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Inside the Camming for Crypto Lifestyle with Melissa Sweet1 TPP160


In this episode I’m joined by a highly accomplished and established entrepreneur in the adult entertainment and crypto currency/blockchain space. I first discovered her via an write up, then again via a Coindesk article. 

We discuss:

  • how she got into the camming lifestyle
  • how crypto entered her life
  • behind the cam, the average day in the life of crypto camming
  • constructive emotional responses to internalized “bitshaming”
  • favorite crypto news and info sources
  • time management skills for self-employment
  • seeking and sustaining healthy, authentic connections via social media
  • rave reviews for beta test camming on SpankChain
  • balancing revenue earning goals with crypto study time
  • basic crypto operational security
  • thoughts on day trading
  • diversifying income streams beyond payments and trading with staking coins
  • aspirations to build confidence for coaching and leadership
  • the development pattern of enthusiasts who become brand ambassadors
  • evaluating altcoins based on hash rate vulnerabilities and security with crypto51
  • adult crypto projects of interest including: SpankChain, Intimate,io, and Vice Industry Token
  • hard lessons, making mistakes along the way
  • joking about private keys in your private parts, the private keyster
  • how to play strypto, tits for tech tips
  • monetizing the free the nipple movement
  • and the need for cryptobooties
  • crypto video tutorials with Brenna Sparks
  • crypto for adult leadership by Ginger Banks
  • women in financial technology
  • the future of crypto camming
  • gratitude for vision of developers
  • how camming can often be safer than street sex work
  • the potential for smart contracts to clean up the sex industry
  • what is a shill
  • sharing investment wisdom but not advice

About Melissa:

MelissaSweet1 is an adult webcam model that is devoted to mental health awareness, tech, art and a cryptocurrency! Melissa streams on multiple adult platforms including MFC and Spankchain and has video stores on websites including and

She is passionate about learning, thinking outside the box and having fun! 

Connect with her on Twitter: @MelissaSweet1_ and @cryptosweet111

Tip her with ETH at

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin their beloveds walk of the tundra Punk podcast episode number 160 I’m being joined by Melissa sweet one that’s with the number one correct that is so yeah if you search for her online it’s melissasweet1 with the number one at the end of the word sweet and she is an experienced cam girl and she’s passionate about cryptoeconomics technology art and all things that make a person a good and in virtuous in the world so that’s all what we’re talking about here people who are on the passive Liberation and healing and empowerment and using technology and cryptocurrency to to facilitate that on a on a wide scale and so I have discovered your work I think we had become king and notes nudging each other a bit on social media and then you were featured in a coindesk article which is a huge accomplishment for both pretty but if he has so that’s graduations on that thank you so much for joining us and we’ll start with asking you can please share about your background how did you get involved in the adult entertainment industry here this is my first podcast to start I actually got the inspiration to become a cam model from an episode of Family Guy believe it or not and I one day I was just sitting there watching Family Guy and there was an episode and it’s called call girl and Louis needed to get a job and she’s submitting to submit a resume and somebody picked her up and says she you have a great voice you know what do you think you want to be employed to use your voice and so down the road you know she wound up being a sex hotline operator and I thought to myself I could use some money thing you know cuz I want to talk on the phone for some money so what I did from there is I actually went to Google and I searched you know sex hotline operator blindly and I came acrossed which for those that don’t know it’s actually an adult webcam community and I discovered she can girls and so you know I popped in a room and I I saw these girls and they’re excited and they’re receiving these things called tokens and I just knew it was tips and I had no idea what amount of money was being thrown around but I just I saw just excitement and earning potential and as soon as I found out what a cam model was I was literally signing up to be, I’m so that’s how I got started in the adult entertainment industry on the Curiosity a search on Google and taking a really big leak into something that I just said was completely enriched my life sex work is completely enriched my life so that is awesome well I’m pleased to hear about that if your success story and before we move on to the crypto stuff I let to just ask her more questions in that space which would be what was it like it did you have a fair balance of praise and adoration and love and respect and all the things that help build you up in a positive direction sounds like you’ve had a really positive experience and if you talk about just kind of how it felt to start to get that kind of attention coming through in addition to the money right I really didn’t know it was adding up to you know I’ve token was a nickel and I couldn’t do the math quick enough to calculate what kind of them were you know brand new to the site but it was actually a bit challenging believe it or not oh my God instant gratification and you know I got compliments I got tips accompanying it but there was a lot of times where because I was knew I had a small room really turned into a little bit of what I call emotional labor where I had the responsibility of keeping myself occupied just maintaining that happy you know Aura to attract people to me and so there is there is sometimes or it was it was challenging to you no stick with it and it is something that I really had to push myself with self-discipline with self-love and I’ll just stay consistent with it and I really believe that’s that’s all the reason why I’ve seen grills is that I’ve I’ve had a lot of really really rough days I’m just you know like you do at any job some days you don’t learn very much you’re somebody says the wrong thing and it’s just it’s a it’s a part of it so you really believe you have to have thick skin be really aware of your boundaries and just enjoy it you know it’s important you enjoy it that’s that’s why I’ve stuck with it I truly loved it there so many hours experience if I doing this is what I feel like yeah is it as a man I don’t know if I don’t know what the the patterns really are haven’t looked at really professional or academic research on it but it seems like women if I understand correctly can kind of get more nastier trolls I don’t know if that’s always the case but in my case I feel like there’s only been a few hecklers and they’ve been kind of so ridiculous that they almost almost at form entertainment 100% agree with trolls existing with people having too much idle time on their hands and and they’re not just bored they’re not happy and they’re sending negativity and they’re sending that you can feel it and it’s about kind of filtering out that negativity it’s a continuous process of not allowing you know people to get to you and kind of mess with your day so probably encounter more trolls than males however in the time that I’ve been streaming now I encounter less trolls and I feel like it’s because I’m really I really understand what I’m not okay with and I’m really I’m really quick to say hey now I’m not comfortable head up that’s not okay and it just beyond them and move on so that’s what I recommend about trolls is the more that you look at women wear that you pay attention to them or you’re actually feeling them and feeding them we don’t want them very well said why is words and and him as you’re seeing this I realize that this is really an accelerator for human emotional development and it’s not for everybody but it’s definitely a boot camp and it will it will inflate you but also yeah give you some calluses in the right places and make you stronger and would you say that this experience has helped you just be more confident and more assertive in other spheres of your life yes but it’s also been really challenging I’ve I’ve worked since the young age of 11 and out of all of my jobs that I’ve ever had this is by far the most challenging and yeah it’s taking a lot of self-maintenance self-love self-care to have balance because it’s if you don’t maintain that balance its it can be dangerous and then you you can create your own hours it gets addicting streaming earning so you just you really got to have that away I believe cool so when did you discover crypto and how did it into your life I discovered it about on the go I remember on MFC he actually had the desire to tip me the full amount some people don’t know that website scam platforms on the majority of them take 50% of the earnings and so this was a very loyal client still talked in this day and he he told me about coinbase and the reason that it was coinbase which shows as because he was International so he had the knowledge of being able to send money internationally find a way to evade the large you know payment cut that I received on the cam platform so it was actually just like a one-time deal except that I received but you know I created that coinbase account and you know it work to transfer to my bank and it remained open so that’s how that originally initiated and I just cashed that money out I didn’t like hodl I wish I wish but I just I used it as a payment processor it was it was really need its really need for that in that aspect so then I got involved in it again and on last year and I received a tip from an individual that caught my eye on Twitter and this is where it really changed my my view of things because I had an understanding tips just came from a camp lot for encounter. It bought and so I posted it on Twitter and then all the sudden this tipbot you know said hey I’m giving you x amount of Bitcoin cash and you’re receiving $16 in Fiat in RUSD what is this crap and I’m compelled to block it initially and Son stuff I had some time on my hands and I hours of reading and then I kind of got a concept of hay and all this stuff could be legit so took a leap of face and I use the boss that was commanded via on Twitter DM and then I was able to I was able to move it to my coinbase and I was like so from there you know I got in contact with the person that sent it and then from there I am in exchange services for crypto received it was actually tributes I received and it really caught my interest so I am a learner I am real curious and I just started researching and the more I research that the more I just fell in love with it and it just it’s evolved into a hobby of mine that really so it’s really cool for so many reasons in my eyes Mmm Yeah I love crypto I love crypto to that’s so beautiful and yeah it’s everybody has a different experience of falling down the rabbit hole and it usually involves having been forewarned with Advance time to become a millionaire very easily already and then having the bit shaming has it was sounds like you’re doing something similar to what I feel you know it’s maybe a post-traumatic missing out disorder is what I call it but if you know that you had an opportunity that you missed in then every second of day job work or anything you have any any work you have to do while you’re not kind of feeling like you’re working for yourself for making your own hours and you look back at those people I just hear the echo of you should have bought in back then you know you should have taken my advice like you should have bludgeon me with the stick that you should not have let me leave the room without signing up you know you know I actually channel that and instead of like focus on that I use it to feel me and I think that I was like oh man the more I learn about this man but chains just so mean it’s just I’ve had you know people in the community taught me stuff I’m not you know I say I’m self-taught and that’s where it started but now I can fortunately say multiple people have been kind enough to take time with me and and you know share their knowledge and and that’s the beautiful thing to do is I’m all about supporting community on the Fly have time or I can link someone with resources you know I want I want as many people to know about crypto as they can awesome yeah I totally agree that the positive approach the constructed thing is to take that energy and actually join the community and create value in the space even if you’re not a programmer or coder which I’m certainly not but yeah this is an interesting thing or just have this conversation the other day is that the really hard core tech key crypto Anarchist Engineers they need evangelist the to do more Marketing in front end, Consulting and design and user experience testing and stuff so people who it’s it’s it’s really a mutually beneficial thing so even if you feel like all I can understand this photography or whatever the cryptographers need people who don’t understand cryptography to break it down for people and get a look-in are so yeah if all I said was thank you for doing that it’s really exciting and desist yeah it’s a lot of people I’m sure who are listening to this or on a similar play somewhere along that path so yes if you what what is a day in the life of a assertive crypto hobbyist enthusiasts camming tell us a little bit about some behind-the-scenes you know people are you are you popping open your Hardware wallet and and transferring funds several times are trying to know what is it look like in your daily without giving away too much or anything private yeah I know that’s the fun I love to talk about it well I sleep less now that I started cooked out because it’s I just wake up really early now and I wake up about 5 a.m. like a little digging and then and read first thing I do when I get out of bed even before checking cam emails or anything cuz I just said a lot of fun and yeah I watch the sunrise and talk crypto and then from there I did instead of getting dressed immediately bullet it’s really optional getting dressed optional to subscribers so I go ahead and try to do that sexy modeling thing for a little bit and the snaps out and then I plant my butt at my desk and I do marketing I respond to emails I read you know both adult industry news and crypto news and then just come to that kind of setup my day I’m a bit of a planner some I have I have a couple of planters that I use in conjunction one’s a linear line and then another one’s Panda planner where allows me to play online when’s my weeks just kind of as a I decide to so I get a little bit of an idea for my day and then and then take off from there but during the daytime I will usually accept private server stream the days that I’m able to and then I do a lot of behind-the-scenes talking with my numbers and my friends that’s a big part of what I do actually I like that I really like having authentic connections it’s important to me so and then buy evening somewhere in there there’s like a bubble bath or two cuz I really like bubble baths by evening I’m I’m getting on what cam you know when I can and I like it a little bit of a break from temporarily just because it’s caught my eye and I’ve been you know participating as a beta tester for spankchain and it’s been in really it’s been a journey yeah so before I used to just be like wake up and snap and then you know cam cam cam all night long and now it’s just kind of a balance of no bouncing my earnings my goal and then you know how much time I can learn about crypto awesome so what are some of your favorite news sources or influencers different bloggers and YouTubers and whatnot I have a list of my favorite but I’m curious about who you what your digesting on a daily basis from that world I work a lot on my lurk in Discord them apart of a lot of crypto canonic servers so I just see the behavior of people what they’re saying how they’re behaving and a lot of social media monitoring I really enjoy sequin desk of course whatever really pops through my feet it’s mostly social media but I get it and then the inside on Discord like I participate sometimes unfortunate enough to have some really experienced guys invite me to their voice chat sometimes and they instilled me with a lot of really positive knowledge about you know the importance of getting hurt your crypto off of the online wallet and you know securing it in a cold wallet and offline wallet you know what I can on that’s what I do I don’t really do a lot of day trading I’ve done it and I enjoy it, I just don’t have the time and sometimes it can be added stress on the then I’ve also I was instructed on how to invest steak and a coin so I mean I I don’t just you know receive payment and bottle I just I have a binance in a bitstamp in a bit tricks and I have a metamask account and I just have all these different wallets in different places and I just enjoy learning about it I continue I hold a lot of altcoins just because I received them and why not and I’m really excited about you know the future of crypto where where it’s going to evolve from here cuz it seems to be kind of a roller coaster and it’s a lot of fun wow you’re getting into some really advanced stuff that’s awesome I’m kind of catching up to some of the stuff that where you’re at and this is very interesting. Just goes so it’s so infant and it’s so early too so I’m wondering if you know one of the things that I’ve struggled with as I have started to realize gains and started to figure out how not to have the whales eat your lunch so to speak you know and can be like a full-time job just not to lose your ass and it’s kind of fun it’s it’s one of the things it’s been hard it’s just getting really exciting psyched about it especially when it’s a can of Bull Run and it’s easy to be psyched about it and then trying to get a bunch of people on board and and then realizing sometimes that you know what it it’s it’s it’s really not a simple process for a lot of people so you know I didn’t know if you started to try to explain to him what the best procedure is that could change you know a week later the process and so I’m curious if you do how do you feel I’ve got I guess I got to a point where I just said you know what I’m going to wait to really try to unwrap people more until a lot of these protocols and regulations and things are settled so there’s really more of a just more of a reliable a reliable procedure I’m wondering if you kind of had that experience of trying to get everybody and then it’s like they all have different problems with customer support and then you’re kind of like going home and I should just wait until this is more mature where you at with that yeah you’re at your I’m on the same page as you you know blockchain technology is relatively new and because it’s decentralized you know we we don’t have a huge amount of rooms and places it’s really it’s really vulnerable is the word I would use I guess so I really am kind of sitting and waiting and I’m I would feel more comfortable once we have a little bit more concrete rules in place because I don’t know I just want to be straight across the board with everything that’s something that is a real big important factor to me cool when you feel that that sense of confidence with the state of things do you feel like you would actually start mentoring people especially Canton people in the industry who are being exploited and you know taking advantage of the neck to be using this to get more payments better payment it’s more security more privacy and all that good stuff it’s funny because I’m talking to people and passing and they’re talking about you next year and cam conventions excetra Anna a truck want to go yeah that is if I’m not doing crypto full-time and I’m nowhere near to the point to be like really coaching people for advice because I still feel that I’m learning but I think it would be really I’m ambitious I guess maybe one day you know to have enough knowledge where I have the confidence to really sure people on and to help you know allow crypto you know to empower their life and change it the way what has for me and I’ll just being able to have non-reversible transactions that’s internationally transferable there’s just so many things that make me all about crypto and all about that the industry cool hopefully yeah that will definitely happen I see a lot of people yeah even just different people who were starting out kind of is enthusiasts and then they become just out of their own curiosity of their own Journey starts a document them you know their progress on YouTube whatever and then all the sudden they got a hundred thousand followers and then crypto projects are hiring them to represent because they’re just brand ambassador huh that’s going to be in the cards for you is already made a lot of progress here in lovely lovely progression is so exciting so do you want to talk about you know with them of course any full disclosures about weather year invested or not do you know if you care to say that but basically you know projects that you’re looking at I got a number of projects in the adult space that I am invested in that I am I am we know with Sweat Equity and with with crypto mean a percentage of my Holdings and whatnot somewhat I’m wondering if you speak openly about projects that you are fans of that you invest in that you believe are going to help move things forward in this in the space specially the adult space I really enjoyed it comes R cryptocurrency in different cryptocurrencies on i-41 and more of a fan of like that Quinn and aetherium and it’s it’s because of security I believe in that those those two currencies on because they have significantly higher hash power than other coins out there and that high hash power makes it really more difficult to penetrate into be hacked than other coins such as altcoins so I for one of my favoritism and certain coins because of what I believe is the security of actual syntek and you know I’m all about coins and in people you know chasing you know their dreams and starting a coin and having a vision in the movement I think that’s the only way we get farther and that these all coins are actually helping the blockchain you know by increasing you know the different channels and stuff but I really don’t invest I mean like I said I didn’t really start dabbling in this until last year so I’m a Noob I mean I I I know some things but I don’t really I don’t like I’m not invested in any projects you know I like spankchain and that’s something that I see myself spending a lot more time on as much as I can and you know balancing. And then my my original site and messy and then just seeing how it involves and then there’s another company on that I’ve met actually I think about it and it’s intimate II earlier this year at an adult convention and they’re really really kind and super passionate about crypto and just very welcoming they have a business plan kind of like where that you have a scrub and that’s you know it’s just nice to see different platforms and in different coins popping up you know their catering does an adult industry it’s it’s great and you know I got to meet with Vice token at that convention got some advice and yeah I mean that’s crazy about all of them but stink she’s definitely one my heart so far just cuz I’ve had the opportunity to work for them and I’m excited to see other adult platforms that launched and I’m definitely going to be adamant about testing amount and the percent of them awesome yes I’m a I’m a big fan of spankchain as well and I’ve been counting on there and it’s been the best treatment and the best tipping I’ve experienced so far and not to mention I’m not even thinking about the the cut you know the better percentage deal of the earnings but just just the generosity and the spirit and the love that I think specially the people that early the early if they’re a.m. developers and the people who really believed the people who bought into that at all you know there’s some of the most fascinating generous very respectable people that I have been countered in in my life I feel like this is a whole new they’re really already living in the future and they’re sort of pulling helping us people who are like straggling in the past and I’m just throwing ropes down from this so beautiful or I feel like I’m getting beamed up into the mothership when if the and there’s my way from wherever so yeah I’m there with you and I also agree that that’s a good point for people to know that this the hash power there’s a noose I don’t know if you heard about this is called like crypto crypto 51 so your breaks down the hash power of each so that you know pretty much just saw it. I don’t like oh wow that’s interesting to me as crypto 51 app app and hit shows you really a there’s a huge drop off into the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars when you get it below aetherium and then Bitcoin cash in the below that it’s it’s a trip for anybody doesn’t understand exactly what we’re talking about here is basically that the only you call Food first-mover advantage and network effect so the the two most robust networks are also the oldest and the pretty much the oldest and also the ones that are most distributed in and have the most the biggest developer community and whatnot so definitely not professional investment advice but but looking at this you can kind of get a sense of where where you should be more cautious about hedging your bets and where you can feel a little more secure so I agree with you and six actually something I like about spankchain and and even an intimate as well as at least you know they’re starting out with aetherium Bay smart contracts and then you know if if things have already changed and there can be opportunities I guess to to be what they call blockchain agnostic and just choose really the most the best and most secure and most solid backgrounds for for running these apps it’s really more about the apps than speculating on you know the the Kumon play my game so I think that yeah that’s as cool as hell but the real value so cool thank you for sharing that and I’m moving along with some questions you’re so have you had a real difficulty so far he had to deal with any real like I mean worst case scenario will be any kind of hackers or any kind of close calls with you know I remember my heart racing copying addresses from different currencies to send a different wallets and hoping that I had the right wallet addresses in the right currency and just that your eyes are just starting across the screen a little bit going am I doing this right now I’m doing it right but I’m lying then your hesitancy click so one time it wasn’t a real big mess up I actually got to the trading sites because I wanted and I’m not chilling here xrp because everybody was doing it okay that I was probably Shield I’ll correct that so I’m going to go ahead and get some xrp and I learned that I had to do it from a training site and so you know I went ahead and I got the xrp and then I want to buy more of that or something and instantly sold it on accident I want to actually create a bit I was actually going to trade it for Fiat I believe and I just did instant sale and it wasn’t a big deal but it just showed me the power of the click and you know how it could really it could be dangerous and I can’t urge that enough that you know you go in here and you kind of navigate yourself and you’re going to make mistakes you can easily lose money that’s why there’s crypto Consultants out there you know they’re there to protect that and enforce that doesn’t happen to people like that you know I’ve had provided the wrong wallet address for tokens to come in for an example coinbase you note only supports blue for cryptocurrencies right now and I wish I had somebody send me my it was Frank actually and it was just that they saw the addresses up and we just completely innocent mistake and I want to send you spank it once in my coinbase instead of my metamask which coinbase has the support a token of our I’m sorry metamask is supported token of stank and coinbase isn’t so when the money was sent that spank was sent to my coinbase it was lost and I wasn’t able to retrieve that you know about it because that’s not a supported token spank for that that wallet so you need to have knowledge of what wallets hold what coins and what coins are sending to those wallet whether or not they they can be in a unit transferable with that stuff so let me think any other compromises because it takes so many you know Network confirmations in the blockchain. Actually finish the transaction and I just remember so many times when I did a Trader I sold and I’m just like holding my breath waiting and hoping and fearing that it wouldn’t show up because of an error so it’s it’s nerve-wracking in that aspect for sure I said definitely still the early phases and someday we’ll look back and laugh right about all the stuff you know just you got to really be careful not to have it cost you and you know just hold yourself accountable and and have that responsibility and know that that’s on you you know because we’re used to having centralized you know Financial currency and stuff and that provides a barrier buffer you know you have the bank if somebody just beat it with and just in the wrong address tough luck so all right yeah we’re learning to grow up for learning to be if you’re going to be your own bank you got to have your own armored car to to go along with it so let you know with writing down your seeds on a piece of paper and you know not just holding onto things digitally I was and I had great advice by some experienced people and they advised me to get a fireproof waterproof envelope you know to put those pieces of paper in the cold wallet in and then you know stored in a safe if you can or somewhere trusted so awesome we’ll hopefully yeah it’ll be a some sort of production house that will want to make crypto adult content that is the movie release exit by the learning process and hide the private keys somewhere I find them I was joking about this should be at teledildonics toy that works with the with the webcam platform and have it be called the private keister so you could have a hardware Hardware wallet that you put it where the sun don’t shine really committed to to hack that yes somebody somebody’s going to kick down and make it happen yet that’s it I’m open sourcing that that Concepts right now whoever wants to take it on you know that’s all I care about is something that’s so funny and it turned into strip towel on webcam on Skype with the gentleman and I was like thank you so much for that advice and I just like tips for Tech tips well as the free the nipple movement so how about incentivize the freedom it the nipple movement you know his vote with your crypto and make this happen if read nipple exposure totally deserves it for everybody to The cryptokitties Killing up kitties I do have you signed up for cryptotitties I’d be all over that but you did cryptokitties are titties right are you it might it’s really number two and number three I don’t know if we’ve kind of had a little bit of the fun pop in back and forth around spots that number one Brenna she’s been holding it down for a while and she’s doing really cool things you know it’s doing I think she’s doing nude video tutorials about crypto and stuff and you know it it’s cool that’s actually how I even landed you know the exposure with coindesk one of my friends Ginger Banks she had she had suggested me when I was inquiring and you know I’m really grateful for that and I just it’s cool it’s cool to see pretty ladies getting into the the fintech and awesome so what who do you say that was that had already been doing the crypto she’s releasing in it from then I may be mistaken but from what I remember and recollect seeing on social media she was just doing some like that it’s cool I was there to obsessively you said really been awesome we covered a lot we have another 15 minutes or so left so you want to get into some of what you see is now that you have so many kind of data points that you’re working within and studying as far as the future of crypto in specially in the adult world do you have any feature requests or if you could have the ear of the developers which I’m sure you probably do but I’m just curious now that you have all this experience what it what do you see is some opportunities on the horizon well I ideally I would love to see it’s really hard it’s it’s so diverse honestly I’m kind of sitting here waiting to see what the developers are bringing me you know what they’re going to bring to the table I’m a really creative person and I’m like smiling ear-to-ear saying that spankchain is really delivering like what I was hoping for you know I’m a cam girl that’s what I do and they just save really delivered a really cool platform so far I don’t know I think it would be I cannot think of anything that isn’t in the works already and that’s super cool I see so many creative developers and you know one reason these different groups and just everybody has their vision and it’s just it’s so inspiring so I really don’t I don’t have any suggestions for the developers out there except the key thank you thank you so much dollars is hardworking developers out there for making this this comes alive because it wouldn’t be you know without you guys so thank you agree effect actually have the same experience which is that when I started to understand crypto and I started to really in my own mind just brainstorm about how many problems and pain points I could solve for all of the adult I mean I’ve been in the adult world for a long time it’s real what’s up how long if you don’t mind me asking sadly you know fortunately it goes back to even before I was at legal age and that kind of gets into some someone over five years for today I just hit 5 years so like 5 years 10 years so I was just trying to get some more experience than I don’t think I’ve ever been as successful as you’ve probably been but that’s just kind of the way that the cookie crumbles for the gender gap in marriage is hard no matter what gender but I think that maybe maybe you know girls might be more of a demand for men I don’t know it’s hard to say I don’t know you would know better than me you know all I have is my side in my experience you know and that’s what you’re bringing to the table and that’s that’s interesting and very insightful to hear him best time to be alive if you want to strut your stuff because you know back in my day and like I said I’m a come from I come from working in the streets really you know an environment where there were no safeguards and there was no identity blockchain verification all the stuff so now I’m really excited to see especially just this Avenue of camming for four people because it’s so much more it’s so much safer to make a living you can be a mother you can be going to school just to eat if you don’t want to have anything to do with it and it’s actually extroverted introverted by Nature I like to talk and be social but when I’m around a lot of people sometimes I get on easy so I mean I have the big luxury of you know streaming from being alone in my room and that’s it’s really nice to hear that you know you’re able to exercise in your comfort zone more you know overtime could possibly imagine being the solution to all the problems that I’ve encountered in that I know other people have encountered I mean really gnarly things too pushy like from dumb contracts where you could be there’s if there’s like serial rapist to use so-called porn edition agreements to say oh you’re going to come here and now Edition but you’re not getting paid and maybe we’ll pay you later and send you a check in the mail smart contracts can clean up all of that funny business and so yeah but between the projects that are that are all out there doing her thing and serving different niches and different use cases I’m I’m pretty much am just feel like a sports fan and you know I haven’t felt like a sports fan in a long time but I feel like I’m like that too though I’m in my office standing up going yet really right on in and I’m actually at 2 to throw in a key word here for people who might not have the vocabulary at the term show we mentioned earlier and it said it’s a funny funny character Wikipedia is pretty funny so I’m just going to give us do a little of sidebar of a little bit of crypto and investing vocabulary for people and it says that says here on Wikipedia as she’ll also called a plant or a stooge is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with a person or organization shows can carry out their operations in the areas of media journalism marketing confidence games are other business areas that show my also asked to discredit opponents are critics of the person or organization in which they have a vested interest through character assassination or other means so when we say we’re not Shilling a coin then we’re disclosing whatever affiliations we have and we’re not trying to dupe other people into a Ponzi scheme or any other such fraudulent Activity one thing that I really stressed if people I go you know just don’t believe what people are promoting do your research I actually have a second Twitter account it’s at cryptosuite 111 and I have a link to a store that has a lot of the basic vocabulary terms for crypto Amino basic abbreviation so that those out there that are trained understand it better I think the learning those terms it’s really helpful to better understand it and yeah you just got to be careful it’s the people will definitely push their brand and push their product primele be motivated by profit so you got to you got to do it yourself tear homework yeah I agree definitely and it’s has been I get to Fine Line and learning that as well and just knowing you know the there is a healthy and and transparent and respectable way to promote the projects that you find interesting and just yeah or if you or if you are engaged with the proper motivation just just stating at 4th right so that it’s understood that okay that could be you could be just you know so starry-eyed that you might have unconsciously or even consciously in the worst cases be distorting facts but I mean something that really is demoralizing is to see the the tribalism between currencies and people trying to cut each other down and certainly fud and all that really negative aspects but I don’t want to be manipulative and just you know information and you know to get information you know like I said from multiple sources cuz that’s the only way to really you know try to gain an understanding about it it’s it’s hard it takes a lot of reading a mean I remember reading white papers until my eyes ached and it was it wasn’t because I was investing is just because I was curious so I wanted to see how they’re doing this and what they’re doing awesome will this is so exciting thank you so much for your time we’re getting close to an hour here so I just want to say if you have any last words of advice or I certainly if you want to plug all of the places where people can connect with you and hopefully people checking out and was the number one you’ll probably come across my PornHub account and I have and I want Clips store in any of its MyFreeCams spankchain I’m really dispersed everywhere and down my thumbs are open if anybody has questions about crypto I just I love being a part of the entertainment community and it’s been a really fun transition into crypto on with adult work encourage everyone else to get on board you know that that wants to and just learned it’s it’s been fun awesome I’ll second that and say that my my advice my personal non-professional vices don’t invest your money invest your time and understanding it and good things will happen and you will be very strategic so or about investing your time and understanding its and just so I can make a quick buck and so long at it but I think about it tell people you know you need to treat that investment as if you could lose it all you do is really not wise to take money and expect that return because some people are out there promising that you know and those are the people that are just Crush alot. Random stuff so you need to treat your investment like you know that it’s at the market fluctuates you know the value can go up and down and you need to just make sure that you don’t put yourself in a bad spot counting on it exactly exactly what that is great great advice and so yeah we’ll have definitely have to follow up and if any time you feel like coming back on the show just feel free to reach out and I’m sure you will want to be in touch again as things develop it looks like some exciting developments happened even just today with the aetherium in the SEC and that bullish news about it not being a security that is very exciting and again back to your point about to stick with the majors people and you know I’ve heard some surprising things though like I I would like to know if there’s not I thought my perceptions there’s not much money to be made and all coins but I’ve had people blow my socks off telling you that there were here day trading and they’re making good money so it’s like you know whatever whatever pick up and you like and you can do and you you can roll it that go for it cuz some people up there is some people are natural Traders and it’s just about wherever you want to go with it so all I want to thank you so much for having me on and I’ll definitely take you up in the future on for coming on here cuz it’s been really enjoyable talking crypto with somebody that also has an understanding of its enjoy the rest of your day and we will be in touch soon podcast please go to put on the Downey by 10 to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at +81-827-515-9314 event at Orchard Park. 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