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Jason Tantra Blissful Profile

Seeking the Heart of Gay Tantra with Jason of Tantra4GayMen TPP289


In this episode I’m joined again by the charming Jason Tantra, the co-founder of Tantra 4 Gay Men. He’s stepped up into a leadership role in holding sacred spaces world-wide and online for gay men to share in the glory of Tantra.

Please visit his website at:

About Jason:

Jason is the founder of Tantra4GayMen, and a pioneer of Tantra for gay and bisexual men in the UK. Trained as a counselor and as a spiritual medium, and after years of professionally working with male survivors of rape and abuse, Jason met Tantra in 2006. He immediately knew that his life purpose had become clear. Since 2008, with his husband Ingo, Jason has pursued his life as an exploration of sexual and spiritual liberation. He has done this by creating events and trainings that express this: Events where men who love men can let go, explore love, and find ways to freedom where sexuality meets spirituality.

Over 10.000 men having been through Tantra4GayMen’s work. Its two yearly Festivals are beautiful wonderlands where sex meets spirit, bringing together facilitators from the cutting edge of Tantra in a context where men can love men without holding back. Its Tantra Diploma offers a one-of-a-kind transformative experience for those who want to live Tantra as a path of personal development leading to total freedom. Currently, Tantra4GayMen is expanding these events into the USA, and Jason and Ingo are working towards their vision of a community of open, free, conscious and aware men that are happy and in love with the very world they live in and themselves.

My Non Verbatim Show Notes: 

JT: thank you for inviting me back

talking in preamble, how’s it going, not been great, 2.5 months, look what’s happened in last few days in your country, complete horror, the world for me just doesn’t feel like a happy place, talking june 2

TP: feel you on that, hard to highlight things, generally would have been positive, hopeful, tone of shadow around everything, do feel like this, anchor moment, wound keeps being exposed

tantra teachers, she talk about, start doing shadow work, wounds go deeper, generations, trauma, goes deeper and deeper

tantra/tantra4gay men, tool kit for these times

JT: gay/bi/queer men who love men, like other pockets of society, we know what isolation is, we get it, for me, never felt so isolated in childhood, early adult life, until found places I could be accepted, many years to fully evolve, understand realize I had choice about kind of person I wanted to be

this crisis happened, for me,

just panicked about men maybe living on their own, high proportion of our community live on their own, home, apartment, months, uk things starting to relax slighting, everybody still in lock down, no bodies going anywhere, world not happening as it used to be

in SF, about to do a weekend, rug got pulled out,

biggest fear, I didn’t want to hear that anybody in my community had harmed themselved because they didn’t know how to cope, first panick

performed a bit of a miracle

what I did, messaged, all my tantra teacher, and associated contacts and friends, not a time to talk about money, time to be in service, in the middle of march, created free special online program for all of community in the app

5200 members in app around globe, managed to get 40 teachers, over the 10-11 weeks free program, ran over 600-700 workshops, over 10000 participants, incredible numbers, need, incredible spaces

many different tantra teachers from around the globe, yoga classes, poetry, bedroom disco, quality of holding together through adversity

so many of my community, been affected in jobs, relationships, home, structures of lifestyle, wake up in morning, low level anxiety, teeth clentching

emotional state day to day roller coaster

free online program, migrated into subscription service, sparkly app costs a lot of money per year

giving away discounts, promo codes to make it accessible to everybody regardless of whether they can afford it

global collective community, don’t have to suffer on your own

even in times of incredible difficulty and hardship, don’t need to do it on your own

people want to love you, hold you, care about you

share with you through this experience

TP: beautiful amazing, redeeming, resilience of human spirit,

epicenter of the outbreak of politicizing the virus, can’t believe how much extra suffering and death being caused by virus being political football, fog of war

still see beauty of things like what you’re doing

diy spirit, deeply radical humanitarian, grass roots, deep bows to the architects of internet to give us ability to do this

applaud you, deep bows, foresight to build online community

infomercial promo walk through

JT: talk about before that, far more important than our sparky app

low day, low moments, stuck in my apartment in bristol, not interacting with anybody other than online, emotional roller coaster, beyond that, my belief in love

can even withstand what this pandemic, crisis, event though huge amounts of suffering, misery,

still believe in heart, strength and quietness in love, stronger than negativity, something about love

for me there was like how can we physically manifest that

role as human beings to be love in action

spiritual teachings, consciousness, matter, is our job as humans to find ways to be the truth of who we really are

in the ways that we are…with people and our selves

sometimes worry some spiritual practices very lovely, ethereal, inner, work needs to happen

but for me, truth is, how deployed, integrated, displayed, how they manage to catch behavior before they react

watch themselves watch what’s going on

bigger spirituality

often in my workshops and retreats, profound orgasmic experiences, literally feel like orgasm and universe, same thing, traveling through space and time, for me afterwards, the whole universe has fucked them or they fucked the whol universe

for me an experience, not the truth of what we’re really looking for

maybe had amazing love making session, 6 months ago, year ago, 5 years ago, experience becomes less embodied as time moves on

for me amazing experiences almost a biproduct of what tantra offers

ability to have profound amazing fuck experiences, but actually the truth of those, is how they were integrated into your life, moment to moment

energy, being, learning that your being is running the show, operating the show

for me, is the experience, is the truth of who we really are, actually one big orgasm, state of bliss trying to understand itself on this thing called planet earth

for me, bliss love, truth all kind of similar qualities of the same thing I’m pointing to

how we bring that down here on this thing called planet earth

climate change, 50-100 years left, real issues, people we put in power around the world

for me what tantra does, alchemizes, changes perspective, back to a truth you can’t forget, weekend of tantra, can’t go back, can’t undo experiences

humans, come a long way, quite a long way to go

TP: eco sexuality, eco spirituality, inherent in tantra, always love the way people express that, brad amberheart, poetic integration, exploring nature, planet, fabric of cosmos, deepest roots of tantric scriptures, attitudes people had to abundance of nature, abandonment of hierarchies of yoga and bramanism, ecological radicalism, tantra heyday, like berkeley 60s event, full circle to that

medibations visualizations seeing world leaders having a tantric dancer come and bewitch them, seduce them into shakti vortex, having them be an expression of that

electric jesus, jonathan talat philips, all these leaders, rulers, egomaniacal, one big giant snowballing bad mood, curse of dictators in permanent bad mood,

spiritual practices, moving, dancing,

tantra4gay men global synchronized disco

giving back, service, apply, deploy

if you’re doing tantra you’re probably producing net positive energy outflow, gives you extra budget to spend on charitable loving acts

JT: first part, something about, contraversial,

TP: tantraversial

JT: we end up believe what’s being presented in front of us is the truth, come to america often, friends, people, news channel on 24/7, caught up in story of what’s happening on tv screen, that is their reality, spiritual journey of tantra is being able to see what’s going on

and not necessarily needing to get involved with it, not saying we should ignore the worlds problems, understanding we have choice, choose who we want to be with things happening

gay men, generalizing, being a sexual being, didn’t know the word gay existed, knowing I was different wasn’t good news

at age of 18, if I could take a tablet to turn straight I would have done it

not welcomed news at age of 18

america, religion done a lot of damage to sexuality, expression

repressed, clamped down, never know, alternative way of being


brad amberheart, good friend, love brad, such a poetic way, way of speaking,

the point I’m saying, for me, what I’m wanting to bring in tantra, vehicle for freedom, actually if you see an animal in the zoo, suddenly open up the gate, so conditioned, in box, perimeter, doesn’t know the gates open

same as humans, all conditions to live a certain life, believe certain things, don’t know there’s something beyond

don’t really understand human potential, have clues, but not fully understanding

for me, what I’m seeking to do in tantra is enable people who’ve had so much experience, intimacy, spirituality, multiple orgasms, becomes normal, being in a state of orgasm, becomes normal way of being, then look at the world

hold orgasmic energy, state of bliss, knowing, love, truth,

power in that, that no body can take away, no outside circumstances can ever move you from that place

is that the spiritual journey

know the truth of who we really are, beyond the experience being presented in front of us, then have choices how we want to interact, deal with problems, and things we need to deal with

TP: beautiful, promise of tantra I have learned, you can transmute pain, trauma, suffering, fuel for fire of pleasure, magic, prayers, blessings, creating ceremonies, reclaim, ritual, paganism,

talking about politics of the world we live in , curious, I’m not into politics, anarchist, idealistically, consensus, direct democracy

curious, have any ideas, notions about, leverage points of queer people, different political power, mission to initiate people with power, and to empower them with shakti, shaktipat, kundalini

possibility of everybody, leading from a place, smell a flower and have orgasm, continual compounding orgasm, lacking in political leadership

JT: my mission as if I can help men, that’s my audience, find the truth of who they are inside themselves, whatever their life is meant to be, can than manifest

if you know love, know your own process, I know when I’m reacting from fear, anger, a place of love, a place of conditioned value system, having developed that awareness, gives you choice, choice is freedom

poliitcal, structures that we have, not about choice, not about freedom

agree, many political structures, not interested in evolution of humans, different values, priorities people put above that

we are, I don’t know if we’re waking up to it

but look at history of human nature, levels of politicization, kept people living in certain boxes, frameworks

not okay to have opinion, think something different outside of system,

many countries around the world that have done that

I’m after personal liberation in side

know it so much, so powerful inside of you, what happens outside doesn’t touch you in the same way

a lot of men I work with, have many issues before can get to that

working through, in classroom as it were, men that are confused, lost, that are dissatisfied, men typically come to tantra because they’re unhappy with something, or know or believe there is something better

tantra deals with sexuality makes it an easier sell than a meditation weekend

TP: done a lot to lather up the orgasmic energy, lot of hope and positivity

to be fair to the path there a bit of shadow exploration I’d want to throw into this

something you said right now, how people find this path, really is small fraction

tantra teacher from south africa, put it well, if you’re on a crusade to try to enlighten everybody on the tantric path, I got news for you, basically its like, at any given time on earth, percentage of humans alive, spiritual seekers, very small, of that percentage the people who actually make it a few steps before turning back is even smaller

the people who do make it there, do their best to hide

build your temple on the highest mountain

other narrative, make it accessible, easier to at least get access to filtering and initiation

not be ripped off, raped, molested, abuse, financial abuse, fraud, spiritual industrial complex

cherish the work your doing

polishing gems

something came to mind, point of acknowledging beauty of these art forms

thread of tantric scholarship around notion that rama krisna, rebooted tantric kali worship, for a whole new wave of accepting of the dark goddess, sexuality, wildness, transgression of dark goddess energy of tantra, socially/culturally engineering to be more acceptable, orthodox households

scholars argue, he was a flamboyant gay man, devotees, I’m not the scholar, something for people to look into, interesting and deep study

when I’ve been exploring that rabbit hole, rama krishna cult of kali in tantra, one of the gurus of lineage, giving satsang, the people who show up at kali temple, usually there, in some form of despair, acute life event, or series of events, brings them to the feet of the dark goddess at kali temple, in shambles, at least there will be peace, there will be love

other traditions, sex negative, homophobic, have to deny parts of yourself to be loved, tantra temple bring whole self, baggage, sins, homosexuality, still get fully love, healed, peace

JT: one questions I’ve had, why do gay people exist, has nature fucked up and made it wrong, trans, gay women, all different permutations, humanity, labels, why do they exist

wonder, consciousness wants to know it’s truth in this density of matter, in every single permutation it can possibly muster up, no 2 humans ever the same

part of the exploration of truth is this planet, could be every single permutation of itself , so it can know truth at every level

love the fact that trans agenda has come up in last few years

everybody worthy of love, everybody is love

society needs to evolved, challenge ego, ideas, normal, okay, love does not discriminate

conflcts that go on for me, invitations go move into deeper stages of love,

america last 2 3 days, absolutely horrific, the way its been handled horrific, can’t feel love, compassion, apology

understandably people are pissed, really angry

feel whole situation needs to find resolution in love

politics, tricky ground, america has not answered a lot of social issues it has, people are pissed, angry, rightly so, they know there’s a truth beyond the structures of society

TP: on point, pretty moderate, things could be said more extreme, I’ve been on front lines of resistance, carrying a variety of different flags,

chills, people who’ve really hurt other people, seeking the heart of tantra

salvation for sinners, people who intentionally, sociopathic, harmful, narcissistic, if love is this vibration, give it a personality, hinduism, devis, deva, personalities, all pointing to ineffable vibration of love, om mantra, resonance, if you’re hurting people because you don’t know how to love or weren’t loved enough

tantric temple recalibrate love compass, do less harm, become a healer

JT: diana ross, chain reaction, we’ve seen that in different times in history, invitation right now, change more love to happen, other thing, always said in teachings, human beings don’t change from a place of comfort, always change from place of suffering, what’s motivation to change, if miserable, isn’t working, something isn’t right, questioning, what’s going on here

wonder whether misery is a good thing

original tantra, tantra I teach is neo-tantra, osho, his body of work, my teaching lineage, comes from work that he created, teaching for 15 years, evolved and developed methods/ideas

psychotherapy, large proportion in my work, want people to learn how to integrate, give words to experience so rest of body and being can integrate

original tantra, ingo, years of academic information, original tantra for me, born out of dissatisfaction, that said at the time that only people of a high class and men, were worthy enough to access spiritual teaching, and soul evolvement,

tantra, a spiritual journey could be accessible to everybody regardless of caste

spiritual journey available for everyone

original tantra, different rituals

often people think original tantra is the best, is the more authentic, more amazing, some of original rituals, vegetarian or vegan, hold a piece of meat for next 5 days, and see how we get on with that , as a meditation, don’t know about you but if I was going to sell a workshop with that as the primary ritual, don’t think I’d have many takers

talk about the tantra that I and other people offer is of its time, the tantra we’re teaching now is of its time, we need to learn who to be okay with sexuality, have relationships with our body, understand the truth about orgasm and bliss, deal with the crap that gets in the way of shame, judgments, guilt,

some methods about moving people through a spiritual journey of where we are in 2020

TP: totally agree with that, notion of intelligently consciously triggering yourself with transgression activities

aghori sadhu, eating from skulls, extreme deprivation, acts of rejection of orthodoxy

to your point on adapting that best intentions of transgressive stuff, bicuriosity, ritual container, what is it that’s holding you back from experiencing double love and excitement,

taking phobia, turning it loving ritual container, it your point, tantra as tool kit for adapting to repression of your time, mean something different to everybody of every different culture

difference between eating rotting flesh in graveyard, and piece of art that signifies, it, if it gets the job done, maybe you don’t have to do the life threatening things

Tantric Quest, book, description of his experience of encountering wild yogini, heart of transgressive, jedi training, she was his yoda, sexual initiatrix

are there gay tantra books for men that narrate that process of initiation, not necessarily with indian, gay man guru, that would be pretty stellar, book you give coming of age literature about tantra

JT: didn’t have that tradition in england, when we came of age, think it was a bottle of alcohol, the world needs a good gay tantra book, on my to do list, one day, when stopped manifesting and creating, moved on to the next stage, curious around how we pass knowledge on to each other, are books the right way of doing it

talking about that app, curating and talking about experience of tantra, practices, things you can do, a lot more accessible, absorb knowledge books v online

feel something should be recorded for the time purposes, kind of put together, the world does need a good gay tantra book, don’t think there is one, or haven’t seen one

TP: cliff hanger, just talking other day, did meet up called kundalini monologues, love idea of curating the online museum of gay tantra, website, database, ways for people to be searching content

JT: app, talk about spiritual things, have to go back and talk about business/organizational

TP: got 7 chakras to distribute that load,

JT: chakras could do with a vacation

app with developers 18 months, alternative to grindr, scruff, wanted to appeal offer, another way to do this thing called a gay life

different way than what’s being proported by different apps out there,

asked ingo, husband, co-founded/co-runs tantra4gaymen

went shopping, ingo, finance director, said I could spend some money, bought off the shelf app, 10s of thousands of dollars to run every year

for people curious about tantra, wanted to know more, also to me an online, loving, caring family, global

5200 men, mostly uk, usa, europe, astralia, south africa, click on members near me, find local tantra men, big news feed, free content, goes in dailiy, articles videos, questions, pictures, people we buy it from, shocked, our audience so involved, statistics off the scale

global tantric community of men, keeps us all together, profiles, messaging, members near me, topics, article, writing, recordings, could go on about all of that, all for free, easily downloadable in tantra for gay men app

TP: that’s so amazing, a lot of things are flashing for me, something niche, overexemplifies the technology platform

attention, marketing,

if gay men in the tech industry, IT, webdev, are they covering this app as a news item, free press/pr for fact that it’s breaking chart numbers, gotten people reaching out, wow I want to create a plug in

JT: could always do with more, gotta get the word, out, anybody’s listening has avenues for that to happen, I’m all ears

how do we finance, all functions features, free, want them to remain tree, launched academy, miracle, 40 teachers, premium subscription $25 a month, tantra love academy, inside app, 120 live workshops every month, collective of 40 teachers, each doing 2 or 3 workshops about everything

yoga, tantra,

really the best tantra spiritual teachers in our kind of community, offering workshops as part of academy each month

promo code, 1 month free subscription

TP: love and creativity from gay community, light years ahead, very impressed, super excited

bored and frustrated with apathy a lot of sectors in the straight world, more balanced, flowing, creative energy, queer communities, more invigorating, more fun, west hollywood more fun, follow the fun, get over it

JT: why do I do all of this, for me, it comes back to my belief in love, that is the ultimate truth,

vocation, dedication of my life, help men find that truth, or find their own truth inside themselves, thanks for having me


download app

tantra4gay men app in google or apple store

Sequioa and Ziji

Gay Tantra in Canada and Beyond with Sequoia and Ziji of Men in Touch TPP288


In this episode I have the great honor and pleasure of exploring the diverse and complimentary paths of two gay tantrikas in Canada, and discussing many intersections spirituality and sexuality

About Sequia:

I view life as a school for love.
My life intention is to live in the heart of union…in the eternal oneness of now.
For over 30 years I’ve been sharing with others the practices I find most helpful to get out of the overloaded, busy mind, and connect more with the heart, breath and body, where unity and love live. It’s all about High Level Wellness…in body, heart and soul.

I have a special passion for sharing with other men what I’ve been learning about the deeper dimensions of intimacy, including full-body sensual massage, many practices drawn from Yoga and Tantra, and more recently the profound “Into Me See” of eye-gazing meditation and “We Space.”

Learn more at growinghealthier.com and menintouch.org

About Ziji:

Ziji is a facilitator at Men In Touch, teaching men skills and practices to deepen intimacy and integrate spirituality and sexuality. In addition, he is a tantric bodyworker, yoga instructor (RYT), organizer of the Ignite Festival (ignite-fest.com), and amateur queer scholar. He makes a home in Coast Salish Territory, Vancouver, and spends as much time at the nude beach as possible! Find him at gaymassagevancouver.com

My Non Verbatim Show Notes:

TP: why not rainbow tantra

S: vietnam veteran, out of air force 1972, bee line to berkeley

very free very open

discovered, alternative spirituality, blossoming then TM, massage, holistic practices, hatha yoga, beginning to become known, fringey

explore sexuality, tantra, contradicted all the catholic upbringing I had

spirituality/sexuality same energy expressed in different ways

opposite of christian belief

body impediments to spirtuality

intrigued 80s, bay area, aids epidemic, helpful if gay brothers were aware of practices that didn’t involve penetration, fluid exchange, much more about subtle energy,

started workshops, 1987, 33 years

thrilling to watch men discover more layers of intimacy

Z: I’m much younger, about almost 4 decades, grew up in different context, calgary, alberta, suburban, typical suburban conservative culture

turned to spirituality, early 20s, tibetan buddhist

monastery 2 years, nova scotia

separate from sexual life

moved to vancouver, 8 years ago

exploring, alternative things

going to sequia’s workshop, men in touch workshop about massage

attended that workshop, transformative experience, all this stuff I had learned, practice, in that non sexual context of spirituality

unified it with whole other dimension of being, becoming more important to myself

starting to discover power of sexuality

met about 7 years ago, had profound connection

personal, year or so, invited to co-teach

co-facilitating, weekly classes in vancouver, retreats, rural areas, every year festival, last 3 years, annual festival ignite festival, a lot going on, a lot of fun

S: mostly what I came to experience, sexual explorations in bay area, men

level of intimacy felt shallow, getting hard, getting off, didn’t satisfy something in me, seemed like fast food

intuition, past lives, knowingness something more, keen to keep exploring tantra, one workshop, bay area 70s

berkeley guy about my age, joe kramer

same classes, m chia, multi orgasmic man

microcosmit orbit, fascinating, moving energy, both sexual and spiritual

joseph, convo, similar interests, created body electric school, life changing for many people, pioneering, presenting workshop around conscious sexuality

less sexual more meditative and sensual

met wonderful guy in sf, body work as I had been, different kinds of movement classes, yoga for gay men, dance like stuff

doug fraiser, conversation, decided to collaborate, events called light tough retreats for loving me, weekend retreats bay area, near seattle

full body sensual eroticism, more meditative than goal oriented

ziji, been collaborating, delighted where he’s been taking our work, I’m 75, ziji 34, radical direction, just dozen guys at a time, ziji, taking it virtual, planet wide

z: mostly been working with classes retreats, beautiful containers, men go deeply, came across other modality, other container, festival, different experience, more people, usually not one container, people are popping in and out of workshops, different experience, neither better than other

offering ignite festival, last 2 years, in person, vancouver, this year got cancelled, covid, decided to do it virtual

ignite festival, online, unexpectedly all over the world, joining festival,

people from every continent, really quite and amazing experience to have that

always been more local, regional, beautiful experience

inspiration came to us, do offer really truly global festival, partnered with man in berlin, singapore, each taking 1/3 of the world, 24 hour a day festival, people can join in

invite many teachers, plurality, organizing it

invite teachers from body electric, not necessarily around sacred sexuality,

emotional, embodiment practices, etc.

no plans to be doing this kind of thing, silver linings of covid epidemic, new models, new ways of connecting

S: I would say focus of everything we do is exploring for me, many levels of intimacy, men tendency go for groin, pleasure of that so obvious in male body

ziji and I both discovered, emotional communication, meditative presence, loving kindness meditation, self, partner, group setting, level of compassion into intimacy, whole realm rarely considered

realms of intimacy, exploring

TP: great to hear,

both of you familiar with gay tantra, william shindler, one of my favorites, recommend for any seeker of tantric path how well, beyond sexual components, spiritual development components, transliterated for people not versed in hinduism, sanskrit, or yoga

get a sense of what they would be signing themselves up for

interesting point made, astute sanskrit scholar, one of foremost folks to have facts straight, promoting idea, notion, false dichotomy

paraphrase, within divine marriage, channel divine masculine, divine feminine, whatever ratio, share with partner or group

no reason people of same sex can’t feel obliged to consider themselves the complete circuit

no mention of gay in the tantras

temples sculptures, you see female bisexuality in service to men

have you explored or found interesting artwork, statues, classical tantra, guidance for people of diverse sexualities to explore these archetypes, energies in same sex context

S: tantra, oral tradition, guru to disciple, sexual aspects, less overt, less widespread, left handed path, less widely known, haven’t come across much in ancient writings, not scholar

not much written reference, studied with rudy balantime, swami rama, india, background in tantras, rudy bisexual, late 70s, tantra tradition see shiva shakti as symbolic, not literal,

man and woman can embody, so can to men, two women, inner alchemy, not matter what our plumbing, embody, all aspects of gender, express in love making, no matter gender of partner

exercises, meditations, inner marriage, inner shiva/shakti

Z: agree with everything, different dimension, concept of queer erasure in history, so often queer love is seen as counter/dangerous to narrative of normal society, to different degrees in different cultures, my own personal historical knowledge, from western tradition, prechristian cultures, also a lot of cultural differences the way we talk about relationships, queer love relationship would perhaps be quite different

spoken about quite differently , modern readers, may see or understand what is being written,

the story of achelles, partner, long stories about these too, never referred to them as fact they had sex, lovers per se, so often express their love for one another, brotherly love, comrades in arms

kind of like, from a historical perspective, how do we read history, to what degree are we imposing on history

missing from what’s been written, complicated topic

experience of tantras, not much written down, aware at least in tibetan context, guru disciple relationship, incredibly intimate, seldom written down

tibetan contenxt, patriarchal, male teacher, male student, would not be surprised, if using sexual energy as one of transmissions of teaching

homosexuality in tibetan monasteries well documented, not in ancient times, last 100 years, more exposed to the world

definitely happening, question of how do it get spoken about

TP: thank you so much, so well said, maybe somebody has been studying, great project for anybody who’s got researchto

lesbian desire in ancient and modern india, high on my book list, hope that will shed some light on good stuff

it breaks my heart when I hear people say, I want to do tantra but it’s only for straight people

curious about, what is the tantra community scene, millieu like in canada, different laws around sex work, cannabis, maybe other entheogens, a bit of a report on if anything very interesting about cultural climate, setting your in, insight into that life style there

S: started life in us vietnam vet, fell in love with vancouver in late 80s, smitten by city

90, still in love with city as years ago

somewhat more permissive culture

cannabis, tacitly accepted,

laws about sexuality, less enforced

hasn’t been kind of religious fervor that often occurs in us around laws around sexual behavior

erotic massage, began in berekley, felt safe, here feel even safer

appreciate that aspect of our culture here

Z: I would say, also in terms of sex work laws in canada, we’re currently scandanavian model, not illegal to sell sex work, somewhat illegal to market, buy, anything beyond selling is considered illegal

vancouver pd, statements, don’t enforce bilays pertaining to sex work, definitely see it quite differently,

not an idea system, decriminalization, main ideal target, overall

generally find, I feel much more comfortable being here than in america

more pacific northwest, more people from seattle, portland from anywhere in eastern canada, even alberta

can’t speak for rest of canada, some folks doing gay tantra in toronto,

a little bit happening in montreal as well too, it’s happening, it feels like most of the gay tantra work is still happening in other parts of the world

men in touch, also on forefront, canada as whole, doesn’t yet feel like a bastian, so speak of gay tantra

S: moved up from california, quite a bit less advanced around alternate spirituality, new map, tantra, has really changed in last 10 years,

going through facebook, social media,

part of whole west coast culture

southern california

vancouver very much part of that

put down, all the fruits and nuts roll west,

west coast much more progressive, in canada as well as us

TP: good to know

people up there already make some use of that intel, hoping that canada will lead north america in full legalization of sex work, know of efforts to keep rocking that boat,

I was a little bit more excited than I should have been, fine print, not friendly to both sides of transaction, consumer buyer, sex buyer, consumer of erotic services

lobbying, grass roots stuff, ?

S: in general we have to really hand it to the women, women in sex work, activist, most vocal, done the most to even get us this far, continues, women are most severely impacted by sex work laws, urgent crisis and need, safety livelihoods

Z: pushback, people are pushing the govt

if it’s every gonna happen in canada, be with more progressive govt

sex work law is always kinda not most important, not on minds of middle class, most people, base of these parties, unfortunately gets shelved

S: people hassled by police, walking the streets, neighbors call

other than that, when sex work is not in peoples faces who don’t want to see it, police not being proactive to go out and enforce it, different from us, entrapment

TP: fosta/cesta, tantrikas doing body work, whole spectrum everybody posting ads, backpage, craigslist, shut down, witch hunt, the internet policing of marketing on line, light touch, don’t bother you, hang shingle on line, not creating public nuisance, out of side out of mind

Z: have my own website, private practice, gaymassagevancouver.com

pretty obvious what it is I’m offering, not that cloaked, don’t feel afraid about that, more the effect is in, there’s still stigma, in our society around it, for example, would not want my neighbors knowing about the work I do, not illegal, but people can still make life very difficult

tread carefully around, not being public nuisance, not legal perspective, neighbors, land lords, have a lot of power over me as a renter

how much canada can have an effect on us

previous prime minister

decriminalized homosexuality, 1969

test lab for us, more progressive policies, us politicians, hmm looks like it’s working, maybe we’ll try it down here

TP: thanks for sharing, chills, wow, what an epic and brave, want to book up on history of that moment, rare, goes back, that was the magical year, a lot of good stuff happened

curious to what extent, language, tool kit, together, separately, neo tantra, extrapolating from modern gurus lineages, dance with translating teachings to offerings in modern world

adapt, relanguage, gay tantric perspective, notion of helping facilitate kundalini activation, initiation, riding the snake, wild ride of energy

why and how it erupts, orthodoxy around straight, tantric practices, not short cut but juicier way than sitting with hands folded, by yourself

how would you approach it, romance with kundalini shakti vibe

S: close to my heart, introduced to kundalini, Baba Muktananda, guru traveled world several times 70s and 80s

activating people’s kundalini, directly through shaktipat

had taste in that experience about kundalini awakening,

own that this is very phallocentric, perspective, like to view, with other gay men, entire energy body as phallus, penis, let energy build up from pelvis to crown

ejaculation out the crown of the head, fountain flow, energy thighs, genitals, through chakras, caress energy, up the middle, up and out

partners, massage table use that format, take people into new consciousness, kundalini as useful metaphor probably is that be definitely energy does shift, working with that intention, instead of conventional ejaculation

TP: really healing and sweet, people feel like they’re not gonna be missing out, or left out or excluded

heteronormative schematics

really encouraging

Z: my take on that is, just to kind of also balance that out, important to be having energetic experiences, also large portion of our work, different dimension, learning how to deepen intimacy, different quality, not usually as intensely sensory, energetic in that way, much more, other skills we’re trying to encourage, what does it mean to really be with somebody, be energetically kind of connected, recently last couple years, new concept of we space meditation, subtle states of shared consciousness, could include touch, not required

to me, my interest is more like, that feels to me like the real interesting part, one thing to have personal experience within own body, somebody’s massaging you, activating you, energetic release, beautiful experience, fruition of that, gone through kundalini awakening, has to have some sort of effect on us, when we moved the energy that way, can come into deeper states of clarity, stillness, presence,

fruition, communicates beyond just personal experience

TP: awesome, vagina monologues had pansexual tantra meed up in la, kundalini monologues, hopefully will take off some day, great time, different stories, so many, wow, lot of good stuff, definitely some horror stories too

Z: key, how do you create safe container for people to be experiencing these experiences, enough structure, to digest experience, otherwise, profoundly disorienting kind of experience

S: one of the tools learned early on in 70s, tantra workshop, same sex, all male tantra workshop, stan russell, tools used back then, eye contact, breathing together simple

80s, body electric, incorporate a bit of that, never as much as I wanted, eye gazing powerful practice in and of its self

we space meditation, promoting form of meditation

gazing into partners eyes, can be done on zoom

being with partner, holding eye contact, attempting to describe verbally, what’s going on


quite an altered state that that leads to, ziji and I teaching

roots in tantra tradition, nothing to do overtly

connect deeply with romantic partners, total strangers

TP: beautiful thing, ancient practices techniques, occultism, cult of personality

west wants to secularize, messier, problematic, end up with more generalized, less cultural bound experience

adapted things like orgasmic meditation, may have had tantric training, indian gurus, to make it compute average multicultural western mind, strip away mythical archetypes, hindu mythological structures

we’ve salvaged in the west, western neo tantra, kundalini tradition, yoga asanas, general teaching, rarely offered, some experience, always seeking more, mudras, yantras, mantras, fundamental profound primal role, vibrations, sound, bija mantras, activating chakras, so much of that stuff, sometimes is very bound with religious dogma, archetypes, can also be more energetic, an anatomical energetic way of teaching

integrate or have reference upon mantras, mudras, in your offerings

S: tm, mantra based, Baba Muktananda kundalini awakening, om namah shivaya, so hum,

powerful, chanting of them find very transformative,

a little reluctant, people in west, wary, religiousity, hesitant to bring in too much, turn people off, almost always do oming, mantra, om

men in cirlce hug, ah sound, o, m, carry on for a while, quite wonderful, blend them, hear them unify over time


Z: personal background with tantra, not in hindu, tibetan buddhist, a lot of esoteric tantric teachings within

takes quite a bit of, understanding, background structure, communicate, what this tradition is trying to say, very personally rewarding, feels like a lot of pitfalls, possible misunderstandings that can take place, generally speaking I find, my work I really informed by that, not explicitly referring specific deities, mantras, esoteric sadhanas, or whatever

S: creating sacred space, one of ingredients we invite men to join us in, letting go of ordinary chit chat, most contant non verbal, set out of busy urban life for whole weekend, movement touch, conscious breathing, nonordinary state of consciousness, I hope informs the rest of their lives, states of consciousness are available,

TP: definitely so many different schools all over the east, probably all agree on, path of integrating pleasure for spiritual development, does the work of a 1000 mantras, touch, centeredness in moment, sensate focus,

advanced yogis, alluded, quality of attention and focus is what you’re going for, the actual prescribed numbers of repetitions, grading on the curve, lowest common denominators, to make sure they get in the fold

Z: one of last few tibetan teachers, trained in pre chinese, tibet, very revered, visiting monastery, giving teachings, one nugget

two paths to liberation the path of pain and the path of pleasure, most people take the path of pain, just laughed,

we are all about exploring the path of pleasure

TP: that says it all, love that so much

so great so fun to have round table on this, invite you back anytime, more deeply, promote, things available, to broader community world wide through internet, good to promote that stuff, shout out, for website

Z: main website, menintouch.org, ignite festival, ignite-fest.com, each have own private practice, gaymassagevancouver.com, sequia, growthinghealthier.com

Denny Meyer Giving a Speech

Fighting to Honor Sexual Diversity in the Military with Denny Meyer TPP284


In this episode I’m blessed to have the opportunity to explore the brave efforts of a gay activist fighting to honor sexual diversity in the U.S. military

About Denny:

The son of WWII Holocaust refugees, Denny was reared bilingually in the mid 1940s postwar immigrant community on New York City’s Upper West Side. His mother, he notes with pride, arrived at Ellis Island as an illegal alien in 1938. She taught him that, “there is nothing more precious than American Freedom.”

He has been an activist for 50 years, starting with his first march with the NAACP at the age of 13 in 1960.

In 1968 he volunteered, “To pay my country back for my family’s freedom.

He served for ten years in two services; in the Navy aboard an aircraft carrier, in a helicopter squadron, at NATO US headquarters; and in specialized Army Reserve units; and served as an inter-agency liaison and negotiator.

Sgt. Denny has spoken at universities and colleges including Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Hofstra, New York University, University of Southern California, Tufts, George Washington University, Lehman College and Brooklyn College, among other venues; combining history, humor, pathos, and anger to tell his story.

He is the national Public Affairs and Veterans Affairs officer of AVER and edits GayMilitarySignal.com

Brad Amberheart Pic

An Eco-Sexual Healing Meditation for the Planet with Gay Tantrika Brad Amberheart TPP278


In this episode I’m syndicating the intro to a powerful meditation circle led by Brad Amberheart

For the full meditation please go to: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/gay-tantra/id1493225929

About Brad:

Brad Amberheart is a Tantric sex coach and erotic workshop facilitator who works primarily with gay men. His primary passion is working 1-on-1 with men who are ready to explore erotic ecstasy as a pathway to a higher understanding of who we are and why we’re here. Brad has also led transformational erotic rituals at international Tantra festivals for people of all genders, including the Hawaii Tantra Festival and the Tantra Love Fest in Glastonbury, UK. Between 2017 and 2020, he wrote more than 120 concepts for conscious evolutionary Gay Sex videos and worked on 7 gay erotic film sets to coach male erotic models in how to convey a deeper sense of heightened sexual freedom and expression on camera. His latest endeavor, as of January 2020, is the launch of his podcast series, Gay Tantra, which is the first podcast series in the world devoted fully to the experiential practice of Tantra, Sexual Magic, and Erotic Mysticism for men who have sex with men. To listen to his podcast, watch his gay erotic videos, or book a Tantric Sex coaching session in person or via video conferencing, please visit bradamberheart.com




Heartfelt Honoring of Diverse Eco-Femininisms with Zanzibar TPP238


In this episode I’m joined by my dear friend Zanzibar!

About Zanzibar:

Zanzibar is a para-activist, tropho-autonomist donacrat who has participated in sissi-fraternal, progressional sociopercolation for decades. A dedicated Gaiaolatrat and femineurorevolutionary, glomp* has cotextured the trance-linguistics of metre and assonance over great calendrical longitudes. Glomp is a standing-wave emergence from anonymity who shelters in polywombic noir.


Brad Amberheart Pic

The Sacred Sexual Healing Path of Gay Tantra Teacher Brad Amberheart TPP233


In this episode I’m joined by Brad Amberheart

My new gay tantra hero has joined me for a deep exploration of all things gay and tantra. He takes us on a journey through his journey, a cinematic adventure behind the veil and into the inner sanctum of a magical priest of love. I felt lifted out-of-body and into the clouds while experiencing his eloquent narrative of personal evolution, healing, empowerment, transformation, and transcendence.  I was in the perfect mood to shove off the shore of normal waking consciousness to dance within the erotic consciousness of Brad’s historic evolutionary path towards bigger and bigger love.

About Brad:

Brad Amberheart is a Tantric sex coach and erotic workshop facilitator who works primarily with gay men. His primary passion is working 1-on-1 with men who are ready to explore erotic ecstasy as a pathway to a higher understanding of who we are and why we’re here. Brad has also led transformational erotic rituals at international Tantra festivals for people of all genders, including the Hawaii Tantra Festival and the Tantra Love Fest in Glastonbury, UK. Between 2017 and 2020, he wrote more than 120 concepts for conscious evolutionary Gay Sex videos and worked on 7 gay erotic film sets to coach male erotic models in how to convey a deeper sense of heightened sexual freedom and expression on camera. His latest endeavor, as of January 2020, is the launch of his podcast series, Gay Tantra, which is the first podcast series in the world devoted fully to the experiential practice of Tantra, Sexual Magic, and Erotic Mysticism for men who have sex with men. To listen to his podcast, watch his gay erotic videos, or book a Tantric Sex coaching session in person or via video conferencing, please visit bradamberheart.com


My (not verbatim) show notes: 

Tantric sex coach, erotic workshop facilitator for gay men, host of gay tantra podcast

Gratitude to tantrapunk podcast for invitation, a month ago, searching for gay tantra podcasts, closest that came up was tantra punk because of interviews with Jason Tantra and others, listened to quite a few podcasts, deeply touched by transcendental eroticism, self pleasuring that encouraged men to cherish our own bodies, and use orgasm for healing

right when just about to contact tantra punk, I got an email we found one another at the same time

sitting in same bedroom in grandmother’s house, live in western north carolina, talking today from home of ancestors, family lived for 5 generations, same cedar tree I decorated with lights over the holidays that was my height when I was twelve, now the same age as me, gigantic cedar tree that I can go in and hide and masturbate if I want to, right in the front yard, I think that’s a good frame work for what I’m about to tell you

grew up in very conservative religious background, lucky enough to have parents that were open sexually, even though 70s, father was deeply wounded emotionally and spiritually by the Vietnam war, I came into a world of turmoil and chaos

parents thought sex was a very important part of life, educated to embrace sex and its beauty

went to church, encouraged to wait until marriage to engage sexually, parents didn’t subscribe to that

even though baptist church, it was quite moderate. The horror stories about fundamentalist religions weren’t a reality

always cared for, always loved

when got into high school, more than before, became problem child

asked questions you’re not supposed to ask

Jesus never got married, how old was he when he did, is there anything in the bible about him having sex with anyone, because you’re not supposed to have sex before marriage, does that mean that Jesus never got to do you want me to die a 33 year old virgin, nailed on a cross

pleaded with youth minister to talk, he looked at me with kind eyes, I feel like a lot of people are asking the questions you’re asking but you’re the only one with courage to ask, I wonder what Jesus’ sex life was like

he got married, after wedding we all looked with longing, maybe he’s getting some now

still what really impressive, miraculously I was not shunned, encouraged to explore curiosity

curiosity is a foundational root of what it means to be on a tantric path

heard of tantra first from sister, she said, have you ever heard that there’s certain guys in the world that instead of ejaculating, they use that energy for other things and have these trippy experiences

didn’t hear the word again for many years, didn’t have sex with anyone all the way from puberty until I was 22 years old, partly because of religious upbringing, and partly because of craving, longing, excitement related to men, attributed it to admiration

if I would see a hunky guy there was a certain excitement

also noticed going on dates with women, it was done from a place of attempting to please relatives, to convince them I was normal

greatest obsession was to study all day saturday, for international science fair, studied sun spots through a telescope every day, instead of having sex

while every body else was exploring sexuality if they were lucky, I was at the library, I was a total nerd

went to church every sunday, even when parents quit going, I was the spiritual leader of the family, always asked to say the prayer

what’s more relevant, I remained disconnected from other people sexually all through college

I was religious but at the same time rebellious

celebrate new years in florida with my cousin

I wonder what jesus’ sex life was life, I’m 22, I don’t really want to die a virgin

willing to find any woman who’d be willing to experiment with me

wasn’t able to find anyone that wanted to go to bed with me

story going on in my mind, maybe people who go to bed with people of same sex was because they couldn’t get in bed with someone of the same sex

the story I got about homosexuality was not pretty, not positive, not encouraging, it was scary

tantra, in retrospect, for all the years that I wasn’t having sex I was pursuing other passions and putting a lot of energy into really creative work

how did I ever get on a tantric path, all the times masturbated by myself, I was on a tantric path, I was harnessing my energy and putting into what I cared about even when I wasn’t having sex

learned how to take self into fits of excitement and ecstasy, at that age I ejaculated a lot, so I found every creative way to shoot my cum all over the place

I became my most devoted and delighted sex partner

I had a lot of fun by myself, didn’t know til in college, most guys masturbate with their hand

I actually found it much more pleasurable to fuck the bed, I would writhe and squirm all over soft sheets and make noises into the pillow, I loved ejaculating onto the sheets, didn’t realize that not everybody did that

cultivating an ecstatic whole body practice

when I did find a willing, exuberant, excited sex partner, the ecstasy I had been cultivating on my own 9 years, was over the top with another human being, on top of a wonderful man’s body in Alaska, marvelous orgasm after orgasm for hours, must have ejaculated 4 or 5 times, I was still 22, now looking back, years of whole body jack off fun by myself became the foundation for years of euphoric sexual bliss with other men

the tantric path made itself known to me, overtly around the year 2000, I was 26 years old, had been in a corporate job for several years, traveling back and forth to Siberia, environmental consult to gold mining companies, had no sex life

Still investing in what I really cared about, didn’t have sex partners other than self

sit in closet, get high smoking pot, get out a stack of porn mags, started to noticed even though all my porn mags had women in them, they also had men, loved to seeing men’s cum, loved seeing to men and woman together, undeniable theme

one night jacking of in the closet by myself and said, wow I live in a city of 100,000 people, there must be someone else out there who would love to do this with me right now

ventured out of closet, went to a bar, chatted up the cutest guys I could find and I had hours and hours and hours of mind blowing sex as often as I liked, if there had been any guilt or shame or trepidation, I took 9 years to get over it

when I came out the closet, I came out with flying colors

tantric path continued, something was happening that was not normal, not typical

I would be making love with a guy, no penetration with first 20 or 30 partners I enjoyed, always face to face body to body cock to cock lips to lips, over the top orgasmic, wasn’t any penetration but would find that, would allow self to completely lose myself, didn’t have to hold on to earthly reality, go flying, when I would come to, the men I would be with would be like, “dude I have neighbors”, what do you mean what do they have to do with anything, well you’re making a lot of noise man, what else would I do I’ve waited 9 years to enjoy this

they would enjoy it but they would try to shut me down

I hear this from friends when they make love with women, always concerned with how big it’s gonna be and how loud

at present moment I hold play parties for people of all genders, last play party, all of the noise that came out of my house was the screaming orgasms of women, didn’t hear men making any noise, windows were open, screams going through whole neighborhood

I told everybody in the beginning, it’s spring time its hot windows open, if you’re going to scream and orgasm, consider that a blessing to the people who live here, whatever you’re facing aim that energy into the earth, that it can bless this ground that has suffered so much for so many generations and so that the people near by can be blessed, consider the people on this continent that are hurting and let your waves reach those people

and I heard a lot of screaming from women, because, frankly I don’t know how many places in the world we have sanctuary to really allow that unstoppable orgasm to come out, I really feel it has frightened men for a long time, it frightened many of my sex partners early on

I had never been with anyone, I had only been with my ecstatic self, when nobody was home in my parents house, I was shouting hallelujah, I was screaming because it felt so fucking good, I didn’ tknow anything about holding it back

learned about body electric school in 1999, had been hearing more about this tantric thing

workshops where guys rubbed on one another’s cocks, and they would see colors, and visions , and maybe speak in tongues

room full of men would go into whole body orgasmic bliss but nobody ejaculated

it was really trendy in the 90s, a lot of people talked about it, wow I did it and I saw colors

I could travel back and forth in time, very different than what I was seeing in porn, to this day when I watch porn, still haven’t seen one that shows people having a transcendental experience, where they’re flying above the oceans and swimming with the dolphins while they make love

still waiting, when I make love I get to swim through oceans, I get to hear the whales, I get to smell the salt air, I get to travel through the world and its what I want for people to know more anything is that in addition to being a fuck load of fun to have sex, it’s also a vehicle that connects us to everything alive on the earth, and everything that ever has lived, no such thing as death, people that came before are here alive and we can visit with them, this is the potential of our sex, that I’m not hearing spoken about except out of my own mouth,

my tantra speaker spoke about it when I finally tantra, after the body electric school, where I went to workshops where men rubbed on each other’s cocks like a magic jenie bottle and transcendental experiences

when I was invited to my first tantra workshop I said well what is it, is it a tantra massage and he said no, it’s tantra

you mean tantra is different than massage, he said yeah it is

I went to this workshop in a log cabin, with some one to this day I consider to be one of the most authentic and resonant lineages of tantra that I have found, rudolph valentine

we do this tantra workshop in a log cabin, it’s hot, but there’s a pond and we bathe in a pond

it’s great we’ve done it lots of time, you should come, so I did

12 men there, all got naked, lined up on bank of pond, farm pond with frogs in it, every few minutes, hear them and nights sounds, crickets, we all line up, leader motions for us to take step forward, 12 men take a step into this pond with water up to our chest, remembered grandmother, I remembered her saying she was baptized in a pond, as soon as that thought came to me, the workshop leaders invited us to get into a circle, the two of them got into the center of the circle and they invited the first person to step in to the center of the circle, I thought are they really gonna do what I think they’re gonna do, I decided to go first, I stepped into the circle, one of them put his hand behind my head, the other held my hand, they both looked at me and I knew what was happening, they nodded as if to signal are you ready, I shook my head,i let out a wail, I stood in the middle of this pond with 9 men surrounding me, and two holding me in the center, and I wailed, I felt the sorrow and the disconnection of how I had been to be loved and cherished by a spiritual community and the pain of how it felt to be disconnected from your spiritual roots, in my heart I had a prayer that this time I would embark on a spiritual path that would hold everything that I am and allow me to be everything that I could be, and had room for every part of me, all of me the slut the priest, the father the son the man the woman everything in side of me the dark the light I wanted that path that could hold me, that was what tantra was, that was what tantra meant

I nodded, and they immersed me in the water and I had my second baptism, the first time was inside of a church when I was 6 years old inside of tank, they put you in this paper robe, and they bring you up out of the water and the whole church can see you all wet, with this paper clinging to your body

here I was in the pond, naked being baptized, this is the way to do it

moments in the workshop: looked at one of the teachers and said I’m so glad that I finally met my teacher, what do you mean, you’ve already had a teacher, what are you talking about, because you told me about the person that taught you everything, everything you already need to know about tantra was already taught to me, who was it, he said, your grandmother

my grandmother was a master at finding light in the darkness and master of turning obstacles into means, when I finally did meet my tantra teachers, 28 years after I first met my grandmother they told me the same things that she had, they were just the first to put it into words, my grandmother always had plenty when there was nothing, she had joy even when she lived in hell, she found heaven in hell, I’m sitting right now in the house that she lived and died in

my tantra teachers told me that tantra is the consummation of the inner marriage and while some of us look for a partner outside of ourselves to marry, most of us skip the essential step of finding that partner within ourselves first, I had a lot of time to practice that inner marriage, it’s a never ending relationship just like any marriage

shadow work, all of those pieces of ourselves that we think are ugly that we wouldn’t want others to know

its an instinct, there’s a part in us that isn’t always happy

part of us that feels angry, part of us that feels scared, there’s a part of us that feels enraptured, a part of us that feels enraged, the further we walk on the tantra path we’re prompted to see that there’s a place for all of this, to find the marriage of these opposites, the ultimate journey of what tantra really is all about

one more thing I want to add, I happen to be a gay man, I really love the word faggot, I embrace that word as part of my magic, and I happen to be a faggot who really loves to make love with women who love faggots, have had ecstatically joyful partners who were female, I had to embrace my delight and love of other men, before I could allow myself to be the complete faggot I am in bed with women

had precisely two maybe three ecstatic female lovers, they are female lovers that really love gay men,it’s really helped me to see the perfection that a lot of men who have sex almost exclusively with women, also have the complete right to enjoy sexual freedom with other men without necessarily having to put a label on it

visually when I look at women’s bodies, I can admire them I can appreciate the embodiment of the goddess and yet its way different, it’s not like a look at a woman and go I really want to have that right now, I really only objectify men

what happens with women, I approach it as an opportunity to commune with the divine, pathway that connects us with the divine, it no longer matters how old they are, how fat or thin they are, kinda fem or kinda butch, doesn’t matter what gender they are, if you’ve found source of your erotic expression in yourself and you love erotic expression for the pure excitement and sake of erotic expression it is possible to journey ecstatically and cathartically with a wide diversity of partners, some people ask me, how can you have sex with someone you’re not attracted to

one of my primary lovers is twice my age, I’m in my 40s, one of my lovers is in his 80s, we have some of the most transcendental experiences that I have with any partner, I make love with people not because of the way they look or how old they are, but authentically because I want to commune with the divine, I like to travel I like to transcend time and space, I get a lot of insight and guidance for what I’m gonna do with my life when I’m in that state, that’s why I make love

people say what type of person are you into, what type of person turns you on, I say a person who’s fuckin as excited as fuck to make love with me, that’s the kind that really turns me on, if they’re excited, I’m excited, if I’m excited they’re excited, there’s a resonance, that transcends appearance, age, social class all that bullshit

women, I’m really grateful for women because, making love with women was like, a later stage threshold that I crossed because that was when I really recognized, wow, I can have a transcendental erotic experience, and be a faggot with a person of any gender, I can, it can’t just be anyone, it has to be someone who knows we’re on a journey, and we’re connecting with something bigger than ourselves, if a woman just wants my dick its not gonna work, lots of time I don’t even get hard when I have sex, if I’m in a cathartic whole body state nobodies paying attention to how hard my dick is, that would be a liberating lesson if more men in the world were able to feel that the ability to connect ecstatically with the divine and another human being is completely independent of what they’re cock is doing, that’s radical

some of the most whole body orgasmic states I’ve ever experienced and witnessed were with people who’s cocks weren’t hard, don’t get me wrong I love hard dick AND there are a lot of ways to go into cathartic whole body ecstasy

homophobia…i barely use the word anymore, don’t often feel like I’m battling homophobia, which is a beautiful place to be

our world really does shift with the shift of our inner perception, the transformation of ourselves and planet using sexual pleasure, what I’m really asking of people to invite ourselves to consider that ecstatic sexual pleasure is available to far more of us than we’ve ever dreamed

we feel we need a partner of a certain type, in reality if we join with other partners who recognized that we have the opportunity to fly, to sail through the skies and the seas, experience realities beyond what we see, what meets the eye, we have the opportunity to go into multiple realities, the future on planet earth is that we’re going to see a world more filled with people who are excited about having sex with a variety of partners, less focused on getting hard, ejaculating, and fulfilling a whole checklist of what they think needs to be done to have great sex, and focusing more on oh my god, we have an energy field right now where if we introduce the faintest intention, that is going to manifest, as soon as we say it is done

10 years ago I spoke the impossible, I was in a native american ceremony with 100 queer people and I was asked why I came and I said I want to see the day when our people can fuck and enjoy the fuck out of each other and squirt our seed inside of one another and know we’re actually healing one another not killing one another

full on sexual delight was some how equated with death

I want our people to be able to share our medicine free from fear, healing each other not killing each other, I had no way of conceiving how that would be possible, today there are multiple opportunities for people to enjoy sexual pleasure with people of all genders like never before free from fear, a lot of people are using Prep, they’re taking something that allows them to free themselves from the acute anxiety that has for all too long accompanied them and their sex

not an advocate, or promoter, nor do I discourage people to use things things

the world has transformed, we have sex with each other for healing and health

its what brings us life

what’s coming up, the most exciting thing happening in my tantric path, is the gay tantra podcast

12/31/19 I issued the first episode, it was pretty hard core, it was a hard core sex scene, interspersed with sacred magic, to alert people that raunch, kink, and downright ass fucking is integrated with magic and health and healing, followed with talk with 8 other men, with how tantra relates to sex among men, created an exercise people can do

I’ve contributed to the creation of over 120 evolutionary gay erotic videos, all on my website:


on the home page, I have links to the evolutionary gay erotic videos, gay tantra podcast, soon more links to upcoming events world wide

Jason Tantra and partner, created an app, that allows conscientious gay men who are exploring other realms of sexual magic and healing to meet each other, created at the same time as the gay tantra podcast, master of mind of universe created the gay tantra podcast and tantra4gaymen app at the same time

even if you’re not gay, you just occasionally like to suck dick, listen to the gay tantra podcast

event’s coming up, will be posted on website, announced on gay tantra

series I’m most excited about is a series that teaches people how to use , or harness their sexual pleasure as a tool to connect with higher sources of wisdom and information: transcendental sexuality

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super excited some of the videos I created are still being edited

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Celebrating Gay and Bisexual Tantra with Jason TPP90


Jason Tantra PicIn this episode I’m joined by the charming and illustrious Jason Tantra, the founder of Tantra 4 Gay Men. He’s stepped up into a leadership role in holding sacred spaces world-wide and online for gay and bisexual men to share in the glory of Tantra.

We discuss his personal journey, offerings, and visions for an ever more deeply and unconditionally loving future for humanity.

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About Jason:
Jason is the founder of Tantra4GayMen, and a pioneer of Tantra for gay and bisexual men in the UK. Trained as a counselor and as a spiritual medium, and after years of professionally working with male survivors of rape and abuse, Jason met Tantra in 2006. He immediately knew that his life purpose had become clear. Since 2008, with his husband Ingo, Jason has pursued his life as an exploration of sexual and spiritual liberation. He has done this by creating events and trainings that express this: Events where men who love men can let go, explore love, and find ways to freedom where sexuality meets spirituality.

Over 10.000 men having been through Tantra4GayMen’s work. Its two yearly Festivals are beautiful wonderlands where sex meets spirit, bringing together facilitators from the cutting edge of Tantra in a context where men can love men without holding back. Its Tantra Diploma offers a one-of-a-kind transformative experience for those who want to live Tantra as a path of personal development leading to total freedom. Currently, Tantra4GayMen is expanding these events into the USA, and Jason and Ingo are working towards their vision of a community of open, free, conscious and aware men that are happy and in love with the very world they live in and themselves.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin their beloveds welcome to touch your Punk podcast episode number 90 I am on Skype with Jason Tantra and he is a leader in the world is Tantra for gay men and if you have done any research or had any interest in this area of timeshare you probably discover that there’s not a lot out there unfortunately so let’s really give Jason some supplies and support to continue to grow and extend this technology into all of the beautiful dimensions of love that exists so Jason would you want to tell us about your background how you discovered timeshare and how its transform your life and then we’ll get into what you offer and what the future looks like inviting me to come and do this podcast with you and I’m really happy to share anything I can to help spread the love spreads Tantra erotica what’s going on around me in and it’s really easy I think to slip into being faithful old to slip into being angry or to feel helpless you know you don’t need to look at the news headlines from a vote in the u.s. in the UK it’s a pretty scary place out there in done for me one of the things I love about Time trailer is that at its core is about love at its absolute core is about unconditional beautiful love and I just kind of rest into that place you know when when I look and see the world son struggling tonight I want to do so I’m really pleased to have to try and Spencer to try here with you think you know about you but I kind of always felt when I was growing up that my life had a certain purpose in extreme my childhood’s I always had this feeling that some of the experiences that I went through were for a greater good with for said that they would have some meaning of some elephants later in my life at the age of 18 I started attending we call the spiritualist church in the UK I basically spent 10 years learning how to be a spiritual healing that was before Reiki became fashionable and I also learned a lot about energy and I learned a lot about spirits and I learned a lot about mediumship and being able to channel energy and I would sit in closed groups and had many many experiences over that decade and then I went home to qualify as a spiritual healer and have a qualification for that and then I’m is interesting that they are qualified all of my clients dried up and again it was coming back to this idea that this training was in somehow preparation to something I was going to do later in my life and then I like my clients just dried dried up and I was like okay and I said if you’ve ever had that feeling bad when you just need to trust something inside you to get to trust it. Going to be okay and that the right thing happening Alchemy and I went to start work as a Fallen Tree telephone counselor for a charity in Bristol code many survivors outline and I would be taking telephone calls each week for male survivors of rape and abuse and often a phone call to me would be you know the first time that they had ever spoken about this you know we’re going back about 15-20 20 years people got support from telephone lines rather than from the internet as they do today so that time I feel and I might work then think that grew and I started to work in the prison in Bristol working with inmates and male survivors of rape and abuse and it’s a real cycle of something that happens where people have had a traumatic childhood of her being abused mental cruelty physical cruelty sexual cruelty and they’re going to end up in the cycle of drugs and then they commit crimes to feed the drugs to forget you know kind of what happened to xiamen so in other words I was doing was about helping them stop poking about the abuse for the very first time and I’m joining that time I put myself through University and trying to the counselor and qualifies as a kind of slow and then would you believe that at some point just came to a natural pools but during my counseling journey I had a 10-year relationship with my previous partner had to say he had real issues with alcohol I mean basically living with an alcoholic for 10 years and I just thankfully I kiss the ground that I had the strength to get out of the situation I often didn’t think I’d be able to get answers that situation and had a unique. In my time if you match and living with somebody with an alcohol issue for 10 years it’s like the minute that I finished it’s like this huge crowd is just lifted off you and I kind of felt like a new spring lime Galloping around the field and I decided I had a 3-month time in day before I moved into my new place and I decided to do all the things that would me in the Lost previous years and one of those was to go on a tantra weekend Workshop and the first time I met Chandra it was like hand on the gloves it was like even though what we were doing was difference the language and the psychotherapeutic processing of of what’s going on was already coming to me cuz I feel like that before the previous two decades and I went through and trained for three years until the truck I’m in Germany and I remember waking up one day and I was like okay I’m going to be a timer for teacher I don’t know how else to say that you know I just woke up and I just had this much deeper sense of knowing that that was my purpose that that was what I was put on Earth to do and what I do and I and I dedicate my life to is about how Payne gay and bisexual man to love to come back to love and to come back to themselves and to come back to truth and what I mean by truth is kind of you know what’s beyond the world that we see around us is beyond you know that the things that are going on in our life was the purpose of our lives and cymede you know my dedication is to help gay and bisexual man I’m spiritually energetically sexually a vowels and the biggest thing that I always talk about is freedom I feel that Tundra is fucking hard work sometimes when I’m exercising flooring against the floor just made my own blockages my own my own issues all the stuff that was getting in the way and I don’t mean I didn’t know that I was going to make it sometimes to the train now it’s a run out what it’s a runaway I wanted everyone to fuck off I went I went straight to hell and back and Ania in Tantra I found some of the most ecstatic experiences ever I kind of feel like I visited places that I know existed a kind of not on this Earthly plane and I feel that I have just a much wider sense of of who I am and that isn’t necessarily the Jason is being presented to you but kind of the spirit of who I am I being mean of the being of who I am wow that was such a beautiful Journey I’m just I’m glowing in the end there’s a lot in there that really resonates for me it seems like we’ve probably experienced a number of similar circumstances and I’ve been trained as a tantra counselor and certified and I am myself a Survivor and a wounded healer and it’s very much in a different place to come from when you’re really in the trenches of of doing support work and then you discover Tantra can you tell us a bit about the training that you did for three years that sounds like a deep immersion and I’m curious if you have highlights from that I feel that my Tantra teacher told me most importantly have not to do it and that might come as quite shocking because I actually when you want to train and turn you kind of want your Tantra teacher to you kind of look up to them and you place your trust in them and you place your respect and you kind of hold them in the interstates of reference and Ice I as I said earlier the biggest thing I learned from my country teacher and I kind of like to keep the name Anonymous if that’s okay but they basically told me how not to do it and and they told me what notes to do and they also told me the HD when you’d come from a place that does not have a clear intention then you’ll potentially harmful to people for me my biggest thing the temperature is about love and old is the people that come to my work I love them unconditionally and I have compassion for what that’s struggling with and however that plays out however that’s display I have to fashion because I have my own ship to do with you know I have my own moments where I’m less than perfect. Here we go again I’ve done that played the old again you know you kind of hate yourself for a moment I kind of know what is old as those places and I feel that the only way we are Humanity all going to get through this without blowing ourselves up burning the planet we live on and making everybody else different than us the only way they always love you no love doesn’t care you know what color you are what race you are what country you come from doesn’t care what you go in the bank balance it doesn’t care what experiences you have love for me is a states of being an end loving all of us is absolutely equal you know we are absolutely equal when we will come from the price of love beautiful that’s amazing yeah I feel that I feel like I’m kind of on the wanting to give people a lot of prerequisites a lot of disclaimers a lot of warnings and there’s definitely a pattern of misuse of the tantric sexual powers and you know just sit a tendency to form Cults of personality and you can say that a lot of a lot of India is this a lot of tension amongst all these different strains of Tantra that got lumped together into a kind of Orthodox Hinduism that was easily digestible by the Christians and so you know the British so it sits there the more feminist and feminine schools of timeshare are the ones that I think held onto that Integrity the best my lineage just to come back to get to the point you made of the beginning my lineage I guess is from imagine if you’ve heard of more going on. I’ve heard the name but not answering the influences of the temperature that I teach and it’s very good for me to be able to take the practices and the teachings and leave behind all the controversial stories and Cults and goodness knows what else beside one of the things that’s important for me as a time for teacher is my my counseling training I’m one of the things I believed as temperature teaches I don’t put myself up that as a guru I have my own blind spots my own shadow sides and so like counselors go to sleep position I also go to supervision to make sure that my work is healthy and that I’m coming from the right place and I don’t have any blind spots and you know for me temperature is a cold playgrounds of all of the issues that are coming on for Humanity so I’m the person whatever issues you have going on in your life are going to be very very condensed and feel much more active and alive I’m in a tantric space because you’re going to be confirmed signals for me I am argue I’m a knife and I passionately argue against some of the views and opinions that I’m Tundra is only possible between a man and a woman and the reason why I disagree with that and it’s my own personal opinion you know I don’t need you to make it right or wrong will make anybody else write my own personal opinion and I’ve discovered is that everybody has both masculine and feminine energy in them and mask gin and feminine for me is difference between man and woman and masculine energy doesn’t always equate to a man and notice feminine energy always equates to a woman and I get very very cross and very upset when anybody that isn’t a hetrosexual male or a hetrosexual female is excluded in any way for me Tantra is as normal as fresh air and it says available to everybody as fresh air and I also feel that the more that we try to categorize all cells and the more we try to put ourselves in certain identity is the movie actually take away take yourself away from an openness and the willingness to explore all the possibilities of who we might be in this life beautiful I totally agree and there’s some nuts and bolts things with not being a man and a woman that I think are easily mythbusted when you understand exactly what you’re talking about and I believe also like something I would say to people who said will you everybody has the shizuma that eat and a pink gelato so pretty much you’re you’re energetically spiritual intersex anyway yes you’re working with men We Believe The Arc Hawk hotel masculine energy and we also believe that also anus hose or feminine energy and I would say that your masculine and feminine energy are not dependent on the types of genitals that you have you know everybody for me has both masculine and feminine energy and everybody has those in different quantities I think I’m people believe that gay men are going to have more feminine energy and for me and my experience that’s absolutely not true I don’t believe that in from what I’ve seen men’s gay men have any more or less masculine or feminine energy than any but any other hetrosexual man that I’ve seen and I feel that you know for me I try not to get into any generalizations and always work with each individual based on who they are and what they represented in each moment because of what was the what was the uzi and his film he said the one thing we can all be sure of is that we are all completely different and so for me. You know I welcome everybody into my world and unacknowledged that we are all going to be completely different and I have our own ways and end things that work and don’t work for us the more you develop a tantric practice you basically have dials almost in your energetic control panel or equalizer graphic play so kind of thing so that you can actually decide and in each moment you can you become masterful at dancing with those energies internally and then you can also dance with a partner or in a group so it’s very optional really the fluidity becomes very she was saying that I kind of had several different opinions that I’m okay about of years between every two persons is always going to be is always a conversation to be had whether that’s a non verbal conversation or a verbal conversation whether something’s expressed physically that person’s going to be hearing something back to you that going to be reflecting something back to you and that’s going to either be some stuff that you really love or some stuff that you don’t want to be around unsafe for me there’s always going to be a conversation going on you know some people to make you feel yucky some people are going to make you feel sexy some people to go to make you just feel loving and being present you know what kinds of things. She just probably more than one conversation to have with each person because that’s different territories in different places that you can go for me what enables me and the people that I teach to do is to have a much wider expression of themselves in the world so you know if you think that we grow up you know we go to school we may go to university or college we make at a job and you know everything I’m at a very general level is kind of quiet conditions and for me people typically come to town trap because they’re looking for something they looking for something more all this something that they want to heal you know either there’s something wrong that’s causing them pain or they are bored depressed Fed Up and kind of giving you know life is a big gray there must be more to this and you know people reason explorers Aguilas am I feeling in in Tantra yes have you ever had the experience of straightish but say or bi-curious men having negative experiences experimenting in more let’s say club or bar type game environments and then discovering your offerings and feeling like it’s a breath of fresh air 2 Deanna more conscious container or is there I kind of feel like there’s a hope that for men to start expanding their Horizons from the pressures of Christian patriarchal heterosexuality that they would have that you were the future of your teachings would be that there would be more meetup groups and more temples and places where male male initiation or even a male you know if a self-described straight male goes into a gay Tantra Temple and gets to have his chakras blown you know if that is a freak sample am I created in the UK and I’ve no created in the USA a tongue traffic a Man festival and we create five days of magic what I mean by that is beyond the program on the workshops going to be on this just you know who those things and it being in a great location there’s something magical that happens about halfway through the festival and it’s like everybody just drops into a very very loving you can feel it it’s just all around you a very loving accepting beautiful out of the hard to describe at World’s End people across hate when they when they leave because they think it’s like they’ve been to Narnia you know they vented magical land for these five. And what enables that for me is is the intention of love and the intention of accepting everybody as they are as perfect beings regardless of a shape color and any other anything else and you know for me in my work I create these magical spaces because if I took specifically for gay man I think one of the issues that we struggle with another world with the digital age and the old very very image focused in a we open up our laptops less pictures this magazines as hunky muscly pictures and quite often we can just feel less than you know if I talk about the Grindr app that you know that Ben has pictures of man and ask a man gay bisexual man was very very homes to say yes or no with in a nanosecond of each person or we can start on the grid of man who we would have wouldn’t shine within 2 seconds and so we beat very judgmental and we thought I think makes us lonely because we did and I will we go I want to connect with somebody that’s got the right shape to my sleet or so older right shaped biceps real connection that’s like you know watching porn films and looking to get aroused and that’s a great thing to do but in terms of looking for connection with the world in connection with a man.. Isn’t going to get you want you want and Anna for me one of the Magics of timetra is the ability to open yourself to connections with other people that you wouldn’t normally mates and I don’t necessarily mean sexual connections but they might be but that’s what I’m talkin about his love and connection like it’s normal in in human nature that we’re not going to find see everybody on the planet you know there’s some people that are going to think for other people I think I’ve not in a million years and then we got maybe if we can just drop the game come back to this sense of being banned from the sense of being let the conversation on phone knowing that there’s mutual love between you and you can then explore you know what connection means an animal talk to training I had some of the most profound experiences with man that I would never even look twice at in the end of Idaho open house until no way and yet there was something in the energy something in their essence of who they were the was so profound that opened up Magic beautiful well this time I’m taking a ride right now I can imagine all of this all these beautiful moments and really that’s a that’s exciting so in the end of the festival programs can you talk a bit about what the the Arc of the experiences like and what what people would expect if they were going to sign up and I’m certainly in treat I definitely want to check this out two things basically time traffic amen started I started this eight years ago with my partner and go and we started in Bristol and I started doing 6 evening weak-ass sex workshops of an evening of three hours I’m absolutely terrified and then that grew into doing a weekend workshop and then weekend workshops all over the UK and then that kind of gave birth really we decided to focus our efforts so we now have a tundra Festival how do you tie in Glastonbury and Google custom brake says ancient history there which just asked to the energy of the festival and this year is the first USA turn traffic on the East Coast at Eastern Mountain and we also offer in the UK what we call our Deep dive. I’m training which is our diploma in tundra and it’s a three-year program at is one week Pay Here in but inside I talk Less in Devon in the southwest of the UK and for me that is the bread-and-butter learning deeply about Tantra and putting yourself through a very deep I’m experienced men joining us from all over the world I would you believe we’ve got men coming on Start program flying in from Australia to go to coming in from Australia several coming in from the US and all over Europe because of the quality of the decks of this very very profound time for training so excites you listen as you know if they weren’t looking to really understand Tundra from a gay fine man perspective I would absolutely encouraged them to attend our diploma training and I’m not sure that there’s any think there are other trainings in the world but I don’t see anything ask for frying doors deep OS comprehensive as this training yeah I can only imagine was because not enough celebration in the world and we just kind of felt that you know Odyssey workshops are always about you not working on yourself looking at your crappy parts and I wanted to bring to Tantra the absolute beautiful idea of pure celebration and say what England I tires tirelessly do 4-year is we go and we seek teachers from all kinds of disciplines every year is a brand new program we bringing difference Hunter teachers from around the world yoga teachers I’m spiritual satsang teachers a BDSM teachers everything I think we bring in Danse you kind of name it in terms of a spiritual discipline and we are bringing that into a program and as I said it’s like you know a group of a hundred man in both countries connected for 5-day purely to celebrate love something that is starting to really converge in the I guess you could say to you or Western Tantra world there’s more and more crossover between the Psychedelic shamanic Renaissance a lot of people traveling to Peru for experience and Ayahuasca ceremonies and people are kind of creating their own experimental Cynthia genic exploration and healing containers with different substances and I’m curious if that is on in your call Janos Alchemy here with all these human Magics and Sciences and arts is are you finding that there’s more people approaching entheogens with their working in Tantra or in sexual healing or just act like you said from exploration to to the healing path you know is that some of my Advanced diploma students have taken it upon themselves to take trips out of Peru to work with pain medicine and for me when I talk to people that are experiencing that to me temperature is a pathway to Enlightenment you know that’s what the time trick Park is about its roots are in Hinduism and Buddhism and you know it’s taking you to the enlightened face but it was so for me plant medicine is also doing that as well I’m in a very very different way I don’t say what other spiritual practices are you know such as things like Zen meditation where it’s a very it’s a journey of under arousal and it’s a journey of Stillness and silence they looking for me for the exact same thing that we’re looking for in Tantra I know so if you talk to you know the yokuts around the world Yogi’s they’re also looking for the same thing as we are I just come back from a cherry vanilla in India where old is the world sucks I need teachers get together over 2 months and get public discourse is and the oldie I’m sorry I use that the holy man around my own sorrow looking for the same thing that we’re we’re all looking for and sofa does many very different disciplines of different ways of what I would go getting there if whatever the never should have getting their means I don’t want to see spiritual practices of a Pathways to Enlightenment and you know for me it’s it’s down to each individual about the great thing we have is humans and we forget this the one thing I have his choice and so people can choose which pathway I understand from country you know for some people because it does have a load of work with sexual energy and sexuality you know it’s they don’t feel it’s appropriate for them they don’t want to do that but for me you know Tantra is time to cut through very very quickly you know I called it the fastest Pathway to Enlightenment because you’re facing your crap for your face that your stuff is in the room with you write that but it was so I know that pain medicine. Ayahuasca you never lose them confront you with with your stuff and I also know you know that you will have those same things in in yoga different spiritual practices two different things yeah it’s at make it reminds me that for a while I’ve had this alternate conception of Enlightenment as being not only light as in light and dark but also light as in heavy and and let you know that the weight Factor so if you think of Enlightenment is shedding baggage from your you know you’re hot air balloon you dropping sandbags you can go higher than it’s kind of a different form of Enlightenment to release the weight do you know the the baggage you know so I think the strongest understanding of Enlightenment that I’ve had has been in tiruvannamalai when I pee in a hat the absolute privilege of sitting in the presence of some enlightened master and had the opportunity to meditate with them over prolongs days I spent three days with a Samsung teacher in enlightened monster and play privilege to meditate with him over three days I don’t have to say that my experience of that energy is is profound is beyond anything that I’ve you know experienced in in the in 44 years as something that infamy Tundra is it as a fantastic way of cutting through and I’m getting you that quickly right that’s that’s real beautiful I think people are it’s if you don’t have a an experience of that connectedness to the Divine Source energy which is what we’re trying to I’d say this place the lower ourselves the lower vibrational aspects of our character personalities wounds traumas ancestral curses you can call them demons whatever it is if you don’t have a source connection to light that’s going to really eradicate and displace all of that negative stuff then you know you might never in my think most most people walking the planet now who have been relieved foot Bound by the patriarchal religious systems that charge the money to fantasize about that energy of connection to the real thing so I agree steak that people sometimes make when they consider putting themselves onto a spiritual path way and sometimes they cannot have this perception that they needs to ascend all that they need to get something that’s higher than themselves I’m done for me Mike my problem with this is my own personal opinion but my problem with this is that I forget about that body and they forget about the human existence I think it’s some spiritual practices you know that work with love light and energy and believe that they need to be a send this to go to those but actually I’m a human being in the human body here on front of the earth and the planet that I’m living on I and the people around killing the planet in the environment that we live on and for me a spiritual practice must be embodied must be in the body must be hearing from the earth because you didn’t mean he much of planet Earth tips to be with so you know in future generations and for me until humans learn to love the planet and we’re not going to be fixing it and fixing some of the challenges that we have agreed and you’re talking to is music to my ears because I spent most of my life really in the trenches of being an eco-warrior and saving the trees and planting gardens and do a nonprofit work and charitable work there and it’s so interesting that this effect of Tantra I would say is it a when you have a taste of the Transcendent Divine Realms that are of pure beauty and Majesty than you actually are able to recognize that signature of the Divine creation more on Earth and you want to preserve it protect it leave it to see against I’m gay marriage and it was something along the lines of you know that actually if we fall in love with somebody of the same sex and we love them so much that that we’re going to marry them and then the next thing we might do is we that might want some merry old is the animals on the finance and we might love them so much that we want to Mary’s I went to see was so connected to them and then they’re not actually we might actually love the planet so much that we want to marry fine and we love it so much that we imagine not being with it in love and answer me. Just incapsulate you know kind of I think we’re one of the things I’m willing to bring people to Inn in Tantra is very deep profound states of love that they can integrate into their day-to-day lives so that they can be happier and they have a better quality of life and you know nobody’s suffering if you look at Buddhist teachings you know it talks a lot about human suffering and that she went with no in love we are suffering you know what either being critical or judgmental or shameful and one of those times was suffering and for me the thing I love about temperature is it tight shoes you said he’s very magical states of Puyallup your essence and as I know you said it’s about integrating that end in Za day-to-day lives here wow you just said something so profound and I think this needs to discuss easily be a mantra bumper sticker a t-shirt everything that whatever it takes but if I if I remember correctly if you’re not in love yourself you’re in suffering or your suffering that’s yes pretty profound so if you need help figuring that out this is a opportunity the ton truck pass for sure you know you can be in love with the smell of a flower or the sunset or just the experience of being in your own body you know being in love with yourself that is all these things like in country works if you’ve met somebody that sexy and there’s a connection it’s easy to fall in love with them engraved go ahead and enjoy that but I imagine you know if you said two people are falling in love with themselves that was really tough right you have so yeah I’m curious now if you you you just some bullet points of some of the ways that you would promote the the gay tantric path of initiation and in Discovery that would be not just anatomically different but anything that for those who ignore just lost in their imagination how how would it be different how would it work how does it how would it be tight what’s the how have you basically adapted some of this I’m sure it’s it’s something you’ll write many books about to give us a little bit of some teasers here I’m I’m just be thrilled to get a sense of some of the nuts and bolts in mechanics of you know is obviously eye gazing in breathwork and the the various chakra activation practices and the different ways to sort of Connect app through the Grafton true sound and movement and I’m just curious if you have sort of a some templates that you’ve work through so if people were trying to experiment with this in what would you give it some some quick tips quick tips and ideas and one of the things I create sits at the beginning of this ship and is my YouTube channel called Jason turn truck and the reason I created that was because I wanted to start the conversation of time I’m trapped and I wanted to dispel some common myths and I wanted to give people some great basic exercises that they could try on her to home and stop bringing this mystical single Tantra I’m to life Oldham so one thing I would recommend if people want to learn more about Sandra from me is to have a look at my YouTube channel Jason Tantra Samia Ali Raza Gate entrance go to gay or bisexual X go there any difference to any other hetrosexual temptress or any other form of temptress go to me the one thing that we can be sure of is that every time for school is completely different and the temperature that I want to bring to the world and the difference that I want to make to the world is about coming back to love and so in my teachings a lot of my work is about helping people to grow in Consciousness to Growing awareness so that they actually a presence in their day-to-day life and present with everything that’s happening inside them and signs of them so it’s a big feature with my Tikka work is the amount of psychotherapy that we actually do within the group because we wants to keep learning and keep his whole thing keep growing as I said in Consciousness and awareness that is all you know the pathways to Enlightenment that you are so conscious that you become fully realized you’re old as he practices that you names all the bread and butter of of Tantra I didn’t do I know I have a no deeper work at we’ve developed some quite challenging processes and practices that are not just about like the feature about work yes table you know I’d say a good half of it is about energy and about all of those good things that you named the other half of me is about working on the ego and working on helping people into places of surrender so we’ve developed around unique set of very deep profound exercises the all-purpose Lee Designs to be confrontational if you were an enlightened being these exercises won’t be confrontational you would just Breeze through them because you don’t have any ego and to me what we’re trying to do in time for this above the techniques is the process helping people to really have profound experiences of Freedom with all of the techniques for the day but in equal measure a place that they can safely process of work through the experiences that the housing I’m Works through the blockages are I really firmly believes that the psychotherapies as important as the time for techniques as a practice of tundra totally agree that it’s important is often is appropriate or necessary that we are coming into this in a way different context than the context that the National let’s say in the medieval Heyday of tantric temple building and the tantric Temple arts in India they didn’t have as much baggage to clean up or we can’t really guarantee that that’s the case but really if if if we look at what you know you already mentioned that addiction to the screen environments and let’s say all the Billboards there’s certainly the the the conditioning really the apparatus to build such disease ego minds they had already been aware of it enough that they had built whole systems to keep it in check from birth and it was you know I don’t want to romanticize anything but I just will save it to we’re we’re we’re going to teach Tantra now it absolutely I feel in Residence that there’s got to be a more of a modern tool kit to help with deconstruct this constant state of comparison and superficiality and you know it’s the the beauty of the Sounds in the image that the experience and all of these things that take you more internally they really put those shallow aspects in perspective and it makes it easy to dissolve a easier to dissolve them but then you also need that cognitive work to be done as well so yeah that’s all very different than the issues that for example of being dealt with a hundred years ago I’m an I agree with you about not romanticizing the past you know because if you look how we treated each other in a hundred years ago 200 years ago in England you know if you were sold took the office being a thief without any evidence you a hand and the way the humans treated each other you know for me in those times were very much about people conforming to the different religions on the different ways that their communities operates it’s so I don’t I think it’s it’s kind of why I agree with you about being careful not to romanticize the Past because I feel that people have so much Freedom these days I’m in the last 20 years specially for gay and bisexual men you know we have so much more freedom to you know beyond sales and to explore do we all but I also agree with what you’re saying bad about that there’s so many more distractions that I that can take us away from exploring a Hui hou arale off but I do believe and I do have hope around you no Humanity as to how we have evolved in the last hundred years you know the way that we treated each other then to the with the with the levels of consciousness that we have now I’m vastly vastly improved but you know what this game is not over until we all reach Enlightenment and we’re going to keep Reba and coming back until we kind of really didn’t realize the truth of Who We Are beautiful yes oh I I totally agree with that as well as feel like there’s this trend towards more love acceptance compassion empathy it’s a cosmic cycle I feel like it’s a good sign so we’re if you and then I really do the things that you were mentioned earlier that the headlines about how the world is falling apart it’s really it’s like we’re shedding the Cocoon of the old paradigms and it’s going to be an ugly there’s a lot of whoever’s hanging on to the past is going to fight with whatever power the illusions of power they have the weapons that you know the eagle Madness is just like any any it’s kind of a microcosm of a Kundalini experience or a confrontation and so we’re just watching the the Patriarchs of the old Paradigm fight for dear life of their of their way thinking and you know hopefully they get consumed sooner by Todrick temples than by death on the battlefield so yes yes it’s kind of personal but it’s I think this is a good moment to share it but basically my personal contract path is one of deep Devotion to goddess and and she has sort of appeared to me and in very repeated pattern forms of the fierce goddess Kali and there is some you know the archetypes you could say that they’re just archetypes or you could potentially feel like there’s a real intelligent Consciousness in an entity in the scriptures when they kicked its ass when it comes to life if you say the mantras you’re you’re born do you know if you say these mantras this is going to happen and he may get stuck upside down so serious yeah there’s there’s a place for for all of these Sam Davey experiences in in one’s initiation when where where I’ve sort of been you know guided is through Devotion to do to her is the sense that the the gay subculture in the world is gaia’s best hope for salvation and transformation because there is a I guess the divisions that I have been given is it in plain language been you you have to be instrumental in bringing Tantra and and this ecological perspective the permaculture design and sustainable gardening and architecture helping to facilitate more exposure to Tantra and sustainability within the world of the queer space which I’m absolutely a part of because there is it’s it’s a it’s a lot to be stereotypical to overgeneralize of course but I’m too just acknowledge that that the the queer realm is the domain of the goddess in so many ways and it’s a it’s a softer cell to say hey let’s all go out go out and grow beautiful garden together and sustain each other so that we can all be in love all the time and so with that said I’m I’m just thrilled that we’re having this conversation and I’ve been my practice save you know there’s a lot of people that I have started a pan sexual Tantra Meetup Group in LA and there was a lot of interest in these in these Explorations and there’s certainly in West Hollywood where they called Boys Town you know that’s a whole a whole just dripping with with opportunity to be in a very powerful leverage point for the planet to heal from more Consciousness there so I’m just curious than is it is a question from this event that ecological Consciousness and the design Consciousness the Aesthetics that are so stereotyped about oh you know the flower arrangers in the hairdressers in the this meticulous drive to have beautiful fun Trey Aesthetics you know there’s a that Temple Builder is the essence of the Sacred geometrical temple building Sacred Space designing impulse let’s give the power to those who are wanting to honor the goddess energy and let it flow so do you feel like you have there’s momentum there and that you’re finding people who just get up get ahold of this energy and want to just beautify the planet and create more Sacred Space for to love and play in and how is that all going for you I would say I think the first thing is to I believe the where I’m at at the moment someone join with time traffic a man kind of see it’s kind of on the edge circle of of the identity of queer and I feel that in the last 20 years the relationship between queer and gay is gay has become more mainstream a more widely accepted they seem to have moved further away from their roots of queer you know for me and again I’m only talking personally that you know I’m queer for me represents oldest. Juiciness hold of that creativity oldest active ocean and as as you describe it in firm in terms of goddesses in Gaya Gaya sorry and I feel I feel that’s gay mainstream has lost its connection with on it square roots because it’s become more Wind Creek Atmore wind be accepted I would say that mainstream gay is almost become more heteronormative so I kind of feel I’m a nut in a personal opinion of what I’m saying and I believe the work that I do creates a bridge for mainstream gay man that’s my cake my core audience because I want to help them to explore that Divinity explorer that creativity explored the essence wake them up reminds them and make them show themselves in ways that they couldn’t even imagined before to shake off you know the conditioning in to shake off the the ideas that they need to come form in a certain way and it’s you said you need to shake off the idea that they need to conform to some form of stereotyping identify me what’s it the essence of that is what I’m really interested about is is the liberation of people is people finding their rank freedom beautiful beautiful well it said to be able to talk about these things and I really feel like you feel like there’s going to be a point where your training system is is able to be somehow franchised or where they could be chapters or would you see empowering more leadership Regional leadership so that there is just I think this goal is of having temples that are accessible all over the world and frosting this question I could see if you look at how am I supposed I started teaching in the UK I’ve no just going through a sizeable Investments to get my Visa to teach in the USA so you’ll see us offering a festival on the east coast and there’s many ways to get involved there any lucency mean I won’t bring workshops on the West Coast Oakland in June next year and in New York and Boston and also in the UK so that’s one way but the other thing that I haven’t told you about up to know is again I would you believe that everything I’ve ever learned from time traffic Amen on reinvested in and England I spent a considerable amounts of money building a social network on our website and you know we spent tens of thousands of pounds building this social network and basically it’s like Tom triffitt Antrim eats Facebook people join a social network for free that will automatically put into Regional groups so first of all they can see profiles and see as a man just like them that are in the same regions we have those regions all over the world different conversations that are going on in each one and then there’s all the other Facebook activities that you’d like things like messaging and special interest groups as a news feed you can like posts all the stuff you can do in Facebook we are able to do on all social network and the other thing that I’m about to launch in the next month is what we call tantric touch and love facilitators and what I want to do cross the world is to create local places where men can go and experience love and know that it’s going to be held from a place of quality know that it’s going to be held safely that has like an ethical framework and that is found read under it safe and inner my dream is to create as I sat across the globe a network of tantric touch and love facilitators that’s why I just finished writing it yesterday at my Aunt me to help her is uploading that in the next week so y’all could kiss you for asking that because that’s going to be training stuff in the US in October this year and in the UK in November this year so by the end of the year I kind of want to get this this community across the world if anybody’s listening feels that they in a want to contribute to the world and they want to contribute to that locally in to look at how to create more love you know maybe creating spaces of tops of Love of tundra on a monthly basis is a Hobie you know I’m I want to help you achieve that help you be your ambition yeah and you have the training in the background to relieve design the the architecture for I like the word that you said I’ve never heard it spoken that way before but now I’m going to definitely use it the idea of being found read that it’s taken care of it’s it’s it’s sort of a cassette container space where you know what to expect and there are there’s the supervision and there’s the I’m always talking recently was with the fellow tantrica instructor in and just using the word referee so that you don’t I mean a lot of people’s first experience if it said negative or awkward or confusing experience that where do you like you said you don’t like your teacher said if the intention isn’t very clear and the expectations aren’t very well laid out then it can be traumatizing really didn’t even the deeper the more like you say you’re concentrating everything so if you if you screw up in a ton truck container it’s an amplification can really be deeply fracturing and wounding and then and then turn people off from its this is as sacred as important as virginity if not more yes awesome will this is so exciting and then I guess I just have one last question that if we could if we could explore which is we both a touchdown and I think it points in a conversation and it’s actually a big passion of mine now is to sort of that psychology of if you can’t beat them join them you know I have a lot of critique of the mainstream porn industry and I feel that there is a lot of Tantra colleagues who lament the lack of more wholesome darisi tantric porn and it said it’s been a journey of immersion and Discovery for me to kind of hack into the establishment of the porn industry and try to figure out the legalities and the the technical aspect of it that production to Art like learn the art form and the legal kind of mine field what it is to be producing adult content but I’m getting to a point where the right people places and things and you know Divine blessings are coming together to make it happen to be able to compete with what’s out there in the more in a more Township way and I’m wondering if you have encountered men they could be adult performers they could be Studios they could be producers or just you know do porn connoisseurs who want to see says if I’m loyal listeners are heard of a guy call Davey Wavey I haven’t heard of Stevie way to make a star with I think over a million YouTube subscribers and for me he very much appeals to the generation black overheats and she’s kind of talking about everyday topics for gay and bisexual man and I just launched went with him on a a joint project where we created ignites in your sexual power and it’s a program of three films on and it uses them a beautiful mainstream gay porn Mexican cresada and what’s really interesting in that Fusion is I’m bringing my teachings to a Moulton filming all you know is like porn Anatomy filming meets Tantra and and we did this program website daymon.com or Tundra for gay men. Co. Uk and you can see the trailer in and see the work I’m on that for me when I talk about porn show me the main purpose of porn is to arrivals and you know I think that we’ve been shamed into watching in ashamed about what she gay porn and I think is is there some shocking percentage of internet traffic is actually poor I think it’s about sixty or seventy percent of internet traffic is is the use and you know rather than make it wrong and we have so many things in the world that make us wrong I don’t think anybody needs to feel wrong what Sheen gay porn I think or feel that people just need to wake up to its purpose the purpose of pain is to arouse and again on the YouTube channel I talked about earlier I have a whole conversation how much do you can use that arousal in tantric practice and I’ll give you some ideas and some techniques of how you can use that arrives old but unlike you been I have a real desire to work with a porterhouse to actually create some high-quality tantric adult content that is arousing and educating and really really beautifully done so I’m I’m open to any project ideas and I’m happy to provide the content I’m going to kiss you for saying that you know this without opening it a big can of worms here you know we’ll keep it concise but I will say to follow up this is a you know what a very important topic in any business any sort of marketing and they were talking about when you hire a start to endorse anything you’re leveraging their fan base and whatever a star make school because a producer of whatever whether it’s a new a new basketball shoe or a new health product a new energy bar or new way to make love to the Divine I know it’s all for sale and some of these performers you would be surprised how deep and Soulful they are a lot of them are doing yoga a lot of Summer yeah so you know the way that athletes have been you know like a NASCAR driver has got a million logos slapped all over their car and there it’s their uniform and everything it says when the time tricks get in the game a little bit step out of the cave in the ashram and start getting into modernities the flow of information it’s going to be a beautiful profound and just the before and after you know the before and after of a Kundalini experience that’s priceless media yes yeah I kind of boiled it down to my it might Shark Tank elevator pitches that Kundalini is the new money shot that’s my new motto Yeah well yeah on that note I think we’ve we’ve we’ve I feel like I’ve had a full-body orgasm non ejaculatory full-body orgasm just Feathering through all my cells and so I will in my commentary there and if you want to give any more shout shouts out or any other last words by all means and then we’ll we’ll call it a an episode I’m listening and yeah for me just to Corollas this is just that let me know for me love is the ultimate truth the ultimate race absolutely and if you’re not in love yourself rewrite it. 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