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Creating Images that Reveal the Inner Goddess with Robert Domondon TPP169

In this podcast I’m joined by the highly esteemed and accomplished photographer and artistic image creator Robert Domondon. I discovered his breath-taking work on Instagram and feel that he is producing some of the most honorable and lovable imagery of women who are expressing their inner goddess. We learn all about the very intentional and sacred manner and methodology that he’s developed. He shares deep and profound insights about his business practices and artistic vision that can be applied to any profession and lifestyle. It was truly a gift to connect with him in this way and I’m hoping we’ll be collaborating some day.

About Robert:

Robert Elvin Domondon is a visual artist on stories of women’s empowerment, positive body image, and the divine feminine themes. He does photography and video on Boudoir, Fine Art Nudes, Dance, and Goddess Portraits. He is a retired physician from Asia, and does ICU Nursing a few nights a week. A healer of more than 30 years. He loves hiking, he is a practitioner of meditation and Tantric touch. His name means “brightly famous for being a noble friend.” He lives in San Francisco, CA.

Artist Statement:

“I believe that imagery is powerful….
and that honoring our bodies, emotions, choices & feelingsthrough photography— whether in front of or behind the camera —is sublimely empowering.

“I’m on a mission to empower every woman to take care and adore their bodies, reclaim their femininity, and inspire an inner beauty that lasts.

“I start each photoshoot with a prayer: I declare my intentions to the universe that we produce imagery that will inspire women to find their inner goddess and dancer. May it be so.

“I seek that each encounter be transformative and life-healing. To Live Lovelier Longer

Contact information:
Email: Robert [at] Domondon [dot]us

Topics we discuss include:

  • how he brings out the inner ideals of women
  • female empowerment
  • healing
  • positive self image
  • beauty
  • sacred sexuality
  • his clients include dancers, fashionistas, people who love to portray themselves as goddesses
  • the need to increase our tribe
  • making a better world by celebrating womens’ gifts
  • supporting the feminine in order that we can we males can be whole as well, as well as society
  • how images are powerful
  • honoring our bodies through photography
  • sublime empowerment
  • how he uses media to provide his service to the community
  • how he started with small camera when he was young
  • the influence of Amercian Photographer magazine
  • how his mother was his first impression of the goddess
  • she reminds him ofbeauty, love, motherhood, fertility
  • he also studies the mythology of the role of the divine feminine in conflict, war,
  • creation and death
  • how they rise above all that
  • what got him into the honoring vibe is how he saw his mother rise above
  • she had serious problems with his dad, his dad left, she was a single mother of 3, she
  • had problems of finance and even got cancer
  • but was able to rise above all that, she’s a survivor
  • to him that’s what a goddess is, someone who rises above and shows the inner beauty of love
  • how everyone can be a goddess
  • some of his clients are performers in public eye who come for good portiolio shots
    but most clients are not models, they’re soccer moms, professionals, curvy gals, 50+, cancer survivors
  • how his work helps to create an alternative to harmful depictions of women,
  • how to ethically navigate the modeling/photo industry
  • how he draws upon the energy of goddess archetypes such as the innocent maiden, the virgin, to present innocense, natural and inquisitive attitudes
  • as well as the nurturing mother, he sees men hurting and sees women hurting, he takes them on and and i take them on and and helps them address their pain through imagery
  • he draws upon the warrior, up on the battle front, up on the battle field, or tackling problems and overcoming challenges
  • he also draws upon the wise old women, they give not only information but the wisdom of what to do with it
  • he applies the wisdom in navigating the industry some of the harmful effects of objectifying women, of porn, going after the lower parts of our existance, the lower parts of our levels of operating
  • how he tries to show there’s a better way
  • exploring and respecting boundaries around nudity
  • for some women nudity is felt to be very personal
  • for some its an expression of freedom
  • he respects both, it’s a fine line he always has to walk
  • he used to have a brand, then threw that all away
  • now he tries to learn more of the person, their inner joys, inner struggles, inner pains, what have they gone through, what inside of them is beautiful
  • how he hopes that the pictures he takes will be deeply connected with by the model
  • his goal is to open up so divine energy can flow
  • he has his own values that he holds true to
  • the before and after energetically
  • the experience of goddess worship on set
  • before clicking first shot, he creates a container saying what his intentions are, he declare his intentions to them and to the universe
  • he offers this as a prayer and sets the tone of the meditative sphere that he’s going to operate in during a shoot
  • he declares his intentions to create imagery to inspare women to find their inner goddess, their true self, their inner beauty
  • how this process already unravels a lot of the things that comes into a shoot
  • the interaction is now like worship, it’s like a dance
  • that’s how he opens up, how he creates the shoot for each person
  • how he helps women find themselves through the beauty of shadow work
  • he’ll ask them where they see themselves 5 years from now
  • he’ll ask ask what is the mission and purpose of the image
  • is it to excite, to attract, to provide healing, to mirror pain, to mirror darkness?
  • you have to deal with intention and motivation first
  • he can shoot anywhere
  • he’ll just put up a white background so he can photoshop the background
  • but it’s best if he can shoot them where they are, in nature preferably
  • finding a context of their true lives
  • it could a forest, it could be the sea
  • as far as software, he uses photoshop, and light room mostly
  • all with the intention of serving the story, the story is number one
  • what’s the story that she wants to tell, what’s the story that they want to tell
  • the story supercedes everything else
  • being accomodating and adaptive and flexible in unexpected situations
  • he embraces sirendipity and happy accidents
  • he likes to follow the white rabit where ever it leads and go with the flow
  • it’s less stress and frustrating that way
  • how he helps clients work within their budget, while suggesting what to invest in more to enhance the shoot
  • he advises that models carefully consider the terms of their model release form and be sure to write or type in uses that they prohibit such as for stock photography or drug companies
  • he advises photographers to be aware of the issue of models not liking the final product
  • the role of vulnerabilities and insecurities, that get amplied and exagerated all over the internet, with almost no way to prevent pirated use
  • a balanced approach to professionalism
  • custom agreements vs cookie cutter templates
  • good templates for model releases from Professional Photographers of America
  • the need to educate your client
  • he advises clients with a brand to protect, and who are in the public eye to form a focus group of 3 people, not their friends but 3 people that represent their target market, get three reps and let them look at your pictures, ask them which ones appeal to them how alot of performers/celebrities pick pictures that don’t relate or connect with their audience, how you have to let them choose the ones the audience will chose are often more authentic, not the photoshop, contrived pictures
  • how he’s thrown out his ideals of what beauty is, he lets his audience show him
  • the challenge of the celebrity instagramer is how to be relevant, how to connect
  • he recommends to stop being contrived, be real, be authentic, stand for something, and let the audience choose what they connect with
  • to open minds to real success and beauty
  • I share the story of the founder of patreon, who advocates creating more and more content because you don’t know which will be the hit, which will song or piece of art will connect
  • he feels that you’re not producing just for yourself, you’re producing for your tribe
  • his clients remember the feeling he gave you, it’s the emotion that was aroused
  • I share how I feel the ethics of representing the divine feminine in art, involve a high level of duty of care for the soul
  • I ask about the economics of photography entreprenueralism
  • he says that everyone now is a photographer with the new phones and new apps, everyone’s a graphic designer/photographer
  • he believes that to stand out you have to stand for something
  • you have ot recognize the waves that are coming because they’re different for every generation
  • he advises not to quit your day job as an artist
  • you should have a coffee shop job
  • every artist has ask themselves, how do you really want to work, what do you really want to do, and find a way to do it
  • at the end of the day, your work must not rob your soul
  • there should be a balance of what brings food on your table and a roof over head, and also what feeds your soul
  • he had to create the market, he recommends creating the market that you would like to thrive in
  • if you have that opportunity, than create that market, if you build something that connects to people, they will come to you from all over the world
  • count the costs and prepare for sacrifices
  • he’s confident that once you walk your path, there will be angels that will open doors, because you will have connected with something greater than yourself as an artist
  • how most artists don’t talk about the money, they talk about the flow, if there’s a good flow, the money will come
  • so find that stream where you will thrive, that will nourish you
  • find that group of people that you can serve
  • we go to school in order to make a living, but they never taught us how to live
  • you have to find out to live as an artist
  • find your angels who can teach you, and guide you along that path
  • each of us has wisdom
  • first find a way to live, then how to make a living
  • i appreciate how he flips the script from starving artist to nourished artist
  • he trusts that by approaching the business in these ways than metaphorically, things will grow in your garden
  • in the spirit of divine feminine he closes with an emphasis on integrity, respect for everything, transparency, kindness, compassion, unconditional love for self and all life, justice, kindness, fairness, awareness of karma, creativity, freedom, spiritualty, sacred geometry and relationships
  • I encourage him to do a guided meditation cd, reminds me of Choa Kok Sui the founder of the Pranic Healing system


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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin its welcome to Township on podcast episode number 169 I’m being joined by Robert diamond dan and he is an artist image Creator who I discovered through Instagram and that he has done some of the most amazing empowering photo photography and art work with numerous beautiful lowercase G embodiments of the divine feminine goddess and it is always music to my eyes at to see this sort of exaltation of the divine feminine in the Earthly forms and so whenever I see it at a different take note and so I’ve been following his work and and synchronistically for me I’m really at a point where I want to build more alliances and connections and network with folks who are really mastering the art of using cameras for capturing the beauty of nature the beauty of the human body and and Beyond so with that said I’d like to just ask Robert if you could tell us a bit about your the services you provide your kind of background and definitely love to get the story of what brought you into the loving light of the goddess and how you discovered the the joy of service and in various Ways by the way it’s my privilege thank you for having me so I am an image Creator I to photography but I don’t use the camera to document I use it as a means to bring out the inner ideas of women at our individual female empowerment healing positive self-image Beauty sacred sexuality dancers fashion people are people who would love to portray themselves as goddesses on me yeah that is so exciting and lovely and beautiful we need so many more people like you in the world and hopefully you will be one of many as soon as more people embrace your philosophies in in these regards so if you don’t mind could you tell a silly so if I could ask her as far as going back into your personal life history can you tell us what kind of how you evolved into becoming an image artist image Creator see from your website you have a past is a physician so you have an appreciation for the form of the body and just yeah please tell us as much as you like about your your journey since we’re talking about goddesses or treat women as equals or or put them in a highlight beautiful gifts or wonderful gifts that they have I believe that it could be a much better world and also we need to support our the female the family and we can be also as males whole as well and I’ll be home as well so I believe that imagery or images are powerful and honoring our bodies emotions choices and feelings through photography weather in front of or behind the camera I believe that sits sublimely empowering so I’m using that as soon as my medium do provide my service to the community I started as don’t start when I was young my my dad bought me a small camera and he used to have the American photographer magazine lying around and so that’s what got me into it and and and what got me into the goddess thing is I don’t know what you think when you think of a goddess so well for me I think my mother when you think about goddess you think about bet love motherhood fertility and and also if they’ve been associated in mythology with Todd flake War creation and death so all that is what a goddess is interesting and be right about that and so I what got got me into this female honoring God is that I saw my mother you know rice Bob she was started eating out she she had problems serious problems with with my dad. Last day no so she was a single mother taking of us three kids and no problems of finance and I’m even at one point she got cancer but she writes about that all that and she’s a Survivor and that’s what I think a goddess you need is someone who rises above and shows their inner beauty and love their inner qualities do all so anyone can get goddess so that’s that’s where all this is coming from so it’s so beautiful actually I’ve got I’ve done tearing up right now and I’m smiling and tearing up because I just sit so it’s so beautiful to hear that I reference and yeah so going back yuno I feel most of my clients have you seen my Instagram or social feeds that usually there. They’re the performers in the public eye who come to me to provide them with a good portfolio that’s cuz all my lines yeah I love my philosophy and but most of my clients are not models their soccer moms they’re professionals curvy gals over 50 + women cancer survivors like my mom women always wanted to but thought they’d never good and those are my real flying yeah that is really fascinating and I am discovering that more yet reading website here and this is very much again in alignment with them with a lot of my values in the values of this the audience that I’m aware of it sits that we really want to smash the beauty myth and really bring something something hole in holistic into our perception of her beauty and then there’s a lot of people who are fighting even porn addiction and really lost a lot of young men last kind of mutilated form of arrows that’s the abusive imagery so do you want to talk about in from your perspective what it’s like to have this Consciousness and have this Mission and how do you navigate the the industry that the standard and some just curious if you have to kind of put on a a warrior to get through the profession in the industry or if you’re able to just sort of dance through it and just sort of Nino brighten the vibe with your instructions and go you can go different ways you know my industry is is the same way as the sacred feminine or woman goes out and they’re basically for kind so what would I find at in the world and I I use their power to navigate this industry one is the innocent Maiden The Virgin so I go out at 8% in a sentence and a sort of childlike look naturally inquisitive and then there’s the mother the mother type in other words the nurturing I see men hurricane I see women hurting and I take them on and I address their pain first and then we express your pain treatment tree and I see the warrior the enchantress Warrior are the ones who are out in the Battlefront out in the battlefield or just their just power from them and then there’s the wise old woman and they give not only because you may have information you may have date that you may have all this attention from to be but if you don’t have wisdom and how to apply this then it’ll be all for naught so that’s so I value with them and that’s what I find also in some of the swim and and that’s also how I navigate to this industry of objectifying women of corn hand on chest you know going after the lower parts of our existence lower parts of our levels of operating and so I tried to show them that there’s a better way of course there are from either issues let’s take a 4-1 for some of the men nudity is for some it’s a it’s a it’s an expression of Freedom so I I respect both and I try to respect also balls with my with my audience as well so but that’s a fine line I always have to I always have to walk yeah well that is SF Trails been seriously is there such a powerful education in in goddess archetypes in It Is Well with what you were sharing about 2 and then drawing the energy and I’m seeing this very powerful mutually reinforcing and affirming energetic flow that sits like a spiral you know it is yeah yeah yeah if you’re so this is not the words I would you come to me I would shoot you in a different way in a certain way and it would be Mike according to my bread nowadays I threw for the past 2 years the reason why I passed explode it’s because I threw that all the way this time I try to learn more of the person’s Choice Skinner struggles in your pains what have they been gone through and what did they find beautiful what side of them is beautiful and then once I know that that’s what I bring up for and and III realizes that they will use their. That photograph def image for something he was there all the time as their profile pic or after the bring it up once in a while is because they’d be filled connected to it and so yeah so my my my box of the Spiral is that Michael is my challenge time as an artist how can I open the throat so that inspiration can just flow my job is to remove the obstacles and just let it flow and see where it goes. That’s as long as I have my own values that I told you to yeah well so this it sounds like you actually create a very palpable experience of being in the healing sacred container of Consciousness that is about consent and about co-creative and collaborative art and so much communication and so the art of really the Lost Art of men helping women feel safe and sexy and empowered and free at the same time this is so it’s it’s a guy to last and suppress art so what I’d love to know if you have feedback from just the kind of container that you’re creating and that the before-and-after energetically when when a woman has is the ability to be put to a goddess worship Puja of sorts if you will have three of the time I have a you know before they before they come I try to know a lot about them first and then as soon before I click the first shot I have this I create the container saying I tell them what my intentions are I declare my intentions to them and the universe and I and that is my so-called prayer and that is my the meditative operate injury I shoot so usually gets that I used to say I declare my intentions to create imagery that will inspire women to find your inner goddess and rudest images find their true selves the true beauty and this is my attention with that simple thing. Creates a duck. Already unravels a lot of the of the things that comes in to shoot so and so are our interaction now is like a worship of worship of you know a what we can celebrate through our hands together in that tree in that in that moment so so that’s how I open up I like create the shoot for each person that is absolutely Priceless and so so comforting to know and it’s did you put that effort in that sincerity in that virtue and value into it I can tell you yet from experience that that is a gourmet restaurant five star hotel watch beyond University dollar compared to what can be hoes just put it on the negative spectrum of experiences since you can you can with the best intentions it can be a nightmare so I appreciate that you do that in and yes you don’t mind to talk a bit about some of the the technical aspects of the sort of them yeah yeah more more more material aspects I’m very interested now and trying to understand what how you speak about your love of light and Shadow and color and just all of that sort of artsy stuff that that is behind the scenes of behind-the-scenes unit from your phrase the light in the dark shadows yeah so every woman’s experience is different ways in different contexts different settings and it’s not always like it’s sometimes most of the time it has something to do with Darkness or Shadow so you’re not the worst they’re dealing with something they’re struggling with something they’re fine and most importantly you’re trying to find the beauty in it of it all other friends trying to find the meaning and a lot of discussion on that note I I tried to ask ask them what the where they see themselves five years from now so I have an acute or a water westers drug before I ask them what’s your struggle what are you struggling with that’s one of the last questions I’d like to come to you when I get there. Then I have an idea what exactly they’re what kind of elements that they looking for in the in the image and I find I find out the great hydrator process yeah so before the Artistry or the tech technicalities fly I tried to address the sort of the motive the intention of the image the the commission of damage what purpose is it going to serve I try I try to ask that if not I’ll try to offer that ship for is it to excite is it to attract is said to provide healing is said to mirror pain is it to naira. So I have to deal with intention and motivation first before I pick everything happens after that the technicality with that so and usually I work but I shoot the I can shoot them anywhere as she if I’m shot them and everywhere and I can even put I can just put on a white ball are white background Photoshop demand where are specified shoot them where they are where a place outside nature usually where at where do you find the context of their true lives live so it could be a forest it could be the sea it could be a robo in the city so I so yes I I that’s the best way to catch the location and things like that so of course photos are there photographers I I used to I used to use Photoshop I used I use Lightroom mostly all all ended with intention of serving the story the story is number one what is the story about the story that she wants to tell what’s the story we want to tell so story supersedes everything else that everything else yeah so that’s so I know that’s not the technical part of it but that is the major 80% considerations of creating that image I’m seeing in kind of feeling that what you’re doing is kind of a a Fung shui of the atmosphere and the environment so that your it’s the flow of energy that comes from being in a more personalized setting and not just being an a I mean you can wherever you are you can kind of crate that container and so you’re really alive everything to a point where the I bet that I bet and I would love for you to talk about it do you feel like when you set things up that way and you sent you you have the attention of facilitating a story that’s bigger than the technical aspects of things and taking train to do you do you feel that the synchronicities flow and that you have more magical kind of little happy accidents that open up new things is it really magical process or I’m a great believer of what you call this you are brought there for certain beasts and things happen for Speed like for example one time edestus International mall to ship came she came in a day early to San Francisco I am in San Francisco so she came in a day early is it okay I’m ready to shoot them here I said it’s the next day I’m so sorry I said you know there’s a reason why this happened so where are you now she said she was at this place is it okay let’s shoot their let’s shoot their that’s not that’s there’s a reason why this happened and that’s not that’s not how you know drivers build me up. Let’s let’s do what we have and I think that’s why the goddess isn’t that what whatever cards you’re dealt with you play it’s oh so that’s what we did and we ran out of that cave really good in the tree and she was she was very happy about that yeah so so yeah so I’m I’m really I may have a Septa SEPTA Plan for a shoot but IM I’m willing for happy accidents are hot or Serendipity just to come in and my my my challenge to myself is Follow You Follow Follow Follow the White Rabbit where it leads so pleasurable and satisfying and also less frustration yeah less stressful just go with the flow yeah that’s that’s another good thing to talk about my intention for the creative works that I’m engaged in is too I decided a few years ago that I was going to try to hold to a policy that if stress is in the price tag of anything then I’m just going to decide that I want it I’ll have this whatever this baby yeah baby we’re not the not the intended artist to work at a production environment do you want it yeah just talked about how you have you felt because you do you do sounds like you do a combination of your own your own you work for hire as for other so when you talk to other people who are in that high stress high production mode de vie are you able to mitigate that into sir to soften that sounds like you I would imagine that you were able to experience experience that helps me and what are the deliverables what they really want and for what intention I have to ask I really have to see a specialist in advertising they have stuff to tell me who the market is what the product is what what kind of what kind of woman are they trying to Target so once we have that down that Things become much easier and sometimes it’s best if they’re on site so they can say okay that’s great that’s nice I’ll use that yeah so things yeah removing all the obstacles to do that and of course working in the budget I sometimes you know those things might not be no because I have a lot of upcoming stock up so so I take it this job and should take it as a challenge to see if I can deliver especially if we have to save infection style or same same philosophies that yes I would do that so yes but yes I think most of the time it’s the qualifications of the update of the intention of the pieces and also the budget what are they worth Easter budget a sieve what can be delivered under their budget so I also suggest which which part might they might not invest in more so that they can achieve their goals or getting a better location yeah so yeah so but it starts first with their objective yeah I suppose sounds like again you were definitely able to just transform the space in and get through the air like to ask about just what you were if you have tips for a more enlightened way of doing model release agreements and a talent release form and just what I just said to give a little background what I’ve noticed is that as I’ve been kind of exploring the space sort of on my own just that there’s a wide range of different types of terms in contracts and release forms and whatnot and its really sadly in the worst cases which are pretty dominant seems like that it’s the tendency is to release trip a lot of rights away that are non-negotiable and + infinity and + just no no no limits and no causes that would give much agency to a woman to want to be forgotten later or to have you no content removed or or even have the right to to approve the content before it’s published in too, and have her Visions just there’s all kinds of different I believe ways the scene ways and kind of ways that you can be very empowering even into the business contract kind of in the things I’m curious if you apply what you apply in that area and and in the Bible some of the stuff yeah so let me talk to the models who might be listening or thinking to be Manos is that a mother release is really you are released that is she all release that is your release you’re releasing the photographer along with his other assigns that could be the magazine from from from going back to you and asking your permission you can you can put a certain you can don’t be afraid to write down you don’t get a new ship in the pawn shop in the model release or type it in specially if it’s an app weather because sometimes you know you can put their ass I will should not be used for stock photography or should not be used for a drug campaign so yeah so you can eat if you have that choice yet but essentially it is a really you’re releasing the photographer or the creative person to do whatever you’re just lucky and they’re in their clay so once you accept that you do not know the problem is, I see problems are we performers artist performers feel that they are getting you and the old that they own the pictures and that they have final say I give them a lot of leeway but unless it’s written down that you have that kind of relationship unless you commissioned them which is much more expensive actually so yes or performers after Escapade they want to be portrayed they have they have a certain brand to put that if you’re a photographer you tried to get into that I tried to be good nice and run about that few you may or may not what’s your brand down it’s up to you if it will if it if it will serve both of you but with my performers is that the I mean I mean I mean without a really good picture which I know with would be good for magazine or something or any other for a jury selection but they say I don’t like how I look so yeah so subsidy I could be your issue that could be your that’ll be some of your frustrations I stabbed is dealing with with with their wishes and their their ideas yeah off of what is beautiful or what is appropriate for them it’s a complex question I appreciate that you really did cover it from the number of Dimensions really appreciate even the way that you that you put yourself into the perspective and and spoke directly to the different the different stakeholders you interpret in a production and if I can follow up a little bit and just say I can commiserate and I feel that you know it’s what I’ve discovered really is that it is a very very big deal to any human being who has vulnerabilities and insecurities which we all do to have to have yourself kind of Amplified an exaggerated all over now the internet with literally no way to prevent any kind of pirated use of whatever mean there’s some methods of recourse but really it’s it’s it is a big deal to let your likeness loose into the the world out there that the cyber world and then what not end and despite save feeling really empowered about doing something in advance and then life happening in wanting to distance yourself from certain things or just like you’re saying that very simply just feeling you look at the set of photos in and maybe you would have down to very few at a very many because of just feeling like you don’t want to you don’t want to share those things so I thought you had to interesting Dynamic antonym to be not even in any in any other agency I just comes down to on all sides both sides did the photographer’s producers or directors and and models and other other people playing different roles to understand that I think the way I guess the need to be professional and to be in you no compassion and pathetic there just has to be really well defined boundaries in in well written. I just feel like every every production should have its own customized two or three emails back and forth of setting up the terms in it in a healthy way that sets the boundaries and expectations you know for everything and and that isn’t just a cookie cutter template that people just don’t even look at her read and they just pass it all honey you know what I mean so if you have any tips for 4/4 at any of that or we can move on to something else I think we covered the first resources professional photographers of America EPA has good mod have good releases that you can get Getty Images has a great model of 4 releases so you can use any of that but that being said is there a whoever your client is I mean as a as a photographer artist you have to do some education with regards to your client especially in a client that that is in the public eye for intends to be in the public eye for long periods Natural State have a brand so to speak this what I advise them I advise them that form focus group maybe three of three people not their friends but three people that represents their target market so whoever your target market is get three representatives and finally find them and let them look at your pictures let them what I asked asked them. Which one appeals to them because a lot of these performers day they allow this artist celebrities that take pictures which do not relate relate or a connect with your audience you have to let the audience take that and something most of the time because the big shoes are the pictures that are authentic pictures that show a give them a glimpse of who they really are not the Photoshop contrived pictures they want to see that they want to be able to connect with that so that’s the reason why a lot of people can connect with my pictures because I have thrown up my my ideas of what you see is I let I let them all at the people the people make the by audience tell him I know show me that’s why I look into the inside portion I am I looking at the two God method add the the data that comes so I haven’t I have a glimpse of what kind of people but what are they like water. So so I’ll let you kick me in the challenge of every celebrity every every instagrammer is how can I be relevant how can I be how can I connect I say start stop being controlling be real be authentic stand for something and let them choose what they do they connect and that’s a much better much better think I’m making making all this August 8th and Cynthia release forms yeah start by educating them opening their opening their mindset took the real success out there the real Beauty that’s out there that’s possible for them so with that yeah yeah that’s so profound an amazing it’s what the what comes to mind as you’re saying this is that actually I heard a I believe it was a CD Baby independent musician conference that the founder of patreon give a keynote speech at and one of his one of his this points that stuck with me of the monks many the story of his Evolution as a musician making music videos and finding that is content was not satisfactorily monetized on big other big data platforms and so he created patreon basically to serve his own interest to be able to make some people able to tip the creative work cities that he’s done and so that kind of snowballed into this platform that’s in power so many people and one of the points he made that stuck with me so much was it when you talked about how you just need to really Anna paraphrasing but he said you know for musicians this is the device you know the main devices if you just have to continue to produce content and not try to tweak it to Perfection and slow down on making an excuse for music it was like don’t try to make the if you spend too much time in between releases you basically lose attention but but even worse it’s just you don’t you think you know what your number one Smash It track is going to be you know what Elkwood tracks on an album or going to be the the chart Toppers but really you don’t ever know and it could take years to find out so just keep flowing and so I feel like what’s coming to me based on what you said which is a total parallel to that feeling of all only the best images can get through but if you let the clutch you know the crowd or the cloud decide I think that’s a really could be a genius way to help women especially who have the issues of body dysmorphia and all of these I mean I don’t want to even get into it but all of the different vulnerabilities and that that can plague the consciousness of a woman in her relationship to her beauty and two people watching into cameras in an art and everything it’s like if you could just let literally let people vote with some means of some technical means online and say hey this is the most of this set these are the show us the full set and then we’ll tell you where your most where we think you’re most beautiful and you can blame that up with you know where you need maybe it’s like you need love on your on this part of your body and that’s where people felt that so they love you being I don’t know if this is a dynamic thing feedback loop that that was touch down in that that speech and it makes me feel like it’s all about just creating as much caffeine as you can and you let the organic process of your fans kind of uphold what they find most glorious are beautiful or best sounding if it’s sticker whatnot so yeah engage shot engage your audience engage your target market get your fans cuz yeah you’re not producing just for yourself for juicing for your tribe and it’s red California you know you have to have to be done with this the wave where the wave when the waves come in you have to learn to serve it yeah I should be washed out on the Rocks yeah yeah so so it’s keeping her your whole census open to input and feelings yeah because the same thing with my clients and my audience is that I focus on the feeling yeah because whoever whether your client or a fan or someone. What what you remember is the feeling that I that I gave you it’s not it’s not the awesome technical saying that I did it’s the feeling that I gave you the motion that that was a roast in you and so the more eccentric you are the more the more you can sense to speak in a long list the inner desires yeah then then you’ll be able to engage and connect with your audience and also with with the performance well how can they connect with your audience as well beautiful also I think we got really really well into some of the ethics some of the not technically legal advice but some of the advisement around you know the really just being in good standing with the with the divine feminine this is Christmas Eve a l l go to greatest whatever the man’s law is I guarantee you it’s nowhere near as punishable and strict as certain of the the what I felt to be the strict guidelines of the divine feminine and I’ll leave it at that but it’s a higher level of Duty of care for the stove if you’re getting into this you know for sure of not being part of this conveyor belt of commodification that were involved in as an industrial society so it shines it shines through the work you’re doing this the voice that you have I can’t believe now we’ve already gone through most of an hour but I just want to ask you if you if you could spend a few more minutes to talk a bit about something I’m very curious about which is sort of the the economic ecosystem that you have quite a highly developed a sort of bird’s-eye view of with your level of experience in and your workload do you have and everything so for people who are nuby starting out in this the field of let’s say being you could say you’re a digital artist your portrait artist I don’t know exactly what all the categories you’ll find yourself in but as I’m seeing I guess I’m noticing around around on Instagram what not there’s people who are making a decent living even if just to patreon and NN other gigs were they might shoot weddings or they might shoot products or whatever I’d love to really know the sort of behind the scenes of a in the industry of the say that you just photography as an industry our people our people hacking through and making a living and doing independent freelancing and just the state of the industry I don’t know if that’s that’s I know it’s a huge question but I’m just curious if you could give us a little behind the scenes of how I guess the pie chart really of of what people do to stay afloat with their brands and their businesses from the product from the photographer visual artists are things okay so that’s a very very important question but first I go back to that surfing thing about step trans are happening in intense rapping in the industry where which you have to be aware of and if you want to create your Niche or create a state where you can thrive in it then you have to learn one is the trend stop everyone now so photographer with the new phone sending you have everyone is a graphic designer everyone’s a photographer so what will make you stand out is that yeah you have to you have to stand for something you have to stand you have to recognize the way that’s coming and it’s different for every generation some generations are big but the thing is they don’t really have money some generations are small but they do have money so what you should do is should have something where that was your Starbucks job you know that the job that you know that will give you some money just putting hours in it so every every artist at Starbucks jobs have that and then from there try to get a feel for that and try to come try to come up with something that really is you the question that you have to ask yourself first is how do you really want to work what do you really want to do and do it I know it’s Easter simply that I said than done but the thing is that’s huge cuz it’s not you’re still not saying make an excuse why you can’t do find a way to do it but they have to be you have to work at it it’s not easy but you have to work at it if it mustn’t Rob your soul from your penis that’s me some people you know performing in different ecosystems that’s fine everyone is different but I’m sure everyone that everyone there should be a balance of what brings food in your table and a roof over your head and also what feature so so I tried to find a way where it’s a path that will happen sometimes my case I did not I did not look at the Mark that say okay mister Market I had to create the market so create the market that you would like to try it in that if you have if you have that opportunity then create a pocket yes if you if you build something that’s that connect people they will come to you from all over the world so so yeah so yeah stand for something yeah and then do the do the do the financial work count the cost at the cost in order to pursue that and it’ll be something there may be some sacrifices that maybe but there’s nothing I walk into your in your past there will be angels that will that will open doors your way because you you have you have Kinect read something or something greater than yourself so so yeah so that that’s that’s what I can say as an artist and they don’t talk about the money I don’t know I don’t know maybe it’s just me but they don’t talk about the money but they talk about the flow if there’s a good for the money will come the money will come up there. Just you just have to find the flow find that stream where find extreme where you will Thrive at the Panera shield and find a group of people that’s real that you can serve and yeah so that’s the that’s my I am I’m sorry I’m sure there are there are there are there are there what’s called this other things will deal with the economics of it and the business aspect of it but because we go to school in order to learn how to make a living but they never taught us how to live right so likewise you have to know you have to find how to live as an artist you have to find out for yourself and find your it your angels who can teach you can guide you along that path and empty box yet each of us has wisdom that we can impart to each other and each each other to that first day of first find a way to live next how to make a living from the bottom of my heart and I’m sure any listener who is hurt more than one or two episodes of this podcast are going to know that without a doubt you are a huge angel wings being brought to help to bring shed this light of Consciousness and awareness into it the other people who who are really on the front lines of confronting the shadow of a lot of things that have to do with imagery have to do with portrayal of women and and all that so I feel that I hundred percent 100% of concur with being in the zone for good and whatever that cause being that’s what you you pursue in the flow like you said surfing the flow of abundance he will be a nurse artist and not a starving artist so creative process that involves other people and uplifting way and you will be golden and so yeah that’s the real currency oh yeah yeah things are growing a garden things will grow in your garden and I don’t think you can top it with those best last words for now if you like to give your website and yeah let people know how they can connect with you how they can book you for for shoots and how they can follow your work I would love to help promote everything that you’re doing yeah just Google my name Robert domondon all o c o m o n d o n n it will point you to all my websites and all my work in the interwebs so that’s my thing and feminine I I hope that I would like to re-emphasise the values of Integra the respect for everything transparency kindness compassion unconditional love for self and all life just is fairness, creativity freedom and spirituality sacred geometry or relationships and that’s that’s what I would like to bring out there and hopefully you can relate to that and that’s we can work together beautiful will one of these days we’re going to have to give you some background music for meditation CD Reformation CD got to have it I love it yet and you’re one of my my greatest spiritual spiritual Heroes choa kok Tsui the founder of the pranic healing system but big residents there so I appreciate that you send us off with a beautiful prayer and and I thought you couldn’t have talked to you at the last passwords but you you certainly did I appreciate it thank you so much you know we’re going to we’re going to leave these metaphors and and get some beautiful work done so I will be in touch with you and we will definitely continue the journey and I’m sure sooner rather than later we’ll be there would be a budget that brings us together from the projects that I’m kind of manifesting so I will see you in a more beautiful now troll beautiful future thank you been my pleasure also all right you have a great night take care take care, and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple I provide ecological an appointment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Archer Park. 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