Survival Wombyn Eco-Educational Role Modeling Project

Hello Dear Beloved,
Thank you for visiting the Survival Wombyn Eco-Educational Role Modeling Project!

I’m currently recruiting female models who would like to help lead an eco-feminist revolution in modeling! This is a not-for-profit project, donations and proceeds of any revenue beyond production costs will go to build Permaculture Goddess Temples that provide ecological employment for single mothers and female veterans.

Please contact me if you would like to become a model or would like to help in any way. Interns and volunteers are always welcome and contractors of various types are always needed so feel free to send CVs and resumes. While I’m not yet hiring for any part or full-time positions, skills that will be needed occasionally from independent contractors include:

  • Research
  • Technical advisement
  • Location scouting
  • Recruitment
  • Legal advisement
  • Data entry
  • Document preparation
  • Multi-media editing
  • Social media marketing

Here is a video of Herb Spiral Iris explaining her life mission:


When I was a boy, I was enchanted by the female form, the majestic whole woman. When my older male friends started to show me adult hardcore magazines I was offended and confused by their crude objectification of the models. They were more interested in the close-up action than the beauty of the emotional expressions. There was no natural and healthy context in those photographs and it hurt my heart.

Much later in life I discovered through sacred sexual healing and psychedelic shamanic ceremony that I was sexually abused as a child. No wonder I didn’t vibe with the predator energy of the older boys. I always yearned for medicinal love and sex, and the peace and serenity of wild nature.

I built a career as a sustainable edible landscape designer and as my personal healing journey has progressed, I have discovered my own calling as both an ecological and sexual healer. The Survival Wombyn project is one of my attempts to restore whole natural beauty to human sexuality. I endeavor to depict models in an innocent, wholesome, Edenic manner that transcends the shackles of abusive fetishes, and commercialized pimp culture.

In addition to re-positioning the home of eros back into nature, I feel compelled to empower women as role-models so they can demonstrate ecological values, knowledge, and skills.

Rather than simply depict women enraptured in the sensuousness of natural settings, my goal is to feature their integration into nature through gardening, natural building, appropriate and sustainable technology, primitive skills, herbalism, and more.

Most of my female lovers and friends are diverse, beautiful Eco-Warrior Goddesses who can train mainstream models in these ecological arts, sciences, and technologies. The alternative edge can and will revolutionize and enlighten the dominant modeling industry paradigm. While much of the modeling industry defaults to a low form of black magic, titillating the vacuous male gaze and exploiting women’s beauty to sell products that harm the environment, we can do better with conscious, intentional, consensual green magic!

When I am reborn, I want it to be in a future world where the intoxicating power of female beauty is intelligently used to keep men in a permanent state of graceful worship and service. Peace, prosperity, equality, and harmony can be restored when men lay down their axes and swords, and live in loving devotion to the divine, earthly, and human feminine essence.

-Ben (Tantra Punk)