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In this episode I am joined by Ayanna Mojica, a powerful priestess who has stepped up to hold space for dialog within the spiritual community about the tragic suicide of world-renown tantra teacher Psalm Isadora. I discovered her via a conference call she set up. I wasn’t able to join the call but I had a lot of emotion and concern about this incident and decided to invite Ayanna on the podcast to explore suicide prevention strategies and get deeper into this issue from a more tantric perspective. We honor Psalm by sharing our knowledge and experience of her works and her influence, and discuss ways we can all be more supportive of ourselves and each other as we continue our light works.

About Ayanna Mojica, Priestess of Power & Wealth:
Ayanna Mojica helps women master wealth and feminine power. A rising new Thought Leader and Premier Wealth Mentor, she boldly proclaims women’s divine birthright to wealth. A Priestess of Mary Magdalen, Ayanna’s unique coaching formula includes money mastery, mental mastery, sacred sexual alchemy, and the release of shame that keeps women from their money and feminine power.

For more than 30 years, Ms. Mojica has served humanity with her money, time and talents and a heart for service in the USA, Mexico, Cuba and Jamaica. A bilingual credentialed teacher and ordained minister, Mojica has taught thousands in colleges, public school, churches, temples, prisons, shelters and metaphysical centers.

Ayanna is a multi-degreed, multi-talented businesswoman with advanced degrees in fine arts. A renaissance entrepreneur, Mojica is an inspirational speaker, sex and money expert, founder of Path of the Magdalene, global sacred tour leader, and sought after spiritual adviser.

Ms. Mojica is now inspired to create a “conscious” trust and bank in the name of Mary Magdalen and leave a legacy of sustainable wealth.


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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 111 I am on Zoom actually with Ayana Mojica a priestess of power and wealth and we have been acquainted online because of a tragic event that has rocked a lot of the world is Tantra sacred sexuality spiritual personal development trauma recovery all of these intersecting healing modalities and in spiritual practices because of the death of Psalm Isadora who I had the pleasure of meeting one time at a at a conference and wasn’t able to who’s a busy Booth so we weren’t able to really drop that much but I got to experience or workshop and was very impressed and so like I feel like she has been doing important work at a very high level at a very high stakes game you know running this energy running this technology at the at the the Hollywood level really in the in the figurative sense if not too literal sense but certainly in the in the LA culture and the higher levels of that media culture which as we all know is a shark tank in a lot of ways so having to survive that having to navigate that I can see there being a lot of pressure and unfortunately I don’t know what all the circumstances were I don’t know what to say if there’s any you know so-called note left or or any inside information from people close to her but you know how it feels to me that we lost a powerful healer a powerful educator a powerful leader and that is really disturbing in a lot of ways and the dialogue has has been kind of thumb I feel compared to what I was expecting it feels like it’s been crickets online I’ve been looking for people speaking out and getting some sort of online sacred Temple space of Swords to at least grieve together and build understanding and certainly buffer ourselves from feelings of Despair that comes from this so I found a Jana mojica’s conference call this she died when I was Googling around as long as she was hosting a conference call to create that kind of a space for people to come together and in debrief and and financial support and that led to my inviting her to be on this podcast to talk about her feelings and emotions and understandings of things from this point and it’s going to be an ongoing processes of grief and understanding and in recovery for all of us in in these fields and we spoke we we attempted to do is a an episode like this and there was a lot coming from me mainly that I feel is Ayana made a great editorial decision to say let’s do this again and and I’m going to withhold some of my more extreme feeling well maybe that maybe I hope she held the space for me to express them and now I don’t have to express in this format exactly the same way and that’s probably a good thing because I have some extreme views and opinions that may take some more time and we were just fishing at a level FM that that maybe it made it may take some time for folks to I don’t want to say that you know I don’t want to be elitist at all but it is so there’s that there’s a different way to look at certain things from different perspectives and to be acknowledging to everyone this is more of a general talk on the subject and not a more advanced esoteric esoteric talk about Karma and all kinds of other things maybe we’ll get to that but enough said for me I just wanted to excuse myself a little bit explain a little bit and thank Adriana for holding that space for me for the first round and then give her plenty of space now to really be more of a guide for us to to work see this so with that said please be on if you want to introduce yourself a bit and then talk about what what compelled you to it to start to open the space I will be lovely thank you thank you so much pain for the honor of being on your podcast Tantra pop punk I totally honor all of us who are holding up space in the area of sacred sexuality and transformation and healing we are all running right now and helping others to wake up and he’ll so thank you so much for the honor I am Ayanna Mojica Priestess of power and wealth and it is a title that was given to me by Mary Magdalene when she brought me into this mission of helping women Master well finish Eminem power and how I know about Psalm Isadora and why I’m so interested in this topic is because of her story her actual story not just a suicide but her actual story so it will when she did take her life it did affect many of us including myself affected Us in the world second sexuality world transformational world that Shilling world and wait in the spiritual growth world because she was able to cure stat world as well and like you said she was on that level of the Hollywood level and international global international airports beautiful woman and to see this beautiful soul I think she was 41 years old when she took alive and would seem to be at the Peak at the height of cortical making it and being of great importance to see that you’re taken a life really stunned me and it stung many people and I still have people contacting me about the open dialog I had called for online and the dialogue with Psalm Isadora was call Saul mecedora suicide inspiration an open Dialogue on suicide inspiration and hope and we had women from around the world I have two of the three other women speaker who spoke as well and we have women from around the world who on that call who shared very deep and personal very vulnerable things history is and I decided that that recording would stay private because the stories were so profound and some of them quite painful and from that time I still have people contacting me about the recording and so I have to keep the recording private and at the same time I want to say thank you Ben for opening up the dialogue again because this one will be made available to others so I still have people calling me I still have not calling emailing me contacting me about this topic about what happened they impact and it’s made on their lives and how they’re grieving still some of them are stock and shocked that one of the one of the stages of grief shock denial some are very few were angry and confused and some and deep sorrow and grief and Jess even today I a woman reached out and this was interesting been she reached out and said and in her email that she just found out that her Mentor online Mentor Aslam is Doria commit suicide and she have been working on exposing an orgasmic life she had come in contact with her she came from a fundamental Christian background and now that she is has discovered the shocking and she’s married and in a relationship she’s afraid to go on because if Psalm Isadora was so in touch with her she could have these mind-blowing orgasms and commit suicide what does that mean for her I’m going to pause there and it allows you to comment ask questions guide because when I got that email it like holy Toledo this is a serious concern for this beautiful she’s wondering if the power of old powerful divine right to orgasm can beat her to commit suicide that’s what the church would like women to believe unfortunately what they’re trained young boys to believe about masturbation in sexy thank you for what you shared and and that is the it’s a painful extremely painful and upsetting reality and and there’s a certain burden that transformational healers who have found powerful life-transforming Transcendence Transcendence techniques and practices and skill-sets resurrected or revived from cultural context totally different and totally different times and spaces and we’re trying to fit this Kundalini dragon serpent energy Shakti goddess into these Fabrications this house of cards of modern patriarchal civilization in there’s a lot of resistance and so I’m not from personal experience I feel I’m not surprised and I I feel that this The Cult of the guru that super humanizes leaders because of the financial Dynamic of paying someone for their mentorship were it’s if it’s a dangerous Dynamic and I just want to I mean I shed tears in the moments after finding out because I feel her pain when I feel the pain of Somme as a Survivor and the Paradox that I think will save lives at this point more than result in more suicides and more distraught Despair and confusion is understanding that if you were kiss maybe I can put it in a simple metaphor or analogy if you were as let’s say you were in a Nazi concentration camp and you figured out a way out and you started to organize people to escape what would happen when you were discovered as a ringleader of an escape plan from a concentration camp they would make an example out of you and I feel like the forces that we are trying to defeat with her pleasure with her Bliss and with goddess worship and healing modalities that honor the feminine we are leading a Revolt that is visible to our unfortunately Saturday I like to befriend all beings but there are uncompassionate beings that cohabitate in our mind space that drive people to these decisions to use their their bought their hands to betray their soul into kill themselves those things are like the Nazis and I would say the Nazis were possessed by those being so to comfort myself and others who are shedding tears and we’re confused it’s like the saying if you’re not pissing in one or anyone else you’re not doing things right you know she is being successful and that made her a Target and that means that if you rock the boat and you were Bell and you lead rebellions against what we’re really up against we’re going to need to buffer and protect and care for each other in a way that we probably haven’t conceived of since there were functioning goddess temples and I’m just going to leave it at that I mean where where to go next build goddess temples for each other to be buffered from these these enemies of our liberation that’s all I can say right now I’m going to just breathe into that cuz I can hear I can feel you and hear that he is a little behind a dinosaur as well as the compassion and passion behind your words and your vision for coming back to the goddess Temple and I just wanted to share with your audience a little bit about my background and why this hit me so hard and I called for them dialogue may I have hard on psychosexuality for many years and the very conservative County of Orange County I lived there for about 30 years and in the last 10 years of my residents there by decided to create a community where people can come together and have they started logs about sexuality and specifically sacred sexuality and you don’t begin to actually use the practice and so I can get this for about 10 years and I also want to say that my background my history my own acting natural history of having a history of childhood sexual abuse as having died in common with some Isadora and and many of us something many women and men who have experienced that and at the same time with her experience her that she should was very very very very dramatic and it came at the hands of the Church of the hands of someone close to her but it was her father and she was in a religious cult and so she experienced this horrendous childhood sexual abuse from an early age for many years so even though I didn’t Express to agree I’m not going to minimize my experience because I know how it has affected me that affected my life and so happened that piece in common and realizing that comes along way of healing that and a long way in my own transformation and evolution and I’m bringing healing and transformation to others men and women I was like shocking like holy toledo what so the questions that came up in my mind were how much of the Early Childhood experience still was affecting her how how much of her how much of her watch so shattered the degree of the effect of that on her current life how much is that was the result was the cause of her coming to the point of taking a whole life and I know that she didn’t want for healing and I know that she you know she went to India and went and studied with a contract master and then she also went to India and partner yoga two women who were in the sex and sexual trafficking so she brought these practices to mainstream and yet The Wing game that was in wounding was still there the fracture from what I see was still there to the point where this happened and so I started thinking about another not to say that I would you know I don’t believe that because of what happened in my childhood was going to commit suicide now cuz I’m not but I wasn’t suicidal great for 2 and 1/2 years after transition of my fiance and how how how old is this happen and for those of you and listening and where her students or just finding her or even purchased her classes or what her teacher trainers or even clients for those of you who are still stunned or were stunned by that act I know that those questions up like what and then we question ourselves and that’s a good thing I believe it’s a good thing because they’re for there but for the grace of God go I cuz I wasn’t two and a half years of suicidal grapes and you know who knows what would have actually tipped it for me to actually take my life that’s there’s this expectation of perfection that is the problem it’s the root of so many problems I mean there would be no religious cults if people didn’t expect perfection in the eyes of whatever deity they were attempting to be living by the scriptures of the true gospel song to to try to reverse the polarity maybe of this discourse around this I mean if we really kind of I’m a permaculture designer and I was trained to not just think out-of-the-box but really really Shuffle presumptions around and look at systems words were talking about belief systems and we’re talking about economic systems and its spiritual systems and if I put that look at this issue with that lens and now this is the first time I’ve really ever well I’ve had this kind of forces the hand I mean this is this is the time to really have these conversations and and bring some Shadow material into the light you know for everybody’s behalf because it is such a taboo to talk about you can be there people who lets it sit there under a mandate to report anyone who has any expressive thoughts or implies even that they may be considering taking her life there is serious consequences and we don’t really have much I would say there’s much to be desired in the infrastructure that existed maybe hotlines and what not but I feel like we can and we must do better and if it’s going to I think start with it being okay to admit imperfection and and something I mentioned that was you know redeeming from the last conversation with the hope that we could establish for each other as friends as colleagues as service providers just in general fractal opportunities for people to when they’re having a bad day when they’re having a crisis for people to kind of Camp around them and help to keep their spirits up and but also grieve and not be alone or in silence you know it’s so to be surrounded by people who are there two at at someone else’s time of need knowing that they they will at one point at a time of need the economics that would have to shift for people to be able to drop everything when someone is having a moment you know going to take a list going to take a shift in this idea that wow just run in the rat race and getting a hamster wheel until you’re successful and you didn’t die trying and then everything’s perfect but look at Robin Williams so you know the the tantric practice of Shadow work and dancing with the shadow that’s where I want to go with the spinner with this conversation in this moment and & Beyond is I have my own ideas down there just raging after this about what we’re not doing what we should be doing for each other and I’m curious if you know if you what are some advisements you would have or some brainstorming is that you’re having around intervention tactics for people if they have the space to come out and say hey everybody loves me I’m in crisis going to have an emergency birthday party or else yeah yeah that’s a good question and I before I comment on that I wanted to comment on Twitter things you need and when you would talk that you talked about and it’s an inspired me to share looking towards the guru as though they have all the answers or a teacher that has all the answers is very unhealthy I was speaking to a beautiful woman tea today and here I am guiding her and I said to her right from the beginning I said I trust your auntie your sovereignty is the most important I’m always going to grind you back to yourself your own power on knowledge on wisdom own understanding I’m here to help you to just kind of remove the veils from what has kept you from seeing acknowledging respecting your own disability your own sovereignty a person who is putting all the eggs into the basket of the GoNoodle is how we have coats and what is the pastor of the rabbi or you know whoever it is coach they Mentor teacher it is it is just out of order with with the laws of the universe really and directing also back to us so back to our Divinity back to us store back to us Center coming in alignment their back to the Beloved with them and knowing your true source of who you really are and I’m not saying negating mentors and coaches and Taylor is a transformational leaders and all that I am saying that they are their hair too many midwives their hair to we are here to perhaps even teach and coach you know how to help with certain practices but to totally depend on that and just turn off the mind and go into a space where everything and that is so now I can go into what practices can we put in place when we are feeling out of sorts and there are still several and one of them is please have your own your own practice where are you you know your Source you know your Divinity you know your I am that I am that you did you can go into your own secret garden and be there with you with the Divine and and create a practice of daily quiet practice where are you coming to touch you get to touch that part of yourself that is so important and in the true quote on quote true Tantra it’s just about sexuality and it’s not the true Tundra Clint in the Masters you you master the different meditation to master the different practices that have to do with quieting the mind and dealing with the body and dealing with the different parts of ourselves before you can get to the sexuality years and so I encourage us to deepen our daily practice deep in our daily practice 2 it’s a fine whatever you want to call it the I am done and the Divine goddess goddess you know the universe nature but getting in that place we were so quiet that we go with in touch on solving self know I saw himself and then when you think you know that empty your cup and go deeper go deeper and deeper and deeper and come into that place where you your truth is your truth it’s not based on what someone else has taught us even though there’s some good great teachers out there it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s so connected to life and to the source and we can’t get there was so busy and we’re looking for outside no validation having our own plumbline and getting in a consistent discipline and I want to say disappointed cuz the laws of some discipline laws a lot of freedom practice that’s one thing and then when was feeling out of sorts when we feeling out of source is actually a great indication that when not in alignment with scares me with sourcing with the Divine I am and that whatever that is that is causing us to be out of alignment because of all Humanity what is queef what’s wrong, or who knows how to Bad Day that part can put when we recognize that we’re out of alignment we can come back to our practice we can use the tools and so many different tools we can use to clear we can pick up the phone and call and say hey I’m having a bad day we can take off the masks and say hey this is who I am this is the real me I need help I need help to get back to my Divinity I need help to get back to my innocence I need help to get back to who I really am. That’s that’s what I am in encouraging and if someone is quote-unquote suicidal of course reach out not only to your friend but you know hotline. and it’s like we need to just reach out and the community to embrace there are Traditions their cultures that actually do not see mental health and mental illness the way we do in the Western World they actually see it as they’re not in their right self they’re not they’re not in there to sell the true nature the true God so that’s the way they said they don’t see it as mental illness that has been diagnosed and all the suicide and what they do is no need a shaman in the medicine man in the prominent member who they are that’s the I feel there’s this false Independence that needs to be replaced with a more ancient true interdependence where your import to your garden plants to you’re not just your pets but that helps with animals and plants and the spirits of the land of water the ancestors everybody is on your team and your nurturing life and you’re being nurtured by a web of Wildlife and we’re very far from that in a lot of our modern context in I’m more shocked that more people I mean I I feel every birthday to me when I really feel about it is a I can’t believe we all didn’t kill ourselves anniversary you know that’s how dire to me I would like caged animals in a zoo and you can just see the suffering and we’re we have all kinds of stories and games that we play in our Advanced neocortex about how we’re not caged zoo animals being poisoned to death with every influence mentally physically spiritually dietary and otherwise and to hold on as long as we do I think it’s miraculous that we get as far as we do in it and let you know as I’m screwing up this conversation and I really appreciate everything you said and that is one of the words that came out of my mouth when I was telling one of my friends always happening and said you know to Tantra is the pr the public relations disaster that that is to be presumed after a situation like this for the Tantra industry which it has become just like when someone dies in ayahuasca ceremony because somebody did something wrong or because the you know the so-called Shaman put in some other psychedelic that was going to give you more firework displays and that was actually poisonous unless two agree far beyond the potential of the natural ancient prepared substance and M concoction and so whenever New Age misadventure results in death it’s a backlash and it’s a public relations disaster at 1 to one degree or another it doesn’t seem like this incident so far has been tabloid eyes yet and I really pray that it doesn’t it’s it’s I would like it to be well-managed them but not swept under the rug you know by people like us having this conversation but you know one of the things that I said to kind of resonate with what you were saying about the internal work in the practice of being connected to your Divinity is a as the most authentic asparagus before you eat your ice cream in that is the self-loving township practices that are in all right hand path white Tantra with whatever you want to call it but that self-cultivation is what’s going to keep you more protected from other people’s drama and other people’s contagious spiritual entities and whatever else and projection specially if your rising up and people are hating on you and they’re masturbating to you and fantasize I mean there’s all kinds of soul ties being shot out into celebrities and Honest Company scale so again I resonate with the urging of people to be certain that they have a solid in practice and that’s maybe the biggest ? under the earthquake people go to in may want to buy supplies you know but they hadn’t thought about it the day before but if there’s one thing to do you know check what you’re saying check your internal practice because you don’t know what could push you push your buttons tomorrow you have you know what do what do any of us do I have what it takes and I don’t know I don’t know if we can all make it through every circumstance so there’s certainly everybody’s different but I’m in the goal either the hope would be that are Continuum of group supportive mechanisms for for healing and for intervention but also this more important internal killer maybe people can’t drop everything and really give you what you need so then what had you built that core before X got them before the Dark Night of the soul and end that is a problem I don’t believe that I’m not going to say that she is I’m not going to implicate her in this phenomenon but I will say that yet when people jump into the tantric sex experience without really doing more work to do what you’re talking about building an internet connection to your Divinity and Kenna purify your chakras using practices mantras and yantras and dance and movement in developing a relationship for sure and also doing the sexual rituals was held usually in a more facilitated container more like a ceremony a guided shamanic sword ceremony and not something to do on Tantra night with your boyfriend or something so much it’s great that it’s becoming somewhat understood or re accessed through the second chakra of the West would say but there’s a lot of missing and it is that yeah but I did the word that came to me and said you know this is people or Tantra is supposed to be the technology par exsalonce for controlling your own mind having your own ability to control your mind space and it’s because we they knew they were all scriptures about it they knew that we were going to be in the worst of darkest of dark times when we would be inundated with the darkest of dark his demons from drought the Galaxy and Beyond and the time trees were written as a tactical prescription for hell on Earth to survive it and to have the tools to survive it which I should add we re the tantric toolkit of the sounds great Indian scriptures that were written in these are so much more than we just descriptions but if we just look at some of the scriptures and what they were pointing to it’s kind of a narrative like hello earthlings the goddess and the Divine beings are sort of a little bit out of touch Out Of Reach for this cycle of the cosmic season so you’re going to be on your own for a while here for the bare minimum tools are going to need to stay sane and survive the Locust storm if infesting creatures that are going to tear you apart until we get back hopefully you make it good luck and that’s Ma you got to climb the ladder internally to get in direct communication with some of those beings that are no longer as easily available and sort of making it had a good analogy from a friend who said that you know the as the device the divine feminine returns to the Earth and returns to care for her children as humans versus real humans who are just trying to figure it out one lifetime in one lifetime at a time at this point usually in fragmented from our Traditions you know her point was that we a lot of people to come in this world with very hacked and and freed sort of DNA and we’re kind of from a lot of us are more susceptible to attack because of the this just degenerative curses coming down cascading from Bloodlines of 5,000 years of patriarchy and chorus ethnic intergenerational trauma we’re coming out of the womb now it just even more at at risk of attack and so the good news is if we’re paying attention and we’re connecting then we’re going to sense that that rescue team of the Divine forces coming back the divine feminine returning finding new vessels in people opening up new cultural spaces for this protective energy to come in we’re actually patching those cracks were patching those holes in the script of the human DNA and people are coming out into the world now beautifully resilient and more buffered and more capable and able to unite ice that’s the hopeful message for me is that some of us from this last few Generations you know that I’m I’m near Sam’s age and I was again I was a Survivor I came born into a world where I was victimized as a child so you know I would love to see people from going back to this specific event understand that no some of us were like the ones who stormed the beach at Normandy I mean some of us have been kind of puts you crucibles and in some weave had to struggle really hard to make it one day at a time and I just don’t I really feel like the the there’s nothing to be cynical about here this is a time to look Beyond and see look into the future and see the beauty that the symbols the signs the the indicators of a more like coming in more Darkness being dissolved by more beautiful design light and that’s a current that can be tapped into more easily now I believe then I don’t know if you know what to compare to certainly the Dark Ages certainly the the Nazi era mean there is knowledge is information we have this Global interconnected information feminine way of accessing information and all of the limitations of patriarchal Dominator culture are starting to be dissolves and yeah I just I just feel the Beauty and the grace of the future and opportunity that this is to really connect and so I mean when you when you were saying that it sounded hard to me and maybe those people were going to hear that oh you got to connect yourself to people that feel there’s nothing in there it’s just the voices that tell me to harm myself and others there’s nothing else in there what so maybe the next question is practic the Practical aspect some of the tool kits that you have some of the time trick teachings that you have that are the first aid kit if you will have time to practice is for emergency psychological you know situations where okay I mean Nam myoho renge killed you could say that’s influenced certainly by various strands of Tantra and I know people who bet is they’re saving grace in traffic in grief and breakups in Job Lots getting 5 and whatever and so that’s one example so what would be some some helpful stuff that you would recommend as far as well what about the person who you know I’m saying or going thin connect with that Source but would have been in there in that space is voices telling you to kill yourself that’s a good question and that’s where that’s the time to reach out that’s that’s not the time to try to do a contract specially if they don’t know what time practice that’s the time to reach out that’s the time to reach out for the medicine man The Medicine Woman there that the the Heat or the therapist or a psychiatrist that’s the time to 2 to really reach out and get help right as I know of a master incredilag I will ask to have to call my grand master teacher in the area spirituality who is master quite a few areas including the mental Mastery the cuz I believe that’s the three areas of Mastery is the mental Mastery money Mastery in the section psychosexual messed it all just being able to take him to Reliance son just really and I’m not going to say his name right now but he is here on planet Earth and he is here and before he shifted into doing predominately spiritual helping people to evolve spiritually he was a well-known iatrist and now they’re well-known psychiatrist but a very successful in a steam psychiatrist and he said when he when people walk into the door and sometimes it’s office and especially the children bring their children doing horrific things are experiencing horrific terrorist we could see he could see the spiritual negative entities that were affecting them whether they were children or teens by teens and adults but most of the people most of the adults most of the parents prefer to Medicaid the child or the team or take the medication rather than to deal with what was going on spiritually and so the spirits said to him with you you know him is his guys if you can do this the easy way or the hard way which you rather help people you know the easy way or the hard way so you said what is he when he said where the hard way will be during Cycle Therapy not took me a psychiatrist easy way would be helping their souls to evolve and creating tools that will help them and and showing them their Divinity and helping them to get there so he’s been pretty successful at that never did start with Tantra is Tantra I mean when we talkin about * 4 that’s 3 secret one in here in the west most people don’t understand it’s a place to start because that energy for Life Force energy if it’s if it’s if it’s not monitored and diet it or Master correctly it actually can negatively affect someone so someone’s having in our society we call a mental illness or challenges with suicidal ideation I would never give them a tantra practice I just wouldn’t stop there I wouldn’t if I like when I have clients and those on mentoring actually do a diet whole diagnostic where are you know what I want to know how they’re doing in their mental medication are they seeing the therapist and the energy coming through the life force energy does coming through with these practices that is responsible for insulin over to the other end of the side to create something negative I want to be able to bring them into a balanced force falls under a psychiatrist out of my sphere of influence how do I say in stool when I come about 2 or so a person who there’s a meditation that I highly recommend or those two want to real does all the energy on the truck, cuz we have a lots of them that we’ve experienced in a lifetime whether we were sexually abusing that we’ve experienced a lot of trauma just like living on planet Earth, this person actually the psychiatrist actually created a meditation calm and it is a very powerful tool that I have used to get through that suicidal grief and and to clear layers and layers and layers, layers and layers last trauma to come out to the place where oh my gosh it doesn’t affect me anymore I’m not triggered by it I can go on I don’t need to tell us that story and it works on the the the level of a mental emotional physical energy so the energetic the Mets won the most wanted physical energetics subconscious energetic State and and it guides you through for about an hour and I’m just so impressed with it that I I actually recommend it to those are working with and so is it so if Brooks on different levels because the energy of trauma we know is epigenetic it comes through the genes you alluded to that earlier it’s genetics just like physical has brown eyes and brown and and it comes through and through genetics, the energy of the programming of it in our DNA and then we have the programming that we receive in a lifetime early on from anything that may have, ties this is how we have all these layers that need to be cleared and we’re not aware that that is what’s affecting us in this lifetime and guiding us the release meditation is Sakura and so that’s where I start people because I also have a gift on on a type of gift to go in holographically and clear the energy of the Hologram of trauma and summer package I help people. We’re so those are some tools that I use and then if a person is balanced so maybe not found was full of say a person is at that place where okay I’m I need a little extra help no I’m not suicidal and yet something’s not working maybe I still have an addiction like a porn addiction or ill this pattern to Howard relationships this way of thinking that so then I give them if they’re ready for us I give them a practice that actually activate for the women the clitoris the energy in the clitoris and it and it actually connects to Pine meal plans and there’s this powerful practice of where the energy goes up the spine to the pineal gland and it actually is acting in her and Rita we know about the Emory to that shoots out but there’s actually an inner Amrita that actually begins to clear and dissolve the patterns of limitations list Fox and rabbit step that practice is very very very effective but actually cleared me from horn the picture I had a phone addiction of trial and and it wasn’t like flaring all the time it’s just that it was there I am I going to do what is this and when I Mary Magdalene gave me this practice is gone I mean literally gone because my own internet in a sacred sexual alchemy that I that I have engaged and that I practice and I noticed that as I was doing that I no longer felixson I no longer have the thoughts in the imagination that is very effective is gone so there’s a Alchemy and four men or women is from the clitoris connecting for the Clippers to Pioneer for the men of course is connecting to the energy at the base of the and connecting that energy to the Pioneer is a whole practice that goes with it I’m talking a lot here riveted cell crisis well that’s got me going back to the very beginning of is an orgasmic lifestyle going to make me commit suicide yeah it I mean to I just say a few things that I suppose then this it’s all of our birth rights to explore our private personal sexuality and to find age-appropriate consenting sane human beings to explore and share the energy with and if it wasn’t demonized by established religions and Cults really there would be no hindrance to it and it would be just a an Ambiance of orgasmia. And that’s something I like one of my attacks treatment towards said basically there’s if you look at it sort of like archaeology and anthropology and eras you could say that before the for patriarchal civilization emerged around 5,000 years ago every culture was tantric in the sense that if you look at it is living in celebration of the gifts of the body and experiencing pleasure to the body without repression or or denial is that gift then every culture was by that definition tantric and only a few anti pleasure cultures have developed an enveloped all of the naturally country coaches that were living orgasm so the The Narrative around does this mean that Tantra doesn’t work or because you know it’s it’s a I would say country got her this far and that is a lot farther than most people with that level of trauma make it and we need to applaud her and take care of her daughter and I believe her son and be there for her close friends and family and where is her father is he alive I don’t know anything about that another so everybody wears her father where is the accountability and the Tribunal for perpetrators and predators around the world you know for me this is fuel to the fire because I want to see the people who believe in Tantra as a practice in a past 2 to cure pedophilia 2D possess human sexual predators of entities that have come to Earth to harm children because their mothers are at work forced to not breastfeed for up to five years on demand forced to turn their back on their children in a time where that is not a wise decision for a mother to make and I can tell you all about it I mean some before I get back on a soapbox to call to action for me at this point you know to wrap up my thoughts for this for this discussion of talking is really that to you know she’s she’s a hero she still a hero what can we do to mitigate the pain and suffering of her immediate family what can we do to the you know it’s it’s a what is the word it’s a it’s murder I believe she was murdered by her father let’s put it that way can we just say it like that I mean I’m going to say it like that it was a curse a long-term slow-acting murder curse that he was not even really truly consciously aware of there are men on this planet who are conducting black tantric ritual sexual abuse ceremonies that really intentionally know what they’re doing psychologically and they have that mental insight and there are people who are just totally possessed and have no clue and I don’t know where her father wasn’t at Spectrum but it’s a slippery slope when you give the male EGO power and authority to make rules about sex it’s just a bad idea and cultures who knew that and figured that out made people called priestesses kind of Elder council’s of women be the adjudicators in the designers of human sexual energy flow it’s not a big mystery so I’m going to and weather in a wrap of my thoughts on this is you know what I think about Entre into to the person who is wondering if their orgasm is going to lead to suicide Chris Paul most likely not however there’s a lot of where’s your mental state know it’s going to lead you to that place so great Bliss connecting you deeper to the divine in my experience Heavens open and Angels come we get to dissolve the masks that were wearing and see god and goddess within one another we have greater Financial abundance moral alignment greater alignment to the universal laws which are beautiful and Powerful and we can say that the the gardens become Greener and the land is happier families become one Harmony there’s an end the healing that is actually happens to the person within her own body that the beautiful healing that happens in a person’s body a woman’s body a man’s body energy flow that happens between a better-informed trick Union and able to move this beautiful life force energy back so far from heart to genitals from genitals to heart and all the flow of energy does sweeping up to the Piney land and activating all the spells in the DNA antibody and how dare we cut that off and suppress it and and because the society we have we have done that too many degrees and still no most likely you have an orgasmic experience and greater orgasms is not clinic cause you to commit suicide explain to amplify your life and looks great oh my gosh. I know that I like to just share that if anyone doesn’t want to reach out to me you know I have a website is www.mohela.com that’s a y a n n a m o j i see, I’m also very active on Facebook and so I have a personal page of a fan page and I have a group called Priestess of power and wealth so you can invite her to join us for the women and I do honor and love and respect and deeply loved my brothers and salute them and celebrate them thank you so much I really appreciate everything that you said and again holding space for some I feel like I was able to refine and and and do a better a better job of making some of my more extreme feelings more accessible and in in a better language way so your instinct to give it a second time by second chance if it was a good call and I feel very very blessed and in this moment and I think we will save lives and more safe and see if more and more lives discussion and always honoring in in in cherishing the heroism Psalm Isadora yeah song I wasn’t Dora and you know she’s a seed that fell to the ground and that seed fell on good soil and is now taking route is germinating and there are many many others who will come after her and and people are awake even more awake because of it even though there’s a shock there more awake and then wondering about what this is all about and even today I was like saying to Psalm Isadora I did it all cuz I communicate with the other side all the time 2000 schedule an appointment and in that moment I said Thank you so miss adoro thank you for the work that you have done thank you for being a Pioneer thank you for sure as far as you could heal thank you for taking this to the next level thank you for the many many lives that you have touched and will continue to touch and I want to say to you thank you been cuz I don’t know much about you but just a little bit that you’re sharing I am absolutely sure that you hold a safe container for people to heal and I do the same thing and so here we are you know having gone through what we’ve gone through and we’re in this position now humbly in the humble cuz I gave it humbles like humbly holding a space for men and women to heal and to grow it’s not just to heal is not just the surviving and healing it’s like thriving and creating this most magnificent expression of the Design Memphis that lies that we can create your own planet Earth because you been because you cuz you’re taking y’all in that container in your taking them through and now they get to to Blossom and now they get to purposely create what they’re called to do and this what I do beautiful but thank you for that acknowledgement is totally mutual and I just see I want to say have a great day and we will be in touch. 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