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Punk, Survivalism, and Masculinity with James Burnette TPP26


In this episode we discuss the punk movement, philosophy, and ethics and their relevance to survivalism. We explore a range of subtopics from rebuilding masculinity, permaculture, homesteading, homelessness, street justice, anarchy and more.

Survival Punk is a blog created by James Burnette. James takes a rational, creative approach to self-reliance, applying a punk DIY ethic to survivalism without any of the fear mongering or “tinfoil hattery” found in some other areas of the survivalist movement.

The Survival Punk blog covers a huge range of his projects, both success and failures along with a healthy bit of myth busting. He also provides a ton of dirt cheap creative solutions to common prepping needs and does a great job of integrating the paleo lifestyle with the prepping lifestyle.

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Com and our journey together will begin all right welcome to Township on podcast episode number 26 I am talking with James Burnett of survival punch out, he’s got an excellent blog bringing the DIY Punk attitude to survival movement and vice versa and thanks for so much for for being here James you want to talk a bit about your journey that involves Awakening to survivalism in and how that enter played with your punk rock but I guess what drove me to do being interested in survivalism is is sort of a two-fold process when does the first part of it that really woke me up was in my teens I spent a couple months on and off being homeless and then maybe a year or two we are doing the couch surfing thing self-sustaining Union to carry stuff like I didn’t you unlock survivalist MGK I will be called Bug Out bags with his heel backpack with everything you need to Sorvino go on foot to survive you don’t know how to add my high school backpack in there with little Trinkets and stuff you know spare change the clothes extra socks you know supplies used for everyday life then not thinking that you know really that survival but that’s just that’s really what I was doing that and I was surviving and during that time I saw it was when your homeless people a lot of free time you know your your time is basically you try to eat and then you kill the rest of your day so me and my buddy Mike we are homeless together and we would sorcerer method was with Rigo sell plasma and then we would take that fifty bucks a week or whatever we eat nothing but like all you can eat buffets you know once a day until like 19 2000 the year 2000 prices you know like five bucks a day and food and then you hang out in malls and surf the Internet the rest of the day and then that’s where we got me in to speak to the beginnings of McDonald’s in through the man now it’s not a little bit more Define where you and I just kind of want the government to not be there in to leave me alone but yeah that’s me being homeless kind of broke my eyes and taught me a few things like you just realized that you can survive and you learn you a lot of good lessons on how to survive but when I was not home at the intended it lasted for a couple years and then I got a bit more successful you know got a full-time job and all that and I forgot some of that stuff you know I moved away from it and I just play around Monday on the internet and I was searching I was like nope always been a really big zombie fan so I was kind of looking for my wallet cuz zombie survival kit or something you know it you know Apartments layer and a Survivalist Forum where they are making real zombie you know preparedness kit that you know a metaphor for things that can go wrong in our society so what I found that for him it was like that it was the rabbit hole for me like I just I got sucked and I spent like four hours at night just reading everything you know and realizing it my stupid survival apocalypse ideas then we’re retarded you don’t like everyone is like the apocalypse happen to meet you there by opening experience and I went down that path pretty hard and it just makes my common sense you know no I’m not technically you know preparing for the zombie apocalypse but you know for things like a job loss you know that works in the building self reliance stuff they bill you my life where I was able to this past month walk away from corporate world and I could be more true to myself and you know I work for myself and then make that move to you know my own Homestead and you’ll be a punk rock Homesteader congratulations yeah and so had it so that was you been how long you been doing the block for I kicked the block off back in March of 2012 so I’ve been doing it for a while and last year I kind of stuff going on so I didn’t put the effort into it like that but I had been and it’s it really suffered for it so I got past you know All the Troubles I’ve gone through and I came back with a vengeance this probably in June July yeah so a couple years and still get bigger and have you have you been since you’ve been publishing content and building your tribe you know to the internet have you what kind of responses have you gotten from both sides of the punk rock movement and the survival move and I’m sure both would be finding your truth searches and whatever marketing you’re doing I’m just curious what what kind of reaction you’re getting right at that use that word tribe love that word I’m definitely I’ve made some I’ve made the best friends in the best Connections in my life through survival Punk just a lot of other light blocking friends and then you know just people that come across the block any other right me and you know what you’re doing this is this is awesome. I’m not I’m not a big-shot you know I I respond every one of those emails that’s really why do this you know the information and get that out there so I left when I get those emails I’ve had which is which is funny cuz I had had one guy when people unsubscribe from the email list it sends me an email saying you know Joe Blow unsubscribe from an email list and it has the option where you could you put in a comment while you did it and this guy wrote the longest unsubscribe email is like he’s like you were terrible person like punk rock is Barbara stick and he went on and on and on I don’t think he even read anything on the Block like it was just such craziness on that but I’ve had more positive reactions from people and surprisingly demographic I mean most of it was older sort of Christian conservative white men Rocky no soda that kind of thing I didn’t see any of that at the time you knows I was sort of the felt that if I put this out there from my perspective that you know there’s there’s got to be other people like me out there and put it on there their stuff with their of their Mohawks you know in their Doc Martens in so I think it’s sort of it rings true like a the punk sort of see you know that what I’m saying makes sense right so freaking response that I can get fans actually have a similar background it’s of being a runaway and Lynn ending up on the streets and then later becoming a forest activists and so I got urban survival immersion training by being homeless on the streets and you know doing that thing and then Wilderness survival emerging by being later at Forest activist we’re pretty much Bush hippies who knows saving the trees but but also it was mostly punks in the forest that were doing the tree sitting and stuff and punks and ex-cons are not expensive maybe I can ask Rusty Travelers gutter punks and ex-military Earth firsters and stuff so there was a lot of like a good drugs good tactics and good times and also the enerco DIY ethic instead of stove and then but I didn’t know you know much at the time about more conventional or traditional survivalism as a as a you know what prepping is a lifestyle you know right and then put I always had secretly had these fantasies about being a badass like Rambo or something you know and seeing Soldier Fortune Magazine to me like he wouldn’t even be so much cooler if we actually knew what you’re doing or just like drunk and hungover all the time and I think Punk has it has a aesthetic romantic fantasy about being organized and in those kind of ways and so that’s eventually it was a 2008 economic downturn to put it lightly that made me find the survival Podcast and that’s how I found you I think a lot of people got got switched on her on that time yeah so do you want to talk about like different the different messages in the punk rock music and the lyrics that that have a common ground with the libertarian and the just at Animas and sovereignty famous that letter within the the survivalist movement like when you’re if you’re at a bar talking to a more more typical should I listen you’re trying to convey to them that hey were all you know we may have different spiritual beliefs who may have different ideas in different areas but there is a common ground that we both are saying fuck this if we both want freedom Liberty autonomy and you know small skill communities stuff like that you have any do you have any thoughts about that 10 things that we can learn from the Lions preparedness industry these are common points did you look at me look at survivalist base are the number one rule I came across that want you know the government to do that you know that’s still here from what I’ve learned to my story of all preparation survivalist into how I’ve done a fire starter and a dog building in there that’s my album here I don’t need a big Corporation another one that’s definitely bigger than the punk world is steel wall image that you don’t have to fit in that you can be yourself and that’s okay shoshito Peppers obviously are mostly classified as crazy nutjobs would be having a mortgage and being in debt up to your eyeballs not nothing with that is fine with me and then say I agree with them on 90% of their views I’m not going to because they tend to stay at if we speak like a 90% of the issues and how many people do that though they’re like I can’t tolerate you now I have heard from all walks of life and it’s just through the fire that common ground and then just stay in that sphere you know if if you too strong a community community that needs to be improved on a bit more than survival Community I mean there’s there’s fragments really tight communities within the industry alone Will Survive think they can do everything on their own Define a goal for this is a build a strong tribe have a good life Great Plains family and I think it’s just it’s becoming a bit more if anybody else would think a switch for men just the movie Fight Club in the book speaks volumes to what were lacking as far as just wholeness and holistic you no more deeply meaningful lives of somewhere magical energy the warrior energy get to be expressed and used properly and feeling like yeah we’ve been stripped of how our relationship to Nature and totally compartmentalizing these cubicles are these few no blowing jobs and totally lacking at the tribal Brotherhood and Conquer I definitely put that together there’s just basically smashing without the music in the movie I don’t see how you could definitely watch the book last night Seinfeld trying to reconnect with a strong male energy and loose have more male friends I feel ya you don’t and I’m I read one of your blood post recently was it was about I think it’s about like them you think you were out of the store or maybe you were talking to someone who’s been a store and there was somebody a customer who wouldn’t we wouldn’t lift a box by themselves they called I’m in the similar how do you know if you want to talk a bit about that and what that signal for you and cuz I’m going through a similar sort of reclamation of the you know the mass sacred Warrior masculine power that is going down to a trickle in this what happened was before I left my job at work retail and he had a customer asking me to help him pick up a refrigerator and we don’t have you don’t need some help with that you know more likely songs like what do you mean I need help others of the fridge and the co-worker just take it up there and put it in there is like where you go I even remember thinking oh he’s just joking I guess I didn’t really happened I tried to the fridge is probably under a hundred a little less and less as a man a full grown adult man should have been a good health is no reason that they could not pick these things up unless they had a severe injury that they didn’t show from you know they’re missing a burger or something portal reclaiming your masculinity you tell me you can’t be trying to get stronger should be here like I can’t pick up everything what I’m going to try I’m going to be okay I can’t I can’t do that so that’s that that’s one point. To the bigger concept of the bigger the bigger issue that you know American the world we are leaving our masculinity I mean I mean I was mostly raised by my mom and you know why didn’t you know that’s a lot of people a lot of friends I know you know I look at to my father and I know a lot of women you know my age did you not have a father for their kids you know they’re being 32 you don’t have a lot of a lot of married and or real friends with kids is point and it’s just like not disrespecting women but I think we need a strong military life to be men yeah the village reclaim what I wasn’t born with basically yeah I think yeah then I’m totally there with you and it’s for my my I guess intellectual training in the punk rock movement I was very has always been buried in alignment with Erica feminism and critiques of the toxic masculinity that is destroying the planet it certainly it certainly can’t be argued that there’s too many women in the leadership of global politics and too many women in declaring war in too many women cutting down trees that’s it is I think it’s undeniable crisis in the imbalance of decision-making at every level and then when you have yeah I would say that the if it is weakness on the part of the men in power and not strength and not Duty and not honor that’s causing a problem so it’s it’s a confused State I think that were in where it’s like becoming less powerful or weaker physically and trying that’s not that that’s not the answer to rebalance the power it’s to bring deeper true soul level empowerment to everybody and I see it kind of went likes women’s sexual Liberation when they’re given for allowed the space in the freedom to really to really develop and grow their own their sexual power and freedom then they’re going to get men strong tough Warrior men to be sensitive poets on their knees begging for the nectar that they have to offer when they’re not totally suppressed and totally cut off from that power and that’s like if you like and you know female-fronted punk bands you can feel that that energy and that power and it’s humbling and it’s beautiful and do you have any thoughts about that the gender politics in punk rock and and moving towards reclaiming that all kinds of power and getting away from this phone the Dominator culture I don’t think that you know we need to embracing one putting down the other movement you know for finding a feminist as men take offense to because that means you’re for one you’re promoting one thing over the other I mean there’s a difference between being a feminist and being crazy extremes that aren’t healthy at all you know instead of saying you know I’m I’m I’m putting females first and I mean it’s really it’s bad for them because you’re you’re weakening yourself and this is not a feminist as a man you know make sure be embracing their own power you know if it’s a if it’s a female and she’s a feminist and that just makes sense but how did this kind of bothers me yeah it’s the same thing about that doesn’t if if if if women are politically disempowered and it’s empowerment it’s not about everybody being disempowered it’s about rebalancing power and I think I seen I seen what you’re talking about and that’s in really just dysfunctional self-hatred and and debilitating Behavior where it’s just it’s it’s just The Chronic sensitive being yeah just not not Rising into into that power and Ivan passed I was at a gathering recently where where am I was pointed out he know I’m probably a leader of men’s groups just sort of figured Warrior men’s group leader and he was saying that you know there’s that he applied to the women’s movement obviously it’s needed but there isn’t a really really conscious men’s movement that fight Club is really really you know unrefined like crude form of reclaiming Brotherhood and men Space to be organized in in and be strong and all that stuff and do you want to talk about what if you what kind of waves do you recommend for for males in this culture to reclaim their masculinity and to I mean obviously everything in the survival movement touches that place of learning things like hunting and fishing and fixing things and Building Things those all excited that energy and you’re not just playing video games or shopping or watching you know movies when you’re out doing Special how do you know if you want to share any thoughts on on how do we rebuild this strong men’s movement men’s empowerment High School beers what I found to be the most important thing to reclaim your masculinity is to get more male friends to spend more time with them so many men like if you’re asking me know like how do you have more men you no more guy friends are more female friends and most of the time because it just go out there to like you know make men for it is kind of soap making time for male friends and doing male activities you know I’m going to go hunting for the first time in a couple weeks with my stepdad be awesome best Festival one you you have to be to be a better man that’s that’s work well for me not not trying to the people please you know if you don’t you don’t like what I have to say and you just go off and then I’m working on it better on the website I just always not people-pleasing if you spend your time trying to make someone else happy than you never be happy yourself so that’s that’s another big one you know you can only you can make yourself Happy Hollow big one make male friends and then do manly things what is the what are some of your favorite manly things going in the woods like a doing doing woodwork stuff I cut down some dead trees recently on the on the future Homestead you’re trying to clear it out to make the other trees you know happier that trees try to open it up so I can come back later and give you some permaculture put in some productive trees for the first time and even know I’m a lefty and it kind of scares the hell out of me or are you in the ground and then splitting wood with an axe yeah that’s very like Mel traditional I just really always feel better after I spend some time and they sure you know I don’t hate hippies as much as I used to and it was fun to take a walk barefoot you’ll go hiking Barefoot that’s also reconnected that way hello go ahead go ahead did you see the Dual Survival series with Cody Lundin and every time I watch the first and second season to add Dave and Cody and David should I quit watching and Dave digs basically a ship in the skies I mean that was medicine for my soul you know that was see if the fight Club is Project Mayhem would have started with a lot of what they’re doing it probably would have been more sustainable but I bet that Union of opposites are really you know some that that’s it I mean that’s felt like a balanced sense of masculinity and of course big fight like a married couple yeah that’s interesting you bring up Dual Survival doing a project with a friend of mine and we’ve nicknamed Homestead High time we just working out at the man lifting weights is important to build your strength weight not help service healthy eating you know Christian family man and how we approach the problems of the homestead you know our different ways and then probably you know drama it up for the YouTube family with everybody but you can’t do that that’s going to happen Montana policeman the album was is YouTube videos amazing the amount of content being produced in a laboratory has to be amazing if they got tracked those lyrics I’m The Graduate following it I think it’s going to have to be a somehow I’m going to have to see if I can make it out there and actually having listen to all the podcast know what their names are with the people that come in and I end up being more of a drag but yeah I’m pretty stoked about that seems like contact them and see if I can just come shoot some YouTube videos me I’m not I mean his sister-in-law’s to Second long video clips and they’re spaced out there not more so I just want to keep in touch with you about that and I feel like man but the punk rock I mean I toured the country many times and then I felt like yeah she hits the fan concert going to survive you know you’ll have to start growing their own grapes and berries and apples and stuff to make to make wines and ciders and needs to keep from getting the shakes a lot of them but they’ll figure it out if you’re not already doing it enough of them already home brewing but it’s really the fabric of the trust and the the solidarity and the network of where you can go anywhere especially in vantuno that was a great privilege of being able to see so many places I’ve been in the you could be you know there’s a there’s an honor it’s almost like that what was it that you know the idea that you’re boarding soldiers or something like that you know your ass is from sick of patriotism to the nation of punk could wear it to town you know that and you need help or you need a place to stay or whatever you’ve got that you’ve got the intrinsic hand outstretched and it’s not obligatory it’s actually have more about not selling the idea but but kind of wax poetic on on how the punk movement is disempowering is it as a subculture underground survival kind of the sun Network I noticed its function to be some of the most giving pleasing and non-judgmental people ever she didn’t want to be asking you need to make money to make money as a statue statue in Dallas and then yes you would choose for her and she would like to be in Denver tomorrow so yeah just that like a like a million lights on it they want to Homestead they want the survival mindset and they’re a strong community and they are I got some good friends that I met your lady Jose today do you have chickens in Michigan you stop by and hang out some fun when I met the most people that do tend to email me for some Auto Parts I got some old people there like you back in the punk scene back in the day they are there like you know I used to have the best Doc Martens in you shapes it totally shapes your identity at an early age for life and whatever it was however you’re wearing on your sleeve or not it’s still it’s still down there deep end I wanted to talk a little bit more about the training that is being homeless and has kids from a pumpkin a survival perspective Gazette that really take me early on in and I see that movie was it called the morning after the day after about about the spontaneous climate at 1 yeah yeah yeah yeah he’s that movie is one thing that was great about it though but this is like it’s just so healthy and bad I was all right there is one particular thing that I thought was bad ass though and that was how the homeless guy knew all of the ways to survive and he totally save people’s asses and if you didn’t listen to him you definitely were going and I and he was doing things like stressing his clothing with with newspaper for insulation and just had all this wisdom and it in that that just came out for me right now thinking about you know the always all the I see the the homeless homeless camps you know and the different unlike all the Innovation and stuff and it’s like they’re already training for the zombie apocalypse they’re probably you know password in terms you know that in a lot of ways just so there was a documentary on this whole subculture this underground city almost two people I think it was in somewhere in the east coast but it’s like yeah it is that that’s cool but I have cool memories about just different kind of spell stealthy maneuvering and you know you like it yeah you know it I did I did some like a few last things like a dollar a gallon sure. I got one thing to do and I go into the customer service desk and like a little hatchback we were riding around in was so that means we’re doesn’t care that I took a dollar from them but you are like Lavo tips and tricks you know like layers with a lot of clothes layers work I did the obligatory you’re homeless you guys sleeping to park at least one night and I found the the gym equipment little plastic tube thing finding ways to to keep warm you know Heather’s dad such a bathroom one time the gas station. Are on me thousand miles per hour late but I’m here today. So he said with the bums giving out tips to the homeless people I haven’t done it yet I keep meaning to I have a YouTube series plan to my head were with this thing where people can go buy a newspaper is for $0.50 and then I mean but when you see them I quality like a backpacking first time Trinkets and stuff like that so what should I eat when corned beef corned beef they’ve got their systems down pat know what they’re doing they can stay warm they stay alive yeah man you know there’s another dimension I’m not sure exactly you know we may have been repaid have been rolling right past each other at different times and places that you know if you don’t know if you traveled much for the that was a big thing for a while train-hopping traveling and then there was you pissed different a very dense and interesting anthropology of of different types of Saint Stephen’s response like this if you know there was a lyric a sponge gutter punks Street punks crusty pumps at all these different you know they have different ethics and one time this was back in the I think it was 9797 there is there is a resistant exist Gathering and an asylum Gathering that happened in the Northwest and they were just big Mecca Funk Fest out in the woods there wasn’t one of them was in the woods room is in the city and it just brought down this article said it is it became ended up becoming a cross between Braveheart and Lord of the Flies cuz the the peace punks were getting we’re getting raided by the marauding you know we’re just hardened from Street battles in and so was just returning to Total it stereotypical morbid visions of Anarchy and Chaos in there this whole Intelligentsia that I could say call we’re all crying and eating and talking about oh no we’re not going to be able to save the planet because we can’t even get along in our own Gathering I got some horror stories from some of the crazy stuff is happening just like this is the Dark Side of Anarchy of you know without rule of law kind of behavior Chrissy with his lots of drugs and alcohol in Intercourse all end up on the street you know you had something some deep childhood trauma happen you know usually are you getting thrown away or you running away and so I remember it was you know that s life not only just the elements you know surviving the elements but the but the the story of some of them whether it’s sexual predators you know being young and being a male or female being at risk of that or he’s different tribes of punks that were more warlike or more kind of like Pirates than than the peace Punk’s or whatever do you have any any Horror Story’s or stories about that kind of stuff I have I have a app to really I’ve got one that’s what led me to being homeless God not even the first time but the biggest one was a high school dropout and then I paid rent but it was like just a step above squatting in this house to be honest we ain’t nothing but like cereal it was there people I never knew it was terrible and I it was it was bound to go bad that’s just don’t like the way that it had to work out you know one of the roommates group home living in before I went there he he didn’t tell her you really need to pay your rent man what are the random people that hung out in the house and stealing his drugs that was on loan from the drug dealer to sell to pay back to the drug dealer so then he got in trouble for then him the drug dealer thought they knew who stole the drugs and the whole time I’m like WTF. We moving in in like the next day or two days later Ford hatchback stop at night cuz you a dollar dollar gallons of gas we could do the freaking would we found to be about the safest place generally there’s a lot of people screwing with you at the rest stop we tried we tried sleeping in the cops is on his way out which is always annoying and I never went to the National homeless shelter like once and I’m not going to stay here has a funny short story just for homeless to let me know obviously I didn’t look like I was not on the stove Seattle or the cops or any like near misses and we had to escape crazy stuff I mean not I’m sure there is I can’t know nothing’s popping out me right now I’m just being such a sketchy time back then everyone’s carrying around these smiley faces and everyone have these different there is an interesting weaponology is the street so culture cuz everybody was so you know ya me nervous is just so many the drug dealers and the yeah interesting like the Warriors did you know that yeah it’s that remind me that I do have a little violent story that they selling drugs so I went and pawned it because he owes me back rent money and you don’t got me kicked out of my apartment housing in today I want to take a shower cuz it’s been weeks while taking a shower and apparently that got source told me and Mike out and there I was like what yeah he was like getting crazy I like how I don’t want to be right back and like he was his mind around it he got me kicked out of my apartment stole the cell phone then lost it or something your bass guitar buddy I know I got that money and bought a bunch of Chinese buffet with it you stupid yeah there’s a lot of lessons from I guess kind of Summer take a laboratory the Turkish that try to solve their own problems even when they get really ugly and and there’s like a code of ethics that you don’t you never call them and you know he got to deal with me and then you got to live with the consequences of things things can go on you know a few days but that’s when negotiations and such a good skill in pesos and then why you have to have you can’t really be alone or you got to have people that you are you know cuz one it’s like one incident and you got to grow eyes in the back your head for the rest your life you know so you better those eyes in the back your head or your crew you know you’re trying have you got to then an alert yeah there’s this one guy actually in a spawning a lot of stuff like I was with a friend of mine at this National you see these free concerts downtown on the riverfront bigger bands you know nothing nothing nothing like the holidays truck method you can they broke up years ago but you can still find some and I didn’t pass into a fight but it got dark lotion sorry about yelling and talking trash and they bite I would like to listen to music like this is sketchy sketchy bad vibes anyway it was homeless when you know being a good person and you know not screwing yourself over you know I didn’t want to take yourself out like that one of the survival Podcast that can really gets me is one of the Tactical training guys and it’s like don’t go just don’t go to stupid places that stupid people on these stupid things there’s some order of that list of places with stupid people do stupid things in this is stupid cellmeter stupid stupid things sometimes evolve to a state where instead of this really Slappy dangerous sometimes cute man slaughtering Punk drunk Punk violence it could finish itself into more of a you know our style of Kung-Fu versus yourself Kung Fu and have a kind of orderly too old even like Drunken Monkey Style but we’re not going to just stab each other and bleed out cuz their blood thin cuz they’re all drunk which happens a lot or throw cinder blocks at each other’s heads ritual violence happens and Encino tribal societies and stuff they’re there is there’s a sacred violence pattern that can be restored where it’s like okay transgressions can get resolved through ritual combat and it’s not Mortal Kombat and it’s not sloppy either in my life so pissed and I was like History of Violence Tracy be knowing each other through Palm strikes what time is it at the Mass Appeal for the mosh pit right there you know it to get that violence out in this world space control matter you know you yeah yeah and I’ve seen Miracles and Feats of physics that I was talking about this and it was someone else not too long ago about how there’s a magical kind of cauldron of things that defy physics in the mosh pit you know I’ve had the acrobatic things happen that you just met major injuries avoided because there’s so much positive energy and I was like I read the article and I was like this is probably going to be spiritual elements in by throughout history of like you know physical exertion between between people and causing a song from Beauty and then they took it to a whole different level and it’s been done throughout history and they gave examples of totally man and then I just wish that it it seems like once you get past 25 you’re not made out of rubber anymore when you fall it actually hurts and some kind of like in the the geriatric Mosh Pit area now in better shape than I was it I like a maybe through just a good eating good living things I can Marshal the best of mouth yeah man music business group called Tierra Viva I believe they’re called in Mexico and I got the door down there a little bit and I met some of them and there’s videos of them smashing to mix I don’t think it wasn’t called that they’re making but they were mixing a person plaster kind of to help with respiratory problems from the particles of concrete structures and and they had a whole permaculture punk punk permaculture Collective down there doing gardening and stuff and they were marching to mix the stuff and I was totally and you see people mixing kava on YouTube and they’re always like something you know it’s fake conducive to is any any Musical dance style but definitely there so you can see that’s also Punk faster something you know no be awesome at would get some get some bad to come out there and play and then sometimes I’ll be there scrap man will do you have any we’ve covered a lot of good stuff and I’m glad I’m really feel to meet you now and to this meeting I’m sure we’ll cross paths and he have any do you want to talk more about what people can get I know you have a I’m going to join soon as I can to keep at the punk Army Trail point guard people can be in touch with you and me is how I make my money to live so few posts in my podcast in July carry on I’m on Facebook if you are pretty much like it if you send me a friend request on Facebook accepting all days you can find me all of this place yeah then yeah you like what you hear that question I mean my all-time favorite I love rancid and anything that your mom Jean does it sound by The Bangles real good on that Molly I seen I seen both of them every time they came to Nashville to told you earlier the band is my favorite instrument and one one light out there band was it Thomas Jefferson Jihad they’re pretty good so for Bluegrass Punk folk Punk awesome James well thank you so much man this is like really stirred up some good memories and emotions in me and I’m definitely going to keep spreading the survival Punk message out to Soul Man but I do like I will talk to you again hopefully soon was keep each other posted anything you want to share with me I mean you know this so I don’t I don’t know how many punks necessarily or are finding the work that I’m doing at this point I’m kind of in deep in the New Age seen bringing the bringing the fire of the punk ethics to the you know it’s kind of that meditate and Destroy kind of thing mixing the creative constructive powerful transformational energy but kind of enlightening the enlightened with motive that raged out stuff so yeah well I’m sure we both got cool stuff to talk about anything you know any anything comes up you want to talk about again let me know thanks for having me on man. 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