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Crystal Toys for Sexual Healing with Chakrubs Founder Vanessa Cuccia TPP134


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In this episode I’m joined by one of the most admirable entrepreneurs in the sexual health and wellness field, Vanessa Cuccia. She guides us through a tear and heart wrenching personal story of transformation, healing, and empowerment through merging crystal healing with sacred sexuality. She shares the hardships and breakthroughs that shaped the development of the Chakrubs crystal sex toys brand, then we explore the future horizon and brainstorm on marketing strategies that will hopefully lead to collaborate efforts to heal the sexual wounds of the world.

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About Vanessa:

Vanessa Cuccia is regarded as a pioneer in the sex toy industry for introducing her methods of using crystals for sexual healing and empowerment on a global scale. She is the founder and creator of Chakrubs, The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company, and she continues to receive testimonials from people around the world who use her Chakrub products and methods. These overwhelmingly positive testimonials have inspired her to write her upcoming book, Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure.

Since conceptualizing her initial designs for crystal pleasure tools in 2011, and establishing her brand in 2012, Cuccia has been an influencer in the social movement of sex positivity, self-love, and personal awareness by bridging the gap between sensuality and spirituality. As creator of products that symbolize the essence of these movements, she spearheaded the ethos of the brand which is inspiring many to nurture their own emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and spiritual connection.

Cuccia cultivated her knowledge of crystals and energy work while she was living in LA to pursue a career in music. During this time she worked a part-time job at an adult store where she fostered her education on sex positivity. Cuccia merged both principals which sparked the idea of sexual exploration with the use of crystals. The recognition for the potential crystals have to facilitate energy movement inspired Cuccia to utilize crystals to enhance sexual pleasure. Cuccia’s work has been a fixture in the Hammer Museum and Museum of Sex, featured in magazines such as New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Allure, appeared on notable digital platforms such as Buzzfeed and VICE, and has been featured on shows such as The Doctors and Conan. Cuccia has also received the attention of many notable artists who have collaborated with their own sensibility, bringing to light different aspects of the profound messages Chakrubs inspires.

As a certified crystal healer and reiki practitioner, Cuccia continues to pursue knowledge of crystals and metaphysical modes of healing to help those who have experienced sexual trauma or simply wish to deepen pleasure and connection to self, spirit, and others. Cuccia is a musician whose knowledge of energy extends through her performances. She currently resides in New York.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin eligible of the truck in the township Funk podcast episode number 136 I’m being joined by dick Carver he is the founder of lumber Joe and he does you the sex toy designer and woodworker and I discovered his amazing products just synchronistically right at the time I was about to do the the previous interview with Vanessa Cuccia the founder of chakras which is the crystal sex toy company and at that time on social media I found some pictures of these handmade sex toys that are just genius brilliant beautiful amazing stunning stand-alone works of art not to mention you know if your having weird problems in your relationship or if you are just a solo person that likes to be penetrated with things or there’s still more than just you know fancy paper weights if you could imagine so turn all about what you can do with these fabulous wooden sex toys and first Dick if you would just tell us a bit about your background where did you voice your life pass like leading up to this and then you can tell us zoom in on the story of the lumberjill company brand process and then we’ll talk a bit about what your Future’s looking like yeah sure thing so I want to see it was around 2012 at a point in my life where I really wasn’t sure what direction I was going to go in I had I just got a job with an online company doing search engine optimization and that was fine but you know how I’ve always known like I wasn’t the kind of person to stay at a company and tell him move up and all that kind of shit so you know I was like I got to do something for myself I just don’t know what it’s going to be and what can I do with my hands and I’m going to enjoy doing 7 days a week and I always enjoyed knives and swords and things like that so I was thinking maybe I’ll be a Custom Knife maker because I could definitely see a path in that industry of companies that get a custom designs in big box stores and also just do custom work that has really well so I was having a conversation with a really good friend of mine and I really value her opinion so destroying a pastor they having a thing about being a Custom Knife maker and I don’t know why she said this but I think install a wooden sex toys and I don’t quite know where it came from but it really just locked my attention that actually sounds really cool so I started looking online and saying you know that the artifacts and what people are doing these days I guess part of it was having that connection to human history cuz I really like I guess I just really like seeing new earlier point in human history was really but also I just had a lot of new ideas that I wasn’t seeing other people do I thought this would be a great way for me to stretch my legs and Atreyu tivity and my skill and a couple years after that initial idea and treating Lumber Joe leader crafts and so this one’s for 4 years come March 4th March that is so cool because I was at the show last year and yeah there was like a We-Vibe I think it was we’ve I was there doing one of the one of those presentations for the end it was amazing was the first time I’d seen the sort of archaeological timeline of the sex toys that have been discovered and the different materials that were used in a person have to have all of them while they are coming out from Hilo all the way up to tell a build Onyx and B are and all that kind you know I text if I was really that was the first time I had seen these amazing craft is all natural totally Paleolithic sex toys in the blue blue my mind and it really piqued my interest and I haven’t I haven’t explored it for her since then except for knowing about chakrubs back to know about the work you’re doing yourself can you please talk a little bit about just your if you’ve done your Explorations or any kind of research or yeah pick me how to become a Xavier still fix boring that that this relations as much as I would like to I guess because most the time I’m making them instead of reading about so yeah yeah my cup runneth over man definitely has been has been crazy about more than I have hands for sure but that’s a great problem to have but yeah when I initially started some Stone from Stone samples from I think I think the oldest one I thought was maybe like thirty thousand BC play just just the way it was so smooth and everything what they were saying was yeah we found statues and stuff and but when you see a smooth example like this I wanted to go through it like somebody has a dildo sex toys and I mean people be sexually gratified since we got here but you know this is nothing new so it is kind of fun for me to just look at pictures of you know because these artifacts have been really crazy lately because I’m begging bills all that time I got reincarnated and just got right back to work making more like that be the craziest story I wish I knew for sure I’d know there’s ways to find out for sure it is definitely some plant plant medicines that will give you some practitioners that can help you reconnect to that but I’ve I mean I look at the work can I paint over anybody listening to this please absolutely do yourself to save her even if you’re not in the market for it right now I mean certainly gives for anybody mine obit seeing the beauty of the work I’m totally a blown away by the craftsmanship than and yeah if you could still want to talk a bit about sore as much as you had as much as you can talk about the process in what goes into it and you know the rest of these are made NM back to the point that you just made about you know you’re not in the market not all of these are sex toys I certainly do make sex toys but sometimes people just come to me and they just want to look at you or something I’ve met several pieces that were purely artistic if you just want to display or crew just likes the car he’s an artist himself I think most lead paint but he he really digs need to know the new old-school wooden install phallic statues of me quite a few of those for him but yeah just if they just look cool to you you just want him sitting around a cool Conversation Piece those are a lot of fun as far as the process goes design-wise I have to start with a design with okay but as far as the design goes I try to come up with stuff I haven’t seen before particularly in Woodward most of your wooden sex toys are going to be turned on a lathe so they’re going to be straight and symmetrical and most of which is fine but I just want to do different things so you know part of it is just trying to present people with something that they are familiar with it as far as that material and the other part of me trying to challenge myself as far as making sure that it it feels good if it is indeed a sex toy. I choose the what I’m going to use for it and I guess one thing that sets me apart from everybody else is I use a lot of hand tools which it does make the work go a little bit more slowly but it is it’s a part of this part of my process now and it’s something that I’m very comfortable with and it is and I’m fine with it a little bit longer but I usually rough out the shapes with a hatchet first a small Hatchet and from there I move onto you know smaller and I-45 the shape and carbon. The way I want a rotary tool or belt sander for certain things but for the most part I use hand tool sandpaper rasp files and sealing up with a private the only thing I’m not happy with it but I’m always trying to evolve with the food grade coating that is very durable and safe for people to to use internally but I just keep trying different things just to find out what’s best but I mean is this word for me all this time very well I never had any surgery issues with that never had anybody say they had any issues with it so it’s just perfectly safe for this for this sort of thing but yeah it’s just a lot of work and a lot of time but it’s worth it in the end I think it’s a difference that people really can can feel when they get in her hand and in other places that’s cool I love that it’s so down to earth in Jesus gives a whole new meaning to the word Woodshop you know I mean I just listened to podcasts or play music. I’m sounds like a great meditation just a little you know else yeah yeah actually do listen to music a lot of times or podcast from various things emotional and mental place where I’m working because and in what is actually really good for whole and on energy and I don’t want to charge you with anything negative on a working on it because it is in my hands so often as a matter of fact and you know do as I say not as I do but yourself for what I like to do is rest the wood on base looking like over my heart chakra and carve towards me cuz I give me more control and what Leverage do they spend so much time that close to me in over my heart chakra I don’t I don’t want somebody to get something in front of your body’s a charge of negative energy so I usually put on some Chillstep or stop and get your stuff compilation or you know just watch something where you know I’m getting a lot of good laughs or not feeling good about watching it so that when they get it they even if they can’t put their fingers on at the you know it makes them feel good to have it and you know find a little whatever so that is so cool I’m so glad you said that cuz some people are just not connected to intention and and I’m glad that in this I can’t say when it started but I’m seeing more people kind of do have Palm chakra blessings on plates of food at restaurants and things and just said by all means you know in the realm of what you’re going to be in the throes of ecstasy with to have that be a real a real purifier in blessed and intentional process that is a huge selling point in a fruit for me and for a lot of people are getting to know you know who knows what is coming out of you know sweatshops or or just chemical have highly chemical Sylveon with I guess without a bill without being too hyper critical or I don’t want to censor you at all but you know I know a lot of sex toy manufacturer I guess the more enlightened ones are going to try to do their best to maybe be more Grand a more sustainable but it doesn’t get really more chance to Tampa or than what you’re doing and so I wonder if when you when you’re in the marketplace you know we’re in the industry how do you how have you felt about or or encountered or dealt with just that the juxtaposition you know and in the in the marketplace if they know if you had to comment on is that is that something you leave list I gave stop poisoning yourself with X whatever not the brand name for say but just like the what is what is the unquestioned Paradigm about just polymer everything and you know yeah I mean I definitely try to use it as a selling point for my products that you know it is biodegradable like there’s no by-products leftovers wood shavings and sawdust that I put it right back outside where it came from in the first place but you know that are harmful harmful and others and I mean good quality silicone like a platinum pure silicones a really good glasses another really good material but yeah there are a lot of companies out there who are making crap that have been making toy that crap and there’s a lot of good information out there from some of the sex toy reviewers and bloggers on on those types of the most types of operations that makes me just telling people to steer clear cuz they’re not made out of stable David can make you sick so whatever cuz for the most part I have seen in friends with a lot of those people to you know they do their best to might not have a whole lot of wasted material and you know they let me for one is this money I mean that stuff not cheap so so they could have stretch as much as I can but you know I think as long as people are being responsible if I don’t really have a big problem with it but the thing is like yeah please do be responsible as possible and definitely educate yourself on what your sex toys are made of cuz there’s a lot of companies that just don’t care that Leo sex cells we can make these jelly things and come out there and we’ll sell a million of them at me while you got some sort of you know chronic illness and you don’t know where you got it from so it’s just that that’s how I feel about it it’s cool I’m wondering so do you do trade shows and hot what’s what’s been your your marketing strategies and your sort of you know your past into a getting some attention and getting some press and write up some stuff I haven’t done any trade shows yet I would like to but you just you know life gets in the way and so is Otto Izakaya coming up from behind just just from some life stuff that happened at summer not really able to travel around as much as I would like to but we’ll see what the year hole that I definitely want to make it to live in Georgia and I know there’s a lot of things that just happened in Atlanta so I would love to get to some of those at the very very least as far as marketing goes United started a hundred bucks I have a lot of startup so it really came down to learning social media wish even is even as a millennial I was saying I’m not really want to be able to wear all the time Instagram like I don’t want to kick somebody but a target audience and interact with them in a very direct level and that’s that’s pretty much been that I haven’t spent a dime really all marketing it’s just been mixed up the catches people’s attention be very distinct about the product identity I call it basic basically just when somebody looks it’s something that you may they know that you made it so be very distinct in that regard stand out and you know make something that captures people’s attention so fast that’s really been the the strategy so far it’s working pretty well I mean I mean last year I’ve ended up filming a television show with our with Playboy TV as a show called toy ride and if you had told me back in 2020 I mean 2012 after you tell me the TV show with the crew from Playboy TV I mean that that better than crazy to me but in that. I was you know standing in my little workshop camera Crews having a back and forth with the host of the show and they’re asked questions and stuff like that it was in his crazy so a whole lot to get started you just have to you got to get started and you know just just just be resourceful I guess is the best advice I could give awesome and how was the what was that like some excuse just to get a sense in like I said I haven’t done it earlier haven’t done had the time yet to do too much research but I can’t cuz I’m so stoked you’re doing so you have a deal website and people can place custom orders if you have a shopping cart or how does that all work and I’m imagining the Playboy but give you a bump at Lisa transactions worth right now is on etsy.com that’s I try to have stuff in inventory no vacation mode right now. So much work to do it was just like please don’t order anything else please for a little while he’s away with anything else right now but thanks they products that they can serve those needs but a lot of my work is custom yes and that’s that’s proven to be very successful for me cuz you know a lot of saliva sex toy industry is hating one one-size-fits-most or you know it’s got this in that future cuz it’s trendy now and a lot of people were like yeah but if I can build this kind of waste I needed to do this in that I need to be this shape or whatever and it so they’re able to come to me and really get something you know actually custom made just for them so so that’s proven to actually be very I guess I’m kind of curious about how people miss that like he’s appreciative that really ask them and see what their needs are thinking ultimately get something is this suits them and takes care of their needs and desires nice as possible so another thing for you I’m in the ecological design feel myself and there is so much to learn about woods and I mean I’m not that’s not my wheelhouse for say I’m not really super zoomed in on the dinos the taxonomy tree species and knowing exactly all of the different sort of grains and textures and in applications but I’m totally curious what you were selection process is or what you offer and what the stories are behind that if you were to able to read books you must stay as as in a part of your your your selling points one of your being here is the different moods you might be in the trees and their qualities and there s sensor and I’m sure that’s a whole esoteric science that end in art and science of of the woods collection show yeah to be honest lot of times it is come down to what is it looks good it’s good to other people so to the most often are domestic words to the u.s. is Cherry mall at cherries are pretty light colored wood that is pretty forgiving to work by hand and you can actually get a pretty good shapes out of it is as far as carving toast walnuts more or less the same way but it’s a darker wood I’m going to like diet or add color to a toy aisle usually make it out of the lighter color cherry wood if it’s a lot of details for that wanna I usually don’t doing too much color 2 hours cuz it’s very dark brown very warm tones to it all the time but my favorite was to work with but obviously you know people’s attention exotic what is usually where it’s at and I definitely try to make sure that there are few different places that buy from in the US that they claim to be sustainable do you like working with purple heart which is actually purple as a witness purple I just is The Hive in my inventory somewhere but yes actually purple which is but a cool thing to me with cocobolo wood a few times which is very dense and diverse would but there’s a piece that I made it was just an art piece for someone in that was it was very dark for the most part of a Genesis fiery streaks of like burning orange and red through with that was so cool to work with another art piece out of a piece of ebony wood and just just just dark and it almost like a sparkly kind of quality in the world are man just you know just ask if there’s a particular color that you’re interested in or if you see if something else ever met that you know you like the back so I’m just I know from my own experience just dealing with in trees in tree pruning and tree care what not there’s definitely lots of different qualities of other way but it sounds like it’s flexible enough from with while you’re doing it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of a lot of wood that totally wouldn’t work some stuff when it’s not work at all but if it’s that flexible on your end that people could if they did have an attachment or something and maybe was a tree that there was a big part of your life and it died and they want to memorialize it by making it to a sex toy or something right for sure for sure yeah it’s definitely really run into too many with and I just couldn’t use in any way that I couldn’t use for a sex toy it isn’t to be an art piece normally would it comes down to is to where I use it or not is the the oil content of the wood they’re just some ways that have so much in their own oils in them that the oil based finish that I used to coat them in Taylor will take very strangely very very weird with oil and oil a kind of retarded what kind of retard so there are too many was I run into with that but it definitely happens from time to time you out that this is not the only limitation well I see that is so exciting so I don’t know if you even get this a lot but I can imagine that a world just like the food like the food service industry has kind of a like a bias to feel or think or believe and there’s no various legitimate reasons to to feel this way but I guess I would imagine that some people were saying oh but where does Porres Center can Harden Harbor bacteria and oh what a what a mess that would be but it seems like it’s a hundred percent totally proven hygienic the way it’s that you’re pressing it and I mention do you ever have to encounter that that in Korean and what were you took normally say to that I kind of don’t hesitate ocean possibly yeah that’s definitely one that comes up Ally and probably second to the Splinter question look eyes if you can look at my Etsy store it says I’m so well over a hundred and fifty of these days by this point I think that’s just what I sold through answer this not doubting myself I’ll just go directly to PayPal I wouldn’t still be selling them if you were catching Splinter is in there or if it’s cool they definitely some people out there who don’t do it correctly I’ve seen those if you have questions about somebody doing it right or wrong let me know play yeah you can answer as far as the forest nature of yeah if you don’t seal it under sure of what which is why I am very extensive tell me something you can take like 2 weeks away properly you know seal up a show up a toy but if you do it right you do it with the right kind of finished it’ll it’ll last for a lifetime if if if the consumer being of the customer in there and keep it clean and very easy to clean out of District how to be on the safe side I actually don’t weigh more testing on the most people say you’re not supposed to boil when sex toys I put them in boiling water before and I didn’t really see anything happen alcohol so I could take a lot of a lot of stuff you know you should take that stuff I usually just tell people that you can’t see Lisa my experience I don’t know that you can sanitize with the way you would other toys like silicone or glass so I wouldn’t I wouldn’t try to bleach solution I haven’t done that yet but I just right now I would try that and I still want to do more testing on the boiling thing before I tell anybody that’s cool but if you want to use it with another partner just put a condom on it yeah otherwise I’ve seen no issue with with it being unsanitary anything like that when was just filled up is completely waterproof horse at that point awesome. I was just going to ask you then what will be the cleaning procedure that sounds pretty pretty awesome and wow so you are going to blow up man I can just do it I mean I guess in order to scale this to the to the level of supplying you know one two or three and every you know sex toy leavening persons toy chest right then you’re going to stay here and there but I mostly just try to take it day today and you know like you out I don’t really even know how far this goes obviously there is there a larger companies out there that has mass manufacturing stuff like that I’m not so much trying to do that because I still want to keep that handmade quality to it so yeah me and you haven’t teach them people know how to do it eventually just just to keep things going but for right now I’m you know I’m very happy to make these one by one with my own hands I think this again that that personal quality that people can kiss cuz look like if you hit me up on Instagram I am the one answering or whatever it is and that’s a very special sort of bond that that you don’t get a lot of other companies somewhere maintain that as much as possible but cross those bridges when we get there right on that’s cool too makes me think too it’s in the irony is that really have the sco background and really it’s like I can I can feel that sense that there’s this tension between how everybody just expect everything to be on this almost narcissistic hyper popularity contest all over social media everything is good at 10x you know and 10x in q1 or go home and actually I think that might be hard to find I want to be impossible to find it I just want to have my bread and butter and do my thing and not be bothered and that my friends in my defense than a boutique and then if you were to just make a yeah make a a sort of Niche out of the the art form and then I think you will probably be thrilled if people would take your Workshop store you know you can tour around and kind of get your people going so that there’s one of you and every zip code to know and so supposed to you having to sign a contract with Walmart tomorrow and raise fund Capital my right right yeah I definitely don’t want to go that route is having sex with his toys that are filled with entrepreneurial venture funding stress yeah I know your core support is sold out at that point and then we’re going to do that because of the people that have been supporting me bad night I continue to do this I’m able to continue to do this so you know I don’t know I don’t want to turn away from me so far I just did you know make make a few more bucks this is something authentic money will come visit me what the future holds but big water ready to ship to them I hopefully before the month is out you know as long as I can keep something like that going is cool but like there’s no contracts or anything it’s just hey we like your stuff we won store want this many want these designs how much is it going to cost cool take your time you know you know it’s handmade that’s what we like and you know it’s been a great relationship so you know as long as I can build relationships like that I can find a big box thing and have some some swet shop in Japan making it anymore. Like that’s not that’s not the way everything is happening just ride in and if you don’t be a part of me for being like a perv but I was just imagining you making this beautiful outdoor adult Campground park with massive giant stumps from old clear cuts and make them into multi-person sex toy or G kind of platforms and you know people could just dance the night away under the moon is full moon Pagan rituals and all kinds of sushi a big a big project you know make it make a giant dicks that I asked you out of a tree and so you can be able to do something like that would be in orgies out there and shit is campfires like naked dancing and you don’t fucking aphrodisiacs and hallucinogenic to whatever the fuck I don’t know if I want to be in that party and it’s not really my scene but I can see them I had let me see a pole dance Festival kind of thing and it’s it’s equal to circumambulate in a very magical ritual pattern around a pole that is symbolica you know what the what we’re talking about here and just came to me is that you you know I would live by the first custom job that I am going to put on my bucket list to put on your bucket list is going to be the Shiva lingam the tantric yoga can do that if that’s they haven’t lost that to this day they haven’t lost that connection and they haven’t really hasn’t really been burning destroy to the extent that other cultures that I like worship you know it has been so that’s a whole and then they do the lingam Yoni together where this guy looks kind of like a saucer and Anna yeah that’s a whole nother sacred I know my audience would would love to have custom lingam Yoni cuz it’s part of which was part of the fertility statues it’s a huge factor for fertility ritual so I practiced it or is it stuff like that who you know one or something like that for an altar or whatnot so you know you to bring your spirituality bring your religion whatever it is and then get you something may I got no problem with any of that just no voodoo dolls snow is it safe to make the bowl because then what if we know people were not making as much love as I would hope that they’ll be making themselves look a bit well actually that that’s another question is it a semi I asked Vanessa about is like getting adult performers to us a webcam performers would be great too but just getting some exposure to that I’m sure it’ll it’ll happen eventually but I would love I would love to see this these products make a neuron impact in the adult film world Debbie really cool yeah yeah when I mean when I started out I actually have way more friends who were doing cam shows and stuff like that and so actually did send them a few things just got start I was sending them things and then they were a huge Splash with which is fine like I said I’m not trying to artificially grow my business or anything so I look at this as I go forward but yeah yeah just a lot of different it just depends on you know what what presents itself is providing the most utility at the time this is how I end up bringing that stuff out I just I love your attitude towards this is so refreshing and it’s it’s it gives me a lot of hope that making you know that the old what we are actually as human beings designed we are basically factories or we are there so we are I mean our bodies are designed to be very Adept at mechanical skilled long legs look at flint knapping and all of the Primitive skills and everything all of the Care and time that went into you don’t think that we would just use for a day and toss over the shoulder but the process the social process of making trouble making and this is a tool you know this is a this is a the most we’re so well designed for these these processes so to have it be something that we you know thank you so much for leaving with this example of making a decent living in the modern world with where you’re trying to turn work down and and doing what your body is designed to do that’s not usually a match you know everyday I wake up call you if I don’t want to do is like me I’m really grateful that I’m able to do this and have people respond so overwhelmingly positive way to it you know that there are a lot of people who do have great ideas on black great passion for things that they don’t end up getting the kind of distraction attention that I have so now this is wonderful man and like I said I’ve got all this work to do when I don’t sleep a whole lot anymore really weird hours and you know like three or four hours to get up and carve something father sleeve for it or whatever but I mean I’m driving it to do this if you can give so much to me to be able to do it so yeah I don’t hear your hundred fifty percent on that photo is this it it just wonderful that’s awesome well I couldn’t have asked for a better interview and discussion I’m really I’m so thrilled and I’m going to I’m going to try to stop myself from from magically manifesting you haven’t got a bigger workload set of these can get out there to more people faster you know I just have to be some I think maybe we’ll get an aid organization babe that’s where you can train people all over it feel vocational training and you know I don’t want to stay developing countries cuz I’m so against that that that whole concept but in a stasis places where is that could be the you know that the way to not sell out but scale but to see people yeah be a movement in a real eye movement of what you have you been yeah that then and maybe someday they’ll be a giant statue of you card that it would yeah we’re finished beautiful if you can restore the beauty and Glory of your appropriate healthy not shameful public sexual art in I mean it’s not that long since it’s been so you know horribly depressed and and frowned upon so yeah yeah somebody the other day but a fucking nipple get the fuck over yourselves it’s not that it’s supposed to be that way so no I wear what I do a lot of them people are proud to display if they want to display that like it’s a piece of artwork the production company for True Blood the show used to come on HBO and they had the scene in the final season it wasn’t just as it was an entire set they made for this character choose a vampire she had The Sex Dungeon Channel these wouldn’t dildos all over the place and so what they had done was a they just bought all these wooden dildos from all these different companies including mine and hasn’t been set dressing in there and so you know there’s supposed to be like a little like kind of Gonzo for four people I guess but it was also really cool to have all that stuff on display like as the artwork that it is cuz all these people are putting in you know hours of of time and you know Nativity and the skills at end of these things and it was just you just so cool to see us all on this way like that so I thought that was just such a cool thing for them to do they did their research on it to you which I was very impressed by healthy and totally am what is Silver Bullet that’s actually a Silver Bullet Vibrator 200l DIY Halloween line a sex toys already it’s right LOL alright work that is that is the people stuff than anything else you want to close with and we’ll call it a will-call today thank you if you want if you want to order something either from inventory or a custom please visit etsy.com shop for / lumberjill LC all one word you can follow me on Twitter at Sherwood a s h o u l d a w o o d a n on word I can find me on Instagram and we’re probably the most active socially and that’s lumberjill underscore Leisure crabs that’s pretty much it was a big ones Cool Math awesome well again and thank you so much I’m so glad that I feel blessed to have this this podcast platform so that I can just see something and then two seconds later you know reach out and then a couple days later we’re having a wonderful conversation and this is really beautiful so thank you so much and and I’m I’m I feel blessed as well so we’ll be in touch definitely 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