The Future of Crypto-Anarchy and Techno-Shamanism with Vin Armani TPP141

Vin Armani Pic

In this episode I’m joined once again by the illustrious crypto savage and pro gigolo extraordinaire Vin Armani. In the year since our first conversation about hacking the sex industry as a sacred sex worker and initiated tantric shaman, I’ve devoted myself to studying his path (best outlined in his book Tao of the Gigolo) and tuning into his weekly live show.

For years I had been a fan of the crypto movement but wasn’t  directly involved. The powerful insight and urgency that Vin provides motivated me to finally begin to participate, and for that I owe him my deepest gratitude. I’ve done my best to rapidly accelerate my crypto studies to prepare for this epic exploration with Vin into the cypherpunk and crypto anarchist roots of Bitcoin.

We go over both the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto and A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto to set the table for a discourse on psychedelics, techno-shamanism, sci-fi hero archetypes, bitcoin politics, and visionary futurism.

As a long-time hacker, computer programmer, and web developer, Vin has been perfectly positioned to disrupt not only legacy banking systems, but also the cryptocurrency industry itself with his radically elegant SMS based Bitcoin Cash solution CoinText.io As founder, CTO, and lead developer, Vin explains how he plans to launch and roll out this project world-wide.

We discuss the roles he intends to play by officially joining the Free State Project in New Hampshire in the coming weeks. In addition to his crypto leadership,  he’ll be bringing years of experience in the Las Vegas escort industry and his notoriety from starring in the Showtime reality show Gigolos to the politics of sexual freedom in what we affectionately refer to as “Love Free Or Die” state.

We close with many hopeful and optimistic predictions for a successful return to ecological harmony on earth and for responsible galactic exploration as the human technological adventure continues to unfold in space-time.

Please visit Vin’s website at http://vinarmani.com/

And enjoy his mixes at: https://soundcloud.com/vinarmani

About Vin:
Vin Armani is a philosopher, serial tech entrepreneur, and CryptoSavage. He is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post. In addition to being an author and speaker, he has made his living as a television star, film producer, high-end male escort, software developer, art gallerist, pirate radio station operator, DJ, music producer, and motorcycle courier. He studied Philosophy at Howard University.


Activating Kundalini Blockchains with Crypto Psychedelic Artisan Nanu Berks TPP140

Nanu Berks Pic

In this episode I’m joined by Nanu Berks for a discussion about her role as a prominent artist and cultural ambassador for the crypto-currency and blockchain movements.  I discovered her great works from her deeply enlightening and empowering video from the recent Anarchopulco conference.

When she shared about her involvement in the Crypto Psychedelic conference I felt compelled to reach out and invite her to be a guest on the podcast to talk about the intersection of these diverse multi-dimensional fields of spiritual and technological development.

Her candid story of personal transformation and financial liberation through art and crypto provides a heroic dose of optimism that I believe will serve humanity very well as we all learn to navigate the new economic paradigm.

Please connect with her at:

About Nanu

Nanu Berks loves “connecting humans to each other in creative ways

Originally from Argentina, she currently works as a full-time artist & crypto cultural arts ambassador in the city of Austin, traveling often for global collaborations.

Nanu has a writing background in Tech/AI/Communication, and enjoys “sharing information about the blockchain evolution through experiential art”

Ask her about Crypto Murals, and 5 senses social experiments.



Learning to Share Your Love and Your Lovers with Wilrieke Sophia TPP139

Wilrieke Sophia Pic

I’m this episode I’m joined by Wilrieke Sophia, a powerful and empowering intimacy coach who I feel has vital medicine for humanity. She’s been brave and courageous in her personal journey to grow beyond cultural conditioning and rules as she’s explored open relating. She shares an overview of her journey and we get into the depths of the emotional, sexual, spiritual opportunities and challenges she’s overcome along the way.

She blesses us with a reading of an amazing piece she wrote entitled “A Letter to the Women Who Sleep with My Man.”

Please visit her website at:

About Wilrieke:

Wilrieke Sophia is fascinated by intimacy and interaction between people. How can you connect as deeply as possible, on different levels and in different ways? Once she was a very shy and insecure girl herself. Many years of exploration taught her how to accept herself on the deepest levels and surrender with a smile to life. Her path brought her into the realms of tantra, BDSM, non-monogamy, healing, shamanism, mindfulness, meditation, and her horses taught her about empowered leadership and dynamics between individuals based on body language and charisma. Wilrieke Sophia holds a degree in forest- and nature conservation and is the mother of three daughters.

Wilrieke Sophia was the first to facilitate Cuddle Workshops in The Netherlands. Through her company Exploring Deeper Wilrieke hosts a wide range of workshops, retreats and individual sessions based upon a unique blend of cuddling, consent, tantra, conscious kink, sexuality, cuddling, authentic relating, healing and coaching in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. She loves bringing inspiring teachers from all around the world to The Netherlands. Wilrieke is also a passionate writer, writing for her own blog as well as a guest writer for e.g. Elephant Journal, Postmodern Woman and Rebel Society.


The Evolution of Crypto with Adult Industry Attorney Corey D. Silverstein TPP138

Corey D. Silverstein pic

In this episode I’m joined again by my favorite adult industry attorney for an in-depth look at the evolution of crypto-currencies and blockchain technology.  We discuss the many ways producers, performers, web services and platforms will need to adapt to survive and thrive in the new decentralized global digital ecosystem.

He shares expert insight on the future of adult industry pain points and bottlenecks including payment processing, record keeping compliance, STI screening, privacy, age-verification, advertising, and more.

Perhaps most importantly Corey shares his wisdom on best practices for being a savy investor, not just an uninformed speculator.

His office is stepping up to stay ahead of the steep crypto learning curve so please contact him for your legal needs at: https://myadultattorney.com/

About Corey:

Corey D. Silverstein is the managing and founding member of the Law Offices of Corey D. Silverstein, P.C d/b/a/ Silverstein Legal.  His practice focuses on representing many areas of the law that impact the adult industry.  His clientele includes hosting companies, affiliate programs, content producers, payment processors, website operators, dating websites, webcam sites, traffic brokers, social media websites and performers, just to name a few.  Mr. Silverstein regularly provides legal services related to: age verification and record keeping requirements (18 USC 2257), intellectual property (copyrights and trademarks), the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, the Restore Online Shopper’s Confidence Act (ROSCA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compliance, first amendment / free speech, obscenity, corporate law, criminal defense, internet law, domain disputes and various other areas of the law.  Mr. Silverstein is an acclaimed litigator and dispute resolution specialist. His practice also concentrates on complex contracts, business structure, and business formation.  Mr. Silverstein prides himself in providing prompt and aggressive representation tailored to each of his clients’ individual needs.  Mr. Silverstein is regularly featured in adult industry periodicals such as AVN and XBIZ and has been quoted and published in mainstream media including the New York Times, FOX News, MSNBC, the Miami Herald, the Washington Post, the Detroit News and the Associated Press.  Mr. Silverstein is also a regular speaker at conferences throughout the world (United States, Canada, Colombia, Netherlands) and has made countless presentations related to topics and issues that affect the adult industry and online marketplace.  Amongst his numerous professional affiliations, Mr. Silverstein is a member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association (FALA). Myadultattorney.com is a website dedicated to the representation of adult industry clientele. Mr. Silverstein can be reached through Myadultattorney.com or by email at corey@myadultattorney.com. Mr. Silverstein can also be contacted by telephone at 248-290-0655.


Crypto-Economic Solutions for the Sex Industry with Leah Callon-Butler TPP137

Leah Callon Butler Pic

In this episode I’m joined by Leah Callon-Butler for a high level exploration of crypto-economic solutions for the sex industry. She shares her impressive professional background leading to her role in co-founding the intimate.io blockchain startup. We commiserate on the state of the sex industry world-wide and she provides powerful prophetic  insight into the positive and empowering transformation that’s on the horizon.

About Leah:

Leah is the Engagement Director for intimate, a cryptocurrency that is challenging institutional bias against the adult and sex tech industries. With over a decade’s experience spearheading the business development and growth strategies for a range of emerging tech startups, she devoted a large part of her MBA to the topic of social entrepreneurship. This lead her to work with the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), and actively participate in a range of gender equality movements, including a leadership development program for young women, and a global non-profit that empowers disadvantaged women to achieve economic independence.

Email: leah@intimate.io
Twitter / Telegram: @leah_cb
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leahcallonbutler/


Hand Crafting Wooden Sex Toys with Richard Carver TPP136

Richard Carver Pic

In this episode I’m joined by my new personal hero Richard Carver, a master craftsman making love filled high quality wooden sex toys. I discovered his work on social media and was astonished by the stand-alone artisanship of his phallic wood carvings and even more thrilled to learn about his success as a boutique sex toy manufacturer.  We talk a bit about the natural history of sex toys, the spiritual and energetic dimensions of making sex toys, insider insights into the industry, launching and running a small business, career highlights, and the trade-offs of mass production and scaling.

Please go visit his online store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LumberjillLC

Please follow him on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbQCeu3FXwp/

About Richard:

I never set out to make wooden sex toys. I just wanted a career that allowed me to be creative and work for myself. I originally considered custom knife making, but when a friend half-joking mentioned wooden sex toys, my attention shifted dramatically and started me down this path back in 2012. It wasn’t until life threw me a few curveballs, however, that I saw it was time to stop playing around with the idea. In March of 2014, Lumberjill Leisurecrafts came to be and I never looked back.

The idea behind Lumberjill is that there are already so many companies that mass produce copy after copy of the same design. With such an intimate item, I wanted to create toys that had much for a personal custom quality to them. That’s why I’ve been so dedicated to crafting each piece I make by hand and primarily with handtools. While it takes more time, care, and skill, it’s worth it to be able to provide sex toys that are genuinely made with love and care.


Tantric Shamanism and the Future of Porn with Angel De Hoyos Kolek TPP135

Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek

In this episode I have the great honor and pleasure of being joined by Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek. He is one of the most highly accomplished answers to my prayers as an extensively trained sexual shaman who’s ready to bring the light into the shadows of the adult entertainment industry. It has been an often lonely and discouraging mission I have taken on personally, so to find allies in alignment on this journey feels like winning a spiritual lottery.

Angel’s personal story is extremely powerful and invigorating, his epic journey from trauma to personal healing to becoming a skilled practitioner and educator is impressive and inspiring.  He’s also a sacred musician which adds a dimension of solidarity that means a lot to me.

We discuss the mainstream status quo state of affairs in the adult industry and begin to share ideas and formulate strategies to support each others’ individual and collaborative efforts to next-level the current porn paradigm.

Please visit his website at:

About Angel:
Sound Healer
Tantric Priest
Oneness Blessing giver
Reiki Master Instructor
Trance Channel
Lightbody Practioner
The Ascension Manual taught by my Teacher Donna Domatoe
Shamanic Body Worker received my Kahuna initiation in Kuai
Shamanic Cranial Sacral Therapy Practitioner under Don Masott
Vajrayana Tantra Master under my Teacher Aghori Baba Peter Aziz
I also just received my Aghori initiation under Baba Peter Aziz
I also have been working with the Kenneth Ray Stubbs to learn about Sexual Shamanic healing.
I am also a Bon Jhankri Phurba Practioner -Tibetan Tantric Shamanism

As I have continued to evolve the modality I have found myself able to heal other people by pretending to have sex with the higher self of whomever I have been working with. Sometimes they are not aware and sometimes they directly participate during the session. When beings started approaching me for sex I was very open and receptive but the problem was I was starting to learn that perhaps these where not good choices for me. Sometimes I suspected like they where impregnating me with beings. This really didn’t become an issue till during one of my healing session my mentor Dana pulled from my abdomen and energetic pregnancy. I allowed this because I assumed it was lower vibrational energy that needed to be removed. After this I started to realize that I needed to be more careful.

So then I decided to search out tantric teachers. The one site that got my attention was the Naked shaman. He is an avid promoter and proudly trains Tantric shamans or Sacred prostitutes. I delayed training with him because I wanted a different teacher and started to search around. Then one day after diving in I began practicing my Self honoring ritual I said a Mantra “Om Shakti Om “ and tryed to invoke the spirits to teach or initiate me. I had been reading about Mayan Tantra by Amara charles and Then this Blue woman came to my Bed. She had a lot of arms and looked really mean. But she was so captivating I literally froze and was afraid lying in my bed and not really sure what was going to happen to me I thought she was going to hurt me… As this Blue woman started to straddle me I became even more alarmed because she started to make love to me and made direct eye contact with me all during the time. I heard stories about how this is a no no and how she would suck people’s entrails out through her Yoni… but I could not move!

During our intense connection as I was moaning in ecstasy I realized and I kept thinking that she has her head on her… Not sure what this meant at the time… I kept sharing the story with people and they could not understand what this meant because they usually thought it was a bad thing and where quite puzzled or I got the feeling that it was weird. After Mahakali had her way with me she offered me a boon or I guess a wish. I told her that I wanted to learn sacred sexual healing and in way that would honor my vows to my wife. I wanted to learn how to do this for the highest good of myself and my wife…. later on my sexual powers where foreign and new to me and even created more questions for me…. I had a tendency to straddle pillows like a girl and go for a wild ride and all while pulling energies out with an energetic Yoni and releasing it through my mouth… It felt new and quite good. In a sense this is how I became a Sacred sexual Healer or sacred prostitute.

I am looking to make my introduction to the adult industry and offer my unique services . . I believe that the adult industry is indispensable asset to the community and offers a somewhat needed release for the community. However I feel that the industry has unrealized untapped potential and has venues that, have not been explored yet….

As a Tantric Shamanic and Sexual Shamanic Practioner I would like to share and offer my unique skills sets and Tantric coaching that will help diversify and heightens the positive impact that the adult industry has today. I am currently working on lesson plans so that other practioner’s can take advantage of these healing abilities…

My demonstrations and coaching are done via skype and zoom. So all of my work is done remotely….


Crystal Toys for Sexual Healing with Chakrubs Founder Vanessa Cuccia TPP134

Vanessa Cuccia Pic

In this episode I’m joined by one of the most admirable entrepreneurs in the sexual health and wellness field, Vanessa Cuccia. She guides us through a tear and heart wrenching personal story of transformation, healing, and empowerment through merging crystal healing with sacred sexuality. She shares the hardships and breakthroughs that shaped the development of the Chakrubs crystal sex toys brand, then we explore the future horizon and brainstorm on marketing strategies that will hopefully lead to collaborate efforts to heal the sexual wounds of the world.

Please visit her website and connect on social media:


IG: @Chakrubs

Twitter: @Chakrubs

About Vanessa:

Vanessa Cuccia is regarded as a pioneer in the sex toy industry for introducing her methods of using crystals for sexual healing and empowerment on a global scale. She is the founder and creator of Chakrubs, The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company, and she continues to receive testimonials from people around the world who use her Chakrub products and methods. These overwhelmingly positive testimonials have inspired her to write her upcoming book, Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure.

Since conceptualizing her initial designs for crystal pleasure tools in 2011, and establishing her brand in 2012, Cuccia has been an influencer in the social movement of sex positivity, self-love, and personal awareness by bridging the gap between sensuality and spirituality. As creator of products that symbolize the essence of these movements, she spearheaded the ethos of the brand which is inspiring many to nurture their own emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and spiritual connection.

Cuccia cultivated her knowledge of crystals and energy work while she was living in LA to pursue a career in music. During this time she worked a part-time job at an adult store where she fostered her education on sex positivity. Cuccia merged both principals which sparked the idea of sexual exploration with the use of crystals. The recognition for the potential crystals have to facilitate energy movement inspired Cuccia to utilize crystals to enhance sexual pleasure. Cuccia’s work has been a fixture in the Hammer Museum and Museum of Sex, featured in magazines such as New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Allure, appeared on notable digital platforms such as Buzzfeed and VICE, and has been featured on shows such as The Doctors and Conan. Cuccia has also received the attention of many notable artists who have collaborated with their own sensibility, bringing to light different aspects of the profound messages Chakrubs inspires.

As a certified crystal healer and reiki practitioner, Cuccia continues to pursue knowledge of crystals and metaphysical modes of healing to help those who have experienced sexual trauma or simply wish to deepen pleasure and connection to self, spirit, and others. Cuccia is a musician whose knowledge of energy extends through her performances. She currently resides in New York.


Natural Family Planning and the Nature of Birth with Erin Rivera Merriman TPP133

Erin Rivera Merriman Pic

In this episode I’m joined again by one of the highest of high priestesses in my life and in the world, Shakta tantrika medicine woman oracle Erin Rivera Merriman. She graciously offers profound green witchy wisdom and insight into to the poorly understood complexities of natural family planning and the nature of birth. Drawing from a multidimensional array of information sources, she helps us to navigate the mystery school that is the sacred womb and yoni temple. We also discuss the often misunderstood iconography of Goddess Kali, and Erin offers a very well ordered interpretation of the fierce, loving, compassionate, and untamed wildness that is symbolized in her more gruesome depictions.

A tragic and disturbing incident was also mentioned in the conversation, our prayers go out to the victim of baby monitor hacking.

About Erin:

Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman is a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Ritualist, Goddess Scholar, Mother and Artist. Best known as the director of Active Culture Family, Erin walks a path of community stewardship and service to Gaia through her rolls as lead facilitator of the Medicine Mandala Green Magic Apprenticeship program, and as Priestess of Bridge Temple, a remote off-grid mystery school, healing sanctuary, culture farm, and library of earth magic located on sacred land in the Cleveland National Forest of San Diego, CA

Please visit her website at: