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Exploring the Lifestyle of a Phone Sex Artist with Sensual Sharon Somers TPP217


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In this episode I’m joined by Sensual Sharon Somers for a fun and exciting exploration of the lifestyle of a phone sex artist. We learn about how the industry works, what it takes to make it, what to expect, how she’s been able to make it for years as a small business woman, the freedom and efficiency of home business operations, how she compassionately entertains and soothes the bizarre and often wounded sexual psyches of countless men, the patterns she’s observed, the broader ramifications for a more sexually healthy and expressed society, and much much more!

About Sharon :

Sharon has been a phone sex operator, recording artist and writer for adult websites for 11 years now. Her voice is well known online for the recordings of hundreds of erotic short stories she has done that are posted on her own sites and on erotic short stories sites.



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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello Debra Levin podcast episode summaries who is a phone sex artist extraordinaire that’s all kinds of erotic audio and I reached out to The Exodus Community on the forms of extras. Net to see if there are any folks out there would like to do some self promotion and increase I had you keep folks on this podcast and had a few people step up and want to be on the show and then she’s one of them and I’m excited to share this beautiful wild Amazing adult industry with her and learn about 11 years I believe career in doing phone sex and an erotic audio media and I’m also in that game so I always love to meet other people who are doing doing that work and share that talk shopping and learn about some of the tricks of the trade so with that said Sharon do you want to tell us about it whatever detail is appropriate to come ask your true identity and to allow you to have your stage name but just curious if you could tell the story of Sharon Summers if it’s not totally your personal thank you very much for having me first of all being like a lot of ladies in the business unfortunately I got into it because of financial desperation granted that’s not the reason all women get into it but a lot do it, the last chance type of job for some people so I found myself doing that but I I found out pretty quickly that it actually fit perfectly in with my life I wanted something where I can work from home have the freedom of hours to login logout whenever I wanted if I need to go out for the day have a dentist appointment or want to go to the theater to see a matinee I don’t have anybody’s permission I can just log out and go and I love that kind of Freedom it it really just fits in with my nature so I started doing that and then very quickly after getting into the phone sex work I started doing the erotic audios and so clients will submit their stories that they’ve written about their fantasies and I will narrate them for them and they have those to enjoy and listen to over and over and over I mean want to call is over it’s over I don’t record calls or anything help clients don’t either but when they have an erotic audio they can just listen to that anytime they want that’s actually surprised me how many have said oh yes I do he’s a few times a week and I’m like wow you’re really getting your money’s worth out of those and I started doing writing for adult websites I had always written short stories for my own enjoyment before I ever got into anything at all. I’ve been writing short stories ever since I was a teenager and so I wrote a lot of the material for the earlier adios that I did before I mainly started doing one’s the clients submitted their work to me to narrate and so there was an owner of a phone sex company that was interested in posting some of my audio is on his his phone sex site from her clients that we’re waiting for collars and what not and so he said did you write these then I suggest and he said would you be interested in writing some blogs promoting my phone sex websites and I said of course I’ve never done it before but I’m willing to try so I’ve been writing for various phone sex websites for over 10 years on a weekly basis another operators as well because not all ladies enjoy the writing that they don’t have an aptitude for it and some companies actually will require the lady to submit a couple of written works a week because it helps a site with their search engine optimization Drive clients to the side against them higher up in the Google rankings and whatnot so they need somebody to write all this content and ladies that don’t like to write themselves will find somebody like me and I will write it for them then they pay me to do it so I do that in addition to the phone and the erotic audio said I do it’s so fascinating I just feel like we could be on Shark Tank or something right now or some other kind of really found your Niche and you it sounds like this is a calling for you and there’s so many layers of opportunity in ecosystem of feel like you are like pitching to Angel Investors and you’ve got a business plan you’ve got all these things kind of dialed in and and yeah just there should be a training program because it sounds like a dream life really isn’t it built the business unfortunately or fortunately for the veterans like me it has an extremely high turnover of women that we’ll try it some will only last a few hours some will last a few days so I’m a few weeks it’s not that common to find women that have been in it for the long haul like me and yet I know a couple of other ladies that have been doing it for 20 years 35 years have really been in the game from way before the internet even when it was just people working out of little Pocono call centers and whatnot I’ve always worked at home but when it started out before the internet people were working in these call centers I can’t even imagine doing a job like this then I call center it would be crazy but I know some of them have got this experience but a lot of girls that will try it they can’t deal with it they can’t deal with the needs and wants of some of these callers cuz they can be pretty unusual to have the kind waste so they will they’re just their socks off day they can’t do it so it has a very very high turnover of women that do it what do you think it takes to be one of the long-term success. I love to know what what you feel like Nikki. The power well I can only speak for myself I don’t know what motivates other people I think for the ones that really find out quickly that it fits in well with the lifestyle that they want to work from home have the flexibility of ours what have you they make it work and that was the boat that I’m in I never went to college I had never worked from the time I finish high school until I got into this I had only ever looked after my grandmother from the time I finish high school so when you’re here for a number of years you’ve never worked a day in your life your options are kind of limited on the flea and easy I certainly didn’t want to have to go back to school I hated school it just that was not what I wanted I mean who exactly is going to hire somebody that has zero experience you know what are your options McDonald’s or Wal-Mart really and I definitely we knew I did not want to do that so I told myself from day one failure was not an option that I had to make this work and I have made it work there certainly ladies that are a lot more successful profitable than I am but I get by I get by just fine and it just it fits perfectly so I knew that I had to make it work and it definitely helped that I do the audio is in the writing because that supplements my income there’s some lady said they only do calls there’s lots of them that don’t do any audio at all most certainly don’t do any writing so I’m very glad that I have those other things that I do and I do non-adult voice work as well not a lot the majority of the voice works that I do is adult in nature but I still have several companies that I do small jobs for for PBX phone systems where you know you’re doing Prince one for accounting press two for human resources guy do stuff like that as well as those I have several of these small little jobs of months I mean they’re just tiny little things but I always figured no matter how small the job is like that even if this company is only paying me $10 a month that’s $10 I otherwise would not have it all adds to the pot at the end of the month that’s how I look at it so yeah you know sometimes I’ll get 20 of reading some months from a company other time so only be a couple but they all out outfits how you have to look at it and you never know somebody that you’ve worked for they make it some kind of a lead for you of somebody else that wants somebody to do something like this and they’ll recommend you so there’s all kinds of different things by I love the voice over work I do the most boring job I ever had for voice-over was I had to take the series of audios on english-as-a-second-language oh my God that was just torture it really was a job get through it it was just the most boring tedious thing but I’m not there to be entertained I’m there to narrate their script I realized that I’m not there to have a great time so you just get through the work and and that’s it and I’m grateful for all these little voice over jobs that come my way adults or vanilla weather brings up a good point which is that anybody who has or whatever reason the occasion to even dabble in anything they don’t industry it’s going to give you a lot of life skills and negotiation skills communication skills business personal finance all kinds of even even legal sometimes contract writing and reading skills and so I looked that you’ve been able to Branch out and just sounds like you’re living the dream of the freelancer who’s actually been able to make it and then I never have to work for the man in a way that makes you feel like you’re stuck in a cubicle 95 or something him at school, she’s like you don’t know how lucky you’ve got it I wouldn’t say I’ve living the dream you know talking to guys and every day and night about their 2 inch penis as I don’t know where that would be considered living the dream but whenever it talking to the grates on my nerves and I can’t listen to one more of them complain about how they have a 2 inch penis or some other bizarre problem I have I just keep telling myself these people you know your bread and butter people that I’ve told the first thing that they will say is all you’re so lucky to be able to work from home that is one thing that everybody says one of the first things when I when I tell people that I do that they’re they’re jealous they want to be able to work from home and they can’t and some of them I got long commutes and I mean I love live theater I go to Toronto several times a year to go see shows and lots of times I’ll be sitting on the train I go on the commuter train in the morning and these poor people there like slave helicopter laptops own and everything doing their work on the way to work and sometimes they’ll tell me oh yeah I take the train for an hour there and an hour back or there was one way to deceive in 2 hours each way I thought what kind of life is that to be commuting one to two hours each way I wouldn’t do that for anyting you know my commutes for four feet from the bed to the chair her basically I just can’t imagine people having to commute like that in their whole lives are wrapped up in this is like dark when they leave the house dark by the time they get home that’s not a life for me so I’m very very grateful I can work at home awesome yeah well I actually had they said I’ve done been this work quite a number of hours myself and I said some of the best money I’ve ever made and you always get those repeat clients and they just kind of stuck in a loop of like a broken record of the fantasy and I just want to pump you full of the money like your pinball machine or something really interesting you bring up the point about that the man with small penises and you feel like you have developed weather maybe it’s inmates you or make you feel like you’ve been able to be in some sensor a priestess of spiritual healer something some way of therapists in the sense that you’re helping people move make some progress in their their fantasy lives there and their body image of king of size issues that you get that fine that the people can rely on you for some of that type of nutrient your healing energy when I was in school so this job has fulfilled a lot of fat but it’s funny that you say about Sin all the different pant suits I remember when I started I was so worried thinking how am I going to think of a difference little scenario to spend for these guys every single time they call Will it quickly became apparent that I’d say about 90% of collars when they call they basically want the same call over again and I thought so many times for it to be so much easier if you just recorded it and replayed it because it’s almost like to know the letter to be exact sense of what they want you to say they there’s very few that actually seek a lot of variety in their fantasies most of them want to go through the exact same fantasy every single time so it’s like you can do those calls with those types of collars practically on autopilot because you know exactly what they want once you’ve done it a few times you know you have the script basically in your head and it’s funny the way that some of them just want the same thing over and over and over and I’ve had some clients for the whole 11 years and there’s still the same way it’s like every time they call they want to talk about the exact same thing so it’s kind of amusing to me honestly that there that predictable write it that I’ve had the same experience and I suppose if it’s something that doesn’t seem really self abusive or harmful then I’ll go along with it and and humor them and everything but I can’t I send it that’s them in some direction of of transcendence of of something if it’s really troubling to them a really sort of negative in some sense that but she also can’t be judgmental right so so you can you without holding anybody specifically or any specific can use talk about some of the general patterns beyond the obligatory small penis calls and maybe even talking about that it’s like what are some of these patterns that you’ve observed over that many years of what what what what’s going on inside of the mind of you lose man you know we don’t know how much, babe what what percentage of the population they really really really represent you know if statistically but but it’s great to be great to hear from you sound like what some of the the patterns are people can relate the lives of others definitely patterns that emerge once you talk to some of these people and totally different guys that have nothing to do with one another and they basically have the same fantasies the small penis humiliation calls it that’s one of my most popular calls that I get I get more of those practically than any other type of call and the pattern does quickly present itself you know this poor guy Mother Nature has shortchanged him there’s nothing he can do no matter how much money he’s willing to spend no matter what kind of surgeries he’s willing to endear there’s not really much that he can do he’s got a small dick and he’s always going to have a small deck and it is so ingrained in their minds that women are going to reject them make fun of them mock them other men are going to belittle them that I swear if these men had their greatest prayer answered and they woke up the next day with an 8 inch penis they wouldn’t know what the hell to do with it because it is so part of their psyche that they are small and inadequate to please a woman they wouldn’t know what to do with it they really wouldn’t they would be very uncomfortable there’s been several of these guys that I’ve said well why don’t you just go to an escort and they’re not going to reject you as long as you’ve got money they’re not going to reject you and they get so uncomfortable when I said that that they will do everything but a dance to get away from you know me saying that so I tried not even bother saying it anymore because it’s just falling on deaf ears they don’t really want to go to any woman that is going to accept them because that is foreign that is uncomfortable and that is unfamiliar and they don’t want it and if they did go to some escort that would take them no matter how small their dick is they would be probably as limp as a dish Rag and not able to do anything because they’re on foreign territory they’re only used two women laughing at them in or telling their girlfriends and making fun of them it’s it’s so so part of their nature now, but that’s all they’ve known their whole lives they don’t want anybody to accept them and and I said especially with a guy that’s just slightly undersized if he says I’m 5 in the North American average erect so I’m like well as small but it’s workable it’s not worth rejecting somebody over and they they don’t want to hear this they do not want to hear acceptance on any level they’re like oh no know if it’s under a tin they’re to be reasoned with they just want to be mocked and made fun of but that pattern very quickly comes out especially with those ones that group more than any other there’s there’s definite patterns guys into spanking fetishes were usually caught by mom masturbating and spank him with the punishment and even though mom may have been dead for the last 30 years they’re still beating off thinking of getting you know spanked when they were a kid for getting caught that pattern quickly came out to that that one’s very predictable if a guy has a spanking fetish the chances are he was spanked as punishment well yeah this is I would have to I would have to be honest and say I’m not a trained psychotherapist your psychoanalyst or anything but are you acting sad devil is an armchair philosopher at least of all things psychological and I think a lot of people into it the the earliest erotic experiences 10 to do the most hard wiring for the rest of your life and it’s very very interesting to see what that serve cocktail of experiences and things going on internally the chemistry and and how that sort of gels into something that creates that that template that people get stuck with running so they have you had the experience of actually seeing anyone find any well even anyone that has a desire to say hey I’ve got this recurring fantasy that I can’t break free of but I want to and can you help me kind of work through some material and gets to the point of sending me some people might say freedom from it or just having some something to even compare it to cuz if that’s all they know then they don’t even know the outside of that that Fishbowl could be my friend there was one color that comes to mind when you say that if somebody to have a fetish that they really did want to break free from he had actually gone to a psychiatrist he was so upset by it and he wanted to stop it but he couldn’t and the topic that I absolutely hate and I hate when guys ever call I usually just tell him to call somebody else he was an adult baby and these guys put diapers on and they they wet their pants and and go to the bathroom in the midst of disgusting and this guy was so upset that he enjoyed doing this he said I come home after work I put on my diaper I sit on the floor and I know I rub my cock and then I go to the bathroom in my diaper oh my God it’s just disgusting so he he was he was crying on the phone he was sober Afton upset about this and he’s like I’ve actually gone to a psychiatrist because I just don’t know what to do to stop and he’s like well the psychiatrist told me I’m not hurting anybody yes it may be kind of icky but at the end of the day I’m not hurting anybody nobody knows about it it’s not affecting anybody’s life so I’m just probably going to have to live with this attraction to this fetish and carry it out it will and I thought well the psychiatrist is right he’s not hurting anybody but it is pretty gross but I guess there’s worse things that people could be doing but I really don’t enjoy collars that wants to talk about God cuz I I have a strong X Factor about that topic but there’s people doing all kinds of weird and believe me you really don’t want to know what your coworkers are friends or neighbors or anybody is doing behind closed doors they tell me what they do behind closed doors and I’m horrified it at a lot of the stuff they tell me and nobody in their life knows about it they keep it a secret and I just get it’s amazing how they unload all this stuff and I can understand they can’t tell their wives because she kicked them out they can’t tell their friends because they would never be looked at the same so they and they wouldn’t have the nerve to tell a psychiatrist you know looking face-to-face with them these things so they find girls like me to share these desires with that they can’t tell anybody else and in a way to great honor that they are literally telling me their deepest darkest thoughts especially when there a personal client where I take their credit card information and I know their real name I know their address I know I know all this personal information so it’s even more flattering that they’re entrusting me with this deeply personal information and giving me all this trust you know what some company where they call and they can say their name is John Smith and you have no idea who they really are that is as Anonymous As It Gets I have no way of knowing when they’re calling a company like that but when it’s a direct dial type of call like I have on my own line and a couple of other lines that I work at you do have their real information and I always think you know you’re lucky I’m an honest person if you ever got some lady that decided to go Rogue and blackmail you you could be in for a whole lot of embarrassment at some of the things that they tell you but that one with the adult baby fetish he definitely really wanted to stop that but he just for whatever reason wasn’t able to stop but he just was addicted to it and some guys are addicted that is the word I would use to some of their fetishes and they know that it’s not healthy they know that is not say some of the activities that they’re engaging in and it’s like a drug they just can’t stop themselves when I think some of these guys are telling me the Craigslist personals was closed down a few years ago it was like the end of the world for a lot of the faithful to call me believe me because it was such a huge part of their sex life they would be going on these personal than having random sex with strangers and some guys say oh yeah I met this guy on the Craigslist personals and I met him in the back of his van and Home Depot parking lot good way to meet a serial killer the risks that some of these people are taking to satisfy their sexual desires if it’s honestly quite horrifying sometimes yeah I’m with you on that I would say one of the one of the creepiest scenario that I have to encounter so far in my career doing phone sex on the side is that this thing I didn’t even know it existed but he had the kind of invite me to it he had to basically prep me and you kind of give me the script ahead of time a verbally so that I would know what scenario he wanted to be kind of dropped into and in and it was the whole bug chasing thing of you heard of that already dealt with it and I mustn’t there with you on this Theodore baby thing I just want to get to 314 because Freud was all about that sexuality is actually anyting in the body that could be described as pleasurable in that begins with weather in anal repulsive or whatever that is so people just get attached to maybe don’t grow up acceptors all theories to about your whole personality being shaped by how long you’re bursting experience was whether he was a C-section or whether there was fecal matter that you were exposed to the process of blood that can determine so many things is really shaping everything that is there’s a it’s quite a bit by bit material but I honestly think that the way you’re describing is it’s like the entire Orthodox world of academic psychology and sociology if if they’re not getting PhD in this field basically studying what you’re talkin about then they have no clue because like you’re saying most people do not talk about this stuff in any other don’t then with their trusted phone sex are they all squeaky clean but I really liked on the niteflirt I remember once on the nightfort website they had kind of like a an intro little animated video clip and it’s just the kind of promote obviously the platform and kind of explain how it works what not but there was like an intro beginning to it where it showed a bus stop like a cartoon bus stop I’m just a couple of random dudes and whoever and MMA put out thought Bubbles and it was a little cartoon characters of the fantasy that they’re all thinking of separately at the bus stop and it was like all the quintessential Kink BDSM archetypes in leather and you know bondage and whatever else but it’s just like the idea that is really what’s going on if you see if we’re honest you know you could be in any crowding and everybody sort of having these thoughts for them yeah do you think that I guess you I’m curious how you would describe the sort of spectrum of you seems to be people who some people would say they don’t have anything other than vanilla you know really team like missionary romantic style pharmacies in made in that could be totally true but then there’s a whole group of people who are may be in denial or they’re fighting to suppress more homosexual or more violent or just whatever types of Tennessee’s and they may never experience it or talk about it or even like play with it much in their Fantasy Life interest people who are open and out and experiencing it in the Kink community and then there’s people who seem to be kind of release Kirsten stuck in their own world where their stuff is just running their lives and they can’t they don’t have really a healthy weight it to express that I’m just wondering if you were to just have to take a guess at the general population would save America are like helps what what ratio do you think if there is a people in different you can kind of take it however you like this what would be your if you were the Surgeon General of America and you had to be issued a report talking about the state of American fetishism and she is it we’re looking at him or you say well I don’t know about exact percentages and obviously it would be different for ladies than it is for men I do occasionally get a lady, but I get so few I can’t generalize with them as much as I can with the men because of the sheer lack of volume of women for me that I talk to but for men I would say I would say well over 70% have some kind of a you know a real king I do get ones that are just vanilla and they only want the most basic you know sex oral just very very vanilla and that’s fine I’m happy they’re very easy there’s nothing growth and talking to those guys but there’s ones that are so far off the map and I do not even cater to the more extreme ones I if if somebody’s wanting to talk about something really bad and I just don’t do it and tell him to find somebody else but some there’s definitely a lot that have a kink there is there really is and they just they can’t share it with anybody so over 70% of got some weird little fantasy and that I guess weirdness is subjective isn’t it I hear so much weirdness that may be what I would consider practically normal somebody that the civilian not in the adult industry would think oh my God that’s so weird I like her own doesn’t seem weird so I think we’re nothing normalness is all very subjective you can’t really say well the percentage of weird this percentage is kinky but there’s so many it it really surprises me how many guys that call that want to be with another guy that’s one of the top fantasy Sig I have the guys have as well as they want to talk or you don’t have a guy fuck something I’m I was shocked at that when I first started in the business that it was that widespread I mean it’s a very high percentage of collars and it’s also very high percentage of callers that are wearing ladies underwear and I never expected that I had no idea there were so many men that were wearing ladies panties under their clothes it seems pretty high from the number of guys to tell me that so those two things really stand out that are way more common than people would think yeah it’s it’s so it’s so sad in its to me and said that it’s the culture of the dominant culture so repressive it’s not just allowed to to be in body in your feminine aspect you’re coming inside in a more outspoken Republic Manor in and stole that idea that you have to hide it under your clothes and you can’t just be like hey we got Casual Friday what’s up family and Tuesday and see all kinds of measurable issues in society but you know it’s also makes me think about how the whole notion of the private citizen right to privacy and then the public officers and officials in in politicians and whatnot it’s expected that that well within reason everything that they’re all of their interest all of their past all of anything that can be dug up about their life history is fair game to scrutinize and I don’t know maybe and certainly in in more queer friendly districts like West Hollywood or the Castro I’m sure that it’s actually a selling point to your dear constituents to be a letter or something but for most of the rest of the country you would not be elected or you will be impeached her or else it is or whatever asked to resign if it were to come out that any of that any of the things you described in in in or just anything that would be considered an aberration from that vanilla whatever you would see anything beyond that would get you in deep trouble socially and politically and yet all those people who have that power they’re the ones going to the Doms and even some of the most twisted like yeah if people had any idea who exactly people would be surprised who was calling there was a chief of police that used to call me and I thought if your chief of police would you not buy a Visa gift card and just tell me your name is John Smith rather than give me your real name and your real credit card. That was the first thought in my head and he actually send me a picture of himself for his uniform and I thought are you insane do you realize the amount of embarrassment if I went rogue that I could cause you your whole Precinct to be laughing your ass off that one is one of the top ones that sticks in my mind thinking why would you be broadcasting and all I never would have known that you were you sending me pictures of yourself and you before that one really I thought was amazing it was another guy that was a district attorney in a major city and he was telling me this and I thought wow I could really cause you embarrassment if I wasn’t a trustworthy honest person and yet they’re telling you they’re real David at all this information I got all my God this is just wild it really was and there was even this very low-level celebrity oh my God I never heard of this guy but I looked up his name and I quickly found its website and mainly does direct-to-video stuff that most people wouldn’t know who it is anyway and what he wanted to talk about was so horrific that I wouldn’t do it and I don’t have a lot of limits are a lot of taboos but I have some and he was Way Beyond my limits and I thought wow buddy if your fans ever had any idea what you were into you know that they’d be with torches on your lawn I was so horrified at what this guy wanted to talk about and I thought in this is a celebrity and even though I had never heard of him somebody that had co-starred in a movie with him I certainly did know who it was cuz I watch her on a spa for all the time and I thought wow I’m sure she has no idea what her co-star is into and it just these these people to have any kind of level of being well-known and either their field of work or their Community you would think that protecting their anonymity would be of utmost importance but they really don’t seem to care so it says It’s amazing so I don’t follow Sports in anyway and he told me that he was he was wanting racial humiliation he was a black guy and I get a fair number of racial humiliation calls as well that’s one way specials it’s and he had found my website and saw that I offered this in and so he was telling me all about this so you know it was a small table wasn’t anything spectacular but I just thought wow you know if somebody follows Sports they would probably heard of this guy and here he’s calling and paying me good money to call him one racial slur after another it just says listen to me I can actually it really is so they aren’t worried about their identities or anything well yeah they make this public service announcement this is now the 21st century and there’s something called cryptocurrency and there’s ways to use VMware Anonymous step handrails and also to encrypt messages and I’m at the point now where I’m kind of going off of the Rails a bit branching out from the the platforms that take a huge cut of your earnings to provide that sort of thing at least that degree of separation with your identity and you’re just letting me within the last I’d say year 2 years has the encryption encrypted messaging app ecosystem really matured and made them user-friendly now is user-friendly enough and intuitive enough for people used on a mass scale and the Snowden Revelations have helped to accelerate the mass adoption and the development development impetus for peer-to-peer in Crypt open source technology platforms that are accessible by apps on a smartphone and then also now there’s so many different ways to do cryptocurrencies and now a stablecoin cryptocurrencies where you don’t expose people to the volatility of price fluctuation that’s a mouthful but I’m wondering if you have are you it’s apps to Tabitha like you say there’s a lot of risk and even if you did your best to not reach or allowed to be reached any of that data that you have some level of responsibility over as you conduct your business to know it’s an interesting opportunity now to to Really Leverage The Power of encrypted promises encrypting free speech of of words and of money that smell possible for people still just curious if you looked into any of that I know it’s kind of where I’m blinded I don’t even own the self to keep private insecure Issa does not use anything with high-tech and then you’ll be fine by myself I have my laptop and my corded landline so sore throat is this a cell phone because I don’t leave home that often so if I’m at the dentist or the hardware store for an hour or two I think I can afford to be out of touch with anybody for that short of a Time if it’s that important it can wait till I get back home and I’ll be able to talk to him then but I would never be doing calls out and about and I know some girls do I’ve read posts of girls doing in the aisles at Walmart and the grocery store it and I think how could you do that but hey if that’s how they want to run things that’s their business but I would not do that I wish I would not want to be doing that I was outside of my home and possibly have somebody over here me and you never know how long a collar is going to beat you. Weather is going to be 3 minutes or 3 hours you have no idea so it’s just not practical to me I would not do that so if somebody calls me I am on a corded landline in my house that’s the only place I’m ever going to be when they call but yeah all that Tech stuff is so it’s sort of a Escapes Me well if you ever have clients that want to you know I want to have you if you feel like a doll just put it out there to you I can be your your text liaison in a department is trying to be at least at least on the curb if not ahead of the curve but but certainly not is as up to speed as I can because yeah there’s a kind of feel like there’s a lot of a lot of people who are younger who mistakes with thumb how there really not having a good sense of host of keeping their identity and they’re just people are very frivolous about how much personal information they share in on internet was called it back POF plenty of wisdom and actually on that note not to go too far into the dark side but have you had any I’m sure you had some but you know what what what advice would you give note having the level experience you have about about real creepers or did you know that my make you feel let me before you have a chance with this type of mop cut them up or hang up on them if they were to get threatening or to just get weirder abusive or anything like you have any I don’t want to get all Sensational with horror stories but maybe more practical in a sense of Life what do you have a saltwater bath ready to jump into if you feel creeped out or do you have some sort of self-care and what’s the deal with the shift whether it’s creepy or not what’s a very lucky that I don’t really attract clients like that different girls attract different types of collars very much so it’s like Baskin-Robbins there’s a different flavor for everybody and I have never even come close to having any color that was stalkerish or interested in you don’t meeting or anyting I’m a very honest open direct person probably much more so would be good for I am so direct with clients if they ask me something and I’ll tell them the truth usually and other girls are more like they are there Persona they are never going to break that fourth wall to them and is a role they will never admit you know this isn’t them or whatever it says I’m just not like that and a lot of guys like that sense of reality others as sort of a bubble and they will never call you again because you’re too much reality they’re not looking for that they’re looking for Fantasy so I have never ever ever had anything remotely like that and yet I know some girls have had real problems with that very serious ones I mean the horse everyone’s and I think well maybe it’s because they’re playing this role and they’re insisting that they really are this character and it’s just all too real to the guy and I’m like oh you know that’s that’s not how it is consider more of a flooded reality so I don’t have that problem with my clients at all I’m glad to hear that that’s that’s music to my ears what would you say knowing the girls who have had that experience of living able to shake them off or what are some Clyde I honestly don’t know because they’re just running their business totally different than I am so unless they decided to move to my business model they’re going to keep having this problem I mean some of these girls will say oh I’ve got this whole back story that my character lives in such and such a place and she’s such and such an age and you know she went to this school and and she did this and that and I’m like really you go to all this trouble I might I’m just me if a guy calls I’m just me I’m not putting on any stories I say I live in Ontario Canada which is true I don’t tell them the town that I live in cuz they don’t really need to know that but I’m not making up some story about what I did or what I didn’t that that’s just not me it’s just not and yet there’s a lot of girls that they write this whole back story this like a totally separate character and if that’s how they want to do it that’s fine and I know a lot of them do that’s what they feel comfortable with they don’t want to give any real information that’s fine and I don’t give much to the ones that I do but I’m just me no matter what guy calls them if a guy says I won’t Lobby been in a gangbang recently haven’t you wanted to be not going to get what he wants because I’m too based in reality like I said some guys like that some guys don’t you want to talk about any anything you want to close with would be great or just call it a good a good first episode look forward to connecting my phone sex site is erotic Talk phone sex. Com and my erotic audio site if you want to order a custom audio is erotic audio recordings. Com some people can easily be able to contact me there if they’re interested in setting up a call well if the button says available love usually available if it says that I usually remember to set that right you can just call the number if you wanted to do a call and if you wanted to order an audio guys will email me usually with their script to get an estimate which I can do from the word count I can give them a very close estimate as to how long it will be in the price and then we go from there all right I love that will custom audio clips Galore sounds like you you’re really got this workout and it sounds like you graduated from the dependence and Reliance on 3rd party platforms and you’ve got it all sorted in house is that right on your website or how does that are you part of a network or is it all kind of have my own sci-fi I am available on many many sites that I do calls on but I only I only promote my own site because it is of or benefit to me easily if a guy comes to my own site so even though the price a guy May pay would be the same say $2 a minute which is pretty standard if he calls me through some site I might only be getting a third of that if he calls my sight I’m getting ate almost every penny of that so where do you think I’m going to direct people of course I’m I don’t even tell them what Play Time on or what names I go by or anything I only ever tell them Sheeran on a rush and that is the only place that you will find Sharon Sharon all right all right are you ready to go find her on the on that website and appreciate you again it’s been a time to be on the shoulder and a lot and look forward to next time I see you again so much and thank you so much for having me www.sprint.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple viper bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email ben.com namaste

How to Turn People On to Your Brand with Adult Entertainment Publicist Brian S. Gross TPP194


Brian Gross Pic

In this episode I’m joined by Brian S. Gross, a highly accomplished entertainment industry publicist who’s been making a living by making people famous for many years. I reached out for advice several years ago after discovering his unique expertise in my most ambitious areas: music and adult entertainment. We recently reconnected and I thought it would be great to have him give us a glimpse into his personal and professional journey and discuss  the role of PR companies in the evolving media landscape.

We discuss:

  • his early passionate and persistent efforts to get his foot in the door at high end record companies
  • how he managed to work directly with some of the most legendary artists in the music industry
  • his evolution from the music industry to the adult industry
  • lessons he learned from his mentors that helped him start his own company
  • the day-to-day of public relations work
  • the urgent need for PR in the age of social media
  • how to turn people on to your brand niche
  • how adult entertainment media is no longer one dimensional
  • how you can find media, writers, etc who will want to discover what you are doing
  • how you can find those who will want to make others aware and help build a fan base
  • his attitude of fearlessness and his “why not” approach to not over-thinking things
  • his application of the wisdom of Yoda, to only do or do not, but not to try
  • his words of encouragement for me to be willing to take risks to promote what I believe is important
  • how you never know who will pick up a story so its best to get it out there

About Brian:
Brian Gross, President of BSG PR, has been in the service of media and public relations for over 26 years. Gross has been employed by companies such as Def American RecordingsWarner Brothers RecordsReprise RecordsElektra Entertainment GroupVivid Entertainment Group, and such organizations as The Lollapalooza Tour. Brian Gross was an Executive Producer for Reality-X: The Search For Adam & Eve.  His background includes all facets of public and media relations, working with some of the largest businesses, celebrities and music acts in the world.

Clients of BSG PR, past and present, include Gene Simmons, Sasha Grey, Adam & Eve, Penthouse, Phoenix Books, The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, Joanna Angel, BurningAngel, Greg Lansky, Girlsway, Pink Visual, Evil Angel, Girlsway, Autoblow A.I., Fearless Man, Nina Hartley, Lupe Fuentes, Kendra Sunderland, LA Pop Art, Liberation Entertainment, Ecko TV, Kaiju Big Battel, Lucky 13 Clothing, Pinup Girl Clothing, Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival,  Chuck Zito, Omarosa, Blanc/Biehn Productions, Stockroom, Tony Clifton, Sheri’s Ranch, Big Teaze Toys, MyGirlFund, WantedList, WoodRocket and many others…

Please visit his website at:

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 194 I am being joined by Brian s gross of BSG public relations and he is such a jaw-dropping about page I just decided I really do this but I decided I definitely want to read this to really put the context in here because with with it that the merging of the technology space in the adult industry space and actually to give a little bit of backstory on this we connected now it’s been about 4 years or so since first actually started putting out a press release and seeking really advisement and consult consultation within the the the pr companies within the adult industry to see if there was any possibility to get some traction doing this sort of shamanic pornography and feminist porn kind of brand that I’ve been trying to develop mixing my music and video production and ethics and politics into media and so I have really been kind of putting The Feelers out into the space and Brian gave me some feedback back in the day and we have serendipitously reconnected recently and so I thought why not let’s have a butt supposed to connect in in this podcast domain and again I’m astounded by what he’s accomplished in some of the parallels in our Journeys here so I’m just going to go ahead and read the about page and then we’ll get started with the interview so Jared is BSG public relations takes a precise and strategic approach to promoting all facets of entertainment and efficient and motivated staff handles everything from intricate details of executive with City to positioning our clientele within compelling and effective media campaigns Street marketing teams and Creative Marketing efforts BSG public relations handles all avenues of communication is bringing your study to approach to marketing media and public relations with Creative Solutions that furthers the message & image of our clients we handle everything from the intricate details of executive publicity to positioning clients with compelling media campaigns we look to broaden and brand artist companies and products multi-level publicity campaigns combined with knowledge and background in every facet of entertainment media and communication the most importantly always putting the client first Brian Gross president of BSG PR has been in the service of media and public relations for over 26 years gross has been employed by company said Steve American recordings Warner Brothers records reprise records Elektra Entertainment Group Vivid Entertainment Group and such organizations as the Lollapalooza tour Brian Gross was an executive producer for Rio TX the search for Adam and Eve his background includes all facets of public and media relations working with some of the largest businesses celebrities and music acts in the world Brian thank you so much for joining me on the podcast and please tell us all about your personal Journey how did you get into this position of such influence and expertise school is my senior year and I’m a I’m a big Sports person as well and I was not good enough to make the varsity basketball team but wound up helping out with the younger teams and I want to getting fired for verbally assaulting a referee who completely screwed up a game and all of a sudden I had free time and I literally took out my CD collection which I know that sounds so funny in this day and age but went through it and started calling record labels and pretty much got blown off by many of them because I was a senior in high school they were looking for college kids and one label an independent label def American the girl who answered the phone was in the PR department and she still one of my best friends to the stay cuz she called she I said come in for an interview and before I knew it I was driving after school three days a week from Newbury Park California to Burbank to make press kits and learn all about the music industry well that is exciting so what were some of the what what are some of the bands in an album is like what were you into at the time I was definitely a classic rock kid a NuWave and I just wasn’t you know I was sort of what the radio fed me so you know I hadn’t really branched out as far as my music likings were concerned and you know early 90s you know 90 to 91 92 you realize just how there was no such a divided because you know really popular stuff was extremely poppy you were on the end of sort of the metal era you had this grunge thing happening you had this sort of underground music thing happening you had punk rock obviously happening but I grew up in the suburbs and and it just didn’t resonate with me at the time you know then you go to a record label and you start going through the CDs and you just start this massive Discovery and bands walk in and you meet people and you spend time with artists and musicians and it just completely through open a world that I was you know I was aware but I wasn’t aware to that extent and it was pretty exciting to just see the variety especially at this specific record label the variety of of music that was being put out and and how exciting it was awesome so from there so what how to tell us the story of how you evolved from the doing stuff mostly in the music and more and more General entertainment business into the adult industry which I see you have a lot of accolades from so I I mean I work my way up in the record industry from 93 to 99 I I was took a couple internships than an assistant job than a West Coast tour tour publicist West Coast Regional tour publicist job and then I saw what master was doing and I realized you know as a as a low man on the totem pole in the satellite office for record label I better figure something out and literally fell in my lap where two people one of which had this specific that had this position and and the other was the brother of the owner of the company hit me up and said hey you know you should interview for this job that’s going to open up to be the head of PR and marketing for a company called Vivid which I was obviously very familiar with as a young male and so the money was a lot more and the opportunity was there and it was just one of those things I was 23 and I wasn’t going to say no I couldn’t pass it up so I became the head of PR and marketing for Vivid Entertainment in the spring of 99 while you were busy absorbing all of this until from the corporate world and very established Enterprises and then you’re building essentially what will become your your own personal company and brand can you tell us about some of the some of the lessons you learned some of the highlights of of your journey along that way if kind of building your own becoming an entrepreneur as opposed to an employee working for Stephen her she had a very hands-off approach you know he wanted me to practice the way I had learned doing publicity at the record labels and bring that same approach to the adult film stars that were under contract with this company and to the company itself so I really had this sort of open book of you no opportunities and and and really just publicizing a a massive brand his thing was don’t spend any money which you know you laugh at but it was pretty when you when you eliminate budgets and you have to be creative that’s that made you have to work relationships in and put ideas out there and look for opportunities that I think in this day and age we wouldn’t even think twice about it but at the time we’re pretty groundbreaking you know so you know what that in mind it just became abaa I learned so much from that that when I went on my own I took sort of his entrepreneurship of run Dino of starting and running a massive adult entertainment company with what I learned is being a publicist and I’m just sort of found my way I had some incredible mentors the forest publicist go ahead incredible mentors who you know I went to when I started my company said how to what am I doing how do I do this you know and they were so giving and and so just easy you know so open Armon and I’m just taught me so much in a really short. Of time to where I was just off and running and getting clients and doing what I’ve been doing what I could I mean for me getting up every day and doing my job isn’t necessarily hard and I think I’m fortunate that I have that s Ellison and work ethic that I know is very challenging for many people but you know I just learned quickly I could get a lot of clients and and synergize and and do a lot for them and and just sort of Broad and from there awesome yeah I’m having flashbacks to reading a book called guerrilla marketing back when I was doing start up stuff and and it really did get a budget mattered so you had to teach you had to be creative and you had to think out-of-the-box so I can I can resonate with that and I remember one of a CEO for a company I work for has said you know the difference if there’s a difference between marketing and PR and marketing is what you say about yourself in PR is what other people say about you and you really really want to have that that perspective that that’s where the third person perspective in your printing and copying in to have it buffering so that the artists and the company’s don’t aren’t doing all of that he’s some kind of damage control I guess you could say and sometimes they just that stuff that Shameless self-promotion that people people can see through it on the on the receiving end and then on the giving end you’d rather not be tooting your own horn so much so it’s a really vital function that you play in the in the ecosystem of have any kind of business and I love to hear about just soap for people who aren’t that well versed in what a publicist does it would appear our company does tell us about the sort of day today and I’m kind of break it down for people who might not know famous for a living right you know the longer sort of breakdown of that is you know celebrities Brands companies hire a publicist to get there messaging in there and what they have to sell out there to the media which is then you know red watched listen to buy hopefully millions and increases sales increases exposure and increases the the growth of of whatever the brand or the company or the person is so it’s an aspect of marketing but it’s solely deals with sort of the public Persona and then obviously the media which radio TV print and online are the four basics of that and obviously they in this day and age you know what you know podcast would kind of be filed under radio but it’s also online it’s audio but there’s there can be a video component that can be a a written component so you have a lot of Lines Blurred when it comes to the media nowadays and I just think for me it’s important for my clients in this day and age there’s so much opportunity there so many ways to get your message out there and you know me and you know my team and and myself we look to find those opportunities finals relationships and and do everything we can for clients to to accomplish the goals that they have female except for us how’s your job gotten more difficult at all or more challenging in the age of social media where you have the potential for celebrities to put their foot in their mouth to and create these Mega backlashes online that you kind of do have to do some some damage control on that do you have any thoughts what the the social media landscape has done for your industry herself you know social media gives you a way to do a more immediate Outreach but sometimes you have to be careful clients have to be careful what they say out there you know what I work more left-of-center stuff where you know I’m not working conservative projects that you know they have to be really careful what they say but certainly at I work with clients that you know we talked about messaging and we talked about what they put out there and make sure we’re on the right we’re on the right track and we’re in agreement and on the right path but I think social media you know I think it’s it’s positive it’s certainly a life-changing things it certainly has changed the landscape of society and and whatnot on a larger scale but you’re not the end of the day we all are just fascinated by other people and they do so it just open doors opens doors in that respect what do you know actually makes me think about how it made some sense you talking about Dimension to have the image of Tower Records on Sunset and I’m just the decline of the record industry and all of the digitization of all kinds of media and how that took a big chunk out of profits for a lot of folks in an industry but when I based on what you were just say no actually realized you might think that the same thing would happen to PR once people could become demigod celebrities on social media by themselves but the reality is they probably need to hire a publicist more than ever because you need that filter right you need that you need someone to advise you on on the strategies of how you express yourself because it’s so easy to just fire something off that just Neo take sweat they say it could take 5 years to build a career in 5 seconds to destroy rights and all I would add to it is you know you need you need someone in my position when you have something that is so public and you need someone that can help you because a lot of times there is a lot of Crisis and a lot of people don’t know what to do and we’ve certainly witnessed over the years when when things go wrong or how you know when things are handled poorly and you know we live at a time where the media is constantly attacked so they’re going to attack that so you want to be on the right side of things and you want you know if you want to handle your media aspect as professionals possible and it’s there are challenges you know I’m not a brain surgeon this isn’t brain surgery by any any respect but it’s an important part of the marketing and sales aspect and the overall brand awareness of who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish yeah I think that was a good real basic intro and overview and just kind of hammers hammers in that this part of the ecosystem of success as a creative artist is not is not going away in or should it and so it was it is a breath of fresh air and I think about it a lot I think about a lot how how to moderate myself and there’s a lot of fear and and hesitation in this climate of you know you can really you can really put your foot in your mouth so I I I think it says probably at yeah it’s it’s been on my mind you know this whole your sector of industry and where it’s at so this is timely for me until I guess I would say to be somewhat selfish for a moment here with the last few minutes I would say that I guess bringing this back to what my my unique value proposition is to the world as my representing myself and my brain really it is I guess it is kind of element in a way I’m saying sexuality and pornography and all forms of of music and art they can all actually be very healing and very therapeutic and there’s almost a bias against that because people sometimes in some sense people want to just have really either extremely kind of edgy entertainment that just gets them off sexually or titillates them or sort of just appeals to that Hollywood sense of just completely not necessarily that intentional or that healing or that spiritual and so there’s kind of a bias against what I’m offering which could be seen his kind of all you’re you’re just a goody-two-shoes you’re kind of a mama’s boy you want people to be meditating and doing yoga and actually it might my sort of reply to that that biases that actually know what what some of the practices that are done in shamanic Sexual Healing Sarah on your work are actually equally if not more extreme and in and actually riveting and and put you on the edge of your seat as is anything that would be considered Gonzo or Triple X Ino Xtreme Hardcore and it really is Hardcore to be doing some of the more spiritual aspects of sexuality so when I I put out a press release I don’t know if that was the one that you saw or if that was a wet what the time frame was around that but I would just say to you do you think there is a niche for what would I would call shamanic pornography or pouring that intense did not only educate but also to promote healing and healing from trauma and and what not yours if not longer you know when I first got in the industry as far as adult entertainment goes is very one-dimensional especially the media coverage and it was all about getting eyeballs because you could use the word pornography in a way that you know people be like oh what what it what are they going to talk about and then then then there was a change in the change happened when media like Vice came along and media like BuzzFeed and and other media that said to a certain extent and we’re not going to just treat this as one-dimensional because it isn’t a one-dimensional discussion it is in a one-dimensional product you know as as the adult industry expanded I found it interesting that the media expanded in their coverage and you have certainly the negatives does the word in general is certainly looked at in a negative way and I rarely use it I say it because of that is once you say that word and it’s you know maybe one day it’ll be changed or looked at not as this glaring sing but as a form of entertainment form of Education a form of you know healing as as you as you work on but the media look to do more coverage and be more multi-dimensional and to what you’re trying to accomplish and what you’re doing what you’re doing and what you’re trying to accomplish to my point is you can find media that’s not easy but you can find people you can find writers you can find me there you can find public entities you can find people that will want to discover what you are doing and will want to make others aware and will want to build the foundation and build a fanbase in and build a unit around it so which is not the issue these days the issues speed of time and the issue is just sort of the you know overwhelming amount of media that we deal with everyday especially in our current political climate where we’re being overdosed with one piece of toxic news after another and end toxic not men the political fashion just met met you know we’re bombarded with different types of briefs and stories and just aspects of life that can that are just so fast and furious and you’re trying to fit in there you know you’re almost trying to swim upstream and place you know place your story on a rock while well water keeps hitting in the face so I I I constantly am taking on opportunities and clients and different types of niches and different types of products and different types of stories because I know who’s to say that I know what a media person will want to write about or not I don’t what I do is I give them the opportunity and I find out hey is this is this interesting do you want to do this do you want to cover this and it’s yes or no or mid might be a maybe or they’re on the fence or they’ll think about it and we did we discuss it and see what happens so it’s just a the media is a constant River at its its 24/7 its domestic and international you know stories can break anywhere in the world and then just travel the speed of light and around the globe and become as you know become viral so it’s just a it’s just the the effort and the Mine Song of people in your position as to am I ready to take this Challenge on I’ve something Niche I’ve something unique but I think it’s important and and how do I get it out there and and what you know how many people can I turn on to what I have to build from from where I’m at well those are profound words of wisdom and I’ve got chills because I know that at some point I have I’ve got two to cross that and make that leap of faith sand and be willing to be criticized and be willing to be sued and be willing to be all kinds of things and having that team and I feel like the podcast has been a tool to to kind of build that team and to know if there is a you know what keeps me up at night is what happens if there is an influx of capital what if there is a viral content piece that get 50 goes out and it’s not that you become rich and famous overnight at you is that you become suddenly under the microscope and you need to know about compliance with a lot of things and so that that’s my Virgo mind getting getting very sort of The Fearless aspect where I try not to overthink even though it’s impossible but I just I just try and push you know you just you know I I’ve constantly at a career of why not you know why not internet a record label why not internet another one why not drop out of school you know cuz it was just wasting time and money you know and then why not become an assistant why not become a tour publicist why not go to an adult entertainment company Why not start your own PR Company why not work with Gene Simmons you know it’s you know if you can answer why not then there’s no reason you know and you know we always I’m a Star Wars junkie and I think you might be in the same generation or not but we all sort of live by the the words until the age of of Yoda and so you try not you do or you don’t you do not but you just don’t try to go for it and you know there’s certainly you you think things out and they’re processing is calculated risk and what not but I’ve always another mindset where if you if you’re if you’re thinking too much about it then it’s just time wasted you know you’re not pushing forward and what you’re trying to accomplish but once you get past that you know and and you’re not going to know if I sitting around thinking you’ll never know if it takes off or not you just won’t it is the action and it is the risk that you have to eunos put out there and find out if you have something or not and you know I definitely I’ve had all kinds of clients I really have and I’ve had successes clients it succeeded sold our company and made lots of money and I have clients that failed you know but it just nothing worked and Company disbanded and I’ve got you know hundreds of files of clients over 19 years and but they all they all went for it you know wherever they are you know there’s somewhere you know that they took a risk and even when I produced a reality show you know what they say it was a risk I was a two-year process to even get to production but once you know once we decide we’re going to do it my partners and I at the time of that production company we just put her head down and we weren’t going to give up and we got the parties involved then it did well could have done better but it did well exist in there broke a lot of ground but it’s definitely important you know there’s just that dividing line of doing something and in what it is that hold you back from from going for it yeah I hear you there is just kind of wrap up here to respect your time and then I will just say that again More Chills and more of just that that cause mcnab’s you know there was there is one Flagship I guess I would say it was for me was like the pilot episode of the series that I’m doing now it’s called sexorcism the tantric Opera twitch wow Google Keyword that I want to fully on because a lot of without weather so I can get is an album is a band that did an album called sexorcism there’s there’s a kind of I don’t know if it’s play with the idea but but what I’m bringing to it is it is definitely from a pure-hearted place of sincere documentarian work and so hopefully that’s I think what’s going to be what I would put money into an invest in to try to get some some media coverage on and I’ve been a little bit shy about it now for a couple of years just wanting to not be the one to push that in people’s faces but that’s exactly the layer of buffer that I need of someone to say hey look take it or leave it this is what this guy’s doing here it is and if I can have that someone like you help me with that then I think it’ll be it’ll be a dream come true so we will we will talk offline about what your thoughts are for the trajectory of a project like that but I would love to discuss obviously well and I look forward to having that discussion and obviously I appreciate being on your podcast in and you know getting to have this kind of discussion I think I ain’t got to a certain extent I think people you’re right don’t really understand publicity and public relations and media relations and you know marketing to a full extent but I think it’s you know having the conversation and getting the opportunity to talk about it even one person goes wow that’s interesting I want to I want to know what that career is you know something I’m always interested in doing it you know making people aware of the career and path I chose the life I chose and you know going from there well I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would say as they received the rewards that they couldn’t have done it without you and so hopefully I will be able to join those ranks sooner rather than later and again and again thank you for reaching out to me as very synchronistic yeah let’s let’s be in touch do you want to tell people where to find where to find your work and just yeah side BSG pr.com and my Twitter and my Instagram RBS GPR and it’s financials at when I made the company name it was like well we’ll just Brian Scott gross of my name and BSG are my initials and public relations and it was just a simple as that so I guess I was another thing I learned of like trying to keep you know keep it linear and you’re hiring me and so that’s where a Vsepr came from awesome alright will Brian thank you again so much that I had a great time and can’t wait to get to know you better and move on from here so thank you so much again and have a great afternoon thank you you as well look forward to catching up with you again real soon all right take care of podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email bad at Tantra Punk. Com

Crystal Toys for Sexual Healing with Chakrubs Founder Vanessa Cuccia TPP134


Vanessa Cuccia Pic

In this episode I’m joined by one of the most admirable entrepreneurs in the sexual health and wellness field, Vanessa Cuccia. She guides us through a tear and heart wrenching personal story of transformation, healing, and empowerment through merging crystal healing with sacred sexuality. She shares the hardships and breakthroughs that shaped the development of the Chakrubs crystal sex toys brand, then we explore the future horizon and brainstorm on marketing strategies that will hopefully lead to collaborate efforts to heal the sexual wounds of the world.

Please visit her website and connect on social media:


IG: @Chakrubs

Twitter: @Chakrubs

About Vanessa:

Vanessa Cuccia is regarded as a pioneer in the sex toy industry for introducing her methods of using crystals for sexual healing and empowerment on a global scale. She is the founder and creator of Chakrubs, The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company, and she continues to receive testimonials from people around the world who use her Chakrub products and methods. These overwhelmingly positive testimonials have inspired her to write her upcoming book, Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure.

Since conceptualizing her initial designs for crystal pleasure tools in 2011, and establishing her brand in 2012, Cuccia has been an influencer in the social movement of sex positivity, self-love, and personal awareness by bridging the gap between sensuality and spirituality. As creator of products that symbolize the essence of these movements, she spearheaded the ethos of the brand which is inspiring many to nurture their own emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and spiritual connection.

Cuccia cultivated her knowledge of crystals and energy work while she was living in LA to pursue a career in music. During this time she worked a part-time job at an adult store where she fostered her education on sex positivity. Cuccia merged both principals which sparked the idea of sexual exploration with the use of crystals. The recognition for the potential crystals have to facilitate energy movement inspired Cuccia to utilize crystals to enhance sexual pleasure. Cuccia’s work has been a fixture in the Hammer Museum and Museum of Sex, featured in magazines such as New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Allure, appeared on notable digital platforms such as Buzzfeed and VICE, and has been featured on shows such as The Doctors and Conan. Cuccia has also received the attention of many notable artists who have collaborated with their own sensibility, bringing to light different aspects of the profound messages Chakrubs inspires.

As a certified crystal healer and reiki practitioner, Cuccia continues to pursue knowledge of crystals and metaphysical modes of healing to help those who have experienced sexual trauma or simply wish to deepen pleasure and connection to self, spirit, and others. Cuccia is a musician whose knowledge of energy extends through her performances. She currently resides in New York.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin eligible of the truck in the township Funk podcast episode number 136 I’m being joined by dick Carver he is the founder of lumber Joe and he does you the sex toy designer and woodworker and I discovered his amazing products just synchronistically right at the time I was about to do the the previous interview with Vanessa Cuccia the founder of chakras which is the crystal sex toy company and at that time on social media I found some pictures of these handmade sex toys that are just genius brilliant beautiful amazing stunning stand-alone works of art not to mention you know if your having weird problems in your relationship or if you are just a solo person that likes to be penetrated with things or there’s still more than just you know fancy paper weights if you could imagine so turn all about what you can do with these fabulous wooden sex toys and first Dick if you would just tell us a bit about your background where did you voice your life pass like leading up to this and then you can tell us zoom in on the story of the lumberjill company brand process and then we’ll talk a bit about what your Future’s looking like yeah sure thing so I want to see it was around 2012 at a point in my life where I really wasn’t sure what direction I was going to go in I had I just got a job with an online company doing search engine optimization and that was fine but you know how I’ve always known like I wasn’t the kind of person to stay at a company and tell him move up and all that kind of shit so you know I was like I got to do something for myself I just don’t know what it’s going to be and what can I do with my hands and I’m going to enjoy doing 7 days a week and I always enjoyed knives and swords and things like that so I was thinking maybe I’ll be a Custom Knife maker because I could definitely see a path in that industry of companies that get a custom designs in big box stores and also just do custom work that has really well so I was having a conversation with a really good friend of mine and I really value her opinion so destroying a pastor they having a thing about being a Custom Knife maker and I don’t know why she said this but I think install a wooden sex toys and I don’t quite know where it came from but it really just locked my attention that actually sounds really cool so I started looking online and saying you know that the artifacts and what people are doing these days I guess part of it was having that connection to human history cuz I really like I guess I just really like seeing new earlier point in human history was really but also I just had a lot of new ideas that I wasn’t seeing other people do I thought this would be a great way for me to stretch my legs and Atreyu tivity and my skill and a couple years after that initial idea and treating Lumber Joe leader crafts and so this one’s for 4 years come March 4th March that is so cool because I was at the show last year and yeah there was like a We-Vibe I think it was we’ve I was there doing one of the one of those presentations for the end it was amazing was the first time I’d seen the sort of archaeological timeline of the sex toys that have been discovered and the different materials that were used in a person have to have all of them while they are coming out from Hilo all the way up to tell a build Onyx and B are and all that kind you know I text if I was really that was the first time I had seen these amazing craft is all natural totally Paleolithic sex toys in the blue blue my mind and it really piqued my interest and I haven’t I haven’t explored it for her since then except for knowing about chakrubs back to know about the work you’re doing yourself can you please talk a little bit about just your if you’ve done your Explorations or any kind of research or yeah pick me how to become a Xavier still fix boring that that this relations as much as I would like to I guess because most the time I’m making them instead of reading about so yeah yeah my cup runneth over man definitely has been has been crazy about more than I have hands for sure but that’s a great problem to have but yeah when I initially started some Stone from Stone samples from I think I think the oldest one I thought was maybe like thirty thousand BC play just just the way it was so smooth and everything what they were saying was yeah we found statues and stuff and but when you see a smooth example like this I wanted to go through it like somebody has a dildo sex toys and I mean people be sexually gratified since we got here but you know this is nothing new so it is kind of fun for me to just look at pictures of you know because these artifacts have been really crazy lately because I’m begging bills all that time I got reincarnated and just got right back to work making more like that be the craziest story I wish I knew for sure I’d know there’s ways to find out for sure it is definitely some plant plant medicines that will give you some practitioners that can help you reconnect to that but I’ve I mean I look at the work can I paint over anybody listening to this please absolutely do yourself to save her even if you’re not in the market for it right now I mean certainly gives for anybody mine obit seeing the beauty of the work I’m totally a blown away by the craftsmanship than and yeah if you could still want to talk a bit about sore as much as you had as much as you can talk about the process in what goes into it and you know the rest of these are made NM back to the point that you just made about you know you’re not in the market not all of these are sex toys I certainly do make sex toys but sometimes people just come to me and they just want to look at you or something I’ve met several pieces that were purely artistic if you just want to display or crew just likes the car he’s an artist himself I think most lead paint but he he really digs need to know the new old-school wooden install phallic statues of me quite a few of those for him but yeah just if they just look cool to you you just want him sitting around a cool Conversation Piece those are a lot of fun as far as the process goes design-wise I have to start with a design with okay but as far as the design goes I try to come up with stuff I haven’t seen before particularly in Woodward most of your wooden sex toys are going to be turned on a lathe so they’re going to be straight and symmetrical and most of which is fine but I just want to do different things so you know part of it is just trying to present people with something that they are familiar with it as far as that material and the other part of me trying to challenge myself as far as making sure that it it feels good if it is indeed a sex toy. I choose the what I’m going to use for it and I guess one thing that sets me apart from everybody else is I use a lot of hand tools which it does make the work go a little bit more slowly but it is it’s a part of this part of my process now and it’s something that I’m very comfortable with and it is and I’m fine with it a little bit longer but I usually rough out the shapes with a hatchet first a small Hatchet and from there I move onto you know smaller and I-45 the shape and carbon. The way I want a rotary tool or belt sander for certain things but for the most part I use hand tool sandpaper rasp files and sealing up with a private the only thing I’m not happy with it but I’m always trying to evolve with the food grade coating that is very durable and safe for people to to use internally but I just keep trying different things just to find out what’s best but I mean is this word for me all this time very well I never had any surgery issues with that never had anybody say they had any issues with it so it’s just perfectly safe for this for this sort of thing but yeah it’s just a lot of work and a lot of time but it’s worth it in the end I think it’s a difference that people really can can feel when they get in her hand and in other places that’s cool I love that it’s so down to earth in Jesus gives a whole new meaning to the word Woodshop you know I mean I just listened to podcasts or play music. I’m sounds like a great meditation just a little you know else yeah yeah actually do listen to music a lot of times or podcast from various things emotional and mental place where I’m working because and in what is actually really good for whole and on energy and I don’t want to charge you with anything negative on a working on it because it is in my hands so often as a matter of fact and you know do as I say not as I do but yourself for what I like to do is rest the wood on base looking like over my heart chakra and carve towards me cuz I give me more control and what Leverage do they spend so much time that close to me in over my heart chakra I don’t I don’t want somebody to get something in front of your body’s a charge of negative energy so I usually put on some Chillstep or stop and get your stuff compilation or you know just watch something where you know I’m getting a lot of good laughs or not feeling good about watching it so that when they get it they even if they can’t put their fingers on at the you know it makes them feel good to have it and you know find a little whatever so that is so cool I’m so glad you said that cuz some people are just not connected to intention and and I’m glad that in this I can’t say when it started but I’m seeing more people kind of do have Palm chakra blessings on plates of food at restaurants and things and just said by all means you know in the realm of what you’re going to be in the throes of ecstasy with to have that be a real a real purifier in blessed and intentional process that is a huge selling point in a fruit for me and for a lot of people are getting to know you know who knows what is coming out of you know sweatshops or or just chemical have highly chemical Sylveon with I guess without a bill without being too hyper critical or I don’t want to censor you at all but you know I know a lot of sex toy manufacturer I guess the more enlightened ones are going to try to do their best to maybe be more Grand a more sustainable but it doesn’t get really more chance to Tampa or than what you’re doing and so I wonder if when you when you’re in the marketplace you know we’re in the industry how do you how have you felt about or or encountered or dealt with just that the juxtaposition you know and in the in the marketplace if they know if you had to comment on is that is that something you leave list I gave stop poisoning yourself with X whatever not the brand name for say but just like the what is what is the unquestioned Paradigm about just polymer everything and you know yeah I mean I definitely try to use it as a selling point for my products that you know it is biodegradable like there’s no by-products leftovers wood shavings and sawdust that I put it right back outside where it came from in the first place but you know that are harmful harmful and others and I mean good quality silicone like a platinum pure silicones a really good glasses another really good material but yeah there are a lot of companies out there who are making crap that have been making toy that crap and there’s a lot of good information out there from some of the sex toy reviewers and bloggers on on those types of the most types of operations that makes me just telling people to steer clear cuz they’re not made out of stable David can make you sick so whatever cuz for the most part I have seen in friends with a lot of those people to you know they do their best to might not have a whole lot of wasted material and you know they let me for one is this money I mean that stuff not cheap so so they could have stretch as much as I can but you know I think as long as people are being responsible if I don’t really have a big problem with it but the thing is like yeah please do be responsible as possible and definitely educate yourself on what your sex toys are made of cuz there’s a lot of companies that just don’t care that Leo sex cells we can make these jelly things and come out there and we’ll sell a million of them at me while you got some sort of you know chronic illness and you don’t know where you got it from so it’s just that that’s how I feel about it it’s cool I’m wondering so do you do trade shows and hot what’s what’s been your your marketing strategies and your sort of you know your past into a getting some attention and getting some press and write up some stuff I haven’t done any trade shows yet I would like to but you just you know life gets in the way and so is Otto Izakaya coming up from behind just just from some life stuff that happened at summer not really able to travel around as much as I would like to but we’ll see what the year hole that I definitely want to make it to live in Georgia and I know there’s a lot of things that just happened in Atlanta so I would love to get to some of those at the very very least as far as marketing goes United started a hundred bucks I have a lot of startup so it really came down to learning social media wish even is even as a millennial I was saying I’m not really want to be able to wear all the time Instagram like I don’t want to kick somebody but a target audience and interact with them in a very direct level and that’s that’s pretty much been that I haven’t spent a dime really all marketing it’s just been mixed up the catches people’s attention be very distinct about the product identity I call it basic basically just when somebody looks it’s something that you may they know that you made it so be very distinct in that regard stand out and you know make something that captures people’s attention so fast that’s really been the the strategy so far it’s working pretty well I mean I mean last year I’ve ended up filming a television show with our with Playboy TV as a show called toy ride and if you had told me back in 2020 I mean 2012 after you tell me the TV show with the crew from Playboy TV I mean that that better than crazy to me but in that. I was you know standing in my little workshop camera Crews having a back and forth with the host of the show and they’re asked questions and stuff like that it was in his crazy so a whole lot to get started you just have to you got to get started and you know just just just be resourceful I guess is the best advice I could give awesome and how was the what was that like some excuse just to get a sense in like I said I haven’t done it earlier haven’t done had the time yet to do too much research but I can’t cuz I’m so stoked you’re doing so you have a deal website and people can place custom orders if you have a shopping cart or how does that all work and I’m imagining the Playboy but give you a bump at Lisa transactions worth right now is on etsy.com that’s I try to have stuff in inventory no vacation mode right now. So much work to do it was just like please don’t order anything else please for a little while he’s away with anything else right now but thanks they products that they can serve those needs but a lot of my work is custom yes and that’s that’s proven to be very successful for me cuz you know a lot of saliva sex toy industry is hating one one-size-fits-most or you know it’s got this in that future cuz it’s trendy now and a lot of people were like yeah but if I can build this kind of waste I needed to do this in that I need to be this shape or whatever and it so they’re able to come to me and really get something you know actually custom made just for them so so that’s proven to actually be very I guess I’m kind of curious about how people miss that like he’s appreciative that really ask them and see what their needs are thinking ultimately get something is this suits them and takes care of their needs and desires nice as possible so another thing for you I’m in the ecological design feel myself and there is so much to learn about woods and I mean I’m not that’s not my wheelhouse for say I’m not really super zoomed in on the dinos the taxonomy tree species and knowing exactly all of the different sort of grains and textures and in applications but I’m totally curious what you were selection process is or what you offer and what the stories are behind that if you were to able to read books you must stay as as in a part of your your your selling points one of your being here is the different moods you might be in the trees and their qualities and there s sensor and I’m sure that’s a whole esoteric science that end in art and science of of the woods collection show yeah to be honest lot of times it is come down to what is it looks good it’s good to other people so to the most often are domestic words to the u.s. is Cherry mall at cherries are pretty light colored wood that is pretty forgiving to work by hand and you can actually get a pretty good shapes out of it is as far as carving toast walnuts more or less the same way but it’s a darker wood I’m going to like diet or add color to a toy aisle usually make it out of the lighter color cherry wood if it’s a lot of details for that wanna I usually don’t doing too much color 2 hours cuz it’s very dark brown very warm tones to it all the time but my favorite was to work with but obviously you know people’s attention exotic what is usually where it’s at and I definitely try to make sure that there are few different places that buy from in the US that they claim to be sustainable do you like working with purple heart which is actually purple as a witness purple I just is The Hive in my inventory somewhere but yes actually purple which is but a cool thing to me with cocobolo wood a few times which is very dense and diverse would but there’s a piece that I made it was just an art piece for someone in that was it was very dark for the most part of a Genesis fiery streaks of like burning orange and red through with that was so cool to work with another art piece out of a piece of ebony wood and just just just dark and it almost like a sparkly kind of quality in the world are man just you know just ask if there’s a particular color that you’re interested in or if you see if something else ever met that you know you like the back so I’m just I know from my own experience just dealing with in trees in tree pruning and tree care what not there’s definitely lots of different qualities of other way but it sounds like it’s flexible enough from with while you’re doing it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of a lot of wood that totally wouldn’t work some stuff when it’s not work at all but if it’s that flexible on your end that people could if they did have an attachment or something and maybe was a tree that there was a big part of your life and it died and they want to memorialize it by making it to a sex toy or something right for sure for sure yeah it’s definitely really run into too many with and I just couldn’t use in any way that I couldn’t use for a sex toy it isn’t to be an art piece normally would it comes down to is to where I use it or not is the the oil content of the wood they’re just some ways that have so much in their own oils in them that the oil based finish that I used to coat them in Taylor will take very strangely very very weird with oil and oil a kind of retarded what kind of retard so there are too many was I run into with that but it definitely happens from time to time you out that this is not the only limitation well I see that is so exciting so I don’t know if you even get this a lot but I can imagine that a world just like the food like the food service industry has kind of a like a bias to feel or think or believe and there’s no various legitimate reasons to to feel this way but I guess I would imagine that some people were saying oh but where does Porres Center can Harden Harbor bacteria and oh what a what a mess that would be but it seems like it’s a hundred percent totally proven hygienic the way it’s that you’re pressing it and I mention do you ever have to encounter that that in Korean and what were you took normally say to that I kind of don’t hesitate ocean possibly yeah that’s definitely one that comes up Ally and probably second to the Splinter question look eyes if you can look at my Etsy store it says I’m so well over a hundred and fifty of these days by this point I think that’s just what I sold through answer this not doubting myself I’ll just go directly to PayPal I wouldn’t still be selling them if you were catching Splinter is in there or if it’s cool they definitely some people out there who don’t do it correctly I’ve seen those if you have questions about somebody doing it right or wrong let me know play yeah you can answer as far as the forest nature of yeah if you don’t seal it under sure of what which is why I am very extensive tell me something you can take like 2 weeks away properly you know seal up a show up a toy but if you do it right you do it with the right kind of finished it’ll it’ll last for a lifetime if if if the consumer being of the customer in there and keep it clean and very easy to clean out of District how to be on the safe side I actually don’t weigh more testing on the most people say you’re not supposed to boil when sex toys I put them in boiling water before and I didn’t really see anything happen alcohol so I could take a lot of a lot of stuff you know you should take that stuff I usually just tell people that you can’t see Lisa my experience I don’t know that you can sanitize with the way you would other toys like silicone or glass so I wouldn’t I wouldn’t try to bleach solution I haven’t done that yet but I just right now I would try that and I still want to do more testing on the boiling thing before I tell anybody that’s cool but if you want to use it with another partner just put a condom on it yeah otherwise I’ve seen no issue with with it being unsanitary anything like that when was just filled up is completely waterproof horse at that point awesome. I was just going to ask you then what will be the cleaning procedure that sounds pretty pretty awesome and wow so you are going to blow up man I can just do it I mean I guess in order to scale this to the to the level of supplying you know one two or three and every you know sex toy leavening persons toy chest right then you’re going to stay here and there but I mostly just try to take it day today and you know like you out I don’t really even know how far this goes obviously there is there a larger companies out there that has mass manufacturing stuff like that I’m not so much trying to do that because I still want to keep that handmade quality to it so yeah me and you haven’t teach them people know how to do it eventually just just to keep things going but for right now I’m you know I’m very happy to make these one by one with my own hands I think this again that that personal quality that people can kiss cuz look like if you hit me up on Instagram I am the one answering or whatever it is and that’s a very special sort of bond that that you don’t get a lot of other companies somewhere maintain that as much as possible but cross those bridges when we get there right on that’s cool too makes me think too it’s in the irony is that really have the sco background and really it’s like I can I can feel that sense that there’s this tension between how everybody just expect everything to be on this almost narcissistic hyper popularity contest all over social media everything is good at 10x you know and 10x in q1 or go home and actually I think that might be hard to find I want to be impossible to find it I just want to have my bread and butter and do my thing and not be bothered and that my friends in my defense than a boutique and then if you were to just make a yeah make a a sort of Niche out of the the art form and then I think you will probably be thrilled if people would take your Workshop store you know you can tour around and kind of get your people going so that there’s one of you and every zip code to know and so supposed to you having to sign a contract with Walmart tomorrow and raise fund Capital my right right yeah I definitely don’t want to go that route is having sex with his toys that are filled with entrepreneurial venture funding stress yeah I know your core support is sold out at that point and then we’re going to do that because of the people that have been supporting me bad night I continue to do this I’m able to continue to do this so you know I don’t know I don’t want to turn away from me so far I just did you know make make a few more bucks this is something authentic money will come visit me what the future holds but big water ready to ship to them I hopefully before the month is out you know as long as I can keep something like that going is cool but like there’s no contracts or anything it’s just hey we like your stuff we won store want this many want these designs how much is it going to cost cool take your time you know you know it’s handmade that’s what we like and you know it’s been a great relationship so you know as long as I can build relationships like that I can find a big box thing and have some some swet shop in Japan making it anymore. Like that’s not that’s not the way everything is happening just ride in and if you don’t be a part of me for being like a perv but I was just imagining you making this beautiful outdoor adult Campground park with massive giant stumps from old clear cuts and make them into multi-person sex toy or G kind of platforms and you know people could just dance the night away under the moon is full moon Pagan rituals and all kinds of sushi a big a big project you know make it make a giant dicks that I asked you out of a tree and so you can be able to do something like that would be in orgies out there and shit is campfires like naked dancing and you don’t fucking aphrodisiacs and hallucinogenic to whatever the fuck I don’t know if I want to be in that party and it’s not really my scene but I can see them I had let me see a pole dance Festival kind of thing and it’s it’s equal to circumambulate in a very magical ritual pattern around a pole that is symbolica you know what the what we’re talking about here and just came to me is that you you know I would live by the first custom job that I am going to put on my bucket list to put on your bucket list is going to be the Shiva lingam the tantric yoga can do that if that’s they haven’t lost that to this day they haven’t lost that connection and they haven’t really hasn’t really been burning destroy to the extent that other cultures that I like worship you know it has been so that’s a whole and then they do the lingam Yoni together where this guy looks kind of like a saucer and Anna yeah that’s a whole nother sacred I know my audience would would love to have custom lingam Yoni cuz it’s part of which was part of the fertility statues it’s a huge factor for fertility ritual so I practiced it or is it stuff like that who you know one or something like that for an altar or whatnot so you know you to bring your spirituality bring your religion whatever it is and then get you something may I got no problem with any of that just no voodoo dolls snow is it safe to make the bowl because then what if we know people were not making as much love as I would hope that they’ll be making themselves look a bit well actually that that’s another question is it a semi I asked Vanessa about is like getting adult performers to us a webcam performers would be great too but just getting some exposure to that I’m sure it’ll it’ll happen eventually but I would love I would love to see this these products make a neuron impact in the adult film world Debbie really cool yeah yeah when I mean when I started out I actually have way more friends who were doing cam shows and stuff like that and so actually did send them a few things just got start I was sending them things and then they were a huge Splash with which is fine like I said I’m not trying to artificially grow my business or anything so I look at this as I go forward but yeah yeah just a lot of different it just depends on you know what what presents itself is providing the most utility at the time this is how I end up bringing that stuff out I just I love your attitude towards this is so refreshing and it’s it’s it gives me a lot of hope that making you know that the old what we are actually as human beings designed we are basically factories or we are there so we are I mean our bodies are designed to be very Adept at mechanical skilled long legs look at flint knapping and all of the Primitive skills and everything all of the Care and time that went into you don’t think that we would just use for a day and toss over the shoulder but the process the social process of making trouble making and this is a tool you know this is a this is a the most we’re so well designed for these these processes so to have it be something that we you know thank you so much for leaving with this example of making a decent living in the modern world with where you’re trying to turn work down and and doing what your body is designed to do that’s not usually a match you know everyday I wake up call you if I don’t want to do is like me I’m really grateful that I’m able to do this and have people respond so overwhelmingly positive way to it you know that there are a lot of people who do have great ideas on black great passion for things that they don’t end up getting the kind of distraction attention that I have so now this is wonderful man and like I said I’ve got all this work to do when I don’t sleep a whole lot anymore really weird hours and you know like three or four hours to get up and carve something father sleeve for it or whatever but I mean I’m driving it to do this if you can give so much to me to be able to do it so yeah I don’t hear your hundred fifty percent on that photo is this it it just wonderful that’s awesome well I couldn’t have asked for a better interview and discussion I’m really I’m so thrilled and I’m going to I’m going to try to stop myself from from magically manifesting you haven’t got a bigger workload set of these can get out there to more people faster you know I just have to be some I think maybe we’ll get an aid organization babe that’s where you can train people all over it feel vocational training and you know I don’t want to stay developing countries cuz I’m so against that that that whole concept but in a stasis places where is that could be the you know that the way to not sell out but scale but to see people yeah be a movement in a real eye movement of what you have you been yeah that then and maybe someday they’ll be a giant statue of you card that it would yeah we’re finished beautiful if you can restore the beauty and Glory of your appropriate healthy not shameful public sexual art in I mean it’s not that long since it’s been so you know horribly depressed and and frowned upon so yeah yeah somebody the other day but a fucking nipple get the fuck over yourselves it’s not that it’s supposed to be that way so no I wear what I do a lot of them people are proud to display if they want to display that like it’s a piece of artwork the production company for True Blood the show used to come on HBO and they had the scene in the final season it wasn’t just as it was an entire set they made for this character choose a vampire she had The Sex Dungeon Channel these wouldn’t dildos all over the place and so what they had done was a they just bought all these wooden dildos from all these different companies including mine and hasn’t been set dressing in there and so you know there’s supposed to be like a little like kind of Gonzo for four people I guess but it was also really cool to have all that stuff on display like as the artwork that it is cuz all these people are putting in you know hours of of time and you know Nativity and the skills at end of these things and it was just you just so cool to see us all on this way like that so I thought that was just such a cool thing for them to do they did their research on it to you which I was very impressed by healthy and totally am what is Silver Bullet that’s actually a Silver Bullet Vibrator 200l DIY Halloween line a sex toys already it’s right LOL alright work that is that is the people stuff than anything else you want to close with and we’ll call it a will-call today thank you if you want if you want to order something either from inventory or a custom please visit etsy.com shop for / lumberjill LC all one word you can follow me on Twitter at Sherwood a s h o u l d a w o o d a n on word I can find me on Instagram and we’re probably the most active socially and that’s lumberjill underscore Leisure crabs that’s pretty much it was a big ones Cool Math awesome well again and thank you so much I’m so glad that I feel blessed to have this this podcast platform so that I can just see something and then two seconds later you know reach out and then a couple days later we’re having a wonderful conversation and this is really beautiful so thank you so much and and I’m I’m I feel blessed as well so we’ll be in touch definitely and I can’t wait to see where you pop up next great thank you for listening to the Tantra Punk podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to Danny and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at kontrapunkt. Com Thomas gay

Rearchitecting Sacred Space with Be Hive Founder Tamara Edwards TPP99


Tamara Edwards Pic

In this episode I have the honor of speaking with the founder of my new favorite urban sacred wellness, lodging, and event space, the Be Hive in the heart of Hollywood. After attending several events at the space I felt compelled to share the important vision she’s been bringing to life. We learn about her personal journey into the wellness space, discuss the mechanics of social and sustainable business development and future visions for growth and expansion of the project.

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About Tamara:
Tamara grew up in a meditating household. Her father, an M.D and a practicing Ayurvedic physician, learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1970’s, which allowed Tamara to witness first-hand the transformational power of meditation from a very young age. Later, in her early 20’s, she established her own practice out of a desire to bring more grounding and authenticity to her life. This daily practice has deepened over the past 10 years through her studies with many practitioners around the globe, including a two month pilgrimage to India. Over two years ago she founded The BE Society in New York City, a nomadic meditation group which gathers in myriad locations, and she is currently building The BE Hive, an urban sanctuary Now, alongside her career as a film producer, Tamara travels internationally sharing meditation with private individuals, companies and even her film crews.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 99 I am interviewing Tamara Edwards and she’s the founder and creative director at the Beehive and she’s also meditation teacher and I’m really excited to have this conversation I have been deeply honored and blessed to participate in several beautiful events at the Beehive which she will be telling you all about and it’s probably one of the most heartwarming projects on the horizon I really feel that have all of the dimensions of paradigm-shifting in the right direction this is just a real gem nugget sort of node of every bit of another world I want to live in just fractally condensed into one space it’s like origami folding so many beautiful things together and I I just in the urban environment it’s just an absolute Oasis and really yeah some very interesting new business model aspects and just social entrepreneurship elements and a lot of great stuff that I want to help to replicate and extend into drive tension towards so yeah with that said tomorrow would you please tell us a bit about your background leading up to your roll there and then obviously I’m going to be thrilled to to hear you go into detail about just the story of this project which is amazing thank you been that was a really generous and sweet introduction and the nice reflection hello everybody I’m Tamara and I would say that I founded the Beehive the idea came to me I would say I don’t know for years ago or something like that my background was as a high fashion runway model and actress and in a world and that world that although I was doing well and too many it seems like a Wonderful Life there was something inside of me that knew I wasn’t fulfilling a potential but I had within and it was through the beginning of a meditation practice and yoga practice that I started to uncover my desires and dreams and also realize that I had a limited belief feeling that I had all these wonderful ideas but didn’t have the courage or belief that I could actually manifest them until a bit later on in life when I just in transformational where I can through medicine through my meditation practice I started listening to that kind of like in our small voice that had these like really kind of Big Ideas I’m sorry I was in New York about 4-5 years ago I’m producing independent feature films and I was very nomadic living in a thousand different departments like I would literally move every month and I miss one month somebody let me stay in there be no beautiful lost in SoHo is like Prince and Lafayette and my only the only thing I had to do in return to stay there was to do good work is in his words and the minute I got into the space I had this incredible Vision that was inspired from the space button like literally an hour this whole vision for what’s called The Beehive came through and it was it’s basically this vision of a place that you can step off the street in an Arbonne environment and drop into a sanctuary and they are received all the tools for expanding your Consciousness so whether it’s yoga meditation plant therapy you know food that cooking workshops there would be meditation stations in the space you know all these a podcast I envisioned like different kinds of neuroscientist and thought leaders coming in and I’m sitting in the window and having a podcast almost like Tiara back in the day but thanks for consciousness and to the whole Vision came through and then I didn’t really pay attention to it again I’d I picked the vision to the guy who owns the last but it didn’t work for that building and then I kind of forgot about it and then through various events synchronistic events I ended up in San Francisco one night a few years later and it’s in my best friend who lived in La happened to be there for one night and we got to talking and somehow this vision of the Beehive like came back to my memory and I shared it with him and he basically long story short was just like I have the space for you let’s do it you that this phase has more potential than what he was using it for an incubator for startups and he knew that there was something that I needed to be used for around house as he was getting really into Health himself in that time but then when I shared with him this Vision he was like that’s it that’s what I’ve been looking for a set of space so it within a couple months I moved back to LA to build it so I’m that was every two years in July that I moved back out here to build it so should the Beehive nobody listening probably knows what it is but The Beehive is a it’s basically essentially that Vision it’s an urban Sanctuary right in the heart of Hollywood and our building is the oldest building in Hollywood it was built in 1910 and it was the first hotel in Hollywood call The Covered Wagon hotel and it was sad some Sanchez been a brothel at one point and a bank in many many many iterations is Dennis Billings got like Rich incredible history I’m like we one time had this guy up the stairs and he’s like does Jenny Lee Roth still live here and we were like David Lee Roth girlfriend or wife live there like it’s got a lot of history that that’s kind I mean I basically cut out you know it many many parts of the story of us to give me an overview of where the vision came had a vision came here and then how we are in the space now awesome yet so do you want to kind of give us an audio tour of where what the I guess there’s more stuff unfolding just probably every day but it seems like I’m your yeah if you could if you could help people understand what the the experiences of entering the space and what like if I were just to walk in there at the street now and I’ll be greeted and you’d kind of just say hey this is what snow tonight there’s this or is it a day in the life of your hair so meaning you know doesn’t have round edges and in the center of where know is we actually have an outdoor atrium so the 17 rims kind of go around as though and and there’s at the moment 8 bedrooms that we are B&B out is two showers and two bathrooms men and women list all and then there is practitioner rooms so you can come in and get Wellness treatments and things like that and then there is Elijah remember we have all kinds of events so if you were coming if you were in the area or if you were coming from out of town you can book a bedroom on Airbnb if your local you can come by and you would you come up you can get around this treatment you said take a workshop we also have a retail store that we carry a lot of local artists no products and also I seen that we’re really focused on is plant therapy so we carry microdose’s of different Power sacred power plants like Ayahuasca San Pedro iboga and a legal form where they’re not psychoactive and resell like different forms of kava and different you know plant modalities some people might be coming into to come buy some products or take a look at our store some people you might come in for a treatment and then stay for a workshop on my workshops that sometimes out of microdosing or we have kava ceremony has their money as we have you know it guitar sound bath yoga all kinds of the Innovative stop cuz all the workshops I think this is Timmy was a novel Concept in in something that is so such a memorable and and notable kind of new dimension that that’s really I hadn’t it’s just genius and in this the idea of it being at 8 actually factually was a hotel and now it’s being sort of having a Renaissance as a place where you know theoretically random people who find it I don’t know how your advertising you know exactly but people are not only are you having just guessed two are attracted to a wellness in sort of experience like I am in kind of experience and they’re their there to just be in that vibration but then there also value-add it’s not just a continental breakfast tour the country in bands for almost to a decade-and-a-half and the abysmal state of dining after midnight you’ll die late late night dining throughout the country and you know any intended what’s the food that serves even the coffee that served in hotels it’s just it’s just antithetical to Wellness so I really have the contrast to be if I was to know if I was a traveler but whether it’s a book tour or a musician or you know a Healer yourself to be able to stay at a place like this and actually both participate in the event that you’re running in the communal areas and to actually render services and actually you know teacher workshop for facilitate or Jam have have a show you know what this is such a brilliant intersection and it was that part of your vision from the beginning and then you found the right space to be able to just what was the word it is called a mash-up right you can do mashed up these see the bedrooms from the beginning the space is a amazing like you need space to 7000 square feet so there’s a lot of room to work with so the veterans just it was like even more brilliant because there’s plenty of yoga meditation Studios were very clever you’re not that we don’t offer at the moment we are yoga meditation classes we’re not just a hotel obviously and then we’re also not just like a wellness clinic but we’re like the combination of all these things and you know the original version of Urban Oasis that you can step off the street like cities are kind of harsh environments so to be able to like use these concrete or in our case brick buildings and turn them into kind of soften them and make them into the sanctuary so that you can just like Hollywood intense so you can just get off of that street every person who comes to the door is like oh my God like they can just feel the energy shifts so as far as the original Vision I would say you know it’s it’s almost like he said that intention and you have the vision and then it’s like letting go of all of that completely and allowing what wants to be Birth come through and his face is really like we kind of just feel like stewards of the space is like really fine tuning with the space wants with the community wants around it but also like I said like I’m a major Nomads and I’ve traveled the world a lot and still have lots of desire to keep telling the world and I feel like one of the biggest things that happens for people when they travel is that they like lose all their healthy habits so hard because I try to stick this regiment and then I travel and I lose it or like you know whatever it is and so this one of The Inspirations was like to create this egg nourishing driving environment so that when you’re traveling you actually like return home like healthier than when you left for that and it’s cool like how people have come through because all we do is put it we could just put up a few rules and Airbnb of like no smoking no alcoholic no hanging out in the atrium after 10 like no unannounced guests overnight so it’s just like no one’s going to want to stay there who’s like not that bad so he’s really attracted like every person is coming through pretty much has been like super aligned and even if they weren’t that into Wellness like they’ve really appreciated you know being mad at the time that like some kind of cool sound bath is going on at the meeting I get open their eyes something they have any experience before that is the coolest thinks I’m just imagining that there’s a there’s like a commingling of folks who are there very intentionally to be a part of the the wellness activities in the trainings at 1. And then just people who show that looks cute I’ll go and you know and then they’re just filled with so much whatever they’re coming in from there they could have never encountered any of this stuff but then just threw a conversation completely transform the course of someone’s life but like not fix dent of like you know the vision of how often they would be but what’s happened inside a group of you know people will be renting different bedrooms at this at the same time who will happen to a line and they’ll end up like cooking breakfast together at ueno cooking dinner together and like sitting around the table and having meals together so that’s just kind of happened naturally to re kind of a dorm a dorm hostel kind of environment because I feel like also has a certain like energy to that word some nice hostels around the world but I don’t know I don’t want to feel like a hostile I wanted to feel more like if it’s going to feel like something I was wanting to feel more like a home than a hostile anyway I could see it just kind of you know maybe you’ll get lice and maybe they’ll be making of drug dealers nice toxic paints and fumes and people it’s it’s it’s not organic keetsa mattresses and organic sheets Vision that we we haven’t really so like basically we stopping open in July and it’s been kind of an experiment like how can how can we like what’s going to work with not like my I don’t have experience in starting a company might my investor does but this is been kind of like he’s kind of given us to me as I go away to start my company he just really believes in me and so this past year has been more of just like okay let’s just try stuff out and now we’ve really seen what works and what doesn’t and we’ve also attracted some really incredible people who know when I work with us cuz they like the vision so we’re bringing in a partner and right now we’re working on the expansion plan which will include really high designed Wellness treatment program so if you come you can come stay and do like a whole parasite cleanse which nobody does like you would going to have open gravity colonics looks like you really only find in places like why we’re going to have you know infrared sauna beds cryotherapy and will be designing his whole kind of programs where you come and you you do like several of these treatments together to Target specific health issues so we’re taking that the wellness treatments major level and then we’re also going to be developing a line of products but the go along with this and and then when I’m really excited about is is the the focus on eco-friendly and sustainability and so there’s a few Visions I’ve had one is the urban bee hives on the roof and solar panels and then creating that Central Atrium to be a vertical garden that we take food from and makes me have like a smoothie bar or something like that and really just increasing the quality of the treatment programs and also the workshops and really being like this Central International hubs of these kinds of things and I will take this model and we’re going to expand to a West Side location in LA and then two other specific cities and actually real areas that were choosing as well so that’s all coming up and we’re working on that plan this month and will hopefully be doing round 2 of Renovations in over the summer and probably reopen like what kind of want these these new initiatives in the fall well I mean it feels like that the benevolent alien Mothership has sent down these pots to kind of filled the solutions for us as feeble-minded polluted human sewage totally clueless I mean where did you come from is this great I’ve been to all the I’ve experienced all of these things that you’ve mentioned will not not some of the healing modalities per se but yeah I’ve done colonics and and I couldn’t spend the night if I felt like I needed to you know if that’s the coolest thing is you just like it it’s really the Wood Hospital maybe it’s it’s what hospital should be you know if not impatient and then instead of just the you know let me know so many unicorn and cold clinical environment Sturgis blasting Jerry Springer drama Madness poison hell out of TV sets and then there’s just toxic food and yeah that they would think that a more enlightened integrative experience would would happen somewhere and I feel definitely that of course just The Vibes but just also this some justice this very scalable very kind of modular adaptable model where yeah you can experiment and if something doesn’t work out you just put something different on the calendar the next month and you got the rooms too kind of shifted all around and so cool it’s it’s Healthcare is obviously an issue in our country and I’m not going to go into anything clitical at all but just it’s very obvious that preventive Health Care is really important but that’s the tag number one like we got to catch all this stuff before we even see symptoms of it so even if somebody’s Aiko I don’t I’m not sick like why do I need infrared sauna or something like that it’s like this keep this they’re doing the stuff now so that we can prevent you know this is preventive medicine on this always amazing alternative therapies are really powerful now and can help you know prevent so when our generation is 80 where we’re not all not always like in the homes meeting all sorts of treatments for like healthy and with our grandkids yeah well that’s so cool so how have your guests responded and what kind of feedback have you been getting from I guess you know across the Spectrum you know people who were kind of Wellness gurus or are they getting a big you know sort of hit of the significance of this model Community I would stay like this this really hasn’t there’s nothing like this yet so I think like we’re still pretty underground we haven’t done like an official launch and what was their only by why did Matthew know we’ve had some interviews and stuff like that doesn’t come naturally but I would say that you know what I what I love about this is that the other kind of leaders in this community of Wellness Weatherby place like Wanderlust are the Springs downtown like they don’t feel competition with us because we’re not any of them completely different we have we have a blend of all these different things in so they sell a lot of the people in the community are like oh wow this is still like we can collaborate like I don’t see you as a competitor which is really cool and I think that I’ve heard about other people doing cool stuff like in land like a lot of people are looking to build kind of like compounds and stuff like that which is cool and I I think that like if we can get you know as we get this working and this kind of Urban Oasis this is going to be kind of like the gateway to people’s like Rural Retreat and stuff like that there’s a lot of people aren’t ready to take Retreats I like go to Costa Rica for a month on some transformational Wellness programmer go drink medicine in Peru or they don’t even know what that is still so I feel like these Urban this Urban kind of Oasis is going to be like the Gateway take the gateway drug so I feel like that the people who have come through so far I really into it very excited to see everyone wants to be involved how they can and you know it’s cool it’s still scratch we’re still welcoming people’s feedback and idea and trying to make it and I said collaborative community what’s the word Nike present to the to LA right I guess it’s the only gift I guess a few things that I’m I’m just drifting into my Consciousness as I’m kind of projecting myself into the space and imagining what would some ideas that seem like they can be facilitated there if you I guess so if you have all if you were at maximum capacity would that be a lot to put of people’s private you know foodstuffs to be putting in the fridge or how do you sort out at Preston really interesting this we only have two showers we have eight rent but we’ve had six rooms really seven including Tiffany who kind of like runs of space and lives there and so at times I could be up to 15 people there and there has never once been accused for the shower most people are like they’re really surprised because they actually don’t really see other people a lot it’s like the spaces massive so like is somehow it just his explode perfectly where there’s never liked complaints about shower lines or even Messi’s showers or nothing like that and it with the fridge what we’ve done is we’ve like labeled every room is labeled after flower and herb that bees love eventually going to paint the flowers and make a really dope art on the doors but we haven’t gotten there yet but for now we like have a label maker and then we we labeled the shells in the fridge and in the cabinets like for dry food storage the name of the room so who’s ever staying just puts their food on that on the part of the shelf that has the name of the room on it and then there’s like a rule that like you know whatever if anything’s in his fridge longer than 3 days you know like food to go at least likely clean the fridge out every Sunday so it’s like you better write your name on what it is and the date so that it’s not throwing out so things just kind of like they seem to flow it’s strange I would think that they would have been some kind of backup at least with the shower line but yeah this is exemplary of the concept that you’re angry and the Beehive concept everything is can be just chaos but it’s so organized at a meta-level you just you don’t even know what the patterns are that are forming to facilitate his flow it’s okay go to put like a GoPro like out like a bee in the hallways in like see how like people move within the hive like bees well yeah mean are you what’s your relationship with permaculture design is that something you’ve encountered or steady tour in Peru and that’s like they invented permaculture right every society that lived on earth before industrial agriculture was a permanent kosher soap and then the permaculture system is just kind of a sampling a salad bar of what worked in every climate so yeah absolutely if it if it’s survive the test of time and it didn’t involve enslaving animals are machines in an unsustainable way then it’s part of the package yet so super I mean that’s kind of what I was talking about with the atrium was like how can we look at vertical garden vertical garden that you spam and we even have like a back patio that we could do some kind of cool Garden on and we are going to start a compost and collected with our Corner in Hollywood cuz we have groundworks below us a nice word organic and sweat Theory and we all have you know that we can compost for this is not really set up for that and highlights were talking with the farm cuz we have the Green Market you know the Farmers Market on Sunday is right there so we’re talkin there was any local farmers about them taking our compost and setting up the bins up on our roof definitely includes permaculture yeah and education with that there’s a really cool group called kiss the ground there a local Venice they start in Venice they’re really dedicated to education and life getting our soil good again for lack of better words and so actually intention is to reach out to them and see how we could collaborate yeah I would if you if you were to invite permaculture you know community members to do workshops and lectures are you in up with the free design I’m sure it mean if the yeah cuz if that’s the way that the and you know permaculture design system your pretty much trained to put on this kind of you know like augmented reality goggles on everything so you can’t not you can’t help yourself but designed everything to its maximum you know productive potential through Design Systems so a lot of places they’ll be like yeah we know we want to have some installment of some system and it could actually be paid for by the students who want to learn how to in how to have a system works and you have a you know what designer who is proficient in that element of a system and then the the students end up paying for the materials paying the instructor and giving you a free system and all those people then become you know a part of the your tribe you know so very interesting way of getting things done like work parties and staying so definitely am yeah I say I know it you know it it seems it seems like there’s you know you’re limited by the space I know you don’t feel Limited in in the capacity already seeing and developing beyond that that scope but he had me worried if you were doing sprouting and you had seeds and you know obviously composting and just you know all kinds of herbs that just grow like mad in this climate you know we could totally be she said pumping out a lot of them goodness on the ecological level yeah it’s cool so do you want to talk a bit about you or I guess I’m going to take us more about the ongoing vision for how they can how you want to interconnect these nodes in and just sort of like would there be sort of a membership or subscription plan where you could be you no have the access badge or a card or something so we’re still working out the details of that but we are thinking membership and one thing I didn’t mention was what the Beehive Vision was born from was something that I started about five years ago called The V Society b e antibody Society was his nomadic meditation group them at the same time in a different location each week and it spread to four cities New York London San Francisco and La I started a New York and the purpose of it was too you know build community into the kind of bridge a lot of the community was an art so kind of bridge meditation in the Arts and and things like that so The Bee Society was kind of the foundation of of the audience that we’ve kind of built The Hive on and it was the hot The Beehive was born that Vision was born from the Beast Society so one of the thoughts is coming up with some kind of membership system almost like a Soho House for wellness of some sort but when but it will tie into the V Society in some way and we’re still we’re still working on finding out with that exactly looks like but there will be some different kinds of options whether you could just drop in for the day or whether you have some kind of membership that gives you a discount on the rooms and treatments and things like that and also that kind of ties you into the beehives that will be you know and other locations and also like-minded communities that exist we can tie in with them as well have you thought about I was just thinking that if you’re if you have the the more intensive Wellness programs there you know I’m wondering if you would if you could have a sort of a and take her to take it to a level where you have like a nurse practitioner or someone on staff who’s able to just provide another layer of those more having the different levels of practitioners for sure don’t be so cool because I have certain level you know I mean could you add me I could just imagine that what you’re doing actually with with if it was studied by sociologists and medical researchers and just and they could all be interns they could all be just college-entrance who are doing thesis projects or whatever but I mean imagine if this model revolutionized old folks homes could you imagine that really beautiful idea I mean I guess the challenge of those places is that those people a lot of the people in those homes I don’t know if you’re talking about the ones who are like who already have disease and lung cancer stuff like that are you talking about the ones that are kind of in a nursing home before they really sick or it could be it could be everything you know along is Spectrum a matter of now it’s looking at like getting insurance to cover these kinds of treatments which at the moment they don’t sell for a lot of those people in homes you know I’m not sure what their financial situation is but I think that it’s going to get there I think that eventually colonics and infrared saunas in yoga and meditation will all be covered under insurance I think it’s only a matter of time yeah I agree we’ll hopefully you know what you’re doing there will just be part of that data collection for the studies that happen in the palace do is just if there’s not funding for it to be approvable by the powers-that-be and the FDA and this you know are all that stuff you know it’s just the all the different acronyms for the medical association’s in them in all that stuff it’s got to be it’s not that I mean there’s obviously the bad guys who were you know repressing but we’re not going to go to back to the politics units turn it off the name that they kept the corporations or the politicians but just that luckily we’re in a time where we can you can get away with it it’s just a matter of can you do it for long enough and on a scale that it’s actually you can publish scientific reports about it and have it be considered valid research and then you know so this is great and I’m just yeah yeah yeah I’m definitely so I’m bored and I’m excited to continue to stay on board and and check out more events we think so how can people help you at this point what what are some things that your pain points of you needing a different you know I mean should people be sending you applications for things how do people volunteer or somehow about especially you know entering to want to see how our company is built in the sea level like this is a great time again in and see you know the nitty-gritty of how to build a company from the very ground bottom-up and a very Innovative company so interns we’re always looking for volunteers for to help out with the workshops and stuff is always great and what we do normally do is betrayed so somebody comes and helps out with the workshop then you can take a worse type of their choice for free which is you know pretty a good value and then other ways people can help us by spreading the word really like one is where you know we have these rooms are at the moment that practitioners can rent in work out of so if there’s any Wellness practitioners out there who are looking for a space to work out of we’ve got that and then you know if a man is always helpful in the city and I guess and guess at this moment is that come in and check out what we’re doing if you like it I’ll spread the word and and then if anybody out there is interested in Encino learning we have a couple of spots left open for interns and we can always use more volunteers did you have a a process for people who want to sign up to teach or they want to apply to be able to do a works up there or so at the Beehive. Us so-and-so at the beehive bees in a beehive. Us cool and do you have any are you scouting locations for the Westside already one to really look for places I feel like we put the word out and we’ll see if somebody will hear something but we’re thinking like Pacific Palisades area is Santa Monica Mountains like somewhere on Rock I’m not like Venice cir you know I’m not down in sea level but more under a rock somewhere so if anybody out there ever hears of a space what we’ve love is a place with some land on it to that we could and a place that died cuz right now to beehive the our main event space Can Only Hold about like 50 people sitting down so we’d like the West Coast the West Side location to have something that could hold more like a hundred fifty people so you know we can do a large events in the Westside in the smaller events in Hollywood something like that and maybe some land so we can do more work experimentation with permaculture and you know some outdoor like yours and stuff like that the people that stay in right on what is your intention to find a place that has a similar established kind of setup with the with a number of rooms like that or you would you be visioneering having just even a blank slate where you could just totally design the entire infrastructure to be I mean the permaculture architecture is all about replicating you know amazing architectural setup that is like a hive is completely functional and integrative ecologically and socially and and all of the logistics of of the business unit workflow being facilitated by that harmonious design I mean is that something you thought about you are you wanting an existing structure that can be adapted into this are you thinking of you could probably get you know what it takes to build from the ground up with natural buildings in and what not psych what you know right now we’re open I don’t have a clear vision of what it’s going to look like so I’m kind of open and listening for signs and signals of which direction to go so you know we kind of have the basic of it would you know we’re also open to it being a plate like at the Hollywood location has the last word organic can sweat. Groundworks underneath which is great door opens at finding a place that has kind of like an infrastructure already around it but we’re also really open to finding a blank slate in creating a lot of those things ourselves so answer your question we’re open we’re just we’re just looking in tuning in so what was going to come up that is so cool you know it’s an interesting thing I’ll just put this out there cuz I was having this conversation recently which was that you know a lot of what permaculturist want to do is in violation of a number of zoning laws and so to find the sweet spot where you can actually do a lot of what people want to do which is not single family homes on a bird trying to destroy the nucleus you know deep my colleagues in the more radical permaculture scene we want to actually make social infrastructure that’s conducive to do open relationships to communal child care to food growing into you know having one appliance that serves 50 people and not you know two people and you know too and that whatever the the the consumer Society is driven by every nuclear family owning one of each thing that you know 30 feet away in the next neighbor’s garage there’s a bunch of unused tools and a bunch of unused everything where they could be sharing and you know that’s that’s just the sort of conundrum of sustainable minded hive-minded Folks at one kind of collective eyes on all levels and then there’s just not the right Zoning for in 1 and 1/2 things are friends a reason is like we’re actually seems like we’re starting to look at a trailer parks zoning you know if if is zoning ffifa zoning designation or whatever the word is a Zone you know says that you could build a trailer park then that probably would be the model for having multi you know units dwellings and you know so that’s it’s hard because you probably not going to well actually it may be that I think there is one there’s one in Topanga have you been up to things seem like it could be a fine you could find a home in that possible I was you know I love Topanga so much so I’m not close to it but I do feel like somewhere more like Palisades to Santa Monica Mountains would be more convenient for like Venice Santa Monica Peeps and Topanga peeps like they could meet in the middle maybe near the Palisades but but you know if this miraculous like amazing thing comes up into pain. That’s like can’t turn down so we would just have to do it right on yeah well this is really exciting because I think you know you probably been have you heard I guess I’ll ask you a question have you heard a lot of people kind of lamenting that the Airbnb kind of bubble was that it seemed it seemed I mean I don’t know all the numbers but it seems like it it was such an attractive way to facilitate more revenue for people in their homes and what not but then it’s been cracked down on in certain ways and it’s not you know it’s kind of got a cap to it but you’re sort of circumventing that by Design and it’s amazing you know to what you’re doing if you if you felt like you had you know people see that this is like to Airbnb 2.0 I guess is what I feel about it I want it we had some people they like heard about us actually I said I think he’s heard of us and I think one of the one of the people who works there when the Sounders was going to come stay and Hollywood one check it out LOL yeah like new Airbnb section for them you know like an Airbnb like you can only listings by room so like our place is listed as separate rooms it’s not so people traveling during the holidays we were actually pretty slow during the holidays but I think people didn’t understand that they could like come and stay together you know cuz I know how it is you travel with friends or family and it looks like all you can only booked one room it didn’t look like you could book multiple rooms and stay together so they need new it like algorithm or whatever it whatever it is on airbnb’s it so hopefully we will start that with them that’s truly exciting that that really feels like the metamorphosis of the old proprietary structure means just like this is like the Uber of yeah I mean everything is just moving in that direction so I am just thrilled and the fact that you’re going to be in a growing in in relief to just having proved the concept you know now you can just build build out or you know renovator whatever it takes but yeah metamorphosize and you know just make beautiful new experiences for people of Yahweh I think we’ve covered quite a bit I think that’s a good a good kind of promo to whoever is listening to this there’s people all over the world so please next time you’re in La come and visit make it a Mecca pilgrimage to this Mecca of the new Wellness Paradigm integrative all these different modalities in also impart your gifts in you know I have this sort of secret slumber party experience much better thanks for all your support and Chase everyone listening to promote or anything coming up that stands out or just have people sign up for the newsletter and the Beehive. Us c h e b e h i v e. Us and I can sign up for newsletter we send them out about I think twice a month and you’ll get all the downloads of what’s going on and again if anybody out there wants to volunteer intern you can email us the info at the Beehive. Us awesome alright well thank you so much again just DiPaolo’s and phrases into can’t wait for ya that this this to continue to grow and flourish so I will hopefully see you again soon and take care of podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email said I talked to the park. Com Thomas Day