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Kali Sahasranama in Sanskrit and English Read by Sufiana TPP257


Kali Painting

In this episode I share the recording I commissioned from Sufiana of the 1008 names of Goddess Kali, including both the Sanskrit and English

Alien Lover Goddess My New Goa-Goth Psytrance Track Is Coming Soon TPP256


In this episode I share a 30 second sample from my new track “Alien Lover Goddess” coming soon on CaliPsy Records!


Alien Lover Goddess Coming Soon!

Please enjoy this sample and stay tuned for updates on the release date!

Lab Report: Shaktification as Non-Invasive Demonectomy TPP232


sexual-healing-with-psychedelic-goddess-worship In this episode I share a lab report from mid 2019 which documents an important break through in my sexual healing with psychedelic goddess worship research. The mixed and mastered version of the Psychedelic Goddess Worship track on the Sexorcism the Tantric Opera album proved to have powerful potentials to induce what I’m calling “shaktification as non-invasive demonectomy. My (non-verbatim) show notes are below.

Non invasive is used for surgeries, the body is not penetrated

Man cave, goddess temple lave, unclinical lab, produced an album to create the vibrational landscape for a non-invasive demonectomy on my self

multiple sessions, increasing doses’

could solve the problem of how do you induce a non-invasive demonectomy, that’s effective, unlike the techniques of the dominant paradigm of exorcism, the catholic church and their protocols

with an understanding, time does not heal, if untreated the infections only get worse and in the case of men, there’s a higher potential of survivor-perpetrators

for women, less likely to harm others, but will often harm themselves, that’s the handy work of the demons that were inserted into them in acts of abuse and molestation

demons express themselves in female survivors much less as sexual offense

in males, less divine feminine grace, cults of gang rape, women don’t usually form thug cults of rape

don’t know of any witches who are known to have done that

but men, gang up and bully runts on football team, and geeks in the classroom, they gang up and rape the cheerleaders, their so susceptible and when you get survivors in that mix, its that much more of a cascading effect

it should be axiomatic, if that infection doesn’t get disinfected immediately, than you are harboring, just like Geiger shows us, is the “face huggers”, that’s what he’s talking about, it’s all demons, their parasites, inject themselves into human host, sexual aliens, if there was a xxx Giger, that’s me, showing what’s going on

gotta figure out how to interrupt the larval cycle, to interrupt the propagation

some times sexual penetration is appropriate, however there are times when it’s not

there’s a magical power that flows through, the goddess kali shaki, and the magic mushroom, what I can demonstrate and have footage of, is capturing the rapid seizure like convulsions that occur with the shakti is invoked, not just shivers, not just normal kriyas, a controlled seizer

a presence of mind, it’s possible to surrender, but be prepared, yoga, martial arts, dancing, landscaping, know my body and have agility to phase in and out of possession states

not faking, not faking, not a parlor trick, not a magic trick, not putting on a show

I have the ability to shut it off, goddess has been earning trust from me so I can surrender more
use elbows to brace neck, stay ahead of the sense of more intense movements

set and setting for combat training, you could use padding, or train on the beach

design consciousness of low impact, the sand absorbs impact, avoiding pavement

expecting to trash around, expecting to be taken for a ride, do due diligence to be warmed up enough

not be in a contortion to snap their neck, people doing jiu jitsu, they’re aware of when they’re in danger, and maneuver out of it

gotta be bad ass ninja warriors

it’s possible, I’ve proven to myself, that adding more people is beneficial, but in the dilemma of when you can’t add anybody, what do you do, well this seems to be it, maybe not the only thing, but could be more effective than calling the local priest exorcist

they did the deeds themselves and now they’re gonna do the exorcism, you brought the demons you’re not taking them out

sexorcism that doesn’t involve any inappropriate touch or any touch at all

it happened to me to a degree never before experienced

it’s happened before, but not to this extent

she’s like an infinite array of octopoid, insectoid, she has the ability to move you in a lot of different ways

she’s going in and doing a demonic abortion

what she’s doing is what an abortion doctor would do

as sad and heartbreaking as it can be, that’s what goddess kali is doing the demons in the chakras, she’s sucking and pulling them out

these are fully formed, although I do see often that there are multiple life stages, there are hatchlings, old ones, etc. we don’t know how long they live

shamans probably have a clue, but we’re grasping in the dark, but that’s what’s happening

if you watch sexorcism the tantric opera where there’s a lot of hand laying on people, sometimes just the aura, it’s a lot of handy work, but what has been achieved to an extreme with me, is that with the track “psychedelic goddess worship” singing the mantras along with it, its raiding the demon nest, allowing kali to do the demonectomy, extracting these violent creatures, shifts in the amount of demonic load, measurable, this is like colonics

I think I made an important discovery, a hands off, solo, non-invasive demonectomy, you may want to try this yourself and go from no medicine, to cannabis low to high dose, then mushrooms low to high dose, and experiment with the music, looping the track psychedelic goddess worship in setting where you have people watching over you, and you’re surrounded by cushions, and you have martial arts/yoga background, be agile like a cat to prevent injury, if that’s you and you’re suffering and you’ve not found healing in toxic relationships, in psychiatric drugs, or yoga postures, or vipasan, or being saved by Jesus, or getting an exorcism, or singing hare krisna, or doing a detox, I say try everything else , this is a last resort

these are things that I”ve seen that will turn you white, like Winston from Ghost Busters

old school orthodox sri rama krisna order kali worshipers say things like think about it, people go to kali when they’re crushed, when they’re hating life because “it least there will be peace”, they’re harangued by demons, you go to the kali temple and there is peace, hopefully not a patriarchal priesthood

I emphasis female kali priestesses in my work, trying to get back the secret mantras, and decode the art,

the braminization of the goddess, “she was a tribal deity who was absorbed into vedic pantheon”

she was/is a village goddess

decolonize your tantra

get back to psychedelic village level goddess worship

occupying armies, languages, soma, occupying, absorb goddesses take them away from the people then feed it back to them and it’s all corrupted, bastardization by priest craft, put in empire of ego, male ego

I bow down to women who are priestesses, sorting it out, pagan villager medicine woman shamanism craft, that’s what we want to get all the way back down to

the pure hearted matriarchs of the village, witch craft

I’ve said it enough times now, how to translate this, we need to give a voice to the witches and let them do it laboratory conditions

I’m just the messenger, the source is the dakinis and yoginis, who are in state of grace simply because they dont’ have a penis that can be weapons

I don’t have a clue about what was really going on with the cult of the 64 yoginis but there seems to have been a ratio of men to women where women are quite obliged to run the show, quite obliged to minimize and intelligently design with the shiva energy, operating within their coven

I will only get better and better at doing the scholarship on these claims

women are blessed and women are cursed and we need to address this without the backlash

we can be brothers in prostration to the goddess, and experience our masculinity in its most potent form

we’ll get hardest erections when we worship the goddess

ritualized sexual matriarch, that’s probably a useful simplified term

a more rapid depiction

high dose mushrooms, safe-ish setting

looping the track psychedelic goddess worship, mixed and mastered version

never before got as far

turned into an astral battlefield, astral combat, very much like scene in big trouble in little china, when Lo Pan fights Eg Shen, astral avatars battle on their behalf

I got into contortions, spontaneous mudras, like speaking in tongues with your hands, never been trained to do, never done before, seeing my fingers become like black widow spider legs, beautiful sacred geometric formations, like weaving a spider web, as I invoke her more and sing her in more, I become what looks like a mix of black soldier fly and cobra, slithering sounds, autonomically happening the more I surrender, seeing myself as sort of dragon fly mixed with black widow, seeing now how you can allow yourself to be, in a benevolent manner, but possessed, so she can devour demons through you

co-presence between dimensions, I had to think omg this is the fly, I’m Jeff Goldbloom, but that was so gruesome and hideous, but this was beautiful, how could that be re-imagined so it was totally beautiful…so the triumphantness of the incredible hulk, still shocking and bizarre, but whats’ the more beautiful transformation where you see it as totally beautiful and elegant, nothing horrific about it, what would that be, there’s a shape shifting character.

it’s like super mario brothers when you get the tanuki suit, you jump on the mushroom and then basically you become big, you go fast, you have super powers you jump high, game play is enhanced, and with the tanuki suit you get this magic item, this feather, if you get it you can jump and almost fly, you get lift off like a helicopter, its been a long time but the thing I’m pointing to is, imagine you have the power to shape shift, as powerful as incredible hulk but not as nasty and freakish as the fly, it’s not like a horror movie like Freddie Kreuger, nightmare on elm street part two where he comes out of the guy and just sheds him, that’s the ugly version, that’s not what I’m talking about, she’s elegantly sharing my space, I am her she is me, queen bee, cobra snake, transitioning to that with the beauty and elegance of the tanuki suit. Maybe in the Star Trek movie where Kirk ends up getting it on with a shape shifter, she was totally hot, she was actually a beast that can shape shift, imagine that you could totally shape shift into a creature and have it be seamless

it’s possible to invoke the goddess and for her to embody you, and not just putting on make up and pretending to be her iconic formation
I normally see her outside of me, this time more than ever, she enveloped me, I’ve been enveloped by her, clamped down on me, fucking me to purify my chakras, but still being outside of me, penetrating, workign through me, she can swim through me, but like being enveloped by a jellyfish, about to get teeth into my chakras

but this way, she is in my like thundercats

another bad version is like the Edgar suit from Men in Black, demons wear me like the Edgar suit, but Kali wears me to extract the demons from the Edgar suit so I can just be Edgar again, then she’s in the suit, but not possessing to do harm

Sufiana didn’t report becoming the insectoid being, but she described herself rolling out her tongue and hissing, the deity possession trance state, the shamanic healing state

I documented that process later, being very limited financially, very limited with legal sanctioning if at all, having some blessing and bold outlaws to join forces with me, not me manipulated a cult, but me offering educational tools, not involving my dick

I keep my pants on for people who are not my lovers, is that fair, that’s probably a fair way to say it, if you’re my client my pants are on, if you’re my lover, that’s negotiable

back to the non-invasive…able to move massive chunks, being rattled like a freight train, by her, squeezing and working with her to do the contracts, she’s doing the work of the abortion doctor, while I’ll in contracts and pushing out at the same time, it’s so harsh, but you know there have to have been abortions throughout time in crude conditions, certainly not modern legally sanctioned conditions, where the intent was to kill the fetus during the contractions of labor

she’s an insectoid alien goddess, with blackskin, and bejeweled eyes, like the tantric scriptures say, read the 1008 names of Kali and you’ll see the depictions

I need artists to help me with this, graphic novelists, visionary artists

if you could see a woman in labor, shaking convulsing, contracting, seizures and convulsion and simultaneously a female abortion doctor reaching in so as not to leave pieces inside trying to get everything out in one whole piece and eating that thing, but it’s not a baby it’s not in the womb, it’s demons in the chakras

an interplay between goddess kali as the hungry abortion doctor, it’s her doing what she’s evolved to do which is eat demons, I’m serving my demons to the goddess,

an interplay of surrender, and the embodying of the goddess through allow her energy and body to enter your body in a way that is non invasive, she is invasive but in a good way and in a welcomed way,

but no instruments, no cutting devices, no fingers, hands, sexual contact by humans, that’s the best way to describe what’s happening
been in this state many many times, what was different this time was the force

this was the first time I was able to do what I wanted to do all these years, was able to carry it out, to a potent degree, get a massive chunk of demonic biomass, with love and power and strength and courage of the goddess inside of me, her power to purge me, with her mandibles, ready to feast, and it being a much much bigger portion, to the degree that I got the sense that her stomach was full, it had only been oderves up to this point, they were just taking out small grains of rice with chopsticks, she was going in their with her salad tongs to get massive platefuls at once, she got so full, I felt like okay I’m exhausted, she’s full, but after these big chunks got out, hadn’t happened before

very light, blinding to the 3rd eye, sheaths my vision, no more seeing the demonic monsters coming out of me, that make alien look like bambi, all of it, once this massive chunk was taken out gets replaced by this beautiful white light, scaring me, did I damage my optic nerve, I’m just seeing pure white, fuck, there’s some kind of damage…no this is the loving light, dont’ freak out and panic now, go with it, enjoy

instructed to use my own hands, placed fingers against root chakra at the perineum, while the white light was there, use the power to seal the chakra, using massage, using this light healing energy, to use mudras, palm chakras, finger chakras, to do this healing work, like cauterizing a wound, the shakti through palm chakra and finger chakras whill the white light is there, wow, fuck yeah, anatomical surgical orthodoxy, what we think about when we talk about a chakra tune up

these analogies to auto mechanics and surgeons are very apt

you’re doing the work with her, auto-non invasive demonectomy

I had the power and free will to move my body, re-adjust for comfort, drink some water, get up and just make sure the door was locked, again, not ideal conditions

there you have it, what I’ve been working on for years, one of the most glorious since 5.5 year ago initiation with Sufiana

I would like to just be living in the world that we created, to never have been separated by financial duress, within the realm of reasonable periodicity, with medical staff, scientists, medical researchers, the Bangladesh UN security force, that’s what I fantasize about, having the support to do it right

this is like version 0.0001 of the technology, this is not ready, I don’t know what it’s ready for, if you’re suicidal right now and it’s a question of you killing yourself and you dabbling into what I’m talking about, I’m willing to take that risk, this isn’t medical advice, this isn’t therapeutic/psychiatric advise, I’ll make all the disclaimers, in the spirt of YOLO, (actually its not yolo because you live many times) don’t do this in the spirit that everybody wants to see the machine elves that Terence Mckenna talks about, this is a little more extreme than that, do this because it’s life and death for you right until we get the point with research to where so mild version exists, like salsa there will be mild, medium, hot, warning label, extreme hot

if you want to dabble because you’re an extreme case of demon infection, they’re in those hard to reach spots, there’s that song where my demons hide, you want to know, It’s possible to find out, I’m not gonna tell everyone to follow my path

Kali Mandir satsang, a lot of these scriptures, don’t think that they’re all agreed upon by all the priests and priestesses, there are things that are written in stone, but a lot of the scriptures were people exploring and taking notes, like a yogi could be saying “when I said this mantra, at this place and this time in this way, I got reversed gang banged by hot astral dakinis, and I don’t know if this will happen to you, this is me I’m doing me, you do you, I don’t want to implant thought forms and skew it, and contaminated the control group, I’m just trying to build on my own research, I love what the yogis say, talking about female astral non human entities, coming down purifying his soul and doing all this healing work, sounds like what I’m talking about and if he were on mushrooms he’d be able to describe in greater detail, or maybe he was a yogi that attained an endogenous psychedelic state

nothing new here, I’m saying things that have been suppressed for by patriarchy demonic war lords for 1000s of years, but were open source tech as sexual shamanic witchcraft, held by cultures of the world, just business as usually to maintain a shamanic community

when its a matter of infestation of lower chakras, there’s some modality that’s not creepy, predatory or abusive, to somehow empower people to have auto-non-invasive demonectomy sexorcism, auto invasive demonectomy sexorcism, I’ve milked my own prostate, kali possessing me, shards of light coming in, healing, demons coming out, most stunning gorgeous arrays, beauty is subjective, every woman and aspiring woman who ever put on make up with the intent to beautify herself, what every single one strives for is what can be seen when you invoke the goddess with these mantras, and with 3rd eye open with mushrooms

me doing me, phenomenologically, in my own bubble, the most beautiful feminine facial features, and graceful sensual movement, and just every woman or aspiring woman aspires to be, that’s what I’m given, that’s what I’m seeing and if it wasn’t for seeing that I would have ended me life a long time ago on this journey, the brutal beautiful truth is that you gotta go through hell to get to heaven, for the sake of what I’m saying now, I’ve seen the most grotesque creatures I could ever possibly imagine, and take all the monsters ever made in art and film and multiply that by a hundred, and you maybe will get close to how freakish and grotesque and disturbing and mortifying, miracle you’re not catatonic seeing this, the antidote to that hideousness, that makes it tolerable, to look at it as you’re pulling it out, the unpleasantness of removing a tape-worm, the unpleasantness of disinfecting that wound with that pus in it, and all of that, I know there are places in the world where there are blood parasite or urinary tract parasites, pulling a barbed fish parasite out of your urethra, that should feel pretty hideous and I bet that what I see in these ceremonies induces a similar level of mortification, disgust that you would have if you had to do that, while I’ve had to endure that hideousness, if you ever see the electron microscope of blood parasites, imagine if they were just, if you were in a realm where you were shrunken down to be in a massively dense cluster of all kinds of different blood parasites the ones with the circular mouths, and the ravor sharp thorny looking teeth, and weird suckers and pincers, the most alien, bizarre, monstrous, aquatic looking, arthropod looking blood parasites, imagine you were shrunken down a million times and being eaten alive but what, in scale wise becomes these giant giant monsters, then that’s what it feels like and looks like in there, I’m afraid to teach anyone to do what I have done because I fear that they would ever come back from that state of visual disturbance to where they wouldn’t just immediately slit there own wrists and literally rip there own eyes out,not knowing that they can’t reach far enough in to pull their pineal gland out, are you gonna crack open your head and pull your fuckin 3rd eye out and stomp on it, that’s what you’re gonna wanna do if you fuckin see the shit I’ve seen, omg, its nothing the shamans of the amazon don’t see every fucking day, it’s business as usual to have to confront these grotesque forms of life, if you know that you are bigger than them and you step back and you go no I’m not the shrunken millionth of a size me inside of of their world, their inside of my world and I can step up to them like standing up to a bully and I can exorcism them and I can purge them with the medicine, of course you have icaros in south America , and you have mantras in India, how to have syncretic shamanism, sacred sexuality and healing work, lets bring the best of the cultures and not be left with the patriarchal douche-baggery of suppressing the feminine

seeking the path of the goddess here we are, here I am

I get to see the antidote to that hideousness which is the extreme beauty

what makes it all worth it is the sweet beautiful blessed honor of beholding and being imbued with and making love with and being possessed by and suited up by, I have been suited up by the most loving most beautiful, most exquisitely constructed bioarchitecture deity, I don’t know maybe you gotta be the kind of person that things ants and bees are cute

this is the way to look at it, if you’ve ever thought of how in cartoons they’ve made ants and bees look pretty and feminine, and then sexualize that and m ake it into a super hot, goth, metal, sort of like, matrixy club, goth industrial club, shining latex, everything we think about the dark erotic, she is the dark erotic cartoon bee spider, just a cuteness and sexiness and a otherworldliness and an alienness, how many sexy beautiful loving aliens have we seen in sci fi, someone tell me, some show me some, I’m sure they’re in different comics and things, some of the arists they’re doing it, they’re bringing it, astral ecology with Tom Denney, his artwork is the cover of my book, you only have to wait until my book is released to see what I’m talking about, the beautiful feminine alien insectoid goddess who will turn you on, turn you inside out, but but you right back together, surgically restore the soul parts, tuck your chakras back in to your astral body, kiss you goodnight, tuck you in, all the works, the motherly maternal aspect, the sexual healing dakini wild, again, I’m saying nothing new, because you go to an orthodox kali puja and they are saying kali we love you you are the mother, you are the lover you are the friend, and not at all invoking, you hear the word mofo all the time in this culture, all over the world, I don’t know what’s going on there, this is not a Fredian Oedeple kink or neurosis, this is very different and it’s it’s own thing, I kind of went through my messiah complex already, at first I wanted everybody to fuckin know this, because it defeats the tyranny of all patriarchal world religions, more powerful more profound, more radical, more anarchistic, more revolutionary than any prophet, any christ, any saint, in buddha, any yogi,none of them delivery this unless they’re deep into the worship of kali or the tantric goddesses, of which kali is often considered to be the mother matriarchy, the queen bee of the many goddesses of the tantric pantheon, which is influenced with the vedic pantheon but has interplay ultimately with the village goddesses

the beauty is out there, the truth is out there, the beauty is in her, the truth is in there, you’ll see her the way I see her in Tom Denney’s book and on the cover of my book and I didn’t commission him to do that, he did that because he is tuned in as an artist, the way Terence Mckenna describes it to be an artist who sees the future, who can tap into the astral plane, or have the astral plane tap into them, wish me luck

pray for my protection, I’ll be doing my best to sheriff the perimeter of our reality and clean up the infection sites and to fortify the souls of the next generation and to really hospice the souls of this generation, where I am feeding and nourishing many goddesses and keeping myself as humble as possible with as small as a physical footprint of property ownership as possible, with as few possession as possible, and if surrender my money and wealth as it comes through as I have been doing to my beloved priestesses and trust that as long as they hold the sword above my hands and my head and they chose not to let the sword fall on to my arms and onto my neck than I will be continuing to do my work in a good way, and they will be the beneficiaries, they will be my sexecutioners if the time comes, each with their sharpened swords, ready to take a whack, so be it

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera 01 Post-Ceremony Interview TPP228


Post Ceremony Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the post-ceremony interview from Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 01 “Erotic Ghostbusting”.  It’s a trip to re-listen 3 years later and compassionately judge myself for how I walked a narrow path to sustain integrity to my bold claims. Life has not been a beach since then, in some ways I’ve flourished, in some ways I’ve floundered, but I’ve made progress, and as any aspiring scientific explorer knows, the process of proving out theories can be painfully slow. All in all, every breakthrough big and small will always be sweeter the fewer and further between that they are.  The wisdom of the shakti energy of transformation can be fast, but it can also be slow. Trusting, keeping the faith, and holding on for dear life to the integrity of scientific methods and medical study ethics is the name of the long game…

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera 01 Pre-Ceremony Interview TPP227


STO Interview Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the pre-ceremony interview from Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 01 “Erotic Ghostbusting”. The episode included a beautiful and powerful selection of clips from the full interview and I’ve been holding on to the whole interview for a while with the intent to eventually publish. After re-listening I feel that I’ve held true to the values and principles spoken over 3 years ago now. While I’ve told my story many times, each context brings different energy, passion, purpose, and insight to the transpersonal and universal themes contained within. The moment in my personal evolution that this interview documents is, in a classical tantric sense, as timeless and permanent as an ancient stone, yet as fleeting and transitory as a rain drop over the ocean. I was blessed to be held and heard in this interview and I will return to this moment if I ever feel led astray from my core. It’s impossible to resist change of all kinds, but the spirit of resistance will always adapt to survive.

Proof of Love Ep. 7 Tantric Sex with Ben Tantra Punk Rebroadcast TPP193


Ben Tantra Punk PicIn this episode I share a rebroadcast of my interview on the Proof of Love podcast, below is the original show notes, please subscribe to Proof of Love!

What can one say about a crypto tantric episode other than wow.  This is our spiciest Proof of Love yet! Ben Tantra Punk joined Stephanie and I to discuss this ancient practice.  In between a few laughs and blushes, we get a great overview of tantric lovemaking, how it’s different from regular lovemaking, the history of why there is tantric sex in the first place, and the joys of the female orgasm.  We went a bit over on time, but I don’t think you will mind with this subject matter! We need more love in our lives, and this episode will show you how to put some of these teachings into practice, even if calling each other goddess in bed is a little uncomfortable.

About the Guests:

Ben Tantra Punk is a sex worker, feminist porn performer, certified permaculture designer, certified tantric counselor, author, film maker, and recording artist. He’s found healing and empowerment through sacred loving arts, ecological gardening, shamanism, ecstatic trance dancing, martial arts, and open source technology. His ongoing independent short film series, Sexorcism the Tantric Opera, was launched in early 2017. It tells his story of recovery from childhood sexual trauma, adolescent sex trafficking, and the path of a wounded healer. His first book, Psychedelic Goddess Worship: Erotic Memoirs from the Astral Battlefield, is planned for release in late 2019.

He loves to help tantric seekers discover the infinite source of divine love from above, the eternal power and wisdom from the Earth below, and the bliss of conscious, healthy, diverse romantic relationships in between. He provides private coaching and counseling sessions online and in-person, and teaches publicly via livestream on the Ethereum powered SpankChain camsite at: https://beta.spankchain.com/TantraPunk His writings, music, podcasts, videos and contact info can be found at https://www.TantraPunk.com.

Do you have a burning question, or a show idea for us?  Please email us at tatiana@proofoflovecast.com!

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 194 I am being joined by Brian s gross of BSG public relations and he is such a jaw-dropping about page I just decided I really do this but I decided I definitely want to read this to really put the context in here because with with it that the merging of the technology space in the adult industry space and actually to give a little bit of backstory on this we connected now it’s been about 4 years or so since first actually started putting out a press release and seeking really advisement and consult consultation within the the the pr companies within the adult industry to see if there was any possibility to get some traction doing this sort of shamanic pornography and feminist porn kind of brand that I’ve been trying to develop mixing my music and video production and ethics and politics into media and so I have really been kind of putting The Feelers out into the space and Brian gave me some feedback back in the day and we have serendipitously reconnected recently and so I thought why not let’s have a butt supposed to connect in in this podcast domain and again I’m astounded by what he’s accomplished in some of the parallels in our Journeys here so I’m just going to go ahead and read the about page and then we’ll get started with the interview so Jared is BSG public relations takes a precise and strategic approach to promoting all facets of entertainment and efficient and motivated staff handles everything from intricate details of executive with City to positioning our clientele within compelling and effective media campaigns Street marketing teams and Creative Marketing efforts BSG public relations handles all avenues of communication is bringing your study to approach to marketing media and public relations with Creative Solutions that furthers the message & image of our clients we handle everything from the intricate details of executive publicity to positioning clients with compelling media campaigns we look to broaden and brand artist companies and products multi-level publicity campaigns combined with knowledge and background in every facet of entertainment media and communication the most importantly always putting the client first Brian Gross president of BSG PR has been in the service of media and public relations for over 26 years gross has been employed by company said Steve American recordings Warner Brothers records reprise records Elektra Entertainment Group Vivid Entertainment Group and such organizations as the Lollapalooza tour Brian Gross was an executive producer for Rio TX the search for Adam and Eve his background includes all facets of public and media relations working with some of the largest businesses celebrities and music acts in the world Brian thank you so much for joining me on the podcast and please tell us all about your personal Journey how did you get into this position of such influence and expertise school is my senior year and I’m a I’m a big Sports person as well and I was not good enough to make the varsity basketball team but wound up helping out with the younger teams and I want to getting fired for verbally assaulting a referee who completely screwed up a game and all of a sudden I had free time and I literally took out my CD collection which I know that sounds so funny in this day and age but went through it and started calling record labels and pretty much got blown off by many of them because I was a senior in high school they were looking for college kids and one label an independent label def American the girl who answered the phone was in the PR department and she still one of my best friends to the stay cuz she called she I said come in for an interview and before I knew it I was driving after school three days a week from Newbury Park California to Burbank to make press kits and learn all about the music industry well that is exciting so what were some of the what what are some of the bands in an album is like what were you into at the time I was definitely a classic rock kid a NuWave and I just wasn’t you know I was sort of what the radio fed me so you know I hadn’t really branched out as far as my music likings were concerned and you know early 90s you know 90 to 91 92 you realize just how there was no such a divided because you know really popular stuff was extremely poppy you were on the end of sort of the metal era you had this grunge thing happening you had this sort of underground music thing happening you had punk rock obviously happening but I grew up in the suburbs and and it just didn’t resonate with me at the time you know then you go to a record label and you start going through the CDs and you just start this massive Discovery and bands walk in and you meet people and you spend time with artists and musicians and it just completely through open a world that I was you know I was aware but I wasn’t aware to that extent and it was pretty exciting to just see the variety especially at this specific record label the variety of of music that was being put out and and how exciting it was awesome so from there so what how to tell us the story of how you evolved from the doing stuff mostly in the music and more and more General entertainment business into the adult industry which I see you have a lot of accolades from so I I mean I work my way up in the record industry from 93 to 99 I I was took a couple internships than an assistant job than a West Coast tour tour publicist West Coast Regional tour publicist job and then I saw what Napster was doing and I realized you know as a as a low man on the totem pole in the satellite office for record label I better figure something out and literally fell in my lap where two people one of which had this specific that had this position and and the other was the brother of the owner of the company hit me up and said hey you know you should interview for this job that’s going to open up to be the head of PR and marketing for a company called Vivid which I was obviously very familiar with as a young male and so the money was a lot more and the opportunity was there and it was just one of those things I was 23 and I wasn’t going to say no I couldn’t pass it up so I became the head of PR and marketing for Vivid Entertainment in the spring of 99 while you were busy absorbing all of this until from the corporate world and very established Enterprises and then you’re building essentially what will become your your own personal company and brand can you tell us about some of the some of the lessons you learned some of the highlights of of your journey along that way if kind of building your own becoming an entrepreneur as opposed to an employee working for Stephen her she had a very hands-off approach you know he wanted me to practice the way I had learned doing publicity at the record labels and bring that same approach to the adult film stars that were under contract with this company and to the company itself so I really had this sort of open book of you no opportunities and and and really just publicizing a a massive brand his thing was don’t spend any money which you know you laugh at but it was pretty when you when you eliminate budgets and you have to be creative that’s that made you have to work relationships in and put ideas out there and look for opportunities that I think in this day and age we wouldn’t even think twice about it but at the time we’re pretty groundbreaking you know so you know what that in mind it just became abaa I learned so much from that that when I went on my own I took sort of his entrepreneurship of run Dino of starting and running a massive adult entertainment company with what I learned is being a publicist and I’m just sort of found my way I had some incredible mentors the forest publicist go ahead incredible mentors who you know I went to when I started my company said how to what am I doing how do I do this you know and they were so giving and and so just easy you know so open Armon and I’m just taught me so much in a really short. Of time to where I was just off and running and getting clients and doing what I’ve been doing what I could I mean for me getting up every day and doing my job isn’t necessarily hard and I think I’m fortunate that I have that s Ellison and work ethic that I know is very challenging for many people but you know I just learned quickly I could get a lot of clients and and synergize and and do a lot for them and and just sort of Broad and from there awesome yeah I’m having flashbacks to reading a book called guerrilla marketing back when I was doing start up stuff and and it really did get a budget mattered so you had to teach you had to be creative and you had to think out-of-the-box so I can I can resonate with that and I remember one of a CEO for a company I work for has said you know the difference if there’s a difference between marketing and PR and marketing is what you say about yourself in PR is what other people say about you and you really really want to have that that perspective that that’s where the third person perspective in your printing and copying in to have it buffering so that the artists and the company’s don’t aren’t doing all of that he’s some kind of damage control I guess you could say and sometimes they just that stuff that Shameless self-promotion that people people can see through it on the on the receiving end and then on the giving end you’d rather not be tooting your own horn so much so it’s a really vital function that you play in the in the ecosystem of have any kind of business and I love to hear about just soap for people who aren’t that well versed in what a publicist does it would appear our company does tell us about the sort of day today and I’m kind of break it down for people who might not know famous for a living right you know the longer sort of breakdown of that is you know celebrities Brands companies hire a publicist to get there messaging in there and what they have to sell out there to the media which is then you know red watched listen to buy hopefully millions and increases sales increases exposure and increases the the growth of of whatever the brand or the company or the person is so it’s an aspect of marketing but it’s solely deals with sort of the public Persona and then obviously the media which radio TV print and online are the four basics of that and obviously they in this day and age you know what you know podcast would kind of be filed under radio but it’s also online it’s audio but there’s there can be a video component that can be a a written component so you have a lot of Lines Blurred when it comes to the media nowadays and I just think for me it’s important for my clients in this day and age there’s so much opportunity there so many ways to get your message out there and you know me and you know my team and and myself we look to find those opportunities finals relationships and and do everything we can for clients to to accomplish the goals that they have female except for us how’s your job gotten more difficult at all or more challenging in the age of social media where you have the potential for celebrities to put their foot in their mouth to and create these Mega backlashes online that you kind of do have to do some some damage control on that do you have any thoughts what the the social media landscape has done for your industry herself you know social media gives you a way to do a more immediate Outreach but sometimes you have to be careful clients have to be careful what they say out there you know what I work more left-of-center stuff where you know I’m not working conservative projects that you know they have to be really careful what they say but certainly at I work with clients that you know we talked about messaging and we talked about what they put out there and make sure we’re on the right we’re on the right track and we’re in agreement and on the right path but I think social media you know I think it’s it’s positive it’s certainly a life-changing things it certainly has changed the landscape of society and and whatnot on a larger scale but you’re not the end of the day we all are just fascinated by other people and they do so it just open doors opens doors in that respect what do you know actually makes me think about how it made some sense you talking about Dimension to have the image of Tower Records on Sunset and I’m just the decline of the record industry and all of the digitization of all kinds of media and how that took a big chunk out of profits for a lot of folks in an industry but when I based on what you were just say no actually realized you might think that the same thing would happen to PR once people could become demigod celebrities on social media by themselves but the reality is they probably need to hire a publicist more than ever because you need that filter right you need that you need someone to advise you on on the strategies of how you express yourself because it’s so easy to just fire something off that just Neo take sweat they say it could take 5 years to build a career in 5 seconds to destroy rights and all I would add to it is you know you need you need someone in my position when you have something that is so public and you need someone that can help you because a lot of times there is a lot of Crisis and a lot of people don’t know what to do and we’ve certainly witnessed over the years when when things go wrong or how you know when things are handled poorly and you know we live at a time where the media is constantly attacked so they’re going to attack that so you want to be on the right side of things and you want you know if you want to handle your media aspect as professionals possible and it’s there are challenges you know I’m not a brain surgeon this isn’t brain surgery by any any respect but it’s an important part of the marketing and sales aspect and the overall brand awareness of who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish yeah I think that was a good real basic intro and overview and just kind of hammers hammers in that this part of the ecosystem of success as a creative artist is not is not going away in or should it and so it was it is a breath of fresh air and I think about it a lot I think about a lot how how to moderate myself and there’s a lot of fear and and hesitation in this climate of you know you can really you can really put your foot in your mouth so I I I think it says probably at yeah it’s it’s been on my mind you know this whole your sector of industry and where it’s at so this is timely for me until I guess I would say to be somewhat selfish for a moment here with the last few minutes I would say that I guess bringing this back to what my my unique value proposition is to the world as my representing myself and my brain really it is I guess it is kind of element in a way I’m saying sexuality and pornography and all forms of of music and art they can all actually be very healing and very therapeutic and there’s almost a bias against that because people sometimes in some sense people want to just have really either extremely kind of edgy entertainment that just gets them off sexually or titillates them or sort of just appeals to that Hollywood sense of just completely not necessarily that intentional or that healing or that spiritual and so there’s kind of a bias against what I’m offering which could be seen his kind of all you’re you’re just a goody-two-shoes you’re kind of a mama’s boy you want people to be meditating and doing yoga and actually it might my sort of reply to that that biases that actually know what what some of the practices that are done in shamanic Sexual Healing Sarah on your work are actually equally if not more extreme and in and actually riveting and and put you on the edge of your seat as is anything that would be considered danzo or Triple X Ino Xtreme Hardcore and it really is Hardcore to be doing some of the more spiritual aspects of sexuality so when I I put out a press release I don’t know if that was the one that you saw or if that was a wet what the time frame was around that but I would just say to you do you think there is a niche for what would I would call shamanic pornography or porn that intense did not only educate but also to promote healing and healing from trauma and and what not yours if not longer you know when I first got in the industry as far as adult entertainment goes is very one-dimensional especially the media coverage and it was all about getting eyeballs because you could use the word pornography in a way that you know people be like oh what what it what are they going to talk about and then then then there was a change in the change happened when media like Vice came along and media like BuzzFeed and and other media that said to a certain extent and we’re not going to just treat this as one-dimensional because it isn’t a one-dimensional discussion it is in a one-dimensional product you know as as the adult industry expanded I found it interesting that the media expanded in their coverage and you have certainly the negatives does the word in general is certainly looked at in a negative way and I rarely use it I say it because of that is once you say that word and it’s you know maybe one day it’ll be changed or looked at not as this glaring sing but as a form of entertainment form of Education a form of you know healing as as you as you work on but the media look to do more coverage and be more multi-dimensional and to what you’re trying to accomplish and what you’re doing what you’re doing and what you’re trying to accomplish to my point is you can find media that’s not easy but you can find people you can find writers you can find me there you can find public entities you can find people that will want to discover what you are doing and will want to make others aware and will want to build the foundation and build a fanbase in and build a unit around it so which is not the issue these days the issues speed of time and the issue is just sort of the you know overwhelming amount of media that we deal with everyday especially in our current political climate where we’re being overdosed with one piece of toxic news after another and end toxic not men the political fashion just met met you know we’re bombarded with different types of briefs and stories and just aspects of life that can that are just so fast and furious and you’re trying to fit in there you know you’re almost trying to swim upstream and place you know place your story on a rock while well water keeps hitting in the face so I I I constantly am taking on opportunities and clients and different types of niches and different types of products and different types of stories because I know who’s to say that I know what a media person will want to write about or not I don’t what I do is I give them the opportunity and I find out hey is this is this interesting do you want to do this do you want to cover this and it’s yes or no or mid might be a maybe or they’re on the fence or they’ll think about it and we did we discuss it and see what happens so it’s just a the media is a constant River at its its 24/7 its domestic and international you know stories can break anywhere in the world and then just travel the speed of light and around the globe and become as you know become viral so it’s just a it’s just the the effort and the Mine Song of people in your position as to am I ready to take this Challenge on I’ve something Niche I’ve something unique but I think it’s important and and how do I get it out there and and what you know how many people can I turn on to what I have to build from from where I’m at well those are profound words of wisdom and I’ve got chills because I know that at some point I have I’ve got two to cross that and make that leap of faith sand and be willing to be criticized and be willing to be sued and be willing to be all kinds of things and having that team and I feel like the podcast has been a tool to to kind of build that team and to know if there is a you know what keeps me up at night is what happens if there is an influx of capital what if there is a viral content piece that get 50 goes out and it’s not that you become rich and famous overnight at you is that you become suddenly under the microscope and you need to know about compliance with a lot of things and so that that’s my Virgo mind getting getting very sort of The Fearless aspect where I try not to overthink even though it’s impossible but I just I just try and push you know you just you know I I’ve constantly at a career of why not you know why not internet a record label why not internet another one why not drop out of school you know cuz it was just wasting time and money you know and then why not become an assistant why not become a tour publicist why not go to an adult entertainment company Why not start your own PR Company why not work with Gene Simmons you know it’s you know if you can answer why not then there’s no reason you know and you know we always I’m a Star Wars junkie and I think you might be in the same generation or not but we all sort of live by the the words until the age of of Yoda and so you try not you do or you don’t you do not but you just don’t try to go for it and you know there’s certainly you you think things out and they’re processing is calculated risk and what not but I’ve always another mindset where if you if you’re if you’re thinking too much about it then it’s just time wasted you know you’re not pushing forward and what you’re trying to accomplish but once you get past that you know and and you’re not going to know if I sitting around thinking you’ll never know if it takes off or not you just won’t it is the action and it is the risk that you have to eunos put out there and find out if you have something or not and you know I definitely I’ve had all kinds of clients I really have and I’ve had successes clients it succeeded sold our company and made lots of money and I have clients that failed you know but it just nothing worked and Company disbanded and I’ve got you know hundreds of files of clients over 19 years and but they all they all went for it you know wherever they are you know there’s somewhere you know that they took a risk and even when I produced a reality show you know what they say it was a risk I was a two-year process to even get to production but once you know once we decide we’re going to do it my partners and I at the time of that production company we just put her head down and we weren’t going to give up and we got the parties involved then it did well could have done better but it did well exist in there broke a lot of ground but it’s definitely important you know there’s just that dividing line of doing something and in what it is that hold you back from from going for it yeah I hear you there is just kind of wrap up here to respect your time and then I will just say that again More Chills and more of just that that cause mcnab’s you know there was there is one Flagship I guess I would say it was for me was like the pilot episode of the series that I’m doing now it’s called sexorcism the tantric Opera twitch wow Google Keyword that I want to fully on because a lot of without weather so I can get is an album is a band that did an album called sexorcism there’s there’s a kind of I don’t know if it’s play with the idea but but what I’m bringing to it is it is definitely from a pure-hearted place of sincere documentarian work and so hopefully that’s I think what’s going to be what I would put money into an invest in to try to get some some media coverage on and I’ve been a little bit shy about it now for a couple of years just wanting to not be the one to push that in people’s faces but that’s exactly the layer of buffer that I need of someone to say hey look take it or leave it this is what this guy’s doing here it is and if I can have that someone like you help me with that then I think it’ll be it’ll be a dream come true so we will we will talk offline about what your thoughts are for the trajectory of a project like that but I would love to discuss obviously well and I look forward to having that discussion and obviously I appreciate being on your podcast in and you know getting to have this kind of discussion I think I ain’t got to a certain extent I think people you’re right don’t really understand publicity and public relations and media relations and you know marketing to a full extent but I think it’s you know having the conversation and getting the opportunity to talk about it even one person goes wow that’s interesting I want to I want to know what that career is you know something I’m always interested in doing it you know making people aware of the career and path I chose the life I chose and you know going from there well I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would say as they received the rewards that they couldn’t have done it without you and so hopefully I will be able to join those ranks sooner rather than later and again and again thank you for reaching out to me as very synchronistic yeah let’s let’s be in touch do you want to tell people where to find where to find your work and just yeah side BSG pr.com and my Twitter and my Instagram RBS GPR and it’s financials at when I made the company name it was like well we’ll just Brian Scott gross of my name and BSG are my initials and public relations and it was just a simple as that so I guess I was another thing I learned of like trying to keep you know keep it linear and you’re hiring me and so that’s where a Vsepr came from awesome alright will Brian thank you again so much that I had a great time and can’t wait to get to know you better and move on from here so thank you so much again and have a great afternoon thank you you as well look forward to catching up with you again real soon all right take care of podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email bad at Tantra Punk. Com


Psychedelic Goddess Worship the White Paper TPP124


Psychedelic Goddess Worship Pic
In this episode I share a piece I wrote that serves as a sort of guerrilla psychedelic research white paper. It is the most direct and concise articulation of my thesis:

  1. Demons are invisible to the naked eye but exist as energetic parasites lurking all around us at all times
  2. They are attracted by energy that’s released during sex, aggression, intimidation, fear, etc.
  3. They enter into cracks in the protective shield of our auric field and chakra system caused by abuse, trauma, neglect, lack of adequate love, negative thought patterns, etc.
  4. Acts of sexual manipulation, abuse, exploitation, and rape create opportunities for them to spread and infect souls, virgin souls are a delicacy for them
  5. With varying degrees of conscious awareness from relatively benign ignorance, to sinister intentionality: sexual predators are being possessed by demonic entities
  6. Surgical shamanic exorcism must be performed to remove them
  7. In perpetrators with full blown infections, their demons have spread and gotten control of their nervous system
  8. Victims have incubating infections that if disinfected, purified, and healed before they spread into the nervous system, can prevent neurosis and sexual pathology
  9. Surgical shamanic exorcism when combined with certain psychedelic plant medicines, ceremonial ritual allows for the patient and/or shaman to see the infectious parasitic organisms as if with x-ray vision
  10. Goddess-centered sacred sexual healing arts such as Tantra when applied in conjunction with psychedelic shamanic exorcism produces a positive synergistic effect whereby an erotic exorcism can be performed
  11. Most traditional psychedelic shamanic healing ceremonies are inaccessible financially and geographically by the average American
  12. Most Tantric “Dakas” (male sexual healers) and “Dakinis” (female sexual healers) are inaccessible financially by the average American
  13. A “poor man’s” do-it-yourself-or-with-partners home-based procedure can be quickly, easily, and affordably trained for mass application with minimal risks and mild if any drug side-effects

Click here to download the pdf

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera TPP72


In this episode I’m joined by two dear and brave souls who participated in an epic experimental ceremony involving psychedelic goddess worship and tantric sexual shamanism. The three of us implemented a procedural design I had been developing over the course of several years. This was truly the peak experience of my lifetime thus far.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 72 I’m here with Cynthia and Rose and we’re going to be doing a sort of recap on an experimental shamanic healing ceremony where we invoked the goddess Kali to help do the heavy lifting on some serious demon ectomy and soul retrieval work and using a combination of magic mushrooms and psychedelic trance dance music and tantric sacred spot massage amongst many other things so for me it was very powerful and in important in the the evolution of trying to combine these modalities and feeling very kind of alone and out in the wilderness with this but having this experience share it was such a blessing and I feel like the best way to document it is to just allow the participants Cynthia and Rose to first Elder story of what the experience and then I’ll kind of give some of the background in my perspective and will end with some three-way discussion to try to fill in some of the gaps so without further Ado again thank you for listening and Cynthia if you be so kind please share with us your perspective on what you experienced as the the receiver of the feeling work wow okay so thank you been for or the invitation and for the The Human Experience so this is something that I’ve been called to to participate in and being a victim of sexual abuse and having done the work on my own I think I’ve reached a certain level of kind of I would say I can’t just like my my level of like appealing that I’ve said I’ve made and but I still felt like there was something that was still stored inside my body and that that has manifested itself in like behavior and lifestyle and thought patterns and basically stories that have better still playing out because of that energy that has has been stored in my body and I met Ben and instantly it was it was just okay let’s let’s do this work we need to do this this type of work needs to be done and so I’ve been waiting patiently and finally we were able to get together and create the ceiling and so he said we invited Rose to be part of our container and Rose and I have our have been part of a Kim constellation that’s very similar and we wanted to see who I also wanted to see the element of the the mail and how how we can move forward with this type of feeling the sexual healing in a safe in the Safeway and you know their intentions were very clear and very set boundaries were set and I felt very safe and so I was very nervous and you know so been input on these instructional videos and we took the medicine and I started playing the Kali mantras and that’s when the invocation started happening and I think it all just happens naturally I don’t know how to describe it but does the medicine kicks in you also start feeling the presence of the Goddess Kali and just there’s like a blur I think between my my being and just her taking over a kind of like this protective force and so we start doing the dancing and the medicine starts kicking in and it was actually very what’s an it didn’t happen in an instant but it was very fast the way that we were able to enter that space and through the dancing I was just able to to let go and release and I think that’s what allowed kind of the the purging to happen it physically felt like this energetic being that was external to me that was foreign you know it like it was just circulating and gyrating and I think it was through that activation of the Kundalini that that through the dance and that was easily facilitated like just just happened it just coming out through sound through that roaring and growling and it just that breath that Kali breath I think is what kind of help and there was no instruction for this it just was something that just happened and end with free-flowing and yeah the second time I think it would just it was just coming out through this energy energetic sound through my mouth and Rose was holding space allowing for that to come out and end encouraging me to just you know keep releasing and so the second time the energy just kept coming out kept blowing out and it was through this like gagging and he’s like I don’t know whether worldly sounds coming through my mouth and to the point where I eventually threw it up and got well and it was definitely an entity or or just all that stuff that was stored and from there we proceeded to the Triad and that’s when the Yoni massage began and that’s why I just like higher levels of the of I would say Consciousness through the medicine we’re beginning to take warm in like kind of encapsulating me again in this life protective protecting like ladies and that’s where the soul-retrieval started happening and it wasn’t even at some point it wasn’t even me healing it was my mother and my grandmother and like all of the people that came before as Azan the sacred Yoni massage with was happening and it was very beautiful I felt very safe and I was seeing sacred geometry patterns and I was seeing nebulas and just all these beautiful things that were holding space for me as I was going through this healing trolley it was a traumatic it was remembering all that trauma that has that has been stored not only in my body but also in this Earth so as I kept mentioning like this healing I feel isn’t isn’t about me it’s about healing the trauma that all of us women and not just women but also men and children have gone through with this Invasion invasion of our of our body and invasion of our souls in this like parasitic and I feel like I felt like this this is the work that needed to be done I needed to experience this feeling in order to move on to the next step and help to facilitate and so is very transformational I felt very safe I was in a safe place and I was trusting of this process and I know I was just amazing I felt like my natural authentic self again afterwards just removing and downloading removing obstacles and removing all of these blocks while at the same times Outlet in Easley downloading what are the next steps if it was like Kali was was letting us know like okay be prepared for the call how are you going to be prepared for the call and it was this everything kind of the conversation that we had afterward was like a gate opening of okay with what do we need to do next you know what comes after this healing how do we we arm ourselves against these forces that exist and so I’m still processing that I’m still downloading and now it’s it’s really just take time to take action and and this is a type of healing that that I feel is very necessary for pretty much Humanity right now and where we are in this this intense times calls for an intense healing as this in a sweeping of of all of our Spirits in our souls and the sweeping of the earth and a protecting and a very urgent just felt the urgent call to are myself spiritually and what came after I think enduring I mean there was so many visions of animalistic like felines sacredness of rage and like and it really did feel like we were being armed spiritually and like we had that spiritual strength to face these these negative and dark Forces that that exist within us and just a question is for me is is where do these things where do these energies come from and are they stored in is it natural that they’re there you know and so the medicine definitely helped to to go into these lower levels but in the Innocence acting Warriors and work are you Warrior citizen yeah I don’t know if do you have any questions were absolutely totally Exquisite that Bridges the entire planet cuz anyone anywhere in the world could have would have been able to say that and just you know wouldn’t have to be a Hindu traditionalist even had no imprint what service is so Primal so yeah so that was absolutely fabulous perfect and so if we’re all now pack on I say I’m going to I’m going to withhold my commentary and just let Rose know if whatever you want to say in response to Cynthia’s testimony of Deliverance and then go into your your Narrative of your perspective and I will I will then take my turn last so with that said I guess I do my play-by-play then we’ll start with your questions and it will just kind of have a free Freestyle Jam so Rose if you’re yeah if you’re ready please go ahead with your follow-up comments questions and then your hair do thank you I got the invitation from her working with a Collie breath you know breathwork meditation and and so I feel like it’s funny because I feel like I kind of magnetized this goddess and this this work to me because of that and I’m so when she asked me if I would be willing to be a part of this healing ceremony with her it just it came and it was an instant yes I can instant full-body yes and because of you know what I had been working at in my my own spiritual practice and days before and so when we arrived at your place I felt very States and I and even before that I just got the sense is great sense of Circus Circus perfect alignment in and what we were all going to take part in and prior to 2 are you both of you ingesting medicine I really said that intention in myself to be fully present for whatever unfolds and to just be the the keeper of all of them of the energetic boundaries and that the safety of the container that we were going to step together and so I felt this great Judy the start of Judy and me that was being awakened and when I noticed Cynthia starting to have have assertive a different experience with the with the medicine I was able to call upon the sword of motherly nurturing archetype within me and it just felt so natural to be there for her and to help help her along in those in the first couple of minutes and then also with the dancing I felt very I felt like I was dancing with her to remind her to help help help whatever wanted to come through to move along and it’s like it was just eight latest like in my cells or what what I needed to do is just couldn’t be explained much like how Cynthia said if I couldn’t have foretold everything that I that I did but what came alive in me where was this very nurturing and Duty oriented and loving nurturing mother when we all sat down together in the Triad eye I’ve been I’m familiar with this sort of work and so my my background I feel like prepared me a lot or for what what we were doing and when you gave her the Johnny massage and we’re doing other young and massage I was able to see the waves of energy that were being released from her body and it was really enjoyable for me to help her or remind her to sing and sound everything out because I felt like that was a really big piece and release and releasing what needed to come through and at one point I felt like I saw like I saw her grandmother and her mother and there is like these waves like this there’s is cave that I saw and I felt like what you were doing with the massage was like rubbing the cave of her Yoni and with Dinosaurs all that trauma and I didn’t I felt lightness coming from her as it was as it was as she was releasing I felt an influx of light also go into her and so that was really beautiful to witness and it was really touching for me to witness what the Alchemy between man and woman is lacking that sort of setting I think that was really healing for me to see you to see you know my brothers and sisters healing each other helping each other because like Cynthia said this is exactly what we need in on this earth right now this is the sort of healing and it was so inspiring to me as it was going on that that you know we were able to work together and and be the midwives for that healing and I kind of felt like let it like the god goddess embodied and so I felt like the goddess was embodied through me and the God and it archetype was invited you ban and it felt like we were healing our child together and it was it was really touching for me to see that I think that was one of the major takeaways today but I came away from with from our time together and similarly I experience a sense of like urgency like Cynthia described of like okay what’s next with you know what are we how are we how is this how are you taking next level once we step out of here I feel so excited and I really enjoyed the conversation that we had afterwards it felt like we’re all allies in each other’s journey and it really felt like us and I felt a sense of camaraderie and like I felt very I feel very proud because I know that the work that we did is very crucial and it’s very needed and so I just felt very and a sense of satisfaction in knowing that that the Earth is receiving this healing by us setting the space and taking the time to do this together and so yeah that was a little bit about my experience and I don’t have any questions immediately but maybe they’ll come up as we talked but that’s that’s me that’s where I am beautiful and exquisite in thank you so much I’m just so I’m going to go ahead and do my narrative now so and I’m going to try to make it quick so we have plenty of time for the discussion portion so this is going to be so hard for me cuz I’m so I’m so I want to bring people up to speed and really I realized the only way for people for anybody to really grasp the the amount of of effort and time and love and attention that made this moment possible they would actually have to listen to over 70 hours worth of all of the previous podcast which have been leading up to this Crown Jewel of an experience so I’m going to do my best just to really stay focused and just give a very clinical almost like shamanic police report of just the just the facts and there’s going to be a lot of technical terminology there’s going to be a lot of presumptive you know language used as I do that and I just have to say that I’m so open to questions and follow up and anyone who who really you know wants to get the full background please listen to the previous episodes and there are some some episodes that are very much you mean you could listen to just like a handful and pretty much get most of what matters so so with that said I’m going to I’m going to start so she remembered my tattoo from our gardening together years back and approached me on the Dance Floor during a Morningside DJ set we talked for a while and caught up on life been discovered we both evolved into Warriors of the light after an energy healing exchange we vowed to keep our connection sustained at our first friendly Garden date we discovered our mutual Faith to liberate our souls from the trauma of child rape experimental research Partners we became on a mission to discover affordable means to overcome our pain after many months passed the time was right to begin the Hands On Healing path I had learned full well by then working alone was dangerous and I never want to do it again I knew it would take a minimum of three to operate ethically and procedurally I asked if she bring a trusted and supportive friend one who could hold sacred healing space and be willing to work her skin for the first time the circuit could be made complete a polarity of Shiva Shakti love from head to feet her friend Rose was so much more than a shamanic nurse her singing voice alone could dissolve even the worst kind of curse after an orientation phone but it came over for what would become a Hurst Oracle evening we begin with t and Casual talk I prepared the medicine for the journey on which we’d soon Embark I picked fresh garden herbs and made the chocolate confection pouring into the mix lots of love and affection waiting for the sun to go down I set up the speakers and tested the sound after placing offerings on the altar they sat together on the bed our prayers and intentions were ceremoniously said I began a series of short educational films to introduce you the dark goddess by whom we’d all be healed first through mythical stories been a temple exorcisms documented Glory then you 1,000 name spoken in Cruiser ritual form during which your invocation could be filled gently coming on by the air Dodge Journey will begin Durga Mantra played to invite the warrior goddess energy deep under our skin erotic energetic boundaries working sensed best would begin the tundra Punk said first the devotional hymn of praise then the prayer to earn your loving healing Grace as it began I reached for her hand Drew her near to passionately sing into her ear I clutched her with warmth and strength drop to my knees in worship while rocking her waist slowly gliding up her front dancing her into my heart as our feet stopped now that she felt infinitely loved and safe it was time for the demon ekta me to take place I stepped around embracing from behind strapping her into an astro roller coaster ride I will be her Kundalini activation guide in what would appear to be a shamanic heimlich maneuver from the outside rolling her up like a toothpaste tube pressure applied in till nests were broken loose after peristaltic waves of bees to Aurora’s she dry purged would serve no more Roseville and medicated was thoroughly possessed you entered her and taught her how to clean up the mess a thrashing devourment until nothing was left with your Superior force of nature the offending creatures were met Nowhere to Run nowhere to hide in her commandeer jaws and Claws they all died ending the dance with your purification prayer we had successfully raided the top level demon Lair now it was time to storm their Subterranean Den she fell into my poised firm grip I gently carried her down to the bed her sweat dripping skin and hot deep breath indicated she’d survived the worst of it now the pleasurable releases would begin we can work love into the caverns over chakra system consent for the forehand full body massage acquired my lingam clothes and disciplined to withhold its desired the gentle Devi Mantra track filled the air as I drew down her pants and underwear but delighted teenager in my mind others along turn off fuck my mature tantric adult knows not to get lost and being awestruck I never want to be desensitized to the moment of be holding a Yoni for the first time but therapeutic sexual shop and dance is a fine line selfless giving that’s less carnal and more Divine this is not about her and me it’s about the chakra surgery the love that heals is from up on high I’m just a conduit for Shiva Shakti to align the performance of Miracles and exorcisms at any good Christian would respect if only group sexual ritual had been persecuted as ultimate sin as her top is still fully worked and played I apply coconut oil upon her pelvis and legs one by one I plant her feet on my heart eyes closed I see you I’m folding like a birthing star magnificence like never before he on Sue would take to fully explore a high-pressure orgasmic exhalation I release by your beauty I am enraptured liberated yet besieged I am now again fully possessed by your dark warm and In the Flesh you come into and through me to rescue the wounded soul of my dear friend you press my heart firmly upon her gates to heaven you raucous in a stormy Rhythm you take hold of the muscles in my arms and embrace her torso in the mudra like forms as if unraveling a demonic web convulsive earthquakes crack open the shells of their under your thirst for their blood makes for a ravenous series of fudd’s pounding her again and again your hunger will soon be fed as she screams and cries while letting go sleep positioner gracefully to optimize the flow again I close my eyes to see you’ve been developed all of us though to the naked eye your unseen through years of Revelation you’ve given me visual access to see the Carnage as demons attempt to flee your ferociousness like white blood cells digesting and dissolving tumors and cysts you give us the love and power to finally resist spiritual combat not unlike a cow it’s your fight As Above So Below when seen in the life of the third eye if medical researchers could see what I saw with their eyes someone would win a Nobel Prize The Germ Theory Revolution will have a new chapter sexual abuse will be quarantined by the CDC and FEMA as an unnatural disaster the shadow biosphere is Allegiant with these pests to you they must all be fed to eradicate them and lay this Public Health crisis to wrist you’ve given me the strength to raid without fear these disease places where many healers would never dare New Age euphemisms come to mind clearing blocked energies to be recycled by the Divine with permission I slowly enter Her Sacred Space with two fingers then press my left palm against her clitoral Regent like an organic vibrator all of my muscles diligently serve stroking her G-spot with fingers of curved my breath is at first strong and growth but soon I feel the Marshall Vibe is done enough I begin edjoin in harmony with rose who has been sweetly singing chance of own her voice teasing apart octaves and notes like light through a prism a deeper truth is told roses simulated choir sonically transmutes the astral detritus sanitizing the muck gushed out from each chakra Orphus she appeared to be playing a transdimensional harp between the planes her medical magic was a gorgeous work of art there was an innocent in my eyes as I glanced I was not shocked to arouse to see her proud bare chest within my soul just a resounding yes more points of contact to electrically connect enter fry the demons with synchronized only breaths a contract Opera to say the least I knew this must repeat week after week the burnt temples have been such a loss this ritual healing magic would have been open to the public and nearly free of cost we opened a portal to the ancient Priestess past where such an initiation would have been routine on a spiritual path but according to sex Goldberg religious Michael a new wave rules at night like this breaks too many taboos get deep inside we knew the ceremony to be our true home we could spend eternity in the ecstatic Shakti love after about an hour of deep chakra tissue work it came to a close with a bit of Mirth cries melted into laughter as she climbed onto my lap we express their true love and words as she wrapped her legs around my back I Rose in love with her Sweet Soul no need to negotiate relationship rules our journey as colleagues still has a long way to go with maturity and sovereignty will let the most righteous path on fold this technology must be returned to the Priestess class that was so violently burn I vowed to give back all of my power I will teach and work in a charitable Manor the Have Nots have been excluded far too long none of us can afford months of healing in the Amazon I’m a back alley sexorcist relying on volunteer paramedics thank you. God is for showing me the way I’ve Allen pray to you may I never be led astray so many Exquisite moment to savor in these memories I could marinate forever the most unforgettable of them all if I had to choose would be looking up to see three different colored hands on her room I thought to myself now that’s an album cover sorry to all the jealous lovers friends don’t let friends be denied the group Healing Touch that’s needed to recover from being so hellishly fucked an army of sexual Angels is now being built together were shedding all of the shame and guilt will not be preyed upon by rapists ever again nor and abusive relationships be trap made victims Cynthia I know you had questions and you know we’ve all heard each other’s accounts so I’ll be great to let me know okay well I just want to start off by saying like the intention I mean there’s many there’s many sexual Awakening workshops going on right now and then there is a tremendous like sexual Awakening and I see things in a circular sense of like the sexual Awakening bringing us into are open to City feed but the thing about that makes this type of healing different is that the goal is not to orgasm the goal is not to become sexually satisfy the gold that is only like that is the pleasure part is only the let’s see the opening of The Gates you know that is what’s actually going to facilitate the space and then once you’re enter it it’s a whole other thing because honestly most of the time I didn’t even feel the Yoni massage I mean I did feel it and it was amazing and it was very erotic and but I think that’s what takes that’s like the ship that really does launch you to these other dimensions and these other spaces where were able to take to heal and so I just wanted to start off with that that she’s definitely is not is not about old let me see if I could squirt let me see if I can come it’s it’s more it’s beyond that and that’s just what I wanted this to set out the clear intention of that and like you you mentioned in in your narrative this is just scratching the surface I immediately felt that afterwards it’s like okay there’s like so much more to this you could just forever be healing in this way and so I’m very excited to I’d like this is my dream and my goal I’ve always known that I wanted to help sexual assault survivors and and yeah this is definitely work that needs to be done and I’m so grateful that my prayers have been answered you know I’m being able to work as band and Rose was just very beautiful and I’m excited to just embark on this journey the beginning so I like you said this isn’t like there’s so many people to be liberated like no this is what I want and I’m smiling right now because this is what brings me joy is to be in utter like unconditional love for someone and like breaking down those barriers and like I like though I was struggling through through things were Cynthia would come in and say okay I will I want this to stop like I want to get up and go to the restroom work and they will fit this higher higher self speaking saying no like go through it now we got to go through it go through work through it works work through that ego and yes even in the beginning I felt like I felt water resistance from Bend but definitely a screening and a feeling out and like testing out the waters to see of like I was I was okay to be to partake in this in this ceremony and I’m grateful for that too and but the medicine really does help to remove all those obstacles all that ego all of that insecurity that comes with being seen through through a male perspective or through that mail lens and still hearing the recap of all of this all of these things are coming out and I feel like it’s also part of the healing process and being able to like analyzing and see everything that all of the components all of those little components in like where my mind was trying to get self in the way and then just being able to just release an old Alsip want while I’m there was a point where my mind said well what do I do how do I give how do I give and it’s like no you’re here to receive just relax and received you know and just ride trying to just go for the ride but yeah that’s my Yreka that’s awesome Rose you have thoughts you want to share it as far as I was hearing during the excitement in your voice since you really is really touching because and also hearing Benz account of like the depth in the layers of of of what it is taken to get to this point I I didn’t realize that this you know that it wasn’t always this way for you that you hadn’t worked like this before and so it just felt completely natural and it felt you know really familiar to me familiar territory and like and the start of healing and so I feel like something Ancient Ancient was awakened like an ancient knowing and yeah I feel I really feel aligned with continuing this sort of work and when you was talking about training people I was like oh my God like a my ears perked up was like oh my God like oh be amazing to you know to continue this work and then just the idea of other other people and other women doing this for themselves or for each other and it’s just like so touching to me thank you yeah a couple of things some Cynthia I remember when we were talking afterwards in and I wish I had that same sentiment about where people are going with the sexual sort of like merit badges of squirting and multiple orgasms most definite psych and that is a wonderful visit wonderful, I’m a part of that movement in that that whole world and it’s like I’m it gets so much more expensive when you’re doing this multi lifetime generational intergenerational you know ancestral lineage healing work in this big container that’s just the lobby is the genitals you know the real Temple is so much for deeper in in until I feel you on that and then the thing that you said you were saying about squirting and stuff I remember I was like you know everyone’s distal squirting meme has become so popular now and it’s just like thing to be going for it and I unpin it just came to me it’s like if you have miles or or or another person’s pelvis or some other full friction body part going against the the urethral opening it’s not going to be perceived as a squirt it’s just going to choose and it’s in that you were like yeah I was like poking an orange and it’s going to squirt why don’t you put your face on there or your palm on there and I use my left palm and I I I sort of have this this like combo positioning where my my home my whole left arm and palm is like massaging the entire clitoral region within the clit really it expands out to look like a giant stingray and it’s massive and it’s like the whole region is erogenous so I’ve got the left hand Palm I’m holding the whole pubic Mound region with my left arm and making circles and pressing and and massaging in and then with my thumb and index finger on my right hand or sorry my my ring and Pinky are are connecting with my thumb on my right hand and my index and my middle finger are inserted into the only for the G-Spot massage so there’s this like supported effort and there’s just constant pressure on the whole area so anyway that’s the sound of the exclamation of things but yeah it’s just like so beyond getting off or satisfaction sexually once you go to that deeper level so you said you had questions for me it looks like recapping on the flow of things and then even hearing you talk about the track that you played and just I’m timing of it’s really amazing and then also hearing you explain about your tracks and and I mean mind you that’s like in the background that’s like the last thing I mean I’m not focusing on the music it’s just part of the Ambiance creating that that space But the flow are flow how we how we actually moved with the music and like what you said it would stop and then begin another phase so you have a skeleton kind of like a a protocol I would say to two-year to feelings and listening to your previous podcast I was able to identify with a lot of the things that to Fiona was talking about that she was experiencing these things and so my question is do you look for sign I mean is it something that obviously every ceremony has its unique energy to it because of the person people have bald and the type of primer ball then obviously everyone has a different energetic frequency and their own input into the ceremony but the similarities hearing the similarities and then hearing you what how the way you describe your Visions with collie with the Kali goddess can you elaborate or did you know I mean you’ve had you’ve done these ceremonies before so is there he steps in these protocols that you see as the ceremony goes on that kind of guy if you to the next movement or I’m not too sure for doing that some homework affect getting some background and in and seeing the continuities and I was listening to it again myself the one right the science of collie and location where I kind of did this recap of a year-and-a-half worth of different stages of development very staggered and very disc jointed stages of development between me and Sophia I know where we both sort of been like the you know the I guess I don’t want to say chosen ones but maybe there’s a thing called maybe shamanic election like we both were sort of put together to develop this in different ways and between her being in India and at times being engaged and us not having having a sort of sometimes sensual and erotic subtext and sometimes maternal you know configuration it’s been this very diverse path of of sort of a piece of meal process of one sort of rapturous mystical experience happening and then months of silence and disconnection and then a wave of inspiration causing me to produce a track and then getting her to put vocals on it from halfway across the world and then having that steer a whole new unfoldment it’s been an adventure and so the choreography of this what’s now becoming that would say that this what we just achieved was my ideal complete cycle you know which which had not been completed with all of the pieces together at once either it happened without the medicine or it happened without the third person present or for whatever reason all all of these three of them are all of these multiple elements were not fully there but they’ve all just been part of the master Sega permaculture design is like you know where the where the compost is going to be eventually and as you know where the these plan things are going to happen you have Flags down on the landscape and they might be there for years to tell you can get you know what you need to put it all together but the bastard plan is there so I’m the did it to answer a question more more specifically about the track the bumper sticker of this whole you know procedural cycle is that what what I was advised or intuited through telepathically through Kali is this narrative feed me or demons feed me or curses those are the appetizers the main course is your orgasm and come the music is basically the pathway to achieve that full cycle for her benefit it’s like a it’s like a you know it’s like the exact sequence of adrenalized trance music to get the Kundalini moving and then once that first level of exposure are those first few layers of expulsion or complete then you get to go into the more Chill Zone and you know it’s kind of like you know like the way that they organize a psytrance party it’s like you start with it the sort of Primal minimal techno e stuff and then it gets into the more full on and then you get into the night side and then you go to the morning Sai and it’s kind of like a whole choreography of thumb of that so does that answer your question I guess so but it was so free-flowing and I think just I wanted used I’m going to use the word like symptoms but kind of these like stopping point of like all of the things that are seen like even asked okay so once we’re laying down and we started with the Triad I definitely felt Rose and I being prepared and and and shielded and and and kind of like in battle like preparing to to confront humans then and you just seem like you’re slowing flowing like a it just incredible the way it like this kind of finding out what kind of the the back roads of all of this and like just the synchronicity is really beautiful because like I said this isn’t you wouldn’t really say we’re going to do this I mean you kind of held the safe space and and you let you let us know what was going to happen but all of the visuals and all of the the downloading and all of that information in the end the invoking of the collie like she I just a very specific similarities I think to listening to the other podcast you know I don’t know it’s just really beautiful yeah if it was to me very much I mean if if if I would have liked I guess pre-scripted it I kind of wanted it to be a safe container with some with enough background in an enough sort of like this is the worst that can happen like if we don’t have somebody spotting you at the top of your spine you might have you might Bang Your Head on the ground so someone’s got to be there to hold you and to be aware of what’s happening on your upper half cuz I’m going to be on your lower half so there’s those things that we’re kind of laid out of like okay you can have spasms you could be foaming at the mouth you could be purging you could be doing all the things in those are things that you would you know any ceremony that you sign up for is going to have a waiver form saying you know do you have but yeah what you’re talking about and what I had the premonitions of is that if you come together in the name of Khali and you appease her in such a way that she is going to bless you with the ceiling then if you trust and you have faith in you surrender and you give her as much power as she’s capable of of having and knowing that she is a trustworthy deity she’s not going to abuse you or take advantage of you or manipulate you or hurt you or although we know that she can turn your life upside down you know the next day you may be repelled by your sexual partner because you can now call he’s inside of you and call he’s not going to be fucked by some Demon asshole you know what I mean people don’t really believe in possession they don’t believe that demons are real they don’t believe possession states are real and they certainly don’t believe that you could be possessed by a higher-dimensional beneficial benevolent loving goddess creature that could kill you and disinfect you from lifetimes and generations of demonic infestation that’s not allowed you cannot believe that stuff or you will go to jail or you will be burned and that was just the most natural thing like Everett like you said and Everett to sake wow do you know what when I said this at the end you know where it’s like what we just did was we broke every taboo of the Christian church yet it was the most Christian thing that you could ever do perform successful effective exorcism extract decontaminate was alleged to have done and that’s why he was so called a rockstar in that time because you brought what most people would say now is a Indian indigenous to the so-called holy land and was able to really turn a lot of heads with that modality and it’s been perverted and crushed and made into a charcoal form of propagating demons and it’s like what is it there were told we can’t do by patriarchal Christianity you can’t have any form of homosexual nudity holy matrimony think a married male and female couple they can never be seen by anybody else no one else can ever be in the room no one else could ever facilitate any other forms of supportive loving touch your massage cuz that would be homosexuality and it would be adultery and you certainly cannot revoke any form of other deity cuz that’s idolatry Union I certainly cannot use any sort of mind-altering substance or consciousness-expanding substance so like everything that we employed to achieve the quintessential mission of Christianity has been banned by Christianity as an institution which is the worst crime against the soul of sexual shamanic healing and the true Universal medical technology of exorcism which is not you know Jesus is not the only savior deliverance from demonic possession is not only can only be done or is it only possible through holy water and crosses and Priests they have closed sourced and if there needs to be antitrust laws against the way they have taken away the power to perform exorcisms from other traditions and so I said to me I could go on forever but do you do have thoughts about that I was just talking about this with my partner the other day about how the suppression of our sexuality by institutions eyeglass religion I feel like it’s been one of the biggest reasons why there is like so much dependency on external sort to tell us what to do and to you know basically give us rules for us to live by and I feel like the reclaiming of our sexual sexuality in our sexual Forest is a really big piece and reclaiming our sovereignty as awesome as Sovereign souls and so I think that’s that actually the correlates a lot to what you were talking about and I think that I think this this work is like next level stuff I feel like you know this is like the Sovereign Soul work in in creating the leaders that that that the world needs right now hey women say that big partner just recently said that to me a couple of days ago so that is playing anarcho-punk anti-christian neo-pagan you know psychedelic psychonaut whatever and then I have been so resistant to Christianity for so many years but then it dawned on me eventually was like What if you could actually lead Christianity out of its own darkness and redeliver it to Itself by bringing homosexuality psychedelic shamanism tantric sexual healing and what else basically become a canary it’s like if I if you could expose the the heinous crimes against the human soul that are happening in churches where they don’t allow anything like this to ever occur to me they need to have you know they got Sunday school for kids that’s great how about Saturday night classes for psychedelic Sexual Healing ritual for adults and children will be kept safe from the priest because everybody you know doing their work and cleaning house so you know until every church becomes a psychedelic goddess worshiping Sexual Healing Temple my work here will not be done in order to work at work of any good you know true follower of the Christ movement they they’re their work is not done I got to go Inward and the people like the punks that have been you know so anti-religion are going to I think you know actually hack and revolutionized it from within somehow so it’s it is my Enterprise evolve doing it on the inside I’m so I mentioned to you that I have roots in the punk scene as well but it still continues and in this you know this work for sure this virtual work and she just wants to bring more Consciousness and more natural medicine to it because the booze is not really taking us where we need to go with that energy so is that for sure I believe this is like the highest form of activism in all senses like activism against religion and even politics and even like class what you mentioned earlier like this type of healing is accessible to people that have the means for it I mean it seems it’s Tina something like secondary like oh well I have I have my lifestyle covered now I can begin you know the secondary ceiling which is like a sexuality while in reality that should be people’s main focus and my goal has always been okay I’m learning these new things through the New Age movement quote on quote and it’s like how do we bring this to the communities that really need it so that we’re not preaching to the choir you know the how how do we like spread this like have you said you know that I have and have nots because it’s it does go down so we can talk about so many things revolving this subject like this is this should be Public Access you know yeah yeah that’s what I’ve been trying to do is build these Brazilian networks of people across the the the the class Spectrum so that you know I will call it you know the giving back I mean any you know how many yoga studios are giving back through non-profit programs or even just donating a percentage of profits to something to that vet that honors the lineage and how many times your providers are giving back and how many you know people who do whatever ceremonies they do having how the endangered peyote buttons the endangered Ayahuasca Vine luckily mushrooms are so happy to just consider if we did mycelium networks will consume all of the stick frame houses that we’ve erected over the past several hundred years there’s no limit to the abundance of a fungus like it’s the right medicine I believe in the spirit of sustainability to be really bringing those these modalities together with them some reason about like hey what were what if what if the iOS Caro Shaman start experimenting with mushrooms and equal rows and seeing if the spirits will happily come through the psilocybin pathway into the Container so that we can give her a break and yeah there’s just so many social justice Ethics in class politics with all this stuff and I feel like I am going to be one of the Robin Hood’s hackers pirates that you know is able to walk Between Worlds and help help bring more philanthropic opportunities to the people who are making Bookoo bucks doing this stuff and also bring the clinical social workers in two conferences where they can get brochures about this stuff and bring it back to their you know city council and be like hey can we do this facilitate legal space for clinical goddess clinics you know if we can’t do the goddess temples then we’re going to do the goddess clinics in Government funding in hmos like yeah where you sexually abused okay your healthcare provider has got to give you access to free sexual shamanic psychedelic healing and here is how we get some being legalized by there if you know Maps is is part of that a big the biggest part of that the multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies think we’re going to see eye-to-eye on everything course but they’re doing the work to prove for example that you know so it’s typing is not deadly it’s not like a poisonous deadly fungus that you know you’re going to die if you eat too much of within reason so it’s all coming together and the faster the better as far as I’m concerned this is a good time cuz now you know psilocybin is being really it’s becoming a real Rockstar it’s it’s it’s you know it’s surpassing LSD and MDMA and marijuana because the psychotherapeutic studies that are happening clinical trials that are proving that it can cure depression or you know these are kind of marketing terms that they would use but you know how people stop smoking helping with end-of-life anxiety for terminal cancer patients all these things are making really big headline news now that the next level is and they open a gateway to hell and heaven and you better have your you know astral allies ready because they’re everything that science has denied for hundreds of years is coming all hell’s breaking loose and it’s like Ghostbusters and we’re going to have to come to Jesus on what’s really out there and see all these cracks and you know that’s something that they’re not ready for but this is why what we’re doing and the way that we are articulating this and trying to preserve the essence and authenticity authenticity of the true art form in the true ancient unregulated unbridled Primal wild feminine beauty of sexual shamanic psychedelic healing there the preciousness of that Integrity trying to find a way to language some of that into clinical you know standardized dosages into you’re putting all that into a pill and administering it you know at a hospital that’s where this gets all very tricky but it’s sort of our duty I think to have the best integrity and the best note taking and eventually there will be you know the help that I need and that we need in that all survivors need to know put down the video game console controller and stop watching porn and get serious about protecting children from what’s really coming into this Dimension like never before and it’s coming through video games porn music pop culture I really feel like with if if what we achieved if I could take this recording and play it for you know the right people at the United Nations they would say been you know here’s a security Force you’re going to be treated by like the secret service is going to protect you while you educate and inform the Center for Disease Control about how and why the entire internet needs to be shut down until you can create a valve that effectively limits access of these extreme forms of pornography and you know that’s the X-Files that’s like Fox Mulder trying to like get people to listen to you know the truth is out there the truth is in here it’s right between our legs and we need to be dissected you know we need to dissect these Predators Weenies and I respect the victims and we need to know what we’re dealing with you know so I appreciate the work that that that is unfolding and they have to sign off very soon I it was such a pleasure to be on this call with both of you I’m feeling the medicine of of the of the work that we did like you know losing often to my day right now so I feel really blessed up by that right now yeah I just want to I want to thank Rose boots for holding it down you’re so Fierce thank you are the reason I feel that it’s so amazing and you know I really do hope that you know we can continue to train and and to arm ourselves for this battle together I feel like we are good team you know if you have just another couple minutes to share this something we didn’t address which was the Exquisite vocal range that you have and some of the intentional frequencies that you’re creating which were just making this light through a prism you were like separating Melodies and harmonies and I was so blown away so can you Google got that this is something that not you know that I got to have your help training other people cuz if you’re the only person in the world who can do that we’re in trouble we need more of you well yeah thank you thank you for that I’m definitely not the person who totaled I can do it but I’m really interested in sharing my knowledge with people and I process so some of like I mentioned to you that night I am really fascinated with voice and sound healing and you know Style singing and what comes through for me is are you just frequencies that are are attuned to what energy the person in a session need so like in my energy healing work I do like what I call like shamanic Reiki so it’s kind of like moving energy but in the astral plane rather than just physically and in those sessions what comes through is a language that I know it’s light language and tones and singing comes through and so that was what was coming through in this ceremony session that we had and I did a bit of overtone singing and which is R22 note tone that is produced by by the voice and it’s just a manipulation of the of the air coming in and out of the mouth and it gives the impression of having two to three people singing when it’s just one person and which is like why you you said Oh I thought that it was there’s like three people in the room singing better is like this just us and so what’s unfolding for me is going and going more into to sound and and sound healing and helping others open up their throats similar similarly to the way that mine has opened up and so it’s just a pleasure to share with with everyone it’s just my highest joy and so that was what was coming through for me then yes that was so amazing and it’s like if you don’t believe that angels exist you just got to have that experience I really hope that you are going to be recording some albums and I hope that we can jam to musically and create some sort of soundtracks cuz yeah I would love to I would love for that to happen and I will be actually hey next steps and feeling where do we go from here at my prescription for us is that we just trust that we sent out some major shock waves and that you know the support is needed for this to be an evolving and open source technology that can really into the integrated and can be adapted to any culture and language any place where people are ready to rise up against the rules of Christian of Christian sexuality as it is now I mean the end so bye having done what we’ve done I’m going to continue to be holding space and evolving and developing and in whatever comes our way will be you know supporting each other spiritually and through Communications and whenever possible I’m sure you know eventually there will be a line wrapped around the earth to have people get in on specifically this some revolutionary combination of elements and and the more people can be trained and facilitated is the less burden areas and less liability and the less you know mileage is put on any one person in the less of I do not want to be ever put on a pedestal I want to be stood upon that’s it for me I’m I’m super satisfied I just want to marinate forever okay thank you so much for having me on this and I’m still reaping the benefits from from all of that I’m marinating to all right but we’ll be in touch soon see if you have any last words for us before we take the go infinitely grateful to the goddess for presenting yourself and end to the universe and the Creator for just 16 credibly powerful and the medicine that we all hold it’s so beautiful and fine art and our are just desire to just be a better world it’s amazing thank you I love you guys love you too love you all love you too thank you Cynthia and thank you again for having them to call have a wonderful day www.hunterfan.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple viper bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Archer Park. Com Damas de

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