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Decoding Tantric Buddhist Sacred Dance with Devika the Techy Tantrika TPP201


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In this episode I’m joined again by Devika the Techy Tantrika, this time for an epic exploration of the theology, philosophy, history, and practical applications of sacred dance from a Tantric Buddhist perspective. We shared a beautiful experience together during a sacred dance training retreat in Portland, OR several years ago and I’d been wanting to do a recap with her on her experience. She has a deep and rich background in sacred dance,  tantric buddhism, and yogini mysticism and it’s a treasure to hear her elaborate on the teachings we received while at the Dance Mandal temple. It was a life changing experience which led to my discovery of Vajra yoginis, and Khroda Kali in particular who I resonate with. My track Wrathful Dakini is a devotional hymn which was based on my revelatory experiences surrounding this chapter of my life.

We compare notes from the dance training retreat and comment on the relevance of traditional teachers and classical studies in tantra and all spiritual paths.

We also discuss the modern intersection of sexiness, sex witches, social media, and her research project: https://witchactivism.carrd.co/.

About Devika:

Devika J. Singh/The Techy Tantrika is a Tantric Sex and Self-Relationship Coach as well as a Performess. Her diverse creative endeavours as well as her views on holistic sex, intimacy, self-relationship and self-care have culminated into the one-on-one online coaching practice she has today. Devika’s unique take on traditional and Neo-Tantric practices along with her continuous dedication to providing commentary on tech trends that affect the way we date and intimately connect shine through in her YouTube video series where she provides Tantric sex and dating advice to her audience.

You can find Devika’s YouTube sex+dating advice video series at youtube.com/thetechytantrika

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You can also find out more about her coaching practice and writing at devika-singh.com

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 2 0 1 game join Again by devika the country Qatar and I wouldn’t have done a couple episodes so far in the past one all about open-source sexuality another one all about keeps Rising sex work policy and so we have been talking a lot about motive the modern synthesis and assimilation of classical time show with Neo Tantra and check and what not. It’s just fun and exciting intersection is just been crazy to go back and listen to those shows this time we’re going to get into a really fine or kind of personalized description of somewhat Memoirs where we first met in person at the at the dance Mondo Maple Leaves tantric Buddhist sacred Dance Training temple in syrtis I’m very authentic true to form goddess Temple that really for me was profound in many ways mostly in that it was a revelation for me to see that there is living breathing devotional goddess Temple Buddhism where there’s more than just the multiple genders of DVDs are our honored and respected and worship and field practice where you might not you might not be exposed to that otherwise so I’m extremely grateful for did you get for inviting me to that to this weekend Dance Training Retreat which was kind of like my my Karate Kid training with the master in and stealing KY Lake you know maybe I don’t think I need my black belt but I probably probably got at least one built you know up some starting a house from scratch but along the way of me making a complete ass of myself as the only male would be initiated you know I will see you in background so they can just like this to water from his Jimmy awkward but I survived and I learned a lot and not only in the dance but also in these these meditation Temple lecture philosophy lectures that were given and also we had free reign of this one of the most explicit libraries of collections of books devoted to John Travolta times and so there’s some gems that that I discovered there but you know don’t take my word for it I love to just take this opportunity to have if you can her perspective on that experience in some gaps in my understanding and knowledge because to bring this into the ultimate context it is that that experience led to me producing a track called Rascal that King and I’ll get into that at some point later but basically a Revelations that I’ve had what I felt to be direct Union direct communication with and since then really this track which is a devotional him that uses it and in vocational Mantra as the sort of part of it every time I sing that and with all my heart than she appears and I see her the way that she is you know in a and it in the way that she is symbolically to pick it in the in the art form the classical art form of what’s called who is called crota Kali who is one of the disorder than a police terkini kind of archetypes which Gerald got his students like one of those I’m building my collection of having experiences and then having a toy on my wall I’ll make a track and that track will be my sort of them my Memoir or my Elemento this is way more this is a huge opportunity for me to kind of have you bringing your perspective on on that that experience that we shared there and also bring in some of your more highly developed awareness of the permutations of Buddhism and Tantra and also yeah they just tell us that be great to hear about what brought you to the discovery of that Temple because obviously the story goes back as far as to where you were you know enchanted with their work so that was enough for me. Thank you so much been yes cuz he mentioned I’m devika the ticket on sweetie, I’m so glad that you made this our topic today been just because that’s when those of the extremely unique temple in Portland Oregon and try to swallow who is the dance teacher the primary dance teacher there was our teacher that weekend and he’s been training and Talia make sure you tell sorry since he was a young child so that was in his his lineage for a long time and for me I’ve always been play training quite a bit and vajrayana Buddhist lineages cuz I had to start at my own silent meditation practice I think about on 2007/2008 but Tibetan lineage of always been significant to me because anybody who studies Buddhist studies or you know I’m has a pretty good understanding of a variety of different Buddhist lineage has Bill noticed that a lot of the deities in tibetan and Nepalese certain Nibbley’s lineages don’t really necessarily have presidents are really significant Presence at all in other lineages so you know like the dakinis are seeing a lot you see if I join your guinea is a dominant The Keeney there’s also no preserved and venerated in the in the stands lineage you and I went to training and just like with any veneration or worship of these dakinis is usually requires a lot of Advanced Techniques a lot of persistent training because the dakinis are definitely I always think of them as more intermediary or you know you’d rather just because they’re not really have to be really specific with how you worship and worship them because they can be kind of tricksters in certain ways but they can also also need a lot more respect I think like there’s a lot of benevolent like happy DD’s and then you kind of work up to bother you again other Tiki knees and the kids are wisdom Bears they’re not the really I don’t know if you could say that a surly you know putting some situations where they have to really be as forgiving perhaps they expect I think a lot of a lot of practice in a lot of patients in a lot of determination from those who are who are and worship up they are very much like Kali from the Hindu Hindu spiritual lineage has just because you have to have a certain amount of practice with them you have to have a certain amount of respect them are they able to teach you a lot but if you are not open to learning those lessons you will not get them and sometimes you know like do your lessons by, in ways that look for a coke bad or negative in your life but a trained practitioner or train student even would have the tools to help them kind of navigate those lessons and not to say that the lesson still won’t be hard it’s just that you need to have a certain amount of prerequisite I guess in a way that certain amount of information in order to work with those DVDs in order to really get not just what would be helpful to you both would have also be helpful in respect to them and reminds me of an of what you were saying earlier about you know once a DVD shows up to you if I tell you something that of great assistance you obviously not understand that it’s reciprocal and you get back to that TD and your veneration and respected them so these DVDs are not like practice DVDs are like this introductory DD’s they need they definitely need a certain level of practice and respect and information on behalf of the students are also just not going to get as much out of it either I guess I’ve heard of so many people just want to jump right to DD’s like this in various lineages and a lot of people will caution them and say that you really need to understand the foundational aspects of the practice you’re looking at before you work with them but it really comes down to what people are after like they’re looking for quick fixes or even like something like power or you know something just really just deals mostly with our Earthly realm they’re not going to the store they get what they want or they might get what they want for the beginning but there’s always a price to pay like and you can’t have you know you can’t have an action without a reaction if you’re not setting up the foundation of something properly you’re not setting it up on a you know they’re setting up his Queen on the shaky Foundation at that point and things don’t go too well when you build them on a shaky foundation so I would definitely you know suggest anybody who does want to learn sacred dance forms to look for a proper New Groove for that and Venture for us just make sure they’re taking the proper steps for me I’ve always because of my love for Tibetan Buddhist lineages I really loved my experience at that spent all my hope to go back you know again in the future you know for something similar to what you and I had conferred then I don’t live on the west coast anymore unfortunately but I’m sure I’ll make it back there again it was a beautiful time. Really they just they found such an amazing job with that that’s him pulling the practices that they adhere to their arms it’s certainly is unique and lovely did yeah so thank you for giving that discourse on this parallel and treachery really had no approaching these purses with the wrong attitude or without due diligence and I think my modern check a metaphor that comes to mind is actually I’ve been thinking about this ready contacts but this is this is really right now which is it there’s I think people who approached spirituality as from The New Age kind of Neo perspective of not not really I say beating her asparagus before they eat their ice cream like they want they want to jump right to everything that’s possible and skip over the shadow work but the the more traditional approach would beat you really confront you or your Shadow true the help of the duties that are going to we’re going to help you do that and you know that that is really up for what I’m doing with in my Modern Life sandwich lot of people are just like me they need to do to audit your security and to do penetration testing and to hire hackers to actually try to break into your systems to see what your vulnerabilities are so that you can fix them before real shit hits the fan win some you know and they don’t give you the full report they actually just take everything take your intellectual ransomware your your machines and Edward have a persistent intrusion into your network that you don’t know about until years later when everything that you held dear and sacred was this compromise so that’s that’s how I feel like that if you if you’re afraid of that you’re setting yourself up for ultimate disaster in the future if you’re not willing to approach that Duty with respect you know of those duties you have the potential to print like really sucking hand your ass to you you’re not going to call the spiritual bug bounty system I have another another pun play on words to add to that but but I’ll let you finish okay well yeah it’s it’s from that shamanic perspective of some sort of delousing your soul by removing parasites and I feel like a bug Bounty is even more apps because they would be removing those pests from your soul and all that her that you’re unaware of that are causing you to you know make mistakes in your karmic development so yeah so with that said do you want to talk about now just kind of give people the the play-by-play of we arrive there and do you want to give you a recollection of the the kind of syllabus and of course outline and what what what I experienced was there and what you’re you’re sure I’m just trying to think of it wasn’t that a time ago not going to lie I was a bit of time guys from perfect feeling very magical and just really appreciating it cuz it’s you know what the time I was a fusion belly dancer and I still love dance it’s just you know I had suffered a back injury sometime much time after but I’m just grateful that I at least had that experience the Savannah what that’s meant I’ll be for all that zinnias happens later but you know it is what it is but in terms of doing that Workshop they were so gracious you know they gave us a really great we know we’re right out and see a step-by-step you know the monster has instructions I still have I still loved my portfolio that they gave me like you know I still had a lot and I just I’ve always been very enthusiastic about using the body and worship with dance in expressions of arch just because I always felt like art is about Creative Energy the sacral chakra is about sexual energy and create an anonymous right they are one of the savings people tend to forget that or not really put that together so I always am very enthusiastic about what time you know really creative positive ways of using the body and worship and the style of dance really loud. So do you still have your do you still have your folder from there I do somewhere and I started to look for it but I did I really want to find it because I want to I wanted to be able to I mean I don’t know if you have it handy or if not then we can just going to go from memory but now it rain in front of me but I mean I guess I’ll be glad to do some scanning later so that you can have copy call me buried in somewhere but I really appreciated about that weekend was that possible did start looking into the voucher Eugenie dance ceremony with all so what was amazing as he took us through you know the Preparatory dance which is about paying homage to the DD’s you know and it within the Buddhist contacts before you begin your dance and that he taught us the hand with rose that go with the dances as well which are so important in like a lot of like a lot of Asian dance styles likes you a lot of traditional dance styles this dance tells a story it’s not just the person embodying the DAT in human form sort of so to speak but also if you listen to that at least you know if you don’t understand them on to us but you look at the translations and if you look at what each moves from means and what each motion means it’s all telling a story so that’s beautiful to me I just it was very you know incredible and the fact that we got to look at the photo you can anyone know that’s a lot to me because I was a big part of also why I went there and seen it on YouTube and I understood the even though I was very interested in that dance I knew that we met your most likely not go there necessarily because that is an advanced dance for all the reasons I had previously mentioned about working with dakinis events duties of your guinea but it was really amazing that we actually got to you know try that out and really talk to those who have performed that dance that weekend was so short to me like I just wish you could have stayed there so much longer is really amazing but yeah I’d like the fact that I let me remind you I grew up with folk dances like her up just you know what an absolute Fascination for it so learning about a dance style that does this in worship and in respect of the staties that’s not easy to find that mean you do find it in Hindu Traditions there are so disloyal to do something similar but especially what we were learning that’s $1 you can’t find many teachers who teach that there’s also not very many dance styles like. I’ve heard of another one but I’ve never seen anybody teach it here at least or of the universe within within Canada or the United States so I mean there might be but I haven’t come across up and you need answers for those are any dance teachers for lineage but yeah so I would say those were the Superman highlights eat you recall anything else that really stuck out to you yeah in a few things to do very memorable and then all in complementary to to your thoughts and perspectives on this because she hasn’t much I guess I certainly Richard background in Premiere was pretty much all encountering it for the first time and so I really I think the way to the kind of transmit the experience to others at least verbally and I know you can go on YouTube and and pretty much the same the same dance that we learned I know they have at least one video that’s at least it’s pretty much like that specific sequence of movements and then we also had to learn to sing the parts that weren’t we at we were we were trained to not just learn actual poses and the sequence of the positions moving along the dance floor but actually singing the appropriate the Mantra portion of it at being every every every time we transition to another movement we’re actually seeing saying the devotional sort of launcher him about what that position really is representing and and I got think of it it’s like a 3-D lives motion to wear if you’re used to approach you are you just sitting there making I mean I don’t suggest your secondary and you’re making offerings and you’re doing gestures in your doing Luger’s but you’re just so this is like imagine being this coming good multidimensionality of the and the offering aspect of it of that the energy that you’re pouring into the the ritual that being the just night and day in terms of the difference between the seated meditative offering to Pooja and I’m spinning around and holding your arms up and just being as graceful as you could ever imagine everybody being and also that it was just beautiful so maybe if you could you know from just some of the Physicians remember I remember there was like a little drama and the big drum and offering incense and they were all basically kind of like I feel like a mime you know remind me out these emotional offerings and so from that experience well I knew I hadn’t said this earlier but I was going to say I know you said that you felt like you know a fish out of water I think it’s what you said earlier you know it wasn’t really being a dude they’re just being a guy and then he was a good teacher is a guy but it’s so cool though this type of worship or any worship I always go back to looking at who are you doing as for right it’s all the times you doing is to please a deity or you know to show appreciation respecting the really that’s all that’s asked you know of you write like to show up and to do it like when I first learned silent meditation for example my teacher would always say it never gets easier right like there’s there will always be a time where it becomes difficult but the what’s being asked to use to show off that’s the devotional part right that’s the part where even if you’re learning to do something for the first time that’s still so pivotal because you’re still doing that with that intention of federation respect and worship that’s really that really is all it’s being asked of you know set it right and I’m sure it influenced also how you’ve continued to worship right and it’s become a part of your experience in various ways they honestly that’s all often lets its really often people really in people don’t necessarily here that often or that’s not something that comes up I mean we are so used to I think it’s also speak about this from growing up you know like a lot of people in various religions they are asked to do so much but might be things that they’re not willing to do necessarily like maybe you know ask to Worship in a certain way like I mean don’t get me wrong like obviously poo just have to place a certain religions and their needed by people who really need them but I always wondered what why aren’t we teaching people these these artistic forms of worship to like I remember reading in the Hindu Pantheon there was 52 artistic expressions or skills that are considered sacred and her people to maintain and a lot of those were artistic like a lot of them were of a poetry and about dance and artistic expression and I think you know technically speaking and I’m seeing a lot of this and dance movements across the world the idea that in order to move into express yourself through your body and whatever way that you can through your body enter your mind isn’t itself but I can’t worship so I mean whether or not let’s say somebody continues with a particular sacred lineage and learn to do that dance Tyler whether they go through life and you know it’s a inspiration from these lineages but then set off and kind of do something that comes to them naturally it’s all relative it’s all important right so you know so so as I talked about this you know for example sorry I missed you may not be for a surly everybody write a lot of people might not let’s say how the Buddhist context behind them or might it might not resonate with them but there could be something else right there can always be something else for those people instead I think that’s the interesting thing about tantric practice right like there’s so many lineages making really look towards and I think I still stand behind the concept but I think there are tajuk lineages and every religion It’s just sometimes they don’t make it to the mainstream literature of those religions so you know I think when people do enough taking and hold their beliefs strong things will come to that you know like it there’s a meeting halfway that sense to happen during the person needs to keep the the principles in the pillars of their belief system close to their heart and you know I threw those pillars and I do believe that as a go long information will come to that message will come to the right forms of practice for them come to them you know it’s it’s that’s why I always say to trust your instincts like 50 people I always tell them it’s very important to learn how to trust yourself and learn from yourself and learn with your intuition and stinks look like because that’s how all of the Divine speaks to you right mind you and protist lineages the Divine in the profane are the same thing and that’s the way I see you too so I think when people create that’s Schism that also kind of friends that I don’t put them until amount of conflict because once you start looking at everything a sacred I think that’s a huge part of town tourism and it can be very hard to keep thought police in mind but I think a good teacher too and you know good foundational set of training really help since unfortunately sometime and take a people you know who emailed me and they’re like well I can’t find a teacher in my area or you know where do I learn this way this without all that from you know lineages explains that or practices AT&T because I don’t know anybody around me that says says and that’s a big part of why I decided to do online training for people like that’s why I have my own coaching program but at the same time I also understand where they’re coming from and sometimes it’s not going to come right away you just got to keep doing what you can from your end and eventually you never know what’s going to happen right but because that’s what I was saying earlier patience is a huge thing like people want results of people want answers now but that’s not always the way things are going to go that’s not always waiting for intended to go so patients in the South can be quite the lesson with your original but I know you were talking about the moon and the aspect of the mechanics and curious if you remember any of it cuz there’s a few movements that I had that all all old mansion after after you kind of give a natural fit for you or anything that you felt like you had it with mantras in motion as you’ve mentioned earlier and Irene the ones that stuck out to me or kind of similar to the ones you had mentioned earlier about like the instruments for example the certain Mutual represented let’s say things about those titi’s hold so I just so they want to say if they’re always tools but they’re like certain symbolic objects that BT’s are known to hold and we did do address to represent those as well right call really amazing and I think with a lot of these sacred lineages you are going to get a lot of enactment of you know sacred objects even animals sometimes are adornments of that signify the DD that you’re that you’re talking about is that you’re looking at not just the costuming to fix that but like I think the big thing is for me at least when I see these dance styles I think of the fact that even if that person was not wearing Me labra costume you could still tell from what they’re Universal symbolism that they’re gesturing and that they’re doing through their dads you can tell who it is at their embodying at the time I think I’m a big part of why those hundreds Rose and certain motions you know kind of really show that like for example one really cares about you use uni dance she does a lot of circular motioning to kind of signify the traveling to the sky and to the universe which is absolutely beautiful but there’s thought type of movement that was very particular and specific to that Dede because she’s a Sky Dancer right so yeah they’re really thought out and really carefully put together and not just even composed but performs and that’s why it takes so many years to learn these Stan Stylez I mean that’s also why you’d want to teach her like prajwal for example who been doing has been doing this since he was a child so yeah it is absolutely beautiful and very rare and amazing when you come across these things if you know whether the person who has been studying since they were a child or has dedicated a lot of their life to studying it it’s all amazing to see when you do get in to see the answer to that’s given their whole body to the dance it’s not just emotions cuz you see that sometimes but you don’t doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s wrong or anything but I know I personally and everything to is when people are in that stage it doesn’t mean to always be on that stage at some point I think a dancer does give all their body into it if they really stay with us you know but yeah but it’s so nice to see it when you do see that person fully embodying and fully giving themselves into it because they are they are professional they know how to do that and I know how to get out of it to write it’s like it’s like magic to me appointment I was safe for me what what was most profound about the specific movements was when he introduced the wrathful deity respective dancing in he did some demonstrations of some stuff that we didn’t actually we’re actually taught but he basically did some more you know in some of his lectures she would just break out into the accompanying dance to go along with the lecture and what not Inn in one of the things you know he was doing was acting out the wrathful basically acting out but being invoking the possession trance state of of the wrathful deity or raffle. and that so that aspect plus the aspect of something that we did learn specifically in in the dance in a very subtle form but a very elegant and subtle but very telling kind of corn was this notion of stomping and you see this in the artwork with his notion of stomping on the demons to basically Crush but with wood gray sexy you’re not you’re invoking the power of the wrathful deities and to me that is the the psychotherapeutic aspect in the the really applied sort of shamanistic aspect of it yes we’re to put in simple terms are too kind of hopefully not not butcher hit by put in my own words it’s just that you know where we’re almost like children in the sandbox of human bodies and higher level of development and what we can actually obtain him in one lifetime for most people is pretty pretty remedial relative to the grandiosity of these deities that probably live a lot longer than we do maybe have been around a lot longer and have a lot more mobility throughout the dimensions and are just wiser creatures and their kind of entertained by us and our our Folly and we would do well to choose where do I track them to our sacred spaces so that they can help us to with our issues and not only help us feel good and have health and you know abundance of things we pray for but also that they have us to have Liberation from our own foolishness and Karma is insulated things that are beyond our control and obviously all of the very nuanced forces of evil and so these are some of the few Living Traditions in the world where there’s a sun broken Pagan shamanic power that comes from your new worshiping these duties so that you could have bacon come in and really rescue you like you’re a prisoner of war Behind Enemy Lines you know I’m in that tactical perspective was what turn me on the most was this notion of like yeah you can do is dance and you’re you were basically borrowing or asking for the power to do this astral combat sort of work and so love to hear what you would say about the exact number is Dancing with the holding the hips in a certain angle and this beautiful images of the blessings were stepping backward and stopping by The Chieftains and then knowing that you can access the Rascal that would that would make you know bad guys you know one or Retreat I think if they sell you do then you’re doing that in a dark alley and they wanted to have they had their way with you or take your money or something and then you could just like bust out into this wrathful deity dance you know that they probably would will be yeah I’ll be there cue to exit stage left now the funny thing usually has a few different like you know associations with it and I mean it’s so cathartic first of all did you feel like did you feel like it was cathartic when you yeah it’s beautiful because it really reconnect you to the earth into the ground and I mean as we’re looking at this to think it’s important to realize and Buddhist lineages demons are an evil are representative of ignorance right so that goes back to was Buddhism that there’s no Duality everything is one and the idea what these DD’s if they’ve stuck around a lot of times because they’re very compassionate and they want to help people overcome ignorance so that bacon understand the true Unity of everything so when we think of D you know I think of demons and evil that’s her thing they’re all aspects of the illusion of the samsara that we exist in this world is called samsara and in Buddhism and as we’re doing these things we’re dispelling ignorance if you actually look at the story of Siddhartha the first grew at the first of the sorry it was a guru actually how you know in the way his final like in his final test he had demons coming at him it was just like really torturous listen to Star comfortable and he was sitting under the Bodhi Tree trying to just meditate what eventually be reached Enlightenment after all these tests in the past really where about Stevenson these distractions so it’s it’s interesting to me because the demons correlate with you know our obvious concerns about horrible things happening so like you no ill health poverty and disease famine everything right and this is why it takes so long to do these practices until really dedicate ourselves to these teachings because firm understandably so for many of us as humans we understand that these things are painful and we don’t want paying we want to avoid paying obviously nobody wants to hear wake up tomorrow usually and be like oh well I just want to be in pain all day you know and the only the only thing I find in Buddhism is that it acknowledges this pain and tries to help people with understanding a different way of living with it are experiencing the things in this world to like part of the wisdom of Buddhism the stock concept of yes there is pain but there is also have two ending up suffering while on this Earth while experiencing this pain so I have full appreciation for Buddhist teachers practitioners you know and everyone else between who is able to see past the illusions that we experience the moment-to-moment basis of pain and suffering and all of that and I think when we see that foot stomping and we see that sort of you know the spelling of evil I always look at it and remember remind myself as a big part of that is we are asking for the removal of the veil of ignorance and illusion we’re trying to understand how to live with the things that happen in our lives like apparently even like the Buddha after he preached Enlightenment I’ve heard and that one lineage that he had a really bad back problems still so you would never immune to like even physical suffering and stuff but he knew how to overcome it in his mind like yours and it is being so this really Buddhism when it comes down to it it’s all about perception and so how we’re living in reminds me of something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately which is how imprisonment happens within our own minds and even when we’re giving horrible circumstances Buddhism is really teach us about how to overcome the Carmine’s like there’s no guarantee that anyting long has really changed in our physical world right we we have what we have not stopped at type thing and wheel you can continue to strive to overcome those things of course but it starts with the mind and the mentality and how we perceive what we are given so I always think about these things because when we go to learn any sacred dance is always important of course as I mentioned before to understand the foundational tools prayers mantras and these kids move drugs principle Solutions you know all of these things the Theology of these practices before we go in because you don’t like what side of meditation like all of these practices I think they’re mostly beneficial to people when they understand the foundations that they came from but even just sometimes I think understanding it is one part of it but I think practicing these things before doing it is also helpful because something could the cool from the outside your cards right but I think when we get the taste of something that we like the safer for you and myself like we love this and style it can Inspire us to continue to learn about these practices and these principles and I think for anybody who is interested in anything like this or a meditation or any practice it’s good to know themselves through these practices that I can pay also definitely need to work on it not just from the dance practice or from the meditation practice they need to understand the whole kit and caboodle you know they need to really find a teacher who can teach them the principles in the foundation’s to go with these things because learning the axum self that doesn’t do the practice justice so I mentioned only because so you’re going to get a lot of people who might you know find the semi-finals practice interesting and just like people come to us with interest about tantrism but they have to understand that they’re their studies don’t start and stop at the process themselves they have to go and learn the whole thing like they really do I don’t think it’s enough just to let stay with the Kamasutra like you can’t just learn the sex positions for example and just ignore the fact that there’s a whole ton of writing in there and principles that I personally don’t agree with but let me remind you the Kama Sutra isn’t really a tantric Doctrine to be honest lot of people don’t know but you know like I think anybody who’s going to dedicate themselves to these things really need to do themselves a good service of just you know learning all of it so I’m glad you’re doing this podcast you know we’re both doing this because I think I was looking at all of these positions and we’ll talk about the monster has I hope it inspires people to look more into these lineage is especially like the vajrayana Buddhist lineages but that the stats all came from right and that this dance Auburn resents don’t know more social Moore Public kind of expression of love so much more in her work so we could see the the sort of a I mean it’s almost like the way people joke about how I made it in North America there is this tendency for white New Age speakers european-american European secrets to they want to go and they want to get their Indian name and they want to get the play one that hold the pipe and they they want to have all these very conspicuous consumption kind of trinkets that that show off their affiliation and may or may not really be based on the deepest most sincere interest in her work as soon as you’re speaking about this I think about how you know I I I casually made a reference to karate kid earlier about looking at the Karate Kid archetype of basically looking at how westerners it stored traditional practices in general and so the other the other aspect if I was the Cobra Kai School you had like basically the corrupted and ego-based and and aggressive rather than defensive Distortion that was the result of the US military Sergeant or whoever the guy Kris being like a a Vietnam War kind of super else you took the his spin on on Karate and then you get this hyper masculine toxic mask on aggressive abusive patriarchal system and I feel like there is a people who have people have horror stories of training with male just say it’s mostly you know male who were going to actually be using black magic to mine front and brainwash people and take their money and build Empires on abuse and but they will still be teaching you beautiful positions and beautiful words everything will feel and look very beautiful and he helps but you could be being totally totally scam do you know so that’s part of what I think what you’re saying is I think you did the good research and you you would position me to have that experience with cars wall and you know the teacher who is to me like the most beautiful one of the most beautiful men embodiment of the development of this is the this is the extreme potential of the development of a man’s feminine aspect and you don’t have to be you will appreciate it even if your not gay and that I think it’s like I want more I want I would love them he said also about the feel like they’re in the ancient you would be as a man very it wouldn’t be a pretty story of to be emasculated it would be a gift and you will be seeing it is so complimentary and actually help you to have that contrast but have that balance so so yeah very instructive in general but that’s close to wrapping up in something I want to highlight yeah but when I’m at one of the lecturers at Fresh wall gave the two it was a lot of really potent teachings and one of the things that stood out to me the most it was most kind of maybe the quintessential teaching of of the whole weekend and the quintessence of the path it seemed like he was using the words mudra and use the word mudra and it’s in a contest at her before that made sense if I move a posture of your you know could be your just your hands or could be your hands and or parts of the body in concert but basically you’re holding a position that is indicating a certain alignment and a certain attitude really in so that if you extrapolate that to you or your whole lifestyle and your spiritual path he said there was that you can live basically by these two options in life either the karmamudra or the German Luger and the any put it very elegantly saying that you know if you see you Wednesday in the karmamudra which is basically scratching your head at while your life is constantly throwing things are going wrong for you and we should be there just kind of piling things under the basically living and just like shoving things under the rug and not not doing the work to purify your actions in any thoughts and deeds you know what not but where is but he would say Obviously most people in a less conscious state or are just regurgitating there cameras in the cycle but then the the the higher Road or the narrow road to the alternative is to live in what he called that was the simplest I’ve ever heard I mean what the thing is that we will she’s like do things that make other people smile you know what I mean anyway do that that’s up for Street much should golden miles did I produce today up or down on the charts you know my going to meet you like up the game tomorrow with getting more smells out there and so I just want to let that be my my last homage from this podcast to what I what I try to do partial out there man I’m done and I’m doing it with her before we wrap up to I just wanted to quickly mention as well I’m bringing such a good point about gender because a beautiful thing about casualties in this is he represents a perfect non-duality in terms of gender fluidity right he is obviously been gifted disability through his lineage has to represent male and female TTS right and he does it so eloquently and so perfectly and it reminds me of these gender divisions that we’ve seen is very much within North American and Western European constructs right the way gender is performed and represented across cultures aren’t necessarily but we’re used to seeing right and I think when we see something as beautiful as what we see and in this dance lineages and within Buddhism actually shows up quite often in a lot of Eastern theology in a spiritual Traditions it’s a concept that help me cuz that’s within us all qualities of any gender and non-gender the we can think of and I do hope that we see more of a returning that in our side I kind of feel like we’re starting to see this and what kind of looking towards shamanic lineages and I think of a lot of Tibetan lineages of thought because they do have shamanic a shamanic Origins which is why a lot of Tibetan in Nepalese protist lineages look a bit different than let’s say Chinese Korean and Japanese go to sleep just so it’s very beautiful to see this understanding in a compass and respect of all types of energy whether we are going to look at them has male female or nonbinary don’t by now it’s quite beautiful too beautiful return to that yes awesome of that thank you for that I’m sorry I’m so do you have any others actually yeah it’d be nice to just get a bit of an update from you if you want to close out the section on desk that’s why I just have to get an update from you on what’s been happening what’s on your mind what are you looking forward to what are you preparing for the future but people message me because they wants like I can still and I appreciate that so much and well the thing is I don’t know if I told you this I certified and Yoni steaming right and I was on the directory for steamy chick I wholeheartedly recommend just temporarily take me off because I’m so busy right now in my studies I don’t have time right now unfortunately the couch as much as I feel like that’s what she is part of my calling like I’m always torn between digital activism and my calling as a Tums Rica and I never want to not skip my time low supposed because I don’t have the time and energy right now but you know in about it’s a year-and-a-half I hope to really go back to holistic healing go back to holistic sexual education and you know really go back to me because a big part of that for me is understanding sexual freedoms online which has been so constricted lately in the last couple years and I think one of the worst times for online sexual expression under the Trump Administration I will go too much of that I think you know our previous previous podcast definitely talk more about that but anyways long story short of it I was saying about a year-and-a-half I will go back into training and teaching people and I will very much consider doing like one hour coaching session cuz I was really offering. so much before but I know people as you have one on questions of that sort of thing so I think it was just you know be helpful that way the only reason I didn’t offer it so much before was because as much as I am intuitive coach and counselor in that sense of spiritual counselor I also feel like a lot of the times you can give people information but if they’re not consistently working. Just like we’re time on this podcast they’re not doing a deep dive. Information is initially I was going to help them that takes a quite a long time to alter habits and to really reflect on one’s mindset NCL thinking process so I was offering will sleep just three months before but I think I also have to acknowledge this fast-paced world we live in an offer something more within intuitive counseling but definitely differentiate between my coaching and that’s the type of Lionel advice-giving just because to be there at the same they’re both helpful in their own ways but I really do appreciate when I get to work with people on a long-term basis but yeah I think offering advice and help is also really good too and has its place is so we’ll see what happens in a year and a half from now but I look forward to serving our other people and Humanity in that realm of things again soon you know I miss it so that’s pretty much what I’m doing and I know I’m just I am grateful for my studies because I think it will always help me become a better size of think of it as a civil servants to to humanity as we how are who are helping people but I do know the Earth in general are who is just you know intend to do good but yes I I just I do miss talking to people about our work so get back into that mix then really all of these new crypto rails will be running smoothly so you can not have any just going to it’s going to be smooth operating globally to do what we do and not have to be choked off by Banks or or big data or any of the centralized choke point so that’s very exciting will keep in touch about all that indefinitely always feel free to if you don’t mind I have kind of a fetish that’s like a around using academic work that’s done basic p like I have I feel like it’s a real tragedy all of the all of the the college work University work that’s done to just get a a grade in a class and like no one ever been at work ever see the light of day so yeah if you ever have papers that you write that only are red by you and your professor if they don’t own if they allow you to retain the copyright ownership do that then by all means I love for you to share some of your work would read it as great or I can read it or whatever but that would just be able to give more life to the work that you’re doing as you’re doing it so sweet omigod thank you Patty before I do go I should let you know I did do an online project and it was on The Witches of Instagram and the active is the first through that so if you want to take a look at that that’s online which activism. but you are so which activism. C a r r g. Co after but that was a huge project for me I’m inspiring I’m still in the undergraduate you know level of things with everything but I wasn’t that simple logical digital anthropological project I did really available for people to read if they want to I just looked at activism efforts through Instagram with entrepreneurial witches who use Instagram as one of the social media Outlets within a cock of other outlets of course it was mostly fake stuff focusing on like you know Instagram not just on Facebook or something like that but because I love Instagram I think it’s really helped a lot of those witches with in North America but I was also looking at algorithmic homogeneity in that project as well looking at how you got does diaper rash eclectic group of people but when you look at their representation through hashtag feeds like witches of Instagram’s hashtag feed you just seeing very specific types of representation switch that doesn’t really help the community this isn’t over like an overarching issue we’re having were influencers are starting to kind of represents the same things look the same like they’re expected to look similar ways and you know that diversity kind of gets lost in the shuffle for communities like this which is breakfast like this community represents diversity so seeing how it’s represented in juxtaposition to what it actually looks like you’re so kind of a music gap there and a lot has to do with the way algorithms prioritize what is considered a witch and what is it considered when they decide to show up in the yeah Which Wich activism. Card with two r’s. Co I think it is being a sex which is very I think important to to this and I think that was what led me to this and just looking at how content producers who create content similar to what you and I create and how are work it’s treated vs. you know quote on quote acceptable ways of that sucks it’s becoming more problematic and I think it needs to be addressed and this is also why I was talked about but I think tajuk lineages need to be institutionalized and somebody to protect our beliefs speak of our beliefs kind of cat Trampled Under the carpet and I’m not okay with that so I think it’s also I received an increase in witchcraft in the US and why we’re understanding it more as an acceptable form of spiritual practices always has been but you know well you know what history looks like so I’m just glad to see him searching some that and understandings of people going toward religious practices or spiritual practices allow for self-expression in sexual Freedom especially when we’re referring to what we do specifically this really makes me feel a lot better about myself because I’m starting to really wonder like what’s wrong with me why don’t I watch a lot of boring what everybody else is in the morning I’m just kind of like I’m not with it like what’s wrong with me and really it’s because I really more interested in things like digital anthropology on sex witches and that’s why I don’t like I said I guess there’s nothing nothing makes you feel good right like you know what you know and of course it’s obviously not harming other people or whatever it’s something that makes you happy do it right like I I live very much in my own on my own standards and in my own head and you know a lot and whether or not people you know agree with me but doesn’t it’s none of their business as far as I’m concerned that you mean a lot of people who Venture you don’t think like you and you do feel same way as you there they just haven’t had a chance to explore does Mater you know so I think that’s where you and I come in like we help people really kind of put more to thought so they’ve already had or the concepts they’ve already considered on their own and really help them flush it out to something that works in their life right sorry about a stack the survival weapon project that I created his basic beat and in an answer to what you propose there which is it I’m I’m using the the the youthful beauty of the younger witch population to be the Trojan Horse that leads people to the elderly witches who need our support and need money to survive and to keep their lineages transmitting and so there’s that’s that’s kind of in my cauldron that’s issue that I want to help address and it’s interesting that your tablet you probably have a lot to offer and now in that regard as well and so you’ll probably be a consultant on that project at some point with this let me know I didn’t mind you I there’s so many ways you can further that project to with you know if any of those older witches want to do some more work has the other witches that you have right now like whether it’s like modeling with us we’re thinking I definitely say go out there and do it to like let them do their thing too because there’s such a diversity of what people admire and appreciate and are attracted to it’s certainly not just in these one you know that we think of the one ways of just like you know the young attractive conventionally attractive person but I’m starting to really see Prophet not just Prim just profit would like go public interest in a variety of different types of body types and ages and genders are non gender is like there’s this all out there and then you offer up the ability of expression two people love not just the one type of Hollywood asks a type of Attraction you know that type of physical look you start initiating and when U Niche there is a lot of profit in that too but there’s also a lot of appreciation for it to social appreciation so I say if you’re if you’re going to do a Witch Project where you know you have people presenting themselves and expressing themselves in a certain way I think I invite you to consider having all your wishes have that option just because like I said that there is a market there is there are people who want that it’s just all in the marketing it’s all in how you present the project there a lot of people who made things very profitable and very popular because it was unique and it might not seem too lucrative at first but because of how they persisted and how they put forward that message they started obtaining you know of the large followership like for example with suicide girls I mean there’s always been attraction for women with tattoos alternative goth looks and alternative looks in general but the way they grew that was quite interesting than amazing to watch because that there was was the way they Market at me know when they branched off into other things from my understanding and Jack real asking you know so yeah I think I don’t know I think if you have it saved which is who are at all interested in Creative expressing themselves or in expressing themselves in a specific way I say give them all the shot you know just find what works again oh what what’s working another rounds and see if you can find satistics or data on that and find ways to Market those that are let’s say unique in their own ways you know I’m just going to think I’ll help a lot like you’re going to get a lot of people liking different things and it comes to town tourism I think there is a lot of ways to express interest in new forms of artistic forms it’s just finding those Creative Marketing and promotional ways of doing it right it’s a good thing and you can always have the sexy tikini body masseuses but like you have some really cool priestesses who to like new churches and they might not look like those to keeney’s but there are sexy in their own ways and they’re appealing and motivational and magnetic in their own ways you know and just about sexy or whatever we think of a sexy in this continent in the society write a lot of different ways of going about things we are charged with meanings and ways of having to extend beyond just what’s in front of us and in the Intercontinental exceed those limitations surpassed them and find creative ways to bring charges on my think two people because it certainly goes beyond just whatever sound like pornhub or Google I don’t know why I have a sex cells but it certainly it’s high so well until we can talk about this whole time like they’re so much depth and print there so many principles a lot of information that are easy to access but if he can find artistic ways of expressing that information that’s not easy to access too that’s all so amazing and you even be very much so so thank you again for your time everything and look forward to the next time and what would be the best way for people to follow your work now or I would say Instagram is still really good I mean there’s also YouTube in both cases just looking up Taki the ticket on speaker on YouTube and Instagram but yeah I’m active on Instagram these days cuz microblogging takes less time but I also like right now like I find it still a much more free or social media outlets in most are you know at the moment I will again thank you so much have a wonderful rest of your evening and this is a real treat. 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