How to Love Like a God Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Introduction To Sacred Sexuality

What Men Need to Know

Sex for Magical Healing

What Women Truly Desire

Sharing Abundant Love

Serving the Feminine

Communicating Boundaries

The Female Arousal Cycle

How to be rated a “10”

Goddess Nectar as Fuel

Be a Hero in Real Life

Why Learn to Love Like a God

Sacred Dance for Beginners

What’s Missing on the Dance Floor

Supportive Movement Patterns

Stirring Sexual Energy

Overcoming Shyness

Flowing into Prayer Together

Sacred Frequencies

Spreading Magic on the Dance Floor

Singing to your Beloved

Holding the Heart From Behind

Melting into Safety

Spreading Angel Wings

Third Eye Kissing

The Power of Chanting Mantras

Ritual Bathing

Salt Water as Liquid Meditation

Bathing for Peace and Relaxation

Sexual Initation with a Priestess

Hygiene Checklist

Loving the Neck and Ears

Kissing, Liking, Nibbling

Worshiping with Sweet Somethings

Eye Gazing in the Goddess Position

Casting Green Magic Spells

Singing and Om Chanting

Beyond Superficial Compliments

Financing your Destiny with Prayer

Exploring Oral Mysteries

Good Kissing Guidelines

Depth and Passion Done Right

Sensual Snacking

Clensing with Incense

Sweeping the Auric Field

Post-Porn Sexuality Education

Reality Based Sexual Arts Training

Full Body Tantric Massage

Heartful Foot Worship

The Politics of Healing Pleasure

Intro to Yoni Massage

Heart Grinding

Toning the Gates to Heaven

Studying at the Yoniversity

Foreplaying with the Pelvis

Locating the G-Spot

Precautions for Traumatic Release

Ergonomics for Endurance

Honoring the Moment of Union

Conscious Family Planning

Prerequisites for Fluid Bonding

Energy Exchange Agreements

You’ll Reep What You Sow

Look at Her When You Enter

Formally Introducing the Genitals

Strategies to Moderate Intensity

Mature Ejaculation

Shifting from Strokes to Grinds

Mastering Cycles of Hardness

Intuitively Switching Positions

Down-to-Earth Performance Standards

Wisdom for Loving from Behind

Cervical Awareness

Increasing Surface Area Contact

Beyond Clit Shaming

Humble Envelopment by Her on Top

Best Practices for Safer Bouncing

Empowering Female Ejaculation

Mastering Male Multiple Orgasm

Reality Based Masturbation Training

Loving Yourself Like a Lover

Training with Your Practice Vagina

Hip Conditioning

Training Her to Train You

Integrating the P-Spot

The Energy Valves of Breath and Sound

Feeding the Heart and Third Eye

Playing Catch with Orgasms

Cosmic Sex is the Best