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Natrishka PicIn this episode I’m joined by Natrishka a yoga instructor, sacred sexuality instructor, personal fitness trainer and much more. I discovered her videos on You Tube and appreciated the down to earth no non-sense approach she has to empowering us to explore, train, and condition our whole beings for better love, sex, and spiritual development. We discuss best practices and she offers guidance and insights to inform some of my work-in-progress templates for sacred love making protocols and procedures.

About Natrishka:

Natrishka is a Spirited Sex guide for singles, couples and those without a label.
Her mission is to create positive sex culture and language one orgasm at a time.

Erotic Literature with a Lesson or Jack off and Learn something is a playful collection
of stories she is composing directed to her male youtube audience.

The re education of Men’s sexuality is the key to the empowerment and safety of women and children. The amount of sexual abuse and trauma that touches us all needs a new approach. Instead of healing what has been done, can we be proactive and make changes so the patterns do not continue? Can we brake down the walls of shame, guilt and suffering when we think of the word sex? Natrishka teaches workshops on spirited sexuality, yoni yoga for optimizing orgasm and private session.

You can find her on NatrishkaTV on YouTube or email her directly for more information oh her audio series launching January 2017
natrishkanatrishka [at] gmail [dot] com

Her work Bio:
Natrishka is a wellness professional providing a full spectrum experience for those seeking impactful change in their daily lives.

She is a superb listener as she takes your core needs to heart.Natrishka has worked with executives, top dog entrepreneurs, yoga enthusiasts, athletes, busy moms and seekers.

Some of her greatest accomplishments are working with the local women of Nosara concerning nutrition, fitness, sex and self love. Also, sharing an aerobic’s dance class with over 50 sex trafficking survivors at sunrise in Cambodia.

NYI Restorative Yoga Teacher
BCRPA Personal Trainer and Aerobic Instructor
Prema Method Indian Crown Massage teacher and practitioner
Advanced Reiki Teacher and practitioner
Spirited Sex Consultant, Tao Tantric arts
Vipassana Lover
Mother of 1
Soul Surfer

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 80 I am doing interview here with Felicity feline who is one of the world’s only perhaps only but one of the world’s foremost holistic pornstars which anybody who’s listen to The Show for a while is going to know that this is a very exciting moment for me because I have been working so tirelessly to bridge these gaps between sacred sexuality XXX and holistic living and ecological Consciousness so when I found Felicity feline on sexy I kind of my jaw just dropped because the list of her accomplishments and what she’s up to is like I want to I want to I want to Crown you as Miss Universe 2016 based on what I’ve read in one paragraph so yeah if there was a pageant where we were really valuing the accomplishments in the types of character that XXX actresses really can and can develop and I am in do have but it’s kind of ignored Austin you really yeah have stepped up and in some big ways so if that’s not too much of a bill that I love for you to talk about your life story how you found this pass and and then we’ll go into some dialogue about what you’re up to and your future and how we can become fan so without further Ado Felicity please take away thank you for having me I appreciate you reaching out just start I mean I really just want to say my journey I can assist early say it’s been the easiest path but it’s my past you know and it’s a very unique for me and it’s been difficult but I ultimately feel really blessed because I’ve been able to basically find a way to do what I want and monetize and just become successful from it but I mean to start I would say I’ll start with just kind of my background I’m originally from Long Island I grew up there spend my childhood there and I had a really great upbringing I have a wonderful family and really close with them I was a really athletic child’s I spend a lot of time Outdoors I live very close to a nature preserve and the beach in the river and I was always outside playing I’m very connected with nature and my dad he especially is also very in tune with nature and he definitely made it a priority and in all of our lives so you know I have that basically that kind of fuel of my childhood and my parents put me into music at an early age so I started playing the drums since elementary school and I’ve always just been a very high-energy person and I need Outlets I kind of go crazy if I can’t get my energy out somehow so Sports drawing that was really my my main thing growing up as I got older I really started getting heavily more into music and art and I continue with sports but I I kind of mentioned to you before I have the mild case of scoliosis so an early age I kind of wanted to strengthen my spine and make it so much straight so I can continue to play certain Sports and do gymnastics and I really got into yoga and I found that it was really censoring for me because like I said I was extremely high-energy so it was one of those things that helped calm me down and just help me focus and in a way it was like meditation from it you know cuz it was hard for me to just sit still you know I always wanted to be doing something so you know I stay like I got into yoga and an element Elementary School more like middle school high school and you know I just kind of stuck with it so that was sort of my introduction with that and I’ve always been somewhat of an exhibitionist you can say you know I’m I’m very outgoing and outspoken and I was pretty comfortable with my sexuality growing up in the beginning I was kind of a tomboy and I was very skinny and gawky as a kid I didn’t really have curves I was very just flat and bony so I wasn’t really like confident in that realm like I didn’t I didn’t really like look at myself as a feminine goddess or anything you know I kind of I looked at myself more as like does nerdy little Band Geek or something I struggle to gain weight when I was younger and I didn’t get my menstrual cycle so I was team so kind of got it pretty late and I’m kind of against artificial hormones are really want to go on birth control but this is isshin recommended that I do cuz my I just for some reason my body and have enough fat to produce hormones and I was really into nutrition to him and I was trying everything to just regulate my hormones but finally I went on birth control kind of like jumpstart my body and got my. I I got boobs you know like I started to even out and my metabolism slow down a little bit I quit Sports 2 in high school I just like it was too much for me I was starting to burn out from from doing so much and I was just focusing more on drumming and music and art so once I got my menstrual cycle and I started to become more of a woman I really was starting to get a lot of attention you know and I was getting more in touch with my sexuality I started experimenting more and I’ve always been more of a monogamous person like I I like to just date someone and and just give them all my love but you know I had my times were when I was single I was definitely you know China just see who was my type and having fun and I was flirtatious you know what I mean but in college then I kind of started settling down a house with one or two people for a while and it was about I was 20 or 19 or 20 when I was working in San Diego and I was what I was working at a car show and this man approached me about doing an amateur film for porn at the time I had been modeling a lot and doing a lot of like risque things and I’m what I say risque I mean like nude modeling and erotic stuff you know what I mean but I had no horn iwebcam to little bit but I was a little shy about it but I was so curious and you know I couldn’t really deny the fact that I wanted to try it and I’ve always been pretty comfortable you know like I said with myself and I thought about it for a few months and I also wanted to buy this new motorcycle so I kind of put two and two together and that is a reason to fucking break your porn virginity to get a motorcycle that is fucking you’re going to laugh when you when you hear what happened with his motorcycle anyway I did it you know why I decided after few months I had a had the card and I contacted them and I’m like you know what I think I want to try this my only regret is that I was kind of stating someone I mean it was really in the early stages of the relationship but I I kind of lied about it and that’s just the one thing I really regret you know if I were to say do I regret anything just wish I would have been honest you know it was stupid for me to not just say the truth but I was kind of nervous about you know just the fact that I was doing what I was doing and I really wasn’t thinking about the consequences I guess well you can write a song about that huh you know why I went and I did my first film in San Diego and it was really easy and the only thing that’s slightly intimidated me was there was so many lights it was so bright you know I can see like every flaw like this like a rotisserie chicken no I felt like I was like in a stadium in these just bright lights were glaring on me but anyway it went fine and I forgot about it you know after I did it for a while and then a few months later it came out and everyone started finding out my small town on Long Island and it just was a shitshow you know I mean everyone was just making comments and this Synod and the person I was seeing obviously was really hurt by it and what not but that was the hardest part you know in when I always tell people that are curious about doing porn I tell them that doing the porn isn’t necessarily the hardest part it’s the aftermath especially in the beginning you know it’s once it’s out just knowing that it’s out forever and anyone can see it you have to be able to deal with that and stomach it you know what I mean you can’t take it back so once I did that essentially my life was kind of changed forever you know it as dramatic as it sounds it’s true it’s the most dramatic thing you can do on Scream so if you went to college for nutrition and I have a pretty good academic background 2 and my parents at first cuz they found out you know I didn’t tell them right away they were a little bit hurt in the beginning they just didn’t understand why I would do that you know they said you have so many so many talents you know why it why would you do that and I just said honestly mom I was curious like I couldn’t help it like I just wanted to see what it was like cuz I’m just the type of person that I really want to try to experience everything right so you’re going to have to try everything once at least is it will kill me you know it will that will be the death of me I just I just enjoy experiencing things whether or not I am truly passionate about it sometimes I just like to try it just to know what it’s like you know what I mean is you’re into a strategy to write so what is your sign if if you will cuz I’m just now I’m like really curious if it’s his astrological determinism and I should be a Leo but my mom got a C-section so I came out a few days early cuz I was born July 21st I was supposed to be like July 27th or something so my rising sign is Aquarius my moon is Aries my Mercury is in Venus my I mean that my Mercury is in Leo my Venus is in Leo my Mars is in Taurus so I have a lot of fire in my chart then I have kind of a mix of all the elements I guess that I’m really into astrology cuz my grandma was an astrologist and I was like the only grandchild that expressed interest in that I would just I swallowed everything she told me you know I was fascinated by it but anyways so after that I bought that motorcycle and I kind of just shifted gears literally in my life you know I was trying to make sense of of the direction I was going and I was trying to make it work with the person I was dating and gain his trust back and I was really unsure about continuing porn after I did it and it was a while before I did another one it was almost an entire year and I had tried to make it work with that person for about a year just didn’t work out and with that motorcycle I bought this is my first spike it was a Ninja 250 I had racked so many speeding tickets like I got in a lot of trouble and then I got to CBR 500 and I kind of got in this like racing incident in New York with one of my friends and he surrendered in and pulled over and I thought there was only one cop so I kept going and I got off at my exit and I get into the service road and there’s three cops waiting their lights go on I just I was fucked. Actors for your next phone when you throw if you produce your own you got to reenact the scene seduce the cop and get off the list of the ticket play helmet off and they were shocked I was a female but I was crying literally this thousands of sexual whip beg them not to take my yeah so I got my license suspended for about two and a half years and I was really kind of in a hole after that I was doing a lot of sales jobs for these nutritional companies and I was making good money doing that and I used to drive everywhere you know I was driving was so important to me and I suddenly got everything taken away so I sold my bike so I sold my truck I sold my dirt bike I sold my surfboard I sold so much shit just packed up I went to Arizona for a while and I was just doing a lot of contemplating out there in the desert trying to Center myself and figure out what I wanted to do and you know I also was playing the drums still and I want to do something with music and anyway when I was out there I had another opportunity to do another amateur film so I did that helps me a little bit with the bills I had to pay then when I was out there I had opportunity to be on Ink Master so I flew back to New York I went on that show and oh actually excuse me the timeline is fuzzy that company II company I worked with they they liked me so much that they actually paid for my trip to the AVN Awards and I went there and you know I was kind of a nobody at that point but this is really important because at that time when I went to the AVN Awards and granted like I was still pretty new to the industry that really changed my perspective towards porn because I had never really been that much into form to be honest like I never really watched it that much and like I’m a sexual person but I’m very like I guess you could say I’m kind of like a hopeless romantic you know I like to be in love and I really enjoy building a connection with someone but I don’t know I was very just on the fence about whether or not I wanted to really be in the adult industry but when I went to the AVN Awards I was surrounded by all these pornstars and everyone was just so exuberant they were they were so like audacious and full of life and happy and I started to realize that why am I questioning my identity like I made the decision to do porn and I’m surrounded by all these people who are embracing who they are and I need to do this like I need to embrace myself and stop being insecure about what I did because I was getting harassed pretty badly to buy it by people and you know people were linking my real name to my stage name and my reputation essentially was tainted ever you know I could never get rid of that decision I made so I realized at that point like I should just embrace it so when I was at the AVN Awards Ink Master called me asked if I want to be on the show and I’m like okay yeah so they be in top and then I went on Ink Master and what I was filming I’m at my ex on that show and he had won season 3 of Ink Master and we started seeing each other after the show we were working tattoo Expos together and I told him that what I had done you know that I had done foreign and he said that if I wanted to be with him he couldn’t he would want me to stop so I said okay I will you know so I stopped for a while and I actually had done one more film before I went on the show and I shot for I don’t want to say regrettably but I shot for facial abuse and that was probably the most questionable decision I ever made in porn cuz it kind of pigeon-holed me a little bit you know like it was fine working with them you know in during the scene everything was fine they were really respectful and treated me well despite how brutal it looks but if it’s just the aftermath owners of that company don’t really care about the girls and they just kind of want to latch onto their career and anyway so I told him I had done one more Scene that hadn’t come out yet so it will come out eventually and I just hope that you can deal with it so he said oh yeah that’s fine you know blah blah and about you know for five months later we were dating and things are going well I did kind of discover he had some alcohol issues and it was progressively getting a little bit worse but the scene came out and he did not cope with it well you know it was really difficult cuz I had warned him about it and this was before I even knew him so feeling nothing’s going to prepare you for that you just kept saying I can’t believe you did this you know you have no respect for yourself this and that and that was really hard to deal with and then a relationship and like I kind of realized that it was probably always going to be an issue so we tried to make it work for about another four five six months but it just stop it just was going downhill and his drinking was getting worse and so the week of my birthday he was like in these binges and of alcohol and drugs and I don’t even drink alcohol and I live like a really pretty much sober life except for cannabis so I had to leave you know why I realized it was so unhealthy and he was always going to make me try to regret what I did and I can’t live like that so I left and when I got out of that relationship it was kind of like the final straw for me I realized that I need to stop just dealing with this bullshit you know questioning myself I I was going to this late identity crisis I realized I needed to just take advantage of the fact that I did porn and use it to my advantage use it as a promotional tool you know help me build a brand so I asked her like going back and forth to Los Angeles and San Diego for about a year I just moved out to LA permanently and before I did that I worked for some couple of other companies and I got out to LA and I started working for bigger companies and I had an agent and I was starting to take porn seriously going with Fox models but yeah so I just I decided to fully embrace it you know and in the past years I like I said I was kind of getting harassed about it and people are trying to make me feel bad and talk shit about me and that people are posting threads all over the Internet about me and it’s just that one side completely embraced it and came out with it and just said yeah I do porn and you know what I’m a musician I’m a Rockstar if you have a problem with how I fucking live like go fuck yourself you know what I mean I just stopped caring at all and I realized I need to just fall Embrace who I am and everything stops the harassment stops you know I I started to get a lot of support and attention and end my brand trademarked my stage name I made a logo I just started taking advantage of everything and I’m building you know I wonder if that you know we’ll talk more in a bit about the spirituality aspect but it’s I was just having a flashback from the secret where it’s like some of the negativity that you may have been attracting could have been sort of coming through a dress like a like a draft of cold wind in it and with it with his a hole in the wall where your self-doubt was actually partially generating some of that negative energy but then when you Rose to total confidence in ownership then that draft got shut off and babe fucked off right like you stood up to the bullies or something is that is that sound accurate absolutely you know I I realized to anyone that was attacking me these are people that are just insecure with their own lives and their need to attack others and you know I’ve always known this but it’s just I of course I like to be liked you know who doesn’t like I’ve always been somewhat of a loner and an outcast but at the same time like I I feel better when people support me and like me you know but I’ve always kind of felt like an underdog and I just told myself yeah laugh now I was like but you guys just wait just wait and I used all that negative energy as fuel to just push myself as an incentive as an impetus to prove everyone wrong including myself you know I wanted to prove to myself that I can work with these big companies I can do anything I want if I set my mind to it and that’s what I really started doing I mean I I set some goals for myself and I told myself you know and however long I’m going to have my own place in La I’m going to get my driver’s license back I’m going to have my medical card I’m going to do all these things and I fucking did you know and I just literally I manifested My Reality by just focusing my energy enough you know and I sometimes like I Amaze even myself you know like I’ll I’ll dream of things are all Focus so much on certain things that I want and I will get it you know and absolutely well yeah do you have any more to add to the timeliners or can we start to explore a bit some of these dimensions of your your lifestyle I mean to go on a ramp ramp in about a the my background I just know please that was perfect that was you know you could write a book seriously you know start start writing chapters outlining the chapters this is very interesting unique story and you know yes please it was a blessing in and I’ll say that what what I’m so excited about is that you are standing in some ways probably very I don’t to see you standing alone but you know there’s a lot of stereotypes about how all porn actresses were sexually abused as children and their damaged goods and they’re on drugs and they’re just totally broken and it’s just their being chewed up and spit out by the industry and then they have no future and that’s a stereotype and it’s people like you who are standing out as examples of really empowered healthy balance and even spiritually aware even Yogi so you can’t use the argument against poor and that it’s exploiting disempowered performers if there’s a narrative about how you found this is a way to quit your day job and get your life moving in a direction you wanted and also shed a lot of haters and shaved you know jealousy and other inhibitions to your total sexual freedom and Liberation and empowerment so that’s my new no overview of of what I’m hearing and so too kind of I have some very specific questions one would be since you have a background in holistic health and plant-based diet and all these things there’s there’s a number of issues that affect specifically female adult performers and one is let’s say a very Unholy stick habit of excessive douching that leads to Chronic you know problems with the onias is is one thing do you have any practice or have any advice for performers about proper holistic care of their pelvic region for all of this activity that becomes your are you at your at your body is your your sort of vehicle for your career so I got to take care of it the body Temple before I live a really pure lifestyle and you know I don’t do drugs I don’t drink alcohol except cannabis but I eat a manly raw food diet you know I don’t like to label myself I’m not a complete vegan cuz I take a lot of supplements that aren’t vegan like krill oil and fish oil but having like a high alkaline diet will automatically balance your pH just set you up for overall a healthier Foundation but there are certain things that I do I mean like I take a lot of supplements when I know I’m shooting a lot of Zane can just turn herbs like oregano oil and to strengthen my immune system you know because I’m kind of a germophobe and because porn you are essentially exposed to more germs especially in certain situations so you know I do like to kind of make sure my body is is strengthened in that way but as far as keeping my vaginal area safe I immediately like I do take probiotics and I’ll take some things to prevent any UTIs like cranberry extract and mannose powder things like that but also I do a douche lmtv the contents out and I’ll put half apple cider vinegar raw apple cider vinegar jobs apply clove Bud oil and whatever essential oils I have you know and the oregano oil is great just you know I don’t overdo it cuz then I can burn myself but yeah so I make a really powerful do she know and I use that after I make sure that if I’m using any lube that it’s it’s good it’s it’s not like I like coconut oil but sometimes it does get kind of messy onset so I have this like organic Lube that I got its me Liam it’s mainly just aloe and it has a lavender oil in it and vanilla oils whatever two different things in it but make sure I have kind of a really really good smoothie with different green powders in there and like spirulina and chlorella and I just really make sure I cleanse myself you know when I do shoot a lot of anal so that’s kind of another thing cuz I don’t really do anal in my private life that much why don’t really have a sex life out of horn right now but I’m not really into anal put it that way but when I do shoot it I prepped really well you know what I’ll I’ll fast for a day so there’s nothing in my tubes or I’ll just have all liquids you know and then the same as with the douches I make sort of my own concoctions I’ll make enemas with concoctions to like I put activated charcoal in a lot of my enemas and that actually kind of soaks up any excess liquid or or diarrhea or anything like that and yeah so I don’t really have any problems on Sat as far as that goes and I’ve never gotten add STD or infection porn yet knock on wood you know I just did not realm it’s all about prepping you know what I mean and just making sure you clean yourself while after and you know definitely taking supplements right on ya I have some that I mean this is music to my ear is because I am feeling like I’m sort of applying these principles to my own Sexual Health as a performer and and I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve consulted with people and really are so many of the infections that we take for granted all of viral and bacterial infections really are just facilitated by poor diet and poor overall health and wellness and we could really actually be exposed to so many things including STIs on a routine basis and just have the robot the robot stay city of of immune system to fight them off and it’s like candida is a huge factor that I’ve if there’s if there’s excessive candida systemic candida of all things than really your immune system is compromised chronically at the week or points of scan the mucous membrane so I can just imagine you really packaging your system as a training program as a consultancy have you experienced other actresses on set who have been asking you what your secrets are if you’ve sort of coach started coaching anyone I just see you as being so such a beam of light for so many people who are just being really obviously in a mini ways abused and for their ignorance and naivety and just the STIs that are for a lot of people taking as a given his occupational hazard that they’re not about to wear condoms and put goggles on to try to prevent with rubber and plastic but if you prevent it with what you’re talking about it’s a whole new story so any experience with just with that with being kind of taking on a leadership role there I really try you know I’m not a pushy person like I don’t like to push things on people unless they’re genuinely interested I definitely give as much advice as possible you know two other performers like I’ve a lot of performers have asked me things and I’ll recommend supplements to them especially things because herpes is definitely an issue in I don’t want to say an issue but it is a common thing that some performers deal with and certain supplements like lysine and which is the amino acid and caprylic acid which is in from coconut. Those two supplements alone are known to cure or prevent herpes stronger than prescription medicine so you know I tell performers to get these supplements you know oregano oil this that and to douche with apple cider vinegar and they usually follow my instructions you know where they are I’ll help them make something or or give them some of my stuff you know but it just depends someone’s willingness you know I’d I know some people like think it’s weird what I do and I know I I I don’t want to say you’re ignorant but like I said I don’t like to push something on someone unless they’re they’re open-minded about let you know but I’ve definitely thought about incorporating my nutritional background into the adult world I I really would like to make my own line of enemas are douches douches and supplements Tucanos specifically Target performers are people working in the adult industry now kind of my next move right on yeah dude I think they’re called let me see if I can find this I’m looking at this company called fine ass marketing and here we go offering comfortable rates and incomparable Services Finance marketing caters to an array of clients in the sexual health wellness and entertainment Fields providing marketing branding and public relations expertise in addition to talent management the company also provides a lucrative platform for industry networking creative synergistic relationships between new and established businesses yeah it goes on I’ll say I spoke with these folks and they were very positive about my sort of thumb conceived trajectory as a holistic adult performer and I think that I’m not connected with them through any affiliate marketing but I just feel like wow there needs to be a team wrapped around you yesterday because you could be preventing so much suffering with the wisdom and knowledge you have so I’m just going to like sit here with my Goosebumps right now and just yeah I hope you pull in that Vision I don’t know if this is the right Lisa this is just what’s out there mean yeah I just can’t I thought about them immediately you do have a publicist or you don’t besides just to you know booking agent but do you have a publicist that is going to help you developed all this potential branding you know in product development stuff I’ve been looking for someone to really help me with PR you know and I almost worked with this management team or for music but the thing that’s difficult is that I need I need someone in NPR that is able to work with me and all my directions you know because it’s like I the pouring is one thing the music’s one thing and then the nutritional stuff is is one thing too and I just need someone I can kind of fit in exactly you don’t I mean that’s flexible I’m just you know so I’ll figure it out eventually you know but as far as your own all the things that you can do yourself DIY style do you have a have you or would you consider putting out YouTube videos that are kind of what you can actually I don’t want to say get away with but if you have the option to check a box on YouTube it says this is adult you know we’re mature content so it filters out users who are underage and if they don’t have if they’re not login they can’t watch it and what being logged in as their certification that they are of legal age so given that I think a lot of people don’t know that if you’re not doing things that are extremely a gratuitous on YouTube and they have a ranking system where they have a way where if you get flagged and you stuff to get taken down you get I think three strikes within a. Of time so you can kind of you know filled out the right Zone but I mean if you were to make your it’s just some free advice and I guess but I would love to see you become a YouTube star with your Mystic everything including the adult stuff is not just born stars in the everybody’s having sex everybody’s having sex most of it is really unsafe and you could be even before you have your your products if you did something like put out a YouTube video and put links to Amazon products that you know be able to buy seafood if people watch your video they want the ingredients for your concoction and they go to Amazon and buy it you can get kick back to affiliate marketing revenue from from that it can be big so I say don’t wait for someone to you know if you if you are if you don’t keep what are keep waiting and do as much as you can but anything I can do to get you to help facilitate this consciousness-raising and what video blogging and what not it would just be fabulous and or maybe I’ll wait till you have a really amazing like production team to do to put out a series or or training but I think there’s people be on the adult industry who were who would really appreciate the wisdom that you have from the the miles that you’re you’re putting on your your body so to speak no I mean I agree with you but I do have a YouTube account and I upload a lot of videos not so much I’m a dumb like a cop and a couple of Health Focus things I guess I could sort of focus more on doing that I mean I have a Blog I have multiple blogs actually I started writing actually a book that’s kind of each chapter is on kind of like a chute and I go into details of the background and everything’s in the process he know I have a lot of projects that I’m always working on and my issue are no issue my qualms might my one struggle that I always have to deal with his focus and time management that’s really my Strife cuz it’s just I do a lot of different things and I have to just make sure I balance everything you know and AT-AT that’s why I spend so much time alone because I’m able to just get all my creative projects done and you know it’s also just hard to find the right partner that kind of balance is out of my life that’s kind of a whole different top it’s definitely it being a creative person who’s it’s the one we’re looking at a thing I’ve heard is Yuri captivating people with your art or you’re being captivated by other people’s art and so if you are content producer and not so much a consumer then you’re going to be yeah you’re going to be in the zone cranking out material that you love and you know people who aren’t sort of on that path of manifesting and creating they can become you know a distraction if they’re not up to speed with their own outlets and I feel like it’s kind of in the pre-show discussion was about whether how if you have how and in what ways you have encountered Tantra and sacred sexuality in as a yogi and as it adult film actress have you encountered any of the Sexual Healing Arts the sacred sexuality are either through Contra or Taoist sexual Kung Fu or all of the international sacred sexuality Traditions anything like that I’d be curious if you’ve encountered any of that in your journey send to me and I haven’t study per se Tantra very specifically but just having donporn now to this point I’ve really gotten so comfortable with my sexuality to the point where I’m not essentially even attracted to the Physical Realm like of course people’s bodies that that plays a role in my attraction to them but it’s gotten so much I don’t want to say I’ve become desensitized but I’ve become so much more focused on on the energy that I’m giving out and I’m giving to people and what I’m seeing and I’ve always been more of a giver I like to please that’s what really gets me off like I don’t even care half the time if I orgasm mean it’s great when I get to share one with someone but I just find pleasure when I’m able to make people feel good and with porn you know being that I’ve been single for over a year-and-a-half almost 2 years now it’s a good way for me to just share my body and my sexuality with not only the world I mean cuz they can watch me but just the fact that you know these other performers I’m I’m making them feel good like I’m bringing them to a point of ecstasy of pleasure and they Climax and you know I’m so just comfortable with who I am there’s no awkwardness like when I eat when I do a shoot I get on Sat you know I’m I’m really respectful and nice to everyone I have positive energy we do a good shoot it’s just performing it’s just a rata cart you know and that’s it you know we get paid and then leaving within the actual Act of Performing I get almost lost not lost but I’m I get into almost this like tramps you know I’ve just become so into the moment I’m not thinking about you know what what my my hair looks like or if I have a pimple on my butt or something back and forth and the only thing that I do crave intimacy you know and I I kind of touch base on this before but like I’m actually a very monogamous person in a sense where like I do love to fall in love with someone in and build a connection and you know how that intimacy with a person and you know I haven’t had that in a long time but porn still allows me to give an it’s a release so I’m happy that I’m able to do that you know so while I’m single it’s a good way to have somewhat of a sex safe life a safe sex life of a lot of people don’t realize that adult performers Austin have a safe for sex protocol that’s very strict because it’s their job they have to take care of their things that they have to take care of their bodies and not be Reckless because if they are Reckless they will lose their job and put people in Harm’s so yeah that was you know he pointed that out it’s it’s a it’s not often presumed or breaks The Stereotype but I’m it’s beautiful to hear you talk about your blossoming and transformation house sexuality has become a spiritual practice of transcendence ecstasy and Bliss through being fully financially empowered and totally honored and facilitated to reach those places and the people who are ironically the people who are not adult performers who are tantric practitioners who are struggling through a lot of neurosis and baggage and relationship issues and all of these there’s all these obstacles in the non-adult world let’s say for people to get to the point that you’re at and people could be doing meditation Zen mantras and pooches and all of these ritualised activities that are supposed to give us these experiences with or without our clothes on with or without touching ourselves or touching others are having intercourse I hope whatever crying but I feel like a lot of the adult performers are light years ahead of a lot of the spiritual sexual practitioners just because you shed a lot of the shame and baggage and guilt around your body and you’re just able to just show up energetically in the now in a way that most people who are trying to be spiritual or still fighting a million demons trying to get to the Residence Inn so if you can just plug in energetically with anybody and run the energy you’re obviously having a positive impact on them have you felt that male performers have felt like a major just your vibration is is is really transformative for them or very much a difference compared to if they’re having sex with women who have poor diets and poor health and mental issues that aren’t being resolved in or just sort of you know funky inside and out really are you standing out to your with your performance is being more ballistica option they I don’t want to sound them up trying to toot my own horn but I know I stand out you know if everyone that I work with is they always say I love your energy and all they they feel good around me that cuz I’m just kind of trying to radiate this positivity and not even that I’m doing it purposely it just happens you know when you take care of yourself from the inside out and I’m a very level-headed person you know I don’t really let my emotions get the best of me ever and I just I want to say that I’m very sorry rule too and I’m very just confident and comfortable with who I am and my skin and and that shows so I definitely noticed that people fate kind of absorb everything that I’m putting out and that sometimes though not I don’t want to say it poses an issue but a lot of times people are so attracted to my energy that they they want it and to be honest I could never date a male performer so a lot of the times you know when I’m done shooting not all the time but sometimes you know the male performer are they want to continue talking and they want to hang out but I have friends in the industry you know I have a few close friends but I’m pretty selective you know of who I am I get close to you and it’s not often that I continue my relationship you know her for friendship with someone outside of shooting you know I have to really Vibe with them you know I like to keep my work life pretty separate but yeah I mean I would definitely stay stand out because I look I mean porn music industry any entertainment industry you’re going to have all different types of people but there are a lot of low I don’t want to say I don’t like low-frequency people that. in the porn industry just because they a lot of people that if they don’t have that much depth to them you know like they if they don’t have that much going on it’s kind of just say they fuck for money and then like they they like it because it’s quick money and it’s kind of easy for them and they’re they they kind of live on a superficial realm you know what I mean and so when I work with people they sense that I have so much other things going on and you know I’m I’m very strong and and just this like you said kind of a beam of light so I can curse and a blessing sometime you don’t mean you got to bring that candle into the darkness you know that’s that’s the hope that’s the whole point right so part of my journey and you know I’m I’m very comfortable being in the dark I guess you could say I I have no demons because I have embraced them all you know and in a sentence with me and my demons work together you know what I mean like they’re they’re my comrades and the demon Whisperer yeah you know that cuz it it’s pretty apparent when someone has demons that they haven’t worked out yet and a lot of girls in porn you know seriously the younger girls that come in there lost you know what I mean like they don’t really know where they’re going and I love when I see women that are empowered and and sure of themselves and there are women in porn that are like that but it’s just not as common you know what I mean sense that absolutely yeah well so a couple just a few more questions here and then we’ll get into how how you prefer people find you how can they support you and not be supporting pirated whatever is out there but before that I just want to say yeah thanks for that section there it was great and something I saw also on your list of qualifications here in in New York certified resume CV list that you are an advocate of outdoor Fitness which is awesome cuz I’m a gardener and I want people to get fit and get healthy and get medicine from their own backyard garden and the you know shortening the the footprint or shortening that the food distance for their food from Farm to Plate if it can be from the backyard and get Fitness being outdoors gardening and stuff so please tell me more about you know how you stay fit in and out on your advocacy for outdoor non gym fitness spend a lot of time in the gym at times when I was younger and it just I never really liked it like I don’t like the gym it’s very artificial to me and I don’t really like being around all these people that it’s just like I don’t like the vibe there you know I’m very very seldom go to the gym like maybe if I’m in a hotel or somewhere where it’s not as packed but anyway I just like to be outdoors cuz then I got to be in nature and and then I’m I’m working out and I don’t like Fitness to feel like a chore you know what I mean I like to utilize my body naturally and I’m not even thinking about working out I don’t count calories I don’t I don’t like to think like that you know so I like to just walk everywhere I can I mean I walk probably four to five miles a day running errands and doing things like that try to walk everywhere if I can I go hiking a lot you know I might live like a mile from the mountain so I go there all the time that’s a very just very centering thing for me to do I get to the top of the mountain and it’s just super might like meditative you know I very peaceful for me I do a lot of yoga I love to dance and I Stage dance to I like when I go out and when I work at Club sometimes doing that and you know I used to dirt bike and ride motorcycles lot I don’t I don’t do that as much anymore just because I can’t risk getting hurt as much but you know anything outdoors like I like to snowboard when I can I used to Surf lot volleyball so it went at the beginning of this episode when I said I before we even got to this point it was bass and just you know the profile that you we are going to hear from Miss Universe 2016 I mean I hope that this is that you’re going to be just really facilitating a revolution in Consciousness and definitely I think your lifestyle is something people would be glued to no pun intended to understanding I mean of all the people that have all the like you said kind of shallow people that that are being followed through social media that are really not putting out anything of value as far as okay here’s me twerking I mean how many times can I see a twerking video of the same person before I get bored and maybe there’s people out there who just don’t get bored as far as I’m concerned I would love to see the women that I worship sexually and put all of my literally I mean one of the things that you would discover if Tantra enters your life more would be that the responsibilities as a conductor of male sexual energy there is if you were to measure the kilocalories of energy that are expended through masturbation to porn goddesses this is a form of goddess worship it’s a form of devotion a form of of surrender and a form of sacrifice so when a man jerks off to a porn actress he’s actually breaking off a piece of his soul and sending a chunk of light energy into this this into her sort of domain of power and if that domain and power is not purposeful and ecological and design consciously than it can just be in Abyss that feeds demons and grows hell on Earth and is just part of the problem not the solution but if people like yourself understand and work with these principles you could really be an architect and engineer and conductor of a symphony of appropriate energy use so please I’m going to be working on grant funding or or private funding I don’t know about getting grabbed but I would love to get a production team wrapped around you that really eroticize has all of these ecological values that you have and all of these empowering wisdoms that you’ve cultivated so that’s my prayer and I promise you that if I relieve myself I sexually to your likeness it will be for a beautiful cuz so if you want to in this day with the giving your links and then how about a prayer what would you ask your fans to help you manifest as if it was your a verbal vision boards of sorts you know so that we can all contribute to your best and highest purposes for the benefit of all life will you say it’s hard for me to say to ask one thing for my uniform every one night I am really thankful for my fan just because essentially I couldn’t I wouldn’t be where I am today without them you know and I just would like my fans to keep supporting my my true passions which is beyond porn you know I’m I’m doing porn and giving my body for others to enjoy and you know I I I look at it as an expression it’s just another form of art but you know that the music the nutritional goals that I’m I’m trying to do just might my brand and general that I’m building I just would love for people to continue to support that you know when I when I have shows come come out and see me when I try to do different events you know things like that and just keep spreading positivity that’s that’s really all I want just stopped for everyone to feel good you know and kind of wake up to open their eyes and open your eyes and just to see that there’s so much more to life than your TV and what’s going on in social media and crap like that you know what I mean absolutely absolutely well I’m sure that if she wants if you want to give linkston and whatnot will all be your following your lead here and definitely keeping in touch with all of your work so what’s the what are the best ways for people to to find you now you know expecially porn related in things like that just full of cityx feline my Twitter my Instagram is full of CDX feline to I do a lot of more photography like stuff on Instagram it’s not really that much porn related things on there and my Facebook is just full of City feline I have a couple of blogs Felicity feline I have full City feline and then I’m starting another one which is Felicity feline which is going to be more like interviews of people and I was actually thinking of starting a podcast myself and please do you know just connect with people and bring other people to light you know what I mean feel free to drop a line just be respectful that’s all I ask cool will thank you so much again for your time we covered a lot and I’m really invigorated and motivated and feel like this is a great very helpful because it’s it’s taken a lot of hard work for me to get into this moment of this conversation because very I’ve I’ve been dealing with a lot of performers who are not all there in a lot of ways and I really have compassion for them and I feel like we one of the things I do in order to train actresses to be in my energy field I have to put them through training I have to pay for them to you know study materials and from now on the first thing they’re going to have haven’t you know it’s not punitive it but you know I’m not being a drill sergeant but the first thing that I would love and be so happy and so thankful to share with them is this interview that we just accomplished right now. So thank you for that you’re going to have an instant effect on a lot of people’s lives because and then you’re going to have customers so please roll the stuff out like yesterday help me oh keep me safe all right cool then and then we’ll call tonight what really enjoy talking to you and everyone out there listening thanks for listening and just continue to follow on your own path and don’t ever be disheartened you know your path to live no one else can walk your footsteps but you so make the most of your life all right then you have a great night we’ll talk soon please go to www. and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com, CA