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Relationship Contracts and Tantric Games with John Hill TPP117

In this episode I’m joined by John Hill, a highly accomplished modern tantric innovator. First, he shares the highlights of his extensive personal life history of exploration and training within various schools of tantric thought and practice. We later discuss his novel approach to teaching tantra through games that through the process of playing, participants can develop tantra based skills and teachings within a more playful frame. We also compare notes on the practice of designing relationship contracts that greatly enhance the functionality of romantic relationships of all kinds.

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My life has been a series of adventures, both physical and emotional. Over the last 30 years, after I discovered the path of Tantra, the adventures have intensified and have been more about awakening – awakening desire and exploring the potential of who I am and what I can create. Much of my awakening has been through a wide variety of classes, workshops and programs focused on our relationship with our mind, body, breath, emotions, and spirit. My exploration has taken me through some of my biggest challenges, which coincidentally, happen to be areas that many find challenging – money, sex and power. I’ve been able to create what some might call miracles in each area.

However, you might never have heard of me. I might be the best kept secret in the world of Tantra. Part of this is due to a sense of humility that comes from my introverted nature, as well as my Japanese roots where it’s not about standing out. Part of it is due to the fear of my power and becoming a public figure. However, it’s time to come out of the shadows and shine my light. I have too much to offer to play small. I invite you to join me and embark on your own Tantric Adventure.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello Jennifer Lopez welcome to Township on podcast episode number 117 I am with John Hill and he is an intimacy coach and tantric touch your guide yes and we we met a couple times and very excited for what he’s been developing really innovative ways to transmit the ancient teachings of Tantra for people in the modern world and here we talk to pretty extensively at the expence show the adult entertainment more of the startup business ideas of things that was a conference and we were just talking a lot about how we’d like to continue to just find new avenues for the love and Spiritual Development of hamster to find just more open more hearts in and relieve my open heart mind so on that note to tell us about your personal life and now you ask him to be beautiful person in provided if you are there’s a go I actually my first Workshop was with a probably many of your listeners know Charles Muir and he has his particular brand of Tantra but it was my first taste of Tantra and it changed my life is that I got so Jazz by what I learned in my experience that class that I turned around and talk to him and said look I want to produce you in LA and and so I brought him to LA and started producing his Workshop serenade then I started producing Workshop some other time for teachers started studying with other Tantra teachers Bode of inertia sunyata Saraswati and some other or so since that time I felt like I was I was my girlfriend and I together we were doing this that we kind of started Tantra in LA and now there’s tons of Tantra teachers here so it’s very cool it feel satisfying to be able to have kind of brought that into the Consciousness here thank you very much I’m glad to know that I thank you so since then I I actually have gone through a lot of stages with Tantra it’s interesting because when I first discovered Tantra for me it was just about sex and getting going to become a better lover and all of that and as I went deeper into it I realized how much more was in of the spirituality aspects of the energy were the healing aspects I ended up getting certified in the in the tradition of absolute on Trump and then I get a started teaching in that vein but then I hooked up with this guy who tried something really unique and that is kind of where I kind of changed my path so to speak so my signature practice now is what I called Lochte Hahn slh i h a n i don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that talks about it quite a bit on her podcast great-great so but I’m not too familiar with it so please that I breathe well it it’s a practice in which you do is you surrender into your body’s desire so as I am I experienced the body has its own kind of desire and we usually run our body from our mind but if you let go of the mine and really sink into the body and surrender into the body what will happen is that the body begins to do things on its own like for example when I Surrender fully into my body and my body takes over you know I totally relax totally let go and then my body starts moving and doing things and it’s always a surprise at what my body does sometimes my jaws will start the chattering and what I get there is that I’m moving fear fear of authentic authentic Lee expressing myself of speaking my truth cuz when I was a child I wasn’t really allowed to express myself my father would hit me when I was just a baby whenever I cried and so I learned very early on not to cry not to express anything not to express what I was feeling and so I cleared a shitload of fear in my jaw and as a result I become more and more authentic. Express and I feel like now I am not afraid of what people will think I’m not afraid of how people might judge me I’m Not Afraid potentially being condemned for what I say so it’s giving me a huge freedom in terms of how I express myself and one of my intentions over the last year or so has been to become a charismatic speaker writer and being able to move people influence people in a way that basically improves the planet next the world a better place awesome can you speak a bit about the absolute on strip system I I read the jewel in the Lotus and found it to be very instructive and enlightening and powering and I’ve been too I think maybe one or two of their official workshops and was very impressed and seems like one of the more I guess we’ll curated modern opportunities to study Tantra so do you have do you want to talk about that kind of introduce people to it it is a tradition handed down from Papa G from several thousand years ago and so it has a lineage which is unusual in the world of Tantra and it was actually Sundiata sarswati traveled all over the world and picked up all kinds of stuff from all kinds of places but in his travels to India that’s where he discovered it and then he was in a relationship with Bode other nausea who was more of a writer and a producer and so they clap created this course and probably the big thing that was handed down through that lineage was Cobra and so I’m sure you’re familiar with the least a level 1 cover breath and maybe the level two but there are several levels of the cup of breath and then I have a another person who I’m at and who I ended up learning a lot even from him he actually created a community in Austria but he is in India right now and he is an Explorer and a scientist name is Greg immke he and I have collaborated collaborated back we have a website together called authentic sharing. Com where he is now in India as I said and working on agelessness is actually getting younger by if you can believe that but I believe it I’ve seen people and they practice loading on and there’s only a few of us that teach this and by the way the trim Lighting on cadieux on me spiritual exercise and it’s the the term lot even is Indonesian and it was a term used by what’s the term used by so good which is more of a spiritual organization not trying to trick it’s actually kind of organization and they practice in a very different way than Greg and I practice said they they do it in large groups which is great but they have the men and women separate and they don’t touch each other and for them it’s about communicating with God which I believe you can’t because in my experience practicing a lot Egon I found that you can begin to Greg Carlson connecting into inner guidance for me it almost feels like I’m connecting in the spirit and spirit is talking to me so I get Visions I get Visions I get words I guess I get actually some of my greatest business ideas through Lighting on it it’s amazing it’s kind of like I’ve been lately calling it going into the genius Zone where I tap into my genius in in fact there’s a book out called stealing fire which is Broken Arrow from Sing Prometheus and these guys that were doing this flow Genome Project coined the term called ectasis ticket from the word ecstasy and what they call a character Isaac’s tasses with the four terms steer which stands for selflessness timelessness effortlessness and richness it’s a flow State and and what I found is that Lottie Han puts you into this kind of Flow State into the state of ecstatic has so it’s a very powerful practice I’ve been doing it may be anywhere from 10 to 20 hours a week or the last 20 years it has it is created miracles in my life I mean one time I created like $100,000 in a single day I keep in mind that that breakthrough around Lenny was preceded by a huge breakdown but it’s also you know it is has provided many break this in right now I’m working on this is breakthrough since so that’s why I say I get my best business ideas from that space from that practice right on so do you want to talk about it I your practice with intimacy coaching and Township guidance I’d like to hear some highlights of worship that’s actually it was something that I’ve actually started recently I have a Okay so disclaimer I I have been coach for about 10 years but I am a horrible marketer and I don’t actually think that I was meant to relate I think I was supposed to be on a path of my own transformation and so I would do some coaching here and there with different people but I never really made a lot of money at it and when I made a lot of money trading day trading that’s where I made a hundred thousand I ended up retiring and moving to Hawaii so this one of my pictures and sew in Hawaii I spend a lot of time transforming myself who I am having fun I ended up marrying two women at the same time and yes they were like half my age so it was it was it was a disaster in the making they had a whole lot of fun up until the shipments and I ended up falling in well I fell in love with one of the women and wanted to be monogamous with her but she wasn’t going to have it every week we spent a little time in Monopoly like a month but after that she was like she was in love with my best friend and she was in love with me too but man I got so fucking jealous it was like I went through like what is that called The Night of the dark so we ended up getting divorced on every level. Perfect cuz I learned compassion and I learned what jealousy is all about all about all about fear because Greg was my best friend and my teacher and my mentor and you know this incredible and so I put them on a pedestal and actually how could I compete with him with my wife so so is all the sphere and comparison in all ego ship all the good shit so if you play hindsight I I get it you know it’s it’s kind of like you know when you ask for what you want in a cuz I might desire My was to have an open relationship with more than one woman and so I ended up marrying two of them but God has a funny way of as a as a sense of humor have to say cuz sometimes when you get what you ask for be careful something’s going to shift at twist and turn and you’re going to end up in some sort of incredibly powerful learning process. now I feel like I can actually you know I’m in a new relationship now that I actually went through a bunch of relationships since that divorce but I jetes at relationships and this is what I’d really like to talk about because I just started a few months ago a a relationship where I’m calling at the tantric experiment and it really is an experiment in fact if any of your listeners are interested they can hit me up on Facebook my Facebook name is John Ichiro Hill that’s Ichiro Hill only one of me on Facebook so you can friend me but I have a Facebook on Facebook secret group called The tantric experiment if you look at their Facebook groups contract experiment you’ll find it I have to approve anyone that that Anna wants to come on and what I’m doing there is that she and I are sharing a relationship experience and so what I wanted to do was I want to experiment with a relationship that was about transformation about growing together about relay a toxic relationship and so when I say it’s not relationship what I mean is that we have certain agreements are we actually wrote a contract it took us three months to negotiate the contract cuz everything is desire based and for me Tantra is the path of desire and so we support each other’s desires and we have a lot of resonant desire so you know our desires fit together in other words we want the same kinds of be one of the things that she wants to do is she wants to surrender more she wants to move more live more in her feminine issues very masculine in what ways and I’m very feminine in terms of I’m able to easily surrender which is good with a lot of hard practice but I want to practice more of my masculine which is about control about giving about doing about creating and maintaining a holding a strong container where’s the family is about surrender about letting go about being about going into the unknown then ask him it’s more about the known so I get to practice at with her and it is great but what we’re doing inside as relationship as we’re going to explore all the chakras so I have I used Tantra games to explore the chakras at but the big areas that were exploring the ones that are the toughest for most people are money sex and power especially inside a relationship so we are definitely exploring money we have a money game we also have a truth game that we’re playing where we are being radically transparent with each other and sharing your feelings are truth sharing her desires all about and so we play games we have we played a few on audio for during the negotiation phase I was using car audio recorder and record our conversations and some of the games to play it so we played a desire game we played a gratitude game but we’re also going to be we also played a few secs games but we’re also going to be going deeper into sex games one of the things she wants to do is she wants to have a threesome with another woman and strangely enough I’m not opposed to it any definite plans around it yet but we’re also going to be exploring so this next Sunday we’re going to take a orientation with special which is I think one of the old the old dungeons in LA right I don’t know if you’re aware of that well they have a clubhouse in the valley and we’re going to be going there she she’s really into wrestling up she wants to explore can she’s really interested in tying up women she loves being tied up by me so so that’s kind of our first cake that were exploring will be exploring other things as well BDSM and in a different things I might even try a little bit of Fire play we’ll see where all of that goes but that’s what I mean by 200 games so summer sex games summer intimacy games some open the heart some open the throat chakra do you want to describe more how the game works at what to do with the rules are how its setup and well the games that I’ve devised often times are games that are adapted from different different I guess different I guess how would how would I put it the original these days and so things have been floating around for many times like the 12-step program has I think something like a gratitude inventory I don’t know if only ones but one taste where I studied orgasmic meditation and actually got certified as a coach they have a bunch of Anna Victoria so they have a gratitude inventory they have desire inventory they have fear inventory and so I adapted some of these games they even have the game called hot seats another one called intimacy say so they have a lot of different games that they play and Aisha actually have a website that I I developed the like 4 years ago 3 4 years ago call Tantra both attending sharing. Common soccer games. Com are websites that are still running but I don’t read they’re more like Museum pieces at this point I’m planning on starting up a new website based on my name for my business but you can go there and take a look I have some games and I talked about games there but I’ll tell you the Gratitude game that I played with my girlfriend that was back in I think February that we played that game it is a great game it’s a hard opening game that supports people in feeling the love basically if you’re in a relationship it’s a great game to play what you do is set a timer for 15 minutes or whatever time you want for 15 minutes is a good time because it gives you a chance to write quite a few gratitudes so what you ride is I love dot-dot-dot about you what it is did you write down everything that you love about your partner or your lover whoever it is that you’re doing this this game with and they write the same thing about you I love this about you I love that about you I love you know I love whatever and you write this all down and then at the end when the timer goes off you got all these gratitudes or things that you love about this person and then you read them to each other add each time you read one the other person the person is listening says thank you and sometimes you’ll be surprised about what your partner loves about you it’s a great way how would this be how we making this available with a v through like a workbook or videos or no I’m actually planning on giving some free webinars and these webinars I’m going to start these webinars next month they’re free webinars anyone around the world can connect you and his sister will be on Zoom I’m probably going to live it up to like 50 people get a soda have to register in a day but during the webinar is called life lessons so if you look for it life lessons a webinar and you can always hit me up on Facebook if you like or if you want to get my email address is John I Hill at but what I’m going to do with this webinars is I’m going to share an embarrassing story for my life and the lesson I learned that embarrassing story because life is your most powerful teacher how you can study with teachers are great but life your girlfriends or boyfriends your relationships are your most powerful teachers and so during each webinar will be about an hour long what I’m going to do is I’m going to share an embarrassing story probably about some well some people call a taboo subjects I think my first webinar I’m going to be talking about my first marriage where I ended up having a mistress a secret mistress on the side and lying about it for two years so I’m not proud of it but I’m hoping that through my story people will learn that paper we all make mistakes we all do things because we have egos we have an identity and the identity will make us to strange things because they were afraid or you know whatever the whatever is going on from our childhood wounding or whatever it is will create message sometimes but we can learn from these messages and so I’m going to share a story I’ll talk about why I did what I did you know kind of related to the ego and then talk about the lessons I learned from it cuz there’s just some very powerful lessons at once you learn from your mistakes from the things that you do in your life and then I’m going to probably a share a contract principal make my pee after Po and then I’ll share a country game with everyone and so you’re free to use the soccer game so I’m not like selling the toddler games so I’m I’m maybe as someday I will but right now a lot of these games like I’m just willing to give away but I do have a new program coming up which is called the ton trick Adventure it’s a 90-day program in which I’ll be ushering about Tantra and how it can support you in creating whatever it is you want in your life in a weather Financial Freedom sexual freedom for me Tantra as I said it’s a path of Desire but it’s even more importantly a path to freedom and when I say freedom what I mean by that is freedom from the shackles of the ego rather than being controlled and run by your ego you’re actually the ego becomes a friend and a servant so if anyone’s interested in that I’d be glad to offer your listeners I’ll be willing to offer like 10 free sessions 10 free Discovery session is although what I’m doing now with my Discovery sessions is rather than making it a discovery session but I like to do is play a game and the game I want to play with people is what I call the desire breakthrough game so you bring whatever desire you have you know something maybe that you thought was impossible or you given up on or a desire that just doesn’t seem to want to fulfill that something is blocking you or whatever it is that you have a desire that just is not happening call I’d like you to bring that and what I’m going to do is we’re going to do an hour session and for 45 minutes I’m going to work with you using my technology and support you in having some sort of breakthrough with your desire and then the last 15 minutes is just to give you an opportunity to ask me questions I’ll share about the tongue Creek Adventure the 90-day program might be possible for you in that program and then no obligation if you’re interested you can do no sign up to pay a deposit and be in the program or if you decide know I got what I needed from you know your break through then that’s fine too so it is a free session and and I just didn’t like to offer to your carelessness awesome thank you so much so what did you what do you have more things planned on the rising or you’re going to be pretty busy with this for now I’m working on launching my business I entered into a mentorship program with this woman I’ve actually it’s interesting the last few years has been really so powerful women in my life Nicole daidone of one taste was powerful woman that really changed my life in a lot of ways I learned a lot from her and one taste but this other woman her name is Marisa Murgatroyd what the name you know she is a business coach a branding expert she helps entrepreneurs become super heroes to their tribe so I enrolled in a year-long mentorship program work program with her I put down 18,000 for this program so you know that I’m serious about it and what I find is that programs like this cuz I was in a coaching program with one Tay’s what they provide you know any Workshop or any kind of program that you’re in for bicycling tainer and inside that container you can actually transform so I took what I found is that inside of this container I’m actually starting transform and starting to really feel like I can make a huge impact on the world and that’s really what I wanted to I’ve learned a lot I’ve experienced a lot I feel like I’ve got a lot of gifts to give now and and that’s what I want to do want to make a difference in the world and make an impact in a positive way is theirs yeah there’s so much going on the world right now that is hard for me to show us a stomach I mean we have for president who sing Congress the state of war that we seem to be in for so long and I see no end in sight and and the way that were thrashing this planet I mean you know it hurts it it makes me pissed off every time I look at Facebook and I see all the stuff going on I just this is really hard so I want to make a difference in some way and I’m doing it with Tantra so that’s my two cents right there and I will I look forward to seeing the first and all these things I definitely feel like a games and fun and then you know light-hearted activities are a better way to learn new content and being a sort of well they could be a storage area nor are punitive ways to shake people out of their patterns and whatnot there’s just certainly I would like a lighter softer way to engage with some of the Shadow work and stuff them in a cemetery yeah yeah I get it and I also want to say that the time for games that I talked about use the word game purposely because I want people to have fun and I want people to feel like they’re playing at life that life is actually a game and not take it so seriously and at the same time the games are designed 2 create some discomfort and this is important for people to understand in fact one of the things that I noticed on my Facebook group that’s on trick experiment is that I I finally realized I think I knew this before anyway but I’m starting to realize more and more that I am what you might call a transformation Catalyst in business to call someone like me a change agent and so what I will say or sometimes do will make people uncomfortable things that happened in my Facebook group and you might get a kick out of this is why I talked about radical transparency about with my My Girlfriend by the way we’re in a six-month contract just so you know that this contract that we sign is for 6 months and at the end of 6 months I actually don’t know what’s going to happen I love that I’ve done the same thing and I want to hear hear more details about that cuz I think that’s the way to go it is an awesome way to do relationship because for me while in a could be six months could be a year could be three months whatever but but the cool thing is that it’s a commitment and you know how many people are commitment-phobes especially guys and women complain about you have no commitment and so this is the way making a commitment for a limited amount of time and then deciding okay well at the end of that time do we do another 6 months or do we call it quits or do we get married or in a like it leaves a relay open so I really like that aspect of it but what I do with our truth game is I will share things that aren’t always easy for her to hear and I did this in the group and its it triggered a bunch of people and what I shared was that I forget the contacts but there was something that she had said and then I said you know we have a difficult relationship sometimes and sometimes I’m really attracted to her and sometimes I’m repulsed by her while the word repulsed predator and and she said something like repulsed writing and then I wrote well where you going with this you know this is just a feeling and I am feelings we have really have no control over I choose to Love You Love A friend of mine from way back he was in a men’s group with me and he just did not hold back at all and he gave me a new one he said something like he basically said I was insensitive ass all week we joke about it my girlfriend I cuz I said you know you can my pet name or you can give you the pet name insensitive asshole just call me whenever you want and then when is thinks that she has is cuz she complains all the time about do things for her like I I want to serve desire part of the role of the masculine is to serve desire and the role of the salmon is to receive and so I’m always rented server desire and always reading something new with her opening new doors creating things that she’s never experienced before like she’s never experienced ejaculation female ejaculation and so she recently started ejaculating in she’s like oh my God you know so there’s always something new that I am I’m opening up for her and she loves it and she’s she will say something like you know so great what you did I love that and and then she’ll complain about what I didn’t do so then my pet name for her is greedy ditch and she laughs so so so white hardness and games and play are really great and you got to know that it’s going to get them comfortable you know we I triggered her all she triggers me sometimes and so if we didn’t have this commitment we’ve actually signed a contract who knows who might have split up and I know and so it is great it’s a great way of staying in the game playing Fallout and knowing that we both have enough Integrity to stay the course and the we’re really in the unknown about what’s going to happen at the end but I do know one thing is at the end of the six months we’re going to do a completion ceremony where we do the Gratitude game once more and we’re going to we’re going to come work really going to get the love and appreciation that we have for each other and we’ve been in each other’s lives and then what we’re going to do 3 to take a month-long break from each other so get a break for a month not talk to each other just be totally separate so we can come back into ourselves as as things and then of what we’re going to do is come to back together for a weekend and incidentally we only see each other on the weekends cuz I really have to focus on my business so we don’t live together but the weekend is this intense when we come back together for weekend and then we decide what’s next together I love it this is the Paradigm I would love to and have it with more people who don’t now there’s someone that I have a list of of of with the word hesitation or why I understand why people get hostel and and negative and and resistant to this disk approach but I feel like the benefits way very much outweigh the drawbacks and I’m curious if you have you know what do you want to call him selling points or just dump rose on the pros and cons but just help can a layout for if we can for a few minutes the what did common arguments against this is and it’s obviously fighting mostly from people who never tried it and I just will not dare they will not dare try something like this because they believe in myself box but they basically you’re so brainwashed in program that they don’t have self control and power to design their own the way they conduct their body and they’re in their hearts they just want to be in this delusion of spontaneity is is the only way to be sincere as it has to be spontaneous and it has to the only love is true is got it it’s not true if it doesn’t last forever reminisce Smith’s oh by the way to look at it if you want to help us meth bust around you know why is it doesn’t have to be so structured and so so chaotic and you can actually put some thinking to it and design in Arby’s short and long-term lease contracts to see will I would love to I would love to one of the things I’ve learned in the last few years is how important a container is now I’ve known this for a while now because I used to do a lot of free-form dance and they always talk about a container in which is kind like the rules that’s why is games are a container structure you got rules and so a contract is a container you know it and the beauty of having a container is you can surrender in what you can feel safe in a container okay so let me let me explain that women have we all have it but women in particular have a Vigilant Center in one of the practices that I took up a few years back is orgasmic meditation and one of the big things about orgasmic meditation is that it has a very strong tight container it has like 14 steps is a protocol you have to do it this way if the dude that way everything is like this is the way you have to do it and it’s a very strong container but what’s important about this container is that creates safety for the woman because the woman is totally surrendered she’s got her legs spread and the stroker typically guy is stroking her clit now to have a one end end this could be strangers I mean I would stroke the clits of women that I just met for the first time I didn’t even know their name sometimes it was like for me it was kind of insane when I first started doing this now it’s because I’m kind of like normal but it’s still pretty weird that it is a woman’s take your pants off and she gets into the nest call the nest and and then you start stroking your clit but if it wasn’t for the container and knowing that guys and just did this is the other piece is the roll again the feminine to masculine and when I talked them in and ask’n were talking about the divine feminine Divine masculine it’s like The Duality inside Tantra and decide the physical world and so the role of the masculine is really to hold the container and the role of the feminine is surrender inside a container and Sosa same thing with relationship one of the big secrets that women in a what of what women want is women want to be able to surrender and if a guy can really hold a container man I mean you talking about I mean might my girlfriend will sometimes Cry tears of gratitude because of the container that I hold yeah it’s it’s really amazing intellect when we’re making love and and I’m just like I’m holding your so tight and I’ve got her arms wrapped and I’ve got my arms wrapped around her so she can’t even move and and it’s like she feels safe feels help and and I believe that at some level women really want this so it’s I think men if they can really learn how to hold a really great container and that’s why this relationship is working so great and we’ll see where it goes but it is a way in this why wouldn’t want to get married they want a container trouble is that you know they sometimes everything is going great until they get married then suddenly everything goes to shit what are you just need to get married once every six months in computer to the same person or two other person fight that’s what you’re talking about is you say queued going to renew your marriage contract at an interval that makes it so that you don’t get lazy with your health your of your you know your Fitness I mean is a million dimensions of slack that can be taken when you feel like you’re taken and you just let yourself go I was with Miss Lori and her said that you know a lot of people there they get me something about she was interviewing some swingers who were citing research that said that if you swing or swingers live longer because they’re healthier because they will then I guess this was the deduction is it because they are on the market for to be sexy for other people they actively maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle and they don’t just slumped into whatever so she sent you a lot of people these once they’re taken they just let themselves go and had said you know it’s it’s it’s interesting how everything could change if you had that sense of healthy competition and being sort of Liberty and Freedom Movement of people talk about Liberty how complacent the government institutions can be when they don’t have to compete they just take money and it’s all good and you know it doesn’t really matter they don’t have to innovate pressure to innovate and enough pressure to the efficient so you have all this you know well questionable efficacy in their ministration and then in the private sector you have Fierce competition and constant Innovation and you know somewhere I suppose you could say between but I mean to apply the analogy it’s like I said that to her lover boy you know before it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s actually going to make us love each other harder and better if we know that we both have the option to you know leave each other behind if we’re not performing satisfactorily it we’re not being you know measuring up if someone else comes along and that I always said to you know I don’t mind if I don’t really consider it cheating if I’m with a woman and she wants to be with somebody else you know either she going to have a great time and I’m and I can learn from that if she’s more satisfied or has a better experience or new experience I can run from that and if she doesn’t have a positive experience then that’ll be enforced that I’m the better lover if I need to have that sort of you know ego trip about it but yeah I just reaffirming you know what you’re saying and the trouble is that you know people think that once they get married you know they’re done and they’re safe and everything’s going to be hunky-dory and you know the rate of divorce in this country is rampant and so there’s no safety in you know having a lifelong monogamous marriage and so and end the kind of contract that you can design the kind of relationship you can design is just based on your desire main like for example I have no need to take on other lovers inside the six-month contract but I’ve encouraged her to have other lovers because the what happened was that I’ve had lots of lots of lovers in my life so I’ve had multiple threesomes for seven spice sounds like all kinds of stuff so it’s not a big deal to me but she’s only had like think like 5 lovers in her life and she’s had to Long marriage has been monogamous both of those and she just got out of a marriage maybe about a year after when we met and so she has it really been with other man and I feel like it’s important for her to have some experience with other men so that you know it’s not just me so inside or contract she is allowed to have other lovers I’m not allowed to have a lover unless she’s present was that your stipulation or was that her feeling or it was if we always agree that’s that’s the thing when you’re writing up my back do you have to fully agree to whatever is in the contract and want to break it or it can only last for it to be agreeable than it could maybe only lasts for one night and that’s that you know but it’s good to have it for as long as I just checked in 24 hours so if you can write up the contract anyway you want and you know if anyone is interested in any kind of support with that like I said we spent about three months going through it’s a I think about a three or four page contract another important to the contract because I want I have cuz I found it relationship is one of the most powerful ways of transforming so one of the things that we did in our contract was to write out an outcome statement and we each wrote out and welcome statement we put it in the past tense like this is already happen it’s like who do you want to be at the end of six months in a what kind of person who are you how do you relate to others you know who are you in the world and so it was just a small paragraph that each room is broke and we actually spoke those at our handfasting ceremony incidentally you know I’ve been talked about marriage a lot we did not get married we. Handfasted and had 10 passing it for those listeners that don’t know what it is was something from it was a pagan ritual we’re typically you would get hand fasted for a year and a day and so it was the original contractual I guess marriage if you will but it was not a lifelong thing it was a year-long thing at yourselves everything doesn’t it yeah yeah so you know what do you want to make 6 months going to make it a year make it a month whatever it is I mean one of my tires and my girlfriend noses and she actually has 6 tire is I’ve I’ve had this desire for a while for a few years now is to look up pornstar and actually actually would like to have like a short-term relationship with a pornstar so you know who is short-term relationship where I get to experience what that would be like if I’m sure it would push me lots of ways just one of those taboo kinds of desirous that I have a great that was actually that desire actually got me to La and created. Com well it created a whole bunch of stuff I actually interviewed 40 actors or audition for the actors when I came to La stars but I always liked all set to create a reality show I was going to be a star of the reality show pornstar was going to be real in real life turned out that it wasn’t the truth and I had to let it go for the moment but that’s how much this kind of like really what I would call a beastly desire in Ocala real like lower chakra kind of desire which I have no judgment about it’s just there’s just a lot of juice and energy and passion in that which pin relay juice up whatever you’re working on and so that desire so with me and now it’s being transferred into changing the world making a mess awesome well I guess I’m kind of doing this piece of meal do-it-yourself bootstraps reality Ishq drama series I guess you would call but it’s just it’s just if you become a country I don’t want to say master I’m really abhorrent kind of myself to that weird but when you become a facilitator educator a teacher coach you kind of can’t help but having a catalytic transformational effect on people to wear it in in in in a word that very easily understood by the media you know mass media culture is is you doing a country makeover when you take on a client and your kind of why is just funny because that’s one of my other other programs is what I call a ton truck makeover great minds think alike if I if I do say so myself as great as you and talk to you about that since we stumbled on here I haven’t really created the program yet it’s it was just one of my one of the I have like a program that is the chalk Creek Adventure which is 3 months the tantric makeover we should be six months and then actually creating a ton truck lifestyle which is a year-long program debonder once a right now I’m just watching the this program is brand-new the 23rd Adventure I’m going to limit it to like 10 or 12 people cuz I really want to devote all my energy into having everyone have a huge breakthrough fill in some details on that and give people something to look forward to checking out and oh okay well thanks thanks the Todrick Adventure like I said it’s a brand new program what’ll be is 90 days and during that time I’m going to be about three months I’ll be doing 12-hour training is this is all by the way to online so you don’t have to live in LA to be part of the program you can be anywhere in the world but once a week I’m going to be doing a training online like a 90-minute training and then I’m going to do some individual coaching on for the people like two or three coaching someone I also have a lot of video and multimedia I’ve been working with multimedia for a long time and what I found is out by the way I just did a a video of the practice of law team on and in what I I’ve done is made of instructional induction oil and vibrational so in other words there’s some instruction there about how to go into a lot of pain but then I actually enjoy induct people into the experience during the video so if you’re watching the video I actually asked you to close your eyes and then I start talking you into the experience and and what are the important parts of lighting line is that you can take an intention and have it in power and so the other piece is I called vibrational so the video carries of migration or frequency that will support you in receiving your desire or your intention and I have a a CD that I created about 8 years ago actually in Hawaii on the big call opening to receive by empowering the root chakra and it is a very very powerful I don’t know of any other CD or soundscape or sound healing CD out there that has the power of this month this when you can actually this really feel in your body when you listen to it now. The downside is that people don’t like it because it’s uncomfortable to guess what it’s doing is his activating everything that blocks you from actually receiving more from life so it’s going to activate all your fear that activate anger you’re going to get annoyed you’re going to get irritated you’re going to get like nervous anxiety is going to come up and so what you need to do if you need to actually move that energy so I teach people in this class how to move energy and I actually have a another video series called moving energy elegantly that I did about 10 years ago where I teach people how to move energy when I talk about energy really talks about emotional energy and so I shared with how to move pain fear anger I even have some massage tools that I used sometimes and so these are some of the training tools that I’ll be using and then I have some other videos of me actually going through a process where you can actually enroll friends to help you in a transformation process and and then I’ve got another video series that I did call the road trip Series where I was able to you know I got married to two women well this road trip I spent a couple of months on the road traveling with my friends and I had what we call the Catalyst convention and I did a bunch of things to clear my sex and relationship stuff that was you know my demons whatever you want to call him when he ghosts up and at the end of that trip I met this woman that I fell in love with and I had the most incredible sex that I’ve ever had we would basically have sex 6 or 7 hours a day about two and a half months and then she had to go back to Austria so so it’s incredible you can create so this road trip is about how do you create the relationship of your dreams I sure all of that in these videos cuz they’re actually videos of me clearing having a completion of clearing with my sister with my ex girlfriend with a bunch of people service it’s like amazing videos that I have to find those are that’s part of the programme had suggested I have to private message me on Facebook so they can do that my name is John each row Hill Ichiro they can email me John I Hill at I think those are the best ways to reach me right now cool alright well thank you so much I had a lot of fun and I’m glad we got to come around since I’ve been here about half the halfway point of the year since we kind of said some high high level intentions from a high point of the the sunset the Sunset Boulevard was an m and has hotel which was where was that empowered and indefinitely there was lots of Prada running up to our little Council that we rebuilt their yeah it’s going to be nice to just keep flowing so yeah that’s definitely be in touch and I look forward to next time ya ya is so great to reconnect with you you’re a great guy I love what you’re doing in the world thank you likewise yeah we will definitely be in touch okay alright I’ll buy you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episode if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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