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Sharing Kundalini Virginity TPP01


ThisVID00057 is the first podcast episode, I thought it would be nice to share a recap discussion I had with the woman with whom I shared my kundalini virginity several years ago. We talk about experiencing the chakras, multiple orgasms, ecstatic trance dance, kundalini energy and more.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved this is the township on podcast thank you for joining me this is the first episode and I decided it would be fun to start with the old discussion I had with a one of my most beloved dear true love Partners when we both shared our Kundalini virginity with each other and had an amazing multi-orgasmic evening together that was so mind-blowing we had to make an audio recording to archives how amazing it was so I’m sharing it with you hope you enjoy it I apologize for the sound quality of the original recording and I put in some sort of phone mellow mild Loops in the background to help smooth that out so hope you enjoy it and I will be publishing more soon thank you and now it’s stiff the intention was that I wanted to be able to know where we were together with our relationship was together and where is it where was going so I wanted to see a path of what where we were going in the future weather that the two main duty clothes stand and low emission weather that was to be friends or it to Nina’s stuff different different area of options that we could have pursued and so and I just wanted to come and see you at a light and there is no wrong answer like everything was okay everything was welcomed I felt very open to what that would be so that was my intention just had a vision of what what was to happen for us. And I agreed and shared the intention tell little bit of smudging with sage and began the first tantric exercise the Press massage which involves slow gentle circular cupping kept circular motions with the The Giver sitting behind the receiver with the receiver laying laying into them text + the goal is to saturate the goal of the giver is to provide a very nurturing comforting like Nest to fall into into release tension in 2 in before we comfortable to allow the rest massage to open the shirt with the heart chakra and really begin just opening up that the center of female store energy and I just learned the other day which is seems obvious but it was well put that women hold a lot of energy and their heart and manhole butter energy and the generals and that can either be you know frustrated heartbreak energy or frustrated sexy blue ball sexual desire energy but I definitely work can be what whatever whatever the state of that energy is definitely true that that’s how it seems to work so it makes sense that it’s important to do work to allow that to open up that energy let it flow through the experience and have make sure it’s like turned on and for the mail has to be so it’s not just short-circuited with the immediate ejaculation pain minimal contact with stimulation has to be woken up and consciously circulated before are two really good to flow properly so anyway that you want to Skype I was when we first started I think I felt slightly awkward just a little bit because I I wasn’t I don’t know what to expect as far as like my heart chakra opening up cuz I felt like it would kind of like us this might sound really coffee was like a rusty cage I saw it kind of started and it actually it I mean it took some time to take some time but eventually it started to lighten up and I started feeling this you know the screen being coming from between my breast and I felt like I started to feel like I was starting to recognize that it was clearing up and then there was a moment where I mean cuz we’ve been doing this for some time and you stopped and you said you would you like to set up now and I thought about it for a second and it was premature and I told you that I was just dumb I felt like it was just starting to work but it was really need to feel where we’re at when you stopped where it where I can assess the you know how I was feeling at that moment and compare it to where I was when I started and then and then we started again and I kind of Nina was able to kind of like playing with that a little bit to feel where the range was I could feel it like regrets a little bit when you stop and then when you started again you know I started to be able to open up again and and just kept going with opening it up and then the next step led to it just continuously like for the rest of night it wasn’t even an issue to try to make sure that my heart chakra went up in my heart was open to you it was it was open for the rest of the night full on so that was my experience with the technique I felt hurry fully present I never felt his prison ever in my life I got really write down the full attention and awareness into the moment into the into the body into our bodies and our shared energy field and that centering technique me think about what I’d the work I have been doing with them Rota and her 10 TruGlo meditation meetups that we were doing over the last over several times or last over the over the year I kept it was it was all closed totally not explicitly sexual activity of any kind just meditation employee from playing certain dimensions of tantric discipline is like root locks in DC pumping and energy incorporating awareness of genital energy and circulating energy through breast not stuff and just done as compared to normal yoga where you park it doesn’t explicitly incorporate like that form training in one of the things that we would do is your dad’s direct us to be in Lotus position and begin making tiny stir up imagine there being like a the tip of a spoon at the base of our spine you know it’s over chakra and imagine that were stirring our route tracker with this spoon as slowly as possible in circles and like doing that definitely seemed to begin to activate the release of the Kundalini coil and the just that I think the real power that can exercises it just gets the slower you miss slow circles like really kind of act like a vortices to get your all of your attention to flow into the point of now and like you know to have to it’s like focusing on the breath but it’s even more requires more attention than just focusing on the breath if you’re making these perfect revolutions that are like tiny and he’s part of his tiny so I was just thinking about that as it’s doing it I hope it wasn’t I was just moving pretty slowly but just realizing that you’re basic reading like a funnel for your attention so that’s that’s nice but that’s what I was focusing on thinking about that aspect of it and definitely feeling the are being effective at opening and go next week faced each other fully undressed and did the holding cup in the genitals crosswise and pressing against the heart with the met with the other hand cross pies and then having eye contact and you can breathing week turn naturally synchronize their breath Africa unconsciously effortlessly with the flow we were doing we were doing a bit of the curving of the spine as the breath comes up in and out and that was some that’s where is starting to test my fuel light the snapping together and locking in as like the piping that was connecting are chakras and stuff like especially with the heart like I could feel I could feel when the connection was sick not snapped right there wasn’t enough pressure wasn’t in the right place I could feel if your house is fading or flowing sewed in we were at pretty much from this exercise with pre evolved into goddess position intercourse very very slowly very incrementally and very unconsciously just this is writhing together became ultimately this almost effortless Union I think if we would have been on the flat or Surface it would have been if it would have been as if our genitals like sort of squirmed into each other without our manual help but we do have to use some of think maybe you can mainly just getting into a soft so alignment obstructed for that it was I feel like a continuous energy flow and the way that things were shaped was kind of like an infinity sign and so I actually with my mind just kind of I felt like I could grab onto a piece of energy and just follow the whole flow all the way through my body all the way through your body the whole thing about Gina going going up and into my arm going down to my chest and down to my torso and you know it back out through my hand into your genitals and then you having that go up through you and ask for your torso and coming out through your arm and into my genitals and like he was continuous type of I could just traces energy all the way through a circuit and and that was a really those are really great exchange and you’re right let you know when I didn’t have my hand in the right spot you did Eli to go to test it for me I have it in a few where it was supposed to be and it is the amount of pressure and the way that we are breathing made everything even more harmonious and even more everything is closed so well and it actually I mean then yesterday was that the copying and but that was like with an intention of like no not necessarily we’re not we weren’t really trying to stimulate one another at that point you know it’s just a few know without you know intestinal stimulation and is that was mostly by energy work but then we took it to a different step pictures of stimulation so there is like two different steps in that you know and so that was that was intensified and that was it was a great transition into into dinner card for sure see I forgot what we did to you solo masturbation with eye contact and then mutual masturbation with eye contact and and then we we came together in the goddess position and it was I’ve been theorizing that that’s really the way to do it because you know without fail and every individual knows how to turn themselves on with their own hands like so getting getting turned on getting ready for penetration and all that like the men’s getting ready by getting hard in a woman’s getting ready by getting wet there’s no I think because people are conditioned to think that masturbation is bad they they think that it’s only okay for genital touch to happen during sex is by the nobody of a person and if that’s true left to that then really you’re kind of driving blind so you have a solo masturbation warm up looks great and then and then Trading making be going from that directly into a mutual State like I acted like I I realize I’m like man my point of Leverage in my point of like them the electrical feedback loop of like touched to sensation is going to be a fraction of what you’re able to do you know what I mean like geranium freezing over, I don’t know I don’t know where you left off it’s kind of like I don’t know what I don’t know exactly like what pattern you were in or what were them you were in or like what what you were with exact but exact points you had like work yourself up to and another thing I learned recently viscera tantric 3-step is it for for a man there’s no there’s no difficulty in locating the bike center of the orgasmic stimulation are the sensors that stimulation sent but for a woman that’s kind of ambient so it always changes I visualized like one of those electric crystal ball things where you have to put your fingers down in different places every time that those points are going to be different it’s going to be different constellation of female orgasm encompasses a percentage of like every orgasm could be like calculated to have sex percentage of G-spot stimulation in a ratio to clitoral stimulation ratio to heart chakra integration all the soda different count the whole constellation of activated points that are being stimulated in some pattern to a point of where the orgasmic Flow State at 3 shirt or the peak state or whatever it is you ever want beginning to do the you know take over on her genitals with the masturbation with sake I could sense that like well so soon it’s probably really good that you’re starting out like lighting up as much of that apparatus as possible if you because you’re able to follow the Pathways in no control we’re at and everything so and I felt great to be a to have your hand. Me and yeah it was I was like sort of fading in and out of states of hardness I didn’t have anything xiety about it or thoughts about it it seemed like it was kind of dynamically flowing with the experience and not being and it’s you like not even being really necessary when the level of the level of felt like by that time our entire body surface areas were at work were erogenous sounds like that was probably the the most surprising amazing overall experience throughout the night was just the absolute non-genital focus of where the energy was falling and he’ll like just the rocking of our bodies together with creating this like ecstatic Blissful like full body orgasmic State and I can just lie and me and it was so fulfilling that like the genital stimulation I was almost thinking like I’m going to I want to spend you know years working up to like heavy. Trusting in his baby cuz this is already like enough I’m already like heck satiated with just this Lake Placid connected rocking gives me this ability to hold really like strong lock muscular positions without fatigue and without lactic acid build-up if it’s there it’s not perceived unable to like hold these contorted sexual positions and with like all of us superhuman strength and like resilience in the in the position or movement and like that the tight flexing of all my muscles in piss rocking position and making circular mouth movements and stuff it down yeah it was like similar to the kind of overall activation of muscle tone during the powerlock procedure of withholding ejaculation in having multiple male orgasm Supply sipping up the energy even when we were in like the interstates of like maximum hard stimulation in during intercourse for me it’s still never I never got to or near the point inevitability because I was so fully Distributing that that energy throughout my whole body like it and it just it had really I mean I could have pursued that if and I’m like excited to continue to do that but I I felt like I feel like a lot of joy and taking this process incrementally in gradually you are more more than just a I just felt very natural just to the embracing with all this energy embracing energy and Rakim energy leaving lots and lots of possibility for like really wild extreme stimulation to 2 and 4 in what are you nothing about my flaccid penis initially I think that we started off with it which is important for me because I do feel very like lesbian Tendencies like I feel very very by gay and queer you know I feel very queer that’s the best word to use for myself and so is so when we started off at with you know very you know oral and manual stimulation so it was so there was this amazing time and that felt like hours of this type of this type of pleasure and and I experienced the most amazing orgasms I I feel like I had maybe 35 orgasms internally of just maybe more I mean it could have I felt like I was having an orgasm on like an antonym vibration like on an intimate note or something and yeah that was amazing and then after that is when we started to have intercourse with our genitals and you’re absolutely right I mean every every part of my body at that point was so reciprocated but Yeah Yeahs erogenous it was so sensual I I could kiss you for hours and feel really amazing and blessed and connected and sexual and orgasm Athena just just like kissing openings at just kissing I mean it was like it was amazing as kissing you know and so having genital contact at all with a flaccid penis or not cuz it wasn’t like you were and you weren’t south of the whole time you are hard and you would go in and out of these cough sometimes and it was it didn’t matter at all I could keep a we just leave her in this Rhythm where we just were we were in it together and recite orgasmic down for 5 hours of being there and so yeah it’s so important not realizing that doing this whole body slow build-up. Malaysian it relieves if I make it makes me kind of just flashing my head like if you were a couple that does not do all this elaborate you know Foundation Building then the female is essentially only reliant on the the hardness of the penis and its ability to hopefully stimulate the inner G-spot side of the war of the wall because that’s the only like it’s like if that’s all you’re if that’s all you’re connected the only point of connection you really have like your hearts are really connected like you’re not really doing much else with your hands baby kissing and stuff but lights are really connected like you’re not really doing much else with your hands maybe you’re kissing and stuff but like you’re both of your Consciousness is focused on just the interaction between the grinding of the mainly it’s it’s yeah I just said progenitor focused and that that orgasm race I don’t like none of that it was as if I need to me it was as if we didn’t even know what orgasms were and that we were just said coming together for the first time dinner in our bodies like without any expectation about what would happen if we just went to follow these currents of energy and so yeah became greedy emphasized like where the stimulation is I who is coming from we just followed wherever it felt like it was just meant to go and the real release of anxiety for four typical masculinity to be able to own know that you’re being Justice is stimulating through hard space and touch and caresses and you know that still going back to the McConnell Angus action I was very creating a realm of where all that exists is this this vaginal Amphitheater in this oral answer Theon it would be no synchronizing them in the fingers and the G-Spot and felt like I was in create an entire Cosmos out of any any any anything you want to look at a flower you know you know yet the wall with the fur whatever catches your fancy huh and really allows you to transcend the monkey mind I mean it’s the ultimate it is you know there’s so much debate and controversy in the Psychedelic community in in in in the spiritual Yogi tradition community and Alan Watts talks about it and Timothy Leary and everybody knows it’s like it’s not a short path to Enlightenment it’s not it’s a very very difficult arduous today demanding you know technique for ecstasy and Enlightenment and accessing the Divine and whatnot one thing at one thing it definitely does seem to do very easily is psych allow you to allow an individual to transcend the trout stream and it’s not scream as what breaks up here concentration your focus on what you’re doing so that’s why people love rock climbing playing music writing or painting always things you’re in that flow State and the monkey mind in the thought stream is assertive you like break out of that of the gravitational field of that mind that part of the mind and you’re able to orbit getting breakthrough and just orbit effortlessly and nfnf rear mental space so that was that was great I was able to tell me I-55 it when we were in our our least energized and most mechanical date you know when we live together I would be problem solving in my mind as during family couldn’t make it seem like okay I can I can multitask are all right cool so nice to be able to solve this problem and solve that problem and meanwhile mechanical yes I’m stimulating you and you’re you’re getting candy 6 this is it was called and I didn’t really understand at that point my Evolution what wasn’t necessarily 100% feeling about that right now I do it one more point about that being able to fully immerse myself into the cosmos if it’s just that interaction of organs visualizing myself as having that that flicking fast speed of an insect like sucking nectarine out from flower I could be here something like when you see him under you know microservice seem like super fast cameras they have nice you like this the speed at which there electrical unit Vector apparatus is able to move and likes it just this it’s like 6 so exquisitely program the way that they move in so I was just channeling at going with that in like you know trying to be a beautiful the dragonfly feeling sickly cunnilingus give her and I thought of the worst to be annoyed because it’s like I’ve always felt that the pain was a yeah nothing can transcend the power of the sybian but it was I mean actually wasn’t I mean I don’t know a lot of people a lot of women have disagreed with me but I didn’t I didn’t really enjoy what I remember feeling like a trip to think that you know and I know she is mechanical as a mechanical machine I ever feeling I don’t I think it took me a long time to have an orgasm I think I felt kind of uncomfortable on it and I just yeah I wasn’t I wasn’t feeling it eventually I did I mean as a friend of mine but it’s not like my best friend you know I’m so so yeah but with with this experience it transcended like any type of city and experience I’ve ever had and it was of course a lot more intimate and because like I was such an a climactic build up a plate and sexuality ayatan sensuality every little tiny touch Every Little Kiss every little bit don’t like the shoulders of my body of the top of my head like everywhere where my normally not be such like in essential places to touch like oh you touch a woman’s shoulders are they going to make her orgasm probably probably not but it’s about I was I was definitely there in that state where that was the case so having that that’s only something that could happen with the heart connection and a human penis or a human mouth or human hand like compete with the sybian both of them run on electrical energy both of them have mechanical moving car what what is it that makes the human fail and it’s like it’s it’s the mental blockage it’s the fatigue I was able to Lake Focus energy focus on creating patterns and then just execute them almost infinitely like it I hit it felt like I felt like I could have gone forever that was an important piece and then I guess maybe the next thing is I would like to mention to the evolution of the music which felt very well I often find it on setting up a playlist before I seems to be some sort of guidance system in some sort of intelligence guidance that’s happening because I felt like it was very choreographed The unfolding of experience who started out with the Blade Runner soundtrack which is stupor we started out with a couple of psytrance tunes and then it went in and then we began like the rituals really with them Blade Runner which is super ambient cyberpunk futuristic stuff actually brought us down into that Kai downtempo Rhythm and then when we started to does the time of a certain age to get into intercourse the theater of tragedy stuff came on which definitely gave us that rocking power cord trusting action in and then I was very sitting so that the choreography later when we switch positions for the well I forget to the Kama Sutra name for it but it’s the my my favorite position for my stimulation my penile stimulation and my visual and sort of hard stimulation I like to be on I like for a woman to lay on her stomach and for me to be on her back and I can I can stand up on my on my arms to see my favorite part of body booty and I can lay back down and have our bodies be like fully connected from head to toe and also the this the mechanics of the interaction between the penis in the vagina at that angle is conducive to maximum G-spot stimulation and it itches and deeper North Pole penetration and so I was loving that and then it went into my favorite psychedelic death metal band from the early 90s which is the best scenic which is all about Transcendent our songs are about Hindu philosophy and Stefan time to work going on I was definitely really feeling the that magical just infinite they have amazing the album cover to is this a beautiful like Dragon dragonfly sort of cosmic being and I was definitely feeling that the hyperspace Mastiff infinite design and beauty of like being in the music and the section out of body Flow State with these beautiful forms I felt like we were sort of dancing in the ocean of Pisa Americana for me to visual this like this against ocean of dragonflies mixed with jelly fishes or something and cuz my friends did they say about 3 a.m. get it from behind damn that that was busted for at lasted for a very long time I had a lot of internal orgasms and then I had one clitoral orgasm and usually after I have a clitoral orgasm unlike I need a break I can use a little you know I need some time to kind of figure from that I’m very rarely do I keep going I had no problem with keeping them going after that at all I was just then it was just constant random the music was important like the music so I felt like it was a Master of Ceremonies and then there is like this year as a guiding force of as how our energy was going to be exchanged between another and also Play La Vie getting lost an eternity and just flying around soaring for hyperspace together wonderful yeah definitely comes like that movie The Lawnmower Man where they show like the Blissful part of their Union was great I definitely was traumatized by the then more predatory part which was indicated by the assholw in the military experiment switching the formulas so that Joe would have the evil aggressor Dominator monkey alpha male thing going on but I know whoever whoever designed that in the end of Terrence Howard says the fucking if your programmers of the fucking freak to hair down there a stoat path ahead hippie sit you’ll go through all that stuff then so whoever whoever made that movie really I think had some sense of what it’s like to be in that was hyperspace that they were to take in cyberspace here picking her space Cosmic oceans fluttering and then let’s the music the way is Phoenix music is it’s like so filled with like these Vistas you know you get the music takes you to the peak of a mountain that shows you like the Grandview the smelly and then takes you under water and takes you into the clouds and stuff and I like that psytrance is very well designed to do that as well so yeah I was myself my it was the quality of a continuous like Flow State of orgasm it was and I have been I’ve been working on this and doing this I pretty much stopped ejaculating I stop having a desire to ejaculate like come when I masterbate I masturbate engine hold the the power lock you know and just plateau and plateau and plateau and it seem to all be pointing towards this this experience going to like it I kind of feel like I’ve been in training in 04 and I have been very very isolated in my practice and feel like it’s this has been like my black belt come I wasn’t pursuing heavy genital stimulation for myself I was just trying to work with and if we went in that position I was able to absolutely very hard all the time and very strong and Pole but totally not victim to oh my God I have to stop moving every second I was able to just continue to move for fucking hours it seemed like without any concept of time without any without any anxiety or fear or desperation about becoming an over-stimulated and ejaculating and now that it was the most Liberation from that and that’s what I’ve experienced and sex every every single time I’ve ever had sex with like holding back the pleasure because it’s just going to blow your circuit and pissed allowed that to be totally transcended yeah it was great and I say to that this whole since I’ve been getting into this stuff since I’ve been getting into Tantra and like you know I was like I want to I want to achieve something was not to push my limits and see how much the Malaysian I could handle and like really myself become the I wanted to give so I wanted to get you I realized I wanted to focus all my energy on on really your your pleasure is stimulation so that I could know that it was possible for you to have Orca cheese Pike for gas me close States Steve satiation spiritually energetic reading all the same like didn’t feel the need to let go through another 50 conditions or whatever and totally could have just didn’t seem necessary and cinegrand other work to do and that’s about when it could be a music loop back to the beginning in the beside Giants game on again and that played to RN getting up and boogie and down to some psytrance for a couple hours it’s just like that was the ultimate fulfillment for me because I feel like I knew I feel like man I can be able to share this love this experience I know the songs really well so for me that energetic choreography was like already fully there so I got to be to leave the dance and ride the emotional cocktail the emotional Pharmacy that was time with the music and some songs were really joyous and Bliss colon bring loving and some of them work getting into the darker intensity of the struggle on the mission and Mike nights definitely use the opportunity to put us together into different configurations that we’re going to maximize the bonding bonding and feeling of synergies in also we saw the ice introduced you to my Division I had last time which was like seeing myself in the wall and it’s like kind of headrest shamanic otherworldly state with my attention focusing at a point in the middle of the room sort of and I set you down once you can see that that where I where I was and see the focal point of my attention in that friend that figure on the wall I set you down on me love you down into the position that I had seen you in division last time that’s where you appeared to me and all of the room conspired to biggest bubble point of you being right there so magically you know I could play the song that was playing during that time my eye when I said I want to play our song and this was this song that is so cute in that Vision so I played it and you were in position and then totally unconsciously I wasn’t thinking of doing this at all but unconsciously I felt my hand vibrate with this very thick powerful energy and start to move in like Helix pipe spirals up your spine and I was like all right this is the energy for sure like and I have it in my hands like I’m sculpting it and writing it and bring it up is fine and a person heart and then we continue to dance with it and bring it up higher and higher chakras and to come together into long it’s a funny man and I’m weak at 3 after after that some really intense energy work there we just continue to have fun dancing and listen to pee more songs in it’s really thrilled to just be able to restaurant in dancing and dancing through the night for a couple hours and then Rebecca zamolo musically down and crashed out and just remain glowing when is kneeling on the floor and then head over there and I looked and he was right. and I and I and I V E faces in a while and so I guess I guess I see you and you said okay well you started like really think they actually put his hands on me and I could feel where he was like one hand was on one side of my torso and when hand is on my back side and and I could just kind of feel his energy coming through me and and he was kind of moving my body around and it was like I my body knew exactly how to respond their lives like this amazing dance between him and I of energy of ya built driving up a Kundalini feeling just dumb feeling so there any type of like amazing bumping swaying rhythmic kind of motions going gone to help my energy raise up and up and it was it was really beautiful and it was really need about it was that I felt like a how almost like professional like you know I’ll be there just like you know there was like this kind of like we’re playing a piano Lakeland cannot lie can I play I play that instrument is like knowing the notes exactly by heart at least you know it was too sick to sort of like playing off one another’s bodies were we knew exactly what how to move and what to do and if that was what was really fascinating to me not having a moment of hesitation or questioning but just really kind of like something off of each other in and that way and so I ended up really enjoying myself with the music and you know I felt like I did called back for a bit but then towards the end 2 hours that is definitely dancing to trance music hello I was dancing to time I felt good about that and maybe it’ll make me look at it like cats music a little different from here on the bus I’m not really sure I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it but I feel pretty good about it right now yeah yeah it was really good so much of our relationship when we live together was like this total misalignment of energy like we were able to get to really when we really flow together in sober sex and drunk sex and sleepy sex and you know we have is potential to really stink up and to really be achieved that to read degree like in our in our sexual practice in our holding each other sleeping together eating together being very close and very compatible but often in daily life we’ve had a lot of friction in a lot of inability to flow together into B12 absorbed the impact of like the fucking random crazy stuff that happens out in the world and to flow with it together and I think I hope that this experience helps this maintain that Dynamic flowing alignment that so often breaks us apart and put this into our separate Minds in our separate egos when we’re encountering you know the hustle and bustle so I think this will definitely nourished and energized the chakras and give us the strength to carry on and keep fighting for what we’re fighting for and then magically manifest in her Blissful abundant 10 eco-park farming future thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me and if you want to podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please 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