Tantra Punk and Erin In Yab Yum Holding Hearts in the Forest Under the Sun

Consulting with Feminist Tantra Oracle Erin Rivera Merriman TPP71

Last month I was able to pay a visit to Shakta Tantra Priestess Erin Rivera Merriman in her forest sanctuary. Erin is the creative director of active culture family and high priestess of Bridge Temple. She’s also an accomplished medium, and I was blessed to receive a reading that’s been really valuable to me.

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Com and our journey together will begin your beloved’s welcome to Tundra Punk podcast episode number 71 last month I was able to pay a visit to shock to Tantra Priestess Aaron Rivera Merriman and her for Sanctuary Aaron is the creative director of active culture family and High Priestess of bridge Temple she’s also an accomplished medium and I was blessed to receive a reading that’s been really valuable to me about halfway through the reading we both felt that it was something that wanted to be documented because documenting my healing journey is such an important part of my own Dharma and so what you’re about to hear is about as raw and real as it gets an audio account of the renegotiating of my soul contract complete with background noise of birds chirping bees buzzing and stomachs growling but if you can bear with the audio quality of the spontaneously unfolding episode it’s an unusual opportunity to observe some very personal healing working action and I hope you will also enjoy and benefit from some of the lessons shared. I’m laying out here under the Beautiful sunny Blue Sky somewhere in the remote mountains that the San Diego County under a beautiful tree Reminiscing on 80s heartthrobs and oracles and to say to you really these are all concept as they relate to as they relate to their relevance of your life she wants to say it’s as good as true as any it’s a good tool so how do we how do we the goddess is beyond shocked at Pancho’s Beyond concept Tantra even that’s a made-up word in the world today is black magic let’s try to stay within the teachings you’ve already received if if possible this is your mindfulness training so just let me ask the goddess what do you think about the state of Tantra and do you believe that shock to Tantra is the more instructive qualifier than left right hand path white-red-white a mean what is it to me I don’t care about the color I don’t care about the direction I care about Davey sadhna sofas hey blacks that if n it’s I mean is a beautiful tool is because it you do the concepts created by individuals who these are words to help somebody connect with an experience is beyond words so why is he beautiful tool only because of the quality of beings who are currently holding the portals open under the banner of Shakti Tantra so at any given moment that could change at any given moment there may be individuals there may be a greater number of individuals under that Banner who are less skilled in helping people make contact with the essence that you refer to as shocked as Contra and then that it will become it will not be the most appropriate tool at that time at this at this time it’s it’s a good tool it could cease to be a good tool at any moment depending on who’s who’s practicing Under the Umbrella of it and that applies to the larger the larger umbrella of Tantra and General in all the various lineages is that it feels like more harm than good is happening Under the Umbrella of Tantra and that this is the time when when that’s being observed like a council now must gather to discuss the relevance of the term Tantra as a portal to accessing the energy of which we speak the primordial Shakti so suck so to me when I discovered that there is this qualifier I was like okay well if a man lets they just for example if a man says Jama Tantra master and the key to your Enlightenment is in my pants hey say and your woman you say do you have a daily sudden that sir that I can observe and Witness before I take you no pay you money to buy the key to my night meant that you so kindly if I deposited their buying a zipper their kind sir The Daily Sentinel in he is funny I wouldn’t have guessed this for what they’re saying is in the fictitious time in which Tantra was being practiced in the pure way he’s always been an umbrella that that contain of vast disparate set of experiences some of which beautiful enlightening, which really very sad or sad ending there’s a sadness but that in the fictitious time in which Cointreau was a pure art form the mythology entailed that Sade no was the the anchor and the protection that would protect you from falling down a loophole into some of the other less helpful things have me under the umbrella of Tantra and I believe that there’s still power in that story I I believe that that myth is actually sits in a solid place in its life cycle that you know like paradigms are being born mr. being born and then they they live in you die and yeah I know what I’m seeing is that that that meth is in a solid place in its life cycle so if you if you speak in Earnest a relationship to and a deep understanding of the multi-dimensional multifaceted nature primordial Shakti and you desire to go as a tender human into this wild wilderness of energy and not and you desire a compass to feel more responsible in stepping into that Wilderness sadhna is a beautiful compass but you have to again it’s it’s the power is not in the empty practices that Congress will not protect you will not guide you will not keep you in contact with your beloved unless that is your beloved that is what you are your soul is truly and Devotion to so if you try sadhna and it feels empty to you there’s a really good chance that you’re not authentic Lee and devotion this primordial shopd you’re not there yet and that it was not going to do anything for you like that so it’s the devotion saw that you could stay aside my life protecting guys you but devotion protects and guides you and that can be in the form of your sadhna and I know it can be a beautiful practical thing to do in the third dimension to be a mirror of an an artistic side knows this out that siding is Art sadhna is is the painting it’s the it’s not the thing itself and it’s what you do in the world as a reflection of how you are in the universe yeah bowling approach and Oracle to have a question how might one feed words into the mouth of the goddess in a manner so favorable to her taste buds really requires meeting her where she lives and she’s on a different time frame so the pace of human comings and goings uses doesn’t always have time for Sophia she has to get her attention by canoeing way. Can you do that I want to try I think okay okay dear Oracle who was the fairest 80s heartthrob of the mall River Phoenix and why is that so because he was it’s funny I hate the word fear but the words fit but she’s play singing my mouth are humans appear being he was he was there ever in the Phoenix he who is exactly what he was just he was just himself in every moment and we felt that end we all he was innocent and Bodied he was all of our innocence and so active loving him was our way of honoring can being on the planet innocence being on the planet everybody who loved him with voting to keep innocence alive on planet Earth shall we recall some of his most instructive cinematic moments for as a shaman child of righteous masculine that’s going to be this feels like something you’re really just feels really personal for you that you also hold this ability to to be a sense of self end sewing like celebrating that person that you’re orchestrating a collective third-dimensional celebration of this being right now yeah so yes please yeah what do I take Chinese I’m not very familiar with the specifics and I’m in touch with his Timeless essence and so this is part of your Dharma to to speak to the speak to people wherever they are so you’re you have to know that your broadcast is actually Reaching Across the Realms so this broadcast is having a different significance to people who have never seen as hell don’t know what to tell it isn’t that is but they don’t know who you’re talking about there just feeling the essence that you’re feeling when you’re speaking about him and then you’re also speaking to the beams in the third dimension who know exactly what you’re talking about and they’re really happy that you’re speaking use words so it’s so everybody’s having a different experience and that’s what your training that’s what your Oracle training is to big words that have different meaning two different beings depending on their stage of evolution but yes so it what I’m saying is that it I cannot join you in a third-dimensional celebration of his being right now I’m not fair but it feels right that you should that you could do that if that is within your heart to do so I’ll have to go into extra detail explaining what is memorable to me about River Phoenix tail but but just to have the deciding to explain the significance so this is all training for you so somebody who says to a room full of people like them it’s like the other day with Sarah and those people don’t look like you know that some people know who Sarah is and some people don’t know who’s there is that the better way active way to be in that moment would it be to say Sarah Mae business partners wife so this is the training for used to say and then provisionally speak to you in case anyone’s listening who doesn’t know even with someone with River Phoenix where we’re making assumptions from our place in the universe that about that being a readily understood symbol so just to two in a very inclusive language at its best well back yet I think it will back up a bit and see before we started this recording in this revelry of I don’t know where it came from but anyway hit it just came to me like going through magazine covers of teen heartthrobs and who who was the most country for the most who is the Nature Boy the most what you doing no no not really is it still going on you or not on the recording and I hope that’s okay I hope that feels okay but there’s a weight you creating a time capsule right now so just to have that awareness and to move through the next few moments of the conversation with the awareness that you are literally creating a time capsule of what you want to be remembered another way to say is you’re treating a record you’re entering something into the akashic records for what will be remembered about what was good about the eighties into such a beautiful practice and make a record of what is good Soul contract things that you are to make a record of what was good but that’s how you that’s a way that you can be using your voice that is in alignment with your soul contract go ahead and yeah so okay so I was listing off with c Christian Slater Kirk Cameron Michael Michael j.fox Corey Haim Corey Feldman I think those with a really at the top of my head does that pretty much in you know for the duration of the say the mid-80s those were the guys in a Wil Wheaton for sure and River Phoenix so River Phoenix was different I asked I know he was raised by kind of has some Christian cult and they got really creepy and I hope that he didn’t endure anything traumatic but you just cut the word traumatic and the Time Capsule so let’s let’s do the practice we were speaking of the floor where you take a step back and you re the engineer that moment well perhaps the reason that we that we were finished with so deepen different so far was that he was you know I have been wounded so give him a death I think it made him a hero which is something the third dimension needs but that was that was for us that was not for him his soul does not need to be hero his soul needs to be innocence moving forward Shelby talk a bit about do you feel like you made a good time capsule because this record this record will go in so if I do this is a good practice for you do you feel happy with what is going in on the record or do you need a little bit more time with it I think it’s to be on The Cutting Room floor the hallway the Phoenix thing you know like but this is going into the akashic records of what was good about the 80s is this the record that you want to write and put your name on and insert well wanted to play with like my memories of River Phoenix in a little bit so okay and see if I can organize it by the timeline River Phoenix earliest imprint would be stand by me that he played big Rivers name he was eyeballs younger brother and he was Wil Wheaton’s best friend who is Chris Wright Chris yeah and Chris was a the one he was tortured yeah cuz by his older brother and his family was tore up but he was like such a heart of gold and what’s it feel like the feeling when you think about why you love them that’s yeah he was and craving it to and what are you crying about being afraid to in high school or something or we’re gonna have it end of the summer he was good Crispin Stand By Me that’s what I feel that’s what those boys in Stand By Me that’s how I feel right now that’s like an innocent Warrior a seal you you and they want to feel the thing that you speak and I really want to feel this instance how how are you if you had a room full of people honestly looking at you really paying like that we really want to feel when you’re talkin about how do we feel it are you sure and words yeah what would you say today they want ya we want to know how do you feel how do you remember what entrance feels like he was sick we aged older than his years and was totally like street smart and brutalized and but he was doing the right thing cuz you can value he was yearning for peace and wholesome integrity and had a reason to cuz you’ve been torturing I was brother socioeconomic status and what was it you know he broke down crying about how everybody in the school he lived under the shadow of his bad boy older brother is what it was so the accused him of being a thief or something in because his brother but wasn’t true so you can say shame. This is kind of like that accuse he’s crying shame that they’re all they’re all rolled up there in our archetypes of Innocence what happening we’re actually trying to to sort out like what belongs long as you’re not archetype what parts go long in that story you have an opportunity to vote with her words and then the stories that we tell going forward what remains pirate raid innocence and what the knot I think you’re right that there’s a flavor the flavor of innocence was connected to Ariens Ikon X I think it’s voltage desire to preserve that before gangster rap and compulsion not before that existed before it was marketed mass-marketed in glamorous saying is is another way to look at it he just words or vote for some reason that you’ve I got for some reason because of Housewives you your worth get two votes and so to vote wisely goddess I wish goddess I hope so what I could do with influence what week of training you’re not ready for the love of that level of influence but division is found but you need training need to allow yourself to be reworked multi-dimensional e not takes time but if it’s happening it’s already happening but need to allow the process to do a country makeover on me and you know putting in some new Duds has to be Handmade by single mothers bamboo all them blue organic handmade single mothers it’s going to have to be psoriasis CNC bits precious if Siggy Stardust gets to like just make an art form an abstract art form out of his entire persona and be taken seriously and he wasn’t he flopped a lot of the time 26 Studio albums do Bowie at least 26 $2 and only a few really only a handful of actual hits so he was very much like an avant-garde Fringe dwelling not always making lots of money real artist real musician and it was just like 30 from to reinvent themselves he went out and he was gay as a PR stunt and then he took it back he did so many trees to rethink including well I won’t go there but yeah like I never take myself seriously I like enough to be a combat 40 I’m just like Sarah Connor I mean that’s it I’m about as fashionable as Sarah Connor very functional down to earth I’m not trying to Sarah Connor wasn’t trying to look flashy but if it was if it was the mission for Sarah Connor to look flashy than she would have done it with total exuberance you know John we have to look like the craziest Freaks and Hollywood Boulevard in order to save the world okay if they’re so you lie to me but there was a great podcast with rappers am and into Latin they just talked about the power of passion to woo women to make a statement to start conversations to be in ceremony all the time because your ceremonial higher self astral warrior hero goddess guide whatever you know wizard ceremony being self how do you whatever your Playa self how do you actually bottle that into how you look to the world and have it be consistent and a site for me that’s not there yet I’m not ready to be a walking fashion statement that drives a lot of attention I was when I was a punk rock teenager but now even that wouldn’t do any tension with talking about like looking like a real IQ just arrived from another dimension you are going through a phase in your development Where You Are spending a lot of your energy learning the culture learning the layers of what has created culture on planet Earth and that you’re you’re spending a lot of time on the show navigate Lake exposing your inner process of navigating learning to navigate the culture that it’s not the best use of the space because you called in a being who’s agreed to be an oracle for you that is a huge honor and and to the best use of the space is 2 ask specific questions that relate to your journey and listen what’s coming through and allow them to be the Oracle that you invited them to be allow more space for them to be the oracle invited them to be in this way you personally will receive more of what you’re seeking in life in the universe. Podcast Christmas assuming dear goddess Oracle that you were aware of my my activities of Outsourcing love overseas to keep me immune me I’m immunizing myself to false love wake me up with what are your specific how do I open hearts and I’ll break them well it’s Dad’s two parts so I’m going to speak to the first part first and then we can go to the second part which is that they’re acknowledging that immunization against the prevailing Paradigm is necessary and that there’s not a lot of Education available around it and you’re getting votes in this Council of beings that in favor of the strategy that you’ve designed and those votes are you know like when the judge has a right on their card why what it was about who gave you the 10 giving you the 10 are doing so because the problem that you could receive is real or that they perceive as real they need is real the you are kind of on your own to design this medicine and they’re kind of going like where were you lost your going to unhide where you lost the point is that no points for just the creativity and the fact that you’re doing it and not just complaining about the perceived issue but the take to have the 10 they’re saying there’s a better strategy so it’s that it’s a temporary solution to what you see that from their perspectives there’s no and I know not concerned with this issue of time that I that I have the person I’m trying to impose on Best Transmission but that you will know when is the right time because a better strategy will present itself and that provides more complete useful delicious immunization I like that so can you explain in your words what this concept of I’m immunizing myself against what does that mean to you so that be more powerful Estelle if you where do you say I am creating fill in the blank I said that you’re not feeding the Paradigm in any way that you would like you like that Paradigm to not be on the planet so the easiest way to make that so is if enough people collectively these to feed it in any way then it will move on to another planet or ecosystem this more appropriate for it cuz it’s being you know love romantic love is being I’m aligned and used in service of a lot of really unhelpful Dynamics in this Dimension but the spirit of romantic love exists pure and untainted it as an ally to the universe somewhere so it should go somewhere where it where it won’t be it won’t be turned into something is celebrated in word but in reality turned into something that’s not its essence that Landing with you anti-soviet said to go back to the question is what is it that you creating yes or you’re wanting to boyfriend can you that language limits who is going to hear that message and who’s going to turn it turn it out and I don’t think that you want that what would beat me over your suggestions are not enjoying or seeing to be part of the earth ultimate my intention is to for right now I’m throwing it a rope of love to the broken wounded hearts of women all over the world as is it as an experiment what you doing with that languages in some chewing Brokenness and woundedness because anyone who picks up that rope has to leave and be identified with their Brokenness in the rootedness and to be identified with it means basically you’re finding all the women that it’s the hardest it’ll be the hardest for you to actually share your medicine with with it because of the language who is that what you want that sounds fun to you you can do whatever you want you you can manifest whatever so does that sound fun to you to put out a call the people that are the most identified and going to be the most entrenched in the Paradigm in that have the hardest time understanding what you’re actually saying okay I’m just going to roll Organics down with this and I got to go early so I can go so that what time my heart in mind right now if I would you really profound me take this is an opportunity okay this is a real opportunity to seek you know I’ve hurt Peril, seriously that’s why I already go to the Oracle cuz you’re like damn I wanted not I want to be in alignment on and be in trouble in alignment your highest self is speaking all the time at the same time as your wound itself so you go to the Oracle because you want to be in alignment complete sentence assaria do goddess Oracle how do you feel about there being these new hearts that I’m opening in other countries I feel is the Innocents the tremendous responsibility of stewarding Innocence and just ask you do you feel up 2 that you feel sound in body and resources in his lifetime to carry that level of responsibility don’t answer right now that would be a disservice but come back to that question because actually goddess is doing you a favor by not creating this reality not acting in this moment based on what comes out in this moment she say I’m going to give you a gift that is take this into meditation this questions and really look honestly living you being and see if you have the resources in this life to shoulder that responsibility without it crippling you or killing you and making you otherwise ineffective in your mission because the times for Martyrs is done there was a time where that was necessary and goddess does not want you to die because you chose to heavy load she wants you to live and do your work okay there’s a heavy one Speaking of all the martyrdom and death inside okay this is a good so last Oracle I spoke with sorry I want to interrupt Too Faced so the short answer is you are free in the eyes of the goddess to pursue your plans it’s not sitting outside of your of your path or outside of the will of goddess necessarily gone I intend to make an art form of opening hearts guaranteeing their safety that was beautiful that is a beautiful intention and prayer and is a small celebration happening on the Council of divine being gathered it’s beautiful and again my intention is to Open Hearts and guarantee their safety I think is is near it’s a reflection it’s a true authentic reflection of where you’re at right now and so it is perfect the desire the desire to guarantee their safety is is the Beautiful we feel your heart in that desire and as a gift we would a gentle massage on yourself and what’s possible for for one person to take on in terms of karma clothes of many that yeah it’s here what it sounds like is that you want to become a worthy Shepherd of people’s hearts it sounds like this there’s a task in here that’s that’s what you’re hearing you’re asking to become a worthy Shepherd does that sound good teen designed to fail resume yeah I like that I have a gardener Andrea Gardner no supper heart Gardner hello my name is been in my heart Gardner cutting so they think they actually they don’t they never break their like roots that you just put them hardly you plant them anywhere in a girl hearts are like Verizon Asus perennial a comfy chair co-create with her so I don’t like this like that’s the thing is sake the only you know concern and consideration is it you have a polyculture of Hearts you don’t just have one because what is that I can get Alexa do you have that the arc to Artistry is in for them to get along and took become guilds are gills I’ll see you at the clarifying of your intention into something really beautiful makes a symphony of these beautiful energies as coming together now to decide what’s most what the next step is and the next step is is that your heart needs a lot of gardening so they’re what you said you called in with this intention is all of these beautiful Energy’s who know just how to tend your ecosystem I’m not there at all immediately converged in answer to you’re creating such a beautiful and classy and More Beautiful request more attention yeah any heart that thinks it it wants to be but it’s threatened by other Hearts is not part of this vibration of this Garden of tending so this is going to be it’s going to be a fun one so I am I’m the story of the little heart that believe that any other heart would take away from my access to the Sun but really we just need to rotate our access to the sun is all a sing-song a metaphor for sustainable none monotony and it’s not a metaphor it all happening in real-time life contract in real time and you’re you’re doing it and what do you call it the Amphitheater of the of the college that is School of love that is planet Earth allowing this this process to be observed and learned from integem a generous it’s very generous to to share your most useful work that you’re doing cuz you know there’s part to where you’re these parts where you’re off and there’s that’s what people can people go really far out of their way to conceal and aspects of yourself so I think that this is part of them you’re a beautiful part of your insurance policy for your own Integrity is I don’t know of anyone else who would allow anyone who’s interested to witness their soul contract being opened and negotiated so that’s I just deserves to be acknowledged the generosity was with you living your life how did the Oracle feel about the term sexual generosity cuz I don’t like when I don’t like polyamory no I don’t like any of these words I want a new word and I wanted to be sexual generosity like when you when you use use these when you implement these new paradigms is when you’re changing the word in your birth of a new paradigm of your mouth to just show up and complete the experiment you know not to have a lot of experiments running in your lab and just move on to the next one the next one is out actually like harvesting the data to really look at how did that change your reality and how did that change the vibration of the people this is really wonderful way to tell the quality of your experiments is look at everybody coming into your field as someone who’s showing up in answer to a vibrational call that you put out so that’s the feedback for how was how is the wording on that public service announcement who shows up at your door and what experiences they they represent and invite you into and if that is his experiences you’re having the results of the people showed up because of those words is what you wanted that is the Arbiter of whether our of sexual adoration and affection healing work for every hour that you put into a Time Bank planting fruit or nut trees in a forest garden of your choice and if you’re really treated asking about fine print cuz we’re in your contract right now you have to be more specific about what what you are willing to offer in that hour of adoration okay I’ll leave when I get ready I can write it down in the first answer that comes to my door you can take your time and come back to that question you see well it’s so cute some weight it’s an independent study program I practice sexual generosity through my non non for profit project orgasms for roaches or anyone of sound mind and legal age can prove to me that they spend time planting a fruit or nut tree in a while as many hours as they want really it’s like a more the merrier you want to have some flying share my time you find the most you’re not choosing edible Forest Gardens of your choice and then whoever puts in the most effort and then and ever will be service with the most hours of my erotic Amnesia and so you’re completely open to their request for what was to their definition of erotic energy cuz it’s open right now in slow slow slow because you’re writing stuff down your writing is what you just wrote down service their Kinks will you get out the Eraser or when you get if you have the Eraser and I want you to literally see each letter is important this is really important and we need to see each letter being erase the Estero as you possibly can right now is it really important tell me when you’re complete we’re all holding space for you just been here Harry Robinson if you change the future you just in the affirmative we shall unkink erase the negative negative what are you going to do what what is your wait your list of what constitutes erotic exchange that what is the definition and and like right now you’re so you’re setting with parameters of what is within your okay this is really important then there’s you know just holes in your auric body from your experience and where that you’re not aware of because they’ve been part of who you are for so long and this is like a river is a River of Tears being cries in acknowledgement of this hole in your astral body and what we’re doing right now is creating a boundary really as to what you were willing to experience Under the Umbrella of erotic you’re creating your definition for that terms and creating an envelope in which you get to dwell where that is the only thing that can be in that envelope and anything that is not of that vibration does not get to be in that envelope under any circumstances despite this is bounded it’s really far out and then a lot of people just have never known life without it but you’ve known life without this level of Oreck protection and you I have a lot of assistance right now a lot of beans coming right right now to help you and feel their shirt like encircling you and showing you this is this is where that boundary should have been or could have been you under a different life experience and growing mat that organic akashic material and creating intact web reweaving that vent this is actually beyond words there’s a you just being in the in the vibration of what constitutes erotic energy to you what you’re willing to experience its vast we don’t have enough time on any recording device to anyway and words what constitutes erotic energy t u just go to the place beyond words where the vibration toothpaste your definition yet taste your definition of erotic yeah this is a little pieces that’s not very well so silly just for you no as language of rewriting the life contract that’s just a way of describing what we’re doing and we went someplace beyond that whatever I do whatever I’m asked to run divine blessing to have feeling for Escobar. It’s happening all the time you have a you have a good team they will leaving all the time but then you go to a lot of places at reopen little pin holes in the interweb and that it feels that that’s a phase of your life but that’s always Divine that they’re not saying stop. Immediately for saying you’re working through the phase of your life where you need to go to these places ordered with others you know that very energetic because how do I help them help thinking that’s how I’m not I don’t watch porn yeah it’s this the kind of like message that feels like a double message but if you answer the questions we have I helped some help me to answer that they giving it is always coming back to mindfulness in the present moment and the mindfulness that they’re they’re asking review is mindfulness of the Exquisite tuning they’re keeping your instruments are tuned to these subtleties that’s necessary for your development is a Healer it could be that exquisitely tuned you yes never comes places you just can’t go and you could be something like like I had to a teacher tell me like you can’t go to the hospital if I was in the hospital dying I forbid you to visit me because you cannot be in the hospital and so things that seem like a good thing these things that come from compassion there are people who are built as instruments are tuned to Ian in a hospital environment and you know I keep saying that I’ve said that we’re like 3 times now so maybe that’s one of them is coming through but I was just as a azzam a very practical answer to your question is like don’t go to the hospital if you can avoid it you know they’re not saying under any circumstances they’re saying that not not to take anything as an absolute if it’s not good for you but but just if you can avoid avoid the hospital and that it is a more abstract answer do you have mindfulness Peabody’s an instrument and took two to keeps coming to listen to the feedback that that’s that’s been an overarching theme is listen to the feedback that you’re getting listen to that that your light your life is the feedback so that’s going to teach you you can’t you know there might be other circumstances and other medicines and other Oracles in which you can say like tell me exactly where to go and where not to go and they will be happy to do that but this we’re learning together the flavor of this Oracle is saying I’m going to help you help yourself like like so that you don’t have to keep coming to the Oracle saying like give me a list of a sign that your your goddesses busy and you want her to be doing the bigger things and this way you don’t have to keep saying like goddess do I do this and not this you know give me give me the specific list that there was a time I think in your journey where that was needed and that you actually gone to evolve to a more mature state of your relationship to God I swear she’s training you to be your own divining tool in the moment through mindfulness through listening to the feedback of this instrument of anybody do you feel that that’s related there’s no way if they have that is related to this discussion of your mindfulness and listening to be feedback that your body instrument is giving you about where you should and shouldn’t go to maintain your auric field well that’s it you know dharmik love and not karmic sex how quick is probably on a practical level there’s something to what you’re saying but an absolute level it inhibits vote the will that the teaching me receiving right now just saying allow your body to be the instrument for your mind to be aware of the information that your instrument is telling you about where to go and where not to go so that includes your dick where it is serving two goddess to put your name down and where it is not serving and perhaps I have not serving of the maintaining the Integrity of your auric field that you will feel that in your body and with your with your wine so your your this is your dowsing rod and so what you’re with this phrase like keep my dick in my pants you’re actually saying like I’m not going to use I’m going to listen to my body’s feedback but not my not the most powerful tool in in my bag so your handicap in yourself you do you do during this is very counterintuitive because I know there are people in the third dimension I guess I’m going to say there’s no one listening to this right now that we would interpret this and it Heather way but that you actually do need to to okay this is something she really wants people to know the teaching is not to not listen to your dick or not listen to with your penis you’re laying on every level you’re seeing this the teaching is just don’t only listen with your penis so the penis than the and it’s wisdom of what information you receiving through is Communications is just one voice in the council but so we should not make it the only voice allow it to be the only voice which is what most people are trained most lingam owning humans are trained to do but then you’re going to The Other Extreme of not letting you use fog hag that member of your Council you have and that you actually need to okay I Hae not need to but right now we have an opportunity collectively to hold space for you to walk up picture the round table picture the account soul that are all the messages in The Amazing Symphony of thing we call it intuition being mainly signed into your Consciousness and and see you’re letting them sitting there a chair and a big cuz she chest special chair you know he’s supposed to be who’s supposed to be a special role he was the first to play the role of your lingam in this life I felt really honored and you got all of his comfy chair and then he’s feeling really betrayed that you got ball gag and blindfold it in his arms tied down as soon as he got in the chair he was like this was a bait-and-switch who are having an opportunity to have a zoo over where beautiful Consciousness that lives near Langham came to the table felt welcomed by small heartfelt celebrations and humbly took his place and humbly Waits his turn to share his wisdom on where you should and where you can go that will enable you to maintain auric field integrity you see it to see you at your happy Langham Consciousness just feeling like having his dignity having their dignity back having the rightful place neither aggrandize nor silence in guide Exquisite guidance system that you were equipped with to navigate this dimension yeah it’s like don’t talk to me introduce yourself no just do when a person is what I’ve experienced of you is when a person comes into your field that they do have to go through process and the just to let the feedback from your wing and be part of the process you know I’m very sexually armor in these days just because going back to earlier point in the conversation guides are in approval of the strategies that you put together pieces together your self to to make it this far to make it far enough to begin attracting some of the education that your soul is really thirsty for and really needs in order to be in this in this world and a good way of being banned in Europe you’ve been on your own to figure out how to be okay in this Dimension and from that phases is really ending that’s part of what here to Bear witness to and celebrate this transition where are you you got far enough we hear your own creative tools and that the arm ring and you’ve you’ve gotten here intact you made it you made it to the next level intact and you deserve a little bit of TLC for the journey that you’ve been on so makeup specific just in case it wasn’t specific enough that the the iring bowel to the the armoring that was a beautiful strategy because it worth take out your hair intact and so only love for the armor and also we don’t typically need that much armor in here just I see no part of the the welcoming committee use official messages about how is work in this level of tacvasen Integrity with here SMS how did Oracle is it anticipated I’m to be the heart Gardener with a actually sexually Generous Heart Gardner intelligence comes from Islam and balance way is intelligence comes from is complete Council. Is listening to all all aspects of news internal guidance system so you seem to know about the life history of my astral body and I don’t want to choose the wrong word so what what can you you said a River of Tears is being cried over the warning that’s occurred there can you describe that for people who don’t have no visual point of reference for what the astral body is and what it looks like and how it gets hurt well it’s a beautiful question to big question what I can say that I know we’ve touched on before is that the language chosen and the symbols and the visuals that you attached to that language Association to make are completely unique to every person that’s at the beauty of the uniqueness of souls so every person listening is going to see something different and that’s as it should be so I can only describe what what I’m seeing and save it the way that I see it is not because that’s the way it is the way that I see it is because that’s the way that helps me to understand these Cosmic energies and experiences which are so far beyond our perceptual ability so what it what I saw I guess I can’t recreate can we be in the present moment so I can’t recreate what was going on it when I was speaking to this a few moments ago so I’m just going to try to I’m just going to Union with your invitation to describe astral body Health cuz it was different it was really different picture minute ago and now we’ll see what that that that River of Tears being cried so there’s it’s I hope that my you don’t mind the battlefield of Earth and a triage of Angelica Ian jelly triage for the souls out here this is like the Normandy theater on the storming the beach in Normandy is just like Maddox walking around like wild does anyone see me is anyone care out there am I if I were to be a sinner let’s say then they be like well he was wounded but then he became a center so we can’t help him even if we’re going to like you spell you recreated successful with me successfully in the present moment this this energy of the River of Tears that basically I have to like pave the way for that with with the presupposition that everything in the universe is sentient including ideas and so there is a a sentient there’s a Consciousness call that we refer to when we refer to the concept of a River of Tears there’s a Consciousness behind that and that that Consciousness has an intent of healing and that Consciousness holds of a value system that acknowledging the wounding is healing not all beings and not all healers and hearing systems agree with this that is necessary or important but this being is in complete service to and complete Devotion to their belief that it is an integral part of the healing process and then I can I can intervene and say I on a personal level resonate with this I believe that acknowledging the pain is an integral part of the healing process and that part of that acknowledging is you look again there’s a lot of belief systems that say that you don’t need anyone else to acknowledge you can acknowledge this for yourself but I think a lot of I think absolute level that’s true but on a compassionate level we really desire that acknowledging to come from someone else and it feels like more compassionate to me then to tell someone who is experiencing wound to say you can acknowledge this wound and move on for themselves a more loving more compassionate response that I feel capable of providing is I would like to acknowledge and someone someone anyone sheds a tear for you they’re tapping into this the Consciousness that is the River of Tears that exists to facilitate witnessing by an an out of perceived other entity witnessing and caring that an injustice a pain a wound that you perceive that yes it is at this level it’s not important whether or not it was truly an injustice that your body perceives and Injustice and your body is creating an experience and ruined that that’s all that that matters that that is was true for you and it feels like a simple the simplest thing is just too to receive that witnessing from another compassionate human being it says I care about this suffering and I think you did that answer your question regarding the River of Tears because the visual was literally a hole in the universe from which tears perpetually flow and were in that moment flowing toward you and and this particular well thank you you’re welcome thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Country Park. 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