How to Love Like a God Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Introduction To Sacred Sexuality

0:02:00 What Men Need to Know

0:05:00 Sex for Magical Healing

0:05:45 What Women Truly Desire

0:07:30 Sharing Abundant Love

0:11:00 Serving the Feminine

0:12:15 Communicating Boundaries

0:13:30 The Female Arousal Cycle

0:17:00 How to be rated a “10”

0:20:00 Goddess Nectar as Fuel

0:22:00 Be a Hero in Real Life

0:25:00 Why Learn to Love Like a God

Sacred Dance for Beginners

0:27:00 What’s Missing on the Dance Floor

0:29:00 Supportive Movement Patterns

0:30:00 Stirring Sexual Energy

0:30:30 Overcoming Shyness

0:31:00 Flowing into Prayer Together

0:33:00 Sacred Frequencies

0:34:30 Spreading Magic on the Dance Floor

0:35:00 Singing to your Beloved

0:36:30 HOlding the Heart From Behind

0:37:00 Melting into Safety

0:37:45 Spreading Angel Wings

0:38:15 Third Eye Kissing

0:39:00 The Power of Chanting Mantras

Ritual Bathing

0:40:45 Salt Water as Liquid Meditation

0:41:30 Bathing for Peace and Relaxation

0:42:00 Breast Massage Opens the Heart

0:44:00 Sexual Algebra

0:45:00 Precisely Caring for Nipples

0:47:00 Herbal Essential Oils

Sexual Initation with a Priestess

0:48:00 Hygiene Checklist

0:51:00 Loving the Neck and Ears

0:52:00 Kissing, Liking, Nibbling

0:53:00 Worshiping with Sweet Somethings

0:55:00 Eye Gazing in the Goddess Position

0:55:30 Casting Green Magic Spells

0:56:30 Singing and Om Chanting

0:58:00 Beyond Superficial Compliments

0:59:00 Financing your Destiny with Prayer

1:02:00 Exploring Oral Mysteries

1:03:00 Good Kissing Guidelines

1:05:00 Depth and Passion Done Right

1:06:00 Sensual Snacking

1:10:00 Clensing with Incense

1:12:00 Sweeping the Auric Field

1:13:00 Post-Porn Sexuality Education

Reality Based Sexual Arts Training

1:20:00 Full Body Tantric Massage

1:24:00 Heartful Foot Worship

1:25:30 The Politics of Healing Pleasure

1:27:00 Intro to Yoni Massage

1:29:30 Heart Grinding

1:29:45 Toning the Gates to Heaven

1:30:00 Studying at the Yoniversity

1:30:00 Foreplaying with the Pelvis

1:31:00 Locating the G-Spot

1:32:00 Precautions for Traumatic Release

1:35:00 Ergonomics for Endurance

1:37:30 Honoring the Moment of Union

1:39:00 Conscious Family Planning

1:40:00 Prerequisites for Fluid Bonding

1:43:30 Energy Exchange Agreements

1:45:30 You’ll Reep What You Sow

1:45:45 Look at Her When You Enter

1:47:00 Formally Introducing the Genitals

1:48:30 Strategies to Moderate Intensity

1:49:00 Mature Ejaculation

1:51:00 Shifting from Strokes to Grinds

1:52:00 Mastering Cycles of Hardness

1:53:00 Intuitively Switching Positions

1:55:15 Down-to-Earth Performance Standards

1:56:00 Wisdom for Loving from Behind

2:01:30 Cervical Awareness

2:03:15 Increasing Surface Area Contact

2:04:00 Beyond Clit Shaming

2:06:00 Humble Envelopment by Her on Top

2:08:00 Best Practices for Safer Bouncing

2:11:00 Empowering Female Ejaculation

Mastering Male Multiple Orgasm

2:14:00 Reality Based Maturbation Training

2:15:45 Loving Yourself Like a Lover

2:16:30 Training with Your Practice Vagina

2:17:30 Hip Conditioning

2:18:00 Training Her to Train You

2:19:30 Integrating the P-Spot

2:20:00 The Energy Valves of Breath and Sound

2:21:00 Feeding the Heart and Third Eye

Making Love Forever in Goddess Position

2:23:00 Playing Catch with Orgasms

2:24:00 Cosmic Sex is the Best