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Independent Motherhood and Empowered Birth Work TPP179


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In this episode I’m humbled and blessed to be able to explore the raw realness of a wombyn of color struggling to navigate and resist patriarchy, white male privilege, and mono-normative love and relationship styles. My new heroine  sheds light on many of the shadows of injustice that she has faced and fought throughout her life and her journey as an independent mother.

She shares about the beauty and magnificence of her natural home birth and the incredible role her doula played in the process. She makes a call out for support of her efforts to study the birth working arts so that she can be of service and give back to the community.

She holds sacred space for me to open up about my ethnic impoverishment and we celebrate the enriched experience of culture that she has as a Mexican-American East Los Angelino.

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About Laura:
Laura was born in East LA, raised in Sur El Monte –UCLA matriculated, educated by her people only, from the classrooms to the streets. She studied Xicanx Studies and Spanish at UCLA, and within undergraduate studies she began to unfold her art of poetry and went on to perform original pieces.

Professionally trained as a legal assistant, Laura took a break from capitalism beginning of 2017 to both create and nurture a newborn, born July of 2017, and felt completely underwhelmed with returning to life in an office. Having had a beautiful, calm and empowering home birth, she is now on the path to joining other mamas on the journey and educating them as a friend and a doula.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 179 I am being joined by at Laura cermeno and she is a sovereign independent mother who I recently have kind of bumps elbows with on social media and she like the kind of stuff I’m doing I like the kind of stuff she’s doing and just synchronistically around her run over recent posts you know I I got a sense of the purposeful mission of being an independent and Sovereign mother that she’s working on also to be a birth worker in to get sort of a community supported or our crowd Source funding of contributions so that she can step up in that role and being serviced in a good way and that is really impressive to me that’s those these are the kind of empowered women that I’m working to build the technical infrastructure in the financial infrastructure to support in in ways that allow for more freedom and and indignity really so that there’s just not this constant compromise and sort of pressure to find a man or a v hitch to a man or the family pressure of where is the this all the psychic external Authority from the toxic masculinity that that is just an economic privilege that shouldn’t really exist so I had them or the community comes in to support women you are doing this kind of work in my opinion the better the world is going to be the better it will be making the world a better place so I’m I’m putting my money where my mouth is I don’t know about anybody else but with that said that’s my soapbox speech for the moment and I will say Lord thank you so much for your kind of being a stranger to me but but being willing to come in until your story and share and hopefully we can get some some good promotion for you as well so please go ahead and tell us about how you’ve evolved awesome I just turned 26 my little Hometown is kind of bug predominantly Mexican neighborhood I grew up I am also from independent mom most of my memories of my childhood was just being with her though we know a stepfather just coming to play when I was about eight years old and still currently still in our lives but for the most part I did see myself as a child of a single mom or independent mom who is very strong and I’m really a lot different from her own background from basically a traditional Mexican home from from a Pueblo from a really small area and you still can’t just a carry on these very men Center traditions and some typical gender roles and very kind of backwards Catholic beliefs so I did grow up with with those beliefs and them at least it’s a tempting of Swing. Urinating me with those beliefs although I do consider myself is to be honest, I didn’t know what the word was but I did know that if things are unfair I wasn’t very interested in heaven as much as my family tried to teach me to cook and clean for Imaginary future partner that would have a pretty much rejected those things when I was around my extended family so my mom never protected those things onto me so I think that kind of help bringing sing both sides really I love you supposedly was your car is no my mom was a struggling mom she had wanted to drop most of the time and despite all those things I did Destiny have a harsh of bringing my mom was also flawed herself but I made it to UCLA wanted to study to become an environmental lawyer didn’t really know how to get around to that but ended up sending check on the city so you feel like although I did still have the tendency to want to go into the legal field which actually did end up going into and despite all that I’m an artist and a poet and a creative at that point in my life who did my baby’s father for years out of college be going out like I spent the day blush and all those things and I very much as interested in kind of The Next Step specialist inside after someone like me to kind of accomplish something like a dream from school like that I thought was pretty much bet I could you know do other things I guess and one of them was very much you know starting family so I’ll save you a lot of activism work at UCLA with an organization called occupy UCLA I was also part of the Bruins I’m going to spray quality there so when I was kind of a practicing their two sisters are there Mexican Oaxaca and they just talked about big mothers and so on one episode that they did speak about home birth and I want to listen in on that and they say they spoke to her mother her name is Lauren boy she still practices as a midwife in Los Angeles Pacific Lane Redondo Beach and she’s recently had moved back to Los Angeles from maybe around ten years of experience and work with communities in Oaxaca although she’s American she has good credentials to me because she was taught by my people if that makes sense so that made me feel like Asian is a language patient was a culture might be more than a lot of others who have just lost touch with their culture and so that definitely empowered me to continue on and I believe I did reach out to her before I even was pregnant so that I can make sure that you know I was able to lock her down because I figured you’d be pretty popular after that podcast so that’s why I landed speaking with her and she ended up being my Midwife who delivered my son I’m so mean I don’t know how to fast forward to now but the home birth was spectacular there was a point where I thought I’m not going to make it in the sense that I’m ready to go to the hospital maybe to make things easier but once my dual arrived I would say she was the most instrumental in getting me to finish with my goal of having a natural number is amazing so her name is Jenny solo it’s been a year and 4 months since my son was born for the first year I was full-time being a mom stay-at-home parent and the past 4 months have been attempting to become more independent been 4 months since I left my partner and I just had to revert back to the LegalShield because that’s what I had experienced in so I did not enjoy it anymore so that’s where we are today I’m just floored and humbled and I’m kind of in shock that I’m that I’m witnessing in myself hearing all of this in feeling like Sperry I’m just Gathering my thoughts right now because so much of what you said or are considerations and concerns that a lot of a lot of men don’t turn into when they’re just doing ball games and barbecues and video games and when I dropped out of that world a stint was very in my formative years in college was very much transform bye-bye feminist lovers who really put me in check and it made me think about and try to grow sensitivity to a lot of these issues till is it just a little bit just to kind of help if you will accompany you to kind of put my contacts in in this mix cuz it’s it feels like from from from one perspective this is really awkward because what is a what is a white dude know about any of this stuff unless unless you really cared and why would he even care and I do care because you know my I have you know since I’ve had I’ve been a victim of patriarchy and various ways that makes me very sensitive to other victims of patriarchy and the the healing the thesaurus cultural healing the the gender ceiling that needs to happen it’s is very near and dear to my heart is so it’s it’s kind of made me care and be concerned and actually want to I mean of all the superhero archetypes and all the vet like violet masculine heroic bulshit if there’s a way to be a hero that is not always sexy and not always is glamorous and not always has violin it’s really like how do you how do you get humbled by the stories and understand the need to flip the script and really start to take whatever privilege you have and put it where it’s needed the most and that’s kind of what you’re talking about that’s what I hear you know this is trying to to make it against so if you don’t mind Alaska this journey that you have taken I don’t want to I don’t want it to be gossipy or dramatic or anything or but feel free to go off if you want to but I am I am curious what and whatever way you want to express it that the breaking apart breaking up Breaking Free however you want to describe it what is that look like for you having can you walk us through kind of your the psychology of the happy-ever-after kind of Disney thing was that going on or where you you know I just just whatever you could say about how you how you discovered you had to come part ways and there’s a fork in the road it with the relationship and now you have I don’t know if you have child support coming in I don’t know if you have like what level of estrangement or or or sort of like a financial duress you might be in so we can get a sense of how best to support your super heroic efforts if you if I dare say basically I don’t think that we ever really were in the happily-ever-after although we were super connected by the idea of really like my miss both of us really wanted to start a family and we met during active this time it was funny how you see yourself as Waco White Privilege Connections in certain like moral things and kind of political things but our communication never built back up our trust never built back up I guess I reach some normalcy but I think what really set me off towards the end all the way I believe we’ve been breaking up for like a long time probably even during the pregnancy there was still like some issues just basically getting along then maybe just things that weren’t fulfilling and if she know we were to be honest with one another it was it lasted even longer than it than it had to but towards the end actually on my son’s first birthday party when are joined together mind being the bigger 35 + people his relatives came by we had just gotten the house you know he actually is a lawyer law field and so I was a stay-at-home mom at the point at that point trying to break free also it was like a great especially our son but things kind of devolved I can’t believe it really was his mom trying to start shit and you know wondering asking one of these people leaving you know in my home and instead of Nino I don’t know that being squash for like maybe my partner kind of getting a little bit better he felt like you know he needed to give his response or whatever because we’ve been celebrating him drinking for a while and you don’t even smoke was being funny and I believe literally every person was enjoying themselves operate on her problem not a problem that’s why I like sarcasm but you know my partner’s response was after I was nothing helpful I wouldn’t say I was being helpful but that’s right my response he decided to kick out my family and that was a breaking point for sure I believe I talked about breaking up that night will you continue to go to couples counseling which was something that we’ve already started alright believe he started much too late couple weeks past actually I will not go back the very next day my grandmother from my grandmother who wasn’t present at the party from My Father’s Side passed away from cirrhosis and you know I dealt with being embarrassed by my partner in front of my family and then you know another relative dying you know still trying to go to couples counseling and all that and really getting no type of support One account for themselves my grandmother’s Memorial came and I wanted to celebrate go out you got a babysitter so we can go baby dancing and relieve some stress my partner were not by being we’re not getting along with and despite you know me really being in need we did not seem to go on that Alsace you know decided to go for a drive alone and got donuts with a friend and came back or came back going towards my house now calling my partner again and ask them what his plans were and he said that he was going to go to a strip club instead of either spend time with me or do nothing really but he really needed to make a statement about you know me leaving him and saying that he wasn’t a pleasant person or support that that night so you know me leaving and be independent memes like I a deserved I guess for him to go ahead and go and do something as disrespectful as it was possible for him to do something like that and he did it so because I asked me and I also think this is going to be good for a relationship to it she responded what relationship and so I kind of like where’s my hand I would say there was definite self-sabotage there and it was all so liberating you know maybe in a way he know scapegoating him for his actions and me for you needing to leave but yeah that was a definite and it was just like indicative of like a huge problem that we already had had him something that I wanted to get away from him not showed it to normalize. To my son I mean I just yep that’s how that ended thank you so much for sharing that and there’s so much going on there and it’s honestly there’s a bear up there are a number of parallel situations that I’m somehow in the crossfire or in the middle Evan in some way or another where I get it and I will I’m starting to starting to get it starting to understand that that these fractures that happen in just the whole notion that we have of the nuclear family and that whole white American picket fence line two and a half kids and dog and a cat and two cars in the garage and in that hole Mystique it time it’s problematic for a lot of reasons and what you just feel like I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong right now by opening in holding the space for you to share this story in a way that will reach people all over the world who are going to have a vibratory emotional resonance with just the crisis here in because you you I’m sure you will write a book you will have your Memoirs whether you whether we’re kind of taking notes now and putting out a little bit of it now or if it comes out all later but this is some it’s it’s it’s a sadly tragic typical pattern and I feel like the the word that and I have this this it is I have this fantasy this utopian fantasy that we can somehow as an entire species returned to a dynamic where women are really super into into each other’s emotional needs and it in each other’s physical needs and in and even a Time sexual needs I’m not afraid to say it I will say that it’s not it’s not it’s not a big secret that lesbian lovers take care of each other longer and better than most straight male lovers and it’s just one one dimension here but but overall I’m just seeing that the the vulnerability and the susceptibility to these douchey patterns that can just be catastrophic if it’s just that I have been trained by my feminist friends and lovers who are female body and in that they’ve been taught me that it’s like so many women are trapped in in these fucked-up Dynamics with men because they don’t have solidarity and Sisterhood amongst each other to the point where where men are just think if they come and go it doesn’t even fucking matter because they don’t have any property rights they don’t have you know your bank account password they don’t have there’s not at this whole mythology around you know my you need to view need to impress my family and my family needs to get babies from you to put their name on so that we can give her so I mean whatever the race I mean dinosaurs say whatever but but that’s not even getting started with the racial politics of course just the patriarchal patrilineal you know we named We pre-stamped the mail the mail server name on the children and we we want to control the sexuality of all of all females because they’re either going to be cranking out babies that we don’t own or they’re going to be cheating on are you know prodigal son you know we don’t want the Princess Luna with a princess running off with the family jewels in shacking up and falling in love with some poor man if some other race or something and then there’s so many that are going on I don’t know if any I’m just kind of going off because these are the bigger patterns in a bigger size but like what you talk what you’re saying like this is very well I just want to say I guess in a in a supportive way as best I can that what you just described about your particular Journey with these macro Dynamics is I just want to applaud you for for you know stepping up and taking a stand and taking a risk in and going out on a limb for your own dignity and sovereignty and I hope that the dudes in the doghouse and he’s going to try to like not are you know I’m not going to be projecting my my couples counseling services on TV right now I don’t know what is the destiny is that I was supposed to have them but certainly some growth and learning on on his part and I hope that his heart is open to that and I will say you know if you ever hears this if you ever meet Smith at like you know he can spit in my face but I will still give him a hug because we can go and have her men’s group or whatever to bring it back to the world again just I applied you I’m I’m seeing a bestseller here already so take good notes and and when I will just put best best wishes after he comes you know falls into the 2 to the matriarchy and in whatever way you’ll make sense but from this point of what you shared now I’m wondering so the the leap of faith into Independence and being single and what is that look like for you financially and legally and an emotionally didn’t like what have you kind of designed for yourself is the strategy to move forward without move forward with a cup with a new paradigm for yourself of what community is going to be like and what a family is going to be like in maybe yeah I mean I can only imagine I have a few other folks I said who are in similar circumstances that that I hear from a lot but it sounds like you know you stepped up and said hey hook it up I’m doing something good I’m going to take care of everybody’s going to be cuz you remove by that so so definitely luckily for now I’m not going through any court system to try to get any reciprocation from baby’s father he’s pretty open pretty good he is providing child support although we have some reason talks about cutting back on that at my like probably most vulnerable time right now so when things aren’t perfect but I enjoy you know the 50/50 split that we do have I think that’s healthy for my son that’s healthy for me to have some much-needed time to recoup and kind of like clean up my space and have me time luckily I found a place leasing out of 4 bedroom house with some friends some really good like-minded friends that I am having you know that Community with and that’s 5 minutes from the daycare by mention the baby father not my favorite place but you know I’m glad that it’s going to work out that way I’ll east of the Prime Meridian Community me and my partner are going to have to be in a family no matter what here and physical demands are so far not really though you know I would definitely recommend for those who do have those issues like you need to go to court my cell phone for that system but particularly what’s going on meeting child support is crucial to start as soon as you can. I’m I’m kind of make sure that things are fair you know things can be fingernail that clear you don’t know people’s Financial anything until you really get them down in a way not the same situation for everyone but luckily I’m having luck with that I never had my own place you don’t like my own place but you know I’m on the lease or where me and responsibility is a double edged sword but being cool with that and being able to do it even just excited about that I definitely am now the opinion that monogamy doesn’t work I’m opening you know myself up and I’m starting to date a little bit but for the most part I want to maintain like not a typical kind of unhealthy ways where you know because you decided to like someone now they have a say in your top of me and things like that I don’t I don’t Vibe with that and I’m just trying to meet people were kind of the same way as far as Community I mean like food sharing meeting other mothers connecting online especially now since I’m one reason Kratom has probably for myself and I do see myself hanging out with my friends and kind of wanting that energy around my son as well so for now it’s it’s that way I don’t I don’t I don’t leave men out are you not going to go the same type of again yeah that’s what I am well I’m glad to hear it pretty much all of that that’s it could be so much worse and probably not that that much better and some of the stuff I’m actually hearing it’s it’s there is it’s it’s funny because or I should say it’s funny but I’ll say that the tragic comedy is that a lot of what what a conventional or conservative certainly white bread kind of patriarchal mortified to hear most of what you’re saying cuz it would just be the end of the American dream and to me it’s like the end of the American Nightmare so I’m actually happy to hear that I honestly believe everyone can find most likely find a little something a little bit better for them scary part is leaving I guess well that’s a deep study and and I think about that Austin and I I’m just trying to build up the most elegant toolkit of intellectual and emotional resources to help people kind of feel supported in these kind of decisions one of the things that I found was a great resources there’s a polyamory weekly podcast and I don’t know it’s been awhile since I’ve been away from them but they were gone for quite a while and they interview the woman who called herself a relationship Anarchy and non-hierarchical relationship Anarchist which was and she just broke it down so hard core in and that cuz you could be relationship anarchists and be rebelling against a store Terry and lovers of course but but she was even taking it to a level of like I’m not going to have a primary partner does not going to be a sort of you know a favoritism kind of dimension of a hierarchy at the way that you get with people who do the primary partner thing which I’m not saying it’s good or bad but I’m just saying wow this is the potential is Limitless for how free you can actually be used at the Quizlet see citizen in that system essential and and so so yeah I feel like a lot of the toxic Behavior happens in this sort of void or vacuum where couples are in this secret hell realm called privacy where people shut their doors and close your blinds and they don’t want they feel like it’s inappropriate for them to to kind of do like a sit-in strike and say no until you all resolve this issue I’m not going to go to work I’m not going to leave the room I’m not going to give you your privacy to tear each other apart I’m going to ask you present and and so call me utopian call me an idealist but I feel like that Sisterhood and Brotherhood and everything in between hood is all good in the more the merrier to have people holding each other socially accountable for for misconduct and for just micro micro oppression and abuse and everything so yeah glad to hear that you’re are more Collective household and I certainly can commiserate with the that next leveling of responsibility to be to be on the lease because then you actually have to be kind of like a a job site manager 2 or something you have to take on these others wish that we would just like it was just the land and the people that children got my anything–but so so yeah now that we didn’t answer we’ve kind of mentioned a couple times the campaign that you’re doing so now will probably be a great time to give you full space to just talk about what you’re hoping to get from what the support you’re looking to to access from from those who can shave off a bit of their of their means to help you get something blue strapless with your all about it jobs Aliso maybe a little bit over a week now I was terminated from pretty terrible workplace I’m I’m pretty blessed I’m leaving and you know now just thinking about the perfect opportunity to try to switch to something more meaningful more creative less to do with the government and substantiating pretty must have systems I don’t actually mamaw really believe in so and I did I I mean I’ve been kind of thinking about some sort of spiritual work with other spiritual guides in other folks and they’ve always going to tell me you know you have this play healing thing like soda spiritual work and what they were doing I mean psychic reading room but then I was like I don’t think so you know so yeah for the most part and I’ve always been a writer. I also staying so try to do those things you know somebody is coming not much but and then just speaking to my Doula I also met with her and she kind of walk me through the process and I looked up some specific trainings that I really thought would really help some of them are for certification someone is not although certification I hear this not also not required I feel like you know parents definitely wanted to have some sort of certification so why not I’m so yeah for now I mean the main when I like the workshop that I like is not a certification one but it has so much it’s called sumi’s touch it’s a workshop at his family’s touch it still see only do it raining Crown cost $750 and all of the resources are online so I mean you study but he get the resources online so I should be able to you know keypad and potential clients another big part of the training is actually going in on where it’s which you know middle Midwest most likely kind of mitigate that you know there can’t be like 10 people on the room besides you know family members or whatever so you know it has to be kind of specific and you know birth work to do with all of this and so I shared that those costs for apprenticeships just for one birth of roughly 500 each so you know that they’ll send me back a little right now so she right now because if not I’m still trying to get email part-time job to maintain education and kind of community work that’s what that’s why I have approximate around $6,000 like kind of a beginning him out but I think you know once I get into it’ll be a lot more feasible you know no longer asking the community but if not you know give I want to give give my work to two families I would completely need to know a free Doula like that’s my gift back after I completed some training and yeah I do want both birth Doula and postpartum doula certification so that I could help free during birth and then postpartum healing looks pretty much my spiel about the GoFundMe I pray that you get all of the abundance that is coming to you and I really appreciate the way your structuring the the perks you know to be able to be in service in and it’s really like a Pay It Forward kind of thing of people can help you out they will know that they have you to have their backs and I’ve known a couple of doulas in my life and certainly known women who have worked in the women’s sexual health field in the reproductive Health shield and pardon my French but a lot of what what they’ve been up against is a real shitshow and I just watch and watch the the mainstream institutions just chew them up and spit them out in the pharmaceutical corruption and just there’s so much real evil going on once you get into that medicalized anything. I am so we don’t know most of us what we don’t know about what we’re missing out on about home birth and having really wise which is an herbalist and and Medicine women who have dedicated themselves to these pads and if you want to talk about taking a power back from patriarchy this is such a one of the deepest wounds are one of the most I guess I would say for my perspective which is a really I really twisted for most of intervention from the the way that they put you in the stirrups to the others are so many things that I think it was just a total medieval torture horse or something else so can you teach for the people listening and I don’t know if you will get you know a ton of support just you know from from the audience I’ll try to get this out as soon as possible but I’m certainly going to put in what I can to help you move forward with your goals but I would like to just have you just kind of share with us for the record kind of what what is the what Define a doula and independent provide more of a definition and and talk about really how how relevant is that we have a doula on every block or whatever is the goal you know what I mean I really like its etymology like it means a woman of service or something like that would she really really wrong with that but you know obviously in the picture I get at 11 and someone wants to be there for you and not not just a service but more like emotional like support I believe that’s one of the most beautiful things, I didn’t think about needing a doula until it was probably 6 months into my pregnancy and you know what the things are and who could help me in the prices in time became very anxious do you know why but I just realized maybe because of my issues with my ex and I needed a more emotionally attentive person that just knew it wasn’t was going on and I will you not shave my ex still he was very much present and helpful I’m I did too heavily rely on just my Doula process so because she is entrenched in me a Mexican traditional practices of Reno labor and then she’ll sit does placenta encapsulation and she does feeling ceremonies at the end which are traditional Tim and Janice Mexican communities because they’re in the traditional to some indigenous communities definitely she’s very in touch with those types of things and for the most part I believe it was mainly her touch some of her words that are touched during spring surgeons contractions that kind of made them my mind go away station was about like 50% reduced and just having that constantly every now every 5 3 2 5 minutes like that touch that reassurance it was brief but it was powerful and I wasn’t seeking anyone else out other than her and I don’t think that if she was not present but I would have done you know the full natural hunger I don’t know if the goal is to have one on every block but at least four people to know what I do want is what to do what does do those are not the ones license to help bring out the baby anything medical although they do Monitor 40 days postpartum ceremony maybe their knowledge is that are carried out through very many generations through a special spiritual people spiritual healers family-to-family it’s not about a social-media thing although it is becoming one I am particularly wanted that because I don’t believe in science is not created by women about women I don’t think more people can know about our bodies than ourselves and our intuition far beyond what the cerebal can tell us far beyond what we can read about in nail science textbooks or something like that especially her mother is healthy with no complications. Things will be fine you know that science of fear is stronger than the actual evidence based science dualism cells can produce for you regarding you know labor and delivery just in the home so that’s why I want to do what I want to do awesome I feel the warmth in my heart. Nice and kind of my mind playing out to the cinematography of of what you’re talking about and if you are you good to go at 5. This is been a fast almost hours are you good to go a little further or something that is because you mentioned social media it’s it’s kind of I guess ties in with this kind of fun well I will see the you’re also talking about science and technology and and how might how feminism has inform my attitudes towards technology and whatnot so just kind of say briefly that I I think there’s a lot of Now new space for ethical hackers of all colored hats to look at the the big data conglomerates and monopolies that are sucking our private information out into the corrupt backdoor deals and just makes Orwell look like Bambi or something you know it’s like it’s worse it’s worse than I ever imagined it’s more Insidious and more Twisted in in sadistic never imagining and yet it also this whole moment we’re in with with some the internet with social media I’m I’m old enough to know what it was like to have to read a book or go out and socialize to not be bored a lot has changed I see this blessing and a curse and then obviously the curse of aspects are pretty obvious certainly anybody listen to this anybody is addicted to refreshing a need an app for anyting guilty of certain degrees of that we can if we have a hack your mindset to this situation than we can we can use a little bit of digital Alchemy in in in figure out how to make these systems work in in the benefit of the people in the benefit of people of color in the benefit of the oppressed of all varieties in and really it’s it’s the potential I think to reclaim and redefine Beauty on a lot of levels so something that you were very I would say there is a bold and beautiful about is the you or I seen your Instagram and you’re doing herbal baths with your child you know you’ve you’re doing breastfeeding you were flying your stretch marks and I believe there is a lot of room and a lot of potential to reclaim the the beauty of mothers and Andrea Lee break the beauty myth molding and smash the patriarchy in that sense so I’m just curious if it’s not out of my you know appropriate balance to to open these topics if you want to talk about how you how you want to or how you were thinking about and strategizing about kind of re beautifying motherhood in in the whole kind of plastic Barbie Perfection kind of thing I feel like my probably never fit the mold and you know what Barbie stuff that’s hot issues with my image and and what I want to see I guess then in a pregnancy in a major key for while I from Los Angeles I feel like I was especially at that point because I had been breastfeeding and things have been going so well and I was producing a lot of milk is losing a lot of calories I feel like I was like my body what did have a hard time with it actually was a stretch marks because they’re so dark for so long and maybe they’ve been fighting this year but at the end of the day because I’ve been mice like who I am who I hopefully have portrayed myself to be it myself you know throughout this talk I like what’s in the mirror like I can’t deny a picture for the most part those images they came about kind of want to win all those thousands upon thousands of pictures of other pictures are affected my culture I’m not just my culture it was actually an article about Latinos and changing the United States predominately do think Mexican and not the problem itself my Mexican culture I mean how could I let you know how can I kind of like I wasn’t cheerleading I wasn’t picky I was just listening to kind of like creative directors and and also one of them being my Village any Silva. Imo’s pictures I couldn’t deny that for myself a friend of mine. For my son and you know it at the time I’m pretty sure I was very self-conscious but I’ve ever gotten of me and my son and regardless I don’t think that you can even think about Barbie that have skated my son and there’s no way that you can deny that kind of love what I write in my diary and actually feel about myself sometimes I mean everyone has those monsters and it’s not it’s settled in the other thing is like I’m making him a photo with my son and it’s not sexual at all and so those types of conversations we were blessed and that my picture came to fruition through National Geographic so they actually were able to okay that photo and have it in place of the name of an article which I particularly make sense with the rest of the words in the article so captivating in a way it captures kind of like innocence in like kind of like giving like specially because yeah that’s what it that’s what the whole process is giving your body an alarm for a time and then all the time after that where you’re breastfeeding you’re also very much giving your body and your energy but yeah I’m super lucky that my Doula Jenny silver had previously worked with a National Geographic photographer and they were interested in cultivating raised images for a specific article about kind of power which was reshaped to talk about Trump’s America basically I’m so yeah I mean it away my photo resurface there and it is in the magazine July 2017 you’re after my son was born so that was pretty powerful yeah that’s pretty much a part of me wishes that you would just keep talking forever so I don’t have to help myself for like being choked up with tears right now and we like that yeah this is this is really powerful and I said I want to be too Starstruck that that you’re a Nat Geo and Neji was so near and dear to my heart I feel like doing the Wayne’s World I’m not worthy thing is that just a little bit more about my do love if you know like something with her in there because Stephanie like know that power and you know all that staging and ran to actual herbal bath like those images and like that sacredness of hours but you know that’s something from her and I think that comes out of the picture yeah I like I always the picture like National Geographic a lot of like animals but just being in touch with all types of Nature and like you know that type of stuff like being in arima super powerful and I think that again it’s like a lost tradition in my car trying to reclaim that now. It’s been around you know these things are not scary but just letting you know we have more power right on well I will say I have it is not been challenging for me to be. Don’t take this the wrong way or anything but I would say there is a man in this world I’ve always felt like it was not a chore but else but a privilege to a good refers to be meditating on the the beauty of stretch marks and just feeling the texture and not is a sort of like oh oh pity party you know you don’t get to be in Miss Universe it now or whatever it’s like such a bullshit but it’s a Well there should be a Miss Universe for for that and if you actually cared you know you would appreciate that so I feel like that if you haven’t anyone listening if you haven’t worshipped stretch mark belly before then you’re missing out the music sits it’s a mystery and something to to meditate on in into yeah it’s 11 so I appreciate that and I guess maybe your last sort of from save me hear them thinking of would just be 2 maybe I’m kind of a this is this is a big kind of klusterfuk of questions I guess you could say that I that I have I’m a white man to grow up in the Northwest and one of the whitest states in the union and I was always drawn to the Mystique of LA to all of the Hollywood movies that I watched his latchkey kid and all that stuff and now I’ve been down here for almost maybe more than 15 years trying to just connecting and you know you’re going to laugh but it’s like things like I really connected as a young child with movies like La Bamba and later got into Blood In Blood Out which is also made by the same the same dude who was who is his kind of enamored with being I don’t I wouldn’t forget to send him but I’d say certainly my case that has he said he grew up grew up around and experienced a lot of Latino culture for me there were bits and pieces growing up but but just being a fight dude totally disgusted with the emptiness of my own non-kosher at 8 just felt like I want to just be the ugly ducking duckling and check up to whatever other intact kind of familial or sort of tribal structure as I can find so I’m kind of like a Joy’s the the parties and I’ve always kind of like exactly I haven’t tried to Vienna. The Mexican because I’m in LA and I’ve Had My Moments in there to see if you would know that I just that there’s been some funny like West Side Story type moments and funny like that is pretty funny but it it it it does speak to this bigger kind of picture thing what I want to say about it being the klusterfuk of a question is like to bring it back for you is like you know I see indigeny small and sort of thumb Anarchy feminism in just at the tour to Mexico with punk bands and I’ve gotten to really for myself see the the this just the fact that 49 1492 is every day somewhere in the world and there’s places where that that that Battlefield this is like the battlefield of indigenous language is dying against Spanish to English in seeing punk bands play punk in steampunk in and totally indigenous tongue that may or may not be fully documented by anthropologists but it’s a the and also the fact that like a lot of the Latin American punk rock seems that I got to experience were not everybody was all pumped out a lot of people were just like regular working class citizens and they were all participating in that because it was like the a way to celebrate I got more of that more deeply connected fabric of culture and what not but I guess you know what I worried where this is going and I appreciate you being very with me versus myself I feel like I could ask you this question and I can’t I can’t always ask people this question cuz it’s too controversial into explosive you know but the question really is you know how do you in your you’ve broken free from a lot of the shackles of thinking that Catholicism in patriarchy and the state and and all these other institutions that that try to turn indigenous people against their own skin color against their own Traditions you know you were fighting that fight right now and I just I’m curious what you would say and what your thoughts are what you would share for the the occupied and the occupiers the colonized in the colonizers wherever you might be in the world like what what is what words would you have to say for to empower people to break free from these religious controls and spiritual and sexual all that stuff and so I don’t know you know what comes to mind but how can people be of service that are not you know my condition is some people who are indigenous how can they kind of stand up and break free and not sell out and whatever you know conform or whatever that is definitely a huge question I don’t consider myself like any kind of Representatives regardless of my identity. You know like like similar to you I think I don’t necessarily write people off because they’re white although have a lot of comrades and friends I do but I do think that there’s be home folks or not a business that you know there’s a void there’s there’s a feeling there’s a there’s a reason why we’re all kind of going through a shift and realizing like this is not a certain different types of things for ourselves and having kind of like technological kind of looks like talking but not enough kind of like doorways to like get through to like the type of world that we will be one of those kind of far out two different things I mean it sucks but now the main way you can contribute to the world you want to live in right now is funds his fundraising is bleeding charity work but more like you know who needs to be uplifted that’s maybe you know if you can think about it the current structure for the current capitalistic structure are not valued in the same monetary way but they’re doing more for the community and the types of work and the type of world that you want to live in in the future like that type of stuff right so like less kind of thing people eyes like a disadvantage or whatever it’s more like kind of like Goods what can you give when then what can you what can you go back to people who have donated to me just like that other people who again or more just that I want to see what’s up to so you know like you know anyone that’s looking for a doula you know how I am in that position where I think I do need to attend for free things like that so for people who are indigenous of course just again where the mouth speaking to people speaking to people about birth rethinking births or I’ll be home for a worm anything that deviant from you you know but not necessarily kind of like reinforcing those structures on each other that type of thing but that judgment what became an entrepreneur for yourself so you know it’s just being you not being imaginative enough and you may be wanting that for yourself in your life right like that’s why people come out here with negativity or or should I just be mindful of your energy where you place it in and why you’re giving off something that’s not super ideal my world’s just blind optimism but you know I think we definitely need more optimism and I am definitely like a punk I really like happy Punk right now from a world where you know I’m from the same world as y’all but I definitely think for the revolution what I want to bring is this breath work and what I want to bring is more positivity and it has to be blind sometimes why not you know we just need that when you believe in God but definitely line ourselves up to receive those changes by way of saying all the the mess ups we have in our own brain like deconstructing kind of like the actually try to make a difference I think that’s pretty much it is to you for decolonizing your bedroom and decona is in your mind and decide to colonizing these dimensions of bed sometimes overlooked and I appreciate everything you have been saying in will be taking good notes in and I can also commiserate about punk rock and I’ll say that I like I said happy Punk I’ve actually kind of put the thought experiment out there what if what if in some bizarre sci-fi future the punk the punk rock an Arco Punk Revolution actually succeeds and we are living in tribal Neo tribal Utopia and there’s nothing to complain about what kind of music are we going to read me and are we going to be playing these like death metal Melodies about Doom and Gloom or we going to be free country weaving the musical fabric that used to be just ceremonial songs and and ways to get through seasons and get through life cycles and things so so I’m I’m there with you and I if I am looking forward to hearing the chi music that you hopefully will create an account of lyrics and poetry that you were right and hopefully that will be part of that transition towards post-apocalyptic Punk kind of phone oh yeah well. Cool will definitely have more time again I think will be great to have you back to even come in and talk about some of the as you do your trainings and as you have more experience has to come in and share and just get more people kind of Switched on and activated around in this and amazing well thank you so much for your platform I appreciate it so much more than you know but I definitely would love to come and reconnect it somewhere cool so I guess I would say that I just want to help put in my final words and then leave it open to you to say whatever you like to close out with and certainly will put a link to your campaign in the show notes and anything else you like to have shared their yeah and so I would say it’s interesting residents that I have with with your story and that I actually I went to the University of Oregon and that was where is it premieres environmental law conference happen every year and it was just an orgy of environmental lawyers and I got to expose to all of these campaigns in all of these struggles and all of this super high level but it was great cuz it was like you had all these super Elite privileged white intellectual academic Scholars and then they were using the budget of the university in this this this conference annual conference to to bring in indigenous environmental Warriors from all over the world to tell me the story so you know that was it a very beautiful thing and I feel like something that is the I want to see a buzzword but like a key term from from that world is well everything is is our environment and the environmental justice in this order from the cultural ecological issues that you’re talking about it’s like yeah you talking about the legality around the environment of the womb and how they how to clean clean that up so I feel like you were definitely I mean I can see the the parallels there and in whatever dimension environmental law Shield work you want to explore I’m sure that the the grant funding and the interns and that you no tapping into all of those those hungry Minds in the people that want to study things and you know you just have to spend it right and you can have a PhD thesis if I can see it so you review right yeah but now I I just actually study that I actually did research on mental racism in low-income communities I’m in certain communities but I think my closing thoughts for sure are just that Albert’s that’s the beginning of our culture and if we are experiencing experiencing or like that I meant to me if you know I’ve been through this process and make sense to me but if you think about it you know I think about it logically and all the beginning of society begins with Creative Kids of this cage think of work like this is like the first step for a new Society right like and even in your own interpersonal lives where can we drive power and how come we Empower women to have empowered birth and not just you know that one day but you know checking in having Community being accountable to them you know I’m kind of Usher as Elders that experience them but also have some advice for independent mother and said I would say and I’ll start with self-care is your number one goal that’s super difficult and over myself a camera that usually ask for my son because I know I could feel depleted if I wasn’t so caring I definitely was a different kind of mom and that’s something I didn’t want to pass on I would say start creating that works around you find other end of town mothers like you share resources like food would sharing and child caring if that’s feasible of my ruin us to Burnt out from work for when you need it I said I would say don’t have too much of a pride issue personally but when you ask for help then people will know that you need it and regardless of of that Party Factory think that because we have a little little people to attend to you know it doesn’t really have a place all the time when numbers are my final words alright well thank you so much I’m looking forward to next steps and we will talk more about the survival women project soon and and hopefully that can be another another connection point two more networking and more resources to help you move all this stuff for so thank you for being being willing to come on the show and hopefully a lot of people will get a lot from this and I really do want to bring it all the way back down to the thirst with a lot of the stuff and I appreciate that so yeah I have a wonderful rest of your evening and we will be in touch very soon thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and if you want a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Tantric Story Telling Using Cutting Edge Technology with Kamali Minter TPP164

Kamali Minter Pic
In this episode I’m joined again by one of my most highly respected tantric coaches, Kamali Minter. we discuss:
  • how recent health challenges have brought her into deeper self awareness and self care
  • plans for creating a digital detox retreat center closer to nature
  • opportunities for empowerment on the horizon video technology advances
  • virtual reality and social impact
  • restorative justice through media
  • cryptocurrency micro payments to finance humanitarian projects
  • streaming money and real time energy flow
  • empowering the individual over the institution
  • jade egg course coming soon
  • and more!
Please visit her website at:
About Kamali:
Kamali is a unique blend of relationship coach, spiritual guide, and artist. She’s passionate about helping people restore connection where it has gone missing. Both in their relationships and their bodies. She offers this transformation through simple movement, meditation, and self-awareness practices, which come from her knowledge of Tantra, Taoism, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, and Art. Through her guidance clients have healed from heartbreak, released shame and trauma, and learned how to have more sensual, honest, connected relationships.
She has learned from a number of gifted spiritual teachers along the way. She did her 200 YTT with Shivakali Yoga, Tantra teacher training with Embody Tantra, is a certified Sacred Feminine facilitator through Tao Tantric Arts and the Universal Tao, is a trained Reiki Master, and Shakta Tantra practitioner.
Before Kamali took the leap from life-long practitioner to teaching and coaching, she had a 16 yr career in the entertainment industry, working as an actor, director, producer & editor. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts she worked with major networks and studios like: NBC, MTV, TLC, BET, BRAVO, PLANET GREEN, THE FOOD NETWORKand DREAMWORKS.
She now offers live immersive experiences, virtual courses, and private coaching through her company Space for Love. Her mission is to empower people and women in particular with safe, sacred, spaces to re-claim their wholeness.
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 164 I’m being joined by a Kamali Minter who has been a guest on the show before we talked a lot about gender and race in the very Sun politics within the township movement and dimensions of growth and evolution that we we sort of share passions for and she provides coaching and teaching counseling services that through space for love.com and is based in the Greater Los Angeles area and has great offerings to for people to next race and so why we were speaking today for one I wanted to kind of come back to and touch some of the touch points that we left off ground which is the potential of really seizing the reins of of do-it-yourself media and kind of bootstrapping Productions to be able to tell us our stories to tell the stories of Tantra how it’s affected our personal lives how how couples are evolving with this and to just really be a beautiful force of concentration in media and income only has a background professionally in in in those areas and so I’m excited to hear about Kamali with what you been up to in in the media front and and what if we can get into some tips and advice for people who are wanting to up their game in those ways but first I would really like to hear about what you have been just personally moving through we talked about some some challenges that you’ve been exploring and clear or finding some deep insights and whatnot on Sole shoe kind of share all about what’s new with you and what’s what’s been happening always gets here to talk with you and delve into some of these areas from a ton truck perspective that are near and dear to me so yeah like just the updates we had emailed back and forth when I was in the middle of a Health Challenge which started with a 5-day migraine episode how much for anyone who suffers from migraines you have my utmost compassion and now that I’ve experienced them it’s not like anything you can really describe until you have experienced it but that led to what ended up being now that I’m finally on the other side of it about a two months recovery process from everything that I’m so it was a very humbling experience that sent me down the rabbit hole of really kind of looking into like migraines and brain stuff and and I had an inkling well with all unfolding like you know because because of your background and if some of the stuff that you get into you I can say the stuffs in this space but then fold it in had happened right around the time that there was a lot of talk about all the solar flares in a bunch of intense energetic and planetary changes that we’re going on and there was some real deep stuff happening in the Consciousness that I had a feeling that that might have been tied into my journey and so as I was losing everything I was going to going to doctor is going to holistic practitioners but also going to Soul readers and looking at it from an energetic perspective as well and got some fascinating information that just really made me Rich the interweaving of you know us as multi-dimensional beings and how everything works printing on a physical level really does have a root energetic cause which is part I think the mystery of migraines actually and why you know that they understand kind of the impact they have and what happens in the brain when they are full but there’s not a whole lot knowing about this the cause and there’s all kinds of triggers for different people so from my personal experience like just done an experiential human level what I received from the whole experience because I think you know health challenges and really any challenges show up in life to help redirect us or to give us some lessons or show us something that we need to see and for me it is asked me to really slow down and do a whole nother level of gentleness and presents with myself that I I don’t know if I’ve ever done in life before when I was going through the the 5-day portion where the migraine was active I actually couldn’t get out of bed I was I had to stay in a horizontal position so I can’t really walk I couldn’t stand upright and I found myself you know as I was going through my healing process being drawn back to a lot of movement work that I would call is very primordial I’m a lot of yoga positions that involves squatting and hip circles and Spirals and with the background in Tantra yoga I kind of knew that like I was doing something that had to do with my spine and Kundalini and I didn’t know exactly what I was doing to help my body I knew that it was it was bringing me relief and that I was following sort of a deeper inner wisdom of a what needed to happen through the process cuz I was sort of one of the frustrating things with the think anyone who’s experienced health challenges that are bit more of a mystery can relate to and that is you know people have their best gas but no one can really tell you what exactly is happening or if they can’t tell you exactly is happening then you’re sort of left to your own devices to figure out how to heal you which is where I kind of found myself is trying a bunch of different things until something clicked so I healed myself with a lot of movement actually went back to some basic Qi Gong stuff and basic yoga stuff breathwork meditation I was working with Mantra so is doing a lot on an energy level physical level in that way and then I was also working in on the herbal side and you there was stuff going on with my nervous system and there was stuff happening I’m along the spine there was stuff happening in my sinuses and brain area and so was taking stuff for viruses and bacteria is and boosting my immune system and doing all these different things and slowly by slowly was kind of like crawling out of a rabbit hole and very recently I’m actually finally got you a general practitioners to general doctor cuz I’ve been sort of seeing like holistic doctors and he has to learn specialist chiropractors in different things and the general doctor I did have any active symptoms by the time I got to him but I described everything I’ve been through all the different symptoms the floor where was flaring up and and he is best he actually said I could have had a form of meningitis or Encephalitis Westwood I looked up the definition there like tie to death I would like yeah what you know I knew when I was moving through the process that it felt intense like it started off as migraine but I felt like there was so many different layers to it so I got to say you know on an energetic level though I had to turn around a total about-face probably about 2 weeks ago is when it finally came to a resolution after actually an energy healing session I had with a body worker I’ve been working with 40 years now and there was something that switch like there was literally an internal aha moment that happened in the session I got really present to the cost I had been paying in my body and my soul for holding so much space for people and you know Michael you know something only have I learn to do very well and take great pride and honor and but I’ve had wonderful spaces health4me that have been such a beautiful part of my gross in evolution and so when this ton of bricks hit me like honey you are tired of holding space but it was it was it was the way I had been holding space needed to change and so I got very clear about like just hitting an edge or an ending of a particular way that had learned to hold space which had to do with the limited I parts of myself you know those things continue to fire even as you awaken and even if you come into spiritual spaces that are more evolved but I learned how to put that stuff away in order to show up in a few other people and this with my spirit going like yeah it’s time to do that differently so after that shift popped in literally I could say that whatever my body was being prepared for through this whole physical process opened up to a different energy like a whole different energy just opened up in my body and I was describing it to A girlfriend of mine and he’s also and my tantric Sangha that it felt like I can I really in a moment connected to that raw Primal energy of ma of the goddess of that you know thing I know in my mind of when you touch power real power it’s neutral and it can express in all kinds of ways you know can express SSD plus Express Express says passion like there’s just so many ways of power can express and when it’s coming through the purity of divinity all those expressions are welcome you know but somewhere along the line and I had judged certain expressions in myself is not being appropriate for certain spaces and so there was like a reclaiming of those expressions and a retaining of Billy Dent at developing a certain Brown inside myself that I can now have those expressions in a way that’s not coming from my ego and that’s still in service to laugh so so we’re coming home my healing overall the whole thing ended up being a process of coming home to parts of myself that had gotten fragmented wow that’s beautiful as it seems like what the enlightening approach to pain and even disaster and just recovery is it if it if it’s your guides giving you the signal by any means necessary to look at something or correct something or change something that you were all running at such a fast pace like how are we going to even listen without more meditation and more self-care time especially being in positions of service work you know it’s a lot to take on so I hear that you know I I I have my own my own bouts with this kind of stuff as well you know being a shadow let me think you’re being a lightworker but you’re also a shadow worker to if you can’t be a lightworker unless you get you work through the shadow so that’s where you pick up all these all of this sort of toxic load and and it’s over isn’t it weird that could you ever feel like about forms that clients have can I can get transferred if like a cold if you’re not if you’re sort of new system is in 100% And then they can sneak into and hack your life experience and find legitimate ways to push your buttons and you don’t know that they’re even there yeah I mean there’s there’s would like you know I feel like over the years I’ve had to come up with or learn to laughter tool for clearing and cutting and letting go of the things that are naturally you don’t get taken on doing this kind of work and just being empathic in general I think anyone is empathic is used to taking on other people’s stuff you know but but yeah I like even even with that there is there the accumulation of other people’s stuff that can happen and the impact that can have and then you know this particular experience I was having with Ethan just the side I think there’s ways that we can become hardened in our spiritual identities on without even recognizing that it’s happening sometime you know like where we get used to expressing or experiencing a spirituality in a particular way and then it can get stuck I just had a vision when you said that is like hey Mom look like a my sandcastle continue to tear down to destroy it over and over and over you know and I was like okay you’re done with that I need ya I’ve been going through a lot of that myself and actually I started to have the reason I really wanted to hone in on what you’ve experienced is a good I started to just have the beginning onset of some pretty not totally debilitating but but almost totally debilitating headaches and I didn’t know exactly why and I just feel like this age of getting too late 30s I really know that you can’t just treat your body like you can’t Joyride your body anymore you know you got to really do a lot of self-care and so things that can I have been going on for years for me it was just that I got off coffee a couple years ago and I wasn’t a huge coffee drinker but I was I don’t think I have used coffee but when I convinced myself that drinking green tea was better I started to abuse became dependent on it and then I started to up the dosage and then finally just started putting advice on my head and I said this is got to be what it is so I stopped and it went away and and I had just had to check in with myself I heard one of my shamanic Mentor say how can people be trying to seek their true self when they’re jacked up on coffee all the time survival tool for many does have an impact you know like I I mean that the irony of it though is like caffeine is also supposed to ease headaches but that’s one of the main ingredients for like migraine medication caffeine in Excedrin Migraine but yeah the headache Peas I email I I actually as I was moving through it you know says I couldn’t tell if it was that thing that happens when you’re fixated on something minutes are showing up everywhere around you or if it was actually showing up everywhere but I heard about more people dealing with head stuff than ever before in this last 2-3 months. In different ways like sinuses or for some people’s actually more flu symptoms or sinus infection stuff you spell ahead stuff happening makes me want to get out my tinfoil hat and conspiracies theorize about conspiracies about neisseria could be radio ways I mean just we don’t even know that is a ticking Time Bomb for sure that we’re not even at all prepared for and I certainly don’t do you know the best advised minutes to totally unplug no lights no radio frequencies but Wi-Fi is that as a view have you explored any of that sort of it was a part of part of your process of kind of hacking this condition was looking at that kind of stuff people who do you experience migraines are bad headaches probably are familiar with like the light sensitivity and the Sound Sensitivity and all of those pieces and that I had that acutely I could look at my computer screen or my phone for a couple of weeks and ironically I was in the middle of launching a woman’s that was a virtual course like preparing the lessons for it and and then I would have to get on my computer to actually give the class with actually quite an arduous task because it was like anytime I was looking at a screen it was activating my frontal lobe in a way that only recognize that correlation their technology detox hopefully you are you going to be creating blog posts and just even workshops and just ways to teach this kind of bundle the devices you learn to this chapter just kind of help transmit that coming I’ve been interested in talking about digital detox for a while luckily I actually am getting married next month and my soon-to-be husband and I just bought a house up in the Grass Valley area north in the woods oh nice and yeah we’re just like that call to be in the trees in a Nature’s there but part of my my larger desires actually to create it at the retreat center for people wanting to get into embodiment practice and you know all of that so yeah that’ll be coming that’s great that is in this what it what poetic life narrative stuff right this is so literary and start from that pain to be motivated for you know a lot of things it’s it’s so you feel like it’s over all at this point having a bit of distance from the acute stage has it’s ultimately perhaps it hopefully yeah I mean absolutely like I email I luckily having the orientation that I had like for me like the tantric orientation is there are like two sides of the same Spectrum email as a spiritual being it sure is effective and cracking some things open or shifting something so yeah absolutely I definitely can see the gifts in it and hopefully we’ll be able to get more chronic refreshment through gardening and being deeper into the the wild right is that something you can forward to having more more I guess you know we talked a little bit about the permaculture staff and I’ll yes I’m really looking forward into getting into some of those pieces a little bit more cheaply what this land cool hopefully you can find some good permaculture interns that want to learn all the great stuff he had to teach and then it’s really all about reweaving those Mutual e-service synergistic symbiotic Community Dynamic social and ecological Dynamic so I feel like you yeah you’ve done the city thing for a while now alright I’ll be here and I’ll be going back and forth but but yes for a little bit more of a shift to the internet chair cool will that that feels like a good place I think to to shift into the the more General topic if you’re feeling good about it yes so cool so yeah it’s been just to kind of pick up where we left off before I was I was toying with this idea of a Township makeover reality Series in and it’s a web series of webisodes just self-funded you know a sporadic as as is as available no guarantees that prayer that wish is is really unfolded in some pretty bizarre and wild but interesting entertaining ways and it’s not exactly exactly what I had envisioned originally but it’s certainly it’s certainly an expression of the intentions that we share that we talked about which is to kind of give a lens to do the tantric transformation of people’s lives and to really hopefully beautify and reclaim some of the real true Majesty of what possible when the stuff is done you know in a I don’t want to say right or correct way to say in a in a ethical and responsible and maybe Elder guided waves that just made me want to connect with you now that things are kind of moving in that needed Direction More again for me to just come full circle to where where were you can share more about your the inner workings and assertive behind the scenes of your journey within that space and and how that’s evolving for you and where you’re at with all the for my my background was in entertainment for 16 years I was working as a everything from an actor to filmmaker both riding directing editing and producing and worked in the mediums of books and television short films some Webster and I was right at that crossroads from like film to Digital Cinema making yeah since I’ve been in that world there’s been even another you know like I’m watching this like move or opening up as like 360 video and virtual reality for computer I mean here’s the thing that’s fascinating like my original love affair with media had to do with its power its potency to reach people emotionally you know until I actually discovered tantric spaces and personal development work I think the the movie theater was the first place that I watched people get so engaged in something emotionally and touch emotions and emotional spaces that I didn’t watch them go to in normal everyday life you know as easily and so I think that was my first draw to it without even being aware was just the power or the potency of media to impact us on a psychological and emotional level until I think it’s still the draw that it holds and why we are so screen abscess it’s not because we actually like the devices themselves if we like the way you know the content that they’re carrying makes us feel the infinite Pharmacy or you can dial in the cocktail of your mood I mean an and here’s the the reason why I like you know it’s it’s inherently neutral and it can be used for good or evil 4 creation and evolution and growth or destruction and I know and I and I think part of what were were in the infancy of really of media being used in the ways it’s used now you know since the World Wide Web. 1st and social media blue and we’re really still in the beginning stages of fat to work we’re both just still learning about the how we can use these Technologies but also some of the detrimental ways that it’s been impacting us like I think they’re just beginning to do studies you know now in the last 10 years about the impacts of screens on young children and the development of the brain and all these things and so we’re probably still 10 years maybe 15 years play from having like Surgeon General warnings about email yeah yeah it’s how could you not there when I see that it breaks my heart and I think about the level of intrusion or invasion of Technology into my childhood and it was pretty minimal and even though I spent so many hours playing video games I think I spent at least half as much time developing myself I’m in the physical plane you know personally and I die you either with used it the hero archetypes and the monster and Demon slaying of the video games and try to apply that to my life purpose and not always succeeding but now I just see people collapsing into the virtual they’re just a shell of a body that’s filled with obese agentic calories and just how it is so so heartbreaking and said assuming these things unconsciously without really looking at the way that they’re impacting lives in our relationship and I think it’s at the very very baby beginning stages of Shifting like there are conversations being had about the way were using technology and media and I think those things are going to just conversations hopefully you’re going to discontinue to get louder and louder because like you were talking about there are ways to use media and technology that can actually enhance the way we are interacting with each other and the planet and yeah and so those are the that’s the Forefront I’m excited about interested in continuing to engage media on and particularly interested in you know the VR space which can go to different ways you know you talked about the video games and that sort of the impact of I’m getting drawn into Worlds you know that bring us into the hero’s journey and whether that’s you no more violent or different ways we can experience virtual reality in that way there’s also some work beginning to be done with virtual reality around social justice that I find to be really exciting and that’s actually area I’m really interested in right now is like how to use interactive media and br2 help do things that create empathy or to help create understand someone who maybe is living a different life than you or having a different experience than you because what better way than to actually step into their shoes or to be immersed in an experience that allows you to feel viscerally something that might be foreign to you you know so I think that where we can go in terms of exactly what he’s when you start to think about it in that way you know I’ve had these fantasies of what would it be like I wanted to build physical theme parks to bring people into eras of slavery into eras of just to basically like those said that Society for Creative anachronism step is used to see historical societies that that basically sustain their lifestyles in the Technologies of various time points historical time points right you’re familiar with the just that whole kind of subculture of people who are continuously living or day job living in this and I’ve always wanted to take that and radicalize it so it’s like the people’s History of the United States immersion program Chris you go through all these places but now you’re saying with virtual reality you could make a production and you can make that possible if you have actually started looking into the back and back in 2013 with the first time I took a stab at creating some projects for interactive virtual reality space and one of the ones I worked on with a partner Tony Drennen who’s actually still working in like the comic book world and narrative stuff now can you drink world-building now but we worked on are we created a project called the let-go which had to do with helping people actually pinpoint moments in their lives were heartbreak happens the emotional process or reaction to heartbreak that can lead to shut down shut down shut it down and kind of guide people through a process of beginning to let go I’m culminating in the sort of an experienced it helps you forgive you know at the find some forgiveness so we designed this whole like simulator that people step into a casino stage narrative styles with like interactive prompts to the audience had to answer on there no smartphones a plan and we actually submitted it to Sundance New Frontier Festival. Considered you know we didn’t get to the next step with it but it was it was an it was the first stop in like you know playing with creating something for that world that was a blend of like what I’ve learned from this work with that technology and so that open the door and but I had to like come back to my business and I had to keep working this side of things and I was going to be taking up too much time so I can put it down for a moment and it’s fun cuz I’m literally in the last couple of weeks I’ve had some other filmmakers some of my clients are actually filmmakers and some of them have come back recently won with a project is working with virtual reality and she wants to create a whole thing around black women and grease and like not having access to their grief which is you know how you end up with so many angry black women are The Stereotype of the angry black woman because we can’t touch our sadness and so there’s just like that like that project totally excited me and there is no we started brainstorming around that and there’s just a handful of ways I think that you can address him very specific issues happening in our current culture both around race and gender and sexuality and class and even environmentalism that can I can different experiences and artistic Expressions can be created to help put people closer to being in touch with you know some of the things that could shift those pieces inside of them so. That’s the frontier that ice that’s really juicy to me and it is kind of like what you’re talking about in terms of a theme park ride that is this virtual this immersive experience and it’s blending the email the power of Storytelling and seeing ourselves Racine truths about ourselves or our lives reflected in a way that we can actually be with them and not just be with them but maybe even be offered new ways of with those pizzas yeah this is still thank you for bringing this to my attention and for sharing his vision because I had not really considered this deeply if at all and in these these tools are being developed so rapidly and it does take yours is a learning curve but if you have proclivity from media experience then and I certainly there is there is the the intern class who are sort of cutting your teeth on the new technology and they can be helping people who are more in a amateur kind of directing place to to have that that ever knew emergent energy I mean a lot of professors and stuff in Labs research about to say this is all on the backs of my of my grad students you know this stuff like that so hopefully hopefully you will be able to work smart not hard to do more with less than that and not be on the screen as much but actually have the help that you need to bring these visions what I just had caught a flash of was just the this could be really big because when I in addition to to all of the dimensions that you’re considering something that hit me right now is that the government-sanctioned like fear and scare tactics that they have used through media for things like when I’m having flashbacks of growing up and it was like the drug diversion of the that I was exposed to that were supposed to program me to be to not misuse Woodshop tools because of the heinous accidents would happen to not be home for the sex-ed videos that the negative outcomes the things to sort of horror that they project into the minds of young captive audience students in classrooms like I’m not wanting to perpetuate that vibration but what it what that tells me is that if they were willing to show me my young State of Mind like these gory enactments of the negative outcomes of breaking the law or drinking and driving us things they they were pretty almost are rated I mean they’re pretty intense so if it’s if they can if they if that’s the letter that’s like the Baseline for what’s acceptable I don’t see how you couldn’t create modules for standard education so if you studying American history and you won’t understand what the Underground Railroad was you’re going to get to experience it not just watching a documentary you know the stuff like that so I’m really kind of getting chills to think about where this could go and in that that’s a great you note I order some of the like if you had a blue sky budget or if you know you had all the time and energy and resources in the world if this is your passion now immediate how what do you have what would you do in and then hopefully people can find ways to chime in and support you in any help to further what your your Visions are like I’m really interested in collaborating you know right now and like part of what I’ve been doing is just getting very clear about what my particular skill sets are and like what I have to offer that space and luckily somehow in the process of me getting clear is beginning to help attract some people who are you no good at the other things but you know I could cook so we can all collaborate and support each other and in ways that most excited about collaborations that are an intersection of really like experimental or artistic interpretation that’s blended with some kind of social justice cause that’s grounded in reality you know whether that is connected to radiator is connected to gender or is connected to environmentalism those are some of the hotter topics for me that’s addressing you know something in those Arenas and is doing it in a way that it has been sold as a blend of part Workshop part like storytelling like movie-going event and almost like you described like part amusement park ride and now there’s just like a novelty to it my my work when I was making films always was quite Whimsical like I my my voice or my tone is always been to address relationship of from kind of Supernatural sir real perspective and that’s still very much in me and I like working with people who have a similar voice and I think like some of the things that have bubbled up is that I really want you initially work in the realm of emotions and what I’m noticing around social justice stuff and this current day cuz there’s so much that’s come forward you know everything from the black lives matter movement to everything happening with me to to just like you name it there’s like a handful of movement that have been really big in this last five years. Thank God for them and at the same time when I’m noticing is like there’s an impasse or there’s almost like I’m stuck place with inside of these movements with inside of social justice usually in general where there is like this heightened emotion getting the stories are cost for getting the message across that then of course makes anyone who perceives themselves as the they’re on the other side of that message makes it hard for them to receive it or to hear it and so we hit these roadblocks where there has been a real dialogue or conversation going on between the parties that need to have it and a lot about a thing has to happen because you know the women that have been coming forward with their stories and the people that have been coming forward know that the groups that have been coming forward talking about the institutionalized ways of being marginalized and lives not being valued like there’s so much charge and emotion built up around these subjects in people that are living these experiences day today that there needs to be spaces for 4. To move and I don’t know that like the general public space is a place where that energy can move and actually move all the way through to a point of healing and so I’m really passionate about creating spaces for you note for people who have considered themselves to be a victim of an unjust system and some kind of way or patriarchal system in some kind of way to have spaces where they can actually find some some layers 50% lean around some of those pieces whatever their particular story is and then the second part or addendum to that but I’m really fascinated and working in is then how do we build the bridges how do we build Bridges with people who are on the other side the so-called perpetrators stories because they’re still humans to and there are the humans that were asking for different behavior from and if we want to know the people who’ve been perpetrators to show up differently they have to First Care and understand why their behavior has created this pain how do we get them to those places you know I got the whole nother work in and of itself and then and then how do we build the bridge between another victim and the perpetrator so that’s kind of what Spencer to be emerging from me in this last year as an area that I really feel passion about continuing to explore both just and the work that I’m doing but also through this emerging media Arena well I’m having shows because I realized that what what could be an extension of what you’re talking about all these things adding up together and another dimension that we haven’t discussed yet but it’s become a big passion and growth area for me is is the what’s happening with cryptocurrency and it becoming relating it to this this media world were talking about one of the one of the most prominent in and I believe trustworthy and ethical spokespeople within the cryptocurrency movement worldwide is this this fellow named Andreas Antonopoulos and he one of his statements I’ll paraphrase is just basically that we’re moving in a direction where as these cryptocurrency Technologies really what they really need to ossify and get solidified and really kind of layers will be built on top of them but they’re still kind of in the development phase you’re very much its early stages of development and there’s no sure bet on which one or which ones are going to be the the final of what I guess they’re the most solid solution but as the technology involves at what’s going to happen is that we’re going to experience this phenomenon that he described as streaming money where you won’t have to wait for any delays and transactions and you won’t have to transact based on personal at 1 our time or units of the units of measurement of time and and availability and access is of value transfer all that’s going to go away the same way that downloading files is gone away in the sky Paradigm of content and communication is going to wait when we get to that point where money is streaming at that velocity then if you were to have a internet-connected head piece that had a mic and a camera on it then literally would say you were living in some totally oppressive environment anywhere in the world if you could put on a headset and you could be broadcasting your video and audio signal to the world people could basically be subscribing to your life experience your live documentary live experience and paying you to literally like okay magic somebody who is completely impoverished and someone just drops a bunch of these internet-connected headsets with the cryptocurrency wallet enabled on them and it’s like hack your way out of this situation and you we will Finn money is just going to flow into your cryptocurrency wallet you can use that to buy your education to put your kids to school and the matches like the model of the old model of give money to a charity they take 90% off $0.90 out of the dollar and you’re sponsoring some kid and you don’t even know what’s happening you could literally with this technology now I see if you want to empower people to share their stories we can put our money where mouth is from the people who are the owners in the philanthropist in the first world and Empower people with streaming money and and and support their Channel and I just likes and thumbs up but with the cheddar you know is if she’s okay yeah yeah and I had its funny I haven’t gone down the rabbit hole fully I I think I got pulled in around the same time there was the boom where a lot of people started investing what was that like the middle of last year kind of thing and tours in the last year . started educating myself pretty quickly and it’s a fascinating yeah but yeah I I think that the part you’re talking about in terms of this streaming money and it moving like real time without the delay like what it makes me think of is just about the reconnecting the idea of like currency to our actual flow of energy like there’s no Delay about like the minute we do something has an impact even if we don’t see it in the later you know and it’s like having our money being able to keep up with like our actual moment to moment changes but yeah with all of the stuff you know the technology to crypto and where it’s going and the the media landscape be merciful like where it’s all moving I think is this space back to empowering the individual over the institution you know is that like you know the institutions have had their rain and the fine mess that we are all living out and and I think part of you know and they say power to the people like on a real practical level as people wake up we really are stepping back into the idea that we have impact like the real value in this world the real currency in this world you know is in the people if you can actually give people more tools to reach each other and organize themselves and start to wake up to what they really value just you know what’s been handed to us through commercial and advertising and you know these things that were she used to shape the way we use our energy and spend their money like as we wake back up to the real valuable things in life which is like you know the food we eat the water we drink the air we breathe the human connection we have we get to vote with our dollars we get to vote with how we use our energy we get to start to really shape our world hopefully using all of this new technology you know well at least the way I saw down is suspected in the I’m bored a fight at the idea of having to catch up with 3D and VR and if if your text if you’re taking that on I just want to figure out ways to to sponsor somehow what you’re doing and yeah because I just realized like I’m just barely getting to the point where I feel like I might have a clue about how to cancel shadows out with lighting for a HD 16 by 9 whatever and and that’s already like betamax that’s that’s already like I’m behind the times that this will hopefully we can help each other are you already I was going to say is just on podcasting to me is also been on the rise and you’re very familiar with how to use that medium and ends when virgin absolutely no thank you I appreciate that very much and I definitely am going to do my best so what can with what do you say to have on the horizon what what can people be looking forward to is for resale your offerings and projects coming up the moment I am working on the the next project next course is a time a jade egg course which I am happy to be finally putting my hat in the ring is DJ Diggs grown in popularity over the last year for people who may not know what it is it’s you know of this little tool that you little egg looking things made out of Jade or a number of other different stones that they come in that you insert in the Yoni or the vagina and you do practices around it for healing Andre sensitizing and I just find it to be a really great practice for women who are looking to do everything from heal from different types of sexual trama to restore sensitivity and pleasure and there is no vaginal Canal or just engaging and sexuality and I think it’s a really good practice to develop just to continue to develop that muscle of sovereign sexuality a lot of times people become dependent on this idea that you need a partner for sex or engage your sexual energy and sometimes I find you know the working with broth in the movement which is the basis of a lot of my work people are fighting their minds and fighting boredom which is a part of the process and what’s fun about the Jada gives that it’s the sea no physical tangible tool that you can be in relationship with but it’s still your own practice it’s still your own Sovereign sexuality you’re working with them so developing a course on that and that I’ll start sharing and my newsletter probably in about a month and a little launch September 7th to fix the date for that and yeah other than that I’ll be preparing my house in the woods for the treats and hopefully announcing the first Retreat either at the end of the year or the top of next year and the media products and continuing on the siding of media is always a longer game takes longer for things to get made and come out and so they’re some irons in the fire some things bubbling that’ll be developing in and I like your idea as I ever need support you know maybe I’ll launch a patreon account or something and invite the community to participate in those ways but I’ve always find me a common regular email yeah I send updates and resources and things like that awesome well congratulations again on your upcoming marriage and if anyone’s going to help give marriage a good name it’s going to be your strong and healthy couple of them that the world will be celebrating and I am just thrilled that you’re making all those private and then green yogini witches unite casual under the full moon in a bonfire that’s that’s great to hear a city which is get out there and yeah down and left in the forest and do these amazing yeah healing rituals and all of us men will just just be dying to build the infrastructure to support that that goddess worship practice you know by all means support this just have to praise you and thank you so much for for holding that that level of Integrity with what you’re doing and yeah I just went through and in one people to of really really check out what you doing referral since the platform and yeah for the work that you’re doing as well so much appreciate it if you would like to share some closing words and website links and best ways to get in touch with find me at space for love.com space for loves.com sign up for my but I think what I’m offering is there’s a meditation that she get right away just to get up at the flavor and then of course we’ll get updates and all that stuff about classes and workshops and any deals on off ring with those things and yeah you can find me on Instagram we are space for love and Facebook as well and yeah especially if you’re interested in the vagina and course or you know any of the things that we we talked about I share I try to share the things that I’m interested in in in the newsletter that I send out along with the actual working offerings that I’m providing so thanks for having me on and it’s always a pleasure to to dive into these faces with you and to be able to talk about these things so yeah I would I enjoyed myself so good times and get medicine and thank you so much again yeah we will be in touch and please continue to your great work soon and we will hopefully talk again soon good night thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Township Park. Com Thomas Day

The Path of a Holistic Porn Star with Felicity Feline TPP80


Felicity Feline PicIn this episode I have the pleasure of speaking with holistic porn star Felicity Feline about her life journey of ecological consciousness, yoga, out door fitness, drumming, music production, motorcycling, plant based health and wellness, and much more. We compare notes about the state of the adult entertainment industry and the benefits of bringing a positive attitude and a purified mind, body, and spirit on set and on screen.

About Felicity:
A little about me – I am 24 years old, a plant-based nutritional consultant, drummer of over 15 years, a music producer, stage-dancer, yoga enthusiast, a blogger, writer and photographer, a promotional model, and actress. I am very easy to get along with and full of positive energy! I live a very pure lifestyle that includes a gluten-free, primarily raw vegan diet with vigorous outdoor exercise!

​​​​​​​​I am an established adult model with a variety of acting and promotional work experience as well. I have worked for a variety of different organic brands and have a multitude of experience in sales, promotional modeling, and demoing. I am extremely comfortable working with the public and standing for hours. I have worked for brands including Plant Fusion, Amazing Grass, Raw Revolution, Garden of Life, Runa, Questbar, Sunwarrior, Amrita, Armor Gel, and more!

I have trademarked my stage name and logo and also have a DBA. My brand is growing every day and I am looking to work with other motivated people.

I also have a background in college sociology and nutrition, journalism, retail, personal assistance, reporting, photography and art experience. I have appeared on an Ink Master television special as well as a Vice documentary. I have worked countless expos, conventions, and festivals and am very comfortable interacting with people at events.

My blog: www.felicityfelinemusic.com

Twitter: felicityxfeline

Instagram: felicityxfeline

Facebook: Felicity Feline

Adapting Ancient Tantra to Modern Lifestyles with Elise Carr TPP76


Elise Carr Pic In this episode I have the exquisite joy of exploring the path of fashion model turned tantra coach Elise Carr. She shares her story of personal transformation through tantra and helps provide a framework for adapting tantra to modern lifestyles.

She was gracious enough to share some deep insights about the mainstream fashion modeling machine and provide guidance to my efforts to build alliances in the industry.

About Elise:

Elise Carr, M.A. is the Trailblazing Woman behind StellaMuse.

Known as the ‘Pioneer of Yoni Power’ & ‘The Divinely Empowered Woman’ she is a Sacred Spirituality and Sexuality Director, Life Empowerment Mentor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Writer, Speaker, Tantra practitioner, Reiki Master, Model, Artist and Trailblazer!

With unwavering enthusiasm, fierce dedication and spirited insight, she guides inspirational souls on a purpose driven passion filled mission, away from fear and dissatisfaction, and into courageous love and divine power; living life as their most authentic, nourished, empowered selves.

Please visit her website at:

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township Park podcast episode number 76 on Skype with Elise car of Stellar Muse who is the sacred sexuality educator in a lease if you just tell us about your background how you got on this life path and then we can talk about your offerings and then kind of freestyle a bit after that expectational thought side and that working is kind of feel that it’s the first time that my soul gravetide of toys so I had to listen to that after you know it’s a corporate background and being jealous and pay our and it wasn’t charging my soul sorry it’s time to listen to North my soul and and be really drawn to explain what they detect profit is always a party from a very young age but I started realizing being a woman in my early to mid-twenties that I wasn’t really connecting that we with who I was and it was staying more is a teraquad medical intuitive work in my right keymasters expanding more by my healing modalities and becoming practitioner in that as well as an impoundment karch shifting well out of a hotel and pay off that I still felt there was something missing and that was when I started my study and become a certified as a tantra practitioner and when they are exploring and expanding that to Psycho sexuality and Stewart drive because as a practitioner who follows a very conscious path to me that’s not a mess and that’s definitely a part of what I offer as well I don’t believe we can just deal with sex when we want to type of Maseca perspective we have to bring in spirit and that’s how I work when I when I do what I want with clients but at that men or women or couples and if they’re a size and sacrifice everything it was fully clothed dining table to awaken Uptown that is within them giving them the tools in the techniques but then they can you not go off in an onion sack of Spades only are in a with that beloved and Elvis by Dave and Ava law that in in no time frame whatsoever which can be really do some exciting and then you know I come back when they’re ready to take that next step and enrich their paws and I’m just about to do some more training with a couple of days at air masses I’m real excited to David my personal and professional offering so I can share swirlix slicing JC compliance with my clients and a new clients next year wow that’s awesome I’m glad to hear it seems like a lot of people kind of wake up in the cubicle and really desire a deeper and deeper more Soulful connection and practice so it’s amazing so how would you say that you were life before that kind of informed your pass on this journey everyone has kind of a different skill-set and that gets transmitted or the higher self in the higher purposes get get ahold of your your background and in life and I’m just curious if you feel like you have been able to allocate resources from your skill sets to facilitate your blossoming into this path open at 7 and I’m in my late thirties now sorry for being caught has the machine that is this glamorous pussay to be glamorous modeling industry also where I came in already Incorporated Incorporated it’s like pajamas or mental calculations authorities gave me a really great perspective on cultural politics and how we’re going to proceed how we have a lack of hominy and equality and yes this is within the Sexes but that is only look at it from like a topic perspective on an antibiotic level is somehow we all wear whatever a man over there because they would actually honoring a salmon and night show that was a huge huge lesson that I would have bring in and and that’s definitely waived into my work right leg and the other one is is ordering the truth and integrity and coming from that’s allspice instead of coming from a guard which is date play it all worth it into its letting a toddler cause swelling and working in the fields that I was previously I realized how I boundaries her Integrity how I truth is often suppressed or with the author of The Prostitute house so we think is shining and pretty and is going to come play tossin and sound of that. Sorry it was a it was a great pass that I want to give me some real substance in real life experience along with what the practical skills that I get to use now as well that inspired me to want to walk a stifen and to share it as a as a practitioner and that’s a a teacher and God well that’s so amazing and synchronistic because I’m just yeah I want I want to definitely is such a blessing and a hundred sixty here you have that story of transportation from that industry because I’m actually in myself at this point feeling very guided to bring do a tantra makeover of of the modeling and adult entertainment industry in and really be Consulting to the people who are still in that very mainstream space and also to be creating an alternative that sort of acknowledges that people are are sort of stuck there in that that artifice in that time sort of spectacle of beauty the beauty pageant and this very Hollow kind of yeah this very Hollow industry and so that the fact that you have that inside and you come through that I don’t want to take too much time having you go back into the past but I think you know I’m going to just put that on the shelf for a minute in a minute this time we’ll get back to it cuz I’m really curious some some of your inside or inside there and saw that you’re the journalism in public relations how does that is that giving you it’s a song He’s not very articulate and very well spoken so I’m sure you were able to communicate and educate very well with those Pathways kind of laid down and studies in and having that extra I guess depth in an academic Road and Men coming from this place of of doing the race at him doing that conventional path also I made it so I can I can relate to people in different fields sorry I guess it’s the different hats that I wore different side of my life has made me much malt multi-dimensional in a sense of being able to adapt how I need to defeat the person who sitting in front of me because I know all the same and I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all method when you working with an individual soul is never a connect to the consciousness of course sorry right before. Even though it’s not who I choose to be I didn’t choose to stay in an academic Road all you know Justin all the industry or just working in the corporate world it’s giving me some some some chill some quiet facets yeah that’s great so have you was coming to mind is your sharing this is just that there is a real a lot of people I hear talk about the shadow of Neo Tantra that it’s diverging from the the strict lineage based crew based tantric Temple past and kind of degenerated into a a male-dominated space of debauchery and creepiness and all these things and that’s really sad to hear but then when I hear stories like what you’re saying there’s actually a a very important bright side of modernizing Tantra so that it can be communicated to people where they’re at with out what we don’t have access most people in the world don’t have access to a traditional Hindu Tantra with I’ve heard in some some people say it’s not doesn’t exist in it in the original form since Muslim and Christian colonization in India and her there’s very few vestiges of it so thank you for being bringing the teachings to the modern world in a way that’s really accessible in an understandable so would you do you want to talk a bit about how you translate the teachings of the trainings that you’ve experienced and how you going to make them practical for people who don’t know a bunch of sense greater sure that’s really fast because we don’t always realize you know the routes of this incredible way of life and I’m not trying to put it to meet Andre is a way of life a site that I I live as you know my post no way of being as much as my professional life thing and it is possible people think you have to go off and live in an ashram to do this and that you evolve to a point where you are not having any sexual contact with a now that doesn’t have to pay that way so while I come from a very traditional training and a very strong lineage in that sense to me the fundamentals up that I’ve got from this and that my mouth and taste of every Friday as well as that it’s about you l a t e means how many so it’s a constant returning to to a reference of on write the masculine feminine so while we have to be doing things we also have to be banging so we have to balance perhaps yes you are taking this in our form a sexual way learning different techniques to help me write a prolonged to explore to experience the pleasure in the joy next to safe but also the being side of things so just being present with your beloved just being played with yourself I like to move it and makes both on it next to me how we get to have it beautiful concoction up the second section spiritual coming together to create a full experience and I do this by God my clients through practical steps Foundation looks like the breast which which hardly underestimate but this is the foundation said that guiding force and if you do not have an understanding to the power of your breath that is within you that you’re not going to be transmuted anything involving to where you really want to go with your waist size is a bald in Consciousness sorry dealing with that one has a very simple may not even seen sexual topics people but it can be deeply, trick once you have an understanding how that works and I’ve got some great videos on how to share with you and your listeners to God people how to do the complete breast and how to move Seco energy with their breath while also incorporating visualization techniques and intention and simple things Doterra call Mystical all different kind of spiritual walks of life that very much grounded in in Tartarus well so yeah I saved the simple like saying the attic store in the ordinary I like to think of it so we can tape it really nice again obviously wherever the personal client is long apart I make them there. They’re quite a McDonald’s of training and I just want to date them that next scheduled at the house with a new partner then that’s something that I I can help him with his well it’s really individual depends where that person is on their part as to how I’m going to Tyler sessions full then that’s when he’s really important meeting them where they’re at I’m very interested in the academics of studying Tantra and the history and the geography and how it changed in encountering Buddhism and they’re going north in evolving further into bed and the different colors of Tantra are the different the left and right hand path there’s all these different very rich but also sometimes conflicting stories and DVDs and there’s so much as it gets its really confusing and it’s hard to find a simple narrative that fits with the modern need to just get something you know understand it like a you know I care instructions for a new device that you buy is it’s it’s it’s very squarely that that whole history in NE bana prehistory going back to the most primordial goddess worship traditions and shaktism and things and I kind of feel like a yoga his is risen to such Global popularity and it’s under it’s just the word yoga is kind of out of context it doesn’t really it’s like a there’s there’s other qualifiers that you kind of need to put on it for it to really you know makes sense and and be practical but it’s kind of just sort of become this model is the concept and it has lost a lot of it’s rooted connection to the the tantric practices and it’s sort of nested it’s being nested within different township training center and whatnot so I’m curious when I speak to people like you who are you know again on this this beautiful Frontier of of bringing the ancient teachings to the modern world do you find that people passing come in with some Hatha Yoga type of experience and then it flows very well because or Kundalini Yoga they’ve got it the chakra system blueprint already laid out and so they can just started play with that weird is that where does yoga fit into your or what would you call a meal yoga to your work that’s a really cool question I love these questions band thank you find your keys and to me it’s pretty soon as the time passed and I acted like it on the mats to a son out the moon and goes out that played out six times a week and I have clients who is who is he part of themselves and they often have I guess it’s a reverence for that the how many of pulling back and bang as opposed to doing that sell to make him be very powerful to someone who wants it then evolve into taking this this Township y of banging on on board as well enough when he talked about the lady I guess I come from a belief that that everyone has a chakra blueprint that we just need to awaken when I saw his ready and sometimes people who have been heavily practicing the Coeur d’Alene sometimes it actually are vestibulitis sudden pop that body and ever my Stunna at the service of themselves because that normally is a honga or is pursuit of wanting to activate Sexual Energy and coffee filters charge until turned on and juicy magnetic and all this kind of thing when really that ate a plating that a second chakra you know which connects of the sex organs or so I can accept money and power relationships and creativity sorry I find sometimes people who come from from that kind of School and practice have it have a different paths hike and need to do some healing and clearing an end sumbry harmonizing sorry for the times I think they’re going to be ahead of the game but really like what I see on loading today’s and railings sorry to me that that’s one of the my Sidelines practices when it comes to wanting to sink that out with Thomas. I mean this is very personal this is just what I’ve seen from from Mike’s. The practitioner in and my pass thing is possible so it’s still important I’m not saying don’t practice it install together by any means it’s just we got to keep in mind here and not stink but just because they live a certain way that Tantra is necessarily going to become a CEO it’s going to get a Siri having multiple orgasms some kind of answer your question I feel like you’re getting itself how it is in the western world has become very much focused on that doing so get used to practice you have to come back once again so you know the Shakti shaver hominy the masculine feminine knowing that this dance is going on inside you and if you was fading or refueling one of those how to do too much you’re not going to be in Harmony and his absolutely going to extend to not to tell you out on the mat in the board room or in you know you’re next in the bedroom and and absolutely you’re in Haughton mind and soul so no matter what it is that you’re exploring here along with the rest of the time to process it’s definitely keeping an eye on your balance and you know how many in and checking with your cell phone I am I shocked again and that to me is sorry que no matter which school of Tantra yoga you’re choosing set it to follow up with a few mice that’s that’s a great way of putting it I feel like the that a lot of people would ask this question there pretty much saying that there was a a feminist a very in an endemic intrinsic feminist political philosophy behind the earliest teachings of Tantra that it was made by women not necessarily just for women but certainly in anticipation of the coming World age where it was going to be a lot more difficult for the feminine to be expressed because there is going to be in the words of the scriptures are really dark age you know descending upon the Earth and so it was kind of a even a a collapsing and condensing of a more of a richer more diverse tradition of spiritual practices involving yoga and all the sacred sexuality forms but really though it is just it’s interesting that it was kind of this last gasp for this cry to the Future Generations please remember these mantras remember the Davies because we’re going to start forgetting and then there’s going to be war and patriarchy and and just evil armies to sit like a bat like a horror movie it’s going to be hell on Earth in and you know that’s getting deeper into the Hindu scripture tantric meaning prophecies if you will but it seems like they were right and even now with yoga and the Bikram Scandal it’s it’s kind of like well there was this hyper masculine kind of phone providers pervasive Corruption of the the deeper shot their teachings and and now you have that live in that what’s wrong with this picture if there’s not the shocked he’s not being evoked into whatever you’re doing and you know at all times that’s hopefully the the greatest gift that’s does that have you encountered any of that kind of from that kind of cultural critique or that kind of that kind of way of seeing the the doing versus the being is being that sort of masculine and balancer or something like that and I love the flow of life it is he who doesn’t matter who you want to listen to this right now I’m sure run something past you can actually relate to the Des balance of masculine feminine to the lack of reference for the divine feminine and as you said the remember to do right now to reconnect with ashtrays and reconstruct Ruthie’s about worshiping the salmon and then and yes I’m a mess but that does not matter to have a preference for men and a masculine it just means that we swallow a pendulum sorry Fallout 2 patreon hockey announcer the masculine domination in every guy’s in every guys that it has to come back the complete opposite way to go to isokinetic strength 7mm place before I can come and Center itself this is just how it was sweet we have to go in with one extreme to the other to find out Santa so I feel we’re kind of inching towards what some people feel is quite extreme because I eat I feel like it’s all about the women it’s not about women to say we just had to speak up and shout and be loud and create a thumping noise let’s play the 70s for that to now becoming a place where when we say feminism it’s actually sit on a mess with a quality for those who are starting to really say from from the house and this is what’s called for now so whether you believe that you know you you connect to stay a man or woman is understand that what we need now is is hominy and reverence for the divine feminine which is the slowing down at the creativity of the personalization it’s going to be emotional shifts to clear that we’re in a better place to create and manifest and both whatever that is with the help of divine us when we want to have the sacred Harmony play codeine in like a marriage of these two elements within ass just I want to have that and made all of us is as the collective human Fabric and ideally for the Earth because we’re going to destroy ourselves if we don’t get ourselves back into out remembering site about truth yes absolutely yeah I come from a long background is environmental activist and unfortunately I guess sort of living in the baggage of a marxian very secular materialistic skeptical of religion skeptical of for good reason of course but really missing out on the spiritual ecological it took a while for like feels like ecopsychology to catch up in the environmental movement and I feel very blessed to come full circle and finding that within Tantra is this deeper ecological agenda obviously you’re worshipping the regenerative divine force of Shakti the primordial Shakti the expressions of the god is so I was already worshiping Gaia by that by the name you don’t win the contest in the archetype of the mother earth system so it was a it was easy for me to open up to a cosmic Supreme goddess or multiple archetypes of the personalities of the feminine godhead and all these rich Traditions that is that involves them in the sort of crime was at the medieval Heyday of the country practices so yeah I’m glad you mentioned that in DUI is part of your work do you try to drag people out into the into the woods or in the garden and try to get them you know in the breeze and doing their practices Outdoors integrity and truth and you’re communicating Mason and I feel it cuz I see you and may let’s I’m leaving this and and how we’re approaching life and how we are grounded and yet approachable yet all your pain and Ashley connected people want that you know that’s attractive and this is what you don’t fall in love with someone Sully the falling in love with with you know the lifestyle not just the external of that beautiful face so that ripped up buddy sorry when you come to a place I feel if of offering an invitation then yeah pay pullara ammo Desiring to 2105 to talk with you but you’re not in control spake practicing outside and in reference to the divine feminine and connecting with the elements I find is is Dave lien are shaking and very powerful and I like doing cars by class that especially at the morning practice especially Daly and Son capacity wherever they live like even if they even just be best for outside on your balcony and I understand in the sunshine or if it’s a little bit you’re so be outside the window and drinking the sunlight at least and just be there for him your Harmon spice if you have the ability to to get in the car and and or any form of Transport we can work even better and get to the forest to the bush to the to the ocean to the river whatever it is an end because this is part of you slowing down and he’s slowing down and being you’re creating space for what you know the Reverend here we go again you’re nice to come back to come back and you’re doing yourself a huge fight with his pot of investing in the relationship with self so important so important to have a beautiful profound effect on Humanity because I’m actually a certified permaculture designer and there’s a lot of permaculture in Australia it’s kind of the phone Houston everything I’m aware of and I just I’m a sucker for y’alls accent and the way that you put this very passionate emphasis that’s just so inviting and engaging in an enthralling and see if you just want to get on board you want to you feel the the passion and the sincerity and I just said I’m glad to hear it is tantric wisdom pieces coming through that passion in Boise and also knowing that I’m probably going to have to visit there someday you know because of all the the permaculture stuff going on and I can definitely see have you seen any sort of Hawaii there’s there’s a I hear there’s a lot of really well-designed tantric kind of Temple holistic healing spaces that are very from a culture based in I I’d imagine that there’s commingling of ecological. 9 + in Temple design and and whatnot now in Australia are you are you aware of any sites like that in Melbourne Australia mini size I mean they’re even going to kill themselves that the same group but like steres learning Santa Ceres and beat the elements and working with them and taking that sustainable this is happening more and more and I can even if someone is what we talk about here you could actually go to Patsy or farmers markets and connect with the people who grow food and you can stop by and apologize I do this every week I become friends with the couple who grew the organic food that I ate into me not in my body like that it’s going to make me show up as a clear brush I’m a grounded more healthy cheap food practitioner so the stars come back to oversee the food we ate and do what I think that’s the last I’ll bet he’s the air we breathe we talked them with breast sunlight you know just as much as as the foods that we ate is so important and you yourself would notice picking up your opponent culture expert sorry let me start wiping off how my dad a hot and I saw we realize that this is all part of the human fabric of life and this is why Tantra and rigatoni glass tile is so most eventful in itself because this is deeply ingrained within us and we can we come by Carl Rhodes nursing a body connecting with the Earth making I just like all the choices every choice you have to be conscious so yeah that is definitely increasing in Australia of the concept of going on sweetie even and I’m sure that’s hard and in the states as well we have a hot tub to rayconnect we have a hunger to go that’s what we always knew because it comes sorry for the other way with them sorry stopped about truth that now that we can’t we can’t hold off any longer on this is why people like yourself and I’m sure have client come to you because this time for real connection for real intimacy for real love to being saved big hugs being held and this absolutely includes the way we connect with with old people noticed a but love is not just that into a, shapes that with ourselves and with that communicates to this to me also I connect but having a cold like an eco-village Community uses this is what we have is calling for an end and I like having a shared Gardens and I’m taking a shield and how to how to plant seedlings and take care of the other than ours that bodies and have reverence and gratitude for the food they ate at notches them and connect with body of the Divine Temple Run an external like you need to be this kind of power steering it. Kind of head call you need to be this side of me and none of that idea deep reverence for for the body as as a House Of Your Divine so sorry it’s a connected to connect to sign into connected kind of philosophical phrases like being just becoming love being loved making love to your food you’re making love to your breathing and just being in love all the time with everything in it says yeah the connecting the food element also it’s beautiful that a lot of a lot of Township ritual practice involves feeding the goddess chocolate food and yeah it’s going to be able to incorporate in a tantric date night you know harvesting from the garden or going to the farmers market in home making a meal that’s so intimate and so Exquisite in the passion of food is a huge thing to indicate Amigo compared to get to go in NJ my organic shop heavyweight and stuck at a fridge and pantry and in 11 and prepared a food that is part of a ritual know we look at 2nd and sharing that the intimacy with your beloved or disown you care that you’re not going to be sexual it can be sacred it can be spiritual we don’t have to ignore Nestle make everything become a sexual act that just that a preference and as he said the the the making love with that process will being in that loving state to me when we have been damaged within ourselves just come naturally we are lost car from like sex to making love to be in love yeah you know what that that just reminds me that recently I was kind of who actually one of the one of the women who I’m working with professionally in the permaculture design world is is is signing up to be a role model or a spokesmodel but in the context of not in a sleazy Manner and not in the westward hyper-sexualized manner but in the matter where it’s like we’re going to do your very beautiful sensual Eco photo shoots of her doing useful ecological tasks in and educating peoples that go you want it if you want it be in the Muse of an in in in in in joy and gaze upon the you know the skin of the goddess then we’re going to teach you how to do it in proper prostration and you’re going to learn something from it and you’re b as in chanted by the active for grace in nature As You Are by whatever the curves of her body or that you were transfixed pie and how is it you’re beautiful I love that I’m going to coming from the ministry that I have paintings many as well. Sameh is how you can use essentially in a beautiful way the temple that is the body to educate on the phone while so entertaining to make it beautiful because that’s what we all are text to beauty Beauty truth love it was all about so if you can use you know the body as a canvas in as a tool to communicate that to me that is empowering that is empowering and I really don’t know that I have a preference for you know the naked female form I think you couldn’t have so much potential you know exploring that I’m sure you’ll be creating great photos, I say them yeah I think so it’s it’s it’s really the training of the permaculture design system has given me there’s a number of of tool sets like just weighs us a checklist and processes and procedures in design and just looking at nature is such a vast understanding nature such a vast infinite generator of creative possibilities for not only food but shelter and energy and security and medicine and just infinite possibilities when we actually become a beneficial member of the community of life there’s plenty for everybody and you know there’s such abundance there and and I realized it the sensuousness of the visual impact of seeing a human form it’s like you said we’re all very much attracted to beauty and it’s such a sustainable and perennial down-to-earth thing so if only we were directing people into meaningful activities would not just runways and not just you know reality TV shows in the glitz and Glamour and obviously it’s like it’s like using this bastardization of the temple Priestess arts in and making it sell commercial products in materialistic values and this is something now if if you’re if you’re feeling good about it I’d love to talk a bit more about what what your experience has been in that world and and what you might have to offer people as is in sight cuz I’m actually hoping I’m going to this is now becoming the podcast that I want to share with the women who are kind of in the Tantra and permaculture movements who are who are going to go and infiltrate the modeling an adult worlds and then because I’m hiring on both ends and I’m you know wanting to 1/8 literally initiate not not in the sense of me being there Guru button too sensitive connecting women in Sisterhood and increased sort of initiation rites that really put me out of business and put me out of work I just want to be out in the garden you know I’ll be the farmer you know you will be the dancers and then you know I’ll just bow down and and be blessed or work soft play soft as well as a nice balance photo yeah so I’m curious I guess what would it seems like is the way that people in the main street was called the mainstream modeling adult entertainment kind of world they they were some of them have a sense that they should give back and donate to charity or occasionally do fundraiser balls or food drives and there’s a sort of them I don’t want to say is tokenistic cuz I know there’s really serious like philanthropists all throughout some of the most successful people and in mainstream entertainment or are giving not just getting back money but also give him extra time in and doing Public Service Announcement so I can stuff so I’m just I’m curious from your perspective and having that back on that world were you kind of privy to too much of that or were you on that pass through if you were you have memories of the Avenues for people to give back and maybe grow spiritually in and be in community service in and whatnot or was it mostly just really go to testicle narcissism and materialism you take me back I guess that’s nothing about Strahan in the fashion industry and I’m being a part of that what’s really popular is you know that the benefit both a benefit function where you will have a whole stream a whole gaggle of funerary Grandma’s old is who on the runway apps just you know I add a beautiful event plenty of amazing food everything there is going to put on everything to join Isis and then you going to be having auctioning off of everything they just know if a charity is charity is it might be for a certain disease or something I want to invest in but when it comes to something as spiritual and holistic is nothing. Nowhere all that really made it big I I was the face of a libel and a car because she was liable for some for some time and I I did some shirts and some Good at Drinkin a special of the day was one of the most awesome experiences in in this regard during my career and full-time thing I will Cherry be part of a sign that was using materials from the witch is going to be sold to people all around the world war two things shark I stood in a really big well knowing traditional venues an event such as Paris fashion week that was awesome to be part of that and just say that these things can happen this can work at me now we have amazing designers who kind of creating swimwear and shoes from off katsev of rubbish and United debit come from the say this is cool being a part of that is cool and that’s why I’m more passionate now cuz I’m still in this industry but I think it’s you that I want to support a car ethical environment friendly animal friendly Brands sorry I don’t have a great lot of memory of that and any suspending a couple of decades that I’ve been a pain because it’s it’s not inclined in that machine it snow in grind Instagram machine I actually struggled with this when I was doing my Master’s in Communications because I wanted to create at least I was real choice because I was kind of unrealistic and instead of just doing a massive kind of rice hop and presenting this very heavily racist document that would probably collect dust at the end of my degree I asked if I could yes table that raises its but kind of package of animal more than Wine I wanted to passenger occasions and I kind of like the Eco ethical environmentally friendly version of fog I was kind of like start off as this prototype for a magazine and two mops on the day the height of 6 which is the highest Mach I could possibly received and I was told it was because I was being unrealistic because what I what I wanted what I was pitching is that having incredibly research articles let’s say we just type of cutting more, now that this is going back probably a bad idea by now that writing articles about you know where your clothes are made how the guy that you love that seen this certain brands clothing is actually destroying the waterways and thoughts the crops in those communities in this certain countries and that the United States 6 year old children who have pain in my left it harm with United night BBQ is that motherhood Holy Spirit chain or so I can do whatever has to go off of work and she’s waking a sweat shorts and just bring some reality is that with you know not adverse but more like informative Paces I suppose that that win against the grain of everything that they special magazines believe which is actually putting an article that it’s going to make you want to buy something that you don’t need next to it and next to it you know an adverb that’s promoting a cream for wrinkles on your face that you don’t have cuz you’re only eighteen sorry coming in very very deep shark infested water and I survived unfortunately it didn’t quite come out as beautiful as head but what a great experience for me to stop saying this machine that I was a pain through different eyes and another stand Wattpad I was willing to be a part of what part I really wasn’t and I always struggle with this as someone who’s always lived very holistic lost to the sex drugs rock-and-roll the spot things you don’t understand that kind of suck and I suppose I I did struggle with with straddling Both Worlds and now now people like yourself who is doing the same should use this kind of a concept this is what’s going to help this is what’s going to give you know that young women and men who are very much a most in this world a different perspective advocating animal rights who are advocating whatever it is I had a passion about even something as simple as you know maybe the rights of Mortals instead of card hands of them being forced to be undernourished to get on the runways so we are noticing is a prize more and more it’s just like that that hasn’t been very strong in the last few decades but now as waste out remembering waking outbreak at YouTube on sanon we getting this for more so that’s my memory of it at least and I love what you’re doing and we need we need this is just not that way know that we also need to be led by example sometimes but the people like yourself who are actively creating something else I let someone like myself one thing I do remember vividly is backstage Shari’s I kind of created these little priest icicle was where I’d be like the spot in my twenties and sharing some wisdom absolutely at stake about you know their sexuality had we even have like get a little things like what’s the name for Yanni Yanni bank so I quit. Realized the name of the enticing Office on Fort Lee said be a pagina but you can’t say that to the Volvo sorry we say you know if you was with me to call it says wow I don’t talk about these kind of things before I knew it I’d be spending my lunch breaks or brakes train shows sitting with a group of them all Trina questions and I wasn’t trying to be someone’s Gerber I’m all about avocado you ain’t gotta show you on God but just to give them some inside share the wisdom is what we need to do and Titus was going to different why so we wouldn’t like it and that the whole point and I feel that’s what you’re talking about is going into places infiltrating let us in let the Fashion World of them welding welding and offering them so I’ve never seen before because this is how we get to shake people up like a smoke and give them some car to get him some perspective and and some of these young women who won now in much healthier relationships with themselves have a relationship with food healthier believe that Korea healthy relationship with a new partner having children sorry just having a conversation so you know I don’t need some song goes like I was doing shows with him with me for a few years right sorry they had to leave and we create a basin and now there was so they fall in my way could I join now even though I’m not back side if I start as much as I used to be a I’m normally the one that’s you’re comparing me of it now because I prefer to be divided my work sets Outlets X Hot Topic but that’s none of thy Saints and created a shift in them and the beautiful thing is that they now get to be out of share that with whoever they’re involved with and that to me is how we get to empower each other and in a cycled way so yeah it’s for the whole process concept II down in a little bit of that with with us because I was especially when they would you know you only came up and I was not everyone’s there yet and this is why we want to be inclusive start in order to increase if we have to get a speaker ones language and I guess the fact that I was driving us to Wells I was I was speak that language and and I got it and I run with that sorry I’m On Top stand I’m on it to a shed a bit a lot in that way in an industry that has different lots lots yeah well I’m so glad that that we got to explore the territory because I’m just sitting here grinning like ramakrishna I just can’t I can’t sell again Deep Cover work that’s fun engaging in in you know it’s it’s like I said we don’t have to I’ll have to be hippies and we also don’t all have to be giving ourselves swamy names and dressing and putting on the Mala beads in be just out of context so to be able to I think it really speaks for itself just the energy of being a fully embodied well-integrated. Chakras activated being it’s a nice day when you’re speaking of people and you know there’s just the radiance in the presence of that I’m sure you were able to be a A+ from a radiant magnetic Powerhouse since I’ve got a kind of interesting couple of questions to to build on what we what we’ve already accomplished in exploring his territory I think it it comes it really comes down to what I feel more and more in this age of kind of the allusion to sort of Wizard of Oz illusion of patriarchy where it’s really the small sometimes relieved she brained male egos who just got their hands on the military power to be able to impress people until limit people’s access to knowledge into skew and distort the truth that’s ever ever been to us as the Earth continues to abundantly produce and we continue to create these artificial desert sand city is in prison grid Roman based City designs and we’re just basically very systematically kind of blindfolded to the truth that that the divine feminine Essence has always flowing always abundant always nurturing always wanting seeking our connection and wanting to provide us love and their transcend and in fact really despite all of this illusion of patriarchal power it’s still even to this moment the women who exude that feminine Essence that have the most power because you know I don’t know about the models and the you know that the women who are the diva of the the entertainment Industries know there’s many of them are strippers there’s pornstars there’s models or actresses or singers you know there’s fashionistas there’s all of these Divas are still men are still dying to worship them even if their pimps and Warlords and gangsters and you know corporate CEO men there still paying somebody or you know being a patron of the feminine desexualized feminine at some level to every single one of them pretty much the most powerful crabman so the this power to bring more Consciousness to everyone through having something to say and something to teach in that world you could becoming a model Priestess or Priestess modeler you know bringing the stuff it’s really it’s just exciting to me in and there’s another dimension that I want to speak to you about the way that I can it’s it’s hard you you probably have the perfect background to be able to really deeply Siri on this it in and really be able to to kind of some help me hold this Vision which is that in time she obviously I’m sure you do a lot of eye gazing instruction for your clients and you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time in your own life even just it could be corporate business memes of when you have that self-esteem and you have that practice you’re more comfortable peering through the window to the soul and doing the eye gazing as a as a practice in all of your relations in is that is that true for you you feel like that I gave him as a powerful Tantra practice since you incorporate anti Haven does the eye contact because gazing for some people to be very intimate and yes with with a clot I will actually gone through that and teach them that but just making contact with someone like I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this I’m pretty sure you going to sell your house but you’re being on the straight with someone and touching their eyes I like to hold that spice and I’ll see if they send them love I don’t need to know them they can be any age shape size color whatever I’m just going to send some love and light and that’s not making my device that I’m at say this is just being a channel. Just to remind I died and it’s interesting that people that could hold that guy’s and could even say Hey or morning and people who will look away at the corner of their eye stuff like that for real is that they are you saying anyone can type that clothes off and get naked with mores at least it’s really being seen and yet that’s what they cries of iced Waverly cry face pain and hurt and held and and worships matter whether we recognize begum out a woman so tell me the eye guys is is a way of expressing so many things and you can actually come on Joe space and and come on Joe iron power through the eye guys as well and it can easily be used for your house, and it can be easily Miss used as a form of manipulation of understanding of how powerful it is absolutely love love love love being able to connect with someone and just having a conversation with a client when you can really hold a spice of them purely with your eyes and from there the rest of the second spice can on fall out while having a conversation with someone who’s trying to manipulate you and I might be able to I guess she would I want to say but you’re not going to let them penetrate your mind and Han Solo because you can hold that you know so we can use the eye guys in and out ability to create or holes like a spice very much not honestly I believe sorry I I love it it’s a beautiful gift and once we start having it that we stopped to I believe I can more about in town of from within sorry if you haven’t attempted guys in before and it’s most simple form sitting in front as it can be a friend or I can be able Auto Parts in front of the mirror and just looking into another one eye and just for the saying and I’m president not letting Lothrop Migos takeoff verse that comes out just let it go and it stays of sadness come let it come let it go and just hold that spice but even if you can for a couple of minutes the first United before we even go down the path of the hot spot in the eye guys the entire time I’ve ever love making session becomes a really simple and and break it down and make it. So I thought you could at least experienced it on some level and things that I’ve done this many times then try doing it a different way than you’ve done before challenge yourself and and David yourself enjoy that nothing’s ever the same you might have been like all done that before the next time it’s going to be different and you might find if you are not willing to surrender to the process that different parts of you to feel as if you consulted them peel back and and you might be out at connect even date with your pie not even taper with yourself or even just a friend that moment which is all that matters is cuz all we have wow every everything you say is is Success if it’s like it’s been scripted by somewhere on high I just feel like I probably make the mistake of speaking kind of assuming that some of the key words and vocabulary or already understood but you’re really expanding and opening up this glasserie so this is really helps cuz this is what I hope to to be kind of stand-alone experience to open people’s Consciousness so you just like really that was great you were able to lay out the mechanics of it in the end the why and the how and with that with that sort of concept very well develop now I want to bring into the concept to concept of vision boards is everybody since the secret became a very successful me and you know throughout the culture that was part of it understanding that with Law of Attraction you want to have a vision board and I’m curious do you that isn’t necessarily I’d say It’s Time trick in the sense that everything is Tantra but not everything can be in the practice of Tantra but it’s not necessarily from making a vision board isn’t necessarily something you read in the ancient scriptures but it is if you look at the the yantras then that kind of was the time tradition for it and you kind of put your attention on to that but same kind of magical technology but just so I know that we’re talking about the same thing to you have a vision board practice or do you you’re pretty well aware of what that what that practice is more words and experience has not been stuff like that there was a it was a diamond earrings is it within my mind so every day I do have a practice wear after I’ve I’ve done my whole you know a series of of of my morning ritual before I get to the yoga mat I finished it off with a meditation and then I I bring to me a visualization and and some a part of that is once I stood up myself so I still filled of of love and lot already at that right at that out to my spice into my loved ones with everybody around the country already that ride like that out then a guy into my business to my clients to whatever it is I’m going to hang on to that meet him going to have today to that first client session and then I finally make my way out in or around the Worlds 2 coming out to ready and I love to mother and I just I just hold that spice mites on if it needs a parrot but I didn’t connect with my gods and whatever information or whatever it is but I meant to be aware of and and I almost like A Course in Miracles what do you need me to know the right now wait on a cigar by all those kind of kind of probing questions of really how I can be the greatest Otis for myself so that I can shine as the greatest service possible and I do everything was all of that and whatever comes to become so in that I gently bring myself back till I’m back in my body or my bed in my meditation cushion are yoga mat aware of it is that I’ve done. Visualization to me that’s more powerful then sing in front of that vision board that I created them in that spice exactly anymore I’m outside if you want to talk to me I feel you need to try an experiment see what works for you and then sometimes you know looking at an ancient symbol or I can what is that you want to manifest however that looks whatever it is and I’m creating a symbol that represents it and it can’t be a squiggle it might be a musical note G of flour anything if you can draw that. Some ways that you can look at it and and stop feeling what it is you’re the one that a fist come through that symbol and and some tenderness sex Magik off think that is more like to know a secret I station you can even bring that if it’s something to do with your beloved let’s say you can bring that symbol into your lovemaking so that you are focusing on that I wanted to call about that together and and is conveyed we want to get a new time together if we want to bring a baby into the world we want to chase this or whatever it is I mean it can be anything I want to be materialistic item it can be a sensation connection and likewise you do this with yourself that doesn’t have to be during self-pleasure old masturbation it can just purely Bay in sitting there doing nothing and just being and being mindful so take it wherever you want to take it there’s no boundaries here we go to open up and I was no wrong wrong but the met the visualization is is date by powerful and and I love doing that even if it’s a short why don’t you exercise everyday beautiful yeah you know I’m actually as you’re saying that I feel like a lot of what I’m working to do is to get men off of porn and back into their their the workspace of their erotic imaginal realm in their Fantasy Life in the prosthesis of a vision board at kind of atrophies your visualization in your imagination but it it can be it can be a positive true or can be a catalyst as well so there’s like a a roll for it and is it can be a roll for it for either of those things but I like the way you put it because yeah I feel like you do know it’s not about the vision board it per se is not like the vision board itself holds the magic it’s all you it’s inside of you so whatever it takes and then like you said you can kind of fold the symbolism into a into a you sometimes called a schedule is like a powerful object or powerful symbol that that contains elements in orgasmic manifestation as the evolution of sex magick which can just kind of have creepy over tongues for four people that just get they just don’t like the looks like pickup artists and sex magick and there’s just there’s been some painting of of those paths especially with Crowley in being the I don’t know if that’s a whole nother conversation but we’re stepping into the light and really manifesting with Consciousness in with the guidance yes of our guides and of the Divine there it’s not rocket science really to have that sort of moral compass beset by these higher dimensional being so I think we’re definitely on the same page with with setting these coordinates for manifestation and in a good way and the reason that I wanted to bring those two elements together here at that you know I’d Ark in our closing is it on I feel like what I have been led to to discover a realize is that when when people are are looking at a model the background has infinite power potential that’s being neglected and also the power of whether or not they’re smiling with and how they’re positioning their eyes in I feel like I’m this what I’m what I’m experimenting with quite literally now is saying that instead of having this vacuous gaze where the director is telling you to quote look bored and sad to sell some product or some fashion line and it’s like that’s actually a black magic curse that you’re putting on the mirror neurons of the people reading that magazine if you’re make if you’re making them wonder where you look rich and famous but you look bored and sad so there’s this emptiness what’s going on there and it’s supposed to itch strive to work really hard to achieve what you’re modeling for but you’re not smiling at me and you’re not looking in my eyes and and then in the background you’re selling some products so it just if if you if we realize in this is my sort of faces here I’m curious if you know what you how you feel better when you think about it it’s like the potential to do assertive Tantra makeover of that art form in that media style to be like okay instead of looking bored and sad with your friends and and have them see a vision board in the background of all of your most philanthropic dreams as as a diva you know how are you going to heal the planet how are you going to be charitable to the in-service of the poor and the destitute in in if I mean if I asked every model who’s at the top of their game we know what is what would you do with a million dollars is a nonprofit and then make a vision board collage is the background and then photographed them looking straight forward and smiling so that all of the energy that’s that’s pouring into that image from their fans and from people in the Tabloid you know Stan dial they’re actually getting lit up and their financing that Vision with their own intrigued energetic flow to that image it’s the power of damage and it’s being unconsciously squandered it that sits at the vestan and really it’s being a really dark kind of person in a worst-case so does that resonate with you is that I feel like this is a precious moment to to have your Insight on this cuz this is kind of the I’m putting all my effort into seeing a iskcon really having a fake I know it works for me so it could possibly scale office for passion that’s that’s so you can’t not dating anyone says myself included my my thoughts that you’re talking about models becoming Role Models not Sports models good role models and many of them shy away from that man say I am not a role model because they kind of grown in the bank art hangers or you know if we make something look good but we can’t detract room at home what that something is because you’re behind the something not the ass sometimes I’m with that all that you get someone like us if you could happen it doesn’t. And you know what are you going to sell to get what you want so wise comes into the tobogganing here but what you’re talking about I believe had a lot of Merit conceptually occupy play energetically it has a lot of Merit how you’re going to create these that’s up to you you’ve got you know I’ve got the creative juices some show flying 322 manifest and whatever I admit to present itself but the idea when I said is visualization of of a very well knowing you’re probably quite high profile because I’ve been voted the papal high-profile and I Am the Man by fashion houses in Brands and and multinationals because they have a message Instagram following sorry getting into that you know right and & mikienis a social I guess experiment of sorts powered by the papal can be really really quiet empowering I want you to sing a b it be very interesting experiment I think and the idea of offering those follow is a different perspective is something that could be quite the same as well people who had let’s say you know be massive follows of the Kardashians who love buying things who have the desire to retire early and then match them with his car on that holiday wearing this card you know they’re the kind of people sometimes that you’re going to have to be wanting to Guy high but what about this it’s a tough gig is going to be a tough you know it’s half battle in some ways and sign that if people are named ever also Kardashian cutouts what to say bananas people are needed to save an honest is what we get in the media we going to get bananas if you stop offering RN I have tried that before was an orange taste like you know you can’t even see something completely different they are going to be some people that are going to be curious and come across right oranges oranges you were going to attend Chalet you can I start a hold you little way than this could end up becoming you know otherwise we know is to me it’s all the potential I love the concept and I feel we are in a position now with the beauty of scars made him look at it for a positive perspective in a helpful tool to be able to communicate a message globally and instant on a YouTube clip and Piper get it at fish are around use your connections connect with a Papal connect with the with the people you want to put in front of connect with these models say who’s interested find out who the ones who leading a holistic tossed Miley Cyrus Masa vegan you know her like whoever it is knows she’s going to call the sign tomorrow but still within that Realm potentially could get behind a really cool place where they also still got that kind of Rebel activists in them then only in their twenties that I have a rebellion anyway cuz they probably didn’t get to have that childhood cuz I was young Stars sometimes miss that as well so they like yeah I want to be your friend I want to stand out I want to be you know you’re saying to be to be having something more to me than just what you say in that magazine as an example and I went to the bar because it will change their brand sorry and I’m hopeful that I’ve also activism when it’s time for a place of passion driven purpose to to Servin and help the great ago with and it sounds like this little project could be like God places that you can make a difference why not as long as going to make a difference then Jump Right In I say well thank you so much I feel like you just provided for me a private coaching session and I feel like now I have to say for all the listeners who just witnessed that you definitely need to connect with the lease and Avail yourself of her services and yeah on that note do you want to talk a bit about I’m okay to go as long as you want if you want to continue my definitely want to give you the floor to talk to you no more deeply about what you’re offering now and specifics and how people can really engage in and step into the the offerings that you have them really thrilled and I’m not a believer I’m going to depend totally endorsing it happen and how I approach is tossed that that clicks with you then absolutely head over to spell amused., that start with an i and has lots of free videos about the continent is some great articles inner ear itching and I’m give you a different perspective and whether it’s the coaching or else I will tell Charro healing they sold for modalities that I also ran and if it’s takes to you then you know connected way they are going to contact hide everything so lazy as a free table and a free video series Miley focus of the women have I can a line that you only hot mind but I doing card guys to download videos to have a deeper understanding of how the divine feminine what how to support her because when you support her she can support you and we are stronger together sorry if it’s any way I can be of service if someone’s was singing feels like yeah it’s been so afraid I connect with me and I will do my utmost to shut the lot I’m sure we will have the intention to still be a yeah falling your work and I’m definitely be in touch Towing and I greatly appreciate your time thanks for having me VW. 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