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Kali Sahasranama in Sanskrit and English Read by Sufiana TPP257


Kali Painting

In this episode I share the recording I commissioned from Sufiana of the 1008 names of Goddess Kali, including both the Sanskrit and English

Introduction to Warrior Tantra and Sexual Self-Defense TPP250


Warrior Tantra PicIn this episode I share the original Warrior Tantra introduction lecture from early 2017

My Non Verbatim Show Notes

Our relationship to violence is highly distorted, very unrealistic, we have the horrors of the battlefield in military conflicts throughout the world

secret hidden violence of fathers abuse children and spouses

violence in cartoon, video games

is a such a thing as healthy or sacred violence, expressed in martial arts around the world,

principles and ethics of defensive fighting, to defend self, land, family, way of life, community, is tempered with a feminine wisdom

the ideal for all militarys nation states, who have at least paid lip service to the idea that we’re not trying to be barbaric, colonize, conquer, might is right, warlord organized violence to build empires, supposedly in the modern world we’ve evolved past that ideology

beautiful martial arts systems, at their core essence pushing forward that ethic, appropriate violence, sacred violence, not be abused for one’s own self gain

most spiritual traditions, discipline, being a warrior is different from being a soldier, being a defender of a culture, of your people, hoping will evolve to all people and all life

to be a spiritual warrior is to overcome racism, sexism, homophobia, borders and boxes, unnecessary antagony between lifestyles, regions, histories

many of the would be warriors, who have been trained to be soldiers now are fighting battles that are rooted in old paradigms of thinking where there was much less expansion of consciousness around love and acceptance and compassion, this is all the great spiritual battle that’s taking place all over the globe, for 1000s of years, impulse to create peaceful harmonious regenerative communities that are not expansionist, striving to maintain ecological balance, and the cultures using violence to conquer, colonize, take land by force, rape and pillage

the call to action for this brand, a lifestyle, an upgrade to both being a martial artists and being a tantrika to be practicing warrior tantra,

I’m hear to open up a discourse to merge sacred sexuality with sacred violence, I’m not a guru, I’m not going to have all the answers for everyone on their individual path

but what I will do with my training and my knowledge is to create a space where we acknowledge that the dimensions of combat and warfare are beyond our physical bodies

it goes into our emotional space, our intellectual space, our sexual space, many dimensions where we can be attacked so it is only reasonable, logical, sensible, to develop defensive tactics in all areas of our life

violation is very complex, and we can be violated through sound waves going into our ears, from light beams going into our eyes, wounds from physical violence that heal faster and more complete than wounds from sexual violence, it’s a continuum, and there’s multi dimensions

what you may or may not find in a martial arts studio or training system would be some of the more spiritual components that you would find in tantra or sacred sexuality where you’re creating boundaries and owning your space, on multi dimensional levels and mastering arts for self preservation and protection, in multiple dimensions of your being

there are places where you can go and learn how to be a better lover, be a master of your inner emotional state, spiritual trainings and traditions, sexual mastery wisdom traditions, and there are places where you can study the arts of defending the body, using weapons, blades, sticks, firearms, your own bodies natural weapons, in the original what I would say is the roots of tantra, these two, now polarized, are you a lover or a fighter, in the early days you were both, people were less dependent on military, state, government, police force, systems, people had to defend themselves and their community on a daily basis and it was really all down to earth

the arts of loving, the arts of fighting, all very deeply intertwined, every person was included in some of the earliest forms of martial arts training, this is what I believe we can restore is a very localized systems for teaching sacred sexuality and teaching self defense and martial arts, bringing it all together

self love self esteem, really the core of it all

it’s a positive feedback loop, a positive upward spiral of self love, conditioning your connection to the divine loving yourself more and more, having the physical confidence of training so that you can defend yourself in all kinds of battlefields, seen and unseen

defend your sacred self love and your integrity, bodily integrity, sexual integrity

the sanctity of the boundaries of your body image itself, we’re being attacked in so many ways, always attempting from billboards to boyfriends, to girlfriends to all the kinds of porn, you can develop a sense that these negative assaults on your divine self loving sense of perfection as you are, they’re attacking and corroding that inner essence of self acceptance and love and beauty

you could be a really good mma fighter or boxer or combat soldier and still have a brokenness inside that makes you susceptible to false leaders and fighting for the wrong reasons, its really an opportunity to balance those aspects and build a foundation of deep powerful, timeless eternal self love that will radiate a defensive field around you

through physical combative training and physical conditioning, combined with the spiritual, emotional, sexual defensive training and conditioning I can speak from experience I’ve had to defend myself in mortal combat scenarios, I had to fight for my life when I lived on the street, there were times, other compromised circumstance, I can speak from that experience of being a warrior on the street, and also as a survivor of abuse I’ve had to

escape kidnappings, escape from arrests when I was sometimes an outlaw, I’m here to help people avert those catastrophes

you should never have to defend your body from a lethal attack, and you should never have to defend your body from a sexual attack, I’ve done both, I’ve survived both and sometimes in the same context

we live in threatening world

if we have system of self defense that evolves and understands that new threats are emerging everyday, the martial arts systems that were developed 100s if not 1000s of years ago

in some of the tantric scriptures it was very explicitly warned that we were approaching a time where the threats of sexual violation by men are going to increase, by horrific, on a mass scale

the corruptibility of male sexuality by in very clear terms, its a state of possession

whatever scientific faith you wna tto have about whether or not the demonic realm and demonic entities and species are real or not real, that’s optional

I’m not going to impose any belief system around where these forms of sexual violence are coming from, but it’s just a matter of doing a bit of research on the data, that we are in a world that is more threatening to women and children than ever, on a mass scale

the most intrusive vector of these patterns of violence, it was television, now its the internet, its the effect of high speed internet pornography, is the bleeding edge of what in the hindu tantric scriptures, the sort of prophecies about this time, they didn’t predict the internet, the development of photography, cameras, films, but I dare say they would not be surprised that the intentions of the entities that they had been in combat with spiritually, that they wrote great epic scriptures and mythologies about, the need to have a spiritual warrior practice to defend against the entities that are hell bent on making hell on earth mainly through every form of violation imaginable

they are understood to be very creative, and merciless

and you see that in the porn that people are addicted to, that young boys are being initiated into as their default sexual education

it’s a very horrific, systematic, fracturing corruption of male sexuality, and the stats on abuse are just staggering

its propagating and spreading like a virus

the need for women and children to be trained in practical self defense and I say more importantly in practical self defense than in martial arts systems that were designed for a different era

they came from a different place and different time where the the threats were different

so my point is to say that, new adaptations of the martial sciences have got to be designed to meet the threats of the modern era

the idea that we were gonna be inundated with demons, hell on earth, infecting men, women have to take up arms to defend themselves and their children against these men, I call them rape zombies

the horror stories I hear from just people in the dating world, something is off, the men seem to be glazed over, hollowed out, and the shit that comes out of their mouth

and the acts they attempt to conduct in the bedroom, the psychology of date rape

that’s where we’re dealing with, these hollowed out shells of young men, and old men, who, in the tantric terminology, their heart chakras have been shut down in encrusted, not just blocked, but actually strategically infested and debilitated, by real trans-dimensional biological entities that are not necessarily transmitting through the tv set, this the great leap, until we have the science to prove it

you can compare my statements to your own personal experience, talk to women who’ve been abused, anyone who’s a survivor, who’s had to stare down that hollow, unloving, uncompassionate, manipulative, psychopathic, sociopathic, gaze of a predator

anyone who’s had that experience will most likely help people who haven’t had that experience, and help the perpetrators of these crimes understand that they have been hacked

whether from watching porn, or watching violent movies, or watching violence going on around them, its not that the demons jump through the television set, or through the screen from porn, it’s that we’re all vibration, we’re all frequency and vibration, in the unseen surrounds of our physical environment, physical body, potentially infinite overlapping dimensions where non human intelligent entities are always attempting to take up space in our energy field, thereby become parasites, and extract our energy in order to feed themselves and their families, live in their parellel dimension, sucking our energy from us, and I don’t like to use the words holy and unholy, but in order to be a defender of your body temple, and effectively protect those who are most at risk of sexual violation

there are skills and art forms designed by the tantrics 1000s of years ago to buffer those influences from the underworld, if you want to use a classic shamanic term

although its not technically below us, its not below the floor, it’s not down there per se, we’re in a soup of beings all around us at all times

if we engage in practices of self purification then we become less susceptible to the penetration and influence of all different types of being that are just swimming around us on or in the astral plane

the tactics of self defense, if in order to defend yourself you had to understand at all times there are intelligent parasitic entities floating around all of us, there are places where their ability to perforate and puncture our auric field our energetic shield, that’s around our body, it can be trained and conditioned and developed to be less penetrable

obviously if you just do an experiment and go down to the local dive singles bar, and you do some practices of meditation to attune yourself to your own energy field, you can start to sense attacks from people’s eyes, from people’s words, from billboards, messages all around you, its more than meets the eye

what’s happening is when you react to people places and things around you you consciously or unconsciously shift your vibration in that shifting of vibration you are then potentially susceptible to these attacks

they always say, dress warm in winter because you’ll catch a cold, it’s not actually that your temperature will give you the cold, its that the cold viruses are all over you and all over the place everywhere and your immune system, when it’s not compromised by your body being cold, it has the power to just continually fight off all those attacks, and you don’t even know it you’re just happy and healthy and you’re not sick you don’t have a cold, but the cold viruses are all over you, and what it is that protects you is the health of your immune system

if you drink alcohol, your immune system is being debilitated by your drunkenness

the point is that to walk through this world as a spiritual sexual warrior you have got to own and love your space and develop that fine tuned awareness of what causes you to compromise your sexual spiritual auric immune system

if you have a strong sense of purpose and you have a strong connection to the earth and to the divine, however you structure that from whatever tradition, you will become practically immune to all forms of attack, most forms of attack occur when your energy is skewed

a lot of women who get repeatedly raped and end up in repeated abusive relationships, when they’re questioned and speak honestly about these patterns, there’s a really sort of self destructive, self sabotaging urge to just be put out of the misery of existence, and so just falling into every trap, falling into ever more cascading emotional, physical, sexual violence its heart break to watch those patterns unfold for people

you can’t just put a gun in their hands, or even just teaching them physical combatives, although when a woman shoots a fire arm, something magical happens, that’s goddesses’ honest truth, there is a beauty in that experience of for the first time and I speak as a survivor, the first time being able to feel like, wow, there is a range of defensiblity of my body temple that doesn’t depend on my physical size, it’s the great equalizer

this program of training, is going to address all of these ranges of attack, classically in martial arts you have close range, mid range, far range different words in different systems, for example if someone’s approaching you, a side kick to the knee is what Bruce Lee would say, the longest weapon to the nearest target, you wouldn’t wait to elbow them, appropriate distance would be throwing out that kick

a billboard is one form of attack, a billboard presents a body image that is an unrealistic ideal that would require plastic surgery, enhancements, or reduction or whatever, hyper representation of physiques, just not representative of average people, that’s a form of an attack

on all genders, all genders are kept in this constant inner battle of whether they’re going to be loved based on how their body looks, and whether they’re going to be successful in world of power and money and wealth based on how symmetrical their facial features are, what their voice sounds like, things that are superficial, its difficult for most people to measure up to those so called standards

to be a warrior against being punched in the gut by the site of somebody you think is more attractive than you, to be set off course and out of balance, its an attack that will leave you open and then susceptible

that feeling can lead to you going to the bar, having a drink because you don’t feel good about yourself, and then you wake up the next day in a hospital because your drink got rufeed, or whatever, stories of compromise they all cascade and get worse, the more abuse anyone experiences, the less power they have to stand up and rebuild that protective auric shield around all these negative influences

worst of all, there’s all these ranges, all these avenues of attack coming at us from the external world, but the real curse is when they get internalized, and they become voices in our own heads, and we start to listen to what we think is our own, multifaceted self

you see someone walking down the street talking to themselves and their crazy, meanwhile whether or not you move your lips or make sounds, if you’re having a dialog with yourself when you look at the mirror, or you do something that makes you feel stupid, that you should be embarrassed about, instantly their comes the voice which not always is the most friendly voice and is sometimes your worse enemy

the world I want to live in is world of rape free zones

conditions that are conducive to rape are studied and analyzed and designed against

I would love to see a feminist revolution that takes all the weapons, power, land education systems, everything back from the patriarchal power structure with a swiftness, an abrupt insurrectionary uprising of women who organize together in sex strikes, and build new nations with new boundaries and reclaim the maternal birthright of really meticulously designing male egos that are in service to the earth and the elder councils of women who they adore and fear as all boys feared the wrath of their mother, doesn’t get much simpler than that

the distorted relationship we have with organized male violence, from street gangs to the mafia, every single cult of violence that men have organized and lead, only exist because mothers have been prohibited from sustaining a nature prehistoric tendency to collectively design how they want male aggressive energy to flow through their designed social ecosystem

its a horrible perversion of force on this earth for their to be male violence of any kind that is not guided by the wisdom of priestesses and elder women who are sustaining traditions of goddess worship that connect every bodies mind body spirit and sexuality to the divine wisdom that is feminine, is compassionate and nurturing

it is possible that every act of sexual conduct that a male engages in in his entire life time could be absolutely a blissful meditation

imagine that boys and young men and young adults and elder men, all lived with the same fear and humility towards all women and the divine feminine, never having been allowed to develop a self serving ego, and being kept in a constant state of bowing and being in prostration to that feminine power, as the superior and highest supreme power that’s what the schools of tantra that we’re drawing from in this warrior tantra program are all about and its my pretty well studied opinion is that every problem we’re facing in the history of the planet is the result of the perversion of that power dynamic

I don’t know a lot of female rapists or child abusers

I don’t know a lot of women who are designing weapons of mass destruction or cutting down trees on a mass scale, these are all symptoms of a power structure that has been hijacked not by the sacred masculine but by the toxic masculine

that if not kept in prostration to the divine feminine, will become a horrific evil menace to all life on earth

its the stories the mythologies, the cursing of women through religions that have feared women in the wrong way, there is a good way to fear women and the divine feminine, fearing that you won’t have the stamina to please them fully, that should be the primary fear

the way to solve that fear is to train your nervous system to be able to hold and embrace ever more powerful waves of divine feminine sexual energy, the kundalini shakti energy

that is the task of men, to be in prostration and in fear of the goddess in a manner that makes them want to put down axe, put down sword, grab your cock, with guidance of elders from long standing traditions, how to become a god, a peaceful loving, compassionate, gentle, caring earth worshiping, goddess worshiping powerful warrior who is capable of conducting defensive violence among many other things, but at the beginning and end of the day you’re there to kiss the feet of the mother goddess in all her forms, we’re a long way from there being positive peer pressure between men to be a better love, a more dutiful lover, a more prostrate lover

there was a time when all the cool people we’re doing it, the in crowd was doing it, goddess worship, prostration to the divine feminine, the glory to be accessed by ritual love making, where the impulse to harm and to rape and abuse was so well buffered so that a woman could trust that while making love to a man she was making love to the divine masculine aspect, that he has ritual invoked and through his practice of goddess worship he is essentially earning the access to be able to be possessed by the divine feminine energy so a woman can feel safe because she’s in the vibration of the goddess that has been invoked ritually by her lover

don’t have to believe any of this spirituality, any of these esoteric principles, we could all be starting from scratch

if every spiritual book instantly disappeared from the planet and we all just had the world we’re living in now, the technology systems, the political systems, erased all the mythology, if we had to start from scratch its a very simple reboot

the men who are careless recklessly unconsciously taking and not giving with their primordial sexual drives, if their in the reptilian brain with the remorselessness of that lower level of animal instinct, there are other animals that are compassionate, that are loving, it’s not just to say that humans are compassionate and all animals are below us

within all of our neuro anatomy, there’s a potential to devolved into an uncompassionate, self serving, sociopathic mode,

we have to acknowledge that in this modern world, it’s gotten worse, this tendency for males to conduct themselves in an uncompassionate way, it’s being rewarded, by media, by male peers, by the law in lot of places still, women as property and rape toy,

some places in the world where it’s safer to not be married because if you’re unmarried and you’re raped you can press charges but if you’re married you’ve joined a rape contract and you’ve signed up for it, so most likely you’ll be prosecuted

the world is extremely warped and the violence that’s being done on every level is all coming back to that fundamental distortion of the relationship to the human mother and the divine mother, circumcision

lack of breast feeding you so the hostility of men against women, nature, and animals, it’s very systematically built into most of the males walking the earth today, those who’ve been circumcised, those who have been deprived of on demand breast feeding, they are the enemies of life on earth, and for a reason, if you were an intelligent demon lord who wanted to come to earth and figure out how to make the most pain and suffering for all of life and really make a game show or a casino out of watching the misery unfold, the debauchery and hellish extreme violence, the raping of infants in places in Africa where there’s a mythology that they are less likely to have HIV/AIDs so they’re preyed upon in horrific cults of infant rape

female genital mutilation, all of these sores, all of the abuse happening on native american reservations, extremely high rate of alcoholism and these clusters of child sexual abuse where public officials come into work in government office job, and complain about how their child bit their penis while they were engaged in routine servicing

it is a very designed hell on earth that we live in and the forces that we’re up against, they don’t, in my experience they don’t respond to treatment with pharmaceutical drugs, with bibles, with exorcists, in my experience, my personal experience and in my studies, what we’re up against, what we’re doing with is such a merciless insidious force from the darkest pits of creation, its should be no surprise that in tantra the supreme goddess deities are the warrior goddesses the one’s who’ve adapted to address the ever evolving strategies of the demonic realm

mythology of kali and durga main warrior goddesses par excellence, there’s a lot of symbology there, a lot to read between the lines

and if none of this spiritual language works for you, watching this, there’s an even simpler frame of reference which is bonobos and chimpanzees, that’s a whole new mythology where if we had to scrap every spiritual text, every wisdom tradition, go observe behavior of chimps and bonobos, very close primate cousins, we happen to have more in common with bonobos than chimps, on dna level

however more exposure and contact and study was done with the chimps so they became the model to justify patriarchal violence and rape

I speak with boldness and confidence about my personal revelations about who and what is running the show of sexual patriarchal violence on earth, and who really owns this casino, who really owns this rape culture, it’s not the best attempt humans have made to figure out how to get along, and to share resources and to love each other and make love to each other, this is not the pinnacle of our consciousness around power and gender and sexuality,we’re living in the mass global entertainment driven patriarchal paradigm, it’s not progressive

you could say there’s more empowered roles for women in cinema, more queer roles, all that is a step in the right direction, towards our primal mode of loving, acceptance, equality, egalitarianism

Lab Report: Shaktification as Non-Invasive Demonectomy TPP232


sexual-healing-with-psychedelic-goddess-worship In this episode I share a lab report from mid 2019 which documents an important break through in my sexual healing with psychedelic goddess worship research. The mixed and mastered version of the Psychedelic Goddess Worship track on the Sexorcism the Tantric Opera album proved to have powerful potentials to induce what I’m calling “shaktification as non-invasive demonectomy. My (non-verbatim) show notes are below.

Non invasive is used for surgeries, the body is not penetrated

Man cave, goddess temple lave, unclinical lab, produced an album to create the vibrational landscape for a non-invasive demonectomy on my self

multiple sessions, increasing doses’

could solve the problem of how do you induce a non-invasive demonectomy, that’s effective, unlike the techniques of the dominant paradigm of exorcism, the catholic church and their protocols

with an understanding, time does not heal, if untreated the infections only get worse and in the case of men, there’s a higher potential of survivor-perpetrators

for women, less likely to harm others, but will often harm themselves, that’s the handy work of the demons that were inserted into them in acts of abuse and molestation

demons express themselves in female survivors much less as sexual offense

in males, less divine feminine grace, cults of gang rape, women don’t usually form thug cults of rape

don’t know of any witches who are known to have done that

but men, gang up and bully runts on football team, and geeks in the classroom, they gang up and rape the cheerleaders, their so susceptible and when you get survivors in that mix, its that much more of a cascading effect

it should be axiomatic, if that infection doesn’t get disinfected immediately, than you are harboring, just like Geiger shows us, is the “face huggers”, that’s what he’s talking about, it’s all demons, their parasites, inject themselves into human host, sexual aliens, if there was a xxx Giger, that’s me, showing what’s going on

gotta figure out how to interrupt the larval cycle, to interrupt the propagation

some times sexual penetration is appropriate, however there are times when it’s not

there’s a magical power that flows through, the goddess kali shaki, and the magic mushroom, what I can demonstrate and have footage of, is capturing the rapid seizure like convulsions that occur with the shakti is invoked, not just shivers, not just normal kriyas, a controlled seizer

a presence of mind, it’s possible to surrender, but be prepared, yoga, martial arts, dancing, landscaping, know my body and have agility to phase in and out of possession states

not faking, not faking, not a parlor trick, not a magic trick, not putting on a show

I have the ability to shut it off, goddess has been earning trust from me so I can surrender more
use elbows to brace neck, stay ahead of the sense of more intense movements

set and setting for combat training, you could use padding, or train on the beach

design consciousness of low impact, the sand absorbs impact, avoiding pavement

expecting to trash around, expecting to be taken for a ride, do due diligence to be warmed up enough

not be in a contortion to snap their neck, people doing jiu jitsu, they’re aware of when they’re in danger, and maneuver out of it

gotta be bad ass ninja warriors

it’s possible, I’ve proven to myself, that adding more people is beneficial, but in the dilemma of when you can’t add anybody, what do you do, well this seems to be it, maybe not the only thing, but could be more effective than calling the local priest exorcist

they did the deeds themselves and now they’re gonna do the exorcism, you brought the demons you’re not taking them out

sexorcism that doesn’t involve any inappropriate touch or any touch at all

it happened to me to a degree never before experienced

it’s happened before, but not to this extent

she’s like an infinite array of octopoid, insectoid, she has the ability to move you in a lot of different ways

she’s going in and doing a demonic abortion

what she’s doing is what an abortion doctor would do

as sad and heartbreaking as it can be, that’s what goddess kali is doing the demons in the chakras, she’s sucking and pulling them out

these are fully formed, although I do see often that there are multiple life stages, there are hatchlings, old ones, etc. we don’t know how long they live

shamans probably have a clue, but we’re grasping in the dark, but that’s what’s happening

if you watch sexorcism the tantric opera where there’s a lot of hand laying on people, sometimes just the aura, it’s a lot of handy work, but what has been achieved to an extreme with me, is that with the track “psychedelic goddess worship” singing the mantras along with it, its raiding the demon nest, allowing kali to do the demonectomy, extracting these violent creatures, shifts in the amount of demonic load, measurable, this is like colonics

I think I made an important discovery, a hands off, solo, non-invasive demonectomy, you may want to try this yourself and go from no medicine, to cannabis low to high dose, then mushrooms low to high dose, and experiment with the music, looping the track psychedelic goddess worship in setting where you have people watching over you, and you’re surrounded by cushions, and you have martial arts/yoga background, be agile like a cat to prevent injury, if that’s you and you’re suffering and you’ve not found healing in toxic relationships, in psychiatric drugs, or yoga postures, or vipasan, or being saved by Jesus, or getting an exorcism, or singing hare krisna, or doing a detox, I say try everything else , this is a last resort

these are things that I”ve seen that will turn you white, like Winston from Ghost Busters

old school orthodox sri rama krisna order kali worshipers say things like think about it, people go to kali when they’re crushed, when they’re hating life because “it least there will be peace”, they’re harangued by demons, you go to the kali temple and there is peace, hopefully not a patriarchal priesthood

I emphasis female kali priestesses in my work, trying to get back the secret mantras, and decode the art,

the braminization of the goddess, “she was a tribal deity who was absorbed into vedic pantheon”

she was/is a village goddess

decolonize your tantra

get back to psychedelic village level goddess worship

occupying armies, languages, soma, occupying, absorb goddesses take them away from the people then feed it back to them and it’s all corrupted, bastardization by priest craft, put in empire of ego, male ego

I bow down to women who are priestesses, sorting it out, pagan villager medicine woman shamanism craft, that’s what we want to get all the way back down to

the pure hearted matriarchs of the village, witch craft

I’ve said it enough times now, how to translate this, we need to give a voice to the witches and let them do it laboratory conditions

I’m just the messenger, the source is the dakinis and yoginis, who are in state of grace simply because they dont’ have a penis that can be weapons

I don’t have a clue about what was really going on with the cult of the 64 yoginis but there seems to have been a ratio of men to women where women are quite obliged to run the show, quite obliged to minimize and intelligently design with the shiva energy, operating within their coven

I will only get better and better at doing the scholarship on these claims

women are blessed and women are cursed and we need to address this without the backlash

we can be brothers in prostration to the goddess, and experience our masculinity in its most potent form

we’ll get hardest erections when we worship the goddess

ritualized sexual matriarch, that’s probably a useful simplified term

a more rapid depiction

high dose mushrooms, safe-ish setting

looping the track psychedelic goddess worship, mixed and mastered version

never before got as far

turned into an astral battlefield, astral combat, very much like scene in big trouble in little china, when Lo Pan fights Eg Shen, astral avatars battle on their behalf

I got into contortions, spontaneous mudras, like speaking in tongues with your hands, never been trained to do, never done before, seeing my fingers become like black widow spider legs, beautiful sacred geometric formations, like weaving a spider web, as I invoke her more and sing her in more, I become what looks like a mix of black soldier fly and cobra, slithering sounds, autonomically happening the more I surrender, seeing myself as sort of dragon fly mixed with black widow, seeing now how you can allow yourself to be, in a benevolent manner, but possessed, so she can devour demons through you

co-presence between dimensions, I had to think omg this is the fly, I’m Jeff Goldbloom, but that was so gruesome and hideous, but this was beautiful, how could that be re-imagined so it was totally beautiful…so the triumphantness of the incredible hulk, still shocking and bizarre, but whats’ the more beautiful transformation where you see it as totally beautiful and elegant, nothing horrific about it, what would that be, there’s a shape shifting character.

it’s like super mario brothers when you get the tanuki suit, you jump on the mushroom and then basically you become big, you go fast, you have super powers you jump high, game play is enhanced, and with the tanuki suit you get this magic item, this feather, if you get it you can jump and almost fly, you get lift off like a helicopter, its been a long time but the thing I’m pointing to is, imagine you have the power to shape shift, as powerful as incredible hulk but not as nasty and freakish as the fly, it’s not like a horror movie like Freddie Kreuger, nightmare on elm street part two where he comes out of the guy and just sheds him, that’s the ugly version, that’s not what I’m talking about, she’s elegantly sharing my space, I am her she is me, queen bee, cobra snake, transitioning to that with the beauty and elegance of the tanuki suit. Maybe in the Star Trek movie where Kirk ends up getting it on with a shape shifter, she was totally hot, she was actually a beast that can shape shift, imagine that you could totally shape shift into a creature and have it be seamless

it’s possible to invoke the goddess and for her to embody you, and not just putting on make up and pretending to be her iconic formation
I normally see her outside of me, this time more than ever, she enveloped me, I’ve been enveloped by her, clamped down on me, fucking me to purify my chakras, but still being outside of me, penetrating, workign through me, she can swim through me, but like being enveloped by a jellyfish, about to get teeth into my chakras

but this way, she is in my like thundercats

another bad version is like the Edgar suit from Men in Black, demons wear me like the Edgar suit, but Kali wears me to extract the demons from the Edgar suit so I can just be Edgar again, then she’s in the suit, but not possessing to do harm

Sufiana didn’t report becoming the insectoid being, but she described herself rolling out her tongue and hissing, the deity possession trance state, the shamanic healing state

I documented that process later, being very limited financially, very limited with legal sanctioning if at all, having some blessing and bold outlaws to join forces with me, not me manipulated a cult, but me offering educational tools, not involving my dick

I keep my pants on for people who are not my lovers, is that fair, that’s probably a fair way to say it, if you’re my client my pants are on, if you’re my lover, that’s negotiable

back to the non-invasive…able to move massive chunks, being rattled like a freight train, by her, squeezing and working with her to do the contracts, she’s doing the work of the abortion doctor, while I’ll in contracts and pushing out at the same time, it’s so harsh, but you know there have to have been abortions throughout time in crude conditions, certainly not modern legally sanctioned conditions, where the intent was to kill the fetus during the contractions of labor

she’s an insectoid alien goddess, with blackskin, and bejeweled eyes, like the tantric scriptures say, read the 1008 names of Kali and you’ll see the depictions

I need artists to help me with this, graphic novelists, visionary artists

if you could see a woman in labor, shaking convulsing, contracting, seizures and convulsion and simultaneously a female abortion doctor reaching in so as not to leave pieces inside trying to get everything out in one whole piece and eating that thing, but it’s not a baby it’s not in the womb, it’s demons in the chakras

an interplay between goddess kali as the hungry abortion doctor, it’s her doing what she’s evolved to do which is eat demons, I’m serving my demons to the goddess,

an interplay of surrender, and the embodying of the goddess through allow her energy and body to enter your body in a way that is non invasive, she is invasive but in a good way and in a welcomed way,

but no instruments, no cutting devices, no fingers, hands, sexual contact by humans, that’s the best way to describe what’s happening
been in this state many many times, what was different this time was the force

this was the first time I was able to do what I wanted to do all these years, was able to carry it out, to a potent degree, get a massive chunk of demonic biomass, with love and power and strength and courage of the goddess inside of me, her power to purge me, with her mandibles, ready to feast, and it being a much much bigger portion, to the degree that I got the sense that her stomach was full, it had only been oderves up to this point, they were just taking out small grains of rice with chopsticks, she was going in their with her salad tongs to get massive platefuls at once, she got so full, I felt like okay I’m exhausted, she’s full, but after these big chunks got out, hadn’t happened before

very light, blinding to the 3rd eye, sheaths my vision, no more seeing the demonic monsters coming out of me, that make alien look like bambi, all of it, once this massive chunk was taken out gets replaced by this beautiful white light, scaring me, did I damage my optic nerve, I’m just seeing pure white, fuck, there’s some kind of damage…no this is the loving light, dont’ freak out and panic now, go with it, enjoy

instructed to use my own hands, placed fingers against root chakra at the perineum, while the white light was there, use the power to seal the chakra, using massage, using this light healing energy, to use mudras, palm chakras, finger chakras, to do this healing work, like cauterizing a wound, the shakti through palm chakra and finger chakras whill the white light is there, wow, fuck yeah, anatomical surgical orthodoxy, what we think about when we talk about a chakra tune up

these analogies to auto mechanics and surgeons are very apt

you’re doing the work with her, auto-non invasive demonectomy

I had the power and free will to move my body, re-adjust for comfort, drink some water, get up and just make sure the door was locked, again, not ideal conditions

there you have it, what I’ve been working on for years, one of the most glorious since 5.5 year ago initiation with Sufiana

I would like to just be living in the world that we created, to never have been separated by financial duress, within the realm of reasonable periodicity, with medical staff, scientists, medical researchers, the Bangladesh UN security force, that’s what I fantasize about, having the support to do it right

this is like version 0.0001 of the technology, this is not ready, I don’t know what it’s ready for, if you’re suicidal right now and it’s a question of you killing yourself and you dabbling into what I’m talking about, I’m willing to take that risk, this isn’t medical advice, this isn’t therapeutic/psychiatric advise, I’ll make all the disclaimers, in the spirt of YOLO, (actually its not yolo because you live many times) don’t do this in the spirit that everybody wants to see the machine elves that Terence Mckenna talks about, this is a little more extreme than that, do this because it’s life and death for you right until we get the point with research to where so mild version exists, like salsa there will be mild, medium, hot, warning label, extreme hot

if you want to dabble because you’re an extreme case of demon infection, they’re in those hard to reach spots, there’s that song where my demons hide, you want to know, It’s possible to find out, I’m not gonna tell everyone to follow my path

Kali Mandir satsang, a lot of these scriptures, don’t think that they’re all agreed upon by all the priests and priestesses, there are things that are written in stone, but a lot of the scriptures were people exploring and taking notes, like a yogi could be saying “when I said this mantra, at this place and this time in this way, I got reversed gang banged by hot astral dakinis, and I don’t know if this will happen to you, this is me I’m doing me, you do you, I don’t want to implant thought forms and skew it, and contaminated the control group, I’m just trying to build on my own research, I love what the yogis say, talking about female astral non human entities, coming down purifying his soul and doing all this healing work, sounds like what I’m talking about and if he were on mushrooms he’d be able to describe in greater detail, or maybe he was a yogi that attained an endogenous psychedelic state

nothing new here, I’m saying things that have been suppressed for by patriarchy demonic war lords for 1000s of years, but were open source tech as sexual shamanic witchcraft, held by cultures of the world, just business as usually to maintain a shamanic community

when its a matter of infestation of lower chakras, there’s some modality that’s not creepy, predatory or abusive, to somehow empower people to have auto-non-invasive demonectomy sexorcism, auto invasive demonectomy sexorcism, I’ve milked my own prostate, kali possessing me, shards of light coming in, healing, demons coming out, most stunning gorgeous arrays, beauty is subjective, every woman and aspiring woman who ever put on make up with the intent to beautify herself, what every single one strives for is what can be seen when you invoke the goddess with these mantras, and with 3rd eye open with mushrooms

me doing me, phenomenologically, in my own bubble, the most beautiful feminine facial features, and graceful sensual movement, and just every woman or aspiring woman aspires to be, that’s what I’m given, that’s what I’m seeing and if it wasn’t for seeing that I would have ended me life a long time ago on this journey, the brutal beautiful truth is that you gotta go through hell to get to heaven, for the sake of what I’m saying now, I’ve seen the most grotesque creatures I could ever possibly imagine, and take all the monsters ever made in art and film and multiply that by a hundred, and you maybe will get close to how freakish and grotesque and disturbing and mortifying, miracle you’re not catatonic seeing this, the antidote to that hideousness, that makes it tolerable, to look at it as you’re pulling it out, the unpleasantness of removing a tape-worm, the unpleasantness of disinfecting that wound with that pus in it, and all of that, I know there are places in the world where there are blood parasite or urinary tract parasites, pulling a barbed fish parasite out of your urethra, that should feel pretty hideous and I bet that what I see in these ceremonies induces a similar level of mortification, disgust that you would have if you had to do that, while I’ve had to endure that hideousness, if you ever see the electron microscope of blood parasites, imagine if they were just, if you were in a realm where you were shrunken down to be in a massively dense cluster of all kinds of different blood parasites the ones with the circular mouths, and the ravor sharp thorny looking teeth, and weird suckers and pincers, the most alien, bizarre, monstrous, aquatic looking, arthropod looking blood parasites, imagine you were shrunken down a million times and being eaten alive but what, in scale wise becomes these giant giant monsters, then that’s what it feels like and looks like in there, I’m afraid to teach anyone to do what I have done because I fear that they would ever come back from that state of visual disturbance to where they wouldn’t just immediately slit there own wrists and literally rip there own eyes out,not knowing that they can’t reach far enough in to pull their pineal gland out, are you gonna crack open your head and pull your fuckin 3rd eye out and stomp on it, that’s what you’re gonna wanna do if you fuckin see the shit I’ve seen, omg, its nothing the shamans of the amazon don’t see every fucking day, it’s business as usual to have to confront these grotesque forms of life, if you know that you are bigger than them and you step back and you go no I’m not the shrunken millionth of a size me inside of of their world, their inside of my world and I can step up to them like standing up to a bully and I can exorcism them and I can purge them with the medicine, of course you have icaros in south America , and you have mantras in India, how to have syncretic shamanism, sacred sexuality and healing work, lets bring the best of the cultures and not be left with the patriarchal douche-baggery of suppressing the feminine

seeking the path of the goddess here we are, here I am

I get to see the antidote to that hideousness which is the extreme beauty

what makes it all worth it is the sweet beautiful blessed honor of beholding and being imbued with and making love with and being possessed by and suited up by, I have been suited up by the most loving most beautiful, most exquisitely constructed bioarchitecture deity, I don’t know maybe you gotta be the kind of person that things ants and bees are cute

this is the way to look at it, if you’ve ever thought of how in cartoons they’ve made ants and bees look pretty and feminine, and then sexualize that and m ake it into a super hot, goth, metal, sort of like, matrixy club, goth industrial club, shining latex, everything we think about the dark erotic, she is the dark erotic cartoon bee spider, just a cuteness and sexiness and a otherworldliness and an alienness, how many sexy beautiful loving aliens have we seen in sci fi, someone tell me, some show me some, I’m sure they’re in different comics and things, some of the arists they’re doing it, they’re bringing it, astral ecology with Tom Denney, his artwork is the cover of my book, you only have to wait until my book is released to see what I’m talking about, the beautiful feminine alien insectoid goddess who will turn you on, turn you inside out, but but you right back together, surgically restore the soul parts, tuck your chakras back in to your astral body, kiss you goodnight, tuck you in, all the works, the motherly maternal aspect, the sexual healing dakini wild, again, I’m saying nothing new, because you go to an orthodox kali puja and they are saying kali we love you you are the mother, you are the lover you are the friend, and not at all invoking, you hear the word mofo all the time in this culture, all over the world, I don’t know what’s going on there, this is not a Fredian Oedeple kink or neurosis, this is very different and it’s it’s own thing, I kind of went through my messiah complex already, at first I wanted everybody to fuckin know this, because it defeats the tyranny of all patriarchal world religions, more powerful more profound, more radical, more anarchistic, more revolutionary than any prophet, any christ, any saint, in buddha, any yogi,none of them delivery this unless they’re deep into the worship of kali or the tantric goddesses, of which kali is often considered to be the mother matriarchy, the queen bee of the many goddesses of the tantric pantheon, which is influenced with the vedic pantheon but has interplay ultimately with the village goddesses

the beauty is out there, the truth is out there, the beauty is in her, the truth is in there, you’ll see her the way I see her in Tom Denney’s book and on the cover of my book and I didn’t commission him to do that, he did that because he is tuned in as an artist, the way Terence Mckenna describes it to be an artist who sees the future, who can tap into the astral plane, or have the astral plane tap into them, wish me luck

pray for my protection, I’ll be doing my best to sheriff the perimeter of our reality and clean up the infection sites and to fortify the souls of the next generation and to really hospice the souls of this generation, where I am feeding and nourishing many goddesses and keeping myself as humble as possible with as small as a physical footprint of property ownership as possible, with as few possession as possible, and if surrender my money and wealth as it comes through as I have been doing to my beloved priestesses and trust that as long as they hold the sword above my hands and my head and they chose not to let the sword fall on to my arms and onto my neck than I will be continuing to do my work in a good way, and they will be the beneficiaries, they will be my sexecutioners if the time comes, each with their sharpened swords, ready to take a whack, so be it

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera 01 Post-Ceremony Interview TPP228


Post Ceremony Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the post-ceremony interview from Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 01 “Erotic Ghostbusting”.  It’s a trip to re-listen 3 years later and compassionately judge myself for how I walked a narrow path to sustain integrity to my bold claims. Life has not been a beach since then, in some ways I’ve flourished, in some ways I’ve floundered, but I’ve made progress, and as any aspiring scientific explorer knows, the process of proving out theories can be painfully slow. All in all, every breakthrough big and small will always be sweeter the fewer and further between that they are.  The wisdom of the shakti energy of transformation can be fast, but it can also be slow. Trusting, keeping the faith, and holding on for dear life to the integrity of scientific methods and medical study ethics is the name of the long game…

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera 01 Pre-Ceremony Interview TPP227


STO Interview Pic

In this episode I’m sharing the pre-ceremony interview from Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 01 “Erotic Ghostbusting”. The episode included a beautiful and powerful selection of clips from the full interview and I’ve been holding on to the whole interview for a while with the intent to eventually publish. After re-listening I feel that I’ve held true to the values and principles spoken over 3 years ago now. While I’ve told my story many times, each context brings different energy, passion, purpose, and insight to the transpersonal and universal themes contained within. The moment in my personal evolution that this interview documents is, in a classical tantric sense, as timeless and permanent as an ancient stone, yet as fleeting and transitory as a rain drop over the ocean. I was blessed to be held and heard in this interview and I will return to this moment if I ever feel led astray from my core. It’s impossible to resist change of all kinds, but the spirit of resistance will always adapt to survive.

Debunking Religious Propaganda with Devika The Techy Tantrika TPP226


Devika Signh Pic

In this episode I’m joined again by dear friend and tantric comrade Devika the Techy Tantrika for a review of the anti-Hindu, anti-yoga, anti-tantra religious propaganda film “Gods of the New Age”. We share notes on how we feel it is the like the Reefer Madness of tantra, and almost a classic satyrical mockumentary. Beyond the hilarity, we explore the importance of critical thinking and anthropological rigor in the study of culture and while comparing religions. I also express that I feel it has great value as a teaching tool to help future tantra seekers understand legitimate critiques of historical corruption within the tradition and movement, though with a healthy skepticism of the motives and bias of the film’s producers.

Check out our first episode for more info on her personal backstory:


About Devika:

Devika J. Singh/The Techy Tantrika is a Tantric Sex and Self-Relationship Coach as well as a Performess. Her diverse creative endeavours as well as her views on holistic sex, intimacy, self-relationship and self-care have culminated into the one-on-one online coaching practice she has today. Devika’s unique take on traditional and Neo-Tantric practices along with her continuous dedication to providing commentary on tech trends that affect the way we date and intimately connect shine through in her YouTube video series where she provides Tantric sex and dating advice to her audience.

You can find Devika’s YouTube sex+dating advice video series at youtube.com/thetechytantrika

Follow her Instagram at:

You can also find out more about her coaching practice and writing at devika-singh.com

Trick and Treat: Decoding Halloween with Devika the Techy Tantrika TPP219


Devika the Techy Tantrika Pic

In this episode I’m joined again by Devika the Techy Tantrika for a Halloween themed show where we explore cross-cultural approaches to the spirit world beyond the veil of waking consciousness. We discuss the phenomenon known as “black tantra” and compare notes on how concepts of good, evil, occultism, and more are dealt with in various tantric traditions. We look at the degradation of spiritual intelligence in the modern world, and the implications of turning your back on the spirit world. We question the notions of dark and black as negative and take a less dualistic perspective on the diverse natures of demons. Our discourse on the mystery of the dark goddess Kali leads to an effort to understand and decode the famed history of sacrificial practices. I share a few sensational headlines from the Indian press on scary stories of gurus practicing business as usual black magic to help remind the neo-tantra “bliss bunnies” that patriarchy has plundered the more feminist ethics of ancient shaktism.

About Devika:

Devika J. Singh/The Techy Tantrika is a Tantric Sex and Self-Relationship Coach as well as a Performess. Her diverse creative endeavours as well as her views on holistic sex, intimacy, self-relationship and self-care have culminated into the one-on-one online coaching practice she has today. Devika’s unique take on traditional and Neo-Tantric practices along with her continuous dedication to providing commentary on tech trends that affect the way we date and intimately connect shine through in her YouTube video series where she provides Tantric sex and dating advice to her audience.

You can find Devika’s YouTube sex+dating advice video series at youtube.com/thetechytantrika

Follow her Instagram at:

You can also find out more about her coaching practice and writing at devika-singh.com

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 11 “Psychedelic Goddess Worship”


Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Episode 10 “Warrior Goddess”

She’s not easy prey
Holding pepper spray
Scanning her surrounds
Ready to stand her ground

Repelled by wild screams
Can’t get within arms reach
Rape artists beware
Fights like a momma bear

Will be on the run
Now that
She’s got a gun

You will learn
To stay away
Now that
Her dog is trained

Warrior goddess
Righteous rage, counter-offense
Warrior goddess
Fighting back, sacred violence

Our typical date
Is firing at the range
Then we hit the pads
And work on hand to hand

Fighting back to back
Loving eye to eye
Together we feel safe
Our love we fortify

Om My Goddess Behind the Album TPP152


OMG Album cover
In this episode I share an indepth behind the album commentary on all of the tracks in the first Tantra Punk album “Om My Goddess”.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 152 I’m going to do, an interesting Behind the Music show me to do a series of two shows for each one for each album that I released actually now it’s been a couple of years and I was blessed to have an opportunity while I was at the the queendom of magic fucking pussy in Las Vegas have a couple years ago where we had a beautiful arrangement where I was kind of facilitated to do a lot of very focused and calm trade creative work in exchange for the living sort of spiritual love life coaching agreement that we had and you can learn more about that fun chapter in in previous episodes where it where she was a co-host but it was a real miraculous and Angelic blissed time in my life to be able to really focus and work on polishing some tracks sacred dance music tracks where I embedded tantric hymns and mantras and had the former Miss talented India vocalist in in Bollywood dancer and dance instructor sufiyana she was a big part of many chapters of this journey and probably the most Exquisite some of the most Exquisite gifts that I was able to kind of share with her was the the creative gift of making music and in tracks together and what would eventually ended up being and I’ll start with the first album here and I’m get it going as it’s called oh my God is om my goddess and a home being the primordial sound frequency and of those for those of the Coshocton Tantra tradition or Traditions there is attribution of the ultimate Divine goddess head being as as as a feminine feminine embodied and sort of Beyond and body being there’s an morphic Tendencies of course in the I cannot I cannot iconographic artwork and symbology in the Hindu tantric tradition that comes from that or that that has that that goddess worship shock to Tantra lineage and that’s kind of it it’s very academic and in the weeds but what what I’m obviously here to do and represent with my work is to revivify the the sort of them Hay Day of those elements within Hinduism and Tantra and it wasn’t I wasn’t born into that culture and I’ve certainly a scientific skeptic and I approach all this stuff kind of the way Terence McKenna did which is a you got deeply immersed in art history and went to India and I’ve yet to be to to go to India but India serve come to me but with that lends of saying no show me the where the proof in the pudding and I’m not going to drink the Kool-Aid and be anybody’s disciple just because they have a fancy you know offering him in it and a high price tag on what they offer really the best teaching so come to me through what I’ve learned through my devotion to service to the Earth and two women into the future generations and so part of that the story of the unfolding of this album oh my goddess was really absolutely the story of the the sort of living foods Sedona devotional process of myself with this you could say friends with Divine benefits sort of partner and co-creative Magic sufiyana we lived through a lot of these Journeys together on multiple planes and dimensions of reality and the the product the end result was really the manifestation of these these tracks that each one sort of represents a different micro chapter between the both of us and there’s in the album there’s a combination and sort of an alternation over over the course of the tracks between my sort of attempts at English language poetic devotional hymns and and then the the the juxtaposition with actual Sanskrit mantras some of which were brought to me through her some more brought to me by other a sort of list of other highly Advanced Sanskrit Scholars female shot the time country has and Duckie knees from various traditions and really kind of ends up being in Indiana jones-style kind of Easter tour of from the the northern Saran a police and Tibetan Buddhist tantric traditions and ways of exploring and knowing and naming and singto and invoking the goddess the dark goddess and is it is it becomes an interesting journey and sort of a waste that you can almost plot the different tracks on a map of the history of historical geography of Tantra if you want to be nerdy about it with that said it’s kind of an overview of the whole album it’s really a Sonic Pooja experience that will take the listener through a number of initiatory Transmissions really so and it’s really designed and meant to be experienced on a mild to I’d say not necessarily a heroic dose according to Terence McKenna but maybe half of a heroic dose of chocolate infused or mushroom psychedelic mushroom infused chocolate whichever confection style you would like to make but really it’s it’s almost nothing with hats hats yeah the goal with my music is to really help move into a paradigm where it’s not just showing up at clubs and getting smashed with booze and rocking out cuz I’ve done that for many almost several decades now and I’d really like to see more of focused intentional Gatherings where people are engaging in in shamanic ceremony but using modern music and and music technology to enhance and and accelerate some of these some of these experiences that are quite ancient so the synthesis of the ancient and modern and also the the Mexican shamanic mushroom Vibes with the Hindu goddess worshiping shocked at Aunt revives is really the same critic aspect of it as well so it’s scanned and spiritual experience in a number of tracks and that is what we’re working with your so I’m going go ahead and read the lyrics and give a bit of backstory to each of the tracks here and it for the remainder of this episode so you haven’t heard the album you can find it on Soundcloud Spotify iTunes anywhere you like to listen to music even YouTube and you’ll have this as a cliff notes supplemental Behind the Music for that so yeah I’m going to go ahead and get into the tracks one by one so the origin story of this track oh my goddess was interesting I was sexually living in the backyard of a classic Long Beach California Punk Bunkhouse were several of us were Avid gardeners and Professionals in the permaculture and sustainable Landscaping Industries and so there was a beautiful backyard Food Forest complete with free range chicken and a pond and a pit bull and all kinds of Critters and just multiple fruit trees and vines in kitchen Gardens and herb gardens in and just a wild cacophony of beer cans and piss and cigarette butts and fire pits and drunk punx and and all of their Creston and grime that you could pile on top of it and in the midst of all that Madness I carved out a little niche for myself and ecosystem which I had a I had salvaged some bamboo some bamboo fencing from a job site that they were getting rid of it and I decided to Fashion a little Hut out of it that was literally 3 ft tall off the ground and pretty much the size of pretty much the size of maybe the footprint of a of a queen-size bed but with just this tiny roof so you had to get on all fours and open up the certified bamboo door into this little Shack and I have beautiful experiences believe it or not it was a fully functional babe Lair and some of the most profound moonlit Starlit streetlight Blitz romantic experiences of my life we’re had in that tiny Shaq and also I was obviously doing might make my meditation practice and at a certain point there was a real clear directive from a person of interest who I was flirting with online and was in that sort of from that Cosmic dance of wanting to seduce an anchor in and pray and really design with the fantasy architecture of my mind and the energy that I’m cultivating to sort of worship into desire and to shamelessly and fearlessly in Baldi exude that magnetic desire and fire Desiring someone or someones then then I’ll play with them in in the mind’s eye in the third eye while meditating in all the better obviously if if there’s a mutuality of excitement there so it’s not just like you’re dragging on someone else especially someone who’s already in a committed relationship or something I mean there’s a hierarchy of Ethics with all this magical stuff but when I feel blessed and permitted to tip to do that kind of work you know I put my heart and soul into it and so there was there was one lovely woman I think she called herself Contra Contra goddess is going to like that very obviously appealing to me so I was laddering up the energy and you know for a number of days and nights excetera and one time in the middle of a pretty deep trance I just got this directive from her likeness in in my my third eye saying stop coming stop coming stop coming in and I have been pretty I guess laxity Secour or lazy about my semen retention practice for most phase in and out of it but not take it too seriously or go too far with it but at this point I felt very clear I mean it was spoken to me and is a very clear directive that purse commanding Kali like tone of just you’re going to do this since so from that point I made a major shift and I started to actually really leather up and build the orgasmic energy without really singing in that became a more concerted practice from that point on and almost I’d say within days of that shift of really changing the vibration and end at the in the the focus of the practice I was literally in the state of brainwave State kind of in the morning before having to go to work and knowing okay I’ve got this much time to sort of for myself and energetic cup of joe so to speak by harvesting a couple of non ejaculatory orgasm and it was in this liminal trance state that in between waking and sleep that I was just kind of in my zone and it came to me this almost like what they sometimes call Buddakan site you kind of get struck through the crown by a bolt of of knowingness or intuitive awareness that just comes as a completely formed bit of information and you just take it from there and you don’t really have to you’re not going word by word thought by thought it’s just crystallizes as one solid download and what it was was these words that to me representative an interesting cultural jamming meme hack a mimetic hack if you will of the the most one of the most prominent means in the history of human language on Earth ohmygod ohmygod the OMG it’s the certified what are the most ubiquitous memes around ever and certainly would meet social media and texting and chatting and all the apps and all of the platforms it’s just his the one of the most viral thing so I would say somewhere in the Divine intelligence of the higher Realms I was sort of gifted by earning my way to a higher level of access I would say I was gifted this little insight which is to hack the meme of all my God and make it a tantric him lyrical dialogue that is the Shiva Shakti Mutual counterbalancing of Co worship and the taking as the starting point that oh my God meme and refraining back in an alternating male female singing him oh my God oh my goddess in it may be doesn’t sound that profound right now the way I’m speaking about it but when it hit me it was like a ton of bricks because I realized this would be the way to Jack that Meme and to repurpose it for it’s like if you want to introduce the reintroduce Humanity to the goddess the keys to the kingdom of already just hanging right there if people are already using this meme so why not Hackett and just append for letters and give it that you know people of used oh my goddess before it’s not like the first time it’s ever appeared in any form of media but what good came to me was just it was almost line after line I mean I feel like I was not very consciously conceiving these lyrics if they actually sort of rolled through me and I just got out my notepad or my phone app note whatever and I just got it down and it just rolled from there so here it is and it did it speaks for itself and you know if you listen to it and it has the desired effect and you will you will maybe be a believer as well but I was sold from day one in this really is what pushed me to creep any form of Tantra sacred dance music with whatever I this was what started it all for me was before this I had not been conceiving that I would be doing any music like this and this was the thing worse I hear you have this GIF now you better build a whole Persona around it and you better just go go from there so here are the lyrics I hope you enjoy them and here goes oh my goddess oh my God oh my goddess oh my God oh my God is your beautiful I love you I think you patriarchy has denied shamed and brutalized mustri sacralize body temples as divine sit on my lap legs around my back look into my eyes breathing synchronized cycle up the spine the energy inside open the third eye DMT will flood your mind if you want to see the light I must last all night pray between my thighs meditate while I’m inside so something you don’t get from that is that there is the dialogue between the male and a female very much in the tantric scripture will form where there’s these revelatory dialogues between the gods and goddesses the deities the demons every everybody’s in this sort of Opera of poetic language and there’s a lot of cadence and back and forth in question answer call response sort of scriptural devices and so do you know why I feel like this is very much in resonance with those with that style of writing and I feel like it’s inform me a lot as I read deeper into the scriptures when I have the chance but I see ya that kind of incapsulate the bridge will procedure do the GM position synchronize we said that the philosophy is there the mechanics are there and the the the payoff is there that the sort of carrot is is in there in a you can open the third eye and experience in Devine Revelation and basically sexual Enlightenment through these cultivated orgasms that you let you share between a beloved in in this tradition of worship and so there you have that hopefully they have to something you can put in your pipe and smoke tonight so moving right along the next track is called bless my hands and this track is it’s pretty deep it it came to me through a far more painful and harsh experiencing it was deep in it in a psychedelic mushroom trip experience where I kind of saw the my own demise and just saw the absolute melting down of my everything in my future and the sort of Checkmate experience of having the Demonic realm and it’s overlords who were the one specifically assigned to torturing and tormenting and tricking and conniving and just tearing you to shreds and maybe we all have them some people have them in the form of eating disorders of the people in the form of chronic nightmares anxiety disorders and what not but basically it’s a it’s an important demonological theoretical framework to say that yeah you were being there’s an angel on one shoulder and the demon on another and that’s one way of looking at it but those demons that are assigned to you that you were feeding with your negative energy in your unconscious patterns and whatnot they know you better than you know yourself they have deep level access to the database of your past life history records of year old Karma’s records of the web of soul ties you have an attack about knowing how to push your buttons right so the things that give you nightmares the theatrical the theater than Dream Theater of nightmares this is not Lissa’s high-budget production cinema this is not the movie stuff anybody who had any better be we have terrible nightmares you should stand up in applied after the movie when you wake up and you know okay that was just a test for my soul and no I didn’t die in that situation and know this horrible things didn’t happen to me or didn’t work perpetrated on anyone else those scenarios that we experienced in the Dreamworld they really reveal if you kind of look deeper into it and it’s like yeah we have these in some sense you could say in a lot of traditions would say that the percentage of the demons that inhabit your mind space your soul chakra is excetera they’re there to help accelerate you push you through the soul lessons you need to learn and get you you know optimized for a higher level of existence hopefully next time around and in and reacting to cycle of reincarnation or if you really win the game and you get the high score you might be able to transcend Beyond this realm that’s a whole nother discussion but what I’m trying to address you with this blessed my hands song backstory is that the mushrooms in this very deep and and dark and Sinister and Insidious trip they they really showed for me that if You observe the mechanisms of these creatures puppeteering your mind and generating fearsome scenarios for you to sort of worried about their really that’s really their fun that’s their game that’s their sport they’re betting really on your bad decision making and your weaknesses and they’re preying on you and the act of them doing it is what I was actually able to observe in really highly almost the most Vivid experience almost have my life and I’ve had beautiful Vivid experiences of the Heavenly Realms and this was probably the most Vivid experience of the Demonic overlords in my in my shadow my the Dark Side of myself and and I was able to receive them and sort of peer into their I like there was a scene in Indiana Jones the Last Crusade where he he’s able to take a quick look into this whole Nazi office headquarters where they’re doing all this number crunching and data processing and they’re just busy bees look like a beehive of not to do anything and it did they get a peek in there and they’re like oh shit and that’s what I got to see really it’s like the hell Department that the corporate Suite of all of these demonic entities and their little suits and ties and sort of speak their hierarchy of things and they were just working me and they were they were projecting for me like the worst possible outcomes for the future my life and really just poisoning me with these conspiracies of My Demise and the only way I could stand up to it and fight my way through it was really to call and sing to the goddess in too big for her to come and sort of pull me out and rescue me and to ensure for me in some symbolic and hopefully some very visceral way that I would be a blessed to use her name to do the healing work that I’m doing that I’m not a scoundrel that my whatever is in my past of this life history is not insurmountable karmically in that at the end of the day for me to be a white man it from the Western World you know you invoking her using her name to do the most liked treacherous potentially hairless types of work where you’re you’re working with Sexual Energy you’re working with group Sexual Energy or sort of becoming a shamanic sexual priest I mean how creepy could not possibly go and in what direction and how do you manage that that power and how do you be humble and in in-service so that was a deeply we can point and I felt like the Demonic realm had my mad fits bootheel on my neck almost harder almost harder than ever before and I could see it all but I was pulled through these words came to me and I saying these words to break free and to liberate myself from that very very painful and very heavy trip and I built more around them and I are in enlisted again sufiyana to help put some some beautiful beautiful chance and I also pulled some scriptures to sort of add to the invocation and what what ends up coming out is we know when I walked out from having got my shit packed together from that trip I came out I stood up I walked out and I spoke to a dear friend who is nearby and said I feel like I just pulled back essentially you know the this gem here from from a real pit of despair and I’m hoping that it will be a source of light for the world for Humanity and I hope that I can hold true to it and it is the wood anchors me to a higher level of Integrity that will always keep me hopefully you know out of Scandal out of treachery out of addiction in and all the stuff Ollie’s in all of the I guess deadly sins for lack of a better word but here it is he’s here are the words and take from them what you will there’s a music video that really brings us all to life so I encourage you to take a look at that if you like but here here goes and there’s female and male vocals in here and it fades in and out so it’s not going to be exactly the same experience but at least you get to the raw material right here so here goes to find the brightest light you must enter the sacred Darkness to ascend you must descend kalika will you bless my hands to heal abuse victims in your name I must give not take with your love I shall liberate liberate our souls are truth will be told liberate our souls are truth will be told I grant you power I grant you Grace I grant you protection I grant you love Otis structus of the sins of the three worlds auspicious colic are they who recite a mantra possess the powers of the three-eyed one in the palm of their hands I’m so ready to embody you my beloved collie come oh won’t you come I bow down to the my beloved collie all right this next song is called the politics of Yoni worship and it’s not too much of a backstory here just that I felt there was a need to express Asser political feminists eco-feminist radical feminists kind of militant narrative that men can use to have a incentive and a basic infrastructure to approach why to be humbled Y2 what is the rationale for surrendering military power and financial dominance two women in a form of a peaceful matriarchal coup and what that would look like and obviously it’s all I dream about fantasize about because I would love to be reborn into a world where my mother or the womb of my that I come through has been unwrapped and unmolested and treated well and worship and initiated properly at virginity and all of these beautiful things that all of our ancestral cultures actually very intelligently did to protect the sanctity of the womb Temple space unfortunately I’ve been in this life experiencing the polar opposite of that which is trauma at every phase of life going back before I was born into the family bloodline and it’s just absolute shitshow of Karma and abuse so what would it take to change that I would say for Humanity too well for 4 trauma survivors victims to really band together and to create rape free zones and to create No Man’s Land basically autonomous matriarchal militarized defended permaculture goddess Temple Eco Villages where women can breastfeed for up to five years or more on demand which means that they’re not going to be on this like sort of tight leash of a short maternity leave from a corporate cubicle job that actually would be a culture that facilitates the natural human life cycle and all of these other aspects that patriarchy just completely crushes and so they have sensors in them that for I guess I’ll use the hydro example because that’s where they’re normally marketed even though you can use them in different ways I say like there can be like interactive sex leaves email could you know the service member into one and the way that that moves it can affect how may be a vice versa and then I know some companies have so I think that that mail devices do you know where your penis having devices or you know dildos that they might operate with each other as well so there’s that I’m so there’s a lot of likes and I think it’s I think it’s really been I think I think it’s mostly popular person among cameras right and so it’s we are always interested in focusing on relationships I think it’s mostly popular with the counters and I think that as a result I think the development with held it on for men those toys are a bit better but no one’s for for you know that are 10 babies towards women or people who you know might like to sleep so but you know till the dogs can go away past I could go through bodysuit text to be really interesting as well so what’s important to know about tell Don existence like Infamous 10 or that uses a patent expires after it’s 20 year on this August about not exactly the exact date since about May goddess when it when it expires and so this is really significant because there I’m not sure if your readership this familiar with this but I’m trying to really interesting things with pushing for it or you know development but unfortunately because there’s this really wide Haughton but cover is basically sexual communication over the Internet a lot of people have been sued or shut down and there’s two types of legal battles that you know that are basically you know it’s the cost of the lawyers even if it’s pro bono I use Coleman gold is getting towed when I was getting sued and I think they did get off because they were looking for prior art and you know quiet husband you know the idea of how the dogs exist before this time I actually was granted however they’ve been successful in suing people and people to settle in cuz they don’t want to deal with you all the legal problems that go with it so & Co mangle was able to get it dropped without having to pee but it was I don’t think it was a nice process for for the evolved it was not fun and I think they got a pro bono lawyer it’ll be very interesting to see what happens after after this August to see if people are really interested in Tilden hikes or if you know if the same epic I was kind of holding it back and it’ll be interesting to see how it grows I expect it’s going to grow more within live camming actually I was more campsites having pork tip activated sex toys so sex toys that will that will basically respond to the sound of text so when someone is watching a performance that you know they checking and whatever the chicken noises or change the intensity or what device can do so to look for and there’s yeah I guess I was just because they’re not really marketed towards my body but I think it’s exciting and I’d like to see more in there I just don’t I’m not sure I’ve heard some people really like it arson but I think that like there’s much more sophisticated technology has very low Fidelity like you all the sexual movement you can make in compared to a without that may be a smart dildo or smart Middlesex leaves can do is like you know there’s so much Lost in Translation so keep an eye on for next year well well I guess this makes me think they eventually they’ll probably have some sort of pressurized suit where you could actually just have a regular massage to the way you don’t even erotic now is standing but it just seems like things are going to move in that direction anyway of just remote everything in the eyes I was even thinking now you’re saying this if if you were if you were wanting to do this more of a sexual therapeutic thing and you were in if it’s it’s like the it’s been very treacherous the territory of being surrogates and I’m sure a lot of the sex surrogates that have existed since it’s been legal least in the US has to have been in situations that they probably would have much rather had had some sort of mediation device that could actually perform physical manipulation of flesh but will not with them having to be right there you know in the room but that you could actually be like in like in some lab Booth where you’re behind the glass but there is a surrogate apparatus or likeness of a human or something that you can speak through with that you can move through and it will be kind of like a like a space suit or something but where you’re not in at you those those robots that they put out something to work on space stations if you could work on it unless someone who’s actually LDV and a harmful way and you could actually induce certain forms of somatic Therapies in that that might be even more scalable than trying to find the people brave enough to want to do that stuff cuz yeah I think this will hopefully go in that direction or this everybody will is Hedonism will be counterbalanced by the therapy going to be a big competition for a robot out of tar so that is heard about exercise but it also had funded project to make the first digital tricorder in with a Star Trek tricorder that basically diagnosis in the competition’s on what’s the guys name I forget what a multimillion-dollar basically tries to you know get these robot out of Hearts made it and I didn’t I don’t believe there’s any connection to sex but it’s more to help people in remote locations doctor service is or Nurse Services of course development and Technology happening with money behind it up some big implications for what’s possible all right well this is a whole nother I raised money to do a the first porn in space in are they raised I don’t know some percentage of their goal but that was interesting headline I sell alpaca should I I don’t know that it wasn’t quite there gold but yeah then I haven’t heard anything about whether or not happen but I’m sure it will eventually he’ll be in there and on top of that there was a harness device that would allow for zero gravity so that people could reproduce in space cuz if people thought is like what happens if you start to try to get it on I’m sure that’s enough to try but what if you end up swinging yourself across the space shuttle and then you lose the ejaculate in this is floating in the air NASA has spent sending it has already sperm to space just to basically see all the details but yeah they’re they’re wondering if it’s possible to reduce gravity going to affect reproduction is it going to make it as easy like how is sperm motility yes oh yeah and I mean that people are going to want to call and eyes Mars eventually or it’s not like they want to now so yeah I wonder they sex is coming just don’t know it is coming and no pun intended of well that’s interesting cool then see if we can assume any other so we got to tell the Don X and everybody’s pretty well are there any other innovations that we should be aware of I’m certainly yet I didn’t know there was that patent situation so I’m really kind of in the dark anything at this year please what’s interesting is just how in the last couple years or last year really there’s been just a lot more female lunch printer is coming and so I think that’s great because if you don’t like the pornography that’s out there but like granted it is at the clean a do you know you like a course in something about pornography with sex toys and sex tech products if you don’t marry the thing is is that there haven’t been so many going into it in the past the developers have been mail and she know that’s how that’s how it’s been but you know if you’re craving for that if you’re you know things for women that they haven’t liked so much more talk from an entrepreneur is making products and focusing on women’s pleasure in the in a sex-positive way which is really really important and in that kind of a kind of discussing the orgasm Gap and I don’t know if you know where the workout some tacos but it’s basically different studies that show different types of something like or just had her in sexual encounters I think men for the most part are like nine times out of ten they’re going to have an orgasm and then for women it’s in between one and two thirds of the time they’re going to have an orgasm so I mean it’s not like I always like to say it’s not all about orgasm there’s there’s more to Sexton that but just you know there is where is the discrepancy in and I don’t think there’s been enough focused on women’s pleasure and women focusing on their own pleasure okay because I know what you like and be open to just finding that out and so I’m just a really excited about how there’s this more women and sex text no putting their horses out there and if you don’t like their products which it which I I love products products I’m just saying like you know there’s this stuff there that’s that’s that’s happening it’s a great it’s a great thing to do if I guess right thing I wish there was more of us when I was growing up not sure I would have been if exposed to it because it’s hard to advertise when you are insects taxable I’d say it’s really positive it’s the adult performers sex check which they overlap but then there’s there’s different is that there are more women directors and creating Studios and I think I think that’s that’s great you know I think there’s more diversity the better and so about comes with like books of all backgrounds you know I think that the more people from different walks of life to develop products that are there software you know whatever it is a different really help cut down on the negative sexual things that happens with abuse assault that’s awesome. Do you have any on the platforms and the and we’re not to you that you publish on have you done a series or would you think about doing a series or anyting the chronicle sorted profiling women in insects take or women who are entrepreneurs in the space so that I will be happy thrilled to know more about than just be is that something that that you might do like a specific unit of focus on at some point so we can look into that later International women’s day we had a writer put together a peace sign about I think maybe 11 women in sex tech that you are doing interesting things and I hope we’ve also covered if you act like just serious but we do cover for a lot of different male female I mean he would but I guess they’re not going to find it but we just all genders in between and we’ve covered CEO Polly Rodriguez of Unbound and she’s really great shoes I don’t know if you’ve heard of her but she co-founded the women of sex tech community so she’s based in New York and Unbound is her company and it basically creates products for women and sell products for women’s pleasure and a really like it because it makes you feel good about yourself on their commercialism but you know that market in a way that it just because you know they’re really speaking to a demographics I think has been underserved well is that how Polly co-founded women have sex talking so it’s been like a networking group mostly for ladies who are or women identifying people to talk about problems and getting funny because I mean this is the times I’ve heard differing views and I’m not a funding sometimes and then with women going in there they might get treated a bit weirdly like they don’t really appreciate it or there’s just not as much interest in focusing or investing in Need for women’s pleasure but I think women are the future of sex. Net and we’ll have definitely have articles featuring women who are in it and then I think it’s women of sex tech stuff, and that’s just a bunch of women in sex tech or sex-related online projects that you know you might be interested if you don’t know a lot of women entrepreneurs in the space store in publishing online that’s cool I’m so I was at the crypto invest Summit in Los Angeles recently and there was a women in blockchain panel and there’s a number of there’s a really powerful really amazing women in the blockchain space were organizing and creating a different groupings in and just looking at a think it’s something like I don’t know where anywhere between effort numbers between only 2% of venture funding goes to women in Navy up two at the most like 10% but that’s probably generous so we have a long way to go and that’s that space is so much more I have a lot more hope for for transformation of culture through Venture funding when I do through replacing people on you know positions of authority and Power & politics to let you know that everywhere but I’m not really thrilled to know about that cuz I feel like yeah whatever whatever dystopian futuristic sex text scenarios might happen with really may be corrupted ingredient you know harmfully perverted men if their women in the space of Mino writing proposals and business models in business plans in pitching then hopefully more enlightened more feminist friendly future will be a that was my home okay so you’re moving along to another question so there has been it’s weird I feel like the green the go green kind of Boom it’s it’s almost like I don’t know I want I don’t want to call it a bubble but it seems like I remember in the late in the late 2000 and early 2000s around between 2822 I don’t know what you have wouldn’t wouldn’t say when it stops at any point but it did really kind of get big there was directors of sustainability positions opening up in all these different firms and I’ll and institutions and Recycling and just a sort of Renaissance of of the Earth Day by but it really got up the nerve is everybody wanted to go green and I don’t know if you get the sense of that sort of faded a bit from a Zeitgeist maybe people have gotten just more all about apps and all about smartphones and just like that in that movement and it around Elsa was big with the Inconvenient Truth coming out there and then being a I see a lot of celebrities speaking out about a lot more I think on the other half of the Earth but I’m noticing a gap I don’t know if you have noticed it but I’m curious now if you feel like in the specific unisex take space if there are people who are really coming out saying I hate let’s do this let’s do this development of psychological development for sexuality but let’s do it with certain environmental ethics and protocols in place as far as carbon footprint and as far as you know sustainability and sustainable products and materials and all but I feel like these people are really losing sight of the supply chain of Technology from ecological perspective I don’t know if you have any thoughts on that but for the sex tech industry I don’t think it has a great track record when it comes to sustainable projects or at least not in promoting them I imagine I think that if I had a better track record I hear about it cuz the pr people like to tell you what they’re doing great there is people like lovehoney they’re like and basically trying to make more vegan products so that’s not necessarily that let me hear me say that again like so it’s about regarding like semen safety and then making sure there aren’t animal products in your sex toys and I’m not an expert on that but there has been more discussion about vegan products and then and I think there’s some companies that really promote that is alternatives to leather like some type of a vegan alternative but yeah I don’t I don’t think it has a great track record I haven’t really heard much about it there are some 3D 3D printed 3D printing projects I’ll hear about every once in awhile and what kind of push like I’m an environmentalist point of you sometimes because I’m guessing you’ve heard of Eco sexual arousal stainable 3D printed sex toys that they people can fit themselves and any use out outside historic site right now project was called dildo at yourself idea of you know generally instead of mass producing a million sex toys like one-size-fits-all with 3D printing you know there’s more customizability so that’s that I think 3D printing has but just so you know it’s just because you 3D print something it doesn’t mean you should put it in your 30s to be like a protective coating put on auctions increases the technology gets better you will have to do all this DIY stuff. I got a clitoris 3D printed because there is an open source 3D printing projects to get that. I’m basically just to raise awareness because you know most of the clitoris is internal and people don’t know that and they don’t realize like they see just one little thing about that looks like underneath so I got that I don’t have a 3D printer but I went to something called like three beehives and basically it just links you to people in your area I’m in a very like safe manner I felt that are able to print designs for you and decent cost so I mean back something as well instead of like that can change how business is done because you don’t need to buy your own face 3D printer you there are going to be already are in this going to be more and if so needed to spend all the money you can get somebody else to do this and I don’t think the guy who cares right I want to get princess just a personal services so there’s it’s possible that is really cool I feel like if you could through and I have never thought about that really you know I’m kind of cynical and jaded and in my old old-fashioned but isn’t didn’t really think about how great it would be if there were even somehow edible totally organic totally cruelty-free edible ingredients to take to create these shapes with using machines like that mean I could be something that gives Pizza waiting two years for a part to arrive you can know we have the skin the scheme of anything friendship you know when the anti-globalization movement failed to stop the sort of thumb race to the bottom of wages where the sweatshops of the world with the lowest environmental standards for materials is like all of this plastic stuff that’s being manufactured in sweatshops and then shipped back to the US if the 3D printer can make that entire the bottom dropped out of that market because it’s so cheap as it is but if you could eliminate all of those Logistics by the way you’re saying like a localized distributed open source way to get the same sort of 99 cent store that you have your own 99 cent store in your garage take out that whole corrupted supply chain of international trade that’s really not with what is not healthy for the time but the news like bioprinting and I think people are the really interested in the house applications of of regenerative Technologies and Technologies and I think that there is no try that is possible to create it’s going to be possible at least a crate pills that are for like really targeted for the person so instead of giving like everybody like this is just a standard dosage know some people need different Doses and elderly people are often prescribed medications and so will you just expect another slice of this type of printing it has so many applications that can really enhance like you know what you said you could help get rid of fireman by cutting out all that transport and you know hopefully make fruit quality of life as well as medicine very good very good so I think whoever do with all that stuff a couple questions I have here if we have a few more minutes to get to wrap up I think we covered I was going to ask if you would share some with some women like space but it sounds like we got some good resources for that we laid out and I appreciate that so people can follow up and and look at those and then I guess the met the last question will be if you yourself had a blue sky budget to develop the start-up of your dreams and their futuristic sex text space What would be one of your dream projects if you’ve ever been in a brainstorming about it yeah well it’s a big question I would say yeah I think for for sex tech me to get payment and Publishing done on our own terms and stop Outsourcing like for instance you know trying there’s some people Facebook doesn’t allow any sex advertising or it could be something really likes a fish for work basic it is not like it’s hard to advertise the banks and I’m peanut processors they can just freeze your account and so I think something I mean maybe it wouldn’t be blockchain we would have to develop something but with the Sky High budget I just think that is made for and by the sex tech industry so that we’re not reliant on you know people who don’t have necessarily the intellects Experience open my Nest help a Dolores extech Industries you know so I understand why some companies want to get Facebook eyes but you know I don’t I think that’s just open a can of worms in a bit because it’s what’s good sex what’s bad sex should Facebook me to finding that and just in terms of online publishing a 90% about enchiladas Revenue goes to like Google or Facebook the duopoly so again if you’re publishing picture people are making money but it’s mostly those two people and so I think the way to circulate this I don’t think we should be like cow coloring to these big big companies that have all this power but not necessarily open-mindedness and I totally agree with that it’s a huge pain point and someone that I’ve certainly been let me know what I can say for personal experience I’ve had videos go viral on the more mainstream platforms that I shall not name but the second they really go viral they get deplatformed and that could have been career-changing for me you know if you have to build an audience so maybe it’s funny because Yahoo started out very much a highly trafficked adult almost classified platform if I’m not mistaken but there was there was a sort of kick-starting bootstrapping golden age of adult in the early days of the internet that got quickly sort of extinguish I don’t know why they don’t just have an official vetted adult only access sphere of their own Enterprises even if it’s a subsidiary with a different name or something if they have some distance from you know politically or something but they’re definitely missing out you know I don’t know why they don’t figure out how to make their algorithms could do anything I mean your algorithms good figure out how to only serve with I mean cuz I just wiped out a lot of they demonetized a lot of of content producers who run anything that could possibly be controversial for advertisers but why not just say oh you’re up you’re a right-wing gun that freak you know that whatever will hear is you get all of those ads and Penny Play Say Something for everybody so and I’m not putting that down imma you know that there’s there’s I’m just an example of what some of what gets with what get some persecuted by that but yeah I totally agree with that and I do feel like hopefully blockchain and you know these new permissionless content platforms like steam at for example as a good example publishing platform where you can get paid for your content and they just have a very intuitive there it is checkbox for not NSFW right and that’s it that’s all you need to know self-select I don’t know if it’s the community can can certify a gate but then it doesn’t get deleted it just goes into that not-safe-for-work category in that is all you really need a break myself but yeah that that’s a great a great idea hopefully everything will come to you to help the guy that process and you know actually know if I just have one less thing to put out there since I have you on the line and the folks who are the fans of your work might might get into this I don’t know if this is been done yet I don’t see how it seems like it would be the easiest no-brainer sort of fork of some sort of Open Source Code for a nap but basically you bringing bringing sex tech Down to Earth for my ecosexual perspective that I would love to see there be an app that’s exactly like Airbnb but what it specializes in is connecting people who are like glamping you know but for sex places where you can have sex in nature and go to a place in private property that is a place where you can go and feel free at this like like monetizing private 611 Tantra temples but but at the very least just feel like I’ve got a bunch of land with you know a cabin on it and I would love for people couples or whoever to go out there and have their full moon rituals and not be bothered people gawking at them or you know complaining about it and they can be as you can be as loud as you need to be to really go deep with sexuality which we also do not have the access to seal open up you know what their vocal cords as much as feel free being naked and Nathan Wyld so yeah let’s have an airbag recall are birds and bees like that so cool well hopefully yeah all of our dreams come true here to certainly plenty of plenty of resources being thrown around and now in the crypto Stacy know I’ve never seen so many hundreds of millions of dollars / around the planets online exchanges they never before so they do you know if there’s a will there’s a way let’s get well let’s hope for the best and certainly be optimistic about the potential for anything now yeah cool said you’re going to give your websites and Sandy final closing words anything else before we sign off your podcast cuz I’ve been a fan for a while so it’s nice to be here and you want to check out the site of future of sex. Net we’re just vamping to be a responsive shame I know it took so long but it’s going to look a bit different soon if you are visiting today it’s not responsive just yeah you’re still a sex-positive future dates or anything we should be aware of I definitely can see YouTube easy easy for most corresponding all these matters I had no clue about a lot of this stuff and I’m so thank you for enlightening us and we will definitely be in touch soon thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Psychedelic Goddess Worship the White Paper TPP124


Psychedelic Goddess Worship Pic
In this episode I share a piece I wrote that serves as a sort of guerrilla psychedelic research white paper. It is the most direct and concise articulation of my thesis:

  1. Demons are invisible to the naked eye but exist as energetic parasites lurking all around us at all times
  2. They are attracted by energy that’s released during sex, aggression, intimidation, fear, etc.
  3. They enter into cracks in the protective shield of our auric field and chakra system caused by abuse, trauma, neglect, lack of adequate love, negative thought patterns, etc.
  4. Acts of sexual manipulation, abuse, exploitation, and rape create opportunities for them to spread and infect souls, virgin souls are a delicacy for them
  5. With varying degrees of conscious awareness from relatively benign ignorance, to sinister intentionality: sexual predators are being possessed by demonic entities
  6. Surgical shamanic exorcism must be performed to remove them
  7. In perpetrators with full blown infections, their demons have spread and gotten control of their nervous system
  8. Victims have incubating infections that if disinfected, purified, and healed before they spread into the nervous system, can prevent neurosis and sexual pathology
  9. Surgical shamanic exorcism when combined with certain psychedelic plant medicines, ceremonial ritual allows for the patient and/or shaman to see the infectious parasitic organisms as if with x-ray vision
  10. Goddess-centered sacred sexual healing arts such as Tantra when applied in conjunction with psychedelic shamanic exorcism produces a positive synergistic effect whereby an erotic exorcism can be performed
  11. Most traditional psychedelic shamanic healing ceremonies are inaccessible financially and geographically by the average American
  12. Most Tantric “Dakas” (male sexual healers) and “Dakinis” (female sexual healers) are inaccessible financially by the average American
  13. A “poor man’s” do-it-yourself-or-with-partners home-based procedure can be quickly, easily, and affordably trained for mass application with minimal risks and mild if any drug side-effects

Click here to download the pdf

What a Tantric Shaman Sees on a Porn Set – with Rak Razam TPP69


tp-te-album-track-bg copy In this episode I am joined again by legendary journalist, shamanologist, and in my humble opinion the most important male voice in the global neo-shamanic revolution: Rak Razam! It was an exquisite joy and honor to have him hold space for me to lay out my thesis on tantra, shamanism, and the future of the adult entertainment industry. As a probing journalist and seasoned shamanic guide he facilitates a sapio-sexually charged journey that truly satisfies my desire to make a memorable episode “69”.

Here is the Psychedelic Sexual Exorcism Educational Music Video (Tantra Make-Over Part 1)
Here is the Guided Green Tantric Love Magic Ritual spoken word program

Please visit his website to connect with him, support his projects and subscribe to his podcast: http://rakrazam.com/

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design a never more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved podcast episode number 69 I am talking with rack resume again we’re going to address the issues of adult entertainment and Shamanism and Tantra and how we can use our best wisdom to provide some leadership as these you don’t know potentially empowered roles of women and men can start to you know shape sexual attitudes and really provide some holistic sexuality education from The Fringe in the alternative signs of it all the way to the heart and belly of the Beast so rack thank you so much as his episode number 69 I had to do something you know very memorable with it and you you and I did your episode number 100 so I thought I was through this awesome so Ave yeah I guess if you want to just catch up a little bit you know I’m since we last talked to you know you were talking about the you know that the star of the top of the Christmas tree the 5 Meo Kundalini orgasm of the crown and all that stuff where it where you at with your study for every pic that’s at Ross you know there’s enough and there’s a down and I guess you know it was a little planets in retrograde for the last couple of months and everybody’s Grand Crossing and all this opposition I don’t know if you believe in astrology novice Emmaus is like psychic whether I like to know what the weather is going to be energies out there to know you know anyway so it’s basically I think of it I must tell you I didn’t you know what happened to Universe basically Stripped Away it’s stripped away is essentially a lot of my ongoing work and then there’s money Financial Security issues is Stripped Away my relationships end for me I work are entitled specially you know it during the show many traits which you know and then the riding in the meteor about These Cuffs in my spirituality my sense of identity xoco top sodas in you know I’m not in my might get my sense of ego in the sense of who I am and what I do and even if that part of that is trying to sidestep my ego or understand why you don’t understand how that connects to the Great Hall and I think I’m going to go what the universe is actually did everything a fucking white Explorer some Doc shut up what do I do and what do I do when I can’t do what I usually do and I got some juicy stuff to shed yeah I’ll tell me what you know it is too shorthanded it’s what I I often talked about the experiences and so I guess what I’d love to share in this has disappeared experiences but it’s it’s the same set every freaking moment is sacred and special even if you can’t feel that you know I know that it is and I know that it said sometimes to take experience has helped me see those mundane moments as sacred and that everything is God isn’t everything is full you know to make a bit of me in to make room in to make me face stings and so I honor this very chaotic Dr NE I’ve been on the lights and now yeah we can talk a bit more about that thank you for that and you know to put a few things on my end and contacts to bring up to speed it’s like well damn I’m on this rollercoaster ride of being guided to attempt to establish myself as a is a tantric Rockstar meaning bringing teaching Tantra in creating Puja ritual through live music performance so it becomes you know the lyrics are mantras and the dance is a guided Pooja Shiva Shakti invocation ritual and that is a a sort of bundle package that can in the proper environment really be nurtured and actually create you know an interesting new application so I’ve been down that path for a while and then I don’t know how much of it is me I don’t know how much of it is divine forces certainly trying to be keep the Demonic forces at Bay in the process but the I guess it’s a simple bit of logic here it’s like if I have a you know important message I feel his like the the Deep shock to Tantra scripture teachings and I want to transmit them to the highest level of culture then I want to climb up that you know entertainment industry Pagoda and like sporulate from the top of it that makes sense so it’s not so easy just competing in the music industry with all the other yukino cultural poisonous like temp culture stuff going on and it’s not the ride and it’s paved with good intentions is how you get it like in the Jenny use the destination of naked Miley Cyrus wearing homes in Viking a pentagram in a demonic ritual to enslave that the chi and the vi Sao energy of everyone watching into the Illuminati has faced. I mean I got you just said the whole fucking curse right there that is like show me the here-and-now Andrei deiu you are and what you’re doing let it magnetized that future everything you need to you A lot of that logic and I’ve kind of learned that myself with a I’m not going to go and try to Lake elbow my way onto the setlist on to the bill at the party and then have people drunk not get it and kind of heckle me for trying to you know bring the goddess into their drunken conversation that’s not going to work I failed at that I gave up and I said it’ll be a workshop you know you want to let you know experienced this brand of shocked if acacian sacred dance here it is and that’s that that is kind of that humble stepping down from that attempt to climb but the thing is so bring it back to the point thing it’s like I realize you can buy your way for a very low low price into pornstar time but you can’t buy your way for that lower price into topping the charts of the musician or being a movie star or any other entertained Farm Entertainer so I just got to thinking well you know the way it’s hard to break in as a male performer excuse that language I’m going to it’s it’s hard to get established in the in that way you’re wanting to be a male pornstar a spiritual mail. Is that it I already am technically because if you are the lead role in a film of only two people you your ass your co-star you know you don’t have to be like a rich porn adult male performer to be a pornstar but now I did I’ve done times reported you know I did it years ago and now I’m coming back to it because I’ve been kind of called to it but the thing is the bring the shamanic teachings an element and even the the ceremonial and sexual shamanic you know practices into that medium and actually hiring established porn actresses who already are at the top of that game and bring them into the ceremony and video demonstrating this form of sexual exorcism and psychedelic Shamanism looks like for the world to see and for them to them become evangelist of a new paradigm that’s the right way it’s a hard life but essentially so it did to continue what was I’m just before that you open shooing an ancient spiritual which involves the body as well as the intangible spirits and you used to using even terminology like pornstar now I would take issue with that I think obviously what you want to do is you know get into the medium and into the genre and you know it have you you’re nice and be who you are but you going to be careful you know I’m not as marketing but energetically because essentially we’ll talk about climbing the ladder in the hierarchy and find whatever I’m sort of in the same boat in a sense of I really passionately connect to as many people as I can because I feel like a good message and it’s not even my messaging her to some degree I don’t even care if it’s me you know I just want to help assist in The Awakening Consciousness raising an x on a fucking guy out you know I like we’ve all got to pull out the finger in an input find what I call a thing we can do in the world is whether that’s tantric phone or in other countries committed Media or you know you don’t exactly remember the enemy which that phrase if it needs to be unpacked and retroceded in Rain by Enya because there is no enemy this is. But I bet it’s like so even going within the boundaries of going into an existing meeting on the side like I can pay to do podcast and you know we’re launching this Chalmers and Global religion with that is incredibly fucking hot one hour documentary with 5 Meo DMT toad medicine or have you already did Mexico cinematography age of a species activation you’ve ever seen in your life like he eats a spontaneous orgasm watching this. That was to convey that to the audience in a way which company appropriated and we’ve been trying to sell alcohol content to mainstream Distributors Wilton mainstream Network so things like that and it’s like the idea but advice would want to do it and then they want to do real tax reform the others and to hold space for yourself to fully flush out your idea when it sounds like you’ve got a real calling with this it’s really enjoying the pain your existing lineage and all these streams of sync X it is sacred what you were doing is sacred and your marketing the sacred to a profane Marketplace and so they never going to run with it maybe you’ve got something that can but I can get him there more so than any other type of 4200 media yourself to let the full expression of that spiritual sacredness comes through it’s obviously at least this know you better but I’m coming to this a bit late as well and it’s like so what is tantric pain and what is your background with it and what is it you’re doing okay so you know that this is a this is kind of like my birthday podcast so please bear with yonomi taking it a more assertive role in the in the time here you know we so I just I’m thanking you that you’re doing me a huge favor and I feel like this is a gift from you to even you know to be asking me the host questions but this is kind of more of an a different an amicus is more of a Consulting in which I was just going to let the pun fly all right yeah the hard job and the the topping so okay so well you know I had to sort of Step Up because I discovered I have a doppelganger in this guy James Dean who was considered he’s the world’s top one of the world’s top male performer pornstars in in the world now and he was considered the quote feminist pornstar by his fancy establish this entire inadvertent like new Marketplace of young teenage women who were able to identify with him because he didn’t have this Blockhead physique he was like the boy next door physique and he did have some elements of connection and sweetness I wouldn’t call it feminist or tantric but definitely a little bit more appealing to the feminine arousal cycle of connection connected missing communication then like just Jackhammer you know all these other seems so that it’s so he stood out with school so I discovered him through serendipitous process that when I found out what he had done which is he has been accused by at least eight former either get some of them lovers some of them co-stars but basically 8 women have come out to say that he violently raped them on and off set in different conditions and circumstances of of just horrific violation and some of it within the context of so-called BDSM we’re safe words were used and not respecting just kind of like that slippery slope is happening anyway he denies the charges check news about it lapse it off in interviews and his gun on to be just a flippant remorseless sort of pissed and and so that kind of an environmental activism like a light green watch. Here I get on wash it’s been my fantasy to invite him with the positive pressure have his accusers to do a sort of diversion program into Shamanism and Tantra and get him to become like you said it doesn’t have to be me with the voice I would much rather him be the voice of time trick shamanic sexual redemption in porn where he goes and is a blessing to the world in a blessing to the in him to hold that space so there’s a whole nother skill-based and being a performer on camera and then the phone industry what you’re saying you are the person to do this work I reached out to him I reached out to public relations firms I sent press release to every porn PR firm I got positive responses from several of them who said wow you’re onto something you’ve got a bundle package coaching podcasting videos educational porn music someone’s going to get behind this and you know take you where you need to go and butt offended some of them pretty pretty pretty quickly I couldn’t hold back I said you know I’m on a mission here this isn’t you know we’re going to have to correct some shit about what’s going on in this industry and I’m the one who’s going to exist in United streams like that they might like it if it sounds like a cool Next Level demographic thing right did something to it I can say it’s got some Creedence but it when it goes deeper cuz what you’re actually saying he’s doing the hard work of transforming their industry and transforming their practice and transforming the presentation of sexuality to the masses right what it is it’s not just another another genre to put up there like tantric you know it’s actually it’s a big calling and so you going to eat you going to find this is like I would really suggest I mean you know what a treat into all this do that is a next-level saying once you really anchored the the modality in the Paradigm has it been able to explain and grow it yourself and then let let them magnetize them to you once I see it taking off bringing you know for a minute when I was fired up and now I’m kind of chill out and I’ve got the network do I feel confident that it’s just going to be made obsolete people are going to really get a taste of something Gourmet and they’re going to stop going to mix porn.com you know what I mean so I don’t know the backtrack of lean out all the stuff you made what he called this is perfect but you know I mean what what is Leona what are you considered to be born when is pornography well I would say the words become the dominant you know 88% of mainstream pouring depicts abuse against women in psychological physical sexual or all the above so I’d say that the dominant you know mainstream porn Paradigm is one of servicing jack off fodder for men and their fat boy fantasies of look at what we can get these dumb bitch has to do high five high 10 go get her hoorah fucking bullshit and it’s like that’s been what’s made money and I mean if you watch The Big Lebowski which I just watched you know the other day and if you watch if you watch Big Lebowski and you watch Boogie Nights you will hear the lamentation of the Exquisite Artisan producers of yesteryear lamenting that video and then the internet came and allowed amateurs to come in and steal the marketplace and essentially take over with low-quality low intelligence sort of lowest common denominator frat porn you know I’m stuff into a serious yeah so you know so that to me that is what you know if you listen to porn directors podcast episode these guys as much as I would love to hate them they have hearts and they’re talking about how to have how to initiate a woman into safe anal sex with a chi is in control the thought the throttle and it doesn’t traumatize her and she’s some a lot of women say the some Kundalini is is accessible through that you know pathway and then I’ll say that they’ve had some of the best you know anal orgasms in that I was just all kinds of testimonials it is a beautiful place to be in most of the traditional tattoo extremes like I know what sort of annoyed because it’s not the maybe the Kundalini energy or the woman is well you know I am in this thing’s which our culture is going to be honest yeah I mean it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s kind of like would be no fixed gospel there should be no adherence to some fantasy of classical perfect I’m sure you know if you’re you know I’m trying to have ethics then it’s about being fully present in the moment with whatever is happening in for most people if you’re never going to get anywhere near the Golden Age of time to practice because you got freaking thousands of years of corrupt DNA bloodline lineage of repressed abuse you’re not going to get anywhere near the you know the Purity that they were starting from and that was the call of Hugo is just starting our so deep into it will be lucky if we can even look each other in the eye for a second while we’re making love let alone hours you got any so you think I mean show me people copulating and it’s within a sacred so the sitting sitting in my pee in Temple spices or it might be you know it’s not a bad it’s not so loud in public it in the proper container like a proper way to sacralize and transmit showing images of people making love that modern 21st century internet digital Pawn on your phone you know it is a completely different bowl game do you think it’s appropriate or what is the appropriate medium or small container to watch other people making love in this is the most probably interesting and edgy part of this whole discussion because really the reason that the visual experience of particularly women’s naked bodies is so taboo and so controlled obviously it’s been about you know if if a man who is yuno identified how is able to worship the female form and all of its Glory than he’s not going to pick up the sword in the axe and go cut down trees and kill people to grow the mail Empire he’s going to be making sweet love and spending most of his life horizontal and in frustration to the Divine nectar the goddess would she just you know exudes with her for her radiant Beauty so cover that up and get your people on the factory line and then you can sell them and none of their revenue stream is to sell them clips of it was used to be ankles and there was a time Terence McKenna said in one of the Psychedelic Salon podcast recently that there was a time during the Victorian era where they had to put stockings on the legs of pianos Les young men might abuse themselves about it so that repression and satisfaction and so is modern globalization of culture controlled by this is interest in the money invested interest had created a niche for every desire and the a way to make money off that used to repress the natural urges of Being Human including sexuality and package them up as a place that’s why I asked how do you delete the replies for pornography that isn’t profane yeah I know I just did an interview with a Beverly Hills very well-respected family counselor therapist who specializes in sexuality education and beat you know queer issues and what not and so we talked at length about the role of erotic media sexual imagery in sexuality education in modern in the modern world and his advice was that your parents need to first of all alone and understand and work through their own sexual Shadow so they’re not projecting them on to their children and they need to listen to their children more and we all need to accept the fact that you know evil fill the vacuum of love and Consciousness so if you and me to my words now but if you fail to initiate or obviously initiating a hands-off and any respectable of privacy and personal development matter I’m not talking about the sick twisted child sexual abusing fathers who when going on record being investigated in and interrogated say that they were just trying to love all of the women in their family equally in that they were taking on an important role in initiating her daughters like that’s not the kind of initiation I’m talking about I’m talking about creating the kind of initiation rituals and opportunities for people of appropriate age and development meant to explore their natural sexuality and to facilitate that in a hands-off Manor where there is a graceful and respectable honoring that it’s not just boys who is not his boys will be boys and they want to fuck women in the ass you know like crazy now that they’re watching all this pouring and they’re just possessed it’s like no women want to not just be loved they want to have sex do they want to experience it and what he’s saying you know back to you know I’m saying a lot of crazy stuff here but what he’s saying is very you know but buttontown stuff is like we’re going to have to really redesign Coulter to facilitate the equality of sexual interest between the Sexes and that’s going to start when they get into you know adulthood in when they come of age into through puberty and they become hormonal and they become fertile and that’s when they need to be given the opportunity to both have access to healthy information and have the shamed undammed uncontrolled you know ability to express that energy in a healthy Manner and right now to answer your question me I kind of went on a tangent But to answer your question it’s like if we don’t as conscious adults make the sacred containers for young people to experience their own energy and share that with each other then we’re damned to letting the pornographer pimp you know pandering profit propagators of Satanic ritual abuse they’re going to set the standard and it’s a horrible Menace I mean in in the in Utah will there’s a sort of anti porn think-tank lobbying group in Washington DC who strategically I guess you would say they hired or they funded it’s some sort of maneuvering to incentivize a Utah senator to put into their legislation the proposal or the proposition that foreign is a Public Health crisis in the past and it doesn’t really that I know of is only have teeth but it’s sort of sets the tone for the language in the president for probably a big backlash and prosecution of long-overdue obscenity legislation that’s been overlooked since since the clinton-era you know but horn lime and what not but it’s like there’s going to be a big come-to-jesus Casino in this in this on this issue and it’s I guess I got a few my repression and it’s almost like one of those education videos videos because that’s an appropriate time you do need to be treated and told at as he coming to maturity and sexual maturity and fertility know that you need to know what the whole thing is you know what’s going on and to have a tantric approach to sexuality at that point wow that’ll be a both to turn on and it would be an appropriate time to roll it up but I wonder I mean maybe it’s part of the recycle ization from people across the world and you know clearing all that dark energy that sexualities become not just a commodity reinforcing patriarchy reinforcing the powers-that-be in and all the system that is and you know it the whole thing with the pathway in itself but this obsession with it as he say it reinforces within the demographic that watches over and over and there’s been so many reports in the media now is like anal intercourse the bicycle he’s having a huge effects to the women and the guys as well and I can’t even say that sexy selfies wrong but you know the reasons why they’re doing and what they speeding the desires of the mainstream pouring water is being fed to in creating a feedback loop between forces itself and there’s a like there’s a healthy way to chew coca leaves and make coca tea if you’re living in that ecology there’s a healthy way to incorporate anal sex into you know a relationship of consenting appropriate people but when you Freebase you know coca leaves and get cracked and you and you Freebase anal sex and porn and you basically wire the Train by his anal sex this is Greg The Gourmet versus you know the kind of cruelty free porn is my you know headline it’s like you know what time trick that’s behind the scenes demonic that’s fine it seems like whenever you stressing negative like cruelties and negative replace it with a positive psyche joyful you know what it is where it could be used what is tantric pornography sorry I was jumping back and forth and a philosopher and practitioner Stewart said that speak who lives in San Francisco and this is really bringing the Shamanism angle cuz this is essentially what he’s belief of study of ancient tantric Advanced stages of Kundalini Awakening spiritual intimacy and orgasmic Pinedo maturity that activate Indulgence psychoactivity Cosmic olvido whatever and keep the end he coming and it has his vitalizing effect on all the organs in the body and all the spirit know the vibration and it actually helps kick into action this next level which basically Western culture the last few thousand years has never reach don’t know very rarely of Kundalini neuro transmitting of sexual fluids into sexual in theater switch then help activate the pineal glands and Beyond genital Awakening this. I mean the right way and it said that Spain that’s being so those atrophied and lost because we are sex has become you know stigmatized in this becomes for productized really what’s the definition of tantrum how do you understand that has my skin because I’ve found a bit of his work and I believe he is the one who has has either coin door promoter the term of spinal puberty and we’re both on the same level and we’re talking about the same thing I can’t stay fully progress there but I will say that this is a joke a few months ago before this started all kind of you know I mean I’m like pretty deep into this now I mean before it was kind of a prank and now it’s like my God I got to get lawyers I got to get doctors I got to get you on the phone when we learn that semen retention is the sort of from the thing to be desired and then that puts into context all of this what I and I am not working with Christians to Mana it’s like deep because when the Christians be admitted to 50% of the church is addicted to Satanic ritual abuse porn in a queen of them everything is Satanic ritual abuse having sex with a person of the same sex is considered satanic you know ritual so whatever but they they need role models to make spiritually hygienic adult sexual education and erotica and entertainment because you’re already using it so it’s like harm reduction to produce something that use for them but if I see now what is what is Tantra portal it looks lit let me take a breath and say it is tantric porn would be the acknowledgement I guess that will know I know this is this is this is a fact and I’ll tell you no to get to get real deep and gory here and then I’m going to go into details but I’m going to leave it this I would say that for me timeshare at now to explain it it’s not about just weaving energy or the the Shiva Shakti unifying in the store send a sending through the flashing through pleasure pleasure to transformation those are all definition of belay doubt I’m going to say the most important definition I would say I’m going for like this yoga equals Tantra Tantra equals Kali worship and if you’re lost and any of those Dimensions you don’t know what you’re talkin about or what you’re dealing with and you’re going to be raped by a satanic is a DACA if you don’t understand if you don’t understand the true yeah yeah oh my God if there were at least Twenty Thousand Years four premises Prive decree scriptural Primal wild goddess worship Traditions before there was written language before there were all of these Brahmin appropriations of indigenous spiritual technology and sexuality and psychedelic Shamanism I mean that’s like Windows registry getting cluttered all the whole so-called Hindu religion is basically a christianized cult of personality around Krishna and it has been like a sort of collapsed down and reduced sort of okay they come and they say what’s your religion where’s your Bible okay it’s your who’s your Messiah and where’s your Bible and it’s like well the closest and loser patriarchal empire built sort of deeply corrupted Registries on that on that operating system when you when you wipe out all of that clutter and you defrag the hard drive and you install the fresh original you know the material it’s the shock tatin tradition which is about the Davies in the Maha Davies and having a sodding to practice where the mail in order to overcome his beast real nature his his you know and it is demonic is it that the baboons are is possessed by demons as human rapists are they are not having their nervous system chill the fuck out by the real tangible energy of Shakti and the female Priestess initiators of the ancient Rock temples before there were even temples manicuring these bonsai trees of male egos by being matriarchal vulnerable priestesses that’s that’s the the real deep truth is so like you’re a menace if you are not being manicured by a priest is class of sexual initiators are going to really like mr. Miyagi really discipline you to be graceful with your Sexual Energy so Township Warren would be understanding a few things that were deeper into this ancient you know tradition that has now become you know Neil yoga and it’s like guessing that’s exactly brother yoga equals Tantra Tantra equals Kali worship and sexual cultivation and facilitation of matriarchy women priests live crawfish tantric is who a modulating Sexual Energy to the this is my personal romance with her in her Timeless you know very tangible present intelligent form it’s my my sexual relationship with Kali is a can be described kind of translate as this should this is her narrative to me then Steve me your demons and your curses those are the appetizers the main course is your orgasm in your come and there is an appropriate place for ejaculation but it is into me and it is in ritual contacts in if you don’t feed me or come the demons will be there to parasitize your lower chakras and they’re going to be there lapping it up and laughing as if you go with the poor no way that you’re being taught you’re going to basically basically assembling snack bars for demons when you ejaculate in a woman’s face in it totally disrespectful derogatory manner the way it’s done. That’s what it is coming down too and if yours is so interesting right shamanic what a shaman sees in a mental hospital article right that pretty well. title this in because now we’re getting into the real you know toppik hair is like what a shaman sees on a porn set episode number is Paul so I get it I really didn’t we told you this. About you know how to really get it so you have to believe that there’s discount identities mr. if you have to believe in the show many cosmology and Adam is cosmology with his energy into the spirits and everything and it’s an ecosystem it’s an ecosystem in which everything Fades and he’s fed and cosmic rays we didn’t say all the energetic on the Spectrum this thing is very small band with the electromagnetic spectrum and then repeatedly entities which live on different levels of and so these what you’re saying things ancient cultures is part of the evolution of the culture itself and tensioner and religion and and I guess you know tax real key and the price car leases in bed within it are you saying that they’re entities which feet off our energies officially base base energies like sexuality and then they getting empowered and presumably maybe even with the collusion of someone in the modern Industries for like ever since my first so I could get psychedelic initiation Edison’s then basically she came to me then as well I don’t have a wise to have control of the blue skin multiple heads and tongue out and and heads cease will you know some people that don’t know, mother of Destruction but she’s she’s more Wild and the Christians right that’s just like a feminine devil so to who is Kylie to you and how. Do you think she takes on board this energy in a way which is safe how do we know that this is safe for us to be feeding our Sexual Energy to call Eve this is just another demon how do we know that that’s very good okay so if we if we look at the impact the mythology right we’ve got its trip through layers of Christian and Muslim conquest and the sort of people called the domestication of Kali the deeper Kali worship you know I think mainly going back to Southern India there’s a whole cultural historical geography of Conquest colonization christianization and you can be very quickly you know some. the domestication of Kali cuz she was wild she was free and the deepest you know adepts and devotees took great effort to depict her sexually dominating Shiva by fucking his brains out cowgirl position so that the The Original Scriptures and sculptures and prayers were very explicit about her being the liberated free Wild Primal on shamed uncontrolled Untamed feminine sexual voracious appetite and energy to just take men and get them on their back and fuck their brains out and make them docile drunk and intoxicated on the Divine nectar the Goddess that was the cult of Kali worship and it was from from spending the fade from taking the effects of taking this Sexual Energy you know as well you know let’s let me be careful about that I mean there’s a I like the way that one of my Tantra instructor said he’s there when he ejaculates it is a sacrifice and he does it in a ritual context to serve a magical purpose and there’s all kinds of ritual for combining the fluids there’s ritual to be done with are with combining the camera to the female fluids in the male semen and and even menstrual blood and you know that the third eye red. There’s arguments that that was part of the tantric sexual ritual of anointing of anointment of the third eye with the blood so you know a lot of priestesses are reclaiming the power of the moon cycle of the blood of sexual ritual and it’s like knowing about how you need to protect the fetus with the goddess you need to invoke goddesses as as protectors is during copulation and childbirth because if you don’t provide a an astro protective barrier beneficial entities you’re going to get you no stowaways on the soul and the chakras of your fetus if your child so it’s good practice to like not just you know seeing and pray and hope but actually do ritual invocation that be isn’t that better protection so how do we know it’s safe and how do we know she’s not just another demon who is masquerading and you know what whatever form to try to steal our life force and juices I think the proof is in the pudding when a real devotee has ritual Kali invocation sexual practice and feels nourishment Bliss and somebody that was the intend to develop the city start to develop has powers but in frustration to an under the guidance of a real authentic communication with the wheel of the Divine mother and you know I do it I got it this way to just need to give big Dino dig up some props to the collie and her role in my life I’ve been in a Turkish revolutionary Street battling rioting you know Insurgent for most of my life now and the thing was I was always shy about being another white male voice of either a messiah or a revolutionary leader it’s like a no know-it-all white boy who thinks he can be a leader so I’ve I’ve always been shy about you know that that that energy and I’ve always wanted to see if I can be giving a mic to women and being in frustration letting them run the show and leave and when I discovered the sort of well when I started studying collie by the scriptures and by the female Hindu initiate goddesses go synchronistically come into my life and waves and taught me new things I realize that there is a righteous proper form of Spiritual Authority I don’t want to call authoritarianism but I think about it’s like this me all these unparented and it needs a Divine mother archetype speaking through empowered women to say okay no more nuclear energy. Done your this shit now or you’re going to be seriously sorry if you don’t then a man coming in saying you know very Authority you know very paternalistic Commandments about eco lodge restoration about women’s Liberation or revolution or whatever if we don’t need another you know marks we don’t need another any of those leader patriarchal leader archetype so the collective Messiah not the individual and invite her into a trance possession State she will enter you advise you speak to you work through you heal you heal through you and then you become a Believer you don’t have to drink the Kool-Aid you know what I mean do you make the mushroom tea and then and then do the mantras and do the implications and it’s like a $5 Friday night to get a handful of mushrooms some chocolate and sing and dance to the music that me and her have created with the help of some beautiful vocalists and dancers have been sort of dialing in this offering and it’s going to hopefully find you know the appropriate audience but that’s why she’s kind of said to me like okay you know Ben and I’ll get in the dark stuff my porn career started when I was 13 I was a meth shooting up drug addict Street kid punk rocker doing turning tricks for for meth money and being used in child pronography when I was 13 so you know I’m pretty much already. I’m pretty much already dead like I’m already there’s I’m not having kids I had a vasectomy no one’s going to milk should know I’m not going to have children that are going to have to be ashamed of me for doing this this is not the kind of chosen one I ever thought I was going to be you know what I mean but it’s like hey you’re already your potential to have a healthy natural family or potential to have a you know any sense of normalcy after that the more you own that the more you have to reconcile that but I may as well take this love and this heart and this pain and this tragedy and go and make something out of adult media because you know I’ve got I’m willing to go and do the heavy lifting Dirty Work exorcism on porn actresses and making or inviting pornstars into Kali ceremony where they’re going to feel what I felt which is that you don’t just drop to your knees you are pushed down to your knees and your face is pushing to the dirt and if you accept that form of submission to the goddess then you will be blessed and you will be given the opportunity to prove yourself and earn units of blessings and unrighteous power it’s an Exquisite gift I’ll tell you what man I I have been on such a path of austerity in order to maintain the Integrity to be able to represent her because I know if I fuk up you know she’ll have my head you know what I mean it one way or another you know so and so how long have you been doing well I had my first round of it about almost 10 years ago just to pay some bills and rent and I thought I felt it was very beautiful woman for me like I I don’t it wasn’t dirty it was kind of like feeling like you were figure skating cuz it was with a true lover and we were doing Gonzo reality real couple real sex real love tantric feminist you know and unfortunately we had to do the money shot because that was the Paradigm but we made it into a sacred money shot with you know if she’s like come on my third I know and I’m like okay dear you know of hey its effects remade lemons and lemonade but it’s a good fries to tell him I said I would run Christian you know the second coming I got the whole language man so that’s that man I had to put it but it was only a brief. Of just trying to get some bills paid and stuff it was not going to be a career move it was just like don’t tell anybody that I’m at level of entry-level pain will males get paid quite a bit less than females in general but we were a couple so we were in splitting the bills and everything but it worked out and we had to you know does it pay well I guess here’s the thing the people who do this professionally who take on multiple gigs in a day you know they’re putting a lot of mileage and their soul and believe me they’re picking up a lot of these on Friendly’s do you know on the astral plane the thing is if you were to be a part-time Moonlighting for fun only taking jobs that you really like because you want to experience group sex but you want to have you know it’s here somewhere damn thing right here did you know that more straight women watch gay men fucking and gay porn than gay men watch gay men fucking gay porn that’s and then the next thing is that let’s all take a sigh of relief everybody the world is not as bad and thick as it seems lesbian porn is the number one searched form of porn in the world so we don’t get involved with anal porn really because you see all these fat boys and you know they’re getting off on that but really over all that the general averages if I’m remembering you know perfectly correctly really the overwhelming majority in many places is that we love to watch when we make love to each other because it is so sentimental say it’s because it’s so sensual and divine and there’s no you know real call Lee brother I mean that just broke my heart like nothing else and I said I got to get in this game and start swinging you know with the truth because they’re me if there’s going to be a disconnect debase all of reality like everything else and I’m just going to do my permaculture gardening and you know watch fish eat each other in my pond and try to heal from PTSD but then it’s like okay I’m going to let you know I’d hang up my spurs you know I put sound like I went to retirement but oh no this can’t be with this can’t be happening I mean if they’re going to create a title of feminist pornstar and they’re going to give it to the rapist violent rapist and when interviewed he’s like breaking the heart of the woman who interviewed him as much as I thought I was interviewing a goddamn what is the world coming to you know there’s maybe a right way to do it so that some there there are some some higher-level producers in my life that are already sort of have already been sort of them I will be standing on the backs of giants I should say to to bring it to the next level so I’ve got like you know the the production crew support aspect dialed in and now it is really I’m at a point where I’m doing the Recruitment and I’m going on sexy jobs.com I’m going on backpage.com I’m going on I’m contacting all of the you know the agencies trying to find you know that there’s a couple of prongs here it’s fine you know other sex positive initiated you know dakini women who are who are matched or above my level of training and self-mastery sexually and they’ve done thousands of hours if you only eggs and thousands of hours of lingam massage in there you know in their Zone they’re in their goddess energy and their invoking the that the female deities that can metabolize and digest the demons off of the soldiers in the Warriors and the gangsters that they service and you know you know call out to those women you know if you want to like talk let’s do so you know whose lives lives lives start talking about you know about that so there’s obviously depicting the glory of the Arctic with two you know people who are on the path and then there is the take finding the the women who are deep in the sky me end of the industry and actually doing ritual ceremonies with them so what I’m trying to do now is actually like assemble a team of sexual shamanic tantric angels of all Sexes and genders who are going to be the sort of Care Bears to to to restore and rehabilitate the porn actresses themselves specially as their spiraling out they called shout out the other timeline you have like a burning fuse it when you hear that 18 year old stripper that world-famous porn actress right now whose mom told her to go get a job stripping and then from that of course all the freaking predators are there and come on in and jump into this industry and and now she’s see no getting into the thing but she’s got like a timeline when is your first anal scene when is her first anal scene we don’t want you until you’re ready to do your double penetration OC and then you shot out and you’re done and you make less money and next and that’s how it runs right now to do that work of finding you know being there like an ambulance Chaser and I’m not kidding man there’s no James Dean put women in the hospital by ripping I’m not going to just blood everywhere you no tears everywhere and total silence and secrecy about it finally stuff coming out but it’s like you know we got to be there like a freaking shamanic ambulance on his pornstats to rescue some souls and get some and then guiding them and end in training them into the tentree vibration and then by doing so getting the natural responses to all my gut would say so this is different and that could be a good find the negative brought into this is well and all leading up to without the tentree kids and having that example of the unification of shiver and Chuck the energy and all that you know yummy 10 traits of wholesomeness already got the pitch you know the stuff you got to get the picture together it’s just time trick makeover you know and I’ve done several already but obviously they could only show you know it’s like the making of the the making of the pawn stuff and I would love that my God that would take off shortly that will be on every freaking across the world Pantry makeover and I have you know the case studies already sort of under my belt where I’ve got some very interesting testimonials from the work I’ve already done the Rogue I call it back alley exorcism and that’s where we’re at with the science and the laws and everything it’s like you have so good I together I love you this is amazing meme generator out here so I keep pulling Kylie devotee. Patrick meme generator I love you I love you too and I will I live to serve you and Terrance who we prayed under you know in Venice that day and that you know whose intentions are I’m standing on the back of giants hopefully dancing you know on the back of Trance resume okay so now I got to we’re going to wrap this up in a few minutes but my God is Fifi’s covered some ground here so I want to the reason I called you first out first is like dude I don’t I don’t know who knows this I don’t think you’re ashamed of it cuz you mentioned on your podcast but brother you were a pornographer at one point where you already working for Penthouse yeah I went to PennDOT because those are the only magazine I can find a decade ago you know it when I was doing freelance work on Shamanism and Consciousness and psychedelic stuff they wanted you know is salacious type of material like that and I had to spray them to rot in my sconzo style you know and I’m really good stuff because it was the source material which became my book are Awakenings and then the film had these professional photographer my dear friend Bank Gallatin who I’m to call the photo sample copy of it and then he was like these adorable he said he talked to the spirits needs like what do you guys think of will I get a great throw that we are in Penthouse Magazine getting good information that I had my time and after this I don’t know anything you know I just all I know is it hey he did it before me so I’m going to just take it and next thing of the next obviously know if it’s the time of being filmed told me through blow-by-blow give me my God I’m so glad you just said that because I already audio recorded this the the the the script narration for a follow along where you get like it’s it’s basically she was shocked the original tantric scriptural kind of thumb Cadence of poetry where I say in a devotional language in a flower to Goshen language oh my dear beloved I will now Bayview and then we shall dance together and then I will provide you a Yoni massage and then it will be your turn and she says oh my dear beloved I will be massaging your lingam and he’s in this way so it’s like a it’s like an instructional verbal guided meditation tantric meditation ritual so that would be I already did one video that is the sexual psychedelic sexual exorcism music video where they at lyrics and the images depicted all give the viewer the toolkit they need to you know invoke the right energies and use the medicine wisely and do the book study to be able to have your home sexual exorcism kit you know for you and your lover to delouse yourselves of sexual trauma you know festering wounds and an access the Kundalini and all that stuff so that was like timesheet makeover part 1 the next one that will happen when I find a suitable India South Asian women who have been in negotiating with I’ve been negotiating with Indian porn actresses and models about how much they want to start a religious war with me because that’s what this is going to come down to man you know it’s becoming that device and it’s like it was because it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s been censored it doesn’t really exist in the public landscaping that’s that’s the plan man that’s really the plan of restoring the True Glory you know of this tradition which everybody like I said if you practice yoga you need to get on your knees and learn authentic shock shock the Tantra and be practicing a low-level divorcing and worship Bugatti goddess Kali because you would not be in these asanas if it was not for that lineage and this step was to prepare your physical body for the sexual spinal puberty that was going to come when you developed into being able to run the Sexual Energy the Kundalini energy and you wanted to not break your neck that’s why you would be flexible so you could be in these postures of meditation for long enough the hijacking of this beautiful feminist revolutionary tradition by male patriarchal Aristocrats that that was that was a real perversion in and so the people who are doing the O yoga are doing like the kids version of Tantra and that’s very nice but we need you you know we need you to join the Revolution and to fight back you know there is quite a bit of Glory to be rediscovered within the deeper roots of yoga and Tantra going back to the the wild Primal sexually empowered archetype of of Kali that really was the foundation to Route it’s funny to hear myself say this but I guess you could say I’ve become a fundamentalist country code of the divine feminine Warrior goddess par exsalonce and tib to you know she saying is like this 10 headed goddess a tongue hanging out and seven heads in battle that she’s wearing is a necklace around her and she’s often this incredibly chaotic so the Primal powerful figure but it’s sort of Destruction isn’t it I did this design Fade Into the hands maybe if I didn’t know if Christian fundamentalists of someone who might see that as a real negative so why would we want to be free a sexual tantric energy back to Cali who did who is she to you that’s a very good point because actually the the domestication at taming and that defanging declawing and desexualizing of ecology is really been the handiwork of the of the monotheistic patriarchal skyguide colonizers that said you cannot have a sexually empowered female archetype that’s really demonstrating the Wrath and fury of a mama bear who you don’t fuk with you know so like that the male ego has met a superior force that is humbling and that mythology an archetypal iconography has got to be demonized so you have you know Indiana Jones where she’s a giant demoness and people are there in slaving children to mine for some you know black magic powers as opposed to the real traditional archetypal mythological iconography that she is the Slayer demons in the protector of children and she’s also simultaneously and that’s kind of evolved over time that the container that is if we are all within her womb and that’s Infuse a giant Uno boundless multi-dimensional organismic being that is capable of having intercourse with us of purifying our souls of devouring demons internally and externally from our lives in from our chakras and rock her world and give us the the all the the remembrance that wild nature is unbridled feminine Fury and you need to be designing culture and sexuality and male ego improper proportionality to the power of that theory and that’s what we obviously need because men are acting like boys that are playing with matches and making nuclear you no energy and they’re creating massive suffering and massive destruction because of a lack of fear of a divine feminine Authority you know giving what I feel initiated to do myself is to be like okay well I’m not just you know doing this on this sort of I call myself a motion area instead of a missionary mercenary in the name of Khali and under strict you know ethical guidelines to replicate My Success of being able to take a skeptic Western and be made into believer through the In the Flesh invocation of four of her body being a body than in carton in incarnated and invoked into my flesh thought-forms arising from her dimension of intelligence and really being sort of an Angelic that’s the wrong word but consensual voluntary repossession trans states that are conducive to healing and empowerment and overcoming and standing up to your own inner demons that are holy you down and making you want to hurt yourself or make you want to harm others there’s a there’s a accessible saviors like in there be more than one archetype of a savior and can it not be a man for once you know so she’s a pretty powerful worship by the thuggees it was like the Assassins you know that which I shave and there was like a collie worship thing I know she’s going to sex and drugs and rock and roll back on that the the Hessians and the history that was more of a middle eastern regional phenomenon but you’re right about the thuggee connection at least the that you know what I think of that I think about there’s the LDS church that is essentially the the one of the most twisted evil violating exploited to sexually corrupt sex Cults of the entire you know judeo Christian Enterprise basically wanted one of the fat one of the cult leaders was on the FBI’s most wanted list for I don’t know how many years because of all the the you know multiple wives and child sexual abuse and just institutionalize Mega sexual predator Vortex to hell that was what that had become so if there are people who have sacrificed in the name of Khali in order to gain spiritual powers are people that have criminals and the oppressed who would sort of pervert the deeper prepay charcoal pre civilized goddess worship tradition and say we’re going to use the power harness the power of the dark goddess to you know be better criminals or whatever and the interview I recently called seeking the heart of Tantra where we talked about the corruption and perversion an abuse of the tradition of Kali worship for people to sort of think that they can hit the sack yeah you’re going to be able to pick up that hot coal and use it for your own Black Magic game you’re probably going to get burned you know so there’s that warning if it’s she is benevolent good the Savior the mother the lover everything a boy a man wants and needs and can connect with and then therefore not be a menace to women on the horizontal plane it’s a real blessing to be like how you know what I’m I don’t think I’m going to really make a bunch of sloppy mistakes and out of less because I can just go home and pray to my beloved Divine consort who keeps me out of trouble and it’s just so I think you know if I can save some for my experience I don’t feel compelled to sacrifice people in her name I never should never ask me to do that you know and I think that if I did corrupt the teachings then I would have hell to pay for it and I believe believe me what I have experienced is things where you don’t just get you know instructed to get down on your knees and bury your face in the ground it’s a forceful sort of being put under arrest as what I’ve experienced with her before for her to you know show herself and her power to me and be like yeah you want to get men to put down their swords and axes and stop killing each other and cutting down trees introduce them to me through the mushroom I’ll give them a little bit of love if they’re worthy and they will forever be Believers and they will they will they will fall in you know they were so that’s what they’re destroying all the illusion and destroying all the corrupt stuff and is bringing it back to this Primal feminine power which is the perfect archetype I guess to be working least when you’re trying to redeem the sacred sexuality in intent Rick pornography and making it sacred again like returning the sacred and the profane modern media so the transmission so should be a really good at the top to work but I can say that exactly any other thing that needs to be destroyed isn’t humble villagers who are treating women with respect what needs to be destroyed his ego Empires and the demonic possession that’s built into all of that that greed lust and the all the things that you know if that’s what the destructive what’s what would we do what needs to be feared and when you fear that Rath you think twice about being harmful you think twice about exploiting you know nature women animals children because there is that you know when you ever email every warlord every pimp you know every politician drug dealer you know Army General they were all little boys once and they all fear the wrath of their mother coming to with that cross face ready to you know what them you know in a world of hurt you know our world of disappointment in and said everyone had the arms that are making the the skirt of arms their representative but it’s basically if the negative Karma’s of men is like she’s not killing any women on that battlefield of slaying demon possessed people she’s killing men she’s cutting off the head which is the male ego is the real Menace In you know there’s obviously they’re all just yeah it’s a whole new medium was it’s like it’s like a live-action role-playing Cruiser out in the woods of the world painted blue like an Eva Toth I’m just thinking of you wanting with collie and I was like she’s only blue you know how it’s going to look awesome video where I had a beautiful centek Warrior goddess martial artist yoga instructor and she was willing to do the whole outfit and the makeup and and weary weary enacted the my initiation ceremony where she puts her hand on her Yoni and starts rattling up some transmissions and sending it through her hands into my third eye and rocking and shaking my head play some mushrooms that was the true that was the only one to say now I’m collecting the sort of Kali molinoff monologues of people who have experienced the very Universal a very patterned visual third eye you no experience of what her flesh looks like what her facial features look like the sort of kaleidoscopic red and black field of eyes that go on into infinity and then the loving feelings in the sexual anatomy and the ability to envelop you like you were literally being sucked into look like you become a jade egg and you go into the cosmic Yoni and you get on spin cycle and that you only until you were feeling like a million bucks I mean not going to go and get a cheap date I’m not going to go go go to the pick up bar after that I’m going to be like nevermind I don’t know you know so Cosmo UND spin cycle of the best phrases it’s like you know like in a sense of like it sounds so good right that’s how you eat with your tantric goddess partner who’s in body in college in any other masculine let me shoot Bloom and she’s not in love you but I realize whatever but essentially with the time’s right sort of combination in may not be heavy frosting and might be more passive and maybe there’s a lot of stuff happening on the inside energetic play but is it going to fit the same expectations and queues of a you know the 25th Century pornography trained audience at once this type of shot in that type of shot and they’re running out of extreme Gonzo genres there honey what are you going to do next there’s nothing left but when I say okay here’s the shamanic pornography genre that I’m launching I sent the press release still all of the you know if your agency is I talk to I talked to the top porn industry PR agencies and got really good feedback about my whole what I’m trying to do you know this is a new is like you want extreme how about sexual exorcism that’s extreme you know for real it’s not make believe we’re not doing some fake thing this is real you know ceremony and it stands to reason that if just the Rapture is business of the experience of it of being possessed and having demons come out of you and doing dry purges and having seizures and stuff you want wild action it’s all there it’s physically give me there’s the subtlety of what’s ages you know rocking back and forth and yeah p.m. and then there’s the Kundalini spinning your neck like you are in The Exorcist are your Beetlejuice is something I mean this is real effects medically measure bolt pattern repeatable threw up threw a a procedure to to invoke these effects of the Kundalini activation almost on command you know what I’m saying but there has to be great reverence and respect and proper procedure in order to play with this energy is not it’s not to be toyed with it’s it’s there or it’s not recreational as much as is therapeutic in ceremonial and believe me there’s a lot of fun and I mean when I did my first experience of being you know initiated by a female Priestess who was able to invoke Kali into her own flesh you know she said and I have a recording of her in a channeled state so when you were in a in a rapturous state of ecstasy with a beautiful oh woman who is invoking this energy and she’s giving you the gospel giving in the commandant saying things like worship my Yoni or perish the male ego will will be destroyed in flames you know I’m sending out snakes to destroy the abusers and really it’s like this effective if you ever had it a garden where you have Gophers eating your your plants from from from below you know you can think like a permaculture designer and invite a beneficial Predator to come and do the heavy lifting for you some guys sit there with a BB gun on the porch and try to shoot every gopher they see coming up no trying to pull the turnips down but if you and you drop that gopher snake in the Gopher hole what does it do it spends all day everyday eating those pests and it’s a beneficial I can see you yeah play it was like for ability to invoke and pull in and send the Kundalini snakes through my nadi’s and chakras to do the pest control then then you know it’s night and day oh my God my fears are gone my paranoia is argan my traumatic PTSD flashbacks are gone all of those nests of disease do you know demonic entities that enter through trauma and her and her basically gestating us from the inside out as they continue to warp our perception and you know that’s what the cascading growing affect is of people who are suffering from trauma so whatever that might be fracturing Network egg infectious material coming in nesting in the chakras noughties and the Kundalini is a biological living entity we perceive it without the third eye open as just a a current of energy or a symbolic serpent but what I experienced is it is not a symbolic Serpent and that feeling of having nothing really move through you like a dragon is like doing a corkscrew through you you know it’s a real biological pest control affect exactly like what I did when I put that gopher snake into the gopher holes and so if she has the ability to bring that down when you call and sing to her invoke her and she’s able to enter into Amy sounds like real chippy you know chippy dippy you know psychedelic big wave psychonaut stuff but really you go to any well there are many Kali temples in the world where this is just business as usual once a week it’s like Community healing you know the time and the people will the priests and priestesses will enter into a collie worshipping trance invocation State and in order to prove to the masses that Kali has arrived the doctor is has arrived they will whip them with leather whips on their forearms and have them have to show that they don’t have marks and that gives you the proof that he has been involved in the flesh and the healings can then commence with confidence you know Masons and what you doing brother must must Creed Odyssey is fantastic people can stay abreast thank you for sharing so much I think you’re doing some amazing work here knows we are not going into depth in this chat it has the potential to really reclaim you know a lot of the second sexuality and anchor rose gold Foams and be assertive Mind Body Spirit cleansing realignment sort of agent and get outfits online it’s like for the psychic cultural jiu jitsu in a big pot of this episode number 69 and I do appreciate you very gentle with me people can find people can find me a www.wrex.com that’s alright k r a z I am home. Which is still under development of the hapes of BAC content discussion is like they’s about multifaceted Shamanism in Consciousness and spirituality in x 12 and she’s getting there and what am I calling you projects is Shaman to the global village. Come with shaves probably launching in October which is going to be really exciting and a 6 to 12 online TV show about global Shamanism in the global shamanic Resurgence so that’s why you find me thank you so much I really appreciate you for you know being my wing man for this so I could fly shoot ideas out and have somebody who is just totally able to hold space you know be here for me so we will have some exciting updates stay around for sure and I really love your integrity and the fact that you talking about a subject like this to a lot of paper which is it politically correct Iron Age to go deeper with these call material and then go deeper and deeper and deeper this is a really Progressive stuff you’re doing amazing work so I really applaud you make so much Tannerite much love all right calm music on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Township Park. Com Thomas Day




Kali’s Love Deflowers the Desolate Male Ego with Ryan TPP59


Kali in Union with Shiva In this episode I have the deep and profound honor of sharing one of what I hope will be many “Kali Monologues” from those who have experienced revelation and salvation with Goddess Kali. This first guest narrative by my new dear friend Ryan provides heart wrenching and warming insight into the process of self-initiation through psychedelic goddess worship. I was brought to tears as I read his first email to me, I asked if he’d be willing to record his story so I could share it on the show. Please enjoy and allow these words of liberation and redemption to motivate you to transcend your ego and all negative influences internal and external that intend to bring you down. Never forget the eternal divine feminine love ever awaiting your courage to seek her dancing embrace.

I also answer a listener  question about the interplay of drugs and spirituality. I offer my guidance for best practices, and it couldn’t be better timing that the question came in and is the prelude to Ryan’s story of psychedelic goddess worship.

Please help support the show by making a one-time or recurring donation. In addition to helping sustain and improve the show, you’ll be helping to establish permaculture goddess temples that provide ecological employment for single mothers.


Seeking the Heart of Tantra with Nirmala Nataraj TPP57


Nirmala pic In this episode I am joined by Nirmala Nataraj. I discovered her great works in a search for a teaching on the symbology within the Kali Yantra and found her article.

She has graciously blessed the podcast by sharing her story of personal transformation through Tantra and Goddess Kali worship. She holds sacred space for me to share some of my revelations and research and generously provides validation of and guidance for many of my most controversial discoveries.

Together we weave a mutually affirming narrative of personal healing and spiritual growth through our devotion to Kali. We emphasize the need for preparation, care, and caution when approaching her might and magic. We also encourage listeners to find supportive fellowship as they rediscover and reinvent Kali’s vast primordial irrepressible nature.

Nirmala shares a description of the Kali Yantra and conducts a devotional guided meditation using the Yantra.

We close with a brief discussion on sexual healing and empowerment through tantra and she offers some great advice for individuals and couples to break through repressive cultural conditioning and reclaim the power and beauty of sacred love making.

Please connect with Nirmala and access her services via her websites:

About Nirmala:

I’m Nirmala Nataraj, a San Francisco Bay Area-based Desire Guru and Taboo Slayer (and you can find me at my day job here)!

Sacred Fire Desire Coaching is my way of connecting directly with those who want to embody their truth. My wish to expand people’s repertoire of tools and resources through creative problem-solving is paramount in my approach. I especially love to work with people to clear some of the obstacles that keep them from expressing their deepest truths—obstacles such as shame, past experiences of trauma, and the inability to embrace and integrate every last part of themselves.

For me, healing is something that happens when we are willing to wrestle our demons…and then become their friends (which also happens to be a recurring theme in my writing). I’m also interested in inspiring my clients to view relationships, intimacy, and sexuality as viable and rigorous paths to personal development and purpose.

My training background includes the OneTaste Coaching Program, the Co-Active Coach Training Program, and the Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Immersion Program.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear love his phone cover Township podcast episode number 57 I’m here with nirmala and we’re going to talk about goddess Kali and all of the beautiful magnificent ways that she’s entered our lives and given Direction and guidance and some of the Practical applications that we can all use to access her love and medicine and then we were just talking briefly about how apt it is that she was recently featured on the Empire State Building projected during a an endangered species slideshow production that that occurred and then at one of the Visionary artist Android Jones had a slide in there which is a beautiful collie face rendition and caused a bit of an uproar as you’d expect this is sort of a starting point to talk about this her she’s being called forth now to help us and if you don’t believe that you can look up the pictures didn’t see that you know it’s like the Batman signal or something so anyway that was my little brief intro and I normally would you please say thank you for joining us and please tell us about your background and in your path where to start my so first of all I I work I work pretty heavily with just what I consider the energy of desire and being somebody who’s been on a non dualistic tantrik pot for as long as I can remember and I grew up in a traditional Hindu household and both of my parents are from India and I was raised here so a lot of my own path has been about bridging cultural differences and really diving into the energy of what I see as the collective Shadow and for me desire is something that is really capable of helping us to heal from that split that we tend to have between masculine and feminine Darkness and Light and and I think that Kali is a really as it’s kind of emblematic of what it could look like when those when those pictures are heel and when the split is healed and we and we stopped being in conflict with ourselves and and so a lot of the work that I do is around healing our healing our connection with our sexuality healing our connection desire and my website is sacred fire coaching.com because because I do believe that our desire is the sacred fire that lives within us and it’s our responsibility as incarnate beings 210 that fire so that’s a little bit about 10 of the work that I do and I can talk a little bit more about that later but insurance if my own path I would I would say that it’s it actually comes from pretty ancient lineage and my family is from South India and there’s a long line of country cuz in the area both of my parents are from a lot of Hindu Tantra practice today can be found in South India and a lot of these practices are related to the 10 wisdom goddesses who are known as the Mojave Diaz and they’re very prevalent in a lot of different forms of Tantra and Kali is one of them so these goddesses are revered in South India and by far the most strongly maintain tan tradition in South India is his status Street as yet and she is Supreme goddess and a lot of practitioners in the street of your tradition including people in my family tends to be married householders and often there’s a family tradition of practice but being a woman is South Asian descent who was raised and the West I grew up in California back to Tantra has been its it happened been as direct it hasn’t been a part of this unbroken lineage and in fact I would say that that Tantra is still something that in in India in a lot of traditional Hindu family it’s really still seen as kind of a a dark path and there are still a lot of just as misunderstandings about Tantra abounds in the West on there’s a lot of misunderstanding about Tantra in the East and I think a lot of that comes from just you know Colonial attitude two words the way that the body and sexuality and certain spiritual practices were four kind of conveyed so a lot of I would say that a lot of Hindus in a lot of Indian people in general have kind of internalized those attitudes so so like I said before my path back to Tantra has a lot to do with my own exploration of desire and sexuality and desire and sexuality as a rigorous spiritual so I’ve always been interested in sex and sexuality and actually since I was very very young back when nobody in my family talks about it and if the same time because I I grew up in a household where devotion Devotion to god and goddess were really kind of a part of our daily existence I I was always in an environment that was very overly spiritual actually one of my earliest I wanted to be a nun and I wasn’t Christian nobody in my family was Christian but I remember just reading about female nuns and Mystics and being so drawn to this idea of devoting myself body and soul to God so I have always been on a path that I’ve considered devotional and that I’ve considered a path of surrender and that gradually grew into a worship of the dark goddess and all of her forms as mahakali as inanna Ishtar as as the Virgin of Guadalupe and that was actually really connected to my own discovery of feminism and goddess worship as a way of bringing the salmon in back into spiritual practices so so over time I was really interested in how the dark goddess encourages us to dissolve our boundaries between the sacred and the profane and I think that that’s what led me to Tantra and in addition a lot of my former work I used to be a Rape Crisis counselor and so I’ve worked with a lot of women who have felt just generally wounded and disconnected from their own essential sexuality and sensuality and a lot of my work has been without healing. Chasm and I for me working with collie and working with different forms of the dark goddess has been immensely healing I I really can’t even put that into words and end this this really comes from my own experience of how many women and it isn’t just women it’s also none how many of us have been wounded by a pervasive cultural attitudes about sex and sexuality and the sex is an extremely powerful force and the time because I knew this and they know it and and they work with it and incredible and hoping ways but sex is also something that’s a power that can be misused and as women we we often use that power in ways that don’t serve us and we use it to to do things like we to make people fall in love with us for instance where to use sexuality as a weapon because in many ways text has been used as a weapon against us and very few of the women that I’ve ever met has have worked with their sexuality as a source of pleasure and is a source of achieving Union ecstatic Union with the Divine so that’s that’s been a really big interest of mine how do we how do we move towards sex and desire to do that and also another really important aspect is my pot that I kind of alluded to earlier is looking at this experience of being bicultural this experience of growing up in two completely different traditions and and Bridging the Gap because I do think that Eastern forms of thought like Tantra obviously we’re seeing them becoming more and more popular and more and more needed and the west and at the same time there’s there’s just been a lot of really interesting stuff that’s been happening in India in particular and other places where traditionally women haven’t held over positions of power and where there really is still a lot of suppression as far as sexuality goes it’s amazing that India’s this place where Tantra and the Kama Sutra came out of but at the same time there are still horrific attitudes towards women are still bride burning since honor killings and end public rate end so I think that we really we really need to come to an understanding that that Bridges the disconnect that exists and it and I think this isn’t just a disconnect that’s about east and west and our attitudes towards sexuality and body and spirituality it’s a deeper and deeper conflict that’s being healed and it’s a conflict that I think lives inside the human consciousness and that collie and got us have to have the profound power to really heal so so a lot of the work that I’m doing is that the dressing that dualistic split again you know between nature and civilization masculine light and dark and I’m really interested in accessing your life force which is it’s the erotic nstemi accessing the erotic it’s it’s a spiritual act it’s a political act on it’s what we can do to claim our freedom as creative beings and I’ve really seen magical things happen we can act without energy and I’ve seen that happen in my own life and just to give you a little bit more background about myself about 7 years ago or so I was in a marriage that was falling apart and everything looked great on the outside I have been with my partner for close to a decade and something was missing and I didn’t know exactly what and I felt so guilty that I can be in this marriage that where everything looks perfect on the outside but inside there was something essential that was missing that I couldn’t put a name to I’m so I buried that understanding three years and years and and finally at some point the entire relationship just kind of exploded and it was like goddess herself came into my life and and shown this Stark light on to everything that I had built and and I felt like I was falling apart and it was a revelation and it was very difficult for me at that time and I think it’s that way of guilt and shame this this sense of internal knowing that there’s something that’s missing and I look back on that time now and I know that what was missing was my sense of connection to pleasure and desire and two goddess really to the feminine I think that that weight of guilt and shame of wanting and longing for this thing that we don’t have words for it it keeps so many women from tapping into the full extent of who they are and they’re afraid to even admit to it so I would say that my my real talk begin with just acknowledging my desire technology that there was a desire that was not being mad and it was not being that in the context of that marriage so after that I I would stay the night I went on an odyssey that involved Tantra it involved doing some somatic therapy sexological Bodywork and seeing what has been frozen inside me and this experience with Awakening and another itself and I really wanted to share that with other women and so many of the women that I have worked with had really similar stories and another thing that I’ve discovered that’s been remarkable is that a lot of the women I’ve worked with have kind of come into their own relationship with goddess and we’re really finding you know we can’t we can’t divorce our sexuality from our sense of connection to God has for my sense of connection to the universe and to each other and I think that would have been recognizing the night I should say that I work primarily with women but I’ve also worked with men and I’m seeing this awareness and then also is that we are seeking to make our ecosystem harmonious we’re tired of being in conflict with ourselves and we want a sexuality and a spirituality and creativity and community that are all integrated where we don’t have to leave any part of ourselves out answer me with the work that I’ve done in Tantra and with my own practices that involves connecting with collie she she is that energy she is fat energy of you know what here’s this is this is who you are this is all of you take it all you know the good the bad the ugly the things that you perceived as beautiful things that you perceive is garbage and use it because it’s yours and that for me has really been the gift of working with Tantra and being on this path wow thank you so much I’m just like smiling like ramakrishna this whole time here he missed that one photo that’s like so ecstatic and blissed-out the love of the mother just is so intoxicating and yeah yeah this is so beautiful for me to hear especially the did you see at the intensity I mean I’ll tell you that a lot of the time for that I was exposed to four years didn’t go anywhere near Shadow work or collie and when it’s when she was finally you know various when she entered my life very forcefully but yet beautifully I realized how much well just started to scratch the surface of what was missing from the westernized you know hyper-sexualized Tantra that’s not really getting into the deep Shadow work so yeah I really appreciate just having you on this in this conversation and if you don’t mind before we get into the the yantra if I could just Explorer some of my questions for you about Kali and how how she can be accessed and what some of her roles are ya so like I said I was going to learning Township techniques and breathwork and eye gazing and meditation and chakras and Kundalini stuff and and and it was just sort of well divorced from Sedona and goddess worship and so you know the encountering of in the wind a true just to passionate Devotion to the goddess for how much love there is there in one set started to pour into my life and when you know female sort of priestesses were starting to enter my life to initiate me and connect me that way I started going on a frenzy of really studying this force of nature that’s beyond words really beyond the iconic symbol of her standing on Shiva really that’s just a map but it’s not the terrain the terrain of her flesh in her being in her dimensions are so vast you know they’re unspeakable and I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into exploring her boundlessness and I’m curious as SUV gun into your ritual practice of of worship how how would you describe visual experiences an emotional and embodiment experiences send just a sort of narrative Beyond iconography that you’ve experienced too kind of compare notes you know I’m saying about that for hours yeah it’s it’s I think there’s always kind of this interesting experience that that we have when we decide to devote ourselves to particular path or even to a particular deity there’s you know kind of navigating that c of contradictions that all of the stories all of the lore all of the imagery on the experiences you hear about other people having there’s all of that that’s kind of floating and the Consciousness and I think it’s particularly complicated with Kali because she’s she’s so she represents a paradigm that to me is about moving beyond Orthodox representation socially Downs ideas of what’s good are appropriate so in some ways she’s she’s she’s really hard to represent and you know I’m constantly reading descriptions of Kali at that I that I think are grossly mistaken and I just a kind of I picked this up in park in preparing for this interview I was doing a bit of research and I was and I noticed that there was an Encyclopedia Britannica it describes collie as the major Hindu goddess whose I can. she calls in mythology commonly associate her with death sexuality violence and paradoxically and some of her later historical appearances motherly love which I think is really funny because I don’t think any of that is paradox in some ways and comprehensible and so I I would actually say that eyes my relationship with Collies when that is I mean how can it not be informed by certain cultural ideas of who she is whether those are coming more from Orthodox Hindu ideas of who she is and I should say that I grew up in a household that very much revered Kali and and and Shiva in particular they were they were on the present so there were lots and lots of beautiful pictures of collie with her necklace with severed skulls and it was always really funny when I had friends coming over to my house and they see these pictures and it’d be like oh my God that’s that’s so creepy that’s so messed up like why do you have these pictures up in your house and I I really agree with a with an enormous amount of reverence for these images which you know that they might look violent on the outside but they’re just they’re just representations you know their representations of things that exist within each and every one of us then and I always for me I always felt that was that was the beauty of it the beauty was in was in the imagery that that didn’t just fit didn’t just done represent her as being kind of the docile nurturing mother but there’s love these in here there’s love even in this and I really grew up with that understanding so none of that snooze paradoxical but at the same time a lot of Hindus will say oh well, he is actually really loving there is no there is no ferocious aspect beer I think that still persist even among people who do follow her and I think that it’s really important to it’s really important to see that so that her love is all encompassing it it really it’s her love is is her dancing in the Charnel grounds it’s her cutting off illusion at its roots it’s her frankly doing all the shit that we humans don’t want to do that we don’t want to face and I think I really I’ve really discovered Kali in my body in my dreams there’s a very there’s a personal relationship that I’ve had to develop with collie that’s about yes it’s about entertaining the way that she appears in the world and imagery and iconography and I think that there’s a place for all of that but it never became quite real to me until I experienced her for myself until I experienced myself in her grip well yeah well I think that the the story that you read that I wrote it was it was about coming face-to-face with her during I guess what I could describe as being a Dark Night of the Soul on at a time in my life where I felt completely alone and in many ways forsaken by just the spiritual practices that I had had and it was just a really it was a very lonely. My life and I didn’t have a spiritual community that I could really share this with and the most intense experience I had is coming face-to-face with Mama was it’s so appropriate it was during my first Ayahuasca Journey and and I it’s it’s funny sometimes when I described that Journey to the people that they’re just horrified because it really felt like I was coming I was coming face-to-face with death with my dad with the death of everything that I had held to be stable and fixed and everything I thought of as being me and and I think it’s really it’s important of course to remember that collie Collies name is it comes from the Sanskrit root for time and there’s nothing that is skates you know the march of time there’s nothing that escapes her and so and I do think of calling is being a goddess of death but I I’ve always seen it as being the death of the ego and that was that was kind of the experience that I that I had and I which is not to say that I think my ego is completely dead or the even that I wanted to be completely and totally different conversation altogether but but I really felt that this this experience that I had of coming face-to-face with her was about overcoming all of these ideas that I had about who I was and I think that when we become encased in those ideas those ideas become a prison and we don’t allow ourselves to grow into what we could be we don’t allow ourselves to move in the direction that our souls urine for and so I it was it was an incredibly on uplifting experience it was the experience of I’m dying and and also understanding that part of me that is eternal that that is not my you know the part of me that is not my body and not my personality and not my ego which is not to say that that stuff is in the gated because I cannot have that experience was just an even deeper appreciation for everything that I do have all of these tools that I do have at my disposal and I just remember coming out about journey of being sort of like wow I have have this body and you know like my body does all this amazing stuff that’s so cool and there was a sense of. Being you know a face of this this larger being that I am but I bet that’s part of the mystery it belongs to the mystery just as she lives in a mystery and I kind of felt that little journey into my death was this this this beautiful on kind of sojourn into that deeper mystery where you know everything that we believe about ourselves is is just untrue on and it’s it’s interesting cuz it feels like to me that was ego obliterating but it was also on I would say that it’s the most loved that I’ve ever felt it’s the most I’ve ever felt and it was in it wasn’t it was coming to me and it was moving through me and I was that love and if anything it felt like it just it it made me so much bigger then I then I ever knew was possible and that’s me is is just kind of stuff ultimate that’s the ultimate encounter with her she shows you how small your ideas of yourself really are there so puny know who you think you are and what you believe you’re capable of compared to the reality which is just so vast it’s it’s like you know if we settle we settle for so little in terms of our lives than 10 we settle for safety but I but I do think that with the soul wants is that experience of vastness and that experience is moving in to know the places that we fear which I kind of like the veil in front of the vastness you know you got it you have to move through that in order to get to in order to get to that place where you like oh yeah this is it this is this is the experience that my soul has been hungering for and I was the experience that I knew I was hungry for when I was in this dead-end marriage where everything like the future had been written it was everything had been predicted I know I could cross it all off my to-do list and die happy according to someone else’s standards of what that happiness was but I would never have gotten to that to that place to that place of you know feeling this Indescribable love the love that comes through when you’re willing to surrender your ideas of who you are and what your life is supposed to look like and said that experience that’s a very that’s that’s always going to be a personal experience for anybody and it’s going to look different for everybody and I’ve got to say that was that was fairly recent in my life and I honestly don’t know that I that I really knew Kali was before that I had an idea I had a deep reverence for her but I wasn’t touched by her in quite the same way as I was when I allowed myself to go into this experience and allowed myself to say yes I’m okay I’m okay with my dad so just to sort of Jump Ahead a little bit I think there are a lot of different ways to really make a connection with her to get in contacts but I do think that one of the quickest route is is Ayahuasca if if any of your listeners are so inclined it seems to be kind of a direct a direct line to her and and I think

Sexual Healing with Psychedelic Goddess Worship Pt2 TPP44


sexual-healing-with-psychedelic-goddess-worship-pt2-picThis episode is the second of two audio lab reports from my early psychedelic goddess worship sessions where I was guided by a traditional authentic female Kali worshiper and spiritual healer. I document the gory details of this second experimental ceremony, it is a follow up to episode number 2 and contains important elements that were missed in my observations during and reflections after the first session.  For the best context, I recommend listening to episode two first:


Astral Intercourse with Goddess Kali TPP42


psilosecks picThis episode is the second in a series of audio recorded lab reports from some of my deepest, darkest, most revelatory psychedelic goddess worship sessions. While living at a Goddess temple deep in the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest I was guided to combine shamanic magic mushroom ceremony, sacred psytrance music, and tantric Goddess Kali invocation. Be warned, there are many gory details before the glory.





Psychedeliscopic Demon Hatchery Exploration TPP41


pranic-healing-diagramThis episode is the first in a series of audio recorded lab reports from some of my deepest, darkest, most revelatory psychedelic goddess worship sessions.  While living at a Goddess temple deep in the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest I was guided to combine shamanic magic mushroom ceremony, sacred psytrance music, and tantric Goddess Kali invocation. In this lab report I detail a journey in which a track I was working on took me directly into a demon hatchery on the astral plane. I describe the experience and comment on the implications.

The Science of Kali Invocation TPP35


kali-purification-soundcloudIn this episode I have the great honor of speaking with my divine feminine spirituality mentor, healer and dear friend Sufiana. She holds space for me to summarize over two years worth of psychedelic shamanic research that began with the meeting of our souls in a sacred dance.

It was she who initiated me into the might, magic, and mystery of Goddess Kali. Together we explore the ancient lore and modern science that are converging to bring the Goddess back into psychotherapeutic effect.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved’s welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 35 I’m here with Sue Fionna and we’re going to talk about the science of goddess invocation we’re going to be looking at how these ancient tantric Hindu archetypes of the goddess can be translated and understood in a modern context using modern language for Psychotherapy and somatic healing and in all these new sort of modalities that are being scientifically studied and recognized and so there’s this intersection of the esoteric and the scientific and we’re going to explore that and discuss some of our mutual discoveries and I’ll say that where was the first important effect that I observed actually goes back to the first night that we had begun to communicate and sort of from share a vision of bringing more divine feminine energy on to the Earth plane through through dancing together we kind of set that attention in the very beginning and then literally that first night that we made that intention I went into my normal Friday night mushroom psytrance dancing ritual and began to have a massive download and start to channel visions of a future where a very Fierce powerful goddess energy will be guiding me and possibly Sufjan are you know us together collaborating to be able to bring in this righteous rage and I had just seen a video of her inviting Kali through a dance and I didn’t have any real understanding of the the Hindu goddess Kali archetypal when I read about it and I was very intrigued and and then it was like from that moment she began to enter my my life and in that the first night of dancing I was not only feeling this and seeing this for the first time this sort of Astral texture of her body and this very well well established depiction of a sort of array of kaleidoscopic eyes and if the very wrathful facial expressions in this sort of time continuum of a feminine a beautiful feminine Continuum of phone of Flesh and teeth and things in ferocity to sort of higher dimensional living massive organism and that was when I first started to see in the mushroom state from the third eye perspective this force of nature this feminine Divine force of Nature and towards the end of that first dance after I had felt this new rage righteous rage energy come in was Exquisite and beautiful I began to actually have a perception of a far more terrifying or terrible form that was very much not humanoid in very much sort of insectoid and I was I had to avert my third eye I had to change the channel and and snap out of it and in in in sort of a void that the invitation to go deeper into into that that experience and then later I found out after reading the Bible Gita that do you know when the conversation with with Krishna and Arjuna there’s this point where Arjuna is shown the Divine true interdimensional body or true form of of the Divine entity and it’s so terrifying has to end over his eyes and ask him and beg him to return to his humanoid form and when I discovered that in the end of the scriptures that was like okay that’s exactly what I experienced there is this extra-dimensional non-human Divine beings entities that that we’re being you know describing a similar way so that was a ridge that was my first encounter with the goddess Kali before even meeting Sufjan In the Flesh and then after meeting the first time we you know discuss their kind of Life paths and and our our Journeys if a feeling and what not and then we had said the intention to then get together and do a bit of dancing because I had asked you know hey would you train me and teach me some of this some sacred dance you know it would really help me in my journey in so we rented a Little Rock Band Rehearsal studio for an hour and I plugged in my MP3 player and played some some sensual and in a powerful psychedelic trance music in and then something very frightening and beautiful occurred which is that Sufjan of began to just get into her beautiful traditional dance State and I was doing a kind of country textbook kind of pranic healing intuitive Oreck sweeping around the the female is form of prayer and devotion and worship to encircle the female and in the center and and slowly close the gap and go from a sweeping of the aura to a gentle sweet thing of the of the surface of the skin to a powerful and Brace and as as their process began to occur we create this funnel Vortex Whirlwind of Prana and then I don’t know if you want if you remember this exact moment but I remember it like like like seeing a burning bush but you at that moment snapped into the Kali invocation deity possession transtate tongue rolling out porosity of expression and a sort of wave a discharge of this wrathful energy so do you recall that and had that ever happened before to you anything like that I I have to say that it was a very different experience from my earlier ones though being from Indian culture and having danced like Carly in some of my performances I did I did have a few minor visitations kind of that kind of experience but that was particular Dance Experience was it was something beyond that for sure and then of course the next experience we had together with the the journey which will soon be talking about was oh my goodness. It was like a million x million steps forward from from this Dance Experience but it was a beautiful moment it is so hard to put something like that in the word that is why I am at lost in some ways it is something that you really have to experience it but I I was I had not taken any kind of drugs but I was constantly for that one or two hours I was just having visions and colors and light and all these designs for me in front of my eyes my eyes were closed of course and I was supposed to test by the movement and I was possessed by the divine feminine yeah it’s the validation and so is that moment I was astounded and struck and I immediately that shifted my life forever because I is it as a sort of from you call it a pseudo-scientists there were an armchair scientist or amateur but someone who is a big fan of the movie and read the book Altered States which is all about the scientific study of the intersection between physiology and phenomenology in other words what you experience is one narrative to talk about and what is measurable on the physical plane in the body’s physiology you know if you say you see a ghost you know there is Ghost Hunters are trying to look for the physical evidence of such things in if you say you saw it that’s really subjective thing that certain aspects we measured but in that film Altered States you can get a lot of America s that set me a motion to understand why mystical experiences are of such interest to psychedelic scientists because that’s where we can actually gather data and start to prove the existence of God or prove the existence of goddess and therefore shift the soulless like dead Paradigm of the Scientific Revolution and his you know been responsible for so much disaster we need to bring sacredness back into life on Earth so without going into a polemic only move quickly on to the next is significant event which is that you know I began from that moment realizing that there was this powerful healing force of nature that was coming into my life for a reason and that I had to respect it and study it and be open to you know the next steps and so on we started to plan some shamanic work together and and in collaborate and you know designing some some ritual procedure and Sacred Space for going further in bringing in the psilocybin mushroom the sacred mushroom into you know into a goddess invocation event and so we actually did a dry run first without the medicine and and I was experiencing powerful effects you were using if you remember you kind of walk me through a kind of more let’s say it’s not traditional but a more kind of textbook cycle therapeutic modality of anchoring inner child in the spirit animal and going into the forest and then opening up of a portal below the roots of the tree for the dark armies to be flushed down and that was a very like kind of NLP neuro-linguistic programming based approach or you know something based on your your studies at the California Institute of integral studies or that at school there so if you have any thoughts or memories about that you were doing kind of massage and chakra work guiding me through that was our first time 9 psychedelic dry run of giving you the Spiritual Authority to do healing work in to cast demons out of my field you know if you remember that the experience I remember the one with the journey are you talking about the one very word Journey on the mushrooms yeah I was starting to break down and cry you wasn’t that it wasn’t that memorable you know what I mean to me it was a course but that was if you don’t recall much about is fine cuz it wasn’t it wasn’t it was just like a Prelude to where I can start to feel yeah there’s we’re opening up this astral body and doing some some deep tissue work in the astral body but that was before we do the mushrooms to it so that was a sort of dry run it happen and then in between that dry run and our scheduled full on full heroic dose mushrooms journey I was assembling the soundtrack for this journey because I knew or had you know we had discovered that okay there’s something about the Psychedelic trance feet and a psychedelic trance the way that it the frequencies and a lot of you know tuned to actual sacred frequency is a lot of the tracks have especially to go a genre has sacred Melodies and and really they’re like you know they’re they’re able to unlock different energies in the astral plane these frequencies and his Beats and obviously they get you add realized so they’re preparing you for a spiritual battle to to retrieve your own soul that’s what people are doing on the dance floor is shedding demons and retrieving fragments of their soul and becoming whole again through the sacred ecstatic trance dance at a universal phenomenon and even you know it’s documented by stanza by stanza stand graph stands fully that Congress and African foraging people’s activate Kundalini through their own ritual ecstatic trance dance and it’s there you know similar therapeutic use of Kundalini Shakti but in their terms have different words for it but we’re talking about forces of nature and activating them through dance so you know who it was I took it upon myself to spirit of God choose a selection of tracks that would be most adrenal icing for the for the ritual and one of them was the suspects spotted Track by Mad Max and that track I had been journeying on my own and listen to that track and I was given a powerful vision of how this is like the the the flute with the melody to charm collie and her terrible beautiful hyperdimensional Predator form in in in an indication that could invite her into actually do the Demonic devourment in a very Astros ecological Manor in the hole that all these words and not sending dance with the simple way to look at it is it in in the astral plane there is an ecosystem just as As Above So Below there’s an ecosystem and the deities aren’t just cartoon archetypes they have functional roles medical assistant so the analogy would be that if you are suffering from mental or physical illness it is because you know like a leaf of a spinach plant is suffering because there are aphids eating and devouring it in so if you were an aphid that had a spiritual technology to call forth the ladybug that ladybug would be something you would worship and devote yourself to because a ladybug will be devouring the aphids and liberating you and providing you with the ability to heal yourself so I was given that Vision not as a sort of you know what would you call it and it wasn’t a symbolic Vision I actually saw the true biological hyperdimensional beneficial predator entity that Hindu Tantra sex ancient psychedelic you know tantrix were were talking about in an inward decoding or including the experience in the scriptures in the contras the tantris are the scriptures of Devotion to Kali and you know that’s something I got deeper into studying later but in that moment myself dancing I was filled with joy and I Had A Smile as big as ramakrishna because I knew that this is what the power in with the fur for a fursuit Fiona to be vamping out in a possession state in a bistro possession state with a war face of a mother raccoon ready to pounce that is the cat is the intersection of the the astral power of the goddess and when the devotee acts actively engage is that energy and in permits her to enter then we get into we’ll talk about a minute which is more medically measurable effects but long story short I had that Vision or that experience that phenomenological experience and then I I was so excited about it and when I found you Sufjan it like a few days later to tell you I was like overjoyed and acting like a freak dancing around in circles at outside of your place in Santa Monica and I made the mistake of of like it is an American in a friendly manner like putting my arm around you and you were like not used to having affection in public so it’s kind of a disaster but but I was excited and that was that was they took that excitement into you know what what what we did together which was we brought in the mushroom in and we played those tracks and then all hell broke loose all Heaven broke loose and we experience something that I already put in previous podcast you know our recording where we were both sort of like 10 turned white is still in the DAT possession transtate and we’re still channeling the the I would call them the Commandments of Yoni worship and all of that is already documented in some of the earlier podcast I’m not going to give mine are too about that we already did that but you now in this moment looking back I’m curious you know how would you describe what it felt like when you in that mushroom ceremony were able to fully embody the goddess and perform a shamanic form of exorcism you know what are your what are your thoughts now to add to what we already had recorded about this couple years ago well in that moment I have to say that it says like the most natural thing to do it felt so effortless to be my most empowered self but the power was the power was intense and it was so beautiful at the same time it wasn’t something that could possibly come from your arrogance or egotism in fact if you were trying to come from that place seeking power then you pretty much be sliced off by her sword by Kali sword that’s how I felt so there was that Modest part of me that was also coming from the ego the voice that oh you know maybe you know this is I don’t know if if if this power is coming from the eagle or if this power is you know can be arrogance because we are so used used to this polluted a form of power that is rampant around in the world that when pure power comes and possesses you it’s hard to trust it immediately but it felt so effortless it felt so natural and it felt like it was always there this is who I always was and always will be I was always Carly and I always will be curly how can I not be her and this is not just about me this is this is not about sufiyana this is not about me at all she is there within all of us and why do we forget to embody her that is the biggest question there was a mirror in front of me and I looked at myself and I told myself sufiyana tomorrow when this journey is over I have a feeling that you would want to go back into your old patterns and forget who you truly are you’re going to want to forget your soul don’t do that remember this moment always remember this moment and I remember that in the beginning we had maybe some kind of you know we started with some meditative music and then we did grounding centering and all that then we started dropping in with some trance music but we went to the deepest darkest Parts you know and do the most Divine parts that yearning with a fierce collie happened to this beautiful music which maybe Ben will share with you all that was a chant to goddess Durga and the Montreal goes like this adversity end at some point I remember that the computer that was not a single link that was open but the song was just playing we were playing it initially on YouTube and it was I don’t know it was like magic it was just playing I don’t know where how it was playing but I put later on I put the song on repeat mode and we just went deeper and deeper and deeper with it and yeah it was very Fierce moments very very very Fierce moments all the anger that the feminine is the feminine within all of us with her regardless whether you are a man or a woman that the feminine within us is holding in her unconscious the anger that comes from years and years of patriarchy misogyny and all the ill effects and the suffering and the pain it’s causing all of the children men women I’ve met women that can be patriarchal in misogynist and there can be men also so I’m this is not about men or women I’m not stalking against men here I’m talking against patriarchy and misogyny and we just know that it’s important so we do this and and so like I’ve been doing this constantly one of my goals that I set out of certain point was that at least you know once a year there would be a community gathering around love sex intelligence and the rest of the time you know we haven’t online for him but very important for that hole project has been and which we’ve stepped it up in the recent months to make sure that hopefully like every month we can do something is to to say that the community around learning about how to how to harmonise our relationships how to defend our sexuality into something that is you know how uplifting our spiritual path is something that needs to be done you know with with with more support and so that’s why it’s it can’t just functioning online capacity so that’s something I’ve committed to we have we have been actually our next events is focusing squarely on sexual initiation I’m pink resented by someone named y’all Lila Espinosa is looking at how to tweeze mower practices that she learned in Peru you know have informed her own healing and and then creating her own initiation but yeah I also you know as an astrologer I work with people and often it is around relating I’ve done a little bit of like you know support for people I think what happens is you know when when you become a central figure in any given Community people will come to you when they’re in crisis and this is what has informed my my the work that I do around you know Rites of Passage is responding to crisis from a place that seeks to get to the root of what is causing the crisis which in so many cases is that there is a lack of of support and people therefore will resort to self initiation just something I’ve had to do in my own life and and see it so much the case for some of the other people and there’s another psychological shifts that occur when people an emotional shift that occur when people feel a sense that they’re being held that they are being that they can fit they can let go and have a safe space to go into those wounds and begin working on them and of course it would help if we had a little more guidance and how to do that but thought comes over over time you know we have to work from where we’re at and so that’s something that I’ve been in in the my own process of of my own work around here figuring what those things are with those tools are and Tom yeah like I said I’m not an expert but I can at least Point people in some directions I guess what we’re looking at here is that there’s an underground space very intentional underground space that is more conducive to kind of freestyling or rolling your own ceremony and just holding the light and and letting those who it call who are called to it you know it would become integrated into keep it at the gala Therrien and flowing so that you don’t have cult of personality and politics and all of the scenester Hipster things coming in and that’s always up in it and he has to be on guard against and whatnot so I see there’s that unfoldment in that development and then there’s people who are also working like stay in the social work field who are informing their peers and colleagues in those sectors with these Neo shamanic techniques or nonviolent communication or your where it’s legal and accessible and permissible you know legally again to be able to put people on amor I guess like prisons prison you Lila has a very and I’ve done some I interviewed her in the past and I’m a big fan of what she’s doing and I know she has a strong background in clinical social work and is feeding back into that sector the wisdom of of the Amazon and and Beyond and so is that something that you have I just thought I remember reading somewhere you know or talk to you at some point about how this is this is like you could be hired by the more formal above ground and sectors of social work or Community work with where you can be brought in to bring some of the stuff that would normally be or I guess it’s just that it’s a very interesting Cutting Edge of an intersection and I if I’m not mistaken that’s that you you are like sort of partially in that world 2 of of social work or is that something I understand correctly yeah I’ll I will string this conversation back and see where where I where I am placed social work as well as all the modalities of counseling and healing you know like they are all part and parcel to supporting and upholding status quo capitalist system so I’m going to like you know like you know also haven’t been in the punk scene also had a big enough impact on my my party now 13 m in terms of healing these wounds we have to look at that and I we can’t we can’t say like that are healing is going to be independent of the world that is reeling and suffering from the continuation of this system as it is and so that’s where for me like bringing capitalism into the equation is is something that’s real tricky it’s something that I feel needs to be kind of understood. You know we we can’t just rely on having sting services that we can pay for because that creates a gap you know where some people are going to have accessible abilities to to the healing and others won’t and that’s that’s not healthy for anyone and and also that it doesn’t address the root cause of why we need social workers to begin with and why we need counseling and all of that so I really like the notion of cultural healing that’s where more where I would be comfortable in any way kind of looking at myself as any kind of healer I don’t think we we can really heal individuals that’s really something that you know a person will need to and it’s not like they can be facilitated to do their own healing work but nobody can fix us we have to fix ourselves that’s that’s more I think a more powerful Paradigm to be apart of but you know I I I have worked in the realm of I focused therapy and you know I have spent quite a bit of time around the spirit plant medicines and seeing how the plant medicines have assisted and I do I do continue continuously work to increase my knowledge and wisdom around working with us plants and and that also brings us back into that hole realm of discussion around you know ancestors and working with them or perhaps that’s something we haven’t really touched upon but maybe she said it’s just that in any form of healing that we do I guess for me the important thing that I really try to bring into whatever I do connecting back with her ancestors and healing the trauma of how we were disconnected from those ancestors and how that plays out in any kind of sexual wounds or emotional wounds that we carry and so that’s something that I I I feel like the role of initiation and ritual can can really do and that’s that’s been its Province ever since people began doing patrols I think it’s to build upon the legacy of their ancestors and to draw and their their help and support cool said that yeah thank you for helping me understand the other parameters a little better and and 100% there with you I have I have been because I live in the United States where there’s different laws around no prostitution in in how that affects the healing with sexual touch and pleasure as medicine and stuff like that is a lot more yes I understand in in Canada there’s there’s a lot more interesting legal space in order to do Hands-On Sexual Healing work relative to the US where it’s completely off limits in so I because of that adapting to that reality and also is a permaculture designer myself I have to think very deeply about how to navigate this issue of for-profit healing work that kind of in most sectors is about like you said I’ll put in my own words it’s like they want to know if if the if you’re at a time of time robot that supposed to be producing a set amount to be a productive member of the of the GDP then then if you’re not functioning properly than the the goal of the mainstream social work or psychotherapeutic or psychiatric Fields they’re trying to get you back into the rat race as soon as possible and they’ll do that with drugs with talk therapy or whatever that is about avoiding through tissue which is the disconnection from urethane from a healthy holistic wild habitat you know a night as a primitivist I see that you know the solution to your Neurosis is to retry belies and Get Growing your own food again in and rebuild that fabric so you know there with you on that tension about right livelihood in and taking money for healing and what is he doing so I really like what you said and that just is going to it’s going to help me a lot looking at healing the cultural level and healing the if I’m understanding right and I’ll put a couple my own words on it but I feel like we’re trying to build the scaffolding or were trying to design the context for people to take the responsibility of a personal healing and gone to that journey and so if you if what would you say are some practical skills are tools from all of your things that you would teaching and training and a things that you discovered in your own journey to where you’re in power tools for empowerment that you suggest or are resources that you suggest people Explorer to if they’re called to do the cultural healing work weather for profit or non-profit. Some dance between the two or it and then what what are some recommendations for people who are on their own path and aren’t necessarily called to do the the cultural healing yeah I mean it’s it’s a pretty vast subject that one but I think that a few points that I could think about and talk about our that I’m going to this idea of bringing you back in the station rights and recognizing that in the absence of them what do we have you know we are we are sadly in there without initiated Elders so many of us and if there are any of Elders that hold that ability to to guide those those ones are those are worth their weight in gold you know there really is people that we should try to lift up and and give them their recognition and see you know and then in the absence of that it’s like we kind of by default Our Generations people that will have to hopefully fulfill that and reach a place where we can actually help upcoming generations to go in a way that they don’t have to completely go it alone and and figure it out on them on their own the way that so many of us have had to and so there is a movement around Rites of Passage I sit on the board if you passageways which is a network that focus is squarely on you no Rites of Passage for you coming of age from all different walks and and and modalities you know some of them are our Boys to Men oriented some of them are girls to women some of them are starting to incorporate non gender binary kind of approaches as well which is good and and this whole focus on bringing back the ancestors into looking at Rites of Passage is is starting to happen and something that I focused on and so that’s that’s a resource you know people can go to youth passageways. Oregon and look at what programs are out there and they can also think about how they can add to that list and bring in things that are needed around especially around sexuality and relationship which is often I noticed kind of a big gap in a lot of programs out there you know because they’re confined confined or constrained by the conservative values where they take place and you know what school system is you know this is one of those places lagging for that kind of thing so it’s a role that I think that many people who understand the need can step into and cultivate as career paths you know and some people are pig figuring out how they can weave their credentials says on Sexual Health Educators or sexual therapist or sexual trauma or no trauma-based therapists you know into this realm of initiation and that’s that needs to happen on a on an increased level the other I see a lot of because of what I was saying around looks really don’t how many Avenues to learn other than through you know what the books in the workshops and offerings around sexuality thoughts unfortunately are not rooted in in people’s only need two lineages generally speaking you know so the whole Tantra movement is pretty much so you know a cultural appropriator of New Age fight version of those Traditions that would have been squashed by Christianity especially and so I think there’s work to be done there and as much as possible Retreat retrieving reconstructing are reconnecting with our own ancestral Traditions which I’m sure you know had their own knowledge wisdom around how to how to raise healthy harmonious individuals with healthy sexualities from from the vantage point of how what little I do know has been has been done in indigenous cultures and without wanting to appropriate for them from them I’ll just give way of examples out of that you know in and certain cultures that are studied like the Mayan culture and I think to some degree on certain places within Creek culture there’s examples of how as societies you know that the children are raised from an early age 2 reach a point where they understand how to how to harmonize with the other sex and how to to look after each other and that’s just a very basic principle that I feel like you know that’s that’s worth kind of learning how to integrate into our family structures if we have children that were raising just to keep in mind that you know there is a need for them to learn skills around things like consent and around being responsible with with one’s sexual energies and and I needs to start before they reach that age of adolescence where they’re just harder to connect with if you haven’t built up that Foundation so that’s something that I think about will do you so if I if if we check out that the organization that you mention is it would that be good place to find and something like a more enlightened or more conscious like sexual education curriculum or guidebook do you know if people were working on something like that so if I know if you know parents who were going through the puberty of their child that they have something that’s not just this cold clinical Western and even though that sort of evolving a little bit you know with things like a sack didn’t and whatnot I see a lot but the The ancestral wisdom and you know the ceremonial Rites of Passage you know how does it how does the Modern Family say okay well you’re about to start feeling you know hormonal Energy’s how do we give you know create even if it’s just within their family or their Community yoga or whatever is something more than what’s being offered in the normal sex ed or what they’re listening in gangster rap music and watching on sitcoms obviously you know it’s enough for lack of lot of alternative options it’s one one place to look and we’re always looking for others so whenever we discover something then we will see to auditory resources and we are trying to vet those resources and those organizations to make sure that they really are you know at least there’s some some level of you know safe recommendation that we can give for those those organizations we’re not we’re not in the position to really kind of completely you know set standards but we are trying to we have a code of what we call it a cross-cultural protocol so we do look at that aspect that you have for what we’re talking about that’s you know if that’s another layer that we will hopefully get to eventually and I do know that there are people within our Network who are really strongly focused on this particularly around girls to women kind of education and and Rites of Passage and some of the Boys to Men once but I think it’s also something we need to to enhance as well oh that’s great yeah that’s that’s that’s what I wanted to hear so that I can just refer people to this ongoing and so and then the LSI is kind of its there’s a Facebook I’ve been interacting with the the Facebook group for a while so is that something you recommend people plug-in I mean that’s the goal of that is to feature blogs and generate discussions from those blogs and also to establish a resource of services as well as information and so that’s you know running on in a very limited volunteer capacity and so you know it’s something that I hope will eventually become a very powerful resource but already it’s you know it’s been feedback that I’ve received that you know even just the the group that we have on Facebook somebody posted recently. You know it’s really help them in their in their path which is nice to hear and I’ve heard that a few times and I try to curate that group in such a way where it’s like you know it’s trying to generate discussion and it’s it’s trying to be a safe space where where people can get into some of those I’m intimate revealing is of what what’s going on in their lives one of the things that kind of came out of love sex intelligence local as a connection with Tamara and the love school that they have which is a very congruence philosophy to love sex intelligence and they’re their work to try to create or with to create safe spaces for people to to share stories of what’s going on in their intimate lover sexual lives and and B witnessed in a way that is non-judgemental where they’re not being flooded with advice but more just being witnessed which is kind of connected to that whole framework for Rites of Passage itm witnessing each other and so it’s it’s trying to also look at how you know communities can succeed in their in their goals which might include you know like being more sustainable or being an alternative to the systems around us and also being a part of a more peaceful kind of culture through filling this hole that is often where things go wrong where people are are are not feeling safe to talk about these these human experiences around wounding around are our hearts and our sexuality so I’ve been part of a Practice Group here that has been circulating also to other parts of BC and I think it’s a really it’s a really powerful movement to be a part of yeah we’re getting close to an hour or so I have to take a few more minutes and I’m get a couple thoughts and feelings some responsible for 1 something that his is coming up for me that I think it’s really empowering is this like idea that wouldn’t it be nice if some of us started to think of ourselves as aspiring Elders I’ve never thought of it that way until this conversation and there’s a little spark of joy and me that that says you know puts in context the the punk rock lifestyle that I had of live fast Die Young and just you know if it’s not throwing yourself into the meat grinder of insurrectionary activism you know with this sort of Death Wish you know this martyr complex or whatever it’s like those are really unsustainable archetypes to follow and they leave a lot of people when they get to my age in about 35 like in a sort of existential crisis that will the revolution didn’t happen and I didn’t get killed I didn’t die in the gutter you know I mean what am I going to do now and it’s like well maybe it’s time to become an aspiring Elder and you know clean up your act and and then start to think about how you’re going to make it easier cuz I there’s a lot of things that I had to go through that I would seriously love to have no one else ever have to go through and if you know if we can live in that. you know that is what you’re supposed to think that I think of you say you know you can you can learn from the wisdom of Elders who have gone through and made the mistakes that you’re probably going to go through or you can just be hard-headed and learn all your lessons the hard way but I mean we’ve had to learn a lot of hard lessons in the absence of the eldership but I think if we take on that there’s a yeah me too. It seems obvious but really the way you put it his medicine for me to think you know it’s a dignified path to be an aspiring Elder and then it makes you not be so how do I can help you defeat that that that grinding pressure that oh my I’m going to lose my looks and I’m going to lose my energy and I’m going to be in the state of deprecation towards death and that’s very much the greatest fear of the western manicured Uno photoshopped airbrushed identity like you’re not really giving any hope that aging will be of any benefit in here just marginalized further and further so I thank you for that serve very much still give that time sacred eldership dignity not a light title to hold I think the true Elder wouldn’t really feel comfortable in it cuz it’s defining attributes of an elder that is really one that can help that role be the best it can be is one that is is really accountable is really present isn’t so on the move that if you can’t you know be relied upon to be there for the people that it serves now needs to ideally be in the in the fellowship of other Elders to kind of keep it in in in check in a way like we have to watch for the Cole group kind of phenomenon where people you know place a lot of weight on that person and in a way that can privilege them in certain ways and also lead to potential like power distortions and things like that you know it’s it’s only human that people will make mistakes and so having that kind of accountability of other people and also that time yeah you have people heart or a different there’s always like in every phase of life with the lifecycle there’s there’s like the maturing phases and so there’s like you know there’s a baby elder there’s enough adult Elder and then Senior Elder and so it’s just we have to learn at each stage of Life how to become the mature version of what that stage is and says just something to think about as well and it’s good to to get your feet wet early on in life so that you know we can have deep roots and and the and those are the kinds of people to like in the Tamara situation out of the black community they have a circle of Elders who are basically people who have grown with a community enough that they know the people in their community and then they serve a role as potential kind of like the Matchmaker but you know in a way where people can approach them in and ask them like you know I’m interested in this person and they can help you assess whether this is the right time or what is a good or bad idea and you know they can kind of that. Whole courtship in a way that you know really I think I wish there were more of those people around here don’t you let me relax you know learn the hard way what does that we’re just not compatible certain people in The Matrix the I mean yeah I’m not I’m not a political scientist of the Matrix but I will say that what got me peaked on the ecstatic trance dance group ritual ceremony festival thing was it really when I saw I think it was maybe the second movie or maybe it was the second or the third but there was a scene where they’re just getting down to like Juno Reactor I think was a soundtrack of a butt there is something beautiful about seeing the different the warrior culture Guided by elders and of course there’s different the archetypes playing out in Conflict split that to me was took it further than then the Star Trek Federation is a futuristic Elder guided Council guided kind of reality so that was kind of fun but yeah so that’s what came to mind when you’re at we’re talking about that be so cool if you’re early sexual oracle’s who you go to you know if we’re going to give you insights and maybe even have name your child for you or something cool like that you know be so cool but right on then will I worry about at the hours so do you have any closing touch you want to share or any other resources or should we just I’ll post the the links that you mention and I’ll definitely encourage people to stay informed and keep an eye out for your anything coming up you have any appearances or anything exciting like that coming up you want to mention I think yeah I think I covered a lot of it and I just wanted to maybe plant a seed while I have the airwaves here about something that I’d I’d eventually like to work on presenting which is around insert Intercultural relationships and also decolonizing our relationships as well and just thinking about how how we can heal some of these ancestral traumas and use that has as as a means to strengthen our relationships and also our society right on I’ll be looking forward to everything that you’re you’re expressing in the world and I hopefully yeah maybe sometime in the future we can talk about skill sets for Beyond Christian monogamy that would be a great topic so yeah how would you feel about that maybe we can sometime in the next few months follow up with something like that. Maybe by the by the time I’ll have more of a personal lived experience to a base conversation around that I think you know in terms of people who are already I don’t know how many listeners here are on a Christian spiritual path without that many but if the energy and gnosticism and sacred marriage not going to the alchemical top in the in the Gnostic tradition but I I wouldn’t make any claims to be an expert in that area but it’s definitely something to look at cool alright then we will be in touch and will follow up sometime in the future and thank you so much so be I really enjoyed it and I know it’s taking us a while to get this to get this done but I think it was perfect and I couldn’t ask for anything more so you have a wonderful day. Take care and keep for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and if you want a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Contra Punk. Com Thomas Day

Psychedelic Sexual Exorcism Lab Report TPP34


medibation-thumbI’m joined again by M.F.P. we provide an audio lab report on our psychedelic sexual exorcism experiments. The combination of pranic healing, tantric sexual healing, Goddess Kali invocation, and sacred mushrooms has been yielding significant medically measurable findings. Please be warned, there is disturbing and triggering content in this episode.

The F— Yeah Frequency: Illuminating the Shadow with Jonathan Talat Phillips TPP28


 tp-talat-picIn this episode I discuss the process of illuminating the shadow using the F— Yeah Frequency with Jonathan Talat Phillips. We share some of our  neo-shamanic and psychonautic adventures while planting memetic love seeds for the future of sexydelia.

Please read his bio below and contact him for world class shamanic personal training!

Jonathan Talat Phillips

“Psychonaut Talat”

A well-regarded Bioenergetic healer and professional psychonaut (explorer of consciousness), Talat has been helping clients ride big quantum waves for over a decade. His memoir, “The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic,” has become one of the must-read books of the new consciousness movement for its honest portrayal of life on the emerging edge of transformational culture. He co-founded the popular web-magazine Reality Sandwich and the Evolver Network’s 50 regional groups.  He is the creator of The “Ayahuasca Monologues: Tales of the Spirit Vine,” a religion blogger for “The Huffington Post”, and a Reiki Master and certified Bioenergetic healer. He currently orchestrates Psychonaut Productions shenanigans with his “partner-in-Love-crimes,” Claudia Wheeler-Rappe.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin okay I’m here with Jonathan talat Phillips at space camp and he is a shamanic personal trainer and he’s going to share with us some of his skills and techniques and strategies for Illumination in the Modern Age and Jonathan yeah if you want to see funny cuz my dog Dakota is licking then like crazy right now. We’re going to talk to wild stuff here I think we had a little bit too much California kind that’s Basecamp it’s just so nice that it’s like you can do it legally you know so this is a big wave night welcome everybody we’re going to get down I guess I’ll start with the fuck yeah frequency but you want to say something about my book first and yes yeah do you like Jesus is a must-read you’ll laugh you’ll cry you’ll hurl and it is there’s nothing else like it when I read that book I knew that I was connecting with someone who has a strong background in social justice activism in a healthy skepticism of the new age and it’s really a lot of people story and it’s something that I super validate and appreciate when I meet people who have been in the trenches of a resistance and understand what we are up against and now we’re evolving tactics that are much more effective because they’re spiritually effective so that’s my energetic as I want to take a big rainbow gun and shoot the fuck out of spiritual you know where ya been I’ve been in this for a long time no one ever believes I’m 40 years old I look 20 freaking 6 but yeah I’ve been doing this probably since I was a listen to music as a kid and let’s read and Kerouac and I went from being a political activist media guy to Quantum initiation in 10 years that after I don’t fire energetic training evolver realize sandwich people know that a lot of this stuff hundred Ayahuasca ceremonies come across a cheat for initiation and it’s about this illumination we’re talking big wave stuff here like Shadow elimination and for me the Cheetahs the fuck a frequency what I realized I was sending a boring email to about one of my clients and my guides just came in and just a brief freaking deal that you love this work and they started playing Happy Mondays step on I realize it was 95% that’s the energy of the fuck yeah frequency and when I realized it myself most of my clients is most depressions most anxieties most parasitic attachment happens cuz we’re not riding at our 95% now there’s some weird things so I’ve discovered about the 95% but maybe we should I talk about that first before we get to go down the rabbit hole cool huh so what is it 95% in detail well when I think about 95% it helps to go back to time in your childhood when you rocked it you were just in the flow and connected and for me that was price skiing and so it’s just I feel like I’m just came through life flowing through at 95% high energy Zone in the trick is you don’t have to be skiing to do it you can wash the dishes and do it but I need excitement I need to play music I need to karate chop things sometimes it’s do weird stuff to ride in it and I’ll get it there’s kind of a glass that goes on as your creative channels open up and we can get into that weird stuff cuz the 95% usually involves once you start kicking at it a hundred percent you are trying to be perfectionist 95 you just love life 5% sucking is your car either you got to love it too is it sits the 80-20 rule 2.7 what was the 80/20 you know Focus only 20% on the negative or the problem 80% on the solution and a sort of fractal pattern that they say if I still kind of the stuff I 95 would have does has kicked people into their higher self energy so it’s it’s just as easy to get to is it’s actually easier to get to 95 than 85 and you said yeah I mean I think it’s fucked up show cuz usually higher Vibes and trying to be spiritual shirts a trickster it see this is what I think is happening with the Psychedelic movement if we’re taking ourselves too seriously and we’re slowly letting it out and enjoying the dildo and replacing it and that’s kind of humor is where I Luminate things cuz he got to have a fucked-up sense of humor to the laughter in the bedroom and it’s the best to how do we laugh more in the bedroom what do you mean I don’t know it’s just things to know about waves crashing together I don’t know I’d like to laugh a lot more in the bedroom by not taking yourself too seriously that’s step one but that could be a lifetime study of how to get more laughter in the bath bedroom that would be a life well spent elimination so you never talk about illumination fuckyeahkrieger I never thought about that until George Bush won the election totally depressed looking for answers start seeing energy fields on MDMA on my 30th birthday first time I do Ayahuasca I’m sure I’m kind of three evolutionary things it in like a future shoot for Humanity of where we’re going after civilization it was pretty cool it was weird that was a snake that was half human or half organic half synthetic technology and biology merged energy illuminate. I was giggling and laughing and they just said are you ready for this one it’s going to be more than your human ego can have her fucking imagine it has to be done and they brought me up on this lotus flower and I was just told this is it this is what you’ve been looking for I was brought into this light this light is Shone all around me everything was light light light light light Limited so beautiful inside likely shea butter and they said this is what you’ve been looking for this is the Krishna Jesus Buddha energy and is real humans are enlightened time to remember and so that’s for me is illumination button right when I had that Vision I also had this thing of all but how can people hurt each other I think this gets into the parasitic stuff maybe we could spin into that before we get into the weird fuck at 4:50 and why do we need the fuck a frequency now more than ever because we’re under attack and plagued now more than ever yeah we were probably played worse in the middle is when everything was fucking dark high-speed internet porn makes the Middle Ages comparison to the infection rate of demonic parasite yummy High shot by chick kind of dark skin so itchy lady Kali kind of style hi Vibe no venereal diseases but she doesn’t want to do a job and she loves to fuck and she’s dumbing it up and bringing all this positive energy quadcross the internet to a repressed culture see these mechanisms I don’t think rich is bad like sure there’s some parasitic should out there but I don’t watch that do I don’t know maybe if you have any weird day isn’t it yummy yummy snacks but even that kind of worries me a little bit cuz are we trying to be conscious or is it actually just hide live and fun we’ll hear something to put in a context and maybe is a checklist edir Sherwin of mine in the tundra World said this very bluntly about most porn you know that’s like popular at least now it’s it something I believe the list was there’s no love is no soul there’s no God in what’s being portrayed and there’s a specific details about the research that’s out on you know specifically how it affects and opens up dark doorways for demonic infection of of the Watchers you know they’re reporting in their own words and to help heal sex drugs and rock and roll and this is just I have clients that go on Pleasure probation because they’re used to addictive ideas of sexuality but I think we got to openly sexual channels we got to awake and if we are just about sex I am a cat like let’s fuck yeah that’s what everyone wants like I don’t want to do it with everybody but I probably do and I think we just got the facts about this shit so In-N-Out in a state of epidemiology where they’re serious consequences if it’s not done by certain ethical standards of course I’ll just say that as a disclaimer I’m not even looking at the porn industry like your I’m looking at who’s doing the fuck yes those are people I’m paying attention to who are the hybrids that they’re doing those interesting things if my focus is on that that’s what I tracked and that’s the Fuck Yeah Yeahs you literally are daily focusing on the awesome things around you it’s a real gratitude frequency but man I hope more complaining about pouring and start shooting some cool stuff like you’re so yummy that these goddesses leg the whole planet and God I feel like we’re not allowed to use God’s very often well I think there’s four categories of modern men and at the bottom you have douchebag at the bottom you have a man is above that you have douchebag above that you have gentleman and buy that you haven’t and that’s sort of a a template for initiation Through The Dark Age of human sexuality that we’re stuck in it right now but but yes owning that godhood is what country is all about you know and got to got his head in both side swapping the energies and feeling masculine and feminine or however you want to terminate you know if cycle through so that you get a full balance internal and external you know balance circuits balancing the well Channel well I would say it’s yummy it opens people up there having fun you know she’s got a good energy about it that’s what it’s all about love and write important is love I know that but it’s just because I’ve seen people that look like they’re having a lot of fun and actually are couples in love like it was very different than I thought in some ways it wasn’t in other ways it was in this like I’m saying it’s his hi Vibe I think you can’t hide by Bruce even in that I look more down on them political systems in Port in the mode of reactivity towards what we don’t like let’s say this the fuck are frequency one we’re in the future where fuck your frequency is the norm and what is human sexuality and sexual expression look like as a part of sustaining that fucking frequency why would you need it because you have sex because you have sexual access but you can also just say the whole Kingdom of Heaven is the port industry it’s just this beautiful fluffy enlightened space of Energy’s connecting with energies and whatever form they desire and yeah it’s a weird transformation is actually like I thought I was just mr. straight guy and then suddenly these goddesses are coming in and open up the hearts and you know like I feel transgender and I really feel like there’s be so I’m half woman and I should have known I was in for it because all the Hermetic texts and Gnostic texts talk about that androgyny in alchemy the man when you’re clocked at goddess activate your Diva comes in purple than the pangs make yummy and I know call guys gals and like I got that sassiness is coming in and style that I never thought was me and it’s way more me that’s a 95% flow with such as these fucking everything and everything store hacking at that like anywhere I can because gnostics didn’t look at the labels too much yeah that’s we don’t need to go down that rabbit hole but this since since you know this is Township Punk we’re talking about edgy sexuality and edgy transformation cultural transmission stuff so it fits if we end up you know in those bits of dialogue it’s totally appropriate for this medium so so I think we we got some fuk a frequency on the topic of Shadow sexuality and light sexuality and how to dance with both so what else can one do to be on track with her 95% fuck a frequency Lifestyle by linebacker a year what would we talk about you your it turned out like a fuck you out for used to being the sexorcist cuz it’s just like it’s you at I Vibe it’s a little fucked up and it’s fine I mean and that’s what I’m going to do is find what is that energy driving you I had a good friend to get all these projects you wanted to do that that’s it and then suddenly said you know I kind of just going to keep being weird like wizard chaos magic wizard and when he said that I was like that is 95% that’s his fuck yeah and so it’s like this Rockstar way of moving through reality where Nothing Stops it right in word State putting your heart into the walls psychedelic allegories I don’t know what I have to look into who is writing the stuff but it’s just like Rambo you know I watch Rambo game like this is a guy with PTSD who went nuts and like Snapped out and then broke down crying about all the suffering you endured as a combat veteran it was extremely subversive and I totally denied it for many years didn’t watch it I watched recently and I’m like damn I was I was missing out and there’s a lot of good is a surprising his love his messages so inhuman mine one of them along with Jean-Claude Van Damme of course I think the cake will he was the belly dancer bodybuilder and karate master with his own gym and stuff so yeah you seem kissing man and you see him saying I love you too man and watch them you know shrink away unfortunately the Ninjutsu all that stuff that was in Bloodsport I mean morning some of my you know early masculine programming Jose but man he stood out like he’s probably really glad to dated he’s at that 95% look how high when will he has you she had some bipolar issues I believe if I’m quoting the record accurately I know he’s suffered deeply a lot of people do to get successful that level so I don’t know what happened I don’t know what his true character ever was I don’t know what happened to it when he had you know when he got very successful I know that there is some some serious like inappropriate things that I think happened so yeah I mean I don’t I don’t want to quote well there is a a psychedelic backdrop to the artwork and the world that they’re in kind of interdimensional you know Travelers and whatnot and some shamanic & esoteric Concepts built into the the whole mythology of what he was and what is tapping into and you know it by frequency write the 95 percent extreme empowered Female warrior archetypes in the movie at least and so anyways just to but let’s talk about that cuz that’s kind of the fuck have frequencies you have to see life is but I have the power right yeah it’s Mythic instead of logical and yeah it’s Limitless talismans like all that shoots real like humans real yourself and they have to get your TV to self out to I got the power and the dance move the real inspiration dancing with sore as you know and that’s a whole art form in itself it’s just like the most coolest thing to say Michael’s kind of my guy and girl know he’s kind of that androgynous Warrior Place both sign it I swear I never thought I’d be like transgender and checking out guys and I now find everyone why do I miss out on 50% of the beauty on the planet that’s tragic does it mean it would be tragic them to not enjoy 100% of the beauty that walks the Earth I know we just met each other down so much but that gets into the demon stuff man you want to I think you want to approach that why don’t you open up the dungeon for a minute okay everybody we’re going to be having some trigger warning alerts for going to defend depend of the Shadow at this point if you have serious you know bring your headlamp we’re going into the shadow cave world the underworld and what are you tell us about this bowling ball illumination chapter sure and you know what I think I have a gift for everyone going to go through my little Shadow Journey sign me up there’s two things I get most calls about and you know people wanted to sessions about when they read the electric Jesus and that is the bowling ball the black bowling ball of anxiety in my gut and the weird ask cool alien contact stuff so this bowling ball anxiety I just you know I grew up in kind of a home that you might say that a lot of kind of verbal abuse and I think I internalize a lot of that overtime and also I really think there are these bugs there are these parasites but in my experience and not what you think at first that looks like a demon and I’ve been Illuminating cost of bugs and things like this and I put the frequency what it does is it moves through it I used to fight in feeling like try to fight negativity with negativity capacity just laughing and the great thing about the Pacquiao frequencies you can hit it 95% like you can hit it all day the problem by find a psychedelic medicines and all this even yoga is when you leave the mat you can’t leave the practice and if you’re just wrong 95% 95 Fox half monkey half of that stuff starts turning into Angels it starts turning into an integrated power I’m going through I mean it’s the bed sometimes it doesn’t hurt yeah that’s what it was done something to the effect if you gotten desert face your demons to become angels. so what are you waiting for you got to learn and if you’re not prepared yet you can’t get taken down really run but how many of us is the armor and loving yourself how do you love these how do we love ourselves that’s your study going to be your sexy sex or cyst and then I’ll do you know and that’s open to both male and female physiology where is it up your ass and around the corner at the P Spot a male G-spot the prostate gland that rhythmically with love providing love and pleasure and a medicinal effect occurs which is the demons dislodge and at that point you want to have a a sanitary disposal method in place so that you don’t end up propagating through the neighborhood or the apartment building whatever comes out you know so that’s the same sets in Container Park but that’s it that the female G-spot above the top of the vaginal wall with the come hither motion it can be stimulated and do try this at home but it requires training and it requires respect and knowledge and awareness informed consent about the kind of material that can move through the the chakra system when it’s when it’s stirred up and when it has to run and Scurry away from a disinfectant light of love that you’re should be receiving from your partner from your sexual Hands-On healer it’s fun to get a little high at night breathe energy Bree positivity enjoy yourself use some lube move the energy I like to not to come and just awake awake and then I do agree with the anus really prescribed a self-pleasure practice to all my clients cuz we need to get our balls back I feel like religion Society everything is cut our balls in your knees off and that’s why I’m spiritual folks feel so powerless Goddess that I know and have and have been influenced by quite a bit she said one time you know throwing your hands up shrugging men are afraid of their assholes and I laughed and then I was like you know but I wanted to cry because how silly would it be to be if it’s like you see make a joke I’ve been afraid of your own shadow how much of a coward are you if you’re afraid of your own ass, I know it’s so busy of my clients when they first began this is the last Pratt this is the last Practice still doing is trying to get your balls back so in your book you talk about your first time receiving such pleasure and such Adventure right you want to oh man I have a whole six adelic practice like you know you just get your groove on you work with the energy you young man but people focus too much on that I think building it up yourself about coming as a guy you found as much as they want Rollie talking about ejaculatory or non ejaculatory champagne bubbles going up and you know it’s a circus when you go and you hit that Bell and then the little ball goes up and hits the Bell the top that’s your pineal gland and that’s your root chakra and your sex chakra at the bottom you got a pound that orgasm up the central Channel and ding hit the veil at the top and that’s your shower v&t I don’t go light doesn’t start pounding it to the energy will go right up and open my heart to heart on the way to the head right yeah I saw to cut it when you were saying that like the the old love machine thread say like stinky fish are called fish like Hot Lover at the top of the motherfuker when you hit the sex chakra in Boones up and also what I think is a lot of people are not hitting that Tasha and bring it in this is the other red pill of the 95% this is probably the biggest one remember I said there were two reasons people reach out to me the electric Jesus tell me again black bowling ball and Aliens I think a lot of the reason people have black bowling balls is cuz they’re actually Galactic and they got like when they wake into that they just called the freak down they realize they’re kind of Star Energy and like it’s kind of like a homecoming so for those who have not read the book yet and who and who promised to read as soon as possible the black bowling up the black bowling ball in astral ecological terms what are we talkin about the well I think it’s multi-faceted you know you could say it’s demon in pain demon in pain demon in pain demon in pain demon demon missed a densely populated bosses and loaded with acts like a mining town of coal mining town gun can spider webs spiders for sure I have seen crazy noodles but then I’ve seen demon babies you sending babies I’ve been in the Hatchery adorable otherwise they will never go away the quickest way I know to love them is to find a Maduro Mall Dumont find an adorable even whisper and get them on their backs rub their bellies until they get what they need to move on someone said to me recently I activate the Divinity and all and if these are all forms you know so yeah do you forget that you’re you know of the light well in your mind you and send you on your way here stuff Milton go no actually I take a little more that’s that’s one of the pest control comes in with the higher dimensional beneficial Predators you come in at telling it like if you were terminated demon I’d say hit 95% all the freaking time remember her have a good time all the time right the first be but I do have all sorts of energy like I believed me again like you figure it out yourself you do the internal medicine you know you either maybe you need Saint Michael sword to stab down your spine or power of He-Man Atomic love bombs fluff It Up With Angels radio on Xena everything you got the first on your side to win the game The Love Game so that everyone else can also in the living room the path to Perfection is to love him Perfection loving the imperfection you know cuz his demons are things that are highlighting stuff in you to figure out what basically do you are you familiar with the a pass and what is it is a line and in the Bible of pardon my lack of knowing the rapper was it called a reverse right there’s a Bible verse and I can’t say exactly which one but people who know it will know it will recognize it it’s where Jesus is performing an exorcism on a person whose demons are channeled and speak to the person to say something is effective would you torment us before our time or it would be so basically this person’s fucked-up Karma gave us an assignment to go to torture them and torment then and make them physically mentally ill and that’s on them what are you doing here why are you coming to reassign us we’ve got a job to do and so it’s karma that attracts it there multiple doorways and entry points for interdimensional demons to persist throughout a G & D N A line through production and then there’s whatever you do in your own Lifetime and that’s on you but you absorb your parents, You observe your past life Karma and you Credit Karma every time you speak think and act in this lifetime that’s a lot of opportunity for opportunistic parasitic organisms from other dimensions to come in and build their ass but I wouldn’t hear your modelli but what I would say is don’t focus on that shit focus on rainbows and lollipops and Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want to Have Fun and dance dance dance dance dance into your heart opens and blows the fucker incinerate them with sexual ecstasy and dance floor ecstasy MDMA if you can ride it Sylvester let’s talk about shrooms and you have a way of working with astral ecology at the sexorcist so this is the moment for you to share I use the thug a frequency the black. Plaster this I gave the the more scientific white paper lab report version of this in a previous podcast astral ecology with Tom Denney where it’s you know a little bit of a more yeah okay thank you so to match your frequency and be at the 95 percent frequency I’m going to say that you know I’m a Westerner and a white you know Caucasian male who’s semi bisexual and that’s my orientation or that’s my as a postmodernist wouldn’t introduce their their their paper their argument by trying to contextualize their own bias you know so there you have that disclaimer out of the way and so when I talk about encountering the Hindu goddess or goddess that exists Beyond cultural language it’s in a non cultural bound non culture-bound higher-dimensional beneficial predator in the astral ecology that performs a function in the garden of your soul back into ladybugs eating aphids and when you create create habitat and you encouraged the growth of beneficial predators in your garden than you have what’s called biological Pest Control happening and you don’t have to be out there individually fighting each of them one by one taking them off trying to poison them or incinerate then you obviously ecstatic love making ecstatic dancing and all the other ways to maintain a healthy mindscape is inhibitive to their growth but if their growth is so save dug in like termites where your house is condemned and that’s why you kill yourself is because you feel like your house is condemned because the demons have infested in rotted out every board there is an option and that option is to call upon the higher-level the higher dimensional high-level predators in the food web of the S to ecology and they can reduce that parasite load dramatically because that’s what they eat and that is constant and effect throughout visible nature in microbiology and it extends Beyond this dimension in that’s the lecture part of it the fuck yeah frequency frequency part is that I Know Myself personally and people who have worked with using this understanding in this methodology of of sacred chanting that evokes or invoke saw the goddess to to to do was call Daddy possession and your trance-state and become the goddess by invoking it into the flash this is what you can call Angelic possession and what Angels do they eat demons so call it whatever you want demons are edible to a higher level dimensional predator and snakes Kundalini snakes are your friends too because they help Munch up all of those noxious infectious Critters and creatures that are that are at Quest ring or Nest inside those 72000 nadi’s that connect to shaka’s that’s their habitats you were their habitat if you think of the nest of the biz in your not easy to do and what do you see you soon as sodium is in your chakras is beautiful rainbow light opening up the parts where the things got in rainbows coming here in call he’s coming in in the most beautiful black badass energy waves that she can you know what it looks like when you know when a raccoon when a pack of raccoons raid the nest of a rodent or does it look like fucking Carnage Bistro astral Carnage blood and say that yes and light and rainbows but I’ve also seen when you take a sort of light and you put it into a dark base it turns light pretty freaking quick is Martin’s lights just more powerful you know but that’s the thing is you’re calling in the big lady Khalif to do the work for us and you know I work with same Michael that way I think it’s pretty special that you got this really sexy dark black people are working with these Dark Healers like Trent Reznor and a bassoon Kali I think there’s a real teaching there like these Light Dark Healers and that’s why you’re so weird and I just cut share this wisdom well to tell you the truth as an initiate of a higher-level order of priestesses whatever Social Capital comes from my healing journey and like pseudo discovery of this technology the the mic goes to my Guru s my Shawn Mendes and my teacher who did the transposition state and became Kali and physiologically and trans-dimensional E performed an act of consumption of the Demons even built like I give all the love to the dime a man for cash bro I agree type your elders but man I think your new car would do you a lot of good it’s new on the inside well actually because you mentioned that I guess this would be a good time the best of of any time to to put on record that my service to the divine feminine you know is such that I owe my life to it at this moment and nothing to it but to her and to the real the real sword of shamanic election or initiation so I’m under orders you know as we speak and part of my future is going to be be emphasizing my my egoic aspirations you know and whatever money that comes in a huge proportion of it is going to be funneled directly into the Psychedelic goddess worshiping Priestess class that have certain you know that’s my thing has been in the movement for 20 years I hear you but it’s like yeah that’s I think that’s what we’re all doing what they’re about it’s a permaculture Mythic you know return of surplus you know not to accumulate anything too much in one area including your own ego including your own bank account distribute that where it’s needed so that everyone can be written up to the next level Yeah Yeahs live so I can share the wealth and I I really hope this movement I feel like the The Genius of its just salivating so quickly and it’s like this Quantum Renaissance is coming in I’m just enjoying kind of watching it getting another big ride into a great adventure but can we talk about this I want to apply the fuck you a frequency little nor like in a lot of people are the outfits are getting better from Sirius documentary movie about Ayahuasca to start doing some fun stuff about the culture that’s kind of bored of my things like I really want to see more like what was it reality hack Dublin scissors a lot of after I don’t want to miss school but I’ll paraphrase and say that you’re different fronts of the movement so to reach their highest and most gifted strategy and you would add to that do whatever you do in the fuck are frequency and document along with all the Sciences coming out in more of the Revelation where the fun more of the hands on how to application is that more action another level Beauty flash most I didn’t say I really want to see what people are doing in their backyards the fun weird stop someone from a kosher baby but I was dude BMX bikes and skating as a kid and people reading the school Ashton Kutcher skateparks man grow your own first aid Garden for those scrapes and bruises when you fall if you’re bored and just passed something arms I would do a video about combo tattoos where hey do you like looking like a indigenous badass but you don’t want to do all that puking and key tattoo and it’s got like you could get like different versions that the wimp has three the warrior has seven so like Boy Scouts patches or something fake tattoos that make you look like you are like easy access yoga pants I want to do with I’d like I just want to take over Iraq of where the movement sad and throw it about 50 ft for their head there’s a lot of fun stuff coming out but I think it’s still got to hit this next level where it’s into it’s making fun of it but totally celebrating enjoying it the same time it’s not just Pastiche and it’s not documentary it’s not shit new girl skit Newark New Age Girl Say and it’s not the documentary about Ayahuasca there’s there’s a new line that I want to see where the realities we are experiencing are being expressed I’m seeing it at the festival’s I can one seed in the movies in the music the music off the hook right now psychedelic reality TV show where they go on a world tour and you see them all trying to fight fire can see God in the real world I’m I’m so I’m so has a skeptical of of reality TV shows that’s all I got to say about exercising everybody good Beagle you have to write producers frequency is like I feel bad you were fuck yeah it’s just kind of magically manifested that you’re here I mostly clabber it 95% or above all have our own bullshit but it really the 90 funky as a good bull shit shit meter it’s been extremely helpful night I think yes Soul surfing I still surf with you on the stage at the Sugar Shack at the first Shaman at Gathering and and I felt it and that’s I yearn for that now you’re going to relive my childhood in a way that is actually a lot better than it actually was and that’s about staying excited we all getting a second childhood I think you know ivesta thing to Discovery in the news right now is all this health was just people had bad childhoods those with health issues in a bad mood to the food if he said it’s the last one of us II of things here like all of these tyrants throughout history it’s just one cascading momentous bad mood until the Kingdom of Heaven is a good mood away either you just can be a little lazy here in life cuz they give you the big ideas you know a lot of people come to me for your book title ideas and stuff and the guys always come up with really great things and I think that’s really part of the magic about the quantum Realm Eugene maybe more channels channels open up you get to do more than one thing in life you know look at you you’re a musician you’re a writer during SEC sources do you know I’m a shamanic personal trainer writer public speaker it’s just follow your dreams what are you all say to tapestry of the tapestry of that ass for me text Asia you never know how it’s going to unfold either do you know I can’t admit I couldn’t imagine myself being where I’m at now you know several years ago by any means I’m get you every time God bless God bless everyone going out there going through it you know yeah it’s just like I love things like this pain I feel like we’re coming to the close is Siri any Grand Finale kind of sentiments this is exactly what I intended was kind of a a freestyle you know what I mean a freestyle for us all you know from the heart and and from the head and Nike with some humor to seed you know the future with some of these key words that are starting to like become you know memes you know they could pick it really be useful constructed meme so as mimetic designers romantic Engineers with the conscience spell and in with the vision oh God you’re so articulate I love that we have a practical guide for sexorcism he’s going to be writing an article so keep tuned for that and I have my funky a frequency if anyone’s interested I’m starting sessions I’ll give you an hour and a half after half an hour to get a free electric Jesus blah blah blah but if you kind of been wanting to do a fuc yeah I kind of program and see where where you can go just reach me my sights it’s a psychonaut – tala t a l a t. Com yes and we’re here at space camp again enjoying the beauty the moon’s out well I’ll stay you know my closing thoughts which is one I love you brother your inspiration a hero to me and and it’s an honor and privilege and duty to be here in this moment to take ourselves a little less seriously and have some fun and as far as you know my offering right now it’s still sort of in in development and I don’t want to say I’m going to have to wait until we build an ark in international waters can be able to do this stuff without the black helicopters on top of his butt stay tuned and I’m embedding some of these recipes for liberation of the soul in my in my heart and in music so in writing so there you have three have it well but I really appreciate your integrity my intention all along was to bring out the wild stuff and be a little bit of fun trouble and I think you I really enjoyed it thanks bro I haven’t done I haven’t done an interview in a very long time this is my coming out for the new thing so it’s nice to pop my cherry with it’s the third anniversary of 2012 right this year something right this second thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and if you want a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at kontrapunkt. Com Thomas Day

Awaken the Kali Within TPP12


awaken-the-kali-slideThis episode is an audio recording from a Kali invocation workshop in Los Angeles in January 2014

KALI- The Goddess of self Empowerment, of time, change, death/rebirth, fierce rage, annihilator of evil forces, the redeemer of the universe as well as the benevolent mother goddess…

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to the touch of Punk podcast episode number 12 this is a collie invocation Workshop called Awakening The Colony within that a different Sufjan it did in Los Angeles in mid January 2014 hope you enjoy it take care of Namaste is kombucha gastrica it is unfair to the Mount you breathe in through the nose and you breathe out through the mouth and wants traded to you keep your hands in the fridge so you could come inside and two fingers on top yet you take a deep breath driving up to breed everybody can join if you hadn’t breathing in every chapter has a sound attached to it a beach sound to awaken Equity project affects the 3rd so then we are chanting on think about you know that you are Awakening these to check on the 6th and 7th to Paris we can keep your hands comfortably like this or you can put it in the money whenever you can come do the OM chanting nine times breathing in read too much ego energy energy of manipulation of superficiality Lego it’s too superficial guarantee to get the hell out of here but you know it’s happening at such a large mass Consciousness that you’re moving away from truth of our inner soul and moving away from Soul itself all the manipulation and the superficiality and so we need goddess Kali the fears God is she gone to the sword of truth and she / is now all the infusions and I’ll get it to her story afterwards but before I share a story about her share another story so this separation comes from this Duality consciousness disqualifies that kind of the kind of selfishness and Eagle base behavior is causing this kind of Separation to the separation that we see in the outside world is also the separation within within us so first we’ll start with looking at the separation that is there within us to split that is there and then I’ll go on to tell the story about goddess Kali so this is a very short story and it is about a boy going to kill you Houston hundreds of years ago in a monastery in Japan in the village in the mountains very beautiful and his job in the ministry was to go and get the water so he would put a stick on his on his shoulders and Obi One for 2 and one for sure you would go down the mountain and Phillip water and he would go like you know singing his Mantra chanting and doing walking meditation or something like that so once was a sitting by the water and suddenly start tearing sound of crying one of the fox was crying so one of the fox was a crackpot in can cracks in it and the other part was home so the Crock-Pot was crying was really looking very depressed and miserable and you asked me why are you crying and the fox said I do feel guilty that because of because it mean you have to go up and down the hill extra because I cannot hold the water that you put in so I lose half of the water on the way and I feel like I feel so ashamed about myself for being so broken start smiling and laughing he said my dear you must be paying attention when you go back home I want you to pay attention and Libras and see what is around then it starts working again singing and then the crackpot notices that on the left side when the craft where the crock pot was entire body is green and filled with flowers and the other side was dry what is math the crockpot realises that my Brokenness you can’t do so many flowers so I would like to do an exercise have a short exercise if you all can you have your paper and then otherwise I’ll give you I want you to write down make a list of the whole part and the crackpot the positive qualities you think you have and the negative qualities so-called negative qualities that you think you have just a few and then I’ll tell you what to do around guys they just throw acid on their face and lose the entire face during hospital for sometimes traveling for months is when I saw she’s barely Fourteen and she can hardly breathe chest drawers in her nose and her mouth is mostly closed now so she has to only take liquor through straw in her mom her whole life is gone is that but still of course she’s alive and when I see something like that my black just wants to buy it and I feel like how is it possible that there are so many people in this country and such a small handful are being able to do what they are able to do so I personally feel that there isn’t enough rich in this world and the kind of Rage that is going to bring more like medicine in the world kind of races going to stand up and see that is enough these are our boundaries you cannot abuses like this Monsanto feeding people like crappy food and I’m sure he has a lot of many many people on his hands how is it possible that a little girl from Pakistan 14 years old where the girls are not even allowed in that Village to come outside their house she’s able to stay at gunpoint with Taliban and still say I am going to get myself education I support education for women she’s 14 she’s living in the country or at least in a village that they have no freedom and where is here in America we have like a million times more freedom than them and I’m sure it has its dark side and maybe Beyond on hundred percent free but we have so much freedom and why is it that in spite of the freedom that we have to go out and create an appropriate evaluation that this is not okay why is it that you’re still so complacent and that I feel is because there isn’t enough arranged so I would like to share the story of goddess Kali and she’s probably the word Golly means dark black so she is considered to be the dark goddess and ironically enough she is also considered to be the most compassionate goddess she’s really really fierce if the weapons and her hands were not in a she also has a tongue sticking out she has a Garland of head around her neck she’s wearing a skirt made with hands these are all of course symbolic of something so primarily she is the goddess a fridge she’s Fierce she stands up for justice she does not put up with bulshit she’s a lover of Truth and she wants to with her sword she has a sword in her left hand with her sword she wants to slash a weight cut off anything that is creating that is coming from the eagle that is created the separation and usion in us and that is going to violate the boundaries of her children that is going to abuse her children she’s going to say this is not okay don’t you dare come close to my little girl you’ll be so freakishly sorry so the mythological story behind the archetype of goddess Kali is very interesting so how’s it been millions of years ago and they were gone and there were demons and there was often fights Wars happening between gods and the demons and of course God would always with God’s word more powerful but there was this one demon his name was he was more powerful than any other demons he was infinitely more powerful and then on the God and all the demons saw the gods get really worried oh my goodness we’re going to be destroyed and then they decide oh my goodness will have to go to the most most most powerful one and that is goddess Durga goddess Durga is also one of the forms of goddess Kali and she’s very strong she’s a warrior she rides on a tiger and a she’s the warrior goddess but even she knew that truck to Beecher is very very very powerful so even I need a words in of me that is even more powerful than door. So from her eyebrow comes Carly and she is like this blood sucking blood hungry thirsty and she’s ready to slash down all the demons and her tongue sticking out so what happens with enough to BJ’s if you attack him he’s a demon to cut him when his blood clots and it falls on the ground every drop of blood is going to create even more of the pictures so he’s kind of he feels like he’s infinitely powerful and Lucas Bengali is even more powerful than him what college does is not only does she slay off all the demons she also brings up all the blood to the blood that drops she drinks up all the blocks are there are no more of the beaches and she destroys him but she gets so possessed so possessed by this mad rage but she’s becoming Unstoppable she just keeps on destroying so even after all the demons I destroyed she keeps on destroying so what happened is Lord Shiva who is her husband he goes down and lies down on the ground Belen chili kind of way and she was about to step on him and her mad friends and then suddenly she wakes up all of her state of possession and she realizes oh my goodness I need to stop so she stops so message is that why is it called me and she will always go hand-in-hand. Husband and wife Carly is this raw Untamed emotional power of the Senate is that all of us have and sheba is the masculine aspect also within all of us whether you’re a man or woman she buys the Consciousness she buys the truth when she was with self-awareness what’s the message here is when you let your rage Unleashed your Ridge to fight for justice to find the demons whether they are the internal or external demons but in combination with to do it in combination with Shiva means to do it consciously when anger comes I become present to that anger I don’t repress it I don’t go around killing someone from it of course this is more better for wrinkles what should I do instead anger consciously I use that anger with love like Foundation she was lying down she buys Consciousness true love compassion so the foundation on which I’m going to express my emotions to give me that far is truth I’m going to channel my anger in a way that serves the truth that serves Justice that serves and that is why this Fierce goddess the so-called fears angry goddess is actually one of the most compassionate mothers of autistic in Indian mythology so that is the Paradox that I find really powerful she buys the Consciousness she buys the light so you’re going into that dark space you’re going to the Shadow with this light by your side and you showing your throwing this light on these dark areas and you realized oh my goodness look there is that Billy from my childhood that says oh that is why I’ve been attracting all these terrible relationships oh my goodness and Scotty comes out during the full moon but very often during full moons I get very emotional and I heard from a lot of people they also get very emotional and then the veil between the unconscious world in the conscious world steripen search on the unconscious mind you’re able to enter into your unconscious but you know what is one of the most healing and Powerful things that you can do surrendering to that pain because when you’re crying it out maybe I’m crying out I don’t even know why I’m crying make him crying on the child with pain that when I still like oh my goodness I was rejected by my father by my by my mother or I was abused by this person so maybe I deserve to be abused so I’m dropping all these relationships but I’m getting abused so in that sense and the colony awakens within and when you do that journey into the deep deep dark with the presence of Sheba and is true and it’s love you put light in these dark parks and she’s / is a w with the swords the inner demons the inner dragons the inner Shadow so Liberation supports his powers second is Liberation towards the penta City fiercely honest and fiercely attending that I don’t be angry person I have a friend who has a line here has been angry since China he has a line cure and I see anger in his eyes but she never gets angry and he tells me I never get angry but do you know what I’m saying a joke to him sometimes love this is the very little laughter because his energy stuck in Anger which is not willing to feel and then anger comes from another child with abusive experience but instead he was willing to on this anger and feed it and process it he would not go around being angry all the time and he doesn’t even realize you know people can see it so when you own your anger when you own your fear when you own every emotion you grow in your attempt to sit in you can show up more as this you would like me to be and so nice wholeness the gift of wholeness is the same thing I think in some ways you know hold this is the marriage of the unconscious with the conscious the dark with light the Sheba which ft it’s the marriage so I’m boarding the Kali because bellettini patriarchal world and a lot of us have been so deeply condition by patriarchy that we don’t even know most of us a lot of things are running just masculine and feminine energy has to be depressed and like oh my goodness that’s not good enough you have to hide Your Shadow for the marriage of the Shadow and the lights that’s bringing us more into her holness afrezza creativity trust me when you do good in our journey into the shadow World you’ll need to find some of the most beautiful treasure is there your creative artist known as a creative artist and we all know that sometimes we create some of the most phenomenal art when we dive into those dark places and come back with the treasures that are there in in Hawaii like perfectly trained dancer but has never been through too much pain or suffering or this kind of you know as not Mendes Shadow sometimes you might find their dance to be like beautiful to your eyes but it does not touch you very deep inside your soul or when someone asks that depart within themselves the darkness and the suffering in the plane and the Brokenness and then me and you are comes from there within oh my goodness you might not have your PhD but your art is going to touch people’s Souls the deepest part of their souls so and fearlessness of course Carly McCauley for this is you your your rage brings so much courage and finally unconditional love because she cuts of the eagle because she cuts up the illusion that we are separate we start realizing our Oneness and right on the bush it has been released a funeral home the childhood you know the healing the the messages that come from the childhood trauma like I’m not good enough cutting out all those that shoot what’s Reigns is love you know so you’re growing and conditional love when you act when you’re willing to embody every every emotion how do I access the stating that the divine feminine has been suffering since a long time and she’s being depressed you don’t feel something from your personalized calling to directly you can think of Designing Women in Africa for being raped at 5 or 6 years ago is it happened in Delhi we should be together the second part worship worshipped as a god mother that is why I only change change change change. William Howard Holly energy but not loud as you can okay worship me a new life creation and yeah and cheese changed, it is. worshipped as a god I want to be a mother Osborn from me New Creation Jaden can also be forward assault I never have done this done I’m going through a few months of depression and like where the hell is my life going I do this done it’s a longer performance my bad my life just changes overnight everything looks so different but that is something about the metaphor of Breaking Chains open there’s something about Awakening or invoking the power of the archetype which is so infinite and that reminds me how infinite I am from inside why do I go around walking the Earth walking all over the Earth like feeling so limited Phoenix Artisan power just right so far as to get in touch with my nephew had to get in touch with this kind of animal is powered everyday in the morning how differently would we live our life you know somebody who was really depressed this would be if I was in boarding got a star. I’ll be the soft-spoken version of me Altoona right but I don’t want to stay stuck in this archetype on the timer like this all the time somebody wants to come in abused messages no somebody come shopping with me I do this what I do with my body becomes me because my psychology right so you change how you holding your body is going to change your psychology it’s going to shift your Consciousness it’s going to shift how you show up in the world whether it’s your work your personal relationships everywhere Sears Auto in the city if people Define people sometimes somebody stuck only in the victim archetype somebody step only in the Savior archetype want to see the word saving and I’m getting chronic fatigue syndrome because I’m like not taking care of myself so inviting all the different archetypes is also important sometimes we don’t know that we are running mostly like meet you know masculine energies or following masculine principles and there’s that kind of you know imbalance so how do you rehabilitate that balance between the masculine and The Feminine so how do you embody more in your day-to-day life collie Veronica shepsky so why don’t you must be more familiar with this name sexy because you know Shiva Shakti but these are all names of the same goddess the goddess of empowerment this is her even more Fierce part which gives debts and reboots and because she’s able to give death that is why you’re able to be reborn and that is why you become more free and become more creative there is nature the philosopher he shared very something very interesting about the Journey of human beings he called the three Metamorphoses of the spirit so he said that when the human being is born in the beginning as a child of course you have a creative and free and then of course the social conditioning starts but you have to do this job to live like this or like that so the first stage is you are a camel you know doing things that you’re supposed to be doing a lot to carry this way then walk okay and you know you’re working like the camel then the scammer gets an opportunity to fight these dragons and in order to fight these dragons this camel has to become the lion or the lioness so you need to find that Carly within or whatever so basically the Dragon City presents the shadow lot of people will just go on living this normal superficial life everything is fine in my life and all of a sudden one day cancer heart attack you know whatever in the hospital for a few years or the journey into the shadow is inevitable lot of people who resisted fighted deny it If you deny it and it probably wouldn’t be with you in some other way and it’s going to take you there it’s like if you’re going willingly with a smile with love then you’re going to be dragged there because everybody has shadow shadow is a part of life so sorry if I awakened the Lioness Within Myself and I bravely fight this Dragon which means I am willing to meet my shadow and dance with it and learn from it and grow from it I’m willing to meet my own death I’m willing to meet aspects of myself that need to be given death in order for me to be reborn which means the example that I gave that as a child if I was abused and if I’m constantly attracting abusive relationships as an adult and not looked at my shadow and I’m not try to him Buddyfight if polygons and possesses me and she has me going to the Deep darkness and he’ll that shadow of being wounded or abused as a child and I become free from it I become free from this dragon and lo and behold I can attract a new relationship that comes more from a place of empowerment that makes me feel more free that makes me feel more loved than Irish so if the Lioness or the line is able to fight this dragon and Tom’s Victorious then this lioness once again is turned into a child by a child transform ya and a child is creative child knows how to play you know a lot of times when you have too much trauma kind of makes you heavy Olympic stain the unconscious it makes you happy you cannot play you cannot love I’ve dated an american guy who is like emotionally Sonam down because of whatever he went through childhood that he could not laugh I could not laugh and I was like he’s such an awesome person but I cannot be with him because I’m not able to love with him you know cuz once you if you freeze one emotion if you freeze anger you freeze fear like you’re talking about the fear of facing the fear that was amazing what have you just shared with me so if you keep your anger Frozen and Hayden and say the photo I don’t have any anger it’s like only wish the garbage under the rug what happens is all the emotions come from the same space they’re all energy when during your fear you’re also going to repress your joy it also going to depress your creativity and you’re going to depress your ability to love freely so that is why the child is innocent child has free child can be creative but from my personal experience I can say that when I was a little girl I was of course infinitely creative you could just play a radio and I’ll just start dancing after song had been doing the last couple of years sometimes when people ask me to perform to a new song so that creativity is a treasure but I like a child that you become an even more because when this child or the Scandal goes to the process of facing his or her Brokenness you’re taken down deep into the dark you know and dad is where you meet your deepest treasure and then when you come and you share your heart with the world your art will have soul stories you aren’t will have messages that you channel from the Divine just because you became so broken open that Divine wisdom and Divine Light and Define creativity started flowing through you then the songs that you will right after going through your journey of Brokenness that will bring so much more healing and empowerment to the woods so that is why I appreciated my creativity is a child was really amazing but now I feel having gone to the journey of Brokenness and health issues and whatever now I feel that I am able to still share much more do persol Treasures through my heart now I’m able to stand up and say like you know what if my art is not going to elevate. consciousness of the society or leave the society this world a better place that I would rather not do it if it’s going to bring down the consciousness of the woods and I don’t want to do it not just for the sake of your entertainment she looks like a Demon Slayer she looks like she has this sword in her hand or left hand has been the sword and all of their things to destroy a lot of pictures that say that her right and is actually getting Boons and it is getting blessing and she’s telling people with this hand do not fear so she’s very paradoxical she comes in, so a lot of things out of your life you know what are you doing the past burden you’re carrying a social conditioning you’re carrying this, sounds very cold and heartless because she’s distracted because she comes to give that to you that is why she’s able to give you life I need to take a picture behind What is love Power Rangers happy birthday. Verizon nomura infinite power thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and if you want a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Sexual Healing with Psychedelic Goddess Worship TPP02


tantra-punk-kaliThis podcast is a lab report documenting an experimental Goddess Kali worship ritual conducted in January 2014.   It was co-designed and advised on by clinical sexologists, tantrikas,  shamans, and spirit guides to help me overcome PTSD symptoms resulting from sexual trauma in my adolescence.

Beyond my personal sexual healing, the objective was to collect data that would help build an explanatory model of the “ecology of the soul”.


Awaken the Kali Within Workshop

Awaken the Kali Within

KALI- The Goddess of self Empowerment, of time, change, death/rebirth, fierce rage, annihilator of evil forces, the redeemer of the universe as well as the benevolent mother goddess……

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
― Arundhati Roy, War Talk

The time to come into your authentic power as an individual with personal dreams and goals as well as your vision to change the world and live your deepest soul purpose to serve the universe, is not somewhere in the future, it is in the here and NOW.


It is time:

– to not just worship the idol, but become HER

– to stop complaining about whats going on in the world; to stop walking around the earth feeling so little, so limited, so disempowered and helpless when we have this dormant forces of raw limitless inner power in the form of Kali residing within each of us

– to stand up for your own being, for your own body, mind and soul that are being polluted, manipulated, abused and devoured by corrupt agencies of power as well as meeting the inner shadow

– to tap into that rage, that has been repressed into our unconscious, because that rage is going to be the key/the doorway to your Divine Infinite untamed inner power and wisdom!

-to stand up and scream and use the power of our voices to prevent our Mother earth from being further abused and polluted

Imagine every so-called ‘ordinary’ person walking the face of the earth becoming a true embodiment of KALI,

Can a handful of corrupt people continue to dominate these empowered embodiments of THE FIERCE GODDESS WITHIN?