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Race, Gender, and Tantra Makeovers with Kamali Minter TPP74


In this episode I was joined by fellow tantra instructor Kamali Minter and had the profound honor and privilege of co-creating a verbal vision board for a harmonious tantric future. It was a blessing to have her share wisdom and offer guidance that can help humanity peacefully and lovingly integrate and overcome the shadows of race and gender politics. We also discuss what personal, cultural, and ecological “tantra makeovers” might look like as divine feminine consciousness continually expands internally and externally.

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Kamali’s passionate about transformation through art, movement, breath, and sound. She fuses her knowledge of Tantra, Taoism, Yoga, Relationship and filmmaking, to create opportunities for us to experience the Love that we are. She is a trained Tantra teacher and Reiki Master, and has been certified through Tao-Tantric Arts and Embody Tantra. She did her 200 YTT with Shivakali Yoga. And is learning more classical lineage practice from Nita Rubio. Other influences include Alison Armstrong, Marianne Williamson, Kathleen Dayvolt, and many more. Her approach to healing is about making ancient wisdom relevant to our modern lives by guiding practices that have been used for thousands of years to reach enlightened states, in ways that are accessible and fun.

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Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Township Funk podcast episode number 74 I’m here again with Kamali Minter we had a podcast recording that we did recently and for some reason the goddess squashed by voice and her voice was loud and clear and I tried to salvage it but then just realized that things are usually easier the second time and there’s probably a reason to shift the the context a bit so too kind of preface where we’re coming from we were talking about a tantra makeover of ourselves of our communities and if the future of life on Earth and really turning into race and gender issues and how we can all work together to build a beautiful future using this technology and we were kind of getting into the indicting a lot of the transgressions of patriarchal behavior in misogynistic behavior in the institutionalized racism in after talking again about how we could maybe even transcend that conversation which was super potent would be too kind of set up a dialogue where it’s the future already and we’re kind of looking back on how we overcame a lot of those hindrances to the True Glory that we all want to experience so thank you for bearing with that that long breakfast and come only if you would be so kind to again introduce yourself and tell us the beautiful story of your path of Tantra and then we can go from there sure be my pleasure thank you for having me back and I think it’s actually was thinking of you were talking how Tantra cat was that original conversation that destroyed and yeah I am currently teaching Tantra love and intimacy coaching and it’s kind of the last thing that I ever saw coming in my path I stumbled across Tantra probably over about 10 years ago now when I have been doing a lot of training to heal from some wounding you know around relationships particular relationships with men is healing my relationship with my father after my parents divorce and healing from his infidelity and things that it happened around that and I was in a relationship and I was very much in love with and we were best friends but we just had completely different approaches to sex and that part wasn’t working at all I’ve been doing a lot of reading and speaking and searching about relationship and love and marriage and connection and socks and then of course in that search Tantra pops onto my Horizon and it was the first time that the idea that spirituality and sexuality weren’t separate things had been introduced to me and being a person who’d been kind of a spiritual Seeker into meditation and all kinds of other spiritual modalities for a good part of my life this was the first time that I entertained or even imagined that there could be a connection between my spirituality in my sexuality so I was kind of hooked from that initial and as I started to explore my with my first teacher Charlie Morgan and more of the Neo Tantra World initially the pool was about like how do I have better sex with my guy how do I have you no more Connection in the end in get this sort of fulfillment or satisfaction out of intimacy and out of my sex life that I was not experiencing but it ended up becoming the medicine Tantra itself became the medicine I didn’t know that I needed to actually thought the blocks around my heart that were keeping me from intimacy with everything in life prior to Tantra I thought it was a pretty open person I was race social I knew how to be with people consider myself very loving and generous but I would simultaneously walked around with this leg tightness or constriction in my body a lot of fear and Mild anxiety and all these different ways that I went about service protecting and putting on a mask or different faces to interact with people so I I did not even really realize that I was not showing up as my authentic self in my own life and that I was not allowing life to really touch me for fear of it hurting and that was showing up in my personal relationships but they’re showing up in different ways everywhere and Tantra was the path that actually started to mirror this back to me as it broke me open to a whole nother way of existing so through my own practice I have developed this deep love affair and appreciation for what Tantra actually is and it is so much more than what it was introduced me as initially in terms of the its connection to sexuality over time I’ve come to find discover and start to practice more classical Tantra and get more in to sadhna and Mantra and yantras and goddess work and it’s become the biggest source of my personal empowerment and for breaking me open both energetically but also emotionally and learning how to Source my power from a very natural connected place and add to a place where it was time for me to start sharing what I had learned what I didn’t know was part of the past is that at some point you have to share what you’ve been given when that came up you know this little boy sounds like it’s time to teach and I was like no but the teaching path is really just become another way of continuing to grow and deepen our on this spiritual journey so yeah awesome do you want to say a few words about some of the peak experiences of being opened up and what the circumstances were if they’re not well to graphic although anything goes on this podcast some of the pieces like before I even got into working with my Sexual Energy in new ways some of the first stages and it’s the way that I teach now is was really about the melting or the song out of places where I was holding onto a lot of tension both physically and emotionally so just learning things about how to touch and be touched tenderly learning things about how to allow my breath to make love to me actually started to tenderize me in a way I didn’t even know I needed to be tenderize I was I really prided myself on being like this independent woman who he no like I wasn’t as tough as the boys you know and other way I did that mostly was to have a pretty hard shell around me and in a lot of ways and so as I thought out and started to learn about the power in my Yoni the power in my vagina and how to start to tap into that power and let it move through me I didn’t have to find my protection through that hardening anymore like I could soften in my body are there that was interacting with a person or making or having a making love with my partner I could soften and let someone in and know that there was another kind of power that was going to keep me safe Anna wow I like to definitely Shakti rules of the universe cuz that’s awesome and then do you want to talk about exactly what you’re offering sorry when we can give the web links again at at the end but I’m just curious how you’ve woven your journey into certain teachings that are unique to your gifts bring there something better rise kind of like an artist they get inspired by whatever I’m learning I’m or have learned and what I’m hearing or listening to around me and you know people in My Tribe and out there in the world than like oh we need some of this medicine right now so but mostly I am I tried to offer classes is there class series periodically which is like the most affordable way for me to work with people and then I also do one on one coaching privately and I’m working on I had done for two years I taught a two-day weekend immersion for charu for embody Tantra and that was great time considering bringing my own version of that back next year and working on some stuff some online courses as well right now but mostly when I’m finding myself being drawn to are working in a couple of different areas and that is specifically I love working with women and empowering women around their their sexuality and her sensuality so a lot of my private clients are actually women looking to connect with her sexuality more or to be empowered by it and some kind of way to heal from past traumas just to be able to love their bodies you know or even that just have an orgasm or some kind of experience pleasure in sex so I do a lot of that work with lemon with a really love just I love watching women learn about like what their vagina is and all the things what does beyond the Practical things are taught in Biology class and then I do some work with couples and then my my class series I recently started trying to bring the element of nature into my work I’ve been finding myself really really drawn which is what the things we’ve talked about with the permaculture but I find myself really drawn to how Tantra adjust wakes us up to our interconnectivity with all things including nature and it really is the original source that we all come from it is our mother he knows shakthi is nature and and as I’ve fallen in love and deeper with mama and the goddess and Shakti it’s only it’s come hand-in-hand with nature and so I’ve been leaving the elements and some nature appreciation and working with emotions in to my class work recently so that’s so cool yeah I have to say that I am working on it a similar parallel kind of path of ecosexuality and holistic permaculture kind of in Hawaii there’s a lot of very integrated communities that I’ve heard about it I’ve talked to some of the people where it’s just very intrinsic the way that the herbalism in soundtrack sacred sexuality training and and gardening they all are just sort of happening and it’s kind of an Ambien so I kind of feel like it’s kind of already deeper in the future than a lot of places where it’s really disintegrated in the another places that don’t have that that climate I guess there’s no excuse cuz if you can grow tropical fruit in in very cold and and high-tech Simon says well so before I get into a permaculture geek mode I’m really glad you’re working in that down that Dimension because I was just talking with one of my kind of dear colleagues in this work and been in just jokingly using the phrase as kind of a headline unkink your Kundalini with 50 Shades of Green it was kind of what we were experiencing and what we were collaborating to create is sort of opportunities and in a media that kind of demonstrate that just a breeze is orgasmic and it will take you there you know if you’re if you’re in nature you’re going to have all of this support to have the Shakti flow and you know all of the dilation of the whole astral body in the purification and just so much more conducive to all these practices in and then when you have that experience you can kind of question okay no wonder people get bored in the square box rectilinear architecture apartments and things in an 8-bit get so bored and so tired of just fucking that they’re like can you you know choke me half to death so I can have a new set Jason and I don’t want to put anybody down for that but I I wonder if we could if this if the the Kink BDSM World War II have like a collaborative ecosexuality timeshare conference with permaculture where we would all end up we probably end up throwing our own rope material and doing blindfolds and also just maybe actually transcending some of the childhood wounding that is responsible for being sort of tied in a knot of energy you know so that was a little bit so close to me right now well okay I guess the question is if now we can probably get into the fun stuff which is really talking about designing these time Trek theme parks of the future where adult children of all kinds of trauma can start to unkink after Kundalini in slow so I guess a lot of visions of how to make these things roll out into reality and I’m curious where you know now we please talk about race gender nature and classical Tantra and all the things that you were sort of daydreaming about that you could get support for taking everyone outside and there’s a lot there in terms of how much of what is really ailing us as modern humans particularly modern westerners has to do with the way that we live day-to-day so separate from separate from nature and also separate from ourselves you know who are a part of nature so I really I find you know like my most General passion is about connection and so for me being a black woman. Then translates into some very specific areas which is you know I’ve been developing a passion for how this workout Entre which really is amazing spiritual system for connection for that purpose how to use it in some of these faces that we’re seeing extreme disconnection making itself known in today’s world and this is a no disconnection separation that’s been there all along but it’s really loud right now because I feel like the world’s going through some deep trance relational stuff at this moment and it’s open to healing in a way you know it’s like a Gateway for healing is happening right now that hasn’t been open for quite some time you know so I’ve been fantasizing about like how how to work with you know some of the wounding that we’re seeing come to the surface the bias around social injustice Injustice is connected to raise primarily what I see as a fundamental issue of beauty of lack of understanding and compassion so it’s like everyone stuck inside of their own experience you know and that experience is also riddled with their own biases and limitations about the way they’re seeing and experiencing the world based on how they were shaped as children you know and how do we begin to crack those walls so that different things can be seen and different things can be heard that are that are outside of the realm of what you’ve previously experienced and Tantra magnificent for this because it’s it’s all about this expanding beyond the limit itself and it does it in ways that are so like bypasses the the conscious mind you know which can be very analytical and slippery and hard to pin down because it’s always looking for a disagreement Tantra melts you know through really a lot of it true recently have been experiencing the power of Mantra work you know and just that Mantra and it’s so you know sound healing is working with the very root pieces of creation you know God said let there be light those were the first two things that made everything lightning sounds he knows what it all is and so by working with light and sound you’re working with the tools that go right to the root of where everything got put into place inside of somebody you know and so I’ve experienced in my own life just the power of Mantra to transform and you don’t see it coming Genting is being 108 x great-great-great my tongue is tired and the next thing you know I’ve been doing this for 7 Days 11 days whatever and my heart’s a little lighter or this trigger I used to have all the time around you know white people looking at me a certain way doesn’t exist anymore you know there’s there’s just an interesting way to begin to experience Mantra getting under the hood of the really dissolving you know what we call the samskaras like those grooves of Habitual behavior and thinking that are keeping her locked so I’ve been thinking about how we how we use that how do I get people to fall in love with Mantra work and because there’s a mission yeah commission artists and musicians to put beats to it and you know they’ll be singing along and no time and I think that is a great way music music people can relate to is like easiest way to get are you are you aware of any artists in that I mean there’s a there’s so many different genres of music that are that are working with all kinds of chanting and mantras I’ve heard I’m not sure though if we know what you’ve encountered and if you have any suggestions or if you might want suggestions and I would just so I can just imagine you advising a new generation of artists and musicians with your your skill-set with the mantras in this bid chocolate Entre path and all that good stuff power of this kind of work to transform hip-hop you know in the sense that as a music form itself is pretty benign it started off as quite an innocent art form and its roots a lot of hip hop is very fun and you know playful and then we went to the pool. In the 90s where I got very misogynistic and materialistic and it’s kind of gotten mired and in those pieces you know and I do I’ve seen it a couple of Festival of some of the transformational festivals a handful of artists doing like hip hop and reggae some more contemporary launcher based music I can’t remember are any of their names of the top of my head I don’t have them in my playlist per se but I know they’re out there and it’s still all that stuff still kind of on the fringes you know I haven’t heard of anything penetrating mainstream yet per se the are you familiar with the four 48 equals 440 vs 8 equals 432 kind of controversy anything so high that that is affected me deeply and radically shifted all of the music that I have made his musician over the last few years have been kind of gotten into that and I’m wondering if I mean that’s just something to kind of put in the on this little this sort of verbal vision board of even if it’s not exact mantras being repeated as a specific number of times just tuning the root note of a track to the ohm frequency you know 136.1 and its sexy sharp in 432 creates that feeling of peace and shedding and opening up and it’s very like you said kind of bypasses the story of what’s happening and it just is yeah yeah yeah I know that stuff is really powerful light beginning to deal with sound healing and frequency and all of those pieces for sure I wish I made music I don’t I do like my tools of art tend to be film and visuals and spoken word and writing and that kind of thing but yeah I have actually experienced I’m a big fan of people who are doing that kind of sound healing work definitely do you have any any until you know that set the intention to the right people will come at the right time to back you up and make beats for you and do whatever it takes you know bring up my Layton Layton musician yeah definitely no big story so cool so yeah that the whole Sonic Dimension the mantras I think it’s a really good opening up of of just imagination for how to proactively address things that it seemed very stuck you know I feel like a if more rallies and protests were were using utilizing this technology they be more effective to trans yeah they would be you would be mellowing out the cops you know I’ve seen footage of the WTO protests where people were pounding drums in and there was a cut to one of the riot cops tapping her foot to the beat like they’re not supposed to do you know you know if I can send all of the Direct Energy and who are the people I enjoy working within the groups I want to help and those kinds of things and I’ve really been looking at people working in social justice in different ways you know because of all the anger and pain that is just prevalent in that work and you know we all can cognitively know love is the most powerful force to move with and and when you’re on the front lines all the time it can be really really hard to stay in that space in the space of fierce love like in love does not have to look soft but still just being able to stay connected to self and to the forces that are greater calling in nose like that Chucky Spirit you know that Sheba energy into the work that’s being done so that people aren’t doing it from their own you know will and burning themselves out another group of people that I’d love to do something with four sound right on so do you have yeah I had a I had a good conversation with Devi Ward on the podcast a while back kind of about people’s a people’s Tantra similar you know visioning of temples really where it’s more like a public Clinic where this the Sexual Healing Arts and services can be rendered to low-income people who perhaps help in the gardens and do some time Banking and things like that to really democratize access to these these ancient technologies that used to actually be more of a lower class female-centered matriarchal subversive transgressive underground really yeah you know it’s it’s really interesting the whole I’m cuz Tantra by Nature has always been secretive and for good reason and some way from what I’ve turn from a lot of my teachers you know and it’s because it’s like Tantra has steps away from all of the morality and fear base pieces that you find in a lot of other spiritual Traditions right and those moral pieces and the fear pieces or how people how they control people like how you keep people in check in keep them from doing things that they shouldn’t do and you know these different pieces and because it is so about the embracing all of it the dark and the light that there’s a place for everything at the table and and there are aspects of Tantra that do work with some very powerful and potentially dangerous energies you know to the physical plane that the secrecy is important in initiating people is important on some level because there are layers of the work that is accessed by the wrong level of Consciousness can be used in horrible, you know and and also I find that there’s a there’s a preparation process that has to be gone through by each individual Consciousness like a person has to be at the have to have a Readiness in their psyche to encounter certain layers of the past cuz you’re literally beginning to access the Loom or the larger the Consciousness you’re accessing the more energy you’re accessing the more that’s just going to expand and any you know ailments or issues that are happening in your system so there’s a really is that need for the purification before you get into the amplification that was very very well said yeah and I just had this number I was just having this conversation recently literally about tactical tantric revolutionary strategy and how to temper this Paradox of the extreme potential for like super power or is it could be used to save the planet and then the Peril of like you said that it’s just high pressure high voltage energy and in information that can be overwhelming and debilitating or cause premature Kundalini activation that can even snap your neck and paralyze you mean there is real physical and emotional psychological dangerous so and the trees are being cut down much slower so at some point we’ve got to take a risk we got to say all right the secret mantras have to be liberated to the chosen ones who have done a number of hours in a time bank and they’re the process of degrading people with nature as as a fast track to purification of funeral getting off porn let’s say getting out of whatever devices are attached to and and getting into the Dow in the pace of Nature and then she’ll do the heavy lifting or the Deep you know cleansing it just all of this is such an interesting deep study that resistance in struggle and in Tantra and all the stuff so and then so to give it back to you please yeah maybe talk about or respond however you feel and and and maybe talk a little bit about or as much as you want about what the Perils of navigating male sexual abuse in an ego power it within Tantra and how I made sure I got to Tantra Neo Temple sort of Paradigm could be defended and protected and secured and the Amazon Women know the future Township temples like kicking ass in frustration so all right but it’s not devious in being a servile parasite it’s like being a boy a man and then burning your godhead from the goddess Uno ocean really I feel you the pieces I started thing is I call you know maybe it’s like 12 step program where you have but really there’s something to that even when we get into looking at the sexuality aspect of Tantra and particularly the relationship between men and women and the role of goddess and and all those pieces because I feel like they’re there is particular in the west lot of people that come to Tantra through the sexual Avenue looking for some kind of sexual healing or sexual Adventure you know anything about it can absolutely provide those pieces but they’re there to really touch the potency of what’s available there is automatically this kind of purification of stuff that has to happen for you to get what is possible out of those practices out of the sexual practices because if you approach them from The Limited cell for The Limited mine you’ll miss it all together and I will be just another physical act that you’re going through the motions of like an empty ritual so Waze one of the things I think is definitely been so beneficial for me as a woman and countering Tundra is that it really is the only spiritual path that that elevated woman to to not even just on par with man but to this status of being able to bestow that spiritual Evolution or to bestow initiation or Enlightenment onto man and onto the rest of the world and this idea that all of creation itself is the the realm eshakti it’s the realm of goddess and so this is her world we’re playing in you know and it’s not that she was not present here it’s not that you know that masculine energy that aspect of Consciousness is very much always a part of of Socrates play like they can’t exist without each other and I think it’s some of its is an interesting thing with the with the gender peace and Tantra because on the one hand I think it’s incredibly empowering for women to get what the true source of their power is and who they really are by having a female body like what that really means and I think every woman should have that blessing of coming to know that and then there’s a layer of it where we have to be careful about using that to make ourselves better than or above our brothers you know cuz I have seen women appropriate the goddess Kali you know for the Wrath and and use it as ways of justifying cutting men down you know and and that’s where we get into this weird play of like at the end yes we all have our divine and we’re also human and so we have egos that can sometimes get in the way of all that Divinity very very careful about how we use our power and who were giving our power to and we should never Tantra I think part of the contract philosophy is that you should never hinder someone else’s choice or power like that is sacrilege goddess and plain enough stepping into Shakti herself if you’re ever if I ever used to to take away someone else’s power then it was used and those are the things that we can have to look out for when I see happening a lot and I think we’re going to be in counting a lot more of that with what we’re heading into giving that Hillary a very good chance of being our next president you know and I’ve been seeing the really the flashlight being shown on misogyny the patriarchy that we’ve been living in it’s it’s loud right now you know and I think it’s just going to keep getting louder and part of the voices that are turned up or women that have been very quiet so there’s always been like a handful of feminist on the front lines but there’s more and more women who would have never consider themselves feminist going hey this ain’t right I think that’s going to continue to happen because she’s waking up and she’s waking up through through women through the human form of 1 and so we are about to face you know I knew an epic ways this whole question and tasks of deeply understanding the dynamic of how the masculine and The Feminine are supposed to work in collaboration with each other and I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better and that women are probably going to swing very far to you know almost taking on energy of their oppressors to some extent and retaliating with that back in different ways so and I think there’s a lot of men that are very afraid of that very thing happening United’s very similar to raise it’s very similar to email I think right now some of the scared of people on the planet are straight white middle-aged men yeah they’re old boys network is coming down pretty fast the purest is not the best word but really just like the whole list form of teaching about Shakti out there and I know and really watching those edges of where ego in retaliation or Revenge start masturbating themselves as empowerment yeah it’s just I have it I have a few kind of sound bites that I feel like serve your intention if you would be so kind as to kind of give me some feedback and see how it drives with your approach to kind of you know I mean as an activist it’s you get trained to not hopefully thinking sound bites but be able to speak in sound bites when necessary to kind of you to nudge the discourse and one of the things that I kind of have been shown I guess or have sort of kind of worked on it I’m kind of condensing into a small schematic or visual illustration it’s kind of like I could, you kind of thing worse like if if during the creation it when the creatrix goddess you know my was designing and building the DNA blueprints for Homo sapiens sapiens that the female body blueprint got the whole download came through so that the seven major chakras were we’re out of the box activated so that you have an integration of intuition in connection to above and below and open heart and nurturing and strength you could lift cars off of children you could you know give birth and you could bleed for days all these powerful Mighty powerful yet tempered with this compassionate awareness in the sensitive I’m giving in and regenerative regenerative Consciousness so that’s the the complete package and then if the joke is at Wyndham at when the man was getting built there was like a the connection got dropped to the signal got dropped so only the first three chakras got finished and activate out of the box so then it becomes you know if the if if men were trained to understand that that somehow is kind of a case that’s the gist the reality there’s there’s not a lot of arguing argue that men need help activating the heart throat third eye and Crown chakra so it’s like you don’t have to blame anybody it could have just been that you know what the moon got in the way of the cosmic same signal and it bounced off and now we have to you know do the BitTorrent download again and repair that stuff and I think some people would say that that is what trans is in that is what these gender-fluid the energies coming through hours is it that this the patch of that of that kind of disastrous issue of men being kind of really a lower primate circuitry of violence and aggression and that was supposed to have been overcome and transcended in this model but because of that issue that’s undeniable with it it’s like the feminine is coming through in a whole new way so nice of the male chakra activation and so damn that’s where it starts help me help us fascinating is you know something really happened I think of this last generation like I’ve been watching in my generation of men where there was an introduction to there like their feminine side you know cuz we have both masculine and feminine energies running inside of us all of us you know and they just we most people favor one or the other based on usually they’re being a physical sex but not always and and what I’ve kind of seen in like men who like you know identify this man and you are built like men in this in my generator like the introduction of feeling you know and tap in opening of Cochran’s so there is like almost as new breed of man that started to develop we’re like you watched like men get the metrosexual thing popped up okay to start tapping sharing a little more about your feelings and your chakras deactivate and they’re actually is like a cold breed of man that became more common where there was a lot of them but then you lost that feeling of the route of the grounding of they liked it at the expense of cutting off their sex you know and so I kind of feel like I do you think the majority of men still running on the planet are very much in the old wiring of living from the lower three chakras for sure and they’re usually not the kind of guys who are even attracted to doing today it’s too soft it’s a lot of men time sex becomes the first connection back to that possibility you know it is a very powerful you having another funny Vision I have to add to that is that if if men were really intoxicated and on the Divine nectar the goddess through their ability to withstand the multi-orgasmic waves of a woman’s true potential in enduring multi-orgasmic lovemaking then he would really just be 2 entrants to want to get up and kill other man or cut down trees or poison rivers that mean so there’s two ecological potential of Tantra to keep men horizontal original you know I cannot refuse to pick thing was the union with Shiva laying on his back which is even then a sort of thumb a fuck you to the established Orthodox in do you know things so that the Shiva is this Stillness it’s just nothing it’s nothing without her movement waking him up and no sound yeah well this is great so it’d be weird looking back now and having discussed this these very nuanced gender dynamics that Tantra can help people navigate and the energies and I’m curious if you have more thoughts to share about ways to equip people really it’s like if you had the power to just I mean this this at this art form that came from Temple so I mean deeper ancient history going back to 20,000 years of goddess Worship in in the wild as hunter-gatherers deep in South India mean it goes back before even domestication it goes back before temples were built but in the medieval Heyday of the temple arts in the temple building I mean I could just imagine that it would say you if you had lots of power and money and influence and you could start to build temples where the the rebalancing of energy could happen with man in the desert of redistribution of resources could happen in balance with all genders and races you want to just flow with that vision and just yeah if you had if you were the one kind of scripting a fantasy sci-fi novel what would some of those chapter titles yeah well you know I think it’s some kind of I’ve been drawn to looking at like some of the Eco Village models and kind of what some of the appeal of permaculture is Ben’s just look at what is the role of Designing our space and how are space works the function of space and how does that shape us and shaper interactions with each other because I think like part of the hard part about taking such a beautiful ancient past and is bringing it to people is making it relevant to the way we live now you know without losing stuff and stuff is always going to get lost but without losing like The Core Essence of what’s important and where the transformation how the Transformations happened and and so I think there’s a natural aversion in Ardmore current day two people have a chip on their shoulder about religion and and you know even though still quite a bit of a world called some kind of face you know like we are still the majority of the global population is still acknowledging some form of God and so I don’t think that part is a stretch but I think people are more people are suspicious of organized religion but what we do really want if you want Community we want Community we want connection we want rituals we want celebration we want all of those things to be woven into our lives that are full of work that gives us purpose you know and and so like my real desire has more to do with like applying all of this to the way we design our day-to-day lives you know and how do we look at our bodies as temples how do we create our homes as to how do we create our communities and Villages our cities as temples if we were to take that mindset and redesign our structures redesign the way that we’re living day today what would that look like like that’s what I’m really interested in you know like like where would we we would have places we could gather spontaneously and have Quiet Moments if you know our god or goddess since you know and then connect with other people doing the same thing we would have places where we can gather is a tribal Village for ritual than celebration that didn’t revolve around shopping but rather some of these things that are really cool or like dancing and music and food you know so like how do we get back to those roots how do we design World’s End in person that is my desire is just so I can just kind of started studying or beginning to research and look at different ecovillages and what people are doing out there kind of daydreaming about my own versions of that you know because I do think it starts on the smaller level and wait we have to figure out how to work work it on a small scale before some of those things can be implemented on a much larger scale you know some of the I have been a student in practitioner of utopian ecological Village designing and building and stuff in and for most of my life and I feel like I’ve encountered a lot of disasters and a lot of Glorious outstanding beautiful models and a lot in between and I think we’re Tantra and sacred sexuality has brought to me in the later. Guess I’ve got about 10 years of pretty dedicated study and practice and training in Tantra and I’ve been emerging that with my eco activism movement building stuff but some of the things that I feel like or the the event Horizons for what we’re talking about which I’d love to get some of your thoughts and even if you haven’t really gone deep in exploring them in the past is kind of set seed these questions for future dialogue and for discourse and I guess I’d say that going off of what you said earlier Tantra is the one of the only integrated sexuality training programs with spiritual practice that actually is mutually honoring and reinforcing and feels like what were what the sweat the system is trying to do is is shame our bodies and keep us separate from exploring our bodies and from sharing intimacy with each other around the eight times of the life cycle where it’s most powerful and most hormonal and and there’s all of this taboo and shame around even things like teen pregnancy and in and like only in the context of making a bunch of robot workers for the rat race Mega machine Empire that’s owned by somebody else would they be pathologized to for teenagers to be impregnating each other and that is a big taboo to even consider but when you think about the flow of the design of our biology and nature and all these things it’s it’s like the coaches that facilitate Rites of Passage and initiation and facilitate the human life cycle in its real form are going to be the ones that are operating in in the natural flow of the conscious design of the universe out things are a really meant to be and so how in your mind assuming that you’re you know that’s one of the things like how do we facilitate masturbation how do we facilitate self-exploration erotic expiration in there were methodologies in the classic era of Tantra that are very I guess they’re they’re so far from being applicable now where it’s mostly adults in their thirties forties and fifties who are kind of you know stumbling upon Tantra through yoga or whatever and it’s just it’s really not a complete system that if that address is every stage of the life cycle where you know the everything is sacred and honored and enter and respected in facilitated because the act of Union is the most holy thing so of course you would as a culture facilitate that so I don’t know if speaking clearly or just sort of opening it up to this dialogue about you know this the frontier of honoring the body a hundred percent in facilitating its natural cycles and not damning it in commodifying it in limiting it so that you know porn producers can make money and you know school is can keep young people totally locked down and separated from each other for years and years and years and all of the shadow that comes with rape and abuse all that stuff I mean that’s my that’s my set up for your it’s about really the restoration of sacred sexuality you know and because there is there is a little bit of a difference between you know like Tantra and then take her sexuality is like this huge umbrella and there are aspects of it that have really become a sexuality you know and and I think they’re there is a role even more so immediately like I think Tantra can be hard for your ear average common specially American person to really grasp off the bat or even have interest in but take her sexuality is very relevant and approachable and needed for our current lives including like we were talking about that whole ushering or facilitating into our sexuality from you know adolescence through our teenage years how we come to enter a relationship with our genitals and with the sexual energy and then how we learn about you and sexual Union and and all this energy is and how those processes did used to be facilitated in other cultures and they were initiations and held you know by your treiber village by your elders and yeah it’s because we live so differently now I don’t know that it’ll ever quite go back to work like that but but I do see a pot like a possibility or have a vision of having spaces where that’s possible I mean right now I think the big hurdle is like a re-education about how we hold see and talk about sex you know and there’s there’s there’s a lot of actually also just great holistic sex Educators out there who are doing work on that front because that is its own nut in and of itself to crack the conditioning that is so prevalent just around how we see sacks and it’s not even accurate most of the time from about the biological and and Nino psychological standpoint but also like scientifically sometimes just what we know about the Exorcist yeah I think there’s a lot of education and re-education and and it has to happen to experience and it’s hard because sex and sexuality is still such a taboo subject I mean it’s just as uncomfortable for people to talk most people to talk about his race in O as homelessness you know these are things that are all important parts of what we’re experiencing in the life cycle and the first step is just like how do you how do you melt people defenses because of all of the perversion that does exist has created so much caution and of course I am my belief is that the perversion is there because we suppress having these conversations and having this education to begin with but but yeah there’s a lot of fear and trepidation around even having the conversations having the education because there’s so much danger around sex particularly for women being out so exactly and so there’s there is a fine line that gets walked where it you know we are very careful not to glorify it or to make it okay for it to run rampant because it’s an energy that most of us haven’t really learned how to work with responsibly so yeah I’ve been thinking a lot about that recently doing work with survivors and being a Survivor and just really when you look you know through the veil you see the this menacing I mean in the bible gave to and in the tantric scriptures the Tantra is where we was described as species of demons that were coming through into our plane of existence from other shadowy places in the astral Shadow biosphere that had his easier time breaking into our membranes of our astral bodies because of the Kali Yuga World age where we’re sort of on a spin of the cycle of time where we’re kind of on the dark side of the moon or we’re just more susceptible and so that Tantra was designed to be a tactical sort of sexual martial arts system for men to learn how to be in Devotion to shakthi and goddess into be less penetrated by these menacing forms of demons that they were describing and now if we look at the rate of increasing rate of all types of abuse and all of the extreme forms of violation depicted in porn an alphorn is totally a vector of of these just so you could call him will parafilias or or or antisocial behaviors or whatever clinical terminology want but I’m more and in more bold enough and brave enough to say that we’re up against non-human entities that are exploiting our weaknesses and strengthening ourselves and purify ourselves is what keeps that looming threat of violation far away from us and our communities in got to come confront it and deal with it and I want to hear your thoughts if you still have some time about I mean really I think cuz you were when when Janet Jackson expose the nipple accidentally at the Super Bowl and it was like I can only imagine that there probably were people who died of heart attacks when that happen to go from that point where I think I think it was Jay Leno or one of the night show tonight one of those said one of those night talk shows made a joke about how the US government was going to establish a department of wardrobe security because it was a wardrobe malfunction is that take off it so there’s this free the nipple movement and it really it’s it’s like I mean everything that you just heard me say which is is so out there and so far out for any modern secular person you know say oh you’re just a religious nut if you’re talking about demons you Noble but look it to put it in context and she’s like okay you don’t have to use that language but if you imagine how phobic it’s like a mass phobia of female nipples and because somehow we all know that like every one of us is deeply deeply ill sexually because we can’t handle that and it’s it’s a it’s easy to blame Christians for everything that went wrong in last two thousand years but I will say that there are elements a form of sexual spiritual hygiene that is is more of a can be more scientific like how do we how do we you know how these Arts of purification are cross-cultural in in be able to I understand that sexual imagery and nudity and animals having sex in nature and people in villages making sexual sounds that aren’t being silenced by the fear of being heard having sex and all of these things that it’s just that mass of phobia is habitat for demons you know anyway that’s me and going on to that vet esoteric soapbox but freeing the nipple is that something that you’re very passionate about it if you would be a key tactical leverage point to move things forward in this country future that were talking about to both sides of what I believe is true and this is the thing with this is the thing with life you know Tantra is about it’s the end it’s the coexistence of opposing forces right so free the nipple yeah I believe women should be able to walk around topless and that nipple should be embraced just like flowers you know and smell than happy to see the nipple look look at that beauty like if we could just look at breasts and just think Beauty just like taking in a place where they could really look at brass and back to like you know being held against their mother’s chest or attitude and sure maybe you’ll get a little aroused too and that’s fine you want to do anything with it you know if that were the case I would say yeah free all the nipples we’re a long way from that wreck a long way from that end in this is something that comes up a lot in these feminists or you know different activist circles is that there are good ideas about doing things that are calling attention to what we really need to be looking at and what should be happening and reaching for a future that needs to be able to exist and there’s often a negation of like where we are now and what it actually means to do the thing that were asking for you know and so I think I think it’s it’s like we’re in a weird. Where you know women there is this part of the whole feminist movement is being able to like not the subject defying by you know just being a body to be able to have your body respected as like a whole sacred sayings not just someone source of pleasure or getting off and these things are great ideas but how do we actually get men there like the men there you need to see them get there in order to live in a world where you can be that woman cracking up minute ago and I swear this is not my will you know whatever it is it is what it is but it came to me and I’m going to express it cuz it it cracked me up at slyke okay well exactly how we might start to cross that bridge into a pit bull breed world and it’s like well I guess what they don’t let dogs run wild and you know you can’t but so you could you have to have your dog on a leash and then go they invented dog parks and so it’s like if you had wished you could have nipple parks where the man had to be on leashes and then we’re going to walk them and have them and it would be okay if there’s actually something there I’m sure there’s well I’ve been places I lived it a femme dom got his Temple out in the woods where they could get away with almost anything and no one would hear you scream so I’ve seen it all and you know it’s not also going to be you know zone right there in next to City Hall either so yeah it we just have a long way to go and it’s just sad so sad to think that the obsession with nipples is because of the deprivation of nipples and it wouldn’t none of that there would be no market for Cleavage and there would be you know what happens anytime there’s like a real a real Liberatore change in the political landscape it’s like the lobbying groups no nipples are dangerous because we’re going to lose profits on Airport magazines if we free the nipple so we’ve got to come up with scientific reports of what will happen to your child if they see a nipple walking around and it’s like we’ve been shaped in a particular way like we’ve been conditioned by living in the world a particular way and if you go to tribes where we are women walk around topless that that was a different conditioning where they it’s natural to see bra so that it’s not a thing you know and and I think what we’re facing in a big way is all the conditioning that does not work for creating a new world yeah or any other wild ideas that was pretty thank you for your thank you so much for entertaining these thoughts and its really what do you most hopeful about what are we in with that and then and we’ll call it good about the level of connection I see happening because of social media you know like quality of connection is a different thing we just do you have more access to more people and more information and more experiences is changing and impacting our Consciousness and very cool ways I am really hopeful about not being able to avoid or else like it’s all coming to the surface I think we’re where we’re going to be on our ride for the next four years at least around gender and I think some really good things will probably come out of that it’s it’ll probably be bumpy and I think I am I’m altimate Lee hopeful about what’s available like to us information wise teachers practice-wise I feel like there is valuable information that is more readily available now then and then it has been you know in any. Of History I’ve ever heard about and that means it’s a lot easier for everybody to wake up if they so choose to you know and so I’m very hopeful about that that we might actually reach some kind of sizable Tipping Point I think that’s the direction we’re heading in now maybe maybe by the end of my life so yeah awesome well how about any sort of practical tips from your practice in your teachings to help people stay centered and empowered on a daily basis and then you can I’m sure your websites and offerings after that sure sure well I mean I think the first the most basic thing I teach and I think everybody should learn and know is really hard to work with brass it’s free it’s a free resource brass and it’s you know I think broken water are two of our most potent you are free healers on the planet and particularly like the most simple and it’s really just becoming creating a practice of breath awareness throughout your day and really watching for when the Press gets cello and deeping and deepening it down into the belly and down into the pelvis like really breathing down into the genitals on a regular basis is a nice simple one to just stay aware of and I that will automatically change the texture of how you show up in a lot of things and you can find me at space for love.com so it’s s p a c e f o r l o v e. Com and there’s information there about anything I’m offering my events how to work with me a Blog pretty regularly offer other information and tips and resources as often as I can cool I guess one last question would be from your we didn’t touch this time much on your your path and career in the reality TV show jonra and other Media stuff but are there any highlights from that that people want might want to check out or any of any future projects where you might be bringing some media stick skills and tactics to the tantric Revolution as it were for mentioning that works on lying on Vimeo it’s harder to find your my sight but my background is in writing directing and editing and I have been looking for ways to fuse. With Tasha to bring that back in and actually have a little documentary project that I’ve been working on with charu which will probably be coming out next year as part of a promotion she’s doing for one of her a couple’s home study courses and it’s a really fun behind the scenes look like authentic Real Deal of her and her beloved relationship and the way that they incorporate Tantra into their day-to-day life and their conflicts and their love-making whole wheat yeah we just we really quick I’ll State cuz it’s going to be in the title and and we talked about last time but this sort of big tent content curation mission that I have Tantra makeovers and how you know the contract celebrities have already been through their process of a makeover and they’re in their deep in the after but it’s always an ongoing after and encountering new people in there before and after cycles and just capturing that with media and kind of yeah I’m just kind of networking and opening up that dialogue to to kind of show the world that the beauty of the art the way that Bruce Lee brought martial arts to the mainstream in Hollywood and all that stuff is kind of like a bigger Mission so hopefully we’ll get to cross paths on sets of some some kind of attention so yeah that your problem cases that’s making cool well thank you so much, you had a lot of fun and really appreciate it so deeply that you’re willing to go into these treacherous and glorious places and I can’t wait to see how your path then Falls in will definitely be in touch. 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