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Healing the Shadow of Sisterhood with Grace Diaz TPP148


In this episode I’m joined again by Grace Diaz for a conversation about healing the shadow of sisterhood. I noticed a heart breaking social media post where she disclosed a recent story of betrayal within her inner circle of trusted women and since I’ve been caught in the crossfire of so many catastrophic falling outs among spiritually empowered women I felt the need to reach out and invite her to discuss these issues at length. I hope our efforts to raise awareness and provide idealistic solutions are of service to the greater good.

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About Grace:

My passion of healing began at the age of ten, when my father, a Reiki Master of 20 years initiated me as a Reiki Master in Medellin, Colombia. For years after arriving back to the United States, I began teaching Usui Reiki all over the east coast.

Reiki lead me to Tantra. I was introduced to Shakti-Pakti-Tantric-Yoga by my Guru Tafari Sudra, in 2011, and it allowed me to heal my 10-year eating disorder. Our organization, YONI GRACE, LLC was birthed in 2012 when I felt the burning need to share the wisdom I was experiencing through Yoni Breathing.

In 2012 Grace began distributing Yoni Eggs wholesale worldwide and teaching thousands of women how to run a Yoni Egg business from home!

Grace hosts Yoni events in the Las Vegas area and internationally. In 2016, she was privileged to be hosted in Istanbul, Turkey. There, Grace and 35 Muslim women participated in a weekend workshop of the Yoni Egg practice with Yoni Yoga. Her classes are one of a kind and focus on helping women embrace their innate sensual wisdom for spiritual and physical wellness.

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Com and our journey together will begin hello Jay beloved’s welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 148 I’m being joined Again by Grace Diaz for it what I would consider to be a sort of emergency follow up Podcast of she was just on the show very recently and I happened to notice an Instagram post where she was calling out for support and an understanding and compassion dealing with the situation that I will I will leave relatively vague but I’d just say that a pattern that is emerging as pretty Insidious and I’ve noticed it more and more recently and so I felt like I wanted to address this but basically we get into it a whole discussion about just the shadow of Sisterhood and how there’s a real fault lines in in a lot of different Dynamics between women in the patriarchy this is just such a recurring issue and I feel like a lot of I guess just speaking from a male’s perspective a lot of men would just dismiss the so-called cattiness or cat fighting of women and just attributed to menstruation or whatever you know whatever means of just not taking it seriously and it’s a lot of people just end up in the warring factions and + communities and there’s not a lot of real people not really having each other’s backs and having a lot of empathy and so just people get in the game camp and schisms and happens and you know politics and and you know Ford offices in a non-profit organizations whatever it’s it’s all across the board and I feel like I’ve gotten to Tantra because I believe it I can harmonize people in and just said that you go and get people really working in Harmony and creating beautiful Mondelez is Corporation and I have discovered that it can also be a breeding ground for a lot of Shadow behavior and certainly some some people would say that men are the the Lesser species and in the sense of the amount of the amount of really meticulous meanest and conniving and cunning around just controlling and manipulating social dynamics and really they’re kind of big just want to figure out who the alpha is and then follow orders and instead get shit time and that’s that makes it a lot simpler so you know that’s kind of the kind of funny that way but more and more I have just covered these incidences where women who are arising in two forms of benevolent leadership and trying to get you know build brands or build movements or build organizations there is just as some this competition in the sort of you know prom queen pageant really vitriol that happens and I just feel like there’s a way for everybody to win and to rotate positions of being in the Limelight and that everyone can be brought up together and that the only true hierarchy that I believe in is like one of Merit and an elder ship and you should be able to salute your elders if they’ve gone further down a path in you and the people that want to just cheat and cut in line and take what they have an urn it’s it’s important to I don’t know how to reconfigure some of the stuff and then just bring it to the light and so you know when you see when you made that that post you know I wouldn’t I wouldn’t necessarily want to get too specific about places and things that you know are I really would would expose anybody’s weaknesses or or what not but it’s just a general Trends in and how we react to it and what the solution can be and just being aware of it because a lot of people I think just to see everything is isolated instances and made her take a side or they don’t but the patterns are the bigger patterns are really corrosive to the harmony that were really trying to create an end what you’re doing I believe is extremely important it’s so pivotal so the people that was specially the women who are doing Really Brave and paradigm-shifting in and really threatening to The Establishment in the status quo. The women are doing those kind of tasks and that kind of work I feel like deserve extra support and extra humility when people are working and in service to just really understand that you know hey if you were some how to say it like a Logging Company Executives and you know you were Shady poisoning rivers and stuff then by all means you should be you should be treated accordingly by disgruntled employees but you know if you’re trying to fight the good fight and do something good I would hope that people would have a different approach to knowing that that also goes for single mothers by sea men and relationships with single mothers and they just put themselves first and I just can’t I can’t believe stuff like that happening just absence of awareness at work how how difficult it is to be a woman in this patriarchy and entrepreneur or mother or mother an entrepreneur and it’s like where where are the Warriors going up to understand this disorder from the needs of stuff so that’s that’s my kind of long intro perspective on why I wanted to reach out again cuz we had just talked to him recently but I saw that and it was I was in a place where I had just been in in the depths of being aware of a of a a really corrosive kind of meltdown in a community and I seems like it happens every day so we just got to talk about it and get some awareness out and I’m very grateful for you even allowing me to have a platform to speak on this because I’ve been dealing it with it my whole life starting with my mother and it’s it’s it I think that’s actually the roots of women’s insecurities women do with the way that that I’ve seen the whole female and jealousy turning into trying to hurt this person who’s usually oblivious to it it’s you know it sounds from from the mall you know and like I talk about this openly with my eating disorder that that I’ve had actually I think you know in an interview and you know I just never felt good enough I just never felt like you know I was enough for her I always felt like you know she was just like Ultra perfectionist with me and I had to really like always try to be like as good as I can and it was never enough you know and like I just wasn’t a valued person because I didn’t you know clean the floor while or I didn’t you know it like 4 years old you know clean the bathroom while like literally any better and there is actually a lot of like good that came in it because I work really hard but at the same time like just that subconscious psychology you know like that’s their you know and that’s something that I’ve had to work with at least between me and me and not messing with my mom but just my own internal relationship that I have with women you know and that’s kind of where I believe this starts from and a lot of the women that I have been encounters with in regards to this have had similar stories and you know it’s really sad because what I see what happens is that there’s a lot of unconscious projecting of this unhealed wounds and it doesn’t have to just be with the mother it could if it may not be at all but that’s usually what I seen it could it could be you know another really deep seeded world if it could be you know sexual molestation you know we talked about that it could be it could be so many different range of things where the woman just didn’t feel adequate enough and now she feels like you know what she sees another woman striving it’s almost like it brings up that insecurity in her that she hasn’t resolved yet and she actually sees her as like a Target as like an enemy of someone who’s trying to put her down she is really really unconscious and the most fascinating part about this is that is usually happens between women who admire each other you know that’s usually how it starts and that’s something that I’ve seen in just like my own friendship so I just talked to my friends being like hey like this happen to me and showing while that happened to me too and it was usually with someone who admire them and then you know like things get really sensitive and you can feel it you know like as women like everything is so like detail and so specific to the body language and to the energy being projected and the smallest little thing a woman will pick up as as being you know and sometimes she’s not trying to hurt you but the woman who’s being is not necessarily trying to hurt her friend she’s for example maybe saying hey you know I think blah blah blah or not to give to any specific examples but you know it could be seen like her opinion of something very likely feel like when it has nothing to do with with the woman’s insecurities can actually threatened her you know can actually you know if she feels like you know hey I think I’m going to win this competition I think I’m going to do this I think I’m going to be able to write this book I think I’m going to be able to you don’t have this project I think I’m going to be able to something that’s just like it can trigger that insecurity that she hasn’t met yet and now she can become a Target unfortunately and it’s usually you know both of them are usually on especially the woman who is really just trying to do her thing you know and she thinks she has the support her friend and it’s just so sad you know one of the things I really wanted to emphasize when talking to you was my experience in turkey that I had with 30 women I was doing a Yoni egg Retreat it was one of the best experiences of my life and it was one of the best examples that I’ve seen of Sisterhood in my life it was in it was in the Middle East and it was a women who are Muslim and you know you would you would think that women who are sexually repressed it was it was so fascinating to me you know cuz this culture is is is genuinely sexually repressed you know women are sexy and you know even like female genital mutilation is like ramp it over there and you know there’s so many issues revolving not just sexual empowerment but just female empowerment. You know but what’s what was so fascinating was it was the first Workshop or an in this case it was a weekend you know Sacred Circle and it was the first time that they all wanted to put their Yoni eggs together you know holding hands being together 30 women I’ve never had that experience in my life every single time and just to give you know everybody I guess the history on what I do I’ve been obsessed with with Yoni egg you know wisdom and in the practice because of how is really need to bring healing into my life and going back to my eating disorder using Yoni breathing so that’s usually what I do you know I’m in my circles that I’ll post a Yoni breathing meditation a Yoni egg you know like educational you know you know few hours of it depending on how long the workshop is and then we’ll go into actually putting the egg in and doing yoga with it you know so I was going to do the same thing in the circle and everybody has their egg and I was like okay one of the time we’re going to go to the bathroom and they were like no no no that doesn’t feel right there were like we need to put this in together and you know there was probably like three or four women in the group who really were not comfortable with that and they all paid a lot of money like to be there I mean I flew out there you know so it was it was like women were really really serious about doing this they came forward pay for the weekend event and and now they’re sitting the circle and a few of them a handful or like I don’t really feel comfortable doing this all the women like literally like stood up like they sat down with them they looked at them in their faces how are you going to come here and and not take advantage of this opportunity to really confront your fear which is now being you know manifest after you not wanting to put in your a was like they were so direct and they were so like in their face but with so much love and I was like I wouldn’t even have done that I have I have not felt that level of Sisterhood in person at least it was just so profound I just felt so grateful to witness. And you know they peer pressure them in and they did it and they were they all at the end we’re happy that they did it together that brings tears to my eyes cuz I’m I’m watching the mental movie of this unites your speaking word by word and and that every every detail you just share. It just breaks off my heart because what I what I hear and feel and sense from that is that the confidence they had to confront that was the confidence you would have to remove a parasite from your flesh like as if it was part of you as if they were one being and they were identifying what was not working about their Collective unified sense of health and wellness and it’s just like you wouldn’t hesitate to intervene if something was out of whack with your personal body and and it’s a different it’s not like they were trying to get them get her to do drugs or to do something that would put her you know of that different kind of but this kind of peer pressure where it’s kind of like a symbiotic unified sense of Consciousness that’s another level so thank you for sharing I really and really hit me in the woman… Women that were opposed to it initially they mentioned being raped they mentioned having you know vaginal pain on a regular thing they’ve mentioned miscarriages they’ve mentioned on healthy you know Intimate Relationships I mean an end to have that bravery and love to sit down with their sister and almost almost kind of force them to do it you know there were like we’re doing this and you’re going to do it with us and we love you and it’s just going to happen and you’re going to have to step up and you know do it nnn because it just seems so culturally acceptable to to already have that stamps like that’s what I get this when I saw it was already like such a mugshot like matriarchal hype energy like already slick so present the women just yelled it and and they didn’t even really argue they didn’t even say well you’re not respect no it was like they didn’t even really say anything they just didn’t it you know and and at the end you know I was I was so perplexed by this at the end I obviously you know I was like hey how does everybody feel you know where where where is everybody right now you know we did have a prayer circle literally holding hands as we were putting the egg in believe it or not like this is the first time you know I was I was really able to take it to this level and it was transformational even for me you know as someone who’s been doing this at that time it was already like 6 years in volume 100. You know and it was it was it was profound I have never really experienced that end in I yearn for that other woman I actually urine for that level of Sisterhood as a woman who who believe that this is you know I think that’s some of the issues that that are coming up with this and I do think that this is more of like a contemporary like American thing cuz like I said the only time I’ve seen different was in the Middle East and even when I go back home to South America rice when I go back home to Columbia The Hit The Sisterhood there is very strong as well I’ve never actually let a Yoni egg Circle in Columbia cuz I’m usually there with my family and you know during Christmas and and I just haven’t had that opportunity yet but but I do think that this is more of like a present-day you know independent woman you know I want my own opinions on things which is which is totally valid and and and we’re fighting the good fight like you’d like you opened up you know saying you don’t like where and it’s unfortunate that we even see it as a fight but I think that that is part of the issue I think that you know we just feel so entitled to our own and we’re really forgetting that we need to munity and I was actually just listening this morning I was soaking in the tub and I was listening to dr. Northrup dr. Christiane Northrup audiobook she’s actually running the forward to the second edition of my book how to use the unit for central healing which I’m like super honors reservations thank you thank you so much she mentioned basically that’s what heals addiction is community you know like any any addiction she was mentioning countless examples of of different you know experiments and surveys and and their word is all leading to the same thing both experiments and in you know what people and even animals and how call basically like you can give heroin to like a rabbit and you know like the only thing that’s going to win it off of it is if they actually get touch and affection and that stimulation as opposed to just being stimulated you know and so I think it’s that is similar that’s similar to what you know what we’re talking about right now is that the wound that inspires female animosity and in jealousy and you know hopefully hopefully we won’t need to let you know hurting them but that it does happen a lot I really do think it’s it’s it is the community you know and the best example that I can give was the one that I had in Istanbul and you know really accepting women’s like really accepting your sisters were you know because at least for me that would Inspire that post that that inspired now this interview was that I actually was trying to hold one of my friends accountable for something in a similar fashion you know I was really just trying to say hey I love you but it has to be this way or no way you know like this is this is how I do things and I can’t change that and if you don’t want to do that that’s fine but I just can’t continue forward you know in this relationship and that transpired targeting I mean I don’t want to give examples but unfortunately I do think that that is necessary like it can get so you can you can you can try to like the woman in survival you know she’s really trying to protect this wound that hurts so much and it and I really do think that it’s worse than patriarchy is worse than than even male oppression you know even though I I I think that historically that women have these wounds because we have been oppressed in general in the power and I do that I do think it’s related but you know when when you don’t have anybody you know when you don’t even have it for example going back to patriarchy and and female animosity when you don’t have anybody you at least your sister you know and if you don’t even have that you know it’s it’s it’s it’s a really sad world and women really need each other like there’s no other way for women to actually get into Power you know even if it’s just self-empowerment it doesn’t have to be running the company could just having self-esteem you know self-esteem and having self-confidence you know you really do need the blessing of a woman even the even you know even if it’s just saying hey you know I see you you know something like that and you can still make your choices and Go in different ways but with respect and that’s something that that a lot of women that I have been talking to I talked to him I talked to a lot of women on a daily basis since many years ago I get calls daily at least sometimes up to 10:15 calls a day usually on average it’s like one or two you know maybe three and it’s usually around the Yoni egg that usually leads into a conversation about why she’s getting it that’ll lead into the top two reasons that I’ve heard why women get you any accidents to heal sexual trauma you know and usually women don’t have anyone to talk to about it with so this is this is going really deep and yeah I almost like I’m going to cry because it’s I hear your voice yeah please and take take a few breaths so I’ll chime in a bit and just kind of add what I can to this from my perspective for for a minute yeah it’s really demoralizing when people who you allow Into Your Inner Circle who are able to know so much about all your weaknesses and all of your vulnerabilities and your passwords and you are everything in a business it’s it’s the words it’s the worst case scenario one of the worst case scenario is to to extend trust and acceptance in and faith and take a risk and gamble with just integrating new people and trying to be open and receptive than and then not being able to always Comfort people at the level needed to keep them feeling very secure about their role in organization about their future about you know they’re there their they’re good standing and what not and I know it’s just a pattern inside of all of us the Wii Wii character caricature eyes them with the cartoon idea of demons but if you just want to think about fine negative thought-forms if I realize I feel like that it’s like a formula bit the the more time a person spends like you’re saying untouched or uncared-for in a communal kind of ceremonial affirming of all the relationships like refreshing and rebooting all of the Dynamics of relationships and some kind of beautiful ceremony that’s really bonding and unifying like every second from the end of one of those like in your Workshop or you could be a psychedelic ceremony or someone in ceremony as like as soon as walks away from that moment of unity immediately those mind we’d start to grow and those everybody is starting to be possessed and and and deceived by thoughts of their own betrayal or just to sort of General paranoia that comes from you know really like you said childhood being never being we never condition to receive an adequate amount of of affection in group sort of community ritualistic bonding initiations excetera excetera you can compare to other cultures but it’s it’s such a it is time to me I see the solution is being well if we’re so depleted and we’re so prone to become so shadowy when we don’t feel really connected with each other then we just have to accelerate the frequency of those bonding experiences to offset that that pattern and if so if you let people just sort of fade into their own mindscape they’re susceptible to attack and you don’t know who they are the next day they could have had a million thoughts of insecure and it just builds and builds a compounding interest and snowballs and then it blows up and if somebody is I mean I’ll say it in my case I experienced that I think we all experienced that sensitive like who who deserves to be the I mean I don’t want to be at the top of anything I don’t want to be the necessary the best anything I would just like to really be financially free and independent and just in my zone kind of like gardening and talking and hanging out with cool people that I enjoy but I don’t I’m not trying to be really to the alpha or the the King of the Hill or that you know whatever but but even just in the field and I see different you know you any Bits & bytes impossible to resist the urge to compare yourself to anyone else is trajectory and say you know whose work harder to earn this or that title or or not end up minutes normal but and I feel like it’s it’s I’m aware of that myself and there’s but there’s a difference between acting out those thoughts and feelings and then actually having a really self critical analysis for you’re like yeah this thing the stuff like I do not want this to to actually transmit through my mouth or through my words are on social media I don’t want to become a troll online I don’t want to poison the community I want to deal with this stuff you know in with with a real confidential counselor or you know I’m totally private or just between me and giving it up to the goddess and some sort of purging ceremony but know how fragile all of these Dynamics are and really trusting you know that we can all come up together so I don’t know if that any of that stuff you know resonates with you if you want to respond to any of those thoughts conversation is very delicate because to some extent both sides are valid you know they’re there are wounds that have not been healed or SEALS or even acknowledged but we have to be very aware as as we become more conscious about why we feel the way we feel and then why we may be projecting those feelings that way that we are and why we may be projecting them to certain people I think that that’s where the introspection comes in what one of the best ways to deal with these situations is really not to take it personally in to see that the woman has a bloom and for it to for you to have complete compassion for her I mean that’s been the only thing that’s ever really helps me you know even with the women that I felt that have betrayed me you know in the past close personal friends close personal girlfriend you know that I open up my heart my home 2 and the only thing that I can really tell women that has helped me is basically saying that hey this woman obviously has she don’t wanna wear how she’s projecting it and you know how he meant compassion for her because she really needs it that’s really the only thing that’s going to actually help both people you know one of the things that happened to me recently that I also talked about in social media that relates to this a lot that I think would be very helpful for women is I was actually out of I don’t I don’t know if you like Tony Robbins I I know he’s going through a lot of stuff right now with the song me too movement and everything yes I agree I agree I think he’s a wonderful person I think he has a lot to learn in that regard but I could do still think he’s a wonderful person and I do admire him so I found a couple months ago and I you know why I got like there was like sixteen sixteen thousand people there you know what I save money and everything I went and I saw him and I sat in the first row right so I fly out to like La I’m in Vegas lights go out from Vegas to LA and it was like the whole thing for me I went to lie by myself it was like like my own personal like like business vacation thing I was just so excited and you know I’m going there and I am in the first row he’s about to step out there all these leading up people you know for like two days leading up to Tony Robbins and you know so it’s it’s finally time that he comes out on stage and they have fire they have like all these things like in anticipation of her coming out so as as I’m sure you can imagine your people get out of their seats and it was almost like a concert like people like stand up against the stage you know and you know so I got up and I was and the woman next to me blonde woman probably middle-aged you’re so tall beautiful woman she says to me she said don’t stand so close to my husband so mind you this was extraordinary crowded I shouldn’t even notice that she was sick but but she or her husband were even right there you know I wasn’t interested in looking at her husband but you know again she was projecting her insecurity and fear that I was standing close proximity to him I’m totally oblivious to the whole thing I see instantly what’s going on because I was out because I was so oblivious and she was so passionate about it I was like well it’s obvious and I was so excited but I had really know like I almost Chuckles you know what I mean like I was I was kind of like like wow this is so silly you know so I just looked at her and I said I said listen you are so beautiful and you have nothing to worry about like it was something like I was just so like last two days ago about it you know and she literally like it was like she wasn’t expecting that at all I’m 29 she was she was middle-aged I understand like that and that’s that’s usually that’s the classic typical scenario you know when it comes to this female animosity thing you know and so really I what I what I said a woman is you have to really have that level of it just going right over you you know that was like you know it and I was so grateful that happened the way it did because it was such a great example now you know and I have to admit you know if I was in a sour mood or something I would have probably gotten said I would have you know it would have been different but because like I mean I invested so much to go to I was so excited to see him to see Tony Robbins it was like it was like I was just so grateful that I was able to actually like how that experience actually you know and she actually sat down like she actually ended up sitting down and she was totally you know it was diffused so yeah that’s a real example for women if it’s if you’re ever caught in a situation which like I said is very popular unfortunately maybe that’s something we can talk about as well I don’t know if this had you know that I’m sure you’ve experienced in various degrees I don’t know how recently necessarily but just in general it seems like I mean if you could if you could make a just off the top of your head up your head a sort of General list of most sort of thumb most damaging to least damaging like sort of a handful of the issues that come up and I’m just wondering like for me I would imagine I’m just Ramon experience tears I may have seen them I’ve seen the most literally psychotic behavior violent psychotic behavior they could get people in prison for felony assault and things like that is spitting me all the Jerry Springer stuff not to be crude about it but really it’s like the the fighting over the modern patriarchal construct of a man as the the only legally bound entity that is responsible after becoming a baby daddy to pay child support and whatnot so they’re fighting over the scarcity of the economic security of a having a man is seems to be a huge culprit and then runnin down the list in my mind is is just things like who is the most influential women amongst Tech circle of friends or within it some sort of organization and then you know how women are constantly comparing each other and throwing throwing each other under the bus routes of to whatever the beauty standards does your are and then I don’t know if so what would you say a man just to kind of for people to especially man who maybe aren’t clued into this and they just play whatever they’re doing they’re playing video games and not and not paying attention but how do we in my spiritual practice is that we are when we are at our best we are when we really like really deal with those ones that we can actually radiates we are like the beauty of who we are resources come come to us like almost almost you know without effort like we don’t we’re actually like pushing some away cuz it’s like okay there’s so much coming at you you know like when you’re really radiating it doesn’t matter how old you are it doesn’t matter your ethnicity or anything like that like when you are really vibrating a high-level you attract people to you you know you attract resources and those are resources you’re attracting friendships you’re attracting you know all of this energy to you and what’s interesting in the example that you were talking about like in peace Sharky and you know men wanting to take the lead and and all of that is that usually women are the proxy to a man’s power like where the symbol of a man’s power you know it is is that you should listen and that essence you know we’ve been really giving our power to manage by putting other women down through this female enema putting other women down through through these scenarios that we talked about we actually still are feeding the Beast you know like we’re actually you know Sisterhood is probably the best way of healing this whole female oppression you know like that that’s that’s been what I’ve seen that’s like an in and I’m I’m really kind of having like a piffany with all of these experiences that I’ve had with women in in this topic you know because like for example going back to the woman at the swing Robbins event you know without me really knowing she may not have that she you know she she may think twice again about you know what a woman stands close to her her husband trying to be like oh you know what you know I don’t have anything to lose I’m good you know your life forever and that’s how how Robbins ask of you to insert that neuro associative conditioning hack unplanned and I didn’t even like really know I didn’t even really think about it and then once I really thought about it I was like Wow and then I saw her when I see when I saw his text sit down I was like okay while like I think that this was a lot bigger than what I thought because it was almost like there was no no no defensiveness anymore it was completely I mean she got really close to me surrender I mean she actually stopped at that point you know probably was her insecurities the whole time is that she was out of her feminine you know and not knowing it you know like not really knowing that she was out of her feminine cuz she was in this defensive you know fight fight or flight mode and responsiveness and reaction in all of that so so yeah I mean women women really when you stepping into your family than you really know who you are and you can really be honest about your wounds and actually would like an open heart and have compassion for the people that have really betrayed you because it’s happened so many times and I can’t even even with you let you know this is happened I have a lot of women the reason why I was so inspired to talk about this is because I have so many women say to me and sometimes I don’t I’m not even talking about this mention that they just don’t trust women they don’t trust the intentions and they are scared of even having female friendships because of this pattern I mean it’s real it’s an all of us you know like if it’s one person it’s the tribe you know and it’s really a societal issue that I think needs more attention I think patriarchy is obviously a big thing but I actually don’t think that this gets talked about enough in regards to how this is actually causing some of the problem you know some of the problem with what we’re trying to really resolve which is you know women being finally in a place of respect . You know and so yeah like like this this conversation right here is for us for women who really have put up that front you know they want Sisterhood they want they want connection they want to feel safe they want to feel secure in a circle in a group and they’re having problems with it because it says this has happened to them so many times and it’s almost like a trauma will you say another effectors is it a when would say I love you talking about the radiance because it’s it’s really not you can’t really fake that you know me it’s pretty it’s pretty transparent when you try to fake it but when when you’re in the zone and you are radiating and you have spiritual practices and sexual cultivation practices then then you’re absolutely right here at your high vibrating bright magnet for all things sometimes. Sometimes you can bad things in people’s people who were wanting to Nestle up today energy who haven’t kick-started it in themselves or boots to have to hit rather but I feel like something maybe a pattern is also that when people who have been in that survival mode and that defensive mode their whole Lives who won to be empowered in community and Sisterhood or Brotherhood when they have access to the authentic energy the first time they met know there’s voices inside I’m going to last the bubbles going to burst this isn’t real I can’t trust this this is a scam I’m being manipulated and then those voices take over and say you just you just sabotage the golden opportunity and if you would have just done some of the maybe the practices you know the grounding practices and the are so many ways that we can set that is precisely what starts female animosity is actually getting that opportunity believe it or not actually getting that opportunity and and it actually measuring up and it actually being authentic the more authentic it is the more painful it is it’s it’s it’s so complex wow it’s so complex and if so in what did Jesus say he said by the end of the night one of you is going to betray me and he I mean you have to have that level of I mean it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s really that historical I mean it really really is I mean even Jesus like I said if Jesus crucified by one of his beloved mean it’s it’s really up for it I mean anybody can go through this do you know speaking about yeah in the in Mary magdalene’s gospels are there per se at one of the one of the Dead Sea Scrolls that revealed evidence in multiple fragments but evidence that that they were lovers the Jesus and Mary were lovers and that she was not a prostitute though I don’t have any problem with that myself but I know there was this bitter and broiled bitterness amongst the mail disciples who that they were lamenting that they would Jesus preferred her and he loves to kiss her on the and then they blank that out but we have to assume it wasn’t the hand John Lennon sing and her for the Beatles breaking up you know she was totally responsible which gives her a lot of power you know nnn in many people’s eyes she is responsible and that is again that’s like that negative like you’re giving her you’re giving her that power that you know she really liked even if she was the reason you know that is that is that so much power you know right there and you’re actually not looking at the man and saying you know you had any power at all I mean you’re actually disempowering him completely and giving her all the power and you don’t even know you’re doing that you know by like blaming her and like you know you know Jesus leaving or whatever that the story was you know so it was like like we have to heal our wounds or else we’re actually really going to be first really pushing away we really what we really want which is Union you want connection I mean that’s how are telomeres Grohl I can epigenetics like it’s even study that you have longer life span based on the length of the telomeres which are at the end of your chromosomes and you know it’s it’s through really feeling this like full expression of who you are you know in connection to basically your environment you know and so that’s like that’s that’s what this is about and by pushing it away we’re actually again we’re feeding that that that monster that is actually creating the illusion just Connection in the first place you know we’re actually getting into that without install unconscious and it’s so like I really don’t think it’s talked about enough so you know and at least for me like where I see the most is that we could be because I’m a woman but it’s in my email relationships you know that’s where I’ve seen it the most played and it happens really fast and see it happened really quickly you know a woman gets The Other Woman sees her a friend a close friends another good thing in this whole really hit home for a lot of my Latino sisters or know anyone who admired Selena best friend and she was like her one of her she was she was a co-worker but she was like leaving like her fans like this fans Department you know for like years and years and years of Janet up literally because of jealousy chilling her you know and now has like a martyr you know so it’s like you can’t really kill the spirit of the person anyway like that at the end of the day you can’t the jealousy isn’t going to sabotage them it’s not going to I mean it may it may be painful for the for the person but it’s not you’re not actually doing anything with this you’re actually just again feeding its really self-sabotage are really hurting yourself cuz he’s in jail for life you know and she still holds true to her story that you know it was because Selena did blah blah blah you know so she’s still holding on to that that Peter patter you know what I mean it’s it’s it’s a root chakra a juvenile thing you know and hopefully with this conversation absolutely yeah you know something comes up as you’re saying that to for me is I’m really glad I was really powerfully imprinted by the movie La Bamba when I was really young kid and it puts into perspective that sibling rivalry over success and opportunity and and as I watch that movie again as I’ve grown and I see the threads about Shamanism and just the fracturing of culture through enslavement to the agricultural system and I know the Bob the brother becomes a biker drug dealer and and he wasn’t given as much attention by the father cuz he was a step sign and you see Richie being such a authentic pure-hearted loving soul gentleman and in the end he was rewarded karmically it seems by all of his virtue and all of his righteousness and nobody would just sink further and further into the Vicious Cycle of resentment and self-destruction inverse almost proportionally to the success of his brother and wow what a what a lot I can say. You know if anybody anybody is a male wants to watch that to get it a real good sense of the male side of this girl recommended and you know something else I’m thinking as you’re speaking is it if I had all the time in the world I wouldn’t hurt your everybody into you know just just tickle them with words and affection until there’s just nothing but absurd Bliss coming out of them and unfortunately the biggest problem is we have no time to pay attention to really drop in to address people so everybody expects that oh yeah we’re all supposed to get up by an alarm clock and rush to get ready to go and be somewhere at work or do whatever and it’s there’s not enough time for even almost not enough time for personal hygiene let alone hygienic romantic relationships let alone that multiple Dynamics amongst people who are all struggling a different stages of wealth in call Cyn Love & Eric’s it’s this is not have time so how do we create more time out of buffer that those the time scarcity you know working from home is a good way to start directions I mean that’s a whole nother conversation I feel like I have a lot to say that I could say about it but does topic it’s it’s really close and dear to my heart I’m hosting I will say this I am hosting a sister Circle in honor of Union in Sisterhood on the summer solstice of this year is going to be I’m actually hosting a retreat is going to be June 22nd through the 24th here in Las Vegas and you can get more information on my website Union but it’s going to be actually hell’s specifically on June 23rd which was or which is my grandmother’s birthday and she’s like the highest example that I’ve ever had in my life and female you know reads like Angelic like Grace you know like a woman like just always Serene in the midst of a storm like just complete like I mean I owe you know so I’m so grateful that I’m going to be able to actually commemorate her on this special day really like hosting a prayer circle during this retreat in Las Vegas again June 22nd to the 24th of this year 2018 so awesome awesome yeah if you and we got another few minutes to go and be great to just say some words of prayer as you know for all the men lie women who have wandered away from the campfire of Sisterhood and community and are just I mean once you kind of burn Bridges and then you’re left alone it can only get worse from there so I will just pray that reconciliation occurs really as fast as humanly possible and then don’t just you know tear up a whole community and then sneak off into a new location where your unknown and just repeat the patterns and really try to find the people who were who are willing to provide the empathy and compassion has to be my formative words you have any other everything just want to share advice and share for people on both sides you don’t people being victimized by a sort of saboteurs he’s unconscious territories and then the saboteurs themselves what do they do next after they burn Bridges what about the male role when it comes to female animosity like like men don’t usually pick up on those little things because it’s such a it can happen so fast women and I think really the best thing to do is always acknowledge both parties always what you said you know reconciliation compassion you’re really kind of being someone who can hold like a safe container as a neutral party but by both like acknowledging both and holding accountable both parties I think that that would be like if that’s if that’s if any man feels lead to actually do that between two women I mean you would really be doing a huge you know so I suppose I feel like maybe it dates me to say this but but back in my day everybody especially women kept a private Journal where they processed their emotions and then they would look back on stuff and they will be like oh my God I can’t believe I was thinking that I was so wrong it was only like a day later that the truth was actually revealed I’m so glad I didn’t flip out because I would have lost everything but now people spew their first reaction to things online which lasts forever and creates massive multi cascading black magic effects and then you can’t undo that damage you can’t say oops I was wrong I’m so sorry and because you have to defend yourself and you just constantly become more fortified and defensive about positions that you took when you could have just you know put it into your private journal and do the exercise of writing something out so you can make sense of it and connect the dots and go while I’m actually really a reading and pack I’m actually completely irrational about this and maybe I’ll just like ripped a page shot in Burnet or just I didn’t really well and so I don’t know I hope that that that can be a thing of great. oh yeah I’m so grateful then thank you for allowing me to come on and talk about this and hopefully you know you to continue to do what you’re doing a good way and shift the Paradigm and bring more more beautiful I think just you know postage posting pictures of what works and then letting that that vibration radiates through I’m really moved by that seeing a lot of his nude yoga action throughout the world and just seeing a bunch of women creating Mondelez together all smiling and laughing and you know honoring their teacher in really yeah I’m just the harmony is it possible in and I’ve seen you know through timeshare through yoga and sacred sexuality and you swim in circles and there’s a lot of it I am thrilled to be in this time I mean rock on thank you so much I was so awesome so you only any other places that people should go or just go there and get connected with everything craze it was recently recently I ain’t it was my name Grace Diaz but I actually just changed it to Yummy Grace so you can do a lot of the Yoni egg practices and you breathing practices so how to use the Yoni egg for Central healing everyone check it out and men are never going to go back this sets the standard this these practices so please you know don’t wait till about don’t wait till Valentine’s Day make everyday Valentine’s Day and get yourself on board with this definitely still talk to you soon you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Rancho Park. 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