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Resisting the Compulsion to Ejaculate with Eyal Matsliah TPP75


In this episode I have the honor of speaking with sexual empowerment coach, author and speaker Eyal Matsliah. We explore the cultural factors involved in compulsive ejaculation patterns in men with an emphasis on the how and why to transcend the ejaculation trap.

We also discuss his insights into the sex industry and his vision of helping to raise consciousness about the potential of transformation through tantra.


Eyal’s bio:

Eyal Matsliah is a sexual empowerment coach, author and speaker. He helps professionals unleash their pleasure, power and purpose.

Embracing and harnessing their sexual energy allows them to express
their creative gifts, help others and live a more meaningful life.

Eyal’s best-selling book, ‘Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure,
healing and power’, teaches a woman how to transform her sexual
experience by herself, and later share that with her partner.
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 75 I’m here with a y’all and we’re going to talk about his work as a sexuality empowerment coach and specifically thoughts and best practices for when and how and the intervals of male ejaculation how that affects our our physiology or spirituality and a relationship so please if you want to give us a bit of your background and then we can get into some your offerings and then the main topic and I read books are the types of sexual descriptions and then that included the feelings and Sensations and perceptions of people who engage in sex rather than seeing you know penis in vagina what you see in Poland so yeah in MN for meat was always about healing and empowering others do it obviously pleasure and and you know enjoying sex as well but but many times it was about healing and empowering my my my love is enough to know I discovered Tantra in 2005 realized I’ve been doing tantric practices without even know what I was doing them but then country gave me to the structures and practices and I’m still few years women start telling me that you should offer this as a service I specifically what can I use to call Yoni massage good enough or not TN already I’m not certified I’m out this time of that and visit one of my friends said you know you already doing it to just acknowledge it and just do it and I started offering his services and Yoni massage sexual healing and that you really took off and I became a sexual healer and sexual educator and start holding workshops I’ve walked around the world published the book for women called orgasm at least your guide to pleasure healing and power people can find it to togus malaysia.com or on my website internet power.com and then this book has been in the college by Sam sexual Educators this is the best female orgasm book to read anything close is basically a guide for women to make themselves DPO gas make by themselves so they’re not relying on another person and then they can share it with their love it so yeah that’s that which is sexuality is a Basics basis for personal development and success and so I guess if you walk with people business people interpret Nero’s creatives plastic rotation is in order to use Sexual Energy to help them be more creative to do what they love to help other people and to make money from that so that’s it thank you yeah I’ve been kind of meditating on you and what I’ve been learning about you throughout the day and just really wanted to apply the efforts of you and and really everybody else in the field who is taking on this responsibility of obviously re sacralizing or making sacred sexuality again but really bringing as I think we’re still in the Dark Ages I don’t think it has ended you know so this really is the sexual Enlightenment that we’ve been dying to to have and so introducing these Concepts you know and I’m giving people permission getting past all the shame and the wounding is such an important work you know in this in this time so just want to thank you for that in end do you do you want to give any more specifics of what what your programs and coaching and classes kind of look like and and then we can focus on this the elephant in the room which is the mail saving your seed conversation so I will quit making workshops like the one I have this weekend online programs like ejaculation and also program. To private coaching so I take people to throw 6 to 12 months of Good and Evil like me in the same way that you have a dentist cooking call wacho you know you’ll be starting things Drawn to Life it’s important to study about sexuality and to get to get coaching and Educators in order to provide lot acota listing sexual services and not addicted so yeah quit calling me for free and see if there’s if there’s any Vibe is and if it’s at work together what is a collection control that’s something I’ve been very passionate about for the past 10 or 15 years started by myself and I’m actually known as cool as one of the most serious petitioners around that the school and middle school. Information is still at it it was what the score was great but I needed the simpler structure so for me a people people address of people try to learn ejaculation control with the wrong approach so they come to me unless I know about anal squeezing you know kegels and what they’re very well the start-stop method what else do I need to know and I would say that this is the wrong approach because they focus name of the technique and they need to have a process that I need to have a structure to put this practice in place so I have a five-step model that’s I find really really help people to get it so I run a webinar and talked about this month in one of the people on the webinar said immediately after the webinar they made love and he was able to get to to last for an hour or so until his woman orgasm for the folks what’s the time works this is this is very clear process and for the first the first step of the process is understand why a duck relating doesn’t serve you specifically ejaculating too fast but it’s a different kind of effects that happened I asked for them and effects on their connection with their partner and I’m not saying that they’re shy creation is bad it’s good for its natural but you know once you when you’re not a teenager anymore after that that initial excitement of ejaculation passes but there’s doesn’t understanding what they should be in understanding that that sex and sexuality is not just about ejaculation it’s about using the sexual energy to go beyond that the body needs and once you’re able to do that you have a huge Source power source available to you soap so the wise about recognizing this de Sexual Energy Life Energy that you losing every time that you ejaculate and deciding to a chocolate list three main aspects of that is a pleasure love and power which means you could become multi-orgasmic the pleasure part is you can become multi-orgasmic and bring your apartment into amazing orgasms into love and affection and caring and connection with yourself with your partner and with everybody right onto you and yes we can we can obviously do they do a whole lot for the desert not allowed to go anywhere I’ll give you a reason is just to stir the coffee that model is that the last thing is power in men these days have kind of like I’ve lost their power to misusing their power and they don’t know it’s with power means and this practice gives you control over yourself in. Will there be a man that’s able to deal with issues with instant instant gratification and addiction by practicing at Mission Control because once you’re able to resist the very very naturally stronger to ejaculate you’re so horrible to resist alcohol and caffeine cigarettes and you know Vista Travis and so on and by the way I do I do personally couldn’t see him some of those things are not so bad. But it’s all it’s all in moderation know so you know what your times a month or something like that against the Smokin oyster Ki chocolate is my drug so by the way and we get it you already got today how we do it you’re missing the point because the why is it the most important part if the stronger it why the long can you last say so yeah it also gives you in terms of power and self-confidence. To attract opportunities to your life the Manifest actual money you think about the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and nobody understands what the fuck you means so he said something like this. And then the next the next should I see if I just prefer to go to the next aspect next episode of the I want to just say it’s like this is all available on free at least some of it is available in the free training that I have also on the website and also I can just give you a give you some Snippets but the rest of the interview I’m happy to talk about stuff but I’ve never talked about in any program of podcast do anything so the next stages in ejaculation control a basic after you figured out your why I feel stop in the move infield Mansfield are roused you all and this distinct or the point of no return many people already know about this is that it becomes a point when you pass this point you already skinny black folks would calculation you two are aroused but then the other missing piece and you know. Why is a big missing piece that nobody’s talking about and other missing pieces move so that’s the you can tell the fourth step of the process you don’t feel like I feel stop in the move and movement moving a sexual energy from the gentlest routed by the engineer if your life to your mission and their physical practices they did your father can do for you practices that you that you do outside of sex as well to make it easier when you have sex and in the program that I created this is one of the biggest Parts because there’s something like 20 different techniques some of them very secret yogic techniques that I share their and very powerful v v aspects of the immortalist call Transformers mean that this practice is going to transform your life so transform your life in order to support this practice my life and it’s still an amazing practice that they intend to hold that for the rest of my life and it changed her the last of my clients in my students so it’s not about sex precising something it’s not that we have to sacrifice much equations it’s about it’s about now it’s about experiencing new things have more pleasure becoming multi-orgasmic bring you or your partner to go to gasmic place connecting with hair in here with him in in very deep way which you have never experienced before and it’s about it’s about a new way of living yeah so you can get what came to mind when you’re when you’re talking about this and like it is it’s the discipline that you hope to learn as a child about not spending all of your allowance at the candy store and saving up and going to your favorite restaurant once a month or so I can send beautification is buying lollipops and candies and whatever but maybe you’re saving I was saving that for a bicycle cuz that’s what my thing when I was when I was a child you know I had to fake BMX and I always wanted to that the real premix so yeah it’s like not spending your money when you get it but but saving saving it considering your life energy just hear you speak about it and it came into my mind and I feel like I so I think I don’t know how many but I know that I’m not I’m one of not maybe not the only one who is kind of fun who had a life history of not being shamed for self-pleasure in the home you know in privacy it wasn’t I was I was caught once and my mother was like it’s okay that you do that gave me a hug and you know I didn’t give me a book or manual or send me the times for a temple school but that was a positive imprint that wasn’t scarred by you know the way a lot of people are being shamed and then having to build these bad habits in the nervous system of being afraid being nervous being quiet Contracting getting over with quickly because you don’t know who’s going to need to use the bathroom or you don’t have any privacy or whatever so yes just to add to that guy I fully agree with you and I actually had this similar like to go to negative experiences and when I woke with women are the one on one on body work or via Skype add electrical sexual positions for women who are interested in open to this which means I managed to help to get into an orgasmic State without even touching them by guiding them towards breath and sound and movement and in one of the things that I really noticed there is that women women’s throats are you should have locked and this is also something the township says about the initial die but the throat chakra so I used to go shopping there a pleasure sounds okay so it sounds would be kind of like locked in the in the chest and its related also do women not having your voice and not expressing themselves in the world not expressing their needs and their opinions and their feelings so this is how sexual work an Impala somebody outside of the bedroom right yes I’ve seen I’ve seen the transformation that kind of time for a makeover before and after where someone just becomes a blowtorch of energy just totally present in a live in before they were really crippled and gnarled and yeah I definitely yeah I know what you mean so the the template that that I was describing a sort of men who stumbled upon having this ability because they’re there their self self pleasuring ritual in childhood or adolescence was longer because you were really fully loving themselves and maybe ejaculating maybe not but just sort of having the freedom to be in in a Zone and then and then it’s like it was never that big of an issue for me lasting long enough with the lever because I lasted long with myself cuz I wouldn’t I beautiful so is that what you when you like the idea of reverse engineering it so that you can teach it and then finding the manuals in the scriptures and all these things that kind of reinforced a training methodology and do you encounter or have to sort of sift through that like finding where people are at with how the nervous system is train with all those you know pressures and anxieties and of course porn kind of driving you towards Rapid injaculation like a you know when is obsessed with semen exactly it’s kind of a cult addiction and and infatuation like like I was infatuated with sperm and I started chocolate thing when I was 13 and then phone is still infatuated like the whole bunch is born. But if acacian of the body and white stuff you know and it’s anyway really suggest people is that is that the arousal should come into a Hope from one’s own body and touch you know so I Touch My Heart by the way and if it doesn’t it also k today is really cool to learn how to pleasure yourself and Empower yourself and connect to yourself and not rely on external things not even another person so when you have you dealt with cases where I think we could be we should get into the porn thing a bit cuz I’m seeing this I’m in my mid-thirties and I feel blessed to have had very minimal access to porn for most of my adolescence and and so I developed a positive habits I would say if developing a sexual imagination and therefore kind of haphazardly in an unskilled way I was using the energy to have fantasies and that would give me confidence or that would give me no motivation to kind of know what I like and who I want to pursue and just now I say that it is using Morse code technique techniques the the Serta hypnagogic masturbatory meditative meditation space is like a desktop environment for magic and a manifestation and design so is porn just kills all of that kind of help guys guided meditation return them to be imaginative and more enticed by their own you know Fantasy Realm usually suggest people to go to go cold turkey on phone and it’s also good websites to remember exactly the name if I have it somewhere in the resources for the program so yeah go cold turkey and even if you don’t get hot even if you don’t get aroused just gradually building that cuz sometimes it takes to brain to rewire a few weeks or even months but remembering it’s about self connection note to self pleasuring a note about orgasms so so one of the things that guides guide mayonnaise to relax with the with the demands that they put on themselves to the phone and it since I’m actually inside the feminine side that feels too feminine sides that nurtures because then he managed and masturbating the very very technical very harsh very hard and this is this is us so instead just going slower going softer and Andre training your body to to feel pleasure to express pleasure in the program on the website so yeah. okay so yeah we’re getting yes touching on the the why and the how and now it’s another rant that I heard on your that I saw you give I want to just call her when I call it more of like A A A Treatise A Treatise on why we not only why we should value this process of retaining to see but sort of the Integrity to you know there’s many different schools of timeshare but in general from the country path of going from being a boy to a man to a god you know in body Divine masculine being requires that you look sexual yoga practice in either not either being celibate and practicing you know some sort of transmutation cultivation or being on the left hand path as it were in having partners but certainly valuing and honoring and holding sacred ejaculation in and you know not just having it be frivolous so I think you know I think if you Google Tantra you’re going to find mostly untrained sex workers who may or may not have any like the training but they they just know that they can ask for more money if they use certain words on their on their advertising and then and then it becomes a glorified rub and tug so to speak and it from my perspective if there if they’re doing the value-added of breathing and chakra healing and energy moving and dressing up and using candles and incense and oil and all that’s beautiful because it’s not going to happen it it most of their settings but they also have the power to give more of a training or more of an offering a teaching to their client which you know they may or may not have come for something like that but you have some strong feelings about it so I want to give it over to you to take kind of share that thesis in and then we can talk about you know talk about it a bit Yeah so this is what it’s about it’s about people individually to party professionals that are seeing you know hundreds of clients a gyro in a thousand times two words in your lifetime so what I seen the sex industry is that it’s still has a lot of issues and after those are interested tutoring League reads all of my thoughts I can we can put it in the Show links basically I have to pay article that’s called it is called and my vision what the problem with the story the problem with the sex industry just going to Google it program and it sits on my lights on my website for this too often cause one of them to program and the other one is my vision for conscious sex industry and the problem is is that is that many times in Sex in the City by the ways include anybody who does any service which is considered sexual it’s not just you know who cares it’s not just with strippers it’s not just intimate intimate massager massager with everything is a part of the industry is basically pertaining to addressing what the client wants and what the client thing that they need and then their service provider customer service as if they are back they’re ordering for the menu okay so somebody would come to go to a to an escort to even just do it so cold tantric massage practitioner teen massage and many times it would include Happy Ending and this is the service and what happens is that is that those men and again this does over slavery men like me will give services to women but generates its main clients in women providers and what happened to those men is that they don’t own anything new don’t really get empowered in their sexuality it’s just it’s just what’s the weather to be in force has the same the same purple Nautica patterns that men have fun again I’m generalizing stop it enough by sexual predation is to to to know about this and in terms of the women to women sometimes would be subjected subjectified in and as as objects and not as healers notice goddesses okay so don’t buy call himself a goddess but not really empowered in what they seen what they want to see so the other Dugout to court as my vision for Country sex industry is that people go to sexual healers and sexual position is in the sexual predation that decides what they what they give them what they do for them so man might come to a check in there and she would just caressing for an hour and that’s caressing him for an hour and giving login in in tennis is she would determine that she would chew decided this is what he needs to know and yes maybe he needs his cock sucked as well it’s not just about one thing it’s about it’s about having practitioners who are professional enough and empowered enough independent enough to to make to make the right call note to give the clients what they what they want what they asked for but giving them what the professional shows that they need so actually just going back to the problems it’s not just about you no touch base services but no pictures and strip shows and erotic dancing and other stuff dead battery can be subject to subject defying after of the women and they have to like where this seemingly sexy clothes and high heels and they they danced in the freezing cold clouds and it’s over it fake and there’s actually a desert a conscious erotic dancing by my ex partner woman called Venice to Florence created the dancing Eros in Australia is women Equinox practitioner so as not to call it lay lay people lie women like this just women you know and accountants in and done whatever yoga teachers and nurses and single moms and stay-at-home moms in what desert learning conscious erotic dancers dancing and then performing on making a ritual in front in front of the apartments so so I attended those rituals and it’s beautiful to see women who are not sex workers who are going into conscious erotic dance and it is for the four men to see women in the real pleasure in the real power in the vulnerability and this is something which is transformational for for both men and women to watch the sometimes it is Rich roses are so it does a women Witnesses sew-in does no Dodge does no nothing that’s just just just a dentist answering and and the Witnesses are witnessing and this is also what a picture that’s that can be on that on a professional level okay so I envision nutrition shirt by the creators of dancing Gyros another conscious erotic dance around the world division is to have temples where men and women go and watch those are men invited the guy that somebody to God be reading their body Express pleasure and it’s amazing to to to watch that and some of the pleasure in Washington is is to what somebody in their pleasure but what phone is usually fake you know the body is affected special treasury of fairy everything’s everything’s fake but if you watch a woman on her eye on a half an hour ago gas mix state that she achieves just from breathing and moving this is a life-changing experience just to witness it all right as beautiful on the same page with you I would love to see women-owned Cooperative Collective Eros entertainment centers that are nonprofit for-profit clinical religious there’s so many different in in the US there’s a lot of that just repression of all things Progressive with sexuality but there’s also no Wyld new precedents being set everyday so it. I don’t know what’s going to happen the next few years but probably a lot of a lot of some proactive activism around all things in in this industry and it just seems I think we would agree it’s it’s this whole this whole sexual economic system is skewed towards the endpoint of male ejaculation and it’s every aspect of it is like this funnel it’s like this slippery slope funnel downward spiral to that point of surrendering that energy and do you have you studied any of the sort of Gnostic more esoteric wisdom Traditions stuff around there being just greater sort of Astral implications if we’re ejaculating were perhaps feeding ejaculating we could be perhaps feeding the dark Forces of the Unseen this is that something you’ve dumped into you may not be teaching at a business seminars but in your own studies appropriate than traditional country on which is just part of it is sexuality is one of the best Entre Tantra and scoopers in the world which is a, and I started enough for years basically all of their the traditional country on the country carts and very very Advanced Urology practices and meditation Retreats tons snow 10 day silent meditation Retreats Darkness meditation Retreats where I spent so you know a few days in complete darkness so yeah a lot of that and come back I still have that that knowledge and information but I choose not to talk about it too much cuz I want to make it more accessible to people know so it’s on a very practical listen to know if I ask somebody know what happens what happens if you ejaculate five times in a row you know they’ll tell me how I feel half-dead so for me that’s if it gets a good enough proof that ejaculation the my drains your energy so so I don’t even ask him and I know that feeling when I was younger it’s it it sort of you can get away with it a lot easier when you’re younger for hormonal reasons and just you know that’s your Prime that’s when you’re supposed to be out there doing it but if we think about it well where does the energy go just off into the abyss where there’s nothing lurking two feet on it I don’t think so I think there’s probably things out there that benefit from Mills bleeding their energy into The Ether and maybe that’s what that Cult of ejaculation in porn is about is is this kind of fun more than meets the eye when you can say that book about any addiction that maybe there is a new no more than just physiology if you want to look at the spiritual traditions of behind negative impulses and compulsions and neuroses and whatnot if you were to pull back the veil at a strip club and see all of this gross nasty pathetic exploited is dark energy just sort of feeding this you can feel it right and into it is the other sensitive really the gunk that surround these institutions in the vibe there it’s pretty palpable yeah and then again I always kind of my spiritual practices very much about Consciousness so so for me I don’t have any right to prove to what you know to listen is if these things exist or not but I would say she cultivates Consciousness around you know what you feel and what’s your what’s your addictions are and what you emotions are and basically learned how to to control golden witnessed and and and and go beyond then that’s that the practice okay so it’s the same thing with everything in life you know what this is when did since when food gets what are the behaviors which are sometimes not serving us and then taking a pause for a moment and seeing it’s like what’s why do I want this why do I feel this what does that you know it’s like what am I what am I trying not to feel so for example man ejaculate so they don’t feel intimacy so they don’t see a lot of it basically makes them makes them now I’m so they’re not in the power and why am I having this photo I am I working too hard why am I not doing doing something so so you have for me to call about Scotty wedding presents obituary Consciousness and love this is for me to buy my practice and then your other things around around this is all so that’s what’s kind of like sexual healing and watching women receive so when women have orgasm occasionally to go to a doctor and they would get would have a pain in the back they will go and see a massage practitioner but when a woman has Sappington a union a vagina she would just go and see a psychologist or should go to see a medical practitioner that would give her some drugs to relax her her muscles or whatever and what they would say is that actually they need to see a sexual healing sexual coach for either either coaching or actual body work and in a lot of its toughest psychological but it’s not the kind of many times is not at the psychological The Depths the psychologist and psychiatrist help but it’s stuff that even even coach has experience with working on on sexuality can actually help so so when I when I coach women around their sexuality and I’m not another train to certified anyting I helped him to become multi-orgasmic because I helped them change their mindset the limiting beliefs about themselves in about sexuality to give you an example I have this client was very Ron Cherry sweet Uno very beautiful woman like you would call her sweet and cute and all of this stuff you know but she has like sex by two men at the same time and whipped and and and stuff and she feels like horribly ashamed of that and then I come and say no this is this is totally natural that that you feel these strengths Aziz you know it’s even something is going all the way to what’s rape fantasies it doesn’t mean that the woman actually wants to be raped it means that she’s she’s yearning for a very strong masculine to to surrender to okay so this is a very big very important distinction okay it’s a women in Manteno people feel a lot of a lot of Shame around their sexual desires and play sexual fantasies but they have to recognize what’s underneath them and basically allow them to act out these things in a in a Safeway because whatever is not expressed become suppressed no sew and actually rapes and sexual assault and sexual dysfunction premature ejaculation an orgasmia for women on the way to camp and Spurs and and and medical issues with the reproductive systems I already see that the reason for that is the Mind Body Connection in the shame and repression around sexuality Ryan Gracie so if you want to if you want to find the proof of this it’s like look at the symptoms in society so stop return to check if there’s less repression and suppression of sexual urges sexual assault sexual expression sexual pleasure Sexual Energy they will be basically list physical issues psychological issues health issues and so on and it all starts from a person from yourself so I don’t know if you know I have a movement for the new sexual Revolution the time that I’m creating these days I don’t know if this is actually going to change that policies in the education system but what I can change his people’s individual experiences with sexuality assistant to change change yourself so go to see a code to go to see a Healer and Dad Smite includes talking that make includes breakfast if you do by yourself and I can say that most of the women that they’ve worked with hoof done their homework and become multi-orgasmic deeply orgasmic crazy orgasmic and you never felt before with dinner around 4 to eight weeks of practice without me touching them guy from the other side of the world is she going to an orgasmic State that’s going to last for half an hour an hour where you you hardly remember your name and you know something women tell me all that sounds exhausting and this might be a topic for another episode but it’s exhausting because women are having the wrong kind of orgasms not wrong exactly but they don’t serve them what’s call explosive orgasms and instead they can have they can have the other kind of oil goes in the same clothes of orgasms and that is a power source for the power drain and then again it’s another thing that I do for four people died in educating and I give another practices to be able to do that so yeah there’s a lot that’s awesome this is another thank you for all that you know another you ever have you ever encounter to sort of their cultural cliche of the idea that men as it’s kind of the joke is it men don’t like to stop and ask for directions because it didn’t Souls there managed somehow to have to admit that they don’t know something and so you’ll see I’ve seen that movies throughout my life and it’s heard of that, cliche of course now it’s got GPS so it’s kind of outdated but that I just I just something I want to get into you about he went this is the sort of deeper the deeper gender framework that were in that kind of expects the man to just be automatically proficient at Saxon so it’s really not talked about that he’s feeling because he’s got no training and it’s not I mean no one no one no one and expect you to not know how to play football and not have any training in football go out on the football field and actually not get destroyed in seconds, but in the bedroom we accepted and taken for granted because we’re afraid to admit that the woman actually has to doesn’t have to be a Woman by let’s say that the the orgasmic Dynamic is intrinsically inferior in the case of men and Superior in the case of the female body women just out of the box so it’s like this this looming foolishness of patriarchal arrogance about ever thing is like really the most of shooting yourself in the foot thing you could do to be not willing to to learn from and understand study will how what is happening for this you know my woman whose or or the woman before me and my beloved who is going into all these ecstatic trance States and Lasting all this time what’s wrong with me is the question really so the men for having this patriarchal society that you know it makes him believe that they have the answers everything but then of course still get billed Drive their family in circles last because they want to ask for directions and though just get knocked out in 2 minutes in the bedroom brighter beloved because they won’t ask questions about how they like to be touch what works for them and why they get to go so much longer with without having these problems so what are your thoughts on net what is it supposed to learn it by ourselves people think that if they was born they would learn about sex if there are you know Read 50 Shades of Grey or whatever you know so sexy Jan. 65 it’s like a mashallah to it’s like it’s a life skill and and you know people learn driving knows if you’re done driving at the Drina driving school with a driving teacher and take driving test and get the driving license and you know what this is all so extravagant no feedback and I was if you pass a red light if there’s a camera up there and you get to get tickets so so everything so many things in society we can learn we can study the tech certification is shit and you didn’t start your gation is if is very very results-oriented and it’s very very technical okay so some of the year so I asked me for my comment on an article called the five five foods to improve your sex life I have some effect in the fridge is a confection someone but this is that you can do it and some Minds it shifts and and lifestyle changes that you can do it to make yourself more sexual an orgasmic yeah and I fully agree with you this idea of men think think they know what they’re doing and this this this immature masculine which is correct crying like don’t tell me how to do it it’s like there’s some people that stuff started this and they might help you to be the best version of yourself and you know 2 p.m. out your guys with man to to connect to the apartment is one of my walk show up so I have a few and I have a few multiple frames in that said Leo guy is in the US and holding them here in Melbourne Australia but I have one which is called Beyond Yoni massage Awakening female pleasure and Awakening female pleasure it’s about showing men how they can teaching men how they can pleasure heal and Empower a woman with their presents with their eyes with their voice with a very light touch which is not a gentle touch and also obvious that includes you know you need massage vaginal massage put stuff on YouTube when I get very swimming into a cosmic states without without without touching them so this is what men need to learn and I’m doing this work for the man and also for the women in the world cuz if I help a man I help the women that he’s with so yeah this is this so much to learn and I’ve been doing this work for years and I’m constantly learning things it’s about attitudes about techniques I like to say and also having anything to write to a statue it then but you’d if humility attitude of exploration and what happens in this Workshop so really like men describe the things that they would not never imagined was possible like I need a damn a few days ago at 6 specialty festival called celebrating sexuality in Australia and people with short cuz I never saw a woman in this in the state and I’m if I’m not mistaken I can like touch to you you only after like 45 minutes on the outside on her knickers you know a knock-knock like stimulation no robinho no clitoral addictions or anything just just what occurred sexual activation and people were shocked because because they never saw that something like this is possible that you mentioned yeah it is also going to control a diction in society and it again comes from Miss education and clitoris is beautiful and dress you bought and great but people are too much too focused on that and David forgetting the part about the whole body in the internal vagina too so yeah I’m not sure if you’ll have much background in this but I did some my passion in college was Anthropologie special environmental anthropology human ecology and and also was very at my lover’s at the time and pretty much ever since have all been pretty hard for eco-feminist with with a real background in NSB logical research which is kind of been helping to reshape our barbaric attitudes about Paleolithic sex and love I think the book sex at dawn really brings so much of a wealth of knowledge about you know different relationship Styles obviously before domestication and what not but what I really would love to find is more comprehensive studies that from anthropological perspective that look at nonindustrial Societies or non agricultural societies what’s a Horticultural societies hunter-gatherer societies and really are do you know of any studies that that would give us a sense of what a more Primal lovemaking cycle would look like for men are males who have actually would be uncircumcised you know I’m almost all cases and then which is a huge factor and then also just the the the sexual initiation rites and then the long you know I’m shamed controlled or let’s say unrepressed are repressed sexual freedom and I mean I don’t want to go in with cameras and make you know anthro porn or something but I know there is there is video. Be great to have the sort of data compiled that gives a sense actually it’s not that you know we say the average sex in America last 2 to 5 minutes or something or 3 to 7 minutes or whatever it is but Anthropologist would be able to give us the data of a few no se for 99% of human history the average length of coitus was X number of minutes or whatever and females are pretty much guarantee you orgasm because they aren’t traumatized and there aren’t armored around it and they’re living in an orgasm McDowell ristic state of you know Bliss and ecstasy so I’m so curious now like what what other people in the tundra fueled know about pre domesticated pre-industrial agricultural societies and what with the Baseline sorry I’m not I’m not an expert in this specific thing but the little bit that I know is obviously the tantric all the time to explore in all the times your teachings if you go really into not just sexual country but the country of the Tantrums live stats on Trove of energy the tantric body the Tantra yoga I have they have a lot of practices around dreads that’s over it’s in my background this taoism is well until we just came from Tantra and also Denny influence Tantra and so that’s enough of the huge body of knowledge around sexual practices and I have to say to that weeds traditional with tribal societies something very good example something good example because there’s also there’s also are the problems in them and then one of them is that it said there’s so much hard work needed to survive they don’t have their 2 hours to have vino tantric love-making what’s what’s the women women keep bearing children all the time you know from a very young age and back this other issues but one culture which I can give an example is wise to put an Asian okay I don’t remember I think you should Google put an Asian sexuality or stuff like this you will find reports of when the colonialist first roscato dental very very sexually open and the status on death by the way I’m not pretty sure I read some Google results taken from some book the Muslims use to have some practices as well and go to Costco Muslims obviously but you know what the practices of insect i n s a c as well we’re related to that it was more like so so small Bots about pleasure not so much about spirituality with anything that that existed before Christianity and the West Western mindset guts to who was many of the movie the goods and yeah so so so someone is it like to put together a conference and this is a call for papers start start doing the research and whoever’s out there cuz if we could have a world map of places where you can go I mean imagine if it would imagine if you were doing Sexual Healing work and you could say hey everybody it’s traumatize we’re going to go and take a field trip to a culture where none of this bullshit ever happened you know I’m just I don’t think there’s nothing going on you want to listen very very little pockets of really great sexuality in the world and some of them sexually open expressive in and I mean again but I’ve been to many many different countries in Europe and middle-east Australia Avenue I have nothing to the US yet and I can say the deduction Moncton among the most relaxed around sexuality that I’ve seen even more than the sweets. So that’s okay and also so why do we say is that there’s people around the world was sexual expert and healers and Educators go and find their teachings okay what day do they experience and this is you know the Polynesians are in surrounding it tasted the sexually free Polynesians aren’t around anymore but spent all of these all of these people and Educators and you know it’s like a storm that the International School of Temple arts in the think they have some some branches still in the US but this is a good school this does a few good goes around so I just wanted to send this so much to to learn and it’s not like a dumb thing. Anything that you can study sexuality on your life and you can keep keep growing in it and it’s not just about sex and this is this is kind of like my very important point I want to make sure what it’s about it’s about life you can you can do sexual practices while being celebrated not have an apartment and you can you can really be creative and you know advance in society and make lots of money and help lots of people with sexual practices that don’t involve another person and if you do choose to interact with another person does not a benefit to that as well so so it’s not about the one our lovemaking with the multiple orgasms or whatever it’s about it’s about 3 how to use a sexual energy to transform your life more about the glory of cultivating and transmuting and really harvesting the the energy for manifestation and for energizing your purpose and all of the stuff it’s going to kind of sell it to you know I mean cuz imagine just fingers and all of the men who have been going to get off going to wherever with whoever to go and get off that they hear this podcast and they decide you know what I’m going to give this a try what’s in it for me now what’s the sum of the elevator pitch bullet points of the benefits that you get so that there’s that sort of internal drive I mean to say one last thing before you hand it over to say that I was just talking with the sex worker friend of mine actual train tycoon who has the skills and wants to put them to work Reno put the go to work but just says I can’t I tried to get them on board with the discipline and the training and they just won’t have it and they will go to somebody else and I’ll lose business so I’m stuck low vibrational addictive pattern and it’s if it’s my livelihood I’m not volunteering to do it at a clinic here in some low-income area or something it’s like it’s a vicious cycle so I really think it’s going to be up to people like you and me and and others to to make semen retention sexy you know if you will write so traffic please how do we professional is sex worker oldest with whoever she is and I hear that the Lord and it starts it starts on the person’s own beliefs and experience around semen retention and sexual development because if she doesn’t really know enough practice is to teach them she would not be able to help them this is this is if she just doesn’t have the right mindset and against all of the mindset is to why why why why why is us doing it why minimizing calculation okay when she understands it when when she’s totally sold on that she would be a much better Trends transmitter of that in the same way that when I started practicing Tantra I attracted to women who challenged my practice okay and they wanted me to come and complain and this and that in the past few years when I’m so confident about my practice even when I’m interact with women who are not don’t have any experience with a tan Tana tan tan fixer cuz it’s like they don’t they don’t ask me to ejaculate every happy when I tell them that I don’t have chocolate donut chocolate doesn’t mean that I don’t orgasm I have beautiful pleasure in orgasmic States and so on but when you are really clear and really dedicated to this approach to the Scott way of life you will attract people who would be interested in. And actually the sexual can you have an edge over under six workers because you say I can make you a multi orgasmic man and you can drive women wild 4 hours without ejaculating you can become multi-orgasmic and you’ll be more successful in with everything that you do in life so somebody can be a multi-millionaire and they can be with their the creative successful socially successful and so all in the moment they control ejaculation they would go one step higher or two step higher or have the same thing but to be more relaxed about themselves and self-loathing is also sometimes related to to self sabotaging and so on so that’s so so I would say it’s not about selling anything it’s about having people explaining to people water the water benefits and how the life with Jane and inviting them to to try because some people tell me it’s like you’re wrong because once I tried it like for 3 days and then and definitely know my balls are hurting and I was like okay okay you don’t have a picture over a straight you don’t have my firestick more if you had my five steps you would know that the fourth step is moving their energy and if you can move that has you wouldn’t have wouldn’t have blue balls and wouldn’t feel like it’s so horny you can park your horse and wouldn’t be frustrated so going back going back to the wise is I have think the videos on my program around 45 minutes to an hour just on the Y this is how long I spend telling people about all of the difference aspects of this and you know I want to make more money control your sexual energy and is an accountant you can be more creative in and have like creative Tax Solutions okay is it colder you could be more creative as a lawyer can be more creative yeah I do definitely want to mention there was a we don’t we didn’t really try to compartmentalize the different sexual Kung Fu Taoist kind of phone template for your very pretty rigid ejaculation intervals and throughout life stages changing there’s there’s a whole system vast system in the Far East and then South Asian contrary Nepalese in tibetan Buddhist I’m sure there’s there’s there’s all of those different and conflicting views on best practices but one one thing that I found that really kind of helps navigate through all that is is in his kind of a you could call it a bridge or or maybe a stepping stone or a Gateway or pathway but it’s like what do you think about the idea that it maybe instead of telling man you hate you have to stop coming you know you have to stop releasing your seat and then let’s just such a right angle turn in are you know it’s such a 180 for them it’s different if you if you think of it like if you know harvest the you know that the energy of your desire to get off and do you know 5 or 6 like I think Montag she is says you know raise the level of the plateau of the orgasmic Climax and kind of have that gift five or six Cycles before you release and you sort of other other accounts would say you’re sort of like the spent fuel that comes out which is the sort of post transmutation semen is not as potent if you eat of the last you’re not losing that potency if you cultivated and then release it so is that where is that sort of middle-ground fit into your thinking about you know whether or not it’s a dry or in a multiple dry orgasms and then release or no release ever or you know is that yeah I should have discussed it with the with the very very how to save experience Chinese medicine practitioner lately and I would say most men throughout their life have ejaculated idea once a day or three times a week so first of all have an accident and you know if somebody is 40 and they’re doing it since the 13th Avenue NE for 27 years when you try not to ejaculate it’s always still might have wet dreams are accidents or whatever but but first of all have a real experience of how it feels like and remember you not send Acra fising anyting is no sacrifice this just you gaining new things you’re experiencing more pleasure becoming a molecule Gathering command you connecting with your partner you are you know you known as it starts that if you know last four hours if this this is what you want you can connect with grated love and in connection with your partner and you can bring her to orgasm through penetration for 4 hours how you gain more self-confidence you build up their good side of your ego and then yeah you use this energy for manifestation and if you really move the energy it’s like this would be available to you to your life’s mission to your business to your to your social charity to whatever your family you know it’s a dad as well as spiritual practice whatever you do it again this is not just me saying this this is this is some of the biggest schools of thought in the world like the religions it’s not just about shame it’s about they recognize that that frequent ejaculation is draining from your energy and it’s not the times in a row and by the way thank you notes 15 when I was 15 I was able to do it five times in a row you get to to charity and for some some some people even twenty-five and you can’t do it so many times so disapprove that that your body loses energy when your chocolate so so instead used energy dedicate the energy to whatever you doing life before I have sex by the way I would make cargo shorts consecration or prayer of dedication of the energies to do my relationship to my health to my business to to money to a spiritual practice to do all of the above the window in the moment where there’s a voice in my head which is telling me a chocolate chocolate chocolate check my energy goes towards my Highest Potential not my lowest potential well you know guys will will buy into whatever somebody shouting in their face sweaters and drill sergeant or sports coach or daddy or you know it’s it’s so it’s sad that it’s all it’s all skewed of me I have this joke about how we pay these boxers 180 million dollars to punch each other in the head repeatedly and not fall over but when they go home to celebrate their their win with their wife she she doesn’t she knocks him out and you know they can get punched in the head hundreds of times and it doesn’t phase them so they’ve condition themselves to be punched in the head repeatedly but not to be the heavyweight lover who knows by the way just just you know another proof of that is that people going to professional sports at the men are advised not to ejaculate in the night before a few days before the energy and I was so so cash is a good energy mental energy it’s about it’s by the way I feel so creates a slight depression can aggravate signs of depression because of hormonal shifts after ejaculation so yeah I can drink drink my semen in the rare occasions when I ejaculates not sure what it’s beautiful there’s no problem but if you want to go beyond that and if you want to really see how your life transform you know give its give it a try and make sure that you have the right guidance again ejaculation control program.com that’s that’s one of the one of the web sites around that so what if they want to go into dad’s what’s the temperature be like somebody listening and you know that you have a mission in life you know that you have greater potential than what you are expressing right now right now go to the websites and book of free chat with me and we’ll see if I can help you to go to the next level. What specifically were serious yeah when will I so appreciate everything you’ve shared and I really feel honored to be able to be able to have this conversation have you know here out so am I my Wilder questions about the subject but I think this is a good starting point you know a lot of people who are interested in and really it’s going to write think it’s going to require a kind of a publicist do you know a publicist for a new me Manu like you said sexual Revolution where we where men are humbled by female sexual power and wisdom and and are willing to be in service of it and I do not like what someone said once was and what will the world look like if if men if it took for 30 to 40 minutes for a man to be so aroused by Deep intimacy and it’s hard that his penis to get aroused what would the world look like if if there was equality in the arousal cycle and so you know imagine there will be no rape, first and foremost there will be no rape if you couldn’t get in if you couldn’t get an erection without feeling loved and going both ways in all directions then then you just do penis wouldn’t work I mean that would be what we’re trying to get to write in set sensitivity so also invite professionals and Educators and even people who are not in the sex industry but you know coaches and so on to to contact me because I’m I really see this idea of of an organization which is empowering people who give services to other people like coaches and mentors in Kountze wedding at 1 and empowers them with some sexual practices because right now it’s like they don’t know what to tell to their clients and I woke you know I woke with a sports coach one of the world’s leading rugby coaches and he starts to include men’s workingmen’s empowering in his Sports coaching things to do than giving him so it’s not just about sex workers it’s about anybody can benefit from this from this work so so talk with me if you want to look into relationship into Partnerships in to do how we can bring this knowledge into your audience in your clients have a red state or was it fed to vent a few weeks ago in that so yeah it’s in the it’s in it’s definitely one of my plans and stuff so awesome thank you very much and pick up check internet intimate power.com for thanks I think I can I can make a resource with a page with all of the I want to see some of the stuff he talks about so I can put it that the internet power.com 4/10 trap Punk alright yeah we’ll get the links that you mention on the show notes for this episode and yeah do you have any final closing dots you want to share him just to say thank you to you and all because you really ask me some questions that nobody else asked me and also so I’m really grateful for you bringing this to the agenda and and sharing that and it’s only for people like you that the words that that that the word that the work that the message really really which is the people that need to to hear it so so yeah I’m close to you might like to thank you for right and thank you likewise yeah hopefully we’ll get to see each other and in and hang out sometime in until then definitely blessings and all your great works in and we’ll be in touch soon and I can’t wait to see this new it is there a website or any kind of resource certain kind of Manifesto or mission statement you have for the the new sexual Revolution kind of platform I love I love the title so I want to thank you I’m onerous I’m building this at this these days and also it’s a it’s a big thing and I’m getting guy in die on the page that switching with your with your Allison is right now awesome cool right then we’ll thank you again so much and we’ll talk soon take care bye-bye please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple what provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Archer Park. 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