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2006-strongarmThis episode is a rebroadcast by permission from my dear friend and fellow spiritual warrior Tom Denney’s podcast. This needs to be a National Geographic cover story!

The original show description is as follows: Teaching psychic defense from parasitic pandimensional entities which feed off of negative human emotions. I talk with LA artist Joe Torres (Lefty Joe) about how to recognize these creatures in your own life, and how to deal with them. Exploring the possibilites of the unseen. The evil non human creatures that control Universal studios, the shadow network and the hat man. There are parasites on every level from the microcosm to the macrocosm with virus cells to ticks and mosquitos, why would we believe it stops there. The macrocosm is likely filled with these entities, as we observe in our conversation. The best and most effective deffense is staying within a positive and aware vibration. One can focus on the bubble of protective light that surrounds them, and emits from our solar plexus and heart chakras, the central sun of the human soul. When it emits negative energy, or negative emotions, we put a crack in this protective shell and energy escapes. Could there be creatures out side of our vision that feed off of this energy, and possibly implant in our heads to get us to feel these negative emotions. Recognizing alien thoughts is the key. Check out both of our art, as it reflects our own battles with these creatures all around us. An excellent hour long conversation intended to help people dealing with these issues and raise awareness that these beings exist and can be dealt with. They are likely from a different dimension, and very confused that they are here.

They have put on many scary disguises to protect themselves. We need to see through this and approach the subject with respect and confidence. Every thing in existence was created for a reason by source, respect that, and be reminded that every dark shadow was once a reflection of light that somehow lost its way. Be assertive that you do not have time for games, that you love them and they should return to the source from which they originated. Helping them remember that they do not belong in this world interacting with humans will also help. Never give into fear and depression. keep the energy white and flowing.This is your psychic defense.,

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Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved’s welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 11 I am rebroadcasting a podcast interview that Tom Denney did talking about psychic defenses against chakra parasites and other negative energies and entities that our existing in the Unseen dimensions of reality his artwork which you’ll see in the show notes is really like the National Geographic of the Dark Realm within the spirit world and how it interacts with in this Ecology of of our larger Energy Systems in our chakras so I strongly recommend that you actually take a look at that artwork if he’s doing and follow his work because he’s I think absolute in giving us more tangible depictions ecological depictions of what we’re actually up against in this battle for our souls self Joe Torres the artist from Los Angeles tell us a little about yourself all right so I’m just going to expose my my heart and I know where the world would I do a good name for myself and start some new like art movement against along the way what’s your website is left. Com we met working doing cartoons together at Universal do you miss it there’s a little bit more to that place sucking than just the people who work there and the job oh yeah man like that okay so I guess we should preface this by saying that you have and a stronger sense and intuition how would you describe it let’s see I don’t know man like I think yeah I think I think that’s pretty much like this. Like I just might my skills my perception skills in my intuition and maybe like why my psychic abilities have always been around I just didn’t know what what it was but over time with like more would like more I guess more development on my end they just gotten stronger than gotten more to get up I can perceive like a lot more things what kind of things it’s like a little bit of everything man like little bit of everything like little like play sometimes I can hear what people are thinking you know it’s almost like I’m picking up there. So you guys are thinking of like get little flashes of memories from other people if I look at their eyes and a certain electricity just happens like moment there I mean the Saints internal Selena what is table to pick up these like he’s weird like entities I guess you can call them for now you know like people that aren’t there I know it’s late but it’s definitely like these energies and I love it and I would call like I would definitely call her and call the person in the bed more like that whatever whatever human soul is like inside of a human body like yours but I guess the song so we’re talking about a nonhuman soul that could pick up on yeah something like that so we talked about this in the past and they’re kind of like Shadows right and there are they everywhere or are they more negative energies right yeah like like in my experience like experience the Shadows they never come across sometimes the people who are truly as perceptive or I guess knowledgeable or our people are more like gullible they’ll try to know performance of The Office something something that are not but one of these energies and they try to pass themselves off as positive but you can tell that they’re negative Dollar Tree I know I kind of go with it it’s weird to take this long verbal transfer of information like it’s like why did I just revealing with what they have to like like they don’t even lie scanner huh to the OC you’re just picking up on it and so these these things they’re they’re screwing with people huh yeah I definitely man definitely I mean I have I have had like them or you know they do like flat-out communicate you know like where you’re where you’re like you’re filled with this instant like feeling better and all sorts of like you know what the whatever they’re trying to convey what it is a good try to communicate, but a lot of times. Yeah you’re right it’s like dark areas like like when you go to a drug users house for instance or the home of where two people might be in an abusive relationship you’ll find one of these negative entities being involved you don’t want to write like 30 Odyssey matter everywhere everywhere huh Lake from what I’ve experienced or like what I believe why they give to MacGyver Christian background like the background in like my religious like girls or whatever like all the other stuff is just going to make scare you kid weird like I get these weird things happen to me all the time when I was a kid like weird nightmares like I see things walking around in your home yeah just like all over the place I can on the street now and where they really dreams battery like foggy like figure have you ever have you ever seen him attached to people following him around call me when I was a kid I didn’t another kid it didn’t but as long as like my my like skills developed like I actually did like I said I didn’t necessarily see them but I sent them like I’m coming to contact that come here somebody and I’ll get this intense over the years I knew what it was and I’m going to freak people out cuz I would say Hey you know you got something following you NC Pre-K oh my God you’re like the 20th person that’s told me that you know what do you mean you know until everyone answered you know that always want to know what I meant and I would have yeah, sometimes sometimes over the course of my ass around people and Ed and you notice that person is acting like a bad person like up to nefarious activities or working on behalf of the Shadow not necessarily right you know what I mean and they can’t necessarily I mean maybe this is just a Christian be talking with something in your life but comes up whatever whatever it is you don’t like what it is you know if it’s convenient or drug abuse or depression like whatever whatever it is they’ve attached to learn that comes up that’s amazing that the may take like more of a home so. Like inside of you and the energy that you emit when you have those all all of those emotions you describe we we called negative and the addiction so there’s these things that trigger humans to have these emotions and go through the situations are right and so would you see one of these things hanging around someone who’s really depressed like bummed out over some girl or some silly thing that shouldn’t be you know that big a deal but they’re just totally devastated from a really long time please say that again so you would you would expect to see this around someone who who’s feeling an unnatural depression over something Petty and the person isn’t even aware of this thing some people that some people may have been told at some point in their lives by random psychics or like like religious people people that why do people have been told by other people other people that they have something attached to them so what do you do once you’ve been five people 10 people here like while you’re the 20th person at that point like what are you do you know what do I do if somebody told me that it was like 20 people told me that or if 5 people told me that I probably you know seek some like spiritual health whatever floats your boat I guess I mean on Christmas I go to like Christian thing no but everything else so are you familiar with the chakra system yeah yeah you you talk to me about that yeah so apparently you know we end this is proven by science that we have meridian lines and these electrical currents basically that run through our body and where they intersect along our spine is the same places are endocrine system so we have these different glands all throughout body that are associated with these energy vortices which the Ancients called the chakra system and it’s made of light it’s like a light board text you have seven of them and one is right over your third eye or your forehead but I hope the chakras anyway through one of your chakra systems depending on like the lower chakras are usually what’s involved with with sex and lower brain you know activities and so apparently these things could get in through sexual activity and through alcohol addiction and they’ll just put a cordon you and just come around whenever they need to feed wild and so another thing that the Ancients the Hindus we talk about is that you would have an egg of light around your body generated if you have a photon meter which photons are actually the particles of light that come off the Sun so this that make up the daytime or actually particles that are filling the air in filing through us and passing through and we actually admit small amount of this same particle from us from our what they would call the solar plexus and heart chakras and so it normally a healthy normal happy person it’s like an egg shape this energy you know below coming off of us but wouldn’t a person starts to feel the correction or anxiety or you know any kind of addictive or negative thing basically all the seven deadly sins all of those things put like a crack in your energy in it and it blows off and it sucked into someone else’s bortex if when I went to the conscious life Expo in LA and there was someone who had a camera that could read your tachyon feel so with this field in science and it just like a neat gag for all the new agers you noticed to look at their Aura but when you look at pictures of couples who got there or has taken was always one that was kind of like you know like a Whirlpool when you had the tub full and you pull the plug and it goes down and around it’s in the other person’s energy is coming off the top of them and getting sucked in and yeah and some pictures there’s like five pictures of couples up there you know to advertising and get your picture taken something but like in each one it was like the guy was getting sucked into the girls or the girls was getting sucked into the guys so and every relationship there’s like this one person is giving and receiving any you know back and forth and really healthy you know when you’re having a conversation you pass the NYC back and forth or when it’s a negative relationship all the energy is being taken kind of like when you got like the abusive parent and it just kind of like hitting the kid that parent is actually getting energy all this youth energy and she’s addicted to it subconsciously so she always see no goes off the deep end or it could be a father or any sort of abusive relationship and salt go ahead they have at least 50 Cent so let me know when people always refer to their energy being drained like that person shut the energy from home or so that you don’t have to worry about with any of yous from anybody with emotionally drained and it feel like so I think that happens a lot when I think that there are so many things in this world that if you look at her eyes are eyes are like only seen fragment of all the light that’s out there there’s so much stuff that exists with an x-ray In a Different Light spectrums if you look at this you know what the human eye can see strong Spectrum perceived and it’s like the size of a needle so 2% of what’s out there and when we look at nature there’s parasites from the microcosm up there is you know little water mites and end in viruses for every creature that has ticks there’s mosquitoes there’s always stuff feeding off of other beings so why would we assume that it stops you know at that level Bianca lip on to the next level you know we think we’re the top predator yet Perhaps there’s something well it’s obvious that there’s some sort of parasitic entities just out of our visible spectrum but we could steal it we know when we walk into a room you know or like when when people get drunk they said I don’t know what came over me you know I was just another get like a weird feeling about someone is on the back of the neck going in right now so that these things since they know we can’t see them maybe at one time we could see them and then you know something happened and we lost that ability that’s what the dogons talk about they talk about it’s weird because these ancient Indian cultures won’t will tell these stories but they’ll use weird metaphors for describing basically the same stuff we’re talking about you know the story every every culture has them in the shadow beings that come in the night if you just look up shadow man on the internet everybody’s posting you know stories and the main thing that people respond with is oh my God all these years I thought I was crazy cuz I think a lot of people oh and one level that they’re there but they can’t see him so they don’t want to tell anybody because everybody’s so conditioned on the television of what a reality should be and to laugh at anyone yeah outside of that agreed perception realm we’re going to think you’re going to keep those stories of yourself and so are you acting as soon as you start bringing Shadow or whatever but now I never told anybody yeah but you can find myself like you know people who are people who come in contact with me like in this respect you don’t like whenever I I sense like something metaphysical you say I like about it with those kind of people you know but like maybe like real close friends that have known me for years you know on the regular I really don’t bring it up too much until recently like I just decided to post something on my Facebook like I was alone and the lights turned on by themselves and literally almost like you know how some people I know either call me on my cell texted me or or commented on my Facebook saying yeah I have some crazy shit like that to or like my mom sees these things are or I remember and it’s fucking yellow is kind of what he’s trying to cool to email after you open up a new Bank of Clarke I’m not really crazy so there’s so many people who are off you know familiar with had their own experiences to so right so then we’re seeing here this pattern emerging of these unseen Shadow beings parasitically feeding off of our negative emotions so I guess the first step is awareness that there’s this problem going on and to see in your own life the patterns of your own depressions or you know if you feel these things coming around you think that they’re messing with you a lot with me just in case we have attached to me ever texted me in some some pretty modern me aspect of my life so I kind of don’t really even notice like my own personal demons because there’s such a part of me that you know addictions are certain character traits are the do like are in my mind ones that are just kind of stragglers their kind of look into to attach either to myself or to other people or Kay Jewelry outlet in Oconee Court visited by other you know other entities from other people that I try to help you know it’s like they trying to come after me and try to freak me out and So Gone I guess sometimes you respond to them negatively and you end up chasing them away but you know what like recently you know you know having having that you personally intend having talked to you and a couple other no religious friends you know it kind of clicked in my head but yeah I can chase these things away like if I if I Empower myself with certain like tools and change them before you know when I didn’t really know that I was doing I get free job just cuz I was afraid to be out like that with my biggest fear to be like completely possessed you bet. None of these things take over my brain break I’m going to come up around in like you some horrible things right because they would cost to put those thoughts in your head of hurting others oh yeah man and you could tell that those thoughts were your own exactly man’s like I can never be like you know we have our internal like okay I’ll just wait like this I know what my mind. Sounds like in my head nada mean I know the limits of my you know there’s a definite like nonverbal like I mean I don’t either it’s like in my head like as a voice like a schizophrenic with here but there’s like a definite nonverbal transfer of information and you say whoa whoa that’s nothing I would ever even think of doing so then obviously these parasitic creatures plant little seeds in our subconscious and get us to either act upon it or bummed out you know the biggest key to all this is when you said that if they get us to commit suicide they get a prize oh yeah so that way if the you know if the main goal is to push us and push and push us and feed off of us and maybe they’re not feeding off of it but there’s definitely a parasitic element going on where you know they’re antagonizing you on such a core level and this is if it’s happening everybody that you know half the people you know call you up as soon as you say something about then I’m pretty sure this is all a worldwide event happening to all sorts of people riding sure they’re getting and it’s just like in the movie The Matrix were batteries for these entities right and so who gives him this prize at the end when they drive us to our final you know cuz they say suicide is like the biggest offense you could ever commit because you’re killing the god inside of you and you don’t have to imagine you could never have permission to Snuff your own life right you know like you said something really cool and interesting that the day that I told you and that moment when your soul is about to leave your body they jumping know you know what I mean the story of walk-ins which supposedly is what happens to our leaders at cuz of course the conspiracy goes deeper that these shadow beings are also involved with the beings that have taken control of the hierarchy of our government’s that this the same Shadow that’s you know inside George Bush Senior that see no running the secret CIA missions is a walk-in of one of these things we’re like the so-called Illuminati families spend the initiation you is the children tormenting torturing them and reprogramming their minds and so at some point they torture them to a point where they’re near death and send this Soul Meets Body in this other thing comes in and then they proceed with the agenda write so and that that person that would explain what David Icke is talking about where you know he’s seen the people in the government being shape-shifting reptilians or you know another interpretation is that they are demon creatures that there cuz of the latest reality works because of the nature of light their true faces are able to superimpose over the face of who you’re looking at so you’re kind of looking at a play of light and you see them what you couldn’t call a shape shift so that is when they get to the high levels of masonry and they’ll get initiated into the secret rituals that that’s what’s actually going on that one order to become a 33rd degree Mason or whatever and I’m just speculating that the word squawking and then they make the decisions and that’s why the world is headed in the direction it’s in and so so everyone in the media is working with these things too and that’s supposed to tell when you look at Jesus you know throwing the sign of the Baphomet and talking about Rain Man is the universal time and you saw something really interesting which is that that can you place swamped with this thing Universal Studios yeah man you know like like I said in my opinion based on my experience like there was like a horrible feeling like the horrible feeling that I get when I coming come in contact with one of these things just imagine like I guess the amplitude or wavelength or frequency of the frequency of one of them like Darius from no depending on how experienced or how you know whatever the powerful they are whatever but like I spend more and more time at Universal Studios frequency of one of those things would just like off the charts man like what a Christian standpoint on a bike it to me like I mean like I guess or Christian you know like that you like that that was like a like a like a like a higher up like running the show and all the little minions were like running around like almost like a general like was in charge and he was like you know what I mean and so all the little people would come from all over the world to go to Universal Studios and get the tour and they’re making movies there and directors writing scripts and actors are reading lines and film is rolling and there’s this huge General Darkness looming over pulling the strings to all these little Shadow entities that are themselves for parasitic that’s what you’re telling me is going on this world what’s up that’s a different perspective than the one on television only what I’m saying no like weather whether or not anybody wants to believe that but I mean if you look at the logic behind what you and I are saying it makes perfect sense addicted to drugs right so many people addicted to food and Severus and everything that you could possibly become addicted to end their miserable and we’re running around in Loops playing the game of money you know paying or credit cards and when you talk about this stuff off mortgage today I got kids to take to school and it doesn’t matter because I drown myself in my work and I just worked at it was like that these guys were all the escaping by you know working and they were taking out you know you know Stitch distraction and then we come home and we watch all this TV and get entertainment and there was you know this thing feeding off of us would one other thing about like Universal Studios in that kind of like any kind of funny like I lost friendship at Universal Studios like a friend of mine that I’ve known for like me almost 10 years or something like that and then we both started working there. I have to get up and then I got this friend the job like spiritual kind of like a psychic a scary things and people that were just like horrible people like you know would sometimes get into my head is like being really good friends really weird breaking up in this in this God only knows her like no it isn’t all bad but you can a lot of help and you’re a cool dude that was relieved that you’re welcome I was really strange that one day you can come and talk to you about this kind of thing is right when like you would we’d only work together for like a few weeks and then you left and I didn’t see you for like maybe like 2 months and then out of the blue he called me and it was right when I was getting in contact with someone from Universal about having a glass life reading and I don’t even remember her name probably shouldn’t even say but so and I was really just because we were talking about Atlantis and she was saying how she remembered her our lives and I was just so random person added in getting a reading but it it it it it was going to involve hypnotism and when I told you about it you freaked out you like tell me why you had that reaction there’s something you don’t like put your yourself in like a like a like a like a like like things to get in when I mean like I mean even the Bible says you do not get drunk with wine and quench the spirit of God like wine to get drunk your brain starts to like not work properly you don’t you know who I like your brain is lacking oxygen so if your physical body is is weakening and your brain your little tenacity the electricity in the brain is has failed you basically breaking down your your your virus protection until your anti-spam antivirus you know so we expecting somebody that we can hear the sentence especially somebody with cyclic no can probably get you to spill some beans or somebody who looks like the pain become a medium that you know it’s basically a steak well well well versed psychic who’s working with Spirits in either implant one into you like well I mean you don’t get another one maybe a more powerful make them more no cutting demon or whatever and implanted into you like so that you now become your worst and that’s what kind of Africa freak me out like that I just got this real like a sense of urgency like in this like real like a bunch of Lights I don’t know what you want I don’t know why I had set up the the meeting I was like okay cool I’ll see you on this such-and-such day at such-and-such time and then I was telling you about it and you had this reaction and I was a shocking and it’s in masonry at people who come out of it have said that towards the the higher levels that that’s exactly what you’re doing you’re getting stronger and stronger demons put inside of you and it’s to the point where you’re not even in control anymore but you’re doing everything in your life is just Bliss on tap so they make it worth your while for a couple years and will they use you up or you’re already out of there they just get right wow how many people have you heard about like once they go into politics now they they end up changing so I did you ever get that feeling about Jamie Foxx are or who but some of them are too powerful for you to send some no man like okay like you know they can put a block like certain people have like a block if one of the really really colorful they can put a block you know that or they can confuse my senses you know right now I’m kind of dealing with it with something kind of like that like a my senses are being blocked from Reading certain person know right now yeah yeah in my life right now and it’s like I can’t read like usual people that do well right attached to them and be telling them that it’s a good spirit or it’s a spirit guide and I can’t even tell that they were under some sort of scrambler yeah exactly because like this is my this is my take on what you just said I mean these things have been following your great-grandfather you know your entire family history and I’m pretty sure we talk to each other. All-knowing All-Seeing all-knowing and it is one Consciousness these things are I’ve never heard of never ever ever thought they would be like that the other disconnected from each other but they also psychically connected you know what I mean that’s just kind of like their means of communication did they transfer information to each other like they have to cuz they’re not worth that one Consciousness know how many of them on these highways and you said you were going to be tormented targeted if you look up videos on YouTube used to be a Mason and got involved in witchcraft he has a lot of crazy stories but what he was involved in Witchcraft and then got into masonry and he said he already had these things inside of him that gave him power and I’ve known other people who have said that yeah these things you know they told me what to do and they showed me how do I get what I want yet shamans and other psychic people said no those are dark things inside of me that’s nothing good is that once you got involved with the Masons that each of their rituals were inviting more of these things into him and he loved it because by the time he grows up the ranks was imbued with so many things felt like he was invincible and then we can do anything ready but there’s a weird once you get to the higher levels you start to lose who you are and that’s when he turned to Christianity you turn in supposedly got these things out of him and now he spends all his time exposing the Nephilim in the sons of God in its prey videos I think that’s interesting and every psychic I’ve talked to says just focus on the light and focus on the light coming out of the chakra system and I are just scared because a lot of them are not from this dimension in there not supposed to be here but something happened on Earth long time ago that mess with the energies and things in and that’s why you said that thing at Universal Soul because it is and it’s been here with humans for a very long time building its Empire these little things that run around and feed off of us great. I’ll send it right to you huh really yeah yeah you know I’m not going to mention his name on there but I’ll tell you what is later but you know we both know drive at 6:39 to discuss the Christ Consciousness and telling the story of the Ancients that there was a misuse of the energies back then and it through all of us into Heroes like a psychic breakdown the CIA test for psychic abilities its 100% that everybody test is psychic but you know what degree it’s turned on is subjective and like things that you can do exercises to improve your psychic ability and I also think that there’s exercises to improve your protection from these things because it if they are alien thoughts you can recognize him as that and not act upon them that’s the that’s the real trick is to recognize what are your thoughts and what if thoughts that are coming into your head that are you know Horan and just not and it just start addressing once you start addressing the thing that’s attacking you and do it with respect but confidence and you just kind of blast it with the white light you just imagine it and believe in it because it is there and right that’s kind of like the love power the opposite of fear if you’re just happy and confident and that you’re always protected and that this same can’t hurt you right then it’s going to go away quickly you know nice to extra pan dimensional beings things tend to work out better for you but would not when you notice yourself getting depressed or just having suicidal thoughts just think wait a minute are these my thoughts or life hasn’t always like during the worst of times like everybody’s gone through some bad times and had some point while I’m going to kill myself but then then then the sun comes up the next day and and things always get better and we’re here to survive so right I was going to make it and I guess that’s the the main protection against service system that’s probably plugged into the media of the World Imagine Universal has a general I’m sure TriStar has a general in Disney probably has the biggest General everybody plugged in to the interesting thing about about the about Universal refill charm you like I mean your whole entire business it’s to call me Lynn Lowe you into a fault into your kid vacuums on a caricature of you and yeah I think that’s interesting and so yeah I didn’t in fact they used to bother me until I started to pay attention to them and employees techniques and they really haven’t bothered me and it is it takes dents but you seem to have your finger on all the different types of them that are out there and there’s one that actually I woke up one night in the bed was shaking and I was actually having a nice dream and all the characters in my dreams started to Decay and melts in front of me and it was in there was this horrible noise and the bed was shaking when I woke up and it took a minute as I can go is the bed really shaking like this what is going on and then it kind of settle down and went away and was morning and I went upstairs and I saw my roommate and you know how did you feel that earthquake and you looked at me like I was crazy and then you tell me that there’s ones that stand on the foot of the bed and shake the bed and other people have told me that to that or very attractive ladies seem to have this problem a lot in my experience so these things are attracted to about the angels from Heaven came to Earth and found you know the Earth women to be fair and bread with them and that’s what created the Nephilim or you know that the ancient it’s in the Bible there’s there’s there’s another thing in the Bible that talks about one of the sons of Abraham I think as long as sons of Abraham like was told not to marry a certain woman because she had in her face she had like certain genetic like no certain genetic features like that gave away that she was part of a lineage that was human and Demon bread like the doors distinct a very very faint traces the very distinct traces of like human demon interbreeding knows that all the elite families through all their symbols claim to be descended from if you follow the work of like Michael to sorry and and David Icke they Panda Jordan Max they point out that all these families are showing all the signs of being part of this demonic bloodline from the Egypt symbols of pyramids and and Dragons very very interesting in the blood so who knows and then supposedly there’s an actual physical reptilian that still lives on Earth so we’ve got a thing going on with people getting abducted you know but a very small number and everybody being plagued by these shadow people and hat men and a shadow person that people see a lot that in fact a lot of my friends have described as trench coat and we see that I’ve actually I saw that the kid isn’t that interesting when he’s a kid and they’ll see him in Reflections and dreams he’s chasing them he always is trying to get them at the new Nicolas Cage film he’s dressed like that and he’s wearing the total big hat with the trench coat and Nicolas Cage is actually he owns Saturn films and the connection to you know the dark energies and you see another movie forget but it would head that it turns out that that same character was like dumping bodies into a sewer and like sewing them up and stuff yeah he’s just is one of the higher key you said you actually saw some I don’t know if you want to talk when you’re at the hospital it was fucking nuts so like I had cancer back in 2001 and I done said might like but that was just like a quick surgery but then I had you know like like a cancer spread to my lymph nodes so I had to have you know like an $80 loss surgery like you know like take out like you know my lymph nodes from like my chest area and you know I’m like near near my armpit like this all over the place in my chest now so we’re going to be eating ours man like I remember like I remember like being out of my body and like watching like the surgery going on I also remember like when I was in intensive care like recovering I remember like drifting in and out of Consciousness and seeing like like like a movie Ghost Lego Movie codes for Shadows come for them and they drag them to hell or whatever. Like in the room with you that you saw that happening yeah man like that one of the people next to me at one of the people next to me was that they kept screaming and this is like this is not in the real world astral plane I guess you could say while they were working on you yeah yeah yeah okay this is like peeing out of my body watching my body being worked on like you know what I’m saying like as if I was like behind one of the surgeons walking around the room looking at things you know and feel like yourself no I just don’t like myself like I just felt as if I was just another person in the room I can touch anything I don’t remember trying to touch anything or just something you started seeing things yeah man that’s that’s kind of what I’m starting like the leaving more or less before I just I just thought like I was his nuts and I didn’t really walking around the hospital now they’re working on you exactly and what did you see in the hospital yeah like it like I said one of the one of the times where one of the times I was drifting in and out of Consciousness kind of like I just out of my body like I remember the person in the bed next to me like in intensive care like I remember the person next to me screaming like a horrible screaming like off the top of her lungs and these things come into the room and dragging this person away like like like this I mean it’s like the way you know I don’t know I couldn’t I couldn’t go I mean I do know that he was really scared to Live and Let Die I mean if if my if my instant already linked to that but will like when he’s alive call I remember one of the times coming back into Consciousness like a call later on this time you are asleep and wake cartoon about I’m at all so basically you know I was in an altered state of consciousness when these Shadows Dragon away and then I was also sleep when in the physical world a dragon body out you know what I mean so don’t get freaky at that point like I kind of started like later on like a kind of start dating this girl and she told me that she told me that she saw like to girl for my church she told me that when she became a Christian when she gave up her like bad life bet you No Ceilings like she was filled with like the Holy Spirit you know God whenever she accepted Jesus and God into a life and now she could see these things walking around and like and I can’t even laugh even though I had seen some things no I just I just thought of what I saw is as like this attachment reality or did you know how long surgery was like according to most psychologists that I thought I’d be there like oh you know you suffered something traumatic and and you know you made these things up in your head I’m like this surgery was a joke like I was like fuck it take this cancer out of me like I don’t even care so why would they seem like play psychologically for things that I didn’t even think of that big of a deal so if if I wasn’t traumatized by like my surgery into my brain and my psychological profile and all that whatever state you would have no reason to make up these fucking Shadow things in my head and then later on go and talk to this girl that said she saw them in the music and you fucking nuts or hang around everybody exactly man that’s exactly what you’re saying is places where we get intoxicated and write letters that would make your right and what’s really weird which Michael tesarion points out is that mall the beers and alcohol companies all have these Masonic symbols like pyramids and the compass and really weird symbols embedded within their logos and and even Budweiser uses the symbol of Saturn in their logo iuc whatever but you can look so weird and so they’re the ones feeding us substance that lowers our defenses and is a basically like a warrior race a warrior religion like a people that have been taught to to be like religious zealots and the husband showed how to fight the Shaytards how to fight these evil spirits in the least talk about them quite a bit you know that they have to push the enemy out of themselves that they have to fight these evil spirits he’s evil. thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me and if you want a podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. 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