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Erotic Hypnosis for Men’s Tantric Sexual Mastery with Ravyn Ryder TPP264


Ravyn Ryder Pic

In this episode I share an erotic hypnosis program created by Ravyn Ryder for men to develop tantric sexual mastery

Please visit her website:

About Ravyn:
Ravyn Ryder is an Erotic Artist, Writer, and Sensual Educator. She has worked in the past professionally with men, women and couples as a Sensual Bodyworker, Dakini, Dominatrix, Courtesan and Long-Term Companion.

She is the creatrix of Body Ryding®, a sensual massage training sequence used to empower women by teaching erotic body slides, full body massage and the art of seduction.

She is a trained Tantric Educator and is a certified Practitioner and Trainer in the Art of Bondassage®. She has studied Swedish, Thai, Lomi Lomi, and Tantric massage with amazing healers all over the world.

She has worked with Shaman’s in Central and South America doing entheogenic medicine work in constant pursuit of personal growth and eager humbleness to learn more about the divine inner and outer universe. She has just recently returned from a 4 month stint in Central America and with a desire to shed light on both the beautiful and ugly complexities of healing with plant medicines, she is working on her first novel—an intimate memoir of her recent experience.

She has a degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Marketing. She is a certified Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner and is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Along with bodywork and training, she offers personal coaching to men, women and couples desiring to cultivate more pleasure in their lives.

Escaping the Matrix and Living the Dream of Wild Romance TPP244


In this episode I share an important announcement that I’ve fallen in love with a land project and will be living the dream of romance with the wilderness

My Non-Verbatim Show Notes:

working on a land project

from now on daily reports, maybe stack them up if their short

my state of nature to be in the hills, the forest, the trees

most actualized life chapters, where I’ve been blessed to serve gaia and some sort of wealthier than me matriarch of a peace of property

there’s often been a romance novel cover mystique going on

i’ve been an ecological gigolo to some extent, luckily not the situation now

hasn’t always worked out the best

now clearing up karma, and maturing, and growing up stuff, more aware of red flags

in twilight of 30s feeling, this is the next best chapter

peaks and valleys of life

peaks when out there, feeling free, devotion to nature spirits, deep listening to the will of the ancestors of the land

i’m a paint brush for the land, soil repair, soil building, interdimensional source of healing, being a bandage on the land

in harmony with the human needs, the land needs, the soil needs,

social permaculture design, dabbling feng shui,

i really feel the energy flows when there is order brought to the disorder

the disorder of junk and clutter and generations agricultural paradigm shifting, so many different hazards, and decaying and rotting materials, really becomes a meditation to keep the surface of your skin intact, when you’re harvesting scavenged materials, when you’re gathering and macguevering, and a-teaming up a design

beautiful multidimensional, fully immersive art project, those are the peaks

the valleys are the times when i have to do the daily grind in the city, which i have been doing, almost full time, mostly urban permaculture installation work with various crews, in that sense morale is always dragging, its great to have solidarity, working for clients, seeing the transformation, flipping lawns to gardens

nudging the paradigm slowly, being the flagship project in suburban neighborhoods, it’s fulfilling and rewarding, more than most jobs

been blessed to work with super flexible and gracious teams,

understanding of LA traffic and respect for need for autonomy

crews have been so grateful for my help, and flexible with my schedule

installing drought tolerant native plants, sculpting land for rainwater catchment, all different techniques applied to make a site more sustainable, but at the end of the day, we’re still installing pvc, still using toxic glue that kills your brain, there’s this juxtaposition of the conventional paradigm, and the ancient futuristic permaculture paradigm, i strongly dislike to be such a purist radical, but i want to be doing this work and this play and this art in a more taoistic sense, not treading so hard on the earth, not just blazing in, what’s expected as contractors,

the hustle, the life of the contractor, cheep beer, nightly ejaculation, coffee every day, junk food

i want to be the barefoot gardener, who listens to the plant, doesn’t use any toxic material, re-use materials on site, an artisan approach

it’s a huge luxury because few people want to pay for workers to work slow

being a worker, whether your boss is an angel or demon, i’ve been very blessed

but it kills my soul not to be working for myself

at the end of every day you’re back to square one, making very little progress on your own property or your own garden

it’s draining and demoralizing

i’ve been very frugal, so that i can save and hodl crypto and to the hodl plus strategy from the bitcoin podcast, you’re not spending frivolously on anything, cutting expenses to the bone so you don’t have to sell off, do good by your future self, let your days be gifts to your future self, dollar cost averaging, stacking sats, always adding to your stash of whatever fraction of bitcoin you squirrel away for the future

assuming the overall uptrend is going to continue

on and off about 15 years I go from working for other people on their sites on their projects, just doing a daily grind to having way more spacious freedom to put all of my effort into a single site which feeds me, which shelters me if possible, which serves the intent and mission of the owner of the property, where you feel like a samurai gardener, I’m a landless peasant in the grand scheme of things, but when I can break free of daily grind of traffice, and commuting, but be steeped in an ecosystem where one day builds on the next

you develop this map of all the materials, where the plants are where the water flows, what the neighbors are like, what local sources of seeds and compost, and it becomes a grand theater

as adventurous as any video game ever was, the holistic fulfillment of it, moments where things really snap together is way beyond a video game, it’s not virtual reality its reality

you get to have heart opening, experience

every time you bump into a new plant or critter you hadn’t noticed and you get to study their beauty and no one tells you your slacking off cuz your vibing with a creature

tarot card reading, spoiled to take a step away from steady pay check, leap of faith, but knowing it’s the right thing for my soul to be focusing doing what I know best

this time under far better sexual political dynamics

its been a huge problem in the past

what do you call the drummer who breaks up with his girl friend, homeless

build karma, not destroy it

a lot to appreciate, significance of transition

it’s the bug out location, I’ve been living in bug out mode

prepper’s have a language of bug out bags, bugging in, bugging out

dug in for another round of zombie apocalypse training camp survival paradise, lots of fun

forest garden of eden music video as archival footage/portfolio/demo reel of my permaculture projects

shows the timeline of my evolution, urban, suburban, rural projects

feel like it’s the crown chakra of a career, feeling like I won the game, of course it’s just another level and the game continues, but you finish a level and you’re on to a new one, really in resonance with life energy

not as much of a horny whipper snapper

dakini said you go from testosterone arousal to oxytocin arousal cycle

I’d rather just do me tonight, I don’t feel pressure to go out and get laid somewhere, never successful at hooking up, never had a one-night stand

all that is to say, I’m still not interested in settling down with a woman, but settling down with the land, without feeling like a loser if not getting laid every night

many years of involuntary celibacy, I had no game
some blame I could point at those who traumatized me, but have to point at myself for not manning up sooner

dakini says you’re shifting your sex drive towards oxytocin

20 years of holding up a “Free Boners” sign, eventually had to take it down because it’s all gone, if you didn’t jump on it, it’s gone

a woman’s got to put in effort to turn me, because it’s not like it’s my first rodeo and I’m going to have a panic attack, because “it’s actually happening”

thinking about coming of age, a woman’s body is an enigma during puberty, a woman’s body is like a ufo, it’s that alien

then it’s a balance after you’ve been deflowered, do you get spoiled, do you take it for granted, do you lose that awe, and honor and respect?

Twins movie, cynical line about how virgins respect women, then lose it once they become players

hitting the nerve of the tragic sense, in the words of Garth Algar, I’m no longer a stranger to the ways of the woman or something to take effect, how long do you retain that sense of awe and wonder

I feel like it’s been painful, but a healthy balance to go through this life mostly celibate

I told myself the other day, no matter what women did, how long it lasted, how it ended, at least you know that you told the women you love that you love them, that’s all you can do

there’s always a list of people you’re chasing, and people who’re chasing you, people you’re running from and running to

Kenneth Ray Stubs on the podcast said to the effect of, when I was younger I was too horny to meditate, it took until I was older to be able to do the advanced spiritual practices

Growing up I didn’t catch the jokes about men’s waning virility, now they sting when I watch movies where those jokes were made

the first lost erection feeling like a transmission drops, WTF!

Was making love, pretty stoned, it could have been that, but at the age of 35, what’s wrong with me, I’m not feeling completely mind blown, lost the youthful sense of 100% immersion in electrifying stimulation, maybe we lost the spark, but it was unexpected because my lingam had never been uncooperative before, never been asexual but had to imagine that’s the feeling of dissociation from the actualized

then there’s the coolidge effect, men become sugar daddies to younger women, older women become cougars to younger men

I didn’t intend for this podcast to go this direction but it’s on point because, you can’t leave the city if you’re still chasing women, because you can’t see beyond the weekend

the need to get off, the compulsion to ejaculate, the compulsion to not be alone, to not be single, the horrific discontent to not be in a relationship

dating apps hamster wheel, slot machine crank of dating apps, mining old friends to see if their single yet, all consuming, ego self esteem, hormones

luckily I never was too spoiled, definitely still women who make the “shwing effect” happen like clock work, so it’s not game over, but it’s an interesting limbo state of I’m still extremely passionate I still feel a lot of eros, but it’s less hormonal and it’s more of an oxytocin mode, so the way women want to feel emotional attention that’s what turns me on, often that’s the gripe and why tantric men are in demand because the should be able to speak to the heart

in early days, of man I’ve got blueballs, or I’m going to prematurely ejaculate, a man is trying to calm himself down and meet the shakti, shakti can be raging like a stormy sea, but you gotta be the storm that creates the waves of shakti, bring the energy in

now I feel more like a woman
not interested in having drunk unsafe hook up sex, jealous that I missed out, but not interested any more

turned down a lot of sex in the last few years, we need to spend time designing a designer way to share energy and practice sex magic

not all women have the patience for developing a deep practice

now with a bit of financial security, ability to grow and compound financial permaculture and financial continence

deeper practice in resonance with the tao

in order to garden safely, or safer, not getting scratched, so many hazards, staff infection, getting sliced up, bundling raw garlic into gauze, blazing through, same energy approaching women

it’s a beautiful sweet spot to have some savings, make a property profitable and pay for itself, do sweat equity, multiple value and revenue streams, things start as a trickle, like a spring, a tiny drip, you can do a bit of earth works and store more water

financial healing, establishment of wealth and a slower more mature, more mid lifey kind of energy and approach

I think this is gonna be a good decade, a new way of inhabiting the body, more taoist and slower paced way of working on a land project

do the best permaculture, some people say don’t do anything on the land until a year of pure observation, just meditate and watch patterns

they say 99 hours of design and 1 hour work, verse 1 hour of design and 99 hours of work

the yield you get from more observation, you have a deeper more expansive diverse way to get the most elegant solution

kick down fertility system, one animal’s output because input for another

never before have I had such grace walking a piece of land where I can just move very slowly
in emergencies and disasters you do have to hustle, but if you don’t rush and you don’t run, and you’re not hustling daily, you really have a million times less chance of injury, and breaking things, tripping, hurting someone else, spilling something, over pouring something, every clumsy cartoon thing, it always comes from that financial knife at your back,just digging into you, I need to hustle to finish this job because it’s by the job and not hourly, or I need to be busy because everyone else is busy

its not healthy, it’s not sane, it’s super dangerous

chronic backpain, usually manageable, use some yogic practice

this will be the year of me developing an “on the mat” asana practice, up to now I’d rather being doing combative dancing

haven’t felt called after many exposures to different teachers of “yoga”, but I probably will be doing it more, probably realizing I have been missing out, time to get on the mat to get the benefits of that practice, looking forward to that, all comes back to feeling less rushed, less of a hustle

entrepreneur pushes boulder uphill, the wage earner is running on a hamster wheel

you push the boulder uphill moonlighting, and it slides back down while you’re on the day job hamster wheel, not many get the boulder cruising down the other side of the slope

most people lose their ass for 5 years before they turn a profit, you should be prepared

a lot of gratitude I have for this opportunity, hopefully not having to rush and hustle and speed around and be dangerous, I think I can swing it so there’s a nice balance of going back to work in the city and top off supplies and accounts until I get to a point where there’s a functioning business model producing revenue

glad to document via the podcast, not going to start out with video teaching, not trying to keep up with the Jones’ on social media

after a humble paleo meal of canned and jarred food at the low end of the health food market, no grain, no dairy, no added sugar, I can do a podcast update

hope not to offend vegans, vegetarians, it didn’t work for me, I still have hell to pay, I feel better, body works better, long standing conditions that are not pleasant that most people have, allergies, weak immune system I feel like I’ve strengthened, I feel better now than I did in my 20s

become a bit of a home brewer, its not a vice but it’s a moderate pleasure that I indulge in, holistic debauchery

luckly weened off cheap beer, never really like being drunk, really didn’t like being hung over

falling in love with home brew fermentation, participating with a biological process, gardening the process, it’s a beautiful thing, it’s a blessing, helps to get through some of the lonelier nights, and helps me be intoxicated with the love of the goddess

incel in the flesh, but blessed in the astral realms with dakinis, the romance of the goddess

nice to have some party favors and ritual elements that help to open the 3rd eye and the heart, losing the inhibitions towards the divine feminine sex goddesses, enjoying a more private more solo practice, not feeling the sharp pain of missing the party on friday night, missing the opportunity to socialize and make an appearance, collecting phone numbers

I don’t think there’s a way to avoid it, for me and most men, you’re gonna feel pressure, I dont’ know about next generation, porn and video games causing apathy towards sex, but anyway no way for me to talk about gardening with out talking about sex goddesses, and porno, etc.

intention to refine the masculine energy to put it to work on something constructive

I often think of the feeling, of being on my knees, putting care planting a nursery potted plant, I’m creating its home in the soil, doing this yoni puja this breast massage, that’s the Mr Miyagi, wax on wax off, that’s the permaculture tantra, what I would be teaching my teenage son if I had one. I have a duty of care for people coming of age who discover my work.

I gotta think responsibly about the Deenagers

Gardening as a pathway of restorative justice for sex offenders, a way to train sacred sexuality

Better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war

a lot of sex education to be gleaned form a permaculture training experience

the 9th form of capital, sexual permaculture thesis, designing for the energy sector of sexuality in a way that is post-monogamy, post-theological control, post-shame, post-guilt, post-patriarchy, getting to more of a sex at dawn paradigm

always made a joke of about a nude permaculture design course

doesn’t have to be a silly joke, there’s nude yoga

there is a place where this hippy, free love, LSD 60s sexual revolution, now there’s more deeper connection to shamanism, tantra, and permaculture

more intelligence with ecology

people are opening up with relationships, more influenced by tantric practices, despite distractions of social media, video games, and porn, there’s quite a refinement of the seed forms of the 60s

on that trajectory of what was started with my parents, they weren’t the wildest party animals but they were on point with back-to-land projects/training centers

things are evolving

it makes me think about 2012, I was a 2012-er, hard not to be after all the Terrence McKenna, that was a huge pressurized urgent, move fast and break things, that can be very dangerous in a horticultural landscape, we got through it,

I tried to accomplish a lot, I developed the ability to lead by example, I don’t feel the need to tell other people how to live

I think I can be content with this oxytocin based sex drive, with really delicate and deliberate romantic cadence

integrating gardening, heart gardening

I’ve tried to involve lovers in the process, some have been on board, others not

Always tried to seduce women into the garden space, to have them fall in love with the plants and the soil and become as clinging and needed to the land as much as my heart or cock

May only the greenest and purest of hearts and souls and minds be a part of my dark green magic from here on out

I have the blessing to play my cards right and put in my best efforts

Try to live by the 4 agreements, hopefully the problems to have will get better and better and the solutions will as well

learning to study patterns, ala the Permaculture Designer’s Manual

spend a night on youtube watching permaculture videos

Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, developed the design science, it’s like a bundled package of ecology and anthrology, engineering, earth sciences, economics, an amazing array of interdisciplinary approach to sustainable human settlement design, zero waste, there’s a lot to unpack

the simple way I can put it, whereas Ted K. went into the words and became coercive, Bill M decided to apply the wisdom of the forest and fight back with positivism, designer ecologies that function as elegant and efficient as a forest

it’s movement, sometimes think it’s elitist, its not religious, it’s not ideological, it’s scientific

if you’re gonna be an architect you’re going to have to learn all kinds of different roles and laws of how things work

we’re building civilizations with toxic materials, slaves, requires wars, and all kind of hell, we could be building our settlements according to design principles of nature

making sure there’s zero waste

you could live in a designer forest where everything that you placed in that designer forest is useful or beneficial, food, fiber, fodder

hydrates, seeds, extends itself

use the template of the wild forest, in that template you plug in edibles, medicinals, benefit that plants, animals, the soil, agro forestry is another term

not square gardens of patches and rows, not fields, not orchards, not monocrop

that’s the least efficient, most lethal and toxic

Just like Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do, bringing stuff together

There’s no other game in town, it’s an open source technology, not controlled by a central entity, it’s a decentralized movement by design

saw a beautiful luscious wild RABBIT, seemed quite healthy, I got a sense from seeing it that it was very happy and healthy

cackling of COYOTES in all directions

SQUIRRELS scurrying about

a shiny LADY BUG, unmistakable red dot, always a reminder to my analogy about the goddess Kali as a beneficial predator that helps you control the garden pests, as above so below, as within so without

found a big sprawling cuban oregan plant, respect to the Sunset Nursery for supplying my first plant, my favorite local nursery

CUBAN OREGANO like a succulent, big juicy flaps, meaty, has texture

lone BLACK SOLDER FLY larvae, made a new compost bin for it, affinity as the smokey ash black reminds me of my encounters of the dark goddess


Bromance with lead designer/land keeper, holism, spirituality, martial arts, being fuck yeah stoked about everything you’re vibing on, whether biking or skating or punk shows or girls, the excitement and enthusiasm for working together in a really harmonious way, playing fort, having that be doing this really fun stuff and trying to be productive and profitable, and create value, community, and education

Don’t like the word retreat, would rather be making an advance, what if Burning Man and the Rainbow Gathering happened at Occupy Wall street?…

The word retreat is not my favorite word for spiritual gatherings or workshop gatherings, for lack of a better word, we’re both on that path of building a robust spiritual holistic, regenerative tool set, guinea pigging things on our selves, battle test our immune systems, our diets, not just lead by example but all take on clients

my dual life as a sort of renaissance sex worker of sorts, don’t know what to call myself now, sort of artisan, somewhere between a professional and hobbyist in that realm

this is a place where my dear brothers could circle up for some deep men’s work

don’t want to be a cult leader, taking extreme precaution from becoming a cult of personality

precluding that possibility is a part of design

excess manure is lethal poison if not designed to integrate in a dispersed manner to feed the soil

music icons vs cult leaders

ethics and responsibility of meme producers

its all about rotation, it’s all about decentralization, the term is an ensemble cast that’s the solution to patriarchy, to dictatorship, share the love share the power, share the influence, know when to delegate, know when to lift other people up above you, I’m gonna try my best, by all means accept feedback, look at shadow

I left the same work crew in 2014 to go to the northwest to live out the dream of romance with a piece of property

When I left Babylon then, my dear eco-bro said, “Do Good”, so I’m gonna try to do good again this time

Permaculture or tantra, like ida and pingala, they’re complimentary

Heartfelt Honoring of Diverse Eco-Femininisms with Zanzibar TPP238


Zanzibar pic

In this episode I’m joined by my dear friend Zanzibar!

About Zanzibar:

Zanzibar is a para-activist, tropho-autonomist donacrat who has participated in sissi-fraternal, progressional sociopercolation for decades. A dedicated Gaiaolatrat and femineurorevolutionary, glomp* has cotextured the trance-linguistics of metre and assonance over great calendrical longitudes. Glomp is a standing-wave emergence from anonymity who shelters in polywombic noir.


Proof of Love Ep. 7 Tantric Sex with Ben Tantra Punk Rebroadcast TPP193


Ben Tantra Punk PicIn this episode I share a rebroadcast of my interview on the Proof of Love podcast, below is the original show notes, please subscribe to Proof of Love!

What can one say about a crypto tantric episode other than wow.  This is our spiciest Proof of Love yet! Ben Tantra Punk joined Stephanie and I to discuss this ancient practice.  In between a few laughs and blushes, we get a great overview of tantric lovemaking, how it’s different from regular lovemaking, the history of why there is tantric sex in the first place, and the joys of the female orgasm.  We went a bit over on time, but I don’t think you will mind with this subject matter! We need more love in our lives, and this episode will show you how to put some of these teachings into practice, even if calling each other goddess in bed is a little uncomfortable.

About the Guests:

Ben Tantra Punk is a sex worker, feminist porn performer, certified permaculture designer, certified tantric counselor, author, film maker, and recording artist. He’s found healing and empowerment through sacred loving arts, ecological gardening, shamanism, ecstatic trance dancing, martial arts, and open source technology. His ongoing independent short film series, Sexorcism the Tantric Opera, was launched in early 2017. It tells his story of recovery from childhood sexual trauma, adolescent sex trafficking, and the path of a wounded healer. His first book, Psychedelic Goddess Worship: Erotic Memoirs from the Astral Battlefield, is planned for release in late 2019.

He loves to help tantric seekers discover the infinite source of divine love from above, the eternal power and wisdom from the Earth below, and the bliss of conscious, healthy, diverse romantic relationships in between. He provides private coaching and counseling sessions online and in-person, and teaches publicly via livestream on the Ethereum powered SpankChain camsite at: https://beta.spankchain.com/TantraPunk His writings, music, podcasts, videos and contact info can be found at https://www.TantraPunk.com.

Do you have a burning question, or a show idea for us?  Please email us at tatiana@proofoflovecast.com!

AI Generated Transcription:
(Want to help with corrections? Please contact me to learn about rewards for your efforts!)

Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 194 I am being joined by Brian s gross of BSG public relations and he is such a jaw-dropping about page I just decided I really do this but I decided I definitely want to read this to really put the context in here because with with it that the merging of the technology space in the adult industry space and actually to give a little bit of backstory on this we connected now it’s been about 4 years or so since first actually started putting out a press release and seeking really advisement and consult consultation within the the the pr companies within the adult industry to see if there was any possibility to get some traction doing this sort of shamanic pornography and feminist porn kind of brand that I’ve been trying to develop mixing my music and video production and ethics and politics into media and so I have really been kind of putting The Feelers out into the space and Brian gave me some feedback back in the day and we have serendipitously reconnected recently and so I thought why not let’s have a butt supposed to connect in in this podcast domain and again I’m astounded by what he’s accomplished in some of the parallels in our Journeys here so I’m just going to go ahead and read the about page and then we’ll get started with the interview so Jared is BSG public relations takes a precise and strategic approach to promoting all facets of entertainment and efficient and motivated staff handles everything from intricate details of executive with City to positioning our clientele within compelling and effective media campaigns Street marketing teams and Creative Marketing efforts BSG public relations handles all avenues of communication is bringing your study to approach to marketing media and public relations with Creative Solutions that furthers the message & image of our clients we handle everything from the intricate details of executive publicity to positioning clients with compelling media campaigns we look to broaden and brand artist companies and products multi-level publicity campaigns combined with knowledge and background in every facet of entertainment media and communication the most importantly always putting the client first Brian Gross president of BSG PR has been in the service of media and public relations for over 26 years gross has been employed by company said Steve American recordings Warner Brothers records reprise records Elektra Entertainment Group Vivid Entertainment Group and such organizations as the Lollapalooza tour Brian Gross was an executive producer for Rio TX the search for Adam and Eve his background includes all facets of public and media relations working with some of the largest businesses celebrities and music acts in the world Brian thank you so much for joining me on the podcast and please tell us all about your personal Journey how did you get into this position of such influence and expertise school is my senior year and I’m a I’m a big Sports person as well and I was not good enough to make the varsity basketball team but wound up helping out with the younger teams and I want to getting fired for verbally assaulting a referee who completely screwed up a game and all of a sudden I had free time and I literally took out my CD collection which I know that sounds so funny in this day and age but went through it and started calling record labels and pretty much got blown off by many of them because I was a senior in high school they were looking for college kids and one label an independent label def American the girl who answered the phone was in the PR department and she still one of my best friends to the stay cuz she called she I said come in for an interview and before I knew it I was driving after school three days a week from Newbury Park California to Burbank to make press kits and learn all about the music industry well that is exciting so what were some of the what what are some of the bands in an album is like what were you into at the time I was definitely a classic rock kid a NuWave and I just wasn’t you know I was sort of what the radio fed me so you know I hadn’t really branched out as far as my music likings were concerned and you know early 90s you know 90 to 91 92 you realize just how there was no such a divided because you know really popular stuff was extremely poppy you were on the end of sort of the metal era you had this grunge thing happening you had this sort of underground music thing happening you had punk rock obviously happening but I grew up in the suburbs and and it just didn’t resonate with me at the time you know then you go to a record label and you start going through the CDs and you just start this massive Discovery and bands walk in and you meet people and you spend time with artists and musicians and it just completely through open a world that I was you know I was aware but I wasn’t aware to that extent and it was pretty exciting to just see the variety especially at this specific record label the variety of of music that was being put out and and how exciting it was awesome so from there so what how to tell us the story of how you evolved from the doing stuff mostly in the music and more and more General entertainment business into the adult industry which I see you have a lot of accolades from so I I mean I work my way up in the record industry from 93 to 99 I I was took a couple internships than an assistant job than a West Coast tour tour publicist West Coast Regional tour publicist job and then I saw what Napster was doing and I realized you know as a as a low man on the totem pole in the satellite office for record label I better figure something out and literally fell in my lap where two people one of which had this specific that had this position and and the other was the brother of the owner of the company hit me up and said hey you know you should interview for this job that’s going to open up to be the head of PR and marketing for a company called Vivid which I was obviously very familiar with as a young male and so the money was a lot more and the opportunity was there and it was just one of those things I was 23 and I wasn’t going to say no I couldn’t pass it up so I became the head of PR and marketing for Vivid Entertainment in the spring of 99 while you were busy absorbing all of this until from the corporate world and very established Enterprises and then you’re building essentially what will become your your own personal company and brand can you tell us about some of the some of the lessons you learned some of the highlights of of your journey along that way if kind of building your own becoming an entrepreneur as opposed to an employee working for Stephen her she had a very hands-off approach you know he wanted me to practice the way I had learned doing publicity at the record labels and bring that same approach to the adult film stars that were under contract with this company and to the company itself so I really had this sort of open book of you no opportunities and and and really just publicizing a a massive brand his thing was don’t spend any money which you know you laugh at but it was pretty when you when you eliminate budgets and you have to be creative that’s that made you have to work relationships in and put ideas out there and look for opportunities that I think in this day and age we wouldn’t even think twice about it but at the time we’re pretty groundbreaking you know so you know what that in mind it just became abaa I learned so much from that that when I went on my own I took sort of his entrepreneurship of run Dino of starting and running a massive adult entertainment company with what I learned is being a publicist and I’m just sort of found my way I had some incredible mentors the forest publicist go ahead incredible mentors who you know I went to when I started my company said how to what am I doing how do I do this you know and they were so giving and and so just easy you know so open Armon and I’m just taught me so much in a really short. Of time to where I was just off and running and getting clients and doing what I’ve been doing what I could I mean for me getting up every day and doing my job isn’t necessarily hard and I think I’m fortunate that I have that s Ellison and work ethic that I know is very challenging for many people but you know I just learned quickly I could get a lot of clients and and synergize and and do a lot for them and and just sort of Broad and from there awesome yeah I’m having flashbacks to reading a book called guerrilla marketing back when I was doing start up stuff and and it really did get a budget mattered so you had to teach you had to be creative and you had to think out-of-the-box so I can I can resonate with that and I remember one of a CEO for a company I work for has said you know the difference if there’s a difference between marketing and PR and marketing is what you say about yourself in PR is what other people say about you and you really really want to have that that perspective that that’s where the third person perspective in your printing and copying in to have it buffering so that the artists and the company’s don’t aren’t doing all of that he’s some kind of damage control I guess you could say and sometimes they just that stuff that Shameless self-promotion that people people can see through it on the on the receiving end and then on the giving end you’d rather not be tooting your own horn so much so it’s a really vital function that you play in the in the ecosystem of have any kind of business and I love to hear about just soap for people who aren’t that well versed in what a publicist does it would appear our company does tell us about the sort of day today and I’m kind of break it down for people who might not know famous for a living right you know the longer sort of breakdown of that is you know celebrities Brands companies hire a publicist to get there messaging in there and what they have to sell out there to the media which is then you know red watched listen to buy hopefully millions and increases sales increases exposure and increases the the growth of of whatever the brand or the company or the person is so it’s an aspect of marketing but it’s solely deals with sort of the public Persona and then obviously the media which radio TV print and online are the four basics of that and obviously they in this day and age you know what you know podcast would kind of be filed under radio but it’s also online it’s audio but there’s there can be a video component that can be a a written component so you have a lot of Lines Blurred when it comes to the media nowadays and I just think for me it’s important for my clients in this day and age there’s so much opportunity there so many ways to get your message out there and you know me and you know my team and and myself we look to find those opportunities finals relationships and and do everything we can for clients to to accomplish the goals that they have female except for us how’s your job gotten more difficult at all or more challenging in the age of social media where you have the potential for celebrities to put their foot in their mouth to and create these Mega backlashes online that you kind of do have to do some some damage control on that do you have any thoughts what the the social media landscape has done for your industry herself you know social media gives you a way to do a more immediate Outreach but sometimes you have to be careful clients have to be careful what they say out there you know what I work more left-of-center stuff where you know I’m not working conservative projects that you know they have to be really careful what they say but certainly at I work with clients that you know we talked about messaging and we talked about what they put out there and make sure we’re on the right we’re on the right track and we’re in agreement and on the right path but I think social media you know I think it’s it’s positive it’s certainly a life-changing things it certainly has changed the landscape of society and and whatnot on a larger scale but you’re not the end of the day we all are just fascinated by other people and they do so it just open doors opens doors in that respect what do you know actually makes me think about how it made some sense you talking about Dimension to have the image of Tower Records on Sunset and I’m just the decline of the record industry and all of the digitization of all kinds of media and how that took a big chunk out of profits for a lot of folks in an industry but when I based on what you were just say no actually realized you might think that the same thing would happen to PR once people could become demigod celebrities on social media by themselves but the reality is they probably need to hire a publicist more than ever because you need that filter right you need that you need someone to advise you on on the strategies of how you express yourself because it’s so easy to just fire something off that just Neo take sweat they say it could take 5 years to build a career in 5 seconds to destroy rights and all I would add to it is you know you need you need someone in my position when you have something that is so public and you need someone that can help you because a lot of times there is a lot of Crisis and a lot of people don’t know what to do and we’ve certainly witnessed over the years when when things go wrong or how you know when things are handled poorly and you know we live at a time where the media is constantly attacked so they’re going to attack that so you want to be on the right side of things and you want you know if you want to handle your media aspect as professionals possible and it’s there are challenges you know I’m not a brain surgeon this isn’t brain surgery by any any respect but it’s an important part of the marketing and sales aspect and the overall brand awareness of who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish yeah I think that was a good real basic intro and overview and just kind of hammers hammers in that this part of the ecosystem of success as a creative artist is not is not going away in or should it and so it was it is a breath of fresh air and I think about it a lot I think about a lot how how to moderate myself and there’s a lot of fear and and hesitation in this climate of you know you can really you can really put your foot in your mouth so I I I think it says probably at yeah it’s it’s been on my mind you know this whole your sector of industry and where it’s at so this is timely for me until I guess I would say to be somewhat selfish for a moment here with the last few minutes I would say that I guess bringing this back to what my my unique value proposition is to the world as my representing myself and my brain really it is I guess it is kind of element in a way I’m saying sexuality and pornography and all forms of of music and art they can all actually be very healing and very therapeutic and there’s almost a bias against that because people sometimes in some sense people want to just have really either extremely kind of edgy entertainment that just gets them off sexually or titillates them or sort of just appeals to that Hollywood sense of just completely not necessarily that intentional or that healing or that spiritual and so there’s kind of a bias against what I’m offering which could be seen his kind of all you’re you’re just a goody-two-shoes you’re kind of a mama’s boy you want people to be meditating and doing yoga and actually it might my sort of reply to that that biases that actually know what what some of the practices that are done in shamanic Sexual Healing Sarah on your work are actually equally if not more extreme and in and actually riveting and and put you on the edge of your seat as is anything that would be considered danzo or Triple X Ino Xtreme Hardcore and it really is Hardcore to be doing some of the more spiritual aspects of sexuality so when I I put out a press release I don’t know if that was the one that you saw or if that was a wet what the time frame was around that but I would just say to you do you think there is a niche for what would I would call shamanic pornography or porn that intense did not only educate but also to promote healing and healing from trauma and and what not yours if not longer you know when I first got in the industry as far as adult entertainment goes is very one-dimensional especially the media coverage and it was all about getting eyeballs because you could use the word pornography in a way that you know people be like oh what what it what are they going to talk about and then then then there was a change in the change happened when media like Vice came along and media like BuzzFeed and and other media that said to a certain extent and we’re not going to just treat this as one-dimensional because it isn’t a one-dimensional discussion it is in a one-dimensional product you know as as the adult industry expanded I found it interesting that the media expanded in their coverage and you have certainly the negatives does the word in general is certainly looked at in a negative way and I rarely use it I say it because of that is once you say that word and it’s you know maybe one day it’ll be changed or looked at not as this glaring sing but as a form of entertainment form of Education a form of you know healing as as you as you work on but the media look to do more coverage and be more multi-dimensional and to what you’re trying to accomplish and what you’re doing what you’re doing and what you’re trying to accomplish to my point is you can find media that’s not easy but you can find people you can find writers you can find me there you can find public entities you can find people that will want to discover what you are doing and will want to make others aware and will want to build the foundation and build a fanbase in and build a unit around it so which is not the issue these days the issues speed of time and the issue is just sort of the you know overwhelming amount of media that we deal with everyday especially in our current political climate where we’re being overdosed with one piece of toxic news after another and end toxic not men the political fashion just met met you know we’re bombarded with different types of briefs and stories and just aspects of life that can that are just so fast and furious and you’re trying to fit in there you know you’re almost trying to swim upstream and place you know place your story on a rock while well water keeps hitting in the face so I I I constantly am taking on opportunities and clients and different types of niches and different types of products and different types of stories because I know who’s to say that I know what a media person will want to write about or not I don’t what I do is I give them the opportunity and I find out hey is this is this interesting do you want to do this do you want to cover this and it’s yes or no or mid might be a maybe or they’re on the fence or they’ll think about it and we did we discuss it and see what happens so it’s just a the media is a constant River at its its 24/7 its domestic and international you know stories can break anywhere in the world and then just travel the speed of light and around the globe and become as you know become viral so it’s just a it’s just the the effort and the Mine Song of people in your position as to am I ready to take this Challenge on I’ve something Niche I’ve something unique but I think it’s important and and how do I get it out there and and what you know how many people can I turn on to what I have to build from from where I’m at well those are profound words of wisdom and I’ve got chills because I know that at some point I have I’ve got two to cross that and make that leap of faith sand and be willing to be criticized and be willing to be sued and be willing to be all kinds of things and having that team and I feel like the podcast has been a tool to to kind of build that team and to know if there is a you know what keeps me up at night is what happens if there is an influx of capital what if there is a viral content piece that get 50 goes out and it’s not that you become rich and famous overnight at you is that you become suddenly under the microscope and you need to know about compliance with a lot of things and so that that’s my Virgo mind getting getting very sort of The Fearless aspect where I try not to overthink even though it’s impossible but I just I just try and push you know you just you know I I’ve constantly at a career of why not you know why not internet a record label why not internet another one why not drop out of school you know cuz it was just wasting time and money you know and then why not become an assistant why not become a tour publicist why not go to an adult entertainment company Why not start your own PR Company why not work with Gene Simmons you know it’s you know if you can answer why not then there’s no reason you know and you know we always I’m a Star Wars junkie and I think you might be in the same generation or not but we all sort of live by the the words until the age of of Yoda and so you try not you do or you don’t you do not but you just don’t try to go for it and you know there’s certainly you you think things out and they’re processing is calculated risk and what not but I’ve always another mindset where if you if you’re if you’re thinking too much about it then it’s just time wasted you know you’re not pushing forward and what you’re trying to accomplish but once you get past that you know and and you’re not going to know if I sitting around thinking you’ll never know if it takes off or not you just won’t it is the action and it is the risk that you have to eunos put out there and find out if you have something or not and you know I definitely I’ve had all kinds of clients I really have and I’ve had successes clients it succeeded sold our company and made lots of money and I have clients that failed you know but it just nothing worked and Company disbanded and I’ve got you know hundreds of files of clients over 19 years and but they all they all went for it you know wherever they are you know there’s somewhere you know that they took a risk and even when I produced a reality show you know what they say it was a risk I was a two-year process to even get to production but once you know once we decide we’re going to do it my partners and I at the time of that production company we just put her head down and we weren’t going to give up and we got the parties involved then it did well could have done better but it did well exist in there broke a lot of ground but it’s definitely important you know there’s just that dividing line of doing something and in what it is that hold you back from from going for it yeah I hear you there is just kind of wrap up here to respect your time and then I will just say that again More Chills and more of just that that cause mcnab’s you know there was there is one Flagship I guess I would say it was for me was like the pilot episode of the series that I’m doing now it’s called sexorcism the tantric Opera twitch wow Google Keyword that I want to fully on because a lot of without weather so I can get is an album is a band that did an album called sexorcism there’s there’s a kind of I don’t know if it’s play with the idea but but what I’m bringing to it is it is definitely from a pure-hearted place of sincere documentarian work and so hopefully that’s I think what’s going to be what I would put money into an invest in to try to get some some media coverage on and I’ve been a little bit shy about it now for a couple of years just wanting to not be the one to push that in people’s faces but that’s exactly the layer of buffer that I need of someone to say hey look take it or leave it this is what this guy’s doing here it is and if I can have that someone like you help me with that then I think it’ll be it’ll be a dream come true so we will we will talk offline about what your thoughts are for the trajectory of a project like that but I would love to discuss obviously well and I look forward to having that discussion and obviously I appreciate being on your podcast in and you know getting to have this kind of discussion I think I ain’t got to a certain extent I think people you’re right don’t really understand publicity and public relations and media relations and you know marketing to a full extent but I think it’s you know having the conversation and getting the opportunity to talk about it even one person goes wow that’s interesting I want to I want to know what that career is you know something I’m always interested in doing it you know making people aware of the career and path I chose the life I chose and you know going from there well I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would say as they received the rewards that they couldn’t have done it without you and so hopefully I will be able to join those ranks sooner rather than later and again and again thank you for reaching out to me as very synchronistic yeah let’s let’s be in touch do you want to tell people where to find where to find your work and just yeah side BSG pr.com and my Twitter and my Instagram RBS GPR and it’s financials at when I made the company name it was like well we’ll just Brian Scott gross of my name and BSG are my initials and public relations and it was just a simple as that so I guess I was another thing I learned of like trying to keep you know keep it linear and you’re hiring me and so that’s where a Vsepr came from awesome alright will Brian thank you again so much that I had a great time and can’t wait to get to know you better and move on from here so thank you so much again and have a great afternoon thank you you as well look forward to catching up with you again real soon all right take care of podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email bad at Tantra Punk. Com


How the Plantrika Dr. Yalila Espinoza is Healing the Soul of Crypto TPP192


Yalila PicIn this episode I’m joined again by Dr. Yalila Espinoza for an exploration of her medicine journeys into the heart of the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement.

I first hired Yalila to advise on an experimental healing ceremony design back in 2013 after discovering her great works online. Now over 5 years later, we’ve remained colleagues and friends in the shamanic space, and have done two previous podcast episodes, it turns out we’ve also been deeply immersed in crypto-psychedelia.

It was an exquisite gift to be able to have her on the show this time to talk about this aspect of our life journeys that we hadn’t yet connected on, and see the many emergent properties of mutual understanding and shared analysis.

She’s been doing some amazing work to bring sacred wisdom teachings, ceremony, ritual, and other shamanic modalities into the the heart and soul of the crypto movement. Knowing she has stepped up in this way feels like a new multi-dimensional super heroine has arisen to build bridges from the amazon jungle to silicon valley, wall street, and beyond.

Please visit her website at:

About Yalila:
With this unique moment of cultural evolution, Espinoza finds herself at the center of an ecosystem where powerful business and technology influencers are asking for healing and wholeness.  While working in hospitals within a medical model and then conducting her PhD research on wellness and healing, she noticed the gap in the delivery of health services and the chasm between her own esoteric spiritual offerings and the specific needs of thought leaders. Espinoza found that her clients, while pioneering new businesses and technologies tended to suffer from burnout, depression, and disease. She realized transforming the human and machine networks of the world, like the Internet, must begin with physical, emotional, and mental transformation of the self. So in 2017, Espinoza founded InnerNet, an integrated wellness advisory offering online programs, one-on-one coaching, and retreats designed to optimize leaders’ potential to realize their missions with creativity, clarity, and compassion. 

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 192 I am being blessed today with Doctor you Lila Espinoza founder of internet and a wellness consultant and she’s been on the show a couple of times before please go to my website and look up you’ll be the Espinoza you will find some very deep it’s a very deep Rabbit Hole added to the things we’ve gotten into in the past with Shamanism and healing work and now we’re going to be talking about healing and Shamanism through technology and through blockchain and all really new and exciting developments that to have have cut the world taking the World by storm and we are Kindred Spirits in our approach to I would say the the promise of of a decentralized more mycelial type of networking architecture for governance and for autonomy in for communities in in having that deep lens of shamanic practitioner work and in Journey work we can I would say really resonating really commiserate on the need for a a bottom-up approach to solving the world’s problems in in and starting with the financial problems in the capital distribution problems startup funding problem venture capital for women Founders for people who are doing philanthropic work there’s a huge need for this and also there’s a lot of people who are outspoken psychedelic Warriors within the crypto space I know that the anarchapulco conference has a a sort of there their opportunities for for for ceremonial work that that I’ve heard about and there’s also a crypt of psychedelic conference that’s happened at least once already if I don’t know if it will win next one is being planned but I had to have some some conversations with folks around that already so I’m looking forward to catching up with you you Lila and please tell us all about what you been up to and I love to just hear that they love story of you you’re you’re recording of the blockchain tech I love hearing about how people you know get seduced and then become Believers yes thank you so much for having me and saw the listeners I look forward to connecting and whatever way is in the cosmic alignment so it’s interesting because I’ve reflected in the past week about my journey with in Shamanism psychedelics and now technology because I’m giving a talk actually later today in San Francisco and I I looked at how you know focusing on the Life Energy centers of our body and how I started off an academic world in the medical model working in hospitals really focused on health and wellness and what does that mean for humans in in this part of our Evolution and became dissatisfied and then went into you could say that the third Energy Center of power and when it is Shamanism and in terms of you know how energy is used in in healing and really the base of a believe in Shamanism is around at the power to tap into these energies to know them to work with them and be in service to our community and so the power of the light in the dark and shamans choosing which way they want to search time is it really the the key difference so I went into a long journey in Shamanism personally 3 Anjali and going down into the previant jungle and having my first three months at Journey with Ayahuasca and tobacco and it’ll in isolation very intense journey and that really well 13 years ago was the start of my connection with technology and Consciousness I realize that now reflecting back because in that dream journey and isolation I came out of that we call them deetta’s I called him so much Journeys and out of that three months you know one might expect you and I are I love myself and I found God or if you know found my purpose in life what I asked that came out of that Journey with was the importance of finding a way to bridge traditional Shamanism with contemporary technology and that for me to be in the world and actually thrive in the simplest way what I needed was my iPhone in one hand and my pipe into back one another and with those two technologies I would be able to to learn how to reconnect with the soul of technology so so then I didn’t think much of it at the time but really then it led me to the second Energy Center and all-around sexuality and sensuality I did my PhD research on that and when it’s my own Journey around that piece of of my healing that needed to happen and then was serving as a counselor and a Healer around sexuality and psychedelics which maybe cuz I was speaking at Horizons in New York on the on my research study and that’s what I met in 2013 the sum of the blockchain folks and one of them in particular who is hosting me we became good friends and he led me into the folks who actually work Hill from the co-founders of aetherium in the start-up projects that were happening in your cat at that time is pretty early 2013-2014 and I can’t I didn’t think much of think much of the technology I just didn’t have that background so I couldn’t understand it but was fascinating is through my serving in an offering psychedelic Journeys Inn in South America to these folks in the blockchain world I was actually able to see how the mechanism of this technology in ceremony so my first taste of it was actually seen it you know hallucinating or altered state and seeing the connection somehow the minds of these blockchain folks are so strong I think it generally in the tech world that it was such a was so invigorating and an exciting because that I could actually asked him to show me you know quantum physics and mathematical equation I could see it and so then okay that I went to you no more of the written information and actually learning about the code and and seeing how and if practical way they would this information was being ground within the blockchain technology and then all the incredible positives that came out of this technology could be the foundation of a whole new like paradigm shift in the way that values is exchanged so that was really exciting to me and you know this this took me a good for years to learn I’m a slow learner and one way but I also like to learn deeply so I was learning it experientially and then your written material talking to a lot of the blockchain founders of Neo various companies and then he knows Tina and action and actually you know getting some of these apps and in learning me know what they can actually do and going to a lot of conferences watching Converses and and that just got really caught up in just the excitement you know this is a space that is just draws a lot of innovative minded future thinkers and innovators and you know just a sense of camaraderie and supporting each other and I couldn’t believe how welcomed I was as coming from academics in healing they they respected me and I respected them and I was able to learn how to you no make that bridge from my world to their worlds and really getting excited about the exchange of our information and so I just was seduced by I not only they technology but the people that were drawn to it and the dedication to changing our our economic Paradigm & in the way that we set up all kinds of you know housing and you know land and food and it is just so incredible so you know here we are 5 years later and I’m still right in the mix of it and you’re really excited now about virtual reality and Ai and how that can be bridged into the ceremonial space that’s that’s my journey so far in NFL well that was so amazing and I just was having chills and I could just cinematically follow along and when you got to the point of when you said you were able to see how the technology Works in ceremony that was so deeply moving and so beautiful because it’s such a multi-dimensional phenomenon and if in it’s so multi-layered into to appreciate I think I I made this comment to a friend is all it was a very very high level developer in his face and he and I I just made a joke in a recent podcast with him I said the Bitcoin makes Bitcoin makes crop circles looks like look like a play school set you know in terms of the degree of multidimensionality that goes into it and it is it is such a I mean and Andreas Antonopoulos recently and in one of his podcast video presentations and interviews he he said that when he read the Bitcoin first year of the Bitcoin white paper but then when you actually read the code it was for him basically like a symphony and he was brought to tears when he could understand the genius of it and it’s so apt for a for psychedelic journey to be able to ask for this for this field of of wisdom and information and Math and Science and Technology and code for it to just presented itself and dance in your mind for you in that place of ceremony where anything’s possible anything can be visualized and so I just think that is so beautiful on the inside knowing that you also this is really mind-blowing for me to knowing that you have this I wasn’t aware so much so basically we had already been talking and both of us had had this sort of like part of our subconscious basically beginning to be initiated into the space but we weren’t really because it wasn’t of our direct backgrounds it wasn’t an instant sort of I guess it didn’t click instantly for me I was explain how work and I thought it was cool and I was like yeah that’s internet money for anarchists that’s awesome you know but I wasn’t an investor I wasn’t a coder and it took a while once I went through you know the second Energy Center sexuality and and it was beat the psychedelics it actually showed me the importance of myself dropping my energy down into the first root Center where you no money safety you know security that whole place at a lot of healers you know maybe feel uncomfortable in or don’t have the opportunity to be in that often that I was able to really staying in this Center and part of it was that I was getting paid in crypto you know years ago from some of my clients who are you know the pioneers and in blockchain and I didn’t understand what that meant at the time I was like okay I guess they’re very kind and helping me open up my first Bitcoin wallet etcetera and I didn’t even understand it at the time and effort to understand it because you know what that meant for me and how to do the exchanges and things like that so I started off and makes it more The Surreal level of the fit if you say mathematics and physics and seeing how matters to me is a version of God of that Godlike energy and seeing how it comes down into the code it is beautiful really need and you see it yeah I totally agree and you know that I don’t know if you how big of a Terrence McKenna fan you are thinking of becoming more of a Dennis McKenna fan over the years but something that I loved about so endearing to me about about a lot of his talks was when he talked about the feminine Spirit of internet technology and how excited he was that we would be able to eventually use things like VR to give people immersive training or sort of it be able to create a visual language like the Ayahuasca experience where we could start to really understand each other better through through a universal language that is symbolic but also based on objects and colors in math and it to me this is such a fulfillment of that feminine Force coming through a lot of people who are you know he would always say that you go to a Silicon Valley startup office and it’s all these microdosing you know acid heads with hair down to their ass and I’d like to hear I know there was a time when you were when you were when you were starting to talk about Silicon Valley and bringing the medicine the same to you go and bring the medicine to those who are really reshaping reality from that level of of power of Technology do you want to just talk more about maybe without disclosing anything confidential of course just some of the some of the before and afters you’ve had the makeovers that you’ve had with some of the tech Geeks and how they’ve how they’ve been able to be massaged by that the medicine Spirits have become to Adorn one of them did gently say to me if they feel it’s not a lie to myself that is that a techie kid learning to love that part in myself and and and also honoring that you know every person is different in their enemies that divers field and that there are some common patterns that I have seen and the fact that I was given the directions psychedelics to serve a particular Community around the you know very influential and Powerful leaders in the text field that I’ve been able to track and and see how they actually lead differently in and really the the number one thing is the realization that the transformation is starts with the inner transformational journey and so even having the giving themselves that time you know few days it’s you sink into a different space in their mind right so it’s not like I have a container and say okay everyone thinking about your project Source. You know you know this go back to your family history and I want you to cry or something not at all what I was seeing is that the synthesis the stamina in the dedication in the Brilliance of these of these folks and that it really good-hearted people and that they were passionate about what they were doing and giving their mind that’s almost like the ceremonial space giving their mind a space to allow other information that may not be in their Consciousness you know at the time she come through and that’s where you hear about folks you know even the microdosing folks if they go to Peru and sit with Anna Ayahuasca Circle and I you know ask a question of it a problem that they’ve had you know mathematical equation or some something on their project they can’t quite figure out and that giving up space to have the different kind of intelligence guide them in in discovering a piece of the puzzle and so I find that you know when in general folks being very compassionate and curious and how these intelligence come together the other thing is in terms of their leadership is that once they are hard intelligence because that’s really a lot of the psychedelics the sacred psychedelics are helping us to tap into that heart energy into once they are in love energy seeing that the influence that makes and how they engage with their team member so you know more of a knowledgement that is it you know they’re all together in this project and higher level and it really honoring people for where they’re at in the heart of leadership is is learning how to inspire people to grow within the company within their teams within the project until having more patients and you know seeing the bigger picture so it’s not all about profit and yes of course I’m surprised and seeing that if if there’s a dedication to the why of their company and of the people that are there then that why and the purpose of the collective purpose actually creating more success and inflow with within the within the company so that’s one pattern also that I’ve seen Etsy the other that the third one is is around these texts Psychonauts of the learning how to bridge technology and spirituality which is always been one of my big passions and I didn’t really know how it so they’ve taught me a lot and in how this connection can unveil itself and in many ways and then coming from their religious background or spiritual background and then how they think of of math and in quantum physics in relation to a fascist like it blows my mind you know when they’re talking to me about this cell this Ray this field of the interplay between the Divine and the and form and structure and yeah I didn’t mean to cut you out there to say I wanted to make that mention so please continue the inner transformation and their their passion and purpose and then the second with the love more love and compassion for all the teams and and then that the more philosophical connection here that those those really stand out for me folks that were with me five years ago are still with me so I actually am able to track you know connect with the Divine or connect with the love Center I mean it cuz it’s not that simple everyone is sort of you’re learning a different piece and and so really what I love to do is trade space that people can share these pieces with each other and in how that actually informs that transition for their next step you know when whatever fits a personal life or professional life but it is still fascinating to me and I’m so very you know intimately woven in with with the baseballs beautiful well knowing now even more haven’t you said all of this which is so beautiful and invigorating and exciting and I just I’m so I’m so glad we’re just In This Moment having this conversation because it has been I feel like I’m it’s been extremely painful and in in triggering for me to to look at the shadow of what’s happening in this in this space which is you know I’m going to ask you to bear with me for a minute while I kind of organize my thoughts on how to how to bring this Dimension to the conversation in a in a good way I’m going to Omit using that the names of any individuals that I will not going to call anybody out or or put any putting it in the spotlight to anyone but but it’s it’s what would what I can see if we step back from from a more shamanic perspective is that there is a in absolute crisis of hyper toxic masculine Behavior that’s creating these extremely almost mythical an archetypal Wars of the Gods and end DIYs always think it’s a play on words to think about how Davis and Davies in in the in and they can talk about the devil’s right so there is it’s almost like The Vedic battles in the sky to me these genius mathematicians cryptographers programmers and them their armies of now the Speculator there’s all these high frequency trading robot armies that are trolling the warring factions and so it’s kind of like if you were to open The Vedas and you see them describing these battles of cities in Disguise and all of his alien foreign hyper advanced technology and the sort of drama playing out and the people on Earth are watching this drama and just trying to trying to create some record of it and most of it is just completely unintelligible to them cuz it’s so far out and so Advanced and almost seems like there’s just this war of the AstroWorld coming down and and duking it right above Earth dropping debris from that that Astro Battlefield and things just like falling on people’s heads and then people just scratching their heads trying to make sense of it so you have the bestest what’s coming to my mind when I think about these these programmers and their projects and their their Venture funding and all of these different puppeteers of technology in this battle between open source and closed source and regulated and unregulated in public and private blockchain Jaden and if it would it would it all is sort of sort of this rhyme of history is just these patriarchal warlord and we would calm just really do she really kind of integrated uninvolved masculine guys who are who are gorgeous and I’m just they’re just getting more and more narcissistic and sociopathic and they’re tweeting and and the technology of social media creates this really kind of Twisted Echo chamber and when I when I bring this up sometimes people will say of you know you’re trying to use psychedelics in ceremony and Shamanism as a Panacea and you know it’s not a magic pill and you know but I just keep saying like I think I need to hear these men do that family work and be brought into a ceremony where do certainly the ones that are that are just creating like threatening to just nuclear meltdown of all the cryptos in the opposing camps and just using their stashes of Mega you know stashes of of Bitcoin to flood the market and to manipulate as tactical that what they call the hash worse but that just happened in probably the hash words just knocked bitcoin price and 1/2 they’re just waving around these lightsabers and in in digging into the charts and and I one waiting for the sort of like trumpeting angels to come in and bring in the Davies you know the akalis in a Durga is going to come in and start grabbing these These are is Zeno by the by the Scruff of their neck and in and actually intervene so I’m wondering I know that’s a lot but anybody who is his familiar with yoga Tantra me all the scriptures that the talk about these epic battles or even from the Western perspective that the mythical Gods fighting you know this is not new and what seems to be the promise of the Shakti movement of Tantra and the Psychedelic feminist movements coming out of their group that you’re involved with there’s got to be some maternal wisdom brought to these boys and their toys you know so that she take it from there I totally resonate with this the Epic War analogy because it is real is that I’ve been to blockchain conferences and meetups in cities all over the states and and you’re up and and what really carries me through and I feel so fortunate somehow I have this eternal optimism and I certainly see the shadow I see the darkness 10 gauge with it and I’m still very optimistic and I think it’s really in my own connection with the sacred psychedelics in that they’re continually I feel like they got my back and they’re continually raising me up and and encouraging me and motivating me a stay steady with in the turmoil and I feel like for a lot of us and probably folks listening that this is part of our role is to learn how and these These are at War like an energy battle that we are centered and we emanate that that love and not always loving everyone per se you know that’s around us and in this these toys with our boys with toys and I do feel I can honestly say neutral when I meet them and I and I just said luck and I just what I’m doing is I’m like an anthropologist and I’m watching am seeing how they’re engaging with the but that the people around them and I start where people are at right so when I’m speaking to some of these folk is not like I think he would be good for you to do family systems work and come to this you know come to Peru like I would never say that I start or people are at I’m like what motivates you right now and you know once the trust his is built by and continually is is building and there’s a softening that happened so you know for me in 5 years in and I I do believe that there is a beautiful sense of respect for each other and trust this building and I’m watching where this energy takes us play so I what I can get really involves is the patience and perseverance and faith and that this is you know way bigger than me I’m being in service and being directed by these other intelligences along with my own you don’t be Discerning and where to actually Channel my energy and then I’m patient and it’s been tough you know I really wanted to get into some of these blockchain meetings and and I have actually is sometimes I’m like okay let’s talk about the let’s talk about how you know the technology is actually had of our human consciousness level as well as our laws right so you know how can we catch those pieces up to the level that technology to actually maximize the benefit of it and then you know how can we actually expire is that Founders and CEOs and and developers to to build that projects that are noble that have elevated intentions that that is a sense of good for all I do feel it’s possible yeah I totally agree I Kevin this is the most thrilling and exciting development in my entire life for sure if not in the history of the battle of Good and Evil on Earth that’s I really feel like it and you can see it it brings out the best and can sometimes bring out the worst but but really even those who would be considered more more super villains now in the space the lot of them started out as Jedis training humbly with Yoda it you know so they all have that imprint of that desire to do good eyebrows really very few people who I think are are fundamentally irredeemable I mean I don’t know if I feel better that way about anybody in the darker the shadow is the more potential there is to bring that medicine from those places so I agree with you and then I fly it’s I guess it’s easy for me to say or easier for me to say in some senses because I am a white mostly cis-male and so I don’t experience some of the author of out of the exclusion and in sometimes bigotry but at least at least Prejudice and you know it was through the women in crypto track at the crypto invest Summit in La last year that I discovered things like there’s only four percent of female CEOs in the US at least and then only 2% of venture funding goes to women Founders and that studies have proven that female executives are more profitable so whether you’re a feminist or not you’re leaving money on the table if you’re in any kind of a position of power in the business world in the investment world to not be creating more balance in in that in that space so I guess I’d like to ask psychedelic feminism Financial feminism women in crypto women in blockchain do you find yourself a building strong Sisterhood networks in circles amidst all of the other boys with toys as he said to align myself with very brilliant women in the field and be there and so we’re learning with each other and what’s just so inspiring is that some of these clients who are in their late 20s early 30s forging ahead and they sell I don’t know how they do it but they just have this determination and and also feminine ways of going through these hurdles in their in their workplace and them in the company’s and let me know some of them Founders and dealing with the hiring of a lot of that males and and and how that that plays out in the power struggles and they just they have such Grace and I just witness them you know managing it all in a way that’s it really inspiring and stay and then when they’re also going through these psychedelic Journeys I see that they just become more and somebody’s determined and focused and incompetent and and you know they’re also patients over time I see them gain their respective of their colleagues and you take a couple years of storming and and then there’s this is kind of settling that happens and so I I am extremely inspired by the women in blockchain in particular and just wants to be in service to them in any way I can so that they can continue to forge ahead also well on that note I would say we should definitely spend the rest of this our here just having you tell us all about more in detail what it is that you provide and what you’re offering and what your projects are now we got I think this was a good sort of philosophical overview and Andre connection for you and me to to get to get caught up in the space but I really would like to hear more and maybe we can also I guess we can go for as long as you are available at today and in this timeframe to talk about your projects and introduce what you’re doing with your hair with your new your new Ventures and and really make this more of a of a promotional pitch for the remainder promotional pitch for me that’s it really exciting right now is I would love to connect with folks who are working in the VR AI space and are interested in psychedelics not only interested but wanting to create platforms where people can engage in these different fields at virtually and so I know it’s happening I am in San Francisco right now I’m going to meet some some folks in the field tonight and for anyone who’s listening that I would just appreciate a shout out and I’m please connect with me that info info a 10.1 i n n e r o n e because I I really interested in collaborating I would love to work on a team whether it’s already clean a project that’s happening right now or someone wants start one I just have so many ideas about how this could coming to that material in the world and I know a lot of folks in the you know blockchain developers as well as healing practitioners and really wanting to be a bridge between these worlds in and connect folks who can contribute to a project like this so that’s my first pitch in terms of concrete offerings right now I think my two favorite people in the world now that had I met through the blockchain space are this Penelope and America they are the Cyber code Twins and their East LA born and raised Latina women in Tech who have taken the World by storm they’ve got TED Talks they have been winning hackathons and they have I think one of the things they developed together with second virtual reality drug and alcohol rehabilitation immersive experience for people who can’t afford to go to like Celebrity Rehab and that’s one application I don’t know what their personal interest is necessarily in psychedelic Shamanism however they seem to be very open-minded and they are 8 leaving One Like a White House award or something like that they’re just absolutely storming the charts of the women in crypto and I’ll send you a link to one of their TED talks but yeah I know that there it would probably be really good allies in that and not space I just wanted to mention them and then yeah go on please continue practical way the internet is offering three different project and the 1st is out there called dinner one Retreats and so these are live 225 day Retreats held in beautiful places for folks to get back to their vital bodies and be rejuvenated by nature to these are wellness retreats and you know cluding Mayo massage and Sound by sand yoga and meditation life coaching and team-building exercises and then some of the in South America do include Ayahuasca and someone Mexico include psilocybin so those are those Retreats and then there is an online program it’s called zero to one building blocks to Wellness and it is I was here I consider it more of like a integration platform for people so that they can continue harvesting the the fruit of what comes out of these lab Retreats or vice a versa can be a good preparation for Allegra tree and it’s focusing on daily Wellness practices and it’s interesting after how many years in the Psychedelic world I’ve actually gone back to the basics and I feel that you know it’s wonderful to be in a journey and see all kinds of amazing things and we still are in bodies in this lifetime in this earth and that I’m going back to you what we are drinking and eating our sleeping near so many books speakers that focus on this and a night it’s because it’s so essential it’s in so really the program going back to the basics and I just reminding us to be but I guess being mindful of our daily practices so that’s the 0 to 1 and then there’s another piece that is it’s actually new and it’s it’s pretty exciting I’m working with a group in Europe and it’s called Legacy Ventures and we’re going to be offering Retreats that actually is facilitated by many different facilitators and shamans from around the world and and so I’m just one of them one of many and offering Retreats on the difference element so have a 1 focus on fire and having fire ritual what does that mean in our lives and in her a lot of these folks are in our Business Leaders CEOs and and then another Retreat focus on the water and the Earth in the air and then that sacred Center so that’s just starting this year and it’s it’s really exciting for me to be cooperative with other leaders and also I just opening up to the European folk sand and feeling so what is that like and what are they wanting these days and then see the parallels in the differences between the United States and Canada and Mexico so that. In a nutshell is what I’m up to you for this year that is so amazing what we do a push-up real needs everything you’re doing now more than ever and I’m just so thrilled I feel like I’m reading a comic book or something in your just the new Marvel comic book superhero in this of swords and in just adding these new new levels of armor and magic and Empower I can just see I see the the sort of thing I get a better sense of the multi-dimensional warrior Goddess that you have just become an indigenous is so exciting to me to tell me more folks who I don’t have to run into a brick wall trying to explain the the seriousness the timeliness the importance the relevance the you know it’s really really demoralizing and sometimes heartbreaking for me when I get stonewalled it’s not about it’s not about losing out on the opportunity 4000 X Games it’s about losing out on the under this will be some I see it is one of the most rare opportunities in the history of political discourse certainly political economic discourse where the radical libertarian and some people would like to use the word left anymore but definitely from the the libertarian to the anarchist perspective this is one of the first time ever that anything from these camps actually became not just mainstream but was so Superior that it was subversive as a side effect of its superiority to the to the to the disorder let me know Malcolm and Malcolm X I believe said something like if you want it over to the system you have to create a better one system but make the old system obsolete is really what it comes down to so I love it when people talk about the Legacy banking system and the Legacy voting system and it’s like we’re already in this Ann turkel crypto Anarchist future where people from Wall Street are defecting enjoying the Occupy Wall Street movement and bringing their bags of capital with them and you know I love people like I will say the name of Joe Lubin I think he is one of my most beloved and endear real shining examples of coming from a feminine place of problem solving and team building in and you see how his Vibe is really impenetrable to all of the pickings and and browbeating is of the progressive alt masc so cheers to him and into the others and Andria’s and other people who keep out of the drama so yeah before I go too far off into the weeds I want to thank you so much again in to see if you would like to share your your website links and maybe if you would if you have time to just give us a bit of a closing meditation that that brings us all together those who were cryptophobia can those who are crypto douchiest and everything in between let’s let’s all make space for each other around this fire. One i n n e r o n e and email is info at in and either myself or my members will respond as soon as we can definitely look forward to connecting with some of you listening now I know that there’s Brilliance all around us and it’s a matter of coming together and matching are our gifts together okay so in terms of thinking of our energies I invite everyone to receive a deep breath then I’ll land here together and reflecting on all this information that has been shared and inviting you to feel in your body where does this information land for you how are you feeling is there an a butterfly’s is your mind buzzing butterflies in the belly butterflies in the heart what’s with activated for you and breathing in is energy and I asked if you’re willing to commit 21 action step spell connecting with you know how you’re feeling right now are you feeling at your best at your most joyful place in this moment in this conversation and then are you committed to an action step that will actually Manifest this feeling and you are unique Vision in the world is taking a minute be very simple drinking more water and it could be very big like asking the sacred psychedelic that you next connect with is it for you anything in between what’s one action step you’re willing to commit to you within the next seven days that will feed nurture your essential contribution in this world then yourself and externally with in the world mache beautiful Williston I just want to say Dad don’t be a stranger please please keep me posted and in the anything that’s coming up any new developments that you want to share even if it’s just a little Clipper Sound by three segments you always feel always free to a to send me anything or to Anna to take to come back on the show I think you were definitely in good company with the other folks who have to drive me on this journey if I explain this material and yeah it’s it’s it’s a real joy to to have met and you know I’m just thinking back into the feeling back into the origin story of how you and I connected in the place that I was in in the what would I resonated with you and the sort of healing journey in the wounded healer journey and now and it’s like look at us now you know we have survived and we’re driving and that’s great so I acted with and also the listeners and one thing anyone who’s still listening if you’ve made it this far. I guess you were the ones that were meant to share this because I forgot to say that one of the newer Evolutions in terms of offerings for those that are in sit-in microdosing sacred psychedelics or plants and trees in your backyard and I also please reach out to me because there is a a new wave of a Soma Journey ask I’m going to be available for folks in Indy pinning into the microdosing practice that’s become so popular these days so that’s awesome alright well you’ll either thank you so much again this is a beautiful experience as usual and I look forward to the next time and you have a wonderful talk tonight and wonderful rest of your weekend and we’ll be in touch, and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological and play single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or emo band at contrabands. Com Thomas Day

The How and Why of Semen Retention with Courtney Garner TPP104


Courtney Garner PicIn this episode I’m joined by Courtney Garner, she’s a certified tantrika with training in the Tibetan 5 Element Healing  system taught by one of my heroines and previous podcast guests Devi Ward. She shares her story of transcendence from an unsatisfactory relationship and talks about her professional integration of East and West, having a background as a nurse practitioner before becoming a sexual and spiritual healer and educator.

She shares some heart warming success stories of working with clients who have been able to radically improve their love, sex, and spiritual lives with her help.

We discuss the how and why of semen retention and get into some edgy territory around female empowerment, spiritual sisterhood, and the ways men will need to “man up” on a new level to catch up with the rapid rate of sexual consciousness evolution among independent women who are claiming their power.

Please visit her website at:

About Courtney:
I’m a fun-loving Practitioner who’s great at laying it out so you get it! Helping clients find practical ways to integrate the practice and make it work, is my priority. I frequently work with men on issues like porn addiction, sexual dysfunction, and disconnection. I’m also a huge meditation advocate, teaching kids and adults the foundation of a spiritual practice.

As a nurse, fitness advocate, and Tibetan 5 Element Healing Practitioner, I have a holistic view of health and an expanded approach to healing. Using my Western medical training and Eastern healing practices, I provide a fresh voice, for ancient practices that give results now. My mission is to support the growth of free minds; free from fear, judgment, pain… I work everyday to change the world, one mind at a time.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township hunt podcast episode number 1 0 4 I’m on Skype with Courtney Gardner who is an authentic Tantra practitioner she studied with Devi Ward who’s been on the country Punk podcast in the past is definitely one of my superhero Inns in the township movement I really recommend checking out all of her YouTube videos and podcasts and yeah really it’s a blessing to to be alive in a time with Davey doing her thing and so it’s exciting to be able to speak with one of her students who completed her training program and is now sent a country practitioner through that live in the age that that baby holds and so also she’s now set up her own brand and business in Southern California which is absolute Entre which you can check out at Absolute township.com and yeah Courtney if you’d be so kind to just tell us a bit about your your past I know that you were a nurse in that you discovered Tantra and now done all these training senior have great offering so please tell us all about it be invited to talk with you and share my path and my practice I started my first one and is leaking filling for me but I always knew that there was something more that I’m used to doing that was in a relationship that was busy and so I wanted to know if you leave from that I was looking online for a punta practice in my area and there wasn’t anybody that was local there really far away is delivered exactly what happened but baby popped out to me and all through the website and whatever I read with you I go to school and so my motivation seems to be getting my package was my relationship and mental freedom from enough stress and just busy mind. Certified it opened up so much more is it just blossoms my spirit I can just drive it or now her being a part of my life and be able to work with her at authentic Tantra that’s just I can ask for anything more let’s do so my practice my practice is I like to call and make sure of Keith Meets West because I’m using a Eastern modality the Tibetan Tantra that is if I don’t practice so that’s actually what that’s what I feel make our practice in our special that made it big packages that have been done for thousands of years and people have been living their lives on the top of thousands of years and getting the results of getting the healing that they need it is parked the Mason he’s so excited yeah we have this so I really appreciate that we have very ancient practices that part of my mission is to make it relatable because when I was going through some of the things I read I was just like what are they mean by that what is awareness those are things that you have to feel you don’t learn them just by reading the definition you have to experience it and that’s for me I had to leave that and go see that kind of struggle that growth growth process so much and I learned a lot of the how how is kind of like the the jewels that I get to give to a friend feel like that is going to help our a world like that’s that’s the big the big sister is really to heal the world we have a lot of pain we have a lot of drama connected with the Smiths on the earth and we need to discuss it feels really good I do it because I love it it’s a feeling and just making a difference in people’s lives oh fransson few days ago I have a client with him so he has to support him in his healing process and part of that is getting a great connection with yourself and awareness of your energy Body and Soul on the 12-week course he says his then he is already experiencing a writing part of my job is to teach people how to have intimacy and how to reconnect because it’s all I need and everything that we need to be if we already are that and is fearful path is the unveiling of whatever so I I really am honored to be honest app because I I have to I live it every day and it’s and it’s awesome that’s wonderful so do you want to talk about more some sort of kind of give us a tour of what you were offering his are currently I have the money for that program is definitely for for them and it will work for anybody that you can if you don’t have the flu and she was just taking care of yourself and your help is vital to your overall house so that is my I have that same thing it’s all about feeling it’s all about Awakening your sexual sensual and it’s and it’s also learning to use your sexual energy to heal your body is there a pop artist when it gets the most energy have to actually is about using that new another page on my website and they’re on selling Nation it comes with everything you need to get started and I also have any pot up a very important part of my creative creativity as part of my feeling a lot of different ones and and a and so I can have another thing that you know you can find out about on my website but that is that’s what I’m doing these days and the other thing if you guys was on the site already have died in that where you should go for the focus program whatever is reasonable or or within your agreements to share I’m curious if you could kind of your people and overview what you would probably have is as an overview and I are in a workshop to introduce people and get them excited about Tibetan Tantra and how it’s more more specific ways does change your life and and how it can help people with therapist functions and all of the other dimensions of transformation at that they can blossom into with it what preventing tonsil with such a two-part special is the five elements healing system and write five elements are everything that we are made out of it’s so pleased that you heal our body through meditation so when I have my workshop but there’s an intro to Tantra for the things that we will go over is the concept of the energy body cuz a lot of people don’t know about it it’s not really talked about in Western science so that’s definitely something that we make sure that we work with that energy body and are negative energy in your body that can be hindering you from pleasure it could be making you feel pain make you feel nice and so what I’m feeling is about is about clearing we are conscious connection and that’s what the goal is right that we are all heading for the big idea the orgasm so what that means is we use that that moment of orgasm if you are practicing in your sleep for more than you know to Second what size 5 Seconds 10 seconds 30 minute people do it for several minutes so just maybe these potential is beyond what we think it is beyond what we can imagine and the practice that we have in place is to exercise to bring it to full fruition that is a what could be a better outcome than extending the pleasure of orgasm as a spiritual practice for a night meant nothing that feels better than that is mental Bliss physical Bliss you’re just clear and happy and everything is great with the world and if you think about how you feel after you have sex this is our just you all the time I can give you all the time to feel that good all the time and that is our potential that we must embrace it’s it’s kind of like we have some kind of guilt around being too happy play no part of arguing is accepting and acknowledging that yeah we have that potential to be happy and be having pleasure all the time and that’s that’s that’s our Birthright so I really I really push that I really tried to educate people and advocating for themselves when it comes to relationships or Army our bodies so that’s definitely part of the message that I was trying to spread awesome thank you will have a similar path also seeking to empower folks to discover their infinite orgasmic potential and there’s there’s a lot of debate and I guess I wouldn’t call it controversy maybe you could call it controversy actually but the the there’s different approaches to the reasons for and the intervals and Adoration of and the techniques for the this ever-elusive yet so simple and practical and and beneficial semen retention lifestyle so that was actually how I discovered your work is that I was I’m signed up to Davies mailing list and I watched a recent video that she had done about that subject we talked about it in the interview I did with her and on the side YouTube your recent video came up and I watched out of Mike right on more voices out there yeah putting in yen in different words so do you want to kind of give a your rap about that why the how to in the benefits and all that good stuff to incentivize people physical practice it’s a thing that you can do for your physical Improvement but it’s also transformative at something that they might not getting that connection with yourself is what project out the other one out that’s when you can approach people with a different energy with a different confidence but if I open this posting retention is it’s a good remedy for not helpful for men with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction I’m part of that is because ejaculation is the reason that a lot of men have issues relationship and the other culprit of that would be so you have corn out there it’s everybody’s watching it and you have men masturbating to porn all the time that creeps is very big gap in this connection with their body and also which translates to just their partners and they’re trying to be intimate with them and that just as growing when they continue to do this even if you feel like you are you’re fine you know you’re fine but if you happen to have it someplace where you exactly doing beyond the frequency that your body can recuperate what is that then you are defending yourself and it shows right when you guys are done and that’s all that because you’re you’re discharging your sexuality your energy as well as he Jacqueline which is just packed with nutrients semen is just like you know all the baby better if you think about what is your body going to get all those music from to make more better it gets it from your body until you have your your body is pulling in some other part that just make more semen because it keeps getting you know and why does your body want to do that survival our instincts are so divided and part of that is for creation right yeah it’s a sacrifice so use it wisely use it or lose the nutrients until 6 weeks is on your overall health your current habits your sexual function for men to ejaculate right on yes so I guess I’ll all kind of play if you don’t mind a little bit of role-playing as client you know to give other guys who are may be new to this or or I know you don’t have a lot of people who I know her I’m approaching this as a Jedi Knight initiate and it’s something that they you know they want they want to figure out how to harness the force you know and use their their want of light literally to exactly yes so some of the questions that I get or or just this this unknown Journey having faith that there’s there’s these powers on the other side of the the discipline guys have this preconceived notion that that blue balls is is just a force of nature that can’t be overcome but as you would know that circulating energy and doing breathwork a massage and actually applying some of these principles and practices you you effectively bus that myth you know don’t bust a myth I mean don’t bust a nut by the group Asia is that something that you’ve encountered where we’re guys are like but I’m going to go crazy or I’m going to have blue balls or something out all they’re going to still up and it’s like if you think about it like dude you’re jaculating too frequently for your body to catch up so no you’re not going to fill up a Pop berry likes going to take forever if that wasn’t so yeah so what I called is like the sensation of maybe like a stuck orgasm because it’s so it has nothing to do with your fluid that’s been retained that’s your the energy flow thank you for collated and you can literally believe you ate that you know through breathing breathing in public for exercise so do you want to text me some about that it’s there’s more than just what you might find from sort of Western sexology around doing Kegel exercises there’s actually more there’s more visualization and there’s more meditation there’s more of an esoteric component to it that it’s mystical but it’s also a scientific it is as much as it’s magical mystical experience very methodical and practical so you know this everyday I’m teaching I’m doing the same thing teaching men how to hold back and it gets easier and I’m just wondering if you have some basic pointers for four guys that are interested in the past h&c how long do you want to be happy healthy and having sex is that that relates to everybody no matter what path you on everybody has a general idea that yeah I want to be happy and healthy for a long time so in order to do that you need to maintain your help you need to pay attention to that part of your body needs to feed it love compassion need to exercise it energetically and physically so it’s it’s like guys aren’t they can get obsessed with working out and going to the gym but you are complacent with you know if you’re okay with having the penis that doesn’t work and it makes you feel bad all the time so it’s a six pack of my PC muscles that’s what she want to have it’s more important really but it’s true and that’s what you got to take care of but you can feel it too I mean if you if you know that it’s a big difference you can tell if someone’s doing that work I’m male and female but certainly it’s it’s ya will be great to for there to be Fitness competitions that to measure that level of Fitness for sure this is wonderful that this paradigm shift is is yeah that you know you’re like you said in your approach East-West in East coming together and no pun intended yes I like the the part of our practice that’s so practical and it makes sense to us based on what we what we know you know what are our little fact that we have it makes sense but it also makes sense energetically and we just feel that energy is not fat but not things that you can read it’s all about feeling with intuition and that’s that’s what you have to fight for yourself hey so get another another key Point here at like to get your perspective on this the it’s if you were a man who listens to all the pop music about women wanting to be made love to you all night long and I think Davy word one point I heard her say you know like something like man we want your penises in our vaginas forever there is this Market business mythology around having the sexual powers to last all night but that doesn’t really mean having sex and ejaculating multiple times and being able to start over again although if you’re younger is he younger man that’s it’s easier to do than if you’re you know if an older man but are are are you finding that women or Amir feel like this the potential of Tantra is it a can raise the standard for what women actually pre-qualify dating partners by based on do you have skill or not because why would I waste my time if you can’t if you’re sexually incontinent why would I how do I have a puppy already I don’t need another puppy in the you know so do you want to speak with me Stillwater women saying about this and how are men you know Manning up in words for that one we’re talking about our last vacation retreat how it’s it’s hard it’s difficult for women who are conscious and who want that connection was just want to feel emotionally vulnerable that are open that can talk about their feelings that are in touch with their emotions and it’s hard to find and it’s frustrating sometimes part of my men is more and more loving compassionate emotionally available men for women that’s what we need a r t i feel like women in our place right now in society we are strong we are independent and so we have different needs from a man we can take care of herself financially weekend you know everything for us so we can go to school and take care of her kids so what we are looking for in a man is I need that connection with somebody to make her feel like they’re inside our soul you want us to make love to you to read watch videos and really go after that makes be motivated to do that for yourself because otherwise you’re going to keep doing things at Cabot and that’s making the disconnection even greater right I’m so glad you you put it that way because I consider myself under the radical feminist spectrum of all this stuff and I’ve gone to Great Lengths to try to get perspectives on this podcast where it is really it’s really a critical time for fermented wake up and in and understand exactly everything you’re saying it’s about how in the old Paradigm you could just be a tyrant and an oppressor and just treat a woman has your fuck doll and never even care about what her what’s going on with her and it is just getting off and wham bam thank you ma’am and the political economic shifts that you just laid out very clearly with your lingo but that’s what you want to make love to a woman and like just make love to her fucker great her he can get away with a lot of shit but don’t don’t take that too far gentleman if there was one thing yeah so what it what I hear you saying then is you know figure out this stuff first and you don’t get your everything else can be this is the main deal breaker it sounds like and you can kind of gives a little bit of a patient about certain other things but this is as women are getting more empowered men of God so now you like it’s limited like hey I deserve just as much pleasure out of there just as much orgasms actually I’m getting more than you and like so why should I short myself like why don’t I deserve it and receive any quality in Bruno longer accepting it up otherwise I don’t know now we really this is really exciting because this is I mean I wasn’t going to go there necessarily but since you brought it up feel free to speak about this but I feel that the you know it is a male Tantra practitioner it’s sort of like you become it’s like you I don’t know if I feel like I’ve been trained by the CIA or something and I just can’t relate to people in the general population because if you can blow people’s minds you you better choose wisely because you don’t want to take someone on a journey they’re not ready for a spiritually that they haven’t trained for themselves and so does it’s a totally different Dynamic and I kind of feel like it’s a it’s a there’s a lot of scoundrel males who just take this new power they have and they use it to hypnotize and mine fuck and abused and manipulated and you know now I’m now I’m feeling your daddy issue rolls and just all the stuff so it’s like a black hole Vortec of a real black magic really in and so my strategy and now that you can share it with you and get some feedback from you since you brought up that that key factor that I I’m trying to work on his basically that I’m more interested in having female Seekers get initiated by other females discover their orgasmic potential and to achieve their sexual spiritual enlightenment internally in their solo Tantra practice but being held in the community of Sisterhood so that this so that that sort of priest is class can involve the sexual consciousness of women and then they can have a higher standard and they’re not coming to me as a wounded child and I’m being projected on from all of their issues and then I’m going to be tempted to manipulate that psychological weakness for my own gain and that’s what makes give Tantra a bad name throughout the world is that Dynamic so are you how what I have I’ve been working on my sort of strategy to empower the sexual autonomy of of women in in sort of witch covens if you will and you know I think people are afraid to own up their afraid to but if I had if I had to choose one word to describe Tantra I will call it feminist sexual Witchcraft and if that doesn’t scare somebody away then they’ve come to the right school but if that does scare away then you know go back to yoga go back to you or the kids yoga class I want to hear it definitely what experiences you’re having things to do for the women listening can we just amplify that that incentive to to seek Sisterhood in this path new newer for me than it was before I learned Pancho Villa part of my opening up was to open up to other women and to do that you have to open up to yourself and you have to release yourself of that that competition that jealousy and was like I can’t even tell you there’s no work for it but you you need that meet at 4 because you also have people to have bounced off of as you tumble through this pass is not something that you scroll down movie create after I ever got certified I went to school and you leave you leave Elite certification was song of the group of people that are on the same server Pat and a friend’s family but the safest place you could ever think of what these people and so when you get back home and get that you know now because you’re not a people talking to you like you should be talked to you in people treating me like I should be treated so what you should do is create your own sphere Sisterhood your own Tsonga at home do it from whoever does your best friend if you have to go on a meet up if you have to you know go online and find somebody that’s interested in the same thing you are just do it because you the spiritual path alone it’s hard it’s really hard and it doesn’t have to be the same people that you are going to adopt into your Sisterhood there are going to be just as grateful to have you as you are to have them so yeah I definitely encourage that I’ve seen people who come into a retreat before we go throughout the training and have them and they sent their closed off and maybe they only like girls that much like I don’t have a lot of girl friends best friends with all the girls you love them that your sister has your Chapstick so if you’re finding it hard to open up open up in in find The Sisterhood you have to really look at look and see what you’re scared of what are you afraid of inside of yourself that you might experience with that and realize that they’re just reflections of you especially if they’re on the same path yeah everybody needs some support and I feel like you should not short yourself of that right and based on everything that led up to this point in the conversation why would you be competing over subpar men anyway is that right what were you fighting for so that is an interesting there’s a few a few more Dimensions that I love to explore with you if you’re willing out on this which is that it’s the benefits that I’m witnessing women in their Sisterhood of Tantra together with the benefits that I’m seeing is it there I guess this is an over-simplification but I feel like it’s been useful when I tight when I’m encouraging women friends of mine in specially ones that are wanting to in interacting engage with me an intimate manner I’m wondering how you feel about just the idea that when when women are getting along they can so much more effectively satisfy and nourish each other’s needs for emotional intimacy to a point where they stop trying to get squeeze blood from a stone cuz sometimes men’s heart chakras and must have really been working on it long time you’re not going to get them to listen or pay attention or be empathetic or be sensitive cuz they’re too busy watching ESPN or barbecuing or whatever like just watching guys punch the shit out of each other and maybe they’re good for things like hey honey could you go lift that heavy thing or grab that thing that’s really high up and like fuck the shit out of me when I feel like it and tell them I’m going to be having ammo Joe Anthony Missy with my sister girlfriends who I don’t fight over because we see our natural biological and emotional Darius a superiority am I am I going too far strong women is really is kind of like you don’t feel like you need a man it just happened because that nourishment is there and you like yeah I have everything I need but if that’s all you need that you can just get that did not from the women that are in my life until the last couple years it’s just the women there are in your life will support you more than any man that’s in your life just being together and that’s yeah awesome well that’s the that is the glory that I’m I’m hoping that we can achieve because yeah it’s people are afraid of matriarchy very afraid to let go of that sense of what they’re used to patriarchy so it’s closed off emotionally and so and this is why people who did they look at Tantra and they say oh it’s all woohoo it’s it’s not just some fluffy I mean this is very important practical from people who have like they have an idea already of what do you think they know and what you think is true and so the idea that you have an energy body like that’s not in my books I don’t know that in school so that’s magic that you made that up. Got out of your head and into your body and start to feel and a weekend that since it’s already there you’re not going to go find anything new with your ability to be aware of it right well and that brings me you know back to something I ate I want to touch on if we can your you were a trained skeptic as a Western Scientific nurse practitioner so you were even more credible as a believer in the time should I because you have done methodical training and you’ve had to really tune into the physical body and and the anatomy of the physical body and all of the the measurable aspects of physiology that would be required to be a successful nurse practitioner so you want to talk a bit about how that training has reinforced and sore complimented your Township training and how it feels physically oh my word how people behave how we in Western science we cure we three elements with your disease so I have that knowledge to help me find of bounce off my Eastern king without you and floor pattern help me relax and understanding the big picture and so instead of just having the Taj review I have the U of people that what usually go against photography and I feel like that gives me kind of the upper hand against the Skeptics to you in a way that you can understand that you learn your way but I’m telling you how it works on the other side so I feel like I am able to be the middleman in in a way that’s awesome yeah there this is this is kind of my dream is to continue the the work of medical research around specially sexual healing and what the before-and-after looks like when that those procedures are done and you can see the literally I think we’ll get to a point where you can weigh somebody in before a tantric sexual healing and weigh them out and actually yeah measurable difference is that something that you have dealt with I know that your baby is very outspoken and and about her and I kind of went into depth about that and I’ve heard Jack drouin story very moving story is a male Survivor and just wow I mean just if anybody is interested in Tantra and they haven’t listened to every episode of Davy words podcast I think you’re a lot wow right on well that’s amazing so then yeah do you want to talk about what what’s up what’s been notable for you as a practitioner around healing women’s sexual trauma and Men sexual trauma and all of the various forms if it can take if you have thoughts on that is certainly, I feel like there’s a Common Thread and that is a lack of lack of present and it’s the lack of presidents has the reason that you have like a peasant it could be from from trauma and you don’t want to be in your body that sometimes you know until you you’re not there making you not have orgasm so that’s how it kind of the big picture with with men especially with t e I’ve noticed a lot of stress so you have a lot of stress in the way that you would like to see you and that’s because you’re not you know you’re not into you’re not present with the sexual situation your penis is going to tell on you and it’s going to go down or if it’s a yes dress and that emotional trauma those are affected the way that our bodies function sexually and not sexually when we were when we have, we hold it in our body you can hold it in our Yoni and that’s all that happened with your system awesome well here’s this is another it we got a few minutes left and and I feel like another thing another area that I’m not sure I guess I I’m I’m more from I’m very interested in what your training is in and what Davies doing because I have more of a Hindu is that is that the crude term to use but I would I’d rather say I have more of the the time trick South Asian goddess worship template for for this stuff which is its really and there’s a whole sort of Forgotten and suppress Cult of the tantric yogini which was like the The Witch covens of the tantric did they weren’t just yoga practitioners just doing the body postures but they were actually even call and feminist revolutionary couples that we’re living on the outskirts so forth to Doc’s Hinduism and sort of outside of marriages and outside of the the dominant culture and they were doing really intense powerful goddess worship rituals in becoming channels and mediums and conduits of the Shakti energy and creating art and music and dance and ritual around that and really there’s there’s Scholars alive on the planet today who are trying to piece together the archaeology and the you know that the geography of of those Traditions spread time what is really starting to congeal more for me at as as one who sort of initiated in that sort of path is just the the power of not sloppy drunk in orgies or BDSM play parties per se but the power of the sacred geometry of group synchronized breathing exercises and sexual ritual that’s actually very well-managed and curated for maximum healing potential and sort of you know more logs on the fire equals a bigger flame but it’s also can be dangerous in a lot of ways and I’m wondering if you know a lot of people who are teaching Tantra now it’s about have a better relationship with your man or your guy or gal and it’s I ended the frontier of it is is to catch up to the swingers and the the king stirs and actually have more more sacred compositions or orchestras of group energy exchange I’m wondering if that’s something that you were at all working on or wherever for yeah I have ideas about a huge power I we did something similar to that Last Retreat as a group as a big group I don’t know if 1418 people and we did actually a series of Tibetan prayers or whatever you want to call the medication over one of our practitioner she was dealing with some thickness and we wanted to give her an energy healing and so yeah so that was something that I want to see you again it’s not easy to do all the time unless you have an organized group of people doing the same thing in your area that’s the way that I’m hoping that it’s just like teaching my friends the ones that are closest to me the speaker group right on I guess I have us question I have for you is have you ever seen the movie The Golden Child which was Eddie Murphy made a movie all about Tibetan Buddhist Tantra and it was an 80s movie that to you got to see it again because it is absolutely everything we’re talking about and Beyond and they even have well I’m not even I don’t want to spoil it but anybody who is interested in Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhist Tantra and they have happy to have these flashbacks from Seeing Eddie Murphy go to bed and practiced all these esoteric arts and there’s even symbolism around semen retention yeah there’s a scene where I guess I’ll spoil this one scene in order to get the Ashanti dagger to use to slay the demon that’s come to Earth do to Kill The Golden Child who brings compassion to humanity in order for Eddie Murphy the chosen one to be able to go to The Crucible test to get this knife the sacred knife to slay the demon he has got to hold a cup of water without spilling one drop and go through this obstacle course and then he has to question himself what to do with this cup of water because he can’t get through this flame to take to grab the knife and then it Dawns on him that he should ingest thus the water himself only at the right time and that that gives him the power to take it so it’s a very deep teaching about injaculation and semen retention and the powers of activation to happen when you don’t just frivolous frivolous they spill your seed so I don’t know what channel it’s amazing so yeah that’ll be on your 101 prerequisites absolute Township training for sure or your extracurricular activities yeah cool what do you want to talk a bit about what you have coming up and just again plug the website and let people know how to get in touch so I do have Bible on the 29th of April and it’s going to be in Costa Mesa California for you local people and it will be on your own yoga so I’ll have some have any but you can also get them online or bring your own but this Workshop is going to be just wonderful for women such as you if you have issues with your knee if you have numbness not having orgasms feel the same after childbirth you need to come this Workshop because it also gives you everything you need the tools and hopefully you leave with a new a new pack for Yoni and transformation beautiful and I will say I’ll say I’ll add to that and say that it is such a big difference from a male’s perspective to be making love to a woman who’s the only is is ripped you know because it is yeah it’s in this thing about o being tight but it’s really of dexterity and it’s like you know this is something I’ve been working on lately and I’m happy to be at the next level will they never even have probably heard about a dreamed about that that there’s a I’m very happy I have more Sensation that I’ve ever had in my life vaginal orgasms where I can have them before and it just feels amazing yeah yeah I just F I had to make an analogy I would say men you want to support your your beloved’s on this path because imagine that your lingam is is if it has the experience of being like a saxophone and her Yoni is like a professional saxophone player playing a saxophone with that much dexterity so it’s not it’s not ya the this it is a big it’s a big important Frontier of shift in Consciousness in to thank you for doing housework and benefits on on all for all genders with his so yeah well on that note I think we’ll call it a night and just thank you again so much for your time and I look forward to hopefully when there’s a coed or men’s Focus Workshop allow try to check it out or have you been to the year I know you’re close to the the goddess Temple of Orange County have you been to that that Temple but I don’t know where it is it’s in Irvine you be adored there and cherish tonight I definitely hope that a yeah you you kind of bring your nose area definitely cuz it’s probably some really close so there’s also a Kali Temple Hindu goddess Kali temple in Laguna Beach it’s been there for quite a while and they’re very much what you would call left hand or the right hand path or you know it’s not the sexual term sure that it’s it’s very yeah it that’s really the deepest roots of of Tantra there’s going to be no there is some evidence that goes back to ancient Egypt that it’s a man has shamanic roots in Southern India going back just so many thousands of years and and a beautiful truth about the history of it is that there was a time when the when there was Major conquest and colonization and repression and luckily the wisdom of Millenia were copied by scribes in Tibet and the captain on Brooklyn Asia thank you for being a part of that important work to keep the knowledge alive and yeah you’re blessed to be in in between I think you’re in between two of these deep rich Temple so hopefully you’ll be able to buy with them too right on it was okay thank you for bearing with all my Antics to is fun to be able to talk shop with somebody who’s on the Levelland hang out with you so cool alright then we’ll take care and have a good night. 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The Good Men Project with Exec Editor Wilhelm Cortez TPP81


Wilhelm Cortez PicIn this episode I’m joined by Wilhelm Cortez, a dear Portland Gutter Punx brother from back in the day who has since become an Executive Editor at The Good Men Project. Wilhelm was a key factor in the origin story of Tantra Punk as he ran a profile piece on my  “coming out” as a wounded sexual healer. It was a pleasure to learn more about his life journey and how he’s playing a vital role in evolving the discourse around modern masculinity. We share a deep comradery in finding purposeful right livelihood after years on the front lines of protest movements.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 81 on Skype with Wilhelm Cortez who go back with pretty far now almost what 20 years at least into the Portland gutter Punk tribe and he’s been a beautiful inspiration to me over the years we’ve we had some beautiful experiences also in the forest defense community in the Northwest and we’ve yeah I’ve been kind of Kindred Spirits on on a journey and I I feel at one of the few survivors of those depths of self-destructive punk you know communities to to Really shine and make it out and threw and sustain the spirit with that said do you want to tell us a bit about your life story how you got to become the executive editor of the good men project spend 20 + lake is 93-94 I’m guessing if they have the haziness there but you know it’s been an interesting Journey getting to where I’m at now but it could be a very very long story as you know just from you know that times The Weave cross again and again over the years through just random means but it was still not Court of like you know we came up in this scene that was about figure it out for yourself figure out what’s right and promote that for your lifestyle so I think it was just natural being you know on the west coast and traveling in those circuits that we were just going to run into each other and it was always enlightening but not surprising when it would happen and that’s kind of how I ended up with the good men project is when I was living in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur my partner at the time had met some people that were doing physical rehab with her and one of them was a camera in Conway is a writer and journalist and at that time he had just started as one of the first group of the executive editor is to work with the good men project and I met him and found out you know what he was doing in his work amazing things on exposing human trafficking child labor just really heavy topics all primarily under the idea of the disposability of men I’ll yell traditionally meant the soldiers the workers and the Expendable in that and we see in the western Society in the life expectancy some men is compared to women in on and on again there’s lots of levels to it but I met him and he introduced me to the project and I just kind of you know started joining their social media yeah like their Facebook page read their articles then I saw a Cameron posted a call for submissions that was just for a haiku about men masculinity haikus and I’ve been writing poetry since I was like I don’t remember how old and I know I’ve got a ton of haikus has got to be one in there and sure enough there was one from when I was living in Shanghai and there was a man who was he lived in the neighborhood I was at and he was kind of the the gatekeeper of the alley and he would stand out in the way he shaved was with one of those law large metal paper clips or like you know up whole dream of office paper and he would just click it onto the hair and pluck it out so I wrote a haiku about that submitted it to the good men project accepted looking for the writers group and I was like what’s that so I went and looked in at that time it was a private group a closed group but we’ve now open to public group but the stipulation for joining at that time was that you had to have at least one post published on the good men project and I was like well I too technically is a post because it did go on to the project website even though it was only in Oak Lane and almost immediately I was accepted once I call this is great so I started looking at that and seeing the editors posting there or articles and this is where most of these little connections between people come in there was an editor at the time Neil Hill who is environmental ecological educator and activist is I guess the best way I can try to lump it all together and all of his he was an editor at the time and he had made he was looking for somebody who had a Native American man as a role model because it was coming up on Thanksgiving and he wanted to expose you know a lot of the indigenous rights problems that surround the whole holiday and I messaged him and I told him you know I’m not a tribal member I did not grow up in the culture but they’re at a very young age when the Leonard Peltier case was first coming about I was just becoming aware of outside world and had seen the stories on the news and ask my parents about it and then his tastes just kind of that was when I was about seven years old and his case just threw my life just kept popping up and by the time I was a teenager and was involved in you know Street activism and things of that nature. You know the Peltier case is a big big one is still sitting there and so that was the first article that was and follow up with all the boogies tribe in Borneo view the five genders and those got the attention of the publisher then I was being asked to come in as an editor for the social justice section working in collaboration with Neil Hill in the environmental section because as we know there is no environmental justice without social justice there’s no social justice without environmental justice were connected you know we don’t we don’t save the environment or Nature by taking people out of it were part of it but we have to exist in it with balance so we started collaborating around that idea about building those sections in the content for it and now I’m actually mean who’s added her now for a day we need post that he does he’s always everyday he’s out in nature and interacting and he recorded it writes about it and we publish it’s not everyday and so that got me in as an editor and then it was just I just became my passion pretty much and I work my way up as people would come into the project and leave the project I would keep climbing the ladder up and about a year-and-a-half ago I started the executive director level and now I’m the last one standing from the ones I came into the project with got two more executive editor Rob Watson and Barb abrahamson and they’re really awesome as the team behind our publisher Lisa hickey and then we have a boardwalk the numbers on that when it was Ken Goldstein he kind of keeps our our business and a flow and really helps guide our our overall idea and our mission where what direction we’re heading in that’s so awesome yo what just struck me as you’re saying this is if I were a hetero ish woman in this world I would want to get your phone number yesterday because you are reading some of the most potent relevant state-of-the-art of evolving masculine Consciousness project you must you must have yeah I would love to put you on a dating show or something I mean who wants to date the executive editor to give info to review you have a lot of things to talk about you probably can keep somebody entertained on a date to see the lease with all that knowledge so all of the best and brightest most honorable respectable sentiments in heartfelt commentary and well I just want to thank you for that that that the woman in me says thank you and I already got your phone number so he has no I won’t ask you to give it out anything but I still don’t have one yet cuz he I just relocated back to the United States and getting a phone is low on my priorities and it was has been so that’s why I’m the Skype guy right now all right man so yeah thank you again for sharing your story and I love that it came from but do you have the Haiku or can we hear it it cuz I’m sure we could find him but I could not it’ll take me just a second here I think it’s it’s going to be worth it cuz if it’s got to be so endearing there it is yeah I knew I had it in there somewhere oh yeah that was 2013 wasn’t it you get up there and Street Corner plug shave big spring loaded paper clip is Razor of choice that sounds so I don’t like Johnny Cash or something it’s got this this grit to it traditional forms like that especially the short forms they really lend to that because you’ve got to focus on on the Rhythm you have to focus on the sound if you don’t it’s just it doesn’t work you know and so it really you know you do do get a heavy rhythm in it always right on that right on so do you want to tell us about your knowledge of the GMP Origins and Mission and and offerings for those who aren’t subscribers or contributors yet numerous times the pursued contributors specifically because of the topics and they’re really important because one of our you know what kind of one of our advertising lines are marketing lines is a conversation no one else is having and it’s a conversation about where are we in the 21st century with our views of masculinity and we’ve had Decades of civil rights gains we’ve had Decades of women’s rights games we’ve had Decades of lgbtq Rights games in all of this there’s been a lot of exposure of the oppressive systems that exist and how we go all the way from Les over forms of Oppression that are easy to see down to Cove or forms to where are the forms of Oppression having been internalized by the trust and they continue to perpetuate the oppression themselves within all of that advancement there was very little and really no talk about what do we do about these outmoded toxic oppressive patriarchal models that have proven to be unbeneficial to humanity so that’s where the idea of the project comes in is the we look at these movements as our predecessor this is what we have to build off in to learn from but we need to turn the lens around and we need to turn it on men and we need to really look at how do we Define masculinity because as we open the social acceptance of gender identity as being non-binary we now have to really rethink our traditional stereotypes of the rolls and the boxes that we put mint in and throughout the project. Contributors come in that are pursued that I said hey you’re doing amazing work I want to put it on the good men project and its really, but they will come back and say I don’t know if I can do this I don’t see myself as a good man so we don’t Define what a good man is you’re not going to go into the good men project you’re not going to search for 10 things that will make you a good man because those 10 things don’t exist because it’s for each man to really decide for himself what is his concept of masculinity how does he perform it and why and what effects does it have so we really think of it as this is for the beginnings of the project is that a lot of guys we go along and for everybody nobody wants to think of themselves as a bad person nobody wants to think of themselves as perpetuating oppression as being complicit to oppression but when your entire social doctrination makes you internalized that dominant as part of one of the dominant demographics you internalize that and you act that way and you don’t see it until you get to a point of developing your self-awareness that you can see what did I just do to her to the person of color sheet that to my friend to all wow and you reach a point where you kind of look in the mirror one day in your life wow I thought I was a good man but I’m not and it needs to stop so we really look at it how we can make ourselves better and extend that to the community around us and it’s really in the last few years in particular it’s become a lot more community-driven it always has been but that’s getting a lot stronger now so that’s what we’re looking at is you know how can we how can we address these issues and not attack them but deal with them in in Russian always and give suggestions and give exposure to what is going and this is where we start Ty and where we’re looking now with being in a political climate and a social climate that’s coming where these oppressive attitudes are being placed in the leadership role once again and hopefully it’s like you know what last dying kick of them and they’ll be gone soon but they’re not so we’ve got to build a strong Community around that to be able to deflect absorb and to change because fortunately we came off of you know a good 8-10 years of Allah exclusive progress socially and politically in this country which regardless of whether we like it agree with it or not we can’t deny the fact that the country’s political movements and social movements do influence and reflect globally primarily through pop culture in the media so what we’re putting out there is going out there to the world and if we can get a grip on that and look at these different levels of Oppression that really for me is becoming kind of a core issue it’s like we’ve got we got racism we’ve got all of these things going on but if we have that awareness that inclusiveness and that Community to build around it to work on it against the oppressive models that are hitting everybody each one of these oppressed demographics needs the help and we’ve all got to come together around that and that’s where we’ve been taking the good men project in the last couple of years is trying to give people the tools and the experience under the Community Support to get out there and try to dismantle these institutionalized structures of racism of Oppression of sexism of death of the environment in the culture right on man yeah I was I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently just how unprecedented it is for there to be a core value of non oppression that’s very deep reaching at and really is forcing everybody who is on that path of self-inquiry to indict most of the institutions we’ve taken for granted and it’s quite the rabbit hole in I really applaud it it’s it I applaud the efforts I’ve made some contributions here and in want to be and will be submitting more stuff what time so you’ve obviously learned so much you’re you’re you’re you’re speaking about this shift is happening and facilitating the shift of self-inquiry and defining goodness for oneself with a supportive your peers who are who are also walking the path what are you what would you say what would you say are some of the maybe some of the most challenging most heart-wrenching patterns that you that you’ve noticed for just the purging of all of this negativity and end in reconciling guilt reconciling shame from a lifetime waking up after a lifetime or most of a lifetime of unquestioned you know stuff where it would have some real tearjerker moments you’ve had as you’ve been processing all this stuff like a liver you know it’s not changed and for the individual it’s not going to change unfortunately anytime soon if it does and it’s when I first came into the project I was handed a basically it was a year-long journal primarily prose poetry from Magnum spoon Jackson who in the early 70s was not a good man he was 19 he was married in a crime of passion his wife ended up Dad he got sentenced to life without parole he spent almost two decades Plus in solitary allowed outside for an hour a day if the guards were happy with them but they generally weren’t he so freeform he started by you know going inside of himself cuz that’s all that was there he had outside connection through the window of Nature and the birds and it was a lot of the journal was talking about his connection with these birds and what he was learning and growing from himself then threw in the late eighties dejar de arts and crafts and program in the state of California the artists musicians painters poets writers into the prison system for the people on death row and for the people in life without parole to give the art therapy and in spoon Jackson’s case it was incredibly successful and that was really for him that was kind of like a final key of his is self-referral Nation because of the the details of the legalities of his case he has to serve the term and you know my first what’s my first year every day I was going through that journal and breaking it down and getting a daily post from it and I’ll tell you there were some days where I came came away from doing that Daily Post and it took a few days to Shake it Off. Spend you know the story so many times through but then there’s also just the the ones that they bring tears to your eye but they’re the other kind of tears and that’s where you have somebody that comes in and this has happened so many times that you know we need we get some missions in through our online portal and then those go through the executive team and we decide you know which editor is going to be working with that writer if it’s a writer that’s been with us for a while they already have an editor if it’s a new writer than we decide and for the first two years ago that I was added in I became but the kind of go to editor for the potentially problematic straight white male post and diet have to filter a lot of well if I can just be pretty straightforward about it basically kind of like it’s almost like infiltrators you know they come in with a particular agenda which a lot of the times is promoting the stereotypes that were trying to break or is being thinly-veiled are masked misogyny and they try to get like a foot in the door picture keeps engaging yeah but what else is out there so it’s not that I mean those are kind of rare instances and it’s pretty easy to tell what’s going on especially when you start going into a person’s blog and you just check and see what they pop elsewhere and it’s like oh okay well you know forget about this guy you know he’s got some work to do but these guys come in and it’s the you know the language base that there are coming from in their life experience as straight white men primarily it’s you know in middle-aged run my age they they came up in that really traditional like varmints so the perspective not quite be there but as soon as I go in and say Hey you know you’ve got a really valid point that you’re talking about in this but there’s a lot of problematic language that we need to deal with and just give them the information and explain it to I’m just you know like I would do you know if a friend or family or anybody else and that’s your job cuz you’re the editor and ends up coming out of it is they’re just like oh oh that was not my intention at all but I totally see it now I never thought of it that way and you know I just got to say this is the good men project will have a budget to develop either an app or a or a browser plug-in that translates the patriarch of anchor should I click a button like whoa or something a lot of our contributors come in as people who have a passion for writing or a passion for a topic but they’re not necessarily perfect so that’s another big part of the job is helping these new voice is kind of find their voice and sculpt it and within a way that fits with our editorial guidelines which at the base are really simple and I love our editorial guidelines so much because the basic principle is Do no harm and if you look at it each post as I do it that’s what I’m thinking is if I post this is there anything in it that could do harm and that’s the the principal we go on and we’ve got much clearer guide lines when it comes into the the heavier topics about what we can and cannot post especially around the suicide topic for sure is a big one that we have to be very cautious with because we know that the rate of suicide for 4-man is disproportionately higher and but a lot of it has to do with these high-quality a rosian of privilege and the it’s seen as a Bad Thing by people who are still clinging to it and it’s not it’s a good thing it’s going to be better for everybody once it is gone but yeah that’s kind of some of the that idea but you know we can make a better world we got a tree at the art to make that their world and that we have to have the artist to do it and that nobody is perfect were all very different degrees of a mix of good and bad depending on really sometimes who were with and the environment that we’re in and that we just have to look at how can we make ourselves better you know and learn more and listen more is probably the biggest one I think for with the projects trying to get some of the guys to wrap their heads around is the you really you really got to stop and listen and then what is so fascinating because yeah I’ve known you for so long and we’ve been we’ve kicked pieces I’ve written back and forth and only now is it really daunting on me how multi-faceted your your role is curating this content which is kind of giving a voice to these wounded souls and hearts who are striving to shed light on things and it isn’t just a commercial commercialized cranking out stuff that’s somehow related to be the most profitable you just really yeah really facilitating in a stewardship kind of role of this movement I just can’t thank you enough and it makes me wonder would you ever as it I know you have a background this as a teacher would you ever I don’t know right up my writing a book is so such an Endeavor these days and everything is such a moving Target but even do YouTube videos or best practices even just the most basic I don’t know if you’ve done this or if you would consider doing it but to help people at different stages of literacy different stages of you no experience with creative writing and journalistic writing and just kind of via a technical support in a Way Beyond the editing is that something you thought about her that you’re doing especially since I relocated back to the US where things are more expensive to survive in the next year so I’m going to be branching out and I’m done working with well first I’ve started to work with a couple of riders you are working on social justice topics who are turning their dissertations into books and more kids but looking for clients who are interested in developing a voice and learning about the you know the online publishing and and how to do it but there’s also there’s a lot going on within the good men project at well that keep cycling we’ve got quite a few training and classes that we do one of her most popular is on social change just kind of how to create social change because we’re coming off of what we got six years with the project now actively everyday reading strategies for social change and then we have to have a class on using social media to develop your reach it’s geared towards writers primarily but anybody who is doing any sort of online promotion or sales can definitely benefit from our experience across numerous platforms and how to get the most leveraged out of that then we have there are some writing and editing courses as well we’ve got two levels of that you know check that out and then the cool by the most exciting thing right now for me is our social interest groups and we’ve got those up and running and have for a couple of months now we completed one on men’s mental health there was really amazing we have a 1 on the rebuilding post-election on how to reform and redesigned to go after the issues that people care about we just finished up our first stop racism group and that one will be starting up again in a week or two and that one is amazing because it’s only 4 weeks 1 hour call once a week for 4 weeks and I did the first one with the leader of it Jackie Summers and the way he has it structured you come out of it identifying where you are out within a social change movement what your position is true you need to find and how to create an action plan for directly changing the insurance braces got another really good one coming up as well on the environment it’s going to be James Blakely and Neil Hill and you lied mentioned before is really insightful ecologist the concept of ecology goes even deeper with him for the last not sure how many years now he’s been on and he’s got a mountain with mountain goats and wild cats in the whole deal like full live healthy ecosystem the village is right there and has been there for thousands of years and so that’s one of the big things that we want to look at through this environmental group is all of our social justice all of our social issues come down to environmental if we look at the way that we treat oppressed people and we look at the way we treat the environment yeah there’s a big connection there and they in within that they it’s the indigenous people who hold the key to our survival they have the knowledge of with the environment and what the shifting environment the we have going on now but we’ve done a pretty good job globally of trying to completely suppress and eradicate those those people in those cultures just we recently I’ve seen play out in this country I mean so and then I was talking with me all the other day about these issues and brought up a really really strong point is that you know not only we can’t take people out of the ecology. Doesn’t work but it’s also the getting people to recognize just within your local immediate environment being conscious and aware and being a caretaker and you’re around that we build community and Community protects us against social problems right you know you know you’ve stuck your hands in the dirt a few times starting soon that’s non heteronormative parenting and that is going to be led by a gay father of two straight kids in a straight mother of two gauge hits this is like we’re really excited about this one cuz this is one of those that we can really take progress for gender and sexual identity rights in this country and really get it rooted in parenting you know that’s the best way for change unfortunately all these problems that were facing that we’ve been talking about on this call we want to see him changed for some of us we’ve been working for a long time to get them changed we’ve seen progress we seen it diaper us but the solution we’re not going to really see the problem races in the environmental problems all of these problems are going to take generations for them to really be solved and to go away but we’re at a critical time but if we don’t put out the right information and really actively daily think about and work towards these changes it’s going to go the other direction yeah absolutely this is we’re pushing the boulder uphill right now but at least it says the terrain of just Consciousness and awareness in all of the facilitation of Technology the Internet it’s it’s really given those I would say oh yeah you and I had to be Street punks to make a statement and really suffer and really be at risk of I mean back then in Oregon all kinds of hardcore extreme violent bigotry of all kinds and it’s it’s it’s just it’s beautiful now to look back and see how every generation is pushing pushing the boulder uphill but it’s it’s where shaving we’re sort of hacking at it as we go you know where’s it is and the terrain is changing so it’s there’s no excuse we’ve got all the tools and all of the resources in seeing the next the generations coming up after us have a beam or facilitated and figure things out a lot sooner that’s the thing I’m just like wow I’m so envious of these next Generations because it took me so long to get to some of these fundamental understandings and so it’s just it’s going to accelerate in in but yeah I agree we’re just planning the seeds of a lot of things but it’s glorious don’t be depressed don’t kill yourself stick around as long as you can cuz it’s like so exciting I feel you know seeing all this transformation happen and you know it’s very Stark I do you feel like the and how do you personally feel about this what looks like it’s going to be a big back backlash politically for the next few years at least do you feel do you feel kind of like we’re ready to take it on now as the more conscious not anti-oppressive Progressive community that it’s it’s we’re going to just make it a laughing matter to you know wipe away all of this madness and I’m curious about divorce so depressed but I feel they charge to know charged up at well first off you know I came back after you know I’ve been living out of the country for 14 15 years or so and I came back in October before the election with the idea of pretty much knowing that it was going to be the Republicans that took it and it didn’t really matter who it was that they put up because we’re coming off of a two-year Democratic president and there is yet to be in the history of this country to turn Democrat followed by a Democrat except for FDR but he did it all himself and then they wouldn’t let anybody else do it again and it’s not like that’s not like the conspiracy thing there it’s just the statistics you know so trying to beat the numbers on this election was tough to begin with and yeah everybody got surprised but is it a surprise that a person on a like you know heavy platform of bullying becomes the president of a country that’s bounded on these ideas you know that’s not that’s not a surprise you know it’s like it’s a surprise if you don’t know the history of this country and I think of it in some ways the coming off of The Good the mass of progress that we made over the last 10 years or so that this is almost like a kickback from that it’s almost like hopefully the last death throes of this mindset this oppressive bullying mindset that this country has been a dick to for so long that it’s going away as we see with you know especially with the Millennials yeah there is people poke a lot of fun out on this and that and everything as far as like social Consciousness like you you were saying yourself it’s like whoa they came on board with this stuff like already pre-loaded and it took us a like couple of decades wow this is exciting you know and I don’t think that these these power structures and into the society and we need to do a lot of work today get them out and can’t be complacent about it but I think that we’re seeing it in its Decline and its final days and this is something that we have to deal with now and hopefully it is that. Turn that up turn is his we see more and more awareness we’ve got this amazing communication tool that were using right now called the internet that you know we can have a almost Global impact and we’ve seen what that did with things like Arab Spring and for social and political change regardless of the few know how that plays out of the history books will decide later but the simple fact of using it as a tool for activism and change is unprecedented and we’ve got that experience we’ve also got the experience of the Occupy Movement which for all of its failings also had some pretty positive things to it brought Collective awareness way of fire about social issues we’ve got you know the WTO protests in Seattle where a lot of lessons were learned and even in the recent protests just post-election that I witnessed here in Portland I saw like you know from 23 years ago but there are definitely in a lot more strategical and tactical things going on they are coming from this but moving forward we really need to rethink a lot of these things off of the lessons that we’ve learned from these different movements and figure out how we can use our communication tools and use our knowledge to try to turn it around and the we’ve got it all laid out for us you know the the presidents are there and I think one of the biggest ways that we can do it is we’ve got to look at the big picture financial and economic because that’s really you know if we look oppression and why people are oppressed this goes back through colonialism and colonialism was for Capital and it was all about the money and if we not just follow the money but put pressure on the money that’s not that’s how the civil rights protest is you know if all the sudden you’ve got like 75/85 95% of your writers are no longer writing and buying tickets at bus companies going to go under and they’re going to change their policy right real quick and then and those are the things that we need to look at it like your your Target and go after it unrelentlessly and tell they give up and it went up Financial end of it something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is the if we can convince but the power holders they are in the ultimate privilege to hear the loss of that is number 1 not a problem and is it going to put anybody on the on the slip reverse side of it cuz there is none but also to see that by economically oppressing a large percentage of a population you are stifling the progress and they just Basic Finance if you have more resources to draw from your going to create more from and if we would take the economic oppression out they financially for the entire country it’s going to be much better right that’s something a lot of people I don’t think her aware of it most of the most of the freedoms that we have to well what’s a it was it was the evolution of of Commerce that got some of the most racist backward policies of the so-called old world to actually dissolve because they realized wait we could actually innovate more if we facilitate people having things like bodily Integrity rights and give people confidence that if they were to develop something that would could be intellectual property would just be stolen away from them by the king so yeah The Liberation is is it’s good for its it’s good for the invisible hand if you really want that worship the Invisible Hand Adam slick you know cuz we know money talks and if you if you want to know what’s going on you follow the money if you want to change what’s going on you put pressure on the money and if you really want to like just flip it upside down and make it into something new you encouraged the money to go in that direction so all we have to do is getting rid of Oppression and we’ll be all good to go over and over again so yeah I have I have full faith that mean Packers are doing so much there’s so much so many old oppressive institutions or just monopolies and racquets that are dissolved because it’s because of apps and technology so yeah if we are on the rise and so many people have sacrificed their lives and been bludgeoned an incarcerated who had so so many fewer I just typed from me and it’s really hard to get depressed for more than a few seconds really because there’s so much power and potential that we now have it our fingertips that we just did not have you can’t really have the spare Irwin I mean I don’t think you can really sustain it if you were passionate about change because we have so much opportunity now and it’s just a matter of of trying everything and adapting and being quick on our toes and not just being not just being like I said not only at the mercy or consumers of other people’s technology but you know open source solutions that give us the opportunity to continue to share and we’re not so yeah I just I just want to reaffirm this this up swing of the curfew for empowerment and you’re really leveraging that with the good men project and I’m very excited for your freelance offerings to be made more are you going to do have a website that we can check out for just supporting you and your efforts and keepingyouwell afloat and well but yeah I don’t have set up yet that’s part of the the plan over the next few months is to start getting to work on that but I am on Facebook I’m on the the Masthead of the good men project and you can find me a through email there as well as in social media where I live so when you do get your website together we’ll be sure to just add it to this page because podcast is growing and overtime more people will you know find this episode even if it’s in the archives and so they’ll be a lynx whenever you’re hearing this podcast episode anytime in the future please do go back to this episode number 81 to find the link to wilhelmus website which is forthcoming and yeah well we covered a lot do you have any other thoughts or anything you want to share anything you want to shout out for make sure you stop by and visit good men project and Goodman project.com pretty easy and check out our Facebook pages we’ve got quite a few of them I’m just a little search and you’ll find us right on well thank you so much again it was great reconnecting with you and I promise to be more consistent in my submissions I think yeah it’s it it is you invited me to kind of have a profile and then I’ve contributed poetry and essays and I need to get on it I need to be consistent so I’m going to make that played straight how to until I have tons of money to give I’m going to give tens as well I won’t bug you but I’ll be giving you more words well thank you so much you have a great night and we’ll be in touch soon. 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The Modern Day Sexual Man with Hypnotica TPP78


Hypnotica Pic In this episode I’m proud to explore the raw depths of modern masculinity with mind scientist and men’s lifestyle guru Eric Von Sydow, a.k.a. Hypnotica.

He shares his experience navigating the sexual politics of polyamory in the sexually charged environment of gentlemen’s clubs and beyond. He’s lived the life that most men dream of and fantasize about and he’s developed training programs and resources to help others along in their paths towards sexual mastery.

About Hypnotica:
For 23 years now, mind scientist / men’s lifestyle guru, Eric Von Sydow, aka Hypnotica, has been inciting men to enhance their sexual well being. Recognized as the “Inner Game Guru” he has pioneered the field of male sexuality. As one of the “founding fathers” of the men’s movement in masculinity and lifestyle, he was an early mentor to now-famous figures like Neil Strauss (“The Game”) and David DeAngelo (“Double Your Dating”). Thousands of men boast success not only in their personal love relationships but also in their overall lives under his tutelage.

Hypnotica has recently released, “Modern Day Sexual Man,” a new mastery program for men. With ““Modern Day Sexual Man,” Hypnotica is laying claim to unleashing “the most advanced sexual techniques for men that the world has ever seen.” The components of the project are a culmination of decades of scientific research, relationship coaching, intuition and personal experience, designed to upgrade the modern man into a genuine “superbeing.”

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 78 I’m doing an interview with Eric Von Saito and we’re going to be talking about the modern-day Sexual Man program he also is known as hypnotika and has a very amazing and very rich background and in many different modalities involving healing sexuality in the arch of the mind so I can’t wait to have you Eric tell us as much as you can about your background and we’ll talk about the modern-day Sexual Man program cool well I hope that we have a great conversation we’ve already talked a great deal already so there’s some really cool things to talk about my story is I was a young kid, growing up fast but we just get them back in the day before the internet it was just kind of maybe play boys here and there and I was always interested in sex and we’re looking at it at least and I was not the best looking kid in the world I didn’t have a lot of social skills and I remember consciously just making a decision that this is something that I want to master that I want to really get good with and it was kind of my own journey and I Journey took me into various experiences in my lifetime that where I force myself to be in the presence of women in the feminine energy and twos to absorb it to be around all the time to really understand what it’s about and then bring it even to a deeper level of connecting more intimately with women and that goes all the way back to you know in high school started join the choir Kokosing my understanding is 80 girls and there was no that’s a good place to start and then I went to a show choir and then after that physical guy and after that I went up to Santa Barbara junior college and studied a little bit and I remember there was a girl who was a dancer and she used to ask if I could come along and just protect her and parties and stuff like this and that became one thing and that’s when you know I had some experience with the dancers I got into a strip club and for the last 23 years have been running strip clubs security as far as general manager of a little bit more extreme sexual nature and in that environment I was absolutely just to have so many different varieties of women and mindsets and sexuality and their energies and mindsets just to learn about and fireman you can’t not be sexually for tacious and I think sign 8 or so I was given a very cool or a created to agree a very cool half way to learn about what most guys don’t understand or get to experience so by me taking all this experience I was giving back and that’s where the hypnotika name come from his back with the internet was just the game it was a lot of places to learn about this and there was a couple group two that were there in that tire place near it my super name was subnautica if you wanted to teach guys or help guys learn what I was learning because I was learning in a rapid Pace that most guys don’t do when you have 3250 dancers exotic dancers if you please send you got testosterone you got different menstrual periods going on with women it’s a very intense learning situation and from that with what I was arrested in because you don’t back that I was a member I had a tantra book and I was going through it in high school and and learning about it this whole thing was to discover more of who I was at the time it’s been a very cool process that way because when I first started I have no sexual experience and I was plagued up until I was by I don’t know him in twenty one years old with premature ejaculation and it was just as frustrating as a man so the more I learn the more that I was able to give back into really going to go into these extreme areas to help man in and say hey you know I’ve walked into pathway I can understand it a little bit so that you can understand the territory or I can help bring out what I’ve learned to give to you so that’s been the path that I’m on and have it on and now I’m at the phase where I pretty much seen it done it all and it’s now it’s more of a time of reflection way I feel like I’ve kind of pass the Baton a little bit until I can more of the Elder stage and kind of looking back it’s like this is what my testosterone is like right now and just the ability as kind of an elder to give back and not be so inundated and just that raw testosterone while you’re not seeing the bigger picture now I can like look back in and really kind of key from my Amor experiential we’re being so it’s a very cool thing that I’m doing so that’s pretty much where I’m at and I’ve developed a lot of programs really specialize in men’s confidence and sexual confidence and giving them techniques and idealistic ways to think of how to be with a woman and new ways to think about how intimate and also just how to be more masculine I’m more conscious masculine man and step out of the old Paradigm and really brings the picture of more well-rounded Renaissance type of man which I think is very needed at the time especially where we’re at in this phase of evolution on our planet wow that is so I said I just D Palace to hear this really really deep I feel like the first thing that comes to mind is it pure spiritual person you’re supposed to be acetic in a lot of I don’t even call and traditions but a lot of authoritarian kind of anti pleasure anti-flash spiritual paths that there’s this taboo around being fully embodied in so that you have this throughout recent history this extreme segregation knows very sexually successful men and very special called spiritually evolved during night and then and so whenever there is a man walking the Earth today who can speak from having experienced abundant sexual adoration and worship and make an art form out of it and also keep his balls and be able to function on the physical material playing in and actually get shit done and it’s a beautiful alchemy that really hard to achieve so if if can I can we go back a bit into some of the chapters of your story so I can kind of get a better sense yeah I like I said I’m I’m just so interesting to me to know that this is possible cuz I don’t want to feel like that there’s like a Chasm between the exploitation of women in the adult entertainment industry and Tantra or sacred sexuality but that there’s there can be an Alchemy of honoring the feminine so it’s a very complex get simple idealistic way of thinking about that and a lot of people and maybe this is a gift that I was given to be in that environment of the gentlemen’s clubs in things like this I really got to be it was just that like intimate where there is a certain trust level annual bringing girls on no private parties in and looking after like I really had to be there bodyguard very intimate Avalon and the conversations that I was able to get into with women and and I’ve always have to build women up in that because there’s a lot of guys that are just ignorant and you walk around your tits are too small to Razor’s Edge easily overstep your bounds and a lot of guys once they learn a little bit of power of influence can become manipulative but it it’s walking that bounce where you’re coming across get your being open enough where they can do what they want to do and you’re not trying to hook up and what I mean by that is you’re not trying to get them submitting to you on that level where it’s lot of guys are with jealousy and things like this they want to control the woman and very interesting to have gone through that and to be in intimate places where you harbor freight shipping be intimate and what you were talking about earlier and about the sexuality and the purity of it believer absolutely made from pleasure and we were made for pleasure I mean that’s it that’s it’s built Within walkthrough The Root chakra and the solar plexus chakra you can’t avoid that at the most powerful ones that connect us to the Earth and to our nature and to be able to find that balance of giving love and any guy who goes through this and explores this is going to get beat up a little bit that’s the crazy thing like you think about cakes that is important you guys are supposed to talk about this is that I’m a man beautiful and tan trick dog in the world like that so if that full balance and it’s not going too much to the laughter too much to the right because I know there’s guys that are very on trick and they’re very feminine stick and agree but you know it’s like they don’t have that flexibility to go into the fiery masculine and so you know they stay there because there’s no polarity polarity and there’s no flexibility self the ability to keep a woman guessing as far as your own Sexual Energy on one level of the great that you could do that but you’re just in the tundra you’re doing the southside of that if you don’t have that Rod western-style to you don’t have that balance so it’s very complex that has kind of come through and it’s it’s been the last 20 years about this machine that a lot of guys you really step into the sexual well there’s maybe I don’t maybe 5-6 that I’ve studied personally rajneesh back in the day or show that was kind of the first start of it but it’s something that’s just so needed and especially the balance now because so many people watch no PornHub reporting so in their minds so that we don’t just think that it’s too far east side and that Rod dominant we’re being if you know you have the ability to be sexual you have the ability to be loving you have the ability to be dominant you have the ability to Be Frisky whatever it is hopefully this new man coming through is able to be okay with it in and not be shameful about it and we’re at about right now to degree because if you’ve seen a lot of what’s going on a man have to be the guy who goes out there and says you know hey how you doing that’s just the way it is a nature and be proud of it and we got to figure out a balance with the women that are like okay I don’t want to be bothered with every guy just stopped doing and and you guys got what you wanted you to be bothered you guys to get bored very quickly so where does very weird stage in and I’m kind of past that phase I’m going to marry still sexual but I’m not like in the face would like 21 or that’s just brought these younger kids if they can get this information and intent to figure it out because it’s with apps like Tinder and all these things there’s a lot of stuff moving on and even though the development of power a kid proceed like when I was growing up I had play boys I was okay how to play Boyce okay now you got a six-year-old kid on the computer going to the mines that so the best that I could do with my stuff is just lay down a super strong basic Foundation that I think it’s healthy and so they have a at least a century point to get to so these are kind of some of the things that I hope to help develop and pass on so that they have stuff to go from because we did it I’m so glad to hear you say that I feel like my heart is just a swelling because it’s unimaginable High terrific what’s happening to the neural physiology of with porn addiction note prepubescent humans on this planet I mean if it’s mortifying and I feel like if I were a parent which I’ve in this life I’ve chosen very young like I got a vasectomy and I don’t have any progeny and I’m not planning on it because I feel like some of us have got to dedicate Our Lives to do in the cultural healing so that the world is suitable to innocence again in developing sexual Rites of Passage and having like you’re saying and I healthy template for development that integrates 6 Rowdy spirituality and The Feminine principles and masculine fiery principles but we’re so lost and really but so many people are in denial about exactly what you just said so I just got to thank you for saying that I mean it’s a crisis and I feel like we’re in a science fiction John Carpenter film right now with was coming through with pouring and everything fake who’s going to stop the thing that we got to stop this from spreading and I don’t like the guy part of torn because the women have been brainwashed to believe that women in their photos like that’s their Worth or worse comes in their external looks and and it’s all about you no sex and you know what can I get an end and that is a scary thing in itself so hopefully you like said that we can live there can be some kind of balance because I’d say right now a lot of the women are out of balance to where it’s at in the middle out of bounds to 2 degree it’s weird to say this because I’ve been doing it for like 23 years it’s still in the infancy stage and hopefully the young women of this day can’t understand like they’re not just subjected to being a a sex object even though the sex is wonderful and and then no matter what are going to visually you look at a woman and she’s mathematically proportional and be attracted to that it’s just a very strange thing in Warren this is just kind of my mind Toronto is actually use it sometimes when I’m going out and I’ll put on PornHub for 5 minutes before I’m going out because I want my sexual pheromones to be activated so this is just a tip that I do is y’all watch 5 minutes as soon as I feel my body become activated like it’s like I feel like my energy are activated in and then I go out and do my thing and I feel like I have that energy so there’s good parts of it and there’s no unusual parts of it so it’s just a matter of I guess how you utilize it as long as you don’t deplete your energy is sit there and jerk off five times a day should a state that also for the record that I think erotica conscious erotica and pornography really even like the sound of the word it did I don’t know if it’s because what it’s been through but I think erotic Cinema and being aroused by it using it to expand your horizons and I can say is in a couple relationship again here are reinforcing if one person has a desire that they like to have met that could involve you know one or more additional people doing you know or it could just be I’d like to explore something will here is a visual reference to something and there’s there’s it’s a fraction of the total amount of points out there but there is at a holy see if you will like a light there is a light at the end of the tunnel which is not just educational boring you know instructional doesn’t have to be boring but it can be a way to Blossom Consciousness and to give people access and certainly for people who have non mainstream sexual preferences in orientation and gender identities than to be able to identify with role models who are doing something beautiful with a wholesome and loving and at least consensual you know and hopefully real then there is a beautiful I guess post porn opportunity for now that the it’s easy to produce something relatively compared to the 70s when it was more expensive sake then there will be a Consciousness revolution in pornography and hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot of the stuff that you’re teaching about so on that more hopeful note I have just a couple more questions about to gentlemen’s club chapters and then we can talk more about specifically what it is that you’re helping men do with your program so I was just living in Vegas for a while and I got kind of an inside scoop on a lot of into workings of that world and it’s been really fascinating to me and I’m really excited to get some insight also from you about how the politics and personalities and even astrology and like you said the menstrual cycles it’s such as an ecosystem of Egos and Flash and drooling men who don’t know what they’re missing out on having a really reduced flattened perception of what a woman is potential is was just shaking her ass or whatever it’s like you were being in that world I’m curious what some maybe some stories you know what were some stories they were really touching to your heart when you saw Andy women instead of a cat fighting competing they actually were building alliances and supporting each other or you know doing something positive and create or just some success stories or anything that can kind of give us some Redemptive juice from that world cuz I think it’s about to pour or repulsed by at 7 ish to Repose quite a lot of ways are they feel like they’ve got a really fight tooth-and-nail to carve out some piece of it to be empowered but maybe you have some insights it sounds like you’ve had the right mentality I don’t know you know for how deep you have these philosophies going back to that time but I love to hear some Redemptive stories or anything interesting she’s got her own opinion about what I do bring it down back of the women coming to how can it be a misogynistic Factor perverted they were called Temple dancers thank you you okay they end up becoming strippers through the the Puritans in the end the people that we were afraid of that Sexual Energy that women have it the beauty that they have that only I really can put out on that level so with the women so I have always noticed over the years and it’s one of these things that he personally notice at first is there’s not a lot of women in my 23 years of working strip clubs I’ve only really come across seven women that were just fire just pure fire that had that raw sensual Marilyn Monroe which type of energy of Seduction that were just able to ever full-bodied able to just to get into it and to spread that bit a lot of women that I was with intimately take them down in the bedroom and get them okay with a lot of their own sexuality and to break out of a box of what they were used to sexually as far as for the way that they are the way that are able to be vulnerable the way that they’re able to express themselves if they’re doing oral or physical or speaking up so a lot of it it has to be to the man being so confident in his masculine nature that he can direct God and really help a woman Express who she is in a very safe environment so that she can expressive and not feel shame about doing whatever she’s doing and at the same time be okay to have a intimate sex partner that you can come over when you want twice three times a week and everything’s okay there’s no limit to the interaction and the the more you can do that in the more that you can be open about it and that was one thing that’s challenge me over the years you have a wife but I also have a few women that were intimate that lives with me and I even lived across the street I have like a Airbnb house and I had some of the girlfriends that were there so finding that balance and how that works and it always goes smooth guaranteed but finding out how women interact with door the women and their own trust issues sometimes they have at their selves or steam at maybe I get along with one girl and maybe she doesn’t know she’s been very sabotage in all that so big you able to overcome that in or to somehow facilitating hold space and kind of manage personality conflicts and politics I’m very curious education that needs to take place with a lot of communicating that needs to take place there is a lot of really understanding that has to happen because when you’re in environments like this there’s a lot of old school or factors that can come up where it’s person feels like she’s not being loved enough or makes you feeling jealous over here and my belief is that love is only additive love is finite in nature like if a person says they love one person has a son and then a dog does only that amount of love that you had also to have to be taken call Matt so now instead of a percent that person was loved you have to give y’all 25% to the to the child and another 10% to the dog and so now he’s only being loved 75% to give players that were involved in the people that were my life it wasn’t easy for them as well but you know was one of these things that you have a free place to explore it and sometimes it can get Fiery and sometimes it’s beautiful and you find out what your balance is for the first you know there was a point where was like five women and I was lucky enough to be in my mind you know being a young kid that’s like all this is what I want you don’t realize what am I doing I found out in as any man to find out what my personal balance for what very close ones that I can be trusted with an intimate with if I go to one I feel a little claustrophobic and so it really comes down to knowing yourself and being okay to explore it and you have to be open enough I’m going to partake in this if they want to do whatever they want to do to I have to I can’t be a hypocrite so I have to because if you’re going to play the game what a lot of people say it’s a sting on a person you got to be able to take that sting back and be able to say okay you know if I have to experience what they’re experiencing and so he learned a lot and you think you learned a lot of a lot of different levels put the nice thing is is once you go through any kind of figure out and you get through the crashing waves I stay up on the sand you know when you get a little bit deeper you understand who you are and you got to find your own balance and from there. A very peaceful way of being because it just comes down to this is what who I am this is what I like and it’s become very clear and definiteness of purpose comes to mind and then if you find people that are on the same team it becomes even cooler like when they’re really cool things that I enjoyed about living, polyamorous and I like so you know I grow my own food. I’m extremely healthy green drinks well I like to do three green drinks a day if I can. I’m usually not you know I’m usually may be good for one but the drink three times a day is a pain in the ass but you know when you got to clean it got to put away it takes a lot of time but if I wake up and I’m committed to everyone and I want everyone to be happy your I easily can make one green drink okay so the middle person the most days I can make one and the last person didn’t take the entire blunt if you know you’re living together and something goes wrong with something hey you know what had you tip in and get the person’s car fixed or whatever or if a person needs a little bit of love or their feelings I’m very big in the community and exploring that is what my house is kind of crazy cuz I have a woman’s had girls dad trying to get away from crazy boyfriends and biker boyfriend and I believe you know women trying to get them off meth and drugs and then come here and right now I have a woman who is here with trying to get away from her husband and it’s a very big community of women and I’m kind of like that guy in the middle who’s that stability for them and it’s very empowering to which also use healing for them is I’m not hitting on you a lot of these women aren’t you I believe at this point if it’s there and it mixes cool if not you don’t have to force anything yet I just I guess that I’m at and so it’s just very refreshing to see how women can also be healed by being in a situation where a guy is just letting them be safe and it’s part of my past is to explore this in to see how it works but you got to put yourself in the fire and you got you got to be willing to get bumped and bruised and people questioning you who you are and and having a lot of bad. Talk about how people sometimes my neighbors and they think that they like that’s the dumbest thing like I’ma throw parties and I’m up here but I’m like 3 minutes so they’re like they have to put what they think is on it because they can’t imagine one guy having four five six girls living with him and not knowing what to call it because they’ve never experienced it so they can think by releasing questions like I get phone calls from everyone thank you a lot of it has to do with their own wanting to explore that and they don’t have anyone to go by so if you put yourself in there probably what you’re going to run into and just start the map is rudimentary as a map is so that the generations coming up have something to start with instead of having to revamp and reset the tire you know what I hear it’s beautiful or you’re not hitting on it because it’s coming abundantly and flowing to the conversation I guess is really looking at I-5 had a similar experience if when you stop running a predator energy of need and Des creation and unfulfilled desire and and you exude confidence and you make your intentions clear from the beginning you allow women or whoever you prefer to feel that it’s the ball’s in their court if they want to pursue you know they don’t have to bear them to be a big game of chasing around and being dishonest or just put it out there and you’ll be surprised I can speak from experience that it’s not like you’re being passive in you’re not I mean if your intentions are set very clear and salt from the beginning and you don’t manipulate like you’re saying you don’t play games you don’t play people against each other or like most people would be in some Jerry Springer nightmare under these conditions but if you trashed I feel like that’s is that for you while you’re filming comes from just in abundance and trust me and creating a safe space and you don’t have to be using all these tactics to mine fukin control people because you letting them just be free really is what it comes down to is that it is a very weak point of view and it’s not going to last it just built on Sand is what that is it takes a lot more diligence it takes a lot more come for who you are to be able to be in that environment and it because you know it could go left and right you could come back and grab the girls at all yet on which I’ve experienced a few times has a lot of women were interested in exploring the polyamorous relationship but as they go on which is good to explore because they’re like you know what I prefer one-on-one so one of the things that you have to experience and you can get hurt along the way but you know hurting something that is like a bruise it’s just a bruise that’s all it is it doesn’t break and you may even say you love her someone this isn’t really for me which is okay but then when a person leaves you know you’re so you have to be masculine and vulnerable to be able to take that hit to a degree and not cower away from it and not closed down but be more open and understanding that softness and that vulnerability what we talked about because a lot of people think it’s a little bit too feminist chords to fluffy there’s nothing fluffy about being able to deal with a person you know maybe leaving your life if you’re interested or you have feelings for him it says it’s just raw experiential and in being ballsy enough and brave enough to experience at and to know that hit a person could leave this is very brave so it’s a very very masculine thing and I don’t want to do it like all we have is you know that’s raw intimate loving really knows it’s just it’s wrong it’s just no bulshit by Fitz really rise it get so there’s only like I said there’s only Dynamics what a person is going to be a master there’s so many years is 24 and I noticed okay I’m still kind of very attracted to die still very much wanted it but it’s a little bit different and that 20 is a 28 finger a little bit more settled down you’re going to tell you if you’re still going to nightclubs whatever you look at the younger girls he was like top hits just so you know it’s a little strange or or or that maybe you can tell the difference between a younger woman who’s still into her adolescent mindset or younger woman who is very sexual and then 28 + 29 + 24 + every once in awhile like a younger one comes in and so the interesting whole thing about this is life cycle stuff is killing my orgasm in and work through your semen retention and do this and a lot of times I could just stop and get free. If I do decide to come others that I got to work with an immature so it’s not like we were before you got to choose your battles wisely analogies to the World of Sports and other areas that we have these archetypes for masculine power and power is sin it’s interesting because I don’t remember there was a top adult performer male performer with got in trouble for breaking the condom laws and record-keeping laws and got slapped with tens of thousands of dollars of fines bike out I think it’s cal-osha for producing foreign in violation of regulations and his kind of response to his kind of political statement was filing a complaint against one of the the MMA outfits to make the point that we condoning all this violence and all of these pathogen transfer events in contact Sports in in obviously box in MMA there’s they’re not hyper regulating and they’re trying to put the point in if you had a business using this tactic I meant I’m not saying hello ship but it’s like the political commentary of that whole situation is it it strikes to a deeper truth I think we’re at we’re training are athletes and conditioning are athletes in creating a culture of celebrating violence and making professional violence practitioners but the practice of the Living Arts have been driven underground so far and where it’s happening in pouring its being hyper regulated and it’s it’s so weird today if you’re watching traditional TV or something like this very interesting I’d say in the next 10 years especially since you know what these younger kids were grew up on we’re going to see the effects of gangbangs that you know when you’re watching them at 7 years old on your tits it’s going to be fascinating and women you know that I was involved with any dancers so I’ve seen many dancers absolutely ruin their the beautiful feminine that they had was in the came in they were just very soft and loving and and beautiful and after you know a couple months of people to give you the money or just dubbed that coldness when I get where they and very beautiful and I’m just turned dark and cold and ugly and so you don’t have to deal with that too because that’s that darker side of the feminine nature if they start thinking that it’s and that their sexual nature or that part of them is meant to do that they’ll never tap into the true essence of their own 782 and they’re going to be a big part of who they are never a team that beautiful status which is glowing compared to that kind of just that raw cold-hearted maybe sexy looking chick with close friends who I knew and they’re very beautiful blossoming into Womanhood in but still very innocent and then getting into the adult world and just becoming the most bitter really almost like a shell of a person you look in their eyes and they’re just gone this is so sad I mean everything in this that were talking about reveals a person you know you liked was that person really that person that beautiful who they were I have a firm belief that no matter what if your key or solid on the inside and you know who you are then that’s who you really are and you may have a little bumps and bruises along the way if your sit on that that’s all it’s going to release psycho so when I see these girls like Ben and like both who was the real you you know it was this or is that so it may have been hollowed out and child could be a very strange very strange talk about to see in jaculation and being able to cultivate the Sexual Energy so I’m curious since you are probably one of the few men alive who has been in the shed in the adult World in that way but also develop to the semen retention practices and the awareness of the chakras and in all this I imagine that you have been really opening the hearts and really healing and really expanding consciousness of your lovers and giving them experiences that they wouldn’t be getting as escorts or dominatrixes necessarily or any other type of sex worker or with what I don’t know how you and your Club so you know but I know that there’s a lot of lap dancing and then whatever else happens in the booth that doesn’t get asked about it told about it man it’s your duty to bring more love and light to whoever is your consort in the moment and so I just imagine that it’s just that was natural for you to have that effect on women and can you talk about any of those Glory of transformation and healing to those practices in love making you have to take the teacher at what I found is you have to take the just a teacher position where I consider like I’m a tour guide you know I’m here as you’re going to get to go somewhere going to take a ride you’re going to have fun you’re probably going to get wet and then you going to be able to go back to your normal life that’s kind of how you have to position in there because you’re dealing with people on that level you have to give them the out like you can’t let them completely commit to loving you on some level and and I and I don’t mean this in a bad way it’s a very positive but you don’t let them get attached and do you know where you’re supposed to just laying there and there are you know what after sex or even before sex with his laying on your chest is a masculine man you’re letting them know that it’s okay I’ve had women want to be around me is because I really hope ground them to the Greek intimate experience with them it’s a wonderful and then they got to go so you don’t let them get too attached and so they know that they have a spot where they can do this and I’m going to take care about it someone that they tend to fall in love with on unlevel but they protect themselves a lot of them what they want to hear let that happen. I am very upfront about it I’ll sleep know where they standing so they can go as deep as they want to go or give as much as they want to go and the nice thing about being like that is as you can develop relationships I have some women that I’ve been like this for almost 15 years and then setup without trying to hook him in and get them dependent on them like a like a lot of guys want to get that girl dick down so to speak to men need that because that’s their own security of of your hands like I don’t want that not a big deal as well either way it’s going to be a positive thing and that person don’t have to worry and I don’t have to worry about them either you know I’m a care about them but I know that there are a big girl making you know do whatever they want to do how do you know that something is just I’m getting chills right now just thinking about how like you said it’s complex and yet it simple mean this Simplicity and I’m singing all this is that it’s like the words monogamy non monogamy polyamory whatever it’s there all tongue twisters and they don’t they’re all inadequate in some way or shape or another but really what it comes down to is these words of control and freedom and what and are you a controlling lover or you a free lover and do you give freedom and you demand freedom and that this is kind of really the binary if if there had to be your talk about transparency thing about it the peaceful harmonious thing about it is when you’re open and you’re not running off of fear or worried about the other person there’s a certain contentment in life than just a man you’re here you’ve you’ve made it and these people choose to be in your life because they want to not because they’re forced to or they need to or they have some here the motion it’s cuz they genuinely truly want you and that’s a beautiful thing when you have that level of commitment of knowledge of knowing this that ever get to experience what that feeling is and to have attained that level and the nice thing about this whole thing of understanding this is what I love intimacy I love sex and I have also felt to the point where I can talk about all this when I put this kind of weird for me as if I’m even need to be physical anymore because I’ve explored it all throughout my body that it’s a component of it but I’ve reached this level of an elevation of okay yeah I don’t even need to be sexually morayfield like to be sexual but there’s a different energy so you has a more mature man it’s very interesting to you get to this point because you feel like you kind of mastered it and you understand the physical pleasures and you’ve explored the physical pleasures and in that and never developed that in my own Neurology in my own body and so it’s just another layer of wow that’s beautiful and deeply I used to say to myself I want to know myself after I have some Peak erotic experiences that I desire and feel frustrated about not having experienced and they are all very healthy and very empowering mutually empowering and just creative and wild as it should be but living in that state of it takes more than one person to achieve these goals or the person or the people that I’ve had opportunities with her only on board for a part of this shit at its really being a sexual Explorer adventure with ethics and a big heart and a big creative mind if it’s nice to start to feel that you get to that point and you feel like a man see for myself I value intimacy like a woman like I want from a woman what a woman wants from a man and it is a congruence there’s a congruent agenda of deep intimacy finally I didn’t have that vocabulary or that energy and I feel like that comes from really shipping on the nectar of the goddess and really knowing feeding yourself not like Jackhammer porn but feeding yourself dance meditation tantric energy work massage nature gardening let’s talk about it that the modern Sexual Man program like this new sexual Playboy Spirit you know conscious evolved kind of spiritual template for being a modern Sexual Man three you know Neil Strauss came in with the book the game but it helped mainstream everything of what we did but the unfortunate thing about what they did is they labeled it like Pick Up Artist and this is always been to me about men reconnecting with their own nature and exploring that and you know a lot of people that you don’t got thrown off by they want to be a pick-up artists and put a label on it into that this is something that is cool when it’s not cool it’s just natural and a lot of Industry educating guys on this so I did a lot of teaching with guys at on early level stuff and what I noticed that cat is you know I would take a lot of time in study something that put it out there and let you know other people would be using it and I have a lot of material you know I don’t think about you no respect given about her this is what we’ve developed in a thing like yourself for 20 years I just kind of sat on the sexual stuff and a lot of people didn’t even know that I was but to me this is really about opening up your mind maps cuz I studied in the road and doing good for programming hypnosis General semantics psychology I study all kinds of stuff you know I really try to figure out how I could utilize all this knowledge and put it into a program that got men educated on certain levels and so there’s about twenty three techniques that I developed that you’re not going anywhere else that I think she brought to the table and I just laid down this very strong very positive psychology where I thought a person could start from when I came out of the sexual man’s because this is a person who is like I said we were talking about being spiritual as much but I can go to a bar tonight and have a conversation with a girl let’s go fuck out by the garbage can about how woman’s body work how to help women that he would never have orgasms through hypnosis or what they call anchor language patterns and how to get them open and and just how to work with a woman’s body so you’re more like a teacher and you can have a woman Explorer like one here’s one technique that a lot of people interested in it was like anal sex a lot of women are very skeptical of anal sex cause a lot of guys don’t know what they’re talking about how things work so I was thinking through being a trainer your push your leg back if you resist for seven seconds because it’s further so what are the techniques that I thought about the stinkers basically a muscle so you know what I did is I was like and so I should have to look so if you’re in your starting now that you say you going to put your two fingers crossed over a little bit and put it into the point where you ask a girl can’t tell me when it’s uncomfortably never say painful or break if you say the word uncomfortable in a little bit uncomfortable and so he slept in a little bit and she’s pushing for seven seconds and then what you do is say okay and I’ll relax when the relax the muscle relaxants little bit more you can slightly push it in all said and she’s like okay if it’s uncomfortable so you say squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze again for relaxing stop to think how do you say basic sound like this is your toolbox like if you have these toolbox down lights going to be good for you because it takes you from one bad sexual experience, for everyone to be with you again and so it’s kind of utilizing that talk about stacking orgasms like there’s a great technique that I also talked about is your performing oral on a woman you have on your bed you have her head off the side of the bed you can you have a pillow Stack Up underneath her ass so the blood is actually going downward into her brain so in her head hanging off so it’s really pulling the blood there so when you stack an orgasm different ways of talked about it and you and you were to feel like a good orgasm stop and you can’t breathe through their bodies they’re packing all that Sexual Energy in there and then on what you say 345 or whatever you choose to pick as your stats they decide to have a orgasm as soon as I start that orgasm you grab their hand and the pull them up so they’re having an orgasm at the same time at the blood is Flushing out of their head in a lot of women can go unconscious with that which is perfect timing so if they do go unconscious and they’re absolutely in this unconscious phase and they’re they’re having orgasm they’re fighting compulsing it’s a beautiful time to be able to program things in their their head work you know they’re flopping around or they’re laying there and they’re just like that to your so sexy and so you can do the programming part of beautiful you know you’re an amazing lover your if you can really really cool things when they’re at that level of depth and when they come through there just get a lot of them cry because they do you know you can tap into something extremely extremely safe place to do and they are and you actually gave him a directions so it’s a lot of cool techniques like that to really get to know who you are lover and your inexperience lover so when you do come to the table she knows that hey you know what you’re talking about cuz you can be the greatest guy in the world but if you suck in bed or if you don’t have any gas or you may not get that second date and so why not you don’t be an experience or at least educated lover I think every man should be educated lover because women talk as well yeah it’s just really I think comes down to there’s no excuse if you have a skill doing anything you should be skilled at the most pleasurable aspects of life you know you can only eat so many times today you put the desire to be intimate and to have sexual contact is is pretty infinite so I this is great this is beautiful and I know there’s a lot of stuff out there but I really like the way you’re presenting it because it’s kind of a I can feel in your voice that real man up coach energy that if only young men as they were becoming only there was sexual initiation rites in the modern world that acknowledge that people are going to explore the birds and the bees when the energy comes when the hormones flowing all the stuff is happening and then to have this form of a resource out there for guidance I think it really will be that you know this will be one of many beautiful antidotes to the the negative conditioning and do you want to be a Jedi do you want to be a hero do you want to be a Toyota Zone and just live that way and I’m really kind of like moving into this just text level of the day like helping people with their you know what their health and I think I’m going to move into another area as far as I go I don’t want to be there at the guru and I never did really want to be the guru I just want to be a guy who’s going to give unique perspective on things and it kind of gives like that like even when it was big in the pool or phase night I never really put myself out there too much cuz I don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of guys in reality I prefer the company of women and so I was just like you don’t take what I am going to offer I’m going to run over here and I’m going to be transparent about this and I hope you will learn to some degree in and really and in at the same time though help men not get caught into the misogynistic aspect of it because that coldness so can men wear maybe they’ve been the nice guy of the good guy and they’ve been taking advantage of it all time to get this like fuck you bitch where you like it and that’s a negative aspect of it to sew Vengeance in baggage in LA Obi-Wan Kenobi becomes more mainstream and who knows maybe I’ll become even more popular more mainstream but I’ve always been pretty cool with you being on in the underground I hear you and I will you know what’s what I feel like that would be so redeeming for me is during the way you speak in hearing this very fully develop masculine I feel like you if you are like a sports coach that you could be the sports coach of male Talent pornstars you could be directing porn or at least transforming and doing makeovers on the male performers and giving them cuz obviously I mean I went to the the AVN Expo for the first time this year early this year and I went to the male performers panel because I’ve been doing some of my own performing and some kind of avant-garde start recording project and what’s not topping the charts yet but I hope to build alliances with people men and women & Beyond who want to bring these techniques and Technologies into erotic Cinema in and I feel like I don’t think a lot of them even know I think I asked the panel I said do any of you guys consciously practice tantric breathing techniques to be able to last as long as you have to be on set all day they didn’t really have an awareness of the technology of time for like it wasn’t the delegation from the contract movement has not into the mainstream for him to be so we can’t blame that originally like when I was growing up I wanted to be a pornstar and the only reason I didn’t really become a pornstar in my way was because at that point I was like you know my dad’s a Navy captain of my mom said nurse I don’t think that they’re going to really appreciate that at the young age not shameful about it like yeah I think fucking is is great I got to get some normal I guess I don’t look at it as poor another cat it’s like you know this is me being vulnerable in and that’s a cool thing so it’s funny when you said that you were taking that because I thought about partaking in things like that to just agree to us. But it’s supposed to be scheduled for next month where I’m in a very unique position was like okay that’s weird cuz people think a motivational speaker porn fuck yeah let’s do it right now and I don’t know where the line is any more like is this normal cuz I don’t care but at the same time dick in her mouth shut so it’s it’s definitely a fine line to figure out where you’re at on it because it’s weird this going to be a post porn reality very soon I think people it’s like this sort of feeding frenzy on the visual depiction of naked flesh and of all these different types of fucking it’s it’s kind of a Fascination the obsession with everything and all of the really I would say harmful and grotesque transgression stuff it’s kind of like it’s I think it’s going to burn itself out part of me is like I got to go in there and I’ve got to save everybody soul and I’ve got to bring him the light and also I think that just the more ubiquitous erotic entertainment becomes the more sophisticated and people are going to develop taste you know it’s like they just have no taste because there they’ve been so deprived if you’ve been starving someone don’t eat shit if you put in front of them if they get to sort of eat that shit for a while and they somehow survived it they’re going to develop a taste for gourmet meals and they’re going to want to put in the effort and put their money behind it and support the people who are doing more interesting and sophisticated stuff so mean ideas of live sex education performance and art and that being a mean at what if there was a big show in Vegas that was the tantric opera or the tantric Musical and it was live sex with all your favorite adult performers and they’re actually doing something sophisticated artistically and with energy movement and soul and the Shiva Shakti that could light up the whole Coliseum Detroit whatever I mean that would be the future you know where they wanted to develop how they want to do it that’s that’s very interesting Pioneers just bringing it so that they have this pool of knowledge to go from him and that can be a blessing and one way but it’s also because of a curse on another one because they know people tend to sometimes get lazy when it’s just presented Aaron the explorations gone so maybe we’re just all the performers in the Pioneers they’re doing this what it was that I read in your email is ground-and-pound like an MMA fighter on your own you know Langham as is the typical very aggressive non loving knots in the future where the sexual Arts are celebrated at least as much as the combative arts and the sportive Arts of say and imagine that the the sport would be if they keep okay we’re going to put him out of going to ring with these Stuckey country code your guinea women and they’re all going to try to make him come and steal is a jackulate like the white tigers are going to come in there as well as a jackulate he’s always make you know he’s holding on he’s absolutely blacks out I had to discover that with a lover when she would wake up and go and be mad that we didn’t have sex in like yeah we did well control IR that over your own ability I’ve been I’ve been pretty funny with a lot of the other forensic scientist and hamburger McIntosh broke like that I will give you a ride so it kind of got her motivated to the point where I am coming over all right so I was like you know who won 0 and then one second layer on your loss and I would just because you had that control to be able to do that right after it’s accepted in 5 minutes into seconds. The bet you if you don’t get the computer so we had but it’s not sexual ability to have fun like that where we know they’re trying to get your she’s really trying here what’s going on I keep going straight so you know it’s got to have that. Even if it was pouring skit of some kind that just might a picture of as if the poor and actresses doing the Macho Man Randy Savage all that drama because it kind of you know it’s like there is something Charming about the the masculine the urge for conquest and you know but it if it could be in a playful loving a healing mass you know I mean I I have fantasies of women conspiring to just spoil me with sexual love and making you know entry out of how they’re going to surprise me by pulling pranks on me or something to keep it exciting and fun and interesting and dynamic and I like the idea of contest in this whole sport of thing we were just Shuckers for gaming we’re suckers for keeping score and points I mean like if you look at a karate match they look at all the different point they issue they they give you all these points to give you the rating so imagine a sort of I mean they already call it sexual come true in there the Chinese Dallas tradition but imagine matches you don’t like porn matches that are not just like a stick of the Thompson Twins or whoever they do whatever they want to be I think it’s I think that’s a classic hilarious idea. And fun the secret is it is you can’t touch anything to it and they’re both okay I do feel like this begs the question or makes me feel want to explore this a little bit of this kind of the darker side of this obsession with this conversation sheds light on from a country perspective or sacred sexuality kind of perspective or Taoist sexual Kung Fu perspective is that there is this really compulsive ejaculation skewing of section and just about guys getting off but I think there’s if the coolest toughest hard disk or baddest ass man you could be with a man who didn’t come in that way and wasn’t spilling the seed then a whole new machismo cuz there’s always going to be with us about what is the thing that people are competing over in fighting to be the best at it’s going to always be that way and if it’s to be the longest lasting least seeds building Tantra master the porn ring or whatever it is immediately I think that’s really one of the antidotes for for the rape culture is it if it’s been really understand it my heart turned on I want you to really like I want to last long enough so that my heart explodes you know that is unconditional love and Shakti and goddess and God Shiva is flowing through me they’ve never experienced that if they’re just hunched over like an imbecile spilling out load after load on the keyboard on a Polaris I’m glad that you’re leaving with with that, it just needs to be a family value save your seed as you age you with Grace and it took a long time for me like it go to the bathroom three four five six times a day that a duck into bill. You know breathing and even have the self-confidence to the muscle that’s weird I like it a lot of experimenting I mean I would go and I’m very extreme and and nature so I’m on one month I would go okay you know what I’m going to do is I’m going to just you know I’m going to party I’m going to drink smoke drugs experiment for this kind of Dark Realm in the next month I would say okay buy food completely healthy because I really want to see the Dynamics of the energy back and forth back and forth I want to explore this and get to the point where I can have a full understanding that this lifestyle leads to this this lifestyle leads to that and what are the real interesting things about doing this whole process was that exploring that you really get to find with your own Sexual Energy that you have to be able to save it for yourself to a degree and any time that I felt Beatdown a rundown of things like this is like I have a whole little ritual in one would be to channel to Sexual Energy and save and heal my own body up so I know when I want to get back on point if I was off center from 3 Day green juice fast it’ll couple sessions of channeling that Sexual Energy to myself with a massage in and at least one acupuncture thing and I’m back on point so if you can utilize that Sexual Energy and healing way as well so you know that’s a really cool thing to be able to explore in okay been there done that it I got it I get it right I think we have definitely given listeners a lot to want to dig into Explorer so do you want to talk a bit more about how people can connect with your work and get to sign up for everything that you talked about that goes out and there and if you want to go on YouTube I have a channel called hypnotika and phenotype and ask if not a lot of guys send me questions on I respond very well to question so am I send me questions and there is a way to get ahold of it I think it’s a scam Nautica gmail.com send me a question and I get you to help people through the internet on YouTube so don’t like too many places or I think modern-day Sexual Man. Com is another place but I think hypnotic has is a very good generalized Center to meet there I do have a lot of stuff on YouTube in a lot of seminars that I’ve done over the years and that’s that’s a good place well thank God for you to do what I want to see is this Alchemy of the Sacred bad boy nurture master of himself and his love and his hard and every part of his being in this is I think people should definitely watch your videos and get a sense of the intensity flowing through and he wanted to give people a gift for mentioning the show if they contact you anyway would be cool in a group on Facebook if they want do it there it’s it’s called The Master Circle there’s almost like 800 guys there and it’s such a strong powerful group of guys that really helped it’s it’s no spamming should it snow in a misogynist of these are really really good guys that I filtered through and so if you go there and you just stopped me to join to say hey I heard your lecture I’ll just release it to the whole group that one free thing from the 7-Day sexual Mastery that’s all I got it took a trance hypnotic program that helps reprogram and help design a sexual States within a dream state so you can eat a lot of guys can work out their stuffing in a dream state so when they wake up they’ve been able to rehearse sexual States and Central mindset listen to it on your show group in wall to put the link in the show notes that people can go there and find the master Circle the words you want to share your doing as well and it is very interesting because you said you earlier I was listening to some of your stuff you know very Jim Morrison type of spoken word and you don’t I appreciate that self into the Zone Creative Energy Tucson love of life is on passion for life are the ones that are better lovers because of the fact that they’re transmuting it into creativity and two aren’t into creative exploration and expressions and so I found it interesting that because we both kind of do the same thing that we’re both in the spoken word were bolted audio and I appreciate what you do to cuz it’s not just me and it’s not just you it’s it’s just we’re leaving a legacy for for the men that will be up and coming that’s healthy and hopefully by then they can say hey if you really want to study. The guys that are ethical that you’re both sides to degree can understand go yeah that’s this is quality control over the web and trying to figure out who’s who you know by then it’s well-established these are the the longevity to coaches that have the reputation that are are balanced in their thinking and they’re very just raw and manly absolutely you can’t you can’t sell it it doesn’t work if you’re too being out and you know your lover will be cheating on you with the biker or the football player or whatever they get need to get that flirty from so it’s really powerful potent reconciliation of this sort of the splitting and so yeah we we’ve come very much for Circle in the last thing I want to say is just said that I just cannot wait for your values and ethics and techniques and training strategies to kind of percolate through the pants and the porn directors and all the guys who are high-fiving telling lies about girls at ball games and barbecues and jerking themselves into imbecility over pouring eventually it’ll get to critical mass and and I feel like the greatest gift of mixing the tantric wisdom is that if you become a Yoni worshiper good things are going to happen really good things are going to happen and miracles are going to happen and you never know which Yoni you’re going to come through in the next life so treat them all like it’s going to be the one you might be coming through UNIF hoping you might get excused from this body in some way and so it’s I feel that from you man I can tell the difference you know you can tell if a man really really ships the Divine nectar of the Goddess through the Earth through the cosmos in through his beloved and I think I feel that has John residents with you on that level so keep being a blessing and we’ll start busting his curses and raise the vibration and I appreciate you for what you do and much more right on that all right with you have a wonderful night will be entitled thank you. 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Kai Karrel: The Karate Kid of Tantra TPP58


Kai Karrel PicIn this episode I have the exquisite joy of talking with one of the most endearing modern tantrikas. Kai Karrel shares his cinematic story of initiation into traditional authentic tantric practice in India as a teenager. We then discuss his ego-dissolving and heart melting practice of leading puja rituals for modern seekers, followed by a critical exploration of masculinity, sexual healing, and shamanism.
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About Kai:
Kai Karrel is writer, a poet, a mystic and a spiritual adventurer. He is a mystical traveler devoted to the exploration of the unknowable. He travels among native traditions and ancient cultures. In a way he considers himself a traditional light warrior, using the lighter side of his teaching to inspire spiritual growth and self-love. After over 20 years of deep study and devotion to walking a spiritual path, living in ashrams and learning from numerous teachers and guides, the emerging pattern that Kai has devoted his life to sharing, is that truth is a pathless land and that a true mystical experience lies in full acceptance and radical self inquiry. His teachings reflect a deep commitment to freedom and truth, the search for one single experience – falling in love with one’s self.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello there by lovense welcome to time for fun podcast episode number 58 I am doing interview with Kai Corral today and I’ll just a little bit I got to experience his goddess invocation goddess Federation weather in La a while back and I had heard about his work from the Laurie handlers Country Cafe podcast in was so intrigued because I felt like I’d really wanted to experience more authentic lineage based Puja ritual after so many kind of fun just you know what I just said it politely just kind of the more Neo Tantra experiences that we’re lacking that sensor a real identity and so to experience the goddess adoration project and all its glory and get the full background of the story behind it is just the most hurting melting experience ever and I just been it’s got to be the next you know High School prom evolve into this experience so without further Ado Kai would you please tell us your beautiful spiritual by story adventure and give us lots of details about your initiation in India please thank you for inviting me and not having me sockets I’m you know it’s funny because I’ve LEDs I don’t know maybe four hundred and something of these puchis all over the over the world even in Bernie and I told the story almost every single time and it’s so for me I always think maybe maybe you know it’s enough I don’t have to tell the story again or if I always think it’s kind of long you’ll see so I always wonder but then people like you like no I like this is such a good story tall order but you know what I just before I go into that I just want to say that countries you know has been defined in so many different ways and there’s so many teachers there so many past or so many books in scripture is in definitely in the west most of us to relate the word Tantra to sexuality in the police into miss your relationships and when I started my journey which is 20 plus something years ago I there were not so many books about that or else I was in Israel israeli-born it wasn’t you know you wouldn’t be able to just Google it or it wasn’t something so common and I actually came to Tantra for my Buddhist perspective what is Tantra and the different different daily practices and before that also I was practicing Hari Krishna help for a short. Of time but don’t know what I want to say or was important in you know when when today people ask me what is my opinion and I can’t expand the way I can offer offer what I do to not be so Tantra focus on specific and mostly because of the fact that I feel for most people what they want when they hear the word tundra is more sick sexual education for me if you ask me I have to Define clench I would say that it’s a path for falling in love with yourself that’s first and foremost an interesting Lee enough in the exact same moment that you fall in love with yourself you realize that you have fallen in love with divinity and you have fall in love with everyone around you that are there that quality in you. Just changed so when I started my journey I have actually I ate a friend of mine told me about this place and basically told me that it’s a very strict Tantra experience so I was very intrigued went to see the I talked to a couple people that were there and realize that I need to wait a couple more months until they will have a balance between men and women and by the way I feel free to stop me and ask for a drone whatever flavors and then eventually I got to I got to the to the ashram in after waiting a little bit so we started the process now they waited until there is a equal number of men and women and I think we were 12 altogether and just as a side note important to note that all teachers in specifically. Place for women there were a couple of minutes were more like janitors and cleaners and you know technical people but the teacher is holding of their lineage and holding of wisdom or women and we started with an initiation and opening ceremony where men were sitting in one side women were sitting on the other side and the asked that there is it’s cold in selection process so the teachers did the keys which the word that he needs her in its original form is Sky Dancer or or a deeper meaning to bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to heaven so the teachers are bikinis came in and I think there were 16 maybe and they were all all beautifully dressed with sarees and lots of jewelry really really beautiful and I was there when I was I think 17 or a little bit before even so obviously and I was a kid. Agent looking for the most attractive one because I want you know I’m hoping that she’ll be my teacher and train me in and then one of them comes up and she says she turns to this old lady that was sitting in the back of the room that I haven’t even noticed before and she says Sharma you are the eldest so you have the first thing and she was sitting there and she was knitting or doing something with her hands and she just put it down and she walked straight at me and she said him and went back to the back of the room and I’m like oh my God I was so disappointed and I can’t believe it. I didn’t even see her and then they kept on selecting everyone so the first stage is that half of the bikinis select the men that they want to work with and then the same one is supposed to select the woman that she was going to be your practice partner for the rest of the of the time so I guess they say the same thing shark when you have you know you’re the eldest you have first pick so I’m looking around and you know have you ever had that you left a walk in an elevator or Sia someone that you are so attracted to that they’re so beautiful that you just kind of weird you don’t know really eat with your jaw drops and you don’t really know what to say so there was one girl like that in the room and I was like please please I was kind of praying to God and God gave me. So please please give me this and Sharma walk straight to that girl and she says her I couldn’t believe it I’m like yeah thank God it’s like finally I’m so happy and then after the whole selection process is over they say a few more Montrose and there’s a little bit a little bit more explanation but the main thing that was explained to us is that the only person that we actually don’t get to practice with a tall is the person that was selected for us at the only interaction with that person is the final final test stock was so devastated collected this is a joke that you can be so from that moment on basically we were taught how to first of all there is a lot of scripture study that’s a very big part a lot of muncher recitation a lot of different scriptures in a lot of different ceremonies but in terms of relating between men and women there’s really a vast you know body of knowledge that you’re learning about the other gender and how to relate to them in different forms to say that this is not necessarily an erotic or a romantic relationship to my mail to a woman but in all forms so did they teach you how to interact with your mom with your girlfriend with your grandma with you know in any basically any form of male-female interaction so the majority of the practices are divided into erotic and non-erotic and it’s amazing because really kind of has researched every type of interaction or or verbal connection to possibly can be an example of the few things that we’ve been learning how to feed a woman how to dress a woman how to bathe a woman how to draw a woman after bathing at all these forms has their erotica non-erotic forms for example example that they often give us about feeding that you can feed a person sitting in front of you erotic lien on erotically so for example and you know you don’t see me right now let’s all try to describe shirtless they were at a sushi restaurant if I want to see the person in front of my grandma which means if the nun erotic connection I’m going to take the sushi take the Chopstick and lifted straight up and put it into her mouth that’s a non-erotic feeding and if I want to feed my wife my partner I’m going to take the same Chopsticks lift the sushi in just before coming to her mouth I will turn it a hundred and eighty degrees and put it in her into her mouth so you that’s what how why is this erotic they’re both eventually getting the same place the one with the twist interesting enough when I signal that or the subconscious of the person in front I’m doing the string motion depressant person in front of me is going to slightly tilt their head which If you experience. Barfield what happens in the body there’s this openness to happens with it I would use it with submission but not in a negative connotation you’re not very beautiful open receptive kind of interaction so throughout the year we would learn this but I want to add one very important part in that is Sharma that the person that I got to study with is probably one of the Nina and smiling unfriendly teachers I’ve ever had and I just didn’t understand why she hates me so much and she would constantly tell me you should leave this is not for you just just give up now what would happen if we learn something and I would see our most interesting to say that I would see other people in the ashram and they would be walking hand-in-hand with their dakini in if they would make a mistake that there would you say no no no you just say it like that or you arrange the ceremony like this and she doesn’t tell me what was wrong how to fix it nothing just got close to the end we holds with gold a chamarra tomorrow is at tail of a monkey on a metal stick and you go above your head and cannot whiskey a bit of are the person in front of you cuz there’s a certain angle that you’re supposed to do that with your wrists I think the day she taught me how to do this so she shows me once and like you know so fast like I can’t even understand what you just did and then tells me now you so I take it and I do it but I do it’s wrong and I kept on going I don’t know maybe for two hours in my arms worth her the issues not telling me how to fix that you just and it drove me crazy it drove me crazy you know I have to say almost left like three or four times that I just felt you know this ridiculous she’s not she just hates me and I don’t understand what I did wrong why am I being punished like this but the interesting thing is was it I kept asking her by the way this whole experience teaches you how to hold pooches when specifically a goddess pujan that’s what you experience with me which is a adoration to women adoration actually to the opposite and actually there are Hindus listening to this podcast they probably they’re very familiar with poo just that you do to JT’s to Ganesh to to Lakshmi and it’s interesting because actually they’re they’re quite many that know these that God has put us in touch with experience but often they don’t really so what it is it the exact same adoration serve service or ceremony for Pooja that we do in India for the date he’s just instead of a statute we have a real life person sitting in front of us so one of the things that they kept asking for his charmant when will I be ready how do I know that I’m ready when she would always say the same thing when you look at your partner and see God and I just said I don’t think that’s ever going to happen it’s just you know I don’t feel it so why are you here or just leave you know what country is about. If you’re not stuck. You’re not not what you’re after just not going to happen leave and I was so stubborn you know what if this is the last thing I do I will prove this to this woman that I can actually do it so process kept on going and then finally and I’m I’m skipping a lot of the teachings of course there is you know so many different things that we’ve learned throughout that time but eventually you get to a point where she comes to me one day and she says okay tomorrow morning you were going to perform the morning ritual that leads to do your final test the goddess Pooja and I was so shocking like what really and actually is a funny thing is that I said it to her I said I’m not ready so then what you mean you’re not there I don’t think I can see God in the person in front of me and she said well if you’re right I don’t care what you think I’m not it’s not that I’m not asking you if you want to do it this happening tomorrow morning so what happens if the first stage of the ceremony and we don’t do it until I got to squeeze you that they facilitate but India in the first process is called the bathing ceremony and you take the first into the river and you need to bathe them and they’re wearing very sick sorry so they’re not naked and your bathing them in think 8 or 12 different liquids there is yogurt honey orange juice apple juice coconut water a few different things and each time you’re there so many mattress that you say in any cover them with the strength liquid and then you take that you how you were holding this huge konshen you taking the liquid and covering them and then water and washing it off and then honey which took forever and then washing it off there’s a whole process of adoring the person in front of you is if there are God and relating to that and of course every every one of these elements have its meaning and very special invocation that while this is happening both of the Kings the king of that was teaching me in a dakini The Toasted teaching her are sitting at the bank of the river looking at me do this and looking for me to make mistakes is wrong and I needed to stop I’ll say stop but if I say if you did a mistake with you should continue but she treated me like a pavlovian dog you know it’s kind of like okay I hear that sound in a stop so that alone was really really challenging for me because of course she did it there were like three moves but anyway I’m really nervous these two women or kind of needing to give me the okay but I also have to save the first time since I didn’t tell you earlier than actually doing this with that incredibly beautiful woman and she’s in the water in I first signed up and she’s smiling she’s gorgeous and this whole experience in and it it was the feeling was a time you know what the clumsy guy in the water in the three women are just making fun of me so that’s completed in an hour and a half and then the next day she puts her foot on a rock and you Tire anklet imagine my hands are filled with honey and yogurt and all the different things so to put you know even regularly just do you know you by your girlfriend anklet or a bracelet she asked you to put it on and it’s like this tiny little thing that you need to open a time like with all my hands filled with liquids and trying to do that and they’re just laughing at me so again there is a mantra for that you put that one and then the bracelet and then I think that’s a beautiful things actually usually put on weddings because one of the ideas of the wedding between the Divine masculine and divine feminine. Between the participants but the symbology behind it and so that is complete a few closing Montrose and then she walks away so I go to Sharman basically she needs to tell me if I passed or not and interesting lie when the other the king and the woman were walking away I could see that the other the king is very serious and her face I’m like oh no I probably failed and then I look to Charmaine she looks at me and she never smile so she she wouldn’t you know her face didn’t really changed but she says let’s chance to Durga and I’m sitting there like tell me if I passed or not I’m already so nervous and after I know maybe 15 minutes of chanting says okay go take a shower and prepare and I prepare for what so what do you need for watch for the guy but you know okay so excited running to the house and that also means not only that they need to take a shower and prepare and change what I’m wearing but also go to the temple and prepare the actual Pooja get the flowers in different items that are on a plate when they’re official yeah I remember you mentioned this at one point in the when you’re telling a story that you said something about like you said like it’s time we take 5 showers with you cuz you just mention the shower if I didn’t ask you then what exactly that meant but it was I was curious so I just taking a shower the one of the things that this in. Specific from a direct I’ve seen you in a few different places they idea that you take five different showers throughout the day we’re presenting a different different expressions of difference demigods hygiene and mental physical and emotional cleanliness is very very important part of the practice so you kind of divide your day in terms of what you were doing in the practices to which shower of the day that is I think after I finished was time for a second so I run I prepare the the temple everything everything is ready and looks good and I sit there and await Ivan I’m waiting for them in at the same time that I had mine there was another guy that’s actually a Hindi guy Hindu guy that had his centrifuge kind of test the same time so he brought his whole family and I’m sitting there waiting and invited by the way I’ll just mention that’s my parents throughout my whole process and I actually after that are from a joint another option for 13 and 1/2 years throughout my entire Journey my parents were not very supportive of my spiritual journey I was supposed to be a web developer where a lawyer Reno something like that so I was kind of and I’m sitting there looking at the plate and then suddenly Sharma comes in and the other The Keeney into my my partner came in and all all three of them looked incredibly beautiful I was really really amazed and my partner comes and she’s incredibly beautiful red sorry she was just stunning like I couldn’t believe but I have to say one thing before I went into this whole Pooja that night I had a really really sad feeling because I knew that I’m going to sit in front of my partner and I’m not going to see God I in a way I felt that I feel that that’s what I was there for and what I was taught did you know that the Perfection within deal with Tantra is it’s not going to happen I am just a regular guy sitting in front of a very attractive woman I see a very attractive woman I feel my my cash in my excitement no I don’t really feel Divinity where she got in that experience so I remember that the fourth shower that they took before coming and I really thought to myself wow Sharma finally found a way to get rid of me so you know she’ll do the thing I’ll pass and then I leave but it didn’t work and I was really really sad it was actually went into this whole experience excited but also mostly depressed and sad that’s okay I’m this is going to be over and I blew it so I sit there and then my partner sitting in front of me and I look at that played when they realized that I forgot the incense I had everything else that fire the conscious to water everything was there chocolate but I missed the instance so what I’m supposed to do is to go to Sharm until I’m sorry making a mistake but I saw that they fell do that you’ll probably tell me okay so let’s start all over tomorrow and basically it blew it blew it so I’m looking around and I knew that I can ask from the Hindi because he is not going to help me but I was looking around and finally a thought I saw that there’s a pack of incense on the main altar I think to myself how can I steal this instance and have it for me without without getting caught because you know you’re probably like it’s the worst Karma you can possibly happen and then the rest in that is that if I get caught by her that’s even worse so I had this lady I’m going to go to the Altar and I’m going to like make the show that’s like I’m the most emotional person in the world and just fell down on the floor and stand up and down down and I did that for like 10 minutes and I was all sweating and I saw Sharma Luke against me in the first like 3 minutes like what is he doing but you know they can tell you anything lotion to God in the floor frame so I did that for like 10 minutes and also the other guys waiting so everyone is like his whole family is happening so finally left over so I go back to my seat and put it down kind of Hope okay no one noticed actually did Hindi guy notice and he’s like looks looks like oh my God. Anyways same thing Sharma tells me if I go you continue only if I say stop you stop now what’s my partner were sitting in front of me is West I can’t even tell you my heart’s was literally outside of my body like pounding I was so excited I was so thrilled but I did not see God I saw an incredibly attractive woman that I was so attracted to him so happy and she’s smiling and and then we start the ceremony and I’m saying the mantras and I do actually almost everything was really really you know according to the book perfect and the incense and fire in tears and watering the same process that you you’ve experienced Hindi I finished like in 10 minutes I kept on going cuz and everything took me a little longer and then the last and the last thing as you get them a gift and do they give you a gift and then blew the Conch to ceremonies over and she walked away and then again I go to Sharma and well did I pass last chance is Oregon so another 50 minutes of like nerve-racking and I’m sitting there but in my mind I keep thinking while she’s just you know even if I did pass I actually failed and I really felt so sad I’m going to go out I felt spiritually like a complete failure and also they waited all this time because you know okay so I learned all of this but nothing real like nothing of substance actually came out of this practice so shatter with 15 minutes of chanting she says okay go take your last shower and go to visit her in her room we’re basically you know we are adults we can do whatever we want some you know again excited but also very sad so I go I actually I said I said Sharma but I feel they didn’t really see God she said I don’t care you have to do what I’m telling you so go now so I went I change my clothes I was so sweaty took a shower and went knocked at the door and the first time actually when I knocked at the door and she said come in at the first time I heard her voice so that the entire year I was strictly supposed to stay away from her so I walk in and she’s sitting there on her bed and she wore this incredibly beautiful yellow dress and I sat next to her and we held hands and we just looked into each other’s eyes for I can’t even tell you how long but something very peculiar happened in that moment I went in knowing that I’m going to see the same person that’s woman that I’ve been practicing with and as I was sitting there I looked into her face and I saw God and everything changed and interesting thing happen is if we both fell asleep you probably ideas for I don’t know how long we didn’t say a word we both fell asleep woke up in the morning with a little bit and then we together we went to breakfast and Sharma was over you there and she looks at my face and I didn’t say a word and it’s the first time that she actually laughed out loud at you said you see I knew it’s going to work and I was so blown away because it was not expected this was not so not what I thought was going to happen and then we were there for a couple of months doing a few more practices and actually think of how many people ask me but we’re all the sexual practices and all that so when I asked my bikini when asked, what about the physical things in there you know sexual practices in Kamasutra I know that she said well if you do all the practices that they told you if you focus on communication creativity if you focus on listening you do the if you follow the art of adoration like you were thoughts and sexual just work perfectly a very different perspective now obviously know a part of the teaching and country is is different sexual connective and intimacy collection practices but it’s important for me to say that when you study classic country do you’ll realize that the sexuality piece of something like 10% for me to tell you that when you take your car to the garage car fixing is all about changing the tires you laugh at me because there’s so many other things that need to be fixed in a car it’s for the car to move it’s not just the tire yourself other things so that’s the ratio sex is an important piece of course to intimacy and relationships but it’s only a piece there so many other things have to fall into place anyways after after that those couple few more months we had to do was called the closing ceremony the point where I


The Future of Masculinity and Erotic Media with Destin Gerek TPP53


tp-destin-gerek-picIn this episode I’m joined by Destin Gerek for a discussion about the future of sacred masculinity and conscious erotic media. He shares an overview of his background and path to become a tantric sexual healer and erotic empowerment coach, then offers a beautiful and powerful intentional meditation. We end by opening an ongoing discussion about sexual health best practices and bringing tantric ethics and techniques to the adult entertainment industry.

Destin’s Bio:

Destin Gerek is a transformational empowerment coach who specializes in helping you awaken your sexual energy, while harnessing this newfound power to passionately manifest your biggest visions, and create the life of your dreams. A globally recognized thought leader in the realms of sexuality, consciousness, and personal transformation. Destin has been working in the field of human sexuality for over 17 years.

In 2004, Destin experienced a massive spiritual reawakening while hitchhiking through southern Mexico. Since that time, Destin has made it his life’s purpose to help catalyze an elevation in global sexual consciousness.


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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved’s welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 53 I’m going to be interviewing one of my heroes in the Tundra fuel Destin Garrick and he’s going to give us a little bit of safe intro and tell us a bit about his background and then we’re going to talk about best practices for being part of the new masculine sacred masculine Paradigm so Destin thank you for being on the show and then Karen can I make you for having me at as request why don’t we all just take a moment to drop in together who knows what you were doing before you hit play on this podcast but just invite you to take a moment to stock everything else at the moment to close your eyes and just bring your attention Within feel the Earth beneath you gravity drawing you down towards the Earth weather at supporting bring your attention to those subtle Sensations like the feeling of your clothes on your body and how as you breathe your clothing shifts around your body and as you do that allowing your breath simply slow down and bacon allow each breath to get slower in each breath to get deeper than the one before. To the point where these could even be the slowest breaths on the deepest breaths that you’ve ever taken in your entire life and you may notice that with each of your exhalations your body becomes a little bit more relaxed a little bit more calm which of these equations your mind becomes a little more quiet a little more Style there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go slowing down and open to receive or we have to offer you if you’re able to and buy you to stay with your breath throughout this podcast how’s your ready where we going from here thanks so much that’s enough Exquisite I feel great and I am ready to receive your story a bit your pathway leading up to becoming a I thought leader and trainer in the new sacred masculine men’s movement I’m going to need some of your help here cuz my path has been very long and winding into our time here used on that each time I share my story comes up differently and they’re all true well let me see if I can let me see how much of your story I remember then you can track me how about that at the end of it all right so you are a you were traveling you were traveling at think in the in the south southern hemisphere and you are kind of finding yourself and you were in a relationship that was a relationship that you were not fully empowered in and something kind of snapped and you started to get heavily into empowerment through Contra sacred sexuality and then you’ve developed erotic Rockstar archetype two step two more empowered role and then you sort of worked with that for a while I became that to various degrees and then evolved more into you can say less will just be more of service to training men to become well I guess a little more grounded than a rockstar and now you only Robbins of Tantra and it’s not a bad summation to fill in some of those details okay so in 2004 after what I’m just going to refer to as hitting rock bottom in my life I’m having a psychological and emotional breakdown I went hitchhiking through southern Mexico with a backpack on my back and like no money to my name and figuring out how he’s going to get the next meal and how is going to get so wherever I was going next and as much as I thought that I’d hit rock bottom actually further bottomed out during this job and then there was a point where I just gave up I just gave up I wouldn’t have said that I was surrendering to the Divine or God or anything at the time because I didn’t believe in such things I just all I knew anymore was I didn’t know anyting and that was a very powerful moment because before then I swear I think I thought I knew everything I had it all figured out and there’s so much I was clinging to and I struggling with the when I Let Go when I gave up it just opened up the space and like a light switch being turned on suddenly everything check 18.2 a single day where weather moments who I was before I knew I was after we’re completely different or suddenly every person I was meeting every conversation I was having seems designed for this shift in my Consciousness and awareness to take place now I’m at a point 12 years later we’re at the Spaniards like that happens to me all the time but by the time it was it was brand new experience it was completely off life-altering and I relate to it as my Spiritual Awakening and and it before then my life was on this downward spiral every year altimate Leaf find myself feeling more disempowered ever since it’s been an upward spiral it. The say that every moment has been absolutely amazing that was certainly not my life has had many struggles and challenges in the time since many of the announcer if you look at it over time for each year is just just keeps getting better. Was it just keeps getting better at through every painting hardships still just getting better my connection to my own self my own spirituality my own power my own possibility my own impact on an influence on the world all this just keeps expanding as I have septeber and deeper into living my purpose thanks so do you do you want to talk a bit about the erotic Rockstar for people who haven’t figured that on this podcast with you I would I probably would not be here if it wasn’t for you and your promotion of that that archetype to tell you the truth it really Set Me In Motion I had what I I refer to as about 6 and 1/2 year erotic Rockstar journey and it’s not to say that he has completely wiped out for my life today but definitely two different chapter in my life and I spent my late teens to late twenties completely disconnected from my masculine I had developed a distrust of other men and a and with that I distrust of of my own masculine rooted in my high school sweetheart being raped on her 15th birthday right before we met and then us getting together for about three years and just feeling the impact of a trait throughout our entire relationship and then through whatever opened inside of me during that I became the go-to person for women that seem to share about their experiences and so I just being inundated with women sharing about their experiences to Imola call non-consensual sexual experiences I just developed a deep distrust of man and the masculine and I ended up spending the night at that decade really with no male friends certainly no hetero male friends everybody in my life for women wear their girlfriends or friends or roommates are bosses they are all women and I got very in touch with my fat with my inner feminine which carry many blessings by by the time I was in my late twenties I also realized something was horribly out of balance I was in a relationship with a woman that way I love dearly but I put her on a pedestal way above me I didn’t understand why she would even be with somebody like me and and guess what the relationship wasn’t working and simultaneously I had such a deep feeling inside of me that I had something but I wasn’t really do much of anything and I just got this sense of these two things were interconnected and ultimately I I I realize there’s something going on regarding my masculine feminine balance and I set out to make 2007 the year that I actively explored my messy alinity and what it means to me to be a man in the world and so I I had no idea when I said out on that Journey that it was going to be so powerfully transformative on all levels and that who I who I was was was going to just practically overnight in new me before and who I see now still can’t stop saying to me oh my God I did you like it you change so much the transformation was so potent that it ended become the foundation of the work that I do in the world and where I can reverse-engineer something that I did and the process that created and have improved people do it more effectively so anyway I it was then that the erratic rock star was born playing with this question of this idea of so what what is my what is my ideal of like masculine expression in the world now is already doing what you say is, but very academic like my sex Pizza I thought I knew the sexuality had something to do with it but I also got the sense that was to be expressed differently than how I was previously expressing it and she can you how do I say this so I start playing with the creation of an archetype I was limited by my ideas of who I was and who I wasn’t what I’m capable of what I’m what I’m not capable of but he has archetype there’s no limitation there he’s a figment of my imagination could be anything and you started writing about it a lot dreaming about it thinking about talking about it and it’s flushing out to this imaginary creature Cisco Burning Man Community where it’s very normal to kind of like play with character and costume and Craig costumes and things like that so DJ culture where is Sea Hunt as well as of 2007 which is filtering the rising and peaking of the whole pick up industry so while I was coming out of the Township community I was seeing this guy is happening and I was really confused cuz I was like I’ve been part of this time for a year already and pure suddenly this things happening in his dwarf the impact that we’re having a community where is most people don’t seem to be have that much of an interest in what’s going on at pick up Community has ballooned so rapidly all over the world what the fuck is going on especially when I look at it and I find so much of it so questionable so much of it can flying in the face of my ethics and so part of it for me as well was I wanted to prove whether to the world or to myself that it was possible to be spiritually oriented Heart Center. And still what will call extremely successful with the ladies and so all of these different flavors were put into this archetype that I was creating at as well as I just everything he was the opposite of everything so where is I may have been more reserves and certain spaces he was fully expressed the center of attention nothing yet his sexuality was not oppressor held back in anyway he was in full expression but it’s the one to make sure that wasn’t a light at that grasping needy through his body and end the out of his fights did it part of an expression of his being

The F— Yeah Frequency: Illuminating the Shadow with Jonathan Talat Phillips TPP28


 tp-talat-picIn this episode I discuss the process of illuminating the shadow using the F— Yeah Frequency with Jonathan Talat Phillips. We share some of our  neo-shamanic and psychonautic adventures while planting memetic love seeds for the future of sexydelia.

Please read his bio below and contact him for world class shamanic personal training!

Jonathan Talat Phillips

“Psychonaut Talat”

A well-regarded Bioenergetic healer and professional psychonaut (explorer of consciousness), Talat has been helping clients ride big quantum waves for over a decade. His memoir, “The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic,” has become one of the must-read books of the new consciousness movement for its honest portrayal of life on the emerging edge of transformational culture. He co-founded the popular web-magazine Reality Sandwich and the Evolver Network’s 50 regional groups.  He is the creator of The “Ayahuasca Monologues: Tales of the Spirit Vine,” a religion blogger for “The Huffington Post”, and a Reiki Master and certified Bioenergetic healer. He currently orchestrates Psychonaut Productions shenanigans with his “partner-in-Love-crimes,” Claudia Wheeler-Rappe.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin okay I’m here with Jonathan talat Phillips at space camp and he is a shamanic personal trainer and he’s going to share with us some of his skills and techniques and strategies for Illumination in the Modern Age and Jonathan yeah if you want to see funny cuz my dog Dakota is licking then like crazy right now. We’re going to talk to wild stuff here I think we had a little bit too much California kind that’s Basecamp it’s just so nice that it’s like you can do it legally you know so this is a big wave night welcome everybody we’re going to get down I guess I’ll start with the fuck yeah frequency but you want to say something about my book first and yes yeah do you like Jesus is a must-read you’ll laugh you’ll cry you’ll hurl and it is there’s nothing else like it when I read that book I knew that I was connecting with someone who has a strong background in social justice activism in a healthy skepticism of the new age and it’s really a lot of people story and it’s something that I super validate and appreciate when I meet people who have been in the trenches of a resistance and understand what we are up against and now we’re evolving tactics that are much more effective because they’re spiritually effective so that’s my energetic as I want to take a big rainbow gun and shoot the fuck out of spiritual you know where ya been I’ve been in this for a long time no one ever believes I’m 40 years old I look 20 freaking 6 but yeah I’ve been doing this probably since I was a listen to music as a kid and let’s read and Kerouac and I went from being a political activist media guy to Quantum initiation in 10 years that after I don’t fire energetic training evolver realize sandwich people know that a lot of this stuff hundred Ayahuasca ceremonies come across a cheat for initiation and it’s about this illumination we’re talking big wave stuff here like Shadow elimination and for me the Cheetahs the fuck a frequency what I realized I was sending a boring email to about one of my clients and my guides just came in and just a brief freaking deal that you love this work and they started playing Happy Mondays step on I realize it was 95% that’s the energy of the fuck yeah frequency and when I realized it myself most of my clients is most depressions most anxieties most parasitic attachment happens cuz we’re not riding at our 95% now there’s some weird things so I’ve discovered about the 95% but maybe we should I talk about that first before we get to go down the rabbit hole cool huh so what is it 95% in detail well when I think about 95% it helps to go back to time in your childhood when you rocked it you were just in the flow and connected and for me that was price skiing and so it’s just I feel like I’m just came through life flowing through at 95% high energy Zone in the trick is you don’t have to be skiing to do it you can wash the dishes and do it but I need excitement I need to play music I need to karate chop things sometimes it’s do weird stuff to ride in it and I’ll get it there’s kind of a glass that goes on as your creative channels open up and we can get into that weird stuff cuz the 95% usually involves once you start kicking at it a hundred percent you are trying to be perfectionist 95 you just love life 5% sucking is your car either you got to love it too is it sits the 80-20 rule 2.7 what was the 80/20 you know Focus only 20% on the negative or the problem 80% on the solution and a sort of fractal pattern that they say if I still kind of the stuff I 95 would have does has kicked people into their higher self energy so it’s it’s just as easy to get to is it’s actually easier to get to 95 than 85 and you said yeah I mean I think it’s fucked up show cuz usually higher Vibes and trying to be spiritual shirts a trickster it see this is what I think is happening with the Psychedelic movement if we’re taking ourselves too seriously and we’re slowly letting it out and enjoying the dildo and replacing it and that’s kind of humor is where I Luminate things cuz he got to have a fucked-up sense of humor to the laughter in the bedroom and it’s the best to how do we laugh more in the bedroom what do you mean I don’t know it’s just things to know about waves crashing together I don’t know I’d like to laugh a lot more in the bedroom by not taking yourself too seriously that’s step one but that could be a lifetime study of how to get more laughter in the bath bedroom that would be a life well spent elimination so you never talk about illumination fuckyeahkrieger I never thought about that until George Bush won the election totally depressed looking for answers start seeing energy fields on MDMA on my 30th birthday first time I do Ayahuasca I’m sure I’m kind of three evolutionary things it in like a future shoot for Humanity of where we’re going after civilization it was pretty cool it was weird that was a snake that was half human or half organic half synthetic technology and biology merged energy illuminate. I was giggling and laughing and they just said are you ready for this one it’s going to be more than your human ego can have her fucking imagine it has to be done and they brought me up on this lotus flower and I was just told this is it this is what you’ve been looking for I was brought into this light this light is Shone all around me everything was light light light light light Limited so beautiful inside likely shea butter and they said this is what you’ve been looking for this is the Krishna Jesus Buddha energy and is real humans are enlightened time to remember and so that’s for me is illumination button right when I had that Vision I also had this thing of all but how can people hurt each other I think this gets into the parasitic stuff maybe we could spin into that before we get into the weird fuck at 4:50 and why do we need the fuck a frequency now more than ever because we’re under attack and plagued now more than ever yeah we were probably played worse in the middle is when everything was fucking dark high-speed internet porn makes the Middle Ages comparison to the infection rate of demonic parasite yummy High shot by chick kind of dark skin so itchy lady Kali kind of style hi Vibe no venereal diseases but she doesn’t want to do a job and she loves to fuck and she’s dumbing it up and bringing all this positive energy quadcross the internet to a repressed culture see these mechanisms I don’t think rich is bad like sure there’s some parasitic should out there but I don’t watch that do I don’t know maybe if you have any weird day isn’t it yummy yummy snacks but even that kind of worries me a little bit cuz are we trying to be conscious or is it actually just hide live and fun we’ll hear something to put in a context and maybe is a checklist edir Sherwin of mine in the tundra World said this very bluntly about most porn you know that’s like popular at least now it’s it something I believe the list was there’s no love is no soul there’s no God in what’s being portrayed and there’s a specific details about the research that’s out on you know specifically how it affects and opens up dark doorways for demonic infection of of the Watchers you know they’re reporting in their own words and to help heal sex drugs and rock and roll and this is just I have clients that go on Pleasure probation because they’re used to addictive ideas of sexuality but I think we got to openly sexual channels we got to awake and if we are just about sex I am a cat like let’s fuck yeah that’s what everyone wants like I don’t want to do it with everybody but I probably do and I think we just got the facts about this shit so In-N-Out in a state of epidemiology where they’re serious consequences if it’s not done by certain ethical standards of course I’ll just say that as a disclaimer I’m not even looking at the porn industry like your I’m looking at who’s doing the fuck yes those are people I’m paying attention to who are the hybrids that they’re doing those interesting things if my focus is on that that’s what I tracked and that’s the Fuck Yeah Yeahs you literally are daily focusing on the awesome things around you it’s a real gratitude frequency but man I hope more complaining about pouring and start shooting some cool stuff like you’re so yummy that these goddesses leg the whole planet and God I feel like we’re not allowed to use God’s very often well I think there’s four categories of modern men and at the bottom you have douchebag at the bottom you have a man is above that you have douchebag above that you have gentleman and buy that you haven’t and that’s sort of a a template for initiation Through The Dark Age of human sexuality that we’re stuck in it right now but but yes owning that godhood is what country is all about you know and got to got his head in both side swapping the energies and feeling masculine and feminine or however you want to terminate you know if cycle through so that you get a full balance internal and external you know balance circuits balancing the well Channel well I would say it’s yummy it opens people up there having fun you know she’s got a good energy about it that’s what it’s all about love and write important is love I know that but it’s just because I’ve seen people that look like they’re having a lot of fun and actually are couples in love like it was very different than I thought in some ways it wasn’t in other ways it was in this like I’m saying it’s his hi Vibe I think you can’t hide by Bruce even in that I look more down on them political systems in Port in the mode of reactivity towards what we don’t like let’s say this the fuck are frequency one we’re in the future where fuck your frequency is the norm and what is human sexuality and sexual expression look like as a part of sustaining that fucking frequency why would you need it because you have sex because you have sexual access but you can also just say the whole Kingdom of Heaven is the port industry it’s just this beautiful fluffy enlightened space of Energy’s connecting with energies and whatever form they desire and yeah it’s a weird transformation is actually like I thought I was just mr. straight guy and then suddenly these goddesses are coming in and open up the hearts and you know like I feel transgender and I really feel like there’s be so I’m half woman and I should have known I was in for it because all the Hermetic texts and Gnostic texts talk about that androgyny in alchemy the man when you’re clocked at goddess activate your Diva comes in purple than the pangs make yummy and I know call guys gals and like I got that sassiness is coming in and style that I never thought was me and it’s way more me that’s a 95% flow with such as these fucking everything and everything store hacking at that like anywhere I can because gnostics didn’t look at the labels too much yeah that’s we don’t need to go down that rabbit hole but this since since you know this is Township Punk we’re talking about edgy sexuality and edgy transformation cultural transmission stuff so it fits if we end up you know in those bits of dialogue it’s totally appropriate for this medium so so I think we we got some fuk a frequency on the topic of Shadow sexuality and light sexuality and how to dance with both so what else can one do to be on track with her 95% fuck a frequency Lifestyle by linebacker a year what would we talk about you your it turned out like a fuck you out for used to being the sexorcist cuz it’s just like it’s you at I Vibe it’s a little fucked up and it’s fine I mean and that’s what I’m going to do is find what is that energy driving you I had a good friend to get all these projects you wanted to do that that’s it and then suddenly said you know I kind of just going to keep being weird like wizard chaos magic wizard and when he said that I was like that is 95% that’s his fuck yeah and so it’s like this Rockstar way of moving through reality where Nothing Stops it right in word State putting your heart into the walls psychedelic allegories I don’t know what I have to look into who is writing the stuff but it’s just like Rambo you know I watch Rambo game like this is a guy with PTSD who went nuts and like Snapped out and then broke down crying about all the suffering you endured as a combat veteran it was extremely subversive and I totally denied it for many years didn’t watch it I watched recently and I’m like damn I was I was missing out and there’s a lot of good is a surprising his love his messages so inhuman mine one of them along with Jean-Claude Van Damme of course I think the cake will he was the belly dancer bodybuilder and karate master with his own gym and stuff so yeah you seem kissing man and you see him saying I love you too man and watch them you know shrink away unfortunately the Ninjutsu all that stuff that was in Bloodsport I mean morning some of my you know early masculine programming Jose but man he stood out like he’s probably really glad to dated he’s at that 95% look how high when will he has you she had some bipolar issues I believe if I’m quoting the record accurately I know he’s suffered deeply a lot of people do to get successful that level so I don’t know what happened I don’t know what his true character ever was I don’t know what happened to it when he had you know when he got very successful I know that there is some some serious like inappropriate things that I think happened so yeah I mean I don’t I don’t want to quote well there is a a psychedelic backdrop to the artwork and the world that they’re in kind of interdimensional you know Travelers and whatnot and some shamanic & esoteric Concepts built into the the whole mythology of what he was and what is tapping into and you know it by frequency write the 95 percent extreme empowered Female warrior archetypes in the movie at least and so anyways just to but let’s talk about that cuz that’s kind of the fuck have frequencies you have to see life is but I have the power right yeah it’s Mythic instead of logical and yeah it’s Limitless talismans like all that shoots real like humans real yourself and they have to get your TV to self out to I got the power and the dance move the real inspiration dancing with sore as you know and that’s a whole art form in itself it’s just like the most coolest thing to say Michael’s kind of my guy and girl know he’s kind of that androgynous Warrior Place both sign it I swear I never thought I’d be like transgender and checking out guys and I now find everyone why do I miss out on 50% of the beauty on the planet that’s tragic does it mean it would be tragic them to not enjoy 100% of the beauty that walks the Earth I know we just met each other down so much but that gets into the demon stuff man you want to I think you want to approach that why don’t you open up the dungeon for a minute okay everybody we’re going to be having some trigger warning alerts for going to defend depend of the Shadow at this point if you have serious you know bring your headlamp we’re going into the shadow cave world the underworld and what are you tell us about this bowling ball illumination chapter sure and you know what I think I have a gift for everyone going to go through my little Shadow Journey sign me up there’s two things I get most calls about and you know people wanted to sessions about when they read the electric Jesus and that is the bowling ball the black bowling ball of anxiety in my gut and the weird ask cool alien contact stuff so this bowling ball anxiety I just you know I grew up in kind of a home that you might say that a lot of kind of verbal abuse and I think I internalize a lot of that overtime and also I really think there are these bugs there are these parasites but in my experience and not what you think at first that looks like a demon and I’ve been Illuminating cost of bugs and things like this and I put the frequency what it does is it moves through it I used to fight in feeling like try to fight negativity with negativity capacity just laughing and the great thing about the Pacquiao frequencies you can hit it 95% like you can hit it all day the problem by find a psychedelic medicines and all this even yoga is when you leave the mat you can’t leave the practice and if you’re just wrong 95% 95 Fox half monkey half of that stuff starts turning into Angels it starts turning into an integrated power I’m going through I mean it’s the bed sometimes it doesn’t hurt yeah that’s what it was done something to the effect if you gotten desert face your demons to become angels. so what are you waiting for you got to learn and if you’re not prepared yet you can’t get taken down really run but how many of us is the armor and loving yourself how do you love these how do we love ourselves that’s your study going to be your sexy sex or cyst and then I’ll do you know and that’s open to both male and female physiology where is it up your ass and around the corner at the P Spot a male G-spot the prostate gland that rhythmically with love providing love and pleasure and a medicinal effect occurs which is the demons dislodge and at that point you want to have a a sanitary disposal method in place so that you don’t end up propagating through the neighborhood or the apartment building whatever comes out you know so that’s the same sets in Container Park but that’s it that the female G-spot above the top of the vaginal wall with the come hither motion it can be stimulated and do try this at home but it requires training and it requires respect and knowledge and awareness informed consent about the kind of material that can move through the the chakra system when it’s when it’s stirred up and when it has to run and Scurry away from a disinfectant light of love that you’re should be receiving from your partner from your sexual Hands-On healer it’s fun to get a little high at night breathe energy Bree positivity enjoy yourself use some lube move the energy I like to not to come and just awake awake and then I do agree with the anus really prescribed a self-pleasure practice to all my clients cuz we need to get our balls back I feel like religion Society everything is cut our balls in your knees off and that’s why I’m spiritual folks feel so powerless Goddess that I know and have and have been influenced by quite a bit she said one time you know throwing your hands up shrugging men are afraid of their assholes and I laughed and then I was like you know but I wanted to cry because how silly would it be to be if it’s like you see make a joke I’ve been afraid of your own shadow how much of a coward are you if you’re afraid of your own ass, I know it’s so busy of my clients when they first began this is the last Pratt this is the last Practice still doing is trying to get your balls back so in your book you talk about your first time receiving such pleasure and such Adventure right you want to oh man I have a whole six adelic practice like you know you just get your groove on you work with the energy you young man but people focus too much on that I think building it up yourself about coming as a guy you found as much as they want Rollie talking about ejaculatory or non ejaculatory champagne bubbles going up and you know it’s a circus when you go and you hit that Bell and then the little ball goes up and hits the Bell the top that’s your pineal gland and that’s your root chakra and your sex chakra at the bottom you got a pound that orgasm up the central Channel and ding hit the veil at the top and that’s your shower v&t I don’t go light doesn’t start pounding it to the energy will go right up and open my heart to heart on the way to the head right yeah I saw to cut it when you were saying that like the the old love machine thread say like stinky fish are called fish like Hot Lover at the top of the motherfuker when you hit the sex chakra in Boones up and also what I think is a lot of people are not hitting that Tasha and bring it in this is the other red pill of the 95% this is probably the biggest one remember I said there were two reasons people reach out to me the electric Jesus tell me again black bowling ball and Aliens I think a lot of the reason people have black bowling balls is cuz they’re actually Galactic and they got like when they wake into that they just called the freak down they realize they’re kind of Star Energy and like it’s kind of like a homecoming so for those who have not read the book yet and who and who promised to read as soon as possible the black bowling up the black bowling ball in astral ecological terms what are we talkin about the well I think it’s multi-faceted you know you could say it’s demon in pain demon in pain demon in pain demon in pain demon demon missed a densely populated bosses and loaded with acts like a mining town of coal mining town gun can spider webs spiders for sure I have seen crazy noodles but then I’ve seen demon babies you sending babies I’ve been in the Hatchery adorable otherwise they will never go away the quickest way I know to love them is to find a Maduro Mall Dumont find an adorable even whisper and get them on their backs rub their bellies until they get what they need to move on someone said to me recently I activate the Divinity and all and if these are all forms you know so yeah do you forget that you’re you know of the light well in your mind you and send you on your way here stuff Milton go no actually I take a little more that’s that’s one of the pest control comes in with the higher dimensional beneficial Predators you come in at telling it like if you were terminated demon I’d say hit 95% all the freaking time remember her have a good time all the time right the first be but I do have all sorts of energy like I believed me again like you figure it out yourself you do the internal medicine you know you either maybe you need Saint Michael sword to stab down your spine or power of He-Man Atomic love bombs fluff It Up With Angels radio on Xena everything you got the first on your side to win the game The Love Game so that everyone else can also in the living room the path to Perfection is to love him Perfection loving the imperfection you know cuz his demons are things that are highlighting stuff in you to figure out what basically do you are you familiar with the a pass and what is it is a line and in the Bible of pardon my lack of knowing the rapper was it called a reverse right there’s a Bible verse and I can’t say exactly which one but people who know it will know it will recognize it it’s where Jesus is performing an exorcism on a person whose demons are channeled and speak to the person to say something is effective would you torment us before our time or it would be so basically this person’s fucked-up Karma gave us an assignment to go to torture them and torment then and make them physically mentally ill and that’s on them what are you doing here why are you coming to reassign us we’ve got a job to do and so it’s karma that attracts it there multiple doorways and entry points for interdimensional demons to persist throughout a G & D N A line through production and then there’s whatever you do in your own Lifetime and that’s on you but you absorb your parents, You observe your past life Karma and you Credit Karma every time you speak think and act in this lifetime that’s a lot of opportunity for opportunistic parasitic organisms from other dimensions to come in and build their ass but I wouldn’t hear your modelli but what I would say is don’t focus on that shit focus on rainbows and lollipops and Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want to Have Fun and dance dance dance dance dance into your heart opens and blows the fucker incinerate them with sexual ecstasy and dance floor ecstasy MDMA if you can ride it Sylvester let’s talk about shrooms and you have a way of working with astral ecology at the sexorcist so this is the moment for you to share I use the thug a frequency the black. Plaster this I gave the the more scientific white paper lab report version of this in a previous podcast astral ecology with Tom Denney where it’s you know a little bit of a more yeah okay thank you so to match your frequency and be at the 95 percent frequency I’m going to say that you know I’m a Westerner and a white you know Caucasian male who’s semi bisexual and that’s my orientation or that’s my as a postmodernist wouldn’t introduce their their their paper their argument by trying to contextualize their own bias you know so there you have that disclaimer out of the way and so when I talk about encountering the Hindu goddess or goddess that exists Beyond cultural language it’s in a non cultural bound non culture-bound higher-dimensional beneficial predator in the astral ecology that performs a function in the garden of your soul back into ladybugs eating aphids and when you create create habitat and you encouraged the growth of beneficial predators in your garden than you have what’s called biological Pest Control happening and you don’t have to be out there individually fighting each of them one by one taking them off trying to poison them or incinerate then you obviously ecstatic love making ecstatic dancing and all the other ways to maintain a healthy mindscape is inhibitive to their growth but if their growth is so save dug in like termites where your house is condemned and that’s why you kill yourself is because you feel like your house is condemned because the demons have infested in rotted out every board there is an option and that option is to call upon the higher-level the higher dimensional high-level predators in the food web of the S to ecology and they can reduce that parasite load dramatically because that’s what they eat and that is constant and effect throughout visible nature in microbiology and it extends Beyond this dimension in that’s the lecture part of it the fuck yeah frequency frequency part is that I Know Myself personally and people who have worked with using this understanding in this methodology of of sacred chanting that evokes or invoke saw the goddess to to to do was call Daddy possession and your trance-state and become the goddess by invoking it into the flash this is what you can call Angelic possession and what Angels do they eat demons so call it whatever you want demons are edible to a higher level dimensional predator and snakes Kundalini snakes are your friends too because they help Munch up all of those noxious infectious Critters and creatures that are that are at Quest ring or Nest inside those 72000 nadi’s that connect to shaka’s that’s their habitats you were their habitat if you think of the nest of the biz in your not easy to do and what do you see you soon as sodium is in your chakras is beautiful rainbow light opening up the parts where the things got in rainbows coming here in call he’s coming in in the most beautiful black badass energy waves that she can you know what it looks like when you know when a raccoon when a pack of raccoons raid the nest of a rodent or does it look like fucking Carnage Bistro astral Carnage blood and say that yes and light and rainbows but I’ve also seen when you take a sort of light and you put it into a dark base it turns light pretty freaking quick is Martin’s lights just more powerful you know but that’s the thing is you’re calling in the big lady Khalif to do the work for us and you know I work with same Michael that way I think it’s pretty special that you got this really sexy dark black people are working with these Dark Healers like Trent Reznor and a bassoon Kali I think there’s a real teaching there like these Light Dark Healers and that’s why you’re so weird and I just cut share this wisdom well to tell you the truth as an initiate of a higher-level order of priestesses whatever Social Capital comes from my healing journey and like pseudo discovery of this technology the the mic goes to my Guru s my Shawn Mendes and my teacher who did the transposition state and became Kali and physiologically and trans-dimensional E performed an act of consumption of the Demons even built like I give all the love to the dime a man for cash bro I agree type your elders but man I think your new car would do you a lot of good it’s new on the inside well actually because you mentioned that I guess this would be a good time the best of of any time to to put on record that my service to the divine feminine you know is such that I owe my life to it at this moment and nothing to it but to her and to the real the real sword of shamanic election or initiation so I’m under orders you know as we speak and part of my future is going to be be emphasizing my my egoic aspirations you know and whatever money that comes in a huge proportion of it is going to be funneled directly into the Psychedelic goddess worshiping Priestess class that have certain you know that’s my thing has been in the movement for 20 years I hear you but it’s like yeah that’s I think that’s what we’re all doing what they’re about it’s a permaculture Mythic you know return of surplus you know not to accumulate anything too much in one area including your own ego including your own bank account distribute that where it’s needed so that everyone can be written up to the next level Yeah Yeahs live so I can share the wealth and I I really hope this movement I feel like the The Genius of its just salivating so quickly and it’s like this Quantum Renaissance is coming in I’m just enjoying kind of watching it getting another big ride into a great adventure but can we talk about this I want to apply the fuck you a frequency little nor like in a lot of people are the outfits are getting better from Sirius documentary movie about Ayahuasca to start doing some fun stuff about the culture that’s kind of bored of my things like I really want to see more like what was it reality hack Dublin scissors a lot of after I don’t want to miss school but I’ll paraphrase and say that you’re different fronts of the movement so to reach their highest and most gifted strategy and you would add to that do whatever you do in the fuck are frequency and document along with all the Sciences coming out in more of the Revelation where the fun more of the hands on how to application is that more action another level Beauty flash most I didn’t say I really want to see what people are doing in their backyards the fun weird stop someone from a kosher baby but I was dude BMX bikes and skating as a kid and people reading the school Ashton Kutcher skateparks man grow your own first aid Garden for those scrapes and bruises when you fall if you’re bored and just passed something arms I would do a video about combo tattoos where hey do you like looking like a indigenous badass but you don’t want to do all that puking and key tattoo and it’s got like you could get like different versions that the wimp has three the warrior has seven so like Boy Scouts patches or something fake tattoos that make you look like you are like easy access yoga pants I want to do with I’d like I just want to take over Iraq of where the movement sad and throw it about 50 ft for their head there’s a lot of fun stuff coming out but I think it’s still got to hit this next level where it’s into it’s making fun of it but totally celebrating enjoying it the same time it’s not just Pastiche and it’s not documentary it’s not shit new girl skit Newark New Age Girl Say and it’s not the documentary about Ayahuasca there’s there’s a new line that I want to see where the realities we are experiencing are being expressed I’m seeing it at the festival’s I can one seed in the movies in the music the music off the hook right now psychedelic reality TV show where they go on a world tour and you see them all trying to fight fire can see God in the real world I’m I’m so I’m so has a skeptical of of reality TV shows that’s all I got to say about exercising everybody good Beagle you have to write producers frequency is like I feel bad you were fuck yeah it’s just kind of magically manifested that you’re here I mostly clabber it 95% or above all have our own bullshit but it really the 90 funky as a good bull shit shit meter it’s been extremely helpful night I think yes Soul surfing I still surf with you on the stage at the Sugar Shack at the first Shaman at Gathering and and I felt it and that’s I yearn for that now you’re going to relive my childhood in a way that is actually a lot better than it actually was and that’s about staying excited we all getting a second childhood I think you know ivesta thing to Discovery in the news right now is all this health was just people had bad childhoods those with health issues in a bad mood to the food if he said it’s the last one of us II of things here like all of these tyrants throughout history it’s just one cascading momentous bad mood until the Kingdom of Heaven is a good mood away either you just can be a little lazy here in life cuz they give you the big ideas you know a lot of people come to me for your book title ideas and stuff and the guys always come up with really great things and I think that’s really part of the magic about the quantum Realm Eugene maybe more channels channels open up you get to do more than one thing in life you know look at you you’re a musician you’re a writer during SEC sources do you know I’m a shamanic personal trainer writer public speaker it’s just follow your dreams what are you all say to tapestry of the tapestry of that ass for me text Asia you never know how it’s going to unfold either do you know I can’t admit I couldn’t imagine myself being where I’m at now you know several years ago by any means I’m get you every time God bless God bless everyone going out there going through it you know yeah it’s just like I love things like this pain I feel like we’re coming to the close is Siri any Grand Finale kind of sentiments this is exactly what I intended was kind of a a freestyle you know what I mean a freestyle for us all you know from the heart and and from the head and Nike with some humor to seed you know the future with some of these key words that are starting to like become you know memes you know they could pick it really be useful constructed meme so as mimetic designers romantic Engineers with the conscience spell and in with the vision oh God you’re so articulate I love that we have a practical guide for sexorcism he’s going to be writing an article so keep tuned for that and I have my funky a frequency if anyone’s interested I’m starting sessions I’ll give you an hour and a half after half an hour to get a free electric Jesus blah blah blah but if you kind of been wanting to do a fuc yeah I kind of program and see where where you can go just reach me my sights it’s a psychonaut – tala t a l a t. Com yes and we’re here at space camp again enjoying the beauty the moon’s out well I’ll stay you know my closing thoughts which is one I love you brother your inspiration a hero to me and and it’s an honor and privilege and duty to be here in this moment to take ourselves a little less seriously and have some fun and as far as you know my offering right now it’s still sort of in in development and I don’t want to say I’m going to have to wait until we build an ark in international waters can be able to do this stuff without the black helicopters on top of his butt stay tuned and I’m embedding some of these recipes for liberation of the soul in my in my heart and in music so in writing so there you have three have it well but I really appreciate your integrity my intention all along was to bring out the wild stuff and be a little bit of fun trouble and I think you I really enjoyed it thanks bro I haven’t done I haven’t done an interview in a very long time this is my coming out for the new thing so it’s nice to pop my cherry with it’s the third anniversary of 2012 right this year something right this second thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and if you want a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at kontrapunkt. Com Thomas Day

Punk, Survivalism, and Masculinity with James Burnette TPP26


tp-survival-punkIn this episode we discuss the punk movement, philosophy, and ethics and their relevance to survivalism. We explore a range of subtopics from rebuilding masculinity, permaculture, homesteading, homelessness, street justice, anarchy and more.

Survival Punk is a blog created by James Burnette. James takes a rational, creative approach to self-reliance, applying a punk DIY ethic to survivalism without any of the fear mongering or “tinfoil hattery” found in some other areas of the survivalist movement.

The Survival Punk blog covers a huge range of his projects, both success and failures along with a healthy bit of myth busting. He also provides a ton of dirt cheap creative solutions to common prepping needs and does a great job of integrating the paleo lifestyle with the prepping lifestyle.

Check out his blog and podcast at:

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin all right welcome to Township on podcast episode number 26 I am talking with James Burnett of survival punch out, he’s got an excellent blog bringing the DIY Punk attitude to survival movement and vice versa and thanks for so much for for being here James you want to talk a bit about your journey that involves Awakening to survivalism in and how that enter played with your punk rock but I guess what drove me to do being interested in survivalism is is sort of a two-fold process when does the first part of it that really woke me up was in my teens I spent a couple months on and off being homeless and then maybe a year or two we are doing the couch surfing thing self-sustaining Union to carry stuff like I didn’t you unlock survivalist MGK I will be called Bug Out bags with his heel backpack with everything you need to Sorvino go on foot to survive you don’t know how to add my high school backpack in there with little Trinkets and stuff you know spare change the clothes extra socks you know supplies used for everyday life then not thinking that you know really that survival but that’s just that’s really what I was doing that and I was surviving and during that time I saw it was when your homeless people a lot of free time you know your your time is basically you try to eat and then you kill the rest of your day so me and my buddy Mike we are homeless together and we would sorcerer method was with Rigo sell plasma and then we would take that fifty bucks a week or whatever we eat nothing but like all you can eat buffets you know once a day until like 19 2000 the year 2000 prices you know like five bucks a day and food and then you hang out in malls and surf the Internet the rest of the day and then that’s where we got me in to speak to the beginnings of McDonald’s in through the man now it’s not a little bit more Define where you and I just kind of want the government to not be there in to leave me alone but yeah that’s me being homeless kind of broke my eyes and taught me a few things like you just realized that you can survive and you learn you a lot of good lessons on how to survive but when I was not home at the intended it lasted for a couple years and then I got a bit more successful you know got a full-time job and all that and I forgot some of that stuff you know I moved away from it and I just play around Monday on the internet and I was searching I was like nope always been a really big zombie fan so I was kind of looking for my wallet cuz zombie survival kit or something you know it you know Apartments layer and a Survivalist Forum where they are making real zombie you know preparedness kit that you know a metaphor for things that can go wrong in our society so what I found that for him it was like that it was the rabbit hole for me like I just I got sucked and I spent like four hours at night just reading everything you know and realizing it my stupid survival apocalypse ideas then we’re retarded you don’t like everyone is like the apocalypse happen to meet you there by opening experience and I went down that path pretty hard and it just makes my common sense you know no I’m not technically you know preparing for the zombie apocalypse but you know for things like a job loss you know that works in the building self reliance stuff they bill you my life where I was able to this past month walk away from corporate world and I could be more true to myself and you know I work for myself and then make that move to you know my own Homestead and you’ll be a punk rock Homesteader congratulations yeah and so had it so that was you been how long you been doing the block for I kicked the block off back in March of 2012 so I’ve been doing it for a while and last year I kind of stuff going on so I didn’t put the effort into it like that but I had been and it’s it really suffered for it so I got past you know All the Troubles I’ve gone through and I came back with a vengeance this probably in June July yeah so a couple years and still get bigger and have you have you been since you’ve been publishing content and building your tribe you know to the internet have you what kind of responses have you gotten from both sides of the punk rock movement and the survival move and I’m sure both would be finding your truth searches and whatever marketing you’re doing I’m just curious what what kind of reaction you’re getting right at that use that word tribe love that word I’m definitely I’ve made some I’ve made the best friends in the best Connections in my life through survival Punk just a lot of other light blocking friends and then you know just people that come across the block any other right me and you know what you’re doing this is this is awesome. I’m not I’m not a big-shot you know I I respond every one of those emails that’s really why do this you know the information and get that out there so I left when I get those emails I’ve had which is which is funny cuz I had had one guy when people unsubscribe from the email list it sends me an email saying you know Joe Blow unsubscribe from an email list and it has the option where you could you put in a comment while you did it and this guy wrote the longest unsubscribe email is like he’s like you were terrible person like punk rock is Barbara stick and he went on and on and on I don’t think he even read anything on the Block like it was just such craziness on that but I’ve had more positive reactions from people and surprisingly demographic I mean most of it was older sort of Christian conservative white men Rocky no soda that kind of thing I didn’t see any of that at the time you knows I was sort of the felt that if I put this out there from my perspective that you know there’s there’s got to be other people like me out there and put it on there their stuff with their of their Mohawks you know in their Doc Martens in so I think it’s sort of it rings true like a the punk sort of see you know that what I’m saying makes sense right so freaking response that I can get fans actually have a similar background it’s of being a runaway and Lynn ending up on the streets and then later becoming a forest activists and so I got urban survival immersion training by being homeless on the streets and you know doing that thing and then Wilderness survival emerging by being later at Forest activist we’re pretty much Bush hippies who knows saving the trees but but also it was mostly punks in the forest that were doing the tree sitting and stuff and punks and ex-cons are not expensive maybe I can ask Rusty Travelers gutter punks and ex-military Earth firsters and stuff so there was a lot of like a good drugs good tactics and good times and also the enerco DIY ethic instead of stove and then but I didn’t know you know much at the time about more conventional or traditional survivalism as a as a you know what prepping is a lifestyle you know right and then put I always had secretly had these fantasies about being a badass like Rambo or something you know and seeing Soldier Fortune Magazine to me like he wouldn’t even be so much cooler if we actually knew what you’re doing or just like drunk and hungover all the time and I think Punk has it has a aesthetic romantic fantasy about being organized and in those kind of ways and so that’s eventually it was a 2008 economic downturn to put it lightly that made me find the survival Podcast and that’s how I found you I think a lot of people got got switched on her on that time yeah so do you want to talk about like different the different messages in the punk rock music and the lyrics that that have a common ground with the libertarian and the just at Animas and sovereignty famous that letter within the the survivalist movement like when you’re if you’re at a bar talking to a more more typical should I listen you’re trying to convey to them that hey were all you know we may have different spiritual beliefs who may have different ideas in different areas but there is a common ground that we both are saying fuck this if we both want freedom Liberty autonomy and you know small skill communities stuff like that you have any do you have any thoughts about that 10 things that we can learn from the Lions preparedness industry these are common points did you look at me look at survivalist base are the number one rule I came across that want you know the government to do that you know that’s still here from what I’ve learned to my story of all preparation survivalist into how I’ve done a fire starter and a dog building in there that’s my album here I don’t need a big Corporation another one that’s definitely bigger than the punk world is steel wall image that you don’t have to fit in that you can be yourself and that’s okay shoshito Peppers obviously are mostly classified as crazy nutjobs would be having a mortgage and being in debt up to your eyeballs not nothing with that is fine with me and then say I agree with them on 90% of their views I’m not going to because they tend to stay at if we speak like a 90% of the issues and how many people do that though they’re like I can’t tolerate you now I have heard from all walks of life and it’s just through the fire that common ground and then just stay in that sphere you know if if you too strong a community community that needs to be improved on a bit more than survival Community I mean there’s there’s fragments really tight communities within the industry alone Will Survive think they can do everything on their own Define a goal for this is a build a strong tribe have a good life Great Plains family and I think it’s just it’s becoming a bit more if anybody else would think a switch for men just the movie Fight Club in the book speaks volumes to what were lacking as far as just wholeness and holistic you no more deeply meaningful lives of somewhere magical energy the warrior energy get to be expressed and used properly and feeling like yeah we’ve been stripped of how our relationship to Nature and totally compartmentalizing these cubicles are these few no blowing jobs and totally lacking at the tribal Brotherhood and Conquer I definitely put that together there’s just basically smashing without the music in the movie I don’t see how you could definitely watch the book last night Seinfeld trying to reconnect with a strong male energy and loose have more male friends I feel ya you don’t and I’m I read one of your blood post recently was it was about I think it’s about like them you think you were out of the store or maybe you were talking to someone who’s been a store and there was somebody a customer who wouldn’t we wouldn’t lift a box by themselves they called I’m in the similar how do you know if you want to talk a bit about that and what that signal for you and cuz I’m going through a similar sort of reclamation of the you know the mass sacred Warrior masculine power that is going down to a trickle in this what happened was before I left my job at work retail and he had a customer asking me to help him pick up a refrigerator and we don’t have you don’t need some help with that you know more likely songs like what do you mean I need help others of the fridge and the co-worker just take it up there and put it in there is like where you go I even remember thinking oh he’s just joking I guess I didn’t really happened I tried to the fridge is probably under a hundred a little less and less as a man a full grown adult man should have been a good health is no reason that they could not pick these things up unless they had a severe injury that they didn’t show from you know they’re missing a burger or something portal reclaiming your masculinity you tell me you can’t be trying to get stronger should be here like I can’t pick up everything what I’m going to try I’m going to be okay I can’t I can’t do that so that’s that that’s one point. To the bigger concept of the bigger the bigger issue that you know American the world we are leaving our masculinity I mean I mean I was mostly raised by my mom and you know why didn’t you know that’s a lot of people a lot of friends I know you know I look at to my father and I know a lot of women you know my age did you not have a father for their kids you know they’re being 32 you don’t have a lot of a lot of married and or real friends with kids is point and it’s just like not disrespecting women but I think we need a strong military life to be men yeah the village reclaim what I wasn’t born with basically yeah I think yeah then I’m totally there with you and it’s for my my I guess intellectual training in the punk rock movement I was very has always been buried in alignment with Erica feminism and critiques of the toxic masculinity that is destroying the planet it certainly it certainly can’t be argued that there’s too many women in the leadership of global politics and too many women in declaring war in too many women cutting down trees that’s it is I think it’s undeniable crisis in the imbalance of decision-making at every level and then when you have yeah I would say that the if it is weakness on the part of the men in power and not strength and not Duty and not honor that’s causing a problem so it’s it’s a confused State I think that were in where it’s like becoming less powerful or weaker physically and trying that’s not that that’s not the answer to rebalance the power it’s to bring deeper true soul level empowerment to everybody and I see it kind of went likes women’s sexual Liberation when they’re given for allowed the space in the freedom to really to really develop and grow their own their sexual power and freedom then they’re going to get men strong tough Warrior men to be sensitive poets on their knees begging for the nectar that they have to offer when they’re not totally suppressed and totally cut off from that power and that’s like if you like and you know female-fronted punk bands you can feel that that energy and that power and it’s humbling and it’s beautiful and do you have any thoughts about that the gender politics in punk rock and and moving towards reclaiming that all kinds of power and getting away from this phone the Dominator culture I don’t think that you know we need to embracing one putting down the other movement you know for finding a feminist as men take offense to because that means you’re for one you’re promoting one thing over the other I mean there’s a difference between being a feminist and being crazy extremes that aren’t healthy at all you know instead of saying you know I’m I’m I’m putting females first and I mean it’s really it’s bad for them because you’re you’re weakening yourself and this is not a feminist as a man you know make sure be embracing their own power you know if it’s a if it’s a female and she’s a feminist and that just makes sense but how did this kind of bothers me yeah it’s the same thing about that doesn’t if if if if women are politically disempowered and it’s empowerment it’s not about everybody being disempowered it’s about rebalancing power and I think I seen I seen what you’re talking about and that’s in really just dysfunctional self-hatred and and debilitating Behavior where it’s just it’s it’s just The Chronic sensitive being yeah just not not Rising into into that power and Ivan passed I was at a gathering recently where where am I was pointed out he know I’m probably a leader of men’s groups just sort of figured Warrior men’s group leader and he was saying that you know there’s that he applied to the women’s movement obviously it’s needed but there isn’t a really really conscious men’s movement that fight Club is really really you know unrefined like crude form of reclaiming Brotherhood and men Space to be organized in in and be strong and all that stuff and do you want to talk about what if you what kind of waves do you recommend for for males in this culture to reclaim their masculinity and to I mean obviously everything in the survival movement touches that place of learning things like hunting and fishing and fixing things and Building Things those all excited that energy and you’re not just playing video games or shopping or watching you know movies when you’re out doing Special how do you know if you want to share any thoughts on on how do we rebuild this strong men’s movement men’s empowerment High School beers what I found to be the most important thing to reclaim your masculinity is to get more male friends to spend more time with them so many men like if you’re asking me know like how do you have more men you no more guy friends are more female friends and most of the time because it just go out there to like you know make men for it is kind of soap making time for male friends and doing male activities you know I’m going to go hunting for the first time in a couple weeks with my stepdad be awesome best Festival one you you have to be to be a better man that’s that’s work well for me not not trying to the people please you know if you don’t you don’t like what I have to say and you just go off and then I’m working on it better on the website I just always not people-pleasing if you spend your time trying to make someone else happy than you never be happy yourself so that’s that’s another big one you know you can only you can make yourself Happy Hollow big one make male friends and then do manly things what is the what are some of your favorite manly things going in the woods like a doing doing woodwork stuff I cut down some dead trees recently on the on the future Homestead you’re trying to clear it out to make the other trees you know happier that trees try to open it up so I can come back later and give you some permaculture put in some productive trees for the first time and even know I’m a lefty and it kind of scares the hell out of me or are you in the ground and then splitting wood with an axe yeah that’s very like Mel traditional I just really always feel better after I spend some time and they sure you know I don’t hate hippies as much as I used to and it was fun to take a walk barefoot you’ll go hiking Barefoot that’s also reconnected that way hello go ahead go ahead did you see the Dual Survival series with Cody Lundin and every time I watch the first and second season to add Dave and Cody and David should I quit watching and Dave digs basically a ship in the skies I mean that was medicine for my soul you know that was see if the fight Club is Project Mayhem would have started with a lot of what they’re doing it probably would have been more sustainable but I bet that Union of opposites are really you know some that that’s it I mean that’s felt like a balanced sense of masculinity and of course big fight like a married couple yeah that’s interesting you bring up Dual Survival doing a project with a friend of mine and we’ve nicknamed Homestead High time we just working out at the man lifting weights is important to build your strength weight not help service healthy eating you know Christian family man and how we approach the problems of the homestead you know our different ways and then probably you know drama it up for the YouTube family with everybody but you can’t do that that’s going to happen Montana policeman the album was is YouTube videos amazing the amount of content being produced in a laboratory has to be amazing if they got tracked those lyrics I’m The Graduate following it I think it’s going to have to be a somehow I’m going to have to see if I can make it out there and actually having listen to all the podcast know what their names are with the people that come in and I end up being more of a drag but yeah I’m pretty stoked about that seems like contact them and see if I can just come shoot some YouTube videos me I’m not I mean his sister-in-law’s to Second long video clips and they’re spaced out there not more so I just want to keep in touch with you about that and I feel like man but the punk rock I mean I toured the country many times and then I felt like yeah she hits the fan concert going to survive you know you’ll have to start growing their own grapes and berries and apples and stuff to make to make wines and ciders and needs to keep from getting the shakes a lot of them but they’ll figure it out if you’re not already doing it enough of them already home brewing but it’s really the fabric of the trust and the the solidarity and the network of where you can go anywhere especially in vantuno that was a great privilege of being able to see so many places I’ve been in the you could be you know there’s a there’s an honor it’s almost like that what was it that you know the idea that you’re boarding soldiers or something like that you know your ass is from sick of patriotism to the nation of punk could wear it to town you know that and you need help or you need a place to stay or whatever you’ve got that you’ve got the intrinsic hand outstretched and it’s not obligatory it’s actually have more about not selling the idea but but kind of wax poetic on on how the punk movement is disempowering is it as a subculture underground survival kind of the sun Network I noticed its function to be some of the most giving pleasing and non-judgmental people ever she didn’t want to be asking you need to make money to make money as a statue statue in Dallas and then yes you would choose for her and she would like to be in Denver tomorrow so yeah just that like a like a million lights on it they want to Homestead they want the survival mindset and they’re a strong community and they are I got some good friends that I met your lady Jose today do you have chickens in Michigan you stop by and hang out some fun when I met the most people that do tend to email me for some Auto Parts I got some old people there like you back in the punk scene back in the day they are there like you know I used to have the best Doc Martens in you shapes it totally shapes your identity at an early age for life and whatever it was however you’re wearing on your sleeve or not it’s still it’s still down there deep end I wanted to talk a little bit more about the training that is being homeless and has kids from a pumpkin a survival perspective Gazette that really take me early on in and I see that movie was it called the morning after the day after about about the spontaneous climate at 1 yeah yeah yeah yeah he’s that movie is one thing that was great about it though but this is like it’s just so healthy and bad I was all right there is one particular thing that I thought was bad ass though and that was how the homeless guy knew all of the ways to survive and he totally save people’s asses and if you didn’t listen to him you definitely were going and I and he was doing things like stressing his clothing with with newspaper for insulation and just had all this wisdom and it in that that just came out for me right now thinking about you know the always all the I see the the homeless homeless camps you know and the different unlike all the Innovation and stuff and it’s like they’re already training for the zombie apocalypse they’re probably you know password in terms you know that in a lot of ways just so there was a documentary on this whole subculture this underground city almost two people I think it was in somewhere in the east coast but it’s like yeah it is that that’s cool but I have cool memories about just different kind of spell stealthy maneuvering and you know you like it yeah you know it I did I did some like a few last things like a dollar a gallon sure. I got one thing to do and I go into the customer service desk and like a little hatchback we were riding around in was so that means we’re doesn’t care that I took a dollar from them but you are like Lavo tips and tricks you know like layers with a lot of clothes layers work I did the obligatory you’re homeless you guys sleeping to park at least one night and I found the the gym equipment little plastic tube thing finding ways to to keep warm you know Heather’s dad such a bathroom one time the gas station. Are on me thousand miles per hour late but I’m here today. So he said with the bums giving out tips to the homeless people I haven’t done it yet I keep meaning to I have a YouTube series plan to my head were with this thing where people can go buy a newspaper is for $0.50 and then I mean but when you see them I quality like a backpacking first time Trinkets and stuff like that so what should I eat when corned beef corned beef they’ve got their systems down pat know what they’re doing they can stay warm they stay alive yeah man you know there’s another dimension I’m not sure exactly you know we may have been repaid have been rolling right past each other at different times and places that you know if you don’t know if you traveled much for the that was a big thing for a while train-hopping traveling and then there was you pissed different a very dense and interesting anthropology of of different types of Saint Stephen’s response like this if you know there was a lyric a sponge gutter punks Street punks crusty pumps at all these different you know they have different ethics and one time this was back in the I think it was 9797 there is there is a resistant exist Gathering and an asylum Gathering that happened in the Northwest and they were just big Mecca Funk Fest out in the woods there wasn’t one of them was in the woods room is in the city and it just brought down this article said it is it became ended up becoming a cross between Braveheart and Lord of the Flies cuz the the peace punks were getting we’re getting raided by the marauding you know we’re just hardened from Street battles in and so was just returning to Total it stereotypical morbid visions of Anarchy and Chaos in there this whole Intelligentsia that I could say call we’re all crying and eating and talking about oh no we’re not going to be able to save the planet because we can’t even get along in our own Gathering I got some horror stories from some of the crazy stuff is happening just like this is the Dark Side of Anarchy of you know without rule of law kind of behavior Chrissy with his lots of drugs and alcohol in Intercourse all end up on the street you know you had something some deep childhood trauma happen you know usually are you getting thrown away or you running away and so I remember it was you know that s life not only just the elements you know surviving the elements but the but the the story of some of them whether it’s sexual predators you know being young and being a male or female being at risk of that or he’s different tribes of punks that were more warlike or more kind of like Pirates than than the peace Punk’s or whatever do you have any any Horror Story’s or stories about that kind of stuff I have I have a app to really I’ve got one that’s what led me to being homeless God not even the first time but the biggest one was a high school dropout and then I paid rent but it was like just a step above squatting in this house to be honest we ain’t nothing but like cereal it was there people I never knew it was terrible and I it was it was bound to go bad that’s just don’t like the way that it had to work out you know one of the roommates group home living in before I went there he he didn’t tell her you really need to pay your rent man what are the random people that hung out in the house and stealing his drugs that was on loan from the drug dealer to sell to pay back to the drug dealer so then he got in trouble for then him the drug dealer thought they knew who stole the drugs and the whole time I’m like WTF. We moving in in like the next day or two days later Ford hatchback stop at night cuz you a dollar dollar gallons of gas we could do the freaking would we found to be about the safest place generally there’s a lot of people screwing with you at the rest stop we tried we tried sleeping in the cops is on his way out which is always annoying and I never went to the National homeless shelter like once and I’m not going to stay here has a funny short story just for homeless to let me know obviously I didn’t look like I was not on the stove Seattle or the cops or any like near misses and we had to escape crazy stuff I mean not I’m sure there is I can’t know nothing’s popping out me right now I’m just being such a sketchy time back then everyone’s carrying around these smiley faces and everyone have these different there is an interesting weaponology is the street so culture cuz everybody was so you know ya me nervous is just so many the drug dealers and the yeah interesting like the Warriors did you know that yeah it’s that remind me that I do have a little violent story that they selling drugs so I went and pawned it because he owes me back rent money and you don’t got me kicked out of my apartment housing in today I want to take a shower cuz it’s been weeks while taking a shower and apparently that got source told me and Mike out and there I was like what yeah he was like getting crazy I like how I don’t want to be right back and like he was his mind around it he got me kicked out of my apartment stole the cell phone then lost it or something your bass guitar buddy I know I got that money and bought a bunch of Chinese buffet with it you stupid yeah there’s a lot of lessons from I guess kind of Summer take a laboratory the Turkish that try to solve their own problems even when they get really ugly and and there’s like a code of ethics that you don’t you never call them and you know he got to deal with me and then you got to live with the consequences of things things can go on you know a few days but that’s when negotiations and such a good skill in pesos and then why you have to have you can’t really be alone or you got to have people that you are you know cuz one it’s like one incident and you got to grow eyes in the back your head for the rest your life you know so you better those eyes in the back your head or your crew you know you’re trying have you got to then an alert yeah there’s this one guy actually in a spawning a lot of stuff like I was with a friend of mine at this National you see these free concerts downtown on the riverfront bigger bands you know nothing nothing nothing like the holidays truck method you can they broke up years ago but you can still find some and I didn’t pass into a fight but it got dark lotion sorry about yelling and talking trash and they bite I would like to listen to music like this is sketchy sketchy bad vibes anyway it was homeless when you know being a good person and you know not screwing yourself over you know I didn’t want to take yourself out like that one of the survival Podcast that can really gets me is one of the Tactical training guys and it’s like don’t go just don’t go to stupid places that stupid people on these stupid things there’s some order of that list of places with stupid people do stupid things in this is stupid cellmeter stupid stupid things sometimes evolve to a state where instead of this really Slappy dangerous sometimes cute man slaughtering Punk drunk Punk violence it could finish itself into more of a you know our style of Kung-Fu versus yourself Kung Fu and have a kind of orderly too old even like Drunken Monkey Style but we’re not going to just stab each other and bleed out cuz their blood thin cuz they’re all drunk which happens a lot or throw cinder blocks at each other’s heads ritual violence happens and Encino tribal societies and stuff they’re there is there’s a sacred violence pattern that can be restored where it’s like okay transgressions can get resolved through ritual combat and it’s not Mortal Kombat and it’s not sloppy either in my life so pissed and I was like History of Violence Tracy be knowing each other through Palm strikes what time is it at the Mass Appeal for the mosh pit right there you know it to get that violence out in this world space control matter you know you yeah yeah and I’ve seen Miracles and Feats of physics that I was talking about this and it was someone else not too long ago about how there’s a magical kind of cauldron of things that defy physics in the mosh pit you know I’ve had the acrobatic things happen that you just met major injuries avoided because there’s so much positive energy and I was like I read the article and I was like this is probably going to be spiritual elements in by throughout history of like you know physical exertion between between people and causing a song from Beauty and then they took it to a whole different level and it’s been done throughout history and they gave examples of totally man and then I just wish that it it seems like once you get past 25 you’re not made out of rubber anymore when you fall it actually hurts and some kind of like in the the geriatric Mosh Pit area now in better shape than I was it I like a maybe through just a good eating good living things I can Marshal the best of mouth yeah man music business group called Tierra Viva I believe they’re called in Mexico and I got the door down there a little bit and I met some of them and there’s videos of them smashing to mix I don’t think it wasn’t called that they’re making but they were mixing a person plaster kind of to help with respiratory problems from the particles of concrete structures and and they had a whole permaculture punk punk permaculture Collective down there doing gardening and stuff and they were marching to mix the stuff and I was totally and you see people mixing kava on YouTube and they’re always like something you know it’s fake conducive to is any any Musical dance style but definitely there so you can see that’s also Punk faster something you know no be awesome at would get some get some bad to come out there and play and then sometimes I’ll be there scrap man will do you have any we’ve covered a lot of good stuff and I’m glad I’m really feel to meet you now and to this meeting I’m sure we’ll cross paths and he have any do you want to talk more about what people can get I know you have a I’m going to join soon as I can to keep at the punk Army Trail point guard people can be in touch with you and me is how I make my money to live so few posts in my podcast in July carry on I’m on Facebook if you are pretty much like it if you send me a friend request on Facebook accepting all days you can find me all of this place yeah then yeah you like what you hear that question I mean my all-time favorite I love rancid and anything that your mom Jean does it sound by The Bangles real good on that Molly I seen I seen both of them every time they came to Nashville to told you earlier the band is my favorite instrument and one one light out there band was it Thomas Jefferson Jihad they’re pretty good so for Bluegrass Punk folk Punk awesome James well thank you so much man this is like really stirred up some good memories and emotions in me and I’m definitely going to keep spreading the survival Punk message out to Soul Man but I do like I will talk to you again hopefully soon was keep each other posted anything you want to share with me I mean you know this so I don’t I don’t know how many punks necessarily or are finding the work that I’m doing at this point I’m kind of in deep in the New Age seen bringing the bringing the fire of the punk ethics to the you know it’s kind of that meditate and Destroy kind of thing mixing the creative constructive powerful transformational energy but kind of enlightening the enlightened with motive that raged out stuff so yeah well I’m sure we both got cool stuff to talk about anything you know any anything comes up you want to talk about again let me know thanks for having me on man. 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