Spiritual Love Life Coaching Sessions

tp-prayer-1 copyDo you need a guardian angel to care for your spiritual love life? I would be honored to help guide you towards your highest sensual and erotic potential. Whether you’re single, dating, or in a committed relationship of any style, I can help. As a trained tantric  counselor I can confidently support you in your efforts to optimize your performance in the following areas:

  • self love training
  • sacred set and setting design
  • romantic skill development
  • erotic fitness
  • magical manifestation
  • healthy communication strategies
  • illuminating the shadow
  • emotional blockage removal
  • recovery from trauma
  • and more!

Please email me at ben [at] tantrapunk [dot com] or call 818-275-1593 to schedule a FREE 30 minute introductory session so we can chart a course based on your needs, wants, and means.


“We meditated together, kneeling and sitting cross-legged breathing deeply and visualizing all of our negative energy leaving our physical bodies and entering the Earth. A pure energy was envisioned as entering our bodies through our chakra systems, beginning at the root chakra and meeting the divine cosmic energy coming down from the crown chakra, as a complete system. I felt incredibly free, connected and safe. It was truly divine.”


“Love your third video!  Keep them coming!  It is so amazing that you share your body and experience with us so we can experience them ourselves. I feel your energy and feel like I am living through your experience.  I love the exercises…I am going to take your advice and try some of the techniques in your ebook.  Watching the videos, you really know your body!!  I am in my early thirties and it is amazing how little I know about my own body.”


“I feel that I’ve been permanently changed for the better as a result of my contact with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s considering working with him in any capacity.”


“I was introduced to the concept of “non-ownership types of relationships”. And understanding how the common, “promise to love the other forever”, is only realistic if you are clairvoyant and can see the future; Otherwise, that vow leads to taking the other for granted, guilt/manipulation/control tactics, deception and disappointments. Navigating my own personal comfort level in seeking non-ownership guidelines in a monogamous relationship was revolutionary to me. I was taught how boundaries and agreements could be set to protect the desired partnership while encouraging honest transparency, and the full potential for self-expression and growth in all parties. For me, the best way to get to know a potential love interest, was to agree initially to a set period of non-commitment dating, while also, withholding sex for that time (Or unless, otherwise, given the fast-track approval by said love-life advisor). 3 months was the recommended standard time to serve as a buffer to keep manipulation and physical/emotional oxytocin bonding at bay.

The Importance of having an Alter or vision board to hone intentions of manifestation; A clear vision of what I wanted to attract into my life; The desired, ultimate whole picture and how it would make me feel. In dating, I was taught to ask questions such as, “What does this man, I am considering, do for the environment”; “Does he care at all”; “What is his stance or potential to worship the feminine divine/Mother earth”; “How has he been treating the women in his life thus far”?(which would reveal how he will ultimately treat me). The spiritual character of a potential mate had to be in alignment (or desired to be in alignment) with my own, in order to be a fundamental corner stone in which to build upon.

The dysfunctional cycles I had been unconsciously auto-piloting into, were addressed, explained and rewired. I was taught to understand the nature and origin of destructive entities that can influence ones personality or even put us into possession-like states.. and how to recognize and disassociate from that unconscious (lower-self) auto-piloting moving forward .. Incorporating energy cleansing techniques involving 432 hertz music/Om frequency, dance, meditation, breathing, Tantric techniques to raise energy, Pranic healing sweeps, salt water baths, etc.

How to Incorporate rituals of pleasure with a partner and the importance of daily flirting/touch.. Not necessarily daily full body massages, but where passing by your lover, automatically involves some form of affection; kissing/fondling/grinding, to keep the flame burning.. While also maintaining balance and conservation of my lovers Chi.

… And so much more valuable lessons and insight gained.. Thank you, infinitely, for your help in manifesting the love of my life! He is everything I could’ve hoped for and more! Words cannot come close to expressing what I am feeling… I am Blessed beyond belief”


Ben spent many hours over the phone helping me through a difficult time in my life. I was feeling really lonely in my relationship and ended up doing something I later regretted. It was helpful to speak to someone that was open and non judgmental to my situation. I was able to collect myself and accept the fate of my relationship, either way it went. I’m really grateful for Ben’s encouragement to have patience and communicate from a loving place.