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Kali Sahasranama in Sanskrit and English Read by Sufiana TPP257


Kali Painting

In this episode I share the recording I commissioned from Sufiana of the 1008 names of Goddess Kali, including both the Sanskrit and English

Alien Lover Goddess My New Goa-Goth Psytrance Track Is Coming Soon TPP256


In this episode I share a 30 second sample from my new track “Alien Lover Goddess” coming soon on CaliPsy Records!


Alien Lover Goddess Coming Soon!

Please enjoy this sample and stay tuned for updates on the release date!

DIY Erotic Empowerment from Massage Therapy to Female Ejaculation with Alexis Lane TPP243


Alexis Lane Pic

In this episode I’m joined by podcast listener Alexis Lane for an exploration of her journey of do-it-yourself erotic empowerment from massage therapy to female ejaculation and beyond!

About Alexis:

Alexis currently lives in southern Virginia. Call center representative by day, Yoni Goddess by night, Alexis is passionate about exploring and awakening her own sacred sexuality. She firmly believes that more women realizing their own Sacred Sexuality and the Divine Feminine within will change the face of this world in a powerful way. She looks forward to sharing the knowledge she’s gained through her own research and explorations for the Collective growth and well being of our species and our planet.

My Non-Verbatim Show Notes:

AL: a little bit about me, 30 years old southern virginia, all kinds of jobs, call center rep day job, in my own personal life my own free time I’ve really been for the past 2 or 3 years called to really dive deep into my own personal growth, issues of self love, developing self love and self respect, manifested through getting in touch with own sexuality, past 2 or 3 years, really hands on with myself, getting into all of my issues on a sexual level, I really just experienced a lot of growth and changes that I’m really excited, see how those things are gonna take shape in the world, right now definitely got a lot of female or authorities on the feminine side, Grace Diaz, Kim Anami, so many more, did find your podcast through Grace Diaz’ channel, that’s how I came to hear your podcast, episode on squirting, really excited to share a lot of practical application hacks, excited to see what I can offer

ted talk, unleashing the female orgasm, she did that ted talk has wonderful channel great website, an authority, or mentor in female sacred sexuality, another one I do listen to a bit of layla martin, amber leitz, sharing her own experiences and coming from a lot of personal experiences

TP: massage therapy process?

AL: started out straight out of high school, wasn’t very hands on, my mother found a great school for me, different than traditional massage therapy school, most are up to a year, very condensed, found me a 2 year associates, at an actual college, did go and get associates in applied science along with massage therapy licensure, courses, did have anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, science of how the body moves, how different parts move in relationship to each other, neurology, physiology, practical application of massage portion as well, a large part of our day and classroom time, half of time we spent in class alone was hands on massage portion

wide variety of different modalities, introduced to different types and techniques, intro to energetic fields, reiki, zero point balancing, shiatsu, intro to tai chi, broad spectrum intro to all different components, that you could branch out into from massage therapy, probably got a wider, broader range of training, of course normal classes like english, math, statistics, electives, art, really got a wide range education there

at the time I went to school, I’m sure it’s changed now, it was required for you to have at least a 1000 hours of clinical or volunteer times, did have clinic on site, instructors ran, people from community, staff members, students, would come in

offered reduced priced massages for the sake of us getting practice, also traveled within the local area and we did marathons, chair massage for seniors, a lot of hands on, encouraged to trade with other therapists, did a lot of that with energy workers, a lot of hands on training, worked on and off as a massage therapist

TP: path towards sacred sexuality adventure?

AL: hadn’t always been outwardly sexual, been very reserved, any experiences or enjoyment kept very much to myself, probably about 2 or 3 years ago, getting on to this path, coming out of a really dry period, personal events, 2013-14 really cataclysmic, broke me down, didn’t destroy but came pretty damn close, shut down completely sexually, even for myself, for a good 3 or 4 years, there was nothing, didn’t self pleasure, nothing, didn’t watch porn, anyone even mentioned sex it made me extremely uncomfortable, then one day, I was on a porn site and was watching, it was a tutorial, more than a porn film, tutorial of how to make a woman ejaculate, it was called squirting, this guy broke it down in detail step by step, technique that you use, hands on demonstration, she definitely appeared to not just be ejaculating, you can do it with or without orgasm, she was doing with orgasms, her whole body got into it, almost seemed that she went into a trance or another world, spasming, glow on her face, light in her eyes, so much joy, looked like she was on another level of existence at that point, thinking to myself, what am I doing wrong, I want that, that was the turning point, can’t tell you how many times I rewatched that video, its been a journey from there

everything I’ve done since, a lot of things I’ve done

tips hacks, advice, for me its become a life style, do feel it’s gonna be a lifelong journey for me, some body starting out, have to start where you are, goes back to porn, there’s a wide variety of information that’s available to us at the touch of our finger tips, that ranges from good to more darker perspective, its really important first and foremost going into this type of work, spiritual work, my advice, to know you’re gonna have to user discernment with the information you find, barometer, compass, has been my own intuition, my own inner guidance, having to be able to go within yourself and check in to know whether something feels right for you, have to be able to feel, whether it’s gonna be expansive, or something that’s gonna cause you to contract and close down more, have to know own limits

lot of authorities on female sexuality that I listen to on the regular, not always everything they say resonates with me, try to pick and choose, sift and sort, simple as that

need to have respect for ourselves, not always easy, conditioned it so important to please that other person, when you’re going into this work, going hands on and intimate with yourself and another, have courage, enforce this for myself, make sure you have smooth ride, trust and respect yourself, in what you choose to do

advice geared towards women: a lot of the obstacles that I as a woman experienced to being able to have those deeper vaginal g-spot, orgasms, cervical, barrier to ejaculate, masculinly actively do, more about relaxing into, something that will just come out of you, kinda have to get out of your own way, learn how to relax into it, its innate, something you were born to do, remembering how to do it, reactivating your bodies ability to do it, if you’re not real good at relaxing, it’s a skill

really just to have fun with it, you don’t have to take anything too seriously, its supposed to be fun that’s what I’ve got as far as advice

TP: moisture resistant blanket?

AL: very organized, very type a, plans my life out to a T, I actually didn’t really do too much experimenting with squirting before I actually found a blanket, I had first really gotten introduced to the concept of female ejaculation through Grace Diaz channel, then the work, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, Debrah, I had always known of squirting, always known it was possible for some women, based on information I had gotten, only certain women could do, most women not capable, I found out no, something all women can do, unless had surgery or injury, innately all women able to do, more research, heard about this company, reading an article about celebrity, paparazzi, carrying up sex furniture, checked out their site, sex furniture, checked out the site, happened across this blanket, I had immediately I thought if I really get going, really open my waters, gush, squirt profusely, I want to protect myself, I have an expensive mattress, and don’t want to do lots of laundry, the exploration I did have wasn’t really too messy because I had starting out, had trouble getting my waters flowing

I would produce liquid, but not very much, kind of blessing, never had experience of ruining a mattress,

TP: has it proved sea worthy?

AL: potential this blanket has to improve lives, other things it could be used for, it is marketed as a sexual enhancing item actually there’s other things I use it for, I’ll get into that, since I’ve started I have been exploring my bodies own ability to ejaculate for about the last year an a half, big part, not having the muscular development to push the fluid out, regular use of yoni egg, I’m a huge fan of yoni eggs, they do come with their own guide book on contraindications and things you want to watch out for if you’re gonna use them as tools, probably the most integral tool I’ve used on my own journey, reactivating my ability to squirt or ejaculate, regular daily ongoing use of them, really just in my self pleasuring settings working with other tools, several g-spot tools, some work better than others, I’ve been able to steadily get to the point where I can produce more and more liquid, and to the point where its not so hard for me to relax into it, it cums easier, I can ejaculate quite profusely, another part of it is, I have to be in the right emotional state, can’t be tense or anxious, in the right state I can produce quite a bit

when I released, it was so forceful, just about hit my knees, quite a lot of liquid, I drenched this blanket, the outer layer is really nice micro fiber, one side feels more fleecy, long or soft, not sure what core is made of, nice heavy quality, almost feels like a really thick, aluminum foil, that’s what’s in the core, of thick micro fiber, I kinda ran a test, ejaculated very profusely, could literally feel seem from liquid on the other side, could feel the heat rising up and no leaks

also, another thing I’ve used it for successfully is with menstruation, a lot of women, I can not have a period without leaking through and ruining sheets, no matter how I try to prevent it, I’m forever leaking, worked so well absorbing fluid from squirting, do have heavy periods, never had a leak through with that, mine is black so never shows any stains

TP: reconcile massage therapy and erotic/sensual body work

AL: conventional massage, faces challenges, sex trafficking we do have massage parlors, people go in and pay to essentially have a hand job, we do have a lot of legitimate medical therapeutic pockets of massage as well, I might get some flack for saying this, I feel like the massage field, massage industry is kind of like the porn industry, range is so wide and diverse, really ranges from light to dark, because of the world that we live in and the way that that works right now, right now we are in a situation within the industry where it is more restricted, more regulated, sometimes makes it harder for things that really need to be integrated as therapies and modalities, it does present a barrier to those things developing, situation where a few bad apples can ruin the bunch, I think that I’m sure there are some reputable therapeutic professional body workers in the world, who are addressing the issue of storing trauma within the sexual organs, because of the state of the world and restrictions within the massage industry, more on the individual level, not rely on industry to be guiding force, really take it grass roots, take matters into our own hands, start to explore our own bodies, we need connect with our own bodies and own abilities, innate inner wisdom that you wake up when you explore these inner realms, realizations and states of being that we come to naturally

as I’ve gone on this journey, I’m not having to force or dictate, as I peel back each later, with each layer of trauma, and stuckness that I peel away, I deepen in to my more authentic self, the more I go with this the more that it comes out, my own intuition, if something is right for me or if not, we’re in an information overload, not just at the tip of fingers, but its being thrown at us, so important to be in touch with your own inner voice, to know if something is right for you or its not

deeper impact if it’s coming from the grassroots, inner knowing that then grows outwards, we’re gonna find the most powerful transformation and improvement and growth when it comes to sensual and erotic body work, hoping to come from too, how do we take our knowledge as professionals within different niches, being a sex coach or relationship coach, any of these different titles and hats, sexual awakening, how do we bring the practical application of that to your average laymen who might not have the training, they can start to connect with deep wisdom they do have within themselves its just dormant, wake up to their own master, and that’s kind of what I’m hoping to bring in from my perspective, and from my own personal experience, I want to help people start from where they are, and connect and ground in from their own power and own personal voice, so it’s not something they have to go do, a licensed body worker, they feel

really just getting started, so many things ready to pop, can’t keep my mouth shut about these things, finding ways to talk about it, one way or another, can’t keep it inside anymore, next time I come on, this has been a lot of fun, hope there is a next time, will have my own links, more of my own thing going by then, on my path and expression, last words or thoughts

I’m directing this to everybody in general, women who are listening, encourage you to love yourself unconditionally, touch yourself as an extension of that love that you have for yourself, with the utmost respect and regard, get in there, re-establish your connection with you body, whether you’re in a relationship or not, my sexuality is for me, that’s independent of what somebody else gets from it, for my own self growth, and pleasure and enjoyment, encourage women to get in there, connect with your own body, love yourself, touch yourself, see how that open’s your life up in ways you can’t imagine, so many ways the work I’ve done has touched and impacted other areas of my life


The Sacred Sexual Healing Path of Gay Tantra Teacher Brad Amberheart TPP233


Brad Amberheart Pic

In this episode I’m joined by Brad Amberheart

My new gay tantra hero has joined me for a deep exploration of all things gay and tantra. He takes us on a journey through his journey, a cinematic adventure behind the veil and into the inner sanctum of a magical priest of love. I felt lifted out-of-body and into the clouds while experiencing his eloquent narrative of personal evolution, healing, empowerment, transformation, and transcendence.  I was in the perfect mood to shove off the shore of normal waking consciousness to dance within the erotic consciousness of Brad’s historic evolutionary path towards bigger and bigger love.

About Brad:

Brad Amberheart is a Tantric sex coach and erotic workshop facilitator who works primarily with gay men. His primary passion is working 1-on-1 with men who are ready to explore erotic ecstasy as a pathway to a higher understanding of who we are and why we’re here. Brad has also led transformational erotic rituals at international Tantra festivals for people of all genders, including the Hawaii Tantra Festival and the Tantra Love Fest in Glastonbury, UK. Between 2017 and 2020, he wrote more than 120 concepts for conscious evolutionary Gay Sex videos and worked on 7 gay erotic film sets to coach male erotic models in how to convey a deeper sense of heightened sexual freedom and expression on camera. His latest endeavor, as of January 2020, is the launch of his podcast series, Gay Tantra, which is the first podcast series in the world devoted fully to the experiential practice of Tantra, Sexual Magic, and Erotic Mysticism for men who have sex with men. To listen to his podcast, watch his gay erotic videos, or book a Tantric Sex coaching session in person or via video conferencing, please visit bradamberheart.com


My (not verbatim) show notes: 

Tantric sex coach, erotic workshop facilitator for gay men, host of gay tantra podcast

Gratitude to tantrapunk podcast for invitation, a month ago, searching for gay tantra podcasts, closest that came up was tantra punk because of interviews with Jason Tantra and others, listened to quite a few podcasts, deeply touched by transcendental eroticism, self pleasuring that encouraged men to cherish our own bodies, and use orgasm for healing

right when just about to contact tantra punk, I got an email we found one another at the same time

sitting in same bedroom in grandmother’s house, live in western north carolina, talking today from home of ancestors, family lived for 5 generations, same cedar tree I decorated with lights over the holidays that was my height when I was twelve, now the same age as me, gigantic cedar tree that I can go in and hide and masturbate if I want to, right in the front yard, I think that’s a good frame work for what I’m about to tell you

grew up in very conservative religious background, lucky enough to have parents that were open sexually, even though 70s, father was deeply wounded emotionally and spiritually by the Vietnam war, I came into a world of turmoil and chaos

parents thought sex was a very important part of life, educated to embrace sex and its beauty

went to church, encouraged to wait until marriage to engage sexually, parents didn’t subscribe to that

even though baptist church, it was quite moderate. The horror stories about fundamentalist religions weren’t a reality

always cared for, always loved

when got into high school, more than before, became problem child

asked questions you’re not supposed to ask

Jesus never got married, how old was he when he did, is there anything in the bible about him having sex with anyone, because you’re not supposed to have sex before marriage, does that mean that Jesus never got to do you want me to die a 33 year old virgin, nailed on a cross

pleaded with youth minister to talk, he looked at me with kind eyes, I feel like a lot of people are asking the questions you’re asking but you’re the only one with courage to ask, I wonder what Jesus’ sex life was like

he got married, after wedding we all looked with longing, maybe he’s getting some now

still what really impressive, miraculously I was not shunned, encouraged to explore curiosity

curiosity is a foundational root of what it means to be on a tantric path

heard of tantra first from sister, she said, have you ever heard that there’s certain guys in the world that instead of ejaculating, they use that energy for other things and have these trippy experiences

didn’t hear the word again for many years, didn’t have sex with anyone all the way from puberty until I was 22 years old, partly because of religious upbringing, and partly because of craving, longing, excitement related to men, attributed it to admiration

if I would see a hunky guy there was a certain excitement

also noticed going on dates with women, it was done from a place of attempting to please relatives, to convince them I was normal

greatest obsession was to study all day saturday, for international science fair, studied sun spots through a telescope every day, instead of having sex

while every body else was exploring sexuality if they were lucky, I was at the library, I was a total nerd

went to church every sunday, even when parents quit going, I was the spiritual leader of the family, always asked to say the prayer

what’s more relevant, I remained disconnected from other people sexually all through college

I was religious but at the same time rebellious

celebrate new years in florida with my cousin

I wonder what jesus’ sex life was life, I’m 22, I don’t really want to die a virgin

willing to find any woman who’d be willing to experiment with me

wasn’t able to find anyone that wanted to go to bed with me

story going on in my mind, maybe people who go to bed with people of same sex was because they couldn’t get in bed with someone of the same sex

the story I got about homosexuality was not pretty, not positive, not encouraging, it was scary

tantra, in retrospect, for all the years that I wasn’t having sex I was pursuing other passions and putting a lot of energy into really creative work

how did I ever get on a tantric path, all the times masturbated by myself, I was on a tantric path, I was harnessing my energy and putting into what I cared about even when I wasn’t having sex

learned how to take self into fits of excitement and ecstasy, at that age I ejaculated a lot, so I found every creative way to shoot my cum all over the place

I became my most devoted and delighted sex partner

I had a lot of fun by myself, didn’t know til in college, most guys masturbate with their hand

I actually found it much more pleasurable to fuck the bed, I would writhe and squirm all over soft sheets and make noises into the pillow, I loved ejaculating onto the sheets, didn’t realize that not everybody did that

cultivating an ecstatic whole body practice

when I did find a willing, exuberant, excited sex partner, the ecstasy I had been cultivating on my own 9 years, was over the top with another human being, on top of a wonderful man’s body in Alaska, marvelous orgasm after orgasm for hours, must have ejaculated 4 or 5 times, I was still 22, now looking back, years of whole body jack off fun by myself became the foundation for years of euphoric sexual bliss with other men

the tantric path made itself known to me, overtly around the year 2000, I was 26 years old, had been in a corporate job for several years, traveling back and forth to Siberia, environmental consult to gold mining companies, had no sex life

Still investing in what I really cared about, didn’t have sex partners other than self

sit in closet, get high smoking pot, get out a stack of porn mags, started to noticed even though all my porn mags had women in them, they also had men, loved to seeing men’s cum, loved seeing to men and woman together, undeniable theme

one night jacking of in the closet by myself and said, wow I live in a city of 100,000 people, there must be someone else out there who would love to do this with me right now

ventured out of closet, went to a bar, chatted up the cutest guys I could find and I had hours and hours and hours of mind blowing sex as often as I liked, if there had been any guilt or shame or trepidation, I took 9 years to get over it

when I came out the closet, I came out with flying colors

tantric path continued, something was happening that was not normal, not typical

I would be making love with a guy, no penetration with first 20 or 30 partners I enjoyed, always face to face body to body cock to cock lips to lips, over the top orgasmic, wasn’t any penetration but would find that, would allow self to completely lose myself, didn’t have to hold on to earthly reality, go flying, when I would come to, the men I would be with would be like, “dude I have neighbors”, what do you mean what do they have to do with anything, well you’re making a lot of noise man, what else would I do I’ve waited 9 years to enjoy this

they would enjoy it but they would try to shut me down

I hear this from friends when they make love with women, always concerned with how big it’s gonna be and how loud

at present moment I hold play parties for people of all genders, last play party, all of the noise that came out of my house was the screaming orgasms of women, didn’t hear men making any noise, windows were open, screams going through whole neighborhood

I told everybody in the beginning, it’s spring time its hot windows open, if you’re going to scream and orgasm, consider that a blessing to the people who live here, whatever you’re facing aim that energy into the earth, that it can bless this ground that has suffered so much for so many generations and so that the people near by can be blessed, consider the people on this continent that are hurting and let your waves reach those people

and I heard a lot of screaming from women, because, frankly I don’t know how many places in the world we have sanctuary to really allow that unstoppable orgasm to come out, I really feel it has frightened men for a long time, it frightened many of my sex partners early on

I had never been with anyone, I had only been with my ecstatic self, when nobody was home in my parents house, I was shouting hallelujah, I was screaming because it felt so fucking good, I didn’ tknow anything about holding it back

learned about body electric school in 1999, had been hearing more about this tantric thing

workshops where guys rubbed on one another’s cocks, and they would see colors, and visions , and maybe speak in tongues

room full of men would go into whole body orgasmic bliss but nobody ejaculated

it was really trendy in the 90s, a lot of people talked about it, wow I did it and I saw colors

I could travel back and forth in time, very different than what I was seeing in porn, to this day when I watch porn, still haven’t seen one that shows people having a transcendental experience, where they’re flying above the oceans and swimming with the dolphins while they make love

still waiting, when I make love I get to swim through oceans, I get to hear the whales, I get to smell the salt air, I get to travel through the world and its what I want for people to know more anything is that in addition to being a fuck load of fun to have sex, it’s also a vehicle that connects us to everything alive on the earth, and everything that ever has lived, no such thing as death, people that came before are here alive and we can visit with them, this is the potential of our sex, that I’m not hearing spoken about except out of my own mouth,

my tantra speaker spoke about it when I finally tantra, after the body electric school, where I went to workshops where men rubbed on each other’s cocks like a magic jenie bottle and transcendental experiences

when I was invited to my first tantra workshop I said well what is it, is it a tantra massage and he said no, it’s tantra

you mean tantra is different than massage, he said yeah it is

I went to this workshop in a log cabin, with some one to this day I consider to be one of the most authentic and resonant lineages of tantra that I have found, rudolph valentine

we do this tantra workshop in a log cabin, it’s hot, but there’s a pond and we bathe in a pond

it’s great we’ve done it lots of time, you should come, so I did

12 men there, all got naked, lined up on bank of pond, farm pond with frogs in it, every few minutes, hear them and nights sounds, crickets, we all line up, leader motions for us to take step forward, 12 men take a step into this pond with water up to our chest, remembered grandmother, I remembered her saying she was baptized in a pond, as soon as that thought came to me, the workshop leaders invited us to get into a circle, the two of them got into the center of the circle and they invited the first person to step in to the center of the circle, I thought are they really gonna do what I think they’re gonna do, I decided to go first, I stepped into the circle, one of them put his hand behind my head, the other held my hand, they both looked at me and I knew what was happening, they nodded as if to signal are you ready, I shook my head,i let out a wail, I stood in the middle of this pond with 9 men surrounding me, and two holding me in the center, and I wailed, I felt the sorrow and the disconnection of how I had been to be loved and cherished by a spiritual community and the pain of how it felt to be disconnected from your spiritual roots, in my heart I had a prayer that this time I would embark on a spiritual path that would hold everything that I am and allow me to be everything that I could be, and had room for every part of me, all of me the slut the priest, the father the son the man the woman everything in side of me the dark the light I wanted that path that could hold me, that was what tantra was, that was what tantra meant

I nodded, and they immersed me in the water and I had my second baptism, the first time was inside of a church when I was 6 years old inside of tank, they put you in this paper robe, and they bring you up out of the water and the whole church can see you all wet, with this paper clinging to your body

here I was in the pond, naked being baptized, this is the way to do it

moments in the workshop: looked at one of the teachers and said I’m so glad that I finally met my teacher, what do you mean, you’ve already had a teacher, what are you talking about, because you told me about the person that taught you everything, everything you already need to know about tantra was already taught to me, who was it, he said, your grandmother

my grandmother was a master at finding light in the darkness and master of turning obstacles into means, when I finally did meet my tantra teachers, 28 years after I first met my grandmother they told me the same things that she had, they were just the first to put it into words, my grandmother always had plenty when there was nothing, she had joy even when she lived in hell, she found heaven in hell, I’m sitting right now in the house that she lived and died in

my tantra teachers told me that tantra is the consummation of the inner marriage and while some of us look for a partner outside of ourselves to marry, most of us skip the essential step of finding that partner within ourselves first, I had a lot of time to practice that inner marriage, it’s a never ending relationship just like any marriage

shadow work, all of those pieces of ourselves that we think are ugly that we wouldn’t want others to know

its an instinct, there’s a part in us that isn’t always happy

part of us that feels angry, part of us that feels scared, there’s a part of us that feels enraptured, a part of us that feels enraged, the further we walk on the tantra path we’re prompted to see that there’s a place for all of this, to find the marriage of these opposites, the ultimate journey of what tantra really is all about

one more thing I want to add, I happen to be a gay man, I really love the word faggot, I embrace that word as part of my magic, and I happen to be a faggot who really loves to make love with women who love faggots, have had ecstatically joyful partners who were female, I had to embrace my delight and love of other men, before I could allow myself to be the complete faggot I am in bed with women

had precisely two maybe three ecstatic female lovers, they are female lovers that really love gay men,it’s really helped me to see the perfection that a lot of men who have sex almost exclusively with women, also have the complete right to enjoy sexual freedom with other men without necessarily having to put a label on it

visually when I look at women’s bodies, I can admire them I can appreciate the embodiment of the goddess and yet its way different, it’s not like a look at a woman and go I really want to have that right now, I really only objectify men

what happens with women, I approach it as an opportunity to commune with the divine, pathway that connects us with the divine, it no longer matters how old they are, how fat or thin they are, kinda fem or kinda butch, doesn’t matter what gender they are, if you’ve found source of your erotic expression in yourself and you love erotic expression for the pure excitement and sake of erotic expression it is possible to journey ecstatically and cathartically with a wide diversity of partners, some people ask me, how can you have sex with someone you’re not attracted to

one of my primary lovers is twice my age, I’m in my 40s, one of my lovers is in his 80s, we have some of the most transcendental experiences that I have with any partner, I make love with people not because of the way they look or how old they are, but authentically because I want to commune with the divine, I like to travel I like to transcend time and space, I get a lot of insight and guidance for what I’m gonna do with my life when I’m in that state, that’s why I make love

people say what type of person are you into, what type of person turns you on, I say a person who’s fuckin as excited as fuck to make love with me, that’s the kind that really turns me on, if they’re excited, I’m excited, if I’m excited they’re excited, there’s a resonance, that transcends appearance, age, social class all that bullshit

women, I’m really grateful for women because, making love with women was like, a later stage threshold that I crossed because that was when I really recognized, wow, I can have a transcendental erotic experience, and be a faggot with a person of any gender, I can, it can’t just be anyone, it has to be someone who knows we’re on a journey, and we’re connecting with something bigger than ourselves, if a woman just wants my dick its not gonna work, lots of time I don’t even get hard when I have sex, if I’m in a cathartic whole body state nobodies paying attention to how hard my dick is, that would be a liberating lesson if more men in the world were able to feel that the ability to connect ecstatically with the divine and another human being is completely independent of what they’re cock is doing, that’s radical

some of the most whole body orgasmic states I’ve ever experienced and witnessed were with people who’s cocks weren’t hard, don’t get me wrong I love hard dick AND there are a lot of ways to go into cathartic whole body ecstasy

homophobia…i barely use the word anymore, don’t often feel like I’m battling homophobia, which is a beautiful place to be

our world really does shift with the shift of our inner perception, the transformation of ourselves and planet using sexual pleasure, what I’m really asking of people to invite ourselves to consider that ecstatic sexual pleasure is available to far more of us than we’ve ever dreamed

we feel we need a partner of a certain type, in reality if we join with other partners who recognized that we have the opportunity to fly, to sail through the skies and the seas, experience realities beyond what we see, what meets the eye, we have the opportunity to go into multiple realities, the future on planet earth is that we’re going to see a world more filled with people who are excited about having sex with a variety of partners, less focused on getting hard, ejaculating, and fulfilling a whole checklist of what they think needs to be done to have great sex, and focusing more on oh my god, we have an energy field right now where if we introduce the faintest intention, that is going to manifest, as soon as we say it is done

10 years ago I spoke the impossible, I was in a native american ceremony with 100 queer people and I was asked why I came and I said I want to see the day when our people can fuck and enjoy the fuck out of each other and squirt our seed inside of one another and know we’re actually healing one another not killing one another

full on sexual delight was some how equated with death

I want our people to be able to share our medicine free from fear, healing each other not killing each other, I had no way of conceiving how that would be possible, today there are multiple opportunities for people to enjoy sexual pleasure with people of all genders like never before free from fear, a lot of people are using Prep, they’re taking something that allows them to free themselves from the acute anxiety that has for all too long accompanied them and their sex

not an advocate, or promoter, nor do I discourage people to use things things

the world has transformed, we have sex with each other for healing and health

its what brings us life

what’s coming up, the most exciting thing happening in my tantric path, is the gay tantra podcast

12/31/19 I issued the first episode, it was pretty hard core, it was a hard core sex scene, interspersed with sacred magic, to alert people that raunch, kink, and downright ass fucking is integrated with magic and health and healing, followed with talk with 8 other men, with how tantra relates to sex among men, created an exercise people can do

I’ve contributed to the creation of over 120 evolutionary gay erotic videos, all on my website:


on the home page, I have links to the evolutionary gay erotic videos, gay tantra podcast, soon more links to upcoming events world wide

Jason Tantra and partner, created an app, that allows conscientious gay men who are exploring other realms of sexual magic and healing to meet each other, created at the same time as the gay tantra podcast, master of mind of universe created the gay tantra podcast and tantra4gaymen app at the same time

even if you’re not gay, you just occasionally like to suck dick, listen to the gay tantra podcast

event’s coming up, will be posted on website, announced on gay tantra

series I’m most excited about is a series that teaches people how to use , or harness their sexual pleasure as a tool to connect with higher sources of wisdom and information: transcendental sexuality

receive insight, new knowledge, and information

super excited some of the videos I created are still being edited

it’s a really evolutionary time to live on earth, it’s an evolutionary time for men who are exploring conscious sexuality with other men, unifications happening through colleagues, Jason Tantra, Davey Wavey, collaboration on videos

a network has been created that’s spanning the globe, super excited about gay tantra as a platform

each month an exercise as part of the series, free guided sexercises, more to come

Crypto-Tantrism and Financial Continence with Lawrence Lanoff TPP229


Lawrence Lanoff PIc

In this episode I’m joined by my revered crypto-tantric adept Lawrence Lanoff for an adventurous exploration of the intersections of crypto and tantra. He helps provide deep ancient and modern wisdom for surfing the big waves of changing times and maintaining a heart centered, and cool headed space of love, compassion, and fun.

We share insights on navigating the stormy crypto-currency markets and integrating new evolving trends of decentralized finance, stable coins, and other emerging crypto apps and tech.

I also share a great piece written by the musician Ben Lee on the Tantric Yoga of HODL:


About Lawrence:

Lawrence is an award winning filmmaker, successful entrepreneur and early technology adopter who’s been investing in cryptocurrency since 2011.

He has directed and produced 11 feature films. Lawrence led a production team that won a Chicago Film Festival award and a United Nations Global 500 Award for writing and creating the documentary “We Can Make a Difference”.

Lawrence co-founded Lip Ink, generating upwards of $100mm in revenue and numerous product patents.

Lawrence is a best selling author, world renowned life coach, and was a featured expert in Neil Strauss’ New York Times Bestseller “The Truth”.

Please follow up with Lawrence here:

Sex, Drugs & Mostly Yoga with Kara Leah Grant TPP211


Kara Leah Grant Pic

Photo by Pete Longworth

In this episode I’m joined by a brave and courageous tantrika who shares a love for psychedelic spirituality and has been on a path of evolution set in motion by powerful transcendent drug experiences.

She shares her intense story of spiritual growing pains, navigating love and relationships, tantric initiation, and ultimately owning her power to teach and transmit the practices of tantra.

We talk about the differences between Yoga and yoga, the role of asanas and tantric practices in the path of self-realization and liberation, neo-tantra vs. classical tantra,  the role of psychedelics in aging and maturing spiritual practice, the interplay between the chakra system, the nervous system, and the endocrine system, the intersections of biomedical science and tantric art and science, and much more!

About Kara-Leah:

Born and raised in New Zealand, Kara-Leah is an internationally-renowned retreat leader, teacher and author. She has impacted millions of people over the last decade through her articles, books, videos and teaching. Passionate about liberation in this lifetime, Kara-Leah practices and teaches an every day path of awakening – the path of the Awakened Heart Warrior. This path is grounded in Tantra and focuses on dissolving layers of the conditioned mind into deeper and deeper heart-felt presence. Kara-Leah’s work, through her teaching, writing and retreats, focuses on using the process of compassionate inquiry to reveal conditioned mind, and so help people to drop down into being-ness and presence. She is the author of two previous books, Forty Days of Yoga and The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga. She can often be found dancing in her living room for no reason at all.

Website: http://karaleah.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karaleahgrant/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karaleahgrant/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRVrL82Cv0H0tQzFrhuH2RA?

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello David Lovitz welcome to Township on podcast episode number 211 I am here with Carly Grant and she is a touch of teacher and author and we’ve been connecting by social media and my interest is piqued with the title of her book sex drugs and most of the yoga field notes from a Kundalini Awakening has a very similar structure and and serve residents with the title of my forthcoming book and looking at so far the outline of the book I haven’t had time to fully enjoy it but to be able to get a sense of what How Deep The the rabbit hole goes it’s really exciting and I can’t wait to hear more about it in this will just kind of be the the primer and the incentive to go deeper in the future with her works better love to have you tell us kind of all about your personal background and then we can get into the evolution of this this writing that you’re doing and what you have offering what you working on the future gifts from my ex and a background I’m in my early forties now and then finally experienced in my life and for the Whistler ski Town it was an impact time of dance holidays and club and working and Hospitality sucking out the Mountain hiking in the mountains around America convergence are included to the practices and tell me if it’s a nightclub that may just like all of my possessions if I didn’t have enough self a wenis or knowledge to work with what was coming up so those things also. and I was at 4 time music please to Ocean blonde with my partner engaged in my fiance I just took me to the edge we took on the Friday night not a whole lot you know what your headaches to see on Friday night and then I may be going to a yoga class on acid which is doing mines post three times and is it a super teacher kind of looking at me funny and that just began this is skating unfolding shift in my perception of reality that long story short went from Bliss Wellness instant downloads of everything to eventually starting to go into deep trunks where I was speaking a foreign language my fiance he we can do it like I lost touch with reality and waking up in the psych ward guy what the fuk just happened to me inside that it was like trying to psychosis and then life post psychosis where I’m coming from that is very interesting and exciting and I’ve certainly had wow definitely profound otherworldly experiences where I was completely disconnected with consensus reality and ended up in some very bizarre situations in can commiserate on that as well but it sounds like also somewhat glorious do you want to talk about what insights that were happening and how long was it last thing in and just yeah can you can you even almost in a way channel the that you were at that time to to give us some some fun insights about the other side yeah absolutely on the fishing on his side so that happened was right on the new moon that experience and it was a Sunday morning that it began on Friday and sedated the Friday night and saw it was about five day experience to those who are astrological things happening in the sky and then a month later to my fiance ended up breaking up with me right side face before and that triggered a stick and experience of psychosis so I had two experiences and what was you gave me an opportunity to see how the stick and experience is triggered by my own emotional defense mechanisms and the way that I couldn’t handle the grief and I ended up disassociating and because I’d already my psyche was already right John is already to reduce a multi-dimensional reality inside that stick in his time there was a list of the translate State Police of the crate is coming through the wasn’t the language Exeter so going back to the experience it was extraordinary how to put it into words we just kind of go back and feel it was it was as if I dropped into knowing you know it just old things worth knowing is one way to describe at like anything that I needed to know I was at my fingertips I could just reach out and it was like I knew every witch every song every book dissolve at one point in the journey but it was also via quite strongly and other points and because the experience was being held by the the challenging relationship I was in a lot of ciaran Tiara coming up going to couldn’t communicate with my fiance cuz I was so worried or afraid of what he might think of what I was going through and he was looking at me like I was crazy and I can feel that so the whole experience was are the light with all of this fear of speaking truth and this way that I was kind of responding to his description of me as such so the where lots of different visions that came around the nature of reality and it was it was so the child that the world is different from what we told school and what we told and Society was being confirmed and just a little Winston’s to like it’s never about what we want and it’s always about what we need that I need for always be Mitch witch simplistic or like me what does it mean it’s not really a big deal everything just seems so important and so profound and so when I was trying to communicate this with my pain. He was just my voice doesn’t make any sense in like one thing I remember quite clearly as he was wearing glasses he needed glasses and I was trying to tell him that in the future we wouldn’t need to wear glasses that we were shifting into the what I was saying in the future and what was actually happening now and so I keep trying to take his glasses off him and tell him he didn’t need them of course he saw he needed them so it was like I had an ability to steal through time but it was very hard to ground that into recognize what was actually real for right now since I was really confused child and suddenly having all of these talents will gifts or abilities, and have no understanding or no way to put them in context or to ground them or two to use them it was incredibly confusing and since you’re fine and you’re very Blissful at the same time in like a deep sense of relaxation is well it was all happening at once interesting very time shake that distinction contrast between the Bliss and the terror and it’s a magician that I follow sometimes online and and he’s talking about really deep really edgy taboo kind of exploration spiritually and he says he’s a one-time very often you know the aha moment turns to oh shit and like I can I can get that sense xhilaration but also that the terror and so wild so cheap do you feel like you had any Transmissions from beings or entities or deities or anything of that nature any kind of like encounter type moments now there wasn’t any specific mbodied other beings that came true it was more like just the same to the wholeness of the Wonders and just knowing that would come through around like I knew that I had to return to New Zealand and I knew that I knew that was related to my mother and I related to my life Jenny what was required. The whole time. To really encourage my memory as much as I could with what I had to see it and then when I begin to do is to attempt to pass out to determine would like to see been truthful Vision or was that psychosis was at the the same scar I mean I was so laid him down with him scar is still so they will what was coming through so it was a real challenge for me to go right what was real and what was just the delusions that I was still laboring under and can I tease out the gold while sleeping the wrist and so it was more so in any language is a particular form of breathing like a hissing where I was speaking even as I was inhaling and exhaling and I had a beer and I was I remember quite clearly watching that passion and the other language that was coming through very much later like last year when I went and saw hitchhike on a hooptie section when she went through things was that I was missing a past life that I’ve had in the Egyptian mystery traditions in so that life was getting confused with me being here and now and now but if we not still. Join us we buy different lifetimes will bleed into the apparent here and now in a way that’s not useful because we haven’t eaten most of the ability to walk in those different Realms 2 walkthrough time whilst leaving things with a minute today yeah that’s very interesting actually was in a meditation group but I went to the one I think maybe just one time I went to this one particular group where they had this skill said that they would apply which was basically this really intentional really highly focused laser focused rotational I gazing where the train meditator would do the sort of left eye to left eye eye gazing with everybody who came to the meditation Circle and there were also practicing or tradition of meditating with your eyes open but they the masters of this path or the adepts of this path they would cultivate I can’t remember the exact methodology that they were following but it was replicable and it was it was very reliable that they could do this in and they would basically be able to once you lock into the eye gazing with them within a few may be a couple minutes of intense eye gazing you start they start to melt away and you start to see them change colors and phase through various genders and and and personalities and and and bodies and faces from there multiple lives and they’re basically scanning and seeing you so it’s almost like you’re you sure it’s almost like you just wear like a deck of cards you know or a deck of it and you just have whatever is in the current consensus reality on the surface of it but if you have one of these meditators going to shuffle your your lifetime Persona ask you no cards and then it’s a real powerful experience so I’m very much in a position to to validate your experience has it in for people who are I don’t know I don’t know how busy I’ve been such a Believer for so long now I just can’t even imagine people who would say that multiple lifetimes or reincarnation is is to woo woo or you out there just makes total sense to me and I’ve had enough I haven’t had what I think some people mainly love Ayahuasca people I know they will the ones who who are the sort of facilitators of Ceremonies some of them I just say a number of them who I know they kind of report this pattern of them if they do the medicine path you know rigorously honestly for however long it takes basically they will start to get through their get through the Karma’s of the current lifetime start going back to previous lives sequentially and then also I think can currently doing work for on behalf of the people that they’ve had car make and take them it’s with over multiple lifetimes so it’s kind of like a you just start polishing one layer after next you know going to this is so anyway that’s very just saw my thoughts to it to validate that experience and I could see how you know that I mean I would like to ask you if it was LSD that cause disorder abrupt jarring Rift and so having comparing your other mainly psychedelic experiences and Explorations do you feel like how do you personally feel in your heart about LSD is that your friend is it your enemy is it your lover is your Trickster yeah I know it was my initial instincts is it was the only state that hit that had triggered at but it’s just so I can go by myself feeling like that differently united life with my partner and I wasn’t going I didn’t think again really into the spice when juicing translate state tax return connect Museum to wake light on after the second episode I didn’t say I would just stop drinking so I can place on anti-psychotic medication so she created Everything Gold fangs because I was really we are you doing anything that might trigger I was seeing a man and he hit some ice and he was going to type it and at that stage in relationship I was still quite greater than my share of triggering my psychosis again triggering psychosis again so I chose to take some don’t much like really small dice it enabled me to really witness and hold the intense emotions that would trigger it and that relationship was a very intense challenging relationship gave me the ability to witness and feel emotion and why I hadn’t even had prior and not react to it was I watching the rolling waves coming and fully feeling of adjusting out in it and so that’s when I started to realize I yeah I see that the usefulness of at least a. At this point in time when it’s not something that I just feel like I need to do any more percent but I have used it again and it has thing fascinating to see what unfolds in the nature of the psyche and your reality I’m sorry I just feel like it’s definitely my friends and I’m curious about it but it’s it’s not one of my allies necessarily oh thank you for sharing that yeah I kind of feel like when I was more of Gonzo psychonaut in early stages in my life and I will go pretty far out with that luckily unlike some of my friends who who had the the misadventure The Misfortune to over like literally not to point of causing any physical damage but overdosing on LSD can happen easier than people anticipate and it can have dire long-term consequences and I’m glad that you obviously reconciled and in and had the other skill sets going to worry didn’t just cause long-term issues but I know people certainly and I think we all probably know some people that they weren’t intending to but it’s easy to overdo it and so yeah I’m glad that are you able to to get to where you’re at but I would save myself to I just I learned a lot from it but but as a I guess I’m way more interested in the time-tested shamanic guided and I would say like I I I don’t feel I like to ask you if you feel like this comparing to the other medicines really I think it’s more of a it’s like the nuclear option you know of and it has a lot of risks associated with it I was saying beautiful things can happen but I just don’t feel like there is a a a spirit guide that’s assigned to that medicine from the greater sort of bureaucracy of Spirit guides and I’ve obviously mother Ayahuasca the sort of Grandfather peyote and grandfather which Yuma and then maybe you know giggly Elvish alien creatures for the mushrooms or whatever but still whatever it is there’s some sub something usually there according to my experience is another people were at work but it just feels like with acid there’s just not there’s not a a sheriff of that realm somehow there’s not right it’s just kind of like you’re on your own I don’t know if that’s it maybe you meet God or you get to see the guide her you’ll meet the deities that you studied if you’re very religious but but you could also get jumped by demons and not get your mind back for like this lifetime so my students it’s worth noting went to when I did at the at least I think I had a quarter for 10 it wasn’t even strong stop imported tonight interesting take at it feels like the whole structure of it and it doesn’t feel like there’s any particular guy with it where is cannabis and mushrooms and it was very much feels like I am communing with a being the plant you know I feel that being with me with the communication begins with the intent and withholding the material which is very different psychedelic Jenny it’s the container and the context and the intention and integration the goal of these things that we wreck around it a crucial and we are so many people that have just taken it with what do none of that so that way they do start to encounter these more terrifying aspects of the psyche of the archetypes of the underworld and what if they don’t have a framing or ways to work with it inside that’s when things can get really not like exploring Consciousness even a ground of a triangle that is safe for a psychic how to manage Instagram those are very good points and I actually it makes me think that we have a lot of a lot of policy and a lot of I think good wisdom that says that you should probably not be drinking alcohol or taking hard drugs or psychedelic set at early stages in life before your brain starts to fully mature and what not but this gives me a sort of food for thought that something I’ve never considered that there be like an age range were there be an upper limit bracket is well aware it’s like okay you have to wait till your message to start doing it but then at this age later you better stop doing it cuz it will be more trouble the FBI could do more harm than good I feel like if there’s one substance that for me it’s kind of like yeah have your fun with acid when you’re when you’re invincible and you’re in your you know late teens or early twenties and what not and taper it off over it’s over time because it can be you can be destructive I think more than the necessary and safe I think safer and and as we’re agreeing both have any more guided more support experiences that have been nurtured for thousands of years with you know even if we’re not in the Amazon or in the the traditional ceremony I still feel like the relationships that previous human beings have built have created a sort of like a landing pad pad for those those helper spirits on Earth and who knows with where we’re at with acid maybe maybe that will eventually happen but but it’ll be up to the youngins is there any way not to put it that down hopefully if anybody’s listening this and they are there really strong Advocates of a regular ongoing serious LSD used and then by all means come and represent that that side of things but with all that said I’m curious now can you tell us about how how did the Tantra proper come about into your journey yoga was going to be cheap out of my recovery let me know when the doctors to speak to a concert with some kind of spiritual experience and then I needed to really deep in my yoga practice I did that and ended up teaching started teaching in 2006 when I was asked to teach inside I didn’t get no matter what because I felt that Judy an obligation to my students and I started reading into studying the traditions of John cheever Ray that I really felt like all that’s woman I can learn from because the way that she taught there is something spontaneously in my practice around that time I went to LA in 2010 to do my teacher training was Sheba and she had Christopher Tompkins who was a tantric practitioner in Scola come on that training and Cheech the Tantra philosophy and practice portion of it and that was when I was introduced to Tantra and it just felt like coming home and Chris he gave us this particular practice which is just a daily a very simplified version of a daily practice that he found and he has been collecting from Kashmir primarily like literally hundreds and thousands of tired so he told us his practice and then he also initiated us and at the time I didn’t realize the importance of that I didn’t you know it was just to make it just a site this thing it wasn’t really a big deal so I came home and just keep doing that practice sporadically for about five years still not really going into 6th until I didn’t want people to think that’s what I was doing so I just quietly and I decided I wanted to do a thousand a practice practice to become a master serious as I want to master and ask legal commitment to show up every single day and then I dropped the ball for various reasons. I made it to 617 days and then drop the bull and I’m now on my 15000 days in a row and today is his it’s just revolutionize my experience of yoga my understanding of it of Tantra and it’s initiated such a date process of literally burning through some scars in, like I feel and about a year ago they internal guidance is like a Caillou really stinks this down time for you to step forward and teach it which not quite scary actually because it’s a whole different way to teach it’s a whole different thing that I’m teaching and then I’m transmitting and because I hadn’t had any contact with Chris and I don’t have it at 8 to hear and use a lymphocyte a big part of me was like can I do that if I can get my hands on and studying and living it I guess but I’m not sneaking with a lineage at this point in time but it’s time you need to skip forward again this side over the last year my experience has been enormously and I will and I have been reading every book I can get my hand on on edits it’s been an extraordinary experience to to Really grasp what it was where it came from how is lost as such and what it means to us and a modern lives now how can we practice the coordinates of the tundra Traditions arrives sorry it’s on you being the last stand up and say I know this stuff and I’m teaching the stuff that I’m bringing it through that’s what I’ve been doing to the last how to use well yeah this is very interesting I find it at it’s is I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise but it is it is a surprise I mean I guess the only way I can kind of reconciled is that the Wilderness is a beautiful documentary called yoga woman and it goes into just how much effort women had to exert resisting patriarchy in order to establish schools led by women to teach yoga around the world like it wasn’t it wasn’t it was a man’s a very patriarchal very hyper masculine secret control thing for a long time and then I don’t know why you wouldn’t expect that you would most people not like in the west they think o yoga that’s that that’s that thing that chicks do you know where something is like actually know I was a super you know control tightly-controlled Cult of male priests that were doing this so that they could you know experience forms of advanced practice that required bodies they were basically able to endure these extreme austerities and his extreme really religious Pursuits but it wasn’t necessarily that was very it’s in the very closed off and I I wasn’t too aware of that history somewhat somewhat sensitive to it knowing a bit about tantric history but just that film yoga woman puts a lot of perspective or you’re like while we take a lot for granted about how westernized things have got but I bring that make that point about that film because it’s it’s it what seems to have happened and I love to have your perspective on this but it seems like this false dichotomy between Tantra and yoga or tantric yoga or yoga or however however people want to mix it up it’s basically that the the more fully integrated Township practices for one within Tantra you have a lot of Shadow work a lot of left hand path a lot of black magic and so when I miss my understanding is a basically Christians and Muslims Came In Waves over the course of centuries and in the process of wanting to colonize and take over and exploit the people in the land of course they’re also having this moral Crusade against the darker forms of Tantra and then now in the modern world of India is the more sanitized versions of yoga are all that really remain above ground and then this country scriptures in the country practice is most of the darker practices have been have been at least band and there’s anti black magic legislation that I’ve read about and a lot of the that the Tantra Mantra practitioners are just selling black magic Services as a sort of snake oil saying in the Glorious more profound shaktism and goddess worship and what we would consider to be the more benevolent and benign path of Tantra that we I think in the west kind of whitewash the darker side of it but it’s it’s like it’s like it’s the whole thing was made Taboo in the whole thing kind of got tainted I suppose in in Worcester wrist and the Glorious aspects of it were sort of sanitized and so like I would just keep saying things like the modern yoga that we know on the in the west is basically the the kids version of Tantra because you’re not caught the whole set of teachings that go along with all the chakras in your not taught taught about the sexual aspect of Awakening Kundalini and the end of the ritual worship of the Goddess that like it’s funny because you say I mean I’m just looking at this in a macro sense of the telephone game at the store should a happens with coaches over time and what we end up with in the modern world in the west and it’s like the the yoga that that I have experienced in yoga studios in classes and with the yogis that are really a bad that I’ve met like again as you mentioned you could go almost decades in yoga and never even hear the word Tantra once and you could also and then even more disturbing to me when I did find honcho is that you could go years into Tantra and never hear the word goddess or Shakti so it’s like now I’m very curious and I know this was kind of a soapbox a little bit for me but I’m also just kind of it’s always interesting to me that moment where are Yogi discovers Tantra and then realizes wait a minute what what why was this why was this in the track at the at the at the movie store it’s like behind the curtain that you’re not allowed to go into and then you discover your like wow I’ve been I’ve been missing out or I’ve been I’ve been denied access somehow so I’m curious just if you could talk about with your mind you reconcile these two words and and in your studies what you feel like is the now that you’re teaching how it how do you tell people ask you what’s the difference between yoga and Tantra I mean the first thing I always wanted for defined as what do they mean by yoga do they actually mean Asuna what do they mean by liberacion this is Chris thing I always wanted to clarify mean someone uses the trip between yoga which is half ways to self-realization alliteration and the tools of yoga which included Asana pranayama chanting meditation but deliberation and if it’s basically a phone or text or identified with doing the perfect posture the very thing that’s me to deliver I do is actually taking you deeper and delusion and illusion Chandra is a methodology or an approach to yoga so if y’all get is self-realization Tantra is an approach to self realization and it’s the fast way it’s like the way that cuts through the bullshit need the thing that is most effective most powerful most recent and my I only do it now for physical reasons it’s like there’s no need for any any other capacity Liberation in so yeah can someone asking me about what’s the difference between a month is not a difference between tantrum you’re the one that it’s an approach to yoga and then I also want to clarify that means you’re actually interested or are you interested in joining us because but it’s not Liberation so don’t confuse I really appreciate that you mention how this is the the way to cut through the bullshit and also that it’s the antidote to living in the Kali Yuga because that’s something that I read in very scholarly works on classical Tantra and the you are very rarely hear people talk about that in Neo Tantra workshops that this is a very tactical and strategic set of really designer tools that that are specifically designed in the way that I liked reading about it was this point being made exactly to your point it is for this time that were in which is extra delusional and extra demonic and just as bad as it can possibly be and maybe it’s going to get worse before it gets better so you better have these very effective tools and basically it’s almost it’s it’s the way that I’ve read about it is that I mean to be a little bit rude even I would say that in the the happier go lucky or Golden Ages in the other wheels of the cycles of time they could be lazy and get away with it because they didn’t have as much Flack and they didn’t have as much resistance and they didn’t have to fight back as much so but from those time more more abundant Divinity on Earth and more benevolence in the cycles of time and then they had the time and they had the luxury to cultivate the tools get the tool kit that they were creating for us to use in this time to fight back in to defend ourselves spiritually so it’s kind of like if we can find this stuff on Discover it and work it and put it to use then we can get through this like karmic swamp that were in now and then if we can survive it as a species that we will have as according to the prophecies according to the this this way of thinking is cosmology then you know our progeny will really inherit a more beautiful time of your more beautiful more Golden Era and but it’s cement what we’re just in the the bottle next year we’re in the in this this Dark Age and so it’s just that he has an interesting concept that all this is a gift that we need to unpack you know it’s basically like a it’s like a time capsule or not Time Capsule but it’s basically like a it was as if they they buried these these these caches for us in the scriptures for us to discover and Unearthed and then apply them almost like we’re you know where Navy SEALS or special forces or something of that nature is kind of way I see it so I appreciate that you that you said that for us cuz I think a lot of people they don’t want to acknowledge they don’t that’s too it’s too much Shadow work for them or they don’t want to I don’t want to kill the five or killed be a buzzkill talking about that that part of it or are you using yogurt to liberate yourself right United Liberation is not about making life better it’s about Liberation to about truth about realization and what I’ve noticed is I need a cheap knowledge he’s for working directly with Consciousness so as one’s a wenis and ability to sense the subtle becomes more more refined prices began working with Consciousness for the someone who’s coming into practice who is living there and then in order to become aware of what is happening in Chinle for themselves I guess it’s just an assignment of being able to be a weird one securing on the inside me and I can start to do the most subtle practices near me because of the point that we apply the practice itself is not the thing the print just simply create the conditions needed for the process of dissolving and unwinding to begin to Heaven prices of dissolving unwinding samskaras in comas and that will happen when we learn how to get out of the way and hold the space which is the whole point of the practice the same as the process that creates the conditions for the process of Liberation to be put into action if you will and then we just have to keep showing up and surrendering rating go and letting it happen and there’s something else that is it in the contract that I just come across recently that like because these practices were secret they weren’t in the cheeks the written down but the chicks are only a loser and describe some of the practices they don’t describe the real secret the real case that was just like you said that they would come a time when it was necessary for these practices to no longer be a secret and actually to be spread far and wine and I feel like we need those who actually care about Liberation most secure about waking up they need to know what’s going on for the my need to know what tools to use I need to know I had a navigate there in the world have never got Consciousness and they need to understand what happens psychologically when people begin to dissolve the SAS guys and comments from previous in this lifetime of course as well and that knowledge I think is it just not out there very much at all okay now I think for anyone listening who hasn’t read it acquires many books or baby hasn’t been down this path so far I could imagine that you’re wondering that you would love to hear now I would love to hear can you go into detail about you know if it’s not too much of a secret now that we’re talking about kind of open sourcing this technology and in the modern world so it’s what is your what is this daily practice look like that you’re doing and then you could go to go from there and say describe I would love to hear in your words what is the outstanding difference in the the the tantric practices that that for Liberation that you are teaching that you have learned in your practicing now cuz it’s 8 for me it’s so interesting every time I try to explain what this is I have to start almost from scratch it’s just like such a naturally kind of elusive infinite con concept and so are every person who brings it brings their definition to me I feel like I’m that that blanks later that that empty cup you know so I don’t so I’m not projecting my headline ocean. It is very obvious just reeling to hear how other people articulate this bass you know a very personalized thanks so please but I’ll meet you before we doing this practice at that rate and so the practices is to warm up links with a blockages are for the brace retention and then it moves into a clearing and a diagnostic running a diagnostic in the clearing on the system using State exams at the chakras and placing them placing the Munsters The Sounds in that area is another way inside its checking in to see what’s clear once blocked what’s going on what’s Happening stage three is the disorder of the dates of the practice and this involves mujras and involves Chun Chang and involves visualization and involves invoking the chassis Shakti and Shiva and uniting them in the hospice and that’s the third stage what I’ve noticed is it’s it’s not super intense car has like three things. I’m out of the system out of the field when that is happening which is simply sitting back and watching what unfolds now that you’ve laid the foundation and done all the other stuff so watching the movement of Shakti Kundalini Prana watching at move around your body watching what the bridge does watching the thoughts of flight paths watching the feelings that come out and staying the witness or consciousness of that important really win the dissolving and the release saying in the unfolding that’s when Visions come through strong emotions in Cecil line healing deep trauma order that stuff will unfold and that last part of the practice so it’s so powerful that mean to keep Knology in the more you do it the more it will be in trigger the prices which is the road to innovation it’s beautiful and it brings me back to my first Tantra classes with Rhoda Jordan who is my initiatrix into Kundalini Shakti energy and rotating the spine and using the Moochers and mantras and movements that were dance movements and various expressions and also the guided visualization so I feel like you could come in off the street and have no esoteric leanings be a total skeptic be a total materialist rationalist agnostic atheist whatever and you could have this very palpable introductory-level I call it like a chakra tune-up a chakra tune-up you know like you were getting your Prana oil changed in your getting your. You know your chakra spark plugs kind of reline and what episode people have this and it is it can I think the the Austin is can be like a good warm-up or a good cool down but in the center or the heart of of a tantra yoga experience it is this massaging and moving of the Kundalini Shakti energy and using the sound to activate and facilitate like a a very unrestrained and very unrestricted flow of a tenor he’s so everything seems like it’s some working in concert in harmony to allow that energy to flow with his little obstruction is necessary it goes to the places where it’s needed most and isn’t just being wasted trying to blast through your stiff neck or something like that you know so I’m feeling just to get for people to get a visual of what were what were you talking about what this what all this is like if you had to if you had to explain it to explain this stuff to somebody who is it super scientific rationale extended believe in any of the magical or mystical or Cosmic elements how would you describe the you note to a doctor what what it is that you’re doing or if you had to do you were doing a corporate retreat in there like we need to know what this is going to entail on like a biomedical level could you translate it to those terms could I change my nothing that right b i g u is a lot to do with that option within the sound is vibrational I mean I really just want people to try it to do it but if I needed so I wouldn’t be able to but it also takes medical terms that I do feel like that’s possible now when it probably wasn’t possible 20 30 40 years ago with the way that science is advancing and quantum physics in particular in their understanding of Neuroscience in the wedding Neuroscience is beginning to understand the brain in different ways and met mystical experience and understand that how to change your mind by Michael Pollan and he’s got some great Bryant Brian science in there that looks like it’s just you know the way that people are frightened the world normally feel like science is stronger and stronger and stronger people just going to get on that label is which is going to really help with the spread of these practices when people start to realize how powerful they are as Technologies for working with Consciousness with working with the Brian working with the nervous system all of us. Will you articular that very well yeah thank you I don’t get it I think it is important cuz it said put some point I’m 100% in agreement with you and the way I would wear that to it is to say that it hits the the woo-woo and esoteric and far out practices of acupuncture and acupressure they’ve been completely accepted into the fold of Western medicine now it will at least to the extent that you can you can put that on your you know on your standard American list of therapeutic things that are basically covered with your help with your health insurance is not considered too far out as alternative medicine and so you know if we can take those Meridian is in those energy lines in if there is also the data backing it up because if there’s enough research done in besides that using the scientific method and they can say well even if even if the actual mechanics of it the quantum mechanics are still somewhat elusive at least we know that there are results in those results are measurable and so it can be validated and and recognized and acknowledged and so I think that the tantric healing particula. The trauma healing modalities will eventually get to that point that acupuncture acupressure is and there will be charts of the chakras in next to the anatomy charts in in the doctors every doctor’s office will just have the sound and I think the only thing that I would add to what you said about just trying to bridge that gap for people who may be total Skeptics is that I was fascinated when it was brought to my attention that the the major are crows and there’s obviously debates about exactly how many there are some people say there’s multiple third eye permutation chakras is obviously just as is many different maps of the chakras is there are lineage is a tantra almost but we’ve kind of mostly agreed upon their being seven major ones but basically it’s it’s it’s been noted in end hypothesize that there actually is situated literally on top of or within or basically at least in terms of the the Distribution on the body there pretty much right in alignment with the endocrine system glands and so the pineal gland that all of that basically going going up and down the spine of the endocrine system and that makes a lot of sense because if in the in the chakra system teaching country you’re talking about these essential personality and information processing organs that the truck was our will that’s exactly what these glands are doing or 10th processing intense amounts of information and also really defining and in programming our experience of reality on a chemical level so that’s that’s definitely very interesting to think about that enter play and so this was a really really awesome expiration and just kind of bringing it accident the fundamentals of Tantra but also helping to to put into context the need for a think you’ve given one of the best polemics so far that I have heard on this podcast about why to get deep into the deep the practices and and really the case for taking yoga to that taking the Austin is to the next level of the tantric practices and so appreciate that and I want to say yes so do you want to just spend sometime kind of giving us if you like to share a sort of closing meditation walk us through some of what you would have to offer an in it in a a training you know take your good however many of you several minutes or more you like to give a sort of either a signature meditation or something just completely spontaneous that would be great but and also either before or after give us your final words in your website links and where people can go to get the book and also anything else you want to say about the book anything else UTI you care to say I’ll let you just take over from here yes it’s Six Flags in my siaga it’s a meanwhile of my recovery from that experience Awakening / psychosis and and understanding of what a treaty was so that’s available on Amazon only online book stores you can get on my cell as well and I have a I have a retreat coming up in Mexico September 29th to October 4th at so I can Hotwire it activation plaid Entre for the modern world I will really be able to join this practice we’re going to take him to practice and really looking at how do we embody unconditional love right that’s the awakened heart Unconditional Love and Truth which is the warrior standing in truth and bringing that 4th and 2 + communities because my senses this world is that the more of us that are able to embody unconditional love in penis after the shift will be on the planet and nothing feels more important than that and grounding it and Tantra practice in an understanding of time should I visit a solid foundation the people to take that understanding and stick back into the communities of one of the limitations to do wish I could. Pointed a wenis one that just came through spontaneously once upon a time that I’ve been using for number B is now so whenever you want to have you sitting and standing with driving how if you’re listening to this podcast just bring your awareness to your breathing just starting to notice what it feels like to breathe really noticing the feel of the breath and your nostrils you might feel it down the back of your throat maybe you feel it under your collarbone so and your rib cage possibly all the way down into your pelvis even your tailbone just noticing nursing what it feels like to braid what does it feel like in your body when you breathe you keeping your wenis on your breath also become aware of your whole body whole body awareness in the crown of your head all the way down to the soles of your faith goodnight is saying what the brakes feels like in your body but all such feeling your whole body front of the body back of the body right side of the body left side of the body and just noticing you noticing any Sensations any pain need a duplex for Delaware to bring the way of your whole body Men start to become aware of the ground underneath the Earth maybe getting a sense of sending root down into the ground just feeling what it’s like to sit on the ground on the Earth getting a sense of the soils underneath you maybe having a sense of the Bedrock with a water table deep it down still aware of your breath we are of your whole body Rosa down three play aware of the earth ground feeling yourself reaching down into as deep as you can go and then retaining awareness of breath awareness of body weenus of ground expensive opening up towards the sky beginning to expand your wenis outwit and upwards all the way to all the way to the Earth’s atmosphere beyondmenu all the way to the Moon Beyond maybe all the way to the planets to Sun and even issue expand outward upward to the sky to the infinite Universe still aware of the ground still aware of your whole body and still aware of your breath holding all of them New Orleans Saints All Saint Grant body sky now you sound tourist center of it all even as you remain aware of it all sending out so much love to you all thank you so much being for this opportunity to stake into share thank you so much yes I was beautiful and always appreciate meeting new folks doing this great work and learning new ways of articulating this mysterious technology but this was one of the best one of the best times I’ve had learning and getting acquainted and appreciate it so much and hopefully we will be in touch and you always feel welcome to come back anytime you have things you like to share updates and yeah looking forward to turn off Liam’s sharing and in supporting each other’s efforts I’m going awesome again for you feel free anytime to reach out in the future and I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors and will talk to you hopefully soon thank you so much I took care that is a r a l e a h. Com listening to the podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Township Park. Com Thomas Day

Decoding Tantric Buddhist Sacred Dance with Devika the Techy Tantrika TPP201


Devika the Techy Tantrika Pic

In this episode I’m joined again by Devika the Techy Tantrika, this time for an epic exploration of the theology, philosophy, history, and practical applications of sacred dance from a Tantric Buddhist perspective. We shared a beautiful experience together during a sacred dance training retreat in Portland, OR several years ago and I’d been wanting to do a recap with her on her experience. She has a deep and rich background in sacred dance,  tantric buddhism, and yogini mysticism and it’s a treasure to hear her elaborate on the teachings we received while at the Dance Mandal temple. It was a life changing experience which led to my discovery of Vajra yoginis, and Khroda Kali in particular who I resonate with. My track Wrathful Dakini is a devotional hymn which was based on my revelatory experiences surrounding this chapter of my life.

We compare notes from the dance training retreat and comment on the relevance of traditional teachers and classical studies in tantra and all spiritual paths.

We also discuss the modern intersection of sexiness, sex witches, social media, and her research project: https://witchactivism.carrd.co/.

About Devika:

Devika J. Singh/The Techy Tantrika is a Tantric Sex and Self-Relationship Coach as well as a Performess. Her diverse creative endeavours as well as her views on holistic sex, intimacy, self-relationship and self-care have culminated into the one-on-one online coaching practice she has today. Devika’s unique take on traditional and Neo-Tantric practices along with her continuous dedication to providing commentary on tech trends that affect the way we date and intimately connect shine through in her YouTube video series where she provides Tantric sex and dating advice to her audience.

You can find Devika’s YouTube sex+dating advice video series at youtube.com/thetechytantrika

Follow her Instagram at:

You can also find out more about her coaching practice and writing at devika-singh.com

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 2 0 1 game join Again by devika the country Qatar and I wouldn’t have done a couple episodes so far in the past one all about open-source sexuality another one all about keeps Rising sex work policy and so we have been talking a lot about motive the modern synthesis and assimilation of classical time show with Neo Tantra and check and what not. It’s just fun and exciting intersection is just been crazy to go back and listen to those shows this time we’re going to get into a really fine or kind of personalized description of somewhat Memoirs where we first met in person at the at the dance Mondo Maple Leaves tantric Buddhist sacred Dance Training temple in syrtis I’m very authentic true to form goddess Temple that really for me was profound in many ways mostly in that it was a revelation for me to see that there is living breathing devotional goddess Temple Buddhism where there’s more than just the multiple genders of DVDs are our honored and respected and worship and field practice where you might not you might not be exposed to that otherwise so I’m extremely grateful for did you get for inviting me to that to this weekend Dance Training Retreat which was kind of like my my Karate Kid training with the master in and stealing KY Lake you know maybe I don’t think I need my black belt but I probably probably got at least one built you know up some starting a house from scratch but along the way of me making a complete ass of myself as the only male would be initiated you know I will see you in background so they can just like this to water from his Jimmy awkward but I survived and I learned a lot and not only in the dance but also in these these meditation Temple lecture philosophy lectures that were given and also we had free reign of this one of the most explicit libraries of collections of books devoted to John Travolta times and so there’s some gems that that I discovered there but you know don’t take my word for it I love to just take this opportunity to have if you can her perspective on that experience in some gaps in my understanding and knowledge because to bring this into the ultimate context it is that that experience led to me producing a track called Rascal that King and I’ll get into that at some point later but basically a Revelations that I’ve had what I felt to be direct Union direct communication with and since then really this track which is a devotional him that uses it and in vocational Mantra as the sort of part of it every time I sing that and with all my heart than she appears and I see her the way that she is you know in a and it in the way that she is symbolically to pick it in the in the art form the classical art form of what’s called who is called crota Kali who is one of the disorder than a police terkini kind of archetypes which Gerald got his students like one of those I’m building my collection of having experiences and then having a toy on my wall I’ll make a track and that track will be my sort of them my Memoir or my Elemento this is way more this is a huge opportunity for me to kind of have you bringing your perspective on on that that experience that we shared there and also bring in some of your more highly developed awareness of the permutations of Buddhism and Tantra and also yeah they just tell us that be great to hear about what brought you to the discovery of that Temple because obviously the story goes back as far as to where you were you know enchanted with their work so that was enough for me. Thank you so much been yes cuz he mentioned I’m devika the ticket on sweetie, I’m so glad that you made this our topic today been just because that’s when those of the extremely unique temple in Portland Oregon and try to swallow who is the dance teacher the primary dance teacher there was our teacher that weekend and he’s been training and Talia make sure you tell sorry since he was a young child so that was in his his lineage for a long time and for me I’ve always been play training quite a bit and vajrayana Buddhist lineages cuz I had to start at my own silent meditation practice I think about on 2007/2008 but Tibetan lineage of always been significant to me because anybody who studies Buddhist studies or you know I’m has a pretty good understanding of a variety of different Buddhist lineage has Bill noticed that a lot of the deities in tibetan and Nepalese certain Nibbley’s lineages don’t really necessarily have presidents are really significant Presence at all in other lineages so you know like the dakinis are seeing a lot you see if I join your guinea is a dominant The Keeney there’s also no preserved and venerated in the in the stands lineage you and I went to training and just like with any veneration or worship of these dakinis is usually requires a lot of Advanced Techniques a lot of persistent training because the dakinis are definitely I always think of them as more intermediary or you know you’d rather just because they’re not really have to be really specific with how you worship and worship them because they can be kind of tricksters in certain ways but they can also also need a lot more respect I think like there’s a lot of benevolent like happy DD’s and then you kind of work up to bother you again other Tiki knees and the kids are wisdom Bears they’re not the really I don’t know if you could say that a surly you know putting some situations where they have to really be as forgiving perhaps they expect I think a lot of a lot of practice in a lot of patients in a lot of determination from those who are who are and worship up they are very much like Kali from the Hindu Hindu spiritual lineage has just because you have to have a certain amount of practice with them you have to have a certain amount of respect them are they able to teach you a lot but if you are not open to learning those lessons you will not get them and sometimes you know like do your lessons by, in ways that look for a coke bad or negative in your life but a trained practitioner or train student even would have the tools to help them kind of navigate those lessons and not to say that the lesson still won’t be hard it’s just that you need to have a certain amount of prerequisite I guess in a way that certain amount of information in order to work with those DVDs in order to really get not just what would be helpful to you both would have also be helpful in respect to them and reminds me of an of what you were saying earlier about you know once a DVD shows up to you if I tell you something that of great assistance you obviously not understand that it’s reciprocal and you get back to that TD and your veneration and respected them so these DVDs are not like practice DVDs are like this introductory DD’s they need they definitely need a certain level of practice and respect and information on behalf of the students are also just not going to get as much out of it either I guess I’ve heard of so many people just want to jump right to DD’s like this in various lineages and a lot of people will caution them and say that you really need to understand the foundational aspects of the practice you’re looking at before you work with them but it really comes down to what people are after like they’re looking for quick fixes or even like something like power or you know something just really just deals mostly with our Earthly realm they’re not going to the store they get what they want or they might get what they want for the beginning but there’s always a price to pay like and you can’t have you know you can’t have an action without a reaction if you’re not setting up the foundation of something properly you’re not setting it up on a you know they’re setting up his Queen on the shaky Foundation at that point and things don’t go too well when you build them on a shaky foundation so I would definitely you know suggest anybody who does want to learn sacred dance forms to look for a proper New Groove for that and Venture for us just make sure they’re taking the proper steps for me I’ve always because of my love for Tibetan Buddhist lineages I really loved my experience at that spent all my hope to go back you know again in the future you know for something similar to what you and I had conferred then I don’t live on the west coast anymore unfortunately but I’m sure I’ll make it back there again it was a beautiful time. Really they just they found such an amazing job with that that’s him pulling the practices that they adhere to their arms it’s certainly is unique and lovely did yeah so thank you for giving that discourse on this parallel and treachery really had no approaching these purses with the wrong attitude or without due diligence and I think my modern check a metaphor that comes to mind is actually I’ve been thinking about this ready contacts but this is this is really right now which is it there’s I think people who approached spirituality as from The New Age kind of Neo perspective of not not really I say beating her asparagus before they eat their ice cream like they want they want to jump right to everything that’s possible and skip over the shadow work but the the more traditional approach would beat you really confront you or your Shadow true the help of the duties that are going to we’re going to help you do that and you know that that is really up for what I’m doing with in my Modern Life sandwich lot of people are just like me they need to do to audit your security and to do penetration testing and to hire hackers to actually try to break into your systems to see what your vulnerabilities are so that you can fix them before real shit hits the fan win some you know and they don’t give you the full report they actually just take everything take your intellectual ransomware your your machines and Edward have a persistent intrusion into your network that you don’t know about until years later when everything that you held dear and sacred was this compromise so that’s that’s how I feel like that if you if you’re afraid of that you’re setting yourself up for ultimate disaster in the future if you’re not willing to approach that Duty with respect you know of those duties you have the potential to print like really sucking hand your ass to you you’re not going to call the spiritual bug bounty system I have another another pun play on words to add to that but but I’ll let you finish okay well yeah it’s it’s from that shamanic perspective of some sort of delousing your soul by removing parasites and I feel like a bug Bounty is even more apps because they would be removing those pests from your soul and all that her that you’re unaware of that are causing you to you know make mistakes in your karmic development so yeah so with that said do you want to talk about now just kind of give people the the play-by-play of we arrive there and do you want to give you a recollection of the the kind of syllabus and of course outline and what what what I experienced was there and what you’re you’re sure I’m just trying to think of it wasn’t that a time ago not going to lie I was a bit of time guys from perfect feeling very magical and just really appreciating it cuz it’s you know what the time I was a fusion belly dancer and I still love dance it’s just you know I had suffered a back injury sometime much time after but I’m just grateful that I at least had that experience the Savannah what that’s meant I’ll be for all that zinnias happens later but you know it is what it is but in terms of doing that Workshop they were so gracious you know they gave us a really great we know we’re right out and see a step-by-step you know the monster has instructions I still have I still loved my portfolio that they gave me like you know I still had a lot and I just I’ve always been very enthusiastic about using the body and worship with dance in expressions of arch just because I always felt like art is about Creative Energy the sacral chakra is about sexual energy and create an anonymous right they are one of the savings people tend to forget that or not really put that together so I always am very enthusiastic about what time you know really creative positive ways of using the body and worship and the style of dance really loud. So do you still have your do you still have your folder from there I do somewhere and I started to look for it but I did I really want to find it because I want to I wanted to be able to I mean I don’t know if you have it handy or if not then we can just going to go from memory but now it rain in front of me but I mean I guess I’ll be glad to do some scanning later so that you can have copy call me buried in somewhere but I really appreciated about that weekend was that possible did start looking into the voucher Eugenie dance ceremony with all so what was amazing as he took us through you know the Preparatory dance which is about paying homage to the DD’s you know and it within the Buddhist contacts before you begin your dance and that he taught us the hand with rose that go with the dances as well which are so important in like a lot of like a lot of Asian dance styles likes you a lot of traditional dance styles this dance tells a story it’s not just the person embodying the DAT in human form sort of so to speak but also if you listen to that at least you know if you don’t understand them on to us but you look at the translations and if you look at what each moves from means and what each motion means it’s all telling a story so that’s beautiful to me I just it was very you know incredible and the fact that we got to look at the photo you can anyone know that’s a lot to me because I was a big part of also why I went there and seen it on YouTube and I understood the even though I was very interested in that dance I knew that we met your most likely not go there necessarily because that is an advanced dance for all the reasons I had previously mentioned about working with dakinis events duties of your guinea but it was really amazing that we actually got to you know try that out and really talk to those who have performed that dance that weekend was so short to me like I just wish you could have stayed there so much longer is really amazing but yeah I’d like the fact that I let me remind you I grew up with folk dances like her up just you know what an absolute Fascination for it so learning about a dance style that does this in worship and in respect of the staties that’s not easy to find that mean you do find it in Hindu Traditions there are so disloyal to do something similar but especially what we were learning that’s $1 you can’t find many teachers who teach that there’s also not very many dance styles like. I’ve heard of another one but I’ve never seen anybody teach it here at least or of the universe within within Canada or the United States so I mean there might be but I haven’t come across up and you need answers for those are any dance teachers for lineage but yeah so I would say those were the Superman highlights eat you recall anything else that really stuck out to you yeah in a few things to do very memorable and then all in complementary to to your thoughts and perspectives on this because she hasn’t much I guess I certainly Richard background in Premiere was pretty much all encountering it for the first time and so I really I think the way to the kind of transmit the experience to others at least verbally and I know you can go on YouTube and and pretty much the same the same dance that we learned I know they have at least one video that’s at least it’s pretty much like that specific sequence of movements and then we also had to learn to sing the parts that weren’t we at we were we were trained to not just learn actual poses and the sequence of the positions moving along the dance floor but actually singing the appropriate the Mantra portion of it at being every every every time we transition to another movement we’re actually seeing saying the devotional sort of launcher him about what that position really is representing and and I got think of it it’s like a 3-D lives motion to wear if you’re used to approach you are you just sitting there making I mean I don’t suggest your secondary and you’re making offerings and you’re doing gestures in your doing Luger’s but you’re just so this is like imagine being this coming good multidimensionality of the and the offering aspect of it of that the energy that you’re pouring into the the ritual that being the just night and day in terms of the difference between the seated meditative offering to Pooja and I’m spinning around and holding your arms up and just being as graceful as you could ever imagine everybody being and also that it was just beautiful so maybe if you could you know from just some of the Physicians remember I remember there was like a little drama and the big drum and offering incense and they were all basically kind of like I feel like a mime you know remind me out these emotional offerings and so from that experience well I knew I hadn’t said this earlier but I was going to say I know you said that you felt like you know a fish out of water I think it’s what you said earlier you know it wasn’t really being a dude they’re just being a guy and then he was a good teacher is a guy but it’s so cool though this type of worship or any worship I always go back to looking at who are you doing as for right it’s all the times you doing is to please a deity or you know to show appreciation respecting the really that’s all that’s asked you know of you write like to show up and to do it like when I first learned silent meditation for example my teacher would always say it never gets easier right like there’s there will always be a time where it becomes difficult but the what’s being asked to use to show off that’s the devotional part right that’s the part where even if you’re learning to do something for the first time that’s still so pivotal because you’re still doing that with that intention of federation respect and worship that’s really that really is all it’s being asked of you know set it right and I’m sure it influenced also how you’ve continued to worship right and it’s become a part of your experience in various ways they honestly that’s all often lets its really often people really in people don’t necessarily here that often or that’s not something that comes up I mean we are so used to I think it’s also speak about this from growing up you know like a lot of people in various religions they are asked to do so much but might be things that they’re not willing to do necessarily like maybe you know ask to Worship in a certain way like I mean don’t get me wrong like obviously poo just have to place a certain religions and their needed by people who really need them but I always wondered what why aren’t we teaching people these these artistic forms of worship to like I remember reading in the Hindu Pantheon there was 52 artistic expressions or skills that are considered sacred and her people to maintain and a lot of those were artistic like a lot of them were of a poetry and about dance and artistic expression and I think you know technically speaking and I’m seeing a lot of this and dance movements across the world the idea that in order to move into express yourself through your body and whatever way that you can through your body enter your mind isn’t itself but I can’t worship so I mean whether or not let’s say somebody continues with a particular sacred lineage and learn to do that dance Tyler whether they go through life and you know it’s a inspiration from these lineages but then set off and kind of do something that comes to them naturally it’s all relative it’s all important right so you know so so as I talked about this you know for example sorry I missed you may not be for a surly everybody write a lot of people might not let’s say how the Buddhist context behind them or might it might not resonate with them but there could be something else right there can always be something else for those people instead I think that’s the interesting thing about tantric practice right like there’s so many lineages making really look towards and I think I still stand behind the concept but I think there are tajuk lineages and every religion It’s just sometimes they don’t make it to the mainstream literature of those religions so you know I think when people do enough taking and hold their beliefs strong things will come to that you know like it there’s a meeting halfway that sense to happen during the person needs to keep the the principles in the pillars of their belief system close to their heart and you know I threw those pillars and I do believe that as a go long information will come to that message will come to the right forms of practice for them come to them you know it’s it’s that’s why I always say to trust your instincts like 50 people I always tell them it’s very important to learn how to trust yourself and learn from yourself and learn with your intuition and stinks look like because that’s how all of the Divine speaks to you right mind you and protist lineages the Divine in the profane are the same thing and that’s the way I see you too so I think when people create that’s Schism that also kind of friends that I don’t put them until amount of conflict because once you start looking at everything a sacred I think that’s a huge part of town tourism and it can be very hard to keep thought police in mind but I think a good teacher too and you know good foundational set of training really help since unfortunately sometime and take a people you know who emailed me and they’re like well I can’t find a teacher in my area or you know where do I learn this way this without all that from you know lineages explains that or practices AT&T because I don’t know anybody around me that says says and that’s a big part of why I decided to do online training for people like that’s why I have my own coaching program but at the same time I also understand where they’re coming from and sometimes it’s not going to come right away you just got to keep doing what you can from your end and eventually you never know what’s going to happen right but because that’s what I was saying earlier patience is a huge thing like people want results of people want answers now but that’s not always the way things are going to go that’s not always waiting for intended to go so patients in the South can be quite the lesson with your original but I know you were talking about the moon and the aspect of the mechanics and curious if you remember any of it cuz there’s a few movements that I had that all all old mansion after after you kind of give a natural fit for you or anything that you felt like you had it with mantras in motion as you’ve mentioned earlier and Irene the ones that stuck out to me or kind of similar to the ones you had mentioned earlier about like the instruments for example the certain Mutual represented let’s say things about those titi’s hold so I just so they want to say if they’re always tools but they’re like certain symbolic objects that BT’s are known to hold and we did do address to represent those as well right call really amazing and I think with a lot of these sacred lineages you are going to get a lot of enactment of you know sacred objects even animals sometimes are adornments of that signify the DD that you’re that you’re talking about is that you’re looking at not just the costuming to fix that but like I think the big thing is for me at least when I see these dance styles I think of the fact that even if that person was not wearing Me labra costume you could still tell from what they’re Universal symbolism that they’re gesturing and that they’re doing through their dads you can tell who it is at their embodying at the time I think I’m a big part of why those hundreds Rose and certain motions you know kind of really show that like for example one really cares about you use uni dance she does a lot of circular motioning to kind of signify the traveling to the sky and to the universe which is absolutely beautiful but there’s thought type of movement that was very particular and specific to that Dede because she’s a Sky Dancer right so yeah they’re really thought out and really carefully put together and not just even composed but performs and that’s why it takes so many years to learn these Stan Stylez I mean that’s also why you’d want to teach her like prajwal for example who been doing has been doing this since he was a child so yeah it is absolutely beautiful and very rare and amazing when you come across these things if you know whether the person who has been studying since they were a child or has dedicated a lot of their life to studying it it’s all amazing to see when you do get in to see the answer to that’s given their whole body to the dance it’s not just emotions cuz you see that sometimes but you don’t doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s wrong or anything but I know I personally and everything to is when people are in that stage it doesn’t mean to always be on that stage at some point I think a dancer does give all their body into it if they really stay with us you know but yeah but it’s so nice to see it when you do see that person fully embodying and fully giving themselves into it because they are they are professional they know how to do that and I know how to get out of it to write it’s like it’s like magic to me appointment I was safe for me what what was most profound about the specific movements was when he introduced the wrathful deity respective dancing in he did some demonstrations of some stuff that we didn’t actually we’re actually taught but he basically did some more you know in some of his lectures she would just break out into the accompanying dance to go along with the lecture and what not Inn in one of the things you know he was doing was acting out the wrathful basically acting out but being invoking the possession trance state of of the wrathful deity or raffle. and that so that aspect plus the aspect of something that we did learn specifically in in the dance in a very subtle form but a very elegant and subtle but very telling kind of corn was this notion of stomping and you see this in the artwork with his notion of stomping on the demons to basically Crush but with wood gray sexy you’re not you’re invoking the power of the wrathful deities and to me that is the the psychotherapeutic aspect in the the really applied sort of shamanistic aspect of it yes we’re to put in simple terms are too kind of hopefully not not butcher hit by put in my own words it’s just that you know where we’re almost like children in the sandbox of human bodies and higher level of development and what we can actually obtain him in one lifetime for most people is pretty pretty remedial relative to the grandiosity of these deities that probably live a lot longer than we do maybe have been around a lot longer and have a lot more mobility throughout the dimensions and are just wiser creatures and their kind of entertained by us and our our Folly and we would do well to choose where do I track them to our sacred spaces so that they can help us to with our issues and not only help us feel good and have health and you know abundance of things we pray for but also that they have us to have Liberation from our own foolishness and Karma is insulated things that are beyond our control and obviously all of the very nuanced forces of evil and so these are some of the few Living Traditions in the world where there’s a sun broken Pagan shamanic power that comes from your new worshiping these duties so that you could have bacon come in and really rescue you like you’re a prisoner of war Behind Enemy Lines you know I’m in that tactical perspective was what turn me on the most was this notion of like yeah you can do is dance and you’re you were basically borrowing or asking for the power to do this astral combat sort of work and so love to hear what you would say about the exact number is Dancing with the holding the hips in a certain angle and this beautiful images of the blessings were stepping backward and stopping by The Chieftains and then knowing that you can access the Rascal that would that would make you know bad guys you know one or Retreat I think if they sell you do then you’re doing that in a dark alley and they wanted to have they had their way with you or take your money or something and then you could just like bust out into this wrathful deity dance you know that they probably would will be yeah I’ll be there cue to exit stage left now the funny thing usually has a few different like you know associations with it and I mean it’s so cathartic first of all did you feel like did you feel like it was cathartic when you yeah it’s beautiful because it really reconnect you to the earth into the ground and I mean as we’re looking at this to think it’s important to realize and Buddhist lineages demons are an evil are representative of ignorance right so that goes back to was Buddhism that there’s no Duality everything is one and the idea what these DD’s if they’ve stuck around a lot of times because they’re very compassionate and they want to help people overcome ignorance so that bacon understand the true Unity of everything so when we think of D you know I think of demons and evil that’s her thing they’re all aspects of the illusion of the samsara that we exist in this world is called samsara and in Buddhism and as we’re doing these things we’re dispelling ignorance if you actually look at the story of Siddhartha the first grew at the first of the sorry it was a guru actually how you know in the way his final like in his final test he had demons coming at him it was just like really torturous listen to Star comfortable and he was sitting under the Bodhi Tree trying to just meditate what eventually be reached Enlightenment after all these tests in the past really where about Stevenson these distractions so it’s it’s interesting to me because the demons correlate with you know our obvious concerns about horrible things happening so like you no ill health poverty and disease famine everything right and this is why it takes so long to do these practices until really dedicate ourselves to these teachings because firm understandably so for many of us as humans we understand that these things are painful and we don’t want paying we want to avoid paying obviously nobody wants to hear wake up tomorrow usually and be like oh well I just want to be in pain all day you know and the only the only thing I find in Buddhism is that it acknowledges this pain and tries to help people with understanding a different way of living with it are experiencing the things in this world to like part of the wisdom of Buddhism the stock concept of yes there is pain but there is also have two ending up suffering while on this Earth while experiencing this pain so I have full appreciation for Buddhist teachers practitioners you know and everyone else between who is able to see past the illusions that we experience the moment-to-moment basis of pain and suffering and all of that and I think when we see that foot stomping and we see that sort of you know the spelling of evil I always look at it and remember remind myself as a big part of that is we are asking for the removal of the veil of ignorance and illusion we’re trying to understand how to live with the things that happen in our lives like apparently even like the Buddha after he preached Enlightenment I’ve heard and that one lineage that he had a really bad back problems still so you would never immune to like even physical suffering and stuff but he knew how to overcome it in his mind like yours and it is being so this really Buddhism when it comes down to it it’s all about perception and so how we’re living in reminds me of something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately which is how imprisonment happens within our own minds and even when we’re giving horrible circumstances Buddhism is really teach us about how to overcome the Carmine’s like there’s no guarantee that anyting long has really changed in our physical world right we we have what we have not stopped at type thing and wheel you can continue to strive to overcome those things of course but it starts with the mind and the mentality and how we perceive what we are given so I always think about these things because when we go to learn any sacred dance is always important of course as I mentioned before to understand the foundational tools prayers mantras and these kids move drugs principle Solutions you know all of these things the Theology of these practices before we go in because you don’t like what side of meditation like all of these practices I think they’re mostly beneficial to people when they understand the foundations that they came from but even just sometimes I think understanding it is one part of it but I think practicing these things before doing it is also helpful because something could the cool from the outside your cards right but I think when we get the taste of something that we like the safer for you and myself like we love this and style it can Inspire us to continue to learn about these practices and these principles and I think for anybody who is interested in anything like this or a meditation or any practice it’s good to know themselves through these practices that I can pay also definitely need to work on it not just from the dance practice or from the meditation practice they need to understand the whole kit and caboodle you know they need to really find a teacher who can teach them the principles in the foundation’s to go with these things because learning the axum self that doesn’t do the practice justice so I mentioned only because so you’re going to get a lot of people who might you know find the semi-finals practice interesting and just like people come to us with interest about tantrism but they have to understand that they’re their studies don’t start and stop at the process themselves they have to go and learn the whole thing like they really do I don’t think it’s enough just to let stay with the Kamasutra like you can’t just learn the sex positions for example and just ignore the fact that there’s a whole ton of writing in there and principles that I personally don’t agree with but let me remind you the Kama Sutra isn’t really a tantric Doctrine to be honest lot of people don’t know but you know like I think anybody who’s going to dedicate themselves to these things really need to do themselves a good service of just you know learning all of it so I’m glad you’re doing this podcast you know we’re both doing this because I think I was looking at all of these positions and we’ll talk about the monster has I hope it inspires people to look more into these lineage is especially like the vajrayana Buddhist lineages but that the stats all came from right and that this dance Auburn resents don’t know more social Moore Public kind of expression of love so much more in her work so we could see the the sort of a I mean it’s almost like the way people joke about how I made it in North America there is this tendency for white New Age speakers european-american European secrets to they want to go and they want to get their Indian name and they want to get the play one that hold the pipe and they they want to have all these very conspicuous consumption kind of trinkets that that show off their affiliation and may or may not really be based on the deepest most sincere interest in her work as soon as you’re speaking about this I think about how you know I I I casually made a reference to karate kid earlier about looking at the Karate Kid archetype of basically looking at how westerners it stored traditional practices in general and so the other the other aspect if I was the Cobra Kai School you had like basically the corrupted and ego-based and and aggressive rather than defensive Distortion that was the result of the US military Sergeant or whoever the guy Kris being like a a Vietnam War kind of super else you took the his spin on on Karate and then you get this hyper masculine toxic mask on aggressive abusive patriarchal system and I feel like there is a people who have people have horror stories of training with male just say it’s mostly you know male who were going to actually be using black magic to mine front and brainwash people and take their money and build Empires on abuse and but they will still be teaching you beautiful positions and beautiful words everything will feel and look very beautiful and he helps but you could be being totally totally scam do you know so that’s part of what I think what you’re saying is I think you did the good research and you you would position me to have that experience with cars wall and you know the teacher who is to me like the most beautiful one of the most beautiful men embodiment of the development of this is the this is the extreme potential of the development of a man’s feminine aspect and you don’t have to be you will appreciate it even if your not gay and that I think it’s like I want more I want I would love them he said also about the feel like they’re in the ancient you would be as a man very it wouldn’t be a pretty story of to be emasculated it would be a gift and you will be seeing it is so complimentary and actually help you to have that contrast but have that balance so so yeah very instructive in general but that’s close to wrapping up in something I want to highlight yeah but when I’m at one of the lecturers at Fresh wall gave the two it was a lot of really potent teachings and one of the things that stood out to me the most it was most kind of maybe the quintessential teaching of of the whole weekend and the quintessence of the path it seemed like he was using the words mudra and use the word mudra and it’s in a contest at her before that made sense if I move a posture of your you know could be your just your hands or could be your hands and or parts of the body in concert but basically you’re holding a position that is indicating a certain alignment and a certain attitude really in so that if you extrapolate that to you or your whole lifestyle and your spiritual path he said there was that you can live basically by these two options in life either the karmamudra or the German Luger and the any put it very elegantly saying that you know if you see you Wednesday in the karmamudra which is basically scratching your head at while your life is constantly throwing things are going wrong for you and we should be there just kind of piling things under the basically living and just like shoving things under the rug and not not doing the work to purify your actions in any thoughts and deeds you know what not but where is but he would say Obviously most people in a less conscious state or are just regurgitating there cameras in the cycle but then the the the higher Road or the narrow road to the alternative is to live in what he called that was the simplest I’ve ever heard I mean what the thing is that we will she’s like do things that make other people smile you know what I mean anyway do that that’s up for Street much should golden miles did I produce today up or down on the charts you know my going to meet you like up the game tomorrow with getting more smells out there and so I just want to let that be my my last homage from this podcast to what I what I try to do partial out there man I’m done and I’m doing it with her before we wrap up to I just wanted to quickly mention as well I’m bringing such a good point about gender because a beautiful thing about casualties in this is he represents a perfect non-duality in terms of gender fluidity right he is obviously been gifted disability through his lineage has to represent male and female TTS right and he does it so eloquently and so perfectly and it reminds me of these gender divisions that we’ve seen is very much within North American and Western European constructs right the way gender is performed and represented across cultures aren’t necessarily but we’re used to seeing right and I think when we see something as beautiful as what we see and in this dance lineages and within Buddhism actually shows up quite often in a lot of Eastern theology in a spiritual Traditions it’s a concept that help me cuz that’s within us all qualities of any gender and non-gender the we can think of and I do hope that we see more of a returning that in our side I kind of feel like we’re starting to see this and what kind of looking towards shamanic lineages and I think of a lot of Tibetan lineages of thought because they do have shamanic a shamanic Origins which is why a lot of Tibetan in Nepalese protist lineages look a bit different than let’s say Chinese Korean and Japanese go to sleep just so it’s very beautiful to see this understanding in a compass and respect of all types of energy whether we are going to look at them has male female or nonbinary don’t by now it’s quite beautiful too beautiful return to that yes awesome of that thank you for that I’m sorry I’m so do you have any others actually yeah it’d be nice to just get a bit of an update from you if you want to close out the section on desk that’s why I just have to get an update from you on what’s been happening what’s on your mind what are you looking forward to what are you preparing for the future but people message me because they wants like I can still and I appreciate that so much and well the thing is I don’t know if I told you this I certified and Yoni steaming right and I was on the directory for steamy chick I wholeheartedly recommend just temporarily take me off because I’m so busy right now in my studies I don’t have time right now unfortunately the couch as much as I feel like that’s what she is part of my calling like I’m always torn between digital activism and my calling as a Tums Rica and I never want to not skip my time low supposed because I don’t have the time and energy right now but you know in about it’s a year-and-a-half I hope to really go back to holistic healing go back to holistic sexual education and you know really go back to me because a big part of that for me is understanding sexual freedoms online which has been so constricted lately in the last couple years and I think one of the worst times for online sexual expression under the Trump Administration I will go too much of that I think you know our previous previous podcast definitely talk more about that but anyways long story short of it I was saying about a year-and-a-half I will go back into training and teaching people and I will very much consider doing like one hour coaching session cuz I was really offering. so much before but I know people as you have one on questions of that sort of thing so I think it was just you know be helpful that way the only reason I didn’t offer it so much before was because as much as I am intuitive coach and counselor in that sense of spiritual counselor I also feel like a lot of the times you can give people information but if they’re not consistently working. Just like we’re time on this podcast they’re not doing a deep dive. Information is initially I was going to help them that takes a quite a long time to alter habits and to really reflect on one’s mindset NCL thinking process so I was offering will sleep just three months before but I think I also have to acknowledge this fast-paced world we live in an offer something more within intuitive counseling but definitely differentiate between my coaching and that’s the type of Lionel advice-giving just because to be there at the same they’re both helpful in their own ways but I really do appreciate when I get to work with people on a long-term basis but yeah I think offering advice and help is also really good too and has its place is so we’ll see what happens in a year and a half from now but I look forward to serving our other people and Humanity in that realm of things again soon you know I miss it so that’s pretty much what I’m doing and I know I’m just I am grateful for my studies because I think it will always help me become a better size of think of it as a civil servants to to humanity as we how are who are helping people but I do know the Earth in general are who is just you know intend to do good but yes I I just I do miss talking to people about our work so get back into that mix then really all of these new crypto rails will be running smoothly so you can not have any just going to it’s going to be smooth operating globally to do what we do and not have to be choked off by Banks or or big data or any of the centralized choke point so that’s very exciting will keep in touch about all that indefinitely always feel free to if you don’t mind I have kind of a fetish that’s like a around using academic work that’s done basic p like I have I feel like it’s a real tragedy all of the all of the the college work University work that’s done to just get a a grade in a class and like no one ever been at work ever see the light of day so yeah if you ever have papers that you write that only are red by you and your professor if they don’t own if they allow you to retain the copyright ownership do that then by all means I love for you to share some of your work would read it as great or I can read it or whatever but that would just be able to give more life to the work that you’re doing as you’re doing it so sweet omigod thank you Patty before I do go I should let you know I did do an online project and it was on The Witches of Instagram and the active is the first through that so if you want to take a look at that that’s online which activism. but you are so which activism. C a r r g. Co after but that was a huge project for me I’m inspiring I’m still in the undergraduate you know level of things with everything but I wasn’t that simple logical digital anthropological project I did really available for people to read if they want to I just looked at activism efforts through Instagram with entrepreneurial witches who use Instagram as one of the social media Outlets within a cock of other outlets of course it was mostly fake stuff focusing on like you know Instagram not just on Facebook or something like that but because I love Instagram I think it’s really helped a lot of those witches with in North America but I was also looking at algorithmic homogeneity in that project as well looking at how you got does diaper rash eclectic group of people but when you look at their representation through hashtag feeds like witches of Instagram’s hashtag feed you just seeing very specific types of representation switch that doesn’t really help the community this isn’t over like an overarching issue we’re having were influencers are starting to kind of represents the same things look the same like they’re expected to look similar ways and you know that diversity kind of gets lost in the shuffle for communities like this which is breakfast like this community represents diversity so seeing how it’s represented in juxtaposition to what it actually looks like you’re so kind of a music gap there and a lot has to do with the way algorithms prioritize what is considered a witch and what is it considered when they decide to show up in the yeah Which Wich activism. Card with two r’s. Co I think it is being a sex which is very I think important to to this and I think that was what led me to this and just looking at how content producers who create content similar to what you and I create and how are work it’s treated vs. you know quote on quote acceptable ways of that sucks it’s becoming more problematic and I think it needs to be addressed and this is also why I was talked about but I think tajuk lineages need to be institutionalized and somebody to protect our beliefs speak of our beliefs kind of cat Trampled Under the carpet and I’m not okay with that so I think it’s also I received an increase in witchcraft in the US and why we’re understanding it more as an acceptable form of spiritual practices always has been but you know well you know what history looks like so I’m just glad to see him searching some that and understandings of people going toward religious practices or spiritual practices allow for self-expression in sexual Freedom especially when we’re referring to what we do specifically this really makes me feel a lot better about myself because I’m starting to really wonder like what’s wrong with me why don’t I watch a lot of boring what everybody else is in the morning I’m just kind of like I’m not with it like what’s wrong with me and really it’s because I really more interested in things like digital anthropology on sex witches and that’s why I don’t like I said I guess there’s nothing nothing makes you feel good right like you know what you know and of course it’s obviously not harming other people or whatever it’s something that makes you happy do it right like I I live very much in my own on my own standards and in my own head and you know a lot and whether or not people you know agree with me but doesn’t it’s none of their business as far as I’m concerned that you mean a lot of people who Venture you don’t think like you and you do feel same way as you there they just haven’t had a chance to explore does Mater you know so I think that’s where you and I come in like we help people really kind of put more to thought so they’ve already had or the concepts they’ve already considered on their own and really help them flush it out to something that works in their life right sorry about a stack the survival weapon project that I created his basic beat and in an answer to what you propose there which is it I’m I’m using the the the youthful beauty of the younger witch population to be the Trojan Horse that leads people to the elderly witches who need our support and need money to survive and to keep their lineages transmitting and so there’s that’s that’s kind of in my cauldron that’s issue that I want to help address and it’s interesting that your tablet you probably have a lot to offer and now in that regard as well and so you’ll probably be a consultant on that project at some point with this let me know I didn’t mind you I there’s so many ways you can further that project to with you know if any of those older witches want to do some more work has the other witches that you have right now like whether it’s like modeling with us we’re thinking I definitely say go out there and do it to like let them do their thing too because there’s such a diversity of what people admire and appreciate and are attracted to it’s certainly not just in these one you know that we think of the one ways of just like you know the young attractive conventionally attractive person but I’m starting to really see Prophet not just Prim just profit would like go public interest in a variety of different types of body types and ages and genders are non gender is like there’s this all out there and then you offer up the ability of expression two people love not just the one type of Hollywood asks a type of Attraction you know that type of physical look you start initiating and when U Niche there is a lot of profit in that too but there’s also a lot of appreciation for it to social appreciation so I say if you’re if you’re going to do a Witch Project where you know you have people presenting themselves and expressing themselves in a certain way I think I invite you to consider having all your wishes have that option just because like I said that there is a market there is there are people who want that it’s just all in the marketing it’s all in how you present the project there a lot of people who made things very profitable and very popular because it was unique and it might not seem too lucrative at first but because of how they persisted and how they put forward that message they started obtaining you know of the large followership like for example with suicide girls I mean there’s always been attraction for women with tattoos alternative goth looks and alternative looks in general but the way they grew that was quite interesting than amazing to watch because that there was was the way they Market at me know when they branched off into other things from my understanding and Jack real asking you know so yeah I think I don’t know I think if you have it saved which is who are at all interested in Creative expressing themselves or in expressing themselves in a specific way I say give them all the shot you know just find what works again oh what what’s working another rounds and see if you can find satistics or data on that and find ways to Market those that are let’s say unique in their own ways you know I’m just going to think I’ll help a lot like you’re going to get a lot of people liking different things and it comes to town tourism I think there is a lot of ways to express interest in new forms of artistic forms it’s just finding those Creative Marketing and promotional ways of doing it right it’s a good thing and you can always have the sexy tikini body masseuses but like you have some really cool priestesses who to like new churches and they might not look like those to keeney’s but there are sexy in their own ways and they’re appealing and motivational and magnetic in their own ways you know and just about sexy or whatever we think of a sexy in this continent in the society write a lot of different ways of going about things we are charged with meanings and ways of having to extend beyond just what’s in front of us and in the Intercontinental exceed those limitations surpassed them and find creative ways to bring charges on my think two people because it certainly goes beyond just whatever sound like pornhub or Google I don’t know why I have a sex cells but it certainly it’s high so well until we can talk about this whole time like they’re so much depth and print there so many principles a lot of information that are easy to access but if he can find artistic ways of expressing that information that’s not easy to access too that’s all so amazing and you even be very much so so thank you again for your time everything and look forward to the next time and what would be the best way for people to follow your work now or I would say Instagram is still really good I mean there’s also YouTube in both cases just looking up Taki the ticket on speaker on YouTube and Instagram but yeah I’m active on Instagram these days cuz microblogging takes less time but I also like right now like I find it still a much more free or social media outlets in most are you know at the moment I will again thank you so much have a wonderful rest of your evening and this is a real treat. I hope we get to do it again soon you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and Ramona podcast to donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Thomas Day

Natural Family Planning and the Nature of Birth with Erin Rivera Merriman TPP133


Erin Rivera Merriman Pic

In this episode I’m joined again by one of the highest of high priestesses in my life and in the world, Shakta tantrika medicine woman oracle Erin Rivera Merriman. She graciously offers profound green witchy wisdom and insight into to the poorly understood complexities of natural family planning and the nature of birth. Drawing from a multidimensional array of information sources, she helps us to navigate the mystery school that is the sacred womb and yoni temple. We also discuss the often misunderstood iconography of Goddess Kali, and Erin offers a very well ordered interpretation of the fierce, loving, compassionate, and untamed wildness that is symbolized in her more gruesome depictions.

A tragic and disturbing incident was also mentioned in the conversation, our prayers go out to the victim of baby monitor hacking.

About Erin:

Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman is a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Ritualist, Goddess Scholar, Mother and Artist. Best known as the director of Active Culture Family, Erin walks a path of community stewardship and service to Gaia through her rolls as lead facilitator of the Medicine Mandala Green Magic Apprenticeship program, and as Priestess of Bridge Temple, a remote off-grid mystery school, healing sanctuary, culture farm, and library of earth magic located on sacred land in the Cleveland National Forest of San Diego, CA

Please visit her website at:

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin eligible events welcome to times for fun podcast episode number 133 I’m being joined by dear beloved Aaron Rivera married men who has been on the show before as yeah the country Oracle are we talked a lot about what we introducing principles of shock to Tantra and then I’m kind of she’s very gracious to give me some insights about my personal Destiny and she’s the one to go to for that kind of very deep personal township-based advice and inside so that’s a plug for for the work you’re doing and also doing amazing work as in the form of active culture family which is his multi-dimensional collectives that’s really ceiling and cleaning up biology and Physiology and sexuality and sister Sisterhood in all things being an herbal in which he and it’s been a pleasure to know about that into a x b pillar of support to the best of my ability and yeah I can’t say it enough words of adoration and respect as for what for who I believed to be one of the highest of high priestesses walking the Earth today and certainly the the one holding that the portals open to Divine Dimensions that we need to be connecting with and paying attention to and also connecting with with Elders so really yeah with all that said Aaron would you please tell us that in your own words a bit about your background where you came from how you became to how you came to be such a glorious human being thank you van I feel I make good choices with my parents they were imperfect humans as is the nature of Being Human and they had a lot of trauma but they also managed to pass on a lot of late into ancestral gifts for Earth Magic and healing and so in the process of becoming a mother and doing my own healing work and having those kind of transformative life experiences I was able to actually open some of the ancestral gifts that maybe hadn’t been opened yet or jeans that had been switched off with able to work with epigenetic plants and switch some of those genetic potential is back on and so the early half of my life was Cinemarks by trauma and I’m sure anybody that knew me then would never want to take advice from mean how very very depressed Doss punk teenager and made a lot of really bad art that I’m sure I’ll have to karmically answer for at some point just like a lot of very ego based in fear based art and also I was able to find my way to plant medicine on my way to herbal medicine to yoga to cranial sacral & osteopathic Bodywork just what I realize I was doing now is frantically searching for how to reset my nervous system from trauma and that a lot of those modalities are more about providing comfort and you have to go pretty deep into them to get to the what tools does this tradition or that tradition have for trauma healing but most Traditions do you have those tools so I just had to get clear about what was I was actually doing on my healing journey and it was searching for proof that it was possible to recover or hue that it wasn’t just like you come down to earth and if you get traumatized then you’re just kind of fucked and you just wait around to die and get reset through reverse really showed this point on a journey that I have those tools and that I believed deeply in them I know that they work and so life has gotten a lot more interesting and a lot more fun as I’m seeing many people deeply resetting them self and so I’m at these days I kind of, my works that I’m a re birth Doula and I actually have studied a little bit at one point I thought I would become a end-of-life chaplain a death Doula at one point I thought I would become a midwife and I found myself in this more energetic realm of helping people to reset their nervous system and then you know how to navigate to World of a newborn baby that perhaps looks like they’re 35 or looks like they’re 40 and has a house or has kids has responsibilities but really is a newborn baby inside with a blank slate and an opportunity for a fresh start helping those people navigate to have the life they really came here to live yeah well that’s beautiful thank you so much for taking us on a journey and does that bring a baby into focus with agriculture family as your platform for engaging in enrolling and activating initiating and all that good stuff you won’t talk about the the history or the history of that project and what it says where people help people can access it thanks for asking active culture family the phrase I just kind of channel that one day and in my mind it looks something like a cross Colours add if you remember that brand cross colors from the 80s that was like baggy primary colored hip hop gear but I just got obsessed with the idea that intestinal bacteria was the answer to everything and that you know having these colonies these really diverse colonies of beneficial culture was the answer and in intestinal Health they will say that you you don’t it’s actually not that beneficial to try to kill bad bacteria in your body and make your body into a war zone that never feels good only thing you need to do is mind the ratio so we’re supposed to have eight beneficial bacteria or eight components of beneficial culture 2 2 harmful bacteria and as long as the ratio is 822 then all is right with the world all is right with the body all is right with the gut and so this idea of wanting to I was more identified with the visual art that I was making at that time so they said you just wanted to bring together the artist to speak to some of the principles of of what constitutes healing culture and to create and proliferate and disseminate healing culture in a more effective way to make sure that there was always enough you know I think everyone agrees that there’s a lot of dysfunctional information and teachings passed around through what we’re calling culture but I actually don’t call things like television and movies and whatever culture Society somebody introduced that word so people pass around a lot of dysfunctional things so that’s our too bad bacteria you know but they’re so much and they have such a fishing machines for Distributing it so I just really want to Rally the people who felt like we need to get to work like pumping out more positive culture and that started out in the form of just inviting artist to collaborate on limited edition projects and time-bound collaborations because I feel that that’s the main thing missing from the culture is the teaching us how to relate to one another so I was really inviting people to have experiences of mixing second chakra energy with mixing creative identities and the communication required to do that in a way where everyone feels good about it in the end happy about who contributed what and who made money from what part and what’s mine and what’s yours so little did I know that that was all training wheels for where my own Journey was going and that and it really wasn’t about the art and the the products that we were making together it was really about that process that there was my own Mystery School in my own training in sacred relationship and communication tools Next Level communication tools so through the the winds and Gain send through the mishaps of active culture family and that the areas where I didn’t get it right or we didn’t get it right I really learned I think I was training myself how to relate from the depths and really how to move Sexual Energy in a in a way that is good cuz our creativity in our sexuality and our emotions that’s all the second chakra so it was like a safe refueling way to start to approach relationship and sexuality where I didn’t even actually know that that’s what I was doing I just like let’s just learn how it is make collaborative art and how to work together toward a common goal and that that does continue to be the case is light is just more around The Healing Arts now and so the collaborative art that we mostly make now is community ceremony and group healing search for where everybody is bringing their gifts for their contribution that they’ve really cultivated but then it’s being orchestrated in a intelligent Way by you know the goddess and the nature spirits around Our intention for healing something really specific so it’s active culture family has started off really as like I want a platform to offer and distribute like to the world but it’s really become my own Hermitage in a way where I’m learning what I need to learn to grow on my journey as a spirit medicine person inside the container of this brand really amazing and I love really most of all that you’re taking on the task of creating a turd distributed workload responsibility Authority Administration for a process that’s going to honour honor people and you as the sort of founder and co-founder are kind of hedging against the potential for being narcissistic cold or really empire-building sole sole proprietor benefiting Enterprise yeah I’ve seen you in action with you or your partner is in inhaling and it’s a really beautiful thing in a really beautiful model so I applaud that I’m really so people can go to active culture family.com and you’re also your social media Links of very very 22nd on those platforms as well yes typically yes I actually doing something really unique right now for myself is I’m taking a month off of social media I have never done that before I posted once a day for about 6 years and just you know going into that deep reset that I so believe in that I think is be the basis of regenerative culture is that we need deep total resets regularly and cyclically yeah but I’ll be back in three weeks with lots of fun free content the number is new single or co-parenting mother’s in my life who are at that critical time of Williamson County Stewardship wound care and so many mysterious modalities of best practices that are our way out of my wheelhouse and I realize that it’s my it’s my duty to have really put something down on the podcast that’s at least a general kind of best practices or checklist even just a short form of it that can expand into focusing on a more specific topic zooming in more later but at least having their via you know a a basic reference and so the two kind of main topics would be the natural Family Planning strategies that something that is sort of thing coming up for people who are in new relationships that want to see what their options are and and get some insight on that and then and then if we can if we can get you some of that then we can go into hopefully some really at least the the list of things to to to strictly avoid it cuz there’s so many things you can do right but just you know the list of things that you wrong that you could do wrong there critic or probably the most important to just sort of triage that the process of a little bit it four times sake but yeah is that sound good and if so we’ll start with the the natural Family Planning message yes Steven more specific question to a kazoo they’re all here in a large. I got to go out myself for my ignorance around this I’ve had a vasectomy for over 10 years so I I’m not a hundred percent exempt from this stuff I still have to be not to be responsible and careful and in certain ways but for most other people out there who are having male body than female body intercourse where fertility is is pretty much a given then there’s the number of options that kind of scale from most invasive and most kind of sun guaranteed being obviously sterilization through to dying or mastectomy and then less invasive and less permanent forms of physical devices installed into a female bodies at various locations at various side effects and time frames in the nurse chemical or hormonal implements and and then there’s a more behavioral approach which involves knowing a woman’s in a woman during her cycle and doing mucus testing and that whole elaborate process and also also herbal are morning after pills if you will that did this sort of the am I am I on the right path with the sort of breakdown is the scale of things I like to do just imagining that if in fact you have listeners who are interested in the subject that they probably have partial information and then they have opinions and so I like to kind of share where my opinion comes from what the basis of my opinion is so from the wise woman tradition as my first series of initiations as a green witch and the voice of the wise woman tradition is really gained her Authority through writing a very popular book possibly even in the 70s called wise woman herbal for the childbearing year Souza book that helped a lot of women have more empowered experience of pregnancy and birth through the green realm and so that is why people ask her questions about women’s health rotavirus study woman’s house with her and people would call into her hotline and they would ask questions about what’s the best form of birth control is important to understand the wise woman tradition in my opinion it’s green Tantra it’s a non-dual tradition of Earth Magic and what that means is that they don’t tell you what to do in a set of moralistic system that says this is the right thing to do in the right way to do it so one of the principles of the Wireman tradition is the six steps of healing and Sub-Zero is do nothing instead of 6 is have surgery so between those poles it basically a firm’s any option that you could possibly age but it’s also they are putting them in order in a sense of you recommending that if you have an issue or a health question or problem that you don’t go straight to step 6 Western medicine is basically straight to step 6 which is titled it’s not titled have surgery is still break and Enter so the idea there’s something wrong with my body will we’re going to break and Enter and we’re going to put something in there or take something out so people expect when they call her and they say what do what do what’s the most to Wise Women form of birth control they say they are hoping I think for some magical concoction of plants is she actually recommends birth control pills and the reason is because people ask what’s the most natural form of birth control as she says the most natural thing is having 17 children even one or two or three children knows that how much that starts to deteriorate the tone of your your pelvic floor and it takes time in between to get that tone so if you think about someone who had 17 children in a row which is very common basically you would have whoever had the most children in an indigenous Village would become the Midwife that was hacked Muhammad wife that if you think about that as a sovereign created woman who might have other contributions to make to the planet besides having children like myself that makes me ill it makes my skin crawl to imagine like coming to Earth and just being completely sidelined by serving the survival of the species and so her point is that it wasn’t until hormonal birth control that women could choose women could make a choice and you know I’m sure there’s plenty of indigenous cultures where that were super respectful but there’s also plenty there or very root chakra based and marriage was some kind of sanctioned rape process or perhaps it wasn’t in the beginning but it became a somewhere along the way they’re only by my grandmother’s time marriage just met hey we’re going to we’re going to give you to that dude and he can just have sex with you whenever he wants and you’ll just before this year so last year I basically you work as an independent consultant for small Brands and startups in big Brands and technology for rebranding their whole the whole strategies basically can I learn so much you know and then here I am doing the same exact thing that I was doing when I was a free spirit and her kissed living Barefoot traveling the world and so it’s really funny inside the Science Kid full circle where now I’m here making music and painting murals but now is so much more aligned and with more resources and energy directed in a way that is that is just more useful for everybody so I hope to continue learning and I feel very thankful to be in connection with the people that you know that I have been meeting the whole crypto art murals is for me away to you know as a writer at hard and as a writer as a trade putting out content in a written way is really useful but it doesn’t reach everybody if you don’t have internet and you don’t know how to read you’re not going to get this information and so painting a mural in a community where the art is available to everybody and you can just stand in front of it and be curious feel sad feel happy feel whatever it is and ignite your curiosity for your own research that is insanely powerful and I know that because I have cried in front of murals I have taken pictures in front of murals at that made me realize something about myself and that is one aspect right off the bat the massive big scale Arts that can that can provide a message for an entire community and then the other aspect is supporting these artists you know myself and then everybody else who I see struggling so much to do what they love and they’re so good at it and and discipline of wealth in the right hands is an opportunity for us to fill up every single block of the chain you note for the artist to paint if that’s what they want to do the visual artist want a fan or the r just want to make music or the artist who wants you to create experiences that are interactive and then for the people who are good at managing and just love discovering and helping and connecting to do just that and do not have to do all the other things and for the web developers to develop their websites and I see just amongst my own friends and connections here how much energy and time we’re wasting by not working together and so the more people I meet in the blockchain crypto or are crypto blockchain connection space the more I want to all of us to do our shows and commercials together because it makes no sense for everybody to be spending their energy resources in in building a website if you hate building a website you know like if you want to paint just paint and then we’ll find people to build a website for you and and I encountered a lot of people fear based in space who are all about competition and want to do their Niche and they don’t want anything to do with other brands and then I encourage I mean I’ve encountered so many more people on the collaborative side and that’s anarchapulco that’s where it what I felt that America begun what I felt like ripping psychedelic people were down to connect and they said yes to all the projects and let’s get on a phone call and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from if you want to help and it aligns let’s do it you know and that is really refreshing and I think that’s the the Psychedelic or open-minded or meditation more expensive way of looking at this movement awesome God do you want to talk more about just practicing meditation and what sort of how your your spiritual processes and if he tips you have for people who are coming into here wanting to participate in this technology space and an actually starting to you know they say the first time you start to have some actual games in your cryptocurrency portfolio than I can say from experience I just want to give my life to the movement because it’s changed my life so much and I want to just be a service but I’m not a coder and I’m not really I’m kind of a wannabe geek so imagine making this cultural Ambassador you know doing that like if we were talking about him in franchising people you have said yes to Justin tips about what it’s like to be adapting to this new that mean you’re providing a platform for people to express themselves in your finding people like me who you know I’m nobody in this world and at the same time I very I feel like I’m a very important piece of the puzzle and I haven’t always felt that way my own SoCal you wasn’t where it’s at and I you know I need the others and you need the others and so you already doing so much and I really appreciate you reaching out and wanting to give a voice to people like me who maybe you’re not on the you know I feel like I’m behind the scenes a lot and now you can’t necessarily reach out to to you know I don’t know bigger a larger what it’s called platforms and say Authority terribly I need to speak on this or be on a panel specifically and yet at the same time so many opportunities like this have presented themselves to me like being on humans of Bitcoin or the libertarian Radio free talk live or your show and so many others and so it’s it’s such a beautiful synchronous synchronicity how we all find each other and I’m being hard open to supporting each other and that’s what it’s all about so to me when people ask me what is a blockchain artist what makes you a crypto artist or what how can I get involved in this way if I don’t have any coding skills or if I don’t have any if I don’t feel like a nerd at hard or any or if I don’t have any connection the truth is that most of the people that are even curious about this movement or that believe in Freedom are already a part of this movement you know what I mean and it’s just lack of Education or lack of information and lack of system or container though it’s being created right now and so anything that you care about and if you respect freedom and the evolution of humankind through compassion and love that is blockchain with me and I know it sounds really extreme for some people but it’s really is I mean if your yoga teacher you can download and secure whatever wallet of your choice I love Edge they you know they just upgraded to their shape-shifting converting application which I didn’t have before and I just downloaded it and it’s my favorite wallets I always recommend that you use in a hot while they’re on your phone you can just download something like that in three seconds and all of a sudden your yoga teacher who takes crypto you know what I mean it in Seoul I’m in this is what I do at my my events like that we have the exist festival.com for South by Southwest and is not an official South by event is a disruptive one because even though I love songs by and I painted a giant mural for South by that’s going to be showing at the Expo Center for Austin Rodeo I love what they’re doing so many ways they’ve also turn down quite a few female speakers for the blockchain panel and I don’t know enough about what they’re doing and I’m sure there’s reasons why everybody dusted the things I do but I think it’s important to set up other events are outside of the you know of the gates of South by in the rules and so on so that’s what we do at our events you know we set up a men’s where where we can bring in a bunch of artists who have never heard of a crypto before or who are interested in it and teach him how to download a wallet and then make their sales are there vending whatever they’re running t-shirts and arts and whatever in crypto in there you got like that’s all it takes so when I get on an Uber or Lyft or Rideshare I asked them if they take crypto and they look at me like I’m crazy then I showed them how to download the wallet and then I took them in crypto and when I go to any any local shop or any restaurant I just automatically always ask do you take pepto and they just look at me confused and then they ask and then I tell them and so it’s just word of mouth and that’s it very small way in which and how we can educate each other just ask about it as if it’s part of your normal life because to me and to you it is you know and so the more people we have on the system to better that easier we’re all going to to evolve within this I don’t know if the answer is exactly the question who want to just be ya be a part of the movement and and adapt and actually alter reality one day at a time just with whatever means you have you know yeah that’s exciting is that you know I’ve had I’ve had a similar kind of weather journey of just wanting to onboard friends and just get people excited about it and really the best way to do it is just to get them started with some in just a few or I’m going to split the mule and give you your you know percentage of Crypt or whatever and and that just gets that gets the party started for for anybody and I see why you’re talking I was imagining they’re being a i y bet there’s got to be some art galleries in the world that just give what is QR codes on every piece so in case you don’t want to buy it you can just tip the artist while you’re there be a white of all the art that I’m so like thrilled to behold in my eyes when I go to an art gallery I would go in there with a budget to tip all the all the artist that I thought really blew my mind you know that’s a whole number and thank you for saying that because I seriously have been wanting to make a video on this for so long thank you for reminding me I want I want all the spray paint artist mural is due to get a QR code stencil and so many times that I’ve been moved by a mural and I yeah you can buy it and you can buy a piece by the artist I’m just freaking said man like $1 a hundred people $1 and then you go home and the artist girl out in the world like how insanely amazing about education if nobody told me that I could do better if I wasn’t a part of this movement I would not have either. So yes I think every Gallery should have a key or code next to their pieces for sure and hopefully work making it easier and easier to have these things be more accessible and just like you said you know split a meal and pay in in crypto just like you would do with venmo or PayPal is very easy and another thing that I think is important to mention is that at first when Bitcoin came out in the early adopters now that Bitcoin was more like a Welsh holding system and still now you know it’s people assume that that you have to have a lot of money to get into crypto but I love the people at and dash dash people talked about this a lot and then cash and Litecoin you don’t fast transaction this is a system that I believe in I’m so tired of using Banks and I’m so tired of using Fiat I don’t want it anymore so I don’t actually hold its on a crypto I’m not at a point where my Abundant Life reflects in my in my wallet but I do get to use crypto every day to do my everyday things and every time a little more and so even if you just want to download a wallet and put 10 bucks into either or 10 bucks into like going or Dash or whatever your favorite currency is just put it there and do nothing with it and check it again in a month and see what happens or just how about you don’t have something like $100 and whenever you go do something if they take crypto you can transfer that and just start really small it’s it’s such a mountain of information that I can be very overwhelming I sign up for a steaming a couple a couple weeks ago and I’ve heard about steemit for for those of you who don’t know it’s a platform like it has all these different channels you can blog writing you can put up videos it’s basically a decent realized turn off all the social media that we use today so right now if you comment on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram you don’t get paid for your value and reviewing people’s content but on steemit you basically get rewarded for being an active member of the community you get paid for voting for curating and you can receive a lot of steam power and crypto money basically for producing good content that is useful to people and it cannot be tamed innocence other than by the users and the population and so it’s a really amazing system in everyone’s use it for a long time but I was kind of intimidating by it finally I made an account into two and a half weeks to clear which is insane and and I’ve been getting super overwhelmed with learning how to use it and I just try to continue to watch one video day and do little things at a time and in no time I’ll be an expert you know that’s all it takes so just I hope that people don’t get over Round And if you’re curious just continue learning just a little bit at a time you don’t have to be an expert overnight exactly. I’m glad yes team is amazing and probably going to totally crush it on there just is it doing writing published his stuff it’s been specially in the crypto space is people that it’s amazing some of the mounts you can get off of that and it shows you how big data is really extracting so much value from users of platforms and it’s it’s it’s not going to be long before just because it’s free means that you just give them all your data and sign away the property rights and all that stuff is is going to be replaced by this micropayment ecosystems where people can support each other you know value in the content that they consume and and being really well well supported in and I think it’s going to do the asking to do a lot of amazing some of her friends yesterday we were talking about all them you know thousands of jobs disappearing as robots take over and Singularity and all the stuff and at some point in my life I was really concerned about this you know yet where are aliens off drivers truck drivers going to go when we have also if driving cars do you know all the stuff but the answer is blanching all these people will be doing things in blockchain I will be getting paid well for it and it’ll take less time and I mean from the Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Work Week on and everything. Having high developments off technology and be more efficient with our time does not mean that we is not does not need to be scary you know there’s a lot of stuff within fast Evolution that is that is concerning to me specially how fast were developing and growing and how our security initiatives are not all the party yet and I think we’re getting there so there’s a lot of concern of course but anyting however I don’t think that we all really grasp or we’re starting to now how how much we really don’t have to work 90 hours a week or whatever the ridiculous things we do you know that the whole point of this is that micro payments and micro contributions from everybody involved will react what time for us to to be humans to exist to just let me know this is such an interesting new development in the sort of f have that imprint of a techno dystopia since childhood from all the Sci-Fi and I watched it and then you know you imagine this world where humans are made up sleep by robotic technology and Ai and I’ve been pretty sure that those prospects especially now is drones of coming to the picture and now I really feel like it as of this moment this kind of is really the undeniable presence in the now of both of those dystopic seems coming coming nauseous to come to life but coming into existence but then as you’re saying which is actually so Redemptive for sheep the human soul is that like she was an example something might you might have some thoughts on as far as empowerment but it’s like the the sort of this myth of the scarcity of worthwhile productive labor that can be done with from picking up trash to planting trees to cleaning up toxic waste like through the blockchain micropayments and sort of micro temporary employment contracts that can really enfranchise all the homeless people to get a micro crypto payment without actually showing up and waiting in line to get in the welfare program or get into a you know some sort of job placement program you can just be like you know you show up on the there’s some spill like a whip there’s some kind of cleanup has to happen and people can just mop it and and have day labor crypto payments and there will really never be a gap between meaningful work and and fair pay and there’s plenty of wealth in the crypto world alone to finance stuff like that and even if you know whether it’s through a nonprofit system or through taxes done I mean I’m not going to endorse taxes in general but but you kind of know what I’m saying so how do you feel about that you feel like that’s the direction we’re going to go and there are so many projects that have mind-blowing for example the green miners are looking into mining basically with all green energy from turning trash into clean energy so that things like Bitcoin mining don’t have to take resources as we know them now and there are so many projects in the space for cleaning up the oceans and cleaning up the air and I’m bringing food to the right places and replanting trees and replenishing the soil I mean there if you think of any good initiatives going on in the world for every single one of them there is at least one crypto person who is trying to intercept and connect and there are some barriers you know like the the extreme hippies and I don’t mean that in any negative or positive connotation specifically just outside another word to use like the Crypt on earth and the cryptic Crypt of hippies and all these people like hippies like me back in the day when I when I was in Turkish hippie confused and all of this integrating technology and really scared of it I never imagined in my life that I would be here talking about technology I like but at the same time I see like you said you know how directly this has impacted my life I live a better life I can eat better food because I have my bills taken care of more often because I am connecting projects that feed my soul in that feed my pocket and and it’s just it’s just acknowledge he’s not going anywhere so yes hearing drones zooming around in the air concerns me especially there’s no privacy laws about this and I’m sure I am in plenty of videos just public random videos of people have of course all that is concerning to me but at the same time if I can get drones to massively plant trees and water them creating on cleaning water and stain of away and replenishing the Salt Lake of course I want that also so it’s a fine balance you knowing yeah there’s just there’s just so many opportunities and I’m a very hopeful first person you know and Technologies not going anywhere in the craziest disasters are going on in the world are very real and I’m very aware of my privilege and I’m honored for just being able to be a voice and a part of this movement in any way but if you are truly concerned if you’re a person sitting there and you are really really against technology my best advice to you is to get involved you know what I mean just get involved and make sure that our our moral compasses are still true and that our time is being used efficiently because while I think it’s piercing experiencing abundance is a really healing thing for our communities that happen monkey trained into scar City and fear so I think that having lavish parties in exotic places when they are led by the right Compass when we’re doing no trash Left Behind when we’re also feeding and in helping those communities those are beautiful experiences I think also it’s very easy to fall into the you know greedy egotistical side of things and so we can be people on the sidelines criticizing this movement or we can just Dive Dive Right In whichever way feels comfortable to you and try to help from within you know absolutely yeah amazing so do you want to take can you talk a bit about you know obviously not to be tokenizing but I was really thrilled to know that Amanda B Johnson is the spokes person for Dash and they have a sort of a in the dash consensus system they’re they’re holding their whole their whole technological platform on the basis of it there’s money allocated in there sitting there a crypto economic ecosystems to support people in in roles as delegates and Advocates and Educators and I’m I’m wondering if you have some thoughts on connecting with or have you connected with women in crypto and just having more solidarity and more initiatives that are women lead and women find it and having the the voice and the the wisdom of Sisterhood in the crypto space which is is seriously it’s I don’t know I wouldn’t say this that I understand to be hyper sexist or it’s just a typically gender imbalance in technology for various reasons of course and but this is one of the most inviting and open-minded for thinking space is so I’m just curious if you have thoughts understand that aspect I do and I just want to throw in really quickly that Dash is doing some incredible incredible things to use this new currency in the everyday lives of people and changing a lot I mean I spoke with Danny the other day from the Crypt of showing radio station and just some of the projects he shared with me that they’re doing going to orphanage orphanage is camping outside open and to defend that old homes and rebuilding after after earthquakes all of these weren’t the weather doing in Mexico and helping people from the US and for Mexico to send each other Dash instead of Fiat you know making it super useful super accessible for them and actually turning crypto into into resources are they need whether it’s a new fan for their ceiling or food or whatever and so they are doing a lot of work right on the ground and putting you know when ATMs in crypto ATM there just it is amazing to see this dystopian Society for good and bad is already here as completely I mean crypto is already being used in so many daily activities all the time so much more that we know and I know that documentaries are being created and they will be available to all of us soon and every time more but there is so much more happening than we even inside are aware of you know every time I talk with anybody is it blows my mind all the projects are going on in and that this is the Hood part of it is another one and there are all these telegram groups going around some of them are called crypto women badass women in blockchain you know he’s different name there’s this group on Facebook called crypto queens and I have found some amazing amazing humans are working with the UN and women investing in women and funding each other’s projects and the Miami Conference the North America Miami Conference Bitcoin conference I had this one person run up to me this woman and she said hi sister if you’re a woman here I pretty much want to connect with you and she added me to his telegram group and I stole that from her in the best possible way so every time I’m at any blockchain event I run up to the women and I said Hey sister if you’re a woman in the space I want to connect with you and it’s just so beautiful and so I may be 5 or 10 different groups that are all women in blockchain and art projects in blockchain it is it is really unbelievable I’m actually really excited for the South by Southwest there is a bunch of the crypto Queens are coming down we’ve been talking about doing a documentary about women in crypto and I just hope that I get to interview them 10 minutes with each one in super supportive so it’s been quite interesting and of course there is still competition with in here and there but for the most part I find that women are really supportive of each other I also have been working with swarm City and the storm funds quite a bit I meant Joel from Joel Dietz from swarm and we talked about a bunch our projects and all the stuff happening and you express a lot of interest in supporting both blockchain art projects and women equality so I know swarm is now sitting around the survey to try to make sure that there are as many women as men users and their platform that’s really exciting and also so many surveys about how they want the tokens to be used and so on are hungry to include the community that’s what’s Tim Meadows all about right and that’s what these events are all about so I think I think we’re doing pretty good so far and I see how much more collaboration is going to is going to start happening you know just from from these telegram groups and how excited everybody is and and also how cool is that that we have telegram instead all our messages so that the government can hover information are private conversations it’s just it’s amazing we weave I feel sad about the fact that Facebook and all these social media platform orny or Cuban connection you know I honestly have so many thoughts where I say I don’t care if Facebook knows all my information or if they own all my media I just want to be able to share photos of my friends in Argentina and this is the easiest form so how sad is it that we were okay with all of our privacy and information being exploited and people making money off of us just because we’re so starved for human connection so I’m really excited to be able to do the same things we’ve been doing and use the good parts of Technology like social media in a way that it also filled up our pockets and our Spirits you know that is music to my ears thank you so much I’m so glad that I I mean I just just the fact that your video came up right after cryptos news and we’re in this moment have his conversation this is all such beautiful music to my ears and yeah it’s been I mean in my field in the world of Tantra sacred sexuality sexual healing in just the I think the most important thing in my studies in my experience for healing a planet and really saving the Earth is really being instrumental and being conducive to two women Sisterhood and a healthy positive empowering way and actually creating more financial Independence so that women as mothers can have more freedom and power and actual means to make more independent decisions with their bodies with their with their you know how they how much even breastfeeding I mean the most people don’t know that it’s pretty much understood that about 5 years is a typical pre-industrial young length of time to be breastfeeding infants on demand and imagine the kind of infrastructure changes that have to happen for that to be possible in the modern world but if anything’s going to make it happen it’s going to be the fruit of the work that people like you were doing and that’s as you know might just sort of Public Service Announcement about you know a sort of futuristic crypto feminism you know that I said that I want to contribute to I want to see happen is this more and more working together and in collaboration So yeah thank you for helping with that and Centric energy and learning some teachings of something that it’s pretty recent to me maybe two years and there’s so much to learn and I found so much healing and in all of these intersections of psychedelics meditation 10 trick work and crypto and it’s it’s so bizarre and no way to talk about technology and evolution and money in the same line that we talked about psychedelics and in self-healing love and all of this to no life force of energy but it is all the same thing it’s it’s just growing us a more compassionate and accepting loving human race you know that’s what it’s all about and at the same time that I’m really excited about all of these blockchain as a vehicle for 4 change I am really concerned about Wi-Fi and radiation and you know of course all of these a chemtrail crazy stuff that we put ourselves through so I’m putting out the intention into calling for more people to get involved in to figure it out other ways to connect the other internet in a way that it’s not so destructive for us and so there’s not some natural solutions and then there’s simple things we can do like turning off wi-fi at night when you go to sleep and self-education on this on this topic but I would love to hear more like I said Solutions and privacy are are something that we are now noticing that we need to work on more at the same time that we develop all these amazing systems right we need to wear we’re kind of like it’s floating and all this magical ways and now we need to start creating the containers that will keep us a lines into our missions as well yeah absolutely absolutely awesome well yeah I’m getting about 2 or if you’ll just totally mind blown and totally satiated by learning all this stuff all this great stuff that you’re doing do you feel free now to take some time to promote your efforts and talk about we have coming up in the future will people can be looking out for and and yeah we’ll we’ll call it a good introduction to hopefully we can also keep in touch on going up next and that is the exist festival.com that it’s a beautiful project where we are just connecting more and more people doing similar events and hoping that we can continue to collaborate so if anybody’s interested in anything that we’re doing please reach out there’s room for you to be fully creative in your own way and like I said it’s not about competition the abundance is there and in so many ways so that is South by Southwest Austin and then we have token Fest in San Francisco I will be there as well and then we have an art party in the bay somewhere so all this information will be on social media that is at my new brakes on Twitter or breaks on Instagram and I wanted to mention. So I most recently connected with gel polish and he’s doing art for addicts and he has a lot of projects going on in that world so I’m really excited to get more involved in healing the process of healing ourselves through ART and handling addiction because I believe technology is also an addiction right so being able to create those containers again and also few initiatives for the cleaning up the oceans and ocean token and just so many good projects coming up so anyway that I can that I can help or help you connect with those who will get you to where you want to be the green miners we clean energy any of that please reach out to me I would love to help out cool thank you again so much now Newburgh city has been such a pleasure and yet again thank you for just allowing me to be impulsive and send a message out to you and get you on the show and to know also that your ear integrating some the tantric wisdom in and works into your life it’s so exciting and I agree this is all just one big Kundalini blockchain Bliss Bellini black seamless hashtag that will be in touch in the future and thank you again so much sounds good thank you so much have a beautiful night. Trent repent. Calm and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email said I turned your punk. Com Thomas gay

How to Have Sex Like a God TPP17


medibation-video-buttonIn this episode I read an essay I originally wrote several years ago to document my study of Francesca Gentile’s Sex, Tantra, and Kama Sutra Podcast. After listening to every episode I felt compelled to summarize the highlights of what I learned and create a simple introductory practical guide to spiritually conscious sexual union. I recently revised it for publication at the Good Men Project, and I’ve recorded a spoken word version here.

Permaculture Goddess Temples Vision TPP05


Gateway_to_the_Emerald_Kingdom_by_asageThis is an interview I did with Evolver Planet Radio a couple years back. It gives some personal as well as academic background on the permaculture goddess temples vision.



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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Calm and our journey together will begin welcome to the township Punk podcast episode number 5 this is an interview I did a couple years ago on a Volvo Planet radio talking about the concept of what it would take to build permaculture goddess temples and some of the anthropology and Eco feminists thinking behind it so hope you enjoy it take care bye Rolex I’d jump into the giant MIND Institute on what is the idea of the brain behind it where that stem from and where you guys at looking to do in 2012 well it goes back officially to the founding in 2005 myself and a fellow Eco Punk survivalist Gardener and eco-feminist Emily a different environments and she grew up in Southern California and we both ended up finding a new tribal family in the punk rock subculture and there is a lot of transformative energy and ecological Consciousness that eventually LED both of us to become tree sitters at the Northwest and we in the tri-states we we basically experienced the kind of Primal eco-energy and living in these kind of Ewok Villages and having to work out a lot of different issues among genders and luckily you know that the legacy of the Eugene area in the University of Oregon and all of the the post 60s do activists that had that kind of live in that region there is a lot of oysters and there was a lot of Consciousness and there was a really amazing symphysis eco-feminist Siri and politics and the practice of wilderness survival going on out in the easy walk Teresa Villages so we ended up crashing past their years later found each other again in Southern California where I moved in 2002 and started playing music and weary line in Southern California and wanted to bring a little bit of that conch City especially because he’s in Southern California are coming to my shows you know and they’re also playing in bands and so I was just in a lot of environmentally conscious use work reading music in a punk bands and we felt that it was important to facilitate their their good work some recognition for their parents in the school dropouts and not recognizing you know all of the contributions that they’re making artistically and you know Visionaries that I’m pretty glad you called sanity and community center Art Space Art Gallery preschool and kind of brought a lot of that stuff you know from the Northwest that we experience to into the inner city and had a community center space in Long Beach for about a year-and-a-half and then kind of depressed City pressure in zone violations worstest out of there and we’ve had several different to a project basis around Southern California since then right now we’re actually really trying to Anchor a vision in for 2012 for building a permaculture goddess temples with the we were both really be influenced by a documentary film call the goddess remembered and if not if it really goes into the history and a patriarchy and the prehistory of what riane Eisler in chalice and the blade refers to as partnership societies versus the later you know Dominator societies that we’re currently living in the in the legacy of so that’s really gave us directions as far as what kind of especially when it comes to sustainability and survival and food production we want to create sacred spaces that are functionally practically robe has been resilient you know on the material physical security just really having a more secure email exploring Ascend to the higher chakras Safeway where we have our physical security in our basic survival needs you know Food Water Energy security taking care of shelter as well the emerging that the goddess Temple archetype which goes back thousands of years like I think the oldest one the oldest is in malta and there’s tons of goddess figurines is Monumental architecture and stonework which actually in terms of transferring your ear message to the Future Stone Engravings are the longest and preserve medium so all the stuff the closest create really if you don’t like it into stone is not going to be part of the future so yeah 2012 potential for catastrophic Earth changes to happen will there’s kind of I don’t know I guess we’re thinking love of averages are probability that if we spring up enough permaculture goddess temples around the world that actually have you know perennial food system built-in will not just see the ruins of you know Stone cities that that have no fees goddess figurines which tells us the potential of using this is before permaculture even existed as a word but it’s definitely one of the one of the pillars of the inspiration for the potential of creating regenerative food production systems that actually are you plugged in you know the variables in a seven-layer you know Forest ecology system where you have all the different you know dynamics of the species working together so they provide their own hydration their own fertile fertilization and they received themselves so I just encourage people to have to look into permaculture and she understand the concept of the craving food forests that will pretty much perpetuate themselves and only after several you know months or years of intensive she couldn’t have her to get them once they established you know they will last for a long time and I really just kind of feel like whatever you know what answer is that you know this year if it is validated activity and modern ideas about what can happen you know around this time could be next year, who knows when but but the idea that you know it’s possible that the lights may go out on our modern civilization in at the information age may end that really compels me to try to spread the meme of permaculture goddess temples worldwide so that whatever happens you know deserts maybe oceans and valleys maybe Peaks and all of that kind of stuff but you know properly dispersed throughout the globe at least a few of them will last and and the whole book would be they will stand as symbols to 22 really promote all and reverence for the sacred feminine and I’ve been doing a lot of timeshare work recently there’s a couple of folks in town Reena Desai in Rota Jordan to do amazing work to help people connect with Earth energy into understand the power of of integrating goddess energy or divine feminine energy into our lives as males and females there’s an amazing healing effect of that of those practices and and I just cannot tell you how much through the work that I’ve done with them and I really think that yeah that’s the kind of guidance that I’m looking for in that there were looking for as far as I know getting the energy that we need to do this kind of work and have some counterbalancing on the imbalance of masculine energy which has been really corrupting and destroying life on Earth last five thousand years and I really both you know Emily and myself you know we had very similar Paths of encountering eco-feminist scholarship in our Career College experiences Anthropologie students there’s an essay by one of her professors Novotny very very short and concise way for people to learn about the egalitarians gather Hunter societies that for 99% of human history you know actively maintain a horizontal axis of power between genders and there was respect and reverence of all types of animistic spirits and and and and a real understanding of the life-giving and nurturing power of the of the female and that was you know obviously transposon to a cosmology of nature that where it where the female principle was honored and it was considered sacred and if you study how exactly that if you study how exactly that got perverted and destroyed you will really understand the importance of reclaiming the Monumental architecture because that’s what was destroyed in that was what was changed from you know the the the life-giving mother goddess to the warrior code of the the you know the Conquering lands and all that kind of stuff you know there’s there’s really a lot of people you know even radical people and spiritual I think don’t really get into as far as their study of the history of patriarchy and I I really don’t think without that understanding there’s going to be a way out of this or you know whatever system whatever name is call Reno feudalism to capitalism are symptoms of a deeper crisis which is that loss of the reverence of the feminine Divine that’s in legacies of Priestess classes in in just a passing down generation to generation the culture the coastal tools to be able to access that stuff I think you know for us today now you know getting into what what is probably one of the fastest tracks to understand that because if you can see what these people can do with the room of of willing and there’s an all we know people have you know maybe a misconception that it’s all about sexual work but it really it transcends that it’s about all areas of life and understanding you know our our ability to draw from both masculine and feminine energy and to really refine and cultivate and balance them internally within our relationships you know our intimate relationships and with their relationships with the and the way that we make a living in the world and all that kind of stuff so I think it’s just a lot of solutions a lot of things that were excited to work on and you know Emily’s is working on this this kind of creating this kind of goddess worshiping Sacred Space with permaculture the Northwest and I’m I’m always doing projects here and we have you know just various ways to plug in for anybody who’s interested and go to our website. Dash mine. Org and contact us if this is something that you’re interested in and contributing to at the physical energy or with any kind of other resources were always looking for help to interview what you have going on with the guy MIND Institute currently what is a permaculture goddess word for something that has like a two thousand-year-old or down by an archaeologist today don’t have no permaculture and what not but the real conscious you know design implementation of of permaculture regenerative Design Systems has not to my knowledge been done in in this in association with with goddess temples and I really think that I’m a few look at Amanda stages artwork she’s really pulling down that futuristic vision of reaffirming the divine feminine energy in the goddess and sculpting land the land and sculpting are human settlement design and RNR don’t work too actually to be conducive to permaculture you know regenerative design installation and Monumental architecture and that’s really why I love her stuff so much as it’s all there you know the artist in like Terence McKenna said it’s the responsibility of the to the tap into the sort of future slowest of energy and information coming in kind of feeding back get feeling back to us from the future in the artist of the ones who are tuned into that and able to see that and yes man credit for the antenna of the race yeah very cool actually yeah we just picked up some feed and must be all these solar flares today we’ve been having crazy feedback today at the station are all really as well let me see if I can yeah it is going to be at the urban permaculture house on Saturday February 4th from 1 to 3:30 p.m. I’m not looking at the the address in front of me right now definitely go to our website guy mind. Org for that and basically something that we’ve been working on with the guy MIND Institute for many years and it is I think one of the most important ways that we can Bridge the chasm some really dark times food shortages you know skyrocketing prices inflation economic collapse dollar store all that stuff you know there’s quite a bit of it that isn’t you know speculation or prediction requite a bit of like a crunch that people are feeling feeling now just financially there’s a lot of facts about sprouting the people I don’t think they’re aware of one being for example that buy sprouting grains and seeds and legumes before cooking them you’re actually increasing the bioavailable nutrients to 225 hundred times the vitamins and minerals divided availability of them I’ve experienced an amazing feat like super powers of clarity and energy and insight and and just physical robusticity that just from like you know the half a cup of that you are a cup or two of a Sprouts in sand some you can eat raw some you can you know you can you want to cook special are legumes but really and it’s dirt-cheap so you can get 25 bags for 50 pound bags inside of the seed stalks from you know if you want to go organic there are some options but I really recommend a place called Torn & Glasser for people in Los Angeles where you can get a bulk health food store for you know half the price you know half to two-thirds the price and you’re getting him in bulk quantities which will actually force you to to do what I think is appropriate language is to have a reserve of this stuff on site do you know what your house you don’t get 5 gallon buckets mylar bags and oxygen absorber packets and you can create you know food Security in an insurance policy for your own survival with sprout sprout seeds and Dandy’s kit with the buckets this is a big thing in the survivalist movement studying very very experienced I’m a culture and also with this server Consciousness Evolution movement which I find is is is very very healing and very empowering but often times it’s focused on higher chakra work and not as considerate as giving as much consideration to the nuts and bolts as physically surviving in the physical plane which is going to become harder and harder as we move forward from this point preparedness and I know it’s a more of destructive process where you have to fend for yourself we’re going to check out guy and dash mine. Org resources there it’s an awesome sight yeah. I just want to say bend that I I love what you’ve been saying that the whole time that I decide right loving and stuff like that is not going to do the water supplies and stuff like that when something to happen so you know preparing for the physical is just as important as preparing for the spiritual and I’ve always been a big player on that grounding yourself because we do have graduation day is coming in a bit definitely definitely I like the same tie up your horse before you pray that kind of says it all right thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me a podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Awaken the Kali Within Workshop

Awaken the Kali Within

KALI- The Goddess of self Empowerment, of time, change, death/rebirth, fierce rage, annihilator of evil forces, the redeemer of the universe as well as the benevolent mother goddess……

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
― Arundhati Roy, War Talk

The time to come into your authentic power as an individual with personal dreams and goals as well as your vision to change the world and live your deepest soul purpose to serve the universe, is not somewhere in the future, it is in the here and NOW.


It is time:

– to not just worship the idol, but become HER

– to stop complaining about whats going on in the world; to stop walking around the earth feeling so little, so limited, so disempowered and helpless when we have this dormant forces of raw limitless inner power in the form of Kali residing within each of us

– to stand up for your own being, for your own body, mind and soul that are being polluted, manipulated, abused and devoured by corrupt agencies of power as well as meeting the inner shadow

– to tap into that rage, that has been repressed into our unconscious, because that rage is going to be the key/the doorway to your Divine Infinite untamed inner power and wisdom!

-to stand up and scream and use the power of our voices to prevent our Mother earth from being further abused and polluted

Imagine every so-called ‘ordinary’ person walking the face of the earth becoming a true embodiment of KALI,

Can a handful of corrupt people continue to dominate these empowered embodiments of THE FIERCE GODDESS WITHIN?