within that week I had made my rent for the next month and I had made 3000 extra dollars and it was for the training I knew it I needed a few days before and here it was so easy so I ended up going to I had to do all this preliminary training this woman so the turn me away initially and then she came back because I’m so sorry my Spirit guides told me I have to train you and I need to put my judgments of whether you’re ready or not a side because you are supposed to do this training and so long story short I end I’ve been completely supported by the universe to do this sort Uber work and what I found with that was not only was it so empowering it got me my power back from a many incidences in my past I had alluded to having some sexual abuse with a neighbor that repeated itself as a father and as I was in the doll that got raped by one of my neighbors and going back to the original wound getting my power back from how when I was five to seven I wasn’t able to stand up for myself and getting my power my innocence my Purity back and then being able to get my power back as an adult from what it happened to me and going back to my marriage and going back to the church and taking some power back that I had given away because you know the Church of shavings my body or shavings me as a woman being in my power and I ended up getting all this power back from different parts in my life and I also was getting this message to write my story so I began to write about being a Dominatrix and writing all of these different scenarios and role play partaking in writing about my past and just creating a story this Memoir of my life and realizing that the ending was unfolding as I was writing as I began to learn about Shamanism Soul retrieval it occurred to me that I could shift out of this old pattern of this empowerment not by playing or talking or painting my way to my power in fact all of those tools that I learned are so helpful for cultivating awareness of what is missing or how it last for all of a sudden I had this additional tool about how to get your power back so we look at indigenous societies and we look at cultures all around the world I was trained primarily at least initially in a practice called core Shamanism where we look at what are the core beliefs what are the core practices there consistent cross-culturally that are all pretty much and that’s an bolts the same even if every culture does it slightly differently and what I found was all these cultures had a practice cold sore tooth what it was believed that moment to travel within a few days and if you miss that Feud a range in this case we do it many years later and sometimes for our ancestors who are not able to do the work for themselves we can go back to that space of the original wounding of the original disempowerment and we can actually get that power back you go into this non-ordinary state where it’s almost like it’s we’re on our way to shopping list under three planes there’s the lower World Topper World the middle world in the middle world is where there’s us and time does not exist we also see that ghost and fragmented Soul Parts get stuck here so someone is how to travel part of their soul leaves that part of their soul become stuck so you can access this particular route through the shamanic lens and you can gather up that person’s energy and its purest form the part that left because of the trauma and then physically bring that back and blow that into the person either in person or long-distance it works just the same and that person can been in body that part of themselves that they lost and I was finding that looking at my own life and looking at the clients that I had been working with and seeing these stories of this empowerment that’s what we were trying to get at we were dancing around what part of your power is lost what part of your Purity what part of your confidence what part of yourself love it depending on what happened you can access that particular emotion in its fullest vibrant healthy form and bring it back and I found that what I was doing like many of my other clients were trying to fill this void where they felt like part of the show was missing and they were trying to figure out a way to make it okay a way to make a consensual or a way to create the space for them to become more aware of what was missing and something else I found it very interesting that was happening in the dungeon was that I was connecting with people beforehand we go in and meet them and agree to whatever scenario you would be playing out what kind of role play scenarios that was what I specialize that I was specializing in role-play so I got a lot of Storytelling through the work that I was doing and my clients would have the story in a very specific role play and we would agree on it when it says Shake on it and then I would say you know what kind of outfit you want me to wear what kind of personality do want me to come in or just come into the room just embodying that character that they wanted me to work with and when I was Finding was these people were seems really great okay wonderful we have a wonderful agreement here and we’re consenting to this particular store line I would come back in and it was almost as if the person that I talked to was no longer in their body their eyes would change their eyes would sometimes go black or dark and it was almost like they were no longer in their bodies and especially during episodes where they wanted to be severely beaten or severely punished or become very submissive to a degree that felt like there was another story playing out that was actually quite traumatizing I would see that their eyes would change their was almost like there was something in them that was feeding off being hurt or feeding off the emotion of being punished or spit on or disempowered in some way and it took me many years to actually put together the pieces and realized that in a lot of cases where people have lost their power from an actual trauma when their soul leaves the other energies can come in so we can look at those as psychic attachments demons you can look at that as just inviting sadness or anger or jealousy whatever label you want to put on it it’s sort of a spectrum of what cancer to come into that space But I found that there was something in them that was no longer connected to that playful part I was talking to that I was making a deal with and that there was something that was lower vibrational that was entering into the body or maybe just shifting over because they were triggering this part of this empowerment that was just feeding off of the cycle of being hurt or replaying the abusive situation and so I remember feeling very uncomfortable very comfortable making an agreement with someone coming in and stealing I don’t feel safe anymore this is not the person I agreed with and this person now feels very scary and make sure that in some of these situations I was in an empowered roll truly and not just playing one so that I could make sure that I could keep my safety because in some cases it was almost like a situation so I began to realize that as I continue to do the shamanic work that these energies can come in and that some of these people were so the acting out of this other lower vibration place and not necessarily wanting to go and heal the story but wanting to perpetuate and see something that was still wanting to replay the story if that makes sense wow do you feel like you have me a more sure about that the journey or can I give some some thoughts and on what we’ve come share so far. So I’d be happy to hear your Reflections and answer anything in more detail that use it getting chills because I really I really wanted to hear these words spoken in another voice cuz I’ve had these experiences really on multiple sides of a lot of what you’ve talked about I’m I’m a Survivor it took me years to discover sexual healing through Tantra and soul retrieval through psychedelic Shamanism and ceremony and and I have been leaving those paths together and having a lot of the same Revelations and also taking a more clinical psychotherapeutic approach as well to be able to translate these esoteric principles and phenomena into language that can be medically standardized in a way so that we can treat it in a way where would the work you’re doing is truly a knowledge so this is like my big passion is to hear these words spoken the way that you’re saying I’m with that Authority in that and the credentials to get this to progress cuz we need to be able to offer Hands On Healing we need to be able to offer these very deeply involved like you say the role-playing and you’re not going to get that in most of the boundaries that are set up in you know the psychotherapeutic in psychiatric Industries really so thank you just so much being on this Edge synthesis and a few things that I want to explore a little bitter or zoom into will be so I when you sit when you’re talking about the the changeover that you can see in the eyes shifting when you get into these these states with the client I’ve kind of use the language that it seems like a discovery is that evil will fill a vacuum of love and that love is the disinfectant from the parasitic attachments or for the parasitic attachments to get kind of scraped off like Barnacles off of a I’d like use the metaphor fewer if you go down to any doctor you know when you see boats moored at the slips you’ll see people that are in you know scuba gear getting paid to scrape off the Barnacles and the seaweed and all the things that attach to it that would slow it down in the water and that’s the routine maintenance thing like this soul is the same way it seems where you have to do if you don’t have a self-care practice or you know shamanatrix to call you’re going to have those things growing because it’s an ecosystem in the astral plane so do you want to talk about maybe what time since you have some of the Clairvoyant abilities what are you if you’ve been able to you know see and maybe describe a little bit about what these entities or these organisms use

Sexual Pathology: Demonic Possession or Parasitic Infection TPP04


Yalila1This is a discussion with Yalila Espinoza a PHD scholar and spiritual counselor who has been studying psychedelic shamanism and sexual healing.

“I am a spiritual health practitioner who integrates art, music, dreaming, movement, ancestral rituals & sacred plant teachings into dynamic embodied explorations.  I received a PhD in Consciousness and Transformation and Spiritual Counseling training at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. My studies focused on indigenous shamanistic practices, sexual and reproductive health, and dreaming.

Academic studies, Amazonian shamanism using plant teachers, and many other trainings, such as the ISIS wheel approach with Gina Ogden, have nurtured my own spiritual-erotic awakening.  All of these transformative experiences have inspired my forthcoming book titled: ‘In The Belly of the Serpent: Sensual Wholeness with Plant Consciousness’ focused on how the purification and guidance of plant teachers are vital for sexual/spiritual health and liberation.”

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Calm and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved is welcome to Township on podcast episode number for I am interviewing alila Espinoza at the California Institute of integral studies in San Francisco she has a PHD and Consciousness and transformation and spiritual counseling and she integrates art music Dreaming movement and social rituals in the sacred plant teachings into Dynamic and body Explorations and the reason that we connected is that she is doing some groundbreaking work in the field of psychedelic Shamanism and Sexual Healing which is my personal life path at this point and so I consider her to be an authority in this field and someone that all survivors really hopefully can start to look too as soon as someone who’s leading this this this Research into understanding what’s going on in the spirit world when it comes to the pathogenesis of sexual predation so hopefully you learned something from this and we can all be working together to further the knowledge and understanding and do more research and really support his efforts so thank you very much and enjoy and hope you learned something to cure okay so in your talk you Lila at the horizons who is a conference right in New York in the video I saw or I heard a reference to it was also reference Pablo amaringo book Ayahuasca Visions I was intrigued by the phenomenon that you that you touched on which is this potential for entities otherworldly entities that appear in the Ayahuasca state that have the potential for Legend has it but they have the potential to use the human body or subtle energy field or however whatever level maybe have more insight to actually implant their own species as like a it’s a way to to grow their eggs or something like do you have any more detail on that kind of phenomenon that you can share their Pablo amaringo reference is just one of many so so from what I’ve read that there are many ways that that the transmission of of information from Alien beings that that can actually be penetrated into a zsar settle field and so you know obviously there’s no research on his precise and eat some people call it folk lore and the the beauty of the ayahuasca ceremony is that our site and perception is opened up in a way that we can actually get a glimpse into what I believe is actually going on it is the truth and that really in the Waking Life we have so many blinders on and we never saw a thousand so many ways to actually just survive and so we do not want to be aware of what’s going on and and if we did then for some people it’s very difficult to walk between the worlds so I do believe the phenomena that does happen and yet I’m not able to say scientifically like here is the person that I met his mean I’ve heard experiences from other people I’ve had my own experiences I don’t know in particular if you mean by the actual implantation of make a bean in ones that actually is reproduced to labor it’s so here’s an example I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Pleiades talk about the Anunnaki yeah and so if if we use that as an analogy in terms of these other beings that are implanting information into us and it could be a lot of the time and saw patterns and so we wonder why we’re doing certain things and thinking certain things that are not congruent with her what we consider to be our own Consciousness and so the specific a situation that I’m thinking of is around the Greek mythology and how they were actual ritual practices where groups of priestesses were actually welcoming in the trend these impregnations of other beans and the gods and that they were they were actually wanting to be impregnated and to be host for these other energies and so something important frases humans to learn about Anne and really focus our skill building is Discerning when is it harmful implantation and when is it actually a benefit and when are we welcome mean in these energies and I think a lot of the focus so far has been on the dangers and that the shadow side of it and it actually makes sense because as humans we are not actually remembering our wholeness in our integrity as conscious beings we are very unconscious and so it makes sense because our alignment is very skewed and turns over energetic bodies and an awareness of her settled body that then we have these areas of wounding the weaknesses where beans like the Anunnaki some Shadow and some light that they can be either at that you are able to penetrate and certain areas of the body and because we’re skewed then we’re we’re going to experience more of the Shadow side of this transmission and and it’s unfortunate because I believe that we are so ignorant at this point and so much fear is perpetrated in our culture that we don’t even yet want to learn how to actually be in harmonic a relationship with all these other beings and so we’re were walking around in this weekend State most of the time and then people call it attacks you know the black magic which I do believe is real yeah I’ve been I’ve been studying a lot about how like the Luminous energy field or the egg or the disk protective shielding around us that is like built by appropriate familial love and connected connectedness with a flourishing wild natural habitat and appropriate people logic relationships and all the things that go into building what like a hunter gatherer Shaman would be working on to preserve this orb of like of them energetic shielding around every individual and then around the village of the tribe of the camp maintenance of that field of protection is valued position in society understand that they need for that and fractures in that through trauma I agree that it’s like that’s those are the entry points for dark energies parasitic organisms alien races to have the more negative types of predator-prey or parasitic parasite-host type relationships to swear it’s not consensual or it’s not erotic like in a pleasurable way it’s not like inviting in like I was just reading Fiona Holmes book about she put it she put a slug on her neck during a 6 gram mushroom trip and had full-body slug as in it that’s like one way to invite in Gmail of the strategically open and expand that field and you know beer on Diplomat of what’s out there but we’re definitely yeah like I think very by Design very kind of strategically and tactically technically put into these I mean just architecture civilization to me is like to be in prison in a state where you’re going to be bewildered in an aqueous acceptable and it’s as if to me this whole thing is like actually I think I think it is the Romans were messing around like this is all Urban Design template that came from them and they were the ones who were like the most hell-bent on rape culture and it’s like higher intelligent entities organisms on some plain or multiple planes that have as much of that where is dumb to them as we think you know feedlot cows are to us in his manipulable and it is his you know what we poke and prod them and you know a factory farm animals and milk them and inseminate them and do all this traffic in on all the vivisection. Stephanie say it’s interesting when people have these spontaneous cycling abduction sequences that also match like a 50% rate of the Rick Strassman DMT study subjects who reported like flashing into this like operating table with insectoid aliens poking and prodding them and then matching that with the UFO Abduction stuff with me is actually they’re actually having random spontaneous DMT releases in their sleep and they feel like they’ve been taken through the tunnel that’s the light is you know how it is I was just paralyzed but from the permaculture design perspective for me it’s like you can’t torture has this Integrity about not teaching mystical things but teaching scientific things in and it has to be scientifically provable to be like considered within the design from system of human culture and for me I see that as much as I want to do biological Pest Control in the garden and protect my beautiful you know livelihood of plant ecology and animal called you that I’m designing I’m going to have to understand the Predators and the parasites and the ecological world of what causes disease and weakens the plants if if it’s like I’m planning something in wrong place and it gets weekend by lack of sunlight or moisture poor soil conditions then all the Predators and pests come in to devour it because I’ve been weak and if there’s this pressure coming from whatever order of predatory or parasitic specifically of the sexual nature that’s family assigning ruining life on the reservation delete ruining people’s potential to enjoy the most beautiful gift that we as human animals have in the planet enjoy their sexuality this erotic gift in and so if I’m designing with permaculture communities are going to be sustainable and there’s already a 50% divorce rate and then there’s this invisible sector of energy which is this pressure of sexual pathology that’s ruining families like how am I going to build I could build the most beautiful Garden of Eden and not have protected that Garden of Eden from these invisible entities that are causing possession to the in the form of sexual abuse by family members against other family members and obviously alcohol is a huge factor and just a fragmentation of will the lack of shamanism if you take away the shaman you put in alcohol and you really want to study incest on the reservations is where it’s like I don’t know what the percentage is but it’s extremely high and I think that we probably share the opinion that a tool set of clinical application of the Ayahuasca magic is that it can bring that sort of Shadowmere up for creditors to see themselves and we know that all the kinds of healing is happening and people are approaching the memories of the abuse since it is all this victims or or are seeking a medicine and finding great healing through it but there doesn’t seem that I know of or I guess I shouldn’t say but I guess my dreamer my goal would be to as a permaculture designer know that I can design safe communities because we’ve we have this magical medicine that we can apply in a clinical way that will screen disinfect purify you know give us this ability to have to protect our communities from this invisible alien pressure this like that that seems to be everywhere in the world all skills of a concentrates obviously in the more and the more and less educated the more drug and alcohol abuse among populations in the lower socio-economic conditions but it also will be no rich and Powerful lawyers and doctors are artist raping your children any thoughts you have in your experience of working with the medicine and of the potential for it to be used in that way to like purifier to disinfect and purify and I release these things so this is basically what I research for my PhD he is interviewing women around North America about their sexual healing in Ayahuasca ceremonies and with the other Master plants and so that’s exactly what I’ve experienced and what these women have reported in that the first step in their healing was a purification who says not just as Ayahuasca with tobacco with Sasha Rosa cook it like other plants Valeska is really important for the reproductive organs and so that the purification began on a physical cellular level actually purging the trauma held in their cells and then being shown how it was causing emotional disturbances and purging that out and then you know the next levels seem like how it change their perception of reality and that they were looking through many Legend lenses of trauma so they that their lens was Fuzzy and they asked it was distorted and they actually couldn’t see what was what and so there was that level of her genes which then connected them to the spiritual trauma and that disconnection and really the fear that has been program indoctrinated into us and so purging that fear and then having a reconnection with their the spirit allies that are actually and plants me one of them are allies that are actually looking out for us and wanting the best for our soul journey and so it sounds really simple and it’s time for some people very challenging and also takes time that there are these layers of here if acacian and literal extraction of the demons and other parasitic entities that have been in them and also passed through generations is there DNA so there is a mean for us living in this time right now it’s a really big role that we’re playing in our own families in our ancestral lineage is that we are clear cleaning house for thousands of years and for the collective for our society in general which is shocking to me but as I started to know on this path if I can personal healing and researching it was like okay I thought women were so Divine and so Sanctified and that they could never be pushed by any any impulse inside of them to do that behavior and then it turns out that it does happen this keeps me thinking more and more than like what’s happening is that humans are basically being made into these shells like your hollowed out your if you become a sociopathic sexual abuser than you have been hollowed out of your moral compass your social accountability know we don’t you think no one’s looking and we’ve someone designed human settlement design pattern where everyone’s private little individual fi films are locked and no one really tears in to see what’s going on unless there’s like pawriffic screams the Demon World sexual abuse is something that they want to push any Wii console to the point of doing that and interesting like so in that under that is a family close to me with it where there’s a pattern of abuse I’m kind of studying the way it reverberates and how this monster is like jumping generations and kind of jumping around the different opportunities it has to operate in the shadow and like where the children are vulnerable when the parents are at work or whatever and if I go there happens to be schizophrenic man who is like sort of being care taken by the family over all he gets bounced around so wherever he ends up because he’s like with his children around 4 then report start coming out so I think the week of the more we can do the person is play drugs alcohol and lack of authentic religious community and othentic spiritual community and disappear fication and dancing and transit to all the things that any traditional culture would be doing too but for themselves against the pressure of all kinds of disease just regular infection and I like their level of vigilance against any inter-penetration of unwanted entities on any level of their physiology or spirituality was like an art and science of shamanism and you take that away you put people under these horrible living conditions I like what you said about the process that a victim goes through to purchase things and also connecting with the Vista generational entered multi-generational patterns that you know these things I think of any I am my own these things I’ve seen that the family molecule DNA thread kind of thing as we live or a little short lifetimes but the DNA continues as an unbroken biological entity of form going back to the beginning of life on Earth and you know who knows what happened before that but at least that’s if you’re let’s say an immortal or at least your urine in an organism identity that creepy calls the underside of power under the hood who believes human consciousness they’re crawling through the generations bone this murky kind of almost like aquatic I don’t see isn’t either I see the the hyperspace is sort of like a deep-sea kind of environment with all kinds of different organisms and all kinds of food webs interacting and so like it from their perspective where are this our families are like these these threads that they’re kind of crawling along and just what one person pops up into it from their perspective they’re just like doing a little poking and prodding and manipulating and sucking and you know with whatever means they have to check into a nervous system and create impulses and and like I sound accounts we’re through hypnosis demons were speaking about how they function in the human biological system the kinds of Highly articulated anatomical tools they have to do the things that they do like pincers and pokers and thing here had things you had mine is seeing so and I and I think you know when somebody proves is I heard someone say that this person was not a I don’t think there was sexual pathology in the family or anything but just you know for example somebody who had suffered maybe as an emotional psychological abuse casually says I think I just I’ve had the experience of vomiting out an alien fetus you know like something that looks very much like a Giger painting and someday I hope there’s like a National Geographic devoted to of the taxonomy of the spirit world and so we can understand these things like okay that’s how you would identify it and that’s how you would get denied work as a school bus driver if you were scanned and you miss things were seen inside of you know you’d have to go to the island and om Spinderella and unfortunately this there would be unnecessary would be necessary do this and it’s hard though for families cuz if it is somebody that everybody to family does authentically love but he has been infected and he has done these Deeds then what are you do you know once he becomes out into the open and I think that you know they’re there would have to be some sort of place where they go and have dinner with this not prison Chino that’s like a prison camp but is like a more enlightened sort of place where and I think that bill find that authentic remorse and they will they take the the potential for what you would call a cure is this application is medicine which would actually rid you of this Parasect let’s say let’s say if you had a grant you know a blue sky budget and it was just like all of your Survivor respondents you know had had your back in like you do you have the ability to say okay I’m creating a task force now to go to the other side of this and now I know you’ve had such a disgusting repulsive revolting look into the victim side of this that your unshakable and not afraid to like take this medicine in the people qualified to administer it into psychiatric prisons and replace the chaplain of the prisons with the Psychedelic Simon said there were actually rebuild hitting people for real with a strict you know honestly so if I had a grant with Limitless potential and I could create a team what I would Envision is a place where people could go Fort Pierre fication and realignment and then fortification so they can actually step out into the world as a new person I would build a team with as you say psychedelic shamans and I had to leave that all the sacred plants have their place I particularly love Ayahuasca and then that’s just my focus for this lifetime and and so I would build a team with the V I was scared of adjective Lisa along with body workers like acupuncturist the people who can lead Body Talk sessions I believe that the body is the way to Healing as opposed to talk therapy I believe talk therapy has a little bit of helpfulness in terms of cognitive behavioral changes so really billina integrative tea and then there is just a equal amount of focus on the integration piece of prepping people for ceremonies and then post-ceremony invited exercises and then giving people tools to actually and purify themselves and protect because even when people go through an intense healing process which could be anywhere from one week intensive the plant diets to one-year Rehabilitation that it takes time for us to build ourselves up so you know what we can have a one-level healing and then we’re still vulnerable woman like me one baby so we need to be taken care of and being shown taught tools had had to be in this world in and be between worlds and and so also the importance of integrating in a reconnection with the elements and with the learning how to be in harmonic relations with all beans including other dimensions so as you mentioned permaculture so really I’m back to land like what are the beans here what are the plants I’m in our Gardens like that reintroduce introduction and just like emphasizing that nurturing that relationship and and then really focusing on community so as a community what can we build together what are these different paradigms you different structures that needs to come into being for us to collectively evolved and part of this of retreat program you know including the the educational component the ceremonies the integration support and the permaculture that would be some kind of initiation process cuz I feel that that’s a huge piece that we’re missing I’ll talk about it later tonight but that there is a way traditionally where perpetrators have been brought into Community where they are initiated sometimes it’s life-or-death kind of scenarios and they go through this process of their own purification and coming out Reborn only Alive by the blessing of their allies keep me on keeping them going to the arduous test really and so that there is a sense that the community is tending the nurturing the survivors and then also allowing for perpetrators to go through their healing process where if they if they do get through and they are alive then they’re considered pay their dues so instead of executing them or having them spend 5-10 years in jail maybe it is a year program where they go through and if they are committed to it and they actually do what is required and which means a lot of ritual ceremonies gardening whatever you know whatever that may be that there is a forgiveness and forgiveness is a strange word but there is a rate out of how they were carrying that they parasite you know the half of their family and then we’re weekend to estate of acting unethically and and harmful and that if they get through the rehabilitation that they’re eat the community sees the big picture and is willing to let that person be reborn and go into a new phase of your life is supposed to always having this attach a label of perpetrator and evil which I don’t believe is true and we all carry something to different degrees and we’re all responsible for the collective and that’s a really hard one to swallow and this is like you asked me big vision and this would be something that I believe is possible it and there were aspects of it that existed in the end our past and that we will be at a turning point based on are the ecological changes and shifts that are happening that are out of the human control that will actually promote that the urgency of this change and end this Paradigm is possible and will come into place because it it’s going to be necessary for the survival of whoever is still existing on this Earthly plane thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to 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