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Flower Essences for Healing Sexual Trauma with Jane Innmon TPP67


In this episode I am blessed to be joined by Jane Innmon who shares all about healing sexual trauma with flower essences. I’m so grateful to learn about this all natural, down-to-earth healing modality.

Please connect with Jane via here website at: http://www.sweetwaterhealingarts.com

About Jane:
For over twenty five years I have been studying and working with Flower Essences and Vibrational healing and have been fascinated by how effective the Essences are.

Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow ~ has been one of my teachers since 2002. His teachings have helped me as I’ve guided the sweat lodges that were held at my home in Pennsylvania, as well as the lodge just completed at my new home in Tucson, Arizona.

My training also includes a year long bio-dynamic gardening Intensive at Chestnut Ridge NY and training for a year at Sound School in the Peace Chamber at Three Rivers Michigan, with Kay Ferry and Ruth Eichler.

Intuition and deep listening skills are honed by the Sun/Moon Dances I’ve attended since 2003 and the practice of meditation and Chanting in the newly created Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber. I’ve also had the privilege of attending a Ten Moon Initiation facilitated by Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming (2008) and advanced Diva Mentor Training (2010) as well as completing a Shʼti Mer Immersion with Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming in 2011. These experiences and trainings prepare and guide me as I work with women to gently reclaim their power.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 67 I am here talking with Jane Inman and we’re going to learn all about Flower Essences and how they can help with survivors of sexual trauma and Howard Huber’s can can work with that modalities so Jane if you would please tell us a bit about your background how you came to be in the field that you are now gosh I think that the first thing to say that I’m a Survivor as well of sexual abuse and so in my own pasta to reclaim myself I think it’s a good way to put. I looked at lots of different things lots of different spiritual has and I eventually got into it while I I’ve been looking at and working with flower essences for probably 30 years they always fascinated me the flower essences dead and at the potential for healing with them but I also looked at things like meditation lots of different spiritual bodies of work and then of course I think a lot of people who experienced that kind of trauma go through a lot of different things and sometimes it can end up in physical physical stuff to physical problems so it’s a whole wide-ranging body of work or you know what to look at in terms of your own healing especially when that’s what you’re trying to accomplish so vibration fascinates me and so I studied a lot of different things I studied and they don’t seem related in a lot of ways but they are I studied Rudolph Steiner’s work and biodynamic gardening I studied I did sound schools for a year I have a Native American teacher that teaches about sound in sound and vibration and and really how sound can heal and of course the flower essences and lots of other physical things to you no physical ways to heal so I think probably 10-15 years ago I guess I came up on my teacher Joseph right now is work and and as I said he he talks a lot about sound and vibration so I started really studying his teachings and doing the ceremonies which have been instrumental in my own healing so in 2010 we actually moved from the Philadelphia area to Tucson Arizona in order to build something called a piece Sound Chamber which comes from Joseph’s visions of these Chambers being places for people to chant for peace and our chamber in particular I think is a portal for healing they’re all portals all the chambers and there’s many chambers all over the world but I feel like ours particularly is I got the energy of healing and so we moved here in 2012 and we do lots of Ceremonies here that are really really transformational on many levels but in terms of the flower essences the way they work and you didn’t interrupt me at any time if you have a question or you want clarification about something but The Flower Essences are vibrational in nature as well and where do you have sexual abuse or any kind of abuse really disturbs you on many levels and I would say on the emotional mental and spiritual levels particularly and left alone or under unattended you know eventually those disturbances will move into the physical so the flower essences work vibrationally on those levels so each each flower essence has its own kind of signature or healing I guess you could call it as a healing signature if you would or if you want to think about it that way and when you combine them so so let’s back so I can say sometimes when you have abused some people don’t even remember it but it’s in the body right your body remembers in your cells remember and all this kind of things but your conscious mind might not remember so there’s Flower Essences that can help to bring some of that to the conscious mind because if you if you can’t bring it to the conscious mind and can’t really heal it so the flower essences might work that way and restoring restoring the sanctity of the process of your soul in a lot of ways because you’ve had huge violations that kind of abuse and assault Levelland on a spiritual level pretty fractured so the flower essences help with those kinds of issues and they bring a sense of ease and healing when when used well I I use them I usually put them together in combinations absences and I think about it kind of like a like a symphony or piece of music and each Essence works with the other Essences just form a pretty powerful formula that makes sense that imagery in them certainly that flows with the musical serve vibrational theme of it as well so if you were to have like a Astro x-ray glasses or say a third eye Clairvoyant sort of capacity how would you visually sorted describe the the mechanical process of what is it dissolving sort of like stuck or congested negative energy or or oh, the flower we can figure something in the in the astral body in some way like restoring it to its proper symmetry or proper sort of harmonious and times depending on their particular person it might I have in that scene was late at my I have been with the first go-round you know the first set of Essences because depending on the person and how much they remember how much they work through up until then do you know I mean is all kinds of factors involved the first set of Essences might bring it’s like peeling an onion in a way I guess you could think of it that way you might you might we might work with some of the issues that are up at that moment those absences can help to clear those things but then there might be other things that come up underneath of that so for instance couple a month or two ago I worked with a woman who has had really was quite distraught and I put it in s together for her she’s been taking for the last month or so and and recently we just booked an appointment because she said you know all those initial things that she talked about are presented with to me we’re better but now that those things kind of got healed underneath she’s seeing other things that are coming up so it’s a it’s a process healing is a process I mean and it died I would say that you know it’s entirely possible to reclaim your life after something like that and have and have a really good life and have a really fulfilled life but healing doesn’t happen I guess sometimes it does but you know it in my experience anyway it’s it’s a little bit by little bit so is there a kind of like a a scale or Continuum of the intensity of the formulas that you create so it’s kind of like you know as it does its work it gets you make it more potent or is it start out really potent and then taper down or is there any good and I try and give people a heads-up that it might you know be intense you know like I’ll give you an example I have a friend who’s a therapist and she works a lot with people women who have been sexually abused and I made three formulas for her that were you know it meant to be used in order so like you’re saying you know what I mean the first one was really potent than the next ones worked on different issues in the next one after that works on different issues so I was going through something this is couple years ago and I talked to my friend and she said she called The Essence the Roto-Rooter Athens but she’s like I think you need to take the Roto-Rooter license and I said well that’s an interesting thought so I did I started to take that acids and I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried because a lot of old grief is coming out for me and I think God for my husband he had to scrape me off the pavement a few times so it can be like that it can be really intense and then as things kind of resolved you know and maybe you need another Essence for other things that are coming up it could be it could be a little lighter I mean all of the Essences have both qualities if you will because it if you so the stuff might come up but in the essence itself there’s also the flip side the positive side of bringing that person into balance but when we’re going to that process it can be very very intense I always tell people that you know I mean and some people it doesn’t happen like that but it can be very very intense yeah yeah I’m in the in the field of love and healing as well and I feel like it’s really under sometimes it’s really under emphasize that to sort of on Earth or you dig up this material it can be really debilitating for a little while especially you know you may discover things about you maybe it’s kind of like forensics to because if you maybe knew that something might happen and then and then you have to go through like you said kind of purging and processing consciously through what happened I discover that someone that you never would have guessed is the culprit and so you’ve got to deal with that on top of that this really like I feel like it’s some point we’re going to have to get to a point where we’re like insurance companies or the laws allow for some leave of absence from duties at work and in what not this kind of really intense processing yes if you have do you have any recommendations for The Cannery integrating into one’s life after they kind of have to be opened up and then obviously gets you know you can encourage him and gets better over time or it should you know they should get some balance afterwards but what are you going to be in contact with the ground with the Earth than enough you’ve ever heard of our thing but I really believe that’s true biker thing that’s in order to even heal our bodies to sleep well and all that stuff that is the electromagnetic energy of the Earth planet so when you’re in cubicles are in offices or in cars are in front of screens all the time you know we lose contact with that so I would say if somebody is you know going through a really intense time like that at 8 I could be working with a good therapist and that being said there are good ones out there and it’s it’s tough to find a really good one the other thing I will tell people is to work with something called EMDR I don’t know if you know what that is EMDR is a and I don’t know them that detect what does initials mean but EMDR is is a rapid eye movement therapy so you work with a therapist and it’s a very simple technique where the therapist you use sit straight up in the circus is moving their hands like right to last for either left or right as you’re contacting some sort of really traumatic you know something that happened and my therapist explain to me is like a tree can start anywhere on the tree you’re always going to get to the root with EMDR so you can start with any kind of memory that you have and as the therapist is moving their hands back and forth your brain actually gets reprogrammed so you were talking about is there a way to come back to so-so what I think happens when we get abused is all kinds of things get all kinds of Connections in our brains get wired in the wrong way so for instance a lot of times women have been abused become promiscuous because you get the message that your only value for that lets say so when you doing I’m Dr and you working a good therapist they are contacting that emotional trauma but you’re also sing for me the experience was kind of like gears that were a little bit off clicked into place and an overtime you know it can really help to reprogram the brain so depending on what is going on with a person I would I would say you know trying to find a good PR practitioner is is a mirror is miraculous for PTSD and Trauma be outside do simple rituals and do simple ceremonies as much as you can you know maybe maybe maybe make an altar or you create a way for fruit for yourself to come back to Center as much as possible even while you’re going through something that’s really starting things up because you know really and truly we all have that connection to God right we all that’s my belief anyway we all that connection to God and week we can heal from this Josh right so we have to remember and remind ourselves you know in every way that we can he not go out and watch the sunrise or watch the sunset you know drum or rattle or chant you know chanting is is really powerful so there’s a lot of different ways and depending on the person I would make recommendations based on where they were. You know what I mean but those are some of the some of the things that I would suggest and if the person severely traumatized friends Denson hasn’t done any any work at all on recovering from that I would really strongly suggest working with a good therapist now that you know I would like it also work with them with flower essences and other things that I do but I think it’s invaluable to have a good therapist especially if they do an EMDR yes very all these modalities there seem to be very complimentary and and I’m wondering if you have sort of different variable advice for let’s say a person who is very much alone or very much maybe it’s that that wounding that has kept them from intimacy or from being able to receive and then so a person who’s processing this without you know it intimately free shipping and then versus people who are like steak couples or you don’t have access to to that to intimacy of various kinds like you you know it’s wonderful if you have a partner that can be there supportive you know as you’re going through that it’s very very hard for partners to deal with the aftermath of sexual abuse and Trauma because they may not have any clue what’s going on and so it in some instances that might even be detrimental you know if they’re not getting the support they need from their intimate partner so I don’t you know it if somebody really doesn’t have any kind of support system then I would be talking to them about getting one you know it just you you there are obviously support groups and things like that for people who have survived abuse and if they don’t have any intimate friends or friends that they can lean on as they’re going through something like that then I would probably recommend developing doing their best to develop but you’re talking are you talking about like when somebody really isolate it’s hard to that there’s so many different scenarios but there’s ample there’s like they’re just like best practices and considerations that I’ve kind of studied about if you are in a couple partnership you got to be really careful about not forget me not being projected on or projecting so that you cannot contaminate the the relationship and actually if you don’t process that and really you know what wise in conscious way you can end up with like a some of that that the stuff that was buried below the conscious mind that that didn’t really have a clearing yeah it’s it can be too can be pretty devastating when there’s not so there’s a level of training that that is supportive partner would have to go through it and then and then again you could be blessed with somebody who who is just there for you and able able to be present for it you know what I mean but that’s an individual case-by-case thing but in the terms of isolation like if you’re talkin about somebody who has really isolated themselves because of the abuse that’s where the Essences could really come in like you know cuz then you can and I don’t just throw people asking to abandon them I work with them in an ongoing way I work with them pretty intimately when we’re figuring out the first set of Essences and I’m available for follow-up and console you know if they’re going through something really intense but again the Essences could be instrumental in helping a person to come out of a really isolated space yeah this meetup.com exies get a good resource if anybody that is feel isolated to find you know Survivor support groups and also places in nature to go hiking and you know there’s lots of ways to he had to get out there and I like this approach you’re talking about so if I could ask you a bit about the actual process. What what do you do or deserve a person who produces the flower essences what is that process like there’s a lot of Essences that you can buy you know through people like flower essence Society or the bach station now but you can usually find Flower Essences in your house food store so they’re made by those by those companies and by those people but if you want to make your own as just like I would say the flower essence repertoire from the flower essence Society it’s a really good book it’s a really good reference and I think I think there might even be instructions on how to make Essences in in the beginning of that book but that that is a great book for like looking for instance fear let’s say you got a lot of here so you can go to the reception and really identify where that’s with at Sears all about and then you can look up the Essences so somebody could take that kind of book you’d have to have something like that in order to even work with Essences on your own but if you want to make your own absences you would take the flowers you go out in the early early morning when the sun first comes up you have to have a clean clear crystals better but if you don’t have Crystal a glass bowl that is unmarked it’s not got any kind of patterning on it and you would still that with spring water or well being a good good clear water distilled water is fine too and go out to where the flowers are and you might sit for a while with the flowers asking for permission to make the S’s so you want to sit in a respectful quiet way in a meditative space and ask for permission to make the essence then you want to handle the flower as little as possible which can be tricky there’s some some things that I’ve read you know have a little piece pair of silver scissors so that you can snip the flower with a little sour since I’ve never had those I just use my fingers but try to handle the flower as little as possible and you floated onto the Clearwater then you want to put it somewhere where it’s going to be in the direct sunlight and you said it out in the sun you so you still the whole surface of the ball with the flower and you set it out in the sun and you’re going to leave it out there for I don’t know anywhere from two to four hours and when you go back to collect the the actions you would done take the flowers off and that the water has now become infused with the vibration of that flower so then you take that water and you preserve it with brandy and that becomes your mother tincture and I’ll from there you can just use you know let’s say you wanted to make an Essence and he were putting a couple of different Essences together you use a bottle and you would just take I don’t know if 327 drops of the mother tincture into the the stock bottle and that becomes the medicine that you would give to somebody okay well there’s also wait for Woody or plants you know there’s a way to make Essences where you actually do them on them in a pot on the stove okay so boiling in boiling doesn’t destroy the and an NRA and also you could do you can do some in the Moonlight you know you know that you have a different flowers that bloom in the night do you know where any of those are well for instance here and where I live there’s night-blooming cereus that’s a that’s a cactus flower that only blooms at night but there’s other flowers and I can’t get them off the top of my head but that just Bloom at night so in that case you’d want to make it during the night yeah I’m too kind of I guess I guess if you were going to match him up to which one’s Boomin nights and then it wouldn’t really be comfortable but I’m wondering if just in general you’ve had two different different contrast of experiences from the the day of the day time ones in the night time ones are there with the Moonlight and and Essences that you making the Moonlight I mean I love the idea of it and I’m sure there’s a different energy you know I’m not that well versed in the in the Moonlight essences okay it’s so do you want to talk about some of you or your flowers of choice and and how your account for the formulas obviously anything that said you know your secret secret magic I wouldn’t ask you for anything that you’re you’re open to share and I’m curious if there’s any you know kind of concept or theory that you can apply if you’re just doing this you know I’m on the Fly you know me I send them kind of like an intake for an intake form asks lots of questions that seem probably to some people irrelevant I asked him to usually write it out by hand because for me it’s helpful for some others there’s a couple things that are helpful it’s helpful to see what they choose to say okay cuz it has questions about childhood or family of origin there’s questions about what kinds of things are doing currently there’s questions about you know maybe their work or their spiritual practices but then so I asked people to fill that out and then I usually look at that in a lot of detail and really into it that was it and feel into like if they use certain words over and over and over again I’ll pick those words out like they might say the in different parts of the intake that they feel ashamed where they feel you know what’s another way that you might feel if you were sexually abused ashamed fearful afraid of Crye-Leike kind of try to zero in on the primary as you can imagine there can be a lot going on so I try and pull out the things that seem to be the most prevalent in the most up for that person at that moment and it could be different of months from now so and then I work with those primary things that they’re identifying and then I start doing some research but sometimes people can’t I had somebody that just could not she kept trying to fill the form out and she just couldn’t get it together she just couldn’t get it together to write about it and so I just talked to her do you know I mean we did we did an email we talked for 45 minutes or however long about what was going on and I just took my own notes from there so it’s so but it’s helpful to me if people can write because they they have to really think about it and they have to really identify kind of what’s up for them so there are some remedies that I use a lot Missy if I can pull us you the mouth the Pink Monkey flower that’s a flat flower that grows in California pink monkeyflower I use a lot because pattern of imbalance is feelings of Shame guilt unworthiness fear of exposure and rejection hiding the essential cell from others and masking lens feelings and then the positive qualities are emotional openness and honesty and the courage to take emotional risks with others so that’s a remedy that I use a lot see what else is when I really love you see if I can find it. Is one of the if you’re heading like obsessive thoughts and your mind just is running like a like a squirrel in a cage that’s a great remedy for that so depending on what the person presenting with you know I might use that your basanta is one of my favorite one of my favorite favorite remedy is and that the pattern of inbound Stow is constricted feelings particularly in the chest internalized grief and Melancholy deeply repressed emotions well so your Vistana this is what year was sons of gradually restores the temple space of the heart they can’t more spacious and light-filled through this blessed flower that establishes is sanctuary freeing the human heart to experience the world with renewed emotional presents so there’s some that I that I end up going to a lot but it can be that can be and frequently is very very individual so you’re really give drawing from the intuitive and the the books in the research and your experience and so everyone’s a personalized case it’s pretty it’s pretty personal because you know it just depends I mean there are some Universal things I think that happened when when you’re dealing with abuse like feelings of Shame and you know and all that like isolation and all the things that you mentioned but depending depending on the person and you know it can it can also they can also have another issue that’s really up for them that comes from that so for me it’s always really personal I don’t I don’t like I said I have a couple of formulas that I developed for this friend of mine that works a lot with women who has been abused I have like a set of remedies that I developed for the chakra system so there’s a couple things like that that I have but mostly I work pretty much individually one-on-one with somebody to really see like what it is that they need okay so and then what are some of the different applications of the the estimate the flash so you you see if it seemed like maybe be nice to take a bath with some of these flowers that the recommended way to use them is to take you know for drops 4 times a day because her vibration on nature it’s not how many drops you take its how often you do it so you can also put them on the crown of your head like your crown chakra you can you can in fact bathing them what I would say about those things is that you might get a bigger reaction or result so it kind of depends what what what I tell people about those options and I tell them they can do those things but if they start to really have a huge reaction and there’s really struggling then I will tell I would tell them to back down to maybe taking it just twice a day so you you can can you can work with the intensity through how you use them or how often you take them all this is really I’m so excited because I feel like you know anyting natural natural holistic and close to the Earth and you know just hand processable if it’s a weird but you know anything that actually brings it you know these things close Earth obviously the farthest away from that would be pharmaceutical psychiatric drugs that and you know I’m not going to get out and get on a rant about it but like that’s I can sit at the be the farthest off course from being actually you know accessible and down-to-earth so I mean this is something that is pretty new to me hearing about learning about and I and I’m like I can’t wait to to be you know trying this and in and working with this so do you have training programs or do you haven’t mentorship or any kind of thing like that where people learn your really do anything like that but not in terms of the essences I might work with somebody or Mentor with somebody a little more around the things like this are Millennial aspects of what I do but I’m always up for conversation and I’m you know certainly willing to talk about this stuff I like I like talking about it and I’m working with people so I don’t have a formal program to do that but there are formal programs out there in terms of working with us has his phone the particular calling to kind of develop formulas for 4 person for your personal clients who have you’re dealing with abuse and you kind of yeah that sounds like it me or is that is that a well-developed like a subfield within the healing to go on friends and sunflowers and society’s web page they have they actually have lots of practitioners listed just like like if you put in if you Google EMDR you’ll go to their web page and they have therapists that have been trained in that jail so you can put your town in or where you live and find people that have trained in that sealed similarly with Essences you’re you’re going to be able to find practitioners that that maybe specialize in that you know I mean I obviously have a personal interest in how that helps people and I really love to help people that have suffered from that kind of abuse you know how to get better so if I could maybe ask you I think that’s a really good introduction to this subject and I’m going to definitely like I said I’m going to be looking into it and following up on the resources you shared and definitely stay in touch and something may be in a more political or sort of sort of philosophical level if I see a lot of work being done more and more you know and I’m a male Survivor I consider it coming out you know as it is a Survivor as special as a male it’s it’s it’s not quite as it is understood and supported yet and the fellowship and the sort of support for male survivors is not quite as far along yet but you know I feel like it’s I’m very hopeful to know that there is more dialogue about this issues and and certainly more access to two different you know complementary healing modalities I’m wondering if from your perspective as a Survivor and as a Healer how we how do we solve this problem and how do we eliminate it in his this is what you’re doing part of you know breaking the cycle and in helping to eventually hopefully Empower people to maybe confront their abusers and get them to be on a holistic path but they kind of shed whatever was possessing them to pretty well-known and that’s a big question that’s a big question and a big undertaking I don’t think we have any control over anybody but ourselves so sometimes part of the healing process could be to confront the abuser but you have to do it I would say that it would be important to be in a place where you have nice vacations is if you go into that kind of Confrontation wanting a certain outcome like you want that person to apologize you want them to say they’re sorry you want them to show remorse you could be really really disappointed in that maybe you got a lot of rage anger at people who didn’t protect you for instance so many facets to it I don’t know that there is a way he know and because look at the world it’s pretty crazy sometimes I think that the best thing we can do is work on our own healing so that we can bring ourselves out of cycle of that and that we don’t perpetuate it on anybody else and we can work towards like you’re doing you know towards understanding and as he say you know it’s I think boys are I don’t know what the statistics are you know it’s like one and three girls but it might be one and eight boys you know are abused and I think for men this shame and the silence around something like that is just horrific it is for women to but it’s much more talked about for women than it is for men you know you asked a question like what can we do you know and my best advice would be do everything in your power to heal because when you heal other people can heal to yeah there’s there’s some interesting I mean I’m I’m I’m very interested in finding the would say Survivor abusers who have somehow come to a level of Consciousness and insight to where they want to actually be a part of the holistic healing movement and I know I mean I’ve personally interacted with at least one man who was abused as a child by his father and then he was told us under into that those dark Tendencies and ended up perpetrating against a young child in his family and then was convicted and went to jail and did rehab of some kind which I don’t know what that entailed but he was released and then he became a advocate for survivors and and he really has a sincere desire to understand what happened to him and what possessed him later and how it was such a horrible you know confusing process to be to have the those compulsions and then so I think it’s you know there’s a lot of there’s a lot of purpose who were hopefully you know in in psychiatric prison is in her well locked away but then when you go to buy a house or rent a house and you look at the real estate Maps it’s like there’s registered sex offenders literally everywhere and the heinous crimes are sometimes listed on those websites was just like so I think I’m hoping that people will you know what happened suggestion in bringing you know what the least a compassionate the compassionate comes from healing yourself and understanding that you know if you can look into the inner child of all of everyone and you can know that every who is everyone struggling whatever side they’re on of it even the mother who is like going catatonic when the father takes advantage you know when she’s a he or she becomes the enabler and she becomes to the betrayer of the protection of the child and there’s that shame and guilt and processing has to happen so I think this is a you know hearing me when you were talking about this is this is the perversion of the Sexual Energy so the Sexual Energy gets kind of corrupted and perverted it’s probably I hate to say it but it’s probably been happening for eons but you know reclaiming the your own stop the power the beauty of your own sexuality in a healthy in a good way and it can be a lifelong process you know when he’s gone through a piece but those are things to work on and look at and reclaiming your own health and healing and like you’re doing have a mission about this and you’re working out in the world to alleviate some of the suffering that has happened so I think it depends on each person and what they’re really called to do I have a mission to and I do a lot of a lot of work with with ceremony and the acid is in many many other healing modalities that I felt pretty passionate about cuz it’s gotten it’s gotten me it’s if it has healed me to to you know as much as I am at this point my life m words are of any kind of you know I always I basically see myself as like a person just like everybody else and I think I’ve been to some really extraordinary things and in my class for my own healing I’ve explored so many so many things and I have done what I’ve done lots of writing about different things but it’s not ever been put into any kind of a book but I’ve got a letter that I put out and I think your website and how people get ahold of you and if you have any funny people can reach me by going to my website which is Sweetwater Healing Arts. Com so sweet with all one word Sweetwater Healing Hearts. Calm and my contact information my email I can sign up for my newsletter all that has dots on their the great somebody wants to reach me they can do it that way and I’m happy to talk to anybody that needs help I travel a lot for Ceremony you know the guy Travelodge to go to a different ceremonies at where to see my teacher or things like that but I I don’t I try to stay out of all I don’t know how to whistle sound but it’s like my Michael is to work on my connection with God and to get that connection as clear and unpolluted as a candy so I do I go down and his his chamber and I chant and I drawn and maybe I read some of Joseph’s box or whatever but that channel clear at because there’s so much information out in the world and so many people that have so many different opinions about things that I don’t know you know I have a tendency to stay away from her because you know what we have we have all the answers we need we just have to establish our connection to great spirit are cracked out on screen screenager behavior and it’s and it’s hard to find balance than in that in this reality with I applaud you for having that discernment and dash that we can in fact have our direct communication with with great spirit and and that that can guide us to wherever we need to be guided to to take our next steps towards healing so that’s why I always tell people you know do ceremony establish systems every single day because those things are going to are going to open that China Lobster that when you get that intuitive hit oh you know what I need to like you did right you listen to that interview I did with Lori and you like to talk to her intuition that that little voice inside of us can I see really evolve strong and and very clear and if we listen to it and take put one foot in front of the other cuz that’s what I did when I started doing this Joseph’s work and wanted to build this piece chamber you know I got that Vision in 2005 and it took until 2010 to move and 2012 to get the chamber built and we just built the dance over last year so it’s holding that Vision but it’s listening to that voice inside of me that kept saying okay this is what you need to be an asking what do I need to do next and similarly when we’re on our healing path what do I need to do next God I really want to heal what do I need to do next and then listen to State what what God has his tag because you will get answers that’s so you know my teacher says a true human is a listener is somebody who listens and I can be a pretty fast and powerful thing when you put it into practice all right and I really like you’re adding that to adequate or asking questions and listening for the answers in this is going to come say that’s the key yeah I’ve been surprised definitely in that process of the more I do it the more I realized I got to keep up with his I really appreciate everything all these practical tips that are still accessible and still organic you know and just really empowering so I feel I feel really great that we got to talk and I’m surprised it has gone by and do you have any final words you want to hear something that helps them along the way that’s that’s that would be my My Hope in My Wish awesome alright well I will be in touch soon definitely be Consulting with you cuz I want to get to and I working with this with this flower essence magic it sounds wonderful so you too bye bye thank you for listening to the Tantra Punk podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Thomas Day