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Crypto-Economic Solutions for the Sex Industry with Leah Callon-Butler TPP137

In this episode I’m joined by Leah Callon-Butler for a high level exploration of crypto-economic solutions for the sex industry. She shares her impressive professional background leading to her role in co-founding the intimate.io blockchain startup. We commiserate on the state of the sex industry world-wide and she provides powerful prophetic  insight into the positive and empowering transformation that’s on the horizon.

About Leah:

Leah is the Engagement Director for intimate, a cryptocurrency that is challenging institutional bias against the adult and sex tech industries. With over a decade’s experience spearheading the business development and growth strategies for a range of emerging tech startups, she devoted a large part of her MBA to the topic of social entrepreneurship. This lead her to work with the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), and actively participate in a range of gender equality movements, including a leadership development program for young women, and a global non-profit that empowers disadvantaged women to achieve economic independence.

Email: leah@intimate.io
Twitter / Telegram: @leah_cb
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leahcallonbutler/

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 137 I am so excited to share with you the work of intimate. IO I have Leah Calvin Butler who is the co-founder and engagement director at this blockchain startup based would you say it well it’s a global team right so we would you say your base mainly in the UK or in London LA and Sydney but we’ve got change distributed all over the world actually so a decentralized to centralized lifestyle right is what it is now so little bit of a backstory anybody who has been listening to the podcast for at least the last few months since I have become a devotee of the Legacy now of Satoshi Nakamoto in this cypherpunk crypto anarchists Evolution into now highly mainstream highly established uses for blockchain technology that the fundamental backbone of how cryptocurrencies work in Bitcoin was the 1st game in town with that and now we on the podcast I’ve been looking at the intersection of people involved in sex work in the adult entertainment industry and looking at the all of the different pain points that blockchain technology would be so perfect to solve and really kind of calling out and and praying to find people who are really capable with this technology to get in and and start helping to solve some problems and of course there’s plenty of riches to be had this is a very interesting time and if you listen to a few episodes back you’ll hear the the continuity here this is really I can’t I can’t say it enough going to answer to so many prayers to be having this conversation right now so with all that said Leah thank you for bearing with that long intro and please tell us all about your personal background and what led you what led to your interest in creating technological solutions for the adult industry so much for having me a real honor to be invited onto this show and have the opportunity to share a bit more about what we’re doing time is the blockchain space because I had a professional background working and renewable energy industry for many years and I actually left that industry in a bit of a house because I was quite tired of this conversation that we’re going on between people rather than kind of moving to a new paradigm around sustainability and and a renewable future I found that some people were still thinking so short him and with the energy Market itself I found that we could really make real progress there are those that wanted to install solar on a roof Houston selves because that’s a good when I was the best one all week yes thank you to a kind of plastics industry in a hospital I thought some you know they needs to be a big shift before we actually see anything changing I couldn’t see how that would happen as long as the palace that they were in control so it was about a year ago that I was sitting with a mentor of mine and I was having the same kind of ranch and when we actually going to see a renewable teach him and he said hey I’m going to send you a case study I want you to check it out and tell me what you think and he emailed me a reference to the Brooklyn microgrid not sure if you’ve heard about it but it was the first project with a proves that you could actually create a Pia to Pia energy trading Market on the blockchain it’s incredible incredible stuff at least one which was is in Brooklyn New York and on one side of the street they had houses that had legs like solar panels producing much more than all the residents on that side of the street could use and then on the other side of the street people didn’t have any solar panels and what they were doing is actually selling the excess solar energy solar she didn’t have a whole lot of options on what they’re going to do with it I think it’s still sell it at a discount right size but be making it a much higher profit than what they would usually do if they had to sell it back to the great I am very passionate about sustainability this really blew my mind and I could really mean and today I think anyone has any clue how this could potentially reimagine their entire world but I also thought that a lot of people would just applying change anything because you know technology right now actually benefit decentralization and some of the other benefits that come with synthetic wax you need such as being able to transact privately but also built on trust and reputation on top of that it was for the Australian digital currency Association in Australia and John just just basically networking with a lot of his face and he is the he’s my car founder as well with goat on street I found it when I was saying Ruben nice and smile and myself had this Visionary idea to create a blockchain Solutions Seattle industry and it’s a lot about it but when I started to learn about some of the problems that people were facing in a space to find another industry that would benefit most from this type of Technology because I am really passionate about social intelligence and social impact initiatives I hadn’t found anything with the technology had such such potential to actually make a real impact on people’s lives to empower and protect them and hopefully remove some of the stigma by as well and I have been very very keen to find others who have that background for a really deep into crypto and yeah this is this is really so exciting to me at 6 that’s a whole nother episode we can get into for sure and but it just really adds to the ecological thinking so I’m sure yeah well I’m sure we’ll get into that I’m going to reel it in before I get too excited about that aspect so you want to talk more about your your role at intimate day today what is it look like you are people in China how do I actually present to the world kind of conversations we want to be driving who are we inviting into a community and essentially what kind of impact we want that to have on the world so extremely passionate about driving a six positive conversation which is fully inclusive an authentic to the way that we do that too is I had a lot of people within a community that we often turn to that they will actually come out and tell their own personal stories and how they believe that this technology can help them so I meeting of people and identifying who can help us amplify a story for the also will thank you for doing a great work can you kind of share some of what are those those initial conversations are like when you were unwrapping folks to this technology and understand your pain point we actually did a Christmas party in London in partnership with pool reiman Publications which is the biggest adult content site to find out how much they know about cryptocurrencies performance and what’s a basic knowledge of how they go about that sir that was fascinating because I have to say I was completely blown away but everybody there knew all the benefits of the cryptocurrencies so especially being able to transact privately but that’s even more important was they were fully aware that opportunity to be able to build trust and reputation and that’s something that is incredibly important to people that physically where they doing real well physical interactions with a client at the moment is very poor ignore you trust mechanisms of this industry we were sticking with some escort she said that they’d best mechanism for trust is to speak to someone on the phone and I know exactly who knows every talking about well I’m through so just to have an incentive mechanism in this be able to encourage people to be good actors on the network and excellent feedback people with very much I’ve been to using and accepting cryptocurrency volatility accessibility to the market and essentially just the complexity of the spice anise technology is relatively example Bitcoin is my man has such scalability issues because they want all the benefits without having to manage any of that complexity will have to worry about faces going out and action figures I mean scalability issues or even things like hard. I just don’t want to know about that so that’s something that we spend a lot of time at intimate doing we realize that this cryptocurrency has to be completely simple the people you said I can actually incorporate it into their daily lives of ways we do that did you want me to go over there now a good sense of your roll there and in some of the perfect kind of foreshadowing to now how does that was get in under the hood and and talk a bit about how all this works and and maybe first just for those who understand the sort of the concept of an elevator pitch you know the sort of one one several sentence to a few short paragraphs of what the problem statement is and then we’ll really get into the under the hood stuff I’m really excited for that has been designed by and for the adult industry and what is the time to do is to facilitate payments and reputation within the industry the trust reputation pace is really exciting as we believe that this is the future and we actually think she that industry is the perfect place to test this proof-of-concept because this new industries that have craving Safety and Security of the benefit of an adult said that there’s going to be a few Industries don’t want that what that access to voluntary disclosure of their on jatta and complete privacy so well yeah there’s so many dimensions it just it’ll make your head spin if you I mean yeah I just literally so many and then but just smart contracts would she not sure what we’ll get into as well it’s it’s a it goes into as many levels of complexity as you can imagine and Beyond so well the low-hanging fruit trust is essentially fixing payments in this industry and which talking to people around the fear of volatility but even try that it’s just kind of getting out of some of the barriers that institutional bias have imposed on this is industry essentially going back to step one given that this industry is so stigmatized we took my clients every day and he how frustrated that they they are a bank account with a mainstream financial institution they get charged exorbitant credit card processing fees if I want to get a working capital loan I Get Ridiculous interest payment gateways refusing to deal with people I mean this problem is so old is incredibly broad we with everything from an online on demand platform for hiring an escort right through to Commerce platforms that sell sex toys and novelties through to a Japanese love Hotel Group. To provide a Intimate Apparel and also things like dating services as well so we we really in compass a lot in that space of adult that was amazing is that every single person in his face is experiencing the same problems so I could give you some examples of one of my partners is a brand called them and they make Emoji things you can get the original eggplant and I’ve recently played as well I think I really fell in love with him when I first met Chris Pratt’s female car found she came up with the idea to start because she thought there was a real issue with some of her female pee is only thing I want to discuss their and sexual identity and she thought will he practically for a lot of them it’s quite an awkward conversation to be having so she wanted to give lightheartedness and humid to the topic that it High play that could open up discussion for a lot of people and have some pretty incredible benefits for their lives and their relationships so just to put a my Jeep Ida if you didn’t know it was a vibrator it would look like a plastic vegetable it is really really time on the on the spectrum of being explicit but this business that currently running most beautiful a personal bank accounts cuz they can’t get Event open an account for them PayPal won’t deal with them it had terrible issues trying to set up their online e-commerce platform with Shopify and strut their ads on Facebook and this all comes down to us and stigmatisation there in the sticks bucket nobody wants to deal with them and we just think that that’s completely wrong it’s extortion if it was any other industry people would be backing out to support people and filing class-action but because it’s Seattle industry we filled it some z’s entrepreneur is not getting the support they need another group that we were created is a group of Japanese love hotels they have terrible issues being able to Market their properties to a global audience because bookings.com and other aggregator website will not stay hotels because they love hotels if you don’t know what they are basically hotels where you can book in increments of say a half hour or an hour beautiful properties again you know if you’re going to list pictures of them on a website you wouldn’t be able to tell much difference between them in another hotel but because they’ve got a satellite blown them they have so many issues accessing the most basic services so what does industry mean crypto I’ve being essentially a currency that haven’t been issued by a central bank or government we can completely bypass all of those problems and actually stopped at Tri-C that has special attribute built just for this industry so that’s actually doing them and we think this is going to lead to some pretty amazing Innovation for example in this industry parents of broken completely broken and it’s a lot of potential Revenue to too late from this industry so I was just one exam so I would use the tube size and the pool in space I mean this free porn is prolific now and it’s every way I mean we’ve been speaking to the line especially its ux problem a lot of these spots on spit up to deliver a really easy seamless payment experience people that really want to be giving up then they credit card details to some coincide thing they worried about it or they don’t want to come up on credit card bill and someone to see what they’ve been buying so this is real kind of friction between people wanting to access particular products and services but not really having this Safety and Security and potential privacy that they they really did if you don’t mind can I can I see some right there I wanted to see if you were familiar with the sort of inspired it all by the the brave browser and the basic attention token kind of model as disintermedia Ting bad add experiences where you can actually use micropayments to opt out of ads and you can still support content and just just micropayments and tipping as being something that is is being perfected now so is that is that any thought also about cleaning up some of the porn user experience by using this kind of basic attention token kind of concept for being able to monetize and pay performers and producers and web hosts adequately people looking at different ways to be able to make this work I love seeing this so many different ideas in this space about how to monetize Industries like this through micropayments this is so many different option another thing in which is great shoe is if we can actually put some Majin back into the industry because we don’t have to essentially be relying on middleman to facilitate these types of transactions we think that’s actually going to bring a lot more quality back into the space as well in terms of payments we actually think that it wasn’t that long ago that people would say I’m not paying for music I can just download it for free but then I change came in and Revolution revolutionize the space to open off of single chickens at 99 Cents and then people had a lot more choice about how they would actually choose and purchase and consume their content in a rather than having to buy a whole album and now is that more and more companies of spending $12 a month of my subscription to Spotify because it’s a live is excellent content is completely tile it’s made with amazing III algorithms and it’s a great stuff we think that the animal industry is is relaxing that and a lot of it is because if you took away the label if I don’t I think that’s really smart entrepreneurs out there he would look at this industry and think wow to come in and do something great for the Spice which is clearly understood but as soon as you put the label on it many people want it all because they were rotational risk of what other people will think of some of the most basic problems examples setting out with payments that we can actually build something that’s going to be a lot more relevant to people and easier-to-use so essentially Spotify. Play Future there’s so many value-added opportunities in especially the poor in space and actually something that just dawned on me right now as you were speaking in kind of connecting his. Says I just realized you know the way I applied to actually even even sort of sexually spiritually intellectually emotionally developing a human being by feeding them appropriate adult content based on their age based on their preferences and actually not just sort of by contorting them to the lowest most of the lowest common denominator of extreme abusive I mean that’s the other shadow of it is at there’s a huge market place there’s a huge it’s not even a niche it’s like all of the people who are fundamentalist monotheistic Korn haters are jerking off to porn the most and in the most shame and secrecy about it because because there’s very few adult production houses that are serving at Marketplace as they should be you could really sell it you know you just touched on something that I am extremely passionate about at the moment I think because there is such high barriers-to-entry in this industry and it’s so difficult for entrepreneurs who have to come in and just access basic banking information services to have to set up a business experience because I really believe that this is stifling Innovation is it space and perhaps ironically the reason that would not say any diversity is because it’s this stigmatisation that is keeping people but if we can actually make the industry a lot more open and inclusive and bought some more people in I think we’re actually going to say in Thai a new market segments open up I think we’re going to stay completely need customer design is developed completely new products that people haven’t even dreamed about the full but the new services and I think that’s really exciting because if we can actually get to a place where we live in you have said yes to Justin tips about what it’s like to be adapting to this new thank you I mean you’re providing a platform for people to express themselves and you’re finding people like me who you know I’m nobody in this world and at the same time I very I feel like I’m a very important piece of the puzzle and I haven’t always felt that way my own self value wasn’t where it’s at and I you know I need the others and you need the others and so you already doing so much and I really appreciate you reaching out and wanting to give a voice to people like me who maybe you’re not on the you know I feel like I’m behind the scenes a lot and you can’t necessarily reach out to to you know I don’t know bigger a larger what it’s called platforms and say Authority terribly I need to speak on this or be on a panel specifically and yet at the same time so many opportunities like this have presented themselves to me like being on humans going are the libertarian Radio free talk live or or your show and so many others and so it’s it’s such a beautiful synchronous synchronicity how we all find each other and I’m being hard open to supporting each other and that’s what it’s all about so to me when people ask me what is a blockchain artist what makes you a crypto artist or what how can I get involved in this way if I don’t have any coding skills or if I don’t have any if I don’t feel like a nerd at hard or any or if I don’t have any connection the truth is that most of the people that are even curious about this movement or that believe in Freedom are already a part of this movement you know what I mean and it’s just lack of Education or lack of information and lack of system or container though it’s being created right now and so anything that you care about and if you respect freedom and the evolution of humankind through compassion and love that is blockchain with me and I know it sounds really extreme for some people but it’s really is I mean if your yoga teacher that you can download Ed secure whatever wallet of your choice I love Edge they you know they just upgraded to their shape-shifting converting application which they didn’t have before and I just downloaded it and it’s Sue me my favorite while it’s always recommend that you use in a hot while it on your phone you can just download something like that in 3 seconds and all of a sudden your yoga teacher who takes crypto you know what I mean it and it’s awesome in this is what I do at my my events like that we have the exist festival.com for South by Southwest and is not an official South by event is a disruptive one because you know I love songs by and I painted a giant mural for South by that’s going to be showing at the Expo Center for Austin Rodeo I love what they’re doing so many ways they’ve also turn down quite a few female speakers for the blockchain fan I don’t know enough about what they’re doing and I’m sure there’s reasons why everybody dusted the things I do but I think it’s important to set up other events are outside of the you know of the gates of South by in the rules and so on so that’s why we’re where we can bring in a bunch of artists who have never heard of a Cryptid before or we’re interested in it and teach him how to download wallet and then make their sales for there vending whatever they’re running t-shirts and arts and whatever in crypto and there you got like that’s all it takes so when I get on an Uber or Lyft or Rideshare I asked them if they take crypto and they look at me like I’m crazy and then I showed them how to download the wallet and then I took them in crypto and when I go to any any local shop or any restaurant I just automatically always ask do you take pepto and they just look at me confused and then they ask and then I tell them and so it’s just word of mouth and that’s it very small way in which and how we can educate each other just asked about it as if it’s part of your normal life because do you know and so the more people we have on the system to better that easier we’re all going to to evolve within this I don’t know if the answer is exactly the question that you are totally practical tips for people who want to just be ya be a part of the movement and and adapt and actually alter reality one day at a time just with whatever means you have you know yeah that’s exciting cuz you know I’ve had had a similar kind of a journey of just wanting to onboard friends and just get people excited about it and really the best way to do it is just to get them started with someone just downloaded wallet. I’m going to tip you or I’m going to split the mule and give you your you know percentage the Crypt or whatever and and that just gets that gets the party started anybody & M I C while you’re talking I was imagining they’re being a i y bet there’s got to be some art galleries in the world that just give what is QR codes on every piece so in case you don’t want to buy it you can just tip the artist while you’re there be a white of all the art that I’m so like thrilled to behold in my eyes when I go to an art gallery I would go in there with a budget to tip all the all the artist that I thought really blew my mind you know that’s a whole number and thank you for saying that because I seriously have been wanting to make a video on this for so long thank you for reminding me I want I want all the spray paint artist mural is due to get a QR code stencil and so many times that I’ve been moved by a mural and I yeah you can buy it and you can buy a piece by the artist I’m just freaking said man like $1 a hundred people $1 and then you go home and the artist girl out in the world like how insanely amazing about education if nobody told me that I could do better if I wasn’t a part of this movement I would not have either. So yes I think every Gallery should have a key or code next to their pieces for sure and hopefully work making it easier and easier to have these things be more accessible and just like you said you know split a meal and pay in in crypto just like you would do with venmo or PayPal is very easy and another thing that I think is important to mention is that at first when Bitcoin came out in the early adopters now that Bitcoin was more like a Welsh holding system and still now you know it’s people assume that that you have to have a lot of money to get into crypto but I love the people at and dash dash people talked about this a lot and then cash and Litecoin you don’t fast transaction this is a system that I believe in I’m so tired of using Banks and I’m so tired of using Fiat I don’t want it anymore so I don’t actually hold its on a crypto I’m not at a point where my Abundant Life reflects in my in my wallet but I do get to use crypto every day to do my everyday things and every time a little more and so even if you just want to download a wallet and put 10 bucks into either or 10 bucks into like going or Dash or whatever your favorite currency is just put it there and do nothing with it and check it again in a month and see what happens or just how about you don’t have something like $100 and whenever you go do something if they take crypto you can transfer that and just start really small it’s it’s such a mountain of information that I can be very overwhelming I sign up for a steaming a couple a couple weeks ago and I’ve heard about steemit for for those of you who don’t know it’s a platform like it has all these different channels you can blog writing you can put up videos it’s basically a decent realized turn off all the social media that we use today so right now if you comment on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram you don’t get paid for your value and reviewing people’s content but on steemit you basically get rewarded for being an active member of the community you get paid for voting for curating and you can receive a lot of steam power and crypto money basically for producing good content that is useful to people and it cannot be tamed innocence other than by the users and the population and so it’s a really amazing system in everyone’s use it for a long time but I was kind of intimidating by it finally I made an account into two and a half weeks to clear which is insane and and I’ve been getting super overwhelmed with learning how to use it and I just try to continue to watch one video day and do little things at a time and in no time I’ll be an expert you know that’s all it takes so just I hope that people don’t get over Round And if you’re curious just continue learning just a little bit at a time you don’t have to be an expert overnight exactly. I’m glad yes team is amazing and probably going to totally crush it on there just is it doing writing published his stuff it’s been specially in the crypto space is people that it’s amazing some of the mounts you can get off of that and it shows you how big data is really extracting so much value from users of platforms and it’s it’s it’s not going to be long before just because it’s free means that you just give them all your data and sign away the property rights and all that stuff is is going to be replaced by this micropayment ecosystems where people can support each other you know value in the content that they consume and and being really well well supported in and I think it’s going to do the asking to do a lot of amazing some of her friends yesterday we were talking about all them you know thousands of jobs disappearing as robots take over and Singularity and all the stuff and at some point in my life I was really concerned about this you know yet where are aliens off drivers truck drivers going to go when we have also if driving cars do you know all the stuff but the answer is blanching all these people will be doing things in blockchain I will be getting paid well for it and it’ll take less time and I mean from the Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Work Week on and everything. Having high developments off technology and be more efficient with our time does not mean that we is not does not need to be scary you know there’s a lot of stuff within fast Evolution that is that is concerning to me specially how fast were developing and growing and how our security initiatives are not all the party yet and I think we’re getting there so there’s a lot of concern of course but anyting however I don’t think that we all really grasp or we’re starting to now how how much we really don’t have to work 90 hours a week or whatever the ridiculous things we do you know that the whole point of this is that micro payments and micro contributions from everybody involved will react what time for us to to be humans to exist to just let me know this is such an interesting new development in the sort of f have that imprint of a techno dystopia since childhood from all the Sci-Fi and I watched it and then you know you imagine this world where humans are made up sleep by robotic technology and Ai and I’ve been pretty sure that those prospects especially now is drones of coming to the picture and now I really feel like it as of this moment this kind of is really the undeniable presence in the now of both of those dystopic seems coming coming nauseous to come to life but coming into existence but then as you’re saying which is actually so Redemptive for sheep the human soul is that like she was an example something might you might have some thoughts on as far as empowerment but it’s like the the sort of this myth of the scarcity of worthwhile productive labor that can be done with from picking up trash to planting trees to cleaning up toxic waste like through the blockchain micropayments and sort of micro temporary employment contracts that can really enfranchise all the homeless people to get a micro crypto payment without actually showing up and waiting in line to get in the welfare program or get into a you know some sort of job placement program you can just be like you know you show up on the there’s some spill like a whip there’s some kind of cleanup has to happen and people can just mop it and and have day labor crypto payments and there will really never be a gap between meaningful work and and fair pay and there’s plenty of wealth in the crypto world alone to finance stuff like that and even if you know whether it’s through a nonprofit system or through taxes done I mean I’m not going to endorse taxes in general but but you kind of know what I’m saying so how do you feel about that you feel like that’s the direction we’re going to go and there are so many projects that have mind-blowing for example the green miners are looking into mining basically with all green energy from turning trash into clean energy so that things like Bitcoin mining don’t have to take resources as we know them now and there are so many projects in the space for cleaning up the oceans and cleaning up the air and I’m bringing food to the right places and replanting trees and replenishing the soil I mean there if you think of any good initiatives going on in the world for every single one of them there is at least one crypto person who is trying to intercept and connect and there are some barriers you know like the the extreme hippies and I don’t mean that in any negative or positive connotation specifically just outside another word to use like the Crypt on earth and the cryptic Crypt of hippies and all these people like hippies like me back in the day when I when I was in Turkish hippie confused and all of this integrating technology and really scared of it I never imagined in my life that I would be here talking about technology I like but at the same time I see like you said you know how directly this has impacted my life I live a better life I can eat better food because I have my bills taken care of more often because I am connecting projects that feed my soul in that feed my pocket and and it’s just it’s just acknowledge he’s not going anywhere so yes hearing drones zooming around in the air concerns me especially there’s no privacy laws about this and I’m sure I am in plenty of videos just public random videos of people have of course all that is concerning to me but at the same time if I can get drones to massively plant trees and water them creating on cleaning water and stain of away and replenishing the Salt Lake of course I want that also so it’s a fine balance you knowing yeah there’s just there’s just so many opportunities and I’m a very hopeful first person you know and Technologies not going anywhere in the craziest disasters are going on in the world are very real and I’m very aware of my privilege and I’m honored for just being able to be a voice and a part of this movement in any way but if you are truly concerned if you’re a person sitting there and you are really really against technology my best advice to you is to get involved you know what I mean just get involved and make sure that our our moral compasses are still true and that our time is being used efficiently because while I think it’s piercing experiencing abundance is a really healing thing for our communities that happen monkey trained into scar City and fear so I think that having lavish parties in exotic places when they are led by the right Compass when we’re doing no trash Left Behind when we’re also feeding and in helping those communities those are beautiful experiences I think also it’s very easy to fall into the you know greedy egotistical side of things and so we can be people on the sidelines criticizing this movement or we can just Dive Dive Right In whichever way feels comfortable to you and try to help from within you know absolutely yeah amazing so do you want to take can you talk a bit about you know obviously not to be tokenizing but I was really thrilled to know that Amanda B Johnson is the spokes person for Dash and they have a sort of a in the dash consensus system they’re they’re holding their whole their whole technological platform on the basis of it there’s money allocated in there sitting there a crypto economic ecosystems to support people in in roles as delegates and Advocates and Educators and I’m I’m wondering if you have some thoughts on connecting with or have you connected with women in crypto and just having more solidarity and more initiatives that are women lead and women find it and having the the voice and the the wisdom of Sisterhood in the crypto space which is is seriously it’s I don’t know I wouldn’t say this that I understand to be hyper sexist or it’s just a typically gender imbalance in technology for various reasons of course and but this is one of the most inviting and open-minded for thinking space is so I’m just curious if you have thoughts understand that aspect I do and I just want to throw in really quickly that Dash is doing some incredible incredible things to use this new currency in the everyday lives of people and changing a lot I mean I spoke with Danny the other day from the Crypt of showing radio station and just some of the projects he shared with me that they’re doing going to orphanage orphanage is camping outside open and to defend that old homes and rebuilding after after earthquakes all of these weren’t the weather doing in Mexico and helping people from the US and for Mexico to send each other Dash instead of Fiat you know making it super useful super accessible for them and actually turning crypto into into resources are they need whether it’s a new fan for their ceiling or food or whatever and so they are doing a lot of work right on the ground and putting you know when ATMs in crypto ATM there just it is amazing to see this dystopian Society for good and bad is already here as completely I mean crypto is already being used in so many daily activities all the time so much more that we know and I know that documentaries are being created and they will be available to all of us soon and every time more but there is so much more happening than we even inside are aware of you know every time I talk with anybody is it blows my mind all the projects are going on in and that this is the Hood part of it is another one and there are all these telegram groups going around some of them are called crypto women badass women in blockchain you know he’s different name there’s this group on Facebook called crypto queens and I have found some amazing amazing humans are working with the UN and women investing in women and funding each other’s projects and the Miami Conference the North America Miami Conference Bitcoin conference I had this one person run up to me this woman and she said hi sister if you’re a woman here I pretty much want to connect with you and she added me to his telegram group and I stole that from her in the best possible way so every time I’m at any blockchain event I run up to the women and I said Hey sister if you’re a woman in the space I want to connect with you and it’s just so beautiful and so I may be 5 or 10 different groups that are all women in blockchain and art projects in blockchain it is it is really unbelievable I’m actually really excited for the South by Southwest there is a bunch of the crypto Queens are coming down we’ve been talking about doing a documentary about women in crypto and I just hope that I get to interview them 10 minutes with each one in super supportive so it’s been quite interesting and of course there is still competition with in here and there but for the most part I find that women are really supportive of each other I also have been working with swarm City and the storm funds quite a bit I meant Joel from Joel Dietz from swarm and we talked about a bunch our projects and all the stuff happening and you express a lot of interest in supporting both blockchain art projects and women equality so I know swarm is now sitting around the survey to try to make sure that there are as many women as men users and their platform that’s really exciting and also so many surveys about how they want the tokens to be used and so on are hungry to include the community that’s what’s Tim Meadows all about right and that’s what these events are all about so I think I think we’re doing pretty good so far and I see how much more collaboration is going to is going to start happening you know just from from these telegram groups and how excited everybody is and and also how cool is that that we have telegram instead all our messages so that the government can hover information are private conversations it’s just it’s amazing we weave I feel sad about the fact that Facebook and all these social media platform orny or Cuban connection you know I honestly have so many thoughts where I say I don’t care if Facebook knows all my information or if they own all my media I just want to be able to share photos of my friends in Argentina and this is the easiest form so how sad is it that we were okay with all of our privacy and information being exploited and people making money off of us just because we’re so starved for human connection so I’m really excited to be able to do the same things we’ve been doing and use the good parts of Technology like social media in a way that it also filled up our pockets and our Spirits you know that is music to my ears thank you so much I’m so glad that I I mean I just just the fact that your video came up right after cryptos news and we’re in this moment have his conversation this is all such beautiful music to my ears and yeah it’s been I mean in my field in the world of Tantra sacred sexuality sexual healing in just the I think the most important thing in my studies in my experience for healing a planet and really saving the Earth is really being instrumental and being conducive to two women Sisterhood and a healthy positive empowering way and actually creating more financial Independence so that women as mothers can have more freedom and power and actual means to make more independent decisions with their bodies with their with their you know how they how much even breastfeeding I mean the most people don’t know that it’s pretty much understood that about 5 years is a typical pre-industrial young length of time to be breastfeeding infants on demand and imagine the kind of infrastructure changes that have to happen for that to be possible in the modern world but if anything’s going to make it happen it’s going to be the fruit of the work that people like you were doing and that’s as you know might just sort of Public Service Announcement about you know a sort of futuristic crypto feminism you know that I said that I want to contribute to I want to see happen is this more and more working together and in collaboration So yeah thank you for helping with that and Centric energy and learning some teachings of something that it’s pretty recent to me maybe two years and there’s so much to learn and I found so much healing and in all of these intersections of psychedelics meditation 10 trick work and crypto and it’s it’s so bizarre and no way to talk about technology and evolution and money in the same line that we talked about psychedelics and in self-healing love and all of this to no life force of energy but it is all the same thing it’s it’s just growing us a more compassionate and accepting loving human race you know that’s what it’s all about and at the same time that I’m really excited about all of these blockchain as a vehicle for 4 change I am really concerned about Wi-Fi and radiation and you know of course all of these a chemtrail crazy stuff that we put ourselves through so I’m putting out the intention into calling for more people to get involved in to figure it out other ways to connect the other internet in a way that it’s not so destructive for us and so there’s not some natural solutions and then there’s simple things we can do like turning off wi-fi at night when you go to sleep and self-education on this on this topic but I would love to hear more like I said Solutions and privacy are are something that we are now noticing that we need to work on more at the same time that we develop all these amazing systems right we need to wear we’re kind of like it’s floating and all this magical ways and now we need to start creating the containers that will keep us a lines into our missions as well yeah absolutely absolutely awesome well yeah I’m getting about 2 or if you’ll just totally mind blown and totally satiated by learning all this stuff all this great stuff that you’re doing do you feel free now to take some time to promote your efforts and talk about we have coming up in the future will people can be looking out for and and yeah we’ll we’ll call it a good introduction to hopefully we can also keep in touch on going up next and that is the exist festival.com that it’s a beautiful project where we are just connecting more and more people doing similar events and hoping that we can continue to collaborate so if anybody’s interested in anything that we’re doing please reach out there’s room for you to be fully creative in your own way and like I said it’s not about competition the abundance is there and in so many ways so that is South by Southwest Austin and then we have token Fest in San Francisco I will be there as well and then we have an art party in the bay somewhere so all this information will be on social media that is at my new brakes on Twitter or breaks on Instagram and I wanted to mention. So I most recently connected with gel polish and he’s doing art for addicts and he has a lot of projects going on in that world so I’m really excited to get more involved in healing the process of healing ourselves through ART and handling addiction because I believe technology is also an addiction right so being able to create those containers again and also few initiatives for the cleaning up the oceans and ocean token and just so many good projects coming up so anyway that I can that I can help or help you connect with those who will get you to where you want to be the green miners we clean energy any of that please reach out to me I would love to help out cool thank you again so much now Newburgh city has been such a pleasure and yet again thank you for just allowing me to be impulsive and send a message out to you and get you on the show and to know also that your ear integrating some the tantric wisdom in and works into your life it’s so exciting and I agree this is all just one big Kundalini blockchain Bliss Bellini black seamless hashtag that will be in touch in the future and thank you again so much sounds good thank you so much have a beautiful night. 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