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Om My Goddess Behind the Album TPP152


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In this episode I share an indepth behind the album commentary on all of the tracks in the first Tantra Punk album “Om My Goddess”.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 152 I’m going to do, an interesting Behind the Music show me to do a series of two shows for each one for each album that I released actually now it’s been a couple of years and I was blessed to have an opportunity while I was at the the queendom of magic fucking pussy in Las Vegas have a couple years ago where we had a beautiful arrangement where I was kind of facilitated to do a lot of very focused and calm trade creative work in exchange for the living sort of spiritual love life coaching agreement that we had and you can learn more about that fun chapter in in previous episodes where it where she was a co-host but it was a real miraculous and Angelic blissed time in my life to be able to really focus and work on polishing some tracks sacred dance music tracks where I embedded tantric hymns and mantras and had the former Miss talented India vocalist in in Bollywood dancer and dance instructor sufiyana she was a big part of many chapters of this journey and probably the most Exquisite some of the most Exquisite gifts that I was able to kind of share with her was the the creative gift of making music and in tracks together and what would eventually ended up being and I’ll start with the first album here and I’m get it going as it’s called oh my God is om my goddess and a home being the primordial sound frequency and of those for those of the Coshocton Tantra tradition or Traditions there is attribution of the ultimate Divine goddess head being as as as a feminine feminine embodied and sort of Beyond and body being there’s an morphic Tendencies of course in the I cannot I cannot iconographic artwork and symbology in the Hindu tantric tradition that comes from that or that that has that that goddess worship shock to Tantra lineage and that’s kind of it it’s very academic and in the weeds but what what I’m obviously here to do and represent with my work is to revivify the the sort of them Hay Day of those elements within Hinduism and Tantra and it wasn’t I wasn’t born into that culture and I’ve certainly a scientific skeptic and I approach all this stuff kind of the way Terence McKenna did which is a you got deeply immersed in art history and went to India and I’ve yet to be to to go to India but India serve come to me but with that lends of saying no show me the where the proof in the pudding and I’m not going to drink the Kool-Aid and be anybody’s disciple just because they have a fancy you know offering him in it and a high price tag on what they offer really the best teaching so come to me through what I’ve learned through my devotion to service to the Earth and two women into the future generations and so part of that the story of the unfolding of this album oh my goddess was really absolutely the story of the the sort of living foods Sedona devotional process of myself with this you could say friends with Divine benefits sort of partner and co-creative Magic sufiyana we lived through a lot of these Journeys together on multiple planes and dimensions of reality and the the product the end result was really the manifestation of these these tracks that each one sort of represents a different micro chapter between the both of us and there’s in the album there’s a combination and sort of an alternation over over the course of the tracks between my sort of attempts at English language poetic devotional hymns and and then the the the juxtaposition with actual Sanskrit mantras some of which were brought to me through her some more brought to me by other a sort of list of other highly Advanced Sanskrit Scholars female shot the time country has and Duckie knees from various traditions and really kind of ends up being in Indiana jones-style kind of Easter tour of from the the northern Saran a police and Tibetan Buddhist tantric traditions and ways of exploring and knowing and naming and singto and invoking the goddess the dark goddess and is it is it becomes an interesting journey and sort of a waste that you can almost plot the different tracks on a map of the history of historical geography of Tantra if you want to be nerdy about it with that said it’s kind of an overview of the whole album it’s really a Sonic Pooja experience that will take the listener through a number of initiatory Transmissions really so and it’s really designed and meant to be experienced on a mild to I’d say not necessarily a heroic dose according to Terence McKenna but maybe half of a heroic dose of chocolate infused or mushroom psychedelic mushroom infused chocolate whichever confection style you would like to make but really it’s it’s almost nothing with hats hats yeah the goal with my music is to really help move into a paradigm where it’s not just showing up at clubs and getting smashed with booze and rocking out cuz I’ve done that for many almost several decades now and I’d really like to see more of focused intentional Gatherings where people are engaging in in shamanic ceremony but using modern music and and music technology to enhance and and accelerate some of these some of these experiences that are quite ancient so the synthesis of the ancient and modern and also the the Mexican shamanic mushroom Vibes with the Hindu goddess worshiping shocked at Aunt revives is really the same critic aspect of it as well so it’s scanned and spiritual experience in a number of tracks and that is what we’re working with your so I’m going go ahead and read the lyrics and give a bit of backstory to each of the tracks here and it for the remainder of this episode so you haven’t heard the album you can find it on Soundcloud Spotify iTunes anywhere you like to listen to music even YouTube and you’ll have this as a cliff notes supplemental Behind the Music for that so yeah I’m going to go ahead and get into the tracks one by one so the origin story of this track oh my goddess was interesting I was sexually living in the backyard of a classic Long Beach California Punk Bunkhouse were several of us were Avid gardeners and Professionals in the permaculture and sustainable Landscaping Industries and so there was a beautiful backyard Food Forest complete with free range chicken and a pond and a pit bull and all kinds of Critters and just multiple fruit trees and vines in kitchen Gardens and herb gardens in and just a wild cacophony of beer cans and piss and cigarette butts and fire pits and drunk punx and and all of their Creston and grime that you could pile on top of it and in the midst of all that Madness I carved out a little niche for myself and ecosystem which I had a I had salvaged some bamboo some bamboo fencing from a job site that they were getting rid of it and I decided to Fashion a little Hut out of it that was literally 3 ft tall off the ground and pretty much the size of pretty much the size of maybe the footprint of a of a queen-size bed but with just this tiny roof so you had to get on all fours and open up the certified bamboo door into this little Shack and I have beautiful experiences believe it or not it was a fully functional babe Lair and some of the most profound moonlit Starlit streetlight Blitz romantic experiences of my life we’re had in that tiny Shaq and also I was obviously doing might make my meditation practice and at a certain point there was a real clear directive from a person of interest who I was flirting with online and was in that sort of from that Cosmic dance of wanting to seduce an anchor in and pray and really design with the fantasy architecture of my mind and the energy that I’m cultivating to sort of worship into desire and to shamelessly and fearlessly in Baldi exude that magnetic desire and fire Desiring someone or someones then then I’ll play with them in in the mind’s eye in the third eye while meditating in all the better obviously if if there’s a mutuality of excitement there so it’s not just like you’re dragging on someone else especially someone who’s already in a committed relationship or something I mean there’s a hierarchy of Ethics with all this magical stuff but when I feel blessed and permitted to tip to do that kind of work you know I put my heart and soul into it and so there was there was one lovely woman I think she called herself Contra Contra goddess is going to like that very obviously appealing to me so I was laddering up the energy and you know for a number of days and nights excetera and one time in the middle of a pretty deep trance I just got this directive from her likeness in in my my third eye saying stop coming stop coming stop coming in and I have been pretty I guess laxity Secour or lazy about my semen retention practice for most phase in and out of it but not take it too seriously or go too far with it but at this point I felt very clear I mean it was spoken to me and is a very clear directive that purse commanding Kali like tone of just you’re going to do this since so from that point I made a major shift and I started to actually really leather up and build the orgasmic energy without really singing in that became a more concerted practice from that point on and almost I’d say within days of that shift of really changing the vibration and end at the in the the focus of the practice I was literally in the state of brainwave State kind of in the morning before having to go to work and knowing okay I’ve got this much time to sort of for myself and energetic cup of joe so to speak by harvesting a couple of non ejaculatory orgasm and it was in this liminal trance state that in between waking and sleep that I was just kind of in my zone and it came to me this almost like what they sometimes call Buddakan site you kind of get struck through the crown by a bolt of of knowingness or intuitive awareness that just comes as a completely formed bit of information and you just take it from there and you don’t really have to you’re not going word by word thought by thought it’s just crystallizes as one solid download and what it was was these words that to me representative an interesting cultural jamming meme hack a mimetic hack if you will of the the most one of the most prominent means in the history of human language on Earth ohmygod ohmygod the OMG it’s the certified what are the most ubiquitous memes around ever and certainly would meet social media and texting and chatting and all the apps and all of the platforms it’s just his the one of the most viral thing so I would say somewhere in the Divine intelligence of the higher Realms I was sort of gifted by earning my way to a higher level of access I would say I was gifted this little insight which is to hack the meme of all my God and make it a tantric him lyrical dialogue that is the Shiva Shakti Mutual counterbalancing of Co worship and the taking as the starting point that oh my God meme and refraining back in an alternating male female singing him oh my God oh my goddess in it may be doesn’t sound that profound right now the way I’m speaking about it but when it hit me it was like a ton of bricks because I realized this would be the way to Jack that Meme and to repurpose it for it’s like if you want to introduce the reintroduce Humanity to the goddess the keys to the kingdom of already just hanging right there if people are already using this meme so why not Hackett and just append for letters and give it that you know people of used oh my goddess before it’s not like the first time it’s ever appeared in any form of media but what good came to me was just it was almost line after line I mean I feel like I was not very consciously conceiving these lyrics if they actually sort of rolled through me and I just got out my notepad or my phone app note whatever and I just got it down and it just rolled from there so here it is and it did it speaks for itself and you know if you listen to it and it has the desired effect and you will you will maybe be a believer as well but I was sold from day one in this really is what pushed me to creep any form of Tantra sacred dance music with whatever I this was what started it all for me was before this I had not been conceiving that I would be doing any music like this and this was the thing worse I hear you have this GIF now you better build a whole Persona around it and you better just go go from there so here are the lyrics I hope you enjoy them and here goes oh my goddess oh my God oh my goddess oh my God oh my God is your beautiful I love you I think you patriarchy has denied shamed and brutalized mustri sacralize body temples as divine sit on my lap legs around my back look into my eyes breathing synchronized cycle up the spine the energy inside open the third eye DMT will flood your mind if you want to see the light I must last all night pray between my thighs meditate while I’m inside so something you don’t get from that is that there is the dialogue between the male and a female very much in the tantric scripture will form where there’s these revelatory dialogues between the gods and goddesses the deities the demons every everybody’s in this sort of Opera of poetic language and there’s a lot of cadence and back and forth in question answer call response sort of scriptural devices and so do you know why I feel like this is very much in resonance with those with that style of writing and I feel like it’s inform me a lot as I read deeper into the scriptures when I have the chance but I see ya that kind of incapsulate the bridge will procedure do the GM position synchronize we said that the philosophy is there the mechanics are there and the the the payoff is there that the sort of carrot is is in there in a you can open the third eye and experience in Devine Revelation and basically sexual Enlightenment through these cultivated orgasms that you let you share between a beloved in in this tradition of worship and so there you have that hopefully they have to something you can put in your pipe and smoke tonight so moving right along the next track is called bless my hands and this track is it’s pretty deep it it came to me through a far more painful and harsh experiencing it was deep in it in a psychedelic mushroom trip experience where I kind of saw the my own demise and just saw the absolute melting down of my everything in my future and the sort of Checkmate experience of having the Demonic realm and it’s overlords who were the one specifically assigned to torturing and tormenting and tricking and conniving and just tearing you to shreds and maybe we all have them some people have them in the form of eating disorders of the people in the form of chronic nightmares anxiety disorders and what not but basically it’s a it’s an important demonological theoretical framework to say that yeah you were being there’s an angel on one shoulder and the demon on another and that’s one way of looking at it but those demons that are assigned to you that you were feeding with your negative energy in your unconscious patterns and whatnot they know you better than you know yourself they have deep level access to the database of your past life history records of year old Karma’s records of the web of soul ties you have an attack about knowing how to push your buttons right so the things that give you nightmares the theatrical the theater than Dream Theater of nightmares this is not Lissa’s high-budget production cinema this is not the movie stuff anybody who had any better be we have terrible nightmares you should stand up in applied after the movie when you wake up and you know okay that was just a test for my soul and no I didn’t die in that situation and know this horrible things didn’t happen to me or didn’t work perpetrated on anyone else those scenarios that we experienced in the Dreamworld they really reveal if you kind of look deeper into it and it’s like yeah we have these in some sense you could say in a lot of traditions would say that the percentage of the demons that inhabit your mind space your soul chakra is excetera they’re there to help accelerate you push you through the soul lessons you need to learn and get you you know optimized for a higher level of existence hopefully next time around and in and reacting to cycle of reincarnation or if you really win the game and you get the high score you might be able to transcend Beyond this realm that’s a whole nother discussion but what I’m trying to address you with this blessed my hands song backstory is that the mushrooms in this very deep and and dark and Sinister and Insidious trip they they really showed for me that if You observe the mechanisms of these creatures puppeteering your mind and generating fearsome scenarios for you to sort of worried about their really that’s really their fun that’s their game that’s their sport they’re betting really on your bad decision making and your weaknesses and they’re preying on you and the act of them doing it is what I was actually able to observe in really highly almost the most Vivid experience almost have my life and I’ve had beautiful Vivid experiences of the Heavenly Realms and this was probably the most Vivid experience of the Demonic overlords in my in my shadow my the Dark Side of myself and and I was able to receive them and sort of peer into their I like there was a scene in Indiana Jones the Last Crusade where he he’s able to take a quick look into this whole Nazi office headquarters where they’re doing all this number crunching and data processing and they’re just busy bees look like a beehive of not to do anything and it did they get a peek in there and they’re like oh shit and that’s what I got to see really it’s like the hell Department that the corporate Suite of all of these demonic entities and their little suits and ties and sort of speak their hierarchy of things and they were just working me and they were they were projecting for me like the worst possible outcomes for the future my life and really just poisoning me with these conspiracies of My Demise and the only way I could stand up to it and fight my way through it was really to call and sing to the goddess in too big for her to come and sort of pull me out and rescue me and to ensure for me in some symbolic and hopefully some very visceral way that I would be a blessed to use her name to do the healing work that I’m doing that I’m not a scoundrel that my whatever is in my past of this life history is not insurmountable karmically in that at the end of the day for me to be a white man it from the Western World you know you invoking her using her name to do the most liked treacherous potentially hairless types of work where you’re you’re working with Sexual Energy you’re working with group Sexual Energy or sort of becoming a shamanic sexual priest I mean how creepy could not possibly go and in what direction and how do you manage that that power and how do you be humble and in in-service so that was a deeply we can point and I felt like the Demonic realm had my mad fits bootheel on my neck almost harder almost harder than ever before and I could see it all but I was pulled through these words came to me and I saying these words to break free and to liberate myself from that very very painful and very heavy trip and I built more around them and I are in enlisted again sufiyana to help put some some beautiful beautiful chance and I also pulled some scriptures to sort of add to the invocation and what what ends up coming out is we know when I walked out from having got my shit packed together from that trip I came out I stood up I walked out and I spoke to a dear friend who is nearby and said I feel like I just pulled back essentially you know the this gem here from from a real pit of despair and I’m hoping that it will be a source of light for the world for Humanity and I hope that I can hold true to it and it is the wood anchors me to a higher level of Integrity that will always keep me hopefully you know out of Scandal out of treachery out of addiction in and all the stuff Ollie’s in all of the I guess deadly sins for lack of a better word but here it is he’s here are the words and take from them what you will there’s a music video that really brings us all to life so I encourage you to take a look at that if you like but here here goes and there’s female and male vocals in here and it fades in and out so it’s not going to be exactly the same experience but at least you get to the raw material right here so here goes to find the brightest light you must enter the sacred Darkness to ascend you must descend kalika will you bless my hands to heal abuse victims in your name I must give not take with your love I shall liberate liberate our souls are truth will be told liberate our souls are truth will be told I grant you power I grant you Grace I grant you protection I grant you love Otis structus of the sins of the three worlds auspicious colic are they who recite a mantra possess the powers of the three-eyed one in the palm of their hands I’m so ready to embody you my beloved collie come oh won’t you come I bow down to the my beloved collie all right this next song is called the politics of Yoni worship and it’s not too much of a backstory here just that I felt there was a need to express Asser political feminists eco-feminist radical feminists kind of militant narrative that men can use to have a incentive and a basic infrastructure to approach why to be humbled Y2 what is the rationale for surrendering military power and financial dominance two women in a form of a peaceful matriarchal coup and what that would look like and obviously it’s all I dream about fantasize about because I would love to be reborn into a world where my mother or the womb of my that I come through has been unwrapped and unmolested and treated well and worship and initiated properly at virginity and all of these beautiful things that all of our ancestral cultures actually very intelligently did to protect the sanctity of the womb Temple space unfortunately I’ve been in this life experiencing the polar opposite of that which is trauma at every phase of life going back before I was born into the family bloodline and it’s just absolute shitshow of Karma and abuse so what would it take to change that I would say for Humanity too well for 4 trauma survivors victims to really band together and to create rape free zones and to create No Man’s Land basically autonomous matriarchal militarized defended permaculture goddess Temple Eco Villages where women can breastfeed for up to five years or more on demand which means that they’re not going to be on this like sort of tight leash of a short maternity leave from a corporate cubicle job that actually would be a culture that facilitates the natural human life cycle and all of these other aspects that patriarchy just completely crushes and so they have sensors in them that for I guess I’ll use the hydro example because that’s where they’re normally marketed even though you can use them in different ways I say like there can be like interactive sex leaves email could you know the service member into one and the way that that moves it can affect how may be a vice versa and then I know some companies have so I think that that mail devices do you know where your penis having devices or you know dildos that they might operate with each other as well so there’s that I’m so there’s a lot of likes and I think it’s I think it’s really been I think I think it’s mostly popular person among cameras right and so it’s we are always interested in focusing on relationships I think it’s mostly popular with the counters and I think that as a result I think the development with held it on for men those toys are a bit better but no one’s for for you know that are 10 babies towards women or people who you know might like to sleep so but you know till the dogs can go away past I could go through bodysuit text to be really interesting as well so what’s important to know about tell Don existence like Infamous 10 or that uses a patent expires after it’s 20 year on this August about not exactly the exact date since about May goddess when it when it expires and so this is really significant because there I’m not sure if your readership this familiar with this but I’m trying to really interesting things with pushing for it or you know development but unfortunately because there’s this really wide Haughton but cover is basically sexual communication over the Internet a lot of people have been sued or shut down and there’s two types of legal battles that you know that are basically you know it’s the cost of the lawyers even if it’s pro bono I use Coleman gold is getting towed when I was getting sued and I think they did get off because they were looking for prior art and you know quiet husband you know the idea of how the dogs exist before this time I actually was granted however they’ve been successful in suing people and people to settle in cuz they don’t want to deal with you all the legal problems that go with it so & Co mangle was able to get it dropped without having to pee but it was I don’t think it was a nice process for for the evolved it was not fun and I think they got a pro bono lawyer it’ll be very interesting to see what happens after after this August to see if people are really interested in Tilden hikes or if you know if the same epic I was kind of holding it back and it’ll be interesting to see how it grows I expect it’s going to grow more within live camming actually I was more campsites having pork tip activated sex toys so sex toys that will that will basically respond to the sound of text so when someone is watching a performance that you know they checking and whatever the chicken noises or change the intensity or what device can do so to look for and there’s yeah I guess I was just because they’re not really marketed towards my body but I think it’s exciting and I’d like to see more in there I just don’t I’m not sure I’ve heard some people really like it arson but I think that like there’s much more sophisticated technology has very low Fidelity like you all the sexual movement you can make in compared to a without that may be a smart dildo or smart Middlesex leaves can do is like you know there’s so much Lost in Translation so keep an eye on for next year well well I guess this makes me think they eventually they’ll probably have some sort of pressurized suit where you could actually just have a regular massage to the way you don’t even erotic now is standing but it just seems like things are going to move in that direction anyway of just remote everything in the eyes I was even thinking now you’re saying this if if you were if you were wanting to do this more of a sexual therapeutic thing and you were in if it’s it’s like the it’s been very treacherous the territory of being surrogates and I’m sure a lot of the sex surrogates that have existed since it’s been legal least in the US has to have been in situations that they probably would have much rather had had some sort of mediation device that could actually perform physical manipulation of flesh but will not with them having to be right there you know in the room but that you could actually be like in like in some lab Booth where you’re behind the glass but there is a surrogate apparatus or likeness of a human or something that you can speak through with that you can move through and it will be kind of like a like a space suit or something but where you’re not in at you those those robots that they put out something to work on space stations if you could work on it unless someone who’s actually LDV and a harmful way and you could actually induce certain forms of somatic Therapies in that that might be even more scalable than trying to find the people brave enough to want to do that stuff cuz yeah I think this will hopefully go in that direction or this everybody will is Hedonism will be counterbalanced by the therapy going to be a big competition for a robot out of tar so that is heard about exercise but it also had funded project to make the first digital tricorder in with a Star Trek tricorder that basically diagnosis in the competition’s on what’s the guys name I forget what a multimillion-dollar basically tries to you know get these robot out of Hearts made it and I didn’t I don’t believe there’s any connection to sex but it’s more to help people in remote locations doctor service is or Nurse Services of course development and Technology happening with money behind it up some big implications for what’s possible all right well this is a whole nother I raised money to do a the first porn in space in are they raised I don’t know some percentage of their goal but that was interesting headline I sell alpaca should I I don’t know that it wasn’t quite there gold but yeah then I haven’t heard anything about whether or not happen but I’m sure it will eventually he’ll be in there and on top of that there was a harness device that would allow for zero gravity so that people could reproduce in space cuz if people thought is like what happens if you start to try to get it on I’m sure that’s enough to try but what if you end up swinging yourself across the space shuttle and then you lose the ejaculate in this is floating in the air NASA has spent sending it has already sperm to space just to basically see all the details but yeah they’re they’re wondering if it’s possible to reduce gravity going to affect reproduction is it going to make it as easy like how is sperm motility yes oh yeah and I mean that people are going to want to call and eyes Mars eventually or it’s not like they want to now so yeah I wonder they sex is coming just don’t know it is coming and no pun intended of well that’s interesting cool then see if we can assume any other so we got to tell the Don X and everybody’s pretty well are there any other innovations that we should be aware of I’m certainly yet I didn’t know there was that patent situation so I’m really kind of in the dark anything at this year please what’s interesting is just how in the last couple years or last year really there’s been just a lot more female lunch printer is coming and so I think that’s great because if you don’t like the pornography that’s out there but like granted it is at the clean a do you know you like a course in something about pornography with sex toys and sex tech products if you don’t marry the thing is is that there haven’t been so many going into it in the past the developers have been mail and she know that’s how that’s how it’s been but you know if you’re craving for that if you’re you know things for women that they haven’t liked so much more talk from an entrepreneur is making products and focusing on women’s pleasure in the in a sex-positive way which is really really important and in that kind of a kind of discussing the orgasm Gap and I don’t know if you know where the workout some tacos but it’s basically different studies that show different types of something like or just had her in sexual encounters I think men for the most part are like nine times out of ten they’re going to have an orgasm and then for women it’s in between one and two thirds of the time they’re going to have an orgasm so I mean it’s not like I always like to say it’s not all about orgasm there’s there’s more to Sexton that but just you know there is where is the discrepancy in and I don’t think there’s been enough focused on women’s pleasure and women focusing on their own pleasure okay because I know what you like and be open to just finding that out and so I’m just a really excited about how there’s this more women and sex text no putting their horses out there and if you don’t like their products which it which I I love products products I’m just saying like you know there’s this stuff there that’s that’s that’s happening it’s a great it’s a great thing to do if I guess right thing I wish there was more of us when I was growing up not sure I would have been if exposed to it because it’s hard to advertise when you are insects taxable I’d say it’s really positive it’s the adult performers sex check which they overlap but then there’s there’s different is that there are more women directors and creating Studios and I think I think that’s that’s great you know I think there’s more diversity the better and so about comes with like books of all backgrounds you know I think that the more people from different walks of life to develop products that are there software you know whatever it is a different really help cut down on the negative sexual things that happens with abuse assault that’s awesome. Do you have any on the platforms and the and we’re not to you that you publish on have you done a series or would you think about doing a series or anyting the chronicle sorted profiling women in insects take or women who are entrepreneurs in the space so that I will be happy thrilled to know more about than just be is that something that that you might do like a specific unit of focus on at some point so we can look into that later International women’s day we had a writer put together a peace sign about I think maybe 11 women in sex tech that you are doing interesting things and I hope we’ve also covered if you act like just serious but we do cover for a lot of different male female I mean he would but I guess they’re not going to find it but we just all genders in between and we’ve covered CEO Polly Rodriguez of Unbound and she’s really great shoes I don’t know if you’ve heard of her but she co-founded the women of sex tech community so she’s based in New York and Unbound is her company and it basically creates products for women and sell products for women’s pleasure and a really like it because it makes you feel good about yourself on their commercialism but you know that market in a way that it just because you know they’re really speaking to a demographics I think has been underserved well is that how Polly co-founded women have sex talking so it’s been like a networking group mostly for ladies who are or women identifying people to talk about problems and getting funny because I mean this is the times I’ve heard differing views and I’m not a funding sometimes and then with women going in there they might get treated a bit weirdly like they don’t really appreciate it or there’s just not as much interest in focusing or investing in Need for women’s pleasure but I think women are the future of sex. Net and we’ll have definitely have articles featuring women who are in it and then I think it’s women of sex tech stuff, and that’s just a bunch of women in sex tech or sex-related online projects that you know you might be interested if you don’t know a lot of women entrepreneurs in the space store in publishing online that’s cool I’m so I was at the crypto invest Summit in Los Angeles recently and there was a women in blockchain panel and there’s a number of there’s a really powerful really amazing women in the blockchain space were organizing and creating a different groupings in and just looking at a think it’s something like I don’t know where anywhere between effort numbers between only 2% of venture funding goes to women in Navy up two at the most like 10% but that’s probably generous so we have a long way to go and that’s that space is so much more I have a lot more hope for for transformation of culture through Venture funding when I do through replacing people on you know positions of authority and Power & politics to let you know that everywhere but I’m not really thrilled to know about that cuz I feel like yeah whatever whatever dystopian futuristic sex text scenarios might happen with really may be corrupted ingredient you know harmfully perverted men if their women in the space of Mino writing proposals and business models in business plans in pitching then hopefully more enlightened more feminist friendly future will be a that was my home okay so you’re moving along to another question so there has been it’s weird I feel like the green the go green kind of Boom it’s it’s almost like I don’t know I want I don’t want to call it a bubble but it seems like I remember in the late in the late 2000 and early 2000s around between 2822 I don’t know what you have wouldn’t wouldn’t say when it stops at any point but it did really kind of get big there was directors of sustainability positions opening up in all these different firms and I’ll and institutions and Recycling and just a sort of Renaissance of of the Earth Day by but it really got up the nerve is everybody wanted to go green and I don’t know if you get the sense of that sort of faded a bit from a Zeitgeist maybe people have gotten just more all about apps and all about smartphones and just like that in that movement and it around Elsa was big with the Inconvenient Truth coming out there and then being a I see a lot of celebrities speaking out about a lot more I think on the other half of the Earth but I’m noticing a gap I don’t know if you have noticed it but I’m curious now if you feel like in the specific unisex take space if there are people who are really coming out saying I hate let’s do this let’s do this development of psychological development for sexuality but let’s do it with certain environmental ethics and protocols in place as far as carbon footprint and as far as you know sustainability and sustainable products and materials and all but I feel like these people are really losing sight of the supply chain of Technology from ecological perspective I don’t know if you have any thoughts on that but for the sex tech industry I don’t think it has a great track record when it comes to sustainable projects or at least not in promoting them I imagine I think that if I had a better track record I hear about it cuz the pr people like to tell you what they’re doing great there is people like lovehoney they’re like and basically trying to make more vegan products so that’s not necessarily that let me hear me say that again like so it’s about regarding like semen safety and then making sure there aren’t animal products in your sex toys and I’m not an expert on that but there has been more discussion about vegan products and then and I think there’s some companies that really promote that is alternatives to leather like some type of a vegan alternative but yeah I don’t I don’t think it has a great track record I haven’t really heard much about it there are some 3D 3D printed 3D printing projects I’ll hear about every once in awhile and what kind of push like I’m an environmentalist point of you sometimes because I’m guessing you’ve heard of Eco sexual arousal stainable 3D printed sex toys that they people can fit themselves and any use out outside historic site right now project was called dildo at yourself idea of you know generally instead of mass producing a million sex toys like one-size-fits-all with 3D printing you know there’s more customizability so that’s that I think 3D printing has but just so you know it’s just because you 3D print something it doesn’t mean you should put it in your 30s to be like a protective coating put on auctions increases the technology gets better you will have to do all this DIY stuff. I got a clitoris 3D printed because there is an open source 3D printing projects to get that. I’m basically just to raise awareness because you know most of the clitoris is internal and people don’t know that and they don’t realize like they see just one little thing about that looks like underneath so I got that I don’t have a 3D printer but I went to something called like three beehives and basically it just links you to people in your area I’m in a very like safe manner I felt that are able to print designs for you and decent cost so I mean back something as well instead of like that can change how business is done because you don’t need to buy your own face 3D printer you there are going to be already are in this going to be more and if so needed to spend all the money you can get somebody else to do this and I don’t think the guy who cares right I want to get princess just a personal services so there’s it’s possible that is really cool I feel like if you could through and I have never thought about that really you know I’m kind of cynical and jaded and in my old old-fashioned but isn’t didn’t really think about how great it would be if there were even somehow edible totally organic totally cruelty-free edible ingredients to take to create these shapes with using machines like that mean I could be something that gives Pizza waiting two years for a part to arrive you can know we have the skin the scheme of anything friendship you know when the anti-globalization movement failed to stop the sort of thumb race to the bottom of wages where the sweatshops of the world with the lowest environmental standards for materials is like all of this plastic stuff that’s being manufactured in sweatshops and then shipped back to the US if the 3D printer can make that entire the bottom dropped out of that market because it’s so cheap as it is but if you could eliminate all of those Logistics by the way you’re saying like a localized distributed open source way to get the same sort of 99 cent store that you have your own 99 cent store in your garage take out that whole corrupted supply chain of international trade that’s really not with what is not healthy for the time but the news like bioprinting and I think people are the really interested in the house applications of of regenerative Technologies and Technologies and I think that there is no try that is possible to create it’s going to be possible at least a crate pills that are for like really targeted for the person so instead of giving like everybody like this is just a standard dosage know some people need different Doses and elderly people are often prescribed medications and so will you just expect another slice of this type of printing it has so many applications that can really enhance like you know what you said you could help get rid of fireman by cutting out all that transport and you know hopefully make fruit quality of life as well as medicine very good very good so I think whoever do with all that stuff a couple questions I have here if we have a few more minutes to get to wrap up I think we covered I was going to ask if you would share some with some women like space but it sounds like we got some good resources for that we laid out and I appreciate that so people can follow up and and look at those and then I guess the met the last question will be if you yourself had a blue sky budget to develop the start-up of your dreams and their futuristic sex text space What would be one of your dream projects if you’ve ever been in a brainstorming about it yeah well it’s a big question I would say yeah I think for for sex tech me to get payment and Publishing done on our own terms and stop Outsourcing like for instance you know trying there’s some people Facebook doesn’t allow any sex advertising or it could be something really likes a fish for work basic it is not like it’s hard to advertise the banks and I’m peanut processors they can just freeze your account and so I think something I mean maybe it wouldn’t be blockchain we would have to develop something but with the Sky High budget I just think that is made for and by the sex tech industry so that we’re not reliant on you know people who don’t have necessarily the intellects Experience open my Nest help a Dolores extech Industries you know so I understand why some companies want to get Facebook eyes but you know I don’t I think that’s just open a can of worms in a bit because it’s what’s good sex what’s bad sex should Facebook me to finding that and just in terms of online publishing a 90% about enchiladas Revenue goes to like Google or Facebook the duopoly so again if you’re publishing picture people are making money but it’s mostly those two people and so I think the way to circulate this I don’t think we should be like cow coloring to these big big companies that have all this power but not necessarily open-mindedness and I totally agree with that it’s a huge pain point and someone that I’ve certainly been let me know what I can say for personal experience I’ve had videos go viral on the more mainstream platforms that I shall not name but the second they really go viral they get deplatformed and that could have been career-changing for me you know if you have to build an audience so maybe it’s funny because Yahoo started out very much a highly trafficked adult almost classified platform if I’m not mistaken but there was there was a sort of kick-starting bootstrapping golden age of adult in the early days of the internet that got quickly sort of extinguish I don’t know why they don’t just have an official vetted adult only access sphere of their own Enterprises even if it’s a subsidiary with a different name or something if they have some distance from you know politically or something but they’re definitely missing out you know I don’t know why they don’t figure out how to make their algorithms could do anything I mean your algorithms good figure out how to only serve with I mean cuz I just wiped out a lot of they demonetized a lot of of content producers who run anything that could possibly be controversial for advertisers but why not just say oh you’re up you’re a right-wing gun that freak you know that whatever will hear is you get all of those ads and Penny Play Say Something for everybody so and I’m not putting that down imma you know that there’s there’s I’m just an example of what some of what gets with what get some persecuted by that but yeah I totally agree with that and I do feel like hopefully blockchain and you know these new permissionless content platforms like steam at for example as a good example publishing platform where you can get paid for your content and they just have a very intuitive there it is checkbox for not NSFW right and that’s it that’s all you need to know self-select I don’t know if it’s the community can can certify a gate but then it doesn’t get deleted it just goes into that not-safe-for-work category in that is all you really need a break myself but yeah that that’s a great a great idea hopefully everything will come to you to help the guy that process and you know actually know if I just have one less thing to put out there since I have you on the line and the folks who are the fans of your work might might get into this I don’t know if this is been done yet I don’t see how it seems like it would be the easiest no-brainer sort of fork of some sort of Open Source Code for a nap but basically you bringing bringing sex tech Down to Earth for my ecosexual perspective that I would love to see there be an app that’s exactly like Airbnb but what it specializes in is connecting people who are like glamping you know but for sex places where you can have sex in nature and go to a place in private property that is a place where you can go and feel free at this like like monetizing private 611 Tantra temples but but at the very least just feel like I’ve got a bunch of land with you know a cabin on it and I would love for people couples or whoever to go out there and have their full moon rituals and not be bothered people gawking at them or you know complaining about it and they can be as you can be as loud as you need to be to really go deep with sexuality which we also do not have the access to seal open up you know what their vocal cords as much as feel free being naked and Nathan Wyld so yeah let’s have an airbag recall are birds and bees like that so cool well hopefully yeah all of our dreams come true here to certainly plenty of plenty of resources being thrown around and now in the crypto Stacy know I’ve never seen so many hundreds of millions of dollars / around the planets online exchanges they never before so they do you know if there’s a will there’s a way let’s get well let’s hope for the best and certainly be optimistic about the potential for anything now yeah cool said you’re going to give your websites and Sandy final closing words anything else before we sign off your podcast cuz I’ve been a fan for a while so it’s nice to be here and you want to check out the site of future of sex. Net we’re just vamping to be a responsive shame I know it took so long but it’s going to look a bit different soon if you are visiting today it’s not responsive just yeah you’re still a sex-positive future dates or anything we should be aware of I definitely can see YouTube easy easy for most corresponding all these matters I had no clue about a lot of this stuff and I’m so thank you for enlightening us and we will definitely be in touch soon thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de