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Shamanic Pornography and the Ethics of Consent TPP230


In this episode I’m sharing the 2019 Xbiz Show Consent Round Table session where I respectfully introduced a question for the panel on the ethics of consent for psychedelic shamanic pornography. Not knowing how I’d be received it took a bit of bravery to speak up but I was met with gracious insight and advisement from industry veterans. They were on point with their concerns and dissuasive remarks, all of which I take to heart and value like gold. I feel that whether you’re a sex work, porn performer or producer, or so called “civilian” with no involvement in the sex industry, this panel is very enlightening, and I thank them all very much for briefly holding space for my niche question.

Born Positive: Transcending the Stigma of HIV and AIDS with Shawn W TPP222


Shawn W Pic

In this episode I was blessed to hold space to hear the deeply moving story of a born HIV positive man. He shares intimate insights into how various institutions within society can bring out both the best and worst of the human soul. He’s endured, survived, and transcending immense pain all while pursing fulfilling and nurturing sexual access,  true love and acceptance. It was a sincerely humbling honor to learn of his struggles.  I feel invigorated to continue to grow and evolve and support the acceptance and empowerment of all oppressed and marginalized people.

About Shawn:

Shawn W. was an awkward 80’s baby born in the wilds of Florida with one goal in mind: survival! Hear about some of the crazy adventures he endured including sex, drugs, and living with HIV.

Instagram: @awknerd

Responsible Psychedelic Sexuality with Leia Friedman and Matt Hollander TPP168


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In this episode I’m joined by a lovely couple for a round table discussion on responsible psychedelic sexuality.

We discuss:

  • our personal approaches to consenting psychedelic self pleasuring practices with ourselves
  • how and when psychedelics and other sacred plants are appropriate for them in their relationship
  • the shadow of alcohol and hard drugs
  • patterns of unconscious sexuality of the punk movement
  • sexuality in the neo-hippie subculture
  • the shadow of guru worship
  • cults around spiritual leaders
  • student/teacher sexual dynamics
  • exploitation of followers
  • predatory behavior patterns in ayahuasca communities
  • the dangers of free love
  • ego and peer pressure
  • corruption of those taking money for sexual healing or spiritual guidance
  • patient/client dating time delay requirements
  • examples in other professional sectors of ethics and code of conduct standards
  • sexual political economy
  • boundaries around involving state authorities in restorative justice
  • Psychedelic Patriarchy video
  • incident denial when survivors come out
  • creating supportive space
  • reporting incidents of abuse by emailing: hello [at] psychedelicwomen.com
  • the role of trained mediators
  • can sociopaths be rehabilitated?
  • calling out celebrities
  • accountability, hide or be accountable
  • admitting when wrong
  • the no more hiding now project
  • the logic and morality of triage in emergency response
  • standard operating procedures trained and drilled as a form of preparedness
  • sharing tools for building incident response social infrastructure
  • grey areas of consent
  • potential for redemption of perpetrators through service work
  • personal hard lessons with sexual misconduct
  • functional and dysfunctional investigations
  • gossip, drama, telephone games
  • appropriate scrutiny of public figures
  • compassion for those who’ve fallen from grace
  • the shadow of shunning and displacing perps
  • harm reduction, success stories
  • shamanic ceremonial healing for perps and ex-cons
  • when survivors aren’t ready to bring it to light
  • how people take sides, defend perps, and subvert advocates
  • asking the victim what they need
  • not assuming you know how/when you should apologies
  • consent in the process of justice
  • How Psychedelics Informed My Sex Life and Sex Work by Annie Sprinkle:

About Leia:
Leia Friedman, M.S. is a teacher, writer, and connectress. She is the cofounder of Boston Entheogenic Network, host of the podcast “The Psychedologist: consciousness positive radio,” the integration resource list volunteer coordinator for MAPS, and a permaculturalist. Her work focuses on phenomena related to the human experience of consciousness through the lens of social and environmental justice. Leia is exploring ways to bridge the diverse and multidimensional intersections of psychedelics and ecology while residing at Happy Acres Farm in Sherman, CT.

About Matt:
Matt hollander is one of the founders of BEN the boston entheogenic network, a psychonaut and the singer of the boston hardcore punk band ancient filth. He is interested in the intersection of radical politics psychedelics and non duality.

Please check out their projects:

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 168 this is going to be a very interesting and enlightening episode I’m joined by Leah Friedman who is the psychologist and she is an adjunct professor of psychology a psychedelic Advocate and permaculture list among many other wonderful beautiful and amazing things that we will learn all about shortly and also one of her Partners in in life and in love and his name is Matt Hollander and he is a psycho nut punk rocker opening bands for 15 years currently the frontman of ancient filth is that correct and he’s been booking shows and doing events and also helped start the Boston and Thea genic Network very interested in the intersection of radical politics and Consciousness and freedom of Consciousness so to give a little bit of background before we get all started with this there was a recent psychedelic Symposium conference in Los Angeles and I felt like I normally would be all over attending but I had some some duties I had to attend to and I felt like you know I feel like I may be at a higher point of Leverage to just connect with some of the presenters look at the people representing and see what they’re talking about and then maybe fine folks of interest to invite on the podcast rather than go and and actually be there in person and kind of broke my heart that I wasn’t there but then I just felt like you know something good will come out of it and this I need the results of that was looking into some of the things going on around that around that event and in the movement and I wanted to check in to this phenomenon of there being sort of research and resources around collecting testimonials about sexual misconduct from psychedelic shamanic practitioners whether they be doing a sort of time for type work or sexual healing type work Hands-On work involving some some psychedelic medicines or just people who are in the second ochimana community and their basic Authority and power than maybe you know consciously or unconsciously of using and misusing in sexual ways and Dynamics and certainly just how patriarchy which is the backdrop to everything how that how that infects and Ben poisons even our best intentions in ceremonies and in communities so a lot to how about that is so you know really what we talked about as the shadow work and you know in and sacred sexuality the shadow work is is uncomfortable but necessary to to deal with and also add two cities are the slipperiest of slopes for sure for sure for certain in psychedelic work and in sexual sexually works I’m always thrilled to have conversations that further this discourse and get people who are her passion in about these issues and then I can’t I can’t think these two folks enough for being so and residents with my personal background were talking about my favorite things punk rock and theologians permaculture you know what what more do you need to peel and save so maybe that’s what we should call Us episode but yeah we’re really doing our best here I would say and it’s just been a blessing to connect and we’ve had some fun some fun talks leading up to this and what we’re going to attempt to do is just have a bit of a round table and this is I think the first time I’ve done this and also it’s a blessing because he is going to on her podcast the second ologies podcast is going to rebroadcast or we could even call it like a punk rock style split 7 in released and I favorite kind of thing so so that was my my typical exhaustive intro and now I’m going to turn it over to Leah to address the audience of her podcasts and we’ll give her it to the floor to introduce well usually to start off my episodes I just I have an introduction which they’re all make an introduction before this so everyone on my show just heard the introduction and I go this is bent on truck say hi that’s really all I do So High by and say hi I am my name is Ben Lawson I go by the name Tantra punk as a stage name and I am your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment and you can find out a lot more about what all that means at Central Park. Com where I have a podcast and I create educational instructional videos and sacred trance dance music and I also come from a long history in the punk rock and metal movement and I have been in numerous bands and him sort of reconciling all this stuff in my at my personal life and professional life and I and I would say that to a degree I am a somewhat semi-professional practicing sexual shamanic practitioner with certain credentials to my name of being a certified Tantra counselor Under the Tent request School in San Diego and I’m also a certified permaculture designer and a lot of other Badges of Honor I suppose along the way but I’m doing my best to stay in service and to stay as humble as possible and integrate as much input from other people because we’re really talking about some of the the slippery of slopes doing this kind of work and I’m so I’m here to kind of be roasted in a way I think I’m open to being roast Temp and life and also to just explore all of our different experiences so yeah so what are you mad do you want to talk a bit about yourself and give us more of your background then we can all kind of kick get going at Hollander GTA has been working with anxiety I’ve also been in the punk rock scene in Boston for around the same amount of time to play Radical politics and non-duality and just trying to understand what is the score find my place in this crazy world we live in if your network of Boston group that brings together people from all talk about how do you spell experiences and support and he can go and and talking where do we hear your band ancient filth on music is on on the bandcamp for free to listen to download and yeah I’ll survive lyrics I got the lyrics vs you would be so kind as to step into the matriarch roll for as long as you’d like you can kind of set us up and start to dry out you know what is most present for for you and your thinking around these topics and then you know I feel like we can just go from there if you’re comfortable with that I would think that’d be great, I mean I can lead I don’t think we have to gender it in this case. I’ve been thinking a lot about consent lately and people in the community ourselves building up our ability to understand what is the S and what is know and I think it’s particularly relevant in altered state it’s obviously relevant in sexual play in sexual experiencing even with the self just that idea of giving yourself consent to go on a personal experience is something I may never have considered but I think that is a practice we should all look at so I think any conversation about sexuality and psychedelics especially those two together have to start with consent and I don’t know I mean been like if we want to do this as just kind of a conversation maybe we could start with talking about that maybe we just talking about what it feels like to be neurotic self-exploration on drugs and no one can tell you that you’re not telling the truth you know no one can no one can contend with it if it’s your own private experience so actually last night I would say I just was coming right off of a of a pretty profound Journey myself so maybe I can do a little bit if I can slam poetry how does that sound when should we start from yeah what you’re saying the very very very rude of consent being a very personal personal thing right yeah yeah let’s start with you and then see where that leads to I think you’re a little on are integration why not what could go wrong I’ve been given permission by the the Hindu Tantra goddess Kali to kiss and tell and she’s definitely a very probably type of creature and loves all the other goddesses and what likes to watch me play with other goddesses in the human and non-human forms and whatnot but I always feel like by coming down from mushrooms with your my drug of choice I feel like I having to face the mundane world and get back into traffic and get back into J jobs all that stuff it’s always a step down from the glory of being in Union with worth it yeah they the sexy dark Goddess that that has been invoked in the jungles of throughout India for since time immemorial mean for going back twenty thousand years at least in the archaeological record the indigenous Pagan hunter-gatherers have been celebrating the the Earth mother goddess and and certainly discovering and playing with the erotic forms and really having a lot of magical ritual involved with that so as a as a white boy in the American West and the 21st century it’s you know the way that I’ve encountered her is been quite an adventure and I would say it’s it’s the if if there is one thing I’m here to do its to correct the history in the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom movie where he goes to school he goes to a Kali Temple and they get it all wrong and it’s all backwards cuz instead of liberating children and slaying demons she is the demoness goddess whose enslaving and saving children and corrupting everyone the only thing they did get right about that movie is that and I’ve had to think about it a lot because it is considered by Hindu Orthodox Hindu Kali worshippers who are worshipping a very demure and very domesticated form of the goddess in temples throughout India and then in homes now they’ve stripped a lot of the wild sexual nature away from her but even the most yeah but there’s a huge backlash of that movie amongst amongst them Orthodox Hindu Kali worshippers because it’s so offensive and so I such a colonized view of the Goddess but what’s what’s so what I found so interesting after studying their critique of that movie that film and after watching it again I realize wait a minute there is a deeper truth that they were conveying here without even knowing it and a lot of Kali worship say all is mAh meaning that even the door even the most Sinister things about her inner nature and you know people out there to sociopath psychopath if you’d look at them as teachers and you know at some level they just need to have the demon whisper come in and tickle tickle the demons out of them so that they can be activated into the light and there’s like a deeper love story of transformation that’s involved in this but if you watch that movie again you will notice us deeper deeper critique that they are offering is that the reason this with all went awry and that the thuggee cult emerge to practice you know they were basically thieves who were worshipping the goddess and trying to extract magical powers from her in a perverted and corrupted way doing human sacrifice and now it really was the problem with that whole picture is that it was all male priests and they they wedged the female priestesses out of the Pagan spirituality of psychedelic goddess worship and they replaced it with the Brahmin is stick hierarchical empire building male priest lead only the priests could speak the language and write the words and they they pushed the feminine out of the goddess and can’t even believe what they did but you see it it’s like oh yeah it’s it’s all men doing this Puja ritual where they’re sacrificing people that’s the problem now if I can come back and bring my love story with the goddess to you know eventually bring Harrison Ford to the Kali temple in Laguna Beach for him to bow down and meet the goddess then we can redo that script and and I’ll be happy to continue that Legacy and in the right way and show her and her Grandma Lori said that’s that’s for the best that is divided that I’m rolling off of after being in Union with the guys last night and I don’t know what that means and he has no one but it’s just yeah I’m doing my best to just go with the stream-of-consciousness oh yeah that’s my that’s my contribution to the self-loving Psychedelic critical component of this convo I feel like it’s a great pitch for like a Trippy porn and I think we should roll with it if it was a joke but it was Indiana Jones and the Temple of poon ticket downtown okay I need to shut up now please next to the same thing and maybe you want to share what were you thinking I did I just have an amazing experience on LSD and MDMA where I was I was there to pleasure it and can you tell us more cat sounds like you’re going to MIT you’re going to do a remake of Stargate with Kurt Russell definitely made my mouth 35th and having the world come all over my face a giant waterfall they don’t call it the Milky Way for nothing right yeah I said once someone and someone ask me actually Rak razam who is highly esteem shamanic facilitator and documentarian end in a conversation about this kind of stuff that we had in the previous podcast know he asked me once he’s like how do you know that Kylie is not a demon how do you know that she’s not disguised in some way and I’m like well the proof’s in the pudding man I mean it’s the samadhi the Bliss that you didn’t you just you feel like you’re on the spin cycle in the cosmic Yoni and you know you feel is so all right how are you so are we ready for Lissa testimonial confessions I hope a lot of Catholic listening in the confession Booth of it’s like the opposite of profane as it gets when it comes to psychedelic trippy and Wild As It Gets for me is I just completely become a plant and I don’t know maybe plants they must have sexual feelings actually with those beautiful flowers that they produce to get bees and pollinators to come inside and pickle them and gather their Harris Teeter their dust or whatever but I haven’t had much sexual fantasy in trip but I know that you know I’ve I’ve struggled I have thrived I mean I’ve gone through my entire life with body dysmorphia and this is like some of my oldest memories of being in a body are dysmorphic of kind of like a wrenched image of myself in this form and when I took LSD for the first time and most times that I’ve taken it afterward I had a sense of being like free and and yet like inhabiting and grounded in my body if that makes sense like being free from it but also like being bully in it and I have worked with that sense because this is what I think is unique in that empty a genic or the altered Consciousness experiences like the ability to access that state of thinking afterward is only just as remembering what it felt like to be that way you can’t necessarily call it in all the time but it’s like the the roads are the roads have been traveled once before I like the the neuronal pathways have at least been touched and so tapping back into that I’ve had a lot of sexual Liberation do do psychedelic experiences of of inhabiting my for more of like of the embodiment so that that’s what I would say to the point I think it is my ability to receive and to be in pleasure comfortably has definitely been helped by psychedelics that’s very interesting and you have a psychology background so I feel like it’s sacrilege to even invoked his name but because you’re a psychologist you would be very familiar with this like what what I hear you describing his brain gives me flashbacks to the brief study of Freud that I had to do in anthropology it was like kind of a sidebar in that in that training but I remember distinctly and it’s kind of triggered by what you’re saying this you know there’s there’s not a whole lot honestly that I agree with you about his is DC to species but one thing that does ring true to me is that notion that sexuality begins before puberty and it’s about just pleasure in the body and how you discover that like I used to play with my belly button and it used to just give me the surges of of overwhelming arrows that no one around me could figure out but it didn’t seem you know cut the logical just seemed like a is better than cartoons why not in that would be a form of self-expression and discovery of a Rosetti that kind of like you’re saying if you know the money. She doesn’t have to be genital Focus doesn’t have to be about friction fucking with somebody or something and can be about inhabiting and feeling deeply into the sensuousness of your whole being and that sounds like a great a great kind of approach to it is that is that ring a bell for you and we want to go off of that with your bring it into the lens of psychology osher yeah well I do think that as that we are sexual beings from the beginning and end part of part of our sexuality I think of a place by the cultural climate that were raised in and what most of which is sex negative unless you’re in some kind of countercultural family or our you’re just not as much as I think to be encouraged to discover and self pleasure yourself or like sexual play among children is almost always frowned upon and and preventing I’m not necessarily advocating for that because there’s like a Content issue again kind of go back to it but then again when gauging in sexual play with little friends that I had when I was five six little other little girls and little boys and or like to close do you know that I understood my boundaries enough to only do things that felt comfortable to me but I think what you’re asking about the experiencing of pleasure I think like there’s a there’s all these different droppers to pleasure for me there can be right like being in a place that but doesn’t feel like the right setting for her pleasure that kind of like Stoppers my ability to experience it or list of things on my mind that I have to attend to like gets in the way of feeling turned on above Like Loving what’s going on and then another thing that would get in the way is body dysmorphia so to be able to access the sense of embodiment with Timmy with useful sexually because allow me to like unstopper the flow of treasury note the to take off the reducing valve for the the sensations that are possible your asthma is sexual partner not feel free to us well that question as soon as we’ve been together and we’ve been exploring a lot of these issues of the you know definitely let you know cuz I you know I think you know like I know most amazing thing in the world and I and so it’s really amazing to be able to you know do you know gorgeous and and really help them come into their body and it’s just it’s such an amazing thing for both of us to experience something like that and do you know but anyway. So you don’t even need a permit you don’t need a license what’s the powerful sex worker goddesses that I’ve ever met she is such a a heroin to me in one of the things that she said which is so apropos this conversation is that she would like to say this the sort of bit of wisdom she had and she basically said you know you can it’s legal for you to go down to a gun shop and buy a gun but you can’t buy my pussy that’s how powerful my pussy is you can buy something but if you go to the Hampshire pretty soon you’re going to be able to buy both with your favorite cryptocurrency so I know that’s funny letter fireworks from liquor stores that are you staying out of that is so great I am so there I’ve had I’ve had enough with everything I just said and I even thought of how it would be nice I like what you said this is important to to know what you said about you we do need those winter months to actually heal and until it’s I feel like the people are running on such hyperdrive in LA because there aren’t it feels like there’s really no season so there’s no introspection there’s no self-reflection there’s no getting close with the family or with the Beloved at it with the land you know being a part of those Cycles so I really do feel like I probably I probably fall in love so much that I won’t care to leave so even if it’s freezing cold because I’ll be around the campfire you know I’ll be around if you know this the the wood stove or whatever maybe so I know it’s gorgeous and it’s so cute really you’re the season Majestic earlier today and not because of smog smog 6% Caucasian but that was a bit of a culture shock for sure Caucasian it turned out which is which also further to the stigma of the same kind of like if there is such a thing as middle class in Hollywood now I feel driving I guess it depends on who’s driving I got there in four and a half but you can get all of the action all of the food everything I could to make sense to to be posted up legally in New Hampshire for so many reasons and then I can imagine it I kind of imagined that it would be the Vegas or or like you’re saying but I’m surprised that there isn’t a more of a booming adult Production Studio house industry given that you could it’s it’s bad. It sounds like it’s about as far as away is Vegas and everyone fled to Vegas when the the kind of life started taking enforceable effects in the LA County area so that’s a question I have for you is it you know if you’ve been following the the regulation around and this sort of the big money the big money clinical groups who are trying to shut down the street on the health but with the health department as a sort of there their battering ram into the industry I’m curious in New Hampshire are they is it is there any specifications from the health department or health code that that are trying to set the rules for the industry for the porn industry there it is it is the Wild Wild West out here we are more people more to join you know start producing they would have to try to regulate but I don’t know if they would because I really don’t think they would I adhere to the same you know guidelines as as far as testing goes the only difference is I need to get tested we we provide them with testing we make sure everyone we we go through this last we have this very detailed checklist I think it was inspired by Nikki Benz and if possible the only difference is we’re not paying Los Angeles or Las Vegas free small company but you know we talked about splitting, according Talent from Vegas and Los Angeles and you know kind of responsibility regulating type of business you just have to have trust that all people are you know I’m doing the right thing around that is because yeah I think that I think like Outlets sexually here you know I said you know if you will actually liberated place like you know I even thought about you some Leaf peeping directed in the professional studio shoot up or down with your spouse just that sounds like a great guy honestly before you even were saying this stuff I could I was just it was a premonition that you would be talking about this because I I just felt like you were going to probably end up working in some capacity with the Chamber of Commerce of wherever whatever region or whatever sort of municipality or me to Sally’s and actually help that like what you’re you can’t you know you can’t afford your Public Works projects you know your new parks are being closed down for whatever reason well here we got the screws it’s going to be amazing yeah I can see it now and start building and I’m almost filling my gas tank to start driving out there right now I can of gas its people have been wanting you know it’s been it’s been on my not just a to-do list but actually really it’s it’s it’s the lot a lot of the stuff is is I can see it happening and also I I I want to if it’s not already being taken for some other obviously a worthy cause I feel like the love Free or Die state is going to be the hashtag that I talk to Subway to get a handle on that it’s all you it’s you if you can take that and run with it if she if it works but I feel like that’s good it’s the best I feel like you have a lot of love but I like a lot of love yeah I know I feel it I feel I feel you said you were a Healer and you seem you seem like very empathetic yeah this won’t this to me you know all of the trauma that I have witnessed that I’ve experienced ice I can imagine that this is would be a place for people that veteran died literally I mean you know they call it in the adult industry we say that you’re a civilian if you’re not in front of you in if you’re not in front of the camera and doing the stuff for on the street or wherever you’re a civilian and so if that’s the case which I really truly believe it is then we need to have VA programs in hospitals in a note and benefits and we’re doing a public service for helping living out everyone’s fantasies for them if they don’t have the courage or the resources to make them happen so for that I like to be treated with this much if not you know as much love and respect and dignity and resources as veterans violence and brutality in Warfare civilians is military yeah that’s cool yeah and we aren’t we aren’t we know we were lying about reliving some sort of childhood, it wasn’t about servitude or Surrender sometimes it was just the process to the session would be the process to get to the Aftercare to get to that hug to get to that approval of being told you did a good job you know and when I realize that I thought there’s so much more I’ve actually I’ve had plenty of clients for a while there it was kind of weird they were widows widowers their wearers like I was attacking little words that were in various ways and people don’t understand that Sexual Energy can be incredibly therapeutic and healing you know when there’s something fundamentally wrong with that especially you know I mean now I mean Dairy mention you know I mean every day and I just kept having these handmade in handmaid’s tale things going through my mind and and now to be apart of Swap and to be keto on the inside track knowing what’s going on with this legislation here to decriminalize effort I am filled with hope and love all over again no more despair or fear I feel like this could really I meant to be alive right now at this time and to be here and now in this state I feel very very honored and lucky absolutely why I feel very honored and lucky that we are having this conversation you were exactly the voice of the representative that I wanted to find and connect with its in this is really an amazing amazing invigorating conversation and I just I just want to thank you again so much and you know we’ve got a little bit of time left I think we covered most of what I was super excited and looking forward to discussing I guess I would like to ask if you want to talk about the kind of support that you need from people in the area from people abroad people anywhere in the world listening to this but what what do you need to help your chapter really get to the to the point where were you have all your dreams are coming true and you know you have the people power and the skill sets what were you what are your pain points and what do you need so that that can just be put out there and it is a prayer absolutely absolutely awesome and I’m sex worker Outreach project is a nonprofit we do accept donations we accept recurring donations donations I mean just to be an ally to a sex worker to be supportive and you know aware that their work is real work and emotionally laboring work to know the sex work as a form of emotional and physical labor and that nobody story is is representative of all sex where you know and I think that the presence of sex workers in social movement come together and try to fight this and you have to fight what gone but it is a tubal refuse up sex workers bank accounts and it’s happened the money seems suspicious that’s unacceptable yeah yeah that’s you that’s the way to to bypass So Many Factors whether it’s the pimp violence or the banks or the state or even Amazon not wanting your wishlist to be you know used for compensation whatever it is the terms that you have to been in bed will I have to say that the my biggest public service announcement for anybody that might be in your network who listens to this is that I really hope that anyone listening who is a sex worker who has the u.s. exposed to these Financial choke point issues invest time in studying the whole cryptocurrency movement starting with Bitcoin and in aetherium but but you can accelerate that process if you start to look into joining the platform of spankchain which is bringing together all of the activism all of the the really Advanced cryptocurrency solutions for being your own bank literally being your own bank where you have peer-to-peer Financial transactions you can sell they will be yeah they will be providing a lot of solutions for the industry and for the producers and performers to be empowered independently and off the rails of the money system we don’t need to do our dirty work without your dirty Fiat is how I feel McGregor’s Outreach project we have like a meme donation thing you can donate cooked difference NFL Karma Dakshin and and how how sex workers are the difference between trafficking educate yourself some people have been looking for what seems like an ideal future to me or all of the the glory and the beauty of the healing in the transformation that is possible and also the the sort of in the streets marches and the activism going to take to get there and a couple of I guess you’re silly but up at the memes have come to me and one is it you know people I remember chanting in the streets protesting Wars and logging and you all kinds of pollution would not the people we would always chant whose streets are our streets and I can hear this echoing Cruise sheets are seeds coming out with our seats and then you can also got allies and civilians involved right thing that ever since I started looking into it swapped but I’ve ever felt like we’ll all of the the Financial Funding necessary to do real political work lobbying in legislation and all that stuff I feel like there’s got to be a way to solicit the the buyers of sex work the purchasers of the material that the funeral of the client’s right of the clients are you so mean maybe PornHub can put a donate button to swap you know somewhere I mean set stuff like that I would love to see the financing for all of the stuff that you have in your bucket list of dreams to make come true for this industry and for this movement that that the money if the people who can afford to pay for their further their fetish or for their experience or for their media everybody and you know what I mean I come from the the green business Eco business startup kind of seen in in LA and it was a no-brainer that you would want to launch your startup having a dollar of every purchase or a percentage of your purpose so that you could have the the pr potential of putting out press releases were you talk about how you give back as a social impact or I mean even PornHub has done a lot of cool stuff like that and I don’t mean to keep harping on them but because they’re the biggest conglomerate really that the industry absolutely and you know that they’re behind them right that I was either going to let my contact continue to be over there in cream to the channel myself because it because you know we can continue and have more follow-ups to this conversation but I certainly would love to explore some of your insights in the industry and I have some yes yeah I wanted to add you know how that Whole Foods you know if you have to you have to be a squeaky wheel gets the grease and House of weird that you were is this is thrilling to me I know that there’s a there’s worse things in the world than having pornstars solicit you on your doorstep like door-to-door canvassing for help me on Monday to take your singing telegrams you know what the my name is you could use the conservative rhetoric against him and say we’re here to clean up the adult industry sign here and give us a check what do you mean well I know where else next workers never would never when they used to pack meat and the muckrakers had to blow the whistle and that’s how we have ratio any conservative how do I I subscribed to say the r word regulation but I will say any sort of public outcry about working conditions that’s all we need you know and Industry within the industry of people like you who know what performers need what the issues are and can represent that and it’s not coming top down it’s not coming from you know sideswiping from weird organizations with too much money trying to push agendas where they don’t belong and some people know what I’m talking about there and some people don’t but it’s what they did with the keywords you know trafficking of course people wanted to sign off on that piece of aeon I support you know anti-trafficking laws of course I do and so what we could do is we could eat give them a dose of their own medicine like you said hi we’re going to clean up your industry and fine hair like that cuz that’s how they do so many things when they say you know that people don’t read the fine print when they when they sign initiatives to get on the ballot you know they read the sort of sensationalist headline that skews the facts to some moral kind of you get boxed in Morley by the by the by the headline of whatever it is and so that it’s it’s like appealing to logical fallacies for anyone to want to do that but yeah I mean this is really it’s actually truly the holiest and most most sort of medic there’s there’s a way for all of the people to I mean excellent performers have the legal space to do this right then then the medical aspect will I think it’s going to naturally organically become a safer environment if you’re not having to be underground in the hide from you know the the filming commission and fucking cops and at the neighbors and you could actually have facilities that work up Captain staff and you know and fungus were like just clean to the places I mean that’s what people say about the all of those secondary crime things that go along with Vice and things being underground and the black market economy you know if when you when you legalize drugs all of those secondary cramps go away and so this is a war on sex and we need to end the war on drugs and the war on sex and these problems will sell themselves in the free market so it’s going to happen New Hampshire you know get ready full medical benefits of cannabis right and I’m actually is for you I think what will happen is that is that is that the Cheeto person will get a reverse gangbang by a bunch of Tantra see the goddess and he will want to transform United States into one giant orgiastic goddess Temple to heal the planet from all the patriarchy that’s my that’s my vote I’m going to put that are you trying to turn me on now I try I try not to but sometimes I can’t help it it just happens thank you for that well yeah so we it’s been one of the most delightful hours of my life at sharing this time with you and I’d like to ask you now to give us the links to everything that you want to share and that you’re involved with and close this out with some final words calls-to-action slogans from the front lines whatever you like to share please take your time. Thank you it’s been an honor and I’m I’m I’m pretty sure my cheeks are going to hurt from smiling too so that’s as wot USA. O r g basically you where you can find me I just would like to do everything I can and vegetation Security building in Albuquerque beautiful thank you awesome alright I see well yeah let’s let’s call it a podcast and let’s be in touch and I will I will be in touch again very soon thank you so much and have a wonderful evening. Smiley and you’re coming over here thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Thomas Day