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The Path of Sacred Sexuality Leadership with Erikaa Briones TPP189


Erikaa Briones PicIn this episode I’m joined by the exalted fellow sacred sexuality educator Erikaa Briones for an enlightening adventure of personal transformation and empowerment.  She shares deep personal accounts of overcoming trauma and transmuting pain into power.  Along the path of her hero’s journey she was blessed with great allies.  She received transmissions of spiritual wisdom and truths that helped to accelerate the rediscovering of her inner and ancient divine sexual priestess.  Her cinematic narrative is the stuff of best sellers.

She provides an overview of her qualifications, services, and offerings and provides a warm invitation to reach out to her for guidance and support no matter where a seeker is at in their journey. She’s developed a wide variety of gifts that serve the diverse needs and desires of her clients.

We discuss goddess archetypes, business development for sexual healers and educators, the intersection of traditional and modern methods of goddess worship and much more.

Please visit her online at:

Collective. Her mission is to spread stories of love and sexuality by collecting different views around the world starting with her Mexican heritage . She also aims to collaborate with other ethical and conscious brands like PMSbox. Erikaa’s passion is empowering heart-centered men looking to unlock sexual confidence at a level they never thought possible.

Erikaa has been featured on Kaleidoscope radio, and interviewed social media icons like Adina Rivers, Adam Roa, and Stef Stifanos. A few of her guest have over 200 million views on YouTube. Erika’s personal crucible story is of the “return of the joyful little girl” A typical story most women can relate too where they were victimized by incest. In Erikaa’s experience she was the joyful little girl til 1993 where the actual storm and metaphorical storm hit her life. That was the year she learned to become a woman. She was also put into a cult by a Freemason, and overcame severe trauma that affected her health and sexual confidence. In her late mid 20’s she was searching for an awakening. Little did she know Tantra, and BDSM lead her down the path of transformation. Now she motivates other to discover sexuality through a place of inspired-action and love. She is now living her dream life and healing others that they can also transform their crucible story into sexual liberation.

In the show we discuss:

  • occult sexual initiation and the conditioning she had to overcome
  • double life as a sex worker
  • dominatrix work in Beverly Hills
  • 1 in 3 live a sexual double life
  • the hero’s journey
  • how the character leaves the village, leaving the good girl for the family identity, then going on adventures
  • the discovery of bdsm, escort work, tantra initiation
  • going into the belly of the beast
  • fighting inner and outer battles
  • the experience of opening up and coming out the world about her path and mission
  • the path to becoming a sexuality coach
  • coaching men in sacred sexuality
  • how being yourself in the context of sexuality is pretty scary
  • you may not know who you are in the moment
  • your family might disown you
  • you may feel alone
  • starting out working in bad conditions in a dark hole in the wall
  • finding salvation at a local book store
  • finding friendship there
  • the Pretty Woman movie plot as a fantasy for many sex workers
  • the dream of being rescued by a white knight
  • owning slutness
  • finding a client who was a prominent actor
  • Cinderella meets the Prince, with a plot twist
  • her tantric initiation by a her client
  • discovering tantric prayer, sex magic, devotion to nature, mindfullness, meditation
  • feeling honored
  • her inspiration from a motivational seminar and her path to leadership
  • how we start out seeking a guru and eventually we become one
  • becoming her own guru
  • discovering yab yum and kundalini energy work
  • discovering breathwork and chanting
  • remember past lives, reawakening her inner ancient priestess
  • the power of the left eye
  • downloading info from your tantric lover to your hard drive, your soul drive
  • feeling that we’re all one, feeling union in the present moment
  • evolving past the archetype of the needy lover, seeking external validation through sex
  • growing into the mission to change the ancestor codes, change family patterns
  • the social purpose to end abuses, violence, etc.
  • the need to be congruent with what your speaking about
  • doing your own inner work
  • the role of journally
  • personal meditation practice
  • going to tantra festivals
  • not about being better, more about being different
  • becoming your own muse
  • doing your modality on yourself
  • overcoming the fear of speaking
  • fine tuning your messaging
  • coming from heart centered values
  • mature love, spirituality, how deep can we go down the rabbit hole
  • you must really do the inner work
  • recoding messages to your younger self and your future self
  • how to coach oneself
  • starting out on Facebook live, going from one viewer to 5, to a whole community
  • how can you help your clients more than just yourself
  • pop culture figures like Beyonce speak from the heart and turn people on
  • knowing your weaknesses and seeking help in those areas of your business
  • her 3 month sexual self mastery coaching container
  • positive feedback from her clients having lost weight, skin cleared, overcoming limitations
  • the king, warrior, and magician archetypes
  • discovering and developing your ideal future self
  • the importance of drawing upon ancient traditions of goddess worship to inform and empower modern goddess worship methods and practices
  • coming to know tantric goddesses such as Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Kali
  • embodying the essence and wisdom of goddesses at different points in your life journey
  • the more you awaken a woman’s imagination, the more her pussy will awaken
  • the experience of worshiping at a tantric temple in Venice
  • how men can worship archetypal goddesses with and through their beloveds
  • the role of prayer and self purification as prerequisites for worshiping ones beloveds
  • and more!

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin welcome to touch your Punk podcast episode number 189 I’m being joined by Erica Briones and she is a coach from the evolved masculine and founder of the sexy Soul Collective and she is got so much exciting stuff to tell us about today I’m really excited we met a while back now but we made it a really amazing event that was being facilitated and discussions about healing Sexual Healing sexual trauma and and different modalities that people are using two to really Empower themselves and each other and so that was sort of the context where I got to see and hear about some of her work and it’s very exciting the work she’s doing with men and helping to raise the Consciousness in that Arena and so we’re all about that here so I can’t wait to hear lots more about what you do Erica thank you for being on and please go take your time going in detail introducing yourself and telling us about to what makes all the beautiful and Magic happen thank you so much for inviting me I’m really excited I have been coaching sexual self-mastery practices and you’ve been part of the video series so it’s really amazing to connect the the body and video to your voice and really getting to know your philosophy and just really connect with what what lessons I can serve to your audience and I really believe that these lessons are to weaken our inner-spirit and really connect with our sexuality and embrace both the Shadow and the lights absolutely absolutely well thank you that is a blessing and honor to know I’m yeah definitely a giggly and curious I always feel that you know I was blushing I hear stuff like that cuz I you know sometimes put stuff out there that’s like a voice in the wilderness but then you know you hear back people that are having positive effects and whatnot so I appreciate that thank you and yeah I want to ask about your personal Journey where would you say this path began for you and your life this past weekend since I was a little girl so I always share the story and I feel like I’m at a point where I’m Shifting the intention of the story so I was initiated into sex through a Freemason who taught me how to be a woman and use different modalities from you know putting me in a white rest in a call call the Rainbow girls and he is some black magic sand pendulum some hypnosis and down the line I feared sucks I sawed sex is dangerous and deadly he told me if you tell anyone you will be a prostitute or you will be living in the dumpster so I started taking that on and kind of becoming the archetype that he created where I was jostle I was shutdown I was naive I did not speak my truth and I was not happy and that story followed me till even after college I got into the movie the secretary the secretary is the film about this woman who is a cutter and eventually she becomes a secretary and transmits her pain from cutting to being spanked and being a submissive in a BDSM contacts so that story got me into BDSM and I moved to Beverly Hills and I became of dominatrix except I was living a double life telling people I was a secretary and I believe that one in three people are living a double life and as the story continues you know my hero’s journey and I’d call this the hero’s journey because every hero’s journey according to Joseph Campbell’s work you know the character leaves the village right the character leaves the village and for me it was leaving my identity of being the good girl you know being everything I can for the family and then the next part of the movie is the part where the character you know goes on an adventure and for me that was discovering BDSM and getting into Tantra doing escort type work and coaching men and you know I’ve been looking and looking and looking for these guys or this a weakening and when they discovered going into the belly of the Beast so there’s another part 2 movie where according to the hero’s journey there is the rebirth part where the character finally go through the battle scene they’re doing everything to do the inner work because there’s two stories and every film there’s an inner story and there is an otter story the inner story of the interest the inner script is who am I am I good enough am I sexy enough I buy dressing sexy and really confronting our our ego so we’re really battling the in Rico and then there’s the outer seen that the outer movie which is like the actual physical components that relates to it for me that was starting to share on Facebook hey guys I’m coming out to the world and this is what I’ve done and sharing with my friends publicly and I’ve always been envious of gay men for you know opening up and I will say that it is a scary thing so that’s a minor movie was the belly of the Beast and eventually one side overcame the threshold then the next part is coaching and you know now it’s like hey I’m making this my lifestyle I’m traveling the world it just came back from was on this beautiful island for like a week and you know been featured on podcast now I’m on iHeartRadio and coaching like some amazing Man comic book writers lawyers doctors not doctors lawyers police officers you know screenwriters and being able to be me and being yourself and the context of sexuality is it spring spray because you get to leave the village and yeah there will be times when your family may disown you there may be times where you may not know who you are in that moment but if I can share this to that person who needs to hear it and they’re in their car crying like who am I like what am I supposed to do you’re not alone because I’m talking to the woman who was me back in 2013 1314 where I was at Barnes and Nobles and I just left the I was actually doing happy endings in La is like the dark like hole in the wall and it was like this office and just smell like cinnamon and my church was Barnes and Nobles actually in and go to Barnes and Nobles and I’m praying and like I need to talk to someone there was only one person and he ended up always yelling at me if I was like awesome you yelling at me this is so cool and he was the only person I talk to at the time but if this reaches that one person who needs to hear it may be there at Barnes and Nobles or maybe they’re sitting at home crying thinking like maybe I’m alone no you’re not alone so that’s a story for that person and that’s why I do it well that was an intense right and I also many of these these archetypes are coming to play for me and I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about just the other the value of understanding these these storylines Anis archetypes for personal development and sounds like you have really gone to hell and back and have a lot of fun experience and the end I can hear it in your voice that you you come from a lesson power place to a much more Empower place and I’m curious if you could talk about was there a specific Catalyst for you that got you to rise into creating a brand and doing kind of getting into a leadership role and speaking out was there was there like a a if that was a scene in that in that that script you know if you will was there a certain kind of pivotal aha moment or wake up call or something where you had enough and you just shifted dramatically or was it more gradual I’m just curious if maybe still stuck you know it’s watching Pretty Woman and thinking maybe I’ll be saved by the white Knights and I’ll be doing these like I’ll be like this sexy escort sacred sexuality prostitute or you know like I’ve never said that before but by the time I was just I didn’t know who I was and I thought I was just you know us a slide and now I own my spot for me it was when I didn’t mean to like the wine and I’m still single I met a client who I was actually a very public figure actor Golden Globe winner and I can’t really say his name due to confidentiality reasons but it was that moment when Cinderella meets the Prince dancing and then she has to go but there’s a Twist to my stories like the clutch with the plot twist wasn’t hey he finds a shoe and then we you know when we get married and like everything is awesome like don’t we wish that we are always happy at the end no for me was like oh my God I had this amazing Tantra experience I fell in love with Tantra because of him we were in this amazing bubble of safety really talking about agreements boundaries desires I help my boundaries despite who his name was and I said this is who I am and you have to meet me here and he completely respected every boundary he made me feel intelligent he did not make me feel like a the sexual person he made me feel like I was honored by my mind set my my Heritage and my spirit and I was able to learn about his culture and I thought wow this is a very intellectual King archetype this is the type of archetype that girl’s dream of meeting right the new going to a red carpet or meeting someone who has a name but for me it was him marrying the woman that I am supposed to rise in to write this is the scene that every woman wants to get into that that makeover story that how I lost weight and now I’m here and now I’m you know traveling the world like we all want to live that life for me it was not as easy as I am at this amazing guy I this happened next which the next thing that happened was I went to a tailopez seminar and I’m laughing because like I don’t resonate with his work as much as I used to back then but that’s gross right like you grow from one thing and it pivots you to the next Mentor I didn’t give it to to the next mentor and we’re all looking at that that grew at the top of the mountain but eventually we become That Grew at the top of the mountain and eventually we start to continue our journey to other lessons so he basically does pivoted me to get my lesson of I can be my own brand I can also teach what my teachers teach to others so it was it was a it was kind of the Cinderella story needs Like A Knight’s Tale type story where you know they just like conquer the the dragon and they they make it and they win their victory for me that victory was firing a client who was actually actually my client she was a stripper she found me on Yelp and apparently I was just teaching her what I learn and she says oh my God you’re so amazing you’re changing my life meditating now I am leaving this work I am so much happier because of that and I thought that was the best the best gift I’ve ever received his hearing someone say you changed my life like no one can ever take that away as when someone says like you made my life better you make me have a reason to live and it’s all about validation is about you really want people to succeed as you really want people to feel like overcome their challenges and struggles question cuz what what a ride that was taped to hear about my imagination is is spinning and all this is I hope you are writing a manuscript right now if you haven’t already published your memory so you know however whenever you feel comfortable doing that it sounds very Redemptive and very a very amazing so that’s so if I understand correctly one of your as as a as an escort you were sort of them at a lower point you are not as thrilled about what you’re doing but you were able to through just perseverance get to that that sort of the point of of great Fortune where you were not just meeting the the shadow Prince Cena or the knight in shining armor but actually a man who is skilled in Tantra which is rare and then he was able to sort of do a tundra makeover on you while giving you full dignity and full empowerment to take ownership of the process and not being whatever made into a trophy arm candy kind of a whatever you know that that you because there are people who certainly would just be content just oh yeah look I made it to the dino to the big time but I’m still being demeaned or I’m still there still a sort of them a lack of growth happening but you have like sort of The Best of Both Worlds you got you did have that that man come in so could you if I if I’m if I’m understanding correctly could you talk a little bit more about the sort of without disclosing anything confidential course I’m super curious how Tantra is is sort of this functioning in in the minds of men in in in those Realms of society and in how they how they practice it and what they’re you know they’re their way of approaching the the Siddharth and Sciences if you could talk a little bit more about that like what was your first did you do you have your man have a Kundalini Awakening or what was the this week as I’m the gym and nut chapter back to that time where I can actually remember the yab-yum so before I got into the yab-yum I said hey this is my boundaries is my desires I mean it I had a desire to kiss them and they just want to be like straight up and we all and say like hey I also have feelings except there was an Integris that I said hey this is the ground rules except if you do have a request please let me know to see if I am open to doing that so that was something that taught me about humility so before we go into yab-yum we do this meditation that was actually inspired by Deepak Chopra we talked about water and the Alchemy of water in a meditation was incredibly catharsis and it was about really connecting to humanity like how can we connect with our sexuality to raise the vibration here in the planet for the environment for the animals and it sounds It is Well except I love what that can do for the environment you know being more aware of how you are mindful of plastic or you’re mindful of how you throw away your trash so we start to do this this very simple meditation that we bring her hands and center and we start to like slowly move that that energy and water is a sacral energy right like sex sexual energy is like that water energy that’s like moving up the spine of the heart do the throat and then up the crown and finally to the heavens so we start with that and then after that we just start doing we going to Yad diamandis we’re doing a lot of rest and breathing and chanting and somehow we just get into the Transcendence of like magic where I start to like remember password I have some Druid priestesses and it was really interesting because there was something in his energy that brought up a memory of a past life you know as if I was he was there to teach me about my Priestess years because the thing is with the with the left eye and this is something I’ve learned from another country guys the last died in Tantra brings in a lot of ancient wisdom and everyone has their own wisdom right everyone listens or their own contact their own you know their own subscriptions are on magazines are on newspapers like everyone has their own wisdom and die with them gets passed on to you energetically whether you know it or not on a soul level that person is transferring energetic memories into your hard drive into your soul Drive and so once you start to get that download then you start to understand like who you are like and we’re all one we’re all aligned and. Switch Hunter teaches is expansion to liberate expanding Consciousness by liberating but the past and future to be in Union to be in the present moment and when I was doing that that ceremony that’s when I started to really get Tantra and it was really connecting to his inner child to his past lives to his pain to his his dreams and I also was also feeling that that sense of inspiration that raw awareness that lit up my inner archetype this inner archetype that went from the weakling lover so the weekly in the lover archetype you know the shadow aspect of it is the weakling or the needy child like I want more I want this you know what I like I’m not good enough I’m not Central enough like so I need to start you know getting validation through sex for me it was like okay I started to come from that point in my journey except once I started being aware I said oh no my next step is to change the change the ancestor codes change the the way that my mother spoke to me and share this new medicine this new codes to my sister’s to my brothers are the people that need to hear this because they’re still domestic violence there still sexual abuse there still slavery there so sex trafficking and it’s not going to stop until more more voice is like like a collection of voices start speaking this truth cinematic everything you’re describing and you’re so beautiful I’m so glad that there was a connection with it the meditation bring into elements and seeing I’ve had experiences with train very highly trained meditators who do this I gave open eye meditation eye gazing kind of Pooja where it’s pretty much guarantee that sort of like a parlor trick but it’s real and they will get you know you could go around and rotate within a room and then the train meditator is is able to pierce you basically energetically very gently but basically first you go through these clouds of different colors in Mondelez and then boom you’re seeing into their past lives like snapshots of their past lives and then you’re sort of morphing and melting into so it’s this very the Continuum of both of past lives it’s it’s very palpable when you get into these these very intentional state so I’m glad you brought that up and and that’s certainly one of the more mystical mystical properties in and certainly this year released you really making a great case for why people should embrace this is spiritual technology of Tantra because if it does help you is very explicit how it’s helping you help you understand your your higher self and your higher purposes into not. You’re not to not take shit from life or even from yourself for what you think of yourself and that’s what I like that’s what I like to what’s the weather going to Skype with So yeah thank you for sharing all that and it’s really it’s really beautiful and and humbling and something that we were talking about downloading to the to the the the hard drive of of the Soul you know actually I could almost heard you say heart heart Drive which will give you a good one too I think that they will fit to so yeah I guess if we can I get fast forward a bit from that was your sort of tantric initiation Awakening and so you from from that moment you’ve really started to build this Maven type career out of sharing this wisdom and in switching people on to this this level of Consciousness do you want to talk a bit about what the on the more professional sort of more back to the physical plane part of it what is it what has it look like for you to establish a Brandon and get your all of your ducks in a row so to speak on on that the physical playing notes of Business Development people think marketing brand is what people say when you leave the room so it really comes down to thalia’s like before you know using canva.com before using Graphics logos Flyers like SoundCloud what you doing it all comes down to making sure that you are in alignment like in line with what you are preaching you have to be congruent so if you’re speaking about you know you’re the sex goddess are you doing this type of work on yourself are you doing the inner work are you journaling are you meditating are you you know going to Tantra festivals are you having deep conversations with people yes okay then the next step is like what makes you different it’s not about being better it’s about what makes you different how are you saying things that are different for me I like pop culture okay so I like films I like media and something that has helped me is a passion test this is like something you like one of my psychics basically before I got before we get into The Branding answer I I told you I was like I really want to see if I can meet my muse and she says well first of all you’re going to be you’re going to be amazed yourself you’re going to be speaking to so many people you know you’re going to be talking and I said oh no that’s just not going to happen I’m not going to public speak I’m not going to talk and before you know it I feel that go to seminars I do my own modality on myself and then it happens and then the next piece is like once you overcome your fear of speaking then the next piece is really fine-tune your messaging so right now I don’t have a script for you I’m literally just coming from values coming from my heart what are my values integrity mature love spirituality really getting into a waking consciousness how deep can we go to the rabbit hole right like if you think about people like Alan Watts or wrong. They do to her marketing are you been laying the the teachers before it’s like ascending Masters they just literally spoke a truth spoke it was spoken word and people said oh my God I really like what this guy is saying I’m just I’m like feeling so energized by the message I’m getting high off of that message right that’s that’s branding and it but before you get to that you must really go into the inner work whether whether you’re listening to ROM Dass on their way home or you’re listening to all and you’re having a cry for me it was talking to myself like recording messages to my my younger self For My Future Self and then listening to it over over and seeing hey how can I how can I overcome some of my limiting beliefs how can I coach myself how can I actually coach myself so once you get into that then then then you can think about like you know branding weather doing like getting on Facebook Facebook live and for me once I started that like I started doing Facebook live talk to one person from Australia and then became 5 and then I’ll have like my own like community and that takes time like it’s building relationships making sure that your relationships it’s coming from hard how can you help them more than yourself how can you be up service how can you how can you mirror them in a way that they get their the last in a lot faster it’s like you know every artist has their own way of doing things like when you look at Beyonce she sings from her heart she has her own politics and her own philosophy with matter is she empowering People Are People feeling Unleashed are people playing the music and they’re like oh my God I want I feel so turned on by this right like that’s the type of branding that you really does come down to the soul the soul is like about the values and professionally you know like yeah you can do I can I can definitely tell your audience like what to do is besides like getting to the soul of the matter the next piece is like making sure when you write have an editor like have someone edit your stuff in your writing make sure your grammar is on point I something that I know is my point is grammar communicating in a way that it lands for people like making sure you understand public speaking I-44 one have never taken a public speaking class except I know that it’s super super critical to make sure that you have an attention-getter that you know how to really like know how to write know how to speak know how to like really get a person to that to feel that the message cuz that’s what we want is to really push the pivot the person to empowerment inspiration to feel sexually aware my my heart drives is catching up to a lot of that to this is it sounds like you’re really you’re really positioning yourself to be as significant with the spiritual and personal development and sexual development relieved to be I mean they say they say Destin Garrick is the is the Tony Robbins of Tantra will maybe it to me I’m hearing that you you you seem to me like the female Tony Robbins of Tantra and I appreciate that because yeah sometimes people have door to woo woo or two business and I like the way that you’re talking about really this is fundamentals this to me it sounds like if you were talking to it as an athlete and in people ask what their secret is it and they said you know I do the fundamentals thousand times to know and that’s why I’m the best sport or that’s how I’m different if it’s not about being better so I think this is really good stuff this is really good empowering material for people who are who are out there now trying to to make develop themselves and then also have an offering so maybe it’s probably a good time now to talk about more in detail what it is that you offer what are some of the programs and packages and you know you don’t have to go into specifics if you don’t want to but just going to really what anyone listen to this would be signing up for if they join your newsletter or join your live stream or did private sessions or or group Retreats or or what not just get into the offering so we great yeah well first your audience gets free meditations on Soundcloud I offer a lot of content already there’s a I have my YouTube channel Attica Brianna’s official and I haven’t been developing much content and that’s going to change soon again I’m doing these amazing amazing meditations and that the other thing that I’m offering is the Freak podcast so if your community has some BDSM lovers out there then I have the the podcast project lock is on Soundcloud and basically I’ve interviewed a lot of experts can collagist sexologist there’s also a discount or free code so if anyone’s into BDSM and you’re free code is sexy soul and you get House of a success and it’s a luxurious leather company with a bucket of design and elements that’s very stimulating to the eye and it’s really great on the table has the cops if so awesome I love it. It’s amazing amazing Exquisite like top of the line design that your followers can have and ask for coaching I do have a three-month container for the sexual self Mastery course or do I have to stay like you’re part of that the whole video series so if you want to watch Ben Daniels naked and beautiful doing his Mastery you’ll learn how to kind of become this amazing sexual master and really know what that means for you how to really get into your body how to really be present how to really be an amazing lover so that’s one of my favorite courses I love it so much I’ve had clients that have said that they lost way their skin clear their sex Got a Way deeper than before and again that’s the sexual self Mastery course and of course my other favorite course is the evolved masculine path course to really get into your archetype based on king warrior magician so we get to play the game of really getting into you playing your your archetype so as a little kid if you remember having an imaginary friend do you remember having an imaginary friend well when you have friends but that’s another story and then as as an adult this is pretty much sure your archetype which is not not an imaginary friend it’s a completely different thing that really pivots you into the direction of your path whether you want to be an amazing comic book writer are you you have this Vision to be the best at what so I can I get you there so that’s what I do is if it’s a three-month container and I’m like so excited and if you want to connect with me just go to edika be honest I’ll come that is e r i k a k as in kinky a b r i o n e s.com awesome that was a great story audio brochure that you just shared and I would say this is something yeah we got about a good 20 minutes or so left so depending on how is she holding up as we get close to an hour but I would say it’s kind of open it if you’re willing if you’re okay to have me open it up to a little bit of of dialogue here what I’m very curious about is the how goddess worship from a tantric perspective differs from an and maybe in forms or is is that the the interplay between the standard sort of Orthodox femdom goddess mistress archetype and then the sort of more more ancient tantric goddess as as Divine deity Giver of blessings shamanic healer Mother’s Day of the universe and all that kind of stuff I’m curious if you what in your what would be some of your words about how and you’re mine and your heart and soul and all your chakras how you how you transmute and how you play with with these different archetypes cuz they are they are at the top of the Pyramid of all creation and everything is one but in the differentiated forms that we live in now there’s certainly some I was just calling diversity then how people approach goddess worship so I’m curious what you would what you would say from your experience of integrating those archetypes of the goddess it’s a really good question so for me the goddess archetype goddess worship really comes down to really knowing the goddesses so for me and Tantra I learned about Lakshmi kolli set of swathi Lakshmi is this beautiful goddess no bathing water and a lot of these essential goddess Venus goddess were just like you know last week was Valentine’s Day so this is like perfect timing so Venus was sensual and all of her glory in a lot of these goddesses there’s this one Goddess that I remember she like this empowered bitch goddess but all of them have a theme of like in pictures and portraits in art and literature you see them like emerging from water right so having them celebrating them in water so for me goddess worship should always start in water right I think about it when you heard like taking a shower don’t you get your best ideas and water like when you’re taking a shower like oh my God I have such a great idea or I’m taking a shower well that water is nourishing you that water is a listening all of your all of your ideas having babies some babies when mothers have a paper the baby they do it in water ceremony it’s right like so it’s like a way more easy for the for the pelvic and massaging the the pelvis in water so for me like Lakshmi represents that goddess archetype of Love sensuality play also she frames the way that she frames it is I own my sensuality I know that I’m a goddess I am this powerful amazing person I am receiving I don’t need you to go to your platform I don’t need to rise to anyone if anything she has a really strong connection to God to source to her ascending Masters you know she celebrates dancing she celebrates through playing your sensuality but she really tunes into the higher majesties the higher mystery and then there’s that a sweat bee that is swappi is the goddess of creativity and she’s all about like getting into wisdom you know like sulfur to really anchor into the goddess worship you must really anchor her into her intellect to her Psychic Eye to what is she curious about understanding in terms of spirituality like what is it like you have to listen to Alan Watts do you have to like ask her questions about her childhood talk about lucid dreaming the more you activate Her Imagination her her pussy willow weekend it’s been awhile since I’ve chanting mantras but it when I was working in the tundra temple in Venice actually California surrounded by this beautiful Lush bed with peacocks all around amethyst crystals you know having sunlight opening up I was already in my Lakshmi but for me when I was in my set of Swampy my positioning was the study version of me right the studying version getting into my creativity journaling talking about manifesting my dreams and then the other the other goddess is Kali Kali Ma he’s my one of my favorites when I’m feeling fear so if you can for the men out there if you can really respect her calling Mom and you can respect her and her soft know when you can respect her body language if you’re noticing that she’s looking down if you’re noticing that there’s some weird energy if you’re noticing weird energy immediately she’s trying to tell you that she wants to waken her collie law Sky Kalima energies at Fierce mother Warrior protector she’s like that BDSM Queens like okay I want you on your knees bow down to the creek and you just listen there’s no ands buts or you simply listened because she’s teaching you with your body and when you learned how to be how to submit to Kali then you learn more about Mercy you learn more about judgment you learn more about immortality of Greece Kalamata is the teacher of the Shadow she’s at she’s the elixir of poison she’s the Snake Charmer she knows how to charm the snake so when you start to like embody the philosophy of Kali Saraswati Lakshmi and um you understand that philosophy than when you’re with her in a tantra session you can you can add the water you know like bathe her and water Sarge all of her beautiful curves that you know really start with the really asking permission you know praying before the Yoni is it okay like if you can pray before the Yoni OMG if you can pray before the Yoni you are giving honor to her Lakshmi you’re giving honor to her locked me you’re saying Queen may I enter your temple may I honor like and you have the prayer pose to my favorite my favorite personal prayer is the Balinese way the Balinese pray with an empty hand near the forehead so yeah prayer is a big one in goddess worship and then you know adding flowers but before you even pray you have to really absolve yourself of your own Karma absolve yourself of your own physical stuff that has happened before you enter into her energy field and then you of course have a dialogue which is the combination of the fattest glossy and the caller and then you can choose to do whatever whether you do breast you know you cover her and Roses you play on some sweet music and you simply know how to really adore her and it really just comes to adoring her inner child really like honoring her Queen and and holding space for all parts of her it’s a lot of work also thank you you definitely have impressed me because I feel like there is a real lack of connection with the sacred sexuality and there’s almost like a a bias within King sometimes about how sacred sexuality is almost vanilla because it’s not brutal and a half or something. I would counter that that census of just people honestly I’ve heard Dom’s some Pro Dom say say that they were repulsed by even the word hearing the word Yanni made them a Denver Post because it just it just seems so well I would I can I would have to use my own words to say that there is this sort of some sort of a backlash against this more prayerful material but I would say in my estimation it’s the if the most powerful this you’re talking about the most powerful what I believe to be what I’ve experienced has to be the most powerful kind of ritual procedure ceremony you know session work you can you can imagine is is putting yourself invoking these these these Essences and his energies sand and speaking with them and communicating and being in service and that it’s almost like if if I can do a little bit of a sidebar here and just say my gripe that I have with some of the Kink world in the BDSM world is that it can get very egotistical very fast and and I’ve seen you know even put a proton women who I do I want to worship but that I see you know I’m I’m here I want to I want to worship the Divine and I feel like I’m looking at just a really over bloated ego and I want to I want to get a bug that and beyond that and what you’re talking about for me is like the the big yes send the big the nurturing you know we’re all just fingers pointing to the Moon here we’re all just hoping to Aspire to be in communion with the Divine energies and and this is what it takes what you’re saying in my in my in my estimation is that you know this this sort of humility and the sort of procedure and the offerings and that is going back to the Town Creek methods of worship that are are are not so much not so much about the the torture chambers and in the market aside and the leather although I’m not demonizing those things I will say that they’re all part of everything is mama you know I sound level if you want to put it that way if you know but I just want to really really take a moment to from from my framework and not to project anything I’m saying on to you or anyone you work with her or anyone from that scene but I will say it is such a breath of fresh air to find women who are doing Dom work who are working with these practices it’s a real breath of fresh air so that was my that was my public service announcement and my sword editorializing there but yeah the more the merrier with that so thank you think one of my intentions is do events this year where I teach my own way of fusing Tantra and BDSM maybe you could be a devil model yes for sure I’m I’m open to anything and I feel like I live my life like that scene in Fight Club where it where Tyler Durden is getting bludgeon by the the mobster you know in the basement when they’re they’re trying to basically trying to break up their their underground boxing ring and I think they’re doing it for profit but really they’re doing it for Spirit and the way for for Brad Pitt to communicate that really to the world cuz that the whole movie was it was a ton trick Buddhist Treatise that was like a whole country scripture if people don’t don’t get that really go back and watch Fight Club and see this is like the the Divine masculine trying to break free from from the poison of patriarchy and that’s how I see it I’m like that I can I will take on the the pain of the feminine and I will you know D A I can be a masochist in and work with the energy and then let it flow in the in the fact you know you can see footage online on YouTube a lot of the Kali temples around the world the way that the that the computer is the priests and priestesses will and unfortunately in these days because of patriarchy it’s it’s it’s been skewed towards a priest class so there’s a lot of Kali temples in a world where it is a male-dominated profession to be a shamanic healer at the Kali Temple invoking the Shakti of collie and the Whippet the way that they will I have my own issues with that of course but it is interesting that something some of the things that they would do and you would appreciate this as a Dino from doing down work is that in order for the crowd of beleaguered glasses to come in and really believe that the priest is actually holding the power of the goddess and actually is invoking her left fully he will endure these these ordeals of getting whipped on an in and basically being flogged and whipped to prove that you can be kind of slashed with these whips on the on the on the forearm and have there be no marks and and show no pain and so that is sort of the the guarantee or the proof in the pudding that that that priest is doing the work to be imbued with her energy and so if she can take this abuse and not be crying or or cowering in the face that abused and then he’s qualified to to go in and hunt your demons you know and pull them out and unless you go about your way is it he did it’s fascinating to watch the footage of the stuff it’s no joke I mean it looks it looks like a dungeon in a Weird Al seeking I think the same the Same Love in the same healing at some level so that was that was enough for me but yeah we’re wrapping up here at are about about an hour or so would you like to take the floor and share anything else really make a call to action how can people connect with you how come people Debra Lee directly to get in contact with you and any words you like to share anything else you’d like to yatted to talk about before we before we get to call today the type of audience you have but I do want to say that a book that has really healed my my journey has been the book Urban Tantra by Barbara Corrales and I know that there’s like my intention like what my my vision is to help as many girls as possible to go from the Dark Side of the industry you know like working at massage parlors in because of focus esta this lot that’s really really an entrapment to teaching women to be sacred sexuality Educators to go from living to start double life where you’re you’re feeling on the edge you’re feeling like there’s going to be a risk involved maybe you’re going to have to see a client because you have to pay the rent and your trade in your like this is the only thing I have and you have to like you know basically fight and you don’t have to fight you have to really invite you to soften the Cena and so I’m like I guess like right now I’m speaking to the women that have had that shame and so my call to action is for women to really really awesome sells how how long am I going to be sick and tired of this story how long am I going to be living in the shadow of my life or am I willing to you know grab a flashlight and go to the other side and actually see that there is Beauty on the other side of the dark and you know if you have to call me and I or message me you know you could have easily go to sexy Soul Collective on Instagram or you could go on my website any guy, and we can have a chat really just like really connect virtually over coffee or tea and really see like how can we really support each other and if it means that you sign up for 3 months I’ll be great like my dream is to really Empower women to really overcome their you know overcome this and I love seeing women empowered but mostly the men that I have work with like I also see that they’re starting to like rise up against their masculine going from the broken Soul lost soul to empowered King owning their magician knowing their lover and having a really balance within all their archetypes by putting down your sink whether if your a guy who wants the last pain you’re like I just want to hustle my way out of the intimacy then that’s my client but mostly it’s because I want people to like wake up to their dreams that’s beautiful wake up to your dream that is that’s it has M Cohan right there you can forget about one sound one the sound of one hand clapping or does it visit tree falling make a sound that is that is a beautiful meditation right there to the end within and I will say if I could add a couple of sites here would just be that there has been an Exquisite pleasure and I feel like I feel like we’ve known each other a lot longer than then then we technically have known each other in this lifetime and and hopefully you have beautiful things will come forth from this conversation and just a big a big thank you again for this opportunity to just show your work and I look forward to the next time I’m sure just it’s always an open channel of communication if you have stuff you want to promote or talk about or anything in the future you want to share with your audience then by all means do that so yeah thank you so much again for your time and Namaste thank you blessings BWW. Township Park. Calm and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Township Park. Com Thomas Day



Tantric Sex Coaching in Japan with Megami Mariko Passion TPP119


In this episode I’m joined by a dear friend and fellow sexual spiritual activist Megami Mariko Passion. We met a while back in L.A. through the tantra meet up community and have shared a lot of strength and solidarity as wounded healers and light workers who’ve earned our angel wings by doing the dirty work that is often marginalized. She shares deep and moving insights about the underworld of transactional sex work and ultimately provides great hope and inspiration as she describes the personally and culturally empowering tantric sex coaching work she’s now doing in Japan.

Please visit her websites at:

About Megami Mariko Passion:
Megami (meaning goddess in Japanese) Mariko (meaning child of truth) Passion, aka the goddess Kaya Kwan Yin is based in Tokyo, Japan where she moved from Los Angeles, California one year ago.  She has been practicing as a Tantra goddess practitioner for 4 years total, and throughout greater Japan since June 2016.  She coaches remotely to clients in different parts of the world and Japan, maintaining a web coaching business with U.S clients.   If it is feasible she will culminate sessions in hands on or off in person sessions in a location that is convenient for her and her client, encouraging distant clients to use Tokyo as a healing retreat destination if possible.  Her new Japan based Tantra business will be called Tantra Tokyo LOVE and she will use the name Mariko (her actual Japanese name) as her local brand name.  Ethnically half Japanese, she works hard towards expanding fluency in the Japanese language daily.   She offers great discounts to do Japanese only sessions for clients so that she can practice.   This intends to build her ability to welcome foreign and Japanese clients into her temple space.   Currently, most of her clients are English speaking foreigner men but she hopes to expand that reach, soon producing a bilingual Snuggle party in Tokyo to spark platonic intercultural and energetic exchange.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township Park podcast episode number 119 I have a huge grin on my face because I’m very excited that we’re going to be speaking with Mariko passion AKA The Goddess Kaya she’s coming at us from Tokyo Japan and the way we met was very beautiful we were kind of both I’m doing Tantra workshops in the LA area and she joined a meet-up that I establish called pansexual Tantra and and she came into the first time we met at it was kind of a sacred circle jerk it was an experimental Opportunity Act created for meant for intentionally for men but really for anyone cuz it’s pansexual time should we have been reopened everything so she blessed us with her presence and I think it really added a lot to the experience of having these men feel comfortable pleasuring themselves amongst other men and it was just a beautiful experience for me and then we we collaborated further we we had a Kundalini monologues event where she headlined the event with the Beautiful music offering that I’m sure we’ll get to hear more about and also we did there was a pretty amazing experience we had I love to get your perspective on it too as we get into this but where we did kind of a freestyle somewhat somewhat loosely held container of of a Collie invocation ceremony and things got pretty wild and I was really stoked on on what happened there so those are just a few of the highlights we also went to a she invited me to a swap meeting sex workers Outreach project in LA and that was interesting but I know there is it’s interesting so bridge-building between you know activist organizations and sacred sexuality Tantra and the tactics of compassionate what not we’re all at play in that in that evening so and then yeah we’ve just been in touch and we both had similar training well some of our training has been has been similar we both stood 10th request Tantra counselor training with Sean Roof Inn San Diego at different times but yeah we’ve just been kindred spirits and I also did some session work with her that we can talk about but yeah well that’s to say I’m very grateful to know you Mariko and I’m excited to know more about you and have you share about your Life Path and what has transpired to make you the beautiful wonderful awesome you were being that you are so without further to do please bless us with your story and we’ll start there oh my goodness thank you babe and I’m a say I totally just got the lowdown of our timeline and we do have a rich history so thank you for being a part of that so much has shifted for me since I’ve moved to Japan so it’s good to kind of remember who I was when I was in Los Angeles which wasn’t that long ago it’s now been one year and one month pregnant countries but yeah good and bad memories right what makes a friendship cheaper is that you to go through some pretty deep dark places together and come out the other end and you usually do come out the other end which is something that you don’t believe is possible but it’s almost always is so how far back are you comfortable going in your personal life history timeline to kind of put in contacts that you’ve become really a rare gem in the world if you know what you could what you could be doing you know starts at 12 possibly or maybe 11 or 10 I’m half-japanese ethnically my mother is Japanese was born in Japan and when I was 10 11 12 I would go I requested to learn more about my culture and so she took me to Japanese school which is just every Saturday we would just learn a little bit about the language and sing some songs and see some kid games and stuff but I was in a school with other sort of expat children of from Japan so they were way too far ahead in their Japanese than me I was like I’m not as indicating which is a type of Japanese person but not from not born and raised in Japan so I’m a Japanese-American basically but there’s Japanese peruvians Japanese on Brazilians are on the case and so we are are the community of Global Citizens who sometimes come back to Japan and sometimes just continue to live where they live and we have a unique perspective on our culture which is still inherently Japanese at its root right and so that’s what brings me here to Tokyo and I’ve been living here for a year living my dream my lifelong dream images to re-acclimate with a lost culture learn my language and get to know my relatives that I haven’t talked to some of them in 28 29 years well as far as your career path towards becoming I guess we could give you some titles you know you are a certified Tantra counselor and also do you want to can I give folks a sense of who you are and what you do in the world as a goddess has got his kayak as all of these hats if you are so I came to Japan on a tourist visa and I knew that I would be okay even though I was scared shittless and I would cry everyday and the prep to moving to Japan but I had already under my belt a 3-year experience of running my own pontrich life coaching business in Los Angeles and different parts of the US but mostly in La so I’d come to Tokyo just to see if this would work out and work out and it’s not as frequent of a business that is as it is in Los Angeles cuz I actually still use Backpage here and Tokyo and it’s not as saturated as it would be in any US city even after their big shut down Backpage is still more saturated in the dating section than to Tokyo body rub or escort pages so I don’t identify as a sex worker but I do use sex work portals to attract my clients into a contract pass so I within a week or so I’m able to work here as a country guy and so that tells me that things are possible for me here and took you I can actually survive here I can live here as I may have to get a second job or you know some other way of making money but certainly I can do Tantra here in English because I wasn’t I’m still not fluent in Japanese in Japanese but I’m not able to do my sessions in Japanese yet I’m doing a deal with Japanese speakers wear because it’s sort of a residency or a way for me to practice practice session it’s really cheap it’s about on the equivalent of $100 an hour which is like 60 70% less than an hour us and then a hundred and it is super flexible it’s not I don’t charge by the hour I charge by the outcome I charge by the session necessary and my clients know that it’s not by the hour it’s a rough I give them so I usually end up really end up being to their advantage I usually give them more time because I feel like I’m not done or I have something that I’d like to show you and this would work out well since we’re already to build the connection with our clients sometimes it’s a lot of time so I make sure to take that time with them because I feel like they’re worth it and they’re healing is important to me so I take as much time as as necessary without going completely overboard for either of us that’s cool I like that business model so do you want it how is the I’m super curious how this you can see wisdom tradition is healing modality this technology how is it driving with the kosher there so far what what are some some key points that you’ve discovered so my Discovery here for foreigners for expats for digene is what we’re called foreigners gaikokujin is that we have feelings of isolation here in Japan and that it’s a very common thread as it’s common for myself as well so a lot of the times when we’re doing our work we’re healing what needs to be healed within us and so this really works out quite as I can I can empathize with my clients I understand the loneliness I understand feeling isolated and I understand you know I have more of an advantage because I speak Japanese I looked up and he is I you know I’m I’m constantly learning a language I have time to do that I have time to do that so a lot of my clients are not doing that my clients are two types of people they are international businessmen of a high-caliber so they’re coming to Tokyo to sidhu Deals International deals do you know they’re from Singapore are there from Vietnam there from wherever they are from and they’re coming to this major city capital to do business for a few days open stores open branches of Tokyo excetera then my second type of clients are military men who are usually high rank some because my fees are not cheap so I’ve had several or two notable Military Officers who have flown me to their bases and work has a submissive so they called me in to train them to be a submissive all right yes that’s why I when is Market here in Japan is a military man who wants to be dominated with compassion Keep Ya without obviously you don’t violate any confidentiality can you give us some insights into some of those Dynamics are just generalities it seems very well I should say before before I I I should practice breakfast at by saying my my new political ideology thesis is that women are actually still in control of everything you just have to find if you if you want to get through to a politician you have to find his dumb and then you could have influence over him because she because the Dom has the highest leverage Point literally holding him by the balls and sometimes twisting by the balls so I was very curious if you could elaborate on what you’re doing there with the dumbing the high ranking military officers combines Tantra and King and therapy and so that’s kind of what I’ve learned to do it’s not standard S&M BDSM I’m not just playing with people I’m not just doing things to them or living out their fantasies it’s not fantasy work just like a regular Tantra session is not really fantasy work I’m not dressing up like a goddess and doing a belly dance for you I’m doing so in that same regard I’m not going to wear outfits I don’t really do things that I don’t specialize in within the Realms of King there’s so much that I don’t I know nothing about I don’t touch that. I’m not interested in I’m not actually a sadist I’m not actually a masochist when I pour flu is on someone’s head it’s not decoration it’s actually a goddess ritual that I teach them to receive the blood of the Goddess they I see some to receive the fluids of the Goddess so all of the fluids yellow red and vaginal fluids are all warships in the same right and it’s not a fetish per say however if they have that background and they can access it quicker I can draw them in in that way but there’s a lot of talking screening that goes on before I to see if we’re a good match because if you are really invested in running your script around fetishes and Kinks him you’re not interested in going deeper or learning anything new you’re not teachable you’re not coachable you’re not ready to worship the goddess you’re not interested in that you’re just interested in your orgasm then we’re not a good match because it’s slow my work is slow and it’s definitely compassionate it’s nice like I said there’s a lot of things that I don’t do I dress up and outfits when I feel like I want to dress up I you know I know a few things and I make it creative it’s creative to me I have to be mutually pleasurable to me I don’t know how to whip you I don’t know how did you keep a cushy body ties I don’t know how to do electric shock therapy there’s so many things I don’t have special equipment I don’t you know like so if you read all that and you’re still okay with that and that is a good match for me in a lot of these guys they just want to be kind of in a in a DS relationship which I like doing I build Subspace that way by beginning to have a text relationship or a SMS some kind of a Skype kind of messaging relationship where we’re getting to know each other I mean it’s definitely a willing co-defendants that. That begins and I get to know them do that they call me goddess I called him you know like each other love each other I always say that I dominate with love I done with love and compassion I’m so that’s how most Mistresses and goddesses operate it’s this lack of that they may admit it later but it’s not something that’s an over it sort of yes my my greatest weapon is my heart and so I will love you you know until you are a puddle on the ground and that’s pretty powerful actually and what I found is more powerful than the whip so yeah I’ve had two very intense travel dominant-submissive sort of emergence with various officers it all been so eye-opening you know like it’s just been such an honor to serve and to be served as both an honor to serve and be so bright that we in Tantra should recognize that there is a duality that goes on that we’re constantly shifting that I’m never completely a top I’m also in service to my bottom right so that I’m serving them I’m serving them in their healing and I’m always keeping in regards their choice their their desired what their outcomes right we don’t have goals and what did you come to me to explore so recently and May and the sub decided that he wasn’t his words were I’m not emotionally invested in what we’re doing anymore I need to end this until I have a moral obligation as a responsible dominant that sounds like a safe word to me right so and I gave him that often always before I give my clients my son misses you know no matter if that came for. They always have the option to stop doing the work I’m paid before we start but you have the option to not continue So after 24 hours of my working with him in Okinawa he decided to hit eject and I allowed him to do that like instantly with the passion okay I support you I love you great thank you for working with me it’s heartbreaking to me it felt awful and I cried about it but myself my responsibility was to allow them to go you know like that they it’s not about me and my progress in my process they always have choice I’m a night I respect that choice that is what I feel my moral obligation to do so that’s cool so what is the what is the disciples I could come once a week or I know some of these can be more a mini vacation for the client you know to the taken on a tour that can last for days going into deep places so what was the typical pattern or what are some of the ranges that gets even held we we initiate a contract and once I get a deposit from them then I feel comfortable like starting to do my work so there’s an intake process they fill out and then take a questionnaire about their history about their intentions what they like to learn or discover deeper and then I then I start to do my work which is researching what would be the best tools to use during our sessions researching about things that I may not know about that are in their history it is definitely therapeutic academic work that I’m doing and I have not trust my training with Francesca but I have you no other activists background I have a postgraduate degree and things like that that help me be able to do this kind of 1 to 110 approaching I’m in a way that they trust so giving them articles to read and we’re talking on Skype and usually we’ll talk every week probably our in-person meeting has been planned for two to three weeks in the future and so I’ll meet with them twice for an hour but in between that I’ll be sending them articles or we’ll be talkin you have any question and if there are dominant and submissive men during this time I’m calling them my sub and I’m I’m I’m building Subspace by by doing what I do as a dominant which is kind of slowly starting to to see to give them tasks to prepare for a recession in a dominant submissive way but I don’t do that with other people that are not in the king crown but again all the people all the clients have to be teachable so they have to be willing to read and do homework and asked me about that and because we can’t build unless there’s a back-and-forth so now it’s it’s definitely validating for me to hear what sounds like you are a revolution of the experience of having a commanding officer but one that’s committed to your spiritual and sexual development as much or more as your ability to Via effective killing machine all day yes sir yes mam right and there’s no passion in that you’re trained as a military person to be a machine and to be a yes or no question what we’re doing in Syria just do it don’t question our ties to Russia just do it right so just do it and they have actually in Okinawa especially military radio in their in their car is that that that elicits propaganda right so it’s it’s a real thing that they’re prepping to bomb North Korea anytime anywhere is what they what I keep hearing anytime anywhere you know so Springsteen or some other American pop songs on mainstream radio on the military bases I already have that they don’t have someone who’s leading with who’s authoritative with compassion they don’t have a mentor figure they don’t have they have someone his domineering not dominant eye dominant doesn’t need to be domineering all the time so I have authority because I have knowledge I have authority because I have I can facilitate your healing and that’s what gives me Authority I’m not an authority figure because you signed up to a contract that and I get to push you around that’s what the military is I signed a contract sister and I know that you pushing me around is going to be a part of it and yes sir yes sir I’m going to do that cuz my job I get paid to do this it’s different with coaching right they pay me they want to do it they can pull out whenever they want to see their choice they have control actually in to a certain degree and boundaries I respect their boundaries to certain degree I have to have some Freedom right there’s a usually a Navy plant you can’t say no to everything if you’re wanting to submit to me but they’re safe words there’s red yellow green you know but I get to know my submissives through the process of you know talking to them everyday for a couple weeks so I ask them questions what do you want to happen what are you looking to explore it’s a very facilitated coaching experience you know I am a guide so I’m not just doing what I want to do I’m seeing what they want and seeing if what they want by Vybz with what I want yeah I think I can do that yeah that seems like that would be fun for me yes I think I could do that and there’s so many people who I can tell right away this is not going to work out and I’m not going to do it just cuz you’re paying me nuts the difference between doing what I do and being a sex worker sex workers you say no but when I was a sex worker was about transaction transactional outcome I will do this because that’s within the range of things that I do but the outcome is certain it’s it’s because there’s a transactional I’m giving you money for this certain sex act but with my sessions is it’s not sex work because maybe those things could happen and maybe they won’t I go with the flow of what we’re doing you can’t say I need to have to I need to nail say I need to what if I get do I get to Pop’s right to Pop’s multiple orgasms can you put you know do some disc butt-plug strap-on play right okay if if I was the goddess Hera I would take that into account this is kind of what you think you want okay I’ll take a list of what you think you want and then we’ll just blow but sex work it seems like to me and all I have seven years of experience being a transactional sex worker so I feel like I do know something but they get mad if you don’t do that right it’s like you’re your responsibility to do this thing and we would often take power back by saying no it’s not and we don’t have to shit but lay that you know like we could just do drugs with you and dance around like I was always this dance of power anyway you know between the worker and the client and well this is really exciting to me so I like the words you’re using I think you’re I don’t know if you’re joining them as you as you go along or if there’s more of a broader just discourse around it but this idea I mean I’ve seen transactional sex work that’s a powerful term I mean I would hope that that that’s being used to put into context and in within feminist scholarly feminist discourse that there is the potential to do what you’re doing which is transformational and you have the power and you were only screening for higher paying clients who want to have experience of transformation and who have already in their own journey I guess either by Pastor transcended that that sense of I mean I imagine it would get boring after a while if all you were doing was making someone fake that they were interested in doing whatever you thought was entertaining for them I mean you know lad and sits on travaille Destin Garrix and at that time I was at the end of my rope you know I was like escorting had gotten to the point where I was kind of going crazy I was like I’m ready I’m ready to be coached into something else there’s got to be more for me than this I am completely drugging and numbing myself into believing that I can do this any more days that I can you know what I mean I think you were a role model for anyone who’s in that level of like you said transactional sex work to to see that there’s a way to make more money have more dignity heal yourself few others excetera excetera so yeah please the the makeover the personal Tantra makeover process I would love to hear about that and the byline of motivation is that you can have control over your work you don’t have to do what the client wants you to do you can design your work in any career in any business to be beneficial mutually beneficial to you you we have the power to do that but we often create a self-limiting cage that says I have to go to McDonald’s to work I’ve got to work at Starbucks because they give me these benefits in that benefit I must see you know these violent clients because I need to pay my rent I can’t make my minimum without we always be at his justifications right the previous to meeting Dustin and learning how I could be a time trika I was a late night escort and my hours were midnight to 6 a.m. and I felt like that was my niche market I had to see those clients cuz I was picking up who nobody else would pick up and I was making pretty a pretty decent living doing that and I felt like I wasn’t you know I try to be a high-class escort and it wasn’t working out so I was kind of I created my own Ishq market with the dirges of society and being compassionate and holding space in my own informal way for these guys who I didn’t like the sex part of sex work anymore so the drugs do drug users and drug addicts were just interested in companionship and having a human being in the room with them a lot of the time or or interested in a mutually getting high with people and talking to them and not be judged and I’m good at that so that was my career for you know that was my escort market for a few years that’s kind of what I probably did and then I’m at the time it worked out good but then with that comes violence and just you know this is the dirges of society’s there’s drugs involved there’s violence and balls and I was just tired of that kind of you know population ran into Destin Garrick at a party and then he has graciously gave me coaching for free you know pro bono coaching and so I know that you do that with your practice done and I try to just give that back to people who are willing I want to see what’s possible I know that I charge a lot of money but there are ways in which we can work together usually if if you’re willing to be teachable there’s wait there’s things that I need in life that I can time bank or I can trade or you know I can give you less and you can do your own homework but Dustin gave me about 15 hours of coaching and referrals and how to get started as a tantra teacher and that’s always been sort of a lifesaver I see that as a lifesaver you know and I always talk about that story because I’m cool yeah it’s important so we also share that teacher that’s awesome so this is really yeah this is really deep intense material and going into it it’s it seems like I don’t know if a lot of people know this but I’ve been learning more and more that you’d be surprised how how many quarter quote John Cena really they they do want the actual companionship and some of them in their own Journey just not even care so much about fucking or getting off but having the energetic and sort of psychological social intercourse if someone just paying attention then hearing them out and so was that that was more was it evolving more towards that but there is still dangerous sounds like you’re still you know places to be stuck in training we are healing ourselves and that’s what opens the door for us to be better to start a toast for you for our clients at that time had not received my own training so I was where I was at you know we’re always attracting are mirrors so I wasn’t conscious of my my wounds and so I would tear up with client you weren’t as conscious I was quote unquote holding space and exchanging energy with these but I wasn’t I didn’t have the awareness of what energy exchanged was exactly many people do have Tantra sex we are always energy exchanging with people we have been doing it since we were kids but once someone you know at a meet up or a lecture or a video tells them you’ve been doing this this is where it comes around this is you know how you exchange this energy this is how you meditated everything you know like all these little morsels that we give people who are willing to learn this stuff and they see oh I’ve been meditating my whole life I’ve been having sex before I even knew that word you know just happened sooner so I was doing that before with compassion you know like giving these drugs addicts you know one guy spend all his money instead of going to rehab to see me and I just held him all night and I remember his his his high infusing into me that I could feel the drugs without doing that because I can you know when we’re so close to someone’s body it is energetic exchange and I could feel the drugs coursing through his veins there was other stuff besides the drugs you know like how it must feel to want to go to rehab but then you instead are so afraid that you just spend all your money on a prostitute and just how that’s going to unfold for that person after we wake up in the morning I don’t have attachment to that but he does I didn’t get high but he did I got high on my own energetic sense but he has to pay the consequences for it not me well so you do you want to talk about your work with Swap and just what kind of advocacy and Outreach in activism is going on for sex workers and certainly in this age of changing when they first it was Craigslist and then back page and so now there’s a lot of I guess I’m not totally current with it but but there’s a lot of concern that it’s too well the policies and the enforcement strategies are actually making a problem worse than putting putting the sex workers in Greater danger than not so if you want to come and go into the political commentary by Dobie Gray so I got into full service sex work as a mentee of scarlet Harlot Carolee who’s an artist and a sex worker older she’s probably 70 now but she had done so much activism in sex work that I was attracted to that community in San Francisco her and Robin fuel has passed away from cancer since then you was the first person he was talking about decriminalizing prostitution and the first person who was compassionate and she had such Southern Charm a great smile at Shrewsbury you know warm and congenial and so is Carol Lee is someone that I still call My Chosen mother she was my hore mother and so both of them were like mine or mothers and they mentored me into feeling like prostitution or doing intercourse for money wasn’t a bad thing it was a good thing and there was a hole Community also that would you know that was doing this and we were okay and we were fine we weren’t the trash of the world so many many people were so motivated by what Robin was doing she had been arrested for prostitution and because she was an agent herself which is AKA a pimp right so she was she was being an agent to other sex workers across the borders of the states she was in a bigger case international trafficking case that most of us just get arrested for one-on-one prostitution and that’s a misdemeanor but she was in a federal felony case and was facing many many years in prison so at that time she became super vocal I’m at that time as when she started swap National and many people followed her and within that year her first year she started many many branches of this sex workers Outreach project and that was 2006 and I was so determined to follow her path that I said I am going to start Los Angeles has swap chapter and be the Revolutionary War revolutionary that La has never seen that that was my sense of purpose at that time and I spent seven years as an escort but the whole time that I was doing it I was really vocal and visible sex worker Advocate an artist so I’m making songs about prostitution I’m performing the song I’m singing lemonade conferences in different cities in the world and doing conferences and speaking and all of this stuff I’m I’m doing without direct pay I’m seeing myself as the Robin Hood of sex work activism so I’m taking my my income from my clients and using it to advocate for the rights of the workers 7 years I did that I’m so but at the end of that seven years was when I met Justin the work was starting to chip away at me and even the activism to start take starting to chip away at me because I wasn’t getting paid you do get tired of using your income to do to do social justice work it does get it’s not sustainable and it says burn you out and evidently we need to get paid for the work that we do no matter what the work is so that was the end of the seven years and so I was looking for a new identity and many many years after that I guess it took three or four years before maybe I even trained in Tantra and Chris was not interested in doing activism in the same way that I was doing it before because there’s also kind of interpersonal interaction Unity struggles that happen with people who have experienced a lot of trauma and sex workers have typically on and myself is included in this population experienced a lot of trauma and so organizing with that Community can sometimes be challenging and we sometimes will trigger and traumatize each other because we are like a like a bunch of dysfunctional orphans what kept us safe forever is you know lashing out or doing something that is crazy I mean there’s a lot of no different people on different trajectories of healing in in every community in the world right but then when you come together with like maybe a drug-using community or sex working community the percentage of people who have experienced trauma is much greater and this community to sex your community is not really willing to to say that sentence even because we as an activist Community who are trying to fight for our rights are not trying to make us look bad so the people who want sex work too and he want prostitution to be eliminated they’re called deliciousness they will say oh all sex workers have been abused and raped in traffic and you know come from broken homes so we don’t want to answer and say yes we’ve been abused and raped and we come from broken home we want to defend against this day not know not all we don’t you know we’re all okay we’re not all abused Bubba blah you know so there’s always this back-and-forth of trying to assert that you’re saying even though you’re falling apart inside so but you know there are good examples I’m not going to say I’m not trying to say that even I’m a I’m a I’m a living example of someone who has survived a Continuum of violence but feels like I’m able to have a career to be functional I you know I am a functional member of society you know I’m able to coach other people and able to have morals and boundaries and I learned from my mistakes you know we’re able to if we want to kill ourselves and I accelerated way and we make the best healers because we’ve been through the darkness ourselves and so that’s kind of how I justify my own career path is that I am three to five steps ahead of my clients and I attract the kind of clients who have been through sexual violence who are you know having feelings you know various abusive spiritual abuse is physical abuse is or are interested in exploring sexuality feel genderqueer those are the kind of people that I like because that kind of me 5 years ago you know like I understand that so yeah so that’s why I feel like I’m a good healer for for particularly men like that I’ve always attractive male survivors what do you have to say I mean just take a couple breaths here cuz that’s pretty intense work I just want to I Really applaud you and thank you so much for being that that light and not succumbing to you know like I said you you you could be a lot of other things that would be true could be a lot of other outcomes and you stand out for sure and thank you so much for all that service in in the activist were and I agree that you don’t download activist worked I didn’t get paid for and you know it does burn you out and it does deplete your resources and it’s also opportunity cost because if you’re not if you’re not building a career unfortunately this world with the energy that you have in youth which comes basically for free even if you have a bad day even if you’re a drug addict even if you have no clue about holistic health and wellness and energy you get a lot of free energy in your Youth and then as you start to age it’s gone and you if you didn’t invest and you didn’t save and you didn’t build a career path then it’s if you can get really Bleak so congratulations to you for pulling yourself out of what could have been a lot worse circumstances that wouldn’t know is really a you’re living it up because you’re the spiritual play girl that has sounds like I really did explore that but it just wasn’t for me it wasn’t as satisfying as what I’m doing now I’d gotten training and HIV testing I’d gotten training and needle exchange I’ve gotten I’ve explored maybe I could get an MSW a master of Social Work all these things to legitimate you know my experience as a sex worker but it pays very little and and the hours are intense you know and I don’t mind working hard but it just wasn’t none of none of those things that I explored getting further training in was attractive to me and also a I do want to elaborate a little bit on why I was so kind of you know I had quoted earlier or I tried to push this memory out of my mind because I just wanted to just described to the audience what happened I had spent a huge gap from activism from sex work activism because of what I described as a coup I found it swap LA but I’m the new director then like really pushed me out in a way that made me feel so unwelcome that I quit I quit the organization that I found it and he just did she completely like decided she would take over change the font changed everything and you know and I had no right to do anything is so that was so it was so traumatic to me that I quit and I lost my identity at that time and then that’s when depression really started because I’ve been this or revolutionary activism for activist for so many years and I just wanted it so I near suicidal like level you know cuz when you lose your identity that almost always triggers this this loss of meaning of life that when people I hear it all the time and no webinars and stuff people who have experienced suicidal ideations because they lost their careers their jobs identity right so my identity at that time was prostitution was doing is activism so she took over and I just stopped associating with swap La completely but you know me and you and we decided to come together for this event because there was a new director and they were having a Christmas Christmas party December 17th a day to recognize violence against sex workers and I thought okay can I do a musical performance I’ll be the music act right because that’s kind of what I’m interested in now I sing and I play the balls and it’s like spiritual chanting and I want to see you tell the sex worker community that. Tantra goddesses are sex workers in a in a sense but we’re just different kinds of sex workers were spiritual sex workers and we are still part of the community because in America doing Tantra any Hands-On work is illegal it’s seen as prostitution in so we could get arrested for that so that’s why there should be a connection we should be allowed IBS be recognized as the community it goes both ways so horse should recognize that good for a secret person to recognize street prostitutes it’s like both of us so I was a starting my presents playing music at this December 17th event so I’m playing the trumpet player and a woman comes from the audience and like the man that I stopped and that my performance is so expensive because I’m appropriating Indian culture and I need to stop right now like she and it’s such a shocker to me cuz I just was not psychically mentally prepared that anyone would basically she’s heckling me right so she’s taking me to the point that I stopped and I never experienced that you know like since I’ve become a goddess we become so much softer read as a sex worker as an escort you are the opposite of that your heart and then you’re not trusting of the worlds you’re ready to be you’re ready to defend if someone jumps on your not in that mood anymore I don’t live in that vibration so I was just like it’s frozen though and I couldn’t do anything I couldn’t move I just sat down I thought I did what she said I stop playing like that and it was be worst sort of like I always so traumatized by that you know like I am trying again to you know to give to this community and yet they’re completely rejecting my guess and you know that’s the story from earlier where I had tried to give to the community and they rejected my guess is so that’s why it was so heartbreaking and God I spent about 48 hours trying to heal from that that was really hard but yeah so the community sometimes will have those kinds of mental psychological verbally abusive kind of outbreaks and I’m just not interested in putting myself in a place where that could happen anymore so it has led me to seek community and other places of people who are interested and willing to work on themselves constantly none of us are perfect but what we have in common is that we’re always try to seek to be better we’re always trying to work on self so that we can be better for appliance we’re interested in that piece at least as I find like with a lot of other activists communities they are still interested in being right and winning fights and asserting their power through two talking points and two arguing and I’m just not interested in that in any way at all you can win that Facebook argument great is the most the kindest most raw I will be kind and wrong any day I’d rather not I’d rather be kind and wrong then unkind and right you know well this is a this is really a guy’s you you concluded that Inlet story with this this phone Redemption because I was I was pretty shocked too but I also I guess at that moment I felt like the best thing that could be done is just to not feed energy to to that lower vibration that was trying to Sir to pick a fight and I think you did a great job you really I don’t think you lost face even the way that you handled it because it was so I mean because you didn’t feed into it it stood out as being so inappropriate out of line absurd and ridiculous and laughable to me but I didn’t even I didn’t even want to give it back after I just wanted to let it dissipate into itself and disappear into the night which eventually it did and it did it did you know really open my heart to extra compassion understanding for you have to be you know if they have to deal with that in the and just knowing yeah there’s a lot of meu you earn you definitely earned your to be to graduate beyond that into just few extra myself I want to just be surrounded by people who really not walk on eggshells but really you’re conscious about being gentle and really not complaining about too much and not being really that like just not being hostile for no reason and in refining the refining everything so that you’re not you know just creating a toxic environment as much as possible you know I mean we have Heather certainly toxins in the environment that we have very little control over how much of it gets pumped into our minds and our bodies in our you know our lives and in every Dimension but anywhere that we can design a little bit of non-toxic gentleness and space to sort of DNA that’s precious so I I I feel you totally on that and I mean we don’t not fight with each other we don’t not raise our voices but it’s it’s sort of I don’t want to have that be the way that we are you know like my people I sit down to break bread with we’re not yelling and shouting about whatever opposition whatever oppressor anymore I did that for so many years and I just don’t better than fuel me anymore where it used to you know right now there’s plenty to be angry about I’m not ignorant about what’s going on in the in the US because I live in Japan I’m still paying attention I’m still American but at the same time I know that it’s not I want to I want to I want to acknowledge that there’s so many other countries out there and I’m able to get sick a broader Global Perspective now that I’ve moved to a different country and I’m not on the ground in the US and you can be angry about Trump and be angry about this and that and his supporters are are angry Bunch as well you know so we can go into it with that as the way that we saw something and I just it doesn’t matter what your causes it’s it’s what it’s what your your intention is and the way that you see a solution and how you’re going to go about that and some people are like oh yeah that’s too woo woo or hippie you just sit there and sing and chant about it I’d rather get my gun out and shoot you know everybody has a different way the same problem but it is the same problem we’re all looking for clear loving connection and understanding guess we are well well I don’t know how we can come to a better close we’re almost an hour but I just want to say if you have any final thoughts and if you know feel free and definitely plug your websites in waste connection hopefully you’re still you know recording music and putting it out there so people can check that out and Yeah more of you how do we get more of you my website is goddess kayak Wann Yen. Com goddess k a y a k w a n y i n. Com God is Kaya Kwan Yin. Calm and then that’s the website that I’ve been building for 4 years it has YouTube videos on there and it explains my session courses and what I do and it has the intake form which is the questionnaire for potential clients to see if we’re a match for the work that you would like to do with me I am putting an open invitation out to women clients a couple of because that’s not the kinds of clients that I usually get I’ve worked and specialize in male sexuality for about 17 years so when I do get female clients when I do get couples it’s exciting and great to me if you speak Japanese that’s a big discount yeah so that’s my and I’m going to be transitioning using my my boy name which is medical as my goddess name because now I live in Japan I don’t want I want them or Japanese name and I have one opening a business and it’s even get such as a form of communication for Japanese people turn on touch decided they don’t they don’t even hug when they say goodbye to each other it’s not common Society not a communication Society so communication is nonverbal communication is very different but this you know so what I’m hearing is kind of communication this kind of very training sort of verbal ideations of you no problems and stuff so when you do this it makes me feel like this there’s nothing bad in Japanese culture is a New Concept for many many adults Japanese adult kids problem kids they can go to counseling but people in Japan are still at the point where it’s kind of shameful oh my God you’re seeing a therapist psychologist that strange this is really interesting and exciting I feel like there’s going to be some crazy animated is going to come out about Mariko the the touch the touch doctor the touch since she was ending it’s unbelievable what the transformative potential is to take this to somewhere where could have such a profound in it in an immediate and such a high contrast impact so I hope you get really good rest and I hope you get to you know all the success in the world and you know eventually you’ll have the means I’m I’m I’m sure that I can see in my crystal ball that you will you’ll eventually have the means to to really come back to the ruins everything is sex work activism and be able to create much more financially empowered resource opportunities for folks you know I can see it so I think you’re going to have a beautiful life are canned and I feel blessed and thank you so much again for your support it with me and my very very first you know breaking open that little hatchling shell to to start to talk about mice Maria my offerings in in the country world so that was a great yeah Lil chapter it we were having so hopefully we’ll get a chance to it also continue to collaborate in the future weather remotely or in person but yes definitely wishing you the best and looking forward to more Adventures right when we do and you know it always marks our growth when we come together at these times right every few months every 6 months so it’s nice to do that and I’m happy to do that with you anytime regardless of geographical boundaries great will thank you so much I will definitely talk to you soon we’ll be in touch to take care bye bye thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to www.drudgereport.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple at provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episode if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com

Hacking the Sex Industry with Pro Gigolo Vin Armani TPP95


Vin Armani PicIn this episode I’m joined by Vin Armani a new personal hero of mine, a veteran in the entertainment and sex industries, and an empowering role model for the new sacred masculine paradigm.

We explore his background as a computer hacker, his spiritual initiations, political philosophies, and adventurous career as a professional gigolo and reality tv star.

We discuss the role of sexual-spiritual healers in Las Vegas and beyond. Ultimately, we share hope that personal pathways of consciousness evolution, healing, growth and transformation can be developed by anyone anywhere through the embodiment of divine feminine energy.

Please visit his website to watch his show and connect with him on social media:

About Vin:

Vin Armani is an author and entrepreneur, best known as the star of the long running Showtime reality series, “Gigolos.” The show focuses on the lives of straight male escorts in Las Vegas. Armani has been en elite escort for close to a decade and has detailed his personal philosophy on love, sex and relationships in his book, Tao Of The Gigolo. Vin is also the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post, a live, weekly streaming video program focused on exploring ideas of personal liberty.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 95 I am here on Skype with vin Armani who I recently discovered through the survival Podcast of which I’m a devotee I’ve been listening for years almost every episode and was really pleasantly surprised to hear some of the topics for probably the first time go into what I call sexual Capital One of the forms of capital and how it can be used to do really amazing ethical things with the right the right mindset and so I really appreciate hearing Jack and then talked about a lot of them kind of hacker mentality around sexuality in an economics and we also have some similar spiritual history as a matter of fact so we’ll probably get into that later but for now Vin if you would just give us a bit of your background let us know what led you to be coming now a world famous reality TV show start of the smash-hit series Gigolos which I can’t wait to check out as well I just found out about it so please take it away that you should definitely check out Gigolos you will love it no doubt it’s a it’s a very fun show it’s been now seven seven years six seasons of doing the show and it’s it’s basically is what it’s turned into now is a buddy comedy about five of us who work for the agency that I work for all straight male escorts working for cowboys4angels which is the agency that I work for and yeah it’s a high chance that we get into as far as I know in terms of reality TV I think we were the first show that ever showed and maybe the only reality show at this point it’s on Showtime and the first one to show full frontal male nudity which for the first three seasons was pretty much every episode you were guaranteed to see that so it’s a it’s been a cool experience and very egalitarian show I think it shows a different side of sexuality and that’s definitely a show for this time. Something out I’m I’m really actually proud to have been a part of and it’s through that show that obviously as my profession I’ve become more well-known along with my co-stars our agency is now very very popular but and now you know I was you caught me on podcast are the survival Podcast so now it’s been about 6 months that I would say I’ve been out of the closet more politically in terms of really wanting to take a stand and put forward and help to push forward some more libertarian voluntaryist views views about freedom in general you know I’ve been a big proponent of sexual freedom for my entire life and explored it quite a bit and that’s been important to me but you know we are whole creatures and sex is just one aspect that was a huge aspect obviously but it’s one aspect of its it could be a vehicle for Learning and it’s it’s been a vehicle for my own expression and so you know being a six-figure and in helping people to express themselves more fully sexually I wanted to push that forward as well so I mean my we can talk about how far back my background goes in terms of this exploration like I say it’s been pretty much my entire adult life and and I would say really at the start of adolescence that I’ve been trying to better understand myself every aspect of myself and not shying away from certain subjects and I mean if you shy away from sexier you’re really shying away from I would say probably 80% of your waking consciousness so until you have that under control it’s hard to get anything else really managed so you know I guess we can talk about that further as we move on but that’s the that’s the nuts-and-bolts I guess ten thousand foot view of who I am to me if next next level renaissance man in so many ways and I’m totally thrilled I think the you know the topic that I was kind of playing with this I was catching up on some of your previous podcast earlier today was was that the concept of hacking the sex industry I mean really taking a sophisticated approach to having a more spiritual kind of bigger picture worldview Consciousness agenda and and really bringing more Consciousness to sexuality and doing it through the exit actually transforming the industry from the inside out so I would love to hear you know since you’re on that path where what was some of your early initiations and trainings and what were you reading about will you I know you were mentioning that you had studied in spiritual modalities in the East so could you talk a bit about that definitely how you evolved before you got to this point of being a professional Gigolo from about the age of 15 I was Hardcore into hacking so being a hacker is computer hacker is my background and you know when I first met my agent and Garren James and sort of took this on as a part-time gig that I certainly didn’t think would go anywhere but just thought it might be cool adventure I was software developer and even throughout the first couple seasons of the show I was still doing software development and I still do software development now I’ve been working on a actually a blockchain project as recently as a few hours ago so the hacking aspect is still a huge huge part of my life and what are the what are the things about being in the mid-nineties about being a young guy in the early days of the internet was that there was such a high percentage of what I would say a spiritual or occult esoteric information online I mean this was a time when you know there was no Google when I first started getting onto the the web there was just Yahoo and as I recall the first time I type sex in to Yahoo the word sex it return 27 entries so that tells you just how early on early on I was in that sphere but what there was a lot of is if you type in Magic if you typed in Hindu if you type in God if you typed in touch with there was there was quite a bit of information and so early on I got very interested in sort of spiritual finding out these more esoteric and occult to some degree spiritual practices so I found stuff about meditation and I learned that an astral projection and I started to get pretty good at being able to lucid dream and help myself leave my body and so these were things that in my teens I felt very very comfortable and then when I went off to college in DC or Washington DC is a very Multicultural town this is again in like in the late in the late nineties Multicultural town and so I was seeking things out it was in that time that I started learning more about the sexual side of Tantra and at least reading about it I got a tuned to several levels as a Reiki practitioner something that I probably should have kept up over the years but I was I think I was maybe a little too young to really appreciate everything that that practice had to offer it was very for me at that point it was very very intellectual and I didn’t have a big Community when I when I left College of one of the first gigs that I took was as an assistant to a Indian by ethnicity a businessman from Hong Kong and his his wife’s mother was the first female devotee of Tantra Guru India’s traditional when I say x Rod not talking about tantric sex necessarily I’m talking about Tantra as the sort of sect of Hinduism or the reception of Hinduism which means the flight path of bliss and so there were dada’s and DD’s the the monks and Priests of this organization moving sort of in and out around this guy who was a big benefactor for the organization who was my boss and early business mentor of mine so I had a very interesting experience this is when I’m basically like 19 and 20 years old got initiated into Ananda Marga got a chance at majorly study the work of PR sarkar he’s he’s really kind of a unique figure in India that a lot of people don’t know about was actually in prison by Indira Gandhi first several years it was on a hunger strike for extended periods of time so it very very interesting spiritual organization and I got a chance to sort of have my mind flips and two get a different metaphor for interpreting the world while at the same time learning to do business in a very ethical way influenced by this this teacher and disorganization and these these teaching and so that influence my that influence my life greatly and then as I move forward it just left me much more open to to learning and different experiences and it was just a few years after that that I discovered the pickup artist community in Los Angeles and I just drove in head-first but I don’t live in with a very spiritual bent to it and the idea was for me very much cuz I have seen the relationships that I was having as not being very healthy and so it was for me to figure out what is it underneath all of this who do I need to be how do I need to a manifest the best aspect of me so that I am someone that truly a woman being around that I truly make her a better person and that she makes me a better person and what can I do and that set me on a years-long path of exploration and it was really at the end of that path or sort of you might say at the beginning of that path after after I had trained it is sufficient level that low and behold Here Comes this opportunity to see if the market will actually Bear out the things that I held to be true wow almost speechless but actually I have a lot to say to you have a lot of questions cuz if you have if you have a hacker background you probably have a very keen sense of how Tantra is a spiritual technology that’s a lot like electrical engineering so do you want to talk about then whatever extent you know you like how the these elements of the chakra system and activating Kundalini and understanding car make loops and dharmic spiritual purpose send these sort of things are all woven together in the loom of tantric practice how did your Western sort of rational scientific computer programming mind jive with that ancient spiritual technology sort of scriptural a script and scripture if you put the battery in series seven or so yeah just rif on that if you would Wilshire I mean as I said I think in this regard I was very lucky in that like I said being a hacker and being exposed to sort of hidden information and knowing things certainly when I was hacking understanding things about the world and seeing things just in terms of the technology first is understanding how to you know have to pay phone or do all of these different things that that we’re basically manipulating these every day that we think are static things beginning to see that there is a certain dynamism in even the most static thing that was always in school biology and Physiology and psychology were always my favorite subject I was lucky to have really really great teachers and the one thing that kept sticking out to me is that there is always a deeper level there is always a deeper level and so I think when I first discovered and I was probably about 15 16 first discovered practices of lucid dreaming and astral projection it was in those that I that I was first even before being initiated it into a tie into a tantric organization that that’s what I was first exposed to the idea that okay there is an energy system that is at play in our body and at that same time it was it’s not just I mean it’s a metaphor right so if we’re talking about the chakra system if we’re talking about Kundalini these are words but they aren’t description and this is a very important thing that concept that scary through for me in my own life These are descriptions they are they are not and their descriptions of something that is very hard to describe in words because it’s Concepts that are beyond words but they are not the only places where the same thing has been described so for instance you’ve got in in the ancient Jewish tradition in the Kabbalah you’ve got the merkabah and the spirit body and the tree of life and if you lay the the drawings of the ancient Jewish which is Western Mystics again the drawings of the chakra system of the mer-ka-ba of the Tree of Life against the chakra system and you don’t mind by Journeys with Ayahuasca now that’s been just in the past four or five years here we have the Amazon and you know there’s know anybody who’s done Ayahuasca there’s no question that you’re talking about this snake you know what time it’s a Vine and it’s the snake so it’s to say that these metaphors these descriptions of something that is definitely inherent in human nature and that is a technology for increasing our our perception of the world and also increasing our ability to manifest the things that we want in the world through getting better in line with all of these things these metaphors are repeated over and over and over in every culture now it just so happens that the Indian culture is has been surviving Unbroken these metaphors have been surviving and have been worked on for longer out in the open than any other so that’s why it’s the strongest however as a Westerner it’s I found that it’s not necessary at as particularly as a Westerner it’s not necessarily that that metaphor is going to be the one that resonates the strongest with you because there are other metaphors out there but again they’re describing the same thing all of the practices if they if they’re legitimate and if they they’re time-tested they’re all going to take you to basically the same place which is getting back in getting your mind body soul back in tune with one another so that you can manifest what you want in the world so you can get back in tune with the greater vibration of of the world and that spirituality right on that so now I’m actually I’m getting chills because I feel like the empowerment aspect of mastering and turn your internal mastering your internal thoughts KP remind stream your energy and tapping into these ambient energies and really harnessing them and directing them and like you said you know you could choose any system and do the composite and you’ll see how they line up and it’s a universal spiritual technology so what I am so thrilled about another dimension if you’re being that you’re bringing showing up with in the world is the the political aspects and I got to tell you man I came from a and anarchists background you know as the street protester anarcho-punk black black going off the streets and we were all totally post Marxist materialistic totally atheistic rationalist sight of so it’s like the baby out with the holy water missing out on how much spiritual power we could have had an especially the types of bickering that happened in activist organizations that have no perception of the consequences the karmic consequences of just just unnecessary emotional verbal violence within groups and not having ritual purification not having the kind of solidarity that comes from chanting together if you know what I mean you probably get that in a lot of people don’t and they’re in the system their masters of black tan chair that’s why you have eyes wide shut and the swastika the Third Reich they Master Township but we’ve lost it the people of us it’s so you know how do you drive with spiritual sort of anarchism and in autonomy and anti Sora tarianism from you know from having that background it is my spirituality that influences my anarchism so you know I I came from a definitely left I would say not full blast Marxist but definitely leaning on to the Socialist side in my youth I think that’s I think that’s fair for someone with high trait openness that I think as you see pretty much go towards collectivism before you know what’s good for you or what’s bad for you you know I was heavily involved in the green party anti-war protester for sure Big Time involved in that and that was in you know that the early 2000s huge part of my life but then I realize that and and this is what informs me now you know I say I’m in I’m an anarchist, voluntaryist what I what I believe is that the use of coercive Force someone to do something anything it doesn’t matter what it is is it is not the ethical or moral passants and really all of our sages that’s been the rule right that’s the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have done unto you like that’s the rule so if you don’t want somebody telling you what to do or using violent Force to tell you what to do if you don’t want somebody else stopping you from speaking if you don’t want somebody else shutting down your your mode of being if you’re not hurting someone else then don’t then don’t do that to others and so when does the State the definition of the state is a group of individuals who claimed a monopoly on violent course of what’s the geographic area which to me is immoral and so that’s that’s where my eyes it’s not political write this for me it’s not it’s not a political stand for me it’s an ethical and moral stand yes it looks like politics but I know I don’t take a left side or right side or either one of that either one of those in terms of how I think somebody else should live their life live your life as you choose so long as you’re not hurting other people which is that goes to the black Tantra side you know and that’s where the problem is you know what what I would hope to do what I would like to do and what I feel is my mission to do because I feel like I have gained a lot from the knowledge that I have is that if anyone else wants to share in that knowledge I would love to share it it almost feels like a waste if I don’t so that’s you know and serve the meat coming out of the closet as it were cuz usually most people say that a religion and politics are the third rail of the the escort industry right it’s the one thing you’re never supposed to talk about when you’re out on a date and I really you know Anna and for the most part I don’t but I do have some longtime regular clients who they very much like discussing these things with me and when you have a deep relationship with someone of course these are deep issues right it’s not necessarily something for a first date for anybody but I I get a good sense for people very quickly as if I’m going to drive with them and even if they don’t know much about my politics from seeing me on TV and and I think just put on my general by they get that I’m kind of a laissez-faire Live and Let Live peace and love type of guy and so long as they’re like that it usually over time it’ll end up there we’ll talk about these topics that is so cool yes sir that I thank you for all of that coverage there I think that really sums it up and now you know what is listening to you to your podcast earlier today and was kind of I would like my biggest question was how is he subverting with this undercover Insider job but he’s got to be hacking mines in ethical way just you know helping offer you don’t you want to install some new plug-ins in your Paradigm well as you would know from all your training I mean erotic energy is the ultimate educational ad for Jeezy acts so you’re able to unite erotic hypnotic suggestion you know helping people get through their emotional issues but also opening their their Consciousness to new ideas and learning I mean you’ve got to be just all over the map with that stuff so now we can get into that hacking the sex industry bit where you really are a deep-cover double O7 I left yeah how do you how have you been able to subtly and maybe not so subtly Express that I haven’t seen all the episodes but now I’m going to be glued to it so certainly among the men that I’ve I’ve met the Strait of the straight male escorts I think that I’m a bit of an anomaly there’s not that many of us for the most part the guys get into this now they’re there are a few others who and particularly my one of the costars on my shows also in the works for the same agency Ash Armand has a very strong background in eastern practices and if he’s actually born in India said he’s half Indian raised in Japan a study Tantra quite a bit although I think his for me this is this is what I’ll say this is the first thing that I’ll say is I don’t so much approach I approach what I do as a healing modality but I definitely don’t approach it with a framework that someone might approach if they said oh I’m a tantric sex worker or I’m a tantric this or they said I you know I am a massage I’m a lightworker I do body work I do all of these things I don’t necessarily approach it in that way because for me what the experience and what I’m approaching is what’s the sexual experience is the metaphor I’m approaching it from that that contract metaphor it’s that yes there are these specific practices there are specific says that you can do but we have to understand is that these are derived from a much larger and older esoteric tradition that really like a ritual like chanting as you described like real all of these things are symbol they’re not signs in other words it’s not a prescription for a follow this direction ABCDEFG and you will arrive at something I think anybody who tries to do things that way is going to come off sorely disappointed what these are is they are at and they are a symbol of natural patterns of behavior and actions that allow us to create connections between one another and connections within ourselves so that is to say for instance if you’re talking about meditation and you’re talking about Asia Kundalini meditation you know what the chakras are again you can draw them you know the end people have do depictions of them in various different colors but yes this this is in the imagination this is a spiritual system that’s beyond that so the way that I approach it is what are really going for as I’m going for a connection connection with this person on and I’ll use the metaphor of on a heart chakra level to where we steadily over the time that I’m with them this is what I’m trying to pursue and it’s a practice that I’ve done for so long that I’m not even trying to pursue it anymore it’s just something that I do it’s almost muscle memory if you will like what Bruce Lee said about you become the technique you doing longer think about it it’s just what you are so so what I’m trying to do is to make a truly deep connection and what has to happen in order for that connection to happen is first I have to be open I have to spend a lot I have to do a lot of work within myself to make sure that I don’t have blockages that prevent me from being completely open to share myself that’s the first thing and I think that’s one thing that sometimes adhering to a particular set of I’m going to do this this this this this sometimes you get locked behind that and now you’re not open cuz you’re worried over am I following the directions when the directions were are just a metaphor anyway right the various steps is just a metaphor so what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to open up and then in me opening up its steadily and surely as noticing their blockages in opening those blockages up and then noticing the next in opening that up and it’s funny because as I’ve had conversations with the Ayahuasca shamans that I’ve worked for they said that this is your Shaman this is the same thing that we’re do it and at end this is the role of a shaman the role of a shaman is to embody that open spirituality to leave your ego behind completely at the door and then the individual or individuals or groups that you’re working with your whole job is there is a block let’s take it away and that may be in the form of the conversation that lady digging in I mean it’s it’s part psychoanalysis and then you know it’s part body work it’s all of these things combined and so I have my own system I don’t think that’s something that I could teach but it’s something that certainly works and when interesting thing that is that my clients have consistently consistently use the same term in that is like this is like a drug this experience being around you you are like a drug they will tell me because you get that Euphoria like it’s a real shot like you’re getting a real shot of these actual euphoric hormones that goes through when we are in line the same way that we get with all of our chakras are open and so like I said like I said in the beginning this is just one practice and I’ve met many women in the industry as well who approached it in the same way and have their own sort of metaphor for describing it but it is a healing modality I mean when your open we have so much negativity around sex in our culture and you know people people who we have an obesity epidemic and you know the cure for having eating bad food and what bad people do this to eat good food and we really have a bad sexualitt toxic sexuality issue in our society and we are Society create has created it for hundreds of years Western society and the way to get away from toxic sexuality is she got it there’s got to be good sexuality to take the place of it and there’s just not enough of that but I think that if people will put aside some of the some of the stigma associated with escort work they would see very very quickly that there are a lot of escorts out there that do look at it as a healing modality exactly having a lot of feels like there’s a many more female tantricas off and going by the term ducky knees or the nurse mail. Goes but there’s far less male sexual healing service providers then there are females generally because there’s a huge market for a glorified rub and tug and people who are not necessarily fully initiated into some Growers lineage they can go to a weekend workshop and then actually bring some of that that chakra loving goodness into their practice that’s great you know this is all pushing forward or dissolving the sex phobia can naked sex negative culture that really made Las Vegas what it is I mean that you’re there in fact I was living there and I was doing a pretty kind of deep-cover operation spiritual love life coaching Tantra makeover on a woman there with a woman there and she kind of adopted me into her queendom in and it was I wouldn’t I guess I don’t know how I feel about the word Gigolo in general but I like the terms that you’re using around just being a guy if you know you’re being an erotic guide and you’re bringing in so much fresh Prana into a person’s ecosystem energetically that they can blow off diseases they can blow out neuroses and they can start to experience themselves in a new way and I’m just so pleased to know that this is happening at the end of all places the city of sin this is the most Angelic salvation that there’s ever been a concept that I was trying to I have been initiated into the lineage of of a tantra Guru I have met in in doing this so many in particular women who would have no clue of you know of anything about the any jargon certainly of tatra but who are doing this work and that is to say that this is a universal practice and someone who’s opening up your spirit can show you the way to it yes a guru can take you there quicker but we have to understand that there were there were first people who figured this out of the the the Indians who use Ayahuasca say that the plants showed them so nature itself is there to teach you and there are women in particular who go into this practice and this line of work whose hearts and intentions are pure who are healers by Nature because they’re are people who are healers by nature and therefore who take to take this practice and do the same things that I do with me having been educated with me having my background and they do it as well if not better I mean it’s the same thing as you can go to Juilliard and be trained as a musician your whole life or you can learn to play by ear and be an amazing musician or dancer or wider or Surfer or anything and so what I’m saying is that it is wonderful to be initiated into a lineage that the true power is to say I am a Healer if you are what if you if that is what you if that is who you feel to your core you’re honest with yourself is to say I am a Healer this is the path that feels right and when you start walking down that path you will you will turn into that great healer overtime if you allow yourself absolutely and then not to mention a lot of people have spent multiple lifetimes and probably actually projected themselves into the areas of greatest need sort of Astral triage you know it’s very cool yeah I see people just out of the box they’re already connected they’ve got all the cities I mean the cities are the tantric superpowers that archetypal superheroes are made out of really in pain Au some people just are born with them and not to say that they didn’t work on that for multiple lifetimes and yeah this is so fascinating so if I could I guess if I could ask you you know to talk more about the friction you might have had I know you said you kind of felt so I don’t know exact words you use but just your ability to express your esoteric wisdom and your political philosophies worst have been sort of had to bite your lip in a way to be I don’t know if it’s by contract or just because you’re dealing with other chefs in the kitchen with the editing process but I’m just wondering where did you have to negotiate that was there ever a time when I said hey man no way we’re not letting people know that they can do this stuff on a mass scale you will not do that and we decided part of my learning if there’s one thing that I am at this point it’s pretty socially Adept right like that’s that’s what I do my job is to make people comfortable first and foremost my my clients they this is a strange man and it’s a woman and here comes the strain man clearly usually generally much larger and stronger than she is right and she’s going to be alone with me I’ve got to make her feel comfortable and not and you know if I start out with if it’s a 2-hour appointment which is my my minimum and that’s kind of an intro you know I want her to be so comfortable that she’s like hey you want to go away for a weekend together alone and so making people comfortable and understanding that I need to be where people are at and a reality TV show is not a place for the conversation that you and I are having write a reality TV show called Gigolos now it’s a place to start introducing when it can happen little inklings right just just like I didn’t have the Converses did conversation we’re having I didn’t have that on Jack spearco show but it was a place to introduce a little bit and then introducing that little bit you and I end up meeting and so there’s a there’s a it’s understanding that while we maybe these these Giants spiritual entities and just ready to sort all of that energy and power and heat off of us at any minute that sometimes that’s too hot for the moment right sometimes it’s about turning down the thermostat and making it a nice comfortable situation till everybody wants to stay in the room we don’t want to we don’t want to have none of it so it gets too cold that people leave but we don’t want to turn It Up full blast of that people like this is way beyond me and and the people who want it to get a little hotter so we’ll stick around a little longer and they’ll say hey man can you turn that thermostat up a little bit and then you turn it up but it’s about being patient is about being comfortable in your own skin it’s about enjoying your spirituality for the sake of your spirituality is yours right yes of course it belongs to everybody else but let them come to you and ask you for it because those are the people who cannot appreciate it in the first place when we get it Ray yeah you know any of the word is the quintessential the word transmutation I mean you’re taking the energy and you’re finding it’s very Jedi it’s very ninja yeah it’s so you know the subtleties and the symbolism in in nuances when I was in Vegas I felt it the ability to transmute Vegas sexual energy into spiritual energy it really could be absolutely despite the even being called Sin City it’s actually the place where women have make more money than men wear a jacket if it’s a financial matriarchy the men are showing up to worship the goddess which is very tired and almost the only thing that I would change is maybe to tune the frequency of the club music from 4:40 to 4:32 you know that’s one thing with would you be totally settled and no one would even know they would just feel better and start to heal magically and not know why it is an interesting City I mean it is a it is a city of polarity for sure and it is a city that Demands a great deal with discipline I mean it is a city for discipline that evolves people because if you have if you are unable and if you are undisciplined in terms of your own your own mind set and your own spirituality this city will destroy you and it will destroy you quickly it’s every Vice is available for you but for those people who are evolve and who have a great level of self-discipline I mean this allows you a great deal of freedom and it’s a very non-judgmental City but you figure it really has right cuz it survives on making a a a fantasy experience for people who come from every country and speak every language and have every political persuasion and every background I mean when you think about what the type of environment that you have to create to create a comfortable space for literally everyone then the ability to operate within that space so long as you don’t get caught up in the things that are bent to to empty the wallets of those people when they get comfortable so long so long as you are are disciplined in that regard I mean as you say the energy level here is just it’s on it’s unbelievable and it it can very well be transmuted into incredibly positive and Incredibly healing energy and it has for me and I probably won’t leave I mean I’ll probably be here for the rest of my life well well I’m not no actually while I was there I was surprised to find out that there is a very strong permaculture Community there and there’s some really amazing sights and there’s a meetup group and you would be shocked that mean is also a lot of people you know there’s just so many kind of new age is kind of new age has been demonized away but there’s a lot of spiritual so-called spiritual people coming out of the woodwork there’s Tantra instructors that have very strict kind of more of the yoga lineage I guess you could say but I know some yoga instructors out there and any other people would just assume that it’s the most degrading and most sort of spiritually bankrupt City but actually it’s very wealthy spiritually in a lot of ways about in terms of an a in terms of there’s about a million people in this Valley right but the number of working artists and Singers answers I mean you’ve got what eight or nine Cirque du Soleil shows here I mean there’s live singers who make their living singing in this town by the thousands dancers I mean there’s probably more professional dancers in this town per capita certainly than there is in a place like New York which has Broadway right and so all of those people and then you have all the ancillary things around them so there are dance schools and music schools there’s I mean The Burning Man Community hear the community of people who are hardcore burner is huge I mean all of you go through downtown there’s beautiful murals all over the walls and then you think about you know all of the people who are at these hotels who are doing these gigantic floor all Arrangements in who are changing interior designers and decorators and all of its an artist ladentown and so all of this you know artists are naturally attracted to expanding their spirituality because as you say it’s that Prada that provides the fuel for their Artistic Endeavors so yes this that that is a need that here and so you have this community of people who who has just a part of their life who needs to be constantly engaged in spiritual practice so unlike many something that you wouldn’t think about because it’s it’s not when you come here as a tourist it’s not what you see on the outside but when you stop and think about how many different types of people and what the types of people are that it takes to make that fantasy happen and the Artistry that’s involved in the number of people who are in that artistic Pursuit then it starts to really make a lot of sense of why they just would have that energy right on man we’re definitely speaking a lot of the same language so so tell me what is on the horizon for you mean it sounds like you’re you’re moving beyond that the series and you’re sticking to your guns with the programming that’s really exciting cuz I can only imagine what kind of apps you could be developing you looking forward to as you progress into the you know the next chapters television show we broadcast on YouTube and Twitter and Periscope and Facebook that’s at the dinner money shows that been armani.com so that’s getting more into like the the political sphere of working on a book philosophy book I read a book called out of the gigolo several years ago when I was first got into the industry sort of discussing My Philosophy a lot of things that we’ve discussed today classified ads how I approach the work that I do in that vein but now is I’ve got to sort of more into the the libertarian thinking and boobs and more into that scene in terms of trying to push sort of on a broader scale afford voluntaryism anarchism libertarianism in general I’m so now I’m working on a book about basically the philosophy of self ownership that should be out in a couple of months yeah programming that’s something that will that will never leave at SCI I’ve been a DJ for many years and I had a I had opened the venue hear an art gallery in music venue Hearing in downtown Las Vegas that I recently shut down so music has been out of my life but I kind of feel it coming back in a little bit more of that sort of happens in waves for me so I’m starting to feel more inspired with the with music as well as it’s just I don’t know what song who the hell knows I’ve a few years ago I couldn’t have predicted any of the things that I’ve doing now so I mean what’s on the rising is I’m just going to keep walking down this path and expanding as much as I can and hopefully hopefully in the process of that and doing it a little bit in public that I’ll create some things about you that some other people can can take with them and move the whole journey forward right on well I got to say it mean it is so so shocking and exhilarating to me that the Serendipity of me discovering you of all people through the survival Podcast where you know I’m I consider myself one of the biggest personal fans of the survival Podcast and Jack spearco I mean it’s just so many people out there have lives have been so radically transformed it’s just a complete I just staggering astounding 184 a lot of people to get really on board with with the military mindset of you know really being procedural and having protocols and understanding threats and so many things that spiritual people are so fucking full of shit in their ass and their head is both in the class selector they cannot defend themselves they can’t probably feed themselves some of them may be doing gardening but I mean the synthesis it’s the material Mastery that so many spiritual esoteric people check out of and then they become spineless jellyfish worms that are have to be defended by the people who who they’ve who derided for so long it’s a synthesis is bringing together and I Know Jack is very spiritually Advanced and only just drops little nuggets your friends are probably too just like you’re saying he doesn’t want to blow people’s minds powerful because you know the if the Practical tactical guns to Gardens Mild to Wild kind of that whole if if you know the spiritual people can integrate that and are you bringing if you were able to bring all the stuff together in and really role model a new masculine Paradigm where men are trained skilled lovers and Fighters that’s kind of my I’m putting my chips so to speak you know is the guys the brothers who are you know pushing those boundaries in and weaving all together so well I mean I will say I mean is that is one advantage that I think certainly Eastern spirituality has in the regard of I mean like if we go back to The Vedic literature and we’re talking about the varnas you know so you’ve got your four varna’s of your shoe dresser be present to shatri is a zebras or or or brahmas and fascist that it’s this idea that yes we need the labor the The Thinker the the merchant and the warrior and that these sort of manifest within all of us in different degrees and it’s not that one is better than the other that’s what we miss in Western culture I think a lot is that look in order for society to function correctly we need a balance of all of these energies so it’s like yes that and it’s something that if we truly want to grow if we truly want to expand our Consciousness is expanding our Consciousness is not into the places that we feel comfortable no no it’s expanding our into the places that we feel least comfortable because those are the places where the most gross will happen and the gross will be instant when we confront it and so it’s about because if we want to become a whole person then we need to be the warrior and the priest and the labor and the the merchant as well we need to be all of those things and I think Jack and body that very very well and I think that that’s what you’re that’s fundamentally what what we’re getting at here is that look there’s a lot of think those things that you’re looking at that you’re saying oh I don’t like that I don’t like that that Warrior aspect will that’s your jungian Shadow right there that’s exactly what you need to start exploring why don’t you like it embrace it as a part of you it’s inside of you go after it figure it out and tame it right on man right on well yeah we got a few minutes left do you want to talk about obviously your websites and any last words and then I’ll see if I can take a few breaths you might you might call them purple breaths I don’t know if she take to get to come to my senses now and now I’m kind of StarStruck but I got to think of his anything I want to close with your final questions but while I do that if you can kind of give your your URLs and like all that good stuff live on social media so if you if you have any questions or you want to hit me up its on Twitter I’m just been Armani no spaces and on Facebook saved facebook.com been Armani and Instagram I’m actually been under store Armani but if you if you have questions or you or comments I am I’m there I will answer so I think that’s I think that’s all of them cool and all right well I think I was coming to me is my last question or let’s I think we’ve I think the the culturally we’re pretty well whether you watch Taxi Driver what if there’s did the mail angst of sexual deprivation from access that creates child molesters rapist and John’s and porn addicts you know and Priests who do all those things in my about it and pretend that they’re not involved in some sort of Shadow sexuality and we have a long way to go to actually solve and heal the wounded masculine and to end the duck how many females are the ones who are coming in doctoring the chakras of the men who are you know where they have small penises or their service are typically not attractive or they have some paraphilia or fetish and then the Doms come in but there’s a there’s a big industry for male sexual Shadow workers you know to come in and and doctor them in Shamanism and you’re representing a very different or a very assertive under-represented demographic of the male sexual shadow dancer lightworkers but say and I’m just curious so the question would be since we know we have a good we know that men are sexually pretty fucked and need a lot of help you know but women are as well because they’re not being well fucked by men for certainly their husbands and what advice do you have two women who may make the maybe they’ve got the budget to take a trip to Vegas and now they’re not just going to go to the you know go get wasted and you know kind of just put money in somebody’s mule leopard g-string or whatever it is that they do to kind of have a superficial taste of that but you’re providing Divine sacred masculine healing services in the belly of the Beast and you’ve got to have some insight so for the women who were listening this who were like wow I didn’t know that this Paradigm even existed you know what he would have eyes do you have for the the wounded feminine and what what can how can you Enlighten us to say you know what we really need to be more compassionate for what women are going through we need men to learn how to retain their semen in master multiple orgasms so they can go further with their beloveds and you know just some advice for to honor the feminine here you know before we close out but I will say that that this is this is the I will give this is actually advice for for both sexes because it it truly is the same but it is the manifestation of the divine feminine is that what you have to ask yourself do you want to remain as you are or do you want to grow do you want to become someone new and someone that you can be proud of and grow in your spirituality or do you want to massage your ego so that you can fool yourself into believing that you are already everything that you could possibly be because that’s the second one that massaging of the ego if that’s what you’re after then what you’re going with if that’s your true intent then what you’re going to pursue is you’re fundamentally going to pursue control that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to pursue dominance you may very well pursue being submissive but it’s being submissive under your control under your terms whereas if you want to grow if you want to grow spiritually this isn’t any spiritual practice and and that control that is that is masculine energy and its toxic masculinity to control if you really want to grow in your spirituality and I think it’s the place that our culture is lacking we have plenty of that push for control in our culture plenty of it where we’re lacking is in is is basically in surrender that you’ve got to say look I’m willing to put myself in a situation that is going to help me grow and I’m willing to surrender to that situation now what you’re able to do beforehand if you’re able to figure out where what that situation is you don’t want to just put yourself into any Old Situation you want to be informed about what’s going to happen but then you’ve got to be willing to surrender to it and no matter what the spiritual practice is whether it’s you know whether it’s finding you know a lightworker to work on you it’s not going to be on your terms it’s not going to be on your terms and if they’re good it’s not happening on their terms either it’s happening on the terms of the truth of that interaction so whether that’s you know you’re doing Ayahuasca ceremonies or or other shamanic a plant medicine practices weather that’s Bodywork whether that’s music whether that’s you know you’re expressing yourself artistically you’re going to have to surrender and it’s in that surrender that the growth happen and so that’s what’s missing is that it’s it’s not unmasculine to surrender to an experience that is going to help you grow as a matter of fact that is the most Brave and the most courageous thing you’ll ever do in your life you jump into the mouth of Kundalini Shakti goddess in you were going to be ya to take him places that to require a lot of courage and absolutely man well that’s that’s beautiful and I like the way you tied it together you know beyond gender we’re just talking about the polarities of archetypal energies and you got to you got to be a master of both Shiva Shakti so right on man will thank you so much I just feel totally and enliven and enrich stand Enlighten after this and the world I’m going to probably get a few more hours of sleep at night knowing that you’re already light years ahead of where I thought things were going okay you know I really want to thank you for for reaching out and for allowing me to have this conversation as you could imagine as I enter you should be aware that there are not a lot of forums and not a lot of people who are prepared to have a conversation on this level so I appreciate the work that you’re doing it’s it’s it’s Unique in its needed and and thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself absolutely I’m sure our paths will cross somewhere out here yeah we will be in touch very much all right bye-bye you care if I buy thank you for listening to the podcast please go to www.crunch.com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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