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In this episode I’ve shared the audio track from the first in a series of sacred sexuality education video programs with the lovely Survival Wombyn model Herb Spiral Iris. Please click here to watch the actual video for free!

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 132 I have the audio from a two-and-a-half-hour instructional sacred sexuality educational video program that’s becoming a a series that I’m doing with a dear friend and model of the she sort of the pilot model for the survival women project that I’ve been working on for for a while now and it’s still kind of in beta mode I guess you could say she is joining me thanks to recent games in the the crypto market place I’ve been able to yeah contract with her for some ongoing really healthy wholesome holistic beautiful natural innocent loving programs that are going to help Teach the World how to love right this yeah this video I want its online it’s free it’s on my website at township Funk. Com love like a god again that’s time Tupac. Com love like a God and it’s actually going to be woven into a number of different curriculum items for an ultimate certification program for men as as lovers of women to have studied and gone through some training materials so you can go to love like a God and watch the full video and I just wanted to get this audio out there so that you can kind of get a taste of it and get a sense of it but it’s obviously much better with the visuals and it’s non-explicit so it’s maybe not exactly safe for work and the it will be in the not-safe-for-work category to watch you know on to watch the video but also it’s it’s not explicit and it said probably even you know you can consider it perhaps R-rated so yeah please enjoy that do go and check it out on the website and stay tuned for more exciting herbs virus educational videos coming out very soon alright thanks namaste hello dear beloved I’m here with herbs bowel address and we’re going to talk about the state of affairs with love and romance and sexuality and masculinity and femininity and really try to bring it down to earth and sort out some of these these conflicts that that were having in the so-called War of the Sexes we’re going to make some peace tonight so first of all I’d like to thank you or Sprout Iris for joining me for this wonderful event we’ve been through we’ve been through a lot together a blessing in disguise we did we did a lot of Shadow work already to get to this point and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of our labor and we’re really here in this moment because of some Financial successes that I believe for a rooted in the right action in the right livelihood that that we both been engaged in so we can move forward and Andrea Lee stepping into the light a bit so we’ll just keep it very general to start with so what are you what do you think men need to know about how to love women right in this world of corn and gangster rap and heavy metal and all of these influences that role models for men in in a really hostile violent aggressive kind of manner you think to get to know their partner really go deep inside who they are and just get to know every layer of them cuz they say you can never get to know somebody completely for always changing every day so just attempting is the beauty of a partnership I feel that that something that would make a relationship just block them really being a team unraveling every layer of your being do you feel like what a lot of men are sitting on billboards and you know porn videos and and all that stuff is creating make a false false image of how women’s pleasure works and how woman’s what woman’s needs are and have you encountered that with men who were just really absolutely absolutely and it’s kind of sad that yeah I will lessons are growing up and watching his videos and they go out there and you know it could be a woman’s first sexual encounter and they both continue going into that that poison is well of just touch the city so yeah I’ve been counter in my early years my my my partner’s know they really didn’t know what they were doing and it was almost kind of a ashamed just like having them as partners because they were like no exchange of positive energy it was just like I kept carrying like their emptiness or all of this pain that they were tearing instead of them practicing to be better lovers and sharing creative consciousness so that’s why I’m here today just spread that positive awareness and let them know that they they can be new goddesses to earn that Grace that you’re talking about it presents in it is it is the goddess it is the feminine aspect to know because if you’re just a hundred percent masculine energy you’re out of balance is going to be it’s not going to be fun it’s not going to last and and I like that you said you know creative Consciousness too because when you’re not just we’re not just doing it to get off and to relieve stress or to exert power than you really have opportunity to be magical and creative and even be aligned with the Stars aligned with the planets and send prayers and that’s something that you might not learn that in church I don’t know if you missed that but I don’t know maybe I maybe I just didn’t hear it but I don’t think I’m sure to tell you to maximize your sexual potential and practice ritual magic and really move mountains healing and prosperity health wealth Wellness creativity all of that comes from the sexual energy that that can float freely and you can design with a consciously so how how do you say do you want to talk about when you’re when you’re fantasizing in your own inner sanctum about the dream love of your life whether it’s one man or many men are many women or all the above whatever it might be you can share what you feel comes with but how did how would you order some ideals that you have that you’re not being met you’re not being met on for fantasize about multiple partners because the idea of just multiple hands like I see it as like an octopus painting on canvas and like the possibilities are just explosive right so imagine different hands touching touching you in different parts of your body in like areas and just pleasing you those beautiful yeah I like that I like to ask people you know a math question how many erogenous zones do you have and what is the minimum number of human hands and lips and tongues and other body parts that would be required to service all of them simultaneously in an essay I think we are as a culture where a long way from figuring out how to open up our erogenous erotic said because there’s a lot of jealousy in a lot of fear that position I’m a very free spirit and the along the three long-term relationships that I’ve been in that they always somehow I’m there just end up being very possessive they just don’t understand my free spirit and I’ve and I’ve brought to their attention the idea of being and you know a threesome or no me and my second partner I was actually about it but then one of my my my partner my partner is he was just completely like know there’s only like you monogamy but I think like even even if you’re in a monogamous relationship and you should be open to the idea of another partner and it’s not so much about just like oh like I’m going to get off or I’m going to have like penetrating multiple holes it’s just about pleasuring the body and getting to know like little crevices of the body and not even like a stroke of my stroke somebody’s hair like that’s if you can have this is this is important material so you know it’s a most of the anxiety I’ll say it from experience most of the performance anxiety that a man has a psycho I’ve got to I’ve got to last long enough to make her come you know enough you know hopefully at least once but then you ruin it when you’re stressed out about it when you’re trying too hard and really if you have the humility and if you thought of it is teamwork you would say well I’m going to you know if work if we’re committed in a relationship where we’re going to be fluid bonded meaning you know we’re going to be having been tested together and we’re going to agree on certain boundaries to keep the the medical safety of Our Lives you know certain way then it should not be threatening to you to involve other people to help to bring her to the highest the heights of ecstasy that are possible including someone to massage your feet massage the hands you know it’s like you’re not risking your not sure you’re not swapping fluids at that point so you know there are a lot of people who are poor on the sidelines who are single who would love to be in the energy is just a beautiful energy to allowed to flow so you know that’s that’s good to know so you know really I’m not here to teach men how to be the almighty you know mr. right alpha male who just makes a woman never crave or desire any other experiences more about the more freedom you give somebody the more loyal they will be if they feel that they can have whatever experiences they want and you will facilitate that and be a part of that and they can trust you and if they’re in a room with a bunch of strangers and they want to create certain boundaries but you’re the one that they trust and you let them be free with that and beautiful things will happen it will strengthen relationships and one of my one of the men I look up to in this in this world is is fond of being married in open relationship and saying you know what is it really say about you if you’re the only one that she is get to be with it’s more of a statement of virtue and undying love and loyalty to you if she gets to be with a lot of men whenever she wants and then she still comes back home to you that there’s a lot more than if you just Tire up and don’t let her go anywhere you know and then she has to start lying and cheating and you do the same so I’m glad we got to I’m glad we got to mention that because really love is not scary it’s the band in a week and we can share it so what else do you feel like is far as cuz we’re going to get into all the techniques that that I feel that are good for people to know so in your experience you want to talk a little bit about what what is work for you and hasn’t worked for you in the way that that men really approach you sexually and in the sexual Arts you know what will work so it doesn’t work with people need to to figure out that well first you really need to embrace the other the feminine energy when would a man just puts the woman first instead of like like you said earlier likes getting off that’s when the true magic starts flowing and the possibilities are endless after that so it’s basically just catering to to women’s needs serving her tell me all about it but he also knows his boundaries like no definitely talk about inbound dreams in the beginning of a relationship before you go into any sexual activity just really so I can understand okay so you were you were sharing with this some of the philosophical approach of catering to the women understand the boundaries and so that she could more you eat the more work you do ahead of time understanding boundaries and communicating the more free and no more flowing you can be you don’t have to always stop and start and kind of you know you’re not you don’t have to be a wet noodle you know you don’t want to be too for a woman to really get juicy you know she’s got to feel that solid masculine energy and feel safe and feel on the edge of the Event Horizon of something you know powerful magical and in God like that’s what this is all about so during the Wimpy guys you got to be strong you got to be powerful and also create a safety so do you want to tell us about just the female anatomy in what that arousal cycle and what what a man needs to do to really approach every everyone is different but for the most part it’s not just like a man were you just stroke it and squirt after you know maybe even a few seconds of of Heroes that is a woman’s body and we’ll talk about that how do you approach it in a masterful god-like manner where to begin how do you how do you get a woman as turned on as a man’s penis is when he sees a pair of CDs than on a picture Sheena yes well it’s preparing the canvas you look at it with so many possibilities so like to start off with with a nice back rub and just massage her life massage your breasts and then just work your way down just you’re really cater to the Yoni and like worship bed and have a nice leg massage is always really nice now we’re like massage the toes just get the body nice and relaxed and just cater to her needs beautiful yeah something that A good rule of thumb that I used and learning like to share is that the male sexual energy concentrates rapidly in the genital area and it needs to be dispersed so it’s good for say a woman or if you’re at yourself you learn to when you get aroused and you start to feel the energy is building up to actually Stir It Up and move it around and move it out words move it out away from the general energy the general sent it and then it’s the opposite for one woman’s body where she actually needs to have energy brought in from the extremity see what you’re working your string it up when you bring it down into and and working your way like you’re climbing a mountain or you’re going through a maze you know make it make it studying the woman’s body from head to toe like you’re going through a maze and then slow and steady flow of energy with pool and funnel down where you wanted to be where it will be literally the female vaginal tissue inside and out it’s it’s a giant massive tissue that goes under the back of the legs and the clit actually is like a giant looks like a giant stingray it’s got legs it’s got all kinds of bites on body parts is not just a little too and so studying that massaging all of that and knowing that all of that arrived in a tissue is just like a male’s penis it’s in fact almost the same tissue is Cut From the Same Cloth so to speak genetically so if there’s just a lot more of it there’s a lot more areas of it that don’t have as much nerve concentration but when so basically you know it’s easy to get a cock fully erect and get it totally engorged but if you want to get a woman’s full pelvis totally engorged to to the degree that your car what is getting engorged very easily and quickly it takes about 35 to 45 minutes so if you had to as a man spend 30 to 45 minutes figuring out where exactly to touch certain parts of your scrotum and how to lift this way and move that way you would then understand that you know you don’t you don’t just wham bam thank you ma’am with it with you when you go to actually spend that time so is that does sound good to you said for sure make a ritual out of it so what most guys if they just watch for next Spectre woman to just be like ready anytime I’m ready. Get some all there it’s all about you and everything so in your experience with men do a lot of guys have any clue about this or you got to train them or you got to just be like next to you give him a chance like how do you filter them out in and you know how many men are coming at you with that level of devotion yet or is it what’s it like out there in the Wild by myself with like-minded people and go that are expanding their mind on a daily basis and so but definitely I’ve had to train a couple of men so what I’ve been doing is I started you know rating men on a scale of one once it’s 6 it’s like an okay like okay I’ll talk to you another time but definitely not have sex with you so for me like it’s really important that there is a sexual energy at first for meter like really going like give them at least like a 9 or even attend but you got to put them in escrow right so that’s good so what are some everybody’s different again but like some advice from you cuz I could say you know comb your hair brush your teeth go to work out he healthy you know playing video games all day and your mom’s basically can I go read a book or or like really just nurture your mind with something that is actually going to benefit you and I mean Society not just like it’s me that’s just kind of boring yeah I’ll tell you right now you cannot there’s not one video game in the world that would make me take my eyes out for this beautiful goddess right now sitting in my lap who I want to know how all of the secrets of all the levels of of her video game I want to know where the Hidden Treasures are I want to find the hearts I want I wanted to fill up my heart’s in her Little Ferry pool and you know Empower me with wisdom and and weapons I can go you know the strength in The Confident that’s where it comes from I mean I know men who have men who treat women like dirt and build Empires with all of that pussy that they be hitting every night from the strip clubs that they running all that stuff I know those men and I know men who are Divine masculine tantric Masters Hulu if every woman named me better than where they found him and and they both rack it up and you know there’s there’s some know a common denominator that they they understand they become skillful and they and they do extract in someone in an unhealthy way I would say that the evil ones they just extract like vampires they take that the nectar of the goddess and they use it to build their Empires and they lived like Jabba the Hutt and they end up looking like Jabba the Hutt to and then they’re the ones who create a symbiotic Dynamic with that energy and they actually give more than they take and they feed the divine feminine in themselves and in their beloved and then they’re not really extracting but they’re actually really borrowing and and using that energy as an investment fun to do beautiful things I know I know men who are in love with really powerful country women and the nest that they build for their love it’s just amazing the gardens they build the stone work that they do the iron work I mean when a when a woman is fueling a man’s muscles with the power of their pussy you know they’re they’re giving them inspiration and they’re making him want to just you know I can’t get out of bed and what am I going to do today to make the the queendom for this goddess even more spectacular and when you see the love of a woman’s you know Body and Soul print it out on the landscape with her beautiful men that’s like not that’s way more appropriate use of our life energy than just I’m playing video games and I grew up playing video games I’m a gamer I said I said from experience within a certain point I felt like I’m only playing this video games because because Society won’t let me go out and be a hero go out and actually be a warrior in a hero and do all the things I want to do so I’m going to use his training simulator while I have to to build up my personality and my endurance to be in a hero archetype but as soon as I can get out of my own and do my own thing I’m going to go live my own life with my own movie that my own video game and if you were a full grown ass man adult living in Mom’s basement playing video games with other dudes and talking wisecracks about women and judging women’s bodies and I’ve heard all that too so do you know I’m I’m not I’m not going to be anti-gay more at say it would be nice if the video games taught us many things that we need to know about how to love women write and sign me up for that video game but only until you hit puberty and then it’s time to go live the game be in the game and yeah so I’m glad we touched on that cuz if the curse there’s men who literally died because of lack of sleep lack of hydration lack of nourishment lack of eating gold literally have been found dead in their video game chair and try to laugh about it but it’s a sad fact of this reality and then just think about all of the women whose Gordon gorgeous vaginas are frustrated and not getting any love or attention how many shattered marriages and now these men are now at reproductive age they’re having kids of their own and their cycle is repeating so this is a real a real disaster that we’re dealing with so that’s a public service announcement from us right here is it a the mysteries of a woman’s the depth in the Deep mystery of a woman’s pleasure women’s magic and it’s it’s worth devoting that that time energy budget to exploring into mastering and you know I don’t know if you’ll you’ll get points you know and scores and be able to share your top score with the world but I think you will you will feel rewarded adequately if you if you begin that process so you have you studied some of my material is even a part of this journey you know you’re early early investor in the township Funk Enterprise and so the lovers license test that you got some last set of that and then the article you read that this is kind of based on or this is a supplement for you know how to live like a god so this isn’t a quiz or anything but do you feel that time you have anything to say about if you were to say to endorse me you know with your experience of me and your experiences and what I’m producing in the world and you know you could say this is it a paid endorsement for full disclosure you know you’ve been compensated for your time right now but yeah I just would like to know from your heart what do you think men need to hear to call me up and to have me help get them on a more righteous path in the in the bedroom you were speaking to all the men in the world who have so many different hero archetypes out there there they have men who they really worship and look up to and and at this point I’m not even on the radar I’m not on their radar I’m not on the the radar if any of those glamour machines or you know moving machines or anything like that so if you could if you if you had the ability to speak to to the marketplace of all those men who are buying into programs they’re buying they’re buying something you know they’re buying dick pills or if you know a Pick Up Artist programs this is something different and if if you’re in your words you have you have a pitch from your heart just freestyle not to put you on the spot but I think we can close with that in those this will wrap up this convo with you know a call to action you’ve invested your time and playing video games for just this is your time and something without passion then this is time for you to go out there and really be passionate about pleasing women and learning how to properly please them because it doesn’t only benefit women but it’ll show you how to be a better lover and love like a god all right so we’re going to demonstrate some sacred Dance Movement techniques and Sparrow Iris do you have any what do you how do you feel about the state of the world the state of humanity or are men really showing up on the Dance Floor to take Roman all the way into the stars or are you just doing that we haven’t been taking women to outer space it’s not really rocking you and the dance floor like they should be all right so if you if you could have it your way how would you like the men of the world watching this to to dance with you to dance with your beloved definitely more passionately intimate and actually have some dance moves I’m going to share with you all some of what I have been perfecting over a number of years and some of it is come just very intuitive least some of it has been through through study sacred dance trainings and what not and there’s just a few principles that that we want to keep in mind and how I’ll certify demonstrate just cold and say before I actually start playing the track for myself and then we’re going to sink it up later so few principles would be that The Cure standing in front of me right it’s you don’t have to be a highly trained dancer that knows specific steps where you both are basically playing out acting out a specific dance form where you have to know exactly the time at their feet moved here there it’s really just about Swang and using a couple of patterns circles and figure-8 pattern so I’m just going to demonstrate pure I’ll stand behind you so here hanging out you know you’re having two drinks and chilling and she’s going to think she is most likely going to be way more than you are if you’re a dude you know you’re going to be a little bit shy but you can just kind of hang out and just kind of support her you know and be there hang on to your hips little bit and just find yourself moving ever-so-gently just back and forth side to side and if you if you kind of get this figure-8 pattern where you’re pushing out and back on each side out and back and he said it is very relaxing meditative and actually been in a more esoteric since it stirs up some of that I can do any energy so you can really sink up and move around so as the lady doing anything you’re going to let your arms kind of Go free and move your head around and obviously it feels great to just caress and move your hands along your beloved’s body get to know her be curious about her Peter always as if she’s a whole new everyday it’s a whole new experience that your beloved still treat her like that and cuz that’s just really easiest way to be hanging out any genre music just support her and pulled her in enjoy and now we’re standing still showing that basic if you don’t want to be moving around if you’re so shy to move around but I’m going to I’m going to encourage you to really take it to us for the steps and in my practice of goddess worship and really devoting my energy to the the lowercase G and uppercase G goddess there’s really power in the movements of the hands so if you make that steeple together with your hands you making that that prayer that prayer position that Universal to humanity it’s it’s it’s seen all throughout cultures of the world and there is a power in that so whether you believe in that or not it is a powerful thing to to play with so what I like to do is bring that into dancing it’s really a sacred position so if if you just being the sort of wind beneath your angel’s wings following her movements as she flows freely and and then at times stepping in a bit with gentle maneuverings in bring that prayer position together but the heart third eye cold I’m just really feel feel that Unity of energy it’s possible when you really focus on it and feel it and it helps when you’re in my opinion dancing to Sacred Music that was designed to help these experience happened there certain types of music that make it difficult to get that sacred energy flowing too and I’m no stranger to to those types of music myself but I encourage assault to evolve more towards the music where you can really feel Synergy between the frequencies and that that intuitive sense of bringing your hands and Palms together and really worshipping and loving deeply so not a not a lot to it is a very basic simple easy to grasp easy to apply techniques believe me I’ve been too sick or dance schools where they crack the whip and if you do if any movement wrong they make you do it over a thousand million times and there’s a lot of very strict as I think dance instructors can be some of the most sadistic and twisted instructors in the world have seen them just too but there is a hearing to a tradition or trying to get the best out of you and there they’re really holding a you know a certain a certain way of doing things and teaching think so I I get it but I’m not going to put you through that this is just to get you to loosen up on the Dance Floor everybody goes out clubbing you know and it should be very natural intuitive to you to just want to hold and embrace your beloved and because we’re doing this country style or going to bring in those sacred elements of prayer and devotion and meditation so now with that said I’m going to go ahead and we’ll move on to a demonstration of kind of sliding around and get letting the energy flow and really being pleasantly possessed so we’ll get on to that it’s really just about creating this flow and spreading Magic on the dance floor and from there comes love and really just embracing your partner yeah clean yourself all the way into the moment do you see what I’m doing and letting her full body weight just fall into me so she’s completely relaxed and feels totally held and safe and all of these movements in my hands around his body was just staring into more and more. where was the Buddhist chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo in some people around the world or chanting that in prison in work camps in ashrams all over the place to Center and bring you into the sacred preparation of peace and homeless and you could be here in rush hour traffic in just singing nam-myoho-renge-kyo so I was guided to make a nice little sacred dance track and I challenge anyone you sing that every day once a day do you will be deeply empowered and go into work immune to the stresses of customers and bosses and everyone else who would you speak like Jedi Mind Tricks giving you hell and you just nam-myoho-renge-kyo now and it works so how do you feel about oops company is a nice girl in bathtub let the hot water do the work for you if you can if you can get your mind to be quiet to meditate than just like turn on this saltwater bad adding salt to it really helps to negative energies in the greatest crime against humanity the ultimate sin is creating single person size bathtubs so we’re blessed here to have this opportunity to VNA list some of the projects he shared with me that they’re doing going to orphanage orphanage has camping outside orphanage and rebuilding after after earthquakes all of these work they’re doing in Mexico and helping people from the US and for Mexico to send each other Dash instead of Fiat you know making it super useful to brew festival for them and actually turning crypto into into resources are they need whether it’s a new fan for their ceiling or food or whatever and so they’re doing a lot of work right on the ground and putting you know Bitcoin ATMs in crypto ATM there just it is amazing to see this dystopian Society for good and bad is already here as completely I mean crypto is already being used in so many daily activities all the time so much more that we know and I know that documentaries are being created and they will available to all of us soon and every time more but there was so much more happening than we even inside are aware of you know every time I talk with anybody is it blows my mind all the projects are going on in The Sisterhood part of it is another one and there are all these telegram groups going around some of them are called crypto women badass women in blockchain you know he’s different name there’s this group on Facebook called crypto queens and I have found some amazing amazing humans are working with the UN and women investing in women and finding each other’s projects and at the Miami Conference the North America Miami Conference Bitcoin conference I had this one person run up to me this woman is she said hi sister if you’re a woman here I pretty much want to connect with you and she added me to his telegram group and I stole that from her in the best possible way so every time I’m at any blockchain event I run up to the women and I said Hey sister if you’re a woman in the space I want to connect with you and it’s just so beautiful and so maybe five or ten different groups that are all women in blockchain and the art projects in blockchain it is it is really unbelievable I’m actually really excited for the South by Southwest there is a bunch of the crypto coins are coming down we can talk to me about doing a documentary about women in crypto and I just hope that I get to interview them then I’ll just get 10 minutes with each one and super supportive so it’s been quite interesting and of course there is still competition with in here and there but for the most part I find that women are really supportive of each other I also have been working with swarm City in the storm fun quite a bit I meant Joel from Joel Dietz from swarm and we talked about a bunch of our projects and all the stuff happening and he’s expressed a lot of interest in supporting both blockchain art projects and women equality so I know swarm is now sitting around the survey to try to make sure that there are as many women as men users and their platform that’s really exciting and all so so many surveys about how they want the tokens to be used and so on the people of people are hungry to include the community that’s what’s being made us all about right and that’s what these events are all about so I think I think we’re doing pretty good so far and I see how much more collaboration is going to is going to start happening you know just from from these telegram groups and how excited everybody is and and also how cool is that we have telegram instead of Nolan all these other apps that encrypt all our messages so that the government can’t have her information or private conversations it’s just it’s amazing we weave I feel so sad about the fact that Facebooking all these social media platform Bernie or Cuban connection you know I honestly have so many thoughts where I say I don’t care if Facebook knows all my information or if they own all my media I just want to be able to share photos of my friends in Argentina and this is the easiest form so how sad is it that we were okay with all of our privacy and information being a waited on people making money off of us just because we’re so starved for human connection so I’m really excited to be able to do the same things we’ve been doing and use the good parts of Technology like social media in a way that it also filled up our pockets and our Spirits you know that is music to my ears thank you so much I’m so glad that I I mean I just just the fact that your video came up right after cryptos news and we’re in this moment have his conversation this is all such beautiful music to my ears and yeah it’s been I mean in my field of in the world of timeshare sacred sexuality sexual healing in just I think the most important thing in my studies in my experience for healing the planet and really saving the Earth is really being instrumental and being conducive to two women Sisterhood and a healthy positive empowering way and actually creating more financial Independence so that women as mothers can have more freedom and power and actual means to make more independent decisions with their bodies with their with their you know how they how much even breastfeeding I mean what most people don’t know that it’s pretty much understood that about five years is a typical pre-industrial young length of time to be breastfeeding infants on demand and imagine the kind of infrastructure changes that have to happen for that to be possible in the modern world but if anything’s going to make it happen it’s going to be the fruit of the work that people like you’re doing and that’s as you know my just sort of Public Service Announcement about you know a sort of futuristic crypto feminism you know that I said I want to contribute to I want to see happen is this more and more working together and in collaboration So yeah thank you for helping with that and then trick energy and learning some teachings of something that is pretty recent to me maybe two years and there’s so much to learn and I found so much healing and in all of these intersections of psychedelics meditation tantric work and crypto and it’s it’s so bizarre and no way to talk about technology and evolution and money in the same line that we talked about psychedelics and in self-healing love and all of this to no life force of energy but it is all the same thing it’s it’s just growing us a more compassionate and accepting loving human race you know that’s what it’s all about and at the same time that I’m really excited about all of these blockchain as a vehicle for change I am really concerned about Wi-Fi and radiation and you know of course all of these Cantrell crazy stuff that we put ourselves through so I’m putting out the intention into calling for more people to get involved into figuring out other ways to connect the other internet in a way that is not so destructive for us and so there’s not some natural solutions and then there’s simple things we can do like turning off wi-fi at night when you go to sleep and self-education on this on this topic but I would love to hear more like I said Solutions and privacy are are something that we are now noticing that we need to work on more at the same time that we develop all these amazing systems right we need to wear we’re kind of like exploding and all these magical ways and now we need to start creating the containers that will keep us a lines into our missions as well yeah absolutely absolutely awesome well yeah I’m getting about 2 or if you’ll just totally mind blown and totally satiated by learning all this stuff all this great stuff that you’re doing do you feel free now to take some time to promote your efforts and talk about we have coming up in the future will people can be looking out for and and yeah we’ll we’ll call it a good introduction to hopefully we can also keep in touch on going up next and that is the exist that it’s a beautiful project where we are just connecting more and more people doing similar events and hoping that we can continue to collaborate so if anybody’s interested in anything that we’re doing please reach out there’s room for you to be fully creative in your own way and like I said it’s not about competition the abundance is there and in so many ways so that is South by Southwest Austin and then we have token Fest in San Francisco I will be there as well and then we have an art party in the bay somewhere so all this information will be on social media that is at my new brakes on Twitter or breaks on Instagram and I wanted to mention. So I most recently connected with gel polish and he’s doing art for addicts and he has a lot of projects going on in that world so I’m really excited to get more involved in healing the process of healing ourselves through ART and handling addiction because I believe technology is also an addiction right so being able to create those containers again and also few initiatives for the cleaning up the oceans and ocean token and just so many good projects coming up so anyway that I can that I can help or help you connect with those who will get you to where you want to be the green miners we clean energy any of that please reach out to me I would love to help out cool thank you again so much now Newburgh city has been such a pleasure and yet again thank you for just allowing me to be impulsive and send a message out to you and get you on the show and to know also that your ear integrating some the tantric wisdom in and works into your life it’s so exciting and I agree this is all just one big Kundalini blockchain Bliss Bellini black seamless hashtag that will be in touch in the future and thank you again so much sounds good thank you so much have a beautiful night. 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