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Yalila1This is a discussion with Yalila Espinoza a PHD scholar and spiritual counselor who has been studying psychedelic shamanism and sexual healing.

“I am a spiritual health practitioner who integrates art, music, dreaming, movement, ancestral rituals & sacred plant teachings into dynamic embodied explorations.  I received a PhD in Consciousness and Transformation and Spiritual Counseling training at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. My studies focused on indigenous shamanistic practices, sexual and reproductive health, and dreaming.

Academic studies, Amazonian shamanism using plant teachers, and many other trainings, such as the ISIS wheel approach with Gina Ogden, have nurtured my own spiritual-erotic awakening.  All of these transformative experiences have inspired my forthcoming book titled: ‘In The Belly of the Serpent: Sensual Wholeness with Plant Consciousness’ focused on how the purification and guidance of plant teachers are vital for sexual/spiritual health and liberation.”

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Calm and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved is welcome to Township on podcast episode number for I am interviewing alila Espinoza at the California Institute of integral studies in San Francisco she has a PHD and Consciousness and transformation and spiritual counseling and she integrates art music Dreaming movement and social rituals in the sacred plant teachings into Dynamic and body Explorations and the reason that we connected is that she is doing some groundbreaking work in the field of psychedelic Shamanism and Sexual Healing which is my personal life path at this point and so I consider her to be an authority in this field and someone that all survivors really hopefully can start to look too as soon as someone who’s leading this this this Research into understanding what’s going on in the spirit world when it comes to the pathogenesis of sexual predation so hopefully you learned something from this and we can all be working together to further the knowledge and understanding and do more research and really support his efforts so thank you very much and enjoy and hope you learned something to cure okay so in your talk you Lila at the horizons who is a conference right in New York in the video I saw or I heard a reference to it was also reference Pablo amaringo book Ayahuasca Visions I was intrigued by the phenomenon that you that you touched on which is this potential for entities otherworldly entities that appear in the Ayahuasca state that have the potential for Legend has it but they have the potential to use the human body or subtle energy field or however whatever level maybe have more insight to actually implant their own species as like a it’s a way to to grow their eggs or something like do you have any more detail on that kind of phenomenon that you can share their Pablo amaringo reference is just one of many so so from what I’ve read that there are many ways that that the transmission of of information from Alien beings that that can actually be penetrated into a zsar settle field and so you know obviously there’s no research on his precise and eat some people call it folk lore and the the beauty of the ayahuasca ceremony is that our site and perception is opened up in a way that we can actually get a glimpse into what I believe is actually going on it is the truth and that really in the Waking Life we have so many blinders on and we never saw a thousand so many ways to actually just survive and so we do not want to be aware of what’s going on and and if we did then for some people it’s very difficult to walk between the worlds so I do believe the phenomena that does happen and yet I’m not able to say scientifically like here is the person that I met his mean I’ve heard experiences from other people I’ve had my own experiences I don’t know in particular if you mean by the actual implantation of make a bean in ones that actually is reproduced to labor it’s so here’s an example I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Pleiades talk about the Anunnaki yeah and so if if we use that as an analogy in terms of these other beings that are implanting information into us and it could be a lot of the time and saw patterns and so we wonder why we’re doing certain things and thinking certain things that are not congruent with her what we consider to be our own Consciousness and so the specific a situation that I’m thinking of is around the Greek mythology and how they were actual ritual practices where groups of priestesses were actually welcoming in the trend these impregnations of other beans and the gods and that they were they were actually wanting to be impregnated and to be host for these other energies and so something important frases humans to learn about Anne and really focus our skill building is Discerning when is it harmful implantation and when is it actually a benefit and when are we welcome mean in these energies and I think a lot of the focus so far has been on the dangers and that the shadow side of it and it actually makes sense because as humans we are not actually remembering our wholeness in our integrity as conscious beings we are very unconscious and so it makes sense because our alignment is very skewed and turns over energetic bodies and an awareness of her settled body that then we have these areas of wounding the weaknesses where beans like the Anunnaki some Shadow and some light that they can be either at that you are able to penetrate and certain areas of the body and because we’re skewed then we’re we’re going to experience more of the Shadow side of this transmission and and it’s unfortunate because I believe that we are so ignorant at this point and so much fear is perpetrated in our culture that we don’t even yet want to learn how to actually be in harmonic a relationship with all these other beings and so we’re were walking around in this weekend State most of the time and then people call it attacks you know the black magic which I do believe is real yeah I’ve been I’ve been studying a lot about how like the Luminous energy field or the egg or the disk protective shielding around us that is like built by appropriate familial love and connected connectedness with a flourishing wild natural habitat and appropriate people logic relationships and all the things that go into building what like a hunter gatherer Shaman would be working on to preserve this orb of like of them energetic shielding around every individual and then around the village of the tribe of the camp maintenance of that field of protection is valued position in society understand that they need for that and fractures in that through trauma I agree that it’s like that’s those are the entry points for dark energies parasitic organisms alien races to have the more negative types of predator-prey or parasitic parasite-host type relationships to swear it’s not consensual or it’s not erotic like in a pleasurable way it’s not like inviting in like I was just reading Fiona Holmes book about she put it she put a slug on her neck during a 6 gram mushroom trip and had full-body slug as in it that’s like one way to invite in Gmail of the strategically open and expand that field and you know beer on Diplomat of what’s out there but we’re definitely yeah like I think very by Design very kind of strategically and tactically technically put into these I mean just architecture civilization to me is like to be in prison in a state where you’re going to be bewildered in an aqueous acceptable and it’s as if to me this whole thing is like actually I think I think it is the Romans were messing around like this is all Urban Design template that came from them and they were the ones who were like the most hell-bent on rape culture and it’s like higher intelligent entities organisms on some plain or multiple planes that have as much of that where is dumb to them as we think you know feedlot cows are to us in his manipulable and it is his you know what we poke and prod them and you know a factory farm animals and milk them and inseminate them and do all this traffic in on all the vivisection. Stephanie say it’s interesting when people have these spontaneous cycling abduction sequences that also match like a 50% rate of the Rick Strassman DMT study subjects who reported like flashing into this like operating table with insectoid aliens poking and prodding them and then matching that with the UFO Abduction stuff with me is actually they’re actually having random spontaneous DMT releases in their sleep and they feel like they’ve been taken through the tunnel that’s the light is you know how it is I was just paralyzed but from the permaculture design perspective for me it’s like you can’t torture has this Integrity about not teaching mystical things but teaching scientific things in and it has to be scientifically provable to be like considered within the design from system of human culture and for me I see that as much as I want to do biological Pest Control in the garden and protect my beautiful you know livelihood of plant ecology and animal called you that I’m designing I’m going to have to understand the Predators and the parasites and the ecological world of what causes disease and weakens the plants if if it’s like I’m planning something in wrong place and it gets weekend by lack of sunlight or moisture poor soil conditions then all the Predators and pests come in to devour it because I’ve been weak and if there’s this pressure coming from whatever order of predatory or parasitic specifically of the sexual nature that’s family assigning ruining life on the reservation delete ruining people’s potential to enjoy the most beautiful gift that we as human animals have in the planet enjoy their sexuality this erotic gift in and so if I’m designing with permaculture communities are going to be sustainable and there’s already a 50% divorce rate and then there’s this invisible sector of energy which is this pressure of sexual pathology that’s ruining families like how am I going to build I could build the most beautiful Garden of Eden and not have protected that Garden of Eden from these invisible entities that are causing possession to the in the form of sexual abuse by family members against other family members and obviously alcohol is a huge factor and just a fragmentation of will the lack of shamanism if you take away the shaman you put in alcohol and you really want to study incest on the reservations is where it’s like I don’t know what the percentage is but it’s extremely high and I think that we probably share the opinion that a tool set of clinical application of the Ayahuasca magic is that it can bring that sort of Shadowmere up for creditors to see themselves and we know that all the kinds of healing is happening and people are approaching the memories of the abuse since it is all this victims or or are seeking a medicine and finding great healing through it but there doesn’t seem that I know of or I guess I shouldn’t say but I guess my dreamer my goal would be to as a permaculture designer know that I can design safe communities because we’ve we have this magical medicine that we can apply in a clinical way that will screen disinfect purify you know give us this ability to have to protect our communities from this invisible alien pressure this like that that seems to be everywhere in the world all skills of a concentrates obviously in the more and the more and less educated the more drug and alcohol abuse among populations in the lower socio-economic conditions but it also will be no rich and Powerful lawyers and doctors are artist raping your children any thoughts you have in your experience of working with the medicine and of the potential for it to be used in that way to like purifier to disinfect and purify and I release these things so this is basically what I research for my PhD he is interviewing women around North America about their sexual healing in Ayahuasca ceremonies and with the other Master plants and so that’s exactly what I’ve experienced and what these women have reported in that the first step in their healing was a purification who says not just as Ayahuasca with tobacco with Sasha Rosa cook it like other plants Valeska is really important for the reproductive organs and so that the purification began on a physical cellular level actually purging the trauma held in their cells and then being shown how it was causing emotional disturbances and purging that out and then you know the next levels seem like how it change their perception of reality and that they were looking through many Legend lenses of trauma so they that their lens was Fuzzy and they asked it was distorted and they actually couldn’t see what was what and so there was that level of her genes which then connected them to the spiritual trauma and that disconnection and really the fear that has been program indoctrinated into us and so purging that fear and then having a reconnection with their the spirit allies that are actually and plants me one of them are allies that are actually looking out for us and wanting the best for our soul journey and so it sounds really simple and it’s time for some people very challenging and also takes time that there are these layers of here if acacian and literal extraction of the demons and other parasitic entities that have been in them and also passed through generations is there DNA so there is a mean for us living in this time right now it’s a really big role that we’re playing in our own families in our ancestral lineage is that we are clear cleaning house for thousands of years and for the collective for our society in general which is shocking to me but as I started to know on this path if I can personal healing and researching it was like okay I thought women were so Divine and so Sanctified and that they could never be pushed by any any impulse inside of them to do that behavior and then it turns out that it does happen this keeps me thinking more and more than like what’s happening is that humans are basically being made into these shells like your hollowed out your if you become a sociopathic sexual abuser than you have been hollowed out of your moral compass your social accountability know we don’t you think no one’s looking and we’ve someone designed human settlement design pattern where everyone’s private little individual fi films are locked and no one really tears in to see what’s going on unless there’s like pawriffic screams the Demon World sexual abuse is something that they want to push any Wii console to the point of doing that and interesting like so in that under that is a family close to me with it where there’s a pattern of abuse I’m kind of studying the way it reverberates and how this monster is like jumping generations and kind of jumping around the different opportunities it has to operate in the shadow and like where the children are vulnerable when the parents are at work or whatever and if I go there happens to be schizophrenic man who is like sort of being care taken by the family over all he gets bounced around so wherever he ends up because he’s like with his children around 4 then report start coming out so I think the week of the more we can do the person is play drugs alcohol and lack of authentic religious community and othentic spiritual community and disappear fication and dancing and transit to all the things that any traditional culture would be doing too but for themselves against the pressure of all kinds of disease just regular infection and I like their level of vigilance against any inter-penetration of unwanted entities on any level of their physiology or spirituality was like an art and science of shamanism and you take that away you put people under these horrible living conditions I like what you said about the process that a victim goes through to purchase things and also connecting with the Vista generational entered multi-generational patterns that you know these things I think of any I am my own these things I’ve seen that the family molecule DNA thread kind of thing as we live or a little short lifetimes but the DNA continues as an unbroken biological entity of form going back to the beginning of life on Earth and you know who knows what happened before that but at least that’s if you’re let’s say an immortal or at least your urine in an organism identity that creepy calls the underside of power under the hood who believes human consciousness they’re crawling through the generations bone this murky kind of almost like aquatic I don’t see isn’t either I see the the hyperspace is sort of like a deep-sea kind of environment with all kinds of different organisms and all kinds of food webs interacting and so like it from their perspective where are this our families are like these these threads that they’re kind of crawling along and just what one person pops up into it from their perspective they’re just like doing a little poking and prodding and manipulating and sucking and you know with whatever means they have to check into a nervous system and create impulses and and like I sound accounts we’re through hypnosis demons were speaking about how they function in the human biological system the kinds of Highly articulated anatomical tools they have to do the things that they do like pincers and pokers and thing here had things you had mine is seeing so and I and I think you know when somebody proves is I heard someone say that this person was not a I don’t think there was sexual pathology in the family or anything but just you know for example somebody who had suffered maybe as an emotional psychological abuse casually says I think I just I’ve had the experience of vomiting out an alien fetus you know like something that looks very much like a Giger painting and someday I hope there’s like a National Geographic devoted to of the taxonomy of the spirit world and so we can understand these things like okay that’s how you would identify it and that’s how you would get denied work as a school bus driver if you were scanned and you miss things were seen inside of you know you’d have to go to the island and om Spinderella and unfortunately this there would be unnecessary would be necessary do this and it’s hard though for families cuz if it is somebody that everybody to family does authentically love but he has been infected and he has done these Deeds then what are you do you know once he becomes out into the open and I think that you know they’re there would have to be some sort of place where they go and have dinner with this not prison Chino that’s like a prison camp but is like a more enlightened sort of place where and I think that bill find that authentic remorse and they will they take the the potential for what you would call a cure is this application is medicine which would actually rid you of this Parasect let’s say let’s say if you had a grant you know a blue sky budget and it was just like all of your Survivor respondents you know had had your back in like you do you have the ability to say okay I’m creating a task force now to go to the other side of this and now I know you’ve had such a disgusting repulsive revolting look into the victim side of this that your unshakable and not afraid to like take this medicine in the people qualified to administer it into psychiatric prisons and replace the chaplain of the prisons with the Psychedelic Simon said there were actually rebuild hitting people for real with a strict you know honestly so if I had a grant with Limitless potential and I could create a team what I would Envision is a place where people could go Fort Pierre fication and realignment and then fortification so they can actually step out into the world as a new person I would build a team with as you say psychedelic shamans and I had to leave that all the sacred plants have their place I particularly love Ayahuasca and then that’s just my focus for this lifetime and and so I would build a team with the V I was scared of adjective Lisa along with body workers like acupuncturist the people who can lead Body Talk sessions I believe that the body is the way to Healing as opposed to talk therapy I believe talk therapy has a little bit of helpfulness in terms of cognitive behavioral changes so really billina integrative tea and then there is just a equal amount of focus on the integration piece of prepping people for ceremonies and then post-ceremony invited exercises and then giving people tools to actually and purify themselves and protect because even when people go through an intense healing process which could be anywhere from one week intensive the plant diets to one-year Rehabilitation that it takes time for us to build ourselves up so you know what we can have a one-level healing and then we’re still vulnerable woman like me one baby so we need to be taken care of and being shown taught tools had had to be in this world in and be between worlds and and so also the importance of integrating in a reconnection with the elements and with the learning how to be in harmonic relations with all beans including other dimensions so as you mentioned permaculture so really I’m back to land like what are the beans here what are the plants I’m in our Gardens like that reintroduce introduction and just like emphasizing that nurturing that relationship and and then really focusing on community so as a community what can we build together what are these different paradigms you different structures that needs to come into being for us to collectively evolved and part of this of retreat program you know including the the educational component the ceremonies the integration support and the permaculture that would be some kind of initiation process cuz I feel that that’s a huge piece that we’re missing I’ll talk about it later tonight but that there is a way traditionally where perpetrators have been brought into Community where they are initiated sometimes it’s life-or-death kind of scenarios and they go through this process of their own purification and coming out Reborn only Alive by the blessing of their allies keep me on keeping them going to the arduous test really and so that there is a sense that the community is tending the nurturing the survivors and then also allowing for perpetrators to go through their healing process where if they if they do get through and they are alive then they’re considered pay their dues so instead of executing them or having them spend 5-10 years in jail maybe it is a year program where they go through and if they are committed to it and they actually do what is required and which means a lot of ritual ceremonies gardening whatever you know whatever that may be that there is a forgiveness and forgiveness is a strange word but there is a rate out of how they were carrying that they parasite you know the half of their family and then we’re weekend to estate of acting unethically and and harmful and that if they get through the rehabilitation that they’re eat the community sees the big picture and is willing to let that person be reborn and go into a new phase of your life is supposed to always having this attach a label of perpetrator and evil which I don’t believe is true and we all carry something to different degrees and we’re all responsible for the collective and that’s a really hard one to swallow and this is like you asked me big vision and this would be something that I believe is possible it and there were aspects of it that existed in the end our past and that we will be at a turning point based on are the ecological changes and shifts that are happening that are out of the human control that will actually promote that the urgency of this change and end this Paradigm is possible and will come into place because it it’s going to be necessary for the survival of whoever is still existing on this Earthly plane thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me a podcast 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