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Enlovement and Enlightenments with Peace and Tantra Scholar Dr. Thomas Clough Daffern TPP146


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In this episode I’m joined by my favorite Tantric scholar Dr. Thomas Clough Daffern. I discovered his epic video An Academic Overview of Tantra a couple of years ago and felt it to be the most comprehensive yet accessible single unit of tantric teaching I’d yet found. It’s truly a universally compelling thesis that continues to passionately move me to share his work. It was a deep honor to have him on the show and be able to express my enthusiasm. He share’s his personal spiritual journey towards tantric sexual enlovement and enlightments and offers hope that we can create lasting peace on earth with a renaissance of devotion to the nature , the divine feminine, and each other.

About Thomas:

Dr. Thomas Clough Daffern B.A. (Hons.) PGCE. D.SC. (Hon), PhD. is a philosopher, historian, teacher, poet, author, lecturer, musician, thinker, educator, consultant and peace studies specialist. His academic background includes degrees in European and world history (with political philosophy) and religious education, plus a long period of intense personal study in philosophy, religion and the history of ideas – together with over 30 years teaching experience in the same fields. He has also trained and practised in conflict management within communities and schools, specialising in multifaith and multicultural mediation. He is also a trained and experienced teacher in secondary schools, specialising in philosophy, religious education, history and citizenship studies. He was awarded his PhD from the University of London for a thesis which explores the history of the search for peace from 1945-2001 and which proposes a new field of historiography, Transpersonal History, as the best way to establish a rigorous discourse on peace among rival and contending spiritual and intellectual traditions, currently battling for hegemony on the planet. He is an expert in research techniques and methodologies on all aspects of history, religious studies, the history of world philosophy and transpersonal psychology. He has lectured in peace studies, philosophy and religious studies for many years at the Universities of London and Oxford, and has spoken twice at the UN Headquarters about the role of Universities in changing the climate of fear and violence on the planet to one of trust and wisdom-seeking. He is a founder and coordinator of International Philosophers and Historians for Peace and has worked with philosophers and intellectuals from many countries worldwide to help establish intellectual and spiritual networks for peace and goodwill. In 1990 he was elected in Moscow as Coordinator of International Philosophers for Peace, a specialist body of philosophers worldwide searching for peace and international understanding.

He is Director of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy (IIPSGP) which works across many academic fields to bring together all those with an interest in and a commitment towards the study of peace and philosophy on all levels of the personal and global and to applying the qualities of love and wisdom to the resolution of the problems and tensions of today’s world. IIPSGP arose out of a feasibility study which Thomas undertook for the University of London into the proposed establishment of an Institute of Peace Studies (from 1989-1992). IIPSGP now operates as an autonomous Institute with members scattered worldwide. Thomas is also Founder of The Global Green University, which has arisen from the work of IIPSGP and was launched in 2000 as a pilot project in complementary higher education, to bring into being a new global higher education initiative which can provide space for the deeper kind of learning which we believe is needed at this time of critical transition in the history of planet earth.

Thomas has developed long term educational programmes to widen understanding of the causes of conflict and approaches to peace and to assist social and cultural development. He has also created, (in association with the Gandhi Foundation and the World Conference on Religion and Peace), the Multifaith and Multicultural Mediation Service. The M.M.M.S. is the first mediation service to specialise in disputes in which issues of faith and/or culture are present. He has also served as an educational adviser to numerous organisations including the UN and UNESCO. He has travelled widely in India and has visited 8 times, travelling throughout the country and meeting academics and spiritual seekers. He has extensive knowledge of Indian religious and philosophical teachings and has proposed the formation of an Indian Union Mediation Service to prevent conflicts in the entire sub-continent. He is a lay member of the Anglican Church, as well as a practicing Druid elder, Qabalist, Sufi, Yogi, Tantric and universal mystic with an extensive knowledge of all world religious and philosophical traditions. He served as educational director of the Gandhi Foundation with the late Surur Hoda, and as Secretary General of the World Conference on Religions and Peace (UK and Ireland) from 1990-1997 attending and contributing to many of its international conferences in Rome, Vienna, Sweden and Paris. As an ecumenical esotericist and universal mystic, he has also spoken at Theosophical, Anthroposophical and other esoteric organisations and networks worldwide, and helped convene the Network of Wisdom Schools at the Theosophical Society headquarters in London in 2000 for Sancta Sophia Seminary. He has spoken in Edinburgh to the Edinburgh International Festival For Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace on several occasions, running a workshop there on the Esoteric Dimensions of Peacemaking in the Middle East, focused on his book The Qabalah Runes. He has lectured in the USA on various occasions, including at Sancta Sophia Seminary, as well as at Findhorn in Scotland and the Edinburgh and Israeli Theosophical Society.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Township on podcast episode number 146 I am here with dr. Thomas cloth daffron who is the director of The International Institute of Peace studies and Global philosophy and he said a foremost tantric scholar and initiated practitioner and a vast array of spiritual traditions and paths and above all a seeker of Truth and I will just say that when I was really getting deep into my academic studies of tantric world history really had discovered a academic overview of timeshare YouTube video which is very thorough and very deep and far-reaching and really clarified a lot of myths and misunderstandings I think people in the West End in the Neo Tantra movement have about where this all comes from and what really what it’s what it’s had to do as a spiritual movement to survive many waves of assault throughout the age and so I’m sober I feel so blessed now cuz I am really am excited I member in and one of the Indiana Jones movies he was referred to as is Gideon is a Schoolboy to to get closer to the truth of some of these is wisdom traditions and that’s just exactly how I feel right now I feel like this is going to be a great journey into understanding and there’s a lot to unpack here so I guess I looked into what you’ve accomplished Thomas it’s so profound beyond the Hindu Tantra canned and Buddhist Tantra studies you’ve done you’ve really got a lot of Knowledge from around the world so it’d be great to have you take as much time as you’d like to share with this really your whole personal life story and where this all began in and what you’ve been you know what you’ve been up to at this point and then we’ll get into the tantric overview okay well thank you been thank you so much for having me all and I love your website Tantra Punk it’s a good idea bringing chicken Haifa leeching you know intellectual Elites of the wild with the street kids and the cross streets I’ve kind of done the same like I was born in Montreal. Sham Canadian by national I see my honest memory is actually before I remember coming up into taking off this phone and it was a recurring dream that I took back over the Atlantic when we move from Canada but I was full which one of those I woke you nod Linus and I remember that distinctly youngboy paw print off I always thought this is very special life and this planet is very special Planet I love this planet I was born into it an amazing family we lived in Westmount my parents a peace activist radicals My Father Brown the Canadian national Railways Personnel division so I have other members of Crossing Canada by train on to form memories my first memory is of Montreal Winters and just how beautiful and white it was I’m in the spring I need incredible color of the flowers and you know what I love about Canada and the states is you got real Seasons wins his real winds and then spring and summer real. Something about 10 for it’s about turning on the 3D cutting on the the full depth of the real color of life and celebrating that and Bryson and it’s very laid-back town I went to out of extremely good education my parents were scholars in the rain right my mother. University of Sussex and I decided pretty early on I used to be sent to Paris tonight in French evarista and I decided pretty early on I want to become a pilot it seemed to me I need the parts were telling the truth in society I’m I I was trying to take seriously the physics teaching at school and chemistry in the decider of knowledge is parceled out in two separate little divisions which is conventional grammar school education I thought the whole thing was a hoax because obviously we’re one big where it was a continual experience of subjectivity so I didn’t have the vocabulary then spoke about you no conscience as I didn’t know people that studied real real intense levels like yogacara put something but I knew there was something wrong with what were you being taught which is just externalities and the maid that the dominant philosophical friend was materialism right I just felt this is ridiculous it’s not true so I became a poet as a rebellion tonight to rebellion and I write love poetry I still am a poet That’s my kind of basic one of my basic modalities of communication it’s all about how you communicate truth poetry is a powerful thing I just listened to the entire mahabharatha as a token book it took a few weeks it’s 47 hours you know that’s how she is put down that stuff and he’s great epics and I will stay running International network of pets waiting for peace so I’m now just just put that out there and that is one of the ways we can communicate the stuff I’m anyway then I discovered okay so this poetry but then I discovered this thing called philosophy and I discovered that was a tradition of people who would not satisfied with just receiving knowledge regurgitation and exams I’m using it professionally the self-advancement which is the kind of game that goes on in the power behind the way that Society structured knowledge know there are other kinds of people that question everything the question mileage don’t want to go back to basics and then I’m looking for absolutes in a what what where does everything come from that was a question of the Greek pre-socratics like saying he’s going to classifieds I fell in love this is I realize that smile that that’s another layer of my identity and I decided to devote my life to the masses what is perjury so I went off to University naively thinking that in University academic Department Surplus fee you be able to have those kind of discourses in questions about the nature of ultimate 3D pen to put a song by that time I’m taking the Shell station in the tantric by Tryon has school been influenced by students of truck jam Trump and had a couple of experiences with honesty that was very powerful and transformative this is the early seventies which was the time when you know we took these things quite seriously and it wasn’t just a posi Trac you know you were doing it to find Ultimate Reality and I had it I had a female consult an amazing woman who was like 10 years older than me that initiates these tanks the problem was that there’s been no lack of Team Rocket from the Department was run by logical positivists who who becomes time is the most daring thing they did and I was supposed to kind of everything was put through a lens of logical positivism which says the oil metaphysical discourse is meaningless unless you’re familiar with the school of thought that it was very powerful in the 1760s was professor of philosophy talks to every time in a seminar at University I open my mouth I have very rude students literally shutting me out and saying you a token metaphysics shut up it’s meaningless you know I was shocked to be honest because how can you be philosophers and I’m damned Outlaw metaphysics that’s what I that’s what I told me to the study of the thing and reading Place having some of the great minds song and I was a cool steeply reading Indian mysticism by this time I’m studying Buddhist philosophy at a deep level I discovered yogacara philosophy which is the mind and Consciousness Amy school but listen I’m outside read the apana shots I’ve been practicing yoga meditation for some time and I was having experiences goodnight and say to then have to go to the University of Utah old that they will meeting us well it was a joke so what I did is one may morning on May 20th I think I was 20 20th birthday was I resign from the degree course put a knapsack on my back and walked across Salisbury Plain to Stonehenge monument in the middle of salt time I’m going to leave the study of flustered I’m going to go and live in practice it now it was an epochal moment in my life right and I had this amazing walk across Stonehenge which is a great ancient Celtic Druid monument and I slept out in out of the Stars chunin to Nature and I can only describe as a kind of Enlightenment experience looking back it was it was a very intense like freeing from old at stupidity and the nonsense of. Academia and just plugging into the cosmic mind of nature the rivers the I remember hummingbirds in Kingfisher is dancing on the river and I realized I got a kind of download which Tibetan 10 preschool Emma’s you’re probably familiar with this concept when when you when you’re in a bounced I just don’t like Thomas and Ava was intimate but you can share all your teachings all at once for that one generation that’s alive then so what you do is you you leave some of it for later generations to find like a kind of Clues and that part that pockets of advanced Consciousness which you can you can kind of hide in a cave or you can put on the Mountaintop or whatever they call Thomas you know that it’s like laying things down I mean if you think of Christ he was always teaching stuff the disciples didn’t catch it the gospels are full of and his disciples didn’t understand what he was talking about type comments on this the same for every single spiritual teacher many substances that have been because I need the people that are up to their level will understand well enough to talk about my time so a teacher like having somebody puts down these tournaments which are then left for future generations to find out all I can say is that when I have that walk across Ultra playing it was like I I walked into a tum I left by the ancient Druids of Britain an island the ten masters of the ancient Celtic peoples I realized here I’d be looking for like months of Eastern philosophy in what is some song and something I realized this download it’s like hey we’ve been here all alone right and Saint Andrews belts in different layers 2000 3000 BC very long time but they found post holes in the car park near it going back ten thousand years has a secret Monument Temple for these very very faint coach who I’m going to even before Neolithic they were hunter-gatherers the first people that people the British Isles and I realize they they as I studied that I started druidry academically about time I found an amazing book holder that the Celtic gods vines that teaching was exactly the same ultimately as the great time for yogic masters of India and Asia and what time so this is confirmed by the fact that we’d what we know you from the truth is that they were they were Swanson on violence they were the mediation of the tribes of the Celts they love the lord gave us and the enemy this was very excited when I spent some time studying the last people I then went back to Canada because I decided that I wanted to get the university education that I should have called but I haven’t called because the teachers have been saying that and I realize the only way I could do it was self-study you know I’m used the facilities of a good academic library and then I put myself through a program of self-directed this is before the internet right everything’s from books and I went to live in Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta sad because I’m a Canadian citizen as well and I spent four years three and a half years weeding through every single spiritual classic that the great face of mankind of ever produced so I used a soup of academic Library Calgary and it has will the great texts maxmilhas that if you know but that the sacred books of the East he was professor at Oxford of comparative mythology they used to call that in his day he was a friend of Queen Victoria and the great philologist and he he reviewed a an amazing translation program they went into English translation every single sacred texts from all the states that the Imam I’m still I’m beatable King James or Astron Buddhist Hindu in the old bull the most important scriptures with footnotes and coming tonight anyway I spend that for your study time which was it was more than a degrees when I when I look back at what I did and I can’t nights thanks it was a very intense study of comparative Global philosophy inspired travel safe started in like prehistory the shamanic Traditions working through the most ancient layers of each tribal culture on the planet I don’t see by the time I got to the 19th century and was reading hegelund in advance philosophers I sort of looked out for my books to see the world going up in Flames it was the time when American hostages have been captured in Tyrann and there was a kind of War about to break up Middle East and I realized that I had a Gigi to speak out essentially because the kind of people running the planets I’m not afraid that Warriors that cover in intelligence agents types and that businessman but they lack fundamental ethics and they like a kind of deep spirituality so I decided to pause the scholarship and to get a bit more attractive and I went back to London launch the group called philosophers and historians a piece with a friend of mine who had met who was a British scholar of spirituality and he launched the street we used to have meetings in London this is now the early eighties and you know I’m at some extraordinary people and then at my practice was also in a continuing so I’m practicing daily meditation I’m practicing yoga stuff that I have been all this time the whole time in Canada I wasn’t just starting academic I was also deeply into meditation to work and I’d spend time in a friend since in Calgary I went to the Quaker Meeting House because in those days they were some of the more enlightened kind of people around I might be with I’m what I call a mess up my on a practitioner so I’m looking for Collective Enlightenment for the whole world I’m one of the books I’ve written is called the enlightenment plural I’m the first guy that says we need to talk about in like 2 looks on nursing license because Enlightenment is is kind of a mano approach I’ve been influenced by James Hillman has a jungian scholar he talks about the many sidedness of reality so you’re in line with my beautiful tonight it might be different to you know your pain or your console or and it might be different if you were Enlightenment 10 years from now all that kind of way. How does the nightman come and why does it does it come in packets you know was China in the Tang Dynasty did it have more enlightened people alive and then bought it at that time then say America in the 19th century United Soccer how do we know how do we assess this those are some of the questions I’ve been asking about nature in like 2 months and I’m still asking but the goal for me 10 just a vehicle one-off many right but it’s one of the Primal ones which which can boost mankind to a new Consciousness which can shift us to a world of love equality and ambition and poetry from the with that with that high-tech and logical discipline Center cyber stuff you know I’m saying I’m I’m on the side of humanity saying we we demand the right to a life and you guys have a duty to get out of the way okay so that that was the beginning so then I thought but I want to I want to go back into Academia and pretend to be normal and I pretend I’m not seeing light United game afterlight-hyde right and I did a history degree at the University of London I did that because because if Enlightenment Kant be applied to actual reality to peoples lived experience we live through history right and we all have our micro history our lives but let me have a bike Collective family history off all right get a tribal or National History and let me have a sort of thing called world history so I became fascinated by the philosophy of history and I studied the mole I went to the University of London I did different papers on different aspects of History so bulking history in a european-wide diplomatic history and song and then I did the history of the world war cold war in the South and my interest was peace history which is really told it doesn’t exist yet there’s a few Scholars around the planet looking at it and I’m a lot of the history kids are taught in schools is military history War I think this happened on this is one I got right interested in in ancient prehistory soulwax like you may know Maria confucius’s welcome on the go to the cultures of ancient Europe the Old Goat extraditions she was an archaeologist and and his story from the few aenea she was a friend of Joseph Campbell and other people and she discovered there was an ancient civilization in the pool code prior to the Mycenaean Greeks go to space culture which was Pacific they didn’t have weapons I didn’t use they didn’t need to have big wolves around the sacraments and they made these little golden statuettes and it’ll deities and they love each other they painted that Parts with butterflies and they love the arrows they they celebrate your nature and I thought you were so it should I discovered the archaeologist in Central Asia which was then on the Russia and Kazakhstan places I found the same figurines exactly the same thing and then what am I holding gold in India so I’ll kill her sister discovered exactly the same figurines say they were they went to the Belt all the way from the Balkans to Northern India the same designs is the celebration free erotic celebrations has female male form and nature making pots and pans with swells and and them shapes that that point to Infiniti if you want now the Druid cultures where the where the Northwest and extension of this one fundamental Global culture which we can cool the goddess culture it’s it’s it’s the origin of mankind is culture and them in the in the Heights on the sacred sites of the Dreamworld in the northwest of Europe you find the same types of the spiral shape sees these World these guys were seeing energy what they doing in that box and this is why I was just looking at these these patterns of symmetry that that explain the different levels of being we not just you know it’s not just you and me and a guy choking in California right where possible Globes dancing around the sun on its axis of cosmic energy you can put in a kind of United talks or something that’s what these guys did to me the more I looked at all this and I’m by now I was teaching peace studies at the University of London and I’m I will say poop in messy boxwood for time I was doing my research for a PhD in at the same time I realized the in this ancient culture this this Global go to space culture where the seeds of peace that we need to recover for all civilizations to survive we think we’ve got these different nations that we should be trying bones of each other but the ancestors of the Syrian people dance of the American people in complexity ancestors of the people the French we actually go back to one Angel come and culture which I will call 10 trick for one of the one of the best times to designation What ions what I realized as I was doing this research and I by then I was traveling around the world meeting Scholars academics around the planet disgusting piece right I came to the states in 92 find view Joel the beading skulls of Peace Massage and said his piece how can we get that I told you these Bolding who was Professor sociology time and she wrote a book called the underside of history about women’s history and how it’s kind of written out of History are Ross’s is the stories never told today so we have to put it back which led me to a long story and let me to to eventually I finished a thesis which proposed looking at the time. For 9:45 2001 that we need to rethink of the way that we look at history this was my loan engagement with historical studies right and I argued that history one-dimensional e was looking at it as in The Narrative of succession of power struggles and disadvantages of us is that this president against that we’re fixing on maybe go Bibles where is what we should be talking about is the Continuum of spiritual consciousness that is walking through these individuals and and and moving them towards deeper understanding and Enlightenment or not the real history of humanity is is the set for night I like cold that I coined the phrase that I cool. Trump’s personal history right so it’s a new field of History so we’ve got economic history military history Jen the history so I’ve got this new field transpersonal history which is history with Consciousness put back into it right so let me just give me a time. So I’ve been doing a lot of research on many things. One thing I’ve been researching recently in the last few months is the assassination of President Kennedy now he was deeply committed by and peace and he had a girlfriend of the time who was also a researcher of spirituality and he was a friend of Timothy Leary and she was exploring at a stable Timothy Leary’s guidance this was very early 6062 and we can work out and this seems to be actually genuine is she called Kennedy to explore with her the effects of LSD and they had a totally amazing couple of experiences right he’s the president of the United States exploring with his mistress in his eyes tightly expanded his his vision and he realize he had to try and bring World Peace and he was going to make a deal a peace deal with Chris Jeff who was who was they banished stop the Cuban Missile Crisis now this was discovered by his mind as by the intelligent people and it was one more reason why he was shot because they wouldn’t they wouldn’t tolerate the military-industrial complex of the USA president rice he was going to like legalized this kind of thing so they deliberately kill them so when you know what I’m saying is is documentable on factual subject to further research and so I can give you the references but the point is when not true story of Kennedy’s death and what he tried to do from Eric ristow it will be told from the point-of-view of his experience of transpersonal Consciousness with his girlfriend and how they were trying to liberate America from the from be because I know Kung Fu should bear the burden of being the war machine in the planet anyway not just a little glimpse of how trans medical history Works in practice since then I’ve been I set up an Institute of Peace studies at the University of London which is unique in that we look up Global spirituality peace studies courses you can go on if you are lucky enough to have one in your University will focus on like weapons control to solomont you know how to prevent war and pieces cut in the absence of War might be different it’s it’s the presence of Enlightenment pieces the positive presence of Enlightenment but it’s it’s another way live coins in Loveland because Enlightenment is is a lights image in Loveland is the state of being in love and that’s why we need to be as planet we need to get it we need to get back in love with each other and with the planet of nature with the color GM with with Spirits with with the Olsen dating some Guardians so I’m yeah that’s what it means to stand for it sits there for Research into Enlightenment comparison me across all the parts or Traditions song is kind of right now for that so I’ll talk just about a couple more things and then I’ll let you ask any questions right cuz it’s 11 a.m. thank you for my past relationships because like you I realize that’s the microcosm of where people are on earth in terms of relationships can be very negative people can experience of being in a Crimes of Passion verbal abuse mental abuse physical abuse song Anthem that’s a really terrible experience with people and and thousands and thousands of people are stuck in terrible relationships about working at this new kind of sexual life the snowy Ross happening this this hate and anger again it would happen if I call you this phrase some time on this journey about 10-15 years ago called wisdom has now mankind that’s what we called love affairs and we think in every time I would do love affairs but most of them end in tears right like Porto Kennedy having a love affair with his mistress and her by the way she got assassinated Merry Manor she was cold should be in the way she being the wife of cord matter who was the senior Cia guy she was killed off portal Merry Manor I’m just a little while off the Kennedy they shut them both say most love affairs end in tears right what I propose which is a Socratic move is that we should rename let’s go to the higher end of 11th and call that wisdom and I wrote a book about this which is cold quads tools of cartography of Enlightenment in Loveland and joyous for wisdom Baba’s so it’s kind of a manual a kind of how to manual to reach Enlightenment in a relationship I will stand beside you sign like a Jewish marriage they sign a contract which is a very good idea you put down in writing it I will see you every Friday we will make passionate love I will see you you know what every full moon will will and it will make wonderful it rustic live in the woods and will always do it with my building a fire fast so you put down in writing where you want what I promise I will give you a massage every Wednesday afternoon and night and you will get me one every kind of revised as you got a loan I think or two it is you don’t lie to each other so you can get an honesty truthfulness if you want to reach tonight you have to follow the honesty, and that means being honest about your feelings and I think that it’s clear and Keith absolute key thing is you make a pledge not to do violence against each other out. So I hit me if you know any old style time do the monster comes along to pass up a couple of initiates and gives them initiation they have a Time tribulation so that’s fine this is a kind of week on weight we can’t wait for that because there aren’t enough in a tree monsters around and people hungry for enlightenment now this that’s the same many people out there so this is a kind of way of getting out to the masses of it but the cool thing is when you take that pledge is too cold out this is to place at non-violence and unfermented that is particularly challenging because men like to be in charge we was Stronger we like to kind of use of force and if young men are being sent off to fight Wars they come back with huge egos in a they want to be something that’s all going to stop we have to end that kind of crime misuse of energy which is what it’s about for the for the good food near us women also have to stop the violence and women often do variable Pilots I’ve noticed men a bit simpler creatures and I know this is a teacher of tall boys and girls in school so many as as well as adults and boys will be quiet and I think I’m hungry though fast things that go I really the ballmasters at abuse I don’t think I’m relationships you got women Softly on The Binding that console with in a verbal abuse that will stop but also so that’s one level of what happened the other level is through International transpersonal apply tonight in Port Perry to Interfaith peacemaking so we we’ve got a real problem on this part of the state of Israel and the state of Palestine which isn’t quite official locked in this ridiculous war is affiliated with the Jewish tradition says like the Jewish faith is saying we want to be aligned in our way the Palestinians are saying we want to be like then I’ll wait then you go Syria Lebanon Iran and all the other countries and then you got the Big Time Rush American will rest the geopolitics midnight but what I’m saying is instead of trying poems of each other instead of me being a terrorist and creeping up on you and stabbing your kibbutz or you coming and firing bullets at me over the fence in it whatever put all the guns down put all the swords weapons found in the Bible ones let’s compare maps of Enlightenment so I being pushed around Palestine a few times I’ve got many friends all signs of discomfort I studied Sufism with great Sufi teachers he’s giving me that maps of Enlightenment see if he’s incredible people and it includes the time for Kellerman feed the Muslim culture loves its Eros it it can I practice is at 12 but I will say being in this traffic looking to rabbis and capitalists and looking at being given the shed that got soccer field in my cement and the Kabbalah is old said that writing for Centra if you study the Kabbalah and that you know it’s a it’s an amazing system and in fact the map of the sephiroth witch familiar with the cabal that’s the Tree of Life diagram does 10 sefirot Madonna’s into this big time it’s exactly the same as the tantric chakras 100% goes back to the same common prayer start Roots so the shamanic ancestors of the people’s go back if you if you walk back in time twenty thousand years you’re talking about the same people that’s in a with their know the vignette developing time trial so in order to prove that I then wrote a book called a couple of reasons which is a linguistic stopping cuz I My love language and the origin of words I’ve already written a dictionary philosophical timing on my channel different languages cuz nobody thought of it for God’s sake when I went to Bristol university studies lost your eyes tell about language is the shape of a world but nobody. Will a cat that’s the case let’s let’s compare and contrast with other cameras for Life by what’s the word for enlightenment and asked if I’d do they have one what’s the word then I’m in the dialects that they speak in Mali the best words was like true love statue called called A semi in all different languages of the planet and then compare and contrast there a symbologist where they come from because Ken for as you probably know says that sound is is the way that the gods create this universe I can’t shopped the sound of all the goddess vac is how Brahma get in the beginning Manifest this entire universe and interests so incredibly the Bible that the Catalyst tradition says exactly the same I need the beginning God speaks light comes into bed and you got creation say what interested me an interesting is if we studied the origin of these first thought forms in clothes with sound in on one case the Hebrew tradition which is the Kabbalah screws and on the other let’s take into European languages let’s take the bring switch are the Scandinavian tradition of sacred alphabet connect to the god of the Rings is how you would that be a correlation traditionally in a bicycle doesn’t say no because of course you want to specialize in smyczek Starfall you specialize in Scandinavian they never talk to each other because I’m a kind of honneamise character am I wonder about house to different conferences what peace studies does I’ve sat in on the meetings of these people and yes I’ve realized you know and that’s what goes into my book on the Kabbalah rings I explain how the Kabbalah the sacred sound system which maps on the tree of life is the same as the real and switch my phone for the tree of yggdrasil which Odin is Chief God who travels about April cell which is where our planet lives we live on midgard in the middle of yggdrasil which is the Tree of Life what I argue in the book is this guy’s back to Common Roots so let’s celebrate I’m the irony the tragedy that horrible tragedy is that in the second world war with how much is among the Germans prosecution the Jews in song Some of the Germans will bring into the rooms right they thought they were very clever friend cousins the people that play The Killing that the great Jewish Scholars of Polo underwear together Anacapa tea made conferences they would have realized we are actually one people in the Bible is just the tip of the iceberg and if you could make a 3D image of all secret ex mankind you see that we’ll go back like roots of One Tree and that for the only solution to a problem this is global enlightenment Sunday weather we go that’s not some that’s enough of you. What I’ve been up to I could say more but you know I’ve been having to take any questions Novation I’m totally thrilled that you shared all that and I feel total residents with everything you said I’m going to just kind of give some affection for a minute I’ll say that my as I began to have tantric experiences glimpses of Enlightenment through protracted orgasmic States and really realizing that there’s other Pathways including including and transcending raw psychedelic experiences but the unity Consciousness experience it can be experienced or can be had for love making with the proper duration that requires this this asymmetrical training of male sexual physiology to be appropriately matched with the potential of the default female sexual physiology and that’s where you know it sounds like a clinical medical book but that’s that’s kind of my when I don’t have to be sassy to defeat the male ego he first must be humbled to the powers of Shakti and energy flow and orgasmic energy from the female and then if we if we train boys to philosophically understand that reference and peace and one is in Unity comes from Yoni worship and that true that practice you then have the sense of Brotherhood with all other fellow man and you have the sense of reverence for the what I would say is you know if I’m certain shaktism kind of Traditions that you would probably know more about there is a sort of a an aspiration to transcend the sort of them just the remedial or the just that I’m refined aspects of the male ego in the male psyche that that that are now running the war codes to the warrior course in the end of the warlord’s they’re basically they have a sip the nectar of the goddess and if they were to be Intoxicated by the next to the goddess they would just want to you know for drinks for other people and they’d all want to gather the ideology of or the politics of Yoni worship is 1 pieces that I have it is that you will have Global Peace World Peace when men collectively agree that they have more power and more grandiosity and more achievement to basically compare how deep they’ve gone to the goddess with their spiritual practice and it’s a pretty infinite you know Endeavor so that’s more time or Azonto less time vertical put down the expert down the sword and you know grab your cock really in start training it to be ready for the fires of the Oni and you will be too occupied in that state of bliss to even think about you no fighting over the name of the male God or trying to control territory so I see that that’s that I arrive at those conclusions just through having these experiences myself and and then when I discover your your video on YouTube the academic overview of Tantra and this sort of deeply moved by the also the conclusion of the ecological ethics that grow from being in love with yourself with your beloved and with the beauty and sacredness of peaceful nature and it’s it’s really a complete package and I just don’t know how it’s been a while dude I guess thanks to you I honestly I know that there’s been violence oppression and and Temple burnings and Raves and you know that the his father talked about so thank you again bro I puzzled over why why hasn’t everybody called it yet yeah why it why is why why why are people still telling lies and misusing intelligence to kill President so whatever bomb countries Sofia phobia which is the fear of wisdom I hypothesize in the book that it’s it’s a medical condition affecting some people they’re afraid was delicious as the opposite of philosophy and it’s to do with the you know it’s even in the Bible where afraid of the Serpent’s coming to even giving her too much knowledge because it’s dangerous say there’s a kind of esoteric version of Sofia phobia which was suffering from and so in our unconscious the collective unconscious Mankind we tend to kill prophets and on people that bring us wisdom you know I mean if you I mean I’m glad you’ll still be awake because you know what your back because if you give out too much they bump you off this is historically Factory what happens so as Christ that you have to be as wise as the serpent but innocent is a Dopp so you know this is why some of the greatest Sufi since on a they don’t go around with a big sign saying and I will see if you they just like her little shoe salesman or whatever I say we have to think of a 9 today to Sofia phobia I know all the suppression of time for the making everything a legal that can increase Consciousness so you know the FBI raiding you if your grind if you plant so YouTube to bring some Shiva Consciousness to a life ticket late but just you know preparing to smoke grass then get drunk on whiskey or whatever and that’s that’s the that’s the Sofia favorite coach of the living in how to watch the antidote tonight I miss is the question that I’ve I’ve been asking one of our educational institutions awesome I’m not helping like you ought to be able to go and do it do studies in your cycle town you know California should have a sitter and wisdom schools how many does but often they’re very expensive that for a kind of elite this should be Street knowledge and it in a I’m with Robin Hood’s Academy tool School in Sherwood Forest in Norfolk and I thought why don’t we have a global Green University like I can the green ones where Ordinary People want to make that Journey can men get access to all the stuff you don’t have to go to walk to go to one of them pay thousands and thousands of pounds to get a piece of paper so I set up a global Green University which is a still existing it’s it’s for love it’s for students at 1 to study for foundly whatever they can do 10 troll Druid Real History of the Vietnam War anyting but from a deeper and more engaged and more politically intelligent perspective than conventional Academia as I said it because I would say just in Sean’s with with the way I could see me has been taken over by the military-industrial complex excetera excetera and peace studies is the central thing about Jane that’s my medicine 22 Countess fear phobia and the loving relationship when I call the wisdom of fat between two in a people committed to that journey of in life is the most profound vehicle you can have that and the sexual experience in its pure form of you know that’s a in license practice to the vehicle of the body’s erupt experience wow can be an extraordinary will be what I hope will be an ongoing series of conversations to get deeper into a lot of these specific areas and again going back to the the academic overview of Tantra there’s so many gems in that thesis or something kind of beer a Prelude to a fault the first follow-up conversation if I could just kind of pull some highlights from why this is going to be for anyone listening to this episode I mean the reason this is happening is because of how profoundly moved I was by that specific unit of teaching and wisdom transference the witches that academic overview of Tantra video and in that if I could just kind of highlight a few things I would say that the this is so I’m evil first of all anybody who’s ever watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom has a culturally built in reference point for the Distortion of the colonization of Hindu Tantra in India and the bastardization of goddess worship and the sort of demon is Big literally the demonization of a goddess who slays demons, exactly so the what needs to happen is it is a corrected version of I’ve also fantasized about there being a moment where Harrison Ford imself will go bow down before a true goddess Kali figurine or statue at A real Temple and actually make some donations to to rebuild the Glorious epic traditions of Kali worship as the protector of children and is the Slayer of demons not the enslaver of children and the the Demonic that was such a complete Distortion and buggy called did exist and is you know you probably know more about than I do but there is that they sort of I mean it would be like saying every Christian is a child molester to say that the thuggee cult and their method of Kali worship if there was even sacrifice and what not. That was just characteristic of everyone doing it so anyway there’s a lot to sort out there and when I when I came across your work and in just in that video which is obviously the tip of the iceberg that really piqued my interest because this is the kind of research that’s going to be required to sort out the schools of Tantra that were practicing forms of black magic that the forms of of manipulation and power and abuse in that those those hyperbolized Trends or threads within the history of time. So surprising that out from the peace-loving the goddess worshiping and the sort of next time just to summarize my mind to this is that any school that says there’s a shortage of Enlightenment and that you can only get it if you do this will give me that money you can stand in the KA for 20 years and you know whatever I can disarray in the world’s religious and spiritual teaching trash is that they are based on the idea of a scarcity of Enlightenment was suffering from God shortage shortage and so you can’t get your goat ass because ex-wife had if we had this conversation in some parts of the world like Saudi Arabia I be arrested as a witch from you be arrested them in a special branch of the police that comes in the rest of you and I’m not joking because you even just have to meditate in front of a candle in Saudi Arabia and do some yoga and you are arrested literally is which I think this is shocking that ain’t allowed philosophy teaching in schools that’s just one example but that’s one of the base of a magical places on the time that I Sofia fell back and then prednisone is called shortage I’m so I’m you and I trying to do the same thing from different ends of the planet you’re trying to awaken people to that to that right to Devotion to to the Palace. Vero’s to the game with the fellas you know the lingo the the beauty of that incredible system of magic that we come from it needs to be studied and this is true reference right. Just finished with one thing to do you know I think they just found them a drawing in the in the desert somewhere in it I think in Israel will just just just south of Israel in in the Sinai of Yahweh and his wife and you always have you seen this also it’s a very ancient illustration scratched onto a stone from the time when the Hebrew tribes arriving about the Tesla something in that place audiologist to study this site and it was occupied by ancient Jewish ancestors and some of the writing the text and so I may indicate is picture of Yahweh the gulf and his consort asherah the Gomez and they’re very erotic graysexual you always got a great in a phallus that I’m so excited this is the time to go over some of them up to that is yes and say why is that suppress like if I go into Orthodox popsicle throat spots of Jerusalem and I’m shoving something by the woman I’m trying too much flashing I’ll be stoned and the same in parts of Europe will say what I think we can make it another time we have to turn on its head beside your heresy of Orthodoxy the people that claim to be with the dogs are actually the Heretics and the Tantrums voice the Heretics of the Heretics blachly with the most Orthodox of the Orthodox in the sense of the Greek word to go straight to truth cuz that’s what Orthodox means going straight to truth and I and I we will want to go straight to truth and then we can have fun beautiful. Thank you again so much exactly what I intended was just a teaser or salad bar where what led you what led up to the offerings that you do have and that I found in that video and now I’ve got so many more rabbit holes to Explorer from what you’ve accomplished and yeah I feel like I will spend some time to really dressed out some some pointed questions from that to kind of be a supplement to that video cuz is it in my evolving sort of web-based contract school where I’m just sort of sharing what comes in a sort of rebroadcasting what comes my way through my path that is really the most foundational piece right there 222 Orient people to there is a physical time. There’s a historical timeline and there’s a physical Dimension to the evolution of of Tantra and it really it it’s got to go back as far as the shamanic roots of pagan goddess figurines and you know I found citations were the dark goddess figurines were worship 20,000 years before civilization in India and so you know the and then this is sort of the the interplay between the Sanskrit the importation of the Sanskrit Language by Aryans and then the indigenous original pre-vedic this is all such juicy material that I feel like if you just show up somewhere and they say this is how it’s done they don’t unpack that maybe I think a lot of people just don’t know the deeper Roots so if you were going to be her definitely fit the giving us the sort of framework to begin deeper inquiry and so again I just can’t thank you enough and we’ll definitely yeah go from there and now I know that there’s so many other dimensions and I fully agree there’s will be and then please you know share final thoughts and end in your websites and ways people can connect with you but want one of my Thanh truoc teachers he had a very simple schematic of understanding tantric philosophiae I guess you could say and basically was it there’s there’s only ever been you can you can pretty much Place societies and cultures throughout the world in either Tantra corn on contract categories based on the qualities of what that means and that means you know on the tundra category a category of people who are celebrating pleasure and life and being grateful for the gift of life and not shaming or being afraid of icer saying wisdom Sophia I’ll be able to embracing the the pleasures of life and the Mystery of Life and not suppressing it or fighting it violently in themselves or others and her people who were on the way of being which is the suppression of all of that good in and fun stuff and so you can pretty much measure you know it even any decision or you moving in in either direction of a fear or love and so yeah I feel like that’s kind of a secret kind of a secret just a modern initiated in in in in order passport at a modern teacher but I’m sworn to secrecy I would die with just add one slight he wants to that which is I’d say this in the oxy one Puff we’re all on the time it’s just that some of us on this planet haven’t realized it yet and that stupid Behavior tell me why you cannot take to what this planet is actually for where is actually this is a great Temple of the god of us all to be that worship wisdom and Sofia were sure I stay if you want my web sites and things I suppose the best thing to look up his education aide. Net triple-double education eight. Net connections to most of my stuff like Grand Central Station I’ve got ladies website right and then this is Maurice moment she’s cool Global Green University don’t come where people can listen to lots of my teachings I’ve been doing, trees on the whale sacred texts might the Bible the Koran the books of Enoch which interests me and things like that in another world on that I put them between universities like open University online people can access the teachings app great a great honor to talk to you you’re a great guy but inside me to build myself yeah those talks and then I’ll catch up on some of that and then we’ll schedule schedule something again the near future and I hope they listening is excited to hear and learn more and please do check out the websites and yeah with that Thomas thank you again for your time and will be very soon, chess yes I can I buy you for listening to the podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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