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Subversion through Perversion with Manny Festation of Porno Plague TPP210


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About Porno Plague:

“Greetings, foolish masturbators. Please allow me to introduce you to; Porno Plague! I’ll be your host… Your Ghost Host, Mr. Manny Festation. I am the coordinator of this rag tag group of renegade smut enthusiasts. The title of owner and operator however, goes to our Lord, God, on high. Blessed be his name.

We are a group of 13 prophets (myself included) sent by the powers that be to reign down a smut epidemic the likes of which the world has never known! Each of us, representing a different region of the world and categorical taboo.”


More about Manny:

I’m also a former Christian youth pastor, had a small but successful stint as a professional wrestler in the indie circuits. I studied religious philosophy and social psychology before dropping out to pursue my own path. I’ve help produce and direct several Renegade Disney projects and am an Occult enthusiast. Other than Porno Plague I am launching a myriad of other projects under my company name; “Obscaena co” which specializes in purposely obscene content. I’ve dubbed it, “social experimental entertainment”. (Porno Plague being a branch of this endeavor).

“Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis.”

-The Ghost Host

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township on podcast episode number 210 I’m being joined by manifestation and he is also known as the ghost host and is that main project we’re going to talk about today is poor no plague which I am a member of the XPS. Net professional community of people all throughout different sectors of the adult industry come together find work share resources share knowledge and insights and the great forum and had good luck just reaching out and in asking for folks to they like to come on my podcast and talk about the work they’re doing in the space I’m definitely like an independent DIY level producer performer and always interested in more networking opportunities so many is one of the folks who who stepped up and took a look at some of my work and some shirts and blinks and I was a really turned on by a lot of what I was seeing at the porno flick sites and also very interested in the edgy taboo religious and spirituality themes that were coming up and though we may we may represent the movie working on behalf of different different entities and duties but stay as far as I’m concerned I’m interested in the art and creativity and the expression also the sort of just non-traditional and more which is more DIY artistic expression and interested in in just different cultures in different ways of people coming out now in and making their own telling their own story through pornography is very interesting and very fascinating from anthropological syrup refectocil with all that said many thank you so much for reaching out and I’m excited to hear all about the work that you’re doing and what brought you up to this this point of taking this role is that the ghost host and thank you for the invitation really I was a great introduction and you’re good at this a manifestation I am the coordinator for the plague just to get started God came down from heaven and told me to go out into the world and find 12 prophets to rain down a smile like the likes of which the world has never known so that’s pretty much where we’re at we’re introducing profit by profit and non-profit represents a different region of the world and Tabu category of pornography that is very exciting and so then that that excites me about this is that a lot of the religious right backlash against also called smut Peddlers is it they they seem to think that the narrative that you just explained in very plain English is like the the secret conspiracy of all of the smut Peddlers out there and I really think that most smut Peddlers are not that sophisticated in their permission in their their operation and didn’t yet you stand out with this Mission as a very purposeful very formidable adversary to to their agenda so please let’s unpack all this like I’d love to get into the Gory details like what was this experience like of this with this Revelation and and tell us obviously about the the prophets in the taboos can you just throw to unpack all this and go down the the table of contents absolutely I can give you a little run-down Prophet by Prophet the first one comes from Nazca Peru what does Masada mean she represents South America and routine of corn on the second one I came across was Herod or he goes by the username meet the creeper and you represent your lawyer in your hidden cameras things of that nature we have I see we have a c k e r r r Asian Ali Jihad from the Middle East Bernie Lomax nice little throwback there he’s our vintage porn bus Blackmagic representing Africa course whole gang men that is so cool mean it with this / I’m getting is more of like a graffiti crew or like a hacker team or something like a crew of people probably in somewhere in the 20s 30s ish I would imagine but who are like at the peak of having so much passion to express themselves and to be really out there in the world and not not afraid of like the future consequences of who you know that the things as you get older you get more conservative you get more cheerful about Grand Vacations but at a certain stage do you know when I think weed collectives of younger folks coming together in the same like we’re going to fucking do our thing I die Digger this Ensemble the sensible thing so how did you go about finding all these folks I’m basically all your big internet websites to find a landform for amateur models meet the creeper comes from the infamous and and websites and the darknet has traveled around and I found all these guys and we all sort of agreed we had this unique perspective on porn especially with the age of the internet and don’t you know on the front page of corn and you see all the starter box inside the videos and he’s definitely a darker nature in human beings and it seems like the manicure World wants to sort of ignore its we want to exploit The Fetish culture II deeper level and actually I think the progressive conservative religious right forces have basically they’re reaping what they sowed right because now if they would have let people just be free and be themselves and not be afraid and ashamed of all the stuff and it wouldn’t things wouldn’t wouldn’t have to to be we have the way they are now which is like people have to really put their lives at risk to to experience pleasure they want to have with her it’s just kind of vanilla almost sexuality or more extreme BDSM whatnot so just give us sort of the elevator pitch or or even more if you’d like half of what they’re their back story is like I feel like we’re playing a video game is like Street Fighter and you get to little bio on you see like they’re you know where they’re from and you see that that’s a great way of putting a man especially that first that yet the court has been very depressed for a long time and it’s exploding everybody’s face which is why we use the hashtag of leg is coming actually what we do is sort of satirical in a way so we can work characters especially with the category that the rent in the reading the world to represent they sort of them backlash against their own culture for example of our first model of the Latin model tourism sodomy she comes from here in Peru South America near there’s a very Macho culture but behind the scenes there’s a a lot of transvestites were example I’m not sure what the politically correct term is anymore so she sort of going against let the Macho culture here and being the dominatrix or middle eastern model Ali Jihad she’s been an arranged marriage and she wears her her facial mask and sort of expressing strong she’s a lesbian and she can express yourself more freely and I’m that’s that’s really the jest of it is I’m work splitting the taboos for all these different cultures where these people live like a man that is so exciting so now I want to go I want to be able to go and see you like where would I cuz I I looked at a couple of the the tube sites and I’m just kind of surf the bit on the different the different videos but is there a place online where you have sort of like a perfect profile Pages for each one of these characters that’s a great question actually I’m right now we have four notes like that, which is being built up and yeah it’s it’s sort of anybody’s guess right now through the tube sites we don’t have an individual profile for every character right now but we’ve only really introduced our first two prophets Tortas and sodomy and meet the creeper through the tube sites of that you’re going to see the majority of their material right now and every month we’re going to be releasing a good bulk of the next Prophet character represents a different month of the year they all ironically have different zodiac sign things of that nature well actress is so cool man I just feel like this is this is going to be the next Comic-Con sensation because there’s like a cosplay element going on there’s there’s this so much is this it just feels like it it it it hits the spot in so many ways to be able to I am just realized I wish that I was I wish that this was part of of my my younger years and I guess I still I myself I still have like a a character Persona and what not but are you so are you imagining this is going to scale to a point where I mean you said the prophecy was for the pick up the commandments so to speak that you got was for 12 but you’ve do you expect that this will kind of spark of movement and people will want to join and want to fit in somehow to this Mondelez affair so I’m never anybody who’s not one of the main prophets in joining and as soon as they’re material or fan photos but yeah it’s definitely sparked an interest in a lot of people and in the coming months websites going to have a ton of material in content that we haven’t been able to Sean to do besides yet cool man well that’s exciting and it’s good to know that this is disgusted look forward to and in the sub Center development on how it how have you been getting attention in marketing is just been I’m like super curious how how the high be able to stand out I mean this is so unique I can see it it’s super compelling and I’m just curious of all of the strategies and Pathways now with the internet that you could you know that you could explore like what has been working well for you as first marketing promotion strategies right right a little bit and marketing has been pretty easy you know through tags and just being completely different people are interested whether they like it or not so I’m getting to where we’re at now we’ve been building audience through the tube sites before the actual main Hub websites open up and it’s been an easy man to Cakewalk building up her audience that way we definitely have a big punk rock element to it it’s been fun mended the comment section under videos are like YouTube everybody’s arguing about our philosophy and people are confused and keep some questioning I think that’s really keeps on coming back to you you know what else this reminds me of that is so near and dear to my curly you know very extremely fucking rebellious in earlier years was the band Gwar your did you ever get into them where you found of Gore I love war actually yes. Man I was watching some interviews on the Sally show just this morning before they embody that that I’m just remembering the lyrics and just this hilarity and discussed and satire and revulsion that they embody but it was also like so compelling and so I might think the first time I saw I was exposed to them was in that movie with Ethan Hawke called Mystery Date were they actually were at a club in the movie Theses you see that and now I think this is like the second coming so you guys should start a band 2 sped up like Punk background music almost like a noise like a handjob music video and and I love that and I love this idea of like just the spirit of DIY men porn now being something that we couldn’t really we certainly couldn’t publicize we could make it back in my you know de I guess you could say but now it’s like a you want to like make a statement you just get a camera get on a tube site and Bam like do your thing and throw some music on there so how does punk rock play into your personal life and is it part of the 1st fabric of the collected that you’re building one. oh yeah for sure man I’m a during my youth punk rock was a very inspirational and I saw the same in your videos talking about your background and growing up I’m punk rock’s been very important to me what are some of that what are some of the styles that you were gravitated towards in the in the punk movement back in the day man up Hed PE Randstad the transplants no bands like that big Marilyn Manson fan Blink-182 actually coincidence are prophets that were found throughout the internet like tortoise inside of me is actually meet the creeper by Rob Zombie Blackmagic Hed PE all the usernames actually I’m sync up to sort of 90s nu-metal punk rock band song then also I’m somewhere I’m somewhat scared to even invoked the name but it reminds me of the Juggalos in the Insane Clown Posse and like the the cultures that spin off of bands and the sort of the yeah man like it really is the glue of generations coming up together and getting into extreme music of whatever genres in I really appreciate the people who can appreciate appreciate the people who can appreciate multiple genres and be into the goth industrial Punk metal and you don’t have all of that be influences in and what not so yeah me hopefully you all will be those of you musically inclined will will start to produce tracks of your own to go with them is that something that anyone’s doing or you just talked about doing oh yeah we got to talk to her a couple bands I’m here locally in Peru and back in the states that we’re going to start getting music from and no make it more than just born doll some music videos with slower videos been equated to already right now this is what is this is what is also a very interesting layer of legal protection for us pornographers is that if there is political educational or artistic value I believe those are verbatim words that protect you from sanity laws you know then don’t quote me on it but but I’ve looked into some of this President and I know that like there’s certain things Scott blood you know there’s a list of there’s like a black list of of things that will definitely get easy obscenity prosecution happened but but a buffer I don’t know so much about exactly protect me from you no liability with those things would just in general like if you can prove that it’s has artistic value and instantly if there is a music video element and certainly there is a a message that’s coming out with with the the statements that you’re making is that the backlash against the repression of each culture I think this is a hugely I mean who for all we know they’ll be a you know Museum a traveling Museum Roadshow to like demonstrate to the world that says he’s beautiful acts of political art that you’re making I certainly feel that way about it and I know there are places you know around the within the sort of dungeon gsm network and in the even the sex positive sort of network where they would you know I would love to like see people organize a film screening like a film fest and have your videos be be like a whole night you know the phone says they’ll be great right actually obscenity laws of something that incorporate we try to walk that fine line does he know if the majority is offended then you’re in trouble that’s basically with the obscenity laws boil down to which is also why I like to call the social experiment to entertain so there is some kind of scientific value there or artistic for example in press that you knew that much about it then it’s it will get me what something is cool about what we’re both doing is like exploring these religious themes and that is usually what will get you the most backlash because people are so so neurotic about it and you know they just can’t it can’t enjoy you know even though the humorous or satirical aspect of it at all and there’s certainly people who don’t want to see anything interracial you know for fundamentalist reasons are simple you don’t want to see depictions of religious figures of course defamed and that I mean altimate sacrilege me weird then the territory of ultimate sack religion but I also feels like the Most Blessed place to be so I don’t know you go figure yeah yeah for sure man in the dangerous me about your work to I’m a big spiritual into it while I feel like I’m exploring more of those Fat Tire you take it very seriously I saw through your videos and I’m interested in that man at the beginning of this during the introduction you said that we might be coming from two different entities I was wondering if you could touch on that a little bit cuz I’m interested well well thank you I mean you’re turning your back on me a little bit I’ll try to I’ll keep it short so we can keep the focus on you and overall but but I do appreciate the conversation last back then and I’ll say that this is an interesting a very interesting juncture for what were you and I are talking about now because I would say we we live in a world where and a time where we Revenge either directly or indirectly like horribly victimized by the corrupt pedophile Empire of the Catholic church that owns more property than any other single entity on the planet in this basically mine fucked and spiritually abused everybody who’s been forced to speak English and Spanish for like centuries in that space of like spiritual violation in trauma it’s very difficult and I think the punk rock movement in an even Marxism and communism the there has been a major rebellion and backlash against all things religious all things spiritual and then and then we sort of Miss this this important more indigenous deeper element which is a Shamanism a shamanistic approach to having right relationship with the spirit world which contains parasitic entities synergistic enter the entities and sometimes neutral entities but you know having an appropriate and spiritually intelligent shamanic relationship with energies and entities that are unseen and then interacting you know socially and sexually with other human beings knowing that there’s this greater invisible landscape that’s that’s where you know the the science and mysticism really has value and end I would say like the lake will freeze apples not all demons are bad like if you just start there and so you know some of them can be trained to be your lapdogs some of them can be trained to be your assassin some of them can be trained to or contracted with and bargain to be bounty hunters or others all kinds of relationships that can be cultivated so that’s why I say it’s like you know we maybe we may be dabbling or playing with different different archetypes and energies in and you know I come I played a bunch of Death Metal I I used to carve myself up and paint pentagrams and six six six with my blood and you know that was me just sort of dabbling in the realm of Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath Slayer level consciousness of evil forces and then getting more into Shamanism understanding yeah you know that’s kind of a child’s play the really more sophisticated mean is going to understand the Continuum and the taxonomy of the spirit will a little more and then actually be more of a designer and not just kind of like be spoon-fed Satanism or something kind of kind of false in in fake so like I got that vibe from you on like I didn’t see this what you doing oh man this is like really cartoony want to be like poser Satanism something that I could see that there’s a deeper message in a deeper sophistication so so back back to you I guess what what how would you describe your the way you reconcile the dark and the light and you know the Divine and the hell is she there all bunch of assholes I agree and we will expose them those kind of people that sounds like the route you were going with sounds like you’ve been reading on a solemn in a little bit like the Lesser key in the ground wires you know some deeper reading material there be I know exactly where talk about those are Satanism and yeah we’re not about that mean we like cartoony and satire don’t get me wrong definitely smells better than anybody like you it’s not all that simple indeed and actually I should say to to clarify actually love the cartoon aesthetic I love anime I love graphic novels I think it’s by the best way to teach a more punk rock spirituality is through a more fun in approach in with art and so I’ve definitely made Might my logo is a cartoon as well so I should say I don’t want to put down the cartoon that’s not an insult it is it is you say like you know what what is what is the angle but I could just tell you no Tortas and sodomy there is a vibe that is being exuded where’s like I don’t think I’ve seen a happier person in my life Glee and pleasure total debaucherous Hedonism that is making this woman seemed so fucking thrilled and I think a lot of the Sexes negativity just comes down to jealousy that other people are having more fun than you are and so we’re proving to the world that did that there’s this is just more fun to be more open and more experimental Yeah man so what are some you have more kind of future plans things to do that are you rolling out today have also coming up on the horizon and we should Nova other than the corn world when do you plan on getting forming like a an LLC or Corporation or somehow in like starting to set up booths at the different porn conferences and actually having more of like a what’s your brand strategy overall or is it you’re going to keep him or kind of just DIY and oh yeah we’re definitely going to start a cult and set the world on fire there might be The Thrill Kill Kult now they say that another one people have so much fun playing with his stuff so yeah that my grandfather was a tour bus driver and he toured with the Lords of acid umbilical call back in the mid-nineties well well that explains a lot doesn’t it scare my grandfather was awesome. Manuel fucken table volume down and tipping hats to all of the the shoulders that we stand on the people who like really yes if you are there other other like industrial band influences that you like or got there in like that Nine Inch Nails all the way men there definitely awesome yeah yeah I hear you man and so have you thought about doing with say like a like a lot of a lot of strip clubs and dance clubs night clubs and stuff they will feature adult performers as feature dancers and they make tons of money doing that one if you thought about doing like a burlesque or like a cabaret show what kind of thing with if this getting some of these folks together in and actually kind of doing like a dance troupe or something very interesting I can play with that so that kind of gives you more like a I feel like this is what I’m seeing a lot of a lot of independent adult performer personalities do with their brands that don’t have like a the safe for work personas online and then a not-safe-for-work personas online and they will just wear a bunch of different hats and be like Jack’s and Jill’s of all trades in Renaissance men and women and just developed a huge you know YouTube type of following and also could be like having little teasers for pornhub or whatever and so yeah hopefully that you all can can scale up and just kind of like you said be a fucking play again infect every fucking stuff yeah for sure man and you said it best to I’m we have actually been doubling on YouTube on Wii with Channel called Trigger Happy I got to get you into Fun trouble well so is there a do you have it I would I would love to if each of you all had a Manifesto on your journey to the profile so that you know people could that’s kind of like how they did the Gwar thing right they said they had an origin story and they kind of had like they’re just rude and crude fucking coming days relatively new but yeah you definitely have the right idea everybody comes from a very unique background to wait to post this until you have the website up and running and then I can link to it and it can be a seamless experience and go and check it out that’s going to be awesome yeah yeah man I don’t think I’ll be longer than I’ll maybe Saturday we’ll have it all posted up on the website Cool all right, it’ll be on the main page Okay cool so tell us about your mysterious many what how did you evolve personally to get to to get to this point of fat that’s a hell of a story where do I start guess I was but I was bullied a lot in school and one thing led to another and I got into professional wrestling just to kind of stand up for myself and professional wrestling lead to getting into stomach work quite a bit and I was inspired a lot when I was a kid by like the Indiana Jones stunt show at Disney World and the crazy story of how it all came together but one thing led to another I got like a big following in the professional wrestling circuit and that’s what led me to want to start my own kind of parity quote and would that part of leg was born through the call aspect of it all like trying to build a following in that sell up the tube sites and all this girl into it so fucking cool man I miss something that just died just resonate with which is it everybody out there is in denial that they are trying to build the cult of personality around an idea that they have that they think is worthy of other people you know giving a time of day to and the the level of transparency that she have about like that I just thought it was Dirty parody cold and just be real enough to put words in your mouth but I really respect that and I really think we should just if we were more honest about the really you if you if you have a creative idea and your wealth with for one there’s a difference of two types of people almost in this world I think it’s like you have producers and consumers you know and if you’re not making a movie out of your life Urban going to be an extra in someone else’s life movie and that’ll be all she wrote you know so so you can stand up yeah you have your idea you birth your EBT you have your brainchild and your you create a monster and if you want people to participate in the in the cult of your band or the cult of your your graffiti art or the cold or whatever it is there’s no shame in that and the only shame is when everybody isn’t their own coat here you know the only shame as if you were you’re not also doing your own thing and rotating that the attention that power so I thought I’d like this ensemble cast that you created and you may be the founder but doesn’t sound like you’re the o’mighty overlord is going to be hypnotized and manipulate people of sounds like people have a lot of autonomy and it’s more of a saturated cold if you will Geico life worth writing about with right somebody else’s life story well that’s a good one yeah and then Jim Morrison said did you have a good world when you died Jim Morrison and get stuff and get stuff for me about if you don’t want to tell the story of how you expatriate it and is that appropriate to share or what was that you want to tell the story of cuz you’re no longer in that did you expatriate from the US or you can you tell that story of where you’re you got relocated oh yeah yeah yeah I can do that no problem I’m currently living down in arequipa Peru and I got married back in 2015 and sleep I was taking care of my grandparents to lay passed away and decided to just move here with my wife instead not a very interesting story okay so now it’s I’m frustrated because you’re there you get to observe is like so you’re deep cover operative Tortas and sodomy doing this very taboo and in in Latin America you don’t fuck around and break with the Catholic Church you know there’s serious fucking mobster mafia-style death squads all connected to that shit and I will be I will be scared shittless fbe rocking that boat yet you all are doing a very blessed me and I’m sending my prayers to you to have all the protection that you need but I’m just curious if you have a sense of operational security around you know the there being any kind of backlash that isn’t just you know what backlash from people who are like real extreme haters that they might want to you know that you might want to be Detroit wheel and consider a threat I’m just curious if you have like a if you guys are fucking training with weapons and your bad ass isn’t going to be able to fucking slice-and-dice anybody that steps in your path or what right you had to take that shit very seriously and no I wouldn’t say there’s any training or protection needed men we like the open about it we’re not really scared we like being in people’s faces so you want them to know standing there with bells on that’s cool you know I also it’s a notice something interesting doing a lot of webcamming myself is that there seems to be a huge underground industry of webcamming Studios all throughout Latin America because I would assume that I’m not to be classes store a racist but I would assume that just a car like the it not everybody is going to have a super-fast Wi-Fi you know in their home not everybody’s going to have that all of the equipment needed so there’s more of like a of a camping Studio industry that I see where it looks like there’s groups of friends and couples you know it won’t show up and and basically give the house they’re cut but then they will have their show and I’ll do the county show and they’re just more just more of a studio based business model than like a home-based business model that you have in quote-unquote more developed countries and I could be totally projecting I could be totally wrong Lion Inn in misinformed and in presumptions about that but if that is the case where that makes me very interested to explore and discover is like what I witnessed on these webcamming sites is literally these collectives and teams there is like one called the best friends team or something and I think they were competing against each other for the most tips in a session whatever witnessing this new team sport of young people expressing themselves sexually in figuring out the most beautiful and elegant yogic configurations of mutual pleasure and orgies and just watching them add more logs for the fire and is a we haven’t seen this on Earth for thousands of years and it’s all coming out because of the financial incentive of webcamming where people who are rich basically and developed country term so-called are able to shower money onto the impoverished young people and hopefully not minors that’s you know knock on wood that they’re doing appropriate age verification but is it but what’s happening is that there’s a financial incentive to break every fucking Christian taboo of homosexuality and I’m watching beautiful friends doing all kinds of freaky by sexual stuff with no shame whatsoever and they’re just laughing and smiling and carrying on like you’ve never seen anybody and four Americans are on antidepressants it’s because they’re not they’re not having team sport webcamming sessions with all the male and female and trans friends like these blessed souls in South America near you’re not wrong you’re actually very very correct somebody puts their house up basically and they have a good internet connection and computer Hino capable of me know doing the camping and dumb they they kind of just like ask around for like models and couples and they come over and they do their thing for a few hours and the next couple comes in and I’m letting something that happens a lot here in South America Peru is kind of a conservative country although it’s some getting a lot more open lately but I noticed the profiles from Colombia Argentina and Brazil but a lot of those are actually Venezuelans and I’m sure you’ve heard about the political problems and oppression there right now so a lot of them are coming from Venezuela and masking their eye peas and make it look like they’re from his other countries that helps a lot but you’re totally correct about them the house internet sharing with friends I would love to make a good net fix the Netflix documentary about this phenomenon cuz I was on that I will be on camming and I would just be in order to keep myself aroused you know I would just be like thumbing through other people camping at the same time and sometimes you even be looking at each other at the same time from across the world like like working working yourself into a frenzy just like looking in the first night I just I’m on there like they’re with their on my stream and I’m on there seem like we’re actually fucking like don’t even know but we’re like beating up to each other. It’s just it’s so interesting man it’s like so social diesel Viagra and bring it back to you and then for no plague is that have you thought about creating a dedicated stream where you have different models come on under that title or maybe they have their own James but they going to represent the brand and so there’s like a a sort of aggregate Network effect true prophets and play games on whenever you watch a video on the tube sites we have the promotional links and advertising and if applicable it’ll take you to that models a webcam channeling opiate ChatterBait or jam.for wherever they come from most of our models are webcam models cool man that now I’m going to eat that’s going to cost me a few a few hundred hours in my life catching up on what I’m missing out on this because this is and it’s so cool and so interesting and fun and I guess I get bored easily with the typical whatever porn whatever camming and so if there’s this sort of cult conspiracy cabal thing happening it’s growing in in kind of fun taking over and eventually you know could be some sort of a revolution and then that’s very exciting hell yeah it’s happening man for sure cool and well I would yeah I’d say I’m like this is now something I’m extremely thrilled about almost more than anything else I’m aware of going on I’m pretty pretty bored with a lot of the things that I’ve been involved in for a long time so it says it’s especially exciting as a as things continue to grow and develop feel free to hit me up and would love to have you back on or if you have other other prophets that would like to come on but it’s an open invitation or anyone else Affiliated I think this is really something I would like to to keep stay aware of into to help promote and certainly they had the spirit of punk and a spirit of Gwar you know I love to just go in there is the notion of poetic terrorism you know when you can take that to be artistic you can just take that it’s like we don’t you know the pain is mine oh you know what I realized if you if you heard the expression the pen is mightier than mightier than the sword what happens if you take the space out between 10 and is between pain and Ms I can see if you was at there’s a typo if it was a typo and you forgot to add the space between those two words how would that read the pen mightier than the sword but don’t take out is just take out the space between pain and is penis the penis muscle that’s my new motto that’s awesome in every book of the Bible to pee so like the first one is Genesis and exodus Gods coming then well yeah again let’s let’s follow up in the future and and I’m glad to be a vector of this this plague transmission and hopefully whoever is listening to this and your blood’s been boiling and you know your ear your hair is turning white and you’re just mortified that I would be so so loose in my my spiritual correctness well this is this is something for you too to meditate on deeply into really appreciate that this is the this is the The Reaping of what was selling by by the sex negativity so we’re going to we’re going to come at you and it’s going to be raw and fun no I had a blast man I think we have a lot in common and you just bringing me back to some of the The Glory Days of when I had even when I had more brass balls you know my balls are getting a little bit jaded a little bit tarnished to it over the years we could polish them off make shiny brass balls again I am here man cool man all right will any other things you want to share again once again give the websites and and then we’ll call the show oh yeah I know that about do it man I just want to say I really appreciate you inviting me on to spend fun talking to somebody who’s similar minded and that about do anything cool and so that’s porno play calm and all of your all of the other sites are just link from there so people should just start there and go down the rabbit hole that’ll work well I appreciate looking forward to the updates and we’ll be in touch soon and take care and have a good one Township Park. Calm and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite Tikka logical employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Country Park. Com Thomas Day


Eco-Punks Hacking The Permaculture Design Course TPP208


Ben with Bouquet

In this episode I’m joined by my revered permaculture teacher and issuer of my permaculture design certificate. To protect his identity and allow him appropriate distance from the extreme edginess (permies will laugh) of my current path, he’s taken on a sci fi pseudonym. We discuss the origin story of our epic collaborative brother-from-another-motherhood. We bonded instantly many years ago over our mutual love of nature, science, diy tech, radical activism, the punk politics of resistance, and the unmatched sophistication of subversiveness to be found in the permaculture design movement.

At the time our paths crossed, I had been exposed to permaculture for about 10 years, but only within the year previous to our meeting in the late 2000s had I become seriously engaged in study of the design science. He appeared in my life at the best of all times for me to appreciate his insights and accomplishments. I put my best efforts into earning his respect and approval as a budding permaculturalist. As per the original intent of the founders of permaculture, certified designers are encouraged to develop a mastery of the system in order to embolden them to create their own certification course curriculum with adherence to the fundamental contents and structure of the original permaculture design course. I was blessed to establish a barter relationship with him so that I had an extended mentorship which included and transcended the standard PDC curriculum with more oversight and technical support than would be normally accessible in a traditional 72 hour course. My one-on-one training took place over the course of about a year and a half. He provided guidance through my designs spanning apartment scale gardens, to a warehouse parking lot edible park installation,  to semi-rural farmstead, and various business and community projects in between.

The intent of our discussion in this episode beyond reminiscing on the past, was to establish the integrity of the lineage of my training, and once again seek approve for one of my designs, in this case, the design of my customized permaculture design course curriculum, an adaptation of the way he provided the course for me.

To be expected, I integrate elements of eco and sacred sexuality with tasteful aesthetics and scientific maturity, he provides his feedback and ultimate approval. We share a sense of deep honoring for the irrepressible hacker mindset of the co-founder Bill Mollison. We dare to presume he’d be proud of my attempts to design for the sector of sexual energy, which without a doubt is the most powerful, yet least valued and most poorly managed energy flow pattern in sustainable human settlement design and engineering.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin eligible events Wall, Township on podcast episode number 2089 being joined by Paul Atreides who is the mysterious figure who has played a very important role in my my personal development as a permaculture a designer’s he is the man who I would say provided for me a one-on-one very intensive long-term permaculture training that resulted in me having the confidence in me to issue me the coveted permaculture design certificate which is a 2 to display to the world saying that one has completed the 72-hour minimum course curriculum to be then qualified to operate commercially using the word permaculture according to the guidelines laid out by the the co-founder Bill Mollison many years ago that the late great Bill Mollison and so for those who are not familiar with the term permaculture we’ll get into that a bit but it’s it’s part of how I promote my work as a permaculture designer and Tantra accounts that help people grow spiritually sexually and ecologically and I really feel that I’ve been able to bring a permaculture perspective to a lot of the healing modalities that are out there that sort of what’s often considered woo and new age and energy work and all that you know really bringing a grounded earth science perspective to my work and and all that really comes literally thanks to this man here who for various reasons we’re going to keep his his true identity obscured but we’ll just kind of get into what I what I intend to do is is take this topic of Tanks hacking permaculture to tell both of our stories about how we became radicalized through the punk rock movement and got into college activism and in basically at some point discovered the glory of the permaculture design system and then put our hacker Minds to work to figure out how to count of Avail ourselves of more open source content and actually start to open source permaculture that was its original intention anyway so it was supposed to be resistant to proprietary mechanisms resistant to Academia and but also conducive to people’s right livelihood and conducive to successful businesses and all of that is encoded into the prime directive in the ethics but you know something I’ve come to to know and love and I have grapes with certain aspects of how the movement has evolved then we’re going to talk a bit about our feelings are true feelings about about that stuff too so this is hopefully just going to be a a primer on what what the punk attitude how the punk attitude approaches the permaculture design system and how both of us are working and there are various ways to to really further further the the objectives that that we’ve been working towards for so long using this technology so with all that said call please share what you would like to do about your journey discovering permaculture where you what you’ve accomplished with it within your boundaries of of secrecy about your you know personal details and in time place and manner but maybe some of your accomplishments and and certainly how you’re feeling about the movement today and then we’ll go from there yeah I think you mentioned in any little bit more time and you conversation were now was the creation and Company drive for college activism and full and total Embrace of the Bay Area radical Anarchist activist movement or late night into the early 2000s and there was an awful lot of activities going on that were crime initiate and instigate and inspire people like being in myself to further educate ourselves and look into interesting things about ecology and direct action and art and we can put on different lenses and and look at landscape in different ways and throughout those experiences and Inspirations and I was introduced to the idea permaculture alongside with the writings of philosophical take on natural farming we’re just of enormous impact in my view of the world and my desire to a brave nature and and push a naturalistic approach to rewilding or not necessarily rewilding but even gardening in harmony I’ll take a moment to push this back to YouTube and and and see if anything that I just mentioned kind of jumped out at you and there’s a point that we should send out a little bit more and me and the sky oh yeah I think if we’re going on a certain timeline maybe we could talk about just the from a Terence McKenna perspective there’s this like a Creo time-wave coiling of of of of history repeating where I would say the the anti-globalization movement was a sort of unfortunately not as maybe right maybe it was maybe it wasn’t but it certainly was like the closest thing to a Berkeley 60s movement that had there has been since 9/11 and like we both had that experience of a major boost in that belief that we were part of something timely that we were part of a revolution that we could like almost snap our fingers and topple the entire global system of you know the power elite and that we had you know we had the numbers we had the intelligence and but it also wasn’t sustainable in failed and numerous ways and I’m wondering if I have for you if you want to talk about how the the deeper timelines that permaculture opens up those intergenerational timelines of Earth repair and stewardship you know how that reconciled for you because I fucking burnt out after that yeah that’s that’s really interesting point in the in the 90s to be a more powerful experience than being in Seattle in November 1999 Seattle protest with kind of AA Earth shattering experience if you will or a young eco-activist it was like it was happening it would happen and things were going and you’re absolutely right it’s there seems to be a pressure on on the world bad things were going to change and things were going to be different because it’s people power couple of things to my timeline changed shortly after that I finished calling and the role that I felt I had so much agency in campus activism and so looking for other avenues to exercise the distance our inspiration art, culture whatever you want to call it I was able to hunt down experiences I’m on farm and odd jobs and several International permaculture experiences in putting a PDT in Central America and Pacific in Central America as well my in an ecological framework for you in the latter part of 1000 seconds. Mutual previous experiences with and later drive toward permaculture are an expedition and restoration really drove by a friendship and and collaboration that I know you personally took some major inspiration from and took the opportunity in having a relationship with me through really dive into permaculture stuff and and build York as he did mention time to talk about that yeah I would yet not to reveal anything about you know the the circumstances but it was all of my best efforts to create a sort of lightning rod you know Lighthouse effect of green Consciousness into the punk rock movement like this was still internet was not that sophisticated around the mid-2000s but it was sophisticated enough to wear if I recall you were you would found my old website and where I was doing a lot of you know community outreach doing different projects in the you know I miss SoCal area and and Beyond and just kind of really really trying to find the punks who were not born to die in the gutter like the discharge song in that were actually like figuring out how to reclaim the lost his penis that we that we lost when we when we threw out all the tie dye and you know it’s it landed for some people you know we were able to maintain a certain you know edgy vibin aesthetic but also get you no punks into Gardens and it was you know to me at that time I was you know in my mid-twenties I was trying to create the infrastructure for a healthy ecological Punk hood that I didn’t have when I was a teenager and so it’s always that idea of like living vicariously through through the Next Generation if you can to like kind of fuel yourself from the wounds that you were that you were a mistakes you made it or not so I built this organization and and it was bringing in like lots of of it was really effective at at resonating with people at in finding him so you would come into that. Medium and and that sort of modality tunnel and and at that time I was ya like you said very enthusiastic and charge to two how to get my head wrapped around permaculture and get get to doing it like there’s so many practical modules of experience that you want to have once you start to learn about it and you just want to be like guess I can check that off I have experience doing this and that and that Matt and I kind of cleaned from you when we had started creating a sort of time banking sort of relationship to exchange value and and you were basically my consultant on retainer and I would have your input and an oversight over my very very humble and very microscale to begin with no permaculture designs and you were Supply me with seeds Doc and worms and all of the starter kit stuff as well as the very Advanced and high-level intelligence and and pattern thinking and all of that the more just a more advanced find a Specs on top of the the Practical stuff and the actual cuttings from New Zealand spinach you know it’s like if you haven’t had somebody give you a cutting from New Zealand spinach then basically go home cuz you haven’t even started doing okay you know what it’s like those of those moments where you realize holyshit what what can’t you propagate vegetatively you know now I want to know where I can just go to the local you know Mexican food forest garden in in in like oh and trim things coming out of the defenses and and just stick them in pots and see what sprouts and then end up having grapefruit grape Vines and passion fruits you know choking you to death and all that fun stuff so I mean that’s what comes to mind thinking about how you were able to sort of get me set in motion and in and that was a good I don’t know you’re maybe couple years of pretty much ya me really a greeting from you everything and anything that I could end and I think Dad we’re just we were just figuring out how to kind of hack the LA landscape and the SoCal Landscaping literally hacking off cuttings of things in literally knowing how to spot a legume Tree in a Home Depot parking lot. yeah absolutely it’s a practice in observation of your surroundings and pattern recognition to actually realize what resources you have there I think what you had set up for your website with was very compelling in in several senses as I will keep spinning back to the to the Punk theme but so many aspects of the little punk eco-activist literature in underground DIY magazines from existence do inside products to anything produced by crimefeed or Slug and lettuce there was just such a a vivid body of riding of people doing things other places in the country where if she needs easier to grab Squat and start propagating 606 resor to get something going east coast remember vividly remember reading I think it was where people were you know pack keep moss and Kudzu seeds and and bombing freeway on-ramp and overpass areas just to Rebecca Tate in a create Wildlife Corridor so do you need an inspiring and your connection with the with a puncture unity and what you were trying to create with your organization was an excellent way to connect with something like that and he said I was able to help you out bring you inspiring little super easy things like I need healing spinach cuttings or starter just an interesting thing that can happen when people have inspiration and some passion and even just a little bit of awareness of what they can do to try and get things going yeah man as you say that I’m thinking about all of the places that that tiny little bag of worms propagated to to out so many different people who were who were got that is like at a supply and and they live on to this day and then like they’re the happiest worms that ever lived you know a safe and well taken care of night that’s what’s so beautiful is like you just you get in alignment with I think you know one of your favorite sayings back in the day was and you can probably fill them you know the gap of of where you heard it from but life creates the conditions conducive to more life and that’s kind of like a you know if I see it like a Zen meditation calling you know you can really take that to the fucking bank unit I will jump in real quick and and attribution to that phrase and sentiment and that is teaching from Janine benyus and the organization that is doing absolutely beautiful work to inspire engineers and designers to draw inspiration from nature as well as generate reason to preserve nature and wild men and sacred leave Revere what and it’s all good I think it’s just a distinctly and beautifully captured in an utterance like life created conditions conducive to more life and that’s just totally beautiful you can meditate on that for years and enjoy wear those. And meditation on tell me what was the name of the organization again I got you said Janine Vina Jack Janine Pena venue and they would certainly be easily found with some Google cool alright so with all that said for people who have not discovered much about permaculture I think it would be good idea to episode and I’ll put a link in the show notes in fact I will I will tell I can tell you in just a second which episode it was right now one second it is it is episode number 114 where I did intro to permaculture in ecological design and that was just a a mini-lecture that I gave in a backyard permaculture site that I was working on it was also a budding goddess Temple of swords and and so in that episode you can get more of Amore fully developed introduction to permaculture experience on this podcast but it would be great to just for the sake of this one bring it back to you in your own words as a student like for you to be a student Bill Mollison is like studying Jeep Commando with someone with the you know Dan inosanto and end with Bruce Lee sensitive like a lineage to the source that I appreciate as well and I think you know it’s kind of I don’t know what to say straight but but they’ve adapted the permaculture design course in ways that I think are great it’s appropriate for it to be adapted but there is something to say I guess I should say if you’re up permaculture designer there’s enough Bill Mollison material out there in enough sort of ripped PVC audio and video files out there that that you should know what the source of the original course how that was you know the the structure of how this information was shared by him so I guess I would say it’s if it’s valuable for me to hear you say now especially now years later from your Beginnings in my Beginnings like if you’re asked to introduce this subject to people what’s your elevator pitch for it for permaculture okay I can’t give Justice with an elephant in the elevator pitch is the marriage of the idea that permanent NP sustained through culture so culture does not have to degrade nature Mall smart energy usage can be put toward building resilient Landscapes and cultures that have the ability to become richer and more stable over time that you did it. You nailed it now you can go a feel free for that what I call the stuck in the elevator pitch where you get to just go off and stuff with me so you know Paul Atreides and his words can kill cell would love to have the cloak of anonymity for for certain aspects of things that I could stay right right now Genesis of a permaculture as a marketing started with with Bill Moulton and call Bill Morrison from experiment but really good at marketing and people like you and I with so many brilliant ideas that we couldn’t stop thinking about it it seems so that you know and normally is satisfied disaffected 20 some year old would probably most likely be playing video game chose to read something like a 10 pounds text book about pattern languages and trees and climate and climate tropes and and I don’t know if some other topics from the manual back out there they caught your attention that you spent hours reading on bed yeah for me I see the chapter 14 stuff about the some of the more social I mean obviously I loved all of the ecological stuff but when it got to the the chapter 14 material all about how we can actually hack and re-engineer our social and economic Dynamics to share abundance and to really I mean you know I mean how many how many punk shows did I preach at to the crowd and every half the people were blacked out there was unconscious on consensual basically off all forms of rape all forms of violence all forms of just complete debauchery and just I mean so the and then and then suppose that two is like super hyper leftist socialist organizations that would be a protest and I’m like well they seem like they’ve got people kind of like saluting this ideology and they said somewhat more organized and they get more shit done but then it’s like I got this authoritarian by band and I didn’t see and then you have people like maybe the the hippies and the Rastafarians in Arab super into the Dow of the soil and there’s snow raising their joint to their third eye and they’re super cool looking up at the sky gazing with you know what their eyes closed looking to sign of my I wanted a little bit of all of that I wanted a bit if I discipline my bit of order you know a bit of debauchery and Chaos a bit of Eco spirituality and the social permaculture aspects that the things that got me most thrilled on top of all the ecological stuff which I love and I’m super into the missive of hacking all of these different Gifts of no way they would call ecological Services you know any ecology textbook and improvement course you weren’t just learn to think like MacGyver you know I mean if you like the ATM you like MacGyver and you like to solve problems and build things that were the super elegant but super crafty DIY Contraptions and get all of these amazing functions out of out of this elegant designs like that that really like the practical application turn me on so much but the thing that turn me on the most was definitely this is sense that there is a pathway for word that is is going to steal me from all my cynicism about human about someone called human nature but it’s just like the what felt like an impossible task of like bootstrapping a revolutionary movement everything in chapter 14 and everything about how we can build these these harmonious guilds and treat human human cultural design like a garden and really bring out people’s know what the bare minimum sort of professional development is needed to have like I’ve never seen that really mapped out before like Yeah so basically you you would motivate these different peoples that you have like a bare minimum kind of survival pod you know that you could take this to any environment and the way that it just was this growing mandala that was the most impressive thing to me that that would that all been thawed out and so being able to design the resilient communities in and having Financial awareness and legal awareness 10 but also having him so much of the financial and legal awareness to know about things like protecting your risk Ventures by relinquishing them into a non-profit not just as a tax shelter but to protect yourself from the bad guys and the court like you want to fight corporate rule you have to basically, she put them in the capitalist Marketplace but then protect your intellectual property your land your equipment your seeds that may be competing with Monsanto or whatever and you have to basically use Jedi Mind Tricks against the status quo to protect yourself and just that sophistication of subversive like I’ve never seen anything on that level of sophistication when it comes to being a subversive it’s like this isn’t breaking Windows this isn’t lighting should on fire this isn’t fucking even protesting this is like you says in in grave danger of falling food you know he wasn’t going to say in the forest but almost wasn’t going to just stay in the forest disgusted with Humanity after the 60s he was going to fight back with positivism and not let the bastards roll over everything and he fucking sat there and he absorbed the intelligence of the Fleming also the food for a semi so I always say two things does the aha moment of the food forest and the the Tactical strategic financial and political subversion of chapter 14 if that if that sums it up awesome permaculture MacGyver moment if you will fill I spent some quite a bit of time in the tropics permaculture stuff and some of the forefathers dad got their original training from Bill Mollison in the very very early days who were it’s the Wizards the Elders of Agriculture had an awesome story and and the guy removed and strategies and tactics that are kind of ninja like in and you know it illegal permaculture syncing really affect you and you want to bring it over so you want all of your options you can possibly have with with Steve and Diane wood or fruit growing in and developing diapers food for everything really try till Sunday characters awesome stories about and surrounding trees that they wanted to bring into their country but of course you know there’s and they’re happy to be so many interesting people develop new varieties in Hawaii there were several stories about how the perfect sign wood trimming and fit inside of a snorkel and nobody would ever suspect agricultural Contraband coming through inside of a snorkel case in your graphing techniques it’s very possible to bring in a snorkels worth of the fruit tree that you want to develop and 20 years later you’ve got a genetic stop there that you can share with your community or develop into your own Orchard or maybe it’s going to feel who know if you’ve got amazing MacGyver mentalities doing cool thing with Biology to make their dreams happen and that’s inspiring DIY right for sure for sure and I guess so maybe now we can talk a bit about the the more computer hackers having his stuff like for me you know I was I’m code a little late for the most part I’m good I can cut and paste code you know I can read a little bit but not much and I pretty much rely on the the cyberguy gods above me but I’ve always found ways to I’ve always known crew to ask questions to and who to befriend you know in a symbiotic and not parasitic way hopefully for the most part but I can just go through the chapters of my life knowing like if you’re a revolutionary and you don’t have a geek in your squad like you’re just forget about it you know not not in the modern world like you need to have somebody to help you with that so I’ve always had you know kind of a assassination and and and a love of those who really understood the inner workings of cyberspace more than I did and whatnot in Uno which is kind of like dabble here and there but I’ve used you know I’ve built websites I’ve run and ministered e-commerce and you know I’ve had to just learn whatever I had to learn to do the thing that I wanted to do but I wasn’t like a generalist them in computer science or math anything like that and I certainly a late bloomer to crypto but one of the things that was floating around the internet and are in our era was this thing called the permaculture party pack which was this cycle somebody did the work of compiling this ridiculously absurd compilation of obscure and NM just totally mind-blowing permaculture and otherwise agricultural sustainable teaching tools and and that was just floating around the radical underground for quite a while and probably yeah but I still out there I don’t you know I think that the times have changed a little bit but what I like to talk about is that what you and I are agreed upon at a certain point was that after I had done essentially a number of projects in the number of scales at a number of sites and was starting to I guess get past my get a few you know a few belts an endermite in a few karate belts from the dojo so to speak now and then to go for that black belt of being a certified designer if you want to call it that obvious lyrics degrees beyond that but I wanted to feel like I wanted to have more confidence as a as it as you know at least there a junior-level instructor and I wanted to have more confidence to do workshops in Tofino start to Branch out and and and taking more of a leadership role within you know my community and the larger community and actually build a career doing what I now love to be doing which is all this fun stuff and so we decided that the and I pitched and I’m like well if the if the canonical tagari release of the 72-hour course with Bill Mollison in Geoff Lawton. I believe it Melbourne University I believe somewhere in Australia there was that digitized that what that time it was like I mean it would take however long for people to download that file bit to download that party pack but in that party pack there was that collection of those DVDs which I went ahead later and purchased the legit package of it so that I could feel confident that I had that there was at least one licensed copy in my in my possession so that I wouldn’t be standing upon you know a a a sort of pirated body of knowledge but basically Meep same to you okay look you know I don’t have the money to go off to a permaculture farm and give them two or three grand and take the time off of work to go do that you know I don’t I could I could do the more accessible version of like the local out two weekends a month or one weekend a month thing but also I just don’t have the the capital for it’s still just like a starving artist bunker you know just like not not having that manifest met abundance so so really the hacker mentality and both of us kind of I would say led to this understanding the berries that they’re there is a demand for people who want to take the course and be certified and do this right but there needs to be a more or pants or Sam or at your own pace and more accessible to low-income folks way of approaching is so I took the time myself to watch all of the take notes on and watch all of the course DVD set basically a digitized version of that which was the 72-hour course and then lead the permaculture a designer’s manual cover to cover and have done my design practicum which was all of the projects you had you know supervise me doing over the course of our that long that was a year or more and then we decided that the talent show that out there the requisite of a talent show was Satisfied by you coming to go see my pump down once that was that and then from that point you gave me that seal of approval printing me a certificate and and I I did the research to know and I have citations and quotes of Geoff Lawton saying things to be effective basically in the the spirit of it in the beginnings and you know that I sent you there was like it was basically a Each one teach one kind of approach like if you took the course it would behoove you to master the curriculum enough to be able to go out and teach your own course in the end you know there’s there is some guidance around getting a diploma and nervous but there was lacking infrastructure and then obviously a Changing of the Guard with Moses and passing and and Lawton taking over and now the PRI thing there was a battle the feud between the permaculture Institute in New Mexico and the Permaculture Research Institute and luckily nothing too ugly in terms of like Court battles over you know the trademark or anything but it’s been pretty much the wild west and was kind of like a the industry will sort itself out if your reputable teacher and people like what you do and you know people see that you’re your designs actually work then you will have a sort of natural laissez-faire kind of libertarian approach to who gets to own this title and you know we we took on me I took that and ran with it and I said okay I’m going to do this sort of open-source versioning of a of a PDC and we know we got that Goin and then what that ultimately led to was at the height and peak of my having taken that PVC and run with it is that I made arrangements with the at the time this was Circa 2013 and I was in a location where I had Urban semi-rural small-scale over 10 acres of of a canvas to play with him and I had developed a canvas over the course of about a year and installed the the worm compost in multiple ponds and multiple kitchen Gardens and a food Forest you know a fledgling Food Forest and there was the zone that is so Nation theory of putting multiple concentric circles of different areas of interaction based on how often you going to need to use them. Just in a nutshell I’m going to say that to throw it out there for people that permaculture Zone Theory and basically I I was doing things by the book and I wanted to create a permaculture Training Center where world class instructors could come there and based on the infrastructure that I had installed they would be able to teach their flavor of permaculture and that was tested when we brought the war and brush who is still one of my ultimate favorite permaculture a designer’s because of his spiritual spirituality and his work with indigenous people around the world and and his storytelling and he’s definitely and he did he did the design for Amma the hugging in a so the Tantra he is to me the fucking time should permaculturist par exsalonce cuz he took the design for almost Center and I was there at Quail Springs when he was working on it and you showed me that a time so that I’m not fucking dropping names right now I had him out there chords for weekend and for me that was like the the real ribbon-cutting on the value of the work you had done to train me and to facilitate me and guide me like if he can come out there and he can you know look at this this design on this property and he can teach from it then I know I’m you know I’m on the right path and that that gave me the confidence from that point to reach out to managing director of The Pri USA and invite him over to that site and Pitch to him that he authorized me to have the authority to replicate the PDC format basically that you and I did which is that you know you should have asked you should be able to be you know given access to the the tagari canonical bilmos Geoff Lawton DVD set if we purchase a license for it and we have it available for folks that that should be you know something to do Explorer and and to potentially approval obviously there’s probably more intricate licensing that that could and should be done but at least the concept was there for me to share with him and the idea that a senior permaculture designer could come in and basically a couple times a year take a batch of students who had gone through that DVD course and who had done work on that property you took basically as they’re going to the course they’re actually okay so now you do a course module now you go out to the property where there are Works in progress of the different modules of the different functional parts of the design whether it’s like repairing the chicken factory or extending the moving some material around a building at a thermophilic compost whatever it is is all of those things are are are just in the flow influx happening on the property so you should be able to do the the in the classroom study material and then go out on the land and do the Practical aspect of it build the skills and develop the skill sets and then also have access to the designer’s manual which now if I do it if I do it now I’m going to say we’d have the students read the introduction to permaculture ebook rather than the designer’s manual because I think that’s sufficient to get people going no without having to go through all of that technical minutiae which is a fucking rocket science in the In The Bleak the big black book but that was where it left off and then you know for me all hell broke loose I had a spiritual emergency and I had to let it all just biodegrade everything I had built basically we just brought it in place and things fell apart for me financially and I’m personally but but that that outline for a at your own pace in low-income open source PBC it still exists and now as of this very moment I’m being called to to bring it back to life so that’s why I really wanted to have you on and for us to talk shop about this about the punk rock ethics and the hacker ethics and the the sort of I mean I think I think if I had the opportunity to meet with Bill on the astral plane and he knows that I went on the fucking Joan Rivers show and fucking brat and I brought the permaculture to the Joan Rivers show and she was happy she wanted to be trans apocalyptic she wanted to fucking bring the chickens into the into her backyard and turn her fucking swimming pool into a fish pond that was something that bill Mollison would fucking give me a pat on the back for it I would say so anyway that’s just that’s me sort of giving my my my dissertation defense if you will there anybody out there who is like wanting to show me or love me for this I had to just going to bring it out like that so and now you can tell me you know what you think about my my fucking my evil plans to conquer the world with benevolent egalitarian and access the permaculture it is an idea that has been wanting to happen for as long as as as long as has been teaching class like he said it it does go back to the very beginning every student should become a teacher of the permaculture are in there all right and it should have been affected in their mind enough that they would want to teach people that is freaking awesome don’t you realize you could be building soil there that you realize it could be slowing down water there don’t you realize you could be generated vegetation and any other ideas I meant to be shared and it spread at some people absolutely need to pay for it and pay full price and other people need that access that inspiration for free just like it has he said your your Sweat Equity I wouldn’t call it free your Sweat Equity and and willingness to indulge your self in the information and workout it that was the equity required to get you access to the knowledge to enjoy playing with permaculture and make it fruitful for yourself and your community and it seems like another inflection point where it’s about to become even more purple which is awesome yeah man I’m going to I’m going to try as it is another funny bit here if you’re good to go for another few minutes how are you doing on time and cool alright so I think that this would be a fun sort of you know pecan on the experience to get into not to get too deep into the well this this is more fun than the people who are who are more used to hearing me talk about sexy time stuff on this podcast this is where it is and it is that you know when I was when I mentioned being on the urban Homestead ish Farm property in LA area this was around 2012-2013 my past with sex work with with extreme activism with punk rock like all that stuff was was compartmentalised and shelved away because at that time I was developing with a very astute love partner business partner who who shall remain unnamed for now but if you if you watch the Joan Rivers show you can see us together at at are at the peak of our glorious as a power couple that was manifesting and you know kicking ass and taking names but she cleaned up my act a lot when I met her I was talking about the zombie apocalypse and I was putting out punk rock jeans called survive 2012 and a head fucking like I took Boy Scouts clipart and I put Mohawks and fucking like studs on it very much in that the deep in the crust Punk aesthetic and the profane existence call him was going and it was like we’re getting ready for the zombie apocalypse and permaculture the only fucking way the punks are going to survive you know I wasn’t thinking about marketing to West LA high-end clientele and getting on the Joan Rivers show that was all that the Witchcraft of this dear woman who was a very wealthy woman you had a very amazing career and basically she was suno pruning those aspects of Authority or aspects of my my true character and and I I respected it I was like cool with you know being kind of funeral just having to up my professional game and in change my parents a little bit and then be able to work with her and work together and build a brand and we we built this brand that it’s also going to be sort of it he has had it’s it’s it’s our cue nobody needs it’s going to come back but really it was an opportunity for me to engage with Society at large on a totally different level toy different ear and so we were creating opportunities for very family-friendly brand and marketing and in and what not and so you know we put together a portfolio of our projects and what we have been doing on the property together and what our brand was trying to do and I had like a I even had a suit Panico superhero mascot that I was doing and very much working at the the G-rated and mainstream kind of level of approaching people and business development of What Not and so it one of the the things that we did since she who is so well-connected is if there is a very one of the most famous actors of all time was a friend of hers was one of his his top assistant was a close friend of hers and the friend of of the property and what not and and we thought she was like we need to pitch all the stuff we’re doing to have a reality TV show we want to do a reality TV show of how we’re doing permaculture and survival and you know it can be something that’s like very very mainstream friendly and what not and so I put together a bunch of stuff for a little packet oral presentation and we showed the guy we’re doing this and we’re doing that and we’re doing this and that and this and that and he looks at anyssa psych not he’s scratching his head and it’s like kind of frustrated and kind of distraught and he basically just says I’m sorry guys I hate being a basic hate to be cynical but people aren’t going to be interested in this like it’s too it’s too G-rated you need basically you need to make you said you need to make permaculture sexy and he meant that as more of like if you want to compete with people’s eyeballs for attention like it’s going to have to be edgier than than than what you’re doing and how you’re not going to maybe you know your mascot could become the next SpongeBob or something but most likely you know you need to just like except how cynical about this reality is and and think about you know you would have to be asking you would have to be if you want to reality TV show it has to all be about sexual politics and drama amongst adults or teens and that’s the only way anything’s going to sell it so just you know either do that or do you not think I’m sad and disappointing and it was kind of a cliffhanger but as I as you know from that point if you were to cut the movie script right there is cut the scene there of him planting that seed and then I go through my Dark Night of the soul and everything kind of dissolves in Melts the way and I go through this hero’s journey into the Shadow and come out as a sex worker and has like a sexual wounded sexual healer and I become a tantric Shaman and all this fancy-schmancy you know stuff and start getting back into doing porn and and it’s like but I never stopped being a fucking as a permaculture designer and I never stopped seeing opportunity to transmute and transform waste into resources and valuing the fucking marginal so I’m like I look at making permaculture sexy and I said thinking about you know I’m doing all these Landscaping gigs in Beverly Hills and west side and stuff it’s like I wonder who has the Landscaping contract for the Playboy Mansion because give me the damn shame that I can just imagine all these bunnies with no no carrots to eat out of their own permaculture Garden like somebody needs to sell that now that is what if I pitch that to that guy now hey we’re going to make permaculture sexy let us do a permaculture Makeover at the Playboy mansion and we can take pictures of the bunnies eating carrots and they grew themselves you know that that’s where I started to bring the the perfect culture you know aspect back together and Bill Mollison is definitely a lecherous bastard and in and there’s plenty of evidence of that so he would not take offense to what I’m saying now but put the that’s kind of that was a joke of this coming full circle but another aspect is just that if I take making permaculture sexy as if prime directive and I look at okay you know I can only be my sexual Capital also we talked about the different forms of capital that’s not on the list and sexuality as a as a vector as a as a sector these are permaculture jargon for understanding flows of energy sexuality Flows In and Out of a site and such a deep fundamental way but it gets neglected overlooking design and not a lot of people are designing for let’s say different relationship structures or or designing for maybe the tagari farm I believe it’s in porch Spain or Portugal like they’re actually doing permaculture with with the sexuality a sexually intelligent design aspect and so it’s just really an itch that far behind the curve as far as everything else in permaculture so it didn’t make sense for me to take up that cause and to start talking about sexuality permaculture designing sites and systems that account for these flows of energy and so where where I’m knowing that there are limitations to my sexual Capital potential the knowing that when I discovered and getting back into the adult industry at cycle wait a minute these models and these porn actresses they actually charge very little money to do all kinds of different shoots like they are used to standing in front of holding cigarettes and booze and standing in front of sports cars and literally you know if you’re a model who were who is like a top-ranking model on modelmayhem.com or you’re the which is the most famous fanciest pornstar in the world your your day rate and your half-day rate in your hour rate it’s actually not that much for anybody who who wanted to like me make permaculture sexy to start to hire these people and start to actually put them in the landscape put them into permaculture designs and have them start to teach and have them start to demonstrate and let them become the teachers of permaculture that would fulfill that directive to make permaculture sexy so fast forward from that planting the seed of that directive to me doing my best to integrate permaculture with my work and my offerings but knowing the limitation I have maybe even a greater leap of faith and and risk and and risque if you will to be like okay well you don’t want to listen to Jeff lot and talk about permaculture you don’t want to listen to Paul Wheaton talk about permaculture you don’t listen to Jack spearco talk about permaculture how about the Playboy that are the play girl of the month you know I mean talk about permaculture then we’re cooking with grease and not is my you know hack that’s my function and and it’s starting to move and now I will be certifying some of these models and pornstars excetera excetera giving them the course that I had through you and modifying adapting it to their lifestyle and their schedule and beer you know availability and their interests and pretty soon I would dare say it’s going to cost very little money to have huge cultural leverage with their millions of followers and their millions of likes and just all of that capital of that Social Capital social media Capital merging that with the sexual capital and putting it into a holistic permaculture design where there’s a potential for the mean the games and the contest and like when I see what these models and and pornstars do on their social media to like riled up in and get their fans to participate in some contest to see them wearing some new outfit or whatever the fuck it is like you know when you put it very well in this conversation about the way that you’re mine shifts where you see opportunity for ecological from for helping life be conducive to more life you see those opportunities everywhere and it’s like there’s a limit to what people like you and me who aren’t multi-million follower Instagram models or whatever there’s a limit to how much we can transmit that but if they start to incentivize their fan base and they say yeah you want to have a date with me well you got to plant a tree to do that and if you plant a tree and you can prove it with the a video of you doing it then maybe you get you entered the raffle to have a nice date was Peter sup expect they do the most ridiculous shit and people are like men they’re abused frustrated sexual needs are being just totally manipulated by the door the whole capitalist wasteful system and if only it could be more elegantly finessed so that there was an alignment of ecological values and sexual gratification sexual fulfillment and the titillation of tits and ass you know we could really be where Jeff on says we used to be which is the most beneficial element in the system that humans can be that and I think it just takes putting that fucking carry it in front of you know the right energy and getting getting that frustrated Sexual Energy to actually serve serve Gaia and who better than Ben Ben some of these models which I determine undiscovered are actually quite quite an expensive to hire and I’m asking to do things far less intrusive and far less the grading than what they’re getting acid Dubai every other person who’s Contracting with them so that’s that’s my bite bite the next chunk of a thesis that I have found out there on the design charrette table setup for YouTube channel there you have it man that’s that’s the monster that you created in and I think Bill would be fucking having a shity than Grande right now if you could know about it he would absolutely absolutely love it I am sure that well good job then I love where you were at life and Imagination that has taken you and I look forward to what you able to produce and where they do in the future I thank you for that I think just the ad just as simply put if you think we both know anybody who you got to meet him personally but anybody who is Coosa been able to stand and stomach more than five minutes of his form of humor you know you would get it yeah he would think that this was a great hack and I do it to you know in that Spirit of honoring the lineages of teachers and the you know it’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea but you know I wanted to have that that that thought process kind of vetted you know and have you sound soundboard on that and that’s pretty much my yeah that’s it’s a huge gift from you to me to to allow me to elaborate to that degree and to bear with me on that and now two were not me we’re not going to we’re not promoting anything particularly of yours we’re not funneling people to your websites or to your your Works per se but while you have a supper 290 which anytime you’re welcome back of course and we’ll probably check in on things in the future but this kind of is like we’re like time-stamping the blockchain Innocence by having this conversation we’re we’re establishing the the the spirit of resistance in this bizarre and unique format of of you and me talking about this stuff right now and so like with this opportunity that you have to speak from your heart and soul and everything you’ve learned in all the places you’ve arrived at I would love for you to just take over on however much time you’re comfortable with and like advise me on what you’ve learned and where you’re at and you know we talked about maybe busting some myths or at least talking putting some critique on on a permaculture movement if if you like but I just want to say my I rest my case for sexual pervert culture and fucking punk stacking permaculture and now you have what is snow humble audience to speak to but it will be growing over time and when we when we publish this episode there will be you know hopefully copies of it preserves you know for time immemorial and it will be something that people can look back on so it’s it it may age with Grace and it may it may continue to bear fruit so so feel free with that said to you know bestow whatever wisdom you’d like and doesn’t have to have any new no correlation to what I said that was just me putting in my my little timestamp yeah I I’m not sure that I would have so much more to say about the my recent learning so I would maybe just invite people to take those moments to appreciate life and dive into some methadone and and enjoy it and and dig on some of the philosophy and maybe even get into the weeds and read up on some FH King farmers of forty centuries and just think about where we’re at now and where we cooking in 10,000 years as Humanity probably not doing as bad as you think we’re doing I would say we’re probably doing a hell of a lot better than your mind thinks we’re doing and those are the kind of thoughts that I guess I’m working with at the moment so yeah if you if you don’t mind I’ll try to teach him we’re out of there we talked about futurism before and talked about you know that the long now and Kurzweil and that reconciling of amor primitivist perspective with the Amor techno Optimist perspective so you know now that you kind of yeah, you kind of shared a couple of resources do you want to just like if you were to put together your own party pack let’s say of the things that Arthur’s resource is not to say that we’re going to do that or you know take that on but but I would be curious to know if you would want to elaborate on just lists of influences that you had you know people and anything that you would consider to be a valuable resource like that go ahead and add some more to that list and then I think we’ll call the show if we’re if we’re happy with that where I would throw some ideas is Imagine The Long now I would say Stewart brand book and any kokrak minted whole earth discipline is a great place to start and that’s that’s got a lot of ecological heresy that he presents if he will end the end that can change your mind on a few thing and if you’re looking to change your minds on you know being super down about the world’s going to hell in a handbasket and and you’ve been deeply involved in send Derek Jensen work or something like that I would definitely say grab a list of books by Steven Pinker the better angels of our nature Matt Ridley the rational Optimist Peter diamandis abundance and I I guess like you said Ray Kurzweil The Singularity is near and think about radical demonetizing EFM realizing technology can help perpetuate ecological regeneration and human flourishing because not opposed you know that the system to develop technology is certainly not purposefully and willingly opposed to regenerating the system in fact I think trying to Mary conservation with technological Advance is providing a very bright halfway towards the future and with that in mind never disregard the sacred and always take a moment to reflect back ten thousand or more years rely on wisdom to guide you I guess that’s about that’s about all I have on those ramble that’s beautiful man I just reminds me of the one thing one thing I’ll close with your which is believed this was in that Mollison Lawton PC where he says basically what you do in your permaculture design should have worked where you are a thousand years ago and it should work where you are a thousand years from now and that is like the that’s another thing to meditate on you know yes absolutely and it goes with that it’s like can you be high-tech as you want and be compliant with nature the same time you know yeah right on Manuel crazy insane bulletin things that you like super counterintuitive in and could totally like this this is an awesome one so I would assume eco-warriors would think that petroleum products are all super negative there are some really interesting very underground moles and project in the Middle East where he actually use petroleum product to erosion and reverse the desertification and I think that if it’s worth not not condemning every tool just because of where it came from their options to use just about every tool for potential regenerative benefit. Will pay huge dividends in the 1000 to 10000 your time scale is very tantric in a sense that Township pushes you to towards the taboo and the transgressions that help you realize non-duality and integration and break your phobias and and understand you know every tool in the toolbox with with the ethics of right action ultimately it with the bigger picture in mind so that’s another another guy want anything else before we wrap I think that’s good cool man all right well that. Comes full circle we I think we crushed it we’re talking about Punk punks hacking critical and we did a massive thank you so much this is been a huge honor and you know the respect that any martial artist would have for their Sensei or any Yogi would have for the guru I have that for you and I absolutely wish you the best and I live to make you proud and hopefully you know if tall is the the business logic pants out well then there will be yields yields upon year olds to to share and to feed back into more fun and more teaching and just confusing being conducive to more life men awesome awesome all right that we have a great evening and we’ll be in touch please go to www.crunch.com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple up here by Tycho logical employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 18275 1593 or emo band at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de


How Female Masturbation and Orgasms are Saving the World Soul with Kit Murray Maloney TPP178


Kit Murray Maloney

In this episode I’m joined by Kit Murray Maloney, an outspoken orgasmic organizer who’s been working and playing hard to start a proud self-pleasuring revolution among women. While male masturbation is taken for granted and catered to by the mainstream culture, female pleasure is still in many ways in the dark ages. Kit shares about her great work to re-enlighten humanity about the potential for healing, empowerment, pleasure, fun, relaxation, and more with female masturbation and orgasm.

She’s established a movement around the Pleasure Pledge where women commit to pleasure themselves thoroughly for 3 weeks straight, to learn more please go here: https://www.thepleasurepledge.com/

We discuss the need for thoughtful user experiences with online porn and her efforts to curate a more refined adult entertainment selection. We also commiserate on the need for shamanic pornography to become a thing so we can show religious pornophobes how sacred sexuality is to be respected rather than feared.

Please visit her main website here:

About Kit:

Kit Murray Maloney is driven by her core belief that a celebration of women’s sexual pleasure, including female orgasms, will heal and better the world.

For the last two decades Kit’s been an activist, academic, and entrepreneur committed to channeling her passion for gender equity into a celebration of women’s sexual pleasure. She’s earned a Masters degree in Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics and has been featured in Marie Claire, Self, and Glamour magazines.

Kit launched O’actually as a multi-media platform for open and honest dialogue to release taboo of women’s self pleasure and to promote beautiful erotic work made by women for women. Kit is also the founder of The Pleasure Pledge, a free 21 day program inviting women to celebrate there daily orgasm.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 17089 being joined by Kid Marie Maloney who is the founder of oh actually and the pleasure pledge and she is a deep believer in celebrating women sexual pleasure and yeah please kid we haven’t had an extensive background of each other so please enlighten me tell me all about your beautiful wonderful self and how it is that you got involved in the sexuality sex positive and Liberation kind of movement wonderful friend thank you thank you for creating a space of the podcast and four and having me on it and I am yeah as you mentioned I am the founder of actually which is a space that is committed to engaging in the sphere of adults entertainment with intent around bringing some more openness and honesty and to that realm so that we can receive more pleasure and really lift out of some of the shadows and taboos that I believe are are cementing Us in real blocks around Shane and sexuality and so actually is really a space around that entry and celebration looking at something like foreign adults entertainment and moving beyond our assumptions that we might have and the taboo that we might carry and go in list and openness around what might be possible when we relieve some of the tension around the top who even within the realm of sexuality specifically in the round with sexuality and then the pleasure of that is a space to celebrate women sexual pleasure and it is a 21-day invitation to remember to celebrate their daily orgasm and there’s lots of support through that with daily invitations that offer women away to further nurture on and prioritize and enjoy their selves as orgasmic features and an experienced extremely wonderful and I can see I can I do this should be what the Surgeon General is getting behind to promote this I don’t know if you remember there was a time when there was a female search General who was fired for suggesting essentially that masturbation will be a great form of a defense against HIV spreaded believe that was what happened but women solo sax or masturbation is something that still trade such tremendous and yet I stand for it being this incredible healing power and so it is such a it’s a tragedy to me that we take this beautiful resource that we all have within ourselves and shouted it and a lot of misunderstanding and Tabu and so the pleasure pleasure is such a beautiful face of our whole system is set up to receive is there and if women shoes they can decide to bring Partners into that experience and there are times in our life where we can also choose to have that entire experience all in our own systems has she just thought it would be an interesting blog post many years ago girlfriends about understanding that they would instead it was a beautiful beautiful and honoring through there and free of celebrated in community of sister head and from that unlocked a much wider and even more richer program an offering to the world of the Worlds talking about it’s coming up on February 1st 2000 some okay so I’m this is his if it says your your gift to the world it sounds like you were you were on a mission to do the sort of meme me medic Alchemy Alchemy to get a movement in motion and action is so I imagine you’re doing Outreach in I’m just curious what is the what’s the strategy and what is the sort of scope of your of your aspirations for this cuz I believe it it really can and should go far and wide so yeah I’m excited to hear about what’s going on behind the scenes first question and this is the first year where I’ve decided that the pleasure pledge deserves her own space so she’s going on and I realized over years of running both of actually on the pleasure pledge simultaneously that there are definitely overlaps particularly because I am the founder of both and so my stamps for women’s safety of their safety within themselves safety of their sexual experiences and as well as their healing is a thread that has been part of my work for 99 and lifetime I believe and so it feels nice to to give the pleasure patch this new space to thrive and we are inviting more awareness through our conversations like this social media brand Partnerships as well and it’s really my belief that an orgasm orgasm solo sex is something that is a key ingredient to women’s holistic vitality and so I see this as a space that is very much based on sexuality but honoring sexuality is a key component to our house and so I think that there are ways to open up this conversation that really reached my way of like oh yeah but just as you say it like this should be something that like the health department is like no side effects better sleep and wildly wonderful and positive potentials that’s my job that’s so cool yeah you know it reminds me throughout the years of just being a sex geek and whatnot I do recall it might have been a documentary or somewhere where I saw that there are there are countries in the world where literally it is their government agencies and offices that that hand out pamphlets about masturbation and how to do everything you would you would you would hope that our government pay course it’s it’s a it’s not it’s not trashy it’s not really you know over the top as far as being provocative it’s just like like a first aid manual her like acne treatment manual or something exactly awesome so please if you would please tell me more about just your personal how did you come up with this idea what I love the story and I love to hear more about the other your other the sort of the inaugural test study subjects that you worked with in the beginning and get some other stories of how they experienced it but I was curious to go back further in your life history with your what was missing in what was wrong and what didn’t provide you this you know out of the gate so that she had to develop it like what’s your sort of story of heroism around that yeah so I trying to decide how far back to go so I was as a teenager what kind of Fancy Pants all girls private school in Boston and everything for the eight years that we were there was still didn’t us about going to college and getting into the best possible, and yet there was no training or no conversation around what college would be like and I’m dating myself here but it was a late one day decided I’m actually going to go on to it wasn’t Google it was like or something and start searching about what the college experience sexual assault and I was 17 and horrified and terrified and I look back at that seventeen-year-old girl and I’m really impressed that she was able to be as conscientious as because I was two teachers and adults at the time and brought them needs to tistics and was told that I was I shouldn’t worry about it I was there was no conversation actually I have this beautiful experience where an aunt of mine took me out to lunch and the summer before I was to go to college and she’s basically just sat me down and was like kids who are scared to go to college and I told her as well as I was with her guidance that I stepped onto my college campus aware of the groups that were already set up to address issues of sexual violence on campus and raise my hands to participate in them and so pretty quickly I was leading them and growing them and engaged in administrative and policy changes and it really was making identifying key component of my college experience and so as you can imagine it was incredibly powerful in some ways because I was able to effect change fan belt community and be part of community and the other signs it was incredibly taunting and why on Earth was I as a 21 year old given this responsibility with my friends to be riding so that I done went and got my Master’s and gender and social policy in London at the London School of economics and was really against sexual violence in the world I smile not because I think that is a lofty goal is mad because that is so clear to me as like what my mission in the world has always been since I was younger and kind of the foreshadowing I had not process my own sexual trauma yet and so I stepped away from the work for a couple of years and did some other activities and then I in 2012 I want to go back into making the world a better place for women I want to have it’s always going to drive to me to be focused on women sexuality and could I navigate this through a focus of pleasure and that was really the impetus it started oh actually was could we talk about Up Entertainment so we could be released taboo around pleasure as a way of honoring what the world might look like if there wasn’t any more and then I do believe that when we heal ourselves we will have that celebrates and honors women’s bodies in them and sexuality in women’s pleasure and orgasmic potential and I am all for it so that was how I started on February 2019 be the fifth annual public butter fudge does not hundreds of thousands millions of a saying in February that for this 21 days are going to focus on ourselves are flygare healing and growth and expansion in our lives in the world beautiful as so I’m assuming also that that’s correctly that span of time if everyone is basically synchronizing on that pledge then that would be a huge marketing opportunity for companies than brands of products that are already doing Valentine’s Day campaign so if you don’t want to be a douche boyfriend you should buy vibrators so you know that are for pleasure pledge and you should learn how to be an assistant and you should step up in that way and actually I mean I will be beautiful I could just imagine that a pleasure pledge gift kind of Kit grab bag company information face and celebratory products and I love it too because it’s this really special time in a year where January closes and we step into February and I don’t know about you but the release of a January guilty intense that’s amazing well thank you for that actually I thought it would be funny at one point to do like a synchronized masturbation every twice a day depending on if your morning person but at 6:09 a.m. and 6:09 p.m. everyone should be either doing that if they have the luxury or at least pleasuring themselves and in I think we will shift like the axis of the earth a week yeah if I resend some measurable synchronized meditations and prayers and just light up the whole planet as we all know how beautiful it is to collectively meditate our minds at meditation are in such an orgasm as as such as some water and Shirley healing because you’re bringing that high high frequency of pleasure and joy into your whole system very well said yes I totally agree and I like to step back a couple of little bit into where you had been doing the activism around you know I like to call a sexual self defense that kind of covers a lot of a lot of FM Beyond just street fighting and mugging what not there’s there’s a whole Continuum there’s a whole Arc of violence that can be interrupted earlier with different forms and strategy so I’m a b I’m really into that that’s the old as well and in in appreciate that that you have been working on east campus safety in & Beyond and then something that comes to mind something that comes to mind is that a friend of mine also in the field not too long ago was sharing with me that this notion that female orgasm is can be can become so Elusive and so difficult to induce for for this one factor that she mentioned among many factors are one of it was that I guess there’s new Neuroscience coming out that’s pointing to that they’re being a part of the brain that if you don’t feel fully safe and fully relaxed you pretty much can’t you eat you would need to feel physically safe to Stew for the orgasmic energy orgasmic triggering an energy and all of that that whole chemical cocktail and that whole electrical storm to really take place if it’s like an inhibited when there is a sense of of a lack of safety for the most part of course there are people who would they get they get off on on on different fetishes and you know that there’s different different ways to look at that yeah this is so very happy that you brought this up because I just want to clarify to like a couple of things that are happening within that like in general this notion women needing to feel safe in order to receive and enjoy pleasure just and she would have thought of fact I think right and so that is wonderful where that can go a little bit wonky at fast is Ever Getting It confused or taking that pendulum swing a little bit too far if you will so that it implies that victims of violence who did receive bodily pleasure during their assault are somehow not telling the truth about the lack of consent in that hasn’t sat in case any listener is feeling concerned about what surrounding getting any sort of bodily pleasure certainly beautiful provided us with which is that ease of access to orgasm is going to be first created within a container of safety answer that is always what we want to be going for an and committed to and that isn’t a beautiful that orgasm is that much more accessible different statuses fetishes might not have that container of safety they might be perceived but usually fetish groups actually have a much stronger containers then we might and so if you’re saying to somebody I want to experience is going to be tightened through a through the app and your XYZ is something that may or may not be taboo and may or may not be in, but what you’re actually asking for it and therefore you’re presenting yourself in a container safety hope that makes sense. I totally concur with you about the safety of the container around fetish The Fetish community and I was taking on a pretty deep journey within the upper echelons of it at one in one chapter of my life and I mean cuz it’s always been somewhere throughout my life but I got to actually live in SM dumb and got his Temple for about a year and till I was exposed to a lot of things that people have kids but but it was there that I really got to to develop a high respect for containers with in containers in and you can feel safe to be made slightly on safe and that can be how it all works but everybody’s different but I just see appreciate also being able to talk about this stuff and then and open a space up for it so you actually when you say adult entertainment are you you’re talking about about pouring about I was it is nuanced and complex like all of life certainly all sexuality as far as my understanding of it is and so I know actually it’s a highly curated selection and some of the filmmakers don’t use entertainment honor the hall I Hazard a umbrella term and and it can be spokes of erotica or torn or anything else but this guy I am I think you know we have goodness me I am particularly like in this moment today I had some very angry comments friend to see all the pain and hurt as a woman who follows around what it means to step into engagement around pornography and I think for me one of the things we spend most reassuring about this face as that it counter-intuitively has really reminded me of all of our humanity and also how important it is to create dialogue around things that we supposed to be unwilling and a lot of women do to this really new porn video porn wildly accessible very very influential and and so to leave it on its own in the shadows seems so not okay to me and it is it’s over it’s turned into this real conviction of like let’s talk about it and let’s talk about what we think is okay and not okay and is it in planting Aspen what’s the difference between fantasy and our relationship to our practices of solo sax versus our expectations and desires for real world sex and are we navigate to overlap and the distance between those places and how can we start to see differences as well as commonalities and how we use to measure I’m also in that space and so it’s it’s refreshing to hear more purposeful and in passion-driven visioneering in that space for sure in as and I agree it’s also it’s with rapidly shifting a lot of things and it could be it could be for the best or for the worst or or probably a bit of both but I’m yeah something that I’m curious about is how are you integrating are you out how does it integrate with your projects is this something that you have like a cute you were curating content that you suggest to folks to use for their the pleasuring enhancement purposes is there like a sum of a studio or you producing independent content or how does it all work with your pleasure actually right now my insurance is that we have provided a safe and beautiful directory and guy for you to choose what type of that offense of Human Experience you’d like to have in that moment so lately and then you are directed to the makers to we have with folks that I talked with people that we’ve done really promote people’s work who is Open Nest an honest man Honest Tea around sexuality and I actually have also included because I realized in a lot of inner dialogue with myself are some sites that are some types that are good for us to take around other people’s enjoyment and other people’s practice says around their sexuality is a paternalistic and unhelpful and probably found Saul particularly keeping in mind how women your sexuality with so many of the pornographic sites out there are so our goal is to have that introduction feel like more of a dipping the toe in the water than being a shots the I thank you for doing that in a really is it makes me think of what you’re providing is almost like a a condom before your eyes for your soul so going on the mental industry is pretty much driven by ad revenue from free content now so I mean free content being posted on website posted on websites that that are just riddled with potentially malware scripts and the pop ups and in all kinds of manipulative marketing strategies to get you to to to rig your dopamine cycle ratchet up so that you’re you’re being sort of like you said pushed and you know what I’d say push towards more extreme the rapidly extremely hyper rapid acceleration from really mild material that you’re trying to maybe look for something specific but then it it’s they know what you’re doing they have patterns and rhythms in its mass and they’re just driving you pushing you often towards some stuff that’s going to be traumatic ultimately it tends to lead in those directions so if we could be creating a portal or accurate experience where there’s some guard rails and a little bit of at least hopefully some warning signs or something where you know I would be helpful and for not to be predatory as a visit as a marketing experience in general you know for it to be something for her if I want to get aroused I’d like to have liked it you know romantic like candle light dinner Ambiance of an experience of consuming the media and not be in like this thing you know if the lake I just ran over that like a lot from of actually and I just think if we ingest provides that you know a candle or two before you get there because there’s also really awesome really beautiful but I just for me and for a lot of the people that I’ve talked to you it’s a really nice thing to just have a little bit more of a guide in a little bit more of a sense that you are at the Hound yourself to what what material you want to consume rather than feel as you say either pushed or like you are not in control of what is going to be awesome Oso if you were to be let’s see speaking to a an audience of adult content producers what what are you hoping will be some of the new new trends what what can be done to his they’re always innovating and they always want to be on top of the next the next whatever so if you curious like if you if you if you could be a designer producer-director just with your words just imagining that people listen to this might be in the process of wanted to create content that would be acceptable in and embraced on your platform it really again goes back to what is your intent and around joking mean hats and getting people to more and more extreme versions of pornography usually ends in the intent to make money because usually the end goal is that there’s been enough of a her to get somebody into a paid membership site and that taste of torn I believe has a very different CEO and a very different than many of the other works its way out there to celebrate women’s orgasms to create something that is bringing additional levels of beauty to The World’s End so in speaking with sound anchors we have our biggest category on the site is celebrating female cell makers end in talking with them before reaching them on the site I really get a sense of what is their poor intention and the ones that are on Sauron oh actually are folks you have beautifully articulated that to me as really adding value of an expression to erotica wanting to be part of the worlds that erotic humans can be celebrated and a genuine had an inspiring healing way so that he turned up sell you to something else so that we can make it. Is that the court intent of people’s mission in terms of making it so I would also say I guess I wouldn’t let them more of us who are willing to celebrate erotic an x-rated content and engage with it and create it and it might look like to have more women behind a camera more people of color buying puts a smile on my face so I would want everybody to talk to Healing centered person too and by all means that’s also will actually have something that I might submit off to you for two that towards that end yeah and this is certainly the vibe that I’m that I’m on and I’m hoping to I’m hoping to find others already established in the industry and those who are outside of the industry and maybe haven’t considered it as a as a of a vector for for extreme positivity and extreme transformation because so many people are glued to the the the sort of stream of content that one little drop of something hewing in there could have a massive ripple effect in this this pain of human consciousness so I feel like my calls to action is for shamanic pornography to be a thing that that would be very Redemptive for all the witches who were burned because in all of the tantric group sexuality things that were against the irony that that I feel in my heart around the this it’s like okay if I was speaking to the pope right now I would say you and your henchmen have spent hundreds of years demonizing everything having to do with self-pleasure and with lesbianism homosexuality group sexuality and all forms of mysticism witchcraft sexual magical ritual and then all the sudden just basically in the last few decades the the legal landscape has opened up to allow for the some of the most what will you would consider to be sinful content to be produced and now it’s like the the consequences of all those centuries of repression are being expressed in these type super violence super non-consensual addictive or habit forming in there with a woodsy is 4M even Pat Robertson said demonic demons can be can be basically transmitted through washing a video on a screen and the information on a prospective you can understand how that’s possible by changing your vibration and in allowing in things that will give you a spiritual cold and yeah they stop by so it’s I feel like the the wisdom of Elders in which isn’t shamans coming in and saying at 6 will abuse and Trauma can be healed sexual abusers can be healed and Jen and redeemed through this stuff and so why is it that was dominating all of this content is stuff that is like I’m so flippantly I just can’t get over the irony you know so library of shamanic pornography and I really think that this like he’s hit on so many are convincing us that there is some houses and pushing the stuff more and more and more and more into arbitrary regulation and that is not rooted and you know one of my like it’s a little bit snarky of me I will process that but one of my favorites is guess what state in the United States consumes the most pornography the Utah go Enterprise I want a free-form subscription I want the Christian porn Christmas stocking stuffer kit let’s just get some real this year so that we can buy all of ourselves and create spaces for healing and beauty and bring back I love what you’re saying like an honor and of how different versions of sexuality have been and distrusted infested infested and two ways of demonizing things that actually have real potential to bring a really beautiful marriage if so yeah yeah a hold of those are very beautiful words I want to say we got a bit of time left if you feel like you want to just go I say I feel really really satisfied incomplete in what we what we’ve covered in I guess it’d be great to hear from you any any what else whatever else you want it you care to share and then certainly the website URLs and what people can do to connect Waze to find you and and maybe what’s next with what’s on the horizon 2 end to compete for this evening other I just have to say I am so excited to be at your work in the world through actually. Com or and the pleasure patch.com I’m also on all the social media actually or kicked me and group on Facebook for others and so come and find us there right now it is set up to be a Sisterhood of people who identify as being a woman so I know that that is a really beautiful space for women to come together and explore in community what it means to prioritize our orgasmic pleasure and also know that I have always looking for ways to bring men into our community and support them and their healing and their sexuality so there are programs to come for that in the future I just don’t know exactly when and where and why it’s not to be exclusionary it’s just in case and meet they would need 21 days off billion Wicked thoughts which is the Neuroscience behind our internet activity within the space when I was first time in years ago she was like women are needing and looking torso in that since I said go for it as a man I don’t get it Illuminating in our world right now men do not need the level of outer and inner permission for pleasure women are really appreciating the pleasure price as his permission slip that you know first maybe can be written by me or the pleasure patch but then becomes and to Paradise pleasure and it really does make sense to me then experience dependent right on well you don’t makes me think that I’m not for the necessarily the I think you mentioned it earlier kind of depends on what things can pendulum to Square One Direction yes so you know in this context I feel like I’m I’m kind of dismayed at seeing the the counter porn nofap kind of thing about it’s basically like okay you either jerk off to porn or you don’t touch yourself at all but in the in the sweet spot in the middle of it which is what the tantric wisdom in the Dallas wisdom is really all about for men is that you want to have as much physical stimulation as possible and you want to start to taper down the amount of ejaculatory orgasm if you have but still be able to have multiple orgasms and still be able to fuel those heightened levels of pleasure but not always be quote spilling your seed so there’s people who were in my you know me men’s tantric movement and they’re they’re doing these challenges for men is 21 a month or week or just work yourself up to longer periods of time of total not ejaculation in some people are some people go years I don’t I don’t choose that path although it has its merits if you have certain objectives but but I wonder if there will be a parallel movement because the more women pleasure themselves in in the twentieth the 21-day pleasure pledge if men are having solidarity non ejaculatory three weeks if not ejaculation but stimulation and they’re going to view way better effective at giving those orgasms providing the Arkansas to their female lovers there’s a way for you to harness your sexual energy by keeping your ejaculate inside but also elevating your abilities 22 you know what I mean anything there are so many total pieces of information that I gathered over the years around is just what that experience is for releasing energy and the male body and the release of semen vs. the building on connection to Life Force energy in the way in which women orgasm and I’m so I know where we can come together and so it’s interesting cuz in in are the fall and desire for equality I think sometimes that pendulum if you will get ourselves into this send this notion around saying this because when we think about sameness we lose this honor and have differences that is really basting a lot of trees and how we experience sexuality and pleasure an orgasm letting letting me go there for another final and bit of banter but yeah definitely we could go on for days and hopefully we will be in touch soon as this this approach has yeah well I will see what I can do to spread the word and and definitely will be in touch in in wishing you the best so once again thank you for your for your time and I will be in touch soon and have a great night VW. 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Exploring the Art of Erotic Literature with Malin James TPP110


Malin James picIn this episode I have the exquisite pleasure of exploring the art of erotic literature writing with Malin James. She offers a wide range of insights into the inner workings of erotic writing and we agree that it’s vital to sustain and evolve this ancient craft into the digital age.

About Malin:
Malin James is an essayist, blogger, and short story writer. Her work has appeared in Electric Literature, Bust Magazine, MUTHA, Queen Mob’s Tea House and Medium, as well as in anthologies for Cleis, Sweetmeats Press and others. Her short story collection, Roadhouse Blues will be available this summer from Go Deeper Press. Learn more at http://www.malinjames.com

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 110 I’m here with Mom and James a writer blogger and essayist of all things sexuality and Beyond and another blessed adventure to just discover more folks out of the box of Tantra who were in the sex blogging in writing fields and she was kind enough to accept my invite to the show and so it’s going to be a a process of exploration and learning about what all you offer your path to becoming an influencer in the sexuality writing field so yeah please share this a bit about your path leading up to the wonderful person you become thank you so much for having me on its really really cool I’ve been listening to some of the episodes and I really think of the work you’re doing is fantastic so it’s a complete honor to be here I think that I think that I’ve always been sort of Q2 sexuality in one way or another and I’ve been writing for a very very long time almost 20 years but it was until about five years ago that I really started focusing on sex is a subject and I started writing erotica and Dean sex blogging writing that sexuality and as I did that more and more I realized that sex is really an amazing lens to sort of look at our Humanity through our spirituality through understand ourselves each other that is really it is all encompassing and, things are tough connective facet of humanity and Joe the start of the more of my perspective Broad and on that the more I found it right about the more I reached out to people and people reached out to me and I just became a very nourishing very creative exciting space to be an end here I come from a background that is on the more traditional side and I have a history with sexual trauma and healing from all of that and so what kind of a winding road but through all of that has always been this sense of sexuality as being something that connects all of us and is very connected to my think that’s that’s it in a nutshell and I am grateful for it well well thank you for sharing and do you want to talk about some of your projects what what you’re focused on in your Expressions over this. So I think I took out at about last year I was primarily writing just very short pieces very short erotic fiction getting them published anthologies and doing all of that and it was good it was it was fun and then I didn’t wear more that I started blogging about my personal experiences just in relationships I’m in an open marriage and polyamorous most of my adult life so I started writing about that and my experiences with that just as as things opened up for me sort of healing from trauma I wrote about that some more and and things just started getting very I found myself very much sort of in the center of of the the non-fiction I was writing and so are most of my my non-fiction is very sordid personal experience reflective sort of stuff and I had always shied away from that because you know I made in the end you know who wants to be navel-gazing and instruct you know but you find a balance stop and get some perspective and the really cool thing is it that you know no one ever experiences you know when we all resonate with each other and you resonate in a can be very surprising can be really wonderful eye-opening so my non-fiction is definitely edges over towards the personal experience in the personal essay then as far as as far as fixing goes I’m working on a collection of erotic short stories right now that’s coming out with go deeper press this summer cold Roadhouse Blues and basically what I’m really looking at what I’m really interested in is it’s a bunch of connected short stories that also focus on this sort of one town in the middle of nowhere in the United States and the lives of people people have and how they don’t maybe look like what we think of as you know I haven’t particularly Rich sexual lives but they really do and they don’t matter stereotypes and they don’t maybe look the way we think they should look or you know whatever they want to just break down break down the idea of you know a sexual person looking a certain way or being a certain way or traditional relationships vs untraditional relationships insert break all that down to where it’s like now we’re just people in these people have relationships and this sometimes relationships look like one way and sometimes they look another way and so that’s really been my passion project for the past year now finishing it up now and really looking forward to getting that out in the world what sounds fun are you are you going out and sort of doing the what are they call it like what a method actor would do to get immersed in the environment so you can have a prospective for details of things are actually that’s a really awesome question I was an actor I trained as an actor and I worked as an actor in New York and San Francisco for about 10-15 years earlier in my life so a lot of my writing I use the same muscles in my writing as I do and when I was acting and what it is is it not so much method acting as like intense empathy I really really empathize with my character’s a bite if I can’t empathize and come to a character with compassionate then I shouldn’t be writing them even if they’re absolute jerk even if they’re you know an awful human being for me to write from a place that is both productive and I don’t know what the word is I don’t to say lightning because that’s that’s a bit that’s that’s a tall order but if I’m going to write from an honest place a place that isn’t may be rooted in judgment I need to have that empathy so I filled up a lot of those muscles when I was being an actor and doing acting training and I use that same sort of seat of empathy and compassion when I when I write my writing is super character-driven so you know whether it’s a guy who’s cheating on his boyfriend or you know woman who just desperately wants to have a baby and so she kind of does anything to get there just whatever the situation is even if I’ve never lived that live that experience try to come at it from a pretty like a pretty understanding emotional place and then if I don’t understand certain to take it looks like I’m never going to know what it is to be a gay man and so if I need to get a good perspective an honest perspective on something then you know I’ll talk to a friend or I’ll talk to to someone who has direct experience in an area to make sure I’m doing it right I mean the last thing you want to do is just perpetuate stereotypes without knowing it that sucks so you know I do want to be carefully do a lot of research but but yeah in the end it really comes down to like no matter who we fall in love with no matter who we have sex with no matter who we want or need or what we do we’re all people and we all hurt and we all love joy and we all experience pain and that sort of like the first step for me in getting into into a character’s head and then after that kind of just see where they take it sounds a little bit like we will and everything but it’s a very organic sort of intuitive process for me you know scanning my subconscious of four any references to something that like what you’re talking about and actually what came to mind was that movie Thelma and Louise did you receive that I really takes you on an anthropological journey into the Bible Belt and masculinity and the recently and it’s been years since I really I really loved it as a child that I think that was probably an important seed of Consciousness it was planted then and and watching it now recently after almost thirty years of being a free reasonably well trained feminist at least by my partners who wouldn’t give me the option if it’s amazing when you think about the character development in understanding and emphasizing and seeing the wounding of patriarchy that’s a on both on all ends of the gender Spectrum really in you just see the how tragic it is to be so so anybody really that the way that they that they covered the truck there is a truck driver he was a perv there was the husband who is the certified abusive or neglectful Tyrant and then there was the cereal kind of date rapist creepy guy and then there was the the good cop bad cop thing going on the empathetic cop with versus and so it’s like a sacred masculine was really held by of all people Harvey Keitel and he was the only one and then there was even the boyfriend who was tearing up the hotel room you know so she couldn’t even deal with him but he would least was wounded and he was a little bit vulnerable yeah it was a circus of patriarchal archetypes and archetypes that have been perpetuated for so long and end and have you know tab damaged women but also damaged men I really feel like you know all of it boxes just end up end up doing more damage then then good at this point you know with men feeling like they have to be a certain way to be strong or to be to be mad and identify you know as a particular gender and and women you know what’s been you know what’s been done to women by the patriarchy over so many so many centuries are you still you’re still working on the book now or you’re working on I’m doing all that the edits at this point so I’m I still got my hands pretty pretty deep in there so I can I think it would be probably a good move to go ahead and have a watch and just sort of compare you know what’s going on on the screen with some of the things that I’m working on to I think that’s awesome all right around ya good for divine timing and then it also makes me feel the other than this is like the pendulum swing of empowerment is that film based on if I can remember her name it’s probably going to escape me right now but at the only female serial killer wilmslow niak something like that I just heard a reference recently but I hadn’t had you seen that film really really powerful movie and Powerful Super 8 yeah it’s just that those that those are good things are going to my so what if you’re in less it’s a secret in your keeping it I mean I guess you could give us the back cover version to know if you have it to understand what it was some of the angles are coming at 2 with this project then I’m definitely curious truckstop town in the middle of nowhere and I really wanted to leave it very general because there places like this all over the country and very particular sort of localized stuff but but I wanted I wanted this town called sticks to sort of sit in sit in that space that General survival belts Enid rural Highway Town kind of feel and so what it is I’m kind of span of a bunch of decades like I’ve got a story set in the 40s and I’ve got a story a story set in the fifties and sixties and I’ve got stories that now and what if what I’m looking at is stuff like like there are there are some stories about women who work in a strip club but it’s not about them as strippers it’s about them as as women I’m in the top and see what they do and you know one of them is about a woman who is convinced her husband is cheating she she knows he’s cheating and the question is if he actually is cheetah or if this is just a lot of her own you know her own filters sort of boxing him into a role that he’s not actually playing or a woman who had a very close relationship to her father and he died and should have working through that with a man she needs no guy who who owns the local Diner and he’s gay but he’s completely in the closet because you know growing up in the 80s and you know it should taking Bible about town you you just don’t talk to being gay so you know so he’s performing this idea of what it is to be a straight man when you know there’s this other self that he doesn’t get to my cakes for Access with you know or a woman who escaped a really abusive relationship and how that haunts now and how that experience literally changed who she was least through all of that are sexual encounters sexual experiences sexual relationships in the thing with erotic of the tricky thing is is like an erotic I basically as a genre it needs to have sex and that’s that’s for the genre but what I wanted to do was you know make the sex really really like at just an inherent necessary part of the story and make the sexiest characters have and that I depict in the stories make it means something make it meaningful you know what start them in one place and have them end up in another place through a sexual encounter through the expression of their sexuality so all of these characters are very full people outside of the sex they have but for whatever reason in the stories they are in some way transformed or transported by a sexual experience and so that you know that’s like it needs a moment and are the pivotal Moment In the book where things change and I guess the best way I could put it is that in these stories for these people the pivotal moment is sexual you know the woman who just had a kid who feels completely out of touch with her body but she manages to get herself off and feel desire again for herself you know and and how that can change her and just a husband and wife who lost touch and I will find each other again but only after the wife has an affair and just that that kind of thing to sex is there like that by opening experience I think is really my hope for it that’s beautiful yeah I was at that makes me think you know when you’re sexually deprived or I guess Starving in a way in and it really distorts your character to the point where when you are able to then eventually have relatively fulfilling and desirable sex then it just kind of melts away all of that paint instantaneously then we built up over that time of deprivation and say yeah I said I don’t care how no matter how long it takes for my dream list of dream loving experience has to happen I know that in the moment it does happen I’ll know it was worth it to have to have to wait that long that one experience smacks you right upside the head and Andy know you it’s something shifts and it’s you know it’s stuff like that that’s just an instant beautiful fakeness that’s like as a profound it’s a profound Lee amazing yet mundane thing in like in mainstream media I think n insertive especially women’s bag of beans like Cosmo and and stuff you know performing sex you know how to how to be sexy how to how to be a sexy person how to have no mind blowing pornographics acts like you’re camping up the pressure on something that you know it doesn’t it doesn’t need to be that it can be any wholesome that can be filthy it can be wholesome and filthy at the same time you know Steve whatever we be whatever you need it to be in that moment with your partner with yourself and I just I just want to put put a little bit of that out there you know everyday people having really profound everyday experiences yeah that’s beautiful man in the in the world world of Tantra it’s kind of in a different way can become guilty of that have just hyping up this ever-elusive experience of transcendence that’s so so easily easy to access but then sometimes you’re fixated on trying to achieve something greater than what’s in the moment and some of the most required no technique and no mantras and know you know spiritual latticework to climb and it was just the person was so into it and so present that they just they didn’t need any of that it’s at to get there and it made in it and I could just melt into it so but it is important for a man I say two to be able to fully relax into sex you have to you have to train to be able to relax and there’s a lot of people whether it’s sexologist sexual therapist that you’re doing helping men overcome both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and if you can figure out how to sustain yourself in that sweet spot then so nourishing to bathe in those chemicals that the neurochemistry of how do you describe these good feelings in words in the paper the medium of words how do you express these if these feelings last me as I was working on this like how do you how do you make how do you make sex like more than just sort of like the bear biological unit description in like 10 and all that because in the end you know like we all know how sex works you know what you mean we basically you no no what you do when you have sex you know regardless what kind of sex you’re having and we know it like the mechanics are so you don’t have to to Really describe it like and super detail as opposed to like getting into that sort of that biology of it is there that I think about it I talk more about how things feel you know so it’s not just like they kissed it’s what’s going through her head when he kisses her what’s what he feeling when he kisses her like you know where they smelling what is it remind them of you know where did it take them and their minds are you know where they completely taken out of their heads and just living in the moment and experiencing the sensation Moment by moment and Eileen a lot more on that sort of that since a moment by moment physical experience as opposed to like a description for for writing a story and I also find that very naturally when I when I start writing from that sort of place of how something feels as opposed to what’s happening to them it naturally takes me right into the characters experience and and tops that empathy really just organically you know so I mentioned the story about the the woman who to have the baby and you know she just lost touch with her body she’s lost her ownership everybody in our entire sense of herself and so you know she ends up masturbating and it is a pretty straightforward story but like the whole build-up is how disconnected she feels to her body and how much it hurts and how much she just she just feels out of place in her skin and so the more she touches herself in a loving way the more she just seemed like your neck a little bit and let that tension app no justice he’s very unsexual actions that she’s taking gently unpen the tension and the the the start of the self-torture she’s putting herself through emotionally you know to unlock unlock that little portion of yourself that’s that’s really blocked off so you know going into her her head and like what did it feel like you know what does she remember sex feeling what she remembered her body feeling like how is it different now oh maybe it’s not so maybe it’s not so scary that it’s a little bit different maybe it’s okay that it’s changed a little bit maybe it’s still beautiful maybe her skin still feels good on your fingertips that kind of thing and let her sort of explore explore her physical self from that a very sordid a moment a very moment to moment almost like I had to take this a Buddhist but it is in a way it’s a very moment to moment present in reality right now experience in and let her be physically with herself and follow that experiences she has she has it and end with a story like that basically it was almost like it was getting married at Uni and I just like I just wrote it down so it says it’s super sensory and and way more like emotionally driven you know you want to make it sexy cuz you know still ride again people you don’t want to feel good you know when they when they read it but definitely looking for that deeper kind of that deeper feeling good but deeper feeling of a sexual experience I love it just came to mind that everyone should know how to fuck their own brains out that what you know what is it that gets you what gets what gets you under your own skin and then you know run with that cuz that’s you know that’s brilliant that’s that’s that’s a fantastic gift you can give yourself right on would you be at would would you feel put on the spot if I asked you to read any sampling of any of your Works whether it’s from your what you’re currently working on or anyting for the past and just you know feel free if you don’t if you don’t feel shy I can pull something at let me see let me pull up this isn’t from The Collection this is this is a piece that I wrote last year and it’s basically about a woman who is recovering from a pretty horrible breakup pretty horrible just a relationship in general me see if I can find the file here where are you all right there with me sorry about that nothing all right let me go up to my website I think I’ve got it on it see I’ll read it a snippet of it it’s called the second letter and I wrote it right at the start of my own sort of healing process from some relation to cut by a pretty bad relationship and I and then you don’t and coverings and some stuff in my own past my own my own experiences. Especially you know when I was very very on that were just super painful and I buried and said this was the first story that I wrote that really I feel like I started tapping into something much more real instead of that sort of but I think I was like that like stop corn and there’s nothing wrong with it but she would like that. Erotica important that she is super like hey look how many positions we can get in and out of time and it’s in a it’s fun it’s latest it’s Enos groovy it’s just you know it’s very it should have more about what they’re doing instead of what they’re experiencing and records of exactly exactly this is the first time it’s pretty special place in my heart so read I read a little bit you can fit in the phone booth dude get 10 people in a phone booth love it I believe it just makes me sit back Bow Wow that’s that’s infusing like if that was reality that would be pretty incredible you know it’s either really wow I can’t bear was supposed to be a space born on Dixie they had to design a sex harness so that we would be able to populate the species after that we leave if we leave the Earth if we leave the Earth is smoldering Cinder and we have to repopulate Mars and we have to have a harness to strap in otherwise we would just be sending each other across the spaceship every thrust you know so okay if we had to go earlier than we have to go live in space how do we do that you know how do we do all these things how do we have sex I love that alright so let me see okay so here’s the here’s here’s a snippet from the second letter I have sent you the letter that I want you to see it’s practical and why’s full of smooth measured lines and things are best for both I’m not writing the letter that I wanted to write it is not smooth is not measured I’m writing on my skin than the length of my leg and up again higher and higher to my warm wet comes in the hollow places that you can I will start my hip and scroll to my love on that curved hardbone I will write up the silence my tongue couldn’t feel of the ugliness and envy I swallow just keep your taste in my mouth I understand your responsibilities your conditions your life I embraced my confinement in a small mushroom I was your Escape you said if you kiss my thought it was cream and white when you did not smeared with ink but clean and sweet atacolypse band improbable trust your words poured into my skin and diffused feeling my cells with your precise exact same love Alchemy magic I became an extension of you you cast a spell with every they can bite every time your fingers drifted between my thighs in bars and restaurants and cafes in streets every time you found me wet every time you suck my breast am I thin cotton blouse I lost an inch of myself more ink on my skin you love me love me your word Steve denslow in profound until I live to your teeth in the rest of your cock the human arching back a curving neck neck a greedy gaping cunt I was a response to your words the words that you scroll down my skin with your Rich invisible ink a room at Haven the bottle in the gym a pretty little box wow yeah I Rosie thank you thank you very much I appreciate that a great deal where do you get a lot of your guests if inspiration do you have places you go to disconnect and or does it just come at random times and you take notes I’m just curious the creative workflow you know what people want to get into this what what are some best practices in tips and tricks of the trade don’t don’t wait to be inspired because the way the way I feel like creativity Works its it always there you just don’t know when it’s going to pounce on you so in order to kind of keep yourself open keep your brain open keep your spirit open in a right right a little everyday even if it’s like 5 minutes in a notebook you know if you can you can eat out more time that’s awesome if you can work out a page that’s great but like 5 minutes a day sit down quietly with yourself just jot down whatever comes to mind like no pressure no expectation just something from a dream something I thought you had the sound of a person’s voice like what it feels like you know when you get that shiver of recognition and it feels like you got memories opening up your spine just all those little like those little experiences that pop into your brain just at random shot the shot that down you give yourself 5 10 minutes to just indulge in that that creative space and sometimes like stubble slow at you and you can keep it down fast enough and sometimes it’s going to be pretty quiet and we started like meditating and you’re staring at the wall in your life what’s going on and you don’t just stay with it as best you can and just not even if you’re just writing oh my God this is awful I can’t wait at that I had no thoughts so that’s the first thing is just like opening up that Matt muscle that awareness of story of yourself of experience and then the more you do that the more the more things should have started to spark and you know sit down we know what an idea like I seen a visual a visual like an image that you can’t get out of your head you know maybe write a little a little story for that like why are those two people doing that thing in that picture you know ask a lot of like a lot of why questions you know why did I dream turn you on why did that dreams scare the hell out of you you know why did that thought surprise you I find that you know opening yourself up like a little bit every day and then always questioning yourself coming on it from a place of curiosity asking why why why and writing the answers you’re going to end up with piles of material or piles of stories that never would have occurred to you if you sat down and we’re trying to bang them out in a conscious way and so that’s I think that’s that’s what I’d say for anyway that’s still how I work that I’ve been working for 20 years and it helps keep the pressure off and it keeps that that writer’s block at Bay because okay so I have a crap day and I’m I write absolute shiter apps I write absolutely nothing that’s okay I’ll have tomorrow so you know those steaks and a and I think once you you free yourself of that pressure you can go to take yourself to places that are going to surprise you and those surprises you know saying saying yes to like the things that surprise you and maybe catch you off-guard a little bit that’s where the really great stories are can you count demystify what writer’s block is as feel that the yeah me neither I probably haven’t been I mean I’ve I’ve written for magazines I’ve written columns for newspapers and I’m going back to college and I’ve been lyrics and poetry I said I consider myself a skilled and talented May probably more talented than skill that should be a writer but I haven’t made it my profession so I haven’t been dependent on it for my livelihood in a way that if I got stuck that it would matter so I probably never felt that anxiety around it so I’m curious what is that what is that is a phenomenon and if people have encountered it what are some of the tips that you’d have fur breaking through I’ve got to admit something right here I I have made it so that I don’t like that the stories of fiction I write in the essay is that really matter I don’t make my living off those I write copy I you know I freelance really boring stuff I do other things I teach sometimes I do other things so that I don’t have to make a living off of my fiction and I think like you were saying I think that pulling that that that performance pressure that that sort of financial imperative off of my fiction actually makes me much more productive than I would be otherwise and helps me avoid the writer’s block that might come when that pressure hits but you know back is different I feel like it’s different for a different different authors and different writers and it it manifests in different ways basically I I think that the most General it just like the most General way I tend to think about it as a sort of like a paralysis like you’re sitting at your computer your desk your notebook or whatever it is and you cannot you cannot put pen-to-paper you cannot make a words show up on the screen you’re just you’re paralyzed and it can happen because your blank and for some reason ideas and Rose are coming it can happen because there’s so much going on in your head and you have so many ideas that you get overwhelmed it can happen because you’re exhausted or depressed or anxious or worried or distracted basically what it comes down to is that you are like standing in the middle of the road and you cannot put one foot in front of the other and so the best thing you can do for yourself is to say it’s just Cop 2 that’s where you are you like okay I am in a really tough place I cannot put one foot in front of the other and be okay with that and switch gears so if you’re writing a fiction piece and it’s just not working you cannot work on it switch gears write an email and write write write an observation write an essay write write a you know what’s in thoughts on a book you read rights and thoughts on a movie you read right you know right it right to a friend right some tweets write a Facebook post just switch gears to something that is absolutely not the thing that you are stuck and and let that go let that roll and sort of let your mind just sit quietly on its own with whatever is blocking you with whatever’s got you paralyzed and then at some point gently bring yourself back and say okay you know what let’s try to put one foot in front of the other but keep the pressure low figure I’m going to come in and write a sentence and that’s great if you write this is awesome and if you can’t it’s okay you know that you tried your best gym I set it aside and come back to it tomorrow just you know when the last thing you should do like if a person is stuck and they’re terrified and they’re paralyzed in the middle of the road the last thing you want to do is flex shot at them and buried them and beat them you wouldn’t do that to another person so don’t don’t do that to you and just try to be try to be gentle take the pressure off and then you know eventually just keep keep on going don’t give up but but do it in a compassionate way I love you you know what what did it came up earlier when when you were reading was did you ever see that movie Pump Up the Volume. Yeah absolutely not so subtle influence I don’t think I’m actually thought of it I suspect if there’s an ambulance there it’s pretty subconscious but hey you know that sometimes you’re the best influences are like it’s so dorky but I really feel like like sexually formed me a great deal was a member of Bram Stoker’s Dracula back in the early 90s with my friends and it blew my head off just so many difference depictions of sexuality in and female sexuality particularly in that won between Mena and and Lucy in that the brides and stuff and I just remember like actively consciously identifying with each one of them in very different ways and it was the first time I had archetypes to apply to myself and so that’s that’s always been like if I were if I were to say that one spell more sort of 1 narrative performance really ended up I die really really like imprinted hard on that movie as flawed as it is and it’s you know it’s not but man that really did that not one nailed me hard and then and then different definitely Pump Up the Volume was in there and like Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and just yeah definitely very very end times you doing that one was so creepy you know going back and watching that you know her performances as a Selina Kyle and Callum is just heartbreaking you know that the degree to which she you know she was divided you know and how she couldn’t she couldn’t have it both felt equally at the same time and then she’s got this creepy little dude Raggedy Ann it’s really as it’s fascinating it’s it’s it’s fun going back and watching these movies like I’m going to go back and watch some of the movies now that you mention it cuz that one is to totally yeah she’s real glimpse into that where you located at approximately it’s a culture shock to drive across the country for sure I had before then I live just in the Bay Area and New York and La just cuz that’s where I went to school and where I ended up working and stuff and little live live in Texas for 9 months is completely outside of my experience that it was one of the most like I think I was one of the most profound growth experiences of my life was just realizing that my little bubble was very much a bubble and that’s no beyond that were people that had completely different sets of values religious beliefs spiritual beliefs sexual beliefs and ways of living and that you know there was a vast vast difference between us ideologically speaking and yet there was a shared Humanity there and that was like some serious I’m serious at I opening that I’d I really need it at that point of my life wow this is making me want to go and do some deep cover tantric makeovers on small towns without even using the word yeah I feel like very capable of being a social chameleon and building rapport I’ve been touring the country and bands for years so you know you have to get an answer is in punk rock band you show up at the diner at the gas stations in but they’re used to it because there’s so many bands touring and you know I said but it’s it’s always a Charming endearing and sometimes facially deformed you know I mean seriously to the inbreeding get it it’s hard to hide in some of those places in a it’s pretty shocking but but yeah the struggles of women and you know the all of the expressions of even square dancing and things like that I feel like there’s they’re accessing Shakti and goddess worshiping expressing sexuality in ways that it it’ll it’ll find a way to be expressed even if it’s actively repressed through the church or whatever. Just curious now to take take that lends outlet for it and what outlet for that Sexual Energy or a sexual self-awareness is shut off by buying institution and it doesn’t make it go away it’s you know so where did where did it go what happens to as a manifest and other places Gina does it get does it find healthy expression somewhere else like you know in in church choirs are in orange square dancing or in you don’t really great cooking or does it get twisted and assertive harmful and perverted you know by being suppressed you known and how does that what happens to it because it’s it’s not like it’s just going to disappear it still has got to be a gay country music band out there somewhere it’s it’s cliche to like every form of Music except country but I actually I had I know nothing about the artist that don’t listen to it on the radio but I every time I hear it I do feel like well that’s the voice of the Goddess speaking through men being vulnerable in the only way that they can be and get away with it for sneaking it out through there through the yeah it’s it’s it’s a feminine Arts a very hurtful way of expression that they couldn’t get away with in any other sector like flat-out like open the expressed pain in so many country songs you know floss and pain and disappointment in and you don’t like in an Unapologetic it’s not cynical it’s it’s just you know it’s just they’re putting it out there cuz it’s you know the reality and you don’t get that and a lot of in a lot of areas I think of that sort of that that’s license that’s like the culture that sort of maybe more religiously influenced culture you don’t get it as much but that’s super true should we got a few minutes last time and I just enjoy this very eyeshadow get to relax and be is is I feel like we just drink tea or at a beer or something it was was not like my typical extreme activism turn the whole world upside down analyze everything with a sense of urgency is definitely usually like when I do interviews it’s not as it’s just not as like Melo I know what do you want to get to do whatever you like to shout out and hype and promote your website and best ways for people to to connect and then if you have any any words you want to share things people should look out for it and it’s all you can find me on social media and I’m so you can get me there at ball and MJ names and on my website you can certify me find all the other places where I am so my website the Great One Stop Shop there and that’s www.njnews.com m a l i n j a m e s. Com and the collection Roadhouse Blues is going to be coming out this summer with go deeper press and they’re awesome I just want to throw that out there by the way they are super amazingly sex-positive amazing activism just there an amazing publisher so I would definitely definitely say even if I wasn’t I didn’t have a book for coming with him I’d say check them out to their boss in there it goes deeper press.com and Zoe at the collection is Roadhouse Blues it’ll be coming out I’ll be on a book and paperback and probably available on Amazon and all those normal places and you have basically I guess I guess but the last thing I would say is just the world right now is is rough people are really struggling in the world is always rough but it feels like in the past few months things have gotten so that it’s gotten heightened up so you know just anything anything you can do to sort of find out find a place of empathy with other people’s experiences try to even if you don’t agree to try to understand where they’re coming from and and communicate Your Truth as as effectively and compassionately as possible I feel like that’s super important right now is there more people understand each other at the less I was going to get demonized and we could do with a lot less demonizing each other so thank you for the words and I guess there’s one thing I’d like to to ask for you to share about what you’ll be you know for the people who are just be more line on digital forms of texting all of that you know I if you could give it a sort of a Aroma to romanticize print media and book reading a little bit if you have any like a public you know a public service announcement around that and also I just the last thing I want to say is it a you have a great voice for spoken word I hope that you do read some audio books of your material if you haven’t already so that they can be used more easily to digestible for people who don’t have two hands to hold a book anymore cuz they’re on the computer all the time I was never thank you so much that’s really awesome compliment I’m hoping to do an audio book and read it myself because it’s it’s it’s fun I love it and I love audiobooks I love honestly I love books in pretty much every form you can get your hands on books like audio paper hardcover ebook whatever it is whatever your whatever your groove is you know go for it and enjoy enjoy the written word you know they’re amazing amazing stories just to be to be found on websites on podcast podcast I really enjoyed your pot has it been in but enjoying it so much I am a podcast just jumped and electronic media is a great place to do that so find you know figure out what you’re into and fell down the rabbit hole whichever rabbit hole that happens to be yeah dilate your attention span for an experience that isn’t just the Sound by sounds like so that’s cool I’m glad you’re saying that because then it’s not like because because Book Sales are going down in book stores are closing than writers are going extinct know they’re adapting and you’re adapting so thank you thank you for keeping the long version thank you I feel like hanging in there with the long version that’s it that’s a different kind of reward you know they did the sound bytes are good but if you can he can hang out there a little bit longer with whatever it is you’re reading then they’re worse than that to awesome alright then melon will thank you again for your time and we will definitely be in touch and I look forward to your work coming out like you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episode if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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Sex, Erotica, Fetish, and Disability with Leandra Vane TPP103


Leandra Vane PicIn this episode I am blessed to explore an array of topics that are often marginalized and poorly understood. Leandra talks about how her life as a disabled librarian in a sex negative local culture catalyzed her journey to become an influential erotica writer and blogger. We explore myths and misconceptions, sex positive activism,  the growth of independent and diverse voices within the sex positive movement, multi-media marketing strategies, indy fetish porn and much more. She also reads a bit of her writing which is an exquisite gift.

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About Leandra:
Leandra Vane is a sexuality writer and speaker. She writes about sexuality and relationships from the perspective of a visibly disabled, polyamorous kinky woman. Her fiction has been published in numerous erotica anthologies and her sexuality memoir is entitled “Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity.” She is currently working on a second sexuality memoir about her experience as a female fetishist. She is a Certified Public Librarian and holds a Bachelor’s degree in language arts with a psychology minor. She writes a sexuality book review blog entitled The Unlaced Librarian.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 103 I am talking with the unlaced librarian SX block and erotica writer who has the a Blog at the Unleashed librarian. Blogspot.com and I was just browsing the the block website lots of interesting to see an original topics and wanted to invite her to be on the touch of fun podcast to talk about that space that she’s writing in an in kind of help inform us more about the world of sex plugging in an erotica writing and more so with that would you please to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about how you arrived at this point in your life as a sex blogger Turn Me On yeah my name is Leandra vein and I’ve been writing my blog the unlace librarian since 2013 and the the sex blog and the blogging and the sex writing really was a complete turning point for myself in my sexuality in my life up until that point before I started writing my blog I was very interested in sexuality I was very interested in relationships but because of start of the environment that I lived in and the body that I lived in because I’m a physically disabled person I wasn’t really allowed to have an outlet for sexuality I kept a lot of that secret and so I followed text logs and secret I read lots of sex books and secret I read lots of erotica and secret but as far as my own writing and interacting with the people that I wanted to interact with and doing the things that I wanted to do I had really kept that Under Wraps I’d kept it away from a lot of people because I didn’t feel like they would approve of that and so when I started writing the blog it was basically a breaking point for me I was tentatively trying to put more embodiment and sexuality into my own writing and somebody that I knew found out about it and they were just irate and they told me that they’d lost a lot of respect for me they couldn’t believe I would write this stuff then so I was feeling very upset about that and I was outside on my patio and I just kind of left it this empty chair across the table and I saw all of the pieces of myself that I had put off that I had censored and sitting across from me was like a happy version of myself and I knew that I’d cut off so much of my own identity in my own expression trying to make other people happy that I couldn’t keep doing that and I wanted to be that person that I saw across the table so that afternoon is when I launched my blog because I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and when I started writing my first collection of erotica so I can actually say now thinking about this I think it’s the first time I’ve said this out loud but since that time in 2013 I can really say that I am that person now I’ve been able to connect with so many amazing people I’ve been able to untangle so many things about myself and connect with people and that I really am happy now and I can live a more authentic life that I can be real with the people that I care about that I love and that they aren’t just loving somebody that I’m pretending to be that they’re actually knowing the real me and I’m doing the work that I want to be doing so beautiful it is such a touching story of empowerment transformation through the power of the internet just find your tribe just by posting content and so how did the how does your mark at the block or how do people what was the sort of thumb processive of it growing and becoming I’m significant to other folks you know in secret so I really started doing book reviews because even though a lot of people maybe if you read a textbook you’re not necessarily going to review it or tell us people about it you’re kind of going to keep that secret so this was a really interesting platform for me to talk about sex without being too I guess in people’s faces it was just like here I’m doing this book and if you’re interested in this you should read it so that was a really interesting way to connect with people because I could recommend books and I could take the sex positivity into this sort of vanilla space which was like a library and talk about things like you know censorship and intellectual freedom and information access because a lot of people if they don’t have access to good sex education the library is going to be a place that we need to to put resources in and give people access to that so I kind of started by doing book reviews and doing talks at libraries and colleges and sort of worked my way up into then sharing my own story I talked about being a unisex instability cuz I’m a disabled person and also BDSM open relationship fetishes sexual fantasy so I really like that I kind of started that foundation with books and sharing books and giving people kind of that safe place in between the pages of a book to explore their own sexuality in a way that’s that’s kind of safe and maybe a little bit more quiet then maybe some other people to be comfortable with so that’s really kind of how I started connecting with other people and then writing my own books and letting people read them in a place where they’re comfortable wow that’s exactly it’s really interesting I’ve always felt that if you just had the right map at the library to where the sequence of books to find and put together you could really do the most subversive radical transformative work it’s it’s really all there it’s it’s almost like there’s no excuse to feel like we’re limited because you’re you’re a living example of what a little bit of Ingenuity and creativity can result in so that’s exciting and I applied that and I think I think a lot of people have some form of a library fetish as well so I’m just curious. Have you encountered that as a librarian other people’s librarian fetish what do interesting actually because there’s sort of the pop culture stereotype of the sexy librarian and haven’t worked at a library I can tell you I’ve had to kick people out because they were like making out or trying to have sex in the stacks I don’t know what it is about that energy and I guess the sapiosexuality like this I think there’s also something that’s very forbidden I mean I know everything from kids sneaking comic books behind their parents backs two people reading the the paper box with the bodice in a rivers in the the cleavage in the Fabio hair they feel it’s kind of like naughty or secretive I think there’s just this kind of deviance that comes with with reading what you want to read and there’s a danger in knowledge there’s sort of always been this policing of of knowledge and information and there we you know where we draw the line between what is useful information and what is just perverse or what is just insane when really it’s all philosophy and that’s why people are so scared of it sometime so yeah I think it’s just a great environment for people to push the limits of themselves and I think a lot of people find that really sexy yeah certainly a taboo to be wild and free and making a an erotic Rocket City Library so that reminds me that I don’t know exactly when it was but I think it was kind of a big viral social media event where I think she was a college student and she was a web she was doing webcamming and she I believe she did a webcam broadcast of probably masturbation or playing with a toy or something at I think it was her College library and it was captured on film or something so somehow it was leaked and then she got I think she got kicked out of school but it launched her porn career about that but I can tell you that if you are going to try to do something like that like that the library has security cameras but they do have blind spot so if you have an Insider I can tell you where those blind spots are that would probably find that information out endorsement of any illegal activity but certainly interesting case studies for sure do you want to talk about I’m very curious this will be the first time I’ve had the opportunity to explore sex and disability on the show and I feel like the the entry point that I have felt most I guess engaged with or her passion about is is the argument that there’s places in the world where it’s it’s difficult to criminalize sex work especially when the sex workers are providing services for disabled people who would otherwise have limited well because of cultural stigma and I’m sure all the things that you can Enlighten us much more about you know that I know very little about it’s just the people are marginalized and there’s yeah there’s a lot that so I don’t even know what the word is that you would use for so-called able Able Body people who just ignorant to an end and cognizant of this sector of sexuality so please I vow means whatever extent you’re comfortable sharing I’d love to know what what we can be doing to be allies in in all shapes and forms and abilities really really important to me and was really impactful to me because when I was growing up I could have came from the background of a lot of sex negativity so when I first went into college and I was sort of exploring sexuality and I heard about you know in different countries and end in America people with disabilities or disabled people wanting to hire sex worker I was really pissed off I was like I was saying it was like people were saying like you’re not good enough to have real sex and when I kind of monster untangle all that sex negativity I realize that while that is a really sex negative way to look at things and when I look at how we consume a lot of sexual media we kind of give a hierarchy to certain sexual Outlets so I suppose in theory the the most valuable quote-unquote valuable type of sex is a monogamous sexual relationship so you’re having sex with a lifetime partner but other types of sexuality if you have kinky sex if you have fetish sex if you have sex with multiple partners if you have solo sex if you consume pornography if you consume erotica it’s less than and I have noticed that certain people will be kind of segregated into categories like oh that guy can’t get a date so sure he can watch porn or that person is a fetishist so they don’t want real sex so they can watch porn or that person’s disabled nobody wants to have sex with them so they can watch porn but nobody else can watch for it support his bad so in my view we need to give respect and we need to give value to all sexual Outlets that we have that a lot of people will like stigmatized for example pornography and erotica fetish and also Lake in my open relationship polyamory and stuff like that people kind of say well you know you’re only settling to have an open relationship because you can’t have them and that’s not true at all my monogamous relationship grew into an open relationship so I think that you know we kind of talked about sex and disability I was kind of desegregated thing but if you look at sexuality overall we’re going to see these places where we stigmatized certain groups of people and we stigmatized certain sexual Outlets so if we can start putting value and respect on these different sexual Outlets I think that’s not just going to help disabled people but also lots of people in all walks of life in all spectrum of our sexualities have better relationships and have a more healthier outlook on their sexuality that’s going to help them make better decisions it’s going to help him treat their Partners better it’s going to help them understand their own emotions and their own motivations better and overall I think that’s a really good thing but no it’s all tied together and embodiment and what we think is is the right way to do things and once you start entangling that you realize you can really send those things and that we really have a lot more in common with a lot of people than what we think we do I suppose that’s the first time I’ve been given that sort of tool to look at how sex negativity really functions it is that hierarchy of self-righteous described in and yeah I really think it’s a disability to D6 negative yeah so do you want can you talk about your experiences they have you found other disabled folks that have gravitated towards you or your sort of making new blog posts in and just doing Outreach in that space yeah I think I had a target audience I was saying I’m going to write up a poster I’m going to say this or do that and I can kind of expect who’s going to consume it or who’s going to get back with me on it and nine times out of 10 now it’s the complete opposite person I’m finding that when I talk about one thing I talked about like fetish I’ll have somebody from a different group say I really relate to this so what I find most interesting is so I have made connections with with people with disabilities and things like that where we were late to to these particular thing I’ve also connected with people that are completely different from me for example I actually have lots of able-bodied men straight men and I’m a queer disabled female so it’s it’s interesting for me I guess what I’m finding is that I have no idea who I’m talking to most of the time but people are finding Connections in that and so I think that’s really cool and so do you order some of the other areas of focus that you have for your blog find recently. BDSM BDSM and fetish Expos go hand-in-hand quite a lot and there’s a lot of overlap in polyamory and be at them so they are their own separate things as well what have you learned in the processor how have you since you started out as you know your own sometimes I guess you can feel like a voice in the wilderness I don’t know if that’s how you felt exactly when you started but now how many egg is how many years have you been going in and what are some of the highlights of the things you feel like you’ve learned in the process I feel like I was in the wilderness I live in the midwest so finding Community was really difficult but the internet of course was a really big part in in helping to fill that but one of the things I think that’s most interesting is the impact that I’ve had locally with people that I actually know or who I have met or I have come in contact with I think that it’s great that I’ve connected with people all over the country and I think it’s it’s great I love going to conferences I love talking it at colleges and stuff like that and meeting people but it’s really interesting sue for me how my relationships with people that I’ve known for many years has changed because now they have permission to tell their secrets they have permission to let their guard down and let me see who they really are so a lot of the conversations that I’ve had about sex and embodiment with my own friends and family has just changed completely since I started doing this so for me that was a really big and interesting thing another thing was that you know I really just found out like how I’m not alone I used to think that like I have to be one of the only people that does this or feel this way and a finding that there’s lots of people that that do and I’m finding it a great community in the sex positive in the BDSM community so I’m really grateful for that because we all continue to learn from each other and I just feel like I continue to grow because I met these people so that’s really great cool and you were mentioning that you do erotica fiction and nonfiction writing is that right can you talk a bit about what you probably still far sexuality disability femininity and I’m working on a second edition of that because since I published it I’ve learned a lot of things and so I feel like I need to update it a little bit and I’m also working out the second sex no more specifically about my identity as a female fetishes so that’s been kind of tough because I feel by fetish identity is the one that I’ve come to sort of last I made peace with the fact that I’m in an open relationship but I’m in in the BDSM community and lots of other things but the fact that I have a fetish it was really difficult for me so I working on that fiction wise I’m really interested in writing multi-partner romances so most of my romance is have more than one partner and most of my romances teacher at least one if not more disabled characters so those are two things that are really important to me and that’s something that I want to bring forth in my fiction well that’s very exciting because I feel that there’s got to be more popular media eventually it’ll make its way into the mainstream but I feel like we’re the New Jersey desperate need for alternative relationships tiles to be more accessible for people to discover I would say earlier in life so that they don’t become molded into you know the nuclear family patriarchal Dino King of the house man of the house that that hold system that I don’t know if you know what your politics are exactly you know but I can kind of I’ll speak for myself you know saying that I’m really looking forward to seeing more I mean I guess I also would there were a lot of children’s books that came out to support same-sex parents same-sex adoption of foster parents or adoptive parents said that that was a whole sort of from educational propaganda campaign by the queer movement to make sure that there were resources that would normalize same-sex couple households with children in a raising children so I’m wondering do you have any sense of how if there are other writers who are obviously you know you’re right you know you’re not writing children’s books but just you know what whatever age appropriate content is is out there and wondering if you are aware of resources that will be good to sort of even if it’s a couple you know a married couple that have been together for years like hey here’s this novel I got you for Christmas for your birthday and when you’re going to read it and you’re going to maybe want to go to a swingers party or so sing and you know try something out if ya please educate and inform us if you can yeah well Def Market there’s lots of book being published considering same-sex parenting and same-sex parents and lots of inclusion as far as be gay when you’re young teenager and things like that the office of intellectual Freedom actually publishes list of books that are challenged and I think over half of them for this year have to do with some sort of lgbtq issue so I think that’s very telling but we’re we’re really fortunate here in any knighted states to have a strong Library a public library system and we have places like the office of intellectual Freedom that will help libraries when they come across these things like books being challenged and these kind of social issues so I would really encourage people to look up the office Freedom they have a Blog they published in Wauchula Freedom news so every week you can sign up for newsletter that we’ll talk about books that have been challenged or just different issues and internet access and a lot of that overlaps with with sexuality as far as novels and things that represent different diverse voices with a self-publishing market that’s happened and the independent presses that are popping up there is definitely a lot more inclusion of all sorts of different Dynamic all sorts of different sexualities and by identities the problem with it though is that it’s it’s hard to find author’s it’s really difficult to find each other we’re kind of in this this very I don’t want to stay over saturated but definitely it’s it’s hard to amplify voice is so if you find an artist or a writer that you really like please do everything you can to share them request copies of their books at your library review their books share their books on social media give copies of their books to people that you think will want to read them because that is is going to be so important for any self-published author and I would say that there are more people that are going to be riding this kind of stuff in the self-published OR independently published Market because mainstream market especially for adults aren’t there yet at all so the ways that we’re going to get these books into libraries and into the hands of people as we have to do it ourselves so right on ya you something just came to me as you’re saying that which is I don’t know what you know how this would work business-wise I’m sure it could be figured out but you know I’m actually working on I’ve got like four hundred pages of pretty raw material that I will eventually be putting into a book for him and I’m just looking at all the crowd source and self-publishing and crowdsourcing funding and even crowdsourcing editing and really kind of leveraging a fanbase to help get things pillow you no help to get everything publish music videos books everything like you know all creative content and I just had this Vision as you were talking about an author sort of incentivizing their true fans to become resellers to become affiliate Sivan of their of their book of both online if you don’t have a link where they get a kickback for mentioning it you know in an email blast or put a banner on their website but also just having a box of the books you like my book caretaker box I’ll give you a name for half price and you can keep you know half of the profits and just you know I think I’ve never thought of anyone actually doing that just taking a book that they absolutely love and having a box of them like him up so I’m I don’t know yet it’s just that just came up for me but yeah how do you do you want to talk about your strategy for publishing wait like I’m going to get an agent and I’m going to go to the traditional route and I will edit a piece to death as long as it gets published I don’t care like I had no Integrity about anyting but since I’ve kind of come down out of that ego trip and realized that basically the mainstream market is really not interested in anything I have to say and I’m not saying that as an insult because the story that I had to tell I mean if you put the things that I’m all about multi-partner disabled paranormal stuff that’s a Venn diagram that nobody wants to see the people that want to read what I have soup to write are small But Mighty and I would rather concentrate on meeting people face to face in real breathing time that we have a connection with rather than kind of light putting it out all on the internet and hashtagging everything to death even though I am on Twitter and I do hashtag my fair share of things but you know I have just really kind of developed a very simple strategy I write a book I edit it I take care of it as best as I can and I publish it myself I’m one person living in the midwest putting my stuff out there and I’ve been very fortunate in the few years that I’ve been doing this too and made so many wonderful connections to people that truly care about my work and that I truly care about their work so I’m just going to keep doing that it works for me for now and I’m more than happy with that and I’ve got I think the last time I counted I had 17 titles that I have outlined so I’ll be busy for a while writing and I’m good with that but I really I have no I have no big masterful grand plan I’m just I’m just writing and putting it out there so refreshing to hear actually I listen to the my music on CD Baby and they have a podcast for independent musicians and it’s all you know tactics and strategies and advice and on almost some some therapy for a struggling independent artist in the in one of their believe they have like an annual annual conference Gathering and I think it was one of their workshops or keynote speeches were where one of the guys said you know you need to get over something like you need to get over social media shame that there’s this burden when you see other people rise to the the cream Rises and the few nights like this never-ending to me it’s a nightmare just witnessing this type of verity contest and the the things people have to do to keep up with the Joneses on social media and it can be just a real psychological disorder so to be able to be content and focus more on developing a local real face-to-face audience I mean open mics and come to mind and yeah I’m really really glad to hear that there’s sick it seems like it’s a it’s like homesteading for artists going back to the land was going back to the the open mic and and being content with face-to-face real human relationships that’s I’m not there yet I’m still addicted to the 5th the game I’m not going to say that I’m completely out of the game if I if I were I just be in my basement not telling anybody about it but I tell people about it but yeah it’s a good balance yeah I’m sure we’ll find that balance but I am glad you kind of mentioned that don’t forget about getting out there and actually meeting people and you know being present yeah impacting people so that’s That’s so exciting a trophy wife like I said I’m working on getting a second edition out hopefully this summer sorry I’m looking for everybody take bus some deep breaths and get one hand free make it concise but it might be a couple minutes so please take your time we got plenty of time what do you think about when you think of 1920s America Fox trotting and alcohol roadsters and Beads gangsters and free-spirited Flappers am I construction of American History this is the picture I had painted in my head to reference the Jazz Age social upheaval and mass consumerism new technologies and new ways to do our bodies and our mine a nonstop party roared across tarnation from 1920 through 1929 or so I imagined when I was working as a library clerk one of my task was to answer genealogy request that have been sent to the library binding obituaries and marriage or birth announcements from as early as 1867 and as late as yesterday we’re particularly sticky research project at the library I needed to read through three months of my hometown newspaper from the year 1924 the picture these papers painted of the 1920s was entirely different from the one in my head rather than an eccentric celebration of change and a Zeal for social reform the articles read more like War journalism the Enemy being short haired women at Lazy layabout men at the movies more so than any era I’ve perused the opinions and the Articles were mostly focused on battling social trends one city official decry the state of women being ruined by independent Fox trotting and frivolous dress while young men were ignorant and superficial he complained that upper education universities and colleges we’re not producing great minds but creating a culture of the shallow know-it-all he was not prepared for any real work or trade young women were Thoughtless and unfit to be wives but the young men were not looking to marry good women he ended with a morning of morality and feared the world would never see a day of wholesome living like the way when he was raised it seems my vision of the nation as a laid-back knowledgeable Beacon of light had found a dark spot my hometown nearly 100 years later in 2015 a woman from a small town in Nebraska announced she was doing every homosexual in the world her motive for legal action was to take her case before a judge to have homosexuality is legally defined as a sin the case was dismissed but not before the story made national headlines the story was shared by many on my sex positive social network this incident happened to be right about the month and a half after the religious freedom restoration Act was signed into law in Indiana at the time media and social networks around the country spewed hate and disgust or the entire State fuck Indiana was the primary sentiment as far as I could tell and take Nebraska with you was the theme in the weeks following the story of that crazy bigoted woman from Nebraska now as a neat as easy as it might be on the census to assume that everyone in the 1920s was a flapper and everyone in Nebraska is trying to sue all homosexuals this simply is not true between the radicals and the traditionalist are everyone else and Nebraska is no different I am one of almost two million people who called Nebraska home last time I checked those who consider themselves religious forces those who don’t in my state is split 50-50 yes certain viewpoints are dominant foot the pervasive and unhealthy views of sex and relationships are not limited to religion nor to Nebraska just ask Ashley Madison I am a Nebraskan the Prairie the Midwest the Heartland is my home home is funnel cakes and the county fair home is where the Deep Purple and fuschia Sunset hold you like a song home is where the fireflies flicker on a backdrop of green grass in summer heat home is where you Traverse old overgrown Trails snag with forgotten barbed wire and metals just to find the perfect clearing to watch fireworks in the human July 9th home is where you take my fingers into the sun warmed by the soil of my garden home is where I go to keep clubs and respects books on Sunday home is where I sit with my friends at cafes and we laugh and we cry home is where I learned to speak with my hands and discovered what it felt like to be lied to home has heartbreak and lust lost and frustration home is library cards and raking leaves and summertime cookouts home is a small town with brick streets and wooden bridges home is all the picnic table sidewalks and see windows and bodies that gained our touch it’s surprising how long are fingertips Linger on silverware gasoline pumps High School bleachers park benches passed jobs old habits for State garage basement back seats in back bedroom voting by slipping inside among with cigarette smoke Fresh Life blooms on the topsoil of a former life that people forgot or forgave the Pioneers broke this wild land with the sweat and blood and we’ll of their bodies I wonder when the generations that followed lost touch no not everyone was a flapper in 1924 but there are still some of us in Nebraska if you care to believe it to these I raise my glass here’s the next 100 years well I want to clap but it would probably pick the audio so I’m going to just give you an Eric Clapton wow it’s been a long time since I’ve given literature my undivided attention when I read my stuff so I’m like shaking oh no it’s wonderful yeah thank you so much as beautiful I just wish I could press pause on everything so that I could enjoy books the way I used to it’s so much multitasking and I called hyper testing really so many tabs up and apps running and you know I just I hope I can pretty much only consume text to podcasts and sometimes you know PDFs but yeah praying that I will get it to go on vacation and catch up on all of this while so do you you must have really been I mean you can have you always been like a burp a bookworm as it’s as they say or have you ever been on this craft bite by reading a lot I would assume or oh yeah yeah ever since I was really really small I’ve always loved books but I I really kind of actually tie that directly to my experience with my disability because I spent a lot of my time when I was a very young child and it cast so like I had body cast that I cast them both my legs so I learned to read because of the things people wrote on my cast and so when I was a kid you know I had surgeries and I couldn’t go play outside with the other kids and so I would stay inside and read and that was really how I basically experience allowed to go live life out of the playground so I live the life of these characters and things like that so for a long time I actually related more to people in books and stories than I did to real people but I’m coming out slowly again thank you so much and I feel like maybe another topic we can explore bits we have some more time as you were concerns feelings thoughts opinions that critiques of porn and whatever comes up for you around that term it’s it’s become a deep study of mine and I’m always curious what what people are getting into on that subject oh yeah porn is I I like talking about for a lot too because it was such a big deal for myself once again coming from that background I just Associated photography with a lot of really horrible things and in the end it’s because it showcases a lot of our insecurities it blurs the lines of monogamy it shows us things that were we’re scared about when it comes to expressing or sexual expressing our fantasies in the way it’s kind of like the golden key doors Ikea somebody knows what turns you on that’s a lot of control and so there’s a lot of fear and paranoia and anger and hatred around it and I totally understand that but at the same time it’s everywhere I mean I hand over heart no absolutely no one who is not at one time or another had a conflict but I also think that we have all the technology we have all of this ability to connect to each other and talk about philosophy and talk about things like you know consent and that we we need to have an open dialogue about sexuality and pornography has to be a part of that and I think that there are things that we can do to make ethical foreign there are things that we can do to basically take the the fears and anxieties and the actual problems that people do have with corn and fix them just banding it just telling people did not watch it isn’t going to work so I do like to talk with people about pornography and sexual fantasy overall I feel that prography kind of has the the Cornerstone on the sexual fantasy Market when you say sexual fantasy most people automatically assume pornography so I would like people to be more in touch with their sexual fantasies and be able to sort of be more comfortable with them and I think intern we’re going to be seeing a lot more diverse horn horn that maybe you know showcases things that have not been showcased before and but if I did all needs we all need that we need to start talking about it I mean it needs to be in sex education you know as a fetishist myself it was so weird to not only not be able to have a conversation about pornography but then I’m watching this really weird porn so I feel even worse about that but I mean it it starts it starts really young we see all the sexual images and stuff like that like we it’s going to get into your head and if you don’t allow it to have a healthy Outlet it’s going to start you know turning into something that the dark secret and when something gets put underground that’s when that’s really bad things happened so don’t know if I’m making any sense but yeah this is this is you know the most the nearest and dearest thing to my heart because you know I’ve said this before in the past and not to to be the turd in the Punchbowl but I was used in child pronography and now I’m making conscious feminist porn to show people how to be you know practice sacred sexuality the way that I’ve been trained to Tantra and it’s been my my Saving Grace you know to come full circle into I actually want to go back to the people who abused me if I can find it any of them and actually Enlighten them sexually with what I have discovered through my path of personal sexual spiritual healing and development and now I feel like the the irony or the Paradox is that the the most treacherous slippery slope of pouring and its potential to be this very exploited to very negative actually win I don’t want to say done right or properly because then they can get more realistic but you know there’s a potential for it to just destroy sexual repression I mean the the church is having a really hard time and everything is coming back to bite them in the ass so yeah it makes a lot of sense that we’re we’re now the Genie’s out of the bottle you know so me this is the hardest issue or a conundrum for now it’s the entire Globe the entire Internet connected Globe has got to decide if porn is going to be accessible in whatever format it’s it’s being produced and then they’re going to have to make porn for their parishes if they want to compete with the influence of it they can’t just be in denial about it just like they can’t be in denial about sex and masturbation and everything else so that’s the that the final frontier is when they actually I mean they’ve done everything else they’ve had Christian death metal bands they’ve had Christian skateparks you know they know people who are deeply involved in undercover Christian I’m going to go into the satanic cult and convert them from within okay well it’s going to pour in and show people how Christ how would Jesus do it you know tell us should I get some of that actually exist but positivity you don’t have a you either have to yeah you got to take a side I guess you but you can’t be neutral because you can’t be in denial so what you said with your story you know cuz you know there’s there’s disability fetish it’s out there and support of coming to terms with my own with my own fetish was was accepting that their disability fetishists in the thing is is that you know that often the disability fetish it sort of painted as automatically being the the perpetrators and people disabilities are automatically but if you if you kind of take a step back and say okay like this is the way that it hurts people but we can do it in a way that there aren’t any victims on either side like this is the direction that we need to move it and that’s very difficult it’s tied to our bodies and it’s tied to two things like actual you know victimhood and actual people hurting each other but instead of using that as a sound bite as exploiting people who have been abused just to get your way and Bandit me to actually listen to these people and say okay you know how can we do this in a way that is understanding and consent-based and basically remove shame for a lot more people so that the abuse doesn’t continue to happen well yeah I was saying you know what I’d like to to hear you talk more about what you considered to be a healthy and obviously we’re not trying to be dictators into set one way for everybody on anything but I definitely feel that yeah you would be a good person to talk about have you is is there sort of ethical disability fetish porn is there you know his that something that needs to be developed as an as it needs you know or does it is there a market for it is our a pronoun or porn Studios serving that market or feminist porn people stepping up in that way what would you say what’s the call to action if people are out there and they want to support you through you know whatever means a few different levels to this on one level in the Kink Community you have people who are disabled for example I am disabled and I have no problem playing with my disability as an element in a scene if it’s negotiated and if you know as much as the other person and I think in in the Kink Community when you’re doing that one-on-one and people are kind of producing their own images and their own videos but they’re not getting paid for them they’re just kind of like doing it I see that happening quite a lot as far as like things that people can buy I know there are disabled performers that put light clips for sale or have websites and things like that that cater to it but I also know that there are disabled performers who would prefer not to perform for disability fetish just for say they want to be a poor performer they want to perform erotic Lee but their target market is definitely not a disability fetishes and unfortunately I think there’s not enough performers or companies serving this Market because people still do still pictures of people that have no idea that their pictures are being taken or recording them walking or using a wheelchair when they don’t know about it and some of that could be because they don’t want to watch porn clip they want the thrill of it being the real real experienced a real person so there’s like a lot of psychology in it as well but I also think that automatically shaming people for having a disability fetish only adds fuel to that fire because if they’re like okay if I try to get the poor and ethically or if I try to negotiate a scene with somebody but they’re going to hate me just as much as if I still pictures I might as well just still pictures and it’s not something that I’ve gotten into extensively I know that there are people that probably know more about it than I do but it is something that I’m interested in seeing as I went from being so completely against using my disability in any sort of sexual way to you now being very comfortable with it to the point that I do play with it and kink but I definitely think that but yeah it is a very it’s a very emotional and a very psychological sort of thing we got going on with that because you’re going to have people saying like oh it’s it’s it’s a mental illness to be attracted to somebody with the disability but why is that a mental illness is people with disabilities are people and these are our bodies and we are sexual so yeah it’s it’s a it’s a can of worms but I think that we can make us a GoPro and I think it’s just going to be though taking away a lot of that shame around the disabled body and around fetishes and general please forgive me if I don’t use the you know the the most evolved terminology or I don’t have the right you know I like it it’s there are whether it’s diet or political politics or there’s there’s people out there who will Who will beat you over the head with their protest sign and I will just stay for from the beginning that I consider myself pretty ignorant at this is not this is not an issue that has been close enough to home for me to have to be really educated in and lighting around however so I guess I’m not asking for a hall pass on you know you can you can hit me over the head with this protest sign if if if I need it but yeah with that prophesy I feel like there is a there is a let’s maybe call it a an archetypal Mythos around the the person would say the blind or deaf person or the physically disabled person in a wheelchair and and the ability to pay for the so I guess I’m just speaking archetypally in this news of Mystique around how I’ve observed in popular culture let’s say in whatever storytelling that I have consumed in my life that there is a Mystique around how a person who is the underdog who isn’t probably going to win the beauty contest or the you know be the prom king or queen or whatever it is the person who doesn’t develop a or doesn’t develop this this hunger to play the game of egotistical narcissistic you know being the the Rockstar whatever and that they actually develop character and skills in our more Soulful and more compassionate and that the virtuous person who can feel that love has a context to compare that level of authentic love to those shallow fake people who are out there trying to achieve shallow ends and to be respected and honored and put on a pedestal for the wrong reasons. Is that a myth that should be busted or how do you feel about that and has an erotic writer is that where did where would you take that that sort of what you call it that Motif because it’s definitely out there you know there’s a fine line with any sort of with any sort of when you’re ready and disabled character because yeah I like it if you’re just doing it to feel good like oh it’s like the oh who is Charles Dickens character Little Tim or Tiny Toon you’re he’s like the second coming of Christ because he has a limp you know and I think that’s very self-serving toward a sort of the I guess ignorant standpoint on disability but I’m not going to say that when I write disabled characters even when I look you know upon my own life if I got everything that I wanted I wouldn’t be here I would still be trying to keep everything hidden I’d still be trying to keep up my massage one of the reasons that I am a sex blogger at the sex writer and I can’t do all this shit that I want to and I’m happy is because Society won’t let me when let me pretend to be an able-bodied person every time I was like no I’m an able-bodied person on a sexual being and I find them to like you’re so disabled and you don’t fit in go away so fine I was like fuck it all like I’ll just hang out over here and you know you do cultivate inside empathy and you do learn from that but at the same time there’s plenty of people and I’m sure you know you probably know somebody might not be disability but they go through hell and back and they don’t learn anything there still striving toward that egotistical thing or they’re still just like trying to stuff themselves up with with fake things and their experience in life is is kind of wasted and it’s the same with this disability so I think when when you’re writing any character you know it if it’s not a fully-realized character at the crap character with her disabled or not so if this if the person disability is the reason that they’re their culture dating this inside and empathy in this sort of unwavering will do to get things done and things like that you better have a damn good reason that they’re doing that that’s not just a disability I mean it’s who they are as a person and all of the other things that has built up in their life that are impacting the way that they do things because people reacting so many different ways I know people who are very bitter and angry and pissed off and not in a way that’s that’s that’s against healthy cuz I think that being bitter and pissed off and angry can be healthy in certain ways if it’s getting you to do something if it’s if it’s lighting your fire is it you know motivating you but if it’s just turning into something that’s wicked something that’s cruel something that’s that’s low and just a black hole of nothing then that’s not good either so yeah it’s a fine line but you know disabled people their experiences are any different from anybody else in their experiences when when it comes to these things none of us are normal we all have things that were super embarrassed about we all have things that we would rather not bring out to the light and it really comes down to who you are and a lot of different factors to whether you’re going to stand up to that or not beautiful yeah that help thank you for helping him get the dress stereotypes and bring more just Consciousness and awareness and I’m scared of cereal that we’ve got to have this conversation and we’re about to at the hour or so I’m wondering if you have if you want to plug your website again and if you have any closing words you want to share and just that what what what would you like people to to do to connect with you until 2 to follow up in and stay in touch I sure you can check out my blog the unlaced librarian. Blogspot.com I do have a YouTube channel I tweet at Landry underscore vein I’m on Instagram and Lace Librarians that’s all that fun stuff I’m really excited I have several titles I’m hoping to release this year so please stay tuned I’m writing disabled characters and polyamorous pairings as well as my non-fiction with my fetish stuff that I like to talk about so much and yeah if if you let you know I’m I’m out here in the middle of nowhere so please just say hi on social media or leave a comment I would love to hear from you awesome alright well thank you so much it really was a pleasure and I will definitely be in touch all right take care of a good night to go to www.crunch.com can cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Archer Punk. Com Thomas Day

Sexual Secrets and Beyond with Penny Slinger TPP88


Hello Dear Beloveds!
In this episode I’m joined by Penny Slinger, co-author and illustrator of the classic tantra book Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy. We discuss her artistic career in it’s many multimedia forms. She offers wise words of guidance for this time of sexual, spiritual, and ecological crisis.

Please visit her websites at:

About Penny:

Penny Slinger, born in London in 1947, graduated with a first class honors degree from Chelsea College of Art in 1969.

She had acclaimed solo exhibitions of her two and three dimensional Feminist Surrealist collage art and writings in London during the 1970s.

She then co authored and illustrated ‘Sexual Secrets, The Alchemy of Ecstasy(1979), introducing Tantra to the modern western world and ‘The Secret Dakini Oracle’ divination system.

Penny moved to the Caribbean where she resided for 15 years, creating art series dedicated to the indigenous Arawak Indians of the region.

In 1994 she came to California to the estate of Dr Christopher Hills. She released the ’64 Dakini Oracle’ in 2010.

Her work has been exhibited widely, including: ‘Young and Fantastic’ (Institute of Contemporary Art), ‘Angels of Anarchy’ (Manchester) and ‘The Dark Monarch’ (Tate, St Ives) in 2009, In ‘History is Now’ (Hayward Gallery) 2015 and ‘Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s’ (Photographers’ Gallery) 2016.

She is represented by Riflemaker Gallery (London), Broadway 1602 (New York) and Blum and Poe (LA and Tokyo).

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 88 this is a very auspicious day I’m releasing this episode on Valentine’s Day 2017 and I have the distinguished honor and privilege of speaking with Penny Slinger who is the co-author and illustrator for the classic sexual Secrets the Alchemy of ecstasy and I believe this book is one of the most important in my collection and I recommend it to any and everyone and I really believe that it’s magical and it holds a sacred power and it’s it’s absolutely Exquisite adventure to explore the dead which we wanted to at that time introduced a whole Western World to the idea that sex could be sacred and that he was a spiritual path which didn’t bring blame and shame to all of these areas but actually so it completely integrated with one spiritual journey in life and how you could bring everything every single part of your whole experience of being into alignment with your Divine Purpose so I came to Tantra through the path of art you know I’m an artist that’s being my manifestation and it’s my time I need it from when I was so little that time I didn’t do much else other than that it’s my particular gift and I wanted to use that in ways that would be my path in life that I could get something for myself that meant I could always be fully engaged cuz otherwise I didn’t like to be bored and a lot of times it’s being on your own and in this way I could always be actively working on my connection income activity with everything through the if a station of on the practice of Art and the kind of meditation that is so drained collagen went to Chelsea in London for free at IHOP. Having done two years before that in another college and at that time I felt very grown and convinced that I wanted to make a powerful for myself as a woman not only as a woman but at the woman artist and because I saw that the world of art as much as a lot of other Realms and social comes was very much male-oriented and dominated and governed by a male artist however a favorite subject to the Man artist is the female and often the female nude and that music that Shakti although I didn’t know the names talk to you at that time but that shop runs through a call of okra creative experience and expression sew and Us coming out as an artist into the world off to being a student I chose the tools of surrealism that’s an art movement but I used it to try and express the female psyche and for that process of self-reflection and also bringing that out into the world you know I’ve a common tree on how women in general is seen and at that time feminine wisdom was coming up as a movement but it I wasn’t really a game connect to two eyes at the sensual and sexual and intuitive and all these how is a woman it wasn’t raining looking at fat as much as trying to get women the same kind of power this man so I wasn’t really attracted to that but I was very attracted to trying to embody myself fully in the world as a fully conscious thinking feeling sexual sensual being who was female but who was a powerful as any other artist being but in her in her own right not emulating not trying to be like that but trying to express herself so I felt that my situation was very reflective of the feminine in general in that that was a kind of repressed society and there wasn’t even an aspect to thinking that women really enjoyed sex it was more like the sides of their husband boyfriend anyway I was using my aunt to delve into this whole phenomenon and when I came out about school I was looking for my direction because as I say it’s the realtor was important to me but it was really an active movement of the movement and I wanted something that was much more Dynamic and connected well I went in the early seventies to the first exhibition of Tantra. That was put on the table in London and when I walked in there it was dressed like I I Stood Still and I’m home you know I recognize all this I know this what can I do to find out about what this really is and so I went about trying to find anyone who really knew about Time trailer on the inside not just them book store off of a kind of knowledge that was not experiential I wanted someone who was in and cool that into my life and it took a couple of years but then I got introduced to this man Nick Douglas and interesting Enough by the woman who ran the old Woman’s little group that I was part of in my seeking to be part of this emerging feminine expression and she said that Nick Douglas lucioni quote liberated man she’d met and so this is all pretty and so when I got together with Nick so many things been into place because they could just come back from India he been on a silent retreat with is a yoga teacher in Sanskrit to the bathroom and peed with no book on the side of Tantra and he just had all these home since two of these questions which was I would Express to him something that I haven’t really been able to talk to anyone else about and he would go yes didn’t answer that now. About and it was my wild and crazy experiences with something with a contact that lost Journey towards finding that and when are we being together for a while we went to New York and when we went to New York we saw a lot of the friends that we had and their relationships were they had a had that first opening of sexual Liberation there was a book called The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort but I don’t know if you ever heard of that a lot of people’s initiation gets exploited for couples Not Just For Men you know it was something for couples and so everyone was feeling this New Freedom the parents come in so women have they had there was this whole new Liberation and that there was no direction to it and so the relationship was so I would just falling to pieces because people were experimenting left right and center but with nothing nothing to come back to know kind of foundation or I did about how energy actually works and so we were talking to a friend in a restaurant in New York sang what we were observing and say what a panty but they don’t know you know about time Tren the teachings here at Scott so much real solid information about how energy works and what these things mean in this whole spiritual reference point which could be The Guiding Light in these times and when we finish talking a man came over from the next table instead I hope you don’t mind me coming over but I couldn’t help hearing it what you were saying and a Bookshop in New York and I have a partner who is starting a publishing company and I’d love to have him talk to you about doing the book about the pitch that ever was I’ve started we thought it would be a quick you know you paper book paperback book a few months over to America to live we were living in England at the time and it was a labor of love and have you seen it didn’t really want to do it because he said these are the secret is the power and I said you know Nick tell you the gift that it’s being mean to me to understand that that is the spiritual part which I can truly on with all my being that the way one can make all of one that she was part of a spiritual practice is inclusive of everything this is such a blessing and to know that this lineage of people who’ve what with these energies and found out how energy works in the bunny hop in and tune into all that this to me is being a Saving Grace and I want to share it and I think if we do if we just surrounded or would love that will be its own Protection work yes yeah yeah there’s really a powerful intention like I said I feel like the book is alive and imbued with spirit and yeah I think it’ll melt the heart of the most Sinister sociopaths and apart from doing all the drawings I did write it I mean what what I wanted to do myself I saw myself as the bridge between the esoteric World which network representative of all this knowledge and transmission and direct experience some studying and he was asking about the odds of getting into the heart of that but I felt that things that he done before and after they were really fascinating but they were locked in a row that I can dance and little bit difficult to make old is accessible to everybody that I felt this is such a gift for for everybody is so I would go off and I would write this completely stream of Consciousness and intuitively what I thought for a section and I I had decided that we needed to have short sections so that people could access it easily and just be able to go and read one section not have to go and read the book cover but even just waiting one section you’ll get a whole teaching from that that’s holding itself without connected to everything else and also having so much I felt that to made it belong with your direct and easy for people to understand and connect with and in translating the drawings a lot of it from we got a whole collection of Indian Miniatures and things which we acquired to walk from for the book between each way I translate it a little bit and sometimes they were more directly the representation that we had in the original image as much as I could but in some other cases I change the little bit to make it a little bit more recognizable for a western audience in the Japanese shunga for instance you know that device unsteady enlarged and I still kept them I reduce them down a little bit to make them look a little things like that but it was it was just a wonderful process of learning and assimilating doing the drawings were all of that it was and I was supposed to ask you a few questions about the depressor septi has he given the above the overview yeah thanks well I’m curious how people responded and what the sort of marketing strategy was at a time it if you had if you stirred up an uproar if it was yeah how was that guy was he at that time you were you were going to be you know really making a statement to say the least so well you know it was pretty rough I received over here straight away and I’m in the book has sold over a million copies worldwide it is and going into over 12 languages and it was I think it was the right time and think how many books have come in the wake of this one For Better or For What I think of England English people in general and not very into the pressure points on the meridians in the big toe and they everyone then copy it in their reviews text my big toe you know I’m making all the different men’s magazines to sang this was really something that everyone should have really okay so I’m so glad that you said that right now because what’s what’s happening in my reality to kind of give you a bit of a briefing on that is it I’m I’m positioning myself deeper and deeper no pun intended within the mainstream porn industry to take these teachings and bring them to life in this new territory that we have of high-speed internet poor and it’s accessible to everyone worldwide and they’re just getting basically really to put it put it bluntly they’re being there being a I think I feel like they’re being psychologically spiritually raped by entities that are possessing the people in the porn industry to produce content that’s actually serving a negative ejaculatory cool creative impulse to create hell on Earth and that is puts me in an interesting genre of porn which I called tantric where shamanic and you know it’s not it’s not surprising that there’s some resistance and backlash to the the maneuvering I’ve had to do to get position but there’s also a lot of people embracing and saying this is this is the extreme anti-christian ecstasy that we were trying to achieve by choking each other half to death and so you know I could go on but I’ll say that this is so obstinate to know that you were getting reviews in the adult magazines and so what was their response engagement do they want to have did you know what to do now all the sudden do like a a tantric spread you know what time she ate Bunny and what are they call it the centerfold I mean wizard partnership could have happened if we didn’t disappear after the book came out Nick and I move to the Caribbean so we’re off on the desert island for 15 years and so we didn’t do it and I was just at that point following Nick wanted to do because I was in surrender not to him but to The Pantry cart and he was my my teacher and in so much of this that that was I just went with whatever that flow was meant to be and so that’s what happened but I have over yes felt a deep of colon to introduce because I didn’t see it real erotica into the field that was when I as I say when I was young and we both have this there was so little to The Fugitive at streets off to the side and men and you know raincoats on something but it wasn’t over proliferation. Kind of numbing that happens which was what results and what you were talking about just now things having to get harder and tougher with us because there’s so much without the actual energy Exchange spiritual and emotional connection that goes with this whole thing which is what that holds energy about integrating all those flavors that sentiment so will those emotions in the being I’m not just this thing which is bringing you into this base knee-jerk reaction level which is in the end ultimately so empty and unsatisfying because the depth and breadth I mean so and even not even the human relationship a lot now with all this activity that’s going on so it is needed so much to be able to bring this and I actually did a few years back I did a video as a demo bringing the secret to life and someone was going to pretend that the Playboy but then they didn’t want to do that kind of thing anymore at that time and I just put it to the side you know if I I try to be very focused with things and if I bring something for it and then that the doors are opening because I have always a lot of projects that need my attention if something isn’t going with us some kind of slow then I’ll just go on to the next thing. I didn’t really pursue it but that has been something that I felt so important that we need to bring into the mainstream house to be the transformation and healing of this energy which is now all out there but only the Outta the real stuff that people are actually dying for inside well I have all choked up right now because what is what I think of hear you say is it you were you have taken steps and have been partially met you know it in it potential a desire to perhaps use the knowledge that you have to direct adult media content is my hearing you correctly what is trying to do that for a while will the reason that the reason that I have like tears streaming down my face because I really want there to be a an elder ship for sexual education through adult content and that’s what’s missing is is a real ethical spiritually responsible empowered trustworthy sacred wisdom tradition that can be shared now I mean the time like you said about the the timing of the release of the book back then there there was a very little published both entertainment and educational erotic media of all types it was so black market and so underground for you know they took to the point where they were taking erotic statues and hiding them in the biggest and most important museums of the world just these secret hiding hiding collections of erotic art that nobody could dare lay their eyes on and no it’s it’s the lowest common denominator and this absolute torrent of junkfood sort of sexual erotic media and at the Township community is way behind and I’m not putting that on you because you were a Pioneer with this but the people who are my colleagues now I feel like there is not only a financial opportunity but there’s also a spiritual and dharmic opportunity to step up you know the way that you guys did you know back in the day so I just want to bow down deeply in just feel this moment where I feel like what you know the work that you did could really be embraced by let’s say the top pornstars is in the world we know they just have to have a one experience of being shocked if I’d you know doesn’t have to be the most extreme Kundalini activation that’s ever happened but just that feeling of there being something loving comforting nurturing that’s beyond you and your mind and your partner and that dissolution into the Divine that’s what we’re talking about that people have just not had the that the training to experience so built bed go to Temple Hill where I am and made the video and audio Studio the idea behind not in the idea that we shared and came together around was that you can through the use of the media confer the equivalent to shop Peapod and that is the interest in really being able to use the media to Consciousness the new Consciousness Consciousness in Bude with experience it’s what you feel you have to feed it through your being on that sending a level and I’m certain EU I’m sure you’re a practitioner of understand that you know what is being really tried to be accessed through the practices it’s the practice Brad Pitt so we need to do is act and transmit that. Energy wave that blessed wave which is the sublime Phoenix that is that the blitz of the gods and goddesses that they are all in this Union space of a blessed and the nectar of that you needed to shower and down and when you can create that wave and I believe that way if she is a transferable energy field which if it’s really establish that can be communicated and transmitted to other people through the media for the sound of delight on vibration of it all on the frequency of it but that then it’s this amazing gift because that is touching the stars and not to me is essence of time it’s been able to tune into that multidimensional nature of staff and to then June or that you are all that they do not feel to those principles of you know Divine connection and connection Inc you know see the other as yourself treat others as you would wish to be treated as yourself understand that says they think I’m depending the car comes back to you yes I understand that but sometime or other that’s going to happen and all you’re going to want to do is put out the best of all that you can be and how do you be your best you be your best by shooting your energy vehicle that you are understanding that all this solid stuff isn’t just a little energy fields and that you are the master or mistress Otis Divine machine that you can gift it and that it’s your duty as an awakened being to use everything that’s one of the things in time to use everything rather than refuse or deny everything is in order to be able to develop spiritual but 10% used all of it but cannot do the Alchemy do the Alchemy of all that with pure gold by and my sense of it just touching everything but the hot with the vibrate and that’s goddess and the time you know either as a device if you like can be used for for power or it can be used for love and another goddess is all love because that is the only eligible because yeah that was the most Exquisite beautiful Treatise on Tantra that I feel like I’ve ever heard and well it’s a it’s spellbinding and I feel that I just blessed blessed to hear these these words be spoken and by you and and I’m curious if you would like to guide us through what your creative Works have been I know you’ve you’ve you’ve got too many directions since the book was released but I’m curious what do you recommend people start to discover beyond the book that that you feel most proud of and and thank you yes well you know I do see the whole thing at the adjoining and I I I came in as a bikini but I didn’t really know myself and I spent the first part of my life and I think it’s natural for beings to do that to spend the first part of their life but then who am I trying to know oneself and then that way you differentiate your paws from what has been necessarily conventionally and you you you choose this especially if you’re a person just naturally go to the beat of everybody else and you know I know. Keeney is now have been their name is being taken before I kind of embodiment within but you know what they represent in essence is in at the embodiment of a feminine wisdom principal they are archetypes of wisdom wisdom which comes at you naked because it is naked it butt naked truth it’s naked just radiating blessed through every pore and it’s disruptive because it passed away all the things that you because I think you relied on and all those artifice is an old as he go dramas she just Trampled Under Foot and lost and she’s drunk on the blesiv share spontaneous being yeah in the other part of my life before I discovered Tantra and the reflection that I came in just trying to see who am I and in that I said who am I and how do I fit into the culture that I find myself in and it’s my own self and what other projections of others and how am I seeing and how do I see myself and all these things I was bringing into my experience of and I found the technique of collage and that was when I was doing my thesis of surrealist artists map sons did a number of collage books using old engraving and in those books he put together the Engravings to create seamless new world but they were very Fantastical you know people had wings and snake came out between the Pavements and the real encounters happen but now look like they were meant to be like that all the time but he’s instructed them and you couldn’t see where they looked. Together they were a new world and I said I thought you could kind of see make it look like it’s not. But it’s actually fuse into a new reality and you can also really joke people’s perceptions by bringing together the things they wouldn’t normally associate together but by the juxtaposition you to create this what they call it in there so am I use those those tools of collage and use the loss of images of myself had my own photo taken and put myself in that so that I could be both see the Muse and the one I mean the object of somebody else’s view but with photographic and then I also made three dimensional objects and I use those cool things in a lot of pieces life cost of myself my own head button and then like us about the people that was similar to using photographic call out your photos Honda back in 73 I had an exhibition code opening which was all about food and the roster so I’m bringing together you know that the body of woman with the whole idea of the table together in that and it was very shocking to people dressed up I had a whole wedding cake constructed I’m prevented myself as with a van everything adds the wedding cakes at the invitation for the exhibition it was in a being fully engaged in in in the eye and after that I forgot I started it went through for 7 years which was a major I guess you’ll call now to send what was that word wasn’t used at the time but it was me looking at all the skeletons in the cupboard I had a relationship with this filmmaker and we were meant to be doing all these projects together and it never really asked you fully manifest and then we broke up and it was my whole drama with woman’s theater group and my what with them kind of ripping apart their relationship and then I just had to process all this cuz I would say I’m sorry can I ask you something really quick I don’t want to cry or be a gossipmonger anything but I feel that the the Dynamics between creative creative relationships romantic relationships and those the way those play out the Ender play especially if there is I don’t know what that was in your case but I’m I’m really curious to see what wisdom you would have to share about you about using tantric skill sets and tools to harmonize human personality conflicts that’s a big big question a lot to to explore but if you were able if you were confronting these sort of issues were you able to at least somehow raise the vibration you know even if there are deal breakers and things had to be you know closed off but I’m just curious if you were successful at all and applying principles or by Christopher Hills my you know the person who built this property here he did a book called creative conflict which was all about heart-to-heart communication and about people needing to be hard I’m so it’s at whole dynamic between having an exchange with someone else but that person letting you know after you’ve spoken from your heart but they have understood it reflecting it back in their own words to you and that you do that back and forth and it actually creates a whole different kind of feedback loop the misunderstandings that often have a good exercise based on you know Christopher understanding of those principles a yogi eyes pop from being a western scientist animal and he was all these things wrapped together but that was a very good example of principles into the relationship Dynamic but for myself you know that it’s been so many different relationships and even oceans and you know how many dimensions the last to it and each one I’ve had a few major relationships in my life apart from many other relationship but as a few major ones you know that had bad that even a beauty and then Gloria and the agony and you know all of that and I always say there’s no such thing as my student so I like to think we’re all students protection is setting in the area relationship dynamic especially going to the mat the male-female dynamic at this particular time on the planet is in such a challenge in at the rest so many areas that go across because she knows you think of just love and attraction and vibration if you like you know that conventional I’m just you know that Dynamic the spice of life and energy vibrations which you know I make everything so complex and setting it this time the whole sexual identity is something that so you know I’m in the midst for what it’s going to be the next evolutionary stage of how we’re going to be able to manage male-female dynamic in a new way and of course you know the true Keys the Contra do do hold those keys because it is a true and which ones have it if you are able to hold that Crucible and a gaining and it didn’t. Do you have the real chance to be able to see the Divine in each other and bring the Divine fully into that invaded relationship and that you know it’s just the the Beauty and the glory and the end of the immortal France and get moving into our discontent touched any magical ways but at the moment I’m playing a lot of challenging in our relationship not only to each other but to a whole The Crucible of plant it up and down with her that you know that the interpersonal has to also be expanded I believe attitude tantrica to include the whole interaction with all of our natural world at this point and really bringing that into every meditation and interaction really because we can’t afford to lie if that helps eco-warrior and was all about planting gardens and saving trees and I still am now but I feel like what I’ve added to that with Tantra is just a ever-deepening reverence for creation and for the Divine the astral the Earthly Plains all the things we often take for granted I just want to be in that state of reverence and awe that I think most people achieve that when they go into the Great Outdoors and then go hiking or skiing they they have a tantric sort of shocked if acacian of there at least their parts of their system get woken up an activated unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be enough to make them into real hardcore activists a lot of the times but I feel like the there is an ecological agenda that is very transparent and very intrinsic to the path that that romance with with the life-giving fertility of this divine feminine and if you know a lot of people experience very direct communion with the wisdom intelligence and directives of Gaia through this practice so do you want to talk a bit about that kind of revelatory ecological revolution of Tantra if you will be glory after the sexual Revolution and I would save the kind of a cool resonance that I’ve I’ve told condemned presentation to some of her because I really believe especially in the cold vibration that she said we’ve got to start treating the Earth like a lover not like a mother and it when you treat her like a mother it’s you expect the mother to get unconditionally do everything for you and you don’t have to give anything back but if you treat it like a lover than you you know show that you have to give love to that lava and it says to a slow and so that’s an important shift and I think that’s a good thing to bear in mind and I had one time when I was in my twenties and experience with some strange object did Johnny and in that time I had what I still feel program the most orgasmic experience that I had when I had it I was just lying back on this massage table I wasn’t touching myself but I was having these orgasm just passed through my whole body and what I was feeling at the time I felt like I was body of the Earth has style and the every single every single of an insect’s wing and the slithering of the body of a snake and the rustling of leaves everyone going through my whole being beautifully spoken and who could not want to experience that who doesn’t anybody out there not enjoy orgasm it’s a very small number and to the to think that it can become such a flow state of being that level of Sensitivity I kind of almost feel like what most people are striving for when it when they’re trying to get off you know whatever gender or sex they may be is there their they’re basically trying to use friction sex or some sort of high-intensity friction contact in order to kind of chisel or sandblast or break through all this plaque that separating their nervous system and their chakra system from the cosmic Bliss that is a constant wave of orgasmic energy so the more you dissolve that plaque through right action through dharmik practice and purification of all kinds that are very well enumerated in the tatras you know an in yogic texts and Vedic texts there’s a path way to clean your stylus and get more of that orgasmic slow going and it’s definitely so abundant and not so scarce like everything else that we’ve been tricked about as far as the scarcity mindset vs. the abundance mindset so that’s just a follow-up that’s from me and and now that we’re coming to a close on time do you want to talk about some of the anymore highlights from your creative works that people should be looking for then about what’s what’s the current and future of an exorcism it was called and said some the book that I put out and that was trying to look at all these psychological States and and who am I and is that I could dance we both kind of psycho and then I come out at the house and then I have discovered time trip by this point and then I meet Nick Douglas as I say and then we went on to do another College book called man the next to see which was just a celebration of coming out of the confines of this black and white house and all the Western Heritage Inn in the Himalayas and just everything is one century psycho-spiritual play of of everything the profaned the sacred oil mixed together and it was a it was just we were enjoying and I wish I knew how to do, what a wonderful tool it was expecting this and that was that serious and then at the same time we did the secret dakini Oracle which was the 64 card Oracle system in systems put that out and that’s being around working since then then I went to to the Caribbean I was there for 15 years at I-10 and time got a long story short I realized I was there because of the embedded energy of the Arawak Indians whooping for alcohol Caribbean free Columbus and the Magical and pure kind of society who had been swept under the carpet of history and speaking to me and so I firmly believe that the indigenous way of life is the way of creating sustainability for the planet if we can start to embrace him understand that engage instead of in a friend that to the side as the Civilization V how to be in tune with the spirit and all things so that was my home to that way of life but I did for my portraits and they are like Indians in my time that and then I came back to America in 94 after I was I was here before that New York I was working on my phone from about the Arawaks and I finish that and then it was then that I met Christopher Hills and came here and then for the time here I am held a lot of events dr. Christopher past but she did the 97 to bring in the goddess energy and I still would like you to describe them when we talk to them right to coming on on on the car that you were interested in the way of using the energy that is that in these events and we’re all these awful waves so all that happening and I still while we can offer them to the goddess and then she can give her grace to us and doing for several years he has many people from the whole graveyard from performance thoughts and in the area bringing them in and having people get their offerings to Spotify and then one. I made the 64 that key Miracle which isn’t Eeveelution of the nlra but this time each of the energy that he needs and I have 64 Oracle and I hope to do a nap cuz if it can meet chat father and that is like a temple for the goddess and an Oracle phone just working on more three-dimensional pieces the game and coming back into a focus of customizing they oughta game having reached out to all the Divine archetypes imma come back into a more personal expression and now that I’m done now I just want to see you on tour with the museum installation with all this I’m not the biggest art Aficionado in the world but of course I’ve I’ve been a fan of Alex Grey and H R Giger and what I after this conversation I feel like I got a lot of catching up to do on on what you put out that I wasn’t aware of and I’m really going to enjoy it so it is a sort of a sumtur got some guidance that you could provide to say hey go and you know you can go to your website and in and just order purchase what you have or their YouTube videos or any other ways to access your go to website since I mean Menards.com has a broad spectrum of the word that I’ve been talking about and then 64 the numbers that Kenny. Org is where you can go to consult the Oracle and but also that the gallery of the images of the Thai King is there and then the Blue Lotus pod. Com which is rstudio site which has some videos and Son photography so those are few things that you can look at to start with and I haven’t all page on Facebook too with how about Instagram of you if you got on that platform say it took me a while because I just have so many projects and engagements of all kinds I didn’t want to be distracted by something that was another no platform of that nature however I am totally convinced now that it is one of the most strategic leverage points for anybody with the message or Consciousness that can create visual content it’s amazing I just thought of something I wanted to say and it was about relationship and resolution from a perspective that we were talking about mentioning my exorcism though that thing about The Break-Up and processing of the relationship and that’s what spurred our conversation about relationship with my partner at the time and next month or beginning of next month I’m going over to the UK to go to a conference and speak that that’s about this film makeup Peter Whitehead and over the last few years we can get back together in the sensitive film that we did at the time which type of being shown all those years and I was able to show that the Hayward Gallery in London and oh so I’m speaking at the conference about him because it’s a whole retrospect if they take him to the archives at this University and son a solution of some quite powerful can you describe it at all or just footage that we shot at the same time I did all these photographs that became the basis of the footage of myself and my girlfriend and Peter Shaw hit in this old derelict mansion house could love and it’s all just showing it Roar has it came out to the time off to all these years after 1969 that was shot and I guess this unit many takes but it’s like in this time the space that it’s like a magical experience that’s amazing so is there any hope that we will get this that’ll get to see a bigger audience or what do you have his first plants with that now is scheduled to reach a larger audience is a documentary that just being made of me he was young filmmaker Cove it started walking on it in 2012 when I was over in the UK I’m getting a tour at the gallery about my work and he was excited and said, I shouldn’t interfere with you and that interview grew into the documentary what she’s dressed now completed and it’s all of my early walk treat antra I’m in London and a relationship with a woman that hole. And it’s called Penny Slinger Out of the Shadows quite a good release coming up shortly support and Discovery and in the promotion and I’m definitely want to continue to explore in and talk with you about how to support the mission that that was laid out and and I feel like someday I will somebody will be calling me and asking me what was the story behind what brought me to interview and people like you if this is my contribution to the world and there’s just an ongoing interest and it’s so interesting to see to get this background and to have to really just go on a sort of a Time a Time trip into these you know these different points in in your creative history and really if I could just ask you a couple more questions before we before we call it a night do you have a couple more minutes being this kind of bridge through these was one of the things to me that’s very important in the manifestation of my life’s Mission if you like is to be able to be active and relevant at this time in my life when I am old and that the wisdom of the wise woman knows he didn’t pack anything back into society and that’s what he need so much to be able to swear I act now I’m not wanting to be Destin historical figure but I am for the active right now I love that thank you so much yeah that’s I’m so thrilled again that we’re having this conversation and I feel like the the need is is greater than ever to access the wisdom of the elders going back yuno thousands of years and the question I actually want to ask you who really is like the what the let’s see the shocked it country code is the goddess worshiping country cuz whether they would be considered on the left hand path of the right hand path or generally I think more realistically it was a it was a sort of he was ambidextrous it was an ambidextrous way to be in in in the shock to Tantra schools where you were dabbling we’re not doubling but really actually working consciously with Desire with with Will with your will and also with the Divine elements but hopefully with Integrity to Lenny’s trainings you would be in service to add a v or in the process so that you would be sort of putting yourself to work for the Divine will and getting your commission of the small things that your small mind actually wants in this small slice of the universe or the universe and if I if I simplify what the essence of the positive empowered healing Reverend Liberatore nature of of the more feminist Tantra is about purification of those parasites of the heart that you mention you know earlier and if if that was the intention back then against the forces that Humanity was up against at that time that they warned us the forces are going to get worse it’s the Kali Yuga World age and we’re going to be inundated with these negative entities once again the technology that you were exploring and has continued to explore and her still as you said ready to bring to the present moment at this time of absolute sexual Madness more than ever through porn the the question is it took me awhile to get to it but how do you advise the world now about the need for Tantra what are your what are your words of wisdom and take as much time as is you have pleased to give us some guidance now Where Do We Begin what do we focus on and prioritize if we have limited attention spans you know yeah please and that was about a left hand or right hand Tantra and as far as I’m concerned they only real difference in a kind of pacification is that the right hand is to do with meditative Union with say the daikini and the right left hand is to do with actually taking an inverted Shakti to realize that Union but it’s both to do with the inner Union with the Divine being and then the interesting cuz I had it seems so simple but I had a revelation between like tantric meditation and the meditation of other religious forms is you’re not sublimating that energy that section energy you actually using that but what the right hand while you’re using it but with this entire no. Can you actually making love with the internal. Kini so it’s it’s using everything rather than denying everything so I just really wanted to address that because when you say to balancing photos of course you know the play is at the Contra dealer is that Tina between the outer and inner and other call BNI it within the soccer not the gross body that’s why it’s called the second body the energy body where that is you know that that in a erotic channel of energy where in at the Statue of Santa up to the crown and it’s all one energy and I said that they that the blessed is when you envision and experience the union of Shiva and Shakti in the crown chakra meaning like completely in their territory around but fillet in the cellular matrix honey and milk into the Lotus at the hot and got us that and that is The Crucible and that’s if the dentist thing to focus on in the inner plane that’s it because it’s about the dog and dangerous about the dog that hot ass between me and have a claim and it’s true that you know list for meditation that you can stop with the chief Zach time does all the time male body vibrates but we’re actually wonderful wave energy that you are manifesting it’s that I want it that you’re tuning into it with the gift-giving wow so the right-hand and left-hand path are not antagonistic that’s an illusion make the pads Chrysler make an ex or something in a beautiful dress right as bad as it spirals as it should beautiful thank you for that clarification I think that’s going to help a lot of people yeah so so I’m dressing and red and white snake spider and around but you know the contract principle is to get that energy than going into the central Channel which just you know is this I’m at wave of infinity no bottomless and topless photos of spiraling into that Central Channel yes yes thank you so much it’s as beautiful as it’s no wonder that your visual artist because you’re you creating a beautiful art form in the Maginot just through the word so and yeah thank you for that I am very excited to see what you continue to develop and and I definitely feel like his you’re saying it’s if it’s if the wisdom that you’ve been carrying is not percolating through the generations the way that it it we would hope for it to then I want to be stepping up as somebody who who really makes effort to connect people who are interested in erotica and neurotic media and the wisdom teachings that that you you share to be able to access them so hopefully this is one small step in that direction with doing this podcast and I’m going to definitely look forward to just catching up in schooling myself in your work yeah any other things you want to share before we go tonight you are sending out many good powerful vibrations to everyone who possibly tunes into this that they fix that part of being that country Quiva of the own Destinies and put themselves in the center of that own mandalas so that they a defect not just cause at the same time of cost aligning to the Divine headlights in the sky but your fulcrum and your guide so that you are at course but your turkey day at effect of the goddesses well, all right good night thank you so much pain he will text you and take care, and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818 to 7515 3 or emo band at Country Park. 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